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look at him all happy 🥺
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something about him ☁️
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Jungkook and Boobs: a kookiecrumb
warnings: smutty (18+), virgin!jungkook x fem!reader, a whole lotta boob-touchin', mention of a boner, slight fluff
The conversation started like this:
"Wait so, you're telling me that they hurt when you squish em?"
"Yes, when you do it too hard, yeah." 
"But then why do they look squishy?" 
"Because they are squishy, Jungkook…" 
"Really?! Like…how?" 
You take his hands in yours and squeeze them to get his attention. "Do you wanna touch mine?"  
Jungkook turns red in the face. "Only if you want to, I'm just curious. Nothing more than that…" 
"Hm," you place his hands on either one of your covered breasts. Jungkook closes his hands around them instantly, holding them with care. 
"...they're like water balloons kinda?" He comments, comfortably settling one hand on each side. "They're so warm…"
"You can squeeze them, I'll tell you if you do it too hard…" you propose.
"Uhm," Jungkook squishes one in his hand lightly and then both, simultaneously. The third knead is a little rough. 
"Ah–" you jolt. "Not that hard." 
Jungkook nods furiously. "Okay, not that hard." 
He pulls his hands away and prays that you don't see the very obvious hard-on that has since formed between his legs.
a/n: happy Saturday!
permatags gang gang: @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @carolynanderson , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren , @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @armys-dna , and @nglmrk
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8/100 days of taekook | super fluff n headband boy, crime fighting duo
bonus: baby + baby protector
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Over The Odds | Best Friend Pt.4
Pairing - jungkook x reader
Genre - smut, angst, fluff, S2L, ceo!jungkook, sugardaddy!jungkook
Word count - 1.9k
Tumblr media
Drabble 16 - Jungkook and Taehyung make a shocking discovery 
warnings: swearing
It’s a Thursday night, Jungkook and Taehyung are sitting in Jungkook’s lounge watching hours upon hours of security footage from both yours and Kook’s apartment building that the private investigator has been kind enough to share with them. There’s leftover Chinese takeout food scattered across the dark wooden coffee table, it’s almost eleven pm, adrenaline and desperation are the only thing keeping the pair awake.
After your police questioning Jungkook rushed over to Taehyung’s townhouse, where you explained to him that you think Namjoon still may have a key to your apartment, making him (in Jungkook’s opinion) their number one suspect. Jimin was there too, he gave details of how he’d seen your ex and Jennie right outside the building, something that you’d told Jungkook previously but he hadn’t thought much of it until that day. That was a week ago now, and every night since after work he and Taehyung have dedicated what little free time they have to watching the security footage themselves.
Recently he purchased a new television for a date idea he’d planned, and executed perfectly, little did he know just how useful that decision would prove to be. Now there’s two huge televisions in his lounge, the usual one, mounted to wall with an electric fire underneath – and the new one, sitting directly in front of the fire on the hard floor. Your building security tape is playing on the top tv, Jungkook’s on the bottom. Between the two best friends they’re adamant that they’re going to solve this themselves, as the police and private investigators have proven to be useless.
“You’d better be prepared for the case of your life,” Jungkook mumbles, he’s sat back in sweatpants and a hoodie, legs spread wide open as he keeps his eyes fixed to the screens in front of him, “Cause’ if I see Namjoon on this thing I’m gonna kill him myself.”
At this Taehyung laughs sleepily, adjusting the thin gold rimmed glasses that he has to wear when concentrating to save himself a headache, eyes still glued to the screens, “You’ll have to find a new attorney cause if it turns out he did this, I’ll help you bury his body.”
“What I don’t understand is how somebody was able to get into my apartment to steal the camera and then Y/N’s to leak the video,” Kook rubs his face, reminding himself that he needs to shave in the morning, “Namjoon would’ve never been allowed in my building.”
“What about Jennie? She’s been here before right?”
“Mmm, somebody would’ve stopped her, it’s been over a year since she was last here and even then I think she only came over once.”
Taehyung takes a beat before deciding to change the subject, he needs a mental break from this whole situation that’s taken over his life, “So when’s Y/N moving in?”
“Haven’t asked her yet,” Jungkook huffs with an awkward chuckle, “It’s hard to find the right moment for something like that with this shit going on.”
Pretty soon after you’d first said ‘I love you’ he told his best friend he was going to ask you to live with him, not because you’re ‘technically homeless’ but because he dreads the days when he wakes up and you’re not here. Six months ago Taehyung would’ve been shocked at the fact he wanted to take such a big step in a relationship, but the only shocking part about this is how Taehyung has actually managed to keep it a secret.
“Does your mom know that she’s gonna be moving in?”
“Yeah she’s all for it, my dad tried to talk me out of it obviously but when have I ever cared about his opinion?” Jungkook scoffs, mostly to himself. He’s unsure why his dad doesn’t approve of his relationship but truthfully he doesn’t care, his father doesn’t approve of a lot of things he does and it’s never stopped him from doing them.
“I guess some people could say it’s a bit soon, you’ve known each other what six months now?” Taehyung leans forward, taking a quick sip of fanta before settling back into his seat.
“Ahh that’s true but…” Jungkook smiles, quickly checking his phone for any notifications, typing a quick reply when he sees your name, “When you know, you know.”
Y/N: I miss you ☹
Jungkook: I miss you too baby
“I’m jealous, didn’t know you were such a romantic.” Tae chuckles, cracking his stiff neck as Jungkook pockets his phone, “Hang on is that Jennie?”
Both men sit up straight, suddenly feeling wide awake. Jungkook pauses the screens, and there his ex whatever she is was – clear as day, unlocking the door to your old apartment with a key she’d pulled from her coat pocket. She was alone, glancing round the corridor before entering your private space.
“Ring the PI,” Jungkook instructs his friend, “That’s Jennie.”
“How hasn’t somebody picked up on this?” Taehyung frowns, he’s furious, already dialling the number of their private investigator.
“What’s the bet that she got that key from Namjoon?” Jungkook’s voice is raised as it all clicks into place, your ex-boyfriend is a dead man.
“Over the odds I’d say.” Tae mumbles, calling the PI again when he doesn’t answer the first time, “It must’ve been Jennie who stole your camera from your apartment too.”
But that doesn’t make any sense to Jungkook – there’s no way Jennie would’ve been able to get into his apartment without being questioned, all the security staff know to let you in because you’re his girlfriend, but her? There’s just no way. He’s frowning, checking the date of the security footage from your building so he knows exactly when the tape was leaked. It was the final day of your trip to Korea, of course it was, so that means his camera had to have been stolen before that. While Taehyung attempts to reach the PI one final time Jungkook rewinds the footage playing on the bottom tv, going back to the day before Jennie broke into your apartment.
“We’ve already watched this Guk.” Taehyung looks to him with confusion, somewhat sleep deprived.
“We must’ve missed something, the camera had to be stolen before that.”
Jungkook’s going crazy, all he can think about is the fallout of what Jennie had done. He’d almost lost you, important company investors, not to mention his mom was heartbroken to say the least. All the shit you’ve been through was because of her, her and Namjoon. His leg bounces as a distraction from his own intrusive thoughts.
“Guk the only person that goes in is Y/N.” Taehyung can tell his best friend is close to snapping, but he knows full-well that they’ve already watched the footage for that day and so he tries to rationalise with him, “We watched this two days ago, look it’s Y/N-“ He points to the screen upon seeing your figure arrive at the building wearing all black.
“Wait.” Your boyfriend pauses the television, Taehyung sighs, “Is this clip from the day before Jennie was at Y/N’s apartment?”
Tae freezes, frantically checking the tiny, barely noticeable date and times that display in the corner of the screen, “Yeah definitely… But we were in Seoul that day. Are you saying you think the tapes been tampered with?! How can Y/N be in two places at once? One of the security team must’ve edited—”
Jungkook zones out of the conversation, his racing heartbeat is deafening as the realisation hits him like a tonne of bricks – the video hasn’t been edited, but that’s not you in his building either. No, the truth is far worse than that. He pushes his hair back in a hurry, audibly exhaling, you’re going to be devastated.
“It’s not edited.” Kook’s voice is deep, he presses play on the remote, cursing himself for not noticing this sooner,
“Jungkook the date has to have been edited, that’s Y/N!” 
“No, it’s not.” 
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When He Calls You Mine ~ BTS Reaction
His eyes widened as Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, keeping you right by his side. “Y/N’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving you around the room with him away from Jin.
“Y/N is mine,” Jin frowned, trying to reach out to grab a hold of you, but Jungkook swerved you away once again.
You couldn’t help but chuckle as the boys fought over you, “why are you guys doing this to me?” You smirked, not knowing what was going on between them.
“I’m stealing Y/N because you stole my snacks last night in the cupboard,” Jungkook explained to Jin, pushing you behind him to shield you from Jin.
“You said they were to share,” Jin protested with a huff.
Jungkook’s head shook, folding his arms across his chest, “I said that you could share with all of us, not finish the packet for yourself.”
“Y/N is worth a lot more than a bag of snacks anyway,” Jin told him, “I’ll buy you some more if you just give me what’s mind back again.”
“You promise?” Jungkook quizzed, “you should buy me two bags I think.”
“I promise, just leave Y/N alone.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as you shook the hands of the new members of staff that Yoongi introduced you to. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” several of them told you, smiling at Yoongi.
“How can I not tell you guys about Y/N when I’m lucky to have someone so incredible as mine?” Yoongi asked them.
His question took you by surprise, a rare moment for you to see some softness in him. “I hope you don’t bore these guys by talking about me too much.”
“He has plenty of stories to share,” one of the managers told you before Yoongi could speak up, “he doesn’t shut up some days, you should see him Y/N.”
“Is that true?” You teased back across to Yoongi.
His head slowly nodded back to you, “I might talk about you every now and then, but that’s only because I love to tell people how great you are.”
“I never realised you felt that way,” you smiled, feeling your heart race, “how many more people do you talk to me about when I don’t know?”
“Everyone,” Yoongi laughed, “but I really can’t help that I do.”
“Don’t worry, I find it adorable of you.”
Tumblr media
His eyes followed the point of the fans to where you were stood, instinctively smiling as soon as he looked at you, scrolling through your phone. “Who’s she?” The couple of fans asked him.
“She’s mine,” Hobi proudly smiled in reply to them, turning his eyes back across to look at their expressions of surprise.
Their eyes were still on you, watching you closely. “Is that your girlfriend? The one that’s a secret?” The fan on the left side of the group asked Hobi excitedly.
“She’s still a secret,” Hobi laughed in reply to them, “please don’t let on to anyone that you’ve seen Y/N, I don’t want for her to get too much attention just yet.”
“She looks really nice,” one of them complimented.
Hobi nodded in agreement with them, “she’s very nice, which is why I want to keep her safe for a little while, until she’s comfortable.”
“We won’t tell anyone that we’ve seen the two of you,” they promised him, “but when people do find out, we’ll tell them how nice Y/N Is.”
“Thank you,” Hobi grinned, “I would love for you guys to do that for us.”
“Of course, we’ll support you like fans do.”
Tumblr media
The smile on Namjoon’s face grew as soon as the interviewer showed a picture of the two of you. “How would you describe your relationship with Y/N?” She asked Namjoon’s smile.
“She’s mine,” Namjoon began, feeling the smiles on the faces of those around him grow too, “I feel very lucky to call her that.”
The interviewer’s head nodded as she looked around at the rest of the boys too. “How would you guys all describe Y/N and Namjoon’s relationship as well?”
“She’s his,” Jungkook chuckled in reply to her, “that’s the one thing that makes sure to remind us every day so that we stay away.”
“Is that true?” She asked Namjoon with a chuckle.
His head nodded proudly, “I like them to know that there are boundaries with Y/N, plenty of them like to tease me from time to time.”
“We definitely know where we stand,” Jin assured everyone, “Y/N is his, but we’re definitely close friends, so it’s a good balance.”
“They adore Y/N,” Namjoon added, “but just to be sure, not as much as I do.”
“No one could adore her more than you.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as Jimin grabbed your hands and pinned you down on the bed. “I’ve got to go,” you laughed, but Jimin’s head shook back across at you, “my friends are waiting for me.”
“You’re mine, I don’t want you to go out with your friends,” Jimin sighed, wanting to keep you to himself all night long.
Your head shook as his continued to shake too. “You know what Y/F/N is like, if she knows that you’re holding me up, she’ll make sure that you pay.”
“Y/F/N doesn’t scare me,” Jimin chuckled, “you’re not hers anyway, you’re mine,” he repeated, trying to convince you to cancel on your friends.
“I have to go, we’ve had this planned for weeks,” you sighed.
Jimin pouted down as he hovered over you still, “if you go, how long will you be gone for? You won’t be gone for too long, right?”
“Maybe a couple of hours,” you told him, only for Jimin to groan. “Surely you can occupy yourself for a couple of hours, you won’t even miss me.”
“I will,” Jimin clarified, “I miss you whenever I’m not with you Y/N.”
“I won’t be long, I promise you.”
