mental-mona · 23 hours ago
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batboyblog · a day ago
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this is an ongoing crisis as of Jan 15th at 4:10PM Eastern time, 3:10pm in Colleyville, Texas.
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attackfish · 19 hours ago
The FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety are assisting a hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas, where authorities say the suspect may be motivated by the desire to free a Pakistani scientist who was convicted of attempting to kill US officers in Afghanistan.
A law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told CNN there were believed to be four hostages, including a rabbi, at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, just outside Fort Worth. Several hours into the standoff, Colleyville Police Sgt. Dara Nelson said one hostage had been released.
Two law enforcement officials told CNN that investigators believe the hostage taker may have been motivated by a desire to release Aafia Sidiqqui, who is serving an 86-year sentence at a facility in Texas. She was convicted in 2010 on seven charges, including attempted murder and armed assault on US officers in Afghanistan.
Not mentioned in the article, but relevant to why the hostage chose to target a synagogue, is that Sidiqqui alleged that the charges against her were a Jewish conspiracy, refused to work with the lawyers the Pakistani embassy hired for her because two of them were Jewish, and tried to demand that jurors take DNA tests to prove they didn't have a "Zionist" background. She also wrote a letter to President Obama in which she called the Jewish people back stabbers and blamed us for the Holocaust, and other acts of antisemitism throughout history. The hostage taker plainly agrees with her on this, and I suppose, decided to attack the people that he, and Sidiqqui (who we have no reason to believe is involved, except as a motivating factor) see as the puppet masters.
This is antisemitism all the way down, of course.
Shabbat Shalom, everyone. We can only hope this situation resolves without bloodshed, and that all of the hostages will soon be free to return to their loved ones unharmed.
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monstressmasc · 2 days ago
Can atheists please stop tagging their edgy atheist posts with fucking religion tags. I'm trying to see posts from other people in my community and instead I get shit like "religion is stupid and evil" tagged #judaism. Like can u not see how that's mad disrespectful
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amyisraelchai · 18 hours ago
B”H all the hostages are out and safe.
They are free, but we are far from okay. Check in on your Jewish friends.
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evilwickedme · 12 hours ago
It's insane to me that authorities are claiming that the suspect wasn't motivated by antisemitism, despite taking hostages in a synagogue on Shabbat *during services*, but this is hardly the first time I've seen this happen. I don't understand how it's so easy for them to pretend antisemitism doesn't exist.
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shadowweaver06 · 21 hours ago
There's a hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas that has been ongoing since around 10:30 am CST. The rabbi and several congregants were taken hostage during Shacharit, and only one congregant has so far been released by a so far unidentified armed gunman.
Hoping for the safety and the release of the rabbi and congregants, and extending sympathy for the loved ones of the people taken hostage while they wait for a hopefully peaceful end to this horrible situation.
This is an awful, painful reminder of the reason many synagogues have armed security at all times where prayer services are taking place and while staff and congregants are on site.
Praying and saying tehillim for all involved. May there be a peaceful end to this nightmare scenario.
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mintytrifecta · 6 hours ago
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puzzle-paradigm · 21 hours ago
There was an attack on another synagogue today and I’m sad.
I’m sad because it happened, obviously. As far as I’m aware it’s actually still going on and it makes me sick to my stomach.
But I’m also sad because at this point it feels inevitable. It feels like this happens every year and nothing changes. I’ve grown to expect it. It feels like people only care about violence against Jews when our synagogues get attacked and after the fact it doesn’t make a difference.
More than anything I’m angry. I’m angry that people are taking this as an opportunity to talk about Israel. I’ve seen people say that it was deserved it because they support Israel, when the members of that synagogue are American citizens with as much political power in Israel as any gentile. What does a religious observance have to do with Israel? Nothing but people will continue to act as if Jews and Israel are the same thing.
