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jung-koook · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JungkookXLV for GQ/VOGUE Korea
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jimimn · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he makes me so happy
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bts-trans · a day ago
Tumblr media
211206 Jin’s Instagram Post with J-Hope’s Comment
JH: ❤️막 and 맏❤️
JH: ❤️Mak* and Mat❤️**
(T/N: *Short for 막내/mak-nae, the youngest in a group. **Short for 맏형/mat-hyung, the oldest in a group.)
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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jimidol · a day ago
only you | jjk
Tumblr media
“no one else can fix me, only you”
⏤ pairing: jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: established relationship au, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: 18+
⏤ warnings: mental health issues, extreme sadness, swearing, mention of traumatic event, mention of amnesia, mention of mental struggles, a lot of crying, mention of work pressure, mention of stress, mention of mental breakdowns, post traumatic stress disorder, mention of cowardice, remembering of trauma, mention of sex, mention of masturbation, a lot of making out, oral sex (m receiving), pet names, praising, penetrative sex, protected sex, and creampie
⏤ words: 7,450
⏤ summary: after a traumatic event, your world flipped upside down, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. an emptiness that has been eating you completely for the past year, but in the middle of the chaos that has become your life, there has been one person who has never left you. the only person that can fix you. jungkook.
⏤ author’s note: after reading this whole fic, i decided to not add or change anything about it since this was and still is an healing fic for me so i just corrected some small things here and there but for the rest, the fic is the same. i  want to thank every single one of you for everything you’ve done for the past year, it means the world to me! i hope you’ll enjoy this fic again ❤️
Tumblr media
Today is another shitty day.
For the past year, most of your days have been feeling the same. They have been insipid, dull, and extremely boring. For the past year, life has been completely tasteless. Nothing can bring joy to your heart since there’s just emptiness growing within your chest, eating you completely alive. The girl you used to be has completely vanished, and now, there’s this new person that you don’t even recognize.  
Behind the face of this new version of yourself, there are no feelings, no heart, nor any sign of life. Inside that chest of yours, there’s absolutely nothing but surprisingly, you’ve become a master at hiding it. People around you have barely noticed how much you’ve changed. They still believe you’re the same.
Strangely, their lack of attention sometimes breaks that cold heart of yours, causing tears to roll down your face. How can’t they see how devastated you are? How can’t they perceive that you’re giving them a fake smile? How can’t they see anything?
As those thoughts flood again in your head, you brush them away because you simply don’t want to start crying in the middle of the street. People will for sure send you weird looks, and you don’t want them to see that. Not today.    
With your headphones on, you walk in the direction of your boyfriend’s small apartment. ‘Empty’ of Chase Atlantic blasting in your ears for the millionth time today. This song is the one you can relate to the most, and it has left you wondering why you feel so fucking empty. This song actually makes you question everything.
But then, you remember that a traumatic event started everything. It was so traumatizing that it has left you in this state. Broken but at the same time, empty. Never have you ever thought it was possible to feel that.
However, you feel more empty than broken. Your heart is just filled with voidness, and when it becomes just too much you simply want to fall into Jungkook’s arms. Today being one of those days. All your heart desires right now is to be transported into the most serene place. A place where the only thing you feel is love.  
Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around you, your head pressed against his toned chest, and his heartbeat rocking you to sleep. Nothing can simply compare to having him by your side. This man is your rock. Without him and his warm presence, the darkness inside you would have taken over straight after that traumatic event.
His love and devotion have surprised you more than once. You’ve said horrible things to him, you’ve been extremely tough to live with, but never once did he give up on you or your relationship. Jungkook always listened to every hurtful word leaving your lips, he let them hit him with such an intensity that it broke his heart. But he never doubted that you never meant those words, he knew those were the words of a broken person.  
During those hard moments, the only thing he’ll keep whispering is “just let me love you”. Those words carry way more weight and meaning than anything you can ever say. Those words are the ones that calm you down when the voidness just simply eats you alive. Jungkook is the only one who can fix you because, behind all this suffering, the only thing you really feel is love.      
His love shines so brightly inside you that it keeps away all those bad emotions. With him, you feel understood, and he knows how much comfort his presence gives you. Never has he thought of leaving you behind when you’re going through all of this. That would be so cowardly of him.
He has seen how you suddenly changed, he has witnessed beforehand how your world completely collapsed. The spark that never left your eyes suddenly disappeared, and it broke him more than he’ll ever express it. That day he lost his girlfriend. That day he lost a piece of his heart. A piece he’ll never recover.
Your boyfriend is aware that you’ll never be the same person again, but he also knows that he still loves you no matter what. Fundamentally, you’re still the same person. You’re still the person he fell in love with. And he wants to be there for you. He wants to provide you with everything you need during these tough times. He wants to be the blanket that keeps you warm during winter.    
His heart constantly burns for you. He knows he’ll never get the old you back but that’s why he’s falling in love with you all over again. Slowly, you’re building a new life around you, and a new version of yourself is blooming. A version that he’s loving and cherishing with all his soul.
This new version only exists because the trauma that the event generated made you lose your memory. In the beginning, you noticed how you forgot the small things about the previous days but as time was passing, you realized that it was bigger than that. It was much bigger than that.
Slowly you noticed that you were unable to recall things that happened for the past year. A complete year was taken away from you in a matter of seconds. That broke you in a way that you can’t even describe today. How are you supposed to move forward when you don’t even remember a full year?
The memory lost forced you to build yourself from the ashes as you were unable to remember who you had become for the past year. All the accomplishments you did in a year were erased like they didn’t matter at all. But at first, you didn’t want to rebuild yourself. You simply wanted to be the person you were before, you wanted your life to go back to how it was before the incident.
But how can you move forward when you’re constantly looking backward? A backward that you can’t even remember.
Jungkook perfectly knows that he can’t heal you. Actually, no one besides yourself can. All he can provide you is a little help while you heal, and his presence has helped you in more ways than you can explain. The simple fact of having him constantly there, even when you’re a total nightmare to deal with has been able to give you some stability during this past crazy year.
Jungkook is your anchor.      
His presence has been the most comforting and healing place for you over the past year. When tears were threatening to roll down your cheeks, his hands were the first ones to clean them before his strong arms would hold your body tight in his embrace. His presence has been the only thing able to calm the storm inside you.
Over the past year, your boyfriend showed you that it’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to not feel good because, since day one, he knew that all this would turn you into a much stronger person. A person that he has grown to love even more. A person that he has so much admiration for. Even if today you can’t see it, you’ve come a long way. Jungkook has seen how strongly you’ve been fighting against all your demons.
But he also knows how much you crave to find your old self back. He knows how much you want to be that happy person that you were before all this.
However, Jungkook wonders if it’s truly something worthy. Before all this, you were happy but you hadn’t fought for it. You were happy because life had smiled at you most of the time. Today, things are completely different. You’re not totally happy but every single day, you fight for it. Every single day, you wake up with the will to have a true and sincere smile on your face.
To him, he doesn’t understand how you wish to be your old self when you’ve bloomed into this new person.
As you step inside his apartment, his face turns to watch you. Today, you’re not wearing the usual clothes you put on when you go to work. You’re wearing a simple black wool sweater with black fitted jeans. Jungkook loves to tease you a bit when you are too lazy to put on those classic pants with a nice shirt, but the moment he sees your broken expression, he refrains himself from doing so.
You notice him sitting on the couch in the living room. As soon as you take off your coat as well as your shoes, you rush to your safe place. His arms. The moment you fall into his arms, the tears instantly stream down your face, unable to hold back anymore this shattering feeling in your chest.
Today has indeed been too much for you.    
Mentally, you just know you’re not there yet. It has been a year since your life has been completely turned upside down, and for the past few days, that precise day that destroyed you has been haunting you. This has been breaking you even more.
Today you’ve been feeling emptier than usual as if your life was useless. As if your presence here hadn’t any meaning. Deep down, you know it isn’t true. Deep down, you know that your presence matters to some people. However, the pressure at work mixed with your poor mental health as well as the fact that it has been a year, everything has been slowly destroying you.
As today has been emotionally too much for you, it just makes you cry harder.
For the past few months, your mental health was finally improving after many months of constant mental breakdowns. The mental breakdowns will always be characterized by extreme mood swings, constant irritability, a lot of anger against the world and yourself, a feeling of always being on edge, isolation from the outside world, and avoiding social contact. Some days after, you’ll just be back to feeling completely devoid of emotions as well as being empty. The void eating you more and more once you calm down.
So, being back to square one after all those months of improvement makes you feel like a massive failure. You have been trying to get better, to fix yourself, and to feel less empty, but now, everything is back to how it was. Your mind and heart are back to being completely shattered.
Jungkook’s lips press a soft kiss on your head, his heart being completely broken to see you like this. For the past few days, he has been sensing how tense you were. He kind of knew that it was just a matter of time before you’d crack completely. Too much was happening.  
For a moment, you just cry in his arms, his fingers gently massaging your back as he tries to reassure you as much as he can. This loving gesture appeases your soul in ways you can’t even describe.    
For the past year, it feels like you’ve been screaming every day into the void, crying for help. Nobody has been listening to you nor has been able to help you. The only person listening to your cry for help is Jungkook. The only one who can fix you.
Slowly, you calm down in his arms, but none of you say a word. Your boyfriend is simply waiting for you to talk first as he doesn’t want to force you to express your feelings out loud. Something that he learned throughout this year is that forcing you to express your feelings is not a good idea. It will just anger you, and you’ll end up pushing him more away.
“Honey, let’s just lay on the couch,” Jungkook suggests as this position is getting very uncomfortable for the two of you.
While you clean your face from all your tears, you stand up to give him the space to lay on the couch. When you’re feeling this low, your boyfriend lets you lay over him. He knows how this eases your soul, he knows how this brings comfort to you. Sometimes, it hurts a bit to have all your weight on him but honestly, he’d move a mountain to just make you happier.
Once he’s all comfortable on the couch, he taps his chest, letting you know that you can lay on him now. Without any hesitations, you slowly place yourself on him, your head against his chest. His heartbeat is the first thing you hear once you’re on top of him, his sweet scent comforting you. His arms wrap around your back, pressing your body against his before he presses a soft kiss on top of your head.
The two of you look at the big screen against the wall in front of the couch. Before you arrived, he was watching ‘Friends’, one of his favorite shows. Jungkook puts the episode back so the two of you can watch it together from the beginning. It instantly lightens your mood, but what definitely helps you to feel better is the small caresses on your back.
“In one hour, we’re leaving, babe,” Jungkook whispers in your ear. “I’m taking you to a special place.”    
Jungkook is lucky enough to possess several houses all over the country as well as some others around the world. For the past year, he has been taking you to some of them so you can escape for a moment the harsh reality you’re living in. But there’s one house he hasn’t taken you to in over a year.
It’s in the countryside, it’s a very huge house that mostly his parents use whenever they want to be in peace. He also has been using it a lot whenever he wants to be with his friends or whenever he wants to spend some days with you. That’s exactly what he plans to do with you this weekend.
This past year has been tough for you, and today is more than hard. Although he wished you’d be better, he kind of expected to see you in this state. So he naturally planned this little outing for the weekend in hopes to help you feel better in any way.  