Tumblr media
Your head glanced across as a figure appeared beside you, noticing the look of frustration in Taehyung’s eyes. “Hello?” Your colleague smiled, meeting Taehyung for the first time.
“Yeah…hi,” Taehyung trailed off, suspiciously looking across at him, “do I know you? Are you a friend of Y/N’s or something?”
Your heart sunk as you heard the bitterness in Taehyung’s voice. “This is H/F/N,” you told Taehyung, “he’s one of the newbies in the office that’s started.”
“I see,” Taehyung murmured, still unconvinced, “I hope you’re treating Y/N well in the office, she’s mine, so I like to make sure that she’s taken care of.”
“Y/N talks about you all the time,” H/F/N replied.
Taehyung nodded, tightening his grip around your waist, “so you know that she’s mine then? And that she’s taken too, right?”
“Taehyung,” you whispered, pressing your foot on top of his, “do you have to do this now?” You whispered, feeling the tension begin to grow.
“It’s fine,” H/F/N told you, “there’s nothing wrong with a protective partner.”
“I’m her partner, don’t you forget it.”
Tumblr media
You were a nervous wreck as you walked slightly behind Jungkook, meeting several new faces at his family party. “Who’s this?” His aunt asked as soon as the two of you approached her.
“She’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving a protective arm around your frame, “I’m just kidding, this is Y/N.”
Her eyes lit up as soon as Jungkook introduced you. “The Y/N? Oh, it is so good to finally meet you, I have heard so many stories about you Y/N from everyone.”
“I hope they were all good ones,” you joked, trying to ease your nerves as she laughed back at you and nodded her head, poking Jungkook’s side.”
“Most of the stories come from this one,” she teased.
Jungkook smiled sheepishly back across to you, “I don’t lie to any of my family members, I just tell them how amazing they are.”
“He does,” his aunt agreed, “I think he’s very lucky to be able to call you his judging by all of the things that I’ve heard about you,” she noted.
“It’s lovely to meet you,” you told her, “even though you’ve heard a lot.”
“It’s lovelier to meet you, trust me.”
Tumblr media
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MOTS ON:E dvd 
Sometimes you need to watch a clip you’ve seen many times just one more time to notice something you never did before...
This clip, of JK and Hobi enjoying JM’s Filter performance, mimicking JM’s dance move all giggly.  And then...
That change in JK’s expression...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In one second I was taken back to this moment in the [BANGTAN BOMB] '보.라.해' VCR time behind - BTS (방탄소년단) :
Tae appears...
Tumblr media
Jin appears...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
JK appears...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also this:
Tumblr media
And then we also have this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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throwback (20/∞)
the time when jin and jimin ending their vlive as soon as jungkook arrived and jungkook starting his own vlive named “I trusted you...” 😆
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퇴근 (૭ ᐕ)૭
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Broken window
Tumblr media
Pairing: Taehyung! Husband x wife!  reader, Jungkook! lover x reader 
Rated: M (18+)
Genre: smut, fluff, angst, one shot
Synopsis: Your husband Taehyung has a voyeurism kink, so you being his wife and wanting to please your husband but also curious about being with another man for the first time. The both of you  agree to invite Jungkook his coworker and best friend into the bedroom 
Warnings: impreg kink,cunnilingus, manipulation, sloppy seconds, fingering, yandere, jealousy, unplanned pregnancy, cheating, character death, dirty talk,voyeurism, unprotected sex, vaginal sex and cum play (I’m tired please let me know if I have missed anything else here please)
Words: 7,616
Author’s note: I loosely got inspo from the stray kids ordinary main trailer and the Netflix show fishbowl wives. My first attempt at yandere so be easy on me. 
Jungkook, your lover placed his hand over your protruding stomach after telling him you were pregnant and unsure of who the father of your unborn child was Taehyung, your husband entered shortly catching the two of you in action “so you told him?” Taehyung interrupted the sweet moment. “I thought we agreed not to tell him.” Taehyung felt he was losing you slowly. He should have never brought the younger man into your bedroom. Taehyung was angry at himself why the fuck did he have to have a voyerusim kink? and why the fuck did he tell his co worker out of all people he had to see this man at the office everyday.
Jungkook was the youngest and only single male working at the office. Taehyung and Jungkook got along very well. They were best friends and he thought having his best friend and someone he trusted Jungkook sleeping with his wife was doing them both a favor. Taehyung will indulge in his kink and Jungkook will get laid. It was a win-win for both and what Taehyung wasn't expecting was an accidental pregnancy from that said encounter. 
 It took a total of 6 months to build up to the point where you and Jungkook actually had sex.  First there was a dinner over at Taehyung and his wife Y/N’s  place where Taehyung introduced Y/N to Jungkook and the three of them talked over a meal cooked by Y/N herself. She was an incredible cook, the three of them making small talk at first. Taehyung has mentioned plenty of times how he wanted Jungkook to sleep with his wife. Jungkook didn't know if he was serious at first and laughed it off but as the days passed by and he assured him everything was fine with him and his wife they wanted this.
At first Taehyung would tell Jungkook how to touch his wife and just watch them but the touching and kissing turned him on so much that he would send Jungkook home then have sex with his wife but then the making out sessions turned to dry humping sessions then right on the 6th month mark of the arrangement was when it happened you had sex with Jungkook in front of your husband he watched as another man stuck his dick inside of his wife the pleasure he got seeing another man fuck his wife was like nothing he experienced before it was much better than he could have ever thought. 
After Jungkook fucked you, your husband made sure to fuck you right after asking who's touch was better, who she loved and who she belonged to. Of course her response was him, Taehyung, her husband. You love him but in the back of your mind you just couldn't shake off Jungkook and what you have done hours before. 
Now here Taehyung was back at your shared apartment catching you and Jungkook red handed. One of your rules that you both agreed on was you never being alone with Jungkook and here you were with him with his hand on your stomach once you told him you had to talk to him about something important. You were pregnant but with whose child? You didn't know because you slept with both men that night and even went alone to see Jungkook a few days after and slept with him again. 
You couldn't get Jungkook out of your head that night you first had sex with him and you wanted to see him again but this time without Taehhung watching and instructing you both on what to do to feed his fetish. You were only ever with Taehyung and it was suffocating. You wanted excitement and Jungkook was it. You were doing this for you because you wanted to and you were now in full control. 
Taehyung was filled with rage at you his wife with another man’s hand on your stomach. Was the baby you carrying his? He felt like he was losing you. You both had agreed to not share the pregnancy with Jungkook. Taehyung told you it didn’t matter whose baby it was he would support you and he didn't want to know you both agreed it was his child regardless. Now here you were going back on your word it had to be because this baby was his and you knew it. “What the fuck are you two doing here alone?” Before Jungkook could answer, Taehyung pushed Jungkook.
“Taehyung, chill.” Jungkook said trying to calm his best friend down. 
“You don’t fucking tell me what to do.” Taehyung pushed him once more.
You got up from your seat quickly getting between both men.
“Taehyung, relax I called Jungkook over we were…” Taehyung cut you off.
“I don’t care Y/N i told you not to….” he couldn’t contain his anger he felt betrayed by his best friend and most importantly you his wife. Without noticing how angry he got trying to get to Jungkook he pushed you to the floor.
“Y/N” Jungkook panicked trying to rush to you but was stopped when Taehyung gave him one last push. But this time both men were by a huge window, a window that was being repaired in your apartment so it wasn’t stable. You looked up from the floor as you watched Jungkook fall out through that window. It was like a scene out of the movie, the glass shattering around him as he fell out the window. You could see the glass hit his face and cause small scratches over his face as he fell in slow motion every horrible second of this terrible  moment would be forever etched in your brain. 
“NOOOO” you screamed in horror. You got off the floor as quickly as you could running to the window. Your reflex without a thought was to jump after him to check on him to save him but Taehyung grabbed you pulling your body close to his. You would have for sure fell to your death if it weren’t for Taehyung. You were in a state of grief and you weren’t thinking straight at the moment. 
“Y/n he is dead.” Taehyung cried “I killed him, I didn't mean to.” you stood frozen in place, your mouth hanging open before you let out a deafening scream. “Y/n please i’m so sorry it was an accident. You have to call the police and we will say he fell ok? I didn't push him.” you sobbed uncontrollably you lost Jungkook you couldn't lose Taehyung too. You knew Taehyung would never do this. It was a huge mistake and everything happened so fast. “Baby don’t cry please” he held you as you wept in his arms “we can’t have you losing the baby…. It might be the last piece we have of Jungkook.”He was right, you knew most likely the baby you carried was his. 
You called the police in hysterics and they were over within minutes. The parking lot where Jungkook had fallen to his death was blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. The police took down the report Jungkook was a mutual friend of the both of you as the three of you talked Jungkook tripped over furniture and then through the window. You and Taehyung kept repeating the same story over and over again. 
The police followed up a few more times and it was the same story. The police closed the case. It was an accidental fall from a 3 story building. You and Taehyung even attended the funeral you both had to or you would look guilty. Your pregnancy was like going through hell. You were constantly sick and crying a lot of the time. Taehyung was convinced you would lose the baby if you kept on this way you barely ate. 
Taehyung knew if you lost the baby he would lose you too and he couldn’t have that happen. He needed you to carry this baby full term. He wanted you to be vulnerable and lean on him for support. Who else would love you as much as him? 
“Y/N baby please I hate to see you like this.” Taehyung rested his hand on your stomach.
“I can’t believe Jungkook is dead.” you started to cry for the fourth time today.
“You have to eat and take care of yourself if you don’t you can lose the baby you don't want that” 
Taehyung was right, you had to get yourself out of this dark place before it consumed you. A sharp pain went through your stomach.
“Ow the baby….” your hand clutched your stomach. 
“What's wrong?” 
“We have to go to the hospital now. I think something is wrong with the baby.”  As soon as you said those words Taehyung scrabbled to get you up and out of the apartment and to the hospital.
Tumblr media
The doctor ran lots of tests on you to check if you and the baby were ok and you were. The doctor sent you home and told you to not stress and to make sure you ate, rested and took care of yourself. You were carrying another life inside of you and you had to make sure you would carry this baby full term. 
Back at your apartment with your husband catering to your every want and need. You were laying in bed with tons of pillows on your head watching the television. Taehyung entered the bedroom with a small table and ramen placed on it. It was the most he could cook and you smiled as he set the table with the ramen and water in front of you. 
“Thank you so much Taehyung.” 
“It's nothing Y/N just make sure you eat it all.” 
“I Will I’m sorry I made you worry.” 
“Just please don't make me worry like that again.” Taehyung fed you some ramen and you ate it. Once you were done eating and drinking Taehyung took everything back to the kitchen. You stayed on the bed rubbing your growing stomach and you started to think about the first time you met Jungkook. 
Tumblr media
You were cooking your best dishes and Taehyung was setting up the table. Jungkok was fifteen minutes away from your place so you double checked the apartment to make sure it was tidy. There was a knock at the door and Taehyung answered it. It was Jungkook. He looked even more handsome than the photos Taehyung had shown you. Taehyung introduced the both of you properly, you watched as his eyes turned bright at the introduction . He was beautiful with big round eyes, a full nose and very pretty lips. Your eyes couldn't help but stare at his lips as he talked and as he ate, he complimented every dish as he tried them all. 
You talked about life, your jobs and how you and Taehyung met and then how Jungkook and your husband met. The liquor was flowing making the three of you more loose and before you knew it the conversation took a turn to something sexual. Taehyung was pulling out things Jungkook would have never said or done if he were sober. 
“ So now that you have seen my wife in person are you sexually attracted to her?”  Jungkook took another sip of his wine before answering it like it was his courage juice.
“I am… your wife, she is very beautiful.” your cheeks began to heat up at his words.  You were pretty sure you were blushing now. 
“What about you Y/N? Are you sexually attracted to Jungkook?” Your husband's eyes stared at you intensely. He was hoping you would say you were too. It was the only way this arrangement with the three of you would work. You took a deep breath before answering.
“Yes, I find Jungkook very attractive.” It was now your turn to take a long sip of your wine glass.
“ Jungkook, why don't we become more comfortable and you walk over to Y/N and hug her?”  Taehyung looked at you then his friend to get a better read of the situation.
“Only if that's ok with her… Y/N is it ok if i go over to you and hug you?” Jungkook's eyes never left yours. 
“Of course it's ok.” Taehyung answered for you.
“I asked Y/N '' Jungkook's eyes remained on yours as if he were trying to read your mind if you wanted no parts of this he would quickly back off. Consent meant everything to him and if you didn't want to continue with it he would leave right away.
“Yes you can hug me it’s ok.”
“Are you sure?” he asked once more. This time you got up from your seat and  walked toward Jungkook. You figured if you didn’t take some kind of control nothing was going to happen tonight. “Look, if anything makes you feel uncomfortable you let me know and I'll stop.” You pulled Jungkook in for a hug. He made you feel safe and comfortable plus it didn’t hurt he was very good looking. You only ever dated Taehyung. He was the only man you have ever been with in your life and you married him. the scent of fabric softener and a woody citrus scent filled your nose. Not only was he super attractive but he smelled good too and you could feel his strong muscular body as your bodies pressed against each other. 
