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four seven eight (2)
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
wordcount: 12k
glimpse: it’s the first fifteen days of your month-long break away from jungkook, and even if you were the one who proposed it, you didn’t think it would be this hard. 
alternatively, jungkook really hopes it’s true that things do get worse before they get better.
[ part one + intermission + part two + intermission 02 + part three ]
[ kinda major angst (it’s heavier than the previous updates), references to anxiety, a lot of crying n drama, a lot more yearning, emotional constipation + tones of regret all throughout, some wholesome moments, character development, redemption arc is starting to peek thru, based on the moral dilemma of whether or not it’s okay to be friends with ur ex ]
notes: part two’s finally out!! this was little more difficult and took longer to write because this would serve as a bridge to the finale :O fair warning that this could be heavier depending on ur tolerance for angst, so pls take a break when you need to <3
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :) | series masterlist
You always insisted on having a big bed.
Jungkook remembers your insistence on having a big bed when the two of you moved in together and slowly started furnishing your home before your wedding. Your preferences didn’t exactly clash his because while you mostly took care of the budget and he took care of the aesthetics, there would almost always be common ground. Almost.
Jungkook let it slide when you pleaded for him to just give up and agree with your choice for the couch because after all, he wouldn’t be the only one living in the space. He wanted an expensive yet high-quality leather couch in the versatile shade of black; something that was timeless and low-maintenance, built to endure years of wear and tear. But no, you didn’t want that — you wanted a floor sofa that had clouds for cushions and was tufted, baby blue in color.
The floor couch is a bad idea. First of all its essence is to be directly placed on the floor, so cleaning and maintaining it would be a ball. It was all fabric and in tufts, meaning that you’d have to vacuum and take extra care with it because of course, the color you want it in is baby blue that was easily stainable.
Suggesting the cute yet impractical floor couch next to his neutral (and almost boring) yet practical leather couch was a bad idea — but Jungkook let it happen.
For the ten minutes you’ve whisked him away and showed him a presentation in your laptop entitled “Why You Should Let Mrs. Jeon Win”, Jungkook’s already caved in. Before you even got to finish the presentation, he’s already typing in the website that you’ve indicated on the first slide to book the order already. 
For ten minutes, you giddily talked and presented as if your life depended on the choice of couch for your shared home. You were so excited that you were rambling, reading and backing up your slides too eagerly that you don’t see Jungkook discreetly filming you, the biggest smile he’s ever had displayed on his face.
Your floor couch arrived three days later and the moment Jungkook sees you automatically squeal, the exact moment you insist for the two of you to crouch in sync so that you’d both take the first seat at your new couch in the exact same time, he makes a realization.
Jungkook fully intends to lose to you if it means you’re this happy.
He fully intends to lose to you and resort to vacuuming your floor couch twice every week, spot cleaning at the first threat of a stain within five minutes, and getting it professionally cleaned every three months if it means you still sigh in relief whenever you sit on it, tucking your face to the crook of his neck to say thank you.
You say thank you a lot to him. Sometimes it’s for the most mundane of things; when he turns on the hot water for you before you shower or when he buys dishwashing soap because you’re about to run out, you make it clockwork to thank him.
Before you slept that night on the milestone of having a major home purchase, you thank him. You thank him out loud for the baby blue floor couch he insisted on buying with his own money and not with a single cent of yours before you go to sleep. He can’t wrap his head around your eagerness to thank him for the things he feels like should only be normal of him to do, but he returns the favor. 
Jungkook thanks you for existing. 
The baby blue floor couch without you occupying it does suck the energy out of Jungkook, but he’s cautious to never get used to it. He wants to never accustom himself to the unease of not having you here, despite knowing that your break would only last for a month.
It’s only the first night, and as much as Jungkook wants to sit on the floor and avoid looking at the couch entirely, he pushes through to occupy it alone. He doesn’t deny himself of thinking that he’s an asshole and it’s weird to have an irrational fear of sitting on a couch without your wife.
Whatever he’s scared of, Jungkook wills himself to remain scared. 
The couch wasn’t the only big purchase you insisted on letting him make you win — it was also the bed.
You always insisted on having a big bed.
Jungkook found it impractical to why exactly would you yearn for the third-biggest variation of a king-sized bed (as if the standard one wasn’t enough) in your bedroom even if it was only the two of you who’d occupy it. Sure, he gets that a standard double would be a tight fit for the both of you. However, the deluxe standard gives you enough space already to roll around. The queen would already be pushing it because the two of you can sit on the opposite sides, put an oven on the middle, and would still have space left to roll around. How much more would the third-biggest variation of a king-sized bed be?
He thought how impractical and difficult it would be. Finding and putting on beddings would be a nightmare, unable to imagine the time it would take if either of you were to hypothetically lose something in the sea of it. 
It was a fifteen-minute presentation that time, and Jungkook was easily swayed. 
You insisted on having a big bed, but even if it had enough space for you to farm in, you clung to Jungkook in your sleep as if you were sharing a standard double-sized bed. You held onto him and slung atleast half of your body on top of his that one would think you’re cramming to fit together in a solo mattress. Jungkook doesn’t get why you insisted on having a big bed if you were just going to regard it as small by the way you stick to him in your sleep, but he doesn’t complain.
He complains now that you aren’t in it.
Jungkook can’t sleep at all.
He’s always had some kind of trouble sleeping; imaginary monsters as a child, frustrations as a teenager and as an adult, starting now, it’s heartaches.
It’s the ache and anxiety that manifests within him without you beside him. He’s used to a degree of you leaving him for some time because the outgoing nature of your career was unavoidable, but never did he get used to sleeping without you. 
It’s why he always waits up for you to come home, and no matter how grumpy or tired you were by the time you’re tucked in, Jungkook knows at the very least that he’s beside you and that’s enough to lull him to sleep.
You know he had troubles sleeping that at the first instance you had to be out of the country for three days, you tried your best to leave Jungkook with something that could get him through the nights. It was the 4-7-8 method that you’ve taught him, meant to reduce your heart rate to the point that it makes you sleepy. 
Four seconds. Breathe in through your nose.
Seven seconds. Hold it.
Eight seconds. Exhale through your mouth.
The first time he did it, he was able to knock himself out under ten minutes. It wasn’t instant but instead it was almost mockingly gradual, only able to accept the call for sleep completely once you let go of your senses. He could do it back then, when he knew you were out because work calls.
He was able to do it then and a couple other times after because he knew that sometime in the morning, before he wakes up, either you would be there or atleast your presence would be known, through a text or a call asking him how he slept.
He used to be able to do it but he can’t do it now.
Jungkook can’t do it now because this is the peak of all the possible unfavorable contexts of why you aren’t here next to him. You’re not here because of work — you’re not here because of him.
He’s anxious, way more anxious than he’s ever been in the past week and his mind just can’t stay still. He can’t form a coherent thought without connecting it to you somehow, the association of everything he is and everything around him not helping in the least bit.
When Jungkook thinks of sleep, he thinks of you. He thinks of how he could be snoring within a minute if your arms are around him, and no matter how the comforter’s cool to the touch and warm on his skin, you’re always warmer.
When Jungkook thinks of love, he thinks of you. He thinks of how it seems impossible for a person to possess and be capable of giving so much love, but he sees you and suddenly, it’s not all that impossible.
When Jungkook thinks of the anxiety bubbling in his chest, he thinks of you. He thinks of now and all the other instances that he needs you but you aren’t there. It’s the anxiety that consumes him first and it’s guilt that consumes him the second, both equally as worse because you aren’t there to quell either. 
He knows it’s physically impossible to sleep tonight, he wouldn’t even attempt to. If it’s guilt that keeps him awake tonight and he has more than enough to spare, he’ll rectify it little by little.
Even if he needs to call his ex at ten in the evening.
He dials Sora with the number she used to text him, unsure if she’d even pick up but nonetheless, he’s insistent to set things straight; to say what he should’ve said in the first place.
“Jungkook?” Sora answers at the tenth ring, voice obviously confused to why her ex would be calling her up at this hour. She didn’t even want to answer at this first because despite the missing context, answering it felt wrong, too personal to even consider talking to Jungkook at this time.
Jungkook wastes no time because he leads what's been plaguing his mind, cutting in bluntly. “Hey. I did something wrong. We did something wrong.”
Sora’s immediately attentive, straightening up from her position on the bed and pausing her show in the background. She has an inkling to what it would be, all pointing to the direction of April 23 which merely was just days ago; the guilt doesn’t escape her either.
“I should’ve told you when we had lunch last time, but I’m married — have been for a year now. We’ve been together for five years,” he speaks with no hesitation. His words are fluid by now, unstopping perhaps because he knows every detail about you. “I love her the most in this world.”
One thing about Sora is that she’s transparent. You’d figure her out exactly by the tone of her voice, it was easy to do so. Sora’s surprised, but not entirely. She’s sincere in the way that the burst of her excitement makes Jungkook flinch for a second.
“Wow. That’s amazing, Jungkook! I’m happy for you, god, I really am. Why didn’t you tell me?” she asks the last part with a slight frown, realizing the duality of her question. The weighted, and equally as dubious end of her query. “Wait, fuck. Why didn’t I ask?”
“That’s why I called,” he pipes in softly, pursing his lips. “I’m calling to say that we shouldn’t do these things anymore.” 
He thought it would be shameful to say these things out loud, and it is. The embarrassment that coats him whole is enough to make a man like him tremble to himself. His voice is meek from the humiliation but he can’t imagine how much harder it was for you, someone who’s the indirect bystander of what had happened.
“By things, I mean April 23. You know, being familiar with each other as if we aren’t figures from the past to each other. I don’t know if you did it intentionally but you ordered my food for me,” he hears Sora cuss herself in the background but he continues, swallowing down the discomfort he feels. “I’m just saying that we should stop this… lingering attachment. I know you were my best friend before all this but it’s just not the same. I know we grew up and went through so much but we were meant to end there.” 
Sora is a figure of his past. She’s an undeniable figure of his life and although his love for her had already long passed, it doesn’t negate it. Jungkook has his faults but simply enough, he doesn’t believe in the notion that you have to bury every single memory and every single feeling you’ve experienced with a person who doesn’t reside in your life at the present. 
Jungkook’s already forgotten the feeling of loving Sora and he would never pick it up again — but that doesn’t mean Sora had never existed in his life in the first place. 
“It’s my fault that even if it was in some small way, I held onto the concept of you. It’s stupid of me to do that,” he admits.
If Jungkook were to keep every skeleton in the closet, he’ll find himself in the same place over and over again. If he had buried every single memory he had with people whom he once loved; of the people who were once in his life, be it a member of his family or his friends. 
If Jungkook negated all the fleeting figures and memories from his life, there would be no figure nor memory worthy enough to stay in it.
“It’s my fault too. I did the same,” Sora sighs, the guilt seeping in now that she can’t escape it any longer. “It’s deep, I get it. But you’re right, it’s just so unhealthy for us to not fully let go. Even just as friends.” 
Sora pinches herself on the knee, heavily breathing at the frustration that knocks her whole brain sideways. “I’m sorry, that was really stupid of me. I don’t know what compelled me to invite my ex, you, to eat out at the date of what was our anniversary.”
“I’m equally as stupid to accept your invite, to be honest.”
It must’ve been so hard for you. Sora didn’t need him but you did, yet it wasn’t you that he came to.
“We’re past our time, Sora.” Jungkook chews on his bottom lip, sighing. The weight of the hurt is still there, it’s still present when he looks at his wedding band now. “I was in love with you for the confusing part of like, how long were we together again? Three years? Yeah,” he plays with his rings, the admission of what he says next hitting the other side of the call a little harder. “We’ve been separated longer than the time we were together.” 
“I admit, I celebrated the concept of us even when I shouldn’t have,” Jungkook burns in recall but he musters through it. “I used to think no one else would understand me like you do.”
“You’re wrong.”
“I am wrong.”
“I’m wrong too. We did a horrible mistake by meeting that day,” Sora humorlessly chuckles, feeling genuinely shitty. “I admit too, I was attached to the idea of you even after we broke up because I thought no one else would be able to love me.”
“You’re wrong.”
“Trust me, I know.”
“Are you married now too?” Jungkook asks because he figures he didn’t do it either, unknowing of what to expect.
“Engaged. Kind of in a rough patch now, though,” Sora answers definitively, wincing at the realization now that she says it out loud. “He found out I met up with you. He said he needs time to reevaluate things.”
They’re both guilty. And while Jungkook has been wallowing and embracing his guilt the past few days, Sora’s been avoidant of it as she spends every second distracting herself without her fiancé in their home. She knows better now, especially when it comes from the other half of who contributed to their shared fault. Jungkook used to be the avoidant one but he’s grown — he wants to become better.
“They don’t deserve this but we do,” Jungkook reminds her in a hum; whatever guilt they bear now, they deserved it and more. “Y/N and I are in a rough patch too.”
“Y/N? Pretty name,” Sora smiles, feeling that it’s familiar.
“I know. Jeon has a ring to it. Although, she uses her maiden name for the screen,” he smiles while thinking of you; of how you’re doing — if you miss him now like he misses you. “You might’ve heard of her.”
“The screen? Y/N….?” Sora racks her head, the race finally being attached to the name he hears of. “No. No fucking way. Your wife’s the Y/N? As in the one in In Terms of Eternity?”
There’s a burst of pride in Jungkook, one that satiates him.
“Mhmm. She’s the one.”
“You’re extremely lucky to have her. Wow, I don’t even know if the world lucky cuts it.”
By then their conversation’s already dwindled. There’s nothing left to say besides a silent agreement.
“Let’s never do something as stupid as what we did ever again, Sora,” Jungkook enunciates. “This is goodbye.”
It’s time — the both of them know it. It’s been far too long and they’ve dragged their absence of closure to the point it managed to hurt their lovers who didn’t ask for their baggage.
They’re now officially only fleeting figures in each other past. They’re way past their due date but atleast the guilt they bear now is a reminder that they’re being punished for it.
“Bye, Jungkook. It was a blessing to know you.”
“Bye, Sora.”
Jungkook has just one more call to make before the guilt subsides. It wouldn’t ever disappear, but he’d make the effort to let it ebb, even by just a little.
You answer on the second ring. It’s muscle memory to accept his calls and although you’re on a break, the worry you have for your husband wouldn’t ever disappear.
You accept it but you don’t talk. Now that you hear Jungkook breathing on the other side, the urge to end it wants to overtake you so bad but he’s faster than your reflexes, the desperation evident in his tone.
“Stay on the call, please. You don’t even have to talk.”
Jungkook doesn’t hear you speak and he takes it as his cue, playing with his wedding band once again. “I know where I went wrong.” 
“It would be a little shitty for you to only get an apology through the phone, and I would go there right now if I could to do it in person but I know you don’t wanna see me. And it’s already late and I don’t know if you wanna hang up already but,” he speaks all in one breath, now having an abundance to utter all of it when earlier, he didn’t even feel like it. “I just want to tell you I know that I’m in the wrong. It’s late of me to realize that, but I’m wrong.”
Jungkook has a long way to go. It’s draining just to think of the days left that he has to function alone without you. It makes him want to hurl just how many times he has to see the baby blue floor couch and the third-biggest variation of your king-sized bed without feeling the urge to cry.
“That’s not my apology just yet, by the way. I don’t want to make it insincere because I just woke you up for the sake of calling you,” he screws his eyes shut, scratching the back of his ear. “Fuck, calling you right now is selfish of me.”
He doesn’t speak and neither do you, but this will have to do. It’s silent companionship for now that comes in one-way conversations through the phone and yearning for the other owner of the wedding band he plays with.
“Y/N? Are you there?”
You hold your breath, screwing your eyes shut. You want to cry so bad but it was exhausting to do. Your eyes have already stung enough and the whites of your eyes are too bloodshot with the amount of eyedrops you have to put for appearances.
“Ah. You probably went to sleep already,” Jungkook concludes, smiling that even if he won’t get any rest tonight, he atleast knows that you would.
“I love you,” Jungkook speaks thickly. “I know you can’t say it back right now but I love you.” 
He waits for another silence and he only hopes you hear him. That if you’re dreamless tonight, he hopes you hear him from the back of your mind.
“I mean it.”
( ♡ )
You go back to your home with Jungkook to get some of your things for the meantime. 
At your first night in your house, you realize that you haven’t really moved out of it. Almost no piece of furniture left it when you moved in to a separate place altogether with Jungkook. Besides being just a little dusty and a little unkempt, it’s like you never left at all.
Your TV’s still intact to the wall. The stove still works, the refrigerator runs as soon as you plug it in, and the water’s still clean. True enough, you do have some clothes you’ve left and didn’t take with you — besides the obvious absence of food, your house remains livable.
It’s livable, desirable even. Your house is much bigger than your place with Jungkook because to begin with, the two of you resided in an apartment. A luxury apartment, sure. It’s bigger than most but it isn’t a house — there’s no second floor, no ceilings and walls big enough to make you think that there’s more to it.
You reckon that you’ve offered him to just move in to your house instead but he declined, all with the reasoning that as much as it’d be nice, your house was much further than where your work calls. Jungkook knew that you need to be in the city, where everyone’s busy and you’re closer to the buzz of everything. The back and forth from the city to where your house was at would be tolling, he assumes, so he stayed stubborn until you agreed for the two of you to get a new place altogether.
He doesn’t mind the apartment. After all, it’s already much more luxurious than his childhood room and the apartment he lived in before settling with you. It isn’t small, but it’s smaller than a house. It isn’t practical to be shelling out an ungodly amount of money for a space that isn’t proportional to its worth, but it’s worth it for you. It’s convenient for you and at the end of the day, Jungkook doesn’t mind because you’d get to go home to him faster.
The house you’ve bought for yourself before you were married is much more upscale. When you used to have guests over, you’d have a hard time pointing out who is where because unlike your home now, they’d have space to roam around in. It’s not that extravagant, but it has much more potential.
If you’re being honest, you hate how big it is now.
Jungkook is a mass that fills up every space he goes in. If he were here now, you’d think that after all, maybe your house isn’t really that big and you were just exaggerating. He makes everything tolerable and livable. His presence doesn’t intrude on you, but it was big enough of a mass to remind you that he’s there. 
He’s a mass that occupies the seat opposite to you in the dining table, the spot beside you in bed, and the ring on your finger.
The ring… on your finger?
The absence of the weight of platinum from your ring finger makes you shoot awake at six in the morning, an overreach since you barely even slept to begin with. It’s there, it’s supposed to be there when you’re not working. You blink over and over again to see if you were just seeing things, or not seeing things at all, but the ring isn’t there.
You forgot your ring in your home with Jungkook.
Looking at your ring finger now, it’s almost as if you’ve never even wore it. There’s neither indentations of the wedding band nor tan lines it should supposedly leave when you wear it regularly. The skin on your finger is just plain, making your stomach sink. 
You have to get it now.
You got to your house anyways because Jungkook drove you with his car, fresh from picking you up at the club when you made the split-second decision for him to drop you here instead of your shared home. You’re just about to dial your driver’s number to see if he could pick you up despite having no schedule at all for today, but to your surprise when you peek at the garage, Jungkook’s car is there.
He left his car with you, walked a little to the convenience store that was two miles away to pin it as his location, and booked a ride home.
Jungkook cares for you in mysterious ways. In mysterious, and presumptively impulsive ways because you can’t even begin to think why he just left his car with you instead of taking it with him to go home. You don’t know it now but if he were to tell you, you wouldn’t believe that he’d walk two miles in the dark of night to go to the convenience store because he didn’t want the driver to know your house, and go home.
You leave the house as quickly as you could with Jungkook’s car, determined to bring it back to him. All you needed to do as soon as you arrive at the apartment was to get your wedding band, pack a few clothes and some toiletries, leave with your car this time, and grab groceries on the way to your house.
It should be as easy as it sounds. Read: it’s not.
It’s not Jungkook who greets you first as soon as you go in, but instead, it’s Miso.
Miso immediately yowls as soon as you enter, enough to alert anyone within a five-mile radius. She quickly circles around you, her tail brushing your legs the entire time. She keeps meowing repeatedly that you’re certain it already woke Jungkook up at the peak of 6:30 in the morning.
You carry her to placate her concern that the night passed without you, shushing her. You immediately carry her to her bowl that you fill up with food to shut her up, hoisting her into the air before letting her near it.
“Watch over your daddy for the meantime, okay?”
There’s not a single thing behind her eyes but she meows to what you say, satisfied enough with her response that you let her down. By now, you can’t help but think Jungkook’s already awake at this point.
All the things you needed are in your shared room and there’s no skirting around Jungkook. You could only hope that the door’s unlocked and it is, making you sigh a breath of relief because in any other circumstance, you would’ve scolded him for leaving it unlocked.
You go straight to the connecting closet first because the door squeaks, only sparing a glance to what seems a mass underneath the comforter. It dawns on you that Jungkook’s probably asleep still, making you relaxed enough to walk to the closet without hunching.
Jungkook’s awake, actually — he hadn’t even slept. He already sensed your presence as soon as the key fob beeped, even way before Miso yowled her heart out. He was just about to get out of bed by the time you arrived, but after his quick thinking that you’re here for your things and not for him, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable so here he is: giving the performance of his life by pretending he’s still asleep.
You fill up with your luggage with two weeks’ worth of clothes, fully planning to rotate it by doing laundry at your house because you want to atleast have a semblance of a routine. It gets filled up in no time, only thinking for a second longer when you take some of Jungkook’s shirts that you don’t think he would notice missing.
It’s comforting to know that Jungkook’s asleep, especially since you were concerned last night from his late call and wondered if he even slept after that. He’s knocked out cold, it seems like, that you don’t have any problem in opening the squeaky door to the bathroom to get your toiletries.
Looking at the rack, it’s quick to dawn on you that you and your husband share a lot of things. The same shampoo and conditioner, the same brand of bathroom slippers, all the way down to the same hairbrush yet in different colors.
You take them all yet make quick work of replacing them with the new stock of the same things. It’s for Jungkook anyways; taking two minutes longer to replace and reposition everything to make it seem that you hadn’t even raided the bathroom wouldn’t hurt.
All you need now is your ring.
You remember placing it on your jewelry drawer, the container just a couple feet placed on the dresser away from the bed. The ring’s relatively easy to retrieve and you put it immediately on your finger, the familiar weight placating you now that it’s there.
You’ve already retrieved it but it’s not what takes up your time — instead, you look at Jungkook whose eyes are closed.
Your husband looks peaceful sleeping, genuinely sleeping. Although now, it’s the furthest thing from genuine. His undereyes are dark and although his hair’s messy, it’s from him repeatedly running his hands through it, not from sleep.
It would’ve been believable if only his eyeballs weren’t flickering underneath his lids, already telling that he’s not asleep, and that he’s shit at acting.
“I know you’re awake.”
“I’m not,” Jungkook mutters while he limits the movements of his mouth to keep it closed, eyebrows furrowing. He peeks one eye open slowly, surprised that you’re still there. He slowly opens his eyes completely, unbothered to try stretching out his limbs to convince you that he’s indeed coming from sleep. “I’m pretending to sleep in case you need an out.”
“Are you gonna leave now?” Jungkook asks lowly while he sits himself up the bed, trying not to make the desperation in his voice peek through. “Or will you stay for atleast ten minutes to hear me out?”
You’re not used to Jungkook initiating confrontation.
It’s a state of him that you’re still getting used to because you see the desperation in him now. It’s grounding enough that you remain rooted in your place, mouth opening in reply. You usually don’t find yourself terrified of confrontation and you don’t want to start now, choking down your hesitation to conquer the impeding threat of it.
“I’ll stay,” you find your voice, coughing in addition. “For ten minutes. And you stay there,” you add for good measure, choosing to sit on the chair in your vanity instead.
Jungkook hadn’t initially planned apologizing to you at seven in the morning, but he’ll take it. He’ll take every chance that he gets presented over and over, even if he’s already done it beforehand.
“I’m sorry,” his shoulders deflate in finally saying the words, sucking in a deep breath. “I’ve been holding onto Sora as a memory for so long that I didn’t realize she bore no meaning to me anymore.”
“I’m sorry for meeting up with her. I’m not gonna defend myself,” Jungkook winces, shaking his head because to him, it seems like his case is the furthest thing from defendable. “It’s wrong of me to do that. Even if you were still my girlfriend today and not my wife, it would still be wrong for me to meet up with my ex.”
He looks sincere, evidently so from the way he maintains eye contact with you even if you know he struggles with it sometimes. It’s harrowing what an apologetic Jungkook does to you because it tugs at your heart. Come to think of it, you’ve never seen him this way until now because the two of you didn’t go through anything like this before.
“I’m so, so sorry for not telling you about the date. April 23 to me... it feels like a ghost at this point.”
The date doesn’t even feel worthy to possess any meaning at all. It’s a phantom that Jungkook’s been so fixated on that he forgot why he’s even chasing it in the first place. He wanted it, he used to want it.
“I kept chasing it for years even if it only intrigued me once. I was younger back then and things were rough,” he admits, remembering how he once detailed that growing up didn’t go the smoothest. “I went to a tent bar, then Sora joined me, and for some reason I felt the happiest that day. Things had been rough continuously but it was just this one good day out of all the bad ones that I couldn’t forget it — that I kept holding onto it.”
You try to take in everything. You try to understand to the best of your abilities and see Jungkook’s explanation through but every mention of her puts an unease on your stomach and even if you know you’ll outgrow the response, you also know that no one can blame you for it.
“I don’t know if I’m helping my case with you but I want to be honest. I should’ve told you this in the first place, this is the bare minimum that I could do.”
Jungkook breathes in the shame that seeps from every pore as he recounts his thoughts that contributed to the previous mindset of being hellbent to celebrate the date, trying to spare no details.
“I thought that April 23 would need to be commemorated every single year after that because I’m thankful for it. I wanted to keep reliving it even if it was by doing something completely unrelated,” he says. “I tie that date with happiness. I used to,” he mutters, playing with his ring to level his thoughts. “But I realize now that Sora’s tied to the date by default because she was there.”
Jungkook presses on the base of his thumb to try not to cry. He’s looking at you but he can’t read you, unable to recognize your face and what you were thinking.
“And I don’t want to be tied to April 23 anymore.” 
“I should’ve stopped celebrating it the day after the tent bar because things like those — they aren’t meant to be relived,” he sighs heavily, exhaling through his mouth because his eyes are starting to sting.  “I’m sorry you had to find out from people other than me.”
You finally find your voice after some time. It’s not headstrong but you let him hear it still, fiddling with your hands as you explain your side of understanding.
“I found out about your yearly thing with Sora from Seokjin,” you clear your throat, the mention of his cousin making him nod in realization because after all, he’s met her before and knew the significance of the date.
“Then I found the picture from Eunwoo because he got his films developed at the shop, said he forgot what was in there. Turns out he’s a regular, he was just as surprised to see me.”
“Eunwoo?” Jungkook parrots, obviously more surprised. He’s confused about it still despite being a coincidence because as far as he knew, not even his closest friends know about your family’s shop; he respects that it’s one of the only things left of you that’s private. “Eunwoo and Sora are related.”
“What?” your brows knit at the new piece of information, even more surprised than he was.
“They’re cousins, but Sora’s mother raised them both,” he trails off, shaking his head. “You can kinda imagine that whenever I came over, I’d always see Eunwoo in their place.”
“Is that why he’s always been weird with me?”
“I think so, yeah,” Jungkook scratches the back of his head but he’s just as stuck on this as you are. “I think he looked up to me, y’know? So when Sora and I broke up, Eunwoo just... lingered, I guess. Wasn’t close with his cousin, but wasn’t close with me either. So when we bumped into him in the grocery and I introduced you to him as my girlfriend, that probably boosted him into hating you or something.”
“Does he know we’re married?”
“No,” he answers definitively. “He doesn’t know because I blocked him everywhere right after we came home from the grocery.”
Your head tilts in response, curious about Jungkook’s immediate response. “Why?”
“He just felt off to me, I don’t know. Even when Sora and I were together, he was... you couldn’t tell what he’s thinking,” he shudders off the indirect chills that Eunwoo gives him. “I didn’t want him knowing anything about you through me so I blocked him.”
It’s a nice notion, you guess.
Just a little bit flawed.
“You’re a little bit of a hypocrite,” you breathe out, slightly scoffing when a frown makes its way on your visage. “You don’t like Eunwoo but you met up with your ex without telling me.”
“No. Not that,” you correct yourself, shaking your head in the process. “You celebrated your anniversary with your ex.”
Jungkook doesn’t blame you for your reaction. In fact, he knows he deserves it which is why he acknowledges your critique immediately.
“You’re right. I am a hypocrite.”
“It was extremely shitty of me to do that,” he confirms even as his voice wavers. “And I’m sorry. I know sorry doesn’t cut it at all, but I’ll be better.”
Jungkook, although eager to change to become more open and less avoidant, is still new to confrontation. He’s still new to you being angry and upset at him, the weight that you bring making him trip over his words.
His eyes sting to the point that he’s resorted to blinking the discomfort away but it only pushes his tears out, making his bottom lip tremble now that he’s vulnerable in front of you.
“I wish I could tell you a better apology but I’m trying, I swear. I-I’m trying to find the words,” he’s desperate to wipe his tears away, not wanting you to think that he’s doing this to sway you into forgiving him. “Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry for crying. I just can’t-“
Four seconds. Breathe in through your nose.
Seven seconds. Hold it.
Eight seconds. Exhale through your mouth.
“I’m trying to think of what I should say to you but I can’t think of an apology that you deserve the most,” he hiccups, breathing in to try and keep the tears at bay. “I’m sorry. Sorry. I’m trying! I’m really trying to think right... really just... r-really trying to think right now.”
“Please breathe, Jungkook.”
You’re already by his side to hold him by his arms, the warmth of your hands enough to make him stop sputtering over nothing.
Four seconds. Breathe in through your nose.
Seven seconds. Hold it.
Eight seconds. Exhale through your mouth. 
The meow that alerts you Miso’s here brings you and Jungkook out of your worry and despair respectively, making you whip your head to face her. You crouch down to pick her up, setting her in Jungkook’s arms who takes her from you with no complaints.
Miso’s normally skittish especially in the morning, but this time she doesn’t fight the hold. She even licks a tear off from Jungkook’s cheek.
You, Jungkook, and Miso all just sit there until he’s calm. Until the melancholy is reduced enough for you to speak over the stuffiness.
“Did we clarify everything?”
Jungkook nods. “You can still ask. I promise I’ll answer.”
“I think I’ll pass for the day,” you decline with a humorless chuckle, pursing your lips when you shake your head lightly. “I just need to process everything.”
Jungkook understands more than ever, remaining seated as you gather your luggage and walk out of the room. He follows you from a distance with Miso still in his arms, a question dying to be asked at the tip of his tongue.
“Can I ask?”
“Okay,” you grant him, just two steps out of the apartment with your car keys also in hand this time.
“This is day two, right?” Jungkook rhetorically asks. “You’ll come home to me in twenty-nine days?”
“You need to come to me because I can’t come to you,” he chews on his bottom lip. “I can’t come to your house because that isn’t home,” he adds.
“This is home.”
You’re thankful that it’s a quick exit from there but you give your husband a different answer entirely, unaware that you’re the one who’s avoidant this time.
“Bye, Jungkook.”
“I love you,” he says something entirely different too, a tight smile on his face as Miso just watches in confusion why you’re leaving again. “I mean it.”
( ♡ )
Oddly enough, you’ve been getting all your favorite meals back to back from catering. It’s not that it was entirely odd because of course, the actors are asked prior about their preferences and allergies. You named some meals and let it all go, considering that you didn’t really mind.
But the meals you’ve gotten — not one of them goes unfinished. Even the other favorite meals that you haven’t listed are offered back to back by the caterers. It’s odd, but it’s a good odd.
To add to the experience, you haven’t even visited the catering table even once because Jimin delivers all your food right to your dressing room. Even when the other actors are there, it’s only you whom he gives the kindness to bring food to.
However if you were just a little bit more curious to the point that you went outside and went to the catering table yourself, you would know that there’s no other portions to your meals because they don’t even cater it. The meals Jimin hand-delivers, claiming that it was catering who once again made your favorite, only belong to you.
Jungkook’s been making all of them.
He’s been waking up early, driving to your set of the day, and discreetly meeting Jimin to hand him the home-cooked meals he worked hard on for him to give to you during breaks.
This arrangement only started a week ago, Jimin recalling that he was particularly spooked to see your husband texting him. Granted that Jungkook’s text is about you, it was more personal because he’s asking a favor from him.
Jimin only has an inkling to what’s going between you and Jungkook. He doesn’t know the entirety of it but he knows there’s some sort of break involved. Your long-time driver told him that you made him reroute to drop you off at your old house instead of your apartment, and it’s enough for Jimin to be concerned.
You don’t tell the entirety of what unfolded and continues to unfold because after all, this situation’s between you and Jungkook. You might have told Yoongi but it was without unease because he was more of a friend than Jimin felt like a brother to you. You reserve details here and there but the bottom line was that Jimin has a gist of your situation, and it’s enough for the both of you.
Jimin doesn’t want to meddle in it personally because he’s your manager. He tries to keep his mouth shut and console you the best that he can.
But when your husband reaches out to him, pleading that he teams up with him to give you home-cooked meals without revealing that it’s him, Jimin can’t help but to meddle a little.
“Props to you, Kook. You and Y/N just have a really mature relationship, y’know?” he compliments, in the middle of eating a sandwich that Jungkook surprisingly made for him as thanks for his help so far. “Not everyone can be as level-headed as you when your wife’s working with someone she almost ended up with.”
Jungkook allowed himself to linger a little for some conversation, and by conversation, he means discreetly asking how were you through Jimin while he’s busy eating the sandwich he gave him.
He was just about to ask your manager how you were doing when unsurprisingly, Jimin started talking before he could. It’s about you, sure, but it’s not what he expected to hear.
“Excuse me?” Jungkook tilts his head, furrowing his brows in confusion. “What do you mean by that?” he questions, setting his drink down.
“What do you mean she almost ended up with?”
Sometimes, Jimin talks a little too much.
“Oh. You, uh — I thought you knew,” Jimin scratches his temple, slowly chewing until he digests from the hard glance Jungkook gives him. “I thought Yoongi told you because you’re friends.”
“We’re not friends!” he shuts it down quickly, his temper slowly starting to tick upwards.  “I just happen to tolerate him because he’s my wife’s coworker,” he rolls his eyes before correcting himself, “fuck that, I can’t even tolerate him.”
“Oh! Okay,” Jimin acknowledges, taking a big bite in attempt to dodge conversation but Jungkook catches on to it, snatching the sandwich away from him while giving him no choice but to chew.
Jungkook can’t wait any longer that he offers his drink to Jimin to put down his food faster, the latter pounding his chest a little when he almost chokes.
“Same acting workshop when they were just students if I recall correctly,” he relents, voice a little squeaky from getting over his coughs. “Then they kept bumping into each other in sets as extras over and over again. Naturally became friends.”
Jungkook waits for the hook. He braces for hurt even if he doesn’t know what he’s expecting to hear next. He overestimates the pain and even if he does, it does no justice to what Jimin says next.
“Yoongi loved Y/N before,” Jimin recalls, hearing it from the man himself a few years earlier. “He was supposed to ask her out, but you beat him to it a day earlier.”
What an odd twist of fate.
Fate obviously favored him but Jungkook couldn’t imagine what his life would be otherwise, an unknown nervousness building in his chest. He could’ve just put off asking you out a day later and Yoongi would’ve swept you off your feet from himself. After all, you knew Yoongi longer.
“My wife told you this?” Jungkook asks, voice somber but the tone of anger just never leaves it.
“What?” Jimin asks, awkwardly gesturing his hands out to tell the truth. “No, Yoongi did.” 
Despite it all — despite your husband obviously being two seconds away from breaking down, Jimin just didn’t know when to stop talking.
 “I don’t think she even knows that Yoongi was supposed to ask her out.”
If you stepped out of your room and wandered to where Jimin is, you’d know that he’s with your husband. The furthest extent of your knowledge is that Yoongi had and probably still has a crush on you. But if only you were a little curious about your meals and wandered, you’d hear it for the first time ever. You’d hear it for the first time ever in your life that Yoongi was supposed to ask you out.
Jungkook’s caught in his emotions, evident in the way he trembles. He just leaves your meal there and exits the room without giving instructions to Jimin. He walks until he reaches the parking lot but despite being in the solace of his car, he’s still unresponsive.
He doesn’t know how to react at all. Doesn’t know shit about how to process something as big as the fact that it almost wasn’t him you ended up with. Doesn’t know anything about how to cope knowing that it was sick fate that saved him from the agony of not being yours. How’s Jungkook supposed to react now?
Yoongi was almost your first everything.
Tumblr media
Being an intern fucking sucked.
He thought it would be prestigious to be accepted as an intern in a media entertainment outlet, but it’s no different than any of the other companies he’s tried to be a part of — he’s the dunce.
He’s the dunce here because all he does is get coffee and water for superiors who are two feet away from the vending machines. He copywrites headlines and articles that aren’t his because even as an intern, no one ever includes him.
The other interns are quickly advancing and he doesn’t know what they do to get significantly better treatment than he does. It’s been like this for a month. A full month of him being the push-over intern who can’t even speak up because doing so would banish him immediately, too desperate and burnt-out to get kicked out and do the process all over again for another company.
He’s been so pent-up that he goes into an elite club he lined up for almost an hour, just because he desires the need to get inebriated without the atmosphere of a dingy, packed club.
Maybe he’s lucky. Maybe he’s just been so miserable that the heavens he prays to pitied him so much that he’s been served his news breakthrough in a silver platter.
He brings out his phone, zooming in on Y/N and Yoongi, two big stars that already rose to become the favorites of everyone even before their drama’s released.
If he recalls correctly, In Terms of Eternity would officially kick off tomorrow.
He zooms in, careful not to be noticed but shameless enough to get your faces clearly. Tries his best to capture the way Yoongi’s leaning to your shoulder and the way your glance is distant, the two of you in what appears to be a deep conversation.
The only time he stops is when he makes out a tall and bulky figure walking to you, presumably your bodyguard to escort you out before anyone notices you.
He doesn’t think twice about it. He safekeeps his phone and keeps his head down, waiting until he could confirm that you’re officially out of the club’s vicinity before he leaves. He comes home that night with a purpose.
He wakes up early and wears his sharpest clothes, proudly wearing his lanyard with a skip on his step and goes straight to his boss’ office without stopping.
“Sir, please hear me out. I took this myself last night. You just have to see.”
His boss is skeptical because how dare this intern walk up to him as if they’re best buddies. His boss’ judgemental gaze doesn’t stop even if he fishes out a flashdrive, but once the familiar figures show up on the screen — his boss is silent.
He watches, utterly amazed and satisfied. He could sense the headlines now about you and Yoongi. This is exactly what would rake in traffic. There’d be so much traffic to their site, to their company, to their partners that almost everyone would be happy.
“Draft out an article right now. Let’s release it next week,” he says with a smile, nodding in recognition of the gold ticket his intern just placed in front of him. “This is good work.”
