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[#오늘의방탄] 완전체소년단의 BE. T. S V LIVE! BE 앨범은 이용당했다…! (feat. Essential Edition) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 💜

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What better way to celebrate @BTS_twt’s #MTVUnplugged performance than watching them all draw their album cover for #BE?🎨💜

Don’t miss #BTSonMTV, Tuesday February 23rd at 9p!

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This sneak peek of @BTS_twt’s #MTVUnplugged performance is all I need to know that I’m going to CRY during the whole show. 💜

Don’t miss #BTSonMTV this Tuesday, February 23rd at 9p!

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First time making something like this, proud of myself

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Aahhhh thanks for the explanation anon! In that case, I agree with you and with the other anon as well. 

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I think many prefer or choose to forget the conversation jungkook and Tae had in ITS and the things they said. That conversation gave us a glimpse into their relationship or at least what it was like up to that point. If some prefer to believe their own narratives rather than what jungkook and Tae said, there is little that can be done.

I don’t think his relationship with yoongi is awkward, they just aren’t as tactile? compared to jin or hobi for example; but yoongi loves jungkook and jungkook loves and respects yoongi a lot.

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war of hormone

member: jeon jeongguk
category: werewolf au, some fluff, smut
word count: 5.6k
warning(s): werewolf!jeongguk, dom!jeongguk, sub!reader, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), consensual sex, daddy kink, spanking, choking, biting/marking, dirty talk, mention of impregnation, oral (female receiving), fingering, creampie, implied second round,
note(s): this took me so long to edit since i’m an absolutely horrible procrastinator. but here you go! enjoy reading!

Why now, of all times, does Jeongguk have to be hard the moment you visit him? Thankfully, his problem leads to a rather…pleasurable but unexpected event.


You’ve been plaguing his mind lately.

The image of you, to be more precise. Like when sunshine beams on your hair just right, revealing your natural highlights; how your eyes shimmer without your sunglasses in the way; how the skin below your eyes puffs up when you smile or laugh beautifully; how your complexion deepens when you’re outside too much, glowing without even trying; how your figure effortlessly flows into elegant curves he can’t seem to keep his attention off of; how your personality can range from sweet to harsh, you name it.

Sue him, you’re absolutely perfect in his eyes.

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hmm do you think they’re trying to tell us something 😇🤫

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