“See that wasn't so bad” you looked up at him and smiled. Jungkook’s cheeks scrunched up and he gave you a  cute toothy smile. It was very bunny-like and adorable. 
“It wasn't bad at all.” he finally said. Taehyung stayed in his seat observing the both of you, his legs spread wide. 
“ I told you it was ok, Junngkook.”  Taehyung smiled cockily “I know my wife so well. Now You should kiss her on the lips.” Taehyung was trying to get this show on the roll. 
“May I?” Jungkook asked once more.
“Yes, kiss me.” you closed your eyes  and waited for his lips to meet yours. His lips pressed up against yours for a few seconds and he swiftly pulled away. The kiss was too short for your liking. You wanted more from him. 
“I have to go now, can we get into more of this some other time?” Jungkook rushed to get his things then he looked at you then at your husband.
“Of course we’ll set something up again soon.” The three of you briefly said your goodbyes and Taehyung walked Jungkook out the door. 
“Baby you did alright but I want more from you next time.” You just nodded without saying a word. “Are you changing your mind now?” He questioned your silence. 
“No it’s not that… it’s just this is the first time I’m meeting him. I was a bit nervous but I think next time I’ll be ok.” Taehyung pulled you on his lap “you heard what Jungkook said and you know I agree with him. Consent is very important here if you ever want to stop, just say the words and it will stop.” He began to place small soft kisses over your neck.
“I want to baby. It’s something different and I’m curious about. I want to make you happy, I know how long you asked for this and I was a bit hesitant at first but after some time and meeting him I feel much better about it now. ” 
“You are such a sweet girl for me.” His hand made its way between your legs and inside of your panties. 
“ Baby you’ll make me wet like that .” You let out a deep breath. 
He spread your legs apart wider and started to play with your pussy, slowly and gently. He watched your facial expressions and the way your body reacted to his touch. “Such a pretty pussy and look how easy it is to get you all soak and wet baby girl.” 
You whimpered as his beautiful hands touched your most sensitive part. He was making you feel so good. Taehyung’s big hands with long fingers and he knew exactly how to use them on your body to have you fucked out and a moaning mess. 
“Fuck I love you Taehyung…” 
“I love you too Y/N now cum for me.” 
His fingers rubbing faster and paying special attention to your clit. You could feel the pleasure building from his skillful hand working his magic on you. 
“Fucking cum on my hand baby please give it to me.” He nibbled and sucked on your ear as he sped his hand up and down your dripping pussy. “Oh fuck I’m going to…. Ffffuucckkk.” You dragged the words out and came all over his hand. 
“Look at that you did so well, baby.” You leaned back on your husband and tried to catch your breath. Taehyung showered your face and neck with kisses. 
Tumblr media
You were 20 weeks pregnant and going to have an ultrasound scan to find out the sex of the baby. You and Taehyung were so excited. Once you found out the sex of the baby you could look at names and start decorating the empty room and turn it into a nursery. 
“If the baby is a boy I want to name him Jungkook. I have been thinking about it a lot.” You didn’t know how Taehyung would take the news. You were a bit nervous actually. 
“But we don’t know if Jungkook is the father and if he’s mine I would like for him to have my name.”
“ He is yours but what if we don’t even have a boy. We agreed many times before that we are not doing a DNA test.” 
“We aren't, the baby is mine regardless.”  Taehyung placed a kiss on your stomach. 
“So what does it matter if I want to name him Jungkook? The baby is ours.” 
“Like you said, maybe you won’t even have a boy .”
You went to your doctor's appointment and got the ultrasound scan. You were indeed having a boy and honestly you weren’t surprised at all it was a feeling you already had. The both of you got photos of your ultrasound and headed out to grab some food to eat at home.
“So it is a boy.” Taehyung took the food out of the bag and placed it on the table. “I felt it was a boy that’s why I brought up the name.” You took some Korean fried chicken and stuffed it in your mouth. You were pregnant and always hungry that’s for sure. “Well we can start working on the nursery already.” 
“That we can.” you agreed. You already had ideas on how you wanted the nursery to look now that it was confirmed you would be having a son. “We can start tomorrow, maybe you go to my mom’s house while I paint because I’m sure that’s not good for the baby.” 
“You’re right it’s not good for the baby so we’ll pick out the paint tomorrow and then you can drop me off at your moms” 
“Sounds good and what are you thinking about the nursery? Do you have a theme in mind?” 
“Yes I do. Now that we know for sure that we are having a boy.” 
Tumblr media
You were at Taehyung’s mother’s house. Your mother in law you got along with her well. She was spoiling you and her grandchild. She was excited to be having a grandson and she already offered to babysit whenever you needed it. You stay out on the balcony enjoying some fresh air sitting on a chair when your mind drifts to the very first time you and Jungkook slept together. Of course Taehyung was there watching and directing you and Jungkook’s every move. 
It has been six months. Six months of you Taehyung and Jungkook meeting up at least every other weekend. The three of you would watch television, eat and have great conversations. Soon after the three of you got very acquainted the three of you moved to the bedroom where you and Jungkook would fool around.  Taehyung watching the both of you he would touch himself to the two of you then when Taehyung was hard and horny enough he would have him leave the room and fuck you.
He would ask you who you belonged to and that he was the only man to make you feel good. He wanted to hear you say you were his only and that he was better than Jungkook. That was his jealousy and possessiveness over you but he loved to watch another man fool around with his wife. It turned him on and what was better is him having his way with you after stroking his ego. you moaned louder for him, you came over his cock more and you told him everything he wanted to hear. Today was the day the three of you decided that Jungkook and you would finally have sex. The rules were set in place he would use a condom, he wouldn't leave marks on you and of course the both of you were to never be alone together. That's what you all agreed on. If you felt uncomfortable at any time they would stop. 
Today things got hotter than usual when the both of you were making out. Jungkook’s hands roamed your body as the two of you kissed. Jungkook pushed you on the bed gently as he got on top of you continuing to make out with you, his body pressed down on you as you looked him in the eyes. “I need more of you.” you simply said. 
Clothes were removed and Jungkook was basically doing everything but actual sex. At this point he was dry humping you and it felt great but it wasn’t enough you needed more. You removed Jungkook’s boxers and he grabbed his pants off the floor and went in his pocket pulling out a condom. He opened it and you helped him put it on. 
“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” 
“Jungkook, I’m sure now can you please fuck me already.” Jungkook looked back at Taehyung who nodded in approval. Jungkook held your hips as he slowly penetrated you. He watched your face for any discomfort and of course there wasn't any. “You can go faster.” Jungkook was fucking you so slow and gently like you were made out of glass and could break at any minute. “Are you….” you cut him short “Jungkook if you ask me one more time if i'm sure.” you were getting annoyed by him constantly asking you the question when you were clearly ok with it if you weren't you knew you could put it to a stop at any moment.
That was just Jungkook so soft and caring at every moment. You liked that about him. Sometimes you felt Taehyung cared more about you feeding into his kinks and would get carried away and make you feel a bit uncomfortable but with Jungkook you were always safe. 
Your constant reassurance made something in him snap. Jungkook picked up the pace fucking into you harder and faster. “Yes Jungkook just like that shit” you dig your nails on his back. “You like that?” he moved his hips, thrusting into you at a relentless pace. “Yes oh my God please.” 
Jungkook watched your breast bounce which turned him on more. He admired your body and the sounds coming out of your mouth. Taehyung sat quietly with his hands down his pants. “She loves getting fucked like a whore and she likes to be called one too” Taehyung’s eyes turned dark. 
“Does she now?” Jungkook looked at your eyes for confirmation yet again. 
“Yes, now fuck me like a whore.” you pulled Jungkook closer whispering in his ear “let’s give him a show.” So you and Jungkook did and went at it for hours. Missionary, doggystyle you name the position it was being done. This time you wanted to be on top and ride him so you did. A few minutes into it Jungkook slid you off of him in a panic. “What happened? What's wrong?” you questioned him. You thought you had done something wrong and Taehyung was quickly by the  both of you.
“The condom broke.” Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
“It’s ok, I'll take a plan B. don't worry too much about it.” 
“I think I should get going.” 
“Are you sure?” this time it was you asking the question. You didn’t want him to leave so soon it was your turn to please him but it was cut so short. 
“Yes don’t worry, you'll see me again.” Jungkook quickly got dressed heading out without taking a shower you could tell he desperately wanted out, but did not question it. You’ll save that for another time. 
“We have to make sure you get the plan B. You aren't even on the pill.” 
“I know. I didn't  tell him because I didn't want to worry him more than he did.”
“ Ok, well that’s fine now get ready because it's my turn.” Taehyung bent you over on the bed pushing your head down on the pillow sticking his dick entirely in you without warning. Thankfully you were still wet from earlier with Jungkook and his cum he left inside you.  You were in for a long night. Taehyung gave your ass a smack. “I’m sorry baby girl, I can't help it, I just love how your pussy squeezes me when I smack your ass.” you gasped as he plunged deep in you with his huge dick. “I’m going to fuck his cum out of you and fill it with mine and remind you who you belong to.” Your eyes hut as he nudged into you. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung picked you up from his mom’s house and You Were excited to see how the nursery looked. “Close your eyes, no peeking.” You followed his instructions as he led you to the nursery “open them” and you did. The nursery was beautifully painted a light brown color, the ceiling and borders were white. The nursery was teddy bear themed. The bedding had teddy bears on it and there was a huge teddy bear  seated in the corner of the room. “Baby you did amazing” you pulled him in for a hug and started kissing him all over his face. “I’m glad you love it.” he rubbed your stomach “and most importantly that our son will too.” he smiled that boxy smile of his that always melted your heart and took your breath away. 
“I am sure our son will love it. If not as much as me I know even more.” You bursted into tears. You were overcome with emotion as your thoughts went straight to Jungkook again. Jungkook would never meet his son and your emotions came crashing in like a wave. This happens from time to time. You were hormonal so your feelings were all over the place but you couldn’t tell Taehyung about it because you didn't want to make him feel bad.
“I didn’t do that great baby.” he teased and  hugged you from behind, placing both hands over your stomach. “I’m sorry I’m extra emotional lately.” 
“I know, and it’s ok.” He rubbed your stomach gently using both of his hands. 
“I have to pee.” You abruptly walked away and went to the bathroom. You closed the door and leaned your  back up against the door as you slowly slid down until you were sitting on the floor and you sobbed. You hope you couldn’t be heard from the other side of the door because your emotions just got the best of you today. There was no controlling them. You just wanted to talk to Jungkook again, smell him, hug him, hell just even talk to him but you would never again. Your body shook uncontrollably and you covered your mouth suppressing the sobs escaping you. You heard a knock on the door but couldn’t respond. “Is everything ok? You've been in there for a long time.” 
You scrambled up and turned the faucet on hoping it masked the pain in your voice. “Yes, I was just washing my hands.”
“Alright so I'll see you in a bit then?” 
“Yes you will, I'll be right out.” You said trying to sound as normal as possible. 
“ OK, I'll be in the bedroom.”  You splashed water in your face hoping it would make you look decent enough. You headed to the bedroom where you found Taehyung laying in bed watching TV.  “there goes my beautiful wife i missed you.” you laid next to him on the bed pulling the sheets over you. “You know morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning.” You gave a good enough lie. 
“You are almost there. I can't wait to meet our baby. I wonder who he would look like.” 
“I think he will look like me.” You could only hope and pray  your son did because you were sure Taehyung wasn’t his father. 
“Really? Because imagine he looks exactly like me.” Taehyung pulled you close to his body and put his hand over your waist. He loved to sleep cuddled up with you while he rubbed your stomach. He couldn't wait to meet your shared little one. His warmth and careering of your stomach so lovingly always put you sound asleep. 
Tumblr media
You knocked on Jungkook’s apartment door. You knew he didn’t go to work today because Taehyung had mentioned it to you. You needed to talk to him. Ever since you and Jungkook had sex things felt weird like he was being distant with you and you didnt want that. 
“What are you doing here?” 
“I heard you were sick so I wanted to check up on you and I made you some soup.” 
“Thanks you really didn't have to” 
“Is something wrong? I feel like you are ignoring me. You didn’t even say hi to me.” 
“Hello, I’m sorry I'm not sick and you're right I have been distant. Come in so we can talk more.” You couldn't believe how much of a soft-hearted person Jungkook is. He always made sure you were ok and if anything bothered you he wanted to talk it out. He was just a great communicator. The both of you sat on the couch in the living room.
“I feel bad about what happened last week.” 
“It’s not any of our faults that the condom broke, you know we were following the rules.” 
“I know but after Taehyung told me you were off the pill and the both of you are trying for a baby…” 
“He told you that? I mean we talked about having a baby and I didnt take the pill that day but I’m sure we are good. After you left Taehyung and I had sex.”
“I know he told me that too.” 
“Oh really? He tells you everything.”
“I mean we are really close and we work together.” 
“Seems like you are best friends now.”
“Seems like it.”
“Jungkook, how do you feel about me?” You said shifting the conversation from Taehyung. 