His fingers move up to brush your hair with tenderness.
“We’ll be gone for the weekend,” he tells you while your eyes are only focused on the episode of ‘Friends’ playing on the tv.
You simply nod. Honestly, today, you simply don’t care much about what you do with him. All that matters is to be with him, the rest is just details. You press a little kiss on his neck to let him know in some kind of way that you’re thankful for everything he does for you. Even if today, you’re feeling extremely empty and broken, you know that spending this weekend with him somewhere outside the city will help you.
A smile spreads across his face when he feels your lips against his neck. Small gestures of affection are something he cherishes deeply because even in the middle of the chaos that your life has become, he still feels loved by you. Something he honestly thought he would never feel again.
But you proved him wrong again and again.
You proved to him that even though you were broken you could still adore him. And it reassured him so many times because he almost lost hope a couple of times. This battle is not something you’re doing alone. It’s something you’re living with the people around you. Of course, you’re the one suffering the most but it affects the people close to you. They have to hopelessly watch you suffer.
They can only see you, give you a hand, and hope that it will be enough. They also have to fight their own battle to be able to be there every step of the way. They wipe their tears far from you to not cause you more pain. They have to stand strong when you break in their arms. It’s a battle for them too, but at least, seeing your improvement helps them to mend their broken heart.
They also have to mourn the version of you they lost.
Although they don’t say anything out loud, you’re perfectly aware of how this affects them. At first, getting better was something you were doing for them. At first, you wanted everything to go back to normal for them because of the pain you were putting them through. You constantly felt sorry for them, especially for Jungkook. But with time, you realized that you needed to do it for yourself and not for them.
Nobody could ever save you from your own pain. The only person who could and can heal you is yourself. You went through something deeply traumatizing that caused so many consequences. A post-traumatic stress disorder can’t be easily dealt with. It can’t be overcome with a simple snap. It’s a lot of work done with yourself to simply be a tiny bit better.
It took you months to start not feeling overwhelmed with your negative emotions. It took you months to start noticing a bit of improvement. It took you months to believe that people weren’t simply saying in vain that you’re a strong person. It took you months to stop having constantly mental breakdowns. It simply took you months to start feeling better.  
Even if today is a very bad day for you, you can say that you’re proud of the long journey you’ve achieved in one year. You’re perfectly aware that there’s still so much to achieve because you’re not okay a 100% but you have already done more than half of the way. There’s still so much to work on, and you’ve been thinking a lot lately to seek professional help for what’s left.
During the past year, you’ve been struggling by yourself, deciding to not involve any professional. Why? Honestly, you don’t know. It never crossed your mind since you wanted to handle everything by yourself and that your focus was put on getting better. But lately, you’ve been really considering asking for help.
Slowly, you fall asleep in his arms, finding comfort in the only person that can help you.
Tumblr media
As you gradually wake up, you feel lips pressing soft kisses all over your face. A little giggle escapes your lips when you realize that Jungkook is waking you up with fondness.
The man beneath you didn’t want to harshly wake you up, he actually didn’t want to wake you up at all but it’s better if you leave before the sun goes down. He doesn’t really like to drive in the dark, he doesn’t see really well. Plus, he wants to be able to cook dinner in his countryside house instead of eating some cold meal in the car.
“Wake up, little sleepy head.” He whispers in your ear before pressing another kiss on your cheek.
Your eyes slowly look up at the man lying beneath you. All you can see in his eyes is tenderness. Nothing else. Honestly, seeing it in his eyes always eases your soul.
“I’m awake, boo.”
His heart always melts when you call him boo. Out of all the nicknames you constantly give him, ‘boo’ is his favorite. Out of love, he presses another kiss on your forehead before you slowly stand up to leave the couch.
“Do you want to go to your place to pick up some clothes? or the ones you always leave here will be enough for a weekend?”
Since that traumatic event, you’ve been living between your apartment, his place, and your parents’ house. You don’t really have a place but Jungkook and your parents don’t want you to be alone for a long time. They are just scared of what could happen if they are not around you, and you can understand them. So, you just move around the three places.
Before giving him an answer, you head to his bedroom to check if you have enough panties and bras for the weekend. For the rest, wearing his comfy clothes would be perfect for you. No need to go to your place just for some piece of clothing, especially since you know there will be just the two of you.
Jungkook follows you to his bedroom since he needs to pack all the things that are in his room. While you check in his wardrobe, he takes a black bag that he places over his bed before joining you to grab some underwear.    
“It’s okay, I have all I need here.” You tell him once he’s next to you.
“Okay, honey.” He says before placing a soft kiss on top of your head. “Let’s grab some clothes, put them on the bag, and leave the apartment.”
You nod with your eyes closed, eyes that you closed when he placed that soft kiss on your head. The two of you gather all your things really quickly before leaving his apartment. As you head to the elevator to go to the parking lot of the building, you send a text to your parents to let them know that you’ll be out of town for the weekend.
Jungkook firmly holds the bag in his strong hand while his other hand holds yours almost as if he’s scared you’ll run away from him. The descent to the -1 level is quite fast, and you walk to his car in silence. There’s nothing to say yet and you’re still a bit sleepy.
Once you’re both inside the car, Jungkook starts to drive, heading to his countryside house. Inside the familiar and appeasing car, your eyes slowly shut down once again. All those negative emotions drained your soul, and you need some rest now. Your boyfriend notices it and simply focuses on the road before his eyes.
For a little while, the music playing in the car is the only thing that can be heard. It was really comforting to you but everything changes when ‘Lose you to love me’ by Selena Gomez starts playing.
“This song is so heartbreaking,” you start saying. “I really can’t understand how someone can leave their lover during a tough moment. Nobody deserves that.”
The song has broken your heart a million times although you weren’t living what Selena Gomez was singing. Of course, you already experienced heartbreak but it was long before the song was released because you’ve been with Jungkook for a long time already.  
“Some people are cowards,” Jungkook answers. “Some people find it easier to leave when someone is hurting instead of helping them to get better.”
You place your hand on his thigh. He’s right, some people prefer to run away when things get harder instead of helping their lovers. In the end, you believe it shows their true feelings as well as their strength.
“Some people aren’t as strong as you are.” You say before giving a good squeeze in his thigh.
Without him, you’d be completely lost today. That’s a certainty. You don’t need somebody else to confirm it for you. Without him, you’re not even sure you’d be standing here today. This man sitting right next to you saved your life.  
“I’m not necessarily a strong person, but I adore you. I simply want you to be happy, and I’d move a mountain for that.”
The proof is that he’s taking you right now to his countryside house. This is what truly matters to him, and although he’s aware it won’t make you happy in the long run, he knows that it will ease your heart for a moment.
“I’m lucky to have found you, boo,” your eyes never leave his face.
“And I’m the luckiest to share my days with a strong person.”
A smile appears on your face before you take his hand to press a soft kiss on it. This man brings so much comfort to you. To say that you’re lucky to have him by your side is more than an understatement. A life without him is something you don’t even want to think about because it would be worse than all the pain you have experienced in the past year.
“How can you turn such a bad day into a better one?” You ask before pressing another kiss on his hand.
Now, he’s the one smiling like an idiot because the only thing that truly matters to him is to make your day a tiny bit better.
“I didn’t do anything, I’m just being honest with you, honey,” he answers with his eyes focused on the road.
“Well, thank you for being here and for being honest, boo.” You tell him.  
For a moment, Jungkook just thinks about what to say because he doesn’t want that pretty smile on your face to disappear. Inevitably, he knows that it will go away. Today is such a special day, and he knows that it’s torturing your soul even when you have the biggest smile on your face.
“The past year has been tough for everyone, especially for you but all I care about is to be by your side, and to show you that days can get better.”
Your eyes quickly roam at the road before you, your mind thinking about what this day represents to you.
“Days are getting better, Jungkook and without your support, they would have never gotten better. You’ve been my rock in the middle of this hurricane, I’ve been holding on to you. That’s why I haven’t let go. That’s why I’m still standing.”
Those words are definitely something he never thought he would ever hear, but it definitely feels so good to hear them. It makes every fight worth it even more.
“I may have helped you, honey but we both know that you’re still here because you want it.” His hand moves to your thigh before softly caressing it. “You should give more credit to yourself, babe! You’re a goddamn warrior, and I swear that I’ve never met anyone as strong as you.”
Hearing someone complimenting you is something you’ll never get used to. Even when it comes from your boyfriend. Sometimes it feels like they’re talking about a complete stranger that you’ve never met when they’re talking about you.
“I know but I just want to make sure you’re aware of the impact you have on my recovery journey.” You reply to him.
“I’m aware of it, babe.”  
Tumblr media
The arrival at his countryside house was smooth.
After arriving there, you started cooking with all the things you took from his apartment. Nothing too fancy but it was a good meal. You had a call with your parents to reassure them but outside that, you haven’t really used your phone so far.
Since that traumatic event, you haven’t really been a lot on your phone. Most of the time, it’s a device that simply keeps you in contact with the rest of the world but only when you want it. You can literally spend hours without talking to anyone, but that’s okay for you because it keeps you safe which is something you desperately need.
Now, you and Jungkook are lying on the bed of the biggest room of the house. Your head is placed on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat being the only thing you can hear. There isn’t any outside noise. The tv in the room isn’t even turned on.
“This house is too big for the two of us,” you say.
“Well, who cares?” He says with a big smile on his face. “We’re alone and we’re going to have the best weekend of our lives!”
You lift your head to be able to look at him. He looks so handsome which makes your heart melts instantly.
Over the past year, your sex life was immensely impacted by your mental health. You and Jungkook went from having an active sex life to almost nothing, but it made you admire your boyfriend even more because never did he try or ask anything from you. He never hid from you that he masturbated a lot since it was a sudden shock but honestly, to him, his desires weren’t as important as your well-being.
Masturbation was the solution that he found to make sure his head would be able to focus on you when you needed him.
However, slowly, you’ve been making him understand that you’re feeling ready to get back to the business. For the past weeks, you’ve been having oral sex and nothing more. You’re exploring together your limits. There’s no rush in having penetrative sex, you have all the time to explore and see what makes you now comfortable.
Since you’ve been having these little sexual activities, your mind sometimes gets completely lost in dirty thoughts. But it’s not because you’ve been having wild dreams about you and Jungkook that it means that you’re ready. Honestly, you’ve only been feeling ready for the last couple of days.
Being here, in this house with him only makes you realize that you really are ready to go further than oral sex. You’re ready to explore more with the man you love. Honestly, you’re ready to try things right now as the mood is perfect.  
“I feel ready,” you suddenly say.
“Ready for what, babe?” He asks while raising an eyebrow.
Your heart starts hammering strongly in your chest. Even if you’re comfortable enough to speak about everything with your boyfriend, you’re still a bit scared of what his reaction might be.
“Ready to have actual sex with you.”
Your boyfriend is extremely surprised by your words. He knew this day would come but he never expected it to come this fast.
“I’m ready to let you show me how much you love me.”
A smile spreads across his face as you use those words. Every time sex is mentioned, he always says that he wants to take his time before physically showing you how much he loves you.
