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#jungkook scenarios
v-hope · a day ago
for the tf!drabbles, how about someone commenting on how 🌺jk is missing out since he’s only ever had sex with y/n or something like that and he’s not having it? or whatever reaction you would like him to have of course. i love this couple so much!
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, smut (not really but still), sex talk, established relationship, slice of life, non-idol au
word count: 2.3k
a/n: i think it’s been a while since i got this ask but i couldn’t get this scenario out of my head now. idk if this is what you had in mind but the softness of this kind of atmosphere got me and i just went with it lol. i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
With the credits of the movie you had decided to watch that lazy afternoon rolling and one last roll of your hips, making your boyfriend come undone just like you had done a minute ago, you let your forehead rest against his — heavy breathings mixing together and filling the rather hot bedroom as you felt his warm release fill you up.
Still catching his breath, Jeongguk pressed one last lingering kiss to your swollen mouth, enjoying the way you smiled against his pink lips and not finding it in him to stop himself from peppering wet kisses all the way down to your neck.
It was fair to say, lazy, needy, sloppy sex was at the top five of his favourite kind of sex to have with you. Especially when you were wearing nothing but a t-shirt of his over your underwear and rode him just the way he loved it.
“So that was a good movie, wasn’t it?” you breathily chuckled, feeling goosebumps on your skin when he pulled the collar of his t-shirt down enough for your shoulder to be exposed.
He laughed under his breath, pressing a couple of slow kisses to your naked skin. “Loved the second half of it the most”.
You found yourself giggling. Of course his favourite part had been the one you had been too busy making out to pay attention to.
You could only agree with him, though.
Placing two fingers under his chin and making him go back to your eye level, you pressed your mouth to his — tongues softly playing together as your fingers entangled in his by then messy hair and his hands dug once again under the thin fabric covering your body, soothingly caressing your hips while you got lost in each other’s touch.
“Let’s stay like this forever?” Jeongguk mumbled against your lips.
“I would love to,” you pouted, allowing him to kiss it away right after. “But this lazy Sunday in bed will have to do”.
Jeongguk sighed, watching you slump down on bed next to him and fix your underwear. He was quick to follow your actions, later placing the pillow against the headboard so he could rest his head on it and pull you to his chest.
“I miss being in college and skipping class to stay in bed together” he pouted this time, grabbing the remote next to him and looking for a new movie to watch.
“Those were the days” you remembered with a smile. “At least we get to live together now”.
He smiled wholeheartedly at that, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead.
Living together. Hands down the highlight of being a responsible adult.
“And we don’t need to constantly hear Namjoon hyung’s complaints anym—oh, let’s watch Iron Man!”
Rolling your eyes in amusement at his weak ass attention span, you made yourself more comfortable on his chest — eyes fixed on the TV as the movie you had watched a million times by now started playing.
Nevertheless, right then, with Robert Downey Jr.’s voice being heard throughout the room and Guk’s fingers soothingly running up and down your arm, you couldn’t seem to focus on the film.
There was something a certain coworker of yours had said the other night while drinking together, and even though she knew nothing about you and your relationship with Jeongguk, you could not help but want to know if maybe, just maybe, she was right.
You had told yourself you wouldn’t ask him, that it was silly, but having him bring up your last two college years in which you would constantly disturb his roommate, made you want to know his answer all over again. Plus, asking him after having had sex seemed like the right timing. Or at least you hoped so.
“Bunny?” your unsure voice came out of your mouth before you could overthink the whole thing any further.
“Hm?” his eyes remained fixed on the TV in front.
“Can we talk?”
His chocolate eyes were suddenly fixed on yours, taking in your troubled expression. “You’re not breaking up with me right after having sex, are you?” his words earned a snort from you. “That would be humiliating”.
You couldn’t help but laugh at his words, burying your head in the crook of his neck as you did so.
“Or is it because I finally got you tired of Iron Man?”
Amusedly shaking your head no, you leaned up to steal a small kiss from his lips. “You know I would never leave you”.
“I know,” he smiled, pressing his lips on yours one more time. “Otherwise I would already be crying”.
Rolling your eyes as a chuckle escaped your mouth, you pushed a messy strand of hair out of his face. “It’s more of a question, actually”.
“What is it?” he tilted his head.
“Do you ever…” you took a deep breath, trying to find the right words. “Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on… experimenting?”
He raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Experimenting?”
“Yeah, you know…” you mindlessly played with the fabric of his collar. “Like… sexually”.
“Sexually…” he monotonously repeated, in an attempt to understand where the hell you were trying to go with this.
“Yah, you know what I mean”.
“I don’t, petal…”
You bit down on your bottom lip. “I just, I mean…” a breathy sigh stopped you for a moment. “I was your first, and we’ve been together for nearly four years now and for the looks of it we’ll be together for the rest of our lives, so…”
“You’re making it sound like being in a stable relationship is something bad…”
“It’s not!” you rushed to say, tightly grabbing his hand. “I love you and our relationship so much, you know that. I’m just saying that you’ve only ever been with me, so maybe, I don’t know…” your voice trembled. “Don’t you ever wonder what sex would feel like with someone other than me?”
To say Jeongguk looked petrified was an understatement. Not only that, but the look on his eyes told you he was also completely mad.
There was no way you had come up with that yourself.
The way your eyes had avoided his and your voice broke as you mentioned the idea of him being involved with someone else, were enough to tell him just how much that mere thought hurt you. And he hated that you would ever for just a second wonder if he would like to be with someone else, when he had made it clear for years —even before the two of you got together— that you were the only one for him.
“Where is this all coming from?”
You shrugged, still not daring to meet his eyes.
“Petal?” he pushed it.
“Sanghee is my best friend at work, right?” you began to explain, and he nodded. “And best friends talk about stuff. Boy stuff. In my case, Guk stuff” your cheeks were burning at your own words. “So she knows I was your first and all that, and she drunkenly slipped up the other night at dinner with our coworkers while we were talking to the new intern, and she said that she felt sorry for you because you would only ever be with me, like, one person, and never get to experience with more than one partner and—”
“And why did she think it was okay to comment on our sexual life?” his voice had suddenly turned stern.
He was mad, mad.
“We were all kinda tipsy…”
“I don’t care,” he shook his head. “She doesn’t know me or our relationship, and the fact that her words actually made you feel insecure just proves that she should’ve kept her mouth shut”.
Fuck, the nerve of that woman. She obviously didn’t know him, otherwise she would know by now how head over heels he was for you. How bad he wanted you and only you.
You knew that very well, too. Or at least you used to. The way you remained quiet right then, gently playing with his fingers, however, made him second guess that.
“Do I take that as you don’t feel like you’re missing out?”
“Missing out on what?” Jeongguk scoffed. “Seriously, Y/N, why would I want to have meaningless, boring one night stands with strangers, when I can have sex every single night with the woman I love and try out every ridiculous kink and position I want with her?”
“Yah…” you shyly called him out, pulling away from his chest and hiding your face in your pillow instead.
He laughed lightly, all madness from seconds ago fading away at the sight of you, and leaning down to plant a soft kiss to the back of your shoulder. “Am I wrong, though?”
“You make it sound like I’m some kind of sex freak” your voice came out muffled against the fabric.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he giggled, causing you to laugh along when his forehead rested on the spot he had just kissed. “But you let me try everything I was and still am curious about”.
A light laugh escaped your throat, fixing your face on the pillow so you could look at him. “I guess I am a pretty cool girlfriend, huh?”
He laughed under his breath, resting his face next to yours and softly pecking your mouth. “Only the best”.
“To be fair, you’ve been very open about letting me try new things out, too” you sheepishly pointed out.
“That’s what couples are for, isn’t it?” he ran a hand through your hair. “We’re supposed to grow and discover ourselves together”.
“How did I ever get so lucky?” you hummed, scooting closer to him.
“I think the lucky one was me,” he smiled. “Honestly, petal, I don’t even think about sex as a concept anymore. I often find myself wondering whether this is normal or I just am a bit obsessed with you, but whenever I’m horny I just think ‘fuck, I want to do this to Y/N’ or ‘fuck, I want Y/N to do this to me’ and so on”.
You chuckled, not being able to keep your heart from fluttering. “Was the addition of the word ‘fuck’ in those sentences necessary?”
“Absolutely,” Jeongguk nodded, earning an amused roll of eyes from you before his eyes turned soft and his thumb caressed your cheek. “I love sex as long as it is with the person I’m in love with, and that’s you. Otherwise I just don’t mind it, there’s a reason I was a virgin up until our third year of college when I got together with you” his voice turned into a breathy laugh. “So all that ‘experimenting’ bullshit… I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. If anything, I already found what most people spend their whole lives looking for. I’ve had all the experiences I wanted so far already, with you”.
“You have?” you whispered.
“Of course,” he nodded, pulling you towards him so you would lie on his chest. “How else would I know I’m not into the whole ‘daddy’ kink? Or role playing as a whole?”
“Or degradation” you added with a teasing smile — the way he would say sorry over and over after having called you a needy slut a good while ago, still burned in the back of your mind.
Jeongguk threw you a glare. “We don’t talk about that”.
Tilting your head back, you couldn’t help the loud laugh that had just escaped your throat before your eyes were back on him and your hand cupped his face. “I love you so much, you know that?” you pressed your lips to the tip of his nose. “But you have to admit it was a bit funny”.
“It was not” he whined, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “But I’m happy that it was you I got to try all those things out with. And fail miserably while at it”.
“I’m glad you think so, because I love our sexual life just the way it is”.
“You don’t feel like you’re missing out either?” it was his turn to ask.
“Why would I?” your eyebrows furrowed. “My man knows my body and needs like the back of his hand, I wouldn’t change that to go have lame one night stands with guys whose names I wouldn’t even bother remembering”.
“That’s harsh,” he teased, not even trying to hide the smug smile your words had just earned from him.
“Is it?” you played dumb, faintly tracing his bottom lip with your thumb. “The only name worth remembering is yours”.
“Good,” Jeongguk nuzzled your neck. “Because it’s the only name you’re allowed to moan”.
Letting out a chuckle, you made him tilt his head back enough for your mouth to be able to brush on his. “There is no other name I would rather say”.
Jeongguk smiled blissfully, wasting no time in closing the space between your mouths and trapping your bottom lip in between his soft ones.
“I love you,” he rasped in between slow kisses. “Want you and only you. So you tell that new coworker of yours that we are happy as hell and I do not need to experience anything outside of what I get to do with you”.
You chuckled. “Okay…”
“No, you know what?” his sudden outburst had you cocking an eyebrow. “Don’t tell her shit, I’m making sure you know it”.
Before you could even process his words, he had turned the two of you around so your back was lying on the mattress — his knee coming in between your legs to spread them open and lie down in between them.
Just like that, his mouth was back on yours and his hand was roaming around your naked body underneath his t-shirt.
“So we’re not watching Iron Man either?” you teased him, comfortably wrapping your arms around his neck.
He hushed you with a kiss. “I’ve got something way more important to do right now, petal”.
Or, well, someone more important to do. But it worked both ways.
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delugguk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
genre: drabble
word count: 369
note: sorry for the ending lol but its just that I have so many thoughts and I think I'll be writing another thing with this jungkook in mind.... he's just so
Tumblr media
couldn't wrap your head around how fine he was. you liked his body so much that you could not help but place a lot of sensual wet kisses all over his shoulders and over his pectorals.
In this right moment and the moment before, he was like pure sin tonight. the memory of his vest unbottoning during a performance didn't seemed to leave your head any longer andㅡof courseㅡyou needed to do something about it. It was making you go all crazy over him.
"wow, babyㅡslow down-"
In a lotus position, your hips are moving up and down like some crazy robot machine. fucking yourself so hard and desperate on your boyfriend's dickㅡjungkook could not help but hiss everytime you jumped on him while trying to kiss his neck even though it could be very messy and sloppyㅡeventually, his hands helped you bounce on him. he tried to hug you in order to make you stop or else he'll cum sooner than expected itㅡ truth is, you were wet as fuck and he liked that so muchㅡbut you were so eager using him as if he was your little fuck toy.
who could really blame you though? you were extremely horny for him.
"you did so fucking well today.." your breathy words hitting his ear. "..made me so horny" you moan as your hips keep on moving slowly back and forth now.
"fffuck.." jungkook moans. "you'd liked it that much?"
"but it was a little wardrobe malfunction."
"I don't care."
"should I expect this tomorrow too then?" he chuckles, seductively.
he knows he's fucking hot.
"mmh- m-maybe."
he kisses your neck while both of his hands guides your hips now towards his dick by squeezing your ass. "maybe..?"
"can you tell me why?"
" 'cause I don't know if you'll be hot."
"if I'll be hot?" he laughs. "what does that even mean..." he hisses the moment you go deep on him. "fuck.." paused. "so you dont know?" a smirk slowly draws his face.
"mm- no."
"..and if I show you?" laying back on the bed licking his lips, he hugs you tight.
"fuck- please. do..."
and for the rest of the night, that's exactly what he does..
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jikookiekosmos · 2 days ago
Seneschal || jjk (teaser)
“Jungkook, just listen to me!” You pleaded desperately, tugging on his hand as he turned to walk away. “You’re-”
“I’m what?” He whirled around to face you, eyes blazing as he whisked his hand away from your grasp. “I’m a disappointment? Good for nothing? A monster?”
You gulped, trying to hold his eye contact without backing down. “Important.”
You watched as he registered your words, eyes softening slightly before he looked away again.
“You’re important,” you repeated, “and I’ll tell you that as many times as I need to.”
Jungkook’s took a deep breath and his shoulders shook for a moment with the effort. He didn’t face you again as he spoke, instead choosing to walk away once more.
“It’s too late for that.”
⊱──────── ✬ ✬ ✬ ────────⊰
Having been burned by the rest of the world, Jungkook was content to watch it go up in flames. Or, at least, he was until you gave him hope for something new. As plans are set in motion to unite your rival kingdoms, unforeseen circumstances arise. In the midst of the chaos, Jungkook is sure of one thing: he’d be damned if he let you get burned, too.
➥Pairing: vampire!jungkook/reader, former prince!jungkook/reader
➥Genre: strangers to lovers, angst, fluff, (eventual) smut, royalty au
➥Rating: 18+
This will be a multi-part series, with Part 1 coming soon(ish); the teaser bit isn’t from the first part but it is something in the future~
A/N: hi hello I had another fic idea while I was taking some time away and I have actually started writing on it so!!! I’m excited about it. I made a post here about everything else I’m currently working on, but the inspiration I’ve had for this has kinda pushed it to the top of my to be written list; this could change though, as it tends to sometimes.
However, I won’t be putting out much of anything likely between now and 12/12 since I graduate from my grad school program then so I’m very busy up to that point.
I hope you look forward to this, and if you wanna be added to a taglist, please let me know!
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bangchan-fairy · 2 days ago
Surprise Confession
Summary: Though you hadn’t expected your Valentine’s Day this year to be particularly eventful, seeing how you had no significant other to celebrate with, it seemed as if the universe had a different plan for your day, which you find when the school’s golden boy and your biology partner Jungkook makes his way to you during lunch in order to confess to you.
Warnings: Mentions of food, Rated PG
Genre: High School AU, Friends to Lovers AU, Fluff
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Gender Neutral! Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
You could hear the sound of feet quietly shuffling closer to you from behind your back as you gave directions for his afternoon classes to Yeonjun, the eager freshman student who had just transferred to your school that morning. The school had gone all-out on their valentines decorations this year, making it even more difficult to read the room numbers on the doors, and the moment he ran up to you asking where to find a class you had agreed to help him find his way through the school without a second thought.
“I really appreciate this, thank you so much for helping me.”The young, eager boy thanked you as he placed his schedule back in his pocket and got ready to meet the friends he had already managed to make on his first day for lunch.
“It’s no problem at all, Yeonjun. Feel free to let me know if you need anything else, I'm always happy to help!” You reassure him with a genuine smile on your face, heart warmed by the fact that you were able to help a new student feel less confused and overwhelmed in the school.
Before you even got the chance to turn around and see what was causing all of the shuffling noises behind you, you felt a tap on your back, prompting you to spin around and come face-to-face with a shy boy staring at the floor with his hands behind his back.
“Oh! Hi Jungkook, what’s up? Shouldn’t you be getting lunch with your friends?” You asked the sheepish boy in front of you, used to seeing him drive off with his friends Jimin and Taehyung for lunch every school day. Jungkook was a kind, beautiful boy, and was very well-known and well-liked throughout the student body for his charming personality and appearance. The two of you had always been friendly with one another in the classes you shared, and you would even go as far as to call him a genuine friend, but he had never chosen to meet up with you at lunch (or any time outside of school, for that matter) before.
“I told them to go ahead without me today, I just wanted to talk to you. You know, catch up and stuff.” He said, though the way he was still refusing to make eye contact with you and his hands were still hidden behind his back clued you in to the fact that he was likely not being totally honest with you.
“...But we just talked in bio yesterday? And that class is right after lunch, so we could have just talked then.” You told him, watching as his eyes began to flit around the room nervously. “Not that I’m opposed to hanging out with you! I like talking to you. You just look really nervous right now, and I’m kind of worried about you Jungkook.” You continued, reaching your hand out to gently rub up and down his arm in what you hoped was a comforting gesture.
He seemed to ease up a bit at your action, letting out an anxious breath and attempting to eliminate the tension stored so clearly in his shoulders as he shifted to be sure you couldn’t see what he was holding behind his back. “I’m okay, Y/n. Don’t worry about me.” He gave you a shaky but genuine smile, easing your worries slightly as he opened his mouth to speak again. “I just had something to ask you. You know what today is, right?” 
His question reminded you that today was in fact Valentine’s Day, which you couldn’t believe you had forgotten about given the decorations lining your school’s hallways. Perhaps it simply slipped your mind, seeing as you currently had no significant other and thus no reason to really partake in any celebrations of the holiday.
But wait, why was Jungkook asking you this? Could he be… trying to ask you out? But there’s no way that’s possible, right? The school’s golden boy couldn’t possibly be asking you out, he had never previously asked anyone in your school out in his entire time there. Sure, the two of you were friendly with one another, but there’s no way the secret attraction you had held for him since you first laid eyes on the boy was reciprocated, right?
Though you tried, your mind came up with a blank when attempting to find any other reason why he might be here in front of you right now, and eventually you gave up on searching for an answer in your head and decided to simply ask the man himself. 
“Of course I do, it’s Valentine’s Day!” You responded cheerfully, pointing to the heart-filled decorations dangling from the ceiling in all corners of the room. “Why do you ask?” You prodded carefully, glancing at him and noticing the way he was stepping back and forth on his feet anxiously. ‘He looks so nervous, could he really be here to ask me out?’ You didn’t want to get your hopes high at the risk of disappointment, but you couldn’t really find another reason as to why he would be so nervous in your presence at the moment. You felt your heart begin to flutter in anticipation of his response, hoping despite your doubt that he truly was here to ask you out.
“Yeah, it is.” He shot his bright, warm smile at you, and in that moment you were absolutely certain of what words were going to come out of his mouth before he even had a chance to say them out loud. “Which is why I figured today was the perfect day to tell you I like you. Ever since we became tablemates in bio I’ve had a bit of a crush on you, and I figured that if I didn’t ask you out today then I’d never be able to work up the courage.” He spoke in one breath, taking a deep breath in once he finished the sentence and pulling out the box of chocolates he had hidden behind his back before finally making eye contact with you as he continued his sentence. “So, would you like to go out with me?”
His nervous smile and bright, beautiful eyes beamed at you as he shyly awaited your response, feeling his nerves lift the slightest bit when you grinned in response to his question. You allowed him to gently hand you the box of chocolates, smiling down at the sweet gift as you opened your mouth to answer.
“You know, I never would have guessed that you like me before today. You’re like, the most well-loved guy at this school and you’ve never dated anyone, I figured you just weren't interested in a relationship at the moment.” You began, slowly moving closer to the anxious boy as you spoke. “But I’m happy to know that I get to be an exception to that, because I like you too, Jungkook. I would love to go out with you.” You finished, reaching over to carefully clasp his hand in your own. 
Jungkook couldn't hold in his excitement at your response, immediately moving to wrap you in his arms in a cozy hug filled to the brim with love and excitement for the beginning of your new relationship with one another. You giggled with joy at the wonderful feeling of your new boyfriend’s arms around you, perfectly content in this moment. “Come on you dork, let’s go get some lunch. I’m sure you’re hungry by now, and I’ll even share some of this chocolate with you.” You told him once he released you from his hold, once again linking your hands together as the two of you made your way to his car together. Though you hadn’t really expected your Valentine’s Day to be as eventful as it had turned out to be, you were more than thankful for the events that had transpired today, as you now had an adorable boyfriend by your side and knew that your feelings for him weren't unreqiuted after all.
Tumblr media
A/N: AAAAA this one turned out pretty long too, I swear I meant for it to be shorter but I just kept writing until it became this lol. This one was super cute though, I’ve always wanted to write a cute Valentine’s Day confession fic and this fulfilled that wish completely. :) Thank you so much for the prompt anon, I hope you like how this fic turned out as much as I did! :)
General Taglist: @itsyaapollochild @nathalieloveskpop @blaqpinksthetic @ficscafe @thesunshineshop
BTS Taglist: @fairyyn @skzxlevanter @igotlockedout @super-btstrash-posts @riot-hellion @clarakyunisageek @gay-nineties-hacker
If you’d like to be added to my general taglist or my taglist for a specific group or groups, you can fill out this form here! :D 
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kkulfm · 2 days ago
to measure time in light-years // pt15
Tumblr media
previous <- masterlist -> next
Pairing: ot7 / fem!reader
Chapter rating: PG-15 (overall story 18+)
Word count: 3.4k
Genre: Sci-fi!au, fluff, angst, smut
Summary: When the cargo ship Cypher comes across a distress signal during their travels across the galaxy, the crew finds themselves with a deserter from the imperial navy on their hands. Despite the danger they agree to give Jungkook passage until their next stop, but in the meanwhile tensions run high, and the decision does not come without consequences.
Chapter warnings: themes of loss, lots of tension, um i might've gotten a bit emotional at one point while writing
Note: a huge thank you to @augustbutwinter for letting me vent 🥺
Okay, all cards on the table. For large parts, this chapter wasn’t exactly fun for me to write. There’s too much damned plot going on, too many details to juggle around, and during those bits I just wanted to skip ahead to writing about the group coping with Stress & Emotions again. Which I’ll get to do after this chapter! I probably should have taken longer to edit but... I just wanted this one out 😅 Maybe in the future!
I know some of my readers have been looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, and while the healing won’t always go smoothly, I do consider this the last big ‘hurt’ before we start transitioning to the ‘comfort’ portion of this hurt/comfort mess of a fic. Hugs to everyone, thank you for bearing with me 💞
Tumblr media
“Just what were you thinking?”
The atmosphere in the infirmary was oppressive, pressing down on them as though the gravity generator was malfunctioning again, doubling the weight of all their emotions.
At the center of this overwhelming gravity well lay Kang Younghyun, knocked-out on one of the beds. An IV line administering anaesthetics ensured he stayed that way, but they’d tied his hands and feet anyway just in case. His restraints combined with the breathing tube made for an unsettling sight, but not near as distressing as Namjoon’s fear-fuelled anger.
Yoongi avoided Namjoon’s eyes, instead checking the unconscious man’s vitals. His hands still shook, hadn’t stopped shaking ever since he’d fired the taser.
“I didn’t know, alright?” Hoseok said, wiping at the sweat gathering on his brow. “Sorry my risk assessment didn’t account for a military officer who’s got it in for us, right on our doorstep.”
Yoongi tightened his hold on the medical readout. “So then it’s my fault, I guess?” he grumbled. “What was I supposed to do? It’s not like I could tell him to get lost.”
“Stop that, I wasn’t blaming you,” Hoseok snapped, and immediately regretted it. They had to keep calm, not escalate into debate and accusations. Only so much time would pass before someone would notice an imperial commander had gone missing, and the ensuing search would inevitably lead to Yoongi, to this ship.
A weariness took hold of Namjoon as he watched the exchange, his bristled agitation cooling off into tense resignation. “Forget it,” he sighed. “Forget what I said. We can yell at each other later. What the hell are we going to do? How long do we have?”
“Depends.” Too many variables. When did the military expect Kang to report for duty? How soon before any of his comrades noticed him missing? Had any of the workers in the bay seen them move Kang to the ship and suspected foul play? Hoseok had done his best, but there was a limit to how inconspicuous one could be while dragging an unconscious person around. “Could be a day if we’re lucky, but...”
But when had they ever been lucky?
Namjoon cursed under his breath. “Well. Any ideas?”
Kang groaned.
The trio froze while the commander shifted against his restraints, but his eyes stayed closed, and his consciousness faded away again as he stilled.
A joined sigh escaped them. Yoongi adjusted the IV line’s clamp, increasing the dose with trembling fingers. “I can’t keep him like this forever,” he said. “Who knows what this guy’s medical history is? I’m flying blind here, the risks...”
He trailed off into silence, though the unspoken rang loudly between them.
Hoseok started pacing through the infirmary, an attempt at herding his chaotic thoughts into structured order. Sorting out their options, untangling the threads of disarray in search of something viable. Meanwhile Namjoon stared at Kang with laser-focus, as though worried the man might wake up through the anaesthetics at any second.
“We can’t kill him,” Yoongi said after a beat. A statement, but somewhere hidden in there was a plea for confirmation.
“No, no we can’t.” Right away Hoseok regretted the sharpness of his words; he hadn’t meant to snap at Yoongi again, overtaken by his rush to take that option off the table. But never in his past had he crossed the line into murder, and he’d be damned if he let his spouses do so now. They’d get out of this, without blood on their hands. He’d fucking find it, a way forward in which no one had to fucking die.
Hoseok’s eyes widened. His thoughts had been in chaos, a tangled disarray that he somehow had to sort into order. But a threat in his mind pulled taut with sudden clarity.
“I have an idea.”
Relief broke out on Namjoon’s face, but Hoseok waved a hand to hold him off. Too early for celebrations. “It might not work, I’ll— I have to talk it through with Yoonji.”
Hopefully Seokjin had already gotten a hold of her. The oldest had told them to handle this while he’d get the others up to speed. (You had stayed with Jeon, doing your best to keep him and yourself calm.)
Budding hope gleamed in Namjoon’s eyes, and Hoseok grimaced. “Joon,” he said, slow but firm, “you’re not gonna like it.”
“It’s too late for liking anything,” Namjoon said. “If you have a plan that’ll get us out of this mess, that’s good enough for me.”
Hoseok told him.
To Namjoon’s credit, he barely flinched. He did not lash out, did not yell at Hoseok to forget it and think of something else. A myriad of emotions burned behind his eyes but he held them back, something to deal with for later.
“Okay,” he said when Hoseok finished, his voice only a bit choked up. “Let’s do this.”
Tumblr media
There was one bright side to all of this, Yoonji considered. Which did not amount to much, in the overall picture, but she’d take what she could get.
The convoy to Lyuten had left less than twenty hours ago.
A large mix of ships, centered around an ambassadorial dispatch so heavily guarded that other vessels had flocked to the group to benefit from its protection. The perfect place for the ship of a wanted crew to try and disappear in, and not too far away from the station, within range for a standard CTS model to catch up with.
It was the most obvious place for the Cypher to try and escape to, and the military would realise this too.
“Yoonie, I don’t think this will work,” Minji said, her voice thick with worry. She kept fixing her ponytail even though there was nothing wrong with it, a nervous habit all too familiar to Yoonji after all their years together. “We’re in the middle of repairs, the Cypher’s in no state to fly. I can get her out there, sure, but it’s an accident waiting to happen, they won’t be safe.”
When Seokjin had contacted Yoonji, unable to go into details but in a clear panic, Minji insisted on coming with her to see what was going on. Now she looked out of her depth, barely keeping her distress at bay.
Yoonji’s own fear pounded in her chest, rattling against the bones of her ribcage, but she kept it contained. She’d be of no help to her little brother if she fell to pieces now.
“Yes, that’s the idea,” she said, her fingers rapidly swiping across her personal console. A lot of files needed to be moved, and she needed to do it fast. “They won’t be on this ship.”
The pair stood in the airlock of the Cypher, a chaos of movement ahead of them. Everyone on board scrambled to gather the barest of essentials, not enough time to bring more.
“Then what—” Minji fell silent, a sudden understanding stifling her question. “Oh.”
“You don’t have a buyer yet, right?”
Minji took down her ponytail again, nervously running her fingers through the thick black locks. “Yoonie... Shit, Yoon I— I hate myself for even saying this but,” she stammered, pulling at her hair, “I can’t just give that ship away. Our finances, they—”
“No, no,” Yoonji stopped her, taking her hands. Small hands, delicate on first sight but covered with calluses from hard work. She leaned down to softly press her lips against Minji’s, kissing away the onset of panic. “Don’t worry, no, I’m not asking you to. They need to go somewhere, right? I know just the place.”
Slowly Minji’s breathing calmed and she nodded along with every word. “Okay, okay.” With her fear pushed to the side, clarity of thought returned. “The buoy.”
Yoonji smiled, faintly. “No one will question a ship going out there for repairs.”
With all the dangerous incidents in the sector, nobody had been willing to go out and stay in one place for so long. But this worked in their favour now; it meant the gig was still available, and the reward had only gone up in the hopes of enticing anyone into the commitment.
It probably was some kind of poetic irony, that the group would finance their own escape by running an imperial errand, but Yoonji had never been the artistic type.
Her brother was the first to join them, with a small medical case in one hand, a duffel bag slung across his shoulder, and a closed-off look on his face. The same look he used to get whenever their parents found another opportunity to assure their son what a disappointment he was, whether through subtle jabs or a heavy-handed remark.
But Yoongi set his bags on the floor and turned to his sister with something that their parents had never managed to inflict on him; a crack in the wall.
“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, unable to meet her eyes.
Yoonji’s cool, professional demeanour buckled under the weight of his apology. “You better be,” she said, lips quivering. “I know you like to throw me a curve, but this is ridiculous.”
He shot her one of his familiar crooked grins and for a moment they were kids again and he’d gotten away with his latest prank on her—but today, something in the expression made Yoonji put down her pad and take his hand in hers.
A lot of words drifted around in her head. Reassurances, comfort and through analysis that rationally explained just why he’d come out of this alive and free. That she loved him, and would do anything to protect him. But the Min family had never been particularly great at any love language that required verbal components, so instead she interwove their fingers and squeezed tightly.
His feigned smile dropped away and he relaxed, Yoonji’s assurances still communicated through their touch. “Thanks,” he rumbled in a low voice, breathing a little easier. “Um. Kang. He’s still under, I—”
“I’ll handle him,” Yoonji interrupted him.
“I’ll handle him.”
For a moment her brother looked ready to argue, or to question just what she intended, but then Yoongi decided he’d rather not know. She was grateful for that.
“How are the others holding up?” she asked. Always easier for Yoongi to talk about others rather than himself, and right now she wanted to make everything as easy as possible for him.
He glanced back into the corridor. Seokjin appeared as though summoned by the question, carrying his own bag and a huge pack filled to bursting with emergency rations. His face was drawn, showing none of the usual goofy humour that Yoonji associated with him.
“They’re dealing, everyone’s doing what they need to do,” Yoongi said, nodding to himself with quiet pride. “But I think the blow will come later.”
Yoonji let go of his hand, gently patting his cheek. “They’ll work through it. They have you. Just take care of yourself too, right?”
Seokjin walked up to them, solemnly. “I’ll make sure of it,” he said, putting an arm around his husband’s shoulders. “Ladies, we can’t thank you enough. ‘Ji, I don’t know how you managed to get everything done in time but... but thank you.”
“Are you kidding me?” Rolling her eyes, Yoonji flicked a finger at her brother’s forehead. “First you marry a smuggler, then you show up on my doorstep with a guy wanted for high treason. What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t keep a few things on standby?”
“You had seven fake ID’s lying around, just in case we fucked up?” her brother mumbled, rubbing his forehead with a pout. “Not sure if I’m impressed or insulted.”
Yoonji tried to smile. “That’s what family is for.”
One by one the other members of the crew joined them, and she handed them each a data token, giving everyone their fresh start. Her brother had been right; each had the look of a person who only managed to cope because they hadn’t had a chance to stand still and breathe yet.
Some looked in a daze, stumbling around, while others methodically checked whether anything was being forgotten. But even the quietest chatter died down quickly when Namjoon stepped in with Jeon Jungkook in tow.
Jeon did his best to disappear into the background, but his already shoddy attempt was destroyed completely when Yoongi singled him out.
“Hey, you’re coming with us, right?” Yoongi said, gesturing at Jeon’s still-packed bags.
Realising his efforts at turning invisible were in vain, Jeon bit his lip and looked around him, as though waiting for someone to protest the notion. No one did.
“Ye— yeah,” he said, standing a little straighter.
“No sense leaving him now,” Namjoon said, crossing his arms. “If we keep him out of trouble, at least all of this won’t be wasted. Let’s not lose everything for nothing. Is everyone ready?”
His eyes scanned through the airlock, counting heads.
“Fuck,” he muttered quietly, biting the inside of his cheek to suppress his frustration—and all the other emotions that threatened to come to a boil inside him.
He came up one person short.
Tumblr media
Taehyung found you.
He kind of wished he hadn’t.
Almost on instinct he’d drifted to the lower levels of the ship, his gut knowing where you’d be even if his brain had not caught on yet. And there you were.
You stood in the middle of the animal pen, surrounded by your chickens and two goats. Bits had pushed her head into your side, nagging at you for attention, while the flock was scattered around your feet, one or two mostly disappointed by the lack of tasty scrap.
Taehyung wanted nothing more than to let you stay, to give you time to say goodbye until you were ready to go. For all the pain he felt over abandoning the ship—their home, he could only imagine what was going through your thoughts now.
But they could not afford any delays, not now.
He said your name, doing his best to sound firm and authoritative. (Well. At least he tried.) “Come, we have to go.”
You did not respond, your back turned to him as you quietly stroked Kibbles’ flank. Taehyung walked up to you, and winced at the pain etched across your face. But though his heart ached, there was no time for him to be your understanding husband. If he had to physically drag you out of here, he would. “There’s no time for this, okay? I’m sorry, but we got to hurry.”
“The other ship is right there.”
For all the years you’d known one another, he had never heard your voice like this. Every syllable putting up a fight to stay inside, clawing at your throat as you forced them out.
And it was true; their replacement was right across the hangar bay. But that was meaningless when it held no fodder, no artificial grass, no coop, nothing to take care of any livestock.
“You know we can’t take them,” Taehyung said, pulling you by your wrist. “Namjoon told us, pack lightly. Essentials only.”
He immediately cursed himself for the phrasing. Fucking idiot.
You did not get mad. That was the worst part.
Anger, Taehyung knew how to deal with. He’d steeled himself for any scenario that included you yelling and cursing at him as he dragged you off the ship.
But he was completely unprepared when you burst out sobbing instead. Thick tears streaked down your cheek, shoulders shaking violently.
His own throat constricted around his windpipe, every whimpered sound piercing straight into his chest. It didn’t matter that he was at a loss for what to say; he wouldn’t have been able to get a single word out anyway.
He put a careful hand on your back and you jolted at the touch, grasping tighter at Kibbles’ fur. She bleated softly, nervously, while Goose and Henrietta picked at your boots.
“Yoo— Yoonji promised to take care of them, remember,” Taehyung managed to stammer, covering your hand with his. His own eyes burning when he gently pried your fingers loose. “She’ll make sure they’re safe.”
“I know, I know,” you blurted through sharp gasps of breath, powerless as Taehyung forcibly broke you apart from the animals. “I just— I’m not ready, I—” Your shoulders sagged when he put an arm around you, your voice giving up.
He bit his lip as hard as he could, but still the pain was a dull, muted sensation overwhelmed by all else. Trying to be a pillar of support for you, but the pillar was crumbling at the base. Maybe... maybe just giving you a minute longer couldn’t do any harm...
Hoseok stood in the entrance, a pallid undertone to his usually warm skin. There was understanding in his face, but the message was clear; no delays. It snapped Taehyung back into focus, reminding him of the harsh truth; even a minute could do harm.
“’m sorry,” you sniffed, wiping your face with a sleeve. “I’m holding everyone up.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m sure they all understand. You got your things, right?” Taehyung asked, and you nodded numbly while letting him guide you away.
The animals had gone strangely silent, as though sensing something was wrong. You did not look back, perhaps not trusting yourself to be able to walk away a second time.
Tumblr media
The last thing Namjoon did on board the Cypher was program the ship’s autopilot with meticulous instructions. His head swam with numbers, knowing he could not afford to make even the smallest mistake.
It was all very simple. An instability in the energy reactor. Once the ion thruster reached a certain velocity, the instability would turn volatile, and it’d only be a matter of time until the reactor core burst under the pressure, causing a full-system leak with destructive consequences.
Namjoon hesitated before loading up the last commands.
“Do you want me to do it?” Seokjin asked, standing by his side, hand on his shoulder.
He shook his head. “No, has to be me.” Only right. Even if he could not go down with the ship, he owed her this.
Nothing about this was how Namjoon had imagined it. He knew they couldn’t have gone on forever, but they were supposed to have more time. It was supposed to be on his terms. Maybe even throw some kind of celebration in the Cypher’s honour, to say goodbye and thank her for all these years.
Not this. Not sending her out empty into space, rendered to dust in a silent explosion.
Namjoon entered the final instructions.
It should have been a significant, world-stopping moment.
Instead the computer simply asked for his authorisation, words blinking across the screen. He confirmed and it was done. Yoonji would stay on the ship until the last moment, and now all she had to do was push a single button once the Cypher was ready to go.
With that, the ship’s fate would be sealed.
“Let’s go,” Namjoon said tightly, ignoring the physical and mental exhaustion that encroached on him from all sides.
Minji said very little when they left the ship behind. A quick assurance that all her workers agreed; the Cypher’s captain had demanded Minji readied the ship for departure despite her best attempts to dissuade him (and only her most trusted knew otherwise). Then a simple ‘good luck’, and with that she sent them off.
Again, the moment passed quietly, anticlimactic.
They walked in silence, a brisk pace just short of running. Only once they reached the new ship (he refused to think of it as theirs), did Namjoon turn back.
Already people were prepping the Cypher.
At this distance there was nothing to differentiate her from any other CTS, just another clunky cargo hauler. Namjoon looked at the sight with strange detachment. It was like his insides had turned to stone, slowing his breakdown to a gradual erosion, delaying the inevitable.
He couldn’t hold it off forever. But Seokjin stood beside him with red eyes, while his other spouses waited inside, and Namjoon knew he had to push through, at least a little while longer. He’d pay the cost later.
Tumblr media
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baejl · 2 days ago
Hello, this is SM Entertainment.
This is a statement regarding all the rumours our artist Choi Somi (EXO Somi) has been involved in these past weeks and the agency regarding the future direction of Somi's activities.
It is known that Somi and HYBE's artist Jeon Jungkook (BTS Jungkook) have been friends since their early teenage years, when both debuted at almost the same age. As both artists are very private about their personal lives, it's understandable that many people didn't know how close they actually are.
As Somi's management agency, we have prioritized the artist's opinions regarding important matters including things that happen on her personal life. We are aware of the fans' concern about the two idols dating but it is difficult for the company to confirm the personal life of an artist.
Regarding her schedule, Somi left Seoul for Los Angeles on November 15th, for the final recordings and adjustments of her upcoming comeback, which is dated early January 2022.
We ask for the fans' respect for her personal life and patient with our artist, who have been working so hard to deliver quality to the fans.
Thank you for your understanding.
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i. legend of the lamp (m) – jjk
Tumblr media
➺ pairing: genie!jungkook x female reader
➺ genres/tropes: fluff; humor; smut; fantasy au; magic au; strangers to lovers
➺ warning/content tags: 18+; explicit sexual content: female masturbation (solo shower time activities, pro anal enthusiast y/n she wants it SOO bad but is very deep in denial); underwater sexual activities plz do not attempt at home you might drown (kissing, fingering, multiple orgasms, boob kink jeon makes his debut, he likes to bite and make it hurt but he also likes to kiss it better); sex in public (jungkook is an exhibitionist freak, y/n and jungkook give the ‘mile high’ club a new meaning, very mild food play, mean cocky jungkook shows up as expected, jjk's dirty talk is UNMATCHED, gross nasty jeon with the spit/licking kink, overstimulation, orgasm denial, the slightest bit of breath play/choking kink, impregnation kink is mentioned, possessive attention whore jungkook); sloppy cunnilingus with too much teeth tbh, finger fucking, there’s almost fisting but they both wimped out— there's always next time tho ;), forced orgasms, big dick hung like a fucking stallion jeon jungkook, unprotected sex but its fine cuz koo is a genie with fetus deletus powers, spanking, soft dom jk who degrades y/n like a CHAMP if it were a contest he would be winning a gold medal for it, jungkook likes to punish y/n until she can’t even think straight, standing up sex courtesy of strength demon jeon, praise thirsty competitive af constantly wanting validation jungkook, they both have a size kink let’s be real, reader has a strength kink throughout this entire fic she just wants to be manhandled and thrown around like she’s jungkook’s pretty sex doll, soft passionate sex, creampie, lovely aftercare from our cleaning fairy koo
➺ word count: 23k semi-edited but im too tired to actually do it properly :(
➺ summary: Jungkook has been serving his time as a genie for the last 2000 years, unfortunately stuck in a lamp for the last 200 years before he is woken from his slumber by a beautiful woman who somehow activates his lamp while making a wish that ends up letting him out. After eons of having to bend over backwards to make the desires of evil individuals from power hungry dictators to spoiled princesses come into fruition, he’s updated his contract to be more choosy over who the lamp allows to be his master. It comes to his great surprise that this woman was able to make the lamp work and that she only yearns to be loved and no longer be lonely. But all of the wishes he grants now have time constraints, another caveat he added to the contract, and he wonders what life would be like if he had never made that stupid rule. Because, as the week progresses, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper into her spell, pondering what it would be like if he never had to stop playing the role of her man. 
➺ author’s note: Sorry for disappearing after announcing a fic, I had a health scare which kind of had the domino effect of making me have a really shitty three weeks regarding my education and future and pulling me into a depressive episode (which yea turns out can be firmly blamed on the medication I've been taking because its a possible side effect). It's been a mess and a half but, I'm here, the fic's here (or half of it anyways). I hope you all enjoy it and leave some love 💕 Also, if I had known that all of that shit would’ve happened, I would’ve posted part one a lot longer ago, since you all know I had finished writing it a while back. I just kept holding out hope that I would be able to finish the entire fic in time but life got in the way of that. I hope that y’all don’t hold that against me too much! Part two will drop after Jimin’s birthday fic drop so I don’t fuck up that deadline as well! I’m under a lot of pressure as one of the hosts of his birthday collaboration. Please, please, please leave feedback for this story. Since it’s a two shot, your feedback is absolutely critical in helping my self-esteem about the direction of the story and flowing my creative juices for writing part two! 
This fic is a part of Namkook’s Moonrise Masquerade! Banner made by @kimtaehyunq​. Beta-read by @jimilter​ (miss girl helped out with the content warnings too we love her!), @ressjeon​, and @amourtae​ the lovely angels❣️
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Tumblr media
Today has just absolutely not been your day. 
It seems like things went off to a rough start from right when your morning began. You woke up late because your alarm clock hadn’t gone off, and in your hurry to leave for work this morning, you picked out your outfit for the day half asleep as you attempted to brush your teeth and comb through the unruly mess that was your bedheaded locks of hair. When you spit out that white cloud of mint flavored foam, it got on your peach colored lavallière top, staining the silk pussycat bow. 
You ended up wearing a too tight black with gray pinstripes pencil skirt you kept meaning to donate to Goodwill, but never quite got around to it, and a silky white blouse that you had loved when you thrifted but then later had realized that the abstract black lines that made up its designs were not flowers like you initially had thought but were rather depictions of nude female silhouettes. The shirt is lovely; it’s certainly a statement piece and one that would look great on you on most occasions and would make for a darling ‘outfit of the day’ post on Instagram, however it is not exactly workplace appropriate attire for the public university where you work as an admissions counselor. 
But even with that little kerfuffle, you had not been too stressed early on in the day. Oh, if only you knew how badly the rest of the day would continue to be. As you went out the door, you smartly thought of snatching your black peacoat off the coat hook in the entryway, which could be used to cover up the sexually deviant positions the ladies on your shirt were contorted into. You ended up needing it too, after a mishap at the coffee shop in the student union left you with dark coffee dripping down your torso and making your shirt transparent as it clung to you with the wet sugariness of the shaken espresso seeped with vanilla syrup. 
Things continued to go badly during your appointment with an incoming freshman and her parents who wanted to pull her out of the university because of the trouble she had gotten into over the summer after graduating from high school. Your heart goes out to the girl after remembering how badly that conversation had gone and how despite your best attempts, neither you nor she could sway her parents’ made up minds. You weren’t even able to convince them to change her enrollment to an off-campus one where she could commute from her parents house, whereas she was previously an on-campus student with a room in the freshmen dorms. They wanted her to pay for her actions by going to community college and getting a part time job.
Making matters worse, you had almost thrown up the 6-inch Subway tuna melt you had gotten and now as you walk home, in your pinching heels, too tight skirt, and your peacoat hiding your stained shirt, to your apartment just two miles away on the far end of the glittering and bustling university village that was adjacent to one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the country, it starts to drizzle.
Normally, you do not mind the rain. Of course, your previous attitude of the rain was based on the fact that you did not have too many experiences of being wet like a drowning rat, caught in the middle of the storm without an umbrella or any sort of protection while wearing shoes that were not that slip resistant. 
You sigh as you continue onwards, wondering if maybe you should duck into the Target that you are passing to buy an umbrella. But you already know that Target will be out of stock, like it always is out of stock during unexpected bouts of rain because the students buy out the umbrellas, even going so far as to making the overpriced ones in the student store, that are in the school colors and have the school’s mascot imprinted on them bold and center, out of stock. 
When you finally do get home, you leave your wet shoes on the mat you have just inside the entrance, toeing them off and exchanging them for your fuzzy pink bunny slippers that are not only soft and dry but a huge and warm comfort to your freezing feet. You scamper your way to the opposite side of the apartment, sliding the glass doors that lead to the balcony open, and you hang your coat off of the backs of one of your iron outdoor chairs for it to dry, or at least keep it from dripping all over your apartment. 
You debate whether you should take your clothes off on the balcony too. You’re not afraid of university students seeing you; your apartment is out of most of their price ranges except for the richest of them all, but even knowing that, you don’t have a lot of fear since half of your balcony is covered in thin mesh privacy netting. The half of your wraparound balcony that is exposed to the elements is the part of it that you can access from your bedroom’s sliding doors as well. Not wasting another second, you quickly shed the offending articles of clothing off, just standing there in your fuzzy slippers and a matching black pair of Sabrina panties and brassiere from Honey Birdette. You regret your decision instantly as the transparent tulle and ribbons of lace do nothing to protect you from the blasts of wind causing the rain to drift your way but you fight through it. After letting those clothes hang to dry as well, you make your way back in, bypassing the living room to head straight for the shower. 