He feels accomplished, proud that his hate for you would bloom into something this forebodingly good. He’s only met you twice personally, thrice if you counted his accidental sighting of you at the club. If he can’t know you beyond what you share, and not through the eyes of someone he used to look up to, then he can’t do anything about it.
What he can do, is hope that this is enough karma for you.
“Good job, Eunwoo.”
Tumblr media
What do you do when a detailed article is released at exactly 12 AM about you and Yoongi? 
What do you do when it’s detailed enough that there are pictures of the two of you in a club, close to each other? 
What do you do when it entails that the two of you are single, and more than plausibly, are dating as of the moment?
You have a meeting with Jimin because he hauls you by his own car at 12:21 in the morning. You arrive at his house and not the company, where Yoongi arrives at 12:28 in the morning.
He has no manager in tow because unfortunately for him, his manager was out of the country. One angry call from Jimin and that’s what it took for Yoongi to head to his house without another word, even if he could foresee that he would only be berated. In fact, if he tears his eyes away from Jimin across the both of you at the table and looks at his phone instead, he’ll know that his manager’s catching the earliest flight back. Unsurprisingly, his manager is also mad at him.
Jimin’s seething. He’s buzzing with anger and you can’t tell if the majority of it was allotted for the outlet who broke the news, or if it was for you and Yoongi.
“Why wasn’t I informed that the two of you went out?”
“These are our personal lives,” Yoongi answers for the both of you, even if that wouldn’t be the ideal answer you’d say if he didn’t beat you to it. “We were getting drinks because the day after that night was the pilot’s release.”
“Okay. Let me rephrase,” Jimin sucks in a breath, face sarcastically jolly before it changes in an instant. “Why were the two of you in a large booth where you could sit everywhere else, but the two of you are sat so close together that your head’s on Y/N’s shoulder already?”
The thing about Jimin is he doesn’t hold back.
He doesn’t sugarcoat things for you, even when he was newly-assigned to you as your manager. He presented things as is, so much so that he’d sound like your biggest critic if only you didn’t know it were facts that he’s presenting and his harshness when it comes to these things comes out of love.
You don’t have a brother but if you had one, this is what you’d imagine it would feel like being harshly confronted.
“We were just talking, Jimin.”
Your manager scoffs, humorlessly chuckling before he tilts his head. He doesn’t know why he’s only hearing of this and better yet why exactly are you reacting like this when he’s barely just scratched the surface.
“Why do you sound so guilty?”
He puts the words exactly to what you’re feeling. You were denying it just minutes ago but this is guilt. Your heart dropping on your stomach is guilt, the tips of your fingers going cold and tingly is guilt, and the tears that threaten to spill is guilt.
Yoongi remains silent because really, he feels guilty too. At the moment, pictures and footages of the both of you in the club are rapidly spreading: his head resting on your shoulder, the onset of affection being instigated by him.
“What’s happening now is publicity. It’s on the better side of publicity because people like watching the two of you,” Jimin starts, sighing when he feels the impending headache forming in his temples.  “But what’s really happening now is a dating scandal. Dating scandals, realistically speaking, are beyond fucking volatile.”
He features no leniency, narrowing his eyes pointedly. “Are the two of you fooling around?” 
“What? No! Why would you even-”
“Are you seriously dating then?” 
“No!” you exclaim this time, obviously lost on why Jimin would think of essentially asking if you were cheating on Jungkook with Jimin. “I’m married!”
Yoongi widens his eyes at the insinuation of the question too, making him cross his arms in a scoff. Jimin knows what’s happening and what’s not happening, and the fact that he’s even asking questions he knows the answers to is beyond offensive — most especially to you.
“Yeah, she’s married! Shit, Jimin, what do you think of her?” Yoongi rolls his eyes, his first concern being your manager’s insinuation regarding you instead of him.
The two of you are defensive. Together, you’re an insufferable pair of friends who’ll defend each other to no end but now’s not the time for showmanship. Now, you needed damage control; an exact plan to how you’re gonna tackle this.
“Then what do the two of you suggest we do about this, huh?” Jimin challenges, sincerely wanting to hear your inputs now that the two of you have gotten brave.
He’s stern and as much as you need him to be in times of wanting to feel that you had something concrete to do, Jimin being unrecognizably serious right now is the last thing you need. He’s stern to the point that it makes you anxious, your protest a little weak as a whisper.
“But you’re the manager.”
“No,” he enunciates. “I want to hear what you want because you’d think that I’m stepping on your toes when I suggest my opinions.”
It’s getting stuffy, a little unbearable now that you can’t pick anything in your mind at the moment besides panic.
“Can’t you please be direct, Jimin?” your voice tremble, tears pricking your eyes because he’s being unreadable just like how Jungkook is. You can’t read anything nor pick up on any cues at all.
It’s heavy, way too heavy because you’re going in on all of this blind. You feel like you’re being humiliated and maybe that’s what Jimin’s going for, and as much as you can’t admit it now, maybe you deserved it.
“You want me to be direct?”
You nod, eyes flickering and accepting when Yoongi offers you his handkerchief.
“Okay, I’ll be direct.” Jimin meets your eyes, setting himself closer across the table to momentarily squish your cheeks together to make it known that he’s not angry at you. “But you don’t cry.”
You try your best not to let any more tears pour out, listening eagerly to what he has to say. You don’t know what exactly to expect, but it wasn’t this.
“I think it would be best if you let this ride out.”
Jimin announces and it catches the attention of Yoongi. He seems perplexed, even if he’s probably had more brush-ups regarding publicity considering that he’s been big in the industry longer than you’ve been.
“We don’t address it at all. Whatever energy it was you had at the club, you let it stay even outside of the club,” Jimin leans back to his seat, sighing in resignation. “We’ll let people make rumors. We don’t respond to them.”
“What people know is that the two of you are a pair of single-” he coughs, “single and apparently single, attractive co-stars with chemistry between them.”
You don’t know if you’re hearing it correct — if you’re really hearing your protective manager say that his plan of action is to let anything be aimed at you and let it takes its course.
“If you choose to pursue a relationship with someone who isn’t Y/N,” he turns to Yoongi, “or if you choose to reveal your marriage with Jungkook who isn’t Yoongi,” he nods at you.
“It would be okay. There would be no problems at all because the two of you didn’t address anything,” he shrugs, the plan being listless but in hindsight, is the safest.
“If any of the two happens, it’ll be typical.” 
Yoongi knows the line by now because he’s had some brush-ups with previous co-stars before, his company always calling a meeting to talk about the best course of action in addressing dating rumors.
“Two single, and apparently single, best friends who are just affectionate with each other on and off-screen.”
It’s a silence that fills the space, a tense one between you and Jimin. You’re the furthest thing from unnerved and as much as the plan scares you, you try to think of the upsides.
“I trust you. You know what’s best,” you finally cave, sighing heavily to yourself.
“No fake dating?” Yoongi asks, head tilting in curiosity.
“No fake dating,” Jimin confirms, smiling. “Just a showy, affectionate friendship in public places.”
Jimin drops you and Yoongi to your respective homes, a hug of comfort being given to you before he drives away. It may be just out of pity but you accept it — you’ll take any bit of solace you could get while Jungkook isn’t here.
Even opening your phone now would make you anxious because the amount of notifications that run through it intimidates you.
You want to call Jungkook but you can’t.
( ♡ )
What do you do when your wife’s involved in a dating scandal with her co-star? 
What do you do when your wife’s pictured sitting closely next to someone who was supposed to be her first everything, if only you didn’t get to unknowingly beat him to it a day earlier?
You cry.
Jungkook cries uncontrollably, inconsolable to the point that Miso doesn’t dare to come near him because his sobs alone make anyone anxious to even go near him.
He’s crying because he hasn’t read one comment that doubts the compatibility of you and Yoongi. There’s essays upon essays of how perfect you and Yoongi look together; the two of you look like a dream together.
There’s breakdowns of how you and Yoongi go way back, pictures of you back in your high school days attached that even he doesn’t know about, the photographs including Yoongi one way or another. There’s timelines of the shows you’ve been in together, video compilations already being spread around in such a short amount of time.
Jungkook can’t stomach everything. He dry heaves without having no real urge to hurl. Seeing this whole thing makes him unimaginably sick, recalling the particular sentence word per word that it makes him recoil from his own hands that he’s been crying to. 
Although not pictured below, Y/N is seen being escorted out of the club by her bodyguard. 
There’s no word that describes it, no combination of letters enough to encapsulate the pain that manifests in him. In practically everyone’s eyes, it’s you and Yoongi. According to everyone, it’s you, Yoongi, and the goddamn stupid bodyguard that had separated you from him.
Jungkook cries so hard that he sees white — he cries so hard that his ears ring in pain. He doesn’t know how long he cries for, but if he were to focus on anything than the pain, the white he’s seeing now isn’t liquid hurt anymore but instead, it’s sunlight.
Jungkook cried from midnight until morning.
( ♡ )
The shop needs to be renovated.
You’ve been saying it for years now, months ago since you started to seriously hound your parents into giving in. They promised to tell you the date wherein they’d close up the shop so it could all start, finishing all prior orders first.
You and Jungkook are inclined to help over because after all, you are your parents’ only child and your husband’s assistance would be much appreciated for all the heavy lifting and fine details. 
You’d be happy for them to accept, you just didn’t expect that it would be now out of all times. They responded to you at 10 PM in the evening, two hours before the dating scandal had dropped. You were already asleep then, only woken up by Jimin frantically calling you and ringing your door. 
You managed to come home at two in the morning. You barely even got to comprehend the text fully before you launch yourself out of the bed, frantic to show up at the shop as fast as you could.
It slipped your mind completely to text Jungkook and ask if he was still up for it, but truthfully enough, the idea of contacting him brought nothing but guilt to your chest. 
It’s a dilemma as it is; you don’t want your parents to know. Whatever’s left of you, whatever’s left of hope that things would get worse before they become better — you muster up your courage and drive to your parents, ready with an excuse that Jungkook’s busy so he couldn’t come. 
To your utter surprise, his car’s already parked outside the shop. 
“Ah! There you are. Jungkook told us you’d be a little late because you’re exhausted from work,” your mom greets you enthusiastically the moment your entrance rings the door’s windchimes, being caught into a hug instantly.
The mention of your husband reminds you that he’s there, in the flesh, just a few feet away from you. The greetings you have for your parents are lost on your tongue when your eyes land on him, heart clinching at the site.
Jungkook looks more exhausted than you do, eyes puffy with bags underneath. He looks unrecognizable that your parents fussed over him immediately when he arrived, but he waved them off saying it was just a shit ton of MSG from the night before and his allergies.
“Hi, baby,” he greets you normally in front of your parents, slinging a warm hand around your waist and leans down to press a kiss to your cheek.
Jungkook almost brings himself to tears just by holding you, a harmless kiss to your cheek enough to make him tremble. It makes you do the same yet you don’t recoil, instead basking in the momentary warmth he indulges you in.
You’re stricken but you act on it, doing the same as you return the kiss on his cheek. 
“What time did you come here? I didn’t notice you leaving the bed,” you smiled, voice hoarse as you play it up.
Jungkook catches on immediately and although he swore he feels heavily hurt without relief just earlier, the weight of his heartache lessens.
“You’re a heavy sleeper,” he smiles, the genuine grin on his face enough to distract you from his cheeks that were reddened from crying. “Left at six in the morning so I could give mom and dad an early start.”
“She sleeps like a rock,” your dad comments, slinging an arm around your husband’s shoulders. “Have I ever told you that she slept through an earthquake?”
“That’s one of my favorite stories of her,” Jungkook quips, smiling in recall. It’s true — your dad told you about the incident in their first meeting, right at the dinner table of your childhood home. You were embarrassed infinitely but seeing Jungkook, despite being a fresh boyfriend at the time, break into a hearty laugh was enough to make you think you wanted to spend the rest of your life hearing it.
The shop’s already covered off, sections portioned off for some workers who were bound to start soon. There’s tape and plastic wrap all over the place, the disarray apparent from floor to ceiling.
While your dad whisks Jungkook away and leads the way to the room you’re all gonna work on, your mom intertwines her arm around yours, faux-dramatically inserting herself to the conversation.
“Works all day and sleeps all night. You’re leaving Jungkook all alone! How do you even talk?”
It’s entertaining to see your parents love your husband above and beyond, even now that they come to his defense and they turn you, their actual child, as the butt of their teasing.
“Don’t worry mom, I understand. Y/N’s really hardworking, she deserves to sleep like a rock,” Jungkook answers, adding in a bit that makes your parents cackle. “I just talk to her while she’s asleep.”
“You sleep through that too?” your dad asks you in disbelief, shaking his head at you while interacting with Jungkook more.
You look at your husband and while his aura feels significantly lighter than when you first glanced at him awhile ago, while his eyes are kind and playful, you know that he’s being serious. You can’t confirm it for a fact that he does talk to you in your sleep, but looking at him now, you have all the affirmation you need.
“I... I-I do.”
Your parents leave momentarily to get the paint they’ve stuck away specifically for this room, leaving you and Jungkook alone.
There’s so much you have to say. So much you want to ask and explain but no words leave you besides a pathetic admission from just this morning, mouth coming dry when the two of you make eye contact.
“I wasn’t sure you’d be here.”
“Why wouldn’t I be here?” Jungkook furrows his brows, genuinely confused.
He wants to say a lot of things, so much of it that he couldn’t contain himself last night. No matter how he itches to talk to you about all of it that’s been plaguing his mind, no words leave him because he’s derailed too by the sudden train of thought.
“I’m your husband,” he says it with no space for questioning, eyes flickering to why you’d even wonder such a thing. “That makes me their son-in-law.”
You want to be alone with Jungkook for longer but your parents arrive and suddenly, the two of you are no longer staring at each other with white hot pain behind your eyes.
The tension dissipates but the desperation grows at each second your issues are left unresolved, another one piling just when the both of you thought you’ve gotten over the worse of it.
“We’ve heard the news, by the way,” your mom opens, huffing as she hands each one of you your paint rollers. “Those silly, nothing-to-do-with-their-life writers!”
Your dad sighs now that your mom reminded him of it, shaking his head in disdain. “They manipulated the pictures, right? I’m sure that Yoongi guy respects your boundaries as a married woman.”
You freeze at the very spot you stand, shoulder stiff and a dry sob stuck on your throat. You try to get yourself out of your rigidness by nodding your head, gulping the lump in your throat when you feel Jungkook’s stare at you.
As much as Yoongi initiated to put his head on your shoulder, you let him.
Your parents don’t pick up on anything, perhaps because you act too good that you’re undetectable to everyone but your husband — someone who sees right through you, right at this moment.
“What’s the plan then? Will your companies release an announcement or...?”
“The plan is to not address it at all. That’s what Jimin said,” you clear your throat, taking out the fuzz from your roller.
“It’s the safest option,” you stress, glancing at Jungkook who doesn’t break his sight on you. “Yoongi and I just continue... acting that way and let people say whatever.”
Your parents show different reactions, audible hums and grunts filling the room.
“It’s the safest because it’ll be beneficial in case Yoongi gets in a relationship with someone else. Or if in case I admit that I’m married,” you smile at the last part, chewing on your bottom lip. “We could just say that Yoongi and I are close friends.”
“I guess that does work,” your dad relents, albeit evidently unsure with how his face scrunches. “But wouldn’t that be a little grey? A little unfair, don’t you think?” he prods, scratching his temple. 
“Right, Jungkook?”
Jungkook freezes at being addressed, lips bitten red in anxiousness.
“Show business will always be show business, I guess,” he offers your dad a weak smile, adjusting his wedding ring before rubbing the base of his thumb to try and calm himself. “Nothing will ever be fair.”
“Gets really annoying when Yoongi tries to steal your wife away, no?” your mom teases, the suddenness of the name drop and the context in this situation just adding more tension.
Jungkook clenches his jaw automatically, gripping his roller a little too roughly while he grimaces at the thought. “Yeah, that too. Really gets on my nerves, honestly.” 
Your parents don’t know the levels to how Jungkook is completely serious right now, just a couple mentions of your co-star away from absolutely losing it.
He tries to calm himself, grounding his hurt into a truth he prays to never change.
Four seconds. Breathe in through your nose.
Seven seconds. Hold it.
Eight seconds. Exhale through your mouth.
“But I trust Y/N completely. I trust her with my life — I always have,” your husband smiles, briefly glancing at you.
He doesn’t look at you bitterly. He’s not mad at you; in fact, he still thinks you reserve the greater right to be mad at him.
The bitterness isn’t what puts the lump in Jungkook’s throat, it’s insecurity. It’s insecurity that makes the latter part of his answer delayed, far too caught up in the hurt in his heart before it travels up his throat.
“I always will.”
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ahundredtimesover · 2 days ago
A Still Day or A Hurricane (12) | JJK
Pairing: Jungkook x (f.) Reader
Genre/Tags: single mom lawyer!OC x pastry chef!Jungkook; angst, fluff, smut; age gap
Chapter Warnings: foul/explicit language; single parenthood, motherhood; mention of a sexual harassment case; explicit sexual content (making out, straddling, protected sex) (18+)
Chapter Word count: 12.3k
Status: Completed
Series summary: Driven by your perfectionist attitude and need to have everything in order, you planned that by age 30, you’d have made junior partner, bought your own apartment, and have children. You achieved them, of course, and while the last bit required you to take matters into your own hands - no thanks to your ex-boyfriend who dumped you but to your best friend who directed you to a fertility clinic - you’re now a 31-year old who pretty much has her life under control. You’re ready to raise your child on your own, that is, until the 20-something pastry chef flirts his way into your heart, messing up the perfect little life you worked so hard to have for yourself.
A/N: And so it ends! Thank you so much for those of you who joined in on this frustrating but hopefully worthwhile ride. Sending you all love through the weekend! 🌸🌸🌸 also, the title and inspiration of the story comes from a post a saved long ago; you’ll see! Please enjoy ☺️
Listen to: Only (LeeHi), Take A Walk (Offshore) || Playlist 🎶
Series Masterlist
“Hey, do you need help?” You hear Jungkook ask as you unload your clothes from the laundry. 
You turn to him - one hand on his phone and the other out for Heejin who’s currently painting his nails a bright yellow - and chuckle.
“Bubba’s reserved you all afternoon, babe. Don’t wanna ruin salon day.”
“True. She made this appointment without telling me but that’s okay. She’s a little feisty though,” he replies, obediently following Heejin’s orders to straighten his fingers, her constant and tiny oops at painting through his skin, making him smile.
She’d been into polishes since last week after she’d seen her uncle Hobi have smiley faces on his nails. She was so amused with it that he got her child-friendly ones, and what you thought was something she wanted to put on herself was actually something she wanted to put on someone else. Jungkook, apparently, is her chosen client for today.
You walk to the living room with the clothes you need to fold and watch from the couch as Heejin now stands up from the floor and tries tying Jungkook’s hair like a sprout. You laugh at his pained expression as she pulls on his strands and hits his scalp with the butterfly hair clips your mom gave to her, which your 7-year old self used to love wearing. 
“Waaah, pretty!” Heejin chirps, putting on another one. “Kookoo is pretty!”
“Yes I am, sunshine. And so are you,” he says, clipping one on her. “Pretty like your Mama, right?” He adds, smirking at you.
“Yes, Jinnie is pretty like Mama!” Heejin squeals.
“Oh, starting to speak like Kookoo now, aren’t you?” You laugh, sitting next to her and giving her a hug.
“We should have a pamper day with her,” Jungkook suggests, scooting closer to both of you. “Maybe next Saturday before we head to Namjoon’s.”
“Sounds good,” you smile, carrying your daughter to the couch with you as she yawns, her body used to her afternoon nap time.
Heejin squishes her face on your boobs, thumb in her mouth as she starts to doze off. Jungkook follows and refuses to undo his hair, taking a photo of himself and laughing as he sends it to you.
“So you’ll remember what your pretty boyfriend looks like,” he says.
“I know what you look like, Jungkook,” you playfully roll your eyes. “I see it everyday.”
“Just a few hours everyday, though. Sometimes just on the screen, too,” he sighs, not wanting to sound like he’s complaining that he doesn’t get to see you as much as he’d like, which is all the time, every morning and night, if possible. 
He did say he tends to be clingy, and you haven’t really complained about it, although he’s been good at not letting it show. You’re a busy woman, he knows, yet you make time to come by the cafe every morning, except on days when you have to skip it for something more important, usually a hearing or a meeting outside of the city. Jungkook sleeps over on Fridays and Saturdays and spends every weekend with you and Heejin at least, going to wherever you plan or where he spontaneously suggests.
Sundays at your mom’s is a regular occurrence, and some Fridays, you let yourself loosen up a little with a drink or two with your friends, something Jungkook does sometimes as well. It’s this routine you’ve both set up, with him looking after Heejin twice a week now, and the fact that he’s become the first person you call about her means so much to him, and he hopes it means as much - or the same - as it does to you.
You pick up the drop in his voice. You're convinced that Jungkook sometimes forgets that you’re a lawyer - observant and assumptive, also often right, and so he probably thinks you’re oblivious to what goes on in his head. 
He wishes he gets to be with you more. It’s something you figured out before Jimin spilled the beans one Friday night after work; even your friend seems to have forgotten how you are. He was drunk, after all, but Yoongi remembers. 
“So what I gathered is that Jungkook wants to move in with you,” your other friend had asked right after Jimin’s head dropped on the table. “Is that something you’ve thought about?”
“Yeah. And I don’t know what to think about it, or if I want to think about it right now,” you’d admitted. “I have routines, Min. And I need space, physically and figuratively. And it’s just been me and Heejin for years and she hasn’t cared much if I’m grumpy on a weekday morning or bawling my eyes out at night because she’s like that, too, and—”
“Well, seems to me you have thought about it,” Yoongi countered. “And come on, we all know Jungkook wouldn’t mind it either.”
“Don’t you think it’s too soon?” You wondered.
“I don’t think it’s about the timing more than it is about the other parts of you that you’re still afraid to show,” Yoongi sighed. “What else is left of you that he hasn’t seen, that he doesn’t love you for?”
It’s the question you know the answer to. 
It’s because of that time you rushed to his apartment at 11PM after an argument over a missed dinner date and then apologized. You showed up with a special meal in hand and a promise that you won’t be that hot-headed again. 
It’s also because of that afternoon you went home after the sexual harassment case verdict when the perpetrator was found guilty but was only given 8 months in prison. You sobbed in Jungkook’s arms as he cradled you and reminded you that there are still people who’ll need you to fight for them, so you shouldn’t lose that fight in you. 
And then that one time when you reprimanded Heejin for not sharing her toy at daycare and she cried, yelled for Jungkook so you asked him to come over, and she didn’t mind you for the rest of the night. You expressed your worry that you’re maybe not doing as well a job as a mother as you thought, and the next morning, he spoke to you and Heejin together and helped you both make up.
What else is left of you that he doesn’t love you for?
Not much, you think. And there doesn’t seem to be much of him you don’t love him for, either. 
He still says silly things sometimes, even when he’s balls deep inside of you, and annoys you to death because it somehow gives him so much joy. But there’s no part of him you don’t love, that you don’t adore, that you don’t want to wrap in a blanket and cradle protectively so that no one - not even you - could ever hurt him again. 
But moving in together when you have a daughter means more than just living with Jungkook under the same roof. Heejin already looks for him all the time and while he did say he wanted to have a family with you, he hasn’t mentioned it again since that night, and you don’t want to pressure him, knowing that when it comes to his sunshine, he wouldn’t be able to say no. You want him to want to be her father, not just because he thinks he should. 
You break out of your thoughts and gaze at a slightly pouty Jungkook with a sprout on top of his head.
“You do know that seeing you, no matter how short and no matter how, is my favorite part of the day, right?” You nudge his knee. 
“Hmm, you did say it one time when you were half-asleep but couldn’t stop kissing me,” he smirks. 
“I still would’ve meant it if I was fully awake. I mean it now. I wish I had the time to see you more, though,” you sigh.
His lips turn up and there’s comfort in them. “Our mornings are great and our weekends are enough. We’re good,” he assures, moving closer to peck your forehead, his lips descending to your lips when you pout for a kiss.
“As long as I get to be with both of you; you know that’s all I want.”
He caresses Heejin’s squished cheeks and wipes the drool from her mouth with his sweater, chuckling at her adorable sleeping form. 
“I can’t believe she’s turning 3 in a few weeks,” you huff. “She hasn’t stopped talking about having a tall cake after we celebrated your birthday and she got jealous of what I got you.”
Jungkook smiles, thinking of last weekend when you got him a massive cake made by a patissier he idolizes, and how he didn’t want to even serve it to the small group of guests he had at the restaurant because it was too pretty to eat. It was definitely a special birthday, and it was one of the sweetest things you’d ever done.
“Speaking of that, I wanted to run something by you,” he says, pulling out his phone to show you photos of the cakes he plans to make for Heejin.
“You want to make her 3 cakes?” You almost yell. “Why?”
“Uh, because she’s turning 3?” He shrugs. “Plus, her list of favorite things is growing and I wanted to make all of them for her.”
You look at the photo inspirations of what he plans to create and you’re filled with joy but also worry because you know enough that it’s a lot of work. 
“Jungkook, that’s too much. She’ll be fine with one cake.”
He looks at you like you’re insane, which is partly true. 
“___, you know your daughter. She can’t have just 1 thing of something she likes. How many alpaca and bunny and deer stuffed toys do you have to buy until she’s satisfied?”
“She’s just spoiled. I spoil her. That’s on me. We shouldn’t spoil her, Jungkook. She’s gonna be a brat,” you say worriedly.
“She won’t be, okay? I was a spoiled child and I’m not a brat,” he argues.
“Debatable,” you counter, earning you pout. “But really, that’s not necessary. You already offered your apartment for her party.”
“And you said you’d help with the decorations, so will Jimin and Byeol. Which means more time for me to work on these. Dea’s also helping me, so no worries at all. Plus…” he says, looking longingly at you. “I was there when she was born, but not during her last two birthdays. I just want this to be special for her. A lot of children’s early memories start when they’re 3, and I want her to always remember that Kookoo cares for her so much and made her her favorite things.”
Jungkook tends to be stubborn, too; you know he’s already made up his mind about this and would probably still do it even if you ask him not to. He turns back to his phone at your silence, scrolling through more photos as he nibbles his lower lip, showing his pretty mole underneath. You suddenly can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate Heejin’s birthday than with her favorite things made by her favorite person after you. 
Whether he’s ready to be a father or not doesn’t matter right now. He loves her, he would give the world to her, like he’d said, and you don’t want to get in the way of that. 
“Okay, fine,” you nudge him again. “Go all out if you want but I’m paying. I want nothing but the best for the little one.”
Jungkook’s eyes light up like he’s the one getting another birthday cake. He peppers you and Heejin with kisses, excited at being able to do something big for her.
“She deserves nothing less. She’s gonna love them so much.”
Heejin, as Jungkook predicted, loves the cakes so much. 
One thing you’ve learned about your daughter is that she loves herself, and she loves being celebrated. She loves being surrounded by things she enjoys and seeing the people around her enjoy them with her.
Jungkook’s apartment is spacious, hence your chosen venue for today’s celebration. It’s enough to have your family and friends, colleagues, and some of Heejin’s playmates from daycare over. 
There are purple balloons around and a play area set up with her favorite toys. Seated on a chair with the brightest smile on her face, Heejin starts clapping once she sees Jungkook walk towards her against the background of everybody singing happy birthday. 
One by one, her Kookoo places the cakes in front of her, explaining what each one is, as if she understands, but Jungkook has always spoken to her like an adult, and you know she doesn’t mind it, too. She’s as whipped for him as you are, you realize, and that’s something she definitely takes from you.
There’s a two-layered cake with vanilla cream icing and a topper in the form of a little girl with a sunflower headband. You don’t know how Jungkook and Dea managed to make it look like your daughter, but it looks amazing, and even Heejin thinks so, squealing Mama, it’s Jinnie, as she jumps up and down on the chair and claps her hands excitedly.
Next is the sponge cake in the shape of the number 3 with buttercream frosting in between the layers. On top are some purple balloons, strawberries, her favorite doll, Pororo and some friends, and her favorite blanket all made in fondant, as well different-flavored macarons. 
The last is the four-tiered one, beautifully and intricately designed with a variety of alpacas and bunnies like her stuffed toys spread out on the top layer. It’s radiant and colorful like your daughter, and with the playfulness of it, it’s everything you imagined a customized cake for her would be. She feels the same way, it seems like, as her smile hasn’t let up since the first cake was presented to her. She looks at them in awe and excitement, just as you’d hoped.
You take photos with and of her, then reach out to Jungkook. “Join us. This is the memory she’s going to look back on when she’s older.”
He takes your hand and joins you, your family and friends taking multiple pictures that are definitely going to be part of your joint 🌻 photo album. 
Heejin is impatient, wanting to savor her cakes, her eyes flitting from one to another, with Taehyung going through each one with her and letting her savor them more.
And as you expected, she starts taking all the toppers and lines them in front of her to play with, and you let her. She’s three. You all survived her most tantrum-filled age with only the best, most raw moments as a mother and child, and you can’t be happier for both of you.
She’s grown up so much already, and it’s not just because of the words and sentences she’s now able to say, thereby making her on track with her developmental milestones, but on the way she behaves, dresses, and engages with people. She’s more obedient and curious, she likes choosing colorful outfits with an accessory every time, and she’s less shy and clings to more people.
But other than you, she clings to Jungkook the most.
It’s what she does the whole afternoon - running to you to wrap her arms around your legs, and then running to him to be carried on his shoulders or his arms. 
“Thank you, Kookoo,” she kisses his cheek, and from across the room you can see how his face softens, how his heart melts for her, how his voice shakes at her words.
You can barely make out what he says, but he looks at her with stars in his eyes, scrunching his nose and laughing at her antics. He hugs her tightly, tenderly, and it’s a sight you’d like to see more of.
“Even our own dad wasn’t like that with us,” Yuri sighs from next to you. 
“I may no longer despise him but Dad isn’t even close to how Jungkook is,” Taehyung butts in. “Dad wanted us at the beginning then walked out. Heejin’s the reason why you walked away from Jungkook in the first place but he just… loves her. They love each other. Even she doesn’t cling to or look at me like that.”
“Well, you’re not Jungkook, let’s be honest,” Yuri points out. 
“I’m more handsome, I know,” he rolls his eyes, earning him a puking motion from his twin sister. “My point is, he’s like a papa fox out there being all sweet and playful with his cub and it’s so cute, isn’t it?” He adds, as you all watch Jungkook take Heejin’s hand in a dancing motion and waltzes around like she always asks to do with him. 
“It is,” you smile, and you feel that wave of relief wash over you at the sight, a laughing Heejin being twirled around by the man who’s captured your heart and hers.
“It took a lot for you to be able to get here and consider him as your lover but he’s more than that, right?” Sun-hee says out of nowhere.
You wouldn’t be surprised if she was listening the whole time but honestly, this is the only time you wouldn’t mind your siblings ganging up on you.
You hum in response, unable to keep your eyes off the scene, with Subin now joining their little dance group, and then your Mom and Jung-jae, and then Jin and his girlfriend. 
“A lot more,” you nod. 
The party extends through the evening with just your loved ones left, helping Heejin unwrap all her gifts, including a bunny stuffed toy from Jungkook that’s similar to the one he’s had since he was a kid. You glare at him since he promised he wouldn’t get her a gift anymore after baking her three cakes, but he says he just had to. 
“Whatever happens, I want Heejin to remember me with it, in this way,” he whispers as he hugs you, and you’re too tired to process everything.
The words whatever happens make you wonder if he expects something else would happen, or if he hopes it, actually, but you opt to let it go for now. 
The party ends with the last of your family heading out the door, after having spent an hour after dinner helping you clean up Jungkook’s apartment. 
“Hey, let’s do that tomorrow,” he urges, motioning for you to drop the garbage bag you’re ready to fill with more gift wrappers and boxes. “Enjoy this with us first before this little sunshine falls asleep.”
You walk towards Jungkook who has Heejin in one arm, while the other one wraps around you, letting him hold you both close as you all sway to Boyz II Men in the background. He likes slow dancing like this with Heejin and you always took a pass, but now you feel your tiredness melt away with their slow breathing, and you want to be able to hold onto this moment a little longer. 
Closing your eyes as you lean on Jungkook’s shoulder, you release a long breath. “I don’t think a song about making love to me is appropriate to be dancing to with my daughter,” you hum, a faint giggle following.
“Yah, she doesn’t understand it yet,” he argues, “so it remains appropriate to us.”
“She’ll be sleeping in between us, though,” you remind him, as her unfamiliarity with his apartment means she needs to wake up next to you.
“Then before that,” he says. “Only if you want to.”
“We’ll see,” you sigh, though the idea is quite tempting, as you’ve both figured out ways to have sex with Heejin sleeping in the room. 
Your daughter’s yawn prompts you to take her to the bathroom for a bath, with you and Jungkook indulging her request to have her new dolls swim with her in the tub. You’ll clean that mess in the morning, too. 
She falls asleep easily and you tuck her in the middle of the bed and surround her with pillows, whispering that you’ll get to her soon. 
Jungkook heads to the living room first to video call with her mother who’s apparently been text-screaming to him about the photos of the three of you. 
“She’s so beautiful, darling,” you hear his mom squeal as you follow out, picking up trash on your way. “And that bunny toy looks like the one you stole from your sister! It’s really adorable. But you could’ve given yours, you know? You still have so many toys here in your room that you don’t want me to give away.”
“Because they’re special!”
“Well, you did say you wanted to pass them down to your kids. I think she’ll love the train set we got you from France, remember that?”
“Hmm, probably one of only a few toys I actually took care of,” he chuckles. 
You let their words settle as you tiptoe to the couch next to him, feeling like it’s a personal conversation but one that still concerns you and Heejin. He’s talked about how his mom still keeps his childhood bedroom in their house as is, all toys and collections and memorabilia intact. You just weren’t prepared for his mom to bring up your daughter loving one of his toys that he also always says means a lot to him until now.
“Hey,” you hum, scooting closer at his request. 
“Ma was looking for you,” he says, facing his phone to you.
“Hi, Auntie,” you chirp. 
It’s a good 20 minutes of talking about how today went and how she’s excited to finally meet you in person. Getting to know each other, at her request, has been done through video calls since you’re all too busy to do visits. But Jungkook’s parents will be driving out to Seoul in two weeks and that’s oddly more nerve-racking than anything, which is new for you, since meeting parents has always been something you’re confident about.
This feels more, though, and the unfamiliar feeling of needing validation is a little unnerving. 
“Ma doesn’t shut up about you and Jinnie, you know?” Jungkook says after the call ends. “She asks about you two more than me and I used to call her out for nagging but now, I kinda miss it.”
“That’s Heejin in the future for sure,” you laugh. “But Auntie is kinda like you in a way. I’m so nervous but I’m excited to meet her and your dad.”
“I apologize for her in advance. She has her moments.”
He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes a little longer, and you know how much more tired he is after pulling an all-nighter and then spending the whole morning preparing the cakes, all of which still have their halves in the fridge for future consumption. 
“I can’t thank you enough for today, Jungkook,” you say, taking his hand and massaging it. “Heejin was so happy seeing her cakes. And they were so pretty. When did you learn to design like that?”
“Just in the last few months when I decided I was going to make them elaborate for her,” he responds. “Just watched some videos and figured it out along the way.”
“Doesn’t seem like it, it’s as if you studied it. Will you make more for sale?”
“Nah, it’s too much work and only meant for the people I love,” he smirks, taking your hand and kissing it.
You do the same, taking both of his hands and peppering them with kisses. It turns sensual, as the kisses get slower, longer, intentional, skipping space to land on his lips - gentle, amorous, passionate. 
“Love only us,” you mumble, your fingers tracing patterns on his cheeks. Your eyes gaze into his like a plea for him to choose only you and Heejin, to love only you and Heejin. 
His breathing quickens and gets heavy. He pulls you into his lap and whispers against your lips. “There’s no one else, babe. Fuck, there’s no one else.”
He dives into your soft flesh, his tongue quickly slipping in to entangle with yours. Your hands can’t decide where they want to stay - his face, his arms, his chest? You choose the last one, quickly unbuttoning his top and mapping out the expanse of his torso that’s become second nature to you. 
He’s built where you want him to be, his nipples pert and addictive to nip and suck. The ridges of his abs are tempting, and too many times you find yourself kissing every inch of that plane, the way it heaves, sending shockwaves through you because only you can affect him that way. 
“You’re so good to us, so good to me,” you hiss, as he nips at your skin by the ear - stinging but pleasurable at the same time. He grinds upwards to meet your cunt that by now, is starting to throb. 
“Anything for you,” he pants, pulling down the top half of your dress with your bra, his mouth immediately attacking your breasts, the swell of them enticing him. “Fuck, I love you so much.”
You do this for a while - exploring each other’s bodies with your hands and mouths, kissing until your lips sting again, moaning words of praise and obscenities as quietly as you can at how turned on you both are. 
“Do you have one nearby?” You ask, as you start pulling the hem of your dress while you continuously grind against him. 
“Always have one in my pocket when I’m with you,” he winks, taking out the foil packet from his jean pocket and rolling the condom on his dick, which you’ve already freed and started stroking. 
He turns you around and helps you slide onto him, pulling your back flush against his bare chest for a position you’ve tried a few times because he likes pleasuring you this way. With his one hand kneading your breast, the fingers of his other expertly playing with your clit, and his tongue dancing around your neck and your ear, nipping where he wants - it’s immediate for you.
When he attacks you like this, focusing on your most sensitive areas and grunting like he does while he thrusts inside you, your orgasm comes easily.
“Fuck Jungkook, it feels so good.” 
You hold yourself back from more expletives and bask in the way his rough hands that make the prettiest, most delicate things, feel all over you. He secures you in his arms while his fingers do the most sinful things while he moans and praises you in your ears and his tip hitting you in the right spot inside you.
“You’re so fucking perfect, babe. Fuck, you sound so good,” he pants. “Keep making those sounds for me, yeah?”
The confidence he has when he’s balls deep inside you is always so sexy. 
He doesn’t care if it’s not his dick that makes you come because he knows it makes you feel good either way. But his hands - the ones he uses to knead dough and make intricate things out of sugar and chocolate, the hands that make food that you love - are the same ones that make you wail his name, that make you plead him to do more, that take you to a different place of pure pleasure, and it’s what happens when your legs start to shake, your orgasm so close.
He knows this, and he wants you to feel even more. He briefly locks your legs in his, restricting your movements to prepare you for more. Then he turns you around and shifts both your bodies, leaning you at an angle where he can continue playing with your clit, flicking your pert nipple, and swirling his tongue around your other breast, all while he continues to thrust inside of you. It makes you feel everything, as your body goes on overdrive with pleasure, your mind turning hazy at how much you’re feeling. 
Your glazed eyes lock with his, and seeing his sweat-stained forehead, his clenched jaw, and his determined, lustful gaze is all it takes to get you to where you both want.
“Fuck Jungkook, I’m coming,” you whine. 
Your mouth parts, your body arches, and it’s when he goes back to suck your nipple that you reach your orgasm, your bitten arm the evidence for how hard you tried to hold in your scream.
“You good, baby?” He whispers against your lips before tenderly kissing them.
