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#jungkook scenario
chocominnie · 2 days ago
Redemption — jjk. (M) | Trailer ( visual)
This is for book two to my story Desperado. Read that one before continuing on to read this one.
→ pairing: Mafia!Jungkook x reader
→ summary:  It’s been 4 years since everything that happened. If he could re-do everything he would, but cannot. With Won-Shik dead, and everyone’s back’s turned against him.. what can he do? You took a toll on him to the point where it’s hard to function without you and everyone’s concerned. Another gang has entered their teritory and is giving them a run for their money. The heir to the mafia thrown is now in charge with everyone waiting for his first big move. Yet, how can someone so broken inside take care of business though? 
Copyright: please do NOT repost, translate, or modify my works in any way, shape or form, on any platform. If found doing so , it is considered as plagiarism and appropriate LEGAL action will be taken.
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bbtsficrecs · 2 days ago
Since Tumblr has decided to remove group chats (😭) I’ve made a discord group where the sole purpose is to share Jungkook fanfics.
So if you like Jungkook and is a nice person, you’re more than welcome to join! All you have to do is click the link below and you’re added to the discord group!
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chateautae · 22 days ago
ready or not? | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary :  jungkook’s too riled up to stay in a tiny closet with you, and taehyung’s bed looks perfectly inviting.
↳ second part of here i come.
➵ pairing : jungkook x f. reader
➵ genre :  college!au, smut, pwp
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 4k
➵ warnings : sexual content, swearing, dirty talk, breast fondling/worship (jungkook really loves her tits), petting, fingering, pussy-eating (panties on and off), finger sucking, cum tasting, big dick!jungkook cause wbk, desperate, needy sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies) slight name kink, begging, creampie
➵ a/n: YES i’m back with a smutty second instalment for jungkook’s ‘here i come’ pwp, just my small gift for our born singer’s birthday today, can’t believe he’s 24 now 🥺 thank you endlessly to my love @inkedtae​ bee for beta-ing!! as always, your comments and feedback are appreciated! enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Jungkook tosses you onto the mattress faster than you can speak. 
You spring onto the bed and a shocked yelp escapes you, the transfer from Jungkook’s warm, muscular body to Taehyung’s mattress tantalizingly abrupt. 
“Jungko- '' He instantly smothers you with a heated kiss, slotting his fingers with yours gently as he presses your entangled hands into the sheets. Taehyung’s once impeccable bedding is now messed up by the sheer force of Jungkook’s kiss, and your two entwined bodies passionately making out. 
The weight of his strong frame above you fills you with fireworks, squeezing his hands back as you hum and moan into the kiss with him. Jungkook’s knee presses between your legs, squishing them together at even the slightest feeling down there. Your insides are raw and sensitive from his previous onslaught, and your pussy folds are still damp with your cum and arousal. 
But despite having your pussy torn apart just moments ago, you still openly invite Jungkook between your legs as though it were his home, spreading them wider. Jungkook moans at the feeling and instantly brings his knee higher, lodging himself right at the base of your cunt and your breath hitches. 
You purr like a kitten into his mouth, tasting him in all his glory as Jungkook shoves his tongue down your throat. He can taste the cherry flavour of your lip balm and shit, does it make him want to consume you, devour you like a ravenous animal.
But for now, this position is ideal for Jungkook. Being able to hold your hands like this, feel your body arch up into his from underneath, sense your legs squirming around him; this is exactly where he wants to be. 
“Jungkook.. we’ll-we’ll mess up Taehyung’s bed...” 
“I don’t give a fuck.” 
Jungkook’s merciless with his kiss this time. You moan and whimper into his mouth as he ravages you underneath. Your arousal is already building within your abdomen again, feeling Jungkook’s cock slap against your body sometimes with how much he dips below and rubs himself against you. 
You pine to touch that delicious cock of his, but it’s as though Jungkook reads your mind, and detangles a hand of his to slither down to your core. He rapidly hikes your dress again up over your ass, and his fingertips slowly press into your sensitive clit. 
You gasp, free hand jutting out to bunch his shirt into your fist as he supplies your neglected pearl with small, calculated ministrations. Your blissed out eyes meet his, and the dark red of desire that taints them leaves your lungs losing air, lip tucked between your teeth.
“Fuck, Jungkook..” 
“Yeah? You like this?” 
You lightly moan and nod a yes, Jungkook’s lips brushing yours as he breathes unevenly and collects your essence all over his fingers. 
“Fuck, you’re dripping like honey, baby. Wanna taste you so badly.” Jungkook groans as he rubs your oozing slick all over your palpitating pussy, before gathering some more all over his two fingers. He feels his skin coated in your cum and removes himself from you, funnily whining at the loss of his touch. He brings his wet digits to his lips, popping them in mouth as he finally gets a taste of you. 
“Shit, princess. Taste sweeter than fucking honey.” He nearly growls, softly grabbing your chin and tipping you upwards to engulf you in a breath-taking kiss. You grow impatient for his cock knowing it still stands tall and proud. You’re restless, snaking your hand, clutching his shirt down his body, feeling every inch of his beautiful torso and brawny muscle until you reach his exposed cock. 
Jungkook bucks forward slightly with a moan, his face burying to the side of your cheek. You can feel the slick of your previous orgasm still wet and sticky all over his dick, and begin slow pumps of twisting that rile up Jungkook more than you’ll ever know. His breaths grow hotter and heavier as you teasingly fist his dick just to hear the way he sexily groans into your ear. 
“Y/N.. ah fuck.” He breathes out shakily, managing his weight above you as you handjob the life out of him, relishing in his deep, throaty sounds. 
“Want your cock so badly, Jungkook.” You whine, your own breaths heated as your ears welcome the low sounds of Jungkook moaning your name. “Fuck my mouth, baby.” 
Jungkook lets out a pleasured groan at such a request, returning to your mouth for another head-spinning kiss. He kisses hard and fast and it leaves you breathless once he takes your bottom lip between his teeth, before releasing it with a lewd pop. 
 Jungkook then grabs your chin and teasingly thumbs your lips, running over your swollen, plushy petals. “You know I’d love to fuck this pretty mouth,” Jungkook breathes against your mouth, peering down at you with obsidian eyes though with a contrasting, endearing smile. “But next time, princess. Right now I need to fuck you senseless on Tae’s bed.” 
He supplies you with a quick peck before he crawls off the bed. Jungkook begins stripping himself of his jacket, shirt and jeans as he steps over to Taehyung’s bedroom door. You take the opportunity to shred off your dress, only left in your bra and panties as you anticipate a nearly naked Jungkook. Your ogling vision lands on his broad, sexy back as you lustfully watch him lock the door. 
And fuck, is his back so hot. Is it normal to be attracted to backs? Why do you suddenly feel like riding the hell out of his back muscles?
Jungkook’s gaze shifts towards you, and he sees your pliant body laid out across the sheets like a gift made just for him. His eyes are tainted with sheer desire, that’s for sure, but you can see his irises gleam with almost this certain.. admiration? You could feel your heart fluttering and suddenly become shy about your exposed skin, arms clutching around your bare midsection. 
You watch the bunny-smiled man crack his signature grin before he joins you in the bed, shuffling himself over you. He clasps your hands gently and unravels them to reveal your skin, eyes flitting over you with kind eyes. 
“You are so fucking pretty.” He confesses, and your heart blooms in your chest. You nibble on your lip as your hands sweep over his thick muscles, palms curling around his biceps and giving them a light squeeze. He’s truly an Adonis, his body crafted to be worshipped in a museum, each muscle and divot and groove made to be loved by anyone who earned the pleasure of touching him. 
“You’re so fucking hot.” You breathe out when his hands slowly slither up your sides, lighting up a fire inside you to feel his rough, calloused hands over your smooth, delicate skin. 
“Says you.” Jungkook’s low timbre resonates in your ear where he’s lowered himself now, pressing a peck to your cheek before he instructs in a spine-shivering whisper. “Get on all fours, princess.” 
You follow his command, positioning yourself until your panty-clad ass is presented to him, and Jungkook squared his shoulders behind you. He hisses at the sight of you below once you’ve secured your position, wetting his cute lips with a curse. 
“Fuck, I’ve been dying to see you like this.” He admits with a hint of desperation. 
You smirk proudly, bucking your ass back on him because fuck, is it just so fun to tease a man. 
Especially a sexy one like Jungkook. 
“Then don’t wait anymore, Koo.” 
Jungkook ignites at the nickname, smugly grinning as his fingertips meet the pliant spine of your back. You shiver when he dances his fingers down slowly, but surely until you’re arching. You can feel his rampant breaths fanning against you as he does so, imagining his flushed face and slightly dampened hair with sweat behind you.
He suddenly grabs hold of your hips, tugging you flush against his crotch and you purr in approval. Jungkook hooks his fingers onto your blush panties, but doesn’t exactly remove them. He brings his nose and lips towards your core, and you spasm at just the feeling of him so near. His nose nudges against your twitching folds and you shudder, breathing hotly as your pussy gushes.
“Jesus Christ, you’re dripping.” Jungkook juts out his tongue to lick at your already soaked panties, mewling when you feel the weight of his wet muscle. 
“Jungkook-- Oh.” 
You sigh when he swipes another lick through your clothed core, biting your lip to contain the screaming urge for him to just shove his tongue through your bare pussy. 
A whimper escapes when he does it again, clutching the white sheets of Taehyung’s bed between your fingers. You gently push your core back onto his face more, voice weak and desperate as you beg him. 
“Jungkook, please.” 
“Mmm, such a sexy girl.” Jungkook hums, fiddling with the waistband of your underwear. “Always knew you would be.” 
God, he’s teasing the fucking hell out of you and you only crave him just like you crave air. His tongue keeps slithering through your underwear as he diligently eats you out with your panties on. The satiating rub of your slicked material against your clit feels good for your pulsing cunt, but you want more, need more of Jungkook because otherwise, you’ll turn into a madwoman. 
Just as you squeal his name, the muscly man practically rips your panties off your core and nose-dives into your bare pussy, smothering himself with your delicious heat. 
The second he gets a taste, Jungkook moans and hums against your sopping core as he makes out with your cunt, veiny hands full of your ass as he holds your wriggling body in place. 
“Fucking shit, always knew you’d taste this sweet.” Jungkook breathes harshly before plunging in for more. Your toes curl and your eyes roll back in sheer ecstasy when you feel the fleshy touch of his tongue against your soft folds. No man has ever eaten you like this and you could see stars in your clouded vision. His tongue feels so wet and long, even reaching down and over you until he prods your clit with the tip of his tongue. 
He wiggles and snakes his tongue through your pussy until you’re arching almost inhumanly and shaking on the bed, close to ripping up Taehyung’s godforsaken sheets. Jungkook seems to notice how hard you’re grasping them and mewling tiredly, breaking away to gently coo.
“Not too much, baby. You’ll hurt yourself.” Jungkook splays his palm underneath your tummy and elevates you, straightening out your back. You physically and internally gush at the sweet gesture, head falling limp against the mattress under the spell of his intoxicating touch.
“Fucking- Jungkook..” You moan his name so seductively, it elicits a groan from Jungkook behind you, the deep sounds rippling through your walls. Never has her heard a voice as pretty as yours, and fuck, do you sound absolutely gorgeous moaning his name like that. 
“Shit, your pussy is dripping wet, princess.” Jungkook attempts to catch his breath, your essence coating his lips, chin and nose. “Need to finger-fuck you raw.” 
“Fuck, oh shit, Jungkoo-” You’re cut off by a lewd moan when Jungkook plunges two thick fingers into your pulsing cunt, reaching out before you and latching onto one of Taehyung’s pillows for even a semblance of control. 
“So fucking pretty when you moan, you know that?” You moan again, face burying into the pillow because Jungkook’s fingers are just so perfectly-shaped and delicious, he could’ve felt like a real cock. 
Jungkook immediately unclasps your bra with a single hand and rapidly removes the damn thing, chucking it aside. His free hand collects a breasts of yours in his palm, and begins kneading your tits he vowed to avoid staring at all fucking night, but now couldn’t contain himself anymore.
“Do you know much..” Jungkook thrusts his fingers inside you deep, bucking forward when he does so. “I’ve thought about you and your sexy body?” 
You shudder underneath him, the deep octave of his voice vibrating in your ears. “How much I had to avoid looking at you in this dress tonight?” 
He shoves his fingers even deeper and dares twist them inside you, teasingly stroking against your engorged g-spot with a ‘come hither’ motion. “How fucking much I stopped myself in that closet with these perfect tits of yours?” 
Jungkook squeezes one in his hand and you mewl, his fingertip drawing tight circles over a hardened, plum-coloured peak. 
“Jungkook, please. Need your cock inside me-ah!” Jungkook suddenly wraps his hand around your throat, lightly applying pressure to the sides as his lips whisper sinfully into your ear. 
“Not so loud, princess. Can’t have the whole party hearing you moan for me, huh?” 
You melt. You shiver and shudder and gush and melt into Jungkook’s arms at the sheer head-spinning depth of his voice. It drips fiery, red hot desire and lust and God, are you the most desperate whore for him. You nod your head compliantly and Jungkook removes his fingers from your fluttering cunt, bringing them before your mouth as he bends over your frame, bare core pressed to his crotch. 
“Taste your cum for me, baby.” He taps his soaked fingers against your lips as almost a cheeky knock, and you open up. You wrap your tongue around and over his digits, little noises of pleasure escaping the back of your throat as you taste your sweet cum. Jungkook groans out shakily as he draws himself out. 
You breathe like a wild animal as you hear the bed rustle behind you, peeking back to see Jungkook removing his boxers. He’s got them off and now completely exposes himself to you, left naked behind you knowing damn well he has a flushed, angry red-tipped cock you’ll get your mouth on one day. 
Jungkook’s all but licking his lips with dilated pupils at the prospect of fucking you properly, lining himself up with your entrance eagerly until.. 
“Fuck!” Jungkook loudly curses. 
“What? What’s wrong?” 
“I don’t have a fucking condom.” He laments. “I gave mine to Taehyung ‘cause he forgot one before coming here.” Jungkook huffs with grave annoyance, rolling his eyes. “I’ll call him and get it from him. He should still have it-” 
“No, no! Jungkook, it’s okay.” You immediately jut out your hand for him to stay, somehow finding his hand when he offers it to you. “It’s okay, go in raw. Just go in right now.”
“Are-are you sure?” Jungkook’s hesitant voice inquires. “Don’t feel like you need to-”
“No, Jungkook. Just go in, please, I need you so badly.” You desperately tug at his hand to beckon his thick cock back to your core. 
“Okay, okay. I got you.” Jungkook kisses your lower back before he sets himself up again, lining his cock with your dripping, pulsing entrance. You feel his meaty tip kiss your spasming cunt, moaning at the sheer feeling. 
“Deep breath, okay?” Jungkook instructs, knowing the size of his cock and waits for your intake of air, and pushes himself right in when you do. You transform into jelly the second his cock invades you, your walls frantically smothering his dick as you adjust to his monstrous size.
Jungkook feels big, fucking colossal like this and shit, can you feel every ridge, vein and unique lining of his delectable, heady cook. “Oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck-Jungkook..!”
“I know, baby. You’re okay, just breathe, Y/N.” Jungkook soothes a hand to your back as you notice the tension in your body, exhaling deeply to release the tightness of your muscles. Your walls flutter to create more room and you search for Jungkook’s hand again, reaching out behind you. 
He interlocks his fingers with yours and squeezes tight, proceeding into your warm cunt as he groans at the tight, firm fit. “Ah shit, Y/N. You’re still this tight even after I fucked you?” 
“Want more, Jungkook. Fuck!” You hiss feeling the drag of him inching his length inside you, stuffing you full of his cock until Jungkook bottoms out completely. He hilts himself inside you and groans shakily, his pleasure almost blinding as you squeal in ecstasy underneath him. 
Jungkook wastes no time, he’s been waiting for this for too long and now that he gets to see your pretty body like this, he’s all business. Jungkook secures a hand around your hips as he pulls out of your warm, fluttering cunt only to fit himself right back in, cock nudging your damn guts. 
You grip his hand like a vice, mewling at the heavenly feeling of his cock dragging in and out of your walls, attempting to fit his large cock inside you. He thrusts again, another time, a third time until he begins a pace of quick fucks that buck you forward and hit your pussy just right. 
And you realize once he slowly increases his speed, Jungkook isn’t just fucking to fuck. No, he actually knows what he’s doing as a man. He’s got himself angled in this particular method that’s stroking this buzzing spot inside you, feeling sheer euphoria invade your bloodstream when he fucks himself into your warm cunt with meaningful, though hard thrusts. 
“Oh, Jungkook.. oh.” 
“Yeah? You like that? Can you take more, baby?” 
You nod immediately, feeling Jungkook pick up the pace as he sheaths his cock inside you until the very brim. He harshly grips your hips in place as he slams you into the mattress, cocking sliding in and out perfectly with the help of your oozing essence. You clamp down even harder on Jungkook’s cock just to give him hell, and he throws his head back as he relishes in the God-like feeling. 
“Jesus fuck, Y/N. If you keep doing that I’ll fucking marry you.” 
You smirk despite your submissive position and having your pussy battered, only to fuck back on him more just to see where it gets you. “Put a ring on me then, Koo.” 
You hum that nickname in your sing-songy voice and Jungkook’s mind goes haywire. Pleasure courses through his veins like a drug, and he begins practically blowing your back out. Jungkook penetrated deeply and harshly into your fluttering pussy, his movements hot and desperate, indulging in him hitting that one delicious spot inside you. 
You moan so loudly Jungkook detangles your hands and curtains your mouth, lips by your ear for a hot whisper. “Quiet, princess. Don’t want everybody coming in here to see me fucking you.” He practically growls in his lust-ridden tone. “Unless you like to be watched, huh? Cock hungry princess?” 
“No, no..” You breathe, pitchy moans escaping you as your flimsy arms barely manage your arched position. “Just you.. only want you to see, Jungkook.” 
You feel Jungkook smirk, suddenly taking the hand that’s clasping your hip and slithering it down to your lonely clit, touching the flushed, pulsing bud to your pleasure. You squeal into his palm, walls hugging him inside you so tight, your mind and air dwindling out so fast you’re an incoherent mess for Jungkook. 
Something akin to his name escapes you, feeling him wreak havoc over your pulsing pearl and your fingers can’t help but grasp Taehyung’s sheets like a vice. 
Jungkook keeps up his pace, fucking into your sex with so much heated passion you can feel your skin burning. Face flushed, hip imbued with his bruises and your pussy fucked raw, the addition of his hand clutching your mouth silent resurfacing that familiar twisting in your gut. 
He’s fucking you like he has no other purpose, whispering the filthiest, yet prettiest of things any woman would die to hear. 
“So fucking pretty when you take my cock, you know that?” 
“I’ll fuck this gorgeous mouth one day.” 
“Need to feel you cream my cock, princess.”
You nod for Jungkook with every devilish whisper, every cell in your body on fire because his dick feels that good. His backshots are slamming your guts in the best way possible as he grunts behind you, fucking like two horny dogs because shit, that’s what you feel like. 
You mewl and moan and yelp into his hand until eventually, Jungkook provides you with an earth-shattering thrust into your g-spot and your orgasm bursts through your gates like a tsunami. You cum all over Jungkook’s cock, producing your oozing slick so abundantly Jungkook can’t keep quiet. 
“Oh shit, God. So much cum, baby. You’re so wet.” His lips hang open as he manages his orgasm, breathing out grunts as he loses himself. 
“Fuck, I don’t wanna pull out.. I can’t..” Jungkook seems so lost in your ocean you reply rapidly through your gushing slick. “Fill me up, Koo. It’s okay, want your hot cum!”   
And you instantly feel Jungkook release inside you with a feral grunt, stripes of his white hot seed shooting inside you. He fills you like he was always meant to, pussy creamed to perfection and so abundantly that some of his cum drips down your folds and onto your buzzing clit. 
Jungkook has shoved himself to the brim where he slowly, and gently penetrates you through your orgasm, letting you use his cock to ride out your high, fingers decreasing speed over your clit and rather rubbing in soft circles. 
He eventually stops and your breathing normalizes, feeling Jungkook’s throbbing cock finally halt. He pulls out of you carefully with delicate hands on your hips, and his cock slips out as he views the way his cum dirties your gorgeous pussy. 
Securing his grip on your body, he considerately turns you over and rests you on your back. He reaches over your head and adjusts Taehyung’s pillows. He curls a hand underneath your neck and brings you to one of the pillows, setting you down. You nestle back into the comfortable plush and smile as Jungkook’s thumbs smooth your sides, peering down at the mess between your legs; the way a delectable mixture of your cum and his drips onto Taehyung’s sheets. 
“Shit, Taehyung’s gonna be pissed.” Jungkook snorts, slotted between your spread legs. 
“It’s okay.” you ease him with a charming smile as your palms smooth over his. “We’ll get scolded together.” 
He chuckles with you as you beckon him over with grabby hands, and Jungkook happily complies as he slides up your body and wraps his strong, warm arms around your torso, his head falling against your breasts. Your hands fit into his soft, silky hair, hugging him to your chest. 
“Mmm, you’re so soft.” Jungkook hums, the sensation of being able to rest over your boobs the epitome of heaven of heaven to him. You giggle at his openness and just how endearing he is, Jungkook squeezing you tighter as he feels laughs vibrate your body.
“You’re so warm, c’mere.” You snuggle him closer and nuzzle your nose into his hair, catching a whiff of his crisply-scented shampoo that smelled almost orgasmically good. 
Jungkook lifts off your chest and looks into your eyes, something indistinguishable in them, but his sincerity was telltale as ever. His thumb and index finger grasp your chin as he pushes your cute lips together, creating a pout he cracks a smile at and kisses ever so softly. 
He doesn’t say anything when your eyes meet next, instead watching that beautiful smile of his decorate his face. Jungkook elevates himself and fits beside your smaller form on the same pillow, fixing Taehyung’s sheets over your naked bodies. He huddles with you closely underneath, and pulls you flush against his large frame as his nose buries into your vanilla-scented hair. 
You settle into his muscly arms, clutching onto his tattooed one. You feel your eyes flutter shut as you breathe in the smell of sex and his cologne, and Jungkook holds onto you for the rest of the quiet night.
Tumblr media
Hard raps at the door are what stir you and Jungkook awake, groaning at the little light that pokes through the blinds and compromises your sleep, Jungkook lazily rubbing at an eye with a lifted head. 
Five seconds later, a hungover Taehyung bursts into his room and appears to you both as the equivalent of a zombie. He’s clearly freshly woken up, barely open eyes and messy-haired, finding you two with a groggy voice. 
“Oh, shit. I finally found these two-” But Taehyung freezes, rubbing his eyes vigorously to clear his vision and attempting to discern if he’s actually seeing this. He blinks rapidly as his eyes adjust to the vibrant sunlight, and groans in grievous complaint as he smacks his forehead. 
“Oh fucking-c’mon.. did you guys have sex on my bed!?” 
Jungkook breathes a chuckle as your tired head hits Taehyung’s pillow, too exhausted to deal with this. You blissfully slip back into dreamland while the two boys endlessly bicker; Taehyung listing the grand ass-whoopings he’ll graciously provide Jungkook with, only for Jungkook to criticize Taehyung’s sorry-assed hide-and-seek skills. 
Tumblr media
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balenciaguks · a month ago
ROCKSTAR 101 | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ pairing: jjk x f!reader
➵ word count: 8.2k
➵ theme: pwp, established relationship, smut , just pure unadulterated filth
➵ rating: 18+ explicit for mature audiences only
➵ summary: In the words of Christina Aguilera, “there’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm” and Jungkook is certainly coated in it.
➵ warnings : JUNGKOOK HAS A FULL SLEEVE - think sowoozoo jungkook in the black sleeve ripped fit • mentions of koo shredding on an electric guitar - im hornee for it • hard dom!jungkook • sub!reader • bratty reader with bratty behaviour • koo is a lil mean bcs he gives no attention • jords’ awful attempt at brat taming • very slight switch jungkook if u squint real hard like put ur reading glasses on and squint • use of derogatory terms - for example slut • jungkook in a pair of bunny ears sksks • sex in the form of - pussy slapping • mouth stuffing • choking • panty sniffing • unprotected sex but oc is on the pill (wrap it b4 u tap it) • oral (m receiving) • face fucking • size kink • belly bulging • bdsm themes - for example use of PINK HEART SHAPED HANDCUFFS  and mention of oc having a safe word • spanking with a leather belt • doggy style • saliva - the return of jords’ spitting kink so expect a few of that • messy sex • messy kissing • missionary bcs koo has pretty eyes n im a sucker for all the eye contact • non-penetrative grinding • failed attempt at edging • multiple orgasms bcs jungkook has staMINA • throatpie (hehe) followed by cum dribbling and multiple creampies
➵ aksglfjah this is the longest one i have ever written n im so happy with how it came out. a big thank you to my baby @kithtaehyung​ for betaing this for me at the last minute. sowoozoo koo really fucked me over , ive been residing there with that tattooed demon since
➵ song rec : rockstar101
Tumblr media
Jungkook was currently sitting on the floor of the lavish hotel suite, one of his many custom-made guitars in hand; a Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, to be precise, as he practiced some advanced shredding on the electric instrument.
The guitar had been a gift from you, bright baby blue on the body and black all the way down the neck. The impressive instrument was decorated with black peony flowers with your initials intricately placed inside the bed of flowers in Jungkook’s own handwriting, “because you will always be with me, even when you aren’t,” as he told you when he revealed it to you.
It was hard to not stare at him in moments like this. The way the guitar sits firmly gripped in his lap allows his biceps to protrude right in front of your eyes. His freshly cut hair hangs lazily over one side over his face whilst the other is sitting neatly gelled to the side, showing off his freshly pierced eyebrow piercing. But his hands working up and down over the fretboard are what really grab your attention. His fingers decorated in expensive silver and black rings and an abundance of bracelets adorn his wrists creating a soft tinkling sound as he continues pressing down and strumming away.
Looking up, Jungkook catches your eyes for the briefest of moments before offering you a smug smirk. He’s stupidly hot, and what’s worse is he knows it.
Accentuated by soft candlelight, your complexion illuminates ethereally like a halo around the most beautiful angel Jungkook had ever laid eyes on.
But angels are forbidden to be in love with the Devil.
Leaving your place on the couch, you crawl your way on all fours over to Jungkook and sit yourself on both knees behind him. Trying to get his attention, you place your arm around his neck and rest your hands underneath the hem of his shirt on his chest, giving wet kisses along his shoulders and up his neck.
“___, what are you doing?” Jungkook murmurs under his breath, not in the least bit interested. “Can’t you see that I’m a little busy?”
“Mm, but Koo - I want you,” you whine, your nails digging slightly into his flesh.
“Not now baby, I’m busy,” he answers you. Jungkook doesn’t bear you any attention when he responds to you either, fingers too busy plucking at the strings in front of him.
You sigh in defeat, another attempt at taking his attention failed. “You’re always so busy,” you mutter under your breath as you get up to relocate yourself back onto the bed, hoping Jungkook didn’t catch on to what you said.
Little did you realise, he heard every word but chose to ignore it for the meantime.
Tumblr media
Another ten minutes of sulking and huffing passes by with you still scrolling aimlessly on your phone before you see Jungkook leaning forward to set his beloved guitar in its stand. 
Jungkook gets up from his place on the floor before making his way over towards you, dark eyes drinking you in. His hands come down to the leather of his belt, unclasping the metal and pulling the material through each of the loops and discarding it to the floor at the end of the bed. 
Jungkook stands at full height and looks down at you, humming quietly in an attempt to get your attention. 
You look up, missing his gaze entirely to stare at the new piercing nestled into one of his eyebrows. The silver from the newly placed barbell glimmering in the gentle glow of the fairy lights hung around the wall.
He takes a hold of the top of his acid denim skinny jeans and pops the button open, a small sigh at the small release before slowly pulling the zipper down. With no satisfaction of your attention, Jungkook bends down to reach your eye level and places both hands over the back of the headboard resting behind your back, trapping you in between.
“My eyes are down here, angel,” Jungkook laughs with amusement, as he reaches for your cheeks with his tattooed hand, squishing them between his forefinger and thumb, allowing your mouth to part. Dressed in tight jeans and a fitted tee, he looks good but it’s the leather jacket that ties the outfit together is what made him look insatiable.
He raises one arm behind his head and removes the ripped band t-shirt in one swift motion. Jungkook knows what he’s doing. Knows how to rile you up and turn you on. It’s always the simple things that do it.
In the words of Christina Aguilera, “there's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm” and Jungkook was certainly coated in it.
With the lack of a shirt, you are able to clearly see the expanse of his upper body. You can clearly tell he has been working out at the gym a lot more often than usual as the deep lines of his abs running down his lower body are prominent in the soft light before dipping into the waistband of his boxers. Little hairs trail down his tummy deliciously. Jungkook intentionally tightens his abdominal muscles, sending you a reminder of just how fucking hot your boyfriend is. Like you need one.
But your favourite part of him? His arms. The way they are covered sporadically in tattoos, from flowers to grungy lyrics curving around his wrists and forearms, every piece of art decorating his tanned skin holding special meanings to him. Eventually all coming together as one at his elbow before the clear saran wrap was tightly hanging off his body.
Earlier, Jungkook had been out all day before the show telling you white lies about finishing touches to the new album before it’s due to be released in the next month or so, only to return to the hotel suite with saran wrap covering the entirety of the muscles. New ink etched onto his skin.
You haven’t left his side since he walked through the door. Eager eyes to find out what designs lingered under the protective layer. To touch and admire the pretty drawings littering his now full arm. Jungkook already had an ego, but this just heightened it tenfold.
Jungkook leans towards your ear, licking and sucking at the skin of your earlobe. “Gonna go for a shower, angel,” he whispers, the devilish smirk still playing on his lips as he lifts himself up and walks away from you.
You watch as he disappears out of the room, eyes trained on his defined shoulders, the muscles flexing as he runs a hand through his fluffy black hair.
Getting up from the bed, you pick up Jungkook’s discarded shirt from the floor. With some time to spare before he finishes his shower, you dig around for your black fluffy bunny ear headband, placing it on your head to move your hair from your face before undressing yourself for the night. You slip on your boyfriend’s shirt over your own frame, giggling lightly at the way it drowns you. The lingering scent of Jungkook’s cologne and fabric softener is a welcomed feeling of comfort as it pierces through your senses.
You turn to look at yourself in the mirror, smirking at the stark contrast of the cute set of ears on your head that stands out against the Metallica shirt. Twisting your body, you manage to view a peak of black lace showing at the swell of your ass. If Jungkook wants to play, you can too.
In the midst of your daydream, Jungkook appears behind you, his large warm hands wrapping around your waist, startling you briefly with his presence. You stare at him through the mirror, taking in how breathtakingly beautiful he is. 
Jungkook presses a kiss to your cheek, smiling as he lingers for a moment. You sigh and lean back into his touch, lacing your fingers with his that rested on your stomach. “You look so cute with those ears on, bunny,” he comments, nuzzling his nose into your neck, breathing in the fruity perfume that is left on your skin from the day.
You make eye contact with Jungkook through the mirror as you admire how he towers over you with his arms still wrapped around your frame like he was protecting you from the world. You smile at just how happy you are. How did you end up so lucky as to bag a man like Jungkook?
Then it came to you. Remembering how not even twenty minutes ago, your idiot boyfriend rejected your affection for attention. You remove yourself from his embrace and roll your eyes as you bend down to pick up the basket of skin care products, conveniently pressing your ass against Jungkook’s cock before you strut back over to your side of the hotel bed.
Jungkook groans in frustration at your actions before witnessing you sit on the bed with your back facing him, feigning ignorance to your ministrations. “Baby?” Jungkook tries.
“Yes, Jungkook?” you turn your head to look at him for the briefest minute, the look on his face one of disbelief; how you could just tease him like that and act as if nothing had happened.
“Don’t ‘yes, Jungkook’ me, what was that for?” Jungkook is annoyed by your behaviour.
“What was what for?” you ask demurely, keeping up the act.
“___, don’t start.”
At this, you had to turn your head to conceal the smile fighting its way to your lips. You look at him through the small compact mirror in your hands, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just busy doing my night routine,” you childishly rebuttal, putting the emphasis on the word busy knowing Jungkook will figure out exactly where this attitude is coming from. 
Following your game, Jungkook nods his head and climbs onto the bed behind you “Stop acting like a brat, baby,” he breathes into your neck before planting three small kitten licks at the junction between your neck and shoulder.
“I don’t think I’m being a brat, I’m just busy,” you hum. 
You feel the bed dip as Jungkook sits, giving himself enough space to manspread out in front of you. He looks dangerously good in his outfit. Your favourite pair of his loose black tracksuit pants that cuffed at the ankles hanging low on his hips evidently showing a lack of underwear underneath judging by the prominent outline of his cock. 
Jungkook hasn’t bothered to put another shirt on, allowing your eyes to graciously eat up his frame in front of you. Wet droplets are running down from his still wet hair and onto the taut muscles of his chest and stomach.
Jungkook takes hold of your ankles and places them over his thighs, running his hand up and down creating a trail of goose bumps building a home on your legs.
“You look really cute like this, you know.” Jungkook smiles at you whilst pointing at the bunny ear headband on the crown of your head, trying to change the conversation. 
An idea in your head has your mind racing. You settle yourself in your boyfriend's lap, legs either side of his tiny waist, careful to sit directly above his cock, not giving in to him by giving him what he’s been looking for. You stifle a small laugh at your egotistical boyfriend before taking the headband off your head and placing it on his own. “There,” you giggle.
You lean back ever so slightly, taking in the full look of Jungkook. His shoulders are broad and define the deep crevices of his clavicles wonderfully. The saran wrap is now long forgotten from his arm, giving you your first full look at the new full sleeve showing off scattered drawings, shaded shapes, words and numerals on his skin all etched and linked together so beautifully. His artist had truly outdone themselves this time around. Even with a pair of fluffy animal ears on his head, nothing will make him look ridiculous.
You rubbed his arm and pouted, “Koo.”
You nuzzle your head into the side of his neck, biting softly into his skin, his arms on your hips tightening, signifying you had hit his sweet spot. You continue to suckle on his honey skin, littering it with pieces of your own ruby stained art. “Are you in the mood yet?” You whisper into his neck, grinding your panty covered pussy over his hardening length.
Jungkook’s eyes flutter shut, basking in the feeling of your tongue and teeth nipping and grazing at his throat. He’ll give you this one time - just to test how far you’ll go with this.
“You’ll regret this.”
You ignore him, your pace quickening up.
Jungkook sighs heavily. “___, I’m warning you.”
“Don’t want to stop."
You reach your hand down to move the fabric of your underwear to the side, the feel of Jungkook's hard heavy cock stiffening through the fabric of his sweats giving you the smallest amount of friction to your bare clit. Rutting yourself against him faster but it just isn’t enough to fully get you there.
In your state of euphoric concentration, you move your fingers over your clit and rub small circles over your sensitive nerves. Your breathy moans filled the dimly lit bedroom. “Oh fuck, fuck, oh my god, shit you look so good, Kook.”
Staring down at where you were pressing yourself on your boyfriend, you begin working your fingers on your clit, bringing the other down and inserting two fingers deep inside of you.
Jungkook’s jaw is firmly locked in place, the anger radiating off him at your blatant disobedience and bratty behaviour.
Sliding in and out, back and forth, you continue to pleasure yourself on top of your boyfriend, the sight of him laying there with your pair of stupid rabbit ear headband on his head, blending in with his newly short black hair a true fucking sight for sore eyes.
Spreading your legs further as you pumped your fingers in and out, you locked eyes with him as you whined, “I’m gonna cum, Jungko-”
Jungkook has had enough, snapping in a fit of blinding horny rage. Jungkook grips at your sides and rolls you over, planting you firmly on the bed, grabbing your wrists and pulling you up the bed, ruining your moment of bliss.
He removes himself off the bed and goes over to his packed case across the room. Sensing you moving, he turns back. "Fucking stay," he growls.
You stay put as instructed. The first one you followed all night. Eyeing Jungkook from the side, you see him raking through the clutter for something.
Jungkook turns round and makes his way back over to the bed and climbs back over you, his turn to straddle you. "Arms up, princess."
You lift your arms up over your head, deciding best to do as he asks. Jungkook, not pleased with where you place your arms, drags them up and through the bars of the headboard, allowing you to grip onto the cool metal. A contrast to your searing hot skin.
Jungkook reaches behind him and pulls out what he was going through all the effort to find.
Bright pink heart shaped handcuffs. 
You giggled loudly with amusement only resulting in pissing Jungkook off more.
“Looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. Remind you how to fucking behave, hm? Put you in your place,” Jungkook snarls as he wraps the metal around each wrist and locks you to the bed. He gives a rough tug at your restrained wrists, a loud yelp tearing from your throat. Finishing with his task, he leans back to admire his work. You’re purring, a vocal acknowledgment to how much you love being restrained.
Jungkook stared down at you directly. “Safe word?”
“Red,” you answered confidently.
“Do you remember your signals?”
“Green for good, amber for slow down, red for stop,” you respond, this being second nature to you now.
“Two taps for warning, three taps for I need a minute, four taps for stop.”
He removes himself from straddling your waist and kneels at the bottom of the comforter. 
“Good girl. Now, where do we start with you,” he questions, more to himself more than anyone else. He gives a light slap to your pussy, looking for any reaction he can gather from you.
You yelp in sensitivity, your clit still hyper sensitive after being torn from the brink of your orgasm.
“Huh, well would you look at that; still noisy it seems. Let’s fix that,” Jungkook states. Not a moment later, Jungkook is tearing the lace material from your ass, the sound resonating throughout the room, before he lets the sodden panties dangle by his pointer finger, watching it swing slowly back and forth in his grasp. You watch on in shock at the action, not daring making a sound.
“Fuck, you’re wet without me even touching you,” he moans as he begins to fist your underwear tight in his grasp and brings it up to his nose, giving them a long sniff. Your heady arousal painting the material. On one hand, Jungkook can’t get enough of your scent, yet on the other, he’s irritated by how wet you get just from pissing him off. He glances down, watching you spread your legs further for him, seeing your sweet juices coat the expansion of your glistening thighs.
 “Fucking stupid slut only wants to be fucked, huh? Well, if you’re not going to listen to simple instructions and keep quiet when told, we may as well find some other use for your pretty little mouth, isn’t that right? Open.”
Doing as you’re told, you open your mouth as wide as you can, allowing Jungkook to stuff your mouth full with the ripped lace material. The taste of your heady arousal prominent on the cloth.
Leaning close to your ear, Jungkook’s hot breath fans over your skin as he whispers, “What makes you think you even deserve my cock tonight, sweetheart?” Jungkook questioned, giving each of your tits a harsh slap making you whimper out in pleasure.
Your skin feels hot at his touch as he leans down and takes a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue and sucking on the hardened bud as he kneads the other in his veiny hands causing you to harshly buck your hips and grind into him. Satisfied, he swaps, and gives the other tit the same treatment.
“Mghgmhg,” you moan through your full mouth as his teeth graze over your nipple. Jungkook pulls away from your tits to sit back on his knees and gaze at your glistening pussy.
As Jungkook cups your warm cunt in his palm, feeling the heat radiate from your core, you gasp at the contrast between the warmth of the pads of his appendages and the coolness of the multitude of rings that decorate his long fingers as he diligently swipes two fingers from your hole to your clit and gathers as much as your slick before bringing it up to your lips.
Jungkook removes the panties from your mouth, sodden with a mixture of arousal and spit. “Clean them, filthy girl.” You do as he tells you and open your mouth, your tongue darting out and wiggling back and forth in anticipation for his fingers. He slides both fingers in and pushes them down your throat. Your lips wrap around his digits as your tongue licks and sucks the salty essence from his fingers. You gag around his fingers as he keeps them lodged in your throat.
Moans spill through your lips as you continue to suck your slick from him. Hastily removing himself from your mouth, Jungkook plunges them back into you, starting up at a rapid pace, curling deep inside you with every thrust of his digits in your sodden pussy. The squelching sounds are borderline obscene and pornographic but motivate him to continue.
“You wanna come on my hand? Come on then, I want you to fucking come,” he grits out as his eyes only darken with molten lust, stretching you further with a third finger and adding his thumb to rub circles on your sensitive clit. 
Your mouth falls open in a silent scream as your walls clench around him signalling your near release as you pull at your restraints, the pink cuffs clinking against the metal as the grooves of the cuffs bite at the skin of your wrists.
Jungkook watches you as he increases the pace of his fingers in your tight, wet pussy, spitting on your face and smearing it with his other hand across your face. 
His words echo in your head as you try to conjure up a response but with the brutal pace of his fingers inside you relentlessly fucking you closer to your own orgasm, your eyes roll back to the back of the head as you begin to see stars and not a single coherent thought comes to mind.
“Fuck yes, come on then __, going to make you come so hard.”
Your restrained hands thrash around before they find the cool metal bars and grip on for dear life as your body finally finds release and trembles at the force of your orgasm.
“Look at you, fuck you’re so hot, keep going,” Jungkook moans. He doesn’t relent and keeps up the aggressive force of his digits in and out of your pussy, forcing the cum of your climax to coat his hands right down to his wrists.
“J-Ju-kook I-,'' you whimper as your eyes fill with tears.
“You wanted to act like a big girl, so act like a big girl and come again.”
Your pussy is clenching repetitively over your boyfriend’s fingers as your clit pulses with overstimulation. You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel another oncoming orgasm.
“Shit, shit Jungkook, please,” you scream as this one hits you harder than the last. Your head turns to its side into the pillow as Jungkook removes his fingers in time to watch your climax dribble out of you with force, coating your thighs and the bedsheets below you.
“Holy shit, __,” Jungkook gasps, “That was fucking hot.” He pushes his fingers into your mouth again as he slightly instructs you to suck again. 
“Oh baby, you gonna do that with my cock? You wanna suck my cock like that?” Jungkook can’t take his eyes off you. Arousal seeping from your cunt as you stare up at his dark eyes, the silver piercing catching the light.
You nod your head, chest heaving as you breathe through your nose to take in as much air into your burning lungs but pliant as always as you wait for his next move.
Satisfied with your sucking, he pulls his digits out your mouth and holds them up above your face. His fingers are coated in your saliva as it begins to drip down to your face. Again, Jungkook brings his hand down and drags his wet fingers across your face, coating your cheeks. He squeezes your cheeks together, protruding your pout. “Mm, is that mouth ready to get filled with my cum, pretty girl?”
You nod.
Jungkook removes himself from your body after your confirmation and lightly pushes your face to the side. Standing at the foot of the bed at full height, he watches over you and the way your chest rises and falls with each breath you take, clearly affected by his actions. The sound of your heart shaped restraints rattling against the bedposts filling the room as he begins pulling his pants off and kicking them away, leaving him in his tight black boxers.
The orange of the soft lighting of the bedroom warms his skin in the most beautiful hue of golden brown - the kind of glow you would be lucky to witness at the break of dawn. Mesmerising and easily drawing you in.
Jungkook bites his lip when he takes the sight of you bound to your shared bed and legs spread open. Your sticky wetness coating your thighs like a second skin; an open invitation to your boyfriend. He brings his palm down and cups his hard cock over his boxers, palming himself roughly. The outline of his cock grows harder by every passing moment.
Jungkook releases a heavy moan from deep within his chest. His eyes flutter shut and head rolls back as his thumb rolls over the dark wet patch over the sensitive head of his confined cock. “Look at me,” he orders.
Jungkook gives you a lazy smirk as he makes his way over to the side of the bed. He leans down over you and gathers an abundance of pillows and carefully places them behind your head, allowing your neck to sit slightly raised as your wrists are still bound.
Satisfied with his work, the bed dips as Jungkook hovers above you. Leaning down, he captures your jaw in his palm and kisses you hard. He’s not gentle in his kisses, his tongue quickly swiping across your lower lip for entry. You moan at the contact, a quick gasp leaving your lips giving Jungkook enough time to slide his tongue in hungirly. The tip of your tongue traces along the surface of his, and you moan at the taste of him - peppermint and an after taste from the bourbon he indulged in earlier in the night.
The kiss is messy, a battle between tongues and teeth as you both strive to take control of the kiss. Jungkook pulls away slightly, tugging your lower lip in between his teeth and pulls gently. Another moan passing through your lips.
Once he pulls away completely, he manoeuvres himself back onto his knees, giving you the opportunity to take him in entirely. His hair starting to dampen, chest muscles and hard abs glowing with perspiration. He moves his boxers low enough for you to take in the view of his ab muscles as he flexes in front of you but not low enough for you to see anything else.
Jungkook sees the pout on your face and knows exactly why it’s there. He gives off a devilish laugh as he removes his boxers entirely this time and kicks them to the side of the room. His cock slaps against his stomach, standing proudly against his tummy falling just short under his belly button.
His cock was beautiful to say the least. Veins running up and down the underside, the prettiest pink shade contrasting with the angry red at his tip. Precum glossing over the head in all its glory.
He drags his cock over your cheeks back and forth, mixing it with the dry saliva he left there moments ago, making sure to run it over your pouty lips and coating them in his salty precum.
He shoves his cock on your mouth without any warning just allowing the tip to sit on your flushed parted lips.
“Kiss it.”
You lean forward and pepper little kisses along the tip, tasting the salty precum on your lips watching it harden impossibly more. You pay extra attention to the underside of his shaft, knowing how much of a sensitive spot that is for him as you glance up into his dark eyes and give a bratty smirk.
His cum has a bitterness to it, but the longer your mouth is wrapped around his cock, the more the bitter dissolves into a sweetness that takes over your senses.
Satisfied with your compliant behaviour, Jungkook moves closer to you and slips the tip inside your mouth. "Show me — show me how much you enjoy sucking cock," Jungkook grunts and gathers your hair into a makeshift ponytail in his hands, careful to keep the rabbit ears on and tugs you forward giving you permission to suck.
Taking his head into your mouth again, you slowly suck the tip, licking up the precum that drips out his slit. You moan loudly, signalling your appreciation to Jungkook for feeding you more of his cock. 
With no warning, Jungkook slides his cock further down your throat until your nose is firmly pressed against his pubic bone. His balls touch your chin as your saliva coats his cock thickly before Jungkook stills, momentarily stopping the airflow to your lungs.
“You’re my good little bunny, right?” he questions as he forces your head down. You look into his eyes and nod for him. “Bunnies like you do as they’re fucking told, huh?”
Your eyes allow the tears to fall as you gag loudly. The loss of oxygen makes you lightheaded in the best possible way. Jungkook withdraws himself from your mouth, a thick string of spit and precum connecting you both together, allowing you a quick breath into your burning lungs before quickly shoving himself back down the column of your throat. 
“Fuck, you look even prettier with my cock stuffed in your mouth.”
Lips slick and swollen, you moan around his thick cock; the vibrations you create make the hair on his skin rise as he nears his orgasm.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” Jungkook grits as he takes a fist of your hair and pushes your head back and forth forcefully of his cock. It’s Jungkook this time who moans as he repeatedly shoves himself deep inside your throat until you can’t take any more of his length. You want to be able to touch him, to feel his skin under your fingertips, to feel the hair on his skin rise, to tug his hair. 
“Fuck, oh fuck, shit,” Jungkook stills your head and relentlessly thrusts himself in and out of your tight throat like his own personal cocksleeve a few more times before finally hitting his release.
His balls tighten up, and a deep, throaty moan leaves his mouth as he stills deep in your throat. Hot, sticky ropes spurt down your throat without warning. There is a never ending stream of cum as your mouth starts to become full of both his cock and cum. 
Jungkook's hair sticks to his sweaty forehead as he looks down at your fucked out face as he pulls his length out of your mouth slowly, careful not to release the messy white substance from your mouth.
He leans back down on the bed, his arms propping up his weight. “Let me see,” he smirks.
You open your mouth at his request, a puddle of thick hot cum and saliva sitting in your mouth.
“Tongue out, baby.”
Your tongue dips out of your mouth as requested, feeling the messy mixture drip down to your chin and neck, decorating the skin in a glistening messy concoction.
“Such a filthy girl, fuck, I’m going to get hard again just looking at you like this,” Jungkook laughs. “Colour?”
You swallow the remaining mixture in your mouth. “Green,” you smile. Voice hoarse with the rough fucking your throat just received.
Jungkook looks at your bound state; your forehead is glossly with sweat and your skin flush red. Your cheeks are wet from your tears as a mixture of cum and saliva coats your chin and chest. Messy. Just the way you both like it.
“Wanna kiss, though,” you whine out.
Heat washes over you as Jungkook lowers his head and nudges his nose against yours before kissing you passionately, switching between biting and sucking on your lower lip as his hips roll slowly against your core, only separating when the need for air burns in both of your lungs. You gasp as you realise he’s still semi-hard as he grinds his bare cock over your clothed pussy.
Removing himself from you, he grabs the unlock key from the night stand and proceeds to unlock the set of cuffs, kissing each wrists with his soft pillowy lips, a juxtaposition to his rough ministrations just moments ago. 
A smile tugged your cheeks at his tender touches, a light blush dusting your cheeks following. It was one of the ways you would silently let Jungkook know you were fine, and to continue with his dominant persona.
“What do you want to do to me, right now,” you chirp up, feeling bold enough to meddle with him again.
“Wanna ruin you. You’re mine and only mine,” he recites as he silences your moans with the sloppy crash of his lips against yours, dipping his head down to kiss you in a messy, passionate kiss filled with love, lust and utter adoration for you. Jungkook growls as he tastes the remnants of himself on your tongue.
Breaking the kiss, Jungkook manoeuvres his hands underneath your thighs and pulls you down to him on the bed. He slides in between your open legs and wraps your legs around his waist. “Open your mouth like the pretty slut you are,” he smiles.
You follow his instructions and part your lips, whining when he gathers his saliva and spits in your mouth, the string of saliva hanging between the two of you as he chases it down and crashes his lips back against yours, forcing his tongue in immediately. It is fucking hot when he kisses this way. The lewd sound is filthy, a fresh stream of slick running down your folds.
Jungkook pins both your wrists above your head with one hand and leans his lower half against your cunt. You whine in protest as Jungkook teases you with his movements as he sets a languid pace of rubbing his cock against your swollen clit. “You fucking love this… So fucking wet I could slide in with no resistance. Is that what you want?” Jungkook hisses as he starts to pick up the pace.
Your breath is caught in your throat as you writhe and tremble under Jungkook, the fluid motion of his thrusts over your clit beginning to be too much. Your hands grip the pillows as your back arches at the searing hot pleasure taking over and burning into your skin. All your concentration is on Jungkook’s cock as you start to feel light headed as he brings you towards your orgasm.
“Oh god, I’m going to fucking cum,” you grit, the fire in your abdomen becoming too much.
“Hold it,” Jungkook growls, rutting harder over your pussy.
“J-jungk-kook, I-I can’t,” you cry, a fresh batch of tears finding home on your lash line.
“I. Said. Hold. It.”
Screaming, your body rejects his command as your gut tightens, the pressure in your abdomen becoming too much as you climax for the third time.
Jungkook leans back from you in silence and stares you down with fury at your disobedience.
“I told you not to come yet. Look at this filthy mess,” he barks as he crosses his arms over his chest.
“I-I’m s-sorry. J-jungkook, I’m so sorry.”
Jungkook lets out a snarl from deep within his chest, “You know what happens to disobedient sluts? They get punished.”
Your head falls to the side in shame away from Jungkook’s piercing stare as you nod in agreement. Jungkook stands at full height at the end of the bed and grasps both your ankles and tugs your body towards him and swiftly turns you over, instructing you to get on all fours, turning his own back to pick up his discarded belt from earlier.
You know the rules already. Face down, ass up. 
A hand brushes over your ass as his fingernails occasionally sink into your plush skin and pulls at your cheeks, "Wanna hear you, alright?" You moan in agreement at his words. 
Spreading your thighs apart, Jungkook's hand slips in between your thighs from behind and gently carcasses your folds, playing with your clit teasingly, captivated by the way your pussy clenches over nothing just by the small brushes of the pads of his rough fingertips. "I love you," he whispers.
The belt makes its first contact with your skin and you let your eyes flutter closed and a broken moan leaves your lips.
You heard Jungkook suck in a breath through his teeth and chuckle a little as he lets the belt crack against your ass, watching ruby red welts appear on your skin, Jungkook admires you all the more. “You know…” he starts, as he unfolds the expensive leather from his hands, taking a break and lets his hands dip back into your pussy. You groan at the slippery mess in your cunt, "You have the prettiest…" He stops again to bend down and lick a broad strip over your delicate pussy, spitting into your folds once more and watches as runs in between your folds and mixes with your juices. "...Prettiest pussy. So fucking beautiful," Jungkook goes back to teasing your clit and listening to you moan and whimper, a silent ask for more.
Jungkgood chuckles lowly at your wants, deciding not to indulge you. "Ah ah, pretty girl," he smiles, letting the belt meet your ass a few more times.
"Such a good girl for me," he snorts in amusement at how well you take your punishments. 
Your breathing is erratic as he delivers the last spank to your ass, turning your head to look at your boyfriend behind you. His honey skin glistening with sweat from above you in the soft light.
His hands are back on your meaty flesh as he tentatively soothes the red welts and leans his face down to press soft kisses into the soft flesh. "You always get so wet when I spank you. It's meant to be a punishment but I think you enjoy it too much, hm," Jungkook asks rhetorically, "I think you act like a pushy brat on purpose," you can hear the smile in his statement before he gathers a glob of saliva in his mouth and spits onto your cunt. 
"Please, w-want you," you mewl, "Fill me up." 
Jungkook growls at your words, at how you always get what you want yet still want more, how you're just so insatiable from him. Only him. He grabs the base of his shaft and covers himself in your slick, coating his cock before he begins sinking into your entrance in one fluid motion. 
"How come I fuck you all the fucking time yet every time you're always this fucking tight, bunny," Jungkook groans, voice laced in lust and arousal. Your mouth hangs open at the tight squeeze of his girthy cock inside your velvet walls, drooling into the sheets as you ball up the duvet beneath you in your fists.
"You're always so big, Koo," the nickname slips out nonchalantly as your eyes roll back in the pleasure of it all. You will never get enough of his cock as the tip presses against your cervix as he bottoms out completely. 
You give an experimental clench around his cock and hear him mewl from behind you. Jungkook pulls out from behind you until just his tip is nestled into you before sinking back into you going as deep as he possibly can. You let out a small shriek at the motion as he pulls himself back out of your quivering hole and pushes back in, in another fluid motion. 
“Oh fuck, you always take my cock so well, your tight little pussy was made to be ravished by my fat cock, isn't that right? I love getting my dick wet by such a pretty pussy,” Jungkook moans, hands finding your waist and grips tight enough to leave colourful speckled bruises on your hips before stopping his movements altogether, keeping the tip snug inside as he uses his hold on your waist to pull you down on his cock instead, fucking yourself onto him. Tears gather in your eyes and threaten to spill over the edge at the pleasured powerful movements of your hips on his cock. 
"I-I'm gonna come," you shriek, allowing the tears to fall onto your sodden cheeks. 
"Yeah? Go on then, if you want to be a slut so bad, come all over my thick cock," Jungkook snarls as he pulls you faster and harder onto him, the sounds of skin slapping filling the room increasing as he piledrives you to completion. 
Your pussy flutters in pleasure of it all as you clench over and over onto his cock, feeling your orgasm wash over you, pulling you into a euphoric state of bliss. Perspiration gathers on the skin of your neck and forehead at the force of your climax.
However, above you Jungkook doesnt relent in his actions as he plants both his hands in your hair at the nape of your neck, gathering the strands in two tight makeshift ponytails and pulls you flushed against his chest and continues to fuck you through your orgasm.
"J-jungkook, 'm s-sensitive." 
"Do you want to use your safe word?" 
You let your head fall back against his shoulder, "No,” Turning your head towards Jungkook, you seal your confirmation with a heated and messy wet kiss. 
Grunting from behind you, you hear Jungkook gather more spit in his mouth and let the liquid dribble down into your mouth. "Swallow."
And so you did with no argument.
“Fuck - fuck,” Jungkook groans out as he impales his cock as deep as he can into you, his balls tightening as he watches your meaty ass ripple with every thrust he gives you. "Come, gonna cum," he stutters. The feeling of you cinched around his cock bringing him closer to the edge.
Jungkook grunts as he gives a few more ruts of his hips, feeling your pussy full with the warmth of his seed filling you up from inside. Jungkook doesn't stop fucking himself into you, milking himself with your pussy as you mewl in pleasure at his cum being thrusted into you.
Jungkook pulls out of you and flips you onto your back. You look down between you and see that his cock is still hard. How much stamina did this man have?
Jungkook looks like sin above you with his fucked out expression painted across his face as he fists his cock in one hand, making sure to curl his thumb around his sensitive tip. "One more yeah, you can give me one more?"
Hovering over you, he paws at the head band that is centimetres from falling off your head, fixing it back into place. Jungkook leans his face close to yours and presses a sweet kiss to your lips. Bringing your hand to the nape of his neck, you tug at the roots, deepening the kiss Jungkook pulls back and catches his breath. He brushes his thumb over your lip, dragging it and letting it go with a snap. You pull him back down and push your tongue into his mouth, kissing feverishly, hard and passionately. "One more," you whisper into the kiss. 
Jungkook releases a deep groan as he sinks his cock back in with ease, moaning when his thrusts speed up into a ruthless pace. The squelching of your cum, his spit and skin slapping mixed with your harmonious moans fill the room.
"Jungkook, you feel so good, keep going," you purr. Jungkook without missing a beat, fucks you harder and faster. You wrap your hands over his back and dig your nails into his sweat drenched creamy skin. Your moans grow in volume and intensity, letting Jungkook know just how good he makes you feel.
Jungkook takes one of your legs and places it over his shoulder, the change in angle allowing him to fuck deeper into you. Looking down at your tummy, Jungkook can see the outline of his thick cock lodged inside of you. “Such a good girl,” he praises. Hand pressing down on the bulge. “You’re mine. No one else can fuck you this good You're mine. Just remember that,” he mewls, emphasising his words with forceful thrusts.
Screaming, "I'm yours, I'm yours Kook - fuck, I love you." Your eyes let more tears go at the sheer force of your boyfriend's shaft obliterating your pussy.
Jungkook brings his hand down to your throat and curls his dings around your oesophagus, squeezing lightly on the sides. 
A dry sob leaves your mouth and your eyes rolling to the back of your head, "J-Jungkook, fuck, fuck, fuck."
His hand wraps tighter around your throat, not enough to hurt but just enough to constrict the oxygen into your lungs. Feeling the coolness of his rings dig into the searing skin of your neck was a welcomed feeling. His actions matched by his powerful ruts into your cunt mixed with the sounds of sweat soaked skin slapping against each other filling the room was bringing you closer to your third climax of the night. Your pussy involuntarily contracts around his cock. "Jungkook, g-gonna, gonna c-cum."
He gives a few vigorous thrusts before he focuses his attention on rubbing figures of eight on your clit, knowing that will help to get you there faster, desperate to get off himself. "Look at your tiny fucking cunt taking my cock. Still so tight, I don't get it," he grunts out with no mercy, "Doesn't matter how often I fuck you, you're. Still. So. Tight." 
Jungkook moves your leg off his shoulder and wraps them both around his waist. He grips your hips tightly, pulls you toward him and jackhammers you onto his cock, every stroke brings you towards the precipice of euphoric bliss. The feeling of his pulsating cock plunging into your seeping core has your hips bucking wildly. His teeth find your neck and he bites you hard enough to make you yelp.
Without warning, your third orgasm washes over you causing your body to still, in a state of bliss. There isn't a single coherent word that manages to fall from your lips, only the sounds of screams, cries and garbled incoherent sounds. Your walls constrict around Jungkook's shaft as he grunts on top of you. 
"Fuck yes, that's it, look at you. So fucking beautiful," he swears and fucks into you harder, "Gonna make me cum too, baby." Jungkook impales himself a few more times, the sight of him pumping in you like this is too much. He is fucking you as if you were just a doll to use for his own pleasure yet all you can do is take his cock in this position. He bites his bottom lip as he fucks you, some of his hair falling in front of his face. He looks delicious.
Jungkook releases an animalistic snarl from deep within his chest as he buries his thick, throbbing hard cock into you as he comes — warm ropes and ropes spurt from his pulsing cock, filling you up, and that sends you over the edge once again.
You come just as violently as the last, clamping down on Jungkook's cock, milking him through his release as he groans at the feeling. You can feel yourself squirt a tiny bit as he keeps pressing into you. 
Feeling his balls emptying and filling up your pussy with his warm load puts a smile on your face. You rock against him, both of you pant and groan together as you bask in your orgasmic state together.
Laughing, Jungkook dips his head into your shoulder and presses delicate kisses up your neck, on your cheek and lastly to your lip. He looks down at your tummy and giggles at the way it bloats, filled with cum.
Jungkook pulls out of you, the feeling of his cum dribbling out your spent cunt is warm and sticky. He pulls your bunny ears off your head and pulls you down to him by the waist and drops down next to you, pressing your head to his chest. Together, the two of you lay there trying to catch your breath not realising how warm and sweaty you were from all the fucking.
"Are you — are you okay?" Jungkook giggles as he kisses the top of your head. 
You have to try to get your mind and body working again to reply. The feeling of being fucked so hard has your entire body shut down. All that leaves your mouth is strange noises. They could have been words but probably not.
Pulling the comforter over both your bare bodies, you wrap your arm around Jungkook, pulling him closer. He smiles brightly, relief evident on his face as you listen to his heart beat slow to its regular rate. "You're too good to me, Koo." 
Jungkook intertwines your fingers with his own to bring them up to his lips and kiss your hand, "No, you're too good to me.. bunny," he winks.
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borathae · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Jungkook was sent by the Ravens of the Black Forest to kill the Queen of the Night Queendom. He hadn’t expected to find love when he climbed the high walls of the Queen’s castle and pressed a sharp blade against her throat.” 
Pairing: Bandit!Jungkook x Queen!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, e2l!AU, Smut, Romance
Warnings: LOTS of plot & worldbuilding omgmg, an assassination attempt, gags, ropes as bondages, switch!Jungkook, domish!Reader, knife play, blood play if you squint, choking, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, rough (angry) sex, crying kink ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ˡᵉᵗ'ˢ ᵇᵉ ʰᵒⁿᵉˢᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵐᵉ, mutual striptease, food play in the form of feeding (bruh it’s hot), they share a bath all nakedy 👀, Kook is such an angry boy in the beginning, lmao this whole story is sending me down a spiral tbfh
Wordcount: 19.9k
a/n: This is without doubt one of my fave stories I have written so far. I love the world I created so much. And yes this takes place in the same universe Unveiled takes place. I hope you guys enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it! 💜 also I know it’s long, but please give it a chance, it’s really good :(
Tumblr media
A cold blade against your throat wakes you. Your reaction is instant. You were prepared, waiting impatiently for the day to come. 
Your murderer is beneath you in an instance. His own blade is pressed right under his eye, your fingers have a tight grasp on his throat. 
He wiggles and growls, dark eyes glued to your face.
"Uh-hu", you warn, pressing the blade tighter to his skin. 
He grunts and eyes his shiny demise. 
"Fuck", he presses out, forsaking his fight against you. 
You tilt his head up, nails bruising his skin.
"Now tell me. Who could be so reckless to attack me in my bedchambers?"
"You have to kill me before I talk", he spits. 
You study him. Strong body with muscles that strain against his dark clothes. Pretty face with a chiseled jaw and soft cheeks, there is dirt and sweat on his skin. He is panting heavily, chapped lips parted. His nails are dirty and broken. That means he climbed up your walls. Logical. Your castle's wolves would have found him otherwise. Clever. Means he knew the grounds and your customs. 
"You climbed. Impressive. That would have been a high fall had you slipped. Fatal even." 
He growls and sits up, getting himself pressed down again. 
"It would have been worth it", he spits.
He is angry and filled with hate. It is directed at you. Interesting. People don’t normally look at you with such hatred. Which can only mean one thing.
"Ah!" he gasps, back arching in pain. 
You slashed through his shirt, cutting his skin in the process. He wiggles, finally showing you his strength. But you pin him down by his throat easily, ripping the shirt open with one hand. 
"I knew it." 
He snarls angrily, swallowing heavily because breathing is becoming terribly difficult. 
"You are one of them", you say, studying the raven tattoo on his right pec, "The Ravens of the Black Forest." 
He growls and fights harder. You figured him out. 
"Will you stop fighting against me?" you hiss, finally putting real pressure on his throat.
His eyes widen, fingers clasping your wrist. 
"Tell me your name." 
"Never", he chokes out. 
You squeeze harder, making his eyelids flutter. 
"You'd rather die than tell me your name? Your conviction is remarkable."
His body twitches, his lips opening and closing in search of air. You laugh. 
"Remarkable really. Such devotion could be useful. Also…" 
You drag the knife over his cheek softly.
" would be a waste to kill such a pretty face." 
You release his throat. He coughs and wheezes. 
"There, there you'll live. It will bruise but you will live", you soothe him, patting his chest.
He calms down slowly, staring at you with widened eyes. 
"Why would you spare me?" 
"Because I am not the monster you think me to be." 
He tries to sit up. 
"Stay", you order, pressing the blade right against his throat. 
He falls down on the mattress, licking over his lips nervously. 
"That's better", you smile, "now, I’ll give you one last chance to tell me your name before I call in my warriors and tell them to throw you into a cell to rot." 
"Call them", he hisses. 
You lower your eyes in anger. 
"Valkeria! Auralia!" you call them, "your silence won’t save you stranger", you tell him. 
"My Queen you called upon us", Valkeria asks, grasping her sword. 
"A confused bird has found its way into my bedchamber. Take him back to his cage." 
"Yes my Queen." 
The stranger leaves with an impressive struggle. Your warriors have much to do. 
"You won’t get through with this! You hear me? They will come looking for me!" he screams. 
"Gag him too, he is oh so noisy and I am trying to sleep." 
Tumblr media
The torches flicker, casting deep shadows on the stone walls. His steps echo, giving off the impression that at least three people were being dragged over the floor. He gave up fighting one night ago when all it brought him was a cut across his stomach. It stopped bleeding this morning, but still burned. 
"Walk, will you?" the Queen's warrior tells him, tugging at his aching arm. 
"If I was the Queen, I would have fed him to Woltron three nights ago", the second warrior, who was dragging him, says. 
"Don't let Her hear you." 
"I don't care. She is too merciful with his people." 
He could feel her iron nails dig into his arm at the mention of his people. She hated him and wanted him dead. Just like he hated them and wanted them dead. 
"Valkeria please lower your voice." 
"Don't forbid my words. You know how it ended last time. Ymir is still dead and he is still on the run." 
At that he felt his ears twitch in attention. Is he, they are talking about, who he thinks he is? But that wouldn’t make sense, he never returned home. They must be talking about someone else.
"The Queen thinks this one is different." 
"Well, then she is delusional." 
He found it peculiar that they were fighting. His teacher always told him that the witches of the Night Queendom, which called themselves rulers, always stuck together. He was taught like that. Cut off one head and three new ones will take its place. That is why the witches of the Night Queendom were so successful in banishing his kind, because they always stuck together. 
"We will see of her delusions very soon." 
A lock gets turned and he gets pushed up the same stairs he had been dragged down three nights ago when he failed his mission to kill the Queen. 
"Come now little bird, don’t give up now", she warns and pushes him roughly. 
He was close to giving up. He was taught that people like him were not supposed to give up no matter how hard life was. But he felt close to giving up, passing out to be more precise. Three nights and four days is a long time with no nourishment or sleep if one had to run for five days and climb walls before that. His body was losing its will to produce strength. 
And so he stumbled, cushioning his fall with his hands and knees. It ached so terribly. 
"Get up!" 
He gets pulled to his feet roughly. He could feel the sharp pain of the warrior's nails on his skin. 
"Aren’t you people supposed to be strong? Where is that strength now?" 
"Valkeria! Stop your cruelty, can’t you see that his body is weakened?" 
He gets pulled down a familiar hallway. He stumbles with his eyes barely staying open and his head pounding. He knows that hallway. He was led through it when he was caught. They are bringing him back to the Queen's bedchambers.  
She stops him with a harsh tug on his hair. It made him stumble and groan in pain. 
He could hear three knocks somewhere far away and a voice call out even further away. Then he gets pushed again, falling to his knees. 
"Oh my! Valkeria you mustn’t push him that hard." 
"I am sorry my Queen, I underestimated my strength." 
He feels a warm hand place itself on his arm and rub circles up and down his skin. 
It was the Queen's hand, he knows that it was. It gave him enough strength to lift up his head and send her a deathly glare.  
You are smiling at him. 
"Good evening stranger. I apologize for my warriors, they can be quite rough at times. Auralia please help him up and help him take his place." 
She follows in an instance. Just moments later he is secured on a chair, arms and legs tied. He grunts and wiggles, but to no avail. He knits his brows and grinds his teeth. This is it. He is going to die like a weak bitch, tied up and starved. Oh if his fellow brothers would see him right now, they would laugh at him. 
He can hear them talk behind him, the Queen and Her warriors.
"Leave us." 
"But my Queen-" 
"Leave us."
"What will you do with him?" 
"It mustn’t concern you Valkeria." 
"You know how it ended last time, Ymir is dead." 
"Valkeria, don’t speak to Her like this." 
"No, don’t defend me Auralia. Valkeria’s worries are justified….Valkeria." 
"Yes my Queen?" 
"This one is different. And if he isn’t, Woltron will be happy to feast upon him." 
He shivered at that, tugging at the ropes in hopes of getting free. Woltron. That name fell twice this night. It must be one of the wolves he heard growling behind the castle walls. As tall as trees and with a fur as dark as the night and as sturdy as the strongest armour. They scare him. 
"I understand my Queen." 
"Leave now, I can handle him from here." 
"Yes my Queen." 
He can hear a door open and close then steps as the Queen rounds him. 
"It is just you and me now." 
He grunts and challenges you with a harsh tug on the ropes. It makes his stomach ache again. 
"Don't fight it. They are laced with magic, they only loosen when I tell them to." 
"You witch", he growls and spits at your feet, "your curses can’t hurt me." 
You stare at your feet and the spot on which his saliva is glistening in the lights. 
"You have terrible manners for someone, whose life I saved”, you observe with disappointment lacing your voice.
He looks away and clenches his jaw in anger. You call it saving, he calls it keeping him captive. 
"Now, let me see if my warriors were too cruel to you." 
You lower yourself to inspect his body. His muscles were tense, his skin dirty and his shirt was clinging to his torso in torn stripes. 
"They cut you open", you observe, stroking your finger underneath the deep cut. 
He tenses and tries to flee from your touch, pressing his toes into the ground with all he got. 
"Don't touch me witch", he presses out through gritted teeth. 
"I must if I want to clean you." 
You rise to get a bowl of warm, clean water and a soft rag. The water smells like eucalyptus, making his eyes water. You soak the rag and wring it out.
"Stay still now or else it will hurt more than it must." 
He tries to fight it, tries to flee but he knows it is fruitless, soon the rag is touching his wound. He hisses and writhes under the burning sensation.
"What is that? What are you doing to me?" 
"I am cleaning you. I don’t want you to get infected." 
You clean the rag of his blood and place it on his stomach a second time. His muscles ripple in answer, fleeing the sensation. It must burn a lot, you pity him, it must be really uncomfortable.
"No, don’t touch me." 
"I know it burns. I apologize but I must clean it." 
One last time you drag the clean rag over his stomach. 
"Don't touch me", he growls and writhes.
"Will you stay still?" you hiss, straightening up to be face to face with him, "I won’t hurt you, I merely want you to feel better." 
He grunts, breathing heavily. 
"I don't need your help." 
"Yes, yes you do because right now you are tied to my chair in my chambers after starving for four days while outside an army of my strongest warriors just burns to bury their swords in your chest. So yes, you do need my help right now." 
He understands. He knows that he was outnumbered, weakened and defenceless and that your mercy was the only thing still keeping him alive. He was clever enough to realise that fighting you right now would only end in his death. He was trained for this, trained to survive when his chances were miniscule and fight when his chances were overflowing. He knew that right now the best thing to do was be complacent. 
He scoffs and stops wiggling, challenging you with a cock of his eyebrows.
"That's better", you smile victoriously and begin cleaning the cut on his chest. 
It wasn’t as deep as the one on his stomach and he had almost forgotten about it, hadn’t you dragged your rag over it. 
He hisses and tenses up. 
"It burns doesn’t it?" 
He stays quiet. 
"I know, but worry not. You will feel better once it begins working." 
"What?” he stares at the rag with widened eyes, “what have you done witch?" 
"I'm no witch", you halt your movements, "and I haven’t done anything”, you begin cleaning him again, “I merely added healing oils to the water to soothe your pain.”
“Healing oils?” he asks, craning his neck to stare at his exposed torso.
“Yes, my healers prepared them for me. They are quite helpful I must say. I use them whenever something aches”, you explain and send him a reassuring smile.
You must be lying. These aren’t healing oils. They must be infused with magic. Must be made to kill him, poison him slowly until it looks like he died of a weak body. This is all just a trick. He grunts, begins writhing again until his wrists and ankles hurt from the ropes digging into his skin.
“Will you stay still?” you hiss, grabbing him by his cheeks and squishing them, “I am almost done.”
“Leave me alone. Leave”, he grunts in exhaustion, “leave me alone.”
You sigh, dropping the rag back into the dirty water. You stand up and pet his hair, making him flinch back and growl with every touch.
“They sent a feisty one this time. I must say, your friend was easier to handle.”
“My friend?”
“Yes, your friend. He came to us a fortnight ago, climbed the walls just like you did and failed to kill me”, you pause to study his features.
He doesn’t look at you, grinding his teeth with a clenched jaw.
“He was far more loquacious than you. Said his name was Seokjin and that his brothers wouldn’t stop trying until I am finally dead.”
You could watch how he tenses up at the mention of his friend’s name. So your assumptions were right, the Ravens of the Black Forest are finally making their moves again. They were a group of men, hiding out in the deepest corners of the Black Forest. They despised you for being a woman and for being the one in control. You did understand them, men on this earth were treated poorly by many of your fellow women, but their hatred still offended you. You made sure that men in your lands were treated fairly and as equals, not as lesser beings made to be a woman's ragdoll. But these men, these angry, misunderstood men wanted you dead nonetheless. It had been years until their last attacks before they started again last month.
“Why is Rafkan attacking us again?” you ask, spreading healing creams on his wounds, “tell me stranger, what is his motivation?”
He scoffs and turns his head away. He only reacts when you reach the cut on his stomach, sucking in air through his teeth at the cold sensation. You soothe him with a quiet “hush it’s good for you” and a soft pat to his stomach. It makes him tense up to the point that his muscles shake.   
“Is it gold that he wants?” you begin, placing the bowl of ointment on your table, “perhaps food? Or medicine?” you ask, eyes flitting up to meet his’.
His expression stays stone cold. He doesn’t want to talk. You begin placing clean bandages on his cuts, making him tense up. It is peculiar how he is still fighting your kindness when you are so gentle with him. You place the bandages on his cuts with uttermost care and smooth over them as cautiously as you could and he was still fighting you, hissing in anger and sending you dark looks.
“Clearly he wants something”, you say, finishing the last touches.  
“He doesn’t, he just wants you witches dead.”
“How you talk disappoints me. I am no witch, I already told you so.”
He scoffs, “sure.”
You furrow your brows and take a deep breath. This one is a lot more stubborn than his friend was. You can see it in his eyes, it won’t be an easy task to gain his trust.
“You know, your friend was the same as you. Stubborn and filled with anger. Until he realised that he had nothing to fear here.”
“I’m not scared of you”, he spits.
“Of course you aren’t, but wouldn’t it be much easier for both of us if you started to talk?”
He laughs dryly, shaking his head.
“I see, you don’t think that way. Fine, then I must convince you otherwise.”
His head snaps up at your words, eyes filled with fear even though he clearly doesn’t want you to know that he was scared. He knew it. He knew that you would sooner or later retort to torturing him. Just like Rafkan told him, the witches of the Night Queendom were evil, sadistic monsters. He watches you as you slither through the room like the poisonous snake you are. He is sure that underneath that ebony dress your scales are hiding and that behind those red painted lips your poisonous fangs were waiting to be used. He watches you as you disappear behind a folding screen, using the opportunity of solitude to tug at the ropes again. He grunts, grinding his teeth. No matter how much he fights, how much strength he uses or how angrily he wiggles, the ropes stay closed like iron fingers on his body.
“Fuck”, he presses out quietly, dropping his head. The bandages look weird on his body, almost forbidden. He hates to admit it, but whatever you did to him is working. Ever since your warrior cut him open, he felt this everlasting ache on his stomach. It is finally gone. He doesn’t feel anything other than the prickling sensation of whatever ointment you put on him and that sensation wasn’t painful, it was as a matter of fact pleasant and he hated it. He hated it because he never wanted to connect good sensations with your kind.
“So, now let’s see”, your voice makes him raise his head again.
You are back, strutting to him with a tray in your hands. His heart is racing unbearably fast in his chest. This is it. He only heard nightmare stories of your people’s cruelty and now he will experience it on his own body. You set the tray down on the table beside him and pull a chair close to him to sit down on it. He eyes the tray, wondering to himself why the tools looked like cutlery.
You reach for an iron jug, pouring translucent liquid into a mug. You guide the mug to his lips, touching them with the cold edge.
He shakes his head, pressing his lips closed as good as possible.
“You must be thirsty, drink.”
He turns away.
“It will do you good.”
He shakes his head no and eyes the drink with panic in his eyes.
“Here, look”, you say and take a big sip, “it is water from our fountains. It is clean and tastes fresh, you have nothing to fear.”
“Don’t be stubborn, you need water to live.”
“I don’t need your water, witch.”
“You must stop calling me a witch when I am merely trying to help you.”
“Help me? It would help me far more if you just slid my throat instead of poisoning me slowly.”
You sit back on your chair, tilting your head to the side in confusion.
“Poison you?” you laugh loudly.
It angers him to hear you laughing at his words. He tugs at the ropes and growls, hoping that the surge of anger gives him enough strength to break through. It doesn’t.
“I am not intending to poison you stranger, so come don’t be stubborn and accept the water”, you say, placing the mug against his lips again.
He breathes quickly, it smells like nothing. Only the iron mug gives off a faint scent. You tilt the mug, making the water touch his lips. He presses his eyes shut at the cold sensation, waiting for the unbearable burn of the poison. It doesn’t come, as a matter of fact, nothing happens other than that his skin feels wet all of a sudden.
He locks eyes with you and finally parts his lips. The liquid feels cold on his tongue, coating his terribly dry mouth. He swallows, grunting when his throat finally stops aching in thirst. You were right. It tastes clean and fresh and so, so cold. He hates how good it felt and how hungrily he began drinking it.
“There we go. That’s better. You must have been really thirsty. I apologize that I kept you waiting for so long, but I needed to weaken you a little before I could talk to you.”
The water runs down his chin and trips down on his chest. You wipe it off with your hand.
“Don’t worry, you won’t return to your cell again. Unless of course, you decide to misbehave.”
He breaks away from the mug and swallows the last bit of the water.
“Just throw me in there again, I won’t talk”, his voice comes out easier now that his throat wasn’t so dry anymore.
“Oh trust me, I know that you won’t talk tonight. That is why I brought this”, you say and open an iron cloche.
He had expected to be met with torture devices, but instead freshly cooked food was looking back at him. Meat and potatoes, garnished with a red sauce. His stomach rumbles on instinct, so loudly that you could hear it as well.
“I can hear that you are hungry. So eat as much as you desire.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“You think it is poisoned, don’t you?”
His silence is answer enough for you.
You sigh and cut off a piece of meat and potato so you could eat them in front of his eyes. You chew and swallow.
“See? It is not poisoned.”
He eyes it, swallowing down the saliva in his mouth.
“I’m not hungry.”
You cut off a piece and guide it to his lips.
He locks eyes with you, opens his mouth and lets you place the food inside.
“There you go, that’s-“, your voice cuts off as he spits it back out again right at your face. You gasp and touch the spot it had touched.
“I don’t need your food witch”, he spits.
“I am trying to help you. How dare you spit at me”, you hiss.
“Be glad I am bound to this chair because if I wasn’t, I’d do things far worse to you.”
You place the fork down and sigh.
“You disappoint me stranger, I thought you would know better than this. Valkeria! Auralia!”
The door opens.
“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”
“Take him back to his cell. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet.”
“I’ll kill you. You hear me?” he growls, fighting against your warriors' grasps.
“And gag him again, he is oh so noisy”, you order, locking eyes with him. Your warriors are stuffing a rag into his mouth, doing with little concern for his wellbeing. He grunts and whimpers, fighting against the feeling but losing miserably.
“I told you not to misbehave, this is all on you”, you tell him coldly, “now take him away, I don’t want to see him anymore.”
His screams are muffled and unintelligible, but you know that he is screaming curses at you.
Tumblr media
He had been sleeping before. It wasn’t really sleeping if he was being honest, the rag in his mouth and the ropes around his hands prevented him from feeling comfortable. Not that he found any kind of comfort in the cold, wet prison cell her warriors threw him in after he spat at her face last night. Or was it two nights ago? Perhaps even three nights? He doesn’t quite know as the only source of light was the measly torch outside his cell. But he knew that it was time for him to leave his cell again. It was being opened and two warriors stepped through the threshold.
“Wake up birdie”, one of them tells him and kicks his side.
He groans and writhes away, trying to sit up but failing miserably.
“Stop that Valkeria.”
“Why? She just told us to bring him to Her, she never spoke of treating him gently.”
“Yes, but kicking him awake won’t do you any good.”
"Yes it will, it's fun", she says and kicks him again. 
He could feel the pain in his entire body. It leaves a dull thumping sensation behind. 
"Stop that!" 
The other, and nicer, warrior squats down before him and places her hands on his shoulders so she could help him sit up. He does so with a groan, everything inside of him ached.
“I apologize for my friend’s behaviour. She doesn’t know what she is doing. The Queen sent for you again, you will leave your cell tonight”, she spoke with a calm and gentle voice.
She helps him to his feet and supports him by his arm.
“Come now, walk.”
He stumbles and tries to walk. He regrets not taking any of the Queen's food. He thought that he couldn’t feel any worse, but he does. He feels close to death. The colours around him looked washed out and pale, the world seemed blurry and distorted and his legs felt like two pieces of iron. He stumbles up the steps, the warrior pulls him back up easily.
“See? That is what you get when you refuse Her food”, she says with disappointment lacing her voice.
She was right in a way. He should have at least eaten the potato, then he wouldn’t be in so much pain. Perhaps then he would also have enough strength to push her down the stairs and run for his life. Perhaps if he ate that potato he would have already been able to flee.
He stumbles again, being held up by the warrior’s strong grasp.
“It’s not far anymore, hold on for a little longer.”
“Why are you so nice to him Auralia? He doesn’t deserve our kindness”, the first, and sadistic, warriors spits and a second later he feels his hair get twisted painfully.
He groans and stumbles, hitting his shins and toes way too many times as she pulls him up the stairs by his hair.
“Valkeria stop that!”
She stops tugging at his hair but only because they have reached the Queens chambers and she needs to knock. He is crying by now. Not actually, physically crying because he feels sad but out of his eyes tears are spilling from the discomfort of his hair being tugged. And then she tugs at his hair again, making him stumble into the Queens chambers.
He would have fallen on his face if you hadn’t caught his body before that, now he is lying in your arms, face buried in your chest.
“Valkeria! If I see you abuse him one more time, you will be the one being fed to Woltron”, you spit angrily.
“It is not my fault he is too stupid to walk”, Valkeria answers, shrugging her shoulders.
You click your tongue, “leave for the night and tell Yeri to take your place instead.”
“My Queen?”
“You need to take control of your emotions Valkeria.”
“Yes my Queen. I understand my Queen”, she mumbles and bows her head.
The door closes then and he feels his body being straightened up.
“Good evening stranger”, you greet him with an apologetic smile, “I apologize for Valkeria’s behaviour, you must know she has good reasons to hate your people.”
He furrows his brows in confusion.
“Your friend, Seokjin, he killed one of my warriors before he fled back to you. Ymir was her name and she was Valkeria’s wife.”
He lowers his eyes in shame. 
“But for now let’s take off this gag shall we?”
He gasps for air the moment the rag is out of his mouth, licking over his lips repeatedly. The soaked rag lands on the floor with a low thump.
“I felt awful having to gag you for days, but you spat at my face, it was only the right thing to do.”
He scoffs, wiping his mouth with his tied hands. The corners of his mouth ache terribly, they also feel hot when he licks over them, he must have inflamed them from the rag constantly rubbing against them.
“Don’t worry, they are only a little reddened. It’s nothing a few days of rest can’t fix”, you assure him, “but now, come follow me. I need to clean you.”
You tug at his arms. He is too weak to fight back, stumbling after you.
“Where are we going?” he asks weakly, eyeing the chair he had been tied to before.
“The bathing room. You stink.”