Your black underwear set clings to your body, you notice when you catch a glimpse of yourself of the giant mirror that takes over half the wall over your dual sink vanity. You see a figure with hardened plum colored nipples, covered in goosebumps, staring back at you. Her eyes widen from her surprise at how her body quivers even indoors and her hair is drying in messy curly tendrils around her ears. You look almost unrecognizable.
Flittering around the modern minimalistic styled bathroom, you busy yourself turning on the shower and waiting for the water to turn warm, as it always takes the pipes a moment to heat up. In the interim, you grab two fuzzy towels, one for your hair and one for your body, to throw over the glass partition of the shower since there are no conveniently placed towel racks. You also grab your fancy pink “cloud” face wash from the sink, which honestly does too little for its steep price point, in your opinion, and your A Thousand Wishes body cream from Bath & Body Works, that you had stocked up on during the summer semi-annual sale. 
By now, the water is finally hot enough and starting to steam up your bathroom a bit. You slide off your bra and step out of your panties before flinging them into the laundry hamper. Walking into the shower stall is a welcome respite after your long day. For a moment, you just stand there motionless, letting your eyes flutter shut as the showerhead jets water over you, soaking your hair completely and soothing your worn out exhausted muscles. You could pass out from comfort in the shower and that would be horrible but oh you understand now why some people are able to fall asleep in their baths. 
Your shampoo and conditioner bottles are the pump kind so you don’t need to put in too much effort to squeeze out the peony and amaretto scented ambery gold colored liquid into your cupped palm. Today is going to be a simple shower; you’re too drained to go into your whole hair routine with its scalp scrubs, serums, and hair masks, in addition to the usual shampooing and conditioning you do. When it's finally worked into your hair, making it foamy from how well you scrubbed it in, you let the shower wash your hands clean and let the suds disperse. 
Your shower gel is A Thousand Wishes scented too; you’re not the type to mix scents and give yourself a migraine when you can avoid it. Abandoning the loofah, you decide to run your soapy hands over your body for a quick clean. When your hands skim over your breasts and your long acrylic nude ombre nails catch on a nipple, instantly turning the already hard nub into a rock solid bullet, you stifle a surprised moan. Your mind whirls as you recover from the sensation. 
Even as fatigue clouds your mind, the world seems to get closer as your senses become hyperaware. Suddenly you can feel the cool stone underneath your feet that much more as your toes curl in pleasure from how it contrasts wonderfully with the warm water cascading over you. As your hands wander down your body, molding your palms against every curve and divot, the shower gel and water provides a nice lubrication, making it easy for you to slide your fingers over your body. You have to press harder to make your touches rougher, and the delicious friction that comes from those more frantic brushes make your voice catch in the back of your throat before it crawls its way up in the form of a delicious keen.
Oh, what you would do to have a gorgeous male manhandle you right now. You like it rough; you like a little bit of force that reminds you of the strength behind his muscles that you know he would never use on you but the idea that he could make your strength and size kinks come alive. Your hand now transverses over to your throat and you wrap your slim fingers around it, your long nails lightly scraping against the delicate flesh, relishing in the hold but sighing in frustration that your small weak hands can’t apply the pressure that you actually want. 
You’re single because the males you keep finding have no idea how to treat a woman in a way that makes her feel safe even when she wants to be utterly destroyed. A lot of it is based on trust and respect. The shitheads you meet? You wouldn’t even trust them to walk you home at night without angling for a kiss you don’t want to give. 
Abandoning the hand from your throat, you instead press your front side against the marble walls of the shower, pretending that it’s your lover who’s got you clinging to the damp stone and that his hands are dipping over your hips before going lower, wrapping themselves around your thighs in a way that has his thumbs pressing into the clefts of your asscheeks as he spreads them apart and the water from the shower flows into the puckering hole that is revealed. You hate the concept of anal sex but as one of your hands busy themselves in the front, plucking at your clit and fluttering across your folds as you tease yourself to the brink without any insertion, the other hand is working on your tight asshole, your thumb pressing onto it, flirting by only letting the tip of your thumb in before pulling away.
What you would do to have a big heavy cock stroke your ass, painting it with its precum, taunting the sensitive hole hidden between by pressing against it but not entering. Or for you to be on your tiptoes with your legs parted so that his cock could slide underneath, thrusting against the petaled furls of your pussy until he plunged into it from behind while you’re trapped between his warm slick body, his hard abdominal muscles and chest pressing against your back, and the cool marble, your nipples turning into stiffened peaks that are begging to be touched but finding no purchase against the slippery walls. It would feel almost claustrophobic, like you can’t move due to his delicious weight and like the only part of you that could move was your pussy, its walls clenching around him and clinging to him every time he slammed into you. 
With three fingers inside you, you can almost pretend that it’s real. Though, you know that at any moment you can move away since there's nothing actually trapping you into the position that you are in. You can’t finish though, your mind is your own mental prison, too cynical and realistic for its own good. You find yourself reaching up for the removable shower head and pulling it down. Your hand frantically clicks on the controls, increasing the water pressure. You debate if you want to do this standing up but you know that you will lose the feeling in your legs the second your explosive orgasm hits after being edged for so long. Thus, you slide down to a sitting position in your shower, your back against the wall, your legs folded up and spread apart as you position the showerhead right at your cunt, knowing that your clit will be getting the maximum pressure possible. 
You emerge from your shower ten minutes later with your legs feeling so jelly-like you have to grip at the walls to make it back to the sink to finish up your skincare routine and return the products that you had taken with you into the shower back to their original homes. 
When you feel squeaky clean and refreshed, bundled up in your favorite pajamas, a beige plaid set you had gotten as a white elephant present so they are very roomy and swamp your body, you finally deal with your wet work clothes properly and put them for a cycle in the dryer. You’ll likely have to deal with your Chinese Laundry peep toe pumps as well so that the leather doesn’t dry weirdly and make them crack in places but, that’s a concern for you in the future.
With a towel wrapped high around your head in a way that might end up giving you a receding hairline, if you don’t stop using that method to dry your hair soon, you step back into the main part of your apartment. Your eyes quickly go to the coffee table where it appears that your best friend had dropped something off while you were away at work.
There’s a bouquet of pink and white peonies that you immediately fix up in a vase with the proper amount of water, a square box covered in black matte wrapping paper with art deco style gold designs embedded into it, and lastly, a wine bottle in a gorgeous black and gold gift bag that compliments the wrapping on the box and has a matching envelope pinned to it. Before you sit back down on the plush comfort of your oat colored cloud sofa, you rip the envelope off from how it’s been stapled to the gift bag so that you can tear open the flap and get to the card inside. Reclining back, you narrow your eyes to read, having forgotten to grab your glasses from your bedroom dresser and having already taken off your contacts for the day:
Happy Birthday my darling Y/N! I hope that your 25th birthday is the most beautiful one to come so far! Wishing you nothing but blessings and good fortune on this beautiful day! Your present this year is one that surprised me as well but when I saw it, I was drawn to it instantly and the thought that it might be perfect for you abruptly flooded my mind! Can’t wait to hear your opinion on it!
Love, Safi
P.S. Don’t waste this wine by keeping it for a better day! Live in the now by cracking it open today and enjoying a birthday toast because today is just as important as whatever future occasion you’re trying to justify would be a better opportunity to enjoy the wine! (save the Sephora gift card for a rainy day though lol)
You laugh self-indulgently and look back inside the envelope where there is indeed a black $100 Sephora gift card before putting them all aside. You suppose you should listen to Safi’s advice even though today has not been a great birthday by any stretch of the words since it will be nice for you to unwind with a glass of wine. Pulling the bottle out you can see that it is a bottle of rosé, Gerard Bertrand Cote des Rosé to be precise, and the glassware is magnificent with the bottom of the bottle being designed in the shape of a rose with all its petals. 
The box lies unopened for now even if it’s your main present. You have too much of a one track mind and you immediately want to crack open the alcohol to let loose and make yourself forget about your day for just a little bit. You head for the kitchen cabinets and reach for the first drinking vessel you can grab, not too picky when it’s almost 11pm and you have to wake up at 6 in the morning. Perhaps Safi didn’t want you to drink the alcohol out of a coffee mug, in your most comfy sleepwear and a towel wrapped around your head, but it’s the best you can do at the moment. 
You nestle the bottle in the crook of your right arm, holding the mug in the same hand while grabbing the box with your left and taking all three objects out with you to the balcony. It takes you a little finagling to manage opening the sliding door but you soon make your way out where a light breeze brushes against your body comfortingly. Placing everything on the table you have outside, you head back in once more to grab your corkscrew from where it was misplaced in the junk drawer.
It’s not long before you’re back outside, sitting down and admiring the rainfall, which you are now able to appreciate since you are no longer soaking in it. It’s more of a light drizzle now and most of the clouds have dissipated, leaving only the thinnest types of stratus and stratocumulus clouds. In the heart of the city it’s impossible to make out any stars in the night sky due to the pollution and lights but you enjoy looking at the moon as you sip from your mug and let the rosé, which somehow managed to stay chilly all this time, slide down your throat. 
Your attention finally goes to the box and you carefully unwrap it, though you know that it will be unlikely that you will reuse the wrapping paper unless you take up scrapbooking again. Inside is a simple black colored cardboard gift box, and once you remove the top, you find yourself looking at a gorgeous antique looking hanji lamp though you know better than to think that Safi dropped money on an authentic Silla era lantern. You can’t even begin to imagine how much that would cost. Even still, as you turn over the rectangular structure in your hands, you find yourself musing that you would never dare to light the magnificent ornament. It was going to remain a purely decorative piece whose design and history you would appreciate from its place on one of your shelves. 
You find yourself holding it up to your face to get a closer look at all four paper sides of the wooden structure, squinting to make out the images painted on them though it’s difficult because you had forgotten to turn on your string lights and the moon is only a crescent, not providing much of a glow, so you are practically bathed in darkness. 
You scrunch up your forehead thinking of how nice it would be if you had better lighting, No sooner does the thought come across your mind, do you find yourself suddenly bathed in a luminous glow as a shooting star hurls across the inky black sky, painting it with a white blue streak of light. You have never in all of your years seen a shooting star flying across the sky so close to you and you immediately snap your eyes closed. You were never one to waste your time on wishes but maybe in between it being 11:11pm, the shooting star, and the fact that you have not made a birthday wish yet, one of them will work to make your desire come to fruition. It can’t hurt to try right? Maybe finally your deepest yearnings will come to life. 
Little do you realize, that as you make your wish, a little light is cast from the inside of the hanji lamp, warming it up with a small soft candle glow before it flickers out at the end of your wish. When you finally open your eyes and look down, of course you see nothing. That hope you had quickly vanishes as your cynicism returns and you find yourself painfully laughing in a self-flagellating way. You down the last of the wine in the mug and stand up, picking up all your things and getting ready for bed. 
Little do you know, you’ve just wildly changed the course of your life.
Tumblr media
While you’re asleep, a slow cloud of golden shimmery smoke begins to seep out from the lamp you placed on your dresser before sinking into bed and burrowing yourself under a mountain of blankets. 
A man emerges when the gold mist seems to have finally fully trickled out, building himself up from the cloud, becoming humanoid and corporeal. He is bare from the chest up, a golden chain around his hips marking the thing that holds him captive to the lamp and trapped under its control. His lower half is wearing loose baji brown trousers, the lower half of a hanbok that is the fashion of the Silla dynasty. It’s embroidered jeogori that’s a shiny silky white with gold embroidery is somewhere back in the lantern but he’s too lazy to get it now. Those are the clothes that he was entrapped in, so those are the clothes he is stuck in whenever he is kept inside the lamp. No one could blame him for whiling away his time in the vessel by choosing to slumber instead of waiting for himself to be let out again. 
Besides, as his gaze flickers over your modern style bedroom and he makes out a pile of clothing on top of a chair, he distinctly gets the feeling that he is no longer in the Joseon era, which was the last time he had been let out. Jungkook had gotten trapped in the lamp and turned into a genie when he was about 24, on the eve of his 25th birthday around 2,000 years ago, and has been paying for his mistake and the punishment that followed it ever since. In between that time and now though, he’s been let out of the lantern sporadically, over the centuries, every time it fell into the hands of someone who understood its power and wanted to make use of his abilities. 
But right now, his mistress is asleep and he is free, so he finds himself leaving the apartment, in search of what fashion and culture must be like in this weird modern time. He can’t escape her permanently, not when she has one wish left and his lamp in her possession, but he is free to wander while she’s not using him. It’s a little harder to define when and when she isn’t using him because of her second wish but since she’s unconscious right now it’s obvious that she cannot be requiring his presence currently. 
With nary but a thought, he’s suddenly on the streets in front of her apartment. He has no idea where he is; could this truly be Korea? Just because it’s past midnight doesn’t mean that the city is any less alive. He almost gets run over by a car, it’s impossible for him to get hurt given what he is, but his presence, with his feet over the line that separates the two lanes, spooks a driver who yells out a barrage of hateful language before manueving his gray SUV and driving around Jungkook’s body. Some of the comments are about a shirtless madman wandering the roads which makes Jungkook wince and even more impatient to get a change of clothes. They were not spoken in Korean which he won’t realize until later since he is gifted with omnilingual abilities that make him able to understand any and every language that exists or comes into being.
He wanders all the way to the shopping district where all the words are definitely not in Korean but using his mythical powers he’s readily able to translate them, understanding every language instantaneously. Whatever clothes he sees on the mannequins that he likes, he imagines them on himself and thus builds an entire wardrobe this way. His powers of manifestation come in handy giving him clothes that are perfectly tailored to fit his muscular frame which is paired with not only bulging biceps, broad shoulders, and thick thighs but a narrow waist too. He vastly prefers this power to his ability to make anything he wants be in his possession. Why not just make his own more perfect version than the store sizes of a men’s medium and large? Those cookie cutter sizes only account for his muscles but hide the rest of his body away under their expansive lengths of fabric. 
After his clothing shopping spree he sends all his creations back to his mistress’s home with a snap of his fingers and then begins his prowl for food. Genies don’t need sustenance and they can’t gain weight, though they can change their appearances if they wanted, but Jungkook loved food from his time as a human and he regularly uses his powers to let himself enjoy its taste, when he is out of his lamp, even though he can never make himself feel full.
His wanderings take him to a Korean restaurant that is open until dawn, and since food is the one thing he hates creating, he instead magicks himself the currency of this country, in this day and age, and bows to the ajumma who is working inside the establishment. He gets a table for one and orders a giant set of tteokbokki that has the maximum amount of heat allowed along with extra fish cakes and cheese, as well as three different kinds of Korean fried chicken: honey garlic, sweet and spicy, and barbeque, which are all flavors he has never heard of before, and finishes off with a clay pot of kimchi soondubu jiggae, a kimchi soft tofu stew. He only buys one beer knowing that the ajumma would get concerned over his tolerance if he had a dozen glasses.
When he’s done with all the food, he finds himself wistfully pining for the time when he was human and would have been truly able to not only enjoy but also appreciate this bountiful feast. After all, he had been born into a family of laborers, it’s why he had been able to grow so strong through hard manual work.
He finally returns to the apartment, but his work is not over. Unlike his mistress who can sleep blissfully having no idea what she had just done, Jungkook has long hours ahead of him to make her wish come to life in a way that seems believable and that she readily buys into by the time she wakes up. It’s not the hardest desire or demand he has ever had to complete but it will use a lot of his power, more than he’s used lately. And though he’s got an unexpendable amount of magic, he’s out of practice.
Tumblr media
When you rouse the next morning, you can instantly tell that something is different and it immediately makes your hackles rise up. It’s more than just the smell of fried eggs, apple sausages, and maple syrup permeating the air of the apartment, making its way from the kitchen into the bedroom, though you know that you live alone and have no one to cook you such an amazing spread to wake up to. 
The air feels different, like the energy of the universe had shifted somehow. None of that makes any sense and yet somehow it also does. You don’t know what you mean when you think that but there is no other way that you can put this sense of unease into words. When you open your eyes and look across the room you see a male lounging against the wall wearing a street style look with black and gray FILA joggers and windbreaker covering the length of his long modelesque body; there’s a black bucket hat hiding his blond locks. 
You let out a loud scream immediately, terrified out of your wits, and instantly pull your comforter up to your chin even if you had gone to sleep in a pair of pajamas that covered you as though you were a nun. The male narrows his eyes at the shrill sound but the look is quickly shuttered away when a small pleasant smile takes over his face instead. 
He walks closer to you and murmurs, his doe eyes shining with the twinkle of stars from a million galaxies, “Are you okay, jagiya? I’m sorry for surprising you with breakfast this morning but I missed you. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday since I didn’t get the chance yesterday.”
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” you yelp, tightening your comforter even closer around your body, wrapping yourself up like a human burrito.
“Your lover, Jeon Jungkook,” the male calmly states, his eyes peering at you, not losing their shine as he looks at you like you had grown another head and are the crazy one amongst the two of you.
“I don’t have a lover named Jeon Jungkook,” you contradict, narrowing your eyes into slits full of suspicion. And if you did, you didn’t think you would call him your lover. Perhaps, your man, your boyfriend, or even your fwb though you weren’t really the type to dabble in such meaningless romps of pleasure, but not lover.
“Are you sure about that,” he silkily purrs, using his tattoo adorned hand to gesture to your gallery wall. 
Your eyes follow its path and you’re horrified to see the most adorable couple pictures, most of which appear to have been professionally photographed though some are cutely caught candids, of you and this ‘Jungkook’ together, staring into each other’s eyes lovingly while holding each other in an embrace that speaks volumes about passion and affection. 
“Would you like to check your phone,” suggests the male as well, his blond locks playing peekaboo with his bucket hat as his head turns towards your nightstand and he nods at the iPhone that had been charging on top of it. 
You instantly grab the device, unplugging it from the white charging cord and clutching it possessively to your chest before you finally work up the nerve to see what exactly he means. You swipe down to look at your lockscreen and it’s a live photo of Jungkook squishing his face into the side of your’s, rubbing the tip of his nose into the apple of your cheek softly. Mortified, you use facial recognition to gain further access into your phone and what you see leaves you even more bewildered. Your home screen is the most aesthetic that you’ve seen it: organized by using the IOS 15 feature. It’s blush pink and cream and the background image is a digitally manipulated picture of you and Jungkook looking into the bay from your perches on a bridge at the bottom of the image as the sky melts into a creamy pink color that's been altered to match the theme of your phone. 
At this point, you’re nervously holding onto your disbelief, so it’s with trepidation that you go into your camera roll to find hundreds upon hundreds of photos of Jungkook in an assortment of scenarios, from cute date night pics with you to dozens almost identical selfies where he’s trying out a variety of facial expressions from the same angle and in the same outfits to then even the embarrassing kinds that look like you took them on the down low when you thought he wasn’t looking. None of this makes any sense. But he looks so cute and kissable. You almost want to cry helplessly at the insanity of this all. What if he was your boyfriend? Life would be so much easier then.
You leap out of bed to go out to the front of the apartment and it’s even more confusing because there’s half a dozen pairs of chunky sneakers and boots with spiked soles that look like fashionable and weaponized soccer cleats on the shoe rack that’s by the front door— all belonging to designer brands and looking slightly threatening. It is clear that those shoes belong to a male, most likely this male, and they are all neatly organized to one side while your shoes, the shoes that you remember, are off to the other end. 
“This makes no sense,” you whine, rubbing your forehead frantically. Is this what hyperrealistic nightmares feel like? It seems as though you’ve been transported to the Twilight Zone in your opinion, and you just want to desperately get out.
“Would you like to call your mother and ask her about me?” Jungkook, his voice a smooth cadence as he unhelpfully directs the suggestion to your back. He had evidently followed you out back here. 
“Your mother? We FaceTime her all the time. She’s really been pushing for me to pop the question for the last couple of months. Despite what she thinks, it’s really not that covert,” he scoffs, his lips flaring out into a pout. You note with bemusement that there is a small mole underneath the plush of his strawberry colored lower lip. How dare he have a mole in such a perfect location? Now your mind would never know peace until you dragged his lower lip between yours and sucked on that tiny chocolate chip. It’s actually deranged how your mind continuously chooses to flit between lust and rationality. 
“Jungkook?” Your voice takes on a shrill sound, “How long have we been dating?”
“As long as you want it to be.”
That doesn’t make any sense.
“Jungkook, please don’t mess around with me! How long have we been dating?” you demand more urgently. You are halfway to a full-blown panic attack and you need to calm down but nothing seems to be placating you about this entire situation.
The male walks around to step in front of you and then faces you head on. He keeps his hands to himself, crossing them while making sure that his fingers are folded and tucking into his armpits. He bends a little to look you in the eyes since he’s much taller, to peer carefully into your eyes that are slightly blown out from your constant state of shock and bewilderment. “Why didn’t it work?” he wonders.
“Well, not intentionally,” he muses, tapping a finger to his lip. God, even his hands are perfect. Each digit is long and tipped with neatly cut and perfectly clean fingernails. And they’re shiny too like he uses some type of cuticle oil. Not to mention how he’s got sexily protruding veins wrapping along the back of his hand and down to his wrist and arm.“I thought you’d be in on it. Could it be that it didn’t work on you even though it worked on everyone else in your life because you made the wish? My magic probably assumed that you didn’t need convincing since after all, this was what you wanted.”
Things make even less sense after his explanation even though Jungkook probably thought he was being helpful by providing it. Your eyes are narrowed in disbelief as you perturbedly shake your head.
“What are you talking about?” you hesitantly ask. You’re nervous because you’ve moved on from the idea that this is a hyperrealistic bad dream to the conspiracy theory that you have a crazy stalker who somehow figured out how to almost seamlessly integrate himself into your life and that he’s more than just the ordinary type of psychopath; this one seems like he’s the delusional type that thinks he has otherworldly powers. Wouldn’t that be just your luck: Jungkook is the first man you’ve been attracted to in months but he didn’t approach you like a normal person who wanted to pursue something.
Jungkook’s mouth takes on a pursed shape as he narrows his eyes at you, deep in thought; the coral red lips are scrunched together with the upper one flaring out. You can see the chocolatey brown mole right below them again and you are suddenly hit with the urge to kiss his lips until the frown is smoothed out.
“Do you have any idea what you even did last night?” he barks, his tone entirely too accusatory for your liking. One would think you had cheated on your imaginary boyfriend the evening before. He takes off his bucket hat in frustration and runs a hand through his blond locks, ruffling them. His jerky hand movements bring attention not only to the length of tattoos that encompass his arm but also its muscular veininess that had held you previously enraptured. You blink, you need to get dicked down soon. You wanted to give into Stockholm Syndrome way too easily for this man. Don’t do it, Y/N, no matter how hot Jungkook is, it’s scary that he’s in your house right now.
You rack your brain but come up woefully short. “I went to bed with only rosé as my dinner?” you hedge. You don’t think it’s that big of a deal although it’s definitely unadvisable to do. 
The male huffs, raising his right hand up before he snaps the fingers on that hand. A paper lantern appears, landing perfectly on his palm. Your eyebrows both raise because you recognize it immediately; it’s the lamp Safi had gifted you as your birthday present. 
“You made a wish for the perfect beau,” Jungkook explains patiently, “I made your wish come to life.”
“Can’t you undo it?” you push urgently. Why are you entertaining this mad man? Magic isn’t real, Y/N!
He excitedly quirks an eyebrow of his own, smirking as he takes in your look of bemusement. “Is that another wish?” he asks.
“No!” you swiftly interrupt. If you are in the Twilight Zone somehow, you need to be smart with how you navigate within this nightmare, at least until you figure out a way to wake yourself up.
“You only have one left, anyways,” he sasses tapping his plumper lower lip with his pointer and middle fingers, you’ve already noticed it’s a habit, rolling his big doe eyes, “I could kind of undo the effects of the wish by making its time constraint shorter so that it stops in the next five minutes but in my opinion, that’s just another wasted wish. So if I were you,” he says with a shrug, “personally I’d go along with it for the next ten days. We wouldn’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable but I would still be playing the role of the doting attentive paramour.”
You blink at him, your mind still sluggish from your wine hangover and terrible bout of sleep. “I only have one wish left?”
“Not the smartest of my mistresses or masters by a long stretch,” Jungkook agrees, teasing you, scrunching his nose to peer at you cutely. 
You gasp loudly, obviously affronted. Not the handsome weirdo calling you dumb. 
“Do I get three?” you question. Your mind is working on overtime today and it’s still taking you too long to understand things. You’d like to tell this Jungkook character that you graduated from the top university in the nation and have two degrees but you don’t think that he would believe you if you bragged and let that tidbit slip. 
“You do,” he nods, unhelpful as ever.
It kind of makes sense; you assume the purpose of genies is to manipulate their rulers into making all of their wishes as quickly as possible.
“Oh, you want me to tell you what your two used wishes were. Humans really are weak, aren’t they? Is your mind normally supposed to be so foggy after drinking so much?” He calls you out directly and you gasp; you suppose that genies don’t have manners. Or at least this one doesn’t, you glare at Jungkook’s untactfulness.
“I know one of them was to have you here,” as your boyfriend, you finish off in your head, too unnerved to say it out loud just in case that makes it more true, “but what was the one before it?”
“Oh! You wanted there to be light.” Fiat lux, look at you, and you thought you weren’t philosophical. 
You blink again. Nope, that doesn’t follow. You would never be so profound. What would a wish like that even mean to a genie? An increase in intelligence? For there to be less ignorant people in the world? Ah. Wait. You do vaguely remember thinking that it would be so nice if you had more light to see the markings on the lantern. But—
“I made my wish for a man on a shooting star,” you retort as a counterargument, trying to wheedle out of Jungkook’s covenant so that you’ll have an additional wish to add to your arsenal.
“Nice try,” snorts Jungkook. He’s probably listened to a thousand arguments by a thousand masters that have all tried to bargain and reason with him trying to manipulate him and exploit him for more wishes, “But I made that appear in the night sky. It was not fated to be there that night until I materialized it. It wasn’t real so it didn’t have the powers of a normal shooting star.”
“So shooting stars actually work?” 
He shrugs, “Sometimes. Wishes depend on the caster. Theoretically you can make a wish on a shooting star, a wishing well, your birthday, on a deity, etc. But you can rarely succeed at having a wish granted, much less by using the same method twice. And most people, if they’re lucky, only get to have one wish come true in their lifetime. It’s much more common for there to be no successful ones. Aren’t you lucky to have woken me up from my slumber,” he snarks, “you got three.”
“I made a birthday wish,” you faintly mutter rather dispiritedly.
He hears you anyways, “I don’t think it worked. Why not try again next year?” 
You ignore the snarkiness of his suggestion, “So you’re really my boyfriend for the next ten days.”
He nods. You squint at him, you still haven’t put your contacts on for the day and your glasses remain forgotten in your bedroom. 
“Can I ask you to do things? Like a girlfriend asks her boyfriend? Or does that count as a wish.”
“You can ask me anything. Whether or not I do anything is entirely up to me. I suppose I will be more courteous and mindful of your requests since I am playing the part of the perfect significant other. As long as it’s related to this wish, I will try my best to make it come to fruition for you. For example, if you wanted me to take you out for dinner on the rooftop of a skyscraper I probably would. If you wanted me to buy you a bunch of gifts or fill your rooms with flowers, I could do that too.”
“Why is it only ten days? I didn’t wish for ten days,” you inquire.
Jungkook smiles at you sheepishly, showing the first sign of less than suaveness. “As far as mistresses go, you’re not a selfish one but would you believe me if I told you that in the past only terrible people used to be able to draw me out of my lamp and make demands of me? As the years went by I added rules: only three wishes, no wishes have permanent effects, and only those pure of heart can awaken me, just to name a few.”
“Oh.” You don’t know what else to say.
“In ten days, your life will go back to normal. And even though you will always remember this, it will become more and more dreamlike and disconnected from reality as time goes on. One day you might even come to the decision that you had made me up and that I was a figment of your imagination. No one can hold onto the idea that this was all real for too long.”
“So for this week, everyone in my life is convinced we’ve been together for a while but next week they won’t even have known I had a boyfriend?” you conclude.
“You’ll wake up on the eleventh morning like time hasn’t passed at all; it’ll be like it’s today all over again but without me in all those pictures that stand as proof of a shared, albeit fake, history,” Jungkook confirms.
“But what will happen to you?” you worry. 
“I’ll be sticking around unless you make your third wish before then.” He looks at you hopefully but you snort in retort. “When you make the third wish, I’ll go back into the lamp and it will disappear from your life before the process starts all over for me. I’ll probably be sleeping until I’m let out again.”
“I wasn’t the one who found you,” you frown. “My best friend gave it to me as a birthday present.”
Jungkook's eyes widen marginally but you don’t catch how the genie appears momentarily unnerved, he shrugs it off to you, feigning nonchalance, “That doesn’t really matter because you were the one that was able to let the lamp open.”
You hum but say nothing. You’re distracted by the magnificent bounty of breakfast food that Jungkook has arranged on your tiny square table for four, not that you ever had to use all four of the place settings at the same time. You make your way to the dining area, edging away from Jungkook and the conversation, but as expected, the male trails after you like a lost puppy. 
“Do you have any plans for how our day should progress, mistress?”
“Please stop calling me that,” you blush hotly. You are the subbiest sub ever so it’s discomforting to hear you being referred to in such a manner even if it’s not in a sexual context.
“What would you like to be called instead?” Jungkook inquires, altruistically.
“Let’s just stick to my name for now,” you mutter, placing two fried eggs on your plate before going for the waffles. Jungkook should be glad you’re such a benevolent holder of the lamp, he says you’re pure of heart but you don’t know about all that, all you do know is, you won’t make Jungkook’s life any harder than it needs to be for the next ten days.
A light smirk paints Jungkook’s lips as he takes the seat opposite to you. “We can make our way to pet names and terms of endearment as the days progress.”
You choke, coughing and sputtering as a square of waffle gets lodged in your throat. But as your eyes water up, widening from pain and surprise, Jungkook smoothly waves his hand in a flippant manner in your direction and the waffle disappears immediately.
Gasping for air you ask, “Does this mean that when you’re finally gone I’ll be going back to choking and die a painful death?”
Jungkook scoffs, “Only the wishes I make come true for my masters have limits to them. And it’s a recent development I made to curb their usually evil desires. I’m very powerful. Everything I do has permanent effects. It’s why I’m locked up any time I don’t have an owner.”
You blink, gobsmacked. Somehow his arrogance is terribly sexy and it makes your pussy throb. 
Tumblr media
On the first day, following breakfast, Jungkook makes the two of you disappear and reappear in Malta for an island vacation and date. You’re in a panic, claiming that you can’t be in a foreign country without any identification, money, or clothes. But the male just rolls his eyes at your antics and reminds you just who exactly has been cast to play the role of your picture perfect boyfriend. 
You side-eye him now. He is walking slightly ahead of you to the left so that there is space left for you to walk beside him if you want to catch up but you can’t make up your mind if you want to. His blond hair is trapped under yet another black bucket hat which makes you wonder if he hates the pale color of his locks and he’s wearing a black Hawaiian shirt with white hibiscuses creating an artfully arranged pattern. His black board shorts have a 5 inch inseam and you’re wondering how it is that this thousands-of-years old mythical being dresses like an emo alt boy. Not that you know what two out of those three words mean. You assume it’s like a vibe from what the gen z college students that appear in your office tell you. Jungkook looks just like them. 
You’ve been wheedling Jungkook to reveal details about his own life but the individual has managed to remain tight-lipped thus far. He runs ahead to a street vendor to excitedly buy you a sandwich. The round leavened bread has a filling of potatoes, capers, tomatoes, and mozzarella. He hands you one of the diagonally cut slices before bringing the other half to his mouth.
You hold it in your hand bemusedly, at a loss of what to do with it. You had quite literally finished the meal he had prepared for you half an hour ago. Side-eyeing him once again, this time enviously, you sigh; you can’t eat like he does because unlike him you do not have magical powers and if he continues to feed you like this, you’ll gain 30 pounds by the end of the 10 days. And you could ask him to keep you from gaining weight but that would probably count as a third wish instead of being an extension of his boyfriendly duties.
“Are you ready to see our lodgings?” he asks, a droplet of olive oil, that the sandwich had practically been doused in, glistening on his perfectly coral colored Cupid’s bow.
You give him a look that wordlessly states ‘lead the way,’ and follow him as your walk takes the two of you before a two story condo located on the waterfront. 
“Can I ask you a question,” you start off.
Jungkook interrupts you immediately, knowing just where your head was going, “I did not make the apartment appear out of midair. It was conveniently empty and I planted a thought in the owner’s head that he had rented it to us.”
Okay first of all, that was not what you were going to ask. “Are you going to pay him?” you demand self-righteously.
“Why?” Jungkook deadpans, “The timeline will be reset soon enough.”
“I was actually going to ask you,” you tread carefully, though apparently not delicately enough because the male’s hackles start to rise and his gaze turns into one that is more filled with suspicion and distrust. You plow ahead anyways and repeat, “I wanted to ask you why you were going along with this.”
“Because it is your wish.” He says it with such simplicity, his face as expressionless as his tone.
You sigh frustratedly, “Yes but—am I making you uncomfortable? You don’t have to pretend to be my lover. I have to admit I wasn’t thinking that this would happen when I made that wish.”
“So, did you have a male in mind then?” Jungkook’s expression turns even more grim as he shutters away his emotions. His large dark brown eyes are impassive for the first time since you’ve met him and you’re starting to miss the shine of those doelike lenses.
“Well, no. But, if I wanted my fake boyfriend to be Kim Namjoon, could you do that?”
“Who is Kim Namjoon?” He sounds so affronted, unable to believe that you could prefer anyone to him. Huh. You had the feeling that Jungkook was a cocky self-aggrandizing genie but you hadn’t realized how much until now.
“My celebrity crush.”
“What is a ‘celebrity’?”
You stare at him blankly, “So you weren’t out in the twentieth century either, huh?” 
When he frowns at you, those cute lips of his curving down, you hurriedly tack on, “It doesn’t matter, anyways. I just asked because, well— We don’t have to be ‘lovers,’” you quote Jungkook from earlier on in the day. “What if we just hung out as friends for the next ten days?”
“I would like that,” admitted Jungkook. “Although I’m not sure if that actually fulfills your wish.”
“Why not?” you pout. “What was the explicit wording of my wish, anyways?”
Jungkook looks away without answering you and then wordlessly marches towards the front door of the condo, expecting you to follow. 
The inside of the two storied structure is very rustic but clean. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of clutter, which you appreciate, but you wouldn’t call it minimalistic. It had a beachy European vibe to it with furniture pieces that had probably seen their prime in design in the late 90s. You actually like the old school feel of the place; it makes it feel more authentic. The place has about four bedrooms but Jungkook tells you that the two rooms the two of you will be sharing are right next to each other. 
When you walk into the place where you’ll be sleeping tonight, you are met by the sight of a white painted metal bed frame that has a lot of curlicues making up the headboard. The bedding looks comfy and clean which is always nice and the box springs and mattress look relatively new, providing a nice height and plumpness to your bed. There’s a massive pile of shopping bags and boxes stacked against the wall and you can only wonder if your attractive genie companion had gone into the trouble of making sure you would have a variety of clothes and necessities on this trip.
As you fiddle through the tissue paper hiding the contents of a bright orange Louis Vuitton bag, you are puzzled how Jungkook is both on top of and out of the loop when it comes to the 21st century. The male is on top of fashion but not famous people and you wonder what else he knows or is woefully oblivious about. You put on a cute russet brown bikini set that looks gorgeous on your honeyed skin; there is a large gold hoop connecting the two halves of your top as well as two matching hoops on the sides of your hips. You are currently pulling on a pair of Louis Vuitton shorts with cute pockets that are lined with a gold colored zipper and are almost the exact same shade of brown as your swimming suit but covered by the familiar and iconic pattern of interlocking LV’s with flowers in white, teal, orange, and light brown, just about having buckled in the cute strappy belt that comes with it when your door is unceremoniously thrust open. 
You stand, jaw slackened in surprise, as Jungkook walks into the room looking so colorful that you blink to make sure it’s actually him. His hair is now the pinkish red color of cherries and he's wearing a yellow T-shirt that has an opened shirt that looks like a white baseball tee over it, though the fabric is more airy and lightweight; the sleeves of his yellow top are tucked into the sleeves of the white one. He’s wearing navy blue swimming trunks and you love that he turned out to be the type of male that sticks to 5-7 inch inseams rather than wearing shorts that go down super low and cover his knees like you know so many men in your acquaintance to do. It baffles you; don’t they realize how ugly it makes their outfits look? 
Jungkook snaps his fingers to make a pair of black Ray-Bans with gold frames cover your eyes to match the ones tucked into his soft red hair and you notice the multitude of beaded bracelets adorning his wrist. 
“I haven’t gone to the beach in years,” you proclaim excitedly. 
Now that you two have settled that he’s a genie and you’re his mistress who gets to call all the shots, there is a sense of calm over the two of you and this wayward situation that you’ve thrusted the two of you into. He’s not acting the role of your boyfriend. He’s just someone you’re on vacation with and it makes it so much easier to relax when you keep that in mind. 
You eagerly reach out to grab his large hand in your much smaller one to tug him along with you, back outside of the condominium so that you two could eventually make your way to the beachfront. The male gives in easily, he engulfs his hand with yours and you can feel its warm heat cupping you comfortably. You give him a happy smile and proceed to pull him along with you which is much easier said than done because Jungkook finds it hilarious to drag his feet and stand his ground on the gravelly cobblestone streets so that he can laugh at your feeble attempts at strength as you try to move him. 
Jungkook is bored at the beach. You scowl at him. He’s being a party pooper, acting like a black hole that’s bringing down your excitement and sucking it all in. He has no idea how to relax. You had told him as much when he sighed as he sat down next to you in the little area you made him create for the two of you. There’s a cute blanket for the two of you to lie on and an umbrella if you no longer want to be in the sun. You even got him to materialize some books for you (you just had to tell him the author and title) but from the looks of his displeased frown when he discovered that nearly all of the books have raunchy covers, Jungkook’s not thrilled about your little omission. 
You glower at him. The blanket is massive with enough space for the two of you, yet Jungkook sits so close beside you that you’re almost halfway to the sand as you hover near the edge of the cloth. You slip your shorts off and put it on one of the beach chairs next to the two of you before flopping down again. You turn your body around so that you are facing the beach as you lie on your stomach, your elbows propping you up so you can read the third book of the Bridgertons series. 
“God, Jungkook,” you goad, “If you’re not going to do anything, can you apply my sunscreen on me?” It’s in the little tote you have with you.
Jungkook scrunches up his face as he scrutinizes you from behind the lenses of his matching black sunglasses. You had to put yours back on your head because you couldn’t read anything with how dark they made the page appear. “Why don’t you put sunscreen on me first?” 
“Jungkook, you don’t need sunscreen!” you whine. “You’re a genie. You don’t have to worry about the dangers of skin cancer and UV rays.”
“It’s amazing how often I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he muses as he huffs at you, going into your bag to pull out the sunscreen.
Perhaps because he’s unused to applying sunscreen on, you doubted the Joseon era (which was the last time he had been out) Koreans did because you were pretty sure it was invented in the early 1940s, he squirts what feels like half the bottle on your back. You screech at the cold aqueous feeling of the liquid as it trails down your figure approaching the barriers of your cute bikini top. 
“Jungkook!” you yelp. “Untie my clothes! It’s going to ruin them and leave ugly chalky marks on the fabric, you asshole! And you’re supposed to blend it into my skin so there’s no white cast.”
Jungkook places his hand against your back, cupping the deliquescent lotion and trapping it beneath his massive palm. One handedly, he undoes the tie to your brown string bikini, leaving your back bare as the cloth protects your minimal modesty in the front only. Ignoring what you had said about getting your bottoms ruined, he doesn't remove them, though you have no idea why. There’s not anyone near you on this long stretch of the coast. Instead, he just tugs it halfway down your ass. 
He moves his body so that his knees are straddling you on either side but since he’s lightly perched on your thighs, your uncovered ass is mere centimeters away from his crotch and when he moves to make sure that his hands are covering every inch of your revealed body with the sun block, you swear you can feel something large poking you at times.
His touch is feather light as his fingertips ghost along your back making you arch into him. His finger traces along your spine, making you keen lightly as you bite down on your lower lip to keep him from hearing you. His palms knead at the knots in your body as you still at the sensations he is pulling from your body. He’s being perfectly respectful, his hands stay on the length of your back, not moving under to canvas your breasts or slip down your hips or drift along the plump curve of your ass, yet somehow you are still mindless under his dexterous palms. 
Your eyelashes flutter closed, your eyes no longer able to focus on Benedict Bridgerton’s love story, as Jungkook massages the white cream into your skin with his strong hands. The male pulls his lip between his bunny teeth as he frowns when he hears your attempts to conceal the sounds that he is coaxing out of you. 
“Jungkook,” you pant out nervously, fearing how much further this can go if you don’t put a wise stop to it now. 
“I can do my legs,” you suggest. 
“Ah okay, Y/N,” he agrees. “But do you really want to spend the whole day reading that?” 
His face is twisted into a grimace as he glares at the upside down book you half opened to hold its place. 
“What do you want to do?” you ask getting up from the blanket and grabbing the bottle of sunscreen before squirting some on your hands to go over all the areas Jungkook hadn’t gotten around to.
“Do you want to go scuba diving?”
“Have you ever gone scuba diving?” 
“Of course not,” Jungkook rolls his eyes. “But I’ll try everything once.”
He whisks you two away to the Maltese island of Comino once you’re ready to call it quits at the beach. When you’re finally with the group of people who are getting ready to scuba dive with the instructor, suiting up and paying attention to the directions so they’re safe as they start to explore the reefs, lagoons, and underwater caves, you start to panic.
“Jungkook,” you mumble, edging closer to him and tiptoeing so you can whisper into his ear. The male turns his head to look at you, moving closer and instantly stooping down so you can easily state your piece. “Jungkook, I don’t feel comfortable scuba diving.”
“I’ll keep you safe, Y/N.” God, did you wish for the perfect boyfriend or what? Maybe drunk off her ass Y/N had something going for her. Even before, you had been tempted to make things get sexual as he was running those powerful hands over your pliant body, but you had managed to barely control yourself and keep yourself from shoving Jungkook down on the sand to climb over his body. It had been so nice of him to do that for you, very boyfriend, or as Jungkook would probably say, lover-like.
“Yes, I know,” you pause, deep in thought, before you continue, “but I don’t want you to limit your enjoyment because you’re so busy looking over me, trying to keep me from accidentally killing or maiming myself. Can we like do something a little more tame... like snorkeling? I don’t want to go so deep into the water.”
He gives into you easily, it doesn’t even take him a second to think about what you’re asking from him, and he readily transports the two of you onto a boat where a snorkeling class has already began to put on their masks and flippers before they make their ways to the edge of the boat to jump off. 
After watching the humans struggle putting on the equipment for ten or even fifteen minutes each, Jungkook decides it’ll just be easier if he does it for you so you don’t have to worry about if anything was worn improperly or unsafely.
He thinks you look adorable with the giant clear goggles; your long mane of hair squishes to your skull where the straps of the mask are pressing into your head and the lenses magnify your eyes making them look cute albeit a little bug-like. He quietly commands you to stop fiddling around with the snorkel; he knows you’re worried but he doesn’t want you to mess around with the pipe and accidentally disconnect what Jungkook had correctly set up for you. You’re waddling a bit in your large black and indigo flippers, attempting to pull your shorts off and get the holes through your suddenly enormous feet. You trip and Jungkook catches you, holding you against his bare chest because he had gotten rid of his clothes as well so he would only be in his swimming trunks.
“You okay?” he softly inquires, keeping you trapped within the heat of his comforting embrace. 
You can only squeak your reply, distracted about how his massive palms are so warm and almost entirely encapsulate your waist as he holds you up against him. There is something cool and metallic digging into your skin and your hand brushes against it. Was Jungkook wearing a waist chain? The male flinches away from your hold, stepping back instantly. 
“No need to worry about the jump or the water being too cold,” Jungkook murmurs, blatantly ignoring whatever had happened seconds ago, “I’ve got you.”
And in a flash, the two of you are underwater, surrounded by so much clean liquid that you can enjoy the greenish blue hue of the ocean and yet make out everything with such clarity. 
You frown when you notice that though Jungkook put on flippers he didn’t have a mask covering his face and making him look as distorted and ugly as you felt. It was so unfair; you have to look unattractive so you can breathe and not die submerged in the sea but Jungkook looks like a model with the water lifting his red locks and making them swirl around his head. Though he doesn’t want your eyes to focus on his waist, your gaze is immediately drawn to it, shifting their focus from the clean cut muscled edges of his eight pack, just barely able to make out the gold band that sits snugly around his bronzed skin, kept in place by the minimal flare to his hips, due to how your vision is slightly warped and distorted by your goggles. 
Jungkook reaches out to grab your hand, his long fingers wrapping themselves around your delicate wrist and he gently pulls you towards him, his lengthy legs swiftly flapping along as he propels his body around the water, taking you on his guided tour for one. Swimming side by side with Jungkook, you follow him deeper into the half submerged caves of St. Maria, your eyes taking in the mesmerizing schools of snappers and sea bream swimming around, ducking in and out of view when they travel around sandbars. You flinch into yourself, pulling away from Jungkook when you see a moray eel but the male just giggles, air bubbles releasing from his mouth as his chortles continue, his red hair a darkened burgundy cloud around his ears. He softly tugs you back to him and pursues on with the two of yours sea adventure. 
You gasp and clap excitedly when you see several cuttlefish and even a sand colored octopus, eagerly pointing it out to Jungkook, who only smiles when he notices your hand slip out of his again and then swims closer to the octopus to ooh and aah over it. Eventually, the snorkeling guide asks for everyone to come back onto the boat so that they can direct it over to a ship wreckage where you all will be allowed to go back into the sea to get a closer glimpse at the German minesweeper. 
The rusting boat is a little deeper than expected and you find yourself hesitantly waddling your legs in the water to keep yourself in the same unmoving position, while the rest of your class energetically flaps their legs to swim towards the ship, swimming further into the depths of the Maltese sea. Jungkook looks back at you from where he had gone to follow the crowd, his lips jutting out as he purses his lips, deep in contemplation. 
His eyes narrow as he looks at you consideringly though you’re absentminded in your persisting fear and have not become aware of his gaze in your direction yet. He smoothly paddles back to you, holding you with his warm palm pressed against the small of your back. You look up at him and shiver. 
Do you want me to help you? You know I wouldn't let you drown or have anything bad happen to you? You purposefully screw and unscrew your eyes shut, trying to make sense that this powerful genie possesses the ability to broadcast his thoughts into your mind because the two of you can’t speak in water. He probably has a more equipt way of dealing with that too but was choosing to exert less energy.