“Yeah,” you pant, chest heaving from how hard you came. “Come inside me, please. Want you to come for me.”
He does as asked and shoves his cock back inside you. He lowers himself and attacks your mouth with his this time. Propping himself on his elbows, you take the chance to run your hands through his veiny, tattooed arms and taut biceps, loving the way they flex even more under your touch. 
Flushed against your body, he rams himself into you, the barely-there distance between the both of you allowing him to drag his throbbing length and be swallowed by your warm walls. It’s less loud this way, with your moans hitting his ears immediately as you cradle his head and pull on his hair, the occasional scratch on his back when your hands roam around it eliciting whines from him.
“You’re doing so well,” you moan. “Keep going, baby.”
You feel him put more effort, his groans telling you that he’s close to his high. His sweat sticks to your body, and you can’t wait to see him after this, his sculpted abs glistening and looking every bit like the dream that haunts you at night. You wrap your legs around him, pushing him even deeper, and meeting his thrusts, he quickens his movements to chase his orgasm.
It happens not long after, with one last series of hard pounding, and he lets out a long, deep groan, his mouth finding your neck that he peppers with open-mouthed kisses. His body loosens up, muscles relaxing at finally reaching his high.
“Fuck, you take me so well, you know?” He hums, as he props himself up, hooded eyes staring back at you.
Kneeling right where your thighs meet your body, the image that has you scrambling for your vibrator on nights when he isn’t around is displayed before you - dark nipples decorating his pecs, his abs perfectly shaped and mesmerizing, his tiny waist holding all that muscle and glossy perfection, and the v-line, a testament to how hard he works, whether in the gym or on your body.
He removes the cum-filled condom and you take this time to sit up and slowly kiss his torso, the salty taste of his sweat somehow still turning you on. 
You hear him chuckle and you look up to meet his soft eyes and tender smile. 
“You’re tired, we should go to bed,” he says, caressing your cheek and grazing his fingers on your lower lip. “It’s been a long day.”
“But you look so good,” you whine, going back to kissing him and even squeezing his amazingly-toned ass. 
“Well, we have tomorrow. We just need to wait for Heejin’s nap or wake up before she does. You have me on other days, too,” he reminds you. “You could call at 2AM and I’ll be there and you can have all this.”
His smug face is misleading. You know there’s more underneath that statement; you don’t even miss the tinge of longing in his voice when he says it. But even with Jungkook’s forward nature and tendency to be vocal about what he wants, he somehow leaves out the other things that are more long-term, like moving in, being a family, marrying you.
He laid it out for you that night you both made things official, and though he’s alluded to them at various times, he never really said it again. But with what your friends say and how Jungkook was today, you can tell he still wants it all. He wouldn’t be looking at you like you’re his whole world if he didn’t. 
But it’s at this moment when you realize, too, that he’s still keeping up with your pace, waiting for you to make the move. You’re the one with the grand plans, the one who needs her time to think and feel before she decides. You’re the one who’s been hesitant and afraid, and you’re also the one who hasn’t deliberately said anything about all those long-term things. 
And you know you want all those. 
You know it even more when he dresses you and then undresses you in the bathroom, holding you close in the shower before scrubbing you gently and leaving kisses where he can. 
You know it even more when he scurries out of the bedroom to check on the lights and the locked doors, and then when he gets back to kiss you, tuck the blanket under Heejin’s chin, then whisper goodnight. 
And even more when you wake up the next morning and see Heejin’s spread out form, her one arm on Jungkook’s face and her one leg on his belly, sleeping soundly at the warmth and love that he gives.
You pay attention even more after that, balancing enjoying the moment with wanting more and imagining more. You let whatever fear or worry melt away slowly but surely with every day that you spend with him, letting the trust and faith build with every argument or miscommunication, letting the partnership strengthen with every time you ask him how to deal with a stubborn Heejin, letting the love grow with every act of service that you do for him or every gift that you give.
You realize that raising your daughter is much more fun and worthwhile with him next to you, loving her the way she likes to be loved, spoiling her and teaching her things, protecting her like your lives depend on it. 
The idea of your little family has become more alluring and more ingrained in your mind, in your everyday life. 
You wake up to weekday mornings with freshly-baked bread and laze in the balcony during the evenings with tea and some new dessert he’s trying to perfect, with you and the little one as the taste testers. 
You go to doctor and dentist appointments together, enroll Heejin in ballet with you and Jungkook proudly taking videos of her learning, and start visiting kindergarten schools. 
You spend the holidays in Busan with his whole family, with Heejin initially being shy but eventually bonding with Jungkook’s nieces and nephews, especially Mi-Sun, over the week. 
You go to Europe with him and your entire family - your first trip together - and enjoy the Husky ride in the Netherlands, explore the Christmas markets of Brussels, and eat all the pastries you possibly can in France, even finding the little cafe of the famed tarte tatin that brought Jungkook here with you.
It’s everything you imagined it would be - with Heejin’s newfound love for waffles and huskies, your family’s excitement with all the shopping and food, and Jungkook’s elated face when you surprised him with a mini masterclass with a famed patissier. And of course, with how he fucked you in cozy hotels with the prettiest views, whispering he loves you like a mantra, like a song you’d easily remember and could sing whenever you want, like a promise of a life you both could have.
This certainty becomes ingrained in your daily life, and it’s on one Saturday at the tail end of winter when the naturalness of your situation and your comfort in the life you and Jungkook have built that you get to tell him what you’ve been meaning to for months.
Jungkook and Heejin joined Namjoon’s family on a simple trek up a mountain this morning. Subin wanted to see the sunrise and was showing photos to your daughter the other day, and true to form, she wanted to see it, too. The plan was set up, with Ma-ri having found a kid-friendly trail with still beautiful views. You were excited to go, too, but an all-nighter left you feeling too tired to even get out of bed.
It was a fun trip, you surmised, based on Jungkook’s numerous sent photos and videos all morning, with him and Heejin giving you flying kisses and saying how much they miss you. She looked so grown up and adorable with her puffer jacket and beanie, posing for the camera and holding hands with Subin who was just as excited to spend Saturday with his best friend. 
You only got to pack them fruits and biscuits and you wanted to make it up by preparing a hearty lunch that they’d come home to. 
They’d just gotten back, and after helping Heejin in the bathtub and then showering himself, Jungkook takes his place on the dining table in front of the little one in her chair, ready for the beef bone soup and potato pancake you prepared.
Jungkook demolishes his meal and you take your time feeding Heejin her share.
“Mama, I want some more please,” she beams at you with the bowl still in her mouth.
“You think Mama’s improved her cooking, huh bubba?” You giggle, standing up to serve her more. “I had to up my game since Kookoo is doing everything and I wanted to help.”
“Hey, you do so much already,” he argues. “You’re out there throwing bad people in jail and you know I like rewarding you.”
He smirks at you while reaching out his hand, motioning for you to come closer. 
“You do reward me a lot,” you mumble, making sure that Heejin doesn’t hear much even if she wouldn’t understand, but glancing at her, it isn’t a problem; she’s busy downing the soup and eating the pancake with her hands. “But I want to make these things for you, too, every once in a while.”
“They’re very good, babe,” he winks, sneakily squeezing your ass as he likes to do. “Way better than the time you made stew without help from Yoongi or Byeol.”
“Yah!” You playfully glare at him. “You said it wasn’t that bad.”
“It was still bad though,” he teases, yelping when you pinch his arm. 
“But this is so good, I’m serious. And it’s definitely not just because I’m so exhausted from this morning,” he continues.
“It was a simple trek, you said it! That’s nothing to you,” you say.
“Yeah, but Heejin would randomly run somewhere and then I had to carry her until we got to somewhere safe,” he narrates. “Plus, she and Subin were inseparable so I had to watch over him, too, since Namjoon was losing his breath so easily,” Jungkook frowns, earning him a chuckle.
“Aww, our baby is growing up. She used to be so shy around him but not anymore, apparently,” you smile, tilting Jungkook’s head that was resting on your belly so he could face you. “Thanks for going this morning and making sure she had fun. She’s probably gonna keep talking about it for days.”
“You’re welcome,” he smiles back. “Can I get kisses since I’m so tired?” 
You peck his lips and leave him hanging, prompting him to hug your waist tighter and tickle you. You tell him off but laugh anyway, reminding you of his parents and what you witnessed over the holidays, with his Mom clinging to his Dad like a koala every time they were having a meal or even when they thought no one was looking.
“Ma is so clingy, right? She’s why Dad gets late to work sometimes because she won’t stop hugging him,” Jungkook laughs as he recalls all the times he’d witnessed his parents be that way, with him, ironically, being the one to tell them to go back to their room. 
“Well, at least you’ve acknowledged that you are like your mom. I’d definitely be fighting you if I get to work late because of you,” you chuckle.
“Nah, you love it,” he smirks, pouting his lips so he could kiss you again, holding your face this time so you don’t pull away too fast.
You quickly glance at Heejin who’s still enjoying her food, as if oblivious to whatever is happening in front of her. 
“She’s so preoccupied with her food but I bet in her mind, she’s judging us and saying, Mama, Dada, go back to your room!”
You laugh at the thought because you imagine Heejin being that daughter when she grows up, a perfect mix of you and Jungkook, but then you realize it’s only you who finds it funny. 
Jungkook stares at you, confused eyes unblinking as he processes what you’d just referred to him as. 
It’s a thought he’s had for a while. For years, actually, if he counts the brief moment in the nursery where he felt Heejin kick inside your belly, the image of her as a newborn reaching out to him, and him, encouraging her to say Daddy as she grows older. 
But he stored that memory in the deepest nook of his brain so it would stop hurting him, and since being in your life this close this time, he’s been trying to keep that wish, that desire at bay. He doesn’t want to scare you, to make you feel like he’s imposing or wedging himself in your plans, or pressure you to want something you’re still making up your mind about.
That first day that he and Heejin bonded after an impromptu afternoon of babysitting, he felt like a connection formed immediately, and he won’t deny that somehow, she felt it, too. Caring for her is so natural; hard at times because she gets cranky a lot, but so satisfying. It’s unlike when he looks after his siblings’ kids. It feels much more innate, special, like there’s a bond there that can’t be replicated because of the intense love he has for her mother - you. 
Heejin is a lot of things and he’d just been waiting for the time when you were ready to have him be that person for her, knowing that raising her will always be the most important thing for you.
“Dada?” He repeats. “You want me to be her dad?”
“I, uh, well… You’ve been acting like it,” you say, although you know he doesn’t miss the slight panic in your voice. “You treat her like her own and she’s so enamored with you and I… I know it’s too much so it’s okay if you don—”
“Are you insane? Of course I want to be her dad!” He exclaims, tears pooling in his eyes now. “That’s Jinnie, my little sunshine. I got you the sunflower because of her, because she’s so radiant and she makes you, us, smile all the time. She’s the most special being in this world and I love her so much and, oh my god, I’m a dad.”
He faces you again, his lips trembling now. This man - with his glassy doe eyes and soft, bunny smile, and his eyebrow and lip jewelry that Heejin loves to play with - has so much love in his heart that he’s giving to you and the little one you created. Yet letting him know what he is to her makes him proud and happy as if it’s all he needs in his life.
“I’m her dad,” he says again.
“Well, maybe you can ask her, too,” you advise, kissing his forehead. 
He lets you go and walks towards Heejin. 
“Hi, Jinnie, who am I?” 
“Kookoo!” She squeals, beaming at him like her smile isn’t causing Jungkook’s heart to race so dangerously fast.
“What about Dada? Or Dad? Or maybe Papa?” Jungkook suggests.
Heejin’s eyes flutter in front of him in confusion and you can hear Jungkook’s heart race in a not so good way, so you head to where they are and give him a kiss.
“You’re my Kookoo,” she mumbles. “Mama, that’s Kookoo,” she looks at you questioningly.
“He is, bubba,” you say. “He’ll be what you want him to be, okay?”
She nods and asks for juice, and you nudge Jungkook to be the one to get it.
He hands it to her and smiles, trying not to look a little disappointed. She’s just 3, after all, and it doesn’t take away from what they both share.
“Thank you,” she mumbles, drinking away.
“You tired too, bubba? You had fun with Kookoo today?”
“Yes!” She chirps. “I want to do it again with Kookoo and Mama.”
“We will, okay? Kookoo got tired chasing you around, though. But you enjoyed it, right? You know that Kookoo loves you so much, right, bubba?”
She nods eagerly. 
“Can you say that to him, please?”
“I love you, Kookoo!” She squeals, reaching her arms out. 
Jungkook hugs her and sighs happily when she kisses his cheek.
“She doesn’t even say she loves me that fast,” you nudge him. “But she means it, okay? Dad just isn’t in her vocabulary and you know her, she follows what she hears. She’ll come around.”
“I know,” he smiles, and you know he means it. “She loves me, that’s what matters.”
And you know that he loves her, and that’s all that matters, too.
You spend the afternoon watching cartoons and playing with Heejin’s dollhouse, with you urging her to go to Dada as you point to Jungkook, knowing you’re gonna have to get her used to you referring to him as such. She doesn’t mind the term but follows either way, laughing and singing with him like always, and you look at Jungkook with this desire in you for him to get that validation from her, something you didn’t realize you’ve been wanting from her, too.
You all have dinner at a nearby restaurant, and with how your week has been - full of hearings and meetings - you’re still exhausted, passed out quickly in bed, oblivious to the thoughts plaguing Jungkook’s mind next to you.
Today was a good day. If anything, he’s not upset about Heejin not calling him Dada. He knows that’ll take time. All he could think about is you wanting that for your daughter as well, the most important person in your life. 
He can’t really ask for anything more, he thinks, and as he’s about to finally fall asleep, he hears faint crying sounds from the baby monitor next to you, prompting him to get out of bed and walk to Heejin’s room and see what’s bothering her. 
He reckons it’s some discomfort she’s feeling. She ate so much today, so that’s probably why, so he massages her belly with some oil to ease her pain, as she doesn’t seem to want to poop or anything. Her crying stops after a while, and Jungkook wipes the tears from her cheeks and kisses her forehead lovingly. 
Jungkook cradles and sways her like how she wants to be put to bed, wondering when she’s going to outgrow this.
“You feeling better, Jinnie?” He hums, letting her sip from her big girl cup. “Maybe we shouldn’t eat all that cake too close to bedtime, huh? I’ll keep that in mind.”
She settles in his arms and while he’s carried weights way heavier than her, it’s still quite the effort to make sure she’s comfortable, at least until she’s gotten back to sleep. She slips her thumb in her mouth and Jungkook knows that’s a sign of her getting sleepy again. One thing he’s learned in all the times that he’s tried to get her to sleep is that him talking relaxes her, so that’s what he does.
“You’re getting heavier, huh, sunshine?” He chuckles, adjusting her one more time. “My big muscles can’t carry you anymore, but it’s okay. Keep eating and growing, just not too fast since your Mama wants to savor you being a little one just a bit more.”
He decides to sit on the couch and Heejin doesn’t seem to mind, so he makes himself comfortable, too, and continues.
“Anyway, it’s okay if you still can’t call me Dada. Kookoo is fine because I know that’s what you’re used to. I hope one day you’ll think I’m good enough to be your dad, though, because I really want that,” he smiles, getting emotional at the thought. 
“You’re so perfect, even if your poop smells really bad and you like to yell for me even when I’m next to you and even if you have your mother’s taste in music. Maybe when you’re older, I can ask you if you think I’m good enough for your Mama, too. Hmm? Maybe you can approve of me then.” 
Jungkook chuckles as he peeks at Heejin, who somehow thinks this is an important monologue because she’s still awake, thumb still in her mouth, head still tilted up at him.
“She’s literally the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. After you, of course. But I love her so much, you know? I’ve loved her for a long time and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. When I first saw her, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of her life, that’s why I did what I could, did what she wanted me to, just so I could keep around even if I wanted to hold her hand and tell her how wonderful she is all the time. Until, of course, she asked me to stay away.”
It’s like a distant memory but it still feels like he can easily point to that moment when it all changed and he can relive it all over again. He doesn’t know if you ever told your daughter the story of how you and he came to be so he might be overstepping but maybe you’ll never know. You’re in deep sleep, after all.
“But that shouldn’t matter much now, right?” He continues. “Because we’re all happy together, like a family. I think that’s what we are. I wish I could be with both of you everyday, for as long as you’ll both want me, maybe move in here or find a place that’s big for all your toys and where we can just play around, and Dada can bake and Mama can do other fun stuff she wants. You like that, sunshine?”
Heejin makes a gurgling sound and attempts to move, prompting him to adjust her position. Sometimes she likes squishing her cheeks on his chest and falling asleep that way, and that seems to be her plan this time. Jungkook lets her and wraps his arms around her waist.
Thinking about you right now brings him back to when he’d woken up today and saw your tired but satisfied face, then your content one over lunch and cartoon afternoon earlier. He loves how you indulge him with his ideas and cravings, that you laugh at everything he does even if it pisses you off to no end, and how you always encourage him at work to try out new recipes. 
Even if you might disagree, there’s certainty in the way that you love him. There’s faith and trust in it. There’s that desire to be a little spontaneous, to enjoy every moment, but there’s direction, there’s a way forward, there’s a plan. Maybe you’re still figuring that part out, that's why moving in together hasn’t been part of the conversation yet. 
He’s always just following your pace, waiting for you to take the lead. He was never one to do that, and a part of him is afraid you’d turn him down, and that would be something he’d have a hard time getting over. Although if it would’ve been up to him, he would’ve moved in a long time ago. 
The image of you sound asleep when he walked in here crosses his mind again, and really, if his friends are just like Heejin, he wouldn’t stop talking about you to them, too. 
“She makes me so happy, you know?” He starts again, convincing himself that Heejin’s subconscious would remember this and all the things he’s saying. “She makes me so happy even when she’s grumpy, or when she rolls her eyes at me, or when she thinks I’m being silly, but really, I just want to keep making her laugh,” he smiles, thinking of how you sound.
“She’s prettiest when she’s laughing, and when she’s annoyed at me. Your Mama is amazing, you know? She gives me direction and shows me that I can be happy with little achievements, too. You’re so lucky to have her, just as she’s so lucky to have you. And I just want to be good enough for her, and then I’ll be the absolute happiest man ever when that day comes, when she decides she wants to be with me until we’re old and still making the same jokes. So always be good, okay? Don’t make her too angry; that’s my job.”
Your tears haven’t stopped since Jungkook told Heejin that he hopes to be good enough for her. And throughout his whole monologue, that you partly only regret overhearing as you stand outside the semi-opened door, your heart has been racing with all the words he’d said - how he adores her, how much he loves you, and that he wants to move in and spend his life with you. 
You didn’t realize just how much you’ve been needing to hear those words, validating all the things you want with him, that you want for Heejin, that you want for yourself. 
You hear Jungkook stand from the couch, place Heejin in bed, and wish her goodnight. You quietly scurry back to your room and hide under the covers to wipe your tear-stained cheeks and stop before he gets back. But he walks in and heads to his side of the bed, ready to go back to sleep when he hears you sniffing and trying to hold back your cries.
“___?” He calls out as he snuggles close to you. “Is everything okay?”
Glazed eyes look back at his worried ones and all you could think to do is kiss him - deeply, purposefully, like it’s a promise you want him to make with you.
“I love you so much, Jungkook,” you wail. “Heejin loves you. You deserve both of us. You deserve me, and I’m sure Heejin thinks so, too. So no need to wait. Move in with us, be with me for a long time. Be with us for a long time. You’re all we need, Jungkook.”
“Babe, you eavesdropped on me?” He chuckles, wiping your cheeks and kissing your forehead, his heart exploding at the words he’d just heard. 
“I woke up because it was too cold and you weren’t next to me. I saw you hold Heejin in the baby monitor and thought something was wrong but then I heard you,” you explain. “I heard everything and I… I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking of moving in, too, but I wasn’t sure if you were ready for it.”
“I wasn’t sure if you were ready for it. I know you have a timeline and—”
“Jungkook, you are part of my timeline,” you interject. “We do things together. We plan things together. Tell me if you want something, okay? Whatever it is you’re thinking and feeling, you have to tell me and we’ll figure it out.”
“Okay,” he whispers, feeling a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, like his heart could breathe more freely, like he could keep dreaming and know he’ll reach them. “Okay, baby. I will.”
“So, uh, move in together. Let’s figure that out because something spacious is a good idea,” you smile. “And maybe, we could also—”
“Get married?”
“Yes,” you say softly, the tears overpowering your words.
“And maybe be a family of four?”
The hope in his eyes astounds you, as he gazes at you with all the emotions you think he could possibly feel right now. And you know you’re mirroring them, too. 
“A family of four would be good,” you mumble, crying once more. “That would be really good, Jungkook.”
That little family of yours would start to become even more real a few weeks later as Jungkook’s desire to be called Heejin’s Dada materializes one Sunday morning. 
He’d moved in the weekend after you both talked about it, immediately looking for a bigger apartment to move into given all of Jungkook’s things that he’d brought with him. But in between the bickering and the stare-downs were the laughter and kisses that Heejin wanted to be a part of, too.
Spring has come and it’s the perfect day for some freshly-made bread, a new recipe that Jungkook wanted to try. It’s taking a while and looking a little flustered than normal, you tease him a bit.
“Dada, faster please,” you sigh, chuckling at his adorably furrowed brows.
It’s become a habit for you to call him as such when Heejin’s around, hoping that she’d soon pick it up and start calling him the same. You don’t want to force her, and Jungkook doesn’t, too, but you know how much it would mean to him for Heejin to start acknowledging him by name. 
And true to form, she does, in the most Heejin-way possible.
“Dada, faster please. I’m hungry!” She whines in her tiny toddler voice, head tilting in impatience.
You hear a faint Ow and the baking pan almost falling and you know Jungkook probably burnt his finger in shock. 
“Babe, are you okay?” You ask, but he completely disregards your question and scrambles to a pouting Heejin who’s now standing on top of the dining chair.
“Jinnie, what did you say? Can you repeat what you said, please?” Jungkook almost pleads, his voice shaking.
“I said, Dada, faster please because I’m hungry,” she follows with a little pout, and it takes so much from you and Jungkook not to laugh at her exasperated and incredibly charming face, her words much clearer now, making her a lot more confident in expressing what she feels.
“Dada? What about Kookoo?” 
“You’re also Kookoo, but Mama said you’re Dada, too, because you love me!” 
“Yes, I do, Jinnie, I love you so much,” he replies with an obvious lump in his throat, trying not to cry, but you can tell by the glistening of his eyes that he’s right there, and you want to give him this moment to revel in and hold onto during the days he might be doubtful or scared.
“I love you, too, but—”
She’s interrupted by her own laughter as Jungkook peppers her face with kisses, starting from her nose as she likes, then her eyes, then her cheeks. There’s a gentle but playful way he does it that always has her giggling, and from where you’re standing, it’s a sight that you’d love to see everyday of your life.
“Dada, you’re tickling me!” She squeals, laughter getting louder as Jungkook carries and twirls her around, then hugs her tightly as they both calm down. 
“I love you, my baby girl, my little sunshine,” he whispers, eyes closed as he wraps his arms around her tiny body.
There’s silence in the room as you all seem to just bask in the joy of what just happened. Until, of course, Heejin cuts through it.
“Bread, please,” she says, and it’s what causes you to chuckle. 
“Listen to your daughter, babe. You don’t want to deal with her cranky little butt,” you say, reminding him of the time when he hyped her up with a promise of cupcakes that were taking too long to bake and she kept jumping on him and dramatically fake-crying out of impatience. She did give him the softest nose kiss after, though, and it’s what he asks for now.
“I’ll prepare it for you, but is it okay if I get a little kiss?”
She gently places her tiny hands on his cheeks and kisses his nose, a loud mwah echoing in your apartment. Jungkook’s eyes flutter close, the softest smile gracing his face, and suddenly you feel like crying. 
It’s a heartwarming scene, one that you’ll definitely be holding onto, especially as you watch Jungkook serve the little one her mushroom buns, with her yelling that it’s her new favorite one, like what she says about every new thing he makes for her. 
You laugh and walk to settle next to Jungkook as you both amusingly watch Heejin animatedly eat. You lean on his shoulder as his one arm wraps around your waist.
“How’s your finger?” You affectionately ask.
“It hurts like hell,” he chuckles, “but I’m too happy right now to mind. She’s so perfect, and she’s our daughter. I don’t think I could ask for anything more.”
“I don’t think she could ask for anything more, too,” you turn towards him. “You’re the only father for her, Jungkook. No one else. Thank you for loving her the way that you do.”
You shift to hug him and whisper in his ear. “Thank you for loving us the way that you do. You’re all we need, don’t ever forget that.”
The start of summer is one of the things you don’t look forward to, as someone who’s always felt more comfortable in the cold. But Jungkook loves the season because it means being able to go to the beach during the weekend, using the pool in the new apartment you’re now renting, going to water parks, and making you and Heejin cool desserts to enjoy.
He’d done that last year, too, and even with the fruit icicle pops and punches and bingsu he makes, the strawberry cheesecake ice cream will always be your favorite - smooth and silky and refreshingly sweet like you want it. You’d crave it most summer nights and think that Jungkook’s is the best one you’ve ever had, with no bias at all.
Except for today, apparently, since the sight of it makes you want to vomit. 
“Mhmmm, Dada, this is so good!” Heejin hums, eyes closed as she takes another spoonful. “Mama, try it, try it!”
“Of course I will, bubba,” you fake a smile. “This is my favorite.”
You take a small portion of the ice cream and attempt to trick her into eating, but the scent shoots up your nostrils and you’re glad that she’s too busy dramatically savoring the dessert for her to see your sour expression. 
Jungkook sees you cover your mouth and hold in your breath so he kneels in front of you, taking your free hand.
“Babe, have I lost my touch?” He asks worriedly. “Is our daughter just so good at acting? Because I know you aren’t, and the ice cream is obviously not making you happy.”
“I’m sure it’s good, Jungkook,” you sigh, gagging at the strawberry taste that touched your tongue. “I just… I don’t know why it’s making me feel sick. I love strawberries and I love anything you make. I just feel like I’ll—”
You don’t get to finish your sentence. You jerk away and run to the sink so you could puke, and much as you don’t want Heejin to see you like this - knowing she’d start yelling and asking Jungkook to call an ambulance like last week when you were so dizzy in the morning that you almost fainted - you knew you wouldn’t make it to the bathroom. 
“Aaaah! Mama!” She yells in her high-pitched, tiny voice, dropping her spoon to run to you and hugging your waist. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, bubba. Mama’s okay,” you mumble after gargling water. “I’m sorry I scared you,” you hug her. 
“Are you sick, Mama?” 
“I’m just a little tired, okay? Nothing to worry about,” you turn up her pouty lips with your fingers. 
You glance at Jungkook who’s trying his best to act calm when you know he’s panicking internally. Heejin has never seen him hysterical or be disturbed about something, so you know that he’s keeping his worries in so as not to frighten her. 
“Mama’s right, sunshine. You know how hard she works so she’s just tired and needs some rest. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes, Dada,” she mumbles, the term still making Jungkook’s heart beat fast at how lovingly she calls him dad. “Mama, sleep!”
Heejin pulls your hand towards your bedroom and you don’t seem to have a choice. She’s quite commanding, that daughter of yours, and you know where she got it from, so you follow willingly. Jungkook quickly cleans up and runs after you, worried eyes following your form as you lie on the bed and snuggle a chatty Heejin next to you.
You turn to the side and look at him with a faint smile. “You okay?”
He doesn’t smile like you do, but he does let out a deep sigh. “I miss being shameless in my reactions. But what’s wrong, babe? What else are you feeling?”
“Like I probably can’t stand the sight or scent of a strawberry again.”
“But… that’s the symbol of our love,” he pouts, and you’d probably laugh out loud if your head wasn’t spinning right now.
“Don’t be dramatic,” you tease. “But seriously, though. I’ve been feeling a little off the past few weeks. It’s probably just work but also… the feeling’s kind of familiar,” you trail, the thought suddenly entering your mind as Heejin wraps her arm around your belly as she gets comfortable next to you. 
“Do you think you’re…?” He looks at you with eyes filled with hope. 
“Maybe? We could, uh, we could try to find out.”
“Okay,” he huffs, as if preparing himself for a marathon. “I’ll go buy in the pharmacy quickly. Call me if the feeling gets worse, okay?”
You nod in response, unable to form words at the thought of what you’d be finding out just several minutes from now. 
“Hey, Jinnie,” he tugs at the little one about to doze off. “Dada will just go grab something for Mama, okay? I’m gonna need you to look after her while I’m gone.”
“Okay!” She chirps, sitting up and then fluffing your pillows, showing early on that she’s as nurturing as she is fearless. 
Jungkook smiles and kisses her head then yours, giving you a final look before he heads out. 
Your mind conjures various scenarios that you’ll generally be happy with. Ever since you and Jungkook expressed your readiness to have children you’ll both create, you felt lighter, in a way, as if the sketch board revealed a continuation of the canvas up ahead that’s just waiting for you to paint on. 
You can’t say you’re actively trying, but you both decided that the next little one will come when they want to. 
Work for you is still tough. The Blue Side continuously grows and seems stable, providing Jungkook with enough means and time and opportunity to keep learning and creating. 
Raising an active, sociable, often melodramatic but always compassionate, joyful little girl who’ll be turning 4 soon is as exhausting and satisfying as people claim it to be. Having another one in the mix will definitely be a welcome addition, but if it isn’t the time, you don’t mind waiting. There’s enough joy to go around right now.
Your mind has gone to so many places that you don’t realize the time that’s passed. You’re still lightheaded, but you’re feeling better. Jungkook enters the room and sits next to you. He places the box on the bed.
“You can take it when you’re ready,” he says.
“I am. Are you?”
“I am,” he smiles. “I love you whatever happens.”
“I love you whatever happens,” you reply, kissing the hand that’s holding you tightly. 
He helps you off the bed and starts talking to Heejin to calm his nerves while you pee on a stick in the bathroom and wait to see what your future holds. Jungkook finds talking to Heejin amusing, tiring, and relaxing all at once. She’s full of energy and innocence, and sometimes like you, he wishes she doesn’t grow up so fast.
In the bathroom, you do your breathing exercises to calm yourself down, and after waiting several minutes, you get your answer. 
The door unlocks and Jungkook instantly turns towards you. You’ve always told him that what happens, happens, and he’s unsure how much of that is true. But this just happens to be something that’s causing you to cry-laugh at him and somehow he just knows. 
He runs to you and takes the stick that you just peed on, two horizontal signs staring back at him. 
“We’re pregnant, Jungkook,” you mumble in his ears as he takes you in his arms. “We’re gonna be a family; we’re gonna have our little family of four.”
“I love you so much,” he kisses the side of your head, holding back his own tears. “I love you so damn much.”
“Mama!” Heejin runs out of bed and hugs your legs. “Mama, mama! You’re crying!”
“It’s a happy cry, bubba,” you kneel in front of her. “Mama is crying because she’s so happy because she loves you and Dada so much.”
She turns towards Jungkook questioningly, and you’re too emotional to speak more.
“Jinnie, do you remember when Auntie Byeol came here and you told her that her belly is so big and she said that it’s because there’s a baby growing inside of her?”
“Yes. It was like a watermelon. But she said I’ll have a playmate soon,” she beams. 
“That’s true,” he smiles, matching her scrunched nose. “It’s the same with Mama. She has a baby growing inside her too, so that means, you’ll have another playmate. It means you’ll be a big sister, Jinnie.”
She dramatically opens her mouth in shock. You know it’s not for show but it’s just how she likes to react to things, and it’s just so her. 
“Yay! I can share my toys!” She starts jumping around. “When will I meet the baby?”
“Soon, bubba. You’ll meet your little sister or brother very soon.”
It’s a week later when you go to the hospital for an ultrasound, wanting to see the tiny bundle of joy growing in your stomach and know when you’re going to be expecting them.
What you don’t expect to learn is that Jungkook is a silent crier. He’s the type who, at his most vulnerable and happiest, would use his sweater paws to wipe the tears that continue to slide down his cheeks, hold any sound in, and sniffle so loudly to make up for it. He’s the type who’d be speechless for the first few minutes, then apologize and blurt out something as silly as “wow, my sperm is so strong, it made two babies” in one breath. 
What you also learn is that Heejin takes after him. Sitting on the chair outside of the clinic, she slides off of Sun-hee’s lap and runs to Jungkook, softly calling out to him and pulling his hand so she could sit on his lap. Settled close to him, she wraps her arms around his neck.
“Dada, are you happy, too? Is that why you cry?”
“Yes, Jinnie. I am,” he mumbles, crying even more at the sight of her tender face, her innocent and twinkling eyes giving him so much hope, so much love.
It’s one that he didn’t really imagine he’d ever have or experience, especially when he sees the same things in your eyes as you stand next to him.
He palms your belly, knowing it won’t take long before it starts to grow again, and you’ll be cradling it - your twins - the way you did all those times before. His heart would skip a beat, knowing you’d be thinking of him every time you do that.
“Our family of five,” he says, looking up at you. 
“Hmm,” you mirror his smile, your fingers combing through his soft, black hair. “I wanted this but didn’t think I’d get it like this. I’m so glad you spoke to me that night at the cafe’s rooftop, Jungkook. I can’t imagine my life without you.”
“And I can’t imagine mine without all of you,” he replies. 
“Then marry me,” you whisper as you sit next to him and meet his lips. “Let’s promise each other forever, Jungkook. Let’s promise our children our forever.”
“I’d like that,” he smiles into the kiss, knowing he’ll get to have more of this until he’s gray and old.
That whether it’s days that you’re a thousand broken questions or a star that burns more brilliant than the sun, he will love every part of you there is to love. 
You take his hand and caress it, once again eyeing the sunflower and strawberry tattoos that line the sides of his fingers because you and Heejin fill the spaces, he’d said. You’re looking forward to the new ones he’ll add now that you have two more little angels he’ll love with his whole heart like he does you and Heejin. You’ll promise all of them the love that only you and Jungkook can give - to them, to each other.
“So, uh. If you’re not doing anything after, perhaps we could head out to a place where we can do that, Hmm?” You smirk. “I know a few people in the district’s office or city hall who wouldn’t mind lending their time to us. What do you think?”
He wipes his tears one last time and secures Heejin in his arms before he takes your hand and kisses it.
“A thousand times yes, ___. A thousand times yes.”
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withlovemilk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
maybe if
Pairing: jungkook x reader
Summary: jeongguk, a free-spirit, an adventurer, sees you a year later still picking up the pieces he left behind.
Genre/Tags: exes to lovers, angst, light fluff
Chapter word count: 4k
A/N: yall this was supposed to be a short 1k d r a b b l e i don’t know what happened. this has been sitting in drafts for a while and it’s now seeing the light of day. this is a very self-indulgent fic, i have no shame.
Walking into the club, Jeongguk feels his throat tighten. After being away for a year to figure out what he wanted to do in life, it wasn’t easy to just slide his way back into the lives of the people he once knew—
—into the lives of the people he once left behind.
The welcome back party his friends have thrown for him was nice. He hasn’t felt the company of familiarity in a while now. It was good to see them again— like nothing ever happened. Like he never left.
Backpacking across Europe, Jeongguk felt free and light. He has always wanted to see beyond the confines of his home, to see what’s out there, what’s waiting for him.
Yet in doing so, he also had to make sacrifices— ones he didn’t want.
Stepping out of the club, Jeongguk needed to breathe. He might have been in and out of festivals and parties during his stay abroad, but the stuffiness of a crowded club will always make him uncomfortable. As soon as he is out, he hears a pair of heels tap against the pavement.
To his right, he sees a man trying to support a woman by her waist, her heels making dull noises as they hit the cold pavement. 
“Come on, beautiful, let me take you home.”
Jeongguk hears the woman groan and slur at her words seemingly drunk, “I don’t know you, can you just please let me go.”
He recognizes that voice.
“My place is just a few blocks away, we’ll be there in no—”
“She told you to let her go.”
The man whirs behind him, only to see Jeongguk standing too close to where he is. 
“Let her go,” Jeongguk says as his jaw slacks.
“And who are you?” the man sneers.
“Her boyfriend. Do you have a problem with that?”
The man chuckles and huffs, “You have got to be kidding me.”
“I’m not going to ask you again,” Jeongguk’s voice is now lower than it’s supposed to be. “Let her go.”
The man raises his arms in surrender, causing the woman to stumble all on her own. Jeongguk is quick to not let her fall on her own feet.
“Walk away.”
Jeongguk is honestly ready to fight if he has to, seeing that the man tensed and looked like he was about to pounce. Luckily, he didn’t. Jeongguk watches him stride back inside the club before looking at the woman.
He would recognize you anywhere.
Your hair is longer and you dyed it a light brown. Your eyes still shine, even though they look tired. You are still beautiful.
And very much drunk.
When you finally had enough strength to look into the eyes of the stranger who seems to have saved your ass, recognition dawns on you.
“Shit, I need to stop taking sleeping pills. For a second there, I thought you were my ex.”
Jeongguk swallows the lump forming in his throat, “____, it’s me.”
As soon as you hear his voice, your will to become more lucid has never been stronger. 
“W-ait wha—? J-jeongguk?”
“Are you with anyone? They should know that you’re out here,” When you don’t respond, Jeongguk continues, “You’re drunk, ____. If you’re with someone inside—-”
You pull your arm away from him, slightly stumbling backward.
“I a-am not with… anyone. No—” You started to stumble once more, causing Jeongguk to hold onto your waist.
“Okay, come on, let’s get you home.”
“I am not going home with you,” you slur.
“You’ve had enough to drink.”
“That— that is true,” you sloppily agreed, your head bobbing to the side, resting on Jeongguk’s shoulder. 
“Okay then, the night’s over for you, let’s go.”
Surprisingly, you do not put up much of a fight. Jeongguk ushers you to his car and gently placed his palm on top of your head to prevent you from hitting your head on the car door frame. Getting into the car himself, he reaches across you to fasten your seatbelt. He can smell the alcohol on you, yet once the honey and lavender notes of your shampoo invade his senses, he has to keep himself from pulling you into a tight embrace.
Fuck, he misses you.
You shifted in the passenger seat as Jeongguk started the engine. “I need to know where you live, ____”
You lay your head back onto the headrest and mumble, “You know where I live.”
For a while, Jeongguk couldn’t move. He didn’t want to believe it. You must have sensed his body grow tense because you turn to look at him, eyes half-lidded but enough to tell Jeongguk about the sadness lingering.
“I still live there.”
The car ride back to your place was a quiet one. You seem to have fallen into a light sleep, occasionally stirring when Jeongguk stopped at a light or when he took a turn. He still knows the way to the apartment—- almost like muscle memory, like the back of his hand. As he listens to the sound of your breathing, his thoughts are all over the place. 
What were you doing in a club all alone? 
Why do you still live in our old apartment?
Why do you look like you’re still hurting?
Jeongguk tries his best to help you get into the apartment in one piece. You being drunk isn’t something new to him, not really. When you were still together, there were nights when he had to do the same thing—- take you back home safely. 
Jeongguk wanted to chuckle at the irony but quickly realize that the only difference now is that you’re no longer his.