Instead of replying with words, his lips press against yours for a fervent kiss. He’s more than ready to give you all his love because that’s all he constantly wants to do. His heart burns for you, and his dick easily gets hard when you’re around but that’s something he’ll probably mention in a couple of days or weeks.  
Slowly, your hand moves down on his body, getting dangerously close to his cock. The simple thought of feeling your hand around him makes him grow harder. Thankfully for you, your boyfriend is only wearing his underwear right now since he loves to sleep almost naked. Without an ounce of hesitation, you take out the only clothing piece from his body, his cock slapping against his abs.
You break the kiss to take a look at the beast between his legs. It always surprises you how massive he is, and it always leaves you wondering how on earth he can walk with something like that in between his legs. You actually wonder how he can do that when his cock gets hard.
“Can I touch you, Kook?” You ask him.
With his eyes closed, he nods. He’s completely desperate to feel your fingers around him, knowing perfectly that he’ll come undone when you’ll touch him. But he fucking doesn’t care because that will only lead to feeling your velvety walls around him for the first time in over a year.  
As you’re so desperate in pleasing him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick. His head is red, precum running down his length and over that prominent vein that lines it. You rub your thumb over the tip before going down on his shaft, spreading his arousal all over him. A deep moan leaves his lips as your hands finally touch him, his head falling completely on the pillow.      
“Damn, honey,” he growls. “I constantly miss your fairy hands.”
Slowly, you start pumping him, taking your time, your hand gliding up and down his length. A trail of groans leaves his lips while you pump him nice and slow, giving him the handjob he has been dreaming about. Every time your hand reaches the base, Jungkook shivers, loving deeply how you’re touching him.
As you pump his massive length with your hands, you never stop looking at him. You absolutely love to watch him melt in your hands, and honestly, for the past weeks, you have been enjoying seeing him contorting with delight every time you touch him. Those moments are very unique.
Since your life has been turned upside down, you’ve been enjoying a lot of small moments. Moments that you used to consider as unnecessary. Oral sex with Jungkook used to be like the introduction, and today, you just simply savor it. In the end, it’s still an intimate moment you share with your boyfriend even if it’s dirty.    
After a little while, you dip down to kiss the head of his cock, causing deeper and louder moans to leave his mouth. Damn, over the past days, while planning all the things you’ll both be doing in this house, receiving a blowjob was definitely not on his mind which makes this moment even better. You lick his tip, his precum coating your wet muscle before you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down fully on his length.
“Fuck,” he groans, loving the warmth of your mouth around him.
He swears that he’s about to fall apart, covering your mouth with his cum. Your eyes look up to meet with his but as you do so, he busts right there, his hot seed filling that pretty mouth of yours. Jungkook is just a weak man, especially when you’re added to the mix.
The thing about not having a lot of sexual intercourse in months is that it makes every moment magical. So magical that none of you actually last really long but the intensity of the orgasms is a million times stronger than any of the ones you’ve ever had before.  
For example, he didn’t see this one coming, but damn, he swears that he can feel it in every single part of his body. Nothing feels better than having sex with you. Nothing feels better than being with you.
Slowly, he comes down from his high, your mouth leaving his cock to just watch him being completely overwhelmed with his orgasm. He looks like an absolute angel. The prettiest angel in the world. However, you also consider him as your guardian angel as he’s been the only person to protect you during the past horrible year.  
“Do you have condoms here?” You raise the question.
“Honestly, I don’t know.” He answers. “I wasn’t expecting this to happen so I need to check my wallet.”
For sure, there aren’t any condoms in this house because he doesn’t want his parents to find them. It will make everyone so uncomfortable, especially him. He’s perfectly aware that his parents have seen his little beast as he grew up but condoms are something else. It will actually let them know that you both have an active sexual life which doesn’t make him comfortable at all.    
While he stands up to grab his wallet, you decide to surprise him a bit more. Since you have all this confidence within you at the moment, you want to use it as much as possible because for sure, in a couple of minutes, it won’t be the case anymore. You lay on your back as you take off the large t-shirt of his that you’re using as a pajama and your underwear. As you do so, your eyes never cease to look at his strong back while he looks for a condom.
“Found one!” He screams when he finds one in his wallet.  
When Jungkook gets back on the bed with his condom in his hand, he bites his bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful, honey,” he whispers in your ear before pressing a sweet kiss right under it, sending shivers down your body. “You’re sure you’re ready?”
Although he really wants to do it, he also wants to be 100% sure you want this. Even if you’ve already teased him a bit, he can wait a little longer for you.  
“I am, boo.” You press your lips against his to kind of make him understand that you’re truly sincere.
“Then, let’s do this!” He presses one final kiss before ripping the plastic, and putting the condom on his length.
You spread your legs to let him situate himself in between them, but you’re also letting him see your soaked folds. On his knees, he gets closer to your body, brushing his cock against your pussy, and getting you even wetter. He wants you to be as wet as possible to be ready for his massive cock.
When he feels that you’re wet enough, he slowly buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your walls. His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin while his doe eyes filled with lust look into yours. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you.  
This stretch is something you missed, and it’s even better than in your dreams. It’s so delightful that it causes your eyes to roll back. Honestly, it hurts a bit but right now, you’re focused on everything but the pain it’s causing. All you want is to enjoy this moment.  
Jungkook leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a deeper moan out of you. “I’ve missed this so much, babe,” his deep voice groans in your ear.
Slowly your boyfriend pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. Although he has always loved rough sex, he wants this special moment to be all about love and nothing more. He doesn’t want to hurt you during your first time after this whole trauma. So, he carefully pushes his cock fully inside you, trying to be as delicate as possible.
For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes roam down on your body, appreciating the piece of art that you are. During a brief moment, his eyes get glued to where your bodies meet, watching himself buried deep inside you. It feels like the last time it happened was ages ago. His lips meet yours for a sloppy kiss before leaving a trail of wet kisses down to your neck.
“I’ve missed this so much, honey,” he whispers against your neck before pressing a tender kiss.  
His gentle voice warms your heart. It’s obvious that he’s doing everything to be the sweetest with you. You know how much he’s into rough sex, how much he loves this to be extremely dirty, and you also used to love it. You appreciate all the effort he’s doing to make you feel safe at this precise moment.
That’s also why you love this man with all your soul.
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. This feels like something completely new but at the same time, it feels like being back home. This feeling is extremely weird but in a good way.
Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he slowly pulls back before slamming himself back into you with both hands on your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your soft moans quickly fill the room.
Slowly, your boyfriend starts to thrust into you, and he’s being extra careful to not hurt you. Quickly, you get completely drunk on the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust he makes. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock.
Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing. Even if this moment isn’t wild, he’s loving to see that your body is positively responding to his pounding. His cock is buried deep inside you that you swear you can almost feel it on your throat. This man definitely owns the biggest cock you’ve ever seen in your life.  
“You’re so fucking wet, honey,” he hisses before biting his lower lip.
Your boyfriend definitely couldn’t hold back that comment, he’s definitely enjoying seeing your arousal around his cock. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him.
“And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. This is driving him crazy as he hasn’t seen this in over a year. Even for him, everything feels new but at the same time, completely normal.
His eyes glance down at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. Your moans are getting louder, and you’re thankful that there’s nobody else in this house or even in the surroundings of the house because it’d be awkward to know people could hear you screaming with pleasure.
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further. Although he’s being very delicate with you, he just knows how to pleasure you perfectly.  
“Fuck,” he groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, babe.”
As you glance up at him, you can’t help but find him extremely attractive. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He simply can’t believe this is really happening. Never had he thought while preparing this little weekend that he’ll have sex again with the love of his life.
Slowly, he starts thrusting into you with more urgency as he gets completely lost in the feeling of having your walls tightly around him. Jungkook leans again forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. With time, you’ve started to realize that he loves to kiss you, he can spend a day doing it, and you also love it because it brings so much comfort to your broken soul. It reassures you in ways you can’t even describe.
One of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot, causing moans to flood out of your mouth. It doesn’t take long before the wave of pleasure hits you intensely, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covers completely his cock, your walls squeezing him over and over again.
Jungkook ceases the occasion to speed up the pace of his hips slamming into you, wanting to chase his own high. The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. His eyes roll back with pleasure when his orgasm hits him hard. His body tenses up as he releases his load inside the condom. Loud cries of euphoria leave his lips.
He collapses next to you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this first sex session after your trauma. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in the bedroom.
“Wow, babe,” are the only words your boyfriend says.
The man lying next to you is completely overwhelmed by his orgasm, he can’t even think straight. Well, neither can you do the same. This was marvelous, and in some way, this made you forget about all the bad emotions inside you.  
“How are you feeling?” He asks while he removes the condom from his length.
“Good,” you say as your eyes glance at him.
Jungkook leaves the bed to throw the condom full of his cum in the garbage can. He comes back to bed completely naked but before laying on the bed, he grabs the shirt you throw on the floor to give it to you.
“I don’t want you to get cold, honey,” he whispers before pressing a tender kiss on your cheek.
“Don’t worry, boo,” you press too a kiss on his cheek. “Nothing bad will happen to me if you’re around.”
Tumblr media
⏤ tag list: @vantezza @nglmrk @babyrosieareroses @erikyoongs @ppeachyttae  @swimmingkpopblog @moonchild1 @seokjinkismet​ @seokjennieee @debicaptain-saturn @circleroomtalk​ @lpgirl2324 @bflyangel04 @little-fluffle @dimcorner​ @nesreen96​ 
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long way home 03 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.5k
genre: dilf!jungkook, friends to lovers
rating: pg
warnings: jealous jk, drunk oc
summary: the one were you had a little too much to drink and, oops, your lips are pressed against someone else's.
a/n: enjoy sad dilf jk hours <3
chapters: 01 | 02 | 03
masterlist | long way home masterlist
When Jungkook got texts from you saying "hiiiii" - "are u still up?" - "i could call a cab but id like to save money" - "hi?" - "lemme call u" - "oh youre online" - "hiii" - "pls take me home?" - "<3" he knew that you had one or two - who was he shitting - probably more than five drinks too much.
It's past 3 am and he's driving through empty streets with Nabi sleeping in the backseat in her little baby seat.
When Jungkook parks right in front of the bar he immediately catches sight of you. And you do too because your legs start walking toward his car and Jungkook can't keep his eyes from gawking at your beautiful body. Your exposed legs, your thighs, your cleavage and that glowing smile curving your lips make Jungkook's heart beat a little faster. You're stunning. And he'll never get over how stunning you are.
Jungkook would have helped you getting into his car but apparently he spent too much time staring at your gorgeous beauty. You stumbled into the passenger's seat before he even had the chance to get out of the car and assist you.
"Kookie," you greet him, way too enthusiastically. You throw your arms around his neck and pull him in for a hug. "Hii," you say against his neck.
He has to bite back a smile as he hugs you back. "Hey, baby." Jungkook makes sure to put your seat belt on when you lean back again.
When you notice Nabi in the back you halt for a moment. "I shouldn't be too loud." Jungkook nods, driving the car from the parking lot and heading home.
"Had fun tonight?"
"Mhmm," you smile. "A lot, actually."
"Where was Seulgi?"
"She's still there with Jimin. Dunno how they're not exhausted yet." You play with Jungkook's tattooed fingers when he has his hand around the gear shift.