You nod brusquely and the male transports the two of you right by the wreckage where the rest of the class are enthusiastically swimming around and admiring the ruins of the World War II ship. Jungkook gently presses on your lower back pushing you forward to encourage you to explore the minesweeper on your own but you back up pressing yourself into his front, not even leaving an inch of space in between you. 
He looks down at you indulgently, tucking one of your wildly floating locks of hair behind your ear, as his hand moves away, it caresses the side of your cheek, making its way down. As you let out a longing sigh, he grips the underside of your jaw, tilting your chin up so he can remove the mouthpiece to your snorkel before he swoops down to capture your lips with his.
You’ve been yearning for his kiss since the moment you woke up and found your eyes enraptured by those pillowy coral colored lips, and Jungkook does not disappoint. They taste like mint chapstick and coffee as he hauls your body against his, one of his brawny arms locking you into his hold while the other works its way up while he winds his fingers through the drenched locks of your hair. As you continuously gasp in between every short kiss he slots over your lips, your hands travel across his broad shoulders and impressive back where you can feel flexing bundles of muscles beneath your fingertips. 
Tiring of the small abrupt pecks, Jungkook pulls you up, your legs instinctually wrapping around his hips as you meet him for a more impassioned kiss. You enthusiastically part your mouth, welcoming him and his tongue licks its way into that wet cavern, twining around your tongue as you both fight for control. You’re weak to the way that his lips mold against yours with its firm pressure, fitting against you perfectly. As you wrap your arms around his neck, holding on tight, Jungkook moves his hands to cup your ass, fitting you more perfectly against him. He gropes your butt fervently as your fingers snake themselves into his luscious locks. 
You can feel his curious wandering hands roving across the planes of your body as you lean deeper into the kisses, gasping when Jungkook releases you to let you catch your breath. But even then, your lips are still attached to his as he busies himself with nibbling on your plump bottom lip, not wanting to waste a single second. His fingers find themselves into the hidden space between your cheeks, gripping on them softly to spread them more apart and then he runs his index finger across the seam, traveling from your clenching asshole to your fluttering core. Your pussy gushes more and more with his every pass over it, not that he can tell with you both underwater. But surely he can sense that your clit is becoming more sensitive and engorged with the minimal simulation, eager for more. His fingernail catches on that little bud his next pass over and you moan loudly against his lips before accidentally biting down on the lower one impassionately. 
When the two of you break apart, he leans his forehead against your nape, licking over his bitten lip tasting the faint flavor of iron and sea salt. It stings a little, if he wants to be completely honest. But with a simple burst of his powers, the pain is gone and since Jungkook already has his face pressing against your neck, he uses the opportunity to dart his tongue into the shallow pools of your collar bones, lapping at them softly, his tongue moving across your throat to manipulate whines and keens out of you. Even as he does this, his focus is split and he finds himself nudging your copper colored bikini bottom to the side as he reveals your pussy folds to one of his questing hands. 
Jungkook grows daring as he nudges at your pussy with nimble fingers, thumbing your clit and pressing down hard enough to make you wail. His fingers dart across the furled petals leading to your throbbing core and he ghosts those appendages, letting you feel the sudden sensation of fullness before it’s swiftly gone like you imagined it. You’re writhing in his arms, sound travels differently in the ocean but he selfishly doesn’t want anyone to see your eyes rolling backwards as your mouth opens wide in an ahegao type expression. 
A red flush covers your tanned skin, travelling from your décolletage to your throat and Jungkook finds himself capturing your chin in his firm grasp. His thumb swipes at your lips repeatedly until you finally part them so he can shove it inside all whilst jutting two fingers in and out of your cunt deliciously. You gag around the appendage, saliva trailing down your lips and painting the sides of your mouth as you struggle to acclimate your body to the brutal and hectic pace of how he thrusts his fingers in and out your folds. 
With Jungkook’s promise to keep you safe, you don’t have to worry about sputtering and choking on salty sea water, instead you’re doing so on his thick fingers which are a pale and slim imitation to how his cock will feel in your mouth. With your focus so frayed and with him dead set on making you go mindless with lust, Jungkook turns his focus to his mouth, nipping his way down the neglected column of your throat, until he gets to your cleavage. Jungkook chooses to bite down on that golden circle connecting the two halves of your skimpy bikini, pulling at it with his bunny teeth before letting go again to have the swimwear bounce against your skin, stimulating your nipples and making them harden into beads. He kisses and tongues your breasts through the moisture resistant fabric, growling in frustration at its thickness that inhibits his abilities to inflame you even further. He nabs it between the hold of his clenched teeth and tugs, pulling at your top until only one cup is left maintaining your precarious modesty. 
With one of your breasts free from the cloth, Jungkook wastes no time to wrap his lips around it’s stiffened tip. His agile tongue swirls itself around, laving the hardened bud, and he gently nibbles at it, making you reflexively nip at his thumb. He has you wrapped around him both figuratively and literally, and he divides his attention, never forgetting to incite your pulsating pussy with forceful pumps of his appendages as he sucks on your breasts and lets you suck on the fingers to his other hand. There’s something about gagging on Jungkook’s tatted digits that has you raggedly inhaling through your nose and falling apart at the seams at all the attention your body is under. 
When you finally cum, you sag against him; your top is halfway down your abdomen and one of its straps is dangling by your elbow. Your eyes are still blown out from lust but you’ve calmed down somewhat though you're desperately trying to catch your breath, counting on Jungkook’s inexhaustible strength to hold you up beside him. You seem to be completely unaware of your surroundings and how the other snorkelers swim closer to the two of you since you are both breathless and a little disoriented from the heated kisses, and more, that followed.
Fortunately for your unsettled self, the male isn’t standing idle as you are, trying to make sense of your surroundings. He fixes your bottom so that it no longer digs into your soft curves and repositions it so that your pussy is completely covered. You float in the water and let him manhandle you like you’re his pretty doll, letting him secure up your bikini so your breasts are no longer exposed. He even reties it in the back for you before he puts your snorkel back onto your mouth. But as he does so, he bites on his lower lip, sucking his cheeks in as his eyes hold a glimmer of something that he’s trying to hide from you.
You irately raise your eyebrows at him as he finally lets out the laughter he had been holding in, in the form of a breathy chuckle. Sorry, it’s nothing, his thoughts are once again intruding your mind, it’s just I forgot you were wearing your cute goggles, that’s all!
Immediately you are still as mortification takes over your body, a frown adorning your features. And just like that, the moment is broken and you are no longer under his spell. 
Tumblr media
In the afternoon, you two walk around the beachfront of where your condo lies, tired after scuba diving and wanting to engage in some low level, minimal effort tourism. Well, you’re tired; Jungkook has a boundless expanse of energy. He’s like an excitable puppy who takes on everything he sees as if it’s his first life although you know it’s not. But you suppose, if you were kept in a prison regularly for upwards of hundreds of years without any idea when your next chance at freedom was, you too would make the most of every opportunity that presented itself to you. 
Jungkook claps every time you pick up something that suits you and immediately buys it for you, flitting between acting the role of a supportive best friend and a sexy sugar daddy, but you’re into it, enraptured by the duality that suits him, giving him a cute glow to his dark brown doe eyes. After you end up with too many souvenir bracelets and little knick knacks, even a little pouch to hold your phone and money, though you aren’t likely to call anyone or need to spend any money during the next ten days, you cut Jungkook off from getting you anything more. You beg off for a chance to relax, maybe even take a midday nap which isn’t something you’ve done since you were in high school, before getting ready to go to the night time date that Jungkook promises will be even more spectacular. 
It’s about 6pm, and you’re all glammed up for your date with Jungkook. He’s taking his job of wooing you super seriously. You dimly wonder whether all genies are as competitive as Jungkook, striving for a 100% satisfaction guaranteed (which he certainly had done in the turquoise water earlier in the day). You had asked him about it during one of the rounds to the small kiosks around the open air bazaar, if you got to fill out a customer service report at the end of this entire experience. The male had narrowed his eyes at you, a slandered look of affront taking over his face as he wound up his arms together tightly and pointedly stalked away from you.
He seems to have mellowed out however. You could have sworn you heard him singing lightly as he went around his room, immersed in his tasks, talking to inanimate objects like the Disney character that he was. However Jungkook is a little bit petty, and had decided to withhold the location of your date tonight from you which left you with no idea of what dress code to aim for. 
You think you did pretty well, all things considered.
Your thick locks have been washed to get rid of all the salt that clung to them after your snorkeling excursion and you have it slicked back into a sleek half up half down hairdo that doesn't have a single hair out of place. Meanwhile, your makeup features smokey eyes and dark currant colored lips since you wanted your glam look to have an edge to it. 
Your outfit is made out of the contents of the packages and shopping bags that Jungkook had lined the wall of your room with, earlier in the day. You’re wearing a skin clinging Versace mini dress with a plunging neckline that barely covers your ass and is covered in glittery burgundy colored sequins. It makes your rack look fabulous which is only being held up with some nude bra pads, sticky tape, and sheer pleas for divine intervention. Meanwhile, your ass looks scrumptious and perky like you just got a BBL on this Maltese vacation. There are long strappy black Saint Laurent heels wrapping around your legs and lengthening the limbs making you look like an Amazonian queen. Gold Harry Winston hoops adorn your ears with a slim gold chain from the brand dipping into your cleavage while an assortment of rings from Chanel and Cartier adorn your fingers and offset the gold love bracelet banging against your left wrist. To put it simply, you look like a Goddamn fucking catch. 
After making sure that every detail to your look is perfect as you gaze into the full length mirror in your room and attempt tugging on the skirt of the Versace dress one more time, you leave your room to knock on the door to Jungkook’s room that is right beside it. 
The male opens it instantly, almost like he was waiting for you to knock and his jaw slackens a little as he takes in the full, lethal, image of you in your micro mini, with the tumbling dark locks of hair falling over your shoulder and your legs looking like they would look perfect over his shoulders with the strappy sandals still on, their thin stiletto heels digging into his back as he pounded you into blissful nirvana.
Like always, you remain oblivious to Jungkook’s ravenous and coveting glances. Mostly, it’s because you are similarly distracted. His hair is no longer cherry red or the blond that you think is its default; rather, Jungkook has long cobalt colored locks that get darker towards the roots framing his face suavely. He stands in front of you looking gloriously tall as he wears a slightly loose fit dark colored blazer that reveals a white tucked in shirt underneath and black cargo joggers to soften the formal look to his outfit. His black Prada Chelsea boots make him tower over you with their giant imposing soles. He has a few earrings in and a silver chain hanging from his neck that makes you wonder if it will clink against your nude body if the night ends with another bout of heated sexual exploration. When he offers you his hand, you notice that he has a few bands adorning his fingers as well. 
You allow yourself to get pulled into his embrace. He tucks you against his chest, your bare back hitting the soft cotton of his T-shirt, the fabric is so thin that you can easily feel the heat of his body and more importantly, every hard ridge of muscle. The waist chain is there too and you have figured out that it is probably what keeps Jungkook bound under the lamp’s control. No wonder he hates it.  
His arm is securely pressed against your waist, squeezing you lightly. He’s in a good mood and you are too. You’ll just ignore the fact that he’s an immortal and that he’s not actually yours. You two can play pretend for nine more days. While you sigh and your eyes softly shutter shut in contentment, he dips his chin into the hollow of your collarbone before he whisks the two of you away to the dinner that he had planned for the two of you.
You blink in confusion as you take in the new sight. 
The sky is turning purplish blue in the evening and from the looks of it Jungkook has just taken you to an empty construction site. There’s nothing but excavators, front loaders, and a bulldozer in your vicinity. The skeletal metal outline of a partially made building explains the presence of the class 8 vehicles. 
You gingerly step out of Jungkook’s hold, walking a full ten feet away before turning back towards him. Your head is cocked and your freezing fingers are gripping your hips as you place your hands on them. “Can you kill your master?” you whisper yell back at him hesitantly, “Is that allowed?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes before he scoffs, “No, it isn’t. Not that I would want to,” he side eyes you, “yet, anyway.” 
He says it lightly as a joke, obviously, but you let out a dry laugh of, “Ha. Ha. Ha,” to match his heinous sounding cackles as you glare back at him, full of indignation as you hold your ground, extremely nonplussed. 
“Get over here, will you?” he hisses, “Our date isn’t even here; it’s over there.” 
He points to a crane on the left and you squint in the direction, still baffled. “I don’t get it.”
Jungkook sighs with displeasurement before he transports in front of you and grabs you by the waist again. Within seconds you are transported to what appears to be a dinner table attached to a crane and Jungkook has already gotten you seat belted and safely harnessed into your seat. And to your even greater surprise, his comfy blazer is covering your arms, enveloping your body and keeping you warm as Jungkook’s discernible scent of delicate florals and rich sandalwood overwhelm your senses. 
He sits next to you because the table is long and rectangular and this is the only way to be close to each other. You have to twist your body to the left to face him but you don’t find yourself minding when you notice that there is a lovely grin on his kissable mouth and a lock of dark blue hair falling into his face that he doesn’t move away. The waiters as well as the safety instructors of this sky high restaurant suddenly reappear, from wherever it was that they were hiding, to bustle around the two of you, breaking the spell you had been under, hypnotized by Jeon fucking Jungkook. 
They fill up your wine glasses with a 1967 Burgundy and water, placing two baskets between the two of you that hold a variety of French breads. Jungkook gazes into your eyes from beside you, his palm pressed against his cheek. “Anything you want to try?”
You blink, flustered, as you take on the brunt of the heat from those glowing chocolatey orbs. You don’t think you have ever been in such close proximity to Jungkook while under such a thorough perusal. Your eyes immediately slide down and you focus your attention onto the menu that had been placed before you. Almost all of it is in French. 
You happily hum when you notice there is seafood, choosing to order the Moules-frites, mussels on a shallot and white wine sauce with shoestring fried potatoes. You murmur your request to Jungkook and he calls the waiter over to tell him your desire for seafood. Perhaps inspired by you, he orders salmon en papillote with beurre blanc, sauce vierge and sauteed asparagus. It sounds fancy but it’s just salmon wrapped in parchment paper that Jungook cuts open in front of you with a side of tomatoes dressed with vinaigrette, the French white butter sauce and asparagus. 
The two of you dig into your meals vigorously and you almost forget that you’re on a date as you sigh after every bite of the scrumptious meal that brings tears to your eyes over how amazing it tastes. 
Jungkook chuckles softly next to you, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sound so happy.” There is almost a wistful tone to his remark.
You lick a drop of the white wine sauce off your lip before tapping your mouth with a cream colored cloth napkin. “Well, you’ve only known me for about a day,” you tease. “But I love food.”
“I do too,” admits Jungkook. You knew that. You had spent more time around food and eating today than you did over most weekends that you had off. And it was always so much food. If anything, you would’ve been surprised if he had said he hated eating and that it was just a necessary task he had to partake in to continue to be alive like some of the gym bros you knew. This time the wistfulness of his tone is more evident and you easily catch it in his words. 
“You can’t enjoy food?” you inquire, sharply. You’re aghast. You could never imagine living such an abhorrent half-life. This was primarily one of the reasons that you were anti-Edward during the Twilight craze of the 2010s. You would never give up on the pleasures that came from eating to exchange it for a life of drinking only blood for sustenance.
“I don’t need to eat food to survive,” admits Jungkook forlornly, “I can’t enjoy it at all; it's just mastication for me. Like I’m chewing on sawdust covered in spices. But I still do it. It’s the only way to remind me of my humanity. And it looks so good. I can smell it but it tastes like nothing much and I can’t savor it at all.”
You quirk an eyebrow silently. This was the first hint you had gotten into Jungkook’s person. He used to be human once upon a time. You don’t want to rock the boat so you don’t hedge for more details. 
“That’s horrible,” you cry out instead, visibly livid on his behalf. “Would it help if I ate for the both of us?” 
He laughs again and pushes his salmon towards you, “Only because I know how much you adore seafood. You won’t be able to get the wine or dessert away from me though,” he warns. 
You just grin at him and he returns a lopsided one at you, his eyes crinkle at the corners softening his gaze as his dimples make an appearance for the first time. You gawk at him, mesmerized by his gorgeous features. He’s so handsome. You wonder if he was this handsome before he was a genie or if being a genie amped up his attractiveness so you would fall under his lure like a siren with her prey. Nah, with your luck Jungkook was probably born looking like Adonis. 
You two eat in comfortable company, the conversation ebbing and flowing freely. You tell Jungkook about your job as an admissions counselor and the terrible guilt you feel when you can’t help one of your students accomplish their dreams of graduating from one of the best four year universities in the nation. Jungkook oohs and aahs while also making sounds of dismay at the appropriate moments. He’s a great listener; he’s super involved in the conversation and makes you feel important as though what you’re sharing deserves to get heard. You’re not sure how much of it is an act he’s putting on for your benefit to fulfill your wish and how much of it is him going above and beyond, but you greatly appreciate it. Today might just be the best day of your life. You’ve been treated like a queen the entire time. 
In exchange for sharing your little anecdotes you beg Jungkook to share something with you to keep the repartee going. With a groan he gives into you, and animatedly chats to you about the time he had a vampiress find his lamp.
You gasp loudly, “Vampires aren’t real Jungkook!” you can’t stop laughing. It’s a good thing you weren’t chewing because you would have spit out your fancy dinner all over the pristine white table cloth.
He wags his eyebrows at you with a cocky smirk painting his lips, “Oh? Are you sure? I mean I’m a genie, Y/N. It would make sense for there to be other magical beings besides me. I wasn’t born into existence as a genie, I was created.”
“Yeah,” you murmur softly, is this your moment to ask Jungkook how it had all begun? “Jungkook, I—”
 “Monsieur, mademoiselle,” one of the servers had returned with your desserts in tow, intruding on your conversation, “crème brulée à la lavande.”
He places two leaf shaped cream colored ramekins in front of the pair of you. You hum in astonishment as you take in the delectable looking lavender infused crème brulée with the browned sugar crust and the decorative buds of lavender on top. It smells faintly floral and you just know that when you taste it, your tongue is going to be in heaven, tasting the delicate yet complex layers to the dish.
Jungkook smirks at you cockily before he spoons up a sizable scoop of the crème and pulls it into his mouth, his lips pursing around the utensil until he sucks off all the dessert on the ladeled part. He hums his pleasure as his tongue rolls around in his mouth, sucking in the taste of the rich cream and the sweet sugar that is roped through it. His eyelids turn heavy and you have to suck in a breath when you realize this is probably what Jungkook would look like if he ate you out and was savoring the taste of your juices on his velvety lush tongue. 
You’re flustered but you can’t let him have the upperhand. You pick up the little dessert spoon and tap on the sugar crust, cracking it softly before you carefully scoop some of the confection onto your utensil, making sure to get both the hardened sugar and the smooth cream underneath.
You moan around it as you close your mouth with the first bite. You’re in heaven, you’re not sure you have ever had anything that was quite as rich or decadent as this before in your life. The velvety texture of the crème brulée swamps your tongue while the sugar melts into it from the heat of your warm, lush mouth. Your senses are heightened as you can taste every single ingredient that has gone into the dish and you inhale sharply before letting out another soft moan of satisfaction.
You wrap your lips around the spoon as you twirl your tongue around it to make sure you’ve gotten every last bit of the dessert off of it before you release from your mouth with a light pop. There’s a gossamer thread of spit connecting your lip to the spoon so you quickly dart your tongue out to break it. The male next to you shudders lightly, his breath hitches raggedly as he glares at you with hard eyes that have gone dark from the heat of his debauched desires. 
“Y/N,” he warns, groaning lightly, his tongue nearly poking a hole through his cheek in his irritation.
“Hmm?” you reply with faux innocence, determined to play with fire tonight. You don’t want to get burned tonight, oh no, you want much much more than that. You want to get consumed by the flames that have Jungkook within their hold.
You continue to eat up your crème brulée slowly, savoring each and every carefully scooped spoonful. Your tongue rolls in your mouth after each bite as you try to lick up all of the cream from the crevices before you go in for the next spoon. You’re not playing up your reactions by any means; it’s so delicious and rich, meant to be relished. And Jungkook is, figuratively, eating up all of the noises slipping between your plump sugar covered lips. His jaw is tight, lips thinned into a harsh line as he heatedly glares at you.
“It seems to me like you want something else to draw out those little pathetic sounds from your throat,” Jungkook grates, “until, perhaps, they are full blown moans of ecstasy.”
You still when you feel his long sinuous fingers gripping into the soft flesh of your exposed thigh. His palm is feverishly hot against your skin and Jungkook takes advantage of the fact that you’re wearing a mini dress to push your thighs apart and slip his hand in between. 
“Ju-Jungkook,” you stammer, letting your spoon clank against the ramekin where there’s still more than half of the dessert left. Your hands go to where his is cupping your cunt through the diaphanous black mesh thong you’re wearing from Agent Provocateur, you pull at his arm and attempt to take it off but you’re unable to shake the grip he has on you as his fingers stroke lines against the seam to your cunt through the thin, ineffective barrier of your panties. The pad of his index finger runs its path up and down until your pussy lips feel swollen, the folds sensitive and inflamed, as you slowly wet the mesh material until it’s practically invisible from how drenched it becomes. 
“What are you doing?” he hisses, his tone both gruff and lethal. “Get your hands off of me.” 
Your insides warm as you get aroused from his harshness and you let your hands fall off from where they were still attempting to pull him away. You already had a flush from the wine earlier heating your skin but now the blood crawls up your chest and rushes to your cheeks for a different reason.
“Don’t you have a dessert to eat, Y/N?” Jungkook mocks, pausing his fingers’ wickedly dexterous pursuit.
“I-I,” you stutter, “Y-y-yes, Jungkook.”
Your body was turned 90 degrees so that you could face him but when he raises an eyebrow that means ‘Get on with it,’ you instantly turn back around to properly face the dinner table and pick up your spoon from the ramekin with a shaking hand. You scoop up some of the dessert into your mouth and nervously close your lips around it, hyper aware of everything that is happening around you, on the tether hooks as you wait with bated breath for Jungkook’s next move.
He pinches your clit, invoking a squeal to slip out of your mouth as your walls flutter around nothing, clenching in dismay. “Why so silent, Y/N? Aren’t you enjoying your dessert? I think I’m going to feast on you though.”
“Mmpfh,” you moan behind clenched teeth, hurriedly swallowing down the velvety cream and spooning up another bite to place into your mouth, “It’s so good, Jungkook,” you gasp breathlessly.
“Good,” Jungkook grunts into your ear, he’s halfway out his chair, his body stretching over the small distance between your seats. His chest is digging into your shoulder and he has an arm, the one whose digits aren’t currently focused on stroking you into madness, wrapped around your back so that he can slip it around the front and hold your neck in it’s grip, squeezing it lightly in warning. Your breath catches in your throat and you gulp, able to feel every cold curve of each individual metal ring on his fingers lightly pressing into your skin. 
“You want to keep eating, Y/N?” Jungkook murmurs, hot breath tickling your ear as his lips brush against it before he pulls your delicate lobe between his teeth. 
“N-No!” you protest.
“Oh?” He quips. His voice has gone low and raspy, the tenor of his tone licking flames in the pit of your stomach, causing your nerves to tingle from anticipation, “Got something else in mind for dessert, princess?”
You pause hesitantly. The words are stuck in your throat.
“Go on, Y/N, tell me what my bratty spoiled princess really wants for dessert,” Jungkook growls, removing his long nimble fingers from the wet heat of your cunt when you don’t answer him.
Your hands immediately fly down, pressing down on his to keep it trapped between your warm palms and your waxed, bare mons. “You, Jungkook. You,” you wail, “I want you for dessert.”
“I thought so,” murmurs the genie silkily. He removes his hand from your throat, his thumb rubbing circles into the delicate flesh before his fingers move away to tuck a wayward lock of hair behind your ear. He unwinds his arm from around you, choosing to grip your chin, tilting your mouth up before meeting your lips in a fervent messy embrace.
It’s more desperate than sensual, a frantic clashing of lips as your tongues tangle with each other and your teeth almost knock against each other from the brutal force of the kisses. Jungkook drags your plump lower lip into his mouth, his teeth lightly nipping on it while he sucks until it feels raw and battered. His hand is tangled into your hair and he’s gripping on those locks tightly to maneuver your head in the exact position he wants. You ignore the pain erupting from your scalp as your palms freely roam the length of his upper body, slipping under the thin cotton T-shirt he had on to rake your long acrylic nails against his warm, muscled back. Your fingers travel up to his broad shoulders, gripping them under his shirt until you leave little crescent indentations from your nails on his flesh.
Jungkook shifts his lips from yours as he leaves you gulping for air, struggling to catch your breath. “My fucking selfish princess has bitten off more than she can chew on her quest to feast on everything she possibly can,” he murmurs, his hot breath fans over your cheek before he softly nips on the plumpest part of it. When you gasp at the sting, his tongue immediately darts out to soothe the pain as he licks up the side of your face messily. “Baby, you made a deal with the devil for these wishes,” he rumbles.
Your dress barely covers your chest which hectically heaves as Jungkook trails suctioning, bruising kisses down the length of your throat on the path to your breasts. The shimmery wine red cloth is barely hanging on to you as your hardening nipples struggle to keep them in position acting as the only thing holding them in place. The slippery cloth has almost fallen down several times, and you are millimeters away from suddenly exposing your entire upper half to the birds that are flying around as you sit on your sky high dinner date.
Jungkook’s strong agile fingers pull at the fabric as his mouth finds the large exposed expanse of cleavage available to him. He gently presses his lips on your soft warm skin before he parts them to leave hard open mouthed kisses on your breasts. When he’s finally able to get a strong enough purchase on the dress that he can pull it down to your waist, he deftly plucks the nude silicon pads off and flings them into the night sky before wrapping his lips against one of your hardened peaks.
His fingers are strumming at its twin while Jungkook sucks and sucks at your nipple like he thinks that he can get it to leak if he tries hard enough. That thought makes you still. An impregnation kink? You had never thought of it before but the thought of Jungkook fucking you with the sole purpose of breeding you and making you round and luminous as you carry his children, your breasts large and your curves plumper and softer than before has your heart beating loudly and erratically in your chest.
“Hey,” he complains when he notices you've gotten sidetracked in your thoughts. He bites down on your furled bud to draw back your attention, “Where did you go? Someone’s getting greedy. Do you need more, princess? Do you need me to do more so you’ll pay attention to me?”
“I,” you stammer. But Jungkook ignores you, he uses both of his hands to maneuver your skin clinging dress over your hips and then he tucks two fingers into the thin ribboned band of your underwear, pulling it away from your heated skin until the delicate mesh falls apart from his use of force, getting ripped straight off of your cunt. His jaw absentmindedly falls open a little as takes in the sight of your glistening pussy folds. 
“Oh, baby, you’re so pretty,” he murmurs. 
He plunges his middle finger in, going deep within your core as he curls it up, pumping within you so furiously that you can hear loud squelching sounds coming from your gushing pussy.
“Jung-Jungkook,” you whine. You need more. You need to be stuffed. “Jungkook, I can take more!” The last word comes out as a scream when he suddenly thrusts his ring finger and pinky inside you too. All three digits are assailing your insides, your core tightens around them, clenching hard but it doesn’t stop his intensity as he makes a complete mess of your pussy, wetness gushing out and dripping on your seat, trailing down your parted thighs. 
He has the side of his face pressed against your chest, your stiffened tips poking harshly into his right cheek as he glances downwards at the wreckage he’s created from the fruits of his labor. Your head is bent with your chin tucked on top of his crop of dark cyan hair, your long tumbling locks of hair falling forward to hide your expression as Jungkook makes you lose your mind underneath him.
“Your clit is so swollen, sweet girl, do you want me to rub it?” He asks, turning towards your breasts, rubbing his face into them, his nose tickling the valley between them. 
“Yes, Jungkook,” you urge breathlessly, “Please.”
His thumb and forefinger pinches that little sensitive bead, rolling it in between them before rubbing it side to side in a rapid, furious pace. “Or maybe it’s still not enough,” Jungkook wonders, “Do you want my head buried between those thighs as you ride your way to release or do you want my cock pounding you into submission, baby?”
Your mouth is hanging open, you can barely think, let alone put together a string of words that will have Jungkook satisfied with your reply. “Jungkook,” you pant, “I need—”
“Monsieur Jeon?” the waiter inquires after returning.
You still immediately, your head bending even further to conceal your body with your hair though you are already covered by Jungkook’s body on top of yours.
“Yes, Pierre,” Jungkook murmurs, not moving his face away from the comfort of your breasts. You hadn’t even realized that had been the name of your server.
“If you and mademoiselle are done with your dinners we can take you back to the ground.”
“Yes, thank you, Pierre. We would appreciate that.”
“I will go inform the team,” Pierre acquises, “Would you like for me to get more wine as we make our way down?”
“I think we are fine for now,” assures Jungkook. 
When the staff finally leaves you push Jungkook off of you, straightening up your dress, pulling it over your breasts and tugging it down to cover your bottom again. 
Jungkook merely smirks, purring, “You’re changing your tune so soon, princess? I take it you don’t want for things to continue when we’re on the ground then?”
You stiffly cross your arms over your chest, using them as supports under your breasts to hold onto the dress and keep it from slipping down and making you expose yourself to all of the sky high restaurant’s crew since Jungkook had gotten rid of your bra pads.
“Did you have to do that?” you demand.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, princess,” Jungkook fibs.
You roll your eyes, “It’s not enough that every time we do something it’s in public but you’ve started to destroy my underwear too.”
“Oh relax, Y/N,” Jungkook coaxes, “Your rack is spectacular and will be doing a more than great job of holding up your dress. You have nothing to worry about. And even if you did ever expose yourself to anyone you didn’t want to, I would just erase their memories for you.”
“My hero,” you simper sarcastically, tugging on his right ear.
The male narrows his eyes at you, consideringly. His front teeth nip at his bottom lip and you know that you’ve gotten yourself in trouble again as Jungkook thinks up ways to get back at you during the descent of the restaurant. 
When you are finally back touching solid ground, you are able to messily untangle yourself from the harnesses that kept you secured to your seat. You almost fall flat on the ground when you gingerly step off the platform you two had been eating on, towards the cracked pavement of the empty lot. Your legs had turned into jelly during their time up in the air, it’s a combination of vertigo and your legs still being shaky from having you edged to an orgasm that was woefully stolen away from you.
Jungkook immediately catches you in his arms, peering down at you softly before coming to a decision. He lowers himself, bending down to wrap his arms around your back and thighs more securely, before picking you up in a bridal carry. Your breath gets caught in your throat as you stare back at him after hesitantly locking your arms around his thick neck.
“So,” he hedges, moving his face forward so that he can nudge at your plump cheeks with his nose. “Should the night end here princess?” he asks, “Or do you want the fun to continue when we get back home?”
“Yes, please,” you quietly beg.
Jungkook gently brushes his lips against your forehead before escorting the two of you home in a whirlwind cloud of gold dust before you two suddenly reappear in the hallway in front of the two of your rooms.
“Are we sleeping in different rooms tonight?” Jungkook inquires, just to check that your mind hasn’t changed within the last two minutes.
“Take me to your bed,” you softly urge the genie as you upturn your face, your nose nudging against the thin scar across his left cheek. He swiftly traipses forward, his long legs reaching his door in one effortless stride. 
His room is similar to yours except his bed is bigger, you notice with envy, and his furniture appears to be made of black colored iron unlike the white painted pieces in your room. He sets you down in front of him as he goes to close the door.
“Jungkook, babe,” you call out to his back. He raises an eyebrow as he turns to face you again. “Can you help me with my zipper? It’s a little hard for me to get it down.”
The slim invisible zipper to your deep burgundy shimmery dress is located right on the topmost part of your ass since it’s a mostly backless piece. Jungkook crowds you from behind, his massive frame enveloping yours as his long deft fingers go to zip you down. You shudder as his knuckles brush against the warm sensitive skin of your back, each touch sending a lighting bolt of attraction shooting up your spine while causing arousal to pool between your thighs. When the zipper is halfway down, resting on the swell of your ass, you step out of his hold. 
You turn around to face him as you pull down on the thin straps of the dress, letting them hang around your elbows as your bust works overtime to keep the dress up. With a twisted smirk painting your plush lips, you shimmy out of the glittery wine colored fabric, letting it pool around your Saint Laurent encased feet before stepping out of the circle of clothing lying on the ground. You lithely stalk towards Jungkook, your hair a sexy mess around your shoulders, curling into your breasts and brushing against your nipples as you make your way to the genie, completely nude since he had gotten rid of all of your underwear a while back.
Jungkook’s eyes softly shutter close as you finally reach him, his eyelids fluttering as he raggedly takes in a deep breath. You look utterly divine wearing only gold jewelry and your long strappy black heels that make your sun kissed limbs look miles long. You wrap your arms around his thick neck, pressing your heaving breasts against his hard pectoral muscles, “Jungkook?”
His hands grip onto your hips pulling your smooth crotch against his clothed one as he backs the two of you into the door. His hard pulsating cock is pressed against your slit and it makes you whimper when you shift and the zipper to his pants hits your clit. He secures his arms across your ass, pushing you up into his hold, making your toes tip because even in your heels you’re unable to be face to face with him. The man is sexily and inconveniently tall. Balancing all of your weight on your toes and Jungkook’s arms, you stretch so that your face is aligned with his and you can comfortably kiss him. Your teeth grab for his plump lower lip and pull it between yours so you can suck on that lush flesh, agitating it so it becomes red, wet, and swollen.
A subtle growl starts low in Jungkook’s chest as he pushes your body even further up and as you lose your footing you tangle a leg around Jungkook’s hips. His other hand moves up to roughly capture your jaw in its hold, locking you in position as he aggressively meets your lips back. His kisses are greedy and all-consuming; Jungkook kisses you like he’s a starving man and you are his first meal in a long time. His hand, the one that's gently hanging by your ass, starts to knead the supple flesh and your breath catches in your throat as you let out a choked gasp. His fingers are right by your puckered sensitive hole and you’re reminded of the fantasy you had had the night before he came into your life. Of a man touching and stroking you there in that forbidden orifice and working you up. 
Meanwhile, his mouth is busy; his tongue is prodding its way past your lips, slipping in and licking a torrid path in the lush cavern of your mouth. It’s agile and long, and the strong wet muscle twirls with your own, easily taking control of your mouth. The sounds slipping out of both of your lips as you continuously meet each other for more and more impassioned kisses are obscene; they’re loud wet sounds of fervent hunger that grow more frantic as the kisses persist.
Your core is clenching around nothing and it has you rutting against Jungkook’s crotch like a bitch in heat, leaving a dark damp patch on the black fabric of his dressy joggers. Jungkook stops stroking and squeezing your ass to pull your other leg around his hips until your stiletto heels are digging into his butt and you are wrapped entirely around his body like a koala. He backs away from the door, his lips breaking apart from yours so he can look where he is walking and carrying you. You are still kissing him though; your lips have trailed down to kiss and bite along his jaw and neck, you even let yourself suck on his Adam’s apple which has him gulping and your lips stretching into a smirk against the flushed smooth flesh  of his throat, as you can feel every movement underneath the delicate skin.
He carefully drops you onto the bed, taking precaution not to fall over with you and crush you underneath his weight. You stare up at him, wide-eyed as your lips part with hunger and surprise at the change in position. His large doe eyes have gone black with lust, becoming heavy lidded as they travel up the entire length of your body with lazy glances. 
He steps in between your parted legs, his hands curling around your soft meaty thighs, dimpling into them with the pressure from his fingertips. “Let me eat you out?” he asks huskily, his tenor sounding ragged and raspy.
“Please,” you beg with wide eyes shining with lust. Your legs part even more to let Jungkook see just how wet your folds are.
He sinks to his knees before you, holding down on your thighs as he lowers himself to the ground. He places a flurry of light open mouth kisses against your soft thighs as he nudges them apart and pulls you forward so that your ass hangs off the bed and he can throw your legs over his shoulders. Your Saint Laurent encased limbs spasm against his back and the pointed heels dig into his white T-shirt making him grunt as he falls forward a little. 
You let out a pained whine when you notice Jungkook manages to catch himself right before he faceplants onto your cunt. He slowly lowers his face, nose tenderly nudging at your slit before he purses his lips and kisses at your folds. He gently mouths at the petals of oversensitive and swollen flesh, softly lapping at the juices that cling to them. You let out a shrill, frenzied moan when he flattens his tongue against your core, licking long and hot fat stripes down the opening. Your fingers snake into his damp indigo colored locks, drenched from his sweat, scratching your acrylic nails against his scalp as you attempt to push him down further into your crotch. 
He slides his hands up your warm thighs making your muscles contract at the sensation before he grabs onto your hips, guiding their motion with his grip. He lets you rock against his mouth frantically, opening his jaw wide as your juices that he’s unable to capture drip down his chin. You wail, letting out a desperate sob as he buries his face deeper into your cunt licking and slurping like a man maddened from lust. His nose juts against your swollen inflamed clit as his teeth clamp down lightly on your folds and pull at them gently, making you convulse and twitch as you mindlessly shove your pussy against him. 
“Is this good, sweet girl,” he murmurs huskily, “Is this what you wanted?”
He brushes his plush lips over your clit, teasing you, tempting you until he has your laser focus drawn to what he is doing. It’s then that he starts working on that hyper responsive bundle of nerves, teasing that little bead with flicks of his tongue, hard focused snaps of his wet muscle against the overworked bud. He’s giving you everything; his mouth wrapping around your clit, his lips gently pressing against it in faux respite, his teeth nipping it to draw out cries, and his tongue manipulating it to make you turn feral. He’s got you in the palm of his hand and it makes him realize that he’s been neglecting you in perhaps the most important way.
“Is,” his tongue jabs into your core, “This,” his teeth clamp down on your clit, inducing tears to spring from your eyes, “Good,” he slurps at your arousal noisily, repeating the question.
You frantically nod in his direction before you realize he can't see your expression with his face shoved into your pussy. “Ye-Yes,” you choke out, clearing your throat that's gone rough from the constant stream of screaming that Jungkook’s been able to pull from your lips. You think it subsides him but then he tilts his head in a calculating way that’s got you freezing against him.
He pulls away to draw your attention back to his face, you glance at him with glazed over eyes that are confused yet frustrated. Staring right at you with sleepy, hooded lids, he holds your gaze as he runs his index finger up and down your fluttering core, gathering up your juices on top of his finger, using the transparent ropes of arousal to coat his finger, lubricating it before he plunges it into you. 
“Jungkook,” your legs spasm over his shoulders as you accidentally hit his back with one of your high heels. “I’m gonna c— I’m gonna COME! I can’t— I can’t take much more of THIS!” Your hips raise up from the bed as you squirm, fucking his finger into you since he hasn’t started moving it yet. 
He stares at you consideringly, “Fuck my fingers Y/N,” he raspily commands, “Fuck yourself to completion.”
You still, momentarily unnerved but Jungkook uses his thumb to flick the nail of his middle finger against your clit, which not only pulls out an embarrassing keen from your mouth but also spurs you into action, rocking your hips in fluid motions as your core takes in the entire length of his index finger.
You whine in frustration, complaining, “Jungkook, this isn’t enough!”
“I’d say make it enough,” the male responds, “If I hadn’t been tempting you all night long. Consider yourself lucky, princess.” And with that Jungkook shoves three more fingers in you, pumping them into you impressively faster and harder than he had ever teased you before, almost inserting half his hand, a centimeter into his palm as well, into the cunt he stretched out during dinner. It’s a good thing he thought to do that since you would be struggling when he finally took you. 
Your vision turns white as your eyes almost roll backwards and your teeth chatter, knocking into each other due to the violent intensity at which Jungkook was impaling your pussy with his fingers. Your thighs quake uncontrollably as you’re finally pushed to the brink. With your voice crescendoing into a needlessly long and cacophonously loud scream, you reach an earth shattering climax, slumping down onto the bed, your legs twitching absentmindedly.  
The male gets off of his knees, the bottom half of his face is still glistening with the remnants of your arousal. He stretches, his broad shoulders getting rolled back, before he one-handedly pulls off his fitted white tee in a decidedly sexy manner. Your eyes immediately shift to his bare upper half when you hear the clink of metal and you find yourself staring at, for the first time, his golden waist chain. The gossamer strands of metal are wrapped around his thin, sun bronzed waist, practically blinding you with the shine from their yellow color that glitters as it moves with every flow and shift of Jungkook’s body. 
Jungkook doesn’t let the chain hold your attention for too long, immediately distracting you as he unbuttons and undoes the fly on his dark cargo joggers. He lets the fabric hang loose around his hips as he palms his massive shaft though the black cotton of his Balenciaga boxer briefs. He rubs the bulbous tip of his cock through the thin fabric of his underwear as he toes off his imposing spiky heeled Chelsea boots. Once the shoes are off, he gently tugs on his pants, letting them pool around his ankles and stepping out of them.
He walks towards you almost nude except for the briefs that cling to his muscley thick thighs and show how pronounced his dick is as it struggles to pop out from behind the band. There is a cocky smirk painting his lovely coral colored Cupid’s bow and his nicely shaped eyebrows quirk in challenge as he steps in your direction. You groan in impatience and need as he stands in front of you, legs spread hips’ length apart. A light chuckle sounds from behind the plush lip he’s biting hard as he pushes down on the black elastic band of the underwear and his massive cock, which you have only felt against you but never seen before this moment, bounces out from the confines. He’s larger than you dreamed he could be, and you know better than to assume that Jungkook, fiercely competitive and authentic as he is, would increase the size with magic. 
Your hips are already subconsciously gyrating against the air as you take him in with a slackened jaw and numbly hanging open mouth. It’s girthy and twitching lightly, slightly bouncing as it stands proud free from the confines of pants and underwear. The mushroom tip is swollen and flushed a dark berry red. The thick protruding vein you wanna nibble on, runs along the underside of the cock and is more pronounced, becoming easier for you to see, when he holds up the shaft to rub at its bulbous head to work precum out of it, make the white viscous liquid bead from the tip. 
His cock is fucking pretty, and you want to suck on it, but a quick glance at the male reveals that he’s too impatient to let you do that now and just wants you to take him in. You can’t blame him after he’s gotten you off about half a dozen times over the course of the day without having blown off some steam himself. 
The tattoos along his arm seem to pop against his sun kissed skin as he strokes his cock which swells at the stimulation. “Ready princess?” he asks quietly.
“Please.” You beg a repetition of the one word that always finds its way easily to your lips when Jungkook is working you up. 
He guides his cock to your gushing slit, brushing the mushroom head against your folds, rubbing it into them causing his precum and your arousal to combine and mix. He slaps his head against your clit a few times before he deems you sufficiently drenched and ready to take him in. He slowly presses the round tip into your folds, hunting for your opening, his veiny hand guiding his shaft’s path. Slowly it breaches you, causing your mouth to fall open as a sex crazed look takes over your features. You moan a long, wanton sound at the intrusion, even though Jungkook took his time preparing you, it’s been more than a year since you’ve fucked anyone. With one hand still directing his cock, he uses the other to grab your hip to gently lift it up so he can palm the small of your back and push you up towards him.
You meet him eagerly, squirming as you help him get you up, throwing your arms over his shoulders and holding onto his neck with a deathgrip. He slowly moves the hand from your back to run along your hip and then your thigh so that he can wrap your curvy leg around his hip. Pulling your leg up had another advantage as well, now he can more easily enter you and he slams into you, impaling you with his cock until he is fully sheathed and your waxed bare mons meet the nicely groomed dark patch of hair on his pubic bone, your pelvises flush against each other. 
You can feel the ridges of his shaft sliding along your walls as they clench around him, letting you feel every bump and vein. “A-Ah,” you stutter as a mewl slips from your panting lips. “Jung—JUNGKOOK,” you cry out as his cock twitches within you and the tip just barely hits that elusive g-spot.
“Fuck,” he grunts before a guttural moan breaks out of him. 
“God, princess. This is what you wanted all along didn’t you. The entire day you’ve been teasing me. Tempting me with those fucking sly smiles and suggestive looks. You didn’t want a fucking considerate boyfriend you wanted a rude libertine to blow your back out. Isn’t that right—princess,” he hisses through his clenched teeth.
You’re unable to answer him as he quickens the pace, slipping in and out of you furiously, taking his cock almost entirely out with only his fat tip in you before thrusting manically again, pounding into your pelvis, battering up your insides and making you turn into a boneless pile of goo.
You’re practically drooling at this point while your eyes are shiny from the tears that come from his frantic impaling as he jackhammers into you. Your mouth is hanging open and he smacks the ass cheeks he’s been gripping onto this entire time when you don’t give him a reply.
“This.” Smack. “Is.” Smack. “What.” Smack. “You.” Smack. “Wanted.” Smack. “Isn’t it, princess?” he growls, ending off with one last smack.
“Yes, Jungkook!” you sob, “This is what I wanted!” You’re inconsolable as he continues with the frenzied onslaught of sex. 
He hauls you up even further, he had one arm hugging your lower back as the other focused on keeping your thigh firmly locked around his waist and then you’re bouncing on his cock in midair, the metal of his waist chain poking into the soft skin of your tummy every time the two of you met into the middle. It’s a good thing he’s helping you stay attached to him because with the way he is bending you over, making your back arch as he attacks your breasts and neck with impassioned bites and kisses, you would have fallen right off of him without the extra support.
He makes his way up to your mouth, peppering your skin with sucking kisses before finally reaching it and wildly attacking your lips with his in a messy frenzy of teeth and tongue. After what seems like long interminable moments, he finally releases your lips with a wet pop. There’s still a string of saliva connecting the two of you that breaks when he parts open his mouth and whispers sweetly against yours, “That’s all you had to say, princess.”
He picks up the pace as he buries his face into your neck, dead set on leaving a bruising hickey that will remain for several days. You press your lips against his crown, his blue hair tickling your nostrils as you attempt to silence your cries against his scalp. His hold on you tightens like he never wants to let you go, keeping your sweaty body clinging to his, his biceps flexing as he grips onto you and jackhammers uncontrollably, losing all signs of rhyme or rhythm, just knowing that he wants to be buried in your heat forever.
“Say you want this,” he demands. “Say you want ME!” The last word is punctuated by a brutal thrust that hits your g-spot perfectly and has you crying into his hair. 
“I want you,” you sob, “God, I need you Jungkook.” Your breasts are heaving against his hard pecs, your nipples dragging along the smooth solid planes of his chest as you struggle to get your words out.
If you could have seen Jungkook’s eyes at that moment, you would have seen how they turned reddish black, the color of molten lava as a look of pure possessiveness took over his features. But since you can’t see his face, you’re unaware of how your genie is falling for you just as easily as you are falling for him. 
The loud sounds of his balls hitting your skin resound through the bedroom and Jungkook never lets down on the pace. He fucks you into submission as you hang off of him, jellylike with no control over your spasming limbs. Jungkook takes your well timed bout of flexibility to maneuver your legs off of his thighs to hang off his elbows as he wraps his arms around your knees and has them circle behind you. This new height and shift in position has his hip rolls drag his cock through your folds in a more enticing manner, working up your engorged clit with every pounding. You almost forget that he’s no longer hitting your g-spot as you shriek loudly, your poor clit sobbing at the new brutal onslaught of stimulation. 
