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#jungkook drabbles
hueseok · a day ago
[ 01. ] A LOVER’S KISS.
Tumblr media
a friends with benefits relationship never ends on a good note. unless, both parties are not dumb fucks who find themselves falling for each other along the way of their agreement, of course.
and in yours and jeongguk’s case, you should have known better than to think the two of you would be an exception to the so-called curse of being friends with benefits with someone you already hold dear to you, since not even five months since it was agreed upon—the line between being only friends and being a little like lovers only continue to get hazier and hazier.
Tumblr media
━ jeongguk x reader ━ 1.2k words. ━ 18+ ━ smut | angst | fluff | friends with benefits au | idiots to lovers au | college au | yearning? pining? | ft. swimmer!jeongguk, editor-in-chief!reader (small appearances from swimmer!jimin & associate editor!taehyung) ━ warning/s: swearing | suggestive themes
note. no smut for this part, but i’m keeping the rating 18+ and have the smut label above since this drabble series overall isn’t suitable for minors !!
[ chapter index. ]
Tumblr media
MINISODE 01. the one with the hickey ! ( BEFORE EPISODE 01 + 2 MONTHS BEING FWB. )
Tumblr media
goeun stared at you intently, her eyes obviously and continuously flashing from your face down to your chest as you lifted the neckband of your shirt higher, your cheeks burning in embarrassment after being called out on the suspicious reddish mark just above your cleavage. you reasoned that it was seriously nothing, probably just a ‘spot that you scratched too hard earlier’—when anyone with two eyes and a functional brain could easily recognize it as fucking lovebite and not the stupid excuse you just used to cover up jeon jeongguk’s mistake.
the both of you met up earlier before your afternoon classes to do a literal quickie in one of the less visited restrooms in the college of business (yes, you two purposely picked that building to do the naughty at because neither of you were studying a major relating it), and while you were being fucked by jeongguk there in one of the cubicles—against the cubicle wall frankly—and he was trying hard to not make a sound by pressing his mouth against your chest, he might have accidentally kissed and sucked too harshly on your skin instead, thus resulting into a very obvious hickey that you weren’t able to conceal because for starters, jeongguk failed to mention its existence despite the mark being obvious as hell when you quickly parted ways because of a message by goeun herself saying the professor came to the lecture hall early.
you guessed that he might have done that because he knew you were going to scold him until his ears bled if ever he did confess, as it was pretty much established that no hickeys were allowed in this relationship of yours right from the beginning.
“you’re seeing someone right now, aren’t you?” goeun narrowed her eyes at you and you lifted your shirt’s collar up for the nth time in self-consciousness.
“no, no, i’m not.”
“no? you have a fucking love bite on your chest, ____.”
“it’s not a love bite, i told you, it’s just a—”
“oh my god, you should know better than to think i’m going to buy into whatever bullshit you’re feeding me at this moment,” she complained with a scoff, a laugh escaping you upon her words that made goeun slowly do the same though her suspicious expression was still there. “seriously, who is it?”
a shade of red conquered your cheeks but you remained to act cool, folding your arms against the table you two were occupying in this park before shrugging. “it’s no one.”
“is he hot?”
you lips twitched and goeun grinned, leaning towards you.
“he is, isn’t he?” she said. “how hot are we talking about here? on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hottest.”
“there’s really no winning with you, huh?”
“you can’t lie to me. i can see right through you.”
you snorted as you opened the bottle of chocolate milk you bought from the cafeteria, sipping.
“come on, just give me a number and i’ll shut up.”
“like you would.” you chuckled.
“____…” she grabbed your arm, wiggling it while she wiggled her whole body too in desperation. “who is it?”
“it’s no one.”
“no one my fucking ass.”
“i’m not seeing anyone, i swear!”
“then who gave you that hickey?”
“just…” you trailed, not managing to hold on the lie for too long, “just… just someone that, uh, like—”
“holy shit, are you telling me you hooked up with someone?”
“well, it’s kinda like that but—”
just as you were about to utter another and hopefully better white lie, the culprit himself, jeongguk, abruptly sat down on the vacant chair next to you, mumbling a soft ‘hey’ as a greeting and your attention along with goeun’s shifted to him; your features automatically morphed into annoyance, your lips pressing into a thin line, something that jeongguk immediately caught on when he glanced at you, causing him then to raise his eyebrows. “what?” he asked.
“____ is seeing someone,” goeun intervened before any of you could say the next word.
jeongguk shifted his eyes to goeun, looking shocked for a second. “what?”
“she has a fucking hickey on her chest,” goeun explained, her tone sounding like she just spilled the biggest tea in the world, leading you to groan. “i’d pull her shirt down at this moment to show you but i still have my conscience.”
“shut up. you’re a literal demon, eun—what conscience are you talking about?” you teased and she laughed with you, her hold still tight on your arm.
jeongguk, on the other hand, had the nerve to smirk, tongue slightly poking the inside of his cheek as he realized it was him who did that to you, his gaze subtly flickering down to your shirt to check which granted him a glimpse of that mentioned bruise the instance goeun shook your upper body again to convince you to tell her who gave you the love bite. he honestly couldn’t help but feel a bit turned on by the sight of it, maybe because this was the first time he ever got to mark you after the occasions you have been sleeping together for the past two months, the sudden image of you covered with hickeys popping inside his head resulting into him becoming a little horny again as well.
“just a scale of 1 to 10!” goeun persisted, never taking your silence or no for an answer. “at least tell me how hot this person was on a scale of 1 to 10.”
you unconsciously met jeongguk’s gaze, the guy grinning. “yeah, i’m getting curious now too on how hot this someone is for you to let him give you a hickey, ____.”
“i didn’t let him.” you glared at him, your insides stirring nonetheless at the hot and suggestive stare he was giving you.
“aha!” goeun pointed a finger at you. “so, you do admit that you hooked up with someone.”
“uh, no.”
“you’ll never hear it from me.”
“i feel betrayed right now, you know.”
“i don’t care. i’m going to take this to the grave.”
“for what? why the fuck sleep with someone and not tell me about it?”
“because i don’t fuck and tell, honey.” you claimed, snickering.
goeun continued to whine, listing out reasons why you should absolutely tell her—until finally, after 10 minutes or so, like a true miracle, her boyfriend showed up and distracted her from interrogating you further, hence why you also at long last had the opportunity to turn your head towards the irritating man beside you, jeongguk innocently biting onto the sandwich he was having as a snack this afternoon with that seemingly smug smile on his face, prompting you to kick him under the table so he could return your stare and give you the attention you wanted.
he raised his eyebrows in question. “what?” he hissed.
you bent your head closer to him so you could whisper your following words and be certain only he would hear it. “you’re banned from my hands, my mouth, my boobs, and most especially my pussy for a whole week, you got that?”
jeongguk almost spat his food out to shout in protest.
Tumblr media
note. surprise??? hehehe im gonna write shorter drabbles from time to time whenever inspiration hits :> oh and also, feel free to give me ideas for minisodes i could write in the future ! i can't promise i'll entertain all, but if i feel like the concept really screams the alk couple, then i might just do it 🤩
Tumblr media
taglist (1/2): @fan-ati--c @marknee @sexymenandcuteanimals101 @jiminisnotavirgin @joondala @afangirllikeme-blog @jxxvk @this-is-seriousbusinesz @swga-ficrecs @apollukee @bloopkook @jaerisdiction @thisartemisnevermisses @koolvrr @wearenot7withu @brilliantmoon7 @naturules @betysotelo18 @jinyoungie0922 @codeinebelle @minimoni7 @turquoiseandplaidinautumn @moonchild1 @taeshuworld @daydreambrliever @lilyflowerguk @rjsmochii @namjeonii @drownforryou @sugapiie @emeriroth @xius-exos @sw33tnight @lunaoceanchild @outropjmm @dojacandy @brit97 @abyjil @haruharux23 @haniiii @callmejimmeo @itsalyssa15 @hinawariinoue97 @libra04 @gukkmoans (striked means tumblr won’t let me tag them!)
Tumblr media
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rmverse · a month ago
jungkook and y/n go on a camping trip. jungkook forgets to bring a sleeping bag, so they have to squeeze into y/n's sleeping bag with them ❤️‍🔥
⇢ pairing: best friend!jungkook x reader ⇢ word count: 1.1k ⇢ warnings: tent sex !!!, unprotected sex, rough, a little spanking
Tumblr media
The realization dawned on him after it had already gotten completely dark and you had asked him to take the sleeping bags out of the car and put them in the tent while you packed some stuff away. He nervously looks at the sleeping bag that you had packed, eyes wide as he wracks his brain in search of a memory of him packing up his as well. Nope, not a single one.
He’s kinda wide eyed as he comes up to you, your sleeping back held to his chest, almost as if protecting himself from your upcoming wrath. You glance up from your phone, glance back down and then do a double take because he’s just standing there in front of you with a nervous smile.
“Jungkook,” you say warningly, locking your phone and putting it aside. “What did you do?”
“Literally, how hard is to just read the text I sent you of the list of things you need to bring? You didn’t even have to make a list, Jungkook,” you grumble, shifting in the tight space to make yourself comfortable next to him. “You just had to read it and check.”
“I already said I’m sorry, __,” he whines, shifting alongside you as well.
You weren’t really mad, you could never be actually mad at him. You were just…a bit nervous is all. Sharing a small sleeping bag with Jungkook was not on your to do list tonight, so you definitely weren’t mentally prepared to be pressed up against your hot as fuck best friend all throughout the next two nights of your small camping trip.
“Yeah, well, sorry’s won’t do you any good now, Jeon,” you huff, turning onto your back. “You’re stuck here with me.”
He shifts onto his side because his shoulders are too wide and it would be a tight fit for the both of you to lie on your back. God, why is he so close? His breath is hitting your face and it’s making you even more heated.
“I mean,” he murmurs. “’s not that bad.” He drapes an arm across your middle because there’s honestly nowhere else to put it, that’s what he tells himself. And there’s definitely no option but to press his front into your side. There’s nothing else he can do, he says to himself once again.
You glance at him out of the corner of your eyes, and you can tell that he’s looking at you. You really can’t handle looking his way, his face would be too close, so you slip your eyes shut with a soft ‘goodnight jungkook’.
It’s hot. It’s too hot. You don’t remember falling asleep at all, sleep suddenly overtook you. But you definitely don’t remember falling asleep like this. Not with you on your side, back to Jungkook, his front pressed flush to your body, and arms holding you so close to his body that there’s actually space left in the shared sleeping bag.
You kinda can’t breathe, lungs feeling like they’re running out of air, body extremely warm and overheated. And as if he can sense you, he shifts closer, tightens his arms, holds you tighter. His face buries itself into your hair and you feel like you’re on fucking cloud nine because your senses are overwhelmed with Jeon Jungkook.
You’re wide awake, unmoving, trying to figure out what the hell you were going to do and how the well you were supposed to go back to sleep with this god of a man clinging onto you like that. Until you feel it. It’s so gentle, barely there that you almost question your sanity for a second, but then it happens again. A small kiss pressed right to the base of your neck.
“J-jungkook?” Your voice is so low, a mere whisper, unsure if you were dreaming, or perhaps he was dreaming? But it happens again, this time firmer and it shoots tingles down your spine because it’s paired with a soft sigh breathed into your neck. His arms tighten once more.
“Fuck—fuck fuck fuck! Jungkook!”
It’s strange how things escalate. Jungkook forgot his sleeping back, you shared yours, he cuddled you in the middle of the night, kissed you on the neck twice, and now he’s fucking your brains out in the middle of nowhere. Bodies bare of any clothing, sweat glistening on your skin and making everything so slippery and sloppy. But you don’t care, he’s fucking you so good that you don’t care about anything at all. Nothing but his cock hitting places so deep inside of you that you’re crying out into the stuffy air of the tent.
“Shittt baby,” he groans. He spreads your thighs farther, tattooed hand gripping your thigh so tight it kind of hurts but in the most delicious way. “Wanted to fuck you for so—fuck—for so long.”
You cry out, eyes rolling back as his hips smack harshly against yours, bodies connecting loudly and creating the lewdest noises. He’s going hard, not holding back one bit. He looks like a starved man, drenched in sweat, hair matted down. You can’t see him very clearly, but just the silhouette of his body moving on top of yours is enough to have you gushing even more.
“Harder—ngh fuck harder! Oh—”
He’s got you on your hands and knees in a split second, strong palm colliding with your ass so harshly it has you jolting forward, but he’s pulling you back once again and sliding into you with so much ease it’s embarrassing. “Fuck yeah,” you cry out, back arching even more to stick your ass out further, face pressed down into the sleeping bag. “Yes! Don’t—don’t stop! Oh god please—”
Palms planted firmly into the ground on either side of your face, you watch his tattooed hand crumple the material of the sleeping bag in his fingers tightly as he slams his hips into your ass, cock drilling into your cunt so hard and so deep you’re sobbing out a broken cry. He fucks you so good, fucks you for who knows how long, grips your hair and spanks you repeatedly. Roughs you up so good and fucks you stupid. He has your tears slipping down as you drool onto the material of your sleeping bag as he jackhammers into you, rough hand stuffing itself beneath your body to rub your clit to push you over the edge.
He’s got you lying limp and shaking by the end of it, cradling your body into his arms and maneuvering you so that you’re lying half on top of him, eyes droopy as sleepiness is quick to make its way into your system once again while you cuddle up into him. You gather as much energy to say one last thing before your eyes slip shut.
“You better not have left your sleeping bag on purpose or I’ll kick your ass, Jeon.”
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lavishedinjimin · 9 months ago
kinky hours masterlist
Tumblr media
— all drabbles are 18+. for adults, by adults, about adults. all are for f.readers!
— do not repost anywhere outside of tumblr. 
Tumblr media
rules before sending a request 
mean daddy jk denies sub!reader of his touch/name-calling/degradation
OC asks for kisses during sex and jk finds it adorable
stressed jk getting pissed off at OC’s attitude/manhandling/ball gag
crybaby™ jk x reader/ jk licking the tears off of OC’s cheeks
criminal!jk x officer!reader/kidnapped/imagine butter era jk’s concept photo vr.2
brat tamer jungkook/punishes reader for being a spoiled brat lol
sub!jungkook is tied up/giving him oral/tracing his arm tats with your tongue
ex-bf jungkook/argument turns into hate sex/reader cheated on namjoon lmao
hand kink/making origamis with daddy!jk/gagging
single dad jk/apologizing that he fucked you too hard/babysitter reader
crybaby™ jk x reader but OC uses her safeword
daddy jk takes care of you after not having sex for weeks
he finds out that you’re a Little/daddy!jk
cumming inside you without protection/creampie kink
eating you out with whipped cream
dom!jk/dirty talk/window sex
reader squirts and jungkook’s “give me more”
atgggth™ jk/eating pussy/whiny reader
jk fucks you while standing
spitting in mouth/overwhelmed reader
dom!jk/bratty reader
crybaby!jk/anal play with sub reader/ddlg 
jungkook finding your moans adorable
softdom!jk/rainy ambience/dirty talk/cuddling 
chubby reader/rough sex/praise
horny jk comes home while you’re cooking
crybaby™ jk/reader wearing cat ears and tail
riding jk’s thigh while spooning
overstimulation/clit torture/squirting
dom!jk pinning you down as he fucks you
daddy jk and his corruption kink
soft jk but reader wants it harder, hmmppp >:(
clit overstim/tied to the bed
hard dom jk/rough sex/jk fucks reader ‘inhumanly fast’...haha
passionate sex/lotus position
jk fucks reader gently and deeply™
ddlg/first time riding dom!jk/praise
blowjob while on the phone/punishment/degradration/jk meanie 
hard dom!jk/humiliation/subspace/big dick jk haha
reader does jk’s makeup as she rides his cock
daddy!jk/small reader/praise kink/size kink/wearing his baggy shirt
daddy!jk is handcuffed to the bed by babygirl  
dom!jk is jealous so he gives you hickeys
slapping/spitting in reader’s mouth/degradation/rough/choking
jk catches reader humping her pillow with his jumper on
punk jk fucks reader on her parents’ bed
crybaby™ jk and his love for eating pussy/spitting/descriptive
thigh riding/degradation/choking/spanking/hair pulling/whatever
overstimulation/reader tells jk to stop but he doesn’t listen
cockwarming/”move and i’ll take my fucking cock out of you”
punishing you in front of the members/degradation
dom jk fucks you mercilessly in front of a mirror/rough
having your first time with dom!jk
jk comes home to reader fucking herself/punishment/size kink/daddy
fucking you roughly while the members are around
dom jk/cocky jungkook energy/slow down by chase atlantic/descriptive
cockwarming :D
punishing you after you came without his permission
reader says she’s ‘too heavy’ but jk proves her wrong/against the wall
jungkook trying his spanking kink out on you
holding your thighs while he eats your cunt
dom!jk manhandles reader/virgin kink
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
crybaby™ jk/reader got her nipples pierced/descriptive
testing out his pain kink on you/face slapping/biting/choking
taehyung finding the wet squelching noises cute iykyk 
bad boy™ tae gives you hickeys in public/possessive tae
dom!tae/mutual masturbation/voyeurism
werewolf!tae asking you to run because you disobeyed him
lactation kink/slight mommy kink
pushing your head against a pillow bc you’re too loud
sweet hot tub sex
taehyung uses his ties to play with you
reader cheats on jk while fucking taehyung
mutual masturbation but ends up fucking anyway lol
ddlg taehyung/size kink
bad boy™ taehyung teachers reader how to blow
the start of bad boy™ tae x young reader ;)
movie date with a remote control vibrator/dirty talk
dom!tae/nipple play/hand kink
tae fucks you while you’re asleep/spooning
ddlg/tae is jealous of you spending your time with other guys
cockwarming while he’s gaming
soft dom!tae/praise kink
bratty reader/rough/pissed from all the dating rumors
tae makes you wear a ball gag
taehyung fucks you in a pool
getting heated with tae in the pool
ceo!taehyung/secret relationship/some spanking
fucking you sensually while Singularity plays in the background
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
bisexual reader/jimin gets jealous from you fangirling over a female idol
jimin getting on his knees/you’re standing during oral
dom!jimin corruption kink/condescension/jimin and his kendo agenda
jimin edges you with a bluetooth vibrator in public 
making fun of jimin’s small hands until he shuts you up 
cockwarming with jimin while he works out
jimin releasing his pent-up stress on you
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
softdom!jimin/swallowing his spit/praise kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
truth or dare/bts taunting jimin that he can’t make his gf cum
softdom!jimin/cocky/reader says he’s the biggest she’s ever had
softdom!jimin/readers sits on his lap and he bounces her up and down
dom!jimin/use of vibrator/edging/denial/squirting
jimin and his corruption kink/small!reader
jimin makes you sit on his face for being bratty
controlling your vibrating panties at dinner
hard dom!hobi/pissed off that you accidentally said his name instead of ‘daddy’ during sex
hobi getting annoyed that you keep moving during oral
werewolf hoseok in heat/mentions of impreg/slight blood mentions
tattooed hobi x curvy reader/praise kink/loving degradation
daddy hoseok/trying to get his attention while he’s on the phone
softdom!hobi/fucking you in front of the practice room’s mirror
masochistic hobi punishing reader
namjoon discovering your pinterest board full of kinky shit
wolf namjoon x bunny hybrid reader/bunny gets lost in the forest o_o
dom!namjoon uses a spreader bar on you/squirting/degradation
giving joon oral under the desk bc he’s stressed from working
dom!namjoon x sub!reader x dom!yoongi/spitting kink/spanking
daddy namjoon fucks you while you’re both high/marijuana intake
namjoon spits in your mouth/wall fucking
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
namjoon and creampie... yum
namjoon punishing reader/overstim/degradation
softdom!namjoon/size kink!!
daddy!joon babies reader to be intimate with him 
edging with joonie and his babygirl
sucking him off while he’s on vlive
servant namjoon x princess reader/bending her over the desk
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
butt play wohoo/no peneration/just thumb on butthole typa’ thing
PUBLIC. BUS. SEX./cockwarming & grinding/slight exhibitionism/honestly this is just so hot
distracted by his hands/fingering you against his piano/hand kink
sitting on yoongi’s face + overstim
pet play/kitten play with yoongi
innocent s/o never masturbated before/virgin reader/size kink
dom!yoongi x sub!reader x dom!namjoon/spitting kink/spanking
breeding kink/pregnancy kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
hard dom yoongi
hand kink omfg
dom!yoongi/bondage/using a dildo on you
yoongi shows off his tongue technology/cunnilingus 
reader wears vibrating panties in public
seokjin ruining your orgasm/putting the vibrator inside your panties
yoga with seokjin/ahh yes, the downward dog/cunnilingus
dom!seokjin fucking you in front of a mirror
ball worship!!
lactation kink with seokjin aaahhhh
teasing seokjin until he snaps/big cock seokjin agenda
dry humping/cumming in his pants
daddy seokjin takes care of you after weeks of not having sex
asking jin if he can choke you
Tumblr media
— since 2020.
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moonchild1 · 2 months ago
jeon jungkook fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hi guys here's a list of all my favourite jungkook fics I hope you enjoy them, please show your love and support to these amazing writers and their blogs 🖤🖤 just so you know majority of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed please, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff
learn to love by @knjoodles f a (teacher jk single parent au)
thinning thread by @flowerwrites06 s a (marriage au)
other half by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (roommates to friends with benefits au)
forever doesn't exist by @jeonstheticcc Angst (break up au)
anima meaology by @arckook f a (soulmate au) ft. Taehyung
have a nice day by @lookingforluna s (doctor au established relationship au)
how many drinks? by @xpeachesncream f s a (best friends au college au)
come here I'm your paradise by @borathae f s (honeymoon au)
killing me softly with his touch by @borathae f
different paths by @taehyungiejiminie95 f a (dad au)
in the frosty air by @gukyi f a (roommate au)
the art of the rom-com by @gukyi f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
Aim for the heart by @writemywaytoyourheart f a (hitman jk)
matching hearts by @arcticguk f a (exes au)
boys tears by @arcticguk f a (fuck boy au college au frenemies to lovers frat boy au)
pretty savage by @jimidol s (CEO JK CEO Tae assistant oc) ft. Taehyung
re: untitled by @to-star-lake a (ceo jk arranged marriage au)
soft skin by @namjoonchronicles f (date night domestic au)
new rules by @tayegi s a (fratboy jk)
now to forever by @aiimaginesbts f a (exes au)
Wherever there is you by @jeonstudios f a (marriage au)
glimpse by @sushivrs a (exes au idol au)
worth the wait by @sketchguk f s a (strangers to lovers au college au)
backstage quickies by @btsqualityy s (idol au)
you've got mail by @minyoongijjangjjangmanboongboong f a (exes to lovers au)
just friends by @kinktae s a (best friends au)
May 31 by @jeonjeonggukenergy f s (roommate au)
photographs by @honeyedhoseok f a
night apple is poison apple by @helvonasche f s a (childhood best friend au)
leave your name by @craztextae s (90's throwback au)
the wedding date by @jjungkookislife f s a (fake dating au)
come again and again by @jjungkookislife s (established relationship au)
waste it on me by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (enemies to lovers au rock band au)
Lucky one by @sparklingchim s (established relationship au)
Laundry love by @hisunshiine s (neighbour au)
awkwardly in love by @strawberrynamjoon f (friends to lovers au)
amateur dance by @eternally-writing f s (boyfriend au)
Can't be without you by @ahundredtimesover f s a (best friends au underground fighter jk)
caught in a web by @gukptune f s (spiderman au)
tangled thoughts by @mimikookie a (spiderman au exes to lovers au)
And if I did? by @mimikookie f s (spiderman au established relationship au)
To have known you by @mimikookie f (spiderman au established relationship au)
Patch me up by @adoringjjk f a (spiderman au reporter reader)
catch me by @taetortotss (spiderman au)
Arachne-boy by @kinktae (spiderman au friends to lovers au)
Tangled web by @ughseoks f a (spiderman au soulmate au)
call me jungkook by @ughseoks f a (spiderman au)
all webbed up by @ughseoks s (spiderman au boyfriend au)
I love so I let go by @yukheii (spiderman au friends to lovers au)
webslinger by @lemon-boy-stan a (spiderman au boyfriend au)
↬remember I mentioned that spidey jungkook phase I went through :) ... honestly I'm still going through it so if you know of any marvel au's with the members or jungkook spiderman au's please share them I would love to read it ♡
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solarwonux · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
59.  “I’m still sore from last night.”
Tumblr media
single dad!jungkook x f!reader
w.c: 2.3k
warnings: fluff, non-penetrative unprotected sex. Jungkook thinks too much lol.
note: hello, first and foremost, THANK YOU FOR 1K. I’m over the moon honestly, I found out while I was on my mini vacation and it just made it 10x better so thank you so much. Anyway, I hope you like this one, it was so much fun to write, let me know your thoughts. Send me a prompt or two if you’d like. hehe <3
Tumblr media
The single ray of light peeked through the slit of Jungkook’s dark curtains, making his eyelids flutter open in discomfort. He sat up on his elbows, looking over at your splayed-out body occupying the usual empty spot next to him. Arm lying lazily around his midriff and leg wrapped around his waist. In a poor attempt to hold him hostage. He could easily slip out without waking you up, but this was a rare sight for him. You in his bed, hair messily fanning out against his dark pillows, and his sheets hanging off your naked body. Your skin glowing under the peeking sun rays of the morning sun, painting tiny sunspots all over your body. 
It was a rare sight for him because you rarely stayed over, and he wanted to revel in the quiet and still moment as much as he could. As much as you allowed him to do so. Before you woke up panicking peeling your limbs away from his body in a frantic sleepy search for your clothes that occupied every inch of his one-bedroom loft.
He was outgrowing it in every sense of the word. Last week he had to replace the crib in the far with a twin-sized bed, leaving little room to comfortably move around it. It had been proven to him last night when you accidentally bumped your knee into the corner of his daughter’s bed while you helped him clean up his place, while she was away at her grandparents for the weekend. 
