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#jungkook fanfiction
seokjinish · a day ago
never lose ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
f1 driver!jeon jungkook x journalist!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook being a sore loser + bit of f1 talk + teasing + unprotected sex + quite literally no foreplay because let's be honest. wc: 6.7k
➔ although the season hadn't been good to jungkook, he had finally a chance to shine, and he wasn't going to waste it.
a/n: hello everyone! although the username is new, i used to be moononthejoon! consider me back! in the time i was gone, i developed other interests, and in those, i became obsessed with formula one. so yeah, this is my poor excuse of a comeback lol. hope y'all enjoy this. this is just me gushing about f1, so yeah lol
If you hadn’t been as stubborn as you were when debating your father about studying journalism, you definitely wouldn’t be standing where you were today. Press side at one of the biggest sporting events, and one of your favourite sports, Formula One. You didn’t even know what Formula One was until your father was called up by one of his old classmates. You knew your father worked in environmentalism, so you had no clue as to why a mechanic was calling him on a weekend.
You had moved with your father to Austria when you were in your teen years, and it was there that a couple of years later you were headed to Spielberg on a Thursday morning. You hadn’t even known what it was for, but all you knew was that it was doing something on a very boring week in July. So, when your father had asked if you wanted to tag along, you said yes.
The Red Bull Ring was already buzzing with people in preparation for the event, which you still weren’t so sure was. You were given a pass thanks to your dad’s involvement. It was only then that you saw the cars that it dawned on you that it was racing. You even recalled that your father said that his Masters dissertation had been on engines for F1 cars. You had no idea what an F1 car was, for all you cared, it was like Nascar - and all you knew about Nascar was because of the Disney film Cars, or Herbie.
You were lost in the garage, not knowing what to do or where to stand. Your dad was greeting who you’d guessed was his friend, who was speaking in a British accent. It all checked out so far. Your dad had studied in Manchester. You had never taken your dad’s word for anything, but it seemed that it held some truth.
‘Y/N, dear! Come say hi to an old friend of mine.’ Your dad called out, so you awkwardly made your way to him. ‘Christian, this is Y/N, my eldest.’
‘Very nice to meet you, Y/N. Don’t be afraid to look around, most things are safe.’
You offered him a smile and nodded your head lightly, acknowledging what he said.
It was like that that your father got a job with Red Bull Racing. It felt like you didn’t see your father much, but you didn’t resent it too much. At first, you would only tune in for the races to see if you could catch a glimpse of your father in the background, but you slowly started being one of your favourite sports.
As your dad was part of the team, you also got to sport some of the merch. You also got to go to some of the Grand Prix, if you weren’t in school, that is. Watching the races from the paddock was even more nerve wracking than watching them from your living room.
It only seemed obvious that your favourite driver was from the Red Bull Team. It had initially been Sebastian Vettel, who was a favourite in the garage as well. Then, the lovable Daniel Ricciardo joined the team, and when Seb had left, he was your absolute favourite. It seemed as if he could put a smile on your face no matter what. Max Verstappen then joined, and as he was around your age, the two of you got along even better.
Then, another young driver joined. When the heartbreak of Daniel leaving had dissipated just a bit, you took notice of him. He was born just a month before Max, which unfortunately didn’t make him the youngest person signed for a team, but he did have the fact that he was the first South Korean driver for Formula One.
Jeon Jungkook was a force to be reckoned with. He had been in the likes of George Russell, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc - who were considered to have one of the best F2 careers. Every rookie season had seen Jungkook make the track completely his. People argued that the car made most of the driver, but Jungkook had skill. A little too much skill, more than some other people would like to admit.
Anyone could have guessed where Jungkook would be signed in Formula One. Most people thought that he would have joined Mercedes, a team that had won World Championship after World Championship. Mercedes had signed Russell instead, so people thought that Jungkook would end up in Williams, never thinking that Red Bull would step up.
But there he was. Jeon Jungkook was now Max Verstappen’s teammate, making them the youngest team, and probably the one team that could now step up to Mercedes. It was also quite a good looking team too. You had thought that Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo were probably the best looking team at McLaren, but there you were, corrected.
Convincing your father to let you study journalism took some time. How could the daughter of a F1 engineer want to be a journalist out of all professions? Maybe he’d hoped that one day you were going to be working next to him in the paddock, but that was never going to happen.
During your years in university, you couldn’t join as many Grand Prix as you could in high school. For one, you were drowning in work, and you couldn’t seem to make some time in the weekend to take planes or trains. So, you had to watch the races on your iPad; you also used the races as a wind down.
Of course, after every race, you would write a piece for your blog - which you had started when you were in your last year of high school. It wasn’t well received at first, as girls being into F1 was a sensitive topic for some fans; some would even make fun of you on Twitter. You didn’t quite care, all you wanted was the chance to be part of the press in those Grand Prix. It was the combination of two of the things that you loved the most: writing and Formula One.
Although you had the chance to talk to the press already inside the Grand Prix, you decided to go the usual way. From the summer before university that started, you had been applying for internships with different reporting companies like Sky Sports and Ziggo. You’d been lucky enough to be in some of the races as part of the press.
It was Jungkook and Lando who found your blog at first. Max was the one who kept commenting on posts with cringy stuff that a seventh grader could come up with, like “Max Verstappen is better than Jeon Jungkook. MV33 <3”. It made you laugh, but it was also kind of embarrassing that the drivers themselves would see your writing and opinions about them.
‘Saw your piece from the Belgian GP.’ Jungkook said when he saw you in the paddock.
It was the Dutch GP, and you were now officially part of Sky Sports. It had been overwhelming to be hired and reading the email was a rollercoaster of emotions. Your first assignment was going to be in Italy however, so you were there as your father’s daughter. Your blog was due to stay up, but you’d be conducting interviews as the drivers came off the track after the race.
‘Did you like it?’ Jungkook scoffed.
‘Please, you’re so far up Max’s ass, you should be paying rent.’
‘I’m sorry?!’ You laughed. ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous, Kook.’
‘Please. I’m just saying that as press, you shouldn’t be biased.’
Max walked up to his teammate then. ‘It’s okay that she has a favourite, Jeon.’
‘As long as it’s you, right?’ You teased Max. Jungkook turned to see you with his eyes narrowed. ‘Now, what?’
‘You won’t even deny that you like Max the best.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I don’t like Max the best. My favourite is, in fact, Danny.’
Jungkook groaned, leaving you and Max alone. You laughed at his behaviour. Jungkook liked winning, and he was third in the championship, just behind Lewis Hamilton. Max had been dominating, and there was no way to say the contrary. Jungkook was in his own battle for third with Lewis’s own teammate, Bottas, and Lando.
His rookie year had been amazing, ending second in the World Championship, beating Max. He’d held up so far, but this year had not been too good to him, and it was obviously stomping on his self esteem.
‘He one thousand percent has a crush on you, you know that, right?’ Max said. You were still staring at Jungkook, who was now getting ready to get in his car.
‘No, he doesn’t. You and Lando need to cut that out. I’m going to start believing it, otherwise.’
Max laughed. ‘Lando is saying the same thing?’ You nodded, looking at the Dutch man. ‘Oh, I didn’t know.’
‘Dan has also said some things.’
‘That’s because anyone with two working eyes can see it. You could even ask Kimi, and he’d say yes.’ You could only imagine asking Kimi, one of the less expressive people in the grid. ‘Say something nice about him every now and then. Sometimes you don’t mention him at all.’
‘I don’t?’ He shook his head. ‘That’s bad reporting from my side then, sorry.’
‘What? Are you scared you’re going to end up professing your love if you write about him?’ He joked, but it was a joke that hit too close to home. ‘Haha, there’s no way. I gotta tell the McLaren boys.’
‘Tell them what?’
‘That you and Jungkook are sitting in a tree, K - I - S!’ He started spelling out loud, way too loud so that people were looking at you. Immediately, you punched him. ‘Ha! See you after the race.’
‘I hope you lose!’
Max Verstappen never lost. Jungkook hated that. It was not that Jungkook didn’t want to see his teammate thrive, but it did hurt him a little that he was struggling to hold onto third place in the championship. He didn’t know how Max had taken over so easily. He would help him win the championship, definitely, but it was definitely a stab in the ego.
It didn’t help that your pieces seemed to glorify Max too much and there was not enough mention of him. He always liked talking to you. From the first time that he’d seen you on the paddock, he’d been drawn to you, and he held your opinions very high. So, now that he had no idea what you thought about his driving, he felt a little defeated.
He’d been able to give Red Bull a double podium, but he’d still gotten third place. After the podium celebration, both drivers headed back to the garage. Jungkook walked in a couple of minutes behind Max as Lando had stopped him to congratulate him on getting podium.
When he had walked in the room, he’d seen you congratulating Max. You were just finishing a hug and now you were holding onto his arms as you shook him excitedly. He knew that the two of you were really good friends, having known each other a year longer, but it still made him feel all weird to see the two of you close like that.
‘Jungkook! Congratulations on P3!’ You held up your hand for a high-five, which he did give you. Not that he wanted a hug, or something. ‘Great driving! Amazing how you kept Bottas off for so long. Not to mention how you have Lewis a run for his money.’
‘Ah, thank you. I’m expecting good things about me on your blog, then?’
You laughed, nodding. ‘I’ll make a whole post only about you, Kook.’
‘You flatter me, Y/N.’
You rolled your eyes and excused yourself when you saw your dad waving for you. The two boys were then off to change off their racing suits into their own clothes. Jungkook just wanted to go to the hotel and get in the shower, but every other driver wanted to do something different. Max definitely wanted to do something more upbeat, after all, he’d just won his home race.
‘Come on! We’re just going to go clubbing for a bit.’ Lando tried convincing Jungkook, who seemed not to budge. ‘It’s good to wind down after a race like that.’
‘I want to have a shower. I stink so bad.’
‘You’ve been worse.’ He heard you say; blood immediately rushing to his cheeks.
‘Are you going too?’ You nodded. Jungkook looked at Danny, who was cocking an eyebrow. Everyone knew that if anyone was going to get Jungkook to go out with them, it was you.
You nodded. ‘Aren’t you?’ He shook his head.
Everyone wanted to see what you were going to do next. It was not unusual for you to flirt with Jungkook a little bit, and when they boys had mentioned that he probably wouldn’t want to come, you seemed disappointed. Everyone in the grid knew that if you wanted something, you’d get it. It just happened that today you wanted Jungkook to tag along to the club with you.
Immediately, your demeanor changed. You pouted, tilting your head at Jungkook while you put on your puppy eyes. Max and Lando stared at each other as they watched Jungkook melt under your gaze. Danny knew that you had Jungkook eating out of your hand, so he was wondering when you were going to turn on your charm.
‘Come on… for a little bit?’ You nudged him a little. Jungkook looked past you to his friends, who were waiting for his answer as much as you were.
‘Alright, just for a while. I’m super tired.’
Going clubbing with your driver friends was always even better than clubbing with your university friends. For one, you didn’t get to do it quite often, but they were definitely even more unhinged. The press knew who you were, having seen you through your awkward teenage years into being one of their own, so there were never any rumours surrounding your appearance with the boys.
Sadly, it didn’t last long. Because Max had won the race, a lot of fans had gone out to celebrate, and when word got out that Max was out and about, it became dangerous for them. It probably would have been safer for them to go to the private after party, but they wanted to change the atmosphere for a bit.
They were escorted back to the hotel and said their goodbyes. You were staying somewhere else, but they had made sure that someone was getting you to where you needed to be.
‘So, we’ll see you in Monza?’ Dan asked, nearing the car, and you nodded. ‘So excited to see you there.’
‘I am too! I’m finally going to be doing what I’ve been waiting for.’
‘You’ll be great! We’re all so proud.’ Lando said, giving you a thumbs up.
‘Text one of us when you get to your place!’ Jungkook yelled before disappearing into the hotel.
Monza was buzzing with excitement too. You were in Sky Sports uniform as you showed up on Friday, ready for the practice rounds and start doing your job. You waved at your dad from your spot, and he even took a photo of you on your first day on the job. It was endearing to see him struggle with his own phone.
He’d also excitedly pointed at you for other people in the paddock. He was very proud of you, and it showed. Your father had also pointed you out for the boys, who cheered for you and you waved at them excitedly.
On Sunday, the day of the actual race, was exhilarating. Monza was eventful. Lewis and Max were out of the race because they had crashed with each other, so that made the race even more exciting in your opinion. Sure, it was nice seeing the battle for first place in the championship, but seeing other people on the podium was exciting too.
This is where Jungkook could shine. When he had heard on the radio that Max and Hamilton were out, he knew that winning this race could solidify his stance on third place for the championship. So, he gave it everything. After Max and Lewis were out, Daniel and Lando were standing between him and first place with Bottas a few seconds behind him, so this is where he needed to shine.
Only when you were nervous would you bite your nails, and seeing three of your friends battle for first place made you want to rip your hair off. You had interviewed Max after his DNF (did not finish); he was beyond pissed because he had now missed out on points for the championship. Of record, he told you that even if he was out, he was glad that Hamilton was too.
Now, the race was tight. You could see Jungkook’s car go closer and closer to Lando and Danny. You’d be happy no matter the outcome, but you also wanted Jungkook to get first place. There was also nagging at the back of your brain that made you want your other friends to win too. Danny hadn’t had a win in so long, and this would even be Lando’s first win in Formula One.
With twenty laps of the race remaining, Jungkook had already taken over Lando, putting him right after Danny in second place. Red Bull had always had a faster car than McLaren, and everyone knew that. Daniel was also very good at defending, which is why Jungkook seemed to be struggling a little when it came to overtaking - no one could win against Danny and his late brakes.
With five laps to go, Jungkook was less than half a second behind Danny in the main straight, which allowed him to easily overtake him. On the track, the friends you knew were rivals - you could never be able to do that; the grudge would stay with you for too long. Danny out of all people would never even think about holding anything against Jungkook.
Danny kind of understood what was going on. Jungkook was thirsty for praise and success, and now that you were on the sidelines, he wanted your eyes on him. Still sucked that he was not going to win the GP, but second place was better than not even being in the points at all. With Lando behind him, he was happy with the outcome.
Jungkook crossed the line and the crowd went wild. You, who had been expectantly waiting for the first car to cross, jumped in the spot when you saw car #97 cross the line first. The cameraman that had been assigned to you, Seokjin, looked at you weird - he would have to get used to it though.
Once he was out of the car and parked behind the big number one, he ran straight into the Red Bull people, who immediately started yelling and jumping. He got a few pats on his helmet before he had to go. As the other drivers crossed the line and put their own cars in their designated spot, they came down the press line.
Lando came your way first, lightly jogging towards you before George Russell could get to you. He, as all other drivers did, walked with his own PR person. The McLaren boys seemed to need them more than anyone.
‘P3, Lando! How are you feeling?’
‘It’s great! Always so good to get a podium, you know?’
‘Podium 5, is it?’ Lando nodded.
‘You have my podiums memorised, Y/N? Should I feel special?’
You laughed. ‘You are special, Lando. Starting this weekend, did you think you’d be able to get podium?’
‘It is certainly nice to get podium, but no, I didn’t think that we’d have a 2-3 starting this weekend. I’m so happy that Danny got P2, and congratulations to Jungkook for getting P1. I think the three of us have been working really hard, so it was only a matter of time before it paid off.’
‘Thank you, Lando! Enjoy the champagne.’ He gave you a pat in the arm before he moved on.
From the distance, you saw Jungkook coming your way with Namjoon, his own PR person, who you had grown to know over the years in the paddock. Jungkook ignored the other reporters yelling out his name. Everyone wanted to talk to this weekend’s winner, but he only wanted to talk to one person.
‘I’m expecting big praise on your blog this week.’ Jungkook said to you when he finally neared you. You scoffed.
‘Great driving! Congratulations on P1.’ You said, ignoring him. ‘You were right behind Max and Lewis when the crash happened, can you comment a little bit on that?’
Jungkook scratched the back on his neck. ‘Well, it is a shame that Max was out of the race, it would have been nice to have a double podium today. The crash certainly changed the outcome of this weekend and allowed the McLaren boys and I to fight for P1.’
‘You were P3 for most of the race, when did you realise you could actually get P1?’
‘I was a little worried about my tires, but after the second pit spot, I thought wow, i have nothing to lose, so I decided to go for it. We had a pretty good pace, and when I caught up to Daniel on the main straight, I realised that P1 was more of a reality.’
Behind Jungkook, you saw a couple of drivers waiting for a reporter to be free.
‘Jungkook, don’t take up all of Y/N’s time!’ Sebastian said from behind him. ‘Leave a piece for the rest of us.’
Thankfully, you were behind the camera because if not, you would have been caught blushing. You rolled your eyes and dismissed Jungkook. Sebastian finally took the spot in front of you and had his interview.
After the podium celebration and finishing up your tasks for the day, you went looking for your father in the Red Bull garage. You saw Max in his normal clothes, possibly already begging to go home. He didn’t take DNFs very well. Your father was nowhere to be found, so you guessed that he would be with Christian in his office.
‘Maxie, you good?’
He shrugged. ‘I’m just going to have to perform better next week.’
‘You did well. The crash was a bit eh, but it was a great race.’
‘No, yeah, of course. I’m also glad Jungkook got P1, he deserves it.’ You nodded. ‘Have you seen him?’
‘Yeah, I managed to interview him.’
‘Managed?’ Max laughed. ‘He was probably thinking Y/N, Y/N, Y/N until he got to you.’
Once again, you rolled your eyes. ‘That stopped behind funny like seven GPs ago. Let it go.’
Max laughed. ‘Anyways, I’m going to try to get to the hotel. I guess I’ll see you at the after party?’ You nodded.
When you finally found your father, the two of you headed to the hotel. Now that you were going to be traveling around with Sky Sports, you didn’t know when you were going to have the chance to go back home, so everything that you needed was with you. Thankfully, over the weekends, you had a uniform to wear.
The after party was nothing too fancy, and you knew that your father was going to be there, so you couldn’t go with your boobs or ass hanging out. However, it was the perfect opportunity to tease Jungkook just a little. You hadn’t done that in so long, and you kind of wanted to do it again.
Last time you tried to tease Jungkook was after the Monaco GP. That’s also when your other friend had figured out that Jungkook had a crush on you.
The night had started innocently. Sure, you had dressed to kill, but it was Monaco, you couldn’t not do that. The way Jungkook’s eyes would never leave your figure made it extremely obvious that he was at least attracted to you. The boys couldn’t deny that you looked good, but neither of them were as interested as Jungkook was - you were like a sister to them.
As the night went on and you drank more, you started being a little careless. You were talking to Jungkook, who was still taller than you even if you had heels on. Sometimes you underestimated how tall he was. While you were exchanging words with Jungkook, you leaned in just a little bit, which allowed him to look down your shirt.
When Jungkook realised, his eyes shot up. He met gaze with Max, who was wondering why Jungkook looked so alarmed. Realising that you had lost Jungkook’s attention, you put a hand on his arm. He looked at your hand resting against his bicep, and then up at your eyes. He had heard of the so-called fuck me eyes, but he had never seen them in person.
Not until then, anyways. He wanted to, and he would. He couldn’t though. It was taking him every bit of his being to not take you with him and then do unspeakable things to you. You easily realised that it was easy to tease him, and maybe it was the liquid courage, but you pushed his buttons even further.
The party was full, so it was easy to push your body against him. You felt him tense against you. It was widely known that F1 drivers were athletic - you couldn’t run away from the occasional thirst trap on your timeline. Sometimes you liked screenshotting them and sending them to the group chat you had with some of them, with the weary face and the three little sweat droplets. Carlos Sainz hated it, but he also loved it at the same time.
Lando had ripped you away from Jungkook though. Jungkook didn’t know if he was grateful or not. He saw Lando say a few things to you before you pouted and rolled your eyes. He always wondered what he said to you.
‘You need to stop. You’re going to kill him.’ You pouted, wanting to go back to Jungkook, but Lando had a firm grip of your arm. ‘Danny is going to take you home.’
Jungkook saw Danny escort you somewhere. He didn’t see you for the rest of the night, so he just guessed that he’d taken you home. Innocently, he hoped.
That was the beginning of the year though. There was this newly found confidence that Jungkook seemed to have, and if the opportunity presented itself, he might not back out. Neither of the boys had mentioned Monaco, but they didn’t need to.
‘Holy smokes.’ Lando said when he saw you. ‘Didn’t know you owned something like… that.’
Max and Danny were with Lando. Jungkook had left a little earlier with some of the other drivers.
‘Are you slutshaming me, Norris?’ You asked him, poking him in the chest.
He laughed. ‘No, you do you.’
‘You know who is going to die though?’ You looked at Danny, frowning. ‘JK is going to lose his shit when he sees you.’
‘Shut up.’
‘Why do you think she’s wearing this, then?’ Max asked. You narrowed your eyes, to then roll them. ‘What? I’m just saying, and I know you better than you know yourself, Y/N. It’s embarrassing.’
‘Do I at least look good?’ You asked, looking down at your clothes.
Danny put his arm around you. ‘If Jungkook wasn’t deeply in love with you, I would definitely try to flirt with you.’
‘Yeah. You never realise when people are flirting with you.’
That night it was noticeable that Jungkook was laying it down thick. From the moment he saw you walk in, he was a man on a mission. Christian had seen Jungkook’s intention, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to see one of the drivers piss off one of his best engineers, but he really wasn’t one to get in between personal matters. He did try to make it so that your dad didn’t see you and Jungkook.
‘Wow, look at you.’
You turned around to see Jungkook with a drink already in his hand.
‘What do you mean?’
‘You look good.’
You laughed. ‘If that’s you flirting, then you definitely rely on being a F1 driver to get girls.’
‘Who said I was flirting?’ Jungkook cocked an eyebrow. ‘Do you want me to flirt with you, Y/N?’
You bit your lip. ‘Oh, please do, as if I don’t have enough drivers flirting with me.’
‘There’s a difference though.’ Jungkook said, nearing you even more.
‘How come?’
‘You don’t want them to flirt with you.’ You raised your eyebrows. ‘But, you want me to flirt with you.’
‘Is that right?’
Jungkook nodded; his warm hand was now brushing against yours. You looked down to see it, and your eyebrows knitted together. It was usually you who made Jungkook nervous, but this was new and it made you shake with excitement. You had no idea what brought this, but you were glad that one of you was making a move. Finally,
Your friends looked at you two in a mix of disgust and pride. Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your wrist and made you follow him to the dancefloor. Some song in Spanish was blasting through the speakers, and all of your attention was focused on Jungkook. He’d grabbed your hand and put it on his shoulder as he grabbed your waist so you were closer to him.
It was easy to forget that the two of you were in public when you were moving like that. Sure, it was the way that it was supposed to be danced, but Jungkook thought that it would be dangerous. Your bodies moved to the music. Jungkook was now pressing his body to yours; he had his chest pressed against your back as you swayed. You turned around to lock eyes with Jungkook, and there they were. Those eyes, he thought.
Maybe it should have taken longer, or it had been long enough, but Jungkook finally leaned in for a kiss. It was long overdue, the two of you thought. Max and Lando high fived, and Danny hollered. Ki ki ay. You could barely hear them though, not only over the loud music but because you were so focused on Jungkook’s lips on yours.
There wasn’t much to say when the kiss finished. You were dizzy, maybe it was the lights or maybe it was Jungkook’s intoxicating cologne. Although you had been at the party for less than half an hour, the two of you were ready to leave. Sure, there was a tint of desperation in the air but there was no way that you were going to hook up in the bathroom. The boys made sure to make a mental note to ask you all about it when they saw Jungkook leading you out of the crowd.
Although Jungkook was a master behind the wheel, he was never much behind the wheel outside of the track. He saw his driver and waved at him to bring the car around. The parking lot was underground, thankfully, because otherwise the paparazzi would have a field day with Jungkook grabbing you by the waist and giving you another kiss.
There was still some respect left, so when you and Jungkook got inside the car, neither of you made an advance on each other. It was awkward to be kissing in such a small car, and having someone else right there with you was even worse. Jungkook did instruct the chauffeur to go to the underground parking lot just in case. Sure, there had never been rumours with you, but he didn’t want them to start either. Plus, it was what it looked like.
Not many words were exchanged. In fact, none were. The two of you were too scared to say anything; scared that the other one would snap out of it and then your relationship would be absolutely ruined.
Once the lift doors were closed, the two of you were on each other. Jungkook had pushed you against the wall, one of his hands now on your leg, putting it around his waist. You had your hands on his hair, as your lips moved in sync. The lift soon dinged, indicating that you were on your floor, so he grabbed your hand and guided you through the corridor until he got to his room.
Everything was about to change and you knew that. Now that the door was closed behind you, Jungkook kissed you like he’d never kissed you before. The kiss was passionate. Never had you been kissed with so much fervor. Nobody was watching now, so Jungkook could finally do whatever he wanted with you - as long as you were down for it, of course.
He grabbed your face, walking until you were pressed against the door. You tugged on his shirt, kissing him back. It took him less than a second to pull his shirt over his head and go back to your lips. He was addicted. He never wanted this to end. Your hands were now tangled in his hair, trying to get him closer to you, if it was even possible. His hands were under your shirt, which he then took off you quickly. Jungkook grabbed your thighs and made you jump up so he could carry you to the bed.
Once on the bed, he laid you down. His hands were on your skirt and his kisses were now trailing down to your chest. When he took off your shirt, he saw that you were not wearing anything underneath, and something sparked within him. He liked to believe that you were dressed like that for him and him only, and the thought of someone else taking you home made him boil with jealousy. He had to ground himself because you were in his bed.
Jungkook trapped one of your nipples between his teeth. That brought out the first moan he heard from you, and he wanted to hear as many as he could. His hands quickly slid off your skirt and underwear in one swift move, and then used his now-free hand to pay attention to your other nipple.
Having Jungkook do all of that to you was a dream come true, and you never wanted to wake up. He came back up with a kiss, and your hands roamed his chest before going to undo his jeans. Jungkook also did that quite quickly, not wanting to waste much time. It was not long until he was on top of you again.
The room fell in silence for a second, only your shaky breaths being heard. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.
‘You’re not drunk, are you?’ Jungkook laughed at your question.
‘Not at all. Had a sip of apple juice, for courage.’
‘You’re a clown.’ You looked at him with stars in your eyes.
‘Maybe.’ He said leaning in for another kiss.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You felt Jungkook’s hardened dick against your naked core. You whined at the contact, looking up at Jungkook, who immediately understood what you wanted. You reached between the two of you, pumping it for a second before you lined it up with your already slick entrance.
The two of you let out a light moan, stopping for a second once Jungkook was buried to the hilt inside of you. Jungkook’s finger hooked under your chin so you looked into his eyes as he started thrusting into you. You bit your lip, eyes still on his, as you cupped his cheeks. The feeling of him inside of you was something unparalleled; never had it felt this good.
It felt like the two of you were in a daze. Your bodies were moving together, his hips never relenting. Your nails dug into his arms as your back arched off the bed under you. Jungkook’s hands were on your ass, groping them as he kept fucking into you. The drag of his cock inside of you was delicious.
You’d heard your friends about amazing sexual encounters; they would even use the term dick dumb sometimes. Sure, you had your little rendezvous but they were nowhere near close to what you were feeling at that moment. You finally understood what they were talking about.
Jungkook pulled himself up; he wanted to see his dick going in and out of you. When he saw his length disappearing inside of you, he wanted to combust. It was taking everything inside of him to not just come right there and then. When he looked up to you and saw you also looking at the same thing while you bit your lip, he wanted to never stop.
The little whines coming from the back of your throat were music to his ears. His heart was pumping loudly inside of his chest. It was much more than just the sex; it was finally having you in his arms after longing you for so long. After thinking that you would never look at him that way. That Sunday had definitely been the best day of his life.
‘Been waiting so long for this.’ Jungkook admitted. He grabbed your hips as he sat back on his thighs, never separating your centres. ‘You feel like heaven.’
‘Feels good?’ He didn’t know if you were doing it on purpose, but the way you were looking at him while you bit your nail was pornographic.
‘So fucking good. I never want to stop.’
‘Never do.’
You were confused for a second when Jungkook got off the bed, but when he turned you on your stomach, you knew what he was about to do. He placed himself behind you, teasing your entrance with the head of his cock for a few seconds before he slowly entered you again. You reached out for the sheets, as he felt even deeper then.
Jungkook reached out for one of the pillows, placing it under you as he kept going at an unforgiving pace. Your moans choked on your throat, and you yelped in surprise when you felt Jungkook’s hand tangle in your hair, pulling you back for a kiss. Jungkook’s deep moans made you clench your insides, and in response, he let one of his hands spank you.
‘Fuck, I want to see your face.’
So, he turned you on your back. You brought him in for another kiss before he grabbed your legs and pressed them against his chest. You whined in pleasure as he hit deep within you, reaching places that had never been before. Your nails dug into his thighs this time. You also had a nice view of his clenching abs now. It was not every day that Jungkook would show his bare torso, but right now, drenched in sex sweat was the hottest he’d ever been.
‘Let me come inside of you, please.’ Jungkook begged you as he felt his high come closer.
You nodded, yours nearing too. That’s when you felt Jungkook’s thumb against your sensitive bud, you tried closing your legs to stop the overstimulation, but Jungkook kept them open by closing the distance between your chests. He put his free hand at the side of your face so he could stay looking into your eyes as he filled you up.
His high came as yours did, clenching around his cock and milking every single drop of his cum. You wrapped your legs around him, keeping him as deep as you could.
You expected Jungkook to roll off you to help you clean up as you felt his cum leak out of you, but he stayed there. He laid his head against your shoulder, and you ran your fingers through his sweat-soaked hair.
‘You good?’
He chuckled. ‘I think it’s all downhill from here.’
You scoffed. ‘What do you mean?’
‘I got P1 and I got to sleep with the girl of my dreams. It doesn’t get any better.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘Come on, Kook, I thought you were a little more ambitious than that. Don’t you want a championship win?’
Jungkook turned his face, still laying against you. You looked at him, still running your fingers through his hair. ‘As long as you’re with me.’
‘I’ll be on the track. I promise you that.’
‘That’s not what I meant.’ Jungkook was now hovering over you. ‘I want to be with you, as your boyfriend.’
‘You do?’
He narrowed his eyes. ‘Yes. More than I want the championship.’
He shrugged. ‘What’s an empty trophy good for when I can have you in my arms instead?’
‘You’re so cheesy.’
‘You don’t even know the half of it.’
‘Hmm, but as long as you’re only cheesy with me, though. Right? It’s only normal for you to be cheesy with your girlfriend.’
‘Damn, right.’
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h0neypjm · a day ago
Confident 04 | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: After giving Jungkook the best suck of his life he’s left wondering if what you said was true. Was it really your first time? ‘Cause Jungkook thinks you might’ve lied.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
↳ Genre: Smut, fluff, angst, college au, fuckboy! jk
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 5.6k
↳ Warnings: profanity, manipulation, verbal and physical assault, slut shaming, sum pining and yearning here and there, some slight jealous kook, also this is kind of unedited? I read through like the first few paragraphs then posted it cos i just couldnt wait !
↳ a/n: finally !!! here she is ahhh thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and patient for this series <3 I hope you enjoy this chapter and of course feel free to leave any comments. Also, i know i alluded to our oc being a total girlboss but i had to rewrite some of those scenes as i felt it wasn't very realistic in terms of her relationship with jk. anyways i hope you guys have a splendid time reading and once again thank you ! <3
↳ Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
Tumblr media
He doesn’t do anything else but stare at you impatiently. You think there is a hint of annoyance there too.
On the screen, Tony Stark’s heart deteriorates.
You don’t know why your own heart feels the same.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook has definitely had his fair share of angry phone calls.
Majority of them happen to come from the many women Jungkook had slept with. Why you may ask? Well, because Jungkook has a terrible habit of making empty promises. Promising whispers of staying the night and waking up to cuddles and breakfast, only for these women to wake up to an empty bed of lies.
This angry phone call however, was a complete outlier from the rest.
“Hello, Sana?”
There’s a deep sigh followed by a small sniffle that makes Jungkook hold his breath.
“Can you come over please?”
Jungkook stills like a sim waiting for its next instruction before realising he hasn't replied when Sana lets out another sigh. Though this time she’s clearly frustrated.
“Uh, you want me to come over right now?”
Her reply is quick and fierce, “Yes! Why are you busy or something?”
Jungkook slowly leans towards the small opening of his bedroom door to peer out at you lazily blowing stray strands of hair out of your face. It brings a warm grin to his lips.
“Sana, I- I’m sort of in the middle-”
Again, her reply comes quick, “Jungkook, I need you.”
Jeon Jungkook is a weak, weak man, and before he knows it, he’s flying out of his dorm, completely missing the way your whole body drops.
Tumblr media
Sana’s face is flawless, not a single smudge of makeup or hair out of place. It’s definitely not the sight Jungkook expected judging from the muffled sniffles he had heard earlier. It makes Jungkook wonder the true reason as to why he was asked to come over.
Sana doesn’t beat around the bush the second Jungkook steps foot in her apartment. “What are you doing?”
Jungkook scratches his head, “You asked me to come over? Did I do something wrong?”
She scoffs in reply, hands on her hips and a perfectly shaped brow condescendingly raises. “Listen, I know what I said the other day, but I didn’t expect you to go off with her of all people.”
An awkward pause fills the room along with a rising tension that becomes more and more suffocating as the seconds tick by.
“Are you serious right now Jungkook?” Sana rolls her eyes heading towards her desk where her phone lays.
Jungkook remains confused and slightly irritated by the loud clicking of Sana’s pointy acrylic nails against her phone screen. He quickly tries to wrack his brain of any terrible actions he has done recently however, nothing comes up. That is until Sana’s bright screen is pushed towards his face and a grainy picture of you and Jungkook burns his retinas.
Oh, so that’s what she’s mad about.
Jungkook remembers when the photo was taken. He remembers how he so unwittingly grabbed your hand. He remembers how your fingers fit so perfectly in his, your small fingers gripping his tightly. “How did you get that photo?”
Jungkook jumps at the sudden shriek, “Ugh! That’s the first thing you ask? Really!?”
Sana rarely ever irritates Jungkook even when she can be overdramatic and unreasonable. So why has her mere presence suddenly become suffocating?
“Why are you so upset? You’re the one who wanted to stop this...” Jungkook starts, motioning wildly with his hands. “...This complicated friendship.”
She scoffs, breaking the intense eye contact they share because she knows he’s right but is too proud to lose this fight. So she changes tactics, like she usually does because it always works on Jungkook, because she has Jungkook wrapped around her pretty little finger.
“I just didn’t think you’d get over me this easily,” she croaks, voice changing as she begins to fan her face to stop any oncoming tears that may spill out of her misting eyes.
Something feels different, Jungkook can feel it. There is no sudden tug at his heartstrings, no sudden urge to comfort and cuddle her because now Jungkook can finally see right through her act.
How has he let himself become blind to her actions for so long?
“Sana stop, you’re being really immature right now,” Jungkook firmly says as he takes a step back towards her door, and it's that small movement that triggers something red and livid within Sana’s small frame.
She moves with slow and controlled motions, her hands slowly and sensually trailing up Jungkook’s toned chest. She takes one step closer, and then another all while she flutters her wispy lashes innocently in a way she knows will make him crumble. It's her last resort.
Jungkook's eyes widen as he watches his world suddenly move in slow motion. He watches Sana lean onto her tippy toes, her glossy lips puckering up to Jungkook’s stern grimace.
It’s Jungkook’s turn to sigh when he turns his head away from her and gently places his hands on her shoulders as a means to reject her next move.
“Sana,” he breathes out, “what are you doing?”
It's then Sana realises she's lost her very first battle with Jungkook, and she won’t lie, it infuriates her.
Sana keeps her distance while her once dazzling eyes turn into fiery slits. “You’ve changed, you know. Ever since you started hanging out with Jin and the rest of those idiots you never have time for me anymore,” she spits bitterly.
Jungkook’s stomach flips, but not in a way it usually does when he’s around Sana. Jungkook’s stomach flips with anger and alarm. “Don’t say that about my friends.”
Jungkook hates the way she rolls her eyes at him, but he soon finds this hatred growing the second her next sentence hisses out of her venom laced tongue. “I miss the old you, you were so easy. Whatever happened to that Jungkook, hmm?”
Jungkook feels like a fool. The realisation and humiliation hits him at full force, and although he towers over the petite girl in front of him, he is small, powerless.
His next words come out shaky, his throat burns like it's wrapped in barbed wire. “I’m not you’re fucking puppet that you can control Sana.” His vision blurs as his fists clench tightly, “Did you really think of me that way all this time?”
Sana laughs, high pitched and bubbly. It’s sweet as well as sickening. “Newsflash Jungkook! I built you. You would be nothing without me.” She scans his frame menacingly, “did you really think you would become this popular on your own?”
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
“I’m done,” Jungkook states, way too calm for someone who just realised their friendship has been built on manipulation and lies.
“Yeah? Get out then,” she huffs back, a hard scowl set on her face.
Jungkook turns on his heel and does just that.
Tumblr media
Pretty pastel pink icing oozes out of the flimsy piping bag clutched between your hands. The shade is cute, though the swirl you attempted to make was not. You frown.
You won’t lie, you’re still a little sensitive about how Jungkook left you. Granted, your place in his life is non-existent. You’re not his girlfriend, not a close friend. You’re merely an acquaintance that just got too close. So why have you begun yearning for his presence despite the way he treated you so unpleasantly?
“How is my little baker doing- oh God that is ugly.”
A scowl instantly forms onto your face as you stare up at Jin’s disapproving eyes. “Sure, this is your first time decorating cupcakes, but that’s like the fifth one! Surely, you would’ve improved by now.”
Putting down the so-called ‘ugly’ cupcake, you continue to send Jin a deathly stare. “Thanks Jin, you’re really helpful.”
“Ah, I should’ve kept a closer eye on you,” he tsks, “you’ve wasted my precious icing on these hideous-”
Rolling your eyes for the nth time, you pick up a nice, hefty glob of icing onto your finger and rub it into Jin’s expensive Louis Vuitton shirt. You laugh wildly when he yelps, eyes flickering to his shirt and back to you before running to the closest bathroom all while yelling curses your way.
Breaking off a chunk of your cupcake and stuffing it into your mouth, you hear a shuffle behind you followed by two warm hands on your shoulders.
You're surprised by the bright boxy smile and sweet greeting that meets you. “I didn’t know you were here,” Taehyung says, engulfing you in a lung crushing hug which would be entirely uncomfortable if it weren't for the way he sweetly rubs your back and places his chin right on top of your head.
“I didn’t know you were here either,” you reply before further questioning, “wait, why are you here?”
“I was trying to study but my roommate is too loud, and the library is crowded.” He ruffles his fluffy hair slowly like he’s frustrated, and your eyes subtly follow the movement, “plus have you seen Jin’s study room It’s fucking beautiful.”
“Oh my gosh it is! And he never uses it!” you exclaim, turning around to offer Taehyung one of your decorated cupcakes.
Taehyung takes it without hesitation, breaking off a small piece to pop into his mouth. “Mmmm”, he hums, “did you make these?”
“Nah Jin made them obviously, but I did decorate them,” you say proudly, “though Jin said my icing skills are ugly.”
Taehyung studies the swirl you made, shaking his head slightly, “no, they're cute!” he exclaims brightly to which you return with a wide grin. “But, they're definitely not as cute as the person who made them,” Taehyung winks at you, his lips dropping into a smirk.
You look away, embarrassed by his teasing while Taehyung uses your shyness as an opportunity to boop your nose with an icing smothered finger.
Gasping at the sudden interference, you push Taehyung’s shoulder, turning back around to find the piping bag and get your revenge.
Predicting your next move, Taehyung is quick on his feet, running away from your wicked grin. However, Taehyung’s legs are long, so long that it’s quite difficult to catch him. “Taeeee,” you whine out as you attempt to chase after his giggling form.
He stops with a huff and bends down just for you to swipe his nose with sticky icing. “You got me,” he hums lowly, staring intently into your eyes.
Now that Taehyung is leveled with your face, you can’t help but let your eyes flicker down to his lips. He licks them out of habit and you're reminded of the time your own lips had met his.
God, girl get a grip!
“Okay, what the fuck is this,” you jump, gazing at Jin from the corner of your eye as he walks towards the two of you. Taehyung remains smug, throwing an arm around your shoulders, while you keep an awkward smile plastered on your face.
Jin squints at the sight dressed in a new but just as expensive shirt before going back to baking. You’ll never understand why he chooses to bake in such expensive clothes. Damn trust fund babies.
You breathe out looking up to find Taehyung already looking down at you, mouth opening to ask, “do you have any classes today?”
You shake your head, “do you have something planned?”
A cheeky grin spreads across his handsome face when he replies, “there’s a new bar that just opened up and I was wondering if you wanted to check it out with me.”
You just about agree excitedly before a cough interrupts your glee, “don't make plans while i'm right here assholes,” Jin grumbles.
You and Taehyung giggle forgetting that you were in fact inside of Jin’s home. Taehyung dramatically bows, gesturing towards Jin, “well, would you like to come with us?”
Jin hums satisfied, “we should invite the others, I’ll text the group chat.”
A puddle of anxiety begins brewing in the pit of your stomach. “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Taehyung murmurs, cheeks stuffed with the rest of his cupcake.
“Who are you inviting?” you ask, though deep inside you know what the answer will be.
“Don’t worry I'm sure Jieun will come, which means Yoongi will be invited,” Taehyung voices thinking off the top of his head. “Uhh Jimin will probably come and I think maybe Jungkook?”
You simply nod, the excitement manifesting into something sour as you let your thoughts wonder.
If Sana hadn’t interrupted, what would've happened? Would you have gone all the way, or would you replay that same night you first met?
Your indecisiveness truly frustrates you and it seems like Taehyung has picked up on your change in mood.
Taehyung’s voice is gentle, “what’s got you looking glum all of a sudden hmm?” Taehyung has always been great at picking up when there’s a change in your mood. It’s comforting and is one of your favourite quirks about him.
You shrug, “nothing, just thinking.”
“You wanna talk about it,” he coaxes, stepping closer to create a more comforting atmosphere.
You offer him a smile to cool down his concern, “nah, it’s ok, I’m probably gonna go back to my dorm now and get ready, text me the details?”
He mirrors your smile, “yeah sure, no problem, I’ll see you.”
You give him one more soft glance and shut the door behind you.
Tumblr media
Deep bass rumbles through your body while bright neon lasers point in every direction like some sort of low budget spy movie.
The steamy air around you clings onto your skin and warms you up quick as you search for your group of friends. Drunk strangers bump into with slurred apologies flying your way as you approach the booth your friends sit at.
The wild atmosphere of the club would have made it extremely difficult to spot them if it weren't for Jimin performing a wild lap dance for an unbothered Yoongi who lazily sips on his drink with a giggling Jieun attached to his side.
Jieun immediately spots you, jumping from Yoongi’s embrace to bring you into a tight hug. “Y/N! I missed you soooo much,” she screams drunkenly into your ear as she peppers little kisses around your face.
Her kisses tickle making you throw your head back in laughter before turning into a sharp yelp when she pulls on your hand to lead you to the others.
Taehyung is second to greet you, wrapping his long arms around your shoulders, “long time no see,” he jokes. Rolling your eyes, you playfully push his shoulder before waving at Yoongi and Jimin.
Shuffling towards the round table, you aim to sit next to Taehyung though Jieun sends you a sly wink as she forcefully pushes you down towards the opposite seat.
Jieun’s actions had a purpose and it comes to you when your shoulders collide with Jungkook’s sturdy ones.
His cologne wavers to you and it is a reminder of his warmth, his home, and also the rejection you felt when he kicked you out.
Jungkook pauses in his conversation with Jin, a nervous uneasy smile etched on his face. “Hi?” he croaks, but it comes out like a question more than a greeting.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jieun discreetly smirking at your flustered state. Yes, you were flustered, but not for the reason Jieun seems to be theorising.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you finally mumble.
If anyone can sense the thick tension between you and Jungkook they don’t mention it.
“How are you?” he starts, opening the conversation gently.
Well, you’re hurt, confused, and at the same time you don’t even think you should be feeling this way about Jungkook considering the absurdity of your relationship.
You internally shake those thoughts away, “I’m doing alright, how about you?”
Jungkook nods, “Yeah, I’m okay, uh,” he pauses, breaking eye contact to look down at his fidgeting fingers. “I actually wanted to apologise for-”
“Jungkook! Get your ass over here!” Jimin abruptly yells, motioning to a line of tequila shots.
Jungkook sends a thumbs up as if to tell Jimin, ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ before looking back at you to continue his sentence.
Despite the chaotic stream of neon lights that flicker around the club, you remain a sight for sore eyes.
Your makeup is natural, a dab of blush here and a little line of eyeliner there. Your hair is out and slightly curled at the ends complimenting your pretty collarbones accentuated by thin straps of your dress.
Jungkook is so lost in you that he has failed to pick up on the bored expression on your face. It makes him stumble terribly with his words.
With a slight eye roll you stop him, “Jungkook it’s fine go over there, I’m gonna go get myself some drinks as well.”
You don’t give him enough time to reply, getting up quickly in search of something to drink.
A sigh flutters past Jungkook’s lips and he gets up leaving an awkward tension that disperses between Jin, Jieun, and Yoongi.
Yoongi speaks up for the first time that night, “anyone else notice how weird that was?”
Jieun and Jin simply glare.
You make your way to an empty barstool. One that is far from where Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook down shots like its water.
You also order yourself a few tequila shots in hopes of easing the tension that stiffens your body. The burn stings though it's worth it when you begin to feel more loose and less like someone with a stick up their ass.
You down one more shot before deciding you should head back, the bartender however settles a pretty pink cocktail in front of you.
Confused, you flag down the bartender, “uh sorry, I didn’t order this.”
The bartender points at a lone man who sits four seats away from you, “that man over there bought it for you.”
Scrunching your brows you look towards the man who had supposedly bought you a drink and quietly thank the bartender. The mysterious man meets your gaze and gets up from his seat to make his way over to you.
You still. The man is definitely way older than you, his hair is dark, speckled with grey strands and a glittering Rolex on his wrist.
You crane your neck up towards his gleaming grin, “are you alone, sweetheart?” he says sickly sweet with a soft caress to your hand.
You laugh nervously, pulling your hand away from his hold. He notices, raising a brow and sitting down beside you.
“No, I’m here with my friends, speaking of which I should probably get back to,” you voice hesitantly, an uneasy smile settling on your lips. You slide off your stool nodding your head towards him, “thank you for the drink sir.”
Before you can make your escape, he moves swiftly grabbing your waist harshly. “You know, pretty girls like you should be more thankful. How ‘bout you sit and talk with me for a while?”
You don’t like his tone, the greasy smirk on his face, and the way his hand tightens around you. Twisting in his grip you place your hand on his fingers that continue to hold you with an iron grip.
“With all due respect, just because you bought me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you anything in return,” you proclaim, though it seems he does not like your reply.
“Now, now,” he laughs menacingly, “don’t be a fucking bitch.”
His quick change of tone from sweetness to anger sets alarm bells in your head.
Where was that damn bartender?
You realise you can’t get away from him by being sweet, so you stand your ground, grabbing his wrist just as hard as he holds you.
“Let go of me,” you raise your voice, grabbing the attention of a few other people.
He doesn’t, obviously. He only pulls you closer towards you, whispering into your ear, “hmm? Let go of you? What are you gonna do?”
The husk in his voice is repulsive making you squirm in his hold. Your fear only feeds his desire, his twisted grin staring down at you.
You stare at the people around you, and although some see your situation they are not brave enough to interfere. Or rather they're too drunk to realise what is really going on.
You shut your eyes for a second, a burn of panic rising in your chest. However, the second your eyes blink open, they are not met with an evil face, but a storming Jungkook that has noticed your frazzled state.
You’ll admit, you’re not too pleased with him right now, but as you feel your panic settling, you’re glad Jungkook of all people has noticed the danger you’re in.
With all the strength you could muster you break out of the man’s hold, ready to finally flee. It’s then an unexpected warmth latches onto your waist and pulls you to the side.
The hand is gentle, not at all like how the man treated you, but it isn’t Jungkook that gets to you first. It’s Taehyung who stands tall and protective in front of you.
“Sir, I believe you’re making her uncomfortable, if you could please leave her be we won’t have any issues,” Taehyung presses calmly, not wanting to aggravate the man before you.
“This your little boyfriend sweetheart?” the man sneers, examining Taehyung’s frame. You can tell Taehyung is ready to throw a punch no matter the consequences his actions may cause.
You intertwine your fingers with Taehyung’s, letting him know that you’re okay and that he doesn’t need to result to violence because the man was simply not worth the hassle
Jungkook closely watches the interaction with steady eyes. He can’t help but think he could have been in Taehyung’s position if he was fast enough. But would you even hold him?
Jungkook wasn’t oblivious to the boredom written on your face earlier. He knows it has something to do with how he had left you in such a hurry. He needs to clear it up with you, after all he has become quite fond of you.
The man gets up, puffing out his chest to square up to Taehyung. His attempts to assert dominance are embarrassing as Taehyung towers over him, his fire-filled eyes looking down with disgust.
The man scoffs, sharp eyes locking you down, “next time tell your bitch not to wear such slutty dresses if she doesn't wanna get hit on.”
You swear you see Jungkook’s jaw tick and his hand curl up into a fist. You signal to let the man be while simultaneously tightening your grip on Taehyung’s hand. Let him go, It’ll be better this way, you tell them with your eyes.
The older man takes off in a frustrated manner, pushing people aside. Letting out an anxiety filled breath, Taehyung envelopes you in a safe hug.
You breathe him in, feeling the presence of several other people next to you. Jieun instantly wraps her arms around you and holds your face in her hands, examining your expression. “Oh my God Y/N, are you ok? I should’ve come with you,” she coos, bringing you into another hug.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just glad it didn’t escalate,” you muffle into her skin.
Jieun releases you as Jin hands you your purse and begins to move your group out of the building. It seems the night is over. You’re grateful. You’re tired.
Taehyung pushes Jungkook towards you with a chuckle, “you’re lucky Jungkook noticed you right away, I don't even want to think about what would've happened if we didn’t get there in time.”
Jungkook scratches his ear, shyly looking away from your curious gaze. Taehyung’s right, he was the one who noticed your distress, though he won’t admit it was because he couldn't take his eyes off you. Not even for a second. Your beauty has truly put a spell on him.
You keep a soft gaze on him waiting until his sparkly eyes meet yours again, and once they do you hum out a quiet, “thank you.”
He nods in response as you all continue to walk further and further away from the bar.
“Our Uber is here,” Yoongi announces, sparking the others to discuss their plans to travel home.
Jieun gently grabs your wrist pulling you into another one of her tender hugs. She releases you but continues to hold your hands lovingly, “do you want me to order you an Uber home?”
You shake your head, “No need, the walk here wasn’t too long, I’ll be fine.”
Your answer obviously doesn’t settle Jieun when she fires back protectively, “nope, I’m not letting you walk home alone after what happened tonight, just come with Yoongi and I.”
You reassure her once more that you’ll be fine just for her to whip out her phone to order you an Uber. A protest begins to spill out of your lips when Taehyung places a hand on Jieun's shoulder.
“Don’t worry Jieun, I’ll take Y/N home,” he assures, pointing a grin in your direction.
Wordlessly, you agree, saying your goodbyes to Jieun and Yoongi until Jin interrupts to pull Taehyung aside.
“Taehyung you’ve had way too much to drink, Y/N I’ll walk you home, come on,” Jin vocalises, motioning you over with a shake of his head.
If you’re being honest, you don’t mind who takes you home. Hell, you’re one second away from sprinting off and walking home alone because truly, all you really desired at this moment was to be under your warm blanket, sound asleep.
“What? Jinnnn,” Taehyung whines, causing you to roll your eyes and sigh. “I’ll walk Y/N home, I didn’t drink that much I swear.”
“Taehyung, you can’t even stand straight, in a few minutes you’ll end up like Jimin,” Jin snaps back.
Taehyung huffs looking over to a confused Jimin who stares up into the infinite night sky, his mind completely empty, and body swaying slightly. You too, stare at Jimin, holding in laugh as you watch him point into the abyss with a fretted Jungkook pulling on his sleeve.
It’s like Jimin knows someone is talking about him as his body suddenly snaps in Jin’s direction. “Jin, can I sleep in your bed tonight? I miss those satin sheets,” Jimin pouts, throwing himself onto Jin
Taehyung joins Jimin in their quest to smother Jin while you stifle the laughs that so desperately want to tumble out.
“Oh for crying out loud! Would you two get off me so I can sort everything out” Jimin and Taehyung giggle amongst themselves, and you too would join them if it weren’t for the sudden words that utter out of Jungkook’s mouth.
“I can take Y/N home.”
The sound of crickets and the faint hum of lively music is the only thing filling the unanticipated silence.
All eyes fall onto you, waiting for your answer.
Your answer does not come quick enough according to Jungkook when he backtracks bashfully. “You don’t have to say yes, I didn’t drink much, so I just thought-”
Holding his fidgeting hands lightly, you stop his rambling, “yeah sure you can walk home with me. I don’t mind your company.”
The way Jimin slaps Taehyung’s chest in disbelief makes you want to curl up in embarrassment so you hide it by burying your face into Jin’s chest as you say your goodbyes.
Before releasing you from his grip he leans down to whisper, “text me when you get home ok?” You nod silently, squeezing him to finalise your goodbye before moving on to Taehyung and Jimin.
The two give you the dorkiest smirks, raising their eyebrows suggestively. Rolling your eyes, you hug them goodbye and wait for Jungkook to join your side.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jin whispering into Jungkook’s ear. Jin locks Jungkook down with stern eyes and furrowed brows, Jungkook nods with genuine earnestness before Jin pats his back, sending him off towards you.
There’s a small quirk that raises at the corner of his lips. It’s a quirk that asks if you’re all set to go, and with one final wave to Jin and the two buffoons that hang off his shoulders, you start your walk with Jeon Jungkook.
You don’t really know what to say at first, totally content with listening to the sound of concrete against the soles of your shoes. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook has a lot on his mind when it comes to you.
He hums softly, grabbing your attention. “I really want to apologise for leaving you so impolitely the other night.”
You only bow your head, waiting for his explanation before you decide if he deserves forgiveness.
“It was Sana that was on the phone,” he sighs, “I’m guessing you know our history and how much she means to me. She has some supernatural pull on me that always has me at her beck and call.”
Jungkook pauses and you let him. He’s a deep thinker, an observer. Although he adores a crowd around him, he’s completely himself when he’s quiet and alone with the space to think.
“I guess it came to bite me back in the ass.” He chuckles, but it's dry, sarcastic, lacking all humour.
You chime in, “what do you mean?”
Jungkook looks straight ahead, closing his eyes for a brief moment that makes you think you have crossed the line. “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, you just seem upset,” you reason.
Jungkook offers a smile. It’s not a happy smile, it’s sad yet warm and you want nothing more than to hug him and shake off that lingering sadness.
“No, no. I would like to talk about my feelings more. Jin always told me that it’s not shameful to talk about my feelings, and you always make me feel welcome too.” Jungkook looks at you with his round doe eyes, his smile shedding small hints of his previous melancholy.
His soft spoken words make your heart sing and your stomach swirl with warmth, “Jin’s absolutely right, whoever told you it was shameful or embarrassing to bottle up your feelings is a loser.”
He laughs at your remark, his nose scrunching up cutely, You inwardly coo at the action while something within your heart soars with adoration.
“Yeah, that person is someone I realised isn’t worth my time anymore, I guess my friendship with her kind of ended today?”
You already know who he’s referring to, and the thought of all the things she has dragged Jungkook through brings new feelings of disgust. “I’m so sorry Jungkook, that must’ve been really difficult for you to go through.”
You stop your walking to hug him. The action doesn’t surprise Jungkook, it only strengthens his fondness for you and the new friendship the two of you seem to be creating.
Jungkook squeezes you like you’re about to leave him all alone, and it's this action that makes you notice something. Hugging each other is something the two of you seem to do a lot. It's almost like your own personal love language. The action is a universal sign that you’ll be ok, because at the end of the day you have each other.
“I feel like the universe brought us together in the most absurd circumstances,” Jungkook mumbles in your hair.
Giggling softly, you look up at him with affection and Jungkook mirrors your grin tenderly. To any outsider the two of you look like a happy couple relishing in their sickening love. For a moment you believe that it's true. What would it be like to date Jeon Jungkook?
He doesn’t have a clean record in the dating scene. That fact alone is enough to scare you, but the way he holds you gives you an insight on what Jeon Jungkook could possibly be like as a boyfriend.
These thoughts are way out of pocket and you release him with a shudder, missing the way he deflates at the lack of your hold. “I live right there in that building,” you point, still trying to shake off the Jeon Jungkook flavoured thoughts running through your mind.
“Oh,” Jungkook didn’t even realise how fast the time flew by. That seems to happen alot with you and maybe that’s a good thing.
You stumble a little, when you say, “goodnight Jungkook, and thank you again for tonight.”
Once again, you are brought into a hug. Jungkook hides his pout while he savours your presence, your smell, you.
Jungkook doesn’t want to let go of you, not right now. Not when he feels so good, so secure, so safe.
He swears it's an accident when he murmurs, “can I kiss you?”
You’re stunned.
Should you? Things are moving too fast and your heart flutters all too violently when you’re around him. But maybe those flutters are a good sign.
You won’t lie, you’re protective of your heart, it can only go through so much before it breaks completely. But maybe Jeon Jungkook is a risk your indecisive heart has space to take.
So, you kiss him.
He gasps cutely into your mouth like he expected you to say no. You hold his face delicately while hands hold you securely around the waist.
His breath is hot when he sneaks his tongue past your lips and you melt, moving your hands to tug on the small curls at the back of his neck.
He kisses you like he has to prove something to you, his soft lips dipping down to meet your hungry ones, his hands holding onto you tighter with want.
Moaning into him, you seperate, leaning your forehead against his to take a breather. Jungkook pants back against you, closing his eyes as you continue to play with his hair.
“Goodnight, Jungkook,” you whisper, looking closely at all the small details of his face.
He shakes his head, holding you more fiercely. “Can I have one more kiss?”
You throw your head back, soft giggles tumbling out, “I'll see you later Jungkook,” you say waving bye as you walk up the stairs to your apartment.
Jungkook lets you go, watching you get into your apartment safely. He waits a couple minutes before looking up into the stars, whispering a quiet “fuck.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Sometimes dreams hurt more than one could imagine.”
Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 
Genre: Angst, Fluff 
Warnings: a bad nightmare, tears, fears of abandonment, but also reassurance and so much love
Wordcount: 1.9k
a/n: Surprise, again ehehe! This is the aaol!couple. This is inspired by this lovely anonie’s dream. I just couldn’t shake the idea and had to write it! I hope you like it my pretty anonie! This one’s for you baby 🥺💜
Tumblr media
Jungkook's eyes are filled with iciness. It is the kind of iciness you had hoped to never experience and yet here you were. There was warmth in his eyes once, warmth so strong you felt yourself melt just from looking at him. 
But that all changed. Two weeks ago when a nosy reporter dug up your past and published a long and very detailed article about it. The article was a complete success. With Jungkook's status in South Korea and the importance his company has to its economy, the success was expectable and yet it still didn’t prepare you for the shitstorm that followed. 
People called you a dirty whore, a disgusting prostitute, a despicable druggy, a greedy gold digger and yet nothing cut as deep as those who called you "Jeon Jungkook's biggest mistake". That is what really dug deep. A mistake. That is what you were to society. 
A gold digging, dirty prostitute who ruined one of South Korea's most eligible bachelors. 
Jungkook was on your side at first. He told you not to listen to online haters and that they don’t know you as well as he did. But then the calls began. Business calls with all his affiliates and they were all about one topic. Cancellation of their business relationship with him because a prostitute fucker doesn’t deserve their respect or money. 
One by one they dropped him and with each business call the warmth in Jungkook's eyes became less and less until it died out completely. 
Jungkook lifts his gaze and sighs.
"I'm sorry, I really am, but I can’t keep doing this."
"What? Jungkook, w-what does this mean?" 
Jungkook looks away.
"I made sure you would be living comfortably", he slides a pair of keys over the table, "I want you gone tomorrow." 
Tumblr media
You jolt up, gasping for air. It hurts. Your heart hurts so much that you have to hit your chest with your fist. A painful sob shakes through you, your ears are ringing loudly. 
"Oh god no", you press out, curling into a small ball.
Please make it stop. Please, it hurts so much. 
You fall back down, feeling warmth brush your arm. You force your eyes to open and gasp. 
"Jungkook?" your voice is quivering. 
He is sleeping deeply, resting on his back and with his arms by his sides. His hair is ruffled from tossing and turning, his mouth is agape and his pyjama is matching with yours. 
So it was...a dream? It was all a dream? 
"Oh god Bunny", you press out, chasing the comfort of his warm body. You hold onto his arm tightly, soiling the sleeve of his pyjama with your tears, “my Bunny.”
He is here. He is still here. He is here. 
You sob, convulsing in a shake as you squeeze yourself even closer. You never want to let go again. 
Jungkook's sleepy voice forces you to lift your head. He looked tired at first but becomes visibly worried when he sees the state of your face. 
"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" he gasps, flipping to his side to look at you better. He cups your cheek, working tirelessly to dry your tears. 
"Jun-Jungkook", you stutter and sob loudly, "Jungkook." 
"Hey, I'm here. What's wrong, my love?" 
"Jungkook", you bury your face in his chest, shuddering in a sob. 
Jungkook cradles you in his strong arms, rocking your bodies back and forth soothingly. He pets your hair, kissing the crown of your head over and over again. 
"It's okay. It’s okay. I'm here ___, I’m here", he whispers in a soothing voice. 
You haven’t felt that heartbroken and alone and helpless in a long time. And yet being in Jungkook's safe embrace and knowing that he still holds you with warmth in his touch and love in his voice, makes you realise that the lie in your dream hasn’t become your truth yet. And that thought calms you down, just as Jungkook's hug does. 
"J-Jungkook", you croak, hiccuping softly. 
"It's alright, I’m here. It's alright", his voice was filled with love and the distinct quiver that he always gets when he cries silently. 
Knowing that he still cries when you cry gives you so much reassurance. So he still loves you. 
"Jungkook I love you", you say with a quivering lower lip, "I love you so much." 
"Oh ___", he exhales shakily, "I love you too. So much." 
You hug him tighter, trying your hardest to regulate your breathing. It becomes an easy task now that Jungkook's familiar scent is cradling you gently. He is still here. It was just a dream and he is still here.
"What happened, my love?" Jungkook asks. 
"Bad dream." 
"Oh no", he gives you a squeeze and kisses your hair, "do you want to share it with me?" 
You lift your head, tearing up the instance you look into his teary eyes. 
"It was s-so terrible", you begin, hiccuping for air every now and then, "t-there was a reporter who, who found out about my past and-" 
You sob. 
Jungkook cries harder and kisses your forehead. 
"-and she wrote an article about me a-and people began to be really mean to me." 
"Oh no, ___ that sounds so terrible", he says and hugs you. 
"But there is, is more." 
"Oh no." 
Your eyes lock. 
"Your reputation became bad because of me a-and all your business partners started to leave you and then y-you couldn’t take it anymore and-"
You sob loudly, convulsing in pain. 
"___", Jungkook whispers shakily, crying with you. Nothing hurts him more than seeing you in pain. 
"-you broke up with me", you choke out before breaking down completely. The wounds feel so fresh, the pain sits so deep, the memory of his cold eyes is as clear as day. It hurts so much. 
"No, oh my god ___, no", Jungkook hugs you so tightly that it becomes hard to breathe, "I would never break up with you. Never ever." 
"Thank you, oh Jungkook, I love you so much. I love you so, so much." 
"I love you too ___. I really, really do." 
For quite some time you cry, seeking comfort in Jungkook's chest. And in return for quite some time Jungkook cries, seeking comfort in your arms. 
Once you lift your head again, the clock shows the beginning of a new hour and Jungkook's features carry exhaustion. You felt exhausted yourself. You had slumbered deeply before the nightmare woke you and didn’t get enough sleep yet. Jungkook did so too, veins still filled with all those helpful sleepy hormones which are currently trying to get him to sleep again. 
And yet neither dares to leave the other in consciousness. So you look at each other, thanking the universe for gifting you with such a perfect partner.
"Why did you dream of something like that? Was it because of yesterday?" Jungkook asks, tracing your features with his fingertips.
You and Jungkook had a small fight last night. It wasn’t even worth mentioning. Just some couple bickering as a result of miscommunication. Basically you and Jungkook had watched a movie when you became tired. So you told Jungkook that you and him should go to bed instead and Jungkook agreed. You shimmied under the blanket with the intent of sleeping while Jungkook shimmied under the blanket with the intent of finishing the movie in bed. You, cranky in tiredness, told him to stop and be quiet. And Jungkook, sensitive in tiredness, saw your words as an attack. So fighting happened. You wanted to convince Jungkook that you weren’t trying to attack him while Jungkook insisted that your words were mean. It ended with you flipping over with a mumbled "whatever, sorry they were mean" before dozing off and Jungkook flipping over with a frown on his face and his brain being sure that you didn’t mean the apology.
But it wasn’t even worth mentioning anymore. It was just a normal and silly couple fight and it was already forgotten.
"It wasn’t because of yesterday", you say and lower your eyes, "I guess, I’m just scared." 
"Scared of what?" 
"What people will think of me now that you really made us official." 
Jungkook confirmed his relationship with you in a business interview he did. In it he called you his girlfriend, his partner for life and his everything. Up until now the reactions were beyond positive (ignoring the few heartbroken ladies who had hoped for a chance with him and who are calling you a man thief now, but those comments made you chuckle because you indeed snatched the biggest treasure as your man). 
"Well, first of all. Fuck other people because ninety nine percent are complete brainless idiots. And second of all. I would never leave you over some mean online comments." 
"Yeah but what if my past gets exposed? What if you'll lose your business because of me?"
"This isn’t going to happen, trust me." 
"How are so sure?" 
Jungkook cups your cheek, "because information like that has huge blackmail material and knowing how corrupt our country's reporters are, they would knock on our door first before even opening their document." 
"I don't understand." 
"They would come to us, begging for money in exchange for keeping quiet and if they do, my team of lawyers is just one phone call away." 
He brushes his thumb over your cheekbone and smiles tiredly. 
"I'll protect you ___, my lawyers will take care of it and you don’t have to worry. I promise, it was just a bad dream."
"Yes, really." 
You exhale in relief, touching his face. 
"I adore you so much Jeon Jungkook." 
He blushes.
"I adore you too." 
You feel your cheeks heat up and your gaze lower. You scoot closer, hiding the rest of the world from your view with his chest. 
"Can you please hold me?" you ask shyly. It is not often that you ask to be held, so the request makes you nervous beyond belief. 
"Of course. I'll hold you so, so well", he promises you, closing his arms around you in a safe embrace.
“Thank you so much Jungkook.”
“Don’t thank me, I love holding you.”
“Not just that, but for everything.”
“Everything”, he repeats. 
“Thank you for loving me, I know I’m being very overdramatic right now, but fuck”, you exhale shakily, “seeing you stare at me with cold eyes in my dream just made me realise how priviledged I am to be loved by you. I’ll never take it for granted.” 
Jungkook sniffles, burying his nose in your hair. 
“Don’t say that, I’m the privileged one. I’m this successful, commanding CEO to society but when I’m with you I can be a big softie idiot. I don’t have this with anyone else.”
You laugh softly. 
“You’re not an idiot, just a stupid noodle.”
Jungkook giggles. 
“Even better. I love being your stupid noodle.” 
“Yeah? And I love snacking on that noodle.”
“Oh my god ___ ew no, that was the worst joke you ever made”, he says in a laugh. 
You laugh, nuzzling your nose into his chest.  
Jungkook sighs happily and tightens his arms around you. 
“Try to sleep now, my love. I won’t go anywhere”, he whispers. 
You nod your head, allowing the drowsiness in your brain to take over. It was just a dream. Jungkook is here and he loves you. 
Tumblr media
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ahundredtimesover · 19 hours ago
Fight for You Epilogue (12)
Tumblr media
​12: Finale part 2: What happens when you learn to give love
Pairing: Jungkook x (f.) Reader
Genre/Tags: established relationship - FFY couple; fluff, smut (18+)
Warnings: Adorable babies and cute family moments 🥺 talks of parenting, mentions of past child neglect, sexual content (making out, breast play, unprotective penetrative sex [please be safe!])
Word count: 5.1k
A/N: Aaaand this wraps up our FFY couple’s fairytale! I know it was a quick one that spanned many years in the story but I had to get these out and I’m really appreciative of all your support for this. It was lovely to write - especially this last one, which is a peek into their family life - and I’ve become so attached to them 😢 Here’s to the healing of all our scars and to being brave to give and accept love. 🥰🥰 Also, thank you to the anon who imagined dad jk in the grocery! Got a bit of that in here 😊
And finally, thank you to Ash @jimilter​​ for this banner and for always being so lovely 🥰
Epilogue Series Masterlist || Previous || End
Jungkook stands helplessly as he watches his 2-year old son run around his bedroom on the hobby horse with his cowboy hat, the stick he’s riding seemingly not bothering him even if Jungkook always felt it was too long. 
“Hee-ya!” He says in his tiny voice, kicking the stick with the side of his foot, and much as Jungkook wants to coo and tell his son how adorable he is, he’s trying to be firm.
“Ji-hun, come on, it’s time for bed,” Jungkook says, blocking his son’s way as he goes for another round, but the little one goes another direction, having so much space in his own room.
“If you keep running, you’ll sweat and you might get sick, and mommy and daddy don’t like it when you get sick,” Jungkook says, sighing in desperation, as they've been on this for 30 minutes now. 
But it’s what gets Ji-hun to stop, and he looks up at his dad with sad eyes and a pout, sullenly removing his hat and placing the horse stick toy on the side. 
Jungkook picks him up and kisses his forehead. “There you go, my little prince. Let’s get you to sleep.”
As he’s about to place the little one on the bed, Ji-hun raises his arms. “Weee! Daddy, weee!”
Jungkook grumbles as he knows what his son wants, asking this of him every time he’s in his father’s arms. 
“You get so hyper when I do that. You won’t be able to sleep.”
The 2-year old doesn’t really understand, but he knows his father’s unhappy face, so he pouts again.
The two go through this almost every night, and it’s often a cycle of telling Ji-hun to sleep but the latter doing a bunch of other things before he settles in bed, and Jungkook - even if he resists at the start - gives in. He throws the little one up twice, causing Ji-hun to squeal and laugh, and it’s a sound Jungkook will never tire of hearing.
Ji-hun is finally tucked under the covers, smiling now, and Jungkook chuckles. “You’re like your mommy, you know that? Pouting to get away with everything and to get what you want.”
“Is that a complaint?” You ask playfully, prompting Jungkook to turn around to find you leaning on the door, laughing. “If I remember correctly, you’re the one who lets me get away with things and gives me what I want when I pout.”
“It’s because you’re too good at it, and this little prince is getting good at it, too,” Jungkook says.
“It’s because you’re weak for us, babe,” you tease, kneeling beside him.
“Go to sleep now, jellybean. Sweet dreams. I love you,” you kiss your son’s forehead, with Jungkook doing the same after, whispering “I love you” in his son’s ears.
Ji-hun smiles, squeals “I wuv you, mommy and daddy,” then closes his eyes, and it’s one of those moments that Jungkook treasures and thinks about all the time, especially when he’s tired or upset at work. 
You take his hand and walk out quietly.
“Seriously, our son is deceitful. He tricked us by barely crying when he was born and now he won’t keep still,” Jungkook whines. “I don’t know how many rounds of ‘go to bed’ we’ll have every night before he actually goes to bed.”
“Maybe just like his spoiled mom, he likes to annoy you, too,” you cock an eyebrow, stopping in the middle of the hallway to give him a hug.
He wraps his arms around your waist and laughs. “I mean it though, he takes after you so much.”
“He does, it’s pretty amazing. I think it was all the times I cried and whined and pouted and couldn’t keep still when I was pregnant with him,” you say, recalling that whole 9-month period of you going over all the emotions expected of a first-time pregnancy.
It wasn’t easy. Conceiving Ji-hun wasn’t easy to begin with, and the frustration and worry carried over to when he finally came out of you. 
Your mood swings and cravings were pretty intense, but Jungkook, as he promised you during the times you were most scared, held your hand through it all, cradled you to sleep, gave you baths, drove to the convenience store, and cooked up something in the middle of the night to satisfy your needs and wants. He never complained, too, as he’d caress your cheeks and kiss you softly when you cried, reminding you of how strong you are and how beautiful the little human you were carrying was.
“Yup, and now, whining and pouting is all he does,” Jungkook chuckles. “But you’re right. I’m so weak for him. It’s not fair.”
“He’s our child, babe. It’s normal,” you kiss his lips. “Now let’s go to bed, we’ve got a long day tomorrow.”
“Is Hyun-joo asleep?”
“Yeah, cried and sucked me dry before she did, though,” you laugh. “Kinda like you.”
Jungkook scowls, earning him a laugh, but he heads to the nursery and you know, like every night, he wants to look at his daughter one last time.
You swoon at him smiling tenderly at the little girl you gave birth to just 6 months ago. You hadn’t planned on having her so soon, but the news felt different that time when it wasn’t something you were expecting. But she came out perfectly, and Ji-hun was the curious older brother who was so amused at the tiny human you always held. 
“Sleep well, my little princess,” Jungkook whispers, grazing her plump little cheeks with his finger. 
He always enjoys doing this, watching his daughter sleep so peacefully, her tiny body wrapped in a blanket and looking so delicate and perfect.
“Good night, pumpkin. Please sleep until 6AM, at least,” you plead.
Jungkook giggles and leads you out to head to your bedroom. “I wonder what food you’ll crave that you’ll name our next baby after.”
“Muffin? Pudding? Dumpling? Depends on how good you make them. Your pumpkin soup was to die for, babe.”
“I mean, I had to make them everyday for weeks, of course I’d perfect it,” he reminds you, saying he wanted to be the one to do it instead of Mrs. Hwang so he could share in the responsibility of the pregnancy. “But none of what you said is easy to make so let’s go with something similar to jellybean or you know, fruits!” He teases.
You get a laugh in, as what you both need. 
Your evenings really begin once the kids are asleep. Despite having your own home offices, during times like this, you and Jungkook prefer to do your work next to each other either on your bed or your couch. 
“I miss fucking then going straight to bed after a long day,” you sigh as you type away on your laptop. 
“So do I,” Jungkook looks up at you from his. “We could get a round in after?”
You smile in agreement, knowing that his amazing stamina always allows him to have enough energy for it every night; it’s you who gets tired so easily or falls asleep right away, but he never points it out.
It’s 3 hours later when you finally turn off your laptop and lie in bed, next to Jungkook and his bare chest that you just want to snuggle and kiss. But you’re exhausted from the whole week and your body is sore from trying to make a perpetually restless Ji-hun eat his dinner, and from breastfeeding Hyun-joo who still feeds so much off you that it’s draining. You look up at your husband with a pout and he cups your cheek as he laughs.
“It’s okay, angel, come here.” He pulls you close and cuddles you how you want, kissing your forehead and caressing the thigh that’s placed over his. “I’m tired, too. We can always do it another time.”
Jungkook looks up, scouring for the brand of almond flour he needs, parting some of the boxes to check the depths of the shelf in case he missed it.
“Do you need some help?” An unfamiliar yet perky and high-pitched voice calls out.
Jungkook turns to see a young woman wearing gym attire. She’s not a clerk so he’s unsure how she could assist him.
She seems to pick this up from his furrowed eyebrows and confused look, as she continues, “I work at a bakery, I might know what you’re looking for.”
“I’m alright, thanks,” he nods then turns to Hyun-joo who’s currently strapped on the carrier he’s wearing, facing him.
“Okay, princess. They don’t have the brand I like, so I’ll just go with this one,” he says, taking one of the boxes, ready to head out.
“Your baby is beautiful. She’s got such pretty eyes and a cute nose,” the woman giggles.
Jungkook doesn’t miss the way she eyes him as she says it, the lip-biting and hair-tucking giving her away.
“She is, isn’t she? She takes after my wife, actually,” he smiles, patting Hyun-joo’s cute little head.
“Let’s go look for mommy,” he tells his daughter, not bothering to glance at the woman, though he hears her sigh and turn away.
He sees you at the end of the aisle pushing the cart with Mrs. Hwang, giggling to each other as he approaches.
“Are you two gossiping about me?” Jungkook cocks his eyebrow.
“Yes, we are, sweetie,” Mrs. Hwang says. “It’s entertaining to watch strangers approach you and then walk away defeated. Your charms are truly unmatched,” she laughs.
“I can’t believe I snagged you before the rest of the female population did,” you tease. 
“Whatever,” he rolls his eyes. “She looked so young, probably in her early twenties or something.”
“You don’t look that far from that age, babe. But like I’ve told you, it’s the dilf look,” you smirk, and he rolls his eyes in response.
Jungkook’s boyish features have always made him look younger than he really is, but all the changes have added to that youthful vibe, too. Jin told you once that his friend has this glow - Jungkook smiles a lot more, looks less intimidating when he doesn’t, and he just has this relaxed aura, a complete 180 to how he used to be. And you can’t agree more.
He’s still just as handsome, though, or even more, as you seem to rub off on his wardrobe choice, looking less like a man ready to fight anyone and more like a responsible and loving husband and father. The navy blue collarless blazer over his plain tee and sweatpants - and maybe your daughter strapped to his front - definitely help, though, as he looks mature yet youthful. It’s no wonder he gets as much attention as he does.
“Okay, I think we have everything we need for the next 2 weeks,” Mrs. Hwang informs you, and you all proceed to the counter to check out all the groceries.
It’s one of the things you insisted on after Ji-hun started to get older. There are things you want to do as a family, even if you don't really need to, like do the groceries, go to the park, and visit flea markets. Jungkook said that’s more exposure for your family, but you’d said you wanted your kids to experience things beyond your own house, something you got to do very little of when you were younger.
You’re on your way out when Ji-hun, who’s currently comfortably wrapped around your hips, squeals in excitement.
“Star! Mommy, I want star!” 
He points towards a kiosk selling dalgona, with the shapes of the sugar candy out on display. You’re about to head to the vendor, giddy at the thought of eating it, as you only ever did when you were with Hoseok and Yoongi when you were young.
But Jungkook’s “not for you, little prince” stops you.
You turn to your husband with a pout. “Just one? He seems to like the star-shaped piece.”
“___, that’s literally sugar and oil. That’s too sweet for him.”
“What yummy things aren't made of sugar and oil?” You retort. “I’ll give him small pieces, then. I’ll buy it for myself.”
“He’ll try to take it from you and then he’ll flutter his eyelashes and pout and you’ll give it to him!”
You frown but don’t take it too hard; you know your husband’s right.
“Mommy! Star! Pwease I want star!”
You sigh and know you need to let your son down today, but Jungkook repeats his earlier statement and Ji-hun’s lips start to quiver.
Jungkook’s used to this, too, as your son seems to run on an endless supply of sugar, which is why you and Jungkook try to limit his actual intake. Ji-hun is always running around, falling on his butt, hitting things, jumping on tables, and screaming while doing all those. It’s normal for his age, you remind Jungkook, but he tends to be a little too cautious sometimes. It’s the middle of the day and Ji-hun’s already had his butter cookies earlier after breakfast; Jungkook thinks that’s enough sweets for today.
“Come here,” he says, switching kids with you, leaving a now sleepy Hyun-joo in your arms.
He hugs your son as you all enter the van. “We’ll get your star tomorrow, okay?”
Ji-hun just nods, sniffing as he feels he’s been scolded by his father, given the multiple times that Jungkook said “no.”
Jungkook looks stressed as he massages his son’s back, feeling bad at having to keep turning him down.
“He’ll be fine, babe,” you take your husband’s hand. “Don’t think too much about it. We still have that interview with the bodyguard and chauffeur applicants. Let’s focus on that,” you remind him. “Just don’t scare them like you did the last time, okay?”
He frowns at your statement.
“I didn’t scare them. I was assessing them. It's normal. It’s what your father did with me.”
“I know for a fact that my father at least smiled at you that day. You don’t. Ever.”
“They need to know who they’re dealing with if they screw up at the job,” Jungkook says.
“They went through your training academy. I’m sure they’re great. It’s the personality we’re looking at, remember? That’s what you said.”
“Yeah, but…” Jungkook sighs, not knowing what else to say. “Let’s just head home and prepare.”
The applicants were good, as were the last times you did interviews but Jungkook was never satisfied. You’re not quite sure what he’s looking for, but you let him take the lead, as he definitely knows more than you do. 
You both decided to assign Mr. Sim and Namjoon to your kids as the people you trust with your children’s lives, so those applying are for you. Jungkook has been stressing himself about it lately; it seems like a lot of things have.
It’s late in the night, after you’ve put the kids to bed and you had your bath that you find him in his office, reading documents with his serious face on.
“What you doing, babe?” You enter and lean on his desk.
“Going over some more applicants,” he says, pushing aside a stack of papers and looking up at you. “They don’t seem to be a good fit for you.”
“Well, it’s a good thing we’re not in a rush, right?” You smile.
“I’m on a timeline, Ms. Vice President,” he says.
“So that’s why you’re nitpicking? Because my father told you that he’ll be promoting me and that’s gonna make me more vulnerable?”
“I’m not nitpicking,” he furrows his brows. “I just… I just wanna make sure that whoever we’ll get will do their job right and will protect you because I won’t be able to do that as much, especially with your new role.”
“Okay, first of all, that promotion isn’t until at least a year from now, so we’ve got time. And secondly, whoever we’ll get will do their job as instructed and you, my wonderful husband, will do all the loving and caring for me. The protecting aspect is integrated in the whole husband thing, I guess, but it’s not a separate role.”
He laughs, knowing you have a point.
“I really liked the woman from last week,” you say. “She’s smart and such a bad-ass. Scarier than you, actually. Less obvious, too, since she could easily blend in as my friend.”
“Makes sense. I’ll look more into her.”
“Okay, great! But again, no rush. We don’t need to do reassignments yet since Ji-hun isn’t starting school soon. We could work around the schedules easily,” you say, sitting on his lap at his invitation.
“I guess, but speaking of which,” he says excitedly. “I’ve started to look at schools for him and I’ve found some good ones. They’re safe and reported high percentages of the kids moving up to prestigious elementary…”
He trails, curious of your frown. “What’s wrong, angel?”
“Do you think that maybe we could slow down a bit? Ji-hun is just 2 and he’s still enjoying being a child.”
“We could still plan it out early though, right?”
“Yeah but that’ll influence what we make him do or try out and he’s just been trying out everything. I mean, he could be a professional athlete because he never runs out of energy and just chases Hoseok everywhere. He’s been digging up holes in the garden, too, and I can’t figure out if he wants to plant something or find something,” you laugh. “He’s been enjoying listening to Yoongi play the piano, and helping Mrs. Hwang in the kitchen, watching the fish in the pond…”
“He does, doesn’t he? He goes from one thing to another,” Jungkook chuckles.
“It’s so adorable and it’s been fun exploring all his likes and dislikes with him, don’t you think? It’s been fun watching him be a kid, playing around until past his bedtime, eating sweets…” you cock an eyebrow, and Jungkook knows what you mean. 
He’s a stickler for rules ever since, and you knew he’d be laying them down for your kids, too. It’s not much of a surprise, and it’s not that bad - you know he just wants the best for them, but you also wish that Jungkook would enjoy this whole parenting thing as much as you are.
“Am I being too much?” He asks after a while.
“Hmm, maybe just a tiny bit,” you turn to him and giggle.
“Not the fun dad you imagined, huh?” His smile immediately fades. 
“But you are!” You exclaim, shifting on his lap so you could look at him better. “You let Ji-hun put all those clothespins on your hair and face and he doesn’t stop laughing. You let him climb on you like you’re some tower, ride on your back and call you dinosaur…” you remind your husband. “Look, I know it’s a struggle, wanting to make sure he doesn’t get sick, wanting to protect him even from the smallest things, making sure he has everything he needs very early on… I want that, too.”
“I just… I just wanna make sure we’re not lacking in anything,” Jungkook sighs. “I mean, I was running around the market and rundown alleyways unattended, I’d go home with scratches on my arms from falling somewhere, my teacher was the one who noticed they were infected,” he recalls. “I didn’t know drinking coffee as a 10 year old was bad, I hated vegetables… I hated school because I lagged behind… My childhood was reckless because my father didn’t care, didn’t give me anything. And I just want to make sure I do it right with our kids this time.”
“And you are doing it right,” you assure him. “Baby, my parents gave me everything I needed so I never asked for anything anymore. They just gave it all. But they never hugged me to sleep nor laughed with me, cooked me food, or told me they loved me.”
You cup his cheeks and turn him to face you. “We can protect them and help them grow but still let them play, have fun, enjoy things; we can let them learn with us. We’ll still set the rules but they’ll follow out of trust and love for us, not out of fear or a need for approval. Don’t you think that’s how we could get it right?”
He nods, knowing that approach is based on experience - a combination of what you both lacked growing up, and something you want to make sure you give to your children.
“You’re so good at this,” he mumbles, burying his head in your neck.
“So are you, Jungkook. We’re both new to this, we’re figuring it out as we go but we at least know what not to do.”
He nods again. You know deep down, what Jungkook fears the most is his children not loving him, not trusting him, and you know that can’t be further from the truth.
You wrap your arms around him for comfort. “Our son adores you. Our daughter adores you. Ji-hun loves riding his hobby horse because he keeps watching that video of you in Spain riding a real one. He’s always got his doe eyes and he squeals in excitement every time. And Hyun-joo flutters her eyelashes whenever she hears your voice, did you know that? I think that’s her identifying you.”
“Do you mean those? You’re not just saying them so I’ll stop moping?” He peers at you.
“I mean them. You’re doing great, Jungkook, we both are,” you kiss his lips softly. “Grow up with our child, okay babe? Let’s do that with both of them.”
He nods with a smile this time. “I’m still a little sad, though. Can you give me another kiss?”