“Jungkook,” you keen, “God, Jungkook. I don’t know how much further I can go.”
“I’m sure you’ll keep up,” he hums meanly, as he pistons his hips again and again. You’re writhing against him, barely able to roll your hips to meet his every thrust anymore. You feel like you just ran a marathon and you’re approaching the last yard. The end is near and you can sense it with how overheated your body becomes and how you wince and whimper at every move Jungkook makes, able to feel every drag of his magnificent cock through your core down to what feels like the cellular level. Your walls keep clenching onto him tighter and tighter as well, reluctant to release him from their hold and he finds himself putting in even more effort into every snap of his hips.
“You’re almost there aren’t you, sweet girl,” he mumbles against your throat, biting harshly along the delicate skin under your jaw and pulling at it with his front teeth. You can only let out a wordless amalgamation of sounds erupt from your throat as you moan. 
“Let me take you there, princess,” he mutters, “I’ll be your guide, darling.” He bucks into you one last time and he’s almost done it. He’s sent you there to that precipice. You’re hanging on the high but you need to come down. All it takes is one pinch from his clever fingers to your bruised clit as he bites down on your shoulder and you’re there, screaming as you hit your release, gushing around him like a broken sprinkler while Jungkook soothes the abused flesh with soft kitten licks from his tongue, his cool saliva covering the tender area like a balm. 
As you hang of his body, your head sagging against his chest, arms no longer bothering to hold onto his neck, the male lets a faint smile grace his lips, holding you up with his impressive strength, gently rocking his cock into your drenched folds a couple more passes over before he explodes inside of you, painting your walls with his hot viscous ropes of white cum. 
You’re practically asleep in his arms when he’s struggling to pull his shaft out of your fluttering folds that still want to keep it sheathed in their slick embrace, warming his cock with their heat, but he persists, gently dragging it out. The amount of cum that flows out from between your thighs after that is almost obscene. 
Jungkook looks back at his bed before glancing at the mess the two of you have created and decides that the best thing to do right now would be to magically make the liquid disappear before also cleaning you two up like you two had come straight out of a shower. Once your skin is glowing and clean, he gently lays your body down on the right side of his bed, carefully making sure that your head is correctly positioned on the fluffy pillow before covering up your nudity with the silk comforter. 
He walks over to the other side and slips easily into bed, facing the ceiling as he reclines next to you, pondering something. He seems to finally come to a decision and the lights flicker off, swamping the room in darkness, as he turns over to face you and drags your body into his so that your ass is pressed against his front. Throwing an arm and a leg over your form that is loose-limbed in slumber, the male comfortably spoons you before he plunges into sleep as well. 
Tumblr media
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License
©OPALJM 2021
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venusiangguk · 3 months ago
dilf jk: series masterlist
Tumblr media
>>pairing: jungkook x reader / dilf jk x grocery store clerk oc
>>genre: strangers to lovers, friends with benefits, smut, fluff
>>status: on going
** snacks are drabbles that can be read as stand alones. they are not relevant to the plot. they are not written chronologically, but i order them as such as i go **
most recent work will be labeled: !! NEW !!
Tumblr media
you find a baby in your store and in turn, a dilf finds you
Tumblr media
‎❥⁞ part one: the art of wanting - 10.3k words, (m)
‎you find a baby in your store and in turn, a dilf finds you.
❥⁞ snack: the art of caring  - 4.7k words, (m)
‎jk picks you up after a fight with your roommates... he and nari are better company anyway!!
‎❥⁞ snack: gardening/pool day drabble - 1.2k words, (pg)
nari plays in the dirt while jk gardens and you make a bet
‎❥⁞ part two: the art of playing - 6.3k words, (m)
costumes are a must for jk’s work party... they come with the cutest heart-shaped cuffs... now what could they be used for?
❥⁞ part three: the art of craving - 6.9k words, (m)
‎jk takes you to a bbq at his friend’s house. the tri-tip is good but the creampie is even better.
❥⁞ snack: the art of waiting - 3.9k words, (m)‎ ‎ 
jk comes back from his business trip and he’s wearing new pjs... you must get his face between your legs.‎
❥⁞ part four: the art of doubting - 17k words, (m)‎ ‎ ‎!! NEW !!
seeds of doubt are planted and unfortunately they grow faster than love. things with jk fall apart. 
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—suck it up! (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jeon jungkook x fem!reader
⟶ genre: vampire!jungkook / college au / friends-to-lovers + fluff / smut
⟶ words: 9,784
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: being jungkook’s best friend means you’re used to his strange and chaotic ways but lately he’s been acting a little too strange, like thinking he’s turned into a vampire kind of strange.
⟶ warnings: pretty much a crack fic!!!, dumbass new world vampire jungkook who is completely incompetent as a vampire, general dumbass-to-lovers shenanigans, twilight references, sweet love making, dry humping, jungkook comes in his pants, riding, marking, biting, a brief mention of blood (so blood play?), breast play, fondling, possession kink??, oral sex (f receiving), cum eating, clit play, fingering, missionary, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, creampie
⟶ note: happy halloween!!!👻 to celebrate, here is my fic for the nightmare on collab with the lovelies @underthejoon @bratkook @junghelioseok​ @hobidreams @kpopfanfictrash @suga-kookiemonster !!! pls keep an eye out for their fics when they drop bc it’s going to be fangtastic! this fic was inspired by an old tumblr post i’ve seen but i’ve since lost the link to it! also dedicating this fic to the loml @rockwithwoo​ !! <3
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s been acting strange lately.
Then again, Jungkook’s always been strange ━ like the text-you-at-all-hours-of-the day strange, drop by your house unannounced when it’s two in the morning and he’s craving burgers from the diner down the street strange; or send you one of his many unsolicited memes (yes, like quoting dead Vines and dumb Tiktoks and forwarding you horrendous selfies you’ve sent him and snapshots he’s taken of you when you’re least expecting it) from his repertoire at any given moment strange (because he seems to have a meme for every occasion. No, seriously. Like, every occasion).
Or practically begging you to tie his hair back in a bun and put a face mask on him too (strawberry-scented, of course, because when you found out he loves the smell, that’s all you started buying) when he joins you for a much needed pampering night; or trying to open a stubborn jar of salsa for you by banging the sealed lid of it on the floor as if that’s going to do anything; or, like that one time, he couldn’t stop calling you “sus” any time you did something to vaguely annoy him (like telling him you’re going back to sleep on those occasions he shows up at your door at 2 a.m.) because his world was still stuck in the gaming universe of Among Us which he won’t stop playing. 
It’s the kind of strange that you’re well accustomed to by now because even you act that way around Jungkook often, caving in at 2 a.m. and letting him drag you out for food, purposely beating him in his video games to see him throw a tantrum whenever you win and then proceeding to call him a “bitchface” when he complains, or throwing off your bra from under your shirt when you’re curled up on the couch with him for movie night and announcing proudly that you’re apart of the “free the tiddies committee!” whenever he looks at you in sheer utter horror, fearing something fatal like a nip slip to taint his supposedly oh-so-innocent eyes (even though you’ve already seen him butt ass naked because, when Jungkook’s super drunk and around a body of water, he likes to get nude).
The kind of strange that, really, isn’t all that strange to you as his best friend but certainly a little odd in behaviour to an objective outsider’s point of view even though they’re probably just as messed up around their closest friends. The kind of strange that just comes with having known each other for a handful of years now, learning every nuanced quirk about one another like the back of your hand. 
But the kind of strange Jungkook has randomly been possessed by lately is much harder to wrap your mind around. Because he still acts like regular insane Jungkook but you can tell there’s something missing, like a piece of the puzzle that makes him, now just a fragmented version of who he once was. It’s not as if he’s sick (aside from a week or so ago when he came down with a sudden flu that left him bedridden for a few days), and it’s not as if he’s stressed from school because he’s always been the type to ride the wave of life without much cares. He’s just been far more distracted lately than usual, and not because his stupidly beautiful mind is too busy thinking up whatever his next big project is. 
It starts one Friday night, when you had asked him to come over to yours for a marathon viewing party of every horror movie you can think of to get into the “Halloween spirit,” as you had so eagerly proposed. When you answer the door to his incessant knocking, he’s greeted to the sight of you wearing one of his old hoodies that is much too large for you and, he hopes, some sort of shorts beneath it as the hoodie ends around mid-thigh on you, but his eyes are too busy sweeping across the smooth expanse of your exposed legs to really pay much attention. 
“Finally!” You huff aloud. “Took you long enough.”
“Had to secure the goods,” he says. Whereas you’re expecting him to brandish the takeout boxes of Chinese food you had asked him to pick up on the way, he instead gestures smugly to his own face and wriggles his brows. “As I’m sure you can tell.”
You roll your eyes, snatching the bag from him before he can protest. “You look like Shrek’s left ball sack but, yeah, sure. The goods.”
“Ouch, spicy!” Jungkook quips, quivering with laughter. “Someone’s hangry, huh? It’s a good thing I didn’t come a minute later or else you probably would have ripped my head off. Oh, and I made sure to get you extra orange chicken this time because you almost had a mental breakdown last time when they forgot to give you it.”
“I was on my period!” You pout. “It wasn’t my fault!”
You turn on your heel to walk away, assuming the boy will follow you into your apartment as normal. Before you can even move an inch, Jungkook stops you.
“Uhh…?” he trails off expectantly. He’s still waiting on the other side of the threshold of the door.
You pause in your tracks and quirk an inquisitive brow, shooting him a bewildered look. “What?”
“You gonna invite me in or what?” Jungkook asks.
It’s an understatement to say the question puzzles you. Instead, Jungkook watches as your face contorts into a baffled expression before bursting out into laughter hinging on blatant confusion. “Are you joking?” 
“No, why would I be joking?” Jungkook retorts, clearly just as perplexed as you. As if he isn’t your best friend, and as if he hasn’t made himself at home numerous times before. “Umm, it’s called being polite, dude. It’s your home.”
“And, by proxy, yours too,” You point out. “That didn’t stop you from coming here after class last week because you weren’t feeling well ━ without telling me, I may add ━ and nearly giving me a heart attack when I came home three hours later and thought you were an intruder.”
“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you trying to cave my head in with an umbrella stand,” Jungkook snorts. 
Still, you’re left staring at him as if anticipating him to break out into a shit-eating grin and say he’s just pulling your leg. When he gives you an exaggerated look as if to probe you to answer him faster you simply just shake your head and decide to ignore it for the night.
“Well… Come in!” You sigh at long last. 
“Thank you!” Jungkook sighs as well, like the whole situation exhausted him. He takes a step over the threshold and into your home, though he nearly stumbles when you grab his arm to tug him in quicker. 
“I’m hungry,” You say in defence, “and I’m gonna need your shoulder to hide behind during jumpscares.” 
“Say no more,” Jungkook beams, and the rest of the night unfolds in the most ordinary way possible that leaves you wondering why you were even beginning to worry about Jungkook in the first place.
Tumblr media
As the days go on, you start to realize that maybe you were wrong. Things have only gotten stranger, and so has Jungkook.
You only notice this when Jungkook stands you up for one of your usual routine lunch dates before your next shared class on one Friday afternoon. It isn’t uncommon to see the boy rushing to whichever restaurant or café you’ve decided to meet up at a few minutes late, and so you don’t necessarily find it too strange when he doesn’t arrive ten minutes past your meeting time. Twenty minutes starts to thin your patience. Thirty minutes makes you concerned. To make matters worse, he doesn’t answer your numerous phone calls or texts and, growing tired of looking like an idiot waiting at a table for two alone, you decide to leave forty-five minutes later only to try Jungkook’s apartment first in the hopes of finding him.
You’re more than relieved to see him when he answers the door to your knocking, though you suspect Jungkook doesn’t even register the fact that he’s missed your lunch date judging by the way he answers his door. He’s a whole mess, dark hair sticking up in every which way, gaunt skin unusually pale making him look like death. He’s startled to see you standing at his doorstep, brows knitting together and, past that, he winces at the artificial dim lighting of the building’s corridor as if it burns with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
“Hey.” His voice is hoarse when he speaks. “What are you doing here?”
“Um…” You trail off warily. “I thought we meet for lunch every Friday? And we have class soon.”
“Isn’t it, like, midnight?”
“It’s almost one.”
At this, Jungkook gawks at you in disbelief so you resort to showing him your phone and the time displayed. It doesn’t help with his gawking (or the wincing ━ you swear you almost hear him hiss at the abrupt bright light like he’s a vampire or something). “Shit, is it? I didn’t even realize.”
“Clearly,” You scoff. You lean in a bit closer to him, squinting eyes observing him intently. “Did you even sleep? You look like you just crawled out of the sewer drain.”
“Oh, nah,” Jungkook says casually, waving a hand airly as if to dismiss the issue. “I started binge watching this new show on Netflix and I guess I lost track of time.”
Now, it’s your turn to gawk at him. “A whole twelve hours?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook laughs, as if this is just a common mistake everyone makes. “Shit, I’m sorry. I missed lunch?”
“Yeah, I was sitting there by myself for almost an hour,” You tell him, which makes him flinch again. “Wasn’t it your idea to try that new ramen place anyway? The waiter probably thought I looked like a dumb ass. He felt so bad for me, he didn’t even make me pay for the drink I ordered.”
“Nah. Nope, that’s definitely because you’re hot and he wanted to shoot his shot,” Jungkook corrects. You roll your eyes at him as he pries open his door to let you in. “Come inside. I’m just gonna hop in the shower real quick and we can go to class together.”
“Huh━ Wait a minute,” You stammer, flustered. It’s easy to forget about his weirdness as of late, and definitely when you realize that aside from a few odd quirks, he’s still just your Jungkook. As he ushers you inside, you stop just in front of him. Leaning on the tip of your toes, you reach out to smooth out a stray lock of his hair flopped on the other side of his parting. It’s an all too gentle of a caress, and though Jungkook’s used to your tender ways, sometimes it makes him want to scream in a good way. Like right now. “Don’t you feel like death? You should rest, Koo; I can go and give you the notes after.”
Jungkook hates how his heart flutters at the mention of your cute little nickname for him. He shakes his head. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”
He seems fine, which is even more worrying. Your nose wrinkles as you wonder how many energy drinks he’s downed in the last twelve hours to have the stamina of a god, and you hope he doesn’t go into cardiac arrest because of it. 
“And I’ll make it up to you for not showing up to lunch today,” Jungkook says brightly. He feels a brief moment of bravery ━ or maybe he’s lost all sense because he is delirious at this point ━ and snags it before it can leave him. “Let me make you dinner tomorrow night.”
A taunting smirk dances at your lips. “Do you even know how to boil water?”
“For you, I do.” 
“Cute. It’s a date. Uh, I mean, not a date-date but… You know what I mean.”
Jungkook brandishes a big, charming grin, mirroring yours which seems to stretch wider in the passing seconds. Not a date, but maybe something like it. He hopes. Instead of replying, he pokes his fingers into your ticklish sides, causing you to squirm against him. He slips from your grasp before you can retaliate, heading towards his bathroom with one final, “I’ll be ten minutes, max!”
“By the way━” Before he can leave you entirely to make yourself at home on his couch, he hears you call out jokingly, “You think I’m hot?”
Your question makes him choke but you hardly give him a chance to respond, instead cackling maniacally with laughter and leaving him dumbfounded.
Which is probably for the best. Because, despite maybe feeling and looking like shit, the one functioning brain cell in his head definitely does think you’re hot ━ but that’s a different kind of strange Jungkook isn’t prepared to discuss with you just yet.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s never one to break his promise, especially when it comes to you.
Which is why you find it both a little bit unusual and entirely heartbreaking when he doesn’t show up for your not-really-a-date date. Stranger still is the fact that he had been texting you up until you had arrived at his apartment, which only then were you greeted with radio silence. You try to make excuses for him. If he was sick, that’s even worse, because then you really can’t do anything to help him. If he’s napping, then you’re certain your knocking and texts would have woken him. Not a single call or text to explain himself, nor was he even home (at least, that’s what you’re telling yourself, because the thought of him being stowed away within his apartment while you stand on the other side of the door awaiting him, crushes your heart just a little more). Your final conclusion is that he must not be home, ditching you last minute. And while last minute plans were bound to arise, his silence was enough to irk you. 
You leave him three different voicemails, the last one ending on a rather angry, “Jungkook, where the fuck are you?” before you realize there’s no use in saving the night.
At the very least he gets back to you on Sunday evening, texting you just once to say pitifully, “sorry about last night, something came up. Can we talk?” but you choose not to reply.
Until you’re forced to face him that Monday afternoon. Admittedly, you were only looking for Taehyung to discuss an upcoming assignment you had both been paired up for one class when you remember tragically that he’s also best friends with Jungkook. So, stumbling upon the two boys seated at one of the many small round tables outside the campus café when you had only been expecting to see Taehyung is not at all what you were prepared for. Jungkook looks paler than he should be, and even more dishevelled than before when you saw him at his apartment. He’s in the midst of a serious conversation with Taehyung, nursing a cup of black coffee. 
“Yeah, I dunno,” he can be heard saying. “On Wednesday I was out all day and I got this wicked sunburn.”
“Dude, it’s late October,” Taehyung deadpans. “It’s cold. Today’s, like, the one kind of good day we’ve had. How are you getting a sunburn?”
“I have sensitive skin━ Hey, wait! Y/N!”
You groan inwardly when you hear Jungkook call out your name. You’ve only just rounded on your heel to promptly march away when he spots you, giving you less than a minute to brace yourself before he hurriedly excuses himself from Taehyung and sprints after you.
“Where are you going?” he beckons, oblivious. “I haven’t seen you all weekend. Wait, can you just slow down━”
“In case you haven’t noticed, Jungkook, I’m not in the mood to talk,” You grumble. “Since you completely bailed on me again. It was your idea to have me over.”
Jungkook almost physically recoils from you at the disappointment lacing within your words. “Look, I know it was a dick move, but I had a good reason.”
“Then let me hear it.”
He lets out an exasperated groan, hurrying to step in front of you. He stops you in your tracks at once, and it’s only then that he notices how much space you’ve both put between yourselves and Taehyung, who still seems very much confused. Now, Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. He seems fidgety, perhaps a little embarrassed, as he glances over his shoulder and then back down at you.
“Can I tell you something?” he asks. “And don’t laugh. Or do. I don’t know.”
“What is it?”
“Well, I was cooking with garlic the night you were supposed to come over ━ I was gonna make us ramen, like really good, home-made ramen, with lots of cheese, just how you like it━” He rambles onward endearingly, “And I got this weird rash so I looked it up on Google and all I’m getting is that either I’m allergic to garlic, which I’d rather die than be, or all this vampire bullshit so in conclusion I think I’m a fucking vampire.”
He can’t believe he just told you that. The silence that follows is enough to make him want to crawl into a hole and never see the light of day again. But he looks concerned enough, bordering on near mania, and so maybe you should be a little concerned too. Only you know how Jungkook can be, and sometimes his wild imagination likes to get the best of him. Except, the last time Jungkook insisted he had superpowers, he was drunk and fresh out of high school.
Realizing Jungkook is awaiting a response, you can only blink, at a loss for words. “Uh…”
Jungkook grimaces. He can sense he’s losing you, but he quite literally needs you the most now more than ever. “I know it sounds crazy, but everything’s just been feeling so off lately and━”
“Did Taehyung put you up to this?” You demand. “You’re joking, right? A vampire? And a rash, really? That’s low, Jungkook. I’m used to being blown off by greasy men who only think with their dicks, but I expected more from you. You were talking to me all the way up until I showed up at your door. If you didn’t want to hang out, you could have just told me. I wouldn’t have minded.”
“No, that’s not it at all. I promise━”
“Whatever,” You huff angrily. “I’m going home.”
You push past him to march off, and Jungkook decides it’s better to let you cool off than to hold you back. Still, he panics. “Wh-What about Taehyung?”
He asks it as if you really care, as if you’ll stay just for the boy who has already been left behind. Jungkook’s just grasping at straws though, desperately trying to make sure you’re not actually mad at him, though he fears it’s far too late for that. 
You’ll come around eventually, he tells himself. Hopefully.
Tumblr media
Jungkook hasn’t been sleeping much, which is so unlike him.
But time seems to start to blend together, melding morning with night. That, and he can’t shake the multiple anxieties that still riddle his body like how 1) he thinks he’s a fucking vampire, and 2) you’re probably never going to talk to him again. Which is why he’s more than pleased when he opens his apartment door the day after your argument with him to find you standing at the threshold. For a moment, Jungkook thinks that maybe he has fallen asleep finally, and is lucid dreaming a fantasy of you. Then, he actually realizes you’re there. The pissed off scowl directed towards him etched deep into your face is hard to mistake as anything other than reality. It surely hits him hard enough, nearly sucking the breath out of him to see you there.
“Can I come in?” You ask.
Jungkook nearly shoves the door aside. “You’re not mad at me?”
As you waltz past him, Jungkook stumbles to follow after you as you lead him into the kitchen. 
“I think you’re an idiot,” You retort, matter-of-fact. “But you’re my idiot, so I could never be mad at you. I was just━” You let out a sheepish sigh, and Jungkook’s glad you’re too occupied to notice him get flustered when dub him your idiot. “I was just angry you blew me off. I’m sorry I overreacted, Jungkook. But can you blame me? I had no idea what happened to you. What if you were dead?”
“No way,” Jungkook says softly. “You’d know if I was dead because I’d come back as a ghost to haunt your ass for all my hoodies and food you steal.”
“Not funny,” You grumble begrudgingly. 
“Kind of is,” he quips. Then, a little more tenderly, he adds, “I’m sorry too.”
You bite at your lower lip, gazing up at him. You hum in response, and whereas he thinks you’ll reply to him, you instead snicker teasingly abruptly. “You know what’s actually funny though? You thinking you’re a vampire.”
Jungkook sinks miserably into a chair at his kitchen table. He digs the heel of his palms viciously in his eyes and groans tiredly. “Don’t remind me. You think I’m insane, don’t you?”
“The opposite, actually. For now, anyway,” You admit. “In fact, I’ve decided to humour you. So, I took it upon myself to do some light research━”
It’s only as you say this that Jungkook finally registers you’re cradling a heavy looking book in your arms, but that’s only because you slam it down onto the kitchen table in front of him. Then, Jungkook is finally able to process what book it is, his gaze sweeping across the cover. 
He gasps as if he’s never seen anything more horrifying. “You read Twilight?”
“Don’t sound so hostile,” You protest stiffly. “You’re basically Edward Cullen. Kinda weird, impossibly fast, freakishly strong━ Well, I mean, you’ve always been like that, so, in a hypothetical situation where you are, y’know, a vampire, I don’t think you’ve changed much. But that being said, you have been exhibiting some weird vampire-like behaviours.” 
“I sparkle in the sun?”
“Real vampires,” You tell him this pointedly, as if you personally know an undead cryptid yourself. “That one night you came over to binge movies, you didn’t come into my place until I invited you in. Vampires can’t enter a home without an invitation.”
Jungkook snorts. “That’s a stretch. So I’m a vampire because I’m being polite?”
But you continue on as if he never even said anything. “You’re losing track of time, and vampires don’t sleep. You thought it was still midnight when it was one p.m.”
“Easy to do. I was bingeing Squid Game.”
“You think you’re suddenly allergic to garlic, and I overheard you telling Tae you got a sunburn even though it’s been forecast lately.”
Jungkook pauses, mulling over these facts. Sure it’s insane, but so is him thinking he’s a supernatural mythical creature of the night. But what if he truly is one? 
“How’s your appetite been?” You interrogate now.
“The same, I don’t know,” Jungkook shrugs. “Food hasn’t really been hitting the same. I think I’m still recovering from that cold, honestly. But lately I feel like I’m craving something…”
“Like what?”
Jungkook blinks. “Dunno. Taco Bell? Haven’t had it in a while.”
Your eyes flicker over him as if you’re reading him, brain calculating every nuance and quirk of his to decipher what’s wrong with him, if anything ━ and maybe you are. Who’s Jungkook to say otherwise?
“Jungkook,” You giggle at long last. “I’m just pulling your leg. I don’t actually think you’re a vampire, and I don’t think you genuinely think you are either.”
“I think you’re tired,” You say, matter-of-fact. “You’re still recovering from that cold, and you’ve been so busy with schoolwork that I think you’re just over-exerting yourself.”
And when you say it like that, Jungkook has no reason not to believe you. In fact, the longer he listens to you, the longer he basks in your calming presence, the quicker he is to deduce all at once that maybe he is getting ahead of himself. There’s no such thing as vampires, after all.
So, he glances up at you, quirking a brow. “Then what’s my remedy, since you seem so sure of it?”
You purse your lips in a pensive pondering. Then, you lean forward, grabbing at his hands to lift him to his feet in a flourish and he follows suit, ignoring the way his stomach feels light and airy at the touch of your soft hands. “Rest, and lots of it. Specifically with your best friend.”
Jungkook watches you in awe, a small flustered grin on his face. “Is that so? I like the sound of that. Think I have a few things to make up for anyway, if you’ll accept my apology.” 
He wonders why he was even worried in the first place. As he pulls you over to his couch for a night of binge-watching and solely platonic cuddling (he swears), your grip tightens on his hand and you pull him back to you.
“Wait,” You stop him, a mischievous look shimmering in your eyes. You’re so close to him now, he feels light-headed. “On one condition.”
“You come with me to Jimin’s Halloween party,” You propose. When you see him start to roll his eyes, you can’t help but giggle. “C’mon! It’ll be fun. I even found the perfect costume for you.”
“Oh, yeah?” He decides to entertain the thought. “What is it?”
“A vampire, duh.”
Maybe he should have seen it coming. Maybe not. But, as Jungkook has learned over the years, some things when it comes to you are just always unexpected. 
Tumblr media
Jimin’s Halloween party falls on a full moon which, really, should have been a bad omen for Jungkook.
But Jungkook’s more concerned with the fact that Jimin’s party couldn’t have come at a much better time. Despite the sweaty jostling bodies ━ consisting mainly of frat boys who somehow managed to snag an invitation ━ adorned in half-assed costumes, wasted and faded, it comes as a saving grace as a way to let him forget all about the chaos of his life the past few days. Then there’s you, of course, and when he’s with you, everything seems to be better. So, bad omens are certainly not something Jungkook tends to look out for, specifically following his descent into supposed vampire madness.
“That’s your costume?”
Jungkook asks you this in a dazed gawk the night of. He’s only just arrived at your apartment and has caught sight of you in the tight silk slip dress that clings to your every curve, black lace thigh-highs, and red-soled heels. A sheer black mini-cape falls over your shoulders and your lips are painted a dark rouge. There’s a dribble of fake blood falling from one corner of your mouth, and on the left side of your neck are drawn on bite marks. It makes his own “costume” ━ black trousers, a linen Victorian-era styled shirt with the top few buttons left undone, and his wavy hair left in messy and voluminous tufts ━ look lacklustre. Elsewhere, you can’t help but think about how truly and devilishly handsome he looks. 
“Why? Is it not good enough?” You ask, obliviously. 
Jungkook wonders if you do it on purpose. He’s never seen anything sexier, and he hates not being able to be the one who gets to enjoy you. “N-No. You look fucking hot.”
You roll your eyes, scoffing at him as if you think he’s joking with you. “Ha ha. Very funny, Koo.”
“No, seriously. It really makes my costume pale in comparison,” Jungkook says. “I didn’t even try. Sorry.”
But what Jungkook considers to be the bare minimum is somehow devastatingly attractive to you, though that seems to be just one of Jungkook’s many charms. The most striking part of the costume at least are his crimson red eyes, which you take it upon yourself to point out.
“You look good,” You tell him confidently. “Cool contacts, by the way.”
“I’m not wearing contacts.”
“Oh.” You trail off. “I get it. That’s a joke.”
Jungkook looks puzzled. He opens his mouth to ask, “What are you talking ab━” but you grab his hand in a hurry, springing out the door and past him as you exclaim, “No time to talk. We’re already late!” 
And Jungkook would have been concerned with your hastiness, had it not been you; instead, all he can do is stumble after you and your whimsical ways, completely bewitched by you.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s fucked. Like, royally fucked and it’s all because of you. 
You spend the majority of the party next to him, whereas typically both you and him splinter off for a bit to chat with other friends before reconvening. Instead, you’ve dragged Jungkook along with you to dance, and then the other half of the party is spent giggling to each other in a corner of the room, and by the end of it Jungkook thinks the room has started to spin. You tend to leave that effect on him a lot. Eventually, he does wander off to grab a drink but is distracted by a sudden conversation with Jimin. He’s gone for the better part of an hour before he comes stumbling back to you when you realize something’s wrong.
“Hey there, champ. You doing ok?” You ask.
He grins upon seeing you, however sluggish and crooked it may be. His hand falls to the small of your back. “I feel fine. More than, actually. In fact, I need to tell you something. Like, seriously.”
“Let me guess. You’re a vampire?”
“No,” Jungkook snickers. “Come with me.”
So you do, following after him as he leads you through a weaving path around the jostling bodies and outside of Jimin’s house into the backyard where it’s much quieter. At long last, it’s just you and him and Jungkook hasn’t been more nervous before. Now or never, he tells himself.
“What’s up, Koo?” You ask him gently. You reach out to straighten the mess that is his hair, and he leans into the palm of your hand. “You’re acting stranger than usual. Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look so good.”
But Jungkook’s mind is so clearly elsewhere. He feels as if he’s drunker than drunk, seeing the world in a haze that won’t go away no matter how many times he tries to blink it away. He gazes at you now with his big doe-like eyes. “I like when you do that.”
“When I do what?”
“Touch my hair,” he hums. “Or when you look at me like I’m the most important thing to you. Like you maybe even…” He shakes his head as he trails off, though it’s mostly a weak attempt to recollect himself. Everything’s starting to look a little fuzzy. “What I’m trying to say ━ what I’ve been wanting to say for so long ━ is that I’m kind of in love with you.”
There it is. Jungkook feels as if a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, and all he can do is stare at you fondly. Or try to, anyway. 
You blink. “How much have you been drinking?”
That’s definitely not the response Jungkook had been expecting. He sways dangerously close to you, shaking his head wildly. “I haven’t. I only had one drink.”
“You’re drunk.”
“No, no, I promise,” he whines. “I’m so in love with you, I━ Is everything spinning? Hold on, I think I need to sit down━”
But Jungkook does not sit down. Rather, he nearly faceplants the hard ground had it not been for you swooping forward at the last second to catch his heavy weight in your arms. 
Then, he passes out.
Tumblr media
So, as it turns out, Jungkook is a vampire.
That seems to be less shocking to Jungkook, however, than the earth-shattering revelation that Taehyung is also a vampire and you knew. But that’s a fact that Jungkook has made certain to mention to both Taehyung and you often the entirety of his morning the day after the Halloween party. 
“Dude, what the actual fuck?”
Taehyung sighs wearily. He’s seated across from Jungkook on an armchair in his living room, nursing a cup of coffee that Jungkook is positive does nothing for him and his weird vampire body aside from the fact that Taehyung has claimed he just likes the taste of it. Meanwhile, you’ve only just shown up to his apartment, still dressed in your cheesy vampire costume, minus the cape. After Jungkook had fainted the night before, you had desperately reached out to the only person you knew could help, resulting in Taehyung dragging Jungkook back to his apartment. Now that he’s awake and alert, Taehyung has spent the better part of the morning explaining everything to Jungkook, and the younger boy can still only properly register one thing. 
“I can’t believe you never told me you’re a vampire,” Jungkook admonishes Taehyung. Then, he twists in his seat on the couch to gawk up at you. “And you knew Taehyung was a vampire all this time and you never told me? What the fuck?”
“It’s not something you just casually bring up in conversation,” You protest, “especially to someone who wasn’t a vampire up until a month ago!”
Jungkook falls short, if only because he knows you’re right. “Touché.”
“So, how did this happen?” You ask. “Like where have you gone in the past few weeks that’s out of the ordinary, or have you met someone new?”
“Not really,” Jungkook says. Then, he chuckles mostly to himself. “Except… Well, there was this email that I got ━ I thought it was just spam, to be honest, but it sounded kind of cool so I clicked on it. Something about a ‘vampires only party.’ I was like, what kind of weird Halloween themed rave is that? And who the fuck invites people over email to parties? Boomers? Anyway, it had a location and time and everything. So, I went.”
Taehyung grimaces. “You went to some random party alone?”
“Yoongi went with me,” Jungkook informs. “Kinda lost sight of him halfway through the night, and then I blacked out. I’ve never had so many drinks in my life. The next thing I remember, I was in my bed at home and I got that weird cold.”
Taehyung looks mortified. He facepalms himself, groaning into his hand. “Ugh, Yoongi that cryptid bastard. Why would he bring you to one of those parties?”
Jungkook nearly chokes on nothing but his own saliva as he registers this. “Hold on, Yoongi’s a vampire too?”
“I’m so sorry, Jungkook,” You deplore sorrowfully, and sheepishly. At least your sudden wave of regret is a blessing to Taehyung, who doesn’t think he has it in himself to explain to Jungkook that Yoongi is, in fact, another vampire. “I should have brought you to Tae sooner, but how was I supposed to know you were being serious? That one time when you were drunk and we were up at the lake, you were pretty convinced for a good second there that you had telekinetic powers.”
“That’s totally different, because this time I was actually starving,” Jungkook retaliates, then pauses. He casts one glance over at Taehyung. “That is why you said I fainted, right? I was hungry?”
But Taehyung isn’t paying attention. Instead, he clears his throat, pushing himself to stand to his feet. “Right, well, I think I’ll leave you guys to it. I’ve done all I can for now, and gave Jungkook something to tie him over so he can get his wits back because, yes, Jungkook, you were technically starving. Anyway, I have a midterm in, like, ten minutes so I gotta go.”
“Wait━” Jungkook stammers, flustered. “There’s so much to talk about still. What if I get hungry again?”
“You won’t. Not to that extent, anyway,” Taehyung waves this off carelessly as he shrugs into his jacket. “You only need to feed once a month to keep yourself alive. Unless you have a blood bond with someone, but that’s a whole conversation for another time when I don’t have a business exam all the way on the other side of campus.”
“Blood bond━ What the━”
But Taehyung’s gone before Jungkook can finish his sentence, saluting the younger boy and waving you a parting goodbye before he’s shutting the door behind him as he slips outside. When it’s finally just you and Jungkook once again, he glances over at you tenderly. He wonders if, aside from everything else, his embarrassing proclamation of love to you is on your mind at all.
“So…” You wander over to stand next to him, your hands reaching out to hold the sides of his face to guide him softly to face you. “How are you feeling?”
Jungkook leans into the palm of your hand. “I feel great. Honestly. Kind of like I have a bit of a hangover, but it’s going away slowly.”
You hum in response, busying yourself by brushing the hair out of his eyes. You study him for a moment, your dazzling stare flickering over his face. “Your eyes aren’t red anymore.”
“Yeah, Tae said they go red when you’re really hungry.”
“I liked it. It was kind of sexy.”
Jungkook groans. He moves his head out of your grasp to burrow it instead into your stomach as he pulls you close to him. 
“You know what you’re doing to me, right? When you say stuff like that?” He looks up at you finally, his wild hair flopping back into his eyes despite your prior efforts to fix it. “Why didn’t you say it back?”
“Jungkook,” You let out a little breathless, amused laugh, “you literally just found out you’re a vampire and you’re upset because you think I curved you?”
“Did you?” Jungkook asks apprehensively. “Whether I’m a vampire or not, it doesn’t change my feelings about you.”
You smile timidly, your arms moving to wrap around his neck. “When I wanted to hear you confess your love for me ━ or when I worked up the courage to do it myself ━ I was hoping it wouldn’t be when you’re a newly turned vampire, fighting off starvation.”
“You’re in love with me?” Jungkook repeats, awe-strucked. 
He knows you’re just teasing him though, can tell by the dreamy look on your face, and the way your grip around him tightens. Suddenly, he wants nothing more than to have you indescribably close to him. His impatient hands tug at your waist to pull you onto him, falling to your thighs as you clamber onto his lap to accommodate him. He cradles you close to him, leaning forward to press his lips to yours, and all he can feel is your sweet smile smoothing over his mouth.
“That’s good, because I’m crazy about you,” he murmurs huskily into the kiss. “When I felt like everything was spinning last night ━ that’s how you make me feel on a daily, but in the best way possible.”
“Jungkook,” You breathe out a moan. “Keep kissing me, please.”
So, he does, only this time the kiss is needier. As he sucks and nibbles at your lower lip, your hips start to move, slowly grinding against him. The skirt of your dress has hitched up your thighs, letting your clothed core rub perfectly against his hardening dick. Something about seeing you so desperate for him drives him wild, still wearing the pretty silk dress now practically begging him to tear it off of you as one thin strap falls down your shoulder.
“Fuck, you’re so hot,” he whines into your mouth now. “Want you so bad.”
You whimper aloud, tugging at his hair. He moves his mouth down to kiss at the underside of your jaw, then along your neck, sharp teeth dragging along your sensitive skin. 
“Not gonna bite me, are you?” You muster enough wit to ask.
“I don’t know. Would you like it?” As if to test this and tease you, he nibbles at your throat lightly. Still, it’s enough to make you gasp, pressing your hips a little more firmly into his. “Could mark you all over. Let everyone know you’re mine.”
“P-Please,” You simper delightedly. “Make me yours, Jungkook.”
“Fuck, that feels so good,” he moans. “Keep doing that.”
His hands fall to your hips, guiding you back and forth on him. All he can imagine is what it would feel like to be in you, his dick burrowing into your walls, wrecking you in such a way that makes you his. You’re so wet already, he can feel it even past your soaked underwear as you rub yourself on him in a frenzy to get off. His tongue lavs at a sensitive spot against your neck, sucking a hickey that you know will appear by tomorrow morning. 
“Oh, Koo,” You rasp. “I might━ I’m gonna━”
But your voice splinters off into a whimper. He wonders why until he feels your pace stutter above him, and you cling onto him as your orgasm approaches. A cry of his name sounds from you, and then your hips are snapping back into pace over him as if to ride out your high. 
“Fuck, wait━” He rasps. 
Only, your eager gyrating against his hips holds more of an effect on him than he likes to admit and, before he can even think to brace himself, he comes in his pants. But it’s not his fault ━ you’re so tragically sexy. To finally have you like this in near shambles, and his dick isn’t even in you yet, sends him into a spiral. 
“Ah, ah━ Oh, fuck,” he grunts. 
His head falls limp to bury in the crook of your neck, holding your shivering body close to his. As you calm from your high, Jungkook busies himself by kissing his way down to your collarbones, and then to the top of your breasts which start to spill from your dress. 
Your fingers thread through his hair, pulling him even closer to you. “Want you inside me, Koo. Now, please.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he chuckles darkly. 
At once, he whisks you away, strong arms hoisting you up and hooking your legs around his waist. He carries you into his bedroom and plops you down onto his bed with a soft bounce and an innocent squeal from you. Then, he clambers over top of you only to be eagerly pulled down by you for another longing kiss. 
Finding a brief moment of clarity, he can be heard murmuring against you cheekily, “Kinda cool and sexy, huh? That I’m a vampire.”
“Yeah,” You hum, distracted. You bite at his lower lip. “So cool and scary, a vampire that comes in his pants.”
He stifles his smirk, fingers poking at your sides. “Hey! That’s unfair. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to have you like this? Dreamt about it so much.”
“Yeah?” You taunt. “How do you want me?”
“Anyway you’ll have me,” Jungkook pleads. He reaches between your legs, his fingers rubbing slow circles into your soaked pussy. “Let me turn you into a mess.”
You moan softly. “Please, Jungkook. Get me out of this dress.”
“Wait, no,” Jungkook stops you at once when he senses you start to shift around beneath him. “Keep it on. It’s hot. I’m surprised you’re even still wearing it.”
“I couldn’t sleep after Tae took you,” You admit sheepishly. “I didn’t know how you’d be, so I just sat around waiting until I could come visit.”
Despite trying to relate to how terrified you must have felt to see your best friend so sickly, your worrisome tone is enough to make Jungkook’s heart swoon now. He kisses delicately at your temple. “I’m sorry I scared you.”
“I’m sure you’ll make it up to me,” You snicker languidly. 
“I promise I will,” he whispers, his free hand rubbing comforting circles into your hip. “Where do you want me first, baby?”
You gnaw at your lower lip, legs instinctively spreading wider for him. “Your head between my legs sounds nice.”
“Anything for you.”
He flashes you one charming grin before he wriggles his way below your waist, pushing your thighs apart. He helps you shimmy out of your panties, though keeps the stockings still on you. He presses his thumb to your clit, then swipes his finger down and back up again along your glistening folds, letting his tongue indulge in a taste as he follows his finger. A wanton moan immediately eclipses your lips, and Jungkook sighs into your pussy. For whatever reason it may be, every sense of his seems to be heightened tenfold, and your leaking arousal is enough to drive him insane.
“God, you’re dripping,” he grunts. “I can practically smell you. So sweet. Tastes just as sweet too.”
He licks at your clit next, teasing the hard muscle of his tongue against your sensitive bud. Meanwhile, he pushes two of his fingers past your folds, sinking knuckles deep into your sopping cunt with a wet squelch. Your head tosses back, hips jutting upward to meet his mouth.
“Jungkook,” You whine. “F-Fuck━”
“You like that, huh?” he murmurs against your heat. “Want you to make a mess all over my face, baby. Fuck, need to taste it so bad.”
He wraps his perfect mouth around your sensitive clit and sucks hard, as he twists his two fingers inside of you. Your walls clench around him so tight, he craves nothing more than to bury his leaking cock into you, but the thought of having you come undone with just his fingers is enough to nearly send him over the edge. He moves his mouth down to lap at your arousal, his tongue joining his fingers. Your hands fumble to grip at his hair, pushing his head further down. He growls into you from your eagerness, as his own yearning to please you further overtakes him. 
“Oh god, Jungkook,” You cry. “Fuck, fuck━ So good. I’m gonna come━”
He refuses to stop until he’s brought you to your orgasm, fingers and mouth working hard in a foul and obscene manner. All you can hear is the sound of his tongue and fingers plunging into your wetness, and it’s what ultimately pushes you over the edge. Your whimpers are choked, your hips selfishly grinding against his tongue and fingers as a sudden gush of wetness leaks from between your thighs and all over his face.
His hooded eyes flicker upward to catch your reaction, and he moans into your pussy at the sight of it. Just a haze of exhaustion and bliss, staring down at him both lovingly and as if you want nothing more than to make him come. Your dress has long since lost its use of covering you, the straps hanging uselessly down your arms and uncovering the tops of your exposed breasts. 
“Shit,” he hisses as he pulls back from you. He licks clean his glistening lips and hoists himself back up to you only to be yanked down by you for a messy kiss. “I need to be in you right now.” 
Your delirious giggles reach his ears faintly. “Your dick’s not gonna break the bed like in Twilight is it?”
Jungkook’s brows furrow together. The reference, while obscure, doesn’t entirely fly over his head if only because you’ve forced him to watch the tacky movie series one too many times. “What?”
“I dunno. Don’t vampires have inhuman strength?”
“I’ll have to get back to you on that one,” he snorts. “What does that even mean? How can you even break a bed━”
“I mean… All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be mad.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
You roll your eyes. “Do I have to be any more obvious? Don’t hold back. I want you to rail me, Jungkook.”
“Oh. Gotcha.” 
Now, that Jungkook can most definitely do. He’s quick to shed his own clothes until he’s in nothing but his underwear, to which you finally take the liberty of helping him remove the remaining article of clothing to sate your own desires. Peeling back the thin material, his dick springs free from the confinements and your hand grips him at once, stroking him firmly. He weighs heavy in the palm of your hand, angry tip already glistening with cum from his past orgasm that you oh-so badly wish to lick clean. 
His breath hitches in his throat at the feeling. “Ah, fuck, if you keep touching me like that, I’ll come right now.”
“Don’t see a problem with that.”
He grips your hips, yanking you further down the bed to him with a taunting grin. “Next time I come, I want it to be inside of you.”
Your legs almost immediately spread wider as if to accommodate him, whimpering in response as your walls clench around nothing but the thought of him wrecking you. He grasps himself in his fist, pumping his length leisurely a few times before leaning over you, one heavily tattooed arm planted next to your head propping himself up. He teases the length of his dick along your folds, gathering your wetness, before pushing the tip past your walls. He coaxes into you with ease from how filthily wet you are, and he growls. You simper with delight in response as he sinks further into you until he’s hilt deep. He pauses as if to give you time to adjust, but really it’s just because he gets distracted in slowly kissing your lips.
“Fuuck,” he sputters, nearly collapsing against your chest. “So fucking good. Like you were made for me.”
“All yours,” You mumble in a daze. Your walls clench around his throbbing dick, probing him to move. He thrusts into you steadily, deep and long strokes that make you mewl. You cling to his face, desperately sucking on his lower lip. “Ah━ Feel so full, Koo.”
“Fuck, need you to ride me,” he grunts. “Make this dick yours.”
His words make your face warm, your head spin. He grasps your waist and shifts you both around until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips, his dick still nestled in your leaking pussy. Your hands first plant themselves down onto his chest, anchoring yourself in place so that you can lift your hips and drop them back down onto his length, adopting a pace that has you bouncing on his cock. 
“Ah━ Ah━ Fuck, yes,” he rasps, a drowsy smirk unfurling across his lips. “Just like that, baby.”
He watches your every move, the way your dress has started to pool at your waist, only barely holding on by the straps that have now fallen to your elbows. Your breasts jostle with each frantic thrust of yours, and Jungkook can’t help but chase after you, wanting nothing more than to be close to your figure. He sits up at once, wrapping his arms around your waist as his chest presses taut against yours. The sudden change in position has his dick shifting just right in you, adjusting to a new angle that makes it seem as if he reaches your cervix and has you gasp out loud.
“You’re so fucking sexy.” He catches one of your breasts in his mouth, teeth nibbling on your perked bud. His hand flies up to grasp at the underside of your other breast, kneading the soft flesh between his fingers. 
“Wanna hear it,” You moan. “Tell me I’m yours.”
“Of course you’re mine, baby,” he confirms. He busies himself by biting all over your chest, from between your breasts, to along your collarbones. He nips and sucks at every inch of your skin, just to hear your pretty, broken simpers of pleasure. “All mine. Shit, you take me so well.”
You can feel his teeth graze your skin upwards to your neck, sharp canines poking against your throat. Your fingers dig into his shoulders as your hips work wildly against his. His own arm stays hooked around your waist and helps guide you, an ironclad grip that helps anchor you in place when he takes the lead and rams his dick up into you. At once, you fall limp in his arms, propping yourself up lazily a bit more on your knees for him to have more room to fuck himself into you the way he wants. 
“Jungkook,” You sob, elated. “J-Jungkook, fuck!”
“Let me hear you,” he growls. “Tell me you love me.”
“Fuck, fuck, Jungkook, I love you,” You cry. “I’m so━ So in love with you. I want you so bad.”
