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victon reaction ➳ you jump on their back

pairing : victon x gn!reader

requested? : yes!

a/n : sorry if these get repetitive! maybe they aren’t idk but i can’t but think i kept repeating myself.. anyways, enjoy!


he instinctively catches you. he ensures that you won’t fall, giving you the safe feeling he tries to give to everyone he meets.


he finds it so endearing?? he wants you close to him like this, even if he can’t really see you, he likes knowing that you’re there.


so happy and smiley. his baby is so silly. he’d tell you how much he likes having you close to him to ensure that you’d do it again and again.


this man will scream and probably almost drop you. luckily, he comes to his senses quickly and holds you, laughing about how you just startled him a little.


“y/n, what are you doing?” he wasn’t ready, but holds onto you nevertheless. he’d never admit how much he loves carrying you around since after all, you are his baby.


it’s a common occurrence, so he thinks nothing of it. he turns to look at you just to give you his signature smile.


cocky.. “y/n! you’re excited to see me, i guess? i would be too”, but then he starts cooing at you few seconds later this man i s2g. he likes having you close to him.

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                                        𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞!

congrats subin, you have been accepted! please add the empress and the emperor within 48 hours from acceptance. we look forward to seeing what else fate has in store for you.

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Jung Subin (정수빈)

Anonymous said to iwillgiveyoumyhappiness:

Hello! I really liked reading your Woojin scenario you know the one 😳🥴 so I wanted to request similar theme: extreme sexual tension but I don’t have anyone in mind .. so if you’re okay with it can you write one?

Oh maybe Subin from victon? For the park woojin similar theme ask

(A/N): You mention Jung Subin, I have no choice but to concede 🙌🏼 That’s what happens when you’re whipped, I guess.




Your phone buzzed on the bedside table, drawing your attention away from the term paper you were agonizing over. A very welcome distraction, you snatched your phone, swiping up on the notification.

You smiled to yourself, happy to see that it was from your groupchat, aptly titled ‘The Three Musketeers.’ You flopped into a comfortable position on the bed, mentally preparing yourself for whatever nonsense your friends were up to this time.

Min-seo: Make yourselves presentable, losers! I’ll be picking you up 30 minutes.

Subin: …hello? Term paper

Min-seo: We deserve a break, you fun-sucker >:( We’ve been working our assess off this semester!

Subin: True.

(Y/N): What’s the dress-code, m’lady?

Min-seo: Imagine you’ll be getting the best dick of your life tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Subin: Ew—worst visual ever. Also, PSA, I’m a guy.

Min-seo: Fine. Best dick and whatever it is that Subin goes for.

Subin: -_-

(Y/N): Super uninterested. Peace out, y’all ✌🏼

Min-seo: Oh, come on!! ◑︿◐ I’ve been planning this secretly for over a week…

You sighed. You knew it was bad when she pulled out the puppy-dog-eyes emoji. It was an instant guilt-trip. You sighed, typing your reply.

(Y/N): On a scale of 1-to-10… How slutty should I look?

Subin: ??? Can I quit this friendship??

Min-seo: Now we’re talkin’!! Also, 11🌚 

(Y/N): The highest I’ll willingly go is a 7

Min-seo: We can make it work.

Subin: For the record, I officially hate both of you.

(Y/N): Feeling’s mutual 🖕🏼

Min-seo: Bin, I’ll stop by your place first. Wear the leather jacket!! It makes you look sexy~

Subin: Please don’t ever give me advice on how to look hot. The three of us used to bathe together. Talking about this with you makes me very uncomfortable

Min-seo: Prepare to be uncomfortable 😈 

(Y/N): Y’all have fun with this conversation. I’m out!

You huffed another sigh, looking toward your sparse closet. “I don’t think I even own a Level 7 Sexy Outfit…” Your phone buzzed with another notification; a separate text convo with Subin.

Subin: Yo, you need me to steal some clothes from my sisters? Outta principle, it’ll probably only be a Level 4~5 Sexy Outfit, but… I’ve seen your wardrobe, and I know it’s mainly hoodies.