You give in, pressing into him deeply, then another, and another, until he’s gripping onto your waist and you’re holding onto his neck and you get lost in each other’s lips, as if to remind the other of the love that created your precious prince and princess. It’s that same love that’ll raise them to be happy and kind people, like what you and Jungkook wished for them when they were born.
The light seeps through the blinds and you barely make out the time on the clock. It’s 7AM but you feel like you haven’t gotten proper sleep. Your make-out session with your husband last night only escalated to feeling each other up until you both had to stop because Hyun-joo cried and it took a while for her to get back to sleep. 
She woke up again in the middle of the night, prompting you to do the same, and you feel like you’d finally gotten close to your deep sleep but she starts crying once more. Jungkook gets to it first, whispering that there’s stored milk he could give her in case she’s hungry. 
He returns to bed with his arm wrapped around you and you mindlessly ask what it was. 
“She was hungry but then she pooped right away. It was nasty.”
You snort at this, making you be a bit more awake. 
“Thank you, though. I didn’t have the energy to get up earlier,” you mumble.
“I know, my fingers could do that to you,” he teases. 
You don’t mind the cockiness though, since he says it with that deep, morning voice of his. And well, because he’s also right.
“Oh, I know, babe,” you moan, imagining the feel of his rough hands on you from last night. 
“Yeah?” He whispers in your ear, that grunt turning you on.
You nod, starting to feel his dick poking your back, and your grinding on it turns the switch for him.
His tender kisses on your neck turn heated. His gentle strokes on your waist become desperate - one hand wraps around you to move towards your breast and another to your cunt; the moans get louder and deeper, too. 
He pulls you closer, removes his boxers, and slips inside you from behind. You thrust against each other languidly, as your movements slow down. The pleasure is in the relaxed pace, as making love to him this way - after a restless night, some pillow talk, and another reminder of your love for each other - heightens the sensation. The pressure starts to build and right when you feel yourself reaching your climax, you hear Hyun-joo cry again.
“Fuck,” you whine, and it’s not from the orgasm you didn’t reach.
Jungkook slows down and the responsibility to your child breaks the mood. 
“I’ll get her,” he says, slowly slipping out of you.
“No, it’s okay. She’s probably teething or something, or maybe just hungry again,” you pant, already missing Jungkook, but getting out of bed to put on your robe.
“Go back to sleep, babe. We can continue later.”
You rush to the nursery next door and take your daughter in your arms, who cries a little bit more but calms down after you rock her in the chair. You feed her, thinking she’s hungry again and it’s the tiny hand that rests gently on your chest that tells you that she is and also in need of your touch.
“There you go, my precious jewel,” you smile, the tiredness melting away at the sight of your little girl looking so peaceful so close to you.
You love bonding with her like this, and you can’t wait to grow up with her, too.
The door opens and in comes Jungkook, and you could feel him smiling softly at this sight as well. He likes to do that, you’ve noticed. He loves watching your intimate moments with your children. 
“Everything okay?” He asks.
“Yeah, she just missed me,” you smile.
Jungkook takes the small chair next to you and rubs Hyun-joo’s little arms to help her fall asleep. 
Silence overtakes the room, but then the other baby monitor lights up, signaling that Ji-hun’s awake, too.
Your husband stands up, kisses your forehead, and heads out the door.
It’s a while later when he returns with the little boy clinging on to his torso like a koala.
“He keeps saying I’m the tree from his favorite book,” Jungkook whispers. 
You quietly laugh and greet your son good morning with a kiss.
“Mommy, I’m hungwee,” he says, scratching his sleepy eyes with his tiny hands.
You turn to Jungkook, who knows he’s got some making up to do.
“Do you want some star-shaped pancakes, big boy?”
Ji-hun nods excitedly. “Ice cweam, daddy!”
You laugh at your son testing Jungkook immediately, but you know your husband knows what to do.
“Okay but just a bit, alright? We’ll share a cup.”
You know the little one doesn’t fully understand but he nods happily at the word okay and his father’s smiling face. He kisses Jungkook’s cheeks and your husband’s smile is such a heavenly sight.
“Does my wife have any requests?” He turns to you.
“Fluffy chocolate pancakes for me, please,” you flutter your eyelashes. 
He frowns, knowing that Ji-hun will be begging for the chocolate chips, too, but Jungkook still manages a laugh.
“Okay, angel. I’ll see you downstairs.”
You watch them go and your eyes focus on Hyun-joo, wincing at the slight pain of her sucking.
It’s half an hour later when Mrs. Hwang peeks inside.
“Your boys are going at it again downstairs,” she giggles.
“What now?” You laugh.
“Ji-hun keeps saying he’s hungry but won’t let his father go. Jungkook can’t make the pancakes with your son hanging onto him,” she narrates amusingly. “I’m thinking maybe you could referee the two.”
“That little boy is so clingy. He’s really like me,” you muse, giving Hyun-joo to Mrs. Hwang. 
“So much like you,” she affirms. “I’ll take care of her. Go ahead.”
You rush downstairs and immediately hear Ji-hun squealing and Jungkook panicking. Your son, currently dangling in his high-chair, is attempting to get down while your husband is holding the mixing bowl on one hand and pulling the little one with the other.
“I want daddy!” Ji-hun screams.
“How’re the pancakes going?” You tease Jungkook.
“It’s not going,” he frowns. “Can you please tell him that I can’t carry him while I cook on the stove?”
He looks desperate to get the food done but doesn’t want to let your son down again.
“He just wants to be close to you,” you smile, taking the little one from the high-chair and carrying him in your arms, facing him forward.
“Now go cook and we’ll stay next to you.”
Jungkook follows and heads to pour the batter on the star-shaped cookie cutter while you and your son stand close to your husband, Ji-hun’s eyes wide in amusement.
“Isn’t daddy so good?” You ask the now tempered little one, who squeals like he understands it.
“Okay, now give him a kiss as a thank you,” you instruct the boy in your arms. 
He raises his arms and plants a wet kiss on Jungkook’s cheeks once he gets close, and Jungkook does the same, earning him a happier squeal from the little one this time.
Your husband laughs and turns to you with his soft eyes. 
“You always know what to do,” he says. “I couldn’t keep him still earlier.”
“He loves affection, especially when it’s from you.”
The thought warms Jungkook. Being needed like that by his own child feels different, satisfying, fulfilling. More than anything, he’s happy that he’s able to give that love and affection to your children, something you both didn’t have growing up, and something you promised each other you’ll always provide to them.
He looks at you, cuddling Ji-hun as you both wait for Jungkook to finish the pancakes, and he feels like he’s on top of the world like always. 
You created this home that's safe and nurturing for the two little treasures you both created. And knowing that he gets to have this everyday makes him feel like a superhuman of all sorts, like what you tell him all the time.
He’s not just someone. He’s your pillar of strength and guiding light. He’s Ji-hun and Hyun-joo’s hero, their blanket of warmth, their shield of protection.
Mrs. Hwang comes down with a now-awake Hyun-joo. You take her in your arms while Jungkook takes Ji-hun in his, and you all enjoy the breakfast he made, with all of you smiling and laughing together, as a family. Jungkook thinks there’s absolutely nothing that could be better than this. He has you and your children, all of whom are love personified. He knows he deserves all this, and he’ll give and receive love happily for the rest of his life.
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Tumblr media
Dad!jungkook scenario (his daughter runs up to the stage  @sevenforeverbulletproof
the diary of a healing heart (s2f2l, college!au; angst, fluff, crack, smut) @taegularities
duty before love (king!jungkook x servant!reader, king!jungkook x queen!oc) @blue-jade
redemption (ex-husband!jungkook x reader) @blue-jade
Stay (idol husband!Jungkook x wife
reader) @sahmfanficbts
BTS Participating in Squid Game Part 1 @silv3rswirls
year 22 (childhoodfriend!jk x f!reader) @guklovr
The Maid of Honor Misadventures (one shot, one night stand!au, wedding!au) @jjkthclub
all over you (antasy!au, HP!au, exes/e2l!au, light angst, fluff, smut, a lot of smut) @taegularities
Kim Taehyung
Breathe (Artist!Kim Taehyung x Heiress!Reader) @v-hope
Obsidian (Murder mystery) @kpopfanfictrash
5 times he said i love you (slice of life au, fluff, angst out of nowhere) @n3onguts
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Jungkook x reader oneshot
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary:jungkook cheats on his girlfriend with you. But you both weren't the only one who were at fault.
Jungkook x reader one shot
Genre: angst and fluff
Warning: mentions of cheating
Author's pov
"since when?" Her cold but shaky voice bounced in the wall of there living room where once happy memories were made. He was not looking at her even though she was breaking down in front of him,the girl that he fell in love with was now crying because of him. But did he felt anything for her? No. He wasn't feeling guilty. He didn't regret cheating on her. Even when she was crying in front of him,the only thing that he could think about was you. "Three months" his voice was colder than hers. He didn't looked at her even when a loud sob racked her body. Because he knew that you were also crying silently blaming yourself for everything. "Why?" He finally looked at her hearing her shaky whisper "are you really asking me this? He scoffed as more tears made there way down her cheeks. "How could you do this to me after 3 fucking years?!" She shouted at him but he didn't even flinched. He knew that he lost feelings for his girlfriend months ago. He also knew that it was his fault for not telling her this sooner. But she was at fault too. How could he tell her when she never had time to even have a 5 minute conversation with him? She was never there. She was never there when he needed her the most but you were. You were always there for him. He knows that he loves you.
It all started 6 months ago when he felt that for the first time,he didn't felt the same excitement to see his beloved girlfriend Mia. She was his first love. His dream girl and he was happy. They have been together since 3 years but 6 months ago,he started spending less time with her. Not that she noticed. She was always too busy with her work. She managed to take time out of her schedule for her friends but never him. She had time to hang out with her friends but whenever he arranged a date,she was busy. Than after another 3 months,it was confirmed that he has lost feelings for his girlfriend. He tried. He really tried to save their relationship which was on the verge of falling apart. He tried by picking her up from her work place. But he always had to come home alone because she was working late everyday. He tried by arranging small dates but she came on one date and that time too she had to leave early because of work. He tried. He really did but at one point he gave up. He was tired of being the only one who was making all the efforts. He was tired of her behaviour. He tried to understand too. But he never understood how she got time for her friends but never for him. In the beginning of those six months he met you. He fell in love the moment he saw you. You were Mia's coworker. A kind acquaintance who was liked by everyone because of her sweet nature. You had saw him too. You knew that he was your coworker's boyfriend so you greeted him with a polite smile and got his bunny smile in return. Unknowingly both of your heats started pounding.The second time he met you was at the grocery store when he wanted to make a nice dinner for his girlfriend. He noticed that his heart fluttered When you smiled at him "shouldn't you be at work right now?" He asked you smiling softly and you replied with a same soft smile "yeah i do but i leave early on Wednesdays" he nodded in understanding and you bowed excusing yourself. As he bowed back and watched you disappear from his site.
The next time he met you was when he went to pick Mia up from her work place. It was Wednesday so he was a little surprised to see you exiting the building looking visibly tired. But there was no sign of Mia which was strange as it was almost 9 pm and she leaves at 8:30. He had told her that he will come to pick her up too. You saw him standing there and went to greet him,a little surprised too "Jungkook-sii? What are you doing here?" He looked at you from head to Toe because even in your tired state,you still looking fucking gorgeous. His intense gaze made you blush but you quickly shaked it off."I should ask you the same miss y/n. Didn't you said you leave early on Wednesdays?" You looked surprised that he remembered it even though it has been a week already. "Umm Mia had to go somewhere so she told me cover her shift that's why..." You trailed off seeing the evident confusion on his face "she had to go? Where?" "Didn't she told you? She went out with some of her friends" his jaw clenched when he heard those words. He chuckled bitterly as you looked up at him with your doe eyes. He wasn't even surprised any more but she even made you do her work because she wanted to go out. That night he insisted on dropping you home as it was late and he was also feeling bad because you had to work late because of his girlfriend. You were hesitant but eventually agreed.
That night he expected Mia waiting for him but he was met with nothing but silence. Sighing tiredly he went to there shared bedroom to see her sleeping peacefully. She didn't even waited for him. It seemed it she doesn't even care anymore. The third time he met you was when he was walking in the park where he had his first kiss with Mia. He was really upset that day because it was the 6th time she cancelled there date at the last minute. He wanted to tell her about his feelings. Tell her that he fell out of love but she didn't have time because of 'work'. That night he felt mixed emotions inside him when he saw you sitting on a bench. The light breeze gently kissing your cheek as your hair flowed softly. You were wearing a simple white t shirt with blue jeans and a purple cardigan. Fuck you are so cute.
You looked up hearing footsteps and a warm smile adorned your face when you saw him. "Hello jungkook-shi-" before you could complete your sentence,he growled "i like you so fucking much"and in a second you were on your feet as his hand wrapped around your waist tightly and you bumped into his hard chest. You gasped and looked at him to see him looking at you with his jaw clenched. His gaze was so intense that it caused you to stutter nervously "w-what-" again,he cut you off but this time,he smashed his lips on yours making your eyes widened for the nth time. There was no use in denying it anymore because he knew from the start that he is in love with you. His arms around you tighten and he pushed his tongue inside your mouth causing you to softly moan his name "j-jungkook" he let out a low growl as you melted in his arms and kissed him back. Your hands rested on his chest and his another hand supported your jaw, softly carresing your cheek. Suddenly "meow" a cat passed the both of you while meowing loudly causing you to flinch and pull back hastily. Your eyes widened and you looked horrified realising that you just kissed your coworker's boyfriend. "N-no this is wrong w-we shouldn't" you pushed him gently as tears filled your eyes and you looked down in shame. Jungkook's eyes softened and he immediately pulled you back holding you tightly as you kept on pushing him but he was too strong for you. "Hey hey hey baby look at me" he whispered raspily and made you look at him. You sniffled and whimpered"i-i am sorry...t-this.." "y/n calm down baby" he said and hugged you tightly while you buried your face in his chest. Once you stopped crying,he made you look at him again "do you have feelings for me? And answer honestly sweetheart i promise i will walk away if you don't feel the same" you looked hesitant but than he heard you whisper "i-i do" it was true. You liked him from the moment you saw him but you knew that it was wrong so you tried to forget those feelings.
He smiled a little and leaned his forehead against yours "i like you angel" you looked up at him with your innocent eyes and whispered"b-but Mia...she is your girlfriend jungkook " "i don't love her" your eyes widened a little and he made you sit on the bench and crouched down in front of you taking your small hands in his much bigger ones. He one by one told you everything. You looked at him with sad eyes knowing he had to suffer alone. Sighing heavily he felt you pulling him up so that he sat beside you. Cupping his face in your small hands you whispered"you aren't alone jungkook..i will always be there for you" you started blushing when you realised what you just said and started stuttering nervously"i-i mean only if you want to-" your sentence was cut short again when he placed his lips on your again. Pulling you on his lap he kissed you passionately. His hands wrapped around your waist and your's wrapped around his neck. You both slowly kissed each other. His tongue caressing yours as your fingers tangled in his hair. Pulling back he buried his face in your neck breathing heavily. After so long,he felt happy. He felt the warmth that he craved for so long. And that was the start of your relationship.
One day you both were laying on his bed with your head on his head as he held you delicately. "Koo" he hummed kissing your forehead "do you ever regret this?" His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you"what do you mean babygirl" "i-i mean this..did you ever wished that you haven't lost feelings for her?" "No" you looked up surprised and he continued"i Don't regret anything. And i am glad that i met you that day babygirl. I am glad that i lost feelings for her. I...i love you baby" it was the first time he said that and you bite your lip trying to hide your shy smile and mumbled"i-i love you too koo" smiling fondly he hugged your petite body tightly "b-but koo i-i feel bad for Mia. She still loves you. Don't you think we should tell her?" Of course you were scared to tell her. What will she think after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her coworker. You heard him sigh "you know that i tried to tell her multiple times baby. But she never listened... don't worry y/n. I will tell her today" you were about to say something but your eyes widened when you heard the front door opening. Mia was home. You gasped and looked at jungkook to see his face emotionless "j-jungkook she is home w-what should we do?" He cupped your face and looked at you "hey don't be scared baby. You know i won't let anything happen to you. I will handle it yeah? I am going to break up with her right now. You stay here okay?" You nodded shakily and watched him as he stood up and walked towards the door.
Jungkook walked down the stairs and looked at Mia who was looking at your clothes folded on the couch. You like to wear his clothes so every time you come here,you wear his clothes and keep yours neatly folded on the couch. "Jungkook whose clothes are these?" She looked up not hearing any response but her throat dried when she remembered you were wearing the same white shirt with a pencil skirt. Gulping she looked at him to see him looking at her with cold and emotionless eyes "kook i asked you something. Answer me!" She raised her voice and you flinched. "They are my girl's clothes" "w-what? Jungkook I'm your girlfriend what are you s-saying-" "let's break up" her eyes widened and he continued speaking "i fell out of love. I'm sorry but i love someone else"
*present time*
He scoffed and said "you are asking me how? Seriously Mia?" "H-how can you cheat on me jungkook..w-was i not enough?" "You weren't" he said without hesitation and another loud sob escaped her mouth. "You are such an asshole jeon" "stop saying like it's all my fault Mia. Were the fuck were you to call me an asshole when i needed you? Ha let me remind you. You were working or busy hanging out with your friends. You are always working Mia" her eyes widened hearing those words and she snapped back at him "that doesn't fucking give you a reason to cheat on me jeon! You could just told me about it!" His jaw clenched and anger flashed in his eyes "Told you?! When the fuck should i tell you when you are never fucking home! When the fuck should i talk to you when we see each twice a week despite living in the same house?! You know how horrible i felt when i realised i fell out of love?! I hated myself for that because i knew that i will hurt you that's why i fucking tried my best to save this relationship! I tried my best to gain those feelings back! But you weren't any help to it! You cancelled every fucking date at the last minute. You told me you were busy every single time i tried to spend time with you! And you are saying that this is my fault?! Where were YOU when i needed you?! Where were you when i had a bad argument with my manager and needed comfort. Well let me tell you. You were busy hanging out with your friends Mia. You had time for your friends but never for us! But she was there for me! She was there for me every single time when i needed someone! And honestly? I regret being with you. I wish we had never met" his words caused her heart to squeeze painfully as she looked down on shame knowing he was right. She was too busy living her life that she completely forgot about her boyfriend. Of course she loves him with all her heart. But at that time she realised that love isn't the only thing keeping a relationship stable. "Who is she?" She whispered shakily and he replied to her with the same cold tone "you don't need to know" both of there head snapped towards the bedroom door hearing a crashing sound. Mia heard jungkook curse under his breath before he ran towards the bedroom. Knocking the door loudly he was met with nothing but the sound of sobs. His heart clenched and he immediately kicked the door open to find you crouching on the floor while covering your ears. You were shaking and crying "y/n" he whispered and wasted no time in cradling you in his arms. He forgot that you have phonophobia (the fear of loud noises) "hey hey shh it's fine babygirl. Everything is fine. I'm here shh" he whispered in your ear rubbing your back not noticing that Mia was standing at the door watch him with sad eyes. He really does loves you. Sniffling you looked up at him "k-koo" "yeah baby I'm here. It's okay" only then you noticed Mia standing there watching you both with her jaw clenched "so it's really you" she chuckled bitterly as you both stood up and jungkook immediately hide you behind him. Mia looked at jungkook with nothing but pain in her eyes realising she lost him forever "I'm sorry" looking at him one last time,she walked out of his room and his life completely. He sighed and took you in his arms as you gripped his shirt tightly and looked at him with teary eyes "i-i am sorry koo. It all happened b-because of me" you wailed and he cupped your face gently"it's not your fault babygirl. Don't worry about anything. I promise i will never let anything happen to you" he pressed his lips on your. Your lips moulding together perfectly. He picked you up and walked towards the bed not breaking the kiss. Gently placing you on the bed,he hovered on your small form and placed kisses all over your face. You giggled a little making him smile too and he pecked your lips before saying"i love you babygirl" "i love you too koo" maybe many happy moments might be waiting for you in the future even though your start of the relationship was unsual but you know that he will always make you happy and you will do the same.
Ofcourse you felt bad for Mia. But she also got to understand that work is not important than your loved ones. Maybe she will also get her hapoy ending soon.
Author's note: hey guys! It's my first time posting a jungkook one shot so i hope you all like like! Also,some of you may think that kook and y/n are wrong but see it from his side too. What mia did was wrong. Both of them were at fault. It showed that they weren't for eachother.
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solarwonux · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Epitaph || Kim Taehyung (1/?)
pairing: Taehyung x f!reader || roommates!au
w.c: 9.8k (it was supposed to be short, I’m sorry) 
Genre: fluff, angst, smut, slow burn, co-parenting!au, fwb!au, non idol!au
Warnings: semi-edited :( slow burn, angst, mentions of alcohol, mentions of insecurities taeyhung is pretty much not the nicest dude lol (will add more as it progresses) Also I don’t apologize for the one pun I made. It made me cackle when I wrote it so it stays. 
Synopsis: In memory of the man Kim Taehyung used to be. Caught up and  lost in a continuous cycle searching for something that was already there.
Reeling you into a mess that you never asked for because all you wanted was to feel complete and happy
a/n: I’m gonna be honest I was scared of posting this bc lately I have been super insecure about my writing in general. But anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I’m opening a taglist for this so if you’re interested and want to be added send me an ask. Anyway, please lmk your thoughts and I hope you enjoy.xx
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Tumblr media
Namjoon is nice. 
Despite the cold indifference on his face, his heart was made out of pure gold. It was proven time and time again like an old science experiment no one could let go of. He was always there for his friends, putting their needs before his own. He took Hoseok in when his parents kicked him out for pursuing a career in dance. He patiently sat and explained organic chemistry to you after you cried on his and Hoseok’s couch because you were failing the class. When his twin girls were born - Areum and Ara - he wept like a child promising the entire world to them. 
He’s nice and doesn’t know any better and you can’t blame him for continuing to invite Taehyung and Eunbi to his bi-weekly barbecue's. Taehyung was his friend too. The same one that he dropped everything for ten years ago when he got the call from the hospital. You didn’t know him then but from the bits and pieces you were told, it was a hit and run, leaving Taehyung in a critical condition. His life was hanging from a thin line before he miraculously pulled through after three weeks of being on life support. 
Hoseok and Namjoon stayed by his side the entire time. 
Hoseok says it’s the guilt that would eat Namjoon up if he doesn’t invite Taehyung. Despite not being a fan of everything he’s put you through; Namjoon can’t seem to cut his oldest friend off. You can’t blame him, you wouldn’t want him to either. He didn’t understand the severity of the situation because just like how you knew bits and pieces from Taehyung’s accident. Namjoon only knew the bits and pieces of what happened that night and you wanted to keep it that way. 
Taehyung deserved a friend that he still could turn to when he found himself wandering through the darkest corners of his mind. You had lived with him for four years before things got messy. You witnessed firsthand how scary it got for him, but nothing you ever did, helped in putting him at ease. 
Nothing ever will. 
“You’re thinking again.” Hoseok flicks your forehead lightly before sitting down next to you, handing you a margarita. “Pretend they’re not here.” He subtly gestures with his glass to the couple giggling in the pool. Swimming and pretending like they weren’t the reason for your lack of sleep these past two days. 
You scoff, tracing the salt ring with your index finger. “Kind of hard to do when they’re right there being all perfect and shit.” You take a sip from your drink, grimacing as the tequila burns its way down your throat. “Who made this?” You raise a brow turning to face him. 
“Jiwoo.” He shrugs taking a sip, cringing at the taste before putting his glass down on the poolside table. You make a sound of acknowledgment shaking your head. Leave it to Namjoon’s wife to make a margarita consisting of just tequila and a tablespoon of mixer. 
Her signature drink - Jiwoo’s Hangover Inducing Nightmare - Namjoon had named it after a particular night when she got too drunk and spent the entire night on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet. Even then, annoyed, he took care of her like she was a rose. Afraid that any wrong move will make her wither in his arms. 
It ached to watch, and maybe it had to do with the jealousy brewing deep within you and the three glasses you had had that night. You longed for a love like Namjoon and Jiwoo’s, so perfect despite its imperfections. It was a love you once thought you could have. Only for it to backfire on you. Stuck watching the person you once loved, hold someone else that wasn’t you. Someone that you could never be because you didn’t have a flat stomach without stretch marks and a c-section scar. You didn’t have a laugh that chimed like church bells. You didn’t have hair luxurious black hair, a perfect nose, and clear skin. And a job you loved. 
Eunbi was perfect, and not you. 
“Hey,” Yoongi taps the toe of his shoe against your shin retrieving you from your thoughts. “Hobi says you’re thinking too much.” He crouches down, putting his hands on top of your knees. “We can leave if you want. You don’t have to stay the entire time Joon will understand.” He turns to face his husband, silently asking for his input. Their secret language. One you can never begin to understand. 
Hoseok nods, snaking his arm around your shoulder kissing your temple. “I’m proud of you for coming, but if it’s too much we can take you home and have a movie night with Hyeon.” He whispers, running his fingers down your arm. Trying his best to comfort you. 
You sigh, Hyeon giggle as he runs around with Ara and Areum. The sound drowns out the smooth rnb playlist Namjoon had put on shuffle and the beating of your heart. 
It was tempting. To go back the way you came this time with Hyeon holding onto your hand tightly, pouting. He loved Namjoon’s bi-weekly barbecue's, looked forward to them. He would talk non-stop about all the games he and the twins would play in the pool. The game of tag they would play with the sprinklers on. Rave about the water balloon fight that even the adults participated in. The competition, a way to determine who got to wash the dishes. 
You couldn’t ruin that for him. End his excitement early because you weren’t feeling well. 
“It’s okay, I just need one of Jin’s cupcakes and I’ll be fine.” You took another sip of your drink, scrunching your eyebrows, remembering why you decided not to drink it in the first place. 
“Alright, but if at any point, he crosses the line. Give us the emergency signal and we’ll bounce.” Hoseok reassures you and stands up taking your drink from your hand. “I’ll get you some lemonade, Yoongs will get you the cupcake, Jin had him hide them when he arrived.” 
You smile and nod. You didn’t have an emergency signal, but that didn’t matter. Yoongi and Hoseok always seemed to know when Taehyung crossed the line. 
It was like clockwork. A routine everyone seemed to have down to a t which is why everyone tried to enjoy the day as much as they could before all hell broke loose. 
This time though you were determined to not let him get to you. He had already taken ownership of your entire weekend the second you read the court letter. But no one else knew about the baseless threat, except for Yoongi and Hoseok. 
You were adamant to keep it that way. 
Tumblr media
“I don’t like her.” Jiwoo says. Her head resting on top of your shoulder. “There’s something about her I don’t like.” 
Humming you lick the hot pink frosting from your finger. “You say that about all of Taehyung’s love affairs.” You say, offering her your cupcake. 
She dips her finger into the icing scooping up a decent amount. “It’s true, he has terrible taste in women. They all seem decent at first, pretend to care and then they do something that ruins it all.” She states, licking the frosting of her finger. “Except for you, you’re the best. But you do have your moments too.” She clicks her tongue, giving you a playful wink. 
You gasp in mock shock, putting a hand over your chest. “I am honored...I think.” You laugh, dipping your finger into the cupcake icing. This is why Jin always hid them before dinner. You and Jiwoo always found them and ate the icing of most of them. 
“Do you think she will make it past this month?” Jiwoo cocks her head to the side. “Joon and Jin are convinced that she’ll make it to the end of the fourth month.” She furrows her brows deep in thought, probably recalling the bet all your friends made the second Taehyung introduced his new fling. You never contributed but did keep count. 
They were ruthless and so far Yoongi was in the lead. 
“I think she’ll make it to the end of next week.” She finishes, playing with the baking paper of the cupcake before looking over at you. Obviously curious about your thoughts. 
You shake your head, and bring your knee up, wrapping your arms around your leg. “Jiwoo we’ve been over this. I stopped carrying about Taehyung and his love affairs years ago.” You look at her, taking in the slight pout forming on her lips. “As long as he doesn’t leave Hyeon behind, he can do whatever and whoever he wants.” 
Jiwoo, clearly disappointed that you won’t shit talk Taehyung with anyone, frowns. “What about you?” She finishes unwrapping the cupcake and hands it over to you. “Doesn’t it hurt you seeing him with someone else?” She whispers, covering her mouth with her hand, looking around like she just said something scandalous. 
She did. No matter how many times you reassure all your friends that you were okay. They don’t seem to be able to let your heartbreak go. 
Really, you’re fine. 
“I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself to you and Hobi - ” You pause bringing your cupcake up to her lips. Giggling she takes an obnoxiously huge bite, nodding for you to keep going. “- he isn’t the same Taehyung I fell in love with so no I don’t care. Seeing him with someone else doesn’t hurt anymore.” You say, firmly, retreating your gaze from her, shoving the rest of the cupcake in your mouth. 
Maybe you were lying. There were days when seeing Taehyung with someone new hurt because you always found yourself comparing your imperfections to them. But other days, it was fine because even though they had Taehyung you had Hyeon and that was more than you could ever ask for. 
Jiwoo hums obviously seeing right through but she doesn’t voice it. Aware that if she did the two of you would end up in denial city and that was a place where you just ran in circles until finally you broke down. But you looked happy today, at ease for the most part and she wanted to keep it that way. 
So instead she chews soundlessly, squinting, resembling her youngest twin Areum whenever she didn’t believe something someone said. A thought you can’t express out loud especially to the little five year old teenager both Namjoon and Jiwoo were raising. She hated being compared to her parents. She hated being compared to anyone for that matter. The one time Yoongi did it, accidentally, might you had. She dramatically stomped her foot on the ground before running all the way up to the room she shared with her sister and slammed the door. Exclaiming loudly that she was her own person and not Namjoon, or Jiwoo, or Ara and that she now hated Uncle Yoongi. 
They were still repairing their relationship. 
“Then why don’t you date?” Jiwoo, exasperated looks at you pleading.
You roll your eyes knowing this was coming. Could’ve seen it from a mile-a- away if you weren’t so focused on the delicious cupcake you were savoring. 
For years, Hoseok and Jiwoo have tried to get you to date again. They didn’t seem to understand that you weren’t by yourself or in your early twenties anymore. That you had a kid and nearing thirty and no one wanted to date a mom. No one wanted the responsibility of taking care of another man’s son. 
It sucked because for men having a kid was the total opposite. Hence why Taehyung had no problem picking up a new step-mommy every few months. 
“Jiwoo,” You sigh, wishing you still had the cupcake to rely on but that had been the only one Yoongi allowed you to eat before dinner. “I’m a mom, between work and Hyeon I don’t have time to date.” Jiwoo opens her mouth to retaliate but you raise your hand to stop her, making her close her mouth immediately. 
“I don’t care what you and Hobi say. Men don’t want to date moms. They want to fuck moms and not be responsible for what actually makes them a mom. I don’t want to bring someone into Hyeon’s life without knowing for sure that they’ll stay...Plus -” You pause chewing on your bottom lip. “ - I’m not Taehyung. I’m pretty sure my libido has been fucked since before Hyeon was born.” You whisper like it’s the most embarrassing confession you had to admit every week at Sunday School. 
She bites her lip to keep herself from laughing, clearing her throat when she takes in your infamous glare. “That’s not true. I know plenty of men who wouldn’t mind dating hot moms like you.” She winks, wiping the cupcake crumbs on the side of your mouth with her thumb. 
You grumble, crossing your arms in front of your chest like a kid. “Oh yeah, who?” You pout making her roll her eyes at your antics. 
“Hana, Bam wait for me.”
Jiwoo stops, her ears perk up and her eyes grow big in size with excitement, forgetting whatever or whoever she was going to say. She turns her head and squeals. Like literally squeals as her eyes land upon the man who just walked in through the gates of her backyard with a child and a dog the size of a horse. 
“Kookie!” She yells, before standing up and running over to him. 
He’s struggling, trailing behind the little girl wearing an Elsa costume, while being dragged by the dog, mumbling incoherently, clearly unaware that his presence had been found out. His struggle only gets worse when the bag that he had resting on his shoulder, slides down his forearm, cutting his circulation. 
Yikes and you thought you were a hot mess. 
“Jeon Jungkook!” Jiwoo yells again, the sound of his full name making a few heads turn towards the commotion. He groans in annoyance as Jiwoo laughs at his misery before hugging him tightly. “You came, you came, you really came.” She says, while bouncing on the balls of her feet. 
“Hey Kook.” Namjoon yells from the grill, saluting him before shaking his head chuckling, earning a few questionable looks from both Yoongi and Hoseok that were keeping him company. Or babysitting him. In case he burns something down again. 
Jungkook returns the gesture as best as he can, given the unpleasant situation he was in. Then he feels one more hard tug on the leash he was trying to hold, and decides he’s had enough. “Can I put all my shit down?” He pulls away from Jiwoo, tripping on his own feet when Bam tugs on his leash again. “Bam sit, Hana don’t move.” The sternness on his voice makes both Jiwoo and the toddler laugh. Hard. 
“I miss when you weren’t grumpy all the time.” She smiles taking the bag from his arm, keeping it from falling off, and looks at the little girl patiently waiting next to the dog. “Hana, I promise your dad used to be the life of the party.” She winks holding her hand out for her to take. 
Hana gasps in disbelief, her face traveling between her dad and Jiwoo as she places her tiny hand in hers. “No way, he’s boring.” She exclaims, causing Jiwoo to laugh and Jungkook to roll his eyes. 
He already regrets coming. 
“Come on I’ll introduce you to everyone.” 
Jungkook makes a noise of acknowledgement, following the overly excited women as she makes her way through her backyard. The last time he was here - two years ago for Christmas dinner with his parents - the pool was not finished. Jiwoo had been annoyed the entire night. 
Now the pool was done. The dead patch of grass that had Namjoon in distress was thriving. There was a patio just for grilling, with a brick oven. Fairy lights lined the fences and through the middle of the yard. Pistachio green pool chairs surrounded the pool. Clearly, things had changed in the last two years he was there. 
“I thought you weren’t coming.” 
“Client canceled, Jimin’s out of town. So I just decided to close the shop and come.” Jungkook shrugs like it wasn’t a big deal when to Jiwoo it was. She had been trying to get her brother to come over ever since he moved back to the city months ago. Saddened whenever he used the I’m still settling down excuse that he so obviously exhausted. 
He had no other option but to come. 
Jiwoo smiles. “I’m glad you came, even if it wasn’t your first choice.” She stops walking once she reaches the pool. “That’s Jin.” She points to the man in the pool with pool goggles that were obviously too small for his face. “Jin this is Jungkook.” She says, waving her hands in the air to grab his attention. 
Jin looks over and waves. “Nice to meet you Jungkook, Namjoon’s always talking my ear off at the office about you. It’s nice to put a face to the name.” He gives Jungkook a thumbs up, before bringing his hands down, making a small splash. “I’d come out to give you a hug but Areum and Ara are in a cutthroat competition right now.” He points towards the swimming twins, each determined to win. 
Jiwoo turns to Jungkook. “He’s Joon’s co-worker and oddly good at baking.” She shrugs and continues walking. 
Hana looks over at Jungkook, eyes bright. He curses mentally because he knows whats coming next. “Daddy can I go in the pool?” There it was, the cute innocent voice he literally can’t say no too. 
“Later, I promise sweetheart.” He cringes, expecting a protest from her but it doesn’t come because she immediately sees Namjoon. The love of her life and forgets about Jungkook, Jiwoo, Bam and the pool, and wraps her arms around his legs. 
Jungkook scoffs. His brother in law is not even all that. 
Jiwoo doesn’t mind though, obviously not jealous that the four year old has had a huge crush on her man since she was born and turns to face the other men that were with Namjoon. “This is Yoongi and Hobi.” She points to them and then to Jungkook. “Hobi, Yoongs this is Jungkook, Hana and Bam.” Jiwoo introduces. 
Hoseok untangles from the other man. His eyes light up immediately, almost as if he was finally putting the pieces together. 
“This is Jungkook the one you’ve been try to se-” 
Whatever Hoseok was going to say, he doesn’t find out because Jiwoo launches herself to the taller man, putting both of her hands over his mouth, muffling the end of his sentence. 
“Don’t listen to Hobi he’s on his second margarita that I made.” She emphasizes like it was supposed to mean something. And Jungkook supposes it does because it earns an eye roll from the silent, grumpy looking man. 
Suddenly he doesn’t want to know the ending of Hoseok’s sentence, because if it was Jiwoo’s doing then it couldn’t have been good anyway. So he settles, in the awkward tension until Namjoon finally speaks up after prying the love struck four year old from his legs. 
“Kook, Hoseok used to be my roommate before he secretly started dating Yoongi behind my back.” He jokes pointing the metal prongs between them. 
Yoongi pushes himself away from the brick counter offering his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” Jungkook takes it, shaking it firmly, ignoring the hushed bickering going on between Hoseok and Jiwoo behind him. 
“It’s nice to meet you too, say hi Hana.” Jungkook waves shyly, looking down at the little girl that had managed to make her way behind his legs. She wasn’t usually so shy. Only when things got overwhelming for her. And this moment was definitely one of them. 
Hana wasn’t used to meeting and being around so many people. For three years it was just Jungkook and her. For a year it was just her, Jungkook and his mom after he moved back home to be with her after his dad died. And for the last couple of months, when he moved back to the city so Hana could go to a good school. It had just been her and Jungkook with Bam added into the mix.
Her social battery was still developing causing her to get overwhelmed easily. Even if he tried his hardest to be patient and reassure her that everything would be fine at the end of the day. 
It was still a work in progress.
Yoongi grins and crouches down holding his hand out to her. “I’m Yoongi but you can call me Yoongs. What’s your name?” He tilts his head with curiosity, despite already knowing her name. 
Shyly, Hana sticks out her hand and shakes his gently. “I’m Jeon Hana.” She says, a light blush appearing on the apples of her cheeks. 
Yoongi nods, “It’s nice to meet you Jeon Hana. If you find me later I can tell you where the hidden stash of cupcakes are but you have to keep it a secret.” He smiles, sealing his lips with an invisible zipper. The little girl nods, copying his movements and Yoongi ruffles her hair making her giggle, before looking at the older man with a dreamy smile. 
Looks like Namjoon was officially out of the picture. 
He stands up feeling triumphant, stumbling to the side after being encased by his husbands arms. “He keeps saying he doesn’t want kids, but I think otherwise.” 
Yoongi rolls his eyes in fake annoyance, “babysitting Hyeon, Areum and Ara is enough for me.” He says, causing Hoseok to roll his eyes.
“Anyway, it’s nice to meet you Kook. I like you a lot already.” Hoseok winks at Jiwoo, earning one of her famous looks that could murder someone. Jungkook should know, growing up he had been at the receiving end of 99.99% of them. Especially when she entered her rebellious teenage stage, leaving Jungkook two more years to catch up. 
“That’s enough, let’s go.” Jiwoo grabs both Jungkook and Hana’s arms, dragging them away from Hoseok before he could say anything else. 
“I don’t know where Taehyung and Eunbi went.” Jiwoo mutters looking around her backyard and shrugging like she could care less. “Eunbi is Taehyung’s fling of three months. It doesn’t really matter anyways. It’s too messy to explain.” She brushes it off walking straight to you, lounging on a pool chair with Hyeon lying on your chest. 
The mention of your name from Jiwoo’s mouth takes you out of your daze. Your fingers playing with Hyeon’s hair come to a halt as you look over at the culprits that disturbed your peace. 
They both stop in front of you, her arm around his waist pulling him closer. “This is my brother Jungkook, his daughter Hana and puppy Bam.” She motions with her hand, perking Hyeon’s interest. Sleep gone when he sits up with a wide smile, 
“Hana you know aunt Jiwoo?” He says tilting his head and then turning to face you. “Mama this Hana my best friend, she sits next to me in class.” Hyeon says, squishing your cheeks before getting off your lap and standing next to the little girl. Leaving absolutely no room for you to protest or acknowledge the situation. 
Hana hugs the boy, bouncing on her toes making Hyeon giggle. Immediately Jungkook’s face hardens, obviously getting into protective dad mode. But when Hana pulls away and looks at him with those big round eyes that are his kryptonite he immediately settles down, putting away his defense mechanism. 
There was nothing he needed to worry about. He thinks. 
“Daddy, Hyeonie always shares his crayons with me.” The little girl grins before grabbing onto the boys hand, “Can I go play now?” She pouts, batting her eyelashes. 
Jungkook sighs and nods, “Don’t run around the pool or you’ll get hurt.” 
“We won’t.” She jumps in glee before tugging on Hyeon’s hand and walking towards Yoongi. Her new boyfriend that promised to tell her where the secret magical cupcakes where. You think you hear her say. 
Before you can stand up and call out towards your son, just to let him know that he needs to be careful and that he can’t have sweets before dinner. (A rule you’ve already broken.) Jiwoo claps her hands and sits next to you. “That was easy.” She wraps her arms around you, bringing you close. “Who knew your kids were already friends.” She smiles with mischief and taps your nose with your finger. 
“Hyeon has been talking about Hana since the first day of school. He wanted to invite her over but I got caught up with work and Taehyung always has to make things difficult so I just forgot.” You say, putting your head against her shoulder. 
Jiwoo gasps lowly before snapping her fingers and facing Jungkook, who was standing confused looking at you with something that could be mistaken for adoration. He just thought you were pretty, that’s all. 
“Taehyung is Hyeon’s dad but don’t worry they’re not together. He’s dating Eunbi remember I told you?” Jiwoo explains, while you roll your eyes. 
“Thank you for telling him my entire life story.” You sit up finally looking at the man in front of you, while simultaneously forgetting how to breathe. 
He was absolutely breathtaking and the last time you were rendered this speechless was years ago when you first met Taehyung. He was only wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, his hair a dark wavy mess and you were absolutely floored. Enamored, tuning out whatever he was saying about his roommate backing out from the deal two days before moving into his new place. Angry that he had already put down the deposit and the payment for the first three months, thinking he’d get his roommates half on the day they moved in. 
That was when you tuned in again. Well actually a little before when he said he needed a new roommate stat. Then you tuned out listing the pros and cons. Each one ending and starting with him so without hesitation you volunteered. It had made sense at the time. You were looking to move out of your apartment. Exhausted by the many conquests your roommate brought home and tired of crashing on Namjoon, and Hoseok’s couch whenever the water heater broke. (Which was more often than not.) But all attempts at finding a place on your own that was decent and fit your budget, were deemed as unsuccessful. So when Taehyung voiced his thoughts about needing a roommate you jumped at the opportunity. 
Your first mistake. 
Jiwoo pinches your side, annoyed, “I’m just keeping him in the loop.” She shrugs. “I don’t want him to be confused if the two of you start arguing and then Hobi jumps in to put in his two cents and then we have to separate the three of you.” 
“Way to render me as unstable in front of your brother, which by the way I didn’t know you had.” You finish and face the man in question. 
He was still standing there unsure of what to say or if he should move. This time you let your eyes wander, unapologetically. He looked like the poster boy for every one of your teenage girl dreams. He had an entire tattoo sleeve decorating his right arm. The corner of a chest piece peeking out of the collar of his black t-shirt. An eyebrow piercing and if that wasn’t enough to make your knees weak, the lip piercing definitely did. Then you swore you almost moaned when you took in his thighs so muscular and meaty making your mouth water. It only got worse when you spotted the ending of what could possibly be a flower tattoo hidden underneath his forest green swim trunks. 
He was a walking sin and your son’s best friend’s father. 
An absolute hazard. 
“I’m her step brother.” He clears his throat, squatting down to pet his dog, who had taken it upon himself to lay down at his feet. You hadn’t even noticed it. To busy drinking in his owner like a glass of champagne. 
“The pragmatics aren’t important. You’re still my baby brother.” She coos leaning over to pinch his cheeks. But before she could grab a hold of them he gently swats her hand away. An embarrassing giggle escapes you, immediately turning his attention to you, shutting you up. 
You bring a hand up to your mouth clearing your throat. “It’s nice meet you Jungkook. I’d properly introduce you to Hyeon but it seems like him and Hana found Jin’s cupcakes.” You point behind him, Hana chasing Hyeon with sparkly blue icing all around her mouth. 
Jungkook moans in defeat. “If she doesn’t sleep tonight. I’m leaving her to you and Namjoon.” He glares at Jiwoo and then smiles at you. If your heart wasn’t slightly racing before. It sure as hell was now. “It’s nice to meet you too.” 
Jiwoo claps excitedly, bringing the two of you back to planet earth. “Namjoon’s calling me I’ll leave the two of you to talk. Don’t worry about the kids we have everything under control.” She stands up fast, a proud smile on her faces as he makes her way around Jungkook ruffling his hair and giving you a thumbs up. Jungkook is clearly confused, but you’re speechless again for an entire different reason. 
You understand now. And your silent hypothesis was only proven correct when she ran straight to Hoseok and not Namjoon. You glared at them, made sure they knew that you knew what they intended to do. Hoping they could feel you ripping them apart slowly and painfully in your head. Your glare only deepened when they laugh sending you a thumbs up motioning crudely towards Jungkook. 
He was oblivious to what his sister and your best friend were trying to do. Lost in his own little world petting his dog. He only remembered that you were still sitting in front of him when he heard your humorless laugh. 
“They’re fucking umbelievable.” You mumble. 
“What?” He tilts his head to the side, big eyes innocently and tenderly looking at you. You want to scream because how could someone you met literally minutes ago be so detrimental to your health. 
It was devastating. 
You brush it off. Push the warm thoughts you were having about Jungkook deep into the crevices of your mind. You didn’t have the privilege to fall for some again. Especially when your first love was in the vicinity with his current love. Especially when he had lured you into the messiest situation of your life. First giving you your entire world only to threaten to take it away for whatever fantasy he had conjured up. 
You shake your head, “It’s nothing do you want a drink?” 
“I’m driving but it’s still early so I can have one beer.” He nods, giving you another award winning smile sending your heart into a frenzy. 
Suddenly Jiwoo’s Hangover Inducing Nightmare didn’t seem like the worst idea, because either way you’d end the night fucked. 
Tumblr media
Your heart wasn’t settling down anytime soon. 
After coming back with your drinks you took the seat next to him on the patio couch. The dog he had with him - in which you later on learned was named Bam - was off running around Namjoon’s backyard. 
The conversation flowed easily liked running water. You learned that his mother had been married to Jiwoo’s father ever since he was four. He majored in art history and got married to his long time girlfriend shortly after graduation. He didn’t utter a syllable of her name or said anything further than her being Hana’s mom. The pain shot through him like fireworks. It did every time he thought about her. You could sense the distress radiating off of him, avoiding your eyes and drawing mindless circles against the condensation of his beer bottle. 
The last thing you wanted was to see him in pain so you changed the subject. Found out he recently moved back to the city after being away for almost two years. Left his job at a tiny start-up company, counted all his blessings and opened a tattoo studio with his best friend - Jimin. 
It was weird.
It had taken Jimin almost five months of living with him back in college for him to hold a conversation with him. Nearly a year before he was comfortable enough to open up to him. But with you it only took him an hour to tell you everything. You didn’t push or pry. You just listened and he found himself wanting to tell you more. 
In turn you did the same. 
Told him how you moved to the city at eighteen chasing a dream you still hadn’t achieved yet. That you met Jiwoo and Hoseok in a jazz history class, and were stuck with one another for a group project, that Hoseok had skipped out on. Leaving you and Jiwoo to do all the work for him. (The easiest A he had ever received.) You told him how you introduce her sister to Namjoon. Boasted proudly at you how were the sole reason they were married, but not to ask them because they will deny it until their last breathe. 
You told him about your freelance work as a writer and the pros and cons of being Hoseok’s assistant at the media company he owned. Joking how you fully new that if it wasn’t for nepotism you wouldn’t have gotten the job in the first place. He laughed; actually laughed at your joke and it made you sweat because Taehyung never did. 
Jungkook listened closely, hung onto every single word that came out of your mouth while you told him about Hyeon. Left out everything that had to do with you and Taehyung. Simply stating that you weren’t together because it just didn’t work. He didn’t push you to go into further detail, just like you didn’t push him and you appreciated it. 
You and Taehyung were a whole can of worms and you didn’t want to scare him off. 
Talking to Jungkook was nice. A breath of fresh air. Simple. Like how it was with Taehyung before the waves crashed down and everything changed.
“Do you have any tattoos?”
“Nope, that’s a big commitment and I don’t think I am ready for that yet.” You shrug, putting your drink down. Jungkook had finished his beer halfway through your life story, and now he was just holding onto his bottle to keep his hands from shaking with the amount of nerves that were running haywire throughout his body.
He smiles down at his lap, biting his lip to keep his laugh from escaping. You notice squinting your eyes bumping your shoulder against his. “What?” 
He shakes his head, setting his empty beer bottle next your your full margarita glass. “Nothing.” He toys with his lip ring, the action sends shivers up your spine. “It’s just that you have a kid and think tattoo’s are a huge commitment.” He chuckles, the sound making its way into your chest and settling down. “It’s cute.” 
You slap his arm gently, fake hurt written all over your face. It only makes him laugh harder, earning a slightly annoyed sigh from you. “That’s different. A tattoo will live on my body forever. What if I get one and then don’t like it years later?” 
“Then you either get it removed or cover it up with another.” He bumps his knee with yours. Making you realize how close the two of you were sitting. 
Unaware of the many eyes that were looking over, already placing their bets. While one pair remained stoic, hands tight around the towel he was holding. The nasty green flowers that bloomed in his chest surfaced again. And this time he did very little to push them away. 
“It’s not that simple.” You blow out a raspberry. The few sips you had taken of your drink finally settling down. Hence why everyone did everything in their power to avoid it. Well everyone except you, Jiwoo, and Hoseok. The three menaces to society that got drunk on sips rather than gulps. 
“I like piercings better. The pain is over fast and they can be removed.” You say with your nose perched up. Jungkook is amused and sneakily (not so sneakily) he moves his arm to rest on the cushion behind your head, moving closer and turning his full body to face you. 
“I refuse to believe you’ve gotten any piercings besides the standard earlobe ones.” He teases, obviously aware of the many earrings decorating your ears and the faint scar on the side of your nose, indicating that it was once home to a nose piercing. But he found out early in the night how much he liked to tease you. Loved the way you would get flustered and tried to hide it. It did wonders to his beating heart.
You gasp, arms crossed. “I’ll have you know Jeon Jungkook that I had my nipples pierced years ago.” You say smugly when you visibly see him struggle. Eyes the size of moons. His neck turning red. 
He was not expecting that. 
“Cat got your tongue?” You giggle patting his back. He really did try to regulate his breathing without you taking notice. But of course things never go his way because after taking one breathe in. His saliva ran down the wrong hole and he started choking. 
So much for being smooth like butter. 
You laughed and gently patted his back. Your touch sending sparks of electricity through him instantly. A feeling so foreign to him; a feeling he hadn’t felt in years that it sent a rush of panic through him. It settled in the deepest crevices of his body, familiarizing itself again. 
Jeon Jungkook was royally fucked. 
“S-Sorry.” He opens his mouth to breathe again. Coughing up the remnants of his embarrassment. You smile gently moving your hand back to your lap. He winces, already missing the warmth of your touch, but he holds himself back from reaching out to grab it again. To hold it close to him until the heaviness of your touch starts to feel like second skin. 
Instead he scratches the back of his head, awkwardly. “Had?” He mumbles, eyes still wide. “If you don’t mine me asking what happened to them?” He finishes and seriously wants to punch himself multiple times as soon as the words are out in the open. Afraid that you might now view him as a pervert because he was totally not wondering what your boobs looked like underneath the dim light of his bedroom, decorated by two silver bar bells. 
No, he wasn’t entertaining the idea. At least not anymore.
“I almost died.” You shrug nonchalantly. Like the vital piece of information was not throwing him off guard. He wasn’t the piercer in the duo; Jimin was. But he knew enough to know that piercings shouldn’t cause death’s or near death experiences. 
He gapes at you as you stand up, holding your hands out for him to take. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ve been through worse.” You give him a reassuring smile, wiggling your fingers for him to take. 
Jungkook does, still frozen in disbelief. Definitely resembling a deer caught in the headlights, until the realization that you’re holding his hands dawns over him like morning dew. “H-How, wait what?” 
You giggle, letting go of his hands and patting his shoulder softly. “I’ll tell you the story some other time.” 
“Why not now?” He whines, like Hana does when she doesn’t get what she wants. But his curiosity got the best of him and he realizes this because he clears his throat to speak again. “I mean...Cool yeah take your time.” He says with fake suaveness, but it has you desperately wanting to throw everything you have ever known out the window to hug him and never let go. 
“It’s not a very fascinating story but I will tell you one day.” 
Before he can say anything else Namjoon’s voice booms through the backyard calling everyone to eat. Perfect timing, but Jungkook doesn’t care. Because even though he is watching you happily walk away from him right now. You had said one day which implies that you’re not tired of him yet. Which means that you want to see him again. Jungkook hates that he feels like he’s fifteen again and confessing to Sol for the very first time in the corridor between the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms before homeroom. 
He hates that he feels better than that moment too. 
Tumblr media
Dinner went by smoothly. 
Jiwoo, thanks to her interior designer skills decorated the long wooden dinner table to the nines. Everyone was assigned a place. A cute little wooden board with the utmost perfect calligraphy of everyone's names on top of their designated plate. For the centerpieces, there were wreaths of baby breaths and purple chrysanthemums placed in the middle between every white candle that was lit up. The wax melted and staining the wood, which Namjoon would, later on, scrape off in annoyance. 
The bi-weekly barbecue’s at the Kim’s were a festive event. No matter the date or season, the four of them went all out. 
Of course, due to Hoseok and Jiwoo’s scheming, you were sat next to Jungkook. That earned an eye roll from you as you glared at the culprits who shied away from you giggling. Hyeon was sat next to you on your right and clung on to your hand making it impossible for you to eat comfortably. But you didn’t care, it made you feel all giddy inside. Hyeon couldn’t go long without being with you. Always finding a way to cling on to you for comfort and warmth. You almost wanted to laugh in both Eunbi and Taehyung’s faces. If they were really serious about taking you away from your son you were more than positive that Hyeon would grow up to resent Taehyung. Not so much Eunbi. She wouldn’t be staying for much longer anyway. 
After dinner, Hyeon gave you a kiss on the cheek thanking you for cutting up his food before he Hana, Ara, and Areum ran towards the bucket of water balloons. You weren’t sure where the water fight after dinner stemmed from but it was a must. One year you had gone on strike to omit it completely (because you always ended up losing and it wasn’t fair) but of course, you lost, and the tradition stayed much to your disappointment. 
You helped Jiwoo clean up, ignoring every comment she made about Jungkook, that was meant to impress you. 
“He graduated with straight A’s” 
“He volunteered at a homeless shelter every Christmas for five years.” 
“He moved in with our mom after dad died.” 
“He once drove five hours to the next town just to get this special blueberry donut Hana desperately wanted.” 
When she got to the twentieth reason as to why you should date her brother and then marry him. You excused yourself to the bathroom for a breather. It wasn’t like you weren’t interested in Jungkook. You were very much in compliance with the idea of just pouncing his bones, but that was all due to sexual attraction. You didn’t know much about him except for what he had shared with you earlier. He didn’t wear his battle scars out in the open, even if you had caught onto the cloudiness behind his eyes a few times. You didn’t know if he was ready for another relationship, especially with someone who was already a mom. 
Maybe he didn’t want another kid yet either? 
He didn’t know your history and you were more than positive he didn’t want to get caught up in between all the drama that centered around you and Taehyung. He looked like the type of guy that wanted to live his life peacefully and drama-free. And your life was very much not that. Unfortunately. 
Jungkook was nice, but the last time you dove into something headfirst fearlessly. You ended up in the middle of a never-ending storm. You didn’t want to get someone else caught up in it, especially someone like Jungkook. 
You sigh, patting your face dry with one of the hand towels. Slightly proud of yourself that you had made it this far without arguing with Taehyung. Though he was the one that started most of the arguments, somehow the blame would always be shifted on to you. Because you were angry, overly emotional, and hurt. Or whatever other reason Taehyung always threw at you. 
You shake your head, the motion sending the thought of him to the depths of your brain. He didn’t matter. You’ve had a great day and night so far, and you were determined to get through the next hour with your head held high. A slight bubble of excitement forms in the pit of your stomach. Taehyung had done everything in his power to avoid you today, and chances were he was going to avoid you for the next hour. For once you might be going home from one of Namjoon’s bi-weekly barbecue’s feeling at peace. 
For the most part. 
The reality of your situation was still burning brightly in the forefront of your mind. But if Taehyung could ignore it, pretend like everything was okay. So you could you. He always grumbled about how much stronger you were than him. It’s time for you to live up to that perception because he wasn’t going to tear you down. 
At least that’s what you had hoped because the second you opened the door to the bathroom you were met with Kim Taehyung’s icy stare. The one he reserved for you. It was belittling and frustrating all at once because for four years - almost five - you still didn’t know what you did in order to earn it. 
His lip was in between his teeth, arms crossed in front of him. His hair was messy with the drying remnants of the pool water. His shirt was thrown on haphazardly and the bright yellow shorts clung onto him like he had gone days without eating. The thought crushing your heart, knowing he only stopped eating when he was wallowing deep in the dark spaces of his head. If that wasn’t enough proof that he wasn’t doing well, the eye bags that matched yours were a dead giveaway. 
It was getting too much. You were starting to care again and he didn’t deserve your care in the slightest. But he was blocking your way. You could see the ark that signaled the end of the dark hallway illuminating brightly behind him. Your exit was so close, but still so far away. Fifteen steps to be exact. But you needed to get away, and you almost did. At least you made the attempt. Took one step to the right before he was pushing you into the bathroom and locking the door behind him, trapping you in between his body and the sink. 
“What are you do-” 
“Are you going to fuck him?” He spits out. The venom laced in his voice was so prominent you felt the after-effects deep in your body. 
You gape at him, blinking slowly, registering his words before you feel the anger rise inside of you. How dare he? “What the fuck Taehyung, let me go.” You place your hands on his chest to push him off, but of course, despite his fragile state he was still stronger than you. Of course, you could feel the his muscles underneath your palms and of course, he wasn’t going to let you go until he got his answer. 
That’s who Taehyung was. Strong and persistent. Like a pesky weed that always grew back no matter how many times you tried to pluck it. 
He grips the counter behind you, jaw locked so hard that the pressure threatens to shatter it. “Are you going to fuck him?” He asks again, the fire behind his eyes melting the ice and it sends a shiver down your spine. 
You’ve seen Taehyung angry before. You’ve been at the receiving end of many of his temper tantrums. But you’ve never seen him angry like this. Like someone just took something that was his and he wants it back. That sends a flare of anger through you because how dare he?
“No,” You reply pushing at his chest again, hoping this time he gets the idea. “But even if I was why do you care?” His eyes go wide and he finally lets go. He moves away creating the distance the two of you needed, turning to face away from you. He’s caught and he knows that he’s caught but he won’t admit it. 
Stubborn as always. 
“I don’t.” He mumbles running a hand through his hair tugging at the roots, mentally screaming at himself for being so careless. “Just don’t want the mother of my child, fucking around like she’s some common whore.” He shrugs, stuffing his hands in his pockets. His face shifts in-between emotions until it settles in nonchalance. Like what he just said didn’t stab you in the heart multiple times. 
You grip the bottom of your sundress, breath stuck in the back of your throat as the tears pool up in the corner of your eyes. Not because you were hurt - that part will come later - but right now you’re so angry you want to bite his head off. “Fuck you Taehyung.” You’re seething, blinded by rage searching for anything to hold on to. Anything that will hurt him the same way he’s hurt you because he deserves worse. 
“In the four years that I’ve been a mother I’m interested in one guy and that automatically makes me a whore?” You push yourself off the counter and close the distance between the two of you. “You fuck someone new every few months, and have been doing that even before Hyeon was born. But I’m the whore?” You jab your finger in his chest hard, cringing at how it sends a jab of pain through your hand but you choose to ignore it. You had more pressing matters at hand. 
“The girl you’re fucking now wants me out of the picture because Hyeon refuses to call her mom that now she’s convinced you that I’m unfit to be a mom. When you and I and everyone in this fucking house knows that she won’t be around for much longer.” You scoff shaking your head, poking your cheek with your tongue. “But I’m interested in one guy and I’m the fucking whore.” You shake your head and step back. “You’re unbelievable Taehyung almost had me convinced for a few weeks that you were decent but you haven’t changed you’re still the same insecure man I slept with all those years ago.” You run your hands through your hair, tugging at the roots, your chest heaving to the same rhythm as his. 
He doesn’t say anything. Instead, stares at you with the same teary gaze he gave you when he apologized for not being there for you during your labor. You forgave him then, but you were done forgiving him. He never deserved you or Hyeon or Eunbi or anyone else that was in his life. “And I regret it so fucking much because Hyeon deserves a better father, one that loves him and not one that uses him as a prop to fill that gaping hole in his chest.” 
That does it. 
That opens the wound right up and he reacts before he even lets time settle deep within him. One second he’s opening his mouth to say something, anything to send you in a spiral of self-doubt because he knows you’re right and he hates it. And the next he’s pinning you against the sink and his mouth is on yours kissing you furiously. Like he’s trying to prove a point. Like he’s making up for lost time. 
Your eyes are wide and you almost kiss him back. But everything settles down fast and you push him away. “What the fuck Taehyung you can’t just do that.” You place your hand on top of your chest in a poor attempt to calm yourself down. 
Taehyung is alarmed, running his hands through his hair, avoiding your gaze as he tries to comprehend what just happened. He hasn’t kissed you in almost five years. And the first time he did, he couldn’t pull away. Addicted to the way your lips seemed to mold perfectly with his. It scared him. Everything about you scared him because it made him forget about the walls he spent years building. Yet, here he was with you. In this stupid tiny bathroom remembering why he’s kept his distance from you. 
“I-I...S-...I mean I.” He stammers. 
You scoff, shaking your head. Back then you would’ve stayed until you got an explanation from him. Now you could care less, disgusted by how nice his lips felt on yours while his new fling or whatever was roaming around Namjoon’s backyard. “Just leave me alone Taehyung.” You sigh before turning around, unlocking the door faster than anyone can blink, and walk out. Leaving him behind and stunned as he beats himself up in his head. 
You would’ve stayed until he was better if Taehyung had called out after you. He didn’t, so you kept walking, unaware of the tears flowing down his cheeks. 
He remembers why he hates himself so much. 
Tumblr media
You’re walking to your car fast. Hyeon is in your arms begging to stay five more minutes. 
It hurts you to see the fat crocodile tears running down his cheeks, but after everything that went down in the bathroom. Staying the rest of the hour was not an option. So you ignored the calls of your name, grabbed Hyeon who was in the middle of a game with Hana and the twins, and the rest of your stuff before booking it to the garden gate. Ignoring all of the protests and calls coming from your concerned friends. 
“Baby please it’s almost bedtime we have to go home.” You try to reason with him, opening the back door to your car and settling him down into his car seat. 
He huffs, crossing his arms in front of him, his bottom lip wobbling. “But we always stay for the fireworks.” 
You sigh, pushing his hair back revealing his forehead before wiping his cheeks with your thumbs. “I know Hyeonie but it’s getting late and mommy is very very tired.” You sigh. The exhaustion drops down onto your shoulders like a blanket. “I missed you.” 
Hyeon sniffs, lifting his hand up, poking your cheek with his finger. “Daddy made you upset again.” He tilts his head and crosses his arms. “I hate daddy because he always makes you cry.” He whispers looking past you at his feet that were against the backrest of the passenger seat. 
“Hyeon don’t sa-” 
“Can I stay with you forever and never go to daddy’s house?” He looks at you with pleading eyes. It tugs at your heartstrings. Knowing that even as a four-year-old he was way more perceptive than he led on. Still hearing him tell you his true feelings towards his dad. True feelings that were masked with excitement whenever you drove him over to Taehyung’s place, hurts so much that you feel your heart contract in pain. 
You blink back tears, placing two fingers under his chin and turning his face so he’s looking directly at you. “Hyeon, I know daddy and I aren’t normal and sometimes we fight a lot but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you. Just because daddy makes me angry and makes me cry that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you Hyeon.” 
“He doesn’t,” Hyeon exclaims kicking the back of the seat, making you jump at his sudden outburst. “He’s always buying me toys I don’t like and giving me food I don’t like and drinking that weird gold juice and screaming and I hate him.” He yells kicking the back of the seat multiple times. 
You break. The sob escapes you before you can stop it, watching as your son experiences heartbreak and betrayal all at once before the age of five. You feel like a failure and it’s debilitating because you can’t say or do anything to make it all stop. So you just bury your face in your hands and cry with him. 
That’s all you can do, so that’s all you will do. 
It feels like hours before you feel a warm hand on your back. Your name escaping the back of their throat like it’s foreign. Like it’s new. 
You lift your head up fast enough to almost give yourself whiplash. Your eyes settle on Hyeon whose hiccuping, trying to regain his composure. You can hear the angry yells from Namjoon’s backyard and you feel terrible for ruining everyone's night. Again. 
“My sister took the girls to get ice cream.” He says, grinning. His hand is still on your back making you look at him, and then Hyeon who is gaping at him with curiosity. 
“Let me drive you home.” 
You shake your head, whipping your cheeks with the back of your hand. “I don’ I-”
“Momma I want to go home.” Hyeon crooks, reaching over and kissing your cheek gently. You sigh and close your eyes nodding your head. 
You weren’t in the right state of mind to drive, and that sucked because you didn’t want anyone else to be dragged into the mess Taehyung dragged you into years ago. But Jungkook was here, with stars in his eyes looking at you like you were an entire galaxy that had been left undiscovered. 
He doesn’t hesitate when you hand him your car keys. Instead, he walks to the driver's seat, waits for you to get into the passenger seat before getting in. He starts the car double checks if you and Hyeon are strapped in safely before pulling out of the driveway and drives. 
You’re aware that he doesn’t know your address and eventually, you will tell him. But for right now you just want to get away. He understands so he does that and drives. 
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moonchild1 · a month ago
 jeon jungkook fic rec list (Ⅳ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of my favourite jungkook fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs, no minors allowed ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics too I'd love to find new authors, blogs and read fics you guys are into who knows maybe I'm missing out on some great fics 😉🖤
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
fuckboy training by @helenazbmrskai f s a (fuckboy au boxing au frenemies to lovers au) ❣
constant craving by @rubycoast a (unrequited love au) ❣
gold rush by @venusiangguk s (established relationship au) ❣
the art of craving by @venusiangguk f s (friends with benefits au dilf jk au) ❣
the art of waiting by @venusiangguk f s (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
the art of doubting by @venusiangguk f s a (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
the art of caring by @venusiangguk f s (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
his name by @jimlingss f a (based on the kdrama kill me heal me) ❣
ode to the nature of romance by @yeoldontknow s ❣
ghost in my bed by @yeojaa f s a (rockstar au exes to lovers au)
hotter, cooler, sweeter by @seokjinger-ale f s (established relationship) ❣
euphoria by @lovelytaes-blog f s (married couple drabbles slice of life)
tequila mockingbird by @kookdiaries f s a (acquaintances to lovers au)
tidal wave by @jjungkookislife s (coworkers to friends to lovers) ❣
tidal wave: after wave by @jjungkookislife f s 
rockstar 101 by @balenciaguks​ s (established relationship)
days to morning glory by @sketchguk​ f s a (exes to lovers au roommate au high school sweethearts) ❣
a touch of fate by @yoonia​ s a (enemies to lovers au soulmate au)
airplane, pt. 2 by @xjoonchildx​ s (crime au)
cream & sugar by @gukslut​ s (enemies to lovers au) ❣
when you’re mad by @joonscypher s (boyfriend jk) ft. Taehyung
i’m on the run with you, my sweet love by @inkofyoongi f s a (fake dating au fwb to lovers au roadtrip au)
paradise by @sunshinerainbowsbts s (stripper au neighbours to lovers au) ❣
for science by @boymeetsweevil f s a (nerd jk best friends to lovers au college au) ❣
wanted by @hobiboo1 s (love triangle) ft. Hoseok
roomie code by @bluekyun f s (roommate au)
true care by @joonsgalaxy s a (bodyguard au) ❣
fight for you by @ahundredtimesover s a (bodyguard au) ❣
scattered stars by @taegularities f s a (enemies to lovers au fantasy au soulmate au) ❣
effortlessly by @gyukult f s a (friends to lovers au school au)
better left unsaid by @jeonfiles s a (unrequited love au break up au)
begin by @taegularities f s a (strangers to friends to lovers au fantasy au fallen angel au)
morning rush by @atdawnsuga s (college au exhibitionism) ❣
the jeon twins by @krreader f a (college au twins au)
pretty boy by @angelguk f s a (drabble series jock jk best friends to lovers au) ❣
card swiped by @1kook f s a (best friends to lovers idiots to lovers au college au) ❣
blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash s (mafia au)
i don't mind by @bratkook f s a (band au strangers to lovers au rockstar jk) ❣
standing ovations and other nonsense by @vyduan​ f s a (idiots to lovers au)
the habits of a broken heart by @softykooky f a (soulmate au unrequited love au enemies to lovers au)
could've been us by @sparklingchim s (exes au single dad jk)
Popular-ish by @hansolmates f s a (friends with benefits to lovers popular jk shy oc) ❣
Cherish Me by @becomingb a
New Beginnings by @breakiebunny f s (dilf jk established relationship domestic au) ❣
Special delivery by @dearseok s (infidelity delivery boy jk) ft. Husband Taehyung
Moonlight by @kookiestarlight f s a (single dad au strangers to lovers au) ❣
hot in here by @eternally-writing s
yes sir by @peekaboongi s
mine still @sugasbabiie f s a (arranged marriage au ex boyfriend jk bride reader exes to lovers au) ❣
mutual help by @personasintro f s a (fake dating au slow burn) ❣
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chateautae · 2 months ago
hotter than hell | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
banner by miss solaris @jamaisjoons <3
Tumblr media
➵ summary : jungkook, lucifer and king of hell, has been cast out of the crimson underworld for a reason he’s unsure of. embarking on his journey for the answer should’ve been easy, if it weren’t for you, the human that nurses his wounded body in her home, and accidentally witnesses the truth of his identity. kickstarting a hellish adventure with the devil himself, you discover lucifer is the most infuriating company ever; and jungkook finds out that maybe his answer to returning home lies within his annoying human confidant.
↳ part of the Namkook Moonrise Masquerade collab hosted by @jamaisjoons
➵ pairing : fallen lucifer!jungkook x human!reader
➵ genre : supernatural/fantasy!au, romance, e2l, road trip, angst, fluff, eventual smut, three-shot
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 27k
➵ warnings : swearing, angst, alcohol consumption, semi-biblically-accurate depictions of angels and demons, supernatural themes, mentions and depictions of sin, s e x u a l  t e n s i o n, neck-kissing, straddling
➵ a/n : WHY HELLO EVERYONE here’s the demon lucifer jk as promised!! i stayed up an entire night just to create the plot, i hope it delivers!! it’s literally one of the my favourite ideas ever hehe. this is the first part of a three-shot :) please excuse any mistakes or error since I didn’t have a beta and will probably get someone to do so later 🤧 PLEASE IMAGINE MOTS ON:E DAY 1 MY TIME JUNGKOOK FOR THIS Y’ALL, enjoy!! <3
➵ playlist : asshole by hooligan chase
Tumblr media
| 01 | 02 | final. |
Tumblr media
‘Why is she looking at my man?’ 
‘I need to get blackout drunk.’
‘Damn, that girl is fucking hot.’
‘I’ll steal it when he isn’t looking.’
Jungkook’s head rings with an innumerable amount of others’ thoughts, and he can’t seem to silence the blaring volume of them at all.
He’s roaming in complete confusion, clutching his palms over his ears because shit, is everything just so loud. His feet hurt too, when have his feet ever hurt? Why can’t he fucking fly? Why does he suddenly feel so cold?
Jungkook’s bleary vision catches sight of neon signs and lights that invite head-splitting migraines. His usual leather outfit suddenly feels like it’s sticking to his skin too much, and what is this constant pang he feels in his stomach?
He doesn’t know, all he knows is that this isn’t hell, and he definitely should not be here. 
In all his thinking, his shoulder smacks into a passing stranger and he scolds them with stern eyes, only to ram into someone else yet again. 
Fuck, that hurt. Why did that hurt? When has he ever felt pain at all? Jungkook grunts in frustration as he weaves through passing bodies in the streets and eventually tumbles before a closed store. The second he looks through the window, his eyes widen in sheer horror. 
He’s.. he’s human? 
No, impossible. He can’t be human, where did his red eyes go? Why can’t he see his wings? He snaps quick glances at his shoulder blades and finds them empty, even reaching behind his back to only feel a seamless leather jacket. He looks at his hands and sees them just like his usual form, but when did he lose that natural, searing heat to his skin? 
Jungkook can’t think, he can’t understand what’s going on but can only comprehend one very obvious, almost laughable thing. 
He’s been cast out of hell. 
He laughs, then laughs some more because shit, is that goddamn funny, comedic, absolutely hysterical. Lucifer, the king of hell himself, has been cast out of his own kingdom? Sent to Earth as some measly blubbering, putrid human? 
The second Jungkook whips his head around to a horn honking, his equilibrium unbalanced itself, that incessant ringing in his ear returning. He feels too fucking dizzy, the axis of his entire world spinning. Groaning in dull pain, he begins stalking down the street with his clammy palm to his head. 
He bumps into more people and staggers, but he doesn’t care when he can still feel that same agonizing headache plaguing him. His eyesight begins to lose precision, and before he advances, he feels his knees buckle into the nearest alleyway. He drops to the ground hard, and his surroundings disappear before he feels his cheek meet the cold pavement. 
Tumblr media
Monday’s are so goddamn boring. 
Absolutely nothing is special about the dreadful day. All you ever desire is to crawl into a hole and slowly perish. And the only remedy to such an issue? At least to you, it would be a nice, steaming cup of coffee. 
But what absolutely trashes even the taste of coffee on a Monday?
The fact that it’s a Monday.
You drag your feet down the street, listless and exhausted after a tiresome day at work. You loosely clutch your bag over your shoulder as you trudge along, paying attention only squarely in front of you when suddenly, your feet ram into something. You almost trip over, furrowing your brows in confusion as you zero-in on the culprit. 
Once your vision becomes clear, you immediately squeal out in shock. You look carefully to find a man lying unconscious nearby a dumpster, appalled by the disgusting trash that litters the area next to him. 
You step slowly towards the stranger, finding that he’s actually quite… handsome. No, scratch that, he is drop-dead gorgeous, his looks almost too devilishly attractive. He appears fairly young to you as well, maybe the same age as you. You scan his outfit next and find him in a quite showy leather outfit; black boots, sheer-patterned shirt that exposed his body, hair flawlessly framing his face. 
You could’ve believed he was a fallen angel, his almost ethereal aura screaming of an existence far from here. His face structure is almost perfectly crafted from the finest marble, his nose looks boopable and his adorable lips naturally fall into this charming pout. 
Though his cuteness was not to be taken head-on, because you could only imagine what such a beautiful man’s eyes look like, and what allure remained hidden within them. 
You shake your head out of the compromising thoughts, swallowing as you contemplate what to do next. The most logical thing would be to call 911, that would help him out the most, wouldn’t it?
You whip out your phone and tap your screen, only to gain no response. You quirk your brows, clicking your power button and finding your device completely drained of battery. You groan with a roll of your eyes, too shy to inquire another stranger on the street for their phone.
Weighing on the decision that the stranger most likely has a phone, you bite your lip before squatting down by him. You precariously reach into his jacket and gently search for any pockets inside, only met with empty ones. You target his leather pants next and surprisingly come up dry of a phone or wallet, no keys or even a damn stick of gum. 
That leaves you with a real head-scratcher. The stranger seems to have absolutely nothing on him, now suddenly curious of whether or not he's even dead or alive. Heart quickening at the prospect of this being a dead body, you nervously gulp as you carefully take his wrist, and place two fingers against his pulse point. 
You thankfully feel a faint heartbeat and release a breath of relief, thinking quickly on your feet. You couldn’t just leave the stranger to fend for himself, it was already cold tonight and God knows what would happen to him without any of his necessary belongings. 
On a whim and out of sheer concern for the man’s well-being, you decide to haul a cab and take him home with you, hoping to also treat that nasty wound on his cheek. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook feels his consciousness resurfacing, head heavy, legs weighing a ton. His eyes flutter open to a white ceiling, darting around to find himself not on the street, not in hell, but inside a quaint apartment.
He furrows his brows, rubbing lazily at an eye once he does a quick once over of the place. He sincerely doesn’t understand where he is or what he’s doing here, but right now his head is still pounding too hard to even contemplate his next move. 
Sitting up, he swallows to find his throat desert-dry, stomach producing this weird gurgling sound he can’t piece together an answer for, and his eyes feel this hefty weight behind his lids. 
With a sigh, he rises to his feet, steadying himself. He sighs at just how annoyingly human he is, feeling the sensation of his legs aching, his neck adopting a crook from being awkwardly perched on the couch’s armrest, even his cheek stinging with something. 
He touches the afflicted area and instead finds some sort of cloth taped over him, wondering what in the hell it is. He touches it some more, and applies pressure only to hiss at his wound, rolling his eyes at the sensation of pain. 
With a deep exhale to release the frustration from his body, Jungkook notices he can still feel the fiery pits of hell coursing through his veins. That hot flame is still alive inside him, something heated still within his blood and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t do something about it. With a focused mind and a composed breath, Jungkook attempts to revisit the very first, innate thing about his older form, imagining conjuring up his red, glowing eyes. 
He squeezes his eyes shut tightly, and envisions them glowing crimson before he opens them again, feeling a smoldering heat spark in his irises. He spots a mirror by the front door of the apartment and peers at himself, finding his eyes a vibrant, almost fiery red. 
He smirks, proud and satisfied. He’s still got it in him and he’ll be fucked six ways from Sunday if anyone can tell him otherwise. Feeling confident and alive, Jungkook attempts to conjure up some flames in his palms. Lo and behold, after a tense second of undivided focus, a fire gushes open in his bare hands. It feels just like when he’s perched on his throne in hell, Jungkook cracking another smug grin at the power he still holds. 
In that moment however, he hears the distinct clatter of something tumbling to the ground, and whips around to the noise. He shockingly finds a human woman staring at him in utter terror, hand clutched to her heart with her phone on the ground, and cowering into the wall as she shakes profusely. 
You’re stunned, flabbergasted, downright terrified out of your wits seeing the same man you found unconscious in the street now with fire flushing out of his hands. You see him begin to approach you and you’re overridden with fear, screaming at the unnatural sight before you. 
You scream, you scream and scream and look around for objects of any sort. You spot a small bottle of body spray on your hallway counter and immediately fling it towards the man for defence. 
“Get away from me, get away!” 
“Woah, hey, hey! Calm down!” 
But you don’t, and you instead throw other obscure and heavy objects towards him only for him to either burn or dodge them, eliciting even more of your panic. He’s getting closer as he attempts to pacify you, darting by him and running directly towards your kitchen.
Your frazzled brain isn’t thinking and you immediately fling open a cabinet, reaching for the very first thing you see and rapidly grasp a pan. You hold it up ready for punishing the man before he scrambles and hushes your ear-splitting shrills, holding up his hands in surrender. 
“Wait, wait, stop! Shh!” 
“How can I not scream when your eyes are literally red?!” 
Jungkook struggles for a sentence. “Look, just, shh. You’re gonna alarm the people in your building!” 
“That’s the fucking point?! You’re a maniac!” You yell and grab open your drawer of utensils, beginning to chuck forks and spoons at the frantic man. 
“Hey, stop! Would you-stop throwing shit!” Jungkook yells frustratedly as you send him a scowl, only catapulting things harder in response. But suddenly, Jungkook burns a butter knife you haul his way, and fearfully watching it melt right before your eyes. They widen in absolute horror.
You’re seriously, and very horribly fucked.
Panic invades your chest and you spot your phone lying on the ground near your bedroom door, quickly bolting towards it in hopes of calling 911, or at least somebody for help. You dive towards the floor and snatch up your device, racing mind unable to sift through contacts efficiently enough before you feel strong arms quickly caging around you. The stranger traps your wriggling body as he attempts to grab at your phone, yelling angrily. 
“Are you insane?! Why are you calling someone?!” 
“Because you’re a fucking maniac!” 
You struggle against the man’s burly hold and flail around hopelessly, utterly panicking realizing how strong he is.  
Screams escape you as you useslessly fight each other on the floor, incessantly attempting to weaken his grasp. The man with much larger hands than yours however nabs your phone and tosses it into your room somewhere, attempting to hush you as you squeal and kick at him profusely. 
“Stop it, stop! I can explain myself!” 
“I don’t want to hear your fucking evil plan before you kill me!” 
The man’s arms are still, curled around you and hugging your back to his chest, but it’s not a warm welcome at all as he keeps you from escaping, all while you holler incoherently at him to release you. You grow tired of the shenanigans and stuff the meat of his hand in between your teeth, sinking them in with enough force to harm him. The man exclaims in pain as his arms detangle from you. 
“Ow! What the fuck?!” 
You rapidly rise to your feet in search of your phone. It’s laying near your bed and you scamper off towards it, bending down with a grabby hand to reach it, but suddenly feel the man’s heavy figure hurtle you onto the bed. You both tumble onto your mattress, the handsome stranger on top as he locks down your thrashing hands, eyes urgent as he regards you below. 
“Woman, please, please stop screaming.” He warns crucially. “I’m not someone people can know about, we’ll both get in shit!” 
“By who? You’re the only freak here!” You wiggle your smaller wrist out of his grip and reach over for a stray cushion on your bed. You feel the fleecy material in your hand and harshly begin smacking the man with the pillow. 
“Oh c’mon-what the fuck?!” You disarm him completely as he falters at your hits, the stranger toppling onto the ground as you recklessly beat the living hell out of him. 
He crosses his arms over his face in an effort to protect himself, knowing even if you run now, the man seemed strong and smart enough to capture you again; two deadly combinations that could mean your demise. So you decide to keep senselessly whacking the cushion at him until he eventually tires, and you’ll make a break for it, or Mr. and Mrs. Tran next door will most likely come to your rescue. 
You stand above him and yell profanities as you practically abuse the stranger with your pillow. However, the man latches a hand onto the pillow to halt you and causes the cheap material to completely tear open. Feather’s instantly fly out of the cushion and fill your room with white fluffiness, groaning in complaint at the mess. 
You disregard the $4 ripped-up thing, and return to smacking at the man with the pillow cover. 
“Why. The. Fuck. Did you. Rip. My. PILLOW?!” You howl between each of your attacks and the man struggles on the ground as he exclaims in pain, blinded and barely able to shout in return. 
“Are you fucking kidding me?! Why are you beating me up?!” 
“Says the one who ripped my pillow and tried to murder me!” 
“I’m not even-what!” The stranger shrieks in disbelief. “I never tried to murder you! I didn’t do anything wrong!” 
That response actually halts your actions, freezing once you truly contemplate the stranger didn’t try to exactly kill you or anything, and you’re then in fact assaulting him for no concrete reason. As your easily distracted mind wanders, the man suddenly pulls at your legs with grabby hands. You squeal as you suddenly land on top of his rather muscular body, crashing onto him hard. 
Funny enough, you end up apologizing for settling over him so roughly. “Oh my God, I’m so-” 
“Shh, shh.” The man pushes his index fingers to your lips and his own, shushing you both. There’s a long moment of silence, both you and the albeit, gorgeous man staring into each other’s round eyes as your chests press into each other’s tightly, feathers slowly cascading down around your entangled bodies. 
You swallow as you watch the man underneath you in fear, wondering why he hushed you. You open your mouth to question him but he only shakes his head, warning you with a hush again. 
“Shh, I hear footsteps.” 
Suddenly, your front door is racked with a few hard raps. 
“Who’s-” The man begins a question but you immediately smack your hands over his mouth, silencing him. 
“Shh, don’t say anything!” 
He removes your dainty hands from his lips and surprisingly holds them quite gently. “But is it the police-” 
You clasp them over his mouth tighter, your face and his suddenly mere inches from each other as you tut him. “Shh! They can’t hear another voice!” 
“Honey! Are you in there?” 
You both pause, wide-eyed and frozen in time as you hear the voices of the nice couple that live next door to you. Your fight or flight mode kicks in, stress hormones on high alert as you register the idea of them seeing a random man in your apartment. 
Let alone you on top of him like this.
They’ll assume the worst and get too worried for their own good, sighing with immense anxiety. You rapidly scramble off the leather-wearing stranger and snatch up his wrist, quickly tugging him upwards and onto his feet. He balances himself and you quickly shove him onto your tousled sheets and disorderly feathers. 
“Look, just-stay here.” You hiss in a whisper, gesturing to him to stay put like a pet dog as you rapidly kick some stray feathers that escaped into the hallway inside your bedroom. You fix your outfit with a few strokes and begin shutting the door to hide the man, until he suddenly calls you back with a whisper-yell. 
“Wait, woman!” 
You poke your head back in with an incredulous ‘what the fuck?’, and the man rises as he steps speedily towards you. His hands jut out for what you believe to be in effort to harm you, but instead find your hair and smooth down some of your wild locks, even picking out a fuzzy piece of feather that stuck to your bangs. 
“Oh..” You quietly exclaim, running your hands through your hair for a quick fix.
“Dear, where are you? We’re getting very worried!” You hear Mr. Tran yell more urgently this time, and your hands smack against the strangers to unhand you, pushing him back within the four walls of your bedroom and shutting the door on his handsome face. 
You compose yourself once you’ve done so and reach your foyer, swinging open your front door. 
“Oh dear, Y/N, we were so worried, honey. Are you alright?” Mrs. Tran holds her hand to her chest as she takes a deep breath, Mr. Tran soon joining. 
“Is anything going on, sweetheart? We heard so much yelling.” 
“I’m okay, Mr. and Mrs. Tran. You don’t need to worry about me at all.” 
“Are you sure you’re okay, dear? There was an awful lot of screaming.” Mrs. Tran’s eyes flit around your apartment discreetly. 
“I was just on video call with my friends and they decided to play a scary prank on me.” You bellow out a fake laugh and watch them lighten up, buying the lie. 
“Oh gosh, we thought we heard another man’s voice and got so scared! We’re so glad you’re alright, dear.” Mr. Tran laughs with you, and you kindly reply. 