It seems like you're in deep thoughts when you suddenly speak again. "Hey, remember when you were almost two hours late at picking up Nabi last week? That was not nice of you."
"I know, it'll never happen again. I'm sorry." He sighs, sounding disappointed. Jungkook still cringes whenever he thinks of that night and he feels bad for treating you like that.
"It's okay. I do stupid things too sometimes."
"No you don't," he denies. "You never do."
"I did something very stupid today," you confess.
Jungkook sends a quick glance to your side. He can't figure out if you really mean that or if it's just your intoxicated brain over dramatising an insignificant occurrence. You're drunk, you could have done anything, really.
"Mind to tell me or is this gonna be another one of your secrets that you'll hoard for the rest of your life?" He still gets amused just by the fact of quoting your high-school self when Jungkook was in your bedroom after school and was looking through your stuff on the desk and found your diary. He teased you and you ran after him and he held the diary up in the air and laughed when you tried to jump to reach it. You told him that all the pages were full of you crushing on a boy and Jungkook got so curious because he never experienced you having a crush on any boy in school. Eventually he gave the diary back to you because he wasn't an ass and because he respected your privacy and maybe because Jungkook didn't know how he'd feel once he would know on which boy you were having a crush on. Not happy, he knew that for sure.
His thoughts get ripped away when he hears you whispering your confession.
"I kissed Jimin tonight."
"You - what?" He expected a lot. But not that.
"I don't know - we, we were dancing and then I turned around and then he was there and his hands were on my body and it felt nice so I leaned closer and had a better view on his lips - his lips look so beautiful, Jungkook. Like, I couldn't stop myself because they just looked so kissable. And then it just happened but not for too long...well, if I think about it - maybe it was long, I don't know."
You slump back on the seat. "I just - we work together and, and I don't want this to be messy. I mean, I don't even know if I have feelings for him. He's just - kind and sweet and he makes me feel good."
You whine. "Jungkook."
He's glad that he has to stop at a red light because now he can look at you and doesn't have to watch you ramble and getting frustrated with understanding your emotions through the corner of his eye.
"I'm confused," you pout.
He is too. Not because he doesn't understand his feelings toward someone he kissed at a bar. But because he thought that he managed to storage that weird emotion of bitterness away that always came up soaring his body when you talked about another guy. He thought he had it under control. But yet here he was, struggling to prevent his hands to form fists around the steering wheel.
You return his gaze with big eyes, like he has all the answers to all the questions in the world. Like he could catch all the desirable stars from the night sky and give them to you.
"You're drunk, baby. Your thoughts are a mess right now anyways, so don't overthink it. Tomorrow you can think about it with a clearer mind, yeah?"
"Don't call me that."
"Hm?" Jungkook asks. He's called you baby a thousand times before.
"It makes my heart feel so...dunno...soft? It feels strange, Koo. I don't know if my heart should be feeling like that." You close your eyes and frown. You should have stopped drinking hours ago, Jungkook can see that. But he makes a mental note to call you baby more often because just the thought of your heart feeling soft whenever he calls you that makes his own one grow softer as well.
"You need sleep," he comments.
"I need cuddles."
"You can get them once we're at my place."
"Mh no, not your cuddles."
"Huh?" Now Jungkook is the one twisting his face into a confused frown. But when you're suddenly turn and bend over the small space between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat Jungkook understands who's cuddles you are in need for.
"Y/n, no you can't-" Both his hands are on your waist. Luckily the seat belt it stopping you from going any further. Your already short dress is hiking up the more you resist his grasp. He doesn't look but - okay, maybe he looked at your cute bum for a split second but it's really not his fault because it was there, right in front of his eyes and he just took a short glimpse at it.
You huff and give in, allowing Jungkook to push you back to your seat. The traffic lights turn green again the second you're properly sitting again.
"Nabi's sleeping right now and I doubt she'll be happy being woken up right now - even if it's for cuddles."
You massage your temple with closed eyes. Your little stunt probably got you a little dizzy.
"These shoes are killing me," you groan, taking your heels off.
"You do the same shit every time," Jungkook says, watching how you rub your sore feet against each other.
"But see how cute they look?" you defend, pointing at your heels.
And right after you say that Jungkook parks his car in front of his apartment building. Within a few seconds Jungkook opens up the door at your side and grabs you by the waist to throw you over his shoulder. You squeak surprised but don't protest. It's not like this is the first time he has done this. He pulls your dress down so now weirdo that lurks around the street can see anything.
Jungkook doesn't forget to get your shoes from the car, letting them dangle on his fingers tips. He manages to get Nabi out of the car too, careful not to cause too much movement to not wake her from her deep sleep.
After Jungkook helped you changing into some comfy clothes that you left at his place for moments like this you insist on letting Nabi sleep between Jungkook and you in his bed. Jungkook gives in, knowing that arguing with you while you're drunk isn't going to lead anywhere.
So he lays on his side and watched Nabi and you sleep. Jungkook still can't get Jimin out of his mind. But he forces himself not to think about too much. It's just a kiss. And you even said that you weren't sure if you had feelings for him. You were probably just drunk. That's all.
He bops Nabi's small nose with a little smile on his lips and then proceeds to gently brush you hair behind your ear. You mumble something incoherent and snuggle into his palm that he rested against your cheek.
Forever, Jungkook thought. He could go to bed like this forever. Watch over his most precious girls and fall asleep to that beautiful view.
But those thoughts were just dreams and Jungkook stopped believing in dreams coming true a long time ago.
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ahundredtimesover · 3 days ago
September - November 2021 Reads
Hi, it’s been a while! I went on a little break and things got a bit crazy but here are my September - November reblogs of JK fics (x f. reader). Please note the angst, fluff, and smut descriptions. Much love to the authors (reblog, comment, but please be kind) and to our sexy, handsome, and adorable bun jk 🐰
*’read for’ are guides for me!
Sugarplum elegy by @bymoonchild (a, f, s) - fwb au, college au (read for a well-written fic with great smut, character dynamics, and gentle and caring jk)
Keep your seatbelts fastened by @joyfulhopelox (s) - strangers au (read for sexual tension and hot smut)
Personal space by @gguksgalaxy (f) - best friends au (read for something short and sweet and a bed sharing moment)
Caught by @parkdatjimin (f) - roommates au (read for something light, heartwarming, and wholesome with funny and awkward moments)
Fight for you + Epilogue by me (a, f, s) - bodyguard au
Bonus by @minyfic (s) - workmates au (read for flirty and sexy jk with hot smut)
Lonely hearts club by @dovechim (s) - friends au (read for annoyingly cocky but whipped jk, hot smut and fun banter)
Put a spell on you by @ggukseoulcafe (f) - royalty au, knight jk (read for something short and sweet and a whipped jk)
An endless summer by @seoulnotes (f) - strangers au (read for cute moments during a Eurotrip with a light and chill vibe and charming and rich jk)
Mugs and kisses by @sunshinerainbowsbts (f) - strangers au (read for absolute fluff to get you in the holiday spirit and something to make you smile, with shy and thoughtful jk)
Fetish for blood by @jjungkookislife (s) - fantasy au, vampire jk (read for charming jk, hot smut, and charming and playful characters)
How to get away with kidnapping by @parkdatjimin (f) - brother’s best friend (read for protective and dependable jk and a little playful but comforting MC dynamics)
Paralian pt. 1, pt. 2 by @kpopfanfictrash (a, s) - fantasy au (read for great worldbuilding and storytelling, themes of family, politics, and morality, great characterizations and ensemble)
Lunar violence by @taetaesbaebaepsae (a, f, s) - fantasy au, werewolf jk (read for a good ensemble of werewolf ot7 in a rockband, good storyline, and hot and sexy moments)
Sanctuary + When night falls I am your escape + ‘Cause I’ve been aimin’ for heaven above by @bangtaninink (f, s) - fwb au (read for something light and fun with captivating characters,and fun and sexy and unproblematic dynamics)
 Something wicked comes this way comes by @softyoongiionly (a, f, s) - boyfriend jk (read for fun and loving characters, good buildup and details, and a creative and emotional way of discussing a difficult topic) 
A (small) step forward by @lavienjin (a, f, s) - husband jk (read for a nice, quick read with a good mix of angst, fluff, smut)
I gotta make sure you get home safe by @taetaespeaches (f) - roommates au (read for a quick read of all kinds of sweet, tender, domestic, intimate, and playful moments written so well)
Queen of Ice by @readyplayerhobi (a, f, s) - royalty au, fantasy au, bodyguard jk (read for great magical and royalty setting, pining and tension, and interesting characters)
 Pub golf by @taleasnewastime (f, s) - strangers au (read for a fun ensemble and banter and hot jk and sexual tension)
Papillon by @satnin-darling (a) - exes au (read for well-written pain and heartbreak all throughout) 
Should I go play the lottery too? by @jungkooks-kookiee (f) - boyfriend jk (read for something quick, soft, and a pick-me-up read)
The ebb and flow by @xbaepsae (f) - fantasy au, Percy Jackson au, demigods au (read for a fun rivalry and loveable MCs and side characters)
Benny by @hamsterclaw (a, f, s) - workmates au, hospital au (read for hot smut, flirty JK, NJ, and YG, a refreshing OC, and funny and soft moments)
Tempter (the twilight creature) by @themfchase (a, f) - fantasy au (read for good imagery and metaphors, a beautifully painful love story, and captivating MCs)
Home by @moon-write (f) - childhood best friends au (read for something sweet, soft, and very comforting)
Violet hair and lip rings by @hazytaezy - neighbors au (read for something fun, mutual pining, and MCs’ quirks and chemistry) 
Stardust by @emoboijk (f) - soulmates au (read for soulmates’ physical torment when apart then how it falls together when they meet, and good descriptive writing)
Snowballing: A holiday story by @sintatae (f) - workmates au (read for something soft and fluffy with a romantic feel)
With other members:
‘How members feel like’: Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook by @darlingjoon (f) - (read for the heartwarming and accurate way each member is described and the poetic way it was done)
The dis-ease files by @triviafics (a, f) - workmates au, hospital au (read for short, sometimes heartbreaking but comforting reads of members as surgeons and tender, emotional moments that will make you cry and smile and be introspective about life)
  (monthly reads masterpost)      
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s-eokie · 2 days ago
정 호석 stan: (n.) a person who loves and support 𝗷𝘂𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸 no matter what happens; for them hoseok is god — ♥︎.
، 💭 . . you are the only and one in my life! no one in this whole world makes me more happier than you, 𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸.
𓂃 ִֶָ sometimes, all i think about is 𝘺𝘰𝘶. late nights in the middle of june ; 𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸. ♡'
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bts-trans · a day ago
Tumblr media
211206 Jungkook’s Instagram Post with RM’s Comment
JK: 🥰
RM: 오 나도 올려야징
RM: Oh I should upload mine toooo
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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jimmeo-kookliet · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
'There’s a song that I sang with Jiminie-hyung! It’s on Soundcloud.'