“What do you mean?” 
“Ever since that day Jungkook I couldn’t get you out of my head.”
“Y/N you are here in my apartment alone with me which is against the rules.” you bit your lip watching him in nervousness. “I also couldn’t get you out of my head. I lied and called out of work today saying I was sick because it would be too hard for me to see Taehyung and not think of you. Then here you come bringing me soup and telling me you feel the same way. I’m trying so hard not to break the rules ” he watched you intently. 
“ I didn’t know that… I just thought I might have done something wrong, Kookie.”
“No you haven't, not at all. I just considered myself a virtuous person but when it comes to you I find it so damn difficult.”
“It doesn't have to be Jungkook. If we both feel the same way we should just…”  you moved closer kissing his lips you knew if you didn’t make the first move like you did the first time you met him you and him would be over. Jungkook’s tattooed hand  brushed over your cheek as he kissed you back. 
Jungkook lifted you up from the couch you were  facing him with your legs wrapped tightly around his waist.  “I never been with another man…when I did It was with you and Taehyung was there.”
“Let’s not talk about him please.” 
Jungkook laid you across his bed and you reached for his pants undoing them quickly. 
“Someone is eager. ” he smirked. 
“Jungkook, I want you right now.” You wanted him buried deep inside you again it couldn’t happen quickly enough. This time it would be different just you and him. Jungkook undressed you and you were both now naked. 
“If we do this there is no going back are you…”
“Fuck Jungkook yes I’m sure.” You pulled him in for a long desperate kiss, your teeth clashing against each other as your need for him grew frantically. 
“Shit Y/N” your hand cupped his balls and you began to rub on them slowly. You could feel how heavy his balls were full of his cum and you ached for him to flood your walls with it. 
“Jungkook I need you to fuck me right now.” you opened your legs wide so he could see the wetness dripping out of your core. 
“Fuck look how wet you got all for me?” 
“Mhm now stick your dick in me and see how good it feels.” 
Jungkook went to look for a condom in the drawer and you stopped him. 
“I want to feel it all. I want you to cum inside please just this once. I won’t tell if you won’t and it’ll be ok I’m on the pill now. I’m clean are you?” 
“I’m clean and do you really want me…” 
“Jungkook if you don’t shut the fuck up and ram your dick inside of me already.” 
Jungkook pressed his lips against yours as he entered you smoothly with such ease. It was like your pussy was made for his dick and you were accommodating him so well. Your pussy gripping his cock for dear life you wanted him to fill you up. 
Jungkook held on to your breasts massaging them as his hard veiny cock impaled deeper into you, he loved to watch how your tight pussy took his dick so deep in your warm wet walls. You could imagine it felt like heaven  because he did to you as well.  
“ I want to cum all over your cock Jungkook.”
“ cum all over it then Y/N please do it for me.” You moaned at his words. Jungkook, talking this way did things to you and you wanted to follow his every command especially when he asked so nicely. 
“I want you to cum too, Jungkook cum with me.” Your hands rubbed against his abs. Jungkook has such  a nice body, a tiny waist with a flat stomach and hard rock washboard abs. 
“Fuck I will if that pussy gets anymore tighter.”  He picked up the pace and the bed creaked underneath you. Your eyes were rolling back and you felt your orgasm approaching.
“I’m going to cum fuck shit fuck oh my God Jungkook Jungkook” you felt like your brain short circuit and all you could do was repeat the same words over and over again. 
“Fuck be good and make sure you take all this cum for me yeah? Keep it deep in that tight little pussy of yours I don’t want any of it to go to waste.”  
“Yeah Jungkook, I'll do anything you want me to do . Just cum in my pussy already.”  With those words Jungkook emptied deep inside you and he pulled his dick out and some drops of cum stained the bed. It was too much cum for your pussy to take, you closed your legs together tightly not wanting anymore of it to spill out of you. 
“You did such a great job my pretty angel. ” He placed some kisses on your face moving slowly down to your neck.  You blushed at his praise and the newfound pet name he gave to you.
“That was beyond good” you stated as you watched as Jungkook lay his head on your chest. 
“Open your legs I want to see how much cum your pussy took in”  Jungkook felt way more comfortable with you when it was just you two alone. This was a side you haven’t seen of him and would love to see more of. So many rules and restrictions the both of you had to follow but right now at this moment there were none. 
“Don’t get all shy on me now” Jungkook teased using  his right hand to spread your legs apart. “Look at that angel, you kept most of it inside of your greedy little needy cunt.” he used his finger to scoop the little bit of cum that dripped onto your inner thigh back into your pussy “Uh uh be nice and don't you waste it you said you wanted all of it.” 
Jungkook began to finger you like he was putting his cum back inside of you. “ oh fuck I don’t think I can take anymore” your pussy was getting sensitive to his touch. “You can sweet angel and you will for me.” His other hand rubbed  over your clit as he continued to finger you and hit your G-spot. 
“Koo baby it hurts” you whined but yet there you were bucking your hips for more of him. “You don’t want me to stop don’t you?” Jungkook smirk as he finger fucked you. 
“Nooo fuck I’m almost there again koo.” You felt the familiar feeling of yet another orgasm ripping through your body. A warm wave of peace took over you and you felt Jungkook stick his finger in your mouth. 
“Suck” he simply said and you obeyed. 
“I’m not done playing with this pussy.”  He rubbed his wet fingers over your pussy lips spreading them apart,  he lowered his head between your legs his tongue swirled up and down your clit and then you felt his curled tongue penetrating you. You knew tonight would be a long night and you needed a good excuse to tell Taehyung but for now you would throw your head back and enjoy Jungkook eating your pussy out with such care and precision. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung rushed you to the hospital after your contractions got closer and you were due to give birth any minute now. You were in labor for 8 hours. Your son wasn’t making it easy on you. Finally 12 hours into labor you were fully dilated and ready to push. You held onto Taehyung and about 23 pushes later. Yes you even counted them until your baby boy was born. 
Taehyung cut the cord and the baby was cleaned up and placed on your chest. You held him in your arms as you studied the features on his face. He looked exactly like your lover Jungkook. There was no doubt this baby was his, it was in your son’s eyes, nose and lips he even had his ears. 
“I have to go, something came up.” Taehyung rushed quickly out of the room before you could even call his name out. He must have seen the same thing you saw and he must have been overwhelmed by it, his wife having her first child and it wasn’t with him her husband.  The father was Jungkook, his co-worker and best friend, a man he basically pushed you to. 
You were in the hospital for hours alone with your son taking care of him. You figured Taehyung wouldn’t be back not now or ever, especially when he finds out how your heart was set on naming your son after his father Jungkook. You filled out the papers and were just now waiting for Taehyung to return. Depending on his reaction you weren’t sure if this baby would be a Kim like your original plan with your husband or Taehyung would leave you and you would just go back to your maiden name and your baby would have your last name too. 
Your thoughts were shortly interrupted when Taehyung  entered the room, his hands full of bags of  “where were you?” You blurted out keeping your eyes on your baby Jungkook as he slept peacefully. “I wanted to get you some food and a few other things for the baby.”
“Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” 
“I must not have heard it ring…sorry”
You quickly wiped your eyes before the tears could spill.you thought for sure Taehyung had run off with plans of never returning. You didn’t regret having this baby especially when it was the last piece you had left with Jungkook. The both of you created this precious  tiny human that you would love more than life itself. 
“Hey hey hey baby…” Taehyung sat the bags on the  nearby chair and rushed to your side. “What is it baby? are you ok?” He sat close to you at the edge of the bed. 
“I thought you left… if you want to leave you can… just tell me now because I can’t…” he shushed you gently with a rub on your thigh. 
“I love you, I'm not going anywhere I promise.”
“You might after you know what the baby’s name is.”
“Our baby he is ours and I know you want to name him Jungkook. It's fine… he looks exactly like him.” 
You carefully handed Taehyung the birth certificate papers for him to complete his part. 
Tumblr media
You, Jungkook and Taehyung were finally home. Taehyung was very helpful with you and Taehyung the father role really looked good on him. He was a natural. 
Little did you know this was all an act on his part,  he had switched your birth control with placebos and was counting down the days once you were in the clear to have sex, he would get you pregnant as soon as he could,  that and he missed you and the warm softness of your body but he needed you to heal first. 
He let Y/N sleep and prepared her meals. His wife was so tired he let her get as much sleep as she could, so he attended to the baby mostly. Taehyung had to make his wife see him as a sweet, attentive father and that once she had his baby he would do the same for their child. 
Negative thoughts flooded Taehyung’s mind, his wife having another man’s baby before him. It always drove him crazy the reason why he did the things he did, like pushing Jungkook to his death. He would never ask you to abort the thing you would hate him and this baby was still part you and he loved you so he would learn to accept the baby, if not for him for you, it was a hard thing for him to do but not impossible he would learn,  but you just had to make it more difficult for him not only did you have another man’s child but he was a splitting image of his father and she named him after him so he would have to see this thing everyday and call it  by his name Jungkook. Even in death the bastard was still strongly present. 
Good thing Jungkook was dead or he would have to deal with him coming in and out your home visiting his son and surely fucking his wife whenever he wasn’t around. Taehyung couldn’t have that, bad enough all of this was his fault  his kinks lead him here in this very uncomfortable situation. He had to take much of the blame. He played a huge part in bringing Jungkook into both of your lives. Taehyung was sure had he never entertained his voyeurism kink none of this would have happened. You were his perfect wife, he was your first kiss, first love and the one that took your virginity. You were pure only belonging to him and it’s what led him to make these desperate decisions. 
A secret Taehyung would take to the grave was that he purposefully pushed Jungkook out of that window that fateful day he had to get rid of the problem. Jungkook was the problem, he couldn't stomach losing you to him, he had to be removed so he did. Death was the best option for getting rid of him completely; his mind was set and he even planned it out; he knew the broken window would be his perfect alibi. 
Taehyung played the mourning best friend so well you would never suspect it was anything but a terrible accident. 
Taehyung held Jungkook, feeding him his bottle “don’t worry little one soon enough you’ll have a sibling.” Taehyung wiped the corners of the baby’s mouth with his bib. The baby closed his eyes but Taehyung quickly woke him up placing him on his shoulder burping him “ you can’t sleep yet you haven’t burped yet and you’ll have bad gas” he patted Jungkook’s back gently until he heard the baby burp a few times. Of course He wasn’t a monster, he took care of him like he was his own son. 
Taehyung couldn’t wait for the moment to fill your pussy up with his cum until you were pregnant with his child. He smiled at the thought of it. It couldn’t happen soon enough for him. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
﹢﹐❀ 전정국 🎤 ✷
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Tumblr media
summary: in which it’s jungkook turn to steal your clothes.
> fluff / wc: 2.4k
note: helloooo if you’ve already read this it’s because i had to repost :DD but i also changed it up just a bit !
jungkook is aware of his nickname as the laundry fairy. undeniably, doing the laundry is one of his favorite activities to do at home. separating the whites from the colors. smelling his favorite fabric softener. watching the clothes slosh around inside the circle in pure fascination. sitting in a corner scrolling through his phone while waiting for the washing machine and dryer to finish their jobs. while there is the satisfaction from finishing chores as an adult, he just simply loves fresh laundry. it makes him feel at home. at peace, even.
the household chores were already discussed and divided when you were still at the planning stage of moving in together. you were both afraid of them becoming a reason of constant arguments, so you made an effort to avoid that as much as possible. he quickly volunteered to do the laundry and the cooking, the fields in which he is already an expert in. on the other hand, you’re in charge of washing the dishes and cleaning. so far, this has been working well for you. even more, you help each other when you’re not busy.
if there is one thing he has come to love the most about doing the laundry in your shared home for the past year, it’s learning what your favorite pieces of clothing are. living together doesn’t mean seeing each other 24/7. of course, you have your own endeavors to attend to. he doesn’t see every outfit you change into. and so, he develops a deeper familiarity with you in this way.
moreover, by doing the laundry, he can see what kind of week you’ve been having. you’ve been staying at home for the past four days, only going out once the other day to restock groceries. therefore, your dirty laundry consists mostly of shorts and his oversized shirts. the simple outfit you wore outside stands out in the sea of neutral colors, and a random idea pops in his mind as he takes out the load of clothes from the dryer.
jungkook enters the living room casually, plopping down on the couch next to you with a small smirk visible on his lips. however, his presence goes unnoticed when you spare him not even a glance. your fingers dance around the keyboard, moving to a fast-paced beat of drums rolling in your head.
you’re determined to finish this essay before the sun sets from your view of the veranda, racking your brain for more words in the english language because god forbid you’re running out of them in the vocabulary book installed in your brain. you switch from analyzing the essay topic to thinking about the gummies you’ve been specifically saving for after dinner, and then you’re back to analyzing the topic again. after all, you are just a simple person. you want to give yourself a pat in the head, to celebrate your small win by feasting on silly little rainbow worms. this is your life nowadays.
you used to lock yourself up in your room when doing school works, slumped over your desk to avoid any form of distractions prancing around the world outside of your self-made sanctuary turned hell. but that was before you moved in with jungkook — because right now you’re sitting in the sunlit living room and he’s purposely bumping his shoulder against yours, and a happy chuckle escapes you instead of an annoyed grunt.
he makes himself comfortable, finding a home in nuzzling his face against your neck. but your hair tickles his cheeks, so he settles with leaning his head on your shoulder. he carefully looks up at you, realizing that you’re especially focused on your work today. you’ve been glued on the same spot since he left to do the laundry, and you’re making him worry again.
he watches the laptop screen being filled up with your words in the arial font, the blinking cursor being helplessly pushed to the right until it free falls down to the next line.
