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Lately, I have been seeing that in almost all social networks they are with the subject of Jimin and Jungkook, their possible breakup or estrangement… 

Let’s see, to begin with, we do not know the nature of their relationship, we only have that suspicion that there is something else between them that we cannot define, the problem is when you put your own expectations on two people who only show us a small percentage of their life with us. It’s as if Jimin and Jungkook were part of your fantasy book where you are the writer and you want everything to go as you wish. 

The moment those expectations don’t fill you, that’s when you fall into the typical trap of “well this ship doesn’t fill me up, so I’ll go to the other ship where if they fulfill my little requirements” …Do you know how childish is it? 

I write this because I have been in kpop for years (10 years to be exact), I’ve seen what ships are like, I’ve grown up under the music of dbsk, super junior, snsd, shinee, vixx, etc … and never in my life I’ve seen so much immaturity on the part of a large percentage of the fandom where they see interactions as if it were a competition over what is real. And yes, here I include the channel taekook_lives that turns out to be a shame for the bts fandom, unfortunately the damage has been done because now they have the toxic idea of ​​a relationship, and they constantly need interactions or meaningless clues to validate something do not know. 

Love is not toxic, love is not how many times you interact with someone or how many times you look at someone, love is not quantity, love is quality, and above all, it is not showing others what you feel for that person, is to show what you feel to THAT PERSON, I call that maturity. 

You think Jimin and Jungkook have problems …. I think it’s more frustration for wanting to do something and not being able to do it. I write it all over the current timeline until the last interview they had where a kind of tension was felt. 

What kind? 

Could it be fatigue? 

Bad day? 


It can be many variables and if you watch the interview it made me so funny that although Jungkook does not see him at the beginning when Jimin speaks, he knows when Jimin looks at him and agrees to everything he says … that is something that has always been. 

My suspicions between Jimin and Jungkook remain intact and the most curious thing is that I never suspected a “couple” as I did and do with them. 

Only time will give us the answer. 

Be respectful with bts, with the members. We are here for them, for their music, for their message and not for the ships.


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Hey guys! I’m opening up for some requests for the holidays! Here’s the rundown:

✵You may pick/combine 2 prompts in a request

✵Please pick which member of BTS you want for the request

✵I don’t write smut

✵Each prompt will most likely end up being in the 500-1000 word range

✵I will be closing requests probably the week of Christmas or if the prompts run out (lol I doubt that’ll happen though)

✵You can make your request by sending me an ask. If you’re lost, just go to my navigation page and click on the link there for sending requests.

✵If you’re a fan of “7 Secrets” or “Mine” you can include those characters, just make sure you clarify in your request.

Enjoy! Consider this my way of giving Christmas gifts to my followers lol, love you guys and thanks for the support! So don’t be shy and make a request, I love writing for you guys!

1. “It’s fake mistletoe, that doesn’t count!”

2. “Do you think anybody has ever used an ice skate as a murder weapon?

3. “Quote ‘The Grinch’ one more time, I dare you!”

4. “It’s not much, but it’s ours.”

5. “Where were you?” “Building a snow fort, duh.”

6. “Snuggle season is the best season.”

7. “Your toes are like ice blocks! Noooo stop touching me!!”

8. “Is this cliche? It feels cliche.”

9. “Are you crying?”

10. “I love…ham.”

11. “Ok, you take aisles 5-9, I’ll tackle anyone who gets in your way.”

12. “Can’t we just drink hot chocolate and watch Hallmark movies today?”

13. “That could’ve been worse.” “We literally just started a fire and you’re saying it could’ve been worse?” 

14. “C’mon, it’s sweater weather. Let’s go buy you a sweater.”

15. “Psst.” “What?” “You look pretty.”

16. “Wow. Are you always this…attractive?”

17. “I can’t do this anymore.”

18. “Why are you still up?”

19. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find fresh flowers in the middle of winter?”
20. “Merry Christmas, bub.”

21. “I wish I was there.”

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-Namjoon, he knows the most English and I’m sure he know the connotation. I also think he’s freaky so…

-Taehyung, he just seems like a big dom so I think he’d enjoy it quite a bit

-Hoseok, he’s really into American pop culture so I think he’d want to try it out at least once.

-yoongi, this may be kind of a long shot but I think he’d secretly want to try it just to see if it was his thing or not.

-Jimin, I think he’d enjoy the sense of authority and control that the name gives.

-Jungkook, honestly he doesn’t seem like the extremely kinky type to me, so he might try it out but I don’t think he’d be into it.

-Seokjin, I think he would start laughing if you called him daddy, it would just sound comical to him.


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