It was why you had shamelessly decided to stay over. It was why he was able to wake up next to you. Why he was contemplating on waking you up so the two of you could hunt for apartments together. Why he had been turning the same sentences over in his head, looking for the right way to ask you to move in with him. To marry him. Would asking the two questions side by side be too overwhelming, or will knocking two birds with one stone be the right thing to do?
He didn’t know, this was all new to him. Haneul’s mother didn’t want her, didn’t love her and left her to him before disappearing without a trace. You were the first person he called when he arrived at the hospital to pick her up. Having his daughter in his arms, a daughter he had no idea he had until that morning, was terrifying and in the midst of his breakdown, he dialed your number. You were his best friend back then, now you were his girlfriend and the only mother Haneul had ever and will ever know. He wanted everything to be official but he didn’t know how or if he should.
Frustrated, he lays down again, running his hand down his torso until it reaches your hand. He walks his fingers up your arm in a ghostlike matter, while humming quietly, contemplating the ever-present questions that he always found himself swallowing. It was never the right time, but the right time never seemed to come, so maybe he should just blurt it out and then hide away. 
“Good morning,” you croak, sleep still present in your voice. A smile creeps onto Jungkook’s face, his thoughts fleeting to hide in the back of his mind again. He turns to face you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close. 
“Good morning my beautiful girlfriend.” He hums leaving a gentle kiss on the tip of your nose before burying his head in your neck. You smelled like green tea and white sage; the scent of your body lotion and him. It made him feel calm. Though if he were to ever express that thought out loud you would just say that it was the work of your stress-free body lotion. But no, you smelled, felt like home to him and it made him feel calm. 
You twinkle your fingers down his bare back, the gnawing emptiness in the pit of your stomach returns. Your alone time with him was coming to an end and you hated it. “I have to get up, I have to go.” You whisper, planting a gentle kiss on the crown of his head. 
Jungkook makes a disappointed sound, tightening his hold around you. “No five more minutes.” He whines kissing down your neck and lifts his head. A smug smile painting his beautiful features. “I can convince you to stay.” He quirks a brow, rolling his hips into yours. 
“Babe.” You place a hand on his chest, your head hitting his pillow again, as the pleasure overtakes your body. “I-I can’t, I’m still sore from last night.” You breathe out as he grinds his half-hard cock against you. 
He hums, chest swelling up in disgusting testosterone-filled pride. He knows he rocked your world a few times last night. Still remembers how he had you screaming louder than usual underneath him, enough to have his neighbors banging furiously against his wall. “We don’t have to go all the way, we can just stay like this.” He whispers, kissing your temple, grinding his hips against yours experimentally. It was slow and careful. He didn’t want to work himself up to full mast without your verbal agreement. Jungkook always respected your boundaries and he knew your body better than anyone you had allowed to touch you in the past. So, if you were to tell him no as much as he wanted you not to he would stop without a complaint ever leaving his lips. 
You smile and push him down, straddling him. “Okay but relax, I could literally hear you thinking while I was still sleeping.” You roll your hips, your clit brushing against the tip of his fired-up cock.
He lets out a pleasure-filled sigh, resting his hands on your ass, “I got a lot to think about.” He winks before moving up his bed resting his back against the headboard of his bed, your chest now against his. “Keep going, I want to paint your pretty lips with my cum.” He mumbles kissing your cheek. 
“For a dad, you’re always horny. I thought having a kid would kill your sexual prowess.” You sigh running your wet pussy over his cock harder, your lips fluttering around him, ready to take him in fully. 
He laughs, bucking his hips against yours, a whimper falling out of your lips. “It did at first, remember?” He hisses when your clit brushes up against his angry head again. He wants to be inside you so badly, but he knows he’s already pushing it just with this, though, he can’t complain. When it comes to you, everything was euphoric. 
You nod, looking down at him with hooded lust-filled eyes, resting your palms against his shoulders to use him as leverage to go faster. “Y-Yeah, you couldn’t get it up for the longest time, now I swear, f-fuck, it doesn’t stay down.” You rest your forehead against his. 
Jungkook moves his hand between your bodies, his thumb on your clit, rubbing slow careful circles, making you jolt. “I can’t help it, you’re so sexy, everything you do is sexy.” 
“Mmm, don’t stop please.” You arch your back, your hard nipples brushing against his. The bars decorating them still catch you off guard. They had been an on the whim decision back in college during a particularly stressful finals week. You had held his hand throughout the entire piercing process and wiped away his tears as he made you swear not to tell anyone he cried in pain and came in his pants all at the same time. You did and have kept his secret ever since. Now using the ladder against him during sex.
He rubbed your clit fast, his cock trapped between the wet lips of your pussy, quiet pants falling out of chapped lips. The pleasure was building fast against the pit of your stomach, “I’m close baby, are you?” 
Jungkook hummed, grabbing hold of your hips and rolling them against him. The change of rhythm was much more intimate and arousing. There was no space between the two of you, your clit was brushing against the short course hairs against his mound, and it was driving you insane.
“Yes, baby, do you want me to pull away?” 
“No, no want to feel you close Kook.” You threw your head back, pulling on his hair, letting your desperate need take over your body. 
Jungkook moaned your name silently, moving your hips faster chasing both of your highs, “Gonna let me cum on you my sweet girl, gonna let me paint you with my cum. God, I wish I could fuck it into you after, but we can stop here, just let go please.” He bit down on your neck, making you arch your back. 
“Oh my-, I’m cumming Jungkook f-fuck.” You whimpered, letting your orgasm take over, moving your pussy harder against his cock, riding out your high. You looked so beautiful and fucked out, the image burning brightly inside the corner of his brain that kept all the dirty versions of you. Your swollen clit rubs over him one last time before he’s cumming. Hot sputters of his sticky white essence coating your cunt and his abdomen, your eyes wide as you watch him spill himself all over you, the immorality of it all, enough to get you going again if you could. 
“That was sexy.” Jungkook pants, making you roll your eyes. He leaves a delicate kiss against your collar bone before looking at you with soft doe pleading eyes. You never understood how he could have the dirtiest things spewing out of his mouth one second and the next he’s looking at you the same way Haneul does whenever she wants a chocolate bar before dinner. “Did I convince you to stay longer?” 
“Yes, but I might consider it more if you tell me what’s been bothering you since yesterday.” You tilt your head and stand up. Jungkook blushes when he truly assesses the mess the two of you had made, making his cock twitch at the sight. “Join me in the shower?” 
“Wait.” He wraps his fingers around your wrist and pulls you down on his lap again. “Not yet, wait a while please.” 
“Jungkook as much as I wanted to be covered in your cum, it’s a little gross to just stay here cuddling.” You pout, running your hands through his hair pushing his dark bangs back. 
“I know but,” he chews on his bottom lip, the questions from earlier return and he wonders if this is the right time. You sitting on his lap covered in his cum, or if he should wait until after the two of you have showered. This was truly driving him crazy and there was no way to hide from you because you knew him better than anyone else in this entire world.
“Babe, you're thinking again and loud. What’s wrong?” You run your index finger down the side of his, tracing the tiny minuscule freckles on his cheek connecting them. 
“This is so hard, I don’t know how to just ask you to marry me and move in with me. It’s been driving me up the wall for like two weeks now. And like I don’t even have the ring yet, because it’s still being made, but they told me it would take only two weeks and it’s been a month because they’re backed up but that’s okay because they're short on staff. But I wish I had everything with me because I want everything to be perfect, you deserve perfect always and fuck, I-I just want you here forever by my side. By Haneul’s side because you make us complete and god, I don’t know how to ask you.”
There was a brief silence before you’re bending over laughing against his chest. Jungkook is left there sitting dazed and confused holding you as you laughed against him. Did he say something funny?
“Jungkook, I think you just asked me?” You lift your head, placing a hand against your chest trying to calm your nervous laughter and the pounding over your heart. 
“Fuck,” he hits the palm of his hand with his forehead, his neck flushing red from embarrassment. “I didn’t want to ask you like that please, just forget about it.” He pleads sadly, tears brimming in the corner of his eyes. He wants the ground to swallow him whole. 
“I don’t want you to.” You say stubbornly wrapping your arms around his neck, “and I want to say yes I will move in and marry you, will you let me?” Your fingers play with the hair resting on the back of his neck making him shiver. 
He’s looking at you wide-eyed and in shock, “are you sure? We can forget about it and I can ask you when we’re not covered in cum and I have everything. I’ll even write a speech.” He says fast, his heart beating hard against his chest, threatening to fall out. The only other time he’s felt this way was when he held Haneul in his arms for the first time ever. 
You shake your head, pecking his lips softly, scrunching your nose, remembering that two of you still hadn’t brushed your teeth yet. “I don’t want a do-over, this was perfect, I mean I still want my ring so I can show it off, but this was perfect. It was us.”  
He lets out a sigh of relief, his shoulders falling forward, letting the tension leave his body. He was stressed out for no reason. “I love you so much,” 
“I love you, now can we shower?” 
“Yes, and then we can get breakfast and pick up Haneul together?” 
“Sounds like a dream come true.”
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bimbo-jk · 2 months ago
make you cry | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: ‘bleed you dry’ couple trope
word count: 900+ (drabble)
nsfw warnings: kook is mean, not like “oh that’s cute :(“ no i mean like he’s MEAN okay?, not angsty mean cause he still loves reader but!!!!, slapping, spitting, tit worship!!! (titty biting lol), creampie whew, he’s so aggressive :(, meanie but loving koo, grr biting bite bite, kook literally has a filthy mouth, dirty talk!!!, shocked reader cause????, kook gets angry? yeah:(, um hand holding tho, and!!!! a very angry next door neighbor! whew
release date: 06/30/2021
Author’s Note: The warnings are 100% there. Please proceed with caution. Kook is extremely mean and says very nasty things to the reader. If you cannot handle that, do not read! Also you can blame about 75-80% of this story idea on Ave ( @jjkficrecs )! Thank her and give her a follow!
Summary: One night, after you get home from work, you decide to discuss with Jeongguk about something new you want to try; him being mean. At first he’s totally against it and confused, but then when you ask him so prettily, how can he refuse?
Tagging: @venusiangguk , @jjkficrecs (AVE ITS HERE) , @mercurygguk
Tumblr media
Pushing your key into the lock of your shared apartment, the bubbling anxiety in your stomach has done nothing but build. Picking up an extra shift at work, you expected the increase in tasks to distract you from the inappropriate thoughts that have been clouding your mind recently, yet here you are, lump in your throat and shaky.
The door opens slowly and you step inside, teeth worrying your bottom lip as you hear Jeongguk in the living room, sounds like he’s gaming.
Kicking your shoes off and setting them on the mat next to the door, you pad softly into your home, soft smile on your lips when he hears you.
“Baby, you’re home”, his voice is tender, soft. You melt at it.
“Hey, Koo”, and he’s off the couch and in front of you in seconds.
His arms wrap around your smaller frame, lifting you off the hardwood floors and spinning your body around in giddiness.
But you don’t quite match his excitement, and he notices.
“Baby? What’s wrong?”, your boyfriend’s voice is gentle but firm, he’s worried.
His hands travel from your lower back to your shoulders, holding you at arms length away.
Jeongguk can see the way you’re about to tell off your thoughts, and before you can, he interrupts you.
“Tell me”, he mumbles, face serious.
At his prying, you give in, stomach rumbling in anxiety once more.
“I’ve just been thinking”, you mutter out. “About?”
Sighing half heartedly, you drop your gaze to between his feet, staring at the floorboards.
“Two weeks ago, during our movie night”, you start, trying to find the words. Jeongguk watches your expression quietly. “When we got… intimate. You were very.. mean?”, you test the word out, fingers fiddling with the hem of your work shirt.
You feel your boyfriend stiffen so you rush to continue. “I liked it! It made me feel.. good.. I.”, you inhale sharply before just getting it over with. “I was wondering if we could try it again. If you’d be meaner to me”.
A breathless chuckle falls from Jeongguk’s nose as he coos, “All this because my pretty girl wants me to be mean to her?”, it sounds like he’s mocking you and the condescending tone sends a rush of wetness to your panties.
Tenderly, Jeongguk cups your cheek and brushes his thumb over the bone, “You sure you want this, kitty?”, the question is mostly in his eyes.
You give him the only reassurance he needs.
As his thumb approaches your lips, they part, spreading to let him in. The digit traces your plump bottom lip before you slip your tongue out, wrapping it around the tip of his finger.
And just as you had planned, something inside Jeongguk flips. His eyes darken as they drop to watch the show you put on.
His hand comes away and delivers a light slap to your face, and you mewl. A tattooed hand snakes up your neck and into your hair, yanking your head backwards with the firm grip he has on your roots.
“You asked for it”, he murmured.
Before you can question him, you’re in your shared bedroom, on your back with your clothes stripped off.
Jeongguk strokes his cock behind you, already half hard from the little show you pulled in the living room.
“I assume you don’t need much prep, I can see how wet your cunt is from here. You’re such a little slut”, his voice is thick, aroused.
You chance a look back and yelp as a harsh slap is delivered to your cunt, “Eyes forward”, he murmurs.
The bed dips as Jeongguk hovers over you, slapping his cock against your ass.
Yanking your hips up off the mattress, he puts two pillows underneath them and positioning your back down into an arch.
In this position, Jeongguk presses the head of his cock against your cunt, rubbing the tip through your folds before he finally slides home, stretching your cunt apart and stuffing you to the brim. The pace starts off slow but quickly builds to something primal.
You said you wanted mean.
Drool pools on your tongue as your eyes roll back into your head, cheek pressed into the pillows and hands balled into the sheets, gripping on for dear life.
The pillows beneath your hips doing little to stop the squirming, one specific thrust from the larger form forcing a cry from your kiss swollen lips. “Fu-ck please, slow- down-!”, your voice breaks towards the end, cunt slick with wetness as it’s fucked open.
A breathless chuckle falls from Jeongguk’s lips, his forearms tensing on each side of the smaller frame writhing below him, hair swinging in front of his face as he fucks like an animal, stuffing the poor girl beneath him as you cry and beg for mercy.
“Pretty kitty”, he coos, slowing down to a deep grind, sitting up on his haunches and grabbing handfuls of your ass, squeezing the meaty flesh before delivering a firm slap to one, the ripple delicious. “Begging for cock but can’t even take me, you’re crying, baby”, he’s feeling mean as he looks down at the battered cunt wrapped so tightly around his fat cock, a few tears on your face when his dark gaze flickers back upward.
“Stupid little girl wants to be thrown around but can’t handle getting fucked like the little slut they are, aww”, he mocks against your ear, teeth grazing against the marks on your neck and jaw, a warning of who you truly belong to.
Your cries cease when Jeongguk’s hands find your waist, flipping you over until you’re pinned below him, one leg on his shoulder and the other around his waist.
Barely getting the chance to bitch about the sudden position change, he’s pushing his cock back inside of you, pushing until his heavy cock is snug into your walls, tip pressed against your g-spot.
“So squirmy and whiny, shut the fuck up and take my cock like you were made to, hm?”, he mutters, your lupine whimpers echoing throughout the room as he starts his brutal pace again, bulge against your lower tummy prominent.
Making the mistake of letting your eyes flutter shut, a firm slap echoes throughout the room, a warning to keep them open . “Keep those fucking eyes on me. Watch me use you and take your cunt for myself, cock slut.”, he sneers down at her, eyes staring straight into her own.
So you watch, cunt full of cock, mouth full of drool, and hand around your throat.
Jeongguk’s hand drops down to toy at your clit, rubbing circles into the bud and your mind blanks, eyes rolling back into your head.
The headboard knocks against the wall and your next door neighbor hits the wall back.
Jeongguk takes that as a challenge.
Hands grab at your plush tits, slapping them around and pulling at the nipples, “I need you to be louder for me, kitty”, he growls.
You’re already loud, hands searching at anything to hold on too and ground yourself. But Jeongguk wants to hear you scream.
You barely register the sound of his fangs flicking out, only feel them prod against your nipple and before you can react, his teeth sink into the fatty flesh of your tit, a loud yelp coming from your lips.
That slight pain sensation is what pushes your taught body over the edge.
A squeak tumbles from your lips as your toes curl, hands tangling in Jeongguk’s mop of hair. Your orgasm is suffocating, hitting you from all angles as you arch into his mouth, cunt seizing around his cock.
The scarlet liquid that coats his tongue combined with the grip of your cunt forces Jeongguk to finish, his cock twitching before he empties his balls into your cunt, filling you until it starts to leak past his softening cock.
Moments pass as you both catch your breath, post sex afterglow causing Jeongguk to keep his gaze on you as you both come down.
However, this silence is short lived as the next door neighbor is at your front door, knocking loud.
Groaning, Jeongguk pulls out of you and wipes your messy cunt down with his boxers, tossing them in the laundry basket.
“Were we that loud? She sounds pissed”, you ask, voice hoarse.
Jeongguk sends you a boyish grin as he pulls his sweats on, running his hands through his hair.
“Kitty, I made you cry”.
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jiminrings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
stem major!koo x cold senior!y/n
chronological masterlist:
the one where:
y/n has a crush
jungkook throws a tantrum
y/n has a friend in student affairs
they first interact and jk doesn’t know shit
y/n walks jungkook home
jungkook sees yoongi eating from his lunchbox
it’s the return of the lunchbox
shit hits the fan and jungkook breaks a heart in the process
it's the aftermath and yoongi wants to give kook a sandwich
yoongi grills stem koo’s ass
jungkook has a brother (???) in student affairs
taehyung sprains his ankle but he's not the only one who's hurt
koo finally gets to apologize
mr. kim from student affairs is definitely not jungkook's brother
yoongi and y/n finally talk
they become lunchbox lovers
miscellaneous masterlist
the one where:
it’s jungkook’s first kiss
koo gets his first blowjob
it’s the first fight as a couple + part two
koo touches you for the first time
it's stem koo's first time (finally)
jungkook and yoongi make up
bonus: the tiktok playlist
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mintelepathy · 2 months ago
“Why aren’t we cuddling?”
idol boyfriend!jungkook x reader/oc
established relationship
word count: +700
genre: angsty and fluffy
summary: you just wanted to watch a movie with jungkook but it seemed like using his phone was more important to him.
Tumblr media
what was the point of watching a movie and using your phone at the same time? That was what your boyfriend was doing at the moment and you weren’t liking it, you were supposed to be spending time together, not using your phones, and it wasn’t like he was doing something important with his phone though.
the only reason why you were there trying to stay awake was because you wanted to be with him, but why would you stay there fighting your sleepiness when he wasn’t even paying attention to the movie or you?
you got up from the couch and headed to your bedroom without saying a word, he wouldn’t even notice that you left taking into account how focused he was using the device.
to your surprise he entered the room seconds after just when you were getting inside the comfort of your bed.
“was the movie so boring that you left?” he let out a chuckle as he laid besides you.
he clearly had no idea about how pissed you were and that quite made you feel worse. you just wanted him to acknowledge your presence back in the living room and now that you were trying to sleep he remembered that you were there?
you weren’t going to start a fight with him over something that stupid, it’s true that you were a little mad but there were worse things to get mad at, but still you didn’t feel like talking with him, you just wanted to sleep.
he finally noticed that something was off when you didn’t answer his question.
“hey, what’s wrong? was the movie really that bad?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around you, and you realized that it was useless to ignore him since he wouldn't stop asking what was wrong.
“do you really think this is about the movie?” you said with your eyes closed and with your body still facing the wall.
“what happened?” yep, he was definitely clueless.
“you can tell me if the movie was boring, since you were paying so much attention to it” you said emotionlessly, maybe if you weren’t so tired you’d have tried to sound more sarcastic.
“babe, what’s bothering you? because I seriously don’t understand” he pulled you from the waist so he could see your face as you turn around.
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to watch the movie with you but since you were so busy with your phone I thought that the best was coming to bed, that’s it” telling him the truth was the best thing to do, it was pointless to hide your feelings and thoughts when everything resolved by expressing yourselves.
“oh babe... I’m sorry” of course he was and he was glad that you told him what was going on, because now that help him to be more careful next time. “next time if I’m doing something you don’t like just let me know right away okay?” you nodded.
he was right, you should have asked him to stop using his phone when you had the chance instead of just heading to the bedroom without saying anything.
“you should also let me know when I do something you don’t like” he nodded before kissing your temple.
“you’re doing something I don’t like right now” his comment caught you off guard.
“uh?” you mumbled as you raised both of your eyebrows.
“why aren’t we cuddling?” you couldn’t control the smile that formed on your lips. not wasting a second, you wrapped your arms around his waist.
“do you have to go back to the dorm tonight?” you asked because most of the times he would go to your place but then he would have to go back to his’ since it was easier for him to go to work the next day.
“do you want me to stay?” he asked instead of answering your question because you wouldn’t have let him stay there if he told you the true. he had in fact to go back to the dorm, but there was no way he’d leave your side now.
“what kind of question is that?” you giggled, it was more than obvious that you’d never say no to that.
“I guess you’ll have to share your bed with me then” he got up from the bed and took off his clothes, just staying in his underwear, before wrapping you in his arms again.
“anytime gguk” you softly pecked his neck and closed your eyes.
that’s how you wanted to spend the night.
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kookings · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sry for the repost my blog was hidden </3
“The itsy bitsy spider may have crawled up the water spout, but I have a broom to wipe your bitch-ass out.”
PAIRING(S) -> jungkook x fem!reader/aspiring author!reader + side yoonmin
GENRES(S) -> college au, neighbors au, friends to lovers au, humor, fluff, suggestive
SUMMARY -> Your neighbor slash crush Jeon Jungkook is exceptional at exterminating bugs from your apartment. And also at kissing you.
WORD COUNT -> 7.8k
WARNINGS -> profanity, lewd language, suggestive content (making out, heavy-ish(but not rly) petting), scientifically and anatomically incorrect depictions of spiders, creepy crawlies, yn is awkward as shit, and she makes bad jokes + puns, then again so does jungkook but he’s cute so we pretend we do not see
AUTHOR’S NOTE -> hello lovelies ♡ so i’ve been working on this oneshot since winter and i finally finally finished it (even tho it’s not that long i just procrastinated rip)!! lowkey inspired by a tik tok!!special thanks to the jk solo staning @chanluster for being the inspiration behind a specific line (you’ll figure it out). oh and also being the inspiration for the bugs you fucking vermin. finally, this fic also qualifies for #11 of @ficscafe ‘s dialogue prompt event!! i hope u enjoy (:
Tumblr media
The spider has taken your apartment hostage.
Phone pinched at your ear and one foot halfway out the door, you pull yourself up to your full height, brandishing the broom like a weapon. You are ferocious. You are powerful. You are terrifying.
You will not be bested by a bug.
The spider skitters across your kitchen counter.
You nearly scream.
"This is how I die," you breathe into the receiver, wide eyes never straying from the very large, very scary spider that slowly nears your sink. "This is it. My last night on earth. Fuck, I knew I should've cleared my browser history. I wasn't actually going to murder anyone, I was just doing research for my manuscript!"
Amongst the chattering on the other line, you vaguely hear Jimin snort. "It's a bug, not a grenade. You'll be fine."
"It'll explode like a grenade when someone squashes it!" Your voice has jumped several octaves. Quickly — so as to not lose sight of your intruder longer than absolutely necessary — you glance around the hallway. It's empty. No one to witness your embarrassing throw-down with an insect; no one to save you from possible doom. You lower your voice anyways. "That someone being you, of course, my loving and caring roommate whom I would die for. Speaking of, what's your ETA?"
"Sorry, Champ," your best friend says, though he doesn't seem sorry in the slightest. Jimin hates bugs just as much as you do, and you have the distinct feeling he's thrilled that it's you who finally has to deal with a critter and not his plastic-gloved hazmat-suited self. "I work until eleven and then I'm crashing at Yoongi's. You're on your own."
"Dick can wait. We have an emergency."
"You have an emergency. I have table nine with a kid who just spilled his juice for the third time. And some dick to suck."
"Priorities," you scoff, making a wild swipe with the broom.
The brush end knocks into the coat rack and nearly sends your shelf of empty wine bottles crashing to the floor. You jerk back into the hallway, tripping over your feet and bashing into the door frame. A slow, numbing ache spreads through your left shoulder.
You swear the spider laughs at you.
"Listen here, you little shit," you growl, passing the broom to your right hand and pointing it at the spider. "The itsy bitsy spider may have crawled up the water spout, but I have a broom to wipe your bitch-ass out."
"Very poetic," Jimin drawls, and you have half the mind to thwart him with a broom too. "Hey, if the whole novel thing doesn't work out, you should definitely try your hand at poetry."
"You're useless," you say to both the redhead on the phone and the pathetic excuse for a Swiffer in your hand. "Absolutely useless."
"Why don't you knock on Jungkook's door? I'm sure our wonderful neighbor would love to give you a helping hand. In more ways than one, if you catch my drift."
At the mention of the ravenette, your heart threatens to pitch itself out of your throat.
All dark hair, smooth, milky skin and sparkling doe eyes that always seem to find you across a crowded room, it's no wonder you've fallen head over heels for your across-the-hall neighbor. Add on the fact that he's charming, sweet, witty and always shares his homemade pizza with you that he swears he's almost perfected, and you're an absolute goner.
Jimin oh-so-gleefully likes to remind you of that fact.
And of how you're too chicken to ask him out.
You bristle. "When I turn into spider man, your ass is the last one I'm saving from the crazy lizard men."
"Well, good luck with that but duty calls." Jimin pauses, and amongst the chaos of the restaurant on the other line you think you hear a set of footsteps, along with the distinct sound of air whistling. "No, yeah, duty's definitely calling, and he's got a rag that he's spinning around and — no, Seokjin, wait, I can explain — ow! What was that for?"
If the sharp thwap! of cloth against some part of Jimin wasn't enough, the restaurant manager's voice cutting through the public's conversation is proof that your best friend is now in the dog pound. Though not actually. Seokjin is a dear friend to you both and an even dearer friend to your pockets. The restaurant wasn't in search of new employees and yet he still procured you both jobs out of thin air. Payment, of course, for the horrible prank he pulled when you were both still freshmen.