You lead him past a wall of thick curtains into a small, windowless room. Dozens of candles were lit and in the middle of the room an iron tub was standing, filled with warm water. It smelled of lavender and chamomile in the room.
You stand him next to the tub and reach for a pair of sharp scissors. He eyes them.
“Stay away”, he warns.
“Stay calm, I won’t hurt you.”
You move closer, he stumbles back until the back of his knees hit the tub. It makes him hiss at the sudden warm sensation on his skin.
“What, what are you doing?”
“I am undressing you.”
“No, don’t touch my clothes.”
“I prepared new clothes for you. Worry not, they are still black”, you tell him and cut open the right sleeve of his blouse. Next the left sleeve, it rips easily. He wiggles with his upper body in an attempt to fight you off.
“Stay still”, you pull at the ropes, “I don’t want to cut you on accident.”
He stays still but only because the scissors were terribly close to his crotch. He raises his head and looks up at the ceiling. Rafkan was right, the witches of the Night Queendom were sadistic monsters and now the leader of them all was stealing him of the only thing still keeping him connected to his brothers. He wonders if next she tries to give him a new name or worse burn off his tattoo. That’s what those witches do, they steal your identity until you have forgotten who you were, that is what Rafkan told him. And that is why Seokjin has never returned to him and his brothers. He knows that you were lying. Seokjin probably never left the castle’s walls, perhaps he became dinner for the wolves or Valkeria killed him when you weren’t looking or maybe he was living among them, thinking that he was someone else. Seokjin would never willingly stay away from his brothers, something must have happened to him.
You cut off the last thread keeping his pants together and pull the destroyed fabric from his legs. You stand up again and watch his face. He stares at you with angry precision, jaw tensed and eyes burning in hatred. His tied hands are covering him, muscles flexed in the desire to bash your head in.
"Let’s get you in the water, shall we?”
He lets you help him step in the bathtub, but only because you kept his hands still tied. It is warm on his skin, he had already forgotten how warmth feels like or how baths felt like for that matter. It must have been years since his last bath. Rafkan doesn’t really let them take baths because baths were reserved for witches, so he said.
“There we go”, you say, supporting him as he sits down.
The water reaches him to his chest just a little under where his tattoo ends. The smell of lavender and chamomile is even stronger in the bathtub, making him dizzy.
“Now lean back and relax, I will get your soaps.”
He stares at you angrily, leaning back against the bathtub. He may seem like he is relaxing, but he isn’t, every fibre in his body is tensed. He watches you as you turn your back to him and begin sorting through something on the little table next to the tub. He wonders if he could strangle you, he would only need to act quickly enough. Jump to his feet and out of the bath and use the ropes around his wrists to strangle you instead. Or perhaps if he is even quicker he could steal the scissors from the table and carve a new hole into your ribcage. He sits up and pushes himself up.
“There we go”, you turn around, making him fall back against the tub, “I have everything I need. You must know our soap makers create masterpieces, you will feel so clean afterwards.”
You place the bar of soap on the edge of the tub and fill an iron bowl with water. Then you go behind him, making him crane his neck.
“Keep looking forward”, you tell him, turning his head back.
“Don’t touch me.”
“Hush, you will thank me.”
“No don’t-“, a gasp interrupts him as you pour water over his head. He grunts with his eyes closed, mouth opening and closing repeatedly and shoulders heaving up and down. You pour more water over his head, making him hold his breath. A third time and then you finally place the bowl on the floor and reach for the soap. He sends you a deathly glare over his shoulder. You merely give him an apologetic smile and turn his head to the front again. He grunts, frowning.
“If my body wasn’t so weak I would kill you”, he growls, “I would drown you in this bathtub right here and now.”
“Yes?” you say and begin rubbing the soap into his scalp.
“Yes. Or maybe I would bash your head in with the corner of the tub and watch your rotten brains spill out.”
“That sounds gruesome”, you say, running your nails over his scalp gently. You watch goosebumps form on his shoulders and neck.
“And then I, I would dig your rotten heart out of your chest with the scissors.”
“Really?” you pay special attention to the nape of his neck, massaging the soap into his hair thoroughly.
“And, and then I would strangle you and, and…and…” he drifts off, body relaxing just slightly.
“That sounds like a thorough plan. So why not do it?” you ask, running your fingers over the crown of his head repeatedly.
“Because you tied my hands”, he answers you.
“I thought the Ravens were taught to fight with their hands tied so that they would never be handicapped in a fight.”
You brush his hair out of his face, making sure to caress his forehead with relaxing touches. The movements make his head tilt back just enough that you could watch his eyelids flutter. You keep watching them, massaging the front of his head in circular motions.
“That is a lie”, he presses out, forcing his lips closed so they wouldn’t part in relaxation.
“It is? I apologize then, it seems I was misinformed.”
You tilt his head back to the front and get the bowl.
“Close your eyes, I need to wash the soap out.”
He hates that he closes his eyes and that he waits for the water with held breath and he hates it even more that he feels disappointed that you have already finished washing his hair. If his brothers would see him right now they would beat him with sticks until he wasn’t moving anymore. He is betraying them, with every second he sits in this tub and allows you to wash him he is betraying them.
“There we go”, you place the bowl down, “the worst is gone, now I will make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.”
He tenses up when he feels your fingers in his hair again, rubbing soothing circles on his scalp. He hates that he doesn’t hate it. Your fingers draw circles on his scalp, tugging on his hair softly with every movement. He sighs and closes his eyes. Somewhere far away he remembers the sensation. He can’t place the location or person to said sensation, but he knows that sometime in his life he had experienced it before. He squeezes his eyes shut further to stop the brickling of tears. Why does he like this so much?
“Now tell me something else. I heard the Ravens are all orphans and that Rafkan was the one who saved you. Is that also a lie?”
He growls and turns, pushing himself out of the tub. The mention of his leader clearly angered him. You push him back down, “stay I’m not finished with you.”
“I hate you”, he spits, writhing away, “don’t touch me witch.”
Now he realises what had happened, why he enjoyed this moment so much. It was black magic again. You bewitched him and made him believe that he enjoyed your touches. It was all a scheme to get him to talk and spill the secrets of his people.
“I am no witch”, you hiss and press him down harshly, “now stay and let me wash you.”
He wiggles, making the water splash over the edge of the tub.
“Keep still.”
He fights more, almost making you fall into the water with him.
He gasps and stops fighting. You just slapped his cheek with the back of your hand. It wasn’t hard or painful, just a mere nudge, but it surprised him nonetheless.
“See? Now I slapped you on accident. That is what you get from wiggling so much.”
He looks over his shoulder to send you a deathly glare. You smile and connect your fingers with his hair.
“I apologize for slapping you, I hope it didn’t hurt.”
He scoffs.
“I take this as a no”, you say and massage his scalp so well that he can’t help but shiver on instinct, “I merely want to help you stranger.”
He turns to the front and clenches his jaw. It angers him how weak his body feels. Just those short moments of struggle drained him to the point that his eyes feel droopy. He couldn’t fight you any more, even if he tried. He just has to sit here and allow you to wash his hair.
“Tell me stranger, do you have a name? I don’t like calling you stranger.”
He stays silent. You massage the spot behind his ears, watching how he straightens up at the sensation and tilts his head back. You keep touching him there. His lips part without him even noticing that they do.
“Or perhaps you have no name”, you wonder.
He doesn’t answer you. Your fingers run through his hair again, making his shoulder raise and sink in a deep breath.
“Worry not, I can give you one.”
He tenses up.
“How about Ragnahr? Or perhaps a longer name. Something strong and mysterious. Something like-“
“Jungkook. My name is Jungkook.”
“That is a good name. It fits you.”
Jungkook closes his eyes and squeezes his own hands in anger. He wasn’t angry at you, he was angry at himself for revealing his name to you so easily. All it took was for you to threaten him with a wrong name and he already broke. Rafkan would be so disappointed in him. He should have just let you give him a wrong name. It is not like he is planning on staying here for long. Once he has eaten and rested and has regained his strength he will finally fulfill his task of killing you. He should have stayed unknown, should have taken on a wrong name and lived under an alias until his destiny was fulfilled.
You twist his hair softly, gathering it up at the top of his head to really rub the soap into his scalp. He can hear your movements and feel them all the way down to his toes. It makes them curl and his eyelids flutter. He allows them to fall closed because deep down he knew he couldn’t fight this exhaustion for long anymore. 
He begins thinking again. There must have been something stopping him from living under an alias. Something inside of him that told his tongue to speak the truth because living in a lie would have been torture too big. Perhaps it was that everlasting emptiness in his heart, which was present ever since he was five and ripped away from his parent’s dead arms by a masked stranger. Perhaps it was this hollow unknowing he always had to carry around with him that told him that losing even more of his identity would end in his ruin.
“My name is ___, you can call me this instead of always calling me a witch”, you say, running your fingers along his temples. You could feel that he carried a lot of pain in that area, it was written all over his features and was present in the way he tensed at your touch.
“Why would I call you this when you are nothing but a witch?” he hisses, but the slight shake in his voice made him sound a lot less angry.
“Because you think wrongly of me. I am no witch, I am a simple woman with no magical abilities.”
“Lies. You and your people are witches.”
“Is that what Rafkan told you?”
He closes his mouth and stays silent.
“Of course he did”, you sigh, “Rafkan doesn’t know everything about this world.”
“Yes he does and he told me that you would say such things. That you would use sweet words and soft touches to bewitch me until I am your slave.”
“My slave?” you laugh loudly and for some reason it makes him feel really stupid.
“Don’t laugh”, he spits angrily.
“I must apologize, but that is perhaps the most amusing thing I have ever heard.”
He scoffs, clenching his jaw.
“I don’t keep slaves in my castle. Everyone who is by my side, who works for me or does things for me, does them out of their own free will.”
“I don’t believe you”, he hisses, “I know your true nature. I know about your scales and your poisonous fangs and about the human sacrifices.”
“Human sacrifices?” you laugh, “scales and fangs?” you laugh even more.
“Stop laughing!” he screams in anger.
He just told you that he knows your darkest secrets and you are laughing at him. You are mocking him. It angers him so much that he feels like crying. You are not supposed to laugh, you are supposed to beg him not to tell anyone.
You round him then, carrying amusement in your eyes.
“Tell me Jungkook. Where did Rafkan tell you that I am covered in scales?”
He stays silent but looks at your torso.
“My torso? Oh that’s a clever place. He probably told you that because of them you need to make sure to stab me with all your strength so the knife would pierce them didn’t he?”
He turns his head away and grinds his teeth. You are still mocking him, taking him for a fool. This must be your way of hiding the truth. Make him out to be the idiot while your secrets stay safe. He clenches his jaw, feeling all the tension you massaged away return to his head.
He hears something then, as if fabric had hit the ground. He turns his head, instantly looking away again. You have bared yourself to him. Rafkan told him not to look at your naked body because the scales would hypnotise him. He holds his breath, squeezes his eyes shut and hopes that this would be enough to keep him safe.
“Don’t turn away. Look at me.”
“You can’t trick me witch.”
“I am not tricking you. Look at me.”
“No, I know what this will do to me. I’m no fool.”
“Yes you are. A fool who believes the ramblings of an even bigger fool”, you step closer, “look at me Jungkook.”
“Look. At. Me.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then you will prove to me that you are nothing but a foolish child.”
He isn’t foolish, let alone a child. It angers him that you would even dare to put such words into your mouth. He peels his eyes open, looking at the ground. He can see your legs from the corners of his eyes. They seem normal to him. He takes a deep breath. He needs to be brave now, Rafkan will be so proud of him if he survives.
He turns and holds his breath.
“What?” he gasps, feeling his world crumble.
He blinks in confusion, letting his eyes run over your body almost obsessively exact. There are no scales, not even one. You turn a few times to show him everything. Still nothing, only human skin.
“Rafkan lied to you”, you close the distance between you and him and step into the bath.
He tenses up, tries to get away from you. He ends up housing you between his legs, panting at the feeling of your skin against his.
“Just as he lied to you about my fangs”, you say and open your mouth.
He looks at every tooth, feeling like his head might explode. Rafkan told him of big, sharp fangs. He told him that just a touch could kill and that therefore he shouldn’t force your mouth open after he killed you to check for them. There were no fangs in your mouth, not even one.
“No, no he wouldn’t lie.”
“Yes he would. He is a madman, who is obsessed with the idea of making me fall. I am sure that he told you that my people hunt your people for fun, that we find some sick pleasure in hurting men.”
You came closer in the time you spoke, making him press himself against the bathtub.
“Stay away from me.”
You reach for something on the table and Jungkook flinches away as you pull your hand back.
“I don’t want to hurt you”, you say, forcing him to look at you with two fingers under his chin. There is a clean rag in your fingers, “I want to help you.”
You soak the rag, guiding it to his face. He moves back, panting heavily in anger, or maybe it was fear.
“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning you. Your face looks terrible with all the dirt covering it”, you say, dragging the fabric over his chin.
He grunts, watching your hand as it dances up his face to clean his left cheek. His eye closes on instinct as you drag the rag over his skin underneath it. You clean his nose next, up and down the bridge of it until his eyes feel terribly heavy again. This must be your magic again, he feels so tired all of a sudden. You clean his right cheek, doing so a lot more tender because he has a little cut on his cheekbone. It burns just the slightest bit, but not enough to wake him up. Your face blurs in his vision, the colours fade out again as his eyes close more and more.
You wash out the cloth.
“We are almost done, worry not”, you say quietly and support his wobbling head with your hand at the back of it.
“What have you done to me?” he forces out, eyes falling closed.
“Nothing, although I must confess I chose the best sleeping oils for our bath. Their smell is supposed to help you fall asleep.”
“Stop messing with my mind, witch.”
“I’m not and I am no witch.”
You clean his forehead, watching the creases disappear from it. It only lasts a second. He inhales loudly and forces his eyes open again. The warmth of the water, the scent of the flowers, your tender touch and soft body against his’ almost got him. He can’t give up now, not when he had already come so far. Who knows what you would do to him, would he fall asleep. Perhaps you would drown him in this bath, hang his naked body for everyone to see above your castle walls. He can’t allow that to happen.
“Don’t fight it. I know you haven’t rested in days”, you whisper, caressing his cheek with your hand.
He shakes you off and widens his eyes.
“I’m not tired.”
“Yes you are, even now when you are surrounded by warm water, your body is shivering. I can feel it.”
He knows that you were right. He had been shivering uncontrollably ever since you joined him in the bath. He is glad that you think it was because of exhaustion, because in truth he was terribly scared of you. He was scared that this was all just a trick. That Rafkan was right and you were nothing but a snake. Perhaps he failed to mention that you could hide your true nature and you knew that. Perhaps you are using his ignorance to your advantage.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Believe me?” you ask, cleaning his torso with the rag.
“Your scales and fangs, you are hiding them.”
You chuckle, “and you fear that if you close your eyes I would use them on you?”
“I know you are planning something, witch.”
“Yes, I am. I want you to rest tonight.”
Jungkook furrows his brows and watches you. You are cleaning his stomach, using less pressure when your fingers are touching his cut. You are so gentle with him, it is confusing him so much. Why are you gentle and careful with him? Why is your skin not covered in scales? Why does your mouth not carry fangs? And why do you want him to rest as if his wellbeing was of importance to you?
You smile and pat his shoulder, “why not?”
He blinks and shifts his gaze to the water. This all confuses him so terribly much.
“Now, let’s finally wash out that soap and get you to bed”, you say, rising from the bath to leave it and round him. You pour water over his head, making him gasp and grunt at the sensation. You do it a second time and he is holding his breath this time around.
“There we go, now wait here and I will get the towel.”
Tumblr media
He is awake in an instance from the nightmare plaguing his mind. It was the same he always has. A masked man rips him out of the arms of his dead parents. He gasps and sits up, but something holds him back, tugs him down by his wrists until his back collides with the headboard. He groans in pain and surprise, looking around the room only to come face to face with you resting on your knees beside him.
"Good morning", you say, stroking your palm over his stomach, "I just finished treating your cuts, they are healing splendidly." 
"Where am I?" he asks, voice heavy in sleep.
"My bed of course." 
"No. No. What have you done to me?" 
"Nothing, you were just too exhausted to walk to your chambers and so I allowed you to sleep with me." 
He looks down at his body. Black, linen pants were covering his lower body. 
"Yes I put them on. I must say, your legs are quite heavy when you sleep." 
He tries to rub his legs together to see if he was still a man. 
"Don’t worry, I didn’t cut it off and use it as a necklace", you joke. 
He blinks at you with widened eyes. 
"I see you don’t find humor in it", you observe, "worry not, although Rafkan told you about our love for stealing men of their pride, we don’t actually do that, especially because they can bring us a lot of joy as well." 
"What?" he gasps and shakes his head, "no. Stay away." 
"Worry not, I merely intend to take care of your wounds and to feed you of course. 
"Feed me?" 
"Yes, your hands are tied."
He tries to raise them but finds himself unable to do as two ropes keep them on the mattress securely.
“Let me go”, he growls.
“I fear that this is not possible”, you give him an apologetic smile, “you carry too much hatred in your eyes still, I don’t want to risk it.”
“Risk it? What? Do I scare you?” he spits, grinning victoriously.
You study his face. He keeps up the eye contact. You sigh, eyes filling with pity as you let them run over his features. It confuses him again, maybe makes him even feel nervous. He clears his throat, feeling his gaze falter.
“You don’t scare me. I pity you.”
“Pity?” he scoffs and laughs, “if you feel so terrible for what you do to me then free me.”
“You misunderstand me. I don’t feel bad for what I do to you. I feel bad for what he did to you.”
Rafkan was right, the witches are confusing creatures, speaking in riddles and madness. He doesn’t understand a thing you are saying.
“How old were you when they came for you?”
“I, I don’t know what you are saying.”
“You called out for your parents as you slept. More than once.”
He turns his head away, looks to the side. This is not good, now you know his darkest secret and can use it against him.
“I figure you must have been nothing but a child. You must have been. This would have given him enough time to twist his way into your mind.”
He doesn’t understand. It angers him so much to feel so stupid and ignorant in your presence.
“What are you talking about?” and so he screams at you, tugging at the ropes with all he got.
You don’t flinch back, you simply sigh in sadness and reach out to cup his cheek.
He flinches away, skin burning where you are touching him.
“Rafkan doesn’t speak everything out loud, Jungkook”, you whisper.
“I, I don’t understand”, he chokes out, feeling close to tears in desperation. You are confusing him so much.
“You can’t, but give it some time. You will understand one day.”
“Tell me.”
“Not today”, you give him a smile, “for now, you need to eat, gain back your strength and nourish your body.”
You turn to your side then and reach for a grape, which had been resting on a plate on the mattress.
"I picked out the sweetest kind", you say, guiding it to his lips.
He eyes the grape, breathing heavily.
“Open up.”
He shakes his head.
“I didn’t poison it.”
“Stay, stay away from me.”
“Fine”, you give up and eat the grape yourself, “perhaps you want some cheese instead?”
You offer him a piece of finely cut cheese on a slice of bread, it is rolled up so it looks like a flower.
“You haven’t eaten in a week, don’t be foolish. You need the food.”
“I don’t need your food. I need answers.”
“They will come eventually.”
“I want them now.”
You furrow your brows, eyes darkening. It makes him swallow. You scoot closer, sitting down on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut, head hitting the edge of the headrest as he moves away. He went too far and now he will finally feel the cruelty of the witches, Rafkan always spoke of. But it doesn’t come, instead you cup his cheek and make him look at you.
“Eat”, you whisper, touching his lips with the bread.
It smells so good that it makes his mouth water. Oh heavens, he is so hungry. He swallows and gawks at the bread.
“Eat, it will do you good”, you tell him.
He shakes his head.
“You can trust me.”
For the briefest of moments he looked into your eyes, meeting nothing but the purest honesty in them. Can he really trust you? Is this really just food? You encourage him with a nod of your head and a soft smile, caressing his cheekbone softly.
You brush your thumb over his lips, making them prickle at the sensation.
“Eat”, you breathe, putting soft pressure on his lips.
He exhales shakily and lets you open his mouth, gasping quietly when you replace your thumb with the bread. You press his jaw closed the moment the food rests on his tongue. He knows you are only doing so, so that he can’t spit it out again.
“Now chew”, you order him, keeping a tight grip on him.
He chews, keeping his eyes locked on your face. You stare at his lips, watching him chew with a sort of pride in your eyes. He swallows, feeling the bread against his lips in an instance.
He bites off a piece and chews with the help of you. He hates how helpless you made him, not because it embarrasses him, no for a weird reason it doesn’t embarrass him, but because he gave in so easily once again. First his name and now he lets you feed him. His brothers would be so disappointed in him. Is that how Seokjin felt too? Did you do the same things to him as you do right now?
He opens his mouth and lets you stuff it with bread and later force his jaw closed. He hadn’t even intended on spitting on you this morning. He was feeling too hungry for that and as much as he hates to admit it, he knows that he needs the food. If he had refused it again and you threw him into his cell for yet another three days, he feared that the hunger might have killed him.
“Again. Last bite.”
Your fingers aren’t as tight on his jaw as they were before. Perhaps you already trust him a little more.
He swallows, your fingers fall from his face.
“Perfect. Now”, you reach to the plate, “you must try a grape.”
“Because they taste lovely to cheese”, you explain, guiding it to his lips.
“Oh heavens, will you eat? How are you intending to gain back your strength if you keep refusing the food I prepared for you?”
He lowers his eyes and licks over his lips. You were right. He sighs, opens his mouth and takes in the grape. You had wanted to reach for his jaw again but he moved away faster, looking at you with dark eyes. It makes you smile.
“See? It wasn’t that hard.”
You reach for another piece of bread and some grapes.
“Here, have more. You must try it together, it will change the way you look at food.”
You were right. Again. It tasted really good. He liked it, it made his tongue prickle and his chest feel warm. Rafkan doesn’t really allow them to eat good food, just things to keep the body strong. Good food is reserved for witches who gain pleasure out of it, so he always said. Jungkook kind of liked the good food a lot more than the one Rafkan gave him.
“And? Do you enjoy it?” you ask.
He swallows and clenches his jaw.
“What are you doing to me?” he hisses. There must have been something in this food. Maybe not poison, but something magical. Something that forces him to find this moment so not at all horrible.
You laugh softly and tilt your head to the side, eyes filling with warmth.
“Nothing”, you say, “I’m just feeding you.”
“Did you enchant it?”
You eye the food between your fingers.
“Do you enjoy it that much?”
He looks to the side, hoping that you can’t see the blush on his cheeks.
“You do”, you caress his shoulder and scoot up his lap, “that is wonderful to hear. Here, take more until you feel like your hunger has vanished.”
Jungkook eats a lot this morning and he hates that he enjoys every second of it.
Tumblr media
He was in his chambers, staring at the walls as he always did this past week, when a knock made his head turn.
“What?” he asks coldly, watching the door open and three people enter his room.
Two witches and a man. It surprises him. He saw men on her castle grounds, but this is the first time he is meeting one up close.
“Good morning Sire, I hope you rested well.”
Jungkook scoffs and turns back to the wall.
“I’m not a Sire.”
“Well, Our Majesty told me to treat you with the highest respect, so I am going to address you as Sire today…Sire.”
Jungkook sneaks a glance at him and the masses of fabrics the two witches were carrying.
“What are you doing here anyway?” he asks.
“Dressmaking?” he asks, cocking his right eyebrow up.
“You see Sire, my name is Bartholomew and I am a dressmaker.”
“Tailor, Sire. I am a tailor.”
“Ah I understand….and why are you in my room?”
“To measure you of course.”
“Measure me?”
“You are a man of many questions Sire”, he mumbles and fixes the buttons on his coat, “you see, Our Majesty let me know that she had to destroy your clothes to…well, bathe you properly. And I am here to remake them in your image.”
He snorts and chuckles.
“She wants to dress me? What? I’m her puppet now?”
The tailor clears his throat and looks at his two assistants. It seems that his words had flustered him greatly.
“No…of course not Sire. She merely wanted to give you a part of your identity back.”
Jungkook faltered. What tricks is she playing now? If she really wanted to give him a part of his identity back she would have let him run two weeks ago, not lock him up in a windowless room and only take him outside for walks where his wrists were tied together. There were of course all those countless warm baths she shared with him and the many dinners he had to take with her. She allowed him to eat on his own most nights. She currently doesn’t allow him to eat on his own however, Jungkook has himself to blame for that as he had tried to stab her eyes with a butter knife last night.
That is why her generosity confuses him greatly, no it doesn’t confuse him, it leaves him suspicious. He almost blinded her last night and now she wants to give him presents?
“Why would she want that?”
“Because she felt gracious this morning.”
“I don’t understand. I almost blinded her last night.”
The tailor nods.
“She told me that you would say that Sire and I can tell you that she is more forgiving than you think she is.”
Jungkook grinds his teeth. He thought that a man would understand him better, but it seems that his mind had been poisoned by the witches as well. The tailor claps into his hands then.
“Now! Let us get started. I have a lot of work to do.”
His two assistants place the heaps of fabric on his bed and pull Jungkook to his feet.
“Don’t touch me, let go of me”, he growls, fighting against them.
They show no struggle, leading him to the tailor with ease.
Jungkook grunts and wobbles on the steps they put him on, staring down at the man with dark eyes.
“I swear to god if you even as much as dare to touch me I will rip your head off”, he warns.
“Very threatening indeed”, the tailor mumbles mindlessly, squatting down to begin measuring Jungkook’s legs.
He watches him work, considering for a moment if he should kick him in the face and use the moment of chaos to escape. The tailor's two assistants begin circling him before he can, holding up different kinds of fabrics against his face.
“Don’t touch me”, he hisses, moving his head away.
“They won’t touch you, Sire. They merely want to figure out your perfect colours.”
“My perfect colours? I’m not a witch, I don’t need colours”, he spits.
“Everybody needs a little colour in their life, Sire. Especially in a land where the nights are so long”, the tailor mumbles, “now spread your legs.”
The tailor forces them open.
“I said no”, he spits, closing them again.
“Sire”, the tailor forces them apart again, “stay still. I can’t measure them otherwise.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw, watching the tailor wrap the measuring tape around his thigh. He feels fabric against his cheek and as he turns his head one of the assistants is holding up a rosé coloured fabric. She looks into his eyes, squinting her own as she studies him.
“That colour looks nice with your eyes, Sire”, she lets him know, handing the fabric over to her colleague, “put this on the pile to take.”
“No. I don’t want colour. I want black”, Jungkook spits, lowering his eyes in anger.
She clicks her tongue in distaste, “but Sire this-“
“I want black or else I will use this stupid fabric to hang you from the ceiling.”
Something pinches him on his inner thigh.
“Ah”, he gasps, looking down at the tailor, “did you just poke me with a needle?”
The tailor ignores him. He did poke him with a needle, doing so as a punishment for the way Jungkook talked to his assistants, but he won’t let him know that.
“Strong thighs. You were running a lot weren’t you?” he says instead.
“I could outrun all of you if that is what you are asking.”
“I am positive that you could, Sire.”
The tailor straightens up and wraps the measuring tape around Jungkook’s hips. He tenses at the touch.
“Stay away.”
“Do you want it to pinch your manhood Sire or do you want it to be comfortable?”
Jungkook closes his mouth and stops fighting.
“As I thought, now let me measure you.”
He allows him with a clenched jaw, watching the tailor’s assistants instead. They are discussing the different pieces of black fabric, comparing them to each other as if there was any difference between them. They were all the same to him.
“You seem to be in good shape, Sire. Our Majesty can count herself lucky.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook's voice pitched in surprise about the bluntness of the tailor.
“Keep your arms stretched out, Sire”, he says, putting Jungkook’s arms in the desired position.
He allowed him, too shocked had made him his words.
“What did you mean by that?” he stresses.
“Are you not her lover, Sire? The castle watched you enter her chambers each night and leave it hours later with your cheeks tainted red.”
“That’s – “, Jungkook falls silent for he is far too shocked to come up with an answer.
He would never. Never. Never. To even think about it...let alone do. Never. Just, never.
“-not mine to ask. You must forgive me Sire, I shouldn’t have asked.”
Jungkook scoffs and looks away, meeting the assistants’ curious gazes. They are studying him, looking at him as if he allowed them to do so.
“What?” he spits, making them flinch and giggle, “stop laughing.”
“Now, now. Don’t be too harsh on them, Sire. Everyone in the castle is excited about the news. You must know, Our Majesty usually doesn’t keep male guests, so we are all excited that she chose such a handsome, strong man to be by her side.”
“I’m not by her side”, he squeaks, “I’m her prisoner.”
They all giggle.
“I see Sire, her prisoner.”
“Why did you say this so weirdly?”
The tailor grins boyishly and winks at him.
“That is – no, just no. How dare you even think of that. This is outrageous, I – no.”
 The assistants giggle again.
“Stop laughing!”
They don’t listen, whispering and giggling to each other as they begin comparing fabrics again. The tailor moves on to measure Jungkook’s chest.
“I’m her prisoner, I mean it. She is keeping me against my will”, he stresses, whispering the words to the tailor, “shouldn’t you be on my side?”
“And why should I?”
“Because you and I are the same. We should stick together.”
“You and I are not the same Sire, believe me.”
“Can’t you see that they have cursed you?”
“Cursed me?” the tailor laughs, “this is utter nonsense.”
“It isn’t and you know that it isn’t. What did they do to you? Did they torture you?”
“No Sire, I am a simple dressmaker, nothing more.”
“Help me, please.”
“Help you? With what?”
“Why do you want to escape Sire? Is Our Majesty not treating you well?”
“No, she is a monster.”
“A monster?” the tailor asks and chuckles, “how ridiculous.”
“I am serious. They are all witches here. All of them and you are nothing but their puppet.”
At that the tailor stops working.
“Now I must forget my manners for a second. Stop calling them witches, they aren’t witches. They have names and feelings and they care a fuck more about you than Rafkan ever did.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook gasps. Where did that man’s manners go?
The tailor hooks his fingers in Jungkook’s shirt collar and rips it open. Jungkook had no time to react, left gawking at the tailor with widened eyes. His tattoo is on complete display for the tailor and his assistants, they stare at it with pitiful eyes.
“The Ravens of the Black Forest sent you.”
Jungkook covers his tattoo quickly, fumbling with his shirt in hopes of repairing it.
“And if they did? You know going against me will end in your deaths.”
“I know, Jungkook.”
“How, how do you know my name?”
The tailor unbuttons his coat and pulls it open, revealing a black raven tattoo on his chest.
“I was one of you once. A Raven, filled with hatred for the women you call witches and with my mind poisoned in lies. You probably don’t remember me, you were with the Ravens for a little over five months when Rafkan sent me away to kill the Queen’s mother.”
Jungkook jumps from the steps, grabbing the tailor by his throat.
“You traitor. I’ll bash your head in”, he spits, pushing him against a wall.
The assistants wanted to help, but the tailor stops them with a raise of his hand. Jungkook can feel their scared eyes on the back of his head.
“I’m not your enemy Jungkook.”
“Yes you are. You betrayed our people.”
“Our people are here. The blacksmith? Left the Ravens five years ago. The warrior whose left eye always twitches? Left the Ravens after Rafkan hurt said eye in a fit of rage. The three philosophers you always see talking in the gardens? Ravens, who saw that life wasn’t about killing but learning. We weren’t killed by the Queen, we were saved.”
“Liar”, Jungkook growls, pressing him closer to the wall, "she kills people, I know she does."
“I’m not lying”, the tailor insists.
“She cursed you.”
“She didn’t.”
The tailor breaks Jungkook’s fingers away from his throat, lowering them. Jungkook lets him, feeling too weak to fight back. He was dizzy in confusion. This all didn’t make sense to him. 
“I was a little older than you are now when I left the Ravens”, the tailor begins, closing his coat as he speaks, “I climbed the walls and wanted to slit her throat. Just like Rafkan told me to do. I got captured and at first I was going mad at the idea of killing everyone in this castle. That is until I realised that I had never lived in such comfort before than I did here.”
“We are not meant to live in comfort. That is reserved for witches.”
“How naïve can you be, child?” the tailor spits, “we are not destined to live in the cold, wet darkness of the Black Forest and under the hand of a madman. We deserve a warm, comfortable home.”
“No”, he shakes his head, “no we do not.”
“Yes we do”, the tailor steps closer, taking Jungkook’s face between his hands, “tell me Jungkook have you ever slept as well in the Black Forest as you do here? Have you dined that well? Did you smell that good? Or even felt that safe?”
Jungkook falters, “n-no, but – “
“But what? Do you really think you are destined to die from the Black Forest’s toxic fumes or under the sharp teeth of one of the many monsters living in it?”
“That’s, that is why we train.”
“But we don’t have to. You don’t have to. Here, you don’t have to live each day thinking it is your last.”
“No”, Jungkook shakes him off, “no, I don’t believe you. She cursed you, I’m sure she did.”
“Then tell me Jungkook. Do you feel cursed ever since you came here or do you still feel like yourself?”
“Like….like…” Jungkook swallows, pushing his hair back nervously, “I don’t know. Don’t ask me that, I don’t know.”
“I think you do.”
Jungkook shakes his head.
“Tell me Jungkook.”
“I can’t, I don’t know.”
“You do. Tell me!”
“Tell. Me.”
“I feel like myself and I feel a lot damn better than I did in the past!”
The tailor smiles, features softening.
“You see? It wasn’t that hard to admit.”
“Yes it was”, Jungkook chokes out and sinks down on the bed, burying his face in his hands.
All those Ravens Rafkan told him about, all those Ravens he said were killed painfully, actually found a new life here? They aren’t dead. They are alive, protected and taken care of. And...and he could have this too? No more cold, sleepless nights? No more endless days of hunger when hunting was bad? No more aching limbs and burning lungs? He could have this too. He could have a comfortable home. 
“I’m scared Bartholomew.”
“Scared of what?”
“What Rafkan will think of me once he finds out.”
Bartholomew sits down next to Jungkook and pats his back.
“Well, luckily for you. Rafkan can’t reach you here”, he says softly.
Jungkook exhales shakily and raises his head. He can’t reach him here. He can’t hurt him here. Jungkook exhales shakily. He can’t hurt him here.
Jungkook turns, staring at the fabrics behind him.
“Can I…look at them?” he asks quietly.
Bartholomew exchanges a proud look with his assistants, squeezing Jungkook’s shoulder brotherly.
“Of course you can Sire, look at all of them and pick out the ones you like the most. I will do the rest.”
Tumblr media
You are holding a banquet for guests from far away countries. The princess of the Sand Queendom and her husband came with their closest friends. The powerful Sorceresses of the Ruby Hills came, bearing gifts of gemstones and healing oils. Even then Huntresses of the Snow Wall with their black horses and long braided hair came to celebrate with the people of the Night Queendom. He was your guest, the man by your side in fine silks but with chains around his ankles hidden underneath the tablecloth. He hated the evening at first, but then you fed him delicious food and ran your fingers through his hair and he didn’t quite hate the evening as much anymore. He just hated that he didn’t hate your tenderness and worse that he craved it whenever you paid attention to someone else. He especially hated himself when he felt jealousy in his stomach as he watched you dance with another man, laughing at his jokes and holding his hand.
He stands up from his chair, feeling Valkeria’s iron grip on his shoulder in an instance.
“Stay birdie”, she hisses.
He looks up at her with dark eyes.
“I want to dance with her.”
“You want to dance?” she laughs tauntingly, “and make a fool of yourself?”
She shakes her head and looks at Yeri and Auralia with amusement in her eyes. She slaps the back of his head so hard that he hears ringing in his ears for a few minutes.
“Just stay seated and spare yourself of the embarrassment. Idiot.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw and eyes the knife on the table. Maybe he could reach for it and use it to poke Valkeria into her stupid mouth. He hates her so much. He has been the Queen’s guest since two months and she is still hurting him whenever the Queen wasn’t looking. He can’t stand her. She is cruel and exactly how he imagines actual witches to be like.
“That was exciting”, you return before he could hurt Valkeria, plopping down on your chair beside him. Your skin is glistening in a sheer layer of sweat and you are slightly out of breath. Jungkook lets his eyes linger on your neck for a moment, your jewellery was slightly out of place. He wants to fix it, but doesn’t dare with Valkeria’s fingers still tightly around his shoulder. Jungkook looks away, searching for the man who made you laugh. He is dancing with another woman already, making her smile as well. Jungkook looks away, turning a cold shoulder to you. He is angry at you for leaving him with Valkeria and for giving attention to this weird-looking man. Yes, Jungkook thought that the man looked really weird with his blonde hair and blue dress. He looked far better than that fool.
You study him and the hand on his shoulder.
“Valkeria let go of him”, you say.
“Yes my Queen”, she says and steps back in an instance.
You turn on the chair to face him, placing your hand on his lower arm.
“What is the matter Jungkook?”
“Nothing”, he presses out.
“Do you want more food? More wine?”
He shakes his head.
“Perhaps you want to dance?”
He gnaws on his lower lip in contemplation. He does want to dance. Valkeria laughs behind him, voice carrying judgment. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to dance. He shakes his head and turns away even more.
“Speak to me.”
“I want your warriors to stop hurting me”, he hisses and turns to face you, “I’ve done what you wanted me to do. I stayed with you, behaved, was your little puppet whenever you wanted to bath or feed me. I don’t deserve to be hurt by someone like Valkeria whenever you aren’t looking.”
You look over his shoulder at Valkeria. She seems shocked that Jungkook dares to out her in such a way.
“Is that true?” you ask both Jungkook and Valkeria.
“Yes.” “He is lying.”
You look at Jungkook. He lowers his eyes, knitting his brows in anger.
“It seems that your stories aren’t matching.”
“He is lying my Queen. He just wants special treatment. I would never hurt your prisoners.”
“He is not my prisoner. He is my guest.”
“He is still lying.”
“I’m not lying!” he complains loudly.
Valkeria draws her sword halfway, “say that again birdie and I-“
“Worry not Valkeria”, you interrupt her, “I already know who to believe”, you look back at Jungkook, “come now Jungkook, let us leave.”
“What?” he gasps.
You pull him to his feet and away from your warriors.
“But I am telling the truth”, he insists loudly, fighting against you.
“I know”, you assure him, “but I don’t want to stay here when my own people want to hurt my guest.”
“Where, where are we going?” he stutters, stumbling after you.
“Far away from the festivities.”
Jungkook looks over his shoulder. Your warriors are looking at you and him, Valkeria carries hatred in her eyes. He smiles at her victoriously, making the anger in her eyes worsen. Then he turns to the front again, running with you.
Tumblr media
His love for running soon turns sour however, when he stumbles over his chains yet again, hurting his ankles in the process. You support him so he wouldn’t fall, but the pain still lingers.
“Stop running”, he hisses, ripping his hands free, “I can’t run anymore.”
You whip around, reaching for his wrists again.
“Why? We are almost there.”
“At least take off my chains.”
You look down at his feet then back into his eyes.
“Are you in pain?”
“Yes I am. They hurt me. Why are you still chaining me up?”
“Very well then, you are my guest after all. I apologize, it was long overdue, wasn’t it?” you say and he can hear a faint click from the ground. Freedom, he can feel it. His ankles don’t ache anymore.
“How is that possible?” he gasps, stumbling away from the chains, which were on his body a second ago.
“I told you they are infused with magic. They only open when I want them to and I wanted them to open.”
He takes another step back, “I’m free?” he whispers, gawking at you.
You smile and nod, stretching out your arm and offering him your hand.
“Come now, let me show you everything.”
He looks between your hand and the opened gate. You freed him. He scans his surroundings. Three guards on the walls, but none at the gate. Five banquet guests and ten horses. No wolves, none. A sturdy stick to his right and a thick metal pole to his left. He could do it, fulfill his destiny and kill you. Nobody would notice and if they did, he could flee easily. He has always been the fastest runner of them all. He looks back at you, your smile and gentle eyes and your welcoming stance. But destiny has waited for so long already, he is sure that she can wait another night. He takes a deep breath and steps closer, placing his hand into yours.
“Let’s run, just one last time.”
And then you run. You run past gawking banquet guests and worried guards, you run down stairs and climb over rocks, you run up hills and stumble through forests, you run until tears have collected in both your eyes and Jungkook tastes the night air in his throat. And then you stop, underneath a white oak tree with its bark weeping darkness, you stop.
You turn and look at him with glimmering eyes. It makes him nervous and so he looks to the side, scanning his surroundings again. The forest was tense, but carried the smell of life. Not like the Black Forest with its deathly stench. He looked at the white oak again.
“What is this place?” he asks.
“This is the tree of our ancestors Jungkook. Mine and yours”, you explain, pulling at his hands to guide him to the tree.
“The tree of our ancestors?”
“Yes. They danced beneath it, sang songs to it and nourished it until it was strong and tall”, you say and place his hand on the bark.
“Do you feel that?” you ask him.
“A heartbeat”, he whispers.
“Yes”, you squeeze his hand.
“Where is it coming from?”
“It belongs to the tree.”
“The tree?”
“Yes, the tree.”
Jungkook counts the heartbeats, having to swallow. He can feel them so clearly.
“Is…is it human?”
“No”, you laugh softly, “it is neither human nor creature. Jungkook, it is everything. Every stone you see, every grass that grows, every stream which trickles and every tree that reaches for the sun. Even the air that surrounds us and the rain on your skin.”
The heartbeat against his fingers is steady, like that of a calm, sleeping body. It overwhelms him. He feels life surge through his veins and at the same time feels his body drain. He blinks, feeling his eyes burn in tears.
“I, I don’t understand. It is a tree. How, how can it be everything?”
“Must you really know the answer or isn’t it already enough to know that everything we stand on, feel, smell, see and taste is connected?” you say, taking both his hands to turn him to you.
Even now when his hands are resting in your palms, he can feel the heartbeat on his fingertips. It lingers on his skin and burns itself into his memories. He feels changed, as if he touched life itself.  
“But how?” he breathes, “how is it possible that everything is connected?”
“Its roots of course”, you say and smile, “they reach from the Snowy Mountains in the north to the Singing River on the south border and from the Nourishing Fields in the east all the way into the deepest corners of the Black Forest in the west. It gives everything life, nourishes it, protects it from harm and talks to it.”
“Talk? The tree talks?”
You chuckle, “not like you and I would. No, it speaks in a language not many of us still know for knowing it takes a lot of time.”
He inhales shakily.
“What…what does the land talk about?” he asks quietly.
“Many things. History mostly and songs”, you look at him, “you can hear those most of the times. If you listen closely.”
“How can I listen?”
You step closer, making his heart skip a beat as you brush your lips against his ear.
“Close your eyes and listen”, you whisper.
He shivers, eyes falling closed on instinct. He doesn’t hear it at first and it makes him think that you were simply taking him for a fool. He had already wanted to open his eyes again when suddenly a gust of wind made the leaves above his head rustle. They sound like hundreds of voice whispering songs and poems. The call of an owl joins them soon and in the far distance crickets chirp the harmony. Then the cracking of a branch and the trampling of hooves as a herd of deer hurries through the safety of the high shrubs, like drums they control the tempo of the song.
He opens his eyes, allowing a single tear to roll down his cheek.
“You could hear it, couldn’t you?”
He nods his head, knitting his brows and biting down on his lower lip.
“I know how you feel. It made me cry the first time too”, you say, cupping his cheek.
He lowers his head into your touch and squeezes his eyes shut, sobbing quietly.
“I never noticed it”, he presses out.
“Noticed what?”
“The songs.”
“I see”, you drift off.
He sobs and sniffles. He feels so embarrassed for crying, not because he is crying but because he has no idea why he is crying in the first place. This tree, this place, the songs and your warming touch, it moved something inside of him. He realised how dark he lived his life. He lived out his days with his heart filled with hatred, anger and resentment when he could have closed his eyes and felt the connection everywhere. Why did he waste so much of his life resenting something, someone, when he could have spent it loving the rest?
“Do you want to see everything?” you ask him.
He opens his eyes, allowing you to brush his tears away.
“Yes”, he whispers, making you smile.
You step forward and call into the night. Jungkook is mesmerised, your song blends with the songs of the lands and gives them strength. You end the call with a sigh.
“What was that?” he asks.
“I called my friends.”
“Your friends?”
Then he can hear it. The shuffling of feet, the cracking of branches, rustling of leaves and low growling. He draws closer to you, reaching for his blade on instinct. He doesn’t have it on him, of course he doesn’t, but the instinct was still there. He stares into the darkness with held breath, stumbling back when out of it a pack of wolves step. As tall as trees and with their fur as black as the night.
“No”, he gasps, “no what, what is this?”
“Not what”, you look at him, “but who.”
They circle you and him, growling deeply with their fangs bared. You step closer, reaching your hand out. The tallest of them all with its eyes burning in a deep green, rests its nose against your palm.
“This is Woltron”, you say and Jungkook feels his blood freeze.
“You lied to me”, he gasps.
“Lied to you?” you laugh, “you must tell me what you mean for I am utterly confused.”
“You will feed me to him.”
You laugh, “oh dear Jungkook, no. I want you to meet him. Come, step closer.”
He shakes his head.
“No”, he takes a step back, colliding with the nose of another wolf. It growls, watching him with fiery eyes, “no, stay away!” he exclaims, fleeing in an instance. He grasps your arm, hiding behind you.
“You mustn’t be scared”, you chuckle, “they won’t eat you. Well, unless you fail their test that is.”
“Their test?”
You pull him closer until he was face to face with Woltron. Its emerald eyes were drawing him in to the point that he felt dizzy.
“You see Jungkook, they aren’t just wolves. They are gods, old gods who wandered the earth way before humans graced it. They share their memories with the tree of our ancestors, they listen to its voice and answer it in songs.”
Woltron steps so close that Jungkook could feel its hot breath on his skin.
“W-what is it doing to me?”
“He is looking into your heart to see if you carry good in it. If you do, he will allow you to live”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then he will eat you.”
“What?” Jungkook turns away and closes his eyes, “no. No, I can’t. I will be eaten alive.”
You cup his cheek and brush your thumbs over his cheekbones. It makes him open his eyes.
“Trust me”, you whisper.
He shakes his head.
“But I-I am not good. I don’t want to die.”
You smile and caress his lips.
“Trust me Jungkook.”
He exhales shakily. Your touch must be magic, he feels so reassured that he allows you to turn his head back to Woltron’s piercing gaze. You hold his hand as the wolf was gazing into his heart, caressing his knuckles and studying his fearful face. You know that he will pass. You have seen it in his eyes the moment he pressed the blade against your throat. You saw the good in him and as Woltron bows His head at Jungkook you know that He saw it too.
“What is happening?” Jungkook asks, squeezing your hand.
“He is giving you his blessing.”
“I…” he throws his hand over his mouth, “…I passed?”
“But…I’m not good.”
“Yes, you are.”
Jungkook looks at you with tears in his eyes.
“You believed I was?”
“I didn’t believe it, I knew it.”
He blinks, “why? I-I’m a Raven, I’m trained to kill people like you, I pressed a blade against your throat.”
“Even if you are all those things you say that you are, your eyes are filled with good.”
“My eyes?”
“Yes, your eyes.”
You reach out, making him close his eyes in instinct. You touch his lashes softly, caressing his lids afterwards. It makes him sigh.
“Those beautiful, beautiful eyes”, you breathe and step closer, “those aren’t the eyes of a killer.”
He opens his eyes, feeling himself shiver with every single one of your touches. You smile.
“Come now, I will show you everything.”
“How?” his voice felt raspy as he spoke and so he clears it with a shy cough.
“Woltron will take us.”
The wolf rests before you and him and Jungkook watches you as you climb on its back.
“Climb on him.”
Jungkook is hesitant at first. He fears that this was all a trick of the wolf, that once he is close he will open its mouth and eat him whole. Jungkook is so sure that he wasn’t good. The wolf must be playing tricks on him.
The wolf, which nose he had bumped before, pushes him all of a sudden. Jungkook stumbles, falling against Woltron’s warm body.
“It was an accident, please don’t eat me”, he gasps, fearing for his life.
The wolf merely grumbles and waits for him patiently. You giggle, petting his hair.
“You must stop being frightened. They have already accepted you as their friend.”
Jungkook looks up. He finds it mesmerising how you sit on top of Woltron, tall and confident. He thinks that this place fits you. You smile then.
“Come join me”, you encourage him, pulling at his arm.
Tumblr media
Jungkook feels as if he was living in a dream. The wolf carried you and him, took the both of you through the thickness of the forest until a high mountain cut off his way and he had to climb it. He only stopped once you had reached the top. He stayed back with his pack, resting on the snow with his eyes closed. It was cold on the mountain and Jungkook felt himself shiver ever so often. His breath was visible in the air, like a little cloud it lingered in the air for as long as he exhaled.
“It is cold.”
“Are you cold?”
“A little”, he answers.
“Here”, you say and take off your shawl, “it will keep you warm.”
“But you will freeze.”
You laugh, wrapping it around his neck a few times.
“I drank enough wine to keep me warm, worry not I am a heated drunk.”
He knits his brows, deep creases appearing on his forehead.
“What is the matter? Do you not like the shawl?”
He shakes his head, “I mean yes! Yes I do, I am just so confused.”
“Confused? About what?”
“Why you offer me tenderness and why you believed me instead of Valkeria and why you haven’t slid my throat yet.”
“I must say, it makes me sad that you still think that I want to kill you”, you say and Jungkook felt himself lower his eyes in shame.
“But I know why you would think like that”, you assure him, “it is difficult to shake off old habits.”
You tug at his shawl softly to bring him closer.
“You can trust me Jungkook. I don’t want to kill you.”
Jungkook inhales, catching a sweet scent. It was coming from the shawl. It was your scent. He knows that it was your scent because this is exactly how a room began to smell whenever you entered it. It made him dizzy right now.
“Come now, I am already so excited to show you everything”, you say and take Jungkook’s hand, leading him to the edge of the plateau.
“This is our home”, you tell him, extending your arm to point at everything.
Jungkook could see everything. The Singing River in the south, the Nourishing Fields in the east, even his home, the Black Forest he could see. The land lacked colour now that the night was touching it, only the blue light of the moon gave everything colour. But it looked beautiful nonetheless.
“Is this everything?”
“Yes, this is everything.”
“This is really everything?”
“Yes”, you say and chuckle fondly, “well at least everything your eyes can see. There are countries way beyond our vision, but what you see before you is our home.”
He feels so close to tears again. He always thought his world to be so small. It reached from the east border of the Black Forest to the west border and ended by the juncture where it met the Singing River. The Nourishing Fields were nothing but a legend to him and the snowy mountains were nothing but grey phantoms in the distance. He never would have dared to even dream of one day standing on said phantoms and looking at everything.
“It is so big”, he whispers.
“Yes, it really is”, you squeeze his hand, “tell me Jungkook, where have you been already?”
He points at the Black Forest and then your castle, lowering his arm afterwards.
“I see. Mhm”, you pause to contemplate, “worry not, you still have enough time to see the rest. You must see the Singing River in summer, oh its waters are wonderful to swim in. And the Nourishing Fields, oh Jungkook you would love the colours they carry in autumn.”
“Have you been?”
“Yes, many times.”
“With Seokjin too?”
“No, he wasn’t special enough.”
“I’m special”, he whispers more to himself than to you.  
He smiles and closes his eyes to listen for the songs. The Singing River in the distance. The wind down below as it swirls through the trees. The call of an ibex and the answering call of its mate. And behind him the old gods talk to each through their wolf form. Perhaps it is the fresh air on this mountain or the thought that Seokjin wasn’t special but he is, but he thinks that the songs sound even better up here.
He opens his eyes, realising that you had been watching him. He can see the stars reflected in your eyes. You smile softly and draw closer.
“Do you understand now?”
He felt himself smile and pull you closer by your hand.
“I think, I finally do.”
Tumblr media
You don’t wake up at first, only when you feel coldness against your throat. It is dark in your room, but the moon gives it enough light to reveal Jungkook’s features to your eyes. He is sitting on your lap, hovering over you with one hand tightly wrapped around your wrists. He had placed them above your head, moving them turns out to be impossible.
"Jungkook?" you ask, mind foggy in sleep. That changes when the coldness against your throat moves. You widen your eyes, trying to gawk at whatever it was that bothered you. 
"What is that? What are you doing?" you ask him calmly, eyeing the sharp knife he is grasping. 
"What have you done to me?" he asks, voice shaking in emotion. 
"Nothing. What are you doing to me?" 
He presses the knife closer, squeezes your wrists. 
"I am asking the questions tonight." 
"I understand. Ask them."
"I came to kill you. What have you done to me to make me forget my destiny?”
“I showed you your real one.”
He falters and breathes shakily. He shakes his head, finding his composure again.
“I hate you. I am supposed to hate you”, he spits, pressing the knife closer, “why did you take this from me?”
“I didn’t, you just let it go.”
“Stop”, he chokes out and whimpers.
“Why are you crying?”
“I am crying because my head is foggy and it is your fault. You cursed me, witch.”
You raise your head, making the blade glide into your skin.
“Then kill me.”
He draws closer. His tears trip down on your face. He is shaking, squeezing your wrists and pressing the knife closer. He can watch one single droplet of blood taint the clean metal. He looks back into your eyes, meeting nothing but sad understanding in them. Even now when he was cutting your skin and was holding your life in his hands, you weren’t angry at him. Jungkook sobs, tilting your head up with his knife. You let him, lips curling into a reassuring smile.
“I hate you”, he chokes out.
"No you don’t", you whisper.
He whimpers, knife gliding from his fingers as he kisses you deeply. You melt into him, allowing him to taste your sigh. He squeezes his eyes shut and sobs, kissing you deeper until he is sure that nothing could separate the two of you. 
He came to kill you. He was so sure that tonight he would finally fulfill the task Rafkan gave him. He decided that he would. Two hours ago when you left his chambers for the night and left him with his thoughts. Two hours ago when he tossed and turned in his bed and thought about what had happened earlier that night. When you showed him everything and held his hand whilst doing so. He thought about it, repeated it in his head over and over again until it drove him mad. He was not supposed to like you, he was supposed to hate you. And so he decided that tonight he would finally kill you and rid himself of his greatest burden. 
It seems that his plan wasn’t working. Jungkook whimpers and presses you closer with his hand on your back. You arch for him, pulse racing in your wrists. And Jungkook whimpers again, feeling dizzy. He wants to hate that he failed again, but he can’t. No matter how hard he tries, all he finds in his heart is the overwhelming urge to keep kissing you. 
His hand runs up your body to cup your face. He practically pulls you on his mouth, forcing you to sit up as chasing him would be impossible otherwise. You chase him happily, arms hooking behind his neck and lips parting for his tongue. 
He tastes of sweets and temptation. You taste of honey and perdition.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, breath intermingling with yours. 
"I can’t stop." 
"Good, don’t." 
"Why are you doing this to me?" 
"I'm not doing anything, this is all you." 
He exhales shakily, drawing closer. You sit up more, making him flee as your teeth bite his lower lip. He gasps and shivers, thighs squeezing together on your lap. As much as he is fleeing he is also chasing the feeling.
You break the kiss, tugging on lip until he groans. You release it with a purr, dark eyes flitting up to meet Jungkook’s. He towers over you in this position, eyes widened and fingers grasping your shoulders. You like the heaviness of his body on your lap and the warmth of his skin.
"You bit me”, he gasps, licking off the faint taste of iron.
"I did”, you say and smirk, eyes glued to his swollen lips.
He licks over his lip again, tasting nothing but the sweet lingering of your kiss. He looks at your neck then and the little cut he left behind. It is almost an instinct in him to lean down and kiss it. He couldn't stop it from happening, just as you can’t stop your head from tilting back. Jungkook feels your moan against his lips as he sucks on your skin softly. He believes that such sounds must be your way of cursing him as they leave him aching between his legs. He never felt such aching before. It must be magical. It simply must. He breaks away, stares at his crotch. It has…grown?
"What is happening? What are you doing?" he asks. 
You open your eyes and study his features. He is confusing you. He speaks of things happening while you did nothing but accept the tenderness he offered you. Then your eyes fall to his middle and you understand. He is straining against his pants with such intensity you fear he might rip through the fabric.
“You’ve hardened”, you smile and touch it, watching how he shakes at the feeling. 
“What – oh – what are you d-doing?” he stutters, wiggling back and forth on your lap as he hadn’t quite decided yet if he wanted to flee or accept it.
"I'm making you feel good", you say, rubbing his length continuously. 
He gasps, eyes threatening to close and fingers falling to your wrists to stop you.
"Don't stop it Jungkook, allow it to happen."
"But, but it''s….it's not what I came here for." 
"We both know this is a lie", you say, rubbing circles on his leaking tip. The fabric has dampened, leaving an imprint on your fingers. 
Jungkook moans, widening his eyes in shock afterwards. He wasn’t intending to make such crude sounds. He was trained differently, trained that his manhood wasn’t made to give him good sensations but was a tool to keep his bladder from breaking. Good sensations would let the demons of the witches in, so Rafkan said. But he can’t help it. He just…has to make a sound again.
He whimpers, head tangling to the front and lips pressing against your cheek as he begins panting.
"There you go. You sound so sweet", you encourage him, squeezing his length as you rub your palm up and down. 
His fingers loosen from your wrists, thighs squeezing around your legs. He doesn’t want those sensations to stop. He likes that feeling. So he hopes that Rafkan was wrong about the demons too, he was wrong about a lot of things already after all.
"Do you want to give in, Jungkook?" 
"That delights me", you abandon his length to hold his shoulders instead, "I want to give in too." 
You flip the both of you over, sitting down on his lap. He hasn’t even recovered from the change of position yet and you have already grasped the knife and rested its tip against his chin. Confusion ignites in his eyes, growing when you drag the cold metal up his jawline and over his lips. He doesn’t dare to breathe, body tense in fear that if he moved, you would cut him. 
“You stole it from Valkeria, didn’t you?” you ask, dragging it down the other side of his jaw and neck.
“Yes”, he presses out, eyeing the silver blade.
You laugh, “she will hit you once she finds out.”
“You won’t allow her.”
You smile, dancing the knife down his throat just gently enough that it makes him shiver.
“No, I won’t allow her”, you assure him and then he could feel his shirt tear as you drag the blade through the fabric.
He gasps and shudders, back arching off the mattress. So that is why you grasped it, you wanted him bared to you as if he was yours to marvel at. You rip his shirt from his body, running your hands down his torso. Jungkook can feel your warm, soft palms and the cold, hard handle of the knife. It is such an opposite of sensations that he feels breathless.  
You cut his pants as well, bearing him to the coldness of the blade. You place it on the inside of his right leg, dragging it up his skin. Goosebumps rise on the rosy path you leave, his legs part for you. He rolls his hip up once you have reached his inner thigh, fingers grasping the sheets. With a curious fire burning in your eyes, you rest the blade against his swelling member. He shivers at the contact, twisting the sheets.
“Tell me Jungkook. Do you trust me?” you ask, turning the knife so the sharp side of the blade was pressed against his skin.
His chest heaves up and down in a deep breath, you can watch how it stretches his dark tattoo and makes his muscles ripple.
“Do you trust me Jungkook?”
Your eyes meet. Yours sparkled in mischief as you dragged the blade up the entire length of him. It felt cold on his skin, especially on his tip. He gasps and tenses his legs for bucking up his hips would have ended in pain.
“So you don’t think that I will wear your pride as a necklace?” you continue, running the blade down to the base again. You outlined his veins as you went, watching them change under the touch before they popped back into their original shape. It was mesmerising to watch. You press the blade against the base of his length.
“Mhm?” you stress.
He eyes your fingers, swallowing nervously.
“No”, he chokes out, eyes meeting yours in a silent question if his trust was misplaced.
You smile, “that’s good.”
You abandon his length and drag the knife up his abdomen instead, watching how his muscles reacted with every grace. You stop when the blade rests against his tattoo, making eye contact with him. You begin tracing it, making his nipple harden and painting goosebumps all over his skin.
“Who would have thought that the caged bird would be mine one day”, you say, watching how he swallows heavily.
“Like your slave?”
You chuckle deeply, putting pressure on his skin just enough to pierce it. He groans and arches into you, neck flexing as he throws his head back. The raven on his chest is crying one single tear of ruby for you. You wipe it away with your finger, tainting his skin a deep, deep red.
Jungkook looks at you again, brows knitted in pleasure.
“Do you want to be my slave Jungkook?”
He looks away and blushes.
You laugh fondly and twist the knife in your fingers so the handle would be facing him. He looks at it in confusion.
“It’s yours again.”
Jungkook accepts it and sits up, wrapping his fingers around your throat gently. He is so close, dark eyes challenging you dangerously. He starts from the bottom, cutting open the cords of your gown. It cracks with every new cord cut, making you shiver each time. He tilts your head up and squeezes softly. Your eyelids flutter, your head becoming dizzy.
One cord left. He cuts it slowly, eyes lowering darkly. The knife falls from his fingers and lands on the floor with a shrill sound. It is forgotten in an instance as Jungkook hooks his fingers in your ruined gown and rips it from your body.
You were only gone from his lap for a second and then you are already connected with him, sinking down on his length until you have swallowed him whole.
“Fuck”, he presses out, digging his nails into your shoulders.
You agree with a deep moan, twisting his hair at the nape of his neck. Then you begin moving, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head.
“This is witchcraft”, he chokes out.
“Why? Because nothing worldly could feel that good?” you ask him, voice quivering in pleasure.
He throws his head back and presses you closer by your shoulders.
“Yes”, he moans, allowing his mouth to fall open.
“Well, then I am glad that I am the one to bewitch you”, you say, pushing at his chest until he collides with the mattress.
You wrap your fingers around his throat and squeeze softly. His chest rumbles in a growl, fingers slipping down your body until they are grasping your dancing hips, bruising your skin in the process.
His raven hair is spread out on your pillow, his neck was tense and his eyes squeezed shut. Your own threatened to close each time his length graced your favourite spot, if his blissed-out face wasn’t so mesmerising to look at, you would have already closed them. But it was mesmerising to look at and nothing gave you more joy than seeing a man get lost in the feeling of your warmth. Especially if that man was Jungkook, the stranger who months ago pressed a blade to your throat and the lover who right now feels like magic in your body. 
“What are you doing to me? Oh ___, what are you doing to me?” he pants, voice pitched in pleasure.
“Making you mine”, you rasp, writing your name with your hips.
“Yours”, he moans, back arching and heels digging into the mattress.
He bucks his hips up, forcing your torso closer to his’. You moan loudly, squeezing his throat as a reward. He whimpers and swallows heavily, eyes rolling to the back of his skull even now that he has them closed.
“Do you like being mine Jungkook?” you challenge.
“Yes”, he chokes out, basking in the feeling of your nectar coating his every inch.
“Tell me, is my witchcraft still a curse?”
He shakes his head vigorously, “no, no, no it’s not.”
You smile victoriously and straighten up again, forcing his legs back down with two strong hands. You arch your body, finding support on his thighs and throwing your head back.
Jungkook lifts his head for only a second and then the view of his length disappearing inside of you repeatedly becomes too much to bear. He moans loudly, head falling back into the pillows and hands tugging on your hips in desperation. Feeling your warmth is one thing, but watching the movements to the sensations is utterly and truly messing him up. If that is the dangerous witchcraft Rafkan told him to stay away from then Rafkan is a fool. Why would a sane man stay away from such feelings?
Your right hand leaves his muscular thigh, grasping his wrist instead.
“Be useful”, you order him, guiding his hand to your middle.
He is watching you again, shaking with his head dizzy. He groans, lungs wheezing for air, when you make him touch your warmth. It is so soft against his fingertip. You guide his thumb, making him roll circles on your clit.
“Touch me like this”, you tell him, abandoning his wrist to hold his thigh again.
You became tighter ever since he started touching you. Jungkook feels his toes curl at the sensation. He doesn’t want it to end, he wants to experience it until his heart gives up on him and his brain becomes mush. And because he doesn’t want it to end and you told him to touch you at this spot, he continues doing what you told him to do, keeping his eyes glued to your face.
You are glowing in ecstasy, lips parted and eyes closed. Your nails hurt him, he is aware of every nerve you hit as he can feel it tingle all the way to the tip of his length. He abandons your face then, looking at your breasts. He saw them many times already whenever you bathed with him, but he likes them a lot more tonight. They move in a very mesmerising way as you bounce on him. He wants to touch them. 
Your hips falter, your walls squeeze him. A dark smirk curls your lips. 
"You are learning", you say, shivering each time Jungkook squeezes your breast with his big hand and rolls circles on your pleasure spot with his other.
“Oh Jungkook”, you arch and quiver, “, oh Jungkook, oh sweet Jungkook.”
He is lost for breath. He can bewitch you too? He thought only witches could curse other people, not him. He was just a normal man. But then. You were nothing but a normal woman too, you told him many times before. This wasn’t witchcraft, this was simple, but breathtaking, worldly magic. 
You moan loudly, falling to the front. He could feel the impact your hand did as you slammed it on the mattress beside his head. Your other hand wraps around his throat again, making him look into your fiery eyes. 
"You are doing so good that I feel close to breaking", you growl with your voice deeper than usual. 
Jungkook swallows, head dizzy from your fingers cutting off his blood flow. Your hips speed up, forcing a guttural moan out of him. 
"I see you are close too." 
"Close to, to what?" 
You slow down your movements, drawing circles as you connect your lips with the shell of his ear. He mewls with every movement, melting beneath you.
"Complete bliss", you rasp, squeezing down on him. 
He whimpers, eyes opening widely to stare at you in shock. The smile you give him is sending electricity down to his toes. 
"You didn’t know you could do this, did you?" 
He shakes his head vigorously, mouth falling open. You stop him with a tight squeeze, forcing a deep growl out of him. Then you speed up again, watching him go cross-eyed in pleasure. He stopped touching you, grasping your hips to push you off of him. This wasn’t worldly anymore. He was burning up, it is the demons, they are coming for him with hellfire and breathlessness. You choke him harder, squeezing your walls around him.
"I can’t, I can’t, I can’t", he sobs, writhing on the mattress uncontrollably. 
"Yes you can, allow it to happen", you growl.  
"No, I can’t." 
"Let go Jungkook", you order him and release his throat. 
He yelps up, breaking beneath you with such intensity he almost throws you off of him. You pin him down by his wrists, riding him through his shakes. Tears are soaking his cheeks, his mouth is agape so far you fear it might get stuck, he can’t even make a sound. His high has stolen his voice.
His shakes soon turn into painful writhes, his legs wiggling all over the mattress in a desperate attempt to flee. You want to stop, claim your high on his tongue instead, but he doesn’t let you. 
"Don't stop!" he screams despite writhing as if he wanted it to be over. 
"You are dangerous Jungkook. For me and for yourself", you growl, squeezing his wrists as you slam your hips down on him again. 
His body is bouncing off the mattress, making the headboard of your bed hit your wall repeatedly. You wouldn’t even mind if it decided to give up and break underneath you. Not when Jungkook is running through your every vein as if he was a drug meant to make you see colours which don’t exist. 
"Touch me again", you order him. 
His hand searches for your middle in an instance, fingers connecting with your pleasure spot messily. He rubs circles, doing so sloppily and quickly. It is a surprise with every second roll, making your toes curl. 
"That's it", you moan, "keep going." 
He wheezes for air, swallowing audibly afterwards. Is he looking at you or is he seeing the light? You can’t quite make it out through all the tears in his eyes.
“Are you doing fine?” you ask him.
He nods his head, blinking to make the tears roll down his cheeks again.
“Is this the best thing you have ever felt?” you ask, clenching in desperation.
He nods his head more vigorously, moaning your name brokenly.
“Keep touching me”, you stress with your voice pitched, “you are going to break me.”
“Break you”, he repeats, meeting your movements.
You squeak, almost falling into him if you hadn’t caught yourself before that. He watches you shake and hears you whimper.
“Break you”, he says, voice deeper than before.
He speeds his hips up and puts precision into his touches. Your eyes squeeze shut, mouth falling open. He is going to break you. He has enough power over you that he can break you. He is doing that to you. Oh, it makes him feel so good.
“Give it to me”, he growls impatiently, “now, give it to me now.”
“Jungkook”, you yelp up and give him what he needed. Your high, your bliss, your nirvana. And Jungkook accepts it with his own body tensing in his heaven, painting your spasming walls with his seed a second time.
You collapse on top of him. His skin is hot and sweaty, so is yours. You want to speak but find no energy in your body, so you sigh and twist his hair lovingly.
He runs his fingers up and down your spine, keeping his eyes closed. You haven’t let him escape yet, he can feel every pulse of your afterglow on his length. They come with no pattern to them, surprising him each time with a warm tingle in his stomach.
“Rafkan killed my parents”, he breaks the silence.
You sigh and hug him, “I see you truly understand now.”
“I won’t return to the Ravens”, he whispers.
“Mhm”, you smile against his neck, “this makes me happy.”
“Can I stay with you instead?”
“Of course you can.”
And as you raised your head and gazed into his eyes, Jungkook finally understood that no matter how many times he would travel back in time and live his life differently, he would always find his way to you, for being with you is his real destiny.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary⇢ what’s a girl to do when her sweet, innocent baby lab partner isn’t quite so sweet and innocent? well, he’s a grown-ass man, and you’re about to learn that the hard way. pairing⇢ jungkook/reader word count⇢ 8.5k rating⇢ 18+ genre⇢ smut | humor | college!au | fuckboi!au | fratboy!au warnings⇢ none really, except that everybody and they mama in they feelings 😩 BUCKLE UP 😈
a/n⇢ THIS CHAPTER KEPT GETTING LONGER AND LONGER AND I’M GOING INSANE so i’ve finally just decided to split it lmao. please take this part now and anticipate the (actual) last chapter a lot sooner than i got this one out since it’s already 80% written!!! 
this chapter’s mood is this. hope you enjoy 😩
chapters⇢ previous | next | series masterlist
Tumblr media
You knew your best friend.
You were perfectly aware that ignoring his texts and calls would not make him go away—that not responding in a timely manner would only result in him seeking you out. But, at the very least, you were sure you had bought yourself a couple of days. The fact that Namjoon was currently standing in the doorway to your living room, a plastic bag dangling from a couple fingers, was proof that you had been wrong.
Your eyes narrowed, immediately looking past him to where your traitorous roommate was casually rooting around in the refrigerator. “Meen! I thought we agreed no visitors!”
“Since when is Namjoon a visitor?” Mina snorted, not even bothering to spare you a glance. “He practically lives here.”
“My bad,” she replied mildly, not sounding sorry in the least. She shut the fridge door, taking an unbothered sip from her newly-procured beverage as she headed back to her room with a shrug. “Maybe next time you should specify.”
“Really?” you hissed, but she didn’t even acknowledge your indignation as she left.
Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you, unimpressed and slightly offended. “I know you did not just try to call security on me.”
You let out a loud huff, turning away from him to moodily stare at your tv, intent on getting back to your Snapped marathon. “Joonie, go away, I’m done with men. All they do is disappoint me.”
“Hmm, are you sure about that? I brought you that Italian sub you like.”
At the sound of crinkling plastic, your attention rather predictably drifted back to where he was tauntingly swaying his bribe.
“…your pass expires in twenty-four hours.”
Namjoon ignored your grabby hands, instead choosing to join you on the couch and set the bag just out of reach on the coffee table. The cushion bounced a bit when he determinedly plopped down next to you, the two of you staring at each other in the stretching silence, waiting for the other to break. In the end, your best friend’s current patience turned out to be shorter than your current pettiness levels.
“What happened?” he asked rather gently. And just like that, his obvious concern easily reawakened the swirling emotion that you had been spending all day pushing down, down. “Are you okay?”
“I’m just fine, Namjoon,” you sniffed, eyes shifting away. Down, down. “Just fine and dandy.”
From the look on his face, he didn’t believe you, and frankly, you didn’t blame him. Yes, it had been a few hours since you had essentially had a meltdown and manipulated your mutual friend into giving you his car, but that wasn’t nearly enough time to pull yourself together and rope your feelings into something more muted and productive. Joonie knew that—he knew you—and so he had clearly found you as soon as he could, seemingly hopping right off the BTS bus and making pit stops only to drop off his bag and pick up your sandwiches.
However, despite the logical part of your brain plainly laying all of these facts out for you, the panicky part still reigned supreme, reflexive in its feigned ignorance.
“_____, you are clearly not fine.”
“And so what if I’m not? What, did you come all the way here to comfort me by letting me rest my head on your bosom?”
He looked at you flatly. “For the last time, I do not have a bosom.”
“And for the last time, you do. Now stop fighting me and let me put my face in your titties. You know that always makes me feel better.”
“So you’re admitting that you feel bad,” Joon pointed out triumphantly.
Damn. You had walked right into that one.
“Who said that? Can’t a girl just get motorboated in peace?”
“AHT!” Namjoon interrupted, raising a warning finger.
“What?” you asked defensively.
“Don’t do that.”
“Don’t do what?”
“You know what.”
“The whole shutting down and shutting people out thing you always do whenever you get really upset. I’m gonna need you to communicate and stop deflecting!”
You blinked, reflexively tensing at being read so blatantly. See, this was exactly why you had tried to stay away from Namjoon for as long as possible in the first place. He knew you way too well and wouldn’t allow you to properly wallow in your misery like you wanted. Rude ass.
At the look on your face, Namjoon let out a long sigh, simply opening his arms in invitation. You only paused for a moment before taking him up on the offer, pressing your face against his chest and immediately slumping into his warmth. As much as you teased, you hadn’t been lying about how comforting his chest was—your best friend gave the best hugs, and this was a perk you always made sure to take advantage of.
“Sorry I ruined the weekend,” you mumbled into his shirt.
“Eh, you didn’t really ruin anything,” he told you, squeezing your shoulder. “There’s drama at the formal every year. I would actually be surprised if this one passed without any, honestly. And besides, I would say Mark created much more drama than you did.”
You perked up at the promise of good gossip. “What do you mean? What happened?”
“Well, Taehyung was very blatantly checking out one of the busboys at breakfast, and didn’t seem to care that everyone—including the dude he invited as his date for the weekend—could see him doing it. So Mark threw a bagel at him.”
Your eyebrow rose in surprise. Taehyung had always had a bizarre ability to catch pretty much everything that was thrown his way, even when caught off guard. His reflexes were so ridiculously on point that you once asked him if he had ever considered trying out for your school’s baseball team. (“Ehhh, I feel like that wouldn’t be a very welcoming environment,” he had replied vaguely, tacking on a damning wink. You had rolled your eyes, unsurprised that he had apparently run through enough of the baseball team that the environment was too hostile for him to even consider joining.)  
“He caught it,” Namjoon confirmed at the confusion on your face. “But that just made Mark more mad. So he grabbed Jimin’s orange juice and poured it over Tae’s head.”
“Yikes,” you grimaced in sympathy, lowkey sad you had missed the spectacle.
“Yeah, Jimin was pretty mad. It was fresh-squeezed and the kitchen had just run out of oranges, so that had been the last glass. But anyway, I basically had to nip a giant food fight in the bud and everyone forgot about any sort of alleged drama that could have involved you after that.”
That was a relief to hear. Despite your personality tending to edge more on the dramatic side than not, you were never the type to cause unnecessary drama, and loathed when other people did. Just the thought of your quick exit causing a scene made your stomach twist in embarrassment.
However, when Namjoon leaned slightly away from you so he could properly meet your eye, you realized that you weren’t completely in the clear. “Jin-hyung seemed pretty pissed off, though,” he said lightly, watching you closely for a reaction. “Wouldn’t tell me why, and only bothered to eat two plates, which we both know for him is unheard of. Especially at a buffet.”
You stiffened, lips unconsciously pursing shut.
“You gonna tell me why I had to stop him from whipping his French toast sticks at Jungkook like he was taking the Chunin Exams?” he prodded gently.
“…Ugh, you’re such a weeb.”
“And you understood that reference, so clearly so are you. Now what did I say about deflecting?”
You exhaled slowly through your nose, the silence stretching between you as Joon patiently waited you out. Because as much as you knew your best friend, Namjoon also knew you. He knew that you would only speak when you were ready, and so he was never one to pry—he would always simply make it clear that he that he was ready to listen whenever you needed to, and wordlessly offer his support in other ways. Like sandwiches. This was one of the qualities you really appreciated in your best friend.
“…It’s all just a misunderstanding,” you answered reluctantly.
The look Namjoon gave you was nothing short of incredulous. “You weren’t upset,” he deadpanned.
You didn’t blame the skeptical twist of his lips—you had suddenly zoomed off like a bat out of hell. “I was upset at me,” you tried to clarify, though you weren’t even sure you were convincing yourself. “Because I knew better. I knew better, and yet I still decided to be out here embarrassing myself and looking stupid. So I had to leave. That’s all. Can we please drop it?”
The furrow in Namjoon’s brow suggested he didn’t necessarily believe you were telling the whole truth. Still, he chose not to press you, and you were silently grateful. You weren’t lying about how mortified you still were, and the wounds were still too fresh for you to go into detail about what happened to your friend who, while supportive, would no doubt still hit you with some variant of Told you so. He didn’t say anything though, simply gave your knee a couple reassuring pats before finally reaching for the food bag.
You cleared your throat, ridding it of any collected emotion. “Does it have salami?”
“Of course it has salami,” he scoffed, handing you one of the sandwiches and starting to unwrap his own. “Who the fuck orders an Italian sub without salami?”
“I was just asking, don’t sass me!”
“Don’t ask stupid questions then,” he replied matter-of factly, taking bite and chewing obnoxiously.
Your eyes narrowed. “Twenty-three hours and forty-eight minutes, Kim.”
He waved you off, markedly unconcerned by your threat. And in that moment, you couldn’t stop the small tug of your lips. Despite your pitiful day, Namjoon had somehow made everything feel almost normal again, like the two of you were eating dinner together because it was simply another night.
You both ate in silence for a few moments, more focused on the food than anything else. But the second Namjoon’s eyes drifted to the tv and he realized what was on, he froze, shooting you a wary glance.
“What do you say we watch something else,” he suggested, cautiously reaching around you for the remote with the same care one would give an easily-spooked animal.
You paused in reaching for one of the bags of chips he had brought, attention moving to the satisfying reenactment of a lady running over her abusive husband with her car. “What? Why?”
Namjoon’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “No reason. Just feeling like it’s a B99 kinda night.”
You shrugged noncommittally, too interested in deciding between barbecue and salt and vinegar to notice his sigh of relief. “Knock yourself out.”
“C-Cool. How’s the sandwich?”
“Bussin’,” you answered honestly, too into the food to be anything but.
“That’s what I like to hear.”
Tumblr media
It didn’t escape you that not too long ago, it had been Jimin who had made your gut clench in anxiety. But now that you found yourself in this situation, you could blatantly see the difference. Feel the difference. Jimin had been perfect on paper—handsome, sweet as pie, and seemingly into you—and so it hadn’t been hard for you to fixate on the progression of your relationship that you had been sure was happening. It had definitely stung when you finally realized that wasn’t the case.
But your sporadic Jimin flirtation couldn’t hold a candle to the time you had spent with Jungkook. The literal hours, months, spent simply chatting, at first about the class that forced you into each other’s orbit in the first place, but quickly about everything else. You knew his quirks—knew that he bizarrely enjoyed doing laundry, and actually took the time to separate his whites and colors and delicates and use all the appropriate settings. A college fratboy who literally had a favorite brand of fabric softener. You knew that he got the little scar on his cheek from fighting with his brother when he was young. And he knew that you often pulled all-nighters, because you were a terrible procrastinator. (He had never seemed anything other than amused when you fell down Youtube blackholes at 3am and sent him videos of how to survive if you were ever swallowed by a whale). He knew how, during a family vacation when you were young, your aunt had unthinkingly given you one of those shitty disposable cameras. How you had taken immortalizing your vacation on film bizarrely seriously for a child, and that the developed photos had revealed that you had enough of an eye for the visual arts that your parents decided to start enrolling you in classes.    
Yes, Jimin’s rejection had stung. But it hadn’t felt anywhere near like what you were feeling now, now that you had actually opened up. Had actually let your guard down and offered pieces of yourself.  
You hadn’t been lying to Namjoon—you were embarrassed. Positively mortified that you had ignored all reason, had somehow convinced yourself that Jungkook actually liked you. Liked you how you wanted him to. Liked you the way you liked him.
But you should have known better. You knew better, and yet you still ignored your instincts, still ignored logic.
Because, like you had told Mina all those months ago, you got attached in relationships.
And Jungkook didn’t.
You weren’t dumb—you knew he liked you too, knew he definitely enjoyed being in your company. He couldn’t fake that—the two of you had spent enough time together over the last few months that genuine camaraderie and affection had bloomed. But at the end of the day, it was clear that you cared more than he did.
Against all your efforts, what the two of you had done actually meant something to you. Had actually altered something between you that, at least for you, couldn’t be changed back. But to Jungkook? You had been a welcome challenge. Nothing more than a game that he had finally won.
How could this have happened? How could you have read things so completely wrong?
When Namjoon finally went home and you were once again left alone with your thoughts, your brain wouldn’t stop going over every single moment from the past few months, searching for the signs of deception you had to have missed. It was hard, because Jungkook was one of the most genuine people you knew—his emotions were often visible on his face, and he said what he meant and meant what he said. At least…at least you had thought so...but the more you pondered, the more it became obvious that you had been set up.
He had charmed you, broken down your carefully-built walls brick by brick. He had noticed right away that his usual strategy wouldn’t work on you, so instead he switched tactics and backed off. Simply lured you in with carefully-placed bait. Made you relax your defenses so gradually that you hadn’t realized you were doing it. The soft smiles, the casual hand on the small of your back or on your knee, the warm arm slung over your shoulder. The hotel room with only one bed that he had “forgotten” to mention to you. The way he had made sure to take your bag to the room himself so you wouldn’t see the single bed until you were too tired and drunk to care.
All he had to do was wait—and you fell right into his trap. A sheep led to slaughter, just, as Jungkook had made sure to point to you, like the other girls.
So yes, you were embarrassed that you had fallen for it. And yes, you couldn’t help but also be upset at him, despite the rational part of your brain repeatedly reminding you that he had promised you nothing. So, to try to let your emotions simmer down enough for your rationality to return, you felt it best to keep your distance from Jungkook for a while.
He had called you on your frazzled drive home from the hotel, but you had gotten away with ignoring him by sending him a quick text telling him that you were a bad driver and didn’t want to be distracted. When he texted you a few hours later, you didn’t respond right away, and when you did, you told him that you still weren’t feeling well, and had passed out as soon as you got home. But that excuse didn’t work out the way you hoped it would.
[02:45] jeon 😒 Wow, are you sure you’re okay? I can bring you some medicine or soup or something
[02:55] no, don’t worry about it! I’m pretty sure it’s just a stomach bug, but I don’t want to expose you just in case
[02:56] jeon 😒 Babe, I’ve been exposed all weekend lol
[02:56] jeon 😒 whatever it is, if it’s contagious, I definitely already have it 😉
His casual allusion to what the two of you had done easily triggered your stomach into knots, and you found yourself unable to answer him, mind whirring about how you should reply. And after Namjoon had barged in and stolen your attention, you essentially ended up leaving him on read.
The BTS formal being scheduled right before finals meant that you were lucky enough to only have to soldier through one more week of class. Blessedly, there were no more chemistry labs for the semester—just one last lecture, and you easily skipped it to avoid him, praying that the slides your professor uploaded later were thorough enough for you to get the gist. And then after that, you were essentially free, able to easily avoid the areas he often frequented and focus more on getting your portfolio together and preparing for oncoming exams.
Jungkook did still try to contact you, of course. Because you were too much of a coward to block him and be done with it, you still saw it when he tried to check in on you (missed you in class today ☹️ ) and randomly sent you funny memes. This was all normal behavior before, but now, now that your heart had escaped its ribcage and seemingly made a new permanent home in your throat, your responses came off as rather lukewarm, even to you. The excuse that you still didn’t felt well, an lol that looked like the afterthought that it was.
A few days into finals week and a solid week after you had abandoned him at the lake, Jungkook tried again.
[02:56] 🚨❌🚨🚫 Hey, do you think we could get together and study? My notes say “meniscus” everywhere
[02:56] 🚨❌🚨🚫 miniscust? menisqus??? it’s spelled differently every time I wrote it 😩
[02:57] 🚨❌🚨🚫 what the fuck is a mainissiscuss, please help
Your chemistry final was in a couple days, so it made perfect sense that he would want to get together and go over things one last time. Still, you found yourself staring at the words, anxiety spiking at the thought of seeing him and pretending that everything that had happened between you never did. That nothing had changed between the two of you and everything was normal.
[02:57] sorry, I’m just really swamped rn
[02:58] but i think the meniscus has something to do with test tubes
[02:58] I feel like the professor always told us to look for that
He never replied, and, strangely, that only made you simultaneously relieved and more anxious.
Your chemistry final was being held in a larger lecture hall than the class had taken place in—multiple classes were being tested at the same time and seating was alphabetical, so it was easy for you to slip into the crowd and disappear without catching a glimpse of Jungkook at all. Good luck he had texted you, and you had responded with a simple you too.