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kookiecrumb · a day ago
jjk || Rolling Wave
Tumblr media
pairing: surfer!jungkook x richgirl!reader
summary: In order to win an Australian surfing competition, Jungkook dates the daughter of the man who holds it every year. He'll quickly learn that he isn't the first to do so. (Loosely based off of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice).
genre: angst, smut, fluff !! good ending.
warnings: fake dating angst, smut*, oral (m&f receiving), alcohol consumption, use of the word wh*re, making out, brief breastplay, jungkook is a user and so is y/n, macrophilia, vivid description of drowning, description of being stabbed/blood warning
rating: M (18+)
word count: 9.3K
a/n: this is my baby. please be gentle with her. i wrote her with a lot of care and poured my heart into her. i love her. i hope you love her too.
"It's not a sport, it's a lifestyle."
"Kids out here, ride from Arizona just to ride our waves. These are California waves."
"These are Cali waves."
Jungkook emerges from beneath the waves, his hair whipping back, spraying salt water. He wipes his hands over his eyes and nose, taking a deep breath in and looking back towards shore."I wiped out," he huffs, getting ready to paddle back to shore. Looking up at the clouds, he has about twenty minutes before that storm moves in. Today would be his last day taking advantage of that nice spring tide.
With his legs on either side of his board, he lets the current carry him out. He waves to his friends out on shore, poking at a bonfire with their boards buried in the sand.
"That's it boys," he yells, cupping his hands around his mouth. "Let's go home."
With a towel hanging from his shoulders, Jungkook rubs his hand over his abdominals. His wrists are covered in cloth bracelets, some of them promises he's made to people he'll never see again. He grabs a chip from the snack table and pops it in his mouth.
"We're crashing at Hoseok's today, we gotta do some grocery shopping before we head to the next beach," Namjoon says, packing up the leftover beer into the cooler. "Headed North about thirty minutes from here."
Jungkook shifts his weight, listening attentively as he catches his breath. "Can we hit Pleasure Point?" He adds.
Namjoon raises an eyebrow, glancing over at Yoongi for confirmation. Yoongi shakes his hand 'maybe.' Joon nods side to side.
"I just came back from Brazil. Unless you're willing to take that 15 hour flight from LAX to Sydney with me, I suggest we relax a little," he laughs.
The fire flickers wildly, creating shadows on Yoongi's face. He smirks. "No way."
The moon peeks from the clouds, creating a reflection out on the ocean.
Namjoon looks past Jungkook's shoulder, catching sight of the boats passing by on the horizon with their lanterns. "Look," he points.
Jungkook looks past his shoulder, turning his body. "Weird, we never get boats."
"Do you think it's a...g-g-g-ghost, Jungkook?!" Yoongi cackles, poking him.
He rolls his eyes, snatching Yoongi's fingers. "No. Stop, jackass." Namjoon pinches his glabella, frustrated with these two idiots.
"C'mon guys, help me pack up. It's almost eight and I told Hoseok we'd be there by eight-thirty." He stands up and starts to fold his chair to put in the back of the Jeep.
The other boys join in. Jungkook hauls the cooler and tents, Namjoon carries the surfboards to strap them up top, and Yoongi gathers the miscellaneous shit.
The wind flows through his hair as he grips the frame of the car while Namjoon drives. They ride on the winding roads that run along the edges of the cliffs near the ocean. Yoongi lays across the back seat, texting some chick he met Saturday at Kim Taehyung's birthday party.
Jungkook reaches back, and snatches the phone from him with a smirk. He reads what's written on the glowing screen. "You're cute too," he reads in a mocking voice, "I can't wait to see you again tomorrow. The party is at seven, right? And how am I supposed to get in again…"
Yoongi sits up and violently grabs his blackberry back. "Fucker," he grunts. Jungkook is amused.
"It's puppy love," he goads."Relax, you met like yesterday. We don't know her yet, why are you inviting her to Hoseok's?"
"She's hot," he defends.
"Does she have a nice personality?" Jungkook asks, half-jokingly.
"Yes!" Yoongi chimes.
Jungkook isn't a huge party person. He goes to make connections. Those are valuable. Guys who come to Cali to experience the Golden Coast take a pit stop in Santa Barbara to do their business or whatever. Their sons come with, along with their wallets and influence.
"Whatever," Jungkook looks out across the coast with his aviators perched upon his nose. The crash of the waves against the jagged rocks, foaming and fizzing, dragged back out by the tide could be heard over the radio.
The loose linen of Jungkook's shirt thrashes against his body. They're two miles from their destination.
There must be ten buggies parked outside Hoseok's. Namjoon lets out a sigh that sounds almost disappointed. He taps his fingers against the steering wheel before hopping out and shoving his lanyard in his pocket.
Jungkook plants his feet on the asphalt and follows them inside.
"Boys, boys, boys…" Jung Hoseok has two blondes on his arm standing at the doorway, wearing an unbuttoned polo shirt with his beach shorts and sandals. He lets go of them, reaching out his hand to shake with Namjoon.
Jungkook purses his lips to keep from laughing. He hasn't changed a bit.
The first time Jungkook had met this high roller was at a frat party at UCSB. He was sitting at the center of attention in the living room, retelling his famous Adam Sandler story for the nth time. His wild gestures and projecting voice gained him a reputation on campus beyond that of his father's name. He knows how to keep the attention of a crowd, and this was what made him useful to Jungkook.
"Thought you could slip right under our noses, stop by Santa Barbara and not visit, yo--" He pointed at all three of them, severity in his tone, "Don't you come by here without talking to me, got it? We gotta keep in touch, it's what we do."
Namjoon nods, holding his hands out in front of him in a relaxed position.
Yoongi's already made himself at home, kicking his feet over the couch, laying upside down. He's texting that girl again.
Hoseok's eyes fall upon Jungkook, his hands in his pocket as if to appear non-threatening. "Hey, champ," he hugs him briefly, patting his back casually. "Good to have you, Great to have you," he corrects himself.
"Great to see you, Hobi, great to be here," Jungkook confirms. Hoseok's eyes check him up and down, impressed with his composition.
"Right," Hoseok rubs his hands together, clapping them once. "Would you all follow me into the kitchen? We have a lot to discuss and I'd like for it all to be done before," he whips out his watch, giving it a once-over, "Seven."
Namjoon nods in his direction, indicating for Jungkook and Yoongi to follow him down the expansive hallway. Paintings of the shore decorate the walls.
Rarely, Jungkook passes by a portrait of Hoseok in his younger years, wearing a proud grin in his suit and tie. He must have been sixteen or seventeen. His head is tilted upwards, as if he's looking far off into the distance with pride. A few paces ahead, a family portrait is fixed on display on the adjacent wall.
The picture is adorned with grand and intricate etchings on the frame, emanating an intimidating feeling of luxury. Jungkook pauses before it, examining it.
Hoseok pokes his head out from the kitchen, a smug look on his face. "Nice, right? That one's old. We're taking a new one next week in Gwangju."
Jungkook frees his eyes from the portrait and walks forward. "Cool," he says, banaly.
The Jung kitchen has character. It's old Italian-style, with cherry wood floors, complimentary cabinets, and charming granite countertops. The sink is located on the island, parallel to the stove which is fully electronic. The kitchen is open to a cozy livingroom area with a full view of the cliffed coast, the ocean churning beneath. The warm light of the iron chandelier is the only light.
Hoseok's hands spread like wings across the countertop, his eyes flickering up to meet the solemn stares of the men before him. Jungkook pouts, his mouth agape as he listens closely to the words about to be uttered. Namjoon tucks his hands under his arms, taking a defensive stance. Yoongi holds a receptive posture, holding his wrist in his fist.
"Let me make one thing clear," he dictates, "That is, we are not to mob him. We are to coerce him. Mind you, this man has a monopoly over Rip Curl and Gold Coast. This is the only chance Jungkook has to convince him to tip the balance in his favor. If you blow this, we're done. Don't you dare show your face in this house again," his eyes sat on Jungkook. "Don't you dare."
Jungkook makes a highfalutin face, then shakes his head.
"Right," Namjoon chimes in. "Now tell us how you're going to make it work," he deflects.
"I was getting to that," Hoseok hugs his triceps.
"Then say it," Yoongi says, bluntly.
"I was going to, you little sh--" He sucks in a breath, clenching his fist. "Okay. He has a daughter, she's not bad looking, Jungkook just needs to ask her out and boom. Babygirl's boyfriend always wins."
Jungkook rolls his eyes, unfolding before the table. "Fuck, Hoseok. You couldn't have said that in the group chat?"
"No! Group meetings are chill," he whines. "Besides, I needed you guys here early so you could help set up for the party." Come to think of it, the place is kinda trashed.
"Why didn't you get your girlfriends over there to do it?" Yoongi gestures over to the pair laying across the couch in a lounging position, watching television.
"Carly's favorite show is on, and Melanie just got her manipedi," he says, obviously, "Mind you, I'm not ruining her manicure by forcing her to make charcuterie boards. Do you know how hard it is to cut fruit and handle deli meats with long nails?" He pauses, as if expecting them to answer.
"No," Jungkook resounds.
Namjoon stifles a laugh, amused by their interaction. "Look, whatever. Let's help set up the party."
Jungkook's hands slice the food with precision, minding the blade as he prepares a presentable dish for tonight's dinner party. Namjoon is on dusting duty, making sure all surfaces are clear of any dust or grime. He works around Jungkook, swerving his paper towel past his station.
He throws the rag in the laundry bin, having done his part. "You're a good kid," he pats Jungkook's back before checking up on Hoseok in the dining room.
"Doubt it," Jungkook breathes, putting down his knife. He scoops the mixed bell peppers in his tattooed hands, transferring them into a bowl for the stir fry. He covers them as he checks the fridge for any decent cuts of meat.
Come to think of it, Jungkook is, indeed, not a good kid. At all. He's a total dick, and he knows that. He knew it when he dumped Abigail Williams in the ninth grade because she got braces. He knew it when he cheated off of Fredrick Dunbar on the final exam, the only reason he got to be on the soccer team next semester-- hell, he even spiked the votes for homecoming king in his senior year just so that he would go home with Jessica Roberts that night, wine, dine, and sixty-nine her.
But for some odd reason-- for some off-putting and perhaps even cynical reason-- Namjoon was convinced that Jungkook would do right by him.
The only reason that Jungkook hadn't fucked up being a professional surfer is because of that miraculous faith that his manager and best friend had in him.
For the first time in his life, he was doing something by the book, and it instilled a sense of pride in him. He would have to throw that all away if he was going to pretend to be interested in you tonight.
Jungkook adjusts his tie at the dinner table, sitting across from you and your father. He eyes you, hinting at his attraction. No doubt, you are a very pretty girl. It would be a breeze to declare that you had stolen his heart the very first night he saw you. It would be a romantic and convincing story to your father, who is currently cutting his steak, conversing with Hoseok, the man of the hour. All he has to do is sit there and look pretty, charm you.
You have your legs crossed politely as you eat dinner, eavesdropping on the conversations happening at the table. You aren't the talkative type, you'd much rather keep your ears open. Perhaps the men will let something slip, something useful. You're cunning, and Jungkook will soon realize this about you. For now, you're just a pretty face, something to conquer.