Not only does Jeongguk know what kind of drunk you are—- the quiet one—- he also knows that you require, at all costs, a shower before lying on the bed because you hate the idea of alcohol and smoke touching your sheets. He knew you’d throw a fit when you didn’t get your shower.
He watches you stumble your way through the dark surroundings of the apartment, trying to find the light switch. When you finally find it and light helped illuminate the room, Jeongguk feels his chest ache. A quick look around the apartment tells him everything and nothing has changed since he left. He is quickly pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a dull thump.
He sees you rub on your leg right after it hit the kitchen counter and he quickly rushes to your side. As he was about to lead you into the master bedroom, he feels you resist.
“That’s not where I sleep.” Jeongguk looks at you, all puzzled until you try to redirect him to the other side of the hallway.
Jeongguk’s heart drops upon realizing one of the changes in the apartment since he left—- you now sleep in the room that was once his own small photography and video-editing room.
“M— I’m going to take a s-show—er,” you tried to say coherently, but your tongue still felt like lead.
“Do you need any help?”
You shake your head and stumble, “M’ fine…”
“I’ll be here if you need me.”
You seem to nod your head, at least that’s what Jeongguk likes to think. As soon as the bathroom door closed, Jeongguk allows his eyes to wander around the room. 
The walls still hold the same hue, there was now a small bonsai sitting on the window sill. The bed you sleep on holds the same familiarity and it grips at his heart—- it’s the same bed where you both whispered promises of love to one another in the middle of the night, the same bed where you both made love as two souls intertwined, the same bed where you held each other through good and bad. Tears threaten to prick at Jeongguk’s eyes. He didn’t expect his first night back to turn out this way, didn’t anticipate he’d run into you and see you moving on yet also holding on to everything you both once shared.
The whole time, Jeongguk listens intently for any sign of you at the other side of the door, ready to help you if you need it. When he heard a loud clank, he jumped to the door but hesitated last minute. He heard you curse. 
With one hand on the doorknob, he knocked, “_____? Are you okay?” When no response came, he tried again, “I’m coming in, okay?”
When he opens the bathroom, he finds you sitting on the floor, a green bottle with its contents spilled out onto the floor. Jeongguk immediately kneels before you, holding your face in his hands.
“Hey, are you okay?”
Your eyes start to droop, the effects of alcohol still kicking in. “M’fine, I just—- I think I wasted a whole bottle of toner because I’m stupid.”
“You’re not stupid, ____. It was an accident.”
His words made the corner of your lip twitch and you hummed. Jeongguk helped you up and carried you to the bathroom counter.
This was another familiar setting between you and Jeongguk—- him helping you with your skincare after taking a shower, especially when you’re too inebriated to do it yourself. Picking up the bottle of your toner, he smiled, “There’s still some left.” He grabbed a piece of face pad and dabbled the toner onto your skin. Your eyes fall close and sigh as soon as his fingers did their work. 
Jeongguk misses seeing your facial features relax under his touch. In the past, he used to see you smile even just a little bit as he ran the tips of his fingers, trying to get all that serum in. He misses this quiet intimacy you both shared.
He opens the medicine cabinet and found your moisturizer. He squeezed a bit of it onto the back of his hand before gently rubbing circles across your cheeks, forehead, and neck.
“Jeongguk I’m so sleepy…”
“We’re almost done, love.”
The term of endearment naturally slips and Jeongguk immediately looks at you to see if you picked it up. His heart swells at the sight of you—- glowing, whispering a soft agreement, almost like you’re giving him your full trust. If you had heard what he just addressed you with, you were good at hiding your reaction.
Jeongguk helps you settle in for bed, tucking you in under the soft blankets. As he smoothens out the creases in different places, he hears you whisper his name.
He didn’t expect tears to stream down your face as you look at him through half-lidded eyes.
“Hey, hey… _____ what’s wrong, why are you crying?”
He knows how you tend to get emotional during those rare moments you get really drunk—- that was another thing that bothered him since he saw you back at the club. You only get drunk when you’re really, really trying to escape from something.
He wipes your tears using his knuckles, “_____ please don’t cry.”
“Did you… did you find what you were looking for?”
Jeongguk knows what you were trying to ask and his heart aches because you haven’t forgotten, “What do you mean?”
“Did you get to experience a good life, Jeongguk? Because—- because it’s all I ever wanted for you…”
Your eyes were starting to close, almost fully succumbing to sleep. Jeongguk allowed his own tears to fall.
“Why aren’t you answering?”
Jeongguk tried his best not to sob right there and then, “Hmm. I did experience good things.”
It took you a while to respond and for a minute, Jeongguk thought you had already fallen asleep. “Was I ever enough?”
Jeongguk feels his whole body tense and freeze, his fingers stopping in the middle of caressing your cheek.
“Was I ever enough for you?”
There have been a lot of things you had wanted to ask Jeongguk in the past but didn’t get to. Jeongguk knew now that he could have done a lot of things differently—- that he could have chased his dreams without letting you go.
“You have always been more than enough for me, ____.”
You smiled, but it didn’t reach your eyes, “I’m glad—- I’m glad life has been kind to you.” You try to fight off the sleep because even in the state you are in, you still manage to see how Jeongguk tries his best to fight off his tears. You slowly lifted your hand to reach out and touch his face. “You deserve to be happy, Jeongguk.”
Jeongguk holds your hand in his, kissing your palm as he cries. There are a lot of things he could have done differently in the past—- and that includes not losing you and making you sad as you have been since he left. He cried for you— the only person who made life worth living. He cried for the both of you— the only good thing in his life that he ruined.
You wake up with the sunlight peeking through the blinds. The first thing you felt was your throbbing headache. You couldn’t remember how you even managed to come home last night. You went into the club to have some fun, maybe look for a good time, all because you wanted to do anything except wallow. You tried sitting up, realizing there is already a glass of water and aspirin on the bedside table— you definitely do not recall putting both of those there. You were almost finished drinking the whole glass when you heard the sound of plates and cutlery outside your room. You don’t remember bringing anyone home last night, no no no.
The moment you step into your kitchen, you see someone with their back to you finding their way around the pots and stove. 
You recognize those broad shoulders.
“Uh… hello?”
Jeongguk slightly jumps at the sound of your voice. His features relax when he realizes you’ve woken up.
“Good morning, ____”
“Y-you’re here.”
“I’m here,” Jeongguk whispered, holding his breath. 
“H-how did you—” Goddamn, you really need to stop drinking so much.
“I ran into you last night at the club. You were trying to get away from someone and I told them to fuck off.”
Jeongguk placed the cutlery on either side of the bowl, “Come, I made you some hangover soup.”
You timidly made your way to the kitchen counter, trying to wrack your brain as to what happened last night.
“I can hear you thinking, ____.”
“Did I— Did I say anything… last night?”
You weren’t one for dilly-dallying, you have always been straightforward with Jeongguk. You were also like that the night he left.
Jeongguk didn’t respond right away and proceeded to pour another serving of soup onto a bowl. “No, not anything significant. Although, you did drop your new bottle of toner onto the bathroom floor.”
He hears you groan almost immediately. When he turns around, you had your head in your hands. “That was a new bottle of toner.”
“I know, you said so last night.” Biting your lip, he added, “I can swing by the store and buy you a new one.”
You continue to just look at Jeongguk, eyes turning glassy. You don’t remember everything you said last night, but you do recall Jeongguk crying. 
“It wasn’t insignificant.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“What did we talk about last night, Jeongguk?”
“____, you need to eat first. You haven’t eaten anything since last night, I think.”
“No, Jeongguk. I asked you a question.”
Jeongguk knows this isn’t a battle he could win. Since last night, everything about you and him has been unconventional and this isn’t how he planned on meeting you again. 
“You asked me if I found what I was looking for. I said I did, I had a good time… you also asked me if you were ever enough for me. I answered yes, _____. I will never stop saying it until you believe it. You have always been more than enough for me.”
Your hands were on the counter's edge, ready to stand and leave, “That’s unfair, Jeongguk. You do not mean that.”
“Why? Why is it so hard to believe?” Jeongguk briefly closed his eyes, reminding himself to not lose his cool because that stubbornness was one of the things that tore you both apart. “Look, _____. When I saw you last night, you were almost taken advantage of by some sleazeball. You never drink that much unless there’s a reason, but when I tried asking you if you were with anybody else, you told me there wasn’t. Since when did you start drinking alone at clubs? You could have gotten hurt—-”
“You don’t have any right to care about me, Jeongguk. You should have just left me there.”
“I know I lost that right a long time ago, but I can’t help it. You were once my girlfriend, _____, I cannot just leave you.”
The scoff you let out tore at Jeongguk. “You already left me once, Jeongguk. Surely it isn’t hard to do it the second time around.”
Jeongguk stands up to come near you, but you flinch. His heart aches once again.
“Now that’s unfair, _____,” Jeongguk closes his eyes for a fleeting moment, trying to temper the pain in his own heart, “You have every right to be angry with me—-”
“I am not angry, Jeongguk, I am in pain,” you try to level your voice despite wanting to scream, “I am still hurting so much and you put me here.” Your tears were now uncontrollable. “You were supposed to be the one person I could turn to when things became hard. Since you left, I tried to understand what I did wrong, what I did so bad enough for you to just up and leave.”
You turn your back on Jeongguk because looking at him is becoming too painful for you to bear. Your tongue is faster than your thoughts, threatening to spill every single ounce of pain you have kept in for far too long. You bite your lip in an attempt to stop talking, but then a small sob comes out instead.
“Shit, this isn’t supposed to be happening, I was already trying to move on from everything and I just—-” you bite on your bottom lip again before turning back to face him, “Did you know that it was supposed to be our third year anniversary yesterday?”
The gears in Jeongguk’s head started to turn; once more, he failed to remember. He failed you.
“I loved you so much, Jeongguk. But you broke my heart so much I can’t even bear to see you—” Jeongguk runs and catches you just before your knees gave in. 
None of your fights with Jeongguk were this emotionally driven before. This is completely new territory to both of you and now you’re drowning in it. Jeongguk held you in his arms as you continue to sob, still too exhausted to push him away this time.
“I’m sorry, ____, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I was wrong to leave you behind. I should have just asked you to come with me, but I didn’t. I was selfish and I didn’t want to drag you down with me just because I didn’t know what I want. I’m sorry, ____, I know it isn’t enough to fix anything, but I really am sorry for hurting you like this.”
Both of you stay like that on the floor for a while, holding each other, not knowing what is going to happen next. Jeongguk cradles your head as close as you allow him as he cries tears of his own. He used to know how to comfort you, how to take care of you when you were upset. 
This time around he doesn’t know how to do any of that because he knows he is the cause of your misery.
Tumblr media
You open your eyes to a dim room. As you slowly come to, the argument with Jeongguk at breakfast came rushing back. With rain making itself known through the sounds of its downfall on your bedroom window, you realize Jeongguk was beside you— head laid on the edge of the bed, sleeping. You bring a hand up to remove the stray hairs that clouded his tired features. It’s been a year, you thought. Yet Jeongguk still looks peaceful despite the more evident circles under his eyes. 
It’s been a year and Jeongguk found you again.
Tracing his cheek with your fingers didn’t last long because Jeongguk’s eyes slowly opened. Despite the tension from earlier, you didn’t feel the need to pull your hand away. Jeongguk turned his head to face you, chin resting on his hand.
“Hi,” Jeongguk whispered.
“Hey,” you replied, “It’s uncomfortable down there.”
Jeongguk carefully shook his head. “I only closed my eyes for a while, trying to listen to the rain.”
“It calms you.” You supplied.
“And you remember,” Jeongguk murmured with silent glee in his heart.
“Of course I do,” you said, giving him a small smile. 
“I’m sorry, ____.” 
“I know you are. I know. It’s not wrong to want things for yourself… to find yourself.” 
“But it doesn’t change the fact that I left you for wanting those things. I could have handled it better,” Jeongguk defended.
You find yourself nodding, “I understand why you had to leave, Jeongguk. I didn’t want to be the one to hold you back from experiencing the good things in life,” you take a deep breath, “Even if that does not include me.”
Jeongguk moved to sit on the bed with you and gently held your hands. Looking up at you, he finally sees the stars in your eyes once more. They’re barely there— they have lost their light, but maybe he can still fix it.
“There are so many things I wasn’t able to tell you… not after we left things the way we did. I walked out on you, ____. You can’t let me off so easily for that… But I do want to make things right, somehow. If you will let me.”
You keep your eyes trained on your hands, the one being held the love of your life. If you really have to ask yourself, nothing has really changed about your feelings for Jeongguk. You still love him, deep down you know that.
“Hey, ____?” Jeongguk asked tentatively. You hum in response as you finally look at him.
“Why didn’t you move out? I mean—- the lease was up days before… before I left, and I just—”
“It was a hard decision at first,” you supplied, gripping Jeongguk’s hands just a bit tighter, “But I realized I didn’t want to move out. Honestly, I just really missed you and I’m reminded of it every single day when I’m here. But somehow, it also helped keep me going. Even though we didn’t end things well, I still wanted to hold on to what was left. I moved into your old studio because I wanted to feel close to you even though you’re no longer here. Deep down, I knew I didn’t resent you for leaving. It hurt like hell, I’m not denying that. But It also made me feel proud of you because you were finally achieving your dreams.”
Jeongguk reached out to cradle your face in his hand, “Why are you still so kind to me, _____? After all I’ve done to you?”
“You’re the only person who has ever made me feel happy,” you held his hand in yours as a tear trickled down your cheek, “I never stopped wishing for your happiness, Jeongguk. I want you to know that.”
“Can I— can we still work things out between us, ____? Will you let me make it up to you? I know it won’t be easy, but I am willing to do everything I can to mend us. Will you let me, ____?”
You reached out to wipe the tears that stained Jeongguk’s cheeks once more, “I would love that, Jeongguk.”
“I love you, _____. You— you don’t have to say it back, I just really want you to know that I love you so much… and I will wait for you for as long as you’ll have me…”
You lean forward to plant a soft kiss on Jeongguk’s forehead. With all the love in the world, you hope that for now, this will help him feel that you’re just as willing to wait for him, too.
“I love you too, Jeongguk. I always have.”
Tumblr media
final author’s note: we love stories with little to no context, right? heh i’m sorry, this is a very rough drabble draft. wait, is it still a drabble? thank you for reading, always!
Tumblr media
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helenazbmrskai · a day ago
can u write CEO!JK giving ridiculous tasks to assistant!y/n and she has enough and punishes him for it?
Pairing - CEO! Jungkook x Assistant! Reader
Genre - CEO AU, Pinning, Smut, Secret Crush AU
Summary - Mr Jeon to make it up to you for giving you ridiculous tasks he lets you sit in his chair and eats you out on his knees. yes. that's the plot babies
Warnings - y/n yells at kook but they obvi make up later, smut, dom!reader, sub!jungkook, dirty talk, teasing, licking over panties, oral (f), vaginal fingering, mention of masturbation (m), you cum around kookie's face, he also uses his nose to rub your clit, very slight degradation (one sentence only, you call him dumb but that's all), jk likes the taste of your pussy very much
Word Count - (2,1k)
Author note. Hope you like it!
You like to think that you're a very patient person. It's a trait that you got from your mother. It takes a lot for the people around you to rile you up so you're wondering how Jeon Jungkook could do that within five seconds. It must be a new record.  
He's your boss so try to refrain from glaring or rolling your eyes at him even when he tells you the most ridiculous task to carry out. You should give him a tight lipped smile and be on your merry way to do what the youngest CEO of the company wishes. But! Enough is enough. It was a shitty day, to begin with. First, you woke up late last night your washing machine broke down so you had no clothes to wear to the office your only option was your old pencil skirt that's way too short for you now to wear and some ugly yellow blouse. Like you said, not your day. 
Jungkook checked out your ass when you bent to pick up his pen. The pen which you're sure was not just accidentally dropped.
Getting him his fourth coffee of the day was however the last straw, one more thing and you're bound to blow up. 
"Can you get me the-"
"No, get it yourself!" You almost growl at him when he dares to bark another order for you. Yes, you're his assistant but you're not his personal maid that he can just order around. He's way past the bounds of professionalism so why should you care? Especially when you're so ready to put this bratty CEO in his place. 
"I'm not your coffee girl or your maid. Only call me if it's of some important matter otherwise I'll be doing my paperwork that I couldn't finish because of your ridiculous orders! I'm not paid to babysit a full grown manchild." 
Ok, maybe that was a little too harsh you swear you saw tears gathering behind his eyes. Slamming the door behind you was unintentional too. He did take my words seriously though since you haven't seen even a single hair of his after your outburst. 
You hope that you didn't make him cry. If he did you would feel too guilty for yelling at him. He's also the CEO if he cries after his assistant yelled at him this company is in big trouble.
You've been dreading this hour all day after that little outburst in his office but you have to clock out and maybe even wish him good night since you're feeling pretty guilty. 
You hear his soft 'come in' after you knock. His eyes go back to his paperwork when he sees it's you. He's looking pretty meek for a CEO. You're both tiptoeing around each other. You ask him if he needs you to look over something else and he tells you in a soft voice that he can take care of the rest. 
It's so awkward you want to crawl your eyes out. Fuck. You really owe him an apology.
"I'm sorry Mr Jeon I didn't mean to yell at you. I just..I was having a bad day but it's not an excuse. What I want to say is that I'm sorry and I understand if you want to fire me I'm-"
"What? Fire you? No! That's not what I want at all!" Jungkook looks at you like a deer caught in headlights. You have to admit that he's kinda cute. His tie is loosened around his neck and his hair is messy like he has carded his fingers through it to calm himself down. 
"I'm the one who is sorry Miss L/N. I know that you're not my maid and I'm sorry for being so unprofessional. I would like to keep working with you if you...if you would allow me."
You smile at his genuine apology he's usually a sweetheart a little childlike sometimes but he takes his job very seriously and he always asks about your day, your weekend he really pays attention to you and listens when you speak. 
"Apology accepted Mr Jeon." Jungkook's grin widens matching your own as the air clears around you. There's still something in your mind that you can't get over the thought of. 
"Why did you make me do all that bullshit for you? You're normally not like that. You do your job very diligently it's not like you to ask me to do coffee rounds." His ears visibly turn a hundred shades of pink. The way he avoids making eye contact with you means that he's shy for some reason. 
"I-" He stops as soon as he starts but you wait for him patiently to get his thoughts together. "I didn't know how else to get your attention. I'm so sorry I know it's childish of me. Why would you ever want to date a manchild? I'm there are more suitable men out there that-"
"Stop." You raise your hands up to stop him from rumbling further. He said what you think he said?
"Did you try to ask me out on a date all day? Wait a minute. If I get this correctly did you annoy the shit out of me so you could have the opportunity to see me? Correct?"
You groan when he nods his head so innocently. Manchild for sure. You take the time to really look at him though. He's tall handsome and powerful. That's what his business partners see or the people when he's on the top pages of the Forbes. 
What people rarely know about him is that he's a very emotional person. He takes a lot of things to heart and tries to keep everyone happy at the company and meet the needs of the people. Wears his heart on his sleeves.
"Well. Will you ask me?" He looks confused for a moment and your eyebrow raises. His eyes grow two sizes bigger when he realises what you're implying.
"W-Will you go on a date w-with me?" Seeing the CEO of the company being a stuttering mess is kinda empowering. You have him in the palm of your hands and you didn't even know about it till this point. 
"Sure let's go on a date and see if we could work well together. I go on one condition though." Jungkook tenses but eagerly waits for you to tell him your conditions.
"No more stupid tasks." Now he can tell that you're just pulling his leg. A big smile stretches across his face as he nods like a cute little puppy. Cute.
"Everyone already left though." Your smile grows as the distance between you gets smaller. You only stop when you're directly in front of him. Grabbing the armrests on both sides you turn him to face you fully and your knee brushes up against the space between his thighs nearly missing his cock.
"I think you earned your punishment Mr Jeon." Jungkook gulps it's hot how you call him Mr Jeon but it's clearly you who has the power. He wouldn't mind you taking the lead and that's exactly what you do.
Your gazes are locked on each other, it's quiet at the office so you don't have to be afraid someone will interrupt your fun time. Your hand curls around his tie first before you lean down to claim your boss' lips for the first time. 
"Y-Y/N w-we're at the office." Jungkook is the first one to pull away. His lips tell you something else as he longingly licks them as if he could taste your lips on him still.
"Did I give you permission to call my name? CEOs should be smart so why are you being so dumb, baby? Everyone left except for us." Jungkook normally doesn't like to be called dumb but the way you say it doesn't sound like an insult at all. If anything his cock twitches as you speak to him. 
N-No, I'm sorry M-Miss L/N." You push his fringe back and plant a small kiss on the middle of his forehead.
"Good boy."
Jungkook preens when you call him a good boy. You fucking knew he would like that. 
"Only good boys get to be touched in the CEOs chair. Get on your knees." You raise your brow when he doesn't move but seeing your expression it finally clicks that you're serious. You will really punish him. He didn't know what to think about that but his cock certainly liked the idea of you dominating him when he's normally in such a high position. You're his assistant he should be the one giving you orders. 
You push your skirt up as you take a seat where he was with your legs spread wide on his leather seat. 
You motion for him with your fingers to get closer and he does without question. The first thing you do is rake your hands through his hair gripping the roots at the back of his head pulling him closer to your core. Your white panties are in his line of vision and he swears he can see a small damp spot on it in the middle. 
"Go on. Show me how sorry you are." You give his hair a tentative tug his lower lip is between his teeth to keep his noises to a minimum. Jungkooks look up at you from his kneeling position with half lidded eyes before he licks his lips and gives your panties a playful lap. Your whole body shudders when you feel his tongue roll around your clothed core dampening your white panties with his spit until it's sticking to you like a second skin. Faintly but he could taste your natural essence you're so sweet he would like to get a real taste now but he has to be patient. You'll reward him if he's good enough. 
With renewed motivation, he starts licking and sucking pretending that it's your bare cunt rather than the barrier of fabric that hides you from him. Going lower with his flat tongue his nose nudges the hood of your clit that gets a gasp out of you. Liking your reaction he rubs his nose against your swollen nub repeatedly while his tongue continues to lick where he can reach you. Your sighs are getting louder encouraging him to keep going. Seeing how eager he is to please you, you momentarily force his head to back away a little just enough so you can hook one finger at the crotch of your panties and pull it aside. 
Seeing your cunt for the first time makes a loud moan reverberate through his chest he doesn't waste much time admiring your glistening folds he's going mad for a taste and a taste he gets. The lewd sounds of him slurping up your juices makes new gushes of arousal greet his mouth and he tries to get it all drinking you up. 
His nose finds your clit again that you appreciate with a small tug of his hair his moans shooting more pleasure through your core tightening around nothing. 
"I'll cum soon. Soak your face with my cum and you'll drink it all like a good boy right?" Jungkook could only nod his head slightly, never faltering his tongue's movements licking you throughoutly until your legs start shaking around his shoulders. 
The moment his long fingers thrust into your core your walls tighten around the digits, you cum around them with a loud moan. Jungkook whines against your pussy when you release his lips puckering as he tries to catch every drop. You smell and taste amazing. He might become obsessed.
He thinks his punishment is over but it's just only started. You deny him when he asks you to fuck him. You only offer to watch how he makes himself cum with his hands around his cock your name rolling off his tongue as you lick some of the semen that you get with your pointer finger from his stomach. You're such a tease but he likes it. He likes his punishment. He might do it again.
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jeonjkswifey · a day ago
Tumblr media
Author : jeonjkswifey
Pairing : husband!jk × wife!oc
Genre : hardcore smut
Warning ⚠️ : dom/hubby!jk , top!jk , soft!jk , master jk , soft/bottom/wifey!oc , cute oc , roleplay , cosplay , jk is a kinky mf , he hot tho, oc is a simo for husband jk , DDLG kink at its finest , ayo bitches 😭 , praise kink , degradation , manhandling , oc wants to get dicked down , pretty much PWP.
Summary : you and your arranged marriage husband are yet to discover many things about each other when it comes to your sex life, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to gift each other by fulfilling the others desires. Too bad, both of you are the shy kind, so maybe talking out loud about your kinks is not a very good idea ? Nevermind you both come up with an even better plan to explore each other.
Tumblr media
Getting married to a guy who's a complete stranger to you at a young age of 26 is not every girl's dream but for you like any other cliche story, you had no other choice, this marriage was a settlement, just that your father and his wanted to turn their business partnership into a family relationship.
So now what ? Married to Jeon Jungkook, the most eligible bachelor in the city, literally every business magazine has his face on their cover and why wouldn't they? He's a major business tycoon of the city. How did you get set up with him ? Coz your dad is one amongst the successful business tycoons too.
6 months into the marriage you already know he's Nothing like what people assume him to be. Looks hard to approach and has this stern and strict facial features but when he smiles the weather is so dreamy.
You don't regret anything, absolutely nothing. If you think of it, you have everything any girl would want in life. with all the basic luxuries and now that you have him it's more than basic. He himself is a luxurie. Love ? Yeah you both ended up falling for each other.
4 months after marriage he was on his knees for you in front of the sea shore confessing how much you matter in his life and how much he loves you and you just had to reply with a big yes that you love him too.
Sex life ? Active. Okay, very active if you're being honest. The day he proposed to you he asked if he could claim you as his and with all heart you said yes. Your body to him and his body to you were like drugs to you both. Like magnets of opposite poles you both were drawn to each other.
There is still a lot you need to know about each other but trust me there is progress every second. You have this wish of satisfying him to the fullest, you want to know what he likes what he doesn't what he wants to do to you what he wants you to do to him and no this isn't about his favorite color or his choice in food about that you can ask directly but about his interest in intimate topics you were too shy to ask.
So you came up with an idea. Basically each of you will write your sexual fantasy for this Christmas on a piece of paper and exchange your chits. 12 'o' clock and you can hear the muffled noises of crackers filling the surrounding 25th December Christmas is here and you too on the bed sitting right opposite to him.
"So did my baby write her fantasy" he asks voice so soft and comforting "yeah .. how about you" and now that you don't stutter too often he's happy you're comfortable around him "I did too" he hands you a box painted red with glittery green lid totally Christmas themed, you look at him with confused eyes
"my Fantasy is in this box want you to wear it for me can you princess" you smile and take the box and hand him your chit which has your wish on it. He's about to open it "wait- I- I'll go to change please read it after I'm gone" you sit up from the bed he tries to not giggle at your shy and cute state "alright".
In the bathroom you open the box, you can see a red and white bunny ears headband, black fishnet stockings a red skirt with fluffy white fur border, then a cute half sleeves top that has the fluff white border attached to all it's endings once the box is empty you see a small slip similar to yours in the box, when you open it you wanna scream.
It says "roleplay / cosplay / DDLG want y/n to be daddy's little girl for me and an obedient pup all for me to devour . Wear the bunny Santa cosplay costume and crawl to Daddy"
Here he reads the tiny slip his wife gave him with shivering hands "Praise / degradation / bulge kink, want jungkook to tame me, be rough with me, manhandle me and put me down to my place" he can almost feel his dick twitch in his loose pajamas is this what his small and innocent looking cute wife hiding behind her face ?.
It's been 15 minutes and you aren't out yet he's sure you don't take so much time to change. Maybe you're just hesitant. He's so excited to see you in the costume with bunny ears, the moment he clicked on the picture online he decided he's gonna buy it for you.
The skirt is too short, your ass cheeks on full display, and did you mention the white fur tail buttplug you found in the box ? You weren't functioning when you first saw it. He didn't even mention that in the slip, maybe it was a total surprise.
Using the baby oil in your bathroom as lube you slipped the metal plug in your butt hole, you'd be lying if you said it didn't hurt but the feeling of him tugging it in you made you clench around it in bliss.
He hears the door clicking open and his eyes are shining with excitement. He's already naked with just his boxers on. Trust me he'd remove that too but he wants you to do it for him. When you step out he feels like he did you dirty feels like he did a crime.
Tumblr media
Sure he has seen you naked, many times but still you somehow looked innocent but now that he gives you this sexc Santa costume and you come out taking slow steps in it, your face still showing Innocence but your body ? Goddam ! Innocent who ? You look so fucking hot like this but you're walking to him, also according to your fantasy you like to be dominated and manhandle so why not
"tch tch tch I told you to crawl to me Bunny" you stop at your spot which is not very far from the bathroom door since you're taking slow steps.
Knowing there's no other option you kneel down, once your knees are in the ground you place your palms on the floor, on your fours now the way you bend forward gives him a clear view of v cut deep neck top and your boobs are spilling out, those thin white boxers aren't helping him hide his excitement one bit.
"You know how pretty you look like this ? Crawl to Daddy baby be an obedient bunny for daddy" you nod your head submitting yourself to him,crawling your way to him you can see the outline of his girth under the white restraints then the way he's sitting his vline looks so appealing and those thighs ugh should've even mentioned getting choked by those thighs in the fantasy chit .
For him everything is under his control. His girl has crawled to him all the way from the bathroom door to now between his legs at the edge of the bed giving him this puppy eyes, almost begging him to let her remove the last piece of fabric on him.
"go on sweet bunny if you behave then daddy is all yours" oh damn how are you supposed to misbehave now ? Attaching your dainty finger to the waistband you motion him to lift his butt a little up to get rid of it and he does, you slowly pull down the boxers that feel too tight now since he's grown so thick under it and when it reaches his knees releasing his length. feels so good for him he feels free it's like his dick can finally breathe.
He doesn't realises that his bun has already thrown the boxers away and his tip is already in her mouth, when he feels the wet warmth of your tongue his dick twitches in your mouth making you feel happy. He places his hands on your head softly caressing your hairs "baby so good for daddy want to pleasure me without me even asking hmm ?"
And for the first time you speak "yes want daddy to cum in my mouth and.." you stop kinda embarrassed "and what bunny ?" You look up in his eyes his tip till resting out of your mouth on top of your lips "and my pussy" he smiles "anything for my sexc Santa bunny"
He's trying to look all stern and calm but when your innocent eyes look into his and say my pussy the way his heart throbbed oh his dick did too you're making it hard for me bunny "daddy can I suck you please" oh well he asked you to be obedient but this is going to kill him "go ahead bun it's yours"
you smile and kiss his tip, within seconds he had his dick all warm and drenched, sticky and slimy globs of your spit following down his length mixed with his semi translucent yet white pre cum he was hard, so hard that his balls had tightened up ready to release any moment.
Somewhere in the between of your blowjob session you asked him to take control of your mouth put me down to my place oh he remembers that so he did placing both palms on either side of your small skull he guided you head up and down on his dick sometimes he'd completely shove his length in you until your nose touches the patch of the fuzzy pubic hair right above his dick.
He'd ask you to stay like that for a few seconds to feel his tip brushing on the back of your throat, sure you had a hard time but knowing how much pleasure it gave to him you felt satisfied.
"Bunny daddy's gonna cum and y-you are not gonna waste a single drop okay be a good brain dead bunny for me and drink it all up yeah ?" Oh how sweet those words sound rolling off his cherry lips you nod even with your mouth full of his dick.
Once he has all his balls emptied in you he pulls his dick out and asks you to open your mouth and in order to not spill even a drop of him cum you first raise your head eyes on the ceiling then open your mouth. He's so satisfied watching his wife determined to not waste his seeds.
He can swear he never loaded so much but the special treatment today made him fill your mouth till the brim "good now gulp it all baby" you close your mouth and drink it up then pull your tongue out only to show him your empty mouth "good bunny. On your stomach flat in the bed now" his voice soft yet demanding.
Laying flat on your tummy you push your ass up in anticipation to feel something, anything at this point such a cute slut "what does my pretty dumb whore wants ? Impatient isn't she ?" His velvety voice rings in the room and you nod your head not knowing where you got the confidence from
"ahhh god shit" you screech when you feel him pushing the tail butt plug deeper in your ass "hurts ?" You nod again "don't tell me you aren't enjoying" no wait you're ! "No daddy I love it please more" thank god he thought you'd like it if you wouldn't he'd be hurt.
He pulls it in and out of your pretty pink hole while doing so he can see his hands getting slippery and shiny and so does the plug and the scent of the baby oil fills his nostrils, he can't help but smile at you such a baby using baby oil as lube
"I'm sure your tiny hole wouldn't be able to take it without that oil isn't it bunny" he asks "yes daddy too big" you whimper " aww your slut is so small baby how are gonna take my dick if you can handle this" he wants you to cry ? "No please I want your dick please" you sob and that stirs his tummy up.
You're abruptly turned around on the mattress, now laying on your back and before you process anything he has his hands on your top but what is he doing? omg wait- he gets a grip on fabric of your top right on your breast and rips it apart like it tissue paper causing your boobs to spill out
he doesn't completely gets rid of the fabric instead he lets it hang beside your breasts attached with the sleeves you try to stay quiet but the moment his lips attached to your nipples you couldn't hold it back, that's when you let out all your whimpers and mewls "Ahhh daddy please" you cry only then he lifts his head up "what do you want bunny tell me"
"Want y-you" he smirks pecking on your nose "I know that be specific baby" god he can just step on you at this point "want you inside me want your dick to fuck me pleaseee can you" you whine during the last part. Oh his poor heart vibrating at your words.
He kneels down between your legs and spreads your legs raising your knees a little up now the skirt has riled up to you tummy and the flairs on the skirt are lying on top of its own waist band above your belly button but still the view isn't clear due to the fishnet stockings still he can see how drenched your bare pussy is all for him to devour .
He hooks his finger in one of the loops of the stockings pulling it apart ripping it open from your left med thigh till it's torn open till the whole of your pussy is out for a clear view again he doesn't bother to get rid of ripped fabric on the lower part still stuck to your limbs all he wants is your pussy and boobs out for a clear view "daddy that would've costed you"
you seem concerned looking at how almost the whole costume is ruined. He chuckles and says "the cost is all worth it look at yourself boobs spilled out from the ripped blouse, skirt riled up to you upper abdomen hiding Nothing then these stockings ripped apart and the shattered into pieces still hung on your limbs not been bothered to taken of you look like a perfect dumb whore, are you ready to be my fuck dool ? you absolutely look like one"
"Yes please fill me up-" before you could even get to finish your sentence you've been filled to the edge you can't even scream from the sudden stretch as your mouth's been covered with your husband's heavy palms.
Ones he's completely in you he gives you time to breathe and adjust, his eyes soften when he sees tears brim up in your eyes yet you don't ask him to stop moving his hands away from your lips he lets you breathe instead you whimper and mewl "t-too big h-hurts" damn he feels bad now.
"Sorry baby I got Carried away" he tries to pulls his dick out but when his tip is about to leave your warm hold you clench and clamp on it not letting him out he looks at you and you shake your head saying a small no, not letting him leave you and he pushes it back inside making you shut your eyes clenching them tight
"tell me when I can move bunny" his voice soft again "whenever you feel like" you reply what ? He's trying to be considerate and sweet here. It looks like someone is too adamant about being treated like a slut. Ok if that's how you want it.
He starts moving starting off with gentle pushes then slowly picking up his pace to ram his dick in you "this is what you wanted huh ? Acting all soft and dainty so I become and then tease to dick you down hmm ?" You look into his does eyes not looking soft anymore they're dark and full of lust
"daddy I-'' before you could complete your sentence you're interrupted by him spitting right into your mouth getting a hold of your jaw and he looks so hot with clenched jaws and gritted teeths "I told not to misbehave slut" but you didn't ? Still if this is how he treats you no complaints
Without any hesitation you gulp down his spit like it's your favorite candy such a submission from you makes him grow even harder inside your hole and he can feel you clench around him from the non stop thrusts "dumb whore wants to cum ?" And the tears slip out of your eyes
"yes Daddy please let me cum I promise I'll be a good bunny please let me cum" talking about bunny your bunny headband has loosen its grip and got down your head so he pulls it up and places it back on top of your head right in the middle "perfect bunny, next time I'll make you my rope bunny like the idea ?" Yes a lot but you just want to cum now
"Yes daddy love the idea I'll be your rope bunny but please let me come" you show him your teary puppy eyes this women " ok since you asked nicely I'll let you come" oh please you can even beg for him to let you cum at this point "yes daddy I-" you immediately stop not wanting turn him of or something
"you what bunny" he looks at you "nothing I don't want to spoil your mood" he shakes his head "you won't just tell me" you sigh and give up "I love you" omg please he wants to put you in his pocket and carry you with him all day
"I love you way much more baby and this will never turn me off alright makes me even hard when you go all cute for me" he whines thrusting in you capturing your lips between his "now come for me bunny" those words with few slow final thrusts is all it takes for you to release yourself on him and so is the same for him the moment your shudder under him he couldn't help but release his load in you though he wanted this to last longer but he couldn't hold it in.
Heavy breathing, panting chests, his forehead on yours, hands beside your head and your simply lying limp on the bed the room isn't cold at all filled with the heat radiating from both of your bodies "so good" you whisper in his ears and he can breath in contemptment " I know baby I feel so good too"
he looks at your worked out state and pulls out making your insides feel empty. He unzips the top from the back and removes your ripped blouse, getting it in between your legs he cleans your pussy and wipes away the excess cum spilling out of you while doing this he tries not to get hard again at the sight of your creampie .
Then he pulls down your ruined skirt and stockings and discards all the clothes in the dustbin beside the bed stand. Taking out your headband he places it beside the lamp and pulls the sheets over you and gets beside you wrapping his hands around your waist with your back facing him.
He places a quick kiss on your naps. You're looking at the the costume in your dustbin "I really liked it you know" you pout he can't help but giggle back to him sweet bunny side "I can buy you more baby rest now"
You turn him his eyes closed, you capture his lips in between yours and he replies fast making you giggle in the kiss "merry Christmas hubby" you whisper chant "merry Christmas wifey" he giggles nuzzling his large head into your chest.
The end
Tumblr media
- was listening to "love me back" by trinidad and it has me swaying my hips can't even focus on editing
• pls i love this yn she's the sweetest one I've ever written
-pls ignore grammatical mistakes (if any)
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thehopelessromanticclub · 2 days ago
It's OK
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, a bit angsty, domestic au.
Word count: 1.7k
Summary: you decided to do the infamous 'ignoring my boyfriend prank' on Jungkook and it did not end well.
Warning: None
Tumblr media
“I’m off to the bakery” he yells loud enough for me to hear, before closing the door behind him.
“Finally, he’s gone” you mumble to yourself while a wicked smirk was planted on your face. Today you were planning to do the so-called ‘ignoring my boyfriend prank’ on your ‘bunny in a human form’ boyfriend of 2 years. Well, you love doing pranks on him, especially when he gives those priceless reactions. Of course, he hates these pranks but didn’t say anything just because he loves you way too much. you had been working on your plan for the past 1 week. Your plan has to be, NO, should be perfect. Our golden maknae should not get suspicious or his Peter instincts, no I mean ‘Jungkook instincts’ would kick up.
You literally felt like the main character of some detective movie planning on how to fool the bad guy.
“ok guys, so the plan goes like this:
write notes to a random guy.
Ignore him no matter what.
Don’t speak a word.
Last but not least, let’s not fail.”
You announced your plan to your non-existent audience. “Our plan is perfect.” You could already imagine his face, eyebrows furrowed, pout on his lips, his doe puppy-like eyes on the max level which would lead you to melt but not today, today we fight. “fighting, Y/n.”