You were running, just like you always did. And, to your surprise, the universe was actually letting you. But, as is always the case, just when you started to relax, just when you started to breathe again, the rug was pulled from under you.
You had been really careful to avoid all places you knew Jungkook might appear. However, you had been so focused in your task that what you hadn’t stopped to consider was that he knew all your places as well.
Jungkook finally caught you where he had caught you once before—your favorite library, in the lesser-known room about medieval medicine. You had been studying there for hours, preparing for an upcoming exam, and the way the words were starting to move nonsensically across your vision was the clue you needed that you should probably take a break. So, with a tired sigh, you gathered your things, intent on stopping somewhere for a quick lunch before heading home. But when you turned to leave your small alcove, you were startled to find Jeon Jungkook standing there like some sort of wide-eyed hallucination.
The sudden appearance of the man you had been actively avoiding for weeks almost made you jump out of your skin, and Jungkook jumped too, your surprise triggering his.
“You scared me,” you breathed, a hand resting on your chest as a reflexive comfort to your racing heart. Unfortunately, now that your initial scare was subsiding and your brain had more time to process the situation, your fight or flight response was not likely to back down.
He looked the same as the last time he had found you here so many months ago—wide-eyed, draped in sweats with a backpack slung over his shoulder. But at the same time, he looked much different. His hair had gotten longer over the months, his shaggy bangs wisping over his eyes to such a degree that he now needed to part it to see, the view of his forehead that had once unnerved you now such a common occurrence that you didn’t even notice anymore. He was still big—had been so from the first day you met—but now, inadvertently trapping you in this small space, he seemed especially so. And, of course, the energy between you had changed completely. Gone was the sense of harmless flirtation, and in its place was unspoken tension. A sort of hesitance.
You cleared your throat, eyes shifting slightly to the side, focusing on the space over his shoulder so you wouldn’t have to look at him directly. “What are you doing here?”
“I just stopped to get some Starbucks up front,” he replied, lifting the cup he had apparently been holding. The insignia indeed claimed it to be from Starbucks. “And I remembered you liked studying back here sometimes, so I thought I’d check to see if you were here.” He shuffled a bit from foot to foot. “Um, are you feeling better?”
What a loaded question. A fair one, but much more complicated than he realized.
“A little bit, yeah.” You let out a nervous chuckle. “It’s been a weird couple of weeks, but finals wait for no one, right?”
“Right.” He shifted again, and your eyes couldn’t help but stray back to his face. His eyebrows were pinched slightly, in a tic you’d come to learn he did when he was thinking. That renewed the urgency in your veins—you didn’t want to be around when he gathered his thoughts.
You walked forward with intent and he reflexively stepped back, freeing you from the corner he had unintentionally trapped you in. “Well, I was just heading out, so—”
“W-Wait! Um, I’ve been meaning to show you something, but I haven’t been able to catch you.”
Before you realized it was happening, the timidity of his tone intrigued you—made you forget about the  alarm pumping through your veins. The words halted your quick escape, and you had no choice but to pause to regard him again, body still cautiously angled towards the door. “What’s up?”
His smile was small and shy. “I got accepted into my major.”
This was news to you, your surprise melting away any and all reservations as you turned to face him fully. “Major?”
He grinned, too much teeth. “Fine Arts—painting and drawing.”
You moved without realizing it, your excitement propelling you forward. “Oh my god, Jungkook, that’s so great!” you exclaimed, pulling him into a delighted hug. “You never told me you had even decided on one. I’m so proud of you!”
“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Jungkook breathed against your hair, his voice a smile. He hugged you back easily, arms comfortably circling your waist and pulling you against his body.
He smelled fresh and clean, like he had just hopped out the shower and pulled on clothes straight from the dryer. He felt big against you, the warmth of his body enveloping yours, but you found that comforting and familiar.
The unbidden memory of exactly why you unconsciously recognized the slot of his body against yours hit you like a truck, breath catching in your throat. Abruptly, you lifted your head from his chest and made to  step back.
But Jungkook didn’t let you go right away, not privy to your distress. Arms still around you, fingers comfortably laced together and resting dangerously close to your ass. Warily, your gaze lifted, dragging up his chest to his face. He was looking back at you, smile big, eyes crinkling in the corners. “It’s all thanks to you, noona,” he said softly.
And that’s when you realized—with growing horror—that his face was getting closer.
He was going to kiss you.
Oh no.
Oh no.
Alarmed but trapped, you managed to turn your head at the last second, his lips to landing on your cheek instead of their intended target. Jungkook pulled back, visibly perplexed.
“Y-You don’t have to thank me,” you spluttered, tone too high, even to your own ears. You stepped back, and this time, he confusedly let you out of his hold. “I just pointed out other possibilities. The rest was all you!”
Jungkook’s mouth opened and closed a couple times before he seemed to find the right words. “Noona,” he hedged, tone careful, but unsure.  “Are you…mad at me?”
Your heart stopped, head a little too quick to shake to not rouse any suspicion. You hoped he didn’t notice your alarm. “No.” Because if you were mad, you would have to explain the humiliating reason why. “Why would you think that?”
“Well it’s just…” There was a little wrinkle between his brows as he contemplated your words, and for a moment, his lips parted like he was going to tell you exactly why he thought that. But Jungkook seemed to think the better of it, a single shake of his head ridding him of the thought. “Never mind.”
You let out a laugh, manic as you started backing towards the exit. “Anyway, I have to go—I was just leaving.” Shit, he was probably going to follow you out. He had to leave too, after all. “Um, gotta run to the bathroom beforehand so. See you later—congrats again!”
An expression crossed Jungkook’s face—bewilderment mixed with something else—but you didn’t let your eyes linger on him long enough to analyze it. Instead you booked it to the door, not bothering to check if he  was following you, then headed straight for the bathroom down the hall so you could properly hide. So you could lock yourself in a stall and try to catch your breath, head in your hands.
Tumblr media
You expected some sort of followup—expected a text or three. But your phone stayed remarkably quiet over the next few days, a testament to your friends—and Jungkook—being too preoccupied with their own exams to hound you. But despite the knowledge of that small respite, you still found yourself tightly wound, almost as if you were waiting for something to happen. For the other shoe to drop.
Your work became a welcome distraction. For the next couple days, you practically lived in your photo studio, posted in front of your computer. And yes, your photography final was right around the corner, but it didn’t slide past you that while you were busy trying to perfect the final touches on your portfolio, you were also conveniently spending a lot of time behind a door that required a keycard to open.
And just like that, the universe allowed you to simply exist, hidden deep in a bubble of your own creation where everything was fine.
Until it didn’t.
And it wasn’t.
The day of your final arrived more quickly than you expected it to. Which was inherently silly, because you had been preparing for it all semester, had known its exact date down to the minute for weeks now. Still, you found yourself sweating a bit under the sensible blazer you had thrown over your dress that day in an attempt to appear more professional.
You weren’t the only one who had put effort into your appearance. Although your photography final wasn’t being held anywhere special—simply in the lower lobby of the fine arts building—your department had somehow managed to make it look legit. As there were only six people in your seminar, there was enough space for all of you to really spread out your portfolios and give them room to breathe. This resulted in what was technically your final exam giving off the feeling of a true art exhibit. Hell, light refreshments were even being served, and your professor’s previous instruction to invite whoever you wanted meant that, despite it being 3pm during finals week, there were a decent amount of people flitting between all of your pieces. This naturally all culminated in you turning into the nervous artist, hoping your work would be well-received by your professor and everyone who walked by.
The hard part of your project already completed, your assignment now was to simply hang around for a couple hours as strangers perused your work and your professor slowly made his way through all portfolios and settled on the final grades he felt were befitting. The strange time of day, particularly during finals week, meant that not all of your friends were able to come, but the few that were able to support you did. Earlier, while the exhibition was still technically closed and you had been carefully arranging your pieces to your liking within your allotted space, Yoongi had briefly stopped by, silently perusing all of your photos before circling back to you and patting your shoulder with an appreciative nod. That had been high praise from the relatively quiet man, who unfortunately couldn’t stay very long due of his own academic commitments. Still, you were truly touched that he took the time to show up and support you at all.
More of your friends trickled in during the appropriate scheduled showing hours. You couldn’t help but be surprised when Hobi was your second visitor to appear, his signature dazzling grin making an appearance as well as he idled towards you, hands casually in his pockets.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming,” you breathed gratefully, pulling him into a quick hug.
“Of course I would come,” he scoffed playfully, giving you a responding squeeze. “Why wouldn’t I?” Naturally, his attention was almost immediately drawn to your photos, visibly impressed as he glanced over the pieces closest to where the two of you stood. “Wow. You’re actually good.”
You snorted, amused even as your eyes narrowed. “I can’t tell if I should be offended or not, so for your sake, I’m just gonna take that as a compliment.”
Hoseok laughed, holding his hands up unthreateningly. “It is one. That just came out wrong!”
Your witty retort was diverted by an arm slinging over your shoulder, and there was Namjoon, dimples on full display as he grinned ear to ear. “You did it,” he greeted happily. “Congrats!”
“I did it,” you agreed, grinning back. Considering he had been the primary unfortunate soul who had to listen to you bitch about this project all semester, feelings of relief and pride were no doubt shared by both of you. “Thanks for coming, Joon.”  
He waved you off easily, as if what you just said was ridiculous. It was then that you noticed Lisa lagging a few feet behind him, the pictures you had displayed on the walls clearly distracting her from making her way over immediately. The clear awe on her face really touched you, but were even more so that she had taken the time at all to come out and support you.
“Wow,” she breathed, mouth a little slack as she finally meandered over and reached out to hug you. Her eyes couldn’t help but be drawn by the nearby photo you had taken of her and Namjoon, smiling at each other and sitting side by side on the ferris wheel. It actually was one of your personal favorites—you had somehow managed to catch the exact moment they had looked at each other and had obviously seen nothing else. Because the photo had been spontaneously taken on your little drunken outing at the formal a few weeks before, you had captured it using your cellphone instead of your Nikon. Still, the quiet emotion of the moment had still managed to translate beautifully in print.
You hugged returned her hug, warm inside. “Thank you for coming.”
“Of course,” she smiled sincerely. “Wow, _____, this all looks amazing!”
“I think it ended up working out,” you agreed hesitantly, a bit shy at her praise. While your other friends had been exposed to your photography throughout the years, this was a first for Lisa, and it always felt different to have new critics. Besides, while it was common for there to be traces of the artist in their work, it wasn’t until you finally started narrowing down and editing photos for your own that you realized just how personal this collection was. How close it ended up being to your heart.
“I think I’m gonna take a look around,” Hoseok said suddenly, giving you a distracted pat on the shoulder.
Curiously, you followed his line of sight…right over to where your friend Luisa, who must have snuck in while you had been chatting with the others, was sipping on a drink and contemplating a photo you knew to be of Hoseok himself. You snorted, fully aware that Hobi had shown up solely to support you, but was also on a neverending quest to get his dick wet. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll be looking, alright,” you retorted with an amused shake of your head.
Your slutty fratboy friend only responded by throwing you a peace sign over his shoulder, already fully zeroed-in on his target and striding away. Luckily for him, you knew Luisa to be able to handle her own, and you were much too nervous about your portfolio to really stick your nose into his business like you normally would. Besides, it didn’t take very long for you to become distracted by a much more pressing issue.
An elbow tapped you in the side, and you turned to find Lisa, shooting you a rather sly look. “Looks like somebody else came to see you.”
Bemused by her teasing tone, you naturally followed the pointed incline of her head. But what you found there knocked your breath immediately out of you.
Jungkook, staring at a photo of himself in what could only be described as wonder.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit.
You couldn’t ignore him—now that he had been pointed out to you and you had obviously seen him, both Lisa and Namjoon were looking at you expectantly. Just waiting for you to do something when truly the only thing you wanted to do was dart under a table before he saw you.
There was no clean way out of it. Either you went to him or he came to you, and you would rather have the upper hand.
“I’m gonna go say hi.” You cleared your throat, hoping to dislodge the knot that was forming there. It didn’t move. “Why don’t you guys take a look around? Don’t forget to have some of those little sprinkle cookies. Those are good.”
“Me, ignore free food?” Lisa scoffed incredulously, linking her arm through Joon’s and dragging him towards the refreshment table. “Hilarious.”
You watched them leave, taking a few measured breaths. A few moments to steel yourself. And when you were sure your defenses were properly built back up, you made your way over.
Jungkook was too immersed in the photo to notice your approach, dark eyebrows furrowed deep thought. It took a pointed clear of your throat for his eyes to reflexively dart in your direction, recognition of you chasing away the haze in them. “_____!”
“Hey,” you greeted, tone carefully polite. “What are you doing here?”
That seemed to throw him a bit, blinking a few too many times before answering you. “You invited me, remember?” He offered you a small, hesitant smile. “A while ago. And, um, Namjoon-hyung mentioned a few days ago that it was today, so I just thought I’d drop by. I hope that’s okay?”
You had invited him, hadn’t you? And of fucking course Namjoon would conveniently open his big mouth and remind him. “Yeah, of course. Thank you for coming,” you exhaled, defeated, but still meaning it. Because despite everything, he was still here to support you—and even if that was just as friends, you were grateful.
“I told you I would,” he replied, a bit too fondly for your liking. Your defense trembled, but ultimately stayed strong. Jungkook’s attention returned to your photo. “Wow, noona. You’re really talented. Is this really what I look like?”
Your stomach twisted. “That’s…” You swallowed, unsure how to respond but deciding to go for honesty. “That’s how I see you.”
You inwardly cursed at unintended softness of your voice, fighting to hold your composure as Jungkook looked at you again. He didn’t say anything, a glint of something in his gaze as he stared you down. The silence that settled between you started to slowly suck the oxygen from your lungs, but finally, a few seconds later, he returned his attention to the photo and set you free. “What was the subject again?”  
You were on such high alert, adrenaline pumping wildly through your veins, that you didn’t respond to him right away. Jungkook took your silence as confusion, attempting to clarify.
“Of your project.”
Ah. Yes, your project. The reason why, despite weeks of careful evasion on your part, the two of you had still ended up closely occupying the same space at this very moment. You completely understood why he was asking—you had taken an interesting, more intimate approach to the prompt that you hoped would pay off when it came to your final grade.
“Light.” You shuffled a bit from foot to foot, the nerves you had from sharing your art overtaking the ones you had from being forced to interact with him. “I was really struggling with that direction when I tried to take it literally, but the longer I sat with it, the more I realized that light could mean different things and come from different places. That it could even come from people.”  
It was only when you had stopped putting so much pressure on yourself, going through life and naturally taking snapshots of the time spent with your friends, that you finally discovered the true form of your portfolio. Namjoon and Lisa gazing at each other on the ferris wheel. Yoongi casually smoking late one night, the embers of his cigarette glowing rather hauntingly as he took a pull. The glow of a laptop screen, carefully balanced between two pairs of Snuggied legs. A handful of others taken of your favorite places; of your favorite people.
And the photo of Jungkook at the lake, hair wisped by wind, smiling with so hard and with so much teeth his eyes crinkled in the corners. The sunlight that refracted from the ice haloing him in glittering rainbow.
The center of your exhibit. The moment that had sparked your revelation. The subject who had allured your muse.
That lump in your throat was back, threatening to trigger the burning behind your eyes. It was time to go.
“Anyway, thank you again for coming,” you tried, making to move away. “It was nice seeing you—”
But Jungkook caught you by the wrist, freezing you in your tracks. Slowly, reluctantly, you turned to meet his fervent gaze. “Things are weird,” he insisted. Tone somehow simultaneously soft, but sure. “Why are they weird?”
“What are you talking about?”
He gestured between you. “Us. Things are weird between us, and I don’t know why. Are you sure you’re not mad at me?”
“No.” You held your breath, unable to meet his eyes. Subtly shifted out of his hold, though obviously not subtle enough, from the way Jungkook’s lips pursed at the action. “Why do you keep asking that?”
“Well, aside from the fact that you’ve been avoiding me for weeks and how even now you act like you can barely stand being near me, why wouldn’t I think that, _____?” He shuffled restlessly, running an agitated hand through his hair. “It’s just—is this about that day?”
Nope. NOPE. Your hackles raised, adrenaline starting to pump through your system in preparation for the impeding fight you now knew without a doubt was about to occur. “We’re not doing this,” you said quietly.
Jungkook huffed out a humorless laugh. “Not doing what?” he shot back, tone laced with enough audible irritation that your guard shot up even more. “Talking about what happened between us?”
This was not happening. Shut it down, shut it down. “Jungkook, can we please not do this right now?” He looked a little perturbed at your words, and if you were smart, you would have shut your mouth there. But if history had taught you anything, it was that you weren’t very smart when it came to Jungkook.
So you kept talking.
“You know what? We should just forget it—”
“Forget it ever happened?” he snapped, a storm visibly raging through him.
And there it was. He was pissed. Pissed at you, and no longer willing to bite his tongue. He stepped closer to you, jaw clenched, and the intensity of his gaze refused to let you look away. You had emotion bubbling beneath your skin, but, you quickly realized, so did he.
“Forget it happened, like we always do?” he continued, rapidly shaking his head. “Well I can’t. And I don’t want to.”
“Jungkook,” you hissed, entirely overwhelmed. People were starting to stare. Your professor, slowly making his way through grading everyone’s pieces, was curiously looking over at you from across the room. Your hands were starting to shake, and you had to curl them into fists to hide them. “Can we not do this here?”
“Then when?” he demanded. “Where? Because you never want to—never even try to—” His voice started to crack and it surprised you both, Jungkook cutting himself off abruptly. He stepped away from you, flustered and still shaking his head. A shaky breath escaped his lips, volume dialed almost to a whisper when he spoke again. “You know what? Never mind. I’m sorry I bothered you. Congratulations, your photos are beautiful.”
You could only hollowly watch as he turned on his heel and quickly walked away, exiting the gallery and leaving you rooted to the spot. Leaving you standing in front of a giant picture of him, smiling and happy and full of so much light.
You bit your lip, pointedly focusing on the taste of metal instead of how your stomach was twisting and vision starting to blur.
The difference of life vs. art.
You were left alone for a little while, your other friends too busy meandering through the area and admiring your classmates’ projects to truly notice the way you were frozen in place, unseeing. It was only when Namjoon crossed your path again, intending to peruse the other side of the room, that the look on your face made him do a double-take. He warily took a couple steps back until he stood before you, getting straight to the point. “What’s the matter?”
The pause you took between his question and the answer you were scrambling for was apparently too long, a deep frown settling in his features. He immediately started looking around, catching on much too quickly for your liking. “Where’s Jungkook?”
“I don’t know. He left.”
The look in his eye was suspicious. “Why would he leave? He literally just got here.”
“We had a fight, so he left,” you answered, a clear defensive edge to your tone. “Now can you please drop it?”
Your best friend let out an audible exhale, letting the silence marinate between you for a few moments as he pointedly looked at the photo you both were standing in front of. Happy, sparkly Jungkook looked back. “You had a fight, huh? Was it because of this?”
“What about that?”
Namjoon laughed, but there was no humor in it. “What about that? Are you serious?” You chose not to reply, and Joon took that as an invitation to no longer hold back. “You know, I promised myself that I would stay out of this little cat and mouse…situation you two have going on. But at this point, I’m exhausted. And I know I can’t be the only one—you guys gotta be too. So can you just cut the bullshit?”
“Excuse me?”
“Really, _____?” he groaned, looking heavenward for guidance. “If you don’t want to be with him, that’s fine, but at this point, this is all starting to be too cruel.”
You sputtered, taken off guard and mind spinning.
“Please stop pretending you don’t know what am I talking about,” he continued flatly. “Jungkook. You’ve literally spent all semester being upset about Jimin’s mixed signals, but you’re pretty damn good at sending those yourself. You’re breaking that boy’s heart!”
“…Breaking his…” You stared blankly at Namjoon, your thoughts whirring past so quickly that they barely stuck around long enough for you to process them.
“You can’t seriously be this dense. _____! He likes you! Like, a lot. A LOT.” He rubbed his temples, a growl of frustration leaving him. “Look, if you don’t want him, fine, but please stop dragging him along. He’s a good kid.”
“Are you kidding me right now?” you scoffed, heart still pounding at his words. “What happened to you insisting that he’s a sex-crazed monster who would only use me and toss me away like a tissue?”
Despite his obvious irritation, Namjoon’s lips still twitched into a small smile. “That definitely used to be true, but these past few months have shown me otherwise. The way I hear him talk about you…”
You rapidly shook your head, hands clutching each other in an effort to mask the way they were threatening to shake. “Stop it.”
“Stop what?” he demanded. “Telling you the truth you need to hear?”
“The truth?” you scoffed. “The fuck is this supposed to be—you get yourself a lil’ girlfriend and now all of a sudden you’re a relationship expert?”
Namjoon’s lips immediately thinned in annoyance. “Cut it out,” he snapped. “You’re pissing me off and I’m trying to help you.”
That gave you proper pause. As exasperating and stubborn as you knew you could sometimes be, Namjoon could be just as much so—and that similarity was somehow one of the things that made your friendship work. That, and the fact that neither of you hesitated to check each other when need be, making sure you never went too far.
And right now? Namjoon was checking you.
You bit back the snarky rebuttal that was ready and waiting at the tip of your tongue and took a deep breath to try to calm yourself. Namjoon sighed too, running a tired hand through his hair. His roots are growing in, you thought rather deliriously.
“_____,” he tried again. Softer this time, holding your gaze. “When have I ever lied to you?”
You opened your mouth, but he cut you off before you could even attempt to deflect. “When it mattered?” he pressed. “When have I ever lied to you when it mattered?”
There was no truthful reply you could give him. Because he was right. He was your best friend, and he would never lie to you.
Despite knowing this, you still found yourself shaking your head. “Then I guess you just don’t know him as well as you think you do. I was just a challenge to him, Joon. It was all a game.”
“A game,” he deadpanned, looking at you like you were stupid. “You’re kidding, right? You really think he’s playing games after what he submitted with his major application?” At your confused silence, he could only heavenward for guidance. “You two are ridiculous.”
Your brain was scrambling, racing to try to keep up with the partial information Namjoon kept casually flinging at you. “H-His application? I really don’t see how that matters—”  
“Of course it matters! Just ask him.” His tone left no room for arguments, his patience clearly thin. “Ask him to show you. And then make up your mind before he makes it for you.”
You wanted to pry more, wanted to get him to spill whatever it was he was obviously privy to that you weren’t. But it was at that moment that you noticed your professor making his way over to you, having decided that this exact moment was the perfect time to come chat with you about your project. Namjoon noticed him too, shooting you a pointed look that warned you that he wasn’t quite done telling you about yourself, but would let it go for now.
“I’ll ask,” you promised quietly. “After this. I promise.”
Namjoon simply gave you one last look before shaking his head and walking away. “When did my life turn into an episode of The Hills, Jesus Christ,” you heard him mutter to himself.
“_____! What do we have here?” Your professor greeted you with a smile and a friendly clap on the shoulder, looking  up at the giant Jungkook photo. “Wow, this is certainly a statement, huh?”
Bile climbed up your throat but you ignored it, forced to put your current crisis on the back burner in favor of attempting to focus on small talk and your final grade.
Tumblr media
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sparklingchim · a month ago
oops..; m | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2.2k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, idol!au, secret relationship, established relationship
warnings: quickie, koo is a needy boy, sex in a public bathroom stall, unprotected sex, clit play, spit kink, tattoo kink?, finger sucking, choking, getting caught by paparazzi, mentions of handcuffing, blowjob, cum swallowing, groping
summary: a quickie in the airport restroom was all it was supposed to be - not suddenly the whole world finding out about your secret relationship with jungkook.
a/n: the title is so ingenious isn't it😌😌 this is literally just an excuse to write something about jk in his cool airport fashion looks hehe
,,You're acting like a hormonal teenager."
Despite your complains you allow Jungkook to drag you to the restrooms.
,,I swear we'll be quick."
,,Can't you wait till we get home?"
,,You're teasing me since this morning and dare to ask that question?"
You frown. You're only able to recall how you scolded him this whole morning because his clothes were all over your hotel room and he was being way too slow with packing his things, despite having to leave in an hour.
,,I never teased you."
Jungkook turns his head to look back at you, you can't see his whole face due to the bucket head and black mask covering it, but you bet he's arching his newly pierced eyebrow right now.
He knows you too well to quickly realise that the clueless look on your face is genuine and that you aren't messing around with him - you are actually oblivious to the things you did this morning, very much to his wonder.
,,Doesn't matter, right now I just wanna feel your tight pussy around my cock."
,,What if there are people?"
,,Wait here and I'll check if someone's there. If I don't come out within 10 seconds you can come inside too," Jungkook tells you, letting go of your hand and entering the men's restroom.
With vigilant eyes you observe your surroundings. Trying to look casual and insouciant. Perhaps it's a little too much, there are barely any people at the airport at this early hour. Just a few people strolling around, far away.
You wait a bit longer than ten seconds, but when you're sure that Jungkook would have returned if there were any people in, you enter the restroom as well.
Before you are able to say something about the fancy facility, Jungkook captures your lips in a hungry kiss as he pushes his face mask down his face.
He sighs while moving his lips passionately against yours. Hands on your hips, he directs you to a bathroom stall, knocking the door open with his foot.
He carelessly throws his big backpack on the floor, pressing you against the wall.
With the door locked, his hands start roaming over your curves and swells. He gives your butt a good squeeze, trailing his hands up your hips to your heavy breasts.
,,You drive me crazy," he murmurs between kisses placed on your décolleté.
,,You're wearing way too many layers," you huff as you examine Jungkook's upper body, trying to tug his black jacket down.
,,We don't need to take off our clothes, baby." Kissing up your neck he's back at the sweet spot just under your earlobe.
,,Please?" you plead, tempting him by reaching your hand under his clothes and skimming over his abs. ,,Wanna see your tattoos."
He chuckles. Jungkook can't forbid it when you bat your eyelashes at him that cute way, so he shimmies his jacket off his shoulders and you help him getting out of his pullover.
,,C'mere," he says as soon as his clothes are thrown on top of his backpack.
Hoisting your body off the ground you instinctively wrap your legs around his waist.
One greedy hand is situated between your legs, one smooth motion and your panties are flicked aside, digits roaming over your dripping pussy.
,,My girl's so wet," Jungkook hums. A sweep over your swollen clit and you're already uttering a whimper. He grins. ,,Like that?"
,,Jungkook," you scold, though you have to admit that it sounds more like a whine. ,,Don't tease. Make this fast. You promised."
With your reminder, he pulls his black cargo pants down together with his briefs till his cock springs out.
You're stunned at his hard-on, the tip leaking with precum already.
,,I want you so badly," he mumbles, smooching your face.
You titter. ,,The times at the resort weren't enough for you?" You already lost count of how many times he fucked you by the time you went to sleep the first day. You believe that there's no surface left in the room that Jungkook didn't bend you over to claim what's his.
,,I could never get enough of you," he admits, biting the flesh above your collarbone.
And with that, Jungkook slides inside of you, the stretch of his girth a pleasant feeling that you welcome. Wholly tucked inside your heat he meets the beginning of your cervix, and without having to move you are already a whiny mess for him.
,,Baby," he whispers with a cautionary undertone, a hint of amusement at your reaction portrayed in the curve of his lips.
You stare at him, innocently, fingers cramping at his biceps when he slowly rolls his hips into you.
,,Can you keep quiet for me? Hm? Can you do that?"
Honestly, you're not sure.
,,Dunno," you reply, fingers gripping at his burly arms as he sets a fast pace, both of your bodies colliding with each snap of his hips.
And because Jungkook sees the exact moment when he adjust you on his hips, his cock reaching that spot inside you and as your twisted face prepares to utter a loud moan, he takes the opportunity to plunge two of his fingers inside your mouth. You immediately close your mouth around him, sucking on his digits like the obedient girl you are.
Now moans muffled and keeping this as 'quiet' as possible, Jungkook thrusts faster inside. He heaves a few strained grunts, the tightness of your pussy leaving him no option for complete silence.
Seeing his bare, tattooed arm while he rams inside you is somehow enkindling the burning knot in your stomach. Every new tattoo he adds on his arm is making him more desirable. And now with the new eyebrow piercing you've finally lost everything. He was effortlessly handsome and hot before all of this, but now with these added details it's just another perk for your sly eyes.
Pulling his fingers from your mouth he puts them inside his, this simple action making your walls quiver in glee. After sucking your saliva off his fingers, his lips move to your neck and he plants butterfly kisses all over your skin. When his hands sneak under your pullover - which actually belongs to him - he halts in his movements, pinching his brows as he leans back with his head.
,,Where's your bra?"
,,Took it off."
You throw your arms around his neck, wanting to pull him back to your mouth, but he resists.
,,You wore that sexy bra this whole morning, teasing me with walking around in that matching set, just to take it off again?" He is surprised that he didn't even see when you took that damn thing off. The way it made your perky breasts squish together is still clearly rooted in his mind.
,,I didn't tease you."
,,You don't consider constantly bending down in front of me in sexy lingerie as teasing?"
He thrusts his cock back inside, going deeper and harder. You mewl, shaking your head. ,,I was just packing the last few things in our suitcases."
,,Wanted to throw you on the bed and fuck your brains out so badly." Tattooed fingers enclose your throat, putting pressure on the sides.
More juice gushes from your hole, the wet noises reverberating around the empty room increasing.
,,You're-" His cockhead nudging your cervix every time he lunges forward is stealing all your functioning brain cells and squashes them into a mass of nothingness, leaving your fighting with the sentences you want so say. ,,You're doing a pretty good job succeeding in that right now."
Having to hold back loud moans that are waiting to spill from you on the tip of your tongue is hard, but watching Jungkook in his determined, fucked out state, pumping his dick into you with precise thrusts makes you sink your teeth into your lips, almost drawing blood.
,,Yeah? You like the way my cock splits you open?"
You nod promptly. Nails dig into his shoulders. He furrows his brows and you follow the way his piercing moves along, the two little silver balls twinkling under the bright lights of the room.
,,Wanted to fuck you in that sexy outfit," Jungkook pants, pace quickening when he imagines drilling your cock into you while you are wearing the lingerie again.
,,When we get home - oh god - when we get home you can," you promise.
,,Want to cuff your hands too."
Your eyes roll back. Walls fluttering around his thick girth. ,,Everything you want."
,,Good little slut," he groans, cock twitching within your tight grasp. ,,You're close?"
You can barely nod, eyebrows pinched when the hand from your throat sneaks down and rubs your clit in precise movements.
,,Jungkook." Moaning his name, your head falls back and he can't dismiss the chance to create pink and purple marks on your skin.
With Jungkook all over you and his cock thrusting inside in rigid drags, the tight knot in your stomach bursts in a sudden sensation, pleasure filling every part of your body.
Somehow managing to draw him even closer to you, you nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck and bite down his skin to mute the moan that nearly fled your mouth.
,,Good girl," he coos, fingers combing through your hair in reassurance.
Jungkook holds you close to him as he drills his throbbing cock inside your clenching cunt, your essence painting his length in white stripes every time he pulls his cock back out.
,,Can I cum inside?"
Pondering about his questions for a second you answer, ,,Let's not make a mess." You slide your fingers down his buff arms. ,, Cum inside my mouth?"
Jungkook immediately pulls out of you, hand stroking his cock briskly.
,,Then get on your knees, now." Voice strained from his nearing high he pushes your shoulder down, prompting you to kneel in front of him.
Taking his cock between your lips, you focus on moving up and down his length. Jungkook groans at the feeling of your mouth around him, hand absentmindedly reaching behind your head, but not pushing you further down.
,,Just the tip, baby - fuck, yes - just like that."
Sucking on his tip and looking up at him with doe eyes you feel your mouth salivating at the thought of swallowing his cum.
Not long after that, Jungkook bursts hot white fluid down your throat and you swallow every drop of it. Giving him a few final strokes with your mouth before you withdraw with a lewd plop.
Both of you are panting, Jungkook's chest heavily rising up and down as his cock softens. He pulls you in for a kiss. Your heart swells at his tenderness.
While still calming down from your orgasms you don't have much time to bask in the afterglow. You tuck your panties in place and walk out of the stall to fix your hair. Jungkook stays behind, throwing his clothes over his body.
,,My hair looks like a nest," you mumble as you struggle to brush your fingers through the back of your head. Being pressed against the bathroom stall with your hair constantly rubbing against it through Jungkook bouncing you on his dick hasn't been benevolent to your hair.
While strolling towards you Jungkook gives your butt a playful smack before pecking your cheek.
,,We should probably leave before someone comes in," you say, looking at him through the mirror. His cheeks are painted in a slight flush, the sparks of his high still depicted on his face. It's adorable.
Jungkook nods, though he's making no effort in actually carrying it out.
,,Want some chapstick?" he asks, pulling out a strawberry flavoured.
You turn your head to him and he finely coats your lips in a thin layer of chapstick. Watching him being so concentrated at his task makes you nearly coo and smooch his nose.
After putting some of the chapstick on his lips too he throws his bag over his shoulder.
,,Ready to go?"
,,Shouldn't we leave separately? I don't want anyone to see us coming out of the restroom together," you answer.
,,Nah, we should be fine. There's no one out there."
But oh boy, how wrong he was.
As soon as Jungkook opens the door, both your hands intertwined, you are surprised by flashing lights and a horde of people standing - waiting - all around the entrance of the men's restroom.
Escaping the blinding light by hiding behind Jungkook you screw your eyes shut. The distinct sounds of people taking countless of pictures of you get muted once Jungkook awakens from his shock-induced paralysis and shuts the door close.
,,Shit," he curses under his breath.
You're shocked. Unable to say anything.
,,D-did they-" You point at yourself, mouth hanging open.
,,They...saw you too, yes." He talks slow, like he also can't grasp what just happened.
The way he torn up the door and practically presented you two to the whole mob of people standing outside could be comical if it wasn't for the burden you know will follow after this event.
,,Wait, do I still look freshly fucked?" you say, disquietingly brushing your fingers through your hair as you look into the mirror next to you.
,,I mean, what else is there to assume if we both come out of an empty bathroom?"
,,Oh, you're...right..." The position you're both in is way too suspicious, you come to realise. Puffing, you turn to him, scanning his face for help or advice for what you should do now.
,,I have a plan."
You perk at that. Brows lifted and await his explanation.
Jungkook holds out his hand for you.
,,Let's run."
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kookingtae · 3 months ago
Incoming: Elite Chatboy (pt. 4)
Tumblr media
pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3
→ pairing: sex chat worker jungkook x reader
→ genre: text au (smau without the social media), smut, humor
→ word count: 10.2k (written portion at bottom)
→ scenario: welcome to Elite Chatroom, a sex chat company with a wide variety of services such as text messaging, phone call, and video chat. you signed up online for the most basic text service plan not knowing what to expect, but you certainly didn’t think you’d end up actually liking the man behind the screen.
→ warning: sexting, video sex, professional dom jungkook, teasing bratty sub reader, crack humor amidst explicit dirty talk, mutual masturbation, degradation, praise kink, strip tease, fist fucking. mentions of: oral (fem and male receiving), face fucking, size kink, cum play, dacryphilia, subspace.
→ a/n: smh i WOULD find a way to make this smut 10k words loool this is WAY longer than i was expecting, and im not even sure if i like it BUT i hope you guys do :”) tbh ive only read over it for editing like once bc it took a lot out of me so pls excuse any mistakes u find! after this i will be focusing on another project of mine that has a deadline, so the wait for pt 5 may be longer than when i usually update this series, but i hope having such a big chapter will hold you over until then! happy reading and i hope you all enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your heart pounds out of your chest as you frantically rush around the room for any last minute things you have to do: comb your hair, touch up your makeup, hell you even brushed your teeth even though there’s no way he’ll be able to smell your minty fresh breath through the screen of his phone. Adjusting the little portable desk for the umpteenth time that sits in your bed, your stomach is a flurry of nerves when you lean your phone against it so that the camera has a perfect view of yourself while you sit in front of your headboard.
Your eyes quickly glance over his text message one more time. ‘PRESS THE FACETIME BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE CHAT’. The all-caps typing you both used perfectly emulates the frenzied chaos swirling inside of you at your last-minute and rather impulsive decision to video chat with him.
Shit, this is a bad idea. What if he sees you and thinks you’re not what he expected? What if he thinks you’re cuter in your profile picture than you are in real time? What if you don’t live up to his expectations?
You attempt to swallow down your anxiety and self-doubt before taking a deep breath, closing your eyes for a moment or two, and finally pressing the facetime button.
Shit, you forgot to grab your phone charger!
The bleating sound that lets you know facetime is calling him only adds to your nerves as it chimes through the air while you shoot up from your bed and dive over to your bag on the other side of your room. Shit, your phone battery is on 6% and you meant to grab your charger while you were getting everything set up! How could you forget it?!
A dark, stormy cloud of dread falls over you when you hear the sound of the call being answered.
Your palms prickle as fear and anticipation and excitement and anxiety all spike within you at once like a lightning bolt straight to your core. You speed up the pace at which you frantically rummage through your belongings that are tossed haphazardly in your bag.
“Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice is honey dripping within every crevice of your being when he sings out your name.
“I’m here!” You call out distractedly from the other side of the room, hoping your voice will carry and filter through your phone speakers to him, wherever he is in the world. “Sorry, I’m looking for my phone charger!”
Jungkook does the last thing you expect him to do in the middle of your internal meltdown: he laughs. “You had five years to get ready!”
His warm laughter and gentle teasing has your heart blooming in your chest and an infectious smile growing on your lips. “It was only 10 minutes!” You argue back lightheartedly.
Your anxiety starts to subside at the natural banter that flows easily between the two of you, just as it does through text. You don’t know why you were worried about things being weird. This is Jungkook, the same boy you tease and bicker with who also somehow manages to drive you absolutely insane with desire—the same boy who you talked to for almost an hour on the phone last week after the two of you had climaxed, only for Elite Chatroom to notify him with an alert saying that your session was almost over. Each service plan has a two-hour maximum time limit, you had been informed by Jungkook shortly after the interruption, so that people don’t take advantage of the services and so that the workers have enough time to take several clients a night if need be.
You ignore the knot that grows in the pit of your stomach at the thought of Jungkook sexting someone right after leaving the chat with you.
“Got it,” you emit a sigh when you finally feel the white cable amidst all the other shit in the depths of your bag and dash back over to plug your phone into the wall. Thankfully it’s still able to stand upright with the camera on yourself even though the charger sticks out of the bottom.
“Okay, I’m here,” you exhale with an involuntary nervous giggle as you plop down on the bed and finally get to look at the chatboy in front of you.
And suddenly it’s hard to breathe.
Jungkook is sitting on his bed, dark hair falling attractively around his forehead and tattoos on full display as he stares at you with what must be the most breathtaking face you’ve ever seen in your entire life.
“Oh my god,” you can’t help but blurt out, fighting the urge to cover your mouth at your accidental outburst as your eyes stay captivated at him on your screen.
After a few moments of silence, the two of you just drinking in the sight of one another, Jungkook blinks several times in delayed reaction as if waking from some sort of trance ever since you sat down in front of him. “What?” He asks, the sudden self-consciousness visible on his expression.
You can’t help but stare at his big, dark doe eyes, so wide and innocent and the complete opposite of everything you’ve ever known about this boy. “N-nothing,” you fumble out, clearing your throat and mentally shaking yourself out of your stupefied daze. “I just... you’re better looking than your contact photo,” you sheepishly admit.
How is that even possible?! you want to yell at him, but before you can make an even bigger fool of yourself Jungkook is speaking.
“Yeah, um... so are you,” he grins and reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck, a cute blush blooming on his cheeks and his bicep flexing from the motion displaying the rest of his tattoos that create the beginnings of a sleeve up his right arm.
You try to keep your mouth from falling open as you practically drool at the sight.
“Shit,” you hear him curse to himself, the expletive refocusing your attention back to his beautiful face. “What are you doing to me?! I’m never like this!”
“Like what?!” You reply defensively with a chuckle.
“I don’t know, nervous!” He admits, mirroring your natural grin.
Your heart jumps in your chest at his confession, thankful that you’re not the only one to feel this way. “Why are you nervous?”
“You know exactly why!”
“Do I?” You arch a brow at his words, excitement dancing in your eyes.
“Yes,” he leans forward to get closer to the camera and fixes you with an intense gaze that has your body bursting into flames, “you do.”
You swallow down the flustered response that rises within you under his stare and try not to ogle his features that are even more beautiful upon closer inspection. “Pretty sure I don’t,” you deny challengingly.
Jungkook presses his tongue against the inside of his cheek, the action stirring a sizzling heat within the depths of your core. “Don’t play coy with me baby. You know exactly what you do to me.”
His words cause another roll in your stomach that crashes like a wave into your core as well, though it does nothing to put out the inferno that it joins there. You involuntarily squeeze your thighs together, his ability to arouse you having grown tenfold now that you can hear his voice and see his eyes on you. You’ll be damned if you let him know that, though.
“Hm, I don’t know,” a smirk plays at the corner of your mouth before you’re biting down on your lower lip in anticipation. “I think I need a refresher.”
Jungkook swallows at your sultry words before readjusting his position on his bed, one of his legs bent in front of the camera as he leans back and props himself up on his elbow in an enticing display. “Yeah? You need a refresher on how hard you make my cock?” He arches a brow while one of his hands falls over his groin right where you presume his dick to be.
Your eyes widen on their own accord as you try to hold in a cough, not having expected such bold and obscene words for come out of the boy’s mouth so soon. “Jesus, Jungkook,” you splutter before a laugh bubbles up and forces its way past your lips.
His seductive nature instantly vanishes, now replaced with mirth that gleams in his eyes and an adorable groan of protest. “What?!” He cries in false-frustration though a smile lights up his features while he watches you.
“We just got here!” You choke in disbelief.
“Y/N it’s 45 minutes into your session!” A laugh of his own falls from his lips.
“Okay but this is different!” You argue back, the lighthearted bickering returning between you. “I’ve barely recovered from seeing your face and you expect me to see your dick?!”
“What’s wrong with seeing my dick?!”
“Do you want me to die?”
You watch as his lips twitch at your words as if there’s something he wants to say but knows he shouldn’t, and it’s the knowledge of this boy’s crude humor (you can practically hear him now: “are you saying you’d die for my dick?”) that causes you to speak up again before he can.
“Don’t–! Make that a sex reference.”
His mouth is already open, breath drawn and ready to say whatever weird shit popped into his chaotic brain before he stops short at your words. “Me? A sex reference?” He quickly reroutes with a scoff as if offended. “What kind of person do you think I am?”
“A horn dog,” you deadpan without delay.
“Only horny for you baby,” he winks.
The cheesy sexual remark and giant, giddy smirk on his face should make you want to wring his neck—and it definitely does. But you can’t deny the deeper meaning behind his words that warms you with endearment given how many women he watches masturbate daily, and he’s still only ever gotten off with you.
“Stop why is that making me soft?” A pout takes over your features that’s soon being replaced by a roll of your eyes. “What is wrong with me?!”
“Just admit it.” His smirk is replaced with a winning grin that takes over almost the entirety of his face and has your heart squeezing in your chest. “You love me.”
“I would rather die,” you instantly quip back.
“Oh?” The arch of his brow lets you know you’ve walked yourself into another one of his bad jokes, though before you can stop him he’s already continuing. “Does that mean I can show you my dick then?”
A scoff of laughter involuntarily escapes your throat as you bury your face in your hands in either shame, disappointment, or both—it’s hard to tell at this point. “I actually hate you,” you shake your head with a chuckle when you look back up.
“You keep telling yourself that babe.” He wriggles his eyebrows teasingly before joining in on your laughter.
“Do you normally jump right into things with your other video chat clients?” You ask, curiosity outweighing your aversion to hearing about the many people he seduces.
“Well I usually just start off by saying some sexy shit. Order them to take their clothes off and whatnot.” He shrugs like he’s talking about the weather instead of having cyber sex with strangers. To him, cyber sex probably is something as casual as the weather. “And then when they’re all prepped and ready I start doing my thing.”
Your brows raise at that, intrigue peaking at his last word. “Your ‘thing’?” You question before you can stop yourself. 
“Yes.” His eyes twinkle and his lips twitch into a small smile, amused. “My ‘thing’.”
The look on his face has you almost blushing with round eyes; you can guess exactly what his thing entails, though the thought only adds to your curiosity rather than sating it. “W-what is your ‘thing’?” You’re almost scared to ask.
He shrugs, his smile twisting to a smirk at your reaction. “I just put on a little show for them, you know?”
Now your brows furrow at that. “A show? Do you have like, a whole routine that you do or something?”
“Well it differs for my regulars of course because I can’t show them the same thing every time but,” he pauses in thought as if realizing this for the first time, his smirk now turning into genuine mirth as laughter tumbles from his lips, “I actually do have a go-to I do for new clients.”
“Wow,” you draw out the word with a shocked grin as a chuckle of your own joins his. “You have a whole routine!”
“Shut up!” You watch as the flawless golden hue of his skin turns a flushed shade of crimson.
The adorable sight of his embarrassed blush only prompts you to tease him further. “Like a little dance number!” You joke.
“Shut up it’s not!” He protests weakly, his own expression upturned into an infectious grin as well. “This is serious shit! I’m a professional!”
You continue to laugh at his persistent denial. “I have to see this oh my god.”
“Stop, I can’t now!”
“Because it’s embarrassing!” He whines playfully. “You’ll make fun of me!”
His words only make you laugh even more. “No I won’t!”
“You literally laughed when you said that!”
His callout has you twisting in flustered amusement, your hands reaching up to hide the laughter that continues to spill from your open-mouthed smile. “Okay I won’t!” You inhale deeply to regain control, only uncovering your face once your expression has fallen into a more serious one. “I won’t,” you repeat calmly, and the second you meet the knowing look in his eyes you try to hold in the giggle that comes bubbling up within your chest.
A long sigh leaves his lips. “Fine, but if I see you laugh I swear to god–!”
“I won’t laugh!” You argue back with a grin.
He watches you skeptically for a second longer before eventually rising from his bed and disappearing from view behind the camera. Seconds later the low, smooth sound of sultry music fills his room and filters through your phone’s speakers.
You’re unable to stop the giggle that pushes it’s way past your closed lips—the fact that you joked about it being a dance routine and he actually does have music!
“I said no laughing!” He hollers from out of frame.
“Okay okay I won’t!” The pressure of the moment forces another giggle from you. “Starting now!” You call out before he can chastise you again.
The few still moments that he stays out of view has your heart rate spiking in anticipation. A nervous heat now starts to replace the amusement within you as you realize just what you’re about to see.
And it’s when he finally saunters into view that your expression falls slack entirely.
He has the casual confidence of someone who knows just how sexy they are, his steps slow and sensual yet his eyes ablaze with an intense, lustful passion that burns straight through your soul and past your stomach to melt right between your legs.
You try to swallow past the thick lump in your throat in an attempt to moisten your suddenly dry mouth, though it’s as if your throat has closed up along with the rest of your stiffening muscles and scorching organs as you continue to watch his movements, unable to look away even if you wanted to.
A knowing smirk tugs at his lips to join his overall cocky aura, the heat of the moment only rising tenfold as he reaches down and grabs the bottom part of his t-shirt in a fist and starts to tug it up at a tantalizingly slow pace. The dryness of your mouth is suddenly replaced by mouth-watering lust when his smooth skin and the slightest sliver of chiseled abs peak out from beneath the fabric, giving you a taste and making you crave more before he suddenly drops his shirt and it falls back down over his skin.
“I think you need to work for it, baby girl.” He presses both of his hands down on the bed on either side of his phone and leans closer to the camera, his features sparking with the enticing challenge.
You gulp, hoping that you can find your voice enough to put together some sort of response. “I-I thought you were gonna show me your routine.”
“Only good girls get to see my routine.” His voice is husky as he stays leaned over the camera, that annoyingly sexy smirk still playing at his lips. “Are you a good girl, Y/N?”
You feel your head slowly begin to nod yes as if you’re in a trance, unable to control your actions at this point.
“Then prove it.” He takes on a more commanding tone that has you pressing your legs together. “Show me what a good girl you’ve been.” When his eyes rake over your figure, you think you really will go insane. “Take off your pants.”
You’re unsure if this is standard procedure and you’re just falling victim to his routine like all his clients before you, but at this point you couldn’t do anything about it even if you wanted to.
So you slowly rise from the bed, your camera positioned to where he can still see you standing on the floor as you unbutton your pants and pull them down your legs. Nerves begin to take over as you feel self-conscious beneath his watchful gaze, though you can hear his breath lightly fan against the speakers and when you look up you notice his eyes have darkened.
You feel your body engulf in flames under his stare before you’re quickly stepping completely out of your pants and sitting back down on the bed as if it offers you some semblance of shelter compared to standing out in the open.
The feeling doesn’t last long when you hear his next words, though.
“Now feel how wet you are.” It might just be your imagination, but you think you can physically see his chest rising and falling with each breath that seems to have gotten heavier upon your actions. “Spread your legs for me. I want to see your hands in those sexy little panties.”
Your eyes widen slightly at his words, knowing that if you spread your legs there will most likely be a wet patch at the center of your underwear. But again, his commanding words paired with the intense gaze he’s subjecting you to makes it impossible to do anything but obey.
And so you do.
Your legs part open in a painfully slow motion, the air instantly cooling the heat radiating from your clothed pussy. You bite down on your lower lip in an attempt to contain some of your embarrassment. You’ve never done anything like this before; sure you’ve had boyfriends in the past, and you certainly aren’t a virgin. But cyber sex is something completely new and foreign to you, and so you can’t help but feel shy and anxious under his intimidating scrutiny. Especially when he can’t take his eyes off the way you hesitantly reach inside the top of your underwear and swipe your middle finger through your slit.
You involuntarily quiver at the contact, your pussy throbbing in desire and aching to be touched just because of his mere presence on your screen.
“How wet are you?” His voice is considerably thicker with lust when he speaks up.
A gulp rakes down your throat. “I-I’m soaked,” you try to steady your voice in reply, though the attempt is futile.
A low hum rumbles deep within his chest. “Good girl,” he praises sensually before finally leaning back from the camera.
He stands upright again to continue taking off his shirt when you notice a tint in the shape of an erection suddenly visible in his sweatpants. You’re sure that wasn’t there before; you certainly would’ve remembered the way it has you clenching around nothing in intense desire.
As you watch him with your hand clutching your folds, you somehow find the courage to speak up. “Is all that because of me?” Your voice is breathlessly coy when you arch a brow at him.
His shirt is still on his body when he drops it from his grasp again and glances down to where you’re looking as if he’s just now realizing that the imprint is visible. The way he curses beneath his breath has your arousal growing, evident in the way wetness continues to pool where your hand is between your legs.
“Should’ve known my hungry little cockslut would notice that.” He clicks his tongue before reaching down to gently brush a hand over the outline of his clothed member, the action causing your body to erupt in desire.
You feel your cheeks burn in a scarlet heat at his words, though you don’t let that deter you. “What, and you didn’t?”
Now it’s his turn to adorn a sheepish blush despite the sexual confidence he’s exuding. “It doesn’t ever happen so I’m not used to having it.” His eyes avert from yours as he reaches up to nervously rub the back of his neck, though before you have a chance to steady your hitched breath his gaze is on you again. “It’s all your fault.”
Excitement jumps within you at his admittance to never getting an erection from seeing other clients strip for him—probably because he’s become desensitized to his job. Which leaves you to wonder why you’re the only client who’s an exception to that.
“How is it my fault?” You arch a knowing brow.
His demure expression shifts into a smirk when he realizes the coy game you’re slipping back into. “You know exactly how it’s your fault, baby girl.”
You gulp through the sudden thickness in your throat as he holds your stare while finally following through with taking off his t-shirt, the thin fabric akin to running water as it ripples over the toned muscles of his chest and shoulders and eventually over the fluffy locks of his dark brown hair.
Your body numbs and jaw goes slack while you stare at his shirtless form. “Jesus christ Jungkook,” you curse just loud enough for him to hear. “Why the fuck are you so hot?”
He chuckles darkly at your words, a seductive twinkle in his eyes as he runs a palm down the v-shaped line of his abdomen before coming to a stop at the waistband of his sweatpants. “I should be the one asking you that, baby.”
His fingers fiddle with the drawstring, the few seconds that it takes him to ease the fabric down his legs feeling like an eternity until he’s left in just his boxer briefs that hug the bulges of his muscular thighs in all the right places. You barely have any time to devour the sight before his hand slides even further over his body to rub the hardened length straining within his underwear.
“You see what you do to me?” He asks with a lick of his lips.
You physically feel your soul leave your body at the onslaught of visual sensations assaulting your senses, his physique seemingly handcrafted by whatever higher power that you now know must exist if someone who’s as breathtakingly perfect as Jungkook is alive and on this earth at the same time as you, much less your service provider for a sex chatroom.
You’re completely speechless, unable to even think about trying to put together a coherent sentence while your eyes are locked on him. At your prolonged trance, a lighthearted chuckle suddenly falls from his lips.
“I take it my routine is working on you,” he teases.
You somehow manage to snap out of your reverie at the sound of his voice, having to blink several times and refocus on his face while his words register in your mind.
“W-what comes next in the routine?” You swallow shakily.
“Well if they’re not naked yet,” he hums, eyes roaming your pant-less form, “I tell them what to take off.”
Your throat constricts at that, nervous anticipation bubbling within you at the thought of being directed by Jungkook to strip down the way he has for you. “Oh?” Is all you can manage to squeak out.
“Mhm.” He lounges back on the bed, one of his legs stretched out with the other bent at the knee while he props himself up on his elbow.
You’re unable to stop your eyes from following the outline of his body that dips at the curvature of his waist and swells at his pectoral muscles, and you get the feeling that he knows exactly how sexually inviting his position is.
“First I start with suggesting they get a little more comfortable by removing their shirt.”
Tension rises within you as you shift to reposition yourself so that you’re sitting on your feet with your legs bent beneath you and knees slightly spread. “Removing their shirt makes them more comfortable?” Your question is laced with surprise.
He simply shrugs. “It is when they only came here for one thing so they know what to expect. Like I said, not everyone is as inexperienced in this as you.”
A flustered scoff escapes your lips at that. “Excuse you! I’d say I’m doing pretty well if I talked my way into your pants.” Your voice then takes on a mocking tone as you playfully mimic his past words. “‘Oh, I’m a professional! I’m never like this!’”
“Stop!” It’s his turn to get flustered now as he cringes with a giggle. “Don’t bring it up!”
“Now you know how it feels!” You giggle as well, liking the idea of giving him a taste of his own medicine since he’s the one who usually brings up the sexual things you say in the heat of the moment later.
“Okay, well maybe I just wanted you to take off your shirt!” He throws back. “Ever thought of that?!”
Despite the accusation that his tone holds, you can’t help but blink in realization at the meaning of his words. “You want me to take off my shirt?” You still can’t help but be shocked by this adonis of a man’s interest in you.
“Is that not obvious by this point?” He deadpans.
“Well I don’t fucking know, I’m not a mind reader!” You retort defensively.
“Yes Y/N!” He yells back with the same spirited banter that always seems to come naturally for the two of you. “I want you to take off your shirt!”
“Fine!” You mirror his tone of voice defiantly. “I will!”
There’s a beat of silence where the both of you sit waiting for you to follow through.
“Stop I’m nervous now,” you suddenly pout in a flustered manner.
“Don’t be nervous!” Jungkook draws out the words with a playful whine that’s laced with infectious laughter. “I promise you don’t need to be nervous in front of me,” he continues once the air between you has settled to a state of calm before glancing down at his fingers that fiddle with the sheets of his bed. “I think you’re beautiful.”
Your heart thuds with a flutter in your chest, touched by his unexpected compliment. How could someone who can have any girl in the world be this attracted to you in particular? Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how you see him, but rather than spilling your innermost feelings like a mushy idiot, you instead coo in endearment.
“Aw babe.” There’s a gleam in your eyes when they go round, lips twitching into a soft pout. 
“Babe,” he mirrors your puppy dog eyed expression with the same coo in his tone of voice.
Before he causes you to go too soft and question what all these emotions are that he’s making you feel, you sigh and shake out the flustered nerves that threaten to consume you again. “Okay, I’m gonna do it.”
The adorably soft pout is still on his features when he speaks up. “Only if you’re comfortable.”
“I am,” you assure him with a nod. “I’m not like insecure or anything, I just...” There’s a pause while you think of the right words to say. You finally settle on, “I don’t know, you make me nervous.”
“I completely understand. Don’t you remember I said the same thing earlier?” His head tilts with a grin.
“Yeah... true,” you smile back at him, heart warmed by his reassurance and the fact that he’s also as nervous as you are despite exuding nothing but sexual confidence. You suspect that comes from experience with his job. “Okay,” you exhale as you mentally prepare yourself.
Your fingertips tickle at the bottom hem of your shirt before you slowly pull it up and over your head, revealing to him the matching bra to your panties that you made sure to put on in the time it took you to get ready before your video chat. Your breath is held hostage in your lungs as you let the clothing fall to the floor before glancing back at him.
“Wow,” he finally blows out a low breath after a few still, tension-filled moments of silence, his eyes unwavering as he’s captivated with the sight of you. “Did you put on that set just for me?”
“Mhm.” You sensually fiddle with the straps to the soft red lace adorning your chest, the nerves that were jumping wildly within you starting to settle into your usual courage after his positive reaction.
“I see I was right in the chatroom when I said I bet your panties look sexy on you.” His voice is a deep rumble in his chest when he speaks, the vibrations seeming to travel through the speaker of your phone and wrap around every tendon and bone in your body like the effects of a delicious poison consuming you from the inside out. “I wish I was there right now.”
“What would you do if you were?” You arch your brow seductively.
“Mm, I would kiss and suck every inch of your body,” he hums with a sensuality that drives you insane as his hand casually finds the outline of his length still hard within the confinement of his boxer briefs. You inwardly pout when he obscures the view of his clothed erection until to your delight, he squeezes it. “Starting with those pretty tits of yours. Can you show them to me, baby?”
Heat jumps within your core and blooms all the way into your chest that rises and falls with slightly heavier breaths, turned on immensely by his dirty words spoken in such a sultry tone. Without even uttering a word, you reach around and unhook the bra at your back before letting it fall from your frame.
You hear him inhale sharply at the view of your exposed breasts. “Shit,” he mutters on exhale, his grip tightening on his member. “Fuck, this was a bad idea.”
You blink rapidly in surprise at his words. “Why?”
His eyes are pitch black and blown out with lust when he replies. “Because I don’t think I can hold myself back from breaking the rules for you,” he practically growls in a husky voice.
Though the initial alarm that filled you settles at his explanation, it does nothing to ease your confusion. “What do you mean?” You blink again with furrowed brows.
A deep groan of sexual frustration reverberates from the depths of his chest, an almost feral look in his eyes. “It means that I want to find out your address, go there right now, and fuck the living shit out of you.”
Your eyes widen as every vital organ in your body drops like an atomic bomb straight to your core.
Instantly and without thinking your fingers fly into your underwear to the bundle of nerves between your legs, gathering wetness from your clenching hole where you want him most and spreading it through your folds.
“Fuck, Jungkook, you can’t just say shit like that.” Your reprimand holds the edges of a moan within it as lust overtakes you.
“Yeah? You like the idea of me coming over and having my way with you?” His words are fueled by the way you touch yourself as he doesn’t even possess the willpower to chide you for not waiting for permission, his hand dipping into his briefs as well and taking ahold of his length. “I’d fuck you so hard you wouldn’t even be able to think. All you could do is cry and cream all over my cock.”
You let out a whimper of desire as your eyes flutter shut under knit brows, your pleasure increasing tenfold at the sound and image his dirty talk paints in your mind as you start to rub your clit in a familiar motion.
“Fuck, stand up baby.”
His words have your eyes opening from under the heavy haze that forced them shut. “Huh?” You croak out in a voice that’s thick with lust.
You watch as he gulps with a lick of his lips, seemingly more fucked out right now than he wants to show. “You’re lucky I’m not punishing you for touching yourself without my permission. Now stand up and turn around.”
Confusion from his sudden and strange request fills you, though you can’t find it in you to want to disobey him right now—not when he turns you on more than anyone you’ve ever been with and he’s not even here in person. A shaky breath escapes your lips when your fingers leave your aching core before you get off the bed and face the wall away from the camera.
You can hear him emit a low moan behind you. “Good girl. Now I want you to bend over and pull your panties down nice and slow for me.”
Your cheeks burn at his request, though with the trepidation that fills you there’s also a thrill of excitement that comes along with it. You let out a breath you hadn’t known you’d been holding and slowly start to bend over at the waist so he has a perfect view of the swell of your ass.
There’s a low hum that filters through the speakers and fills your room, the sound of his breath catching along with the rustling of fabric alerting you of exactly what he’s doing.
“Don’t masturbate yet,” you’re quick to call out, not moving from your position but still not willing to continue unless he listens to you. “I want to be watching you when you pleasure yourself to me for the first time tonight.”
He hisses in protest at your command but nonetheless relents without question, the sound of the elastic waistband slapping against his skin signifying that he’s removed his hand from his underwear. “Fine. But only because I know how desperate you are for my cock.”
Pride swells in your chest at his obedience. “Are you sure that’s the only reason?” You can’t help but tease in a smug tone.
“Someone’s getting cocky,” he grumbles though you can hear the edge of a smirk on his lips. “Don’t forget who has you bent over like the pretty little whore you are. Panties off. Now.”
You click your tongue but ultimately concede, thumbs hooking under the waist of your underwear and pulling the red lace down at a slow, tantalizing pace.
A sharp inhale fills your lungs when you feel the cool air hit your wetness that pools from your panties when you slide them down your thighs. Knowing that he can see not only your ass but also your pussy from behind has you suddenly feelings extremely vulnerable while you show to him the most intimate part of your body, though you also know there isn’t anyone else you’d feel more comfortable with or would rather expose yourself to. Somewhere down the line between your sexting sessions, playful banter, and that hour long phone call, you’ve grown to trust Jungkook. You couldn’t do this with anyone else even if you wanted to.
“God damn,” he lets out a loud, audible groan at the sight of you. “You’re so fucking wet, baby. I can see it dripping down your thighs and you’ve barely even touched yourself. Do I turn you on that much?”
“Yes,” you admit with a whimpering pout as you step out of the lace at your feet and turn back around to him.
You’re surprised to see he’s moved the phone from its original position propped up against something and is now holding it up to his face while laying back against his bed so he can get a better view of you. The sight of his big, doe eyes that shine in the light from the screen as well as the gentle slope of his nose and delicate curvature of his bow-shaped lips has your heart sprouting with a warmth of adoration in your chest.
“What are you doing?” You can’t help but grin as you sit back down on your bed and lean into the camera.
“Looking at you,” he answers so matter-of-factly that it has your stomach flipping.
“Are you sure you’re not just hiding your dick from the camera so I won’t see you touching yourself?” Your lips upturn into a playful smirk.
“And deprive my cock hungry baby of what she wants most? Never.” He mirrors your expression of amusement before sitting up off his pillows and setting the phone back where it was originally placed. 
You hate that even the obscenities that leave his mouth sound endearing to you now.
“Ah, what are you doing to me?” You cry out with a sigh as you sit back on your heels again with your legs bent beneath you. The position puts your full torso on display but obscures between your legs while accentuating the curvature of your hips and thighs.
“I’m should be the one asking you that. Though I suppose I already know the answer,” he breathes out in reply as he perches onto his knees as well, giving you a perfect view of his toned stomach and muscular thighs that has you practically salivating on the spot. “This is what you do to me, baby.” His hand runs over his clothed erection that’s still straining against the stretchy fabric of his briefs.
You feel your mind go numb at the mouth-watering sight, unable to do anything but fixate on the beads of precum that create a wet patch in the cloth. “I want to see it,” you blurt out before you can stop yourself.
A dark chuckle rumbles in his chest. “I don’t know,” he hums as if contemplating the idea in his mind. “I don’t think you want it badly enough.”
“I do,” you reply without missing a beat, perfectly aware that he’s baiting you but not caring if you fall for it. “I want it so bad baby.”
“Yeah?” His eyes dance as the corner of his mouth tugs into a smirk at your words. “Show me.”
Your face flushes once you realize what he’s asking, though you soon figure embarrassment is a pointless emotion now that he’s seen every part of you. Which is why without another word you slowly shift your knees apart so that your legs are parted for him and he has the perfect view of your soaking wet pussy.
Your eyes stay locked on his in an intense stare while you run a middle finger through your slit from your dripping hole all the way to the bundle of nerves near the top of your folds. You visibly shiver when your finger brushes over your clit; the sensation paired with the way his gaze is transfixed on you like you’re the only person in the world who matters causes goosebumps to rise onto your skin. 
“See how wet you make me?” Your quivering voice is thick with lust as you bring your hand up so that he can see the evidence of your dripping arousal on your fingertips. Needing to mentally prepare yourself, you then take one moment, two, before slipping one of the wet digits past your lips and into your mouth.
Jungkook’s mouth falls open as his jaw slacks. “Holy shit Y/N...” his voice is but a murmur of awe, clearly remembering the uncertainty and reluctance you possessed for the action when he told you to do it during your very first session together.
Fueled by his reaction, you make sure he has a perfect view of your lips wrapped around your index finger before slowly and sensually pulling it out until the tip is removed with an audible pop!
“You are so fucking hot,” he gushes without hesitation. “Wanna bury my face in your pussy and devour you all night long.”
“Fuck, that sounds so good.” You slip your fingers back between your legs to gently massage your clit again, the thrill of him watching you only adding to your pleasure as your lids flutter shut and your mind fills with the mental image his words create.
“Ah ah, open your eyes. Look at me baby,” his tone is gentle and slightly patronizing in a way that has your toes curling at the eroticism of it all. You do as told to reveal the sight of him watching you under low lids heavy with lust. “I want you to look me in the eyes while you touch yourself to the thought of me.”
You let out a mewl as your arousal grows tenfold under his gaze, too turned on to feel shy at this point as you shamelessly spread your legs open wider so that he can see every inch of your exposed pussy. “Wanna feel you right here,” you whimper as your fingers slip down your slit to dance teasingly outside your hole without yet putting them inside.
“Yeah?” You notice the way Jungkook’s chest rises and falls as his breathing grows heavier while he watches you. “What exactly do you want right there, baby?”
You barely manage to stop yourself from blurting out your cock, almost too needy to play coy at this point though you somehow gather every last ounce of self control that you possess to bite your tongue.
Instead you maintain enough restraint to arch your brow with a smirk playing on your lips. “What do you wanna put here?” You ask in a challenging tone. “Your fingers? Your tongue? Or maybe... your cock?” You glance down at his clothed erection that’s now visibly throbbing to the point that it looks painful before looking back up into his eyes. “Show me.”
The speed at which he licks his lips in anticipation before reaching for the waistband of his underwear is almost comical.
He suddenly stops himself short as if remembering his place. “You’re just dying to see my cock, huh? Been thinking about it since our very first session?” He grins darkly as he continues to fiddle with the hem, not yet revealing it to you which has your teeth gritting in impatient desire. “What’s the magic word?”
“Oh my god, please, Jungkook, for the love of god, please just show me your fucking cock!”
“Okay, okay, so impatient.” He has the nerve to chuckle after purposefully riling you up. “But, since you begged like a good girl...” he trails off before finally pulling his boxers past his hips and revealing his hardened erection to you.
You don’t even try to hold in the audible groan that escapes you at the sight.
“Jesus fucking christ.” You watch his generous length spring free from its restricting confinement and slap against his lower abdomen before bobbing in position. The sight of his smooth skin beading with precum at the tip is even better than the fantasy you’d cooked up in your imagination. “I’ve never been so happy to see a dick in my life.”
A genuine laugh escapes him at that as his hand instinctively wraps around his shaft. “You’ve been so good for me. It’s the least I could do.”
“Oh, is it?” You sneer sarcastically at him though the action is a lighthearted one. “Do you torture everyone like this or just me?”
“Just you, baby. Aren’t you so lucky?” He teases back at you with a shit-eating grin.
“Yeah yeah. More like you’re the lucky one,” you grumble with amusement playing on your features.
“You got that right.” He looks you over with an expression of cocky arousal, his eyes lingering on the swell of your breasts and between your legs as he wraps a fist around his cock and starts to pump himself. You focus on the way his brows knit and lips part in silent pleasure before an erotic moan escapes from the back of his throat.
Unable to look away even if you wanted to, the sight of him so turned on by your body fills you with courage. “You like watching me show myself to you baby?” You slip your hand down to part your folds with two fingers, ignoring the flush creeping up your neck from being so exposed to instead watch as he gets himself off to the sight. “Does it turn you on to know I’m this wet all because of you?”
“Fuck yes baby,” he sighs out in pleasure, his voice taking on a breathy tone that you remember hearing when he was touching himself on the phone last week. “Want you to finger yourself and imagine it’s my dick.”
“Yeah?” Without hesitation you gather the juices leaking from your hole onto your fingertips before slowly easing one in. “Ah, I’m too tight. I can only fit one at first,” you admit breathlessly as your head rolls back.
“Oh, poor thing,” Jungkook coos in that same patronizing tone that has heat licking at your lower belly, his hand speeding up along his length. “Just gonna have to take extra good care of you and spend my time getting you nice and stretched before I give you my cock. Or would you rather me make you take all of me?”
“Mm, I want it all baby,” you lull your head to the side as you watch him under hooded lids glazed over with lust. “I want you to feel how tight I am. Wanna squeeze and clench around your fat cock ’til I milk you dry.”
Jungkook groans at the mental image that your words paint in his mind, squeezing tighter around his shaft with each motion to mimic your walls sucking him in. “You’re that desperate for my cum, huh? Gonna give it all to you, baby. I’ll smear it all over that dirty mouth and those perfect tits of yours before filling you up so much it’ll be dripping down your thighs while I’m still inside you.”
You shiver at the filthy obscenities that spew from his mouth. “You’re gonna cum that much just for me?” Your voice takes on an angelic tone though the smirk on your lips can still be audibly heard.
“All for you, babe. Only for you...” he breaks off into a moan, the words obviously spoken under the influence of his intensely aroused state though your heart can’t help but flip at them anyways.
The thought stirs up a surprising wave of possessiveness you didn’t know you had for the sex worker in front of you. Unsure of what to do with the unexpected emotion, you instead focus on the way his words make your pussy crave more.
“Gonna add another finger,” you moan wantonly as you press another digit through your slick walls, the stretch making your mouth fall agape.
Jungkook eats up the sight, not daring to look away as he mirrors your expression with knit brows of pleasure. “Shit, Y/N, tell me how it feels.” His breathing is erratic when he speaks. “Describe it to me so I can imagine exactly how perfect it would feel inside that pussy of yours.”
“It’s—ah!—warm,” you try to tell him through the whine that threatens to tear through your throat. “Wet– and tight, so fucking tight it’s suctioning me in.” Finally your words break into a mewl, pain from the stretch melting into pleasure due to how immensely turned on you are thanks to the boy in front of you.
“Fuck, I wanna be inside you,” he hisses without constraint, careless expletives flying from his tongue left and right now that his lust has taken over and he seems to have forgotten all about his job in favor of getting off to you. “Wanna fuck you so fucking bad baby, god, I would do anything.”
“Anything?” Your ears catch onto the word despite the daze of arousal clouding your senses, brow just managing to raise despite your features contorting with pleasure.
“Fuck yes, anything,” he shamelessly replies without missing a beat, his free hand cradling the base of his member while the other desperately works the tip. The expression on his face is pure sex. “Wanna make you scream my name while you ride my cock.”
His response makes a smirk of triumphant pride spring to your lips, though you can’t tease him about it right now even if you want to due to being too fucked out with pleasure to even think straight. You decide storing away the confession to hold over his head at a later date would be better anyways.
“Mm yeah, I wanna bounce on your cock babe.” You groan at the thought of looking down and seeing his beautifully wrecked face beneath you while you’re slamming down on top of him. “Wanna bury my face in the crook of your neck and mark your skin with my lips and teeth.”
“Yeah? You wanna be on top?” Jungkook’s breath hitches while his eyes that were temporarily squeezed shut with pleasure now open to gape at you, jaw slack and lips permanently parted. “My neck is all yours, pretty girl.”
Your insides dance with excitement at the thought of Jungkook—someone who is a professional dom for a living—underneath you while your gaze rakes over the smooth, flawless golden skin of his throat that’s exposed to you when he flings his head back.
“Is that so? You want me to have control?” Endless fantasies flood your mind of ways that you could have this boy writhing and trembling in pleasure.
To your surprise, a dark, breathless chuckle sounds through the speakers as Jungkook focuses on you. “Mm, you and I both know who would be the one in control, baby girl. Or do I have to remind you?”
You swallow thickly, his words inciting excitement within your core though you somehow manage to hold your ground. “I don’t know about that.” The power behind your response is weaker than you intended given the fact that your fingers still fill your walls at the sight of his intense gaze.
“Please, we both know you’d be on your knees for me in two seconds if I told you to.” The cocky expression on his face only adds to pure sex that oozes from him and saturates your body in desire. “I already made you bend over to take off your panties and spread your legs to taste your own cum. What do you wanna try next?”
“Sh-shut up, chatboy,” you try to bark at him though there’s a waver in your tone that can’t be missed, the sound of it only making his smirk deepen.
“You know I’m right, baby. Why keep trying to deny it? We both know you’re a slut for me. My little baby slut.”
You hate the way his words are fuel to the fire blazing in your core and make your toes curl, wishing there was some way to prove him wrong if only to fight for your pride but knowing there’s nothing you can do—especially since it’s nothing but the truth.
“Say it.” His voice snaps you out of your daze.
“What?” You ask to buy yourself time, knowing exactly what he wants.
“Say you’re my slut.”
You scoff, heat rising up your neck. “In your dreams.”
“In yours too,” he arches a brow, knowing perfectly well that he’s right. “Say it, Y/N. Be a good girl and maybe I’ll reward you by letting you cum.”
Your throat tightens, the need to fight back outweighing your submissive side. “What’s stopping me from cumming anyways? You’re not here.”
“Luckily for you, or else I’d have that smart mouth stuffed full of my cock by now.” A devilish smirk creeps up on his lips. “Though I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
You force your mouth shut to keep from crying out yes!
Undeterred by your silence, that only seems to make Jungkook try that much harder to get you to break. “It’s okay baby, you can tell me. I bet you’d like me to fuck and use all your little holes. Want me to thrust my hips into your mouth like this?”
As if matters couldn’t get any worse for your sanity, he lays down on the mattress so that you have a perfect view of his side profile and the line of body before he holds his hand in a steady, unmoving fist and begins to piston his hips up into it with slow, rolling thrusts. The sight alone is enough to drive you insane—much less with the pure filth that spews from his mouth.
“I’d hold your head right here above my cock and thrust up into that pretty mouth. And guess where that would leave my mouth?”
You’re almost scared to ask. “W-where?”
“With nowhere to go but on that sweet pussy of yours.” 
Your eyes widen at the position he’s insinuating. “What makes you think you could focus with my tongue wrapped around your cock?” You manage a smirk of your own through your flustered state.
“Mm, even if I couldn’t, I’d be moaning right against your clit.” He hums out a groan as if the mental image of his words is the most appetizing idea he’s ever heard. “How does that sound, baby? The vibrations from my voice on those wet little folds?”
The thought of Jungkook’s hot breath on your core while he uncontrollably moans into your pussy has you shivering in desire, wanting nothing more than to experience the fantasy in real life and not just through imagination.
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you can’t help but moan as you dig the heel of your palm into your throbbing clit, curling your fingers within your walls in a desperate attempt to sate the carnal need radiating throughout your body.
“Mm, my name has never sounded so hot as it does falling from your lips.” His voice is a low, deep gravel as it envelopes your body and joins your fingers to coil within your center like a tightly wound spring just waiting to unwind into an explosion of pleasure. He bites down on his lower lip as his hold on his member speeds up in quickening ministrations. “Say it again.”
You look him directly in the eyes, recognizing the parallel between your last session and this one where he begged you to say his name—only this time, he can visibly see the lustful expression on your face and the way your mouth parts in an audible moan as you do so.
“Jungkook...” you trail off with a toss of your head. “I want you.”
“God, I want you too Y/N. You have no idea how sexy you look right now.” He immediately replies, his dark eyes captivating you in a trance as they draw you in with all of his attention. “If you’re that fucked out from your measly little fingers then I can’t imagine how much you’d lose it when I’m inside you. Fuck, I’d stretch you out so much you wouldn’t be able to do anything but cry and cum for me. Have you fucked stupid on my cock.”
You practically salivate at the explicit obscenities that falls effortlessly from his perfectly pink lips as if it comes naturally to him. Never in your life have you met someone who’s so good at dirty talk; sexting is one thing, but saying it out loud to the person you’re with is another entirely. And though you know this is his job, that he gets paid to dirty talk for a living, you can’t help but feel that his words are too raw to be anything but sincere.
You ignore the part of you that’s hoping so, at least.
“Shit, baby, I’m close,” you whine out, bringing your thumb down to tease your clit when your motions start to get erratic and desperate.
“That’s my girl. I can’t wait to watch that beautiful face of yours come undone,” he practically growls in anticipation as he leans slightly closer to the screen. His fist focuses around the head of his length as he pleasures himself in quick and passionate motions. “Who are you going to cum for, hm?”
“Fuck, you, all for you,” you throw your head back with an embarrassing moan that he absolutely devours, his eyes intense as they drink in the sight of you as if you’ll disappear at any moment and he’s burning you into his memory.
“Then do it, baby.” His words are breathless when they emerge from the back of his throat, and if you weren’t so far gone in your own pleasure you would notice just how close he is as well. “Don’t hold anything back. Cum for me like you mean it.”
At his command your eyes flicker to his for the briefest of moments, that being all it takes before a blinding white heat flashes within your field of vision and temporarily renders you blind with sheer euphoric ecstasy. Your head flies back as a visceral moan tears through your body that jerks and trembles in uncontrollable pleasure.
“Oh my god, Jungkook!” You can’t help but gasp out his name, thoughts of him flooding your closed lids and fueling the orgasm that wracks your frame like open windows in a raging storm. He’s all you can see, all you can hear—you’re consumed by him.
And all it takes is the image of you unraveling before of his very eyes and screaming his name for him to follow suit.
“Y/N!” Your name sounds like heaven falling from his lips when he cries out a moan that’s more higher pitched than you’ve ever heard from him, the sound needy and desperate and catapulting your orgasm into a second wave of mind-numbing bliss.
You thankfully open your eyes in time to see his white seed shoot from his tip and onto the bare, chiseled planes of his stomach and chest. Drool practically drowns your tongue with the desire to lick his cum clean off his skin as you study the erotic sight paired with his twisted expression of furiously knit brows and eyes squeezed shut. You wish you could tattoo this sight into your mind forever; it’s by far the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.
It feels like centuries before the two of you finally drift down from the clouds of your long-awaited high, what was once a symphony of expletives and moans now nothing more than heaving breaths and racing hearts. Your form, now collapsed back onto the bed, shifts slightly so that you can see your phone screen positioned in front of you.
“Holy fucking shit,” is all you manage to breathe out.
“Yeah.” Jungkook’s reply holds just as much gravity as yours, silence permeating throughout the space again before he eventually opens his mouth once more. “Welp, there goes my midnight appointment.”
You lift your head off the mattress to arch a brow at him. “What do you mean?”
“I had a client scheduled after this.” He continues to stare at the ceiling for a few more moments before letting out a single chuckle of disbelief. “There’s no way in hell anything could follow this.”
You hate the way your heart flutters in your chest despite yourself. This is dangerous territory; you know it is, and yet you can’t stop yourself from feeling this way regardless. Even your stomach sinking at the fact that he was planning on seeing someone else directly after seeing you is outweighed by his admission of being unable to follow through with the scheduled appointment. How could you not possibly feel special when he says things like this?
You try to shake your head free of these irrational emotions. The last thing you need to do is get attached to your paid sex worker. Even just the thought makes you feel naïve and impossibly foolish; things would not end well for you if you allowed yourself to indulge in these feelings.
And so, when Jungkook sits back up and starts to be his normal stupid, goofy, adorable self while carrying on a conversation with you as if you hadn’t just completely mind-fucked each other’s brains out five minutes ago, you try to act as if nothing’s changed.
And it hasn’t.
Tumblr media
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ladyartemesia · 6 months ago
Once Upon a Bracelet
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prince Jungkook x Sorceress Reader (Featuring Platonic Jin x Reader Friendship)
Genre: Fantasy • Soulmates • Enemies to Lovers • Fairytale
Word Count: 12.5K
Warnings: explicit sexual content • mentions of death • injury with a knife • passing mention of patricide • mentions of blood in relation to magic • literally none of this is graphic at all • I am just trying to be safe • loss of virginity • some hurt/comfort elements • social inequality and classism • pseudo-infidelity but not really •
Rating: Explicit (18+) 
Summary: You were born to nothing, but your powerful craft caught the eye of a charming prince. However, his distinctly un-charming younger brother challenged your betrothal and is routinely challenging you. Jeon Jungkook is (probably) a former necromancer and (definitely) the wrong prince…
But the bracelets tell a different story.
Author’s Note: This story would not be here without the love, support and friendship of my incredible support system. You talk with me, you laugh with me, you listen when I’m crying, and you read my chaotic drafts when I am ready to pull my hair out of my head in frustration. I love you all. @ppersonna @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen @underthejoon @lemonjoonah Special thanks to my lovely beta Hope @hobi-gif who keeps my work sharp and gives so generously of her time to help me. If I shine, its because you ladies are lighting up my life. And finally, shout-out to the lovely @wwilloww who read the very first version of this story year before we ever connected through BTS. I hope you like this new version--my brain clearly ran away with me...
Tumblr media
Content Note: In this universe a necromancer is defined as a magic user with the ability to drain and/or manipulate the life force of living beings to fuel their own power. Using life force magic temporarily grants them advanced abilities—most of which are forbidden or illegal in the Kingdom of Dionysia where this story is set. Most mages with the ability to use this type of magic do not elect to do so. Magic users in this universe are typically proficient in three to four varieties of magic generally determined by their genetic make-up (meaning you are likely to inherit the same type of magical abilities as your parents or family members). 
Tumblr media
꧁ Prologue ꧂
It is said that the world of mortals contained three sacred wells where ancient magic rose up within the waters like springs from the depths of the earth. 
One such well could be found in the Kingdom of Dionysia—a nation of great warriors and powerful crafters who served as its caretakers for generations.
The Dionysians called this place Sanguine Well and, as a reward for their devotion, the gods honored them with a remarkable gift...
Bonding Bracelets
—a set of unique magical artifacts used to join, identify, and empower soulmates. 
On the first day of their twentieth year, Dionysian youth traveled to Sanguine Well for the ritual creation of a bonding bracelet pair. 
When the appointed hour arrived, a young seeker ventured into the depths of the well and held their breath beneath its waters till the currents receded—leaving a bracelet pair behind. 
One bracelet formed fully clasped around their wrist. The other remained open and would only close for the seeker’s destined mate.
Naturally the people of Dionysia did not take the gift of bonded soulmates lightly...
All proposed matches were registered and approved by the Ruling Council before an open bracelet could even be tried on by a potential partner and both parties were required to present evidence of their commitment to one another. 
If the alliance was approved, the betrothed pair participated in a public ceremony where the first seeker’s intended would activate the bond by placing the open bracelet around their wrist.
When an unclaimed bracelet united with its true owner, the open ends stretched and intertwined to form a rune.
From that moment on, the seeker and their soulmate were blood bonded in a supernatural union of their hearts, powers, and abilities that was—to all known craft—unbreakable. 
Dionysia believed that this care and reverence honored the craft and the gods, thereby allowing the sacred tradition to continue.
In 900 years of recorded history, only five bonding ceremonies ended with a bracelet that did not close.
Now there were six…
꧁ Once Upon a Time ꧂
Your voice echoed through the elegant corridors of Solemn Truth Palace as you chased after your betrothed. “I’m sorry! I—”
Jin whirled on you, shaking his head vehemently.
“None of this is your fault.”
“There are many reasons why this could’ve happened,” you offered breathlessly.
“There’s only one reason why this happens.”
He sighed and you rubbed your temples in frustration.
“I don’t understand… The Council gave permission.”
The Ruling Council was a sovereign governing body of three kings and three queens—one monarch from each of Dionysia’s six royal bloodlines.
“The Council isn’t all knowing…” Jin collapsed against a nearby wall. “This is a disaster,” he whispered.
And it was.
You had no family, but all of your friends and colleagues from the Academy were there.
Jin was technically an orphan as well, but his adopted family, the Jeons, were there.
Jeon Alaya was high queen of the Ruling Council, so half the kingdom was there to see the prince, her (adopted) son, bond with the craft prodigy from The Wastes.
Half the kingdom, but not her blood. Not her youngest son...
The two of you were silent for several moments as you struggled to process the shock.
“Do you think the rumors—what they say about me—is true?” 
Jin’s head shot up in an instant.
“No,” he swore, “they’re absolutely not true.”