Namjoon wipes his face with a napkin, putting a champagne glass to his lips as he continues his discussion of geopolitics, slowly transitioning to the topic of the competitions your father is hosting very soon. "You're hosting the Rip Curl soon, isn't that right?" He asks, although he knows the answer. "Jungkook here is looking to compete," he mentions casually, patting the boys back.
Jungkook nods with a courteous smile, peeling his eyes off of you for a moment. "Yes sir, I am. And might I say, I'm quite taken by your daughter."
You nearly gag on your champagne. You haven't even talked to the guy, and now he's making moves on you through your own father? You can't tell if that makes him a total hunk or just a pretentious fuck. Dad sends a smile your way. That's your cue to say something.
"Thank you," you reply, vivaciously. His eyes soften, as if he takes it to heart. You aren't quite sure what his goal is. It doesn't scare you so much as it intrigues you.
Later that night, the men are playing pool in a separate room while you're left to your own devices.
In the darker parts of your reflection, the ocean and the glittered sky is visible. You're hypnotized by it. You approach closer, feeling called to the waves like a sailor to a siren, finding a strange serenity in the hushing of the water. Placing your hand against the cool glass, you shiver.
"Ah!" You jump.
Jungkook erupts in laughter. "Your face!"
You don't find it nearly as funny as he's making it out to be. "That's unfair. You snuck up on me. What do you even want?"
"I came to properly introduce myself, and I came to apologize. I didn't mean to hit on you in front of your Dad. That must have felt awkward," he approaches you with his hands behind his back. At least he's self-aware, that's good.
"That's okay," you say. His eyes settle on a necklace that hangs delicately around your neck on a silver chain.
"Is that a locket? Can I see it?" He releases his hands, lowering his tone. He's handsome from this angle, tall, well-built, with pretty skin and almond eyes.
Your hands reach to the back of your neck as you unclasp the locket, handing it in his wide, open palm. He struggles with the clasp before opening it, relieved to see it is not a picture of your boyfriend, but of your mother.
"She looks so much like you," he says. "That's so sweet of you, to keep her close to your heart like that?" The clacking of the billiard balls followed by a mix of groans and cheers are heard in the background.
"Shouldn't you be playing with my Dad?" You take the necklace back from his hands, hastily clipping it back around your neck.
"I would much rather play with you, doll," he hums.
"Nice," you say, sarcastically. You want to deny him badly, but there's something undeniably attractive about the way he handles himself. You wonder how he'd say your name. You must introduce yourself now.
"My name is Y/N," you interrupt your shared silence.
"Y/N." It melts on his tongue. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Jungkook," he takes your hand and kisses it. It's obvious that Jungkook does not come from a background of wealth, so it feels almost sarcastic to witness him acting so gentlemanlike.
"Pleasure is all mine, I am sure," you assure. Before you could notice, you're significantly closer to him than where you had initially started. In that brief moment, a thought arises in Jungkook's mind, but is interrupted.
"We should keep in touch, right? You're going to fly out to Sydney soon? You'll need someone to show you around the city," you ramble.
"Yes, I want that," he hums, reaching into his pocket for his phone. He hands it to you. It's touchscreen, so you simply write down your contact on his notes app.
"Cool," he breathes, putting it away.
The guys have wrapped up their last game, and you have a flight to catch tomorrow morning. You know your dad's going to have a hangover, and that's going to be a pain in the ass to deal with.
"I'm so sorry," you shake your head. "I need to go, we shouldn't have stayed this long." It's impossible to walk in these heels, you don't know why you wore them.
"Having a Cinderella moment, I see. Okay." Jungkook remarks while you're looking through your bag for your phone to call the chauffeur. Putting the phone to your ear, you nod goodbye to Jungkook and escort your father out of the house, silently thanking Hoseok for the dinner.
Jungkook puts his hands in his pockets, his jaw stretching into a yawn. Sweet, he's got your number. That was the hard part. Now all he has to do is message you tonight and he's got the competition in the bag. He celebrates by pouring the last of the Don Pérignon into a flute and drinking it, bottoms-up.
He makes a sour face, holding the glass far from his face and shrugs. Rich people have weird tastes.
Late in the night, Jungkook turns over in his bed, awake. He lays in the center of the bed, a comforter pulled over his naked body while rolls of thunder crash. The wind whips the rain against the window. Echoes of memories not quite within reach for Jungkook flash like lightning in his consciousness. He rubs his eyes and sits up, groaning. There's a pounding in his head he cannot seem to get rid of.
He's coated in his own sweat, facing a painting that covers the wall opposite to him. The art is abstract, and barely any light reaches it. He tries to make something of it, but to no avail. It just looks like meaningless blobs.
"The ocean is a meaningless blob," he rasps. It's quite an intelligent statement. He's right. What is the meaning of standing on what's basically a long piece of wood and propelling yourself back towards shore, from whence you came from? It's a learned skill. It's about performance and agility. Jungkook is an athlete, just as the person who painted this painting is an artist.
Part of being a competitive surfer is getting up at 4 AM to catch a 8 AM flight to Sydney with a layover in Honolulu
Before the sun rises, Jungkook rises.
That being said, it takes every fiber of his strength to not collapse on the guest bed and sleep through the morning. The thought of sinking his teeth into Namjoon's famous breakfast sandwich is his sole motivation to leave the bed.
Yoongi emerges from his room. He totally dipped during the dinner party to hang out with that girl he likes.
He looks tired as hell. He's hanging over the countertop, brewing his coffee with a remorseful look on his face.
"You're a happy camper," Namjoons comments, throwing a pad of butter on the pan, hearing it sizzle.
"Don't wanna talk about it," he mutters at Jungkook, who's passing by to grab a pain au chocolat.
"I didn't ask," he snarkily replies. They need to keep quiet because Hoseok is still sleeping upstairs. All the bags are in the front, and everything they need is with Namjoon. Jungkook takes a bite of his pastry.
When it's time to leave, the kitchen is clean, and the sky is just beginning to change color. It's six in the morning at LAX.
Checking in, getting through security, and finding the correct terminal were all tedious. All of the documents were in place, and everything went relatively smoothly, but Jungkook anticipated getting on the plane and taking a nap for the entire flight.
There would be no internet on their flight, and Jungkook didn't feel like watching the shitty in-flight movies, so he decided to take a walk around one of those airport bookstores that sold magazines and pillowcases and such.
He immediately grabbed a pack of gum, knowing from years of commercial flights that chewing gum helps with depressurizing his ears after take-off. His favorite flavor is spearmint, although peppermint is okay, too.
He scans the shelves for anything that resembles a drama. No one knows that about him, that he's a sucker for a good historical drama. There was something about the language that enticed him. Everything was much more romantic back then.
So, you might be wondering, at this point in the story, why Jungkook is so stubborn about love if he's such a hopeless romantic. The answer to that is that he recognizes that love is simply that, a fantasy. He could date to marry, spend years struggling with the marriage only for it to end up as a messy divorce over some adult bullshit like fiances.
He just doesn't see the point of a real relationship. The fake one he's brewing up with you, though, that's business. It's just politics. He can work with that.
Namjoon, however, has an opposite philosophy when it comes to love. He has dated two people since Jungkook first met him, and both of them were long-term relationships that ended on good terms. But that's because Namjoon is just the perfect guy, isn't he? Jungkook thinks it makes Namjoon weak, but in reality, it's because he's afraid of that kind of vulnerability and therefore struggles with intimacy.
Jungkook realizes he's been staring at the cover of Cosmopolitan far too long for it to be normal. He clears his throat, grabs the book he wants along with the pack of gum, and pays at the counter. The flight is boarding soon, and he can already hear Joon shouting for him.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. This is your Captain speaking. On behalf of JetBlue, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight 561 with service to Honolulu and continuing service to Sydney. Our local time is 8:29 AM, 6:29 AM Honolulu time. We should arrive in just under six hours, that is 11:29 AM in Honolulu. We are not expecting turbulence this morning, so it will be a smooth ride there. Once again, welcome aboard, and enjoy your flight.
"Here," Namjoon hands Jungkook a blanket he packed. "I got one for Yoongi too," he grins. He has a whole bag of snacks, water, a first aid kid, and the Ziploc bag with all of their documents labeled with their contact information at his feet for easy access. Jungkook isn't surprised in the least. Namjoon typically overthinks this sort of thing, and when he overthinks, he obsessively plans.
Jungkook just smiles and takes the blanket. He knows how much it means to him.
The long, winding roads of Sydney have always reminded you of Italy. The influence takes one by surprise; who would have thought that a country on the opposite side of the world would have so much influence on the architecture, but the rugged stone walls and hanging lights that weave through the narrow walkways mirror those found in a city like Rome or Florence.
You're lucky enough to own a property on the water. It was modest, at just under three thousand feet. You never spent too much time indoors, anyways. There's always something to do out there.
The Westfield shopping centre is the place to be. It features your favorite luxury stores, in the hands of the people who have known you by name for years. You've never had an unsatisfactory experience. The exuberance of the environment exhilarates you, it is so good to be back in Australia.
But you didn't come visit just to shop. That would be a shame. You had people to meet, places to be, Aussie men to flirt with. You place a phone call to your chauffeur. You'll be going out tonight.
You've gone to your fair share of clubs in your youth, but tonight didn't feel like one of those nights. A visit to one of your favorite social spots, that doubles as one of the most famous cocktail bars in Sydney, will do the trick.
There's a special someone who's on your mind, though, and you almost squeal upon hearing the news that he's landed safely in your city. Mr.Jeon Jungkook, your latest boy crush and the guy you've been talking to for the past few days, will be meeting you there.
He's wearing sunglasses indoors like he's famous.
"I don't know who you think you are," you smile. He looks like he's an undercover celebrity or something. You approach him, leaning over on the bar counter. He's holding a thick glass of craft beer, flashing a smile.
"Nice to see you too, doll," he leers. He puts down his glass and hugs you, the coldness of his leather jacket against your skin. He's wearing cologne, a deep and mysterious sandalwood scent with a vanilla undertone. You squeeze him one last time.
"So you're competing this weekend? Rip Curl is a big deal," you hum, keeping your hands on his chest with a smile.
"I am, I landed this morning. I still can't believe they canceled my flight. The only one available was one three days later, so I was stuck in one of the best surf spots in the world for three days…" Jungkook hisses sarcastically. "Total bummer."
"Well you're just in time," you assure. With a quick gesture to the bartender, you order your regular with a side of wings. "The night is young. This is just our rendezvous point."
Jungkook raises his glass to that.
Back at the hotel, Namjoon is looking over the registration for the competition. This schedule has to be on point. He leans back on his chair in front of his laptop, scanning that everything's there before shutting it down and pushing his chair out from under the desk.
Yoongi emerges from the bathroom with a towel resting comfortably over his adonis belt. His short black hair covers half of his face, his lips in a small pout. He walks to his bed, opening his small suitcase.
"He's out with y/n." Namjoon checks his phone for the time. "I'm pretty sure he's getting laid," he laughs.
"Even love is politics to him, I kinda feel bad for her." He grabs his deodorant out of a small toiletry bag.
"I have this feeling about her, I don't know," he sighs.
Yoongi shoots him a disapproving look."What do you mean?"
"I think he might fall for her. She's beautiful...the exact opposite of him, but beautiful," Namjoon says, reaching for his hoodie on the bed. "It's not long before he realizes his tough guy act is bullshit."