“how long until you finish?” he asks quietly, index finger lightly brushing the hair on your arm unconsciously.
“uhh, an hour or two.” you pause for moment, giving your eyes and wrists some rest. you close your eyes and release the tension on your shoulders, resting your cheek on jungkook’s head.
without saying anything, he presses the ctrl and s buttons of your keyboard to save your progress. your laptop is a few years old now, and it randomly shuts down on you every now and then. you still refuse to buy a new one yet, claiming that it still works fine despite that.
“want to take a break?”
you pop one eye open, then the other. he pulls away to plant a gentle kiss on your temple, cradling your head in his hand. your boyfriend truly knows you well.
“i guess i can spare thirty minutes.” you give in, taking the laptop off your lap and placing it on the center table. you quickly plug in the charger as you can see the battery nearly drained before climbing back on the couch beside jungkook.
he grins, feeling glad that you finally allow yourself to take breaks. his busy little bee.
“i’ll turn the television on.” he reaches forward to grab the remote from the center table, and you’re greeted with the sight of the exposed skin of his lower back being revealed by his top. and that’s when it hits you.
your mouth hangs agape, finally realizing what he has been wanting you to notice from the moment he entered the room.
“are you wearing my clothes?”
he leans back on the couch with a mischievous smile he can no longer hide, looking very pleased with himself. he raises an eyebrow at you. “any problem with that?”
it’s one of your closet favorites, the purple knitted vest you bought an autumn ago. and well . . . your boyfriend is casually wearing it at home on a saturday afternoon.
you blink at him in confusion, eyeing him up and down from his face to his abdomen. obviously, the top is sleeveless so his big arms and tattoos are out in the open. they contrast the soft material and pastel color hugging his torso beautifully, and you just have to admit that it looks better on him than it does on you.
“well, no, not really. you look so good in it actually.”
“really? thanks, baby. i thought so, too.” he leans forward to give your lips an appreciative kiss, albeit too quick for your liking.
“since you wear my clothes all the time, i thought we should start being fair.” he narrows his eyes at the grey zip-up hoodie hanging on the couch’s armrest, which you decided to take off when the morning’s high temperature came and went.
“but that’s your artist-made merch,” you whine, feeling defensive. “that you made all pretty and comfy.”
“exactly. that’s why i want to wear it too!” his wide-eyed face makes you laugh breathily, face buried in your hands as your shoulders shake. “you wear my shirts and hoodies and jackets all the time that i don’t get to wear them when i want to.”
“are you really upset about me wearing your clothes?” you ask, lips pouting into a frown. “you loved it when we started dating.”
“i was just teasing, baby. i love it until now.” he shook his head, quickly reassuring you because he knows how even the little things can hurt a person’s feelings. he snakes his arm around your waist to pull you against his body, tenderly tucking your hair behind your ear. “it makes me feel good. that you want to wear me everyday.”
his words bring back the smile previously wiped from your face. “you want to wear me everyday too?”
“maybe.” he answers sheepishly. “besides, this is also a gift for you.”
“a gift for me?” you tilt your head, completely clueless.
he nods his head, standing up infront of you. it is taking everything in him not to show how giddy this makes him, pressing his heart shaped lips in a thin line. he twists his body to the side before slightly raising his arms, the honey skin of his abdomen you’ve caressed and kissed religiously for the past three years peeking out. your boyfriend is much taller than you, his torso and legs obviously longer. the hem of the vest that perfectly falls on your hip bones only reaches below his belly button.
the waistband of his calvin klein purposely peeking out from his grey sweatpants isn’t helping your brain from malfunctioning, too. clearly, he knows that he’s effortlessly attractive and he has wrapped around his finger. it doesn’t take much to make you feel weak in the knees.
you let out a dramatic gasp, butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. your loving eyes gloss over his flawless figure. dear god, my boyfriend was carefully handcrafted by the universe and by some crazy happenstance, it was kind enough to let his path cross with mine until they became one. i am the luckiest.
“you’ve been wanting me to wear crop tops more often.” he shrugs, very much satisfied with your reaction. “so you don’t mind me wearing your clothes, do you?”
“baby, you’re so pretty in crop tops! you finally see my vision!” you gush, tugging his hand excitedly and bouncing on your seat.
he giggles at your overflowing enthusiasm, letting his weight fall on the space beside you. “alright, alright. perhaps i’ll wear one on our movie date too.”
you cradle his face, littering his cheek with kisses. he can’t help but to close his eyes momentarily, leaning into your touch with a vulnerability he shows only to you. he doesn’t tell you this, but he loves it when you do that. the ‘mwah’ sound that is music to his ears. the feeling of your smile against his skin. the delicate touch of your hand. you’re overflowing with warmth. his own, personal sun.
“can we watch an episode of jjk now?” he finally turns on the television, opening netflix. he proceeds to click on his profile named with his initials — jjk. he laughs at the same pun he’s been dropping for the past two days since you started watching the anime together.
you shove his shoulder jokingly, shaking your head with a chuckle. “okay, jjk. i’ll grab some popcorn in the kitchen.”
the next morning.
you stand by the door of the walk-in closet with your blue towel hanging on your shoulder, eyes half-open as you brush your teeth. it’s currently 1pm, but you spent the entire night watching anime with your boyfriend, so you didn’t get enough sleep. you have zero idea where he gets his endless amount of energy from when you eat the same food every day and every night.
you watch him go through your cabinets to find a top that will complete his outfit for the movie theaters, sitting on the floor like a child digging for treasures in the sand. is he more excited about seeing the multiverse of madness which he bought the tickets for during the advanced selling or dressing up in your clothes for the first time?
“oh, i found it!” he exclaims excitedly, showing you the black long-sleeved turtleneck you haven’t worn in months.
given that he sleeps shirtless, he immediately puts it over his head to see how it fits him. he walks over to the full body mirror, checking himself out. it hugs his body nicely, emphasizing his toned arms and chest he works hard at the gym almost everyday for. and as expected, it’s also cropped.
“it looks better than i expected.” he says his thoughts out loud, raising his arms completely to see how far up the top rides up. it stops just above his waist, displaying his abs for the world to see.
jungkook turning your brain into a scrambled mess just in time for brunch. how lovely.
he turns around to face you, asking for your opinion. “does it look good? do i wear this one? with the necklace you got me for our anniversary?” pertaining to the heart locket you gifted him five months ago.
you find it funny how he felt the need to ask that last question, when the rows of necklaces laying neatly in his jewelry shelf have been neglected for the past five months, too.
you try answering, but your words get muffled by the pink toothbrush and the bubbles in your mouth. the minty toothpaste is starting to sting your tongue, but what is love if not pain persevering?
“make a big heart if yes, big circle if no.” he sets instructions, demonstrating the actions corresponding the answer choices.
your fingertips meet at the top of your head, arms forming a big heart for your boyfriend because the one beating inside your ribcage is simply not enough to convey your feelings.
he laughs heartily, endeared by your half-asleep state. he copies your actions, reciprocating the love you sent his way. “i love you so much.”
“wait, let me prepare the temp of the water. it’s cold today so let’s have a warm shower.” he reaches for his back, taking off the turtleneck for now.
you hum around your toothbrush, unmoving from your spot. he stops infront of you with a smile, running his fingers through your hair to tame your nest for a head. “my baby’s still sleepy, huh?”
you nod, leaning your weary body against the doorframe. you are sleepy, until he decides to surprise you with a good morning kiss. the bubbles that it left on his lips makes you giggle uncontrollably, that you have to run into the bathroom to finally spit out the toothpaste flooding your mouth before you choke on it.
he follows, softly bumping his hips against yours and sneaking his hand under the running tap to wipe his lips. “wanna wear the pink version of my hoodie today?”
“then shouldn’t i get paid for promoting your merch in public?”
he looks at you in bewilderment. “it’s already sponsored!”
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congrats to my friend on their graduation today!! jungkook is so proud of you too
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Over The Odds | The Pretender
Pairing - jungkook x reader
Genre - angst, smut, fluff, ceo!jungkook, sugardaddy!jungkook
Word count - 6k
Tumblr media
The series of events that lead to the leak
warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, severe toxic behaviour, sociopathy / mental illness, mentions of infidelity
Four, almost five months ago
“Namjoon? Is that you?” Ruth is shocked, baffled to see your ex-boyfriend standing in the hospital corridor wearing a white lab coat and thick rimmed glasses, “I thought you left the country?”
“I did, but I’m back now,” The doctor nods in agreement with a small uncomfortable smile, he’d forgotten just how much you two look alike, “How have you been Ruth? I thought you moved out of London?”
“Yeah… I have, I drove down for the day. I’ve been good.” She’s staring at him as though she’s seen a ghost, a sexy dimpled ghost from her past, “I’m just here visiting my dad so…”
“Right,” Namjoon has to look away from your sister, guilt eroding his insides at what happened between them the last time he saw her, “He’s going to be fine, we’re just keeping him in for observations, he’ll be home tomorrow. I said the same thing to Y/N.”
“Oh Y/N was here?” Ruth isn’t sure why she’s so surprised, of course you were here, you would drop anything and everything to spend time with family.
The mention of your name should make her nauseous, maybe even a little disappointed in herself for her past behaviour – but it doesn’t. She’s more interested in the sparkle in Joon’s eyes when your name rolls off his tongue. He still cares about you, even after all this time, even after what they did. It’s always been you, and it’ll never be her.
“She and her boyfriend left about an hour ago.” Namjoon’s heart drops into his stomach at the prospect of you being with anyone other than him, even though he doesn’t deserve you.
At this Ruth frowns, crossing her small arms over her chest, purposely pushing up the swell of her breasts but he doesn’t seem to notice, “Boyfriend?”
“Stay out of her relationship this time Ruth,” He warns with a serious expression, “She looks happy.”
“I would never purposely ruin my sister’s relationship,” She edges closer to the doctor, looking up at him through long, seductive eyelashes, “Besides it takes two to tango… We both know that.”
“Sleeping with you was the biggest mistake I ever made,” Namjoon whispers, “I lost everything I ever loved.”
Around five months into your relationship with Namjoon you’d gotten into a fight about something, truthfully he can’t even remember what the argument was about – only the events that transpired after. He’d gone to a club to clear his head, which was a mistake in itself because he’s never been able to handle his drink – three drinks in he was already slurring his words to anybody that would listen. Including Ruth, who happened to be at the same bar that night. One thing lead to another and the next thing he remembers is waking up in her bed completely naked, with fourteen missed calls from you; his girlfriend, her sister.
When he says it was the biggest mistake he ever made he truly means that, he couldn’t look you in the eye when he showed up at your apartment with a bouquet of flowers later that day. Bless your soul you thought he was apologising for fighting with you, you had no idea that he’d spent the night with his body buried between another woman’s bed sheets. It was that day he decided that he needed to get out of London, he couldn’t bring himself to tell you the truth because he was so ashamed of what he had done; but even he knew he couldn’t string you along thinking you were happy when he was both a liar and a cheat. Even now the night Namjoon and Ruth spent together is hazy to him, he doesn’t remember anything save from talking to her, and waking up next to her - but that memory is enough to put him on edge at the mere sight of her.
“You clearly didn’t love her, otherwise it would’ve never happened,” Ruth rolls her eyes, already bored of him and his desperation, “I did you both a favour. You would still be together if it wasn’t for me.”
“Yeah, we would.” Namjoon says between clenched teeth, standing back from the real reason he’d taken a gap year abroad.
“So the new boyfriend, is he as dumb as you are?” Ruth chuckles darkly, cocking her head to the side.
“Visiting hours are over, you need to leave.”
For the rest of Namjoon’s shift his thoughts are plagued by none other than your sister. When you’d first started dating you’d mentioned how you don’t get along, you never gave him a specific reason but once he met Ruth in the flesh at one of your family wine nights it all became crystal clear. Ruth is a bitch, she cares for nobody save herself. She has a new boyfriend every five minutes, until they too tire of her bullshit and leave. One thing he noticed about her in the time they've known each other is how cold she is, how she has no issue with destroying the lives of other people.
It's when he’s leaving the building that he decides to go for a drink to numb the memory of the worst thing he’s ever done, much to the disappointment of his better judgement that knows this is a bad idea. He’s never been able to handle his alcohol and that night is no different. It’s when he’s sipping at his fourth, no fifth whiskey on the rocks that a female voice drags him from thought.
“Long day?” A girl, no older than him asks, sitting on the empty bar stool beside him.