You were in the living room, sitting on the floor with sticky notes scattered all around you. You were writing notes to a guy which you didn’t know even existed, just to make your boyfie notice that you were ignoring him, since writing notes to each other is one of the romantic things that you do together.
After a good 20 mins, you heard the car being parked in the backyard. You quickly picked up your pen to begin your drama, when you heard the front door opening.
“Babe, you won’t believe it, they had your favorite choco vanilla pastry and limited-edition unicorn donuts, and these were the last ones. If your boyfriend hadn’t come to the rescue, somebody else would’ve taken them. Aren’t you proud of your boyfriend?” he said doing the superhero posture, his hands high up in the air showing you the box of donuts, wiggling his eyebrows, his bunny teeth on full display. You so badly wanted to go and hug him but you knew you had to resist.
He furrowed his eyebrows on seeing the unbothered look on your face. He kept the donuts on the kitchen counter and sat beside you to see what you were so engrossed in, that you couldn’t spare a single glance to your boyfriend.
“Dear Jinyoung…” he read the name that you wrote on the note. He noticed the slight smile that was plastered on your face while you were writing the note to a so-called Jinyoung guy. He could feel the jealousy running through his blood vessels.
“Babe, who’s this Jinyoung? And why are you writing notes for him, it’s our thing right?” he said complaining. Seeing you weren’t even paying attention to him, he became frustrated.
“Babe, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?”
‘That’s it, the prank is working. Wah, I should have opted for the acting career.’ You thought still not paying attention to him.
You soon became bored with the note thing. Putting the notes and the pen aside, you made your way to the kitchen to drink water. You could see him thunder storming his brain on what went wrong with the side of your eye.
Seeing you get up he soon followed you to the kitchen like a lost puppy.
“Honey, please talk to me. Tell me what I did wrong. We can talk it out right?” he spoke tugging on the hem of your dress. But poor him, you were not planning on ending your prank anytime soon.
He brought forward his hands about to hug you, but you slipped away before he could back hug you.
‘I’m sorry gukkie, I promise I’ll make it up to you later.’ You thought in your mind feeling pity.
“I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.” He uttered before dragging himself towards the stairs. You noticed him, his head hanging low. He looked like a kid whose mother just denied him a chocolate.
“He looked upset.”’
“Should I end the prank?”
“No, then all of my hard work will go to waste.”
“Don’t worry, mi amor. The night is still young.” You mumbled while settling yourself on the sofa. If it weren’t for this prank, you two would’ve been here cuddling each other to death while binge-watching.
Days like these where both of you had day-offs were so rare. With all of his busy schedule from dance practices to the world tours, he hardly could devote his time to you, so whenever he could he made sure you knew that he loved you, that you were the best thing that ever happened to him, that you complete him. True that he’s not good at expressing his feelings but you knew what he meant just by looking at his eyes. His eyes could never lie. His eyes held an entire galaxy inside of them, and you would never mind getting lost in them.
Waking up in each other’s arms, legs tangled in such a way that even Albert Einstein wouldn’t be able to find an equation to solve them, making breakfast or more like brunch together, all day doing nothing but just cuddled up in each other’s embrace while watching some romantic movies that were so cheesy that even the cheesiest pizza in the world would shy away, but who’s complaining, was like the daily routine on days like these.
Jungkook POV
What did I do wrong?
Is she being moody because of her periods? But the date is next week.
Did something happen at her workplace?
But who’s this Jinyoung guy? Some new charming dude at her workplace, that’s totally her type? No, no she wouldn’t fall for some lad just like that. She loves me and only, that’s what she said right?
Or did she fall out of love? Even just thinking about the possibilities, my heart ached. But I know her, her love for me wouldn’t die just like that. C’mon Jungkook, everything is fine. Even if Y/N falls out of love which I know wouldn’t happen, I would let her go, her happiness is the top priority. I can do that right? NO, NEVER. If she falls out of love, I’ll make her fall in love with me all over again.
Time skip
“If you guys have to keep working together, I want you to quit your job”
“Why should I quit?”
“Because it bothers me. I don’t like seeing you talking to him or even looking at him”
“Without your permission, I’m not allowed to work or meet friends? Then if I’m not okay with something , would you be able to give it up?”
“no, no guys, please don’t break up!” You were living up to the name of ‘couch potato’, sitting on the couch, munching on some chips and binge-watching.
“you’re my favorite couple and you can’t just break up.” You said, already swearing at the director who planned on such a heart-wrenching twist.
You felt a pair of arms finding its way through your waist and a weight on your shoulder. You were so engrossed in the drama that you didn’t even realise a human walking up to you and even sitting beside you. To all the kidnappers out there, please don’t kidnap me😥.
Jungkook had been surprisingly silent from the very moment he came and sat down. Is he sleeping? But he is so not the type who would sleep and not snore. He’s even known for the same among the members.
You felt something wet on your shoulders. Is he drooling? Woah, now he’s gonna get teased for at least a month.
Wait! He isn’t crying, right?
You looked down in order to have a look at his face to realize that this gentleman right here was bawling his eyes out.
“Omo! Jungkook-ah.” you panicked. You never in a hundred years thought he would end up crying.
“Are you gonna break up with me? Are you not in love with me anymore? are you gonna leave me? Please don’t. I can’t leave without you. I really love you.” Did he really think you fell out of love? YOU fell out of love with THE JEON JEONGGUK. Never in a million years.
“Hey, nooooo, look at me.” You cupped his face which was now in a shade of red due to sobbing. Now you felt guilty for doing the prank in the first place.
“Who said I was gonna leave you and on top of it, break up???”
“you’ve been ignoring me the whole day.” You sighed not finding the courage in yourself to lay down the truth, ‘I was pranking you because I thought it was fun’. It was a bad idea after all.
“I’m the one to blame. Ok, so I know that when I say the truth out loud, you’re probably not gonna talk to me for being this cruel. But I’m really sorry. I really am. I never expected you to cry. I guess at the end of the day, I am stupid just like you always said. So, the thing is……. *sigh*……. It was a prank.” There it is. The truth lying naked in front of him. you had your eyes shut the whole time still not being able to find braveness anywhere inside of you.
There was silence for damn 60 seconds. Believe me, 60 seconds are really looooooooooooooong.
“Does that mean you still love me?” isn’t his brain aware of the fact that he is supposed to be angry now?
You nodded your head slowly opening your eyes finding the situation not too scary.
“Does that mean you won’t break up?”
“Does that mean you won’t leave me?”
“Are you mad at me?” you enquired finding the bay way too clear.
“As long as you love me, it’s ok.” You could see the halo glowing on his head and a pair of wings unfold from his back. How can he be such a sweetheart?
“Jungkook-ahhhh.” Now you were the one crying. “Sorry, I feel soo bad. I swear I won’t do it again. I promise.” you could feel him wrapping his arms around you in order to comfort you.
“Hey, it's ok.”
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aajjks · 22 hours ago
Yandere!BTS: They are jealous. (M)
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This is a yandere reaction, it’ll contain obsessive themes, Please keep in mind that this is purely fictional and I don’t think that any Bts member would ever act like this! DO NOT ROMANTICISE THIS BEHAVIOUR!
warnings: DARK THEMES, deg*ation, strong la*guege., jealo*sy, unhe*lthy relationships, cry*ng, extreme YANDERE BEHAVIOUR, go*e, shoo*ing, physical viole*ce, bl**d mentions…. And possessive behaviour.
note. It’s been very long since I’ve written a reaction so this can be pretty dusty, this is very da*k… share thoughts! ENJOY!
Tumblr media
Jimin saw pure red as he watched his younger cousin flirt with you. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to make you meet his family.
Or take you out in general. Fuck, you were way too attractive for your own good. What made jimin clench his fists in jealousy was the way he watched your cheeks tighten at whatever the fuck that little asshole was saying.
He was younger than you! How dare you. Aw long as jimin knew, you liked men older or the same age as you.
So why were you acting like a school girl with a ridiculous crush now? “Y/N?!?” Jimin ushered in your ear, his hot breath hitting your skin as your attention focused on your boyfriend. “What?” You replied as you excused yourself before Jimin took your hand in his and dragged you away.
“What the hell Jimin?!?” You exclaimed while trying your best to tear his grip off your wrist which was already starting to hurt.
The angry man didn’t bother to reply until you were forced in a room. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” You cried as he pushed you on the small bed.
“Shut the fuck up y/n and listen to me very carefully alright..?” He breathed as pushed his hair back. Trying to calm down.
“If you ever behave like that with any man I’ll kill them at the spot.” He glared at you, panting hard. His gaze drilling holes into your body.
“Even if it’s one of my family members. I do not give two fucks. You are MINE.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung wanted nothing more than to strangle that old bald piece of shit at the spot, as he sat right infront of him, and dared to undress you with his dirty gaze.
Taehyung out of anyone, knew that look of lust very well. It was a very familiar one after all. He looked at you like that.
But his gaze was not fuckin dirty and impure unlike Taehyung’s. You were his property, and he loved you so much above all. Taehyung was allowed to look at you like that.
But only him. “Pedro… stop looking at my wife, unless you want me to chop your small penis off. THIS DEALS OFF.” Taehyung pushed the fragile glass filled with wine ahead as it spilled all over the white expensive cloth. He took out his gun as he pointed it at the now shocked man.
Who was starting to pale as the situation escalated, catching you by surprise. “Taehyung!?” You gasped at your husband. “Babe. You go with your guards. I’ll be back.” He gritted his teeth. “I love you.” His gaze was fiery as he glared at the man.
“S-Sir! Please I-I am s-sorry please!” That was the last thing you heard as you were escorted out of the hotel.
“You motherfucker, dare to lay your cheap gaze at my fucking wife?!? I’ll fuck you up!” Taehyung screamed at him, cocking the gun, his finger settling on the trigger.
“THATS MY WIFE. MY QUEEN! MY FUCKIN GIRL!” The raging man pulled the trigger.
Shooting him straight in the left eye.
A shriek of pain left the old man as Taehyung laughed sadistically.
Tumblr media
“WHAT THE FUCK JUNGKOOK LEAVE HIM!” Your throat was aching at this point, the man on top of the bleeding one didn’t even budge. His pace was brutal as he threw another painful punch at the now unconscious man.
Jungkook was raging inside, he had enough. You were his, only his and this son of a bitch wasn’t willing to get that.
Maybe his skull was too thick. Jungkook didn’t mind breaking it if that’s what it required to get him to understand that you belonged to Jungkook.
“SON OF A BITCH! SHE IS MINE! MY Y/N MINE MINE MINE!” He gritted his teeth, strangling the persons neck.
The people in the hallway watched in horror as you and his friends tried to push Jungkook off the body.
“STOP IT! I WILL KILL HIM!!” Jungkook growled. He was always a very possessive man. “THIS MOTHERFUCKERS DEATHS IS NEAR!” He laughed. Tears were glossing around your pupils.
The sound of a bone breaking made everyone cringe. “JK STOP YOU’LL KILL HIM!” Yugyeom tried his best.
Tumblr media
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kookiecrumb · 17 hours ago
Jungkook and Boobs: a kookiecrumb
warnings: smutty (18+), virgin!jungkook x fem!reader, a whole lotta boob-touchin', mention of a boner, slight fluff
The conversation started like this:
"Wait so, you're telling me that they hurt when you squish em?"
"Yes, when you do it too hard, yeah." 
"But then why do they look squishy?" 
"Because they are squishy, Jungkook…" 
"Really?! Like…how?" 
You take his hands in yours and squeeze them to get his attention. "Do you wanna touch mine?"  
Jungkook turns red in the face. "Only if you want to, I'm just curious. Nothing more than that…" 
"Hm," you place his hands on either one of your covered breasts. Jungkook closes his hands around them instantly, holding them with care. 
"...they're like water balloons kinda?" He comments, comfortably settling one hand on each side. "They're so warm…"
"You can squeeze them, I'll tell you if you do it too hard…" you propose.
"Uhm," Jungkook squishes one in his hand lightly and then both, simultaneously. The third knead is a little rough. 
"Ah–" you jolt. "Not that hard." 
Jungkook nods furiously. "Okay, not that hard." 
He pulls his hands away and prays that you don't see the very obvious hard-on that has since formed between his legs.
a/n: happy Saturday!
permatags gang gang: @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @carolynanderson , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren , @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @armys-dna , and @nglmrk
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lovelyspring7 · 22 hours ago
White Pearl | Yandere JJK x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve been working as a stripper for a month until billionaire Jeon Jungkook suddenly takes an interest in you, actually maybe too much of an interest…
Word count: 4k
Genre: Yandere, sugar daddy au
Pairing: CEO Sugar daddy Jungkook x stripper sugar baby reader, short mentions of Cha Eunwoo & Jung Jaehyun.
Warnings: Yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, kidnapping, abuse of power, fight scene, non consensual touching, mentions of a dead father.
Authors note: Okay I’m really proud of how this turned out! I really hope you enjoy reading it and share feedback!☺️💜
Tumblr media
In three days, Jeon Jungkook will become the heir of his deceased father’s successful real estate company. Jungkooks fate was written from the moment he was born, it was only a matter of time before it happened. The old man had it coming, drinking aged scotch and smoking the finest Cuban cigars since he could remember.
Jungkook has never been close with his parents. He despised them. His parents wanted nothing to do with him, his only purpose was to take over his father’s company, and Jungkook knew that. That’s why he wasted no time trying to get closer to his parents. It was no use. They made that very clear when they sent 7-year-old Jungkook to a prestigious boarding school with other rich snobs.
Although, being an only child, rich and privileged. All he had to do was to snap his fingers and he’d get what he wanted almost immediately.
The newest expensive car? Check.
Private jets? Check.
Luxury real estate? Check.
You could say he had it all, at least the materialistic stuff.
“I’m sorry for your loss Ms. Jeon,” Eunwoo said, greeting Jungkook’s mother.
“Thank you Eunwoo, Jungkook’s in there.” She said, slightly smiling. Not seeming bothered by her husband's death.
“Hey Kook, how are you holding up? Your mom seems fine.” Jaehyun said, putting his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder in a comforting manner.
Jaehyun along with Eunwoo have been his only friends since boarding school. All 3 shared similar backgrounds, it was obvious that they were gonna be good friends.
“I’m fine, I think she’s okay too.”
It was true, his father’s death didn’t affect them emotionally as much as it should’ve. It’s messed up really, and he knew it too.
“So how much did you inherit exactly?” Eunwoo asked.
“A lot.” Jungkook laughed, “Hey how about I treat you guys to a drink.”
“Sure, or we could go to the club? There’s this new strip club, who knows what the girls will do for just a few bucks.” Jaehyun asked, raising his eyebrow.
“You want me to go to a strip club the same day my father’s funeral was held?” Jungkook asked, offended.
“I’m in.” He quickly agreed.
“Alright! Be there by 11 and bring a lot of cash.” Eunwoo cheered, grabbing Jaehyun on his way out.
“You're late.” Your co-worker Bora said, reapplying her cherry red lipstick.
“Yeah, I had to send in my assignment early today.” You said, taking off your jacket and stripping down.
It’s been a month since you started working as a stripper at Black Pearl Club. You had originally applied to work as a bartender at the club but didn’t get the job. So to pay off your student debt faster and the rent this month, you decided that temporarily working as a stripper wouldn’t be so bad. Just until you graduate college you thought.
“Okay well hurry up and get ready, it’s getting really busy out there.”
“I know I’m almost done. Just need five minutes.” You said putting on your pink glitter stripper heels and quickly doing your makeup.
“What?!” You yelled at Bora, startled by her sudden shouting.
“It’s freaking Jeon Jungkook.” She said, peeping out the door.
“Who?” You asked, genuinely confused about who she's talking about.
“You can't be serious? Jeon Jungkook, the heir to Jeon Real Estate.” She said, pushing down her top a bit to show more cleavage.
“Look! He brought Cha Eunwoo and Jung Jaehyun. Okay, I’m going out there and you better hurry before the girls claim them.” She said, leaving to approach both of the two guys she mentioned.
Successfully snatching both of them. Wow, the power of Bora you thought.
Taking a last glance at yourself in the mirror, you walk out of the dressing room and start dancing to the music playing. Still being very new at this, you don’t attract a lot of attention. Intimidated by the other strippers, you try to stay low. Meaning sitting on people's lap, feeding them shots, letting them feed you shots. You’d occasionally go on the pole, but on busy days like this, you tend to stay away and let the pros do their thing.
“How did you even become a stripper?” A voice spoke out, loud enough for you to hear.
“Excuse me?” You said, turning around to the bastard that said that.
“I mean, look at you. You don’t belong here.” He said, smirking while eyeing you up and down.
“Listen, sir, I don’t know what kind of sick role play you’re into. But I’m leaving.” You spat, rolling your eyes at the freak.
“Wait, hold on.” He said, stopping in front of you.
“I’ll pay 100 bucks in you sit on my lap.”
“Only by sitting on your lap?” You asked, skeptical by his offer.
“Just like I said, Princess.” He said, holding his hand out, waiting for you to grab it.
You reach your hand out to hold his as he leads you to a private VIP room. The room is very well decorated, the walls are painted in a matt black color, the velvet furniture, chandler, red led lights, and the strip pole in the middle of the room give it a very seductive and a sensual vibe.
No wonder why the room is so expensive, you have to preorder it days before. Now knowing he’s loaded because he just offered 100 bucks for you to sit on his lap. You started to think maybe you should’ve been nicer to him before.
He sits down on the velvet armchair, making himself comfortable as he sits you down on his lap. Puts his one hand on your right thigh and the other on your waist. Not knowing what to do with your arms, you gently wrap both of them around his neck. Takes a second to admire his features. He wasn’t ugly he was rather handsome. His tattoos and piercings make him look a bit imitating at first, but taking a closer look at his face, all you could see are those pretty doe-looking eyes and his cupid bow-shaped light pink lips.
“Like what you see.” He said, smirking. Knowing damn well you did.
Embarrassed that he caught you staring at him.
“It’s not ugly.” You admitted. Slightly grinning at your comment, “So, what brought you to work as a stripper?” He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together and tilting his head to the side.
“You’re seriously asking me that?” You sighed. “The rent is not gonna pay on its own, and neither will the student debt.” You said avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip. A habit you’ve always had when you get nervous.
You couldn’t see it, but you felt his aroused stare on you. You felt a slight shiver down your spine as you glanced down at your hands, thinking how much longer you must sit on his lap.
“You’re more of a white pearl.” He finally spoke up, changing the topic all of the sudden.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you remind me of innocence, purity, and beauty.” He explained in a charming tone, pulling you closer to himself as he brought his hand underneath your chin, slightly tilting your face up to meet his.
“I watched you the whole time you know, clearly you’re not cut out for this.” He said grinning.
“Give me a break, I've been here for a week.” I lied, feeling embarrassed.
“Hmm right, how about I make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
“What would that offer be?”
“Be my escort.”
“Okay bye,” I said trying to get up from his lap but his hand on my waist prevented me from being even able to get up.
“Easy baby. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about that kind of escort. Think of it more like a sugar baby.” He said, caressing your thigh.
“I’ll take you to parties, spoil you with gifts. I’ll even pay you a thousand dollars for each hour you spend with me.”
“Why would you want to do that?”
“Something tells me you’d seem fun to spoil.”
Thinking of the condition I’m in, it couldn’t get any worse. I already have another part-time job at the cafe that’s been kicking my ass as well. Sure it wouldn’t hurt to go to a few parties with him…
“Fine, but I’m not doing anything more than what I’m doing now.”
“Very well, I’ll pick you up by 5 tomorrow to discuss some rules that I have of my own.”
“Rules? What rules?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
He said, taking a card out from his front pocket, it seems to be some kind of business card along with a 100-dollar bill. He gently squeezed your thigh, “Just as I promised, see you, tomorrow princess.” He said, giving you the card with the bill, taking a last look at you before leaving you in the room feeling dumbfounded. You look at the card, it was black with gold engravings, along with his contact information. You read the name on the card, “Jeon Jungkook,” you muttered. No freaking way, the guy Bora was talking about earlier?
Now, this was your chance, if he’s loaded like Bora mentioned, then you could easily get your life together and not live in debt. Sure it’s not ideal, but it’s better than any other solution you had left.
You had just finished your lecture and were ready to leave campus to your home building. Feeling tired from not getting enough sleep from your busy work and school schedules. You rub your eye with your palm to try to stay awake, as soon as your vision sets you spot a black Bugatti parking in the nearby campus parking lot. The person getting out was none other than Jeon Jungkook. He looked a bit more casual than he did yesterday, yesterday he was wearing a classic suit with a tie. Today he wore a black silk-like blouse tucked into his pants with a black blazer, and to top it off, some silver piercings and a chain around his neck.
He walked up the stairs and greeted you with a smile “You ready?”
“How’d you know where I go to school?” You wondered.
“I have my ways” he smirked, reaching his hand out for you the second time this week. Rolling your eyes at his reply, you grab his tattooed hand. You could feel people staring at you, and for once in your life, you didn’t feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or anxious. You felt safe. Still holding your hand, Jungkook opened the car's front door, helping you get in.
Yeah, you could get used to this.
The car ride was mostly quiet, thankfully he had put the radio on for you. It wasn’t long until you reached the destination, you knew it the moment you saw a huge tall building, one you couldn’t even imagine existed.
He parks the car and helps you out, next thing you know you’re standing next to Jungkook as he types in the code to enter his apartment. You couldn’t help but mildly widen your eyes when he opened the door to his penthouse. Amazed by how beautiful and big his apartment was, “Like what you see so far?” He smiled amused, putting his hand on your back and guiding you to what looked to be his office. You sit down on the other side of the desk, “So, where were we, baby?” He said taking out some paperwork from a file.
“You said you had some rules?”
“Right, they’re not hard to follow so it should be an okay princess.” He said, giving you a paper with the rules written on it.
Rule number 1
Until the contract expires, you’ll be living with Jungkook.
“Hm? What’s a wrong babe?”
“I can’t live here!”
“Why not?”
“I have my apartment, and it’s too far away from school and my jobs.”
“About that, you no longer work there. I mailed both the cafe and strip club, you quite a few hours ago.”
This bastard-
“And you have a chauffeur from now on. You didn’t think you’d be working there while being with me? It would be too stressful for you so I took care of it.” He simply said like it was no big deal, further pissing you off.
“Yes but…ugh never mind. But I’m sleeping on my bed.” You demanded.
“Whatever you say, baby.”
Rule number 2:
Jungkook will pick out your clothing.
“Really? Rule number 2.” You said, not slightly amused.
“Well, I have to make sure I take good care of you don’t I.” He said, grinning.
Fair enough, you thought.
Rule number 3
Always let Jungkook where you are at all times.
Reading all the rules, which was 3 in total. It didn’t seem so bad. So you agreed, signing the contract in a heartbeat. Later, Jungkook showed you around the penthouse, after all, your stuff arrives at his house, you unpack and get settled into your current home.
Jungkook had told you about a party tomorrow night. It was a celebration because he would take over his deceased father’s company.
And now, you’re currently sitting at the dining table, with Jungkook sitting at the other end as you guys eat dinner cooked by a professional chef. You weren’t gonna lie, it was the best meal you’ve ever eaten. Devouring almost all of your food, you finally dared to ask him about his father.
“You said something about your father passing away? I’m sorry, it must’ve been tough.” You said, giving him a weak smile.
His expression changed almost immediately as he stopped chewing for a moment, he had this cold look in his eyes. Almost like I had mentioned an enemy. Take a sip of the red wine before speaking. “Don’t be, the old man had it coming.” He said in an emotionless tone. Clearing up his throat, “We should get ready for bed, we’ll have a long day tomorrow.” He said, whipping his mouth with the napkin. Not needing to ask further questions, you quickly understood what kind of relationship he had with his father. Almost feeling bad for him, you agreed and went to wash up in your room.
“Princess, may I come in?” Jungkook asked,
“Yeah it’s fine, come in.” You shouted from the bathroom as you turned off the hairdryer.
“I brought you a gift.” He said, placing the large gift box on the dresser.
Excited to see what his first gift was, you pull the string of the white ribbon and open the box. Not sure of what it is, you take it out.
It was the most stunning red dress you’ve ever seen, you couldn’t help but to slightly open your jaw, amazed by how beautiful it was.
“I’m guessing you like it?”
“I love it.”
“There’s more.” He said excitedly, taking out a small jewelry box, you opened the box in his hands, and inside it was a simple yet stunning white pearl necklace.
He gently grabs your waist, turning you to the mirror as he moves your hair to the side, keeping eye contact with you through the mirror, he successfully puts on the necklace. He doesn’t let go, instead, he just stands there, still holding you as he admires all of you. “Fuck you’re so beautiful.” He whispered in your ear. You swallow harshly before speaking up. “We should go to bed.” You said in a low voice. As soon as you said that, he slowly let go of you, “You’re right, tell me if you need anything.” He said, looking almost embarrassed, wishing you a good night before closing the bedroom door.
Weeks had gone by, and everything was going great. Jungkook kept his word and he even sent you more money than he had promised you, plus the expensive gifts you’ve been receiving every day.
He was also getting less of a jerk compared to the night you first met. As each day went by, he was getting more and more caring and affectionate. For example, he’d visit you from his busy schedule during your school breaks to have lunch together to make sure you ate, and he’d often compliment you on how astonishing and pretty you are. He’d spend more quality time with you alone and not with other people, preferring to spend time with only you doing various fun activities you never thought you’d have the chance to. Turns out you had some things in common, you both preferred to stay home, watching old movies and stuffing your faces with food.
You arrive at Jungkook's penthouse late from school, and you see another gift placed on your bed. You squeal, excited to see what he had gotten you this time. You open the gift and inside is another dress to die for, but also a small white note.
Wear this tonight Beautiful and be ready by 7.
- Love, Jungkook
Putting the breathtaking dress on, you stop to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what Jungkook exactly sees in you to think that you’re so beautiful. Taking a last glance, you can’t help but think how different everything would’ve been if you hadn’t worked as a stripper 2 months ago and met Jungkook. Trying to find the right heels for your dress, you heard knocking on the door. “Come in,” you say whilst sitting on the bed to put your shoes on.
“Are you ready? Oh here let me help.” He said, taking the shoes from your hand. Kneeling, he put your foot on his thigh as he gently slid on one heel after the other.
”Come on baby, I have a surprise.” He said opening the door for you. As mentioned before, Jungkook had become more affectionate. The whole car ride, Jungkook had put one hand on your thigh while driving, caressing it soothingly and delicately. You didn’t mind as it made you feel calm and safe.
Arriving at the location, it seemed like it was a dinner surprise at a very fancy restaurant. Standing outside of the building, you start to feel a little unsettled, Jungkook notices and walks next to you offering you his arm which you gladly take as you walk in together.
“This is very nice, thank you Jungkook.”
“It is my pleasure, expect more of these in the future Princess.”
“Welcome to Jungsik, I’ll be taking your order tonight.” The waiter said, turning to you as he smiled waiting for you to order.
“Thank you, I’ll have the-“
“Wait, I’m sorry, you look familiar?”
“Oh, I do?” You said anxiously.
You could see Jungkook trying to hold back, poking his tongue into his cheek, slowly curling his hand into a fist.
“Right! You’re one of the strippers at Black Pearl Club! Shit you looked so hot in-“
“Okay, that’s it!” Jungkook yelled, grabbing the guy by his collar, ready to grow the punch “Jungkook stop!” You yelled, looking at him terrified.
Jungkook turned his head to stare at you, breathing heavily through his nose, aggressively letting go of the trembling guy that trying to catch his breath.
“Come on baby we’re leaving.” He quickly said grabbing your wrist while shooting daggers with his eyes at the waiter.
You were shit scared, never have you seen him like this. Sure he could be a teasing jerk sometimes but on no occasion have you seen him like this. It was as if he wasn’t there at all, if you hadn’t stopped him from beating that guy up things could’ve ended badly. The car ride back home was silent, he was driving home so fast you were surprised the cops didn’t stop you guys.
“I have some paperwork to take care of. You can get ready for bed, okay princess.” He said, smiling weakly.
Not knowing what to say and frankly too shaken up from the incident, you just nod. Done preparing, you sit in your pajamas not wanting the night to end the way it did. After all that happened today, you wanted to make sure that Jungkook was at least okay. You tiptoe on the cold tile, ready to knock on the slightly ajar door.
“Yes, Son Jiho, at Jungsik restaurant. Take care of it, I want him gone for good.” Jungkook said, speaking through gritted teeth. Hanging up as he took a deep breath, a cruel smug smile formed on his face as he took a deep breath in, chuckling at the thought of that man’s death.
You stood there frozen with your eyes widened, your heart started beating fast and your chest felt tight. You finally took a step back, trying to recollect yourself. You quickly hurry back into your room, standing there for a second before quickly packing your old back bag. You had enough cash to get away from that crazy bastard. Packing all the necessities, you quickly got changed into some of the other clothes you still had left from before. Slightly opening the bedroom door, you peek to see if he was there. The lights were all turned off which meant he had gone to bed, carefully closing the door, you tiptoed to the front door. You type in the code but it won't open, you blame the dark so you try to type it again.
“Princess?” You heard his voice call through the dark. You slowly turn around to face him.
“Where are you off to so late at night?” He asked, walking closer to you.
“I forgot my book at the library the other day and I need it.” You said, trying to sound as casual and calm as possible.
“Oh really? So you didn’t happen to overhear me in the office earlier.”
He knows.
He started walking even closer to you, trapping you in the corner of the room.
You could feel his breathing down your neck. Swallowing harshly before speaking up. “W- what happened to him?”
“Oh you don't have to worry about that baby” he cooed, “but if you must know.” He said, looking into your eyes, as he gently stroked your cheek.
“He’s in a better place now.” He said, smirking.
Too scared to move away, you closed your eyes trembling out of fear. How did you get yourself into this mess?
“Enough about him. You weren’t leaving me, now were you baby?”
“No.” You whisper, lying through your teeth.
He exhaled out, relieved, “Oh thank god, my good girl wouldn’t leave me, not that you could anyways.” He said smiling, holding your face with both his hands, admiring your features.
“The moment you signed that contract you were officially mine.”
Your heart skipped a beat, trying to get away from him, “What? No Jungkook I-“
“I’m the only one that can look after you! Hell, I was the only one who helped you when you needed it the most! You need me!” He yelled as he got frustrated.
He tried to take a deep breath in, trying to calm himself down. “All, you need to know is that you’re mine, I’m not ever letting you go ever and the sooner you accept that, the better it will be for you.” He said, forcing a smile.
“Do you understand?” He asked.
You slowly nodded.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you?” He asked again, trying to catch your gaze.
“I understand.” You choked out.
“Ohh there’s my good girl.” He softened, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“You must be tired huh baby?” He said frowning, letting go of your face as he held your hand instead.
“Now, let’s go to our room and get ready for the night princess.”
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Redemption  04 — JJK. (M)
Tumblr media
→: This is book two to my story Desperado. Read that one before continuing on to read this one.
→ pairing: Mafia!Jungkook x reader
→ genre: Angst, smut , a bit of fluff
→ Word count: 4k
→ summary:  It’s been 4 years since everything that happened. If he could re-do everything he would, but cannot. With Won-Shik dead, and everyone’s back’s turned against him.. what can he do? You took a toll on him to the point where it’s hard to function without you and everyone’s concerned. Another gang has entered their teritory and is giving them a run for their money. The heir to the mafia thrown is now in charge with everyone waiting for his first big move. Yet, how can someone so broken inside take care of business though?
Warnings : This honestly isn’t for the light hearted and the weak. Drug dependency, drug mentions, high angst, mental illness, depression, anxiety, assault, gore, guns, usage of weapons, daddy kink, bigdick!jk, hair pulling, soft sex, rough sex, squirting, mouth fucking, overstimulation, consensual drunk/tipsy sex, protected & unprotected sex. I may be forgetting some so sorry in advance!
Copyright: please do NOT repost, translate, or modify my works in any way, shape or form, on any platform. If found doing so , it is considered as plagiarism and appropriate LEGAL action will be taken.
As if the raging headache you woke up with wasn't enough, the lucid dreaming you had last night, due to the consumptions of so much alcohol, was just enough to send you over the edge once you’ve awaken. The sun blares through your window onto your face making your eyes strain and a single hand coming over to cover it. Slipping out a small groan of annoyance, you gradually pick yourself up to sit up correctly onto the bed. 
Last night was a lot for you to remember, but you sure as hell remember some of it. What you don’t remember is you asking Sungmin to stay the night with you. So to your surprise when you open your bedroom door, a shirtless Sungmin is up and moving around your kitchen. There he is with a single chest tattoo and muscles you never thought he would have. His biceps strong, and his abs are evident along with his v-line protruding out. You hadn't noticed his freshly tattoo’d left arm last night but in your defense he was wearing a long-sleeve shirt. You watch him whisk whatever is in that bowl with determination and the faint sound of a youtube video can be heard playing in the background.
The way his arms flex when he whisks, and his hair tied up messily into a small but decent sized bun with some stray strands of hair here and there, he looks way too good. That jawline of his flexes consistently, especially when he softly bites his lip and furrows his eyebrows. When he doesn’t understand something said from the youtube video, he reaches to play it back again. It’s as if he’s doing it on purpose because maybe, he knows you’re peeking from behind your door.
Nonsense. If he saw you he would have greeted you... right? You’re too caught up in your thoughts and dazed off to realize he has looked in your direction with amusement to see you peeking around like a lost puppy. It’s adorable. He doesn’t say anything though, Sungmin smirks to himself and continues to pour some sort of batter into a pan. 
He looks way too sexy doing that too.
Ultimately you decide to close the door because for whatever reason, blaming the liquor from last night, that familiar throbbing down in your region begins. You mentally curse yourself for getting all worked up over absolutely nothing but a man cooking. That man being Sungmin.. who’s cooking. Sungmin, the one you never wanted to persue things with because back then you felt guilty for liking two boys at once and he deserved someone better than you.
But that was back then.. and this is now.
Now, he’s in your home cooking you breakfast shirtless and he knows exactly what he’s doing because he did in fact see you. He saw you from the very beginning. Hell, he saw you last night when you were very much so drunk and started stripping and giggling in-front of him. Of course he didn't let you get far because when you started pulling off your pajama shirt is when he pulled it back down and dragged you to your room. You laid there sprawled on your bed giggling yourself to sleep. Needless to say, Sungmin did sleep on the couch to prevent another encounter from happening between you two. 
You can’t blame yourself though, Sungmin has turned into a fine man. As a woman yourself, it can’t be helped to have these lewd thoughts after witnessing a god himself in your kitchen preparing for you.. right? You hadn’t noticed you did not close the door fully, so when you bring your hand down to the hem of. your pajama pants and underwear, that breathy shadow peeps down at you. 
You hadn’t heard him come inside because you're too busy trying to inspect the wet mess you’d made inside your panties. That is, until that familiar voice speaks up once more, making you jolt.
“ Breakfast is ready.” He cheekily says, chuckling when he turns around to make his way out of the room.  The cold wall meets your head and you bang it several times softly out of embarrassment. Him catching you in the act was the least thing you need right now.
Tip-toeing out of your bedroom, you peak around the corner to your dining room table to see everything laid out perfectly. Cloud pancakes, fruit assortment, orange juice. He'd made your plate for you, the fruit sits onto of your pancake with a smiley face and whipped cream smile. It makes you giggle at the thought of Sungmin, a grown man, still having his childish ways.
“ Care to join me before it gets cold?”
Biting your lip, you can’t help but to still be flustered from getting caught. “ I can eat at the island counter..” You say, to avoid any further awkwardness between the two of you. 
Sungmin smiles, “ I missed that. You’re still adorable when shy. Listen I’ll forget about what I saw if I can have the honors of catching up with you, properly.”
Sounds like a deal to you. 
“ So you went back to...” Sungmin pauses before sticking some fruit in his mouth, waiting for you to finish. “ Canada. Then to NYU where I’m currently studying and doing the exchange program here.” 
He nods in amusement, eyes still watching you like a hawk to make sure you eat. “ Well, we completed highschool. I had transferred schools in high school to finish up while the rest of them stayed. College came along and nobody was close anymore, to be honest. Crystal does this candle light thing for you each year and that's when everyone comes together as a whole, except for Jungkook.”
You nearly choke on your pancake amongst swallowing it. Jungkook not coming to your candle-light? That one hurt. “ W-why doesn’t he come?”
Sungmin shakes his head lightly, grabbing the orange juice pitcher and pouring the sweet, citrus fruit juice into your glass cup. “ We beg him and he doesn’t want to each year. He’s... really fucked up about you. Heavier on the drugs and just stays in his office all day.”
“ And the kid?” You have to keep mentally remind yourself that she’s actually Jungkook’s sister and not daughter. You’d never imagine Jungkook being an older brother, hell even just a brother to begin with. 
“ Park Naeun , or Nari is what we call her. She’s 4 years old and gives him a run for our money, especially his. “ Sungmin chuckles, finishing up the last of his pancake. You take a sip of the juice and can’t help but to smile at that comment.
“ The two are inseparable. She’s the mini version of him but instead of being cold hearted she has now mastered the toddler manipulation by using her cuteness.”
Imagining Jungkook being a care-giver for his little sister only leads you to think of what kind of father he would be. Again, you’d never expect for him to even want a child but the thought of a big boss mafia man having a weakness for children is amusing to you. 
Yet Sungmin sits right infant of you and he can’t get enough of you. The way you smile, the way you talk, the sound of your voice, it’s all so nostalgic for him. Meeting you in high school was the highlight of his life back then. Now to have you, not dead, and cooking breakfast for you in your own apartment has him thinking things. Things about how he doesn’t want to lose you ever again, but he also understands this can be a lot for you and not to rush things and push your boundaries.
Sungmin breaks the small silence, “ Can I.. Can I take you out today? You left for a while and I think that you should at least get familiar with Seoul again. Theres this new art museu-”
An abrupt sound of hard knocking at the door cuts him off. It makes the two of you jump but you weren’t expecting any guests today at all. The only person who knows your apartment is Sejun and Zico.. and you hope and pray its not either of them and just a random package delivery. By the look on your face, Sungmin gets the memo that you didn’t know who was at the door. Getting up from his chair, he furrows his eyebrows walking over as the knocking gets persistent. 
Your heart feels like it can pound right out of your chest right now. Quickly, you grab the empty plates and used dishes and dash over into the kitchen where you can’t be seen. What if it’s Jungkook? What if he’s actually found you? Your hands tremble while scrubbing the dishes in the sink, the thoughts of the worst case scenario swarms through your head to the point where you tune out everyone. 
You don’t even hear the arguing at the door and the multiple footsteps shuffling inside until someone comes within your view, waving their hand in your face to snap you out of your numbing trance. The calling of your name seems to slowly bring you back to reality. 
“ Yn! Yn!”
Once your vision clears back up to the person calling your name, your eyes go wide in fear like a dear in headlights. It can’t be. How.. did he know to come here? The apartment is listed under Sejun’s name due to this exact reason of hiding your identity. There’s no way he could of asked around for you in the lobby because you speak to nobody there and they certainly don’t know your name. So how?