“Oh not at all! Thank you for checking on me, Mr. and Mrs. Tran.” You smile big and wide to appear okay, momentarily snapping your vision towards your bedroom with a gulp. They end up bidding their farewells and you watch them entirely enter their apartment, sighing with relief once their door closes. 
You shut yours, and practically stomp over to your bedroom as you hurl the door back open. The man on the other side practically leaps when you do, staring wide-eyed with raised eyebrows at your angry expression. 
“You have a lot of explaining to do.” The man watches steam figuratively blown out of your ears, and a little noise escapes the back of his throat that almost sounds like a laugh. 
“Did you just laugh at me?” 
“N-no.” He brushes off sauvely. 
You roll your eyes and snatch his wrist again, dragging him over to your living room and abruptly halting just before your couches. You shove him towards them and he snaps a testy look at you, taking his seat. 
You decide to stand and look down at him as he crosses a leg and lays his arm against the backrest, sitting as if he owned the place. You fold your arms and tap your foot in anticipation, eyes pissed and steely. “Well?” 
“Well, what?” 
“Do you not owe me an explanation?” You quirk an audacious brow, attempting to fathom what just transpired in the last 5 minutes.
“Explanation.. of what exactly?” He tilts his head and watches you with fascination, and it was now you realized his eyes weren’t glowing red anymore, they’re the colour of chocolate brown. But that doesn’t mean what you saw was a hallucination or a mind-trick either, you remember exactly what you witnessed with your naked eyes. 
The man seems to feel a crook in his neck. Your once occupied attention now snaps to the way he stretches it out, listening to the cracks of his bones that sound practically inhuman. 
“Why the hell did I see fire coming out of your hands? And your red eyes? Who the fuck are you?!” 
The stranger has an ah-hah moment, and understands you with a small nod. He goes from a non-committing look of disinterest to a mirthy smirk on his face, one that almost seemed devilish. He lets out a proud sigh as he hoists himself up, standing tall before you as he suavely tugs at the lapels of his leather jacket. 
“Well, I’ll cut to the chase,” The man quirks his eyebrows and plays with his lips in this undeniably sexy way you can’t help but find hot, blinking away the thought before it consumes you. 
“I’m Lucifer, the king of hell, baby.” 
You blink; once, twice, then three times. You stare at him dumbfounded, as if that would help you understand what he just so casually uttered. You finally let out a noise akin to a scoff. “I’m sorry, what?” 
“I’m Lucifer. You know, fallen archangel? Satan? The Devil?” 
You blink. “Do you think this is a joke?” 
The so-called Lucifer furrows his brows. “Huh?” 
“I nursed you after finding you unconscious on the street, and now you want to joke with me?” 
“But I’m not joking..?” The man seems acutely confused, even tilting his head in this innocent way that completely contrasted his scorching hot looks. He even peers so vividly into your eyes, it's as though he could read every corner of your soul. He towers over you, you also realized. His height is so significantly taller than yours that he has to crane his neck to look down at you. And all of sudden, the way your eyes shift up to meet his gaze feels oddly searing, almost like you feel something hot ignite within you when your lines of sight lock.
“There’s no way in hell you’re Lucifer, buddy. Tell me who you really are and maybe we can talk.” 
“But that is who I am,” Jungkook emphasizes, watching him step closer to you. He suddenly leans down to be eye-level with you, staring directly into your pupils smugly before cracking an evil grin. “Let me show you.” 
Your lips fall into a quizzical pout as you watch him perplexedly before you, and witness the man’s eyes suddenly morph from a warm coffee brown into a dull, flaming colour of dark scarlet. You flinch, watching the image of almost a smoldering fire in his eyes, and the coy way he tongues his cheek gives you the impression he’s a man dripping in sin. 
He blinks and rids himself of the flames, straightening up. “Believe me now, angel?” 
You couldn’t fathom this information, nor the pet name he just used on you. Did you in fact find Lucifer, the devil himself unconscious in the street and brought him into your home? Even nursed him and let him crash in your living room? Not that you regretted it at the time, you do remember admiring his absolutely gorgeous face and couldn’t help but openly gawk at him. 
Of course Lucifer had to be scorching hot with a face that could be sat on.
So-called Lucifer suddenly cracks a grin and chuckles, narrowed eyes snapping to him. “Why’d you just laugh?” 
“Nothing,” The man shrugs, amused eyes scanning you over. “You’re kinda cute.” 
You scowl at him sternly and roll your eyes, clearing your throat as you address him. “Well, Mr. Lucifer-” 
“Jungkook,” he gestures with a hand before folding his arms. “Just call me Jungkook.” 
“J-Jungkook.. what in God’s name are you-or not God. What in hell’s.. the devil’s name?” You become confused trying to form the question, pensive finger to your lips. 
“What am I doing here on Earth, is what you’re asking?” 
You nod with big, curious eyes, though still hold an adorable amount of annoyance within them Jungkook couldn’t help but notice. Said man flashes an evident look towards your lips before he continues. “To be honest, miss. I have no clue.” 
You purse your confused petals as you figure  that’s not exactly much to go on. You wonder what a celestial being of such high caliber could possibly be doing on Earth, let alone appearing to you like some rockstar that missed out on his opening act for Elvis Presely. 
“You didn’t tell me a name.” 
Your eyes flicker to his. “Huh?” 
“Your name.. I don’t know it.” He flatly remarks as his hands slip into his pockets, still eyeing you, almost examining you with that intense stare that seemed to burn you alive. 
“O-oh, right. My name..” You nervously laugh, arms crossed over your chest. “Y/N.. Y/N Y/L/N.” 
Jungkook jerks his brows in amusement, doing that thing where he tongues his cheek, and now you suddenly wonder why he plays around with his tongue so much. “That’s a nice name.” 
“Thanks,” you rigidly respond, not exactly knowing what to do. You’re all but traversing the many thoughts swarming your head; is this even real? Is this a dream? Is this some sort of colossal, sick joke someone’s playing on you? 
But you’re interrupted by the sound of a sudden gurgle, knowing you’ve already eaten dinner, and discerning it’s coming from your otherworldly companion. 
“Umm, are you hungry?” 
“Shit, is that what this is? Hunger?” Jungkook pulls a disgusted expression and pretends to throw up, lamenting horribly. “Fuck, I really am human.” 
You roll your eyes as he puts on a show of fake-sobbing, his pretentiousness eliciting a scoff from you. “Look, do you wanna eat something or starve?” 
Jungkook lightly pouts his lips as his shoulders slump and hands falter, eyes suddenly much more innocent. “Eat, I think? It’s not good for a human to not eat food, right?” 
You realize with such a question how little knowledge Jungkook possesses on humans, and with a hard sigh, you nod as you lead him towards your kitchen. 
Tumblr media
You watch Jungkook literally devour all the leftovers you housed in your fridge; fried chicken, some old Chinese, even the pasta and ravioli you’d left earlier today all down his stomach. You feel full just watching him when you lean your elbows over the counter, seriously inquiring about him. 
“So, wait, repeat that again?” 
Jungkook scarfs down a slice of pizza in practically a whole second, speaking messily through a full mouth. You try not to grimace. 
“Basically, I was cast out of hell and now…” Jungkook swallows as he reaches for a tall glass of water. “I have to find my way back in.” 
You blink multiple times to compute the information. “So for some reason you were kicked out of hell, and now you need to find your way back? Why the hell were you kicked out in the first place?” 
“I have no clue,” Jungkook takes another swig of water to wash down the dense content of his food. “All I know is that I need a way back in.” 
“Do you at least know how? Or what you need to do?” 
You watch him slam down your glass after finishing off, and now, you find every plate you presented to him nearly wiped clean. “I have no clue about that, either.” 
You deadpan. “What the fuck?” 
“Look, human. All I know is that I can find the answers I’m looking for. I just don’t know where to start.” You sigh, cradling your cheek in your palm as you watch him pat a napkin to his lips, and all of a sudden it draws attention to the soft petals. 
Why are his lips so damn kissable?
Jungkook’s eyes suddenly flicker up to yours and you snap out of your trance, swallowing. “W-what? Have you never been on Earth before?” You internally facepalm yourself for your idiotic stutter. 
“Nope, not at all.” 
You narrow your eyes. “Then how do you even know how to act like a human?” 
Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to deadpan, an elbow coming up to rest on the table as his other hand cups over his thigh, leaning in. “Are you forgetting who I am, angel?” He smugly asks. “I’m the devil, watching humans is part of my job.” 
You shoot him a testy look for the pet name again, but become curious of his job all of a sudden. “What do you even do as Lucifer? Sit on a throne and hear the screams of poor souls perishing in hell’s fire?” 
Jungkook genuinely laughs at your words, and you become even more annoyed. “What?!” 
“You’re quite right,” Jungkook sends you a proud nod, though he suddenly leans in closer, and he’s now bridged the gap between you and himself over your kitchen counter. He’s close, close enough you catch a whiff of this crisp, warm, though attractive scent off him. It was practically beckoning you closer with each breath in. The heat that radiates off him is almost scalding alone, swallowing as his proximity calls this certain side of you to jump out. 
Or more so, jump him. 
Jungkook smirks again, wetting his lips. “But I’m also the king and master of sin. I draw people’s deepest, darkest secrets out of them. All the bad in them.” 
He deliberately eyes you, almost too hard. It's as though he’s searching every crevice of your mind and can suddenly see all the hidden, disguised aspects of yourself. Now the air’s suffocating, those searing eyes you swear turn scarlet at one point so immensely bewitching you, it’s hard to look away. 
You can feel this almost magnetic pull towards him, eyes darting down to those cute lips of his again. But you immediately brush it off, knowing men like, well, devilish men like him love using their charms to entrance whomever they deem weak enough to fall into the trap. 
You scoff, looking away. “I’ve gotta take a shower.” 
You abruptly rise from your seat. You swipe your phone with you as you watch him settle into his chair, arms folded and now appearing very bored. You sigh as you glare at him, wondering how you’re meant to keep Lucifer of all people entertained. 
A question pops into your head, having mulled over it since you’d nursed him on your couch. “Hey, demon.” 
His gaze flickers to you, chewing on his lip. 
“Do you have a place to stay?” 
You watch as Jungkook actually becomes uncharacteristically shy, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “Not exactly, no.” The column of his throat bobs as he gulps. “Why? Are you trying to kick me out?” 
You laugh, covering your smile when you do. “No, I’m not like whatever higher power that casted you out of hell.” 
Jungkook’s smile returns then, less snarky but now actually more.. charming? “Funny and cute. I like you, human.” 
You narrow your eyes with a curt reminder. “Human’s not my name, demon.” 
“And demon’s not mine, either.” You contort your lips into an annoyed pout and stare him down. He returns the challenging look, though lightens up for his next question. “So.. can I stay here?” 
You don’t take much time to consider your answer, knowing your empathetically-cursed character could never deny the homeless man shelter. “I guess so. I don’t think it’s smart to let you roam the human world with your little knowledge of it.” Jungkook moves to deny you the insult of his pea-sized brain, but you calm him down. “I don’t mean it offensively. I mean it for your safety, Jungkook.” 
He settles down, understanding. “Yeah, I get you.” 
Jungkook seems to then regard you with a much more amicable look, his eyes conveying unusual, though present gratefulness. Suddenly you become interested in exactly how human Jungkook really is, seeing as he appears as human as it gets, but exactly how Lucifer is he still? 
“If I may ask.. are you really.. human on earth? As in.. do you have a different form in hell?” 
Jungkook finds the question endearing, laughing a little. “Not really. I appear like this in hell too, all the way down to my outfit.” He gestures towards his attire. “Though in hell I have wings. My eyes permanently glow red and I usually have flames surrounding me.. mainly my wings.” 
You’re stunned, now contemplating the image of Jungkook with these wide, gorgeous wings. You’re left completely speechless, envisioning the flames that probably burst out of them like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. 
“They must be beautiful.” You don’t even realize you let your thoughts slip aloud, regaining focus when you see Jungkook smirk through a laugh. 
“I-I mean.. are you sure you’re human? I mean your skin and all.. do you even need to sleep?” 
Jungkook tilts his head side-to-side for an unsure answer. “Eh, it’s different now that I’m on Earth. In hell, I’m at full power and never need to sleep, eat. Shit, I don’t even feel pain. My flames act as a sort of protective shield, I never incur injuries.” Jungkook elucidates casually.
 “But it seems the rules are different for me on Earth. I get hungry and thirsty. And this,” he gestures towards the small bandage you placed over his cheek wound. “Means I don’t automatically heal, and the exhaustion in my body means I also require sleep.” Jungkook simultaneously yawns as he informs you, covering his mouth. 
“And your skin..? Is your body entirely human?” 
Jungkook cracks a chuckle and his devilish eyes land on you, staring into your soul yet again. He props off his chair without warning and suddenly steps towards you, towering over your smaller frame again. His eyes remain locked with yours as he removes the lapels of his jacket, peeling back the item as he tongues his cheek. The action calls attention towards the sharp edge of his jawline, noticing how attractive it makes his thick neck appear. 
Fuck, if only you could mark a neck that pretty. 
The sound of his sudden snort reels you back into reality, watching him strip his jacket off.
“Jungkook-” You panic to cover him, but he continues, tossing the jacket onto the couch behind you as he then employs his fingers towards his nearly sheer, black-patterened dress shirt. You grow nervous as you watch him dislodge each button, wanting to avert your eyes and do so, but something about him beckons your sight back. Eventually he casts his shirt open, and your eyes nearly fall out of your sockets. 
Jungkook is ripped, as in he has the sexiest body you’ve ever witnessed in your entire life. The Statue of David must be jealous, hell, Aphrodite herself would probably choose Jungkook over ugly ol’ Adonis; that is how gorgeous he is. 
“Touch me and see for yourself.” 
You gulp, wide eyes flashing towards him. “Huh?” 
His lips curve into a smug grin, emphasizing his already drop-dead gorgeous face. “If you want to know whether I'm human or not, touch my body.” 
You suck in a breath, suddenly his open shirt exposing his sculpted torso is making your brain go haywire. The deep timbre of his voice saying such words already have you in shambles, wondering when he became so goddamn irresistible?
You can see each divot and protrusion of his muscular body, his abs prominent and his chest downright sinful. Though it’s his tiny, almost delicate waist that has you swooning, practically drooling over the hour-glass figure of his stunning, practically ethereal body. 
You snap a look at Jungkook, and his eyes await you as he watches with pure mirth. You hmph, acting as though this isn’t a big deal when you step closer and slowly, but surely press your palm to his chest. You lose air the second you feel the rock hard muscle.
Fuck, can I squish my face between his pecs? 
You shake your head and hear Jungkook let out the tiniest of laughs, shooting him a grumpy look. You then carefully traverse his skin, being able to feel the beating of his heart, the flesh and blood that make up his body. He feels warm.. almost too warm and it’s as though he’s.. calling you. Your body feels that magnetic pull again, wanting to either devour him whole or litter his body with your sinful kisses. 
It rushes through your veins and floods your lungs, filling your bloodstream with this instinct to simply jump him, touch him, bring this ravenous, dark side of you out into the world. Your breathing increases speed; suddenly he’s all you see and you can feel your body needing him just like you need air, like you wouldn’t survive without him until.. you pull yourself out of the trance. 
You physically rip your hand away and breathe erratically, as though you weren’t yourself just now. Your perplexed eyes blink multiple times to allow the rush to subside, and swallow harshly as you look away from him. 
“What.. what is that?” 
“What’s what?” 
“That-that thing. That fucking attraction to you or whatever..” 
He displays a lop-sided grin on his face as he quirks his brow amusingly, scoffing. “I’m Lucifer, angel. I breed sin wherever I go.” 
“What-what do you mean?” You peer at him with annoyance but also.. intrigue? This was oddly interesting to you, never have you felt the effects of something so utterly hypnotizing, attractive, alluring.  
Never have you felt your heart hammer and mind race like that. 
Jungkook makes it a statement to subtract the space between you two, your bubble invaded by his bare body as he carefully circles a palm around your arm, searing eyes boring into yours. “It means whatever sin you think of; lust, greed, gluttony, envy. They’re all heightened when you’re close to me, and worse if anyone’s lucky enough to touch me.” 
Your vision locks with his, finding the explanation to that scalding heat of his body. 
He’s goddamn Lucifer. 
“But.. I touched you.” 
He breathes a laugh through his nose. “And I don’t let just anyone touch me, angel.” 
You narrow your eyes at him, tugging your arm out of his hold. “Why do you call me angel?” 
Jungkook lightly gestures towards your chest area, and before you can grow offended over his line of thinking, you flicker downwards to find that your pajama t-shirt for tonight has the word ‘angel’ written across it, then adorned with wings and a halo around the text. 
You scoff, returning to him. “Really?” 
“That, and you seem to radiate the energy of an angel.” 
“And how exactly do I seem to do that, demon?” 
Jungkook’s fingertips find themselves preoccupied with feeling a piece of your hair, letting himself watch the action with a faint smile. You would smack his hand away, but his softer eyes look towards you, and you swallow nervously when you feel that heated attraction to him once again. 
His open shirt is already difficult to ignore, and you can’t seem to want to shove him away.
“Angels are pure, and true. They’re virtuous and serve the good of the universe.” You feel his hot breath tickle your skin as he decreases the gap between you two. His eyes remain locked with yours as he releases your hair. “But one thing to be known about angels,” He leans in closer, and pierces your soul with his searing heat. 
“They’re not as innocent as they seem.” 
He does it again, peering as if he knows something about you, deliberately searches your eyes as if he can sift through your mind, and you need to simply break away from him. His lips are too close and fuck, do you already find his lips so goddamn kissable. Not to mention this now supernatural pull you have towards him heightening your darkest desires. 
“I’m gonna take a shower, busy yourself in the main area.” You mutter almost incoherently. 
And all you hear is Jungkook’s muffled laugh as you scurry away. 
Tumblr media
The sounds of the TV running quirks your brows, ruffling a towel against your damp hair as you enter the living room. 
You find the odd sight of Jungkook holding a remote in his hand, lounging on your couch as he watches an episode of Friends. A laugh escapes you, not having ever imagined Lucifer doing something as mundane as watching TV. 
His eyes shift towards you at the sound of your chuckle, Jungkook sitting up much straighter. 
“Welcome back, human.” 
“It’s my house, demon.” 
Jungkook kisses his teeth as you approach him, your towel hanging around your shoulders. His eyes remain on your face for a while, though they travel down your body with a little scan. You realize it’s your short-cladded legs he’s observing, then returns his sight to you. 
“What are you wearing?” 
“Pajamas?” You answer him with a chide. 
He purses his lips in this certain manner of understanding, leaning his arm against the back of the couch, legs manspreading almost indefinitely. This is when you earn the opportunity to really view Jungkook’s legs, and fuck, are you goddamn mesmerized. His strong, thick thighs are hugged snuggly by those leather pants, and they do him a damn service by emphasizing their muscular, sexy build. His legs are also long, you notice, perfectly presenting his lap to you and it takes every ounce of your being to not so obviously look at his bulging crotch; naturally bulging crotch may you add. 
I swear if he’s packing too, this’ll just be unfair. 
Jungkook cracks a scoff all of a sudden and you narrow your vision, scrutinizing him. 
“I asked you a question?” He suddenly says.  
“Huh?” You blink; he must’ve queried you when you spaced out. “What did you ask?” 
“I asked if that’s how humans usually dress for the night.” Jungkook repeats himself. 
“Well, yeah. You wanna be comfortable when you’re sleeping, less clothing is usually the answer.” You reply honestly, arms crossed over your chest that adorns no bra. “You’re a guest in my home, and this is how I dress.” 
“You consider me a guest?” Jungkook inquires with a slight smile. 
“Well, yes. To be fair, I’m the one who brought you to my home, you didn’t infiltrate it or anything.” You offer him a shrug. 
You watch Jungkook genuinely grin at that, amused eyes flitting to you. “You’re nice, human.” 
“Thanks.” You’re not sure how much a compliment from Lucifer matters, but you take it anyway. 
“Oh shit, you don’t have anything to wear tonight, do you?” 
Jungkook’s round eyes wander off in thought, and it’s now that you notice his eyes are actually quite.. cute. “I don’t think so. I assume sleeping in an outfit like this wouldn’t be comfortable, as you say.” 
“Yeah, just hold on. I’ll come back with something.” 
You return to Jungkook with a set of comfortable clothes in hand, presenting them to him. “Here, I think these should fit.” 
Jungkook quirks a brow as he peers at the clothes with incredulousness, then you. “You’re going to make me wear that?” 
You roll your eyes as you regard the Hello Kitty shirt and grey sweatpants in your hands. “This is my biggest oversized shirt, okay?” You attempt to defend yourself. 
Jungkook appears as though his ego is hurt, a baffled hand to his heart. “You expect Lucifer, the king of hell, to wear something like this?” 
“It’s either this or no clothes, buddy.” You try to reason with him. 
Jungkook smirks then, standing to his feet before you with an amused and suggestive attitude. “I mean, I don’t mind not wearing clothes. But I think the only person that’s gonna have a problem with that is you, angel.” 
God, his eyes just scream the fiery pits of hell and mischievous mirth, who fucking knew Lucifer could be so obnoxious? His sense of confidence is suffocating and he seems as egotistical as the high school captain of a football team. 
You shove the clothes into his, dare you say, rock hard abs and huff with a scowl. “Just take the fucking clothes and change, demon.” 
Jungkook scoffs with barely-there acquiescence, inspecting the clothing items as he picks out the sweatpants. “These sweatpants don’t look like they belong to a woman.” 
“They’re not mine.” You absent-mindedly grumble as you make your way towards your kitchen, deciding on tidying up the many plates Jungkook left scoured from his feast. 
“Whose are they?” 
“Ex’s.” You reply flatly, compiling the plates together and nabbing the utensils he used. 
Jungkook nods in understanding, though now seems a bit out of place holding the pants. He reveals what could’ve been... sympathy? Pity? You don’t know. 
“Why are they in your apartment?” 
“He left them here after I kicked him out.” Jungkook notices the way you seem too casual while washing the plates, querying again. 
“Why did you kick him out..?” 
You set down the plates harshly in the sink then, producing a loud clattering noise. “Could you just fucking change?”
You didn’t mean to say it so sternly and with a cold-cut tone, but you settle once you see the taken aback expression on Jungkook’s face. You bite your lip as the water runs over your now cold hands, sighing as you return to your dishes. “I’m sorry. Just-get changed, please? That outfit must be bothering you.” 
Offering your words a little sweeter this way seems to dissemble the look of surprise on Jungkook, nodding as he visibly zips his mouth shut. Jungkook then begins to unbutton his pants right before you, undoing and just about tugging them down until you rapidly hold up your soapy hands to halt him. 
“Wait-wait! Not here!” 
“Don’t get changed in front of me, change in my room or something!” You attempt to mask your line of sight. No way would you goddam let yourself see whatever beast Lucifer is hiding in his leather pants. 
“And why would I need to do that? Haven’t you seen a man naked?” 
You roll your eyes at his snarky remark, knowing there’s got to be another smug grin on his rideable face right now. “I have but I haven’t seen you naked. Just change in my room please.” 
Jungkook lets out a grievous huff as he fixes his pants back on. “Fine, I’ll be back.” 
He snatches up his clothes and finds his way to your bedroom, shutting himself inside after flashing you a purposefully saccharine grin. You exhale once he’s disappeared, now running through the millions of thoughts that plague your mind. 
Is this really what your life’s now come to? Housing Lucifer in your home? You do digress on the matter that it’s not his fault. He’s been cast out of hell for a reason he doesn’t know, and it’s not like he was provided an elaborate guide on how to get himself back in either. 
You assume it must do with learning a valuable lesson or performing some sort of task, though it’s not like you know what the mighty powers above have in store for an already ethereal being such as Lucifer. You weigh your options here, maybe you can simply let him live here as a roommate until he can find a way back, right? 
Considering he has no means of living in the real world; ID, wallet, phone, fuck, even a passport, he won’t be able to get around easily. So for now, you might as well let him slumber with you until he deals with whatever introspective prospect of himself he needs to clean up. 
Your bedroom door clicks open as you find Jungkook emerging in your ex’s sweatpants that actually fit him quite well, and a stifled giggle escapes you once regarding him in your blush pink Hello Kitty t-shirt. 
“Well, you look just about ready for your hellish throne, don’t you?” 
“Fuck you.” He harmlessly exasperates, dragging his feet towards you with slumped shoulders. “You couldn’t have found me a shirt that maybe had anything to do with hell? Like that one sitting on your chair by your desk?” 
You scoff, scrunching up your facial features in disbelief. “No way would I give you my Thrasher t-shirt.” You glower. “It’s my favourite t-shirt.” 
“And I’m about to become your favourite person soon, hand it over.” Jungkook holds out his palm and requests the shirt with an arrogant curl of his fingers, sending him a deadpan expression and shoving his hand aside. 
“Maybe if you help me clean up my apartment and the dishes I’ll consider the offer, demon.” 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, kissing his teeth yet again. “You made a mess of objects in your apartment by throwing them at me, and now I have to clean them up, human?” 
“Who’s the ‘human’ that’s keeping your identity as Lucifer a secret and is letting you live here for free?” Jungkook pulls his lips back guiltily at that, pursing them with an affirmative nod before reluctantly getting on with his task. You quietly huff as you watch him compliantly clean up the mess, glad that he can at least follow instructions. 
It boggles you actually. Did you just instruct Lucifer, the obnoxious ruler of the Underworld to do something, and he listened? Do you now have one of the most powerful beings in the universe wrapped around your finger for offering your home? The thought paints a smirk onto your face. You did not begin this Monday at all thinking you’d be in the good graces of the devil himself. 
Too preoccupied with your thoughts, suddenly a searing heat beside you startles you. You peer up to find Jungkook slotted right next to you and picking up the dishes you’ve sudded up, silently rinsing them with this pout on his lips that seemed like a natural habit.
You quirk an inquisitive brow though, hands having stopped moving. “What are you doing?” 
“I’m helping you?” He replies obviously. 
You absorb the kind gesture and loosen up a little. “That’s.. kind of you.”  
“What? Didn’t think Lucifer could be kind?” He’s teasing you now, his eyebrows jerking in an amusing way that shows you he just loves the game. You roll your eyes, nudging his elbow as you bite back a smile. 
“Get to work, demon.” 
Jungkook suppresses a grin. He rather contorts his lips in acquiesce as he continues to wash diligently, humming a tune very similar to The Beatles’ “Devil in Her Heart”. 
And you quietly chuckle. 
Tumblr media
“There,” you gesture with an accomplished grin, hands perching onto your hips. You and Jungkook both look on at a makeshift bed you had crafted for him in your room, eyes peering at him for approval. 
He observes it with a critical lens, pensive pointer finger and thumb stroking his chin. “Is this meant to be where I sleep?” 
“Of course, where else would you sleep?” 
Jungkook’s eyes flicker towards your queen-sized bed and very obviously gestures towards it. “Maybe on the entire bed in your room? Did you think I don’t know that humans sleep in beds?” 
You exhale with irritation, palm smacking your forehead. “You can’t just sleep in my bed, genius. I barely know you!” 
“And what’s so bad about a man and a woman sleeping in the same bed?” Jungkook questions argumentatively. 
You send him a glare. “Like I said, I don’t know you and your intentions, and sleeping is when humans are in their most vulnerable state.” 
Jungkook contorts his lips with dislike. “I’m not going to unsolicitedly touch you or anything, if that’s your concern. All you are is a measly human to me, I have no attraction to you.” He holds up a hand in protest. 
“Excuse me?” You gasp. “Are you saying I’m unattractive?” 
“So now you want me to think you're attractive and want to unsolicitedly touch you?” 
You halt once you see the flaw in your argument, brewing in resentment as you watch him grin proudly. “That’s what I thought, human.” 
“Fine, you know what? Either you sleep on this lovely bed I made for you on the floor, or you sleep on my couch.” 
Jungkook sticks his tongue out and blows a wet raspberry, arms folded over his hard chest. “Fuck your couch, it put this damn crook in my neck.” 
You clasp your hands together and emphasize the most pathetically sympathetic pout in the universe. “Awh, did little Luci get an ouchy?” 
“Are you asking me to burn your couch? Because I’ll do so without hesitation, angel.” 
“Ugh!” You suddenly burst out into figurative flames, standing square before Jungkook to address him seriously. “Alright, demon. Since you seem to be the epitome of a picky child, you can sleep in my bed with me.” 
Jungkook’s face purposefully lights up like an elated child, gasping comically loudly just to get on your nerves, but you halt him with a finger. “But, we’re putting a barrier of pillows between us.” 
Jungkok scoffs with folded arms, hating that the action called attention to his bulky, bulging biceps in a funnily contrasting women’s shirt. “Not like I wanted to cuddle with you and catch your human disease, anyway.” 
You exclaim disapprovingly at the way he spits the term, hands perched on your hips with a speedy retort. “Well fuck you and your smoldering heat, demon. When I asked for a new furnace I didn’t mean you.”
Jungkook childishly mocks your expression, rolling his eyes. “Whatever, if you need a furnace then clearly it gets cold at night, and then we’ll see who’s cuddling up to who for heat.” 
You watch him practically throw open your covers and shuffle inside, hmphing as you step off in search of your light switch and shut it off. “Whatever.” You weakly grumble back. 
You settle into your covers as you harshly shove a bunch of pillows between you and Jungkook, not even daring to spare the infuriating man a look, turning completely away from his figure. You huddle into your side like a fetus once the night really kicks in, cursing your goddamn furnace for supplying such sparse heat while your window leaks chilly air through the old cracks. 
You shiver all while Jungkook seems to completely knock out in peace, most likely from his first oh so tiresome day being human. You’re welcomed by his light snoring for hours as you roll your eyes in contempt. 
Wanting to pin it on him for so irritatingly interrupting your much-needed sleep, you become annoyed not just with Jungkook’s snoring, but that he was right. 
You really wanted to cuddle up to him for some goddamn warmth that night. 
Tumblr media
You bop around to the Beatles’ 1963 track Jungkook was humming last night, pushing around some strips of bacon in your pan, messy hair tied and in your lounge wear. You’d cracked a few more eggs and cooked more bacon for your annoyingly hellish acquaintance. 
The chilly night really didn’t serve you well as you froze in your spot, only shuffling towards Jungkook after peeking at his slobbering, snoring state of sleep. You were thankful he still radiated such an abundant amount of heat, that finding relief in the small waves you could feel even over the pillow barrier wasn’t too difficult. 
Your pride kept you from removing even a single cushion. 
You produce playful noises from your lips as you busy yourself, setting up some breakfast considering your house does not only have a population of one anymore, but two, and it still continues to shift the axis of your world. 
Was last night really your reality? Are you sure that wasn’t just a wild figment of your imagination? It had to be, even if you believe in the supernatural, there was no way such a superior celestial being could so casually be a guest in your home. 
You’re reminded of that certain special guest when you suddenly hear a loud thud in your bedroom, concerned eyes perking towards your ajar door. 
“Demon?” You call. 
You gain no answer, wondering if you truly did just imagine all the events from last night. 
“Jungkook-!” Said man tumbles out of your room then, groggy as all hell as he lazily rubs his eyes and appears to you as death himself, though still delectably hot. 
Ugh, fuck him. 
“Y/N.. shit.” He addresses you, and suddenly the deep, gravelly tone of his morning voice makes your core inadvertently clench. “Y-yes?” 
“I crashed into your damn vanity in the bathroom.. why is everything of yours so tiny?” He complains first thing in the morning, now remembering just how frustrating the king of hell really is. 
“Maybe you’re just too big, demon.” He grunts his response, stalking over to you as he can’t seem to adjust to the morning light filtering into your apartment. 
You watch him approach you, gathering the necessary tableware for a quality morning breakfast. “How’d you sleep, demon?” 
Jungkook’s barely-open eyes scrutinize you as he seats himself on a stool by your counter, covering his mouth when he yawns. “Meh. I had this… this thing. I saw these pictures in my head when I was sleeping…” 
“A dream?” You assist him as you pour out a glass of milk. 
“Yeah, whatever the fuck it’s called. Anyway, I think.. I think I saw something that’ll help me get back to hell.” 
That pries your eyes open with intrigue, setting the glass of milk down for him on the counter. “Oh shit, already?” 
He nods, and you find it actually quite endearing how much his hair was tousled into this attractive bed-head, eyes puffy, lips pouting. “I saw this club.. I remember seeing it when I used to be in hell.” 
“A club?” 
“Mm,” he replies with a confirming hum as he reaches for the glass, lightly inspecting the drink as he continues. “It’s this exclusive club only for celestial beings. I heard about it sometimes among my demon subjects, but I was too busy being the mighty king of hell to give a crap.” He haughtily regards himself as he takes a moderate swig of the milk, licking his lips as he nods in approval of the beverage. 
“I like this, what is this?” 
“Milk,” you elaborate. “What about this club?” 
Jungkook takes another lazy sip as his eyes scan over the food you now plate on the counter. “Well, it’s obviously only meant for celestial beings. Demons and angels. I’m thinking if I can find even one of my demons, I could find out where the club is, and then figure out why I was kicked out of hell.” 
“Ohh,” you remark with understanding, setting aside the pan and spatula, while nabbing two forks from a drawer. “So you just have to visit this club then, correct?” 
“Correct,” Jungkook answers. “There’s just two things.” He begins as he takes the fork you hand him with ease, impressed by his adeptness for such human, mundane things. 
He must’ve watched humans for a brain-numbing amount of eons. 
“One, this one’s mainly angel territory.” 
You raise your brows in question, arms crossed and eagerly interested in the information. “There’s more than one?” 
“There are clubs scattered around Earth, it’s to allow celestial beings a place of refuge when they visit here.” Jungkook explains. “I remember seeing an American flag when I landed here, so I’m assuming I’m in America, and the only existing club here is in Chicago.” 
“Chicago?!” You exclaim with utter shock. “That’s across the entire country from here!” 
“Not the point, human.” He cuts you off with a finger. “Point is, that club will be crawling with angels, and as Lucifer they may not welcome me with open arms.” Jungkooks sets his fork down against your counter with a sigh, almost seeing his mind shift its locks and gears. 
“The only way I’ll be able to get in is if..” He pauses, serious eyes locking with yours. “Is if I bring a human with me.” 
You blink; rapidly, then slowly, then rapidly again somehow hoping it would change what you just heard. “Come again?” 
Jungkook sighs, his facial features already telling you he finds this difficult to discuss. “This club in Chicago is angel-dominant, meaning demons need to bring a human companion in order to get in. Like a truce, a sign we mean no harm.” Jungkook elaborates. “And even as Lucifer, I don’t think my charms and wit alone can get me through considering my less powerful, human form.” 
You scoff at him shamelessly tooting his own horn, wondering if he’ll ever tire of it. “Sounds like a real pickle, Luci. Wonder where you’ll find yourself a ‘measly’ human.” You snark with a snort, placing the milk back in your fridge and reaching for your mango juice. 
You swivel back around to a Jungkook who doesn’t smirk, nor grin nor tongue his cheek condescendingly, but simply leans his elbows over the counter and pressingly peers at you. As if communicating with his eyes alone… 
No, no way. No way in the fiery pits of Jungkook would you goddamn do this. 
“Jungkook, don’t you dare..” 
“Human.. it’s important.” You scoff through a humourless laugh, setting down your carton of mango juice and gesturing towards yourself in disbelief. 
“Me? You want the human to be me?” 
“Y/N…” Jungkook quite gently calls your name, a complete contrast to his arrogance and while the sound of your name on his tongue lights something within your chest, you can’t help but snort with utter derision. 
“No. I’m not fucking accompanying you all the way to Chicago just for some innocence show-and-tell.” You immediately deny him, contemplating just how crazy this is. How in the world could you just up and leave for some travelling with the devil all the way across the country? You couldn’t even take a goddamn flight considering dear-old Lucifer’s lack of passport ID. 
“Y/N.. look. I know it’s not ideal for you, but this is seriously important.” Jungkook emphasizes with a persuasive tone. “I need you…” 
Those last three words and the look of pure need in his eyes tug at the strings of your weak heart, groaning in complaint. “Jungkook, you can’t be serious. I-I have a life here! I have friends and a job and not to mention school starts back up for me in a month-” 
Jungkook suddenly rises from his seat and paces over to you, grasping a careful hold of your hands and the innate warmth he emits from his skin actually feels.. comforting. 
“Y/N, look. I get it. You have a life here on Earth, a place where you belong. But I have a life in hell, a place where I belong. Wouldn’t it be best to just accompany me and get me back to hell so I can get out of your hair?” 
“Jungkook…” You counter with an uncooperative tone, eyes communicating sympathy, but you can’t offer him the help he needs. “I can’t.” 
“This will benefit both of us, human.” Jungkook convincingly states. “I go back to hell faster, and I leave you alone faster. I know how much you don’t want me here.” 
You hesitate, eyesight faltering to your connected hands; his thumbs are actually soothing the back of your hands? When did he start doing that? 
“That’s not exactly true…” 
“Y/N, just come. I know it’s asking a lot but I really need this.” Jungkook pleads. 
“And what will you do for me in return if I come with you?” 
“Oh, Y/N, I’ll do anything. The faster I can get back to hell the faster I reclaim my full powers, and I’ll grant you anything you desire. I promise.” You’re uncertain of how strong a promise from the devil could be, deterring you from giving him an answer he wants to hear. 
With a sad sigh, you disconnect your hands from Jungkook’s. “I really can’t, Jungkook. It’s non-negotiable…” 
You watch as the usually confident, cocky man falls into an expression of glumness, silently retracting his hands. He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly as he acquiesces, though seems silently upset. “Okay..” 
The gloomy pout to his cute lips does you in. “Look, Jungkook. I’m going out with friends tonight for drinks at this bar. Maybe you can tag along and you can easily find another human? I’m sure any girl would be willing to roadtrip with a super handsome guy like you across the country.” You attempt to present a peace-offering with a joke, hands shoved into your sweater paws as you hug your chest. 
“But those humans won’t be like you..” He groans with a huff, eyes evading you. 
“And what’s so different about me?” 
“You already know I’m Lucifer, that makes things 100x easier for me.” He argues. 
“Well, I found out and I ended up accepting you. Who’s to say you won’t find another human like that?” You plead your case, but Jungkook just scoffs in reply. 
“Please, do you not remember what happened when you saw that I was Lucifer?” You recall the fiasco of forks, flinging and feathers, sighing once you see his point. “Exactly. Besides, you saw me as Lucifer by accident, I can’t just be revealing my identity to anybody. It’s not allowed.” 
“But I know..?” You question genuinely, gesturing towards yourself. 
“Like I said, by accident. Though I’m assuming the Council won’t see it that way, and they’ll come for me anyway.” Jungkook more so mutters to himself as he frustratedly tongues his cheek and steps around, brewing with stress. 
“The what?” You question. 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, as though now registering just how annoyingly human you are. “Think of them as angel police, yeah?” 
You mimic his tone purposefully and he impersonates you back, scoffing to end the interaction. “Look, if you already have these angel police people on your ass then what’s the harm in telling another human? They’ll be chasing you anyway.” 
Jungkook laughs dryly, looking away from you as he shakes his head. “I can’t just do that, that’s not how it works.” 
You sigh, watching the way his jaw flexes because he’s grinding down on his teeth too hard, a clear sign of his anger. You hate that it emphasizes the sharp edge of his jawline, and that it’s actually fucking hot. 
He suddenly breaks into the slightest laughter that holds some amusement, wondering what he’s laughing at. Nonetheless, you decide to defuse this situation and try to comfort him. You meant it when you said last night you wanted to be in Lucifer’s good graces, but also remain in them no matter how irritating he is. 
You approach him amicably and grasp his bare bicep, brushing his arm in support. “Look, Jungkook. Just come with me tonight and try, okay? Maybe your answer is just an arm’s length away.” 
Jungkook’s eyes find yours, and you watch them glimmer with something akin to understanding, surprisingly loosening up at your touch. Though his irises are soon blanketed with his signature mirth as he eyes you, feeling the heat of his body suddenly radiate off him like a heatwave. 
“You sure you want me to come tonight, angel? Your friends may think I’m your scorching hot boyfriend.” 
You produce an appalling noise of disapproval, removing your hand from him and shaking off his Luciferness. “Fuck you. I’m telling them you’re my roommate and that’s final.” 
“And where exactly did you find me as a roommate? On the street?” Jungkook laughs as you shoot him a crabby glare, not missing the way his amused eyes flit over your figure with almost… likeness? 
“I’m telling them you’re a co-worker. No way am I saying I just found you on a whim, they’ll think we’re-” 
“We’re sleeping together, right?” 
You grow aggravated by the sly way he’s folded his arms and does that stupidly attractive thing where he tongues his cheek, fed up with his suggestive fun. You quickly snatch your kitchen towel in your hands and roll it up into a punishing device, rapidly smacking at him. 
Jungkook exclaims playfully as he dodges your hit. “Wo-hoah, human. Didn’t I tell you angels are good and pure beings? They don’t hit people.” He laughs as you grunt in frustration and follow his retreating form for another whack, actually landing it against his arm. 
“Hey, bad angel!” Jungkook tuts you light-heartedly as he cleverly evades your angry attacks. You hate that even while he’s riling you up, you actually liked the image of his glowing, entertained smile, his cute teeth reminding you of a bunny. 
“Says the obnoxious Lucifer!” You holler loudly in complaint, chasing him while your once warm breakfast turns unfavourably cold. 
Tumblr media
“And this is Jungkook, my co-worker!” You cheer as you present Jungkook to your group of friends, earning wide smiles and gawking eyes from your female friends and equally surprised male friends. 
“Hey, everyone.” Jungkook waves with a confident smile, showcasing his adorable teeth for a lovable grin. 
Did he seriously have to be cute too?
You snap out of it once you see your friends all greeting him kindly, Jungkook only left to shyly smile and reply shortly to all the inquiries he gains. His lost eyes find yours and he reveals genuine fear in them, silently requesting you to come join him and let up the traffic of questions. 
A snort escapes you as you watch on, who knew Lucifer could actually be awkward? You swear he should’ve been a natural with people, though you contend he just doesn’t do well with so many questions at once. 
To be fair, he’s never been around other humans before either. 
You grant him mercy by sliding in beside him, shooting pleasant grins all around as you answer the dozens of questions your friends ask about your new gorgeous co-worker. 
Tumblr media
“Doesn’t he just look like one of those men that’ll eat you out until he can’t breathe?” 
“Oh for sure, looks like he’d stuff himself full and even when you tell him to breathe he just says no.” 
“Hell, he’d be that type that pulls your hips back down over his face when you try to let him breathe.” 
“Guys..!” You interject as your friends Madison, Naila and Kiara all giggle together. You’re all huddled together drinking by the bar as your friends become more interested in observing Jungkook in all his dripping sexiness. 
And to be honest, you don’t really blame them, he’s wearing that scorching hot leather outfit again. 
“Y/N, seriously. How could you not tell us someone that hot worked with you?” 
“This has got to be a crime, were you gate-keeping him?” Naila suddenly complains as you quell their grievances. 
“Guys, he just.. got transferred to my department recently. He’s new.” You find a quick enough and convincing lie. 
“How did you two end up even living together? There had to have been some sort of meet-cute.” The girls all gush together when Kiara asks, all eyes shifting towards you as they excitedly await an answer. 
“Well.. we just.. got on the topic of him needing a place and we hung out sometimes. So I offered my place.” 
You feel slightly cornered, but confidently answer with another white lie. “And he said okay.” 
They all squeal together like teen girls, honestly finding amusement in their reactions. “Ugh, you’re living the dream, Y/N.” Madison suddenly slings an arm around you and tugs you towards her, gesturing towards nothing that indicates her depiction of ‘the dream’. “You’re in a roommate situation with an absolutely scorching hot guy, you’ll totally end up either falling in love or banging him!” 
“What?” You squeak as you throw back a shot of tequila Naila handed you. “No way will that happen, he’s obnoxious as hell!” 
“Ugh, babes. Even if he’s obnoxious I bet that dick isn’t.” Kiara jokes and the girls all chuckle together, tipping back their shot glasses after filling some back up. You roll your eyes and smack her arm as she exclaims, trying to lighten you up. 
“Y/N, c’mon. You deserve to have some fun after that shitty fucking ex of yours. Live a little, ya know? Whether it’s love or dick, they’re both great remedies.” 
You scoff as your lips hover over a shot glass, eyes wandering the club as if you're occupied, but really, you know it’s in an effort to look for Jungkook. It’s funny you act like you don’t know where he is, when you know his exact location. 
Your eyes flicker across the bar, finding Jungkook having casually slipped into conversation with the boys tonight. He was laughing and happily tipping back shots himself, amused that he at least eased up and found some company with your male friends. 
Sights absorbed in suddenly eyeing him, it’s truly difficult to pry your gaze away. No way was this Jungkook’s impact of being Lucifer, you now knew you needed to be very close, or at least touching him in order to feel those effects. So why is it that you still feel this magnetic pull towards him? Can’t help but not only find him incredibly sexy in his usual outfit, but something so mysteriously alluring about him? 
Your body wanted him, you knew that much. Anyone with eyes and functioning reproductive organs would know that, but you couldn’t shake off the fact that it wasn’t just your body that wanted him.
He was just so intriguing, and you wanted to know more. 
Suddenly, Jungkook’s eyes casually shift from your friend Hobi he’s speaking to, and locks with your gaze across the bar. You freeze, eyebrows raising as you hesitate to take your shot, caught in a stare with him you can’t break. 
Jungkook stares back, and he stares goddamn good. He tongues his cheek again irritatingly and you try to swallow down the way he makes your core light up. Jungkook then tilts his head a little downwards with a cracked smirk, before he peers up at you again with eyes so devilishly smoldering, you could feel a sweat break out at the nape of your neck. 
You gulp as Jungkook then tips his head to the side with a light furrow of his brows, as if questioning you what’s wrong, and you lightly nod to him nothing. He laughs a little, hating that he finds this somehow amusing. You’re in the middle of narrowing your eyes at him until Naila interrupts you, Jungkook cleverly looking away then. 
“See, they’re practically eye-fucking already!” You shoot them all an annoyed look as you grunt in complaint. 
“Are you sure you guys aren’t together?” Madison inquires. “It seems like he already likes you, babes.” 
You click your tongue in disapproval. “He just likes to tease me, guys. Drop it, would you?” 
“As long as you land on his face, then everything should be good.” The drunk girls giggle together, and you can’t help but snicker at the joke. You contemplate in your tipsy head there really is something about Jungkook’s smoking hot face that makes it seem so rideable. 
“I’ll be back, guys. Stay here.” You instruct the girls as you set your shot glass down. You weave through the throngs of people mingling and dancing in the bar, ignoring your girls’ hollers of encouragement as you bee-line towards Jungkook. 
You reach the occupied man and tug lightly at the end of his sleeve for his attention. “Jungkook!” You shout over the blaring speaker the guys are all near. 
Jungkook’s vision snaps to you as he simultaneously touches your wrist to acknowledge you. Your skin ignites at a simple touch of his, feeling a rush you’ve never experienced before. You blink it away before lightly tugging him aside, speaking to him. 
“What’s up, human!” The booming bass of synth-pop beats abuses your eardrums, requiring both you and Jungkook to yell at each other. 
“Why haven’t you talked to anyone yet!” 
“Huh!” He hollers in response.
You exclaim in complaint as you lean in a little towards his ear, shouting louder. “I brought you here to talk to someone and bring with you, why haven’t you been talking to anyone yet!” 
Jungkook draws back and signals to you he can’t hear, rolling your eyes and curling your palm around his wrist, dragging him through the crowd. You tug him into the secluded restroom area where it’s much quieter, the shut door closing out the music. 
“Ah, that’s much better.” Jungkook notes. 
“I was asking if you’ve talked to anyone about Chicago yet, Jungkook.” You repeat yourself from earlier, hand still holding onto his wrist. “That’s what I brought you here for, remember?” 
“Hey, I’ve been talking to people,” Jungkook defends himself, though his expression falters into one of hesitancy. “Kind of..?” 
You glower at him, “Jungkook, what do you mean by ‘kind of’?” 
Jungkook sighs, shoulders slumping as he surprisingly doesn’t even make you let go of him. You can feel that rush of his energy coursing through you, but you manage the invasive feeling as you focus on the conversation instead. 
“I’ve been trying to get it out of me but.. I just never end up asking.” You exclaim in annoyance as you scold him.
“Jungkook, why not?!” 
“Because it’s just weird, okay, Y/N?” Jungkook argues. “I’m meeting these people for the first time, I can’t just fucking ask them to hitchhike with me all the way across the damn country.” 
“But it was completely okay to ask me?” 
Jungkook kisses his teeth with a roll of his eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you you’re different, human?” 
“Well, I’m not any different when you always call me a ‘human’ anyway, demon.” 
Jungkook becomes fed up with your pestering and scoffs. “Whatever. You’re the only human I can do this in front of and not have someone screaming their head off.” Jungkook emphasizes his point by conjuring up a hot flame from his palm. His suddenly glowing red eyes also appear, shooting you an ‘I-told-you-so’ look of challenge as you glare back at him. 
You’re seconds from retorting until you’re suddenly interrupted by the shrieking of a woman. You’re startled as your unsuspecting vision falls to a random stranger who had just ventured out of the bathroom and…
“Fire, fire!” 
You and Jungkook both look at the flame in his palm, then towards the woman in fear, finally locking anxious eyes with one another and panicking. Jungkook puts out the fire and you rapidly approach the woman to calm her down, hoping nobody can hear how goddamn loudly she’s screaming. 
“Shh, oh my God. It’s okay, it’s a prank. It’s a prank!” You repeatedly yell in order to shut the lady up, but she keeps yelling and trying to make a horrified break for her purse. She scrambles inside and you both watch her fish out a small bottle of something that’s engraved with almost-visible writing.
Holy Water. 
“A demon, it’s a demon!” She shrills so goddamn ear-splittingly, you and Jungkook leap into flight mode. He engulfs your arm in his and tugs you towards him urgently.
“Y/N, we have to go!” 
You curse repeatedly as Jungkook swings open the doors to the club and you shoot the woman apologizing glances, begging for her to put a damn sock in it. Jungkook takes the lead as he drags you out into the bar. He rapidly pulls you through people and ensures he keeps a tight hold of your arm, tugging you incredibly close to his own body as some sort of shield. 
Your friends end up seeing you both fleeing and shooting you looks of either ‘what the fuck’ or ‘get it on!’ as you practically hide your face in embarrassment. You and Jungkook hurtle out into the blissful night as he tugs you both down the way he knows you parked your car. You grunt in raging frustration once you realize that you parked it far with this place being downtown. 
“Ugh! You just had to fucking use your powers out in the open!” You complain aloud while you run with Jungkook, not caring now for the few late-night city stragglers hearing you. 
“Not my fault you keep nagging me about finding another human!” Jungkook argues as he continues pulling you down the road, the fear of authorities being called by the random woman scaring him. “Do you see now why you’re the only one who can come with me?!” 
You whine as you consider he’s correct, there’s no use in him searching for another human for ages when you exist right before his eyes. “Fine, fine! I’ll fucking go with you, asshole! Can we just stop fucking running?!” 
You become too tired to keep up with Jungkook, feet aching in your shoes once you realize how fast Jungkook was going, hands dropping to your knees as he releases you. 
“You… you run.. fucking fast.” You heave for air as you register the sweat on your forehead, having participated in too much exercise just now. 
“I’m a little faster as Lucifer, human.” Jungkook elaborates oh-so-obviously as you wave him off, squawking for air as though you were a fish out of water. 
“You okay?” Jungkook asks as he nears your bent over form with a hand, and you swallow harshly as you tell him to give you a minute. You’re focusing on resupplying your lungs oxygen until you suddenly feel arms cupping underneath your body, and are unexpectedly hoisted up in the air. 
You squeal as you find Jungkook’s lifted you off the ground bridal-style, freaking out at just how strong he is. “J-Jungkook, put me down! You can’t carry me all the way to the car?!” 
Jungkook swiftly ignores you as he begins jogging towards the direction of your car, and quite frankly does so almost too easily. “I’m fast and strong as Lucifer, human. I can handle you.” 
Jungkook quells your worries as your round eyes watch him flash a look down at you, and try to stifle the flutter of your heart when he shoots you a show-stopping smile. 
Tumblr media
It was the day of your trip, and having woken up at the ass crack of dawn to get on the roads early, you and Jungkook currently load your car with your luggage enough for two weeks of travelling. You groan as you rub an exhausted eye, yawning when you feel sleep still beckoning you to your warm bed. 
You stand frozen in your spot as you refuse to move the suitcase resting at your feet, rather staring at it with delirium instead. 
You feel a sudden nudge to your shoulder, finding Jungkook settling beside you. “Hey, sleepyhead, get moving.” He instructs in rather a light, encouraging tone, finding that very different from his usually pushy tone. 
Sight still filled with sleep, your eyes remain locked on Jungkook shooting you one last look before he’s hauling a duffle bag over his shoulder, and carries another heavy suitcase effortlessly, hating that it all made his biceps pop so goddamn sickeningly.
Did Lucifer really have to be ripped?  
You roll your eyes at how unfair this is; Jungkook having begged you last week to take him on a small shopping spree so he had enough trendy clothes to wear and didn’t have to keep sporting your Hello Kitty shirt. Not only that, but you had to spend even more bucks purchasing him necessary things to even live in the human world; his own toothbrush, cologne, hell, even boxers were on the list with Jungkook’s shameless ass promising he’ll shower you in gold once he’s ruling hell again. 
Jungkook suddenly waves his hand before your eyes, perking up as your eyes shift upwards to accommodate for his height. “Hello, human? I need you with me.” 
You blink rapidly. “Yeah, yeah. I’m here.” 
“You okay? I know you didn’t sleep well with everything you needed to arrange.” Jungkook’s palm curls around your arm, carefully inspecting your features. “How was your call with work?” 
“Not terrible. They were kinda pissed. I was asking for vacation time at the last minute but when I explained it was a family emergency, they weren’t so annoyed about it.” Jungkook approves of that as he rubs your arm supportively. 
“I promise we’ll be back in two weeks, and your life will go right back to normal, human.” Jungkook grants you another promise as he sends a small smile, earning a miniscule, tired grin from you. 
“Did you get the last of everything from inside my apartment?” You gesture towards your building. 
“Yeah, I got everything. Just your suitcase left.” You nod in understanding as you bend down to lug at your suitcase. You struggle as your palms fasten onto the bag but find the weight too much for your flimsy arms. You make a rather resilient effort to tug it towards the trunk of your car with all your might, until Jungkook’s hand suddenly replaces yours on the handle. 
His presence casts you aside as he shoots you a tight-lipped smile and lifts your luggage himself, tucking it into your trunk effortlessly and shutting the hood. You stand frozen at the sudden kind gesture, brows furrowed in confusion. 
Did he just do something nice for me? 
You decide not to snarkily comment on it, instead shutting your mouth and making towards your beat up Prius.
Tumblr media
Ironically, AC/DC blasts through your car’s speakers, snickering a little once you consider you genuinely are on the ‘Highway to Hell’. 
Your laugh catches Jungkook’s attention, who’s enthusiastically pretending to drum the exact beats of the rock song. With your peripheral, you find Jungkook completely enjoying himself before shooting a look at you, then back out on the road again. 
You and Jungkook were about 2 hours into driving now, having decided to blare the music in order to keep each other awake in the early morning. 
“You sure you don’t want me to drive, human?” Jungkook asks as he settles in his seat, getting comfy as your hands remain at ten and two. 
“Nah, it’s okay. If I don’t drive I’ll fall asleep.” 
“You kinda look like you need it.” You shoot him a glare as you move a hand to smack at his arm, to which Jungkook hisses and tuts. 
“Hey, focus on the road, will you?” 
You hear him laugh while you roll your eyes, returning your hand to the steering wheel. “Fuck you, do you even know how to drive, demon?” 
“Of course I do. It isn’t too difficult.” Jungkook shrugs as though you were both discussing apple-picking. 
“And how to hell do you know that?” 
Jungkook scoffs a dry laugh, taking a long, deep sigh. “Sweetheart, you have no clue how long I’ve been watching humans.” 
He reclines back in his seat as he shuts his eyes, tossing the heels of his shoes over your dashboard until you swat violently at his legs, sneering reprimandingly. “Hello? This is my car? Get your dirty feet off.” 
You shove his legs off and Jungkook awakes with a disagreeable scowl. “What the fuck? Can’t a guy goddamn rest?” 
“You’re Lucifer, Jungkook. Not a human, remember?” You purposefully chide with a saccharine tone, and you listen to him scoff. 
“Awh, he’e becoming more human everyday.” 
Jungkook mocks you before you find his arms tightly folding over his chest, huddling against the window as he genuinely attempts to get some shut-eye. You presume he’s not so used to needing sleep. 
“Do you even know if this is the right way, Jungkook?” You ask, ensuring with him every now and then if he wasn’t just simply leading you to your demise somewhere. Who knows, maybe the real way for him to get back into hell is by sacrificing a human life through a ritual or something. 
You shiver hoping that’s not true at all. 
“Yes, I know..” Jungkook grumbles with his closed eyes and an exhausted body, watching him peacefully come to rest. 
You decide to not bother him considering he did complete most of the work packing and loading all your luggage for the road trip this morning, needing to have woken up before you for the task. You shoot a glance at his resting state, his lips falling into that pout you’ve now noticed over the week, in fact, is a natural habit of his. 
He usually makes it when he falls asleep. 
With an acknowledging side-grin, you turn down the volume of the music, and focus on driving again. 
Tumblr media
“You just had to eat all the Fuzzy Peaches, didn’t you?” 
“No I didn’t, there were only three left once I even got the bag, it was you.” 
“And you couldn’t spare some for me? I’ve been driving for 4 hours!” 
That particularly stupid argument is what led both you and Jungkook to pull into this convenience store along the side of a quite bustling street. Car washes, lauder mats, even a brunch diner were all located in this small plaza ‘Ed’s Convenience’ was also in. Across the street from you was a supermarket, the rest of the area littered with stores whatever odd town in California housed. 
Currently, you were waiting for Jungkook to return to you from the convenience store. Despite now knowing him and his tendency to snack a lot, you allowed him to take your card after he promised that you would be given the choice of always deciding where you eat. 
You had to seriously discuss with Jungkook that money was going to be your biggest issue on this trip. Considering gas, eating out, staying at hotels, a lot of your own personal finances were going to be depleted just for this 2 week trip. Jungkook yet again, promised indefinitely that once he returned to hell he would be able to conjure up triple what you spent on him, along with a slew of fake-sobs that you reluctantly agreed to in order to shut him up. 
You roll your eyes remembering the interaction, having set a strict rule with him that your money will have to be managed and budgeted very well while on this trip. Sometimes you would both have to survive on convenience store food, sometimes it would be best to just camp out in the car together rather than always spending nights at crappy motels. 
The sound of gravel crunching catches your attention, soon finding Jungkook appearing before you. He was wearing black ripped jeans, combat boots, black shirt all tied together with his leather jacket, holding a bag of convenience store goodies as he plopped down next to you on the trunk of the car. 
He currently munches on some gummy worms as you watch him, finding that he probably appeared the most innocent when he was eating. His eyes go round as though he’s a child eating food for the first time, and he chews in his adorable pout you can’t help but admire, rather ironic for the sinful king of hell. 
You never expected to see him in such a domestic, human state. 
His eyes flash to you and you wake up from your trance, clearing your throat before flickering back to your laptop screen. “You’re back, demon.” 
“Mm,” he hums, reaching into his bag and suddenly presenting you with a bag of Fuzzy Peaches. You raise your eyebrows in surprise as your hand tentatively clasps around it. 
“For me?” 
“Well, you threw a whole tantrum over em’.” 
You immediately move to elbow him but he defend himself, laughing as he presents the bag of candy. You accept the bag with a scoff, disguising the grateful smile and flutter that threatens your heart at the gesture. 
“What are you looking at?” He inquires with narrowed eyes to get a better look at the screen. 
“Google maps. I know you said the club you need to visit is in Chicago, but do you know the exact location so that it’s easier once we’re in Chicago? I need to know which highways to take.” 
Jungkook nibbles on the last of a gummy worm as he pouts his lips in thought, watching the clear blue sky above him. “I told you, we’d have to ask one of my demon subjects in order to find that out.” 
You nod in comprehension. “Do you know anyone we could possibly visit for an exact address?” 
Jungkook reaches inside his packet for another bite of a gummy worm. “I do. I think most of my subjects would know, though the only one I can recall the exact location of is a demon named Azazel.” He snaps a piece of his gummy worm in half, bringing one of them to his lips for a nibble as he details. “He’s one of the Princes of hell, serves right under me. He likes to hang out at this one place in Nevada I think. He’d definitely know where the celestial club is located.” 
You purse your lips as you absorb the information, checking it through with him. “Prince of hell?” 
“Yeah,” Jungkook nods. “They’re these 7 princes that are meant to represent the Seven Deadly Sins. They’re a ranking just below me, powerful beings but they’d never dare defy me.” Jungkook proudly remarks, watching the way he straightens up his slouched back and squares his shoulders. 
“That’s interesting. Which sin does this Azazel demon represent?” 
“Lust. Or, well, vanity.” Jungkook clarifies. “But when I say he’s a super weird one, I mean it. He’s got his own very… unique tastes he thinks very highly of.” Jungkook grimaces as he seems to remember something bone-chilling about the demon. He then laughs, however, finishing off the last of his gummy worms as he regards you beside him, trying not to squirm at how much larger he is than you, or how he even makes damn ripped jeans look scorching hot.  
“Take a guess where you think we’ll find someone like him?” 
You furrow your brows as you tilt your head in question, Jungkook’s eyes lighting up at the adorable gesture of yours. “Where?” 
6 hours later, you stand frozen, mouth agape, legs unmoving. You listlessly stare at a loud, flashy neon-pink sign that depicts the image of an erotically-posed woman wrapped around a pole, along with the name “The Devil Wears Prada” ironically plastered underneath in cursive. 
It’s a fucking stripclub. 
Tumblr media
You peer at Jungkook absolutely bewildered, blinking a few times to compute whether or not he was serious. Jungkook merely stands all too giddy, arms folded over his chest as he flashes you a beaming smile. 
He’s having way too much fun with this.
“Jungkook..” You draw out his name with a scolding. 
“Oh c’mon, Y/N, it’ll be fun.” He attempts to warm you up to the idea, nudging your elbow too adorably. 
You shoot him a dirty look and snatch your arm away from him, exhaling annoyingly. “Did it really have to be a stripclub?” 
“Why?” Jungkook queries. “Have you never been to one?” 
You freeze, suddenly a lump forming in your throat and trying to swallow it down. You’re not sure how you’re going to tell Jungkook that you actually have without revisiting a long-gone memory from your past. Your eyes evade him completely then, squeezing your folded arms tighter. “I have.” 
Jungkook furrows his brows. “Is.. there a problem?” 
“No just-get us inside, will you? It’s not exactly warm out here.” You begrudgingly complain as you harshly tug your cardigan around yourself. You hate that the temperature suddenly dropped significantly at night, leaving you freezing in your tank top, jean shorts and a measly wool cardigan. 
You internally groan then, not just at the weather but standing in front of this Godforsaken place. The entire idea of a stripclub is off-putting to you, and it’s not like you’ll tell Jungkook exactly why. 
You didn’t want to recall the god awful person attached to it. 
All of a sudden, you’re enveloped by the warmth of a jacket around your shoulders. You surprisingly snap to your right and find Jungkook adjusting his cozy leather jacket over you, warm from his usual higher temperature. Your lips fall into a quizzical little pout. 
“Why’d you...” 
“Let’s go inside, we don’t want Azazel leaving, do we?” 
You regard Jungkook with round eyes as he simply sends you a smile, halting yourself from swooning over the deadly image. He wraps a warm palm around your wrist and drags you to the entrance of the club, silently following him with the hint of a shy smile. 
A long line awaits outside the door, but Jungkook confidently stalks over to the security guard on duty. The man almost protests angrily until Jungkook glowers at him with his crimson eyes, sending the man to instantly shiver with fear. He graciously opens the door for you both without a hitch, even granting you VIP access badges. 
Impression is all that colours you as you contemplate Jungkook’s mere unmatched power, knowing damn well you’ll refrain from pissing him off too much, You slip inside the lively club with Jungkook, and unconsciously slide your fingers into his with acutely rising nerves, squeezing slightly. 
And surprisingly enough, Jungkook squeezes back. 
Tumblr media
Your pairs of once peaceful ears are welcomed by the sound of raunchy music blasting over the speakers, scantily-clad women dancing on a neon platform with a shimmering pole, and also decorating the many suit-wearing men in the crowds. 
You feel out of place, awkward, only having been in a stripclub once, and it was not your best experience at all. You clasp Jungkook’s hand a little harder this time, even cowering into his much larger form as people pass you by and disregard all means of space. 
Jungkook’s eyes sweep over the place with nothing but mischief and mirth, watching his eyes smolder a fiery red with a smug grin.
“Fuck, now this is my place.” This must be exactly where Jungkook thrives; sin litters this place from left to right and you assume it’s channeling his powers of pure evil. 
You fear a human possibly sighting his Lucifer eyes though, and quickly prop yourself on your tip-toes. Your hand curls over his shoulder and you speak to him in his ear, Jungkook instinctively bending down. “Jungkook, your eyes.” 
“Hm?” His round orbs stare into your soul inquisitively, and you suddenly realize he actually has very big eyes, almost doe-like. 
“Your eyes, they’re red. Someone will notice.” 
“Oh,” Jungkook blinks a few times and dials down the heat, dispersing the colour. “Better?” 
“Better.” You nod. It takes a good second for you to notice how close your faces are to each other, however, and your breath catches in your throat. Jungkook’s lips curve into a little smile when he sees that, becoming too swept up in his ocean and immediately removing yourself from him. Only your hands clutch each other as you avert your sight. 
You continue to evade him and Jungkook instead zeroes in on you, scrutinizing your features. “Are you okay?” 
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” 
“Oh my God, don’t tell me you totally lied about going to a stripclub.” Jungkook drawled. “You’re so innocent.” 
Jungkook makes it a statement to ruffle the top of your head, and you quickly smack his hand away as you send him a death glare. “I’m not lying, for your information. I have been to a stripclub, and I’m not that innocent.” 
You have no clue the things I’ve thought of.
Jungkook cracks a sexy grin. “Hmm, are you sure about that?” He leans in eye-level with you suddenly, and you lean back in accordance. “I’m sensing something else here.” 
“The only thing you should be sensing is Azazel, demon.” You shove him back and Jungkook lets out a hearty laugh, rolling your eyes in response. 
“You’re right, I actually can sense him. He should be here.” Jungkook scans the place with his demonic eyes, attempting to discern where exactly Azazel may be. 
You’re busy hmphing when you move to cross your arms, and realize that Jungkook, while distracted, is still holding your hand. You peer down at the means of contact, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling suddenly spreading across your chest. You push it away once Jungkook turns to you, ensuring he doesn't catch you staring at your connected hands. 
“I think he may be in one of the VIP rooms, I’m going to check, okay?” 
“Wait,” you pull him back, Jungkook all ears for you. “Why are you going alone? I can’t come?” 
Jungkook chuckles a little. “Demons usually take up the vip rooms in this club,” Jungkook then suddenly tugs you towards him without warning, and you tumble directly into his chest. You peer up at him in complete surprise, only to find his smile absolutely shit-eating. 
“I wouldn’t want an angel like you in a den of sinners.” 
Your heart hammers against your ribcage, being this close to him just sets off an insatiable fire inside you that’ll never have an explanation anymore. Maybe it’s Jungkook’s attraction as Lucifer, you’re not sure, but suddenly feeling his chest against yours, mere inches from his lips, his eyes only on you in a room full of exotic, topless dancers, you feel yourself falling into his abyss. 
Why can’t I just kiss his cute lips?
A shove to Jungkook’s shoulder by a stranger snaps you out of it, immediately adding space between you two. “G-go find Azazel.” You see Jungkook crack a knowing grin before he holds up his hands in mock surrender. 
“Alright, alright.” He vindicates himself, but suddenly winds an arm around your shoulders, his lips brushing your ear. He tugs you close enough to catch a whiff of the coffee you both drank on the way here, trying not to ignite at the feeling of his lips touching your skin. 
“Stay here, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t take a drink from a stranger either, only wait for me.” He instructs firmly with a squeeze to your arm, turning to the side to question him why, but Jungkook has already let you go. He disappears into the crowd and booming club then, before you can even breathe. 
Damn, he really is fast as Lucifer. 
You suddenly become reclusive in the grandiose, erotic club. All you see are boobs and sexy women flaunting their gorgeous bodies, and as much as you find it downright impressive, respecting the hell out of the stunning dancers, a pit settles into your stomach.
Stripclubs just aren’t your thing, they never have been. Especially after what your asshole of an ex did to you in a stripclub before, they unsettle you to the very core. It brews a storm in your heart you can’t remedy nor can ever forget, sighing as you suddenly wish Jungkook didn’t leave you alone. 
What the fuck? When did you even need his presence around in the first place? 
You shake the jitters out of you. You won’t let some dark part of your past haunt you anymore nor think about the literal devil himself, you’re far beyond that and a healed person. 
You sigh as you contemplate what you’re meant to do now, Jungkook’s instructions of staying put and not even touching a drink producing your sheer boredom. You stand with your arms folded and step towards the bar ensuring you weren’t in the way of any dancing women, or didn’t catch the eye of some ogling man waving money. 
Blowing a raspberry, you silently bop around to a sultry rock beat as a new stripper presents herself on stage. Your own eyes are glued to her almost instantly, surprised by how gorgeous she is and mentally commending her for her graceful figure and well.. generous assets. 
Out of boredom, her show becomes your center of attention until a sudden tap to your shoulder turns you around. You come face-to-face with a very handsome bartender. 
“Sorry to interrupt, but this drink’s for you.” He sends you a polite smile. 
“Oh, but I didn’t order a drink.” 
“I know, I ordered one for you.” You’re internally taken aback by not only the man’s boldness, but his drop-dead gorgeous smile. A grateful grin creeps up onto your lips as you chuckle a little.
“And why did you do that?” 
The handsome stranger shrugs. “It looked like you needed one.” 
You slowly wet your lips as you try to keep from smiling too wide, encircling the glass. “That’s awfully kind of you.” 
“Don’t mention it,” he waves you off. There’s a simple moment where you’re merely looking at your glass, taking it in your hand for a drink until Jungkook’s voice rings clearly in your head. 
‘Don’t drink anything either.’ 
You furrow your eyebrows wondering why you exactly couldn’t. You teeter on either defying him or simply choosing to listen, not knowing how severe his order was. You buffer on the drink until the man’s rather hypnotizing voice pulls you out. 
“So.. what’s a woman like you doing here all alone?” 
You quirk a brow. “And who exactly is a woman like me?” 
“Too pretty to be alone.” 
You crack a chuckle at that, the charm he’s laying suddenly loosening you up. “That’s a good one.” 
“Good enough to know whether you’re alone or not?” 
You hesitate on an answer here, not knowing his intentions but giving him an honest answer nonetheless. “No, I’m.. not here alone.” 
“Are you here with a boyfriend?” 
Your heart stops at that, someone referencing Jungkook of all people as your damn boyfriend feels ridiculous. Even imagining such a thing leaves you sneering, and no the idea does not make your heart swell or your chest flutter. In no corner of the world will you find even a measly speck of you considering Jungkook as your boyfriend, a good idea. He’s only the smoldering hot king of the underworld that seems to actually be nice despite being the master of sin, has these cute doe eyes when he’s confused or these pouty lips whenever he eats. 
And he does not have you undeniably attracted to him. 
Not at all. 
“N-no, not my boyfriend.” You choke on your saliva. 
“Ah, so I don’t have to worry about a jealous man or anything.” He smirks all too handsomely. 
“And why exactly would a jealous man bother you?” 
“Because I’d like to make you mine tonight.” 
You feel your heart experience whiplash in your chest as you feel it bloom with fuzziness. Suddenly his smile is show-stopping, the way he leans over the counter emphasizes his muscles and his black button-up hugs his body like a second skin. 
“Have a drink and loosen up, gorgeous.” The smoldering bartender tongues his cheek, and suddenly his jawline is looking too good to not kiss up.
With a smirk of your own, you run your tongue inside your cheek as well, a fire lighting inside you. Your fingers curl around your glass of what seems to be a cocktail, suddenly thirsty for a drink. You eye up the handsome stranger as you bring the glass to your lips, tipping your drink over. 
“What the fuck are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice startles you as he suddenly clamps down on your wrist and displaces your drink, spilling some on you. “Didn’t I tell you not to drink anything or talk to anyone?” 
His sudden rude tone ticks you off. “Jungkook, it’s just a drink-” 
“Hey, man. I was just talking to her.” 
Jungkook’s eyes immediately become annoyed regarding the stranger behind the bar, quickly approaching him with a furious look. “I’m not some ‘man’, and I know you aren’t either.” 
Jungkook then violently grabs the bartender’s collar and tugs him over the counter harshly, the anger in his eyes absolutely searing. You panic as Jungkook’s harsh actions catch the attention of others nearby, your glass now empty as it spills over. 
“Jungkook-!” You try to pull him back, only to be completely surprised with what you see next. 
Jungkook’s eyes spark into a demonic fire as he stares into the man’s very soul, and you watch as the bartender’s irises suddenly reveal a deep shade of red himself. You falter back in shock as the man’s features immediately paint over with terror so horrific, he scrambles to be let go of.
“Sir, please-” 
“Get the fuck out of my face.” 
The once smirky and charming bartender turns into the equivalent of a crybaby, practically tripping over his feet as he runs off to cower away in the employee’s break room. Jungkook without a word snatches up your hand and begins leading you through the club, ignoring the concerned eyes that follow you two. You’re overridden by a million questions as he relentlessly pulls you, not even granting you a moment’s rest.
“Jungkook, Jungkook! What are you-” 
“Did I not fucking telling you to stay put and not talk to anybody? Did you think I said that for fun?” 
The irritation in his tone makes you feel guilty, and maybe you’re realizing your mistake, but Jungkook didn’t have to be so damn pushy about it. 
“I don’t exactly see the problem-” 
“That was the problem.” Jungkook suddenly stops you both before a dimly lit corridor as he gestures in the direction of the bar. His breaths are hot and heavy as his eyes cut you cold. 
“And what kind of problem was that? He was just a bartender-” 
“He was a demon,” Jungkook emphasizes. “This place is crawling with them.” 
Something about the anger in Jungkook’s face either makes you feel turned on, want to argue back, or a deadly combination of both, 
Why is it so sexy when his jaw clenches like that? 
You try to ignore the way your legs suddenly squirm. “So what if he was a demon?” 
Jungkook scoffs dryly, wetting his lips as he looks away. “That’s what the demons do here. They reel human women in with their charms, roofie their fucking drinks and get them alone.” He then mutters under his breath, focusing on nothing in particular with sheer indignation. “You have no clue the disgusting things he was thinking.” 
You scrunch your face in confusion. “And you do?” 
Jungkook rolls his eyes before he simply huffs, “it wasn’t hard to tell. Do you even know what a demon would do to an unsuspecting human like you?” 
His evasiveness and avoidance of making eye contact only increases your pissy mood, folding your arms with a pressing question. “And since when did it bother you what happens to me?” 
Eyes flashing to you, Jungkook only produces a mean look of hesitation. His jaw clenches as he gnaws at his teeth, lips impatiently pressed together. He then simply takes your hand in his, muttering yet again. “I found Azazel, let’s go.” 
And he drags you away as you unwillingly tag along. 
Tumblr media
You and Jungkook stop before a rather grand-looking door, noticing it’s probably the most expensive and exorbitant among the hallways. The entrance is perched by two guards on both flanks, a stern-looking man and an evil looking woman, both staring you and Jungkook down as though they could see right through you.  
Jungkook clears his throat, proudly presenting himself with a look of unbothered confidence. “Good evening, underlings. I need to see Azazel.” 
“And who might be asking?” The sultry woman practically slithers out her words. 
Jungkook rolls his eyes before he, for the dozenth time, flashes them his scarlet eyes, watching the stoic man raise his brows in surprised acknowledgement, as the woman merely shivers in pleasure. Both their own eyes glow a deep shade of ruby, and you now understand that they’re demons as well.
Did Lucifer have some sort of connection or invisible linkage between all demons? Was there something about his eyes? 
“Ah, the king himself is here.” She cheers, clasping her hands together with excitement. Her vision flashes down to Jungkook cradling your hand in his, though, but she doesn’t show any disapproval or bitchiness about it, rather seems intrigued. 
She abandons her post and makes towards Jungkook, her red dress accentuating every slim curve of her body. She laughs an almost harmonious giggle as her hands soon land over Jungkook’s chest, biting her bottom lip as she asks in a whisper. 
“Is it really you, master?” 
Jungkook merely laughs, tilting his head as he condescendingly asks. “Who else would it be?” 
Her eyes flicker with fire, fingers slowly feeling over much of Jungkook’s muscly body as he simply allows her to do so. His expression doesn’t really communicate much of anything however, as though he’s bored and simply letting the demon have her fun. Clearly the attraction to Jungkook isn’t just a human thing, he has practically all creatures on their knees for him, and he seems to know it too. 
Arrogant prick. 
A laugh escapes you suddenly, and the female demon’s attention immediately snaps towards you, eyes narrowed into slits. 
“And who might this be?” 
“None of your concern.” Jungkook tugs you a little closer to his body, almost shielding you. You can only intently watch, unable to do much of anything. But the female demon boldly ignores Jungkook, too enthralled by you to remain obedient. She approaches your figure with almost a cat-like nature, extremely curious and hyper-aware. 
You suspect absolutely nothing, until within the blink of an eye, she suddenly grapples the back of your neck and tugs you flush against her own face. You gasp in immediate fear when her fingernails transform into sharp claws. 
“Amara.” Jungkook scolds with a reprimanding tone as he squeezes your hand, but she only continues on, the bridge of her nose skimming the arch of your cheekbone. She actually sniffs you, and her lips curve into a downright demonic smile. 
“A human..” She chimes lowly, but is only interrupted by an irritated Jungkook. 
“Amara, let her go. She belongs to me.” Jungkook instructs firmly, and your heart does a backflip inside your chest. When did you ever become his? 
Even worse, when did you actually like the idea? 
“Is that why she’s wearing your clothes, master?” She queries as her sharp hand rests over your shoulder, feeling at Jungkook’s leather jacket on you. “Master never gives his clothes to anyone.” 
The fact leaves your eyes widening, looking towards Jungkook who merely sighs. He then holds onto Amara’s shoulder and forces her to face him, seriously peering into her eyes. 
“Amara, let her go.” Jungkook’s eyes beam a vibrant red as he authoritatively orders. “I will not ask you again.”  Amara immediately lets you go then with thinly-pursed lips, holding her head up high as she returns to her post. 
Jungkook wets his lips in frustration before he turns to you and gently gathers your hair in his hands, carefully peeking behind your neck. He lightly whispers in your ear, “did she hurt you?” 
Ignoring the goosebumps that arise across your skin, your fingertips canvas over your neck as you feel the slightest sting in a certain area, knowing it must be a scratch. “Not really.” 
Jungkook laughs then, and you furrow eyebrows. “Why’d you just laugh?” 
“Because the desire to sin really does kick in when you’re near me, huh?” Jungkook’s pointer finger then slides over the exact cut you had, and you instantly let out a hiss. Jungkook knowingly grins. “You just lied to me.” 
You roll your eyes, seconds from swatting his hand off you until the sudden scent of coffee on his breath stops your heart. Jungkook casts your hair aside as he gently leans over your shoulder, and invades all your personal space. You’re unsure of what he’s doing until you feel his breath fanning you—he’s blowing on your cut. Surprisingly enough, it’s almost as though Jungkook’s delicate blows cauterize your wound, feeling your pain melt away in an instant. 
Sweeping your hand over the nape of your neck, suddenly it’s as though there was never a wound at all. You look at Jungkook with pure wonderment as he simply flashes you that sexy quirk of his brow and an attractive grin. Adjusting his shirt on himself, he then fixes his jacket on you, pulling it tight around your body. He turns back to the demons after finishing his task and grasps your hand yet again “We need to see Azazel, open the doors.” 
The stoic man that’s merely stood there the entire time silently clasps onto the handle. He opens the door without a complaint, standing off to the side. Jungkook enthusiastically tugs you along with him as you pass Amara, who only flashes a half-hearted smile your way before you’re greeted by something you never expected. 
Rouge curtains, a plethora of intoxicating incense, bright, vivid colours of Moroccan splendour designs attacking your eyes. The entire place is littered with these vibrantly coloured fabrics and charms, gaudy pieces of diversified collectibles and an odd earthy though spicy scent that made you throw up in your mouth. Though what catches you next are the multitude of nearly naked women sensually dancing and sitting around a quite eclectically dressed man, your brain far from boggled. 
The man’s too busy making out with a certain woman until Jungkook loudly clears his throat. “Azazel,” 
Said man, well, demon suddenly rips his mouth away from the topless woman, wiping some lipstick that smeared onto his skin. His hooded, hazed-over eyes are far more entertained when he regards Jungkook, however, lips curving into a mirthy grin. 
“My, my, if it isn’t the king of hell himself.” 
Jungkook purses his lips in acknowledgement as Azazel leans over onto his knees, waving off his dancing women. “Nobody told me you’d be visiting little old me.” 
“Maybe if you weren’t sucking the life out of female humans, you would know.” 
Azazel’s eyes bounce as though he were dealt a hit he actually liked, snickering in his throat. “A little too haughty for someone in your position, don’t you think?” 
Jungkook furrows his brows in confusion, and Azazel merely scoffs. “Think the whole of hell doesn’t know what’s going on with you, boss?” He questions rhetorically. Azazel then gets up from his seat, the women around him not even minding as they seem in almost an unbreakable trance. 
‘They reel human women in with their charms, roofie their fucking drinks and get them alone.’
Fuck, Jungkook was really telling the truth. Better yet, was he genuinely trying to protect you?
He approaches Jungkook, almost too close for comfort. Jungkook squeezes your hand in response, and you stay right by his side. 
“We all know the big man upstairs kicked you out of hell and you’re about as powerless as a mouse in a glue trap, boss.” The demon, you now realize, is almost ironically nothing what you imagined the demon of lust to be like. He seems the epitome of gluttony with his larger belly and older-looking features, honestly disgusted by him. Jungkook almost reads your mind as he makes an expression of distaste too, turning his face away from Azazel’s to actually breathe. He faces him then, eyes powerful and self-assured.  
“I’m still the king, and I rank higher than you, Prince of hell.” Jungkook squashes Azazel’s ego. “I’d watch what comes out of your mouth.” 
“And I’d do the same if I were you, boss. Right now it’s looking right about rocky for you with your powers gone.” Azazel practically, or well, quite literally spits. “I’m thinking you should choose your words wisely, could probably squash you like a pesky ant on the side of a road, Your Highness.” Something about the superiority complex and condescension of Azazel ticks you off. You turn to Jungkook trying to believe what the demon said isn’t true, but Jungkook’s acquiescing expression clues you in to the fact that that’s not the case. 
Maybe he really does have to play nice right now, you didn’t know the breadth of Azazel’s powers compared to a human Lucifer, anyway. 
Jungkook sighs as he tongue his cheek. “I just need to ask a question, Azazel.” He then instinctively tugs you further behind his larger frame, but that only draws Azazel attention to you, and suddenly his once normal eyes beam with an intriguing, red hot flame. 
“And who might this be?” His creepy voice curls around your spine and makes you shiver, sending him a look of disapproval. His hand comes out to cup your cheek but you immediately smack his hand, leaning away from him. 
His eyes glow with anger as he almost lunges towards you, but is stopped by Jungkook’s arm blocking the way. “Behave, Azazel. She’s mine.”   
“Ohh,” Azazel calms down with a snarky tone, eyes still scavenging your figure as though you were a meal to consume. “The master’s keeping a toy, I see.” 
The context of that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, watching Jungkook’s expression stay predominantly blank. He squares his shoulders when he requests again. “Just answer my question, Azazel.” 
The demon hmph’s as he sends you and Jungkook a death glare, returning to his seat. “Sit down.” He practically growls. 
Jungkook leads you with him towards the vibrant indigo, velvet couch across from the weird demon. Jungkook plops down on the cushions, and just as you’re about to seat yourself next to him, he immediately tugs you forward with a force you couldn’t deny. You tumble into his lap and your ass settles over his strong, thick thighs. Your arms naturally fall around his neck as his hands delicately hold your waist, panic overflowing you once your core presses into his crotch. 
“J-Jungkook, what are you-” 
“Shh,” he grits quietly under his teeth. “Just play along.” 
You pull a confused face, watching as Azazel becomes busy speaking with one of his scarcely-dressed ladies. “What do you mean? Why do I-”
“Azazel has a thing for human girls,” Jungkook whispers closely in your ear, hands slowly soothing your side that leaves you squirmy. He suddenly dares to nibble on your lobe a little, the touch igniting a lusty flame inside you despite the initial surprise. “Especially girls like you.” 
“What-what are you doing?” 
“Acting,” he rasps in a whisper, tongue gently licking at your lobe. “Play along.” He repeats pressingly. 
“What do you mean…” You attempt to suppress a yelp when Jungkook unexpectedly bites your ear lobe, only fidgeting over him more. “Girls like me?” 
You feel Jungkook smirk as he presses a bold kiss behind your ear, a hand of his dropping to your bare thigh. He ever so slightly brushes the tips of his fingers up and down your skin, fuelling every nerve inside your sensitive body. 
“Sweet and innocent ones like you.” 
His tone is so dark, so deep and low you’re forgetting where you even are. Your grip on his shoulders tightens when Jungkook skims his nose up your pulse point, his heated breath and lips raising goosebumps all over you. You chew on your bottom lip to contain how horny you suddenly feel, as though every cell in your body wanted Jungkook kissing you, on you, inside you. The hunger was insatiable, your legs rubbing together once your panties felt too sticky. 
“Since-since when did you care? I thought you hated humans.” 
“I said I hated humans, not you.” 
“You..” You contain a moan when he grips your bare thigh. “You said you’d never be attracted to a human like me.”