Putrid green hair was not a look.
"Do I pay you to sit around on your phone all day?" Seokjin demands from the other line. "Hm? What was that? No? Right, then get your ass back to work. Also, tell Y/N I say hi."
You grimace. "Hey, Jin."
"She says screw you. Her words, not mine," Jimin supplies. "But don't you worry your little butt. Mark my words: this place will tip top in — aaand, he's gone. Left right in the middle of my speech. Didn't even wait for the best part."
"Fillet of Jimin, service for one," you mutter to yourself, though your smirk is slapped clean off your face at the sight of the spider staring at you. Or, more appropriately, glaring at you. A look akin to hunger, as if it wishes to gut, fillet and eat you.
You shudder and take another step back into the hallway.
"Jimin, please don't leave me," you beg once more, clutching the hilt of the broom. "I'll do anything. Well, okay, minus killing the spider myself, but virtually anything else. I'll do the dishes for a month — no, two months. Three, even."
"Tempting..." Jimin pauses for dramatic effect.
Though you know he's probably working you up only to kick you in the metaphoric nuts, it doesn't stop the hope from blossoming in your chest.
It also doesn't stop the dread that rocks through you as he finally says, "But no."
"I will cut you from mouth to anus and feed you to the—"
"That's a nice thought but I gotta blast. Table nine is having another meltdown. Don't stain the couch with spider juice!"
"You wouldn't dare—"
The line goes dead.
Serves you right for befriending Park Jimin of all people.
The apartment falls quiet. Eerily so. Lifting your chin, you let your phone fall, catching it and sliding it into your pocket. A sigh pushes past your lips as you wearily eye the critter.
"Well," you say into the newfound silence, speaking only to soothe your nerves. "I guess it's just you and me, Spidey."
Spidey stares at you.
Then he promptly crawls onto your plate of half-eaten takeout and starts making a meal for himself.
"Or not. Fuck you too."
You risk another glance around the hallway.
Still empty, still silent.
Still just you and Spidey.
Your gaze falters at Jungkook's door, just a couple of steps from your own.
At this time of night he's probably back from the gym, a fact you know from one too many run ins in the elevator; you, having just finished your shift at the restaurant and him, a sweating, glorious mess from his workout. Despite the heat rushing to your cheeks at the mental images, you can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, Jimin has a point.
Whether it be last minute do-or-die cram sessions  (for exams which you both still somehow fail), midnight grocery runs to pick up eggs or even simply offering an ear for you to bounce plot ideas off of, Jungkook always goes the extra mile to be there for you. In whatever way he can, even if he doesn't deem it much, he makes the effort. A trait you value highly in him and strive to return tenfold.
You still remember the elation on his face when you'd knocked on his door at the ass crack of dawn, ready to go catch the rare Pokémon he'd sighted after you'd told him five minutes prior you'd come over your cold dead body. And as much as you'd hated sacrificing your precious sleep, his smile made you forget you were even tired in the first place. That, and the double shot espresso he'd bought you afterwards.
Jimin's right. Jungkook probably wouldn't blink twice at killing a spider for you.
Then again, Jimin doesn't know you're currently day four without a shower. And, unironically, wearing a shirt that reads real cowboys don't shower; they just dust off.
So no. Jungkook isn't an option. Not if you want to obliterate any chance of him seeing you as remotely attractive.
You purse your lips, zeroing in on your target. Mustering up whatever dregs of courage you can spare, you angle your broom again, leveraging it like a shotgun. You wish it was a shotgun. That would make things so much easier.
"Here, Spidey-Spidey," you call, tentatively taking a step towards your open apartment.
Spidey, as if indulging you, pauses his meal — your meal, damn it — and stares back at you. You imagine he cocks his beady little head, as if to say, "proceed, oh measly human."
"You know what?" Another step forward. A shaky breath. A fake smile. "I think this is all just one big, huge misunderstanding. So if you could just, you know, pitch yourself off the counter, maybe do a flip or something cool like that on the way down, then I'll feel a lot better and you won't have to suffer the end of my broom. It's a win-win situation, really."
"What are you doing?"
You shriek in surprise, whirling around only to nearly smack Jungkook — Jungkook? Oh God, how long has he been standing there? — in the side with your broom.
He's quick on his feet, sidestepping your accidental attempt on his life all while precariously balancing a steaming platter of pizza in hand. You, however, are not quite as agile. The momentum of your swing throws you off-balance, causing you to trip and stumble sideways. It's Jungkook's free hand that manages to catch you, steadying you before you can face-plant and make an even bigger embarrassment of yourself.
"Woah, slow your horses there, cowboy," he teases lightly. The way his eyes glitter makes you certain he's noticed your attire and chosen his words accordingly. He nods at the tray of pizza. "I come in peace."
You're dazed and confused and more than a little humiliated as you gape at him, struggling to bring some coherence to your thoughts. But he's still smirking at you, still gently holding your arm, still looking as heart-wrenchingly handsome as the first time you saw him and fuck, you can hardly think.
"Oh," you breathe dumbly, blinking at him like a deer in headlights. "Hello, yes, hi. Sorry." Rational thought slams into like a truck and you jerk out of his hold, even though everything fiber of you is screaming to do the opposite. Your skin burns from where his silver-clad fingers had encircled your wrist. "Sorry. I was — I'm just..."
Swallowing, you whip back around, facing your apartment again in search of Spidey.
Only to find him flying straight at your face.
This time you really do scream.
Instinct alone compels you to slash the broom through the air, a feeble attempt at taking down the monstrosity that now zooms in and out of your vision. You miss, though, hitting the door frame instead, and the force of the impact propels you backwards.
Right back into Jungkook.
He grunts, planting his feet and slipping his free arm around your waist to prevent the takedown of you both. You hardly register the accidental skim of his fingers beneath the hem of your shirt, or the firmness of his chest flush against your back, or the goosebumps that the contact elicits.
You're entirely too focused on this new blood curling horror.
"Oh my God it has wings."
Spidey has returned to where he first started, lounging on your kitchen counter without a care in the world. As if he hadn't just single handedly caused your very first heart attack at the tender age of twenty. You haven't even ticked off half of your bucket list for Christ's sake. You can't die. Not right now, not like this.
Not without telling Jungkook how you really feel.
The boy (as if sensing how flustered you are and wishing to make matters infinitely worse) dips his head, lips teasing the shell of your ear. "You know," he murmurs, "I think the bug is more scared of you than you are of it."
You can hear the laughter in his voice, feel his breath fanning your cheek. It does silly little things to your stomach, igniting a riot of butterflies that threatens to crawl out of your mouth. His arm is still wrapped securely around your waist, and the feeling of his fingers against your bare skin is enough to make you dizzy.
"Did it tell you that?" you ask, though your voice comes out breathier than you'd like. "Because last I checked, that spider is moving ten miles an hour and looks like it wants all the smoke. And it can fly."
"Spiders can't fly."
"Tell that to the flying spider," you seethe with an unceremonious cock of your middle finger.
Jungkook chuckles. The rumble of his chest against your back sends shockwaves of heat throughout your form. "I'm guessing things between you and mother nature aren't totally simpatico."
"Mother nature can suck a big fat —" you quickly reroute as Spidey skitters forward, almost daring you to finish that sentence, and instead conclude with,  "—lollipop, of course, as a reward for providing all her love and greenery to our little world!"
"I'm surprised spiders have it out for you, what with how generous you are with your gifts." You feel his mouth curve up in that wicked smirk of his. "What, did you fry them with a magnifying glass when you were little? Tie strings around them and keep them as pets? Y/N, you naughty little girl."
"Sounds like projecting to me," you quip with a light slap to his wrist. "But no. I once stepped on an ant hill when I was eight though. Ever since then... the spiders. They're everywhere. I just can't catch a break."
Jungkook hums. "I'd have to call science and check but I'm pretty sure ants and spiders aren't the same."
"Tell science they're a little bitch while you're at it."
When he laughs, you feel some of the tension ease from your body. In fact, you begin to relax in his hold, subtly breathing in the scent of his cologne mixed with something entirely and utterly him. Your eyes remain fixed on Spidey, your hands still clutching the broom, but you feel safe. Secure. He hasn't let you go, and you have no plans on leaving anytime soon.
"So, where's Jimin?" Jungkook prompts. "Thought he was the one who normally took care of the creepy crawlies. You know, roommate agreements and all that."
"Yeah, well Jimin is currently having the fuck of his life."
He grins. "Do you want some help? With the spider, I mean. I'm no Jimin but I could teach that spider a lesson or two about messing with you." He pauses. "You can also always spend the night at mine. If you want. I have pizza."
You inhale sharply. Movie marathons and boozy nights aren't an uncommon occurrence on your floor, but it's never just been you and Jungkook alone in one of your rooms. Not when Jimin sticks to you like shit on a shoe. And while you love your best friend to death, sometimes he needs to take a goddamn hint. So many opportunities you and Jungkook have had to be alone, so many horrible ways Jimin makes them go amiss.
But Jimin isn't here, and there's no way you're going back into your apartment now. Especially not with Jungkook's proposition still hanging in the air. A giddy sense of excitement floods your veins at the prospect of spending the night with the man responsible for all your sleepless ones.
"Well," you start, a goofy little grin spreading across your face. You try to contain it to no avail. "You are really good at making pizza."
"Among other things."
"Is that so?"
"Guess you'll have to find out." His fingers gently brush your navel, cool rings stark against the heat pooling in your gut. And then he's grinning against your brow again and saying, "That is, of course, if you can deal with knowing the spider could be anywhere in your apartment when you wake up. In your fridge, in your closet... maybe even under your pillow."
"Ha-ha, very funny. I hope the universe knows that was a joke and that he's definitely not speaking it into existence."
But as much as you hate to admit it, he's right. Who knows what a spider could get up to with an entire apartment to itself?
Knowing yours, it probably has very special plans indeed.
"I think I'd sleep better knowing my apartment is spider free." You watch as Spidey continues to chow down on your food. Never again will takeout taste the same. "Only if you have time, though. I don't want to bother you."
"No worries. I was on my way over anyway."
You catch him gesture the pizza out of the corner of your eye, but you're zeroed in on the unidentifiable emotion in his tone. He sounds almost... disappointed. Rejected. It sets you on edge. Maybe because he, too, has realized this is one of the few opportunities you've had to be alone alone together.
And like an idiot, you've just squashed it like a bug.
That is if Jungkook even likes you like that. You may be ass at math but that doesn't mean you can't put two and two together. Sure, you two flirt in overtime when you're together, but you also know how many others beg for his time. Students on campus are a prime example, and the attention that follows him is sometimes overwhelming. One glance at his notifications will tell you just how sought after the golden boy is. Platonically and romantically.
Though you have noticed he's stopped going on dates.
During the first month he'd moved in, you'd caught him several times bringing home girls in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, that's because you were also sneaking in your own string of partners. Those encounters had been awkward, if somewhat funny afterwards, and you'd never really thought anything of them.
Until suddenly you did.
The more time you spent together — the more you got to know him and all his adorable quirks — the more rent-free space he took up in your head. You found yourself thinking about him constantly, every waking moment filled with thoughts of the boy of sunshine and yellow. You hadn't realized the extent of your feelings — you just thought you were happy to have a new, insanely attractive friend who'd boost your street cred.
Until you'd started thinking about your neighbor and his dates even when you were in bed with someone else.
What are they doing? Is she making him laugh that dorky laugh of his? Is she tickling that sensitive spot on his neck? Is she touching him, teasing him, running her hands through his hair, trailing her fingers lower and lower until she can feel all of him against her—
More often than not, you'd finished with his name on the tip of your tongue and shame colouring your cheeks.
You'd deleted Tinder after that.
But you haven't seen him bring home a girl in ages. Maybe one too many overnighters has kicked him into high gear for finals? He'd stopped dating months ago though, right around the time you two had started to become closer. Exams weren't considered a threat then, and you're certain he didn't-slash-still-doesn't have a long term girlfriend.
So maybe...
Maybe he's remained celibate in an act of solidarity for you? Not realizing you're abstaining from sex with others because of him?
Probably not. But a possibility nonetheless.
Whatever the case, you know you need to shoot your shot and fast. Normally Jungkook’s the one who makes the move, and you’re all too happy to let him take the reins. But this time feels different, and you know your shyness may be coming off as impassiveness or disinterest in his eyes.
You need to act now. You don't want your hopes for your Still-Hot-But-In-A-Relationship Girl Summer to crash and burn. You've been putting this off for too long, and you know he's not going to wait around forever.
A man like him only comes once in a lifetime (but makes girls come thrice in one night, if the screams are any indication).
So, gritting your teeth, you finally bite the bullet.
"Cool. Um, thanks. For the pizza too. That's really... sweet of you." You struggle to find the words, mentally damning Jimin to hell for working you up about your inability to ask him out. "If you want, afterwards we can... maybe watch a movie together? Or something? I have a chess board too if, you know, you're into that. My grandma taught me how to play. She's the one who gave me the board, actually. Well, bequeathed me the board. In her will. She's dead now, so..."
You've never really asked someone out in person before (Tinder allowed you to hide behind typed words and the bars offered liquid courage) but you're pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to do it. Who in their right mind brings up their deceased grandparent when asking someone on a date?
You do, apparently.
If Spidey laughed at you now, you honestly wouldn't blame him. You'd kill him, of course, but you wouldn't blame him.
However, rather than the insufferable insect, it's Jungkook who loses his shit.
God, he has a great laugh. It bursts out of him like sunlight after a thunderstorm, colouring your world with light. He shakes against you, head rested on your shoulder as he struggles to contain his melodic amusement.
When he finally does sober, you can practically hear him grinning. You don't know whether to feel hopeful or embarrassed or like you've just dug your own grave.
You decide you feel all three.
Eventually, through lingering fits of giggles, Jungkook manages to say, "Sure. A movie sounds great."
Your heart stops. Restarts. Stops again. And then sings.
You just asked Jeon Jungkook out. And he said yes.
Your mind is equivalent to a keyboard smash. All caps, symbols included.
"I— " You can barely think, much less speak through your megawatt grin. "Okay. Awesome. That's... great. It's a—" Date, you want to say. You fumble last second and finish with, "—movie. It's... a movie."
"Nice solve, Sherlock."
"Shut up."
You hesitate for a beat before moving to step out of his arms. It seems like the right thing to do. Besides, you're itching for your apartment to be spider-free — and, more importantly, to see Jungkook's expression. To read his emotions with your eyes.
Only before you can fully disentangle your limbs, you find yourself being snapped back into place, your back against his chest, his hand steady and sure on your waist.
"Now hold on just a minute," Jungkook simpers, voice rich and smooth like melted honey. "I don't just offer my exterminating services to anyone, and I sure as hell don't work for free."
"Fair enough." You shrug, attempting to appear calm and collected. You are anything but. "Name your price."
"What's the magic word?"
"What are you, five?"
"Says the girl who doesn't know how to do basic counting. One word, not four."
You angle your head to glare at him.
And the world disappears.
He's close — so close your noses bump and his dark fringe tickles your brow. You take in the flecks of gold in his own, twinkling with mischief and unspoken emotion. The curve of his mouth, pink and wet from his tongue, upper lip overshadowed by his lower. The little scar on his cheek, the faded blemishes of pubescent acne, the cute little mole on his lower lip. All of the quirks and imperfections that make up the man before you.
And you adore them all.
God, how disgustingly whipped could you be.
Your tongue is leaden in your mouth as you swallow, sifting through the sludge of your thoughts. No louder than a whisper, you say, "Please?"
Jungkook's eyes shutter. A muscle feathers in his jaw. He leans even closer, eyes darkening as they bore into yours and you think you might very well just melt into a pile of goo.
"Wrong," he breathes. Then he smirks. "The word was tarantula."
Jungkook chokes on the elbow you jab in his gut.
"That was mean," he punctuates as you finally turn to face him. While you're frowning, he's grinning like a madman. "So this is the thanks I get for being a gentleman."
You roll your eyes. "Let's get this show on the road. That spider won't kill itself. Trust me, I tried."
"Giddy up, cowboy."
He earns himself another glare.
Jungkook takes the lead, acting like a complete doofus as he holds one hand to his ear, pretending he's receiving instructions from a secret agency through an earpiece. He even pretends to box with the spider, throwing crosses and punches and ducking as if Spidey is fighting him back.
But Spidey’s not paying attention to him, and neither are you. You simply trail behind him, pinching the hem of his sweater to make sure he doesn’t stray too far. Your focus remains on that god forsaken insect and the thousands of ways you want to make it pay.
Consequently, you miss his glances back at you and the way he mumbles cute under his breath.
The two of you give a wide berth to the kitchen island, opting instead to pass through the open living room. It's then that you notice how messy the space really is. Sure, you and Jimin took turns on clean up duty, but with exams fast approaching, cleanliness had taken a backseat to studying. The dishes are dirty, the couch cushions are overturned, and Jungkook nearly trips on one of Jimin's hayward shoes. You don't even want to think about the state of your room.
"Love what you've done with the place," Jungkook comments idly, picking his way past a stack of textbooks that litter the floor.
You flush a deep red.
Reaching the opposite side of the cramped kitchen, Jungkook places the tray of pizza on the counter and grabs a glass and some paper towel. An interesting and foreign torture technique, but you're excited to see where it leads.
You cower behind his frame as he begins to inch towards the spider, peeking over his shoulder every couple of seconds to track his progress. This close, you realize just how big the critter is. It's hide is dark, it's legs long and spindly, and it's body and wings average out to the size of your palm. Easily one of the biggest spiders you've seen in your life; easily one of the most terrifying creatures in the world.
You hold your breath as you finally reach the counter. Your muscles lock in place, anticipated for the worst. If need be, you're prepared to jump ship and bolt for your life.
With Spidey focused on munching on a piece of meat, he's completely unaware as Jungkook lowers the cup to the counter, effectively trapping him in a glass cage. Seconds later he freaks, batting his wings and throwing himself against the glass from all angles, but it's no use.
Spidey wove his web, and now he must lay in it too.
"Wow," you say, disgust and awe heavy in your tone as you watch the spazzing ball of black, now destined to become a glorified plaque on some bug collector's wall. "That was... anticlimactic."
Jungkook shoots you a look. "I can always lift the cup and we can try again—"
"No!" You hastily shake your head. "I meant anticlimactic in a good way."
"So like edging an orgasm?"
You balk at the vicious smirk that twists on his lips, and suddenly your mind is racing with thoughts of silk sheets, phantom touches and the undoing of celestial galaxies. The space somehow feels smaller now, hotter. As if charged and humming with electricity.
"Sure," you breathe, swallowing thickly. "Not sure why that was the analogy you thought of but sure. Like edging an orgasm."
Something dark flashes in Jungkook's eyes, but he turns before you can weigh it. While he carefully slips the piece of paper towel beneath the cup, you work to steady your breathing. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Repeat. Happy, pleasant thoughts.
You finally release your grip on his sweater as he turns to face you, the glass resting on the paper towel, flat against his palm. Spidey is still trapped inside, though he no longer moves. He stands motionless, almost as if he's accepted defeat.
"Any last parting words?" Jungkook asks.
You carefully lower yourself to eye level with Spidey. Though you can't see his eyes, you imagine the fear that must play there, fear you yourself had felt only moments ago. It brings a saccharine smile to your lips.
Oh so softly, like the silk of a spider's web, you taunt, "Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, but the itsy bitsy spider was never seen again."
Spidey bows his head.
“Spoiler alert: the itsy bitsy spider dies a horrible, painful death.”
“No he doesn’t.” Jungkook frowns at you. “He’s set free and offered a chance at redemption.”
“A chance at revenge, you mean.”
“That spider must really bug you, huh?”
The pun flies right over your head.
“Seriously?” Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Okay, well if that does happen, which it won’t, I’ll protect you.” Noticing your pout, he lifts his hand and gently tips your chin so that you meet his gaze. “The spider’s not going to hurt you while I’m here.”
“You promise?”
“Scout’s honor.”
Before you even register what you’re doing, you brush a chaste kiss to his cheek.
It takes Jungkook three whole seconds to reboot.
The two of you make your way out of the kitchen and through the living room. You stop at the wall of windows that houses your miniature garden and overlooks the bustling city life below. With a grunt, you shove a window open, and Jungkook carefully releases Spidey into the open air.
For a one horrifying second, you think the critter will come zipping right back in, intent on finishing what he started. But Spidey simply floats in the air for a moment, lingering in farewell, as if to say, "until we meet again."
You flip him off. "Rot in hell, Spidey."
And then he's gone with the wind.
You sigh and brace your hands on the windowsill, leaning your face out into the balmy breeze. The streets below hum with life as cars and pedestrians hurry through the lights and shadows, the hours of the night stretching far ahead of them. The stars twinkle overhead, and you feel comfort in their embrace.
"See?" Jungkook says, and you cock your head to face him. His back is to the window, arms braced behind him on the windowsill, fingers resting mere centimeters from your own. He grins. "That wasn't so bad."
"Easy for you to say. You're not the one who caused hundreds in property damage to your door frame."
"Nothing a coat of paint can't fix. And hey, on the bright side, at least mother nature now knows how forgiving you are."
You laugh at that.
The two of you fall silent as you gaze out into the world below. It's the nice kind of quiet, where words aren't needed nor wanted to fill the space. You simply just enjoy each other's company.
You let your mind wander, mulling over your plans for the rest of your evening.
Your movie night with Jungkook.
Your date with Jungkook.
At least you hope it's a date. But you'd talked more about your dead grandmother than what tonight was actually defined as, so you're not too sure what to think anymore.
All the more reason your movie choice is so important in setting the tone.
If it's a date, you should probably pick a horror film. That gives you ample excuses to be near him and bury your head in his chest. Kissing him through all the scary scenes would be an added bonus.
Then again, GhostBusters gave you nightmares for weeks, so maybe you should watch a comedy? You know Jungkook loves a good laugh, but that kind of kills the date vibe you're hoping for. Especially if he's more invested in the movie than he is in you.
Romance then? Romance is pretty safe ground and clearly defines what you're hoping tonight will end off with. But what happens if there's a sex scene? Are you just supposed to awkwardly sit there and watch soft-core porn with your crush? Or are you supposed to make like monkeys and monkey-see-monkey-do your way through the movie?
You're starting to panic. Oh God, what if you're just overthinking this and Jungkook only sees you as a friend? What if he really is staying celibate for you because he's such a good buddy? A perfect pal prepared to pitch his penis for your purpose?
What if a friend is all he can ever be?
You whip your head to face him, hoping to see something — anything — in his gaze that will help quell the storm in your chest and tell you yes, don't worry, he likes you too.
Only he's close. Far closer than you expected.
Close enough to kiss you.
You're surprised when he actually does.
You stumble back, eyes round as saucers, hand clamped over your mouth. "What are you—"
"Sorry," Jungkook cuts in, pale as a sheet. He looks like he's going to throw up. "Oh God, I wasn't thinking. When you kissed me on the cheek, I thought that— you just look so pretty and shit, Y/N, your smile. I just... fuck. I'm so, so sorry."
Your mind struggles to catch up to your heart, which thrashes in your chest like Spidey once did in his cage.
"You just..." You swallow, brushing your fingertips against your lips. They tingle with memories of his touch. "You just kissed me."
"I know," Jungkook whispers, something like fear and regret tinging his tone. "I was there."
You scramble for your thoughts, but they slip past you like sand through your fingers, leaving you reeling. "Why did you, um, do that?" You flush. "Not saying that it was bad or anything. Or that I wouldn't want you to, uh, do it again. But..."
"Because I like you, Y/N," he confesses, staring at you with those wide, starry eyes of his. So full of worry and earnestness and adoration. "Like, a lot. So much that it scares me. I've wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you."
You freeze, churning over his statement. His confession. To you.
"You like me?" You parrot. "As in my personality?"
"I was surprised too." The tentative smile that had been teasing his mouth suddenly sags in horror as he realizes something. "Shit, please don't tell me I read into this wrong and that you don't actually—"
"No!" You cry out, louder than you'd intended to. You flinch as your voice almost seems to echo around the apartment. "No," you say softly. "I too feel those things. About you. About liking you, I mean. Just— what I'm trying to say is that I like you too."
Jungkook blinks. "You do?"
"Yes, and I've also wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you."
Your heart is pounding wildly in your chest, so loud you're positive he can hear it. He must hear it, hear the way it's screaming, singing, chanting Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook over and over and over again. Your heart is his to have, whether he takes it, breaks it or leaves it to piece itself back together. Because really, your heart has only ever belonged to him.
Jungkook's smile is earth shattering.
And then he's scoffing and saying, "Wow, Y/N. How original. Get your own confession."
You nearly choke. "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have a patent on confessing to someone? Would you rather I not like you back?"
He chuckles, pulling you closer by the hem of your T-shirt until you stand between his legs. While your hands naturally fall to his shoulders, his own smooth over your upper thighs and waist, resting just above your hips. He gazes at you, and you see yourself in the stars in his eyes.
"No. I'm very happy you feel that way."
You grin like a fool.
Something intangible hangs in the air as you silently drink in the other, basking in the golden glow of your shared confession. Your chest is so full it feels like it might burst open. A piñata of rainbows, glitter and goo that some kid is relentlessly pounding with a baseball bat.
But while Jungkook's smile still lights up the room, his eyes flicker, their warm coffee tone easing into a dark, rich chocolate. His gaze travels lower, lower still, until he's staring at your lips with unmistakable want. Need. Hunger.
His own, you realize, are pink in sheen in color and looking oh-so-kissable. You wonder if they taste as good as they look.
So, to properly convey your interest, you slowly shift your hands, dragging them across his broad shoulders to cup the column of his throat. You feel his pulse stutter beneath your thumbs, gooseflesh rising on his skin as your fingers toy with the soft hair at the nape of his neck. His nails dig into your sides and you relish in the mixture of pain and pleasure. You hope there's more to come.
"Jungkook," you whimper, snagging your lower lip with your teeth.