Your heart warmed at his fierce defense, but after today’s debacle you were beginning to question yourself…
Whispers that ‘Wastelanders’ like yourself were citizens of no nation and loyal only to their own desires had plagued the majority of your academic and professional career.
You were forced to work twice as hard as any of your peers for each of your achievements, relying on nothing more than your natural talent and a stubborn determination to succeed in spite of the prejudice you faced. 
And you did succeed.
The gatekeepers of Dionysian society may have sneered at your background, but the powerful craft in your veins and the mastery with which you wielded it earned you undeniable respect and acclaim. 
Yet—even then—you were still an outsider. 
A strange girl with strange magic. 
Most Dionynisians practiced forms of elemental and illusion crafts. Your primary abilities, however, were every bit as foriegn and hard to define as you were.
Strictly speaking your magic fell under the umbrella of transfiguration arts (manipulating matter and energy to transform one thing into another), but you had been known to affect everything from the taste of tea to the weather—abilities far outside the norms of that designation. 
Nevertheless, transfiguration mages were rare and most of their lore was outdated—a situation which allowed you to establish yourself as a leading authority in the field almost by default. 
Between your fortuitous betrothal to Prince Seokjin and the widespread recognition of your achievements, you had hoped—after a lifetime of challenges—that the path ahead might be an easier one. 
But nothing ever came easily to you...
“Jin, it didn’t close—”
“It didn’t close because we aren’t soulmates—not because you aren’t one of us.” His expression softened. “We were a good idea… Just not the right one.”
Bitter tears welled up in the corners of your eyes.
On some level you were not surprised. You cared for Jin but–
Yours was not an overly romantic attachment.
It was a strong friendship—one that spanned several years. When you decided to apply to the Royal Council for bonding, it seemed…
Friendship was an excellent criteria for identifying a potential mate and over the centuries many bonded pairs applied as friends.
You trusted in the wisdom of the Royal Council—everyone did.
If you and Jin were not meant for one another, surely the Council would see it. They would turn down the application—someone would object—
Someone did object.
But you were approved, nonetheless. 
The date was set. Announcements were made. Invitations were sent out. 
Then, at last, the ornate golden cuff was placed over your wrist and…
Nothing happened.
Jin’s bracelet remained stubbornly un-closed.
And you had never felt so mortified—so exposed—
So profoundly alone in your entire life.
It was a scandal of epic proportions, one which potentially called into question the judgement of the entire Ruling Council.
“Listen,” Jin spoke at last, “I need… I need to clear my head and think about the next steps. I know an expert on bonding bracelets. Perhaps I can convince her to help us figure out this mess.”
His hands settled over your shoulders in a familiar comforting gesture.
“Head to my house outside the city for a while. No one will bother you there, and I’ll be back tomorrow.” He gave your arms a brotherly squeeze. “We’ll work through this—I promise.”
Tumblr media
Neither of you were keen to face the commotion unfolding in the grand ballroom of Solemn Truth Palace (where the failed ceremony took place), so Jin suggested a discreet escape through the secret entrance in his mother’s office. 
The two of you parted ways with a final hug before the prince set off for the Hall of Records—leaving you to trudge miserably toward his beautiful mansion by the lake. 
Technically, Golden Starlight Manor was just one of many homes owned by the Jeon family. This one, however, Jin shared with his younger brother…
You kicked a stone irritably at the mere thought of his name. 
Prince Jeon Jungkook was rather a sore subject for you. 
In fact, over the course of your acquaintance, you expended considerable energy either avoiding him or engaging in dramatic shouting matches with him.
As such, Starlight (the family’s affectionate nickname for the sprawling ancestral holding) was normally the last place in Dionysia you wanted to be. 
But that was no longer the case. 
Jungkook had been gone for weeks. He left the very day your betrothal was announced…
“Why do you bother with those ridiculous gloves? Anyone who’s watched you cast knows what you’re hiding.”
You sighed heavily. 
“Good evening to you as well, Jungkook. Nice of you to finally show up.”
“Mother made some very explicit threats against my person when I told her I was busy so I assumed it was important—and, judging by your fancy gloves, I was correct.”
“Honestly I’m beginning to suspect you’ve never seen a pair before.”
“I’m just baffled by their purpose. It’s only a scar—your hands are not disfigured… So why cover it up?”
Only a scar…
You shook your head. 
Only a scar you earned in a back alley knife fight when you were a mere ten years old. With no proper medical care it had become infected and what should have been a simple wound became a permanent reminder of your ugly past. 
Tonight—of all nights—you would rather not be reminded...
“Is there a purpose to this discussion, Highness, or are you just interrogating me for fun?”
Jungkook scoffed at your cool reply. 
“That scratch on your hand isn’t even noticeable, you know.” He opened up his own palm to reveal a thick band of gnarled tissue slashing diagonally across the center. “Mine is significantly more impressive.
Something that might have been a smile tugged insistently at the corner of your lips but you covered it quickly with a blistering scowl. 
“Comparing scars—really? Can’t you be civilized for one blasted evening?”
“Why would I do that? Think of how bored you’d be.”
You groaned and threw back the rest of your drink with a frustrated gulp. 
“Believe it or not we common folk long for a bit of peaceful boredom now and then.”
The prince snorted and clasped his hand dramatically over his heart. 
“So righteous.”
“Someone ought to be.”
“Enough you two,” Jeon Alaya called from across the family’s spacious day room. “I just replaced those curtains and I don’t want them exploding into a herd of butterflies—or some other such nonsense.”
In any other context, that would have been a profoundly strange comment.
Disagreements between yourself and Jeon Jungkook had become downright legendary over the last several months. 
A heated argument in Night Meadow Park caused several trees to burst into bright multicolored flames and start shooting all their fruit at peaceful park-goers like tiny delicious cannonballs. 
A dispute over the best ingredients to use in vegetable casserole ended with an entire bowl of green beans growing legs and chasing the family dog out onto the lawn. 
The two of you got into a row at the Centennial Peace Celebration and sent all of the lightning swans (specially flown in for the occasion) into a static-electric mating frenzy that plastered everyone’s clothes to their bodies obscenely—including the ninety-five year-old high priest. (The chief matron from the Knitting Guild was so scandalized that she fainted into a bowl of punch.)
And just last week Jungkook’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge your point in an ongoing debate about teleportation made you so mad that your hair literally turned red for an entire day. 
As such, you both had the decency to look abashed under the high queen’s wary gaze. 
“I don’t know, Mother,” Jin chuckled before offering the assembled guests a dazzling grin. “Perhaps you should have let them go. Butterflies are good luck after all.”
You sighed happily—impressed yet again by your partner’s elegant diplomacy. 
The two princes of House Jeon could not have been less alike. 
They shared a deep affection for one another and for their parents, but that was where the similarities began and ended. 
Seokjin was a playful charmer with a silver tongue and a delightfully mischievous demeanor. 
He was remarkably similar in both looks and temperament to Alaya and her husband Roomin—so much so that people often assumed Jungkook was the adopted sibling.
The elder prince was also a natural politician. He enjoyed appearing in charitable competitions for cooking and fishing where his flirtatious habit of blowing kisses into the crowd would unlace corsets and purses strings left and right. 
Not that he had ever been unfaithful—Kim Seokjin was every bit as kind and loyal as he was beautiful. 
And he was very beautiful. 
Jungkook on the other hand…
Beautiful was altogether the wrong word. 
The sharp sensual planes of his face seemed shaped for something darker and wilder than beauty.
Jin was clever and outgoing, but Jungkook was brilliant and quietly intense. His abilities and impressive spell lore were both highly sought after, but he was difficult to draw out and generally preferred to practice his science and experimental craft far away from the public eye. 
Most people agreed that he was an enigma—and a wickedly handsome one at that. His fiery brown eyes and impressive muscular physique were only enhanced by the apathetic confidence of his demeanor. 
The younger prince’s most arresting feature was unquestionably his hair.  
Once, it had been brown—like the rest of the Jeon family…
But he returned from ‘the incident’ several years ago with a distinct new color—one no dye or spell could replicate. 
Ashen Gold.
The mark of a deadly necromancer. 
A constant visual reminder that he had taken a life.
And yet even that could not detract from his seductive allure—if anything it made him appear more poetically ethereal.
Like an Angel of Death.
Women all over the kingdom were obsessed with the mysterious Jeon prince—
Not you of course.
That raw, unruly magnetism might cause some hearts to flutter—but certainly not yours. 
After all...
Jeon Jungkook was still a true-born prince.
And you—even with all of your accomplishments—would always be a street waif from The Wastes with a little too much magic in her blood. 
You had no business noticing the soft curve of his lips or the strong line of his jaw or—
… anything below that. 
As such you shot the man in question one final dirty look before turning your attention back to Jin. 
The elder prince finished thanking the assembled guests for accepting his invitation and finally arrived at the true purpose for the evening.
“Honored loved ones… I am pleased to announce that a bond between this incredibly beautiful woman and my unworthy self has been unanimously approved by the Royal Council! We are betrothed!”
A predictable burst of applause and excited murmuring erupted as you stepped forward, prepared to graciously take your place at Jin’s side and accept congratulations when—
Strong fingers suddenly wrapped around your wrist—holding you back decisively. 
Shocked silence fell over the room as you turned to face Jeon Jungkook (resolutely ignoring the fact that his unyielding grip was sending the strangest sparks of heat all through your body).
“No,” he growled with startling finality. “You cannot be with him.”
… Perhaps that humiliating spectacle at your betrothal party should have been the first indication that today’s ceremony was bound to end in misery. 
Jeon Jungkook was a menace, but he adored his brother and his impassioned objections to the match were wildly uncharacteristic.
Considering the turbulent nature of your relationship, you were rather relieved that he had not been there this morning to witness his own belated triumph. 
It was a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. 
The repercussions of today’s disastrous ceremony loomed overhead like the Sword of Damocles. There would be no escaping the fallout.  
It was well past the eighth hour when you finally reached the manor and the staff were already gone for the night… 
There was no one to greet you or ask any well-intentioned questions about your sudden appearance.
Thank the gods for small favors.
Normally you took a moment to appreciate Starlight’s elegantly carved entryway and vibrant woodland wallpaper (a stunning and expensive feature which made the entire house feel like an enchanted forest)—but the reality of the day was already beginning to take a physical toll. 
You were entirely too drained to attempt the stairs, bypassing them in favor of the main drawing room where you intended to simply collapse fully-clothed on a chaise when—
“Shouldn’t you be off playing princess literally anywhere else?”
Of course. 
A mirthless laugh bubbled up before you could stop it.
“Jeon Jungkook.”
Just what I needed right now.
The prince crossed his arms and offered you a condescending tilt of his head.
Years of social training had you dipping slightly into an informal bow—hoping it would hide the way your body always seemed to go haywire in his presence. 
Jungkook’s tall muscular frame leaned indolently against the fireplace, dressed head to toe in his signature black garb. Two silver earrings—priceless heirlooms of the Jeon bloodline—dangled rakishly from his ears beneath riotous waves of golden hair. 
He looked more like a renegade pirate than a high born prince.
And his effect on you was maddening. 
“What are you doing here?”
Jungkook raised a single imperious brow in response. 
“It is my house, Sandflower.”
You bristled at the familiar nickname. 
Sandflowers were native to the desolate region you grew up in. 
It was an easy way to remind you of your place into the world. 
And his. 
A prince of Dionysia forced to interact with a foundling from The Wastes simply because you happened to catch his brother’s eye.
How that must grate his delicate sensibilities.
You tapped your chin thoughtfully. 
“I heard you ran off to pout over Jin’s terrible taste in women on one of those South Sea pleasure cruises.” Condescension dripped from your tone like poisoned honey. “What happened? Couldn’t find any lost souls willing to partner you for naked badminton?”
He grinned devilishly. 
“Quite the opposite in fact. There were far too many volunteers.”
You rolled your eyes, firmly pushing aside the unwelcome heat his words evoked. 
“Please spare me the details. I recently ate.”
“Yes, how was that overblown betrothal banquet?… Boring?… Pretentious?” He sighed theatrically. “Such a shame I missed those speeches—especially King Tiemore. His habit of loudly sucking snot up into his skull really adds a special something.”
You just barely managed to bite back a snort—
King Tiemore’s speech was rather excruciating—and for that very reason. 
“The dinner was lovely—naturally. Of course the younger prince’s absence was keenly felt by all—though I confess some of us enjoyed it more than others.”
“I knew there had to be something about me you enjoyed.”
“Indeed. Your absence is by far your most attractive quality. I find myself powerfully drawn to it.”
Jungkook laughed and offered you a wry grin. 
“You know—you play so coy, but I’m sure you missed me a little.” He leaned forward ever-so-slightly. “Or were you truly content with all that ‘peaceful boredom’ I left behind?” 
No. I wasn’t. 
“Yes, of course I was,” you snapped.
“I don’t believe you.”
“You’re free to believe whatever you like.”
A sudden scuffle erupted from the corner as Pippin (the family dog) scrambled nervously out into the kitchen. Ever since the green bean incident he refused to be in the same room with the two of you together. 
Jungkook sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation.
“What are you even doing here, Sandflower?”
A sharp burst of anxiety spiked in your stomach. You were in no way prepared to reveal the extent of your humiliation to him just yet. 
“I could ask you the same question.”
His eyes narrowed curiously. 
“A man hardly needs to explain why he’s present in his own home. The same, however, cannot be said for you. Now why are you here when you’re supposed to be hanging off my brother's arm like a good little bride-to-be.” 
“Perhaps I’ve come to plan,” you answered coolly. “Golden Starlight House would make a lovely venue for the wedding, don’t you think?” 
You gestured toward a worn leather chair near the fireplace (one you knew to be his favorite). “We just need to clear out all the trash and it will be absolutely perfect.”
“Over my dead body.”
You shrugged. 
“If you insist—though I’m afraid your hideous corpse will clash with the decor.”
“Oh you don’t have to worry about all that, Sandflower. I wouldn’t be caught celebrating that union dead or alive.”
“Well now that is fortunate,” you sighed in a sickeningly sweet tone, “—as I would rather not share the joy of my wedding ceremony with the man who publicly objected to it.”
Jungkook pushed off his perch against the mantle, rising to full intimidating height.
“I had good reason.” 
The words were quietly spoken, but his eyes burned with conviction—just as they had the last time you saw him. 
“What reason could you possibly have for obstructing your brother’s happiness?” 
The prince took a full step closer and you tried very hard not to be unnerved by the reduced space between you. 
“Jin is not right for you, little Sandflower—”
“You do not have permission to address me informally!” 
Your voice cracked through the air like a whip as you sought to reestablish a safe distance (whether real or metaphorical) between the two of you. “I may have been born a nothing from The Wastes, but I am a ranked crafter and the betrothed of a royal. You will refer to me accordingly.”
Jungkook could feel his normally frigid heart pounding madly as he stared down his brother’s woman with unrepentant heat. 
His eyes drank you in as you stood before him—teeming with barely controlled fire.
Gods but you were magnificent.
He still remembered the day Jin brought you home to the family estate.
You seemed so serene, so proper… an ideal contrast to his charmingly brash elder sibling. 
Within minutes, Jungkook dismissed you as vapid and uninteresting. 
The girl at his brother’s side spoke very little, smiled very tightly, and sat very straight. 
You would make a lovely decorative addition to Jin’s political career—one that would never distract from his efforts or clash with his carefully maintained persona. 
But oh…
He’d been so very wrong.
Some months later Jungkook was called out to the Academy on unavoidable business. After several hours of work the prince was eager to leave the crowded campus and return home—until he heard something that stopped him in his tracks. 
It was you. 
Several classes were gathered to watch you debate a renowned authority in the field of experimental alchemy. The man’s theories had been the gold standard (literally) for decades, yet you challenged his findings with methodical precision—letting your infectious zeal color every word as you reduced his pretentious ramblings to ash. 
That was the first time he saw you—the real you—not the shallow little angel his brother brought home—but a woman brimming with vibrant energy and irresistible passion. 
He had no idea how you managed to suppress the force of your true nature, but he suspected that the pleasantly tepid persona you adopted with his family was meant to compensate for your ignominious origins. 
He was certain, however, of one thing:
You and Jin were a terrible match. 
His brother would never make you happy and he could not bear to see Jin’s spirit broken by the anguish of an ill-fated entanglement.
Naturally, this newfound conviction had nothing to do with the way his own blood stirred at the sight of you rising up in glorious fury. 
Nothing at all. 
From that moment on, everything changed. 
Jungkook went from passively ignoring your presence to deliberately baiting you at every turn. Time and time again he pushed and prodded until that mesmerizing fire blazed in your eyes and you were alive with riotous animosity instead of cold and distant.
“Forgive me, Mistress,” he tilted his head thoughtfully, “or is it Princess now?”
You snorted and shook your head. 
“You know I will never be a princess.”
“Oh? So you’ve finally given up this ridiculous alliance with my brother?”
“Your brother is a royal, but not a true born prince. His title is just a courtesy—one his mate and descendants cannot share.”
“In you? Frequently.”
“Fair enough—but Jin is a far better person than either of us and he does not deserve to have his heart broken.”
Your mouth dropped open in outrage. 
“I resent your entire implication. I know you do not think very highly of me but—”
“You have no idea what I think of you, Mistress,” he interrupted fiercely.
Anger flared in your gaze as you stepped defiantly into his space, fueled by the familiar wave of restless energy you encountered every time the two of you clashed.
“I am a powerful crafter in my own right, I don’t need a wealthy mate to survive. I have done exceptionally well for myself—by myself.”
“Then why are you with him?”
You drew back incredulously.
“Is it so hard to believe that I do not want to be alone anymore? Is it wrong to look at my gorgeous best friend and consider that perhaps we could create the one thing I cannot earn or buy or craft—not with all the gold and power in the world?”
“Love?” Jungkook sneered.
“Family,” you shot back. “Something you take for granted. Something you don’t even want. You’re not even looking for a bond mate!”
Jungkook met your cutting accusations with an icy glare. He knew you were baiting him, yet for some masochistic reason he refused to stop you. 
Lines were about to be crossed, but—as usual—the prince had torn away your genteel civility and unleashed that penniless spitfire who clawed her way up from the rotting streets and into the hallowed halls of Dionysia’s Academy. 
“Ah, yes. I forgot,” you drawled, not bothering to conceal the venom in your words. “The great Jeon Jungkook lives a life of self-imposed solitude—as the walking eulogy of a traitor.”
“How dare you!” he snarled.
You crossed your arms defiantly. 
“How dare I what? Call her a traitor? She was a necromancer! A dark crafter using evil—and highly illegal—magic!” 
“I suppose we cannot all be walking, talking saints like the Mistress of the Wastes!”
“Well, her immaculate bloodline certainly wasn’t a guarantee of any notable virtue! Really what is the point of nobility if so few of you are actually noble?”
The two of you pressed progressively closer with each traded barb and now stood nearly nose to nose seething in reciprocal fury. Every atom in your body was engaged and—for the first time since he stormed away all those months ago—you felt gloriously alive. 
At heart you would always be a fighter and there was no better opponent than Jeon Jungkook. 
“Careful little Mistress, you’re starting to sound awfully judgemental. Ridicule me and my advantages all you want, but birthright is not the shield from suffering you believe it to be. I endured a loss you cannot possibly comprehend.”
“A loss?... That woman was a disgrace. And yet you still have the audacity to mourn her?”
Jungkook scoffed. 
“Gods, why am I even bothering? It is impossible for you to understand such things… You only know how to gain—how to advance. Loss is not something you’re accustomed to—a fringe benefit of being born with nothing I suppose.”
“Spoken like a privileged prince!”
His eyes narrowed dangerously. 
“Do I look like a privileged prince to you?”
You knew what he was getting at and with anyone else it might have been an effective shut down, but you were a master debater—able to quickly reclaim his point for your own cutting riposte. 
“Of course you do! Do you think anyone else could turn up with a necromancer’s mark and just waltz back into the fold without consequence? What have you lost? Certainly not your position—and certainly not her because everyone knows that your relationship was nothing more than an accursed spell!”
Jungkook’s jaw worked in silence as he fought to control his emotions. 
For a moment he looked almost… 
And you could not help the wave of sympathy that suddenly rose up for him—for the young prince of so many years ago who placed his trust—and his heart—in the wrong hands. 
Your tone was noticeably softer when you spoke again. 
“At first I thought it was just a ridiculous rumor spread by the Royal Council to justify your pardon... but when the Academy called me in to help permanently dispose of her spell books last winter I saw…” You bit your lip. “It really was possible.”
A soft, empty laugh left Jungkook’s lips as he shook his head. 
Of course it was possible. 
But the truth—that he was a fool too blinded by love to recognize the evil he allowed to flourish—was so much worse. 
Elaena was heart-stoppingly beautiful—the kind of lovely that could haunt a man’s thoughts and ruin his mind. 
She was a vision.
When she sought him out, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before. 
She dazzled him, flattered him—left him breathless and enchanted—taunted and teased him till he adored her with obsessive intensity.
In time he eagerly offered her both his heart and his body—
But Elaena was after his soul...
Jungkook’s grandfather, Jeon Olin, was the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years. 
The gift (or curse) of necromancy was genetic. Only a few bloodlines could use it. 
When his beloved wife died giving birth to twins, Olin turned to dark craft in a desperate attempt to get her back.
The cost of necromancy, however, was impossibly steep.
It drained life force. Exposed the wielder to dangerous dark energies—
And slowly drove them insane.
In the end, Jeon Olin was put down by his own children.
Elaena wanted Jungkook’s power desperately. Her own necromancy was weak, but a blood bond with the grandson of Jeon Olin could make her invincible. 
The young prince, however, remained stubbornly blind to her true motives, even as she convinced him to explore the dark edges of the magic in his blood.
After a series of passionate arguments with his concerned family, Jungkook declared his intent to marry Elaena in defiance of their express wishes.
In response, his uncle, Jeon Anjin, did something unforgivable. He removed Jungkook’s bonding bracelet from the Jeon vault and disappeared with it.
The theft and its dramatic aftermath tore the royal family apart.
Jungkook was convinced that his mother and father conspired with Anjin to keep him from bonding with Elaena. Roomin and Alaya swore they had not, but openly admitted that they were grateful for Anjin’s actions. 
Neither Alaya nor her brother could forget the trauma of killing their own father and both were determined to protect future generations from the poison in their family tree. 
Necromancy was a curse and, though they had no proof, the twins could sense its hold on Elaena. 
When Jungkook told his beloved what Anjin had done, she flew into a violent fury—and for the first time he experienced a sliver of doubt in his previously unshakable resolve. 
But it was not enough to free him. 
Consumed by his bitterness and resent, the young prince cut himself off from his heritage—from his people—
And disappeared entirely.
After a few tearful pleas, Elaena persuaded him to cloak their life force using forbidden blood spells, effectively concealing them from even the most powerful seeker mages. 
Daily cuts across his palm to maintain the cloaking spell left him with a thick gnarled scar—one that had not faded even after years of treatments. 
For months no one knew the prince’s whereabouts… or even if he was still alive. 
Elaena believed that if they held out long enough the royal families would relent and welcome them back with open arms. Her obsession with finding Anjin and his stolen treasure put an incredible strain on their relationship...
“You have… no idea what you’re talking about,” Jungkook whispered angrily. 
“Of course I do,” you scoffed. “I’ve worked with mind and heart spells for years. Once the magic is broken or the caster dies—the feelings cease to exist!”
Fury sparked chaotically in the prince’s gaze as he shook his head in frustration. 
“You’re so sure of yourself—of everything—and you never stop to consider that you might be wrong.”
Your fingers pressed into your temples as you tried to ease the headache he was giving you. 
“What could I possibly be wrong about? The entire kingdom knows the story! You were bewitched until Elaena cast a dark spell that rebounded and killed her—”
“That,” he hissed, “is the story—but it is not the truth.”
His hand shot out to grasp the back of your neck and with a sudden flash of heat you found yourself yanked roughly into his memories...
The door to Elaena’s makeshift workshop slammed open with a deafening crack. 
“Ju-Jungkook—what are you doing here, my love? I thought you were out hunting for our dinner.”
Something was wrong. She could see it in his eyes. For months they were filled with open adoration... 
Now they burned with hurt and mistrust. 
“I was looking for the knife,” he whispered quietly, “I remembered seeing you with it last night...”
Elaena paled. 
He’d gone through her chest. But that didn’t have to mean anything—he could have missed—
“I found this.” 
Jungkook slammed an old leather scroll down on the table between them, confirming his lover’s worst fears. 
“That… that isn’t what it seems—I promise I—”
“Enough!” Jungkook shouted—his voice was already beginning to shake. “These are experimental incantations to force an unfated bracelet bond… Tell me—why would you need such a thing?”
His pain and anguish grew every moment she remained silent. 
“Elaena... if you believe that we are soulmates—why would you need to force the bond?”
Elaena rushed toward him, sliding her hands up to cradle his face imploringly. 
“It isn’t like that, my love. This is just research. Of course I believe—”
A soft whimpering sound suddenly cut her off and Jungkook drew back in alarm. 
“What is that?”
He pushed past her, making his way toward the source of the noise—a small moving object covered by cloth in the middle of the room. 
“It’s nothing! Wait!”
Elaena tugged frantically at his shirt but he shook her off and pulled back the cloth to reveal—
“Elaena—gods what have you done?”
It was a little girl—one he recognized from the village they were hiding in. She was bound and laid out over strange dark casting symbols he did not recognize. 
“I discovered a spell, Jungkook. It’s an ancient necromancer incantation. With it you can find anything—anyone.”
A hard hollow feeling gripped his chest tightly. 
“... Why is the girl here?”
“Don’t you see? Now we can finally take your bracelet back from Anjin! You and I—we can truly be together—”
“THE GIRL, Eleana! What are you doing to the girl!?”
His hands came up to grip her arms, but she pushed him away in disgust and extended her palm toward the child. 
“I told you—she’s nothing. Just a bit of collateral damage.”
Eleana’s eyes darkened to an inky black and the little girl began to cry, struggling as the primal essence her life force was cruelly ripped away. 
“Eleana stop! Let her go! You can’t do this!”
“OF COURSE I CAN!” she snarled. “I’ve done it before.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
“But-but your hair—”
“I’ve been brewing a potion to cover it for years! How could I be satisfied with the meager energy of animals when a single human life can make me more powerful than the high queen!”
The girl screamed again and Jungkook ran to her side, yanking and pulling at the ropes around her small wrists in horrified desperation. 
“It’s too late!” Eleana shouted. “The ritual has already begun. You cannot save her now!”
The prince cradled the shaking child in his arms and sobbed out in anguish. 
He knew in his heart what had to be done—
… And that he must be the one to do it. 
“I can save her...” he whispered. “It is you who cannot be saved.”
A single tear drifted down the side of his cheek as he stretched out his palm toward the woman he loved. 
“I’m sorry...”
You gasped as the memory began to darken—holding your breath as the last few moments played through your mind—
—watching as the prince’s beautiful brown curls lightened to an unmistakable gold...
—watching him run to the lifeless Elaena and pull her against his chest in despair.  
“Oh my gods…” you whispered. “It wasn’t a spell. You—”
“I loved her.”
The words fell heavy on your heart like molten lead. 
It hurt to hear them—and you could not bear to think about why. 
Heavens above I’ve been a fool. 
Jeon Jungkook was far more complicated than you realized. 
Though… perhaps a part of you had always known that. 
“Your hair was dark in the vision until…” You swallowed convulsively. “Was… was that—”
The prince’s eyes were strangely hollow. 
“I’ve only ever taken one life.” His gaze held yours with quiet intensity. “Hers.”
The word lingered like poison in the scant space between you—even as emotions too strong and too numerous to identify churned chaotically through your senses. 
This man was such a fascinating force in your life—a question you kept trying to answer over and over again without success. 
After a moment Jungkook slowly turned his back to you, resting his weight against the mantle with a weary sigh. 
For the first time you realized just how close the two of you had come to one another. 
“I’m sorry…” you whispered.
“I can’t imagine why you’re apologizing. You’ve made it quite clear what you think of me.”
“I don’t know what to think of you at all… Why won’t you let them tell the truth?”
Indignation and self-loathing warred over his features as he swung around abruptly. 
“Because the truth is—that I would rather they all believe I was a spoiled, bewitched pawn and not a monster who used his own grotesque abilities to kill the woman he loved!”
“No!” You shook your head fiercely, “You saved that little girl!”
“And I lost myself!”
You gasped at the violent bitterness behind his words. 
The raw pain in his voice—in his expression—was heart wrenching; such a departure from the normally arrogant and apathetic prince. 
“Jungkook,” you breathed sympathetically, but he kept going—almost as if he hadn’t heard you. 
“My honor, my dignity, my self-respect —perhaps even my chance to forge a bond… All of it died with Elaena.” 
“That’s not true! You chose to do the right thing—to protect an innocent life—even if it meant sacrificing someone you loved! That is a truly noble act.”
“Noble?... Are you blind, Mistress? Everyone, including you, regards me with fear and distrust. All anyone sees when they look at me is a monster.” 
“Stop saying that. You’re not a monster—”
“Oh?” He leaned in again, crowding your space, “Then what am I?”
Your breath caught. Your eyes widened in response to his proximity—
—and Jeon Jungkook forcibly bit back a groan. 
Gods but you were so unpardonably beautiful up close it was almost painful. 
He couldn’t say what compelled him to reveal the truth of his past to you or why all of his carefully maintained defenses routinely seemed to fade away in your presence. He spent so much time pushing others back and yet—by instinct rather than by choice—he was always trying to bring you closer. 
Even now—as uncomfortable as it was to have the darkest parts of his soul laid bare before you… 
He could not bring himself to regret it. 
“To that little girl… you’re a hero,” you whispered softly.  
Surprise flickered briefly acros his gaze. It was clear he had not expected such an admission from you. His eyes seemed to search your face for signs of mockery and for a moment you were thoroughly ashamed of yourself. 
“Then what am I to you?” he asked finally. 
You paled. 
There was nothing but a whisper of space separating you now. You could practically feel his breath against your skin when he spoke.
“If I am not a monster… then I must be something else.” His eyes locked with yours significantly. “So what am I to you?”
Oh gods, help. 
It should have been such a simple question. 
But it wasn’t. 
And it became increasingly more complicated with every moment that passed between you. Something dark and inviting stirred restlessly beneath the surface each and every time your paths crossed...
You could feel it. 
But you could not afford to acknowledge it—and he could never seem to let it go. 
“Eleana was the monster,” you insisted firmly, twisting your response away from dangerous territory, “—and you cannot continue to let her control your life like this.”
Jungkook drew back with a frustrated growl. 
“She is not controlling my life! You think I’m mourning her? The person I loved was a lie. She never even existed!”
“Exactly! You were the victim every step of the way… So why are you punishing yourself?”
His eyes hardened. 
“You’re taking shots in the dark now, Mistress,” he warned.
“Am I? You’ve locked yourself away in that dungeon you call a lab for the past four years. Barely twenty five winters, but you walk like a beaten man. Elaena may not have bewitched you, but she still has her hands wrapped around your throat.” 
Jungkook snapped forward with a strangled roar and seized both your arms—yanking you close to him once more. Sharp, spiraling heat shot through your veins as you met his livid black gaze.
“You have no right to speak to me that way. You have never been in love. You don’t know what it is to lose it!”
“I love your brother—”
“You do not know my brother! And he does not know you.”
“Of course he knows me!”
“Does he, Sandflower?” Jungkook addressed you intimately once again—not caring that he was forbidden to do so. “Does he know how you light up the moment you win an argument? Or see the smile you save for finding that solution no one else could? Does he even realize that you hide an insatiable passion behind that chilling calm? Answer me, woman!”
But you could not.
Jeon Jungkook had seen you.
He had seen you.
—and the truth he threw in your face cut deeply.
For years you searched for a partner who would suit you. Someone who needed you. Someone safe and comfortable... 
Someone like Jin who was kind and charming and often benefited from your perspectives.
… And yet—
 Something was missing.
You didn’t want Jin as a woman should want her mate… and you always suspected—on some level—that he did not want you (in that way) either.
Perhaps it will come with time. Perhaps I’m just nervous—you reassured yourself over and over again.
But here and now—after everything that had happened—the truth was unavoidable.
You did not feel with Jin.
Not like when you argued your theories at the academic tribunals. Not like when you traveled to every corner of the kingdom just to satisfy your curiosity. Not like—
Your breath caught.
Not like with Jungkook.
All at once the truth crashed over you like flood waves from a broken dam. 
It wasn’t anger, or resent, or even frustration that flared chaotically through your system every time he got too close—
It was desire.
When the prince saw his accusations confirmed in your troubled gaze, he lashed out and seized your wrist.
“How can you even wear his brace-”
He stopped cold. 
It wasn’t there.
“Where is the bracelet?” 
His entire being seemed to suspend within a single question.
“It didn’t close,” you said breathlessly.
Then your eyes changed. From guarded to almost… hopeful.
Just for an instant.
But it was enough. 
Every urge—every impulse—every desperate longing he caged out of self-preservation suddenly broke free with a vengeance.
Jungkook dragged you completely into his arms, bringing your face mere breaths from his.
“You can never belong to him,” he growled as his lips came crashing down on yours.
Oh sweet merciful heavens.
You had allowed Jin to kiss you before. He was your betrothed after all and the few tender kisses you shared with him were quite sweet, very pleasant, utterly polite—
And nothing—absolutely nothing—like this.
Dark, wicked heat poured through your body in relentless waves as his mouth moved against yours, giving and taking with unmistakable hunger. 
He tasted like summer and wonder and every wish you ever whispered into the wind under the stars. 
Jeon Jungkook was definitely the wrong brother and you were an upstart from the wrong class—but oh...
This was so indescribably right. 
Your breath caught as the prince bore you back into the wall, desperate for any part of you he could touch— and you opened to him willingly—eagerly—as if you had done so a thousand times. 
As if you belonged to him...
You shouldn’t want this. You knew better—but instead of pushing him away you pressed forward shamelessly, tangling your fingers into his hair as you melted against him. 
The contrast of his muscular frame intertwining with your supple curves was unspeakably erotic. Everything about this man was unspeakably erotic and your body responded to his with hedonistic fervor. 
One of his hands slammed against the ornate surface behind you and suddenly the beautifully rendered woodlands frozen within that absurdly expensive wallpaper hummed with magic—coming to life beneath his fingertips even as he poured his passion into you. 
Trees began to bloom. Animals began to move. The sky shifted in between previously inanimate branches. Spring broke forth from the four walls around you—
But neither of you noticed. 
For you and he there was nothing beyond the explosive longing that had waited too long and too bitterly for release. 
"Gods woman, you drive me crazy,” he rasped, drawing back momentarily for a breath before plundering your lips again. The rough timbre of his voice—so obviously dazed with desire—shot a fresh wave of arousal down your spine. 
There would be a reckoning for this moment, of that you were certain—
… yet it no longer mattered. 
The pain and humiliation of the last several hours lifted off your shoulders in favor of an incredible lightness. Everything in your world narrowed down to the feel of your heartbeat next to his. 
You had slept on the streets of the Wastes, claimed unprecedented academic prestige, ascended to the gilded halls of the Grand Palace—but nothing had ever felt like him. 
And nothing had ever felt like home—
Until him. 
Jungkook—for his part—did not intend to kiss you, or hold you, or hoist you up against the wall as he was currently doing, but when his hand closed over your bare wrist an unholy triumph had blazed to life in the depths of his defeated soul. 
Elation the likes of which he’d never known suddenly flooded his senses. 
Jin may have found you first, but he would be the one to claim you. 
You were his. 
He knew it from the moment he watched you dismantle that overblown alchemist like a warrior queen. 
The day the council approved your betrothal he felt as if his world was ripped in half. 
It was unthinkable. 
How could you belong to his brother when it was his soul that burned for you?
Watching you stand next to Jin, smiling and accepting congratulations with that pleasantly vacant smile on your face, had been the last straw. 
That night he ran as far away as he could, hoping to escape you… but it was never far enough. 
You haunted him relentlessly.  And he soon discovered that there was no point in putting distance between you—
Not when you were already in his heart.  
In the end he returned to Dionysia determined to face his fate—only to find that he had been right all along. 
“I’ve always loved Sandflowers. Did you know that?”
You gasped as he began to press hot open-mouthed kisses down the column of your throat. 
“I-I didn’t know.” 
You didn’t know your own name at this point, so that wasn’t saying much. 
“It’s true,” he hummed, sucking a trail of pretty pink marks into the soft skin along your collarbone. You whined breathlessly at his boldness, losing yourself in each new sensation until he spoke again. 
“Sandflowers flourish and grow where nothing else can. They’re incredibly strong,” he pressed forward, melding the hard lines of his body into yours till his center ground against your throbbing core, “yet still so beautiful and soft.”
Nimble fingers pulled at the laced sides of your elegant betrothal dress—loosening the ties till he could slip through and brush over your bare skin. 
“They cannot be kept in vases on desks or in little glass houses… Nothing so fragile could ever contain them.”
You moaned needily and his breath caught as the sound of it curled through him like an echo from his wildest dreams. 
“I thought—”
“I know what you thought,” he whispered, fisting his hand in your hair to gain better access to the delectable curve of your neck. “And I let you think it because it was easier if you hated me.” 
Your eyes flew open as he reached lower, sliding his hands under your dress to fully reveal the smooth legs wrapped around his body. One firmly muscled thigh suddenly pressed directly into the warmth of your swollen cunt—
And then he began to move. 
“Jungkook—oh my gods!” 
Pleasure—urgent and messy—rippled out from your center in all directions, overtaking you in a way that felt utterly primal and uncivilized. Your body trembled as he rutted against yours folds, opening even further to accommodate that glorious new friction. 
The sounds he drew out of you were incoherent—unhinged even. Mindlessly, you moved to cover your lips but his hand suddenly closed over your wrist and pinned it to the wall. 
“You sound so sweet,” he murmured in between thrusts, “so perfect.”
Your gown was slowly coming apart, slipping further and further down till it barely clung to the swells of your breast.
The need building between your legs was fast becoming unbearable. You were racing toward some sort of breaking point when you felt his hands latch around your hips and lift you onto a nearby decorative table—shattering the lamp and what was certainly a priceless antique vase as he swept them aside to make room. 
The sound of glass breaking against the tile barely registered through the haze of desire pulsing between you—and neither of you noticed when the larger shards sprouted shimmering gossamer wings and began to flutter whimsically around the light fixtures. 
Instead you were mewling pitifully at the unacceptable emptiness between your thighs and pulling at him in an attempt to soothe your frustration. 
“Shhh,” he chuckled, “I’ve got you.”
His mouth played lazily over your skin as he leaned you back, lowering himself till his lips hovered over the greedy tips of your breasts.
Some distant part of your mind knew that this was beyond scandalous. 
The once beautiful betrothal garment pooled at your waist, leaving your top and bottom bare to the hungry gaze of a man who was definitely not your betrothed. 
Then his tongue darted out to give one tightened peak the slightest flick and you hissed as sensation twisted through you. 
“These are exquisite,” he mused naughtily and you whined in response—arching toward him without conscious thought as his words wound around you like the strangest spell—warming you from the inside out with their simple forthright magic. 
Finally he leaned forward and drew one tormented nub into his mouth with obvious obscene pleasure and—heavens above—it felt so good you almost blacked out. 
“Oh my—please yes,” you keened as he sucked noisily. 
Wetness flooded between your thighs as that desperate need for release continued to build recklessly. Your fingers curled into his hair as he serviced you, switching between the twin swells of your breast with greedy satisfaction till the stimulation was nearly overwhelming. 
“Gods what a dream you are” he growled, worrying your swollen nub gently between his teeth, “so bare and needy.” 
He moved forward to kiss you again and you gasped as his hand slid down to stroke the wet linen of your undergarments. 
“Does it feel like this when he touches you?” he whispered against your lips, letting his fingers trace your sodden slit with deliberate intent. 
You could only whimper in response as he continued, drawing the fabric aside to caress your bare folds. 
“Do you make these noises for him?”
You shook your head frantically. “No, Jin never—ah!”
Jungkook growled at the sound of his brother’s name on your lips and slid his fingers forward, breaching the tight heat of your virgin cunt for the first time.
The pain and pleasure were so sharp and deliciously potent that you threw your head back and cried out loud. 
“Of course not,” he snarled, “because he doesn’t want you like I do. He isn’t driven near to madness at the thought of you in another man’s arms.”
Your hips swayed forward desperately at the sudden foreign fullness—searching instinctively for more. Jungkook wasted no time locating that sweet secret spot inside of you, pressing and coaxing it with such reverent persistence it was almost spiritual. 
“That’s it, pretty one,” he murmured heatedly. “Take what you need.”
Wanton cries poured out as you rutted against his hand, rubbing your swollen clit lewdly over his knuckles while he moaned filthy praises against your skin. 
“Let me have you, Sandflower,” he whispered, curling his fingers into your soaked cunt till the arousal slid messily over his hand. “Let me show you what it’s like to be adored.”
“Yes!” you sobbed as a sharp peak of pleasure finally overtook you. 
Jungkook growled in triumph as he pressed his lips to yours again—savoring the sounds of your pleasure while he worked you gently through your first release. 
How could there be such a feeling in this world? 
And why was he the only one who had ever let you feel it—this indescribable thrill that transcended mere physical pleasure to approach something almost like…
You had barely a moment to recover from your high before Jungkook was hauling you off the table and fully into his arms. 
Vaguely you acknowledged that he was taking you to his room (and what was probably going to happen there) but you were too preoccupied with tearing him out of his shirt to worry about the consequences now.
Your bridges were burning and you fully intended to dance in the flames. 
Every room you stumbled past on the way to his chambers was steadily overtaken with the same strange magic that had bloomed through the drawing room. 
Fires spontaneously flared in dormant fireplaces, figurines twitched to life, newly sentient ancestral portraits looked down in scandalized confusion at the oblivious (and enthusiastic) couple staggering through their halls...
And Pippin went tearing out to hide in his miniature outdoor doggie castle after seeing a fox chase a colony of rabbits through the wallpaper in the dining room. 
Your clothes were fully discarded by the time you finally crashed over the threshold of the prince’s quarters in a scramble of limbs and hungry desperation. (The tattered remains of your expensive betrothal gown would later be discovered beneath a traumatized painting of Jungkook’s great aunt Mildred.)
“You cannot possibly know what you’ve done to me,” he whispered, lowering you onto his bed, “—how I’ve ached to be close to you...”
Part of you was so afraid that this was a trick. That you would wake up to discover that the words he was saying were nothing more than a cruel and elaborate lie—
But there was such utter conviction in his voice as he spoke—such awe in his gaze as he took in the sight of you uncovered before him. 
Yet you barely had time to be moved by it before he was kissing you again. 
An irresistible magnetism charged in the air between you, mixing potently with palpable relief and the downright joyous acceptance of a passion that—in hindsight—felt oddly inevitable. 
All you could think about—all you wanted— was him. The spark between you had been building for far too long. Now it blazed out of control.
Technically you had never explored this level of intimacy with a man before, but your body seemed to find rhythm with his instinctively—as if it had waited for the perfect moment to shake off its mask of civility and revel in its true primal purpose. 
You should have been self-conscious—shy even—but those impulses simply never arose … Not in his arms. Not with his words wrapping around you like the warmth of a morning sun. 
Arousal soaked the soft core of your body and Jungkook hissed in pleasure as the thick solid length of his cock slid messily over your folds. 
“This might hurt.”
“Doesn’t everything?” you asked softly. 
The words were out of your mouth before you could think to stop them and the prince’s eyes flew up to lock with yours. 
There was nothing between you now—no clothes, no defenses...
No regrets. 
“Yes... It did,” he whispered, “until you.”
Tears drifted down your cheek as you lifted your hand to his face. 
Then he surged forward—sinking himself into you entirely with one perfect thrust. 
The feel of him nestled deeply in your sensitive heat was equal parts overwhelming and addictive. Your body bowed back in primitive gratification and for a moment you swore the sky mural on the ceiling sparked with literal lightning. 
Power unlike anything Jungkook had ever experienced surged violently through his blood causing him to throw his head back with a mighty roar. 
What are you? he thought dizzily as pleasure and magic raged over him. What is happening
The initial pain from being stretched so tightly morphed instantaneously into hot molten pleasure and you surged forward, bringing your mouth to his again.
Jungkook leaned back against the headboard, pulling your intimately joined bodies upright till you were facing one another. 
“So good,” he gasped against your lips and your walls tightened at the sound of his praise. 
His hand drifted down between to stroke your clit and you shuddered, reveling in the combination of fullness and stimulation. Your hips jerked forward involuntarily and you both groaned at the delicious friction.
“Hold on to me,” he whispered. 
Then his hands clamped into the soft curve of your waist as he lifted you, sliding your heat up the solid length of his shaft only to slam you back down over him again. 
“Yes!” You were nearly incoherent with pleasure—reveling in the sheer strength it took to work you up and down on his cock.
Words spilled out past your lips like the tides of a rising flood—words of adoration and want whimpered prettily into his skin like a prayer as he worked himself in your cunt.
That explosive release was building up again; Jungkook could tell by the way your body trembled wantonly against his own. 
“Look at me,” he growled, “I wanna watch you fall apart.”
His words were like kindling on an already raging fire. Every time he spoke it made you hotter. 
Look at me, Jeon Jungkook. 
Look at what you’ve done to me. 
You drew back, opening your eyes to let him see you—dazed and euphoric as you bounced like a toy on his cock. 
The sound of him pistoning in and out of your sloppy wet cunt filled the air around you, braiding in between your keening and filthy lascivious moans—
But everything else fell away when your gaze finally locked together with his. 
No one had ever looked at you like that. 
Like you were priceless.
Like you were everything. 
“I never hated you,” you gasped, unable to let the truth go unspoken for another moment. 
A beautiful smile bloomed over his features. 
“I know.” 
You came then—tightening brutally around him like a velvet vice. Jungkook shook with restraint as he worked you through it, letting the feel of your release build into his own. 
“Your sweet little pussy is holding on to me so tight, Sandflower. Let me come inside you please? You like being full don’t you? Isn’t that why you’re so messy, baby? You just want to be filled.”
“Yes!” you screamed. 
“Say it,” he growled, digging his fingers into the soft rolls of your hips for leverage as his pace increased. “Tell me who made your little pussy this needy.”
“You did!”
“And what do you want me to do about it, huh?” 
“Fill me up please,” you sobbed deliriously. 
Your pretty begging sent him over the edge with a carnal groan. His head dropped heavily onto your shoulder as he spilled into your womb, filling you till the evidence of his pleasure ran down your leg.
“I’ll give you anything,” he swore. “Anything you want.”
Tumblr media
Dawn trickled in slowly through the windows, spreading soft tendrils of light over the bed where you lay next to him.
Your mind was torn between elation and guilt. But your body...
Your body could still feel the imprint of his fingers where they cupped your jaw—could still hear the tender words he whispered across your skin…
Anxiety and reality begin to claw through the haze of pleasure.
Oh gods… 
What have I done?
You were betrothed to his brother.
… Yet it was Jungkook’s name you called into the darkness.
Jungkook who broke through your maidenhead as you writhed and begged beneath him.
Your passion raged well into the night, and now you lay in knots beside him, watching his chest rise and fall in soothing rhythm even as your own thoughts spiraled out of control.
In the end, you wrenched your gaze away out of self-preservation. 
Dawn provided enough light to make out the books and artifacts lying haphazardly on the small drafting table next to his bed. Notes lay strewn among piles of discarded quills and glass bottles...
Then your eyes caught on a distinctive shape resting in a glass case near the center of the desk.
After a moment’s hesitation—you reached forward cautiously to retrieve it.
This must be his.
Jungkook’s bracelet was very different from his brother’s. Jin’s was ostentatious—covered in sparkling rubies and square-cut diamonds—it didn’t suit your tastes at all. In fact, you remembered cringing at the thought of wearing it for the rest of your life...
But this piece was exquisite.
Thick golden vines and delicate leaves braided intricately around each other in a complicated pattern to form the width of the band… 
It was the most beautiful bonding bracelet you had ever seen.
Suddenly Jungkook stirred beside you and your heart broke all over again.
How could I have been so blind?
Stifling a gasp, you could no longer hold back the tears that drifted down your cheek as you studied the bracelet—knowing you would hate whoever wore it.
Or perhaps it would never activate—not if Elaena was his soulmate. It would have died with her life force.
You turned to make sure Jungkook remained asleep.
For a moment… I can pretend...
I can pretend he’s mine.
Holding your breath you carefully slid the bracelet over your hand and pressed it to your wrist—right at the pulse point—
And it burned. For several seconds it burned everywhere—inside and out.
Then it stopped as abruptly as it began. Your eyes flew to your wrist in alarm–
It can’t be. 
The golden vines of Jungkook’s bracelet wove together in a perfect fit, bound irrevocably beneath a glowing rune directly above your pulse—the same rune that sealed every bracelet pair.
An Integra rune.
It meant complete.
Frantically you began to tug at the bracelet, but it molded stubbornly to your wrist and would not disengage. Panic closed in from every side.
This cannot be happening! I had no right! The Council will be furious—
And Jungkook…
I never meant to trap you.
“... Sandflower?”
The heat of the bond forming had roused the prince from a heavy slumber. For a moment his gaze was soft and disoriented—until it landed on the glowing bracelet wrapped around your wrist and his eyes widened in shock. 
You opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Your soul was laid bare before him and he could destroy your with a word.
Tentatively he reached forward, lifting his fingers to trace the rune.
“Complete…” he breathed reverently. Then his eyes found yours. “It's complete.”
You gasped as he pulled you close, tenderly brushing away your tears.
“You are mine,” he whispered, unable to disguise the wonder in his voice.
Hope swelled in your chest.
“I love you.” 
The words escaped without conscious thought, but his smile came too quickly for you to regret them.
He kissed you then and you moaned happily against his mouth as he lifted you from the bed to gather you fully into his arms. After a long moment he drew back, resting his forehead tenderly against yours.
Joy warmed through him for the first time in nearly a decade.
“It’s so much more than I imagined.”
You smiled and shook your head. “What is?”
“Love,” he sighed against your lips. “Love when it’s real.”
This was real. 
Jeon Jungkook was yours. 
And you were his...
Happiness swirled around you in glorious waves—
Only to be replaced by absolute shock when your mind finally registered the state of Jungkook’s bedroom. 
“Oh my celestial gods! What happened?”
The entire chamber was—for lack of a better word—alive. 
Glass shard butterflies fluttered romantically around the windows. Thick leafy vines sprouted out from the wooden frames of the bed and chairs. The clouds painted over the ceiling drifted lazily across the plaster sky. The tea service on his dressing table was serving itself and the ancient sea battle painting positioned above the fireplace raged violently within its frame—complete with canon fire and tiny little pirates sword-fighting across the canvas decks. 
Jungkook huffed out an astonished chuckle as he took it all in. 
“Actually… I think it was… us.”
A hysterical laugh bubbled up in your throat. 
Perhaps the rush of the bond forming has made him delirious. 
“Jeon Jungkook… I’m not sure what you were up to last night, but I was certainly far too busy to enchant your bedroom furniture with…” you shook your head incredulously, “wildly advanced magic.”
Jungkook crossed his arms and leaned forward in mock disapproval. 
“There you go again, Sandflower, assuming the world revolves around you—”
“It should, you know. I’m very important.”
“Of course you are—but do recall that I said it was us—not you. And it's true—we are absolutely the cause.” He smiled softly, letting his gaze wander around the room again. “Honestly it was so obvious every time we fought—I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner...”
Jungkook’s expression was radiant when he finally turned back to you. His whole body seemed to hum with barely contained excitement. 
“You’re a polarity mage.”
“I’m… I’m a what?”
“A polarity mage—it’s an ancient magic—no one’s seen it in centuries because all the bloodlines that carried it were lost but…” his eyes darted over to where his quills were writing nasty notes to each other about who had the sharper tip, “it’s the only explanation.”
You drew back and began aggressively massaging your temples. A lot had happened in the last twenty-four hours and your brain was starting to hurt. 
“Jungkook, you’ll have to walk me through this—I’ve never even heard of polarity magic and now you’re saying I’ve used it—”
“Polarity mages can reverse the nature of any magic. They’re the natural counterpart of a necromancer because their abilities combine to form a balanced symbiotic pair.” 
He turned toward the dresser and carefully retrieved his favorite set of earrings. Then he held out his hand to reveal the two little jewelry bits dancing excitedly over his palm. 
“A necromancer can drain and manipulate life force—but we cannot increase or transfer it. However, when our energy combines with the aura of a polarity mage the result is—”
“Creative magic...” 
Your eyes widened in shock. 
Creative magic was nearly impossible to perform—the skill and experience required was extraordinary. What he was saying could not possibly be true…
And yet everything around you testified that it was. 
“But... how could I not have known?” 
Jungkook grinned. 
“Because polarity magic is mostly dormant until activated by a profound emotional catalyst—which—in this case…” he leaned forward to brush his lips gently over yours, “was me.”
“Mmm,” you hummed as he leisurely explored your neck with his mouth as if he hadn’t just dropped a life-altering revelation in your lap. “So am I going to have to hear about how you awakened my magic for the rest of our lives?”
“You really do know me so well,” he sighed, nosing playfully at the silky skin beneath your jaw. 
Unfortunately, the earrings—sensing they were about to be dropped—chose that moment to dig their spiky hooks into the meaty flesh of his palm. 
“Nasty little beasties aren’t you,” he chuckled. drawing back to dislodge the bloodthirsty jewelry. 
Your eyes widened in shock once again. 
“Jungkook… your scar…” Your gaze flew to your own hand and you gasped—not quite believing what you were seeing. “Our-our scars they’re—”
They were gone.
Completely gone—as if they had never been there to begin with. 
You ran your fingers over that small patch of flesh that had once symbolized the inescapable stain of your past. 
But there was nothing. 
Jungkook had fallen completely silent. After a moment you finally lifted your head to discover that his eyes were welling with tears. 
“I understood—somewhere in the back of my mind—that creative magic had healing and restorative potential, but I never expected—” the words caught painfully in his throat and he clenched his jaw as the emotions threatened to overwhelm him. “...I thought I would die with that scar.”
The significance of his words—of this moment—was not lost on you.
You had both come to believe that the damage inflicted by your pasts was irreversible. 
And you were wrong. Gloriously wrong. 
Healing and restoration were entirely possible when the two of you were together. 
Jungkook wrapped his arms tightly around you and for a long while you simply held on to one another in tearful silence. 
“My abilities were a curse,” he whispered, “but you have made them a redemption.”
Tumblr media
Six Hours Later...
Jungkook shifted uncomfortably as his brother paced about the room.
“And she just… went to bed with you like she wasn’t betrothed to me two hours beforehand?”
“I’m not sure if answering that is—”
“She did. It… happened.” He cleared his throat. “Repeatedly.”
He tried very hard not to grin.
Jin pretended not to notice.
“And you’re willing to face the consequences of this? To potentially fight our parents—the Council—centuries of sacred tradition… For her?”
“I was willing to cross many lines for Elaena,” Jungkook’s fists clenched, “—but nothing will separate me from her.” He rose to his full height and loomed menacingly. “And that includes you.”
A small smile twitched at the corner of Jin’s mouth.
“Good. That’s what she deserves.”
Jungkook’s jaw dropped. His eyes narrowed suspiciously.
“You’re being awfully accommodating and supportive right now, big brother…”
“Well… The thing is—” Jin shook his head. “Okay. Let me start over.” He took a deep breath. “Do you remember that deranged woman who drives me absolutely insane?”
Jungkook blinked several times and Jin attempted to be more specific.
“You know—the one from work who keeps bothering me with her face and her hip swaying and her total inability to see reason—”
“… Lin Yuna? That sweet archivist who bakes cookies for everyone?”
“Everyone but me!”
“My mistake,” Jungkook coughed.
“Yes… Well—she’s an expert on bonding bracelets. So I headed directly over to her office when my bracelet didn’t close to see if she could check it for some sort of… hex–or something—”
"You have no idea how craft works, do you?”
“None whatsoever.”
“Alright then—”
“Well we got in a fight—because she is the most unreasonable woman in the entire kingdom. And I accused her of being jealous—for some reason. Then she accused me of being an impulsive hot-head—which was rude. So I grabbed my bracelet and shouted ‘how’s this for impulsive!’ and I slipped it right over her hand and–”
“It closed.”
“It bloomin closed! On the wrist of a woman who has literally dumped tea on me five separate times!”
“Well… What did she do?”
“She screamed at me for a solid hour.” Jin’s face broke into a slow grin. “Then she screamed my name for several solid hours.” His eyes glazed over a bit. “I am unreasonably in love with her.”
Jungkook groaned and ran his hand over his face.
“Ooh, we are in so much trouble.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mom is going to kill us.”
“Exactly—which is why I think it might be best if we approach the Council together and explain to them—and our parents—why we’ve been casually slapping sacred bonding bracelets on women.”
“Technically my woman was the one slapping—”
“-the bracelet.” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Gods, you’re an animal.”
“That’s what Yuna said–”
“I am formally begging you to stop.”
Jin chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender while Jungkook indulged in a generous chug of his wine. 
“That reminds me, little brother… Is there a reason all of our silverware can talk now? It made for a rather off-putting snack.” He shivered. “My fork started screaming every time I tried to take a bite of cheesecake.”
“... And you still kept eating it?”
“Of course I did. I’m a grown man. Wailing flatware is not going to keep me from cheesecake.”
Jungkook bit his lip—his eyes squeezed shut—
“It wasn’t that funny,” Jin grumbled several minutes later while his brother wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. 
“Yes. Yes it was.”
The elder prince just shook his head and sighed. “So… the Royal Council. Together?”
“I think that’s probably for the best.”
“... You have any idea what you’re going to say?”
Jungkook let out a long breath.
“How does ‘I seduced my brother’s betrothed the moment I found out she couldn’t marry him’ sound?”
Jin winced.
“Needs work.”
Tumblr media
Endnote: This story gave me a ton of trouble and I had to tear it apart and put it back together so many times I lost count. It has been through a hundred different versions (I originally posted a very different version of it for another fandom, but it barely resembles that early draft). Feedback and support is incredibly powerful magic. Even just the love you guys left on the teaser helped me with pushing through and posting. Please let me know what you thought of my story. I promise to treasure every word you say. The love people show my work fuels my creativity and keeps me posting. Truly it means so much...
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ughcore · a month ago
Tumblr media
- atu!jaykay ; masterlist 
“there’s no greater evidence of the thin line between love and hate than your relationship with jeon jeongguk.”
jjk / enemies to lovers to established relationship + slice of life au
warnings: explicit smut, oral (m & f receiving), creampie, lowkey dom!jaykay, pet names :), impregnation kink :), body worship, choking, pussy spanking, masturbation, sensory deprivation, spitting, fingering etc....
note: oneshots will be updated as the order changes. they are not posted chronologically, though they are listed as such.
ongoing (currently 27k) 
Tumblr media
x mine for the night (m) - jeongguk last night in town brings some surprises x addicted to u (m) - you and jeongguk come face to face after six months x caught in the moment (m) - taehyung organises a trip to the cabin x 01:14am (m) - you come home from work and find jeongguk asleep x it’s always you (m) - you take jeongguk to your parents house x right here (m) - jimin comes along and causes problems for you and jeongguk
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gukyi · 7 months ago
the art of the rom-com | jjk
Tumblr media
summary: FILM395, the art of the rom-com, was supposed to be an easy a with one of your favorite professors, but it’s not. it’s actually a sisyphean torture that comes in the form of fellow film student jeon jungkook, who has no problem responding to every one of your discussion posts about the consumerist ideals underlying every romance movie with his own paragraphs on the beauty of love like the hopeless romantic he is. and when the two of you find yourselves partnered up for your final project, which is to create a short film on rom-coms, jungkook decides to take it upon himself to show you what love is really like.
{enemies to lovers!au, college!au}
pairing: film major!jungkook x film major!reader (female) genre: fluff, comedy, slight angst, this is literally a rom-com in fic form word count: 33k warnings: college alcohol consumption, discussion board posts, emotionally constipated characters, film major shenanigans, blonde jungkook who’s also in a hip hop dance troupe, miscommunication, if you hate rom-coms do not read this fic
a/n: i am so so so excited to share this monster of a jungkook fic (tho let’s be real, 30k is pretty standard for me now ;-;) with you all! this is basically rom-com trash, but it’s my rom-com trash, and i hope you all enjoy!
on a sadder, less exciting note: after this fic i will be taking an extended writing hiatus until at least the beginning of may. my semester is picking up and i unfortunately just don’t currently have any upcoming fics planned for you guys. i hope you understand!! maybe i’ll do a couple of ask games here and there to see if anything piques my interest, but other than that please do not expect major works of writing for a while. love you all!
500 Days of Summer is a movie you all have probably seen before. That being said, I encourage you to respond to this discussion board from a film perspective as opposed to a viewer’s perspective. How did 500 Days of Summer alter the classic narrative of boy-meets-girl? Do you think it was a smart move, on the parts of Webb, Neustadter, and Weber, to do so? Why or why not?
Jeon Jungkook on February 12th at 9:53PM
I thought that the change in the boy-meets-girl narrative that had been popularized by rom-coms of the 1990s definitely contributed to his popularity and its attractiveness towards viewers in general. The film makes it clear that the story does not have a so-called happy ending, but despite that, it still brings into discussion the idea of love and soulmates and true connection. And that’s important, because despite the film’s not-so-happy ending, it makes it a point to emphasize that those things are real. That love is real. I thought it was an excellent move on the parts of the writers and director, because they both broke standards in terms of happy endings in rom-coms and they stayed true to the message at hand. 
Y/N Y/L/N on February 12th at 10:29PM
I have to disagree with Jungkook. It’s obvious the movie is not going to have a happy ending because Tom is so obsessed with the version of Summer he has created in his head that he doesn’t even see who the real girl is anymore. It doesn’t have a happy ending not because they weren’t soulmates, or because their love wasn’t right. They break up because what Tom wants and what Summer wants are fundamentally different, and Tom just can’t accept the fact that Summer doesn’t love him the way he wants her to. In a desperate quest to keep her, though, he manifests this version of her and replaces the actual Summer with it, ultimately destroying their relationship. How could viewers ever have faith that Tom would eventually get his happy ending if the only proof of his commitment to relationships they have is him manufacturing a different girl to fall in love with?
Tumblr media
When you walk into class, Jeon Jungkook is already there. 
He sits in the front row, the seat closest to the door in your puny little classroom, much too small for twenty-students to fit comfortably, let alone watch movies on the pull-down projector screen above the chalkboard. You’re convinced he’s chosen that seat just so he can grin at you whenever you walk in the room, always later than him because apparently, he has nothing better to do with his time than show up to class early and smirk at you when you arrive. 
As you shuffle past his seat towards your own—second row, middle of the room, centered with the lecturer’s podium—with your usual scowl drawn neatly across your face, Jungkook says, overly bright and cheery, “Good morning, Y/N.”
The sound of his voice alone is enough to make your nose scrunch up in further disgust. “Shut up,” you grumble back, stuffing yourself into your chair and pulling out your laptop. One row in front of you and five seats to the right, you see Jungkook chuckle. 
Glowering, you open up your Notes document for the class and try to avoid staring at Jungkook’s side profile, the way he’s slouching lazily in his seat, and what looks to be a lengthy paragraph on his computer screen, a task that proves to be particularly difficult because he happens to sit in the exact spot you have to look in order to see your professor enter the room. What the hell is he even writing, anyway?
He straightens up the moment she does, cheerful as always as she smiles at everyone. “Good morning, everyone.”
The lot of you respond with halfhearted smiles and waves. 
“I can just feel the enthusiasm radiating throughout the room,” she jokes, clenching her fists together in success. At least that gets a couple of you to laugh. “Which is great, because before we get to anything today, we’re gonna talk about the final project.”
You smile to yourself, immediately pulling up the copy of the syllabus you had downloaded to your desktop, scrolling right down to where she had outlined information about the final project in big, bolded letters. There are a lot of reasons you’ve taken this class, not the least of which is the fact that you have had Professor Pollack three times prior to this and she’s loved you in every class, but the final project was definitely one of the major selling points. 
Pollack pulls up a more detailed final project document on the projector as she steps out from behind the podium. “As you guys know, your final project is a thirty-to-forty minute short film involving rom-coms. You guys have a lot of freedom, it can be a rom-com, it could be a documentary about rom-coms, anything. It just needs to involve the topic of rom-coms somehow. I know a lot of you have actor friends who would be more than happy to have a star-crossed lovers fling or whatever. Go wild. Just keep it PG-13, because I can’t in good faith have nude bodies of your fellow college students on my screen.”
You snort to yourself. Makes you wonder how many times Pollack has seen sex scenes of college students on her screen before. Too many, probably. 
Unintentionally, your eyes drift over to Jungkook. He seems to be working on that hefty paragraph of his, typing something you assume is completely unrelated to the topic at hand and is further proof that Jungkook just doesn’t give a shit about anything involving this class. Whatever. You turn back to Pollack. 
“Good projects not only capture the essence of what a rom-com is, but also put their own twist on the story and bring into question the topics we discuss in class, like truthfulness, realistic portrayals of love, and viewer interpretation,” she continues, and with every word you feel heart beat faster in excitement. “I know you’re all excellent filmmakers. That’s why you’ve taken this class. But what I want you to do is get into the nitty-gritty of the makeup of a rom-com and distill it as much as possible. We’ll be watching them all in class during the last week. Yes, Celia?”
You all turn to look at Celia, who sits in the third row, second seat from the left. “This is a partner project, right?” 
Well. That’s the one downside. As much as you know that cooperation is an important life skill, you would much rather prefer to produce the entire movie yourself. But you love Pollack and you already know you’re on track to get a good grade in this class, so whatever. You’ll deal. 
As long as you can pick your teammate. 
“Yes,” Pollack affirms, “and with that excellent segue, I will now announce your partners.”
Pollack pulls out a folded piece of paper from her back pocket, like she had just come up with the arrangements on the morning train ride to campus, and begins reading. Slowly, as she ticks off names one by one, everyone begins to turn around, locking eyes with their partners and exchanging guess-it’s-us-two-huh? smiles. Everyone except—
“And lastly, Jungkook and Y/N.”
You freeze in place. You look up at your professor, eyes wide and shocked, because nobody knows better than her how much the two of you have been butting heads this entire semester. But when you meet her eyes and she smiles knowingly, shrugging her shoulders, you know you’re doomed. Hesitantly, almost like you’re scared to find out what happens when you do, you shift your gaze towards where Jungkook sits in the front right corner of the room. Only he’s not just sitting. He’s turned a full one hundred-and-eighty degrees just so he can smirk at you from across the room, a glint in his eye. 
Jungkook laughs at your cold-stone, shellshocked reaction. Like he knows how much you’ll hate this, and you know how much he’ll enjoy it. 
From here, you actually have a pretty good view of his laptop screen, brightness turned all the way up because he apparently doesn’t care who reads his screen. Or maybe he just likes showing off how much he writes so he can establish dominance over everyone else. Except you, of course. But when you look a little closer, you notice he’s got the class discussion board for the week up on his Chrome window, two paragraphs typed into the text box. 
Right above is your response to his comment. 
Is that what he was working on? His reply to your reply? Right now? He has the audacity to draft it right here, in front of you, where he knows you can see? He doesn’t even care that you’re blatantly staring at it. In fact, he actually seems to be relishing in it.
You’re so caught off guard by the contents of his computer screen that when you look back up at him on instinct, you catch a wink in your direction. 
Your fists tighten by your side. 
Class is rather uneventful after the whole partner fiasco, as Pollack transitions into your usual dose of a short lecture on the film and then a class discussion that goes absolutely nowhere because everyone is too concerned with the final project to care. Whatever you talk about, you will be hard pressed to know, because you spend the entire rest of the period scowling at the blank page of your Notes document as you try to formulate a way to convince Pollack to change your partner. Would she accept a dozen doughnuts as a bribe? A box is only ten dollars from Dunkin’.
When Pollack finally shuts her laptop screen and begins her weekly goodbye spiel, you are the first one out of the room. Hastily, you stuff your laptop into your bag, zip it up as best as you can (which means that the tops of your water bottle and umbrella are sticking out, but who cares), and shuffle out the room right as Pollack is bidding you all farewell, just so you don’t have to look at Jungkook’s stupid, smug little grin on the way out. 
Faintly, you remember Pollack saying something about getting your partner’s contact information so you can start working, but fuck that. Jungkook knows your name. He can find you. If you must spend the entire semester communicating through Instagram DMs, then so be it. You’ve communicated with men in worse ways. Like through LinkedIn.
There’s a small seating area half a flight down from where your puny little classroom is, a few tables and a bench that wraps around the wall, posters splayed out on the corkboard to the right, staples littering both the board and the floor it rests above. Nobody ever seems to use this, despite the innumerable posters advertising everything from dance troupe shows to financial literacy talks, which makes it the perfect place for you to brood and gather your thoughts. It’s also in the direct opposite direction of the exit. So that’s good.
Taking your anger out on your personal belongings (as opposed to that bitchass smirk on Jungkook’s face), you begin to shove your umbrella and water bottle into the pocket of your backpack, fighting to nestle them amongst your other worldly possessions, like your pencil case and what looks to be a small nest of receipts at the bottom of the back. No wonder it’s so clogged up down there. 
If anything gives you a sense of control, it’s cleaning. One by one, you pluck out the receipts from your bag, nose scrunching up as you try to remember every purchase you’ve made in the past three months. Plus, one of these receipts is from when you bought some dryer sheets from CVS, so that means the five inches of actual information are also accompanied by three feet of coupons that expired two weeks ago. Ugh, what a waste. 
“Don’t look so angry, you’ll have to get used to seeing this face a lot.”
You look up from where you’ve been inspecting an old receipt from a midnight McDonald’s trip to find Jungkook standing in front of you, backpack hanging loosely on his bomber jacket-clad shoulder and that same stupid grin written all over his same stupid face. 
“Can I help you?” You drawl. Great. Now Jungkook can add “saw all her receipts” to the list of embarrassing things he’s caught you doing. 
“Can I help you?” Jungkook fires back with a scoff, blonde hair bouncing as he jerks his head flippantly. “Looks like someone needs to take an Accounting class or something.”
“I’m just doing some spring cleaning,” you sneer. It’s February. “What do you want?”
“What, no ‘Hello, partner’? ‘So excited to be working with you this semester’? I’m hurt,” Jungkook says, placing a hand to his heart as he shakes his head disapprovingly. “I thought we had something good, Y/N. Isn’t that why Pollack paired us up?”
You’re pretty sure she just likes watching the world burn. 
“Don’t flatter yourself,” you chide, knowing that Jungkook already must get enough of a kick out of just seeing the annoyed look on your face. 
“Please, like I even need to. You think I don’t notice the way you stare at me during class? I know you must like what you see,” Jungkook flirts, just to be extra irritating. 
While he’s stroking his own ego, you tear off a piece of that CVS receipt, one of the expired coupons for Three Dollars Off Any Shampoo or Conditioner, and scribble your number on the back. The rest of the receipts you scoop up and dump in the trash can to your right before you zip up your backpack and hike it over your shoulder. 
“Here,” you say gruffly, shoving the paper against his chest as you head towards the stairwell. 
“How forward of you, Y/N, you know you could have just asked—”
Pausing right before you turn the corner and head out the door, you turn back to look at Jungkook, already exhausted from having to interact with him for five minutes. “And when you’re done jerking yourself off,” you say pointedly, “text me.”
You storm out the door.
Tumblr media
[February 13th, 1:24PM]
Unknown Number: guess who ;)
You: Wow I have NO idea You: Keanu Reeves?
Unknown Number: haha very funny Unknown Number: it’s jungkook
You: Damn shame You: You done jerking off yet
Maybe: Jungkook: what makes you think i’m not doing that right now ;)))
You: You don’t have the coordination to text me and masturbate at the same time You: What do you want
Jungkook: ouch, harsh Jungkook: can’t i just want to talk to my final project partner? :D
[February 13th, 2:17PM]
Jungkook: alright fine Jungkook: just wanna see when you wanna meet up
You: Guess I don’t have a choice do I
Jungkook: unless you wanna facetime
You: Is that an option?
Jungkook: how about friday at 3 Jungkook: in one of the greene gsrs
You: You think you can manage to reserve one of those?
Jungkook: watch me
[February 13th, 2:21PM]
Jungkook: [screenshot sent] Jungkook: done
You: Do you want a gold star for all that hard work you just did? All that manual labor? You: Fine. See you then.
Jungkook: miss you already <3
Tumblr media
Y/N Y/L/N on February 12th at 10:29PM
I have to disagree with Jungkook. It’s obvious the movie is not going to have a happy ending because Tom is so obsessed with the version of Summer he has created in his head that he doesn’t even see who the real girl is anymore. It doesn’t have a happy ending not because they weren’t soulmates, or because their love wasn’t right. They break up because what Tom wants and what Summer wants are fundamentally different, and Tom just can’t accept the fact that Summer doesn’t love him the way he wants her to. In a desperate quest to keep her, though, he manifests this version of her and replaces the actual Summer with it, ultimately destroying their relationship. How could viewers ever have faith that Tom would eventually get his happy ending if the only proof of his commitment to relationships they have is him manufacturing a different girl to fall in love with?
Jeon Jungkook on February 13th at 7:35PM.
You make a good point, Y/N, but I think you missed the whole point of the movie. It’s not about their breakup or the not-so-happy ending or even Tom’s problems. It’s about the journey they go on and what Tom learns in the process. If you watch the trailer then you’d go into the movie knowing they weren’t gonna last. The results of whatever Tom and Summer do to contribute to their eventual breakup should not come as a surprise to the viewer. The whole point of the movie is that they spent five hundred days together and Tom is now recounting those days to anyone who will watch. And you know who’s watching? People who want to hear a story. About love. And loss. And everything in between. Isn’t that the whole reason we watch romance movies anyway?
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you wonder if the garishness of Professor Pollack’s shoebox-sized office is the reason not very many students attend her office hours. The walls are lined with movie posters taken from a theater going out of business, the shelves stuffed to the brim with Disney World trinkets and old film memorabilia. She’s installed these thick red velvet curtains along her single window, making the whole room look like some sort of 1950s movie lair. 
In a way, you suppose it kind of is. 
You hear the taps of her Converse shoes as they come down the hallway and round the corner into the office.
“You know, Y/N, I was surprised to see you signed up for my office hours when I logged in this morning,” Pollack says as she enters the room, handing you the coffee in her right hand as she takes a sip out of the one from her left. Last year, the film department bought a Breville coffee maker with the leftover funds from a movie showing fundraiser and it is, in your humble opinion, the best investment the department has ever made.
“Why? I see you all the time,” you ask, eyebrows raised. You and Professor Pollack are not lacking in social connection. She’s written you a letter of recommendation and she knows your coffee order. 
“The very first time we ever spoke outside of class, you sat down at my Starbucks table while I was eating lunch just so you could introduce yourself and ask me about my opinion on the Mamma Mia remake,” she deadpans. “We don’t exactly speak through official forums.”
Well, she’s got you there. 
“I know…” you begin, trailing off awkwardly as you take a sip of your coffee. It’s burning hot and scalds your tongue a little, but it’s nice. It’s been cold recently. “But I just thought we could talk… privately.”
Pollack rolls her eyes as she reclines in her chair, back hitting the padding of the chair with a thud. “Goodness, I wonder what you’re here to talk to me about.”
“Okay, please pardon my French, but what the freak, Professor?” You say, because the words have been sitting hot on your tongue ever since you walked into your office and you didn’t think sending an email that looked like:
To: From: y/ Subject: what the freak
Dear Professor Pollack,
What the freak?????????
Cheers, Y/N
would be very professional on your part. 
Pollack lets out this honk of a laugh, loud and sudden, shaking her head fondly. “Come on, Y/N. You must have known I would have partnered the two of you up.”
“I was hoping you’d let us choose?” You emphasize. 
“And miss out on what very well may be one of the best final projects of the class, produced by my two best students of the semester? Absolutely not,” she says, smiling knowingly at you. 
Even her sudden reveal that you happen to be one her best students this semester isn’t enough to soothe your worries and calm your anger. You’re honored, but you have bigger problems. Problems that start with ‘Jeon’ and end with ‘Jungkook’. 
Pollack looks at your beaten-down expression and leans forward, placing her coffee cup on the wooden desk in front of her. “Listen, Y/N. You’re an excellent student and one of the most talented filmmakers I’ve seen in a long time. Your discussion posts are detailed, well-written, and thought-provoking. I know that the two of you will make a great project.”
You scoff. “We can’t agree on a single thing.”
“Sometimes that happens in life, and you just have to deal with it,” Pollack says sagely. 
“So I can’t change partners?”
“Not unless you’d like to fail the final,” Pollack comments, shrugging. How rude of her to say such a thing, not taking the option to change partners off the table entirely but making it so that if you do, you’ll pretty much be shooting yourself in the foot. Or worse. 
You narrow your eyes at her. “That’s low.”
“That’s life,” she corrects. 
“Ugh.” You get up out of your seat, taking angry sips of your coffee as you desperately try to think of another way to get out of it. Are doughnuts still an option?
“I have full faith that the both of you will come up with an excellent project,” Pollack says like it’s some sort of consolation as she walks you to the door to her office. Yeah, right. You and Jungkook spend your free time making snide responses to each other’s discussion posts like it’s nobody’s business. You’re probably the only two people at your entire university that care enough to make replies to each other’s replies. Like Tinder from hell. “You shouldn’t be worried, Y/N.”
“I’m not worried,” you say, completely worried. “I just—I don’t know how Jungkook and I will get along.”
Pollack grins to herself. Does she know something you don’t? Is she up to something? She looks at you as you linger in the doorway, feeling utterly helpless after a meeting that accomplished absolutely nothing, and she smiles. 
“You’ll find a way.” 
Tumblr media
Reserving a group study room in the Greene Library and Collection should not be some gymnastics act that involves a warm-up, practice, a routine, and song and dance. In theory, all you have to do is log onto the library’s homepage, navigate to the reservations tab, enter your name and ID number, pick a date and time, and profit. 
Of course, the demand for the study rooms does tend to outweigh the supply. There are over ten thousand students at your university. And only twenty rooms. 
And still, you have the unfortunate luck of being stuck in one of them for an hour and a half with none other than Jeon Jungkook. 
You see him coming into the library at 3PM sharp through the opposite entrance, a little surprised he didn’t show up ten minutes early like he does in class, just so he would have an excuse to complain about having to wait for you. Feeling a little threatened, you pick up the pace so that you can meet his lengthy stride, keeping an eye on his direction so you know which room he’s aiming for.
You arrive at Greene GSR #18 at the exact same time.
“So nice to see you,” Jungkook says, too cheerful, as you reach out to open the door. 
“Mmm,” you mumble in response as you enter the room, flinging your backpack onto the floor by your chair with a thud as you take a seat. The faster you start, the faster you can get this over with.
Jungkook, not at all outwardly discouraged by your clear disdain for him, rallies on happily. “So, what were you thinking for the project?” But he doesn’t even let you open your mouth to answer before he says, “Oh, wait, let me guess: a social commentary on the consumerist ideals that underline every modern movie and encourage the pursuit of an empty dream by abandoning concrete career and personal goals in favor of romantic fulfillment.”
You scowl at him, even though that’s exactly what you were thinking of doing. You’re almost positive Pollack’s had enough of seeing college students try to engineer the craziest fake dating scenarios they can imagine just for a class project. Why not do something outside of the box? 
“Well, then what do you want to do?” You challenge, already bristling. Like Jungkook has a better idea. 
“Maybe something that doesn’t scream ‘killjoy’ as much as you do,” Jungkook retorts easily. He opens his mouth to spit out something else but then rolls his eyes and shrugs, shaking his head. “Forget it. I shouldn’t have even asked.”
“Don’t pin this on me,” you immediately rebuke, pointing at him. “You’re the one who wants to make some sort of generic rom-com for our final project. Besides, I’m pretty sure every idea you even think of will have been done already.”
“Just because something is cliche doesn’t make it bad,” Jungkook says. “I swear, I don’t think you understand what the word cliche even means. A cliche thing, by default, is something that lots of people like. Therefore, it is largely well-received by the general public.”
“Oh, then that must mean that all rom-coms are deserving of a People’s Choice Award then, right?”
Jungkook frowns, getting exasperated. You aren’t much farther off. “I don’t know why you’re being so—so resistant! You know that romantic comedies are supposed to be fun, right?” 
“They’re not that fun to me,” you comment snidely. 
“That’s because you’re a stick in the mud who takes everything way too seriously,” Jungkook replies like it’s some sort of known fact. “Have you ever even been in a relationship?”
“That’s none of your business,” you tell him firmly. Who does he think he is, going around asking that sort of thing? Especially to you! Like you could care any less about what Jungkook thinks of your love life. Intrusive, much? “Besides, you asking that is exactly my point. Not everything has to be about finding love and searching for your soulmate or whatever bullshit like that. Some people don’t really care that much.”
“You act like wanting to find love and wanting to be successful are mutually exclusive,” Jungkook points out. “You don’t have to abandon all of your life goals just to find love, you know. It doesn’t have to be the most important thing in your life for you to even care about it a little. It’s natural for people to want love.”
“Then I guess I’m just a robot.”
“You sure are acting like one,” Jungkook comments easily. “What, are you about to ask me to pick out all of the pictures with traffic lights?”
“I’m allowed to have my own views on love, just like you,” you say. Isn’t that the whole point of your discussion boards? A forum where you can discuss these sorts of things through an academic lens? A barrier that keeps the two of you from going at each other’s throats when you’re engaging in the class material? It doesn’t take a genius, or even half of one, to know that you and Jungkook can’t seem to agree on anything in your FILM395 class. 
Jungkook scoffs. “What do you mean, ‘your own views on love’? As far as I’m aware, your view on love is that you don’t have one! What do you even think love really is?”
You frown at him. “Does it matter?”
“Yes,” Jungkook says like it’s obvious. “This project is about filming a short romantic comedy, about people falling in love with each other. How do you expect me to do that if we don’t reach a mutual agreement on what love is?”
You scoff. “There is no way in hell I am going to agree with you on anything concerning love.” Jeon Jungkook still thinks love is all rainbows and sunshine. Cries at the end of Love, Actually even though he’s seen it five times already. Believes in soulmates. Believes there are people out there that were built for each other. He flutters from one person to the next like a butterfly, even though he’s more like a moth drawn to any open flame within a five-mile radius. He’s convinced he’ll find his true love here, in college, just like his parents found each other. 
Yeah, right.
“Then what are we supposed to do, huh?” He says with an eyebrow raised. “We have a month to make a movie that’s fifty percent of our grade.”
“The social commentary is still on the table,” you point out. Sure, it’s not at all a romantic comedy, but it’s about them, which Pollack said was totally fine. Besides, she has been teaching you the entire semester, hasn’t she? She should know by now not to expect some cushy lovey-dovey story about two people who were destined to be with each other and can overcome all obstacles with their love. 
Deep down, a part of you wonders if that’s why she paired you up with Jungkook. If she’s had enough of the sappy love stories that Jungkook probably wanted to do, didn’t want to see another cynical commentary on capitalism in Hollywood.
“Wow, what a thrilling idea,” Jungkook deadpans. “Please, tell me more.” His voice is lifeless. 
“Oh, shut up. It’s not like your idea would be any better. Who would we even get to star in a rom-com we filmed? It’s not like the two of us could do it.”
You regret the words the instant they come out of your mouth. In horror, you watch as they sink into Jungkook’s brain, etching themselves into his mind as a lightbulb turns on, a bright idea popping into his thoughts. 
He opens his mouth, but you get there first. “No. Whatever you’re thinking, absolutely not. I am not starring in a rom-com with you.”
That is something you can say with one-hundred percent confidence. Something that you know will never change. 
“Just hear me out,” Jungkook pleads, looking a little desperate as he wrings his hands together, aching to spill the bubbling plan that’s been stewing in his head. 
You narrow your eyes in suspicion but lean back into your chair, a silent signal for him to continue. It’s not as if you have any better idea.s 
“Okay. It’s not a rom-com. It’s a mockumentary,” he says, something that (and you can’t believe you’re saying this) actually piques your interest. Moreso than anything else he’s ever said to you. “You think love is totally manufactured, right? That Hollywood creates the illusion of it to sell to people paying twenty dollars for a movie ticket?”
“Then let’s do that. Let’s prove it’s manufactured.”
“And how do you plan on doing that?” It’s not like you can walk into a factory and ask them to make the “love” emotion for you. 
“We’ll be the stars.”
He says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Like it’s your best idea by a long shot, the home run of all home runs, your golden ticket to an A.
You scrunch up your nose, hesitant. “Wait, I don’t know—”
“It’s perfect!” Jungkook exclaims, eyes wide with excitement. “Think about it. It’ll be a mockumentary of a stereotypical rom-com. Except it won’t be this big Hollywood production, it’ll be real life. And it won’t be between two paid actors with years of experience under their belt, it’ll be us.” His eyes are practically bulging out of his head, big brown eyes glinting with excitement.