The words sound mellifluous to his ears, and he wants nothing more than to listen to you say it again and again. It certainly makes all the pain and confusion from the last week of finding out he’s a vampire all worth it.
“Come for me,” he grunts now. “Wanna feel you cream all over my cock. Make a mess for me, please.”
That’s all you need to hear to let go, dissolving into a shameless mess in his arms as you wet his cock. He holds you close as you stall above him, writhing into his chest. You clench so hard around him that he almost gets off right there but he refrains, instead slowing his pace to roll his his up into yours to allow you to ride out your high gently. 
“Fuck, yes,” he lets out a breathless chuckle. “Just like that.”
Then, in the next second, he’s pulling out of you, much to your dismay. It doesn’t last long, however, as he carefully pushes you onto your back and stuffs his aching cock back into your swollen pussy again as a gasp of exhaustion slips from you. He falls flat against your shivering body, nuzzling his face in your neck.
Now, his pace is desperate. He snaps his hips into yours so frantically, so sloppily, chasing his own high with gritted teeth. You begin to feel the tinge of oversensitivity but you hold off, waiting for him. Your thighs open wider, allowing him to sink further into you; your walls clench tightly around him, his cock itching to feel its release. You keep your stare on his, watching him with fucked out eyes and your lower lip wedged between your teeth. Jungkook’s nearing his own end too, growing weary, beginning to make the burning lust in his eyes grow fuzzy. He needs to feel his release. He needs you. He’s just so insatiable for you. 
You jut your hips forward. “Close?”
He nods breathlessly. He watches as you crane your head in response, stretching the expanse of your neck to him. 
“Go on,” You rasp, fingers scratching soothingly at his hair. “You can bite me.”
He doesn’t miss the way your lips curl back into a tired, amused smirk. This time he knows it isn’t a joke and had he not been such a mess, he may have genuinely laughed. But he can’t resist you, nor can he resist the taste of you. It’s a sudden desire that seems to creep upon him all at once as he reaches his end. The little extra push to reach his high. He leans forward, his teeth grazing your throat as he continues to thrust into you sloppily, his canines poking at your skin. Then, he sinks his teeth into your flesh.
A shock of pain shoots down your spine but it doesn’t last long under the overwhelming wave of pleasure you feel. The taste of your blood coats his tongue warmly, sweet and saccharine, and it has him yearning for more. Something about it seems to drive him to the brink of euphoria, his head spinning once again. He moans into your neck, loud and unadulterated, his pace still hasty and careless. He comes with one final deep, shuddering stroke into you, milking his cum into you in a sticky mess. It has him whimpering into your neck, a sound so surprising and sexy that you can’t help but moan in response. He sluggishly grinds his hips into you to help ride out his high and then, when his hunger is satisfied, he stops, collapsing against you.
His tongue instead lavs at your throat where his teeth have left behind marks, soothing the dull ache that you hardly even notice now. His dick stays wedged between your thighs, an amalgamation of yours and his cum leaking from your wrecked cunt and down his length. 
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly, a timid smile on his face. He kisses all over the bite mark, then up to your lips. “Does it hurt?”
“Not really.” You take a moment to reply, so caught up in the way he’s still making you feel. Then, he sees you stifle your own amused snickers. “You’re kind of a freak though. Getting off by biting me.”
He quirks a brow, a charming grin tugging at his lips. He nips a little more lightly on the other side of your neck in retaliation, causing you to gasp. “What does that make you then? Practically begging me to do it.”
“Did not!” You push his head away from you, earning a chuckle from him. He catches your hand in his, pecking your knuckles sweetly. “You know… Tae said something about a blood bond and how you only need to feed once a month. If it’s something that you need to do from now on, I won’t mind you doing it with me.”
Jungkook’s grin widens impossibly more. “Are you asking me to go out with you?”
You scoff. “You vampires are so weird.”
“Yeah, but you’re kinda into it. Admit it,” he quips smugly. “Just your cool, sexy vampire boyfriend.”
“Who comes in his pants.”
“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”
You know he’s only being dramatic about the whole thing, but something about hearing him dub himself as yours makes your heart swoon. You can’t help but reach out to kiss him, slow and steady. Maybe, you think to yourself, it is kind of cool and sexy; and maybe, Jungkook thinks to himself, being a vampire isn’t so bad, after all. Somehow, miraculously, it was the push he needed to bring you two together.
Jungkook gets lost in the taste of your lips for a moment too long, so utterly in love with you, when he hears you whisper a little teasingly and entirely ardently, “Oh, suck it up.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
SUMMARY You've been feeling lonely these past few months, having this urge to just... feel something from another human being. Maybe you're looking for love, a fling, a dalliance of some sort, but with your BAR exam coming, you can't exactly date – no, dating someone is gonna add to your long list of problems, put another weight to the stress and pressure you're already carrying and you can't risk the drama it entails... but when your best friend proposes an idea of a situationship to you, you didn't think it sounds too bad.
INDEX one. two. three. four.
Tumblr media
PAIRING jungkook x (female) reader
GENRE smut (explicit), fluff, r18+
WARNING(S)/MISC best friend!jk, very sexy software engineer!jk <<3, graduate law student!reader (shes reviewing for bar in this story), features the rest of the bts babes and some of the 97liners, fwb!au, vmin are boyfriends here <3, talks about silly crushes and sex, oc has a nipple piercing raaahhhh, explicit smut in the forms of: oral sex (f receiving), fingering, penetrative sex but protected 👍🏼, boob sucking lol. other misc includes: jk being a dog dad ♥️ (we FUCKING LOVE YOU BAM!), tatted jk sighs, also have i mentioned that jk has a…. lot of piercings in this story? 🤨 anyways lmk if i left out anything (ps: don’t forget to imagine this jungkook)
NOTES here it is u guys im super excited about this one teeheeeeeeeeee if u see any errors, just look away as per usual!! i edited half of it and was like eurkay that's enough professionalism for today i just finished finalizing an essay n my eyes hurt (n mostly bcs im tired of reading this lmao) 🤕 anyways. im SAWRY for closing the taglist so fast when i posted the teaser lmfao if u wanna be tagged for the next part, just tell me in my inbox or dms (note that I'll be tagging u for the whole series then if u do but if u don't wanna be tagged anymore just tell me). also, i would appreciate some lil feedback pleek. im gonna shut up now enjoy
Tumblr media
“Why don’t you get a boyfriend?”
You turn your head to look at Jeongguk with widened eyes, intentionally letting out a comical gasp. "Wow, you're so smart." 
"Took you long enough to find out." He grins, then erupts into a small fit of laughter when you roll your eyes at him, throwing a light jab at his bicep.
You take a sip from your wine glass when the cheeky mood dies down, leaning back on the couch and sighed. 
"My professors always warned us to not get into relationships while you're in law school. They said if you got a significant other prior lawyering, you better make sure they stay, at least until the BAR exam ends… and yeah, I get that," you stare at the ceiling and let out a heavy breath again. "But I'm so lonely." 
Your words were loaded, having carried the sentiment with you since the past few months. You've been in denial during those times too, too proud to admit that you do get lonely. For the record, most of where that pride came from is from the fact that you do not want to give nosy people the satisfaction of them being right about you. 
Jeongguk stares at your face and notices the gloom written all over it.
"You mean, lonely as in… you wanna get a boyfriend or lonely as in you just want some kind of like, I don't know, instant gratification?" He says, sounding unsure. He doesn't know how to put it out. 
You think about his question. "I'd say the latter but I just don't think I can do serious relationships right now, you know? BAR is in four months…" 
"So dating is out of the question, then?" You nod at Jeongguk's query. He sees you pouting on the rim of your wine glass. Leaning back, he stares at your side profile. "You're looking for something casual, then? Like hook-ups?" 
His words processed in your head and found them to be quite true. Dating is so absolutely out of the question. It never really came so easy for you… you only had one serious boyfriend and the rest were only guys you've had casual sex with. Dating isn't easy as movies depict it – there are people who like you who you may not like, and there are people you're interested in that will never be interested in you. Getting to know another person is a hassle, and it's always a hit or miss; there are things you'll realize you don't like about them, and it goes downhill from there. 
This lawyering shit that you've chosen for yourself to go through was already harder than maintaining emotional affinities with people who you already know, you definitely do not have the luxury of time to develop them with a stranger.
"Yeah, just to put off some pressure, I guess. Relax a bit," and then you let out a groan. There's one thing that has been bugging you these days, and so you proceed to tell it. There's always no harm in oversharing with your best friend. "But it's so hard for me to get laid these days." 
Which was true. In college, you used to get sex whenever you need it. For one, you had a boyfriend during your freshman to sophomore year, and then third to fourth year… you dated people in between.
And then your sex life started to completely plummet in law school. 
Not getting sex in law school wasn't a universal fact, though. A lot of your law student friends did get sex, and they had frat parties over there at your graduate school like every other day, but it just wasn't the lifestyle you wanted.
"That's 'cause you're not trying." Jeongguk retorts at your earlier declaration, munching on some salted chips.
You frown. "You're mean." 
He chuckles at your immediate reaction and finishes chewing his chips to add, "But I understand. It's hard for you to go out these days and all that stuff. Totally get the whole can't-be-bothered-to-date thing." 
A small, appreciative smile forms on your lips. 
"I'm glad you do, Gguk. I always get shit for it from my mother." You say, remembering how she always tells you to find a boyfriend already whenever you come over. 
It's not ill-intended and your father always saves you by reminding your mother that studying law is already a lot, and your mother is an absolute sweetheart – but sometimes you just can't help but feel irritated when she keeps on bringing up your other friends in law school who have their partners "despite of".
"Oh, I missed her." Jeongguk quips at the mention of your mom, bunny teeth poking out. It happens when he's excited about something.
One thing about him, he's very close with your family. He became your closest friend in college and during winter break in third year, you invited him to come with you to your home town because he said his parents were gonna be away for a business trip and he had no one to spend Christmas and New Year with. You couldn't even fault your parents and younger brother for adoring (yes, adore) him since then because he was such a charmer, still is. Everybody who gets to meet Jeongguk instantly likes him and you don't even dare ask questions about it.
That's exactly why your mother always pushes this… certain agenda… of you and Jeongguk. She pries about your relationship with him, asks you if you're really just friends. Sometimes embarrassing you when she asks him if he's single whenever they see each other. It would've been great if she's slick about setting you two up, but you know that Jeongguk definitely knows and that's even more embarrassing. He brings it up sometimes to tease you and you punch him every time he does. 
You roll your eyes at the thought. 
"Yeah, don't worry about her."
It's quiet for a moment in Jeongguk's living room. The big ass TV mounted on the wall across from you had long been abandoned, now only serving as some sort of background noise as you eat unhealthily on his couch, considering the amount of opened bags of junk food and take-out chicken strewn over his coffee table.
You actually just got back at Namjoon's engagement party and as much as you and Jeongguk are happy for him, you both agreed with the fact that you two kind of feel depressed after you saw how genuinely in love he looked with his fiance.
Jeongguk breaks the silence not long after.
"How about you find a fuck buddy or something." He said as if it was such a bright idea. As if you haven't been thinking about that.
"Gguk, were you not listening when I told you it's been hard for me to get laid these days." You deadpan. You couldn't even get a hook-up for a single night, what more a constant lay?
"I was listening," he rolls his eyes. "You don't have to look for someone new for a fuck buddy, you know? It can be your friends, that's what most people would go for." 
You laugh at that. "Who am I gonna ask? Jimin? He's gay and only interested in Taehyung. They're disgustingly in love with each other too." You fake a gagging noise but beneath your bitter facade, you're honestly happy for them. 
The two have been together since college and because you're close friends with Jimin – who you still get in contact with day to day because he's literally your study buddy in law school – you've seen them get through their downs and witness as they grew stronger from that, and I you got to be extremely honest with yourself, you actually get mushy thinking about their sweet relationship.
You've had a lot of failed relationships since highschool and honestly, you should really give it up now but Taehyung and Jimin, as well as Namjoon, a.k.a three of your close friends who are very successful in their pursuit of romance, really are the reason why you still think it's still not over for you. 
"I wasn't gonna bring him up," he says after chuckling. "What about Seokjin? He recently became your friend, right?" 
Kim Seokjin was a med student in your graduate school, someone you've been crushing on since first year. At the mention of his name, you instantly shake your head, looking at Jeongguk funny. 
"Have you seen him? We're friends and all now but I'm still intimidated by him. And even then, he's starting his residency, anyway. Don't wanna bother him or something." 
"Oh, okay. He's out of the list then." Jeongguk looks down to think, and as if a lightbulb just popped out above his head, he turns to you again. "What about I hook you up with one of my friends? I can assure you they're decent people and don't really look bad, either." 
"I don't know, Gguk. Who are you gonna hook me up with? Not Jaehyun, I hope."
You dated him before in college – was only really just a brunch at a cafe, and he wasn't really friends with Jeongguk that time, they only became one after graduating since they work at the same tech company now. But anyway, you were kind of put off that day by whatever weird reason. You declined his invitation for a second date and you haven't really seen him since then. 
He hums, inked arm flexing to run his fingers through his hair. A habit. Sexy one at that. 
Wait, what? 
"Don't worry. I'm planning to suggest Eunwoo." 
You snapped your head out of that line of thought.
"What? No. I saw his IG story yesterday and he was with a girl. I don't want to possibly become a homewrecker, whatever they got going on."
"Oh, he's dating someone?" Jeongguk furrows his brows, genuinely looking clueless, but you only shrug.
"You're his friend." You say as a matter of fact.
"We haven't hung out in awhile," he counters, looking at you for a second then sighs, "Well, we're out of options." 
After seeing his expression which is just him pouting a little, eyebrows a little crooked down, you realize that he was actually taking this seriously. Sure, you want a fuck buddy for the simplest of reasons, but it's not like you're keen on having one. Not your top priority. But Jeongguk was cute for trying to help you genuinely. 
That's why you can't help but bring an arm up to pinch his cheek. There was barely any fat there but he looks adorable when he whines at your action. Despite the little protest, he lets you pull at the skin. 
You coo. "It's cute that you're taking this seriously. I appreciate it." 
Letting go of his cheek, a grin appears on his face and you're suddenly reminded by a doe. It's kind of funny sometimes that Jeongguk is such a walking contradiction. On the outside, he looks quite intimidating, especially if he's a stranger to you. A tall, muscular person, someone whose wardrobe leans more towards a monochrome palette, the tattoos and piercings… one would say he looks broody, but when you stop for a second to look at his eyes, you would second-guess yourself. They were just so big, so sparkly, so innocent and pure and full of life.
"I'd do anything to help you, you know?" He says, his honey dipped voice and sincere tone making your heart melt.
When you were young, you had friends whom you thought were gonna be there for you until you grow up but once college started, you all just started drifting away from each other until any form of contact was gone. You don't know who it was that cut the ties first but it happened, and you used to agonize over it but time is a healer and offers you so much more when you move along with it. 
That's how you found your friends in college who are still with you right now. With Jeongguk – especially with him – it really feels like you will be there for each other as long as time allows it. At first, you honestly thought you'd just part ways after graduation. He got a job at this big shot tech company while you went to attend law school… but somehow, you're still here four years later. Still friends, still discovering something new from each other everyday. 
It was nice having a constant in your life. 
"I know," you tell him, and you hope that he knows you would do the same thing for him too.
He returns your smile and you suddenly feel the urge to hug him, so you do, the act so sudden that he's taken aback. It wasn't long until he recovers from the initial surprise and does the same thing of wrapping his arms around your body.
You sigh in the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "Thank you, Gguk. I've been feeling like shit nowadays. This lawyering shit is gonna kill me someday, I don't know why I'm doing this to myself." 
Jeongguk laughs in your hair and rubs a calming hand up and down your bare back, which sends goosebumps along your spine. You wore a backless satin dress to Namjoon's engagement party tonight and didn't bother to change out of it when you arrived at Jeongguk's apartment, while he opted to be comfortable and lounged around with his graphic black tee and animal-printed short shorts.
"Chin up, future attorney." 
"Don't make me giddy." 
"Okay, atty."
You giggle – yes, giggle – on his neck. "You're funny. Don't jinx it. I still have a BAR exam to pass." 
Jeongguk pulls away slightly and you retrieve from his neck, meeting his gaze. 
"And you're gonna do well just like you always have." He says, the sincerity in his eyes so obvious.
"This suddenly got so mushy." You chuckle, making him do the same thing.
But hearing his words, you realize how much you've been craving affirmation these past few days. You just graduated and while the high from that momentum still isn't gone, there's BAR exam that's been sitting heavy on your mind these days. 
"That was really sweet, Gguk," you tell him again. His eyes crinkled at your affectionate tone and you couldn't help but launch yourself at him this time, an "oof" coming out from his mouth. Your arms wrap around him tightly, squealing, "Ah, I could just squeeze you!"
Jeongguk erupts in a fit of giggles in your hold but returns your hug again, anyway. It's comforting being like this. He's getting so big and buff nowadays, but he's still soft and warm to the touch, like a furnace in December. You always like cuddling with him and it's great that he doesn't mind when you touch him and that's – well, considering that he doesn't push you or react negatively when you get a little too physical, you assume he likes it too. 
You didn't drink that much back at the party and only downed two shots of soju earlier when you arrived at Jeongguk's apartment. The most you've drunk is wine and it's starting to make you tipsy, bordering on lightheaded. 
As you're still in Jeongguk's embrace, you lay your cheek on his shoulder, closing your eyes for a moment, feeling pretty much done for the night.
He calls your name softly.
"Why couldn't it just be me?" You don't get what he's referring to right away, his question making you confused. Jeongguk leans back slightly, looking at your perplexed but mostly drowsy state. He chuckles. "You're sleepy. Wanna go to bed?" 
He was right. You could feel your eyelids getting heavier as each second passed but you couldn't indulge in it, not when his previous words rang a bell in your ears.
You slowly retrieve from his arms and he lets you, loosening his hold around your body, a decent space sits in between you now. 
"What was that earlier?"
A stray hair gets too close to your mouth and Jeongguk moves that behind your ear. He smiles down at you. "I was just thinking. You can tell me it's stupid, but it's an idea I'm putting out regardless." 
You raised a questioning brow. Deep inside, you already have a clue about where this is going, but you want him to say it himself. 
This time, Jeongguk begins to look sheepish, him scratching the back of his head a telltale sign.
"Well…. I was thinking that it could be me, you know? The fuck buddy thing. You can say no, of course, and we'll pretend I never said that." He tries to sound casual, but the red tips of his ears that you can see so clearly say that he's not so casual about this. 
"Are you drunk?" Was the only thing you could say. 
"From three bottles of soju? Nah." You still look at him incredulously, and upon seeing that, a low chuckle leaves his mouth. "Don't look so shocked. It's not just you feeling lonely these days. Even though I feel like everything has been going well for me, it's like, it's too well? And I'm on edge. I don't know, it's kind of a weird feeling. But I know I need to relax too. Having sex, stuff like that."
You gulp, hope he doesn't see it. 
"I… but – you haven't been with anyone?" You blurt out, out of curiosity. 
You don't exactly tell everything to each other, especially about people whom you only dated for a week or a mere fling. Jeongguk hasn't mentioned any woman these past few months but you assumed he's getting laid despite not having a girlfriend. It wouldn't be that hard for a face like that.
"Last time I had sex was six months ago, I think."  
Somehow, you couldn't believe it.
Jeongguk has definitely grown out of that phase. In college, he used to party around and get a new girl every 10-15 business days but it died down eventually. He's more… chill after college. Laidback about hooking up. Became a person who's more like the type to seek long-term relationships rather than temporary ones. He had two serious girlfriends, one of them being Jini but they broke up almost a year ago now.
He leans back on the couch and folds his forearms to lay his head on it, looks at the ceiling and laughs to himself. "Yeah." 
You couldn't help but stare at his biceps flexing under his shirt at his new position, the beautiful swirls of ink that starts from his wrist going to the inside of his right arm exposed to you right now. 
Those arms… such beautiful things. 
"Well. You're lucky. I've been in a dry spell for a year. Can you believe that?" You engage in the current subject immediately before your mind starts to drag you into uncharted territory about your best friend. 
"Damn. That long?" 
You pout. "Don't tease. Besides, it doesn't matter… I know how to take care of myself." 
Jeongguk suddenly looks at you knowingly, a sly smile forming on his lips. You raised your brow, trying to understand why he's looking at you like that. Narrowing your eyes into slits, you hold an eye contact for a few seconds before you eventually remember something. 
"I'm sure." He says with a smirk, and a quick trip down to memory lane is all you need for you to know he's alluding to that one time in college when he saw a… certain box under your bed.
"Jeongguk, you're an asshole and I will kick you in the nuts." You threaten and he bursts into laughter.
"I'm kidding," he removes his arms from behind his head and puts them up, as if surrendering to you. You roll your eyes at the dramatics in response. 
"But what do you think? About what I said earlier." 
The revival of the previous topic should've dropped the mood down but you're grateful you've broken some kind of ice a minute ago so this talk doesn't seem so serious. It feels a little too unreal.
"I don't know, Gguk," you say honestly and you could feel him giving all his attention to you now, wide eyes staring right into your own. "I appreciate that, I really do. But I just… I don't want anything bad to happen to us… or our friendship. You're extremely important to me, and it's really cute that you're going out of your way to help me but I don't want you to do this solely because of me," When you said that, Jeongguks's expression melts into a soft one, making your heart beat a little faster in your chest. You feel the need to add, "And I'm not a sex addict or something! I can live without it for a little longer. I'm sure I'll find a way." 
He’s quiet for a while, then he looks at you. “You want me to be honest with you?”
You’re taken aback by the placid tone of his words and his eyes never leaving your own as he spoke them. It somehow makes you feel a little nervous. You try not to gulp too visibly. “O-of course.”
The corners of his mouth stretched, as if amused by the way you stutter to such a simple question.
“Can I ask you something first, then?” He asks, and although still hesitant, you nod. Jeongguk continues, “Do you find me attractive?”
The question was so unpredictable that you couldn’t possibly hide the shock on your face. He raised his eyebrow, waiting for your response, but nothing came out from you so soon like he expected.
It makes you think. Do you find Jeongguk attractive?
Of fucking course. Duh!
Literally, who wouldn’t? On the outside, he’s disgustingly handsome, sometimes it makes you pissed how attractive he is. He's got a body that’s just the right buff and big… also tall, and the full sleeve tattoo around the entirety of his right arm and piercings on both his lip and brow really add to his naturally oozing charm. Beyond all that superficial aspects though is his kind heart. Jeongguk is, above all, a really good person. Someone you can confide in, someone you can count on. He’s someone who has a funny and warm disposition. He’s confident in a way that’s not and never bordering on arrogant, just very good at carrying himself that it's… somewhat – okay, not somewhat – it is sexy and hot that he just knows.
On top of that, he’s intelligent as hell. Jeongguk is a software engineer in this big and famous tech company hence why he’s also rich. He literally has this huge, grossly priced apartment in Gangnam (where you currently are, by the way. You say it’s grossly priced because you know it’s expensive as fuck, you’re not about to lie and say it’s overpriced though as his place is really something) because his job pays him well and he’s great at it.
He’s the total dream guy if you have to be extremely honest and truth be told, if he wasn’t one of your closest friends – probably your closest friend – you would’ve hit on him a long time ago.
“Yeah,” you tell him sincerely because there’s no point in lying.
There’s a grin on his face when he hears your answer.
“I’m glad because I’m about to tell you that I find you attractive too.”
You can feel your heart doing a flip or two inside your ribcage, but you ignore the feeling right away, rolling your eyes at him just to prove a point.
“Are you saying that because you don’t want to embarrass me? It’s fine, you can be honest with me.”
Immediately shaking his head, Jeongguk stares at you in a way that makes you think he’s a little offended with what you said. For what though, you have no idea.
“No? I know you know you’re pretty. It’s a common fact."
There’s a rush of heat that spreads throughout your cheeks at his compliment. He sounded like you shouldn’t even be questioning it too, nonchalant in a way, but you’re not really good with compliments so you try to get a way out.
“Really? Is that your type?” You joke. “Pretty girls?”
Your joke backfires.
With a playful smirk playing on his lips, his answer was an instant, “Yeah.”
Stretching your leg across the sofa, you kick his thigh and he laughs at your reaction, holding your ankle hostage around his fingers before it can do more damage.
"So, what do you say? I'm available and very willing. I'm also not bad at sex," You roll you eys at the last sentence and he laughs again. "What? I'm just saying."
Yeah, you know he's not lying – well, you guess. You're not a very open person so personal stuff like your sex life isn't really something you share even with your close friends. Hence, you don't ask or talk to Jeongguk about it and neither does he share, except when it just comes up randomly in a conversation. However, you have heard… stuff. In college, most especially. You didn't think too much about the rumors of him having a big dick, whatever the girls used to talk about regarding the topic of Jeongguk but now you're hating yourself for thinking about what it might be like to have sex with him.
Would it be as good as the girls from college said before? Though, it wouldn't be surprising if he really is good. Jeongguk is a competitive man, after all, and that results in doing everything to perfect something he's fixated on.
"I don't know…" you trail off and you feel grateful by the way he's massaging the sole of your foot right now. He does it absentmindedly, and you feel relaxed. You look at him who was already doing the same thing, the heat you feel on your cheeks growing. "Are you sure about this, Gguk?"
"A hundred percent. Very positive. And again I'm not drunk so this is a very sober decision." As if he realizes something, he adds, "I don't want you to think I'm forcing you to do this, alright? If you think I'm being pushy right now, I'll stop, and you can say no. We'll just forget this night ever happened so it's less embarrassing for me that I proposed myself as your potential fuck buddy."
He's so sweet. You want to throw up.
Jeongguk has been your friend for the longest time and you're not gonna lie and say there was never a point in your life where you weren't attracted to him. The first time Jimin introduced him to you, you found him handsome and charming instantly. Over the years when he's just gotten hotter, there were some nights when you thought about his veiny arms and long fingers. His strength. Or how nice it would be to be crushed by his body. And maybe you're insane for even thinking that.
But admittedly, you have definitely thought about Jeongguk in a sexual light. Those specific thoughts just get brushed off so quickly just as you start thinking them, because by the books – or like, in general – it is weird to think about your friend that way.
However, are you about to pass on the idea that he so graciously offered? You think about how you've been feeling these days, about how you so badly just want to feel the touch of another human being, about wanting to just feel something, and then Jeongguk. You think about him as your best friend, the one who probably knows you better than yourself, the one one who takes care of you when you need it. You think about what he said that fuck buddies don't need to be someone new. That people tend to choose a person within their circle of friends.
And you find yourself wanting to throw all your inhibitions away.
There's absolutely no reason for you to deny yourself something you could enjoy. Jeongguk is more than happy to help you, and you want him to.
"I said, fine. We can do that. The whole friends with benefits thing."
He bites his lower lip. You try not to let your eyes linger at the action.
You move your leg away so he lets it go, watching as you close the gap in between you, getting closer to him.
"I'm reviewing for BAR in two weeks and I'm gonna be doing that for, like, three months."
"Alright. How do you want this to go?" Jeongguk asks.
"I'm thinking we should make this into a contract. End it after my BAR exam. But there's gotta be some set of rules to it."
Because as much as you want to do this with him, you know the risks of what this entails. It's a cliche but things like broken friendships from failed friends with benefits relationships really do happen in real life and you don't want that to happen between you and Jeongguk.
"Okay…" You worry about the way he trails off, but as if seemingly noticing your reaction, Jeongguk picks up his face and smiles at you. "Should we talk about it now?"
You shake your head. "No. Maybe tomorrow."
"If that's what you want."
What now?
You don't exactly know how to navigate this whole thing. You just agreed to be each other's fuck buddy… are you supposed to – you don't know – fuck right now?
But Jeongguk isn't doing anything. And you don't know how to make the first move.
"I've been wondering," he breaks the silence and you get oddly relieved. You cock your head to the side and wait for his next words. "Is that a nipple piercing?"
"Huh?" You quickly look down to where his eyes are at. Obviously, they're on your boobs. The silk material of your dress clings tight to your body, and as you weren't wearing a bra underneath, the outline of a small barbell pierced horizontally through your nipple is very apparent. "Oh… uh. Yeah."
You suddenly feel heated at the underlying thought that for him to point it out, he must have been staring at your chest for a long while now.
Jeongguk leans into the coffee table to drink his unfinished soju. "That's cool. Bet you look good with it."
You can't help but giggle at the insinuation. "You bet."
"Let's play a game, shall we?" Jeongguk, with a crooked smile, said.
"What game? Truth or dare?"
The mockery in your tone makes him roll his eyes. "No we're not in highschool," you're about to say he's right when he continues, "it's truth or strip."
You let out a snort.
"You are so corny."
"What? That was genius. I made it up just now." he defends himself but you know he knows he sounded lame too.
"You just said we're not in highschool but that's literally what a highschooler would come up with."
"No, they wouldn't? They have to keep things PG." He grins when you shake your head, scoffing. "But you game? We just have to alternately ask questions to each other and rule is; the one who can't answer has to remove something from their body."
"That's so lame." You say, but a gush of excitement runs through you at his idea. Yeah, you're definitely gone.
"Come on, I know you wanna see me nakey-nakey," he sing-songs, wiggling his eyebrows at you and you both end up laughing.
God, his made-up game sounds so stupid but you nod in the end, asking him if you could start and he instantly said yes.
You blurt out, "Have you been staring at my boobs?"
"Yes." Jeongguk moves on too fast before you could even react. "My turn – have you ever thought about having sex with me?"
You're thankful you've long abandoned the wine that you've been drinking because if you were doing that now, you would've thrown it up on his couch.
When Jeongguk doesn't hear an immediate answer from you, he raises his eyebrow. But for the record, you're not sure if he was even serious with that question.
"New rule, if you don't answer in five seconds, you lose and take something off your body."
"You should've said that earlier," you retort, rolling your eyes at him but he ignores you.
"Five… four–"
"Why are you counting so fast – jeez. We were just talking about being friends with benefits –" you're supposed to reason but he immediately cuts you off.
"Only definite yes or no."
You groan. "What are you, cross-examining me."
"I don't know what that means but your time is–"
Defeated, you say, "Okay, yes."
He looks at you for a moment and then does a poor job at hiding another crooked smile. "Alright, your turn."
"Have you ever had a crush on me?"
You don't know exactly why that left your mouth. If he says no, then you'll probably kill him and then yourself out of embarrassment, but then if he says yes…
"Yes." A soft, little smile paints his lips, one that's barely there and your heart goes a little stupid. What? "So… have you ever had sexual fantasies about me?"
You narrowed your eyes into slits.
"You thought you did something?" He shrugs and then points at his wrist where a watch should be around, telling you your time is running. "I'm not answering that." You say, shaking your head.
"Alright, then you're gonna–" before he can finish, you're already taking the ring off your middle finger and smirking when he pouts. Hah, he probably didn't think about that.
"Damn it."
"My turn. Have you ever had sexual fantasies about me?"
You throw his question back at him. He looks taken aback, probably didn't expect you to do that, and you thought you were winning (even though you don't know what you're getting from this exactly), but Jeongguk only says, "Absolutely."
Fuck. The way he said it was so sure and honest that you suddenly feel a weird – good weird – tingle on your spine.
Looking for something to do, you reach for your wine glass and take a sip from it. It's almost finished and it was suddenly getting too hot on this damn couch.
It was his turn to ask you a question again this time.
"Can I fuck you tonight?"
There was something tantalizing in his tone paired with the deep timbre of his voice, his hazy eyes staring deeply into you. You feel goosebumps rise into your skin as words get caught up in your throat. Instead of counting like what he would've done had the atmosphere not gone down… to whatever this is, he gauges your reaction.
His question was a little unexpected but not unpleasant. In fact, you find yourself thinking that you were actually looking forward to it after you just agreed to become each other's fuck buddy. What other thing could you do exactly to seal the deal, right?
"Yes." You respond, your voice barely above a whisper, just a gush of air leaving your mouth.
The corner of Jeongguk's lips twitch and you hold your breath when he leans closer to you until he's hairsbreadth away. He smells of the soju he's been downing since, pink and plump lips hovering over your own.
His mouth was on yours a second after that.
You've kissed Jeongguk before. Third year in college. Just a stupid little game of truth or dare because your friends were childish and pushy. You still remember how it felt… but how couldn't you? It was that time when you had this weird crush on him and so it felt like a fever dream when you finally got to kiss him. You didn't really dwell in it though. You have this on-and-off crush on him that just comes at the most random times and that was one of them. Jeongguk was pursuing someone that time, whomst officially became his girlfriend three weeks later. It was no big deal, in fact. Just two friends being told to kiss each other.
Right now, feeling his lips again on yours for the first time in a while, it somehow still feels like that time in college… except, you aren't nervous. There aren't… butterflies in your stomach. Your mind is not running lapses and you don't feel your hand sweating.
If you were to compare the kiss back then and this kiss right now, you're enjoying this moment more. There's a certain feeling of satisfaction and some sort of relief you feel somewhere as you feel him against your mouth.
His lips are still soft just as you remembered, and he is still a good kisser, especially when he prodded the seam of your lips, getting you to open your mouth so he could insert his tongue inside, making out with you.
It feels good. Jeongguk's mouth tastes good despite the soju overwhelming your sense of smell. But it's fine. Fantastic, actually. He feels good on you.
The kiss starts getting heated as you find your hands making purchase on his shoulders, a small whimper coming out from you when he pushes himself closer, inked arm wrapping around your waist, deepening the kiss.
"Fuck," he hisses when you bite his lower lip. He pulls away slightly and you gasp for air, feeling him place small pecks on the corners of your lips. "Can I touch you?" He whispers against your mouth.
You've never agreed to anything so fast in your entire life.
Jeongguk makes contact with your lips again, this time putting in more fervor, starting off strong. While he licks the insides of your mouth, his hand creeps up your thigh that was now exposed more due to the way your already short dress rode up, rubbing the rough pad of his thumb up and down the length of it. As seconds flew by, your tongues tangling together in an alluring dance, you grew hotter and hotter.
This time, you're the one to pull away when you feel yourself getting a little out of breath by the way he was kissing you like he was trying to eat you up, Jeongguk instantly transferring his lips to the base of your neck; nipping, licking, and sucking the skins, your small gasps disappearing into thin, hot air.
When he grips your thigh, moving it across his own, you get the message and quickly wrap your arms around his neck, lifting yourself off of your side to straddle and sit completely on his lap.
You gasp when you feel a noticeable bump against your crotch, knowing all too well what it was especially when Jeongguk groans at the feel of you on top of him, hands roaming from squeezing your thighs to gripping your waist. You let out a moan when his mouth begins trailing kisses down and down until he gets to your collarbone and the cleavage that he had been eyeing a while ago.
"This fucking dress," he whispers, a certain bite to his tone, and you giggle.
"You want me to take it off?" You ask, coquettish at the way he's rubbing the skin of your exposed back from the backless dress you wore.
"Fuck yeah."
He kisses your mouth again, your moans buried by the delectable way he connects your lips to his own. While he does that, you reach backward to untie the only thing that holds your dress to your front and watch as the straps loosen, taking them off of you.
Jeongguk hissed as you exposed your bare chest to him, his hand quickly coming up to touch the glimmering piercing across your nipple which made you let out a shaky sigh.
"You're so fucking sexy," he then pressed kisses over the skin above your chest area. "When did you get this?"
You shiver when you feel him lick your pierced nipple, his hand squeezing your other boob.
"A y-year ago." You stutter, in daze with how rough and warm his hand feels against your skin.
He comes up to kiss you on the mouth. "So it's fully healed then?" He asks, you nod your head. "Doesn't hurt when I do this?"
You whimper when he tugs on your nipple, but it's swallowed by another kiss.
When he gets your confirmation, he begins groping your breasts again, harder this time, his mouth alternating between the two as if he doesn't want to miss out on anything. He licks around your areola, nipping on our flesh, swirls his tongue around your nipples until they turn into stiff peaks.
Satisfied at the way your heavy breaths fill the room, your chest shining with his saliva, Jeongguk tugs at the dress that's stuck to your lower half.
"We need to get this little thing off of you," he says. "Looks sexy on you, though. But it gotta go."
You giggle at his words, lifting your bum off the couch to help him slide the silk fabric off of you. When it's all off, Jeongguk takes time to marvel at your body which is now only covered by a poor excuse of a pair of panties.
His mouth then proceeds to press to your stomach that have you gasping, his lips smooching your sensitive skin and going down until he's hovering over the hem of your underwear.
"Baby," you couldn't help but moan at the nickname. He's called you that multiple times before but you never really paid it mind, he says them mindlessly anyway. But this time Jeongguk was in between your legs, pressing little pecks across the hem of your thong, pressing his nose to your clothed cunt. "Can I eat you out?"
"Y-yeah," you breathe heavily, thighs twitching, feeling your pussy quiver under his hooded gaze. "Do whatever you want."
And just like that, he had the scrap of fabric off of you in recorded time.
"God fucking damn," he whispers. You watch as he stares at your cunt, getting hotter every second, already feeling yourself leaking more than you already have from the way he was so focused on it. "You're so fucking wet."
He starts with placing kisses on your pubic bone, moving down to your inner thigh making your squirm in his hold.
"G-gguk, no teasing," you say in between bated breaths.
"Don't worry, baby," is what he says before he spits on your pussy. You let out another broken sound of his name as you feel his saliva trickling down your cunt and in a few seconds, you couldn't help but throw your head at the back of the couch as Jeongguk spreads his saliva over your pussy, all the while placing tentative kisses to your already sensitive clit. Soon after, he's dipping a single finger in your hole.
"Ohh," you mewl, arching your back.
"So fucking tight." Jeongguk says as he pumps his finger in and out of you slowly, your pussy so warm and tight around his digit.
He wastes no more time and proceeds to lick a bold stripe over your cunt. He then swirls his tongue around your clit and in result, you gasped, hands flying over to grip Jeongguk's hair, making him let out a guttural sound in your crotch. He adds another finger to enter your cunt and fingers you, alternating between wiggling his tongue to stimulate your bundle of nerves and lapping his tongue over your labia.
It feels so good. It had been such a long fucking time ever since you felt someone's mouth on your pussy, and god, Jeongguk is so good at this.
He removes his fingers from your pussy, now drenched, and you whine but Jeongguk shushes you with his thumb rubbing your clit, his other hand gripping your thigh so tight to ground you on the couch. His tongue pushes his way inside your hole and you let out a wanton moan, legs starting to twitch as you feel the tell-tale signs of your release, ready to burst.
"G-gguk, oh my god," you pant, catching your breath. He only hums in your pussy, trying his best to stop you from writhing in his hold but you can sense it, the tight feeling in your lower abdomen, the tingle on the tips of your toes, the oversensitivity brought by his tongue stimulating you – it was all starting to become too much. "I'm gonna cum… f-fuck!"
At your words, Jeongguk pulls away from your heat. His hair was a mess on his head, curls thrown all over the place but you couldn't focus on the way he's looking at you with so much lust in his eyes, not when he's beginning to enter his middle and ring fingers again, this time pumping them in out of you harsher.
"Oh gooood!"
His fingers were so long and thick, filling you up and hitting that certain spot in you that get your toes curling and back arching from the couch even he couldn't stop you now from squirming too much. But he was strong enough to hold you down and keep you grounded, watching as your head moves from side to side, chest heaving and incoherent words coming out of your mouth as he speeds up the pace of his fingers thrusting in your pussy.
"Cum for me, baby, make a mess on my fingers."
Just as he says that, you're letting out a loud moan, hands gripping his hair a little too tight and feel your pussy spasm all over his hand.
You flop down on the couch once again, Jeongguk massaging your thighs and pressing small kisses across your cunt as you come down from your high.
"That's a good girl," You groan when his fingers gather your cum, spreading them all over your cunt. "Stay still." He says and you could only watch as he starts licking you again, groaning at the taste of your essence.
You're not used to being overstimulated and you easily get sensitive. So, grabbing his hair gently, you told him, "G-guk. If you do that, I'm gonna cum again… and I want to do that around your cock the second time."
"Fuck, okay." He hissed, kissing your pussy one last time and trailing his mouth upwards until he reached your breasts once again, his hand quickly taking a hold of one boob. The other one is being played by his tongue swirling around your pierced nipple; nipping, bitting, lapping and repeating them over and over again.
While he busies himself on your chest, your hands make their way towards the waistband of his sweatpants, ready to take them off of him when he suddenly holds your wrist.
"Not here," he says, kissing the peak of your nipple and coming up to peck your mouth. "I want to fuck you in my bed."
You feel a shiver down your spine, but you nod immediately to his words.
Tumblr media
"Holy fuck," you audibly gasp when Jeongguk finally frees his cock from the confines of his navy boxers. It bounces back on his abdomen, standing tall and proud. You didn't have the time to ogle his girth and length as your eyes immediately fixed on the glistening thing on the tip of his dick – and it certainly wasn't the precum you're focusing on. "Jesus – Gguk how many piercings do you fucking have?"
Jeongguk smiles sheepishly at that. "Fourteen?"
Oh my god. You can't believe he has a Prince Albert. A goddamn dick piercing!
But in hindsight, it's really not that surprising.
He's always been adventurous (for the lack of better term), always been the one to believe that his body was a blank canvas and he needs to decorate it with pretty things, always been the one to try things right away when he's curious about it that turns into a genuine interest. When you first saw him freshman year, he didn't have any tattoos, nor did he have the countless holes on his ears and the piercings on his eyebrow and the corner of his lip. He started talking about it in third year but began to get them in the last year of college.
You're not gonna lie and say it didn't make him look better, didn't make you feel things – because you definitely remember how you malfunctioned for an entirety of two minutes upon seeing his pierced nipples that one time when you were on this little trip to the beach with your mutual friends, paired with the full sleeve of tattoo on his right arm.
Again, knowing he got his dick pierced isn't really at all surprising because you may have thought about that already, given that one thing you always gonna do whenever he shows up with a new piercing or tattoo is wonder about how high his pain tolerance must be and what possible lengths he could go for…
You suddenly feel a little dizzy at the thought.
Geez. He's so hot sometimes you want to smack him in the head.
"Do you want me to take it off?" Jeongguk says, snapping you out of the thoughts whirling in your mind.
Your answer was a quick "No." and a shake of your head. He chuckles.
When you look at him again, he's already opening a packet of condom.
You've never had a partner with a pierced dick before and you never really thought about what it would feel like. It's stupid, but you kind of deflate at the thought of him using a condom… but it's fine. Safe sex is great sex.
Jeongguk is knelt in between your spread legs, cock hard and ready, and you just realized now how big he is. It's been months (devastating, gruelling months) since you've had something in you. You own a few toys but they're definitely nowhere near his size, nor the men you've had sex with before. It's not a monster dick, per se, it's just bigger than you ever had before and it's honestly making you quite nervous but excited nonetheless.
He must've probably seen the hesitant glint in your eyes and quickly comes down to caress your cheeks.
"You alright?" He asks, his voice gentle and soft, looking deeply into your eyes.
You swallow the lump in your throat. "I–yeah. It's just… you're so big."
Hearing that, a low chuckle erupts from his mouth and you swear you feel yourself getting a little delirious when he begins to give his cock a few strokes after securing the thin latex around it.
"You want me to eat you out again? I don't think I have lube right now…" he trails off, eyeing the drawer beside his bed.
"No, I'm so wet already. Want you," you whimper, hips slightly bucking up at the sight of him watching your naked body sprawled out, all for him. "How do you want me?"
Jeongguk leans down and kisses you. It doesn't take too long for it to get sloppy and heated, his fingers coming up to pinch your pierced nipple as if he couldn't help himself but touch it every chance he gets.
He breaks the kiss. "Turn around for me," You quickly do as he says, rolling over until the front of your body hits the soft surface of his mattress.
"Oh!" You cry out when you receive a slap on your ass, Jeongguk taking your hips and maneuvering your lower body up. As soon as you get on all fours, you feel the tip of his dick grazing your entrance.
"Ass up," He says in his deep tone as another slap on your butt echoes in his room again, but this time harsher. It elicits another lewd sound from you. "You like that?"
You bury your face in the bed, mumbling a breathy, "Yeah".
"Hm. What a good girl. Not right now, though, I need to fuck you stupid."
You cry out a drawn-out mewl when he inserts a finger into your pussy to check if you were wet enough. Seemingly satisfied with how quick you almost swallow his digit, he hums behind you once again, gripping your hips tighter this time and you ready yourself.
You let out a simultaneous moan when the first inch of Jeongguk's dick enters your pussy, your grip on the black sheets making your veins almost jump out from your skin.
"Fuck, so wet–" From behind, Jeongguk slowly and gradually slips himself into you, his free hand coming up to your hip as if it was some form of leverage for him to not slam his hips into you a little too quickly. "You're so fucking tight, baby – shit. You okay?"
You nod your head, looking back at him. At the sight of your fucked out face, Jeongguk melts and couldn't help himself and leans down to catch your parted mouth on his own, making you moan into the kiss as more of his length slides into you.
"Gguk–" you choke out, feeling his cock grazing a certain spot inside you. "move please. I need it, fuck me."
"Yeah yeah, I know, angel – just, fuck. You're so tight. I need you to stop clenching around me." He says and you can hear the tone of pain in his voice, his hairline sticking to his forehead and looking like an absolute sin behind you.
It's not like you could control the muscles of your vagina. He's just so big and you're so tight, and again, you haven't gotten any action for what feels like a decade now. This is basically your first sexual encounter with another person in a long while and Jeongguk's just overwhelming. His dick already feels so snug inside you and you doubt it's even all in.
His hand comes up to fondle your breast, pulling on your nipple and nipping the skin of your bare back, then you feel it. You feel the way he experiments on pulling back his cock slowly and pushing it back in your leaking arousal, making you gasp.
Soon, he's doing it a little faster than the controlled pace he started with.
"Fuck – faster, Gguk, faster. I can take it." You whine, fisting his sheets in your hand. Jeongguk groans behind you and does as he's told.
Lewd sounds coming out from both your mouths (but from yours, mostly) soon filled Jeongguk's quiet room. His hard cock ramming into your wet hole deliciously, hands roaming around your body as if he doesn't know where to touch. Or he knows, just that he wanted to touch everything all at once.
And you're a mess under him, your arms had long given up from holding yourself at a particularly hard thrust from him some time ago but he keeps your ass up for him as he grips them with his huge hands, fucking into you in a harsher pace once you got over the mildly uncomfortable sting of his cock that almost felt like it was splitting you in half.
"You like it, baby?" Jeongguk whispers, gathering your hair to the side to kiss the apple of your check. He pulls his cock tantalizingly slow that you whine, which was cut off by the sloppy kiss he gives you that you returned instantly, even though all you were just doing was feel his tongue brushing against yours. Then he pushes his length back in with a hard thrust, making you cry out. "You like when I do that, uh? Like it rough?"
"Y-yes, yes," At your hushed, incoherent response, Jeongguk proceeds to continue with the same sharp and quick pace, jackhammering into your pussy until the pleasure in your core is all that you can think of, another knot forming in your stomach ready to be let go.