The effect is so fast it's almost comical, and the boy is drawn to you like a magnet, dipping his head so that his brow rests against yours.  You loose a breath, tilting your chin so that your mouth is inches away from his own.
"This is the part where you ask if you can kiss me again."
His throat bobs. Gently, as if you're made of glass and could shatter at any second, he curls a strand of hair behind your ear, palm coming to rest on your jaw, thumb stroking your cheek.
"Y/N," he breathes, mouth ghosting over your own in the smallest, softest of touches. "Can I kiss you again?"
"I mean, I guess I'll allow it—"
Jungkook shuts you up with his lips upon yours.
The kiss is slow, warm, patient, as both of you tease the waters of this newfound feeling. There's room for air as you part between kisses, savoring the taste of the other before the pull is too strong and you're drawn back in. His lips are soft and chapped, mouth hot and pliant, desire unyielding as he pulls you even closer, wrapping his arms around your midsection and holding you to him. You can feel his heart racing in his chest, beating in time with your own.
How idiotic could you have been to think your silly little daydreams would ever compare to the real thing. That they'd be sufficient balm to ease the ache of want, no, need to have him with you. Because the way he holds you, kisses you, touches you, breathes you in like a man starved of oxygen has you wondering just how brainless you could have been to wait this long to set your heart free.
And then you're grinning against his mouth, a smile which he slowly reciprocates until it becomes hard to kiss him through clashing teeth and breathless giggles. But you don't care, overcome with the realization that this is real, that he's real, and that this is not just another one of those nights of you calling a stranger by his name.
But somewhere along the way, the laughter eases into mewls and sighs, teeth now nipping and biting at lower lips, only to snap the flesh back and dive in once more. His hands are everywhere; tangled in your hair, smoothing down your sides, tracing patterns on your skin that you swear remain burned there even after he's moved on. You clutch him close, head spinning in delirium. You need more.
But the kiss truly is nothing but innocent.
That is, of course, until Jungkook shifts ever so slightly, and you can feel just how excited he is between his legs.
He quickly pulls away. His eyes are glossed over, cheeks pink, lips swollen with a delicious rosy hue and God, how adorably fucked out he looks by the most tame of kisses.
Your name is no more than an exhale of air on his tongue. A tongue that nervously digs into his cheek as he gauges your reaction. A tongue that you so desperately want everywhere; in your mouth, on your neck, on your tits, lower, lower, lower.
Your hand, as if possessed with a mind of its own, traces that very same path on Jungkook, trailing down his neck, over his pecs, across his abdomen to his hips where you feel his —
Jungkook rips your hand away, pinning it behind your back before he yanks you even closer. You can now feel him pressing into your thigh, hot and needy, but even that isn't enough to distract you from the sheer, carnal lust that blazes in his irises.
Your stomach bottoms out.
"Not so fast, spider girl," he murmurs, smirking in that devilish way of his. You nearly come undone right then and there, especially when he brushes his lips against yours and says, "Tonight is all about you."
When his lips come down on you once more, you swear you burn alive.
Gone is innocent Jungkook, replaced instead by a confident, dominating man hewn from sex and pain and pleasure. He effortlessly parts your lips, dipping his tongue into your mouth and melding it to yours in such a way you swear you can taste the stars. Seconds later you vow to see them too as he gradually coaxes your hips to move. Sparks of pleasure skate down your spine and pool in your gut at the delicious friction his control elicits.
And then you're both moving, stumbling across the room in a rushed dance of clutching hands and desperate kisses. You break apart long enough for Jungkook to shuck off his sweater, and even then it's not nearly enough time for you to properly admire his toned physique before he's upon you once more. His hands slip up under your shirt, skimming feverishly over your skin and expertly unclasping your bra before that, too, joins the mess of your apartment.
He only diverts his attention from you to rid the couch of its contents, kicking pillows and notebooks aimlessly about the space. His hands always remain on you, on your ass, on your tits, squeezing and grazing the soft flesh until you're reduced to a whining, whimpering mess.
Something snags his attention and he snatches a magazine, briefly scanning it's contents before releasing a dark chuckle. "Ten Ways to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You, huh? Did they work?"
You drag your hands down his chest, planting hot, open mouthed kisses to his throat. "I don't know," you hum, nipping at that sensitive spot on his neck that has him throwing his head back with a groan. "You tell me."
"Who the fuck reads Cosmopolitan nowadays?"
"I do. Now shut up and kiss me, you idiot."
He chucks the magazine over his shoulder. "Can do."
Wrapping his fingers around your throat, he guides your face to his and slots his lips with yours.
Your knees hit the edge of the couch and you fall back into the cushions, Jungkook following suit and hovering over you. And then he's kissing your brow, your nose, your cheeks, your jaw before settling in the crook of your neck, lips and tongue working wonders against your skin.
You arch your back, carding your hands through his hair as he finds that one that drives you to the brink of insanity. Your eyes roll into your head, pupils blown, mouth slack.
And then suddenly, you become completely and utterly still.
For there, on the ceiling above just your head, sits the devil's reincarnate herself.
She's bigger than Spidey, impossibly so, and looks as if she eats children's dreams for breakfast. Even from a distance, you can see the size of her wings, glinting in the low light from the lamp on the side table.
She embodies darkness itself.
A moan — not from pleasure, though Jungkook is phenomenal with his tongue — tumbles out of your throat.
The boy, having no reason to think otherwise, laughs against your skin.
"You taste so good, Y/N," he mumbles through his sinful ministrations. And despite how hot that sounds coming from him, you feel sick to your stomach. "Fuck, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this —"
"Yeah, me too, but— shit — Oh my God Jungkook a spider is watching us bone."
Now it's Jungkook's turn to freeze.
Your gaze never breaks from Spidette as Jungkook slowly raises his head, following your line of sight until he, too, takes in the black ball of horror that’s  enjoying the show like the pervert she no doubt is.
Jungkook shoots you a pained look, almost wishing what comes out next isn't the truth.
"Is a bug seriously cock blocking me right now?"
But it is the truth, and any arousal you'd felt moments before is all but zapped from your form, leaving pure, unadulterated terror in its wake.
Eyes wide, lips trembling, you whisper, "Tarantula?"
He stares down at you a moment longer.
Then he heaves a sigh.
"Where's the broom."
Tumblr media
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jungshookz · 4 months ago
y/n is smitten with jungkook and it’s really, truly driving her crazy
Tumblr media
➺ pairing; jeon jungkook x reader 
➺ genre; university!au!! hello newbie bff!kook!! woohoo this is part one of a brand new mini-series!! honk honk humour!! boo hoo angst!! jungkook and y/n are bestie goals!! y/n feeds jungkook at one point which is pretty cute too 
➺ wordcount; 5.3k
➺ summary; y/n finally decides to tell jungkook about her feelings for him and she doesn’t know if she’s ever been this nervous about anything before. 
➺ what to expect; “when you like someone... do you think that you should tell them that you like them?” 
                                       »»————- 🖤 ————-««
“i have special feelings for you.”
your face screws up in disgust as soon as the sentence comes out of your mouth and you shudder before shaking your head 
‘special feelings’?!
you’re definitely scratching that one off the list 
special feelings
way to sound like a creep 
“c’mon, y/n,” you grumble, pushing yourself up from the sink before reaching up to knock against your forehead, “think, think, think...” 
you’ve been in the washroom for the last half an hour just talking to yourself in the mirror and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been a very productive half an hour because you’ve basically been spitting the same sentence out in increasingly cringeworthy ways 
“...i think i like you?”
see, now why did you word that one like a question?
do you think you like him or do you actually like him?? 
where’s the confidence??
where’s the oomph factor?! 
“no, wait, i mean-” you wince and quickly shake your head, “what i meant to say was that i think that i know that i like y- no, no, listen to me, i actually like you-”
well, if there’s one thing that can be said for sure, it’s that this is going absolutely nowhere 
the past two months of your life has been consumed with you debating with yourself in your head about whether or not you should tell jungkook that you like him or if you should just bottle it up and keep your feelings shoved deep, deep inside your soul for the rest of your life and even the entirety of your afterlife
it was approximately a week ago that you finally decided it would be best to just put your big girl pants on and tell jungkook about your feelings for him because you know yourself and you feel like you might really go crazy if you don’t do anything about it 
of course, you wouldn’t have come to that decision if it wasn’t for something he’d said during a library study session 
"should you tell someone that you like them?”
“-!” you immediately choke on your water and quickly twist the cap back on the bottle before patting your chest lightly and looking up towards jungkook, “what?” 
“when you like someone... do you think that you should tell them that you like them?” he asks, continuing to type away at his laptop as if he didn’t just ask you what seems to be a pretty loaded question, “or should you just keep it to yourself? to not accidentally make things weird, you know?” 
why would he suddenly bring something like this up? 
“i, um...” you clear your throat before offering him a halfhearted shrug, “well, i- i mean, if you- i think that if you have serious feelings for a person- like, if you know that it isn’t just a silly little crush-” you pause for a second to collect your thoughts so you can string them into a coherent sentence before going on, “okay, let me put it this way: if you know that your feelings for this person are genuine and that you really do want to pursue a romantic relationship with them, then, yeah. yeah, i think you should tell the person that you like them. because if you don’t, you’ll live the rest of your life wondering what would’ve happened if you did tell them, you know? if you do tell them about your feelings, then you don’t have to wonder ‘what if’ for the rest of your life.” 
“huh.” jungkook looks up at you from his laptop before giving you a nod and a hum, “i guess you’re right... yeah, that makes sense. but what would you do if they didn’t feel the same way?”
you can’t help but narrow your eyes suspiciously at his question and the little voice in the back of your head warns you to stay cool and definitely don’t get your hopes up 
he can’t possibly be talking about you and him, can he?
...but if he’s not talking about you and him, then why would he bring the topic up in the first place? 
oh my god. does jungkook like me too? 
“well, i-” you can’t hide the soft smile on your face from the thought of jungkook having feelings for you but you quickly remind yourself that he hasn’t said anything like that at all and has really just asked you a simple question, “i don’t think you have anything to worry about, kook. you’re, like- you know, you’re super nice and funny and- yeah, i- i think if you told someone that you liked them, there would be a 100% chance of them liking you back.” 
“do you really think so?” jungkook’s gaze softens and you feel your heart skip a beat at the sight 
oh, god
you are so whipped for him, aren’t you?
“of course! i know so. is there- is there a reason why you asked?” you ask quickly as you lean forward, wanting to take advantage of the conversation before he loses interest in the topic
“well, i just wanted your opinion on it, because i feel like you always have something logical to say.” jungkook smiles, gently nudging your leg with his foot underneath the table, “i trust you.”  
i trust you.
“i... i like you... and...” you frown at the piece of paper in your hands before looking back up at yourself in the mirror 
perhaps it would be better to not follow your script word for word 
this message should come from your heart, right? it shouldn’t come from a crumpled up piece of notebook paper that’s been living at the bottom of your backpack for the past week 
you nod to yourself as you fold the sheet of paper in half before tucking it into your back pocket 
“okay, i have something that i’ve been wanting to talk to you about,” you breathe out, shutting your eyes for a second to imagine his face in front of you before opening them again, “before you freak out, it’s really not that big of a deal. we are... we’ve been friends for- we are friends, and friends are honest with each other, so this is me being honest with you. i like you. i like you, as in, i have feelings for you. and to be completely honest, i’ve liked you for nearly a year now, which, i know is a pretty long time to have kept it a secret, but- i’ve tried multiple times to force myself to not like you but at this point it’s become clear that my feelings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. i guess it doesn’t help that we basically spend every day together, right? anyways, if you don’t feel the same way, that’s completely fine. i promise i won’t let it ruin our friendship because i really do cherish you as a friend and the last thing i want is to make things weird, so... you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings, you know? i just want you to be honest with me, too. ...yeah.” you finish your little monologue with a smile as you give yourself a quick pat on the back 
okay, not half bad! 
it’s short, it’s sweet, you get straight to the point, you have a safety net to fall back on- 
you jolt in surprise at the sound of a splash and a whoosh of a toilet flushing from one of the stalls behind you and you press your lips together tightly and look down when someone steps out 
you just gave someone a free show! 
she doesn’t say a word as she steps up to the sink next to you, her bracelets clinking together as she scrubs her hands under the running water 
she twists the tap off with a creak before leaning down to look underneath the mirror for the paper tissue dispenser 
she stands back up before pointing towards the one under your mirror, “could you pass me some paper tissues?”
“uh, yeah, for sure-” you quickly reach under and yank a couple of paper tissues out of the dispenser before handing them over to her with a sheepish smile, “by the way, i was just- i was just practicing a monologue, so...” you clear your throat quietly and she gives you a stiff smile and a nod before turning to head towards the door 
you mouth a silent ‘oh my god’ and reach up to bite your fist as soon as she turns away, your entire face now red from getting caught basically confessing your feelings to yourself in a dimly-lit restroom like a total weirdo 
“hey-” the stranger turns to look at you from the door, “good luck with your- um, your monologue.” she smiles softly, a knowing glint in her eyes, “i hope it works out for you.”
“oh!” you return a smile while reaching up to scratch the back of your neck, “uh, thank you. so do i.” 
the door shuts with a slow creak and you exhale slowly before turning to face yourself in the mirror again before chuckling lightly, “god, so do i.” 
                                      »»————- 🖤 ————-««
before you freak out, it’s really not that big of a deal...
you adjust the strap of your backpack as you push the door open and step out of the bathroom, a blast of cool air from the library immediately making the hairs on your arms prickle to life 
we’re friends, and friends are honest with each other, so this is me being honest with you...
you reach down to press your palm flat over your tummy when you feel it rumble
i like you, as in, i have feelings for you...
you and jungkook are supposed to meet for lunch today and that’s when you decided you were going to tell him, but now you’re starting to wonder if maybe you can push it to tomorrow or something because you’re starting to get really, really nervous 
i’ve liked you for nearly a year now, which, i know is a pretty long time to have kept it a secret. i’ve tried multiple times to force myself to not like you but at this point it’s become clear that my feelings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon...
the smell of freshly-baked pizza suddenly tickles at your nose and you look up to see that muscle memory has already brought you to the building that you’re meeting jungkook at 
if you don’t feel the same way, that’s completely fine. i promise i won’t let it ruin our friendship because i really do cherish you as a friend and the last thing i want is to make things weird...
“okay, y/n. you’ve got this.” you mutter, looking at the doors of the building as you straighten your back, “everything is going to be-”
“hey, there you are!” 
you grunt in surprise when you’re suddenly being tackled from behind, strong arms wrapping themselves around you and lifting you up for a split second before you’re being set back down on the ground again 
“jesus, kook-” you immediately spin around and grab onto jungkook’s forearms to keep yourself steady as you wait for your eyeballs to stop rolling around in your skull, “someone’s certainly in a good mood today!” 
“i’ve been thinking about pizza ever since i woke up!” he chirps, turning you back around before pushing you towards the doors eagerly, “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go-”
“alright, alright-” you laugh lightly, smiling as jungkook brushes past you to hold the door open for you, “how did your midterm go?”
“actually, it went a lot better than i expected!” jungkook nods enthusiastically as the two of you join the queue of hungry students
he turns to glance at you for a second before raising his head slightly so he can take a look at the menu up front, “i think the mock quiz you made for me really helped.”
“hey, that’s good! that’s good.” you nod slowly, pausing for a second before clearing your throat, “hey, by the way- there was something that i wanted to talk to you about.” 
“ooh, i actually have something that i want to talk to you about, too.” jungkook grins before leaning over to nudge your side with his elbow, “i think you’re going to like what i have to say.” 
“i- i am?” you raise an eyebrow, “well, what do you want to talk ab-”
“yeah, four slices of pepperoni, please.” 
“to go or for here?”
you don’t get a chance to say anything else because the two of you are already up at the front and you shut up before hurrying to grab your wallet 
“for here, please. and... hold on, gimme a sec-” jungkook pulls his student card out of his wallet before handing it to the cashier, “and an order of cheesy garlic knots too. oh, and also, two little cup-thingys of garlic aioli. what do you want to drink?” he turns to look at you and you blink owlishly before realizing that he’s paying for all of the food
“oh, you don’t have to-” you raise your own student card, “i can pay for the knots-”
“relax, you can just get it next time.” jungkook snorts before nodding towards the drinks in the back, “what do you wanna drink?” 
“oh, okay, i-” you narrow your eyes to look at the drinks before nodding, “can i get a lemon iced tea, please?”
“i’ll just get a coke.” 
you stay quiet as jungkook pays for the meal, the cashier handing him the receipt a second later 
“do you wanna find a table for us before it gets too crowded?” jungkook turns back to look at you before taking his bag off his shoulder, “here- put my bag on the seat so no one will take it.”  
“’mkay, got it.” 
it seems that lady luck is on your side today when you end up spotting two empty stools facing the windows and you hurry your way over before anyone else grabs the seats 
you carefully weave your way around the tables, being careful not to knock into anyone’s chairs or the back of anyone’s head (it happened to you once and it was not a pleasant feeling.)
you grin in success as you set jungkook’s bag down on the first one before settling yourself down on the second one 
everything is working out wonderfully today! 
“oop-” you feel a little crunch in your back pocket when you sit down and you lift yourself up for a second to quickly reach behind and- “oh-” your eyes widen in panic when you realize that you just pulled out what’s basically your love letter to jungkook and you hurry to take your backpack off so you can quickly put it away
“y/n, the nice girl gave me a brownie on the house!” 
you feel your anxiety skyrocket through the roof when you hear jungkook’s voice coming up behind you and all the alarms begin to blare at the sight of the note that’s still in your hand
“we can share it!” jungkook chirps, now standing right behind you with a tray full of food, “can you lift my bag for a second?”
“uh, yes! yes, i-” you grab jungkook’s bag off the chair with a grunt and plop it down on your lap next to your own backpack before turning to look at kook with a smile, “free brownie again? that was nice of her.” you blindly feel for an opening on your bag before shoving the note into it right as jungkook gets settled next to you 
crisis averted 
“i know, right? i think she might like me- or maybe she likes you, i don’t know-”
“i’m pretty sure you’re the one she’s batting her lashes at, kook,” you snort, turning to glance back towards the front counter to see one of the girls staring in your guys’ direction with a dreamy smile on her face, “i feel like she’d behead me if i touched your brownie.” 
“it’s okay, we can still share it- oh my god, everything smells so good.” jungkook slides the box of garlic knots with a little cup of aioli sitting on top of it over to you, “let me get a couple of bites in before i start talking- you want a bite of pizza?”
“mm-mm, i’m fine with my garlic knots.” you smile, popping the flimsy paper box open and immediately being hit in the face with the rich scent of butter and garlic, “wanna try?” you ask, tearing a chunk off one of them before dipping it into the sauce
 “mm, gimme.” jungkook leans over before opening his mouth eagerly and chomping at the air and you can’t help but giggle before feeding him the bite
a minute or so ticks by where the two of you sit in comfortable silence and you chew thoughtfully as you stare out the window  
you feel good!
you feel good about this 
you feel like all the lights are green and all you have to do is rev the engine and slam down on the gas 
you know what to say, you know exactly how to say it, and you’ve planned out all possible routes of how this conversation with jungkook might go 
a) the 'oh my god, this is really happening’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he tells you he likes you back = you’ll enjoy each other’s company for the rest of lunch and maybe he’ll hold your hand when he walks you to your next class afterwards
b) the 'you’re a really good friend, but no’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he tells you that he doesn’t feel the same way and that he just wants to be friends = you tell him that it’s completely fine and that you’ll get over it, you’ll enjoy each other’s company for the rest of lunch and afterwards he will definitely not hold your hand when he walks you to your next class which is fine because friends don’t hold hands with friends 
c) the ‘yikes, this is awkward’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he reacts with discomfort and mild disgust = you’re slightly offended but you still tell him that you understand anD that you’re willing to give him as much time and space as he needs, and you’ll walk to class alone really, really hope it’s not the last scenario that unfolds. 
“-said yes!” jungkook slaps a hand down on the sticky metal counter before letting out a laugh, “can you believe it?”
oh god
you’ve been so in your head this whole time that you completely missed the exciting news that jungkook was waiting all day to tell you about 
do you want to ask him to repeat himself or do you want to pretend like you were listening to him the whole time? 
“that’s... i’m so... happy for you...?” you trail off sheepishly, jungkook turning to look at you before snorting 
“you weren’t listening to me, were you?” 
“i was!” you argue before gesturing out the window, “i totally was, i was just- i was just a little distracted because of the pigeons outside-” 
“okay, well, let me just tell you again-” jungkook wipes his greasy fingers on a napkin before turning to face you slightly, his knees knocking against the side of your legs, “i finally did it. i finally grew a pair and i finally asked ji-eun out and she said YES!” 
“hey, look at you go! that’s so-” you immediately clam up when his words finally settle into the deepest depths of your brain and you feel your heart plummet to your stomach 
well, it looks like you weren’t as prepared as you thought you were 
d) the ‘i just asked someone out so i clearly don’t have feelings for you’ scenario: you don’t get a chance to tell jungkook about your feelings for him, jungkook tells you that he likes someone else, and you... 
what do you do? 
“hey, what’s the matter?” jungkook frowns, tilting his head before reaching over to give your shoulder a shake, “you haven’t said anything in, like, a minute.”
you didn’t even know he was interested in someone else 
the name ji-eun sounds a little familiar to you — now that you think about it, you’re fairly sure jungkook’s brought her up before (something something i sit next to this girl something something she’s nice and she let me borrow a pen something something along those lines) 
she’s in his sociology class, you think?
“-great!” you blurt out, forcing a bright smile on your face as you look over at him, “sorry, i just- i was just processing your great news so i guess my brain just shut off for a second- that’s so... great, kook. super great.” 
“isn’t it?!” jungkook clasps his hands together before taking his bottom lip in between his teeth, his eyes all wide and twinkly, “i mean, i was actually surprised she said yes, you know? i practiced what i was going to say to her all week- i stumbled over my words a couple of times but if anything i think she found it endearing...” 
jungkook’s voice starts to fade out in the background as you turn to look back out the window
the chunk of bread in your mouth feels like it’s getting bigger and bigger as you continue to chew 
suddenly you’ve lost your appetite 
this is... this is fine. 
this is fine, right? 
if anything, this is great news! 
at least now you know that jungkook definitely doesn’t feel the same way, which is... fine! 
it’s fine
and it’s a good thing that he started babbling first because you can’t even imagine what would’ve happened if you’d spewed your news out first
once again: crisis averted! 
you let out a little sigh as your shoulders droop slightly
you had prepared yourself for what to do if jungkook didn’t feel the same way about you... so why does it feel like you’re flailing around in the middle of the ocean trying desperately to keep your head above the water? 
“to be honest, i probably wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for what you said to me in the library last week,” jungkook hums, “you know, about how you should go for it otherwise you’ll be left wondering ‘what if’ for the rest of your li-”
“yeah, yeah, i remember.” you interrupt him a little more crassly than intended before reminding yourself to loosen up, “i- yeah. i remember. i’m glad i could help.” 
“oh, and you have to help me plan the date- everything has to be perfect.” jungkook reaches over to poke a finger into your arm, “you know i’m no good at all the mushy romance stuff, but you certainly are.” 
“well, i-” you let out a nervous chuckle before shrugging, “i mean, everyone’s different, you know? i, um... i don’t know if it’s a good idea that i help you plan out the date and stuff because- you know, i... i don’t know anything about ji-eun! you know more than i do, so i probably won’t be able to-”
“i feel like dinner and a movie would be super boring.” jungkook sighs as he folds his grease-stained paper plate in half before pushing it away, “i mean, i definitely still wanna take her out for food and stuff, but-”
“i would argue that a dinner and a movie is a good first date,” you shake your head, “you know, you get to talk and get to know each other during the dinner, and then during the movie, you don’t have to talk to each other for like, an hour and forty minutes so you get a bit of break.” 
“i mean, i guess, but... oh, shit, i’m sorry.” jungkook winces, suddenly perking up a little, “you said you wanted to talk to me about something, right? tell me about your thing first before we plan my date.”
“my thing?” your lashes flutter and you feel your ears starting to get hot at the reminder of what exactly your thing is, “oh, god, i- it’s nothing, now that i think about it. it was something... it was something silly, so- like, i don’t even remember what i wanted to- it’s stupid. it was stupid, it’s nothing.” you chuckle uncomfortably as you rub at the back of your neck, “let’s just keep- let’s just keep planning your date! i wanna keep planning your date.” 
“okay, well- if you change your mind at any point, i’m all ears.” 
“mhm.” you nod as you swirl the chunk of bread around in the aioli absentmindedly before letting go of it, “got it.”
“ooh, i’ve got it!” your eyes widen when jungkook suddenly reaches over and takes your hands in his, forcing your stool to swivel around so that you’re face-to-face with him, “imagine that i asked you out on a date.”
“u-us? on a date?” you swallow thickly, “that- that’s so dumb, kook-”
“no, listen, listen-” he chuckles, giving your hands a squeeze, “if i asked you out on a date, what would we do together?” 
“well, i...” you look down at your hands in his (and for a second you can’t help but feel as though your hands just fit together perfectly) as you think of what to say, “we... we like pizza, right? i think, like- we could order a pizza and a box of garlic knots and maybe have some kind of a picnic on the rooftop of your apartment building. i mean- you’d probably have to decorate the rooftop first with a bunch of little twinkly lights and you’d have to lay out a blanket and some pillows to make it comfortable, otherwise we’d just be sitting in the dark on the cold, hard ground, but- yeah. i... i think that would be really nice. because it’s an intimate setting and it gives us the chance to talk in private, and we could literally stay up there all night if we wanted to and... you know, watch the sun rise and stuff. so... if we went out on a date, that’s what we would do together.” 
the little voice in the back of your head suddenly reminds you (quite cruelly) that you, in fact, were not asked out by jungkook and you won’t be having a romantic rooftop picnic with him and you immediately pull your hands away from his before laughing nervously, “but you know, that’s just an idea, so you don’t have to take it.” 
your face feels hot as you turn away from jungkook and you look down at your cold garlic knots before reaching over to shut the lid and push it away 
“mm... no, i actually like that!” jungkook nods eagerly, “i like that a lot- i mean, a rooftop picnic is a little cheesy, but i think ji-eun will think it’s cute!” 