A scoff escapes him as his lips graze your skin, scrunching his shirt in your fist for any semblance of control. It’s hilarious that Jungkook is so transparent about insisting you’re different, but never explains why you are in the first place. His silence now beckons you to question him again, though it comes out more akin to a moan.
Jungkook then finally latches his wet mouth onto your neck, feeling your core gush with an immediate waterfall. He begins ever so slightly mouthing at your skin, laying soft kisses that were almost feather-like, barely there, yet you felt as though you were on fire. You realized he didn’t answer, wanting to query him again but fuck, you’re too goddamn distracted by his plushy lips sinfully kissing your weak spot. 
Suppressing a moan, you manage, “why are you doing this.. Jungkook?” 
“I need to show him you’re mine..” Jungkook mumbles against your neck as he sucks a soft bruise . “So he won’t take you.” 
His words snap you out of your daze, reminded that you and Jungkook are here for a goddamn task. He wasn’t doing this because he actually wanted you, there was an underlying agenda here and you need to stop getting sucked into his tempting ocean. 
You gently push him off you and find Jungkook’s amused eyes peering at you, cracking his signature grin. You realize you must appear flushed, the heat of Jungkook’s Lucifer body too searing to handle. 
Eyes locked in an untelling gaze, this position with Jungkook feels too unreal. You’re currently perched in his lap as you hold his neck and he hugs your waist, face mere inches from each other, almost kissing but not. You hate how much you suddenly yearn to kiss his lips, wondering if that certain Lucifer attraction is the reason why, or maybe Jungkook’s lips are just so fucking kissable. 
Jungkook doesn’t break your eye contact as he juts out his tongue to swipe his bottom lip, flashing his vision down to your petals that hang slightly open. You breathe carefully attempting to not suffocate, Jungkook is seriously, and very undeniably hotter than hell. You can almost taste the coffee on his breath again as he nears you, vision flashing to his lips that suddenly seem so close…
“Cozy, now aren’t we?” 
You both snap towards Azazel in unison, clearing your throat as Jungkook plants his feet down and straightens himself. 
“What’d you wanna ask, boss? Make it quick.” Azazal tends to one of his topless girls feeling him up, practically cooing at her as he speaks annoyingly. “I’ve got better things to do.” 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, his hand on your tummy drawing soft circles. You try not to melt. 
“I need the location of a club, Azazel.” 
The demon laughs across from you both, caressing one of his dancers that flank his left side. “There are many clubs, boss. You gotta be specific.” 
“You know which one I’m talking about,” Jungkook scowls, his palm firmly clutching your bare thigh, and you try not to imagine what he’d feel like touching you elsewhere. 
What if he touched me down there?
Jungkook suddenly squeezes your thigh and you practically jump, trying to refocus on the conversation. You attempt to not pay attention to the way Jungkook’s practically eye-level with your cleavage. The mere prospect of his sexy face in your boobs leaves your legs rubbing together, nipples shamelessly hardening. 
God, why are you so horny?
“Angels Give You Wings, you know the one.” Jungkook affirms, seriously trying to work with the rather disinterested demon. 
But once the name’s up in the air, Azazel’s eyes shimmer with mirth as his attention shifts to Jungkook. “The infamous club, you say?” he asks rhetorically. “You should know it’s in Chicago.” 
Jungkook sighs. “I know it’s in Chicago, but I need the real address.” 
Azazel raises his brows. “And why would you need the real address?” 
“It’s not exactly your concern.” Jungkook cuts in all too arrogantly, Azazel narrowing his eyes. He now examines you both, almost scrutinizing the pair of you as he touches one of his strippers. 
“You two don’t look very close for a couple.” Azazel observes, flitting over your entangled bodies. You become displaced, looking towards Jungkook for an answer. But you only find him glaring back at Azazel as he cradles you in his arms, practically demon-growling at him.
Azazel hoots as he watches Jungkook’s anger grow. “Wow, would you look at the master being possessive of his toys for once.” He smiles evilly, laying both his arms over the back of the couch with a repulsive look. “If you’re being possessive of her, then you ain’t getting jack shit tonight, boss.” 
“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Jungkok practically spits.
“It means,” Azazel mimics Jungkook’s harsh tone. “If you wanna know the address, you need to let me read her.” 
You furrow your brows as Jungkook heavily sighs, bringing a hand to his forehead with distress. Your fingers ask for his attention through rubbing at the nape of his neck, voice quiet.
“Jungkook, what does he mean?” 
“Oh!” Azazel cheers all of a sudden. “She calls you by your real name, master? That’s wonderful!” He claps like a happy seal, now understanding what Jungkook meant by Azazel being quite the... odd type.  
Jungkook lifts his head to look at you then, eyes revealing something akin to.. Fear? Stress? You couldn’t place it accurately. “I won’t let him have you, angel.” 
You’re sure Jungkook is probably only saying this to act like you’re together, hell, even his hands slowly but soothingly caressing your waist and thigh have all probably got to do with this ruse. But something about the reveal of emotion in his eyes maybe indicated he could be speaking the truth. 
Or at least, you’d like to believe so. 
“Hand the girl over, boss.” 
Something ticks inside Jungkook as he flashes his eyes a searing red, and practically sneers at Azazel. “You’re not touching her.” 
Azazel’s amused expression only thrives off Jungkook's anger. “Well then, you won’t be getting your address, then.” 
Jungkook huffs with a dry scoff. “I’m not offering her to you anyway.” He then pats your thigh to move off him. You climb off Jungkook’s lap as he stands on his feet with you, avoiding your eyes as you wonder why he won’t just give you up. He intertwined his hand with yours in mere milliseconds as he sends Azazel a death glare. “We’re leaving, angel.” 
“You’re funny, boss. How do you expect to get your address?” 
Azazel’s condescending tone stops Jungkook, and you need to seriously squeeze Jungkook’s hand tightly in order to prevent him from charging forward. You should’ve known, Lucifer would obviously be irrationally hot-heated. But, also being the representation of Pride among the so-called seven princes of hell, he absolutely hated it when someone knocked him off his high horse. 
And that’s all Azazel has been doing. 
“I can ask any other demon.” Jungkook grits through his teeth. 
Azazel clicks his tongue, shaking his head. “Nuh uh. That’s an Angel-dominant club, do you really think some second-rate lackey could get in? It takes someone of my power-ranking or higher to even withstand those damn halo-wearing pricks.” 
Jungkook scoffs. “I’m Lucifer, Azazel. I can ask an angel.” 
Azazel snickers as though he were told an immature joke. “You really think an angel won't go straight to The Council and rat you out? Don’t think you’d appreciate seeing your estranged brothers in this circumstance, boss.” 
You hear a crack in Jungkook’s neck as you watch his jaw flex firmly again, except now, it seems like Jungkook could be breaking his teeth as he bites down hard. His eyes are a seething ruby, wondering what could be causing Jungkook so much heated distress. 
Brothers? Did brothers mean.. the rest of the Archangels? 
Your hand suddenly feels too hot as Jungkook practically crushes the life out of you. You exclaim in pain, realizing that Jungkook’s utterly losing his cool. You panic, knowing Jungkook is still quite powerful and you did not want to see him angry. He needs to simmer down before all hell actually breaks loose, worriedly approaching him. 
You rapidly step in front of him and grips his biceps, attempting to gain his attention. 
“Jungkook, hey, Jungkook.” You call him with light shakes, but his breaths only increase in speed. His vision is glowing a vibrant red and you can feel him entering attack mode. You protest for him yet again, to look at you, to calm down, hoping your voice can pull him out but gain no response. 
Jungkook is seconds from unleashing his flames, already raising his palm for a ferocious blast until your small hands suddenly engulf his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. 
“Jungkook!” You say it so worriedly, so sweetly that something almost automatically switches off inside Jungkook. It’s as though the figurative flames bursting out of him are extinguished, his breath stabilizing as you find his doe eyes staring back at you. 
You crack a smile as you watch his features change, becoming the exact Jungkook you met back in your apartment. 
“Human..” You’re unsure of why Jungkook’s stuck with the name, but funny enough, it made you laugh a little
“Demon..” You chide him, and he actually cracks a grin too. You wet your lips as you seriously peer into his eyes, speaking kindly. “Jungkook, you should let Azazel read me.” 
His eyes flood with something akin to anxiety and he grips your hand against his cheek, shaking his head. “No, it’s not a good idea, angel. He’ll hurt you.” 
Your lips pout slightly hearing his concern, again, unsure of whether or not this was all a ruse. You wouldn’t know. 
“What will he do?” 
“He can read minds when he touches people. Angel, demon, human, it doesn’t matter. But it hurts, especially for humans.” Jungkook warns, eyes communicating the urgency he desires to reach you. 
You can see where Jungkook’s coming from, whether it was for the ploy or his own genuine compassion, you wouldn’t want Jungkook to hurt himself just for you, either. But you knew this was important to him, he really needed to unearth that club and figure out his way back to hell. 
He needed to go back home.
You’ve already tagged along and come this far, not to mention how many times Jungkook really did show concern for you and helped you out. You should repay that kindness and help him too. 
“Jungkook, you really need that location.” You explain softly. “It’s okay, it won’t be for long, right? I can endure it.” 
“Human..” You can see the worry in his eyes, feeling your heart melt. He squeezes your hand harder and you try to ignore the fact that he doesn’t even mean any of it, only an act meant for the demon you can tell is staring you both down. 
But you’d oddly like to believe it was real.
“He’s going to infiltrate your mind, read your deepest, darkest thoughts, invade your privacy...” He urges you, emphasizing gravely that this is not something to be taken lightly. 
“I’ll be okay, demon.” 
Jungkook sighs with evident worry. “If you feel uncomfortable for even a second, I’ll kill him.” He proclaims. “You don’t have to go through with this.” 
“I’ll be fine, Jungkook. We’re a team now, alright? I got you.” 
You’re unsure of what emotion flashes through Jungkook, but you can clearly see his expression soften. He purses his lip, and simply nods as he slowly lets your hand go, but not without leaning in close to your ear. “You need to convince him..” Jungkook advises quietly. “Convince him about us to get the address.” 
You nod back in affirmation, detangling your fingers and stepping towards the sleazy demon. 
Azazel flashes you a toothy smile you wish you couldn’t see, repulsed as you stand before him. You notice the women flanking him don’t necessarily pay attention to you, and have only been touching and dancing around Azazel the majority of the time. You wonder if they’re under some sort of trance, attributing their behaviour to the drugging methods Jungkook informed you of earlier. 
Though you also wouldn’t rule out the doings of Azazel knowing he’s the sin of Lust. 
“What do you want?” You question bleakly. 
“Your hand, darling.” He slides his tongue over his teeth. 
“Do more than just read her, and I’ll torture you in hell for eternity.” Jungkook scolds threateningly, jaw clenched and eyes smoldering. 
Azazel merely acknowledges Jungkook as you reach the eclectic demon. With a weirded out expression, you hesitantly present your hand to Azazel, who snatches you up as though he were a starving dog seeing meat for the first time. He immediately shoves the back of your hand against his nostrils, gaining a good, heady whiff of you. You try not to feel a sense of ickiness all over your body, suddenly feeling this certain shock that runs throughout all your veins. 
It feels uncomfortable at first, but suddenly transforms into this sharp pain flooding your bloodstream. You exclaim immediately, feeling as though knives were suddenly coursing through your arteries. You falter as the feeling crawls all over your skin, clutching your hand to your chest in a panic. 
“Human!” Jungkook worriedly approaches you, but stops once Azazel’s ominous red eyes warn him. 
You calm down for Jungkook’s sake, breathing through the aching intrusion. “I’m fine.. I’m fine, Jungkook.” 
You remember his words in an instant, enduring the pain as you focus on thinking about Jungkook. He needs to think you’re both together, right? What better way than to conjure up every appealing thought you’ve had of Jungkook? 
His lips, his body, his eyes, his rockstar hair, his sexy leather outfit that hugs him just right. His Adam's apple, his thick neck, his alluring voice, the attractive way he tongues his cheek. Not to mention the adorable way his eyes go round or his small, cute lips pucker into a pout. 
Your mind naturally drifts towards the thought of all those features, and how they ignite your core anytime you ponder them. His fingers? His tongue? His lips? What could they do in other places? Would he be fast or slow? Would he touch you right? Would he be rough or soft? 
You try to imagine how it would feel if he were to touch your pulsing clit, shuddering once you register that masculine roughness he has to them. You bite on your lip, center lighting up with wanton desire once you consider how his tongue would feel, and most of all, you wonder exactly what beast Jungkook hides in his pants. You practically scream all these things at yourself, prominently contemplating your attraction to Jungkook for Azazel. 
Though funny enough, you know deep down they were real thoughts you merely suppressed. 
Azazel continues to read your mind, your shut eyes too focused on honing in on your likeness for Jungkook until all the pain in your body suddenly stops. You exhale harshly, as though air was sucked out of your lungs once you return to Earth. You recall your place in reality and face Azazel, swallowing. 
“Hmm,” Azazel contemplates, suggestive, mirthy eyes gazing up at you. “She really does belong to you, boss.” 
You hear Jungkook let out a triumphant scoff, hands on his hips as he quirks a brow. 
“You’re all she seems to think about.” Azazel then eyes your figure up and down. “And they mainly seem to be very dirty.” 
That fact makes you physically choke, coughing out the spit that caught in your throat. You rip your hand out of Azazel’s hold, recovering from the hiccup. 
“T-the address, Azazel.” 
Azazel’s annoyed vision flits to the side as he leans back. He rolls his eyes, holding out his pointer and middle finger in the air. He suddenly flicks them to conjure up a piece of paper with a bright spark of flames. Its edges are burnt, though the integrity of the piece still holds up. 
You smile victoriously as you reach out for the paper, only for Azazel to suddenly retract it. 
“You owe me for this, boss.” 
Jungkook laughs dryly, suddenly feeling his presence beside you as he flattens his warm palm against the small of your back. “We’ll see about that in hell—what did you say? Second-rate lackey.” 
The term makes Azazel growl as a counter, finally nabbing the paper from him and nuzzling into Jungkook, proudly presenting it before him. 
“For you, my liege.” You bow as part of your skit, Jungkook clasping the paper. 
“Why thank you, my angel.” Jungkook responds in the same playful tone, bowing as well. 
He graciously snatches the paper from you and tucks it inside the pocket of his leather jacket you wear. He pats the pocket condescendingly before entangling his fingers with yours and tugging you flush against his side, saluting Azazel. 
“So long, Azazel. Hope you grow the balls one day to fight me in hell.” Jungkook snarks, cocking a proud brow. “We’ll see then who's more powerful. If you’re not too busy getting your balls taken care of here, that is.” 
Azazel literally spits at the ground you both walk on, Jungkook immediately clutching you close to him as he merrily laughs at his own remark. 
And honestly speaking, as obnoxious as Jungkook can be, you laugh, too. 
Hugging the paper with the address to your chest, Jungkook side-hugs you to him as the pair of you walk out together into the main area of the strip club. There’s a new stripper on stage now, and Nelly Furtado’s ‘Maneater’ fills the hooting club as you both make your triumphant exit. 
Tumblr media
The soft thrum of rock beats keep your eyes open, shifting in and out of sleep as you slump into your passenger seat. Jungkook sits at the wheel now, and despite only claiming he could drive, you admit he’s a pretty decent driver for someone who’s only learned through observation. 
You’re yet again falling asleep after the day’s tedious activities, cheek resting in your palm while you huddle into Jungkook’s warm leather jacket. It was oddly very comforting. 
“Hey, sleeping beauty.” Jungkook lightly hits your arm and you shoot up, grumbling with sleep-laden eyes. 
“What the fuck, Jungkook?” 
“Feel lucky I even called you beauty, you don’t look so hot right now.” 
You roll your eyes, not caring of your appearance after driving for God knows how long. You still run your fingers through your hair, however. “Fuck you.” 
You see in your peripheral Jungkook silently scoffing, chiding you with an expression of mimicry. You narrow your eyes into slits at him, huffing at how easily you both return to normal. You should’ve known whatever concern and care Jungkook was showing you was only for Azazel, there’s no way the daft idiot could even muster a single cell of decency. 
Jungkook suddenly toes at your shin, nearly kicking you awake once again. You turn around and face him with sheer annoyance. “Jungkook, what the fuck! Can’t you just fucking drive?!” 
“So you have dirty thoughts about me, huh?” Your throat cinches, your brain shuts down and you transform into the epitome of an error 404 not found code. You hold up a finger in protest as you buffer, lips struggling for a sentence. 
“I didn’t know I was always on your mind, angel.” Jungkook bounces his brows as he peers at you, but it seems like his expression completely depicts the opposite of what he says. He eyes as if he knows the inner workings of your brain, knows exactly what you think, what’s on your mind, and knows they’re not innocent like an angel. 
God, he’s so annoying. 
“Would you shut up? That was for Azazel. You wouldn’t have your precious address without me anyway, demon.” 
Jungkook scoffs, laughing at your rather cute act of denial. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, human.” Jungkook's hand once gripping the steering wheel then suddenly settles over your thigh, not squeezing or touching, but merely resting there as he refrains from doing anything compromising. 
His eyes then suddenly flit towards you.
“You seem to be quite the dirty little angel.” 
Your cheeks heat up, growing angry because.. fuck, did he actually have to be right? Why did it feel like he could see right through you? Like he could read you as though you were bearing all the pages of your book? You scrutinize him repulsively as you shove his hand off you, shuffling away from him further. 
“Whatever. You should be letting me sleep, asshole.” You counter in response. “And watch the fucking road.” 
Jungkook stifles a laugh in his throat as he returns his eyes to the road, his hand now resting over the console as he drives with one hand freely. You try not to flit down to his legs manspreading deliciously, or gaze at the veins that sprawl up his arm and his rough hand on the steering wheel. You even ignore the way he tongues his cheek as though he’s too amused. 
“Why did you keep calling me that?” 
Jungkook flickers towards you. “Huh?” 
“With Azazel, you kept calling me angel.” You grumble. “You only use that when you’re being an asshole.” 
Jungkook breathes a laugh through his nose, his vision focusing on the road as he handles the steering wheel. He swipes his lips with his tongue as he looks ahead, flexing his jaw. 
“I didn’t want him knowing your real name.” 
Your brows raise in light surprise, not expecting that concern to come from him even without putting on a show. 
“That’s rich coming from you.” You scoff. 
Jungkook cracks a smoldering smirk, hating that he was so obnoxiously attractive. “It’s rich that for an angel you have a lot of dirty thoughts.” 
You roll your eyes, shutting down the arousal that floods your core as you smack his bicep. Fuck Azazel for saying that aloud, and now fuck Jungkook for snickering about it to himself. You exhale tiredly as you tuck your hand underneath your cheek and force yourself to sleep, completely avoiding him. 
So what if you wanted to fucking jump his bones? It’s his fault for being so sexy. 
With a knowing smile and quirk of his brow, Jungkook leans over and turns the volume of the music down, continuing your journey under the dark sky with spangled stars. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook brings in the last of your luggage from the car into your motel room, setting down the heavy bags and suitcases in one-go. He appeared seriously fucking strong doing so, and suddenly the image of him hauling stuff like that was simply too hot to not watch. 
His shirt clings to his muscular body as he maneuvers your things around the room, filling up space the way it should. You laid on your tummy simply scrolling through your laptop, meant to be looking up the address of the club you’d received from Azazel. 
Instead, you watch Jungkook’s back muscles flex as he zips open his duffle bag, shuffling through his belongings. You genuinely wonder if it’s possible to be attracted to someone’s back. He’s just so incredibly broad and wide, his traps and shoulder blades adding to the breadth of his posterior. He seems strong enough to be able to manhandle you, but kind enough to be gentle about it. 
Suddenly you remember what your friends were all whispering about regarding Jungkook; the type of man that would let you do anything to him to gain your own pleasure. 
Fuck, would he ever let you ride his back? 
Jungkook stifles a laugh in his throat as his eyes shift to you, sexy smile on display with amused eyes. You become aware of your blatant ogling and hide behind the screen of your laptop, clearing your throat. 
“What’re you doing over there, angel?” 
You heat up once you realize he clearly saw you, though act as though absolutely nothing happened. “Nothing, I’m just researching the address we got.” 
You continue clicking through much of Google maps, only to find yourself coming up empty. That was the issue with the address you’d both earned from Azazel, it appeared like a normal address, though it didn’t show up on any maps or across the grand internet. 
“Have you found the exact address?” 
“Honestly, I’m having some trouble with it.” 
Jungkook furrows his eyebrows with a little confused noise, abandoning his things and joining you on the motel bed. He seats himself right next to you, and just as you begin explaining the conundrum, Jungkook leans in close and places a hand over your body. His fingers squish into the sheets next to you as he practically cages you on the bed, feeling a fluttering in your chest at his unusual proximity. The scent of his cologne mixed with the fabric softener he started to like set your nerves ablaze, never having expected Lucifer himself to smell so nice, be so suffocating. 
It was intoxicating, he was intoxicating. He’s simply leaning over you to closely peer at the screen, but you couldn’t help but feel your heart race in your chest, feel his presence permeate your back. 
“What’s troubling you?” 
You struggle with your sentences before you can find feasible words, attempting to not stare at his thick thigh through his ripped jeans right in your face. “I-yeah. Um, did Azazel give us the right address? I can’t seem to find the club.” 
Jungkook hums in understanding, cutely pursing his lips. “I see. Let me take a look.” 
To your surprise, Jungkook leans down directly over your head to type on your laptop, and you attempt to not squeal at how incredibly proximal he is now. He covers all of your upper body so easily, and you suddenly wonder what it would be like if he were on top of you. 
He’d probably completely dominate me. 
You hear Jungkook breathe a scoff above you, tentatively peering up to find that in fact, his chin could’ve been resting atop your head. You watch his gorgeous, thick fingers type over your laptop then, searching diligently as you silently grow warmer underneath him. 
“Hmm, I see what you mean.” Jungkook chimes as he drifts into thought, also coming up dry. “Azazel shouldn’t have lied to me, the princes of hell are incapable of doing so.” 
You tilt your head and peer up at him, chin resting in your hands as you swing your legs back and forth over the mattress. “Why so?” 
Jungkook smirks devilishly, eyes flitting down to you. “They know the hell they’re in for if they do.” 
You roll your eyes, how typical of Lucifer. Jungkook ticks his head, however, as he thinks, trying to piece together what to do now. He brings his pointer finger and thumb to his chin, contemplating. 
“Can I see the paper Azazel gave us?” 
You fish it out of Jungkook’s leather jacket that you were in fact still wearing, presenting it to him. You watch Jungkook stare at the paper in his hand, scrutinizing the living hell out of it. You watch the gears in his head shift until finally, Jungkook has an ah-hah moment. 
He brings the piece close to his pink lips and gently blows over the paper. You watch in surprise as it smolders in accordance with Jungkook’s breath, suddenly small text emerging in a searing heat underneath the original address. 
‘Only those with wings can truly see.’
Jungkook cracks a scoff as he finally understands, laughing to himself. “Azazel, you damn bastard.” 
“What does it mean?” You query curiously. 
“You can’t see it, but I can.” Jungkook explains. He shows you the paper and runs underneath the first part of the text, indicating it to you. “‘Only those with wings’ means celestial beings like angels and demons, they both have wings. Humans can’t see the address or location unless they’re with a celestial being.” 
“Ohh,” you nod your head in acknowledgement. “That makes so much more sense. Google maps just kept showing me this dead-end alleyway.” 
Jungkook clicks his tongue as he ruffles your hair. “Should’ve been using that big brain of yours instead of staring at me, angel.” 
You scoff underneath him, peering up through narrowed slits. “Shut up, I wasn’t staring at you.” 
“You were pretty clearly staring at me, sweetheart. Next time you want a piece of this,” he gestures towards his brawny body. “You can let me know.” 
You pretend-vomit as you shove him away from you, Jungkook chuckling as you prop yourself back up. “Get away from me, your egotistical head is too big.” 
“Nuh-uh” Jungkook tuts with a finger. “I may be egotistical, but I know what I saw. Just tell me you want me and it’ll solve all your problems, angel.” 
“And who said I want you? It’s not like you want me.” 
“Did I ever say I didn’t want you?” 
Your eyes fall open in surprise, Jungkook merely staring at you with his mirthy eyes. He even dares tilt his head as he intensifies his gaze, growing too flustered to consider what he just said. He’s clearly only playing with you. 
“Whatever,” you wave him off. You grab the physical map you’d purchased at a convenience store. “Just fucking circle where we need to go on this.” 
You’re presenting a map to Jungkook for actual work, but he then cunningly swipes it from your grasp. “Wait a minute, what map exactly?” 
You grievously complain as Jungkook holds the map too high for your height, cursing his long arms and how much larger he is in comparison to you. You practically climb his strong body and lap to retrieve the flimsy thing, only for Jungkook to retract it every time you think you’re close. 
“You have to try harder than that, angel.” You breathe out a fed-up chuckle as you reach with all your might, wildly struggling as he simply giggles at your attempts. You finally snatch the map out of his hand and let out a triumphant ‘ah-hah!’
But just as you celebrate, Jungkook unbalances you with his grasp and the weight of his body sends you toppling over, falling back against the bed. Jungkook falters directly over you, his hands either side of your head as you stare up at him in shock. 
Your hands are sprawled either side of your head, round eyes regarding him with sheer surprise. You notice the way Jungkook’s knee has settled right between your legs, causing you to fidget. You swallow watching the smirk on his face grow, all too amused by the compromising position. 
“Mmm,” Jungkook suddenly hums. “For an ‘innocent’ angel you seem very comfortable as a bottom, huh?” 
You suck in an immediate breath, hating how much this position lights your nerves on fire. An arousal shoots through your core as you attempt to appear normal, countering his comment with your own. 
“Funny, you don’t seem much like a top.” You were lying straight through your teeth, and you goddamn knew it. But nothing else really mattered as you flit between Jungkook’s lips and his eyes that gleam with mischief, another typical characteristic of Lucifer, you thought. 
“Ouu,” Jungkook hisses. “You really are a liar, aren’t you?” 
You stare him down in challenge as he slowly leans down towards you, examining your every feature. “Wonder who taught such a pure angel like you to sin so much.” His voice is so condescendingly low, you couldn’t help but squish your thighs together. 
“And I wonder who taught such an arrogant asshole like you manners. They seemed to have left out personal space.” 
Jungkook hisses yet again, head dipping for a dry laugh before refocusing his almost lust-ridden, fiery eyes back on you. “We need to do something about that attitude. Angels don't talk back.” 
“One, I’m a human, not an angel.” You snark wittily. “And two, what exactly will you do about my attitude, King of hell?” 
Jungkook wets his lip slowly, taking his time with it. He very obviously flits down over your body before he arrives at your face, lowering himself even more as his fingers slide into yours against the mattress. His proximity shoots waves of arousal through you, your once dry core now fluttering with anticipation. 
Goosebumps blossom over your skin as Jungkook comes exactly face to face with you, lips mere inches from yours as your body loses control. 
“You have no clue what I’ve got in mind,” he whispers, his deep voice travelling through you and right to your dampening pussy. “But once I’m done with you, you won’t be so pure anymore, angel.” 
Your breath hitches as Jungkook maintains his heated closeness, eyes flickering down to your lips as he seems seconds from connecting them, petals brushing yours as you taste his breath… only to finally collect yourself. Registering this as Jungkook’s crazy Lucifer attraction, you quickly shove him off you with a loud huff as you sit up on the sheets, muttering almost incoherently. 
“I’m going to take a shower.” You attempt to shake all the dirty thoughts about him out of your system, slipping into your slippers and making towards your luggage. 
Jungkook chuckles before tonguing his cheek while you search through your things, his thumb swiping across his bottom lip. He props a leg up on the bed, leaning his elbow over his knee as he regards you. 
“We should eat dinner after your shower, human.” He nonchalantly says, as though absolutely nothing happened between you just now. Funny, you should’ve known Jungkook was playing, it’s practically the only trait Lucifer has. “You get to choose, remember.” 
“I do. You’ll have to eat whatever I want, though. No complaints.” You gain the courage to look him in the eye, and honestly laugh shyly when you find him very obviously checking you out. Or just looking? You didn’t know, but sitting like that while purposefully peering at you seemed evident enough. 
“No complaints here.” He held up his hands in mock surrender, ticking his head towards the shower. “Go, I’ll be here if you need anything.” 
You nod in response, and try to divert yourself from considering the fact that you’ll be in a room over from Jungkook, showering and naked. 
You wonder what he looks like naked. 
Jitters crawl all over your body and you snap yourself out of it, rapidly nabbing your clothes and rushing towards the bathroom without a single thought. You stand in the doorframe and peek back into the room, only to see Jungkook bouncing his brows just to tease you with a little wave, and you roll your eyes as you slam the door shut. 
Tumblr media
Shutting the shower nozzle close, you let out a sigh as you finish. You wanted to smack your head against the shower wall repeatedly, horrendously until it produced an answer for why in God’s name Jungkook made you feel like this. 
Why did you like him on top of you like that? Why were his lips so goddamn tempting? Maybe it really was the Lucifer effect he has on you and practically anyone he comes into contact with, but you groan once you realize this feels stronger. 
If it were merely the effect of Jungkook, then you shouldn’t like it so much, should you? It feels as though it isn’t an arbitrary attraction anymore, but rather a voluntary desire that keeps manifesting itself everytime you’re near him. Maybe the effect is just stronger on humans, you didn’t know. But what you did know is that you wanted him, and it did not originate from whatever spell Jungkook always manages to cast upon you. 
You smack your forehead as you emerge from the shower, spotting your clothes for tonight’s outing and drying yourself with a towel nearby. You wrap it around your chest as you proceed to apply moisturiser and your usual skin care routine, plugging in a blow dryer for your hair before sorting through your clothes for your undergarments. 
Only to realize, they weren’t here. 
You immediately gasp as a hand covers your agape mouth. Your dumbass really didn’t think to bring your bra and panties when you were angrily snatching your clothes in front of Jungkook. You feel dread overcome you as you contemplate needing to venture out into the motel room for your clothes, stepping anxiously in your spot as nerves flood your system. 
You take a deep breath once you realize that they’re merely your clothes, and whether or not Jungkook lets you live this down, at least you didn’t go completely commando out to dinner with him. 
Mustering every speck of courage in the world, you crack the bathroom door open to take a small glimpse, expecting to see Jungkook maybe sprawled on his bed and watching TV, but only finding an empty mattress. 
“Jungkook?” You call quietly, hoping for a response. You don’t hear anything though, sparking your light concern. You meander out a little further and call his name again, but gain no answer. You presume he could be out of your room right now, using this as your golden opportunity. You scamper towards your bag with all your delicates in only a measly towel, clutching it loosely from falling out of place as you scrounge through your bag. 
You rapidly put together a matching set and instantly zip your bag shut, barging it back into your suitcase. You swivel around to make a risky break for it, only to run smack dab into someone’s rock hard chest. Suppressing the desire to cry, you recognize it anywhere, complaining as you rub your forehead from the contact. 
“What are you doing?” 
Your face heats up, carefully meeting Jungkook’s gaze as you see him fully clothed, while you’re naked and wet underneath a towel. The thought pries your embarrassed eyes away from him, clutching your garments to your chest in order to conceal them, but his sharp eyes can clearly discern what they are.
Damn his Lucifer abilities.
“I-I’m sorry. I just forgot something..” Your eyes flit everywhere but at Jungkook, who stands firmly in place without even the slightest bit of shame, towering over you. 
“You could’ve asked me to grab them for you.” Jungkook proclaims, his voice velvet-like and practically serenading you. 
“This isn’t something you can exactly grab.” You state. “It’s embarrassing.” 
“What’s so embarrassing about you being a woman?” Jungkook suddenly asks, still unable to meet his gaze, and you’re honestly glad Jungkook doesn’t demand it out of you either. His voice seems softer now however, almost understanding you. 
“Nothing, but it’s just…” You trail, not feeling exactly uncomfortable about him here, but feeling quite bare and open. All your intimate parts are covered, yes, but the mere idea that only a layer separating him from witnessing what lies underneath leaves you almost mortified. What if you’re not desirable at all to him? What would he think about your stretch marks? Your scars? All the flaws that you adorn? 
It leaves you clutching the towel even tighter, the very thought making you swallow a wad down your throat. Jungkook seems to notice your unease, and his expression falls from one of his usual amusement to seriousness. 
He very carefully, and hesitantly juts out his hand towards your hair. He considerately watches your reaction as his fingers meet a certain strand dangling in your eyesight, and he gently casts it behind your ear. His fingertips naturally fall to your chin, and you instinctively peer at him as he holds you ever so delicately. 
“You don’t have to be embarrassed with me, Y/N. I’m not expecting anything from you.” Jungkook clarifies, his tone uber soft. “Is that what you think of me?” 
“No.. I just,” you pause, searching for better wording. “Don’t know what you’ll think of me.” 
Jungkook furrows his brows, as though contemplating how that’s even something you could say.  He light-heartedly laughs as he looks to the ground, then peers back up at you. His eyes have softened into those round orbs of coffee, noticing that his eyes actually had a tendency to emit this natural glow, almost like a shimmer of stars. 
“You really think I’d be the type of guy that judges a woman’s body? Or her bra and panties?” 
You suck in a breath listening to his pretty lips say those words, gently nibbling on your lip as your tentative sight meets his. 
“If there’s one thing you should know about me, angel.” Jungkook begins, still cradling your chin. “You never have to be ashamed of yourself around me. I’m Lucifer, baby. All your sins, your secrets, your darkest thoughts.. I got you.” 
Jungkook steps closer to you, closing the space between your bodies as he releases heat that only warms you up, both inside and on the outside. He then closes the space between you two ever so slowly, lip brushing your ear as he whispers. 
“Even the dirty ones.” 
 His words ignite a lustful fire inside you, wondering a million heart-pumping possibilities with him so close to you, but choosing your gratitude over your horniness. You and Jungkook are merely a team, not a relationship waiting to happen. And so you crack a smile as you find yourself gazing into his eyes, wondering where this was coming from, and contemplating that maybe Jungkook... really isn’t half bad. 
That was, until he opened his mouth. 
“But if you’re like a furry or something, I’m gonna have to pass.” 
You scoff as you propel his chest away from you, shooting a repulsed expression his way. “Let’s just go to dinner, jackass.” 
Jungkook laughs as he watches you march away, flickering back to scold him, but only seeing his lips curving into this rather attractive bunny-like smile, wondering why the fuck Lucifer had to be blessed with such cute lips. 
And also wondering what it would feel like to kiss them. You didn’t know you’d find out later that night, or that Jungkook is in fact hotter than hell. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
taglist: @kaiji-png @blvckbarnes @pootaetoo @complexmolecule @vaekth @ppeachyttae @chogiching @siredsong @veronawrites @thelilbutifulthings @vintageroses10 @svftbaby @taebabie11 @marcoazz2 @notlivingsstuff @namkook @taestrwbrry @koobunno @jungkooksbroski @walkedhomealone @haniiii @aomi-nabi​ @sunflwrxclouds​ @sugaslittlekookies​ @hakko-bby​ @favouritesblog​ @btsis7okay​ @lovingandenjoying​ @enchantingbrowneyedgirl @vantezza​ @jiimiinsii @bunnybearrj​ @gukkmoans​ @siadreams​ @taezbae @jinloverr​ @starrylino​ @kikihope​ @dunixxd​ @dreamamubarak​ @lovelyloverlia​ @ohmygodwhyareallusernamestaken​ @agustdakasuga​ @pb-n-juju​ @joy-yuri​ @preciouschimine​ @helenazbmrskai​ @incessantcosmos​ @awseokjin​ @la-nena-loka @shameless-army​  @almosthappysublime @fullmindlady @linda-botello @wlfhrdbby @ggukkieland @bangtannoonalvg @ilovebangtanbangtan @tomotae @ghstofbbylon @ohyeahjk @leuchtendesstrassenlicht​ @kookiemonsterrrr @filterjk @jiminable @thisartemisnevermisses @btsimaginator​ @kookiejiminlovely​ @into-the-nights-bts​ @angelikook​ @dkjk97 @akshstudios​ @surilirani​ @thedumpleeng​ @fan-ati--c​ @sakuramadae​ @ellavyuubts​ @greezenini​ @catsandstrawberries​ @minyo0ngi @nnamjooningg @jeonthighss @zae007live​ @iwanttohitmyself​ @ymrai​ @yuuji1core​ @kookxin​ @fandomqueenfreak @shydestinyyouth​ @justinetingball​ @doublebunnykoo​ @chimchoom​ @jeonjungkookismyfuture​ @vanillabrightlightning​ @cakecobain​ @brie02​
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amourtae · 2 months ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk. masterlist
Tumblr media
wanderlust; a strong desire to travel
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little prince, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ wordcount: short drabbles - length will vary
↠ warnings: swearing & explicit sexual content. specific warnings will be given with each drabble.
↠ a/n: REPOST. hello loves <3 here is the masterlist for my first mini series! it was initially posted on my old account @hantaev & i will be reposting & continuing this series on my new blog. i hope you enjoy this series & if you would like to be added to the taglist then please do let me know by sending me an ask or commenting under this post ☺️! i will also be taking requests for it & so if you have anything you’d like me to incorporate then please do say so! happy reading <3
↠ credits: banner by the lovely @vantecaffe 💛
Tumblr media
day 1: in which jungkook rails you against the shower wall. [2.5K]
Tumblr media
day 2: in which jungkook eats you out at the pool. [3K]
Tumblr media
day 3: in which you ride jungkook whilst watching the sunset.
Tumblr media
day 4: in which you and jungkook spend a day in one another’s arms.
Tumblr media
day 5: in which you decide there’s no better way to wake jungkook up other than morning sex.
Tumblr media
day 6: in which you and jungkook decide to make the most of your last day, provoking him to share a thought he’s been hiding from you for a while.
Tumblr media
day 7: in which you and jungkook fly back home to your lovely son and you give him the surprise he’s been dearly waiting for.
Tumblr media
taglist is open! if you’d like to be added to it, please let me know 🥰
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helenazbmrskai · 18 days ago
Bad Omega, Sweet Omega JJK (m)
Tumblr media
Pairing – Omega! Jeongguk x Reader
Genre – Werewolf AU, Smut, Angst, fluff, Omega Going Into Heat AU
Summary – [This year Jeongguk’s heat leads to unexpected discoveries. You always thought that Jeongguk hates your guts even though his wolf liked to cuddle you. Until you find yourself in a sticky situation in the bathroom while the pack members try to break down the door.]
Warnings – angst, jeongguk is a little feral at the beginning, he corners you and licks your neck, sexual tension, multiple sex scenes, scenting, kissing, lots of licks, dom! jeongguk but also sub! jeongguk he switches but mostly dom gukie I think (yeah I don't know what happened to me guys my hand slipped), unprotected vaginal sex, hair pulling, making out, bondage (guk is tied up), werewolf heat sex, dirty talk, jeongguk is needy, overstimulation, face sitting, oral (both receiving), fingering, blowjob, handjob, body worship, tongue fucking, multiple orgasms, knotting, raw penetration, possessive guk, big dick guk, size kink (because it's me), edging, rough-(ish) fucking, creampie(s),  scent kink, biting/marking (one bite to be exact and it's not gukie), implied cockwarming, period sex (!), guk is your personal heater, cuddles, aftercare, shower sex, confessions, lovemaking, breast play, biting kink, slow fucking
Word Count – (10k)
Author note. This is a spin off to my fic ’Bad Alpha, Sweet Alpha’ this is the same universe.
Menu: Masterlist l Be part of my permanent taglist to recieve a notification when I upload a new fic!
Tumblr media
”I got the chains. Can I come in?” You whisper-yell through the door, pacing around the backyard when no one answers even though you knocked twice and called every pack member except for one who you know won’t reply. It seems like everyone is occupied for some reason. Unsure if you should drop it off and book it or wait for someone to reply to your text messages you start chewing on your lower lip anxiously.
You don’t know what to do. After weighing your options you choose the latter and take another peek at your device. You came this far so you shouldn’t give up now. It’s literally a life and death situation you can’t let them down.
You know they’re home, they wouldn’t let poor Jeongguk be alone when he’s in heat.
It’s your wellbeing that you’re kinda worried about. They said that an omega in heat can smell you even from a mile and while you were never particularly good at math even you know that the numbers are not in your favour so close to the packhouse.
You feel like a burglar looking around every two seconds to make sure no one sees you when you in reality are checking out the place for threats. It’s eerily quiet outside.
To be honest, this is not how you planned to spend your weekend. You’re sure the girl who checked you out at the store thinks that you’re into some kinky BDSM shit or worse. She thinks you’re some nasty kidnapper or a serial killer!
You could feel it in her stare that she was judging you hard as she ringed up all those chains and heavy locks that Namjoon asked you to bring to replace the broken ones. You can’t exactly say you buy them because you’re friends with a bunch of werewolves.
Well at least she didn’t dial the cops as soon as you stepped out, that’s something to be grateful for.
You can’t even imagine how bad his heat is this time considering that he ripped two chains and the spare one! And now that you can hear the growls and grunts coming from upstairs you know that the door is hanging by a thread as well to keep him locked away.
Now you understand why Namjoon asked you to bring the chains asap. Damn, omegas are hard to handle. It must be even harder on Jeongguk. The boy is a muscle pig.
You really shouldn’t be here right now but you’re the only one available as Jimin’s and Taehyung’s girlfriends are busy with a family reunion or something along the lines like that.
You admit that you’re guilty of not listening to their ranting as you were busy ogling at Jeongguk shirtless. Who can blame you though? He was working out and sweating.
There isn’t a woman on this planet who could have looked away respectfully when he’s such a snack.
Besides the point. They can’t just ask someone considering that not many of their friends know about their family’s secret. So it really comes down to you only.
Finally, you hear someone unlock the door that grabs your attention and gets you out of your daydreaming.
”Did you get it?” Taehyung asks through the creak, you can only see his eyes through the slit of the door. Poor guy looks exhausted which makes you worry your lip even more at the sight. He didn’t open the front door wider for you. Probably to keep your scent outside. Normally you would roll your eyes and make some remarks but this time you just nod and point at your backpack where everything is.
Now’s not the time to joke about how that sounded like you’re about to hook him up with some good weed.
You wonder where everyone is as the house gets eerily quiet for a minute, with no grunts or heavy panting to disturb the silence. Taehyung needs to open the door wider for you to pass him the bag and that’s when you hear it. There’s a bang that awfully sounds like a door just got yeeted off the doorframe upstairs and some panicked yells follow the sounds of heavy breathing and even heavier footsteps. They yell Jeongguk’s name that screams trouble to you.
You spoke too soon. You’re fucked.
Your eyes widen when Jeongguk appears sweaty and disoriented with two pack members in tow trying to get a hold of him but with little to no success. Taehyung grabs you by the shoulder on impulse. He immediately shuts the door behind you, you hear as the lock turns.
Your heart is beating so fast that you’re afraid it will break free from your ribcage. You keep looking between the door and the guys as panic settles in. What do you do now?
”What are you doing?! Why did you lock me in too?” You whisper the words close to Taehyung’s ears while you can’t keep your eyes off Jeongguk who is struggling to break free from Jimin’s and Yoongi’s hold. Taehyung pulls you behind him protectively with an apologetic smile on his face.
”Sorry but he saw you. He wouldn’t let you go now and we need to keep him inside the house.” It makes sense (you’re a woman) but it doesn’t mean you’re any less nervous to be here. He could tear you limb by limb or fuck you till you’re unable to even stand upright. Either way, it would be humiliating if Jeongguk jumped your bones in front of his pack members. A chilled shiver runs down your spine at the thought.
You heard stories of a werewolf’s heat from the girlfriends but Jimin is a beta and Taehyung is an alpha.
Jeongguk however is an omega and his heat is very different from what you heard from the boys.
Their wolf comes out so strongly that they can’t think clearly. You remember Hoseok mentioning it to you that when an omega’s heat hits he can’t control his urges and it doesn’t matter in the heat of the moment who is there all he can think about is breeding his partner. It doesn’t matter that normally Jeongguk couldn’t even keep eye contact with you for more than five seconds before he has to look away. If you come across him while he’s in this state he will not hesitate to bend you backwards and fuck you that makes a different kind of shudder run down your spine.
The closest room where you could hide is in the bathroom on your right. Taehyung nudges you in that direction while he joins the two boys to help out, they’re relieved that he has the chains. But their relive it’s short lived though when Jeongguk somehow twists his hands out of their hold and grabs the door handle before you could close it.
You can barely hear their yells through the door and the rattle of the knob as you are now, face to face with Jeongguk and his glowing gold eyes laced with hunger. You could see the sweat collecting along his hairline but he still smells oh so nice, inhaling his manly scent makes you dizzy.
All you can hear is the blood rushing through your ears making everything sound like you’re underwater as you watch his face contort into a painful grimace.
You hold your breath when he gets close enough that you can feel his shaky exhale of breath on your face. Too close for comfort but you’re afraid to move in case it sets him off. He didn’t do anything yet and you’re not sure when they will be able to open the door so you refrain from making any sudden movements.
”J-Jeongguk, w-wait a minute!” You step back until your back collies with the cold tiles of the bathroom wall when he moves. You spoke too soon again. The cold sensation makes goosebumps appear on your skin as you shudder. Nowhere to go now he cages you between his muscular arms on either side of your waist. He’s shirtless you can’t help but look at his defined stomach and admire his muscles flexing with the motion of holding you between them.
This is not the right time to ogle at his fit body but you’re only woman while he’s a very attractive species of man right in front of your eyes. Heat or not. You should be scared shitless but weirdly, you don’t really feel that you’re in danger even when he’s standing this close to you.
He’s the youngest in his pack but definitely the most packing in terms of muscles. Any other day you wouldn’t think even for a moment that the sweet Gukie can be intimidating and make you shake in your boots.
What’s even crazier than that is that you’re not that scared to stand this close to him. Something in his eyes tells you that he won’t hurt you. He looks feral but there’s this tenderness in his eyes only reserved for your gaze to pick up on.
You don’t know if you should believe your instincts. You still jump when he ducks his face lower and licks the sweat off your cheek, startling you. He drags the wet muscle down your jaw licking the expanse of your skin as if you’re the tastiest ice cream on a sunny day.
”D-Don’t hurt me!” You yelp when you feel his tongue lave on your pulse point. There’s no way he can’t smell the fear on you as he keeps nibbling on your earlobe. He licks your entire neck, you can feel his sticky saliva coat your skin.
You’re so shocked that you barely register his hard on pressing to your stomach until he rolls his hips into you. His fingers dig into the dip of your hips to keep you in place.
He fucking whimpers at the contact that makes you feel a colourful palette of emotions. You let out a gasp of surprise that emits a deep growl from within his chest at the sound nothing like the sweet mewl he let out not too long ago.
The door bursts open the moment Jeongguk’s hand moves to hold your waist with who knows what kind of intention in mind and three werewolves are pulling him out of the room before you could blink twice. Everything happens so fast that your human senses are unable to keep up.
Your heart clenches painfully inside your ribcage as you hear him mewl and beg for them to let him go. He was so quiet until now. Taehyung is next to you inspecting your body for any injuries but you shake your head to reassure him that all your limbs are intact. Taehyung can smell Jeongguk's scent on you as his saliva started to dry on your neck. You’re more than fine just a little shell shocked.
”I’m fine. H-He just licked my neck.” Automatically your hand comes up to feel your neck except for the saliva that transferred on your fingers from your skin – there are no marks. He didn’t bite you or hurt you. Jeongguk is normally so shy and sweet. You never saw him acting this animalistic before. The sounds he made mere minutes ago left you hot and bothered and you’re glad no one mentions the change in your scent.
The boys made sure the new chains will hold on so you could open the bathroom door again. You hear his whiny voice, he’s telling the boys something but it’s too far away that your brain can’t make out the words only his sorrowful whimpers that pulls on your heartstrings. Jin rubs your arms to comfort you misjudging your distress but you’re too far away in your mind to register his soothing words in your ears.
Yoongi is the first one to come down, his face tells you nothing so you immediately ask him if he’s alright. If Jeongguk is alright. He then looks at you. His expression renders everyone speechless in the room. Yoongi looks deep in thought for a second.
”We have a big problem.” There’s dead silence inside the kitchen as everyone gathers around the table anticipating Yoongi’s elaboration on the subject. You sit between Jimin and Hoseok when Yoongi speaks up again. You know something is wrong when he only looks at you and he seems apologetic for some unknown reason.
”Jeongguk thinks Y/N is his mate.” If you were drinking something you sure would have spit it out by now. This is not what you were expecting your weekend to look like. Far from it. What kind of nonsense is this. Everyone around you is shocked, Taehyung is the first one to get his thoughts together and ask his hyung to repeat that.
”But we know Y/N for years and he never mentioned it once! Are you sure it’s not just his heat talking to get laid?” You can understand why Jimin would be sceptical. It’s not like there were many times where you and Jeongguk spent time alone without the guys if anything it always seemed like that he’s been avoiding you as much as he could.
This is a serious matter wolves don’t just go around calling just anyone their mate though.
It’s not something that happens overnight either. If you’re really his mate that means that he knew it for years! You don’t want to go there yet without a real confirmation but it would at least make sense why he was so shy around you. It’s rare for humans to be mated to werewolves but what’s even rarer is an omega having a human mate. It’s nature’s doing that omegas are mated to alphas 99.9% of the time and Jeongguk calling you his mate would make you the rare 0.1%.
”Even if we’re in heat we don’t claim someone is our mate when it’s not confirmed by our wolves. You know that as well as us, Jimin. He’s not coherent enough to come up with a lie, all we say and do during this time, it’s the truth. It’s a misconception that we say anything just to get laid.” Taehyung shifts from Jimin to you to explain and you nod. Understanding. Still a little out of it as you try to process this new information.
You’re Jeongguk’s mate. It should make you feel weirded out. But you can’t lie to yourself. You occasionally thought about Jeongguk as more than a friend, daydreaming about things involving him either innocently or not. Who do you try to deceive? It happens more than just a few times. The draw you always felt towards him makes perfect sense now that you know you’ve been fated to be together.
It was obvious that you had some kind of effect on him even before today as he always became tongue-tied as soon as you appeared in his peripheral. Realisation draws upon you that even when you meet up with the boys your eyes are searching for his before you greet anyone else.
You assumed that he’s not so fond of you when in reality it was the opposite really. You could also see why he didn’t want to tell you. It’s rare that his mate is a human. You hope that he’s not ashamed of you though. You might not be an alpha but you’re still his.
”What do we do now? I don’t understand why it’s bad news. I mean it’s sudden but-” You gulp avoiding everyone’s eyes before you continue. ”It’s n-not like I’m opposed to the idea.”
Yoongi snorts at my bashful state giving my shoulder a little squeeze of reassurance before the topic shifts. It’s evident that you had the biggest crush on Jeongguk since forever. Everyone in the pack knew about it except for Jeongguk.
”We told you that omegas are different right?” You nod, they talked about a few differences between their pack dynamics and how their heats differ from each other’s but you don’t know that much to be completely honest. It felt invasive on your part so you only listened when they offered to talk about it, you never outright asked.
”It’s painful to go through our heat without a mate but for an omega-” Taehyung trails off, unsure if it’s the best to tell you considering that it will put you in a place where a hard decision needs to be made by you and knowing you, you will want to help even though you’re not sure about it yourself.
”It will take a toll on his health sooner or later and now that he made skin to skin contact and inhaled your scent he can’t possibly think about anything else but to mate you. I don’t know if his body can handle his rut without you this time.”
You vividly remember how Jeongguk begged the boys to let him go, how he cried in agony when they dragged him away from you. He looked completely disoriented. At first, you thought that it’s impossible for his eyes to only focus while looking at you but now it doesn’t seem too far fetched. Maybe all he could see and focus on were you in front of him but so far away while his mind was full of unquenched lust and you’re the object of his desires.
”I can help him.” Their shoulders visibly relax after you offer. It must be hard for them to see their youngest suffer alone like that but they don’t want to force you either as you’re their friend as well. You can’t blame them for wanting the best for him. It seems like things will be a little backwards in your relationship but Jeongguk is not a normal guy either and you shouldn’t be coy now for both of your sakes.
You can picture how mortified he will look once the fog disappears from his mind and realises what happened. He will probably blush like crazy avoiding eye contact like always.
You can’t wait to see that. You just hope things will turn out well in the end.
”Can you uh, in the meantime go somewhere else? I would feel better if no one heard us- you know.” The boys coo as they see the blush spread across your cheeks.
They tease you a little but eventually agree to leave the house until Jeongguk’s heat passes.
Taehyung is reluctant at first he tries to convince you to have one of the boys stay just in case something happens but you reject the idea. The new chains should hold and you don’t think Jeongguk will hurt you. He could have, in the bathroom but he didn’t.
You promise to be careful.
”Just one more thing you need to know before we leave.” Jimin catches you by your sleeve pulling you back to get some distance between you and the boys who pack a few things before they leave. You’re confused why he suddenly asked you to talk to him privately.
”Just a few tips as a wolf.” Jimin winks and you look away to hide your embarrassment.
”I suggest you take a long shower before you go into his room, he will not like you smell like us. It would be even better if you could wear something of his so your scents would mix.”
He takes a whiff of air and chuckles. ”Not that I can’t smell him on you.” Your eyes widen before you look away and blush.
”It makes sense I guess. Anything else I should know?” You push your embarrassment to the side as you ask him. Jimin is not awkward about it at all it’s natural for them to go into heat and talk about this stuff so it’s time that you get yourself together. You need to know everything if you want to help Jeongguk through it properly.
”You know that omegas are normally mated to alphas. It’s a natural instinct to please our mate but it’s different from how we act since we’re more of the dominant side.”
”I’m not an alpha though. This will make a huge difference, isn’t it? What should I do, I’m just a human.” You kind of panic that you might not be able to please him, give him what he wants and craves. What if you can’t help him through his heat because you’re not a wolf? Jimin places a reassuring hand on your head and smiles to soothe your nerves.
”To please his wolf you need to think like an alpha Y/N. Make him submit to you. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a wolf you’re his mate, it doesn’t change his instincts to respond to your advances. He will want you to take control and tell him what to do. An omega only thinks about how to please their mate otherwise he will be anxious and think that you don’t want him or he’s doing something wrong.”
”Tell him what to do, got it.” You smile at him, feeling a little bit more confident than before and he returns your smile nodding.
”Tell him to prep you well too, he won’t be able to hold back his knot and it will be too painful if you’re not stretched.” You never thought that a day will come when you talk about sex with Jimin, you’re getting shy again as you listen to his explicit advice on how to handle an omega in heat.
”Also don’t tell him that I told you but he likes to be called a good boy.” Jimin winks.
”Maybe you should call Tae’s fiancé she can tell you some good advice as a human mate.” He adds as an afterthought before he leaves with the others.
The living room gets quiet as they gather their stuff and leave, you stand there for a moment before you sprung to action. Thinking about that Jeongguk must be in so much pain, it’s been a while since they dragged him back upstairs so you shouldn’t keep him waiting too long.
You need a shower to get ready to see him. You take Jimin’s offer and take your time scrubbing your body with the products you find inside his bathroom and dress up in his long shirt with your underwear underneath. Not wasting time to get fully dressed as it will come off soon enough, hopefully. You’re excited but a little nervous too.
Jeongguk is a handsome wolf and a true sweetheart deep down behind his shy doe eyes.
It seems surreal that he choose you as his mate but you wish he would have told you in better circumstances. Or told you at all considering that he blurted it out in the heat of the moment to his hyungs.
You didn’t know what to expect when you opened the door. But to see his chained form curled in on himself on a single mattress on the ground without a bed frame does things to you. The restraints are probably for precaution as you heard they break them frequently out of frustration.
Remembering the advice from Jimin you try to appear as someone confident when you approach him. Deep breath. You got this.
Order him around, please his wolf by praising him – you give yourself a silent pep talk on your way to his body laying on the ground. You can do that. It’s Jeongguk, your sweet omega that happens to be your mate. It doesn’t matter that you only found out mere hours ago.
He could smell you the minute you opened the door and stepped in. But he refuses to look at you as he makes himself appear smaller to chase away the painful throb of his erection that sends heatwaves through his body now that your sweet scent is potent in the air. Inhaling it strongly from the source makes his head foggy.
He couldn’t get the taste of your skin out of his head since he got to experience it in the bathroom. He wants to lick every crevice of your body until you’re drenched in his scent. It felt so right to push your body flush against him.
You’re confused when he pulls away from your touch, he’s shaking. You have your eyebrows in a deep furrow as you try to figure out what’s wrong. He mewls when you touch his warm skin, he’s burning up. He’s deeper in his heat than you originally thought.
”Look at me.” You hold him by his biceps as you turn him around to face you. Your voice is gentle and coaxing.
He could easily outpower you with his supernatural strength but instead, he lets you move him around as you please and when your eyes meet with his needy darkened pupils you have to bite your lips to hold back a frustrated groan.
Jeongguk is so pretty. You feel guilty that you get to ogle at his body when he’s clearly feeling unwell. Entirely under the spell of his heat. He’ll definitely be the death of you in all of his sweaty glory. He looks so submissive at this moment.  
Maybe the boys were right about one thing. The moon goddess never makes mistakes.
You naturally like submissive partners you have more experience with them so dominating a pretty wolf in heat should be a piece of cake. You can’t believe that you are lucky enough to bag a handsome boy like Jeon Jeongguk.
”I’m here Gukie you don’t have to suffer anymore. I’ll help you.” You kiss his cheek then his nose. Lastly, you place a kiss directly on his chapped lips. Jeongguk moans when he feels your mouth on him. He shyly reciprocates he moves in tandem with you but the sweet lip locking turns greedier when you decide to pull on his hair. His tongue swipes over your lower lip asking for permission that you give him without question.
You suck his tongue into your mouth while your hands eagerly map out his torso.
The sound of the chains grow louder in your ears as he tries to roam your body but the restrains doesn’t let him touch you like he desperately wants to. He lets out a frustrated huff when you kiss along the line of his jaw. As an attempt to make him feel better you catch his wrists to position them above his head.
Your fingers intertwine with his in a loving gesture as you capture his lips in a slow kiss full of tongue and passion surging through your veins. Not feeling close enough you straddle his hips. His sounds grow louder as you begin grinding down on his prominent erection.
”Y- Y/N.” Your name leaves his kiss swollen lips like a mantra when you stand. The protest dies on his tongue when he sees you undress. There’s a flesh of recognition you catch in his eyes. He realises that you’ve been wearing his shirt and now you’re taking it off in front of him. Standing in your blue panties and nothing else.
You inhale sharply when Jeongguk kneels, his hand is on your calf as he inhales deeply nosing along your left thigh.
”Wanna taste you. Ugh, you smell so nice. Can I bury my face in your cunt? Please? Can I?”
You gulp down the pent up saliva in your mouth. You never in a million years had thought that he’ll beg to eat you out, saying such explicit things with no shame.
Your panties are soaked with your arousal after kissing Jeongguk and making out with him for a while. You wonder how your body will react when his lips are wrapped around other parts of your body. The colour where it conceals your centre the material turned to a darker blue, the sight makes the wolf salivate.
Feigning your confidence you push at his chest, gently laying him down flat on the mattress. His eyes light up like Christmas lights when he catches what you’re trying to do.
”Yes, yes! Please sit on my face. I want to lick you all clean. I won’t waste a drop I swear. I’ll make you cum on my tongue until your legs are shaking. My mate’s sweet cunt deserves to be licked clean. Hmp-!” You waste no time in positioning your legs on either side of his face. His dirty mouth manages to rile you up enough that when your pussy hovers over his eager face your centre is dripping. The chains leave him enough space to grip your thighs with his firm hands pulling you down until he can reach you to make the first lick to your cunt.
Your spine immediately arches as he buries his face between your sticky folds. The tip of his nose rubs against your clit as his breath fans across your sex teasing you. He’s inhaling your heady aroma until he can’t hold back anymore and dives in with a long lick. His moan is guttural and animalistic as he enjoys your taste.
His eyes are closed tightly and there’s a furrow to his brows. You recognize the expression he makes when he eats something delicious and your face burns with embarrassment.
Your cunt throbs the more Jeongguk turns you on with his eagerness. But the shy feeling doesn’t last long since he makes sure you can’t think about anything else.
The only thoughts you’re allowed to have is how the visual of his face drenched in your arousal could bring you alone close to the edge. A close second to how his swollen lips and vigorous tongue is about to send you over to the gates of heaven.
His jaw works hard as he slurps loudly, sucking on your pink clit Jeongguk is fuelled by the shameless moans that you bless his ears with – with each stroke of his tongue. He doesn’t relent until your legs are shaking and about to close around his head if it weren’t for his tight grip on your thighs you might have crushed him. He keeps fucking you with his tongue his moans are almost louder than yours and the vibrations it sends to your core is the last push you needed to come undone.
Jeongguk lets you move your hips as you enjoy the last waves of your orgasm. He keeps still under you with his tongue out while you grind down on his face, whimpering as the overstimulation settles in. Your legs are shaking wildly as you try to get down from your high. It doesn’t help how Jeongguk keeps flicking his tongue from your clit to your convulsing hole as he cleans you of any remains of your orgasm.
Jeongguk sends you a wolfish smile, satisfied to see you have a hard time catching your breath. He places a calming peck to your inner thigh before he lets you go and plop down on your ass next to him. Jeongguk’s face shines with your cum he cheekily licks his lips as his eyes stray from your face to your cunt that glistens in the lamplight. The wolf can smell the sweetness of your cum and his saliva mixed in. His cock is rock hard as he tries to wait till you gather yourself.
Your pleasure and comfort is his first priority even though he’s straining every muscle in his body to keep himself from ramming into your spent cunt and mark his territory by cumming inside your fertile pussy. His cock throbs painfully as he imagines how tight you’ll be around him as he penetrates you with his wide cockhead. He’ll fuck you raw and cum inside. He’ll knot you and paint your walls white to make sure every wolf and man out there knows that you belong to him.
You have no idea what Jeongguk’s been thinking about while you were collecting yourself after the intense orgasm he coaxed from you but judging by the stare he gives you it must be deliciously sinful.
Your gaze is fixed on his bulge, it seems painful so you palm him over his slacks trying to return the favour but Jeongguk rips your hand away from his clothed erection.
You’re startled at how roughly he tore your hand away from him that makes you look away in shame.
Maybe you read into his actions wrong and he finds your touch repulsive somehow. His wolf sensing your negative emotions Jeongguk pulls you to him by a hand on the back of your neck and plants a messy kiss on your lips. You can taste yourself on his tongue. You’re still confused by his previous outburst but you try again. Inching closer to the tent in his pants and rub the heel of your palm over his entire length.
Jeongguk breaks the kiss to whimper into your neck. His hands find leverage on your shoulders as you massage his cock over his clothes. Judging by the outline, his dick is massive not only in grith but long enough to fill you up and curve just where your pleasure spot is.
”Stop.” Jeongguk grips your hand when it tries to slide under the material of his pants. ”I don’t wanna waste any of my seed. My cum belongs to be spurt deep in your pussy.”
”But- I want to taste you too.” You don’t relent this time. Knowing that you’re stubborn if you want something Jeongguk lets go of your hand and helps you by lifting his hip so you can get him out of his clothes. He’s so big. You lick your lips, mesmerised how your grip can hardly wrap around his base.
Jeongguk watches you with half-lidded eyes. He lets you take care of him slipping back to submission as you show him the dominance that his wolf recognises with delight.
Your fingers work his shaft like magic, his precum aids an easy glide. You don’t need to use your spit to make his cock slippery as your hands can set a faster pace without any resistance. ”Your cock is so wet Gukie. Does eating my pussy turned you on this much?”
You twist your fingers skillfully, dragging the sensitive skin up and down until he chants your name between heavy pants. He chokes on his moan when you engulf the tip of his cock in your mouth without warning, tasting him for the first time.
”Yes! Hmmph- Y/N. You’re so delicious. I want your taste on my tongue forever.” You hum around his cock, pleased by his answer. Your tongue rolls around the head collecting the bead of precum you reach lower following the throbbing vein down his shaft and then you suck. Jeongguk throws his head back and mewls.
”I’ll cum! Please Y/N stop or I’ll c-cum down your throat! Fuck, please I can’t t-take it. Your mouth is so w-warm and wet.” You continue stroking his cock as you pay most of your attention to his sensitive cockhead. But right before he could tip over the edge you pull away. Ripping the orgasm from him that it’s just out of his reach.
Remembering the piece of advice from Jimin you reluctantly pull away and settle down on your back again. You spread your legs wide and beckon Jeongguk to come closer. He does so eagerly following your body on all fours until he hovers above you.
You really want to skip this part as he managed to rile you up enough to drown in your arousal you remember that his knot is no joke. If you don’t want to feel like you’re being ripped in half you need a little stretch before you let him fuck you.
You share a heated kiss that turns slopy real soon, your moans interrupting the flow of your intertwined tongues as Jeongguk ruts his bare cock along your folds.
”Need your fingers or your huge cock won’t fit. We can’t have that won’t we?”
You run your hands through Jeongguk’s sweaty hair, you need something to focus on to keep yourself to the plan when his cock catches onto your clit each time he thrust back and forth. You can tell from his desperate rutting that he wants that too but decides to listen to you and guide his long fingers to your fluttering opening.
You’re glad to have something in you even though it’s not as good as his cock would feel. His fingers are thick and long and he certainly knows how to use them as you feel another orgasm approach you all too soon. His pace is ruthless as he thrust his digits in and out. He mainly focuses on stretching you as he adds a third finger but can’t help himself as he dips down to latch his mouth onto your sensitive clit.
He doesn’t hear you when you tell him to stop before he could send you over the edge again. Your taste invades his senses – you can see how his eyes turn gold whilst his fingers fuck you mercilessly until you’re cumming around them.
Jeongguk is insatiable or maybe it’s the wolf in him that encourages him to wreak you. His wolf won’t be satisfied until your legs shake like jelly and your eyes are filled with tears of pleasure.
You focus on his flexing biceps as he keeps his full body weight above you for a moment. His cock finally sinks into your heat that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head in overstimulation.
Jeongguk’s cock fills you up to the brim, slides home in your wet cunt with ease. It would be surprising if it wasn’t thinking back to the long foreplay that he subjected you to. Jeongguk’s stamina and self control is no joke but knowing that he kept a huge secret from you for all these years tells you that he had time to practice.
He’ll have to do a lot of making up to you but right now you just enjoy the sharp thrust of his hips. The bliss that shows on his face how heavenly your pussy stretches around his grith is worths more than all the money in the world. Knowing that you’re the source of that pleasure. His hands are all over your body. Kneading your breasts, feeling up your tummy where he can feel the outline of his cock move in and out.
Wants to dive deeper and make your moan sound higher as the airy sounds you let out fill his wolf with pride. He imagined this too many times that his self control is slowly slipping from his fingertips as he thrust harder drilling you into the mattress until he feels the base of his cock swell. Letting him know that he’s getting close.
Jeongguk draws tight circles with the tip of his thumb to coax one more orgasm out of you before he releases.
He makes you cum for the third time tonight. The pleasure is numbing as you start to feel his knot enlarge plugging your pussy up tightly so his cum doesn’t spill.
You don’t feel the pain from his knot as you blackout for a moment or two from the exhaustion that overwhelms your sore muscles when your body realises that Jeongguk is finally done with you. The gold hue is slowly vanishing from his doe eyes as you both bask in the afterglow. His face is securely tucked between your breasts cushioning his head from either side. Sweat and cum is everywhere as Jeongguk rolls onto his back once his knot ebbs away.
There’s a charged silence between you as you both try to regain your breaths.
You relax when Jeongguk pulls you into his arms he doesn’t care that you’re both gross and sweaty. He happily noses along your neck, smelling that his scent is all over you.
You release him from his chains knowing that he’ll be more in control now that he knotted before you succumb to sleep. You decide it’s enough reassurance for now as you soon drift off from exhaustion.
The next couple of days are intense. He wakes you up by slipping inside your spent count he whines into your ear when you don’t react to his advances at first.
You’re still sleepy and worn out but he manages to coax your moans out with his precise thrusts against your sweet spot. He shoots another load in you then goes back to sleep not bothering with slipping out as he cages you between his arms.
Jeongguk doesn’t let you out of his sight until his heat passes on the third day. But before that, he fucks you on every surface of the room, against the wall, with your ass up in the air bend over the dresser. From behind on all fours on the mattress.
By the time he’s knocked out you’re sore everywhere and you barely get yourself to walk a few metres to the bathroom for a well deserved clean up. You grab Jeongguk’s clothes from the dryer and set out a fresh pair for him to change into when he wakes up.
It gets easier to move around after you get used to a slight ache between your legs so you start on breakfast. You help yourself to two servings, making sure that you’re not eating too fast to avoid throwing up. Helping Jeongguk out with his heat took out everything of you, you no longer question why Taehyung and Jimin’s partners need a week to recover and feel like a human being again.
You can hear Jeongguk’s feet pad down the stairs, he sends you a bashful smile when your eyes meet. It’s awkward as you don’t know where you stand with him right now. During his heat, you had no time or the energy to discuss the elephant in the room but you can’t avoid the topic any longer. You refuse to pretend like nothing happened either. Your heart wouldn’t be able to take it.
”Were you ever planning to tell me?” It’s you who speaks first. Jeongguk avoids your eyes at all costs that speak more than any of his words could. It’s probably the exhaustion catching up to you after the intense fucking but your eyes fill up with tears.
Jeongguk panics when he sees the first roll of your tears slide down your cheeks. He’s about to say something when the front door opens and voices start to filter through the living room. They probably got your text that his heat is over. Still in his clothes, you stand up and walk to the front door leaving a panicking Jeongguk behind.
”Call me if you finally have something to say otherwise don’t bother.” You say it to the boy behind your back. Your voice is weak and Jeongguk wants to wrap his hands around you and tell you how much you mean to him. How sorry he is.
Instead, he watches you walk out. The boys look behind you they exchange a confused gaze before they jab Jeongguk for answers. It seemed like you didn’t even hear them say hello to you as you walked out. They could tell that you looked like you were about to ugly cry.
Jeongguk has to deal with six angry brothers as they all give him the stink eye for hurting you. He got several comments during the week about how he should get his head out of his ass and man up. For the record, Jeongguk knows that he needs to apologise to you sooner or later.
This is not how he expected his heat to go. He was dead set at spending it alone this year like every other year before but then he smelled you. You smelled so tempting so delicious. If he closes his eyes he could still remember how you tasted when you sat on his face. The reason why he kept it a secret from you is stupid now that he thinks about it. He ruined his every chance at being with you by not telling you about the mate bond that he could sense from the very beginning.
You had a boyfriend at the time you got introduced to the boys. You were Taehyung’s friend first but when you accidentally discovered that he’s a werewolf you joined the gang.
Jimin and Taehyung’s girlfriend immediately took a liking to you, you seemed to fit in with them perfectly. It wasn’t even a full year after that you finally broke up with your boyfriend but then he didn’t know how to bring it up with you.
He avoided you for at least half of the year after you joined it would have been weird if he suddenly started to act different around you. He dug his own grave there with his boundaries.
He kept waiting for the right time until it blew up in his face and now you’re hurt. You haven’t been visiting and the boys made sure that Jeongguk knew it’s because of him. They had a whole meeting addressing the issue. Jeongguk had to tell them everything and while they were still mad at him they could also see where he’s coming from.
After they heard Jeongguk’s side of the story they tried to spam your text messages.
All of them encouraged you to reach out and talk it out with the young werewolf but you were always a stubborn one. You told Jeongguk that if he wants to tell you something then he has to reach out first when you left the packhouse that day.
You initiated the first talk and he didn’t even say anything. Sure the boys interrupted you but he didn’t look like he was going to speak anytime soon. The girls came over to cheer you up. You couldn’t say no to wine and chicken. They told you that they gave a piece of their mind when they saw Jeongguk.
You didn’t like to hear how he has been moping around the house after you left. A part of you thinks that he deserves it but another part is still in love with him. You don’t like to see him sad.
He’s a big eater but the boys told you over text that he skips meals and locks himself up in his room instead of hanging out with them. It’s clear they try to butter you up and reach out first.
After the first month, you begin to lose hope that Jeongguk will ever reach out to you.
What’s worse is that you really miss him. You miss his smile, his adorable doe eyes that he keeps avoiding you with, how he works out in the morning. His laugh, everything about him is perfect. In your eyes anyways and today you’re in a particularly shitty mood.
You try to distract yourself from your period cramps by watching some show on Netflix but you can barely concentrate on the plot. A knock on the door interrupts you but you pay it no mind it’s probably one of the boys or your girlfriends checking up on you so you yell that they can come in.
You’re in no shape to get up as a particularly hard cramp makes you cringe and fold your body in half from the pain.
”Are you alright?” Your eyes shoot open when you hear his voice. He was the last person that you thought would visit and while you’re on your period nonetheless.
”Fine. It’s just that time of the month.” You grit out. Your hair is a mess and you’re in your least appealing clothes but Jeongguk still thinks that you’re beautiful. He can smell the iron in the air but it doesn’t disgust him he’s more worried about you in pain.
”What do you think you’re doing?” Your bewilderment is showing but you let Jeongguk manoeuvre your body as he pleases. He lets your head down to rest against his thighs as he sits. One hand is rubbing your tummy while the other reaches for the remote to choose another movie. You can’t lie this position is very comfortable and thanks to his werewolf genes he’s like a living furnace. His hand is so warm against your stomach that you can already feel the pain ebbing.
”I don’t like to see you in pain.” You didn’t expect an answer like that. Jeongguk looks at his hand laying on your stomach, his hands are big he could cover most of it. Fuck. Why do you have to be horny while you’re on your period? This is not the time to remember how good his tongue felt or how deep his cock- ok you’re not going down that road. You have to remember that Jeongguk can fucking smell your arousal.
You were supposed to be still mad at him and not cuddling on your couch when he haven’t reached out for a full month after he fucked you to the moon and back! He lied to you!
”I’m not in the mood for your games Jeongguk. If you have nothing to say then please leave.” It takes everything in you to move away from the comfortable position. As soon as his hand leaves your stomach the pain comes back but you try to not show your discomfort.
You have your back to him as you sit up. You expect him to do as you said. Leave. But he surprises you by hugging you from behind. Your back is firmly pushed against his chest you could hear his heart hammer around in his chest as if he’s nervous.
You have no idea how nervous he is. He’s here to apologise and maybe mend what can still be fixed between you but he’s afraid he’ll say all the wrong things again. The past month was hell. He watched Jimin and Taehyung being all lovely dovely with their mates and a deep longing settled into his heart.
He wants that with you too. Taehyung could see how the younger boy has been struggling so he decided to sit down and talk to him. Taehyung knows well how it feels to want your mate that’s so close but still out of reach. He has been in love with his best friend for a long time. Their situation is somewhat similar as Taehyung confessed when his heat kicked in. His mate reacted differently but the situation was different and Jeongguk was foolish enough to let you walk out that door.
Jeongguk realised that his hyung is right. He can’t be sure that you won’t forgive him. He has to try and try some more until you give in. Jeongguk swears that he’ll treat you right. He thanked Taehyung for his advice and drove to your place. He found you on the couch with a thick wool blanket draped around your shoulders and a pained expression etched into your beautiful features.
Even before he asked what was wrong he could smell your period blood. Your temperature rises and your heart rate quickens he knows all the signs. He doesn’t know what to say or how to start so he decides he’ll try to show you with his actions.
It seems to backfire though as you pull away.
”I’m sorry.” It’s the first thing that comes out as he presses himself against you, his arms are wrapped around you tightly – afraid that you’ll slip through his fingers if he lets go.
”For what?” You try not to sound too hopeful. Your heart is beating as fast as his. He could hear it and it calms him down. Knowing that he’s not the only one nervous.
Jeongguk takes it as a sign to continue when you place your hand on his that is around you.
”I should have told you. I knew that you were my mate the moment our eyes met for the first time. Your boyfriend was right next to you. I. I didn’t think I should tell you. T- then you broke up but the time never was right. You thought that I didn’t like you and I didn’t know how to change that. Even now I keep saying the wrong things that make you cry. I’m really sorry Y/N.” His arms hold you even closer as he tries to apologise. He hopes that he’s saying all the right things for once.
”I love you Jeongguk.” Since he initiated the hug it’s the first time that you let yourself relax and fall against his chest. He can’t believe his own ears. If it’s possible his heart beats a little faster at the confession you shyly whisper into the air. He spins you around to catch your lips and seal your confession. His eyes flash gold for a second before it turns back to his original dark doe eyes that you’ve fallen in love with.
His tongue asks for permission that you give him with a content sigh. Jeongguk doesn’t shy away to devour your lips now that the air cleared between you he keeps one hand buried in your hair and the other fondles your breasts under your worn out shirt. His calloused fingertips on your naked flesh send goosebumps all over your body. He has a lot of making up to do. Never a better time to start than the present and you’re not complaining. Your cunt is already throbbing to have something inside that’s way bigger than your tiny little tampon.
Your breasts are more sensitive to the touch than normal thanks to your period. Even after a few flicks with his thumb over the rosy buds, you could feel yourself getting wetter. His familiar scent is enough to rile you up as you playfully bite his shoulder when he grips your breasts a little harder. You seem to discover a weak spot as Jeongguk throws his head back with a loud moan.
”A werewolf with a biting kink. Who would have thought?” Your laugh is short-lived as Jeongguk doesn’t appreciate your humour at the moment. Your little bite made his cock harden within seconds. He’s a bit sad that he doesn’t get to eat you out this time he really loves how you taste but he’ll make sure to do so some other time once your period is over. Jeongguk flips you over to rest on your back but you stop him before he could rip your and his clothes off and have his way with you.
”Guk we can’t do it on the couch. I’ll never be able to clean the blood from it let’s go to the bathroom.” Jeongguk agrees and lets you stand up. He doesn’t give two shits about your couch but he respects your decision. The bathroom is an easier place to clean and he plans to make a mess.
Jeongguk helps you strip down and while he gets rid of his clothes you remove your tampon and throw it into the bin. The warm water helps your tense muscles relax instantly. It helps when Jeongguk kneads your shoulders the innocent action makes a loud moan rip from your throat that reminds Jeongguk what he should be doing instead. The massage could wait he needs to stick his dick inside you.
You’re so wet and warm. Warmer than normal. He’s not in heat but it feels good to be buried in your tight cunt. If anything he prefers this as he gets to keep a clear head.
You close your eyes when he starts moving. You know yourself that you’ll blush if you see the mess you make but Jeongguk is not bothered by the blood at all, the water washes it away anyway. This is different than before and your heart flutters when Jeongguk keeps you close as he thrusts in and out sloppily. He’s not in a rush to finish he simply enjoys your tight walls sucking his cock in. You accommodate his length so well even though he knows about his impressive size.
Your cramps are long forgotten as Jeongguk makes you feel so good. His curved tip rubs against your bundle of nerves every time he dives back in. He pinches your sensitive nipples while the other unoccupied hand finds your clit to throw you over the edge of bliss you cry out his name when your orgasm hits. Jeongguk releases his load soon after you come down from your high. Both of you clung to each other for a moment longer before you start cleaning up.
The young werewolf has a hard time keeping his hands to himself as you wash the sweat and blood away. You let him run his soapy hands all around your body, you’re glad that he doesn’t try anything other than help you. Your mood has improved and your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore but you still feel a little under the weather because of the symptoms. Jeongguk grabs every opportunity to cling to you as you make yourself some tea. He kisses your shoulder, your neck and your cheeks every so often to show his affection. It feels good to be wrapped around him.
He spends the night at your place before you drive back with him to the packhouse in the morning. Everyone is ecstatic to see you two together it also has been a while since you all got to hang around like this. You missed everyone. You remember how Jeongguk teased Taehyung and his girlfriend when they finally got together and they made sure to tease him right back now that you’re officially a couple.
”They grow up so soon. First Jimin then Taehyung and now our Jeonggukie has found his mate.” Seokjin pretends that he’s wiping away his tears he speaks directly to Namjoon but he makes sure everyone hears him loud and clear. You enjoy how everyone keeps roasting Jeongguk so you just laugh and leisurely play with your lover’s longer stands. The youngest groans when the girls giggle and agree with Jin.
”You oldies should pick up your game. How is it that all the youngest found their mates but you’re all single.” Jeongguk bites back then earns a glare from Hoseok and Yoongi who are seated on the other side clearly trying to watch a film instead of paying attention to the conversation. Not that it’s possible when everyone is so loud.
”Sorry to interrupt but. Guys listen. We have something to tell you.” Jimin holds his girlfriend close one hand is on her stomach as their smiles reach ear to ear. Everyone gasps loudly.
”Wait! No way.” Even Jeongguk sits up straighter as the lovebirds share a cute giggle.
”We’re having a baby!” Jimin announces. The couple shares a sweet kiss before everyone stands up to congratulate and share a hug. You leave Jeongguk’s side to envelop your friend in a warm embrace that soon turns out to be a girls only group hug when Taehyung’s fiancé joins. You all giggle and share your enthusiasm when you catch the boys doing the same with Jimin while they laugh and hug each other. Last month Taehyung’s engagement now Jimin’s baby is coming. What an eventful year. You didn’t think that this year will bring your own happy ending as well but you wouldn’t change it for the world.
Your gazes meet with Jeongguk in the middle of the chaos as everyone celebrates. You both have warm smiles on your faces.
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latetaektalk · 3 months ago
(road)tripping for you | jjk
Tumblr media
“it was just supposed to be a roadtrip; your best friend, her boyfriend, his best friend, and you. but it gets a little more complicated (and a whole lot more awkward) when your best friend and her boyfriend have to drop out and you’re left to go on the trip with none other than jeon jungkook, a complete stranger. well, a complete stranger except for the fact that you hooked up two years ago.”
— genre: roadtrip! AU, strangers to lovers! AU, only-one-bed! AU, summer! AU, fluff, a bit of angst
— pairing: jungkook x female reader
— word count: 31.071
— warnings: cursing, light alcohol consumption, awkward situations, clichés
— playlist: click here
— a/n: alright im happy and incredibly nervous to present this baby !! its completely self-indulgent, cheesy as shit, and not really edited, so i hope you guys enjoy! id also like to thank lira @koocycle​ for listening to me cry about this fic!! couldnt have done this without you! also, this is my entry for @ficscafe​’s exchange event, written for @jeonsweetheart​​ !! i really do hope you enjoy this one and sorry that this is so long! i uh also stalked your blog a bit and was inspired by how you assign a song to every fic, so i did the same! hope you dont mind!! my pick for this au is “safety net” by ariana grande !!
— lyric: tripping, falling, with no safety net 
Tumblr media
The summer is always too short.
The realisation comes to you while you’re waiting in the car and fanning yourself with a make-shift paper fan because the AC broke two weeks ago and you haven’t had the money to get it fixed yet, waiting for Sooyoung who just walked into the convenience store to buy some snacks. 
You look out to your left. The sun’s still high up in the sky for how late it is, bleeding its last bit of light into the clouds. Couples and families are walking past you, chatting and laughing, holding melting ice cream in their hands. You hear the laughter of children playing tag down the street, another handful are chasing each other with a water gun. Through the cracked window, you feel the warm and humid air come in, hitting your cheek. It’s at that moment you realise it.
It’s sad.
But at the same time, you realise it’s fitting. Summer arrives with magic every year—the nights somehow seeming endless, the days stuffed with almost suffocating and paralysing potential, indeterminate relationships and friendships, and the air filled with infinite possibilities and promises, all within reach, so close and still not close enough, a hopeful humming accompanying it. It’s reeling. 
So of course, time passes quicker. Of course, summer is fading and fleeting. Of course, it’s all over in the blink of an eye. It’s magical after all.
It’s that magic that prompted you to ask out your crush your sophomore year (you (fortunately) lasted less than a handful of months), that gave you the foolish courage to cut your hair with a pair of blunt kitchen scissors at two in the morning your junior year (it was a disaster), and made you climb out of your window Tangled style after you got grounded so you could spend the last days of summer with your friends under the night sky your senior year (some of the greatest nights of your life). 
It’s the same magic that provokes you to turn to Sooyoung and ask her this when she comes back with an armful of snacks (without the Cheerios you asked for though).
“You wanna go on a roadtrip?”
Tumblr media
It’s a stupid idea you conclude halfway through planning.
Because three issues come up. First, neither of you have much saved up (read: barely anything), which makes paying for the hotel stays and the car you’re going to rent (since yours is shit and Sooyoung doesn’t have one) a lot more difficult. And second, Sooyoung can’t drive, which would make you the only driver, which obviously, you can’t be on a cross country roadtrip. Last but not least, Sooyoung’s and Namjoon’s two year anniversary is coming up, and while she hasn’t made it the official third issue, you know she doesn’t want to spend their anniversary apart.
But Sooyoung somehow comes up with a solution to all of the problems.
For the first (and third) issue, she suggests taking Namjoon with you. This way you can split the costs for the hotels and the car. And obviously, if he’s on the trip too, they won’t be apart during their anniversary. You’re more than happy with the solution. The same can’t be said about the solution she suggests for the second issue.
“Look, if he came along, we’d have a second driver and—” You walk over to the snacks section but Sooyoung follows you, her grocery list long forgotten. “—we could split the costs of the hotels and car by four!”
You closely examine two poorly designed bags of cookies, neither looking all that appealing, pretending like you couldn’t hear her. You go with the cheaper option.
“Y/N,” Sooyoung says and pokes you in the ribs. You flinch and almost drop the cookies. You give her a scowl. “Consider it?”
“I already said no.” You turn on your heel and walk away.
“Please, Y/N,” she whines, catching up with you and blocking your way. 
You purse your lips and narrow your eyes. “Can’t someone else come with? Does it have to be him?”
“Kook’s Joon’s best friend,” Sooyoung says, and you cringe at the nickname. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to her calling him that. “They’ve actually also talked about going on a roadtrip before, you know? So when I mentioned it…”
She trails off, but you don’t need her to keep talking. You know where she’s getting at.
“No, Soo, I just-” You cut yourself short, and shake your head. “It’s just so embarrassing. I bailed, dude. I didn’t even bother to wait for him to wake up and shit.”