“So what are we gonna do? Act out our own rom-com in an attempt to see if either one of us will fall in love with the other?” You say, an eyebrow raised. 
Jungkook shakes his head. “Not necessarily. It’s a mockumentary, right? So it’s grounded in real life even if it is based upon the stereotypical boy-meets-girl rom-com. It won’t be super scripted or anything. Think of it more like… a chronicle.”
You scoff. “Of what?”
“Of us,” Jungkook says easily. “Of the time we have to spend together to film this damn project anyway. I say that rom-coms are emblematic of the natural human desire for love, and that deep down love is the thing that makes us happy. You say that rom-coms are consumerist propaganda, or whatever it is you think they are—”
“They are, and you can’t change my mind about that,” you interrupt, just for clarity. Can’t have Jungkook thinking he’s going to somehow convince you otherwise.
“—so, with this project, let’s see which one of us is right. If the time we have to spend together, making this mockumentary rom-com, will really change how we feel about each other, or if it won’t.”
How you feel about each other? You almost laugh when Jungkook says it out loud. There’s no room for questioning in your mind when it comes to how you two feel about each other. Two desperate-to-please students with opposite views on the entire structure of a class and three years of experience arguing your points in essays under your belts. 
Jungkook believes in destiny, right? Then he must know that the two of you are destined to never get along.
“You should be a car salesman,” you joke. Jungkook’s certainly excellent at pitches.
“So, you in?”
You narrow your eyes, still a little wary of whatever it is Jungkook’s putting down. But it’s not like you have any better ideas. And the sooner you agree on something, the sooner you can get this goddamn project over with and never have to sit in class with Jeon Jungkook ever again. 
“Only because this’ll finally prove to you that not everything can be solved by finding love,” you say. It’s about as good of a ‘yes’ as he’s going to get out of you. 
Jungkook grins, mischievous as always. There’s certainly something else he’s plotting, you just aren’t sure what. Maybe he’s in cahoots with Pollack. “Or,” he begins, lips curling upwards, “you’ll just fall in love with me.”
You scoff. “Yeah, right.”
“Well, then I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?” He holds out his hand, palm facing up as he waits for your response, that devilish glint that you hate twinkling in his eyes. 
As if you’re going to fall in love with Jungkook. For this stupid project? No way. Just because it’s a filmmaking project doesn’t make it any more bearable than your other assignments. It’s a partner project. They are, by their very nature, excruciating. You’ll be surprised if you end this project and you aren’t even more irritated with Jungkook. Does he really think you’ll actually develop some sort of affection for him?
You take his hand on your own, palm pressed against his, and you eye him carefully. Just because Jungkook’s got something up his sleeve doesn’t mean you don’t. Finally, finally, Jungkook will see why love is stupid and manufactured and fake. Why it doesn’t bring people together but instead tears them apart. 
Maybe then he’ll leave you and your discussion posts in peace.
You smile up at him. 
“I guess we will.”
Tumblr media
When Ruby Rhodes is not six feet deep in The Princeton Review’s MCAT test prep book, she can usually be found at the small bakery five blocks west and two blocks north of your little campus, a family-owned place passed down through three generations. It’s her favorite place, and yours, too, because the coffee is delicious and the pastries are even better. 
Plus, hardly anyone from your school ever comes here, which means the wifi speed is eons better than the Starbucks inside the main food court. 
She’s halfway through a tiramisu and a rerun of The Bachelor from two seasons ago when you sit down across from her. 
“Any good?” You ask, pulling out your laptop and squeezing it onto the tiny marble table in between the two of you. 
“The food or the show?” Ruby asks over a mouthful of cake. 
Ruby swallows down the piece sitting on her tongue before responding. “The tiramisu is delicious, and The Bachelor is eh. I’ve seen this episode three times already.”
“Then why are you watching it again?” You ask, laughing. Does Ruby think something different is going to happen?
“Because we’re in between weeks right now and honestly, The Bachelor is kind of dry this season,” Ruby says with a frown. 
“You’ve got some tiramisu on your cheek,” you tell her, pointing to the left side of her face where the bright mascarpone cream sticks out like a sore thumb against her dark skin. 
“It’s just so yummy, I can’t help but stick my whole face in it,” Ruby jokes as she wipes her face with the napkin on her lap. The Bachelor rerun plays on in the background, and you can hear the gasps of the women through Ruby’s discarded headphones. 
You roll your eyes. “Why do you even watch that show still? You know it’s all crap.”
“Just because you think it’s crap doesn’t mean I do,” Ruby insists, playing out an argument the two of you have had plenty of times over the course of your friendship. “Watching it makes me happy. So I do it.”
“But it’s all fake,” you say, frowning in disapproval. “The couples don’t even stay together in the end anyway.”
“It’s a totally pre-constructed show, but it’s not fake in the moment. And I don’t expect the final couple to stay together.” She shrugs nonchalantly. “Believe me, I’ve seen enough Bachelor seasons to know those odds. I just like watching the ride. It’s cute.”
“You say that about everything.”
“That’s because everything is cute,” Ruby says pointedly. “I like seeing the good in people.”
Ruby’s always been the exact opposite of you in terms of worldviews. The embodiment of a real-life fairy. She puts butterfly clips in her hair and buys herself bouquets of daisies and lilies. She sits in cafes with her headphones in and sketches the people she sees outside the window. She’s studying to be a doctor so she can spend the rest of her life helping others. 
And you? 
Well, the Oscars have always been a bit of a long shot. 
The curiosity eating at you, you pose a question to her. “Hypothetically, if there were to exist a mockumentary on rom-coms and love, would you watch it?”
Ruby pauses for a second as she furrows her brows. Then she shrugs and says, “Only if the two leads fell in love at the end. Why?”
“No reason,” you say, looking away. 
There’s no fooling Ruby and her eagle eyes. 
“What is it?” She asks, a grin playing at her lips as she looks at you. “Come on, you don’t just ask me shit like that without a reason.”
“It’s for a final project,” you explain succinctly. No need to go into details. 
“You’re making a rom-com for a final project?” Ruby sounds about as skeptical as you did when you spoke to Jungkook. 
“It’s a mockumentary about rom-coms.”
“But… it’s a rom-com, right? Like, you’re going to be making a rom-com? Where people fall in love?”
Hopefully not. 
“Sort of?”
Ruby squints her eyes, trying to process all the information. You’re not surprised that she has to take a moment to think—you are certainly the last person on earth to ever admit to filming a rom-com. But, as you’ve stated, it’s not a rom-com. It’s a mockumentary about them. That distinction is vital.
“Wait, is this for that class with Pollack?” Ruby asks. “I remember you telling me you were taking it. You said this was a partner project, though, right? So who are you working with?”
Curse Ruby and her knack for remembering things. She’ll make a great doctor, that’s for sure, but right now you wish she would just forget things like everybody else. 
You sigh. “Jungkook.”
Ruby doesn’t need to think twice about who that is. “Wait, seriously? You’re working with him? Isn’t he the guy that responds to all your discussion posts?”
“Yes,” you say, rubbing your temples with your fingertips. You don’t even like thinking about him, let alone saying his name. The fact that he has to occupy any part of your brain at all gives you a headache.
“Damn, that sucks,” Ruby says, not feeling very sorry for you at all. “So you’re filming a rom-com with him?”
“It’s a mockumentary,” you specify, feeling yourself getting irritated. “It is fake.”
“Just like my shows, huh?” Ruby muses to herself, too analytical for her own good. 
“Listen, you don’t need to fall in love to make a mockumentary about it,” you say, refusing to consider any sort of alternative. 
“Don’t you?”
You sneer. “Just shut up and eat your tiramisu.”
Ruby lets out a laugh at that, this wonderful mix between a wheeze and a honk that makes you smile every time you hear it, even if it’s at your own expense. Ruby decides she’s had enough of mentally torturing you with the thought of feeling anything but extreme distaste towards Jungkook and goes back to her show, letting you brood in peace. 
You don’t need to fall in love to make a film about it. Just like you don’t need to be a masterchef to film Gordon Ramsey screaming at someone who undercooked chicken. You’re a filmmaker. You can make a film out of anything. Including love. Even if it is with someone like Jungkook. 
Can’t you?
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook may be a disillusioned college student in love with the idea of love itself, but at least he’s not too shabby of a filmmaker. 
Funnily enough, it actually sort of surprises you that you’ve never encountered each other before. Especially considering you’re in the same major program at your school, a program that only accepts about fifty students per year at most. You suppose that in whatever general program classes you had to take in freshman and sophomore year you just never crossed paths. Plus, he’s a filmmaking concentration and you’re doing screenwriting, so it’s very possible that you would have just never spoken had the two of you not registered for the same semester of FILM395.
Huh. Imagine that. A life without him. 
Sort of makes you wish you had put this class off for one more semester. 
As the two of you kickstart your project, you both immediately agree that you need a third person’s help. You and Jungkook can do plenty, but you are only two people. And there’s nothing in the final project guidelines that says you can’t enlist other people to partake in the production. But you don’t need help with the filming and editing. You need help with the interviews. 
“Is this bedsheet good enough?” Kim Taehyung, a senior in the film program, asks as he’s Command-stripping a queen-sized black bedsheet to an empty wall in the living room of his tiny one-bedroom apartment. 
“As long as it fits into the frame,” Jungkook responds from where he’s standing behind the camera, set up on a tripod to capture a specific angle. “You’re not going to be in the shot anyway. You’ll just be asking the questions.”
“Good, because I look really ugly right now,” Taehyung says with a grin. You roll your eyes. Taehyung must know he always looks good. Even you can’t deny him of that. 
“This is ridiculous,” you say, seated on the singular couch in his apartment. You’re leaning on your elbow as you watch Taehyung fiddle with the bedsheet and Jungkook futz with the camera, the two of them repositioning themselves over and over again until everything’s perfect. “What are you even gonna ask us?”
“I came up with some… preliminary questions,” Taehyung says suggestively. “But I haven’t told either of you what they are so that your reactions can be more genuine.”
“Great,” you deadpan. 
“Wow, someone’s excited,” Jungkook comments snidely. 
“I know we agreed on periodic interviews for the sake of the mockumentary but I don’t know why we have to be so… so serious about them,” you say with a frown. 
“We have to promise to be honest with what we say, alright? Like, actually honest. This sets a guideline for the rest of our relationship,” Jungkook says like it’s no big deal. Like the foundation of your relationship isn’t the fact that the two of you have been engaged in discussion-board war ever since the semester began. 
“Our ‘relationship’?” You say with a scoff. 
“Do you promise?” Jungkook says. 
You roll your eyes. “Yes, I promise.” Whatever. “What do you even think is going to happen between us in the next few weeks?”
Jungkook smirks. “Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”
You don’t like the sound of that. 
Over the next ten minutes, Taehyung gets the sheet attached to his wall and pulls over two stools from his kitchen counters, old-timey wooden ones he got from a thrift store for five dollars a pop, one for him and one for the poor soul who has to be interviewed. You’ve agreed to do them separately but Taehyung’s apartment is only so big and you are only three people, which means that whoever isn’t being interviewed still has to be behind the camera, listening to the other person. 
Makes you sort of nervous about whatever’s stewing up inside Jungkook’s mind. Wonder what the hell it is he’s plotting up there. 
Once everything is settled, Taehyung looks at the two of you as he asks who’s going first. 
You turn to Jungkook, who’s already grinning. “Ladies first.”
For someone who has spent their whole life watching and making movies, being in front of the camera feels weirdly uncomfortable to you. You’re so used to being behind it instead, directing others as they move around the frame, telling them how to feel and how to act and what to say, that having the spotlight shone on you is like picking through your thoughts with a fine-toothed comb. 
You adjust awkwardly in the bar stool seat as Jungkook stands behind the camera, twisting the lens until he gives you the thumbs-up. Quite frankly, it doesn’t make you feel any better. 
“You ready?” Taehyung asks as he takes a seat opposite you, just out of frame. 
“Well, we’ve gotta start somewhere, right?”
“That’s the spirit. Alright, Jungkook, start whenever you’re good.”
“Okay,” Jungkook chirps up. “Three, two, one—” He points to the both of you. 
“So, Y/N,” Taehyung begins, his voice suddenly much clearer. He sounds sort of like a news anchor. It’s oddly fitting. “Are you excited to begin the filming for this?”
“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” You muse. 
“That didn’t answer my question,” Taehyung points out. Good thing the camera can’t see the way his eyebrows raise. 
“I suppose that there are worse things I could be doing,” you reason, which is about as good of an answer as Taehyung’s going to get. What was he expecting you to say? That you were thrilled to be filming this not-a-rom-com with your class nemesis? That you couldn’t wait to see what would happen?
“Loving the enthusiasm,” Taehyung jokes. You wonder what your classmates will think when they watch this back, hearing this unidentified deep male voice ask you and Jungkook questions about your relationship. “Let me ask you this: what’s your current relationship with Jungkook?”
“Uh…” you begin, nervous. Behind the camera, Jungkook has that same stupid, shit-eating grin plastered all over his face. You sneer. “It’s… it’s professional.”
“Can you explain what you mean by that?” 
“I mean we’re classmates. That’s the relationship.”
“That’s it?” You can hear the skepticism in Taehyung’s voice, almost like he’s egging you on to say something more. 
“We’ve had some personal disagreements on topics discussed in class. But yes, we’re just classmates,” you elaborate slightly. It’s not as if anyone needs reminding of that, anyway. They all see your discussion board posts. 
“And how do you expect that relationship to change over the course of this project?”
“I don’t think it’ll change at all.” It’s the easiest answer so far. Requires no energy nor brain power for you to think about it. 
Taehyung nods his head in intrigue. “And why’s that?”
“Because this is a project for a class, not a life lesson.”
“Who says it can’t be both?”
You frown. “Whose side are you on?”
Five feet away, Jungkook laughs. 
Taehyung chuckles. “Alright, moving on. What do you expect from Jungkook over the next few weeks as you start working on building your relationship?”
“I hope he becomes less unbearable,” you say, though you suppose that’s more of a general life goal than one that’s project-specific. But it would be nice if he became a little more… palatable. Just so you don’t have to feel the urge to sock him in the face every time you speak to each other. 
“‘Less unbearable’, excellent,” Taehyung repeats. “Anything else?”
“Well,” you say with a shrug, not sure what else to say. What do you want from Jungkook? Obviously the two of you are about to embark on your own rom-com adventure, no doubt most of it his doing, but it’s hard to imagine that he himself (or you, for that matter) will change. If anything, the rom-com setting will just exacerbate the worst parts of both your personalities. Like some sort of curse. “I guess I just hope that the project goes smoothly.”
“I hope that it does, too,” Taehyung says with a smile. “Okay, last question.” Thank God. This interview couldn’t have been more than five minutes, but it feels like an eternity to you. “Do you think you and Jungkook will fall in love at the end of this?”
“No.” You don’t leave any room for hesitation. “I don’t.”
“Why not?”
“We’re very different people with very different interests,” you explain succinctly. You’re sure Taehyung will grasp that once Jungkook has his turn and answers all the same questions. “He can try his hardest, but some things are just meant to stay the way they are.”
“Okay, thank you, Y/N, that’s all. I hope you found our conversation illuminating,” Taehyung says, his cue for the camera to stop rolling. You and Taehyung both turn to Jungkook, waiting for his signal, letting out a sigh when Jungkook gives you a thumbs-up. 
“Thank fuck,” you say, hopping off of the barstool happily. You head towards the camera, ready to kick Jungkook off of it, because it’s your turn to stand behind it with an annoying look on your face as you react to every stupid thing Jungkook says. You find that you’re actually sort of looking forward to it. Being behind the camera is where you feel most at home. Making faces at Jungkook is just a bonus. 
Jungkook’s still grinning that same goddamn grin when you approach him, making you narrow your eyes. 
“‘He can try his hardest’?” Jungkook teases, voice all high-pitched to mimic yours. “Sounds like a challenge.”
“Ah yes, my mission in life,” you retort easily. Maybe goading him on isn’t the best course of action, but you’re so confident that you won’t change your mind you find yourself actually anticipating his efforts. “Think you have what it takes?”
“Believe me, I do,” Jungkook says with a devilish glint in his eyes. 
You roll your eyes and kick him off the camera with a shove, pushing him towards Taehyung as he waits diligently on that chair of his. 
“So, Jungkook, same questions,” Taehyung says as Jungkook gets ready in his seat, fixing the blonde strands of hair that curl around the side of his face, framing his cheeks. 
“What? That’s no fair, he got to think about all his answers,” you exclaim, positively indignant. 
“Don’t worry, Y/N,” Jungkook says, voice sickly smooth, honey falling off his lips. “I’ve actually been thinking about the two of us for a long time.”
You pretend to throw up on Taehyung’s hardwood floor. 
As Taehyung promised, he asks Jungkook the same questions. And, as predicted, his answers about as far away from yours as the sun is from Pluto:
“Are you excited to begin the filming for this?”
Jungkook grins. “Yes, definitely. I actually took this class after hearing from a friend that the final project was a lot of fun.”
Taehyung beams. That friend was him. No wonder he was so happy to sign onto helping the two of you. 
“And how would you describe your current relationship with Y/N?”
“We’re soon-to-be-lovers.” 
“How forward of you.”
“Isn’t that my job?”
You have to stop yourself from bursting out into laughter behind the camera and ruining the interview. At least he’s not hiding anything. You’ll give him that. 
“So I suppose you expect the two of you to fall in love over the course of the project?”
“Yes, that’s going to happen.”
“And you seem pretty confident when you say that.”
Jungkook smirks as he turns to the camera. Or, more accurately, you. “Confidence is attractive.” 
You shake your head back at him. 
The rest of the interview falls pretty much into the same vein as the first few questions. Jungkook is so brazenly determined and hopeful and optimistic it actually pains you in a way, watching him make all of these promises both to you and himself that this project is going to turn out the way he hopes it does. His answers remind you of his discussion board posts, always looking on the bright side of every movie you watch, always finding the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel. A movie could be total Hollywood crap, filled with cheating scandals and misunderstandings and betrayals, and Jungkook could still find beauty in it. 
It’s strange. 
For the sake of you not actually throwing up in Taehyung’s lovely apartment, you tune out the majority of the middle of the conversation, having zero desire to listen to Jungkook wax poetic about your non-existent relationship like he’s saying his wedding vows. Only when Taehyung finally remarks that they’re on the last question do you finally come to again, ready to turn the camera off as soon as Jungkook finishes his answer. 
“Jungkook, do you think you and Y/N will fall in love at the end of this?”
“I do.” Wow, what a shocker. “I do, because I hope that by the end of this Y/N will have opened her eyes to the beauty of love, and will find joy in the feeling as something that makes her feel happy and warm. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure the things we do together are meaningful. And even if we don’t last, I hope that her memories of us together will be ones she can look back upon fondly and be grateful for.”
You purse your lips together. If only it were that easy. 
“Alright, cut,” you say, voice distant as Jungkook thanks Taehyung for his time and hops off the bar stool. “Thanks, Tae.”
“Anytime, you guys,” Taehyung says with a grin. 
Jungkook comes over to where you’re standing, possibly to grab his camera and tripod but most definitely to rub his obnoxious personality all up in your face. 
“You really think you’re gonna get me to fall in love with you, huh?” You muse, an eyebrow raised as you look up at him. “Just so you can prove a point?”
“Believe it or not, Y/N, but I actually think that all people deserve the chance to experience love and that happens to include you, as well,” Jungkook responds easily. 
The words put a sour taste in your mouth. “You think I deserve it, huh?”
Jungkook nods, face solemn as he looks at you, gazing into your eyes with those big brown ones of his own. It makes you feel something unfamiliar. Like he’s reading right through your chest, into your heart. You don’t like it. “Everyone deserves love.”
“You guys are coming back, right? So I can leave the sheet up?” Taehyung interrupts after he’s moved both of his bar stools back to his kitchen counter. 
“Yeah, we’ll be back,” Jungkook answers quickly. “Thanks for setting everything up, by the way.”
“Of course. Plus, this is a good background for my nudes,” Taehyung says casually, like he’s mentioning what he’s having for dinner. “Looking forward to seeing you guys again.”
“Us, too,” Jungkook says. “Ready to go?”
“Only because it means I don’t have to see you anymore,” you retort pointedly, grabbing your backpack from where it sits on his couch as you head towards the door. 
“Just you wait, Y/N,” Jungkook says as you leave Taehyung’s building, one of those old-timey Victorian houses that was converted into a whole bunch of apartments. “You’re gonna see that I’m right.”
“Really? About what?”
“About us,” Jungkook says. You come to the stoplight, where Jungkook keeps going straight and you turn right. 
Jungkook grins as you turn in the direction of your own apartment. And, just as the light turns green, he says, “Just you wait. We’re gonna fall in love, you and me.”
If he says so. 
Tumblr media
“Hey! Y/N!”
You whip your head around at the sound of your name just as you’re opening the door to your local Starbucks, wondering who the hell is calling out to you at nine-thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. 
As it turns out, you don’t have to wonder too much, because the moment your eyes adjust to the blinding sunlight coming from the east side of campus you see Jungkook hurtling towards you, heavy black boots stomping down on the pavement as he rushes to catch up with you. 
“Can I help you?” You ask, thoroughly unimpressed, as you pull open the door, looking at Jungkook heaving beside you as he holds the door open for himself. 
“Just glad I caught you,” Jungkook gasps out between breaths. “Figured this might make a good scene for the movie.”
“It’s a mockumentary,” you remind him easily, getting in the line. 
“Whatever,” Jungkook says. “What do you normally get here? I don’t really go to Starbucks often.”
“Whatever will give me the most caffeine for the least amount of money,” you retort. 
“How efficient,” Jungkook comments. 
“You know that’s how I like to be,” you tell him with a pointed look. 
Jungkook mumbles his acknowledgement as he fumbles around in his backpack, fishing through the large pocket until he whips out his Canon, holding it out in front of him like he’s a dad about to film an embarrassing shot of his child. You look down at the camera just as he pans up to you, a confused frown written across your features. Jungkook laughs. 
“Do you really need to do that here?”
“I’m not even filming,” Jungkook says with a smile, like he just pulled his camera out so he could look at your unimpressed face through a different lens. “Look, you’re up.”
You turn around to find that the woman ahead of you in line has just moved towards the pick-up side of the counter, so you shimmy over towards the barista, ready to get this over with so you can dart out of the Starbucks as soon as possible. 
“Just a grande Americano, please,” you request simply, fingers grasping for the wallet inside your coat pocket. 
“Me too,” Jungkook chirps up from behind you. The closeness of his voice makes you jump, and suddenly you become keenly cognizant of how he’s practically pressed up next to you as he leans over towards the counter. You catch a glimpse of the debit card in his hand. “Here.”
“You don’t have to pay for me, it’s fine,” you quickly say, holding out your own card to the barista. 
“No, it’s okay, I want to. Here.” Jungkook pushes your hand away as he tries to stuff his card into the reader. 
“No, I won’t let you. I’m a big girl, I can pay for my own coffee,” you rebuke, feeling yourself growing oddly defensive. 
Jungkook sighs from behind you. “Oh, come on, you can’t let me do one nice thing for you?”
“Will one of you please pay, you’re holding up the line,” the barista asks in a desperate tone, clearly too overworked and too underpaid to be dealing with two bratty college students like yourselves. 
Jungkook manages to shove his card into the reader before you get the chance to do it yourself, pushing you to the side as he verifies all of his information and takes his receipt. Next to him, you seethe to yourself, feeling a personal loss even though you just got your coffee paid for. It’s not about the money. It’s about your pride. Never in your life have you wanted to so badly pay for an overpriced Starbucks coffee. 
You and Jungkook mosey over to the other side of the counter, waiting for your identical drinks to be made as you try and calculate how much longer you have to stand in the same room and breathe the same air as Jungkook. Seeing him in class, on your discussion board posts, and for your arranged final project meetings apparently isn’t enough, so now he has to invade your personal life, too. 
“What are you doing?” You huff out angrily, turning to Jungkook even as he holds his camera out in front of him, filming the Starbucks. 
“Recording our first meeting, obviously,” Jungkook says like it’s some kind of no-brainer. Like you were in on that from the moment he called your name out on the street. 
“What do you mean, ‘our first meeting’?” You scrunch up your nose in confusion. “We’ve known each other since the semester started.”
“I know, but…” Jungkook trails off unhelpfully, but you pick up what he’s putting down regardless. Right. This is supposed to be a mockumentary rom-com. And rom-coms always start with an introduction. 
The barista behind the counter calls out Jungkook’s name as he places two same-sized cups down at the pick-up station. The cup is burning hot, even with the little cardboard holder wrapped around it like a leg warmer, so you immediately move over to the station up against the wall with all of the sugar packets and napkins and little green splash sticks. Jungkook joins you without question, whether it be due to the fact that he doesn’t come here very often or because he just wants to keep invading your space, you couldn’t say. Grabbing one of the wooden sticks, you tug the plastic lid off of the cup and give the coffee a swirl. Watching you, Jungkook takes the lid off of his as well. 
“Are you just going to copy everything I do?” You deadpan. 
“Not everything…” Jungkook trails off suspiciously, looking down into his coffee like the two of them are conspiring something. 
“What are you talki—”
Without warning, Jungkook slams half of his body into you, and without a lid or one of those little green sticks, the coffee sploshes over the side of his cup and drenches the front of your exposed hoodie, hot liquid burning through the fabric of the hoodie and the t-shirt you have on underneath. You watch in horror as Jungkook plays it off like an accident, feet fumbling around on the hardwood floor like he had just tripped. But he didn’t just trip. He dumped half of his Americano onto the both of your fronts. 
“Jungkook!” You say instantly, resisting the urge to scream because you’re in a public place but feeling your skin go as hot as the coffee against your torso as you look up at him, fuming. 
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I’m such a klutz,” Jungkook says, somehow able to regain his balance, hold his coffee cup, and film the whole adventure all at the same time. “That was totally my fault, let me help you with that.” 
The camera is from his perspective, which you suppose is about as real as it gets for something grounded in reality like a mockumentary, but in this position he’s able to make conversation with his eyes, big brown ones wide as he tries to signify what exactly he means when he purposely spills coffee all over the two of you. 
You get it. You’ve seen enough rom-coms to know why he just did what he did, but you still find your mouth agape as you stare up at him, smoldering and angry and a little shocked he would dare be so bold, especially in the middle of a Starbucks coffee shop. 
“For God’s sake,” you say with an exhausted sigh despite it not even being ten in the morning yet. Unable to form any other comprehensible words, you settle for just pulling out napkins from the dispenser and dabbing the front of your hoodie as Jungkook looks at you apologetically. You can’t even tell if he’s truly sorry or just putting on another one of his shows. 
“I feel so bad,” Jungkook says, and you calm yourself down enough to nod. At least he isn’t blatantly laughing. “Can I pay for dry cleaning?”
“You’re really gonna offer to pay for my dry cleaning?” You ask, an eyebrow raised. 
“It was my fault,” Jungkook admits. Now that you can agree on. 
You shake your head. “It’s okay. It’s just an old hoodie, it’s no big deal.”
“I’m still sorry,” Jungkook insists, and the more he says it the more you actually find yourself starting to believe him. Even if he did just spill coffee all over you. “Here, let me give you my jacket—”
“That’s not necessary,” you say as he shrugs off his backpack and begins to remove the bulky denim jacket he’s wearing, fabric worn and soft from years of use. “Seriously, it’s okay, it’s just a hoodie.”
“Yeah, but now you have coffee all over your clothes and you probably have class soon, right?” He says, an apologetic smile lacing his lips. He tugs off his jacket and holds it out towards you. 
“Jungkook, I’m fine, alright? I appreciate your concern, though,” you assure him. You throw away the last of the coffee-stained napkins in your hands and reach down for your backpack, which you had taken off your shoulders somewhere in the chaos. 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, almost as if he was expecting resistance, and leans over you anyway. His arms extend outwards as he wraps his enormous denim jacket over your shoulders, the fabric draping loosely over your body. The damn thing was big on him, so on you it practically eats you up. You stand there, silent, as Jungkook adjusts the jacket on your torso, pulling underneath the hood of your sweatshirt as he makes sure it’s snug across your figure. 
“There,” Jungkook says. 
“Thanks,” you say, a half grin playing on your lips. The gesture makes you wonder if Jungkook really was planning on giving up his jacket this early in the morning for the sake of your movie. “That’s nice of you.”
“I hope it makes up for the fact that you smell like coffee now,” Jungkook says, a hand coming up to rub at the nape of his neck. 
“I appreciate it,” you say. 
“I have class, too, so I have to go,” Jungkook says, hoisting his backpack on his shoulders as he tucks his camera away. “I’m sorry again! See you around?”
Like you even have a choice. 
“Yeah, see you around,” you say as Jungkook darts off just as quickly as he arrived, rushing out the door before you have the chance to change your mind and give him his jacket back. 
When he leaves you, you find yourself at a loss for words. You stand there, lips pursed, coffee cold, as the weight of his jacket rests heavy on your shoulders. 
It smells like him. 
You should have known he would do something like this. Spill coffee all over the two of you, offer you his jacket, dash off like Cinderella at midnight. Like the opening of the world’s worst rom-com. The start of what is no doubt going to be the most unbearable final project you have ever done.
Plus, the other thing it’s ensured is a second meeting. How else is he going to get his jacket back?
And you know what the worst part is?
This is only the beginning.
Tumblr media
This time after FILM395 ends lecture for the day, it’s your turn to catch Jungkook lounging around after class. 
He’s lingering around the outside of the building, scrolling through his phone, a heavy leather jacket resting over a flannel that goes down to his knees and a baseball cap sitting firmly on his tuft of blonde hair. He’s obviously not paying attention to any of his surroundings whatsoever, because he doesn’t even notice you exiting out of the door he’s standing by until you say his name. 
“Jungkook,” you say, arriving in front of him. 
“Wha—oh, hi,” Jungkook says, jumping at the suddenness of it all. 
“Here,” you say, holding out his oversized denim jacket in between the two of you. “Thanks for letting me borrow it.”
“Oh, I didn’t know you were going to give it back so soon,” Jungkook says, looking a little surprised and… is he touched? 
“I was going to give it to you a couple days ago but I thought I should give it a wash first,” you admit to him. 
Instinctively, Jungkook brings the jacket up to his nose to sniff it. “Smells like lavender.”
“Yeah, it’s my detergent. Hope you don’t mind. It’s a little wrinkled—I let it air dry since I was worried it might shrink in the dryer.”
“Thanks,” Jungkook says, a genuine smile lacing itself across his features. It’s not one you see too often, and definitely not the kind of smile he usually flashes in your direction. Those are all so obnoxious, so full of himself. This one’s different. It’s appreciative. Kinder. Softer. In a lot of ways. “I was thinking, if you don’t have class now, do you wanna grab some coffee?”
You narrow your eyes. “Only if you promise not to spill it on me this time.”
Jungkook laughs, throwing his head back. “Okay, I got it. I won’t spill it on you.”
“Promise?” You prompt. 
The walk to Starbucks this time is in relative silence, but neither of you seems to mind it very much. You aren’t dashing to catch up with each other and heaving snarky comments as you catch your breath. Jungkook even notices you shiver in the cool March breeze and wraps his jacket around you again anyway, although this time you make a mental note to make sure he doesn’t leave without it. Even though a lavender scent wafts off of the denim, it still smells a little bit like him. That boyish sort of aroma. You don’t think any detergent would ever be able to get rid of that. 
You and Jungkook both get americanos again because you’re predictable and creatures of habit, and Jungkook actually seems to quite like them. He pays and you don’t spend two minutes standing in front of the barista fighting over it. Jungkook seems so determined to pay the extra four dollars for your drink that you aren’t sure if it’s really worth arguing over it for the sake of pride anymore. What you and Jungkook put into making this project a success is what you’re going to get out of it. 
He picks one of the longer tables in the back of the study space, empty because it’s just after the lunchtime rush and most people have classes now, sets up the camera at one end, and you sit down at the other. 
“So,” you begin, not sure where to start because your coffee is too hot to take a sip from it. 
“So,” Jungkook echoes. 
You purse your lips in that awkward, I-don’t-know-what-to-say kind of way. “What do you want to do?”
Jungkook grins. “This is the part where we get to know each other.” 
“We already know each other.” You frown.
“Do we?” Jungkook poses, an eyebrow raised. “I mean, yeah, I guess we aren’t strangers, but I don’t know anything about you. Other than you’re a film major in a rom-com class who hates rom-coms.”
“I don’t hate rom-coms,” you object. “I just think it’s important to look at them from a critical lens.”
“Okay, whatever,” Jungkook says, shrugging you off. “The point is that we don’t know anything else about each other. Like, what’s your favorite color, for example?”
“Purple.” It’s an easy answer. You wore purple princess dresses when you were five, painted your bedroom lilac when you were ten, and still make sure to keep a purple highlighter in your pencil case now. “What’s yours?”
“Red,” Jungkook responds. 
“Cool,” you say, effectively ending the rest of the conversation.
Jungkook, sensing that same awkward silence, suggests something. “How about you ask me something now? We can go back and forth.”
You shrug. It’s not like you have anything better to do. “Alright.” You think for a moment, but then you have the perfect question. “Why film?”
Jungkook was clearly not expecting something so loaded, because his brows furrow, knitting themselves together as he begins to figure out a good enough answer. “Hmm,” he says, lost deep in thought. “I suppose the standard answer would be that I’ve always been interested in it, but I think I chose film because I want to be able to have the gift to tell other people’s stories. Being a filmmaker doesn’t just mean you stand behind a camera. It means you immerse yourself in the lives of other people to create something new. And… I don’t know. I guess I really like doing that.” 
You nod. 
For once, you understand him. Understand why he chose to major in film, why he chose to be in this tiny little program. Because there is so much out there, so much that you will never know, people you will never meet and things you will never see. And it’s a filmmaker’s job to make them turn into things you will see, people you will meet. Who knows the world better than the people who study it? The people who have devoted their lives to learning all its secrets?
“What about you?”
“Same as you,” you tell him. “Film is an art but it’s more than that to me. It’s a new way to look at the world. It’s several new ways to look at the world, depending on what kind of film you want to create and what kind of story you want to tell. I think it’s important to show people that all of the things they see in the media every day are not always reality. And that real people deserve to have their stories told, too. I don’t know. That’s what I think.”
Jungkook grins, a twinkle in his eyes. “Real people like us?”
“This project is different,” you insist. 
“I don’t think it is,” Jungkook says. “You said it yourself, we’re making this because it’s important to show people that the Hollywood entertainment they consume is not reality. This is. This is reality.”
You frown, kicking yourself in the shin because what was supposed to be a harmless conversation has now turned into an opportunity for Jungkook to try and convince you that you will, in fact, fall in love with him. You’ve dug your own grave and Jungkook was the one who handed you the shovel. 
“You’re not giving up, are you?” You say, shaking your head, flabbergasted. “Reality is the fact that this project is not going to make me fall in love with you. Nothing is.”
“Don’t be so sure about that,” Jungkook warns. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”
“You mean like spilling burning hot coffee all over me?” You ask, an eyebrow raised, a grudge still held. 
“We had to start somewhere,” Jungkook defends. “And you seemed to understand what I was doing pretty quickly.”
“It’s not the worst thing someone’s done to me,” you concede, only slightly. “Besides, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but throwing hot coffee all over me is not really a good way to start off your plan to get me to fall in love with you.”
Jungkook smiles. “All in due time, Y/N. All in due time.”
“I can’t believe Pollack actually paired us up together,” you say with a sigh. “You know she did it on purpose.”
“Of course she did.” It’s not really a surprise to either of you. 
“I met with her right after she announced our partners,” you tell him, “she said it was because she wanted to see what kind of project we would come up with. How we would address our… differing views on love.” That’s one way of putting it. A rather nice way, if you do say so yourself.
“Speaking of which,” Jungkook says, something suddenly flashing through his mind, “what do you really think about love? You know, other than it’s unrealistic and ruins people’s lives.”
“You make me sound like Ebeneezer Scrooge.” You frown at him. 
“I’m serious,” insists Jungkook. “Why are you so pessimistic about it? Have you ever been in love? Have you had bad experiences? You couldn’t have just developed this worldview over time.”
You scowl, feeling yourself getting defensive. “Well, maybe I did. Maybe that’s just what I think. Why do you care?”
“Because people don’t just hate love for no reason,” Jungkook exclaims. “Come on, there must be something.”
Your body stiffens. Who is he to be asking you this sort of shit? Why does he care so much? It’s not like it will have any effect on the outcome of your project. Not like you explaining yourself will change the way either of you look at the world. 
“What’s it to you?” You challenge. “Why do you love love so much? Have you ever fallen in love? Do you think it’s suddenly going to solve all of your problems?”
“I love it because I think it brings people real joy,” Jungkook answers simply. “It makes people happy and it’s beautiful. I love love and I’m not ashamed to say that out loud. I believe in it. I believe in love, and in destiny, and in soulmates. I want that. I think everyone deserves it.”
 You scoff to yourself. “You believe in soulmates?”
“I think we all have our people out there.” Jungkook nods. “Don’t you?”
You roll your eyes, arms crossed over your chest. This conversation has gone nowhere, and Jungkook looks as equally dissatisfied as you do. 
“I think love can make us do stupid things,” you tell him succinctly, if a little jaded. No need to say anything else. Your explanation is right there. “We’re just different, I guess. You and I.”
Jungkook blinks at you, eyes wide and a little desperate. Your conversation has remained stagnant and there’s almost nothing left to say. 
“Don’t you ever want to fall in love?” He asks, like it’s a last-ditch effort to get you to believe. 
You freeze. Let the words sink in for a moment. Before you push them out the door and toss them into the garbage. Just thinking about it gives you a headache. Puts a sour taste in your mouth. 
Quickly, you push yourself out of your chair and stand up, grabbing your coffee with one hand and your backpack with the other. “I have to go, sorry. I just remembered I’m meeting up with a friend to help her with a photography shoot,” you fumble out quickly, the legs of the chair screeching as you scoot them across the hardwood floor. “Oh, here’s your jacket, too. Thanks for giving it to me again. I’ll see you in class.”
You whip around and head towards the exit, and only when you’re outside of the Starbucks and passing by the window do you dare look back. Do you dare let your gaze drift back to Jungkook, who is sitting there like he still doesn’t understand you. Still can’t. 
You and Jungkook are final project partners and maybe, if you’re pushing it, acquaintances-slash-friends. But there are just some things better kept to yourself. 
Tumblr media
We’re reaching the halfway point in this semester and, as you all know, I don’t do midterms. That said, I still want you to reflect on what you’ve learned, discovered, and thought about thus far in this class. What portrayal of love did you find the most realistic? The least? How have they changed the way you think about love, both from a personal and a film perspective?
Y/N Y/N on March 3rd at 6:08PM
Purely from a film perspective, I really did enjoy watching Juno. It was funny and raunchy and just the right amount of vulnerable. It certainly felt the most real. So far, no film in this class has topped it for me. 500 Days of Summer, on the other hand, was in my opinion extremely unsatisfying and left no positive impression. The ending was a bore and Tom had absolutely no spine. It was a shame, because the direction and production was actually quite good. 
I guess I’m starting to realize how real love is not pretty. It can make people just as sad as it can make them happy. Why don’t we show the sad sides of love, too? The sides where your room is covered with a pile of clothes because you can’t bring yourself to do the laundry? Where you cannot cook a meal because it reminds you of a breakup? Rom-coms are, obviously, not the most realistic. But why are there not more films that do cover what’s real? How can we love love if all we know is a lie?
Jeon Jungkook on March 3rd at 11:13PM
Of course, I thought The Big Sick did an excellent job of their portrayal of love, adult life, and the problems that plague us all in the twenty-first century. It was also just as emotional and touched on concepts of race, illness, and being in your twenties and having no idea what direction your life is going in. The Princess Bride, on the other hand, as much as I love it, I do think created a more circumstantial kind of love. Westley and Buttercup mostly fall in love because of their situations. But it remains a classic nonetheless. 
I’m satisfied with the way the film industry has produced rom-coms and handles love. The beauty of it is that love is different for every person who goes through it. It can bring the greatest joy and the most painful sorrow. We do not just figure out what love is by what we see on film. We see it in our real lives, in our parents, in our friends, in couples in coffee shops and cars and on sidewalks. We can love love because we want that joy for ourselves. Because we know that true love will be worth any heartbreak we endure. Is it not impossible for the portrayals of love in these rom-coms to not be real? The way everyone experiences it is different. The only way you can know what real love is, and what it is not, is if you fall in love yourself. 
Tumblr media
Early on in your project development, you and Jungkook exchanged class schedules to optimize your productivity and skip over that stupid, terrible part of partner projects where you’re just going back and forth trying to pick a time that works for the both of you until you eventually settle on something ridiculous like eleven o’clock at night outside of the McDonald’s two blocks off of campus. 
It’s been working very well. Neither of you have adventurous-enough friends to invite you out on spontaneous picnics and restaurant dates that fuck with your pre-scheduled meeting times, and Jungkook already seems to have mastered the art of screaming your name when he catches you on the sidewalk so that you can film something. 
In fact, you’re actually beginning to wonder why you haven’t done this with all of your long-term partner projects. Send each other your schedules so that you can settle on a time in advance. No muss, no fuss. 
You and Jungkook are supposed to meet up again tonight, after the two of you are finished with all of your classes, to discuss what scenes you should be filming next. Edited down, you’ve already got about ten minutes worth of footage, but it’s mid-March and the project is due at the end of April. So you need to get this show on the road. 
The door slams shut behind you as you exit the business building, your film industry class having just ended a minute ago. You’ve got an hour to kill before your next class, just enough time to dash to the food court in the center of campus and grab something from the Japanese place in the back corner. You might even have time to browse the shelves in the bookstore if you’re fast enough. 
You round the corner to the main pathway through campus when a voice stops you in your tracks. 
“You’re just too good to be true…”
“Can’t take my eyes off of you…”
It’s not Jungkook. Instead, in the middle of the walkway are the Eighth Notes, one of the fifteen-thousand (you don’t know for sure, but if you had to estimate) acapella groups on campus. They’ve got mic stands and a table set up and everything. Maybe they’re promoting an upcoming show…? 
You almost breeze right by when one of them, the one in the middle of the group, points right at you, a lopsided grin lacing his features. You aren’t one to normally stop in the middle of a crowded footpath, but when, one after another, all six of the boys start pointing at you, you have no choice. 
“You’d be like Heaven to touch…”
“I wanna hold you so much…” 
“At long last, love has arrived…”
“And I thank God I’m alive…”
“You’re just too good to be true…”
“Can’t take my eyes off of you…”
Their voices are smooth like honey, warm and deep, romancing you through their mics as each one of them suddenly manifests a rose from behind them. Around you, people are starting to stare, gawking at you as they walk by. There’s even a small crowd starting to gather, and you swear you can see some people filming on their phones. The fact that this is happening in the busiest ten minutes of the day, as half the student body is walking from one class to another, isn’t helping. At all. 
The rest of them singing in the background, each one steps out from behind the set of microphones to hand you the rose, smiling their classic, old-timey smiles like those old jazz singers from the 1960s, until you’ve got half a dozen in your hands as they continue to sing. 
“But if you feel like I feel…”
“Please let me know that it’s real…”
“You’re just too good to be true…”
“Can’t take my eyes off of you…”
And then, suddenly, all of them are shutting their traps and turning to the left, looking down the pathway as the song begins again, but from one-hundred feet away. 
“I love you, baby, and if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm the lonely night…”
Your mouth drops. At the other end of the walkway is Jungkook, one of those wireless microphones in his hand, grinning as he saunters down the path like a prince at a ball, voice sweet and thick as the words dance off of his lips. 
“I love you, baby, trust in me when I say…”
Your eyes lock from opposite ends of the path, Jungkook stepping closer with every beat the Eighth Notes gives him. It sort of feels like your impending doom and a wedding proposal, all at once. By now a rather substantial audience has gathered, lining the walkway with their phones out, filming Jungkook as he waltzes past them, occasionally turning to capture your gobsmacked expression. 
Every step that Jungkook takes makes your heart race something fierce, cheeks warming in embarrassment, trapped in your least favorite thing in the entire world: a public serenade. You can’t really do anything except look at him in shock, feeling his steady gaze resting firmly on your figure, looking right at you. Into you. 
“Oh, pretty baby, don’t bring me down, I pray…”
Oh, pretty baby, now that I’ve found you, stay…”
Jungkook, on the other hand, is clearly relishing in this. In the spotlight. In the music. Or maybe just in the fact that you’re on the receiving end of his over-the-top advances. His grin is wide as he takes those last few steps, microphone gripped neatly in his hand, the lyrics warm and weighty as they tumble from his lips. 
“And let me love you, baby…”
One final step and he’s right in front of you, staring into your eyes, letting himself bask in the look on your face. He produces a rose himself—cherry red, like his favorite color—and holds it out in between the two of you. In the background, the Eighth Notes go quiet, leaving Jungkook on his own for the final line. 
“Let me love you…”
The words drift above your heads, disappearing into the sky as he lingers on them, on that last note, beaming down at you. He looks at you, so hopeful, so happy, so endeared, and what else can you do? What else, besides taking the rose from his hand and smiling back up at him? Who are you to deny him of that?
The crowd around you cheers when you do, applauding both Jungkook and the Eighth Notes, with whom he is apparently in cahoots, before they all decide that they ought to get on with their day and head to class. No doubt you’ll be on several dozen Instagram stories by nightfall. 
Only after everyone has dispersed do you notice Taehyung, who must have been here since the beginning, because he’s just turning off the camera dangling from his neck. Of course Jungkook got him to film. Other than your project, what else would this be for?
“Is that the best you can do, Jungkook?” You smirk up at him, only saying this because you can’t have him knowing that you actually kind of enjoyed it. 
“You’re still here, aren’t you?” Jungkook responds easily. “Thought I would do something spontaneous.”
“And now you’ve taken up ten minutes of my lunch,” you say, shaking your head to yourself. “How spontaneous, indeed.”
“How was that, Jungkook?”
Behind the two of you, the Eighth Notes are packing up, clearly more than happy to have aided Jungkook on his quest for so-called love and getting to promote their group in the process. 
“Great, thank you so much, Jimin,” Jungkook says to the one in the middle, the very first one to sing when you walked out of the door. 
“Anytime, dude. Glad we could help,” Jimin responds. He waves hi to Taehyung, too, as they store their microphones and go on their way. 
Jungkook bids them goodbye as they head down the path, smiling at all of them before he turns back to you, notices the distant, faraway look in your eyes as you twirl the rose between your fingers, press it to your nose to pick up its scent. 
“You gotta admit, I’m a pretty good singer, eh?” Jungkook says with a nudge to your shoulder. 
“You’re alright.”
Jungkook laughs to himself. “I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
“Don’t get a big head,” you warn. 
“Think I’ll have to sing for you more, now, hmm? Since you liked it so much?” He suggests, eyebrows wiggling. 
You roll your eyes. “Only if you can get Jimin and the Eighth Notes to back you up, again. Then maybe I’ll allow it.”
Jungkook grins. He’s far past the point of being deterred by your deadpan comments. If anything, they only encourage him more. But you, for obvious reasons, cannot give in. At least, not yet, anyway. 
“Okay, go eat your lunch,” he says, nodding as you begin to part ways. “I’ll text you later, okay?”
You smile. “Okay. See you.”
“See you, too.”
The moment you get back to your apartment you put all seven roses in an old vase filled with water. They brighten up your bedroom instantly, soft scent freshening up the air. And when you go to bed that night, it is to Jungkook’s sweet, delicate voice, like walking on clouds, like satin and silk, that you fall asleep.
Tumblr media
“Good morning, Y/N,” Jungkook greets like always, smiling at you as you walk in the door for FILM395. 
“Good morning, Jungkook,” you say in response. 
Then, you take a seat right next to him. 
It’s an act that clearly catches everyone off guard, if the bewildered looks of your fellow classmates and Jungkook’s confused expression are anything to go by. Even Pollack, when she walks through the door, gets a bit of a shock, eyes widening when she sees the two of you seated next to each other. 
You suppose all the fuss is understandable. After all, you both sort of hate each other. 
Other than the sudden change in seating arrangement, however, the rest of the class goes off without much issue. Pollack lectures for an hour before you move into discussion, at which point it becomes a class participation free-for-all, with you and Jungkook almost definitely in the lead. Just because you’re now sitting next to each other doesn’t mean either of you are suddenly going to stop raising your hands to rebuke each other’s points. Some things never change. 
Sitting next to Jungkook is not as bad as you thought it would be. For one, he is, for the most part, a rather diligent student. Other than his occasional flicks to his email, an essay he’s working on, or your discussion board, he mostly sits and takes notes and doesn’t do anything else. That, you can at least give him credit for. And even though your elbows almost always nearly crash into each other’s when you’re raising your hands to respond to a point Pollack’s made, discussion isn’t so bad either. 
One of the perks of sitting directly beside each other is that whenever he says something stupid, or saccharine, or just overly unrealistic, you don’t have to just roll your eyes from the back of the classroom while you wait to be called on. You also get to kick his foot with your own, nudge your elbow into his side. And he does the same to you. You and Jungkook are like those neighbors in sitcoms that spend all their free time shouting at each other from opposite windows. Just because your seats have gotten closer doesn’t mean your viewpoints have. 
A notification pops up on your laptop.
[March 17th, 11:05AM]
Jungkook: wanna meet at the tables outside after class?
You look over at Jungkook with a frown.
You: Why are you texting me? We’re sitting right next to each other
Jungkook: because we’re in class obvs Jungkook: dont wanna be disruptive
You: Since when has that ever stopped you before?
Jungkook: haha very funny Jungkook: tables sound good?
You: Only since you asked so nicely :)
Jungkook: thoughtful as always i see
After class, you and Jungkook both hang around, waiting for each other to pack up your belongings so you can walk to the tables together. Everyone else seems to sense this weird, uncomfortable tension in the room, because they all book it out of the door much faster than either of you do. You’re almost convinced Jungkook purposely takes extra time to zip his backpack, just because. 
The tables are, as per usual, empty. But you don’t have a pile of receipts to spread out, this time. You and Jungkook take a seat at one of them as you pull out your laptops, ready to outline the rest of the project. 
“We should probably meet with Taehyung a couple more times, too,” you suggest as you begin to brainstorm. 
“Sounds good,” Jungkook agrees. “But we can’t meet at night on weekdays anymore. My dance group’s show is coming up and we have practice then.”
You stop typing and turn to him. “I didn’t know you were in a dance group.”
Jungkook shrugs, like it’s no big deal. “I don’t really talk about it that much.”
“You should.”
He looks up at you at that, eyes wide as he faces you. 
“I don’t know, it seems like something you should be passionate about,” you say. In the same way that you promote the Film Club to every freshman you know, force all your friends to mark that they’re Interested in your event pages on Facebook. Jungkook should want to tell everyone about his dance group. Doesn’t he love it? Isn’t he proud to be in it?
Jungkook doesn’t look like he knows what to say to that. So he doesn’t say anything at all. 
“We can meet on weekends too,” you say, adjusting to his new change of schedule easily. “This project isn’t as all-consuming as I thought it would be.”
“You mean I’m not as all-consuming as you thought I would be,” Jungkook corrects. 
You shake your head. “No, you are.” He laughs. “But yeah, on weekends is fine. You know my schedule. What else should we do, besides talk to Taehyung?”
It’s like a lightbulb goes off above Jungkook’s head. “Let’s go on a date.”
You narrow your eyes at him. “No.”
“What do you mean, “no”? It’s the natural progression of our relationship! It’s the next step in the rom-com! We have to,” Jungkook insists. 
“First of all, it’s a mockumentary, not a rom-com,” you say with a sigh, finding yourself having to correct him rather frequently. “Secondly, we are not in a relationship. I am not dating you and you are not dating me.”
“Okay, but at this point in rom-coms the two leads would definitely go on a date,” Jungkook says, punctuating every word for emphasis. “What’s the harm? It’s not like you’re committing yourself to a future with me.”
“Thank God,” you mutter. 
“Oh, shut up. You probably haven’t been on a date in years, anyway. Why not spend a night out?”
You frown at that. “Who cares if I have or have not been on a date?” Why does Jungkook care so much about the history of your love life? He’s always saying stuff like this, always telling you things as if you’ve never been in a relationship at all, don’t know left from right, black from white. Who is he to be making those assumptions?
“Please, Y/N,” Jungkook begs, looking desperate. “Just one evening. And then if it really goes terribly and you end up hating me again, then we don’t have to do another one.”
You sigh, shoulders slumping. Well, what else are you going to do? You don’t have any other ideas. And you’ve already spent so much time with Jungkook this semester, what’s another evening? Just something else to cross off of your list of things to film. Maybe you can get him to take a cute photo of you to post on social media. 
“Fine,” you concede. “One date. And I still hate you, by the way.”
Jungkook clearly does not believe you. “Really? You still hate me? I’m sure you do.”
“Okay, I don’t hate you. But still,” you relent again. Perhaps you’re just being oddly soft today. Too lenient for your own good. 
Jungkook grins, cheeks little round circles as his lips curve up. “I know you like me. You just can’t admit it to yourself, can you? Can’t take that blow to your dignity.”
“Don’t think so highly of yourself,” you chide. 
“Who knows?” Jungkook tacks on, just to be extra annoying. “Maybe you’re actually starting to fall in love with me.”
You scoff. “You wish.”
“Well, are you?”
Jungkook doesn’t ask the question the same way he’s asked all of the other ones. Doesn’t say it with a shit-eating grin on his face or that glint in his eyes. He’s asking because he’s curious. Curious if what he’s been doing has been working. Curious if this project is really accomplishing anything at all. 
Funnily enough, you find yourself wondering the exact same thing.
Silent, you pausing for a moment to think, chewing on the inside of your lip. Jungkook’s looking back at you, lips curled upwards as he waits for a response. Ugh, you’ll just have to give it up. What else can you say? “I guess…” you begin, hesitating. 
You aren’t sure why you’re so scared to respond. Maybe you’re just worried that things will change if you say something. If you tell him the truth. 
But it’s just Jungkook. He’s sitting in front of you patiently, waiting for your answer. What could happen?
You confess. “I guess you’re not so bad after all.”
Tumblr media
Even though this is not the first time you’ve ever been out on a “date” (you’re using that word tentatively), picking out what to wear isn’t any easier than the last time. 
“Is black too, you know, sexy?”
Ruby shrugs on the other end of the video call. Her phone is propped up on her desk as she works on something on her laptop, glancing over every now and then whenever you prompt her to respond. “Well, that depends. Do you wanna fuck?”
“Then it might be too sexy,” Ruby says easily. “What are you even doing? I thought you didn’t go out on dates.”
“It’s not a date,” you insist, although you’re not exactly sure which of the two of you you’re trying to convince. 
“You’re asking me what kind of sexy dress to wear for a night out with a guy. It’s a date,” Ruby reminds you, economical as always. “Who are you even going out with, anyway? You just called and asked me to pick between two dresses I have literally never seen you wear before.”
“That’s because I don’t go out on dates, which this is not,” you tell her, even expending the energy to stare into the camera to hammer your point home. “And it’s with Jungkook.”
Ruby shuts her laptop at that. You can hear the sound of her keyboard clacking as the lid hits them. “I’m sorry, what?”
“Do I need to remind you that this is not a date and therefore, you don’t need to be acting like I just told you I’m getting married.” You frown at her. “It’s just for our movie. Jungkook wants me to dress nicely, though.”
“Wear that nice summer dress you have,” Ruby instructs instead, shooing away the two much sexier options you’re currently holding in your hands. “Just put tights on underneath if you’re cold.”
“This one?” You ask, shuffling through your closet until you produce the gingham dress, plaid a pale yellow that matches gold jewelry rather well. 
“Yes, that one. I like that one,” Ruby says with a nod. “You look good in it.”
“I don’t know, I feel like it’s not appropriate.” You hesitate. It’s a cute dress, sure, but it seems too… casual. Too everyday. Jungkook’s taking you out to dinner, and no doubt he’s got something else planned for the rest of the evening. 
“I mean, you did say you had no plans on fucking him tonight,” Ruby reminds you coarsely. 
“I have no plans on fucking him at all,” you reiterate. “This is not a date. It is for our movie.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Ruby brushes you off with a wave of her hand. “Wear whatever you want, but I like your yellow dress the most. It looks really nice on you. And if it’s not a date, then neither you nor Jungkook should care.”
“I gotta go. Enjoy your not-date!”
She hangs up. 
You end up wearing the yellow dress. Jungkook knocks on your apartment door just as you’re closing the clasp to your necklace, a gold choker your mother had gifted you for a birthday a couple of years ago. It’s nothing much. You grab a jacket on your way to answer the door, wrapping it around your figure as you twist the knob. 
On the other side is Jungkook, all decked out in black jeans and a clean-cut leather jacket, the black ensemble striking against his warm-toned skin and bleached, blonde hair. You hate to admit it, but he actually does look rather good. For Jeon Jungkook. 
“Hi—whoa,” Jungkook says, doing a little whistle when he sees you, eyes bulging out of their sockets. 
You chuckle. “‘Whoa’ yourself.”
“You, uh…” Jungkook stammers slightly, a hand coming up to rub at the nape of his neck. The movement lifts his arm up just enough for you to see the line of his waist, the seamlessness of his body. He’s always been rather fit. “You look nice.”
“Don’t sound so surprised,” you chide, stepping outside and pulling the door shut behind you. “You don’t look half bad yourself.”
“Cleaned up just for you.” He grins. 
You press a hand to your heart dramatically. “I’m touched.” You begin walking down the hallway of your small apartment building, feeling your hands brushing by your sides due to how skinny the corridor is. At least, that’s what you assume. 
“Where are we going?” You ask as Jungkook opens the door to the passenger side of his car for you. 
He winks, that same gleam in his eye. He grins something wicked. “Don’t you remember?” He asks. “It’s a secret.”
The secret turns out to be a small Italian restaurant on an off-road in the center of town, a family joint with those plaid red tablecloths and dark wooden chairs. You’d never heard of the place before tonight, but Jungkook insists that it’s delicious and says it has a four-and-a-half star rating on Yelp, which is obviously gospel when it comes to restaurants. It’s so empty that he even has room to prop up the camera a couple of tables away to get that wide-angle shot of the both of you, two souls in a tiny little restaurant, enjoying a night out on the town. You’re sure that by the time production and post-production rolls around you’ll edit out most of your dialogue, but you like the idea of keeping in snippets of the audio, overlaying the scene with a soft instrumental. 
From a director’s point of view, of course. No other reason to romanticize your night with him. 
It’s nice. Objectively, it’s definitely one of the more exciting things you’ve done in a while, even if it’s just a dinner out in town, away from campus. It’s new. Adventurous. Jungkook convinces you to try his vodka shrimp linguine and you offer up some of your truffle-flavored gnocchi, which he devours happily. One thing you do learn is that no matter how much time passes, no matter how much food is on his plate, Jungkook eats and eats and eats. He never seems to fill up. This is one of those restaurants that pile your bowls high with pasta, give you at least three servings, send you home with to-go packages that will last you for days, and he still somehow manages to eat every last bite. He even has some of your leftovers. 
Jungkook pays because he insists and says that you shouldn’t fight on camera, which you have no choice but to agree to. However, you do look him up on Venmo and send him twenty dollars to cover your half of the bill, because the idea of him paying for you doesn’t sit right with you. It was fine with the coffee, a small token of repayment after spilling it all over you, but dinner just feels like too much. Like he’s carrying most of the weight and you aren’t shouldering enough. Like he’s putting in all of the effort and you are just bandwagoning off of him. 
And partnerships aren’t supposed to be like that. Jungkook isn’t supposed to do all of the work. You aren’t supposed to do nothing. You and Jungkook may not agree on much but you both know that you are equals. That what you put in is what you get out. 
It’s a lesson you think you learned too late, but you won’t make those mistakes again. You’ll get it right this time. 
“That was nice,” Jungkook says after the dinner. You’re walking through the park just across the street now, the sun having set and the streetlamps illuminating your path. The city has strung up lights along the trees, draped them over the branches like stars, like snowflakes. It’s picturesque. 
“Yeah.” You nod. “Thanks for taking me.”
“Thanks for coming.”
“How did you discover that place?” You ask, just out of curiosity. It’s not exactly the kind of restaurant that would be front and center on Google. 
“I went out on a date in freshman year there,” Jungkook admits, lips pursed awkwardly. “Yeah.”
“Did it at least go well?” You ask, trying to be hopeful. 
“If it did, do you think I’d still be here doing this with you?” Jungkook poses, an eyebrow raised. 
You chuckle to yourself. “You don’t mean that. I’m sure you’ll find your person.”
“You actually believe in that stuff now?” Jungkook asks you, skeptical. 
“I don’t know,” you say, shrugging your shoulders. “You do. I don’t wanna ruin it for you. Your person’s out there somewhere.”
“How do you know I haven’t already found my person?”
You stop in the middle of the path, feet coming to a halt on the pavement. Jungkook looks at you and you look back at him, letting his question sink into your skin, etch itself into your thoughts. He’s asking you because he wants to know. He looks so genuine, so patient, like he’s trying to find an answer somewhere in your eyes but you can’t give him one. 
“Wouldn’t you be able to tell when you did?”
Jungkook sighs. “I don’t know if it always works like that.”
You smile, soft and small. Musing, you say, “well, when you figure it out, let me know.”
“Do you think you’ve found your person?” Jungkook asks you. 
“You know I don’t think about love like that,” you remind him. 
“Well, how do you think about it?”
You gaze up at him once more, that same soft smile playing on your lips. Who is he to be asking you these questions, you wonder to yourself. What would the point be in answering him? It’s better if you just both moved on. Especially since stuff like this has no relevance to your project. 
“I don’t really think about love at all,” you say curtly. 
“I wish you did,” admits Jungkook. 
The look in your eyes is distant. “Yeah.” You wish you did, too.
“How about we do a couple of quick shots, right here?” Jungkook suggests, pulling out the camera. “Just here, the lighting’s nice.” He jogs back a couple of feet, lining himself up with where you stand, kneeling on the pavement with the camera held up to his eye. 
“What do you want me to do?” You call to him, feeling like a fish out of water in front of the lens, thumbs twiddling. 
“Just smile,” Jungkook requests simply. “Say hi to me.”
Sounds easy enough. Under the twinkling lights of the trees, in the haze of their warm yellow glow, you wave to Jungkook, smiling happily. You aren’t exactly sure what the purpose of these shots are, but you suppose you could always use some artistic frames in your movie. Grinning, you keep your eyes trained on him, on the way you can see him smiling back at you even from behind the camera. His eyes are covered, you can’t see those, but you hope they’re smiling too. 
“Okay, my turn,” you say when a little too much time has passed, when it’s just past the point of filming for the sake of a movie and more for the sake of something else. “Get over here.”
“Yes, you idiot.” You scurry over to Jungkook, taking the camera from his hands and pushing in in the general direction of where you were just standing. Situating yourself, you kneel right where Jungkook was, bringing the camera to your eyes. 
Through the lens, you can see the entire width of the pathway, the grass that borders it, the lights decorating the branches of the trees, and Jungkook, front and center. He looks like he has no idea what he’s doing there, waiting awkwardly as he gazes around, eyes drifting everywhere but exactly where you need them: you. He looks good like this, looks much taller, much more romantic. Like a real movie star. Like a model. His clothes make him blend in with the darkness of the night but his eyes are still shimmering, golden flecks twinkling, even from all the way over here. 
You have to admit it. He’s beautiful.
“Smile,” you say, pressing film. 
Jungkook grins your way. 
Afterwards, you give him his camera back and continue walking, turning the corner as you reach the edge of the park, ready to circle around the perimeter.
“How about we hold hands, too?”
“Excuse you?” You say, an eyebrow raised. 
“Come on, just for a second,” Jungkook pleads. “For the artistry. I’ll film us holding hands like all those Los Angeles boys do in YouTube vlogs.”
You look at him suspiciously. Is he sure it’s just for the artistry? “What a great example.”
“Please? Promise I always put hand cream on,” Jungkook asks, bottom lip turned outwards. 
It’s getting harder and harder to say no to him. 
“Fine,” you cave rather easily this time around. “Just for a minute.”
Jungkook lifts the camera up to his eye with his right hand as he holds out his left, palm facing the sky as he waits for you to rest your own in his. You narrow your eyes to the camera before your gaze drifts downwards to his open hand, almost like you’re afraid it’s going to jump out and bite at you if you get any closer. But it won’t, because it’s a hand. And it won’t, because it’s just Jungkook. 
The first thing you realize when your fingers intertwine with his is how big his hands are. They are massive. His left one dwarfs your own, wrapping around it securely, enveloping it like a king-sized comforter. The second thing you realize is how soft they are (he must not have been lying about the hand cream). The third thing you realize is the way they send sparks up and down your body, send tingles through your skin, shocks through your veins. You seize up a little bit at the feeling before your body finds it in itself to relax, letting the sensation wash over you like a wave from the ocean. 
It’s new. 
It’s strange. 
You haven’t felt that way in a long time. Felt those sparks, those jolts of energy. Like lightning has struck. 
Jungkook moves so that your hands are held out in front of you, making sure to adjust the lens just so he can get the exact right angle, but all you can focus on is the way your fingers interlock, the way your hand settles into his. 
You wonder what that means. 
The moment Jungkook lowers the camera you pull your hand away, overwhelmed and scared and shocked all at once. Like you’re afraid that if you reach out to him again, your whole body will freeze in place, shake like the wind. 
Jungkook looks at you, concern lacing his features. “You alright?” He asks, genuine and worried. 
You shake your head, willing those thoughts away. “I’m fine, I’m fine. You get the shot?”
“Yeah, I did,” Jungkook says. 
“And how do they look?” You ask because you can’t help yourself. Because you just have to know. 
Jungkook pauses, not sure how to respond. He chews on his lips like he’s running through all the possible answers, trying to figure out which one is right. You almost think he’s not going to reply at all, but then he smiles, and he says this: 
Tumblr media
It feels weird for you to be arriving at Kim Taehyung’s door without Jungkook by your side. Doesn’t sit right in your stomach. 
Of course, Taehyung is as hospitable as always, welcoming you inside with his signature warm grin as he sets up the bar stools by the bedsheet, which you assume he will just not take down until your project’s over. Hopefully he’s getting use out of it otherwise, shooting nudes or whatever it is he said he would do. 
“Thanks for having me,” you say, resting your backpack against the foot of his couch as you set up the tripod, arranging it in just the right spot. It’s not Jungkook’s fancy camera that you’ve got with you, just your own from a couple years ago, but it’ll get the job done. You couldn’t ask Jungkook to borrow his, anyway. You’d pass away before he found out you did this. 
“We might not use this footage,” you warn in advance. “I just figured it’s safer to film everything just in case.”
“Why wouldn’t you use it?” Taehyung asks, genuinely curious. 
“Because I don’t know if this conversation will really have a point,” you say nervously, fingers fidgeting with the settings until everything’s just right. 
“I’m sure it’ll be important,” Taehyung assures you. You’re not so confident. “Ready to get started?”
“Yes, everything’s all set up,” you say, concentrating on your breathing as you make your way to the stool. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Why are you so worried?
“So, Y/N, how are you feeling right now?” Taehyung begins. 
You sigh. “Confused.”
“And why is that?”
“I… I don’t really know what direction I’m going in anymore for this project,” you say, letting yourself be candid and honest because it’s just Taehyung, and because you may not even use this footage, and because Jungkook’s not here. He doesn’t know you’ve asked Taehyung to do this for you. He doesn’t need to. 
“And is this because of Jungkook?”
“Yes.” Another easy answer. 
“How are you feeling about him?”
“I’m…” you don’t know where to begin. “I’m not sure. I just know that something’s changed.”
“Your feelings have changed?” Taehyung isn’t reacting, just asking questions in response to your answers and pretending that everything is normal, that this is just another interview. 
“I guess they have,” you admit. Even just saying that feels like a weight off your chest. A small one, five pounds out of a thousand. But it’s a difference. “I… don’t really know how I feel about him anymore.”
“In a good or bad way?”
Taehyung told you he would ask tough questions, but you don’t know if you can answer these anymore. 
“I don’t know,” you say, feeling yourself growing desperate with impatience. “I don’t feel the same things about him that I used to. He’s different to me now.”
“Do you think he’s changed?”
“Something has.”
“Have you considered the possibility that maybe you’ve changed, too?”
You frown, caught off-guard by his question. No, you haven’t. You haven’t thought about that at all. Why would you? Your stance is the same. Your opinions on love haven’t changed. And neither have your convictions about this project, about the way it will end. 
“No,” you say, nose scrunched up. 
“Well, I’m no expert, but I think there might be something between the two of you that wasn’t there before,” Taehyung says, nodding. “I think that the ways the two of you have changed have brought you together.”
“I don’t know about that…” You trail off. You can feel yourself growing hesitant again, pulling back from saying too much because you’ve never been a very good speaker. Because you’ve always preferred being behind the camera to being in front of it. 
“Don’t you think you should tell him how you feel?”
You scoff. At least that’s got an easy answer. A no-brainer. “No,” you say matter-of-factly, obvious because it is, stern because telling him was never an option anyway. Why else does Taehyung think you’re here without him? “Jungkook said he would get me to fall in love with him and I told him I would never. How could I ever let him think he was actually winning?”
Taehyung sighs.
Tumblr media
You haven’t seen Jungkook since your class on Wednesday. Granted, it’s only Saturday, but it feels like it’s been a weirdly long time. Like you’re so used to him barging into your life on the daily that there’s something off about even going three days without seeing him. Maybe it’s just because you’re nearing the beginning of April and your project is finally picking up steam. Between the two of you, you almost definitely have more than two hour’s worth of footage, but the hard part will be paring it down and turning it into a forty-five minute documentary. No doubt you and Jungkook will be spending a lot of time together the week before it’s due. 
Just out of curiosity, you text him. Because you have no idea what he’s been getting up to. 
[March 28th, 1:05PM]
You: Hey, do you think we need to get together sometime this weekend?
Jungkook: i don’t think i can Jungkook: it’s my dance group’s show this weekend
You: Really? You: You didn’t tell me
Jungkook: been too busy
You: What time is your show tonight?
Jungkook: 7pm
You: Sounds good, I’ll be there
Jungkook: oh Jungkook: you don’t have to
You: I want to You: I’ll see you there!
That night, you drop by the grocery store beforehand to pick up a bouquet of flowers. You haven’t been a performing arts show for years now, especially not one where you actually know the people performing, but flowers are customary. Or so you’ve heard. 
You don’t know a single soul who has plans on seeing Jungkook’s dance group either, but the theater is a ten-minute walk away from campus and you’re happy to make the trek alone, especially because you know you’ll find someone you know soon enough. Sometimes it’s nice to walk by yourself, letting the streetlamps above your head illuminate your path, a faceless figure passing by others. It brings peace. And it gives you time to sift through your thoughts, organize them into neat little piles and brush away all of the dust. 
Admittedly, you are not much of a connoisseur of the performing arts. You aren’t even much of a consumer. In another universe, under different circumstances, you wouldn’t blink twice if you heard that one of the dance groups on campus was having their show. But this is not another universe, and these are not different circumstances. 
Jungkook will be there. He is taking something he’s worked tirelessly on and presenting it to the world. Now that you think about it, it’s actually a lot like film. And if Jungkook has devoted so much time, put so much energy into this performance, what kind of person would you be if you didn’t go and watch his creation?
You pick a seat in the far back corner, the venue so cozy that even despite being the furthest away you’ve still got an excellent view, sit down, and wait for it to begin. 
[March 28th, 6:58PM]
Jungkook: hey are you here?
You: I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?
Jungkook: always such a tease
You roll your eyes at that, turning your phone off and stowing it away in your pocket. Two minutes later, the lights dim. 
The moment Jungkook steps out onto the stage, you recognize him instantly. He’s wearing all black again, but it’s not the same skinny jeans and leather jacket he had on when he took you out to dinner. It’s a loose long-sleeved shirt and sweatpants that hang low on his hips, highlighting the blondeness of his hair, the red in his lips. He’s one of at least a dozen people on stage but he’s the only one you focus on, the only one who your eyes follow. Booming throughout the theater is a Drake song, the beat thick and low, but it’s background noise when compared to the way he moves, the way he twists and turns his body on stage, angles sharp and crisp. 
The whole song goes by so quickly that by the time you find it in yourself to blink the stage is already darkening as they move onto the next song, switching out the performers and changing the spotlight colors to a sultry red. Jungkook disappears for this one, vanishing behind the curtains and forcing you to pay attention to the performance as a whole instead of just him. But you have to hand it to his group: they’re excellent. You’ve been missing out. 
Jungkook returns with the next song, having had just enough time to change into an all-white ensemble. He’s easy to spot even with that ridiculous bucket hat on, blonde hair bouncing with every step he takes, every jerk of his body. You can see it all the way from where you sit, see the way he loses himself in the music, lets the rhythm radiate through his blood, lets his heart match the beat that booms through the speakers. This, all of it, the music, the dancing, the energy—it’s all his. It belongs to him. Jungkook may love film but he is passionate about this. It is something that must bring him all the joy in the world. 
The next hour and a half goes by quickly, the songs jumping from one to another to another, Jungkook dashing on and off stage, each time returning in a different getup than the one prior. Makes you wonder just how many clothes he has. But before you know it the final song is playing and every one, every single member is on stage, jumping and cheering and celebrating a job well done. And they should, because they deserve to. 
When the lights in the theater come on, nobody leaves. Instead, everyone rushes towards the stage to say hello to everybody, congratulate them on their performance and take pictures with their friends. That’s why everyone else is here, isn’t it? Because the people they care about performed tonight. 
Isn’t that why you’re here, too?
Jungkook has plenty of other friends already wrapping their arms around him, giving him high-fives and pats on the back, but you’ve got a bouquet of assorted flowers in your hands and you have no plans on bringing them home. So you squeeze your way through the crowd, push yourself in between bodies, and you shout, 
Jungkook looks up instantly at the call of his name, the round shape of his lips curving upwards into a smile when he sees you. 
“Hey, you made it!” He exclaims happily. He’s so pumped on the adrenaline that he pulls you into a hug without either of you even realizing it, wrapping his arms around your torso and squeezing you tight for a few moments before the two of you remember just exactly who you both are. Quickly, you pull away, chuckling awkwardly. Jungkook scratches at the back of his head. “Thanks for, uh—thanks for coming.”
“Of course,” you say happily. “You were amazing.”
“What can I say, I’m a man of many talents,” Jungkook schmoozes, annoying as always. 
You scoff slightly. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Here, I brought this for you. It’s traditional, right?” You hold out the bouquet in front of you, pink plastic wrapping crunched up from where your fingers gripped the stems. 
“Wow, thank you,” Jungkook says, in awe as he takes the flowers from you, pressing his face into the petals instinctively. “No one’s ever gotten me flowers before.”
“Really?” You say, genuinely surprised at his admission. He’s never been given flowers before? Not even for a performance? You didn’t know that, either. “Then I’m glad to be the first.”
“You know you didn’t have to do that,” Jungkook says, though he looks grateful nonetheless. 
You shrug, acting casual. “Aren’t we supposed to be falling in love, or something?”
He grins. 
“Did you guys film this? Maybe we could incorporate it into the movie,” you suggest, thinking it might be interesting to add in glimpses into your normal lives, into the things you do when you aren’t trying to one-up each other. 
Jungkook shakes his head. “We did, but I don’t think we need to add it in.”
“Why not?” It seems like a perfect addition. 
Jungkook pulls out a single flower from the bouquet, a pale yellow daisy, and hands it to you. You smile your thanks, twirling the stem in between your fingers. 
“I don’t know,” he says, looking oddly soft, cheeks turning cherry red. He looks at you and it makes your heart flutter, quickens the drum of your chest. “I just think I’d like to keep this moment to ourselves.”
You suppose he’s got a point. You don’t think you’ll forget this night, either. 
Tumblr media
The bouquet you gave him sits on Jeon Jungkook’s bedroom windowsill, bathing in the afternoon sun. Taehyung gave him some plant food the morning after you came to his performance, a little bottle that he can spritz into the water whenever the flowers look a little droopy. Jungkook adds some every day, determined to keep them alive for as long as possible. He also makes sure he’s got a rather heavy book or two, something he can use to press one of them when they’ve all shriveled up. 
It was really nice of you to come to his show, he thinks to himself. Jungkook can’t remember the last time someone outside of his group of close friends went to see him perform, not any of his past dates or even that one girl he was seeing semi-seriously for a couple months last year until she told him she wasn’t interested in him anymore. You’re the first one who’s made the effort, who’s told him that you would come and kept that promise. The flowers are just a happy reminder. 
As a celebration for completing their last show, Jungkook and some of the other juniors in his dance crew decide to go out the following weekend, determined to waste away their Saturday nights at a bar just off of campus where they can take as many shots of as many different types of alcohols as they want. The place even has soju, which makes Jungkook’s heart happy. 
Despite the temptation to drink until his brain is empty, however, Jungkook holds off. He’s got a lot of work tomorrow, most of it consisting of editing the footage you have for the project, and doesn’t really feel like staring at a computer for eight hours straight with a headache. So he limits himself. For the most part. 
“Who was that girl that came to the show?” One of his friends, Andrew, asks as he downs another shot of what is undoubtedly vodka, if the smell is anything to go by. “With the flowers?”
“Is she your girlfriend?” Jesse pipes up, red in the face from the alcohol in his system. He’s always been one to turn into a tomato after drinking. 
Jungkook chuckles awkwardly, shaking his head when the bartender offers him another shot glass full of soju. “No,” he says, forcing a laugh. “Just a friend.”
“I don’t know, you guys looked pretty close to me,” Andrew points out, like it wasn’t already obvious enough that Jungkook is head over heels for you. 
“She and I are working on a film project together,” Jungkook explains, though that does absolutely nothing to convince his friends of your completely platonic relationship. 
“Sounds fun,” Jesse says, swallowing another shot and wincing. “It was nice of her to bring you flowers. My girlfriend didn’t do that.”
“Shut up, your girlfriend is studying abroad in Paris right now,” Andrew says, giving Jesse a good-natured shove. “I’m gonna tell her you said that.”
“What, please don’t—”
“She’s not my girlfriend, guys,” Jungkook repeats himself, feeling his cheeks heat up the longer the conversation drags on. He chalks it up to the soju in his system and the fact that it feels like a sauna in here. “Seriously, we’re just friends. People can be friends and bring each other flowers.”
Jesse pumps his fist in the air. “Yeah!” He rounds on Andrew. “Where are my flowers, hey Andrew?”
The two of them start bickering as Jungkook laughs, shaking his head fondly. At least he’s not drunk, so he can remember nights like these, ones where he’s drinking with his stupid idiot friends, celebrating a show well done. 
Jungkook stays at the bar until eleven that night before he makes the executive decision to go home and sleep, because as much as he would like to party until three in the morning, he’s got a pile of work that’s telling him to be a real adult. So he bids his friends goodbye and begins to make the trek back to his apartment, passing by the row of frat houses on his way. 
Even though he’s out on the sidewalk, Jungkook can feel the ground rumble from the music, every frat on the block joining together to make some booming, bass monster. From here he can see the flashing blue and purple lights in the windows, see the brothers standing on the steps of each house and turning away whoever they deem unfit to enter. 
In a weird way, it makes Jungkook nostalgic. Reminiscent of when he was a freshman, when he would group up with all of the people in his hall and parade around the frat row on Saturday nights like they owned the place, getting drunk on shitty tequila and jumping until they sweat out their body fluids. He remembers those nights in flashes, bits and pieces that make up his memory of freshman year as a whole. Remembers kissing other girls, other girls kissing him. Remembers the way he would lock lips with them for a second and then forget about it by the next day. 
Jungkook wonders why he ever thought he would meet his soulmate at a frat party. 
He’s just passing the last frat house now, nodding to the guy on the step when they accidentally meet eyes, when he hears you call his name. 
He whips around to see you on the other side of the road, waving at him excitedly while your friends all laugh, sending smiles Jungkook’s way. 
Jungkook isn’t exactly sure what the protocol is for a scenario like this, so he does what he thinks is right and waves back. 
“Come over here!” You shout at him, loosely gesturing for him to join your group. Jungkook is hesitant, not sure if that’s necessarily the best course of action because even from here he can tell that you’re drunk, leaning over to one side and giggling at nothing. But even if he isn’t sure what will happen he can’t help but fall into the way you’re beaming at him, waving excitedly because you saw him on the street and you wanted to say hello.
He’s never been able to resist you. 
“Hey, what are you doing out here?” He says as he jogs over, greeting the rest of your friends with a patient smile. 
“Went out with my friends,” you say. Jungkook can smell the alcohol on your lips. “And then I saw you, which made me happy!”
You stumble over nothing, shoes skipping as they drag along the pavement, and before any of your friends can react Jungkook is reaching his arms out, catching you before you fall flat on your face. Your hands press against his torso as he lifts you back to your feet, and all Jungkook can do is pray that you can’t hear the way his heart races, beat drumming in his ears. You giggle in his hold, disoriented but not at all uneasy, looking up at him as your eyes sparkle in the glow of the streetlamps. 
“Thanks,” you manage to cough out. 
“Sure,” Jungkook says, breathless. He stands you up and tries to let you go, but you keep your hands tight around his wrists. “I think we need to get you home.”
“Can you come with me?” You ask innocently, eyes wide. 
“Y/N…” One of your friends says, voice hesitant. She places a hand on your shoulder, looking concerned. Jungkook doesn’t take any offense to it, he doesn’t know your friends well and imagines that they would much prefer being the ones to drop you back at your place. 
You shrug her off. “No, it’s okay, Ruby,” you assure your friend, hand inching down Jungkook’s wrist until it rests firmly within his palm. “I’ll go with him.”
Ruby eyes Jungkook suspiciously and her gaze is so intense that it actually makes him doubt his ability to walk you home for a moment. But you seem intent on walking with him, and the sooner you go home the better, so Ruby relents and lifts her hand from your shoulder. “Alright, if you want to.” She keeps her eyes trained on Jungkook. “Text me when you’re back.”
“I will, I will,” you say, brushing her off and waving her away. “Let’s go, Jungkook. I’m sleepy.”
“Okay, come on,” he says. You smile happily at your friends as you say goodbye, cheerful and drunk and tired, all at once, and you begin to walk towards your apartment. 
“I’m glad you’re here,” you tell him, positively filter-less. 
“I’m glad I’m here, too,” Jungkook assures you. “What did you have to drink tonight?”
“Not sure,” you admit happily. “Just a lot.”
“I can tell.” Jungkook nods. “Were you at a frat party?”
“Several,” you correct him. “They weren’t that fun but at least the drinks were free.”
“Why were you at a frat party if you don’t like them?” Jungkook asks you, nose scrunched up. You certainly aren’t the kind of person to hide your distaste for things. That is something that Jungkook is intimately familiar with. 
You shrug. “It’s the cheapest place to get drunk.”
“Why did you want to get drunk?” This is seeming more and more out-of-character for you. Going to a place you despise, taking shots until you can’t walk straight, meandering around campus with Jungkook. All of these are things Jungkook could never in a million years picture you doing out of free will. 
Well, all of them except maybe the last one. You did come to his dance show, after all. 
You sigh. It’s thick and heavy and Jungkook has a feeling you won’t want to divulge any more. “I just wanted to forget.”
But the curiosity is eating at him. 
“Forget what?”
Your grip on his hand tightens. Jungkook fully expects you to dodge the question like you’ve dodged all of the ones prior, say something else to change the topic so you can sweep this discussion under the rug like all of the other ones you’ve had. But you don’t. 
Instead, you say, “You wanna know why I don’t love love the way you do?”
“You don’t have to tell me,” Jungkook quickly assures you. 
“I had better options than this place,” you say, voice hollow and empty. “There were better universities that accepted me. Ones with higher-ranked film programs and bigger scholarships. I could have gone to any one of them and been just as happy. Maybe more.”
“But you didn’t,” Jungkook clarifies. 
“My ex-boyfriend goes to school ten minutes away from here,” you say, words that are most certainly news to Jungkook. You had a boyfriend? “He and I dated all throughout high school. I thought I was gonna marry him.”
The words sound so sad. It sounds like they don’t even belong to you. Like you’re recalling the memories of a different person, someone you’ve killed and buried, someone you were certain you would never have to face again. Yourself. Your past self. 
“And then he broke up with me at the beginning of last year and it was too late to transfer out.” Your words are slurred and garbled, like all you want is to get over with saying them in the first place. It’s not a dramatic revelation. It’s not something you’re crying about, sobbing into Jungkook’s chest as you remember, miserable, a time where you were once happy. You just sound lifeless. 
Jungkook blinks at you expectantly, waiting for you to continue. It doesn’t feel right for him to speak up. Not when you’ve just revealed to him something so personal, so drunk that you probably won’t even remember saying anything when you wake up tomorrow morning. 
What is he supposed to do with this knowledge? What is he supposed to say? To do? It’s not like Jungkook can change your past. It’s not even as if he can change the near future. Your project is almost finished—the semester is almost over. And then you will return to the time where you never even knew each other. 