"Jungkook would sell his left nut before he admits he has feelings for someone," Yoongi scoffs. Namjoon shrugs.
"Only time will tell."
The movie starts at eight o'clock. You and Jungkook are only a little buzzed outside of the theater. He smells faintly like beer, but you're too in love to care. He has you in his arms, rocking you softly and laughing at an old funny story.
It's cold, and you use that as an excuse to wrap your arms around Jungkook's waist, under his jacket. His chest rises and falls softly, the timbre of his voice buzzing against your face. He gathers the wisps of your hair and tucks them behind your ear. If Dad saw you like this he'd have a heart attack.
He's perfect. Throughout this whole day, he's been nothing but an angel towards you. After you met up at the bar, you went for some late night frozen yogurt before spending the entire drive making out in the backseat of the car. Your lips taste like strawberries, and it drives him wild.
"C'mon doll, we gotta get inside," he hums.
"Do we have to?" you sigh, prompting Jungkook to check his wristwatch for the time. The time reads seven forty-five.
"Yesss~" he insists, unlatching you from his waist and firmly weaving his fingers into yours. He rubs the back of your hand as you walk into the theatre, the scent of popcorn and the cold air hitting you both. The film begins shortly.
Throughout the film, Jungkook's arm is around you, and he seems to pull you closer with every passing minute. His lips chastely kiss the top of your head, relaxed by your scent. For a moment, he slips out of his cover, just to watch your eyes.
You're so perfect, it feels like a dream. You're kind to him, and you talk to him like you're genuinely interested in what he has to say, even if it's dumb.
Walking home, he explains his wildest stories about highschool parties, following them up with nostalgic conversations about his favorite TV shows, citing the significance that Power Rangers had on him and his dreams as a kid.
As you walk beside him, you watch the way his eyes light up looking back at you, a stifled smile peeking through his lips. For a moment, you're his.
The brilliant moon dazzles, the playful reflection of it glittering in the peaking water in the distance. The lights of the city, warm as a fire, are a gentle glow and a heartwarming welcome to the boats docking at the port.
Your house in Sydney isn't as lived-in as you'd like it to be. The walls aren't bare, the cabinets aren't bare, but the cleanliness of the place is off-putting. It is a summer home that you bought to retreat with your boyfriends and have parties when you were younger with friends you had met at your Dad's contests.
There were so many men you had met just like Jungkook. They're handsome, young, and want to win your Daddy's surfing competition, and you want someone to keep your bed warm for the night and your heart full, no matter the means. It occurred to you that your value, according to the men who dated you, waxed and waned like phases of the moon depending whether or not your Daddy's going to host a competition.
That was fine. It was your fantasy. Going out all day with Jungkook, pretending like he gave a shit about your feelings. He had to fake it to make it, right? You couldn't blame him if you tried. You knew.
Still, you take him upstairs and tell him to undress. Still, you tell him you want it badly. Still, you drop on your knees and pull his cock out to kiss the tip like he's yours.
Your tongue coats the entire slit, sweeping below to suck and kiss at the underside with his hands grabbing at the bed sheets. He gasps and whines, his eyes fluttering with pleasure as you adorn his cock with your pretty mouth. You take it in your throat, hollowing your cheeks and bobbing softly, his thighs flexing as the tip of his pretty dick brushes the back of your throat. Jungkook strokes your cheek with his thumb, warning you that he'll cum if you don't let off.
He pants wildly, his hand carding through his long, black hair. There's the look you're looking for. He's desperate. God, you love it when the desperation fills their eyes. They always fuck you harder when they're desperate.
He uses you as a pawn. Jungkook is a politician. He uses sex like a tool in order to get what he wants. You're a whore and love being one, love being used by the men who win the competition because you love being their trophy. You encourage him to use you like that.
Fuck you like that.
Feel you like that.
Take you by your pretty pearls and fuck yourr pussy raw until it drips with the victor's cum.
He manipulates you to where his head is buried between your legs, kissing, sucking, licking and thrusting at you with his tongue while his hands are settled on either one of your thighs, firmly keeping your hips connected to his hot mouth. He explores your texture and taste, amazed at just how much arousal replenishes itself when he teases your clit enough. His chin coated with your arousal, he shifts up to kiss you with vigor, hissing as his cock slaps against your abdomen. It's heavier than you're used to, girthier than you're used to. That thrills you.
You spend a moment fishing for a condom in your nightstand before ripping the foil package and hastily rolling the lubricated latex down his entire length, keeping his eyes on you.
You readjust yourself, your thighs draping over his thighs casually as his lips clash with yours, hungrily groaning while his hands press his tip into your tight cunt. He groans instantly, cursing under his breath.
He leans back with a wry smile painted on his face. "Fuck, you're tight. My tongue didn't stretch you enough, did it, doll?" You play with the hair on his nape, shaking your head, amused.
"Mmmh…" you hum. He cautiously presses in, his fingers making light work of your sensitive cunt, tracing small and tight circles on your clit as he fills you out.
You tense, your mouth gaping open in surprise as a wave of arousal. Slightly concerned, Jungkook hovers over your face, examining it before feeling you clench hard around him and coat him with it. "Hhoooly fuck,"
You caress his jaw, enticing him closer to kiss your lips deeply as he penetrates you. You retreat softly, opting to kiss his mandible, instead.
His body pulls and pushes you like waves crashing on sand, his body tensing and releasing as he engages each muscle to please you. Just as the tide rolls in, he comes in to reap your abundant pleasure from your body until the sun surges beyond the blue horizon, rippling water refracting its rays in an elegant, shimmering dance.
You're early out of bed. You've made it a habit to get up early to greet the day, because every day deserves to be seized. The potential excites you.
You shower, cleaning every surface of your body and covering yourself in the perfume of your soaps. The steam cleanses you, leaving you feeling refreshed. You come out of the shower, a simple robe wrapped around your body. You sit at your vanity, opening up your collection of perfumes and beauty products. Jungkook hovers over you, his clothes thrown on him.
"We fucked on the first date, so you're definitely going to win, aren't you? You're a winner, Jungkook," you say as you do your makeup in front of the vanity. You snap your foundation close, watching for any blemishes in your skin.
"What are you talking about?" Jungkook smiles, approaching you confidently. "Of course I'm gonna win, I'm the best competitor," he says with no hesitation.
"Hm," you sigh. "Do you think you're the first to have this idea, Jeon? Date his daughter, he'll do anything to make his babygirl happy? Newsflash!" You smirk.
You put your gloss down and meet his eyes. He's terrified. He's horrified. He's more naked than he was last night at this very moment, and he doesn't know how to handle himself. A kind of numbness radiates through his body.
"That's right," you hush. "Now...Listen closely."
All the color flushes from his face, his pale complexion next to ghostly, even in the morning sun.
"At this point I don't care if you're just using me, truth is, I know you are and what happens next. All I ask is for you to be my little fantasy for this week and pretend you love me even when you're leaving me."
"It's not much to ask, Jeon," you bat your pretty eyes. "Just be my little boyfriend. You win the competition, I get to feel something again."
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Jungkook snaps out of it, pushing you off of him. He shakes his head. "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
"I'm talking about the fact that we both need each other. You don't love me, Jeon. You're a businessman, snap out of it." You're right. This is all fake, and that's how he wanted it.
So, as to why it takes all of his strength to not scream out another lie, Jungkook is left without an answer. This is all that he's ever wanted from you.
"Look," you sigh. "There's a benefit to us being together, just like there was a benefit of a relationship between a duke and a princess. You want that gold, don't you? I want you," you hum, caressing his face.
"Don't be a pussy about it."
Jungkook reaches for your hand and plucks it off his face, lowering it while staring deeply into you and then fleeing.
You're left standing in your own bedroom, contemplating his reaction.
Namjoon picks up his fork at the downstairs breakfast bar, shoveling scrambled eggs into his mouth as Yoongi sits opposite of him with his arms crossed.
"The eggs are not going anywhere…" Yoongi slurs, watching Namjoon with an amused sneer. Namjoon shoots him a look and continues eating.
"Good morning!" Someone who looks like they work at the hotel approaches their table. Namjoon puts his fork down and greets her.
"Good morning. Can I help you?" He says.
"Yes! Actually…" The girl is blushing, as if she's embarrassed for asking. "Aren't you Jungkook's manager? Is he in town?"
Yoongi eyes her. "Yes?"
"Well, I was wondering if I could get an autograph? He'll be competing here tomorrow, right?" She sheepishly pulls out a small, folded photo of Jungkook at the 2005 junior championships in Santa Barbara and hands it to Yoongi.
He looks so young here. He's actually got some light in his eyes, wearing a genuine smile. The picture depicts him running out of the water with one of his antiquated boards under his arm, confident in his run. Yoongi purses his lips and glances up at the fan.
"Yeah, sure." Namjoon takes the picture from Yoongi's fingertips and takes a good look at it. "I don't know when he'll be here, though, so no promise--"
Across the dining room, Jungkook appears with his hands in his pockets, clearly ticked off about something. He is visibly a mess, fidgeting with his bracelets and not making eye contact as he paces toward the table.
"Uh…" Yoongi trails, puzzled as Jungkook snaps open a silver sharpie and scribbles a signature on the photo, handing it back to the fan.
"Hey, thanks for supporting us," he nods before dismissing her. Jungkook forces a smile towards his friends and walks on his way toward the elevator. They share a look before gathering their belongings and following after him.
"The competition is about to begin, so everyone who is spectating, please proceed to the designated seating area!" A coordinator booms through a megaphone. There's a slight drizzle, the soft sand polka-dotted with rain. Your feet are buried in it and you're sitting with your binoculars on your lap facing the ocean. Today is humid; the excitement and anxiety in the air hangs heavy.
You cross your legs, glancing down at the itinerary. The venue is pretty empty, except for a few very important spectators who your Dad invited to witness the competition. They're all from the world surf league, judging prospects and looking over statistics in order to calculate whether or not someone's worth sponsoring. It's all very tedious work.
In the parking lot, Jungkook is fumbling with his swim short strings, tying them together loosely. He adjusts his bracelets and takes a peek at the ocean. The waves look a little choppy right now, but they should clear up by noon. Right now the only thing on his mind is performing.
"So, what you don't want to do," Namjoon begins, handing Jungkook his surfboard, "is to not take risks. The WSL likes ambition, they want to see you attempt those more difficult jumps." He sets his hands on his hip, looking him once over. "Got it? Your head isn't in the clouds is it?"
"Nah," Jungkook sighs. "I got it. I know I do," he pulls his shoulders back. Namjoon has never seen Jungkook so down about a girl. It's ridiculous.
In Namjoon's perspective, Jungkook has never been one to wear his heart on his sleeve. He was dangerous to fall in love with, the kind of guy that your best friends would whisper about during class or rant about in group calls to their best friends.
Seeing him like this was another kind of unnatural. The vulnerability made him soft. "You weren't like this when Hoseok told you the plan. You were all for it. Now, what's wrong?"