The image materialises in front of your eyes; the morning you woke up next to the doe-eyed boy you never thought you would get this close to, or even talk to. It feels like a fever dream. Not only is it unlike you to hook up with a stranger, but of all people, you could have fallen into bed with it was Jeon Jungkook? Sometimes you’re convinced it was all just a fever dream, it never happened, until you remember you forgot your keys at his place in your haze. Your lost keys remain the only piece of evidence that stops you from convincing yourself you only hallucinated it all.
“Yeah, but it was two years ago!”
You scrunch your face. You’ve heard this all before, and you don’t want to hear it again, so you walk past Sooyoung and head for the checkout, placing the cookies on the conveyor belt. 
“Y/N, can’t you at least think about it?”
“I have.”
“No, you haven’t,” she hisses. “You immediately said no! You didn’t even take a second to consider it.”
You look at her. “Soo, you know exactly how I feel about this- him. Don’t force me to be stuck in a car with him, please.”
Sooyoung opens her mouth but is interrupted by the cashier. The arguing ceases then, and you’re grateful. The peace doesn’t last long though, Sooyoung picking up right where you left off as soon as you finish paying.
“You make it seem like you guys have some major history when you just hooked up. And that was two years ago! It’s been ages! There’s literally no reason for you to still avoid Kook.”
You dig out your keys and unlock your car, slipping into it just to regret it. You groan because even though you made sure to park in the shade, the sun had moved when you were in the store and turned your car into a goddamn sauna. You feel your skin glueing to your seat. Ew. 
You keep the door open to let in some air, and you’re about to tell Sooyoung to do the same, but she interrupts you.
“I actually think he has forgotten about you,” she says, and you toss the cookies in the backseat and tuck your hair out of your face, grabbing your make-shift paper fan. It doesn’t bring much relief, but it’s better than nothing. 
The comment, although you should be happy about it because it’s all you want, irks you the tiniest bit. Because you haven’t. You haven’t even begun to forget him, and the thought it might not be the same for him, that you didn’t leave a single mark in his mind, it hurts a bit
“You think?”
“I know.”
“And how do you know?” 
“Because in the past two years he’s never brought you up, or even alluded to you or the night,” she argues.
“That’s because he doesn’t know my name,” you say. “Probably only knows me by my face. I’m probably that dumb girl that left her keys at his place in his mind.”
Sooyoung sighs, rolling her eyes at your stubbornness. “He’s really nice! You’d know if you would have just gone out with us once.” 
When Sooyoung and Namjoon started dating, it didn’t take long for your two friend groups to grow into a big one, the two organising parties and meetups. You never participated in anything when there was even the smallest chance of Jungkook being there too. No one ever noticed.
“And he’s also really funny-”
“Date him then,” you mumble, which earns you a deserved hit against your arm.
“Y/N, you know I’m in a happy relationship with Joon!” 
“So you’d date him if you weren’t with-”
Another hit.
You laugh, but Sooyoung doesn’t join you, glowering at you instead, and you wonder how this conversation took this turn so quickly. Minutes ago she was giving you puppy eyes and begging you to think about it and now she’s scowling at you and scolding you like a mother.
“I’m serious, Y/N. And before you say we’ll do it next year, you know exactly we won’t. It’s like when you said you’d stop buying so many books this year, or when I said, I’d learn Spanish. The moment we postpone the trip, we’re not doing it anymore, and you know that.” Sooyoung stares into your eyes, waiting for you to say something. When you don’t—because unfortunately, she’s right, and you don’t want to admit that—, she sighs. She takes your hands into hers and tosses your paper fan to the side. 
“Y/N, look,” you quiet down when you see the stare she gives you, “I don’t want to force you into anything. I’m gonna respect your boundaries if you really don’t want him on the trip—” You hear the ‘but’ before she even says it. “—but I promise you first, Kook doesn’t remember. Second, even if he does, he’s not gonna be weird about it. And third, I know he won’t be weird about it because Kook’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.”
You think Sooyoung’s done, but she opens her mouth again. “Also,” she sits up, “Joon and I are gonna be there too! So even if it’s weird, which I highly doubt, we’ll serve as buffers! And if you don’t wanna talk to him, you don’t have to either. No one’s saying you have to become friends with Kook, but it’s just-”
She deflates after. She can’t find the right words, but it’s fine. You know what she’s trying to say. You’re not stupid. Without Jungkook this trip won’t be happening. It’s as simple as that.
You sigh and close your eyes. You do realise how ridiculous how you’re acting right now. Like Sooyoung has pointed out, your history only consists of one drunken night. It’s barely anything. Bits and pieces. Scraps really. But it’s enough to have your cheeks burning up.
But if Sooyoung’s right, if Jungkook has actually forgotten about you (which wouldn’t be so unlikely since it’s been two years and you’re sure he’s hooked up with other girls in the meantime), you really don’t have anything to worry about. But if Sooyoung’s not right and he brings it up, you’re fucked. You don’t think you can handle the embarrassment, the questions of why you so rudely fled in the morning. 
On the other hand, you really do want to go on the roadtrip. You think it’d be the perfect way to spend the summer, stretch it out a bit more, fill it with memories you’re going to look back on fondly in a few years. You think it would be the perfect way to savour the summer. It’s all you want, to spend time with your best friend and make memories.
You look at Sooyoung. She’s still staring at you. She’s going to wait for your answer, however long it takes. Because (and you know that) she’s convinced it might just be a ‘yes’. You heave out a sigh.
She’s right, unfortunately. You hope the same will be the case with Jungkook.
It’s almost comical how quickly her face lights up, the corners of her lips turning up into a gigantic grin.
“Wait, really?” she gasps quietly, clasping her hands together, almost like in a prayer. “You’re sure about this?”
No, you’re not, not even a bit. But the things you would do to ensure a great summer with your best friend. You sigh and nod. Just as Sooyoung’s about to burst, you shove your finger into her face.
“But promise me,” you stare her down, “that you’ll stick with me. You can’t leave me hanging!”
She quickly nods, so vigorously you think her head’s going to fall off. “I won’t. I won’t. Don’t worry, Joon doesn’t exist on the trip. You’re my sole focus, I swear.”
“So you promise me?”
Sooyoung stares you down. “Y/N, I promise you I won’t leave you hanging.”
You smile at each other. It’s decided then. Jungkook’s coming on the trip too. You can already feel regret building up in you.
“Also, we gotta get back inside. I didn’t buy shit.” Sooyoung produces her grocery list from her pocket.
You roll your eyes. “You better be quick.”
Tumblr media
In your years of friendship with Sooyoung, she has only ever let you down two times. 
The first time was in your sophomore year when you had just begun dating your first boyfriend and told your parents you were going to stay over at her place and she screwed up covering for you, which led to you getting a three hour long lecture on honesty and being in a relationship so young.
The second time was two years ago when she forgot to tell you she was going to leave the party early with a certain dimpled boy from her Chem class because you’re convinced if she had, you wouldn’t have wandered around looking for her and landed in the arms of a certain doe-eyed boy. Yes, you blame Sooyoung for you hooking up with Jungkook, at least partially.
But those two occasions were the only times she’s ever let you down. Today, however, marks the third time, and this time it’s bad.
Because when Jungkook pulls up to your apartment, Sooyoung and Namjoon aren’t standing next to you like they should be. And they’re also not running late. No, they’re in a completely different city.
Your emotional state is confusing; somehow you’re nervous and pissed off at the same time. It’s hard to find a balance, to think straight with both emotions brewing inside you.
You think time stretches thin when you watch Jungkook park and get out, eyes meeting yours before searching for the two familiar faces. You can’t figure out if he recognises you or not as he walks up to you. Your heart tumbles more and more with every step he takes.
“Hey,” he greets you, and you can see traces of a smile on his lips.
You search for something in his eyes, anything that will tell you if he remembers you, if you look familiar to him at all, but you find nothing. Either there’s really nothing and Sooyoung’s right, or you’re simply too nervous to process this entire thing to analyse the situation at hand.
“Uh, hi,” you breathe out, sounding vaguely out of breath and reedy. You scrunch your nose.
“Where’s Joon and Soo?”
And with that question, you decide he doesn’t recognise you. Maybe you’re wrong, but it’s the conclusion you decide to come to. It’s the only one that allows your voice to gain some firmness, that allows your mind to clear up a bit, that has the nervosity simmering down to a light bubble, allowing space for your anger at the situation at hand.
“They’re not here.”
“Wait,” he frowns, and looks behind you, like maybe he overlooked them somehow, “where are- oh, are they late? Did they text-”
He’s about to pull out his phone, but you stop him, dropping the news on him.
“They’re not coming.”
Jungkook snaps his gaze to you then, a knit forming between his brows.
“What do you mean they aren’t coming?” 
He stares at you with huge eyes, doe eyes so big you think they’re about to fall out. One good slap on the back of his head and they’re out. You’re sure. 
You sigh and close your eyes, your jaw on the verge of breaking. Sooyoung’s dead.
“They just called me,” you hold up your phone as if you needed proof, “and well, turns out they’re out of town and stuck there because the railway companies went on strike.” 
You press your lips together. “They aren’t coming.”
Jungkook stares at you like you’ve just grown a second head, and you can’t blame him. It took you a number of “Wait, wait, wait, what?”s and “You’re kidding, right?”s to process this information too.
He presses his hand to his forehead. “So, what?” The knit between his brows deepen as he comes to the same realisation you came to just a few minutes prior, leading to you cursing out Sooyoung over the phone. “It’s just you and me? No Joon? No Soo?”
You reluctantly nod.
Jungkook blinks at you in total five times before he reacts again, his face morphing into something you can’t pinpoint. It’s something between worry and fear, you think.
“Can’t we go pick them up?” he suggests, a proposal you’ve already made.
“No,” you begin and look into the distance, repeating what Sooyoung told you over the phone. “The issue is that we already booked all of our hotels, so if we were to pick them up, our reservations would fall through. And no, they also don’t let you reschedule either. I guess that’s the service you get when you book the cheapest hotels possible.”
You can see Jungkook think, desperate to find a solution to this. You want to tell him that you’ve thought about it all already, that you don’t want to go on a roadtrip with just him either, but you refrain, pressing the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
He lets out a hollow chuckle when he comes up with no solution. The sound arises from the back of his throat. It’s meant to lighten the mood, you think. “Well, what fucking genius suggested booking our hotels beforehand?”
You let the question hang in the air for a moment, scrunching your nose and looking down to your shoes before answering, fingers fumbling in front of your stomach.
“I did.”
Jungkook quiets then. Maybe you should have bitten your tongue and not said it.
“Well, I mean,” he scrambles, “you couldn’t have known-”
“I mean it’s not just the hotels,” you interrupt, probably saving Jungkook from embarrassing himself further and possibly even insulting you again. “We also already rented the car.” You gesture behind him. “And Soo and Joon also don’t want to inconvenience us. They said they’d take the next train back and try to, uh, catch up with us.”
He nods then. A prolonged silence stretches between you like gum, sticky and gross. You don’t look at him, and he doesn’t look at you. 
In the end, he speaks first again, clearing his throat. “So, uh, we’re going on this trip together then?”
You press your lips together and tuck a strand behind your ear, still refusing to meet his gaze. It’s almost ironic how good the weather is today, perfect for a roadtrip, a roadtrip you no longer want to go on.
“Unless you want your money to go to waste, yeah, seems like it.”
Jungkook stares at you, and then nods. You look down at your suitcase and put your hand on it. 
This is happening.
You heave out a long sigh.
Tumblr media
“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Sooyoung tells you, and you know there’s an apologetic look plastered on her face. But it does nothing to calm your anger, your grip on your phone only tightening. “I genuinely feel so bad, Y/N. I swear. I’m truly so sorry.”
“If you’re so sorry—” You look out the window to make sure he’s nowhere. All you see is a stressed-out father hushing his kids back into the car, the gas pump still in his right hand. “—how about you get your ass here right now?”
Sooyoung’s quiet for a moment, and you know she’s looking over to Namjoon. She sighs under her breath, running a hand through her hair. 
“Y/N, I explained it to you, I-I can’t,” she whispers, sounding as guilt-ridden as she did when she called you to tell you she screwed up covering for you. “I wish I could, but we’re stuck here. We-we can’t get away.”
You shut your eyes, feeling the rigidness of your jaw. Deep down, you know this is out of Sooyoung’s control. Still, you can’t help but spit, “I just don’t get why you guys had to go out of town a day before our trip! Just- what were you thinking?”
It’s then that you hear Namjoon in the background ask Sooyoung to hand him the phone, and although she tries to protest, the next thing you hear is his voice.
“Hey, Y/N.”
“Joon, hey.” You try your best to not sound annoyed, emphasis on try.
“Please don’t be mad at Soo. This is my fault. I’m the one that organised this and brought her out here. So blame me.”
You curse under your breath. When Namjoon does this—taking full responsibility for everything, putting the blame solely on himself—, you find it incredibly hard to stay mad. And it’s all you want to be because you’re stuck in a shitty situation. You need to be mad! You have every right to! 
You heave out a sigh and curse. “I guess neither of you could have foreseen this, huh?” 
You can practically hear Namjoon nod, and knowing him, he’s probably making his ‘yeah, exactly!’ face, the one Sooyoung adores so much. 
“Yeah, this was just meant to be a one-day thing for our anniversary, you know?” 
You cringe in disgust and annoyance, not wanting to be reminded that the only reason why Sooyoung and Namjoon are out of town right now is because he wanted to be a romantic and spend some time on their own for their anniversary. You feel awfully single and lonely all of a sudden. 
“I’m sorry.”
You close your eyes. “It’s fine.” 
There’s a moment of silence, and you know exactly what Sooyoung’s about to ask. Your face sours when you turn out to be right. 
“Uh, where’s Kook by the way?” 
“He’s getting gas,” you say. He’s certainly taking his time, you think. You don’t mind now because you get to talk to Sooyoung for a bit, but you hope it won’t be like this for the rest of the trip.
“How’s it going?” she asks, and you hate that you can hear the smile on her face. “You guys bonding?”
“You know if I hadn’t paid for the car and hotels already, there would be no way I’d be here right now, right? If I could have somehow cancelled it all and gotten my money back, I would have?” you tell her, wanting- no, needing to make it very clear to her that you aren’t on this trip by choice, that if you could have not gone and still gotten all of your money back, you would have.
“But for your information, no, we’re not bonding. We just drove in silence for the last ten minutes until he pulled over for gas. It was awful,” you spit.
“Well, I’m sure it won’t be like this for the rest of the trip. Right, Joon?”
And like the supportive boyfriend that he is, Namjoon’s quick to agree. “Yeah, Kook’s really shy and awkward with strangers.”
“You guys just need some time to warm up,” Sooyoung adds, and you hope it’s just that.
“Or I was right,” you mutter, shuddering at the thought. 
So far he hasn’t mentioned anything, but so far your interactions were limited, consisting of you explaining the dilemma you were in, you struggling to load your suitcase into the trunk, a process in which he got into the car and watched you in the rearview mirror, and you two sitting in silence before he (rather abruptly) announced he needed gas and turned into the next gas station.
You don’t remember this awkwardness hanging between you two years ago. But truth be told, you only remember the night in fragments, like a montage in a film, a few handful of images stuck in your brain, nothing concise, pieces of an unfinished film roll—the smile he gave you when you accidentally ran into him, the laugh he coaxed out of you with a joke you wouldn’t remember even if you had been sober at the time, the game of beer pong you won together; and at some point, his place, sitting on the couch, whispers of are you sure? spoken into one another’s ears, whispers that turned from questions into something more delicate, and slowly, also more daring; the taste of alcohol on his lips when he first kissed you, brief and shy, before diving back in, braver this time, almost eager; tender hands that quickly wandered, going beyond where they should be, pieces of garments discarded left and right, a trail to his bedroom; the layer of sweat coating your skin, the air you gasped for however stifling, before finally, in the end, slumber, quiet and peaceful, with smiles on your faces.
You shudder. For once, you want nothing more than to be wrong. You don’t want him to remember you. And before you can hear Sooyoung assuring you of just that (because obviously, that’s what she’s going to say), the sight of Jungkook walking out of the gas station, hands full with snacks, catches your eye.
That’s why he was taking so long.
“‘Oh’? What did you see?”Sooyoung asks, and you’re too confused to answer her. “Y/N?”
“Uh, yeah, sorry.” You snap out of it. “He’s, uh, coming back. Gotta hang up.”
“Well, yeah, go hang up. Please have a fun time with-”
You end the call before Sooyoung can finish, partially because Jungkook’s getting awfully close, but mostly because you don’t want to hear the rest of her sentence.
“Hey,” he mumbles quietly when he slips inside and you return his greeting, adding a quick and awkward wave too, gripping your phone. “Sorry for the- for keeping you waiting.”
You wave him off. He stares at the snacks. You think he’s going to hand you a bag, offer you some chips or nuts, tell you it’s meant for your trip, to keep your stomachs full, but he just reaches behind and puts them in the back. (After all, you’ve got more than enough space.) 
So those are for him, you conclude with a scrunch of a nose, just for him. But that’s alright. He’s not obligated to buy you snacks too, or share them. You’re mere strangers after all. Still, your jaw grows rigid, and you look off to the side to hide it.
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook do a double take when you take out your earphones. You don’t care. If he wasn’t going to buy you snacks, you’re not going to sit here in silence and twiddle your thumbs.
You don’t pay any attention to the song you’re blasting through your earbuds, much more focused on being the worst passenger possible. 
You unlock your phone.
[You - 10:33] : he bought snacks
[sooyoung !! - 10:34] : OH
[sooyoung !! - 10:34] : thats so cute :((
[You - 10:34] : for himself only
[sooyoung !! - 10:34] : wait what
[sooyoung !! - 10:34] : just for himself???
[You - 10:34] : he put them into the back
[You - 10:34] : didnt offer me anything
[sooyoung !! - 10:34] : oh
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : well joon did say he’s shy
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : he probably doesnt know how to interat with you
[You - 10:35] : youd never make these types of excuses for any other guy
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : wait are you on your phone rn?
[You - 10:35] : nah im texting you on a brick
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : y/n
[You - 10:35] : wdym am i on my phone?? obviously??
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : you cant be on your phone!! thats so rude
[sooyoung !! - 10:35] : you’re being such a bad passenger
[You - 10:35] : hes being a bad driver by only buying himself snacks
[sooyoung !! - 10:36] : put down your phone
[sooyoung !! - 10:36] : dont make me block you
[You - 10:36] : lmao like youd dare
[You - 10:36] : you dont have the balls for it
And when your last message doesn’t go through, you freeze. You type up a handful more, none of them deliver. This is a joke, you think. Sooyoung must be messing with you. She’s unblocking you any second now. She has to. She’s your only escape from this! She can’t leave you hanging, again.
But she does.
You close your eyes and swallow the sigh, not even able to begin to fathom the situation you’re in right now: you’re going on a cross country roadtrip with Jeon Jungkook, who happens to be a mere stranger to you aside from the fact, of course, that you hooked up two years ago and you fled his apartment like your life depended on it. But not only that, Sooyoung, your supposed best friend, who has let you down once already today, just fucking blocked you. You think the universe has fun seeing you in misery and-
“... please?”
You take out an earbud. “What? Sorry?”
“Oh, I just-” Jungkook clears his throat, and you realise he’s not really looking at you, eyes dancing around. “I asked if you could hand me a water bottle.”
You blink at him before taking out your second earbud. “Sure, yeah.”
“I should have one in my bag,” he tells you, pointing behind. “You see it?”
You do. It’s in the far corner. There’s no way you’re reaching that. Your bag, however, is a lot closer. So you take out your water bottle.
“Here. Couldn’t get to your bag, so if you don’t mind, you can, uh, drink from mine,” you tell him and try to hand Jungkook your water, but he’s too focused on looking at the road, his hand grasping air several times. 
“Thanks,” he says when he finally gets a hold of it. Five attempts, you count. You bite away your smile. You fail though when you see how much Jungkook struggles to unscrew the bottle. And when he brings it to his lips with shaky hands, you think you’re about to laugh. You don’t though, and reach out to help him instead, steadying the bottle.
“Oh,” he says, surprised, and takes two big gulps. “Thank you.”
You hum and take the bottle from his lips, grabbing the lid too and screwing it back on. You doubt he’ll be able to do it. You don’t bother putting the water bottle back, keeping it in your lap instead. 
For the next ten minutes, it’s silent again. You don’t go on your phone again, not because you feel bad and don’t want to be a shitty passenger. No, definitely not that. You don’t go on your phone again because you don’t want to. 
You watch the traffic, and after a while, you let out a yawn. You think it’s a combination of the mundane view and the fact you barely slept yesterday. You rub your eyes, a gesture that prompts Jungkook to look over to you.
You turn to him too, thinking he’s going to say something. He opens his mouth, but clamps it shut the next second. You blink a handful of times and raise a brow because what was that? But you don’t bother asking him, deciding to look away too. 
And even though you didn’t make a fool of yourself, he did, you feel deeply embarrassed too. Heat crawls up your neck and settles on your cheeks. You think the Germans have a word for that. They call it fremdschämen. Well, you’re fremdschämen-ing.
“If, uh, you-”
You snap your head around. Jungkook isn’t looking at you, eyes dead set on the road, almost like he can’t bring himself to direct his gaze your way.
Jungkook takes a deep breath and collects himself. Before he begins to speak, he clears his throat, “If you’re tired, you can nap for a bit. I wouldn’t mind.”
“Oh,” you blurt out, shaking your head to snap out of it. “Thanks, uh, for the offer. I appreciate it. But I’m not tired.”
And even though you can see that he wants to argue with you, bring up how you just yawned, Jungkook closes his mouth.
It’s silent. It feels like a decade passes by. 
“If you’re tired,” you say, remembering to return the offer, “just tell me and we can switch.”
“Yeah, but I’m not tired.” He waits a moment. It feels like another decade passes by. “So you can, uh, nap for a bit if you want to.”
You can’t help but smile a bit at his words. It’s a nice thing of him to say. “Thanks. I’ll just see what happens.”
“Alright.” He nods. “You mind if I put on some music?”
You gesture for him to go ahead. “Not at all.”
You don’t recognise the song Jungkook plays, but you like it. You like it so much you ask him for the title.
“It’s, uh, ‘Never Not’ by Lauv,” he tells you, and you perk up at the name of the artist. You know him.
“I think I’ve got one of his songs saved.” You pull out your phone to see which one it is, unable to recall the title. 
“‘Paris in the Rain’?” Jungkook says, and you snap your finger at his words.
“Yeah, that’s it!” you say, screwing your eyes shut and pressing your hand to your temple. “How could I forget?”
He smiles at you then, and you mirror him.
And when you fall into silence again after this, it feels a lot less awkward. It’s then that you realise you’ve completely forgotten about your history, the dread that plagued you before at the thought of being in the same car as Jungkook. It disappeared for a moment, but now that you’ve thought about it again, it appears again. You curse yourself.
But before you can spiral, go back to awkwardly sitting in your seat and looking out the window and feeling completely mortified, Jungkook looks over to you. This time he speaks the first time.
“Hey, can I ask?” He doesn’t wait for you to tell him yes. “How did you meet Soo?”
You have to smile at the question. “It’s a long story,” you warn.
“Well,” Jungkook laughs, “I think we might have time.”
You would have rolled your eyes at him for his smartass comment if you knew him better. But since you don’t, you refrain and begin the story instead.
“We went to the same middle school.”
And then you tell Jungkook how Sooyoung and you started by hating each other, for reasons neither of you know. (It was hate at first sight, Sooyoung always likes to say.) You recall how your hatred spawned a series of snarky side comments, snide looks, and scoffs over a period of one year. In the end, it was a boy that brought you together, well, your mutual hatred for him. 
Wongshik was his name. He transferred to your school. More importantly, he was obnoxious, loud, arrogant, and overall, incredibly annoying. Class with him was horrible, so horrible Sooyoung and you couldn’t stop cussing him out during break. And ever since, you two have been joined at the hip. You no longer talk about Wongshik, barely think about him anymore. But you are, in a really weird way, incredibly thankful for how annoying he was. You aren’t sure you would have found one another if it hadn’t been for his obnoxiousness.
“How did you meet Joon?”
Jungkook waves you off. “Our story isn’t that great.”
“You don’t want to tell?”
“Well,” he hums, “I don’t mind. I just don’t think it’s all that exciting. We didn’t go from enemies to friends, you know?”
“I’m sure it’s still great,” you try, and Jungkook scratches his neck, sighing in the end.
“We got assigned as partners for an art project in high school.”
“And then?” 
It’s after you’ve asked the question that it dawns on you that there’s nothing to it, seeing the pink that dusts his cheeks a second too late.
“Nothing. That’s it,” he coughs and shrugs. “We became friends after that.”
“Oh.” It’s all you can say for a moment. “Well, that’s a cute story too!”
Jungkook levels you with an unconvinced look. You hold his gaze for a second before cracking.
“I tried.”
He hums. “I appreciate it.”
And then, you share a laugh. It’s short but genuine. It’s enough, more than you ever expected. This isn’t so bad, you think.
Tumblr media
You don’t fall asleep for almost another two hours. The exhaustion sneaks up on you though, slowly coming on around the one hour mark. You don’t know if Jungkook notices, but once he switches to his lofi songs, it starts to lull you to sleep. 
It’s the sound of the seat belt snapping back that wakes you up.
“Oh, shit, sorry,” Jungkook apologises when he sees you peel your eyes open. “The seatbelt was jammed and I-”
He stops when you wave him off, a soft smile on your lips. 
“It’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” you tell him, voice still thick with sleep. You yawn and rub your eyes, taking in your surroundings. You’re at a rest stop. “Why did we stop?”
“Uh, toilet break,” he admits, not daring to look at you when he speaks. Adorable, you think. Does he think you don’t pee too?
“Yeah, what time is it?” you ask and stretch as much as you can, your joints cracking in relief. 
Jungkook shows you his phone, and you think you must be hallucinating when you see you’ve been asleep for the past three hours. You’ve been on this trip for four hours now, and you slept for half of it. Not only that, Jungkook had to drive all this time. Great, so where’s your award for being the world’s shittiest passenger?
“God, fuck, I’m sorry. I slept so much.”
“What? No, don’t apologise! It’s fine,” Jungkook quickly assures you and gives you a smile. “Don’t worry about it.” He pauses, and looks off to the side when he says it. “I’m glad you got some rest.”
You don’t know what to say to that, your mouth drying up at his words. Your brain is especially slow, still half asleep. So you end up not saying anything. Which is probably the worst thing you can do because an awkward silence hovers around you.
“Oh, uh, yeah,” you tuck your hair away, “you said you needed to pee?”
“Right, yeah, yes, I did. I said that. I gotta pee, yeah.” Jungkook clears his throat, and even though you’re not facing him, he knows you’re cringing. Even he is cringing at himself. 
“Let’s just… go.” You click off your seatbelt and get out before Jungkook can even answer. You throw the door shut and begin walking, not waiting up for him. And as you make your way to the little convenience store, you shove your earbuds back in. Maybe you’re being a little rude, but you can’t bring yourself to deal with this right now. You just woke up for God’s sake!
Inside, you beeline for the snacks, needing to look busy. You pick up a bag of chips and pretend to read the back. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook head towards the restrooms, and you think you catch him glancing in your direction. You refuse to think about it.
You read the ingredients lists like you know what any of these things are. It’s stupid, you know, but it’s the only thing keeping you sane since panic texting Sooyoung isn’t an option anymore. Your music blasting through your earbuds helps too. 
However, it’s also your downfall. You don’t even hear him approach you.
You instinctively take out your earbuds. The wrong move because you can no longer pretend you can’t hear him.
His greeting sounds harmless enough, friendly some might even say, but when you look at him, you know you’re in for it. God, fuck. It’s obvious. His smile gives it away, the corners of his lips turned up a little too much. You already know, getting him to leave you alone won’t be easy at all. 
“Uh, hi,” you mumble before pretending to go back to reading when really, his presence is the only thing you can focus on. You’re more than aware of how close he is to you, too close.
“I’m Minki,” he tells you, and you give him a hum, regretting not buying those big noise-cancelling headphones. “And you-?”
He inches closer to you. Your grip around the bag of chips tightens. You swallow and take a step back. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe he’ll get the hint. He doesn’t. He steps closer.
“Uh, I’m Y/N,” you mumble, voice weak, your heart beginning to thump a bit louder. You look around yourself. No one is here. The store is hauntingly empty. You feel your throat tighten. You are on your own.
“Y/N?” he repeats, and you don’t think you’ve ever had anybody say your name like that. On his tongue it sounds wrong, sticky somehow. He emphasises the wrong syllables, rushes and slurs the wrong letters. 
“I like it.” His smile widens. “Fitting for someone as pretty as you, sweetcheeks.”
And you think you’re going to retch. No, seriously. You think you’re going to start dry heaving in the corner right fucking now. Disgust doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel. You don’t think there’s anything grosser than a guy unironically calling you sweetcheeks. You want to throw yourself in front of a car.
“It’s Y/N,” you assert, your face hardening.
“Oh, do you not like sweetcheeks?” he asks and smiles innocently at you. Your jaw locks at his question. “Babydoll then?”
Your grip on the bag of chips tightens, the sound of it crinkling pierces the air. But he never looks away from you, eyes relentlessly staring into yours. He’s trying to get you to break and crack, to cave. He wants to see you squirm, enjoys it, you know that. It takes you everything to not give him the satisfaction he’s craving. Especially when he dares to take a step closer to you.
“Buttercup?” He raises a brow. “How about we talk about it in my car? It’s parked just outside.” 
He points to the doors, like you care where his stupid car is parked. 
You grit your teeth, heart pounding in your chest at this point. He takes another step towards you, and you take one back. You’re about to hit the wall. He’ll have you trapped then. You swallow.
It requires all of your courage to keep your voice level. “Please leave me alone.”
“But why? I feel like there’s a connection here, baby-”
Your knight in shining armour comes just in time. You’ve never believed in perfect timing, but you might now, convinced Jungkook has it. 
Relief flushes through you at his sight, something you never thought his appearance would elicit. So far it has only ever been apprehension and anxiety. It’s a welcome change.
“I don’t think so, buddy.” 
And even though Jungkook’s smiling, he looks scary. There’s a threat tucked between his teeth, pulling on the upturn of his lips. It’s not directed at you, and still, you swallow. The guy’s actually a bit taller than Jungkook, but he looks shorter, probably because he’s cowering under Jungkook’s gaze.
He puts on a brave face though, a frown settling on his features. “Don’t call me buddy. My name’s Minki-”
“Well, you just called my girlfriend baby, didn’t you? Why can’t I call you buddy then?” Jungkook laughs, but it’s hollow and mocking. “What? You don’t like it when people don’t call you by your name?”
You make sure to make no movement or sound. Not that it would make a difference. They are far too invested in staring each other down to pay you any attention. You could have probably knocked over the display, and they still wouldn’t have turned to you.
“What do you even want?” Jungkook interrupts, words sharp like daggers, snapping off from his teeth. “What are you talking to my girlfriend for, huh? Interested in sharing maybe?”
Jungkook doesn’t put an arm around your waist or pull you close to him. You think he would, expect him to, but all he does is stand close enough to you to not raise any suspicion. You wouldn’t mind if he did, but you appreciate him making an effort to respect your boundaries even in this situation. 
“I was just trying to be nice,” the guy mumbles, disgruntled and annoyed. “No fucking need to get all defensive and shit.”
Jungkook quirks a brow at his attitude. He tongues his cheek. His features darken. 
“I’m sorry, what did you just say?” he spits and you think you hear a growl too. The smile stays on his lips, and you think that makes him even more intimidating than if he had just dropped it.
You find absolutely zero traces of awkwardness in Jungkook’s words. It’s like he’s unlocked another version of himself, a confident and confrontational one. You’re in awe, to say the least.
“Who are you calling defensive? You’re the one that just dared to bother my girl,” Jungkook hisses like a snake, on the edge of attack, his eyes fixed on him. You don’t think anyone has ever called you their girl before. It has your heart rumbling in your chest.
“Look, I was just-”
“Trying to be nice?” Jungkook scoffs and clicks his tongue. “Go be nice somewhere fucking else.”
The guy looks ready to protest, nostrils flared and chest heaving with deep breaths, but when Jungkook takes one step closer to him and levels him with a glare that would have hell freeze over, he backs away. Of course, not without hissing something about Jungkook being unreasonably hostile and him just wanting to be nice. Jungkook doesn’t jump on it. He just drills his eyes into the guy’s back until he’s out of sight. And the moment he’s out of sight and earshot, Jungkook relaxes and backs off from you, stepping out of your personal space.
“You alright?” 
You almost get whiplash by how quickly his demeanour changes. It’s like a whole new person is standing in front of you.
“Uh, y-yeah,” you stammer dumbly, unable to quite wrap your head around what just happened. “I’m alright. Yeah, uh, thanks.”
“You don’t gotta thank me,” he tells you and rubs the back of his neck, looking shy, and you don’t know how to make do with the different versions of Jungkook presented to you right now. You’re fascinated by how he seamlessly shifts between being both awkward and confident. It should be impossible, but he does it, somehow.
“You wanna get those, uh, chips?” he coughs and takes them from you before you can answer. You don’t, but you don’t find it in you to tell him that. You follow him to the checkout counter.
The clerk comes out from the back and silently rings you up. You’re about to pull out your wallet when Jungkook beats you to it and puts a five-dollar on the counter and slides it over.
“Wait, no, let me-”
“It’s fine,” he tells you, waving you off. The clerk takes the money before you can tell him not to, and you’re left to put away your wallet.
“I’ll pay you back,” you say, and Jungkook shakes his head and gives you the bag of chips. He’s about to repeat himself, but he stops when he sees the guy from before. 
You thought he would leave the store, but you guess you shouldn’t have had any expectations for someone like him. Your face sours when you realise he’s standing right between you and the exit. 
Before you can think of ways to avoid him, Jungkook takes your hands into his, fingers perfectly slotting with yours. You look down, the sight making your stomach twist in your stomach—his tattooed hand cupping yours.
“Let’s go.” He gives you a smile over the shoulder. And somehow, that gives you the confidence to walk past the guy from before with your head held high.
By the time you’re back in the car, you’re smiling.
“Thank you,” you tell him again, and Jungkook waves you off.
You put the chips to the other snacks in the back and pull the seatbelt across your chest. “He looked so scared of you.”
“As he should be,” Jungkook laughs and you hum. He slots the keys into the ignition, seatbelt strapped in place. 
“Can’t believe you just did that,” you mumble when you pull out of the gas station, spotting the guy walking out of the store from the corner of your eye.
Jungkook laughs again. “Sorry if I made you, uh, uncomfortable by the way,” he mumbles, and you sit up.
“What? No, you didn’t!” you quickly assure him. “Don’t worry.”
“Yeah?” He chuckles. “Just, uh, so you know I didn’t step in because I thought you couldn’t handle yourself or anything, but I just,” he avoids your gaze, “couldn’t help myself. He was being so aggressive and pushy- I just had to step in, you know? He triggered something in me- I don’t know.”
You smile. “It’s fine.”
Jungkook glances your way as if to make sure you weren’t lying to him. He smiles when he sees no trace of deception in your eyes.
You let a beat pass. “I do have to say,” Jungkook stares at you with big eyes, clearly expecting the worst, “I was surprised by your… confidence.”
“Oh.” And then he laughs, hiding half of his face in his hand. “Yeah, uh- I-I can’t explain it either.” 
He clears his throat, and you let him take his time to find the words. Jungkook sighs at his inability to form a sentence. 
Finally, “I’m sorry for being so awkward,” he looks your way for a split second before focusing on the road again, grip tightening around the steering wheel. He clears his throat one more time. “I just-I just don’t wanna mess this up, you know? You’re Soo’s best friend and she’s dating Joon- and I know she means everything to him, so I don’t want to make a bad impression as his best friend, you know?”
You learn once he starts, Jungkook doesn’t stop, words spilling from his lips in an endless stream.
“I’ve been told I give off a rather unfriendly and rude vibe too. Like I know how shitty I must have looked when I, uh, didn’t help you with your suitcase, and when I kinda insulted you before- also, actually, the snacks I bought earlier?” He gestures behind him. “They were meant to be for you too. For some reason, I just... couldn’t offer them to you?” He shakes his head. “You must think I’m a douche.”
Jungkook looks at you then, and you would have made fun of him then if you were closer and if he hadn’t just heroically saved you from a creep. A smile finds a place on your face, one that bothers on a grin.
“I mean, yeah,” you tell him but are quick to cut back in when you see the mortification set in with him. “I mean, no. I’ve figured you’re kinda awkward. I mean everybody is, right? Some more than others, I guess.”
You realise what you’ve done a second too late. You should feel sorry, incredibly remorseful, but instead, you have to laugh. The face Jungkook pulls amuses you in ways it probably shouldn’t. You’re definitely going to hell.
“No, wait, I didn’t mean it like that,” you say but the laugh that accompanies your words makes it certainly hard to believe you. “Sorry, I just can’t help myself. I swear I don’t mean it like that.”
Jungkook gives you an unimpressed look. 
You gather yourself, but the smile doesn’t disappear completely off your lips. “Okay, look, it’s fine. Now that you’ve explained it, I get it. You’ve got nothing to worry about!”
Jungkook presses his mouth into a line. “So you’re not gonna tell Soo I suck?”
You don’t try to bite away the smile. “No.” He lets out a relieved sigh. “I’m just gonna tell her you’re a douche.”
And for a second, Jungkook believes you, his doe eyes meeting yours. You laugh. He doesn’t join you. He does roll his eyes. It does nothing to lessen your laugh, to his dismay.
“I’m kidding,” you say, just to make sure he won’t get any wrong ideas. “You’re fine. Just… relax. No need to be awkward.”
Jungkook huffs, but there’s a smile on his lips. “I’ll try.”
And when you go back to silence, the air feels much lighter than before.
Tumblr media
You switch after a quick stop at McDonald’s for a cheap and greasy lunch. It sits heavy in your stomach, but you don’t have the courage to suggest walking it off. So you get back in the car.
“Can I skip this song?” you ask because you’re the driver and the song makes it hard for you to concentrate. It’s awful. You hate it. You don’t tell him that though.
“Yeah, of course,” Jungkook tells you and skips to the next song. You don’t like this one either, but you don’t say anything. “You can put on your music too if you want, you know?”
“It’s fine. Your music is good.” And you can’t help but quietly add. “Most of the time.”
Jungkook gawks at you then. You have to laugh. “Sorry, I’m just joking.”
“No, no, actually-” He doesn’t finish his sentence and pauses the song. “How about we make a playlist together? Since we’re gonna be stuck in the car for a while, let’s try to make it as enjoyable as possible.”
“Oh, that sounds fun,” you say, really liking the suggestion, and Jungkook’s quick to open Spotify and create a new playlist, sending you the link to it too.
“‘Y/N’s and Jungkook’s Ultimate Summer Roadtrip Soundtrack’,” he says. “What do you think?”
You smile. “Great name.”
“Great.” He grins. “And obviously, the first song has to be ‘Midsummer Madness’ by 88rising, right?” 
You actually agree. The song belongs on every summer playlist.
“Add Jeremy Zucker to it too. ‘supercuts’ and ‘all the kids are depressed’,” you tell him.
Jungkook hums and does as you say. “‘Indigo’ by Niki and ‘100 Degrees’ by Rich Brian, yeah?”
You laugh. “You really like 88rising, don’t you?”
“You don’t?” he shots back, and you roll your eyes. Of course, you do.
“‘Everybody Talks!’ and ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees.”
“Bringing back the 2010s, huh?” Jungkook hums. “‘Sunday Best’ by Surfaces?”
“I don’t think I know this one,” you tell him, and he gasps at you, shaking his head and typing into his phone. A second later, the song plays over the stereo, and instantly, you see his point. “Okay, yeah, add this one.”
“How about ‘Electric Love’?”
You’re more than quick to agree. “Oh, that one for sure.”
“Okay, great,” he hums, and counts the number of songs under his breath. “Nine songs. That’s enough for now, right? We can add to it later.”
You nod. “Now, put it on.”
“Yes, Ma’am.” He adds a salute too, and you roll your eyes.
Tumblr media
By the time you get to the hotel, it’s late, the sun is long gone. You shut off the engine with a sigh, ready to collapse on a bed.
“Oh, we made it,” Jungkook groans, rubbing his eyes and stretching in his seat. You hum, too tired to speak. “Thank god. I’m done.”
You stretch too, your back cracking like a glowstick, and click off your seatbelt. But your seatbelt clearly doesn’t want you to leave, staying put even when you repeatedly press the button to unlock it.
“Wait, let me,” Jungkook says when he notices you struggling. 
He moves to help you. And right then, your hands brush. It’s stupid, really stupid, but you feel heat crawl up your neck, reaching the tips of your ears, rivalling the warmth of the summer. You even freeze for a second. When you thaw back to life, you flinch and turn your head to the side, screwing your eyes shut as if doing so would change anything.
Jungkook clears his throat awkwardly, and you’re grateful he keeps his gaze trained downwards. You’re certain you would have died of embarrassment if he had looked at you. 
“This seatbelt- it’s a bit, uh, tricky” He fumbles with it as he explains. “You gotta—” He speaks through pauses, voice strained. “—really push it down and-”
It clicks off.
And even though it wasn’t too tight before, you can breathe much better now. Maybe it was the seatbelt and you, somehow, didn’t notice all this time, or maybe it was because breathing got a little difficult when Jungkook was so close to you. But you’re convinced it’s not that. Sure, could you count all of his long eyelashes (which, might you add, are also unfailingly naturally curled too)? Yeah, but that’s not the reason why you feel so relieved. It’s because the seatbelt was digging into your ribs the entire time. It had to be. 
“Thanks,” you cough out and avert your eyes, looking out the window to the hotel. “Let’s, uh, check in, yeah?”
Tumblr media
The thing about being four broke college students that are hellbent on going on a cross country roadtrip is you’re willing to cut corners at any point. And one of them is your accommodation. Four people means four hotel rooms. That’s not in your budget, not even when you take three rooms instead of four (with Sooyoung and Namjoon being a couple and whatnot). Two would be in your budget if you weren’t such ambitious shits and insisting on going cross country, meaning you’d need to stay in hotels at least a couple of times throughout the trip. So in the end, you settled for one room. 
One room for four people. 
Well, now it’s just two people.
“Oh,” you say when you walk in, stopping dead in your tracks, the key card still sitting in the lock, hand hovering over the light switch. Jungkook almost bumps into you when you abruptly stop.
“What?” he asks, and you will yourself to respond, but your throat is dry all of a sudden, so you step to the side.
You glance in Jungkook’s direction, curious to see his reaction. He doesn’t react much at all, his lips parting only the tiniest bit as he sees what you did when you walked in. 
“Uh, didn’t we ask for two beds?” he asks, a knit between his brows.
“We did,” you say, frantically scanning the room. Maybe you overlooked the second bed. Maybe there’s one and it will magically appear if you look around once more-
You stop. There’s only one bed.
“They must have forgotten, I guess,” you mumble and take a few steps inside, still holding out hope that maybe just maybe there’s a second bed somewhere. It’s foolish and naive, you know.
“I could go ask if they’ve got another room,” Jungkook proposes, putting down his huge travel bag by the door.
“You wouldn’t mind?”
“I’ll be back in two.”
“Don’t forget the key card,” you remind him on his way out, and he gives you a smile before grabbing it and shutting the door. You sigh and wander over to the bed, carefully sitting down on it like it was made of glass. It is big enough for the both of you, but there’s no way you’re sleeping in it together.
You feel the duvet. It’s softer than you expected it to be, with how cheap this room was. You scan the room one more time before finally letting yourself fall back. For a moment, you lay there in silence before pulling out your phone and checking it for the first time in hours.
Two missed calls from your mother, alongside a handful of texts. You call her back, already knowing what’s about to follow. You hold your phone to your ear. She picks up after just a ring. She’s been waiting.
“Hey, mom.”
“Honey! Are you alright? You didn’t answer my calls and texts!” There’s obvious worry laced with her words. You swallow. Maybe you should reconsider and not keep your phone on silent, at least for the duration of the trip.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m alright,” you tell her. “I was driving, so I wasn’t on my phone. We just checked in.”
“Oh, well, how’s the trip? Are you having fun?”
You close your eyes and hum. “It’s fun, but I’m also tired.”
“I can imagine. Driving so long isn’t good for your health. You sound very tired,” your mother says, and you think she’s going to launch into the speech she gave you when you first mentioned to her you’ll be going on a roadtrip. She doesn’t though, thankfully. You’re too tired for this. 
“But you know that already. At least, you’re having fun, right?” She only continues when you hum. “Well, how’s Soo?”
You peel your eyes open and grip your phone a little tighter. “Great,” you lie, knowing better than to tell the woman who sat in the kitchen in the darkness, waiting for you to come home after Sooyoung fucked up covering for you, that you were on a roadtrip with a complete stranger, a guy on top of that too.
“Is she doing well? Are you two eating well? What did you have for lunch? Dinner?” your mother asks.
“Uh, we stopped by McDonald’s,” you tell her, and you cringe at how reedy your voice sounds.
Your mother immediately makes a disapproving noise, of course. “For lunch and dinner? You should get something proper. Don’t eat too much McDonald’s. That’s not good for you.”
“Noted.” You decide to keep your answers short, and you hope your mother chalks it up to you being exhausted rather than you trying to hide something from her. 
“And how is it with the two guys? What were their names again? Namjoon and-?”
“Jungkook,” you supply with a cough.
“Ah yes, right, Jungkook. Are they trustworthy?”
“Yes, of course, mom,” you quickly assure, chuckling but it sounds wrong. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. They’re really nice.”
Your mother hums. “Well-”
It’s then that you hear the sound of the key card being inserted into the lock. You shoot up. 
“Uh, mom, I gotta go,” you tell her, the words stumbling from your lips clumsily. 
“What’s the hurry? I thought you were in the hotel-”
“Well—” You lock eyes with Jungkook and you’re quick to gesture for him to not say a word, panic in your eyes. “—uh, Soo just called for me. She needs my, uh, help.”
“Oh, in that case... go help her,” your mother says, and you think you can hear suspicion in her voice. You cringe. She knows something’s up. Why can’t you be a better liar?
“Yeah, I’m gonna do that,” you mumble, and Jungkook slowly closes the door. “I’ll talk to you later.”
And then, you end the call. You breathe out.
“My mom,” you say and throw your phone on the bed. “So? What did they say?”
Jungkook looks confused, taking a moment to connect the dots. “Right, uh, yeah, well they told me we didn’t actually book a room with two beds. Only one with one bed.”
You stare at him. “Oh.”
So you fucked up the reservations, huh? 
“Anyway, I asked if we could maybe switch, but they said,” he rubs his neck and averts his gaze then, “that they didn’t have any other rooms left.”
“Oh,” you repeat and sink back down on the bed. Jungkook leans against the closed door, staring at his shoes. “No rooms?”
“No rooms,” he confirms.
You press your lips into a thin line and search your brain for a solution. But you come up empty. Sooyoung has always been better than you at this. You’ve relied on her for problem-solving since middle school, so that part of your brain is rusty, to say the least. It doesn’t help you’re tired too.
“I could just sleep on the couch.” 
You jerk your head up, and follow Jungkook’s gaze, to the shabby little grey thing you don’t think classified as a couch.
“What? No!” you exclaim and shake your head. “That’s too small.”
“It’s fine,” he says, and you frown at him.
“It looks like it’s about to fall apart.”
“It doesn’t.”
You level Jungkook with a hard gaze. He doesn’t cave, to your dismay. You sigh.
“Fine,” he perks up, “I’ll sleep on it.”
“No- what? I’m gonna sleep on it!”
“No, sorry, I am,” you tell him. “Look, my phone’s already on it.”
He frowns. “It’s not.”
“Now, it is.” You’re just about to toss your phone on the couch when Jungkook beats you to it, throwing his gigantic travel bag across the room. You watch as it slowly tumbles from the couch to the floor.
“Sorry, my bag is on it.” Jungkook points at it like it didn’t just fall to the floor.
“It’s not.” And at your words he quickly rushes over and places his bag on top of the couch before sitting down himself. You stare at him. 
“Yes, yes, it is.” He smiles.
You grit your teeth. “You’re not gonna sleep well on that thing. I slept in the car a bit, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep well now. Plus, I’m the one that fucked up the reservations, so I should be the one sleeping on the couch for it.”
Jungkook hums as if he’s considering your words, but then he clicks his tongue and pats the couch. “I think I’m gonna sleep just fine on this thing.”
“Stop lying-”
“Someone’s calling you.” He points to your phone in your hand, the screen lit up with a call.
You look at it.
You contemplate not taking it to continue this argument, but before you can make a decision, Jungkook does it for you. “Go take it. We’ll continue after.”
So even though you’re more than unhappy about this interruption, you do as he says, accepting the call and pressing your phone to your ear. Jungkook gestures over to what you assume must be the bathroom. You don’t bother locking the door when you walk inside. 
“Oh, so you’ve finally unblocked me, huh?” you hiss and blink a couple of times, the fluorescent lights of the bathroom far too bright. It strains your eyes.
“Look, I had to,” Sooyoung says. “You were being a bad passenger and texting me when you should have been talking to Kook!”
You roll your eyes. “You left me hanging, again. I needed you, you know?”
“Oh, please.” You know exactly what look she has on her face right now. It’s the one where she thinks you’re being dramatic. “You survived, didn’t you?”
“Barely,” you spit. “A creepy guy approached me and wouldn’t leave me alone.”
“What? Are you alright, Y/N?” Sooyoung quickly asks, voice dripping with a mix of worry and exasperation. 
“Yeah, yeah,” you assure her, looking at yourself in the mirror and brushing through your hair with your fingers. “Jungkook came and did the entire ‘why are you talking to my girlfriend?’ shtick.”
“So, you’re alright?” 
You hum.
Sooyoung waits a moment. “So, Kook saved you?”
You practically hear the smirk in her words. You groan. “You’re so annoying, you know?”
She cackles.
“Seriously, Soo, shut up,” you hiss, deciding to change the topic. “Are you guys still stuck?”
“Yeah, the railway companies are on strike until tomorrow morning. We’ll be back in town in the early afternoon. But that’s not important. What’s important is how it’s going with Kook and you. Is he still being awkward?”
You press your lips together. “I mean, no? It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be, but still... I’d much rather have you here too. I really wanted to go with you. It would have been so much fun.”
“I know. I’m sorry, Y/N,” Sooyoung mumbles, and you’re both quiet. She’s about to cry. You can hear it in her voice. You know she must be wracked with guilt, so in an effort to spare the tears, you change the topic, “Oh, by the way, officially, you’re still on the trip with me. I didn’t tell my mom.”
She chuckles then, but it doesn’t sound all that real. “Alright, I’ll cover for you.”
“Do it properly though this time. I swear to God, if you fuck this up again, we’re done,” you joke and elicit another chuckle. It sounds more genuine, but it’s still not quite there. You sigh and tell her something you know will definitely take her mind off things.
“Did I tell you? I fucked up the reservations.”
There’s a pause. 
“What? How? Are you roomless?”
“Worse,” you tell her. “There’s only one bed and the hotel is booked out.” 
For a moment, Sooyoung doesn’t say anything until she bursts out into laughter, prompting a ‘What’s so funny?’ from Namjoon. 
“Holy shit, Y/N! You’re joking, right?” You screw your eyes shut. At least she doesn’t sound like crying anymore. “What in the Wattpad fanfiction is this?”
“Stop fucking laughing, Soo. I’m miserable, alright?”
Your embarrassment triples when you listen to Sooyoung explain the situation to Namjoon. 
“Soo!” you hiss. 
“Sorry, sorry.” She’s still laughing though. Sometimes you wish your rivalry in middle school never stopped. “I’m just- this is just so funny. So what? You guys gonna sleep in the same bed?”
You hate the teasing tone swinging with her words, hate it so much you’re ready to just end the call then and there.
“You’re being a bad friend, you know?” you press through gritted teeth. “But no, we’re obviously not sleeping in the same fucking bed.” You make an effort to keep your voice low, aware that Jungkook’s just outside, sitting on the couch. You doubt the door is soundproof. “That’d be so weird.”
“Why not? I think that’d be a great bonding activity.”
You pause and if she was in front of you, you’d stare daggers into her. Your lips press into a line.
“Soo,” you begin, low and threatening, almost like how Jungkook spoke to the guy at the rest stop, “are you telling me to sleep with Jungkook?”
Sooyoung waits a moment, the silence that stretches between you feeling like forever. And then, “Hey, babe, Kook’s single, right?”
You faintly hear Namjoon's affirmative answer, followed by a confused ‘Why?’, and you think you’re ready to break off your friendship with Sooyoung.
“I fucking hate you,” you whisper, eliciting another round of obnoxious laughter. 
“Look, I actually didn’t mean that,” Sooyoung tells you when she’s finally calmed down. “I was strictly speaking about actual bonding, as in friendship, you know? You’re the one that went there!”
“You said ‘bonding activity’!” you exclaim, clamming your hand in front of your mouth when you raise your voice a bit too much. You look at the door, listening to any sounds from the other side, but luckily, it stays quiet. 
You lower your voice into a hiss. “Don’t blame me for going there! You worded it weirdly.”
“Ah, so it’s never your fault, is it? Just accept it, you’ve got a dirty mind-”
“I’m hanging up. Goodbye.”
And without hesitating, you end the call, watching as your screen darkens. You sigh and run a hand through your hair, shaking your head and her words out of your mind. Sooyoung’s stupid and absolutely wrong. 
With that conclusion, you take one deep breath, making sure to compose yourself before heading out. One look into the mirror, you realise the frown plaguing your features has deepened. You smooth it over as much as possible.
When you walk out, you’re ready to pick up right where you left off, but instead of seeing Jungkook sitting on the couch, you find him curled up on it, knees uncomfortably tucked to his chest, a pillow under his head and a blanket thrown over him. You don’t know where he got both of those things from as the bed is still untouched. His travel bag sits on the floor next to him. 
Jungkook’s sleeping.
Or well, he’s pretending to be asleep. It’s obvious he’s faking it with how stiff he’s lying on the couch. 
“Seriously?” you mutter under your breath and throw your hands into the air. “What happened to talking about it after?”
No response. 
You walk over to him, expecting Jungkook to open his eyes at one point. You know he can feel your gaze on him. There’s no way he isn’t. You’re practically digging daggers into him.
“I know you’re faking,” you say, but again, no response. You contemplate pulling off the pillow and blanket, but you can’t bring yourself to even lift your hand. 
With Sooyoung, you wouldn’t hesitate at all, but with Jungkook, you’re still careful. Because even though you just spent the day getting comfortable with each other, you’re scared you might cross a line and catapult you back to your starting point. You definitely do not want to be the reason for that. 
So you don’t try anything. 
You heave out one heavy sigh. 
“Jungkook, you said we were gonna talk,” you mumble, tired and disappointed. “You’re not being fair.”
You think you see the slightest twitch in his face, the tiniest knit between his brows like he’s contemplating maybe opening his eyes. But then, it’s gone, the lines smoothed over and you know you’re not getting him to drop his act. 
Admitting defeat, you wander over to your suitcase and open it, grabbing your toiletry bag and a change of clothes. 
“Just gonna say you’re gross for not brushing your teeth. They are gonna fall out, you know?” 
You wait for a reaction, but of course, you don’t get one. You roll your eyes and walk into the bathroom, shutting the door with more force than necessary.
Getting into bed feels weird. You’ve never liked sleeping in a bed beside your own, but you especially don’t like it when you see Jungkook curled up in that same uncomfortable and stiff position as before. You want to say something, but you know it’s in vain. So you turn off the lights and crawl under the covers.
You close your eyes, trying to sleep for a few minutes before giving up, eyes peeling open. And it’s not because it feels strange sleeping in a foreign bed. It’s because there’s a coil in your stomach, brewing and stewing in there. 
A coil of guilt.
Taking a deep breath, you throw the covers off you and swing your legs over the mattress. You’re determined as you walk over to Jungkook. 
“Get up,” you say with confidence you don’t know where you got from. “Jungkook, stop pretending. I know you’re not sleeping”
You think it’s the annoyance in your voice, the strictness swinging with it because finally, Jungkook does as you say and peels his stupid doe eyes open. Your gazes meet. He looks sheepish, embarrassed almost, and you click your tongue.
“Come on,” you say and grab his blanket. “You’re not sleeping on the couch.”
“It’s fine,” Jungkook repeats, pulling back the blanket. “Seriously, the couch is comfortable-”
“Oh, shut up,” you groan and throw your head into your neck. “You’re not sleeping on the couch, okay? You’re almost falling off this thing! Look at yourself, curled up like a goddamn shrimp. How are you gonna sleep like that?”
Jungkook opens his mouth but falls short. 
“See!” you laugh because this is so stupid, and he looks away, defeated.
You take a deep breath before continuing, knowing once you say this, you can’t take it back. 
“Just come sleep in the goddamn bed with me.”
Before Jungkook can even begin to comprehend your words, you grab his blanket and walk over to the bed. You throw the blanket on it.
“Uh,” confusion and uncertainty swing with his voice, “both of us? In the same bed?”
You can feel heat crawl up your neck at his question. You blame him for it, for the way he words it. It’s weird, sounds wrong. 
“Don’t make this weird. I’m just saying- there’s enough space, right?” You gesture at the bed. “And I-” You pause for a moment. “We’ll use your pillow as a barrier.” 
Even though you try your hardest to sound confident and not let any of the embarrassment leak through, you can hear the quiver in your voice. You hope Jungkook doesn’t. 
When you look at him again, he’s still staring at you, sitting up now though.
“I mean if you don’t wanna,” you’re starting to lose all of the courage you had before, “that’s fine too. I just thought that since, you know, the couch-”
“No, no, no,” he interrupts and grabs his pillow, standing up, “I’m just-” 
Jungkook pauses. A smile finds his lips. You lock eyes.
“If you’re comfortable with it, I’m too.”
You don’t think you’ve seen Jungkook look at you like this before, quite frankly you don’t think anyone has ever looked at you like this. There’s so much sincerity and honesty in his eyes. You can’t handle it. You avert your eyes.
“Yeah, uh, I’m fine with it,” you cough, and wave him off. “Just, you know, a barrier.”
He places the pillow right in the middle. “Good?” 
You nod before crawling under the covers. For some reason, breathing gets a bit harder as you do.
“Uh.” You snap your gaze to Jungkook at his interruption, eyes big when you look at him. “I think I’m gonna go wash up and change,” he tells you, gesturing at himself, still in his clothes from today. 
“Oh, yeah, of course,” you say. “Go do that.”
“Wouldn’t want my teeth to fall out, would I?” he smiles, and you roll your eyes at him. You don’t think he can see it in the darkness, but then you spot a grin on his lips.
“Just go.” You wave him off.
The fluorescent lights of the bathroom spill into the room through the crack under the door, and in the darkness, they seem especially bright and straining. You close your eyes.
“Ah, shit,” you hear Jungkook curse, followed by the faint sound of his toiletry bag dropping to the floor, and then, the calm sound of running water. Usually, you would slowly fall asleep, the sounds serving as white noise, but you can’t. Not when the realisation dawns on you Jungkook must have heard everything before. 
You figured the door wasn’t soundproof, but you didn’t expect it to be this thin. Jungkook heard everything. You’re sure of it. Before you were embarrassed. Now, you’re mortified.
You dig the heels of your hands into your eyes and bite your lip, stopping yourself from groaning.
By the time Jungkook comes back, you’ve decided to go with his tactic of pretending to be asleep. Unlike him, you’re actually able to put on a pretty good act. Your acting abilities are confirmed when you hear him stop dead in the tracks.
It’s quiet, barely audible, not louder than a slight puff of air, but you hear it loud and clear. Your senses are heightened and focused solely on every sound Jungkook makes. His steps are feather-light, making it difficult for you to follow where he is in the room, but when you feel the mattress dip, you know.
Jungkook moves slowly, not wanting to wake you. You almost smile at his carefulness. Sooyoung would never act like this. (In fact, she would probably bang on doors and turn on the lights just to wake you up and complain to you about how you fell asleep too quickly.) 
Like it weighs a ton, Jungkook slowly lifts the blanket. You want to tell him to hurry and get into bed, but you bite your tongue, letting him do his thing. This must be a world record for the longest time to get into bed, you think.
When he’s finally lying next to you, Jungkook lets out a sigh. You can feel his presence beside you, his body pressing into the pillow. It’s hard not to notice. 
Nothing happens for a few minutes, and you wonder if you could peel your eyes open and take a peek, see his back turned to you. Just as you’re about to though,
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
And then, you feel Jungkook tug the blanket closer to your chin, covering you up even more. Heat crawls up your cheeks. You decide to keep your eyes closed.
Tumblr media
Your mouth drops open when you see Jungkook’s plate, a marvellous stack of golden brown pancakes with the perfect slap of butter on top and a tiny bowl filled with brown sugary sweet maple syrup. Your bun with jam looks incredibly sad and plain in comparison, unappetising even. When you walked along the buffet, you didn’t see pancakes. How did you miss them?
“You wanna try?” Jungkook asks you, scooting closer with his chair and pointing at his pancakes. You tear your gaze to him.
“No, it’s fine.” 
“You sure?”
He levels you with a serious gaze, and you know he’s not just offering you out of politeness. “Yeah, just eat.”
You try not to look at Jungkook’s plate, eyes focusing on your cup of coffee, but you can’t help but take a peek when he pours the maple syrup on top. It’s illegal how good it looks. He catches you staring. Your eyes grow big before you bring yourself to look away, pretending like you’ve got a piece of lint stuck to your pants.
You bring your cup of coffee to your lips and take a sip. It’s in that moment when Jungkook transfers half of his stack of pancakes onto your plate. You start choking.
“Jungkook!” you exclaim, causing other guests to look your way, but you can’t be bothered to give them an apologetic smile. “What are you doing?”
“Just eat,” he tells you and picks up his fork and knife, slicing into his remaining pancakes. You shake your head and quickly put down your cup to give him his food back, but,
“Y/N, don’t you dare. I gave it to you. It’s a gift. You can’t refuse a gift.”
You gawk at him. 
“Jungkook,” you start, but he waves you off again, shoving the bite into his mouth. “It’s your food.”
“Not anymore,” he tells you, mouth still half full, and you think you would have cringed if he hadn’t just given you half of his stacks of pancakes. “It’s really good.” He points at his plate. “You should try.”
Admitting defeat, you heave out a sigh and tear your bun in half, placing it on his plate.
“It’s a gift,” you repeat. “You can’t refuse a gift.”
Jungkook stares at you then before smiling and shaking his head. 
Tumblr media
He’s inside, handling the checking out, when you realise you’re inherently weak. What other conclusion are you supposed to come to when you can't lift your suitcase into the trunk?
You groan as you try once more, propping up your leg to use as leverage, but it’s not enough. Your stance is weak, and you start toppling. Just before this can end badly, with your butt on the concrete and your suitcase on the floor, your knight in shining armour makes a second appearance. 
Jungkook places one hand behind your back, steadying you, and takes your suitcase from you with the other. Like it weighs nothing, he puts it in the trunk. A part of you is offended by how easy he makes it look.
“You alright?” He turns to you, giving you a worried look. You wave him off, feeling vaguely out of breath. Whether it’s due to you straining to get your suitcase in, or the fact Jungkook still has his hand on your back, you don’t know and also don’t want to know.
“I’m fine,” you huff in the end, and his touch leaves you. “Thanks.”
“Of course.”
“Honestly thought you were gonna watch me in the rearview mirror again,” you mumble, and his hands still around the hatchback, gaze finding yours. You crack a smile. “I’m joking. I know you’re not a douche.”
He rolls his eyes at you, but there’s a smile on his lips as he does. You fish the keys out of your pocket.
“Ready for another day of driving?”
Tumblr media
You’ve been on the road for almost three hours when you decide to make a stop, Jungkook needing to use the restroom.
“I’ll be quick,” he says and is already halfway out of the car but stops when he sees you fumble with your seatbelt.
“I’m getting out too,” you tell him when you notice his look. “My legs are sore. But you can go first. I know you gotta pee.”
“Oh, no, I can wait.”
You don’t respond, far too busy with the seatbelt. Maybe you should not get out. Maybe that’s your sign that staying in the car would be better. But, like all of the times before, Jungkook’s here for your rescue.
“Can I-?”
This time you make sure to pull your hands away fast enough, but you still don’t dare to look as he works on the seatbelt, cheeks ablaze for some reason. Deep down, you know. It’s the proximity. It’s the fact that you can see every mole speckling his skin, the fact that you can cup his cheeks, lift his face to you and push your lips against his-
Oh, God.
It’s the lack of sleep. It’s definitely the lack of sleep.
You close your eyes and bite your tongue, focusing on thinking about anything but how close Jungkook is to you.
You only open your eyes when you hear the click of your seatbelt. Jungkook leans back, and you start to breathe again.
“What would you do without me?” he asks, grinning, and you don’t meet his gaze.
“Probably be stuck in the car forever,” you say, swallowing thickly, the words coming out breathlessly.
He grins, picking up on none of that. “Probably.”
The moment your feet hit the concrete, you sigh, in need of some movement. Your mother’s right. Driving so long really is not good for your health.
Jungkook trails behind you as you walk into the little convenience store, your steps much more hurried than his. He almost bumps into you when you stop dead in your tracks. He’s about to ask you what’s wrong when he sees the other customers, all men, older men. It’s an intimidating sight. You swallow, reminded of yesterday.
“You alright?” Jungkook asks quietly, giving you a smile and stepping in front of you.
“Uh, y-yeah,” you say and clear your throat. “I mean yeah, I’m alright. It’s just-”
“You want to hold my hand?” 
The question catches you off guard. You look up to Jungkook. “W-what?”
“You know because-”
He doesn’t finish his sentence and just looks behind him. You don’t follow his gaze because you know what he’s saying. You take this short moment to admire his face, the softness of it.
“I mean you also don’t gotta,” he clears his throat. “Just so we can prevent yesterday from happening-”
Jungkook stops when you take his hands into yours, fingers slotting with his. He looks down before meeting your gaze, a smile spreading on his lips.
“Thanks,” you whisper into his arm, and he squeezes your hand.
Tumblr media
‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees just finished playing when Jungkook turns his head to you, his phone in his hand.
“Joon texted they got back,” he tells you, and you hum. “Reminds me, you never told me why Joon and Soo were out of town.”
“Did I not say?” You pucker your forehead. “Well, you know how it’s Joon’s and Soo’s anniversary?” He nods. “Well, he decided to take out Soo for a romantic getaway.”
“Oh, that’s cute,” Jungkook says, and you wrinkle your nose.
“You mean gross.”
“You think so?”
“You don’t?” you shoot back and look at him, raising a brow. You focus on the road again. “Also, look how their romantic getaway turned out. They ended up missing the roadtrip, and now we’re stuck here.”
Jungkook eyes you, words clearly sitting on his tongue, but he swallows them. 
“I guess.”
Tumblr media
So far you haven’t hit traffic yet. So when you do after hours of travelling, you can’t even be pissed. You are, however, bored. 
Because there’s a sleeping Jungkook to your right, his arms crossed in front of his chest and his head stiffly pulled back. 
You keep yourself entertained by playing the playlist he and you created through your earbuds, quietly jamming to it until you run out of songs and start adding to it. 
You just added ‘warm’ by Junggigo and ‘Butterflies’ by Fiji Blue to the playlist when Jungkook shifts next to you. Your gaze lands on him, and you hold your breath as you watch him stir and stir until slowly, he peels his eyes open.
The first thing he does is groan.
“Ah, fuck.”
His voice is deeper than usual, thick with sleep, and his face contorts with pain. You know it’s his neck. Your assumption is confirmed when he holds it, rubbing it.
“Morning,” you greet him, quietly, earphones and phone landing in your lap. “You okay?”
Jungkook looks at you, putting on a smile.
“Hey, yeah, morning. I’m fine.” He’s definitely not. “I just slept weird.”
Jungkook rubs his eyes and stretches, groaning as he does. He blinks a couple of times, taking everything in.
“One and a half days, right?” he says, sighing. “I mean no traffic. That’s not too bad?”
You hum. “Yeah, guess we’re lucky we only hit traffic now.”
Jungkook exhales again, long and heavy, still somewhat drowsy, and looks out the window, taking in the beautiful blue sky.
“You wanna play a game?”
You turn to him at his sudden question. “A game?”
He smiles, wide awake now. “Yeah, to pass the time.”
You hum. “What game?”
“21 questions.”
“When you said play a game, you meant... ask me questions?” you say and smile when you see the look on his face.
“Well, it’s still a game-”
You give him a look, nose scrunching. “Sure,” you say. “Now hit me. What’s your question?”
“Okay, so,” a knit forms between Jungkook’s brows, “do you want to improve the world we live in?”
You still, and turn to Jungkook, your face twisting in confusion. “That’s your question? I thought 21 questions was meant to be casual, not deep.”
“Just answer the question, Y/N,” he says. “Or what? You’re too scared?”
You raise a brow. “Too scared? You think I’m too scared?” You laugh and shake your head. 
“Fine, yes, I do,” you sigh. “I do wanna improve the world. I mean obviously, right? The world is shit, so of course I wanna change it.” You pause. “Do I think I will? No. But would I like to? Sure.”
Jungkook smiles. “See! I feel like I know you much better already. Okay, what would-”
“What are you doing? What game is this when I’m the only one answering questions? This isn’t an interview, right?”
He sighs. “Fine, my answer’s the same-”
“You’re not answering the same question. That’s boring,” you say and click your tongue. “No, you’re gonna tell me—” You pause to think, a knit forming between your brows. You light up when you come up with something. “—what your biggest weakness is.”
“I thought this was not meant to be an interview?” 
“Just answer the question, Jungkook,” you parrot. “Or what? You’re too scared?”
And then he shakes his head before puckering his forehead in thought. “I suck at social interactions. Like, I’m awkward as shit.”
You click your tongue. “Doesn’t count.”
“What do you mean-”
“It means I already know that and these questions are supposed to get me to know you better. Think of another weakness.”
Jungkook grumbles but doesn’t protest it, pausing to think. “I can’t think of anything else right now-”
“Are you saying you’ve got no other weakness?” You drive up when the line moves. “Wow, that’s arrogant.”
“Fine, let me think.” He pauses, and you’re about to tell him it’s fine when he continues. “I guess I’m immature- well, immature isn’t the right word. I think I’m sometimes a bit... reckless.” He levels you with a look. “Good enough?”
You hum. “A great weakness. You’re hired.”
Jungkook grumbles. “Okay, now my turn. What would you change about yourself?”
“Change about myself?” you repeat under your breath, scrunching your nose as you think about it. 
“I mean I think I’d like to be more disciplined. Have more self-control, you know?” You press your mouth into a line. “I’m not a very confrontational person either. If I can, I will avoid uncomfortable situations at all cost, even if that means it inconveniences me.” You shrug. “I feel like there’s always something to change though, right? We could always work on ourselves and be a better and kinder version of ourselves, don’t you think?”
“Wow, you must be great at interviews,” he says, and you grin. “Your turn.”
You hum as you try to think of a question. “Tell me your greatest strength.”
“You know you’re asking awfully lot of interview questions for the fact that you teased me-”
“Just answer the question, Jungkook,” you repeat. “Or what? You’re too-”
“My greatest strength,” he interrupts loudly, and you grin, “is probably… my patience. Also, I feel like I’m pretty nice once you get to know me and get past all of the, you know, awkwardness.”
You let out a high pitched sound. “Don’t know if I’d agree.”
He snaps his head to you, eyes blown out, and the way he’s looking at you now reminds you of the way he stared at you when you told him Sooyoung and Namjoon weren’t coming. Once again, you’re convinced if you slap him on the back of his head, his eyes would fall out.
“I’m joking!”
Jungkook stares at you, face hard and serious. You know you should take him seriously, but all you can do is laugh when you look at him. 
“Stop teasing me!”
“It’s fun though,” you tell him, smiling. “Also you’re gullible. Another weakness.”
The groan that escapes him only makes your smile widen even more. 
“Whatever,” he mumbles and crosses his arms in front of his chest. You want to poke him in the cheek and tease him for being such a moody teenager, but you think that will earn you a glare.
“You still wanna play your little game?”
“I thought it wasn’t a game-”
“So you don’t.”
Your words have Jungkook snapping his head to you, and you can see the conflict in his eyes. On one hand, he wants to tease you. On the other hand, he does want to continue playing. At this point, you’re beaming.
“Just ask,” you say as a sort of peace offering, a silent promise you’ll stop teasing him so much (for now at least). And he takes it, somewhat reluctantly but definitely gladly.
“What’s your biggest regret?”
You pause, and almost forget to drive up when the line moves. Unlike with the previous questions, you think a lot longer about this one, a sight that makes Jungkook smile.
“Good question, isn’t it? Got no answer, do you?”
“Well, you tell me your biggest regret then.”
He tsks you. “This is your question. You gotta answer it, not me.”
You purse your lips and think. “Probably when I decided cutting my hair with a pair of blunt kitchen scissors was a good idea. You’ll find no pictures of me during junior year.”
“That’s your only regret?” He arches a brow. 
“I once touched the hot stovetop and burned myself pretty badly.”
“How old were you?”
“Six maybe?”
“That doesn’t count then,” he tells you, and as much as you want to protest, you know he’s right. Being a kid and doing stupid stuff is a given. It shouldn’t be a regret.
You sigh. 
The only other thing you can come up with is the time you decided to hook up with Jungkook. It’s not the act in itself was something you regretted, but it just feels weird for you to share such a history with him. It’s unlike you. You know in a separate universe he and you hooking up probably lead to something more, a relationship maybe, one that you grew happy being in. But this isn’t the universe in which you get together with Jungkook. It’s the one in which you have to anxiously sit next to him as you hope he’ll never remember you.
“Well, I have had too much and done some stupid stuff,” you tentatively begin, trying to be as vague as possible, not wanting to possibly jumpstart Jungkook’s memories.
You look out your window and press your hands into your thighs. “Like think I can dance or sing all of a sudden, or that texting my ex is a brilliant idea.”
“Feel like we’ve all done that.”
His eyes are on you. You can feel it, and you know he’s not letting this go until you give him something.
“Well, once I…. went home with this guy.” 
You instantly regret speaking. You don’t dare to look at Jungkook, far too scared that recognition might reflect in his eyes. You don’t know what you would do then.
“He was that bad, huh?” A laugh accompanies his question, and you try to mimic it, keeping the atmosphere light.
“I mean no, but it’s just… not like me at all, you know?” You gesture around yourself. “To hook up with people. Not something I’d do sober. It’s just… embarrassing. It has nothing to do with him, just- you know, me-”
Jungkook looks at you then, his mouth opening to say something, but you stop him, desperate to change the topic.
“Oh,” you pick up your phone, “right! I’ve, uh, added a couple of new songs to the playlist.”
He knows what you’re doing. Jungkook’s not stupid. But thankfully, he lets you off the hook.
“Put them on.”
Tumblr media
“I’m banning McDonald’s,” you say when you walk out of the third clown restaurant in less than two days. “I can’t do this again.”
Jungkook laughs next to you, still sipping on his coke. “Well, it does look like we’re gonna be at the hotel early. We can go look for a proper place to have dinner then.”
“Please,” you sigh and tuck a strand behind your ear when you feel a gust of wind. Your steps are exceptionally slow, stomach filled with a mediocre cheeseburger and greasy fries.
“Alright, we’ll do that then,” Jungkook hums. “Keys?”
You fish them out of your pocket and hand them to him. You’ve fallen into a routine. Around lunchtime, you switch. 
You perk up when you see Jungkook rub his neck, face twisted in pain. You’ve already noticed him rubbing his neck earlier when you were eating. 
“Hey,” he stops and looks at you, “I just remembered. I need something from the store.” You point at the little convenience store next to McDonald’s. “Go ahead. I’ll be right back.”
And before Jungkook can offer to go with you, you walk inside, hoping you’ll find what you’re looking for. They must have them here too, you think. It takes you a minute to find them, but when you do, you beam. But your smile is quickly replaced by a frown when you see the price. When you remember how he’s been rubbing and massaging his neck for the last hour, it disappears and you walk over to the checkout.
Jungkook replaced his coke for his phone when you come back, a frown etching into his face when he sees the plastic bag you’re holding.
“What did you-”
He stills when you pull it out. You hold it out to him.
“It’s for you.” 
You shove it into his hands.
“Y/N,” he begins, voice soft and quiet, face softening. “Why?”
“Because obviously, your neck is hurting. Now, try it out.”
Jungkook gives you a look before sighing and putting the neck pillow around his neck, leaning into it.
“And? You feel supported?”
He smiles. “Very.”
You ball up the plastic bag and throw it into the back. “Great.”
“How much was it? It must have been so expensive,” Jungkook says, and you roll your eyes. “I’ll pay you-”
“No, you’re not,” you say. 
“Just tell me how-”
He removes the neck pillow and levels you with a look. 
“Jungkook,” you repeat, not nearly as serious though. 
The corners of your lips quirk up when he heaves out a sigh. He closes his eyes. “You’re not gonna tell me, are you?”
“Of course not,” you grin and put on your seatbelt. “Now drive. I wanna have a proper dinner.”
Tumblr media
Even though you’ve never been to this city before, the park reminds you oddly enough of your local park. You think it’s the Magnolia trees.
Looking around, you’re glad Jungkook suggested you get takeout instead of sitting in the little dingy Chinese diner when your initial plans of going to the city’s best sushi place fell through. (They didn’t accept walk-ins.) As sad as it was (and it really was because Jungkook spent an hour comparing dozens of restaurants on Yelp and sacrificed a good chunk of his data), you’re happy you ended up in the park. Something about having dinner under the summer sky is just especially calming and beautiful, the warm sticky evening air blowing in your face. 
“I like it here,” you tell Jungkook, and he hums, mouth stuffed with fried rice.
“It’s nice,” he agrees with you, and you pick up your chopsticks again, shovelling your noodles into your mouth. “But the food…”
He trails off, and you almost start laughing. 
“Yeah, it’s not great,” you say and swallow. “The noodles are weirdly greasy.”
“Yeah, I can see.” Jungkook points at your oil-soaked paper container. “The rice is not good either. Too wet, and it has a weird aftertaste too.”
You hum. You did switch to noddles for a reason. 
“But,” you look at him, pulling up a chopstick full of noodles, “still better than McDonald’s.”
“That’s for sure, and,” he picks up a spring roll from your shared box sitting between you on the bank, “the spring rolls are actually really fucking good.”
You grab one for yourself. “Yeah, they got those right.” 
The sun isn’t setting just yet, but it is slowly losing its vibrancy, fading into the background. The light it does have left filters beautifully through the leaves and flowers of the Magnolia trees, creating soft and delicate shadows on the concrete that dance in rhythm with the wind. You sit right underneath a majestic Magnolia tree, and from your bench, you can see a small family of three having a nice little picnic on your left and a group of kids playing football on your right. You tuck your hair out of your face when a breeze blows past you. It’s not too hot or humid today.
It’s the perfect summer day.
And once again, you notice how fading and fleeting the warm months are, notice how it’s all slowly coming to a bittersweet ending, how this trip will be the thing defining your summer until next year. You smile at that thought. Oddly enough, you’re fine with that.
“It’s a really beautiful day though,” you mumble, and Jungkook looks over to you, mouth stuffed with fried rice. He pauses. “Makes up for the mediocre food.”
He sticks his chopsticks into the rice (something his mother would scold him for) and wipes his mouth. His eyes are on you, solely on you. You don’t notice. He smiles.
“Beautiful indeed.”
When you finish eating (and by finish you mean when neither of you can stomach any longer of the mediocre Chinese food without risking possibly getting food poisoning), the sun has slowly begun to set, golden hour coming to an end. The little family is long gone at this point, and the group of kids you watched a minute ago are nowhere to be seen either. 
You’re gathering up your leftovers, packing them all up and making sure to leave nothing behind, when Jungkook suddenly straightens up. You’re far too busy to notice it, and by the time you do, he’s already up and walking away, leaving you without an explanation.
The rest of your sentence gets lodged in your throat when he begins to run. You see it then. An ice cream truck. You hear it then too, the faint little tune coming from it. You spot the group of kids huddled around it, holding their wallets up in the air. That’s where they went, you think.
When Jungkook comes back, you’ve long finished packing everything up.
“Here,” he says, holding out a Spiderman shaped ice cream to you. “I mean unless you want Iron Man.”
You laugh and gladly accept Spiderman. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Are you gonna let me repay you?”
And when Jungkook just moves the plastic bags to the side and sits down next to you, you know the answer. 
Is it a good idea to eat ice cream so shortly after all of that Chinese food? Definitely not. Do either of you care? Not at all.
“You think they’re on a date?” you ask when you spot two teenagers by the ice cream truck. Even from afar, you can see their fidgeting. You smile, remembering how you used to be like that too. Sometimes still are even.
“Look at him,” Jungkook laughs, gesturing towards the boy. “They’re definitely on a date. You can see he wants to hold her hand.”
You hum and go back to eating.
“You think people think we’re dating when they look at us?”
You stop. For a moment, you don’t react at all until it hits you and you snap your gaze to Jungkook, eyes wide.
“W-what?” you sputter and almost choke.
Jungkook instantly begins to laugh, a gigantic smile growing on his lips. “What? Is it so bad if people might think that?” he asks, taking a bite from his ice cream, and you would have cringed and told him not to do that if your brain wasn’t reeling from his question.
“I- what? I-I don’t-”
You stop when he laughs even more, and soon enough your face twists in annoyance, nose scrunching. A pout grows on your lips and you avert your gaze, cheeks ablaze.
“It’s not funny,” you inform him, but Jungkook doesn’t agree, grinning at you. “But no, I don’t think so.” 
You still don’t look at him when you speak.
“Really?” There’s disbelief in his voice. “I mean I’m not trying to imply anything, but, you know, you and I are sitting on the bench together, eating ice cream and-”
“Sure, yeah, but this is also not a romcom in which we dance under the stars, go on coffee shop dates, and sneak out to meet in the middle of the night, Jungkook,” you interrupt, the words spilling from your lips quickly. “This is the 21st century. People no longer assume we’re dating because you’re a guy and I’m a girl and we’re having ice-”
“Didn’t you assume that they’re dating because they are a guy and girl getting ice cream?” Jungkook asks and points at the two teenagers. You still and press your mouth into a line.
His gaze lingers on you as he waits and waits for your defence. You can’t come up with anything though. So in a desperate attempt to save face, you get up and grab one of the plastic bags. 
“I’m tired,” you announce, voice thin and weak.
You know Jungkook’s smirking. You expect a comment, but nothing follows. He just gets up, grabs the other bag and happily takes another bite from his Iron Man ice cream as he catches up with you.
Tumblr media
This time you didn’t fuck up the reservations. This time there are two beds, so when you get back, there’s no discussion and fight about who takes the couch. This time you both just claim your beds.
Jungkook lets you have the bathroom first, and when you’re done, showered and washed up, you find him eating the rice from before.
“Thought it tasted off,” you say as you dry your hair with a towel, and he hums.
“It does,” he looks at you, “but it’s still food.”
You smile and sit down on the bed, pulling out your phone and checking your messages; assuring your mother you’re fine, making plans with Yeji and Sana to go shopping after the trip, and telling Sooyoung you’re back in the hotel.
“Gonna wash up,” Jungkook tells you, and you look up to find him no longer eating, everything packed up.
The call comes right when you hear the shower turn on.
“Y/N!” Sooyoung greets you, the smile audible in her voice.
“Hey,” you mumble and lie down, rubbing your eyes and suppressing a yawn. “What’s up?”
“Oh, I just wanted to check in with you.” You look over to the bathroom. The shower is still running. You have time. “How’s it with Kook?”
You press your lips together. “Fine.”
“See!” You have to hold your phone away from your ear, cringing at her volume. “I told you it wasn’t gonna be bad!”
“Yeah, whatever,” you mumble and sigh, closing your eyes as you feel the exhaustion taking over you more and more. 
“How did you solve the bed dilemma yesterday?”
“Soo,” you press through your teeth, hoping it’s enough for her to get the message.
“Oh, Y/N, just tell me! Did you guys sleep in one bed?”
You pinch your nose bridge and sigh. “Please, stop.”
“You gotta tell me! Don’t leave me hanging like that,” she tells you, and you want to groan, but refrain when you hear the shower stop.
“He took the couch, okay? Happy?” you hiss. It’s not a complete lie. Jungkook did take the couch, for around ten minutes.
“Oh, did he? How gentleman of Kook,” Sooyoung says, but you hear a smirk on her lips. You frown. “But,” your heart sinks in your chest, “Joon told me Kook told him you ended up sharing the bed.”
“I’m hanging up again,” you say and end the call early once more.
When Jungkook comes back, you’re already tucked in, phone charging on the nightstand and eyes squeezed shut. You hear him still at your sight before his footsteps resume again. 
There’s silence. 
Until there isn’t.
A thud.
You turn on the lamp, just to see Jungkook sitting on a sunken bed.
“Did you break-”
He presses his mouth into a thin line.
Tumblr media
Jungkook didn’t break the bed. The hotel staff informs you there’s a loose screw. It’s been fixed but needs fixing again. They apologise profusely.
You sigh when he finishes relaying all of the information. “So moving rooms, huh?”
“Yeah, uh, about that...” 
Jungkook gives you a look you can’t place, but when he picks up the bedding and throws it all on the couch, it dawns on you.
“Don’t tell me…” You don’t finish your sentence. “How?”
“I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Seems like a lot of people are going on roadtrips now.”
You bury your face in your hands. This feels like a fucking joke. Sooyoung’s right. What in the Wattpad fanfiction is this?
“Okay, but clearly I’m sleeping on the couch,” you say, and Jungkook’s quick to lie down before you can act.
“Look, Y/N, let’s not do this again. It’s my bed that broke, so I should sleep-”
“But your neck!”
And with that, Jungkook pulls the cover over his body and turns his back to you, letting out the most obnoxiously loud and fake snore. 
This time it’s not a full-size bed. This time it’s just a twin size bed. This time you still can’t let Jungkook sleep on that stupidly small couch, not with his neck pain for sure. (Why can’t hotels have decently sized couches?)
“You’re not gonna let me sleep on the couch, are you?” 
You get a loud snore in response. You heave out a sigh.
“Can I trust you?”