“You can say something,” you tell him.
“What do you want me to say?” Jungkook says. 
“Something to make me feel better, because now I’m sad,” you request simply. “Seeing you made me happy.”
“Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and smile, then,” he muses to himself. 
“No, please keep talking,” you plead, leaning into his body with your bottom lip puffed out, eyes big and round and desperate. “Listening to you gets me to stop thinking about this stuff.”
Hearing that, Jungkook says the first thing that comes to mind. And that is, “You don’t have to think about that stuff anymore at all.”
“Hmm?” You murmur into his chest. Jungkook sees your apartment building up ahead. Just another block or so. 
“Well, that was your old love story,” he begins tentatively. Jungkook’s almost fully sober by now but he feels like he won’t ever get another opportunity to say this, and maybe whatever soju is left in his system is enough to get him through this conversation. Enough for him to muster up the confidence to tell you what he’s been wanting to tell you for a while now. 
Even if you forget it by tomorrow. He knows this is his only chance. 
“And it didn’t have a happy ending, but that’s okay. Because ours will.” 
You’re just coming up to your apartment complex, the rusted gold doors of the entrance sticking out against the beige of the building and the sidewalk, shimmering in the light of the streetlamps. You pause right outside, taking cover underneath the red awning above your heads. Looking up at him, you blink expectantly. 
“How do I know you mean that?” You ask. 
He almost does it. 
Jungkook doesn’t really know what washes over him in that moment, what takes his heart and mind prisoner for a split second, grip tight and unforgiving. But he’s staring straight into your watery eyes, glossy and glimmery and glowing, lost in the way you press your lips together, the way you gaze up at him and wait for him to tell you what he’s always wanted to say, and he almost does it. His hands press at your sides, holding you close, like he’s afraid that if he lets you go you’ll vanish without another trace and this night will all have been for naught. 
But he doesn’t. 
He doesn’t for a lot of reasons. You’re drunk. When you wake up tomorrow, you will not remember this conversation. But Jungkook will. And if he does it, if he kisses you, if he presses his lips to yours it will be burned into his thoughts, carved into his heart, and you will be none the wiser. Jungkook can’t do that to himself. And he can’t do that to you, either. He will never take advantage of your company. He never has.
“Because,” Jungkook says instead, having hesitated for far too long. “I promise you.”
It’s good enough for him. 
He tucks you into bed at 12:17AM that night, feet padding along your hardwood floor so he doesn’t wake up your neighbors, guiding you to your bedroom and reminding you to text Ruby that you made it home safely. Jungkook’s never gotten a very good look at your place, and even now it’s hard to make out most things without the main ceiling lights on, but he doesn’t really want to snoop. Even though you invited him in, he still feels like he’s intruding. You’ve always been so private. There were a lot of things said tonight that Jungkook is going to have to reckon with. 
Once you’re curled up beneath your sheets, eyes drooping, Jungkooks turns off the light on your nightstand and nearly, just about nearly, presses his lips to your forehead. He manages to avoid doing that, too. 
Instead, he pulls up your duvet and heads towards the main room, making a beeline for your front door. But before he can leave the room, he hears you mumble out his name. 
“Jungkook?” You call, voice groggy. 
“Yeah?” He looks back at you from where he stands in your door frame, one hand on the knob, ready to pull it closed. 
You smile, eyes fluttering. “Thank you,” you say. 
Jungkook grins. 
Tumblr media
The next morning you wake up with a pounding headache and three missed calls from Ruby, which undoubtedly means that something positively terrible happened last night. Unfortunately, you have no idea what happened at all last night, good or terrible, so whatever Ruby has to say will be news to you. 
Rubbing your eyes as you wrack your brain in the hopes of figuring out how you even ended up back at your apartment (when you swear you told Ruby you would stay at hers), you press on Ruby’s contact and call her. 
“Y/N? Hello? Are you there?” Ruby answers on the first ring. 
“I’m here,” you mumble out, words jumped and barely intelligible. You wince as your eyes adjust to the harsh blue light of your phone screen, squinting as you look at the time. 
Shit, it’s 11:43AM and you’re meeting Jungkook for coffee at noon. 
“Good, I called you three times last night after you texted,” Ruby wastes no time diving into her interrogation. 
“Why?” You ask, scrambling out of bed with your phone pressed between your shoulder and your ear. Your head throbs so you quickly take some Ibuprofen, splash your face with water, and start looking for something clean you can put on. 
“Because texting me ‘home’ is not enough!” Ruby exclaims. “Jungkook walked you home last night, I wanted to make sure you were tucked in bed and feeling alright.”
You frown. You don’t remember that. Granted, you don’t remember a lot of things, but you can’t recall Jungkook walking you back. You saw him last night? You didn’t even know. Scratching your head, a part of you vaguely pictures him standing in your apartment in the dark, resting against the door frame to your bedroom in the warm yellow light of the lamp on your nightstand. Can just barely see him tucking you into bed, placing the sheets over your figure and making you text Ruby that you’re home. You thought you were just imagining it at the time, but it must have happened anyway. 
“Jungkook walked me home?”
“Yeah, you insisted,” Ruby says. “You probably don’t remember, though.”
“No,” you say dumbly. 
“Well, I appreciate you texting me that you were home but I would have preferred something more explanatory,” scolds Ruby. “I thought maybe Jungkook was gonna do something.”
“Oh my goodness, no,” you immediately interject, pulling on your shoes and stuffing your laptop into your backpack. Just the thought of Jungkook doing something like that sends your stomach for a whirl. “He would never do that. I trust him.”
“I mean, I see that now,” Ruby points out. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine,” you promise. “Everything’s good.”
“Alright, if you say so,” Ruby says, still sounding a bit like an overprotective mother. You love her, though. You know she just wants the best for you. “Take it easy today, okay? You had a lot to drink last night.”
“I will,” you assure her. “I’m just on my way to meet up with Jungkook now. Getting coffee.”
“Make sure to eat, too,” Ruby reminds you. “And tell Jungkook that I said thanks for walking you home.”
“Anything else, Mom?”
You can practically see Ruby frowning on the other end. “Oh, shut up. I’ll see you, okay?”
She bids you goodbye just as you’re dashing out the door, your usual stride quickening so you make it to the cafe in time, not wanting to keep Jungkook waiting. You make it there in a record five minutes, pulling open the door frantically just as the clock strikes noon. 
Jungkook’s already there, of course, sitting by a little round table in the corner of the room with two americanos on the table. He waves when he sees you standing by the entrance, and the mere sight of him makes you smile, shoulders relaxing. 
“Hey,” you greet, a little out of breath as you settle into the chair across from him. 
“Hey,” Jungkook says back. “How are you feeling?”
“My head is killing me, but other than that I’m alright,” you admit, taking a sip of the drink. It’s piping hot but just the right amount of scalding, warming your insides after a night of filling them with pure poison. 
“Good.” He grins. “It’s nice to see your face.”
“Oh, yeah, speaking of which,” you say while still on the topic, “did you walk me home last night? I can’t remember.”
Jungkook nods. “Yeah, I bumped into you and your friends while I was on my way back from a bar.”
You wince. The fact that you don’t even remember that happening tells you enough. “I was super drunk, wasn’t I?”
Jungkook, nice as always, says, “I’ve seen worse.” It only makes you feel the slightest bit better. 
“Hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing,” you say, knowing you have a tendency to lose your filter almost entirely when you get wasted, letting any sort of mental reasoning fly out the door the moment you down another shot. And the thought of having told Jungkook something deeply humiliating or personal, or even him witnessing something stupid, makes you feel weirdly exposed. 
Jungkook freezes for a split second, almost like he’s buffering, like he’s about to say something but it’s just taking him an extra step to get the words out of his mouth. Then he takes a quick sip of his americano and shakes his head. “No, you didn’t. You were just very drunk. And clingy.”
“I’m so sorry you had to deal with that,” you apologize. You can’t imagine the hell you must have put Jungkook through last night. 
Jungkook laughs. “It’s okay. I’m glad we got you home safe.”
“Me, too.” You nod. You send a grateful smile his way. “Thanks for walking me, by the way. I really appreciate it. Ruby says thanks, too.”
“Anytime,” Jungkook says. It doesn’t sound like something that people say just to say it. The way that people say ‘anytime’ just so they can be friendly and amicable. He says it and he means it, says it genuinely and honestly, like it’s a real promise that he’s making. That he would be happy to walk you home again. No matter the hour. No matter how drunk you are. No matter what he’s doing. 
And that means a lot to you. 
“We should probably wrap up filming soon, huh?” You say, getting onto the topic at hand. Of course, the project is the whole reason you’re even talking to each other in the first place. “It’s due in three weeks.”
“Yeah, I was thinking of another outing? And maybe one more thing with Taehyung?” Jungkook suggests. 
You narrow your eyes suspiciously. “‘Another outing’, Jungkook? What exactly do you have in mind?”
He grins. 
Tumblr media
This time, Jungkook is the one with the flowers. 
When you open your front door they’re the first thing you see, an enormous bouquet of an assortment of spring flowers in a variety of colors—pinks and purples and oranges and yellows—gripped neatly in Jungkook’s hand. They stick out against his otherwise rather formal attire, a simple black dress shirt and jeans, nice shoes that compliment his figure. Black truly is the world’s most slimming color, and Jungkook is no exception. He looks good. 
“For you, m’lady,” Jungkook says dramatically as he holds out the bouquet in front of him.
“How thoughtful of you,” you muse to yourself, grinning. You take the flowers and press your whole face into them, breathing in the fresh scent. “The one I gave you wasn’t nearly this big.”
“Go big or go home,” Jungkook teases. “You look nice, by the way.”
“You always sound so surprised when you say that,” you comment snidely, shaking your head as you grab your bag from the shelf next to your door. “What are we doing tonight, Jeon? Gonna keep it a secret from me like last time?”
“That depends,” Jungkook says knowingly. “Do you like secrets?”
“You should know what I like by now,” you remark. 
“Then prepare to be wowed.” He grins, taking your hand in his as he pulls you out the door. 
The restaurant you go to this time does not require a ten minute drive to the center of town. Instead, it’s a five minute walk from campus and actually happens to be a place you’ve been to before. It’s a busy little thing on a Friday night, waiters bustling about with trays in their hands, people laughing and smiling under the dim light of the chandeliers. You’ve only been here once, long ago, for a club dinner paid for by the finance chair, and for good reason. It’s not the kind of place cheap college students looking to get the most food for the least amount of money go to. 
“Isn’t this a bit out of budget for our rom-com?” You ask as the host seats you at your table, a little booth in the middle of the restaurant, lanterns resting on the corners of the seats. 
“I thought this was a mockumentary,” Jungkook jokes. 
“Yeah, yeah,” you say, resisting the smile that fights its way across your face. Trust you to make that sort of blunder in front of him. “I mean it, though. This place is expensive.”
“It’s manageable,” Jungkook promises. “I’ve been saving up. Plus, I thought you deserved a nice night out.”
“How generous of you.”
“Oh, come on, I know you’re excited,” he narrows his eyes at you. “You don’t have to act like a stone-cold robot anymore.”
“Well…” you suppose enough is enough. Jungkook can see right through you anyway, so there’s no point in keeping up this indifferent facade of yours. “Only because you’re treating me so nicely.”
“Just please don’t order the steak,” he requests simply. 
You laugh. “No problem. Maybe we could just share a couple of appetizers?”
Jungkook likes the sound of that. 
Luckily, this is not one of those restaurants where the appetizers cost an arm and a leg and are the size of your pinky finger. You and Jungkook split three different ones, happy to scoop out portions for each of you and indulge in them together. 
Dinner dates—of which this is only sort of one—are always awkward because you spend half of the time shoving food into your mouth, but you and Jungkook don’t seem to mind the silence at all. Only, Jungkook does look sort of like he’s holding back.
“Is this enough food for you?” You ask him halfway through, distantly remembering how he absolutely devoured a whole plate of pasta last time and still having enough room in his stomach to finish yours. 
“What do you mean?” Jungkook asks over a mouthful of vegetables. 
“You ate so much at the Italian place, I just want to make sure you aren’t still hungry,” you point out. 
“Oh.” Jungkook pauses, swallowing down the bite in his mouth. “No, I’m okay. Thanks for thinking of me, though.”
“Yeah, of course,” you say. You hesitate for a moment, not sure if you should say anything else. But what the hell, right? It’s Jungkook. It’s Jungkook and he walked you home when you were drunk, he gave you flowers, he let you borrow his jacket. And you feel as though you must return the favor. “Anytime.”
He smiles. 
Despite the pure ecstasy you both experience when eating delicious food, Jungkook makes sure not to waste this time and grabs a few frames of you eating with his camera. He always seems to have that with him whenever he’s with you, hanging around his neck or stuffed into his backpack or crammed into his pants pocket. Sort of makes you wonder just how much footage the two of you have of each other. 
He insists on paying but you send him some money anyway, just because letting him shoulder the burden of a place as expensive (for college students, at least) as this just doesn’t sit right with you. Whenever he receives the Venmo notification on his phone, Jungkook frowns and says that he’ll send that money back to you, but he never does and you can tell that he really does appreciate it. 
You don’t think you have any plans on stopping that for a while. 
The only downside of going to this restaurant is that there is no gorgeous, light-strung park in the vicinity the two of you can wander around. Just your campus, which you have no doubt walked a thousand times over, and the streets surrounding it, which you have memorized like the back of your hand. 
It almost makes you think that Jungkook is just going to drop you back off at your place and the night will end there, but you know better than to expect something like that from Jungkook. Instead, as you’re walking, you point out the cafe that you and Ruby always go to, see that it’s closing in half-an-hour, and Jungkook decides then and there that it’s your next destination. 
“You’ve never been here before?” You ask when you walk inside, eyes immediately drifting to the display of pastries beside the register. 
“I’m not normally on this side of campus,” Jungkook admits. “You’re the only reason I’m ever here.”
“Then hopefully after finding this place, you’ll have two reasons,” you say cheerfully. The baristas behind the counter know you on a first-name basis, are happy to help you out even though they’ve no doubt been working long hours and are ready to close up shop and go home. 
You split a tiramisu and sit at that same corner table you and Ruby always pick, empty now that it’s so late at night. Other than the employees, you and Jungkook are the only ones in here, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, filled to the brim with people, the smell of cooked food wafting through the air. 
 The tiramisu isn't as fresh as it would be bright and early in the morning, but you suppose that that just means you and Jungkook will have to come back. Besides, Jungkook obviously does not seem to mind, scarfing it down ruthlessly. You’re in and out just as they close up shop, the employees bidding you goodbye like old friends, sending you on your way. There’s not really much else either of you have planned for tonight, and Jungkook isn’t coming up with any new ideas as he checks his phone. Instead, you just begin to head back to your apartment, all wrapped up in each other. You place your hand in his own and feel yourself relax when he squeezes, a silent little reminder that he’s still here, and that so are you.
Funnily enough, holding hands feels natural to you at this point. 
“Tonight was fun,” you comment, breaking the quiet.
“Yeah, glad we could do this,” Jungkook agrees. “Makes me kind of sad to know that this thing is almost over.”
“What, the project?”
Jungkook shrugs. “Yeah. And the class. And the semester. It’s kind of scary. We’ll be seniors next year.”
You chuckle. “Ugh, don’t remind me. I still have no idea what I’m going to do after we graduate.”
“You don’t have to know everything,” Jungkook reassures you. “As long as you’re happy with what you have now.”
“Are you?” You inquire, looking up to meet his eyes. 
Jungkook beams down at you. “I am.”
The walk from the cafe to your apartment is short, just under five minutes, but it feels like it takes you an hour, footsteps slow and languid, like neither of you want the night to end. You hit every red light, round every corner, drawing out the evening for as long as you can. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do on a five-minute walk, and before you know it, you’re home.
“This is me,” you say, stopping outside the gold doors of your apartment complex. “Thanks again for tonight.”
“Anytime,” Jungkook says, a common thread in your conversations. 
“Really?” You ask, skeptical. “Our project’s almost over.”
“That doesn’t mean we have to stop doing this,” Jungkook says. 
You narrow your eyes. “What are you implying, huh, Jungkook?”
Before you know it, he’s wrapping one hand around your waist and pulling you in close to him, your palms splayed out against his broad, toned chest, pressing his lips to yours. You gasp a little into the feeling, somewhat shocked he would dare be so bold even after all this time, but find yourself sinking into the touch. He tastes like coffee and cream, like peppermint from his chapstick, like the wine you shared tonight. You cave into the way he holds you, hands wrapped around your body, palms pressed firmly against your figure. He holds you like he’s afraid to let go, like he’s trying to remind himself that you’re real and here and that you are kissing him back, like he’ll forget once the moment ends. 
But he need not worry about that. 
When you part, you don’t even bother wiping off the stupid smile on your face, kiss-drunk and filled with glee. It’s been a long time since you felt this way. And Jungkook makes you feel things you don’t even think you can explain. 
“How bold of you,” you comment, noses touching, barely an inch away from each other. 
“I figured I’d shoot my shot,” Jungkook says. He shrugs, pretending to be casual, but you can see the way he’s grinning, beaming, down at you. 
“You scored,” you remind him.
“How observant of you,” teases Jungkook in return. You pout a little at his playful mockery, heart fond. “Think we can do it again?”
“Hmm, I would tone down the ego first,” you say, already leaning back in to press your lips against his. 
“Never.” He smiles wickedly. 
It’s a quicker kiss this time, a short peck against his cherry red mouth, but it still makes your heart beat something terribly fierce. 
“See you soon?” You ask when you finally pull away, knowing that as much as you’d like to, you can’t just stand out here kissing each other forever. 
Jungkook nods, cheeks pink and warm to the touch. He looks so sleek in his formal black outfit, crisp button-down and slacks, hair all styled, but the way he’s grinning at you makes him look so young, so sublimely happy. It’s nice. 
Tumblr media
“There’s my favorite couple!” Taehyung greets excitedly when he swings open the door to his apartment to reveal you and Jungkook standing on the other side. 
“What’s it to you?” You comment snidely as he lets you inside, the black sheet still taped up along his wall. It looks a little more wrinkled than when you last saw it. 
“Oh, nothing,” Taehyung singsongs. He definitely knows a lot more than he cares to tell either you or Jungkook, but whatever. The project’s almost over and he’s almost finished with university entirely. “You guys are just cute together, that’s all.”
“Like you even know the half of it.” You tell him with a roll of your eyes. 
Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows. “Ooh, do tell.” He grins that greasy, comic-book-villain grin of his as he starts moving his bar stools back to where the sheet lines his cream-colored wall. 
“Isn’t that the whole point of this?” Jungkook poses, making you laugh from where you’re seated on the couch, watching Jungkook set up his tripod in exactly the place he wants it. You smile at him as you recline against Taehyung’s poor old leather couch, so worn-down from use that the back cushions fold in when you press against them, and Jungkook peers out from behind the camera to blow you a kiss. 
You send him one back without even needing to think. 
Taehyung misses the whole scene, but no doubt he’ll be putting two and two together pretty soon. You and Jungkook agreed that for the last interview you would be questioned together, long before Jungkook actually managed to romance you off your feet, and there’s not a doubt in your mind that the two of you being interviewed side-by-side will make things much more interesting. 
Nevertheless, Jungkook sets up the camera and sends a thumbs-up your way when he’s ready, Taehyung sitting on the bar stool just outside of the frame with a couple of index cards in his hand. 
“Let’s do this,” you say, hauling yourself onto the seat. Jungkook does the same shortly after, scooching onto the one next to you as you stare at Taehyung, waiting for him to start. 
“Looking forward to this one?” Taehyung asks knowingly. 
You shrug nonchalantly. “Just a little.”
“Excellent. Shall we begin?”
You and Jungkook nod. 
“Alright. Well, this is presumably the last thing the two of you will be filming for your project. How are you feeling about it?”
“It turned out better than I thought it would,” you admit. It will come as a shock to no one that you did not have very high hopes for this project when it was first assigned. 
“Of course it did, I’m your partner,” Jungkook teases, poking you in your side. “Would you ever doubt me?”
“Always,” you say.
Taehyung chuckles. “Sounds like it’s been good so far. Did you enjoy filming it?”
You nod. “Yeah, it was actually kind of fun. Except for when Jungkook spilled coffee all over me, that was not cool.” You turn to face Jungkook directly, and all he does when you say his name is wink and point at you. 
“It was for the rom-com, I don’t know what you expected,” Jungkook said. “I gave you my jacket, too.”
“How gentlemanly.”
Taehyung chuckles, warm and low. “I’m sure Jungkook learned his lesson,” he muses. “What was your favorite thing to film?”
Not when I randomly texted you five minutes before I showed up at your door to make you ask me questions about how I feel, you think to yourself. Jungkook still doesn’t know, but you think you’ll put it into the movie just for the hell of it, so he’ll find out then. Find out that you were grappling with your feelings for him long before you ever let on.
“The serenade was a blast, a special shoutout to the Eighth Notes for doing that for me,” Jungkook says immediately. Obviously that is at the top of his list. “Plus, I just like seeing Y/N all flustered.”
“Shut up, you’re so annoying,” you chide. “I guess the serenade was kind of cute. I liked going out together, though. On our not-date.”
Jungkook objects to that instantly. “It was a date, Y/N!”
You look back at him, equally as scandalized as he. “Whose turn is it to talk?”
“Mine, actually,” Taehyung interjects. “Did you like going out together?”
You sigh a little, wondering if you’re really about to turn into a softie in front of a camera for a movie to be shown to your twenty classmates and professor. “Yeah,” you say, real and true because that’s what you agreed on, you and Jungkook. To be candid. To be honest. To say how you felt. Really. “It was really nice. I hadn’t gone out with someone like that in a long time.”
“And were you happy because of the project, or because of Jungkook?”
“Well,” you begin, not exactly sure where to start. “I guess, it’s like… you know, I didn’t even know Jungkook before this project. I mean, I knew who he was, he would always respond to my discussion board posts and object to everything I said in class. But I didn’t know him as a person. But as we worked on this project together, planning and filming and editing, I started to. And we did so many things together. And I guess I just really enjoyed the time we did spend as a pair.”
“Would you say the same, Jungkook?”
“Yes,” Jungkook says easily. “That’s what I wanted. To get to know Y/N, to spend time with her. I was glad we had this project. Otherwise, we might never have done something like this.”
“You both seem very happy.”
“I think we are. This project was actually sort of a blessing in disguise. I know him a lot better, now,” you say. “I’m glad that I do. He makes me smile, and laugh, and I always feel happy when he’s around. I don’t know. He did it, somehow.”
“It wasn’t just me. Y/N and I did this together. We made this. This project. Us. It wasn’t just her, or just me. It’s ours.” Jungkook grins.
“Are you glad you did this project?”
Of course. It was fun, and I liked filming it, and I feel like I got something really important out of it. I know it’s just a short rom-com mockumentary, but it really feels like there was a happy ending, you know? A happily ever after.”
“You seem really certain about that.”
“Well,” Jungkook says with a little scoff, “what else would you call it?”
Tumblr media
“As you can see, obviously Y/N fell head over heels in love with me thanks to this wonderful project—”
“Why are you always so full of yourself—?”
“Hey, you’re ruining the voiceover! As I said, as you can see, Y/N fell head over heels in love with me, but that wasn’t just because of my dashing good looks and amazing singing skills.”
“The ends of your hair look like hay—”
“It was because we were honest with each other, and because we spent meaningful moments together, and because we kept our hearts open. And I guess that’s the truth of it all, isn’t it? Love, romance, relationships? If you close yourself off, you’ll never get to experience them. But if you take every opportunity with an open mind, then you never know what might happen. Like falling in love with your discussion board nemesis.”
“Who, me?”
“Just let me finish, come on. There’s like one paragraph left. I know this was a mockumentary, not a scripted rom-com with professional actors and screenwriters and a whole team of editors. But that was the whole point. To make it real. And to make it between two people who aren’t just characters on a screen. We’re real people, and this happened to us. And it makes us happy. And it can happen to you, too. I think we all learn something every time we watch a new movie. Whether it be about loss, or promises, or other people. This time, we learned about love. Real love. How it can be rocky and strange and come straight out of left field. But also how happy endings aren’t just for movies and fairytales. We all deserve them. And Y/N and I found our own.”
“Are you gonna say it?”
“And so… they lived happily ever after.”
You look up at the screen, expecting to see the credits roll, but instead it’s a shot of the two of you kissing outside of your apartment building, a shot of you wrapping your arms around him as you press your lips to his. It lasts for only a few seconds, but you find yourself entranced in the moment, shocked that Jungkook somehow managed to capture it on film. He didn’t even have his camera with him that night. 
Pollack turns on the lights in your classroom as your fellow classmates applaud, all of them looking genuinely pleased that your rom-com had such a wonderful ending. Pollack herself looks rather proud, nodding to herself as she smiles at the two of you. 
“You filmed us kissing?” You hiss to Jungkook as your classmates clap, hoping the sound of it will drown out your conversation. 
“I got Taehyung to,” Jungkook whispers back. “Why?”
“I just… I thought that night was just for us.”
“The rest of it is. But I thought the kiss would be a cute way to end it. You know, happy ending and everything.”
Alright, if Jungkook insists. You nod, tensing up slightly. You hadn’t even noticed Taehyung down the street, standing behind some utility pole with the camera raised to his eye. Had Jungkook texted him in secret? Asked him to meet you outside of your apartment? Was he planning on kissing you from the very beginning?
You shake your head, willing away the thoughts as Pollack commends the two of you for a job well done. Jungkook and you stand at the front of the room for a few more seconds, getting stared down by your fellow classmates while Pollack speaks. The period ends just as she finishes up, the minutes changing the moment she closes her mouth. Within a minute or so, the whole class has emptied out, some of them congratulating you and Jungkook on the way out. 
“I’ll meet you outside, okay?” Jungkook says, eyes bright and filled with that same wonder he’s always got. 
“Yeah,” you say distantly, nodding to him as he disappears out the door. 
“You did an excellent job, Y/N,” Pollack praises, and it goes right to your head, if you’re being honest. “It was brilliant.”
“Thanks,” you say, suddenly rather shy. “That means a lot.”
“Don’t tell anyone else this,” she says, voice quiet, “but I was secretly hoping the two of you would fall in love.”
She laughs. “What? I thought you’d make a cute couple. And you do, so clearly it all worked out anyway.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s against the code of conduct,” you say, even though you know you can’t be too mad at her. After all, you wouldn’t have Jungkook if it weren’t for her. 
“Y/N, I’m tenured. I don’t care.”
“Wait…” you pause, eyes narrowing, “how many of your students have you set up with each other?”
Pollack grins. “I never reveal my secrets.”
Your mouth drops open. 
She chuckles, shooing you out the door. “Go on, go be with your boyfriend. You can tell him you both get A pluses for your project. It was excellent. One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.”
“Thanks, Pollack,” you say, smiling gratefully. “You’re the best.”
She points at you proudly as you head out the door. “So are you.”
Jungkook is waiting by the tables where you always sit, half a flight down from your classroom. He’s leaning against the edge of them as he scrolls mindlessly through his phone, so engrossed in the Instagram explore page that he doesn’t see you walk up. 
“Guess what,” you say, getting all up in his face, just because you can. 
“What,” Jungkook says, an eyebrow raised. 
“We got an A plus on our project!” You exclaim happily, cheering. Jungkook laughs at your exuberant reaction, watches as you jump around, clapping loudly. 
“Hell yeah, we did that!” Jungkook holds his hand up for a high five, one you gladly take. Your palms smack together and the sound reverberates around the hallway. 
“You know, you and I—” you begin, placing your palms on his cheeks as you pull yourself in for a kiss, “we make a pretty good team.”
“Only because you’re so good at editing,” Jungkook says. You’re both not too bad, if you do say so yourself, but since Jungkook did so much of the filming you thought it would be better if you carried more of the weight when it came to post-production. 
“Says you,” you tease, pressing your lips to his button nose. “The happy ending thing was a nice touch, I liked it. Makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale.”
“I’m glad,” Jungkook says with a chuckle, admiring the way you beam at him. “You know, I was really worried that you might think we didn’t have a happy ending after all, especially after everything.”
“What do you mean?” You look at him curiously. 
“Well, I just really wanted to make sure that we had a happy ending, because you’ve been through so much.”
You pause in place, eyebrows furrowing as you look up at him. Been through so much? Does Jungkook know something you don’t? Wait, no, did you… did you tell him—?
“You knew?” You ask, the realization piercing you like an arrow. “All this time, and you never said anything?”
Jungkook’s eyes widen. 
“How long have you known?”
He winces. “Since I walked you home when you were drunk. You told me.”
You did?
“And you didn’t think that maybe you should have told me that you knew? Especially when I asked you if I had said anything embarrassing?” You cry out, indignant. “What, were you just planning on never telling me?”
“I was going to, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know that you had admitted all those things to me,” Jungkook admits, growing desperate. “They were really personal things, I thought you might react badly.”
“Oh, so you just decided to keep it a secret instead? Look how well that worked out.”
“What was I supposed to do, Y/N? I know you would have been upset.”
“Tell me!” You exclaim. “I asked you if I had said something embarrassing that night and you said I hadn’t. And I believed you. Better to have known then than now!”
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook says.
“I can’t believe you wouldn’t just tell me. Didn’t we say we would be honest with each other? But instead, you just let me assume that all of the nice things you did for me were because you actually cared, and not because you felt bad for me?”
“I don’t feel bad for you!” Jungkook shouts. “I mean, I do, but that’s not why I took you out on dates and gave you flowers and held your hand. I do care about you.”
“Oh, so filming us kissing was just because you actually cared, too, right?”
“I don’t know why you’re so hung up about that,” Jungkook points out. 
“Because I thought it was a private moment,” you remind him. “You hadn’t filmed anything the whole night. I thought we were just going out on a date like two people who cared about each other did. Us kissing was personal. But you texted Taehyung and told him to show up with his camera anyway, right? Because you were planning on kissing me from the very beginning. Because you knew, Jungkook. You knew and you had absolutely no intention of telling me.”
“Y/N, wait, I didn’t do those things just because I pitied you,” Jungkook says, reaching out for your hand. 
You pull away. “You didn’t? Then why did you film us kissing, then?”
“Because…” he flounders. You aren’t at all surprised. “Because—”
“Enough, Jungkook. I get it,” you stop him, shaking your head. “Everything we’ve done since that first date we had, when we went to the Italian place, everything since then—it was all played up. Because you felt bad for me. I had a shitty experience with love and you wanted to make me feel better. Whatever.”
“Y/N, it wasn’t like that,” Jungkook chases after you as you begin to walk down the stairs, towards the exit. “I didn’t pity you. I still don’t. I did those things because I care about you, and I wanted you to be happy.”
“Well, you got what you wanted,” you say, arms crossed over your shoulders as you push your way out the door. “I was so happy when I was with you.”
“Wait, Y/N—”
“Bye, Jungkook.”
The door slams shut behind you. 
Tumblr media
“How many finals do you still have left? You finished your movie, right?”
Ruby is stirring herself a cup of earl grey tea as she sits down on the couch next to you, where you’re very obviously sulking as you scroll through the Feel Good Rom-Coms category on Netflix. 
“I just have a couple essays and a presentation,” you mumble out. “You?”
“Ugh, I still have all of my final exams to take,” Ruby tells you with a thick, heavy sigh. Clearly, she doesn't feel like talking about them now. Or at all. “The life of a biology major.”
“Hey, you’re the one who wants to be a doctor, not me,” you remind her crudely. “You better know your shit, or I’m never taking my kids to your practice.”
“Rude,” Ruby says. “There goes my family and friends discount offer.”
You laugh to yourself, a small smile inching its way across your lips. Ruby’s always known how to brighten your day, even when you feel like absolute shit. 
“What are we watching, hmm? I’m cool with anything.”
“I don’t know.” You shrug, flicking through all of the rom-com options and feeling very unhappy with all of them. “I feel like you’ve seen all of these.”
“Yeah,” Ruby says. “Whenever I’m not studying, I’m watching Netflix or The Bachelor.”
You nod. Maybe you’ll just settle on some old NCIS reruns and call it a night. 
“Oh!” Ruby exclaims suddenly, a lightbulb going off above her head. “How about we watch your movie? The rom-com you did with Jungkook! I haven’t seen it yet.”
“I don’t know…” You begin, the mere thought putting a bad taste in your mouth. For obvious reasons. 
“Come on, please? I really want to see it, you were so excited about it,” Ruby begs, getting all antsy as she climbs all over you, literally pulling your arm to get you to cave in. “It’s short, too, isn’t it? Like forty-five minutes long? We can watch whatever you want afterwards. Please.”
You huff out a breath. If it were up to you, you would move that film onto a flash drive and toss it into a dumpster on fire. But it’s not just up to you. Ruby has been asking you about it since the day you told her you were filming it, and now all she wants to do is see the final result. And it’s only forty-five minutes long. What’s that when compared to the rest of your life?
“Fine,” you relent, not wanting to fight about it any longer. “Let me get my computer.”
Ruby cheers. 
You bring your laptop over to your coffee table, turning off the ceiling lights as Ruby tucks herself underneath a blanket, hands warmed by her steaming cup of tea. You pull up the movie file and, taking a deep breath, press play. 
It opens with your first interview with Taehyung, a muted, royalty-free lo-fi hip-hop song playing in the background. You had edited it so that it would jump back and forth between your answer and Jungkook’s, highlighting the contrast between the two of you. It was mostly for comedic purposes, just because seeing you deadpan about how love doesn’t exist and then quickly switching to Jungkook wax poetic about it is amusing, but watching it now just makes you want to curl into yourself. 
You should have known that this would have never worked out. Should have kept that same jaded attitude. You let your guard down for one second and look at what’s happened to you.
The next scene that Jungkook shows is, of course, the moment he spills burning hot coffee all over you in the middle of the Starbucks, comedically panning up to your positively-flabbergasted face just to add to the shock factor. Next to you, Ruby laughs at the mishap, obviously amused by the fact that the two of you are now drenched in coffee and scrambling to clean up the mess. You try to focus your energy on how peeved you were at Jungkook after he did that, but get distracted the moment he films himself wrapping his denim jacket around you, placing it over your shoulders and making sure it’s just right. 
He didn’t have to do that, and the two of you both knew it. But still, he sent you off your class all bundled up in a jacket that smelled like him, smelled of that boyish aroma that you couldn’t get rid of, even when you put it in the wash with your lavender detergent. All of Jungkook’s clothes smelt like that no matter how much cologne he put on, always smelt woody and thick. It would consume you, that scent, a cloud surrounding your figure whenever you were near him. 
The movie keeps playing, and you keep thinking about how much of a fool you must look like in it now, all giggles and smiles as Jungkook sings Frankie Valli to you while he hands you a rose, that same sly little smile dotting his features. Hearing the song again makes you feel like you’re choking, like something’s smothering you, and you’re not sure what it is until you realize that it’s the sound of Jungkook’s voice. 
You haven’t heard him sing since he serenaded you. 
Then it’s your first date, the one Ruby told you to wear the yellow dress to (“Hey, I told you you looked amazing in it! Wow!” Ruby exclaims when she sees you). You remember when you edited this, putting the clips together of you eating at the restaurant, wandering around the park, posing underneath the trees, holding hands. You were smiling so hard your cheeks hurt while you were editing, grinning from ear to ear at all of the things the two of you did together. They were so picturesque, those scenes, so perfectly shot, so romantici—t did a fine job of convincing you that it was all real. 
You even put in the little clip of you and Taehyung talking. A mistake, now that you look back on it, of course. It was so vulnerable, so real, so candid and honest like you said you would be, and now it’s all blown up in your face. You must have looked like such an idiot to Jungkook when he saw this scene for the first time in class. You remember the wide-eyed look on his face when it popped up. Like he couldn’t even believe you had done this in the first place. 
Scoffing, you shake your head. You either. 
The rest of it you can hardly bear to watch. Just a wrap-up of your relationship, a compilation of all of the small moments you shared when you didn’t realize that Jungkook was filming, when you dared whip out your camera to shoot for a second or two. Little clips that jump from scene to scene, shots of you laughing and eating and skipping along campus as you held hands. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that it’s all over. 
You don’t even listen to the final interview, not bothering to pay attention to what you or Jungkook have to say when you were there, when you can recall every word he’s ever spoken to you at the drop of a hat. 
The truth is, you were always a goner for him. 
And look how well that played out. 
By the time the kissing scene comes up once more, you’re ready to set your whole laptop alight. 
The screen turns black as it ends, fading away into nothingness, the instrumental slowly disappearing alongside the image. You shut your laptop when it’s all over, a little too angry for your own good, but you wrestle the scowl off your face as you take a drink of water from the glass sitting on the table. 
“Wow,” Ruby says, speechless. She blinks at your closed laptop. 
“Did you like it?”
“I—I don’t even know what to say,” Ruby says, which is a first. “It was amazing, Y/N. Seriously. Gorgeous. Like, cinematographically? Stunning. The shit on Netflix isn’t even as good as that.”
Even if you did have to sit through your stupid movie one more time, the compliments make you feel a bit better. “Thanks,” you murmur. 
Ruby nods enthusiastically. “It was incredible. I’m just—I’m in awe. You and Jungkook have a gift, dude. It was seriously one of the best things I’ve watched in a really long time. And, like, not even in a cheesy, yucky rom-com kind of way. It was so… so genuine. So real. Wow.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
“You’ll have to tell Jungkook, too,” Ruby says. “He did really well.”
“Yeah, he’s a great actor,” you say, a little too bitterly for your own good. 
“What do you mean?” Ruby raises an eyebrow your way. “I didn’t think he was acting at all. It looked pretty real to me.”
You frown. “It did?”
“I mean, yeah,” Ruby says with an honest nod. “I mean, you did tell me it was a mockumentary and not just a run-of-the-mill rom-com. So wasn’t everything supposed to be real, anyway?”
“Yes…” you trail off, unsure of the direction of this conversation.
“Well, if you ask me,” Ruby says, all matter-of-factly, “I’d say he definitely fell in love with you.”
Something rushes through you. Something warm and bright and full of energy. 
Tumblr media
Even though you have finished one of your finals early, finals week is still just as much of a slog as it always is. Three essays and two presentations deep, you aren’t finished any of them and the due dates are slowly creeping up on you, ready to pounce the moment the clock strikes twelve. 
Eh, it could be worse. You could be Ruby and have six timed, proctored final exams on biology, anatomy, and chemistry. So you suppose you can’t complain too much. 
Finals week sees you all holed up in your apartment like always, but more so this semester than any previous ones because you don’t feel like going to the library and risking seeing Jungkook there. Or anywhere, really. Since you presented on the last day of classes, you haven’t spoken since, and hopefully you can keep that streak going forever. You had made it until this semester without ever crossing paths despite being in the same major, so hopefully that luck will follow you. 
It’s almost midnight when you finally decide to call it quits for the night, having at least gotten mostly through two of your essays (just have to edit and proofread!) and worked on about half of your two presentations. Sighing, you get up from your couch and stretch, feeling your bones crack from sitting in the same place for hours on end. 
You lean over to the floor lamp by the edge of the couch, ready to flick it off and head to bed, when you hear something outside. 
“You’re just too good to be true…”
“Can’t take my eyes off of you…”
You freeze.
The voice is soft and mellow, a little muted because it’s making its way through your wooden door before it reaches your ears, but it is unrecognizable. Even without the acoustics of the Eighth Notes, you know who’s on the other side. 
“You’d be like Heaven to touch…”
“I wanna hold you so much…”
“At long last, love has arrived…”
“And I thank God I’m alive…”
Unable to resist, you wander to your front door, basking in the sound of him, in the way the notes float through the air as if on clouds, dancing along the walls as they sink into your brain. He sounds so sweet, voice warm like tea on a cold night, just singing his song on this empty, lonely night. But it’s not just his song, is it? 
It’s yours, too.
You pull open the door. 
“You’re just too good to be true,” Jungkook sings, a honeyed melody that calms the waves of your stormy heart, “can’t take my eyes off of you…”
But just because he’s here, serenading you once more, doesn’t mean he’s going to get it any easier from you. You fight to keep the smile off your face, pressing your lips together as you narrow your eyes at him. 
“I love you, baby, and if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm the lonely night…”
“I love you, baby, trust in me when I say…”
He meets your eyes with his own, and they aren’t glinting in the way they normally do, the way that they do when he knows he’s doing something to grind your gears, when he’s got a trick up his sleep. They gleam like pearls as the dim glow of your apartment lights up his figure, warm yellow mixing with the caramel in his irises.
“Oh, pretty baby, don’t bring me down, I pray…”
Oh, pretty baby, now that I’ve found you, stay…”
“And let me love you, baby…”
From behind him, Jungkook brings out a single red rose, twirling it between his fingers as he holds it out to you. 
“Let me love you…” He trails off there, voice delicate as vanishes into the chilly night air, disappearing between the two of you. 
You can’t help but take the flower from his hand. What else are you supposed to do?
“So?” Jungkook asks, hopeful. 
“Don’t think you can just show up at my apartment and woo me back by singing to me,” you chide, even though he definitely can. 
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook says simply, because there really is nothing else to say. “I should have told you.”
“I watched our rom-com again,” you tell him. “I should have believed you when you said you cared about me.”
“I always did,” Jungkook says. “I just wanted you to know that love was real, and that it was there for you.”
“I should have known,” you agree. You look up at Jungkook through lidded eyes, musing to yourself. “You know what I learned?”
Jungkook tilts his head in curiosity. “What?”
“That love isn’t a feeling. It’s a person,” you explain, sighing pleasantly. “Love comes to us through the things we share with other people. That’s what it is.” Your thumbs twiddle in front of you, the pads of your fingers rubbing at the stem of the rose.
He takes a single step forward, reaching out to take your hand in his own. “And are you pleased with who you’ve found?”
You roll your eyes. “Just shut up and kiss me already, you idiot.”
Jungkook obliges without a second thought. 
There is no one to film you this time, no project to work on. There is only you, and there is only him. And there is only a lifetime that the two of you share, a story that you have told together, piece by piece, frame by frame. Your movie didn’t end once you finished editing. Nor did it end the moment the screen went black in Pollack’s class. It wasn’t even over when you watched it a second time with Ruby. 
No, it continues on. Forever and ever, so long as you are with him. There will always be something new to capture, to burn into a disk so you’ll have it for eternity.
He pulls you in for a kiss and it’s not the end of the film. It’s the beginning of a brand new part, a new installment in the series that is your life with him. That is the relationship you have created together. His lips aren’t the fireworks as the credits roll. They are the scene where the two characters meet for the very first time and know that they were meant to be. The scene that sets all of the other ones in motion. That is who Jungkook is. That is what you are sharing, right now. 
A brand new frame. 
When you part, you press your forehead against his, soft blonde locks framing his face as they tickle your face, dancing along the skin of your cheeks.
“You called it a rom-com,” Jungkook points out randomly, just remembering now. 
“Well, isn’t it?”
“I don’t know…” Jungkook says, pretending to think about it as he rocks on the back of his feet. “Did it have a happy ending?”
You bring your lips to his once more, arms wrapped around his neck as you clasp the rose between your fingers. You make a mental note to press it later. Something else to remember him by. Something other than your movie. 
Jungkook pulls you into him once more, hands resting firmly on your waist, letting his body press against yours as you stand there in the muted light of your apartment’s living room, letting the cool spring breeze wash over you. You smile against his lips, feeling your heart race when he grins back. 
“Yes,” you declare proudly. 
Tumblr media
And so, they lived happily ever after. 
Tumblr media
↳ thanks for reading! don’t forget to let me know if you enjoyed it!
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jcwriting · 5 months ago
Written in the Stars
Tumblr media
summary ↬ being soulmates with a werewolf? pretty easy. being jungkook’s soulmate? the easiest thing in the world. there’s only one teensy tiny problem. he doesn’t want to fuck you.
pairing ↬ werewolf!jungkook x reader
genre ↬ soulmate!au, abo verse, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort (this is so fucking dramatic and for what)
word count ↬ 10.4k my hand slipped
warnings ↬ swearing, angst (but with a happy ending bc im a sappy bitch), jk is stupid in love (emphasis on stupid), mentions of violence (very brief and i don’t go into too much detail but just to warn yall), slight nsfw (sex is a big topic for like half of this but not sex is had...i know im shocked too), half of this is background info/setting up the story the other half is finally addressing the summary lolol, jk is kind of an asshole but he has reasons!!!!!
authors note ↬ hello lovelies! here’s a small little thing for you all (laughs in 10k word count). this has been sitting in my drafts for fucking ever and i just needed to get it out there and out of my hands. im thinking about writing a part two where the actual ~*/sex/*~ is had but im still on the fence about that. please let me know what you think! i literally crave your interactions so pls dont be shy,,,,,okay love you bye :)
(ps i was so close to naming this Rewrite the Stars but since this has absolutely nothing to do with The Greatest Showman i didn’t. but i was close,,,,so fucking close)
Tumblr media
You always knew Jeon Jungkook was destined for great things.
It was written in the stars, your mother had told you after he had first stepped foot into your family-owned grocery store. Your mother didn’t have any special powers, she just had a thing for astrology. While you normally shrugged off her random proclamations about divine intervention and planetary alignments, you found that Jungkook was something you couldn’t ignore or chalk up as your mother’s latest tea leaf reading.
From the moment you set eyes on him you knew he was different. While your family held zero claim to any sort of mystical or magical inclinations, you were well aware of those who did. It was no secret that non-humans roamed the Earth in plain sight, even though it had taken humans eons to realize this. After years of savage wars and civil unrest, agreements had come into place and governing bodies were adjusted to accept the changes that had finally been made. But, this was all before your time. You were the generation that was born into the period of peace, the first children to not experience bloodshed before they could walk. The world you knew now was almost a complete one-eighty of what it had been.
Where before those who were not of human blood had to do everything they could to blend in, now could be free of the shadows. Your classrooms had both humans and non-humans in their rosters. Some of your teachers were hybrids. Curriculum expanded to teach humans about a world that had once been entirely unknown to them. One of your favorite teachers was a witch who regaled your tenth grade class with stories of goblin wars, wizard duels, and vampire covens. All tales that you had once thought were nothing but fiction were now anything but.
Which is why, the second Jeon Jungkook entered the grocery store that your parents owned and that you had worked at since you were old enough to speak in full sentences, you knew who he was. You didn’t even question it.
He was a werewolf. A powerful one. You could see it in the way he carried himself. The purposeful strides he took down the narrow aisles, the confidence in his broad shoulders. Humans weren’t nearly as sensitive as their hybrid counterparts but you also paid attention in your classes. Or, perhaps you were more aware than other humans. Never in your life did you have the issues other faced when meeting a non-human for the first time. You always knew who they were without them having to tell you. You just knew.
So, when Jeon Jungkook stepped up to your register with a bottle of water and some raw beef, you didn’t flinch. Didn’t bend under his dark gaze or shuffle your feet in an awkward attempt to break the silence. Instead, you flashed him your customer service smile and rang up his items. He didn’t say a word as he paid, barely sparing you a second glance as he strode out of the store.
“He’s going to be a great and powerful man,” your mother said in that feathery light voice of hers. “It was written in the stars.”
You couldn’t help but agree.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook came into your store everyday for the next month. He bought the same thing every time. A bottle of water and a package of raw beef. The only time he spared you any words was to say thank you or the occasional hello if the sun was shining. Usually, he was alone. Sometimes, he came with a few members of his pack. You liked those days. He smiled a little brighter and talked a little louder when they were around. Especially around Taehyung.
Then, after a month, he didn’t come in. Not for an entire week. From Monday to Sunday, you hadn’t seen a hide nor hair of him. A part of you was worried, so worried that you almost stopped Taehyung in the middle of the street to ask of Jungkook’s whereabouts before realizing how insane that made you look, the other part was chastising yourself for caring. Jeon Jungkook was a customer. Nothing more, nothing less.
The following Monday had come and you had finally stopped glancing at the sliding doors every five minutes. You no longer expected his commanding presence to rock your little world. Instead, you continued your day as if it had been any other. That was, until, Jeon Jungkook stepped through the entrance looking as if he was walking on air. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why.
“Did you have a good heat?” You asked when he stepped up to your register. Jungkook fumbled the water bottle he had been setting onto the conveyer belt before turning to stare at you.
“What did you just say?”
You didn’t shrink under his intense glare. “I was asking if you enjoyed your heat. Seems like you did.”
“How do you know I was in my rut?”
“Oh, is rut the correct terminology? Sorry, they always interchanged them in class, I was never sure what was appropriate.” You shrugged and rang up his items. “It was kind of obvious, though. You seemed pretty agitated about a week-and-a-half ago, then you disappear for a week, and now you’re back looking happier than ever. If it wasn’t your rut then I want to know where you went on vacation because that’s where I’m heading to next.”
Jungkook laughed. That almost made you jump out of your skin. You had never heard him laugh before. It was throaty, it was deep, and it was wonderful. “I’ll be sure to send you the link to the Airbnb.”
“And how do you plan on doing that?”
He smirked. “I’m here every day, aren’t I?”
You tilted your head as you accepted the cash he handed to you. “Clearly, you’re not that reliable.”
Jungkook laughed again. It was becoming your new favorite sound. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to appear flaky.”
“You’re forgiven,” you decided as you handed him the plastic bag of his purchases. Teasingly, you added, “just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
He flashed you a smile that showed off his sharpened canines. “Don’t worry, darling. I never make the same mistake twice.”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook kept his promise. He showed up everyday, like clockwork. Bought the same thing. Arrived at the same time. The only thing that changed was how he treated you. It wasn’t that he treated you badly before, he had always been polite. But now, he talked to you. He asked you questions and answered yours. More often than not, he laughed.
(It had become your favorite sound.)
For three months, this continued. The two of you had settled into a comfortable routine, something you relied on and expected. Until, he changed that.
Until, Jeon Jungkook asked you out on a date.
“What did you just say?”
“Are you free? Tonight?” You glanced around, almost expecting to see some sort of supermodel posing behind you to explain the absolute absurdity of the situation. “What are you doing?”
“Looking for the hidden cameras. I think I’m getting Punk’d.”
Jungkook sighed and placed both hands on the counter that separated the two of you. “Look at me.” You did. Slowly and warily, but you did. “Does it look like I’m lying to you?”
Narrowing your eyes, you regarded him carefully. He seemed serious. But, then again, do you ever really know someone? “I don’t know. I’ve never actually seen you lie before so I wouldn’t know the difference.”
“Fine. Ask me what color my shirt is.”
“What color is your shirt?”
“White,” he deadpanned. You glanced down at his chest. His shirt was black.
He threw his head back and released a full bellied laugh. Even in your exasperation you couldn’t help but soften a little. “I’m sorry, darling. I couldn’t help myself.” Annoyed, you huffed and spun to face the cash register. Stabbing your finger onto the touchscreen, you ignored Jungkook’s obvious presence on the opposite side of the counter. Until his hand reached around the card reader and grasped a hold of your chin. The warmth of his fingers forced your head to turn to meet his.
“Come to dinner with me.” His voice was nothing but a rumble in his chest, his eyes so black and all-consuming you couldn’t do anything but agree with him. He seemed pleased by your response as his fingers tightened against your skin and a grateful smile flicked past his lips. His gaze darted down to your mouth and your breath froze in your chest.
“Are you going to kiss me?”
Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “Do you want me to?”
“No.” You tried to shake your head but his grip didn’t allow you much movement. He was taken aback by your answer, a small frown tugging at his mouth. You quickly backtracked to fix the situation. “I don’t want our first kiss to be in a grocery store. That’s a new low that I refuse to reach.”
Jungkook chuckled and tapped your chin gently. “Alright, darling. I’ll pick you up at seven.”
Tumblr media
Again, he kept his promise to you. He showed up at your parents house exactly at seven, wearing a button-down shirt and slacks. The tulips he had gotten for you was thrust into your hands the moment you opened the door. Flashing him a genuine smile, you hurried into the kitchen to set them in water while your mother grilled him on his birth time. You were quick to drag him away, practically throwing him towards the car as you waved goodbye.
“Sorry,” you sighed as Jungkook opened the passenger door for you. “She has a…thing for astrology. She’s probably creating your star map or whatever right now.”
“It’s okay,” he responded once he got into the drivers seat. “It’s sweet of her to care.”
You snorted. “She’s delusional is what she is.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t believe in astrology?”
“Do you?”
Jungkook shrugged as he pulled out of your dirt driveway. He looked so damn attractive behind the wheel it was honestly unfair. “Not really saying I do or don’t. All I know is that there are a lot of things out there that are out of our control. If believing in the stars and planets helps you gain some of that control back, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”
“God, don’t talk like that in front of my mother. She’ll want to start dating you.”
He grinned and placed a hand on your knee. “Tell her I’m already taken.”
You didn’t get a chance to respond to that. Not that he didn’t give you one, it was just that you literally had nothing to say. With just one sentence he opened the floodgates of your brain and the amount of thoughts that were flying through your conscious was painful. Anxiety fluttered in your stomach and you pressed your lips together to keep you from word vomiting onto him. No, it was better to keep your mouth shut and let the moment pass.
By the time you reached the restaurant you were a trembling mess of nerves. Were you guys dating? You thought this was just a ‘testing the waters’ date, not a ‘you’re my girlfriend now’ date. Did you have to make it Facebook official? You hated that shit.
Jungkook didn’t comment on your obvious distress, though. He merely placed a hand on the small of your back, ignoring how you jerked in surprise, and led you into the quiet bistro. Nodding politely to the hostess who was practically panting at the sight of him (you honestly couldn’t blame her) and pulled out your chair for you. When he sat down, he started talking. Idle chat at first. Commenting on one of the dishes, asking about the college classes you were taking at your local university. Before you realized it, wine was in your glass and your shoulders were loose. Previous nerves forgotten, you lost yourself in Jungkook. You drank, you ate, you laughed, and genuinely enjoyed his company. Honestly, it was the best date you’d ever been on.
“I have to be honest with you,” Jungkook spoke after he finished his raw steak. “I have an ulterior motive for asking you here tonight.”
“Oh,” you mumbled around the shrimp you had just tossed in your mouth. “So…this isn’t a date?”
“No, it is,” Jungkook clarified quickly around a dry chuckle. He seemed…nervous. It put you on edge immediately. “This is definitely a date. And, also, more.”
“More? What, is this a proposal too?” You were joking. A 100% joking. But Jungkook was staring at you so seriously it made you panic. “Jungkook, if you get down on one knee here I swear-”
“I’m not proposing,” he assured you. “This is something more than that.”
“More?” You parroted. Jungkook sighed.
“Do you know what a true mate is?”
Right there, in that quaint little bistro, on a date with quite possibly the most untouchable man you’d ever met, he explained how you were irrevocably his. His true mate, his soulmate.
Jungkook explained everything in great detail, which you appreciated, because honestly, you had no words. He explained how when he was born, the witch who cared for him told his father that his future glared brightly ahead of him, but only when he met his other half. True mates were rare. Mating was common, the wolves in his pack could have multiple mates or a lifelong one, but true mates were destiny. Someone or something out there had forged the two of you together. You were essentially each others other half. He was made for you and you were made for him.
“But…aren’t true mates only for wolves? I thought it’s impossible for a human to be a true mate,” you asked in a shaky voice once Jungkook took a breath.
“It was supposed to be impossible. Until, I met you.” Jungkook stared at you with a sort of reverence that made your entire body blush. “I have no idea how you are. I’ve spent hours researching. I’ve consulted with members of my pack and others. No one knows why.”
“Are you sure, though? I mean…what if you’re wrong?”
“I’m not.” Jungkook shook his head. “I visited the witch right after I met you. She took one look at me and told me that I had finally found my true mate. She said she’d never seen a future so bright before.”
You had no words for that. For the first time in your life, you were speechless. Jungkook seemed to understand. He let you sit in silence as he paid for the bill and walked you out to the car. The drive back to your parents house was the same. You couldn’t speak. The shock rendered you stupid.
By the time Jungkook pulled into the driveway you still hadn’t spoken a word to each other. You stepped out of the car before he could open the door for you. Walking up to the porch steps in a trance, you didn’t hear him follow you until he clasped your wrist in his hand. Turning to face him, you were surprised to see his brown eyes so big. They practically sparkled in the moonlight and he looked so soft and sweet you nearly melted into the wood beneath your feet.
“Please,” he whispered. “Can you…just - are you okay? You’ve been so quiet. I’m worried I’ve scared you off or something.”
With that voice, it was impossible to deny him. So, you said the first thing that popped in your head. “Do we have to make it Facebook official?”
Jungkook stared at you before bursting into laughter. “Really? That’s all you have to say?”
You blushed and glanced down. “I’m just worried, that’s all. I can’t remember my Facebook password so even if you wanted to change it I don’t think it’ll work.”
“So that’s why you never accepted my friend request,” Jungkook teased. Before you could squeak out a response, he wrapped his arms around your waist and tugged you forward. You kept your arms crossed across your chest but let yourself fall against him.
“Don’t make fun of me,” you whined as you buried your face into his shoulder. He smelled so good, a mixture of pine and spice. “My brain hasn’t worked since you told me I’m yours, so bear with me.”
Jungkook chuckled and gently swayed you from side to side. “Does that mean you’re okay with this? All of this?”
Sighing, you lifted your head up and stepped away from him. Jungkook was not impressed and pulled you back to him. Your heart swelled in your chest and you wrapped your arms around his neck in consolation. “Honestly? I haven’t really processed anything. You’ve had your whole life to come to terms with this. I just found out thirty minutes ago that I’m someone’s soulmate. It’s a lot to take in.”
Jungkook nodded as he tapped his fingers against your hips. “I know. It’s a lot…I’m a lot. I just want you to know that you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to be with me. I won’t-”
Now it was your turn to burst into laughter. You couldn’t believe those words had left his mouth. It was easily the most absurd thing you’d ever heard. “Jungkook, I want to make something very clear. I have no problem being your true mate. That’s not the issue here. Well, there really isn’t an issue. It’s just…hard to believe, I guess. I have to process that this is my new reality.”
“Really?” Jungkook perked up and looked so fucking cute you couldn’t help but cup his cheeks. His skin was so warm despite the cold autumn air that surrounded you both. “You want to do this? Be with me? Be mine?” All you could do was nod. You were so overwhelmed with emotions. The shock was evident, but a piece of you was so happy. You felt whole.
Jungkook’s face split into a wide smile that caused his nose to scrunch up. He wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around. Squealing, you slung your legs around his hips and held on. Normally, you’d rather die than show this much affection to someone. But, this was Jungkook. Your soulmate.
“So…what do we do now?” You asked once Jungkook set you down. “Is there, like, a ceremony or something?”
“I have no idea,” he admitted as he stared down at you. He had a hand against your jaw and was rubbing your cheek tenderly. “I really didn’t think I’d get this far.”
You scoffed at his ridiculousness. While recognizing you were Jungkook’s true mate was going to take some time, believing that he thought you’d deny him was utter nonsense. “What if…what if we date, first?” You suggested timidly. “I know that sounds kind of weird considering we’re supposed to be the loves of each others lives. But, I don’t really know you all that well. And, I think this is going to take sometime for me to get used to. Maybe we should date, get to know each other, and just learn how to be with one another.”
“Whatever you want,” Jungkook agreed. “We can do whatever you want. Just as long as I have you, I’m happy.”
Tumblr media
Two years passed.
Two blissful, wonderful years. Two years of dating, two years of loving, two years of being Jeon Jungkook’s. It was everything you could’ve asked for and more. You had never felt so loved and cherished in your entire life. He respected you, he took care of you, and most importantly, he was there for you in every sense. Since the moment you met him, you hadn’t been alone. He hadn’t let you. Jungkook knew you better than you knew yourself.
And, it was the same for him. You were there for him when he transitioned into the leader of his pack. You were there when he took over the CEO position from his father and encouraged and supported him every step of the way. You let yourself be loved and in return he let you love him. It was wonderful.
Except, for one tiny thing.
While the emotional aspect of your relationship flourished and bloomed into something beautiful, the physical side remained stagnant. Make out sessions and heavy petting were a norm in your relationship. At first, it didn’t bother you. In fact, you loved that Jungkook was taking things so slow and so seriously. But, eventually, your needs began to grow. You found yourself wanting him in more ways than one, wants that only he could satisfy. Jungkook refused. Every time.
It wasn’t like he refused your every need. No, Jungkook was extremely attentive. When it came to himself, that’s when things got dicy. He had no problem spending hours between your legs, worshipping you until you were crying from the overstimulation. Yet, he wouldn’t let you anywhere near him. Not without lack of trying on your part. The minute your hands went down to his waistband, he pushed you away. Every time you tried to dip your mouth to the obvious bulge in his pants, he lifted you up and kissed you breathless until you forgot your name. It wasn’t until after a year of dating that he finally let you grind on his clothed cock. Even then, he held off until you finished and then walked out with quite possibly the worst case of blue balls. You hated that he did this to himself. The worst part was, you couldn’t understand why.
The one time you had brought it up to him it had resulted in the worst fight the two of you had ever gotten into. It was the only argument that was never really resolved. After the yelling and the tears, all you got out of Jungkook was that mating with a wolf was not pretty. It was extremely dangerous and he refused to put you in that kind of danger. End of discussion. No matter how hard you tried to persuade him or broach the subject, he shut it down. Hard. Eventually, you gave up.
He even spent his ruts away from you. Every three months, he left you for a week. You knew he had a place somewhere up in the mountains and you assumed that’s where he went. You had no idea. There was no point even asking to come along. You loved your boyfriend and didn’t want to purposely give him a heart attack. You hated it when he left. As much as you tried to hide it and convince him that you were just fine, he wasn’t stupid. Being away from him was tough. A piece of you was missing whenever he was gone. And you were only whole again when he returned.
This past week had been one of those weeks. He had left on Sunday for the mountains. He was agitated and clingy, how he normally was pre-rut. Jungkook wouldn’t let you leave his side and you spent most of the weekend on his lap or wrapped in his arms. Not that you minded. When he left your parents house on Sunday night, you’d had to coax him out of the door. Promising him that you’d be okay and that you’d see him next week. It wasn’t until several kisses later did Jungkook finally leave.
While you’d been doing this for two years, it never got easier. More manageable? Sure. But definitely not easier. All you could do was go through the motions. You went to work at the local bakery, came home and helped your mom with dinner, watched TV with your dad before going to bed. Taehyung and Jimin would visit often, threatened by Jungkook to keep you company. While you assured them it wasn’t necessary, you secretly didn’t mind. They made you laugh and made you temporarily forget your boyfriend was miles away from you. Sometimes, if you were lucky, he’d call you to tell you goodnight. But those times were rare. Normally, you didn’t hear from him until Friday or Saturday when he was finally coming out of his rut and returning to the world.
By the time Sunday rolled around, you were a jittery ball of nerves. Not in a bad sense. You were just excited. The anticipation killed you and it took all of your willpower to sit and wait for his text to tell you to come over. Your parents always left you alone on these Sundays, unable to deal with your hyperactiveness and constant fidgeting.
This Sunday was no different. You puttered around your room for the better part of the day. You spent the other part in the kitchen, baking like your life depended on it. Jungkook loved your cookies and you always made sure to come over with at least three batches after his ruts. He always said that was his second favorite part about coming home, after seeing you, of course.
You had just finished packaging the final batch in a glass cookie jar when your phone dinged. You didn’t have to read the message, you knew exactly what it said. Pure joy rushed through your system as you threw on your coat and shouted a hasty goodbye to your parents. Juggling the cookies and car keys, you sprinted to your car. The drive to Jungkook’s was thankfully not long. About ten minutes, as long as you didn’t hit any traffic on the main road. Luck was on your side, though, and you showed up at Jungkook’s house in eight minutes.
Taehyung’s car was in the driveway when you pulled up, which wasn’t odd. Although Jungkook owned the house, the members of his pack were almost always around. While most preferred to travel in their wolf forms, you knew Taehyung and Namjoon preferred cars. Something about being able to listen to their own music without comments from the peanut gallery. You didn’t really understand and didn’t really need to. You had just chalked it up as one of their many quirks.
Carrying the trays of cookies in both hands, you shut your car door with your foot before speed-walking up the stone walkway to Jungkook’s home. The screen door was shut, but the wooden door was swung wide open. You had just reached for the metal handle when you heard it.
A deep, threatening growl ripped through the peaceful quiet and froze you in place. You knew it was Jungkook. While you had only heard it once, you’d never forgotten it. It was when the two of you had attended a party and an alpha from a neighboring pack had cornered you in the hallway. Jungkook had found you cowered against the wall as the other alpha had caged you in. The sound that had left his chest had given you equal parts comfort and fear. Comfort, because he was there and you knew you were safe. Fear, because you could see in the way he bared his teeth and how his muscles vibrated, he had been furious and bloodthirsty.
That’s what you felt now, fear.
Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.
From your vantage point in front of the screen door, you could see directly into the kitchen. Taehyung was leaning against the granite countertop and Jungkook was seated at the island. The tension was so thick you practically choked on it.
“Enough, Taehyung.”
“No,” Taehyung snapped, seeming just as angry as Jungkook. “I’m not dropping it. Not this time.”
“Yes, you will,” Jungkook snarled. “I’m not having this conversation with you.”
“Too fucking bad.” While Taehyung was also an alpha, he acted so much like a beta you never really noticed. Until now. “I’m not going to sit by and watch you do this to yourself anymore. Not spending your ruts correctly is only causing you more harm than good.”
“I’m doing things the way I want to, and it’s working-”
“The hell it is!” Jungkook growled at the interruption but Taehyung ignored him. “It’s not working, and you know it. Anyone with two fucking eyes knows it. It’s getting so bad that the pack is noticing, too. Even Namjoon has realized something is wrong, and he’s as oblivious as they come.”
“If they have a problem with me they can take it up with me.”
“No, they can’t. Because you won’t listen. Your head is so far up your ass you can’t even hear yourself anymore. What you’re doing right now is not working. Something needs to change.”
“Like what?” Jungkook spat.
“You know what,” Taehyung bit back. Jungkook was practically vibrating from rage. You knew you needed to go get someone, someone from the pack to calm the two of them down. Things were only escalating, but you couldn’t move. Your brain screamed at you to run but your legs were rooted in place. “That’s is what’s so frustrating, Jungkook. This, all of this, could be solved. She’s right there-”
“Don’t.” Jungkook stood up so fast the chair he sat on flew backwards and hit the wall with a resounding crack.
“Why?” Taehyung threw his arms up in the air. “Why not? I don’t get it-”
“Because I don’t want her!” Jungkook yelled, the force of it rang throughout the house. You had no idea who the she was that they were referring to. You assumed it was someone from the pack. It was well-known that wolves with human mates sometimes turned to other she-wolves to help with their ruts. You figured that’s what Jungkook did whenever he went away for a week. It had bothered you at first, but you knew he had his needs and that they were at a biological level. You refused to make him feel guilty or ashamed for taking care of himself.
“You don’t want her?” Taehyung was enraged. You could tell by the way he straightened his spine and unfurled himself to his full height. Jungkook bristled in response and the muscles in his back strained against the thin material of his shirt.
“No, I don’t!” Jungkook exploded. “What don’t you understand about that? I don’t want her around me. I don’t need her, I’m fine on my own. The thought of having her there when…God - it makes me physically ill.”
“She’s your girlfriend. Above all of that, your true mate. You’re seriously going to deny yourself of her, for what? Just because you don’t like having her around?”
That’s when it hit you. They weren’t talking about some random she-wolf. They were talking about you. You were the one Jungkook didn’t want. You were the one Jungkook didn’t need. You were the one he didn’t like having around. As the weight of the words sunk into your mind, you felt your chest becoming tighter and tighter.
Then, you’re heart broke right in half. You dropped the container of cookies and didn’t flinch when it shattered against the wooden slats. The sound unstuck your feet from their position on the porch and your fight or flight system took over. Without a second thought, you turned on your heel and ran.
You didn’t know if anyone was behind you, you didn’t turn around to check. Hands fumbled for the car door as you threw yourself into the drivers side. Pain ricocheted throughout your chest cavity and you struggled to breathe. Your brain was blank, the only thing your mind did was move your body to get you somewhere safe. You had to leave and you had to leave now.
Miraculously, your fingers found your keys and inserted them into the ignition on the second try. A flutter of movement occurred to the left of you but your eyes didn’t let you look that way. Instead, they focused on the rearview mirror as you reversed out of the driveway. Your right hand found the gearshift and moved it to drive. Soon, you were tearing down the street as your ears refused to register the agonized howls that echoed behind as you kept staring forward. Adrenaline pumped through your system and your body shivered in response, the splash of hormones had created a blanket of fake calm over you. The emotions, the pain, the thoughts were swirling inside of you, ready to break free and drown you, but your brain wouldn’t allow it.
It wasn’t until you reached the end of your long driveway that you felt the original spike of adrenaline fade away. Your mother was in the front, tending to the flowers, and looked up when she saw your car fly into its usual spot. She stood up and her face twisted into a frown when you got out of your seat.
“Honey, your aura…it’s concerning.” The blanket was yanked away and the pain crashed over you.
You couldn’t say a word, all you could do was collapse in your mother's arms and cry, cry, cry.
Tumblr media
It took you two days to calm down. The tears had stopped rolling and your shoulders no longer shook from trying to hold your sobs behind your teeth. Your mother hadn’t left your side, leaving your father to answer the door whenever someone knocked. The only person who did was Taehyung and Jimin. Jungkook never showed up.
Well, that was a lie.
Jungkook did show up every morning and night, without fail. But he never came to your doorstep.  Instead, he was in the woods behind your house, patrolling, not daring to leave the protection of the forest. A part of you wondered if he was respecting your obvious need for space or if your mother had paid a witch to set up boundary lines that didn’t allow him to cross. Either way, you were grateful that you couldn’t see him. There was an incessant tugging in your heart to be near him but you staunchly ignored it, which would’ve been impossible if you saw his achingly beautiful face.
I don’t want her. I don’t need her. Having her there makes me physically ill. Those three sentences played in a constant loop in your head, like a horror movie you couldn’t escape from. You were the protagonist who couldn’t escape the maze, but the villain wasn’t kind enough to kill you off. No matter what you did, your brain wouldn’t stop repeating those three sentences. Your mother burned sage, she pressed crystals into your palms, she muttered ritual after ritual, but nothing worked.
You hated how affected you were. You had always told yourself that you would never be the girl who’d get so wrapped up in someone else they didn’t know who they were anymore. Independence was something you prided yourself on, but you seemed to be at a complete loss now. You couldn’t stop the waves of sadness and self-hatred at your depressed state. It was amazing how empty you felt yet so full of pain at the same time. Your mind and heart couldn’t seem to decide which hurt worse; your heart for having your soulmate so obviously reject you, or your brain for trying to make sense of the situation. When did this happen? How did this happen? How had you been so blind as to not see it?
“I don’t think we’re soulmates,” you rasped to your mom on the third morning. It had been the first words you had spoken to her since you had fell into her arms. She looked up from the bundle of herbs she was smoking.
“Why do you say that?”
You stared at your hands that had curled in on themselves. “I don’t make him happy. I-I never realized how uncomfortable I made him. I wish I had known. How did I miss it?”
Your mother tutted gently and gathered you in her arms. She smelled of lavender and wax. “This is good. I’m glad you’re letting yourself have this moment. Let’s sit in this and allow yourself to be embedded here.” But you didn’t want to have this moment. You didn’t want to have any moment and you’ve felt enough to last a lifetime. Instead, you rolled over, let sleep overtake you and tried to ignore the distant howling that rattled your window pane.
By nightfall of the fourth day, you were forced out of bed. Partly by choice, partly by force. Your parents had dipped out to run to the grocery store, despite your mother’s insistence that she could stay. You and your father managed to convince her to leave and you had gotten up to wave them goodbye. Sure, your heart was broken, but the least you could do was kiss them on the cheek before they left. You had turned around to shuffle into the kitchen to try and shovel something down your dry throat when a loud knock sounded at the front door. Hesitating, you carefully peeked through the kitchen window and saw Jimin on your front doorstep, dressed in all black.
Sighing, you stumbled over and pulled the door open. You figured you couldn’t avoid them for much longer. “Hey, Jimin.”
“Christ, you look like shit.”
You huffed out a laugh as Jimin stared at you in horror, not having the energy to be offended. You also knew, in a weird way, that this was Jimin’s way of caring for you. “Yeah. My mother’s covered all the mirrors in the house.”
Jimin nodded as he glanced at you from head to toe. “I want to ask if you’re okay but…” He gestured to your gaunt frame swaddled in a heavy sweatshirt and sweatpants. For the first time in two years, they were your own clothes, not Jungkook’s.
“I’m fine, Jimin,” you heaved a heavy sigh and leaned against the doorframe. “Do you want to come in? I think my mom boiled some tea not too long ago.”
Jimin shook his head. “Can’t. Jungkook would have a fit if I got that close to you right now. I’m already pushing my luck just by showing up.” He doesn’t care, you thought bitterly, and almost said it out loud but you caught yourself at the last second. Jimin wasn’t stupid, though. He knew what you were thinking. “Hey,” he murmured, eyes going soft, “are you ready to talk about it?”
“No.” You shook your head. A wave of sadness washed over you but the telltale prick of tears didn’t come.
Jimin understood. He tucked his hands into his pockets as he rocked back onto his heels. “Are you going to talk to him?”
Letting out a heavy breath, you crossed your arms over your chest. “I know I have to. I just…I just need time.”
“Take however long you need.”
Tumblr media
It was another 48-hours before you finally snapped. While you had spent the majority of the two days that had passed to make yourself resemble a human being, you couldn’t focus. You couldn’t move on. Why?
Because Jungkook wouldn’t leave you alone.
His presence was constant. He circled your house every hour of ever day, the large shadow of him in wolf form darkened the trees behind your house. The howling had stopped but the pacing hadn’t. You hoped he was at least sleeping, but then you got annoyed at yourself for caring. You didn’t know why he was out there, it made no sense. Jungkook’s words were so different from his actions it made your head spin.
But, you needed to move on with your life. You had to. The only way it was going to happen was if Jungkook did too. It hurt. God, did it hurt. Yet, as sad and utterly pathetic as it sounded, you were used to the pain at this point, had resigned yourself to it. A part of you worried you wouldn’t know what to do without it.
Shaking off that depressing thought, you tugged on your rain boots and stepped outside for the first time in a week. The air was heavy with the promise of rain, the clouds low and gray. You tugged the hood up on your sweater to prevent your hair from completely frizzing out before you walked to down the back deck steps.
The backyard of your parents house was expansive. The home you had grown up in sat on top of a sloping hill that your mother had turned into her personal greenhouse. You stepped past rows of raised garden beds and pruned plants until you reached the line where the neatly mowed grass met the twisted ferns of the forest floor. As you had suspected, the ground was scorched with the evidence of past rituals. While your mother hadn’t out right admitted, you had figured someone had come and created a boundary line. It was obviously specific to Jungkook since Jimin and Taehyung were still able to visit. While your mother’s methods were extreme, you understood. As difficult as it was to move on with your life with Jungkook sequestered to the forest, you couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like if he was within a few feet of you.
With a deep inhale, you sat down on the damp grass and waited. After a few minutes, you could hear the faint sounds of paws hitting the wet earth. The galloping got louder and louder until there was a momentary stretch of silence before it changed to footsteps.
When Jungkook emerged from the trees, you weren’t prepared. Although you knew you wouldn’t be, you still weren’t expecting it to hurt this bad. Your chest squeezed painfully at the first look of his broad form. Technically, it had been two weeks since you two had truly seen each other, the longest you’d ever gone. What hurt the most was how badly you longed for him. You wanted nothing more than to run straight into his arms, bury your face into his chest, and forget everything. Just forgive and give your heart what it wanted. But you remained firmly in place.
Jungkook looked as if he had seen a ghost. Which, to be fair, was probably true since you hadn’t seen the sun in seven days. His normally golden skin was pale and even from where you sat you could see the dark circles bruising under his eyes. Clearly, he hadn’t been sleeping. You hated that you noticed. You hated that you cared. He was dressed in all black and his chest strained against the material of his sweater. His hands were balled into tight fists at his side and the sight reminded you of why you were here.
“Hi.” Probably wasn’t the best start but it was the best you could do. Jungkook didn’t respond so you soldiered on. “I-I know you don’t want to be here, so I’ll make this quick. I just…wanted to apologize. I had no idea I made you so uncomfortable. I’m not sure how long you’ve felt this way about me, not that it really matters, but I wish you had told me sooner. Maybe things would’ve been easier for you, who knows.” You released a heavy sigh and tried to shove down the stone in your throat as you forced the next words out of your mouth. “But, all of that doesn’t matter anymore. I think I understand what you need, now. I know you loved me at one point, but I’m obviously not what you need anymore. And…t-that’s okay - I swear it is. All I want is for you to be happy, Jungkook. And I think, in order for that to happen, I need to move on. We both need to move on-”
“Stop it,” Jungkook broke in with a harsh voice that cut your sentence in half. “Stop talking.”
It felt like he had slapped you in the face. A wave of humiliation washed over you and you visibly flinched. Staggering to your feet, you locked your gaze onto your boots in an attempt to hide the tears that dripped down your nose. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, not expecting it to change anything. You began to turn away but Jungkook stopped you in your tracks, again.
“Wait, no - stop. Stop. Please…don’t go,” he pleaded. When you turned around, his eyes were frantic. Jungkook’s hand was raised from his side as if he thought about reaching out to you but something stopped him. His words were at war with one another and you were caught in the middle, at a loss for what he was trying so desperately to convey to you.
“Jungkook, I’m so confused.”
“I know. I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry.” Jungkook tucked his head into his hands before dropping down into a squat. “This is all wrong. This is all so wrong.”
You knew you should walk away. You had said your piece, it was time to move on, just as you had said. Yet, you couldn’t. It was as if your heart was tethered to him and your body couldn’t handle the pain of walking away. “Listen-”
“I don’t know what to do.” He cut you off but the bubbles of anger that had risen from being interrupted popped once you saw how lost he looked. His tattooed fingers threaded through his hair, allowing you to see the pure anguish that twisted his features. “Whenever I feel like this, I come to you. Because you always know what to do. Any situation, no matter what, you can handle it. It’s something I’ve always admired about you.”
The way he spoke to you now, so reverently and so full of awe, made your head spin. Nothing made sense.  It was such a blatant contrast to the brutality that he had spat out a week ago. As much as you wanted to believe what he said now, those stupid words could not get out of your head. It was a constant reminder that never shut up.
“I don’t know what to do either,” you admitted in a quiet voice.
“Tell me,” Jungkook begged, as if he couldn’t and refused to comprehend what you had just told him. “Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. Whatever you want from me, I’ll give you.”
You were shaking your head before he could finish. “There’s nothing you can do, Jungkook. Nothing.”
“Don’t say that.” He stared at you, horrified. “Don’t say that to me. Please, there has to be something.”
“What could there be?” You cried. Tears streamed down your cheeks now. “You said it yourself, being near me makes you sick. Why would I stay? Why would you want me to? I refuse to make you uncomfortable anymore - so that’s that.”
“It isn’t,” Jungkook argued back. “It can’t be. I-I can’t lose you, I can’t. I need to make this right, please just let me. Please.”
But, you were tired. You were so fucking tired. You were exhausted of the emotional rollercoaster that you were on that you just wanted to crawl away and hide. All the fight seeped out of you as your shoulders slumped forward. Jungkook saw this and the blood drained from his face. You were giving up, he could see it, and it scared the shit out of him.
“Jungkook, I need to go, okay? I-I can’t do this.”
“No!” Jungkook shouted and shot up to his feet. The pure panic that choked his voice brought on a fresh set of tears that you struggled to hold back. “Just let me explain, okay? I swear to God, after you hear what I have to say, if you still want me to, I’ll let you go. I won’t fight you on it. But, please let me tell you the truth. Give me a chance to make this right. You deserve that.”
You hesitated for a moment. Deep down, you knew you should let him talk. Not because you necessarily thought he deserved to, but because he was right. You did deserve the truth, no matter how much it broke your heart. With a heavy sigh and a quick swipe of your cheeks, you nodded. Once Jungkook was sure you weren’t going to leave, he began pacing. Looking every bit like the wild animal you knew him to be but never got to see.
“Mating with a werewolf is…brutal. It’s intense, it’s painful and it isn’t pretty. It’s essentially a breeding session where I use you as a vessel to fulfill my innate biological needs. It’s not romantic, it’s not gentle. Even for she-wolves it can be too much. The thought of subjecting you to something like that - that type of pain…I couldn’t fathom it. I don’t think you understand just how precious you are to me. The image of you being battered and bruised because of me, something I did…it tormented me, day and night.” He paused for a moment, the pained look in his eyes made you shiver. You hated that he had gone through all of this turmoil on his own, and you especially hated how you never made more of an effort to try and relieve him of it.
“I couldn’t do it. That’s partially the reason I waited so long to tell you that you were my true mate. I knew ruts were something I would never expose you to even though it’s such a huge part of my life, a wolf’s life.” Jungkook looked you straight in the eye, the intensity of his dark gaze took your breath away. “I know the practices other wolves partake in when their own heats or ruts arrive. I know you know them too. But, I need you to understand something. The moment you allowed me to be yours and vice versa, I haven’t had anyone else since. I swear on my life, I’ve spent every single one of my ruts alone. I wouldn’t and I won’t do that to you.”
“Isn’t that painful, though?” Your voice cracked but neither one of you acknowledged it. While your knowledge on ruts were expansive, having done plenty of research since being with Jungkook, you had obviously never experienced one.
“It’s manageable. It’s way more painful for a she-wolf to go through her heat alone than it is for a male.” Jungkook clenched and unclenched his fists as he resumed his pacing. “The worst part is being away from you. I’ve been going through ruts since puberty, I can handle them. But not being able to be with you for a whole week…I hated it. Still do. I dread that three month mark. And as time went on, I became more and more miserable. Being apart from you was almost unbearable but the other option…I never even allowed myself to consider it.
“It came to the point where the pack was noticing. I wasn’t getting the proper pheromonal release from my ruts and it was beginning to affect those around me. Taehyung has been on my ass for months now to get over myself and take you with me during my next rut. Each time I’d give him some excuse, but it was getting harder and harder to justify what I was doing. At first, I was convinced it was because I was protecting you. But you’ve been so understanding and so patient with me and my life, those excuses were becoming useless. Eventually, I think it was because I was protecting myself. I was - am - so scared. I’m terrified that I could hurt you when I’m like that. That I wouldn’t be able to notice or worse, ignored, if something happened to you. Living with that type of fear became debilitating. So, I just kept my mouth shut and kept you away from that part of me.”
Jungkook shook his head and chuckled humorlessly. “Now I know that was the worst possible thing I could do. That I was just hurting you more. What you walked into last Sunday was a culmination of my frustrations that I was refusing to deal with. While it’s not a valid reason, I’m well aware of that, I need you to know that what you heard was not the truth. It couldn’t be further from it. Because the truth is that I’m hopelessly in love with you and the thought of being without you hurts worse than I ever thought was possible.”
It wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time that Jungkook left you speechless. It took you a full minute to process what he had said. Jungkook granted you the silence although he became increasingly more agitated as time passed. His boots scuffed the dead leaves that littered the ground and his pacing led him closer to the ashes that lay before your feet. Then, he’d suddenly stalk off with a growl as he was forced to keep away.
“I-” you cleared your throat around the lump that had found a home there. “I had no idea. This whole time…I thought it was because you didn’t want me.”
“God, no.” Jungkook swore heavily as his muscles bunched and coiled beneath his clothes. “The - the fact that…you - fuck. I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. That’s not it, that’s not it at all. You’re my dream girl, you’re the love of my life, and I want you every second of every day.”
Maybe it’s because you were emotionally drained and had no mental strength left. Maybe, you needed to hear those words from Jungkook more than you realized. Whatever the reason was, it wasn’t worth trying to figure out an explanation as you sunk to the ground and burst into tears.
Jungkook lost it across from you. Broken whines stained the air as he carded through his hair anxiously. He kept trying to get to you, to try to soothe you. But the boundary was unfortunately doing its job and each attempt was met with failure. Curses were spat out until eventually, he got as close as the boundary would let him and fell to his knees. He began spewing whatever came to mind first, unsure of what to do. All he knew was that you were crying because of him and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He thought hearing you cry from your bedroom window was torture, but nothing could compare to hearing you break down in front of him. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m sorry…please, I’m so sorry. I - don’t cry, darling. Please don’t. I’m so sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, I swear.”
It wasn’t tears of heartbreak that leaked from your eyes. Instead, it was tears of relief. While your heart had wholly accepted his words as the truth, the logical part of you reminded yourself that the two of you had way more talking to do. This was far from over, but the relief of knowing that he loved you and he was yours…it was indescribable.
You finally lifted your head up and were shocked to find Jungkook’s cheeks glistening with moisture. Your only thought was to comfort him as you scrambled forward to do just that. Instead of feeling his smooth skin against the palm of your hand, you were blocked by what felt like a wall although nothing stood in your way. Frowning, you realized with a start that the boundary worked both ways. Jungkook let out a frustrated growl as he glared at the ashes that was stopping both of you from getting what you wanted. It was silent for a few moments until an idea popped into your head.