“great!” you clear your throat, “as long as ji-eun thinks it’s cute, i think it’s great-”
“will you help me set it up?” 
he’s really rubbing salt into your wound, isn’t he?
“i... of course! i would love to.” you smile stiffly before lifting the sleeve of your hoodie to check the time on your watch, “so, i'm gonna head out, i think- i need to get to my next class early if i wanna get a good spot-”
“mm, okay-” jungkook slurps up the rest of his coke before shaking the empty paper cup, “i can walk you there! i’m done for the day so i think i’m just going to go hang out in the library- ooh, i can plan out my date while i wait for you-” 
“oh, you don’t have to walk me to class, it’s fine.” you dismiss him with a flick of your wrist as you pull your backpack on, wanting desperately to just end the conversation so you can get the hell out of here, “i can just meet you in the library after i’m done.” 
“are you sure?” he frowns, reaching over to pick up your box, “hey, you didn’t finish your garlic knots-”
“i know, i just- i guess i wasn’t super hungry.” you shrug, “you can take them if you want! you paid for them, so...” 
“okay, in that case, i’m just gonna hang out here and finish up these knots and then i’ll go to the library.” jungkook plops back down on his seat before reaching over to punch your arm gently, “text me when you’re done, bud!” 
                                     »»————- 🖤 ————-««
“-now, for this next portion, i just want you to take some notes down on your computers or your notebooks or whatever you have- think about any thematic concerns in the poem that stand out to you...” 
you draw circles on the blank page of your notebook in disinterest as the sound of your professor’s voice drones on and on in the background and your mind immediately takes you back to what just went down with jungkook
your hand freezes on the page and you let out a quiet little huff 
you said that you weren’t going to be all mopey if things didn’t work out, but here you are, all sad and droopy and very much radiating woe-is-me energy 
all you know now is that you’re going to take your feelings out on a big ol’ pint of ice cream tonight 
by the way, you should probably throw out your little love letter because you certainly don’t need any embarrassing reminders of what you were going to say to jungkook 
you don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened if you told him you liked him before he told you that he’d just asked someone out 
you set your pen down before leaning down to unzip your backpack, reaching in and blindly rummaging around for a crumpled up piece of paper 
you frown, leaning down further to get your arm deeper into your bag
your fingers bump up against your planner, your wallet, your water bottle and your pencil case, but... 
that’s odd 
you roll your eyes in frustration as you pull your backpack up off the ground and plop it down on your lap with a fwump!, unzipping it all the way and opening it up so you can get a better look inside 
you pull everything out and set your belongings down on the small table one by one, being careful not to make too much noise as to distract the professor 
you’re more than confused as you stare into your empty bag after taking all the contents out of it 
where the hell is it? 
you reach into the side pockets and you’re disappointed when you end up pulling out old tissues and empty gum wrappers 
it’s not in the front pocket either — just your key, a pack of bubblegum, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer 
your brows knit together in deep thought as you settle back against your seat, your eyes flickering to the side as you- 
you immediately pale 
oh my god.
you’re positive that your heart stops beating for three whole seconds the moment you realize where exactly the note is — because no, you idiot, you didn’t shove it into your own bag earlier-
the note is in jungkook’s bag. 
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hueseok · a month ago
A LOVER’S KISS ( index. )
Tumblr media
a friends with benefits relationship never ends on a good note. unless, both parties are not dumb fucks who find themselves falling for each other along the way of their agreement, of course.
and in yours and jeongguk’s case, you should have known better than to think the two of you would be an exception to the so-called curse of being friends with benefits with someone you already hold dear to you, since not even five months since it was agreed upon—the line between being only friends and being a little like lovers only continue to get hazier and hazier.
Tumblr media
pairing: jeongguk x reader
rating: 18+
content: smut | angst | fluff | friends with benefits au | idiots to lovers au | college au | yearning? pining? | ft. swimmer!jeongguk, editor-in-chief!reader (small appearances from swimmer!jimin & associate editor!taehyung)
gen. warning/s: swearing | mature themes | implicit / explicit sexual content
Tumblr media
THE PARTS. ( 13 / 16. )
♡ EPISODE 01. the one with the rumor ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 02. the one with the mood booster ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 03. the one with ex-boyfriend !
♡ EPISODE 04. the one with the threat !
♡ EPISODE 05. the one with the double ambush !
♡ EPISODE 06. the one with the martyr !
♡ EPISODE 07. the one with the fever !
♡ EPISODE 08. the one with the end of an era ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 09. the one with the new territory ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 10. the one with the rule break ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 11. the one with the mystery girl ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 12. the one with the tension !
♡ EPISODE 13. the one with the outburst !
♡ EPISODE 14. the one with the...
♡ EPISODE 15. the one with the...
♡ EPISODE 16 (FINALE). the one with the...
Tumblr media
THE EXTRAS. ( 01 / ∞ )
♡ MINISODE 01. the one with the hickey !
Tumblr media
( 01. ) just friends; audrey mika | a.d.i.d.a.s.; little mix
( 02. ) cool; dua lipa | obvious; ariana grande | love the way; yugyeom (ft. jay park & punchnello)
( 03. ) lowkey; niki
( 04. ) talk me down; troye sivan
( 05. ) mr. brightside; the killers
( 06. ) kathang-isip; ben&ben | deja vu; olivia rodrigo
( 07. ) double take; dhruv | square; yerin baek
( 08. ) fuck up the friendship; leah kate
( 09. ) goodnight n go; ariana grande | pretty boy; the neighbourhood
( 10. ) kiss me more; doja cat ft. sza
( 11. ) irresistible; one direction
( 12. ) lmly; jackson wang
( 13. ) if you don’t know; 5 seconds of summer | just friends; keshi
( 14. ) cheating on you; charlie puth
( 15. ) dreaming alone; against the current
( 16. ) fool for you; zayn | off my face; justin bieber
click here for the spotify playlist kindly made by @himboksj ! since it was created as a collaborative playlist, feel free to add some songs you think fit the vibe of this series :> [and i’ll just assign them to a episode number i feel it fits the most hehe]
Tumblr media
about alk’s update schedule
how alk!jk looks at oc
when alk!jk realized he might be catching real feELInGS
what haru looks like
what soomi looks like
the inspiration behind alk hehe
alk!jk vibes
alk pairing vibes
alk!jk vibes (2)
NOTEWORTHY ASKS (w/ drabbles).
oc highkey having a fat crush on jk 😩🤚🏼
the concept of alk!jk and tattoos !
fave positions
tiddy fucking
Tumblr media
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namfinessed · 3 months ago
koi no yokan - j.jk.
Tumblr media
genre: fluff (6k) 
summary: koi no yokan; a japanese phrase which doesn’t mean love at first sight, it roughly translates to love at second sight, it’s described as the feeling when you meet someone that you’re going to fall in love with them. maybe you don’t love them right away, but it’s inevitable that you will. and jungkook thinks its the best way to describe how he feels about you. (fools!universe)
masterlist     series masterlist
the feeling you get when you first meet someone is special.
whether it be annoyance, anger, joy or nonchalance, the first impression matters because it sticks to the person if you don’t plan on knowing them any further.
but what was this feeling that jungkook got when he saw you?
there was this faint chiming somewhere in the back of his head and he’s sure that there’s no bells around him.
he positively felt his heart dip and do a somersault when he first saw you. his palms are sweaty and he’s pretty sure he stopped breathing when he gulps at your presence, and jungkook swears he busts a nerve when you glance at him with a smile dancing on your pretty lips. it’s a brief glance, he’s not even sure if you registered him in the room but he still feels his throat clench around nothing.
who are you? and why do you make him feel things he can’t explain?
you’re just laughing with your friends, and the light is hitting you in all the right places as you throw your head back, and jungkook just can’t take his eyes off you, not until he feels a smack on the back of his head. jungkook immediately drops the cup that he’s wiping with a towel from his hand and winces when he realizes he has to explain this to the manager.
“what the fuck?” he muttered while rubbing the back of his head, turning around to see jimin sitting beside him on a stool while eating an apple and scrolling through his phone, as if he didn’t just attack unassuming jungkook.
“you’re staring like a creep; we don’t do that jungkook” he continues scrolling, as jungkook gapes at him.
“i w-wasn’t staring please, that can be hardly classified as staring, i was just, you know, just- “jungkook desperately tried to explain himself and jimin gives him an uninterested glare.
“just staring like a creep, yes” jimin finishes his sentence for him and quickly turns away before jungkook could say anything to defend himself and jungkook buries his head into his hands, groaning in frustration.
“fine, i was staring at them but not in a creepy way, i promise.” he mumbles into his hands and jimin snickers a chuckle at his slumped over form and rubs a hand on his back to get him to calm down from being so flustered. jimin found joy in messing with his introvert friend from time to time, mainly because jungkook never disappointed with his reactions, often responding with red, flushed cheeks and pouted lips stretching out a whine just like he was now.
“okay, then why were you staring at them?” jimin asked, in a much gentler tone now that jungkook looked close to blushing his face off, jimin turns to see the crowd of people in the corner of the bakery they worked at as jungkook slowly lifts his head.
how is he supposed to tell jimin that he knows he’s going to fall in love with you, while not knowing you at all?
how is he supposed to explain the goosebumps crawling on his skin were simply because of your laughter?
how is supposed to tell jimin that he’s never felt his heartbeat faster than it is right now?
he can’t explain what he doesn’t understand himself.
so, he settles for an answer that would explain enough.
“i don’t know.” he shakes his head as he says this, he can feel his palms sweating even more, he warns himself to not hold anymore coffee cups, and jimin is concerned for his friend when jungkook slams his head on the counter in front of them.
jungkook is a sensitive guy, not in a naïve or gullible way, he just is a sucker for love, he’s grown up with movies, stories, songs that describe love as this feeling you can’t get enough of, this feeling that is like magic twirling between your fingertips, he’s dreamed about holding that magic in his hands, he’s dreamed about falling in love, being with the one person who makes even the worst situations feel alright, he wants that.
he’s learned about soulmates and how some are destined to meet, red string or whatever, he believes he will hear bells when he meets his soulmate and its only now that he realizes an invisible chiming keeps ringing in his ears and he’s heard it only after he’s seen you.
“oh, your friend, our senior came in today” jimin calls out to jungkook while wiping down the counter, who finally lifts his head from the counter.
“jin hyung?” jungkook questioned because he’s noticed how jin has been coming in frequently to the bakery, and jimin nods.
“i don’t know why he keeps coming back, he’s always complaining about how expensive it is and how i should be giving him a discount. what did he take anyway?” jungkook remembers how jin would come in during the afternoon only to bug him for a while about discounts and asking him for a job as if jungkook was the manager here.
“he took two cups but there was no one with him and it was so late at night too.” jimin wondered out loud and jungkook’s ears perked up, tilting his head slightly.
hmm two cups, even after the constant complaints about the price, huh?
he is definitely going to bother jin about this when he sees him.
“um hello” they hear a soft but deep voice call them out and their heads snap to see you at the counter and jungkook swears he’s going to drop another cup, jimin notices how big jungkook’s eyes have gotten and just to agitate him further, he pushes jungkook near the till where you’re waiting, laughing delightfully when jungkook throws a glare his way and nervously clearing his throat before looking at you.
wow, your eyes are pretty.
and jungkook immediately looks away, his cheeks flaring up again and he wants to dunk his face into ice to calm himself down.
“h-how can we help you?” jungkook stutters out, nervously fiddling with the buttons on the cash register, not sparing a glance at you and jimin almost bursts into laughter next to him. he’s enjoying this way more than he should.
“i’m going to pay for table 13.” you pointed behind you towards the table that was previously occupied with your friends but there was no one left now. jungkook hummed and looked up your bill.
lots of strawberry.
strawberry milkshake, strawberry tart. you looked like a strawberries kind of person so jungkook silently assumed that it was your favorite flavor.
“okay, that’s going to be 60 dollars in total” jungkook adds as he punches the number in and holds his hand out for the bill, and as you fiddle with the wallet in your hand, jungkook dares to look at you again, almost gasping at the close proximity of your faces. you look even better up close and he can notice a faint smell of this teddy bear candle he always burns in his home, and only then realizes the homely scent is from you.
you even smell of his favorite candle for fucks’ sake.
you gently place the amount in his hand and jimin almost snorts when he sees how jungkook’s hands are shaking as he takes them and jungkook clears his throat again while handing the bill to you. you’re looking at him with your head tilted to the side and like you’re thinking about something, and jungkook nervously looks around, he’s not going to survive if you keep looking at him with those bright and curious eyes.
“do we know each other?” something about jungkook feels familiar, like you know him even if you don’t know him? and jungkook is not sure how he’s going to respond, do you feel the same way he does?
“i don’t think so- “and that’s when your eyes travel to the tattoos on his hands and widen in realization, you snap your fingers like you’ve figured out the secret to making a woman orgasm. jungkook is only slightly scared of your realization.
“jeon jungkook, that’s you, right?” you ask with the same wide eyes and a giddy smile, and jungkook feels his soul leave his body slowly because there’s just so much to process. know his name, oh my fucking god. look excited about knowing him?
3.wait a second, what do you know about him?
jungkook swears he’s never seen you before because c’mon if he did, he definitely would’ve frozen even back then but he doesn’t have a single clue about you.
which is why it makes him anxious that you seem to know him.
“yep, that is him.” jimin comes over and announces as he slaps a hand on jungkook’s shoulder to snap him out of whatever daze he’s gone back into, jungkook looks white as a sheet and you are slightly concerned.
“oh, don’t get me wrong please, it’s just i saw you around my brother’s tattoo shop and your name has been in the registry for a while so yeah” you nervously giggle, brushing hair out of your face and jungkook can finally breath again.
so that’s how you know him.
that’s not bad at all, jungkook loves his tattoos.
thank god it wasn’t because of the frat parties he’s been to, he’s not sure you would look at him so excitedly if you knew about those.
“genius lab? your brother is yoongi hyung?” jungkook didn’t mask his surprise well, his voice coming out drier and more forced than he would like it to but who can blame the poor guy?
first, he has a crush on this person who just walked into the store and he’s been following your every movement like a puppy (he’s very grateful that you didn’t notice that), second, this person comes up to talk to him and third, this person already knows him and he has no knowledge of them prior to this.
he is one conversation away from having a meltdown.
“yep, that’s him, you seem to be his favorite client.” you slightly chuckle at the memory of yoongi raving about how his new client, jungkook, is so talented in drawing and has been doing his own designs, and how he wants to offer him a job at the parlor, obviously jungkook doesn’t know about this. yoongi also seems to be very fond of jungkook, always talking about him with a small proud smile on his face.
‘when he got his first tattoo, he was shaking so much y/n, i had to give him like five lollipops throughout the entire time and now he doesn’t even flinch’ he explained to you excitedly one day when you were closing the shop together, it was something he always did, tell you stories about his clients whether you listened to him or not, and you remember dismissing him without a second thought because you could care less about who your brother meets. but now looking at jungkook, you understood why your brother gushed about him.
and jungkook is lost, terribly lost. since when did he become yoongi’s favorite client? sure, he gave him an extra lollipop sometimes but that was about it, and before he could question you about it, he sees you check the time only to slightly gasp and turn to him with panic in your eyes.
“my name is y/n by the way, it was nice meeting you jungkook and- “you look over at jimin who’s yet to introduce himself and he straightens when you look at him, offering a hand with a warm smile which you take gladly with an equally warm smile.
y/n, he likes your name.
“jimin, park jimin.” jungkook snorts at jimin’s attempt at the ‘bond, james bond’ line and even you snicker with a hand covering your mouth, jimin looks with disbelief at the two of you, you two barely know each other but you seem more than okay with making fun of him, and before jimin can voice his irritation, you wave a hand to brush it off.
“it was very nice meeting you jungkook and jimin, but i gotta go, hopefully we will meet again” your eyes catch jungkook’s at the end and he can’t help but melt into a dopey grin that doesn’t go away even when you have left the bakery.
“she’s gone, you can drop the smile” jimin nudges jungkook and disappears into the kitchen, it takes everything in jungkook to not throw a cup at him. jungkook then turns back to look at the empty store and sighs as he takes a seat in his stool.
he doesn’t know why but he needs to see you again.
jungkook has had a lot of ideas and none of them have worked in his favor so what did he decide to do?
well, right now he’s staring up at the ‘genius labs’ sign with a design ready in his hand.
and no matter how much he tries to convince himself that it isn’t to see you, that jungkook just really wants a tattoo but even jimin knows he is lying through his teeth and also knows exactly why jungkook suddenly wanted another tattoo, only after a month or so from his previous one.
jungkook pushes the door open with one arm, the other arm tightly clutching the strap of his backpack like his life depended on it, he almost feels bad for how tightly he’s holding it and writes a silent reminder to apologize to it later on in his mind.
jungkook looks around and the store looks busier than usual, jungkook searches for any familiar faces (he’s searching for you) and immediately snaps his head when he hears someone call his name. his shoulders slump when he realizes it isn’t you.
it’s yoongi who’s calling him over with a wave and jungkook pushes past the people all while muttering silent apologies, most wave him off, some curse him out and very few pay him any attention at all, and jungkook feels at peace because he hates attention anyway.
“ah jungkook! the store has been feeling empty without you, how have you been?” yoongi asks with a warmth in his tone, as he carefully patches up a client with tape and wrap, his tongue slightly sticking out in concentration and eyes carefully trained on the client’s arm.
i have been looking for your sister because i’m pretty sure i’m going to fall in love with her even if we’ve only met once didn’t seem like the right answer and jungkook didn’t know if yoongi was one of those protective kinds of brothers so he kept his mouth shut about you.
“um i’ve just been around hyung, working at the bakery and assignments and yeah that’s about it” jungkook is distracted as he speaks, eyes still looking for you and only looks back at yoongi when yoongi rises from his kneeling position to wipe his hands and thank the client, letting them go their way.
“oh, you have a design today?” just as jungkook is about to nod yes, he notices you walk into the room from the back, patting someone on the back and sending them away with a warm smile, and jungkook’s heart halts for a minute in his chest as he nervously gulps at you. yes, he came all the way over here just to see you but he wasn’t ready to see you in any way at all. he feels his cheeks flush up again, silently cursing himself out for getting so flustered.
yoongi doesn’t miss any of this, watching jungkook’s reactions with a glint in his eyes and a small smirk growing on his face.
“y/n, come here!” he suddenly yells at you making you look at yoongi, ready to yell back at him only to see jungkook right beside him, looking as pale as a ghost and your own heart leaps in your chest at the sight of him, you quickly make your way over to them with an excited smile on your face.
“jungkook, it’s so nice to see you again” you reach over to take his hand in yours for a delicate handshake and jungkook feels his stomach dip as if he were on the edge of a rollercoaster and he’s just descended suddenly into the track. your hands are warm in his and jungkook can’t help but notice how perfectly they fit together and before he can write a poem about your hands in his, you pull away your hand with the same smile you always seem to have.
“again? you guys have met before?”
oh right, yoongi is still here, jungkook forgot about his hyung for a minute there.
“yeah, i met jungkook at the bakery he works at like two days ago, i’m glad we meet again like this” you grin at him and tap his arm a little, jungkook wants to shove himself into a cupboard because he doesn’t know how to think when you’re touching him like this and it’s an innocent touch really but jungkook’s heart warms that you feel comfortable with him.
you, on the other hand, are trying to making it obvious that you are interested in him but since you’ve met, jungkook doesn’t seem half as excited as you are and you feel dejected every single time he looks away when you try to look at him. you are clueless that the poor guy could die happy in this moment with the way you’re looking at him.
“yeah, we met hyung, i didn’t know i was your favorite client” he slightly teases yoongi who flushes red and looks at you with a glare.
“why did you tell him that y/n?” yoongi groans in frustration and you give him a shrug, a huge grin dancing on your face and jungkook feels himself smile just by looking at the side of your face.
“i’m never telling you anything again” yoongi scolds you playfully and then turns to jungkook, gesturing towards the paper in his hand.
“what’s that tattoo you want jungkook? show me” jungkook hands over the paper of his drawing to yoongi who inspects it with a proud smile, jungkook really did have a talent for drawing and yoongi is seriously considering hiring jungkook as soon as possible.
yeah, yoongi could do this tattoo in little over two hours, it’s nothing hard for him but then he eyes the way you two seem to look at each other, blush and turn away, this repeats at least ten times and yoongi wishes he could bleach his eyes.
wait a minute, yoongi doesn’t even have to do this, he thinks with a happy smirk on his face, he could have you do it because that’s what good brothers would do :]. (he very much supports whatever you and jungkook have going on because jungkook is a nice, talented kid and maybe being your boyfriend would make him more interested in the job yoongi is going to offer him.) it’s purely for you, no selfish motive here, just to see your budding love grow, it’s not so that jungkook will work for him.
“sorry jungkook, i’ve got too much work today, like three more clients and it’s going to take too long to get to you” yoongi hands him the paper with a shake of his head and almost feels bad for outright rejecting him when jungkook looks at him like he kicked his puppy.
he’s doing this for him for fucks’ sake.
“but y/n can.” yoongi adds enthusiastically and ignores the way your head snaps towards him.
“she has way too much free time on her hand and this could be a nice way to test her skills, so if you’re okay with it, she will do it instead of me.” yoongi places one hand on your back when you look at him with confusion written all over your face and pushes you towards jungkook, in your hurry to curse yoongi out loudly, you miss the way jungkook has his hands wrapped around your forearms to keep you steady as you almost fall into him, yoongi hasn’t missed it and he very much is enjoying this version of jungkook and you.
“just go and do the tattoo, you’re such a brat sometimes” yoongi grumbles and your mouth falls open as you punch him on the arm and he’s laughing at how frustrated you get, jungkook is watching the exchange with a smile of his own, sibling banter was always fun to watch.
“just go for fucks’ sake, he’s waiting, you can annoy me later” yoongi gives one last smirk to jungkook and leaves to the other side of the room, your glare softens by a lot as you look back at jungkook and point towards the back, gesturing him to follow you.
“my room is at the back, i only started a few weeks ago and i didn’t like doing it front of everyone” you explain, more like shout at him, over all the chaos littered around the shop, jungkook follows you carefully, being sure not to bump into you and he outright glares when someone slightly pushes you back.
after you enter the small room in the back, you walk around the room while rolling your sleeves up, it’s only then that jungkook notices all the tiny tattoos littered on your arm, you quietly gather the basic things you need and walk over to him with a small smile and jungkook notices how you have glasses on now.
you look cute.
“can i see that design?” you put your hand out and jungkook immediately places the paper in it, he watches with pursed lips as you look at it for a few seconds without saying anything, because that’s his design you’re holding and he really hopes that you like it because he’s quite sensitive about his art.
“i can tell why yoongi wants to hire you here” you grin as you take the design to your table to trace it and jungkook walks over as you sit down and start tracing, pushing your glasses up your eyes.
“yoongi hyung wants to hire me here?” he asks with wide eyes and you nod happily, then pointed to his design, it’s a simple but well-done design and that’s really what matters.
“who wouldn’t want to hire you when you draw like this?”
at your compliment, jungkook feels like he could fly and tries to stop himself from grinning like a mad man.
“do you want this exactly the same as it is?”
“yep, just how it is.” jungkook then takes a look around the room, and he feels like for someone who is complimenting his art, you are exceptionally good yourself, he hums lightly as his eyes skim over the designs you have pinned on a board.
right now, in his eyes, you are not only the most beautiful person he’s met, but also the most creative because some of these designs have him intrigued enough to have them on his own body.
“where do you want it jungkook?” your voice makes him jump a little and he turns back from the board.
“ah you were looking at my board” you put down the glasses, getting up from your seat and walking over to him, jungkook panics, what if your designs were personal to you and he just completely invaded your privacy by looking at them?
“i’m sorry, i really didn’t mean to peek around or anything, they just fascinated me” jungkook explains with guilt laced in his voice as he fiddles with his fingers and you giggle a little at his reaction.
“it’s totally okay, which one do you like by the way?” you look back at the board you’ve carefully curated and then at him with the same bright and curious eyes he loves.
yep, he could die a happy man right now.
“i can’t pick one, all of them are good” jungkook replies with his answer right away, looking away from the side of your face and back to the board.
“that’s one way to flatter a girl” you tease lightheartedly and jungkook’s cheeks flare up almost immediately. but jungkook doesn’t want you to think that he doesn’t appreciate your art or that he only wants to woo you.
“no, don’t take this the wrong way but i really am not trying to flatter you, all your designs are so precise and detailed but still very unique and fresh, that is something i want with my designs, i want to learn from you.” his answer is honest and with no doubt at all, and for the first time, jungkook isn’t nervous in his actions or words, he’s more than confident in his compliment, he knows he means every word.
you almost do a double take at his words, no one has shown such respect to your art, sure you knew yoongi respected it, he wouldn’t have hired you if he didn’t but you don’t get more than an approving nod from him when you show him the designs, but jungkook, oh god jungkook, he just said all the words you’ve been waiting to hear since you started to take art seriously and he doesn’t even know you all that well, but he seems to know exactly how to make you feel special.
“thank you, like genuinely thank you so much and i would love to help you any day, you just have to ask” you can’t help but feel immensely grateful to jungkook and his encouraging words, you feel a lot more motivated to continue doing this.
“you don’t have to thank me, just telling the truth, is all” he smiles down at you and this time, you’re the one who’s blushing and looking away. you clear your throat and tilt your head, hating how your insides seem to be warming up too.
“so, where do you want it?” you walk away from him to slap some gloves and put your glasses on again, jungkook is sure that his favorite thing in the world right now is you in those glasses.
“above the elbow” he answers and takes a seat on the chair, making himself comfortable by stretching a little and moving until he settles, you bring out rubbing alcohol and start cleaning the area, gulping a little at the size of his biceps, and how they seem to flex unconsciously from time to time, the funny thing is, jungkook doesn’t even seem to know how attractive he is.