There’s no snoring this time. You think he knows where you’re going with this. You fumble with the covers, heart thumping in your chest.
“We can’t… put a barrier this time.”
And like he’s been stung, Jungkook sits up, his eyes wide as he looks at you. You look away, and you hope the lamp is dim enough to hide the embarrassment etched into your face.
“Just-” Your voice is weak, cracking. You’re running out of air. “I can trust you, right?”
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook’s eyes soften. “Y/N, I’m really fine with sleeping on the-”
“Well—” You tuck a strand behind your ear, feeling hot all of a sudden. The AC is running though? “—I’m not. You’ve got the neck pain and the couch is also fucking tiny. Just, you know, don’t be…. weird.”
You’re certain. The AC must be broken. How else is it possible that your entire body is on fire, burning up as you speak? That must be it. The AC must have just broken.
Jungkook doesn’t say anything for a while, thinks about your proposal, and you can hear your heart grow louder in your chest, pounding harder against your rib cage.
“Are you sure?”
He asks this quietly and tentatively. It gives you the courage to look back at him. He levels you with the same look he gave you when you offered to sleep in the same bed before. You hold his gaze, somehow.
And then, Jungkook gets up, taking his bedding with him, but you stop him.
“I don’t think-”
He pauses and you gesture at the bed to finish your sentence. There’s no space. That’s what you want to say, but it never leaves your lips. He understands though, and leaves the bedding on the couch.
There’s an awkwardness hanging between you as Jungkook walks over. It’s comical really, especially when you think about the fact that he and you have done a lot more than sleep in a bed together. Sure, you had alcohol buzzing through your systems then, but still, it’s ridiculous how tense it is right now.
When he lifts the cover, you can instantly feel the tininess of the bed. He and you will be sleeping centimetres apart from each other.
“Sorry,” Jungkook apologises when he bums your hand with his, clumsily slipping into bed. The apology is pointless though because his entire arm ends up being pressed against yours.
“I’m just gonna-” 
You don’t finish speaking and just turn on your side, back facing towards him. He nods before doing the same. You turn off the lamp. Jungkook shifts, and when you peek over your shoulder, you see him lying on the edge of the mattress, on the brink of falling out of the bed.
You sigh. “Do you-”
He perks up when you speak, and you have to pause to gather your voice. It’s hoarse for some reason.
“Do you want to come closer?”
You whisper the question. It’s barely audible, but with Jungkookso close to you, he hears it, clearly, like you whispered it into his ear.
“I’m fine-”
“You’re falling off the bed,” you tell him, and close your eyes before forcing the words out, clearing your throat. “If you want to, you can, uh, put your arm around me.”
For a moment, Jungkook doesn’t say anything. You think he’s going to decline, tell you it’s the last thing he would want-
“Are you, uh, sure?”
You want to throw the covers to the side. It’s too damn hot, your face on fire at this point.
Nothing happens and for a while, all you hear is his breathing before he starts to shift, his arm lifting underneath the cover and hesitantly sneaking around your middle.
“Is this, uh, okay?” he asks, careful to not put too much pressure on you, and you nod.
He clears his throat. “Alright.”
Jungkook is breathing into your neck. He must be close, you think, so close that if you turned, your lips would almost be touching. You squeeze your eyes shut at the thought, glad you’re facing away from him.
You can’t tell him the same, your voice long gone at this point. 
Tumblr media
“This is why you wanted to check out so early?” Jungkook thanks the waitress when she takes back the menu. “So we could have breakfast?”
Your face is scrunched up in a frown, confusion etched into your features. “Why couldn’t we just have breakfast at the hotel?”
Jungkook beams at you. “Hotel breakfast doesn’t compare to café breakfast, does it?”
“Yeah, but I could have slept another hour,” you say and run a hand through your hair, rubbing your eyes.
“Slept that badly, huh?”
You look at Jungkook. His face is twisted in something you can’t pinpoint.
“Stop,” you tell him, shaking your head. “I’m just always tired.”
He doesn’t respond then, and just curls his fingers around the orange cup, sipping on his coffee.
You’re not lying. You actually didn’t sleep badly, and you think you should assure him of that, tell Jungkook that you’re naturally always tired because you’re a college student, that sharing a bed with him isn’t the reason for your exhaustion, but somehow, you can’t will yourself to form the words.
“It’s nice here,” you say, looking around the café, the scnet of buttery pastries and freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, powdered sugar floating around, the quiet hissing of the coffee machine in the back accompanying the piano music playing through the speakers.
“Best café in the city,” Jungkook told you, and you raise a brow.
“Did you scour Yelp-”
“For how long?”
Jungkook makes a face then, and you know longer than anyone else would, hours at least. You shake your head in disbelief and mutter under your breath, “You’ve got too much time on your hands.”
“Well, you like it here right? Totally worth it then,” he says, and as much as you don’t want to, heat crawls up your neck.
Your food arrives shortly after; a handful of golden brown waffles topped with powdered sugar, slices of strawberries and blueberries, and a steaming buttery croissant with jam on the side. The sight is Instagram worthy, your jaw dropping wide open.
“See, scouring Yelp for hours on end was worth it,” Jungkook grins, taking a picture of your food, and you frown.
“How much did you sleep?” you ask, reaching for your coffee and blowing across the surface, narrowing your eyes. There’s a click when you put it back on its saucer, a drop of coffee spilling on it. Brown clashing with washed-out purple.
“Enough,” he tells you, and you know he’s lying, the espresso shot he had added to his coffee selling him out. “Anyway, I’m starving. Let’s just eat.”
You comply, ripping your freshly baked croissant in half, steam wafting from it in hazy waves. You place one half onto Jungkook’s plate. He does the same, transferring half of his waffles to you.
“Is this what we do now?” he asks you when you pick up some of the jam with the tip of the butter knife.
“Seems like it.”
You smile at each other.
Tumblr media
“Thank you,” you mumble when Jungkook helps you, once again, to click off the seatbelt. “One day I’ll be able to do it myself.”
He smiles and throws the door shut. You jump out too. “Sure, Y/N. One day.”
You give him a look, and he offers you a smile. Side by side, you walk across the mostly empty parking lot before entering the convenience store. They all look more or less the same, you realise. You see no difference between this one and the first one you walked into.
Jungkook takes your hand into his almost automatically, and you don’t even stop for a second to think about it, gripping it back.
“Is this what we do now?” you ask as you browse through the aisle, looking for something that’s not chips and nuts.
He smiles. “Seems like it.”
You give him a look before shaking your head and leading him towards the refrigerator aisle, eyes finding a prepackaged box of sushi.
“Hey, you in the mood for sushi?” You pick up a box, inspecting it carefully. It doesn’t look too bad actually.
“When am I not?” he shoots back, and it’s decided then. Rest stop sushi for lunch it is.
You pick up another box and hand it to Jungkook before walking over to the checkout, grabbing two water bottles on your way there. The clerk hasn’t even begun ringing you up when you pull out your wallet and place an obscene amount of bills on the counter.
“Y/N!” Jungkook protests, but you ignore him, shoving his wallet to the side.
“You should have let me pay,” he tells you when you walk out of the store, still holding hands for some reason, and you snort.
“Well, then you should let me pay for gas.”
“I have let you-”
You click your tongue. “You should let me pay every time.”
Without looking, you know he’s rolling his eyes. You don’t care, a smile on your lips. Paying for lunch is a win in your books. You’re sure you’ll be paying for gas too by the end of the trip.
The sushi is mediocre at best, and worse than the Chinese takeout you had yesterday at worst, but for some reason, neither Jungkook nor you stop eating. The wasabi helps. It overpowers the refrigerator taste that’s stuck to the rice.
And as you eat, occasionally taking sips from your water, watching the cars speed past you on the highway with the AC blasting in your faces because it’s still summer and your roadtrip playlist playing in the background, you have to smile. You don’t know why, but a smile just finds your lips. And when you look over to Jungkook, it widens. Even more when he notices your gaze and gives you a smile too.
Once more, you realise how beautiful summer is, how everything feels possible and impossible at the same time, how every hour reminds you of a childhood you’ve never had, how the months are filled with either melancholy or exhilaration.
Tumblr media
You spent too much time at the rest stop, you conclude, when you arrive at the hotel, much later than planned. Because after you both finished your sushi, you suggested walking off the food. So, you both jumped out again, and walked a couple of laps, talking about everything and nothing. And hitting traffic soon after certainly delayed things by quite a bit as well.
The problem with arriving later than planned at the hotel means responding to your mother later than planned, so when you finally do, you’re not surprised your phone lights up with a call from her a minute later.
You look over your shoulder. Jungkook just went into the bathroom, meaning you had around ten minutes to get this done if sharing a hotel room with him for the past three days taught you anything. That should be more than enough.
You’re met with the usual questions—are you alright? Did you eat? Are you enjoying yourself?—and you answer them all with relative ease, staying quiet when your mother scolds you for having chips as dinner. It’s a like any, until-
“Yes, I will-”
You’re cut off by the sound of Jungkook’s soothingly soft singing that’s very much deserving of praise and attention any other day but elicits panic in you now. 
“Uh,” you start coughing and making extra noise, hoping to drown out Jungkook as you quickly walk out into the hallway, grabbing the key card before the door clicks shut.
“Are you sick, honey?” your mother asks.
“Oh, no, no, I just… choked on water,” you explain to her quickly. “I’m fine though.”
“Yeah? Be careful.” 
You hum, glad she didn’t bring up the-
“Also, who was singing just now?”
You screw your eyes shut and curse.
“Singing?” You try your best to sound confused. “What singing?”
Your mother shifts on the other side, and you would have definitely caved under her gaze if she was in front of you now. 
“Didn’t you hear? For a moment before you started choking, I heard a voice, singing. A boy, I think.”
You chuckle. “Yeah, uh, I don’t know-”
It’s the faint call of your name that halts you. You look at the door. It’s coming from there, you think. You pause to listen but nothing. You’re about to go back to dismissing your mother when the door opens, and a freshly showered Jungkook stands in front of you, hair dripping with water, droplets landing on his shirt, his eyes big.
“Y/N,” he says at your sight. “God, I already wondered where-”
“Mom, sorry, I gotta, uh, go-”
“Don’t you dare hang up on me, Y/N,” your mother interrupts you, and you freeze, feeling like a child. Your eyes lock with Jungkook’s, face contorted in horror. He presses his mouth shut, offering you an apologetic look.
“Who’s that?”
You close your eyes for a moment. “Jungkook.”
You don’t look at him when you speak his name.
There’s a long pause. “Can I talk to him?
And although she worded it like a question, you know it’s not. You hold your phone towards Jungkook, and his eyes grow gigantic. He shakes his head, backing away, but you shove it into his hands, mouthing to him just how sorry you were.
“Uh, h-hello?”
You push him back into the room, almost stumbling over his own feet as he does. You take your phone from him and put it on speaker.
“... to meet you.”
“Ah, yes, very, uh, nice to meet you too, Ms Y/L/N,” Jungkook coughs out and you sit down on the edge of Jungkook’s bed. (Yes, there are two beds, neither broken.”
“I just heard you singing,” your mother informs him, and you throw your hands into the air. How in the hell did she hear him?
Jungkook looks terrified, and you grab onto his hand resting on the bed, awaiting your mother’s words with him, sharing nervous looks. He interlocks his fingers with yours, your thumb brushing over his tattooed knuckles.
“No need to be embarrassed,” she says with a smile. “You’ve got a good voice.”
“T-thank you very much.”
There’s a pause then, and you lock eyes with Jungkook once more. You think maybe you can take the phone from him, but right just as you’re about to, your mother begins again,
“In what kind of relationship are you with my daughter?”
You think it's the straightforwardness of the question, the bluntness and casualness she asks it with. It has your jaw dropping open and your eyes screwing shut in horror. Embarrassment flushes through you, and you want to say something, but the words are all muddled on your tongue.
“Are you her boyfriend?”
You can’t even bring yourself to look at Jungkook, too mortified to peek into his direction.
“Uh, I-” He’s stammering, struggling to find his voice, and you can’t blame him, words failing you and refusing to come out too. What you can’t understand though is when he decides to say this, 
You think you would have had a bigger reaction if you weren’t so tired. But you are, so all you do is stare ahead of you for a few seconds before crashing down on the bed, face burying into your hands.
“Oh,” your mother says, and you don’t know if she’s happy or not, if she’s going to ask Jungkook to give back your phone and scold you like she did sophomore year. “For how long now?”
“N-not long.”
“But you are serious, right?”
You shoot up and take your phone from Jungkook, putting an end to this before he can spew more bullshit.
“Mom, we gotta go,” you quickly say. “We’ll talk later. Bye.”
And before your mother can tell you not to hang up on her, you do and throw your phone to the side. Silence hits you, and you close your eyes again, not wanting to look at Jungkook. He shifts next to you and clears his throat. It takes you a while, but when you think you’re not going to end up strangling him, you peel your eyes open. 
Your mouth parts to speak, but no words leave you. It takes you a few tries to find your voice. All you manage is a simple but desperate and confused, “Why?”
“I got nervous-”
“So you told my mom we are dating?” you exclaim, snapping back, and stare at Jungkook. He doesn’t meet your gaze, wringing out his hands.
“Well, I- you know how awkward I am!” he argues, but it does nothing to calm you, exasperation carved into your face. “When she asked if we were dating, I-I just panicked, okay? I didn’t know what to say and-”
He deflates, and you’re stuck between deciding to yell at him and silently passing away. In the end, you choose the latter, burying your face in your hands and leaning back. You can already feel the headache building up. Your mother won’t let this go. You’ll hear an earful. As much as you love her, it’s frustrating how she still sees you as a child in need of protection every step of the way.
“I’m tired,” you say after a while. You don’t know how much time has passed. 
Neither of you have moved. There’s heaviness in the air. You get up without a word, slipping into the bathroom and shutting the door behind you. You don’t hear the sigh Jungkook lets out.
And with that, you’re knocked right back to the starting point. All of the progress you’ve made in the last three days, the friendship you’ve built, crumbles right to the floor, lying there in shards.
Tumblr media
You can’t sleep.
Again, it’s not unusual for you to struggle to fall asleep on your first night at a hotel. The mattress is either too comfortable or not comfortable enough. The cover is either too thick or not thick enough. The pillow either sinks in too much or- You get the point. But you know that’s not why you can’t sleep. It’s the heaviness that weighs down your chest, the tension that fills every corner and crack of the room, the rigidness you inhale with every breath.
You turn on your back. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook on his back too. The two of you lying in your respective beds, and even though you’re only a handful of steps away from each other, it feels like a rift, a gaping hole, splitting you up, stranding both of you on your own lonely islands.
It’s quiet, tentatively.
Your voice sounds short and odd. You’re no longer mad- you don’t even think you were that to begin with. You were just… frustrated.
“I’m sorry.”
You turn your head to him and grip the covers. Words sit at the back of your throat, assurances that he doesn’t need to apologise, but before they can form on your tongue and spill out, he continues.
“I-I know that I put you in a weird spot, but I just-” There’s a pause, followed up with a sigh. “If you want, I’ll explain it to your mother- I just got flustered and nervous. And you’ve got every right to be mad at me, but just know I am sorry-”
He halts when you sit up and turn on the lamp. You both blink at the sudden brightness, but you move on quickly, needing to set the record straight.
“Jungkook, no,” you begin, shaking your head, eyes staring firmly into his, “don’t apologise. You don’t have to talk to my mother, I’ll figure it out myself. And actually, I wasn’t mad at you. I was just,” your gaze lowers, “frustrated because- my mother, she’s a bit protective of me, you know? She’s always been super critical of the guys I date, you know? And I’m just gonna get an earful-”
You pause and take a moment to breathe. “But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I should apologise. So I’m sorry, Jungkook. I put you in a weird spot. I’m truly sorry for that.”
He sits up too, crossing his legs. A soft smile finds his face. “Looks like we’re both sorry, huh?”
“I’m more though.”
His smile turns into a grin. “No, I am.”
You raise a brow. “Pretty sure I am.”
He tuts you. “I’m going to have to politely and respectfully disagree with you. I definitely feel more sorry.”
You hold his gaze. “This is gonna go on and on, isn’t it?” When he smiles, you sigh. “I’m going back to sleep. Goodnight.”
You turn off the lamp. He laughs.
And even though the issue is resolved, you don’t slip into sleep. It’s like the exhaustion that plagued you previously has dissipated, and for some reason, you’re cold. It keeps you up. You want to turn off the AC, but you don’t want to get up either and risk waking up Jungkook. So you do nothing.
An eternity passes, and you still find no sleep. Your eyes trace over to Jungkook’s side. He has his back turned to you. You press your lips into a line. In the dark, you can’t figure out if he’s sleeping or not.
And like you yelled his name, he snaps his head around. “Yeah?”
He’s wide awake. Still, you keep your voice small when you continue, “Are you sleeping?”
“Yes, I’m sleeping right as we speak,” he tells you, and you send him a glare in the darkness. You think you can make out a smile on his face.
“I can’t sleep.”
You’re not sure why you tell Jungkook this, how he’s supposed to solve that problem for you, but the words are already out there and you can’t take them back. You expect a snarky comment, something annoying that will make you roll your eyes, but you’re met with the opposite.
“Do you want to watch something?”
You look at him with big eyes. “What would we be watching?”
“Anything you want,” he tells you, and even though you’re very much overwhelmed with the unlimited choice, you smile.
And just like that, the lights get turned on again, the night feeling foolishly young once more. 
Jungkook digs out his laptop from his suitcase and you fish out the only bag of chips you have left from the first day.
“Where do we…”
You trail off, but Jungkook knows what you’re asking. 
“My bed?” 
You nod and grab your pillow while he sets everything up. 
When you’re both finally in bed, covers thrown over you, hands taking turns to reach into the chips bag, he presents you with the hardest question anyone has ever asked you,
“What do you want to watch?”
You frown as you look at everything Netflix offers. You can’t choose, of course, so you choose to shoot back the question.
“What do you want to watch?”
Jungkook starts scrolling, mouth pressed in a line. “A film or-”
“Alright,” he clicks on the film section, “let’s see what- oh, how about Spirited Away?”
You’re quick to shake your head. “No, no, no, that’s too scary-”
“Scary?” Jungkook raises a brow.
You look away. “Look, I get scared easily, okay? No face is kinda scary, don’t you think? It’s also the middle of the night-”
“But I’d be watching with you.”
You scrunch your nose, shaking your head no again. “Let’s just watch Totoro.” 
You feel bad for shooting down his suggestion. 
“We can watch Spirited Away after.” You shove a handful of chips into your mouth, mumbling while chewing, “You can protect me then.”
Jungkook looks at you, his hand stilling in the chips bag. You don’t return his gaze.
“You know, since you’re my boyfriend or whatever,” you add quickly and clear your throat, hoping it’s obvious that it’s a joke as you search up Totoro. You don’t have to look to know there’s a smile on his lips.
You start the film, and Jungkook quiets down. You don’t feel cold anymore, not with him pressed to your side.
And as you lean back to watch, quietly munching on the chips, you know you were wrong. You weren’t knocked back to the starting point of your friendship. He and you have come a long way, figuratively and literally.
Tumblr media
You’re first to wake up.
The first thing you notice is the weird taste in your mouth, and you curse your past self for thinking having chips after brushing your teeth was a good idea. The second thing you notice is the arm around your middle, an arm that unmistakably belongs to none other than Jungkook; the tattoos confirming your assumption. The third thing you notice is just how close he is to you; his breath in your neck, his chest against your back, warmth radiating off him. 
Your heart beats heavy in your chest, heavier than usual. It should scare you, but for some reason, it doesn’t. For some reason, when it’s Jungkook, you feel at ease.
And even though waking up in the same bed as him prompted you to run out last time, you don’t even feel a smidge of that same panic. In fact, you don’t feel anything at all. Actually, no, you do feel something. You feel like closing your eyes again, slipping back into slumber with him.
So you do.
Before you drift back though, you wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t run out two years ago.
Tumblr media
When you finally wake up, it’s the middle of the day. A glance at the clock and you come to the mortifying realisation that you have exactly five minutes to check out. Clearly, not enough time.
You’re hurrying around the room, picking up everything that belongs to you and throwing it into your suitcase (because even though you didn’t unpack, you still have quite a bit lying around) when Jungkook suddenly stills, neck pillow in his hand.
“Do you want to stay another day?”
“I mean, we’re not gonna check out in time anyway, right? And so far we haven’t had the time to explore any of the cities we’ve been in either, so how about we do it now then? Let’s stay another night.”
Your brows knit together. “But I mean…. don’t we have to, you know, drive-”
“It’s just another eight hours until we’re-” He cuts himself off, flicking his wrist. “You know what? Forget it. It’s a stupid idea.”
Jungkook dismisses his suggestion before you can even think about it, going back to packing up, hooking the neck pillow to his bag before grabbing the clothes he has lying around. You watch him for a few seconds before taking out the shirt he just folded and throwing it onto the bed. 
“Let’s stay another day,” you smile, expecting a smile from him too, but Jungkook doesn’t, face twisting in something you can’t figure out. “What? What’s wrong?”
“I ironed the shirt before the trip. It wrinkles really easily,” he tells you quietly, a strange noise coming from the back of his throat. He’s in pain. “But it’s fine. I-I can iron it again. At home. Later. Actually, I didn’t want to wear it on the trip anyway.”
It doesn’t sound fine at all.
You cup your hands in front of your mouth. “I’m so sorry-”
Jungkook stops you from walking over to the bed and desperately try to smooth out the wrinkles, shaking his head. 
“It’s fine, Y/N,” he assures you again, and now it actually sounds fine. “Really, it’s fine.”
“I’m sorry,” you tell him nevertheless and rub your hands together, eyes drifting to the side.
He gives you a smile. “Well, I’m gonna go down and talk to the reception about us staying another night.”
“Go do that.”
And when the door shuts, you smile.
Being alone for once, you take the chance to pull out your phone to text your mother a long-winded explanation of last night and how Jungkook and you are merely friends. You think that will do for now, assure her you didn’t keep another boyfriend secret from her. Still, you’re certain you’ll get an earful once you’re back.
Tumblr media
“And now, if I may draw your attention to your right here—” You turn your head, a smile growing on your lips as you watch Jungkook struggle to find the rest of his sentence. “—you’ll see this… gorgeous little famous brick building.”
You raise your hand. He picks you. “What is it famous for?”
“Ah, yes, great question, young lady,” he coughs, and you can quite literally see the wheels turn in his head. “It’s famous… for its ghosts.”
And even though he doesn’t word it like a question, it very much sounds like one.
“Ghosts?” you repeat, raising a brow.
“Yes, ghosts,” Jungkook repeats, doubling down. “Happy ghosts though. Not spooky ghosts. I know how easily you scare.”
You roll your eyes, regretting revealing this information to him. “Please continue your tour.”
“Right, yes, follow me.”
Once your reservations were settled, you realised neither of you know what to do with all of that extra time. A city tour was thrown around, but it turns out booking a city tour on such notice is more than difficult. But Jungkook was quick to tell you anyone could give a city tour. Hell, he could do it!
So here you are, walking through the streets with Jungkook as he scrambles to make things up as you go, pointing at buildings you walk past and telling you about their supposed history.
“And this,” he stops and you look up, “is probably the most famous sight-”
“A McDonald’s?” you deadpan, scrunching your nose.
“A McDonald’s,” he says with a nod, and you raise your hand again. “Yes, please?”
“So where can I get my money back because clearly, this tour is a scam-”
“You’re telling me that McDonald's is the best thing this town has to offer? This is supposed to be the best city tour ever? A sham, I tell you!” 
“I’m trying here.” A dramatic pout grows on Jungkook’s lips, and you can’t help but laugh. You pinch his cheek. 
He scrunches his face and pushes your hand aside. “Y/N!”
“Well, if you’re gonna pout like a child, you’re gonna be treated like one,” you tell him, smiling.
“If you’re so dissatisfied with the tour, do it better-”
“I never proclaimed myself to be the best tour guide around though,” you shoot back, and he scrunches his nose.
“Being a tour guide is hard, alright-”
“You just suck.”
Jungkook presses his lips into a line and stares at you. You give him a smile, enjoying this far too much.
“You’re mean, Y/N, you know that?” he hisses, and you laugh. “I’m not doing the tour anymore.”
“Thank god,” you exhale, placing your hand on your chest, feigning relief. Jungkook gapes at you. You laugh again. “Come on, let’s just go.”
“Where to?” he asks you, and you hook your arm with his, smiling.
“Anywhere,” you say.
Jungkook blinks at you before finally, cracking a smile too.
“Anywhere it is.”
You walk side by side, exploring the streets and corners and shops this city has to offer, dipping in and out of cafés and bookstores on your way. And at some point, you’re holding his hand. You don’t notice it until you have to let go at some point and reach for Jungkook’s hand again. You can’t say whose hands wandered first, but you can say it feels oddly natural. It feels oddly right.
Tumblr media
“Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Jungkook asks you with a smile when the credits start rolling, the outro music of Spirited Away filling the air around you. He turns his head to you.
“Shut up,” you mumble, downing the last bit of wine you have left in your paper cup (this hotel is the opposite of fancy). “But no, it wasn’t.”
He grins at you over his shoulder as he puts away his laptop. “See, I told you.”
“The film still traumatised my young self, alright? The ghost-”
“No Face,” he supplies.
“Right, yeah, anyway, that guy’s fucking scary when you first watch the film. The way he follows Chihiro and won’t leave her alone?” You shudder and shake your head.
Jungkook’s still grinning when he fills up his paper cup with wine, gesturing for you to hand him yours. 
Jungkook clinks his paper cup with yours, and your shoulder shakes with laughter as you drink, eyes locked with his. You’re first to break, your hand quickly coming up to your mouth to stop any of the wine from spilling.
“You’re so stupid,” you tell him when you’ve managed not to make a mess of the sheets, coughing a bit. Jungkook laughs. 
You place your half-empty paper cup on the nightstand and lie down, tired from the day and alcohol. You’re tipsy, for sure. Jungkook follows you, throwing the blanket over you. You’re quick to snuggle into it. Your faces are close, inches apart. One of you should back away, allow for more space, but neither of you even think of it. You just lie in the quiet together.
The warm yellow glow from the lamp on the nightstand spills beautifully down Jungkook’s face, softening his features to butter. It accentuates the gentle slope of his nose, contrasts the moles imprinted on his skin, and brings out his starry doe eyes, eyes filled with so much gentleness and goodness you think your heart is going to burst if you looked into them too long.
Gazing at him, you can’t help but smile at the thought that all of this wouldn’t have happened if Sooyoung hadn’t convinced you. You would have never gotten to know Jungkook the way you do now, seen all of his sides—the awkward and shy one, the brave and protective one, the caring and kind one—, and realised he’s one of the best people you’ve ever met.
You thank Sooyoung.
“Hey, Y/N?”
He speaks quietly, in a whisper. You match his volume.
Jungkook doesn’t avert his eyes when he speaks, “Are we friends?”
You blink a handful of times, taking a moment to think about his question. A smile curls on your lips when you come up with the answer, “Almost.”
He raises a brow. “Almost?”
“Yes, almost.”
Jungkook stares at you before chuckling, shaking his head. “I’ve never gone on a roadtrip with any of my friends, or even shared the same bed with them. Not even Joon, and he’s my best friend. And now you tell me we’re just almost friends?”
Your smile widens into a grin. His eyes are digging into your face. You don’t meet his gaze. “Looks like you’re not that close with your friends then.”
He lets your words settle into the air, only expressing his disapproval with a click of his tongue and a scrunch of his nose.
“But it’s weird, isn’t it?” you begin quietly, still not looking at Jungkook. “It’s weird to think about how quickly we’ve grown close. This trip almost didn’t happen, you know?”
He looks at you.
“When Soo suggested you’d come, I wasn’t… thrilled.”
“Sorry,” you chuckle. “But can you blame me for being hesitant to be stuck in a car with a stranger? I didn’t want it to be awkward.” You turn your head to the side, eyes finding his. “And I wasn’t wrong. Remember when-”
“Yes, I remember,” Jungkook quickly interrupts. “I remember how awkward it was-”
“You mean how awkward you were,” you correct and earn yourself an eye roll from him. “What? Are you denying it?”
“I’m not,” he mutters, scrunching his nose. “But it’s not like you tried to make it less awkward.”
“Well, sorry, I didn’t say anything when you put the snacks in the back, or when you silently watched-” 
“I get it, Y/N,” Jungkook interjects, a dramatic pout forming on his lips. It takes you everything not to pinch his cheek. 
“You know, I was so sure I was going to regret it, you know?”
“Agreeing to let me come?”
“Yeah, I mean you and I were strangers before this. Even with Soo and Joon around, I wasn’t sure it wasn’t gonna be… weird.”
“But you don’t regret it, do you?”
You think about the last couple of days, think about all of the experiences you’ve made, how you’ve won a new friend, and you can’t contain the smile that slips onto your lips, stretching from one cheek to the other. The answer is obvious.
“No, I don’t.”
And even though you aren’t looking at each other, gazes tracing the ceiling together, you know there is a smile on the other’s lips. Silence hits you, comfortable silence. 
“Hey, Y/N?” 
You hum in response, growing too tired to speak, eyes starting to fall shut. You think Jungkook notices, think that’s why he’s pausing, to contemplate whether or not to continue. But you’re wrong. He doesn’t pause because he picked up on your exhaustion, his mind racing far too fast for him to. He pauses because he doesn’t know if he should bring it up in the first place, let the words slip that have been on his tongue forever now. 
Jungkook takes a deep breath. “But we aren’t strangers, are we?”
He speaks quietly, and you don’t think you would have heard him if you weren’t lying in bed together, side by side. You want to turn your head, but for some reason, your neck feels oddly stiff. Your brows knit together.
“What… do you mean?”
And then there’s another round of silence. 
It allows your mind to ponder over his words, dissect them into their own pieces, pull them apart, syllable for syllable, figure out the meaning of them separately and then together, and before you can come to any kind of conclusion, Jungkook speaks again,
“Remember when you asked me about my biggest regret and I wouldn’t tell you?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. “Do you still wanna know?”
You should probably ask him where this was going, tell him he’s jumping from one thing to another, but-
Jungkook shifts. There’s a feeling growing in your gut. It’s not bad, at least you don’t think. It’s just there, alerting you.
“There was this girl,” he starts, and you listen closely. “I met her during a party two summers ago. She bumped into me. Almost spilled her drink all over me. We talked the entire night, even played a round of beer pong even though neither of us like beer.”
Your heart begins thumping in your chest, heavy and hard. The realisation hits you so fast you can’t even look away. It whips you right across the cheek. 
Jungkook remembers.
“Somehow, we ended up at my place, and,” something like a smile finds his lips, “well, one thing led to another. The next morning though,” you know what he’ll say, “I woke up alone.”
You close your eyes and swallow.
“So my biggest regret is probably never asking for her number,” he whispers, his words breathed into the air, floating around in the room, lifted by the warm light, presented right in front of your eyes. You don’t want to look at them, heat crawling up your neck at their sight. He doesn’t know what he’s saying, you tell yourself. It’s the exhaustion and alcohol. That must be it.
“Or you know, not telling her I’d love to get to know her more and she can stay for breakfast if she wants,” he says. “I would have loved it to wake up next to her.”
You are his biggest regret?
It makes no sense. It seems absurd to you. He must be joking, you tell yourself. There’s no way any of this is real, that he didn’t get upset at your disappearance but simply disappointed and sad, that the night you shared together left as much of an impression on him as it did on you. 
“I can’t believe you remember,” you say, voice thin and weak. 
“Of course, I did.”
He turns to you then, and instantly, your heart stops in your chest. You wait, count the seconds, anticipating his words. You don’t know what you’re expecting him to say, but it’s not this,
“I thought you were really cute.”
His confession knocks the air right out of your lungs, all of it escaping you in one go. If you had it in you, you’d turn to him and meet his eyes. But your gaze remains stuck on the ceiling.
He’s drunk, you repeat to yourself. The words are laced with alcohol, for sure. His mind is clouded with drunken foolishness. It must be.
The rest of your sentence never leaves your lips, a terrible knot in your throat. Words are clumsy on your tongue, your mind jumbled with thoughts you can’t even begin to dissect. It’s terrible, the minute of silence feeling so full and empty at the same time. You learn just how loud being silent can be, how deafening, how heavy.
“I’m serious.” 
But still, you can’t respond, your mouth opening and closing in a desperate manner to get something to spill out. Nothing comes out though. You can’t quite find the words, but you think he knows. You think he knows you want to apologise for leaving the morning so abruptly, think he knows you haven’t forgotten either, think he knows you would have stayed if he had just asked you to.
The click of the lamp snaps you out of your thoughts, suddenly plunged into darkness. Jungkook lies back down, pulling the covers over you. It marks the end of your conversation. 
Your mouth presses into a line and your eyes flutter shut because you know very well you aren’t going to find your voice until tomorrow morning. You curse yourself and your inability to speak. It’s stupid. You know very well how much courage it must have taken him to tell you all of this, and here you are, lying in silence and-
Your train of thought is stopped when Jungkook grabs your hands underneath the covers and interlaces his fingers with yours. It’s then that you look at him, head twisting to the side, eyes meeting his. And you know, this isn’t the alcohol speaking. It’s him speaking, every word is his.
Jungkook glows, you discover, because, in the darkness, you can see him crystal clear, bright as the stars and the moon combined, outshining everything and anything.
“I still do.” His eyes stare into yours. “I still think you’re really cute.”
And when Jungkook carefully puts his arm around your waist, you know it’s fine you can’t respond right now. You inch closer to him, your bodies practically melting into one. His touch is warm and comforting. It feels right.
You fall asleep.
Tumblr media
“That’s it, isn’t it?” you say, scrunching your nose and looking at the McDonalds bag in your lap. “Our last dinner on the roadtrip.”
“For now,” Jungkook adds, putting on your shared roadtrip playlist. He takes the brown bag from you and unpacks it. “Don’t forget, we still have to drive back in a week.”
You take the cheeseburger he hands you. “What happened to my McDonald’s ban?”
Jungkook unwraps his burger and bites into it. “Well, we’re in the middle of nowhere and unless you prefer stale chips, go ahead.”
You’re pouting as you unwrap your cheeseburger. “Whatever.”
He smiles.
You haven’t talked about last night. When you woke up, you thought you would, but you didn’t. You honestly can’t say how, but it’s not awkward. Still, there’s an elephant in the room, or, well, in the car, sitting in the back with you and patiently waiting for one of you to address it. 
“Can’t believe we never thought of eating in the back,” Jungkook mumbles, dipping a fry into the sweet and sour sauce. You’ve arranged a spread on the middle seat, the bag serving as a plate.
“I know, right? It’s so crammed in the front.”
“Well, now we know better,” Jungkook says, and you hum, grabbing a chicken nugget and throwing it into your mouth, wiping your greasy fingers and mouth on the napkin you have in your lap.
“Can’t believe we’re almost there,” you mumble, taking a deep breath, the weight of the journey dawning on you. “We really drove for five days straight, huh?”
“Four,” he corrects. “But yeah, crazy to think about. Didn’t feel all that long though.”
“I thought it would be worse and more exhausting.”
Jungkook locks eyes with you, a smile forming on his lips. “Yeah, it was really fun.”
You smile too. “Yeah, really fun.”
And then you go back to eating, munching on your respective burgers, grabbing a fry or chicken nugget in between bites. By the end your bellies are so full, neither of you want to move, in need of a break. All you manage to do is gather your garbage in the McDonald’s bag before collapsing again.
“What was your favourite part about the trip so far?”
Jungkook turns to you at the question, eyes meeting yours. He frowns. “Probably when we had Chinese food in the park.”
You nod, approving of his choice. “Yeah, that was really great and fun.”
“What about you?”
A smile grows on your lips because you already know your answer. “Your shitty city tour.”
Jungkook levels you with a look, shaking his head. “It wasn’t that shitty.”
You laugh. “It was.”
“Just accept it. It was really bad.” He pouts. You grin. “But it was really fun too.”
“You mean fun for you,” he hisses. “You laughed at me.”
And at his words, you have to laugh again. As much as he tries to act upset, Jungkook has to mirror you, the corners of his lips involuntarily pulling up.
“Please, you’re not sorry at all.”
“I’m not,” you admit and grin at him.
Jungkook rolls his eyes and shakes his head. You look at him when he suddenly sits up.
“Let’s take a picture!”
You blink at his enthusiasm. “What?”
“We never took any pictures.” He pulls out his phone. “Let’s take some now.”
He pats the seat next to him and you’re quick to move in, knees knocking against his. You adjust your hair to your liking, Jungkook patiently waiting for you to finish, his phone already up in the air and ready to go.
You nod, giving a small smile and holding up a peace sign as Jungkook clicks on the shutter. He mimics you, his smile toothier than yours though. 
“Wait, wait, wait,” you say and he stops, turning his gaze to you. “The way we’re sitting-” You click to view the pictures. “Look, it’s kinda awkward.”
Jungkook hums, agreeing with you. “How about this?”
You stiffen when he puts an arm around you and pulls you even closer to him. But you relax soon after, a smile forming on your lips.
“This good?” he asks you, loosening his hold on you, clearly ready to back off again, but you’re quick to nod. In fact, you inch a bit closer to him, your face right next to his as you prepare for the new set of pictures.
Your faces quickly morph from toothy smiles to tongues sticking out and your features contorting in odd ways. The pictures go from casual to silly in a matter of seconds. In the last couple ones, you’re squishing each other’s cheeks, and by the end, you’re laughing.
“Oh, this one’s cute,” Jungkook says and shows you his phone. You lean over to look. It’s one of the first ones when you were still trying. You’re smiling into the camera, your hand thrown up in a peace sign. Jungkook has his arm around you, a smile on his own lips, but instead of staring into the camera like you, his eyes are on you.
You pause, the look on his face surprising you. It’s so soft and gentle. It’s like he’s looking at something very dear to him, something precious, something he loves. But he’s simply staring at you.
“Yeah… it’s cute,” you mumble, voice much quieter now. And when you lift your eyes and meet his gaze, your voice disappears into thin air. Because Jungkook’s right there, in front of you, his face inches away from yours.
This is it. You know. If you were in a romcom, you’d kiss. You’d share your epic first kiss, sitting in the back of your shared car after four days of driving across the country, four days of getting to know each other, four days of sharing the same bed. This is the moment. The moment that will define this summer, the moment in which you’ll tell Jungkook all of the things you wanted to say yesterday but didn’t have the courage to. The moment that will bring you and him together.
It’s there, right in front of you, dangling and waiting to be grasped and held tight, seized.
Your eyes darken as they lower to his lips, heart thumping loud and heavy in your ribcage, everything inside you screaming at you to do it, to finally find the bravery you couldn’t muster up yesterday and two years ago when you first ran from him. Your hand grips onto his knee for support, and Jungkook’s here to provide it, his hand gripping yours, encouraging you; the other one finding anchor around your waist, his phone somewhere on the floor, forgotten about.
You feel his breath on your lips. It’s about to happen. You’re mere split seconds away from it when the sound of your phone ringing cuts through the air.
It’s gone.
The moment dissipates into thin air right in front of your eyes, leaving behind a cloud of awkwardness.
You break apart, the distance between you feels endless. Your heart sinks in your chest, the feeling of Jungkook’s touch imprinted on your skin, still hot and burning, questions hanging in the air.
You’re scrambling to the front when you pick up the call, pressing your phone to your ear to the point your knuckles turn white. And even though there’s a part of you that’s glad that you were interrupted because you don’t know what would have happened after the kiss, there’s another part of you that’s cursing yourself for switching your phone from silent to loud.
“Yes, hi,” you sputter, clearing your throat and stumbling into the passenger seat.
“Hey, Y/N!” Sooyoung greets you, and you don’t look in Jungkook’s direction when he gets into the driver’s seat, his phone back in his pocket. He lowers the music. “Where are you guys?”
You frown. “Uh, we-we are having dinner.”
There’s a pause, and you hate the silence because it makes you so acutely aware of the silence between Jungkook and you.
“Are you alright? You sound weird.”
“Weird?” you say with an exaggerated chuckle. “What? No, of course, I’m alright.”
Sooyoung hums on the other side, sounding more than less convinced. “Well, if you say so.”
“I’m alright. It’s alright,” you repeat, and you don’t know if that’s for her, you, or Jungkook. “Anyway, why, uh, are you calling me?”
“Oh, right-” Sooyoung cuts herself short and you think you can hear someone talk to her. You frown, the voice sounding a lot like Taehyung, but just before you can ask, she returns. “Uh, can you tell me when you’ll be at the hotel?”
“Why do you wanna know when we’re at the hotel?” you ask, your frown deepening. You glance over to Jungkook. He has the same look on his face.
“Just because.”
Now it’s Sooyoung who sounds weird.
It takes you a moment to get it, your frown slowly disappearing at the realisation. 
“Soo, are you at the hotel?”
Jungkook snaps his head to you, and you turn on speaker phone. There are hisses and curses from the other side until-
You wince, the onslaught of voices blowing out your speakers. Jungkook and you look at each other.
“Yeah, hi, we’re at the hotel,” Taehyung says, confirming your previous assumption. The smile’s evident on his lips. “So hurry the fuck up, you two lovebirds, and get your asses here.”
“Lovebirds?” Jungkook sputters, exasperated and embarrassed at the same time. “We are no- what are you talking about, Tae?”
You can practically see Taehyung roll his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, just-”
He’s cut off by Seokjin. “Hey guys, how are you?”
“Uh, good,” you answer for the two of you, confused and struggling to wrap your brain around this. You’re not catching up really. “H-how are you guys all at the hotel? How did you get there? And who’s at-”
“Everybody. Everyone’s here, grandmas. How are we at the hotel before you when you had like a two-day head start?”
The insults continue, your friends berating you for taking so long. Namjoon puts an end to it, taking the phone and telling you to just get here as fast as possible, promising to explain everything once you’re at the hotel. 
When you hang up, you feel tired. Your eyes lock with Jungkook’s.
Somehow, there’s no awkwardness anymore. You’re not sure how that’s possible, if it’s the fact that your friends are all waiting for you at the hotel that distracts your minds enough, or the fact that it can’t ever be awkward between you anymore because there’s trust and comfort. Either way, you’re glad.
“Sure, yeah.”
You sound less than ready, and Jungkook smiles before slotting the keys into the ignition.
“We’ll be fine.”
You hope he’s right.
Tumblr media
It turns out that once Sooyoung and Namjoon got back in town, Hoseok was quick to propose to drive after you guys. After all, he’s just finished all of his exams and is down for a little adventure. Jimin joined in next as the second driver. And with Jimin in on it, Sana and Yeji jumped on board too. Soon enough your gigantic friend group was packing up their things for a last-minute summer roadtrip, Nine people crammed in three cars. With so many people, the costs were down to nothing, hotels and food costing a penny, and the great number of drivers allowed them to go for hours on end without breaks.
And by the end, you feel dumb for not suspecting anything earlier. You should have because Sooyoung’s daily calls stopped all of a sudden. But you were too preoccupied to notice.
“I’m really so sorry,” Sooyoung tells you once you’re in your room, and you sit down on one of the two beds.
“It’s fine, Soo,” you say, patting her hand. “It was actually fun with Jungkook.”
“Yeah?” She’s studying your face for any hints of deception. “You’re not just saying that? You can be honest now. We’re not on the phone anymore.”
“Well,” you sigh, “as much as I hate to admit it, but you were right. He really is nice. So no, I’m not just saying that.”
And at that, Sooyoung lights up. “Told you so!”
You give her hand one more squeeze before lying down, sinking into the mattress. She follows you.
“Oh, did he recognise you, by the way? I’ve been meaning to ask.”
You keep your gaze trained on the ceiling as you contemplate what to tell her. You don’t think you want to get into it all, not now at least when so much is still not resolved, when you don’t know yourself what’s going on between Jungkook and you.
“Oh.” Sooyoung sounds disappointed, you think. “Well, glad I was right again.”
You hum.
Your conversation quickly moves on to her romantic getaway with Namjoon because she hasn’t gotten much of a chance to tell you about it, the fact she was stuck in another town taking precedence.
“Anyway, I think I’m gonna wash up,” Sooyoung tells you and slaps your knee before getting up. It’s only then that you see her suitcase in the corner of the room. You straighten up.
“Wait, are we sharing a room?”
She looks at you from her crouched position, pyjamas in her hands. Her brows knit together. “Who else do you think you’d be sharing a room with?” Her lips quirk up into a smirk when you don’t respond. “Kook?”
You laugh, but it sounds off. “What? No! I-I thought you were sharing a room with Joon.”
She shakes her head and gets up, her toiletry bag and pyjamas in her hands. “No, you’re stuck with me, Y/N. Kook’s with Joon.”
You nod and barely register Sooyoung walking into the ensuite bathroom, one thought occupying your mind.
You won’t be alone with Jungkook anymore.
Tumblr media
[jeon jungkook - 00:32] : hey are you still up?
[you - 00:32] : yeah whats up?
You watch as the three grey dots appear and disappear for a few seconds, and you’re about to ask him to spit it out when-
[jeon jungkook - 00:32] : you wanna meet up in the car?
You’ve typed out the answer and hit send faster than you can blink.
[you - 00:32] : be right there
You don’t even check if Sooyoung’s actually sleeping or not when you climb out of bed and leave, your phone and the keycard to the room are the only things with you. And even though it’s summer, it is a lot chillier at night. You shiver once you’re outside, but you push through, marching across the empty parking lot.
When you get in, Jungkook’s already sitting in the passenger seat.
“Nice pyjamas,” he tells you with a smile, and you roll your eyes. He’s still in his clothes from before.
“Thanks,” you say, shutting the door, shivering when the AC hits you.
“Are you cold, Y/N?” Jungkook asks you, disbelief on his face, and you grumble.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a wuss that gets scared by everything and is also cold sensitive.”
“You’re not cold-sensitive, Y/N. You’re slight temperature changes-”
“Is that why you texted me?” you interrupt.
Jungkook sits back and shakes his head. “Obviously not.” 
He pauses and shuts off the AC before taking off the flannel he’s wearing. “Here.” He holds it out to you, and you can’t meet his eyes when you accept it. It’s a bit big on you. It brings instant warmth. You smell him on it.
“How is it with Soo?”
“Fine,” you say. “How’s it with-”
“Fine too.”
Neither of you say anything for a moment. “Is it just me-”
“-but it’s weird to share a room with other people, right?” you finish his sentence, and he’s quick to agree with you. 
“Yeah, it does feel… weird.”
There’s another pause.
Jungkook claps his hands together. “Alright, let’s do this.”
You frown. “Do what?”
But instead of elaborating, he just gets out, gesturing for you to follow him. Left with no other choice, you do, wrapping his flannel tighter around your body when a breeze hits you.
“What do you-”
You’re cut off by the sound of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder playing through Jungkook’s phone. He gives you a smile when you look at him, walking over to you and grabbing your phone and the keycard out of your hand to put it on the ground, next to his own phone.
“What are we-”
Once again, you don’t finish your question, Jungkook taking your hands into his.
“We’re dancing,” he tells you with a grin, and before you can even protest, he spins you around.
“Jungkook,” you say when you’re facing him again, cheeks ablaze. “I can’t dance.”
“Just go with it,” he says, but when he sees the knit between your brows, he adds, “Trust me.”
And with that, you can’t help but let him lead you, his hands guiding your every move as you dance in the empty parking lot, spinning like you’ve got a clue of what you’re doing.
“See, you can dance,” Jungkook whispers when you’re back in his arms. “You’re great at this.”
You shake your head at his compliment, disagreeing, but it’s a nice thing to hear. 
And so you continue, clumsily and slowly dancing around, feet shaky and hesitant as you move. Stars are dotting the night sky, shining down on you, the moon high up there, smiling, the lonely street lamp you’re under illuminating you like a spotlight, the flannel billowing out around you with every spin you do. At this moment, as you hold Jungkook’s hands, you’re convinced it’s just you and him in this world. 
And right at this moment, you can feel it—the summer magic in the air, the endlessness of tonight, the potential and possibilities all around you, the looming question of where is this going?. It’s all right here, surrounding you, and for some reason, it’s not scary.
It’s not scary when the air is warm and fuzzy and the moon and stars are above you, lighting up the sky, and summer is puncturing every minute that passes by. It’s not scary when you’re holding Jungkook’s hands and gazing into his eyes. 
By the end of the song, you’re out of breath, panting. But you’re smiling too. And when it plays again, neither of you let go of one another. Instead, you start to sway. You rest your head on Jungkook’s chest, eyes closing as you listen, his heart beating under your ear. His arms sneak around your middle. He holds you close.
You never thought you could feel at peace and terrified at the same time, never thought you could feel like this when the realisation sinks in with you.
You’re falling- no, tripping for Jungkook, stumbling over your own two feet and plunging head first into darkness, the unknown.
The fall is inevitable, you realise. It’s been happening for the past two years; starting on the first night you spend together and continuing with every quick glance you caught of him when you walked across campus, fuelled by the stories Sooyoung would relay to you every week, the jokes she’d tell you he made that day, and now propelled faster by this trip, by the hours locked in the car together, the nights slept in the same bed, sharing the same blanket, hearts beating side by side, closer than ever.
There’s no stopping this, and you don’t know if you would want to even if you could.
You’re not sure what it is, if it’s the summer magic floating in the air, but falling in love, giving your heart to someone, pulling it out of your chest, loosening it from its roots in between your ribs, gift-wrapping it and tying a bow around it, to hand it over to Jungkook for safekeeping, for it to be his and his only, seems less daunting than ever. In fact, it seems right, the only possible thing you could be doing now, a natural progression.
And even though you haven’t landed yet, haven’t gotten to the end of your fall, you know it will be fine. You know it will be soft and gentle. You know there will be someone to catch you. Putting your heart into Jungkook’s hands, as terrifying as it is, is the natural thing to do. You shouldn’t be so willing to give a piece away from you, to hand it over so easily, should want to run away in panic, but for some reason, you’ve never wanted to do anything more.
“We’ve done it all,” Jungkook whispers into your ear during the harmonica solo, and you stop swaying.
“What do you mean?” you ask, and you can hear him smile.
“You said this isn’t a romcom in which we dance under the stars, go on coffee shop dates, and sneak out to meet up.” You peel your eyes open and look at him. He’s grinning at you. “We did it all.”
“Can I tell you a secret?” he whispers and gazes deeply into your eyes, his features soft and glowing under the streetlight. He’s never been more beautiful. You can feel your heart in your ears, every beat. You think you know the secret.
You nod.
“I love you.”
And even though you already knew it, your lips pull up into the biggest grin, fireworks exploding in your stomach, heart swelling in your chest to the point of eruption.
“Can I tell you a secret?” you ask him, voice shaky with excitement, and lean impossibly closer, hands gripping his shirt because you need something to hold onto.
“Please,” Jungkook practically pleads, and you don’t hesitate a second to say it, letting the three words escape you that have been sitting inside you for ages now.
“I love you too.”
And then, you press your lips to Jungkook’s, going up on your toes to reach him, eyes fluttering shut, finally doing what you should have done a long time ago. He holds your middle, his nose bumping yours as he kisses you back, firmly. Even though this isn’t your first kiss, it does feel like it—sparks ricocheting through your entire body, time freezing to a stop, nothing mattering more than him right now. Jungkook is every star and every moon in this world. He is the summer and the autumn and the winter and the spring. He is everything. 
The kiss ends far too soon. You’re already yearning for his lips again, for him.
“You think your mother is gonna kill me if she finds out I kissed her daughter?” 
You smack his shoulder, or, well, you try because you’re breathless and can’t muster up much. It’s a hit, and barely qualifies as that. It’s an attempt. It’s enough to make him smile though.
“Jungkook,” you say, “I swear to God, if you mention my mother again after kissing me, you’re never going to kiss me-”
He cuts you off, pressing his lips to yours one more time, cradling your cheeks. You allow it, leaning into it and kissing him back, grip tightening around his shirt. It feels too right to stop. You already know, you won’t ever get enough of the kisses, won’t ever stop kissing Jungkook, for even a second.
And when you part this time, you rest your forehead to his, needing the support, and there’s no doubt in your mind, Jungkook will always be there to provide it. He’ll always be there to be your rock, your person to lean onto, you can count on.
“Oh,” he says, digging through his pocket, and you watch as he pulls out a set of keys. They shine under the streetlamp, bright and dazzling. He takes your hand and wraps your fingers around them, the jagged edges lightly digging into your skin.
“You forgot these at my place.”
Your eyes grow big, mouth dropping wide open.
“Jungkook-” you begin but don’t finish, sputtering. You shake your head, a smile on your lips. “You know these would have been useful two years ago, right? I had to walk to Sooyoung to get the spare key from her.”
He grins at you and wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Well, better late than never, right?”
You meet his gaze and smile. He doesn’t say it, but you know. “Right, better late than never.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook and you are the last ones to arrive for breakfast, strolling up to the table together, enough space between you not to raise any suspicion, not wanting to reveal the news to your friends just yet. It’s best not to drop this first thing in the morning, you decided together. Luckily for you, there are exactly two empty seats next to each other. 
You’ve just come back from the buffet (waffles for you and pancakes for Jungkook) when Sooyoung looks at you.
“Did you go out last night?”
You freeze. “What?”
“I think I heard you sneaking out in the middle of the night,” she says, taking a sip from her coffee.
You don’t know what else to say. It’s all you can muster up.
“Well,” you refrain from looking at Jungkook, “no, I, uh, didn’t.”
“Huh.” She blinks. “I could swear I heard the door opening at night-”
“Wait, Yoongs, didn’t you say you saw Y/N and Kook last night in the parking lot?” Hoseok brings up, and you stiffen in your seat, fingers curling around the armrests. Jungkook sucks in a sharp breath, his knee jerking uncontrollably. Everyone around the table quiets and looks at you two. Probably not the best idea to sit next to each other.
“Y/N?” Sooyoung says, her eyes as big as saucers. Namjoon chokes on his drink next to her.
Sana gasps, clamming her hand in front of her mouth. “Shut up, are you guys-”
“No, what? Don’t be ridiculous!” Jimin denies, shaking his head. “There’s no way-” He pauses when he sees the look on Jungkook’s and your face. “Wait…”
“Did you really see-?” Taehyung turns to Yoongi, sitting on the edge of his seat, and the older takes a sip from his orange juice, keeping everyone waiting, the suspense rising with every moment of silence.
“Yeah, I did.”
“Oh my god,” Yeji mumbles under her breath before turning to Jungkook and you, her mouth slowly splitting into a gigantic grin. “Are you guys-?”
You share a look. “Uh, I, well-”
“Didn’t you kiss too?” Hoseok blurts out, speaking without thinking. “That’s what you said, right, Yoongs?”
“You kissed?” Taehyung sputters before beginning to slow clap, and Namjoon’s quick to tell him to stop it.
“Kissed and slow danced,” Yoongi confirms, clearly believing Jungkook and you have been a thing for a while now, failing to realise that he’s revealing your relationship to everyone on your very first day as a couple. “Or was that not you?”
Jungkook and you share another look. Even though this isn’t the way you imagined telling your friends, you don’t mind. Because what difference does it make?
“No, that was us,” you say.
“You didn’t see wrong,” Jungkook confirms with a nod.
And at your confession, your friends gasp before erupting into hollers and cheers. None of them care that guests are shooting them dirty looks. They’re far too happy for Jungkook and you to care. You love them so much, as embarrassing as this is. The support is heartwarming.
“Congrats to you guys!” Namjoon grins, Sooyoung next to him is far too shocked to say anything.
“Yeah, fuck, I’m so happy for you two!” Yeji coos.
“A toast from the newly wed couple please!” Seokjin gestures at you to stand up, but neither of you make a single move.
“We’re not married!” you say, and Jungkook thanks Sana when she slaps Seokjin’s shoulder.
And since the two of you aren’t really toast-making people, Jungkook saves you by lifting his glass of water into the air like it’s an expensive flute of champagne. 
You’re first to raise your glass too, clinking it with his. Your friends are quick to follow suit. 
Jungkook looks over to you.
To us.
You grin.
Sooyoung gives you a tight hug, whispering into your ear just how happy she is for you and that she’ll pack and switch rooma. You thank her; for everything, you say, truly everything. She shakes her head.
And when Jungkook and you look at each other again, you know you’ll always get half of his breakfast and he’ll always get half of your breakfast, and he’ll always hold your hand at every rest stop and gas station and every time you need it, and you’ll always buy him a neck pillow when his neck acts up again and hold a water bottle to his lips when he’s thirsty and driving. You know you’ll never have to fight over who sleeps on the couch anymore, but you’ll always have to fight over who gets to pay.
You smile, and it widens when Jungkook transfers half of his pancakes onto your plate. You do the same.
Tumblr media
“Good morning,” Jungkook smiles when he sees you stir and peel your eyes open, putting his phone aside to lie back down with you, pulling the covers over the two of you. Your eyelids are still heavy with sleep. Keeping them open is hard.
Your mood doesn’t drop until you think of today’s agenda and remember, you’re driving back. You groan. 
“I don’t wanna go,” you say, a pout growing on your lips, and Jungkook smiles, pulling you closer to him.
“Neither do I,” he tells you. “But we have to.”
You sigh. “I can’t believe it. How has it been a week?”
“Well, time flies when you’re having fun.”
You bury your face into his neck and pull the covers tighter around you, your body pressed up against his.
“And when it’s summer.”
Jungkook grins. “Yeah, and when it’s summer.”
“And when I’m with you,” you mumble and look at him with a smile. Jungkook cups your cheek and presses his lips to yours. And even though the kiss lasts mere seconds, you feel the same sparks ricochet through your body like when you first kissed him. He’s still every star and moon in this world, still summer, autumn, winter, and spring. He’s still everything. And you know, that will never change.
“And when I’m with you too.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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minyfic · 4 months ago
sharp cookie - JJK | M
Tumblr media
pairing: ex-boyfriend!jungkook x reader
summary: when your ex-boyfriend, aka new boss, asks for a chance, you struggle to believe him when he says that he has changed his womanizing ways.
based on this request.
genre: angst, fluff, smut
word count: 13.1K
warnings/tags: strong language, CEO!Jungkook, fuckboy!Jungkook, Y/N is impulsive, explicit smut-unprotected sex, dirty talk, choking, edging, slight overstimulation, fingering, soft to rough sex, multiple positions, creampie, masturbation, oof fucking with a diamond necklace on
a/n: hope you liked this anon!
“Hello, it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N-ssi.”
Bowing, you smile at the tall, bespectacled man, taking his extended hand in yours.
“Just Y/N is fine, you are…?”
“I’m Kim Taehyung, I’m kind of like the art collector here.”
Taking the seat that he points to next to the reception desk, you survey your surroundings, the empty space glowing in the golden hue of the lighting, the smell of fresh paint still lingering in the air. You love the peace and quiet here, a stark contrast to your previous working environment.
You gesture to the walls, a boxy grin splitting his face as he walks over to where you’re seated.
“You probably know that we’ve just got done with setting up this place. Most of the pieces are on their way here. I have a few in the storage but I need to work through them and get them out here. Have you met Kim Namjoon? The manager? He should’ve been here by now,” he glances at his watch, “we’re still sorting out his office so he’s at the reception desk for now, your office is done. I mean, that is if you get the job. Which I totally think you will! I’ve seen your credentials.”
You chuckle, waving him off, “it seems like I’m the only one here for this post.”
Nodding, he tugs his pants at the knee as he sits down next to you, “others were here yesterday, but our boss can be picky. He came in personally for the interviews, said that marketing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to an art gallery.”
“Yes one of them, I think that your job is absolutely paramount in this business.”
He shoots you a smirk, “guess we’ll be working together.”
“If I get this job,” you counter, giving him a playful smile.
“Which you will.”
Your laughter echoes throughout the space, holding the copy of your resume tightly in your hands. After a few minutes of silence, a thought that has been nagging at the back of your mind comes to the forefront.
“When you say your boss can be picky…you’re talking about Kim Seokjin right?”
He opens his mouth to answer when the sound of a phone ringing interrupts him.
Trotting back to the reception desk, you watch him answer the phone and mutter a few ‘okays.’ Putting the phone down, he beams at you, “you can go in now. Fighting!”
Rubbing your palms on your skirt, you adjust your bag around your shoulder and walk to the door he had indicated earlier. You knock on the door twice, but no one answers. Taking it as your cue to enter, you open the door and shut it again carefully, spinning around to see a large desk in front of a floor to ceiling window, a man in a suit with his back facing toward you as a woman next to him seems to be adjusting his tie then starts buttoning up her shirt, a large smile on her face as she smooths her hair down.
Clearing your throat, the woman takes notice of your presence. Her eyebrows furrow, loud voice startling you.
“Who said you could come in?”
Taking a few steps forward, you place your resume on the desk in front of the man whose back is still facing you.
“Taehyung, at the reception…”
Gaze flicking between your face and the resume, she picks up a black pen, shoving the folder around.
“We already have this,” you notice some of her red lipstick smeared on her chin.
“I know,” you swallow, “it had said that I should carry one to the interview.”
Leaning back in her chair, she crosses her arms, placing one leg over the other as she points to the chair in front of the desk. The man’s hand reaches for her thigh, squeezing it through her black stockings. You bow, trying to calm your breathing as you prepare for their questions.
“So tell us, why should we hire you?”
Jumping right into it, you think. You feel a little tense from the way she’s looking at you, almost like she’s sizing you up. But you push those thoughts away and think of why you’re here in the first place.
“When I read the job posting, I noticed that you were looking for someone with a mid- or intermediate level of marketing experience for the art gallery. If you have a look at my resume-“
“We’ve already been through your resume. Give us something else.”
You hold back a cough when the man interrupts you, back still turned to you. How rude.
Do these people even know what a proper interview entails? How unprofessional of them to be intimate during working hours, especially when a potential employee is in their presence. They probably think you can’t see what’s going on behind the desk. Judging from this short exchange, it seems like you won’t be able to work with people like them.
“I’m sorry,” you stand from your seat, grabbing your resume from the desk and bowing one last time. Giving the back of the man’s head a glare. You’ll find a job elsewhere, you’re here in Seoul after years and there are plenty marketing jobs out there. You just thought that working in an art gallery might be a little exciting, far different from your other marketing posts.
You’re about to sling your bag over your shoulder when the woman whispers something to the man, he spins around, finally showing you his ug-
You stare at each other, jaws touching the floor, frozen in place.
“I love this weather.”
The boy sitting next to you hums, too engrossed in his phone to actually appreciate the weather.
You adjust your position on the couch, placing your chin on your hands as you watch the raindrops trickle down the window.
“Did you speak to your dad and brother?”
He shakes his head, lip tucked between his teeth as his thumbs work at a fast pace, typing away. Your eyebrows furrow, wondering who he could be chatting to if you’re sitting right here. It can’t be any of his family members, they’re too old to chat. Plus, his friends are probably pissed out drunk at this time.
“Who are you chatting to?”
Shaking his head again, he moves away from you, elbow digging into the armrest.
“Jungkook,” you whine, “you’ve been on that damn phone ever since we got here. This is our chill time. Remember?”
“Fuck Y/N, could you stop being such a nag?”
You’re a bit taken aback at his tone, he never raises his voice at you, ever. Something is definitely up.
Scooting closer to him, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your chest into his back and kissing the mole on his neck. He sighs, locking his phone and placing it screen down on the couch. He unhooks your hands from around his chest, gently pushing you away, eyes not meeting yours.
A small frown forms on your face at his reaction, he loves your cuddles, you can feel tears prickle your eyes.
“Y/N,” he scratches behind his neck, you watch him attentively, waiting for him to tell you what’s wrong.
“I think…I think we should break up.”
You can feel your heart thud in your chest, hands shivering as you blink at him. The boy in front of you suddenly a stranger.
“W-Why?” Tears start to roll down your flushed cheeks, nose clogging up.
“Because…We’ve been together for so long since high school and-“
Your face is hot, anger seeping through you at his words. How could he suddenly have this change of heart, everything was fine just yesterday. You’re trying to look into his eyes but he avoids your gaze, picking at his calluses.
“We’ve been together for so long and aren’t you bored?”
You surge forward, taking his hands in yours, “no, Jungkook, I’m not bored. I love you. I meant everything I said before. I will never get bored of you-“
Your voice is nasally, shaking as you try to plead with him.
Removing his hands from your hold, he places them in your lap, his eyes finally meeting yours and the look in them tells you everything you need to know.
“B-But you’re bored of me?”
More of a question than a statement but his face lights up like you finally got what he’s trying to say. Your heart thunders in your chest, stomach flipping at the thought that Jungkook won’t be in your life anymore. That you weren’t enough to make him stay, that your words meant nothing to him, that all his words could’ve been lies.
“Not bored…But I think we should see other people, I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but Y/N, we’re gonna be twenty-two very soon and- and don’t you think that five years is a long time?”
You don’t respond, knowing that when Jungkook has his mind set on something, no one, not even you could change his mind.
“I think that these are our years to have fun, not be in a committed relationship.”
His words strike through your chest, you just want him out of your sight.
“Okay?” He smiles, coming closer to give you a hug but you push him away, giving him a teary smile back.
“So let’s watch a movie now,” he reaches for the remote but you snatch it from him.
He gives you a perplexed look, you avert your gaze to the hallway.
“Uhm, I think I’m coming down with the flu. Can I rest?”
“Y/N, don’t be like that…”
“Don’t be like what?!”
Your chest is heaving, his eyes are blank as he searches yours. He grabs his coat and heads for the door, muttering a ‘bye, Y/N’ as it clicks shut.
Wordlessly, you grab the tissue box from the coffee table, padding down the hallway and locking your room door. Flopping face first into your mattress, your cries are muffled, unsure of what to do with the hurt that surmounts physical pain.
What hurts the most was that he didn’t even seem sad to not be with you anymore. He even thought that everything could go back to normal, that you could be friends despite having so much of history together. No more Jungkook and Y/N.
You’ve even had your first time together after you graduated high school, your sobs get louder when his face of pure happiness and pleasure fills your mind, how he made sure to be gentle with you, how you explored your likes and dislikes together.
He was probably the sweetest, most considerate guy you have ever met in your entire life, how could you miss the signs? You try to pinpoint a moment from today, from yesterday, from last week, last month, when did things change for him? When did he realize that he doesn’t love you anymore? What if he never loved you? You literally handed him your heart all those years ago, you can still remember the day you fell in love with him.
Your blanket is soaked with tears, but you couldn’t care, you only care about the fact that Jungkook was probably lying to you all this time. How easy it was for him to let everything go.
Sitting up on your elbows, you wipe your tears away roughly, sniffling as you snatch your phone from the nightstand, blocking his number and blocking him from everything.
If only it was that easy to block him from your heart.
Weeks pass and Jungkook’s intentions became perfectly clear to you when you saw him at a few parties during the weekends. A different girl on his arm each time you saw him on campus, not an ounce of sadness, when you spend all your nights crying and thinking of the past, wondering where you went wrong when you were so in love. At least, you know you were.
You know that it would be a long, long time before you get over him, a new man in your life is out of the question. Despite the fact that Jimin is trying extremely hard to set you up with his friends. They’re charming and sweet, but you don’t want to hurt someone else due to the fact you aren’t over your ex.
You decide to channel your energy on things that matter, things like your career and your future. It’s okay to think of him now and again, but time heals all wounds.
Jungkook can feel the blood rush to his ears. He stands from his chair and makes his way to you, your eyes are as wide as saucers as you look him up and down, he smirks, doing the same. You look as soft as he remembers, however, the look in your eyes tells him that years have passed, a much more mature woman standing in front of him. Before he can think twice, he wraps his arms around your shoulders, pulling you close to him. He shuts his eyes as he sniffs your hair, your sweet candy scent now replaced with rich vanilla.
When you break apart, he can’t tear his eyes away from you, the interview and everything else forgotten. You look beautiful in the beige coat, he always loved neutral colors on you.
“Do you two know each other or something?”
His eyes flicker to Soojin still sitting at the desk, he knows how intimidated she gets in the presence of his attractive clients, he can only imagine how she must feel in front of you, especially when his hands are still placed on your shoulders.
Taking a step back and away from his hold, your voices overlap as you answer the question.
Jungkook chuckles at your response, you might be right, you knew each other. Past tense. He’d love to get to know the new you.
“Y/N, this is my assistant Soojin,” he watches you give her a wary smile.
“Soojin, this is Y/N, Euphoria’s new Marketing Manager.”
Jungkook doesn’t give Soojin time to protest before he’s handing you a few documents.
“Soojin, would you give us a few minutes, thank you.”
When the door shuts behind her, he turns to you, his smile doesn’t falter as your face is set in a blank expression.
“You didn’t have to give me the job, that wasn’t a proper interview.”
Shoving his hands in his pockets, he walks over to his chair, gesturing to the jug of water on the table. You shake your head, taking the seat you had previously occupied, scanning the documents he gave you.
“I know you’re capable,” he shrugs, unable to take his eyes off of you, you’re even more beautiful than the last time he saw you, he cocks his head as his eyes rake down your figure, not much to see with your long coat concealing most of it but he does notice that your boobs look fuller. Your habit of forming a pout as you concentrate on signing the documents makes him smile.
“You haven’t changed a bit,” you speak, gaze still fixed on the documents.
He chuckles, knowing what you’re referring to. You must’ve seen the interaction with Soojin.
“Well, I can only hope you haven’t.”
Your eyes lift to meet with his, a smirk plastered on his face. You still have the same blank expression on yours as you hand him the documents, gaze unfaltering as he lets his fingers brush yours as he takes the stack of papers from you. You bow, carrying your bag as you walk to the door. He’s a little confused, he thought that you would catch up on these past few years.
“Hey, wait, Y/N. We haven’t seen each other in years,” walking over to you, he buttons his blazer, hearing you sigh.
You stop in place, turning around to give him a smile, one that could be described as professional.
“I’ll see you tomorrow sajangnim.”
His eyebrows furrow, you’ve known each other since high school and now you’re acting all formal with him.
“What’s with the formalities? How have you been, Y/N? You look great.”
“Thanks, you too,” your eyes flicker to his lips, “red looks good on you.”
You turn on your heel, exiting the room with him still confused at your remark. He doesn’t have any red on him?
“Oh my God, Jimin. I don’t know what possessed me to sign those papers.”
You hear your friend chortle over the speaker, “the power of Jeon dick!”
“Please,” granola stuffed into your cheek, “that dick has been all over the country.”
“Yeah, but it was fresh when you had it.”
You set the spoon in your bowl, pointing at the screen threateningly, “I did not call you to discuss Jungkook’s dick.”
He raises his hands defensively, “I’m just saying, you did say he got better each time.”
“Okay okay, I’m done. But in all seriousness, don’t you think it’s weird that you completely missed the fact that he owns that gallery.”
You nod, swallowing your yoghurt, “when I did research, he was literally nowhere on the site, it just stated that Kim Seokjin is working on the development of the art gallery. BUT when I checked on the site a few hours ago, and did a little more digging, turns out that Kim Seokjin works under Jeon Jungkook, owner of Jeon Inc, who owns that building and left that space for the sole purpose of building said gallery.”
“I think it’s so funny that all he ever complained about when you two were together was how he’ll never take over his father’s business yet here he is.”
You hum, “but one thing I know for sure, he’s still a massive flirt. It’s just so…weird that he happened to be-“
“Your boss!”
“Uhm yeah, I just hope he keeps me out of his love affairs. We might be exes but the only thing I’ll have with him is a strict professional relationship.”
“Fate is inevitable Y/N.”
“I think it was just the circumstances.”
Jimin yells into the speaker, “don’t deny fate!”
“Stop yelling! I miss you! When are you coming back to Seoul?”
“Hmm, before the gallery opening, don’t worry.”
“You better,” you warn, “I’m gonna need you there.”
“Why?” He smirks, “need me to save you from Jungkook’s massive schlo-“
“Shut the fuck up Jimin! That’s it, goodnight.”
“Sweet dreams, or should I say sweet di-“
Shutting your laptop, you set your now empty bowl on the nightstand and pull your blanket over your head. You need all the sleep you can get for your first day tomorrow.
It’s 6:46AM when you arrive at the building, Taehyung had messaged to inform you that they plan on opening the doors to the public by the end of this week, so that means earlier mornings for now.
Pushing the glass doors open, you see someone sitting at the reception desk, not Taehyung. He lifts his head when he hears your heels clicking on the tiles. Waving, you make your way over to introduce yourself, this must be Kim Namjoon.
“Hi, I’m Y/N, the-“
“Sales Marketing Manager of Euphoria Gallery, I’m Kim Namjoon, just the regular manager around here but it seems like I’m also the receptionist,” he stands from his seat, two deep dimples denting his cheeks.
Chuckling, you shake his hand, “Taehyung had told me that you’re still looking for a receptionist and your office isn’t complete as yet.”
He walks around the counter, “yeah. Guess I just have to deal with it for now. Come, let me show you your office.”
As you walk along the small hallway that’s near the reception desk, he fills you in on what the plans are for this week. How they had received over one hundred submissions when the opening of this gallery was announced.
“Taehyung’s got his work cut out for him,” you toss your hair behind your shoulder to readjust your bag.
He nods, fitting a key into a white door with a blank nametag stuck to it.
“So do I, he’s just the dealer, I plan the exhibits and stuff. And so do you Y/N. I already set all the files on your desk, you’d just have to work through them,” he holds the door open for you to enter, bright sunlight lighting up the space, “but Taehyung handled the first few sales until someone took your-“
Both you and Namjoon spot someone sitting behind your desk, he spins around in the black leather chair.
“Jungkookie? What are you doing here this early?”
Namjoon’s voice goes high-pitched to show his surprise which matches yours, but Jungkook’s eyes are fixed on you. You see Namjoon look between the two of you from the corner of your eye when silence settles in the warm space.
“Leave us hyung.”
Namjoon silently exits the room, closing the door behind him as he goes.
You avert your gaze to the view behind him, setting your bag and water bottle on the desk as you speak.
“I think this is supposed to be my desk.”
He chuckles, sitting up from the seat and pushing his coat back to stuff his hands into his pockets.
“It’s all yours, sweetheart.”
You scoff, walking to the desk to skim the files that Namjoon had mentioned earlier. “What do you want?”
“Can’t I talk to an old friend?”
You lift your head to look at him, “an old friend? I think you’re forgetting something.”
Taking a step closer to you, his eyes move up and down your body, you suddenly feel so exposed under his gaze. You take a step back and hold up your palms to keep him away.
“I remember everything about you, Y/N.”
“Listen. Jungkook. This is my job now which I take very seriously. I don’t have time for all your bullshit. I’ve left that in college. So would you please keep this relationship professional?”
He stops in his tracks, cocking his head to the side as he searches your eyes, you take notice of the eyebrow piercing.
“Funny, you’re here today.”
His eyebrows furrow, “I own this place, Y/N.”
Folding your arms, you lean your hip on the desk, “I mean, funny that you’re here, where you are, today. Jeon Jungkook, owner of Jeon Inc. I didn’t think you’d give in to your father.”
That seems to rattle him a bit, he moves to stare out the window, “on my terms of course.”
You hum, remembering his parent’s aversion to tattoos and piercings.
“That’s why I’m investing in this gallery,” he continues, “it’s something I want. And if I can’t sell my art then I’ll help others sell theirs.”
It still doesn’t make sense to you, but you’ll let it go for now. If you continue to talk about your personal matters, you’ll eat your own words of keeping this relationship strictly professional.
Sighing loudly, he turns around to look at you and you flicker your gaze to the files on your desk.
“I have work to do.”
He nods in understanding, walking over to the door but not before calling over his shoulder, “I’ll be back, Y/N.”
Is that a threat or a promise?
The week passes by quickly and it’s already Friday, you, Namjoon and Taehyung had worked tirelessly throughout the week to get everything in order for the opening tomorrow.
Jungkook was there every day, without the woman from your interview, at your desk, still pestering you about…you still have to figure out what he wants from you but the bedroom eyes he keeps shooting your way gives you a vague idea. Which is a warning for: avoid at all costs.
It’s only natural to keep your guard up around him. He ruined your chances of love for a few years, constantly keeping your walls up around men who could’ve possible been good for you. Jimin had said that you shouldn’t project your trust issues on others but it’s just you who has trust issues. It’s a part of your character now, to constantly be wary of what they say to you, not to believe them so easily.
If you’ve pushed other guys away because of him, your scepticism is heightened with Jungkook. He is the one who caused it in the first place, the one who shattered your heart and then pretended like nothing ever happened. Even now, you’ve obviously gotten over everything but there’s still a part of you that aches, he was your first love, your first everything.
You exit the elevator with Taehyung, chatting excitedly about tomorrow when he halts in his step. Following his gaze, you notice Jungkook standing a few feet away from you at the lounge area, watching the two of you.
“Goodnight, Y/N. See you tomorrow,” you tug on Taehyung’s cardigan.
“Where are you going?”
“It looks like he wants to talk to you.”
“I don’t want to talk to him,” you pout.
Chuckling, he detaches your hand from his clothing, “well, you have to. He’s our boss and I know he can be a bit scary but- Wait did he try his tricks on you or anything?”
You see Jungkook’s pierced eyebrow jump when he sees the two of you whispering, “he’s actually my ex from college days.”
“Seriously? Wasn’t he kind of a-“
“Before that,” you roll your eyes.
Taehyung’s mouth makes an ‘o’ shape, glancing at Jungkook then leaning over to speak in your ear, “he’s probably gonna ask you to be his date for the opening tomorrow. Just say you’re going with me.”
You nod, then turn your head to look at Taehyung again, “but I can’t lie, he’ll obviously be there tomorrow.”
“No you idiot! You are gonna be my date!”
“Ohhhhh, thank you…for asking me.”
“Yes,” he hugs you then pushes you in Jungkook’s direction, “now go.”
Stumbling in front of Jungkook, he raises a finger to point between you and Taehyung’s retreating figure, “what’s going with you two?”
“Oh nothing.”
You honestly don’t have to explain yourself to him.
“What did you want,” you question, glancing at your watch like you’re so desperate to get home to your key lime pie.
“Oh,” he smooths down a strand of hair, “would you want to come with me to the opening? You know like a date? A plus one?”
You click your tongue, “Taehyung already asked me. I’m sorry.”
Even though you’re totally not sorry.
You see a flash of something wash over his features, but you don’t know what it was. Probably not used to getting turned down.
You hear him mumble Taehyung’s name and you realise that you’ve been standing there awkwardly. Saying goodnight, you begin to walk away from him when he calls out your name. Stopping with your hand on the silver handle, you curse and turn around, seeing him make his way to you.
“Then let’s have dinner, have you eaten yet?”
“No, I haven’t,” not even trying to conceal the irritation in your voice.
“Then let’s eat, I can take you to this one restaurant, their steak is to die for. You love steak, right?”
Your stomach growls at the mention of steak and your heart clenches at the thought that he actually remembers what you like to eat. But you shake your head, burying that feeling.
“Yeah but my car is here.”
You find yourself following him into the parking lot.
“I’ll ask one of my drivers to take it to your apartment. Keys?”
“You know where I live?”
Your voice sounds so dumb when it came out and you want to slap yourself because obviously he would, he-
“You’re my employee Y/N.”
“Right, right.”
He holds out his palm, you rummage through your bag and drop the keys into his hand. He beams at you as he unlocks his car.
“Get in, I’ll be back in a bit.”
Sluggishly, you open the passenger side door, the fresh scent that could only belong to a new car fills your nostrils. He always liked Mercedes. As you’re appreciating the interior, you suddenly acknowledge that you’re sitting in Jungkook’s car. What the fuck are you doing? It’s been five years and this man is still in your life. Twenty-two year old you is shaking her head right now. Pathetic Y/N. Just pathetic.
You can feel yourself panic, breath starting to get heavy. Calm Y/N, calm. Deep breaths. This is just dinner, it’s fine. Nothing else, just a boss and his employee having dinner at 10PM after working hours. Oh my god, how unprofessional of you Y/N? What makes him so different? Remember that guy you turned down from accounting? Jung Hoseok? Just because he asked to have dinner with you after hours, yet here you are, in Jeon Jungkook’s car. The very same guy who ruined you for guys like Jung Hoseok. What the fuck are-
“Alright,” you didn’t even notice the car door open until he spoke. He’s busy checking his rear-view mirror and starting up the car.
You stare out the window, trying not to think to much into the situation. This is just for the steak.
He revs his engine, and you think he’s going to reverse out of the parking space, but he continues to rev, and you turn your head to look at him, seeing him have one hand on the steering wheel while the other is on the gear, a smirk on his face as he watches your reaction.
You feel your stomach flutter, he probably remembers the time that you told him he looks hot while he drives. This time, in his grey three-piece suit, he looks even sexier. But would you admit that to him? Absolutely not.
After what was probably five minutes spent revving his engine to seemingly impress you, he drives out of the building’s parking lot, speeding along the road.
He keeps the radio off, probably thinking that you’re going to engage in conversation, but you keep your eyes on the road. Trying to keep steak on the brain.
Ten minutes later, you arrive at the swanky restaurant, taking a seat at the far back table in the corner. His choosing of course.
The people at the restaurant seem to know him well, if the way the head chef rushes out of the kitchen to present the menu to him is anything to go by.
“Not tonight’s special, just steak for me and the pretty lady.”
The chef bows and files into the kitchen, the other cooks following close behind.
You admire the restaurant’s gold and black interior, mostly couples, who chatter and laugh, around the two of you.
Your gaze travels to the man in front of you, seeing him already looking at you with his elbows rested on the table and his chin on his knuckles.
“Nothing,” he sighs, “I just can’t believe that we’re here.”
You cock an eyebrow, tracing the rim of your wine glass with a finger, “where are we?”
“You know, here.Five years later, older and wiser, we’re both successful, sitting in a restaurant like this with fine wine.”
He lifts his glass in your direction and takes a sip, you chuckle.
“Sure you’re wiser, Jungkook?”
He gives you a defeated smile, “in business, maybe. In women, I’m hoping to be soon.”
You’re suddenly paranoid about the look he’s giving you. You open your mouth to ask him what he means but you’re cut off when the bubbly chef presents the steak. You smell it before you see it, jowls tingling at the scent.
“Jeon-ssi and his pretty lady,” he bows in front of you and you lift a hand to object but his sweet, crumbly smile makes you shut your mouth.
“He’s waiting to see what you think,” Jungkook whispers from across the table, already taking his third bite of the meat.
Picking up your fork and knife, you carve out a bite-sized piece and pop it into your mouth, taste buds tingling at the delectable taste.
“It’s absolutely delicious, thank you.”
He bows again and heads back to the kitchen.
“So, you like it,” Jungkook prods, proud smile on his face like he had prepared the food.
“I love it, thank you,” serotonin coursing through you due to the tasty food you’re eating.
He clears his throat, “so tell me about you and Taehyung?”
You stop mid-chew, “what about us?”
Honestly, you were expecting to ask him about your life and whatnot. But a man of his capabilities, he probably knows everything he needs and wants to know.
“I saw you two earlier. And you work closely at the gallery. It’s okay to have a few flings at work.”
You choke on the wine, “I keep my relationships strictly professional when it comes to the workplace. Less drama. I think I told you this before.”
“Yet here you are,” he chirps, “having dinner with your boss.”
You tuck your tongue in your cheek, your twenty-two-year-old self wagging a finger at you. I told you so.
You should’ve known, Jungkook doesn’t know limits. You have a good mind of leaving this restaurant right now and leaving Seoul for eternity. Why did you ever think you could have a decent conversation with him? His intentions always show themselves as he speaks.
“What do you want Jungkook?”
“A chance?”
“A chance for what?”
“To show you that I’m not who I was. That I’ve changed. That I’m not the same immature guy from college. I’m a man now.”
Did his voice just deepen at that last part?
This is what he wants, to lure you into his trap and break your heart a second time. You cannot give in to him. You will not.
Lifting your head to give him an answer, you’re met with two pleading, doe-eyes. The kind that takes you back five years ago, the kind that you fell in love with.
“Let’s see.”
And then the bunny grin, “is that a yes?”
You sigh, “I’ll see if you’ve changed for myself.”
Tucking into the steak again, his voice sounds too victorious, “I’ll prove it to you.”
Jungkook adjusts his shirt sleeves, turning to the side to check that his pants sit right. He’s nervous for tonight, his first solo project without his brother’s assistance. He’s even more nervous about the fact that you’ve given him a chance, not that he doubts his abilities to make you fall for him again. It’s just that women love him, they stick to him like glue and he hopes that you don’t take it the wrong way.
He has to be good to his clients and employees.
Sending Soojin a quick text, he lets her know that he’s on his way to pick her up.
He’s about to leave his house when he realizes that he hasn’t sprayed on any perfume. Running back up the stairs, he heads to his closet, choosing a fragrance that he thinks you might like then giving himself one last look in the mirror.
Show time.
Thanking everyone for their kind words, he receives tons of praise for the gallery as he enters, Soojin holding tightly onto his arm. He scans the crowd, trying to look past one of his elderly clients to find you.
“Want a drink, babe?”
He shakes his head, Soojin proceeding to the small bar set up near the entrance.
After five minutes of being stopped by every single person he passed, he spots you. White dress with your hair pinned up in a bun, pink lipgloss that looks like the natural shade of your lips when they’re swollen, the exact shade that reminds him of your lips slick with his saliva after a heated makeout session.
Adjusting his tie, he walks in your direction, seeing Taehyung standing next to you, also wearing white. Fuck. Did you two plan to match? And he’s wearing black. He stops to watch you from afar, seeing Taehyung lightly place an arm around your waist, giggling as you admire one of the pieces.
He walks back to the bar and orders a beer. It’s been a while since he’s felt like this for a woman, he feels so territorial, so possessive of you. It doesn’t even matter what that ass Taehyung does anyway. He’s the boss and you gave him a chance.
No one else.
Downing the beer, he sees Soojin saunter over to him.
“Hi babe. Let’s talk to a few more people shall we?”
Soojin puts her arm in his as they walk, he’s too pissed off to give a shit about anything else.
“I think that this one will sell first.”
“Nah. People like abstract. That one will.”
You follow Taehyung’s gaze, an ahh leaving your mouth in understanding.
“Don’t you think it’s weird that we’re both wearing white today,” you giggle.
“Well, you’re wearing a white dress and I’m wearing a white shirt. And you happen to be my date for the night. Totally not weird.”