 The cup in your hand shatters onto the floor creating a glass breaking sound capturing everyone’s attention. Taking a look around your apartment, there’s Sungmin, another female, and that other male person with a concerned look on his face. Your throat gets that familiar sore lump in it, the one where you know you’ll cry any second but you can’t. Not in-front of them. 
You quickly crouch down onto the floor and begin picking up the glass pieces with your bare hands, sniffling to stop the stray tears from falling. “ Be careful, let me get it-”
“ No!” You push the hand away from you but in the process knick your finger against a stray shard of glass sticking up on the floor. You wince, harshly pulling your finger away and inspecting it. The blood seeps out rather quick but not life threatening. 
Sungming scoffs, “ I think you guys should leave.” He says, jogging over the kitchen sink, carefully avoiding the glass, to grab a wet paper towel to wrap your finger in.
You wanted nothing to do with anyone in this very exact moment. You just want to be alone again, and maybe meeting Sungmin last night and having him stay was a mistake. Foolish of you right? To not think about the consequences of your actions. He’s Jungkook’s brother for fucks sake. What did you think would happen?
“ We can’t. Jungkook knows.” is the next sentence that Casper says that makes you want to throw up. Jungkook knows about your whereabouts. If it wasn’t for Sungmin holding you while wrapping your finger and pressing on it, you’d of surely passed out by now. 
Sungmin’s beyond pissed. The red on his face shows it and the way he curses under his breath only for you to hear. “ Tell him to stay the fuck away from her, Casper.” He growls. 
He lets out a frustrated sigh and the woman next to him rubs his back to calm him down as well. You take notice of the dark red lipstick she wears upon her lips. Such a bold color. “ Knowing Jungkook, he won't stop. What she needs to do is pack up and go.. like yesterday.”
“ I’m sorry but who the fuck are you?” You narrow your eyes at the lady, getting up from Sungmin’s grip on you. She’s taken aback by your sudden dominance in your voice, but smirks knowing that you aren’t bold enough to take that any further. 
“ Val.. Casper’s wife and you must be the infamous Yn.” 
You’re not sure of this lady, and something about her makes you wonder. Since when has Casper been married? Casper also did not seem like the type to take a hand in marriage for someone. This is all too.. weird for you. Everyone seems to just had grown up and matured and you did miss it all. 
“ Can we discuss all this.. perhaps in the living room area?” She asks, pointing in the direction of your cutely decorated space. Uneasy but curious, you nod your  head slowly in approval. 
Once everyone has gathered on your grey “L” shaped couch, you made sure to sit closely next to Sungmin who puts his arm around you in support. Ironically he's the only one you trust and feel a bit more comfortable with. The last thing you wanted was a reunion.. let alone in your very own living room. 
“ So.. Yn.. you were supposed to stay as far away as humanly possible from Seoul. I thought we made a deal that you’d never come back as long as I provided for you financially for the remainder of your life.” Casper’s death gaze upon you would have killed you right now if looks could kill. 
“ She has every right to live the life she wants after what you and my brother did to her.” Sungmin fires back at him, the look of anger on his face only getting stronger. 
Throwing his head back and letting out a deep sigh, Casper is not surprised by his comment. “ Oh shut up Sungmin, you know it would’ve been best for her if she stayed put.” He shoots you another glare, “  Looks like the dead doesn’t rest after all huh.”
You had no words because it is true. You and your parents had made that deal with Casper, but that was four years ago and you're absolutely grown enough to make your own decisions without your parents input. 
“ I.. wanted to do the exchange program and I honestly don’t even look the same anymore. I had a few surgeries and thought if I stayed low-key.. I could graduate and go on with my life.” Which only part of that is true. Yes you had a few surgeries that made you look slightly different and not to mention the hair color change, but you can’t let them know the real reason you came back.
That’s going to ruin your plans. 
“ Yeah and how is that working out for you now hmm?” Casper’s not pleased with your dumb response. A deal is a deal and you broke the deal. “ I don’t need your money Casper. If you want it all back I’ll repay my debt but I am allowed to live my life freely!”
Casper lets out one of his sarcastic chuckles, “ Repay your debt? You were never indebted to me or any of the Jeons. I wanted you to live comfortable as possible. Keep the money. Go back to Canada.”
“ No.” It would be a waste of everything if you’d just up and left now. Besides, this is the first time you’ve been in the presence of someone you like. Back home in Canada you did make friends but only till you moved to NYC and you didn’t make much long-term ones there either.
“ Doll, you don’t understand how much Jungkook is really attached to you. He has multiple paintings of you, has kept your pictures, currently working on a sculpture of your face, and still has nightmares about you. He needs professional help and you being here isn’t really the best time to enter his life again, if that’s what you plan to do.”
Sculptures? Paintings? That’s a bit much.  You understand the kept pictures part but the rest does seem very drastic. You’ve never had someone that overly obsessed with you before. Your last boyfriend from Canada, before you had originally moved to Seoul, had only gotten professional portraits of you and him. Courtesy of his mother, it was only because you two had went to junior prom together. You two were just teenagers being teenagers. As for you and Jungkook, you two were just lost in lust and not knowing what you two were doing but just...doing it. 
You're an adult now, and independent one at that. So whatever you want to do, you can do it.
“ I’m staying here.” Your voice is firm enough to where they know that's your final decision. Sungmin squeezes your arm a bit, reassuring you and sticking right beside you. 
Casper lets out a deep sigh once again. He knew you were stubborn but thought you would have been past this phase. Its no use of arguing with you. Your consequences have actions and he did try to warn you. It’s above him now and since you want to make wrong decisions, this time he’ll let you. You reap what you sow. 
His tattoo’d hand rub’s his forehead in annoyance of your persistant answers. He’s tried his best and can’t do anymore. “ Fine. Just know, I tried to warn you.”
The silence and tension in the room could be cut like thick slice of cake. You’re content with your decision and can’t seem to understand why they think you can’t handle yourself by yourself. Casper stands up along with Val, the two look at you disappointed but sorry for you. Maybe they are right on this, maybe you didn't think it through.
“ Well, are you at least going to attend the reunion? The group... should know you’re alive if you want to continue living freely.” Casper holds his two fingers making quotation marks around the last two words. You roll your eyes at his remark.
“ Reunion?” You turn to Sungmin who’s currently escorting Casper and Val out the door. You didn’t expect for him to shoo them out so quickly but he says his goodbyes and the door finally closes. That beep sound gives you a wave of relief over your body knowing your home is now secured and locked. The anxiety that had once settled in you can be felt going away.
Leaning against the door, “ I wasn't going to go. I don’t really talk to anyone but my sister. I wanted to take you out because I wasn’t going to attend. The group was personally invited to attend, we got our invitations 3 weeks ago.”
“ Your parents still own that school?” From what you remember, Sungmin’s parents were the one that chose you and gave you the scholarship to attend that high school. 
He nods his head and deeply sighs once more, “ Unfortunately, yes. I dislike saying this but they covered up your death and Jungkook’s ass pretty well. To them and our class, Jungkook was also the victim as disgusting as it is. My parents couldn’t afford to lose their perfectly clean reputation, as you know they are also in the limelight as well.”
Of course. Jungkook being painted as the victim when you’re the actual victim yourself. It’s predictable at this point and he probably ran with that narrative until after he’d graduated and everyone moved on. 
“ Listen.. you don’t have to go. I really wasn-” “ I’ll go. It’s better they know im alive. I can’t keep faking my identity and pretending to be dead while im here. I just.. want nothing to do with Jungkook.” 
A lie. This is the perfect opportunity to lure Jungkook in. 
It catches Sungmin off guard when you say that. The least he expected is for you to agree to go near the people who betrayed you.  He thinks It can potentially be mentally unhealthy for you but also facing your fears could do you a bit better. It’s a 50/50 chance but not exactly a win-win situation.
Sungmin tilts his head to the side resembling a confused small puppy which makes you smile a bit. “ Are you sure?” He questions, still in disbelief.
No. No you aren’t. 
“ Yes.”
Tumblr media
The day had gone by pretty fast hanging around Sungmin. He went back home to change his clothes after your guises conversation and came back fashionably late to pick you up after cleaning yourself up as well. The two of you had a pretty big reasonable amount of fun and catching up. It turns out Sungmin had learned English abroad for a bit as he also did an exchange program in the US his junior year. He revealed to you that he lives in the Jeon Mansion with his mom and Jungkook. You were worried about that as well but, Sungmin reassured you that he wouldn’t tell a soul where you live and will act like you two only meet up at cafes. You made him swear on it and if he breaks that promise he’ll be blocked on snapchat.
Now here you two are, standing outside of the school at 6pm after a day of driving around and Sungmin showing you some worthy instagram picture cafes and shopping places. You had bought a few things, nothing too over the top. Some new shoes, a couple of clothing items, and a brand new watch because you had been meaning to get a new one since your old one broke.
“ You sure you wanna do this?”
The school looks the same to you. It floods back memories when you two begin walking into the entrance. That same entrance where the Bangtan Boys came in and Jungkook stopped you because you were in his way of walking. The first time you had laid eyes on each other and then realized you both hated each other.  It still smells the same, clean but sweet. The school is vacant except for a few adult people here and there who seem to pay you no mind at all.
With each step you take down the hallway, you’re reminded of the memories you made. The lockers where you’d meet up with Ayami and Sungmin, the bathroom you came out of and Jungkook waited outside for you, and upcoming is the art class. The sound of voices and laughing can be heard the closer you get. Perhaps some left-over students from school today? Sungmin movements become a bit slower, as if he doesn’t want to pass the classroom. 
“ We can go back and visit the music room? If you want.”
Now you’re curious as to why he won't pass the room. Surely it’s just some teens right? You shake your head no with furrowed eyebrows, butterflies settling inside your stomach.  Swallowing hard, you take one last step towards the entrance of the art room and your stomach almost drops at the sight you see. 
The room is beautiful, it really did have a make-over, but the people inside shock you the most. You didn’t expect them to be here right now. You expected them to be coming later on, not lounging around the art room. Most of all, you weren’t ready to see him in general. He stands there by the window, hair longer than you remembered, ripped jeans, doc Martens, a black shirt and leather jacket. When he sets eyes on you, he doesn’t freak out but he just looks at you with sorrow in his eyes. He understands that this moment is could break or make anything so he keeps his mouth closed while admiring that you’re really in-front of him. The rest stare at you with shock, as if they’ve really seen a ghost.
Crystal is the first to curse under her breath with wide eyes and a smile. She runs over to you with open arms and when you do connect with them physically, it feels weird to hug her back but she understands this is a lot to process. 
“ I knew it was you. I knew it was you when I saw you in Manhattan! Holy fuck you’re actually alive!” Her grip only gets harder, as if she could squeeze you to death like an orange till you burst. You watch Sungmin prop himself up on the desk and sit quietly. He feels awkward in all this, and now you feel bad.
“ So you faked your death. How does it feel to be selfish?” 
You knew that one was coming from him. Turning towards the voice, you decide not to fuel the fire this time. “ I’m sorry. I also did not have a choice given the circumstances..” 
The room falls silent. Jungkook, Namjoon, Crystal, Yoongi, Sungmin, and Ayami. They’re all here. All staring at you as you stare at the ground out of pity. Maybe this whole faking death thing was a bit far. Casper could have came up with a better idea than this. Your past was soon to catch up to you. 
“ I forgive you.” Crystal breaks the silence, smiling at you to make you feel somewhat better. “ So do I. I’m sorry for contributing into that situation as well. No words can express how deeply affected I am from it and I do hold myself accountable.” 
You’d like to accept his apology, you really do, but at this moment you cannot as the wounds still hurt. The traitor, Ayami sits in the corner of the room at a desk. Her arms crossed as she looks outside the window, barely paying you any mind. Although you dislike her presence as she did betray you, It hurts a lot to know she honestly doesn’t care about you. 
“ I’m not sorry. You don't know the damage that you’ve done to Jungkook do you?” Yoongi’s voice is stern yet pissed off. With every inch he gets closer to you, it makes you want to ball up and run away.
Until you two are inches apart from each-other and he lets it all out on you.
“ We had to deal with him for years of depression, anxiety, he doesn’t sleep, barely fucking eats, and our business is possibly ruined all because of you. We don’t have a fucking sane enough leader because you wanted to be selfish. We all thought you were dead. Fucking DEAD. You don’t just do shit like that! You could of just left Seoul quietly but to be that fucking dramatic? Come on. Everyone was affected by your drama scene and now you think you can magically just show up like things are okay? It's not.”
It can’t be helped that the tears are flowing from your eyes and the quiet sobs let themself out. You feel just as guilty as they are and it sucks because you’re the victim and they aren't.  Coming to this was wrong. Now at least they know you’re alive.
“ I.. should go. I just wanted to apologize for my actions.”
“ Wait, you don’t have to go yn.”
But it was too late. You quickly walk out the room as fast as you can while wiping the hot tears coming down your face. People in the hallway look at you funny but you keep your head down. That familiar feeling in your chest settles in. It hurts. It feels like your heart has broken into a million pieces. None of this was how you expected it to go however you weren’t even supposed to come anyways. 
By now your feet are tired of walking and each time you blink its blurry. This place looks familiar. The flowers align the trail along with some trees. The school’s little garden trail. Mascara runs down your face. It hurts. It hurts a lot. Being in front of everyone like that was a bold move and to have Yoongi yell at you was embarrassing as well. The pain in your chest feels like someone is stabbing you over and over in your heart. Your heartstrings feel like they can give out any second. At this point you didn’t care who sees you sobbing loudly. All you want is to take everything back about what you said and should have just agreed to stay home.
“ Yn?”
You ignore it. The sobbing becomes louder and your keep trying to wipe your swollen eyes to rid the tears. It doesn’t stop.
The person sighs, slowly inching closer. You know that scent all too well. It’s him. What is he even doing here anyways? Why did he think it was okay to follow you out here? Something touches your hand but you turn around to face him and jerk your hand away. He was offering you his handkerchief. You look at him with hatred in your eyes. This all feels too familiar.
Jungkook sighs, nodding his head slowly while retreating his hand. “ I’m sorry. I want to apologize to you in a million different ways but I understand that we’re broken. I broke you. I did those things to you. I take responsibility. No words can explain how badly I fucked up. If I can go back and change everything I would in a heartbeat and do everything correctly.”
You take a minute to analyze his face. You’ve never seen his soft side of Jungkook. The way his face tells it all, lets you know he is sincere. To know he’s also been suffering makes you feel even more guilty. You won't accept it though. He will never get an acceptance of any sort from you. 
“ I hate you.” You sniffle. 
“ I understand.”
“ No Jungkook, I really fucking hate you.”
Was all you said before grabbing his jacket to pull him down into a passionate kiss. The two of your tongues fight for dominance as his left hand goes to your waist and his right up to your face. He can’t help himself but to deepen the kiss. Your lips taste like pure honey to him and he wants to devour you right then and there and never let you go.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.. 
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yoongsisbae · a day ago
Spring Fling
Stories that Bloom; of love, of pain, of fight
Tumblr media
The Woman with the Black Cat on Her Shoulder | MYG
Fearful, they buried them, stomped them into the dirt. Underneath their boot, scared men were unaware the seeds of hope had planted by their own volition. From the dirt and grime, grew flowers, blooms so tall, eclipsing their hatred. You were strong and unwilling to be cut down any more. Shapeshiftercat!yoongi x reader. Read Here
Tumblr media
You Asked for Help, He Asked Your Name | PJM
You ran away from your responsibilities, but they caught you and tried to lay claim to your body. If your life was never going to be yours anyways, you decided might as well give it away and make a deal. fairyprince!Jimin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Spring Day Still with You | JJK
You ran away from the cold, Jungkook ran with you, warming each other’s hearts. But within the cycle of life, there is death, and as spring blooms, the blood still lays soaked in the dirt. You ran and they chased. Sequel to Not a Creature was Stirring. Hybrid!Jungkook x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Day Dream | JHS
The days are hotter, the nights are hotter too. You sleep, restless. Tired, you sleep more, you sleep and you dream and you meet the dream walker and things somehow become even steamier. Sandman!Hoseok x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
The Flower Bridge | KSJ
You couldn’t, you didn’t want to, not anymore, the pain was too much, you wanted it to end, so you visited the bridge. Standing at the highest point, the wind stung, but your problems were bigger, your pain was stronger than the whipping air and your anguish deeper than the water below. Tethered in the center, connecting the place you came from and the place you were going, you found another type of bridge and he found you. Ghost!Seokjin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Blooming Flowers | KTH
His moment of weakness had been you. Weakness was it? It wasn’t love? No, not love, not happiness, a mistake, a regret! For you, it was your last unraveled string, a creation of idolization that grew into a flower as beautiful as him. You had fallen ill to him, in the worst possible way. idol!Taehyung x hanahaki!reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Moonchild & Springchild | KNJ
“Go back,” he said, “It’s not safe here, not for a human.” You can hear the men of your village, their angry jeers, the crackle of fire in their hands, yelling yet too afraid to step across the boundary. “It’s not safe for me, anywhere,” you say, “I’m a woman.” Faery!Namjoon x reader. Blooming...
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lcksndkys · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: JJK x reader
Genre: smut, angst, minors DNI
Word count: 7.2k
Warnings: brief allusions to past cheating, protected sex, nipple play, fingering, male masterbation, handjob. 
Summary: In a time when love seems out of reach, you are only ready for no-strings-attached companionship, but Jungkook is persistent and seeks to show you that true love is patient and kind. Starting from the beginning, this is the story of the TWOYH couple.
A/N: wow never thought i’d actually start this series, but here we are with ch1 finally done! thank you to @jinpanman​ @wwilloww​ @sahmfanficbts​ for your continued encouragement, without you wonderful humans, i would never have started/continued writing <3 and to anyone who read this, i would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to hit that ask button and talk to me :)
Tumblr media
Feet aching, you glare daggers at your best friend. It’s been a few years since you’ve been to a venue like this- small and cramped with sticky floors and abysmal air circulation. You had a very long and arduous week at work finalizing the acquisition of a small underground band that ended up falling through at the last moment. Disappointed to have nothing to show for your efforts, all you want to do is go home to a hot shower and then fall asleep to the next episode of whatever true crime docu-series you have lined up on Netflix. 
But Yeona had begged you, claiming the band was really good and she was sure you would enjoy their sound. And of course you caved to her. Part of you wanted to collapse into the peace of your quiet home, but if you were honest with yourself, you also didn’t want to be home alone in an empty apartment on a Friday night. 
Tonight, there’s a local band lined up to play at The Magic Shop, and from the looks of it, they’re already pretty popular. You scan the crowded bar looking for Jeon Yeona’s unmistakable electric blue hair. 
Spotting your roommate at one of the few tables off to the side, you make a bee-line for her. You drop into the only other bar stool at the small table. “I can’t believe I let you drag me out to this dump,” you grunt, flicking her ear in greeting.
“Oh come on, you love me. Plus, I promise they’re good!” she retorts, slapping your offending hand away. 
You catch up over the next half hour while waiting for the band to perform.
The sudden clamor of girls screaming alerts you to movement on the stage. Your eyes widen in surprise at the sight before you.
Five men begin setting up various instruments, mics, and amps, occasionally throwing shy smiles and waves to appease their crowd. Each man is beautiful in his own right, but there is one in particular that catches your eye. You squint in disbelief. Is that-
“-Jungkook?!” you exclaim, eyebrows shooting up into your hairline in surprise.
You hadn’t seen much of Yeona’s little brother since graduating high school, only hearing small tidbits from your friend over the years. The last time you saw him, he was a sweet but shy, gangly teen with teeth too big for his mouth and a nose too big for his face. 
Puberty sure was generous with him.
Tonight, he’s dressed in a black-on-black casual ensemble. Ripped black jeans and a cut off tank expose his muscular arms and some of his ribs.
And is that an undercut? 
You sputter for a moment, thrown by the sight of him.
As a kid, Jungkook used to tag along with you and Yeona, but as he got a little older, stopped hanging around you altogether. You always wondered what happened to him.
You turn to Yeona who smiles sheepishly at you. 
“I was hoping that you’d pass on Beyond the Scene’s mixtape to those R-Kive execs,” she confesses from behind her glass.
Your mouth gapes in equal parts indignation and shock. 
“Please, babe, I wouldn’t ask you this unless I really thought they had a chance. Just watch them play and decide for yourself,” she pleads, hands clasped together, giving you her signature doe eyed pout.
At your hesitance, she grabs both your hands in hers, swinging them innocently between you, pouting childishly.
“Fine,” you sigh. You were already here and clearly the show was about to start. 
The stage lights start to brighten and you note, belatedly, that all band members have taken their positions on stage. 
Beyond the Scene begins to play, starting off their set with an upbeat number. Their music is a blend of catchy riffs, eloquent lyrics, and a perfect blend of vocals and rap. You’re surprised by the musicality of this small band. 
Critiquing the band internally, you reluctantly agree with Yeona. Highly energetic. Performance focused. Relatable music. Also, it doesn't hurt that all the band members are incredibly handsome.
You can already tell Namjoon would consider pursuing this band as an acceptable replacement for the botched acquisition this week. Yoongi would be a harder sell since you knew he was still pushing to sign a rapper instead.
You are captivated as Beyond the Scene engages with their audience, transitioning from song to song with the seamless experience of a band who has been together for years. The first several songs are energetic and bright and you unconsciously bop your head to the beat, swaying in your seat as the thrum of the music seeps into your bones. 
Winding down the song, you’re confused when the band suddenly starts clearing the stage. There’s unidentifiable murmuring caught on the mics as the friends exchange a few words. The keyboardist sets up a stool center stage while the prettiest man you’ve ever seen drags over a mic stand and winks into the crowd.
The excitement is palpable. It’s clear they’re expecting something.
Jungkook stands from behind his drum kit, pausing to take a deep breath before slowly creeping into the spotlight.
He takes a seat, fiddling with the rings on his fingers as he addresses their audience. 
“How’s everyone feelin?” he asks shyly. Jungkook’s greeting is met with loud approval. He smiles down into his lap as if unaccustomed to the praise.
Your eyebrows rise hearing the deepened timber of his voice. He sounds like a man now. 
“Um, I’m kind of nervous tonight,” he admits to the cooing audience. “There’s someone special here.”
His dark eyes sweep over the crowd a couple of times, finally flickering to your table where he holds your gaze for a split second before darting away. Heart in your throat, you belatedly realize you had been holding your breath.
What is happening?
“So, I decided to cover Never Not, by Lauv.” He speaks quietly into his mic, adjusting it to the appropriate height.
Surprising you yet again, Jungkook leans over to grasp the acoustic guitar, slinging the strap over his head and settling his fingers against the strings. He plucks at the strings a few times, tuning the instrument to his liking. But the way he clears his throat a few times while fiddling with his guitar has you thinking he’s nervous.
Tattoos blur into grey as his hand flies over the strings, his eyes slip closed as he loses himself in the song. 
You’re captivated by his voice, both melodic and soulful, as he sings about love long lost. With some coaching, his talent could lead to something real. This band could be big. 
Jungkook’s eyes stay closed for most of the song, only peeking open briefly on the chord progressions. With brows furrowed, he concentrates on expressing the emotion behind the lyrics.
With a final strum over the strings, the song ends and the crowd bursts into cheers. Jungkook’s head is still ducked, a small smile hanging off his lips, as he sets the guitar back on its stand.
Your eyes track his figure as he makes his way back out of the spotlight, getting comfortable behind his drums again. The rest of the band, who have been sitting scattered randomly on the outskirts of the stage, return to their posts.
“Isn’t our Jungkookie talented?” the pretty one asks the crowd. “Do you want to hear him sing more often?” He cups his ear to encourage the roaring of their fans to the chagrin of their drummer.
The boys giggle at Jungkook’s expense.
The bassist leans forward, bringing his heart shaped smile towards his mic. “Everybody! Did you see his muscles?” he mock-whispers salaciously while puffing out his chest and flexing his forearms and biceps. He turns back to get a glimpse of their shy drummer bashfully shaking his head. 
You cover your ears at the crowd’s raucous approval, laughing at the band’s antics. It’s clear that they adore embarrassing their friend.
There are a few more words thrown around, and someone calls Jungkook their “golden boy”. Behind him, Jungkook ducks his head, tucking some of his dark locks behind his ears. 
Eager to kick off the last half of their show, he clacks his drumsticks together, counting down into the next song and effectively ending their teasing.
The band launches into the final few songs, seeming to pick up in momentum the closer they get to the end of their set. Feeding off the energy from their audience, Beyond the Scene plays every verse and chorus like it’s their last song of the night.
Sweat dripping down his face and pooling in his clavicles, Jungkook’s exposed arms flex with the power he pounds into his drums. The rest of the night your eyes flick to and from Jungkook’s form as you fight the urge to watch as he performs.  
By the end of the show, you admit to yourself that this band has appeal. They’re clearly talented and passionate about their music. And having five good vocalists in a five-piece band was unheard of. They’re definitely unique. You decide you just might include BTS’s mixtape in the next talent acquisition meeting.
Tumblr media
Entering the bar, Yeona immediately picks a small table in between two larger ones while you order drinks for the two of you.
You’re about to ask about the extra seats when- 
The doors fly open, accompanied by squeaking laughter and a flurry of limbs in dark clothing as five men playfully shove at each other.
Tilting your head in interest, you watch the band banter as they make their way into the bar. 
Yeona follows your gaze with a sheepish smile. 
“I hope you don’t mind, but I invited the boys too,” she shrugs. 
You sigh, swirling the slowly melting ice in your drink. You know what she’s playing at now.
The loud squeaking laugh rings out again and you trace it back to the keyboardist. He playfully punches Jungkook in the side, following up with a neck chop causing the younger man’s face to krinkle in laughter. 
They play-fight all the way to the bar where Jungkook wraps his arm around his friend’s neck, placing him in a chokehold. Peals of hysterics carry across the bar, a palm smacking repeatedly on the smooth table top in surrender.
From a distance, you observe the interactions between the band members. 
As Jungkook shadow boxes with the keyboardist, your gaze wanders to their bass player who is leaning halfway over the bar top to flirt with the bartender. 
The two guitarists are sipping from each other’s glasses as if trying to determine if they want to swap. One makes a face after drinking from both glasses while the smaller framed man laughs and accepts both drinks. 
Yeona follows your gaze, watching you watch the friends.
“Tae always makes Jimin order two just so he can try them. That dumbass never actually wants anything more than a sip though,” Yeona laughs. 
You raise a brow at her. It seems she is well acquainted with the band.
She tries to wave them over, but the boys are too busy ribbing each other and fiddling with their drinks to notice.
“Chim!” she calls out, arms up overhead and waving more aggressively. 
Snapping his head towards a familiar voice, the pretty guitarist spots Yeona across the bar. With a drink in each hand, Jimin leads the men towards your table with a confident grin. He takes the remaining seat at your small table while his friends scatter to pull up bar stools and rearrange the furniture to accommodate a larger group.
Setting down his drinks, he wipes a palm on his jeans. Extending it, he grasps your hand and introduces himself with a soft kiss to your knuckles. “I’m Jimin, but you can call me whenever.” 
You giggle at his ridiculous eyebrow wiggle, clearly joking with you. 
Somewhere behind him, Jungkook rolls his eyes at his friend’s outrageously flirtatious behavior. 
Next to him, their other guitarist sips from a glass bottle of coke. “We’ve heard a lot about you from Yeona. I’m Taehyung,” the guitarist says, reaching a long arm across the table to shake your hand delicately.
“All good things, I hope.” You lift a brow at your best friend who nods along genially. 
Jungkook peers over, partially hidden behind Jimin’s slim figure. “It’s nice to see you again,” he says quietly with a grin.
“It’s been too long,” you agree, nodding warmly. “You’ve grown up so much!” 
Shifting back behind Jimin, he frowns. 
Caught up in Yeona and Jimin’s analysis of tonight’s show, you completely miss how the crooked smile on Jungkook’s face falters. 
“Never Not isn’t what I thought Jungkook had been planning to cover tonight,” Jimin says thoughtfully. “He usually picks something more upbeat, but it seemed like people really liked it.”
“Oh, does Jungkook always perform a solo cover?” you are intrigued, looking between Jimin and Jungkook. It is highly unusual for a drummer to also be a vocalist, let alone proficient in guitar. You try to catch his eye, but Jungkook seems to be more interested in the condensation beading on his glass.
This seems to catch their bass player’s attention. “We started it years ago when Jungkookie was still a shy baby. It was just a joke; a way to get him used to the attention!” he laughs cheerily. 
Somewhere in the background, you hear the drummer groan in protest while everyone else cackles goodnaturedly. 
You tip back the rest of your drink, beginning to feel the warming effects of the alcohol. 
Diverting the attention off himself, Jungkook starts introducing you to the rest of the band, silently hoping none of his other friends would blatantly flirt with you the way Jimin had.
“Hobi came up with the idea and the rest of the band kinda just pushed me into it.” Jungkook rubs a rough hand up and down his cheek, remembering how uncomfortable he had initially felt.The first time, he covered a popular pop song. With the familiar song, he had hoped that people would help sing along to drown out his vocals. Instead, the buzz of the venue seemed to dim, his clear voice cutting through and touching the hearts of the few dozen people present. 
“And the old man is Jin,” Jungkook says, eager to change the subject and points to their keyboardist. “He’s not funny, so please don’t feel obligated to laugh at his jokes.” 
“Yah! I raised you better than that!” Jin squawks. He’s waving a frantic finger at Jungkook, leading to another round of play fighting.
You giggle at their silliness, cheeks lifting with laughter as the group joins in on their shenanigans.
“Could I…” you trail off briefly to organize your thoughts. “Could I get a group shot of you guys and maybe individual pictures?” 
You fiddle with your phone, fingers clumsy and head light, tapping open the camera app and looking expectantly at the boys.
Five pairs of eyes shift around the table. 
It’s Jimin that breaks the silence. “You’re not obligated to anything, you know?” He shifts in his seat to square up to you. “We know Yeona asked you to put a good word in for us at R-Kive, and just to set the record straight, we don’t expect anything.”
Your head tilts in curiosity. “So, you’re passing up an opportunity to have your mixtape reviewed by a music agency?”
“We want it to be real,” comes Jungkook’s quiet, but assured reply.
The rest of the group nods in agreement. 
“We want to be signed for our talent, not for who we know,” he continues. “But thank you, I- we- appreciate it.”
You take a moment to analyze the band in front of you and chose your next words wisely. They could be the next big group.
“Look, we just met but I think you guys have the talent. I think you could make it big; get your music out there,” you raise a brow at Jimin. “Why not have a meeting with Joon and Yoongi, before you make a decision.”
You fumble through your purse for a business card, sliding across the table to the lead guitarist.
The rest of the band looks to Jimin as he studies the information on your card. Reaching a tentative hand out, he picks at a corner of the card while he looks around the table before pocketing it. 
Jimin crosses his arms. “We’ll think about it.”
The table is silent for a few moments, then Jin passes a napkin to your best friend. “Don’t lose this. I’m going to be famous,” he hoots. 
Yeona unfolds it to reveal the vague outline of his lip print in tinted lip balm, laughing at his zeal.
And just like that the awkward tension is broken. Midnight comes and goes as you enjoy getting to know the boys and reacquainting yourself with Jungkook. You find that Jungkook is good company, making you laugh with his quiet jokes and competitive behavior.
Seokjin with his squeaky laughter easily charms you with his dorky jokes and wild gestures, made even more entertaining after he bought the next round of drinks. Hoseok is warm and bubbly, an interesting contrast to his more aggressive rapper stage persona. Jimin, the pretty one, is naturally flirty and affectionate, often draped over his bandmates. With his outgoing personality, you’re not surprised that he seems like the unofficial leader. You have a more difficult time analyzing Taehyung; he seems friendly enough, but somewhat guarded with you. 
And Jungkook. Jungkook is the same boy you knew growing up- easygoing and goofy- only now he looks much more mature. You’d even call him manly, you can’t help but think with a shiver. 
He’s lost in the haze of the alcohol and the sweet cadence of your voice. Seeing you in the crowd tonight had his heart thumping and stomach twisting like he was 13 years old again. 
You’re all happily buzzed and it starts feeling more and more like you’re catching up with some old friends rather than making new ones. 
“Come on, let’s take your photos,” you raise your phone up and beckon to Jimin who poses with one arm across the back of Taehyung’s seat, a teasing smile directed at you.
You snap a few shots before turning to the band’s rhythm guitarist. Legs spread wide, Taehyung stares deep into the camera unblinking, before succumbing to giggles when Jimin jabs him repeatedly in the side.
Taking headshots of Hobi and Jin goes much like it did for the two guitarists. You get a couple of serious pictures before they dissolve into laughing fits. Although incredibly handsome, most of Jin’s photos come out goofy with his eyes wide and mouth open in the midst of yelling at a band mate.
Inspecting the initial photos for quality, you quickly text the photos to Yeona so the boys could review and approve them. Gathering around Yeona, they dwarf her smaller figure with their enthusiasm. 
“Jungkook, you’re last. Smile,” you ask, focusing on his boyishly handsome face. 
He looks past the phone aimed at his visage, seeing the tip of your tongue poking out from behind your teeth as you focus on getting the perfect angle and lighting. 
Head spinning and endeared with your familiar habits, his eyes drop to his hands in his lap. 
“Come on, Kook-ah,” you urge him to look up. Reaching out, you tip his chin up. 
Bolstered with liquid courage, he catches your wrist as you let go. His palms feel large, fingers long, wrapping delicately around you and pulling you closer.
You stumble a little, easily thrown off balance by the alcohol in your system. Throwing out a hand, you catch yourself on Jungkook’s shoulder. 
Oh, he’s built.
“You can take more pictures of me alone in my room later,” he whispers playfully against the shell of your ear. 
“Jeon Jungkook!” you sputter, scandalized. “You can’t-” your eyes flicker towards Yeona who is still distracted, “say things like that.” You laugh it off, hiding your flushed face behind your phone as you capture the typically shy, but alluring drummer. 
“I’m a man now,” he replies simply. Wry smile on his face, he tips his head to the side looking past your phone and directly at you. 
Heart pounding in your ears, you focus on taking his photos, refusing to linger on the mischievous, albeit crooked, smile on his face.
You take a short series of group photos of Beyond the Scene, getting a variety of silly and serious ones.
Deciding on one last drink, you stand and offer to buy the next, and likely last, round. 
“I’ll help you carry them.” Jungkook is quick to offer his assistance. With a gentle hand at the small of your back, the two of you make your way through the crowd and towards the bar. 
“Oof,” you grunt, taking a hasty step back when someone roughly bumps into you.
A strong arm wraps protectively around your waist helping to steady you, but it all fades into the background at the sight in front of you. 
A sudden weight in your chest drops heavy on your legs as if cementing you in place. 
“Taewoo.” You feel your mouth moving, lips curving around the familiar syllables.
Your ex-boyfriend looks momentarily stunned, eyes that used to shine with love now widen in shock. You hate that he’s still as stupidly handsome as the day he left you.
“Oh, do you two know each other?” says a feminine voice.
Torn from your haze, your eyes flick over to the pretty brunette wrapped around his arm, who’s sweetly (re: cluelessly) looking between the two of you. 
“We-”, Taewoo begins.
“- go way back. College friends.” You cut him off. Feeling hot pressure behind your eyes, you feel the frustrating yet impending tears threatening to spill over.  You need to get out of there ASAP.
She coos, hand rubbing up and down his arm. “Almost 8 months together and I still haven’t met all your friends!” 
Eyebrows flying up into your hairline, your head snaps back to look up at your ex who is looking more and more uncomfortable. You had only broken up several months ago, the sting of heartbreak still a familiar pang in your chest. A taped up box of his leftover belongings still sits in your closet, haunting you from its cluttered depths. You feel foolish to think he’d ever want you back.
“We just celebrated our anniversary and Taewoo wanted to stop by this bar for a drink,” she beams up at him.
The low lighting hides the shine over your eyes and the quivering of your lip. Taewoo had broken up with you earlier this year- citing a change of heart- after dating for three years. While you had thought you were about to take the next step in your relationship, he was clearly exploring other options. Instead of a ring, you got a cardboard box of your personal effects.  
Hand still on your back, Jungkook feels the way you tremble under his light touch. One look on your devastated face and he has a pretty good idea what’s going on.
“Ah, sorry, but we were just leaving,” he steps in, quickly steering you away from the happy couple and towards the safety of the outdoor patio. 
In a daze, you let the pressure on your spine lead you through a sea of bodies. 
Once outside, you breathe deeply allowing the fresh, crisp air to cool the aching in your chest. Jungkook stands closeby, running a soothing palm up and down your back. To his surprise, you lean into his touch allowing him to comfort you.
Breath shuttering, you look up at Jungkook with sad, watery eyes. Taewoo had been the most recent in a string of men who made promises they didn’t keep.
“Why doesn’t anyone want me?” 
It’s a rhetorical question, but in this moment, gazing down into your sorrowful eyes with alcohol lowering his inhibitions, it's one that he feels compelled to answer. Pulling you gently against his chest, his arms wrap around your shaking frame. 
If sober, Jungkook would never had the confidence to utter the next few words. You feel him inhale against you deeply. In, then out. “I want you,” he whispers into your crown. “I want you.”
You gulp. You can’t, right?
Tumblr media
Pressing you against the wood, his hands wander under the hem of your top to eagerly map out your curves. Connected at the lips, you open your mouth wider sending your tongue deep into the recesses of his mouth to lap against the wet heat of his tongue. You suckle at the lipring curved around the bottom corner of his lower lip making Jungkook growl into your mouth and pull you into his chest.
You blindly feel for the doorknob, desperate for privacy on the other side. Jungkook groans into your neck, sucking harshly at your skin when you break from him to dig your keys from your purse. Eventually, you get the stubborn door unlocked sending the two of you stumbling across the threshold in a tangle of limbs.
Heart racing and breathless, you drop your purse to the floor and pull him by the hand towards your bedroom. 
His voice is deep when he chuckles. 
"For the record, I never thought this would actually happen," he rasps, winding his strong arms around your waist. He pulls you in to reacquaint your lips.
"Shut it," you snap and push him towards the bed. 
"Make me," he bites back with a smirk.
Kissing him one last time, you step back to pull your top off and quickly make work of your bra as well. Breasts bouncing as you haphazardly discard your clothing.
Going momentarily quiet, Jungkook’s gaze is drawn to your exposed chest, eyes roaming from your clavicles down the slope of your breasts taking in your topless figure. Heat tingles through you, lighting up every nerve ending at his blatant appreciation of your body. Your nipples pucker under his intense gaze.
His attention inflates your ego. Jungkook makes you feel desired. Your stomach lurches at the thought.
You roll your eyes and push the feeling down.
“Come on. We have to be quick,” you urge him. As you left the bar, you had texted Yeona letting her know that you were headed home early and she had responded that she would drive the rest of the band home. Which meant you had limited time alone.
Your fingers are quick to pull his shirt from his pants, quickly unbuttoning to push it from his broad shoulders. 
Jungkook just smiles down at you pleased with your enthusiasm. 
It takes no further encouragement for him to remove the rest of his clothing as you watch. 
“Be a good boy for me and lay down on the bed,” you command.