"Jeongguk–! C-close,"
A squeal leaves your lips as Jeongguk suddenly flips you on your back, inked arm manhandling you. He doesn't waste any bit of second as he plunges his cock right back in your hole, your warm walls sucking him so easily.
His body was pure heat against yours, his length hitting all your spots it makes your eyes roll back to your head, pathetic sobs coming out of your mouth as he picks up a more brisk pace. Then he hooks his arms under your knees, lifting your legs up so he could get a better support for his vigorous pounding.
He could watch you like this all day. Naked, legs spread out for him, pussy stuffed with his cock, tits bouncing and lips parting as he continues to fuck into you. You look absolutely beautiful in this state so he leans down to connect your lips to his, your moans swallowed by his kisses.
"I'm gonna cum," you whimper as his mouth begins to trail kisses down your neck, licking your pulse points and making you hotter than you already are.
Jeongguk could feel that you are indeed close, your walls clenching around his cock like a vice and your breathing getting more shallow as each second passes. He grips your thighs and goes back to giving you deeper strokes this time rather than the quick ones, the slow roll of his hips making his cock brush over your sensitive spots.
"You wanna cum?" Jeongguk says in between his own labored breaths, his fingers giving a mean tug on your nipple making you whine. "Then cum. Let go for me, pretty."
You throw your head back, feeling lightheaded, like you're mindlessly swimming in an ocean; no thoughts, just pure bliss. Just Jeongguk driving you to cloud nine until your orgasm hits you.
The feeling built up slowly and oh so deliciously you could barely keep your eyes open until you finally let go.
Jeongguk lets out a shaky breath against your skin, hips stuttering in their ministrations as he feels your walls fluttering around his dick, your cries of pleasure echoing off his room. Your hips fidgeted, feeling the drainage of energy starting to take over you.
He grunts. "You're amazing, cumming around me like that." His hand trails up to your breast, fondling the soft flesh while the other keeps your hip in lock, pounding into your pussy to reach his own high.
"Cum for me, Jeongguk, p-please cum for me," You say, voice above a whisper, pussy already starting to feel sensitive at his incessant thrusts.
He has definitely been holding back for a lengthy time, so it's not long after he follows your state of bliss, shooting his load into the sheer latex around his cock.
"F-fucking shit," he curses out, and he feels you clamping around his length again. He prolongs his pleasure by thrusting into you a few more times, getting you both down to your high.
Soon after, he lets go of your legs, collapsing on top of you, lips pressing tiny, open-mouthed kisses across your chest. You lie there, arms spread out on his mattress as you let yourselves indulge in the post-coital bliss for a moment until the wetness in your core starts to feel uncomfortable.
Jeongguk notices this, grunting when he picks himself up to hover over you, both of you letting a a drawn-out moan at the same time when he slides out his cock from your heat, your cum dripping down your pussy. Jeongguk takes the condom off himself, ties it and throws it in the bin under his bedside table and snuggles in your chest again, kissing the peak of one of your nipples, the one that was pierced.
Maybe it's just the horny part of your brain speaking, the one who finally got the action she needed for these past few months – but that was probably inside the top three of the best orgasms you've ever had, and it's surely not occupying the third spot.
"So, was I good?" Jeongguk suddenly asks, a playful tone evident in his voice, head coming out from your chest.
You don't know why but you had the urge to run your fingers through his sweaty hairline, and so you did, giving him an amused smile. He gives you one of his own in return, clearly enjoying the way you were caressing his scalp.
"Wasn't bad."
"You're definitely lying." He says and you only chuckle, not bothering to argue because he knows that you know he definitely did well, he just wants an ego boost. As if he needs more of that. "Your boobs are so… squishy."
The comment makes you roll your eyes. But you let him lie there for a little while.
"Gguk," you call him after a few seconds, voice a little airy. In fact, your throat feels dry like sand paper, probably from all the sobbing you did earlier. You suddenly grow embarrassed at the thought of his neighbor possibly hearing you. Poor Mrs. Kim if she did.
Jeongguk hums in your chest.
"We should clean up." You pat at his biceps, getting him to get off you because to be honest, his big body is squeezing you and you're still recovering from that impromptu cardio. You might actually pass out.
Grunting, he picks himself up, pressing a quick kiss to your mouth. "Let me just get a towel." He says, standing up from the bed and heading towards his bathroom.
You watch his retrieving form, a bit dejected that you got so little time to admire his muscular back and sculpted ass, but he returns soon after, giving you a wet cloth. You offer him a small smile.
"I have some shirts here you could wear… but are boxers okay for you?" He asks, already going to his closet to pick up pieces of clothing.
It wouldn't be the first time you sleep over at his house, but given the circumstances right now, you can't help but suddenly feel weird about it.
You just had sex with your best friend, and you're reminded with the deal you made back in his living room again.
You wonder if Jeongguk is thinking the same; feeling the same things as you, but as you look at his face, expecting for your answer, you decide that you're too tired to intellectualize everything that's going on. You did say that you'd get on the technicalities of this incoming… situationship in the morning.
So you set aside your anxious thoughts, giving him a nod.
Once you're both fully clothed, him in a grey sweatpants and you in an oversized shirt and a fresh pair of boxers, you don't question anything as he lies beside you on the bed, positioning himself behind you, his front pressed to your back.
"You're fine with this?" He whispers against your hair, his thumb caressing your hip.
In response, you snuggle closer to his arm where your head is lying on, your eyes remaining closed as you hummed.
"I like it."
The last thing you hear before you fall asleep is a gentle and soft, "Good night."
Tumblr media
You woke up that morning without Jeongguk on his side of the bed. Paying no mind to it, you went straight to the bathroom and did your morning routine, not bothering to change out of Jeongguk's clothes as you padded downstairs, smelling the aroma of bacon.
As you reach the kitchen, you see Jeongguk's back turned to you, facing the cooking stove, wearing the same sweatpants from last night with nothing on the upper part of his body.
You smile, leaning your elbows on the kitchen counter as you watch him. "Hi, Gordon Ramsay."
Before he could respond though, a series of barks echo off the whole room, and you watch as the chestnut-colored Doberman rises from his lying position on the bean bag from across the room and excitedly runs to you.
"Hello, Bamie!" You greet the dog cheerfully, and he was just as enthusiastic, mouth hanging open, his tongue out, and the waggles of his tail making you giggle.
Bam jumps to you and you let out an "oof", catching his big body. You hear Jeongguk laugh, probably watching your interaction.
"He's been grumpy all morning even though I already fed him," you turn to look at him seeing that he's also doing the same while you scratch Bam's body. "It's unfair how he's all happy now that he sees you."
The dog barks and that made you and Jeongguk laugh in unison.
"I've always been his favorite between us," you say, throwing Jeongguk a smirk before you look at Bam again. "Isn't that right, Bamie?"
Bam wags his tail and barks once again, enjoying the way you are now caressing his face.
Jeongguk shakes his head. "He's a mama's boy, I guess." You chuckle at him when he rolls his eyes. "Good morning, by the way. You slept okay?"
You nod, dropping Bam in your hold and he follows you as you go to the kitchen counter again, this time seating yourself on one of the high stools.
"You really cook shirtless?" You comment on Jeongguk's naked upper body. "Aren't you afraid of grease popping up or something."
Just as you said that, Jeongguk turns off the stove and places the bacon on a plate where there are also fried eggs and toasted bread. He walks over to you and offers you the plate.
"Nah, I'm trying to impress you." He jokes and that gets a giggle from you.
"I am pretty much impressed. You have a whole male-wife vibe going on right now." You say, eyeing his body.
"Only for you, baby." He flirts, but there's a light and playful tone in his voice and he earns another chuckle from you.
You feel Bam nosing at your shin so you look down at him. You hum, forking the fried egg and chewing on it. The dog woofed and you immediately crouched to stroke his head.
"You're leaving? Wanna go to the living room again?" You coo at him and he barks again. Having a huge smile on your face, you look at Jeongguk who's watching you with a mug propped up on his face.
"Awe, look at him. He's asking me permission if he can leave my side," You say and turn to Bam again. "Okay, baby, go play there. Your daddy and I are going to eat."
Soon after, Bam is running towards the living room again, probably playing with a toy or lying on his bean bag.
"He really likes you too much," Jeongguk says, shaking his head. But he has a fond look on his face, making you smile.
"Well, I've been around since he was a baby." You shrug, continuing to eat what he prepared for you.
Jeongguk adopted Bam seven months ago, going for it after wanting to get a dog for literal years. You remember being there when he went to the dog shelter and signed the papers, as well as going with him to the mall to buy Bam's stuff. He was so small then and now he's turned into a huge puppy who always tries to protect Jeongguk, which he couldn't take seriously because Bam is too cute. And as much as Jeongguk tells you that Bam loves you too much, you know that dog loves him a hundred times more.
"When are you going to work?" You ask, looking up at him as he takes the toasted bread from the plate.
"At 10," he says and goes for his coffee again. "It's still 7."
You talk about some things for a little while, and when the conversation about your BAR review comes up, he seems to suddenly remember something.
"About that… you said something about a contract last night."
You halt at his words. The series of events last night promptly flashed before your eyes. Starting from you both seeing each other at Namjoon's party, to you agreeing to be each other's fuck buddy and fucking.
There's heat that forms in your stomach, remembering how last night played out on his couch and on his bed.
But you try to play it cool.
"Yeah. We should make it right now."
"So," Jeongguk starts. "We should start with the rules you wanna make."
Tumblr media
"Are we gonna add the classic, 'Do not fall in love' rule?" Jeongguk says with a snort and you join him.
"No, let's not be cliche in this one fine early morning, okay?"
You take the paper from him and look over the contract you made.
It contains the general gist of your situationship and your chosen terms. Like how you said you both are not gonna be exclusive and you can still definitely see other people, as long as one informs the other, and other things like sexual preferences. You specifically said no to butt stuff. On the bottom part of the paper are your signatures.
You would probably get it notarized. Just because.
"Well, what happens if either one of us catches feelings, then?" He asks.
You raised your eyebrow at that.
"I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen, it's not like we're diving into this and pretending that we're in a romantic relationship. It's just fucking." You shrug, looking down to proofread the contract again.
"You're sure about that? I'm pretty likeable." Jeongguk jokes and you shake your head, laughing.
"So cocky," you scoff.
Seconds after, Jeongguk sighs. "But I'm serious. What if it does happen? Am I allowed to police your feelings? Or, are you allowed to police my feelings?"
His words make you think. He's got a point. You're not putting down the "don't fall in love" rule because it's stupid, but…
"We're both adults, Gguk," you look up at Jeongguk and offer him a small smile. "I'm pretty sure we can talk about it properly if it happens."
"Right." Jeongguk eyes the paper in your hands. "You're really serious about this contract thing, huh? I bet you're gonna get that printed."
You roll your eyes. "I'm being responsible. Agreements should always be written on contracts."
Jeongguk shakes his head, a snigger coming out his mouth but he immediately stops when he sees you glaring at him. He raises both his hands as if to surrender to you.
You scowl and turn your back at him while he resumes to chuckling again.
Silence engulfs you then.
You offered to wash the dishes while Jeongguk busies himself with making a protein shake, saying something about sneaking in a 20-minute exercise in his (not really) small gym room before he goes to work.
You're drying the plates when suddenly, you can feel a heavy weight pressing right to your back. Your cheeks heat as you see an inked arm stretched above your head, getting something from one of the cupboards.
Without looking at Jeongguk, you deadpan. "Really."
Behind you, he laughs. "Is this not working?"
"Your lame ass right now."
"Goddamn it." he says, pretending to sound hurt as he brings his empty hand back down to his sides.
What you do not expect is for him to suddenly hold your hips, slightly pushing you against his body, making your breath hitch. You could feel his hand creeping up under the shirt you're wearing as he whispers against your ear, "Still not working, hm?"
"God, I was so fucking hard when I woke up, I had to take care of it in the bathroom," you gasp at his lewd words, totally not expecting this turn of events. Jeongguk's hand roams further up your body until his fingers are at the waistband of the boxers that you're wearing. "Can I touch you?"
You nod frantically as his hand teases the bare skin of your stomach, the other gripping your hips tight. As you feel closer to his body, something pokes on your lower back.
"Words. I need to hear you, baby." Jeongguk hissed in your ear.
"Y-yes. Please touch me."
That's all Jeongguk needed to start touching you right there in his kitchen.
Soon after, you're a panting mess seated on the kitchen counter, boobs out while Jeongguk comes up from between your legs to kiss you on the mouth again. You made out for a little while until you told him that you need to shower and he needs to go to work.
The morning goes as simply as that. Jeongguk offered to drive you home but it was already nearing 9 so you refused, getting an Uber yourself after saying bye to Bam.
When you get home, smelling like Jeongguk's body wash, you drop yourself dramatically on your bed and stare at your ceiling.
Your core still feels sensitive from the way Jeongguk made you cum on his tongue this morning, and the thought of that made blood rush through your cheeks.
Are you really doing this with him?
A ding from your phone catches your attention.
gguk😒 [9:56am]: we're really doing this? u still have time to back out lol
You bite your lower lip, typing out a reply.
you [9:56am]: is this u trying to tell me that /you/ wanna back out
gguk😒 [9:57am]: never. pussy bomb as fuck
you [9:57am]: and here i thought u were a feminist
gguk😒 [9:57am]: i am i literally love pussy gguk😒 [9:57am]: esp your pussy 😜 my newfound discovery i love it #womenarethebest
You really should be disgusted but you find yourself chuckling.
you [9:57am]: YOURE A PIG
gguk😒 [9:58am]: your pig 🥰
you [9:58am]: go to work????? geez
gguk😒 [9:58am]: yes ma'am! gguk😒 [9:58am]: wait r u into femdom
Yeah, you're definitely doing this with him.
Tumblr media
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breakiebunny · 11 days ago
Willow| JJK
Tumblr media
Summary: You were always there for Jungkook, no matter the intensity of the trouble he was in, you were always there for him.
genre: college student! Jungkook x reader!, best friends to lovers.
Warnings/tags: Angst, fluff, smut, fingering, oral, mentions of unprotected sex, panic attacks, insecurities, accidental pregnancy/child, dirty talk, pet names.
Words: 23.7K
A.N: Hello, it is finally here, i hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think with your comments and asks, knowing what you guys think mean the world to me, really you have no idea how that lifts up my spirits when I don`t feel motivated, anyways, please enjoy lovelies <33333
Tumblr media
You look around the coffee shop where Jungkook was supposed to meet you twenty minutes ago, you didn’t plan on meeting him there, it was just understood between the two of you even a ritual if you had to give it a word, both of you came to this shop to grab coffee before your classes and usually you were the one getting late not him, never him, never even when you were kids, Jungkook was always the impatient one, his impatient nature forced him to do things early, meeting you somewhere to hangout was nothing different, he was always before time and you were glad because you never had to wait instead, you always got scolded for not being on time even if you are five minutes late. You lean back in the seat, chewing on your bottom lip as you look outside the window. No sign of him. You look down at you phone, his chat still open, a thread of your messages sent to him can be seen but still nothing from him, he wasn’t even at home when you left in the morning. You huff. Is he okay? Your best friend instinct kicks in.
He never takes care of himself, he`s careless like that, plays with a band in the college and they have gigs even on week days sometimes, he`s always sleep deprived on those days, if it was up to him he would run on caffeine and sour patch kids for the rest of his life, meal prep or real food was not really his thing because deep down Jungkook knew you would never let him starve, he can be careless all he wants but you will never let him go a day without a good nap and homemade food. You can never. He knew that and he was thankful for you in more in than one ways, he cried tears of joy the day he got accepted in the same university as you but of course he will never tell anyone that, separation anxiety from you would really fuck him up. It was not planned consciously that the two of you had to be in the same college but you two had sent applications to all the colleges together so when you decided where you wanted to go, Jungkook hoped he would get accepted in that one too and he did thankfully and to be honest you were thankful that he chose that same college as well. Your mother was very happy to hear the news, after your father left you and her one day out of nowhere to start a new life with his second wife, your mother was broken, devastated, weak but at the same time she raised you like a father and mother both, the Jeon family and their dumb son were a breath of fresh air in your boring and broken life, they accepted you and your mother like a family member and you could tell after so long your mother didn’t feel lonely anymore, she had a friend in Mrs. Jeon, a brother in Mr. Jeon and a son in Jungkook. The parents were over the moon that the two of you will be together to help each other out away from home and nothing really changed except for the location and that now you two slept under the same roof daily and not just for sleepovers. It was really fun and a dream come true really to be able to live with your best friend.
You get up, taking his coffee with you and leave, your class starts in ten minutes, hopefully you`ll find him on your way to class, but no there was no sign of him anywhere. You try calling him but he doesn’t pick up. Oh well maybe he had a show last night, he must be tired. You shove the phone back in your pocket and head to class. Your mind still on your dumb best friend and his reckless lifestyle. Why is he like this? You huff once again, not knowing how to fix that asshole so that he acts something like a normal human being.
After your classes for the day, you decide to catch up on some lessons in the library but before that you decide to check your phone once again, give Jungkook a little piece of your mind.
“Jungkook, your mids are close, you better be shaking sick in the bed to miss a whole day of classes or else I`m going to break your nose, take care, I love you and eat something” you text him with a small smile. You knew he has more than one reasons to be in bed right now, more than you would like to admit and if he is not home yet that means he`s over some girl`s place, still in dreamland, his phone on silent. Were you jealous of all these other girls? Yes and no. you were actually jealous of Jungkook, jealous of how he can keep his feelings at border so much that his booty calls are almost “Proffessional”, jealous of how he can just brush off all this intimate connection between him and the other person like its something casual, of course you have gone through that stage where you thought “Oh damn, my best friend is hot” in the heat and high of puberty you two have kissed a few times, gentle pecks here and there and that you think about and get a good deep chuckle. Those pecks were a terrible practice for the real deal. You giggle at the memory when you first had your first real kiss with a boy named Jaebeom and when he tried to deepen the kiss you pushed him and ran, thinking that`s not what me and Jungkook practiced for, nope this one is different, this one is not right. Thankfully you have not embarrassed yourself by confessing your one true love to Jungkook in the heat of the moment at thirteen years old or else that idiot would`ve made your life a living hell, even now in college, you were glad that wave of loving your best friend came by itself and went by itself too. You would like to think that it passed and what you feel right now about him is just you being the bestest best friend, of course it is, come on? You`re not thirteen anymore and neither is he, you two are best friends but he`s the total opposite of you, he`s serious about nothing, mostly nothing.
Tumblr media
Your feet and back are killing you when you arrive outside the house you and Jungkook shared, it was a cozy, small and homely house, you loved it and so did Jungkook. Your fingers press into your nape to ease some tension there, hours of bending it on the study table was showing its effects now, you hope Jungkook was home and hopefully he ordered something and not cooked something himself because that will only make your blood pressure shoot up, he`s a messy cook and then he pouts and whines his way into talking you into helping him clean the kitchen, you help him of course, who would? If you didn’t. You walked into a silent home, hmm that was unusual, maybe Jungkook isn’t home. Did he get scared of your little threat via text earlier? You chuckle, placing your keys on the table; your bag falls down your shoulder when you hear a distant clank of pots in the kitchen. Oh no! is he cooking something? You rush to the kitchen to stop him, tell him to order something; even pineapple pizza would be fine rather than having to clean up the kitchen. You walk into the kitchen to see Jungkook by the counter, mixing what looked like some powder milk into a glass, maybe it was his protein shake or something, the portion was very little but what do you know?
“Hey.” You say, a little relieved that your friend has not decided to cook anything.
“Hey…y/n…you`re home early.” He looks like he`s seen a ghost, maybe you looked like one right now after your exhausting day.
“Yeah, I took a day off from work, I was so fucking tired.” You exhale loudly walking towards him lazily. “What are you doing?” you ask him, grabbing yourself some water.
“I…” His voice cracks, when you turn towards him.
“Jungkook, are you okay? You don’t look too good.” You notice the way his complexion is drained of all color, his long brownish black hair flop on his eyes in multiple little curls making him look so cute it had to be illegal because he wasn’t even trying; his pouty pink lips were dry as he licked them out of habit.
“Jungkook? What happened? You`re scaring me.” You walk around the isle to get closer to him he squirms a little, adjusting his posture like he was hiding something behind his back.
“Jungkook, what are you…” you move towards him, trying to look past him. “What did you spill this time? Show me dumb bitch, I will kill…” you were furious, trying to move him to the side, after one significant push, you manage to push him to the side, but you wish you hadn’t. You inhale an audible breath in, your palm pressed to your mouth.
“Y/n…please…let me…” Jungkook holds out his trembling hands to hold your forearms, his eyes switching from yours to the ground.
“Jungkook, what is this? Oh my god!” your words are mumbled against your palm as you look down at a peacefully sleeping baby.
“Y/n…I`m sorry…I…” Jungkook finally breaks down, now you understand why he looked so disheveled.
“Jungkook, hey…ssh, calm down, whose baby is this? Don’t tell me you stole a baby kook.” you hold him closer to you, he leans into your touch just like he always did. You were his safe place, where he knew, he will not be judged, where he knew, he would get help and solutions to his problems.
“Y/n.” he looks at you, tears and fear swimming in his big eyes, the thin red veins creating a web in the whites of his eyes as he sniffles, bottom lip trembling. This was serious.
“She is mine.” Jungkook breathes out and you forget how to breathe as you stare at him wide eyed not knowing what to do. A soft cry of the baby laying down in the cot makes you break away your fixed stare on the boy in front of you, your eyes focus on his pale face, tears sticking to his colorless cheeks making a trail down to his chin, he hiccups, he`s been crying, maybe for hours. You bend down to pick up the small human being from the cot, you took babysitting jobs before college but never for a baby this small, she was literally a baby, not even a year old. You think.
“Hey, hey…shhh…shhh, you`re okay…sshh.” You cradle her on your shoulder, her small face finds warmth in the crook of your neck as you rub her back, that seems to calm to her down a bit as she whimpers softly against your shoulder, she was not crying anymore but you could feel that she was uncomfortable.
“Why the fuck did you bring her in the kitchen Jungkook? It`s freezing in here.” You hiss walking out of the kitchen, the baby cradled in your arm carefully, she makes a sound as she gets comfortable in your hold, Jungkook gulps, following you. you knew you both didn’t have a blanket her size, so you go to your room and take out your soft woolen lilac colored cardigan.
“Spread it on the bed.” You motion with your head when you see Jungkook lingering by your door. He moves quickly on his feet, his eyes are still frantic as he is wondering why you`re not shaking up a storm right now, but how could you? not when you had the most angelic looking baby girl in your arms, not when her dumb father was planning on freezing her to death. Your room was warmer, you put her small body on the cardigan, wrapping both sides of it around her carefully so that she`s covered well, she tries to kick the fabric off with a happy cry making you give her a smile, her round doe eyes looking back at you, they looked awfully familiar.
“Does she have a feeder? I think she`s gonna be upset without it.” You pick her up from the bed.
“No, nothing came with her.” Jungkook says like he`s explaining that his favorite toy didn’t come with some spare parts.
“It`s 1pm Jungkook, don’t tell me you didn’t feed her? When did she come here?” you hold the baby close to your chest, she snuggles in the warmth making your heart clench.
“I got her from the hospital at around 9 in the morning, the nurse fed her and changed her diaper, she told me.” He says looking down at his feet; his voice didn’t hold that energy it usually held.
“Jeon Jungkook, you can`t even go an hour without pigging out on something and you kept this poor baby hungry for hours?” your voice was low enough for the anger you were feeling right now, no wonder this poor child was fussy.
“Babies this small need to be fed like every hour or something,” you say walking towards the door.
“Come on, we`re going to get her some things.” You tell him.
Tumblr media
You two come back with lots of bags, all of them held by Jungkook as you held the baby, she was changed and fed at the baby store, the owner was a very nice middle aged woman who took you and Jungkook as a clueless young couple and you played along with it, not really seeing the point in explaining something you didn’t even understand yourself, you were shook to the core by the news, Jungkook? A father? How? When? Why? You had all kinds of questions for him but right now you couldn’t lash out on him, you had this infant in your arms, it was not her fault that her parents are some irresponsible horny teenagers, this little angel deserved nothing of your anger and you were planning on keeping it that way. You will talk to Jungkook, maybe when she`ll be asleep. The lady in the store had hooked you on the right formula for a baby her age; she said that her experience says she looks five to six months old, you took her word for it because by the time you got to the store the baby in your arms was shaking up the entire block with her cries and screams earning you few judgmental glares and stares. Jungkook behind you closely without a word, he was mostly silent, doing what you told him to do.
She looked peaceful after she got her diaper changed and got fed, sleeping against your chest, your arm was cramped but you didn’t dare move it, getting out of the car carefully. When did you get to this point? You didn’t even thought of something like this when you woke up this morning. Jungkook, you little…The baby whimpers.
“Sshh, sshh” you loll her a little close to you and she calms down again. Jungkook opens the door for you and you go straight for your room, placing her on your bed, putting two pillows on either side of her just to be careful, the new baby pink blanket with small teddy bears on it was handed to you by Jungkook, he hesitated, he looked sad, nothing like Jungkook and it broke your heart, you take it from his hand and put it on the sleeping fairy. This was not what she deserved, she should not be greeted with a sad and scared father, she should make him happy, happy for her to be in his life. Your heart broke at the thought when you looked down at her and back to Jungkook, your anger dissolving quickly, it was done and you or Jungkook couldn’t do anything about it.
“Y/n..” Jungkook says.
“Shh.” You cut him off and walk towards the door; he takes the hint when you hold the door for him, shutting it slowly as you two walk towards the living room. You plop down on the couch, releasing a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
“You were about to give her formula for two year olds and that too in a glass.” You can`t help but chuckle at Jungkook`s idiot tendencies, rubbing your eyes with the heels of your hands.
“I just grabbed whatever in hurry from the hospital pharmacy; I didn’t know they make…it for different ages.” Now it makes sense, why the pharmacy guy was looking at him a little weird.
“So…what is all of this kook? Can you help me understand?” you say leaning back on the couch, you were not angry like you were earlier, you were genuinely curious about how he got himself into this situation, it was not surprising that he attracted trouble once again, the kind of trouble was a little alarming this time though, this was some serious stuff. A child? This Jungkook who was smashed on this couch after emptying his guts on the side walk last weekend is now a father on a Wednesday afternoon?
“Do you remember Hanee?” He says timidly, still afraid that you will get angry, you did all the time when he got in trouble but you also helped him, helped him get out of those problems like no one did. You were a mystery to him, you always have been. He has done so many things for you to break this friendship with him, but you didn’t and he was thankful for it because honestly he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if you weren’t there. He can take on a fight against a dragon if you said he could do it, he`s dependent on you, too much for a person who doesn’t like to be attached to anyone or anything but it was you, you were an exception.
“The waitress from that bar your band played at?” of course you remember Hanee, tall, brunette, dimples, bright eyes, just gorgeous. Of course you remember her, how could you not? Her screams and moans are still etched into your mind when one day Jungkook decided to bring her back to the house, he never really brought his hook ups home out of respect or maybe he didn’t wanted the morning to be awkward, always spent the night at the girl`s place if he had to and you thanked God for this because that night was, well, really loud. You and your poor neighbors didn’t get a lick of sleep. Jungkook didn’t knew you were home, you said you would spend the night at Soojung`s place but something came up and you had to come back home. Jungkook froze in his place when he saw you coming out of your room the next morning. You acted as if nothing happened, balancing out the awkwardness by snatching his breakfast from him making him shake his head as he slid his coffee cup towards you as well.
“Yeah” he sighs. “She called me last night and told me I had a daughter, I didn’t believe her at first, I thought maybe she`s just joking but then she sent me the DNA reports y/n, she is…mine.” Jungkook flinches as he says that, it was scary, you knew it was. He was in college right now, he lived his life on the edge, you knew the thought of being tied down was eating him up, the thought of everyone knowing that he is now a father was eating him up. He was scared, you knew that.
“I couldn’t sleep the entire night and when I was about to come tell you about it, I got a call from the hospital that my daughter is there for a routine check up and that her mother said to call you to pick her up.” His voice shakes, you knew he was trying to keep it together, you move near him, pressing your hand into his shoulder, rubbing it lightly. “Y/n I didn’t know what to do, I…I didn’t know, I just brought her home…I`m sorry.” He was frantic now, his hands gesturing vaguely to nothing really as his eyes overflow with tears, bottom lip trembling as he spoke breaking your heart at the sight. You didn’t like this Jungkook, not at all.
“Jungkook, hey…it`s okay.” You make him face you, running your thumbs on his cheeks to wipe off the tears.
“It`s okay, I understand, you don’t need to be sorry okay.” You smooth his hair with a small smile, he sniffles, lips turned into a frown as he focuses on your words, trying not cry again.
“When they called me, I just…I just couldn’t leave her there…she had no one and she was sick.” He whispers, his voice was groggy and scratchy from all the crying, he looked so tired.
“I know, I know.” You hug him tight, he lets out a relieved sigh, squeezing you in his arms a little too tight, like you were keeping him from falling, maybe you were.
“I got scared, y/n I`m so scared, I don’t…I don’t know what to do.” He clings onto you as he sobs into the crook of your neck.
“I know, it`s too much kookie, but hey, look at me.” You make him look at you. “We will figure this out together okay, you fucked up, I`m gonna be honest with you but hey you always fuck up and we find a way through it all, right?” you let out a soft chuckle, wiping his tears with the sleeve of your sweater. His lips twitch a little as he nods.
“Go and get some sleep, you look dead.” You pinch his swollen red nose. “Did you eat anything?” you ask him softly and he shakes his head. “Not hungry.” He whispers.
“Okay.” You say. “Just take a nap for me okay? You cannot think straight without sleep.” You usher him off the couch and he gets up, a little hesitant, he lingers a little farther from the couch.
“Go.” You say sternly and watch him turn away from you and go inside his room. You fall back into the couch, you told Jungkook that you two will figure out all of this together but honestly you were scared shitless too, how can you tell him to handle being a single father at his age? How can you do anything for that matter? His parents? What about them? They will cause a scene for sure.
You get up and go back to your room, the mild and pleasant fragrance of baby powder was already in the air of your room, it calmed your senses for some reason as you tip toe towards the bed to see her sleeping peacefully in the same position you left her in, she`s too small to change sides I guess. You think with a shrug, slowly replacing one pillow on her side with yourself.
“You`re really pretty aren’t you?” you whisper, your face inches away from her. She looked like a doll, chubby little hands curled into fists, pink lips in a pout, her eyelashes were the prettiest, the cute little button nose was calling for a boop. “We must give you a pretty name too huh angel?” you can`t help but feel soft for the small bundle of pure happiness in your bed right now.
Tumblr media
You wake to the soft whimper of the little lady sharing your bed, as if she was being polite and considerate enough to not scream and wail and give you a heart attack.
“I`m up, I`m awake with you, here look.” You croak sitting up quickly, her round eyes stare back at you, her eyes were so pretty, they were identical to Jungkook`s, the realization made your heart grow with fondness, she looked a lot like him, even without a DNA test you would’ve believed she was Jungkook`s child. You pick her up in hopes of calming her down but she was still uncomfortable.
“Hungry?” you coo, she blinks up at you, still wriggling in your hold. “Let me check your diaper hm bambi?” you smile at her; your heart was warm even when you were awake at ass o clock in the morning. You walk out of the room with her snuggled close to your chest, her diaper was not dirty yet but she was being fussy again so you immediately start making her bottle once you enter the kitchen.
“I know, I know, being hungry is not fun right? I know.” You coo, lolling her as you shake her bottle. You surprise yourself with how well you`re multitasking right now but she`s so small so it`s easy for you to handle her with one arm.
“Almost done, 18, 19, 20…there you go.” You push the rubber nipple past her small mouth, she latches onto it like a starved little puppy, letting out a satisfied hum as the liquid pours down her throat, her small hand coming to mindlessly play your hand holding the bottle up.
“Good? Look at you, you were so hungry.” You giggle at the way she`s desperately trying to suck on the nipple, whimpering when she works her little lungs a little too much. You check the time on the kitchen clock. 5 Am. You can manage two more hours of sleep before your first class.
“Are you dozing off again ma`am?” you whisper with a smile watching her eyelashes flutter, thankful that she just wanted her bottle and didn’t chose violence overall. You walk back to your room, she doesn’t wake up, her tummy is full lulling her to deep slumber again. You decide to jump under the covers yourself wanting to hold onto the precious strands of sleep you can get before mids and now with a baby in the mix, you had a feeling you will not get any anyways. Sleep was ready to knock you out the moment your head touched the pillow.
Tumblr media
You wake up again to your bed getting dipped a little, you open your eyes slowly, a frown on your forehead by the sunlight coming in your room, Jungkook was hovering over the baby to pick her up, that was completely unnecessary but hey he didn’t do it once before he became a father well…yesterday.
“Hey.” You rub your eyes.
“Hey, sorry to wake you up, she was up so I thought I`ll take her out of your room so you could…” He looks a lot better than last night, his long hair were wavy after the shower, wet strands moving as he sat back on the bed, his hand on his daughter`s small foot, his daughter? That sounded so weird and strange but it was the ultimate truth of his life, your life. Your best friend/sometimes crush was now a parent. Life really takes unexpected turns, you never understand that until one of its turns hit you in the face out of a sudden.
“No, no it`s fine, I have to get up for class.” You get up gathering your hair behind your back.
“Oh you`re up too bambi.” Why were you in such a great mood was beyond you, maybe it was the beaming face of the happy baby with big doe eyes blinking back at you, she was starting to recognize you. she breathes a loud happy sigh, her toothless smile making your heart jump as she kicks around.
“Oh you like your nickname little bambi?” you kneel to smother your face in her little stomach making her giggle, her small hands grabbing onto your hair giving it quite a yank.
“Ow, ow” you laugh trying to pry her little iron grip on your strands. “You`re one strong little lady.” You rub your roots, clearly feeling the yank on your sensitive scalp. Jungkook was watching the scene before his eyes silently, you didn’t like how quiet he was, it was not him.
“Jungkook, are you okay?” you turn your attention to him, he jumps, you flinch.
“Y-yeah.” He stutters and your heart shatters with it. This boy was not Jungkook.
“Kook, I know this is hard, I really do trust me, and I`m telling you this is not ideal for you right now when you are still in college.” You hold his hand, it was cold as ice, you feel his breath hitch at your words as he looks at you with glassy eyes.
“But” you rub his knuckles with your warm thumb. “It happened okay? And we`ll go through this together, I`m with you in this, I will never leave you alone kook, just please I don’t want you to shut yourself up and walk on eggshells around me or anyone.” You move forward to hug his arm, resting your head on the round of his shoulder, you feel his breath shudder as if he was trying not to cry.
“I`m scared y/n. what will mom and dad say? What will the world say?” you hear him sniffle through whispers.
“I don’t know honestly Jungkook, I don’t, I wish I did and I wish to make it easier for you but I can`t, I`m sorry, you have to be strong and I promise I will never leave your side through it all.” You sit back to look at him, his nose was red again; you wipe his cheeks with your fingers.
“Stop crying, even your baby doesn’t cry this much idiot.” You press your lips together to stop yourself from giggling so near to his face.
“Thank you, I honestly thought you would kill me before I even have to worry about others.” He laughs, the sound going straight to your heart making it grow. “now that you haven’t, I don’t know what to do about the rest of the world.” He smiles, the small dimple pops in his cheek making him look exactly like the infant lying on your bed, pure and innocent.
“You`re such a drama queen, I would never kill you, you know that.” You flick his forehead and he winces rubbing the abused area. “I would just break your arm, but hey I didn’t.” you raise both of your hands in defense when he freezes comically at your words.
“Because have you seen this pretty little bambi? How can I ever be mad that you brought her home hmm?” you pick her up, your baby voice making Jungkook laugh loudly, this time the baby turns her head towards the musical sound, obviously hearing it for the first time and you can tell she likes it because she smiles and cackles at her father.
“Bambi?” Jungkook asks rather amused at your nickname for her.
“Yes bambi, look at her eyes kook, she looks just like bambi awwww!” you coo when she switches her big eyes from her father to you when you speak, the sound of your voice more familiar to her senses.
“Jeon Bambi? Does have a kick to it right?” he says ruffling his semi wet hair a little. You smack him on the back of his head.
“Ah, what?” he cries out, bambi giggles.
“I swear to God I`m gonna kill you if you name your daughter bambi Jungkook, she`s MY bambi, but she has to have a name, a real name you imbecile.” You frown.
“I know, I was just joking.” Jungkook scratches the back of his neck. He wasn’t joking and you knew it. You roll your eyes.
“Can`t believe this thing is your dad now angel.” You pout looking down at bambi. “But don’t worry you`ll have me with you, I`ll keep you safe.” You hop off the bed with her, your grin not faltering. Jungkook lets out a soundless chuckle, you looked so happy, it was not a new thing for him really, you were always a happy and positive person but today you were glowing, Jungkook would be lying if he said that he never saw you in any other light than just being his best friend because he has, you two were each other`s first kiss, it sounds cliché well it does to Jungkook but he thinks that you cannot forget your first kiss no matter how hard you try no matter how bad it was, you just can`t get that moment out of your head and it was the same for Jungkook, he had kissed another girl on the playground in that same week but he couldn’t even remember her name and the innocent little pecks that you two considered “Practice” were something he cannot forget, not even now when his track record of making out and sleeping around has just gone through the roof, whatever he does, whenever he feels lonely at the most crowded and nicest places, he thinks of you, he thinks of how you treat him, he thinks whether he deserves someone like you in his life or not?, is he selfish to always want to tie you down with him? You never really went out except sometimes with your girlfriends from class, was it because of him? Was he too much to handle? In his own ego and need to be independent, he often takes initiative to be responsible, to be enough for himself, handle himself like you handle him with so much ease and grace, he even wants to take care of you show you that you`re nothing special and he can do what you do just fine but that`s a dark part of him, a part of him that envied you, that wanted to be you, you were the ideal human being for him ever since childhood and what irritated that dark part of him the most was how easy you pulled all of this perfection off, just like right now, he watches you place a soft kiss on his daughter`s head like she was yours, she was not and you met her yesterday but you accepted her like your own, you didn’t sit down losing all hope, you didn’t scream and shout at him like he would do in this situation and then regret it later, you came up with solutions, you calmed him down, you made him feel safe even when he fucked up and bad. How do you do that? He hates that he can never find out, he couldn’t in all these years and he knew he couldn’t in the rest of his life. He was also feeling a little tug of jealousy watching you with this little intruder, will you give all your attention to her now? Does he have to “grow up” now? Will you always be with “your bambi” now? You two looked perfect together, pure, innocent and just beautiful, where does he stand in all of this? Self doubts cloud his mind just like they always did.
“Oh look, my first class got cancelled, so I can stay here with bambi while you go and take your classes for the day okay?” you look up from your phone, bambi still tucked close into your arms, here you were pulling him back in the little circle you made, a circle that is safe, a circle that is home, care and love and you never forgot to pull him in this little home. The space was wide enough for him and his daughter that even her mother abandoned. It was big and airy because your heart was big and airy and just beautiful.
“Jungkook?” your soft voice says and he jumps out of his thoughts. “You don’t have to worry one bit alright? You can trust me with her, I`ll keep her safe.” You tease with a smirk on your soft, slightly sleep swollen features. Of course you would, he wasn’t even thinking of not trusting you with his child. In just one day, you were more of a guardian to her than he was; he was practically starving her until you came.
“Yeah, okay.” He says slowly shifting his eyes from your face.
“Yeah, go study hard kook, don’t worry about a thing, I have it all planned and ready to go!” you lean forward to place a feathery kiss on the apple of his cheek, the skin flutters after your lips leave it. It wasn’t something unusual, cheek kisses, head kisses even forehead kisses were a normal occurrence throughout your life but something about this whole situation was not normal, he doesn’t know if its just him but he can`t help but feel different about…everything even…you. maybe he was going mad, but he thinks he can think a little weird right now, nothing that happened to him in the last 24 hours was normal.
“Okay” he ends up smiling fondly at you. his daughter was just like him, already looking at you like you were the guiding star in her little and limited world.
“Great! Go get ready.” You push his shoulder to usher him out of the room.
Tumblr media
Bambi has a name now, Haru, meaning “day” more like a day in the spring and that`s what she was, fresh and welcoming as spring, beautiful like a bright sunny day that keeps you warm and light even if you are feeling down, but she was still your bambi, she responded more to bambi and was very fond of you in general, seeking the motherly warmth and love in your embrace and little pats on her back. She was a calm baby by nature, really patient for babies her age, an angel, Jungkook was still getting used to all of this of course, he`s still awkward in holding her, feeding her, changing her diaper and all that but he was trying you could tell. He holds her at arm`s length like she is something lethal which never fails to make you laugh, just like right now, he was sitting on the couch in the living room holding Haru on his lap, she was away from the warmth and home of his torso, angel baby almost perched on his knees.
“Jungkook, I swear to God if you don’t hold her like a normal human being I will smack you across the face and step on your foot.” You glare at him, he was annoying.
“I am!” He almost whines, just like he always did when he was being defensive.
“No you`re not, you`re holding her like she is gonna bite you, look at her she`s so uncomfortable.” Your eyes soften when you look at the little girl who`s gotten a little chubbier and rounder making her look like a dumpling, the rolls in her bread thighs made it completely impossible for you to stop yourself from biting her. She has her small index finger in her mouth, round eyes fixed on the confused and awkward looking man holding her as she sucks on her finger to ease her own nerves. She was fond of him, you can tell by the way her eyes light up when he`s around or when he`s holding her even if it`s like this.
“I`m trying.” He whispers, looking down at the beautiful girl in a plaid black and red overall. He was, he really was but nothing prepares you for sudden parenthood, not even planned parenthood prepares you for this, the idea of a small human baby that relies on you for everything was terrifying to him, he couldn’t even take care of himself, he thanks the gods for your existence or else he would’ve gone mad.
“Just” you sit next to him, placing your hands on his warm ones holding Haru, “show a little love kook, that`s all she wants.” You say softly, you knew it was hard for him, you often felt bad for snapping at him when he forgets to change her diaper, feed her or play with her.
“A little closer, snuggle with this snuggle bunny.” You coo looking down at bambi who starts giggling watching you after like thirty minutes, finally some interaction instead of an awkward fool holding her like she was a hot potato. Jungkook is still frozen by your side.
“Come on kook, you love cuddles so much!” you jump on the couch, moving behind him to sit on the back rest of the couch, his body automatically making place for you to get comfortable. Your knees almost get tucked in under his arms, touching his ribs as if to hold him in place so that he doesn’t escape away from the little tutorial on cuddling you`re about to give him.
“And once you cuddle little Haru, you will never want any cuddles from anyone even me.” You lower your upper body on his shoulders, your hands bringing his along with the baby closer to his torso. Your chin rested on his shoulder.
“That`s not even possible.” He says in a hum, face turning towards yours on his shoulder, warm breath hitting your face, this was way too close, way too intimate but you stand your ground, keeping your heart tightly inside your chest when it wants to fly out, what if he can hear it trying to drum its way out of your chest against his back? Your eyes flicker to his doe ones, they were brown and soft and honeyed. This is bad; you gulp and see him lick his lips, his cheeks looking soft and pink from this close, the little dent he got in a fight with his brother looked like an art statement of an artist but also offensive on his overall smooth skin. You clear your throat.
“Yeah yeah, we`ll see.” You try to loosen the coil tightening in your stomach, lifting your chin up to create some distance. The scent of his shampoo filling your senses for a bit. His head follows your movements almost in confusion of the moment, his heart was beating in his ears, his throat was constricted for some reason. It was you, just you, you who scolded him; you who pinches the inside of his arm because it hurts the most. Just you but he wasn’t just him.
“For now, can you please just hold her with a little more care? She`s terrified.” You brush your hair back with a soft chuckle, a try to suppress your own nerves. You bring yourself back to hold his arms bringing Haru closer to him, he flinches when she touches his torso, her small head resting on his arm.
“Relax” you whisper near his ear and feel him soften up a bit; you rub the back of his hand holding the baby. “Like this, see? This is perfect.” You tell him with a smile, he looks down at his daughter, the corners of his mouth twitching.
“This feels…nice.” He turns towards you, eyes glassy.
“Yeah? Told you, you just need to show her love, it`ll feel nice.” You pinch his nose, he scrunches it, you lose it.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was about to leave the class when Mr. Lee stopped him.
“Mr. Jeon, can you please see me in my office after lunch?” Mr. Lee looks up from his laptop.
“Of course Sir.” Jungkook says, a little scared, what did he want? He didn’t even score bad in his subject, you were always on his tail to make him study while Haru was either with you or at the day care.
He didn’t feel like eating anything today but you came in like a gush of wind during the gap in your class and handed him your half eaten sub and a brownie you made last night. He ate it all just because you told him to.
His steps towards Mr. Lee`s office are slow, his nerves heightening with each passing moment. He could not afford trouble, not right now, his parents didn’t even know about Haru and if he gets in trouble in his studies, his Dad will flip out on him and it`ll not be pretty considering he`s never really happy with what Jungkook does. He knocks on the door, each knock hitting his heart.
“Come in.” comes the voice of Mr. Lee. Jungkook walks in slowly, adjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.
“Mr. Jeon, please take a seat.” Mr. Lee points at the seat in front of his desk. Jungkook sits.
“I`m sorry, I should’ve told you that it was nothing related to your studies that I wanted to discuss, my apologies if I caused any distress.” Mr. Lee chuckles, probably noticing Jungkook out of his skin. This calms down Jungkook down visibly.
“Oh no Sir, it`s completely fine.” He straightens up, clearing his throat. Mr. Lee nods understandingly.
“Mr. Jeon, I want to discuss something with you that is not about your studies or anything academic in fact. Please know that I want nothing but the best for you as your teacher, please don’t misunderstand my intentions.” Mr. Lee rests his elbows on the table. Jungkook quirks an eyebrow, confused as to what he has to say other than academics.
“I…understand Mr. Lee.” Jungkook shifts in his seat.
“Jungkook, I know that you have a daughter.” Mr. Lee lets out a breath. Jungkook looks at him thinking simply, So? What about it?
“I do...” Jungkook lingers, not really sure of where this was going.
“You`re young Mr. Jeon, full of dreams, aspirations and a child might tie you down with them.” As soon as the words leave his mouth, Jungkook frowns, completely missing the point of his teacher telling him all of this, yes he has missed few of his classes in the beginning of the semester because he had to go with you to the doctor for Haru`s monthly checkup. Whatever it was, Jungkook thought it was completely unnecessary, inappropriate even for him to tell him something like that.
“Mr. Lee, I don’t really understand what you mean.” Jungkook leans forward a little as if closing the distance between the two of them will make him understand what he was saying.
“I will say it again, please don’t misunderstand, you have a lot of potential, if not in studies, in your hobby, music, I`ve heard nothing but good things about your skills and having a child at this age will only limit your horizons, you will have to give up a lot of things for the sake of your child.” Mr. Lee said with an exhale, Jungkook couldn’t understand why that man was going in circles. He just gives him a questioning look, encouraging Mr. Lee to go on.