You chuckle, taking a sip of your drink and following Taehyung to the next display. He’s fun company.
You’re about to comment when a squeal interrupts you.
“Hi, Soojin.”
The woman, Soojin, is the one that was at your interview.
“Hey Y/N.”
The breathy whisper tickles your ear, and you turn around in shock, seeing Jungkook standing too close with a smirk on his face.
“Oh, hey Jungkook.”
He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you to his chest, your eyes widen in surprise, aware of the people around you.
“What are you doing?” You hold your palm up to his chest while the other balances your drink in your hand.
“Can’t I hold you like this?”
“What? No, you cannot.”
You squirm out of his grip, gaze flickering to the red patch on his white dress shirt. Red lipstick.
“You gave me a chance?”
“Yes I did,” you speak through gritted teeth, “but I didn’t say that we were together or anything. You can’t hold me like that.”
“You didn’t seem to mind when Taehyung did it. Are you together?”
“What? No,” you try to keep your composure, “what is your problem?”
His eyes burn into yours, anger evident in them, with your own rage consuming you. You should’ve known that Jungkook only had one intention when he asked for a chance. You probably have two completely different perspectives on what that could imply.
Soojin tugs at his arm, she looks between the two of you. Red lipstick stretching with her mouth as she gives you a half-hearted smile.
Your eyebrows raise in realization, he just wanted to fuck you. Like he doesn’t get enough.
You turn to walk in Taehyung’s direction but a hand around your wrist stops you from moving.
“Let go of me, Jungkook.”
You whip your head around to stare at your hand, seeing his tattooed fingers curled around your wrist.
“Jungkook,” you stand in front of him so you’re toe to toe, “I said let go of me. I gave you a chance and you blew it. Now let go of my wrist.”
“How did I blow it?”
“By being yourself. You’re just a pathetic womanizer who uses money to get your way. Now let me go.”
He drops your hand and you walk away from him, Taehyung standing across the room, a confused look on his face.
As you’re walking, a figure tackles you. Working fast you spread his legs with your foot and grip his hand from around your back, twisting it and shoving him away from you. He yelps in pain.
“OW! What the fuck Y/N?!”
“What is wrong with you? Is this how you greet your friend when you see him after three months?”
You surge forward, throwing your arms around his shoulders and burying your face in his neck.
“I missed you. I’m so sorry.”
“Hey, it’s okay.” He strokes your hair, “Jungkook saw your little show, so at least he knows not to mess with you.”
You chuckle, “c’mon I have to introduce you to someone.”
“So let me get this straight. He broke up with you, then fucked every single girl from your HR class?”
“And my Anatomy class!” Jimin adds, cheese strings slapping his chin as he takes a bite of the pizza.
“Mhm,” you suck some sauce off your thumb, “and he bragged about it to everyone. Including my friends.”
“So that shows that he didn’t regret it at all and he never actually loved Y/N,” Jimin speaks with his cheeks stuffed, nodding to you because you’ve had this discussion a thousand times.
Both you and Jimin wait for Taehyung’s response to all this. He pushes his glasses up, “and he said he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship at the time?”
“Committed,” Jimin corrects and you nod again.
“Honestly, from like, a guy’s perspective, no offense Jimin, maybe he knew that he couldn’t control his raging hormones? Maybe he didn’t want to hurt you by cheating on you, so he broke up with you to save all the heartbreak.”
“But I was still heartbroken in the end!”
“Yeah but, what if,” he crosses his legs and wipes his hands with a tissue, “you were meant to be together now?”
“You’re on to something, Tae.”
You look between Jimin and Taehyung, then spot the smirk on Jimin’s face.
“No. Jimin, if you bring up that fate bullshit one more time-“
“Let’s just listen to what Taehyung has to say!”
He clears his throat, “I’m just saying. I know he sleeps around a lot and I’m not trying to justify any of his actions. But like what if he really meant what he said? About proving to you that he’s changed?”
“That doesn’t even matter. Soojin was his date for the night and I saw lipstick on his shirt!”
Taehyung chuckles, then points to a red stain on his white shirt, not sauce. Red lipstick.
“She gets it on everyone. If you’re wearing literally any light color, you’re doomed if she’s anywhere near you. Plus, I haven’t seen him with her since the day of your interview.”
“But, but,” your eyes search the lounge, “that day! At my interview! It looked like they just fucked before I entered the room!”
“Okay maybe they are fucking but maybe he won’t now that you’re in the picture.”
You give him a wary look, still unwilling to accept whatever he’s saying.
“What exactly did you say to him today? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like that. He looked so angry, yet sad at the same time…”
You gather the empty pizza boxes, “I told him that he blew his chance.”
“How did he blow his chance idiot???” Jimin yells into your ear, completely breaking your train of thought.
“Fuck Jimin, can a bitch think?”
You roll your eyes and face the couch where Taehyung sits again, “he, like, put his arm around my waist. And when I tried to push him away, he said that I didn’t have a problem when you did it.”
Taehyung eyes widen.
“Then when I tried to walk away from him, he gripped my wrist, like literally everyone around us was staring! Even Soojin was there! I just didn’t like that he thinks he can do whatever he wants just because I agreed to giving him a chance.”
Taehyung and Jimin sigh in unison.
“Shouldn’t that tell you something, if he doesn’t care who’s around and he doesn’t mind being seen with you? Honestly, the only woman I’ve seen him with in public was Soojin, and that’s because she’s his assistant, no one will really suspect anything.”
“Yes but-“
“I think you gave up too quickly.”
“What?” Your eyes bug out of your head, and you hear Jimin snigger from beside you, collapsing onto the rug, sandy blonde hair covering his face.
“What else did you tell him?”
You try to ignore Jimin’s wails of laughter, “I told him that he blew his chance by being himself. And that he’s a pathetic womanizer…something like that.”
“Yeah, you really deflated his ego,” Jimin wipes a tear from the corner of his eye.
“I think you should shut the fuck up Jimin. Taehyung, it isn’t my job to inflate his ego and I only spoke the truth,” you shrug.
“Yeah, but you gave up too easily. He didn’t even get a proper chance, the poor guy.”
You open your mouth to counter, but he cuts you off.
“It’s up to you, but I think you should speak to him on Monday.”
“What should I say?”
He shrugs, “just think about everything. From the very beginning. Think about how he said he’ll prove to you that he’s changed and you didn’t even give him twenty-four hours before you gave up.”
A few minutes pass as you take his words in.
“Up to you, of course.”
Maybe you were a little harsh.
Tumblr media
Monday rolls by and after thinking it through literally the entire weekend, you decided that the next time you see Jungkook, you’ll talk to him and apologize for blowing him off but you won’t apologize for the way you reacted when he held you like that. You aren’t one of his hook ups.
You sit at your desk, answering a few emails and browsing the sales that took place after the gallery opening, Taehyung pops into your office, whispering as he goes.
“He’s here, if you wanna…”
“I’ll just wait for him to come here, he’ll definitely pay me a visit.”
Nodding, he exits the room and you take the opportunity to touch up your lipstick before Jungkook enters.
Five minutes turn into ten into twenty into thirty minutes waiting for him to walk into your office. You get restless and decide to take your lunch break now.
Walking down the small hallway, you see Taehyung and Namjoon, who look like they’re deep in conversation as they stare at the computer screen.
“Hey guys.”
You lean in close to Taehyung, “where’s Jungkook?”
“He didn’t come to see you?”
You shake your head.
“Oh, he left about ten minutes ago.”
“Okay, I’m gonna head out for lunch.”
Walking out the double doors, you can’t help but think that it’s odd that he didn’t come to see you. The one week you spent working at Euphoria was filled with him pestering you at any chance he can get.
You’ll just wait for tomorrow.
The week is over, and you didn’t see Jungkook once, he always leaves before you get to see him. Work is getting even more stressful with thousands of submissions from artists looking for representation. Taehyung and Namjoon deal with the hectic parts of it but you still have to find a way to ensure that each artist is dealt with when it comes to showcasing their work.
It’s two weeks later when you finally see him, but his behavior has you feeling a little edgy.
You were talking to Namjoon about the next exhibition when you see him enter, he nods to everyone but completely ignores you and you can’t help but feel a little angry at that. He’s pretending that you don’t exist because he did something wrong? That can’t be right.
Maybe what you said to him that day really hit a sore spot?
You huff, walking over to him, ponytail swishing behind you as your heels click with each step.
“Hey Jungkook.”
He keeps his eyes on some papers as he stands at the reception desk, “Hello Y/N.”
“How are you?”
“Superb. And you?”
“Is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yes,” you clear you throat, “you can start by telling me why you’ve been avoiding him since the opening.”
He drops his pen, eyes still not meeting yours, “why don’t you tell me? Hmm?”
“Or you can’t because you’re you, right? So entitled, such a goody two shoes, never makes any mistakes.”
His eyes finally bore into yours and you feel your cheeks heat, grimacing at his tone.
“What are you talking about? You have no right to be angry with me.”
“I have no right?” He takes a step forward so he’s towering over you, you gulp, “I asked for a chance and you took the first opportunity to call it a day. I told you that I’ll prove to you that I’ve changed. Then you insult me, you don’t even know me anymore just like I don’t know you.”
You open your mouth to speak, even though you have no idea what will come out, but he speaks before you.
“I know that I’ve fucked up in the past but I’m not the same guy anymore Y/N.”
“You sure?” You cock an eyebrow and he raises his own in question.
“Literally everyone knows that you sleep around.”
“Yes I do, I sleep around, I fuck who I want whenever I want. But I’ve never cheated in my entire life. And the last time I actually wanted a relationship was with you.”
His eyes soften as he continues, you can feel the blood rush to your ears, slowly slipping under his hold that seems so intoxicating.
“I know that you’re guarded, I know that you’re finding it hard to trust me again but I promise, none of the women I’ve been with ever came close to you,” he shakes his head, “and I’m not just saying that, I mean it.”
He lifts his hand to hold your shoulder but lets it fall to his side.
“Would you mind giving me another chance?”
You bite your lip in contemplation, his beady doe-eyes patiently waiting for your answer. You did feel guilty after that night, not only because of the talk you had with Taehyung, but because you regretted saying those things to him as soon as it left your lips.
He can sense your hesitation and he sighs, taking a step away from and you suddenly feel a chill run down your spine.
“I’m leaving for Tokyo tomorrow, for a week before the next exhibition. I’m going alone but if you want,” his eyes search yours, “you can come with. Bring your work along.”
He gathers his files and walks out, leaving you a little lightheaded with his scent still lingering around and his words still nudging into your heart.
Tumblr media
You pace around your room, phone in hand. It’s easy for you to just call and tell him that you’ll go with him but at the same time, it isn’t. Someone who caused you years of heartache, is asking for another chance. Can you risk it? Are you willing to take that chance?
Thinking of what Taehyung and Jimin had kept saying, you groan, flopping down on your bed as you chew on your lip. Maybe it was meant for you to be together now? When you’re older and more experienced. If you didn’t break up all those years ago, he would’ve probably been bored of you now if not earlier.
Sitting up and folding your legs under your body, you make up your mind.
He answers after the third ring and suddenly, you completely forget the reason why you dialled his number in the first place.
You shut your eyes, “hey, it’s me.”
You hear his clear chuckle filter through the speaker, causing your stomach to do backflips.
“Made up your mind?”
“And…I’ll come with,” you twiddle with a strand of hair.
You can literally hear the happiness in his voice, and it makes you smile too.
“Okay, I’ll book your ticket and fetch you tomorrow at 3PM, okay?”
“God, thank you Y/N.”
“For giving me another chance, even though I don’t deserve it.”
You roll your eyes, still smiling, “bye Jungkook.”
“Bye Y/N~”
Tossing your phone on the bed, you jump and down, trying to let out the excitement and nerves. Then you smooth your hands down your nightgown, inhaling deeply.
You hope you aren’t making a terrible mistake.
Tumblr media
By the time you arrive and get settled in at the hotel, it’s already dinner time and Jungkook shoots you a text to inform you that he’ll meet you downstairs, so you can eat together. You’re a little nervous, no, you’re extremely nervous and you have no idea what to wear to dinner, so you opt for a black strappy dress that sits mid-thigh.
Jungkook’s room is right next to yours, so when you finally leave your room, you see him doing the same and he does a double take, eyes sweeping over your figure, making you blush as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. He was never good at hiding his emotions.
He pokes out his elbow for you to shove your hand into the small gap, smiling at him as you wait for the elevator.
“You look amazing, Y/N.”
“Thank you,” you admire his black dress pants and shirt tucked in, sticking to his slim waist, “you too.”
“Thanks,” he ushers you into the elevator, palm at the small of your back.
It’s quiet as you go down, watching the numbers change on the small screen, waiting for 1 to appear. The elevator doors open with a ding and he takes your hand in his again, walking along the glossy floors as you take the turn in through the restaurant, warm air hitting your face while he chats to the hostess.
“Right this way,” you follow her as she takes you to a seat right at the back of the restaurant, a cozy table with Jeon printed on a white card.
“We’ll be with you shortly,” she bows and makes her way back to the front.
Jungkook pulls your chair out for you and pushes it in as you sit, he takes the seat opposite you.
You find yourself in a similar position to the other night, except you’re in much fancier clothes at a fancier restaurant and you’re aren’t having an internal debate as you watch the man in front of you.
“Let’s order, then we can talk about whatever you want,” he smiles.
“Whatever Iwant?”
He nods, “whatever you want.”
“What if you don’t like what I talk about?” You poke, the yellow lighting making a sunset form in his eyes as he leans forward.
“I’ll still let you talk,” he shrugs, gesturing to the menu in front of you.
You order and eat, and it’s quiet again, the same recurring quiet that settles between the two of you. Glancing at him, you see he’s already watching you.
“I’m waiting for you to talk.”
“Oh,” you take a sip of your drink, “well I do have a lot of things I want to ask you.”
“Go ahead.”
You think about your conversation the other day, the one that was cut short.
“What made you change your mind about joining your father’s business?”
He purses his lips, takes a swig of his own drink then wipes his mouth.
“I felt like it was the right thing to do.”
“And abandon your dreams?”
“I agreed to go to business school all those years ago for a reason, Y/N,” his eyes meet yours, “and I didn’t abandon my dreams.”
You place your arms on the table and lean forward, “really?”
“You did tell me that you opened the gallery to sell other’s art, even if you can’t sell yours. When that was your dream, to let the world appreciate the emotion that spills in the form of color on a canvas.”
There’s a glint in his eyes, not the kind you see every day, but a different one. And you realize that you remembered his words after all these years, like he whispered them to you just yesterday.
“Yeah,” he murmurs, gaze still piercing into yours and you feel a throb in your abdomen as his tongue runs over his lower lip.
“I will, when the time is right.”
“No better time than now,” you shrug.
“Yes, no better time than now,” he repeats, and you see the smirk form on his face, the hidden implication becoming clear to you.
Tumblr media
The hostess had come to your table to inform you that the restaurant will be closing soon, and you’re shocked when you notice that it’s after midnight, you had spent hours chatting to Jungkook about the past, the future and Euphoria.
You’re a little buzzed from the champagne but you manage to make it to your room door, Jungkook’s arm wrapped around your waist as yours is curled around his neck, no objections from you this time.
You lean on the doorframe, giving Jungkook a giddy smile as he opens his door, the feelings that were dulled by grey clouds and chilly weather are now being refreshed with the rain and sunlight, making the corners of your mouth stretch until it hurts.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” he murmurs, shooting you a wink that makes you clench your thighs together. God, how long has it been since you last got laid?
“Aren’t you gonna come in,” you’re hearing yourself say, pointing to your bed. Maybe you’re NOT a little buzzed.
He walks over to you, and you straighten your posture, breath coming out in pants.
“Maybe some other time,” he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Goodnight Y/N,” he dips his head and you shut your eyes, puckering your lips only for him to kiss the corner of your mouth, a bewildered look on your face.
He places his hand on your back again and gives you a gentle shove, you stumble into your room. He grabs the handle of the door and pulls it shut behind you.
Tumblr media
For his own sanity.
Unbuttoning his shirt, he flings it on the floor, chest heaving as he lays on his back, hands coming to remove his belt.
That was probably the hardest thing he has ever done in his entire life. His dick is the hardest thing he’s ever seen in his entire life as it springs from his underwear.
Throwing his head back against the soft pillows, he shuts his eyes, thinking of your sweet smile, your laughter playing in his head like a broken record.
Curling his fingers around his shaft, he hisses as he pumps his length, precum smearing everywhere as he thrusts into his hand, the curve of your waist flashing behind his lids, the sound of his name escaping your lips filling his ears. He fists his dick erratically, twisting around his head as he digs his teeth into his lower lip, imagining it was your tight pussy instead of his hand, warm walls gripping him like a vice.
He cries out your name, hips lifting of the bed as he fucks into his fist, heat shooting through his body as his dick twitches, trying to remember the way your tight pussy felt. Oh, the first time, it felt like heaven and it just kept getting better each time.
With a few more pumps, he cums all over his stomach and hand, curses filling the air as he cracks his eyes open, your face the only thing enshrouding his mind.
He doesn’t think he’s ever cum this hard and fast from just his hand.
Cleaning himself up, the thought of you never slipping, he can’t help but feel like he’s falling for you again. The way you both just click in ways he never did with anyone else. He was a dumb asshole for letting you go all those years ago. But now he knows for sure.
He cares about you, he wants you to be his, he wants you more than anything in the world.
As he catches sight of himself in the bathroom mirror, the upper part of his body a bright pink, he knows he can’t fuck this up.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you decide to do a little shopping to pass your time. Jungkook had informed you that he’ll be extremely busy this morning as he has to meet with a few clients and business partners. Obviously, your schedule here doesn’t revolve around him, you also want to do a little sightseeing of your own.
After hours of shopping and squeezing your wallet, you take a break on the bench in front of a pretty water fountain near the hotel, soaking in the sunlight as butterflies float around you, unfamiliar voices filling the silence.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?”
You lift your head to stare at the man with the raspy voice, but the sun blinds you.
“Yeah,” you reply as he sits down next to you.
You clutch your purse closer to you and it seems like he notices your action, a chuckle, deep and throaty, reaches your ears.
“I come in peace,” he laughs and you finally turn your head to look at him.
Blond hair, pushed back, making it easier for you to notice two cat-like eyes blinking back at you, pink lips set in a pout, he speaks again, and you realize that it’s just the way they’re molded, he isn’t pouting. He’s…attractive.
“You’re not from here,” he inquires, and you think that a man with such soft features couldn’t possible be a murderer, right?
“No, you?”
“Nah, Seoul, actually.”
“I work there,” you add, keeping your eyes on the trickling water.
“So, you’re here on holiday?”
“Guess so.”
You see him nod from your periphery and you think he’s done but he continues to speak.
“I’m actually here for some business, I’m an online art curator.”
That catches your attention.
“Yeah. Kind of like-“
“I know what that is, I work in an art gallery.”
He whips his head to look at you and you do the same, the sun making his unbelievably clear skin glow.
You nod, and he thrusts his hand in your direction.
“Min Yoongi.”
You give him your name and he smiles, eyes not leaving yours.
“So which gallery do you work for?”
“Euphoria Gallery.”
“In Seoul?”
“Yeah,” you respond, seeing a quizzical look appear on his face so you continue, “it opened a few weeks ago.”
“Ahhh,” his eyes widen a little in understanding, “I haven’t been to Seoul in over two months.”
It’s silent for a while and you think he might be done with his interrogation but obviously he isn’t.
“So what do you do there?”
You look at him again, a serious look on his face and you think you might answer a few more before you head back to the hotel.
“I’m actually the Marketing Manager.”
“Oh, so you’re actually more on the business side.”
“Guess you can say that.”
You pat your thighs then stand, carrying all your shopping bags in one hand while the other rummages through your purse for your phone.
“You’re staying at this hotel?”
You nod politely at the inquisitive man.
“Me too,” he springs up from the bench, the motion causing you to jump back a bit and drop a few of your bags.
He bends down to pick them up and you do the same, your fingers brushing each other, and you blush from the proximity, his woody scent surrounding you.
“Let me help you.”
“I’m fine.”
“These are heavy,” he hooks a few into his left hand and you watch his muscles flex as he stands up to his full height.
“Okay,” you shrug, letting him follow you back to the hotel but before you can head to the elevators, something catches your eye and you stop walking, the blond behind you huffing as he bumps into your back.
“I’m sorry, could you just wait for a minute.”
He nods, sitting down on the couches not too far away.
Poking your head around the corner, you see Jungkook with his side leaning on a counter, smile in place as he talks to a tall woman, she giggles and flicks her hair over her shoulder, swaying over the small space as he places his hand on her neck, fiddling with her necklace.
You swallow, feeling your throat constrict, tears blurring your vision. Backing away from the wall, the terrifying thought that this was all a mistake crosses your mind. Your back hits something warm and hard and you turn around to see the man from earlier, your shopping bags still in hand.
“Are you okay?”
You blink away the tears, smiling at him, “yeah uhm…”
You look up at him again; he’s damn good-looking, just your type and helpful. His job is even in the same field as yours. You aren’t going to hold back because of an asshole like Jungkook anymore, he can take his chance and stick it.
“I’m gonna take these up,” you struggle to take them in both your hands, “if you want, we can chat a little about the gallery.”
His eyebrows raise, gums being exposed as he smiles, “yeah sure sure. I’ll wait here for you.”
He sits down on the couch again and you smile, running your hand along his back as you make your way to the elevators, “see you in bit Yoongi.”
Tumblr media
You’re trying to focus on what Yoongi’s saying but your mind keeps taking you back to Jungkook and how you fell for him yet again, how you’re hurting yet again. You should’ve known that it won’t be easy for him to just ditch his shitty ways, you hold back a sob.
“So, I told him that I can’t take his offer because I’m actually starting a website-“
Yoongi seems interesting, but your eyes keep travelling to his arms down to the tips of his fingers. He has such pretty fingers to go with his muscular arms, Rolex moving with his hand as they track his words. It seems like you’re looking for anything to distract you from the dick that is Jungkook.
You lift your head to see Jungkook standing near the couches where you and Yoongi sit, he has one hand behind his back and you give him a clueless smile.
“Oh, hey Jungkook. This is Yoongi, he’s an art curator.” You let your knee brush against Yoongi’s, seeing Jungkook’s gaze follow the movement.
Yoongi stands to shake Jungkook’s hand, “nice to meet you Jungkook.”
Jungkook gives him a discerning look, then smiles and takes the seat next to him.
“So, you’re an art curator? Y/N here must’ve told you about the new gallery I’ve just opened.”
You roll your eyes at his subtle flex.
“I actually handle a website based on my job.”
Jungkook nods, “maybe you should visit us in Seoul…”
And just like that, Jungkook hijacks your conversation with Yoongi while you sit slack-jawed, both men completely disregarding you, Yoongi even turning his back to you as he talks to Jungkook. Jungkook even gets his number before you and soon, he’s waving goodbyes to the both of you, while you sulk.
Jungkook sighs, “good man. So, you wanna get lunch?”
“Fuck no.” Rushing to the elevators, you turn around to see Jungkook hot on your heels, pushing the elevator button like the side character in a horror movie, you curse when you feel Jungkook behind you.
“Running away from me, Y/N?”
The elevator dings and you walk in, he presses the button for your floor before you can.
“I saw you.”
“Saw me what?”
You look past him and into the elevator mirror, seeing him hold something under his coat, behind his back.
“Cut the crap, Jungkook. You only want to fuck me.”
“Y/N,” he sighs, “I told you this before-“
“I saw you with that lady, you were laughing with her and and touching her!” You feel the lump build in your throat again as you watch the look of surprise on his face.
After a few minutes, you reach your floor and he grips your wrist, dragging you to his room while you wriggle in his hold.
“Calm down, Y/N,” he yells over your cries, and you have no choice but to follow him in his strong hold, then you see he’s moved the thing that he’s been holding to his front, tucked into his coat. Fuck. What if it’s a gun and he plans on killing you.
He enters the code for his room and pulls you inside, tears painting your cheeks.
“The lady you saw,” he begins, kicking off his shoes then sitting on his bed as he produces a blue velvet box, about the size of a dinner plate, “she’s a jeweller, I called her here. She was showing me all different kinds, but none were to my liking but then I noticed the design that she was wearing and I liked it.”
He opens the box, revealing a white gold necklace, glinting in his bedroom light.
Pulling it out of the box, he holds it in his hands delicately as he walks over to you, standing behind you as he places it on your neck.
“It was for you, Y/N. And I meant it when I said that I changed.”
You’re speechless, looking down to admire the piece of jewellery with diamonds dotting the knots at the centre. Turning around to look at him, he has an exhausted look on his face, one that makes you feel guilty.
“It’s beautiful,” you can’t keep your eyes off of it.
“Beautiful jewelry for a beautiful woman like you,” he pinches your chin to lift your head up so you’re looking at him, seeing the exhausted look replaced by something fond.
“Things don’t buy my love,” you quip and he hangs his head to laugh.
“I know, but I was hoping that this could sort of be like a promise ring? In the form of a necklace? I’m not good with these things.”
“A promise ring?” You giggle, eyes softening at the way he rubs his neck, reminding you of the boy you fell in love with.
“Y/N I am sorry, but you have to trust me, please. I won’t hurt you again.”
You nod, “I’m sorry too. For not believing you.”
“You don’t ever have to be sorry, I fucked up,” he takes your hands in his, placing two sweet kisses on the backs of your hands.
Taking a step forward, your body presses to his as he reaches down to run an index finger down the side of your face, sending tingles up your spine.
Dipping his head, his minty breath fans across your face, making you lick your lips in anticipation. Finally, he closes the gap, pressing his lips to yours as his hands cradle your face. You place your palms on his chest, pushing him so the backs of his knees hit the bed, tumbling down with you on top of him.
Licking into his mouth, his hands travel down your back and to your ass, squeezing the flesh and making you moan into his mouth as his tongue slides along yours.
“I want you,” you pant, kissing up his neck and sucking the soft skin under his ear, remembering all the spots that gets him going.
He grips your hips, pressing you onto him so you can feel his throbbing member against your core.
“Jungkook,” you whine.
In one swift movement, he flips you over, ridding himself of his coat, shirt and pants while you work on removing your dress and bra.
Once he gets his eyes on your almost-naked body, he groans, his dick twitching in its confines as he takes in the swell of your breasts, greedily palming them as he bends down to take one of your erect nipples into his mouth, slurping noisily as he flicks his tongue, thumb rubbing over the other nipple, making you keen into his touch. They did get bigger.
Reaching down, you’re just as greedy as you palm him through his boxer briefs, humming against your nipple, making your back arch off the bed. With one last bite to your nipple that has you gripping his hair, he comes up to place a searing kiss on your lips, your body feeling hot as arousal pools between your legs.
“Jungkook,” you whisper against his lips, “need you.”
“Yeah?” He searches your eyes, almost urgently, “need me inside you?”
You nod, biting your lip at his words, “wanna cum around your cock.”
His eyebrows raise, “someone’s got a dirty mouth,” he licks a hot stripe up your throat to your lips, “I like it. Makes me want to fuck you senseless.”
You whine, trying to rub your thighs together for some friction but his body between your legs restricts any movement. His eyes flicker to the wet spot growing on your panties and he dips his hand down, rubbing you through the drenched material, hissing when he feels how wet you are.
“Fuck, you’re fucking soaked for me. Want my cock so bad hmm?”
You nod, the cool necklace around your neck digging into the warmth of your body.
“Let me hear how bad you want my cock,” he dips his hand into your panties, running two fingers along your folds then circling your clit, moving faster as each second passes.
You moan, gripping his shoulders as you rock against his hand, he chuckles as he watches your fucked out expression.
“I said let me hear you.”
He pushes two fingers into you at once, making you dig you nails into his skin as his fingers massage your walls, “hmmf wanna c-cum so b-bad around y-ah!”
He curls his fingers, hitting the exact spot that has you twitching under him, you open your eyes to see him smirking down at you.
“C’mon baby, tell me what you want,” he moves his fingers in and out, hooking them and rubbing the pads against that spot that has you a blubbering mess.
“Cock! Want your cock so bad!” You cry, moving your hips in tandem with him movements, the pressure building as you feel your high so close.
Gripping his wrist, you throw your head back and yell his name only for him to pull his fingers out, you whine at the loss, your high was so close.
You watch him pop his fingers into his mouth, groaning in pleasure, “you taste even better.”
“Jungkook, please.”
He removes the last piece of clothing from both your bodies, leaving the necklace on as he leans down to hover over you, pressing just the right amount of weight onto you that has you groaning and gripping his shoulders again.
“You wanted to cum around my cock?” You feel him run the head of his dick along your folds, tapping it against your clit, making you jolt under him.
“Yes,” you whisper, loving the way his muscular chest presses against your soft mounds.
With no warning at all, he pushes into you, dropping his head to your neck as he bottoms out, giving you time to adjust to his girthy length. With a drawn-out groan, he pulls out of you, only to slam back in, knocking the air from your lungs.
“Does that feel good?” He whispers into your ear, pulling the lobe between his teeth, making you bite into his shoulder from how good his cock dragging in and out of you feels.
“Yeah,” you whimper.
“Yeah? You like taking my cock like this?”
He pulls out of you, sitting up against the headboard and pulling you onto his lap, lifting your hips to position you over his dick, he slams into you as you steady yourself.
“Or like this,” lifting his hips off the bed, he thrusts into you, the new position has him reaching new depths and pressing into that sweet spot.
“Fuck Jungkook, fuck me any way you want,” you yell, pleasure consuming you as he pistons his hips, gripping your waist as he fucks you open.
“Yeah? Any way I want?”
You nod, eyes shut as you throw your head back, exposing your neck to him. He wraps a hand around your throat, not applying any pressure but pushing you flat onto the bed with his other hand.
Curling his hand around your thigh, he throws your leg over his shoulder, repeating the action with your other leg as he lets your body fold in half, wrapping both his hands around your throat as he watches his dick move in and out of your tight hole.
Your eyes roll back from the new position, feeling yourself clench around him as he sets a ruthless pace, drawing his hips back and slapping back into you, skin on skin, squelching and low groans filling the air.
“Like this? Yeah? Fuck you’re so tight. You gonna cum?”
Whining, you place your hands around the backs of your knees, holding your legs up as he starts to squeeze around your throat, your boobs bouncing with each thrust, necklace moving around this way and that. He presses his fingers into the sides of your throat, making you feel lightheaded as his cock continues to rub against your walls, hitting that sweet spot relentlessly, feeling your body erupt in a wave of tingles as your orgasm washes over you, mouth open in a silent moan, you hear a string of curses leave his lips as his own high takes over him, shooting hot ropes into you as you twitch under him.
You open your eyes to take in his expression of pure bliss, heart racing even more at the sight.
Letting go of your throat, he captures your lips in another intense kiss, smoothing your sweaty strands away from your face as he pulls out of you, another whine mingling with his breath, feeling the hot liquid leak out of you.
He lays down next to you, pulling you into him as he studies your face. You break the silence first.
“That was-“
“I love you,” he interrupts.
You blink at him not quite comprehending what he just said but he repeats it, placing kisses all over your face as he chants the words.
“I love you Y/N, so much. You’re the only one for me. I’m going to marry you soon.”
He snuggles into your chest and that last sentence leaves you a little breathless, even more breathless than before. You decide to surrender yourself to him, no hesitation, no ifs or buts. Because it feels right, both your heart and mind are in agreement; it feels right.
Running your fingers through the dark strands of his hair, he lifts his head to stare at you, his arms secured around your back, warm breath hitting your chest, big doe eyes that you could never, ever hate, even if you wanted to, blinking up at you.
“I love you too.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Jungkook was sent by the Ravens of the Black Forest to kill the Queen of the Night Queendom. He hadn’t expected to find love when he climbed the high walls of the Queen’s castle and pressed a sharp blade against her throat.” 
Pairing: Bandit!Jungkook x Queen!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, e2l!AU, Smut, Romance
Warnings: LOTS of plot & worldbuilding omgmg, an assassination attempt, gags, ropes as bondages, switch!Jungkook, domish!Reader, knife play, blood play if you squint, choking, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, rough (angry) sex, crying kink ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ˡᵉᵗ'ˢ ᵇᵉ ʰᵒⁿᵉˢᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵐᵉ, mutual striptease, food play in the form of feeding (bruh it’s hot), they share a bath all nakedy 👀, Kook is such an angry boy in the beginning, lmao this whole story is sending me down a spiral tbfh
Wordcount: 19.9k
a/n: This is without doubt one of my fave stories I have written so far. I love the world I created so much. I hope you guys enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it! 💜 also I know it’s long, but please give it a chance, it’s really good :(
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Tumblr media
A cold blade against your throat wakes you. Your reaction is instant. You were prepared, waiting impatiently for the day to come. 
Your murderer is beneath you in an instance. His own blade is pressed right under his eye, your fingers have a tight grasp on his throat. 
He wiggles and growls, dark eyes glued to your face.
"Uh-hu", you warn, pressing the blade tighter to his skin. 
He grunts and eyes his shiny demise. 
"Fuck", he presses out, forsaking his fight against you. 
You tilt his head up, nails bruising his skin.
"Now tell me. Who could be so reckless to attack me in my bedchambers?"
"You have to kill me before I talk", he spits. 
You study him. Strong body with muscles that strain against his dark clothes. Pretty face with a chiseled jaw and soft cheeks, there is dirt and sweat on his skin. He is panting heavily, chapped lips parted. His nails are dirty and broken. That means he climbed up your walls. Logical. Your castle's wolves would have found him otherwise. Clever. Means he knew the grounds and your customs. 
"You climbed. Impressive. That would have been a high fall had you slipped. Fatal even." 
He growls and sits up, getting himself pressed down again. 
"It would have been worth it", he spits.
He is angry and filled with hate. It is directed at you. Interesting. People don’t normally look at you with such hatred. Which can only mean one thing.
"Ah!" he gasps, back arching in pain. 
You slashed through his shirt, cutting his skin in the process. He wiggles, finally showing you his strength. But you pin him down by his throat easily, ripping the shirt open with one hand. 
"I knew it." 
He snarls angrily, swallowing heavily because breathing is becoming terribly difficult. 
"You are one of them", you say, studying the raven tattoo on his right pec, "The Ravens of the Black Forest." 
He growls and fights harder. You figured him out. 
"Will you stop fighting against me?" you hiss, finally putting real pressure on his throat.
His eyes widen, fingers clasping your wrist. 
"Tell me your name." 
"Never", he chokes out. 
You squeeze harder, making his eyelids flutter. 
"You'd rather die than tell me your name? Your conviction is remarkable."
His body twitches, his lips opening and closing in search of air. You laugh. 
"Remarkable really. Such devotion could be useful. Also…" 
You drag the knife over his cheek softly.
" would be a waste to kill such a pretty face." 
You release his throat. He coughs and wheezes. 
"There, there you'll live. It will bruise but you will live", you soothe him, patting his chest.
He calms down slowly, staring at you with widened eyes. 
"Why would you spare me?" 
"Because I am not the monster you think me to be." 
He tries to sit up. 
"Stay", you order, pressing the blade right against his throat. 
He falls down on the mattress, licking over his lips nervously. 
"That's better", you smile, "now, I’ll give you one last chance to tell me your name before I call in my warriors and tell them to throw you into a cell to rot." 
"Call them", he hisses. 
You lower your eyes in anger. 
"Valkeria! Auralia!" you call them, "your silence won’t save you stranger", you tell him. 
"My Queen you called upon us", Valkeria asks, grasping her sword. 
"A confused bird has found its way into my bedchamber. Take him back to his cage." 
"Yes my Queen." 
The stranger leaves with an impressive struggle. Your warriors have much to do. 
"You won’t get through with this! You hear me? They will come looking for me!" he screams. 
"Gag him too, he is oh so noisy and I am trying to sleep." 
Tumblr media
The torches flicker, casting deep shadows on the stone walls. His steps echo, giving off the impression that at least three people were being dragged over the floor. He gave up fighting one night ago when all it brought him was a cut across his stomach. It stopped bleeding this morning, but still burned. 
"Walk, will you?" the Queen's warrior tells him, tugging at his aching arm. 
"If I was the Queen, I would have fed him to Woltron three nights ago", the second warrior, who was dragging him, says. 
"Don't let Her hear you." 
"I don't care. She is too merciful with his people." 
He could feel her iron nails dig into his arm at the mention of his people. She hated him and wanted him dead. Just like he hated them and wanted them dead. 
"Valkeria please lower your voice." 
"Don't forbid my words. You know how it ended last time. Ymir is still dead and he is still on the run." 
At that he felt his ears twitch in attention. Is he, they are talking about, who he thinks he is? But that wouldn’t make sense, he never returned home. They must be talking about someone else.
"The Queen thinks this one is different." 
"Well, then she is delusional." 
He found it peculiar that they were fighting. His teacher always told him that the witches of the Night Queendom, which called themselves rulers, always stuck together. He was taught like that. Cut off one head and three new ones will take its place. That is why the witches of the Night Queendom were so successful in banishing his kind, because they always stuck together. 
"We will see of her delusions very soon." 
A lock gets turned and he gets pushed up the same stairs he had been dragged down three nights ago when he failed his mission to kill the Queen. 
"Come now little bird, don’t give up now", she warns and pushes him roughly. 
He was close to giving up. He was taught that people like him were not supposed to give up no matter how hard life was. But he felt close to giving up, passing out to be more precise. Three nights and four days is a long time with no nourishment or sleep if one had to run for five days and climb walls before that. His body was losing its will to produce strength. 
And so he stumbled, cushioning his fall with his hands and knees. It ached so terribly. 
"Get up!" 
He gets pulled to his feet roughly. He could feel the sharp pain of the warrior's nails on his skin. 
"Aren’t you people supposed to be strong? Where is that strength now?" 
"Valkeria! Stop your cruelty, can’t you see that his body is weakened?" 
He gets pulled down a familiar hallway. He stumbles with his eyes barely staying open and his head pounding. He knows that hallway. He was led through it when he was caught. They are bringing him back to the Queen's bedchambers.  
She stops him with a harsh tug on his hair. It made him stumble and groan in pain. 
He could hear three knocks somewhere far away and a voice call out even further away. Then he gets pushed again, falling to his knees. 
"Oh my! Valkeria you mustn’t push him that hard." 
"I am sorry my Queen, I underestimated my strength." 
He feels a warm hand place itself on his arm and rub circles up and down his skin. 
It was the Queen's hand, he knows that it was. It gave him enough strength to lift up his head and send her a deathly glare.  
You are smiling at him. 
"Good evening stranger. I apologize for my warriors, they can be quite rough at times. Auralia please help him up and help him take his place." 
She follows in an instance. Just moments later he is secured on a chair, arms and legs tied. He grunts and wiggles, but to no avail. He knits his brows and grinds his teeth. This is it. He is going to die like a weak bitch, tied up and starved. Oh if his fellow brothers would see him right now, they would laugh at him. 
He can hear them talk behind him, the Queen and Her warriors.
"Leave us." 
"But my Queen-" 
"Leave us."
"What will you do with him?" 
"It mustn’t concern you Valkeria." 
"You know how it ended last time, Ymir is dead." 
"Valkeria, don’t speak to Her like this." 
"No, don’t defend me Auralia. Valkeria’s worries are justified….Valkeria." 
"Yes my Queen?" 
"This one is different. And if he isn’t, Woltron will be happy to feast upon him." 
He shivered at that, tugging at the ropes in hopes of getting free. Woltron. That name fell twice this night. It must be one of the wolves he heard growling behind the castle walls. As tall as trees and with a fur as dark as the night and as sturdy as the strongest armour. They scare him. 
"I understand my Queen." 
"Leave now, I can handle him from here." 
"Yes my Queen." 
He can hear a door open and close then steps as the Queen rounds him. 
"It is just you and me now." 
He grunts and challenges you with a harsh tug on the ropes. It makes his stomach ache again. 
"Don't fight it. They are laced with magic, they only loosen when I tell them to." 
"You witch", he growls and spits at your feet, "your curses can’t hurt me." 
You stare at your feet and the spot on which his saliva is glistening in the lights. 
"You have terrible manners for someone, whose life I saved”, you observe with disappointment lacing your voice.
He looks away and clenches his jaw in anger. You call it saving, he calls it keeping him captive. 
"Now, let me see if my warriors were too cruel to you." 
You lower yourself to inspect his body. His muscles were tense, his skin dirty and his shirt was clinging to his torso in torn stripes. 
"They cut you open", you observe, stroking your finger underneath the deep cut. 
He tenses and tries to flee from your touch, pressing his toes into the ground with all he got. 
"Don't touch me witch", he presses out through gritted teeth. 
"I must if I want to clean you." 
You rise to get a bowl of warm, clean water and a soft rag. The water smells like eucalyptus, making his eyes water. You soak the rag and wring it out.
"Stay still now or else it will hurt more than it must." 
He tries to fight it, tries to flee but he knows it is fruitless, soon the rag is touching his wound. He hisses and writhes under the burning sensation.
"What is that? What are you doing to me?" 
"I am cleaning you. I don’t want you to get infected." 
You clean the rag of his blood and place it on his stomach a second time. His muscles ripple in answer, fleeing the sensation. It must burn a lot, you pity him, it must be really uncomfortable.
"No, don’t touch me." 
"I know it burns. I apologize but I must clean it." 
One last time you drag the clean rag over his stomach. 
"Don't touch me", he growls and writhes.
"Will you stay still?" you hiss, straightening up to be face to face with him, "I won’t hurt you, I merely want you to feel better." 
He grunts, breathing heavily. 
"I don't need your help." 
"Yes, yes you do because right now you are tied to my chair in my chambers after starving for four days while outside an army of my strongest warriors just burns to bury their swords in your chest. So yes, you do need my help right now." 
He understands. He knows that he was outnumbered, weakened and defenceless and that your mercy was the only thing still keeping him alive. He was clever enough to realise that fighting you right now would only end in his death. He was trained for this, trained to survive when his chances were miniscule and fight when his chances were overflowing. He knew that right now the best thing to do was be complacent. 
He scoffs and stops wiggling, challenging you with a cock of his eyebrows.
"That's better", you smile victoriously and begin cleaning the cut on his chest. 
It wasn’t as deep as the one on his stomach and he had almost forgotten about it, hadn’t you dragged your rag over it. 
He hisses and tenses up. 
"It burns doesn’t it?" 
He stays quiet. 
"I know, but worry not. You will feel better once it begins working." 
"What?” he stares at the rag with widened eyes, “what have you done witch?" 
"I'm no witch", you halt your movements, "and I haven’t done anything”, you begin cleaning him again, “I merely added healing oils to the water to soothe your pain.”
“Healing oils?” he asks, craning his neck to stare at his exposed torso.
“Yes, my healers prepared them for me. They are quite helpful I must say. I use them whenever something aches”, you explain and send him a reassuring smile.
You must be lying. These aren’t healing oils. They must be infused with magic. Must be made to kill him, poison him slowly until it looks like he died of a weak body. This is all just a trick. He grunts, begins writhing again until his wrists and ankles hurt from the ropes digging into his skin.
“Will you stay still?” you hiss, grabbing him by his cheeks and squishing them, “I am almost done.”
“Leave me alone. Leave”, he grunts in exhaustion, “leave me alone.”
You sigh, dropping the rag back into the dirty water. You stand up and pet his hair, making him flinch back and growl with every touch.
“They sent a feisty one this time. I must say, your friend was easier to handle.”
“My friend?”
“Yes, your friend. He came to us a fortnight ago, climbed the walls just like you did and failed to kill me”, you pause to study his features.
He doesn’t look at you, grinding his teeth with a clenched jaw.
“He was far more loquacious than you. Said his name was Seokjin and that his brothers wouldn’t stop trying until I am finally dead.”
You could watch how he tenses up at the mention of his friend’s name. So your assumptions were right, the Ravens of the Black Forest are finally making their moves again. They were a group of men, hiding out in the deepest corners of the Black Forest. They despised you for being a woman and for being the one in control. You did understand them, men on this earth were treated poorly by many of your fellow women, but their hatred still offended you. You made sure that men in your lands were treated fairly and as equals, not as lesser beings made to be a woman's ragdoll. But these men, these angry, misunderstood men wanted you dead nonetheless. It had been years until their last attacks before they started again last month.
“Why is Rafkan attacking us again?” you ask, spreading healing creams on his wounds, “tell me stranger, what is his motivation?”
He scoffs and turns his head away. He only reacts when you reach the cut on his stomach, sucking in air through his teeth at the cold sensation. You soothe him with a quiet “hush it’s good for you” and a soft pat to his stomach. It makes him tense up to the point that his muscles shake.   
“Is it gold that he wants?” you begin, placing the bowl of ointment on your table, “perhaps food? Or medicine?” you ask, eyes flitting up to meet his’.
His expression stays stone cold. He doesn’t want to talk. You begin placing clean bandages on his cuts, making him tense up. It is peculiar how he is still fighting your kindness when you are so gentle with him. You place the bandages on his cuts with uttermost care and smooth over them as cautiously as you could and he was still fighting you, hissing in anger and sending you dark looks.
“Clearly he wants something”, you say, finishing the last touches.  
“He doesn’t, he just wants you witches dead.”
“How you talk disappoints me. I am no witch, I already told you so.”
He scoffs, “sure.”
You furrow your brows and take a deep breath. This one is a lot more stubborn than his friend was. You can see it in his eyes, it won’t be an easy task to gain his trust.
“You know, your friend was the same as you. Stubborn and filled with anger. Until he realised that he had nothing to fear here.”
“I’m not scared of you”, he spits.
“Of course you aren’t, but wouldn’t it be much easier for both of us if you started to talk?”
He laughs dryly, shaking his head.
“I see, you don’t think that way. Fine, then I must convince you otherwise.”
His head snaps up at your words, eyes filled with fear even though he clearly doesn’t want you to know that he was scared. He knew it. He knew that you would sooner or later retort to torturing him. Just like Rafkan told him, the witches of the Night Queendom were evil, sadistic monsters. He watches you as you slither through the room like the poisonous snake you are. He is sure that underneath that ebony dress your scales are hiding and that behind those red painted lips your poisonous fangs were waiting to be used. He watches you as you disappear behind a folding screen, using the opportunity of solitude to tug at the ropes again. He grunts, grinding his teeth. No matter how much he fights, how much strength he uses or how angrily he wiggles, the ropes stay closed like iron fingers on his body.
“Fuck”, he presses out quietly, dropping his head. The bandages look weird on his body, almost forbidden. He hates to admit it, but whatever you did to him is working. Ever since your warrior cut him open, he felt this everlasting ache on his stomach. It is finally gone. He doesn’t feel anything other than the prickling sensation of whatever ointment you put on him and that sensation wasn’t painful, it was as a matter of fact pleasant and he hated it. He hated it because he never wanted to connect good sensations with your kind.
“So, now let’s see”, your voice makes him raise his head again.
You are back, strutting to him with a tray in your hands. His heart is racing unbearably fast in his chest. This is it. He only heard nightmare stories of your people’s cruelty and now he will experience it on his own body. You set the tray down on the table beside him and pull a chair close to him to sit down on it. He eyes the tray, wondering to himself why the tools looked like cutlery.
You reach for an iron jug, pouring translucent liquid into a mug. You guide the mug to his lips, touching them with the cold edge.
He shakes his head, pressing his lips closed as good as possible.
“You must be thirsty, drink.”
He turns away.
“It will do you good.”
He shakes his head no and eyes the drink with panic in his eyes.
“Here, look”, you say and take a big sip, “it is water from our fountains. It is clean and tastes fresh, you have nothing to fear.”
“Don’t be stubborn, you need water to live.”
“I don’t need your water, witch.”
“You must stop calling me a witch when I am merely trying to help you.”
“Help me? It would help me far more if you just slid my throat instead of poisoning me slowly.”
You sit back on your chair, tilting your head to the side in confusion.
“Poison you?” you laugh loudly.
It angers him to hear you laughing at his words. He tugs at the ropes and growls, hoping that the surge of anger gives him enough strength to break through. It doesn’t.
“I am not intending to poison you stranger, so come don’t be stubborn and accept the water”, you say, placing the mug against his lips again.
He breathes quickly, it smells like nothing. Only the iron mug gives off a faint scent. You tilt the mug, making the water touch his lips. He presses his eyes shut at the cold sensation, waiting for the unbearable burn of the poison. It doesn’t come, as a matter of fact, nothing happens other than that his skin feels wet all of a sudden.
He locks eyes with you and finally parts his lips. The liquid feels cold on his tongue, coating his terribly dry mouth. He swallows, grunting when his throat finally stops aching in thirst. You were right. It tastes clean and fresh and so, so cold. He hates how good it felt and how hungrily he began drinking it.
“There we go. That’s better. You must have been really thirsty. I apologize that I kept you waiting for so long, but I needed to weaken you a little before I could talk to you.”
The water runs down his chin and trips down on his chest. You wipe it off with your hand.
“Don’t worry, you won’t return to your cell again. Unless of course, you decide to misbehave.”
He breaks away from the mug and swallows the last bit of the water.
“Just throw me in there again, I won’t talk”, his voice comes out easier now that his throat wasn’t so dry anymore.
“Oh trust me, I know that you won’t talk tonight. That is why I brought this”, you say and open an iron cloche.
He had expected to be met with torture devices, but instead freshly cooked food was looking back at him. Meat and potatoes, garnished with a red sauce. His stomach rumbles on instinct, so loudly that you could hear it as well.
“I can hear that you are hungry. So eat as much as you desire.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“You think it is poisoned, don’t you?”
His silence is answer enough for you.
You sigh and cut off a piece of meat and potato so you could eat them in front of his eyes. You chew and swallow.
“See? It is not poisoned.”
He eyes it, swallowing down the saliva in his mouth.
“I’m not hungry.”
You cut off a piece and guide it to his lips.
He locks eyes with you, opens his mouth and lets you place the food inside.
“There you go, that’s-“, your voice cuts off as he spits it back out again right at your face. You gasp and touch the spot it had touched.
“I don’t need your food witch”, he spits.
“I am trying to help you. How dare you spit at me”, you hiss.
“Be glad I am bound to this chair because if I wasn’t, I’d do things far worse to you.”
You place the fork down and sigh.
“You disappoint me stranger, I thought you would know better than this. Valkeria! Auralia!”
The door opens.
“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”
“Take him back to his cell. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet.”
“I’ll kill you. You hear me?” he growls, fighting against your warriors' grasps.
“And gag him again, he is oh so noisy”, you order, locking eyes with him. Your warriors are stuffing a rag into his mouth, doing with little concern for his wellbeing. He grunts and whimpers, fighting against the feeling but losing miserably.
“I told you not to misbehave, this is all on you”, you tell him coldly, “now take him away, I don’t want to see him anymore.”
His screams are muffled and unintelligible, but you know that he is screaming curses at you.
Tumblr media
He had been sleeping before. It wasn’t really sleeping if he was being honest, the rag in his mouth and the ropes around his hands prevented him from feeling comfortable. Not that he found any kind of comfort in the cold, wet prison cell her warriors threw him in after he spat at her face last night. Or was it two nights ago? Perhaps even three nights? He doesn’t quite know as the only source of light was the measly torch outside his cell. But he knew that it was time for him to leave his cell again. It was being opened and two warriors stepped through the threshold.
“Wake up birdie”, one of them tells him and kicks his side.
He groans and writhes away, trying to sit up but failing miserably.
“Stop that Valkeria.”
“Why? She just told us to bring him to Her, she never spoke of treating him gently.”
“Yes, but kicking him awake won’t do you any good.”
"Yes it will, it's fun", she says and kicks him again. 
He could feel the pain in his entire body. It leaves a dull thumping sensation behind. 
"Stop that!" 
The other, and nicer, warrior squats down before him and places her hands on his shoulders so she could help him sit up. He does so with a groan, everything inside of him ached.
“I apologize for my friend’s behaviour. She doesn’t know what she is doing. The Queen sent for you again, you will leave your cell tonight”, she spoke with a calm and gentle voice.
She helps him to his feet and supports him by his arm.
“Come now, walk.”
He stumbles and tries to walk. He regrets not taking any of the Queen's food. He thought that he couldn’t feel any worse, but he does. He feels close to death. The colours around him looked washed out and pale, the world seemed blurry and distorted and his legs felt like two pieces of iron. He stumbles up the steps, the warrior pulls him back up easily.
“See? That is what you get when you refuse Her food”, she says with disappointment lacing her voice.
She was right in a way. He should have at least eaten the potato, then he wouldn’t be in so much pain. Perhaps then he would also have enough strength to push her down the stairs and run for his life. Perhaps if he ate that potato he would have already been able to flee.
He stumbles again, being held up by the warrior’s strong grasp.
“It’s not far anymore, hold on for a little longer.”
“Why are you so nice to him Auralia? He doesn’t deserve our kindness”, the first, and sadistic, warriors spits and a second later he feels his hair get twisted painfully.
He groans and stumbles, hitting his shins and toes way too many times as she pulls him up the stairs by his hair.
“Valkeria stop that!”
She stops tugging at his hair but only because they have reached the Queens chambers and she needs to knock. He is crying by now. Not actually, physically crying because he feels sad but out of his eyes tears are spilling from the discomfort of his hair being tugged. And then she tugs at his hair again, making him stumble into the Queens chambers.
He would have fallen on his face if you hadn’t caught his body before that, now he is lying in your arms, face buried in your chest.
“Valkeria! If I see you abuse him one more time, you will be the one being fed to Woltron”, you spit angrily.
“It is not my fault he is too stupid to walk”, Valkeria answers, shrugging her shoulders.
You click your tongue, “leave for the night and tell Yeri to take your place instead.”
“My Queen?”
“You need to take control of your emotions Valkeria.”
“Yes my Queen. I understand my Queen”, she mumbles and bows her head.
The door closes then and he feels his body being straightened up.
“Good evening stranger”, you greet him with an apologetic smile, “I apologize for Valkeria’s behaviour, you must know she has good reasons to hate your people.”
He furrows his brows in confusion.
“Your friend, Seokjin, he killed one of my warriors before he fled back to you. Ymir was her name and she was Valkeria’s wife.”
He lowers his eyes in shame. 
“But for now let’s take off this gag shall we?”
He gasps for air the moment the rag is out of his mouth, licking over his lips repeatedly. The soaked rag lands on the floor with a low thump.
“I felt awful having to gag you for days, but you spat at my face, it was only the right thing to do.”
He scoffs, wiping his mouth with his tied hands. The corners of his mouth ache terribly, they also feel hot when he licks over them, he must have inflamed them from the rag constantly rubbing against them.
“Don’t worry, they are only a little reddened. It’s nothing a few days of rest can’t fix”, you assure him, “but now, come follow me. I need to clean you.”
You tug at his arms. He is too weak to fight back, stumbling after you.
“Where are we going?” he asks weakly, eyeing the chair he had been tied to before.
“The bathing room. You stink.”
You lead him past a wall of thick curtains into a small, windowless room. Dozens of candles were lit and in the middle of the room an iron tub was standing, filled with warm water. It smelled of lavender and chamomile in the room.
You stand him next to the tub and reach for a pair of sharp scissors. He eyes them.
“Stay away”, he warns.
“Stay calm, I won’t hurt you.”
You move closer, he stumbles back until the back of his knees hit the tub. It makes him hiss at the sudden warm sensation on his skin.
“What, what are you doing?”
“I am undressing you.”
“No, don’t touch my clothes.”
“I prepared new clothes for you. Worry not, they are still black”, you tell him and cut open the right sleeve of his blouse. Next the left sleeve, it rips easily. He wiggles with his upper body in an attempt to fight you off.
“Stay still”, you pull at the ropes, “I don’t want to cut you on accident.”
He stays still but only because the scissors were terribly close to his crotch. He raises his head and looks up at the ceiling. Rafkan was right, the witches of the Night Queendom were sadistic monsters and now the leader of them all was stealing him of the only thing still keeping him connected to his brothers. He wonders if next she tries to give him a new name or worse burn off his tattoo. That’s what those witches do, they steal your identity until you have forgotten who you were, that is what Rafkan told him. And that is why Seokjin has never returned to him and his brothers. He knows that you were lying. Seokjin probably never left the castle’s walls, perhaps he became dinner for the wolves or Valkeria killed him when you weren’t looking or maybe he was living among them, thinking that he was someone else. Seokjin would never willingly stay away from his brothers, something must have happened to him.
You cut off the last thread keeping his pants together and pull the destroyed fabric from his legs. You stand up again and watch his face. He stares at you with angry precision, jaw tensed and eyes burning in hatred. His tied hands are covering him, muscles flexed in the desire to bash your head in.
"Let’s get you in the water, shall we?”
He lets you help him step in the bathtub, but only because you kept his hands still tied. It is warm on his skin, he had already forgotten how warmth feels like or how baths felt like for that matter. It must have been years since his last bath. Rafkan doesn’t really let them take baths because baths were reserved for witches, so he said.
“There we go”, you say, supporting him as he sits down.
The water reaches him to his chest just a little under where his tattoo ends. The smell of lavender and chamomile is even stronger in the bathtub, making him dizzy.
“Now lean back and relax, I will get your soaps.”
He stares at you angrily, leaning back against the bathtub. He may seem like he is relaxing, but he isn’t, every fibre in his body is tensed. He watches you as you turn your back to him and begin sorting through something on the little table next to the tub. He wonders if he could strangle you, he would only need to act quickly enough. Jump to his feet and out of the bath and use the ropes around his wrists to strangle you instead. Or perhaps if he is even quicker he could steal the scissors from the table and carve a new hole into your ribcage. He sits up and pushes himself up.
“There we go”, you turn around, making him fall back against the tub, “I have everything I need. You must know our soap makers create masterpieces, you will feel so clean afterwards.”
You place the bar of soap on the edge of the tub and fill an iron bowl with water. Then you go behind him, making him crane his neck.
“Keep looking forward”, you tell him, turning his head back.
“Don’t touch me.”
“Hush, you will thank me.”
“No don’t-“, a gasp interrupts him as you pour water over his head. He grunts with his eyes closed, mouth opening and closing repeatedly and shoulders heaving up and down. You pour more water over his head, making him hold his breath. A third time and then you finally place the bowl on the floor and reach for the soap. He sends you a deathly glare over his shoulder. You merely give him an apologetic smile and turn his head to the front again. He grunts, frowning.
“If my body wasn’t so weak I would kill you”, he growls, “I would drown you in this bathtub right here and now.”
“Yes?” you say and begin rubbing the soap into his scalp.
“Yes. Or maybe I would bash your head in with the corner of the tub and watch your rotten brains spill out.”
“That sounds gruesome”, you say, running your nails over his scalp gently. You watch goosebumps form on his shoulders and neck.
“And then I, I would dig your rotten heart out of your chest with the scissors.”
“Really?” you pay special attention to the nape of his neck, massaging the soap into his hair thoroughly.
“And, and then I would strangle you and, and…and…” he drifts off, body relaxing just slightly.
“That sounds like a thorough plan. So why not do it?” you ask, running your fingers over the crown of his head repeatedly.
“Because you tied my hands”, he answers you.
“I thought the Ravens were taught to fight with their hands tied so that they would never be handicapped in a fight.”
You brush his hair out of his face, making sure to caress his forehead with relaxing touches. The movements make his head tilt back just enough that you could watch his eyelids flutter. You keep watching them, massaging the front of his head in circular motions.
“That is a lie”, he presses out, forcing his lips closed so they wouldn’t part in relaxation.
“It is? I apologize then, it seems I was misinformed.”
You tilt his head back to the front and get the bowl.
“Close your eyes, I need to wash the soap out.”
He hates that he closes his eyes and that he waits for the water with held breath and he hates it even more that he feels disappointed that you have already finished washing his hair. If his brothers would see him right now they would beat him with sticks until he wasn’t moving anymore. He is betraying them, with every second he sits in this tub and allows you to wash him he is betraying them.
“There we go”, you place the bowl down, “the worst is gone, now I will make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.”
He tenses up when he feels your fingers in his hair again, rubbing soothing circles on his scalp. He hates that he doesn’t hate it. Your fingers draw circles on his scalp, tugging on his hair softly with every movement. He sighs and closes his eyes. Somewhere far away he remembers the sensation. He can’t place the location or person to said sensation, but he knows that sometime in his life he had experienced it before. He squeezes his eyes shut further to stop the brickling of tears. Why does he like this so much?
“Now tell me something else. I heard the Ravens are all orphans and that Rafkan was the one who saved you. Is that also a lie?”
He growls and turns, pushing himself out of the tub. The mention of his leader clearly angered him. You push him back down, “stay I’m not finished with you.”
“I hate you”, he spits, writhing away, “don’t touch me witch.”
Now he realises what had happened, why he enjoyed this moment so much. It was black magic again. You bewitched him and made him believe that he enjoyed your touches. It was all a scheme to get him to talk and spill the secrets of his people.
“I am no witch”, you hiss and press him down harshly, “now stay and let me wash you.”
He wiggles, making the water splash over the edge of the tub.
“Keep still.”
He fights more, almost making you fall into the water with him.
He gasps and stops fighting. You just slapped his cheek with the back of your hand. It wasn’t hard or painful, just a mere nudge, but it surprised him nonetheless.
“See? Now I slapped you on accident. That is what you get from wiggling so much.”
He looks over his shoulder to send you a deathly glare. You smile and connect your fingers with his hair.
“I apologize for slapping you, I hope it didn’t hurt.”
He scoffs.
“I take this as a no”, you say and massage his scalp so well that he can’t help but shiver on instinct, “I merely want to help you stranger.”
He turns to the front and clenches his jaw. It angers him how weak his body feels. Just those short moments of struggle drained him to the point that his eyes feel droopy. He couldn’t fight you any more, even if he tried. He just has to sit here and allow you to wash his hair.
“Tell me stranger, do you have a name? I don’t like calling you stranger.”
He stays silent. You massage the spot behind his ears, watching how he straightens up at the sensation and tilts his head back. You keep touching him there. His lips part without him even noticing that they do.
“Or perhaps you have no name”, you wonder.
He doesn’t answer you. Your fingers run through his hair again, making his shoulder raise and sink in a deep breath.
“Worry not, I can give you one.”
He tenses up.
“How about Ragnahr? Or perhaps a longer name. Something strong and mysterious. Something like-“
“Jungkook. My name is Jungkook.”
“That is a good name. It fits you.”
Jungkook closes his eyes and squeezes his own hands in anger. He wasn’t angry at you, he was angry at himself for revealing his name to you so easily. All it took was for you to threaten him with a wrong name and he already broke. Rafkan would be so disappointed in him. He should have just let you give him a wrong name. It is not like he is planning on staying here for long. Once he has eaten and rested and has regained his strength he will finally fulfill his task of killing you. He should have stayed unknown, should have taken on a wrong name and lived under an alias until his destiny was fulfilled.
You twist his hair softly, gathering it up at the top of his head to really rub the soap into his scalp. He can hear your movements and feel them all the way down to his toes. It makes them curl and his eyelids flutter. He allows them to fall closed because deep down he knew he couldn’t fight this exhaustion for long anymore. 
He begins thinking again. There must have been something stopping him from living under an alias. Something inside of him that told his tongue to speak the truth because living in a lie would have been torture too big. Perhaps it was that everlasting emptiness in his heart, which was present ever since he was five and ripped away from his parent’s dead arms by a masked stranger. Perhaps it was this hollow unknowing he always had to carry around with him that told him that losing even more of his identity would end in his ruin.
“My name is ___, you can call me this instead of always calling me a witch”, you say, running your fingers along his temples. You could feel that he carried a lot of pain in that area, it was written all over his features and was present in the way he tensed at your touch.
“Why would I call you this when you are nothing but a witch?” he hisses, but the slight shake in his voice made him sound a lot less angry.
“Because you think wrongly of me. I am no witch, I am a simple woman with no magical abilities.”
“Lies. You and your people are witches.”
“Is that what Rafkan told you?”
He closes his mouth and stays silent.
“Of course he did”, you sigh, “Rafkan doesn’t know everything about this world.”
“Yes he does and he told me that you would say such things. That you would use sweet words and soft touches to bewitch me until I am your slave.”
“My slave?” you laugh loudly and for some reason it makes him feel really stupid.
“Don’t laugh”, he spits angrily.
“I must apologize, but that is perhaps the most amusing thing I have ever heard.”
He scoffs, clenching his jaw.
“I don’t keep slaves in my castle. Everyone who is by my side, who works for me or does things for me, does them out of their own free will.”
“I don’t believe you”, he hisses, “I know your true nature. I know about your scales and your poisonous fangs and about the human sacrifices.”
“Human sacrifices?” you laugh, “scales and fangs?” you laugh even more.
“Stop laughing!” he screams in anger.
He just told you that he knows your darkest secrets and you are laughing at him. You are mocking him. It angers him so much that he feels like crying. You are not supposed to laugh, you are supposed to beg him not to tell anyone.
You round him then, carrying amusement in your eyes.
“Tell me Jungkook. Where did Rafkan tell you that I am covered in scales?”
He stays silent but looks at your torso.
“My torso? Oh that’s a clever place. He probably told you that because of them you need to make sure to stab me with all your strength so the knife would pierce them didn’t he?”
He turns his head away and grinds his teeth. You are still mocking him, taking him for a fool. This must be your way of hiding the truth. Make him out to be the idiot while your secrets stay safe. He clenches his jaw, feeling all the tension you massaged away return to his head.
He hears something then, as if fabric had hit the ground. He turns his head, instantly looking away again. You have bared yourself to him. Rafkan told him not to look at your naked body because the scales would hypnotise him. He holds his breath, squeezes his eyes shut and hopes that this would be enough to keep him safe.
“Don’t turn away. Look at me.”
“You can’t trick me witch.”
“I am not tricking you. Look at me.”
“No, I know what this will do to me. I’m no fool.”
“Yes you are. A fool who believes the ramblings of an even bigger fool”, you step closer, “look at me Jungkook.”
“Look. At. Me.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then you will prove to me that you are nothing but a foolish child.”
He isn’t foolish, let alone a child. It angers him that you would even dare to put such words into your mouth. He peels his eyes open, looking at the ground. He can see your legs from the corners of his eyes. They seem normal to him. He takes a deep breath. He needs to be brave now, Rafkan will be so proud of him if he survives.
He turns and holds his breath.
“What?” he gasps, feeling his world crumble.
He blinks in confusion, letting his eyes run over your body almost obsessively exact. There are no scales, not even one. You turn a few times to show him everything. Still nothing, only human skin.
“Rafkan lied to you”, you close the distance between you and him and step into the bath.
He tenses up, tries to get away from you. He ends up housing you between his legs, panting at the feeling of your skin against his.
“Just as he lied to you about my fangs”, you say and open your mouth.
He looks at every tooth, feeling like his head might explode. Rafkan told him of big, sharp fangs. He told him that just a touch could kill and that therefore he shouldn’t force your mouth open after he killed you to check for them. There were no fangs in your mouth, not even one.
“No, no he wouldn’t lie.”
“Yes he would. He is a madman, who is obsessed with the idea of making me fall. I am sure that he told you that my people hunt your people for fun, that we find some sick pleasure in hurting men.”
You came closer in the time you spoke, making him press himself against the bathtub.
“Stay away from me.”
You reach for something on the table and Jungkook flinches away as you pull your hand back.
“I don’t want to hurt you”, you say, forcing him to look at you with two fingers under his chin. There is a clean rag in your fingers, “I want to help you.”
You soak the rag, guiding it to his face. He moves back, panting heavily in anger, or maybe it was fear.
“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning you. Your face looks terrible with all the dirt covering it”, you say, dragging the fabric over his chin.
He grunts, watching your hand as it dances up his face to clean his left cheek. His eye closes on instinct as you drag the rag over his skin underneath it. You clean his nose next, up and down the bridge of it until his eyes feel terribly heavy again. This must be your magic again, he feels so tired all of a sudden. You clean his right cheek, doing so a lot more tender because he has a little cut on his cheekbone. It burns just the slightest bit, but not enough to wake him up. Your face blurs in his vision, the colours fade out again as his eyes close more and more.
You wash out the cloth.
“We are almost done, worry not”, you say quietly and support his wobbling head with your hand at the back of it.
“What have you done to me?” he forces out, eyes falling closed.
“Nothing, although I must confess I chose the best sleeping oils for our bath. Their smell is supposed to help you fall asleep.”
“Stop messing with my mind, witch.”
“I’m not and I am no witch.”
You clean his forehead, watching the creases disappear from it. It only lasts a second. He inhales loudly and forces his eyes open again. The warmth of the water, the scent of the flowers, your tender touch and soft body against his’ almost got him. He can’t give up now, not when he had already come so far. Who knows what you would do to him, would he fall asleep. Perhaps you would drown him in this bath, hang his naked body for everyone to see above your castle walls. He can’t allow that to happen.
“Don’t fight it. I know you haven’t rested in days”, you whisper, caressing his cheek with your hand.
He shakes you off and widens his eyes.
“I’m not tired.”
“Yes you are, even now when you are surrounded by warm water, your body is shivering. I can feel it.”
He knows that you were right. He had been shivering uncontrollably ever since you joined him in the bath. He is glad that you think it was because of exhaustion, because in truth he was terribly scared of you. He was scared that this was all just a trick. That Rafkan was right and you were nothing but a snake. Perhaps he failed to mention that you could hide your true nature and you knew that. Perhaps you are using his ignorance to your advantage.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Believe me?” you ask, cleaning his torso with the rag.
“Your scales and fangs, you are hiding them.”
You chuckle, “and you fear that if you close your eyes I would use them on you?”
“I know you are planning something, witch.”
“Yes, I am. I want you to rest tonight.”
Jungkook furrows his brows and watches you. You are cleaning his stomach, using less pressure when your fingers are touching his cut. You are so gentle with him, it is confusing him so much. Why are you gentle and careful with him? Why is your skin not covered in scales? Why does your mouth not carry fangs? And why do you want him to rest as if his wellbeing was of importance to you?
You smile and pat his shoulder, “why not?”
He blinks and shifts his gaze to the water. This all confuses him so terribly much.
“Now, let’s finally wash out that soap and get you to bed”, you say, rising from the bath to leave it and round him. You pour water over his head, making him gasp and grunt at the sensation. You do it a second time and he is holding his breath this time around.
“There we go, now wait here and I will get the towel.”
Tumblr media
He is awake in an instance from the nightmare plaguing his mind. It was the same he always has. A masked man rips him out of the arms of his dead parents. He gasps and sits up, but something holds him back, tugs him down by his wrists until his back collides with the headboard. He groans in pain and surprise, looking around the room only to come face to face with you resting on your knees beside him.
"Good morning", you say, stroking your palm over his stomach, "I just finished treating your cuts, they are healing splendidly." 
"Where am I?" he asks, voice heavy in sleep.
"My bed of course." 
"No. No. What have you done to me?" 
"Nothing, you were just too exhausted to walk to your chambers and so I allowed you to sleep with me." 
He looks down at his body. Black, linen pants were covering his lower body. 
"Yes I put them on. I must say, your legs are quite heavy when you sleep." 
He tries to rub his legs together to see if he was still a man. 
"Don’t worry, I didn’t cut it off and use it as a necklace", you joke. 
He blinks at you with widened eyes. 
"I see you don’t find humor in it", you observe, "worry not, although Rafkan told you about our love for stealing men of their pride, we don’t actually do that, especially because they can bring us a lot of joy as well." 
"What?" he gasps and shakes his head, "no. Stay away." 
"Worry not, I merely intend to take care of your wounds and to feed you of course. 
"Feed me?" 
"Yes, your hands are tied."
He tries to raise them but finds himself unable to do as two ropes keep them on the mattress securely.
“Let me go”, he growls.
“I fear that this is not possible”, you give him an apologetic smile, “you carry too much hatred in your eyes still, I don’t want to risk it.”
“Risk it? What? Do I scare you?” he spits, grinning victoriously.
You study his face. He keeps up the eye contact. You sigh, eyes filling with pity as you let them run over his features. It confuses him again, maybe makes him even feel nervous. He clears his throat, feeling his gaze falter.
“You don’t scare me. I pity you.”
“Pity?” he scoffs and laughs, “if you feel so terrible for what you do to me then free me.”
“You misunderstand me. I don’t feel bad for what I do to you. I feel bad for what he did to you.”
Rafkan was right, the witches are confusing creatures, speaking in riddles and madness. He doesn’t understand a thing you are saying.
“How old were you when they came for you?”
“I, I don’t know what you are saying.”
“You called out for your parents as you slept. More than once.”
He turns his head away, looks to the side. This is not good, now you know his darkest secret and can use it against him.
“I figure you must have been nothing but a child. You must have been. This would have given him enough time to twist his way into your mind.”
He doesn’t understand. It angers him so much to feel so stupid and ignorant in your presence.
“What are you talking about?” and so he screams at you, tugging at the ropes with all he got.
You don’t flinch back, you simply sigh in sadness and reach out to cup his cheek.
He flinches away, skin burning where you are touching him.
“Rafkan doesn’t speak everything out loud, Jungkook”, you whisper.
“I, I don’t understand”, he chokes out, feeling close to tears in desperation. You are confusing him so much.
“You can’t, but give it some time. You will understand one day.”
“Tell me.”
“Not today”, you give him a smile, “for now, you need to eat, gain back your strength and nourish your body.”
You turn to your side then and reach for a grape, which had been resting on a plate on the mattress.
"I picked out the sweetest kind", you say, guiding it to his lips.
He eyes the grape, breathing heavily.
“Open up.”
He shakes his head.
“I didn’t poison it.”
“Stay, stay away from me.”
“Fine”, you give up and eat the grape yourself, “perhaps you want some cheese instead?”
You offer him a piece of finely cut cheese on a slice of bread, it is rolled up so it looks like a flower.
“You haven’t eaten in a week, don’t be foolish. You need the food.”
“I don’t need your food. I need answers.”
“They will come eventually.”
“I want them now.”
You furrow your brows, eyes darkening. It makes him swallow. You scoot closer, sitting down on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut, head hitting the edge of the headrest as he moves away. He went too far and now he will finally feel the cruelty of the witches, Rafkan always spoke of. But it doesn’t come, instead you cup his cheek and make him look at you.
“Eat”, you whisper, touching his lips with the bread.
It smells so good that it makes his mouth water. Oh heavens, he is so hungry. He swallows and gawks at the bread.
“Eat, it will do you good”, you tell him.
He shakes his head.
“You can trust me.”
For the briefest of moments he looked into your eyes, meeting nothing but the purest honesty in them. Can he really trust you? Is this really just food? You encourage him with a nod of your head and a soft smile, caressing his cheekbone softly.
You brush your thumb over his lips, making them prickle at the sensation.
“Eat”, you breathe, putting soft pressure on his lips.
He exhales shakily and lets you open his mouth, gasping quietly when you replace your thumb with the bread. You press his jaw closed the moment the food rests on his tongue. He knows you are only doing so, so that he can’t spit it out again.
“Now chew”, you order him, keeping a tight grip on him.
He chews, keeping his eyes locked on your face. You stare at his lips, watching him chew with a sort of pride in your eyes. He swallows, feeling the bread against his lips in an instance.
He bites off a piece and chews with the help of you. He hates how helpless you made him, not because it embarrasses him, no for a weird reason it doesn’t embarrass him, but because he gave in so easily once again. First his name and now he lets you feed him. His brothers would be so disappointed in him. Is that how Seokjin felt too? Did you do the same things to him as you do right now?
He opens his mouth and lets you stuff it with bread and later force his jaw closed. He hadn’t even intended on spitting on you this morning. He was feeling too hungry for that and as much as he hates to admit it, he knows that he needs the food. If he had refused it again and you threw him into his cell for yet another three days, he feared that the hunger might have killed him.
“Again. Last bite.”
Your fingers aren’t as tight on his jaw as they were before. Perhaps you already trust him a little more.
He swallows, your fingers fall from his face.
“Perfect. Now”, you reach to the plate, “you must try a grape.”
“Because they taste lovely to cheese”, you explain, guiding it to his lips.
“Oh heavens, will you eat? How are you intending to gain back your strength if you keep refusing the food I prepared for you?”
He lowers his eyes and licks over his lips. You were right. He sighs, opens his mouth and takes in the grape. You had wanted to reach for his jaw again but he moved away faster, looking at you with dark eyes. It makes you smile.
“See? It wasn’t that hard.”
You reach for another piece of bread and some grapes.
“Here, have more. You must try it together, it will change the way you look at food.”
You were right. Again. It tasted really good. He liked it, it made his tongue prickle and his chest feel warm. Rafkan doesn’t really allow them to eat good food, just things to keep the body strong. Good food is reserved for witches who gain pleasure out of it, so he always said. Jungkook kind of liked the good food a lot more than the one Rafkan gave him.
“And? Do you enjoy it?” you ask.
He swallows and clenches his jaw.
“What are you doing to me?” he hisses. There must have been something in this food. Maybe not poison, but something magical. Something that forces him to find this moment so not at all horrible.
You laugh softly and tilt your head to the side, eyes filling with warmth.
“Nothing”, you say, “I’m just feeding you.”
“Did you enchant it?”
You eye the food between your fingers.
“Do you enjoy it that much?”
He looks to the side, hoping that you can’t see the blush on his cheeks.
“You do”, you caress his shoulder and scoot up his lap, “that is wonderful to hear. Here, take more until you feel like your hunger has vanished.”
Jungkook eats a lot this morning and he hates that he enjoys every second of it.
Tumblr media
He was in his chambers, staring at the walls as he always did this past week, when a knock made his head turn.
“What?” he asks coldly, watching the door open and three people enter his room.
Two witches and a man. It surprises him. He saw men on her castle grounds, but this is the first time he is meeting one up close.
“Good morning Sire, I hope you rested well.”
Jungkook scoffs and turns back to the wall.
“I’m not a Sire.”
“Well, Our Majesty told me to treat you with the highest respect, so I am going to address you as Sire today…Sire.”
Jungkook sneaks a glance at him and the masses of fabrics the two witches were carrying.
“What are you doing here anyway?” he asks.
“Dressmaking?” he asks, cocking his right eyebrow up.
“You see Sire, my name is Bartholomew and I am a dressmaker.”
“Tailor, Sire. I am a tailor.”
“Ah I understand….and why are you in my room?”
“To measure you of course.”
“Measure me?”
“You are a man of many questions Sire”, he mumbles and fixes the buttons on his coat, “you see, Our Majesty let me know that she had to destroy your clothes to…well, bathe you properly. And I am here to remake them in your image.”
He snorts and chuckles.
“She wants to dress me? What? I’m her puppet now?”
The tailor clears his throat and looks at his two assistants. It seems that his words had flustered him greatly.
“No…of course not Sire. She merely wanted to give you a part of your identity back.”
Jungkook faltered. What tricks is she playing now? If she really wanted to give him a part of his identity back she would have let him run two weeks ago, not lock him up in a windowless room and only take him outside for walks where his wrists were tied together. There were of course all those countless warm baths she shared with him and the many dinners he had to take with her. She allowed him to eat on his own most nights. She currently doesn’t allow him to eat on his own however, Jungkook has himself to blame for that as he had tried to stab her eyes with a butter knife last night.
That is why her generosity confuses him greatly, no it doesn’t confuse him, it leaves him suspicious. He almost blinded her last night and now she wants to give him presents?
“Why would she want that?”
“Because she felt gracious this morning.”
“I don’t understand. I almost blinded her last night.”
The tailor nods.
“She told me that you would say that Sire and I can tell you that she is more forgiving than you think she is.”
Jungkook grinds his teeth. He thought that a man would understand him better, but it seems that his mind had been poisoned by the witches as well. The tailor claps into his hands then.
“Now! Let us get started. I have a lot of work to do.”
His two assistants place the heaps of fabric on his bed and pull Jungkook to his feet.
“Don’t touch me, let go of me”, he growls, fighting against them.
They show no struggle, leading him to the tailor with ease.
Jungkook grunts and wobbles on the steps they put him on, staring down at the man with dark eyes.
“I swear to god if you even as much as dare to touch me I will rip your head off”, he warns.
“Very threatening indeed”, the tailor mumbles mindlessly, squatting down to begin measuring Jungkook’s legs.
He watches him work, considering for a moment if he should kick him in the face and use the moment of chaos to escape. The tailor's two assistants begin circling him before he can, holding up different kinds of fabrics against his face.
“Don’t touch me”, he hisses, moving his head away.
“They won’t touch you, Sire. They merely want to figure out your perfect colours.”
“My perfect colours? I’m not a witch, I don’t need colours”, he spits.
“Everybody needs a little colour in their life, Sire. Especially in a land where the nights are so long”, the tailor mumbles, “now spread your legs.”
The tailor forces them open.
“I said no”, he spits, closing them again.
“Sire”, the tailor forces them apart again, “stay still. I can’t measure them otherwise.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw, watching the tailor wrap the measuring tape around his thigh. He feels fabric against his cheek and as he turns his head one of the assistants is holding up a rosé coloured fabric. She looks into his eyes, squinting her own as she studies him.
“That colour looks nice with your eyes, Sire”, she lets him know, handing the fabric over to her colleague, “put this on the pile to take.”
“No. I don’t want colour. I want black”, Jungkook spits, lowering his eyes in anger.
She clicks her tongue in distaste, “but Sire this-“
“I want black or else I will use this stupid fabric to hang you from the ceiling.”
Something pinches him on his inner thigh.
“Ah”, he gasps, looking down at the tailor, “did you just poke me with a needle?”
The tailor ignores him. He did poke him with a needle, doing so as a punishment for the way Jungkook talked to his assistants, but he won’t let him know that.
“Strong thighs. You were running a lot weren’t you?” he says instead.
“I could outrun all of you if that is what you are asking.”
“I am positive that you could, Sire.”
The tailor straightens up and wraps the measuring tape around Jungkook’s hips. He tenses at the touch.
“Stay away.”
“Do you want it to pinch your manhood Sire or do you want it to be comfortable?”
Jungkook closes his mouth and stops fighting.
“As I thought, now let me measure you.”
He allows him with a clenched jaw, watching the tailor’s assistants instead. They are discussing the different pieces of black fabric, comparing them to each other as if there was any difference between them. They were all the same to him.
“You seem to be in good shape, Sire. Our Majesty can count herself lucky.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook's voice pitched in surprise about the bluntness of the tailor.
“Keep your arms stretched out, Sire”, he says, putting Jungkook’s arms in the desired position.
He allowed him, too shocked had made him his words.
“What did you mean by that?” he stresses.
“Are you not her lover, Sire? The castle watched you enter her chambers each night and leave it hours later with your cheeks tainted red.”
“That’s – “, Jungkook falls silent for he is far too shocked to come up with an answer.
He would never. Never. Never. To even think about it...let alone do. Never. Just, never.
“-not mine to ask. You must forgive me Sire, I shouldn’t have asked.”
Jungkook scoffs and looks away, meeting the assistants’ curious gazes. They are studying him, looking at him as if he allowed them to do so.
“What?” he spits, making them flinch and giggle, “stop laughing.”
“Now, now. Don’t be too harsh on them, Sire. Everyone in the castle is excited about the news. You must know, Our Majesty usually doesn’t keep male guests, so we are all excited that she chose such a handsome, strong man to be by her side.”
“I’m not by her side”, he squeaks, “I’m her prisoner.”
They all giggle.
“I see Sire, her prisoner.”
“Why did you say this so weirdly?”
The tailor grins boyishly and winks at him.
“That is – no, just no. How dare you even think of that. This is outrageous, I – no.”
 The assistants giggle again.
“Stop laughing!”
They don’t listen, whispering and giggling to each other as they begin comparing fabrics again. The tailor moves on to measure Jungkook’s chest.
“I’m her prisoner, I mean it. She is keeping me against my will”, he stresses, whispering the words to the tailor, “shouldn’t you be on my side?”
“And why should I?”
“Because you and I are the same. We should stick together.”
“You and I are not the same Sire, believe me.”
“Can’t you see that they have cursed you?”
“Cursed me?” the tailor laughs, “this is utter nonsense.”
“It isn’t and you know that it isn’t. What did they do to you? Did they torture you?”
“No Sire, I am a simple dressmaker, nothing more.”
“Help me, please.”
“Help you? With what?”
“Why do you want to escape Sire? Is Our Majesty not treating you well?”
“No, she is a monster.”
“A monster?” the tailor asks and chuckles, “how ridiculous.”
“I am serious. They are all witches here. All of them and you are nothing but their puppet.”
At that the tailor stops working.
“Now I must forget my manners for a second. Stop calling them witches, they aren’t witches. They have names and feelings and they care a fuck more about you than Rafkan ever did.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook gasps. Where did that man’s manners go?
The tailor hooks his fingers in Jungkook’s shirt collar and rips it open. Jungkook had no time to react, left gawking at the tailor with widened eyes. His tattoo is on complete display for the tailor and his assistants, they stare at it with pitiful eyes.
“The Ravens of the Black Forest sent you.”
Jungkook covers his tattoo quickly, fumbling with his shirt in hopes of repairing it.
“And if they did? You know going against me will end in your deaths.”
“I know, Jungkook.”
“How, how do you know my name?”
The tailor unbuttons his coat and pulls it open, revealing a black raven tattoo on his chest.
“I was one of you once. A Raven, filled with hatred for the women you call witches and with my mind poisoned in lies. You probably don’t remember me, you were with the Ravens for a little over five months when Rafkan sent me away to kill the Queen’s mother.”
Jungkook jumps from the steps, grabbing the tailor by his throat.
“You traitor. I’ll bash your head in”, he spits, pushing him against a wall.
The assistants wanted to help, but the tailor stops them with a raise of his hand. Jungkook can feel their scared eyes on the back of his head.
“I’m not your enemy Jungkook.”
“Yes you are. You betrayed our people.”
“Our people are here. The blacksmith? Left the Ravens five years ago. The warrior whose left eye always twitches? Left the Ravens after Rafkan hurt said eye in a fit of rage. The three philosophers you always see talking in the gardens? Ravens, who saw that life wasn’t about killing but learning. We weren’t killed by the Queen, we were saved.”
“Liar”, Jungkook growls, pressing him closer to the wall, "she kills people, I know she does."
“I’m not lying”, the tailor insists.
“She cursed you.”
“She didn’t.”
The tailor breaks Jungkook’s fingers away from his throat, lowering them. Jungkook lets him, feeling too weak to fight back. He was dizzy in confusion. This all didn’t make sense to him. 