“are you nervous?” you ask gently, eyes darting to his face so that you stop staring at his arms and jungkook smiles at you cockily.
“not at all” his response makes you smile, his confidence with tattoos is definitely something you admire because you were a whimpering mess even when you got your fifth tattoo done and that’s exactly what you tell jungkook.
“who did your tattoos?” jungkook darts his eyes to your arm and winces a little as you start dragging the needle across his pale skin, which quickly turns into the color of the ink and you silently apologize even if you’re getting paid for doing this.
“yoongi did most of them, some i did for me, one i got when i was drunk so i don’t remember who but yeah that’s it” you answer him and he keeps asking you questions about your art, how you started out, your family and conversation flows easily between you two, like you’ve known each other forever.
and that’s how jungkook feels about you, you don’t feel new to him at all, almost like he was waiting to meet you all his life and now that you are finally here, it feels right. it feels just right.
jungkook notices how your eyes perk up every time you answer a question, so he assumes you love talking and that’s perfect because jungkook doesn’t talk a lot, he’s happy to let you do all the talking.
but his shy nature doesn’t stop him from answering everything you ask. even when you’re done tattooing, and only cleaning and sealing is left, you both don’t stop talking.
and just as he’s telling you about his friends while you’re wrapping his elbow, he notices a tattoo on your collarbone that he didn’t notice before and it’s a strawberry, a fading red and green strawberry right on your collarbone, something that is only visible when your shirt drops down your clavicle.
“your tattoo” he trails off, eyes trained on it and you nod with a smile, pushing your collar a little more out of the way so he could see it clearly.
“a strawberry” a strawberry, just like the one on his elbow now.
when jungkook was raking his brain for ideas, strawberries and the teddy bear scent was all his mind were clouded with, and even if he didn’t know where you two would go or if you would be seeing each other again at all, meeting you was something he wanted to remember, just in a more subtle way.
the design is a bit different from yours but it’s the same red and green strawberry that is fresh on his body.
did he just unintentionally get a matching tattoo with you?
“i’ve just loved strawberries a lot growing up, i used to make strawberry tarts with my mom a lot, this is just like a reminder of my childhood but hey, we have the same tattoo now” you excitedly say, it was one of the reasons you were so pleased with his design, you knew exactly what you felt about jungkook and unlike him, you weren’t as scared of feeling the things you did.
just like how you felt right to him, he felt right to you.
you always thought the idea of destiny or fate was corny, lame even, it never seemed realistic to you because why would two people, two completely different people, meet just to become one?
but as much as jungkook feels right, he’s also proving you wrong silently with how he keeps making it feel like it was fate that you two would meet.
you remember the jitters you experienced when you first saw jungkook in the shop, and silently observed him from a distance because you were trying to get a grip on how one person can make you feel so new but old at the same time, you remember the wide grin he gave your brother as he wrapped his tattoo, being polite but playful and that was when you knew you had to see him again.
so, what did you do about that?
you took your friends to a very expensive bakery after finding out from your brother (you had to work for free for one week so that he could give up that information) that jungkook works there, and you didn’t do a good job at hiding your interest but it seemed like he didn’t either, you weren’t deaf, you heard the way jimin chastised him, you heard the mug break, and all that while, you tried to stop yourself from giving the world a gracious smile with how things fell into place.
and that is when you felt ‘the premonition of love’.
you were sure jungkook would be in your life somehow the first time you saw him, the second time, you were already in love and the third time, you were waiting for him to fall in love too.
and you didn’t have to wait any longer because with the way jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off you as you circle around him, blooms hope in your chest that maybe you’re not the only one in love here.
“do you feel it too?” jungkook questioned suddenly, making you pause in the middle of wrapping his arm, looking at him unsurely, was he talking about what you think he’s talking about?
“what, jungkook?” you look up at him with your hands still loosely holding his arm and right then, jungkook knows you feel the same way, your hands are slightly tightened around his skin and you’re looking at him with so much vulnerability and hope. he feels good that he’s not crazy like he thought he was. he feels even better that you like him just as much as he did you.
“when you said i feel like i know you, and i didn’t have a clue to who you were, i’ve literally never seen you, i would remember you if i did trust me, but you still felt like someone i’ve known forever, like we’re just meeting after waiting? and god i don’t even know how to explain but i just, the only thing i know is that i love you, if it’s the idea of you or just you but yeah i really like everything about-“ after you finally got to hear the words, you quickly silence him with a soft kiss on the cheek and it works wonderfully because jungkook swallows his words up and stares at you with his mouth agape.
“i feel the same way” you whisper carefully and your eyes widen, then flutter close in bliss when he pulls you into his arms and nuzzles his face into your neck and you sigh in happiness because there’s no where else in the world you would be. because for once, jungkook is not running from his feelings but running towards them. and you, you are just glad to hold him.
“i’ve been wanting to do this since the day i saw you” he mutters against your skin and your heart does several flips at his soft tone.
“me too” you whisper back to him and you tighten your arms around him, falling in love shouldn’t be this easy but with him, it was the easiest thing you’ve ever done and you both feel the magic twirling around you, the same magic jungkook’s been fascinated by, the same magic you’ve been waiting to hold and now, it’s wrapping you up into your own little world that you never want to escape.
and as it turns out, jungkook starts working for yoongi shortly after, much to yoongi’s joy and jimin’s despair, after jimin whines for the 100th time that he’s getting lonely, jungkook takes up a shorter shift at the bakery to satisfy the shorter man, he still breaks a glass or two when you surprise visit him there, he sneaks the expensive desserts to you without anyone knowing but it isn’t that easy to escape jimin’s eyes who all but kicks you two out every time he catches you.
since jungkook doesn’t like being around people either, he works with you in the back room, away from the rest of the world and your magic only grows stronger the more time you spend with him, there isn’t anything about jungkook that you don’t want to know, you want to know it all and he wants to know all of you, slowly but carefully, he wants to know all your stories, all your feelings and you don’t disappoint.
he learns from you, you learn from him, he admires your mind, you admire his ever growing enthusiasm for new things, it isn’t long before jungkook starts tattooing you and himself, walking into work becomes a lot less dreadful with jungkook’s beaming smile right in the morning.
and you love, you love and love until there’s nothing left in you but love.
koi no yokan.
a single phrase that describes you both beautifully and accurately. like a fairytale coming to life, that’s what it feels like, a fairytale you want to become one with.
he loves you and you love him.
it’s that simple sometimes.
just love and nothing else.
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lavishedinjimin · 8 months ago
could u write something about jungkook having a creampie kink like he loves cumming inside of oc without protection and seeing it drip out of her after he pulls out maybe he plays a bit with it too afterwards like pushing it back inside her with his fingers the rest is up to u:)
Jungkook can’t do anything about his precum that constantly drools out of his cock. He fucks you against the kitchen counter, one leg up on the countertop as he pounds his veiny cock from behind.
He has an arm around your neck, choking you. The noises you made was insatiably loud – exactly what Jungkook wanted. He didn’t care if the neighbors can hear, he gives no fucks if they can’t sleep because of them.
He just wants to make you cum.
“You’re a naughty little cumslut, are you?” he says in between moans, his balls slapping against your wet pussy. “You’re a slut for me and my dick.”
Holding onto his tattoo-covered arm, he fucks you like a dog in heat. You can’t even form a coherent sentence from the irresistible pleasure, feeling so full and wet for him. Jungkook always fucks you so roughly, knowing the greed he has for your pussy; there was never a dull moment in both of your sex life.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” you breathily moan, “Jungkook, make me cum… please!”
He grins, now wrapping a hand around your throat. “Oh don’t worry darling, I will. Gonna make you cream all over my raw fucking dick. Fuck, fuck, fuck—” the thought of this suddenly made him harder, even harder. His cock throbs painfully as it pummels roughly in your cunt, hitting your sweet spots.
“Wanna see that sweet cream on my cock, baby. I’m gonna cum with you. Give it to me, yeah? Mhmm I know you’re a good girl. I want your cum so fucking bad, Y/n.”
Just the way he talks dirty to you and the hot noises he makes was enough to push you over the edge. Jungkook moans as he feels you tighten, burying his cock balls-deep inside you as he releases his seed as well. He cums so hard that both of your body trembles. “There, there…” he gulps, “That’s so good, baby.”
Your mind goes into a trance and he was there to hold you in place. Pulling his cock out, there it was. Your creamy cum mixed with his semen slowly drips down from your entrance and onto your wet slit. Jungkook’s eyes roll back from the sight of this, unconsciously causing his cock to twitch.
“Fuck…” he grabs his shaft and rubs his sensitive, red tip against your cunt, gathering your cum and pushing it all back in. “Don’t wanna waste any of this, oh my god baby. You came so much for me,” he laughs lowly, leaning over to kiss your shoulder blade.
“I wanna go again.”
You gasp, blood rushing on your cheeks, “Again?”
“Yes. Fuck yes. I wanna see you cum like this again. Let’s make a mess in this kitchen, baby. I want to fuck you raw all goddamn day.”
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rmverse · a month ago
jungkook + “I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.”
⇢ pairing: jungkook x reader ⇢ prompt: “I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.” ⇢ word count: 989 ⇢ warnings: none just fluffy floof fluff
Tumblr media
Ah, weddings. They brought so many emotions out of people. Whether you were the bride, the groom, the mother, the father, a relative, a stranger. They were always bound to make you feel something.
Something about watching two people so ready to commit to one another, vowing to stand by each other’s sides no matter way, looking at each other like they’re the only two in the room despite the place being packed full of people. It made everyone feel tingly. Some people might feel lonely, others who had someone at their side would feel the need to show their affection even more on such occasions.
Jeon Jungkook was one of those people.
He didn’t know what’s come over him. He wasn’t the one getting married here, it was Seokjin. But as he watched you from the other side of the room, mingling with people and friends he’s known his entire life, family members and relatives laughing along with you and treating like one of their own. There was a lump growing in his throat and he didn’t know how to get rid of it. Was it too early into the relationship to bring you along to his best friend’s wedding? His family, as well as Seokjin, insisted that he bring you, clearly aware of the fact that he was dying to bring you but wanted to keep his composure.
But now he was feeling all sorts of feelings. You looked like a vision of heaven in that dress of yours. Hugging your body in all the right places, elegant, soft yet so sexy and alluring. He had no idea how you pulled it off, but you did so well.
Jungkook was a sentimental person, as much as he tried to hide it. He teared up at the ceremony, watched his best friend with tears of happiness. Now, his sentiment has shifted to elsewhere and he was wondering if anyone saw how lovesick he looked watching you from across the room with a glass of champagne in his hands.
Thoughts and memories of your relationship so far invaded his mind. You haven’t been together for a long time, but you made him happy, that he was sure of. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted you to stay by his side for as long as possible. He wanted to see where this leads. He needed to. You were too good to slip out of his hands, and he would be a fool to let you.
His heart beats faster when you look over at him mid-speech, hands moving animatedly as you tell Taehyung something. He doesn’t know what it is, but he adores the excited look that adorns your features as you speak. He adores the way you look at him with that twinkle in your eye, corners of your lips tilting up fondly because you just caught him staring at you. He feels warm, feels even warmer when you wave him over and Taehyung looks back to see who you’re waving at.
It’s a slow song playing in the background, and he’s walking with purpose towards you. He barely acknowledges Taehyung, only hands him his half empty champagne glass, which Taehyung takes with a soft laugh, before he gently grips your hand and wordlessly nods towards the dancefloor with a charming grin. You accept through a cute giggle of your own.
You don’t talk for the first half of the song. Arms draped over his shoulders. He’s only wearing the white shirt now, suit jacket thrown aside as the night gets later. He’s holding your hips gently, leading your body and swaying you with him, side to side, bodies moving in tandem with one another. It feels nice, you’re lost in it. Your eyes even close for a couple of seconds and you sigh, and the sigh alone makes you sound so in love it’s stupid. God.
You smell so sweet. You fit so perfectly in his embrace. Your head resting on his chest feels like the perfect amount of weight to bring comfort to him. Your arms around his shoulders make him feel so secure, so protected. The lump in his throat grows larger, and it doesn’t go away as he tries to swallow it down. So he speaks.
Well, he more like stutters, but they’re words nonetheless.
It looks like you lift your head up from his chest in slow motion, blinking up at him curiously with slightly pouted lips. He could kiss you right now. “__.”
“Yeah, Jungkook?” You ask, so gently and so tenderly as one of your hands lifts to the base of his neck. Fingers reaching for the short strands of hair, he practically melts into your affectionate touch with a sigh.
“I just—“ he tries again but he’s somehow stopped talking once again, and when your brows furrow slightly, worried that there’s something wrong, he’s quick to chuckle. He’s chuckling because he’s embarrassed now, eyes flickering away to look elsewhere but coming back to yours a second later because he can’t seem to look away from you for too long. There’s a calming, encouraging smile on your face, one that tells him to say whatever he has to say. He chuckles once more, neck bending just a bit to press his forehead to yours. This feels intimate, so intimate.
“I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.”
Your voice comes out soft, laced with surprise and realization. He’s nibbling on his bottom lip, chewing on his inner cheek as his eyes flicker between yours. The hand playing with his hair had paused for a few short seconds, but it’s moving once again as your lips lift upwards into a grin.
“I wouldn’t call that a fail, Jeon,” you assure with a chuckle. You nudge his nose with yours, and he’s chuckling back. “I love you too.”
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bangtanhome · a month ago
gym trainer! Jk x idol! oc. like oc is riding jk cock to have a better thighs, and jk just has to be a good trainer since y'know his ✨ thighs ✨ are so delicious.
hihihi thank you!
thank you for the request!!!! i'm in a fluffy mood so this came out sweeter than what i intended >:3 i hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!!
warnings: unprotected sex, semi-public sex
══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════
For once, your agency did something right by hiring an actualpersonal trainer that’s trained not only in workouts but also in nutrition. Your body had never held more stamina since Jungkook was introduced in your life and your fans agreed; your dancing had more energy and there’s a healthy flush in your glow every time you take the stage by storm. Of course, it helps when the two of you have been engaging in… extracurricular activities such as these.
It started out harmless, barest of touches fleeting between the two of you as he adjusts your form in various positions. It’s common for a trainer to put his hands all over your body, but every touch from Jungkook strikes a match on your skin before it eventually turns into a forest fire when his hands accidentally brush against your tits. The rest, as they say, is history. You recall the taste of mint in his breath as he takes you for the first time in the gym showers, hair plastered on your face while you try not to moan too loudly, body trembling with every drag of his cock as your hands brace against the slippery tiles for balance.
“I want to work on my thighs,” you munch on a banana earlier that day. It’s one of your weekly sessions with Jungkook in his office, a chance for you to talk about specific areas you want to work on in the upcoming weeks. “I think we can add core strength into the mix, but I think legs should be the main focus here.”
Jungkook had simply nodded, scribbling something on his tablet before standing up, black hair swept in a tiny bun above his head while he rattles off lists of equipment you can use, dimples flashing occasionally as he smiles at you. He listens to your body better than you do, knowing when to push you harder and when to concede, hands roaming your back, your arms, your legs the entire time. To an outsider, it all seems like innocent touches, but you knowbetter.
In the comfort of his office, with the door firmly shut and locked, you lower your aching cunt down on his hard cock before slipping out completely and sheathing yourself back in. Jungkook’s lying on the floor, his hand on the base of his dick to keep it upright as you do squats from above.
“5 more, baby, you can do it,” he gasps, a mischievous grin appearing on his face as his empty hand finds its way to squeeze at your breast.
You do as you’re told, groaning at the strain that’s starting to settle in your thighs. You count breathlessly, heart thumping wildly in your heart as you listen to the sounds of your needy cunt reverberating the walls. When you finish the set, you reward yourself by burying his cock deep in your cunt, back arching as you close your eyes, relishing in the stretch.
“Ride it like that, go slow—fuck, yes,” Jungkook breathes, sitting up so his face is inches from yours as you stare up his dark half-lidded eyes. The way he wets his lips with his tongue makes your body tremble, as it recalls what the pink muscle did to you just moments before.
You continue to rock your hips back and forth, whines of his name spilling from your lips as Jungkook thrusts up in tandem with your rhythm. Not much longer now, you’re reaching the end, all too consumed by the fire spreading across your body as you sink your fingernails into Jungkook’s toned arms, throwing your head back as your muscles shiver with want. You manage a hoarse cry of his name as you come undone, body trembling against his grip. It wasn’t your most powerful orgasm, especially with the exhaustion settling in your tired limbs, but it gets the job done.
Jungkook holds you close, whispering praises as his tattooed hand strokes your hair gently. He lets you recover for a few minutes before a dimpled grin appears on his face. And despite it being way past the hour of your scheduled workout session with him, you have a sinking feeling that he’s not going to let you leave his office until your thighs tremble and you can barely walk without the help of a cane.
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taetaespeaches · 6 months ago
“Should I get this one tattooed for real?”
jungkook x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 3K
a/n: This is just Holly/reader drawing temporary tattoos on Jungkook and them being smitten with each other, as per usual. That’s literally it, that’s the plot. I hope you all enjoy, and thanks so much for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
The ink against his soft, warm skin was mesmerizing, your attention abandoning your phone screen several minutes ago in favor of the designs etched across his arm. Jungkook wasn’t paying much attention as you traced over his tattoos lightly with your finger tip, as he was quite accustomed to your appreciative touch upon the artwork.  You adored them, and you were always excited about the possibility of him getting more.
It was a casual night, your dog sleeping on the floor across the living room next to her Cooky plush, Jungkook busy editing a video on his laptop, and you admiring the man; the way his eyes shined in the display light, his features concentrated as his orbs bounced across the screen.
Feeling your gaze on him, he shifted his attention to you, seated next to him, your hands still positioned on the tattoos. You watched fondly as his eyes widened, his tattoo-less hand quickly raising to pull the earbuds from his ears. Smiling softly at him, you looked back to his arm, your finger dragging along the shaded tiger flower on his forearm.
“This is my favorite,” you commented in a whisper, Jungkook’s eyes darting to his tattoo.
“Really? That one?” He asked curiously, not surprised but rather intrigued.
“It’s pretty,” you nodded. Glancing up at him, you met his sparkling orbs and you couldn’t help but smile upon making eye contact. “It looks delicate among the others.”
A light laugh left his lips as he smiled softly at you. “Thank you,” he accepted the compliment almost bashfully, his eyes looking down at the tattoo.
“Hang on, can I-” you started, waiting for your boyfriend to look up at you with his pretty doe eyes. “Can I draw on your arm?”
Those bambi eyes took on a youthful enthusiasm as he stared at you in surprise. “Yeah,” he whispered before an adorable smile overtook his features, making his eyes crinkle in the corners. The man quickly moved the laptop from his lap to sit atop the coffee table before straightening his back in preparation for your work.
Giggling at him, you hopped off the sofa, quickly making your way to your bag where you kept various drawing utensils. “These should come off in the shower,” you waved a pack of markers at him. Eagerly returning to the couch, you sat cross-legged in front of him, grabbing his wrist and tugging his arm toward you.
Jungkook chuckled at your excitement, his eyes taking you in with a keenness of his own, both for the design as well as simply feeding off your energy.
Securing the sweatshirt sleeve that threatened to slip down his forearm, you tucked it into itself along his elbow crease. “Ok, ready?” You asked excitedly, wiggling your shoulders a bit to show your enthusiasm. Giving you a silent nod, you grinned. “Ok, hold still,” you demanded with a small smile, Jungkook scoffing though he followed your orders.
At that point, the man didn’t have a ton of space on his lower arm, but the spot on top of his wrist was barren. Bringing your face close to his arm, you held the felt tip pen over his arm but didn’t start drawing yet as your mind drew a blank as to what to add to his existing art.
“What are you drawing?” Jungkook questioned you, a smile forming on your face.
“Patience,” you replied simply, your teasing tone evident.
“You haven’t even started though,” he complained through an obvious smile, you giggling knowingly. He was onto you. “You don’t know what you’re drawing, do you?” He called you out, causing you to look up at him with a playful glare.
“You can’t just demand art, Jeongguk,” you informed him, the man rolling his eyes though he laughed in amusement and fondness. “I just wanted to draw on you, I had zero plans beyond that,” you giggled, the man flashing you an utterly smitten beam.
“Just draw whatever is on your mind,” he told you through his grin. “I trust you.”
Feigning a gasp, you acted surprised at the comment. “You trust me?” You joked, your boyfriend sighing with a smile.
“I have since day one, Holly,” he told you sincerely, a small pout forming on your lips.
Trust. You and Jungkook had a remarkable amount of it, tracing all the way back to your first meeting. Giving the man your phone number, and trusting him to reach out; Jungkook trusting that your intentions were genuine. When you thought about it, you had never trusted anyone more than you trusted Jungkook. He was your best friend. You partner; in crime and in life.
As you touched the pen to his skin, Jungkook sat up a little straighter as he tried to look down at his wrist. “No peeking,” you warned knowingly through a smile, Jungkook scoffing in response.
“I’m intrigued,” he noted, the comment amusing you, your lips quirking into a small grin. As you focused on the way the ink soaked into Jungkook’s skin, his gaze was on you, smiling softly at your eyebrows that were pulled together in concentration.
When Jungkook’s finger entered your line of vision, you flinched slightly, locking your eyes on the digit as he pushed it against your face between your eyebrows.
“So serious,” he teased, his lips pursed.
Holding back your laugh, you glared at him before returning to your drawing. “Stop distracting me,” you told him lightheartedly, your ears being met with Jungkook’s adorable boyish giggle.
Surprisingly, however, the man did stop pestering you, silence enveloping the room as you worked on the simple line drawing. It was only a few minutes later when you popped your head up with a smirk.
“All done,” you told him, your voice low as you held his wrist up to his eye level.
You watched as he squinted at it, though his orbs soon widened, his beam overtaking his features. Appreciating the crinkles that surrounded the corner of his eyes, you couldn’t help but mirror his expression.
“A pinky promise?” He asked, his eyes shining in that stunning way they often did.
“Trust,” you told him, Jungkook pouting slightly. “How do you like it?”
“I love it,” he complimented, leaning toward you, catching your lips in a sweet kiss. Bringing your hand to rest on the side of his face, you lingered in the meeting for a little longer. “I’m gonna get it tattooed for real,” he mumbled against your lips, causing you to chuckle, resting your forehead against his cheek. “Do something bigger,” he told you, you cocking your head as you rotated his arm.
Humming, your eyes scanned over his arm, looking for a free spot to make another addition to his collection. “I need more canvas space,” you informed him, your eyes meeting his as you smirked, your hands finding the hem of his top. Giggling at the way his eyes widened, you began pushing the material up his abdomen. “I need your bicep,” you clarified when his opposite hand secured itself on your hip.
“You can have whatever you want,” he flirted making you bite your lip as you avoided his gaze, as well as his toned stomach and chest, shaking your head in hopes of hiding your amusement.
Pulling the sweatshirt over his head, you flung it onto the back of the sofa, smiling fondly at the way his long dark hair stood on end due to the static electricity. Patting his hair down, you cocked your head at him, flashing him a smile as you kept your hands positioned on the sides of his head. “Perfect,” you beamed, Jungkook leaning forward to easily catch your lips in a sweet kiss, your hands meeting the sides of his face affectionately.
As Jungkook attempted to deepen the kiss, you pulled back teasingly, wearing a proud smirk. “I have a tattoo to draw,” you spoke professionally to him, the man scoffing through his smile. “Right here,” you pointed to the inside of his bicep. “Hold your arm up,” you demanded as you adjusted your sitting position a bit to better access his arm. “Like this,” you shifted his arm upward so his bicep was at your eye level.
As you pressed the pen to his arm, he suddenly flexed, a snort leaving you instantly at his antics. “Stop,” you whined, dragging the word out through your laughter.
“Stop what?” He played dumb, still flexing his arm as he wore a cocky smirk. Pushing his tongue to the inside of his cheek, he glanced to his muscles. “Oh that?”
“Oh my god,” you beamed, “you’re ridiculous.”
“Has a mind of its own,” he nodded to his bicep, causing you to roll your eyes as you poked his abdomen in protest.
“Well try to control it,” you playfully scolded. “It’s distracting,” you added with a small smirk as you began drawing, Jungkook eyeing you with a fondness only you could make him feel.
As you were busy at work, Jungkook was watching you carefully, his head resting on the back of the sofa. You could feel his stare on you but you tried your best to ignore him, though a smile began curving on your lips.
“How’s it going?” He asked through his own grin, a light breathy chuckle leaving your lips. “Enough canvas space for you?”
Lifting your head to look at him, you rolled your eyes before leaning toward the man, pressing a kiss to his jaw. “So much canvas space,” you whispered in a low, teasing voice. The man giggled adorably, a wider smile appearing on your face as you returned to the temporary tattoo.
With this design being just a bit more involved, it took you longer to draw. Jungkook had closed his eyes, simply enjoying your touch on his body. Before you started the drawing, you caught a glimpse of the video Jungkook was previously editing on his laptop, the screen displaying a shot of you with your dog, Amelie. You were Jungkook’s favorite subject, but you wondered if he knew how much you loved seeing him behind the camera, capturing what he loved.
Looking at the drawing that was coming close to being completed, you saw Jungkook in it; hands holding a camera. It was a sight you’d seen many times before, but it was always fascinating to watch him work as he directed his lens at everything he found beautiful.
Nearly finished with your addition to Jungkook’s growing collection of body art, you just wanted to add his hand tattoos onto the hands in your drawing. Grabbing his hand and bringing it to your face, you caught Jungkook out of the corner of your eyes as he peeled his orbs open, shooting you a quizzical look.
Smiling, you moved your fingers over the small letters, placing it all to memory, as if it wasn’t already there.
“What are you doing?” He questioned you with a small smile. You replied with a smirk and went back to your sketch, though Jungkook’s attention stayed with you as he watched you intently. A few seconds passed by before your boyfriend sighed, the sound turning into a groan of feigned frustration. Your eyes moved to meet his face, only to see him pouting at you. Quirking your eyebrows, you cocked your head at him.