“Wait here,” you announced before jumping up and taking off for the house. Ignoring Jungkook’s distressed cry, you ran inside. You yanked your car keys off from their designated hook and quickly typed out a text to your parents to let them know where you were going before spinning around and sprinting back outside. Jungkook was where you left him, although he stumbled to his feet when he saw you reappear.
“I’m going to your house,” you announced, breathless. “No witch is stupid enough to go that far into werewolf territory. If you want to talk to me there, then follow me.”
Jungkook stared at you for a heartbeat until the words you spoke clicked. “Y-yeah. Yes. Okay. I’ll be there.”
With a curt nod, you ran to your car. For the first time in a week, a faint sprout of hope bloomed in your chest.
Tumblr media
It was the longest and shortest ten minutes of your life. The drive to Jungkook’s seemed to last a lifetime but also was over within a blink of an eye. The tears had stopped flowing by the time you pulled your car into his driveway, but you felt the telltale prick in your eyes when you saw him burst from the trees. Your heart ached as his long legs ate up the distance between you two as you wrestled with your seatbelt and threw the car into park. By the time you freed yourself, he was at the hood of your car.
The two of you stared at each other for a few breathless moments. You weren’t sure who moved first, but it didn’t matter as you crashed into each other’s arms. The moment his searing warmth enveloped you, you dissolved into another puddle of sobs. The feeling of his thick arms banded across your back, his torso molded to yours, and his hair tickling your ear, felt so right. Another wave of crippling relief washed over you and you practically melted against Jungkook. But he held you up, just like he always had.
He leaned against the front bumper while his hands were everywhere. Cradling your head into his neck, smoothing over your hips, or running circles over your shoulders. He was crying, you could feel the tears dampening your hair. But you were soaking his shirt so no one was in any position to complain.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“Don’t,” Jungkook hissed fiercely as he squeezed you tighter. “Don’t apologize. This isn’t your fault, not in the slightest.”
“Kook,” you sighed and pulled your head back to get a good look at him. “It takes two to tango.”
“Not this time,” he argued. “You’ve put up with so much. You’re everything I could’ve asked for and more. It was my own fears that got in the way and created this mess. And I’m so sorry for that, darling. I’m so fucking sorry.”
You shushed him gently, running your thumbs over his cheeks to swipe at the dried tears. “I know you’re sorry. I believe you.”
Jungkook dipped his head further into your touch with a pleased rumble vibrating through his chest. He kissed your palm gently, sniffing at your wrist. It made you giggle. “Missed that,” Jungkook mumbled as he stared at you with stars in his eyes. “Missed you. Missed you so much.”
A fresh wave of tears cascaded down your cheeks. You were positive that you looked like a mess, hair in a knotted bun, face red and puffy and you kept sniffling every two seconds. But Jungkook looked at you as if you held the world in your hands. “Missed you too,” you murmured in return. “Please, next time, just talk to me. I may not have the answers you’re looking for all the time, but I’ll always be here to listen.”
“I know,” Jungkook whispered. “There won’t be a next time, promise. If I happen to be stupid enough to put us in this position again, I give you full permission to punch me in the face.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” You lifted yourself onto your toes to brush your lips against his, dropping back down to your feet when his head chased after yours. “Or maybe I just won’t kiss you for a week.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened comically and he actually looked terrified. “I’d rather you just punched me in the face.” You tilted your head back and laughed. Jungkook tugged you closer and nosed your throat before peppering gentle kisses along the exposed skin. Sighing happily, you tilted your head to allow him better access and rested your cheek on his shoulder.
“I love you,” you said quietly. Jungkook froze for a split second before he sank against you. Squeaking in shock, you scrambled to brace yourself against the sudden weight pressing you towards the house.
“Say it again,” Jungkook pleaded. You couldn’t deny him. Dusting feather light kisses to the shell of his ear, you repeated those three words again, and again, and again. Each time you did, Jungkook held you a little tighter and cried a little harder.
Eventually, you’re murmured promises became softer and softer until the two of you just enjoyed each others presence. “C’mon,” you finally whispered as you started to lift yourself off of him. Jungkook growled and refused to let you move an inch farther. “Kook, come on. Let’s go inside. Your ass must be numb by now.”
“Don’t care,” he grumbled but he at least shuffled forward a bit more so that your combined weight wasn’t squashing his ass against your car.
“You might say that now, but you won’t be saying that later.”
Jungkook grunted at your logic but he at least raised his head and looked at you with the sweetest eyes. “Please tell me you’re staying.”
Giggling, you asked, “do you want me to?”
“Obviously,” he scoffed. “I want you here forever.” Jungkook tilted his head thoughtfully. “Actually, you should just move in with me.”
Christ, this boy was going to give you whiplash. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Jungkook, we just made up. The whole reason we were in this mess is because of poor communication. Don’t you think we should work on that first before anything else?”
“But…we could work on communication all the time if we’re together 24/7.” Despite his pout, you knew he wasn’t totally serious. Although you were sure it was going to come up again.
“Alright, you maniac,” you said fondly. “Take me to bed.” Jungkook’s chest rumbled happily as he lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his trim waist.
It wasn’t a long walk to his bedroom, but the exhaustion of the past week caught up to you and the gentle rocking of his steps lulled you into a serene state. Not quite asleep, but not quite awake either. You were aware when Jungkook placed you on his bed, practically engulfed in his scent. The last thing you remember before falling asleep was the words Jungkook pressed into your hair has he slid in behind you.
“Love you forever, my darling girl.”
Tumblr media
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the lines between us | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
banner credit to my lovely @viefleur isabella <3
Tumblr media
➵ summary : you’re detective partners who hate each other’s guts and everyone knows it. what they don’t know however, is that there’s so much more between the lines, and he knows damn well how to rearrange your guts too.
➵ pairing : detective!jungkook x detective!reader
➵ genre : detective!au, partner!jungkook, e2l!au, fwb!au, slight fantasy!au, one-shot, smut, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 10k
➵ warnings : swearing, angst!!, arguing, tension, mentions of guns, injury & crime, explicit sexual content, heavy petting, slight brat!reader, slight brat-tamer!jk,  fingering, nipple play, oral (f. receiving), clit biting, hate sex, choking, size kink, dirty talk, degradation, humiliation, restraint (w/ jungkook’s hands), denied orgasm, hitting it from the back, a spank, pain kink, missionary, creampie, cum play, overstimulation, f. masturbation, cum tasting, finger sucking
↳ in submission for the july games:
❂ “To The Lighthouse”          ⁂ hosted by: professor bee @inkedtae through @bangtansorciere
⤐  au type: salty shores // enemies to lovers ⤐  themes: slow burn, fantasy ⤐  kinks: clit biting, spanking, pain kink, size kink, dirty talk, overstimulation, degradation, humiliation, masturbation, cum play <3
➵ a/n : first of all massive thank you to bee @inkedtae !! thank you for offering your lovely help by having a read and making me feel 20892x more confident 😭 thank you to @viefleur my beautiful isabella for making this perfect banner for me!! i appreciate her hard work so much and thank you to my lovely @opaljm @taegularities and @hantaev​ for beta-ing!! not to forget @ppersonna​ lindy for helping me figure out my whackass tenses 💀 as always feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist : set me on fire by estelle
Tumblr media
“You’re the most infuriating person I know on this fucking planet.” 
Jungkook merely scoffed, a nonchalant roll to his uninterested eyes with his feet kicked up on his mahogany coffee table. He toyed with the stick of his lollipop he was licking at, savouring its flavour rather than paying attention to you. 
You snapped him an audacious, angry look, disbelieving of his current behaviour. “Are you even listening to me?” 
“I’ve been listening to you for the past half an hour, baby girl.” Jungkook chided, shooting the falsest smile he could muster on Earth. 
You exhaled curtly. “Don’t call me baby girl, you know I hate it.” 
“And that’s exactly why I say it.” 
You let out a frustrated grunt, grinding your teeth together as your annoyance boiled over. “Jungkook, I’m going to ask you one more time.” You paced over to where he was seated all lax, watching his once distracted eyes now look up at you. 
“Why the fuck didn’t you shoot when I told you to? We’ve been sitting here at your place for seven hours trying to find out where this fucker went, all because you didn’t have the balls to shoot!” 
Jungkook merely stared at you, and proceeded to deliberately suck on his lollipop, a dry laugh escaping him. “Baby girl, you know more than anyone else that I’ve definitely got balls.”
You took a deep, calming breath, subduing yourself from throttling him this instant. You definitely did know Jungkook had balls, especially considering he has been balls deep inside you, but that wasn’t the point right now. “Can you for once give me a goddamn real answer?” 
“I just did.” 
“Why the fuck didn’t you shoot?!” You nearly screeched out of nowhere. “Answer me right now, what kind of sick game are you playing?” 
“I’m not playing a game, it doesn’t matter why I didn’t shoot.” He avoided your eyes.
You scrunch your face into preposterous confusion. “What the fuck? Yes it does, your inability to shoot nearly cost us this case, you jackass.” 
“I don’t need to share with you why I didn’t shoot, sweetheart. Just take a shot of something and fucking relax.” Jungkook sniped back in an attempt to simmer you down, but you were fed up with his evasiveness.
“Did you want to let him go? Did you fucking sympathize with him or something?” You questioned him rebukingly. “What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of sick justice are you upholding if you-” 
Jungkook then abruptly rose from his couch, lollipop ripped from his mouth before standing in front of you, his sweet breath close enough to tickle your cheek. You could practically taste the cherry flavour on his lips, Jungkook’s mean eyes staring you down before he grits. “I didn’t shoot because of you.” 
You creased your brows, stunned as all hell. “What? Why would you-”
“The angle I had wasn’t even half-decent. If I wanted a non-lethal shot, I would’ve had to shoot you too.” The information had you malfunctioning, absorbing it but not even registering the meaning. 
“And?” You challenged him, crossing your arms. “It’s not like I haven’t been shot at before.” 
Jungkook narrowed his steely eyes at you with a baffled glare, a dry exhale escaping him. “You just love being stubborn and pissing me off, don’t you?” 
“That’s exactly why I do it.” You mocked his words from earlier with a saccharine grin.
Jungkook inhaled to relax, shutting his eyes before he spoke patronizingly. “Don’t act too brave, baby girl. You know I’ve been in this line of duty longer than you and I don’t appreciate shooting my comrades to capture a damn suspect.” 
“Oh, so it seems I’ve been upgraded from partner to comrade?” You bit back. “And here I was thinking I was just a rump in the sheets to you, how fucking sweet of you, Jeon.” 
Jungkook scowled at you, brows hardened into an angry line with his lips thinly pursed. “And aren’t I just some Tuesday dick appointment to you? Are you saying you would’ve fucking shot me to capture the suspect if you were in my position?” 
“We had spent days looking for him and finally got a lead, I would’ve shot without hesitation.” You argued passionately.
“You can always find a suspect again, but you can’t fucking replace the damage of a gun wound!” 
“Yes you can, we have available units to treat me if necessary!” 
Jungkook let out one final, exhausted breath and paced away from you, chucking his long-abandoned lollipop in the trash as he ran his roughened up hands through his jet black, disheveled hair. His sleeves were rolled and unfairly showcased his delectable masterpiece of tattoos sprawled up one arm, tie sexily loosened and his jacket tossed against his couch, leaving him worn out in ways that dangerously beckoned you to hook a leg over his thick thighs. He appeared quite ravishing, a fact you wouldn’t deny, but your anger towards him clouded your mind. 
Jungkook knew this was an important case with an immensely powerful suspect; people’s families—sanities relied on you two figuring out who this psychopath utilizing such savage blood magic was, and seizing him for good. 
Your bureau was alarmingly behind, as would any organization of humans that overlook magic users, dealing with any fantastical, grim crimes that plagued this hellhole of a city. 
Humans were funnily the minority around here, it was a sparse rarity to be someone with magicless blood, to be ordinary. What did it entail for the poor humans residing here? Powerlessness, lawlessness, food. It allowed magic users to prey on humans till their hearts’ content; easy targets that bent and twisted to the magic they possessed with no means of escape or fighting back. 
That was years ago, however, because humans finally elected to utilize the one thing they harboured that was their very own, special magic.
Controlling people through governance.  
Humans decided to give themselves power, to begin policing, hounding, hunting down magic users that dabbled in any life of crime and claiming jurisdiction over them as some sort of science experiment gone wrong. From gambling to serial killers, shoplifting to homicide, your garbage dump of a city that housed the smallest human-to-magic-user ratio ever collected any and all disgraced, washed-up users. It called for pitiful little humans like yourself to be in the frontlines of it all, to be protected through means of knowing how to combat them.
So it boggled you, truly left you scandalized as to why Jungkook just didn’t shoot. Even if it meant shooting you, your wound could’ve been treated and the treacherous suspect captured, but he seemed to not be in his right of mind, and it made no logical sense to you. 
You and Jungkook hated each other, period. 
That’s how it always was and always will be, he doesn’t care about you. It had been that way ever since he was a reputable, well-respected special agent everyone adored, and you were a new agent trainee assigned to Jungkook like some tenuous Bambi. It was assumed you couldn’t walk on your own two legs in this cruel world as a woman; when in reality you were the sharpest shooter out of your academy.  
You pissed him off the second he’d met you; he despised your smart ass attitude and you hated his suffocating superiority complex. But despite that, and many other rocky mountains and high hurdles, Jungkook trained you better than you’d like to admit, and sooner rather than later your rank had skyrocketed to special agent, leaving him promoted to a senior special agent. 
And you were happy for the arrogant asshole, you really were. After all, Jungkook was your mentor, albeit insufferable and haughty, but you’d fought with him in the field; and you were proud of him. Proud to see him reach new heights and climb the ranks through honest, hard work.
That was, until you blasphemously learned you were to be partnered with him. 
That’s when your entire, placid world imploded, and you knew you wouldn’t live a single day in peace stuck with such an obnoxious, full-of-it prick you’d finally believed you were free from. 
“You should be grateful, do you know how many eager newbies are goddamn itching to be partnered with me?” 
“Shut up, you asshole. I’d rather choke on a cactus than be bossed around by you like some personal lackey.” 
“Your loss, sweetheart. But don’t be crying to me when you do end up giving in.”
Yes, Jungkook was hot and everyone knew it, he was the agency’s most eligible bachelor, caught women like they were damn Pokémon and he was Ash Ketchum, not to mention the X-rated rumours about his filthy, demonic skills in bed had him crowned the finest, and hottest man everyone either loved or envied.
Yes, he had sexy tattoos, yes, he was ripped and could probably manhandle you like his personal ragdoll, and yes, he knew how to pleasure a woman better than any midnight session with a vibrator, but you hated Jungkook, alright? And you’d never give in to him.
Even if one long, tequila-ridden night not only led to you both wearing your hearts on your sleeves, but also him wearing you on his cock. Merlot turned into insatiable nights where he touched your shuddering body like no other man ever did, even tireless days of working without a single lead would leave his only stress reliever being your lips wrapped around his cock, that’s all Jungkook and you were. 
Partners, allies. You had his back and he had yours, you scratched his and he scratched yours; but none of this unfortunately negated the sheer indignation that tainted your relationship. 
He was stuck up, ridiculously cocky, drove you up a wall faster than you could shoot a bullet and you were stubborn, disobedient, too caught up in work for your own good. You were oil and water, a mix of kerosene and an open flame, a disaster waiting to happen anytime you were both left unsupervised. But what made you two even stick together in the first place? Why your deputy chief of staff even recommended your partnership?
Your synergy, your sheer success rate together. When your minds melded as a pair it was a seemingly effortless work of art, your teamwork a formidable force to be reckoned with and rarely ever brought to the ground. Even if you both disagreed and argued on various occasions, you and Jungkook naturally understood each other without words, moved like the adjoining gears inside a clock, the instinctive push and pull of a lunar tide.
You presume it’s what happens when partners spend so much time together. 
But right now, there was nothing synergetic about this. Jungkook was evading you, and you have no clue why. It shouldn’t have mattered if you’d get shot as well, so long as this case could’ve been closed and solved. 
“You drive me fucking insane.” Jungkook murmured under his breath, his broad, muscular back to you.
“Excuse me?”
“I said,” Jungkook swiveled around, facing you with his hands perched on his hips and jaw fiercely locked. “You drive me fucking insane.”
“I didn’t know stating facts could get you so riled up, Jeon.”
“Facts?” Jungkook scoffed darkly. “So what, you wanted me to shoot you? Is that what you wanted? For me not give a fuck about you?”
“Since when did you start giving a fuck about me?”
“Since the day I fucking met you, Y/N!” Jungkook shouted. “I would never, and will never put my partner and previous student in danger for a simple case, when will you understand that?”
“I won’t understand because this is our job, Jungkook. We have a duty as detectives to fight for justice and I will do anything to remain loyal to that oath. Don’t you fucking get it?!”
Jungkook looked away from you then, a disbelieving shake to his head. His cold eyes fell to the patterned rug on his floor, taking a deep, composed breath. He exhaled, tapping his foot uselessly before pacing towards your shrunken figure, like a man with a purpose. He captured your jaw delicately in his inked, veiny hand, the other falling against your neck. Your heart beat ardently as he guided you to peer up at him, and you do, finding eyes that implored you and revealed his uncharacteristic vulnerability.
“Would you have shot if it was me?”
You’re immediately flooded with an abundance of feelings, bewitched when Jungkook’s icy cologne flooded your nostrils, and suddenly it was hard, too hard to breathe. Feeling his strong, wide body so close, the heat of his presence so near made your chest flutter with something fiery, and your insides roared insatiably. His rough, masculine hand against your soft cheek left a rush of memories sweeping through you, too overwhelming to ignore.
All those nights these same hands touched your core that visibly ached for him, wrapped around your throat like a necklace that screamed you were his, fingertips bruising your blazing skin from how tightly he’d hold you, because he needed you that badly.
Your body ignited, intaking a shaky breath. “Yes.”
“Don’t lie to me,” Jungkook said softly, lightly drawing his thumb over your cheek. “Look me in the eye, and tell me the truth.”
Maybe this was what made Jungkook so easy to give in to, what made falling into his perfect abyss so effortless. Because even if you two fought, never saw eye-to-eye, he was gentle, kind, a tender soul. “Would you have shot me, Y/N?”
His eyes, they’re what drew you in first. His expression was always hardened into a scowl; a stone-faced, genius, fearless detective that got the job done better than anyone else, but it was his eyes that revealed to you there was so much more underneath his rock hard, seemingly impenetrable shell.
And every time you’d lay naked in his sheets, let him press his sinful lips all over your sensitive skin. Ran your dainty hands over his inked, meticulously-carved muscles, his gorgeous, bare body moving over yours as you let him sheath his delicious length inside your needy figure, you chipped away at that shell. 
Each intimate and purely lust-filled encounter that morphed into moments of peaceful solitude. Every kiss behind closed doors, the quaint mornings he’d sometimes stay and make you your favourite coffee in your favourite mug, held you close when certain men eyed you for too long, it was a chance to see this Jungkook. A Jungkook you could maybe, maybe have a soft spot for in the depths of your hesitant heart.
You swallowed, wetting your lips as you let them fall open.
Jungkook’s expression lightened, softening as he merely held you, really looked at you. And you could say your heart skips a beat, but whose wouldn’t when Jeon Jungkook touches you like this? Stands this close and goddamn looked at you like that?
“But I still think you should’ve shot,” you repeated earnestly and Jungkook tongued his cheek with a disbelieving exhale, hands quickly abandoning you as he laughed.  “You can’t stop being stubborn for one fucking second, can’t you?” 
“I mean it, Jungkook.” You stressed, not even searching for an argument anymore, but for him to simply understand you. “You can’t hesitate in the line of duty, and if you’re having difficulty doing so then you’re costing people their lives.” 
“Don’t you dare lecture me about being in the line of duty, you have no clue what I’ve seen.” He sneered back at you. 
“And you have no clue what you just cost us,” you implored pressingly. “It shouldn’t have mattered if I got shot.”
“Yes it did, we can always find a suspect later.” 
“And you could’ve easily gotten another partner, I’m replaceable!” 
“No you aren’t!” 
“Yes I am!” 
“I don’t want another partner!” 
“It doesn’t—!” 
Suddenly Jungkook was directly before you and grabbed your face, crashing his lips against yours and engulfing you in an intoxicating, heated kiss. You hesitated for a mere second before you tasted the cherry on his lips, finding relief in the press of his mouth, a home in the way he holds you. 
Your hands hooked onto his wrists, allowing your mouth to open and catch his in yours, craving the taste of him, the saccharine sweetness yet sinful passion of his ethereal lips. 
Maybe that’s what made Jungkook so addicting, tempting. He was a sin in disguise, the perfect combination of heavenly tenderness but moved with the lust and fire of a demon, a hell’s flame that burned you intensely enough you ached to feel the same heat over and over again. 
Your veins rushed with adrenaline, breathing in his kiss as he swiped his tongue along your bottom lip, requesting the permission he knows he has, but always felt the need to courteously ask. You opened up and his tongue invaded you, a plentiful, delicious feeling that no other could replicate. He licked your mouth exploratively, traversing into the wet, slippery confines of your mouth as you sucked on his tongue, offering up your hungry mouth to catch the most you possibly can of him.  
Jungkook suddenly became rougher with his kiss, the sheer power of it having lazily stalked you both back against his oak dinner table, your ass meeting the very edge as a little noise escaped you. Jungkook swallowed it and dragged his hot hands down your body, feeling over your perky chest and sensitive sides until he hooked onto the back of your thighs, tugging at them. 
You understood his motive and leapt up onto the table behind you, settling your ass over the surface as he gripped your legs wide open. He slotted himself in between and utterly ravaged your mouth, his grasp tight on your thighs as his delectable crotch pressed up against your gushing core and elicited your incessant, winded moans. 
He began trailing hot kisses down your jaw, craning your neck for him to mouth at you as though he was starving, your fingers weaved through his black locks you occasionally tugged at. You lightly leaned back as Jungkook met the base of your neck, groaning as he supplied you with pleasure like no other. 
“Fuck,” Jungkook swore, his breaths hard and deep. “You drive me insane.” His insatiable lips returned for more, wrapping his mouth around your neck to suckle at viciously. 
“I fucking hate you.” You sighed out, biting your lip with a heady moan the further he travelled down, and by the time he’s reached the collar of your shirt, he tore it right open without a hitch, abandoning any care for your stupid blouse. 
“I fucking hate you, too.” He groaned huskily. 
You moaned out deliriously hearing his heated voice, your hatred for each other somehow revving you both on, eliciting a passionate fire that burned brighter than the sun. Your bra-clad breasts are bared to him in a plum, lacey piece. Jungkook’s lips met the flesh of your tits as he toyed with the rim of your bra, rough hand curling around your waist he held like fine china, but gripped hard enough to churn your delicate insides.
“Jungkook..” You sighed, throwing your head back as his lips dangerously neared a nipple after exposing a tit, hand swept up in his luscious locks. “Want you.. so badly.” 
Jungkook breathed a scoff against your skin, smirking smugly when you shuddered at the feeling. 
“Always this worked up over my mouth, huh?” You mentally eye rolled at his jab, but physically your body pressed further into his, desperate for something searing, something more. You locked him in by the back of your shins, pulling him snug to you as a signal to get it on. Jungkook confidently took your push and unclasped the hook of your bra, quickly sliding off the pesky straps and tossing the garment elsewhere. 
You moaned lewdly when Jungkook wrapped his lips around your exposed nipple, sucking tantalizingly until they hardened into pert peaks, eliciting your fucked out groans as you bunched his hair in your fist. “Fuck.. Jungkook.”  
“You need me that badly, baby girl?” 
You nodded without shame, the press of his tongue against such a sensitive nub causing you to repeatedly arch into him, enjoying the electrifying pleasure he coursed through you. The heavy, hard feeling of his cock against your leg also did you in, waking the lust-filled beast inside you. “Jungkook, please.” 
Jungkook’s name on your pretty lips sounded like music to his ears, the submissive pleading, the intoxicating need you had for him something he’ll never get past. “I’m coming, sweetheart. I’m not done with you yet.” 
Jungkook slathered his tongue over your other nipple before resurfacing to you, holding your naked waist as your shirt pooled around your elbows. You grabbed at him immediately when he kissed you, making out shamelessly as your greedy hands traversed his neck and muscular chest, tugging on his shirt to hear his deep, throaty sounds. 
Jungkook moaned into your mouth, a delightful ecstasy you swallowed with pleasure and made your pussy gush with arousal. Your hands became restless, feeling up all his brawny muscles you knew he hid underneath his useless tops. 
Jungkook is built as fuck and everyone knows it, that strong, bulky back of his at the forefront of your wild fantasies; yearning to scratch it all up but it’s his unique proportions that always stunned you. His beautiful S-line figure, that tiny waist but broad, expansive chest you wanted to dig your nails into. 
You bee-lined for his buttons, messily undoing them as you ripped his shirt open, Jungkook assisting you by peeling back the item from his thick shoulders rapidly and disregarding it as quickly as he did manners. 
Jungkook’s hand fell down your sides before he hooked his fingers onto the waistband of your pants and panties, lips unable to disconnect. You helped him by shimmying immediately and he aggressively tugged them past your ass, mouths still desirous and flaming
He discarded your clothing and his greedy hands slid over your bare thighs, whimpering when you felt his masculine, rough skin against such a sensitive area. He dipped teasingly towards your inner thighs and gently pushed them open, twitching immediately at the air that kisses your bare, wet pussy. You sense him smirk against your lips, breaking away for much needed oxygen, his fingertips gripped onto your supple flesh. 
You’re left with a flimsy shirt on and nothing else, bared to Jungkook in all your nakedness. He breathed hotly as he scanned over your body, eyes a blown out, dilated mess that made your heart hammer in your chest, exposed chest rising and falling in a rhythm that entranced Jungkook far more than you ever knew.
“Shit, you’re so fucking hot.” You smiled proudly, rising from your leaned back position and wrapping your arms around his beautiful neck, meeting him for another brazen make out. He left you winded, delirious as his arms naturally cradled your waist, and you whispered against his glistening lips; those plump, shiny little petals that always left your soul aflame.
“Fuck me, Jungkook.” Jungkook released a puff of air against you, as though his own arousal raked his insides as you requested but he was abstaining for now. You were nose to nose, mouth to mouth as he enclosed you safely in his arms, soaking in this heavenly feeling, the feeling of you. “Wanna feel you inside me, baby.”
“Not yet, baby girl.” He breathed. “Wanna touch you.” 
Your chest flutters when Jungkook suddenly pinned you down on the table, the slam of your back against the cold wood eliciting an agreeable moan from you. He hovered above, shirtless and golden in all his ethereal beauty, the elegant carving of his muscles, each and every curve and groove sculpted meticulously by God himself. Jungkook was stunning, beautiful, an angel wrapped up in sin and your eyes couldn’t help but devour him while. 
Jungkook ensnared a wrist of yours against the table, his other hand inching up to your throat before lightly choking you, watching you lose some of your air and shut your eyes in pleasure, his own enjoying the eroticism of the image. He smirked before colliding his lips with yours once again, kissing you hungrily. 
He hummed and moaned into the kiss before his hand around your neck traveled down your writhing body. He glided his fingertips over your sensitive, heated skin, touching all that he could as he passed over your stomach and met your pelvis, fingers eventually dipping into your puffy, pulsing pussy lips. 
You gasped, gripping your hand into a fist and Jungkook noticed, slotting his fingers with yours to soothe you. He watched your reactions below intently, enjoying every second of your usually independent, bull-headed self turning into a whimpering, moaning mess underneath him. 
“Baby girl likes my fingers, doesn’t she?” 
You nod while chewing your lip, attempting to silence your submissive noises but he slipped two scheming digits through your pulsating pussy folds, cunt shivering under his magical spell. 
“Like that my fingers can do things your small ones never can, huh? Think about them touching you?” He whispered against your lips and you nodded again, letting out a whimpering moan as Jungkook massaged your little mound, finding the pearl and slow speed that drove you insane. You sighed lewdly, gripping his fingers like a vice as your other grasped his wrist in between your legs, working you like a fiddle as you fidgeted and whimpered. 
“Such a dirty girl, loves screaming at me in the office, but screams my name when she wants to come?” You moaned erotically at his words, digging your nails into his wrist when he teased your shuddering entrance. “Jungkook..”
“If only everyone knew,” Jungkook’s eyes were a crimson red of desire, lips inches from yours as he watched your fucked out reactions to simply petting your little cunt, the cunt he so desperately would love to shove his hard cock inside right now. “How much of a dirty girl you really are, a whore for my cock.” 
You sighed when Jungkook slid two of his thick digits inside your wet hole with ease, fingering you like it were a game he mastered ages ago. “But I know.. only I get to know, huh, detective?” 
The formal addressment made your body shiver, hand gripping his shoulder as you beckoned him closer and gently rutted your hips into his hand needily. “Jungkook.. Jungkook, please.” 
“What do you want, Y/N?” Jungkook purred against your mouth temptingly, his hot, sweet breath and sinfully working his fingers into your aching pussy spelling your doom. “What do you want from me?” 
You keened when you felt Jungkook’s fingers pump you faster, the thick shape of his digits inside you providing the perfect, delicious drag as he lightly scissored you open. “You, Jungkook.” You breathed, chest rising and falling under his scandalous touch. “I want you.” 
“You have me right here, baby girl.” Jungkook cooed, twisting his fingers inside your slicked, fluttering walls as you moaned lewdly, feeling your body ignite with unsatisfied hunger. “What do you need?” 
“Your cock, Jungkook.” You squeezed his hand when he suddenly curled his fingers inside, stroking the roof of your cunt with practiced ease. “Want you inside me—oh God.”
Jungkook smirked, in love with the way you begged for him, needing him and his cock more than anything. Jungkook pecked your pouty lips as his voice dropped an octave, delectable fingers pleasuring your fluttering cunt as he hummed indulgently at your pathetic whimpering. “Mmm, let me taste you first, baby girl.” 
His lips hovered mere centimeters before yours, your whole being screaming to just kiss him, but Jungkook grinned evilly as he slowly drew his coated digits out of you. He breathed purposefully against your skin, body shivering once his lips skimmed down the column of your throat. Your body arched off the dinner table, Jungkook releasing a puff of hot air between the valley of your breasts, lips grazing over your midriff as you lose your fickle sanity, his lips pecking sweetly at your stomach.
He kissed you just underneath your navel, toes curling as you clutched his hand against a fabric dinner mat. “Jungkook.. fuck.”
He continued to lay tantalizing pecks until he’d arrived at your pelvis, your legs restless knowing where his lips planned to go. You became a little fussy, impatient as you craved his mouth on your weeping pussy and you wriggled around, eager for him.
“Jungkook, please.”
“Patience, Y/N.” Jungkook cooed. “Such a needy little cockslut.”
You whined again and your legs incessantly fidgeted, Jungkook hooking his hands around your thighs and prying you wide open for him with a hard lockdown. You moaned when he smoothed a hand over your body, laying you down against the table and reclining you. You felt his plushy lips inch towards your core, Jungkook shooting his eyes up to view your fucked out expression before cracking a smirk, pressing his lips against your clit.
You gasped immediately, back lurching as you felt him wrap his mouth around where you’re most sensitive, tongue coming out to play over your leaking pussy. “Jungkook… fuck.”
He flattened his tongue next and licked up your cunt, gathering your essence on his tongue he tasted pleasurably. “Shit, Y/N, always taste so fucking sweet.”
You muffled your moan as you chewed your bottom lip, but lost your mind when the tip of his tongue pressed against your pulsing clit. You let out a broken moan, hands slithering into his hair as you massaged at the roots of his locks. “Oh fuck me, Jungkook.”
“Only time I can get you to listen is when I’m licking your cunt, huh?” Your hand came down to smack his bicep and he laughed, fingertips gripping you harder as he held your squirmy legs open. “Stay still, baby girl. Need to taste you.”
He slithered his tongue through you again with a moan, swiping through your quivering folds and you crumbled, felt your joints lose their cohesion over your beating cunt. You mewled shamelessly, letting his masterful tongue lick at you like he always does, kneading the flesh of your thighs as he ate you out contently.
“God, how could I shoot you when I wouldn’t get to taste this pretty pussy?” Your stomach brimmed with butterflies, walls pulsating as he made out with your cunt, sucking and licking wherever, whenever he desired. “Can’t wait to fuck this cunt open.”
His words shot adrenaline through you, tugging on his hair as you rode up on Jungkook’s gorgeous face, and he happily let you unabashedly grind while losing your now hysterical mind. “Jungkook, fuck, fuck—!”
“Mmm, dirty girl’s gonna come? Come all over my face?” He chided you, and you realized you’re in fact near your release, your pussy walls aching, your clit begging for attention. “Wanna cover me with your cum?” 
“Jungkook, I—“
And that’s when he glided a hard hand over your pelvis, fingers splayed over your fiery skin as his thumb dipped down to begin toying with your clit, squealing when you felt his delicious ministrations.
You threw your head back against his table, legs desperately itching to close but Jungkook kept you open, whimpering when he wrapped his entire hungry mouth over your cunt and suckled you like a lollipop. “Jungkook, oh fuck, Jungkook.”
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“Don’t stop, oh fucking hell don’t stop.” Jungkook smirked, allowing himself to lose control and go to town on your ravaged pussy. He kissed and licked without mercy, wet smacking noises escaping from between your legs as he worked like a man gone wild.
“Fuck, you’re dripping, Y/N.” Jungkook breathed harshly, peering down to his face shoved between you and a fucked out moan escaped you. You gripped his hair again and he lets out a delicious groan, the vibration sending a ripple through your shuddering body.
“Oh God, Jungkook. Hate you so much but your fucking tongue—!” Jungkook flapped the murderous wet muscle all over your pathetic little cunt with a smile, making you clench so hard your orgasm tickled the bottom of your stomach incessantly. He rubbed your inner thigh as comfort before his fingertips grazed your groin, jolting when you felt the contact. His same fingers teased your entrance before he slicked them up, sliding them right inside your pulsing pussy and you let out a lewd, erotic moan.
“Mmm, wonder who taught you how to be so dirty, sweetheart.” Jungkook goaded you amusedly, and he worked his magic on you then, your walls pulsating so badly you felt a familiar coil tightening your guts, riding up against his face until Jungkook began applying harder pressure on your clit. Your eyes rolled back, this deadly combination of both his hands and sinful mouth licking and touching your pussy spelling your pathetic end.
You began whining, writhing around as you called for him. “Jungkook.. wanna come, please.” You get out, feeling Jungkook’s heavenly ministrations on your cunt and you morphed into complete jelly, insides buzzing with your orgasm.
“Jungkook, baby, please.” You implored, and suddenly you felt his teeth lightly squeeze around your clit, yelping after immediately feeling the bite.
“Jungkook, what the fuck!”
“Didn’t I say patience, sweetheart?” He shot you a smug grin, challenging you with his eyes alone. “Need to take my sweet ass time with a bratty junior like you.” 
Your insides rippled with a rush of arousal, orgasm bubbling in your gut. “Jungkook, I can feel it.. wanna come around your cock.. I need to.” 
“I fucking love hearing you beg, you know that?” He smiled condescendingly at you before returning to soddening up your pussy, licking and sucking it as though you were his favourite meal. You whined again, his tongue so fucking good that you were rutting your hips against his perfect mouth. “Jungkook.” 
“God, always runs fucking circles around me but the second I lick your cunt, you’re a whiney mess?” You knew his words were meant to humiliate you, but they instead ignited your insatiable flame, wanting him to fuck up your insides, to ruin you like you needed.
“And you’re the same asshole.. that never listens to me... but loves hearing me moan?” 
Jungkook laughed dryly, releasing your cunt with a lewd pop before he tugged you up to him, naked chest tumbling into his roughly as your innocent eyes questioned him. “Jungkook, what the fuck—” 
But he shut you up when his lips pressed smack dab against yours, hands firm over his chest as you curled them up in desperation, his arms caging you against his warm, strong body. You tasted remnants of yourself on him, moaning when you caught a sloppy lick and Jungkook’s keen hands canvassed down to your plump ass, feeling you up before he hooked them underneath the flesh of your thighs. 
He lifted you off the dinner table, tugging your exposed body close to him as he allowed your feet to hit the ground, making out with you as though you’re his only fresh water, and you licked into his mouth like he’s a mirage in the Sahara.
You scratched at his sturdy chest in frustration however, biting his lower lip as you ripped away from him. “Asshole, don’t deny my orgasm-” 
And in a split second, you were spun around and shoved onto his dining table, breasts falling against the cold surface. You gasped, opening your mouth to question Jungkook but suddenly felt a harsh smack against your ass, biting your lip to contain the ripple of the indulgent sting. 
“How many times do I have to tell you to speak with respect to your superior?” 
“You don’t deserve my respect when you don’t let me-” You squealed when you felt another harder spank, Jungkook’s hand cradling your shoulder as the other soothed your ass cheek, and you whimpered in delight. 
“God, such a stubborn, bratty little whore.” You moaned at his hand dipping in between your folds, rubbing your pulsing entrance from behind and you twitched underneath him. 
“And what an obnoxious, cocky ass bastard--” Another rough slap to your ass had you deliciously reeling, the pain stinging so good you needed to clamp down on your bottom lip. Jungkook knew you loved this, telltale by the heady groan that escaped your pretty lips, abandoning your ass to work his belt. 
He unfastened the annoying contraption and slipped his pants off, baring to your backside his elongated cock that sprung out, hard and flushed red as his tip glistened. Your hands remained fidgety against the table, sensing Jungkook’s aura and knowing you’re the delectable, five-course meal he’d been waiting for all this time.
Your pussy continued to pulse for something, to finally be filled up and wrecked the way you desired until you were granted all your needy wishes. The bulbous tip of Jungkook’s heady cock suddenly pressed against your center, your body twitching violently at the fleshy touch and Jungkook chuckled condescendingly. “Tuesday’s dick appointment’s here.” 
“It’s Thursday, Jungkook, fuck you—nngh.” 
You whimpered when he suddenly pushed against your hole and breached you, the tip of his meaty cock enjoying the slick of your walls. “You were saying?” He snarked as he eyed up your arousing figure from behind, biting his lip. “Pretty ass up for me, baby girl.” 
You complied, adjusting yourself with your ass up and offering it to him, propped on your elbows as your breasts dangled against the table, supplying your nipples with deadly friction. 
Jungkook kissed your back before you could even utter anything, his hand curled around his shaft as he slowly pushed into you, feeling your smaller form grind back for more and he groaned pleasurably. “Fuck.. you’re so needy right now, my cockslut.” 
Jungkook flitted down and watched the massive size of himself and your tiny pussy, his dick throbbing once he felt the tight squeeze of your walls around him, fitting inside you like a glove. “Jesus Christ, Y/N, such a tight little cunt, fuck.” 
He pressed further into your soaked walls, the invasion of him utterly divine, the sheer girth of him splitting you open in the most delectable of ways.  “Jungkook.. oh God, deeper baby, please.” 
He plastered on a smug grin, hands now curled around your hips as he sheathed his hardened dick inside you. “What did I say about when you beg me, baby girl?” 
“Jungkook..” You groaned, your breaths mangled and hard managing him inside you, nails scratching the surface of his table. 
He gripped your hips harder, leaning down over your already sweaty body and near growling into your ear. “What did I say?” 
“Detective Jeon..” You moaned, knowing Jungkook had a hot fixation with you calling him by his formal addressment. Maybe it was because he had two years on you and yet, you disregarded any and all kinds of respect with him, addressing him however you chose. You knew it always pissed Jungkook off, and you never allowed yourself to fold in a regular setting. 
But this wasn’t a regular setting, with Jungkook having you pinned down and ass up for him, balls deep inside you. Jungkook’s dick was godly, a large, perfect size that smashed all the spongy and erogenous spots inside you, and like hell were you not going to fold to whatever he wanted. 
“Detective, please..” You begged, glassy eyes peeking behind you at his onyx ones. “Want you deep, please. Detective Jeon-” 
And you gasped sharply, ass high in the air when Jungkook suddenly drove himself into your cunt so deep, his tip nuzzled against the opening of your cervix, your crying pussy welcoming him with open arms. You whimpered lewdly when he simply remained there, savouring the way your warm walls fluttered so incessantly around him, and you could feel every inch of his throbbing, fat cock. 
“Jungkook, shit, Jungkook.” 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jungkook repeatedly cursed, relishing in the tiny confines of your small pussy he couldn’t fathom fit his large member inside. That’s what he loved the most, the way your smaller form always knew how to handle any challenges that were thrown your way. Whether it was a formidable foe, a life-threatening case or his massive cock, you were always up for a challenge, and it always ignited his veins with a lusty, desirous flame.
But right now, he watched you breathe shallowly and your hands grip the sides of his table in an attempt to relax, Jungkook’s lips that hang open pressing kisses to your spine with a sweet coo. “You got this, baby girl, breathe.” 
You nodded as your weak reply, allowing your body some ease and your pussy opening up to him, the feeling more than just liberating but riveting, glorious. The sheer size of him in this position, his wide girth that always challenged you but pushed your limits in ways that left you thrilled, only made you crave him so much more. 
“Jungkook, ah—Jungkook. So fucking big, oh my God.” 
“Shh, I got you, sweetheart.” Jungkook fit his free hand around your waist, supporting your body as he pulled himself out, feeling your walls trap and hug him inside, only to sheath his cock back in with a soft thrust. You moaned lewdly, Jungkook pressing his pelvis against your pretty hips as he kept himself deep inside, and it’s as though your world exploded into colours you could feel. 
Jungkook always does this, always did this. He knew where to hit and how, pleasured a woman as though it was his fucking birthright, and God did you yearn for him more than any other desire in the world. “Jungkook.. fuck!” 
“Love feeling me inside you, don’t you, baby girl?” Jungkook goaded, supporting your waist upwards as he drew out of your tight cunt, and stuffed himself right back inside with a gentle pump. Your hands clasped his table like a vice, body wriggling around but he held you hard, groaning pure filth behind you. “You love my cock, huh? Like being filled up like my needy little subordinate?” 
“Yes, detective.. oh fuck.” You voiced weakly, breaths becoming heavier once Jungkook pulled out and began a slow, head-spinning pace with his sizeable cock. He pushed his hips against yours to thrust inside deliciously, penetrating you in ways that leftyour walls clinging to his cock like a lifeline, Jungkook groaned out at the feeling when paired with your pretty moans. 
“Fucking hell, Y/N. Such a tiny little pussy, so tight,” he grunted, thrusting into you with mean precision as his hips kissed yours, feeling your body squeeze his thick length and he groaned out in pleasure “Fuuuuck.” 
He drove himself harder this time, fucking you deeply as he shoved his fat cock inside you, watching you moan lewdly underneath him as your legs squirmed, face buried onto his table.  “Jungkook, fuck—” 
“Shit, pussy so good,” he groaned as he swiveled his dick inside you, melting into a puddle of mush as he scraped the roof of your cunt, stimulating your engorged g-spot. You whimpered pathetically, rocking back on him for more and Jungkook moaned as he grasped your hips in place, voice husky when he scolds. 
“Did I say you could move?—ah fuck.”  Jungkook cursed under his breath when you fucked yourself back on him, needy and whiney and desperate for him. “Jungkook, keep going, oh my God.”
“Look at you, ass up face down for me on my fucking dining table.” Jungkook’s chest swelled with pride, suddenly drawing out and ramming into you with purpose, fucking you with hard thrusts that turned your insides into a weeping mess. 
“Who knew the same girl who never listens to me would let me take her from behind, huh?” He was clearly enjoying himself, feeling blood rush through his veins as he continuously stuffed you with his throbbing member, feeling the tantalizing shape of him fuck you so good; your clit was swelling into a pulsing bud. 
“Such a dirty girl in my hands.. but walks around—fuck—shit-talking me at the office, huh?” Jungkook grunted ferally, breathing harsher as he fucked himself inside you with deep and rough penetrations, skin working up a sweat as he relished in your needy moans. “If only they knew you moan like this for me.”
“Fuck you,” You spat back at Jungkook. “You walk around all high and—shit—mighty but the second your dick’s inside my mouth—ah!” You muffled your moan when Jungkook plunged into your pussy hard, stuffing himself to the very brim as he dared swivel his cock around again, letting you feel every inch of him. 
“You wanna talk to me with attitude again? How many times do I have to remind you I’m older than you?” Jungkook scolded as he supplied you with another deep thrust, seeing your nails dig into the wood of his table and moan pathetically but it only revved his hot engine, enjoying this picture perfect image of you from the back. 
“I don’t give a fuck, Jeon. Respect is—fucking hell!” You cried pornographically when Jungkook grabbed at your thighs and angled his strong thrust a little higher, stroking your g-spot like a sacred place. 
“Your legs, Y/N,” he grunted as he fucked into you, hair damp and sweaty. “Wrap them around me.” Your mind went blank when Jungkook instructed you so breathlessly, gut twisting when he hoisted your hips up and your legs grappled around his waist, wearing you like a belt. 
He continued battering your pussy from behind just like that, giving it to you fast and hard as you gripped the table for dear life and Jungkook railed you relentlessly, fucking you with precision and vigor so blissfully that your eyes rolled back. 
“Gonna fuck that attitude out of you,” he breathed harshly. “My needy little cockslut.” 
You scoffed with a light moan. “Maybe if you could fuck me right I’d be your cockslut, asshole.” You shot back at him knowing it would piss him off, and you could practically feel the energy in Jungkook shift as he hit your pussy with one last, cosmic thrust that had your body falling limp against his table, truly feeling him in your guts. “Jungkook..” 
“I don’t fuck you right?” Suddenly you were transferred from your breasts pressing into the wood onto your back, Jungkook’s cock slipping out of you in a swift pull. Your round eyes met his with panic. “Jungkook, what are you—?” 
He collected you in his strong arms, handling you like a useless doll when he threw your naked body over his shoulder. “Jungkook, what the fuck!” 
He didn’t respond, knowing you’d truly cut his last thread and he practically marched over to his bedroom, dangling you over his shoulder as you held onto him for dear life. “Jungkook, put me down—” 
Your sentence was battered with a sharp yelp when Jungkook tossed you down onto his mattress, the bed springing you back as you propped onto your elbows to question him. “Jungkook, fucking talk to me—” 
Jungkook swiftly engulfed you in an intoxicating kiss as his knee dipped into the sheets, leaning over your humming body that indulged in his lips and pressing you into his bed, hands entangling with yours either side of you as he kissed you deeply. 
His hardened and wet cock grazed your groin and you squirmed underneath him, fighting his hands to touch him, but he only locked you down harder, shifting his head to the side to capture more of your mouth he considered a utopia. 
He groaned into your mouth when you arched your body into his, feeling your hot skin contact his and suddenly the warm feeling of you and your pussy became something he’d missed dearly. He drew away with the release of a lewd pop, meeting his heated, flushed face as you breathed tremulously, eyes begging him for what you wanted most, and Jungkook didn’t need to say a word. 
His hands squeezed yours tightly, biting your bottom lip as your hips bucked upwards for him, chest rising and falling in anticipation and Jungkook had  never seen a sight more beautiful. He pressed his lips to your swollen ones again, gently kissing you when he inserted himself inside your fluttering heat once again. 
He entered you missionary style, moaning into his delicious mouth as he neglected preparation and used the oozing slick of your pussy walls to ease himself in. He began preliminary, experimental soft strokes that eventually eroded into fucking you fast and hard all over again. 
Your hands moved to loop around Jungkook’s sweaty neck as he shoved his tongue down your throat, but intake a gasp of air once he immediately denied you. Jungkook swiftly abandoned your hands to grab your legs and prop them up onto his shoulders, spreading you indefinitely open for him. 
You disconnected from him for a heady moan as the back of your shins settled over his strong shoulders, Jungkook leaned forward as he fucked you to tighten up your pussy and your vision clouded with twinkling stars. 
“Jungkook, oh fuck—Jungkook.” He pinned down both your wrists with his single, rough hand as his other inked one dared curl around your throat, repeatedly shoving his cock into you deeply. His hand squeezed the sides of your neck, losing air as your fucked out eyes looked into Jungkook’s blown out ones, feeling his cock fill you up to your stomach.
“You wanna be fucked like this, baby girl?” Jungkook breathed against your lips, maintaining eye contact that melted your insides. “Like you’re my girl?” Jungkook’s voice was soft and mellow, his lips hanging open as he snapped his hips into yours with deep thrusts, whimpering noises escaping your body that contorted for him. 
He was balls balls deep inside you now, your legs by your head as he moved inside you and stared into your very soul, watching your every reaction with his undivided attention. Your nails dug into the back of your hands, tears pooling your lashline feeling him so, so fucking deep. Jungkook’s tattooed hand choked you again, beckoning your meager voice. “Talk to me, sweetheart.” 
“I do, Jungkook. Wan—wanna be fucked like this—nngh.” You body jerked up into his when he supplied you with a hard enough fuck that felt like heaven. “Jungkook.. Jungkook.” 
“Is this how you wanna be fucked? Like you’re all mine?” You nodded incessantly, feeling his abdomen brush against your buzzing mound as you desperately ached to come, your walls pulsing so badly Jungkook could feel the constant fluttering. 
“You like this, sweetheart? It feels good like this?” You nodded again, your moans constantly ringing in Jungkook’s ears as he fucked you like he meant it, fucked your little pussy with purpose as he aimed to see you unravel underneath him, hit that g-spot hidden inside you until you convulsed around him. 
“Faster, Jungkook. Fuck me faster.” Jungkook heeded your request, increasing his speed as he fucked you into his mattress, cock filling you up to the brim each delectable time and nothing could’ve felt more right, so cosmically satisfying. 
“Oh God, Jungkook, fuck me-” You were cut off by your own moan when Jungkook stuffed himself inside you undeniably deep and upwards, feeling his dick throb inside you as your walls spasmed incessantly, grunting out himself at the divine feeling. 
“Oh fuck.” He cursed under his hot breath, peeking down at the way your tiny pussy engulfed his massive member. 
“Jungkook, please.” You strained at his hands but he only gripped you harder, hand around your throat supplying another light squeeze. “I’m gonna come, baby, please.” 
Jungkook’s eyes met yours, watching the way they implored him and scratched your own skin for more, only building the foundations of his soft spot for you. He leant his forehead down against yours, lips brushing against lips as he breathed over your mouth. “Then come for me, Y/N. Cream my cock like my fucking dirty girl.” 
And Jungkook’s hips picked up to an unforgivable pace, your legs stretched back on his shoulders to the max as he fucked into your tight cunt, relished in the warm wetness of your sex as he thrusted with vigor. 
You were a writhing mess underneath him, raking for that orgasm that so powerfully irked to release, grinding your hips up against his abdomen as you rubbed your buzzing, sloppy clit all over him. Jungkook immediately got the memo, angling higher as he hit that spongy g-spot and all you could see were hot flames behind your watery eyes. 
You practically screamed his name, losing your goddamn mind as he penetrated you hard, fucked you so good your entire system flooded over and your gates burst open astronomically. You came all over Jungkook’s cock, letting out a high-pitched, loud moan as you released your high, Jungkook slowing down his movements as he softly fucked you through your orgasm. 
He gently rocked himself inside, letting your walls trap him in any way they wanted and ride his cock like it was all yours, body falling into a state of relaxation. Jungkook still throbbed inside you though, knowing cum must be aching his balls and you broke out of his iron grip to grab at his torso, beckoning him to move again. 
“Fuck me again, Jungkook.” You breathed, face heated and flushed with post-orgasm bliss. “Fuck me like your cockslut, come inside me, detective.” Something snapped inside Jungkook, the shift in his eyes telling of that when he wasted no time and began rutting into your battered pussy all over again. 
You purposefully clenched the cum out of his cock as you tugged at his hips, squeezing him so tightly, so incessantly to subside your oversensitivity and Jungkook lost all forms of control. His thrusts became rushed and frantic, uncontainable as he used your body for his pleasure and finally released with an animalistic grunt, spilling his hot, abundant seed inside you. 
His face found your neck as he supported his balance on his forearms, ensuring he didn’t crush you underneath. Your legs faltered from his shoulders and ached the second they hit the mattress, hugging him to you as he composed himself. 
Jungkook relaxed from his high, breaths stabilizing as he peered at your fucked out, sweaty features before he spotted the mess between your legs. He slowly pulled himself out of you, drenched dick popping out of your cunt as you groaned the second you felt vacant, pussy clenching around a figment of your imagination. 
Cum spilled out of your battered sex and Jungkook watched with fascination, his eyes a playful obsidian as he wet his lips. Your tired ones fell to him admiring, soon feeling Jungkook’s sweep over your inner thigh before he swiped the excess cum back into your sopping cunt. You shivered with a light moan when you felt his deft hands touching your most intimate parts, biting your lip to contain yourself. 
Jungkook’s eyes snapped up to you, something about the flushed, sweaty sheen of your face captivating to him. He tongued his cheek, looking from your messy cunt up to you. 
“Fuck my cum into you.” 
Your eyes widened, shocked by his command. “Jungkook—” 
“Use your fingers, fuck my cum into your little cunt. I wanna see.” 
You swallowed, something about the order so tantalizingly hot you were left chewing on your lip, slight humiliation tainting your warm cheeks. 
And Jungkook seemed to notice, placing his hands either side of you on the bed as he crawled over your figure, hovering above. You immediately inhaled feeling him so close, body instinctively raising up to feel his against yours, and Jungkook connected your lips for a slow kiss. 
He worked his mouth against you tenderly, tongue dipping into your mouth tastefully before he disconnected, eyes watching you with an indistinguishable gleam, maybe even a small smile. He carefully slid his hand down to find yours, gently clasping on. 
Your eyes remained locked with each other, the energy palpable as Jungkook trailed your hands down your vibrating body, feeling his every hot breath against your soft lips. 
“We’ll do it together,” He said, pressing a chaste kiss to you. “I got you.” 
Your chest did that weird dancing thing it often did around him lately, fluttering with butterflies as your toes curled. You felt your entangled hands reach your pelvis together, breathing deeply to sustain your sanity once your connected hands slipped into your sodden folds, and he made you cup your sex in an instant touch. 
You gasped, the oversensitivity but the sheer feeling of him doing this too good to deny, too good to stay quiet about. Jungkook guided your hand to your entrance and gently grabbed your pointer and middle fingers together. He lined you up with your battered opening, chest rising and falling as you awaited the invasion, your eyes only on his. 
“Detective Jeon..” you breathed weakly, free hand slipping over his inked arm, softly admiring the captivating art and his Adonis-like muscles. 
“Shh,” Jungkook whispered against your lips. “Be my good girl, Y/N.” 
And he pushed your fingers inside your hole, the shape of your digits immediately impaling you and you whimpered underneath him, nails digging into his bicep. “Jungkook...” 
“C’mon, sweetheart.” He cooed. “Fuck yourself for me.” His words made you shudder, nibbling your lip as you slowly drew your fingers out and pushed them back in, setting a steady pace for yourself as you reeled with oversensitivity. You could feel Jungkook’s cum inside you, a white, hot mess of a creampie you knew he adored, so it was almost a little odd Jungkook instead relished in watching your reactions tonight.
His eyes had softened, though they still held the subtle insatiability of a beast, knowing with Jungkook’s stamina he was difficult to satiate. He seemed caught up in you however, even dipping down to connect your lips together as you moaned and whimpered into his mouth, diligently finger-fucking his cum into yourself as he swallowed up your pretty sounds. 
He disconnected, peeking down at you working yourself so hard it was as though his dick beckoned to be inside you again. “Shit, this is so hot.. you’re so hot, Y/N.” 
His lip hung open as he breathed unevenly, watching his cum spill out of your pussy as you continued steadily fucking yourself. “Doing so well, sweetheart. You’re such a good girl for me.” 
You mewled when you stuffed your own fingers deeply inside your heat, casting your arm over your mouth to muffle the loud, lewd noise. Jungkook’s eyes found you, licking his bottom lip at the lethal image. “You’ll never listen to me out on the field, but you listen to me in the sheets, huh?” 
You giggled under your arm, and you earned the chance to see Jungkook’s pretty bunny smile too. You were busy admiring the curve of his cute lips before you accidentally moved your legs open, groaning at the acute pain that stung your abused groins. Jungkook noticed and wrapped a hand around your wrist, drawing your fingers out of your cunt as he kissed the back of your hand. 
“That’s good enough, baby girl.” Jungkook then brought your wet digits before your lips, playfully poking your petals with your fingers as you stifled a laugh. “Suck them for me, detective.” 
You chuckled at his emphasis, opening your mouth to suckle on the mix of your releases and moan headily at the taste of Jungkook, his salty seed throwing a party over your taste buds. You sucked your fingers clean and released them with a lewd pop, Jungkook cracking an amused smirk at the sight before he let go of your hands, plopping down on the mattress next to you.
He folded his hands underneath his head as the action bulged his biceps, needing to refrain from groaning at the sight as you laid next to him naked. Your head naturally fell against his chest as he let it, a dainty hand splayed across his abs as you let your post-orgasm bliss carry you.
“I still think you should’ve shot.” 
Jungkook broke out into a snicker as you giggled against him, feeling the treasurable vibration of his pretty laugh. His laughter died down a bit, exclaiming playfully with a complaint,. “Aish, fuck you.” 
And then, Jungkook swept you up in his big arms, nimble fingers finding your naked sides and tickling you foolishly. 
“Jungkook, stop! You know how fucking much I hate tickling!” 
“And that’s exactly why I do it!” 
Tumblr media
You hummed to yourself peacefully as you listened to the bacon sizzle in the pan, wiggling around with your messy bun and enjoying the breeze the open window wisped up your bare legs. You’d hope Jungkook’s ridiculously large button-up on you would’ve kept you warm, his furnace of a damn body your usual heat source when you stayed the night. But right now, it just passed mid-thigh, and you still felt the drafts crawl up your skin. 
Jungkook rubbed an eye lazily as he stalked into his main area, the fresh scent of eggs in the morning having rumbled his stomach awake. His bleary sight fell to you mindlessly cooking in his kitchen, an indolent smirk inching onto his lips as he approached you, only dressed in his boxer shorts and a grey t-shirt. 
He cocked a brow spotting your smaller form in his shirt from last night, seating himself with an amused contort to his lips as his chin fell into his hand. “What’re you doing in my kitchen, dirty girl?” 
You whipped around to find Jungkook in his sexily mussed bed head, muscles and tattoos on full display in his t-shirt. You attempted scoffing off the arousal that shot through you at the combination of his sexy grin and husky morning voice. “Making breakfast. Though call me a dirty girl again and you get none.” 
“You seemed to love hearing it last night.” 
You gave him a deadpan expression as he chuckled, not missing the way his eyes discreetly scanned your bare legs before returning to your face. You let it boost your ego, setting the bacon aside to sway your hips a bit as you propped open the fridge door, nabbing some milk. You reached up on your tip-toes for a glass and poured Jungkook one, swiftly sliding it over to him. 
“Here, asshole. Just the way you like.” And Jungkook cracked a small laugh, curling his hand around the glass as he appreciated the familiar look of his favourite one.
Tumblr media
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yoonpobs · 16 days ago
bad boy good thing | jk's birthday drabble | m
Tumblr media
WARNINGS. fluffy fluff, smutty SMUT, filming during da nastay o_o, nudes-ish???, our couple are just so soft for each other, oral (m receiving), ms oc is BOLD, yena as oc's number one supporter as usual, they're in love that's all that i can say
NOTE. oh MYYYYY it's finally done !!!!! T___T this bday drabble took waaay longer than i anticipated LOL. but happy belated birthday to our lovely boy, jk <3 one of our virgo kings !!!! i hope u guys enjoy this ^_^ (also, Nawt edited at all so ... ignore the grammar mistakes TT)
WORDS. 8.6k
Tumblr media
You were comfortable in your comfort zone (go figure). But you weren’t exactly opposed to untether the standards you’ve set for yourself every once in a while. Especially when you had a supportive friend group that you did and a boyfriend that was the epitome of ‘try everything once’.
Point is, you were comfortable but you were receptive to change, typically when you knew that you were able to sow the fruits of your efforts.
But right now, you couldn't even recognise the person staring back at you through the mirror.
“Bitch, you better do it if not I’ll strap you to a chair and send it myself!” Yena’s voice bellows from outside of your compartmentalised brain as you snap out of your daze, eyes still unfocused when they rest on your appearance through the mirror.
“I … I don’t know—”
“You do! We bought this together, remember? For this exact reason,” she reminds you with a flail of her arms, earning your hesitant stare while you nibble on your lips.
“Maybe this isn’t a good idea. What if he doesn’t like it?” you murmur.
Yena shoots you a dumbfounded expression, and you know it’s one that she only reserves for you when you were acting exceptionally dumb. But you had valid concerns! You never did … this.
This being the get-up you were wearing or lack thereof.
The lingerie set was beautiful, to say the least. It wasn’t too provocative that you would cower even behind Yena’s eyes, but dainty enough to highlight the curves you never knew you had. It was a pretty pale yellow, paired with small lilac flowers that littered across the cups that covered your chest.
The underwear that strapped itself around your waist didn’t leave little to the imagination either. It was just the right amount of risqué, the sheer lace of the fabric exposing just enough skin to make anyone go a little breathless.
You felt … sexy. But you were still scared shitless.
“Are we talking about Jungkook?” she deadpans as you shoot her a scowl. “The same Jungkook who literally painted a portrait of you sleeping—in the most unforgiving angle—just because he thought you were cute?”
“It was an anniversary—!” you defend, cheeks flushing but Yena is having none of it.
“Or, is this the Jungkook that literally shouted ‘this is for my girlfriend!’ at their qualifying match for the next season before scoring the final goal?”
You remember the moment so vividly, and how mortified yet flattered you were when his voice bellowed with exertion through the stadium. You don’t even know how he had the energy to shout that loud after an intense game, but the hollers from the audience were enough to have him take it home.
“That’s different,” you hiss, “What if like—he doesn’t think I’m sexy?”
Okay. That was a little irrational, and even Yena knew that. Especially now that she’s glaring at you with a sense of purpose to smother you with the pillow in her grasp as you pointedly avoid her gaze.
“Bitch! You breathe a little differently and he thinks you’re the sexiest motherfucker out there! He pops boners like nobodies business just because he’s thinking of you!” she exclaims as you flush, chucking your t-shirt at her in embarrassment.
“You don’t have to be so … crude,” you say through your embarrassment as your eyes drift to your phone, the picture already in the text box, ready to be sent.
“Come on,” she groans, flopping onto your bed. “Give him something to think about. It’s his birthday, right?”
Exactly. That was the entire reason why you bought the get-up in the first place after seeking advice from Yena, and even Jennie herself.
You were busy, and so was Jungkook. The two of you understood that your schedules wouldn’t necessarily coincide, especially when you were in you final run for your dissertation while Jungkook was actively being scouted by recruiters from sports team all over the country. The two of you had other priorities that weren’t each other, which meant that you couldn’t spend as much time together as you usually would be able to.
You still made an effort to FaceTime him whenever you could, and you communicated your feelings to him vice versa. The two of you were in university and in a committed relationship. It was a given that you had to compromise certain things from time to time, and that was okay.
But it was his birthday. And the Gods above must be on your side because you had just submitted your final draft to your professor to proofread, and Jungkook has his last intensive training for the month and the two of you were able to see each other again.
You wanted to surprise him a little. To give him something a little extra to look forward to before he came over tonight to celebrate.
“Fuck, this is so scary,” you whine, flailing your limbs while you lay next to her, staring at the picture on your phone.
Yena looks over and sighs. “Babe. You look sexy. People would pay good money just to be able to nut to that. You’re going to be doing Jeon a favour, trust me.”
You flush, nibbling on your lip as you take a deep breath.
Jungkook was your boyfriend. He’s seen you in less—literally no clothes. Why was this so different?
Maybe it was because that your pose was intentionally erotic, the way that your knees are spread while you lean forward, breasts pressed together to highlight your assets. You tried your best to put on your best sultry face, even if it felt awkward. But with Yena’s (surprising, but not so) advice, you think the picture came out really good.
“Fuck it,” you declare, abruptly sitting up before you hear Yena let out a whoop.
“You go, girl! Make him cream his pants!”
You take one last deep breath before you type in a message to go along with the picture, and press send.
“I did it, oh my God,” you ramble, feeling the adrenaline coursing through your bones. While you were nervous, you had to admit that you were a little … excited? Knowing that Jungkook was in the middle of training and would only see the message after.
“Let me see, let me see!” she cheers excitedly, looking over your shoulder as you show her the message you attached with the image.
She lets out a low whistle, nodding her head, impressed as she pats you on your back with a gleam in her eyes.
“Oh, he’s going to die.”
You bite away from a grin.
“After tonight,” you giggle, sharing giddy laughs with Yena before the two of you continue to rave about the intricacies of your lingerie set.
To: Jungkook 🐰
your first present of the day :)
[image attached]
tell joon to take it easy on you today. i need you in one piece tonight 💗
love you !!!
Tumblr media
You adjust the strap of your dress, ensuring that your bra strap wasn’t visible while simultaneously ensuring that everything was in place. The aromatic scent of Korean food permeates each corner of your quaint apartment, and you admire the little set-up you made do with on your dinner table.
It was a yearly tradition that you and Jungkook had with each other on his birthdays, even before the two of you were officially dating. You would always prepare him some of his favourite Korean dishes, allowing him to indulge himself while the two of you settled comfortably in either his or your apartment.
This year, things worked out in your favour and you were awaiting Jungkook’s arrival any second now.
However, you were still a little nervous about your stunt in the morning. You had half expected Jungkook to reply right after his training, but when you last checked your message was just left on read.
Now that was peculiar for Jungkook. You weren’t that type of person that expected their significant other to constantly reply and be on their toes at all times when it came to you, but you knew Jungkook. He loved texting, whether it was just a good morning message, a link to a slightly concerning Buzzfeed article—or even updating you on random things about his day—Jungkook always texts you.
So him leaving you on read was enough to have your nerves on edge. You don’t try to dwell too much on it. Maybe he forgot? Maybe a reply was in the works and Taehyung distracted him, or something. You don’t know and you don’t want to think too much of it. Especially when your evil mind tries to convince you that he doesn’t find yous sexy and was too abhorred to formulate a proper response.
You curse at yourself, shaking your head and reminding yourself that you were past these thoughts. You wouldn’t allow yourself to suffer twice before something happened, so you’ll just deal with Jungkook head-on when he came.
Just as you’re rearranging the cute little flower piece in the middle of the dining table into place, your doorbell rings as you squeal, excitement filling your body.
Your feet patter against the ground, taking quick strides towards your door as you wait to see the face of your boyfriend who’ve you missed dearly over the long and gruelling month.
“Happy birth—!”
Before you could properly take him in, in all of his comfortable glory after training, his muscular body bulldozes into your tinier frame as you squeal.
“You’re real,” he murmurs into your neck, hands already on your hips as your eyes widen at the immediate deep tone he takes. He pulls away ever so slightly that you’re able to see his hooded gaze. “Wanted to check if you were a figment of my imagination.”
“Jungkook, what are you even saying,” you snort, finding amusement in your boyfriend’s words despite the way he looks like he’s undressing you alive.
“Don’t act coy with me. That’s mean, baby,” he snaps, hugging you tighter to his chest as you squirm under his touch. You feel him press his nose at the junction of your jaw before he lets out a big sigh.
“Not doing anything,” you mumble, “Kiss me. I miss you.”
“So demanding,” he teases, right before he slots his lips against your own.
You all but melt, your body falling limp into his strong hold while you press your lips deeper against his own. You forget everything, the food on the table, the fact that any one of your neighbours could walk out and get an eyeful of your tongue down his throat—and the picture that you sent him.
The two of you kiss the frustrations of the month away, you tugging the collar of his shirt that he seemed to have hastily thrown on after training before rushing over, and him pulling your hips until they were flushed against his pelvis.
Only when his hands start wandering upwards to risqué territory only do you pull away, panting.
“I haven’t properly wished you,” you pout, lips swollen as you tug him away from your entrance to shut the door behind him.
“You look so pretty,” he says softly, taking a whole one-eighty with his character as you flush. Only then does his eyes peer to what lays behind you as he groans. “Fuck.”
“Our tradition,” you smile, grasping a hold of his hand before leading him towards the table. You let him take a seat, allowing him to salivate over the food before you’re bending down to reach his face level, and pressing a loving kiss to his lips, soft enough to have him reeling for more. “Happy birthday, Jungkook.”
“You’re unreal,” he says breathlessly, smiling up at you in a way that has your heart stammering against your chest like it’s the first. “You’re so mean, you know that?”
“What, why?” you frown.
Suddenly, his eyes darken as yours widen. Your lips part ever so slightly when he presses a large palm against your abdomen, forcing you to lean against the edge of the table while he cowers over you like a predator approaching its prey. You knew that Jungkook was bulking up, based on his complaints through the messages you shared over the month when he’d tell you how much his coach was making him hit the gym.
But now, you see all of his efforts in all their glory. The way that the fabric of his shirt accentuate the broadness of his chest and shoulders, the way you can clearly see the outline of his biceps through his sleeves—and the way he looks so … big.
“You look so cute and innocent right now. Playing my sweet girlfriend,” he taunts as your ears flush while your head ducks down. “But you’re not. You’re a little minx.”
“D-Do you not want the food?” you ask with furrowed brows, confused.
He laughs, shaking his head before he leans closer, pressing a little harder against your abdomen as you gasp, legs already parting on instinct.
“Oh baby, I love the food,” he concedes, right before his lips graze your jaw, “I just wanna eat you up.”
“Jungkook!” you scowl, pushing him away with a pout as you see his own eyes widen.
“Food first, be horny later,” you huff, pinching his cheek as you see your big boyfriend flush at your words.
“That’s not fair,” he complains, slumping into his seat while you glare at him. “Do you know how hard it was trying to not pop a boner in front of the guys?”
You blink.
“Yeah, don’t look so confused, baby,” he sneers, “You know when I got a text from you, I was sooo excited. What could my pretty baby have sent me? I wanted to know that.”
You swallow, watching the way Jungkook shakes his head, chuckling ever so slightly as he recalls the exact moment he saw what you’ve sent him.
“Thought it was a cute selfie wishing me happy birthday at first,” he admits, mostly to the ceiling. “Then you sent me that.”
You wince.
“Was that … too much?” you ask hesitantly.
Jungkook’s head immediately snaps to your face, taking in your timid expression before he lets out a loud snort.
“Too much? Baby, get your cute ass on the table and spread your legs. I’ll show you too much when you’re crying on my tongue,” he says dryly.
“Jungkook!” you hiss, swatting his chest in mortification. He looks at you straight in the eye, expression deadly serious.
“Sorry,” he sighs, but you doubt he actually feels bad. Only when he wraps his arms around your face and forces you to look at him do you see the telltale signs of guilt mark his face.
“I love you,” he murmurs as your heart grows when he presses a kiss against the fabric over your hip, “I missed you so much that my brain can’t function. I want to smother you with kisses and wrap you in a blanket for my own, and at the same time I really want you to smother me with your pussy until I pass out.”
Your jaw slackens. “Jungkook!” You cry, covering your face with your hands as you hear his boyish laugh echo.
“Point is,” he says softly while prying your hands away. His eyes look so pretty up close, especially when he looks like he’s trying to tell you an entire story just with his irises. “I love you. I appreciate you so much. I’m the luckiest man ever. I really appreciate the meal you made for me even if my brain just short-circuits whenever I’m with you. I’m not a barbarian—or maybe I am, but I’m your barbarian so—”
“Jungkook,” you interrupt him as he stares at you with his doe-eyes. You melt at how adorable he looks, guilty as he rambles on about his feelings and thought process. You brush away the hair from his face before cradling his cheeks in your hand and pressing a kiss to the mole on top of his lip.
“I know,” you say gently as his shoulders sag in relief, “Let’s eat first. Okay?”
He nods his head obediently, suddenly returning to the boyish Jungkook you’ve always known. You laugh at his eagerness, especially when he complains how much he missed samgyeopsal, noting that coach banned him from eating too much because it would interfere with his attempts at bulking.
“By the way, Jimin says good job,” he mentions off-handedly, already deep into a bowl of rice.
You raise a brow. “For?”
Jungkook swallows, redness rising to his ears as you wait intently for his response, curious.
“Well, I had to explain to the team why I was sporting a hard-on after our runs when everyone had their shirts off.”
You blink, taking in his statement before you burst out laughing, your hands clutching your stomach.
“Oh my God.”
“You’re evil. That’s why he said good job,” he sniffs, poking into his meat as you snicker. Then, you meet his eyes and they’re dark again.
“And you’re gonna see how evil I can get,” he threatens, voice a deep rumble as you clench your thighs together in excitement.
Tumblr media
Cleaning up is never fun, but when you had Jungkook by your side, it made the trivial task all the more entertaining.
“Okay, let me just—!”
Clearly, Jungkook had other plans than to let you wipe down the last bit of your dishes, along with your still wet hands as he tugs you by your waist, back coming into contact with his chest before he spins you around.
“Later, bedroom now,” he demands, pressing his impressive semi against your thigh as you gawk at him.
“My hands are still wet,” you exasperate, even if you find yourself giggling.
“Well I need other places wet, so that can wait,” he huffs, wrapping his arms around your thighs before he’s lugging you over his shoulder with absolute ease.
You squeal, shrieking when he doesn’t pay any mind to your retorts before he’s practically sprinting towards your bedroom.
He effectively snaps open your door with a free hand, the other cheekily squeezing your ass as you attempt to glare at him from where you hang. And before you know it, he’s dropping you onto your plush sheets, chest already heaving in exertion.
“Missed me that much?” you tease, smiling up at him with a glint in your eye as he stares at you from where he stands.
You’re mildly taken aback at the softness in his eyes when you meet them. “So much. I thought about you every day, you know? How things would be better if you were by my side.”
“I was, though,” you murmur shyly, reaching your hand out in a grabby motion so that he’d intertwine his fingers with yours.
Before Jungkook, and frankly, in general—you never considered yourself a romantic person at all. It wasn’t that you detested all forms of a typical romance, but you were rather timid in your affection. The way you loved was very much by doing things for the people you cared about, whether it was going out of your way to tutor them, support them in their little wins—or even just forwarding catalogues on interior design because it reminded you of them.
You also hypothesised that you would be the same in a relationship, even when your heart was only ever meant for Jungkook.
But then, the two of you started dating and you were completely disproven.
All you wanted was to be romantic with Jungkook. Whether it was holding his hands, kissing him, telling him how much you adored him at random intervals—you wanted it all. It took some getting adjusted to, but when you realised that he was equally as invested as you were, you knew that there was absolutely no shame in how you felt and how you were displaying it.
Though, you would admit that Jungkook was definitely the one that initiated these romantic acts in the first place, rivalling the love interest in every rom-com ever made.
“I know. But … having you next to me is just like having my personal good luck charm, you know?” he mumbles, knee digging in between your thighs as he hovers above you. “Just seeing your face makes life a little easier.”
You flush. “You’re exaggerating.”
He shakes his head before he gently crawls above you, pinning your hand by the side of your head as he squeezes it, causing your heart to melt when he peers down at you with an earnest gaze.
“Really. You’re the best,” he tells you, “Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. I’m pretty mediocre. I’m good at what I do but that’s it. It’s nothing worthy of the blessings that I have in my life. Especially when you do the things that you do for me.”
“You deserve it all,” you say, cupping his face with your free hand.
“Do I?” he laughs, but it’s more reflective than deprecating, and the sound only makes you grin at him. “I don’t know if I do but I’ll never take it for granted.”
Jungkook finally leans in closer, lips brushing just against yours as he stares into your eyes so intently that you feel nervous. Even after intimately getting to know Jungkook in ways that you haven’t before, you still feel nervous around him. It was anxiety, but it was just how intensely he made you feel.
“It’s your birthday. I’m supposed to me saying all of this,” you complain, regaining some control over the situation by rolling the two of you over when he was caught off guard.
You straddle him, offering Jungkook a cheeky smile when he shakes his head in disbelief.
“A birthday is meant for self-reflection. I’m simply reflecting,” he snorts, getting comfortable as he keeps his gaze heavy on your figure and the way your dress rides up your thighs. “Thank you. For tonight. For everything—for the picture.”
You clear your throat despite the redness that rushes up your neck.
“Did you … did you like it?”
He blinks, staring at you long and hard as you nibble on your lips while you anticipate an answer.
Jungkook’s a little too silent for your liking, and for the anxiety that rumbles in your chest.
“I-I wanted to try something different, but if you didn’t like it then—“ you ramble, just as Jungkook pushes you down onto the bed, earning a squeal from you.
“Spread your legs,” he demands with a grunt as your head spins at the sudden impact. “Gonna show you how much I liked it.”
“Jungkook!” you scold, “I’m supposed to be treating you!”
“Babe,” he says dryly, “Trust me, your pussy is the greatest gift.”
You gasp, when he pushes your dress up, exposing your laced panties. Jungkook stutters in his ministrations, mind attempting to make sense of what he was seeing. You feel shy under his blatant ogling, especially when his jaw slackens and his fingers dig harder into your thighs.
“You—“ he swallows, sounding pained, “Fuck. Baby, I’m gonna fucking die. You’re so mean.”
“Do you like it?” you ask shyly, squirming under his gaze.
“Do I—? Baby,” he deadpans, “I love it. I love you. Shit, you’re perfect—so pretty. So perfect for me. I love you.”
He rambles on, a little crazed when his eye sticks to the triangle in between your legs, especially when the lace does nothing to hide your mound to his eyes.
“Your favourite colour,” you mumble softly, hand reaching out to squeeze his wrist, “I’m yours, Jungkook.”
Jungkook groans, head lolling to the back as his eyes drift to the ceiling.
“I’m gonna cream my pants like a teenager,” he sighs, his hands simultaneously working to slip the rest of the material of your dress off your body.
“I mean, it is your birthday?” you say through a giggle.
“Yeah but I want this to last forever,” he pouts and the act is a stark juxtaposition to the way he hovers above you with a determined glint to his eyes. It’s dangerous and dark, and you feel your stomach clench in anticipation when he rubs his hands across your stomach, to your ribs and eventually around the cups of your breasts.
You gasp, head falling back as Jungkook hovers above you, face inches from yours when he shoots you a striking grin. One that makes your heart soar in your chest, with the thought of how much you love this boy filling your head.
He squeezes your tits in his hands, grunting above you when you let out a tiny whimper. His eyes are glazed over and you note his eyes are darting everywhere from your face to your chest and in-between your legs as if he wanted to be able to look everywhere at once.
“Later, Kook,” you mumble, gently nudging his hand away as his eyes widened in protest.
“But baby—”
“I wanna make you feel good,” you say shyly, peering up at him through your eyelashes. “Will you let me?”
Jungkook groans, head tilting back as you shoot him a demure grin.
“You’re so fucking pretty,” he sighs dreamily, causing you to flush harder in embarrassment. Jungkook’s dopey grin doesn’t fly over your head since he makes a keen effort to ensure that his eyes remain trained on your face.
“Stop it,” you scold, your head falling forward when you hear his laugh. God, even his laugh made you feel soft on the inside. Just what was he doing to your poor heart?
“Just wanna appreciate my girl,” he murmurs, brushing a hair out of your face when you glare at him. There’s no malice, especially when your hand instinctively reaches to the zipper of his pants to give him the next part of his birthday present. Weren’t you just generous? “Wanna burn this to memory.” He adds as an afterthought.
Jungkook had a way of muddling your mind. Making a bright woman like yourself turn into absolute mush whenever you were around him. It was as if whenever you had Jungkook right next to you, on top of you or beneath you—all you wanted to do was please him. To let him have his way with you until he had his fill. You didn’t even feel sick. You felt … wanted.
And now, all you wanted to do was to give him something to remember.
“You can,” you say softly, mindlessly massaging his thickening girth over the fabric of his pants before your eyes innocently meets his own. “Use your phone.”
Right now, you wanted to burn his expression to memory. The way his jaw slackens and his eyes widen in an almost comical manner. Jungkook looks absolutely baffled. The hand that lovingly held your hair back freezes along with his entire body, and all you can muster out is a giggle. An evil, coy giggle that has Jungkook spluttering above you.
“M-My phone?” he repeats, so starstruck that you almost felt bad for him.
You nod your head, finally managing to undo his buckle in the midst of his hazed state. Your hand naturally wraps itself around the base of his cock after you pull off his jeans, him mindlessly complying as his eyes bore a hole straight through the crown of your head.
“What—why—what’s my phone got to do with anything?” he asks, and you shoot him a dry look from where you jerk him off, a rather sharp twist of your wrist that has him gasping with his head thrown back. God, he was so hot.
“It means …” you trail off, a tilted smirk appearing on your face before lean up to allow a glob of spit to coat the crown of his head. All Jungkook can do is stare at you. “Take a picture. Or a video. You seem to like them, don’t you?”
Above you, you’re sure the birthday boy’s brain is short-circuiting once again within the span of just a few minutes. He’s gawking at you, hips still involuntarily jumping when you spread your spit all over his cock, coating every inch so it could lubricate your movements.
“Are you serious?” His words are choked when you decide to finally descend your mouth onto his dick, staring up at him in a way you know drives him crazy.
You pull off with a plop, licking your lips as you quite literally see Jungkook’s face crumble at your action. “It’s your birthday. Do what you want,” you say with a shrug.
Jungkook all but scrambles upwards ever so slightly, nearly knocking your chin with his knee when he reaches to the side where he left his phone on your bedside table. You keep your giggle to yourself, watching the way he stabs his fingers onto his phone in a hurry.
Once he has the camera app open, you see a blink of hesitation on his face.
“Are you … sure?” he asks tentatively, “Are you comfortable with this?”
Your heart soars, observing the way that Jungkook genuinely looked concerned. You knew most guys would jump at the opportunity if their girlfriend ever gave them the green light to record them during sex. Jungkook sincerely wanted you to be comfortable.
You crawl up to him and place your hands on his chest to place a peck onto his lips before pulling away with a smile.
“If only you could feel how comfortable I really am,” you purr, your legs surrounding his thigh as you grind your dampened panties against his bare skin.
“You’re fucking evil,” he breathes, shaking his head as he attempts to regain control of the situation, almost forgetting what you suggested him with.
“Nuh-uh,” you shake your head, returning to in between his legs, “You said you wanted to burn this to memory, right? So do it.”
Seeing the way Jungkook’s face looks absolutely bewildered at your boldness makes pride bloom in your chest. Truthfully, you were still feeling a little awkward about trying to take control of the situation because, well, you were a rather docile person by nature. You came to terms with the fact that you were just malleable in this aspect.
But there’s a certain sort of power that you feel when you see Jungkook’s eyes glaze over you with his phone in his shaky hand, almost in disbelief that you were the one proposing the thing that you did.
“Get a nice angle,” you say, and Jungkook can’t even retort before you’re descending your lips over his cock, suctioning your cheeks in a manner that you just know has Jungkook’s head spinning.
Jungkook falls back onto the bed, head tilting upwards while a groan bubbles in his throat. The camera angle is a little off, probably due to tot the fact that he wasn’t used to filming you when the two of you got intimate.
Your tongue works hard against the underside of his cock, paired with your nimble fingers while you jerk off the remaining length that you’ve yet to have down your throat. Above you, Jungkook looks torn between staring at your face, gripping your hair back with his free hand or ensuring that you were within the shot.
“Oh fuck, baby—“ he chokes when you push his cock deeper down your throat, your hands stabling yourself against his thick thighs as you bob your head up and down. “H-Holy fuck—!”
The way you slobber over his girth is obscene, and the knowledge that it’s all being recorded only makes you dig your thighs together, pushing yourself further against him until all you can feel is Jungkook’s cock down your throat.
His heavy breathing, along with the occasional grunts, permeates the air. You make it your duty to get Jungkook wrecked because even if your jaw was aching in exertion, you wanted to treat him. You wanted to make him feel good like he does to you.
“You’re so—shit,” he gasps when you drag your tongue against his cock while swallowing around the crown of his cock. “Oh my fucking god, you’re insane.”
You grin around his cock, nearly giggling at his befuddled voice but you remember what you were meant to be doing.
Giving him something to remember.
Your hands immediately reach up to cup his balls, and you feel Jungkook’s hips jerk against your lips, his cock bruising the back of your throat as you gag. It’s absolutely lewd. The way that spit pools at the corners of your mouth while tears form in your eyes.
Jungkook lets out a deep groan, one that resonates in your belly as you whimper around his cock. There was really no reason that your boyfriend had to be sex personified.
“Fuck, baby—you’re going to kill me,” he grunts, eyes finding the strength to peer down at you.
Your eyes peer up at him as you flutter your eyelashes at him. Jungkook bucks into your mouth, cock twitching as you gauge the way his jaw slackens.
“S-So fucking gorgeous,” he rambles, “You look so pretty—choking on my cock, yeah?”
You hum around his cock, pulling off ever so slightly with a lewd pop before rapidly jerking your wrist over his length.