“I was a little older than you are now when I left the Ravens”, the tailor begins, closing his coat as he speaks, “I climbed the walls and wanted to slit her throat. Just like Rafkan told me to do. I got captured and at first I was going mad at the idea of killing everyone in this castle. That is until I realised that I had never lived in such comfort before than I did here.”
“We are not meant to live in comfort. That is reserved for witches.”
“How naïve can you be, child?” the tailor spits, “we are not destined to live in the cold, wet darkness of the Black Forest and under the hand of a madman. We deserve a warm, comfortable home.”
“No”, he shakes his head, “no we do not.”
“Yes we do”, the tailor steps closer, taking Jungkook’s face between his hands, “tell me Jungkook have you ever slept as well in the Black Forest as you do here? Have you dined that well? Did you smell that good? Or even felt that safe?”
Jungkook falters, “n-no, but – “
“But what? Do you really think you are destined to die from the Black Forest’s toxic fumes or under the sharp teeth of one of the many monsters living in it?”
“That’s, that is why we train.”
“But we don’t have to. You don’t have to. Here, you don’t have to live each day thinking it is your last.”
“No”, Jungkook shakes him off, “no, I don’t believe you. She cursed you, I’m sure she did.”
“Then tell me Jungkook. Do you feel cursed ever since you came here or do you still feel like yourself?”
“Like….like…” Jungkook swallows, pushing his hair back nervously, “I don’t know. Don’t ask me that, I don’t know.”
“I think you do.”
Jungkook shakes his head.
“Tell me Jungkook.”
“I can’t, I don’t know.”
“You do. Tell me!”
“Tell. Me.”
“I feel like myself and I feel a lot damn better than I did in the past!”
The tailor smiles, features softening.
“You see? It wasn’t that hard to admit.”
“Yes it was”, Jungkook chokes out and sinks down on the bed, burying his face in his hands.
All those Ravens Rafkan told him about, all those Ravens he said were killed painfully, actually found a new life here? They aren’t dead. They are alive, protected and taken care of. And...and he could have this too? No more cold, sleepless nights? No more endless days of hunger when hunting was bad? No more aching limbs and burning lungs? He could have this too. He could have a comfortable home. 
“I’m scared Bartholomew.”
“Scared of what?”
“What Rafkan will think of me once he finds out.”
Bartholomew sits down next to Jungkook and pats his back.
“Well, luckily for you. Rafkan can’t reach you here”, he says softly.
Jungkook exhales shakily and raises his head. He can’t reach him here. He can’t hurt him here. Jungkook exhales shakily. He can’t hurt him here.
Jungkook turns, staring at the fabrics behind him.
“Can I…look at them?” he asks quietly.
Bartholomew exchanges a proud look with his assistants, squeezing Jungkook’s shoulder brotherly.
“Of course you can Sire, look at all of them and pick out the ones you like the most. I will do the rest.”
Tumblr media
You are holding a banquet for guests from far away countries. The princess of the Sand Queendom and her husband came with their closest friends. The powerful Sorceresses of the Ruby Hills came, bearing gifts of gemstones and healing oils. Even then Huntresses of the Snow Wall with their black horses and long braided hair came to celebrate with the people of the Night Queendom. He was your guest, the man by your side in fine silks but with chains around his ankles hidden underneath the tablecloth. He hated the evening at first, but then you fed him delicious food and ran your fingers through his hair and he didn’t quite hate the evening as much anymore. He just hated that he didn’t hate your tenderness and worse that he craved it whenever you paid attention to someone else. He especially hated himself when he felt jealousy in his stomach as he watched you dance with another man, laughing at his jokes and holding his hand.
He stands up from his chair, feeling Valkeria’s iron grip on his shoulder in an instance.
“Stay birdie”, she hisses.
He looks up at her with dark eyes.
“I want to dance with her.”
“You want to dance?” she laughs tauntingly, “and make a fool of yourself?”
She shakes her head and looks at Yeri and Auralia with amusement in her eyes. She slaps the back of his head so hard that he hears ringing in his ears for a few minutes.
“Just stay seated and spare yourself of the embarrassment. Idiot.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw and eyes the knife on the table. Maybe he could reach for it and use it to poke Valkeria into her stupid mouth. He hates her so much. He has been the Queen’s guest since two months and she is still hurting him whenever the Queen wasn’t looking. He can’t stand her. She is cruel and exactly how he imagines actual witches to be like.
“That was exciting”, you return before he could hurt Valkeria, plopping down on your chair beside him. Your skin is glistening in a sheer layer of sweat and you are slightly out of breath. Jungkook lets his eyes linger on your neck for a moment, your jewellery was slightly out of place. He wants to fix it, but doesn’t dare with Valkeria’s fingers still tightly around his shoulder. Jungkook looks away, searching for the man who made you laugh. He is dancing with another woman already, making her smile as well. Jungkook looks away, turning a cold shoulder to you. He is angry at you for leaving him with Valkeria and for giving attention to this weird-looking man. Yes, Jungkook thought that the man looked really weird with his blonde hair and blue dress. He looked far better than that fool.
You study him and the hand on his shoulder.
“Valkeria let go of him”, you say.
“Yes my Queen”, she says and steps back in an instance.
You turn on the chair to face him, placing your hand on his lower arm.
“What is the matter Jungkook?”
“Nothing”, he presses out.
“Do you want more food? More wine?”
He shakes his head.
“Perhaps you want to dance?”
He gnaws on his lower lip in contemplation. He does want to dance. Valkeria laughs behind him, voice carrying judgment. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to dance. He shakes his head and turns away even more.
“Speak to me.”
“I want your warriors to stop hurting me”, he hisses and turns to face you, “I’ve done what you wanted me to do. I stayed with you, behaved, was your little puppet whenever you wanted to bath or feed me. I don’t deserve to be hurt by someone like Valkeria whenever you aren’t looking.”
You look over his shoulder at Valkeria. She seems shocked that Jungkook dares to out her in such a way.
“Is that true?” you ask both Jungkook and Valkeria.
“Yes.” “He is lying.”
You look at Jungkook. He lowers his eyes, knitting his brows in anger.
“It seems that your stories aren’t matching.”
“He is lying my Queen. He just wants special treatment. I would never hurt your prisoners.”
“He is not my prisoner. He is my guest.”
“He is still lying.”
“I’m not lying!” he complains loudly.
Valkeria draws her sword halfway, “say that again birdie and I-“
“Worry not Valkeria”, you interrupt her, “I already know who to believe”, you look back at Jungkook, “come now Jungkook, let us leave.”
“What?” he gasps.
You pull him to his feet and away from your warriors.
“But I am telling the truth”, he insists loudly, fighting against you.
“I know”, you assure him, “but I don’t want to stay here when my own people want to hurt my guest.”
“Where, where are we going?” he stutters, stumbling after you.
“Far away from the festivities.”
Jungkook looks over his shoulder. Your warriors are looking at you and him, Valkeria carries hatred in her eyes. He smiles at her victoriously, making the anger in her eyes worsen. Then he turns to the front again, running with you.
Tumblr media
His love for running soon turns sour however, when he stumbles over his chains yet again, hurting his ankles in the process. You support him so he wouldn’t fall, but the pain still lingers.
“Stop running”, he hisses, ripping his hands free, “I can’t run anymore.”
You whip around, reaching for his wrists again.
“Why? We are almost there.”
“At least take off my chains.”
You look down at his feet then back into his eyes.
“Are you in pain?”
“Yes I am. They hurt me. Why are you still chaining me up?”
“Very well then, you are my guest after all. I apologize, it was long overdue, wasn’t it?” you say and he can hear a faint click from the ground. Freedom, he can feel it. His ankles don’t ache anymore.
“How is that possible?” he gasps, stumbling away from the chains, which were on his body a second ago.
“I told you they are infused with magic. They only open when I want them to and I wanted them to open.”
He takes another step back, “I’m free?” he whispers, gawking at you.
You smile and nod, stretching out your arm and offering him your hand.
“Come now, let me show you everything.”
He looks between your hand and the opened gate. You freed him. He scans his surroundings. Three guards on the walls, but none at the gate. Five banquet guests and ten horses. No wolves, none. A sturdy stick to his right and a thick metal pole to his left. He could do it, fulfill his destiny and kill you. Nobody would notice and if they did, he could flee easily. He has always been the fastest runner of them all. He looks back at you, your smile and gentle eyes and your welcoming stance. But destiny has waited for so long already, he is sure that she can wait another night. He takes a deep breath and steps closer, placing his hand into yours.
“Let’s run, just one last time.”
And then you run. You run past gawking banquet guests and worried guards, you run down stairs and climb over rocks, you run up hills and stumble through forests, you run until tears have collected in both your eyes and Jungkook tastes the night air in his throat. And then you stop, underneath a white oak tree with its bark weeping darkness, you stop.
You turn and look at him with glimmering eyes. It makes him nervous and so he looks to the side, scanning his surroundings again. The forest was tense, but carried the smell of life. Not like the Black Forest with its deathly stench. He looked at the white oak again.
“What is this place?” he asks.
“This is the tree of our ancestors Jungkook. Mine and yours”, you explain, pulling at his hands to guide him to the tree.
“The tree of our ancestors?”
“Yes. They danced beneath it, sang songs to it and nourished it until it was strong and tall”, you say and place his hand on the bark.
“Do you feel that?” you ask him.
“A heartbeat”, he whispers.
“Yes”, you squeeze his hand.
“Where is it coming from?”
“It belongs to the tree.”
“The tree?”
“Yes, the tree.”
Jungkook counts the heartbeats, having to swallow. He can feel them so clearly.
“Is…is it human?”
“No”, you laugh softly, “it is neither human nor creature. Jungkook, it is everything. Every stone you see, every grass that grows, every stream which trickles and every tree that reaches for the sun. Even the air that surrounds us and the rain on your skin.”
The heartbeat against his fingers is steady, like that of a calm, sleeping body. It overwhelms him. He feels life surge through his veins and at the same time feels his body drain. He blinks, feeling his eyes burn in tears.
“I, I don’t understand. It is a tree. How, how can it be everything?”
“Must you really know the answer or isn’t it already enough to know that everything we stand on, feel, smell, see and taste is connected?” you say, taking both his hands to turn him to you.
Even now when his hands are resting in your palms, he can feel the heartbeat on his fingertips. It lingers on his skin and burns itself into his memories. He feels changed, as if he touched life itself.  
“But how?” he breathes, “how is it possible that everything is connected?”
“Its roots of course”, you say and smile, “they reach from the Snowy Mountains in the north to the Singing River on the south border and from the Nourishing Fields in the east all the way into the deepest corners of the Black Forest in the west. It gives everything life, nourishes it, protects it from harm and talks to it.”
“Talk? The tree talks?”
You chuckle, “not like you and I would. No, it speaks in a language not many of us still know for knowing it takes a lot of time.”
He inhales shakily.
“What…what does the land talk about?” he asks quietly.
“Many things. History mostly and songs”, you look at him, “you can hear those most of the times. If you listen closely.”
“How can I listen?”
You step closer, making his heart skip a beat as you brush your lips against his ear.
“Close your eyes and listen”, you whisper.
He shivers, eyes falling closed on instinct. He doesn’t hear it at first and it makes him think that you were simply taking him for a fool. He had already wanted to open his eyes again when suddenly a gust of wind made the leaves above his head rustle. They sound like hundreds of voice whispering songs and poems. The call of an owl joins them soon and in the far distance crickets chirp the harmony. Then the cracking of a branch and the trampling of hooves as a herd of deer hurries through the safety of the high shrubs, like drums they control the tempo of the song.
He opens his eyes, allowing a single tear to roll down his cheek.
“You could hear it, couldn’t you?”
He nods his head, knitting his brows and biting down on his lower lip.
“I know how you feel. It made me cry the first time too”, you say, cupping his cheek.
He lowers his head into your touch and squeezes his eyes shut, sobbing quietly.
“I never noticed it”, he presses out.
“Noticed what?”
“The songs.”
“I see”, you drift off.
He sobs and sniffles. He feels so embarrassed for crying, not because he is crying but because he has no idea why he is crying in the first place. This tree, this place, the songs and your warming touch, it moved something inside of him. He realised how dark he lived his life. He lived out his days with his heart filled with hatred, anger and resentment when he could have closed his eyes and felt the connection everywhere. Why did he waste so much of his life resenting something, someone, when he could have spent it loving the rest?
“Do you want to see everything?” you ask him.
He opens his eyes, allowing you to brush his tears away.
“Yes”, he whispers, making you smile.
You step forward and call into the night. Jungkook is mesmerised, your song blends with the songs of the lands and gives them strength. You end the call with a sigh.
“What was that?” he asks.
“I called my friends.”
“Your friends?”
Then he can hear it. The shuffling of feet, the cracking of branches, rustling of leaves and low growling. He draws closer to you, reaching for his blade on instinct. He doesn’t have it on him, of course he doesn’t, but the instinct was still there. He stares into the darkness with held breath, stumbling back when out of it a pack of wolves step. As tall as trees and with their fur as black as the night.
“No”, he gasps, “no what, what is this?”
“Not what”, you look at him, “but who.”
They circle you and him, growling deeply with their fangs bared. You step closer, reaching your hand out. The tallest of them all with its eyes burning in a deep green, rests its nose against your palm.
“This is Woltron”, you say and Jungkook feels his blood freeze.
“You lied to me”, he gasps.
“Lied to you?” you laugh, “you must tell me what you mean for I am utterly confused.”
“You will feed me to him.”
You laugh, “oh dear Jungkook, no. I want you to meet him. Come, step closer.”
He shakes his head.
“No”, he takes a step back, colliding with the nose of another wolf. It growls, watching him with fiery eyes, “no, stay away!” he exclaims, fleeing in an instance. He grasps your arm, hiding behind you.
“You mustn’t be scared”, you chuckle, “they won’t eat you. Well, unless you fail their test that is.”
“Their test?”
You pull him closer until he was face to face with Woltron. Its emerald eyes were drawing him in to the point that he felt dizzy.
“You see Jungkook, they aren’t just wolves. They are gods, old gods who wandered the earth way before humans graced it. They share their memories with the tree of our ancestors, they listen to its voice and answer it in songs.”
Woltron steps so close that Jungkook could feel its hot breath on his skin.
“W-what is it doing to me?”
“He is looking into your heart to see if you carry good in it. If you do, he will allow you to live”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then he will eat you.”
“What?” Jungkook turns away and closes his eyes, “no. No, I can’t. I will be eaten alive.”
You cup his cheek and brush your thumbs over his cheekbones. It makes him open his eyes.
“Trust me”, you whisper.
He shakes his head.
“But I-I am not good. I don’t want to die.”
You smile and caress his lips.
“Trust me Jungkook.”
He exhales shakily. Your touch must be magic, he feels so reassured that he allows you to turn his head back to Woltron’s piercing gaze. You hold his hand as the wolf was gazing into his heart, caressing his knuckles and studying his fearful face. You know that he will pass. You have seen it in his eyes the moment he pressed the blade against your throat. You saw the good in him and as Woltron bows His head at Jungkook you know that He saw it too.
“What is happening?” Jungkook asks, squeezing your hand.
“He is giving you his blessing.”
“I…” he throws his hand over his mouth, “…I passed?”
“But…I’m not good.”
“Yes, you are.”
Jungkook looks at you with tears in his eyes.
“You believed I was?”
“I didn’t believe it, I knew it.”
He blinks, “why? I-I’m a Raven, I’m trained to kill people like you, I pressed a blade against your throat.”
“Even if you are all those things you say that you are, your eyes are filled with good.”
“My eyes?”
“Yes, your eyes.”
You reach out, making him close his eyes in instinct. You touch his lashes softly, caressing his lids afterwards. It makes him sigh.
“Those beautiful, beautiful eyes”, you breathe and step closer, “those aren’t the eyes of a killer.”
He opens his eyes, feeling himself shiver with every single one of your touches. You smile.
“Come now, I will show you everything.”
“How?” his voice felt raspy as he spoke and so he clears it with a shy cough.
“Woltron will take us.”
The wolf rests before you and him and Jungkook watches you as you climb on its back.
“Climb on him.”
Jungkook is hesitant at first. He fears that this was all a trick of the wolf, that once he is close he will open its mouth and eat him whole. Jungkook is so sure that he wasn’t good. The wolf must be playing tricks on him.
The wolf, which nose he had bumped before, pushes him all of a sudden. Jungkook stumbles, falling against Woltron’s warm body.
“It was an accident, please don’t eat me”, he gasps, fearing for his life.
The wolf merely grumbles and waits for him patiently. You giggle, petting his hair.
“You must stop being frightened. They have already accepted you as their friend.”
Jungkook looks up. He finds it mesmerising how you sit on top of Woltron, tall and confident. He thinks that this place fits you. You smile then.
“Come join me”, you encourage him, pulling at his arm.
Tumblr media
Jungkook feels as if he was living in a dream. The wolf carried you and him, took the both of you through the thickness of the forest until a high mountain cut off his way and he had to climb it. He only stopped once you had reached the top. He stayed back with his pack, resting on the snow with his eyes closed. It was cold on the mountain and Jungkook felt himself shiver ever so often. His breath was visible in the air, like a little cloud it lingered in the air for as long as he exhaled.
“It is cold.”
“Are you cold?”
“A little”, he answers.
“Here”, you say and take off your shawl, “it will keep you warm.”
“But you will freeze.”
You laugh, wrapping it around his neck a few times.
“I drank enough wine to keep me warm, worry not I am a heated drunk.”
He knits his brows, deep creases appearing on his forehead.
“What is the matter? Do you not like the shawl?”
He shakes his head, “I mean yes! Yes I do, I am just so confused.”
“Confused? About what?”
“Why you offer me tenderness and why you believed me instead of Valkeria and why you haven’t slid my throat yet.”
“I must say, it makes me sad that you still think that I want to kill you”, you say and Jungkook felt himself lower his eyes in shame.
“But I know why you would think like that”, you assure him, “it is difficult to shake off old habits.”
You tug at his shawl softly to bring him closer.
“You can trust me Jungkook. I don’t want to kill you.”
Jungkook inhales, catching a sweet scent. It was coming from the shawl. It was your scent. He knows that it was your scent because this is exactly how a room began to smell whenever you entered it. It made him dizzy right now.
“Come now, I am already so excited to show you everything”, you say and take Jungkook’s hand, leading him to the edge of the plateau.
“This is our home”, you tell him, extending your arm to point at everything.
Jungkook could see everything. The Singing River in the south, the Nourishing Fields in the east, even his home, the Black Forest he could see. The land lacked colour now that the night was touching it, only the blue light of the moon gave everything colour. But it looked beautiful nonetheless.
“Is this everything?”
“Yes, this is everything.”
“This is really everything?”
“Yes”, you say and chuckle fondly, “well at least everything your eyes can see. There are countries way beyond our vision, but what you see before you is our home.”
He feels so close to tears again. He always thought his world to be so small. It reached from the east border of the Black Forest to the west border and ended by the juncture where it met the Singing River. The Nourishing Fields were nothing but a legend to him and the snowy mountains were nothing but grey phantoms in the distance. He never would have dared to even dream of one day standing on said phantoms and looking at everything.
“It is so big”, he whispers.
“Yes, it really is”, you squeeze his hand, “tell me Jungkook, where have you been already?”
He points at the Black Forest and then your castle, lowering his arm afterwards.
“I see. Mhm”, you pause to contemplate, “worry not, you still have enough time to see the rest. You must see the Singing River in summer, oh its waters are wonderful to swim in. And the Nourishing Fields, oh Jungkook you would love the colours they carry in autumn.”
“Have you been?”
“Yes, many times.”
“With Seokjin too?”
“No, he wasn’t special enough.”
“I’m special”, he whispers more to himself than to you.  
He smiles and closes his eyes to listen for the songs. The Singing River in the distance. The wind down below as it swirls through the trees. The call of an ibex and the answering call of its mate. And behind him the old gods talk to each through their wolf form. Perhaps it is the fresh air on this mountain or the thought that Seokjin wasn’t special but he is, but he thinks that the songs sound even better up here.
He opens his eyes, realising that you had been watching him. He can see the stars reflected in your eyes. You smile softly and draw closer.
“Do you understand now?”
He felt himself smile and pull you closer by your hand.
“I think, I finally do.”
Tumblr media
You don’t wake up at first, only when you feel coldness against your throat. It is dark in your room, but the moon gives it enough light to reveal Jungkook’s features to your eyes. He is sitting on your lap, hovering over you with one hand tightly wrapped around your wrists. He had placed them above your head, moving them turns out to be impossible.
"Jungkook?" you ask, mind foggy in sleep. That changes when the coldness against your throat moves. You widen your eyes, trying to gawk at whatever it was that bothered you. 
"What is that? What are you doing?" you ask him calmly, eyeing the sharp knife he is grasping. 
"What have you done to me?" he asks, voice shaking in emotion. 
"Nothing. What are you doing to me?" 
He presses the knife closer, squeezes your wrists. 
"I am asking the questions tonight." 
"I understand. Ask them."
"I came to kill you. What have you done to me to make me forget my destiny?”
“I showed you your real one.”
He falters and breathes shakily. He shakes his head, finding his composure again.
“I hate you. I am supposed to hate you”, he spits, pressing the knife closer, “why did you take this from me?”
“I didn’t, you just let it go.”
“Stop”, he chokes out and whimpers.
“Why are you crying?”
“I am crying because my head is foggy and it is your fault. You cursed me, witch.”
You raise your head, making the blade glide into your skin.
“Then kill me.”
He draws closer. His tears trip down on your face. He is shaking, squeezing your wrists and pressing the knife closer. He can watch one single droplet of blood taint the clean metal. He looks back into your eyes, meeting nothing but sad understanding in them. Even now when he was cutting your skin and was holding your life in his hands, you weren’t angry at him. Jungkook sobs, tilting your head up with his knife. You let him, lips curling into a reassuring smile.
“I hate you”, he chokes out.
"No you don’t", you whisper.
He whimpers, knife gliding from his fingers as he kisses you deeply. You melt into him, allowing him to taste your sigh. He squeezes his eyes shut and sobs, kissing you deeper until he is sure that nothing could separate the two of you. 
He came to kill you. He was so sure that tonight he would finally fulfill the task Rafkan gave him. He decided that he would. Two hours ago when you left his chambers for the night and left him with his thoughts. Two hours ago when he tossed and turned in his bed and thought about what had happened earlier that night. When you showed him everything and held his hand whilst doing so. He thought about it, repeated it in his head over and over again until it drove him mad. He was not supposed to like you, he was supposed to hate you. And so he decided that tonight he would finally kill you and rid himself of his greatest burden. 
It seems that his plan wasn’t working. Jungkook whimpers and presses you closer with his hand on your back. You arch for him, pulse racing in your wrists. And Jungkook whimpers again, feeling dizzy. He wants to hate that he failed again, but he can’t. No matter how hard he tries, all he finds in his heart is the overwhelming urge to keep kissing you. 
His hand runs up your body to cup your face. He practically pulls you on his mouth, forcing you to sit up as chasing him would be impossible otherwise. You chase him happily, arms hooking behind his neck and lips parting for his tongue. 
He tastes of sweets and temptation. You taste of honey and perdition.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, breath intermingling with yours. 
"I can’t stop." 
"Good, don’t." 
"Why are you doing this to me?" 
"I'm not doing anything, this is all you." 
He exhales shakily, drawing closer. You sit up more, making him flee as your teeth bite his lower lip. He gasps and shivers, thighs squeezing together on your lap. As much as he is fleeing he is also chasing the feeling.
You break the kiss, tugging on lip until he groans. You release it with a purr, dark eyes flitting up to meet Jungkook’s. He towers over you in this position, eyes widened and fingers grasping your shoulders. You like the heaviness of his body on your lap and the warmth of his skin.
"You bit me”, he gasps, licking off the faint taste of iron.
"I did”, you say and smirk, eyes glued to his swollen lips.
He licks over his lip again, tasting nothing but the sweet lingering of your kiss. He looks at your neck then and the little cut he left behind. It is almost an instinct in him to lean down and kiss it. He couldn't stop it from happening, just as you can’t stop your head from tilting back. Jungkook feels your moan against his lips as he sucks on your skin softly. He believes that such sounds must be your way of cursing him as they leave him aching between his legs. He never felt such aching before. It must be magical. It simply must. He breaks away, stares at his crotch. It has…grown?
"What is happening? What are you doing?" he asks. 
You open your eyes and study his features. He is confusing you. He speaks of things happening while you did nothing but accept the tenderness he offered you. Then your eyes fall to his middle and you understand. He is straining against his pants with such intensity you fear he might rip through the fabric.
“You’ve hardened”, you smile and touch it, watching how he shakes at the feeling. 
“What – oh – what are you d-doing?” he stutters, wiggling back and forth on your lap as he hadn’t quite decided yet if he wanted to flee or accept it.
"I'm making you feel good", you say, rubbing his length continuously. 
He gasps, eyes threatening to close and fingers falling to your wrists to stop you.
"Don't stop it Jungkook, allow it to happen."
"But, but it''s….it's not what I came here for." 
"We both know this is a lie", you say, rubbing circles on his leaking tip. The fabric has dampened, leaving an imprint on your fingers. 
Jungkook moans, widening his eyes in shock afterwards. He wasn’t intending to make such crude sounds. He was trained differently, trained that his manhood wasn’t made to give him good sensations but was a tool to keep his bladder from breaking. Good sensations would let the demons of the witches in, so Rafkan said. But he can’t help it. He just…has to make a sound again.
He whimpers, head tangling to the front and lips pressing against your cheek as he begins panting.
"There you go. You sound so sweet", you encourage him, squeezing his length as you rub your palm up and down. 
His fingers loosen from your wrists, thighs squeezing around your legs. He doesn’t want those sensations to stop. He likes that feeling. So he hopes that Rafkan was wrong about the demons too, he was wrong about a lot of things already after all.
"Do you want to give in, Jungkook?" 
"That delights me", you abandon his length to hold his shoulders instead, "I want to give in too." 
You flip the both of you over, sitting down on his lap. He hasn’t even recovered from the change of position yet and you have already grasped the knife and rested its tip against his chin. Confusion ignites in his eyes, growing when you drag the cold metal up his jawline and over his lips. He doesn’t dare to breathe, body tense in fear that if he moved, you would cut him. 
“You stole it from Valkeria, didn’t you?” you ask, dragging it down the other side of his jaw and neck.
“Yes”, he presses out, eyeing the silver blade.
You laugh, “she will hit you once she finds out.”
“You won’t allow her.”
You smile, dancing the knife down his throat just gently enough that it makes him shiver.
“No, I won’t allow her”, you assure him and then he could feel his shirt tear as you drag the blade through the fabric.
He gasps and shudders, back arching off the mattress. So that is why you grasped it, you wanted him bared to you as if he was yours to marvel at. You rip his shirt from his body, running your hands down his torso. Jungkook can feel your warm, soft palms and the cold, hard handle of the knife. It is such an opposite of sensations that he feels breathless.  
You cut his pants as well, bearing him to the coldness of the blade. You place it on the inside of his right leg, dragging it up his skin. Goosebumps rise on the rosy path you leave, his legs part for you. He rolls his hip up once you have reached his inner thigh, fingers grasping the sheets. With a curious fire burning in your eyes, you rest the blade against his swelling member. He shivers at the contact, twisting the sheets.
“Tell me Jungkook. Do you trust me?” you ask, turning the knife so the sharp side of the blade was pressed against his skin.
His chest heaves up and down in a deep breath, you can watch how it stretches his dark tattoo and makes his muscles ripple.
“Do you trust me Jungkook?”
Your eyes meet. Yours sparkled in mischief as you dragged the blade up the entire length of him. It felt cold on his skin, especially on his tip. He gasps and tenses his legs for bucking up his hips would have ended in pain.
“So you don’t think that I will wear your pride as a necklace?” you continue, running the blade down to the base again. You outlined his veins as you went, watching them change under the touch before they popped back into their original shape. It was mesmerising to watch. You press the blade against the base of his length.
“Mhm?” you stress.
He eyes your fingers, swallowing nervously.
“No”, he chokes out, eyes meeting yours in a silent question if his trust was misplaced.
You smile, “that’s good.”
You abandon his length and drag the knife up his abdomen instead, watching how his muscles reacted with every grace. You stop when the blade rests against his tattoo, making eye contact with him. You begin tracing it, making his nipple harden and painting goosebumps all over his skin.
“Who would have thought that the caged bird would be mine one day”, you say, watching how he swallows heavily.
“Like your slave?”
You chuckle deeply, putting pressure on his skin just enough to pierce it. He groans and arches into you, neck flexing as he throws his head back. The raven on his chest is crying one single tear of ruby for you. You wipe it away with your finger, tainting his skin a deep, deep red.
Jungkook looks at you again, brows knitted in pleasure.
“Do you want to be my slave Jungkook?”
He looks away and blushes.
You laugh fondly and twist the knife in your fingers so the handle would be facing him. He looks at it in confusion.
“It’s yours again.”
Jungkook accepts it and sits up, wrapping his fingers around your throat gently. He is so close, dark eyes challenging you dangerously. He starts from the bottom, cutting open the cords of your gown. It cracks with every new cord cut, making you shiver each time. He tilts your head up and squeezes softly. Your eyelids flutter, your head becoming dizzy.
One cord left. He cuts it slowly, eyes lowering darkly. The knife falls from his fingers and lands on the floor with a shrill sound. It is forgotten in an instance as Jungkook hooks his fingers in your ruined gown and rips it from your body.
You were only gone from his lap for a second and then you are already connected with him, sinking down on his length until you have swallowed him whole.
“Fuck”, he presses out, digging his nails into your shoulders.
You agree with a deep moan, twisting his hair at the nape of his neck. Then you begin moving, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head.
“This is witchcraft”, he chokes out.
“Why? Because nothing worldly could feel that good?” you ask him, voice quivering in pleasure.
He throws his head back and presses you closer by your shoulders.
“Yes”, he moans, allowing his mouth to fall open.
“Well, then I am glad that I am the one to bewitch you”, you say, pushing at his chest until he collides with the mattress.
You wrap your fingers around his throat and squeeze softly. His chest rumbles in a growl, fingers slipping down your body until they are grasping your dancing hips, bruising your skin in the process.
His raven hair is spread out on your pillow, his neck was tense and his eyes squeezed shut. Your own threatened to close each time his length graced your favourite spot, if his blissed-out face wasn’t so mesmerising to look at, you would have already closed them. But it was mesmerising to look at and nothing gave you more joy than seeing a man get lost in the feeling of your warmth. Especially if that man was Jungkook, the stranger who months ago pressed a blade to your throat and the lover who right now feels like magic in your body. 
“What are you doing to me? Oh ___, what are you doing to me?” he pants, voice pitched in pleasure.
“Making you mine”, you rasp, writing your name with your hips.
“Yours”, he moans, back arching and heels digging into the mattress.
He bucks his hips up, forcing your torso closer to his’. You moan loudly, squeezing his throat as a reward. He whimpers and swallows heavily, eyes rolling to the back of his skull even now that he has them closed.
“Do you like being mine Jungkook?” you challenge.
“Yes”, he chokes out, basking in the feeling of your nectar coating his every inch.
“Tell me, is my witchcraft still a curse?”
He shakes his head vigorously, “no, no, no it’s not.”
You smile victoriously and straighten up again, forcing his legs back down with two strong hands. You arch your body, finding support on his thighs and throwing your head back.
Jungkook lifts his head for only a second and then the view of his length disappearing inside of you repeatedly becomes too much to bear. He moans loudly, head falling back into the pillows and hands tugging on your hips in desperation. Feeling your warmth is one thing, but watching the movements to the sensations is utterly and truly messing him up. If that is the dangerous witchcraft Rafkan told him to stay away from then Rafkan is a fool. Why would a sane man stay away from such feelings?
Your right hand leaves his muscular thigh, grasping his wrist instead.
“Be useful”, you order him, guiding his hand to your middle.
He is watching you again, shaking with his head dizzy. He groans, lungs wheezing for air, when you make him touch your warmth. It is so soft against his fingertip. You guide his thumb, making him roll circles on your clit.
“Touch me like this”, you tell him, abandoning his wrist to hold his thigh again.
You became tighter ever since he started touching you. Jungkook feels his toes curl at the sensation. He doesn’t want it to end, he wants to experience it until his heart gives up on him and his brain becomes mush. And because he doesn’t want it to end and you told him to touch you at this spot, he continues doing what you told him to do, keeping his eyes glued to your face.
You are glowing in ecstasy, lips parted and eyes closed. Your nails hurt him, he is aware of every nerve you hit as he can feel it tingle all the way to the tip of his length. He abandons your face then, looking at your breasts. He saw them many times already whenever you bathed with him, but he likes them a lot more tonight. They move in a very mesmerising way as you bounce on him. He wants to touch them. 
Your hips falter, your walls squeeze him. A dark smirk curls your lips. 
"You are learning", you say, shivering each time Jungkook squeezes your breast with his big hand and rolls circles on your pleasure spot with his other.
“Oh Jungkook”, you arch and quiver, “, oh Jungkook, oh sweet Jungkook.”
He is lost for breath. He can bewitch you too? He thought only witches could curse other people, not him. He was just a normal man. But then. You were nothing but a normal woman too, you told him many times before. This wasn’t witchcraft, this was simple, but breathtaking, worldly magic. 
You moan loudly, falling to the front. He could feel the impact your hand did as you slammed it on the mattress beside his head. Your other hand wraps around his throat again, making him look into your fiery eyes. 
"You are doing so good that I feel close to breaking", you growl with your voice deeper than usual. 
Jungkook swallows, head dizzy from your fingers cutting off his blood flow. Your hips speed up, forcing a guttural moan out of him. 
"I see you are close too." 
"Close to, to what?" 
You slow down your movements, drawing circles as you connect your lips with the shell of his ear. He mewls with every movement, melting beneath you.
"Complete bliss", you rasp, squeezing down on him. 
He whimpers, eyes opening widely to stare at you in shock. The smile you give him is sending electricity down to his toes. 
"You didn’t know you could do this, did you?" 
He shakes his head vigorously, mouth falling open. You stop him with a tight squeeze, forcing a deep growl out of him. Then you speed up again, watching him go cross-eyed in pleasure. He stopped touching you, grasping your hips to push you off of him. This wasn’t worldly anymore. He was burning up, it is the demons, they are coming for him with hellfire and breathlessness. You choke him harder, squeezing your walls around him.
"I can’t, I can’t, I can’t", he sobs, writhing on the mattress uncontrollably. 
"Yes you can, allow it to happen", you growl.  
"No, I can’t." 
"Let go Jungkook", you order him and release his throat. 
He yelps up, breaking beneath you with such intensity he almost throws you off of him. You pin him down by his wrists, riding him through his shakes. Tears are soaking his cheeks, his mouth is agape so far you fear it might get stuck, he can’t even make a sound. His high has stolen his voice.
His shakes soon turn into painful writhes, his legs wiggling all over the mattress in a desperate attempt to flee. You want to stop, claim your high on his tongue instead, but he doesn’t let you. 
"Don't stop!" he screams despite writhing as if he wanted it to be over. 
"You are dangerous Jungkook. For me and for yourself", you growl, squeezing his wrists as you slam your hips down on him again. 
His body is bouncing off the mattress, making the headboard of your bed hit your wall repeatedly. You wouldn’t even mind if it decided to give up and break underneath you. Not when Jungkook is running through your every vein as if he was a drug meant to make you see colours which don’t exist. 
"Touch me again", you order him. 
His hand searches for your middle in an instance, fingers connecting with your pleasure spot messily. He rubs circles, doing so sloppily and quickly. It is a surprise with every second roll, making your toes curl. 
"That's it", you moan, "keep going." 
He wheezes for air, swallowing audibly afterwards. Is he looking at you or is he seeing the light? You can’t quite make it out through all the tears in his eyes.
“Are you doing fine?” you ask him.
He nods his head, blinking to make the tears roll down his cheeks again.
“Is this the best thing you have ever felt?” you ask, clenching in desperation.
He nods his head more vigorously, moaning your name brokenly.
“Keep touching me”, you stress with your voice pitched, “you are going to break me.”
“Break you”, he repeats, meeting your movements.
You squeak, almost falling into him if you hadn’t caught yourself before that. He watches you shake and hears you whimper.
“Break you”, he says, voice deeper than before.
He speeds his hips up and puts precision into his touches. Your eyes squeeze shut, mouth falling open. He is going to break you. He has enough power over you that he can break you. He is doing that to you. Oh, it makes him feel so good.
“Give it to me”, he growls impatiently, “now, give it to me now.”
“Jungkook”, you yelp up and give him what he needed. Your high, your bliss, your nirvana. And Jungkook accepts it with his own body tensing in his heaven, painting your spasming walls with his seed a second time.
You collapse on top of him. His skin is hot and sweaty, so is yours. You want to speak but find no energy in your body, so you sigh and twist his hair lovingly.
He runs his fingers up and down your spine, keeping his eyes closed. You haven’t let him escape yet, he can feel every pulse of your afterglow on his length. They come with no pattern to them, surprising him each time with a warm tingle in his stomach.
“Rafkan killed my parents”, he breaks the silence.
You sigh and hug him, “I see you truly understand now.”
“I won’t return to the Ravens”, he whispers.
“Mhm”, you smile against his neck, “this makes me happy.”
“Can I stay with you instead?”
“Of course you can.”
And as you raised your head and gazed into his eyes, Jungkook finally understood that no matter how many times he would travel back in time and live his life differently, he would always find his way to you, for being with you is his real destiny.
Tumblr media
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ahundredtimesover · 3 months ago
Fight for You (Series Masterlist) | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x (f.) Reader 
Genre/Tags: bodyguard!jk x heiress!reader; angst, smut (18+)
Series Warnings: foul language; alcohol consumption and getting passed out drunk; unrequited feelings (at the start); infidelity (small part); mentions of past kidnapping, postpartum depression, child neglect, toxic parents, drug use (not the MCs); attempted abduction, attempted sexual assault, violence, weapons, JK gets shot; explicit sexual content (18+) *specific warnings will be written on applicable chapters
Series Word count: 80k
Summary: Working at a private security agency has its perks. The downside? Being the personal bodyguard of spoiled, rich heiresses like you. But there are things that Jungkook didn’t expect, like rejecting you, falling for you, and realizing what he’d been missing all along.
A/N: Bodyguard jk is such a fantasy and I can’t get him out of my head! This is purely self-indulgent but I hope you enjoy. Also, I don’t know shit about business and I’m not rich so if things seem off... I’m sorry. 😅 And huge thank you to Ash @jimilter​ for this wonderful banner! 💞
Chapter 01 (wc: 8.2k)
Chapter 02 (wc: 8k)
Chapter 03 (wc: 12.2k)
Chapter 04 (wc: 4.8k)
Chapter 05 (wc: 12.3k)
Chapter 06 (wc: 12.5k)
Chapter 07 (wc: 11k)
Chapter 08 (wc: 11k) || End
Epilogue Series Masterlist
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hueseok · 5 months ago
mio angelo.
Tumblr media
it’s no secret to the whole nation how powerful the jeon family was. the efforts of the highly respected don jungsoo was the reason why the name of their clan continues to be a name that people thought greatly of and sometimes even feared. despite your father working alongside with the don, you never truly understood what the family possessed to earn them such acclaim; that is until you got closer to one of his grandsons, jeon jeongguk, that you caught a glimpse of how much power they truly seized as you see it first hand and become a part of it yourself.
Tumblr media
pairing: jeongguk x reader
word count: 33.3k (🤠; use the browser when reading to avoid the app from crashing !)
rating: 18+
content: fluff | smut | angst | mafia au | established relationship au | inspired by ‘the godfather’ (so a lot of scenes may have similarities from the novel / movie) + ‘vincenzo’ | ft. lawyer!reader, soon-to-be mafia boss!jeongguk (kinda a spoiler, but kinda not) | this fic is prose heavy !!
warning/s: swearing | mature themes | mentions of smoking, drugs, prostitution, violence, crimes, and murder | explicit sexual content | dirty talk | nipple sucking | creampie | fingering | multiple orgasms | oral (f. + m. receiving) | one mention of breeding kink lmao | praising | begging | choking | riding | cum eating | taking it from behind (lmao idk what it’s called) | overstimulation | unprotected sex (this is fiction okay - be safe irl !)
» related drabble/s: bonus scene #1; bonus scene #2
Tumblr media
Your father has always been in debt with the Jeon Family; most specifically to their head, Don Jungsoo.
When you grew up and finally had the right amount of curiosity to ask why, Inhwan only smiled and said that the Don helped him in developing the winery—the winery that today stands as one of the most sought out wine companies in the country, slowly expanding to neighboring nations and even across other continents. He said that because of the Don’s generosity with assisting him in starting the business, taking care of matters that involved papers and endorsements and the easy transportation of goods to various well-known distributors, he was able to build a better future for your mother in about five years’ time, right before they were married and naturally, right before you were even born.
He was able to buy a massive house. He was able to raise you in a very comfortable environment, making sure that you grew up to be greatly taken care of; that you never once felt abandoned or alone, that you wouldn’t have to think twice in asking for something in whatever it is that you wanted and needed. Eventually, he was able to send you off to prestigious schools throughout your studies, even enrolled you to some classes that could develop a fundamental hobby such as drawing and playing the violin, taking any kind of measure without hesitation as long as it will assure him that he has truly done everything he can to lead you to a great future.
When you asked why Don Jungsoo offered so much to him despite the both of them not being blood related, he responded by saying “Your grandpa and him go way back. He always says that if it weren’t for your grandpa, he wouldn’t have found the success he has today.”
Hearing him say that, you were eager to meet Don Jungsoo, mostly because you never had the chance to meet your grandfather who passed away just months before you were brought to the world. At the age of twelve years old, while getting home from school that day, you were granted that opportunity as you arrived at the villa and saw an elderly man conversing with your dad in the common room, the both of them in the middle of a warm handshake, kind of like a goodbye.
That’s when you officially first met him, the Godfather, as Inhwan introduced you, promptly apologizing to Don Jungsoo for only doing so at that instance. Don Jungsoo harbored no hard feelings of course, knowing that it was nothing personal and was merely just a loss of opportunity because of the winery that Inhwan had to constantly oversee and the errands he had to do for the Family. Besides, Don Jungsoo already had the chance to meet you at your baptism and at a birthday of one of his grandsons that Inhwan and his wife were invited to, but you were very young back then to even remember it yourself.
As your eyes met that day, Don Jungsoo regarded you with delight almost immediately, fondly commenting that he thought you definitely inherited certain facial features from the father side of the family and that you have grown from a cute baby to a wonderful little girl. You smiled as he did, mumbling a shy thank you before instinctively hiding behind Inhwan’s waist, a gesture that Don Jungsoo chuckled at. It didn’t take long before you politely said goodbye when he once again concluded his meeting with your father because of the short interruption, the two men he brought along with him expressing their farewells to Inhwan too with a squeeze on Inhwan’s shoulder and also a pat on the back.
Even if that day was so long ago and was only a fragment of your childhood memories, you can always still remember that moment as if it just happened not that long ago. That day was indeed remarkable for you, since there stood the man that your dad has been talking about with so much honor and respect; the man that apparently raised your family from the ashes, the man who gave your father the chance to redeem himself, that it shouldn’t be questioned why Inhwan would treat Don Jungsoo in such a way.
You didn’t need a grown-up’s mind to realize that Don Jungsoo was an influential man. He showed it in his speech, his luxurious suit, and the people he seemed to have posing as his guard. He gave off an air of utmost authority, like there was no mistaking that he was a force you didn’t want to be reckoned with, a figure that people didn’t just respect, but also feared—and for most of your life, you only thought that it was because he was filthy and crazy rich. After all, rich people had all the means in the universe that could grant them the power to rule the entire world.
In Don Jungsoo’s case, his clan, the Jeon Family or more publicly known as JSG Group, was known to be the owner of a power company that chose renewable energy as its priority, the said establishment considered as the best across the state and among its competitors. Aside from the financial gain they already acquired with their principal enterprise, they have bought other businesses that stem from different fields—food and restaurant, motor vehicles, and even health care institutions.
They also had a lot of significant contacts, all who were as filthy and crazy rich as they were—were even secured when it came to legal matters because of the people they knew that were distinguished law practitioners; moreover, they had many friends that were involved notably in politics. It was those reasons why Don Jungsoo was named as one of the most powerful men and richest men in Seoul and has contributed so much with the immense accomplishment of your father’s winery as well. From your knowledge, JSG Group was a major shareholder of the wine company and has appointed Inhwan as the CEO to supervise its growing business.
Amidst all of that though, you shouldn’t have been naive enough to think that the winery’s said triumph was only made possible because of the Don’s well-known colossal wealth. You shouldn’t have been too dependent on the explanation that it was because Don Jungsoo was just inherently successful for everything to just go the way he wanted—for everything to fall into place in just a snap of his fingers.
It was only when you got particularly closer to one of his grandsons, Jeon Jeongguk, that you got a glimpse of what the Family precisely ran that made them so acclaimed and worshiped. It was only then did you understand and get to know what goes on behind the scenes that brought the Jeon Family such eminence, and whether your knowledge of it was for the better or for the worst, you didn’t really know.
You and Jeongguk have been well acquainted since your youth. You knew him as the Don’s grandchild, the youngest in the eight that he had, and is said to be even affectionately referred to as Don Jungso’s ‘golden boy’ for he truly could do no wrong in his grandfather’s eyes.
To the Don, Jeongguk was shaped and made to be part of the business from the second he was born. Don Jungsoo said this with utmost confidence and pride in every chance he got for Jeongguk held all the qualities that he was expecting to come from an adequate head of their organization in the future. Jeongguk grew up to be a man who honored the Family’s good morals; a man who knew of loyalty, who valued true brotherhood; a man who knew when to use his brain or wield his fist; a man who you could sit down and reason with with the aim of diplomacy; a man who was adept in getting in the good sides of people, even the enemies, with his sweet tongue.
In Don Jungsoo’s three sons, there were always two or three qualities that were missing in his personal criteria for him to applaud them like he applauded his golden boy. His eldest son, Jeongguk’s father, thought too much, hesitated a lot in his choices, always wanted the majority to decide on something before he decided himself; the middle child, has never been interested in taking part of the business and most of the time remained distant with the Family in general, often treating it as nonexistent when got together with the rest of them on holidays and such; and as for the youngest, he was seen as too much of a coward to be relied on in any important mission by the Don, but he was at least dedicated in helping out in the best way he could to not be appreciated still..
As for the Don’s grandchildren, he had six girls and two boys. Since it was never an option by the Don to begin with to inflict the problems of the Family business to any of its women, his six granddaughters were ruled out automatically in his head and he only spoiled them of gifts and of love as his means to let them have a taste of what the business provided. In regards to his grandson aside from Jeongguk, who came from the middle child, the boy was much like his father who didn’t want anything to do with their source of outcome for him to be taken into mind. The Don respected the decision of his middle child and didn’t force him or his son to embrace their living, though he at least expected that they remain close to the family when it came to personal matters.
Jeongguk entered the business at the early age of 15 years old. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, for it was too young and too soon, but it was a time where there was prominent tension between the Four Families of Seoul that Jeongguk’s father convinced himself that would feel more at peace with if he knew that his son at least knew how to use a gun. Of course, the Don wasn’t consented first before Jeongguk was taught to defend himself and Don Jungsoo disapproved of Hanseo’s decision, as he always did, however, there was nothing even he could do to reverse what has already been and instead of acting like things were the way they were, in a poor attempt to save whatever innocence that is still left on the boy’s mind, he permitted Jeongguk to be introduced to their ways and to the Mafia.
Just a year after Jeongguk was brought in, he “made his bones” by being a member of Inhwan’s regime and partaking in an operation that had something to do with confronting a businessman to cave in to what the Don offered. The man was supposed to pick sides, to choose between serving the Jeon Family like he has been for half of his life or the Lee Family who came into the picture and threatened to do expeditions for them, and when the businessman declared that he was now loyal to the latter and detested his association to the Jeon clan, Inhwan permitted Jeongguk to do the honors of assassinating the traitor a few days later, thus, officially acknowledging him as a made man.
For the years that followed, Jeongguk became Inhwan’s right-hand man. It was the Don’s intention to place Jeongguk under Inhwan’s faction rather than Hanseo, for he thought that having Hanseo show his own son the ropes of the business was a little unhealthy given the man’s known wariness for the safety of his only child. So, Jeongguk became closer with Inhwan instead when it came to anything related to the business; the Caporegime he was serving trained him to be better and to be sharper in what he did.
“Jeongguk, you’ve met my daughter before, right? ____?” Inhwan said as he welcomed the grandson of the Don to his home, walking with him to his office supposedly but before they could get to the room, they had to pass through the kitchen where you were preparing yourself a meal.
Jeongguk, now 23 at that time, glanced at you and was able to instantly discern your familiar face. You’ve been a guest at some parties that his family has held in the past, he has heard your name escape past people’s lips multiple times before in casual conversations, but this was perhaps the first time that the both of you were exchanging introductions. He only knew you as Inhwan’s daughter who the Caporegime always mentioned in great esteem for being the top student of your university’s honor list; the only daughter who Inhwan cherished after his wife passed on ten years ago and who typically lived in the campus dormitory since she attended college, hence why he never had the chance to see you so close before (aside from the fact that he has studied overseas for the last four years, of course).
You made eye contact and the second you two did, Jeongguk approached you in courtesy, extending out a hand. “It’s nice to formally meet you.”
You looked at your father then back at Jeongguk, wiping your hand on the towel by the counter and finally shaking his hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”
When Inhwan and Jeongguk arrived at the office, it was obvious that you were still in the young boy’s mind. He never said anything about you again throughout the affairs he had to discuss with Inhwan though, as he thought of it as disrespectful to be straightforward with his attraction towards you to your father, but it was from that day forward that he began visiting your household frequently, even the dormitory you stayed at during weekdays, just to get to know you better, and let you get to know him more too. He was definitely interested in being more than friends, but he wanted things to run naturally and not come out as forced for him to be truly blunt about his feelings.
“I’ve been hearing that you’ve been spending a lot of time with Inhwan’s daughter these past weeks,” Hanseo, Jeongguk’s father, opened up for dinner one night. “You like the girl?”
“Would he spend the majority of his time with her if he didn’t?” His mother, Yeonjin, retorted.
Hanseo remained serious as he spoke again. “If your intentions aren’t good with her, you should drop it, Guk. She’s the daughter of one of our close family friends. It’s not good to go behind Inhwan’s back and steal his child away. If what you’re only looking for is one good night, don’t try finding it with ____.”
Jeongguk laid down his spoon gently. He was slightly offended to be viewed in that kind of light by his Pop, but he was a young man after all, and young men certainly didn’t go for serious relationships these days. “Should I ask Inhwan first before I pursue anything serious with ____ then?”
His parents shared a look; Hanseo snorted even in amazement while Yeonjin remained smiling.
“Are your intentions good with ____?” Hanseo repeated.
“I like her,” Jeongguk said. “She’s interesting, and she’s kind, and she’s beautiful, and most importantly, she gets me. We can talk for hours and I wouldn’t know because time doesn’t move as fast when I’m with her.”
Hanseo continued staring at him, analyzing him, trying to guess if he was being honest with what he just said. After what seemed like a minute of scrutinizing Jeongguk, he shrugged as if it was suddenly not a big deal. “I’ll talk to Inhwan, get him to agree in setting you up with his daughter,” Hanseo assured him.
“I can do that myself. I’ll talk to Inhwan.”
“You want to talk to Inhwan yourself?”
“Yes. I want to assure him that I’m serious with what I want with ____.”
“In that degree, we might as well just arrange the both of you two wed.”
“No, no,” Jeongguk shook his head immediately, “I don’t want it to be forced. I don’t want to rush things. I just want to know that it’s okay and my personal interests won’t affect the Family.”
The following day, Hanseo still talked to Inhwan about Jeongguk’s attraction to you as a heads up. Inhwan just chuckled, admittedly fond with Jeongguk to think of it as a bad idea, nodded, and said that as long as Jeongguk won’t do anything that would harm you or disrespect you on purpose, then he was going to be on board with whatever relationship Jeongguk was going to have with indeed his only daughter; his permission was the least of what he could give considering that Jeongguk was the Godfather’s grandson. Besides, he really wasn’t a stranger to Jeongguk at this point; he practically raised him along with the others with Inhwan’s significant role in the Family business to perceive him as not a good fit for you.
On the Friday of that very week, Jeongguk went to the campus grounds of your university. He waited outside the building where he knew you would be taking your last class, leaning against the hood of his lavish Maranello with his arms crossed and his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. Passersby ogled at him; murmured about his vehicle, some even took sneaky snapshots to send to their friends about how there was such a car in the premises. Even Jeongguk himself was well talked about by the students, with his right arm covered with elegant yet intimidating tattoos, the striking manner in which he stood and leaned there, and the fact that he was wearing this orangish yellow short-sleeved Fendi button down and was pulling it off despite how its color and style contradicted to the dangerous aura he was giving.
When you got out of the building, still conversing with a classmate, it took you a few more seconds to notice him; if it weren’t for a distant voice of another classmate saying how there was a ‘literal world treasure’ before his eyes, you wouldn’t have curiously looked forward and saw Jeongguk there, already staring at you, head tilted to the side while he indulged himself in the beauty of your appearance. As you regarded his presence with a smile, he lifted his sunglasses, pushing it past his forehead and over his hair, and flashed a smirk at you.
“Who’s that hot piece of ass?” Your friend, with her jaw slightly hanging down, blatantly asked. “Do you know him?”
“He’s a family friend.”
“A family friend?”
“A good family friend.” You grinned all knowingly. “I’ll see you next week.”
You skipped down the stairs without giving your friend a chance to interrogate you further and stopped right in front of Jeongguk who met you halfway. He had a handsome grin on his face and upon your arrival, automatically reached out to get your bag for you, a gesture that you stopped from happening by swaying your tote bag and books to the other side of where he was reaching for.
“Are you just going to act like you coming here is a thing we planned?” you asked with a chuckle.
The grin hasn’t left his mouth, only transforming into a playful one. “Sorry. I’ve always been under the impression that on one of these days, you want me to whisk you away before you get home and take you somewhere far.”
“Ah, of course, you have read my mind and obtained one of my deepest desires. Though I’m assuming this far place we’re pertaining to is the beach? What’s with this polo?” You couldn’t help but tease, even touching the hem to straighten it for a second.
Jeongguk remained looking at you, shamelessly ignoring your teasing. “Pop already talked with your Dad. And I already talked with him too.”
“Talked about what?” You were still examining the print of his top.
“About us.”
That had you flickering your gaze up to meet his, your delight not being concealed as the ends of your lips twitched. “What about us?”
Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “Come on, don’t pretend that you don’t know what this thing is between us.”
“I’m not following, Guk.” The mischief in your gaze said otherwise and he chuckled, shaking his head, successfully getting your belongings this time when he reached for it. “What is this thing between us? All I know is that we’re great family friends and that—”
“Go out with me,” he cut you off, not letting you go longer with your act, “go out with me and let me show you a good time. More than great family friends tonight. What do you say?”
“Tonight?” You at least looked pleased and willing. “I might have to ask my father first.”
“I told you, I already asked him.”
“Even with what you want to do tonight?”
“All I want to do tonight is to take you out on a date. Just putting it out there just so we’re clear.”
You chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, crystal clear.”
“All I need is your yes, ____,” he added. “Won’t you give me that yes?”
He knew he was going to get what he wanted either way in how you smiled, how your cheeks blushed, and how you were abruptly getting fidgety, a thing you did that he noticed would only showcase itself whenever you were giddy or nervous. Nonetheless, the rush of serotonin didn’t stop you from teasing him again when you gave your answer. “I would, but I’m not exactly dressed in an attire that matches yours. I mean, I don’t even know if I have something that’s as flashy as that in my closet.”
“You’re really amused with what I’m wearing, aren’t you?”
“I just have never seen you in anything other than black or any other dark color.” You snorted. “But I like it. You look good. Very suave, still.”
“You really think that?”
“Yeah, I’m serious. You look very handsome.”
Jeongguk had noticed too that you were not one to shy away from speaking your thoughts out. It was another trait he liked about you. “Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, come on—” he laughed when you did— “get in the car and I’ll drive you home first so that you can change.”
You nodded, eagerly heading to the passenger’s side, Jeongguk doing the same. “Where will you take me after that?”
“To the beach. Like you said.”
You laughed louder at that. “Sounds amazing.”
He opened the door for you and pushed it closed once you were settled inside.
Jeongguk did take you to the beach that afternoon. It was counted as your first date. You laid in the sand with him, the both of you talking about your day and other things that came to mind. You ate some cheap good food at the near convenience store, an occurrence that Jeongguk almost stopped from happening since he wanted to take you somewhere nicer for dinner, but you refused and insisted that you didn’t want anything heavy or expensive for that matter; you just wanted to be with him and act like teenage couples that couldn’t get rid of the too-happy smiles on their faces while they spent the day with their lover. Of course, you didn’t tell him the last part verbally, didn’t tell him directly yet that you wanted him to see you as a lover, but Jeongguk got the message and exactly went along with what you secretly hoped for.
By the time the sun was nowhere to be seen and the night had fallen, he told you that you two should probably get going home. The ride back was approximately 30 minutes long and he didn’t want to abuse the trust that Inhwan granted him by keeping you up too late and until the last minute for the first date. Thankfully, you agreed without a fuss, and for the whole time he drove you back to the villa, your hand was intertwined with his, laid on your thigh that was closer to the gearstick so he wouldn’t have trouble switching gears and holding your hand at the same time. He had to pretend that he wasn’t too happy with the show of affection you were sharing with him, but there was no mistaking from his expression throughout the drive that he was thrilled.
“Thank you for today, Guk,” you said as he stopped in front of your home, pushing the button that unlatched the seatbelt. “I had fun.”
“Thank God.” He laughed and so did you. You gazed at each other for a while before he squeezed your hand and let go, about to unfasten his seatbelt. “Let me walk you to the front door.”
“That won’t be needed.” You held his bicep to stop him, a successful tactic. “Dad’s probably home already and I know you say that he’s okay with us doing this but I still prefer if he wouldn’t see what I’m going to do.”
He knitted his eyebrows together, close to asking what you meant but you had already launched yourself towards him and kissed his mouth, catching him completely off guard. “Good night,” you said then, grinning, though your attempt to get out of the vehicle urgently after you said that failed to do a dramatic exit as Jeongguk gently pulled you back with a gentle hold on your wrist to kiss you again, this time in a fuller and proper way.
His calloused palm landed on your cheek, another on your neck, and when he leaned away in what seemed like hours of your lips on the other, your tongues clashing at one or multiple points in fervor—it was only so he could do the boyish gesture of smirking at you, kissing you again instantly afterwards, a soft groan rumbling in his throat while he kept you a bit longer in his car than he planned. That night marked the beginning of your budding relationship with him.
It also marked the moment when he realized that it was your nerve and determination that Jeongguk truly loved the best when it came to you. However, it wasn’t going to be for another few years that he would soon discover that just like everything in the world, your nerve and determination had limitations of its own, that there were going to be occasions wherein you would back out and play it safe—and he was willing to fill that portion of cowardice you possessed with the courage he was born with and worked hard for in his bones.
Growing up, Inhwan never pressured you with the possibility that you’d have to take over the winery once you were old enough. Instead, he insisted that you follow your own dreams and he will be here, always right behind you, supporting you in any way that he could to make sure that dream of yours would come true.
Truth be told, it was never his intention to build the wine company in hopes that it could be a permanent business for his children and grandchildren—at least not at first when Don Jungsoo proposed the idea to him. The Don only told Inhwan that he should think of another venture that the Jeon Family can go into, a venture that would serve as another front for the real Family business, and in return for his efforts to build this future company and act as its CEO for the following years to come, he would be granted most of its earnings, since being so would not cause an issue with the Family due to his record of loyalty, which Inhwan felt very grateful for.
At Inhwan’s motivation, you decided to go towards the path of being an accomplished lawyer. Of course, that would take more years of studying and more years of general sleepless nights and frustration until you probably would have to wish death to fall upon you later on. But you were determined to prove yourself out there and do something that your heart genuinely longed for, not caring how long it would take and how much you would have to endure just to be at the top of your game. Inhwan, like promised, was more than willing to provide you with everything necessary for a bright road heading to your dream.
Inhwan knew you were an intelligent woman. The fact slapped him in the face every time you talked and made comments about the news or the wine company, speaking your mind out even at times no one frankly asked for your thoughts. You weren’t only smart because you knew how to memorize the texts on your school books—you were a true intellectual. He knew that and knew that he didn’t need to ask the Godfather to call important contacts to be guaranteed that you will get into the finest law school in Seoul once you were a few months away from finishing your undergraduate studies—but he still did, just to double-check, just to feel at ease that he won’t have to answer to his daughter’s disappointment when you discover that you didn’t get in.
You still got in though, thank goodness, without any of the Family’s special friends pulling some strings for him, earning it fair and square. The next thing you know, you have already spent four years in law school and have graduated, eventually passing the bar exam, your name printed as one of the top scorers. Once again, Inhwan was grateful that he didn’t have to contact anyone, knowing that if you discovered what he did, you would take it as more of an insult than a favor since more than anyone, it was supposed to be Inhwan who trusted your ability to pass on your own.
In celebration for yet another impressive feat of yours, he hosted a big get-together in the villa, inviting the Family and other people to share the momentous occasion with the both of you. Inhwan, though positive that the Don has not changed his mind in including women openly in the business, knew that the Godfather would find your obvious achievement beneficial to the Family, so he made sure to give highlight to your passing (even if it was just the start) as much as he could. You’ve been dating the Don’s grandson for four years now after all; it was only natural for Inhwan to always want to bring you into a better light and deem you as indeed worthy.
“Guk,” you breathlessly chuckled, your boyfriend’s tongue swiping against your skin, “they’re going to notice we’ve gone missing.”
Jeongguk pulled away from your neck, the skin of your throat littered with red marks that you’d have to cover up by changing into a turtle neck after the both of you were done. “So what? They’ll just understand that I’m just giving my smart girl her present.”
“And what is your present?” You couldn’t help but release a small moan when he lapped his tongue once more on your flesh and pressed himself against you deliciously harder on the mattress. “Your dick?”
“What? You don’t want it?” He snickered.
“You can’t be serious.”
“I have a greater gift other than my manhood, angel.” He leaned back fully, a handsome grin on his features, his arms supporting half of his weight as he hovered you. “Do you wanna see it?”
“Your manhood? Well, we both know it’s not something I haven’t seen before—”
“No,” he rolled his eyes, snatching a long kiss on your mouth for your silliness, “my gift. What I bought for you.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You really brought something for me?”
“Of course.” Another kiss, now on your forehead, and he stood up.
He went to your dresser, took the small paper bag that you didn’t even notice the first time around for you were too preoccupied with Jeongguk’s lips to mind anything else, and sat down on the spot he was in just seconds ago to officially present it to you. You watched in anticipation as he brought a black box out, your eyes widening impulsively at what it possibly meant and what it had inside though before you could speak, Jeongguk beat you to it. “I’m not proposing. In case you were thinking about that,” he said, placing the paper bag he didn’t need anymore on the floor.
You released a huff of relief. “I would have said no anyways.”
He flashed his eyes on you, hurt. “Really?”
“You’re not proposing, right?”
“Yeah, but it’d be nice to know that if I was, you would have said yes regardless.”
“I would have, but just not at this moment. Wouldn’t want being engaged to you steal the limelight of my accomplishment.”
He snorted. “Can’t say you’re wrong. It’d be a nationwide phenomenon.”
“Sometimes, you can go too far over the top of your head, sweetheart.” You gently held his chin to drag his face closer so you could plant a kiss on his mouth.
Jeongguk smirked and opened the velvet box. There inside lay a thin gold chain necklace with five diamonds, the five of them glittering and placed tightly next to each other in the middle. You unconsciously held your breath at its gorgeousness, your interest in jewelry not being hidden at that instant, for you can’t deny that as you got older, your love for shiny things increased too, but then you thought about how this must have cost a fortune—not that it would be any problem to Jeongguk if it had—that a frown came to your face the next instant.
“I didn’t spend that much on it,” he defended immediately, aware that you would open the topic of how much was this. “This didn’t put me close to bankruptcy or something.”
“Huh, that’s not at all a very guilty thing to say, Guk.”
He chuckled at the sarcasm. “Well, okay—you can’t expect me not to go all out sometimes. You deserve gifts like this.”
“Do I really?”
“Of course, you do, angel.” He took the necklace from its box. “Turn around for me. Let me put it on you and let’s see what it looks like.”
You obliged, scooting towards him and spinning around to let your back face him. You swept your hair to the other side and lifted it up, Jeongguk swinging his arms over you and laying the necklace flat against your skin, the five diamonds just by your collar. The cold sensation of the chain made goosebumps rise on your nape; Jeongguk locked it in place and lightly pulled the diamonds lower to fix it on your neck.
He kissed your shoulder sweetly when he was done. “Okay, let’s see it.”
You both stood up, trudging to the full length mirror you had in your room. As you stood before it, you could clearly see the diamonds gleaming with enthusiasm; you’re already sure that no one would miss it when you go outside and greet some guests again. You know they would automatically think that it was Jeongguk who gave you such an exquisite present, considering that even though your father would not hesitate to give you expensive jewelry like this one, Inhwan didn’t exactly have the same good taste as your boyfriend to have the necklace mistaken as his gift.
“Looks like it was made for you,” Jeongguk commented with a proud smile, kissing the same spot on your shoulder. “Do you like it?”
“I love it.”
He chuckled, encircling his arms around your waist, still placing sweet kisses on your skin.
“How much is this?” You still couldn’t help but ask.
He shook his head. “No, no, this is a gift, I won’t tell you how much it costs.”
“Just give me an estimate, Guk.”
“It’s as grand as my love for you.”
You scoffed. “I’ll be offended if I discover that this isn’t as expensive in my head.”
He laughed. “I assure you it’s worth a lot. When have I ever given you anything that didn’t match your significance to me?”
“That’s your flaw, really. You spend too much.”
“I don’t mind.” He nuzzled his face on your neck. “Not if it’s for you.”
You turned around and embraced his torso, smiling, touched and swooned by his words as he always had the ability to do. You pushed yourself upwards with your toes, properly kissing him on the lips and Jeongguk reciprocated the gesture with a content smile, his hand on your hip tightening.
“Thank you,” you murmured. “I appreciate it, you know I do. But next time, how about you give me something that isn’t too glorious, alright?”
“No promises.”
You narrowed your eyes on him, a complaint bubbling inside you though just as you were about to say it out loud, Jeongguk was quick enough to prevent your actions by capturing your mouth again with his, humming in a teasing manner as he slowly led you back to the bed.
Three knocks on your door interrupted the moment, the two of you freezing at the sound. “Guk? Are you in there?” A familiar voice was heard from the other side of the door.
“No, he isn’t,” you promptly lied.
“____, I can sense that you’re holding him captive even from miles away.” He chuckled.
You sighed and untangled yourself from Jeongguk, opening the door.
There outside at the hall stood Seokjin, the adoptive brother of Jeongguk who was also a good friend of yours and an already valued lawyer himself. He was five years older than him and six years older than you, and being someone who always treated you like a little sister of his own, especially when you started to date Jeongguk, he was always kind to remind you since your law school days that if ever you needed anyone’s guidance about your shared field, he was there and was only one call away. You told him you were certainly going to take him up for that someday when you indeed needed his help, very comfortable with him to possibly open the topic in the future.
Seokjin glanced at Jeongguk. “Your grandpop wants to talk to you.”
“What is it about?” Jeongguk was smoothing his hair.
“Business, as usual.” Seokjin looked at you next. “Sorry for stealing him away—and in the middle of your party too. But it’s important.”
“No worries, I understand. Besides, Dad might not be too thrilled if he caught us in here before you have. We were just going to join the others again anyway.”
“Ah, yes, remember to keep yourself pure before marriage, ____. Saving yourself for your wedding night is definitely still the trend with the old folks.” Seokjin grinned.
“A possible yet at the same time impossible task,” you further joked.
“I’ll see you again later, okay?” Jeongguk appeared beside you to head to the door, pecking your cheek and glancing at his brother. “Jin, look at what I’ve bought, isn’t it beautiful?” He pointed at the necklace you wore.
Seokjin turned his eyes on it like asked and pursed his lips in approval, staring at it with an amused expression, nodding. “Gorgeous. You wear it well, ____. Of course, that is if we’re talking about the diamond necklace and not the forming hickeys.”
Your face burned; you tried to look nonchalant to preserve what’s left of your dignity, moving your hair then to the front to conceal the love bites. “Well, both were given by this clever guy right here.” You glared at Jeongguk who was staring at your neck now with an even prouder gaze. You hit him on the stomach because of it.
“That doesn’t come as a surprise.” Seokjin snorted and patted Jeongguk’s back as the young man stepped out. “We’ll catch up with you again after we’re done. I won’t keep him for too long.”
“No, it’s really alright. Settle what needs to be settled. In fact, don’t bother to return him if it’s that important.”
Seokjin laughed, pushing Jeongguk away before the latter could snap something back. “Noted. Congratulations again, princess. I look forward to seeing you in court one day.”
“Thanks, Jin. Hopefully not against each other though.” You smirked.
He chuckled and strided forward with an arm around Jeongguk’s shoulders, leading him to the direction where your father’s office was located.
You’ve been informed that the Jeon Family has been talking about matters concerning the winery. The Don, being the Chairman of the board, was discussing affairs with Inhwan that you weren’t really aware of for your father never liked sharing them with you.
It was odd in your opinion, to still be kept under the light about anything that involved the wine company, for you’ve had the impression that once you grew up and has made it apparent that you could be a good help to the business despite your choice of profession not entirely centered around it, he would be more open to letting you in the scoop. Instead, you still had to mostly hear news about what he planned for it through hints from Jeongguk or other employees. Whenever you’d ask Inhwan yourself if there was anything you could do for the business, he would only squeeze your shoulders as he hugged you from the side, assuring you that you didn’t have to worry about anything, and that he could manage on his own and with the help of the Don just fine.
You let it slide but you were always salty about his secrecy deep down as you even reckon that Seokjin was more involved with it than you were. You’ve eavesdropped once in a conversation shared by your father and his friends at the patio of your villa that Seokjin was practicing his law degree exclusively for the Don (you’ve taken it as he was a part of the lawyers representing JSG Group), meaning he probably took care of anything related to the legalities of the winery too.
In a part of your mind, you didn’t get why Seokjin wouldn’t want to kick start his career first by gaining experience and taking a lot of various cases first rather than working for one big client after graduation. You knew the Don probably could offer him a sum that no client could ever give him, but in regards to the practice of law itself, you weren’t so sure. It seemed to be working out for Seokjin regardless though; he has always been sharp-witted and sensible anyways to not make the right decision.
Eventually, you’d have the opportunity of knowing exactly how sharp-witted and sensible Seokjin can be; you’d be far astonished to the point of actually beginning to deem him as a better lawyer than you were yourself, because unlike you, Seokjin had a certain quality within him that made him the perfect legal adviser.
Jeongguk, since the day he became a made man, was always reminded that everything that revolved around the Mafia was strictly business. The transactions, the meetings, the negotiations, and even the violence that may come along with it if diplomacy was not the effective way to go was part of the whole ordeal. He had to instill in his head from the very start that nothing from their world should be taken personally—even if a member gets hurt because of another Family or a mafioso becomes a traitor to their organization. Everything was still going to be considered as business or done for the sake of business; nothing should ever be taken personally or with the aim to hurt the mafioso’s personal life.
That was one of the reasons why the Cosa Nostra was still seen as an honorable society despite the dangers and the various dirty businesses it carried out. Even though their people were comprised of crooks, thieves, murderers, and other nouns to describe generally bad people, they still had a set of morals of their own that they religiously kept within themselves and followed. However, there were flaws and loopholes to those ethics they observed, and the thin line that separated business matters and personal matters was something they overstepped at times in being too inflamed with their innate greediness.
“Are you sure it just happened? No one attacked my father?” Hanseo frustratingly asked through the phone. “How about that guy? Jang Yeocheol? He was obviously more than displeased when the Don refused to fund his plan for that wack of a narcotic casino. He didn’t do anything about it?”
Jeongguk waited patiently in the single leather chair inside the office. One thing he was sure of is not to rush and ask questions when Hanseo was asking them to someone else and was obviously agitated over the line. The person he was talking to was the Don’s bodyguard, the person who was in charge of driving him in and out of the office and to any other errands he wanted to go; his name was Yoongi and from Jeongguk’s knowledge, he was also one of Inhwan’s most trusted men, a guy he considered as his right-hand man since Jeongguk formed his own regime.
“Okay. I’m sending men there for backup. No doubt the news is already out about the Don’s condition.” Hanseo ended the call and glanced at Jeongguk.
“What happened to Grandpop?” he put forward.
“Stroke. Just fell in his office chair and his secretary found him there. Don’t worry, he’s okay, he was spotted early on and the doctor in charge of him is Dr. Hwang. I’m sure he’ll be doing anything to make sure the old man’s okay. You know him, don’t you?”
“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded. “He owes Grandpop a lot of favors. Should I do something? Should I go to the hospital too?”
“No, no, I don’t want you going there until I’m sure there really isn’t foul play involved. I know it’s not unlikely for Pop to suffer from something like that, the man’s not getting younger after all, but it’s still better to be sure. I’m going to have them review the CCTVs at the office; I’ll ask a guy I know to look through the phone calls of anyone close to the Don recently. Especially Yoongi—just for a safety measure, I don’t think that kid has it in him to betray us if that was the case.” Hanseo dialled another number on his phone.
Jeongguk took out his phone as well, the other one he used for the business. “Don’t you want me to call anyone too? The other Three Families might be jumping on this opportunity to put us in the bad light; for sure they’ll have the people think that his condition is worse than it already is.”
“I already have Seokjin working on that. He’ll be talking to the director at HSN News to make sure nothing leaks or at least nothing makes a big deal out of it. Why don’t you just go ahead and talk to your uncles? Ask them where they are and how they’re doing.”
“Really? That’s all you want me to do?”
“Yes, Guk, just go ahead and do it for me.” Hanseo made a hand movement that meant ‘go do it’ as he said his greetings to the person who just answered his call.
Jeongguk started calling his two other uncles at his father’s request; the second eldest, though having never shown his obvious affection for their Family, was panicked when he got Jeongguk’s call, quickly asking if the Don was alright. Jeongguk assured him that everything was okay and that they were handling it here in the headquarters, a.k.a. the home of Don Jungsoo itself, efficiently. His uncle murmured his praises of thanks to the heavens and promised that he’ll be travelling as fast as he could back to Seoul, in which Jeongguk immediately said that the best thing that he could do there is wait for a while until they confirm that matters are truly fine; once all of that is done, Jeongguk will ask Inhwan to send a couple of men over to his uncle so that his travel can be arranged, a preposition that the second eldest son of Don Jungsoo agreed without further complaint.
For the youngest of his two uncles, the Family scaredy-cat as Hanseo liked to tease his brother for, already knew what was happening when he answered the call. It was obvious that he was shaken but was gratefully getting his shit together as he told Jeongguk that he’s already digging into it too. This uncle of his talked about how even though the Don was already in his late 70s, he still believed that his father would not fall into sickness like that, a statement that Jeongguk had to disagree to since it was him who had to see the Don every single day and see him act more like his age the more time passed by, but he chose not to say anything for the sake of his uncle who still thought of the Don so highly that even natural causes just didn’t seem plausible for him.
After Jeongguk was done making that last call, he was about to go back to the office and update himself with the next course of actions that Hanseo must already be devising when he saw your Caller’s ID flash on his screen and he figured you must have heard the news too. He answered quickly, hearing your concerned tone over the line right as he pressed the phone again against his ear.
“Hey, Guk, is he alright?” you asked, your sweet voice entering his ears that he unconsciously relaxes, not noticing that for the past thirty minutes or so of talking with his uncles and going over with what he knew so far, he has been tense and sweating through his palms.
“Yeah, he is. They’re still checking on him though but he’s fine.”
“That’s great to hear. I was surprised when I saw the article online. Do you know that they already wrote something about Don Jungsoo?”
Jeongguk closed his eyes in exasperation. “Now I do.”
“It’s horrible. I mean, I understand that they may think that the news would downplay the company but why would they go as far as reporting a personal matter like that so quickly. It’s practically inhumane.”
“Yeah,” Jeongguk sighed, agreeing despite knowing the precise answer to your wonder—that the news of the Don’s illness would bring definitely confidence in the other Families, that others would assume that the Jeon clan wouldn’t be as powerful as they were without Don Jungsoo, given that the majority of the important contacts they had were acquired thanks to their loyalty to Don Jungsoo.
A short pause. “How about you, sweetheart?” you asked. “How are you holding up?”
He shrugged even if you couldn’t see it. It was the first time someone asked how he was doing after the whirlwind of events. “I don’t know. I’d say I’m okay but I don’t know. I don’t feel good.”
“You must be feeling bad, I’m sorry for asking a stupid question. Your grandfather is in the hospital for god’s sake—it wouldn’t be unusual for you to feel that way. Should we visit him where he’s admitted later when I’m done here? Or you can go ahead and I’ll follow.”
“Sure, just right after I check in with Pop. I’ll pick you up and we’ll go there together.”
“Okay, whatever you say.”
“Thanks for asking how I am, angel.” He sighed, a small smile appearing on his features. He hated it when you downplayed your thoughtfulness by claiming it was stupid; he didn’t want you to think that he didn’t think it was sweet or touching. “I needed to hear your voice after the news. It’s a nice reliever, you know?”
“He’ll be fine, Guk.” You assured him. “The Don’s a strong man—a good man too. He’ll be okay.”
Jeongguk nodded. “Yeah, of course. He’ll be fine.” A thought jumped in his mind abruptly. “How’s your day, by the way? Have you talked with your dad?”
“Yeah, he called. He said he’ll be sending a chauffeur for me—for what reason, I don’t know what; he said that he just wanted me to get home safely. I declined though, I told him I wanted to talk to you first. Does this have to do anything with the Don?”
There were these moments wherein Jeongguk was positive that you knew much more than what you let on. He never would think you were stupid to not get what the Family really did after all these years of your father being a caporegime and your romantic relationship with him who plays an important role in the business; it’s just that a lot of people typically only assumed that the Don’s power and wealth all rooted from the power company and the other ventures the Jeon Family pursued, that it wouldn’t surprise Jeongguk if that’s what you only thought of as well. However, there were always said times like these in which you’d give him a flicker of awareness that he’d also always find himself second guessing.
Before he could have answered, Seokjin, who had slipped inside the office with Inhwan earlier while Jeongguk was conversing with his uncles, peeked outside at the hallway and looked at him. “Your pop’s asking you to pack it up quickly. You still talking with the two?”
“No. This is already ____ I’m talking with.”
“Hurry up, kid.”
Jeongguk hated it when Seokjin called him ‘kid’, even if it was used in a context of brotherly affection. He watched as the acting Consigliere disappeared inside the office again; he focused his attention back to you, still on the line and waiting. “I have to go,” he said, not bothering to pick up where the conversation was on. “They’re asking for me.”
“Yeah, I heard.”
“I’ll text you if I get the go signal, alright? Don’t go anywhere and just stay in the firm. I’ll fetch you myself when I finish talking to them.”
“Is it really that bad for all of you to behave this way?” Your tone was joking, light, but he knew that it was a serious question.
“No, no, it’s just a precaution. I think you’re already aware that Grandpop has a lot of enemies, don’t you?”
“I know. I just don’t know why you’d have to be careful with me too.”
Everything in the Mafia was business, nothing should ever be personal; alongside that, the Families mostly kept their words in never hurting women or children. “Just a precaution,” Jeongguk repeated. “I want—and I’m sure Inhwan wants as well—for you to be safe,” he explained.
You didn’t push it. “Okay then. I’ll be here and I won’t go anywhere unless it’s you who’s taking me.”
“Good. I’ll see you later.”
“See you.”
Jeongguk got the memo four hours later that the men that Hanseo hired to investigate the Don’s case concluded that there was no foul play involved and that the stroke the Don experienced was merely a normal occurrence because of his old age. Hanseo and the others expected it already, for since the last weeks, there have been instances in which the Don’s speech would be incomprehensible, a usual symptom for the illness. However, every time they raised the concern to the Godfather, insisting that he should go and see a doctor, even going as far as bringing the doctor themselves in the headquarters, the old man dismissed every single one of their attempts and said that he was doing well.
“We still need to secure the hospital though,” Jeongguk added after. “A lot would take advantage of Grandpop’s state. They’d want to use the excuse of his body failing on its own when they succeed in doing whatever bullshit they’d come up with in trying to get rid of him.”
“That won’t be a problem. We’ve got soldatos there from Inhwan’s regime and Seokjin already talked to the Chief of the Seoul Police Department to make sure it’s handled properly there at the hospital,” Hanseo said. “I’d ask you to send more from your regime, Guk, but let’s not draw too much attention.”
“I agree,” he nodded. “Can I go there now then? I’d like to visit him, see how he’s doing personally,” Jeongguk asked.
“Sure.” Hanseo nodded with a sigh. “Your grandma is already there so look after her too, she must be in shock as well. She always scolded him with the smoking and the drinking all these years that I bet it’s what she’s going to nag about once Pop gains consciousness. Plus, from now on, I’d like it if someone who’s actually part of the Family to be beside Pop’s bed all the time.”
“Okay.” Jeongguk looked at Inhwan. “I’m picking ____ at the firm. I’m going to be bringing her to the hospital too. Is that okay?”
Inhwan always appreciated Jeongguk’s respect for him whenever it came to you. Jeongguk never once made it look like he was unworthy of Inhwan’s trust since the both of you started going out by blatantly using his title as the Don’s grandson to do what he wanted. “You do that,” Inhwan urged.
“When do you plan on proposing to her?” Hanseo suddenly brought up while Jeongguk was heading to the door. “It’s been what? Five years? When are you going to tie the knot?”
Jeongguk glanced at Inhwan the same time Seokjin did, the Consigliere hiding the amused smirk that was beginning to show with a glass of scotch being raised to his lips. “Are you seriously going to bring that up right now, Pop? In front of Inhwan?”
“Oh, don’t mind me,” Inhwan looked teasing, “you know you already have my vote, Guk.”
“I appreciate that but I don’t plan on proposing yet,” Jeongguk said.
“How come? What are you waiting for? ____ already graduated, she’s already doing well in her job. The both of you can start trying to make a family. It won’t be easy to do that in the future, I’m just saying. We’re looking at the worst case scenario here, and you know that if anything happens to Pop, you’ll be my underboss.”
“Not yet,” Jeongguk only reiterated. “And Grandpop’s going to be fine. There’s no need for me to rush into these things.”
“Jeongguk,” it’s Seokjin who spoke next, “you do know that when the Don wakes up, he won’t be the same anymore, right? He’s already having problems with his talking even before this happened; no doubt we’ll have to expect worse for the following days.”
“Propose to ____,” Hanseo said in a more authoritative voice. “Then when Pop wakes up and he’s doing okay—if he doesn’t look as bad as we’re expecting him to be—let’s get you and ____ married. We’ll have the Don attend and then it’ll be shown on the news how the Don still has the strength to attend to one of the momentous occasions in his grandson’s life.”
“So, you want to use an intimate and personal event in my life as a publicity stunt?” Jeongguk scoffed.
“Don’t take it to heart, Guk.” His father frowned. “It’s for the Family.”
“It’s bound to happen sooner or later anyway,” Seokjin added. “You’ve been trying to find a ring, haven’t you?”
“Not really the time to bring that up, Jin.” Jeongguk clenched his jaw, though his annoyed expression quickly faded and he found himself nodding at the end. “But fine, alright. I’ll do it if it’s the way we should go.”
“Great.” Hanseo smiled. “Let’s just pray harder that the old man gets a full recovery then.”
Jeongguk drove to the law firm you were working at with the thought of marriage in his head. It wasn’t like it never hit him that it’s about time that the both of you get wed; Hanseo already pointed out that it’s already been five years, Seokjin already mentioned it too that he’s been finding an engagement ring as well. It’s not like Jeongguk still had his doubts most especially, he was already sure from the moment that the two of you uttered your first I love yous to each other in the past that you were going to be the one and only woman he’ll want to hear that from—no one else.
He was just afraid of pulling you into the Family further. It was inevitable and a given already, as he never once thought of letting you go for the sake of your possible safety. It was selfish and terrible of him but he always thought that if other members of the Family could do it and still keep their wives and children safe, why can’t he? After all, the Mafia might always resort to violence and blackmailing when certain happenings don’t fall in their favor, but as much as possible, they tried to not step over the line and harm a Mafioso’s blood family. Doing so would bring shame to their values and would wage a war between the Four Families as they’d support their member’s want for vengeance and justice. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Jeongguk only hoped that it’ll always remain that way for as long as the two of you lived. He doesn’t think he would take it if something happened to you because of the business he was involved in. It was already bad enough that you’re the only weakness of your father, the only person he cherished now after your mother’s passing; now you’ve managed to become Jeongguk’s apparent weakness too.
He soon arrived at the entrance of your firm’s building. He already texted that he was on his way minutes ago, so he was pleased to see you marching out of the doors quickly once you saw his vehicle, hopping inside the passenger’s side and automatically leaning towards him as you gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“You good?” you asked straight off the bat, a hand on the back of his neck, fingers lightly massaging his nape.
Jeongguk relaxed again at the action and stared at you before being the one to lean towards you this time, kissing you on the mouth, longer and fuller. “I am,” he said as he let go, facing forward. “All thanks to you.”
You snorted while putting on your seatbelt. “Well, I’m glad. I take it that there are no concerning affairs about the Don?”
He only shook his head in confirmation, driving forward. It didn’t take long until you both were at the hospital; Jeongguk was satisfied to see that there were a significant number of men there at the entrance, alert and eyes continuously scanning the area. When they took notice of the Don’s grandson, one of Inhwan’s men, Yoongi who was mentioned earlier and was proven innocent, greeted the two of you and insisted on letting a soldato park the car so you both could head on your way. Jeongguk thanked him and proceeded on grasping your hand, pulling you with him as he followed Yoongi towards the Don’s room.