“Mr. Jeon…” Mr. Lee reaches out in the file in front of him, takes out a brochure, a purple and yellow shiny paper and slides it towards Jungkook.
“This is…an adoption brochure, I really hope you give this a chance and if this is not what you want to do, my brother…” he straightens up, his eyes waver when he looks at Jungkook, “My brother and his wife are also looking to adopt a child, they are good people Mr. Jeon, who really want to be parents, if you…”
“Mr. Lee, I don’t want to discuss this any further, this is my personal matter and I`m not looking for giving up my daughter for adoption, it never crossed my mind and it never will.” Jungkook gets up with a quick movement, the chair behind him lifting off of the ground, how can someone think he will give away his child?
“Jungkook, please don’t react like this, this is a normal thing that a lot of young parents do when they can`t handle a child on their own, a young child needs a stable home, two parents and a lot of financial support that a young and jobless father like yourself cannot afford to provide.” Mr. Lee walks over to Jungkook.
Jungkook feels his throat dry up, was he not good enough of a father for his own daughter? Was he not enough for anyone in his life? What is he? Is he nothing but a disappointment to everyone around him?
“Please think about it, I`m not forcing you or anything, it`s your choice at the end of the day Mr. Jeon.” Mr. Lee picks up the brochure and shoves it in the side pocket of Jungkook`s bag. Jungkook was so lost in his thoughts to stop him, was Mr. Lee right? Should he think about this? He never felt this way, he never really had to sacrifice anything because…you were there for both him and Haru, you never really made him feel that his life is over after Haru, he hasn’t really given up on anything because you are here with him on each step of this unexpected journey.
Tumblr media
Jungkook comes back home, his shoulders slumped, the conversation he had with Mr. Lee was draining, he didn’t like one bit of it, how dare someone from the outside tell him what to do with his child? His life? But he was sure Mr. Lee didn’t know about you. The true angel in his life, the one who has kept him in one piece. A small smile makes its way to his tired face when he hears you humming a Disney song in your room, Haru sitting on the pile of your clothes, fascinated by the colors as you fold them neatly, a video plays in the background on your phone.
“Oh, you`re home.” Your kind voice brings his attention to you; his eyes focus on your beaming face.
“Yeah, the last class got cancelled, good thing I will have some time before my gig tonight.” He rubs the back of his neck, walking forward to pick up Haru, he was so much better at this now, so much more comfortable.
“Yeah, that`s great, me and bambi also just came home like fifteen minutes ago.” You smile at the father-daughter duo.
“How was your day?” Jungkook asks, Mr. Lee made him realize one thing and that is that he never really takes care of you like you do. His heart weakens at this thought. You didn’t have to do anything you do for the two of them but you do without complaining or wanting anything in return.
“Just great, everything I submitted as my thesis entry?” you roll your eyes, Jungkook frown with a nod. “60% of it got rejected, gotta start over.” You whine, shoving some clothes in a bag.
“Oh no, that`s terrible.” Jungkook pouts; he knows how hard you worked on your research.
“I know!” you pout back, Jungkook`s heart lurches in his chest, you were the cutest, the baby blue sweater you were wearing made you looked so soft.
“But our Haru…” you clap. Our Haru? Jungkook blinks, was he reading too much between the lines. “…made lots of new friends at the new day care, I was worried all day that she might be crying her eyes out but no, she was fine, so happy, so happy that she didn’t want to leave.” You giggle, walking over to Jungkook who was holding Haru, who was busy playing with her father`s blue strands, the color entertaining to her.
“Right little nuggy.” You coo trying to bite her bare chubby arms, she squeals, it was your love language and the toddler lets you have your way with her with her happy squeals and sometimes a fist full of your hair to protest against your playful nips on her soft, doughy skin.
“That`s honestly a relief, grumpy Haru is not fun Haru.” Jungkook kisses her round cheeks making you coo at the sight, these two were adorable.
“Come on, let`s get changed and then eat.” You lean in to take Haru from his grasp but she squeals happily and hides her face in Jungkook`s neck, hiding away from you, her little hand waving “bye-bye” to you, she learned that from you, and now whenever you leave her at the daycare, she goes “bye-bye” with her little hand.
“I see how it is hm, you see daddy and all of a sudden bye bye y/n?” you try to tickle her, she squirms with a loud cry of joy, Jungkook giggles too.
“It`s okay bambi, you spend time with dada okay?” you hold Jungkook`s shoulders to bring him down a bit so you can press a smooch on the back of Haru`s head. “We all like him here, he`s nice.” You tease, turning to Jungkook.
“Just like? I`m the material for looooveee.” He sing songs and you laugh.
“Of course you are.” You shake your head. Of course he was.
You are on your way to the kitchen to heat the leftover pizza from last night for Jungkook and yourself, Haru is gonna have some mashed bananas. You see Jungkook`s bag on the ground, rolling your eyes you go to pick it up.
“This guy, who would believe he`s a father…” you shake your head and pick it up from the ground, a shiny, eye catching purple paper falls to the ground. You pick it up, your straighten the crumpled paper to see what it was, whether it was something important or just trash as Jungkook usually carries in his bag. Your heart jumps to your throat, hands feeling cold against the glossy paper in your hands. Adoption brochure in Jungkook`s bag? Is he thinking about putting Haru up for adoption? He can`t right? He didn’t even talk about it. Do you even have a say in this? She is his daughter after all.
“Y/n, Haru just went down, I`m sorry I know you said she had to eat something but I think she was tired…” you hear Jungkook behind you.
“What is this?” you turn towards him slowly, the hot tear that lands on your cheek lets you know that you had been crying. Jungkook looks at you a little confused and then his eyes land on the paper, the dreaded purple brochure, his throat constricts when he sees your tear filled eyes.
“It`s not what it looks like, I…” Jungkook strides towards you, his hand outstretched as if you were threatening to jump off a cliff, but he knew what it looked like, he knew what it meant for you to give Haru a somewhat normal family, a father, he knew how much even the sight of this paper tore you apart.
“Jungkook, please no, please, not her, she doesn’t deserve this, she deserves you, please…” you were crying now, the hand that was holding the paper shaking like a leaf in autumn.
“y/n…listen.” Jungkook chokes on the air he breathes, he knows he has triggered you, why didn’t he just throw the damn paper when he was coming home?
“Please…no…please, my bambi, she`s your daughter, please don’t leave her, I beg you…kook please.” Your vision is blinded by the tears that keep on forming in your eyes, your legs give up and you fall to your knees.
“Y/n!” Jungkook leaps in front of you on the ground. You are shaking at this point, was bambi not good enough for Jungkook like you weren’t enough for you father?
“I`ll take her huh? How about that? G-give her to me hm? Just d-don’t let h-her go like this Jungkook NO!” you shake his shoulders as if trying to bring him out of a trance.
“Okay, okay, ssh calm down precious.” He nods trying to calm you down. “Breathe please.” He can`t bear to look at your tear stained face.
“Jungkook why? Why all of a sudden? What happened? She`s such a calm soul, she never bothers us, she doesn’t…bother me, why?” Your eyes are frantic as you cry.
“It`s nothing, I swear, I will never give her away, y/n shh… calm down shh.” Jungkook`s bottom lip trembles as he holds you close, his warm hand covering your ice cold one, trying to pry away the brochure you caged tightly in your hand.
“Don’t give her away…” you hiccup. “She loves you, she likes her room please.” You hold his shoulders to support your falling frame, your limbs were weak, your breathing was irregular.
“Never! Listen to me! y/n!” he shakes your shoulders making you look up at him.
“I will never give her away, how can I? she`s not even mine to decide things for her, she`s yours, your bambi, remember silly girl?” he smiles a little at you.
“I`m just a biological parent y/n, you! you are the one who is always there for her, no one can take her away from you…from us.” He brushes your hair away, patting your head a little to smooth them on your head.
“Then this? What about this?” you sniffle, looking around for the brochure.
“This is bullshit, it`s nothing, trust me…do you trust me?” he wipes your tears with his sleeve. You nod.
“Good, that`s all I need.” He whispers, pulling you in for a hug, you pull him closer instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck, burying your face in his neck, releasing a relieved sigh into him.
“I`m sorry, I didn’t even listen to you.” you rub his shoulders.
“Hah, wouldn’t be the first time right?” he laughs earning pinch on his nape.
“Ow!” he yelps, shaking a little into the hug, shaking you with him.
“Jungkook?” you say softly, rubbing circles on his shoulder.
“Hm?” he hums, you feel the vibrations in your entire being.
“Just never give up on her please.” You sigh.
“I won`t, I promise.” He says, squeezing you a little tighter.
This kind of panic attacks were a common occurring in your childhood and Jungkook was there through all of them, the fear of someone leaving you, someone close to you just saying they want nothing to do with you one day, this fear, this sense of loss always rode your life, the only person who understood you through all of this, the one who knew what you were feeling, the one you could tell what you felt was Jungkook, it was him from day one, just like today, his steady heartbeat, sunshine smile and warm hands held you together. You know he thinks you`re something special and he tries to be like you but he doesn’t how much you would want to be like him, what you would give to be like him, free, happy, brave…Jeon Jungkook was perfect and you were not but you hope he doesn’t realize that, you hope he keeps on thinking you are perfect just for the sake of keeping him with you because who wants something broken in their life?
Tumblr media
It was a cozy Saturday night, nothing special was planned, Jungkook was also home, you two bought a new crib for Haru last week and it still wasn’t put together, still in a box in the corner of your living room, the little girl was getting big now, almost a year old at this point, she needed something spacious now.
“Bambi is down, snoring away in dreamland.” You plop on the couch next to Jungkook who is typing away on his laptop, he`s looking for a job these days, a stable job, this is his last semester and his grades are good enough to land him a good corporate internship.
“Hm, good.” You can tell he`s distracted and you don’t want to bother him further so you take your phone out and scroll through things like you usually did when there was nothing to do. After some time, you hear a sigh from your right.
“You good?” you ask softly. He nods, letting his body fall in your shoulder. “Just bored.” He sighs, you adjust your arm to snake it across his shoulders, he shifts closer, pulling you in with his arm around your stomach. Your hand automatically move to play with the strands of his hair.
“Your hair got longer.” You say as you twirl the curls on your fingers.
“Hm, didn’t have time to cut them plus Jimin said I should keep them, they give me the rockstar vibes you know.” He mumbles right above your chest and you chuckle, he feels the vibration against his ear.
“Single rockstar dad ready to take over hearts, drop panties and create chaos!” you announce dramatically. Jungkook giggles against your shoulder. “That`s your merch tagline, I`ll be happy to accept my commission.” You roll his earlobe between your thumb and index finger, he hums in content and you feel a smile pressed into you.
“Okay, you`ll get your commission, don’t worry.” He says diving further into your neck. He was clingier than usual today. You shake your head at the way his knee was pressing into your thigh or the way he was pressing you closer to him by his arm around you, the arm you have around his shoulders freezes but you try not to make it awkward and pat the side of his head.
“Are you going to sleep?” you rest your head on his, fingertips scratching his scalp.
“I will if you keep doing that” his words are slurred already as he sits up shaking his head.
“Come on, let`s put together that crib we bought.” He claps.
“Jungkook, I can do that myself, don’t worry, sleep if you want.” You tame his crazy hair.
“Oh I know you can do anything by yourself wonder woman, but please allow me to help you for once.” He smirks at you and you huff, of course he knows you cannot do it by yourself, if he wasn’t that apt in the brain department, you definitely needed his strength to move the huge box into Haru`s room, thankfully she was taking a nap in your room right now or else you would have to postpone this to tomorrow.
“Okay, let`s go, be ready for a lot of nagging though.” You point a finger at him and he raises his hands in surrender.
After he helped you with taking the huge box to Haru`s room, Jungkook went to the kitchen to pop open a bottle of wine, jogging back to the room. He clinks the two cups making your head turn towards the door.
“Really? Us two? Drinking wine? While trying to do something productive?” you put your hands on your waist.
“Let`s live on the edge y/n.” Jungkook wiggles his eyebrows and you shake your head. “Alright”
After three more cups of wine and hundred crib tutorial videos, you two still couldn’t figure it out, it wasn’t that hard you knew that but the little buzz from the wine was making you careless, a little giddy too. Your face felt hot.
“You really thought this was a good idea, didn’t you?” you chuckle lazily, resting your back against the box, your eyes focused on how the wine swirls inside your cup.
“I mean yeah…we both really don’t have time to go out and get shitfaced so I thought we should get lit tonight.” Jungkook sits next to you, the fluffy purple rug was soft and warm under your feet.
“You better hope bambi doesn’t wake up idiot, I already have a headache.” You rub your temples with the tip of your fingers.
“I`m so ashamed of myself, I used to feel nothing even I drink plain gasoline and now look at me, getting lit on cheap wine? Couldn’t be more dad than this.” He frowns, downing the rest of the wine. You laugh. “A dilf, if you will.”
“Dilf, y/n? are you trying to tell me something? Because you know you just have to ask.” He shoves your shoulder with his, you stumble a little.
“Yup yup, you`re a dad now, a single, sex deprived sleazy dad who hits on the babysitter.” You push him back to his place.
“Hey! I`m not.” He pouts. “You called me a dilf first.” He pinches your side making you yelp.
“That`s what a young, hot dad is known as these days grandpa.” You narrow your eyes at him.
“See? You`re calling me young and hot, what am I suppose to do?” he points at you accusingly.
“Keep it together lover boy, I think I might just let you go out tomorrow, let you live a little because goddamn you are losing your marbles.” You laugh, looking into his wide eyes.
“Meanieeeee.” He whines.
“No seriously kookie, you should not just abandon your previous life, Haru has me, don’t worry, you can really go out and have your fun, it`ll be good for you, you`ve been working so hard lately.” You take his cup from his hand placing it next to yours.
“So do you.” he mumbles.
“Uh yeah but my life has been like this since…forever, the most I miss out on is some shopping sprees with Dahyun and Mina and I don’t mind that at all. I`m never bored thanks to my little bambi.” You grin, head resting back on the box. You were really happy in life right now. Jungkook hums in response, he was familiar with you and what you liked and it was as you said... being a homebody.
“Oh” you jump when you remember something. “You had a Friday night gig yesterday right? How did it go? I`m so sorry I didn’t ask earlier.” You slap your forehead.
“It was good, they paid well too.” Jungkook plays with a stray string on the fluffy carpet.
“Wonderful.” You hum.
“Yeah, thank God I caught Jimin and the waitress making out under the bar before the manager did or else we`d be banned from every bar on that lane.” Jungkook chuckles deeply.
“Ah typical Jimin, wonder what that feels like.” You chuckle back half heartedly.
“You`ve never been kissed?” you feel him turn his head towards you, his voice just above a whisper.
“I was envious of how brave he is dummy.” You turn your face towards him. “and you were my first kiss.” Your heart breaks a little at the thought of him not remembering this information. Was it not that important for him? Was it that easy to forget that it was around Halloween and you two were in his mother`s closet to look for a long coat for you when it happened, the determination to learn how to kiss fueled that moment between you two as you two sat down on your knees by the cupboard, hands fidgeting in your laps, face flushed at the thought of doing something soooo scandalous. You cannot to this day forget how his lips looked in a small pout when he was going in for the kiss, eyes squeezed shut as his trembling cold hands held yours tightly almost crushing your fingers.
“In mom`s closet, yeah I remember.” He smiles as if reading your mind. You blink at him, he remembers? Of course he does, Jungkook remembers how you smelled that day, how your hair was all chalked and dried up because of the colored chalks you let him use on you, various colors on your head, to him they made you look like a fairy, a rainbow fairy. He remembers how soft your hands were, both your knees touching his, the small inhale of breath when your lips connected with his, he remembers it all. The kiss itself was probably the worst kiss in the history of kisses but the person he shared it with was special, so so special he can`t even put it into words.
“Yeah, I specifically remember how you almost jumped into my lap when you heard coco bang her paw against the door.” You shake your head with a laugh, remembering how Jungkook jumped out of his skin, he thought his mother caught you two red handed.
“I did not!” he huffs a loud breath.
“Hm sure sure, whatever you say.” You try not to laugh.
“And I remember how you ran away from Jaebeom after he tried to kiss you. what was it again? Ohhh…” he cackles, turning his body towards you completely.
“Don’t you dare…” you warn him.
“Jungkook Jungkook!!” he imitates your voice. “Jaebeom tried to put his tongue in my mouth, I ran away!” he goes on in a shrill girly voice that is supposed to be yours.
“I didn’t know asshole and don’t try and act all cool now, do you remember what you said in return?” you slap his chest.
“Y/n oh no, let`s go home, I have a mouth wash that kills 99.99% germs.” You deepen your voice and widen your shoulders dramatically.
“Is this supposed to be me?” he frowns but is clearly amused.
“Yes who else, you troll.” You deflate.
“God, we both were such idiots.” He rubs his eyes with his fingers, letting out a sigh.
“You still are.” You mumble.
“My kissing game is ace now honey.” Jungkook grins and you don’t have to look at him to know he`s sporting that cocky smirk.
“Good to know, keep it up, I`m sending you out tomorrow remember.” You brush your hair back.
“What about you?” he asks all of a sudden. Your eyes open as you frown at him in confusion.
“what about me?” you parrot back.
“Do you still not like tongues in your mouth?” he looks straight, not even sparing you a glance.
“Umm…no…tongues are good…tongues are fine…now” You ramble, your head spinning at the question alone.
“good, nice nice.” He nods equally nervous of the whole conversation. Why the fuck did he ask that? You nod back, straightening up a bit.
“So do you like…talk to…boys?” he asks a little hesitant, round eyes taking one look at your flushed face and then going back to busy himself in playing with the rug. What was he implying? You found it too cute how he wanted to ask if you were having sex or not.
“Um not…really.” You thank god your hair covered the side of your face from him.
“I see.” He hums. “but do you um like…uhh…” he clears his throat. “…do it yourself.” You whisper and you inhale air too quickly than you should have making you cough. Wow this escalated quickly.
“Jungkook!” you gasp.
“What? I`m just asking as your best friend, I care about you plus I know a very good toy site, you can order…” Jungkook shrugs his shoulders.
“Jungkook” you laugh lazily. What was he even saying? “Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it.” You can`t believe what just happened. He doesn’t speak after this and so do you.
“So you use hands or toys, showerhead?” he asks and you whine.
“Stop thinking about it!” you groan.
“I`m just curious.” He whispers, why is your best friend curious about what you get up to? What is this? Was there something in the wine?
“Showerhead.” You find yourself whispering. “Fingers are too small.” You don’t know how you gather the courage to look at him, but the way he looks at you makes you want to hide inside the box behind you. his eyes are hooded and dark, coral lips parted as he gulps after your words.
“Yeah?” he hums taking your hand in his; you feel a literal spark igniting in your spine. “They are pretty small, I bet they`ll feel great on me.” He says more to himself than to you as he examines your significantly smaller hand in his huge one, your fingers twitch in his grasp. Your heart threatens to overheat by beating twenty beats at a time, your throat feels dry.
“You want me to have fun doll?” Jungkook makes you face him, brushing your hair away from your face. You nod.
“I want the same for you.” he husks near your face. “Why don’t we help each other out a little huh?” his thumb caresses your jaw.
“Are you drunk?” his thumb runs over your bottom lip. You shake your head a little. How can you be drunk after all of this? Jungkook pushed his digit inside your mouth; the hot feeling of your mouth makes him suck in a sharp breath. You looked so good right now, so innocent, clueless as you look at him with your pretty eyes. He retrieves his thumb from your mouth with a pop. You were disappointed to say the least. You are struck with lightening when you feel his fingers play with the waist band of your sweatpants, you look down and then up at him.
“This okay?” he husks, his forehead is pressed against your temple, he smells so good, the breath that fans over your face smells like wine. What do you say to this? Yes you want this; yes you want him, but what about the effects of this whole thing on your years long friendship? You can`t just brush it off like nothing happened in the morning. Jungkook said it was fun, just fun but that was not what it was for you and you knew it would hurt. He stretches the band a little and lets it go to slap back on your stomach lightly, bringing you back to him as you blurt a yes.
In a flash, he`s yanking down the sweatpants down your legs, leaving you in nothing but a flimsy black underwear and a tee shirt. His hands feel so soft, so comforting and warm on your shaking legs as he rubs them up and down.
“Good girl.” He spreads your legs; something stirs in your stomach at the term of endearment. You let him do what he wants to you and soon he`s pushing you back into the rug with a hand on your stomach, he settles himself between your legs, your legs on either side of him as he lowers himself towards you.
“Is it too late to make up for that shitty kiss?” he says so close to your lips that you can practically taste his breath making your breath hitch in the back of your throat, this time was definitely different than the last time you had him this close to you, he was far more confident, determined and zeroed in on you that it made you shudder. His hand brushes against your cheek.
“Baby, use your words please, I need to hear you.” his thumb is feathery on the apple of your cheek, his eyes focused on you, big and sparkly.
“No” you muster up the courage to whisper, “It`s not too late.” You hold his cheeks with both your hands, he wastes no time in connecting his lips with yours, a mutual sigh is shared between you two at the contact. Your eyelashes flutter at the overwhelming feeling of his soft lips moving against yours, you don’t know about you but he was definitely not lying about his kissing game being strong now, one of his hand is besides your head, the other is holding your leg up from the underside of your knee bending it to have more access to you and honestly that`s the only way you feel you are staying on the ground because otherwise the way he is licking into your mouth is enough to set your feet off the ground into the air, his tongue is hot in your mouth as it tangles with yours. You moan into his mouth when bites down on your tongue, the move was sensual, dirty and it almost drove you crazy, he moans back, a whiny, desperate sound as if to reciprocate yours, the hand close to your head tangles in your hair fisting them as if you will disappear under him. You were running out of breath and he was getting wilder with each second. You break the kiss, a coward move, who needs air? You wished you hadn’t seen that sight, his eyes almost closed, lips cherried and a thin string of saliva connecting your lips with his glossy ones was enough to turn you into a madwoman, this was too much, this kiss was a thousand times better than your first one but it was ten thousand times more deadly. He takes one look at your (most probably crazy) state, the way your hair is a mess creating non perfect halo around you, the way your lips are swollen and blood red right now, he hasn’t seen this before, the way your chest heaves up and down as you breathe, the way your eyes are set on fire, your soft hand on his cheek, an audible sigh is released into the air when your fingers caress the hair on his nape. He jumps up, leaving you on the ground, suddenly you feel cold, naked and insecure under his gaze. Did you do something wrong? Did he realize you two shouldn’t be doing this? Yes, yes he did, of course he did, you should’ve just said no when you had the chance to save yourself this embarrassment. You get up, supporting your weight on your hands as you look at him with wide eyes. Jungkook moves to settle himself behind you, his back against the box, yours against him when he pulls you against him with a swift movement, the jolt knocking the air out of you, the air you were exhaling felt solid and the one you were inhaling was nonexistent at this point. His slender fingers lift up your shirt revealing the lace of your black panties to his eyes.
“These have to go.” His fingers skim over your mound making you sigh, your head thrown back against his shoulder when he presses his palm over it harder, your breathing stutters.
“Please…Jungkook…” your eyes threaten to roll back into your head when he starts rubbing his middle finger over your clit, his fingers hook into your panties, you lift up your ass from the carpet to help him take it off.
“Sweetheart, can you help me take them off?” he mumbles against the skin of your cheek, you nod eagerly, hunching forward to yank the flimsy material off your legs,  huge hand lands on your breast bringing you back into him, kneading the flesh over the soft shirt, your head falls forward, hair falling like a waterfall, legs twitching, one hand is rubbing torturously slow circles on your pussy, one hand pushing you back into him by your breast.
“You`re dripping already beautiful, I can understand, it`s been too long, it`s okay I won`t make your life a living hell over this, I promise.” He lets out a deep husky laugh against your ear before biting down on it hard.
“S-shut up.” You sigh; your hands are clutching his thighs.
“Uh-huh precious baby, it`s time for you to shut up and enjoy for once.” He lifts up your shirt to reveal the smooth expanse of your stomach, holding the hem to your mouth tapping your lips softly once which makes you clutch the cloth between your teeth.
“Can you relax for me and enjoy your time hmm?” his fingers yank the loose shirt down your shoulder pressing open mouth kisses on the skin, sucking on your shoulder. You nod. “Yes.”
“Good girl, I always knew you could listen.” Large hands hook under your knees to hook your legs over his in a way that when he spreads his legs your legs open wider. Your back slides a little lower against his chest, your legs adjust just above his knees giving him and the cold air the perfect access to your pussy. You shudder when he runs his fingers over your folds, spreading them with two fingers, dipping the middle one into your seeping hole.
“Huhh-ahhh” you whine at the weird stretch, your eyes almost closed as you look up at him, head pressed into his chest.
“I know, I know baby, it`ll be real good soon.” He says through clenched teeth, already lost in the way how you struggle with just one finger.
“Kook…hmm” you bottom lip trembles, teeth clenching harder on the hem of your shirt in your mouth when he starts pumping his finger inside you bringing it back to slick your clit, rubbing circles around it as if he wants to avoid it just right now.
“Relax, huh baby.” Your sodden lips flutter against his finger when you feel his free hand on your naval, rubbing soothing circles into your skin easing you further into him stopping your squirming.
“Gonna add the second one now okay?” he bends his legs, bending your body in half when your legs go up with his.
“Ohhh, unnghhh!” you rasp when he puts his ring finger inside your hole with his middle one.
“How does it feel princess?” Jungkook presses the sweetest little kisses on the side of your neck to distract you from the even weirder stretch now.
“G-good so…ahh…good.” Your moans are muffled against the cloth in your mouth when he speeds up, the heel of his palm adding the perfect friction on your clit.
“Good? It shouldn’t just be good pretty baby, it should be great, the greatest only for you.” Jungkook almost whines when you back into his dick, he quickly adjusts your legs on his thighs.
“J-jungkook.” You`re intoxicated, the wine was nothing compared to this. Your head falls forward again when his fingers get knuckles deep into you. A hand snakes around your neck, his thumb pressing deliciously into your pulse as he makes you look up, the shirt falls from your mouth and rests just below your chest.
“Eyes on your pretty little pussy while I fuck it, got it?” he kisses your side burn, your fingers claw the fabric of his sweatpants, legs threatening to close but the way they are hooked on his don’t let you have much of a choice other than to keep them wide open like they already are.
“Look how good it looks with my fingers stuffed in it.” He licks your cheek and you whine looking down at your pussy dripping down his knuckles, the wet squelch making you clench around his fingers more.
“See? How good fingers can feel when they are long?” he moans against your nape, his eyes on your center and then on your stomach and how the muscles in it are tense.
“Can you feel how deep I am gorgeous?” he hooks his fingers inside you making you scream, the hand around your neck stops you from toppling forward.
“unnhhhh” you cry out lazily “yes so deep.” You slur, the pleasure was so overwhelming that you want to rip your hair out, instead you settle on squeezing your boob, the other hand clawing on Jungkook`s thigh as he brings you closer and closer to your destination.
“A pussy like this deserves so much more than this…oh fuck!” Jungkook groans when you reach out your hand behind you to tangle your fingers in his hair, yanking at the blue locks.
“It deserves to be fucked daily, licked 24/7, so wet, so tight.” He moans along with you, his hair falling into his eyes, lip caught between his teeth as he finger fucks you like his life depends on it, thumb rubbing frantically on your clit, the hand on your neck loosens its grip to turn your head by your jaw, hungry mouth finds you lips in an urgent kiss making you squeal in the kiss when he traces his tongue on your lips, biting down on the bottom lip he connects your forehead with his, fingers not stopping scissoring into you.
“I…I`m…” you breathe into his mouth.
“Go on.” He pecks your lips sweetly, big eyes focused on how your face contorts with pleasure, how you bite your lip and how your eyes flutter as you come with a scream of his name, falling limp against him, your legs dangle dead from his legs as you try to calm your heart, breathing his calming scent in as he brushes your hair away from your face with his feathery touch.
“Want to…suck your dick.” You babble, still drunk on your orgasm.
“It was all about you pretty, you don’t need to do a thing.” He kisses the crown of your head melting you further into him. You stay against his chest when he unhooks your legs from his, rubbing them soothingly and straightens your shirt. Just on cue, you hear Haru`s soft cries, you stir against him.
“Relax, I`ll take care of her.” Jungkook whispers as he makes you sit by yourself, quickly jumping to his feet.
“Let`s take care of the big baby first, come on.” He easily lifts you off the ground, scooping you in his arms. Your hands immediately hold him for support.
“It`s okay though, I would`ve came around when alive again.” You mumble into his neck and he chuckles.
“Nope and we`re going to your room anyways, so hold on tight or else I might drop your ass.” He gives you a little fright when he wiggles you to the ground a little, you shriek circling your arms around his neck quickly.
“Don’t you dare asshole, now hurry up bambi`s crying.” You cling to him tightly.
“Yes ma`am.” He laughs.
You were glad that the next morning you didn’t have work or a thesis meeting with your instructor, you just wanted to stay home even if you didn’t sleep in, Jungkook on the other hand had to take a class and then he had an interview.
“Good morning.” Jungkook`s lips stretch into a smile when he watches you stand all quiet by the kitchen door.
“Morning” you mumble, your face was probably getting red with each second, last night, hm well, last night was unlike any other night with Jungkook, you were…shy about it, scared of it, what if he regrets it, what if things change, the other part of you was scolding you for thinking all that it was making you remember how into it was Jungkook, his little noises, the pleasure he felt when he pleasured you was creating whirlpools in your stomach, your legs hooked on his, his hand all over your body, choking you at one point….
“Y/n?” the close proximity of Jungkook`s voice shakes you physically out of your daydream.
“Yes.” You blurt out. He sighs towering over you.
“I know how pessimist this little brain is.” He pokes your forehead gently making you roll your eyes, he knew you. “So whatever negative thought you are cooking up in there, needs to be kicked out.” He ruffles your hair. You nod slowly.
“I made you breakfast, eat and relax, I`ll check on bambi.” He pinches your cheek with the sweetest smile on his gorgeous face, the one that makes his nose scrunch and eyes squint.
“Okay” your heart flutters at the gesture.
Jungkook was okay, everything was okay it always was, you`re just the biggest idiot to ever grace this planet, why did you make it awkward? It was alright, he just told you, you could’ve known this yourself. You mentally scold yourself as you shove the fruit Jungkook cut for you in your mouth, the pancakes looked delicious and….a perfect round this time. You giggle at how many distorted ones he would’ve eaten to give you these perfect round ones.
“Wanna see y/n hm? I know you do.” You hear Jungkook`s voice coming closer to the kitchen as he strolls in with Haru in his arms. Haru immediately screeches when she spots you on the stool.
“Good Morning bambi!” you sing song in a baby voice that you use with her most of the time. She jumps in her father`s arms at that, reaching out for you.
“Hey, I just changed your diaper, don’t be too excited to see her at least.” Jungkook pouts, nudging his nose against Haru`s cheek. You laugh. Haru on the other hand was not very appreciative of the delay in meeting you so she whines loudly, grabbing a handful of Jungkook`s hair, giving it a yank.
“Ah, owowowow!!” Jungkook yelps in pain as Haru yanks his hair, squealing and giggling at his reactions. You jump off the table to help him, unable to contain your laugh.
“Bambi, leave dada`s hair please baby.” You say in between your fits of laughter.
“Booboo” Haru`s eyes shine when she looks at you. booboo is something she calls you, it was silly you liked it.
“Please bambi, yes come to booboo.” You reach out for her and she immediately releases Jungkook`s hair, jumping over to you.
“That was a tight grip little lady.” Jungkook winces massaging his scalp, Haru obviously doesn’t care nor understands and clings to your neck, resting her head on your shoulder after her active morning.
“Good job” you whisper loud enough for Jungkook to hear, kissing Haru`s shoulder. Jungkook huffs, a cute frown on his lips and forehead.
“I have to go but don’t think I`ll forget this, ever!” Jungkook shoves your shoulder a little, the pout still intact on his lips. You stick your tongue out at him.
“Bye bambi, have a good day.” He kisses the back of her head, she acknowledges him with a happy babble. You were too busy looking at them that you didn’t saw the sweet kiss coming until it was placed on your lips making your breath hitch, eyes wide open when he pulls back.
“Never let your guard down.” He winks with a lopsided grin, you are too gone to answer,your lips were tingling with the feeling of his lips. “You have the greatest day and think about me okay?” His thumb brushes your chin, you nod in a trance making him laugh.
If you said that the days after the two of you fooled around were the best days of your life, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. Jungkook was different, he was looking at you different,now like a predator looks at its prey and now every time Haru takes a nap you know what your engagements would be, it`s either quickies before he has to go to work or in between your breaks from your research, questioning this arrangement was the last thing on your mind when you bury your heels in Jungkook`s spine as he licks your pussy, plump cherry lips wrapped around your clit sucking with a passion, the only thing you can think during that is how you can give him more access to your pussy or sync your grinds against his face with the way his tongue glides up and down between your slit, the way he teases your clit by circling his hot muscle around it without touching has you crying into your palm to which you receive breathy chuckle against your needy pussy even the puff of his breath enough to push you over the edge, he yanks your hand that is pressed tightly on your mouth and intertwines his fingers placing the laced hands on your stomach, you lift your head to look at him, big mistake! You realize the moment you see him spit a glob of his spit on your clit, you wince with a pathetic whimper and watch him dive back in your pussy, his piercing eyes on you, you thought you were strong enough to maintain that eye contact but you were wrong, your head falls back into the couch with a shameless moan.
“Come on pretty girl, this time you`re gonna make yourself come by just getting your clit sucked, I will only stuff you with my cock today, no fingers.” He says into your sodden lips before enveloping your engorged clit into his hot mouth again. You grind yourself against his mouth.
“Yes, yes just like that, make yourself come all over my mouth doll.” His words are slurred against your pussy and before you know it you are unraveling against his mouth with an animalistic moan, tears streaming down your face making you sniffle. Jungkook doesn’t wastes his time in manhandling you until you are sitting on his lap, back facing him, a whimper leaves your mouth when he slaps your ass and then soothing the disturbed skin with the flat of his palm. Your body is lifeless from the shocks of your first orgasm, pussy still tingling from his loving assault on it.
“Lift your arms up baby.” He kisses your cheek from behind and you lazily oblige, he yanks the shirt over your head, the bra follows soon after.
“You too, wanna feel you.” you cry when he rolls your nipples between his fingers.
“Okay.” He presses kisses along your shoulder before peeling his hoodie off of him, the warm, soft skin felt heavenly against your back. Jungkook holds you with one hand and loosens his sweatpants with the other enough to spring his cock free.
“Can`t wait to be inside you.” he throws his head, pumping himself to get ready for you, you shudder every time the tip touches your ass cheek.
“But we did it this morning before your work” You whisper.
“I know, couldn’t even think s-straight the whole day, was hard the whole day.” The hand on your breast squeezes the flesh in his hands making you whine. “So soft oh god!”
“Yeah you like knowing that you make me hard during work, I know you do.” He chuckles, positioning himself at the entrance of your dripping quivering pussy, your knees dig into the couch on either side of his knees, spreading your legs farther to accommodate him. Your breath hitches audibly when he pushes himself in you, one hand digging into your hip now, the other on your breast kneading and squeezing the soft flesh in his tattooed hand.
“Ohhh…” you arch your back, head thrown back enough to land on his shoulder as he keeps you in place.
“I love this oh fuck I love this pussy.” He moans biting down on your shoulder. “so fucking good, tight, warm…oh fucking great.” He ruts his hips into you, hand snaking around your belly to keep you on him without slipping off, the other switching to the other boob. You cry out in pleasure leaning back on his shoulder, back arched, hands pressed on his thighs; he makes you bounce on his cock with each thrust.
“Jungkook…oh fuck yes!” you clench your teeth.
“How does it…feel mhmm…fuck!” he shakes his head like a crazed bull, you were so tight around him, the hand on your boob moves up to snake around your neck to pull you closer, the back of your head touching his shoulder, the angel arching your back more, making the strokes deeper hitting the spot each time.
“Good…so fucking good!” you manage to choke out in between sobs and hisses.
“Oh God you`re dripping…you`re so messy…you like being messy doll?” he says ramming his cock into your dripping hole, your juices leaking around it. You nod with a chocked moan. “y-yes….ahhuhhhggg!!!” you sob, under his mercy.
“I can feel you…getting tighter, are you gonna come for me already?” he hums against the back of your shoulder, his speed not wavering as he makes you take his cock, the hand around your waist dips lower to rub your clit roughly. Your whole body twitches at that in attempts to get away from the delicious assault, your core was extra sensitive.
“Take it!” he hisses, the hold around your neck tightens a bit. “Take it like a good girl, I know you can.” He coos against your ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth, fingers flicking your sensitive button like there`s no tomorrow.
“Uhhhhhhnnn!!” you whine, hands clutching his thighs.
“Let go…” he presses his forehead against your shoulder, hips snapping up into you. after a couple more thrusts and frantic rubs on your clit, you come with a wail, he holds you against him to chase his high, a cry leaves your mouth each time he rams into you until he`s relieves himself. Jungkook leans back into the couch taking you with him, rubbing your stomach soothingly as your breathing calms down, he presses soft little kisses along your shoulder and neck.
“Too much?” he husks, voice still deep and husky from his orgasm.
“Loved it.” You shake your head against his shoulder.
“Come on, I`ll run us a bath.” His fingers tap lightly against your stomach. That moment, that moment was heaven for you.
Tumblr media
It is a Sunday morning, a lazy one, the one where you just lay on the couch and watch TV, Jungkook was in the shower, Haru was sitting next to you on the couch, playing with her smurfs plushies. You smile looking at her, her hair were getting longer, she was getting bigger and more and more aware of her surroundings, still the same angel as before though. Her pout looked identical to Jungkook`s when she concentrated on toys, trying to play, making whatever scenarios her little brain is able to make. The door bell dings making you turn your head towards the door instinctively.
“I`m going to open the door okay bambi, be good.” You pick her up and place her on the carpet next to the couch so that she doesn’t fall when you`ll be gone. You walk over to the door opening it without a care but the sight in front of you kicks you in the stomach, your legs shake immediately.
“Surprise!” three voices say in unison, you forget to breathe.
“See I told you she would be super surprised to see us all of a sudden.” Your mother leaps forward with a huge smile on her face as she squishes you into a hug.
“Mom…” your voice shakes a bit when you choke out.
“It`s so great to see you after almost a year.” Mrs. Jeon comes forward and takes her turn in squeezing you.
“Hey kiddo!” Mr. Jeon pats your head.
“What a…pleasant surprise.” You manage to croak, in any other circumstances this is the ultimate surprise, of course you were happy to see your family but what about Haru who`s playing in the living room, Jungkook, Jungkook? He doesn’t even know. His parents don’t know any of this. What is going to happen? Your nerves kick in.
“The house looks like a place humans would live in.” Mr. Jeon chuckles looking around.
“It`s all because of y/n of course, if it was just Jungkook living here…” Mrs. Jeon jokes.
“No actually, Jungkook is a clean freak now, he can`t stand anything dusty.” You nervously laugh, not forgetting to defend Jungkook even in this situation.
“Wow, that`s a surprise, a pleasant one of course.” Mr. Jeon raises his bushy eyebrows.
“You two completely forgot your old parents so we decided to come ourselves to see you, we`ve missing you two troublemakers.” Your mother side hugs you, you were slightly taller than her.
“I`m so happy to see you.” you kiss her forehead. Haru`s babbles are heard the more you all near the living room. Mrs. Jeon gasps when her eyes land on the little girl playing with the toys. She strides towards her with a big smile, lifting her off the ground into her arms.
“Oh my my, look at this beautiful girl.” She coos, Haru on the other hand is petrified of this complete stranger holding her, she looks over at you with her button eyes, her bottom lip trembles before she starts bawling.
“Oh no no no, booboo is here, sshh.” You run towards her, taking her from Mrs. Jeon`s arms.
“Are you taking babysitting jobs y/n?” your mother smiles at the little girl who has wrapped her tiny arms around your neck, her face tucked into your neck as you rub her back to calm her down. You just look at the three of them, how do you tell them? Is this even your place to tell them?
“She seems so fond of you.” Mrs. Jeon smiles at you.
“y/n, whose child is this?” Mr. Jeon says something for the first time he enters the living room, his eyes are sharp on you, out of instinct you hold Haru a little closer.
“Mom, Dad, mom!” Jungkook`s voice rings in your ears and you feel as if you are able to breathe again. You feel his presence near you as he leaps to hug his two moms, he has always called your mom- mom, earning few coos and “oh you got skinny” typical mom talk from them, you couldn’t bring yourself to say something and pull his leg like you always did in these situations because you were scared to death right now. He hugs his dad too, earning a few hard taps on his back that`ll surely rearrange the position of one`s lungs. That was Mr. Jeon`s way of greeting his son.
“We were just talking to the little princess here.” His mother coos again. “Do you even help y/n around the house; look at her taking babysitting jobs and all that”
“This is not a babysitting job.” Jungkook says simply and your heart skips a beat, you didn’t expect him to be this forward but Jungkook knew that there was no point in dragging this any longer, he was tired of living in constant fear of how he would break this news to his parents. In this moment he really said “Fuck it” and just hoped for the best. You look at the moms, their smiles fading a little bit at that, Mr. Jeon was now also looking at Jungkook.
”She`s mine.” He says and your neck snaps towards him, he looked determined, unafraid and stern when he uttered those words, you were proud of him for that and you would’ve expressed it too if your legs weren’t shaking right now.
“What do you mean she`s yours?” Mrs. Jeon`s mellow voice says a little shocked more like confused  then she gasps looking between the two of you.
“You…y/n, is she….” She tries to connect the dots which were not even there.
“No, Mrs. Jeon, she…Haru is Jungkook`s daughter.” You interrupt her before she gets any more ideas.
“Who is the mother?” she asks, looking at Jungkook.
“She left her in the hospital when she was just a few months old.” Jungkook says, his voice doesn’t waver.
“Oh dear God Jungkook.” Mrs. Jeon practically falls on the couch, clutching her head in her hands as she sobs softly.
“Y/n, and you didn’t tell us too?” your mom sits next to Mrs. Jeon, rubbing her back.
“Mom…I…she`s his child, we should just acce…” you start rocking Haru gently against your shoulder.
“Never! She`s no one to us, how can we accept just anyone into our family?” Mr. Jeon barges in the conversation.
“You accepted me…my mother into your family.” You tear up and watch Mr. Jeon freeze at your words.
“I was a stranger Mr. Jeon, but she…she is your blood, please don’t do this to her.” You go near him, Haru clinging to your neck.
“Please…choose love, this little angel... just needs your love, that`s it.” You put your hand on his shoulder, hoping that he would understand what you were trying to say instead he flinches back and storms outside the house, slamming the door on his way out. Haru flinches, softly cries against your shoulder at the loud sound.
“Ssshh bambi, I`m here.” You rub the back of her head. You turn to see Mrs. Jeon and your mom behind you.
“Jungkook what have you done?” Mrs. Jeon tears up again punching his chest lightly.
“I`m sorry mom, but it is the truth, the biggest truth of my life, I am a father now and nothing can change this fact.” He sniffles, finally breaking down in front of his mother; she engulfs him in a hug, Jungkook sobs in her neck, he just couldn’t be weak in front of his father because he thinks that`s what he thinks of him anyways, Haru hears Jungkook`s sobs and starts crying too.
“Jungkook…” you say softly and he breaks away from his mother, taking Haru from your arms.
“Dada” she puts her small hands on his tear stricken cheeks and he sniffles.
“It`s okay…dada is okay.” He says holding her close to him and that seems to do the trick, calming the little girl.
“She looks a lot like you.” His mother states the obvious, a small smile creeping up on her face as she watches her son and his daughter in front of her.
“Yeah, y/n says so too.” Jungkook smiles through the tears. His mother tucks herself under his arm smiling with her eyes closed, she looked content, he shifts Haru on one arm and opens one arm for your mother, she gladly takes the other side smiling through the tears.
“I hope she`s not entirely like you.” your mom jokes pinching his cheek.
“Mooommm!” he whines softly before laughing a little, you watch them with a soft smile.
“Thank you y/n…thank you for being there for my crazy son through all of this.” Mrs. Jeon turns her attention towards you.
“You don’t need to thank me Mrs. Jeon, I love Haru more than anything in my life, she makes me happy, she`s for me in a way.” You try to widen your arms enough to engulf all three of them in a hug, Haru definitely enjoying the attention. They all giggle at your attempt to hug them all, your face pressed into Haru`s back.
“Jungkook can you please put Haru down for a nap? She gets grumpy in five minutes I`m warning you.” you chuckle.
“Of course.” He smiles.
“And I will try and talk to Mr. Jeon.” You press your lips together, gesturing towards the door.
“Y/n you don’t have to, he`s never gonna accept something related to me and I can live with that now.” Jungkook looks bitter when he says those words but you know deep down he wants his father around, he wants him to be happy and accepting of his daughter.
“I need to try, our bambi needs her grandfather hmm?” you smile, rubbing his bicep, he nods.
The cold air was not too hard on your face when you got out of the house, Mr. Jeon should be around here somewhere, you hope he is because where would he go? He is not from around here. You walk down the street to see Mr. Jeon holding onto a pole, his back turned towards you.
“Can I talk to you for a second?” you ask softly.
“Always but not if you`re here as Jungkook`s lawyer.” He says, his back still turned towards you.
“Who would want to be his lawyer? I`ll definitely loose, he`s hopeless.” You joke and Mr. Jeon lets out a hearty chuckle. If you weren’t so traumatized by the word “Dad” you would definitely call him dad, Mr. Jeon restored your faith in men, in fathers, he showed you that you were good enough for a family, a home. He loved you unconditionally as a father and you were beyond thankful for it. Your heart ached when you saw a flash of fear and disappointment in his eyes earlier before he stormed out of the house.
“He`s so young y/n and maybe that wouldn’t even be the problem if it was someone else but it`s Jungkook, the same Jungkook that still needs you to function properly in his daily life, how would he raise a child?” He says after a pause, turning towards you, his eyes were soft when he talked to you, you were the daughter he never had.
“I know and I agree, he still sometimes wears different socks to office.” You smile at him and he shakes his head. “But he really loves Haru Mr. Jeon, I know how he deals with her, maybe he wants to get babied by all of us but he is the perfect father to Haru, he didn’t back away from her Mr. Jeon, he accepted her with all his heart and he chooses her every day.” You feel your eyes tingle with tears, you knew one thing and that was Jungkook`s love for his child.
“Y/n…” Mr. Jeon starts, his eyes also glossy.
“Please this is not the person I know, you are an example for how to accept people in your life and I was not even blood, she is your own family Mr. Jeon, you are her family please don’t do this to her, she doesn’t even understand all of this.” You hold both of his hands in yours. “Please.” You whisper. Mr. Jeon sighs.
“Okay.” He says slowly and your face lights up.
“Really?” you beam and he nods with a smile.