Jungkook throws his head back, fist tightening around his makeshift ponytail in your hair. “F-Fuck—I’m gonna—!”
You smile, mostly at the camera, before you stare straight at the lens and let your spit mixed with his precum dribble over his cock as you brush a thumb over his slit.
“You can cum, Jungkook,” you say sweetly, jerking his cock even harder as you hear him release a whine. Your throat is sore and your jaw aches but seeing the way his face contorts in pleasure only drives your ambition even further.
“W-Wanna cum in your pussy,” he complains, but he makes no effort to shove you off his cock when you descend once more.
This time, you’re both messy and quick, working quick circles against his cock as you continue to bob your head with a sense of determination that makes you breathless. His cock is heavy on your tongue, precum oozing out while it twitches in anticipation. Jungkook’s gasping above you, hand pushing your head further down his cock while you let him.
The sounds that fill the room are downright obscene, and you know that it’s all caught on camera. The gentle reminder that you were being filmed makes you act quicker, lewder, as you hollow your cheeks as far as it could go before you’re massaging his balls in your palm.
“O-Oh fuck, holy shit—b-baby—” he moans, hips stuttering as you hum around his cock, urging him to cum with the vibrations along his shaft.
“F-Fuck—I’m gonna—shit—” and before he can warn you, or vice versa, you’re shoving his cock further down your throat before swallowing around it, salaciously choking around the pulsating member as you feel his grip grow more delirious against your hair.
Jungkook cums and it’s so fucking sexy. His face is scrunched up in pleasure while you watch him through a teary gaze, cheeks stained with your tears and the spit that spreads across your jaw. He releases his load in your mouth, hips jerking when you let him fuck your throat through his high.
It’s almost uncomfortable, the way he cums so much—but he’s still hard. You’re surprised yourself, but all you can focus on right now is the way that Jungkook looks absolutely heavenly above you, chest heaving in exertion as he slowly comes down from his high.
Jungkook slowly pulls out of your mouth, releasing a shaky breath when you take the initiative to make a show for the camera, dropping your jaw open to reveal the pool of cum he released into your mouth.
You make a noise, and Jungkook still looks too dazed to understand what you were trying to imply—but when you jerk your head towards his phone, he gets it immediately.
You swear you see Jungkook’s cock jump in interest, but his hand moves first by bringing the camera closer to your face and likely getting a good shot of how fucked-out you looked, along with the load in your mouth.
He stares at you with hooded eyes and a gaping mouth, swallowing as he reaches his other hand out to hold your cheeks.
“Fuck,” he whispers breathlessly, “You look so fucking hot.”
You grin virtuously, and before he can say anything—you’re leaning over this cock and letting his cum fall over his (still) erected length. Jungkook looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, purely due to how he’s gawking at you like you’ve grown a third head.
Frankly, you couldn’t believe it either—but you were so unbelievably turned on that you weren’t thinking straight.
“You need a break?” you murmur, lightly tracing the tip of your index finger over his cock as he shivers.
“Evil,” he laughs breathlessly, “Absolutely evil.”
You smirk. “So? Yes or no?”
“Hell no,” he snaps as you giggle at his eagerness. “Lie back and I’ll—”
Before he can get his way, you’re crawling over him and straddling his hips, your hands splayed over his chest in a way that tells him that you wanted to treat him tonight. That you were going to call the shots.
Jungkook gets this, even with the tick in his jaw that usually only appears when he was annoyed.
“You can have fun with me later,” you tut at him, hand brushing a hair away from his face before you’re leaning down until you were inches apart. “This is my treat to you.”
“I don’t know if you love me or if you hate me,” he mumbles, and you roll your eyes at his tone before you’re pecking his cheek in a way that contrasted the stickiness of his cock that calls for attention.
“I love you,” you chirp, and Jungkook shoots you with a lopsided grin that makes both your heart and your intimates flutter.
Jungkook settles back, and you just note that his phone resting by his side. Your eyes flicker to the device before they’re returning to Jungkook’s inquisitive state.
“You can still go, you know,” you remind him gently, moving your hair back as his eyes trail down your exposed cleavage, even with your lingerie. “For memories.”
He blinks.
“Once we’re done, I’m gonna need to have a talk with Yena because what the fuck did she do to you?” he deadpans.
You giggle, rubbing your hands all over his chest before you return to the matter at hand.
You shoot him a sincere smile, one that’s softer despite the dirtiness of the atmosphere. Jungkook senses your change in expression, just like he always has. He’s always in tune with you, and you with him. You wonder if this was temporary? The feeling of the immense love that you had for him. You were so scared, but when you look at Jungkook—grinning up at you equally as soft—you’re reminded that you weren’t alone.
“Happy birthday, Jungkook,” you whisper, keeping eye contact with him as you tug your panties to the side with one hand.
You reach out to hand him his phone that he hasn’t made an effort to reach for just yet, and you smile. “I’m gonna ride you till we’re both crying.”
Jungkook swallows, hand shakily steading your hips as you line his cock up against your entrance. You’re wet enough, you and him both know that, especially with the given addition of his own cum.
You tease the tip against your sodden folds as he groans beneath you, hips jerking ever so slightly as you frown playfully at him.
“Baby please,” he whines, “You can’t do this to me on my birthday!”
You roll your eyes but slowly start sinking down onto him, and you let out a whimper once you feel his thick cockhead breach your hole.
Jungkook grunts, fingers squeezing your hips as he keeps his eyes locked at where his cock disappears into your pussy.
You’ve gotten all too familiar with Jungkook this way that the discomfort is never there anymore. Especially when you were as worked up as you were—wetness clinging against the material of your panties, and lubricating the movement of his cock into your warm cunt.
Once he’s finally sheathed, the two of you let out a shaky breath as he averts the camera down to an angle that captures your bottom halves.
“S-Shit,” he swears, “S-So fucking warm, baby.”
You bite your lips, hands resting against his pecs before you’re leaning down again—the urge of needing to kiss him rising once more as you press a gentle kiss against his lips. He keeps his eyes trained on your face, and you wonder if it was just you—but there was love reflected in his gaze that you were sure came from your own.
“I-I love you,” you say, rocking your hips forward experimentally as you immediately feel so full. Jungkook groans and you note that he’s extra sensitive.
You sit up, bracing yourself against his chest before you’re swivelling your hips around his cock, ensuring that he reaches every corner of your walls. Jungkook gasps when you lift yourself up and slam yourself back down, causing the tip of his cock to breach against the entrance of your cervix.
You gasp, hips moving like crazy while your face contorts in absolute pleasure while you focus on riding him like your life depended on it. You don’t hold back, letting all your inhibitions let loose as you acted on your pure instincts while your hips roll back and forth like they’ve never done before.
The sounds that fill the room are the pieces of evidence of your desire mixed with his, the desperation of two lovers who just wanted to feel each other to the hilt. It’s been a long time—well, to you and Jungkook’s standards after the two of you started dating—and it feels euphoric. His cock grows harder, nudging the spot within you like it seeks its home as you find your mind going hazy at how good it feels.
“Baby, oh my God,” he chokes, eyes darting between your face, the camera and your pussy that devours his cock whole. It’s new, seeing Jungkook lay down while you do all the work.
It’s times like these that make you wish that you worked out a little more so you could ride the fuck out of your boyfriend.
You jump up and down on his cock, throwing a swivel of your hips into the mix when you feel your thighs burn. But it’s so worth it, especially when you notice that the camera is swinging everywhere at how overwhelmed Jungkook was feeling. You don’t care anymore. All you want to do is make Jungkook feel good.
You clench around his cock as you feel Jungkook let out a deep groan, one louder than you expected as your eyes widen. Your delirious gaze lands on his, and you note that his eyes are impossibly dark.
Your wetness all but drips down his balls, the squelches of where your pelvis meets his own reverberating against the confines of his bedroom. Your legs are aching, but you’re more determined than anything, so you lean back and rest your palms against his thighs before you’re riding him with even more vigour than before.
“H-Holy fuck—!” he hisses, eyes fluttering shut as you feel him meet your thrusts. You let out a cry when he chucks his phone aside, uncaring where it lands before he’s sitting up and wrapping a strong arm around your waist.
“You’re a fucking demon, you know that?” he growls, but it’s all affectionate when he rests his forehead against your own as your heavy breaths mix together.
“Your demon,” you say breathlessly.
Before he can respond, he’s slamming up against your g-spot as you let out a sob while you cling onto his strong shoulders. His tattooed arm is wrapped firmly around your body, moulding you against him while you’re taking the brute force of his thrusts. The sound of skin against skin is blaring, especially paired with your desperate wails of pleasure.
“Fuck, this cunt is so perfect,” he growls, tilting your head back with his hand as he looks at you with an animalistic expression. You sob when he pushes you down onto the bed, taking full control.
“My perfect, beautiful, girlfriend,” he says manically, hovering over you with his entire frame. Your voice is stuck in your throat at how good he’s fucking you, and you knew that you never stood a chance against his pure strength and stamina. Said strength only makes you grow wetter, especially when he brings his hands to your hips and lifting your pelvis up so he can angle his cock deeper into your cunt.
“O-Oh my—f-fuck, J-Jungkook!” you wail, his cock repeatedly hitting your g-spot as you feel the coil in your belly begin to unravel at a dangerously quick pace.
Jungkook doesn’t relent, his hips working faster against your own as he holds you into place to take everything he’s giving you.
And you do. You repeatedly take all that he gives, and you want to give him the world, too.
“Kiss me,” you beg pathetically, tears forming at the corners of your eyes at how intense you were feeling. The heat in your stomach. The throb of your cunt. The stammer in your chest. Jungkook. “P-Please—?”
“Fucking perfect,” he grunts, slamming his lips against yours as you gasp. His thrusts are deeper now that he’s pressed tightly against you, but he doesn’t slow down at all. You almost want to thank his coach for making Jungkook train as much as he did, because you know that his insane stamina was attributed to his athleticism. “So fucking pretty. Mine. You’re mine, right?”
His words spur you on as you nod, gasping into his mouth when one hand reaches down to rub your clit.
“Nnnngh—!” you sob, “Gonna cum gonna cum—p-please—?”
“Cum for me, beautiful,” he eggs you on, grunting against your lips as you feel his own hips lose slight momentum. “Love you. Fuck—I love you.”
Your heart soars.
“I-I love you,” you cry, clinging onto him as if you were afraid he’d slip away. The impending feeling of your orgasm draws closer, and you feel like you’re going crazy with how good he’s making you feel. You know, that no matter where you go, only Jungkook could make you feel so complete. So whole even when you were only half a person. Love. It was scary. “H-Happy birthday, my sweet boy.”
Jungkook moans into your neck, and with one final thrust—you cum. You cum, and your body locks in pleasure as you convulse around him. You’re practically shaking, taking Jungkook’s cum as well as he fucks his orgasm into you.
The both of you are spent and sweaty, and only the pants of your exertion can be heard when he loosely thrusts himself into you, allowing you to ride out your orgasm as your body still shakes.
Jungkook practically collapses on you, his heavy body crushing you with his weight as you squeal despite your hoarse voice and sore throat. Your body is numb but satiated. Your legs are shaking, and your mind feels clear despite the strain that your body was put through.
Jungkook’s still breathing heavily, but his arms are still wrapped around you.
“You …” he starts, as you stare at the ceiling in an attempt to catch your breath. You feel instead of seeing him lift his head, and you can only imagine the face he’s giving you. “You’re insane.”
“So I’ve heard,” you say through a giggle, finally looking at him as you brush away the strands of hair that stick to his forehead.
Jungkook can only stare at you, and you let him. The air smells like sex, and his cum is oozing out of your cunt—but neither of you could care less. Not when your heart refuses to let you look away.
You wonder if it’s just you feeling this way. As if you never wanted him to leave you, not right not and not ever. You wonder if he can feel the rapid beating of your pulse, the way it makes your body feel warm. Not because of what you did, but because of how you feel.
It’s so indescribable that you feel overwhelmed. You feel so much love. And Jungkook’s right in front of you.
“Happy birthday, Jungkook,” you say again, softly. You run your fingers through his hair as he rests into your touch. His eyes are still trained on your fatigue expression.
“I love you,” he whispers.
“I love you too,” you reply, equally as gentle.
He shakes his head before he’s sitting up, wincing when notes the cum on his cock. But neither of you could care less, not when he pulls you into his arms, allowing you to bask in his warmth.
“I’m the luckiest man in the world,” he says, and it’s to no one in particular because he stares at the ceiling despite his wrapped arms around you. “How could I have bagged a stupidly hot and smart girlfriend?”
You snort, shoving at him weakly with a tired smile on your face.
“I’m gonna let you off the hook because it’s your birthday,” you huff as he presses a wet kiss against your cheek.
“But really …” he mumbles, leaning in to nudge his nose against your jaw as you sigh in content. “Thank you. For everything. For being with me, for what you do for me—for this birthday. For your support—for staying. I can’t … I can’t thank you enough.”
“Jungkook,” you murmur, cupping his face in your hands as you urge him to look at you. His eyes are wide and so pure. It’s the Jungkook you’ve grown up with, the Jungkook you love. The Jungkook that’s yours. “Thank you for giving me the chance to do all of those things.”
He stares at you, long and hard.
“You’re perfect,” he whines as you raise a brow at him. “Like—that’s not fair. You’re kind, intelligent, super funny—and you’re hot as fuck? What the hell!”
“Jungkook …” you say with an unimpressed look, but all Jungkook does is pout at you.
He wraps a leg around you and squeezes you tighter against his chest.
“I love you,” he mumbles against your hair. “Thank you.”
You smile.
“I hope this was a nice birthday for you,” you say softly.
He pulls away, dumbfounded.
“Nice? Baby,” he deadpans, “I got food, my dick sucked and a sex tape in one night—of course it’s nice!”
You glare at him, despite your flushed ears at his crude words.
“I like knowing that that’s the list of things that made your birthday nice,” you say sarcastically.
He laughs heartily, pressing a kiss to your cheek as you turn your head away from him petulantly.
“What made my birthday perfect—” he whispers huskily, “is my beautiful and loving girlfriend.”
“Kiss ass,” you mutter.
“Just super in love,” he corrects dreamily before he rolls back onto his back.
You roll into him this time, drawing circles against his chest while the two of you lie in silence. It’s calm, and there wasn’t a need to say anything. Not until Jungkook decides to break the silence with his voice—
“By the way, there was an angle in the video that made your double-chin look really obvious—”
You kick him in the shin.
Tumblr media
To: Yena my love
[image attached]
From: Yena my love
Girl you look fucking WRECKED LMAOOOO
Told u the lingerie was worth it
Hope that idiot destroys ur pussy even more <3
One of us deserves to get laid
Happy birthday Jeon … I guess :////
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borathae · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Trying to be in a relationship when both of you are shy, oblivious idiots isn’t easy. You want to kiss Jungkook. Jungkook wants to kiss you. And yet somehow you can’t even cuddle without tensing up in nervousness. Soon all this tension is getting too much for you to take. 
Alternatively: Jungkook is the biggest oblivious idiot while you just want to kiss his stupidly handsome face.” 
Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Mutual Pining, Two Idiots in Love, New Relationship!AU
Warnings: these two are together and yet still so oblivious to the other’s feelings omfg you guys, so much shy and giggly kissing, body worshipping, clumsy mutual stripping, holy shit so many giggles :(, they are both in love and really horny, this is pretty vanilla but you know what they say about vanilla. it’s sweet af :(, oral sex in the form of 69ing, safe sex, cuddly missionary :(, the fluffiest afterglow talk
Wordcount: 10.5k
a/n: One of my favourite couple is back, you guys!! It started as a cute little idea in the back of my mind and then escalated into this fluffy tragedy of a story 🤧 I hope you guys enjoy it hehe! 💜
~ To Index ~
Tumblr media
Jungkook cooked for you tonight. It wasn’t great. Well no, it was great because Jungkook cooked it for you. It just wasn’t grande. Instant ramen with two eggs and some dongchimi Misses Park brought over last week. You liked it a lot, especially because that meant spending time with Jungkook and getting to talk to him and getting to look at his awesome face.
It wasn’t a date persay. Jungkook simply texted you and asked you if you wanted to come over for an impromptu late night snack. You said yes of course, taking twenty minutes to get ready and then off you went on your long journey to nextdoor. He already waited for you by the opened door in his grey sweats and pink sweatshirt. You thought that maybe he wanted to kiss you but he ended up pulling back at the last moment to pat the top of your head instead with an awkward smile on his face. 
It was a little peculiar at first to be greeted like that, but you were far too nervous to call him out on it. And also in the four months of having whatever thing you and him were having, peculiar greetings such as tonight were a regular thing. One time when he tried to hold your hand to pull you closer for a goodbye kiss you ended up high fiving him instead. Another time you reached out to touch his chest and kiss his lips but he ended up shaking your hand instead and greeting you with a nervous "good day". And another time you and him both wanted to go in for a kiss at the same time but ended up headbutting each other and almost breaking each other's noses. It was so embarrassing, but it still wasn’t quite enough for either of you to end whatever thing you and him were having. 
Tonight however, you felt a little sad when he greeted you with a pat on the head. It wasn’t just an accidental, awkward spurt of the moment misunderstanding, but a conscious decision by him. 
Tumblr media
You had finished dinner a few moments ago and Jungkook was busy washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. You asked him if he needed help but he told you to relax on his couch slash bed. Jungkook didn’t own a bed, he just owned a small but comfortable couch with lots of pillows and three blankets. He could extend it for sleeping, he showed you that he can one night and no you didn’t stay over to sleep because you felt too nervous to ask if you could.
You can watch him work from where you are sitting. He is currently scrubbing the pot he used, having his back turned to you. He looks very concentrated, singing along to the music of his bluetooth speaker quietly.
You like his voice. He has a really nice voice and you like that he is starting to sing in your proximity. In the first two months of whatever thing you and him were having, he immediately stopped singing when he realised that you could hear him. You like that he doesn’t feel that nervous anymore and actually started to sing when you were in the same room as him. Now bear in mind, he would never actually sing next to you, serenade you so to speak, but at least he sings when he thinks you aren’t listening. One night you asked him if he could sing you a song and his face became as red as a tomato before he ran away with an excuse of an aching tummy, so you are happy with whatever little glimpse of his voice you get these days.
Jungkook turns around, waddling to the counter which separates his kitchen from the rest of his quaint, little apartment. Above the counter there was a row of cupboards in which he stores most of his plates, bowls and glasses (just like you do at your place). Jungkook opens it, gets on his tiptoes and begins sorting in the washed bowls. His sweatshirt slips up as he moves, exposing his lower stomach to your eyes. 
You stop playing with his Nintendo Switch, letting your gaze linger on his skin. Even in this quite stretched out position his lower stomach showed muscle. Well defined abs and two impressive v lines which disappeared into his sweats. He is so hot. Jungkook lowers himself again and starts moving back to the sink to get plates. Your eyes are away from him in an instance, cheeks feeling on fire as you stare back into the game. You feel like a complete creep for staring at him like that and thinking that he was really hot whilst doing so. It feels like you just sexually assaulted him, even though you know that technically you didn’t. 
You saw Jungkook shirtless on three occasions. One time back in the day when you didn’t have whatever thing you and him were having yet and you visited him at Taekwondo practice and he was training his abs without a shirt on. The second time was when you and him met at your university's swimming pool and he was just on his way to the locker rooms all wet and breathless from swimming for an hour. And the last time was when he hung up his laundry on his balcony and you accidentally took a look over at him while you were sweeping your own.
On all three occasions you looked away in an instance, your cheeks began to burn and you felt your heart race like crazy. Tonight however you made the conscious decision to look at his exposed stomach and now you feel awful. You wonder what he would think of you if he knew. He would probably be really uncomfortable, you know he would.
"All done", Jungkook sighs, hanging his teatowel back on its wall hook and then making his way over to you. 
You look at him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed your creepy staring. He hasn’t, judging by the content look on his face. He is bringing dessert in the form of an opened package of marshmallows. 
"Here, do you want some?" he offers, towering over you as he doesn’t quite dare to sit down. 
"Not now, uhm put them down for now", you tell him. 
"O-okay", he says and places them on his coffee table slash dining table.
He sits down next to you, hiding his folded hands between his legs and rocking back and forth nervously. 
"So uhm what did you pick?" he asks. 
"Uhm. Animal Crossing", you tell him, showing him the screen. 
He inspects it with knitted brows and his lips pouting before he nods in content. 
"Do you like my island?" he asks. 
"Yes, it's pretty. Also I picked your weeds." 
"Oh?", his brows furrow, "uhm, oh okay. Yeah that's fine", he murmurs. 
"Did I just do something I shouldn’t have done?" 
"No I, I just wanted to, to keep them", he explains, voice growing quieter and quieter the more he talks. 
"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn’t know. I thought that you wanted them gone. Can I fix this somehow?" you gasp, feeling so terrible that your stomach starts hurting.
"No, it's fine really, don’t worry about it", he assures you and locks eyes with you for only a moment, "uhm", he looks away again, "do you want to watch a movie or something?" 
"Yeah a movie sounds really fun", you say, nodding your head. Everything is better than sitting here in silence and screaming in your head because you messed up his island. A movie is the perfect distraction.
"Okay cool", he jumps up and runs to get his dvd collection, "I have many movies. Most of them are romantic comedies, but I also have a few superhero movies. You can pick, I'm happy with everything", he explains excitedly, carrying the big plastic container over to you and putting it down on the coffee table. 
He starts sorting through his collection, reading you the titles and summaries and discarding them quickly whenever he realises that maybe he wouldn’t be happy if you picked that movie. It made you smile a lot because you thought that he was really cute.
"Let’s go with Iron Man, I never watched that movie", you told him in the end. 
Tumblr media
You were forty minutes into the movie when you couldn’t really take the distance anymore. Jungkook kept at least an arms length of distance between you and him when he sat down again and it made you a little sad, because you really wanted to cuddle. You didn’t do lots of cuddling yet. Twice actually, you cuddled twice. One time when he came over for a movie and you shared a blanket because it was so cold in your apartment. And the second time was when he was really down because of a shitty Taekwondo practice and you hugged him on the bus for the entire drive home. They were both really amazing and epic experiences and you reached a point in whatever thing you and him were having where you wanted more of them.
You sneak a glance at him. He is currently munching on a marshmallow and giggles to himself. He really seems to enjoy the movie, unlike you who can’t stand the distance any longer. 
And so you scoot closer until you could rest your folded knees on his lap and drape your arm around his stomach. Jungkook tenses up, his giggles stop and when you take a look at his face you notice his eyes widening. He looks at you with blushing cheeks. 
"Are you cold?" he asks. 
"I, I don’t need comfort", he says. 
"I know." 
"Because I want to cuddle with you." 
He clears his throat nervously, blinking rapidly. He shifts in your embrace, looking back at the movie with his face burning up. This makes you sad. Why isn’t he showing more enthusiasm? This is the first time you actively showed him that you wanted skinship with him. You thought that maybe he would be more excited about it.
"Do you not want to cuddle?" you ask him, already pulling away.
"Yes, no. No! I do", he stutters, "I do." 
"But?" you fear that maybe he just doesn’t want to cuddle with you. 
"Nothing", he murmurs. 
He scoots closer and drapes his arm around you. You relax back against his body, knees resting on his lap and arm placed over his stomach. For the rest of the movie you stay in this position. Jungkook doesn’t move even an inch, as if you were a cat that had fallen asleep on his body and he was trying not to wake it up. You tried caressing his tummy at one point but gave up once you noticed how much tenser he became. It didn’t just make you a little sad, it frustrated you on top of that. So when the movie was over and Jungkook asked you if you wanted to watch the second part you said that you didn’t want to and stood up to leave. 
"Did you not like the movie? We could watch something else instead. Or maybe we could play Animal Crossing together?" he hurries after you. 
"No, I'll be going home now", you dismiss him with sagging shoulders. 
"But...don't you want to stay a little longer? We're having so much fun right now", he begs and pouts.
It confuses and surprises you. He is having fun? He has been tense the entire movie, gave you no sign of actually enjoying the skinship and on top of that he patted your head as greeting. Nothing in his gestures showed you that he was having fun. But because you are a nervous idiot, who on top of that is scared of confrontation, you don’t tell him that.
"No sorry, it's already so late. I want to go to sleep already", you lie, putting on your slippers with a heavy heart.
"Ah okay, uhm yeah I get that", he stutters, scratching his neck, "should I walk you home?" 
"No, it's fine", you dismiss him and open the door, "see you next time." 
Jungkook follows you outside. 
"W-when is next time?" he asks, grasping the doorframe nervously. 
"Don't know, I’m really busy with exams right now", you lie again. 
"Oh okay...yeah okay I get that. Then, uhm call me if you have time again?"
"Yeah I'll call you." 
Jungkook reaches out, hesitates, reaches out again, hesitates again and ends up patting your head. 
"I had lots of fun tonight, uhm. Thank you", he says and smiles cutely. 
"Me too", you murmur, turning away. 
"Goodnight ___", Jungkook calls after you, taking a step outside. 
"Mhm night", you say over your shoulder before closing the door behind you. 
Tumblr media
You don’t call him for a week and then you start missing him. So you text him and ask him if he wants to have dinner at your place. 
His answer came an hour (and your endless torment of nervousness) later. 
Kook: That would be cool. I can come over at eight. Is that too late?
You told him that it wasn’t and that you would be making fried chicken tonight. Jungkook answered you ten minutes later. 
Kook: oh wooow *-*💕
And the heart he added sent you down such a spiral that you almost broke your phone in half. He never used hearts with you before and you may have screeched for a good five minutes afterwards. Once calmed down enough to actually function (because trust me you will never be completely calm ever again) you finally began preparing tonight's dinner whilst listening to cheesy love songs and giggling to yourself.
Tumblr media
Jungkook arrived at exactly eight o'clock with his hair tousled from letting it air dry after swim practice. 
"Hey", you open the door to him with a goofy grin.
"Hey, uhm", he scratches his neck, "I know I said I'd be here at eight, but can you give me ten minutes to change into different clothes? They smell like chlorine." 
You look over your shoulder at the nicely plated chicken. Your goofy grin drops. It will most definitely become cold. 
"Yes….", you answer him hesitantly. 
"Thank you, gosh you are an angel", he says and leans close to peck your lips, "see you soon", he says and hurries to his apartment as if he hadn’t even realised what he had done.
You are left staring, lips parted and head dizzy. He just kissed you. Holy shit he just kissed you! This actually just happened. He kissed you. He kissed you. His lips touched yours. In a kiss. A kiss. 
You close the door and fall against it, fingers touching your lips. First he sends you a heart and now he is kissing you. Did that week of no contact actually work? Did he realise that if he wanted to keep you he needed to work a little harder? Because if it did you are going to ghost him more often. This was only partially the talk of a woman madly in love with an oblivious idiot. You wouldn’t actually ghost him, that would be way too mean for you. But holy moly oh my god he just kissed you!!
Knock. Knock. 
The sound startles you to the point of you making a little sound.
"Okay he is back, you can do this. This is easy", you take a deep breath for good measures and turn.
You open the door to a newly dressed Jungkook with his styled bangs covering his eyebrows. Wow. He looks so good that your heart is skipping a beat.
"You're back", you say, grinning goofily and stepping closer to kiss him again. 
"Yes hah", he laughs nervously and swerves past you, "so uhm chicken? Is it already done?" 
He steps inside and kicks off his slippers. He looks around for a moment, fumbling with the hem of his striped shirt. You wait for a moment, hoping that he would mention the kiss, but he doesn’t and it makes you pout. It even seems as if he is actively trying to act as if it never even happened. The swerving past you was proof enough for you.
"Yes it's done already. Come on let's eat", you murmur sadly, dragging your feet over to your dining table. 
Tumblr media
You and him don’t talk a lot during dinner. You never really do, because talking meant looking into each other's eyes and you both just couldn’t do that. It was really scary to look into Jungkook's eyes because you always start stuttering and that is so embarrassing to do in front of him. So you ate your chicken in silence and felt more frustrated by the second. 
Jungkook stayed for dessert after you asked him in hopes that this would lessen the tension. It was your half eaten bar of marzipan chocolate and three oatmeal cookies. You shared it on your couch, listening to music as you did. The tension really didn’t get less. On the contrary, while you were waiting for him to mention the kiss he was busy staring at your plants and chewing the cookie nervously. 
"I like that band", Jungkook says and plays with the cookie in his fingers. He just couldn’t take the silence anymore and needed to talk.
"Mhm yeah, they are good", you agree, shifting on the couch, "I want to see them live if they ever come here." 
"Yeah? Me too." 
You look at him, waiting for him to ask you if you wanted to go together. 
"What?" he asks instead, looking from side to side nervously.
You turn away and eat your cookie. He watches the way your jaw tenses and your nostrils flare.
"So uhm, how were your exams?" he asks in hopes of lessening the tension.
"My exams?" you ask, tilting your head to the side in question.
"Yeah the ones you were busy with this week", he explains with slight confusion in his eyes. 
Oooh the exams you made up. Shoot, you completely forgot about that lie already. 
"They were okay. I'm just glad that they are over", you lie. 
"Yeah", he says in a laugh, "I feel you." 
He takes a bite of his cookie and speaks once he has swallowed it. 
"What were they about?" 
"Uhm…" you pause to think, "...German." 
Your eyes zoned out on your German language book and so you said the first thing that came into your mind at that moment. 
"I see, cool", he smiles shyly, "do you still have more exams?" 
"No, I had my last one today." 
"Mhm cool. So does that mean we can hang out more again?" 
"Yeah I guess."
"That's so cool", he murmurs and looks away to scratch the side of his neck. 
You look away too, twisting the material of your sweatpants. This is so freaking uncomfortable. 
"So uhm, how was swim practice?" you ask, trying not to show how down you are.
"It was good. The coach said that my dives are getting really good." 
"Oh that’s cool, I’m proud of you." 
Jungkook fumbles with his cookie furiously, cheeks becoming beet red. 
"Thank you", he whispers with his nose scrunching up, "uhm…" he fakes looking at your clock, "oh it's already so late. I think I should go", he says, standing up. 
It tugs at your heart strings that he already wants to leave so soon. He hasn’t even mentioned the kiss and now he wants to flee again like he always does.
"You want to go already?" you ask, following after him.
He scrambles to the door, cookie still in his fingers.
"I don't want to keep you up." 
"Why would you keep me up?" 
"Don’t you have dance practice tomorrow?" 
"Technically I do, but I don't want to go." 
"Why? Did something happen?" 
"No uhm…", you begin scratching your neck frantically, "...I was thinking that maybe we could have breakfast tomorrow...together, uhm...after you stayed overnight?"
"You want me to sleep here?" he gasps, eyes widening. 
You look at your feet and nod your head. 
"Only if you want to though." 
This would be the first time you and him would fall asleep together. You have no idea if he even wants something like this or if whatever thing you and him were having was still far too new for such a big step. But you were a little desperate tonight because he gave you all that hope with the heart and the kiss and now you want him to act goddamn it.
"Can I just quickly go to my place and shower?" he asks.
"Sure...uhm yeah you can, but you can shower here." 
"No it's fine really", he opens the door and stumbles outside, "give me twenty, I'll be back", he says and throws the door closed. 
You watch through your spy as he stumbles to his door and almost falls face first into his apartment. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook doesn’t take twenty minutes, he takes an hour. You had already given up all hope of him coming back (and also whatever thing you and him were having) when he knocked on the door again.
"Hey", he says, hair fluffy from being freshly washed. The scent of his vanilla shower gel surrounds him.  He is wearing sky blue boxer shorts and a white shirt, you know both of them to be his pyjamas. 
"Those were the longest twenty minutes ever", you grumble. 
"I know, I’m sorry. I kinda overdid the beauty routine. I just didn’t want to stink." 
You snort and chuckle. His attempt at not smelling bad for you makes you feel a little less mad at him. 
"You never stink", you murmur, "come on in, I warmed up the bed already." 
Jungkook knows what you mean by that sentence. That you had already given up on him coming over and went to bed without him. But as a really nervous idiot with a massive phobia of confrontation, he stays silent and tiptoes behind you whilst suffering from serious heart palpitations.
Your laptop was on, illuminating the wall behind your bed blue. You lift it up from your sheets.
"Sorry, I was watching Queer Eye", you explain. 
"It's fine. Do you want to watch it?" 
You study his features. 
"Sure we could do that. I just started a new episode", you say, crawling under the blanket. 
Jungkook stays by your bed, looking down at you with widened eyes. You look up. 
"Are you not going to join me?"
"I am!" he exclaims and scrambles on your bed. 
You open the blanket for him but he denies you with a shake of his head. 
"Very well then", you grumble, pressing play. You are annoyed again. You literally made it so obvious that you wanted him under your blanket and yet he didn’t get it. 
You watch the episode next to each other without speaking a word, let alone moving. You could tell that Jungkook was cold the entire time, judging by the millions and millions of goosebumps on his naked thighs and yet he still didn’t crawl under the blanket with you. Was it because if he did, your naked legs would have touched? You know they would have, because throughout the entire episode they were pressed together with the blanket separating your skin from his'. 
"That was really cool. Do you want to watch another?" he asks, fumbling with his thumbs. 
"No, I’m tired, I want to sleep", you say dryly, pressing the off button of your laptop aggressively. 
Jungkook watches you as you discard it on the floor and then flip on your side, pulling the edge of the blanket to your cheek. You have your back turned to him. 
"Okay", a pause, then, "do you have a blanket for me?" 
You sigh loudly. He is so freaking oblivious. 
"On the couch." 
"Thank you." 
He rolls out of bed and waddles to your sofa. Once he retrieved your blanket he waddles back to bed and lies down beside you, keeping his distance as good as possible. 
It makes you really sad that he doesn’t even want to cuddle up to you. 
"Goodnight ___", he tells you, gnawing on his lower lip to wait for a reaction from you. 
You just huff out air and keep the cold shoulder turned to him.  
You counted at least six minutes of silence until you can’t take it anymore and you flip onto your other side to face him. 
He is resting on his back, fingers sprawled out on his stomach and hair spread on your pillow. He has his eyes closed but that changes real quick when he feels you scoot closer to him and drape your arm across his chest. 
He tenses up and clenches his jaw. Your warm breath is fanning over the side of his neck repeatedly and it makes his skin tingle and shivers run down his spine. 
"Are you awake?" he whispers. 
"Yes", you say, making an effort to brush your lips over his neck as you speak. It makes his chest rise in a shaky inhale and sink in an even shakier exhale. 
"What are you doing?" 
"Cuddling you." 
"Why?" he asks and shifts uncomfortably. 
"Because I want to cuddle." 
"Oh, okay", he murmurs and shifts again. 
You rest in silence for exactly forty five seconds and then you grow annoyed by his continuous tenseness. 
You let go of him and scoot back, turning on your fairy lights to see him better.
"You really don’t like cuddling do you?" 
"What?", he blinks repeatedly, "but I enjoyed this. What do you mean?" 
"That's how you are when you enjoy things? You’re basically stress sweating right now and you are as tense as if you wanted to mimic being a freaking statue." 
"But I like this", he insists quietly. 
"Do you really? Because I didn’t get the feeling whatsoever. As a matter of fact I don’t even know if you even want to be with me in the first place." 
"What?" he sits up with his legs crossed, "don't say that, that's not true." 
"Is it?" you challenge, sitting up as well. 
"Yes", he starts pouting, "what the hell? It's been going so well those past four months and now you say all those things", he murmurs sadly, lowering his eyes. 
"It's not been going well and you know that." 
"No I don’t be-because for me everything was going so w-well." 
"Jungkook you don’t even want to kiss me, let alone cuddle me or show me in any way that I am more than just a friend to you." 
"But I did", he whispers, "so many times." 
"Whenever I, I cooked for you. Or whenever I told you that I liked our date. A-and when I came over whenever you asked e-even if I busy before." 
You realised as he spoke that there were indeed occasions when you felt really appreciated by him. All those cute dinner dates he prepared for you with candlelight and cheesy music and all those times he spent minutes letting you know what he liked about the evening or all the times he arrived at your door out of breath and sweaty because he hurried back to you from whatever place he was at before. You hadn’t forgotten those times, they just grew unimportant as you grew selfishly greedy for more than just words and actions. 
"I know…I’m sorry", you murmur, lowering your eyes, "I just feel a little frustrated lately." 
"With me?" 
"Yeah partially." 
"So I didn’t just imagine it. Oh my god. Why? What did I do?" 
"Nothing. You are quite literally doing nothing and that frustrates me because I want you to act on all the clues I send you." 
"So you want me to be more involved?" he clears his throat, "o-okay", he says and laughs nervously. 
"Would that be such a problem for you?" you study his features and how they scrunch up in awkwardness, "are you perhaps ace?" 
"Mhm?" his head snaps up.
"Asexual. They aren’t really interested in sex and some don’t like skinship in any form. Are you perhaps like that too?" 
"What?" he gasps and begins shaking his head vigorously, "no of course I like skinship and I'm not asexual." 
"Then do you not like it with me?" 
"I like it with you."
"Then why aren’t you reciprocating it when I try to initiate it?" 
"Because I talked to Jimin."
Jimin was your shared friend. Well, he was more of an acquaintance to you, who you sometimes talked to after your shared dance practice. But he was Jungkook's friend, they were in the same Taekwondo class and you know that they talked a lot. 
"What does Jimin have to do with this?" 
"Because he told me that, that women like cool guys who are always really collected and a b-badboy. And, and that a distant man, who doesn’t show emotion a lot is really hot to them. And I thought you liked it when I was being all cold and mysterious because that's what Jimin told me you like", he babbles in a whine, eyes widened and lips pouty.
"Hold up. So you're telling me that all this time you were following the advice of the biggest playboy on campus?" 
Jungkook cringes in realisation. 
"But he told me that women don’t like it when we are really pushy with skinship a-and so I tried to hold back and give you space so you are comfortable", he explains, "I thought I was doing good", he adds with a pout.
You laugh in disbelief. It all makes sense now. 
"I do like it that you didn’t rip my clothes off at the first chance you got, but goddamn it Kook, a little more reaction to my skinship would be nice. You don’t have to turn into a statue, you know?" 
"I'm sorry", he whispers, hiding his face behind his hands. He takes a deep, shaky breath to calm down his escalating pulse, wishing for the floor to swallow him whole. 
"I'm sorry, I just wanted to be a gentleman", he croaks, rocking himself back and forth.
"Hey it's fine. I accept your apology. Also it's sweet that you wanted to be a gentleman", you say and touch his knee to soothe him, "also don’t listen to Jimin anymore, I like it when you are sweet and show emotion. Badboys suck really bad, I don’t like them."
"This is so embarrassing", he groans and buries his face deeper in his palms. 
"No it's not and I don't judge", you assure him. 
Jungkook groans and raises his head. His blush has spread over his entire face. He looks like Hoseok - another shared friend - after he drank two glasses of beer. His big eyes race between yours. 
"So you like it when I’m sweet?" 
"Yes very much." 
"Wow", he breathes in awe, gazing at you with a fond sparkle in his pretty eyes.
The silence isn't heavy but it is making you nervous nonetheless. He grasps the bedsheets and twists them, getting on his knees. He is closer to you in this position, you can smell his minty toothpaste in his breath. His gaze shifts to your lips, his tongue sticks out to wet his own. 
"Can I?" he asks in a hushed whisper. 
"Yes you can", you breathe, cupping his cheeks to pull him closer. 
The kiss is chaste. Nothing more than the peck he gave you earlier that night. And then he already pulls back again, licking over his lips nervously and sitting back on his feet. 
He giggles shyly, lowering his head and fumbling with the leg hem of his boxer shorts. 
"That was really nice. I liked it a lot", you say with your voice giddy, "did you like it too?" 
He nods his head and giggles. 
"Can I do it again?" you ask him. 
He nods his head, tilting it up a second later. He lets his eyes fall closed and waits for your kiss with pouted lips and held breath. 
He releases it real quick once your lips actually touch his'. You kiss him a lot more than just a peck. Your fingers are threaded through his soft hair, lips moving slowly. Jungkook was a little clumsy at first but found your rhythm very soon. It is gentle and without tongue, just lips on lips and shaky inhales whenever one pulls back slightly. It is so nice. Your entire body tingles in the feeling and every so often your teeth clash with his’ when both of you smiled and giggled into the kiss. It was literally so perfect. 
You scoot closer, the kiss to his lips breaks as you let it trail over his face. His burning cheeks, the tip of his nose, his eyelids and forehead. You kiss them, making him giggle and his shoulders rise to his ears. 
You finally pull back, heart racing in anticipation of whatever look he is wearing on his face. Shy fondness. It makes his big eyes sparkle and his soft cheeks glow rosy. 
"That was so nice", he breathes, reaching out to intertwine his fingers with yours. 
"Yes, it was so nice. You have really soft lips." 
"I used an exfoliant tonight", he explains. 
"In case we would kiss?" 
He nods his head and avoids eye contact. 
"Did you want to kiss me?" 
"Yes all the time. It was so hard to hold back", he pouts.
You laugh fondly. 
"So did you want to kiss me when we were watching Queer Eye?"
"Yes of course." 
"And Iron Man?" 
He blushes, "yes so much." 
"I don't think you should listen to Jimin's advice anymore", you joke, making him laugh shyly. 
"I don't think so either", he agrees and finally looks back into your eyes. 
He cups your cheek and draws closer, eyes glued to your lips. It is your turn to let your eyelids flutter closed and hold your breath.
The kiss feels just as epic and amazing and exciting as it did all those few times before. He is such a great kisser. Really gentle and sweet and yet passionate. You just can’t get enough of it. 
After way too many minutes you grew so greedy that you pushed at his chest and made him fall into the pillows. He gasps, breaking the kiss to stare at you with his swollen lips parted in surprise. 
You giggle, rubbing your nose against his cheek. You are almost on top of him, one leg draped over his hips and chest pressed against his'. 
You connect your lips with his neck. 
"Ah", he lets out, fingers twitching on your back. 
His pulse is racing against your lips, his chest vibrates in a shy moan. 
You kiss him, suck on his skin softly and pull back to look at his face. 
His pupils are just slightly bigger than before. 
“This felt really good”, he lets you know just slightly out of breath. 
“Yes?” you bury your face back in his neck, dragging your nose up and down his skin to bask in his scent. 
He sighs and shivers. 
You inhale deeply before kissing the spot under his earlobe. His back twitches off the mattress in an arch, his fingers twists the fabric of your sleepshirt. 
You look at him again, grinning goofily. He looks so affected. It's affecting you too.
“I like how you smell”, you say, dancing your fingers over his chest. You can feel his racing heart against your fingertips. 
“I washed myself really thoroughly”, he explains. 
“Even your neck?” 
“Yeah, I went like”, he says and demonstrates it by rubbing his hands over his neck rather aggressively, “until I was sure that I would smell nice.”
You grin fondly. He is so cute.
“In case I would kiss your neck?” 
“Yeah”, he says in a breathy laugh, nodding his head and widening his eyes. 
You giggle, drawing closer until your lashes are tickling his cheek. He turns his head so his lips are brushing over yours as you speak. 
“You’re such an oblivious idiot you know that Kook?” you kiss his lips then speak again, “I was already going crazy thinking that we weren’t even dating and I made you uncomfortable with trying to be all touchy.”
“In my defense, you could have said something too”, he says and kisses you. 
You break the kiss after a minute, outlining his lips with your thumb. 
“I know, sorry I kept all of this to myself. I’m just really bad at confrontation.” 
“Me too, I suck at it big times.”
You giggle, Jungkook giggles too. You stumble into a kiss again, kissing away all those misunderstandings and frustrations and unsaid words until your chests actually felt like they would burst. You are on top of Jungkook by now, knees caging in his waist and elbows resting beside his face while your fingers were in his hair. Jungkook was holding you, running his hands up and down your back and legs, leaving out your booty for now because he was still far too shy to take that step. 
You break the kiss again not only so both of you could breathe, but also to speak. 
“We could try to talk more from now on”, you suggest. 
“Yes, I will try for you”, he whispers. 
“And I will try for you”, you promise, falling into a kiss again afterwards. 
Your bodies grind together before melting closer. He mewls softly, swallowing the tiny moan you let out in answer. He lets his tongue dart out, making you gasp and flinch back. 
“Sorry”, he says in an instance, fearing that he went too far.
You don’t answer him, instead you press your lips against his deeply and kiss him passionately. He gasps and shudders, struggling for a moment. This is making his head hazy and his chest tingly. He dares to dart his tongue out again, meeting your own this time around. Moans mix together, bodies grind on each other, stomachs tingle in butterflies. You can’t kiss like this for long and then you both pull back at the same time, staring at the other in a mixture of surprise and slight arousal. 
“That was…” you begin. 
“”, he finishes your sentence. 
“Yeah”, you agree. 
He takes your hand and presses it against his chest. 
“My heart is racing so much.”
You take his hand and press it against your chest. 
“Mine is racing too.”
“Are you also nervous?” 
“Yeah a little.” 
“If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.”
“I want to do this with you. Unless you don’t want to, then we don’t have to.” 
He squeezes your hand. 
“I want to do this with you too. I just don’t have lots of experience.”
“Me neither. You would be the second boy.” 
“You would be the second girl for me too”, he confesses and blushes. 
You blush too and look to the side. You giggle. 
“This is so embarrassing to talk about”, you confess, feeling your cheeks heat up. 
“Yeah it is”, he agrees. 
Your eyes meet in a shy gaze. 
“How should we start this?” you ask him. 
“Maybe we could undress each other? This could be really hot”, he suggests. 
“Yes, I like this idea”, you say and scoot down his body to sit down on his lap. Jungkook sits up, holding your waist between his warm hands. 
You and him smile shyly, draw closer and kiss again. You kiss until his fingers have disappeared under your shirt and your own are tugging at the hem of his own and being naked in front of the other doesn’t sound that scary anymore. You start pulling each other’s shirts up at the same time, soon having to come to the conclusion that it won’t work like that as arms get stuck and tangled and joints almost dislocate in weird positions. 
You stop undressing each other and pull back, both of you burning up in embarrassment but letting your hands run over the other's torso. 
“You go first”, he says, laughing. 
“Yeah okay.”
He raises his arms and lets you take his shirt off. You throw it on the ground, staring at his eyes obsessively. You don’t quite dare yet to look at his torso. 
“It’s your turn”, you say, raising your arms. 
Jungkook begins undressing you. It goes really smoothly at first until he reaches your face and not only squishes your forehead but also tugs up your nose rather painfully. 
“Ouchies”, you grunt and giggle. 
“Sorry”, he gasps, pulling off the shirt quickly and clutching it against his face in nervousness, “so sorry.” 
“It’s fine”, you rub your nose, “god that was such a mess”, you cringe and giggle. 
Jungkook discards your shirt and touches your sides again. 
“Was it at least a little sexy though?” 
“Yeah it was a little sexy”, you say and mean it. Even if you and him acted like complete idiots whilst taking off your shirts, it still left your stomachs tingling in excitement of what was to come.
"I will look now", he lets you know. 
Jungkook shifts his gaze downwards, brows shooting up and lips parting. 
“Oh wow”, he breathes, making you blush. 
You aren’t wearing a bra (because sleeping with a bra on is uncomfortable) and so he is getting the best view of your naked breasts right now. You are really nervous, but don’t hide away because of how mesmerised he looks. Somehow this makes you feel really sexy. He drags his hands up your stomach, fingers tickling your sides, until his thumbs touch the swell of your breasts. He looks into your eyes. 
“They are so beautiful”, he says softly, leaning closer.
He keeps up eye contact as his lips come into contact with your left breast. They leave the softest of kisses on your skin, making you shudder each time. All the while his right hand is caressing your other breast, the warmth of his soft palm feels like fire on your skin. 
“This feels really nice”, you sigh, breaking eye contact because it would make you way too nervous otherwise. You close your eyes and pet his hair, basking in his touches and kisses. 
You like how gentle he still is, how slow and calculated he places each of his kisses and how safe your breasts feel in his hands. It makes you feel the appreciation you had started to grow so greedy for. 
Jungkook soon lifts you up and places you down at the foot end of your bed, resting between your legs and kissing up your collarbones until he has your neck under his lips. 
His naked chest is rubbing against yours, his skin feels so soft and warm, he smells so nice. You especially like the way his spine feels under your fingertips or the way his back muscles move with every little movement he makes. He moans cutely and sucks on your skin just enough to make it tingle before moving to a new spot and repeating what he had done before. 
“It's so nice”, you breathe, making him kiss your jawline tenderly in answer.
You run your fingers along his sides, making him shudder with each touch. You are happy that you said something to him. You weren’t planning on saying something at first, because you feared that you and him would end up fighting, but now that the situation has escalated in such an epic, amazing way you are happy that you felt brave enough to speak up. Honestly you feel so freaking good that you fear nothing else in this world could ever come close to this feeling again. 
Jungkook stops the kisses to gaze at you and caress your cheek. 
“I like your body a lot”, he tells you with his voice surprisingly deep for him. 
You look down at his body, drinking in the paths of it and thinking to yourself that there is no other body more beautiful than his’ on this earth. You don’t feel like such a creep doing so now.
“I like your body too. You are really beautiful and hot”, you say, making him smile shyly. 
He draws closer and kisses you hungrily. He is threading his fingers through your hair and lets out desperate little squeaks every so often. He is so not at all like the shy, nervous Jungkook you fell in love with. He is so vocal and needy all of a sudden and his voice has this really sexy rasp on it. It makes your toes tingle and your stomach tighten. 
You push at his chest and roll you and him over, taking his hands to hold them tightly. He mewls, tilting his head up to kiss you just as deeply as he wants to do. But you let him chase you fruitlessly, breaking the kiss to giggle shyly.
“What?” he asks breathlessly.
“This”, you say and grind your soaked core against his swollen length.
He moans shakily, eyes widening and fingers squeezing yours.
“I’m really wet”, you stutter, grinding down a second time.
“Y-you made me hard”, he chokes out.
“I know”, you giggle, leaning down to kiss his neck, “it’s really hot”, you say between kisses, moving on to the other side of his neck until you have him mewling underneath you.
You abandon his hands all to his dismay and run your fingers down his collarbones and chest. Your lips follow the path they draw, kissing every inch of his perfect torso until you have reached his lower abs and he is panting quickly. You touch the hem of his boxer shorts, making him tense up.
“No! Wait!” he exclaims, hazy mind clearing up for a moment.
“What is it?” you ask.
"You don’t have to do this”, he says and blushes.
“Why? Do you not like blowjobs?”
“I, I do, but-“, he stops talking.
“But what?”
“What if I taste weird to you? Or what if I smell weird? Or you don’t like the shape of it?”
You smile fondly and lean down to kiss his lower abs.
“I don’t think any of those things will happen.”
He props himself up on his elbows.
“But what if they do? I would literally die if they did”, he says and pouts.
You chuckle.
"I promise you they won’t, but if you really don’t want this, we can do something else instead", you say and kiss up his body. 
Jungkook pants and mewls, presenting his torso to you with a cute arch of his back. When you reach his neck and start kissing it, he even goes as far as to tilt his head back for you. 
"I do want this", he chokes out. 
"Yes. I'm just so nervous." 
"Don't be, I’ll be gentle", you promise him.
You smile and kiss down his body again until your lips are brushing over the hem of his boxers. Jungkook mewls and lifts his hips, silently asking you to undress him. You do so with nervous fingers, avoiding the important look for as long as possible. You even considered starting the blowjob with your eyes closed until you remembered that Jungkook was your boyfriend and he gave you his consent to look at him in a sexual way and that you were allowed to gawk at him right now. 
"Can I look?" you still ask. 
"Yes", he answers you. 
Your eyes flit up. 
"Oh wow", you breathe, reaching out in an instance, "it's so...pretty." 
"You - oh wow ah  - you, you think so?" he stutters, feeling hazy from your tender touches. 
"Yes, I can assure you that I like the shape of it", you joke and it makes him laugh.
His laugh turns into a gasped moan when he feels your kiss on his cockhead. 
"Ah", he gasps, eyes glued to you as he watches your every move with a racing heart. His abs are tensing and his thighs are twitching every so often. He loves it so much.
You moan and kiss up and down his length a few times. He smells so very nice and his skin is so soft. He must have shaved for you in his hour long beauty routine. 
"You smell nice", you gush, kissing the spot next to where he wants you most. That tiny, overly sensitive spot between his uppermost inner thigh and his length, where you can feel his pulse race and make him shudder. 
"I was really thorough", he tells you in a sigh. 
"Yeah? I think that is really hot", you say, blushing at your own dirty talk until you can feel how it makes his cock twitch. He likes it when you talk like this and the realisation makes you feel so sexy that all of a sudden you grow terribly hungry for his cock.
You kiss up his length before finally wrapping your lips around his tip and sinking down slowly.
His forehead creases as his brows shoot up in surprise. He blinks repeatedly, lips forming an O and thighs twitching. He can’t believe how good this feels. 
"Oh god ___", he murmurs breathly, twisting the sheets. His body feels so warm, it radiates from his center and makes him tingle all over.
You release his cock, kiss his tip and take him in again. You don’t come far because you are way too shy to gag in front of him, but you try to make up for it by touching the rest of him and hoping that it feels good. 
What you don’t know is that Jungkook was currently on cloud nine, asking himself what he had done in his life to deserve something that feels so freaking good. He loves every second of it, feeling himself get addicted to the sensation more and more. 
He moans and places his hand at the back of your head. He doesn’t guide you or push you down and stress you, he just wants to run his fingers through your hair. He really likes your hair and thinks it feels even better when you suck his cock. 
You move up again, sucking with all you got as you do. 
"Ah! Ah, ah!" Jungkook moans and bucks his hips up accidentally. You gag in the process and flinch away, giggling shyly as you hide your face from him. 
"I'm sorry did I hurt you?" he gasps and pets your hair. 
"No, but I gagged", you explain and rest your face on his thigh, "that’s really embarrassing." 
"I don't think so, it was kinda hot", he assures you. 
"You think so?" you look up at him, "don't you think it's disgusting?" 
He shakes his head. 
"Yes", he blushes, "I like it." 
Your stomach tingles in a wave of confidence. You sit up and cup his face, kissing him a moment later. He has you pressed against his body in an instance, parting his lips so you could feed him his taste. He doesn’t think that he tastes that bad, but he likes it a lot more once your taste grows stronger again. It makes him wonder if something else tastes just as sweet as your lips do. 
He breaks the kiss, "can I eat your pussy in return?" 
You plop down on his lap and stare at him with widened eyes. 
"I don't know. What if I taste weird?" 
"Did I taste weird to you?"
"No of course not, but-"
"You don’t taste weird either." 
You lower your eyes. 
"I'm a little nervous to receive it. I like giving, but receiving is hard." 
"Me too", he agrees, "but it feels really good to receive. And I'll try to do the best job ever."
Your eyes meet. 
"We could do it at the same time?" you suggest.
"What do you mean?" 
"I'll show you."
You push him down into the mattress, "stay like this and then." 
You turn and sit down on his stomach, hands resting on his thighs. 
"I can suck your dick and you can eat my pussy like this", you explain, looking back at Jungkook. 
He is quite literally salivating at the view you so mindlessly presented to him. 
"Did you get it?" you ask. 
His eyes meet yours, he nods vigorously. 
"Do you...want this?" you ask, growing more and more nervous the longer you sit in this position. 
"Yeah so much", he croaks and touches your hips to pull you closer. 
You lift your hips, cringing when you can feel the wet string of arousal you leave on his chest. But he doesn’t seem to mind, growling deeply as he pulls you closer and closer. It is like the view of your core and ass in those panties flipped a switch in his mind. Shy, hesitant Jungkook is gone and horny, impatient Jungkook replaced him, that's how it feels like and it excites you so, so much.
"Not so fast, my panties", you squeak. 
"I got it", he dismisses you, pulling them to the side and pushing your hips down on his face. 
"Ah!" you squeal, head snapping up and thighs twitching. It is as if you are being electrocuted over and over again. You hadn’t even realised how wet and warm his tongue is until you had it against your clit. He flicks it over your bundle of nerves quickly, moaning into your pussy and massaging your hips. You had expected everything but not for him to go so freaking feral for your pussy. This is a side of him which will haunt you in your wettest of dreams. 
"God, Kook", you moan, grabbing his cock and taking him into your mouth to stifle your sounds. You bop your head up and down, playing with his balls at the same time.
He mewls and presses you closer, tongue speeding up and making you quicken your own pace as well.
What you and him were doing most definitely didn’t win the price for sexiest sixtynining. At one point you had to pause because your buttcheek cramped. At another point Jungkook needed a break because he curled his toes so hard they cramped up too. And it was really sloppy and messy and also clumsy, but it felt really good to both of you and that was all that mattered. You didn’t need awards for sexiest performance when simply being with the other felt so incredibly rewarding. 
You roll off of him with your limbs sprawled out. You are literally aching in the desire to climax, even taking a breath hurts. But you didn’t want to climax on his face because this would have taken way too much courage, which you didn’t own. So you rolled off at the last moment, leaving both of you aching. 
Jungkook stumbles to his knees and crawls between your legs. His face is still drenched in your juices as he bends down to kiss you. Your taste mixed with his in an addicting cocktail, making both of you moan and mewl. His hands are basically groping you, squeezing whatever ever part of your body finds itself under them. It is so good.
"I want even more", he breaks the kiss and says. He runs his right hand down to your panties, pulling them off quickly. They land somewhere on the floor and then your attention shifts to his hand running along your inner thighs. 
"I want more too", you say and reach down to touch his cock. You pull him closer. 
"Wait", he flinches back, "condom." 
"Good that you remember, my brain is already mush because of you."
He laughs shyly, "I almost forgot too." 
You sit up, making him rest on his heels. It is so peculiar to have him sitting on your bed with his cock standing hard and proud against his toned stomach and his chin glistening in your juices. But even more than peculiar it was exciting. You never even dared to dream that one day you would have the cute, shy Taekwondo student, who you share art history with, on your bed in such a position. 
You break your eyes away before you stare too much. It is still a little scary to do it so freely. 
"Don't judge me but I bought a few different condoms just in case", you explain and reach for your bedside drawer, "I got the ultra thin ones, but in different sizes because I didn’t know which one would fit you", you place them in front of him, "here I think you know your penis better than I do." 
You cringe in realisation. 
"Please act like I didn’t just say penis. This is such an unsexy word." 
He laughs and takes the condom packages. 
"Everything you say is sexy", he assures you, reading the packages, "here this one will fit me", he says and hands it to you. 
"You need to put it on", you hand it back to him.
"Oh yeah", he cringes, "I'm such an idiot. Wait, let me just quickly do it."
You watch him as he struggles and fails. 
"My fingers are slippery", he laughs nervously. 
You watch intendly. 
"Almost got it", you say in encouragement.
It slips off again, making both of you gasp in surprise. He catches it and tries again, only to fail under your intense gaze. 
"P-please don’t stare so much", he stutters, blushing. 
"God sorry", you close your eyes and turn away, "I'm such a creep." 
Jungkook works in silence for a moment until he finally cheers in victory. 
"It's on! I did it!" 
You turn and look. 
"It looks comfortable." 
"Yes it feels good. You got the right size." 
Your eyes meet, both of you cringe at the same time. This is so embarrassing to talk about.
"Let’s just don’t talk that much", he suggests and scoots closer. 
He pushes you down into the mattress, making himself comfortable between your legs. He leans down to kiss your neck and reaches for his cock. Your breath hitches in your throat at the feeling of his cock rubbing through your folds. He is panting, it mixes with your own nervous breathing. 
Your eyes meet and both of you giggle. 
"I'm really nervous", he confesses, smiling shyly. 
"Me too", you agree, retorting the smile. 
"It feels really exciting doesn’t it?" 
"Yes, it does."
He reaches your entrance and starts pushing, watching how your eyes widen slightly. He stops. 
"Are you scared that it will hurt?" he asks.
"No, not really", you grin sheepishly, "I kinda really want to have you inside", you confess and blush. 
"Yes?", he lets out a squeaky giggle, "it's so weird to hear you talk like this." 
"Yeah in a good way. It's so exciting and really hot." 
He draws closer to peck your lips. 
"I also want to be inside of you", he whispers in a rasp and it would have sounded so beyond sexy hadn’t he giggled shyly afterwards. 
Your eyes meet again, both of you burning up in embarrassment but feeling so, so horny. He starts pushing again, furrowing his brows and holding his breath. It only burns a little at first and it is manageable because after that second of discomfort you feel incredibly warm all over. 
"Oh that’s nice", you say breathily, rolling your hips up in instinct. 
He shudders and whimpers, "you're so warm", he whines, burying his face in the crook of your neck, "oh my god ___ this is literally so good", he moans, bottoming out. 
"I think so too", you sigh, wrapping your arms around him because this felt like the only right thing to do. 
And it is. Because as Jungkook finally starts moving and his back muscles ripple with every thrust and your neck tingles in the breathy moans he muffles with it, you are so happy about the close proximity you and him were in that you felt your head become dizzy. And so you pull him even closer, moaning his name and feeling how it makes him twitch inside of you.
"This is so good. Ah, this is so good. So good", he chants in whispers, floating on the sensations. 
"It's so nice. I like it so much. Don't stop", you answer him repeatedly, basking in the electrifying feelings. 
And it is peculiar, you once again think, that one day you would be in such a position with the cute and shy Taekwondo student, on whom you had the biggest and silliest crush for the longest time and who so often made your thoughts jumble when he looked at you. And now he is close to you, you can feel his skin on yours and bask in his sweet scent and it isn’t considered creepy anymore because he was now your boy and you in return were his girl. 
You twist his hair.
"I'm really close", you moan, arching into him. 
Jungkook reaches between your bodies on instinct, finding your clit in an instance and making your legs shake in answer. And it is so peculiar, you think as your body tenses in preparation for your high, that you can call him yours for as long as he wants to be yours.
"Now", you sigh, stumbling over the edge a second later whilst grasping his shoulders and sobbing his name. 
Jungkook follows soon after, clasping you so tightly to his trembling body you fear he might break you by accident. 
He finishes with a squeaky moan, littering your neck with kisses before collapsing on top of you. You hug him, outlining the paths of his back and breathing heavily. You like the silence you and him share and the warmth he radiates. You had wanted to close your eyes, but Jungkook stops you beforehand as he rolls off of you with an exhausted but happy sigh.
You chase him, cuddle against his side and nuzzle your nose against his neck.
"I loved this so much", you whisper and giggle.
"Me too. It was literally the best thing ever", he says, caressing your side. 
"Yes, it was." 
"What did you like the most? I think my favourite was the kisses and your blowjob and then when I ate your pussy and then when you hugged me and we had sex." 
"So everything?" 
"Yeah…" he smiles contently, "...everything." 
You giggle, giving him a squeeze. 
"I liked everything too and I like you." 
"I like you too", he answers in an instance, squeezing your waist tenderly. 
You sigh and finally close your eyes, wanting to drift off to your happy slumber. And you would have if Jungkook hadn’t started to shift all uncomfortably again. 
"What is it?" you ask in a sleepy whine. 
"My cum is running out of the condom", he says and shifts again. 
You chuckle, rolling away. 
"Way to ruin the cuddles, condom", you joke, making him laugh. 
He nudges your side. 
"You should go pee anyway so you don’t get an UTI." 
"Urgh fine, but I want cuddles once I'm back", you say, dragging yourself out of bed. 
"You will get lots and lots!" he calls after you, fumbling with the condom. 
Jungkook keeps his promise that night and he even makes out with you sleepily until both of you drift off to the best sleep you ever had. 
Tumblr media
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ego 09
Tumblr media
summary⇢ what’s a girl to do when her sweet, innocent baby lab partner isn’t quite so sweet and innocent? well, he’s a grown-ass man, and you’re about to learn that the hard way. pairing⇢ jungkook/reader word count⇢ 12.9k ☠️ rating⇢ 18+ genre⇢ smut | humor | college!au | fuckboi!au | fratboy!au warnings⇢ sexual content, exhibitionism, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), masturbation, dirty talk, everybody is still pissed tf off and consequently has an attitude, but then also everyone is soft 🥺, drinking/partying, taehyung gets done dirty and also can’t tell his disney princesses apart, seokjin mulls over his many career options
a/n⇢ THE END IS FINALLY HERE 😭😭😭😭 i’m so relieved, but also so, so sad. thank you to everyone who joined me on this long, goofy journey and encouraged me to keep going with all of your wonderful messages and feedback, and thank you to everyone who took the time to welcome my baby into their lives and love her as much as i do! i truly appreciate every single one of you beyond words and i only hope you feel your time spent with me was time well spent. thank you, thank you, thank you 💜💖💞💕💗💝💟💘
this chapter’s mood is this. hope you enjoy!
chapters⇢ previous | series masterlist
Tumblr media
No matter how it seemed to have stopped for you, time ultimately went on, your friends trickling out of the exhibit one by one. Finally, when the clock declared the event to be officially over, you and your classmates were free to leave, your professor promising that grades would be uploaded within the next few days.
But despite stressing over this project all semester, you found yourself no longer caring very much about it, your attention completely stolen by lingering thoughts of what Namjoon had told you. So, gut tightening in knots, you made good on your promise and gave Jungkook a call as you walked out the building, wanting to rip the bandaid right off. Hopefully he was still in the area and you could just get this over with.
The phone rang twice. But then in the middle of the third ring, you were so abruptly sent to voicemail that there was a very high probability that he had rejected your call.
Wow. Wow. You knew for a fact that he didn’t have any more finals that day, so the only logical explanation was that he was ignoring you. Which, fine! He was frustrated. You got it.
Because so were you. Beyond frustrated at the way he had made you offer your heart, completely against your will. Made you feel desired and safe enough to offer your body, against your better judgment. Frustrated at this push and pull, frustrated that he had presumably done it all simply to just prove he could.
Frustrated that Namjoon had alluded that none of that had been the case at all.
But though not in so many words, Jungkook had effectively shown you today that this was his official breaking point—the tension in your relationship so high that any additional push or pull would make it all snap.
There was no other option. It was time to finally lay this all to rest.
You hovered on campus, waiting fifteen more minutes before calling back. Still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had been busy that exact moment you called—maybe he was in the library, or the middle of a conversation, or whatever. It could have been anything. But when you called again, you found yourself shot to voicemail after the very first ring. There was no doubt—he was ignoring you.  
An incredulous laugh fell from your lips at the irony of it all. Oh, how the tables had turned.
Your first stop was his dorm. His roommate, whom you had only met once at a party, was confused to see you at the door but quickly helped you confirm Jungkook was not there. After that, you tried the Beta Tau house, figuring it to be a good bet, considering Jungkook spent most of his downtime there. However, he was nowhere to be found, the only people around the brothers who actually lived there.
Namjoon, ever the good friend, was sympathetic to your plight. “Just give him a little space,” he told you over cup ramen at the kitchen table. Normally, you would refrain from having such a sensitive conversation out in the open like this, but it just so happened that the room was empty save for the two of you and Taehyung, who was busy making himself a sandwich at the counter. Tae so frequently resided in his own little world that you highly doubted he was even paying attention to the ongoing drama that was your life.
“Maybe this is just a bad idea,” you sighed into your noodles. “I pushed him to leave me alone, and now he finally is. Maybe it should just stay this way.”
“And just let this moment linger for the rest of your life?” Joon asked skeptically. “Because that’s what will happen. You’ll always wonder what if.”
“Well, I can just add it to the list then. Right under what would have happened if I hadn’t accidentally swallowed a Barbie shoe when I was three.”
“_____,” he scoffed. “It’s not like he’s going away. He’s in our friend group and you’re gonna see him all the time. Do you really want to leave this unfinished and awkward?”
You grimaced at the reminder, and Namjoon sighed, delivering his next words much more gently.
“Listen, I know it’s scary. Putting yourself out there is always scary. Taking a chance is always scary. But when taking a chance can result in making you happy, isn’t it sometimes worth the risk?” He held your gaze. “And isn’t limbo ultimately worse?”
You paused, biting your lip as you let his words marinate. He wasn’t wrong—the past few weeks had been long and torturous. Things couldn’t really get worse than that.
“Just give him a little space,” Namjoon continued, downing the dregs of his broth. “He’ll have to appear eventually, and you can talk then.”
But by the time eventually rolled around, you would have lost your nerve. You needed to do this now, or not at all. Needed to end this now.
Your nails tapped against the table agitatedly as you thought. “…Actually, you know what? There’s one more place I haven’t tried. I think I know where he is,” you murmured, more to yourself than anything. With a resolute nod, you turned, voice louder. “Tae, can I borrow your car?”
“Huh?” The man in question perked to attention at his name, a freezing in his closing of the refrigerator door. His oversized sweatshirt, mussed hair, and prescription glasses clued you in to the fact that he had likely just taken a study break to grab something to eat and had not, in any shape or form, planned to be roped into your drama.
“Do you mind if I borrow your car?” you repeated with what you hoped was a convincing smile. “I’ll bring it back in mint condition, I promise.”
Taehyung gave you a nonchalant shrug, taking a large bite of his sandwich and rooting around in his pockets. “Here you go,” he mumbled, mouth full, tossing you the keys.
Namjoon raised a brow. “Where are you going that you need a car?”
But you were already on your feet and looking for where you set your purse. “I’ll call you later—I gotta go. Thanks, Tae!”
An affirmative noise joined the thumbs up Taehyung threw you on his way back to his room. And as soon as you located your purse next to the sink, you were on your way out too.
Tumblr media
You were, in general, someone who could only be described as directionally-challenged. Now, however, your brain was somehow easily able to recall exactly where you needed to turn, navigating you down the correct streets. Still, you found yourself much too preoccupied to appreciate this accomplishment, heart thundering in your ears as you turned into the familiar parking lot.
Said parking lot was devoid of all cars, save yours. But you were sure your hunch was right, so the visible lack of evidence that other people were in the area wasn’t enough to dissuade you from getting out and taking the small hike to your final destination. And when you finally made it through the clearing, you were greeted to the familiar back of someone sitting alongside the lake.
Things looked different from the last time you were here. The grass, just starting to regain its vibrant hue, yielded easily to your footsteps instead of crunching in protest, and the water, no longer caught in winter’s clutches, lapped lazily at the shore.
Things looked different, but, from the way Jungkook’s body visibly tensed at the sound of your voice, the way he didn’t even bother turning around…that was probably because they were.
Jungkook didn’t acknowledge your approach right away, attention still firmly on the sketchbook in his lap. It took a few long moments before he bothered to speak. “How’d you find me?” he asked finally, still not looking at you.
“I remembered you saying you like to come here to think.”
A humorless laugh left him. “So you actually do listen to some of what I say.”
Defensiveness had you snapping back before you realized. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
It was then that he finally turned to face you, pencil dropped carelessly into his sketchbook, sketchbook resolutely shut with a muffled thud. His eyes steely and rimmed in red, his mouth tight. “_____, what are you doing here?”
Your stomach twisted at the question. “You…you said you wanted to talk.”
“So now you want to talk?”
“Now that we’re in an appropriate setting that is not my final exam?” you snipped, irritation starting to flare. “Yeah.”
You could practically see his hackles raise at that, and you forced yourself to let out a slow breath. You may be in the right this time, but you certainly hadn’t been all the other times he had tried to approach you. There wasn’t any point in you tracking him down if you weren’t going to try. This wasn’t going to go anywhere unless you lowered your defenses.
You had nothing to lose.
Carefully, as if approaching a dangerous animal that might snap, you lowered yourself down next to him on the grass. Jungkook didn’t snap, but if the clench of his jaw was any indication, he wasn’t exactly pleased by your presence either. The air felt tense between you, the silence thick and heavy, and it was causing a lump in your throat that you were having a hard time breathing around. You tried to swallow it down. “…Yes, I want to talk,” you tried again. “If…If you still want to, that is.”
The ball was in his court—you had extended the olive branch, and it was up to him to decide whether to take it. Jungkook let you stew in the uncomfortable quiet for long enough that you wondered if you should simply take his silence as his answer.
Then, he shifted.
“I just—” A long exhale passed his lips. “If anything else, I thought we were at least friends!”
That threw you for a bit of a loop, stomach dropping. “Jungkook, we are! Of course we are—”
“Then why have you been avoiding me?” he demanded hotly. “Why did you…”
You watched as his mouth promptly clacked shut, a tension in his jaw as he seemed to grind his teeth in favor of finishing his sentence.
“What?” you asked hesitantly, voice soft. “Why did I what?”
For a moment, he didn’t react, and you wondered if he had heard you at all. But then, for the first time since you had arrived, he turned to look you dead in the eye. “Why did you leave?” he whispered.
He had given you no context, but he obviously didn’t have to, the question sending icy tendrils of shock throughout your entire body.
Straight to the point. It looked like he was forcing you to get straight to the point, to stop the dance you always did around things that made you uncomfortable. Nothing to lose, you reminded yourself over and over, a mantra. You have nothing to lose.
And so, with a shaky breath, you decided once and for all to put all your cards on the table.
“I was scared,” you admitted quietly, heart pounding. “Scared because I like you. A lot. And I feel like we’re not on the same page and that terrifies me.”
The responding silence stretched between you as Jungkook processed your words, his expression running through several emotions before finally settling on dumbfounded. “What? What do you mean, not on the same page?” He turned away, blinking rapidly at his hands before turning back to you in bewilderment. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying,” you started, and oh god, you felt it coming. The tidal wave of emotion that was about to pull you under, the bullet train of feelings that was rapidly speeding you towards the point of no return. “That I like you a lot. That I’m always thinking about you. That somehow, over all these months, I’ve realized that I want to be around you all the time, because being around you makes me happy. And I know that these feelings are a lot, I know that, and I’m scared because I know that you don’t feel the same way.”
Jungkook’s eyes had grown wider and wider as you rambled on, but now was when he interrupted you with an indignant scoff. “And how do you know that? Did you even bother to ask me?”
“I didn’t have to ask you!” you snapped. “I’m not stupid. You even told me out of your own mouth that you consider me no different than all other girls. What other way is there to interpret that?”
His jaw dropped slightly, stupefied, eyebrows scrunched in complete consternation. You saw when the lightbulb finally went off. “Is that what this is about?” he asked incredulously. “_____, I didn’t mean it like that, I promise! I was just kidding—”
“Kidding?” you scoffed. “Who in their right mind would joke like that right after having sex?”
“We always joke,” he countered defensively. “I didn’t realize—”
“Jungkook, how can it be a joke when it falls in line with everything else you say? How would that not be taken at face value!?” you demanded. “Please don’t lie to me. I know exactly how this goes. I know exactly how you operate, and, frankly, so does the whole campus. So you can’t fault me for believing you when you show me who you are.”
Jungkook recoiled as if he had been struck, looking everything the kicked puppy. You refused to fall into that trap, swallowing down the bile starting to creep up your throat as the two of you stared at each other in the stretched silence. When he finally replied, his voice was quiet, barely audible over the trickling water nearby. “I won’t deny that that’s what people think about me, because I can’t. But you’re saying all this stuff as if you don’t know me. You know me.” He swallowed. “Or at least, I thought you did.  Do you really not know me at all?”
“Don’t do that.” You shook your head in disbelief. “That’s not fair. All of these people can’t be lying on you—we both know you have a reputation for a reason. And you have yet to give me any solid reasons to believe that is no longer the case.”
“See, now you’re the one not being fair. What does that even mean? I thought my intentions have been pretty obvious for a while now.”
You let out a humorous laugh, motioning pointedly between the two of you. “Clearly not.”
Jungkook let out an agitated huff, running a hand through his hair. “Okay,” he started, closing his eyes for a few seconds to gather himself before setting his intense gaze on you again, resolute. “Clearly we communicate in two different ways and we keep missing each other. So I’m just gonna ask you flat out—what exactly is it you need from me for you to finally understand and accept that I want to be with you?”
Your breath caught, completely unprepared for and disbelieving of this turn of events. “W-Well, you’ve never said that before, so this is a start.”
“Never said what? That I want to be with you?” Wow. This man really had the nerve to sit there and look at you like you had said something truly ridiculous and not like he had just tilted your world its axis.
You struggled to voice a reply, head spinning. “Jungkook,” you finally said, taking a few breaths to calm your racing heart. “If you don’t say it, how do you expect me to not just assume that you aren’t just trying to fuck me?”
“Well, in case you forgot, I actually did that already. But I’m still here,” he pointed out, tone light and self-depreciating. “Following you around for weeks like a clown just to get you to talk to me.” You weren’t sure what expression you were now making, but Jungkook’s eyes softened at whatever he saw on your face, a small, shy smile touching his lips. “You haven’t really given me the opportunity to say it. But I do want to be with you, you know.”
“Oh? What do you mean, oh?” His elbow tapped you playfully in the side. “And you call me the cryptic one—that’s all you have to say?”
You looked away, flustered. “I’m processing, okay! Give me a second.”
But Jungkook wasn’t having it, fingers lightly trailing across your chin until he could cup your face properly and guide it back in his direction, eyes carefully roving your expression. “What, do you still not believe me? What do I need to do for you to believe I’m serious?”
“I..” You swallowed, struggling not to look away. The question slid off your tongue before your brain could even process it. “What did you submit for your application?”
Jungkook’s hand dropped, blinking at the sudden change of subject. “What?”
“For your major. You had to submit some of your art, right?”
He didn’t answer right away, seemingly weighing his options in his head. “I submitted a few pieces,” he agreed finally, voice quiet. “I…I’ve actually tried showing you before.”
Your heart clenched, wondering just how many times within the past few weeks he had attempted to share something so personal with you and you had unknowingly brushed him off. You tried to swallow down the lump in your throat. “I didn’t realize,” you admitted. “I wasn’t paying attention then, but I promise you I’m paying attention now. Would you mind showing me now?”
There were a few more moments of deliberation on his end, but they ultimately didn’t last long. Jungkook opened his long-forgotten sketchbook and rifled through to a certain page, handing it over to you.
You peered at the book in your hands curiously, a bit puzzled. It was a sketch of a well-detailed landscape, so uncanny that you could easily recognize the setting as the lake where you were sitting at now, down to a certain tree not too far from you that had a distinguishable crack in its trunk. And while amazing, you weren’t exactly sure why Namjoon had sent you here, what this was supposed to mean to you.
Jungkook must have sensed your confusion, because he simply responded to the light tracing of your fingertips over the page by reaching over and tapping it. “Keep going. There are a couple more.”
Spurred on by his direction, you dutifully turned the page, admiring the lifelike image of a steaming mug on the table of a bustling café, the visible string indicating it to be tea. It was the third drawing that sucked all breath from your body.
Because the sketch was, undoubtedly, of you.
A profile of you, because it you weren’t looking at whosever perspective it was meant to convey (likely his). This drawing was much more detailed than the other two, some faint smudges clueing you in to how much effort he had put into it. In your mind’s eye, you could see him, sketching away while distracted in class, or sprawled out on the grass in the main quad during his breaks, or even at his desk at night, hunched over his sketchbook before he went to bed. Could see him drawing and erasing, over and over, determined to get the  amused twist of your lips exactly right, the shading of your hair.
It was absolutely ridiculous to recall how Jungkook had once told you his art was nothing special, amounted to nothing more than doodles. Because what you were looking at now was so much more than that. You could actually feel the care in each stroke of graphite to paper, could feel the tenderness oozing off the page.
You could do nothing but gape at it, at a complete loss for words and trying to silently connect the rapidly-multiplying dots in your mind. Jungkook awkwardly cleared his throat, and you reflexively looked back at him at the sound, dazed.
“I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you feel anything less than you are,” he murmured, the vehemence in his eyes making your heartbeat thrum in your ears. “Because I promise you. I would never in a million years intentionally try to do that. This is how I see you.”
“Again with the oh,” he sighed, but there was no irritation in it, only something you dared to hope was fondness.
“This is…beautiful, Jungkook,” you added timidly.
Jungkook shrugged away the compliment, still not releasing you from his stare. “I draw what I see.”
You could feel your body starting to heat up under his steady gaze, still unsure how to respond. How to move forward from here, now that everything was out in the open. But luckily for you, Jungkook had just as much on his mind, already talking again before you had the chance to find your words.
“You can’t just run away from hard conversations, you know. You can’t brush things under the rug because they’re uncomfortable. That’s not fair.”
“…It’s not,” you admitted, letting out a shuddering breath. “I know it’s not, and I’m sorry. It’s one of my major flaws that I’m fully aware I need to deal with. I’m—I’m a work in progress.”
His lips twitched, fighting amusement. “Don’t worry. Clearly, you’re not the only one.”
And now you were amused too. All of the angst and drama? All of the time wasted? Apparently, those were things that were possible to avoid when people communicated. Who woulda thunk?
“So.” Jungkook shifted just a little, but suddenly, you felt a lot closer, the space between your bodies much smaller than you recall it being. “What I’m hearing is that I want to be with you. And you want to be with me.”
You froze, hyperaware of every breath he took, every blade of grass swaying in the wind, every ripple across the water’s surface.
“I feel like there has to be an easy solution to this problem,” he continued, tone teasing. But also hesitant.
And you suddenly realized that you had done that. That you were not the only one whose world had been tilted by this conversation, rocked by this obvious…thing between you that had bloomed and bloomed as time went on. There was no reason for him to be so cautious in stating the evident—one plus one undoubtedly equaled two, but it was you who had come in and taught him that no, sometimes it equaled three. And while it was always good to question things in life, at the end of the day, sometimes things were simply not that fucking deep.
Jungkook startled a bit at the careful introduction of your hand on his knee, but he didn’t move away when you started to lean in. Didn’t look away. And it was him who diminished the gap in those last few inches, him who leaned down a little so your lips could be properly reintroduced.
And it was a homecoming of sorts, the soft press of his lips against yours a reunion that was long overdue. “I missed you,” he breathed against you, and your stomach immediately exploded in butterflies.
“I missed you too,” you admitted.
You felt how big his responding smile was, broken only to kiss you again, more solidly this time, his body angling more properly towards you so he could slip an arm around your waist. “Did you really?”
“You heard me the first time,” you snorted, folding into him willingly. Allowing him to gently take the sketchbook from you and move it uncaringly out of the way.
Jungkook huffed out a laugh. “God, you’re so irritating.” But from the soft kiss he landed on your forehead, you could tell he didn’t mean a single word.
“You like it.”
“Of course I do. How can I not?”
You paused, still unable to fully give in to the lighthearted mood the conversation was rapidly veering into. Uncertainty refused to let you go, the lingering what ifs a vice on the hesitance you so desperately wanted to set free. You pulled back slightly, far enough to properly see his face, and confusion met you there.
“What?” he asked, a nervous edge to his tone, and it was that clear uncertainty that finally gave you the courage to address your own. The courage to ask what had been plaguing your mind for weeks.
“Do you…really mean that?”
“Do I really mean what? That I like you?” His lips curled, amused. “Yes. I thought we’d already established that.”
“And so at the formal.” You swallowed down your discomfort. Pushed through it. “You got that king room instead of a double. Are you saying that wasn’t part of some scheme to get me to sleep with you?”
As soon as the question left your lips, a number of emotions visibly flashed across Jungkook’s face, too quickly for you to get a full grasp of any them. Still, you recognized the alarm well enough.
“Were you trying to trap me?” you repeated, though you knew he had heard you perfectly fine the first time.
Another emotion was starting to stick on his features. “No. No! I just didn’t have enough money.”
You raised a skeptical eyebrow in response, not sure what to make of that answer.
“I just—” Jungkook swallowed, suddenly struggling to hold eye contact. And then there it was, clear as day—embarrassment. “The hotel had set aside a block of rooms for our group, and because there were so many of us, we got a discount. All of our reserved rooms had king beds. I tried to call and swap, but they told me the only way they could do it would be if I booked separately from the group. And if I did that, I would no longer qualify for the discount.” He paused. “Which, it turns out, is actually a pretty good one. I see why we go back there every year.”
You were quiet for a few moments, letting it all sink in. “So you didn’t tell me any of this before because…?”
“Because I was afraid you would decide not to come,” he admitted sheepishly. “And that first night, I knew you wouldn’t agree right away. So I figured I’d wait until after dinner to tell you, but we started having fun and I had too much to drink and I just flat out forgot until it was too late.”
That was all…perfectly plausible. Still deceptive, yes, but not in a way that felt slimy to you, just naive. Jungkook clearly hadn’t thought about how his actions could be perceived. “You could have told me,” you sighed. “I woulda called up there and got them to give you that damn discount. And besides that, you weren’t even supposed to pay for it all by yourself anyway! Friends go half, remember?”
Jungkook shrugged nonchalantly, tongue visibly poking through his cheek. “Doesn’t matter anymore. You’re not my friend.”
Shock raced through you, your stomach immediately dropping at the words. “I’m not?” you asked quietly, despondent now that you were realizing just how much you had truly fucked up.
You tried to back further away, but Jungkook wouldn’t let you, simply tightening the hold he had on your waist to keep you right by his side. “Nope,” he continued breezily. “You’re my girlfriend.”
This motherfucker…
You couldn’t help the way the rush of relief had you sagging slightly against him. Couldn’t help the annoyed, well-deserved smack you landed on his midse