Jungkook does something he'd never thought he'd do previously. He pouted. "Cause...she's like," his voice gets quiet. "Cause she's hot…"
Namjoon raises an eyebrow. "Cause she's hot? You're fucked up, on that sweet shit for the girl you weren't supposed to get attached to?" He has to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Namjoon just says, "okay," instead, gesturing towards the entrance of the beach. "Go on."
"If Yoongi were here he'd laugh at your ass," Namjoon yells. From far away, Jungkook shakes his head.
He couldn't help it. Yesterday was the most fun he had in years, and it's something he'll keep in his heart forever. You're not interested in him, though. At least, you won't allow yourself to be seriously interested. It was like something out of a novel.
He thinks back to the romances he's read, about how the male protagonist was always forced to shift his perspective to then become a better man and finally get the girl.
He knows he should be respectful and give you your space. It's true that he is using you, but would it be entirely wrong of him to fall in love? It's not a bad thing to fall in love. He needs to be clear about how he feels about you. Maybe then you'll consider him. Right now he needs to get you out of his head.
The rain clears, the sun peaking through the clouds that paint the sky. A rolling wave emerges from the deep, marking the beginning of a long competition day.
It goes well, Jungkook is high enough in the ranks to win this thing, regardless of any interference. He might not even need your help. Proudly, you point to him as he completes a routine. "That's him, look."
Your father is busy speaking in a semi-huddle with his friends, not paying the slightest attention to the show. The judges are only barely watching Jungkook, buried in their clipboards. It's a rainy day, so no one really came out to see him.
Afterwards, you encounter him walking back to his stand after finishing his round. He screws the cap off of a water bottle and chugs it all down in record time. "What's up?" He pants.
"You were great out there, almost like you didn't even need my help."
"Oh yeah? Well maybe I didn't," he says, keeping a straight tone. He breaks into a smile, indicating that he's just playing with you. The way his chest fluctuates with every breath gives you flashbacks to last night when you were on top of him. Before you know it, you're spaced out.
"Uhm," he stutters. "Are you okay?"
"Mm? Oh," You lift your eyes, "Yes, mhm."
His face falls, remembering the state he had left you in earlier. "Hey, before I forget...I wanted to talk to you about what you said this morning? What did you mean by all of that, that thing about you being the princess and me being the duke?" Jungkook buries his board on the sand and stands before you now.
"That it's obvious we're using each other. You do like me because if I go out with you, you'll win the competition, right? I like you because I get to're my actual boyfriend," you admit.
"What if I actually had feelings for you? What would you think then?" Jungkook implores.
"Do you have feelings for me, then?" You laugh. That's a ridiculous idea. What scares you is that he looks serious. How dare you even entertain it. He's a user. You've known his type, and they don't change until they're broken. You doubt you're the one to change things for him.
To Jungkook, you look insulted. His confidence is shot down, so he falls silent. Your eyes are on him, awaiting a response, still. "I do, actually," he says.
A loud rumbling or crashing noise is heard after a blinding flash. Wind rushes through the judging tents, the rain pattering loudly against the roofs of the cabanas. Everything goes dark apart from the blazing lightning that erupts from the sky.
People come rushing into the cabanas, grabbing everything they can and running off the beach. Jungkook remains, his feet planted on the ground as wind thrashes his shorts and whips around his hair. "I like you, y/n. You can disqualify me from the competition, give the gold to someone else, I'll still like you. You're someone I can let my guard down around, I don't know." He mumbles. "You're a good person," he says, with his whole chest.
"I'm really not," you shake your head. "Even if I was, did you expect me to just forgive you for using me anyway so that we could date?"
Jungkook struggles with his thoughts before composing an answer. "Yes. I thought you felt the same way," he replied.
"I don't," you lie, gripping your itinerary. "We're having fun, but I need this to be temporary. I'm sorry."
Far in the distance, a voice calls out for Jungkook. He keeps his eyes on yours, filling with grief and utter despair. With hesitation, he turns from you and runs off with his board above his head, through the heavy rain.
The moment you saw his face when you'd uttered those words you regretted it. If you take back what you said now, you'd seem insincere. Maybe it really is for the best. That's what you tell yourself when you get on that flight back to New York City.
When Jungkook was younger, he thought that the world would be his. He felt like it already was. He had a sense of wonder about the world that persisted throughout his childhood. He was a shining light for all those who he came across. Maybe he wasn't the best student, but he didn't mind, so long as he enjoyed life to the fullest.
His Dad would drive him out on the weekends to the ocean, letting him lose himself in the endless waves. When he got back, he'd always sleep through the night.
Surfing became his biggest escape, and his best friend. It was his therapy and his refuge. Even when Namjoon couldn't console him, the ocean could. When his first girlfriend broke his heart, and left it shattered in pieces, he'd surf to get his mind off of the pain. You were the ocean that he let himself drown in.
You, with your disregard for what he felt for you. You, with your lustful intentions. You had abandoned him. Anger overcame him, one last fight against the forces pulling him into the abyss.
He lashes his body forward in an attempt to swim, but fails to tread the water.
Water fills his lungs and weighs his chest, his body aching with agony. It was as if you'd driven a blade through his chest and withdrew it, leaving a bleeding chasm of unrequited affection. You cast him off your ship, and as he sinks to the bottom of this boundless ocean, he keeps his eyes open to the twinkling sunlight seeping through the water, reaching for him. It is the last thing he sees before his body surrenders to the cold feeling, and he sleeps.
The following months go down like this: you continue with your life without giving Jungkook a second thought. Classes take up most of your time as the year matures, so little time is left for you to contemplate anything other than getting into graduate school at UC Santa Barbara. You want to feel like you've earned it, even if you probably didn't.
Jungkook goes back to California, having won gold at Rip Curl. He was approached by countless agencies and sponsors regarding the medal, but he turned all of them down, claiming he'd be on hiatus for personal reasons for the following season.
Namjoon discourages the decision, and they eventually go their separate ways. Conversation between them ran dry after a handful of weeks. They ran out of things to say to each other. Jungkook wasn't bitter about it. He understood.
Yoongi's still around. He did end up finding love with that girl he met at Taehyung's party. They're doing well. They're celebrating their two year anniversary together next month. Jungkook couldn't be happier for them.
As for you and Jungkook, when it comes time to update his phone, he loses your number. He does wonder about you, periodically. He heals.
Now he sits by the edge of the ocean, overlooking the horizon. He takes a breath, his feet in the water. It is a beautiful day today.
"If it isn't Jeon Jungkook," you say with a smile.
Jungkook whips his head back. "Y/N?!" He rises from the sand. He struggles to regain his balance, in disbelief. "Y/N!"
You nod frantically, grinning. He throws himself into your arms and hugs you the tightest he ever has. "Oh my God," he sighs. "What the fuck are you doing in Cali?"
"I'm doing my masters at UC Berkeley! Hoseok said you still lived around here, so I...kinda took a shot in the dark." He squeezes the life out of you, truly happy to see you again.
"Wow, that's great for you," he lets go, smiling bittersweetly. "Wow."
You shrug and set your bag down. "Also, I came to apologize for...literally everything that happened between us."
Jungkook shakes his head softly, keeping one hand on your arm. "No, you don't have to apologize. I fucked up too. I thought I was too good for love back then-- that sounds stupid," he laughs.
"No, it doesn't, really, it's fine!" You interject.
"Anyways, when you challenged that, I guess I kinda broke out of it. I should be thanking you."
There are a few key notable differences about Jungkook. He's cut off all his promise bracelets. He's wearing a big straw hat, an old pair of Ray-Bans, a button-down Hawaiian shirt, and colorful swim shorts, an outfit that he would have made fun of a retired surfer for wearing.
He seems a lot calmer, especially during your casual coffee date. He's telling you all these stories about how he navigated life after Sydney, and what he does for a living (he fixes cars and does odd jobs on the side). He's actually taking a few financial literacy courses at community college.
"So do you have, like, a wife now too, or?" You ask casually, bringing your coffee cup to your lips.
Jungkook laughs. "No, actually."
You pretend you're surprised. "Oh~"
"Surprising, right? I've always been such an eligible bachelor," he hisses, a smirk growing on his lips. "No. I'm single," he says with a sweet undertone.
"My ex left me the day I told him I was headed west. He couldn't handle the long distance," you sigh.
"At least he was honest." He forks a section of his waffle and eats it. "I could, I just haven't really…" met anyone quite like you, he wanted to say.
"Yeah, me neither."
In Jungkook's eyes, you've only gotten prettier. You're a little more reserved. It seems as if your days of going through men like dirty laundry are far behind you. He has to ask."How do you feel about yourself lately?"
"Weird question…" you trail.
"Oh, I'm sorry, is it like...personal?" Jungkook stammers.
"No, it's okay," you place your hand over him on the table. "I feel a lot better. I'm ready to move on and start something new. California is it for me."
"You're getting my hopes up," he jokes. You give him a sincere look, indicating that he may be correct about your intentions. "Y/ didn't come all the way over here to UCSB just for the law program, did you?" He slowly realizes.
You shake your head. "No, I didn't."
"You came here to find me, didn't you?"
"Yes, I did."
Jungkook's eyes flicker down, contemplating what happens next. "I don't know," he concludes. "I want to get to know you better, for who you are now."
"That's fair. We were kids, right? Playing games with each other's hearts like it was nothing." Silence grows between you, not one of discomfort or contentedness, but one holding tension that one might identify as heated anticipation. It's almost sexual.
"Both of us," he says, "Both of us did things we regret. I don't regret falling for you." Jungkook wedges his fingers between yours on the wooden table. His hands are so warm. You're reminded of the day his body was tangled between yours, and how he embraced you.
You talk all night. You talk about what went wrong. You talk about what went right. You talked about his goals, his plans, his situation. Now that you're here maybe he'll consider going back out and catching a wave of two. He confesses that he hasn't grabbed his board and headed out there in years. You listen, intrigued by him and how much he's truly opened up.
He seems so much happier now. You can see it in his face. The wonder he had as a child has returned to his eyes. He no longer has to run from his feelings. "I'm so proud of you," you hum.
You hadn't taken notice until now, but it's now dark out.
The night sky sparkles above you, through the glass of the diner. The place is empty now. You're the only remaining couple still occupying a table.
The lights are dim, and there are only a few employees still tending to tables. They're whispering about some old rumor concerning the boss and his failed marriage.
"It's so late," you yawn, leaning on your hands.
"So it is," Jungkook rubs the back of your hand with his thumb in adoration. "Do you have a place to stay for the night?"
"No~" you whine. You're too tired to think.
"Would you let me take you home?" He asks, taking his credit card out of his wallet to pay. You nod. Two old movie tickets slip out of the leather. They're from that one day. Curiously, you pick them up.
"Did you actually keep these?" you laugh, softly.
"Mhm…" he hums. "It was one of the best days of my life." He holds them between his fingers as he pays the bill. He carefully tucks them back into his wallet afterwards.
You leave the booth, making sure everything was there in your Burberry purse before walking out to his car.
Down the road is the ocean. Waves crash against the shore loudly. Jungkook walks out into the parking lot, his footsteps tapping against the moonlit asphalt. You stay behind to watch, sitting on the curb of the pavement. The sounds of crickets surround you, a strange yet beautiful lullaby. You have a feeling you're right where you're supposed to be.
a/n: happy holidays.
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