Happily obliging you, he settles atop your sheets propping himself up with his back against the headboard. 
Completely nude and wearing nothing but a smile, he laces his fingers and tucks his hands behind his head.
Your eyes roam his lithe body. Thick neck sitting atop a well muscled torso and held up by powerful thighs, he truly is a very attractive man. Tattoos cover his entire right arm and most of the right side of his chest, extending down his ribs, and you can’t help but feast on the black and grey art decorating his body.
“Take a picture. It’ll last longer,” he says cockily, spreading his legs wider to showcase his rapidly fattening cock. 
You laugh at his pseudo arrogance, rolling your eyes at his snark and trying to forget that this is Yeona’s brother. You focus on his body and ignore your conscience. 
“I want you to touch yourself,” you instruct as you peel off your skirt.
Eager to please you, he begins obediently stroking himself while watching as you sensually undress for him.
“Faster,” you demand, joining him on your bed. Reclined with legs spread, you reveal the dampness that has gathered between your thighs.
Eyes dropping to your center, Junkook whimpers, but compiles, hand speeding up as he jerks his thickening length. 
You watch as he pleasures himself for you, eyes roaming his impressive physique, you rub yourself through your panties. 
“Do you want a taste?” you slip your fingers under the scrap of underwear to your slippery folds. Gathering some of your arousal, you offer him a sample of your wetness.
Craning forward, his tongue greedily laps at your fingertips groaning at your flavor. The hand fisting his cock speeds up as he cleans the slick off your digits. 
He pants, feeling precum dribbling generously from the slit and using it to swirl his hand on the upstroke to tug on the sensitive tip. 
“Don’t cum yet,” you command.
You let Jungkook pump his cock for another minute, mesmerized by the black ink that blurs with the speed of his hand. Satisfied that he’s fully hard you deliver your next command.
He whines, but obeys your instruction, letting go of his throbbing erection as it bobs above his abdomen, heavy with his desire.
Jungkook is incredibly pliant for you, attention focused entirely on your movements. You preen under his amorous gaze, fingers going back under your panites to swipe at your clit. “What do you think of when you touch yourself?” you ask him.
He answers truthfully. A fantasy he’s had since he learned how to touch himself.
“You, in my clothes, with nothing on underneath,” he whispers. 
Making a show of rubbing yourself under your panties, you moan at his confession. 
“Are you going to let me fuck you?” he breathes. 
You regard him for a moment reveling in his fucked out expression. Eyes dazed with desire and cock leaking for you, Jungkook is the epitome of sin. And he wants you, unlike someone else. 
“No- ”
You smirk at his pout.
“- You’re going to let me fuck you,” you simper at him. You peel off your panties and flash him a quick glimpse of your glistening cunt.
Crawling the short distance to him, you swing a leg over him to straddle his lap.
His eyes drop immediately to your tits. With your newfound proximity, he can feel the heat coming off you in heady waves. 
“Do you want me?” you ask him.
His eyes shoot up to meet yours. “More than anything,” he groans. “Please let me touch you.”
Confidence soaring, you grab his hands and place them atop your breasts, encouraging him to play with your tits. 
“Oh fuck, you’re so hot,” he whines, feeling the fullness of your chest in his hands. “And all mine.”
Mine. But only for tonight, you think.
Giving him free rein to touch your body as he pleases, you wrap your arms around his broad shoulders and send one hand into his hair. With a firm grip, you lean back a little and direct his panting mouth towards your breasts.
Feeling his warm lips wrap around your nipple, your eyes slip closed as you moan out wantonly. Gently suckling it to a peak, his tongue laps against your pebbled bud sending jolts of arousal to your cunt.
Jungkook’s hand trails down the front of your pelvis, slowly creeping south giving you ample time to stop him. The other wraps securely around your waist. 
“More,” you pant. “Touch me.”
Eager to fulfill your request, Jungkook slides his tattooed digits against your slickened folds. Finding your clit, he rubs gentle circles spreading your slick around your sensitive pearl making you whimper in pleasure. Jungkook kisses across your chest to suckle at your other nipple, temporarily diverting your attention from his wandering fingers. Muffled against you, he grunts in appreciation when you tug at his long hair. 
He slides a lone finger into your tight passage, cock twitching in excitement to finally feel you around him. Pumping slowly in and out of you, he basks in sounds of your delight.
“Another,” you demand, hips grinding against his hand.
Unwilling to unlatch from your nipple, he expresses his enthusiasm with a harsh flick against you. He obeys you quickly, slipping another finger into you feeling the way your pussy stretches to accommodate him. 
“Ah- fuck. You’re doing so good,” you praise him while he curls his fingers against your sweet spot.
With the way Jungkook pleasures you, it’s not long before you feel your climax begin to crest. Flattening out his hand, Jungkook grinds his palm against your clit as he curls his fingers, rubbing deliciously against your G-spot. The combination of his mouth lavishing your tits and his hand defiling your cunt has you tipping over the edge.
You moan into his ear as you cum, walls clenching rhymically around Jungkook’s digits. He continues to fuck you through your orgasm to help you ride it out. 
He unlatches from your breast when he feels your hand push at his arm. Pulling out of your cunt, he slips his glittering fingers into his mouth to polish off your essence. 
You bury your face into his neck, nipping and kissing up and down the thick muscles until he’s a whining mess under you. 
Unwinding your arms from around his shoulders, you slide your hands up and down his chest watching as his breaths come out shaky and uneven. You let your nails scratch lightly over his tattooed skin and catch over a nipple causing his cock to quiver where it rests against his groin.
Smiling, you reach between your bodies and grip his dick in a firm hold. He gasps as you jerk him a few times.
“Condom?” you ask.
“Wallet- back pocket,” he croaks flopping onto his back against your pillows.
You lift off his lap and quickly locate his discarded jeans. Digging through the pockets, you find his wallet, and as promised, a thin square packet. 
Returning to Jungkook who’s eyes have not left your figure, you sit atop his lap again. Ripping open the foil, you pinch the tip and place the condom against the dusky head quickly rolling it on and wipe the excess lube off your hand off on your sheets. 
“Tell me you want this,” you ask one last time, lining him up to your fluttering entrance.
“More than anythin- ahhhh!” comes his reply, cut short when you start to slowly sink down onto him.
You feel Jungkook tighten his hold around your hips letting your control your descent, fingertips dimpling the soft flesh as he fights against his instinct to sheath himself into your depths.
You moan at the initial pinch of his thick length stretching your walls apart. Hands on his chest, you stabilize yourself as you take him shallowly at first. Your hips rise and fall, slowly fucking him deeper and deeper into you.
You feel him shudder when he finally bottoms out. Ass flush against his thighs, your toes curl feeling the way Jungkook fills you.
Head tipped back, you pant quickly becoming addicted to the feeling of his turgid length, stuffing you full.
You set a fast pace, grinding back and forth, rubbing your clit on his pubic bone with his cock nestled deep within your walls.
“Ah, fuck. You’re so sexy… feels so, ah- so good,” Jungkook babbles, overwhelmed.
Looking down at him, you see a man in the throes of pleasure. Brow furrowed and jaw clenched, his eyes shine as he gazes longingly up at you while your silken walls tighten around him. Further south, his hair is matted to his skin, sparkling in your slick as you continue rocking back and forth. 
He pants your name repeatedly, hands wandering up and down your back, catching on the curve of your shoulder, down the column of your spine, and cupping your ass as you start bouncing, knocking a low groan from his soft lips.
Dropping your hips forcefully against him, you fill your bedroom with the sounds of moaning and slapping skin. 
Pliable beneath you, Jungkook whimpers desperately. Sweat beads on his hairline as he fights off his orgasm, refusing to cum before you. He’s fantasized about this moment for years and would be damned if he disappointed you.
Above him, you enjoy the control. After everything you’ve been through, you need it. 
“I’m getting close,” he warns.
You reach down feeling for the crux of your coupling to gather some of your slick off his cock using it to rub tight circles around your clit while you continue to bounce on him. 
Mewling in pleasure, you urge him to lift his pelvis to drive deeper into you. 
Leaning back, your hand settles on his thigh giving him the perfect view of your jiggling tits as you continue to impale yourself on his cock. The change in position presses him snugly against your front wall as you pound on him.
He looks from your blissed out face, to your breasts, and ultimately lands on your glittering pussy that’s stretched around his throbbing length. 
Wanting to give you everything, Jungkook plants his feet against your bed for leverage and wraps an arm around your hips, pulling you close as he pistons his pelvis up to meet your downward thrusts. 
Pushing your hand aside, he brings a hand down to your mound and uses his thumb to rub at your clit.
“Oh, fuck Jungkook,” you cry out as he swirls in tight circles around your sensitive bundle of nerves. “I’m gonna-” you gasp, feeling yourself fall over the precipice.
He growls, feeling your cunt tighten around him. Thighs quivering, your fingers rake across his shoulders, desperate to grasp onto something to ground yourself. Jungkook doubles down on thrusting up into you while he uses his strength to help keep you upright. 
Head thrown back and moaning wantonly, pleasure surges from between your legs, consuming you. Seeing white, your body tingles in rapture as you unravel for the second time tonight. Your walls spasm wildly around him, milking his length and encouraging him to his end.
Your ears ring in the aftermath of an intense orgasm while Jungkook pants laboring to bring himself to climax.
“Cum for me,” you urge him. “Come on, cum for me.” Caressing his neck and shoulders, you feel his muscles ripple with urgency. 
You remember how his dick twitched earlier and you stealthily card your nails down his pectorals before landing on his nipples. Taking them between your thumb and index fingers, you gently roll and twist making him howl in ecstasy.  
Jungkook cums with a pitchy whine, wrapping strong arms around you to hold you close as his cock erupts deep inside you. He thrusts shallowly into your heat several more times to draw out his pleasure while he fills the condom with his release. 
Heavy with post orgasm endorphins, Jungkook’s arms slacken from their vice around your waist allowing you to climb off him letting his slowly wilting length land with a soft splat against his thigh. 
Still panting, you amble into the bathroom on shaking legs leaving a smiling Jungkook to clean the mess between your legs and search for something to cover your nude form. 
Finding a hoodie and pair of lounge pants, you tug them on. You spare a glance at Jungkook who is carefully removing the soiled condom and wiping himself off with some tissue from your bedside table. He tosses both into the trash and he settles back into your sheets.
“Come back to bed?” he asks with a shy, but sweet, smile. 
Hair mussed and chest flushed, Jungkook offers his open arms to you, inviting you into his warm embrace. Your heart stutters over a beat, surprised to find yourself wanting to return to his comforting hold. But seeing you suddenly dressed makes him feel strangely vulnerable. Maybe you aren’t into post-coital cuddling.
“Here,” you gulp, pushing down the swell of emotions in your chest. You toss him something dark and soft. 
He looks down at his clothes, confused. Maybe you just aren’t into cuddling with him. 
“You should leave before Yeona gets home.” You’re already standing by your open doorway, ready to usher him out of your bedroom.
“Oh, um, I just thought that- but, okay,” he says, fumbling his words. This isn’t how he was hoping tonight would end. 
Your heart pangs in your chest upon hearing the thinly veiled disappointment in his tone. 
Jungkook pulls on his shirt and stands to tuck his still wilting length into his briefs. He chances a quick look at you only to see that you’ve averted your eyes. He finishes dressing quietly.
He makes to slide between you and the open doorway, but you catch him by the elbow before he can escape to lick his metaphoric wounds. 
You desperately want to put that sweet smile back on his face, but your mind and heart are a mess. You’re not ready to open up again. Not now. Not to him or anyone else, and you desperately try to put together the words to express that to him.
Even after what the two of you just did, you can’t seem to meet his eyes. You opt to look just left of his ear as you explain yourself. 
“I had a lot of fun tonight, Jungkook,” you admit softly, as if afraid to be heard by invisible ears. “I want you to know that it’s not you, Jungkook. It’s just- I’m just not looking to start anything with anyone right now.” You gesture uselessly with a hand as if trying to pull words the right words from thin air.
That’s not exactly what he wants to hear, but it’s a start. He heard that you and Taewoo had a rough breakup, though the details had always been kept vague. 
“If you want, I can do casual. It doesn’t have to be serious,” he offers. If he can only have your body, well, that’s better than not having you at all, isn’t it?
You find yourself entertaining his offer. No strings attached pleasure is tempting, but you look at Jungkook and all you see are strings.  
“I had a lot of fun tonight, Kook-ah. You’re really- you made me feel really good, but I don’t think that would be a good idea,” you say gently.
Jungkook smiles halfheartedly in response, having no words with which to reply.
Things could get complicated fast, and you weren’t willing to risk Yeona’s friendship.
Jungkook makes to leave, but you grab onto his wrist with a last minute request.
“Please don’t tell anyone. Please, Kook-ah.”
He hesitates for a split second. 
“Yeah, ok. Thank you for tonight. I’ll see you around,” he mumbles. Eyes downcast, he exits your apartment, shutting the door quietly on this way out. 
Hearing his steps retreat into the night, you close the door and sag against the wood, drained emotionally and physically by the turn of events. 
Disappointed in yourself, you curl up in bed and breathe in the lingering scent of Jungkook on your sheets. That night you dream of flashing lights, nimble fingers on guitar strings, and buck teeth.
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purrfectfae · a day ago
Tumblr media
Break me, pierce me ! Jungkook would definitely be the one to fuck your cunt with his tattooed fingers with rings on them . You'd already feel at edge just by looking at the veins pop as he glides his fingers in and out of you. He'd slide his fingers on your tongue, letting you taste your arousal after making you squirt from numerous orgasms.
" like how desperate you taste for me baby "
And most importantly, he'd prefer index , middle finger than ring finger , middle finger. He says it gives him more leverage to get deep inside you .
He'd lock his canines on the ring of your nipple piercing, pulling your nip as he'd fuck you missionary on his recliner in his shop.
After cumming inside you, he'd scoop out your mixed fluids and paint it all over your naked torso enjoying the way you squirm and mewl at the cold sensation of his metal rings.
When he sees some guy flirt with you, he'd tick off like a bomb. He'd fuck you so hard , slapping your boobs , biting and marking you . He wouldn't listen to you when you try to calm him down by whispering sweet nothings and consoling him that you are his and no act of wooing from other men would convince you to leave him.
" stupid slut , you like it when you get attention yeah? Like how I get jealous? You are such a sick fuck babe. Do you have to steal everyone's hearts like that? Am i not enough for you? Ngh "
He'd still call you names and would slut shame you while balls deep inside you despite your sweet monologue of how much you love him. After he's done with you, he'd come back to his senses. He'd cry and apologize to you and you being a sweet little thing would give into his pity party and cradle him, kissing his head, telling him that you still love him.
He is the possessive type , you discover it. You yet have to discover that he is obsessive too.
Break me, pierce me! Jungkook is so selfish . He's more take and less give. He wants you to always tend to him whether it being in bed or outside of it. He'd want you to give him head at weird ass places and times and wants to be the one to cum first during sex. He'd want you to massage his arms and kiss his head after a long day at work . You should leave everything you are doing and tend to him. Always.
Despite being so selfish, he pleasures you the best and no one night stand's from your past ever made you feel like that. He makes sure you cum too but that's not for your sake. It's for his. He gets off to you being so vulnerable beneath him, giving his ego a big boost.
He's never vanilla , always fucks you like it's the last time he gets to savour you .
He sometimes fucks you like you're not there. Like it's only him and his fuck doll, you. He'd hold your hips up by your waist and would ram inside you while stomping your head with his foot. He'd moan your name out load as he'd release inside you.
He's the needy kind, always wanting you close to him and holding, touching you. What you realize in your relationship with jungkook is that he is not shy with you like how he used to be in college. He's not vocal but he projects it. Like,whenever he wants to have sex with you , he won't ask, instead would throw himself at you , knowing where it would end.
He doesn't like to hear no. He gets what he wants and he makes sure you give him what he needs. He'd burn holes into your skull with his glare whenever you'd reject him and would ignore you. He won't even eat or drink making you guilty and finally give into his brattiness.
He never shies away from using your body when you are sleeping . He'd use your mouth, boobs, cunt while you sleep and would drop on top of you after he's done . He wouldn't even bother cleaning up his cum from your body leaving it for you discover it sticking awkwardly to your skin the next day.
He'd tie you to the bed and would get his way with you. He'd sit on top of you , crushing you with his weight knowing very well how much you like feeling his weight on you. He'd kiss you, mark you and would fuck you senseless till you utter out the safe word.
Regarding PDA, he won't be the one to initiate but he'd expect you to do it . He'd want you to kiss him in public, intertwine your fingers with his, cling to his arm , say 'I love you's' and just smile pretty at him all the time. You wish he initiates it sometimes but you are content with whatever he is giving . You know he is cold but at the end of the day, you also know that he loves you and only you.
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helenazbmrskai · a day ago
can i request a paraplegia!jjk x reader fic? if so can it include smut x established relationship x slice of life with ass play please
Pairing - Paraplegia! jeongguk x reader
Genre - Established Relationship AU, Smut, hurt and comfort, angsty, Slice of Life
Summary - Getting home from your friend's bday party you can sense something is wrong when Jeongguk is facing the wall. You're not one to go to bed with unresolved feelings. (And as a bonus you fuck any insecurities out of him too.)
Warnings - blowjob, body worship, praise kink, teasing, very sweet lovemaking, butt stuff, grinding, kisses, marking/love bites, unprotected sex, emotional sex, using the nickname bunny and baby a lot, subish!jk and soft dom!reader, jk is a pillow prince
Word Count - (3,2k)
Author note. Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you will enjoy this!
Arriving home pleasantly tipsy you can't wait to cuddle with your boyfriend and sleep. It's been a long day for you but even though how tired you felt you had to show up to your best friend's birthday party. It was good but it would have been better if Jeongguk would decide to come too. Something has been clearly bothering him all day and even when you texted him a couple of times during the party he just gave you small sentences and ushered you to have fun. 
You didn't drink much so after you're done showering you feel like even the slight buzz now disappeared. 
Turning the knob you make sure to be careful with your steps. Jeongguk's back is facing you so you can't tell if he's asleep or not, his wheelchair is tossed next to the dresser at a weird angle. It's not like him to just toss it away he's a very tidy man. 
Your frown deepens when he doesn't react to the kiss you plant on his cheek by now you're sure he's awake. He lightly snores when he's deeply asleep. He's avoiding you for some reason and you're going to get him to tell you why before the sun rises. 
"I know you're awake bunny." You can see his back muscles tense at your voice but still not dropping the act. Your sigh shows your disappointment you remain silent for a few more minutes thinking. 
"I can't read your mind baby if something bothers you you should tell me. I love you and I'm here for you." 
After not getting a reply you decide to stop getting him to talk for now you know how stubborn he can get. He was fine this morning so you really can't say what's wrong. You don't think he's mad at you either it almost looks like he's in his head coming up with hurtful scenarios. If you had to guess it's about the party invitation he declined. Maybe he wanted you to stay with him? He should have said that if that's the case you wouldn't have minded just laying in bed with him instead of partying. 
"Goodnight Gukie." You kiss the top of his hair and lay down again getting somewhat comfortable to get some shut eye. You miss your cuddle bunny. You swear you try to sleep but can't without having your boyfriend close to you. 
After another half an hour of just looking at the ceiling, you finally get up to get some water. It's less than ten minutes that you spend sitting at the kitchen counter gulping down your glass of water when you see Jeongguk's figure appear at the door. His eyes are puffy from sleep or you hope so it's just sleep and he didn't cry when you weren't there to comfort him. He wheels himself closer to you still avoiding your eyes so you take initiative and change your seat. You plop down on his lap - your favourite seat in the entire world - and curl your hands around his neck to breathe in his natural scent mixed with his favourite laundry detergent. 
"Can't sleep?" You relax a bit further when he holds you close to his body by your waist. It's the first thing he said to you in a while and his voice sounded so unsure you don't like this version of him. You like him confident and sweet. 
"Yeah. I can't fall asleep if you're not holding me." Your eyes are getting droopy as his body heat surrounds you lulling you to sleep. You were wide awake just minutes ago and now you have to bite your lip to stop your jawn. This is how much power he has over you. 
"I'm sorry." You kiss the skin under his jaw and hum as an answer to his apology. 
"I hate when you don't talk to me. I don't like it that you keep your thoughts to yourself when you're clearly upset by something." Your nose rubs against his pulse point comforting yourself while your tone conveys how sad that makes you. 
"I know. I'm sorry for ignoring you." You nod apology accepted within a heartbeat. The way Jeongguk cards his fingers through your hair to soothe you makes goosebumps appear on your skin and your eyes close on their own. You almost purr like a cat into his shoulder now entirely relaxed in his hold. Jeongguk kisses the top of your head and you can feel him smile into your hair when your hands tighten around his neck to pull him closer. 
It's ok if he doesn't tell you why he has been upset you just want him to know that you're here if he needs you. You'll always be here for him. You love him so much. 
You're half asleep on his lap when he decides to speak again. You didn't realise that you spoke loudly when you thought you were just rumbling in your head. 
"I-" Your boyfriend lets out a huff of air a frown etched on his face as he can't really grasp the words he wants to say. "I thought you might have more fun if I'm not around."
Your head's sudden jerk in his direction startles him. He looks away immediately when he sees your angry expression.
"I'm having the most fun when you're around. I don't understand why you would think otherwise." Your intense gaze on him makes him feel guiltier, first, he ignored you and now he's making you upset with his assumptions.
He got so far so he continues you deserve to know what has plagued his mind this whole time.
"I can't dance with you. I can't even stand up. Sitting with me the whole time must be boring and I-" 
You didn't let him finish as you grip his face his cheeks pushed together and his lips form an adorable pout as you keep him level with your gaze. You were never the dancer type even before you started dating him you were that kind of girl who liked sitting around and chatting in bars rather than dancing the night away. 
"Have I ever given you the impression that I'm bored with you?" Your question catches him off guard. He doesn't want you to think he thinks that. Jeongguk shakes his head vehemently trying to desperately convey that's not what he meant. His big doe eyes pleading with you to stop thinking that.
 "Then you shouldn't think about that at all. I'm not dating you because you can dance or because I'm sorry for you, you know that. I'm with you because you're the sweetest person I've ever met and I fell in love with you the moment our gazes met. You make me happy Jeongguk." Jeongguk bites his lip to stop his lower lip from trembling from your heartfelt confession. 
"I love you too." He nuzzles his face into your neck you know he's about to cry. He's been so consumed by his toxic thoughts that hearing you say that means the world to him. 
"Are you good now? I hate seeing you sad." Your hand caresses his head fingers massaging his scalp to make him relax and he melts at your touch a slow hum rumbling from his chest. 
"Hm-mn" You smile at his droopy expression he looks as tired as you. It's late you should both sleep. Jeongguk catches your hand when you get up from his lap stopping you from getting too far away, a clear whine is heard in the otherwise quiet night. It makes him blush profoundly when you giggle. 
"Let's go to sleep bunny." Nodding he pulls you down again the veins in his forearms bulging as he wheels you both to your bedroom with your weight resting on top of him. You were always impressed by how strong he is. 
"You're doing this on purpose." You groan when he lifts you up and places you on the bed. Jeongguk lets out a boyish giggle acting all innocent when he knows so well that you have a thing for him showing off his strength. It's not just a coincidence that he has a six pack and broad muscular shoulders. He likes his gym time and you ogle at his hot body every time he gets back from a session all sweaty and hot as hell. More times than not it ends up in some post workout activities. He maybe can't fuck you into the next Sunday but he surely can finger you like his life is depending on it. Every time he touches you it feels like you're about to descend to heaven. He makes you cum so hard that you're afraid someday your eyes will be stuck at the back of your head. Not to brag but you're kinda fit yourself. You can ride him like there's no tomorrow you could forever listen to his moans and watch him writhe underneath you, your sweet bunny. 
As if sensing your dirty thoughts Jeongguk smirks and places his hand on your thighs as an excuse to haul himself up to the bed. You help him get settled and put his wheelchair to the side but still easy to access it when needed. 
You straddle his lap when you're done and Jeongguk beams at you from under his hands on both sides of your waist. 
"I thought you said we were sleeping." Rolling your eyes at this clear teasing you place both hands on his chest and drag yourself across his lap earning a sharp gasp from him. 
"Your dick doesn't seem to agree with you bunny boy." The blush creeps up his neck colouring his full cheeks as you rub yourself over his evident boner. His sweats do not make him justice as you can feel him strain against the fabric. 
"You're being mean." You feel the urge to kiss his pout away you get closer hovering over his lips before you pull away when he tries to lean in. His whine is your reward.
"Oh, I can be meaner baby." Jeongguk huffs and puffs under you frowning when you pull away from a kiss again. 
"Kiss me." His demanding face is cute. Big doe eyes looking at you with unrestrained lust cute bunny nose scrunched up as you annoyingly avoid his lips with your kisses. 
"I'll if you're good." He can feel you smile into his neck. He's a little frustrated that you deny him but automatically tilts his head to give you more access to his neck to continue licking and sucking on his unmarked skin. 
Desperately trying to ground himself he grabs your ass over your flimsy night shorts. Your moan at the sudden squeeze sends vibrations up his throat. It's easy for him to push your tiny shorts all the way up until he finds skin his big hands groping your flesh kneading your ass cheeks to his heart's content. 
Your bites litter his skin as you push yourself up by placing both hands on his rapidly moving chest. Grabbing the edge of his t-shirt you give him a coy look that you perfected against him even though you don't need to try too hard he would do anything you want him to without a second thought. If you want to take his shirt off he'll raise his hands happily so you could slip it over his head. 
He eagerly watches you remove his garments one by one starting from his shirt to end up with your finger hooked in the waistband of his jeans and underwear. 
You can never get enough of the sight of his thick veiny cock slap against his abs the moment you free him from his pants. He's so perfect laying down for you, his hair spread out on the pillows half lidded eyes watching you run a teasing finger up and down the prominent vein on his cock. Giving him a mischievous smile you surprise him by turning around, pushing your backside against his straining cock. His eyes burn a hole in you where he sees his dick squeezed by your buttcheeks his precum smeared around your ass as you grind against his member. Jeongguk is an ass guy he likes kneading your supple flesh and watching his cock slide between your mounds. You don't really mind it, you make sure to put up a good show for him before you get to sink down on his length. Encouraged by his choked moans you rub yourself on him faster you feel him twitch too soon for your liking so you will yourself to stop. Even though it would be a hot sight to have him spurt his cum all over your back and ass you want his cum inside much more. 
"Ready baby?" Your question prompts a big nod from your lover excited to feel your walls part for him. You roll your pants and soaked underwear down your legs, getting naked in a teasing manner that makes your boyfriend groan impatiently. 
"Someone's needy." You chuckle moving further up his body until your pussy is pressed against his stomach. Jeongguk's eyes roll to the back of his head when he feels your juices wet the skin of his stomach you grind against his abs spreading your slick everywhere. Can't contain himself Jeongguk grabs your waist and helps you move along him pushing and pulling your body with ease like a ragdoll. He can feel your clit pulse every time it catches onto the ribs of his defined abs.
"You're my good bunny. The love of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me." Your smile is too innocent paired up with your lewd acts. Your hips move against his abdomen while one hand snakes around you without detection to give his cock a surprise stroke. Jeongguk both mewls at the praises you whisper into his skin and at the feeling of your fingers closing around his rock hard length. The pleasure gets overwhelming as his heart swells at your sweet words. He wants to tell you that he loves you too. He wants a family with you one day. Marry you and have children with you. He has so many things to say but all he can do is moan and squirm under your skilled hand. His cock is aching and his balls are heavy with cum. He only gets to dip his cockhead in your cunt before his cock twitches having your tightness surround him. You both moan out when his wide tip pops into your opening the rest of him stretching your walls deliciously as you sit down fully on his cock with slow humping movements. Can't help yourself as you roll your hips dragging his cock around inside you to further stretch around him and have him touch every spongy spot in you. 
Jeongguk's grip on you tightens to keep you still he mewls and shakes his head asking you in his sweet voice to wait a minute. 
"T-Too much. Ah. I'll cum- hmnp" You kiss him for the first time that night successfully shutting him up. He's so cute when he's overwhelmed you like to see some tears collecting in the corner of his eyes - knowing that your pussy can make him lose his mind is mindblowing it gives you as much power over him as he has over you with his perfect cock. Veiny and perfectly curled, filling you up nicely, reaching just enough that it's not overbearing. The perfect size and grit. 
Your tongues dirty dance together in your mouth saliva pooling around the corners of his lips as you barely let him breathe between your bruising kisses. It certainly was worth the wait to get such a passionate lip locking session from you. The messiness of it makes Jeongguk hot and bothered as your tongue follows the spit that shined on his cheeks. You comply with his wishes and don't start fucking yourself on his cock yet you enjoy him filling you up anyway as you kiss him some more. 
Jeongguk can hardly concentrate on kissing you back properly - so it gets sloppy and uncoordinated but you don't mind that one bit - as your walls pulse around him swallowing him in and coating his entire length in your arousal. Jeongguk wants to be good for you. He knew if you started bouncing on his cock right away he would have cum embarrassingly quickly.
A few minutes pass with you just kissing him tasting his skin and gifting him with more love bites across his chest and neck. Patiently waiting for your boyfriend to give you a sign that you can move. 
You don't have to wait for too long after sucking your tongue into his mouth he pulls away. He's panting hard but his eyes are full of lust he grabs your ass and squeezes making your hips jump from the stimulation. 
Your elevated hips make half of his cock to slip out the squelching sound that your juices create doesn't go unnoticed by either of you. Jeongguk's eyes get fixated on his length disappearing in you, your arousal clinging to his cock making it easy for him to slide home in your cunt. You don't feel any pain at all as you start a languid pace rolling your hips every now and then to get your clit some stimulus as well. 
It's slow and sweet just like how you both like it. You're not riding him to get your release as soon as possible, no. You ride him like you want to feel every ridge and vein rub against your walls as you move up and down. Jeongguk likes it when you take care of him like that. He gets to enjoy your tight core squeezing him. He has half the mind to pay some attention to your boobs as well. Enveloping one in his mouth rolling the tip of his tongue around your hardened bud until you arch your back for him. Pushing your chest against his face. 
Even when your movements become erratic as pleasure surges through your veins his eyes are still watching you with stars in his eyes. You're the woman he's madly in love with and you fuck him so good. You know everything he likes you probably know his body better than him at this point. 
It's so easy for you to make him lose control. He's not afraid to moan your name loudly or show you how much he likes it when your cunt tightens around him or the way you litter his body with your marks. You make everything feel so easy with you. He's not thinking about his disability or how he has no other choice but to lay on the bed and take what you give him because you always give him everything. 
Seeing the telltale signs of your lover's orgasm you make sure to speed up your thrusts burying him in your cunt as deep as possible when he finally cums. You help him ride out both of your highs until your legs are shaking.
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seokjinsonlyone · a day ago
Not My Type | 4
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x female reader
summary: “Why couldn’t he understand she was ignoring him for a reason?”
genre: friends to lovers; fluff; mild angst
rating: pg
warnings: none
wc: 2.4k
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4
a/n: she's updated after a year nothing is impossible <333
Tumblr media
One lunch date, though if you asked her she’d never call it that, turned to two, two turned to three, then suddenly they’re eating lunch together two to three times a week. He’d even started having meals prepared for them so they wouldn’t be eating so much takeout which made her feel… whatever.
The fact that she felt anything at all was a problem. The lunches started out innocently. She was sure he would get whatever he had out of his system and then they’d go back to normal. Except they didn’t. In fact the situation had escalated astronomically.
After a few weeks of meeting for lunch, it was mutually decided that thirty minutes in his car was not enough time spent together. So, in addition to lunch sometimes they’d have dinner together at one of their houses. They were hanging out on the weekends. They were watching shows together (in exchange for her watching Attack on Titan, he was watching Meteor Garden). It was starting to be way too much for her.
They were becoming domestic. Just the other week he put up the LED lights she’d had sitting in a corner of her room for months. In that same corner he found a bunch of blank canvases and they ended up having a Bob Ross painting session. She now had one of his paintings hanging in his room and he had hers in his.
A few days ago they were on the phone watching an episode of her recommended drama when one of the worst bouts of cramps she’d ever had overtook her. It felt like glass shattered in her abdomen and was tearing up all her insides. It was so painful she couldn’t do anything but cry. She wasn’t even able to attempt hiding her sobs to save face, considering it hurt to breathe. And even though it was the middle of the night, he drove to her place, found her leant against the wall with tears streaming down her face, got some pain medication in her, and put her to bed. Stayed on her couch and checked on her periodically until she fell asleep.
He spent the next day doting on her. Went out and bought her chocolates and a heated blanket because he’d read online that heat helps with cramps. It was too much.
But the thing is, she couldn’t even put all the blame on him because lowkey she was eating all this up. She kind of loved the attention and Jungkook was so cool. Like, yeah he was a bit of a dork and awkward, but he also had tattoos and pretty eyes and a big heart that was starting to chip away at the walls she built. It was counterproductive. She had the walls up for a reason. Some lines weren’t meant to be crossed. She was tired of learning things in hindsight. If you didn’t start anything, there wouldn’t be anything. That’s the way she liked it. 
She wasn’t a fool though. She knew something had already started. Knew it in the way she stopped vehemently denying the status of her relationship with her coworkers. When Jungkook first started showing up frequently they’d pestered her about her “boyfriend”. She always corrected them saying they were just friends. It’d devolved into saying they were talking. Which they were… as friends… kind of.
She knew it in the rush she started getting whenever she’d see him and the butterflies she felt when they were watching something and they’d drift closer and closer on the couch until their thighs were touching, his arm wrapped around her as she rested her head on his shoulder. 
However, she wasn’t going to put a name to a feeling. The second that happened everything would change. It’d be different. It would ruin everything. She wasn’t going to let that happen. She was going to put some distance between the two of them and get things back on track. They’d had their fun, but things were veering into dangerous territory. The time for games was over. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook liked Y/N. There was no other way to put it. No way around it. That’s what it was. Plain and simple. He liked when she was happy. He hated to see her in pain. He wanted to be around her all the time. She was constantly in his thoughts. He liked her. That’s why her ghosting him was slowly killing him. 
One day they were cuddled up on her couch and the next she wasn’t answering any of his texts or calls. Wasn’t even opening the messages. When he went to her job for lunch she told him she was too busy to take a break, just took the food he’d gotten from him, cash app’d him the cost of it, and said see you around. 
He was a little bit irritated, a lot disappointed, and overall felt like a fool. Irritated that she felt like she couldn’t talk to him, choosing to cut off communication instead. Disappointed that whatever he thought was happening wasn’t happening. He thought they were making progress, but now he felt like he’d gone back to square one. Except he was in a worse position than when he started. He was a fool. This was exactly what Jimin had warned him about.
A small part of him wanted to give up, tell him he was right, and deal with the bit of hurt he felt. It was manageable. It kind of sucked but nothing too bad. Nothing he couldn’t handle. But, the larger part of him wanted to go to her. Actually talk to her. Figure things out together. See what he could do to be good for her. To make her accept him. 
If she genuinely wasn’t into him, then he’d accept it. But, he was almost positive that wasn’t the case. He was fairly certain of the signals he was receiving. He had to go to her. He could convince her. Like he said before, anything was possible if you wanted it bad enough and worked hard enough.
Tumblr media
“Where’s Jungkook?” Jin asked.
“Why would I know?”
They were at Jimin’s house. All three of them were sat on the couch, a random rug cleaning video playing in the background while they scrolled on their phones.
“I don’t know. Y’all seem to be joined at the hip these days.”
“If we were conjoined, I highly doubt it’d be the hip.”
“Yeah it’d be somewhere ridiculous,” Jimin chimed in, “like, the kneecap or something.”
She snorted. “The elbow.”
“The nose.”
“Hey,” she whined, “My nose is not as big as his. Besides, now that I’m thinking about it I don’t think we could be conjoined.”
“Why not?”
“Conjoined twins are identical. Like I'm pretty sure fraternal twins are, like, from two different eggs and conjoined twins happen when the one egg doesn’t fully separate.
“That sounds about right.”
“Oh my gosh, that wasn’t the point,” Jin interjected.
“What was the point then?”
“The point is,” he huffed, “y’all have been blowing everybody off lately to hang out with each other and today you answered on the second ring and agreed to hang out immediately.”
“I thought I’d grace you with my presence. I know you’ve been wanting to see my beautiful face,” she deflected, doing flower hands under her chin.
“You sound like me.”
“We’re basically the same person.”
“That’s how I know you’re trying to change the subject.”
She sighed. He really wasn’t going to let this go. “Look, I haven’t talked to Jungkook all week, so I don’t know where he’s at, where he’s been, or what he’s up to.”
Jimin snatched her phone out of her hand as soon as she finished her sentence. She pounced at him attempting to grab it back, but he thrust his arm upward out of her reach, swiping through her call log. “He’s called you like 12 times.”
She struggled against him, trying to get her phone back. “That’s none of your business!”
“You asked me to talk to him a few weeks ago, putting me in the middle of this, so actually it is.”
She rolled her eyes. He was so annoying. She reached for her phone again, but he dashed to the other side of the coffee table continuing his search through it. “He’s texted you just as much and that’s just what I can see without opening the thread.” He shook his head with a disapproving look etched across his face. “You could’ve at least opened the messages.”
“Come on, Jimin,” she whined. “Give it back!”
She looked over at Jin, who was simply watching the scene unfold, in hopes that he would do something to help. A fatal mistake. Jimin used her momentary slip of attention to run into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. She banged on the door furiously. He was such a menace; he could be doing anything on that phone. He opened the door thirty seconds later, tossing the device to her. She immediately opened her messages and saw the text he sent to Jungkook. 
[5:33pm] y/n: hey can you come to jimin’s place?
Heat creeped up her spine as anger settled in her bones. She didn’t have that much of a problem with Jimin stirring the pot in other peoples’ lives. Hers… was a different story. She didn’t like this at all. “Jimin! This isn't funny. Why would you do that?” Her phone buzzed in her hand before she could properly go off on her friend. She looked down.
[5:34pm] jk: yeah i’m on my way
The anger shifted into panic quickly. “Oh my god. He said he’s on his way.” She had to get out of there asap. She grabbed her bag from the couch and rushed to the foyer, kicking off her slippers and switching to her shoes before she was intercepted by Jimin.
“Why are you trying to leave?” he asked, standing in front of the door.
She groaned. Why couldn’t he understand she was ignoring him for a reason? Why wouldn’t he just leave her alone? “Move.”
“No. Why?”
“Because.” She didn’t owe him an explanation anymore than she owed Jungkook one. She didn’t owe anyone anything. What she did or didn’t do was her business and hers alone. She should’ve stayed home. 
“Because what?” he insisted.
“Because.” She was beginning to get exasperated. Why hadn’t she realized he was this insufferable before?
“Because what?”
“You’re asking questions like a child,” she snapped.
“You’re behaving like one,” he fired back. “Now, why?”
“Because I like him!” she blurted out, then cupped her hand over her mouth. That was something she hadn’t even admitted to herself and now she’s just spewed it out in front of Jimin and Jin who was still sitting on the couch, gummy bears in hand, watching them like a Netflix Original drama. 