“Why are you so pretty?” He asked you suddenly, a scoff immediately leaving your lips.
“Oh my god,” you lightly shook your head. “This is done,” you nodded to his bicep, the man’s eyes eagerly darting to his arm to take in the creation.
“Holy shit,” he awed, grabbing his own arm to try to get a better look at it. “Holly, that’s amazing.”
“Yeah?” You asked with a small smile.
“Is that me?” He asked suddenly, his eyes blown wide as he slowly shifted his focus to you. Nodding at him, you watched as a wide smile formed on his features, his eyes crinkling exceptionally, as they always did. “Can you take a photo?” He asked you suddenly, almost shyly.
“Yeah,” you nodded, grabbing your phone and swiftly snapping a few shots of it.
“How did you even come up with this?” He asked you, and you felt yourself become bashful.
With your eyes holding his own, you shrugged, Jungkook’s hand resting on your thigh, his thumb swiping over your skin comfortingly. “I just love you behind the camera,” you admitted. “You’re beautiful when you capture the things you love.”
“You’re incredible,” he complimented sincerely. Leaning forward with a groan, you dropped your cheek to rest against his shoulder, Jungkook’s chest lightly rumbling with a chuckle as he took the opportunity to press a sweet kiss to the top of your head. His hand gently squeezed your thigh as your eyes raked in the sight of his bare chest and abdomen.
“Have you ever thought of a chest piece before?” You asked him, teasingly dragging your finger along his pectoral as you lifted your gaze to meet his own. The man brought his hands to yours, closing his fingers over your own before bringing it to his lips.  
“Show me what you have in mind,” he challenged you, mumbling the words against your knuckles before pressing light pecks to your digits. Raising your eyebrows at him, you accepted his challenge as you pulled your hand out of his hold, grabbing onto his shoulders. Swinging your leg over his lap, straddling the man, you smirked at him as his eyes raked over your frame, peering down at your legs that were caged over his thighs. “Oh?” He questioned.
“Don’t get excited,” you warned with a small smile. “I’m working,” you reminded him teasingly.
Grinning at you, he watched as you took the pen cap off once again and leaned forward, holding one hand against his chest to brace yourself as the other began dragging the tip of the pen across his gorgeous skin. As you drew on his chest, his hand was positioned on your thigh, giving you teasing squeezes every once in a while, just to get you to break your focus and smile.
As you made the finishing touches on your creation, you nodded to yourself before glancing up and meeting his gaze. Smirking, you couldn’t help the giggles that slipped from your lips. Tucking his chin into his neck, he peered down at his chest, a laugh instantly meeting your ears as he tossed his head back in utter amusement.
Looking at your name etched onto his chest, you ran your fingers over it teasingly. “What do you think of this one, baby?”
“Should I get this one tattooed for real?” He asked you jokingly.
Placing your hands against his mouth to shush him you giggled. “Stop it,” you warned, knowing he was about to buckle down on his threat to tattoo your name on his body.
Wrapping his hands around yours, he moved them from his face to rest against his abdomen between your bodies. “I’ll do it,” he insisted with wide eyes, you crumbling into laughter, dropping your forehead to his shoulder. “Don’t test me.”
“Do not,” you enunciated through a groan. Lifting your head and licking your finger, you brought it to his chest to smudge it away, though Jungkook quickly grabbed your wrist to stop you.
“Leave it there for tonight,” he smiled softly. “Just for tonight.”
“Whatever you want, baby,” you whispered just as he leaned forward, bringing his lips closer to your own. Tilting back in response, just to tease him, he scoffed before wrapping his arms around your body quickly, tugging you to him so your body was flush with his own.
The man first pressed his lips to your neck, your resolve dissipating instantly as you titled your head to the side to allow him all the access he craved; that you craved.
“You should be my tattoo artist,” he mumbled against your neck, the breath from his words sending chills across your body.
“I don’t know how to tattoo,” you pointed out in a breathy tone, Jungkook’s arm moving from your waist to find your face. He cradled your jaw, directing you to look at him. “Should I learn?” You asked him with a small smile, the man nodding.
“You could do it,” he told you with a grin, though he spoke sincerely.
“I think you have too much faith in me,” you joked halfheartedly, your boyfriend instantly shaking his head in negation.
“I just trust you,” he reminded you, your eyes locked on one another’s as you silently relayed to each other how much you did indeed trust each other, and how much it meant to be able to pour so much trust into another person.
Bringing your hand to his face, you pushed his long soft locks off his forehead before inching forward just slightly. Jungkook wasted no time in attaching his lips to yours once again, deepening the action upon contact.
Within moments, he had moved you onto your back, his body positioned between your legs, his hand moving underneath your shirt as he explored your midriff. Losing yourself in him, you were startled when he suddenly yelped in your face, his attention snapping to the dog that stood next to the couch, licking his arm.
A massive grin overtook Jungkook’s face as he whined at the dog. “Amiiii,” he complained lightheartedly, your face imitating your boyfriend’s. You loved the nickname he had given the dog, shortening Amelie to Ami; a sweet nod to his fans. “You want to see my new tats?” he questioned the dog, you giggling as he pointed to the pinky promise design. “Look at what mom drew here,” he told the gentle pup as he ran his finger over the temporary addition to his collection, the furry creature tilting her head to the side as she listened to him speak with intrigue. “Pretty cool huh?” he continued.
And all you could do was sit beneath him and admire him. It never failed to amaze you how Jungkook could be sex on legs one moment, and a giggling smiling adorable angel the next. He was one of a kind. He was yours. And fuck, you really, really loved him.
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mintelepathy · 3 months ago
#19 w/ cocky boyfriend kook and shy/blushy girlfriend reader
"If you don’t stop looking at my lips without doing anything about it, I will take you right here on this counter"
cocky boyfriend!jungkook x reader/oc
established relationship
word count: +550
genre: fluff
warnings: mature themes (*cough they are just horny *cough) but nothing explicit.
summary: just a typical morning with your boyfriend but add it a little bit of spiciness.
Tumblr media
Waking up early to make you breakfast every time you spent the night with him had already become one of Jungkook’s habits, and today wasn’t the exception. Usually you’d be woken up by him once he brought the breakfast to the bed, but unlike other days, you woke up today when he was still making some coffee and waffles for you.
You got up from the bed and headed straight to the kitchen where your eyes met his shirtless and brawny back. He didn't hear you coming so you startled him a little bit when he felt your arms around his waist.
"Shit, you scared me" he said giggling.
"Good morning" you murmured with the right side of your face pressed against his shoulder blade.
"Morning babe, did you sleep well?" he asked as he used one of his free hands to stroke your arms.
"Mhm" you gave him a short kiss on his shoulder before releasing your arms that were around his waist.
He wasn't done yet so you just sat on top of the counter top as you watched him cook. It wasn't the first time you saw him cooking, but there was something about him cooking shirtless, his messy hair and the way the sun rays hit his skin that was making you drool.
"Here you have" He said placing the cup of coffee and waffles by your side.
"Thank you gguk" you couldn't get down of the counter because he was standing right between your legs so you just grabbed the coffee and took a sip without even trying to move from there.
"Can you just stay here the whole day?" he asked before taking a sip of his own drink.
"I can't, I really need to study for my exams"
College was being hell lately and you really needed to pass these exams, so staying at his apartment wasn't the best option.
"I can help you study"
"The last thing we would do if I stay is study" You didn't realize the double meaning of your words until he gently grabbed you by the waist to get you closer to him.
"So what are the things we would end up doing then?" you blushed and he smiled as he raised his eyebrows.
"I didn't mean it in that way" your face was practically red as a tomato at that point.
Your bodies were so close to each other that you could already feel the temperature of your body increasing. It definitely wasn't the first time you were that close to him, in fact, this was almost nothing compared to the stuff you've already done together, but still your body reacted as if it was the first time you had him like that.
"If you don’t stop looking at my lips without doing anything about it, I will take you right here on this counter" his words had you breathing heavily.
You had so many dirty thoughts going around your mind that you didn't notice that you'd been staring at his lips the whole time.
You bit your bottom lip and he wasted no time as he gently grabbed your jawline to pull you in for a deep kiss.
Your legs were around his waist, your hands were all over his hair and his left arm was firmly around your waist, keeping your chest against his.
It was when he took his shirt off your body when you knew there was nothing that could stop you, or him, from continuing what you've started.
Studying can wait.
A like or reblog is always appreciated<3
If you'd like to request one of these prompts, you can send me here a number and a member
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borathae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ Index [Snippet #08 - Grumpy Showers]
“Jungkook is grumpy because of work and wants a distraction.”
Genre: Smut 
Warnings: domish!Jungkook, switch!Reader, shower sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, soft ass spanking, multiple orgasms (m. recieving), creampie, questionable use of a showerhead aye, tattooed!Jungkook with long hair, he is a lil grumpy too so slight angry!sex?, also they’re in love :(
Wordcount: 2k 
Tumblr media
You were showering when Jungkook knocked on the door and asked you if he could come in. You said yes of course. 
Jungkook opens the door, already completely naked. The sight isn’t surprising really, it still catches your eye however. It is your second favourite sight after all, your favourite sight being his smile. 
"Hello handsome, how was work today?" you greet him, grinning playfully. 
Jungkook sighs and pouts. He wiggles his upper body from side to side, but not in a happy way, more in a way a little, angry child would. 
"Don't ask, I’m grumpy", he murmurs and joins you under the water. 
"Oh no baby. Did something happen?" you ask worriedly, rubbing circles up and down his chest. 
Jungkook nods and pouts more. 
"Wanna talk about it?"
"No, I just wanna distract myself", he mumbles, still pouting. 
"Want me to soap you up?" you offer, but Jungkook shakes his head. 
He cups your face and goes to kiss you. You gasp in surprise, but quickly reciprocate the kiss. Your arms hook behind his head, his' find their new home on your waist. You know where this is going and it is beyond exciting. It's been two days already, which for some people isn’t long, but for you and Jungkook aka two horndogs in love, those two days were like torture. There wasn’t even a real reason for your abstinence from each other, you were both just terribly busy. You with working the night shift at your new job and Jungkook with designing a big back tattoo for a guy, who will come over to his studio next week. 
Jungkook grabs your ass and pulls you close. His semi-hard rubs against your stomach, sending heat to your core. You twist your fingers in his long hair, eliciting a groan from him. 
The kiss breaks. 
"Can we fuck?" he asks you bluntly, kneading your ass vigorously. 
"I ain't stopping you, I want you so bad", you answer him, running your fingers up and down his scalp. 
"God baby, I missed you so much today", he rasps and then he kisses you again. He is touching you all over, making sure to grind his body against yours most seductively. Jungkook has a talent in body rolls, you learned it in the best way when he surprised you with a striptease on your anniversary last month. He is using the techniques against you currently, rubbing his naked, hot and wet body against yours in ways even the devil would be impressed by. 
Jungkook bites down on your neck, making you moan. It stings, your knees buckling in answer. 
"Babe, fuck", you groan, nails digging into his toned arms. 
Jungkook lets go of your neck, kissing up your jawline. 
"You taste so good", he rasps, "can’t get enough of you", he adds and bites down again. 
You throw your head back, arching into him. 
"Feels good", you groan, dragging your nails down his chest. 
Jungkook growls playfully, mirroring your touches by running his nails up your back. 
He presses his lips against the shell of your ear. 
"Wanna turn around so I can fuck you?" 
You turn around in an instance, supporting yourself on the tile walls with your arms. Jungkook drags the flat of his palm down your back first. 
"You are so fucking sexy", he says, voice deep and sultry, "baby I'm so lucky to have you." 
His hand reaches your ass. He slaps it teasingly. 
"Ah Kook!" you send him a glance over your shoulder, "so cheeky."
"Quite literally, look at all that cheek I'm holding", he says and wiggles your ass cheeks between his fingers. 
You almost face palmed yourself if you hadn’t cackled that hard. Jungkook feels how the heaviness of his day magically lifts off his shoulder upon hearing your laugh. He grins. 
"I can’t with you baby", you laugh, shaking your head. 
"I know", his grin turns into one of his shiteating smirks. He moves closer, pressing his hard-on against your ass. He starts rubbing it up and down your buttocks. The sensation is enough to pull you back to your actual reality. You were so close to having sex. 
Your legs part on their own, your back arches. Jungkook curses under his breath, cock growing harder against your ass. 
"You're incredible baby", he rasps, "you ready?"
"So ready, I’m literally dripping." 
"Fuck baby, so hot", Jungkook groans, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down your soaked pussy. He reaches your hole, teasing your entrance annoyingly good. 
"Wanna stretch you open sweetheart", he says, teasing your hole with gentle pressure. Not enough to enter you but enough to rile you up. 
"Stretch me open Kook, I need it", you plead, wiggling your ass back. 
Jungkook finally puts more pressure on you, preaching you amazingly. You and him both groan and as Jungkook is left salivating over the view of him entering your pussy, you are left basking in the feeling of him filling you up. 
He bottoms out, doing so with a guttural moan and a hard grip on your hip. 
"Baby this is incredible, holy shit", he says, tilting his head up. The hot water runs over his face, making him close his eyes. Breathing is hard and Jungkook is left gasping, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. 
"Move, please", you plead, shaking in the need to feel his cock. 
Jungkook listens, hips rolling into you in deep strokes. His fingers dig into your hips, his legs rub against yours most deliciously. 
"That's it Kook, so good", you moan, closing your eyes in bliss. You arch your back more. He goes deeper, hitting your best spots inside of you. 
Jungkook looks back at your bodies connecting. 
"Fuck, your pussy looks so hot when she's stretching around my cock", he growls, spreading your ass cheeks. He pulls out until he reaches his cockhead. He slams into you again, making you yelp up in pleasure. Jungkook repeats what he has done before, watching how his dick shapes your pussy. 
"So fucking hot", he grunts, fucking you just like this over and over and over and over again. The water wets his cock every time he is outside and yet when he pulls out of you again a moment later, your pussy has soaked him even more. 
"Look at how wet you make my cock, fuck", he fucks into you and draws figures of eight when his cock is pressed against your g-spot. 
"Holy fucking shit Jungkook", you mewl, knees buckling at the sensation. 
"Right there?"
"Yeah, oh god yeah", you whine, nodding your head vigorously.
Jungkook continues the movements, leaning forward to cup your tits. He pinches your nipples and rolls them between his fingers. 
You mewl again, new arousal spilling all over his cock. Jungkook fucks it right back into you and then continues rolling his hips in figures of eights. He pinches your nipples a second time, adding new sensations by sucking a hickey to your shoulder blade. 
"Jungkook oh god." 
Jungkook answers you by dragging his teeth over your upper back, growling as he does. He fucks into you, skin slapping against skin. The water running down your bodies makes it sound that much more sinful. A second hickey on your other shoulder blade. 
"Mine", he growls as he pulls away, "all mine." 
"All yours, oh god Kook", you moan and start to meet his movements halfway, "I'm all yours." 
"God yeah", Jungkook throws his head back again. His nails dig into your sides, his hips faltering, "all mine!" 
He pulls you back onto his length, guiding you until you are the only one moving. Jungkook is just standing there with his legs parted and his chest heaving up and down quickly, taking each grind and wiggle you have to offer. 
"So good, baby, so good", he moans, letting his mouth fall open. The water runs over his tongue and out the corners of his mouth again. It turns his moans all gargled and Jungkook lives for it. 
"This is so hot", you pant, "fuck Kook I want you to cum this way." 
"Don't-' he has to groan, "-tempt me." 
You clench down on him and wiggle your hips to give him the most torture. And with torture you mean pleasure so great his knees buckle. 
Jungkook rips his eyes open and lets out a guttural moan. 
"Fill me up Kook! Make me yours", you daunt, squeezing around him like crazy. 
"Shit! Oh hell", he yelps up and then his orgasm hits him. You can feel his hot cum shoot up into you, coating your walls just like you want it to. 
Jungkook shakes one last time and then movement comes back into his body.  
"Baby fuck", he grunts and fucks into you, "fuck, fuck, yes, fuck." 
"Ah Kook! Oh my god Kook! Kook!" 
Jungkook snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you up. Your back comes into contact with his flushed chest, the hot water running down your skin. 
"You turn me into an animal", he growls, biting down on your shoulder, "wanna ruin you." 
"Jungkook oh god", you can't say anything else right now, not when his cum gets fucked into you so good. You don’t even notice Jungkook reaching for the shower head and turning it on until you feel it against your clit. 
"Fuck!" you properly scream. Jungkook holds you up as your legs officially gave up on you. 
"You like that?" he challenges, pressing closer. 
"Hnhngng", you answer him, seeing stars. 
Jungkook sucks another hickey to your skin, right on top of your shoulder. His eyes are glued to your stomach, drinking in the way it relaxes and clenches in pleasure. His cock doesn’t ache in overstimulation anymore, throbbing in such pleasure Jungkook fears he might blow his second load before you were able to cum. Jungkook furrows his brows and presses the shower head closer. 
You sob and shake, feet desperately trying not to slip. Your pleasure went from a hundred to a million. With his cock against your g-spot and the water on your clit, your body feels reborn. 
"I'm gonna cum", you wail, clawing at his arm. 
"Do it", he challenges in a growl. 
First your chest tightens, then your head loses all of its blood, then your stomach tightens and then. 
"Now!" you scream and stumble over the edge with all that you got. 
Jungkook put less pressure on your clit as you cum, knowing just from your clenching that he was doing well. Or maybe it was you screaming his name over and over again, that gave him the confidence he needed. 
"Hurts", you say, writhing away. 
Jungkook quickly turns the water off and puts the shower head back. 
He hugs your middle and litters your neck with kisses. His cock he keeps buried inside of you. 
"That was incredible, holy shit Kook", you are breathless, resting against his chest. 
"Yeah", he agrees, nuzzling his nose against your cheek, "thanks for being so amazing."
"Aww Kookie, you’re amazing too", you say, feeling yourself smile. 
"No I’m serious I really needed this", he says and hugs you tightly, "so thank you."
"I'm always happy to be your distraction", you say and pull his hand to your lips to kiss his knuckles. Jungkook melts closer, hips moving just the slightest bit. 
"If you wanna rant I'm also happy to be your ears", you offer but Jungkook shakes his head. 
"I'm alright, it's just that a few customers annoyed me today. I hate rude people." 
"Oh me too, next time they are rude to you, call me and I'll come over and beat their asses." 
Jungkook chuckles. 
"I will", he gives you a squeeze, "I love you."
"I love you too", you relax against him, "mhm Kook if you keep moving like that I wanna go again."
"Would that be so bad?" he says and the dirty smirk is terribly obvious in his voice. 
"God damn Kook, you drive me insane", you rasp and twist around. You have him pressed against the wall in an instance, hands roaming his body. 
"Wanna make up for the last two days of abstinence?" 
Jungkook nods his head vigorously. 
"So bad, baby I'm so down."
Tumblr media
@jikooksgirl19 @lilmeowmeowyoongles @fan-ati--c @tipsydipsydo @naomihuamali @breadoffoxy @noircryptid @afangirllikeme-blog @squizzybeanexe @drumsofheaven @purelotus @ohcarolinamin @carolsummerlove @bansheehunteremissary @mini-coop25 @greezenini @http-softhoney @kookiesbreaky @bts-fan-obsessed @revehosh @babyboytae1 @safi4x @anonymous2505 @bella-victoria002 @bbtsficrecs @jungkooksseuphoria @yzkyzkuniverse @in-a-way-that-i-should-not @cypheruby​ @issysor​ @si1verrose​ @rjsmochii​ @xsmilebitesx​ @bonnyskies​ @uraveragefangirlsposts​ @wearenot7withu​​ @seagulljk​​  @laurynne5​ @imluckybitches​​ @gukkachoo​​ @mwitsmejk​​ @moonchild1​​ @ninachocoo​
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jungshookz · 3 months ago
smitten: y/n's note is in jungkook's bag and she needs to get it back like, right now
Tumblr media
➺ pairing; jeon jungkook x reader
➺ genre; smitten!miniseries!! bff!kook & smitten!y/n!! university!au!! honk honk humour!! the boo hoo angsty wattpad-energy fic of your dreams!! unrequited love!! it hurts so bad but that's what makes it so good!!
➺ wordcount; 7.1k
➺ summary; y/n realizes her meticulously written i love you note is burning a hole at the bottom of jungkook's bag and the mere thought of him finding it is enough to make her feel sick to her stomach.
➺ what to expect; "well, maybe the reason why you're just friends is because the two of you won't allow yourselves to be more than that."
➺ smitten: part one [the almost confession]
»»————- 🖤 ————-««
[previously, on smitten...]
where the hell is it?
you reach into the side pockets and you're disappointed when you end up pulling out old tissues and empty gum wrappers
it's not in the front pocket either — just your keys, a pack of bubblegum, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer
your brows knit together in deep thought as you settle back against your seat, your eyes flickering to the side as you-
you immediately pale
oh my god.
you're positive that your heart stops beating for three whole seconds the moment you realize where exactly the note is — because no, you idiot, you didn't shove it into your own bag earlier-
the note is in jungkook's bag.
»»————- 🖤 ————-««
the next thirty or so minutes of class seem to drag on at a snail's pace and you find yourself checking the time on your phone every five seconds to see when you can finally dart out those doors
your first instinct was to immediately get up and leave because of course you wanted to immediately get up and leave, but with only twenty-ish people in the class and the fact that you're seated near the front... well, it would be a little awkward to just pack up your things and trek up towards the doors without a legitimate excuse (you were tempted to tell your professor that your stomach wasn't feeling very good but the thought of your peers associating you with explosive diarrhea quickly changed your mind)
so, you decided to be a good student and wait it out — but, being perfectly honest, you haven't really been paying much attention to the professor since the thought of you shoving your hi bestie, i'm head-over-heels in love with you note into jungkook's bag instead of yours contaminated your mind five minutes ago
you let out a little huff before shaking your head to yourself
how could you be so careless?!
you don't even know how it happened
your bag was sitting on your right thigh, jungkook's bag was sitting on your left thigh... so how the hell did you manage to shove it into his bag??
on the bright side, at least you know where it is, right?
it's in the right side pocket of the bag, so all you have to do is unzip it and stick your hand in and out really quickly without jungkook noticing you rummaging around in his belongings
...but what if he's already read the note?
your foot taps impatiently against the carpeted ground and you reach up and start tugging at your earlobe anxiously, your eyes flickering up towards the dusty analog clock hanging on the wall
c'mon... c'mon...
your grip tightens around your pencil as you continue to trace circles aimlessly on the page, the paper crinkling slightly from the amount of pressure you're putting on it
the stress that's currently eating away at you is probably going to take ten years off your life
"-so, that's pretty much it from me for the day!"
you don't think you've ever been so happy for a class to end as soon as the screen goes black at the front and you waste absolutely no time in packing up
you probably look insane trying to shove your laptop and your notebook into your bag at the same time but you couldn't care less at this point because you need to get the hell out of here
"-please remember to contribute to the discussion threads online... at least four responses, please, and none of those bullshit 'yes, i agree!' responses. i'm definitely not going to count those as participation marks-"
you close your bag with a sharp ziiiip! and you hurry to fold the squeaky desk back into place, a couple of people turning to glance at you for the sudden abundance of clattering and knocking coming from your direction
"excuse me, pardon me-" you pull your backpack on as you step over multiple sets of legs, trying your best not to trample on any feet or knock anyone's tooth out with your bag, "sorry! excuse me-"
you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you jog up the steps two at a time, your brain immediately mapping out the route to the library jungkook said he'd be at
best case scenario: he hasn't found the note and your friendship with him is still very much in tact
worst case scenario: he found the note and is currently reading it at this point in time and your friendship with him is starting to crumble but you still have a chance to swoop in and pick up the pieces
the absolutely worst case ever in the entire world scenario: he's found the note, he's read the note, he's processed the note, and your friendship with him has been completely annihilated and now he's planning to change his name and leave the country so that he doesn't have to confront you about it
you use your shoulder to shove the doors open before bursting out into the open air, ignoring the concerned glances you're starting to receive from your obviously frazzled state
"oh god, oh god, oh god-!" your backpack flops wildly against your back as you rush down the narrow brick steps leading towards the main boulevard
realistically, jungkook's probably found and read the note, so all you have to do is come up with a short monologue about how all of it was fake and that the note was just a sick, twisted prank of some kind
i know that the note makes it seem like i'm telling you that i'm in love with you, but that's not the truth at all!
"woah, watch it-!"
you accidentally knock into someone's shoulder while sprinting down the lane and you turn around for a second just to hold a hand out while flashing the stranger a sheepish smile
"sorry! so sorry-" you turn back around, reaching up to keep your glasses secured on the top of your head as you continue to sprint, your sneakers slapping down against the pavement
as you read in the note, i made a point about how since we're friends, we should be honest with each other... and honestly, there are nothing but lies in the note! and there's a lesson in that, you know? words can be full of lies but we, as human beings, should be full of truths-
"nope, hate that-" you shake your head and immediately scrunch up that mental piece of paper before tossing it into your brain's garbage bin
you'd sound like an obnoxious philosophy student if you hit him with that explanation
it was a prank! i want to start a prank war with you and this is how i'm kicking things off!
that... that could work, right?
that's not bad!
just tell him that you wanted to start a prank war with him so you decided to go big or go home with an i love you, best friend note to see how he would react!
"so stupid-" you mutter to yourself, slowing down to a jog as you approach the doors to the library, "so, so stupid-"
the Super Epic Prank War ROFL XD™ explanation isn't the greatest excuse but it's the best you can do on such short notice
thankfully, it doesn't take you very long to track down jungkook considering the fact he always sits in the same area every time the two of you come here
your feet come to a screeching halt the moment you spot him and you quickly step to the side to hide behind the wall
you slowly lean over a little to peek at him
he has his headphones on and he's busy typing away at his laptop and you can tell he's concentrating really hard because he has that cute frown on his face and occasionally he'll mutter something to himself
jungkook in intense focus mode is something you find to be very endearing :-)
you quickly shake your head to snap yourself out of your daze before focusing on jungkook's face again
he certainly doesn't look like he just read an explosive love letter...
you could still be safe!