There’s no denying she’s beautiful, at first glance she looks just like the Disney Princess Jasmine. Her hair is jet black, her olive skin glows even underneath the harsh lighting of the bar. But it’s her big, feline like eyes that intrigue him the most, he’s seen this girl somewhere before.
“Sorry,” She laughs somewhat embarrassed, “That was too cheesy wasn’t it? I’m Jennie.”
“Namjoon.” He introduces himself with a warm dimpled smile, “Can I buy you a drink?”
As the night progresses Dr Kim learns that Jennie is a model, that’s why she seems so familiar he’s probably ogled her perfect body in magazines when nobody’s looking. She really is stunning, and single too, apparently her ex-boyfriend was an emotionally abusive asshole who treated her like shit, cheating on her left right and centre and paid way more attention to his business than her needs. Namjoon’s disgust is somewhat hypocritical though, he knows he’s no better and yet he still puts up a front in attempt to see this girl again, he’s single and a man has needs after all.
“Well it’s his loss, you’re an amazing girl.” He’s drunk now there’s no doubt about it, his gaze mindlessly dropping to Jennie’s cleavage on more than one occasion.
At this Jennie raises her nearing-empty glass to propose a slurred speech, “To Jeon Jungkook! The man who broke my heart, so Dr Kim can fix it.”
The pair cheers happily, ordering another drink from the bar. Namjoon sighs, he’s so fucking wasted that the room is spinning and it looks as though Jennie has six faces – but he still knows he’s heard that name before. Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. He zones out of real life conversation to rack his brain for the answer he so desperately wants to find. Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. He knows that name. He’s close to losing his mind when his eyes find the tv screen behind the bar, it was previously showing football highlights from some match he didn’t care enough about, but now all he sees is you.
“That’s his new girlfriend.” Jennie spits, noticing his gaze is fixated on the news, some story about how you were the new lover of some big shot CEO. Of course your boyfriend is a CEO.
“Who’s new girlfriend?” Namjoon doesn’t bother to look at Jennie, his eyes are glued to the screen completely stuck on you entering an Italian restaurant wearing an expensive black dress, as are hers.
“Jungkook’s, he’s the CEO of Jeon Industries. That’s the only reason she’s famous, eight months ago that was me.” She says bitterly.
Joon immediately stiffens, your new boyfriend is the emotionally abusive playboy Jennie’s just spent an hour ranting about? No, it can’t be. You’re a good person, with a good heart, you deserve so much better than someone like him. There’s no way in hell he’s going to let you get your heartbroken by some rich boy who no doubt pays for everything on daddy’s credit card.
“—He’s probably paying her for sex, he gets a kick out of being the one in control.”
“I’m sorry,” Namjoon finally faces Jennie, who’s features have dropped into something much sadder than when he first laid eyes on her, “What did you say?”
“He was my sugar daddy, I’m not supposed to tell anybody but… You’re never going to meet him so I guess it’s okay.” She shrugs, toying with the dainty straps on her tiny white dress.
“So is he your ex-boyfriend or ex sugar daddy?” He’s rightfully confused, unable to digest all of this new information with a nauseous stomach and spinning head, “I don't understand.”
“Both I guess. He’s an asshole anyway, he’ll break her heart too.”
In all honesty Jennie knows she’s oversold the story of her and Jungkook, he’s not as bad as she’s made him out to be but she thrives off the sympathy. Deep down she knows he never cared for her or even thought about her as a girlfriend, but she’s too embarrassed to admit the truth. That she fell hard and fast in love with somebody who doesn’t want to be loved. If there’s one thing she’s good at it’s being the damsel in distress that needs saving, and who better to save her than a handsome young doctor? A few white lies and embellishments never hurt anybody, what's the worst that could happen?
Sleep doesn’t come easy to Namjoon that night when he finally makes it home, Jennie is in a dreamland next to him after a night of averagely-enjoyable drunken sex. Sitting up he peels his phone from his discarded trousers. He’s sobered up some, but he’s still not in his right mind - that’s what leads him to making the one phone call he knows he’ll end up regretting.
“I was wondering how long it would take for you to call me,” Ruth purrs from the other end of the line after two short rings, thankfully Jennie is knocked out cold and doesn’t hear it, “What can I do for you big boy?”
Joon grimaces at the inappropriate nickname, Ruth is nothing more to him than your sister and she never will be. You’re the only reason he’s even thought to dial her number, “Jeon Jungkook, that’s Y/N’s new boyfriend.”
“You called me at two in the morning to tell me about Y/N’s new boyfriend?” She scoffs, he can picture her bitchy face in his mind, “What about him?”
“He’s not a good guy Ruth… He’s-, she deserves better.” His heart aches for you, it really does, he just wants you to find somebody who actually deserves you. And if there’s one person in this world that can stop you from falling in love with this guy before it’s too late, it’s her, “Do whatever you want with that information.”
“How bad are we talking?” Is all Ruth asks, not even an ounce of concern in her tone.
Maybe Jennie lied and Jungkook wasn’t a bad man at all? Or maybe, no, definitely, envy got the better of Namjoon. He doesn’t want you to move on, he wants to leave the past behind and try again. There’s no denying that he loved you, more than he’s ever loved anyone in his life, seeing you earlier only reminded him that he still does… And if Jungkook is even half as bad as Jennie made him out to be, he has to put a stop to this relationship before he hurts you. Ruth is the key to winning you back.
“Bad.” His voice is croaky and stained with liquor, “Bad enough for me to call you.”
“What are you suggesting?”
“I was madly in love with her and you still managed to break us up, I reckon it’ll be much easier for you with him, they haven’t been dating long.” Guilt gnaws his insides for involving someone as sinister as your sister, but she’s his only hope.
“What’s in it for you?”
“I want her back.”
Three, almost four months ago
“So that’s Jungkook?” Ruth points to the tv screen, waiting for confirmation.
“Yep, that’s him.” Jennie nods with an aching heart.
The past few weeks have been uneventful for Ruth, apart from the fact she’s met somebody new – Kim Seokjin, a wealthy CEO who’s just about dumb enough to fall for her lies and feigned innocence. The only reason she’s dating him is so she can work her way to the top of his business and take the company for herself. She doesn’t have the resources to build an empire from scratch and so dating somebody like him is her only option. That’s not to say she doesn’t like him though, he’s funny, very handsome, charming… Being with him is nice, but she doesn’t particularly care about his feelings.
After Namjoon told her about your new boyfriend she took it upon herself to do some research. Jungkook is a CEO, and somewhat of a playboy according to news articles, you’re his first serious relationship. That doesn’t surprise her though, you have a way with men that Ruth could never understand, you’re kind and warm and don’t need to battle for dominance within your relationships – it makes perfect sense that you’ve managed to tame a wealthy business man. In a way she’s almost proud that this boyfriend is more successful than your last, or at least she would be if he wasn’t such an asshole.
During her research she found Jungkook’s ex-girlfriend Jennie, which is what lead her back to London for the day to meet her. She needs all the ammunition she can get to make sure this prick never hurts you – and ruining your relationships is somewhat a speciality of hers. It’ll take some time, especially as you look so loved up with him, currently vacationing in Bora Bora, but she’s determined to tear this man down. Namjoon sounded so desperate for her help, and the familiar wave of jealousy fuelled her decision to ruin another one of your love stories, convincing herself it’s for your own good.
“I don’t get it,” Jennie admits, sipping her coffee, “Why would you reach out to me if Y/N’s your sister? I should be the last person you want to speak to.”
Ruth nods, understanding the model’s confusion, “My sister and I have a very complicated relationship. Don’t get it twisted.”
Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe it. Ruth can’t remember exactly when it happened but one day, when you were both young and still had childlike innocence, she realised that she despised you. Maybe it was the way your parents always babied you that she hated, or maybe she hated how you were praised for getting slightly above average grades in school, amongst other mundane things. Ruth worked her ass off in school, university, in every aspect of her life and yet your parents couldn’t care less. It was to be expected of her, she’s the oldest and so it was no big deal when she got top of the class marks every test. With you, everything was an achievement that had to be celebrated. She’s jealous of you, even to this day watching you walk along a hot beach wearing a red bikini hand in hand with some rich asshole on the news – she’s still jealous.
That’s exactly why she did what she did with Namjoon, she got a kick out of tearing you down a peg or two and watching you suffer, never knowing the real reason he left. Her old therapist said she’s a sociopath, she should be on strong medication and undergoing regular treatment – but she doesn’t do either. She’s incapable of being happy for anybody and she prefers it that way; she’s always known she was different. She didn’t cry when the family dog died, she didn’t care when her first boyfriend broke up with her, truthfully the only reason she even visits your sick father is because she knows if she doesn’t your mother will berate her for not caring. ‘Oh you should be more like Y/N’ she can practically hear her voice.
“What are you going to do?” Jennie is scared of Ruth, her eyes are shiny with fear as she looks to your older sister. If she didn’t know better she would’ve thought the girl sitting in front of her was you, you resemble each other so much. “You won’t be able to get between them, they’re…obsessed with each other, he doesn’t even answer my calls anymore.”
“I don’t plan to get between them, not in the way you’re thinking anyway.” Ruth admits with a nonchalant shrug, “You’re going to tell me everything you know about Jeon Industries, so I can tear it down and take it over.”
If Jennie had to describe your sister’s smile in one word, it’s evil.
Later that night Namjoon finds himself on a colleagues stag do, he’s at some punky bar in Camden that he doesn’t particularly like when he sees you standing with your back to the wall in the outdoor smoking section, looking somewhat deflated as you sip at your drink.
“Y/N?” He has to blink twice to make sure he’s seeing this right. You’re wearing a very revealing red dress, he can barely keep the saliva in his mouth.
“Namjoon.” Your eyes find his across the way with a small smile.
It’s after a brief conversation and a somewhat forced hug that he smells the familiar scent of your perfume, feels the comfort of you in his long arms, regret washing over him in a tidal wave of despair. Joon barely notices the arrival of your boyfriend and another guy he hadn’t paid much attention to, he’s not intimidated by either, his gaze fixed solely on the one thing in life he got right – the one thing he royally fucked up. Perhaps it’s the alcohol in his system making his decisions for him, but he knows he has to tell you the truth about your sister and how she’s planning to break down Jungkook, you deserve that at the very least.
“Actually Y/N,” He sighs, preparing himself, “I really need to talk to you about how we ended—”
“I don’t think that’s necessary!” Your best friend Jimin puts himself between your bodies, “Come on man lets have a drink and a boogie for old times’ sake? I’ll catch up with you guys soon yeah? Come on man.”
And just like that he’s standing at the bar with Jimin and another man named Taehyung, patiently waiting for another drink. Less than ten minutes later he watches Jungkook lead you out the main entrance, his fingers laced with yours the way his used to be. He’s probably going to take you back to his penthouse apartment for sex, his jaw tightens at the idea of somebody who’s not him getting to be intimate with you like that.
“Are you okay?” Taehyung asks him, his large cat-like eyes are concerned as he drinks four shots of tequila as if they're water.
Joon nods, trying to convince himself that he’s going to be fine, “Yeah, sorry man. Girl trouble.”
“Oh? Who’s the girl?”
“You guys have met before right?” Jimin asks with pinched brows, handing both men a beer, “This is Namjoon, he’s-, well he’s Y/N’s ex.”
“I remember you, I’ve seen you at Black Swan before.” Taehyung’s smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes, he’s cautious of Namjoon and his motives, “I hope this doesn’t make things awkward between us but I’m Taehyung,” His large hand rests on his chest, “Jungkook’s best friend.”
“Is she happy? With him?” Joon’s eyes are glistening with the raw pain of what could’ve been, which doesn’t go unnoticed by your best friend. Jimin tries to comfort him, but he trips over his words.
“Come on Namjoon don’t do that to yourself, it’s-, she’s-, they’re-“
“I can only speak for Jungkook…” Taehyung’s voice is barely audible against the thumping sound of the speakers, “But he loves her, he’ll treat her well.”
Jungkook loves you. This ignites a burning hatred fuelled with envy and rage inside Namjoon’s chest, it feels as though his heart has been torn from his body. Once again he’s drunk and emotional which leads him to excuse himself from the club, using the lie of needing a vape before dialling the one person he knows is more than capable of destroying your new boyfriend.
“Hello big boy.” She chuckles darkly on the other end of the line.
“I want in,” His heart is pounding so hard that he can barely hear himself speak, “I’ll help you take down Jungkook, just tell me what I can do and I’ll do it.” He's wasted, he knows this is wrong but it doesn't stop him from inviting your sister back to his new apartment later that night.
Two, almost three months ago
You’re in Seoul, presumably meeting Jungkook’s parents or something as equally domestic and nauseating which is what leads Ruth to his apartment building wearing an inconspicuous all-black outfit. It’s common knowledge that you look alike, and so she uses it to her advantage to get inside the CEO’s apartment complex with ease. She’s looking for anything useful, laptops, iPads, paper documents, USB sticks, bank statements, something with sensitive information on about Jeon Industries – something she can use against him.
There has to be something in this obnoxiously large home, there just has to be.