“Mhm. That’s what I thought,” he said with a self-satisfied smirk plastered across his face. She wanted to smack it off.
“Okay, so you understand why I have to go,” she stated pointedly, attempting to pull him off the door.
“ Actually I don’t. You do realize I’m both of your friends, right? I’ve been seeing both sides of the story all week. You’re not talking about him—to him—at all, pretending that he doesn’t exist, and all he’s doing is talking about you. I didn’t want to be in the middle of this. I was hoping you’d handle the situation like an adult, but since you won’t even talk to the guy I had to step in.”
She stared at him dumbfounded. “So this whole thing was a trap and Seokjin is your backup.”
She ran her hand down her face. She should’ve expected as much. All he ever did was plot and scheme.
He pulled her into a hug, noticing her shoulders drop, flight mode no longer in full swing. She may not have been thrilled that Jimin was interfering, but she knew that he’d never do anything to hurt her. He only ever had her best interests at heart. Hers and Jungkook’s really. “I’m not telling you what to do or say, but you have to do something. Avoiding him isn’t making your problems go away. The longer you wait the worse it’s gonna be.”
Jin came up behind her, joining in the hug.
Jimin rolled his eyes. “Where were you five minutes ago when she was clawing at my arm?”
“Waiting for a more neutral point to come in.”
She snorted, wrapping her arm around him as well. As touching as she found this moment, the fact that Jungkook was on his way was still at the forefront of her mind. She pulled out her phone, breaking up the group hug to check his location. He was only a couple minutes away, which wasn’t nearly enough time for her to properly sort out her thoughts. She went back to the couch, flopping down and flailing her limbs, throwing a childlike tantrum. “What am I supposed to doooo?” 
“Just talk to him,” Jin prompted.
“About what? The last time I saw him we were cuddled up on my couch then I ghosted him for a week. I’m clearly in the wrong.” 
“So start with an apology.”
She shook her head. They just weren’t getting it. “And then what? This situation requires rationality. I don’t know how to be rational around him.” She’d been trying to go about this logically ever since the whole thing started in the very spot she was sitting at now. How had she let it get this far? “He makes my brain fuzzy. My heart seems to do all the work when he’s around,” she admitted quietly dropping her head into her hands. 
Jimin opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. He got up to answer it and as expected Jungkook entered from the other side. “Hey, what’s up man?” Jimin greeted. Jin got up to meet him, as well. He dapped both of the older men up, but his eyes were on her the whole time. 
She should’ve stayed home. If she wasn’t so busy trying to distract herself from him, she would’ve been able to properly avoid him. Ironic. She felt the contents of her stomach start swirling, nausea climbing up her throat. How did she let it get this far?
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koostarcandy · 2 days ago
delicate (series m.list)
Tumblr media
summary: a series of drabbles about your college life from the doe-eyes of your beloved boyfriend
pairing: jungkook x female!reader
warnings/tags: fluffffyyy (is that even a warning anymore smh), overuse of sweet names, angsty times (cause these are young adults in the real world🤧), more to put when future drabbles are out
genre: fluff, angst
Tumblr media
pretty boy
precious little flower
little things
baby days
Tumblr media
a/n: i'm pretty sure this is more prettier and organized ^^ banner credits to @itaeewon this is amazing and honestly beyond my expectations and yk me, i have high respect to anyone who knows their way around computers and tech and basically editing stuff ^^ new installment next week !!!
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shaku1995 · a day ago
Chapter 7|He owned me Not anymore
Tumblr media
"Love, I am a free woman now"
"Not until I am alive"
Warning: 18+
Genre: Angst,smut, Mafia AU, Yandere, Obsession, Toxic Relationship
Published: 21.05.2022
Previous (Chapter 6)
Clad in her silky nude-coloured nighty, Saya was resting on the chaise lounge on a veranda near Jungkook's bedroom with a glass of red wine in her hand. Taking a sip of the liquor, she endeavoured to put the battle she had been fighting with herself all her life to rest. A part of her shammed her for jumping into the hole she had recently crawled out of with so much difficulty while the other comforted her reminding her, she didn't really have a choice.
Choice: something she had rarely been given in her life. Something that was basic to many people but a luxury she couldn't attain to her.  She wasn't given choice by her father who orphaned her leaving her to survive the world alone nor she was given choice to walk out of the bondage relationship Jungkook had dumped upon her.
"So sex was absolutely necessary to handle the situation?" the familiar deep voice echoed from behind hauling her back to the present and she twist her head giving Taehyung a tired smile.
"Cut the crap Tae, it's not like if I stop sleeping with him, he will run to you for physical intimacy" she chuckled gesturing him to take a seat beside her.
"Moreover, I have desires that need to be tended to as well and since your brother has made it illegal for me to get any actions with other people, what choice do I have?" she spoke with honesty giving him a teasing smile.
"Jesus Christ, Your body" Taehyung huffed as soon as his eyes scanned the exposed part of her body which was painted in bite marks and hickeys, Jungkook's way to show that she belonged to him.
"Your little monster is very happy today, he didn't even realize I slipped out of the bed today" She mentioned filling an empty glass with the liquor and passing it back to him.
"For how long?" Taehyung scoffed with a grimace on his face.
"I am sure everything will revert back to how it was tomorrow. I.e You poisoning his life with every breath you take that is" Taehyung vented not holding back his tongue.
His hatred wasn't something new to Saya as Taehyung had never shied away to express the abhor he felt for her since the very beginning of her relationship with Jungkook. Verily, she admired his opinion of herself, after all, she was indeed a despicable woman.
"That is why I wish to disappear from his life" she mumbled masking a tad bit of hurt his directness had inflicted on her heart.
"Oh Diva don't act selfless in front of me, it makes me laugh" Taehyung chortled as if he had heard the biggest joke of his life.
"We all know the only reason you want to leave him is so that you can run back to Jimin, nothing more nothing less. You are a selfish bitch and if you cared even a tinny bit for any one of them, you wouldn't sleep with both of them" Taehyung pointed out without caring that his remarks were puncturing her soul mercilessly.
Tears welled up in her light orb but she refused to let them fall. Though his mean words had knocked the breath out of her lungs, she managed to puff a mirthless laugh at his credulity. Of course in the end, in the eyes of people, it was her to be condemned. She was at fault for loving someone else while being in a forced relationship with another. Only she could be blamed but no one else.
"Let's not pretend that you know me well Kim Taehyung!"
Standing up from the lounge she ambled towards the balcony and gripped the railing hard finding it difficult to respire. The realisation that no one would ever bother to hear her side of the story before belittling her stuck her like a needle, drumming the truth that she had no support in her life, not a single soul who would take her side.
"Before Jungkook even knew I existed I was in love with Jimin..." she revealed gathering herself even though she knew her narrative would mean nothing.
"From the first day I stepped into this mansion, he was the boy I had lost my heart to..." she recalled how he was the first face she saw after the traumatizing experience that her mind had erased as a defensive mechanism. His warm smile was what made the mansion her home and since the beginning, Jimin was her only companion, someone she could truly relate to.
"But Jungkook snatched my freedom and even took away my liberty to fall in love." a single drop of tears escaped from his pupils and landed on the back of her hand.
"When all this happened, do you think I had a choice?" she turned to look in Taehyung's direction.
"Tell me, did I? I was basically handed over to your little brother like I was an object...and not a single soul opposed to it" she shook her head pitying the sixteen-year-old girl whose entire youth was stolen from her in a blink of an eye.
"and just like that my entire life was reduced to being someone's property" there was a strong urge to crumble down, but she didn't dare show her vulnerability in the eyes of the man looking down upon her.
"....From the first night Jungkook owned me he broke me, then he forced me to have sex with him at a gunpoint, Can you imagine how horrifying the experience was?" she narrowed her eyes at the man seating a few meters apart from her.
"He was just a kid...He didn't know better," Taehyung was quick to defend his brother's action as Jungkook was too young to make any rational decision, he had simply followed what he had learned from his surroundings and Taehyung knew, he regretted the day every single second for his past actions.
"And what about me, wasn't I just a child too? Why did no one protect me? Why does no one care that I am hurting?" she whirled around and questioned him.
"No one to extend even an ounce of kindness. All alone in this huge mansion, treated as a ragged doll " she poured down every emotion she had bottled up got the form of words.
"That's not true Jungkook loved you, he provided you with every luxury an ordinary girl could imagine"Taehyung pointed out the details Saya had decided to oversee.
"Yes by snatching away my basic right and then showering me with gold. That's not called treating right Taeyhung" she retorted back her brows creasing due to his ridiculous statement.
"He was immature, he was growing...you know that too" Taehyung reminded Saya placing the glass in the circular glass table before him.
"He was trying to be better for you but you never reciprocated his feeling. And worst You cheated on him with his half-brother. You slept with Jimin! Diva, how do you expect him not to go insane?" Taehyung argued as his voice rose higher than he intended it to be. In his belief, nothing could justify her action. She was someone else's woman and it was her duty to be loyal to him.
"I know what I did was wrong and my action caused Jungkook a lot of pain but Jimin and I were in love with each other even before your father decided to gift me to your younger brother without bothering to ask for my consent and ruining my life" Saya lashed back at Taehyung, letting out her years and years of frustration at him.
"It's all in the past and there is nothing we can do to change it...its for your betterment to accept the truth and move on." Taehyung's response was nonchalant and it physically crushed her to watch people brushing her pain and her struggles like they meant nothing.
"Tell me how...?" Saya requested, moving closer to the man.
"Tell me how can I erase the day I saw Jungkook covered in Jimin's blood"?" she repeated herself slumping down on her knees, matching the gaze of the man which had lowered down.
As their eyes met, Taehyung's face softened because the girl before him no longer looked like a vile person instead she appeared to be an innocent girl whose life had forsaken her.
"They hunt me every night and the fact that I had to agree to continue sleeping with him just to spare Jimin's life..." she trailed off as the wails had reached her throat and dropping her head she finally shed the tears lingering on her eyes.
"And yet I love him, I do love him Tae but I can't bring myself to forgive him" she expressed her raw emotions making Taehyung feel guilty for not helping the girl sooner.
"That's why please help me go away..." she pleaded to the only man who could possibly help her out of her misery.
"Save the person you love from the fate worst than death. We will ruin each other" resting her forehead against his knee, she begged. Exhaling a sharp breath, Taehyung hesitantly lifted his hand and placed it over her head, giving her a gentle pat. He was unable to say that he would give her the salvation she desired because that wasn't in his plan, but hopefully, it will be a part of what she wished for.  
Unbeknown to them, Jungkook was standing in the shadow listening to their conversation with his fingers riled up into a fist.
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑
Park Jimin
Even taking his name would strum all the strings in Saya's heart and her soul would sing melodies of love and passion and she would lose herself in the memories of her first love.
Taking out the only remaining picture of them from a locked box she had securely hidden in her old room, she caressed the boy missing his soft giggle resonating in her ears. A genuine smile crept on her lips as she placed the photo near her heart recognizing the sense of loss she felt every time she would yearn for her former lover.
The firstborn of Sir Damianos wasn't pampered like his younger half-siblings nor did he have a life in luxury. His mother Park Shina was Sir Damianos's first woman, however, later in his life the mafia fell madly in love with a teacher named Kim Taehee and married her instead, breaking Shina's heart.
Angered by the rejection, Shina took advantage of Sir Damiano's trust and got herself pregnant while the man was in an intoxicated state believing she could replace Kim Taehee. Unfortunate for her, the plan backfired and she ended up getting the title of an unwanted mistress and her son an illegitimate child. Even after Taehyung's mother passed away a year after giving birth, Jimin and his mother were never accepted by the Kimeron family, therefore the life of the eldest son of Sir Damiano was nowhere comfortable like his half brothers.
Saya could vividly remember the moment she saw the boy whom she believed to be her guardian angel. After her father ditched her at the Kimeron mansion when she was just six, she followed him crying for him not to leave her, ignorant of the fact that her father had murdered her mother and was planning to commit suicide out of guilt.
When her father took his gun out to shoot himself, she was spun around and her eyes were covered, preventing her from witnessing his death. Yet the sound of the gunshot was enough to shake her from her core because she knew what had occurred even though she didn't want to accept the reality.
The incident of her father taking his own life was still blurry for Saya but she had never once forgotten the obnoxious dread that had clutched her heart that day however every single second with the boy was crystal clear because the warmth she felt in his arms was something that could never be erased. Holding her tiny figure and caressing her head the boy never left her side until she stopped quivering,
The sight of Jimin's worried face was the first thing she had seen after opening her eyes, he had smiled at her ensuring that she would be fine. And just like that all of her fear disappear in the comforting arms of the boy two years older than her.
From that day onward, he wasn't just the boy she loved. She idolized him for his humility, she admired him for his kindness, moreover, he loved and cared for his half brothers earning her respect as well.
His existence was like a spring to her Autumn heart and the older she got her affection for the boy only grew blazing her heart with a fiery love.
At the age of thirteen, she had finally mustered up the courage to confess her feelings by writing a letter and discreetly putting it in the books he would often read in the library of their mansion. She wasn't expecting him to respond back after all she was just a server in charge of his younger half brother but she wanted to convey her gratitude to the boy for being a positive force in her life.
However, to her surprise not only did Jimin respond to her but reciprocated her love in form of poetry.
Even if there is one chance
I want to put my body into your warm embrace, fall asleep drunk in your sweet scent
Even if it's for a moment
I want to dive into the sea of your love ,Explore your body cause baby you are an art
Even if it's in my dream
I want to hear you call my name, The sound of your breathing keeps me from withering
Even if its just for a day....
The remaining of his words were destroyed by the fire when Jungkook burned all of their memories into flames and the piece of paper was the only thing, she had managed to save from the ashes of their damned affair.
A drop of tears cascaded down her eyes lading on the paper reminiscing the old days when she was actually hopeful of her future. She had a dream and though it wasn't ambitious like other girls of her age, it was enough to make her keep going. Just a simple wish to own a flower shop while being happily married to her first love.
Hiding from the eyes of adults, they would often exchange poems they wrote for each other and secretly meet in the library. They could barely talk with each other and the only act of intimacy was holding hands through the gaps between the book, stacked neatly on the shelf.
The admiration she had for the guy would practically ooze out every time he would come into her sight and though at first Jungkook was clueless, the fact that somebody else was in her heart became more evident as he began to pursue her.
Her heart wept to recall how their dreams were snatched along with her freedom and there was nothing they could do about it. After all, she was a mere servant and he was an illegitimate child that was practically invisible to the world. Their sobs were inaudible to everyone in the huge mansion and their pain wasn't even considered to be an issue.
Nobody even asked her once if she really wanted to be in the place that Jungkook had propelled her to be and she was forced to be in a relationship with a guy she had no romantic feelings for.
Jungkook's veiny arms covered in tattoos wrapped her figure securely and drew her backwards flushed her against his rock hard chest. It didn't take long to realize who was holding her as even his breath would be enough for Saya to recognize her confiner.
"Diva" he took her name tenderly as he held her close to him.
"I have done terrible things to you and I know I have always acted selfish but I want to change...for us" dipping his head into the junction between her neck and shoulder he rasped.
"Let's forget the past and start fresh" he requested leaving sensuous kisses down her shoulder.
"Let's get married, let's have babies..." he giggled softly picturing the woman he loved carrying his children in her womb. Even the thought of it would overwhelm him with bliss, his heart fluttered like a butterfly expressing his greatest desire out loud.
"I promise I will be a better man" he guaranteed with confidence hoping it would sway her heart.
"Jungkook..." Saya turned around in his arms because she could perceive his dream would simply wreck more lives along with them; their children. And the last thing Saya wanted was to ravage a child's life in a way her parents ravaged hers.
Jungkook placed his finger over her lips preventing her from rejecting him for the umpteenth time. He shook his head pleading with his eyes not to dismiss his attempts to reconcile without giving a thought.
"I was just a kid, Noona...Just a kid whose entire universe was centred around you. I couldn't feel my happiness unless I shared it with you. My pain wouldn't vanish until you consoled me. Without you neither Night would end nor day would start" he took her palm and pressed his cheeks against it to feel her warmth.
"I used to be the star of your eyes but then you forgot me...Like I didn't even exist." his voice broke in the middle but he continued explaining himself asking for her forgiveness.
"I couldn't understand why you would suddenly stop sleeping with me, why would you no longer play with me...I was just eleven back then, completely lost without you." His body shivered as his mind went back to the time when Saya grew apart from him leaving him confused, betrayed and hurt.
"When I realized somebody else took my place and I couldn't bear it...I..." he choked on the sobs he had suppressed in his throat.
"I am so sorry for everything I have put you through" admitting his mistakes, Jungkook went down to his knees with her hand in his grasp. His doe eyes were mirroring his vulnerability as he begged for his life which was tied to her name.
Drawing in a deep breath, he spoke with a brittle voice"Please just give me one chance to fix everything...Give us one last chance" he requested with so much sincerity that Saya was unable to refuse his plea.
Call her stupid but when the candy of dreams was swung in front of eyes hungry for a glimpse of hope, she found herself wanting to snatch it and savour its sweetness.
Gulping down the lump on her throat, she moved closer to the guy and encased her arms around him, cradling him against her belly. She kissed his forehead and nodded finally allowing herself to give him chance to fix their relationship as it was the first-time Jungkook took a step to rectify his past mistakes and reassured her that he could transform into a new person.
The gullible girl held the devil with the hope of better life completely oblivious that the sincerity mirrored in his orbs was simply a hoax. Embossing her, he let out a shuddered breath in relief as he had yet again managed Saya to tie back with him. Under no circumstance he would allow Saya to waltz right out of his life because whether she accepted it or not, He owned every bit of her
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linahopee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: After losing at Uno, you prove to Jungkook that you are the real winner.
Words: 1500
Pairings: Jungkook x reader
Notes: wow two fics in two days? i’m actually proud of myself. if you enjoyed this you should leave a like and a comment. and you should also follow me so that you can see my other fics that are coming hella soon 👉👈😘🥰
“well it looks like we’ll be snowed in for a while” Jungkook says walking back into the bedroom, phone in hand still looking at the weather app. Its currently a blizzard happening outside and according to every news and weatherman its not going to stop for till tomorrow night.
 Well, this is just great
 “oh my god” you whine, not wanting to be stuck in the house for the next two days. He hums his agreement before laying down next to you in the bed.
 “Hopefully the power doesn’t go out” he says and you nod instantly, the last time there was a blizzard the power was out for like 3 days and all the food in your fridge spoiled. The only upside of that night was that you and your friends had all been together, so you all played hide-n-seek in the dark until Namjoon being Namjoon ran into the table and fell face first into Yoongi’s knee, which resulted in him having quite the bruise on the side of his eye for a good two weeks.
 The two of you sit in silence for the next ten minutes or so, trying to find something to do to kill time “wanna play uno?” he asks and you shrug, dramatically rolling off of the bed and falling to the floor with a small grunt. You lay on the floor for a few seconds before jumping up and walking towards the living room, where the show you were watching earlier is still playing.
 He grabs the uno cards from your game closet before joining you at the table. He shuffles the cards and passes them out, smirking at the fact that he has multiple draws in his hand.
 “how about we make this more interesting” he says
 “how?” you ask him, eyebrow raised
 “for every game either of us loses we have to take off a piece of clothing” he says, tongue poking out to lick his bottom lip
 “but I’m literally only wearing shorts, a shirt and socks” you pout wishing you would’ve put on more clothes after getting out of the shower, at least a pair of panties and a bra or something, but he just shrugs.
 You start the game, and he lets you get down to your last card before he decides it’s time for the fun to start. It started with a draw four, and he sat laughing as you pulled your four cards, before another one of those followed by two draw twos, a reverse, a skip and then finally he put down his last card, winning the first game.
 “no way, you definitely cheated” you say, jaw slack
 “no, I didn’t, now strip” he tells you and you let out a sigh, taking off a sock and throwing it at him.
 You guys play a few more games and you lose almost all of them, you’re now down to just your shirt and luckily it’s one of Jungkook’s, so its quite big on you, big enough to cover most of your lower half.
 You managed to win that last game, somehow you managed to get two draw fours and turned the game around at the last minute giving you the victory, and causing him to take off his shirt, tattoos, and muscles on display.
 “last game, winner takes all” he says
 “what does that even mean?” you ask annoyed that you really lost so many times.
 “if you win, I gotta take off all of my clothes”
 “game on” you say, knowing your probably not going to win but your not going to let him know that.
 His laughing is what pulls you out of your pout, this was probably the worst game, you actually had good cards and you could’ve won if it wasn’t for Jungkook and his stupid face.
 You decided to pass the cards out this time, hoping that it’ll give you a little luck, but the game hadn’t even officially started, and he had already won, he had some many skips and reverses that you didn’t even have time to process what was happening before he was putting down his last card, declaring himself winner.
 “I win, you lose” Jungkook chants over and over again as you pout. “off” he says tugging at the hem of your shirt.
 Rolling your eyes you quickly take off the shirt, crossing your arms over your chest in a sad attempt to cover yourself, but that doesn’t last long because he’s taking both of your wrist in his hands and pulling your arms away.
 “fuck you’re so sexy” he says before kissing you, which you reciprocate almost instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck and sucking his bottom lip into your mouth, tongue sweeping over the small piece of metal.
 The two of you make out for a few minutes before he pulls away to catch his breath.
 “wanna play another game?” you ask as you place soft kisses on his jaw and neck.
 “what kind of game?” he ask, pulling you into his lap, hands finding your ass.
 “whoever makes the other cum first is the ultimate winner” you say against his neck, sucking another bruise on the mostly faded ones from before.
 “oh you’re definitely going down” he says lifting you up by your ass and walking towards your bedroom. He gently sits you down on the bed before completely undressing himself.
While he’s doing that you move up to the top of the bed, slowly spreading your legs and showing off your wet cunt. Fuck he can see how wet you are already, and he think he may cum just from the sight alone, thighs wet from your slick
 He gets into the bed next to you, grabbing your waist and flipping you around, to where your pussy is in his face and your head is down by his dick. His mouth finds your clit instantly and begins sucking. You barely have time to register what the fuck just happened before the pleasure takes over you and you begin grinding down on his face.
 Suddenly you remember that you’re in the middle of a bet and you can’t lose this one too. Taking his dick into your hand you slowly begin pumping him, placing small kitten licks to the head, and he instinctively bucks his hips, making you laugh at how eager he is.
 You know exactly what to do to make him cum quickly, that’s why you suggested this, taking the head into your mouth you suck on it for a few seconds before taking more of him into your mouth. Below you, he’s already a moaning mess and you know it won’t be long before he’s cumming down your throat. When you feel him hit the back of your throat, you breathe threw your nose, swallowing around him every few seconds.
 Knowing that he’s minutes away from losing, he quickly stuffs two fingers in your pussy, thrusting them in and out in a fast pace, instantly finding that spot within you that has you seeing stars, but you’ve always been better at holding in your orgasms than he has because a couple of minutes later he’s pulling his mouth away from your clit, warning you that he’s about to cum.
 That only makes you suck harder, feeling his cum hit the back of your throat soon after, and you swallow all of it.
 Upset that he lost, he lands a hard smack on your ass before taking your clit back into his wet mouth. Knowing that you’ve already won you don’t hold back anymore, orgasm washing over you as you moan out loudly, hands finding your boobs and pinching down on your hard nipples. He slurps up your juices, making sure not to waste a drop of you.
 He doesn’t even wait till you’ve come down from your high before he’s flipping you over onto your back and quickly thrusting into you, bottoming out instantly. Your back arches off the bed at the sudden stretch, as your hands grip the sheets beneath you.
 His pace is ruthless, and at this point when you moan sounds aren’t even coming out. He takes his hand and collects some of your slick before finding your clit and rubbing fast, determined to make you cum again.
 “fuck” you moan, clenching tightly around him as he continues fucking you into the mattress. Your second orgasm of the night comes quicker this time, you barely have time to tell him before your cumming around him.
 The sight of you cumming has him following soon after, a few more thrust and he’s spilling out deep inside of you. He slowly pulls out, watching in awe as his cum slowly drips from your pussy.
 “well looks like I’m the real winner” you joke an hour later after the two of you have showered and are cuddled up on the couch watching the newest avengers movie.
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btsmosphere · 11 hours ago
hello :DD i saw your drabble game was up and i just couldn’t resist!!
may i ask for jungkook x reader ( she / her prns or gender neutral!), mafia/gang au, e2l, treating an injury and “what happened to you?” “where did you get that?”
thank you so much! i love your work and can’t wait to see what you do with this if you choose to work on it! <33
Tumblr media
~summary: Close enough to touch, far enough never to dare. But Jungkook knows you well enough to know something isn’t right. And that locket the new player is wearing? Isn’t his. Will this be what it takes to break the distance you keep with Jungkook? ~pairing: jungkook x reader ~angst, fluff, comfort, enemies to lovers, mafia!au ~word count: 3k ~rating: pg13 ~warnings: violence, alcohol, blood, injury
~a/n: thank you!! you’re so sweet🥰 I’m sorry this has taken more than a week since the last request I posted but as you can see, it’s also longer than a drabble! srsly, the moment I saw this one in my inbox, I was thrilled. it’s like this prompt was made for me haha. the biggest problem I had was not making it too much like Flame on Water, but I’m pleased with what I came up with! I hope you enjoy it too!💜
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s eyes flitted in your direction the moment you walked in.
The bar was dark, filled with people, but it was like he could sense you in spite of the hum of chatter and low music fighting for his attention in this atmosphere. Fingers circling the rim of his glass, he eyed you as you crossed the threshold.
Your little acquaintance with Jungkook began some time ago. But there had been no friendly introductions; you had had a knife to the throat of one of his members and the next thing you knew, you were being pressed against the ground with Jungkook at your back.
Over time, you had proved to be quite a match for each other. Just as your gangs skirted around each other, testing boundaries, winning and losing skirmishes for territory, the two of you were seemingly in orbit of the other. One way or another, you would always end up toe to toe, a constant challenge – or, perhaps, annoyance – to the other.
Tonight may be no different. Your eyes locked as you passed his table. Always close enough to touch, but too wise to move until the time was right.
In your line of work, you had to settle for a cool distance with the enemy. After all, you knew that while you were capable of taking him down, the opposite was also true. And either action would invite more conflict that your gangs’ tentative hostility could bear.
You approached and Jungkook sat back, anticipating your arrival. Neither of you would dare make a move in here, you knew that. But it was always fun to flirt with danger.
His smirk grew, a brow cocked as he waited for you to bite first. A simple ‘what are you looking at, Jeon?’ was enough for a spark.
Instead, your expression darkened.
“Not tonight, Jeon.”
Without even staying to hear a response, you kept your head down and moved past.
Jungkook frowned, leaning forwards to catch a glimpse of you, melting into the hubbub of this bar. Something was off.
For the brief moment he could, he scanned your form. He could be imagining it, but were you limping? If you were, you hid it well. In any case, you were gone too soon for him to be sure.
Still, his eyes lingered. He swallowed down a growing unease. This wasn’t like you – but then, why should that mean anything to him? Better still, he should revel in this. To have you in such a sour mood, something must have happened in favour of his gang. And at the expense of you.
He pretended that made him feel better.
But Jungkook had no time to spare thinking of you. Why he would ever want to was a concern in itself.
He was here for a reason. And that reason was crossing to the bar right now.
The man was alone, but Jungkook wasn’t stupid enough to rule out the possibility of anyone keeping an eye from the crowd. This was a new player in town, Ilwoon, but wasn’t someone Namjoon was keen to put in the ground straight away. He was clearly smart, having gained connections before trying to emerge as a powerful figure.
Jungkook had been given instructions for a hassle-free discussion and deal, but he took that with a pinch of salt. They didn’t know much about this guy, and it was Jungkook’s job to show him they weren’t going to be pushed around easily.
Still, he approached with a decidedly cool exterior, letting nothing slip in his expression.
“Two Manhattans.” The order confirmed to Jungkook that this was in fact the right man. His voice was rough, a contrast to the fine trimmed haircut he sported.
Allowing a cordial smile onto his face, Jungkook seated himself beside the newcomer while the bartender busied herself.
“Nice evening,” Jungkook muttered off-hand, “busy.”
Ilwoon bristled, clearly not sure what to make of the smalltalk. But a moment later, a smile bloomed on his face. Jungkook didn’t like it at all, but made sure not to flinch.
“Good place to end a long day,” the man said.
Their drinks slid across the counter, Jungkook watching the other take a sip first, taking note of the way his dark eyes crawled over the occupants of the bar. Like he owned the lot.
Taking a sip too, Jungkook could pass the disgusted curl of his lips off as a response to the burn of alcohol. About to resign himself to a tense but necessary conversation, he turned his eyes back to his drinking partner.
Jungkook’s hand tightened around his glass, not lowering it to the tabletop. Frozen, he stared.
Ilwoon lowered his arm, revealing a charming red pendant which was just visible around his shirt buttons. Finishing his own drink, the man noticed Jungkook’s staring and frowned, shifting in his seat. A small flash of red bounced from the jewel at the movement.
It was beautiful. Jungkook had always thought so. But that was just the problem.
“That isn’t yours.”
Raising his eyes fractionally, Jungkook finally met the man’s gaze with steel in his own.
Quirking a brow, that same repulsive smile flitted onto Ilwoon’s face.
“Told you I’d been having fun in this town,” the man shrugged, “now, shall we talk?”
Fast as a whip, Jungkook had sent his chair clattering to the floor as he sprung at the man, grabbing him roughly by his collar and sending him colliding with the bar.
Any previous noise dissipated, silence shooting through crowd place like a wave.
Jungkook didn’t even break the man’s gaze. One of the glasses slowly rolled off the table, smashed loudly on the floor.
No one moved.
Holding his stance, Jungkook’s only move was to tighten his grip, drawing closer to the man.
“For someone in your position, I would think you’d want to play nice,” he hissed.
Despite the way his feet scrabbled for purchase on the floor and his breath grew shallower, the other man narrowed his eyes, spitting back with vitriol.
“No honour among thieves, I thought. This shouldn’t be your concern.”
“You’re going to tell me who is and isn’t my concern?” Jungkook all but yelled, shaking him.
“I never touched one of yours!”
“They don’t belong to you either,” Jungkook growled. His spare hand reached up, just below the one holding his foe, to grab the locket.
It was true that it was nothing to do with bangtan. That his actions now would spark rumours of some weakness, some compromise. That he need not be interested in the fate of anyone other than the boys he called family.
But Jungkook didn’t recall seeing this around your neck earlier.
He tore it off. Releasing the man and leaving him panting, leaning against the counter, he stalked away without looking back.
Tumblr media
The thin metal chain felt heavy in Jungkook’s fist.
Falling fast and heavy, his shoes clattered up the stairs. If Ilwoon had any sense, he would be long gone already, but he was a long way down Jungkook’s list right now.
The bouncer nodded him through instantly, Jungkook not even sparing time to look at her.
While this bar was supposed to be a neutral place for gangs (something he would certainly have to explain if the owner got wind of his little stunt downstairs), many of them frequented the place. With the absence of violence came somewhere for meetings, perhaps the only spot this side of bangtan’s territory where Jungkook could brush shoulders with enemies without trading blows.
At the moment, he was rather closer to shoving them as he carved a path through the crowd. The top floor was solely for those in his… profession. He had no doubt you had been heading here when he saw you earlier.
Emerging from the dense group by the bar, he quickly scanned the tables, ruling each one out.
Chewing his cheek, he exhaled harshly through his nose, turning his head erratically. You were nowhere in sight.
There was only one place left.
Walking purposefully past the tables, he pushed through another door. The bathrooms were here, four gender neutral ones lining the corridor.
Toeing open the nearest, he peered inside. It was empty, as was the lockable cubicle inside. Crossing the hall in one stride, he tried the next with the same results. The third, however-
You eyes snapped up, meeting his in the mirror just before you whirled around with a gasp, straightening your top.
Jungkook’s brow creased, gaze lingering even though you were now totally covered by your turtleneck. Once again, it had been too quick to be sure, but-
“What happened to you?”
Jungkook’s intense gaze met yours as he stepped inside, the door falling closed behind him. He didn’t miss your guarded stance, the way your eyes flickered to the exit.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jeon,” you replied tersely.
Turning back to the mirror, you leaned over the sink to make a show of inspecting your hair. As if you couldn’t care less about his invasion.
But much as you hated to admit it, Jungkook may know you more than most people. Despite your… situation, it was hard to keep secrets and emotions at bay when your lives revolved around pushing the other, whether it be in a physical fight or in tactical play. Even those in your own circle were kept at a further distance. Trust wasn’t exactly an abundant resource in your world.
You just hoped the amount of times Jungkook had seen you hurt, sometimes from his own doing, wouldn’t pay off now. You knew he was still watching you.
He ground his teeth, then looked down at something.
“What’s this then?”
Turning back to him in irritation, you opened your mouth, only to freeze like that when you saw the pendant dangling from his fingers. Your father had given you that, a symbol of your belonging to his empire just before he died. While many of his members believed you weren’t fit to be with them, it reminded you they wrong.
You always wore it.
“Where did you get that?”
“What happened to you?”
Jungkook repeated his question rapidly in response to your own. All it prompted was more silence. But he had watched your unbothered air crack in front of him the moment he showed you the locket – something was wrong.
“Listen, Jungkook,” you spoke low, trying not to betray your shaking voice, “I’ve had quite enough for today. If you want to add to that, go ahead. Just tell the cleaners on your way out.”
Your words jarred Jungkook. Reminded him of all the reasons you would expect him to be here, and with good reason. A startling realisation of how far his feelings seemed to have strayed from the familiarity of your rivalry.
He took a breath, horrified. Expecting you to laugh any second, or even kick him in the face.
But you just waited.
“What did he do to you?” he pressed, taking a step.
He jolted to a stop the next second when you actually stepped away from him, backing against the sink.
“You know Ilwoon?”
“I hate the bastard, but yes,” Jungkook spoke through gritted teeth, “care to tell me why he had this?”
You rolled your eyes.
“What do you think?”
“Is it the reason there’s blood in the sink?”
“Well done, Sherlock,” you bit, “don’t you think you could save your gloating for later?”
“He hurt you.”
You smirked drily.
“Are you just bitter because you never managed?”
He stared in disbelief. How were joking about this?
You still stared defiantly up at him, arms folded over your chest.
His next words came as little more than a breath.
“Let me see.”
You didn’t move.
“I’m sorry?”
He cleared his throat, suddenly hesitant to meet your eyes.
“Let- let me see. I can help.”
You were silent for so long that Jungkook looked back up at you, finding you still staring at him like he was crazy.
Perhaps he was.
But eventually, you dropped your arms and stepped to one side with a soft huff.
Stepping forward, Jungkook laid the necklace quietly on the counter before reaching out. Just before his fingers touched the hem of the fabric, he looked back up for confirmation.
You took a breath. Somehow, this didn’t feel as strange as it should.
A small nod from you, and he gently lifted the material, a crease emerging between his brows.
Chewing your lip, you looked away. Still, you couldn’t help eyeing the damage in the mirror beside you. The wound wasn’t of too much concern, but the blood was certainly a sight to behold. Your cleaning had done nothing to improve it.
A slash ran across your side. He had poor aim, the knife striking your ribs which had deflected it, extending the cut around your side where it was hard for you to reach without having to contort and receive a warning blast of pain from the injured spot.
You couldn’t help the hiss that left you when Jungkook’s fingers brushed against it. Withdrawing instantly, he looked back to you.
“Sorry, go ahead,” you muttered, averting your eyes again.
Still, when he turned on the tap to wet his hand, it returned cautiously, barely touching if he could help it. For the odd time he aggravated the wound, you simply bit your tongue.
Turning your eyes towards yourself in the mirror, you watched blankly. What should have been the most bizarre scene felt all too easy. Jungkook’s gaze remained focussed, fixed on his hands as they were painted red with your blood before it swirled away down the drain.
His hands left you then, prompting you to whip around in panic. Where was he going?
All you were met with was a low chuckle, a lopsided smile falling onto Jungkook’s lips. He stayed where he was, shrugging off his jacket.
“What are you-?”
Your question died on your lips as he bunched it up, bending slightly to tend to your wound again. Lost for words, you simply raised your arm slightly to give him better access as he pressed the fabric against your side.
Part of you felt bad for what was clearly an expensive jacket – the material wasn’t scratchy at all, barely irritating your injury.
“It should be treated properly,” he said.
“I’ll live.”
“I don’t doubt it. But… you’ll have someone look at it, right?”
You quirked a brow at him.
“So you can give me another one next week?”
“Of course not!”
His exclamation took you by surprise. Apparently, it did the same to him, both of you blinking at each other in the following quiet.
He sighed roughly, looking down to his shifting feet for a moment.
“Are you going to tell me what happened?”
“Why would I do that?”
Your protest was weak and you knew it. Your voice came out tired. The care Jungkook had just showed you left you caving to the very thing you had always tried to resist. But after today’s events, you just wanted to let your guard down and tell someone.
He didn’t even have to say anything else. You sighed, leaned back against the counter.
“The new guy wanted to meet up, talk business with our gang. I didn’t turn up expecting anything, but the moment he saw they sent me, he seemed to take that as a sign of weakness. Not a word of business, just him being a creep until he attacked me when I wasn’t having it.”
Kicking the tiled floor as you spoke, a bitter scowl took over your face. You were more than capable of taking on/quick enough to take on this stupid newbie, but the knife had really taken you by surprise.
“I shouldn’t have even given him the chance,” you cursed, “but when this happened, it threw me enough for him to grab me. He seemed to enjoy it. Like that necklace was a bleeding trophy.”
Jungkook’s expression of hatred mirrored your own.
When your eyes fell on the jewellery sitting on the side, his followed. Saying nothing, he reached for it, stepped behind you.
Instinctively, you turned, meeting his eyes as he came behind you in the mirror. The necklace glinted innocently in the light as he raised it above your head, fastening it out of sight at the nape of your neck.
His fingers only grazed your skin as he pulled away. And if he saw the bruises on your neck, he said nothing about them. He knew all too well how humiliating it could be to come out this side of what should have been an easy fight.
“He wanted discussions with bangtan as well,” Jungkook said, as if it was the most innocent thing in the world.
But his smirk in the mirror ignited hope in you again.
Spinning around to face him, you pretended not to notice just how close this brought you to Jungkook. You were no stranger to being a breath away from him, but it was a different experience now you weren’t trying to attack each other.
“You mean he’s been in contact with both of us?”
“Would have thought he’d be smart enough to know not to get between enemies. When our bosses find out he wants to play us like this I don’t think they’ll be too happy, do you?”
Like falling into your magnetic pull, Jungkook shifted closer still. A smirk was growing over your features, eyes glinting in the light.
Your gaze dropped slightly, a finger coming to rest on his chest. Looking up at him, you tilted your head playfully. This confidence fit you much better, more familiar than the weakness Ilwoon had inflicted on you.
“And what about how we found out?”
“I don’t think that should be of concern when he’s running for his life.”
And you fell together at last, all that time you had spent fighting fading in the work of an instant. The tongue that loved to cut you down now tasted so sweet as you indulged in his lips at last. How you had ever been able to resist, you didn’t know.
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