I’m angry because this will probably be reported on as a politically motivated attack and not antisemitism. And while it is at least in part politically motivated, that doesn’t mean it isn’t antisemitic. Targets are chosen for a reason. You don’t hold people you like hostage. But the antisemitism will be ignored.
I hope that the situation can be diffused without anyone getting hurt. I wish the best for the hostages, and for everyone else who has been hurt or scared by this event. And I hope that changes will finally be made so people don’t have to be scared to be Jews.
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spiteful-scone · 2 days ago
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i-aint-even-bovvered · 21 hours ago
Where do we go? Where are we allowed to exist without fear that someone will attack us? Look left, look right, there are antisemites either side. Am I next? Is my mother safe going to services on shabbat morning? Can my father meet with his friends at temple without looking for the door? Can my sister lead prayers without fear? Can I blow shofar during the high holidays without expecting an even louder noise coming from outside? Why does my temple need bulletproof glass doors and a police presence outside? Where am I allowed to just live?
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footnoteinhistory · 22 hours ago
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starlightomatic · 2 days ago
i want to own lots of different siddurim
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palominojacoby · 2 days ago
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Shir haShirim (Song of Songs)
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amyisraelchai · 21 hours ago
This is antisemitism. I can not believe I am seeing people try to say the hostage situation STILL GOING ON at Congregation Beth Israel in Texas is not antisemitism.
Shabbat is the holiest day of the week for the Jewish people. It is the day that many of us come together for services. This person specifically targeted a Synagogue on the day they knew the most amount of people would be there. This was calculated and we were specifically targeted. This is antisemitism and the world is silent once again.
Stop telling us antisemitism no longer exists. This is our reality and we are tired.
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eretzyisrael · 2 days ago
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Shabbat Shalom, friends!  שבת שלום!
May you have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat!
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bisexualdavidrose · 5 hours ago
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was gifted lgbt + yiddish magnet tiles yesterday
[ID: four images of magnet tile phrases. Image 1 reads, “klezmer sexual dyke”. Image 2 reads, “always choose the kosher fag”. Image 3 reads, “yeshiva dream queen”. Image 4 reads, “marry a butch fairy mensch”. End ID]
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anonymousdandelion · 16 hours ago
Hating beyond description the fact that when I came back online after Shabbat and saw the news that there was an ongoing hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas, my initial reaction was horror, grief, terror, overwhelm, etc... and yet, so much more weariness than shock. This should not be.
The hostages at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville are all now free, safe, and at least physically okay. I cannot express my relief and gratitude. Baruch Hashem.
I’m still sad, and scared, and so very tired.
I know I have a handful of Jewish followers, and I know many of us are feeling very vulnerable and alone right now. Have a virtual hug, if you would like one. Shavua tov, because it is, somehow, still Motza'ei Shabbos. Take care, as best you can. מיר וועלן זיי איבערלעבן...
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laineystein · 5 hours ago
I’m going to make this comment about yesterday’s hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas and then I’m going to mentally work to move on because I’m tired and my Jewish friends and family are tired and the Tribe as a whole is tired.
I have a very close family friend that lived/worked in Houston, TX. I went to visit her for a week back in 2017 and noted the absolutely insane police presence at xtian churches. The police presence is strictly for traffic control. It’s not a matter of safety (beyond there being an overwhelming number of congregants and fights over parking spots are possible).
The shul she goes to and that I attended when I visited? Not a single police car or officer.
If the terrorist that entered the shul in Colleyville simply wanted press, he should have gone to any of the xtian churches in the area. He should have gone to one of the many mega churches that see thousands of members every Sunday. He didn’t want press. He wanted to make a statement because Islamist teachings are deeply antisemitic. He believed that one rabbi calling another could change the course of things because he believes the antisemitic theory that Jews control everything. He wanted dead Jews.
This was about nothing other than Jew hatred. This was an antisemitic hate crime. Do not let the media tell you otherwise.
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ezrakoser · 20 hours ago
leftist goyim’s silence was heard today.
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