And that’s when she sees it, a video camera, sitting atop of his bedroom side table next to a box of tissues. Ruth rolls her eyes at the disgusting sight, she knows full-well why there’s a box of tissues right next to this guys bed. He must be even worse than Jennie and Namjoon had made out, so she makes her way over to the scene in just a few footsteps. Who even has video cameras anymore? Surely phone camera quality is much better than this little thing.
“Holy shit.” She gasps audibly, “No fucking way.”
There’s a video of you and him, a rather explicit video to say the least. The setting is some kind of beach hut, she figures this must’ve been filmed on your trip to Bora Bora. She’s beyond shocked, she didn’t take you for this kind of girl, usually you were so… careful, maybe even a little frigid. Her eyes almost pop out of her skull when she presses play.
“Jungkook…” Your voice is barely audible on the video, your legs spread open on a bed with the billionaires face buried between them, covering your intimate area.
“Do you want me?” His voice is low, dripping with seduction.
Ruth pauses the video and sits on the bed.
Now this has potential, this could ruin his career if it blew up enough. There’s an internal struggle happening though, could she really do this to her own sister? Sure it would destroy Jungkook and probably your relationship with him too which is what she, Jennie and Namjoon all want one way or another… But it would kill you. She’s frowning, unsure of what to do with this information. In a panic she buries the camera deep into her bag and leaves the building, dialling Jennie’s number immediately:
“It’s Ruth, I’m in London for the night… Let’s go for drinks.”
Later that night Ruth and Jennie are having a few cocktails at Black Swan where they come up with a sinister plan. The alcohol in your sisters system rids her of any uncertainty or guilt she felt before, this is the best, fastest, and easiest way to take down that asshole. Sure, she’s almost one hundred percent sure that Jennie isn’t telling her the whole truth about Jungkook’s character, but if he’s even half as bad as she’s made him out to be over the few weeks they’ve known each other – she’s not going to let him do the same things to you that he did to her. Jeon Industries will suffer, his reputation will suffer. And yes, you will suffer but she imagines it will all blow over eventually and you’ll be able to live a normal life, finding someone who’s actually… on your level. Somebody who won’t outshine her or any future partners she brings to the family dinner table.
“Can’t people trace IP addresses?” Jennie asks somewhat naively, her eyes animatedly big, “What if we get caught? I don’t want to go to prison.”
At this Ruth scoffs, “Nobody’s going to prison, we’ll leak the video from somewhere that can’t be traced back to us.”
Truthfully Jennie feels crushed, Jungkook had never even attempted to film their antics together, not that they even had sex that much, nor did he show her as much passion as he seemed to with you. What makes you so special? She’s overlooking how evil her friend Ruth must be if she’s willing to do something like this to her own sister, all she can think about is how this will completely break your relationship. This is the way she’s going to get Jungkook back.
A short while later Ruth calls a cab, initially to your parents house but she changes the destination during the ride, to your ex-boyfriend’s place. She already knows where it is given they'd slept together again just last month. The hallway is small, tidy, and smells like cinnamon. Perhaps this is a mistake, but with alcohol clouding her judgement she can’t bring herself to care.
“What are you doing here?” Namjoon rubs the sleep from his eyes as he opens the front door, wearing only grey boxer shorts, “It’s late, I have work tomorrow.”
“This won’t take long. Can I come in?”
Much to her surprise Namjoon stands to one side, granting her access into his homely home. For the first time in a long time Ruth’s nervous, once she does what she’s about to do there’s no going back. Standing in his kitchen she clicks her tongue twice, mulling over her thoughts.
“Look Ruth… I don’t know why you’re here but, I’ve decided I want nothing to do with whatever you’re planning with Jungkook and Y/N. I was drunk when I said those things... I made a lot of mistakes that night.”
She knew this would happen, he’s still completely head over heels for you after all so of course he was never exactly a reliable partner in crime. This is exactly why Ruth only looks out for Ruth, people can't disappoint you if you don't let them.
“Do you still have a key to her apartment?”
“What?” He frowns, barely awake and confused.
“I need to get into her apartment, she’s in Seoul and I don’t have a spare.”
“You need to stop this obsession you have with ruining her life,” He warns with a serious profile, slumping himself down onto his two-seater dining table, “It’s not normal, it's unhealthy.”
“This isn’t about her, I need a key to get in… My parents have gone out and I have nowhere to stay.” She lies, as though it’s second nature to her. "Unless you wanna make it three for three and fuck me again?"
“I’m not giving you the key to her apartment.”
“Yes you are.”
“Ruth you need to stop. I don’t like him either, alright? But if she’s happy—”
To this she makes her way over to him, planting her small palms on his white dining table to look down at him with a fiery gaze, “If you don’t give me the key, I’ll tell her the real reason you left.”
Joon freezes, he knows your sister can be cold but this? This is something else. He swallows thickly, rightfully nervous. He knows she’s not the type of woman to deliver empty threats, she will tell you everything if he doesn’t do exactly as he says. He should’ve never called her the night he met Jennie, he knows that now, all he’s done is fuelled her unhealthy obsession in being the ‘better sister’. There’s not one trace of emotion behind her eyes, not one single shred of evidence to show she cares about you.
You’re happy with Jungkook, he knows you are, and so the idea of your sister shattering the peace you’ve finally found with something you don't need to know doesn’t sit right with him. No, he can’t let that happen. Hesitantly, Namjoon grabs his set of keys from the small white bowl on the kitchen side, disconnecting yours and giving it to Ruth.
“Thanks,” She smirks triumphantly, looking back at him over her shoulder as she approaches his front door, “See you around big boy.”
The next morning Ruth finds herself outside Jennie’s house, she can’t stay in London much longer as her boyfriend Seokjin is already beginning to get suspicious of why she’d stayed the night at her parents place. After a series of loud knocks her ‘friend’ finally opens the door, baffled.
“This is the key to Y/N’s apartment, here’s the address.” She hands her a small piece of paper, “Here’s the video… She’ll be home from Korea soon so you have a few hours to decide if you really want to do this.”
If there’s another thing Ruth is particularly good at, it’s manipulating people – poor Jennie thinks that the choice is hers, that this was her idea, as though Ruth wasn’t the one who stole the video camera from your boyfriend’s apartment in the first place. Everything has come together just how she’d hoped, the only thing left to do now is dispose of the video camera as she’s transferred the footage onto a USB that now sits patiently in Jennie’s hand, waiting to be uploaded. This is only phase one of her master plan, and phase two is already underway – she has an interview at Jeon Industries in two weeks, just in case the video isn’t damning enough to Jungkook’s reputation and his company.
“I-, this is your sister we’re talking about…” Jennie is dumbfounded, she didn’t think Ruth would actually want to put you through something like this. She really is evil.
“I know.” She grins, baring her white teeth, “Which is exactly why I don’t want her anywhere near someone like him, if he's as bad as you say he is. She’ll thank me in the long run.”
“Ruth,” Jennie ponders her next words, does she really want Jungkook back enough to do this? He's gorgeous, rich, good in bed, but he had always been cold towards her. Maybe if the video leak is traced back to your apartment like they’ve planned he'll come running back to her? Believing you’re the source of the leak? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt it's a yes, she wants him back enough to do something as sick as this.
“I’ll text you when it’s done.”
“See you.” Ruth’s slender fingers dance in a quick wave.
Soon she’s driving her small white car back to the countryside where her boyfriend Seokjin is waiting for her, ignorant to the chaos his girlfriend has created in the space of twenty four hours. Ruth reaches into her bag on the passenger seat, grabbing Jungkook’s video camera before tossing into the River Thames as she travels home. It’s after the hour long drive she unlocks her phone, chuckling to herself upon reading her one and only notification.
Jennie: It’s done
“Is everything okay?” You’re distracted by the paparazzi literally screaming at the security guards to get closer to the jet, there must be at least one hundred camera men on the ground all fighting their way to you and you've only just landed back in London.
“Shit,” Taehyung jumps from his seat and gathers his belongings, “We need to get out of here and away from them, now. Fuck.”
“You wanna tell us what’s going on?” Jungkook laughs at his friend’s sudden change in demeanour, looking equally as confused as you.
Rather than saying anything Taehyung turns his phone screen in hand, so you and Jungkook are able to see what the problem is. It’s an article, actually there looks to be several articles written about you and your boyfriend – you grimace, remembering his father’s words about how you’re portrayed in the media. It’s when your vision completely focusses on the words that your heart drops into your the depths of your stomach.
Billionaire Jungkook Jeon and girlfriend Y/N Bora Bora sex tape leak. Watch the video here. 
Present Day
“Wait.” Your boyfriend pauses the television, Taehyung sighs, “Is this clip from the day before Jennie was at Y/N’s apartment?”
Tae freezes, frantically checking the tiny, barely noticeable date and times that display in the corner of the screen, “Yeah definitely… But we were in Seoul that day. Are you saying you think the tapes been tampered with?! How can Y/N be in two places at once? One of the security team must’ve edited—”
Jungkook zones out of the conversation, his racing heartbeat is deafening as the realisation hits him like a tonne of bricks – the video hasn’t been edited, but that’s not you in his building either. No, the truth is far worse than that. He pushes his hair back in a hurry, audibly exhaling, you’re going to be devastated.
“It’s not edited.” Kook’s voice is deep, he presses play on the remote, cursing himself for not noticing this sooner,
“Jungkook the date has to have been edited, that’s Y/N!” 
“No, it’s not.”
Jungkook launches the television remote at the tv screen, smashing it to pieces with an angry huff in a display of brute strength, that bitch has been in his apartment, in his office, she works for him knowing what she’s done? Ruth stole the video and Jennie leaked it. Fucking furious doesn’t even begin to describe how he’s feeling right now.
“I can’t fucking believe this.”
“Guk, whoa…” Taehyung cautiously stands from the sofa, he’s never seen his best friend lose his temper before, “Talk to me, what’s going on?”
“That’s not Y/N in my apartment.” Jungkook repeats himself with ragged breaths, “That’s Ruth.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this genre of jimin and jungkook preparing to go on-stage
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something about you 01
Tumblr media
in which badboy! jeon jungkook desperately needs everyone to think he has a girlfriend and out of all the girls on campus that he could’ve chosen to fake date- he chose you, the girl who hates him the most.
—> fake dating, badboy! jungkook, swearing, mentions of blood/fighting, hate(mainly oc) to love, eventual light smut, little pining
college life was definitely more boring then you were expecting- well, that might have been down to you. with you refusing to go near any party or nights out, how else would you find excitement with a bunch of young adults when that’s what everyone else was doing with their time?
“you’re such a boring bitch” the scowl that came from you would make anyone else apologise for offending you, anyone but kim taehyung. being your best friend, he felt no threat from your glare. “what else are you even gonna do on a friday night?” once again you sat with him at the campus cafe on a thursday afternoon and listened to him rant on about how you just had to come to a random party that was happening on friday
“making sure i don’t wake up with a hangover on saturday” your best friend groaned and started kicking his legs around like a child having a tantrum, it was actually kinda amusing
“you always complain about being bored, why don’t you not be boring and come with me tomorrow? please it will be fun” the pout that was planted on his lips was almost convincing but you were hard headed, you didn’t wanna go near another campus party. of course tae didn’t know you had already been to one before, which was the biggest disaster. you regretted even stepping foot near that party, you wouldn’t be making that mistake again
“not my scene, no matter how much you pout or whine i’ll will not be attending. plus if i go, who else you going to call at 2am drunk and begging to be picked up?” taehyung had no rebuttal, you were right after all. it was like an unwritten agreement that you were his designated driver each weekend, ever since he called you a couple months back crying one night about how he was lost and had no idea how to het home. you were pissed when you found out he was actually drunk outside his own dorm after you ran out in the dead of the night to try and find his ass. but you couldn’t stay mad when his tear stained eyes looked up at you, crying even harder when he saw you stood above him. sure, he was annoying but he was your best friend.
“fine whatever, i can never convince you why do i even try”
“i don’t know why you do either” the smile that decorated your face fell fast when hushed whispers filled the cafe, all because a certain someone had entered and you saw him straight away. black jeans, biker jacket and helmet in hand jungkook made his way into the cafe completely unfazed at the fact everyone was clearly looking at him and exchanging gossip in whispers
“ooh campus bad boy” taehyung teases as he turns his head back to you after turning to get a good look at him. “you know if i was girl my legs would have been spread open so fast for him”
“what! he’s got that mysterious ‘i could snap anyone’s neck if i wanted to’ thing going on” you shake your head at him, you weren’t going to deny he was hot but that thought would never be confessed by you to anyone. taehyung more then anyone knew why it wouldn’t, you absolutely despised jungkook. “you still can’t hate him right? that whole thing was a year ago”
“that ‘little thing’ almost cost me my place here, so yes i still hate him” last year you had the unfortunate chance of meeting jungkook, he was in the middle of an argument with some guy and a girl in the middle of campus. you were about to walk right past when a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you. you couldn’t even utter a single word as jungkook placed an arm over your shoulder, uttering that you were his girlfriend. in that instant you hair was being pulled, the girl stood next to the guy jungkook was arguing with had a fist full of it as she dragged you around. it was a natural reaction for you to fight back, but that decision had you almost kicked of college.