...for now, that is.
"okay, y/n-" you stand up straight and let out a breath, giving yourself a mental pat on the head in an effort to calm your nerves, "better sooner than later, right? just- you just have to rip it off like a bandaid-"
your anxiety seems to build with every step that brings you closer to jungkook and you can almost hear the jaws theme song playing all around you
jungkook, i swear i have a perfectly logical explanation for this...
i know the note does a very convincing job of making it seem like i'm in love with you, but that couldn't be farther from the truth!
da-dum, da-dum
consider this your initiation into our very serious prank war, my friend!
"hi!" you greet a little too enthusiastically, trying your best not to make it seem like you just sprinted across campus to get to him even though you very clearly did
"sorry, seat's reserv- y/n?" jungkook looks up from his laptop before frowning, quickly glancing back down at his screen to check the time as he pulls his headphones off to hang around his neck, "aren't you- didn't your class end, like, literally a minute ago? why are you so- did you run here??" he asks incredulously, getting up from his seat as his brows knit together in concern
"no, no! of course i didn't run here, silly- oh, god, give me a sec-" you wheeze, bending down and gripping onto the back of the wooden chair in front of you as you try to catch your breath, your chest still falling and rising at a concerning pace from the physical stress of sprinting and the mental stress of the current situation, "it was more of a- of a brisk walk, if you think about it- jesus, i think i'm gonna throw up-"
"okay, you need to drink some water- come and sit next to me-" jungkook reaches out to help lead you around the table towards him, "god, i don't know why you thought you had to run over, it's not like i was planning on going anywhere-"
"i'm fine, kook, it's fine-"
"you're, like, literally radiating heat," jungkook turns you around and pulls your bag off your back before pulling out a chair and helping you into it, "and your face is all red!" he frowns, setting your bag down on the table and unzipping it to pull out your water bottle
"my face is always this red!" you force out a casual laugh, waving your hand to dismiss him as you lean back against the seat, "i'm fine, it's fine-"
"shut up and take a sip-" jungkook untwists the cap of your water bottle before shoving it into your hands and gently lifting it up towards your mouth, his head tilting up a little so he can check and see if you're actually drinking anything, "c'mon, hydrate yourself-"
you swallow a couple gulps of water before pulling the bottle away and reaching up to wipe your mouth with the back of your hand, "god, i love water-"
"yeah, i bet." jungkook chuckles, visibly more relieved now that he knows you won't be passing out from exhaustion anytime soon
as you put your water bottle away, your eyes lower towards jungkook's backpack slouching against the leg of his chair and almost immediately the anxiety that you thought you'd just swallowed down bubbles right back up
"so, are you going to tell me why you're acting like the cops are after you?" jungkook jokes, taking his seat before pulling his headphones off and setting them down next to his laptop
"i just, um-" you press your lips together as you slowly start to lean down, stretching your arm out towards the pocket, "i just wanted to see you, buddy!"
"i don't believe that for a second." jungkook snorts, turning to look at you
you shoot straight back up and pull your arm up and behind your head as if you're in the middle of a good stretch, "hey, what's with that tone? it's not a crime for me to want to see you-"
"you saw me at lunch! and that was only like an hour and a half ago-" jungkook turns his head to look back at his screen and you quickly revert back to your mission impossible secret agent mode
the forced smile drops from your face and you lean back down, your fingers blindly feeling for the cool metal of the zipper
"you know, you actually came at just the right time-" jungkook speaks up again and you pause just in case you need to pull away from his bag, but he makes no move to turn and look at you, "ji-eun was about to leave for her class but now you can meet her before she goes off!"
"uh-huh..." your tongue pokes out in concentration as you unzip the pocket in one swift movement, immediately sticking your hand in and feeling around for the balled-up piece of paper, "sounds gre-"
hold on, what did he just say?
you shoot back up
"did you just-" you choke and reach up to pat your chest gently, "i'm sorry, did you just say that ji-eun was here?"
"uh-huh!" jungkook nods, "i didn't know she had a spare at the same time as i did so i was surprised when she came over to say hi- it turns out our schedules are, like, sort of similar which oddly makes me kind of happy-"
it's at that moment that you notice the cherry-patterned tote bag slumped in the chair sitting across from you and you let out a nervous chuckle as you shift in your seat, "great! great, that's so- great, it's great that i'm meeting ji-eun today, out of all days..." you trail off, glancing around warily as you try to come up with some kind of an exit strategy
you're just really not in the mood to meet the love of jungkook's life today
you've already been hit with so many blows and it's only two in the afternoon-
"sorry that took so long! i couldn't find a bin but i bumped into my friends and they said they'd throw it out for me-"
oh, you have got to be kidding me.
your eyes widen in mild panic upon immediately recognizing ji-eun to be the girl who had overheard your entire monologue in the bathroom earlier today — and from the way her eyes flicker, it seems as though she remembers exactly who you are as well
"oh, no worries!" jungkook beams at ji-eun before pointing to you with his thumb, "this is my friend, by the way. the one i was talking about earlier! y/n, this is ji-eun."
you stay quiet as you continue staring up at ji-eun, your mind racing a mile a minute as you consider your current options
you can pretend like you've never met her before or you can make things awkward by telling jungkook that you met her today after she'd emptied her bladder
"...y/n?" jungkook lowers his voice, nudging you with his elbow before letting out a nervous chuckle, "please say something."
"i- yes, hello!" you blurt out, the feet of your chair scraping against the rough carpet as you get up from your seat to stick your hand out towards ji-eun, "it's- ah- it's- it's so nice to meet you! i'm y/n."
ji-eun stays quiet for a second before her lips turn up in a polite smile and she reaches towards you, gently taking your outstretched hand in hers (for the record, her hands are shockingly soft and supple), "it's lovely to meet you... as well, y/n. i love your glasses!"
you can't help but notice the immediate warmth that seems to surround ji-eun and suddenly it makes a lot more sense as to why jungkook's attracted to her
you're about as comforting as stepping into a puddle of water while wearing socks
you feel a slight sense of relief seeing that ji-eun is playing along but your new concern is whether or not she's connected the dots that your monologue in the bathroom was dedicated to jungkook
you didn't actually say his name when you were talking out loud, so you might be able to get away with this...
"oh, these old things?" you reach up to feel the glasses sitting on top of your head before flicking your hand at her, "i bought them on amazon. they're blue-light glasses- i can totally send you the link if you want."
"that would actually be great!" she gasps, nodding enthusiastically, "i desperately need a pair of blue-light glasses- seriously, i stared at my laptop screen for, like, ten hours straight today and i really feel like they're about to roll out of my head-"
"oh my god, don't even get me started. at this point it'd probably feel better to rip them right out of their sockets-"
"ji-eun, you ready?"
"let's gooo, i wanna get an iced coffee before we head off to class."
you and ji-eun don't get a chance to continue bonding over the pain of sore eyes when you're suddenly interrupted by two new voices
you look up to see two guys approaching the table and you subtly push your seat back a bit as you prepare yourself to say hello again
"oh! yeah, i'm ready, sorry-" ji-eun gestures towards you with a smile, "this is- this is jungkook's friend, by the way. y/n, these are my friends."
"hi, hello-" you get up from your seat again to stick your hand out, offering the two (very handsome, might you add) strangers a friendly smile, "i'm y/n, jungkook's friend- but you- you already knew that because that's what ji-eun just said-"
"i'm taehyung! you can call me tae-" the corners of taehyung's mouth immediately raise in a bright grin and he gives your hand a firm shake before nodding next to him, "and this is jimin!"
"hi..." you trail off, turning to give jimin a handshake as well, "so nice to meet you!"
"oh, i just- i actually just washed my hands, so-" jimin chuckles, looking down at your hand before taking a small step back, "but it's nice to meet you... jungkook's friend."
is it just you or did it suddenly get a little icy in here?
"oh, no problem! um, yeah, you too." you pull your hand back before swallowing nervously and forcing the polite smile back on your face, "i like your jacket, by the way! it looks really cool."
maybe it's because he's wearing giant sunglasses indoors but you can't help but feel slightly intimidated by jimin
you can't see his eyes but you can certainly feel them on you and you're definitely getting the vibe that jimin is already not the biggest fan of you for some weird reason
"thank you." he responds curtly, smoothing a hand over the leather before looking down at ji-eun, "so can we go now?"
"mhm!" ji-eun gets up from her chair before pushing it back into place, pulling her tote back up onto her shoulder before flashing a sweet smile at jungkook, "see you later, alligator."
"in a while, crocodile!" jungkook responds enthusiastically, watching with twinkly eyes as she turns and heads off towards the exit with jimin and taehyung glued at either side of her
she even walks prettily
and you were literally clomping down the boulevard like a feral caveman a second ago
you wait until they've disappeared to turn and face jungkook with a raised eyebrow, "...jimin was kind of a bitch."
"hey, play nice!" jungkook frowns, reaching over to give your arm a gentle whack, "he's a fashion major! ji-eun says being snooty is part of the degree requirements-" he grins, shaking his head slightly before leaning back against his chair, "she's, like, super funny."
"mm." you hum, still feeling a little uneasy about your interaction with jimin
you just hate it when first meetings don't go well and that first meeting definitely wasn't super great
but it wasn't like you did anything wrong, right?
you were great!
snooty jimin was the one who was being rude
hopefully you won't have to hang out with him too often if jungkook and ji-eun become an item
maybe you can just stick with taehyung!
he seems to be a lot friendlier
"oh, by the way, i-" you're suddenly reminded of your main mission and you turn to point down at jungkook's bag, "it's not a big deal, but i- i accidentally shoved something in your bag earlier and- could i just get it back from you?"
"you did?" jungkook frowns, leaning down to pick his bag up before unzipping it all the way and pulling both flaps open, "what was it?"
"it was- uh- just some notes on a scrap piece of paper!" you immediately feel the weight lift from your shoulders at jungkook's cluelessness to the situation, "i put it in the right side pocket-"
"wait, are you talking about, like, a balled up thing of paper?" jungkook pauses before looking up at you with wide eyes, "oh, shit- was it important??"
"um, i wouldn't call it important-" you snort, shaking your head, "is it not there? i swore it was in the right side pocket-"
"no, no, it was there! it was there, i just- ji-eun needed to spit her gum out and i thought it was one of my scrap pieces of paper-" jungkook winces, grabbing his phone and unlocking it with fumbling fingers, "i'm so sorry, y/n- let me text ji-eun and ask her which garbage can she threw it into and i can go dig it out-"
"no, no, it's okay!" you nearly let out a screech of delight knowing that your note now has a slobbery wad of gum in it and is living at the bottom of a trash can, "it's fine, i just- they were just boring notes for something. i just wanted to see if i had really shoved it into your bag or not."
"oh, okay-" jungkook's shoulders immediately slump and he sets his phone down on the table, "you're sure it wasn't important?"
"100%." you hold both hands out with a chuckle, "i needed to throw it out anyway so i guess ji-eun actually did me a favour-"
"okay, phew." jungkook sighs, zipping his bag back up and plopping it back down on the ground next to his feet, "anyways- i'm actually glad you're here because now you can help me plan out my date! i was working on it but then ji-eun came and obviously i couldn't have that google doc open in front of her-" he turns his laptop to show you all of his hard work with a grin, "check it out! i have a list of things i need to buy, i have outfit ideas, i even went on pinterest for inspiration-"
"wow, kook-" your eyes bulge out for a second at the sight of the extensive and shockingly organized google doc before you reach over to pull his laptop closer towards you, "i... i really don't think i've ever seen you... even make a google doc before-"
he even has the sunset time written down for the date
why would he need to know what time the sun is setting??
"i have everything planned for next week." jungkook pulls his laptop back to him as you settle back against your seat, "i already emailed my landlord to ask if i would even be allowed to hang out on the rooftop and he said it would be fine! he also reminded me to keep a brick wedged between the door so that i don't lock us up on the rooftop-"
"so you're definitely going with the rooftop picnic, then?"
"oh, i'm actually changing it to a rooftop dinner instead of a picnic." jungkook shakes his head before giving you a half-hearted shrug, "i think a picnic is cute but i really wanna try to impress her, y'know? i ordered this thing on amazon just now- basically, it's a medium-sized inflatable bubble tent! the description says it's perfect for two people and- i'm gonna, like-" he pauses and looks away from his screen towards you with a smile, "well, you know, i'm gonna do what you said and i'm gonna stuff it full of blankets and pillows and... hopefully i can string up fairy lights and stuff on the inside... so that after the date we can go in there and just talk and not have to worry about getting attacked by mosquitos!"
"wow, that's-" you cross your arms over your chest before leaning back and looking up towards the ceiling, "huh. that's actually a cute idea, kook. i wouldn't have been able to come up with something like that. i didn't even know transparent tents existed."
"i know." jungkook gives you a smug little smile before bursting into a grin, "but yeah, that's it! all we have to do is go and pick up all the supplies and stuff."
"we?" you frown, looking back down at jungkook, "i... wasn't aware i was part of this plan..."
"what? of course you are!" jungkook snorts, looking at you as if a third eye just sprouted from your forehead, "obviously you have to help me-"
"well, i just don't know if that's-" you chuckle uneasily as you rub the back of your neck, "i really- i don't wanna get in your way, you know? maybe you should- maybe you should just take care of all of this yourself! i mean, you basically planned everything already-"
"what? but- but you're my-" jungkook deflates and you instantly feel bad upon seeing his eyes suddenly turn sad, "okay..."
you press your lips together and wait for him to say something else but the next few seconds are filled with nothing but awkward silence and the faint buzzing of the fluorescent lights hanging above you
you'd jump off a cliff if jungkook asked you to but helping him prepare and set up his date is something that you,.., definitely would not enjoy.,.,
but then again, this isn't about you, is it?
this is about jungkook, your friend, and he needs your help to set up this very important date that-
oh, damnit.
"i'm-" you clear your throat as you sit up in your seat, reaching over to give jungkook's hand a pat, "no, of course i'll help, kook. i just thought that- well, this date seems so important to you that i thought you wanted to take care of all the details yourself!"
the bright smile immediately returns to jungkook's face and you resist the urge to call him out on so blatantly guilt-tripping you like that-
"yes! you're the best!"
"i know."
»»————- 🖤 ————-««
although you and jungkook are practically inseparable on campus (and some would say it might be healthy for the two of you to give each other a little bit of space) — you don't think you'll ever say no to hanging out with him downtown
of course, hanging out with jungkook downtown would be a lot more fun if it weren't for the fact that the two of you have basically spent the entire day shopping for all the things he needs for his date
and if it weren't for the fact that he paid for lunch and treated you to a cake pop and a venti-sized iced coffee, you would probably be livid about having to carry everything for him because you really feel like your arms are about to pop right off in about two seconds
fancy cutlery, porcelain plates, fluffy throw pillows, a giant blanket, fairy lights... at this point he might as well buy an entire house for ji-eun
and look, you know you probably sound bitter and that-should-be-me about this whole situation, but that couldn't be farther from the truth!
it's just that listening to someone you like gushing about the person that they like for an entire day while you're carrying bags full of things for their date can get a little mentally and physically exhausting so if you're grouchy right now it's really not your fault
"i think we might have to call an uber back to your place, jungkook-" you mutter, adjusting the hefty tote bag over your shoulder with a grunt as you trail behind him on the sidewalk, "bringing all of this on the bus is going to piss people off-"
you stumble over your feet a little when the bag in your right hand knocks into a garbage can and you curse to yourself while resisting the urge to kick the damn thing over
"okay, grumpy, we'll call an uber home-" jungkook spins around with a smile before raising the notepad in his hand and tapping against it with his pen, "i just have one more thing i have to take care of and then we can go!"
"okay, well-" you set the bags down onto the ground with a fwump! before rubbing your sore palms together, "what else do you have to get?"
jungkook offered to help carry a couple of things but you insisted that you'd take it all and that he should just focus on ticking off all of the items on his list
you wince at the sight of the pinkish-red imprints now embedded into your palms from the straps of the bags
obviously you've now come to regret your generous offer
"flowers!" jungkook chirps, using his pen to point to the flower shop a couple of shops down, "i have to greet ji-eun with a bouquet of flowers as pretty as she is-"
"yeah, i understand-" you adjust the two bags on both shoulders before bending down to pick up the other two on the ground, "also, i'm not a genius or anything but i'm pretty sure the flowers aren't going to survive until the date if you buy them now-"
"duh, obviously not- i'm going to place an order now and then pick them up on the day of the date!" jungkook tsks, waiting for you to join his side before he begins walking towards the flower shop, "thanks for doing all of this for me, by the way. you really are the best." he hums, hurrying over to open the door for you
"i... yeah, of course, kook." you feel yourself soften slightly as soon as you see the sweet little smile on his face and you quickly scold yourself in your head for being so curt with him all day, "that's what friends are for, right?"
"mhm!" jungkook slaps his hands down on your shoulders from behind before giving them a squeeze, "and i am so letting you choose whatever you want for dinner tonight-"
"oh, jesus-" you and jungkook are immediately greeted by an overenthusiastic employee as soon as you step into the shop and you honestly probably would've knocked him out with one of your shopping bags if they weren't so heavy-
"are you two looking for anything in particular?" he smiles kindly before gesturing towards the large selection of flowers all around you, "we have flowers of all kinds! roses, tulips, lilies- i can even show you flowers from our new tropical selection-"
"actually-" jungkook nudges you aside before glancing down at the employee's nametag, "seokjin, i'd like to place an order for a custom bouquet, if that's okay."
"ah, a custom bouquet!" seokjin claps his hands and rubs them together enticingly, "what are you celebrating? i need to know so that i can help pick out the perfect flowers for your bouquet."
"well, i don't know if it's a celebration-" jungkook chuckles, his cheeks pinking slightly as he reaches up to rub the back of his neck, "it's for a first date."
"a first date!!" seokjin gasps excitedly before turning his head to look at you, "you must be so-"
"-oh, not for me!" you let out a laugh before shaking your head quickly, "it's- it's definitely not for me. i'm just here to provide moral support and-" you lift one of the bags to show him, "muscular support."
"ah, i see... okay, well- why don't i take you around and introduce you to the different candidates you could consider for your bouquet?" seokjin turns back to look at jungkook, "each flower you choose will be very important in showing your future lover how much you care about them-" he pauses when he notices you hovering behind jungkook and he leans over a little with a bright smile, "why don't you go and wait by the front counter, darling? you can put everything down there and take a little break. there's some cucumber water and fresh puff pastry apple roses up at the front if you're interested!"
"well, i can't say no to free food." you snort, nodding before turning to head towards the front counter, "i'll just wait for you over there, then..."
you nearly let out a moan of relief as soon as you set all the bags down and you twist your upper body to the right and to the left until you feel the a satisfying pop! of your spine cracking back in place
your body was not made to carry heavy things
in fact, you'd like to argue that your body was made to lie down and do nothing
you take a seat on the wooden stool before turning to look at the apple roses sitting prettily in the display case and you almost feel like you shouldn't touch them even though seokjin offered them to you
even the pitcher of cucumber water looks too nice to touch
this place is awfully fancy
you didn't even know flower shops could be this fancy
you prop both elbows up on the counter before leaning back comfortably, your eyes lazily scanning around the store
"$15 for a single rose?" you gawk at the little wooden sign poking out from a large bouquet of neatly wrapped long-stem roses before making a face, "god."
you can't even imagine how much a custom bouquet is going to cost if a single rose is fifteen bucks
"-also write a note for you and attach it to the bouquet, if you're interested in that. it'll be an additional five dollars, but we handwrite it on the highest quality card stock with the most beautiful calligraphy and we even spray it with perfume-"
you perk up when you hear seokjin's voice and you look to see him and jungkook coming over to you
you have to admit that seokjin is great at his job because he's doing a good job at milking every dollar out of jungkook-
"yeah, that would be great!" jungkook nods enthusiastically, pulling his backpack off before unzipping it to grab his wallet, "i think a small note might be cute-"
"oh, that reminds me!" seokjin stops in his tracks right as he's about to lift the wooden slab to get behind the counter, "would you be interested in purchasing a teddy bear as well? if you add a teddy bear to your order, i'll give you a slight discount on the flowers."
"ooh, a discount!" jungkook gasps and you turn your head slightly so seokjin won't see you rolling your eyes at how much he's forcing jungkook to buy
you respect the hustle but this is too much
"where are the teddy bears?"
"right by the flowers!" seokjin smiles, wrapping an arm around jungkook's shoulders and spinning him around, "we can round back and take a look-"
"okay, i think i have to cut in here-" you chuckle, reaching out and grabbing the back of jungkook's elbow, "you don't- you don't think a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear is a little too much for a first date?" you clear your throat quietly before offering a shrug, "i feel like that's just... a lot, kook. i mean, i would be overwhelmed if-"
"well, i guess it's a good thing i'm not taking you out on a date then, right?" jungkook teases, wiggling his arm out of your grip before turning back to look at seokjin, "onward to the bears, my good man!"
"yeah." you can't help but frown as jungkook and seokjin head back towards the flowers, "thanks for the reminder."
"that's gotta hurt."
"god-" you jump at the sudden appearance of an employee standing behind the counter and you place a hand over your chest before letting out a breath, "you scared me!"
"sorry." he shrugs, "we polished the floors this morning so my shoes are making, like, no noise."
a moment of silence passes while you turn to face away from him again, but all of a sudden-
"so he really can't tell that you like him, huh?"
"you-" you immediately straighten up and your head spins around so fast that you're surprised you didn't complete decapitate yourself, "excuse me??"
"what? it's obvious." the employee snorts, spraying cleaner onto the counter before reaching up to yank the tattered rag off his shoulder, "it's painfully obvious, actually-"
you can feel your entire face starting to go red as this complete stranger continues to rip you a new one and you hold a hand out to shut him up, "no offense, but i-i don't think this is any of your business, sir-"
"it's yoongi." yoongi looks down at his apron for a second before frowning, "huh. i forgot to put my dumb name tag on again-"
"well, yoongi-" you place emphasis on his name in an effort to intimidate him and make him go away, "you don't know what you're talking about and i suggest you mind your own business-"
"you should tell him before it's too late." yoongi doesn't seem to be all that affected by your biting tone and you roll your eyes at the way he rounds back to the topic
"what are you even talking about?"
"well, i assume you're going to be his best man at his wedding. from the way it's looking, you're certainly not going to be the bride," yoongi purses his lips as he folds up the rag into a neat little square, "you don't wanna wait until you're fixing his tie at the wedding to tell him that you love him."
"what makes you think i lo-" you cut yourself off quickly before that word slips out of your mouth, "like him?"
"if you didn't, you wouldn't be here right now." yoongi points out with a tilt of his head, "and from how smudgy your eyeliner is, it looks like you've been working hard all day."
your jaw drops slightly and you can't help but scoff
the nerve of this guy!
"who do you think you are?!"
"i'm yoongi." yoongi raises a brow, "i told you that like a second ago- wow, you are not a good listener-"
"do you usually do this with all of the customers who come here?" you interrupt, crossing your arms defensively before leaning in slightly, "you're awfully nosy-"
"i only do this with the ones that seem to have something juicy going on." yoongi hums, leaning down to put the spray bottle of cleaner under the counter, "this is a flower shop. the most exciting part of my day is watching a bumblebee choose which flower to land on."
"well, nothing juicy is going on here so-" you twist back around before sticking your nose up in the air slightly, "sorry to disappoint."
"alright, fair enough." yoongi nods to himself, letting out a sigh as he slowly backs away from the counter, "i guess i'll just leave you to... wallow in self-pity... and continue staring at your friend with cartoon hearts floating around your head-"
"'you should tell him before it's too late-'" you swivel around and slap both your palms down on the counter, "why would you- why would even say something like that?! i can't tell him. are you insane?!"
a smirk twitches at the corner of yoongi's mouth at your sudden confession and he lets out a sigh before stepping back up towards you, "and why can't you tell him?"
"because- i just can't! he's-" you clear your throat before leaning in and lowering your voice, "he's literally taking someone else out on a date- we're here to buy flowers for his date-"
"so what?" yoongi interrupts, "it's just a date. it's not like you're stopping his wedding."
"so what? because he doesn't like me back, so what's the point?" you hiss, resisting the urge to reach over and smack some common sense into this very nosy and very stubborn stranger, "this isn't a romantic comedy- and even if it was, i'm very obviously not the main character-"
"you don't know that he doesn't like you back."
well now he's just toying with you
"i... i can't tell if you're kidding or not-"
"do i look like i'm kidding?" yoongi asks, pointing to his poker face before shaking his head, "you don't know that he doesn't like you back. you've obviously never asked him."
"oh, please." you scoff, turning around to lean back against the counter again, "trust me, i know it."
"well, did he ever explicitly say that he didn't like you?" yoongi leans over to peek at jungkook over your shoulder, "do you have a definitive answer to this particular question?"
"no, but he doesn't have to... we're just friends." you frown, your eyes wandering over to the back of jungkook's head, "he doesn't like me. i know he doesn't. we're just friends."
we're just friends.
(saying it out loud is a lot more depressing than you thought it'd be.)
"well, maybe the reason why you're just friends is because the two of you won't allow yourselves to be more than that," yoongi suggests, your head tilting to the side slightly as you force yourself to consider his surprisingly wise words, "it's obvious that you have a solid friendship so it would suck if a relationship ruined that- so maybe he does like you and is only asking someone else out to try to force himself not to like you..."
you feel your heart skip a beat when jungkook turns to glance at you over his shoulder with a soft smile while seokjin continues rattling off about the vast choice of teddy bears available for purchase
you bite back a giggle when he mouths a desperate 'help' at you before raising his hand and twirling his finger next to his head to tell you that seokjin is fully crazy
" i guess what i'm trying to say is that you're never really going to know how he feels about you if you don't ask him," you tune back in to the end of yoongi's little speech and you turn your head slightly to glance back at him, "but what do i know, right? i just polish counters at high-end flower shops."
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