(Y/N): How scandalous, sir! 🤭 Thanks, but I’ll pass lol You haven’t yet seen the depths of my closet~

Subin: Cap, but whatever. See ya soon, dude❤️

You chuckled at the message. He knew you all too well. The heart threw you off, though. He wasn’t usually blatantly affectionate.

(Y/N): Bruh, did you mean to send the heart? XD That’s kinda sus.

You waited a minute for him to reply.

Subin: Nah lmao Finger slipped.


One thing could be said for Min-seo. She was always punctual. 

If she said she was gonna be there in 30 minutes, she was there in 30 minutes. You shouldn’t have been shocked after all these years, yet you still managed to jump out of your skin and smudge your lip-gloss when her horn sounded from outside.

You rolled your eyes, opening a pack of makeup wipes hidden somewhere on your desk of organized chaos. You grabbed your phone and purse, having completely given up on doing the rest of your makeup.

If you knew Min-seo, she’d keep honking until you finally came out, and you didn’t need another noise complaint from your neighbors.

You took a quick look between a pair of stylish heels and some worn out Vans. You nodded to yourself. “Comfort over style,” you mumbled, slipping into the familiar sneakers. You gave them a fond look. “You’ve served me well, so I’ll trust you tonight. ‘Kay?”

Subin stepped out of the passenger-side once he saw you make your way out. “Took you long enough,” he chuckled, opening the back door for you.

You gave him a small smile. “You know me,” you said, haphazardly tossing your purse into the backseat. “Queen of procrastination.” You gave Min-seo a quick greeting and a fist-bump. You looked back to Subin, giving him a once-over. “So you actually decided to wear the leather jacket, huh?”

He shrugged, hoping you wouldn’t notice the slight flush on his cheeks. “I figured why not.” 

“Or maybe he wanted to look impress someone,” Min-seo interjected, a suggestive tone tickling her voice. He stuck his tongue out at her, making her laugh. “You’re so much fun to mess with,“ she giggled.

He ignored her, turning his attention back to you. He gave you a similar once-over. “As predicted, you’re rocking jeans and a hoodie.”

You clicked your tongue at him, slipping into the backseat. He followed close behind, shutting the door behind him. “First of all,” you said, “these are skin-tight jeans with ripped up thighs.” You dramatically propped a leg up on the passenger-seat headrest. “It accentuates my incredible calf muscles.”

“And your ass!” Min-seo added, flicking her blinker on to turn out of your parking lot. “You’ve got a really nice butt, despite only working out like twice a year.”

You kicked the back of her seat, making her yelp. “Shut up, asshole!” you laughed. 

Subin rolled his eyes playfully. “Ladies, ladies,” he said. “Calm yourselves. You’re both pretty.”

“Nobody asked you!” you and Min-seo said in sync. She took one of her hands off the wheel, instinctively sending it back for high-five.

“Also, secondly!” you continued on your original rant, making the two jump. You pulled at the collar of your gray hoodie. “The real surprise is under this bad boy.”

Min-seo met your eyes briefly in the rear-view mirror. “Oh?” she hummed, a playful upturn to her voice. “I sense something naughty. Do we get a hint?”

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— love should be mundane: victon’s love gestures

not requested! ✧ ot7 | victon masterlist


♡ han seungwoo

  • a late-night cuddle of tired bodies, no words, just touches and soft kisses

♡ kang seungsik

  • a voice call where he asks about your day and assures you that regardless of your progress, you’ve worked hard and did well

♡ heo chan

  • a car ride home with your favorite music playing, a hand on the steering wheel, the other holding yours

♡ lim sejun

  • a cup of hot coffee in the morning, the faint sunlight highlighting his sleepy face and his voice dripping in drowsiness as he greets you ‘good morning’

♡ do hanse

  • a silly debate of who loves who more, the banter unending, bringing up fond and comical memories you shared throughout your relationship

♡ choi byungchan

  • a silent time by the balcony, the stars scattered on the night sky, his fingers interlaced with yours as the two of you talked about life

♡ jung subin

  • a spontaneous midnight walk wearing pjs, stopping by a fast-food chain as you share not only snacks but also laughter and lighthearted conversations
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