“did you ever ask him why? maybe he had a good reason” you almost scoffed at this, it didn’t matter to you what his reasoning was, he pulled you into that mess without a single thought of the repercussions- to you? he was the devil
“i would rather not speak to him, then and now”
“ouch, iam almost hurt” the voice made you grimace as you turned in your chair to see the man in question staring down at you, stupid grin upon his face
“good, i’ll try harder next time” it annoyed you even more that he decided to take a seat next to you, taehyung eyeing the interaction carefully. jungkook was a lose canon, rumours around campus were that he got into fights all the time and could possibly even be in the mafia- obviously the latter wasn’t true.
“now why would you want to hurt me?” the grin on his face never left, pissing you off more. who even invited him to come over and join you?
“what do you want?” what was more frustrating then anything was since that incident last year, jungkook never left you alone. you didn’t know if was guilt from pulling you into the fight or it was if he got enjoyment out of pissing you off. you leaned towards the second explanation
“who’s says i want something? maybe i just want to look at your pretty face?” the sound of taehyung choking on his tea interrupted your snarky reply, jungkook patted his back as your friend let out a ‘thank you’ between his choking
“are you done now? don’t you have someone to go beat up or threaten?” jungkook looked at you with nothing but amusement behind his big eyes, truth was he found it entertaining to talk to you. on campus no one seemed to want to be within a two metre radius of him, of course he understood why. everyone by now has probably seen him in a fist fight with how often he managed to get into trouble, anyone who has been to a campus party for sure had seen him punch someone- it somehow happened everytime he went to one. so with that in mind, people avoided him and you were on that list but it was different with you. unlike anyone else, you talked harshly to him. he enjoyed bantering with you because you were the only one to actually talk back to him.
“hm maybe, but i’d much rather sit here with you” rolling your eyes you stand up, jungkook immediately following your actions like a little shadow.
“i would rather shove a pine cone up my ass then sit here with you”
“well if we’re shoving things up you-”
“don’t! even finish that sentence jeon” you seethe but the man only laughs, throwing his hands up in surrender. taehyung couldn’t even say a word as he watched on, he didn’t know how you had the balls to even talk to him. “iam going, see you around tae” with that you walked off, not even bothering to say goodbye to jungkook because of course he was already following you out of the cafe. he was persistent, you’ll give him that.
“why you walking so fast baby got somewhere to be?” he calls out, jogging slightly to catch up with you, which didn’t take him long
“yeah, far away from you” jungkook only chuckles as he walks next to you, the pair of you were oblivious to the fact that everyone was stepping out of the way to make sure there wasn’t a possibility of getting into jungkook’s path
“you’re too sweet” side eyeing him you fail to see a guy heading straight for you until he’s bumped into your shoulder, halting your walking as your hand flies to where his body hit yours “hey!” jungkook had the mystery man in his grasp so fast you don’t know how he did it. his hands held on tight to the mans shirt and the fear was evident in the strangers eyes once he saw who was holding onto him “watch where you’re fucking going motherfucker!” you were very much aware of the eyes staring at the scene unfolding, you felt sorry for the poor guy in jungkook’s grip.
“iam sorry i-”
“why you apologising to me you stupid fuck? you hit into her!” god you were getting so embarrassed, the guy only bumped into you by mistake jungkook was acting like the man punched you square in the face. although you had to admit you heart picked up a little at his defence of you
“jungkook! enough!” he gave the guy a final look before pushing him away and as soon as he did you stalked away, not wanting to be anywhere near the scene. you could hear the stomps of the boots jungkook was wearing as he ran to catch up
“you okay?” you huff, ignoring him, as you continue walking “iam being serious” suddenly he’s holding onto your wrist, preventing you from walking “stop being stubborn and tell me if your hurt y/n” for a moment, as you turn to him, you see a look in his eyes, concern?
“iam fine jungkook stop being dramatic” the man nodded, content with your answer as he lets go of your wrist and places his hands upon your shoulders as he looks over you. standing there you grow annoyed as it seems he’s checking you over, you really couldn’t deal with how dramatic he was being. “happy? because iam leaving now” with that you walk off and this time he doesn’t follow
“see you around sweetheart!” you groan as you hear him shout across the campus yard, a bunch of eyes once again staring out you.
Tumblr media
“y/n i need you!” you sigh deeply as you listen to taehyung’s wails down the phone. of course he was calling you at 3am, obviously at that party he invited you to the day prior. really you couldn’t be surprised, this happened everytime but normally it happened earlier on in the night.
“where iam i getting you from this time tae?” all you could hear down the line was a bunch of muffled noise and chatter, but you stayed calm waiting for his reply
“jimin’s place p-please come get me” you almost wanted to laugh at his slurring but you just told him you were on your way, knowing exactly where jimin lived. he was known for his parties, always hosting one at least once a week. with a short five minute drive later you pulled up to your destination, the sight of your best friend hunched over on the sidewalk outside the house was what greeted you. chuckling, you turned off the engine and took off your belt before getting out the car. the sound of the door shutting alerted him and he looks up slowly
“y/n! thank god how did you know i was here?!” crossing your arms you looked down at him, amused at just how drunk he had gotten himself this time
“iam psychic now come on, let’s get you home” with that you bent down to wrap his arm around your shoulders but as you try to stand he doesn’t budge leaving you to fall back onto your ass “don’t fucking dead weight me tae” you huff going to lift him again but were surprised how easily he lifted this time
“need some help?” the voice made you look up quickly, seeing jungkook holding your friends other arm- thats why he was easy to lift
“not from you” you managed to get out as taehyung began to stumble around, honestly you didn’t know why you were being so hostile he was only trying to help. but it was jungkook after all, the pure sight of him just irked you.
“now was that a very nice thing to say?” before you can say anything back, suddenly jungkook has taehyung in firman lift, making you stumble for balance. “this your car right?” he asks already walking over to it, quickly you open a rear door before jungkook places taehyung back on his carefully before guiding him into the back seat. closing the door he now turns to face you, smile big upon his lips. “now you owe me favour” you look up at him, narrowing your eyes.
“i certainly do not”
“hm but you do. i just helped you so, you owe me.” you retract your head slightly when he leans down to your height to whisper “i’ll be in touch” a shiver ran down your spine as you felt his breath on your lips and you pushed him away by his chest, he barely moved but took a step anyway. “always so feisty” shaking your head you walk past him to get into the drivers seat, making sure to slam the door as you get in. you start the engine and immediately drive off, not wanting to be anywhere near jungkook. you take a quick glimpse into the mirror to see him stood there, watching your car drive off.
“y/n iam gonna be sick” taehyung’s drunk mumbling pulls you from your thoughts and you groan before reaching into your passenger seat to hand him a bowl you bought with you.
“get any on the seats and you’re dead” the bowl is snatched from your hand and immediately you hear him heaving into the bowl making you grimace. “and you wonder why i don’t go to parties” you grumble but he only continues to throw up into the bowl making you slow down the speed of the car, driving extra carefully to make sure he didn’t miss and start being sick everywhere.
Tumblr media
“head hurting?” you looked at your best friend from across the cafe table, wanting to laugh at how ridiculous he looked. he sported a pair of shades despite the fact you were inside and his hood was covering his head.
“what do you think?” this time you did laugh, this was your treat after the hell he put you through each weekend. seeing him hungover made any trouble he put you through the night before worth it
“i inspected my car this morning, no sick so you’re safe- this time”
“yay” he lets out half heartedly and you chuckle at him, this was probably the worst you had ever seen him. you almost started to feel bad for him but remembering the smell you had to drive home in last night from the bowl of sick wipes that feeling away
“don’t forget the part i played” you closed your eyes briefly to take a deep breath as jungkook sat at the table once again, uninvited.
“you, played a part?” you couldn’t ld entirely see taehyung’s face but you could practically sense the embarrassment radiating from him
“well i did lift you into the car” looking properly at him now you see a few cuts decorating his face, clearly untreated.
“uh, thanks i guess” taehyung’s voice had an edge to his voice, like he was scared to utter a single word to jungkook in case he said something wrong.
“welcome, now sweetheart” you want to scoff at the pet name as he turns to face you “why so grouchy this morning?”
“could be something to do with your unwanted presence” the man only smiles at you, arms crossed as the leant upon the table
“now is that a way to talk to a friend?” you scowl at him, not in the mood to go back and forth with him even slightly after the lack of sleep you had
“you- are not my friend” jungkook places a hand over his heart and mocks pain while you look on, unamused
“iam just gonna go i need sleep” taehyung says making you look over at him “thanks again” he directs to jungkook before standing and leaving the cafe. you watch him go, annoyed he left you alone with jungkook
“then there were two” your eyes move back to him to be met with that annoying grin that he always seemed to be sporting. for some reason your attention goes back to the cuts on his cheeks, some were incredibly deep
“what the fuck happened to you, did you get beaten up?” the grin on his face falters slightly as one hand traces his face before he clears his throat
“why? worried about me baby?” you could see through the facade he was putting on, after a year of being annoyed by him you could just tell something was off
“you didn’t treat them did you?” this was weird territory for the pair of you, usually it was just him teasing you before leaving but now it was a real conversation and honestly you didn’t know why you were asking. but you just couldn’t help yourself, it would be upsetting to see anyone this way- right?
“didnt need to” he shrugs and his lack of care was worrying, how often had he been through something like this to just not be concerned?
“that is so stupid jungkook seriously” the look he gave you was something you’ve never seen before, the was no grin or anything. he was just staring at you, his eyes soft as he gazed at you. if this was concern you were showing him it was his first time, no one had every questioned him on his injuries after fighting in fact they probably didn’t care enough. “don’t be ignorant, if you fight you should at least take care of yourself afterwards” you didn’t wait for him to say anything else, standing you left immediately but were surprised he didn’t follow.
Tumblr media
“sweetheart about that favour” you jumped slightly at the sudden voice, jungkook appearing from seemingly no where to sit in front of you at the college library and placing his helmet onto the table
“please, take a seat jungkook” he only smiles at you, despite your sarcasm. he seemed a bit edgy about something, his legs were bouncing causing his body to shake a little
“y/n, i seriously need your help” you never seen him so panicked before, normally he was calm and collected but now- something was definitely wrong
“and why would i do that?” it irked you that jungkook was always appearing to piss you off, your constant hostility not being enough to get him to leave you alone. and now he was asking for your help, that certainly won’t be happening
“because this is serious and only you can help me” now this was different, he was usually the one bantering with you but now he was deadly serious. “look, you have to know that i can get rowdy and maybe fight every now and then-” a scoff comes from your throat at that understatement of the century but you stay quiet to let him continue “in order to graduate i need to get extra credit, the only thing i can do is join a club and they’ll only let me join if they think iam nice and approachable”
“impossible” you did interrupt this time and you do earn a small grin from jungkook but his serious look returns in a flash
“i asked the football coach what i need to do, he said i needed to make it clear that i’ve ditched getting into fights and- settled down” you raise an eyebrow, having no idea where he was leading his little speech to
“and where do i fit in?”
“right so, i told him i was dating someone- you to be exact” your jaw dropped open slightly, you wanted to shout but you were very aware that your were in a library. “happy first day together” he was so nonchalant, completely opposite to when he started the conversation. you sat in silence, just gaping at the man sat across from you in utter disbelief.
“iam going to murder you jeon jungkook”
“hey hey, is that anyway to talk to your boyfriend?” gritting your teeth together you glare at the boy sat in front of you “look i just need you to fake date me for a little while, no big deal” his bad boy persona was starting to really grate on you- although you weren’t entirely sure it was a persona
“no big deal?! iam done with this conversation” you began to pick your things but jungkook reached to grab your hands on the table which made you stop
“y/n please, i need to graduate” for the first time you see worry upon his face as he pleaded with you and strangely you felt- bad for him? god you felt so soft, usually you were stubborn and hard headed but with him there begging you it was hard to turn him down. you knew if you were on the brink of not graduating after putting in hard work that you’d beg anyone to help you
“i can’t believe iam saying this but, fine. despite your ways i don’t think i’ve ever seen you miss a day, you deserve to graduate” jungkook was thrown off, pulling his hands from the top of yours as he looks at you. that one sentence was probably the closest thing to a “well done” he’s ever received in his life and he was stunned.
“thank you, y/n seriously” you give him a slight nod before deflating in your chair, thinking about what you had just gotten yourself into. “now for rules” at this you raised an eyebrow, it had been less then a minute since you agreed to fake date him and he’s already throwing out orders? brilliant
“rules?” he leans back in his chair, the leather of his jacket making a noise as he does so.
“i need everyone on the campus to believe i’ve settled down, so i have rules to make sure it works” rollings your eyes you lean forward, getting more annoyed at him by each passing second
“you do know that iam doing you a favour right? no need to go all alpha male on me and throw around demands, i don’t have to do this”
“you already agreed, verbal contract blah blah blah, so- my rules” you huff, it’s like every word you speak to him goes in one ear and comes shooting out the other with no processing in the middle
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