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#jumping into my bed
casukaga · 5 months ago
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some doodles for @stardustedknuckles’s wholesome college AU beauyasha fic Soft Hearts, Electric Souls, where yasha gets an oversized sweater for her bday, and i proceed to go bonkers over her being soft and cute.
drawing these just fed into my love of drawing really big sleeves, AND it’s yasha being soft, AND it’s beauyasha — so that’s what i call a win-win, baby!
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jiilys · 5 months ago
“I’ve been approached to write a tell-all about you” Ginny said, kissing him against the pub bins.
“Oh yeah?” Harry mumbled, only-half listening, hand in her hair.
“About your great victory and almost death and whatever. About how I’m the woman behind the man.”
Harry smiled in the near dark, “Behind me, huh?”
“Well, I prefer in front–“
“– Better view for me–“
Ginny grinned, “But the publishers are insisting.”
“You’ve met with publishers?” Harry said into her neck.
Ginny couldn’t think for a second, eyes shut, breathless: “Yeah, it’s all really far along.”
“Well, fair enough, I did think of you.”
She pulled him by the collar to kiss him again, hand over the side of his neck, one thumb under his jaw. “You think of me, huh?” she said into his mouth  
“Yeah, not even just when dying.”
Ginny pulled back, hand still on his neck, the other fisted in his shirt, “Wait, I thought you meant–“ she grasped, she’d had no idea what she thought he meant, “you thought of me– thought of me then?”
Harry looked dazed, lips pink, “What?”
‘You thought of me–“ she grasped for the word, wanting not say when you died so close to him, where it might touch him again, “–in the forest?”
She felt his fingers through her hair tighten, just once, a moment. “Oh, yeah.”
“I didn’t– I didn’t know that.” Her heartbeat felt so slow, every thud a minute, time stretching out and around. Harry, dying, thinking of her.
“Yeah, well,” he took a hand off her, pushed his glasses up, “It was going wrong and I just– I don’t know, I thought of you. I thought I’d said.”
She couldn’t think of a single thing to say. It was all too awful to even think. Harry dying, thinking of her. Harry dying at all.
“You looked pretty,” He joked, “When I thought of you, I’ll testify to that in the tell-all.”
She laughed, shaky, just a little wrong, “Thanks”
He reached his hand up over her jaw, thumb on her cheekbone. “Don’t worry about it, alright?” he said, softly, “It didn’t– it’s done now.”
She wrapped her fingers around his wrist, the jut of the bone, thud of his pulse. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. 
“You won’t have to die for ages now.” she said, sure.
He smiled. “Yeah, ages.”
“So long. And after me.”
“After you?”
She kissed the veins running through his wrist, quick, stupidly grateful, “Yes, absolutely.”
There was a banging sound and they jumped apart, Harry’s arm reaching out and slammed against the rubbish, putting her behind him. But in the doorway it was only Ron, looking put out.
“What are you two doing?”
“Checking on the bin.” Ginny said, ridiculously. Harry grinned, dropped his arm.
“Really, because it looks like you’ve been snogging,” Ron said flatly.
“I can’t believe you’d even accuse us of that. Harry, can you believe that?”
“No, not really.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck, “Would be totally out of character.”
Ron rolled his eyes, “Come back in, it’s Potter’s turn to buy the next round.”
“Oh it’s ‘Potter’ now is it?”
“When you’re caught snogging my sister by the bins it is.”
“If we were caught snogging in another location would that change anything?”
“You’re both gits. Hermione wants a pint.”
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pandasmackofdisapproval · 9 months ago
Since I'm on mobile, @pangur-and-grim, I'd like to present you with my baby goblin, Ymir. She's a maine coon with green eyes and she likes to attack feet.
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ordinarytalk · 10 months ago
Okay, so I’m probably the last person to realize this, but I went on a Mystery Skulls lore dive after the last video. Lewis was adopted by the Pepper family (which is part of his fire motif!), and his three little sisters are all named after peppers: Paprika, Cayenne, and Belle. Since Lewis is adopted, though, his name doesn’t fit the cute Pepper family naming convention.
Except that
a ghost Pepper.
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xinxiaojie · 2 months ago
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一杯子 yī bēi zi • A Cup
一被子 yī bèi zi • A Quilt
一辈子 yī bèi zi • A Lifetime
Tags by @abnormalpi
#one cup in china is yi zhi bei#which sounds the same as 'the whole entire life'#yeah so shiguang and yuliang are happily together forever
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nctaezen · a year ago
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taeyong — neo zone the final round : warm up 1st player
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