“Only because you have faith in my idiot of a son.” He smiles down at you.
“Thank you thank you thank you!” you hug him immediately and he lets out another hearty dad chuckle.
The rest of the day went by so quickly because of how happy everyone was, Haru loved her grandmothers, she played with them like the polite sweet little girl she is, even Mr. Jeon and Jungkook were on their best behaviors, talking about each other`s works and Jungkook even discussed getting a new car with his dad, asking for his opinion on which car to get. The house felt empty and dead when they all left, Haru was so tired and whiny by the end of the evening that you had to put her to bed early and now you were helping Jungkook with the dishes, he was washing them and you were drying them.
“Careful with that glass container, it`s your mom`s.” you remind him for the third time.
“Stop it or you will seriously jinx it and I`ll end up breaking it.” He whines carefully picking up the container from the soapy water to wash it properly.
“Then be ready for what`s gonna come your way.” You shrug your shoulder, focusing on drying up the dishes he washed already.
“Thank you for today, my heart is full with nothing but warmth and satisfaction knowing that my family knows about my family, and it`s all thanks to you.” he says looking at you with his soft lazy gaze.
“I don’t even know why we were so scared, it`s our family hello? We know these people and how accepting and loving they are.” You laugh at the whole situation, well now you can as it was all settled.
“Mom and mom yeah I can agree but dad only came back because you talked to him, just accept my gratitude you little shit.” Jungkook groans making you laugh.
“Okay okay, no problem, anytime, hm? Happy?” you roll your eyes. He dives in with the speed of lightening taking your lips with his in a deep kiss, the more he licks into your mouth the more your afraid the plate in your hand will fall, he retreats with a loud pop that echoes in the kitchen.
“Very” he bites down on his bottom lip looking down at you. both of you going back to doing what you were doing like nothing happened.
“You should go sleep, aren’t you gonna wake up early in the morning?” he says after few moments.
“No actually, all my work can be done from home now.” You put the dish down and look at him.
“My thesis advisor recommended to complete the rest of my research from other universities around the world, it`ll really diversify my study.” You say, watching Jungkook listen with great concentration.
“That`s great, are you planning on taking up the offer?” he asks, his attention on you.
“I don’t know kook, I`ve…I`ve never been away from home, from you and now Haru…I don’t know what I feel about this.” You sigh, a small frown on your forehead.
“Hey, you don’t need to worry about anything, this is a great opportunity for you and I think you should experience something out of the box for a change y/n, I say go for it!” he dries his hands with a napkin. You nod, he was right and it was just four months, six at most.
“Haru and I will be right here waiting for you to come back.” He smiles down at you, squeezing your shoulders into a hug.
“You`re right, I`m just a big baby.” You laugh against his chest.
“Yeah, a cry baby.” His voice was suggestive and you knew what he was hinting at, your suspicions solidify when he slaps your ass bucking you into him.
“Stop, leave me alone!” you whine, your arms squeezing tight around him making him chuckle. “Okay” he hums, still holding you close.
Tumblr media
Everything seemed to be going really well, a little too well for you and Jungkook, he had a job now and didn’t even had to completely say goodbye to his hobby, singing made him happy and you were glad he still got to do that sometimes on the weekend with his friends, sometimes watching him juggle work, hobbies, you and Haru made you laugh internally. Was he the same Jungkook? The same crying and whining little kid who you met because he had scraped his knee on the sidewalk. He was a changed man now and you were glad for him, happy to have witness this growth.
You were walking back from the little café just few blocks away from your house where you met up with Namjoon, a fellow student who was also advised to take his research internationally, it was nice knowing someone who was in the same boat as you, had the same work field as you, thought almost like you and he was nice too, discussions with him always led to a point which helped you in your work, he was a gem of a friend you made after Jungkook. Jungkook? Was he your friend anymore? Friends don’t fuck each other`s brains out every chance they get, do they? friends don’t randomly just join friends in shower, hold them close and then crowd them against the wall to fuck them senseless, friends don’t kiss at random unnecessary moments, they just don’t, that`s not friendship. What worried you the most was Jungkook`s lack of interest in acknowledging this situation, maybe he was thinking about it just like you are and you didn’t even talk to him so you can`t really blame him for anything but one thing was for sure, today you are going to tell him how you felt, you are going to let him know that what you were doing with him and most importantly feeling for him was anything but friendly, you liked him, you loved him and you needed to tell him that now! Your heart was fluttering in your chest excitedly as you adjust your scarf around your neck. That idiot is gonna be so shocked. You laugh at the thought, skipping your way home, the sun was setting making you think it was the most beautiful sight you had ever seen or was it just the thought of loving Jungkook and now you had the guts to tell him?
“I`m home!” you sing song happily.
“Kook today I`ll make anything you want for dinner, no take outs…” the big smile on your face drops in an instant when you walk into the living room, the sight in front of your eyes made your blood boil but at the same made you knees shake with nerves. Jungkook looks up at you, his eyes soft and worried when he took in how you stopped in your tracks, the hand around your half loosened scarf also stopped in place. Your eyes are glued to the woman sitting on your couch…Hanee, in all her tall and gorgeous glory as she stared back at you with her sharp, seductive eyes. On the same couch, you and your family sit.
“Y/n…” Jungkook says carefully, he knows you enough to tell when you are about to lose it.
“Where`s Haru?” you ask him, snapping your hard eyes from her to his face.
“She`s in her room…y/n list…” you don’t let him finish his sentence and storm to Haru`s room. There`s absolutely no way you are gonna let Hanee ruin what you have right now, she`s not gonna take Haru from you, she can`t, she left her alone in a hospital, how can she come back? You had long forgotten about Jungkook and you feelings for him at that point, you were worried about Haru and how her mother can take her away from you and Jungkook. Will Jungkook let that happen? Does he still have feelings for her? The thought makes you slide down next to Haru`s crib, watching her sleep peacefully as you sob weakly. She is his mother after all, what are you? nothing, the bitter, the dark part of you shouts in your ear. Hanee is the mother of Jungkook`s child, if he still feels for her, who are you to blame him, who are you to claim him as yours? No one! The voice shouts again as you sob silently looking at Haru`s sleeping figure, sleep takes over your exhausted senses and body soon.
You feel yourself get lifted off of the ground in a strong embrace, Jungkook`s familiar scent clouding your senses as he carries you close to his chest probably taking you to your room.
“Let me down.” You say still sleepy and broken. He doesn’t say anything and keeps on walking, the door opens and he sets you down on the bed, flicking the lights on, you realize it was his room. You chuckle, it may look crazy to him but you were so tired of everything, tired of having to repress your feelings for him, the feelings you thought were just your teenage dream nothing else, you were tired of always being not enough.
“You might wanna start looking for a double bed now that your baby mama is back in town.” You pinch the bridge of your nose, the tone of your voice makes Jungkook wince. You were hurt and he could see that in your body language.
“Y/n don’t do this.” Jungkook says softly looking at your defeated figure.
“What am I doing? It`s a good advice if you ask me.” You scoff, you thought you were numb but the pang in your chest told you otherwise.
“She said she was sorry and she missed her baby and…me.” Jungkook looks away from you as he spoke, his voice shook.
“Of course she did now that you are out of the woods with everything, now that you have a job, now that you are “mature” now that your daughter is all healthy and not fighting pneumonia at a hospital nursery, of course she misses you two.” You feel the tears falling down your cheeks, how can he be so okay with all of this?
“I didn’t invite her in or believed what she said, trust me, I can`t do that.” Jungkook kneels in front of you, his hand on your knees.
“Please, don’t cry y/n please, you know it breaks me to see you like, I get scared watching you like this, please.” He presses his face into your stomach, you feel him sniffle against it, your hands remain at your sides, clutching the bed sheets between your fingers.
“Why are you crying idiot?” your bottom lip trembles as your heart shatters at the sight in front of you, your fingers reach for his head, massaging his scalp as he cries into your stomach, holding your closer by your lower back.
“I don’t want to make you upset…it’s the last thing I want.” His words are muffled against your belly.
“Ssshh…it`s not your fault, non of this is, let`s sleep.” You make him look up at you as you wipe his tears, he nods.
That night, you feel his calm breathing on the crook of your neck as he holds you close but you stay wide awake.
Tumblr media
The days that you thought your life was just perfect, it couldn’t get any better? seemed like a dream now, Hanee is over at your house most of the times now or Jungkook is over at her place with Haru. You and Jungkook barely talk anymore, he goes to work before you get up in the morning and comes homes late at night when you are asleep. You are not asleep all the time, you hear him shuffle outside your door, contemplating to come inside and then going back as you toss and turn. Were you the villain in this story? Not wanting a mother and her child to reunite? Were you the bad guy here?
Haru was grumpier than ever today, she came back with Jungkook late at night, way past her bedtime.
“Oh oh, what happened bug? I know you`re not having fun right now, here, here.” You try to hold her against your shoulder, patting her back to lull her to sleep and this always helps but she keeps on kicking, she was grumpy and whiny because her sleeping schedule was completely messed up thanks to her “Mom”. Jungkook walks in from his room, you motion him with your hand to not making a noise, Haru whimpers softly against your shoulder as you pat her back, humming a soft tune. She calms down after a while and you take her to her room, her sleeping music and lights always helped putting her to sleep. You smile down at her sleeping figure, she was finally at peace today. You close the door slowly behind her. You needed to talk to Jungkook because his and his apparent girlfriend`s activities are taking a toll at Haru`s health and mood.
“Jungkook we need to talk” you say as soon as you enter the kitchen, he looks up from his phone to look at you.
“Okay” he smiles.
“Kook you can leave Haru with me when you go to Hanee`s.” you say straight up, the time for being subtle was long gone at this point.
“But I go there to let them both spend time together.” He says frowning a little. You scoff, okay like you are supposed to believe this.
“Okay but can you like tell her to meet her at a reasonable hour, bambi caught a cold and she`s so hard to put to sleep these days because you two keep messing with her sleeping schedule.” You sound annoyed.
“You think I`m not a good father, she caught a cold because of me?” Jungkook raises an eyebrow taking a step closer to you.
“I didn’t say any of that Jungkook.” You were not intimidated by him, not one bit as you look into his eyes.
“You were implying it y/n” he chuckles bitterly almost mockingly.
“You don’t have a right to interpret what I`m implying.” Your eyes are hard. When did the two of you go from being all laughs and giggles to this? You missed him but he was getting more further from you each passing day.
“All I am saying is that I have no business with what you do or where you go” a complete lie, your heart shattered even at the thought of Hanee and Jungkook and what they might be doing together when he was not home. “Just keep Haru out of this, she is too young for this, she needs a peaceful sleep every night to grow properly, leave her with me I can take care of her for you.” you say and turn on your heels without waiting for his reply because you were sure you`ll cry and that`s the last thing you want right now.
Tumblr media
You and Namjoon were practically kicked out of the café for staying there till midnight. You both giggle gathering your stuff and get out of the café, the clouds were grumbling indicating the arrival of the winter rain.
“Whew, the owner almost kicked our asses out.” Namjoon giggles as he rubs his hands and then shoving them into his pockets.
“Really that was close.” You giggle. “But we got a lot of work done today, just three weeks before the big step.” You were excited to explore the horizons, but at the same you were scared, your heart a little uneasy.
“Yup, me too, I`m too excited my bags are all packed.” He walks with you.
“Oh my god really? That`s actually great, you wouldn’t have to panic in the last minute like me Namjoon, I didn’t even pack a sock yet.” You whine.
“It`s okay, start from tomorrow, slowly and gradually I think you would pack everything before your flight.” He giggles.
“I hope so” you giggle with him. He stops a cab.
“Hey want a ride?” Namjoon asks as he opens the door.
“Um no, my house is just a block away.” You smile at the gesture.
“You sure?” he gives you a look.
“Yes Joon I`ll be fine and I like this weather, great for a walk.” You push him towards the car.
“Okay, have a great night.” He gives you his cute dimpled smile which makes you smile automatically.
“You too Joon.” You wave at him as he gets in the car.
The walk to the house was short and pleasant, the weather was gloomy and dark, a perfect winter evening.
“I should make some hot chocolate when I get home, I hope I have some marshmallows left.” You think to yourself, Jungkook loves hot chocolate and he doesn’t like it when there aren’t enough marshmallows in his cup, by enough you mean half the cup just filled with marshmallows, the multicolored ones. What if he`s not home? Your throat constricts at the thought but his car in the driveway makes your heart jump with happiness, you try to be quiet, maybe he`s asleep, you will wake him up and surprise him for a movie and hot chocolate, it`s Saturday anyways. You creep through the front door slowly, excited to finally spend some time with your best friend and maybe by the end of the movie, you`ll tell him how you feel about him; just get this weight off of your chest once and for all. You tip toe towards the living room, a big smile on your face but it drops when you hear Hanee`s voice coming from the living room.
“…your roommate doesn’t like me.” You hear the fragment of the conversation.
“She`s not a roommate, she`s my best friend.” You hear Jungkook huff.
“So what? Why is she trying to be more than that? Why is she trying to be Haru`s mother?” her shrill voice doesn’t pierce your ears as much as her words do.
“She`s just looking out for her, she raised her, what are you even talking about?” Jungkook sounds annoyed.
“Raised her? A lot of baby sitters raise children when the mothers are not around, that doesn’t make them family.” She huffs a bitter a laugh and your heart drops at her words, eyes stinging from how much you were widening them.
“Hanee…” Jungkook raises his voice a little.
“What? It is true, she is just a free of cost baby sitter Jungkook, good for you actually because she lives with you and she is your friend, saved you a lot of money.” You hear her say and then feel the tears stream down your cheeks, you waited for Jungkook`s reply in this moment, you needed it, you wanted it in this moment but it never came. He didn’t say anything to her. All you hear are wet, sloppy kissing sounds. Your heart had forgotten how to beat the moment you listened to her venomous voice, how can something that looks so beautiful to the eyes be so vile and disgusting from the inside? You wipe your tears quickly and try to make your presence known to them, clearing your throat you enter the living room. Hanee is straddling Jungkook`s lap as she licks into his mouth, her hands in his hair and her dress riding up her thighs. She jumps off of him mainly because Jungkook shoves her down the couch when he watches you stand in the living room door, his eyes are wide looking at you, lips red, buttons undone on his shirt. Your heart can`t take it, your eyes can`t take it. You head to kitchen without saying a word. You will drink that hot chocolate you don’t care just like he doesn’t care for you. your lips tremble as you mix the hot liquid in your cup, heartbeat could be heard in your ears as the veins in your temples vibrate because of how angry, frustrated and hurt you were. Hanee`s words would`ve had no meaning if only Jungkook had told her to shut the fuck up but he…didn’t? was that all you were? Is this your worth? Is Hanee your true friend who made you realize this?  
“Y/n…” you hear Jungkook coming in the kitchen.
“Hey” you give him small smile, not crying anymore. “Where`s Haru?” you ask him like nothing happened, nothing happened really except for the fact that Hanee gave you the biggest reality check of your entire little life. A reality check that has been cutting through your heart like a blunt knife ever since you got it. You take a long swig of the hot liquid, it burnt your tongue but the fire inside you was far more intense than this harmless liquid.
“y/n…” Jungkook sounds desperate now, he knows you, he knows this looking all okay and dying inside trick of yours.
“I should go check on her.” You say walking towards the door past him but he stops you, holding the wrist that wasn’t holding the cup.
“What? Sorry I didn’t make you any…” you show him your cup.
“y/n what are you doing?” his voice is small as he tries to read your completely straight face.
“What I am supposed to do Jeon Jungkook, as your “Free of cost babysitter” remember? You have to, come on! it wasn’t that long ago.” You chuckle, yanking your wrist from his hand. Your body was getting cold by each passing second, the hurt consuming you.
“You are not a babysitter y/n please don’t do this to me.” His voice shakes as he reaches for you again and you take a step back from him.
“I am Jungkook!” you scream, tears welling up in your eyes as the grip on the cup in your hand tightens. “I fucking am, I thought I was not, I thought I was your best friend, your only bestest friend, the one and the only y/n” you laugh bitterly, tears now falling on your cheeks. “But no! I got to know today that I was the idiot here, because when she called me all of that you didn’t say anything” you look at him, the hurt in your teary eyes makes Jungkook choke on his breath as he stumbles back from your words, softly crying now. “not a word, when she called me just a babysitter who you didn’t pay, no wait! You did actually pay me by fucking me here and there, we totally forgot about that.” Your words were nothing but pure green poison on your tongue you spat on him. He winces at that, crying audible now.
“And I took that payment like the foolish bitch I am, I should’ve asked for money, it could’ve helped me in life you know but damn” you wipe your tears, taking yet another swig of the hot chocolate, watching Jungkook cry through the rim.
“I`m sorry y/n, please, I know I fucked up and I have no excuses just please forgive me, please forgive me like you always do.” He strides towards you, holding your forearms as he cries uncontrollably.
“There`s nothing to forgive Jungkook, you two just showed me my worth and I`m glad you did, better late than never.” You whimper.
“But just know that I`ve always seen bambi as my own child, not even yours, my own.” You crack a smile at the thought of her. The first time you held her when she cried, how she slept so peacefully in your bed next to you for the first couple of nights because she was sick.
“No I know please don’t explain anything to me please y/n, I know who you are, no no.” he holds you to his chest as he whines and cries into your hair, his hands are trembling.
“I feel like I have to Jungkook, you questioned the most precious and pure relationship I have and it broke me, it really did. You questioned my love for Haru? It hurts.” You sniffle against his chest, your hands dangle by your sides, not willing to hold him for the first time in your life.
“Please tell me how can I fix this…” he was desperate once again, his words sped up.
“I don’t think you can.” You whisper pushing him away from you.
“I just hope you don’t treat Haru like you have been treating her for the past month, she doesn’t deserve you two as her parents.” Your eyes are hard once again and your words trigger something in Jungkook.
“I`m her father, I know how to treat her.” He says wiping his tears. The dark part of him telling him that you mocked him once again intentionally or unintentionally, he doesn’t care. Why doesn’t his daughter deserves someone like him? Why did you say that?
“Yeah?” you say with a straight face. “How about you tell that to her sinus infection, the fever she runs every night and how less she sleeps because of you and that bitch who takes her out in the cold? Jungkook how about you tell this all to the doctor who asks me everytime when I visit him about you? how about you tell this to your daughter who wants nothing but her father to be with her in the mornings and put her to bed every night like he used to?” you scream on his face, the veins in your neck popping out of the delicate skin.
“She is your responsibility as a father, she didn’t ask to be born just because you liked getting it on raw Jungkook, she`s a human being who needs a father and a family, the quality of life she deserves.” Your voice was getting dryer with how much force you were putting into it.
“And what do you know about family and father and quality of life huh y/n?” you freeze in your spot, the moment these words leave his mouth. The world around you stops and you find it harder to breathe with each second as you look at his hard face, was this Jungkook? No no he can`t be can he? He would never hit you where you bled the most. On cue, the thunder rumbles, making you stumble back physically, your legs are about to give up at any point. Jungkook knew what those words did to you, he saw you die because of this topic on numerous occasions in his life but the damned dark part of his soul didn’t want to stop there.
“What do you know about a family? A father? How can you lecture me about something you`ve never experienced yourself?” he hisses and watches you hold onto the counter, your chest heaving up and down, not a single tear coming out of your eyes though.
“How can you say any of this when you lived off of my family and me to fix your daddy issues your whole life y/n?” he chuckles bitterly, the way you were struggling to breathe in front of him was completely ignored by him. His dark side won finally, all his insecurities that crept up because of you, won this time, he killed you, he killed you with his bare hands tonight. You peel yourself off of the counter to get to your room, practically crawling towards the drawer as you search frantically for the inhaler, your breathing turning animalistic at this point. You suck it in your mouth, pumping it with shaking hands, the constricting air finally easy to breathe. You sit there for a moment before getting up, Jungkook was already in the kitchen when you looked for your phone like a maniac, your hair in tangles, cheeks tear stained and blotched, hands trembling, legs jelly.
“Y/n, I`m sorry, please I don’t know what came over me, pleaseplease listen to me.” Jungkook tries to stop you with his whole body as you look around for your phone with trembling hands and crazed eyes.
“LET ME GO!” you scream, scraping your throat with the intensity of your voice.
“No please no, here slap me, hit me y/n please but please forgive me, I didn’t mean any of that please noooo.” He cries as he takes your arms and uses your hands to slap his face.
“” you grit each words through your teeth, your head was spinning with anger and hurt. You shake him off of you with so much force that he stumbles back, his state disheveled, his eyes were blood red, button up shirt undone from his endeavors with Hanee, hair a mess.
“Y/n…” he reaches for you again. You take the hot chocolate cup from the counter and slam it on the ground with your full force, the china flying into hundred little pieces at the impact.
“Don’t you…fucking come near me.” You hiss through your teeth as you shake your head. It was raining cats and dogs outside at this point.
“Please…I`m sorry please don’t do this, I…sorry y/n!” he drops to his knees few steps away from you, joining his hands together to ask for forgiveness, you were numb at this point but one thing was for sure you can`t forgive what he said. He knew you better than anyone and he knew what this all meant for you, what he meant for you, what Mr. and Mrs. Jeon meant for you and he still said all of that. He still mocked your father leaving you.
“You m-made the only thing that was a safe place for me so unsafe and scary that now… I am s-scared to even look at you.” you cry a heart wrenching cry at this, you felt homeless all of a sudden. Jungkook took your home, your family from you.
“Please…please…I`m so sorry.” He didn’t know what else to say as he cried still on his knees in front of you. you wipe your tears with the sleeve of your sweater and storm outside of the kitchen. Jungkook scrambles to his feet with wide eyes, following you, watching you head for the main door.
“y/n, y/n, no please no.” he shakes his head with wide eyes following you.
“DON`T MOVE! STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!” you scream and watch him flinch at your voice. “Don’t even think about following me or I swear I`ll forget that we were friends once.” You grit your teeth, yanking the door open, stepping outside in the pouring rain, the cold rain immediately trickles down your back as you walk with full speed, shivers running all over your body.
“Y/N! Y/N!” you hear Jungkook`s strained voice running behind you.
“I`m serious Jungkook, don’t make me do something we`ll both regret in this moment, leave me alone.” You say without even turning around and walk straight ahead. Jungkook watches you walk away from him, his heart was dead in that moment. He ruined the only good thing in his life.
You walk for what it felt like hours in the rain and stopped once you realize the rain had stopped. You thought this rain would wash away the hurt this night wrote in your fate but it didn’t, your heart was breaking constantly, the ache was making it hard to breathe the cold air. You hug yourself shivering from the cold. Jungkook said all of this to you? you still couldn’t believe it? You didn’t want to believe it. You take a cab back to the house, the driver eyeing you from the rear view mirror, clearly concerned for your state. You on the other hand were thinking of getting out of the house, you can`t stay with him, not after this.
The house was quiet, Jungkook wasn’t home you could tell, his bedroom door was opened, maybe he went to search for you, he will never find that y/n he was friends with once, he killed her tonight. You hurry to your room and change into dry clothes, shoving everything that seemed important into your bags and zipping them. Your heart almost stopped when you heard Haru`s sleepy whimpers, you rush to her room.
“Hey bambi, hi angel.” You coo, picking her up from her crib.
“I`m sorry for everything today, I know I screamed a lot today, I know.” You lay her against your shoulder, patting her back, that always seems to do the trick.
“I love you so so much bambi, so so much you don’t even understand.” You lips tremble as you rock her gently in your arms.
“I will always pray for you my angel, it is really sad that we have to part because of some people in our lives but my love please know that booboo loves you so much, my angel, my precious little sweet girl.” You see her already asleep, she always found comfort in your voice and embrace. You gently put her in the crib.
“I`ll miss you sweet angel, I hope life treats you better than it did me.” Your voice shakes as you kiss her forehead one last time.
Tumblr media
Jungkook comes back to the house; your wet shoes were on the carpet. He sighs a relieved breath, you were home, you were finally home. He barges into your room to ask you for another chance, put his head on your lap until you give him another chance but you weren’t there. He looks around to see most of your stuff gone, he looks around the house with a frantic look in his eyes. You weren’t here, you finally had enough of him. He drops to his knees, drained of emotions at this point, looking into the space in front of him with his teary red eyes. He wished he could’ve turned back time if not to his childhood when life was simple and you were the happiest but to few days back when he was the happiest, when he had you in his embrace, when he had his family.
Tumblr media
tag list:  @fan-ati--c​,@mageprincess7​,@yoonabeo,@Oazulcielo,@sabrinareadsbts​,@carzjeon,@nervousbeardgardener,@crazyforbangtan
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sparklingchim · 8 months ago
drown in your body; m | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: werewolf!jungkook x human!reader
rating: 18+
word count: 6.1k
genre: alpha!jk, werewolf au, smut, friends to lovers
warnings: dom!jk, sub!reader, dirty talk, groping, spanking, name calling (bitch) fingering, oral (f receiving), impreg/breeding kink, possessiveness, jk is massive, knotting, multiple orgasms, slight choking
summary: You're ovulating - and oblivious to it - and Jungkook, the best friend he is, wants to protect you. But because you're a brat and never listen anyway, you do the exact opposition of what Jungkook advised you to do... And somehow it all ends up with Jungkook fucking you.
a/n: i may have listened to 'drown' by baekhyun while writing this heheee 🤭
Jungkook is your best friend.
But as much as you love your best friend, sometimes - maybe a little bit more than only sometimes - your love is equally freighted with hate.
You just don't know why he's acting so haughty sometimes and thinks that whatever nonsense spills out of his mouth is the best and right thing to do. Well, he is a werewolf - an alpha werewolf to state it correctly - but still, it's not like Jungkook and you aren't friends since you both were little, so Jungkook is undoubtedly aware of that you don't care whatever alpha male shit he is confronting you with.
Take for example this situation right now - Jungkook is pulling that stupid alpha shit on you, behaving like he knows everything better and has to take care of you like you're his younger sister and ew, that perception is just  gross.
,,But I want to come with you," you pout, eyebrows stubbornly furrowed.
,,I don't care," Jungkook simply answers, pushing your hand away that you stretched out to straighten his bangs.
You huff at his annoyed attitude and turn around to open your dorm room with your keys. ,,Why can't I come?" you ask, still not understanding why he doesn't want you to come to the party.
Jungkook picked you up from your late afternoon class and walked you to your dorm. When you asked him if he had something planned for today he said he was going to the party later and of course you asked if you could join him, but to your surprise he rejected you. Without a reason. Jungkook thinks he's being all protective - over what you don't know, because you've been with him to a lot of parties already - but to you he talked gibberish for the past ten minutes while you walked to your dorm and not one single reasonable sentence came out of him.
You turn around when the door opens, pushing the it wider so Jungkook can come in, but he is just standing in front of the entrance, not indicating to follow you inside.
,,You're not coming inside?"
,,I told you that I would go over to the frat house," Jungkook retorts, perplexing you.
,,The party won't start until a few hours though."
,,I know, but the boys and I are gonna meet there now."
,,Okay, then I'll come over later."
Jungkook flares his nostrils, trying to calm himself with taking a deep breath. ,,Why is it so hard for you to just obey me when I tell you something?"
,,What the hell, Jungkook? I'm not your bitch that you can boss around." Normally Jungkook had more patience with you than he has now - though you're behaving like a brat for the most of times - and doesn't let his anger overcome him.
,,It's better for you if you stay home today, y/n," he says calmer, your reaction telling him that he may have been too rough with you.
You roll your eyes. ,,What kind of bullshit is that? You know, just- just tell me if you don't want to have me around, Jungkook."
,,When did I say that? Stop putting words into my mouth, y/n."
,,It certainly feels that way."
,,But really, do you think just because we're best friends we have to be with each other all the time?"
,,So you're admitting that the only reason you don't want me to come is because you don't want me around because you want some alone time with your friends? Am I too clingy for you?" You arch an eyebrow, pretending to sound accusatory, but inside you're supposition that you have of your friendship is crumbling under uncertainty as you take Jungkook's words into consideration.
Are you really clingy? Are you not letting him have time with his friends, because your practically occupying his whole free time? You never thought about this, it never hit your mind that Jungkook could find your annoying or clingy, because he never implied anything when he was with you. You both grew up like this though, always being with each other, literally almost always spending the night over at each others places.
However, right now everything seems quite the opposite.
,,I didn't say that," Jungkook tries to clarify, but it doesn't sound convincing.
,,Sure you didn't."
Jungkook is visibly piqued at your persistent doubts that you exhibit towards him, but you don't care about how your words are affecting him, because your focus is on defending yourself and not letting him treat you like this - he's your best friend after all, he shouldn't be out here treating you like your his bitch that he can command.
,,Stop fucking acting like this," Jungkook says, clenching his jaw.
,,Yeah your right, sorry for wanting to spent some time with you. Your friends are probably waiting for you," you retort pertly. You don't give him a chance to reply anything to you as you shut the door right in front of his face. A triumphant feeling bubbles inside of you, though it might seem a bit childish, but you don't care.
,,Y/n," he growls from the other side, but you just turn on your heels and enter your kitchen to eat something. Food seems much more important than an annoying Jungkook who can't keep his stupid alpha behaviour under control.
A few hours later you're at the frat house.
Though Jungkook told you to not visit, his reasons - were there even any reasons? - were inscrutable, so you didn't give a damn about what he said to you and decided to come over anyways.
You're not aware of where Jungkook is, but that shouldn't matter because you're not here because of him. You're here to have fun and no to meet Jungkook.
After you get yourself a drink there's already a guy - named Hoseok - who approached you and starts a conversation with you. You know that he's a werewolf, he's in a few of your classes but you never really talked to him. Most werewolfs get scared off by the heavy alpha smell that always lingers on you - the outcome of being with Jungkook 24/7. The students here didn't dare to hit on you-sometimes even too afraid of approaching you to just talk to you. They either smell the alpha scent on you or they're aware of Jungkook and you being close, so they decide for the safer option and don't reach out to you. You have some friends, most of them female though, and making new friends was getting harder every day.
However, you're surprised that the usual keeping distance from you doesn't apply for today, because lots of people approach you and try to get your attention.
You're currently in the middle of talking to Jimin, when someone clears his throat beside you. You gasp in shock and turn your head to be met with Jungkook's brown orbs, already staring at you. A perfectly shaped eyebrow is arched and his buff arms are folded in front of him.
Jungkook seems to be...angry. And to call his impression to be angry was an understatement. He looked...Yeah, you don't even know how to describe it, because Jungkook never looked at you like that. He never seemed to be angry at you - well, yes, sometimes over petty things, but not to that extent - and you simply are at loss of words.
His tongue is prodding at the insides of his mouth and if it wasn't for the furious expression he grants you with, you would have concentrated on his hotness and fantasised about what else his tongue is able to do. Jungkook looks so utterly beguiling when he is angry, but not when his rage is pointed at you.
It didn't take long for Jungkook to notice that you're somewhere in this dwelling - despite him explicitly telling you not to come, but of course you still came over since your whole entity exudes brattiness so it's no wonder that you didn't listen to his demand - and it also didn't take a lot of time for him to make out your exact location - the house is practically getting drowned in your scent.
,,What are you doing here?" Jungkook asks, his gaze fully locked on yours and not even sparing a glance at Jimin - who's slowly taking little steps to the side to get away from Jungkook and the scene that's about to unravel...
,,I don't think that's any of your business."
Jungkook scoffs, shaking his head.
,,You are so stupid, aren't you?"
,,Just leave me alone. I'm not even here with you, so have fun with your friends," you say and want to brush him off and walk to the living room, but Jungkook grabs your wrist and doesn't let you go.
,,Where do you think you're going?" he asks with his deep voice.
,,Away from you," you answer and try to wiggle his hand off your wrist, but he doesn't budge.
,,Being with me is probably gonna be the safest now," he grumbles and suddenly he starts walking, dragging you along with him.
You're out of the frat house, walking down the street and you're so confused as to why he reacted like that. Sure, you ignored his words from earlier, but dragging you out of the fucking frat house? That was too much.
,,What is wrong with you Jungkook?!"
He turns around, eyes big and full with anger.
,,What's wrong with me? Really?"
You knit your eyebrows together. ,,You're fucking towing me out of the party like I'm some five year old kid. Get your shit together, Jungkook!" you almost scream at him and your thankful that nobody is around.
,,Why don't you get your shit together? Why are you fucking blaming me?!"
,,What are you taking about?" you ask confused, Jungkook makes absolutely no sense today.
,,Didn't your parents teach you this, y/n?" Jungkook hisses, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose.
,,Teach me what?" you obliviously ask.
,,That you shouldn't be walking around horny frat boy werewolfs with no care in the world when you are fucking fertile!"
Lips parting you try to get a coherent sentence out of you, but no words spill out of your mouth - just silence hanging between the two of you, his chide completely threw you off.
You absolutely did not expect this. How could you though? (Perhaps if you would keep track of your fertility, but documenting your period on the app on your phone was already annoying enough so you never cared about anything else. Stupid you.)
,,I- I didn't know...," you say abashed.
,,Of course you didn't know." Jungkook's voice is still laced with irritation, he tries to suppress the growing anger inside him, but it doesn't work. Your intoxicating smell is fully wrapped around him, even stronger than when he picked you up from your classes earlier this day. And the fact that you didn't listen to him - didn't listen to his demand though the only purpose of everything he does is to protect you - infuriates him so much.
Sometimes Jungkook really asked himself how he was able to stay with you for so long, because your impish attitude gave him a hard time for hundredths of times already. But the simply answer to that is love. His love that is allocated for you ebbs every annoying thing away, lets it crumble into something meaningless and reminds him about his deep feelings for you, because no matter how tough it is with you sometimes - Jungkook would do everything for you. He'd do everything to meet all of your desires and arouse that sweet little smile that you flash him every time you're fond of his actions.
The simplicity of love surprised him sometimes. The simple way of having such intense feeling for someone that bewitch him into not hesitating for anything he does for you, never spending a second thought about his actions - as long as it pertains your welfare he would do anything to make you happy. But that's what love does to you, Jungkook thinks. And if that's what being in love with you is like, Jungkook would never get tired of it. Making you happy is the equivalent to making Jungkook happy.
,,Let's just get you home. Your smell was giving everyone a hard time back there," Jungkook says, voice finally calm - though it sounded strained.
Usually when you're ovulating Jungkook tries to be as close to you as possible, allowing no other male person to have any intrusive thoughts and thinking about approaching you. He also makes sure to stay either at your or his place when your scent is the strongest. Throughout the whole procedure of keeping you away from horny werewolfs - whom primal insticts would get the better hand of them if it wasn't for Jungkook protecting you - it was excruciatingly painful to be with you when the aroma of your fertile pussy is flying in the air. But he always kept his itching finger away from you. As long as you don't have a partner to do this job for him, he would be the one keeping you safe. (Though you being in a relationship with someone would probably not change anything about his constant need of protecting you and making sure that you're okay.)
You still have a hard time adjusting to the fact that you came over to the frat house, getting surprised by all the boys suddenly approaching you, but now you know that they only hit you up because you are ovulating, which finally brings some sense into the atypical situation.
,,But let's keep some distance between us. It's hard to hold back," Jungkook confesses. He pondered about saying this, but he wants you to know that your ovulating indeed has consequences that are also affecting him.
You weren't prepared for his sudden admission - yes, he is a werewolf, you know that, but you didn't think he would openly confess that your current that effects him. Nevertheless, you like it. You like having the knowledge of him having a difficult time because of you. Because there's an elusive desire in him and you're the cause of it. It would be a lie if you would say that you didn't relish in the feeling of having that power over him, which also leads you to feel more confident, causing a questions to pop up inside your mind.
You take a step closer to Jungkook, reducing the desirable between you, despite of what Jungkook said a minute ago.
Your heart drums inside your chest, your lungs tightening and effecting your steady breathing. Desperately you try to calm your nerves, knowing that Jungkook can hear your heartbeat, is able to notice your whole change in your demeanour, but you don't succeed with your attempt and rather flood your body with more excitement.
Regardless of his skills and the knowledge of the obvious exhilaration that builds up in you, Jungkook stays quite and waits for your answer. He won't dare to cross a line and put you off - you're way too precious for him.
,,What if I don't want you to hold back?"
Your words add more tension in the already buzzing air, holding so much power in them.
,,What if I want you to fuck me?"
,,Y/n...," he warns.
Maybe you would've felt insecure after that insensible answer to your confession, but his lust filled eyes tell you enough to make you doubtless - facilitated even, because for how long did you hide your crush on Jungkook now? (you clearly remember the day when Jungkook joined the baseball team in school and suddenly his body became all buff and big, his usual adorable look vanishing and being replaced with something so manly and attractive that made all the girls in school gush over him. And maybe his bulkier body and the confidence he gained through all the attention that he got - though a lot of people already had a crush on him before that - provoked the crush you developed on him.)
,,I mean it, Jungkook."
,,You don't know what you're getting yourself into," he tries to alert you, wanting to let you know that once you both would get started he won't be able to urge his primal instincts back.
Again you step closer to him, wrapping your hands around his neck and trailing your eyes over his soft lips, the wait trail that his tongue left there a second ago glistening under the glow of the moon that is high up in the sky.
Jungkook can't stop himself, the close proximity of your body instantly drawing him to your neck and he nuzzles his face into your soft skin, your aroma hitting his nostrils and he growls against your skin.
,,I want you," you whisper.
Oh God. How long had Jungkook waited to hear these words from you? He wants you for so many years now, the desire to stuff you full of his cock has been inside him for too long.
And when you start placing soft little smooches on his neck, it's over for Jungkook. He won't be able to resist you this time.
,,You're absolutely sure?"
,,Aren't you literally able to smell how wet I am right now?"
,,No, because your fucking fertile cunt outweighs every other smell," Jungkook snarls, his eyes twinkling in a light red colour as his primal instincts to breed you right then and there get the better hand of him.
And that's how you end up in Jungkook's bed - both your bodies left with just your underwear - only a few minutes after.
He's pinning you down, his big and muscular body caging you under him, his lips hungrily moving against yours and tangling his tongue with you. It's messy and fast and uncoordinated, but as long as it's Jungkook, everything feels amazing.
While his mouth trails down to your jawline his hand cups your tit, squeezing the soft flesh before harshly tugging your bra down and tweaking your already hard nipple. You whine at the pleasurable plain, your whine turning into a moan when he starts sucking your neck and soon slightly sinks his teeth into your skin. Jungkook soothes his bites with his tongue, placing a few reassuring kisses before he moves on.
He fully neglects your tits as he ducks down, he would worship your body more, but right now there's just one place that he wants to be and that's your fertile little pussy. His whole mind is clouded just because of your addicting smell and he can't prolong his craving any longer.
He settles himself between your open legs, discarding your wet panties in one swift motions. Your leaking pussy is just a few centimetres away from his mouth. Jungkook sniffs at your pussy, taking long and deep breaths through his nose to devour the whiff of your fertility.
,,Fuck, you're pussy is so ready to get filled with cum, isn't it?" he asks, his index finger gliding over your cunt. Jungkook bites his lip when he takes the sight of your sticky arousal on his finger in, pulling his digit away to see how long the string of your arousal will go. ,,Fucking look at this." He's so mesmerised by your pussy, his eyes trained on your wetness. His other hand roughly squeezes your thigh, his fingers digging into you flesh. Jungkook sucks his digit clean before pushing both of your thighs up. ,,Hold them up," he instructs and you immediately comply, bending your legs and holding them to your chest.
Jungkook dives right in, his mouth sucking and slurping on your juices, completely surprising you with his tempo. His wicked tongue darts out, rapidly toying with your clit while moans and whimpers spill out of you. His ministrations only cause your pussy to get wetter and wetter, but Jungkook is quick to drink it all down, desperately searching for all your juices that you can offer him.
His hands sneak up to your tits, fondling with the straps of your bra before impatience overcomes him when he can't seem to get the fabric away to see your beautiful full breasts in their full splendour, so he rips your bra into two pieces, throwing both of them away.
,,What the fuck, Jungkook?" you manage to say, suppressing a moan.
,,I'll buy you a new one," he mumbles against your core. Though you're really mad at him, you can't pretend like Jungkook murmuring words against your pussy with his deep voice isn't turning you on.
,,Don't think you will tho," you retort, eyebrows furrowed as you feel the blood inside you sizzle in pleasure.
,,Want me to take you to Victoria Secret tomorrow? I'll get you everything you want, baby."
Oh fuck. Just the thought of Jungkook pampering you with sexy lingerie only excites you.
,,I'd fucking love to."
Jungkook hums against your core, the vibrations of his low tone sending another wave of arousal through you and you're so close to coming undone.
,,Now shush, I'm gonna make you cum now." His big hands knead your tits, fingers grazing over your buds before teasingly pulling them. You whine and moan and shake beneath Jungkook, everything he's doing feels so great.
His mouth latches onto your clit, sucking at your bundle of nerves at the same time as he plunges two fingers inside you. You moans when he starts moving his digits inside you, expertly crooking them and finding you sweet spot within seconds.
,,Oh!" you moan loud.
Jungkook looks up at you, enjoying the view of your beautiful face twisted into pure euphoria.
,,Gonna cum now," you warn him.
Jungkook hums again, the vibrations completely sending you off and throwing you into another dimension. You roll your eyes, your fingers digging into the back of your thighs. The motions of his fingers stop and your pussy starts grinding on its own on Jungkook's face, riding your high out as Jungkook cleans your cum smeared folds up, licking your sticky cunt clean before he withdraws himself and his fingers from it. You let go from the grip on your legs and they fall limb on Jungkook's bed.
,,That was so goddamn hot," he whispers kissing his way up to your face.
You're still panting crazily, but that doesn't stop you from wanting more.
,,You're gonna fuck me now?"
,,Such a fucking bitch," he curses. ,,You're really desperate to get bred by me, aren't you? You want me to fill you up so good and full of cum, huh?"
,,Shit, yes. Yes, Jungkook."
You notice his glance to your pussy and then to his night stander where his condoms probably are.
,,I have an IUD," you tell him before he's able to ask. He nods, and kisses you briefly before he pulls his briefs down, throwing the fabric across his room. Then he sits back on his heels, stroking his hard dick in slow movements.
Jungkook is huge. You'd already fantasised about his big size, but you never imagined it to be this massive.
You bite finger while your thought, captivated by his enormous length.
You're a bit intimidated by Jungkook's size and he immediately picks up on your hesitance, reassuring you with soft spoken words and loving strokes on your body.
,,We can stop right now, but once I get inside you I can't promise to be gentle," he truthfully informs you, giving you the opportunity to back out, but you're way too turned on right now to not allow Jungkook to fuck you hard and deep just like you need it.
,,No, I want this. Want your cock inside me and filling me with your cum. Please." Your voiced is laced in desperation and longing for his cock and Jungkook wouldn't let you pass another minute without his dick stuffed inside your tight pussy.
,,You want me to breed you so fucking bad, huh? You're so filthy." He bores his fingers into your hip, his mind fully misted over with your suffocated scent and his primal instincts to fuck his pups inside you. In the next second Jungkook flips you over, holding your hips up and you naturally steady yourself on your elbows, arching your back for him. 
He glides his cock over your slick folds, his tip gathering every bit of your juices that stick on your pussy. After he lubricated your entrance with your wetness, he nudges his tip slowly in, hands grazing over your sides to calm your senses as he plunges his length deeper inside you, leisurely sinking into your heat till he's fully buried in your warm core. You weren't aware of the breath you were holding in, but when his whole cock deep inside you, you let out a shaky wheeze.
,,What a beautiful bitch you are. Taking my cock so well," Jungkook praises and your insides flutter at his comment.
Jungkook presses soft kisses over your spine, continuing to pamper your body with gentleness before he would start fucking you like he truly wants, but at the same time his affectionate gestures allow him to calm himself down, suppressing the zeal that is going to overtake his body once he makes sure of your wellbeing.
,,You can move now, Gguk," you say, a little moan escaping your mouth after feeling him shuffle behind you and his length mildly moving inside.
Jungkook bottoms out, only letting the tip in before he thrusts forward again, moaning in unison when your tight walls are wrapped around his thick member. Just when Jungkook gracefully moves into you, he knows that he won't be able to control his animalistic behaviour, your tight pussy feels too good to let him have a sober mind.
He has no patience to build up a fast rhythm by going slow at first, Jungkook has to fuck you hard and deep, he wants to make you both cum and spill his seed inside you and let everyone smell his cum on you. He wants everyone to know that your his and no one else's.
You whimper, his cock stretching you out so delicately and reaching spots that no one else ever touched.
,,You like getting fucked like this, don't you?" His condescending tone sends shivers down your spine, making your body scream for more. And Jungkook is good in giving you more, his pace evolves into a more rapid and ferocious one, letting you think of nothing but his cock ramming inside you. ,,Answer me, bitch," he demands.
,,Y-yes, love it. Love it so much, Jungkook," you mewl.
,,Who am I?" he asks though gritted teeth, intently waiting for your answer.
,,Jungkook." You know that this probably wasn't the answer he wanted to coax out of you, but your mind is too busy with dealing with the unceasing pleasure that rushes through.
,,Wrong," he tsks, his hand harshly landing on your ass. You hiss at the sting, mind searching for what Jungkook wants to hear, but you can't come up with something.
,,I'm your alpha, you hear me? I'm your fucking alpha and you're my little bitch." Jungkook spanks you again before gripping your ass with both his hands.
,,You're my alpha, I'm yours, I belong to you," you frantically pant and blurt these words out, but you really mean them - they're not just trivial words you say to make him feel better. You belong to Jungkook, it has never been otherwise.
,,That's right. Your alpha is gonna breed you, hm? I'm gonna shoot my cum into your womb and fuck you till your full with my pups. You would love that, wouldn't you?
,,Fuck, yes. Wanna carry your babies," you moan. Your elbows give in and you press your cheek against Jungkook's bed. He groans when the images of you being big and round fill his mind and Jungkook loves it, he adores the thought of everyone knowing that your his and he's yours so fucking much.
,,Everyone's gonna know that your mine, that your round and full with my pups," he growls lowly.
They already know that Jungkook and you belong to each other - and Jungkook is fully aware of that too because he purposefully scents you every time your both have to go somewhere without one another.
Jungkook leans over, nuzzling his face on the juncture between shoulder and neck.
,,Smell so fucking good," he mumbles, low pants filling your ears and clouding your mind.
The familiar knot magnifies inside you again and you clutch the sheets, knuckles going white because of the tight hold.
,,You're gonna cum, aren't you? You're gonna cum for your alpha." Jungkook draws back again, his gaze locked on you ass jiggling due to the harsh snaps of his hips and reveling in the sounds of your slick pussy getting pounded by his cock.
You nod hastily nod, the tight feeling inside high approaching fast and clogging your mind with thoughts of finally experienced your high that you seek for so desperately,
The constantly sprouting wave finally threatens to erupt with a sudden intensity. And when it ultimately does, it shatters your body into profound delectation, your whole body shuddering as it overflows with pleasure that you've never felt before.
Jungkook's boundless lunges into your pulsating heat let you see scintillating stars when your eyes screw shut, little whimpers and whines leaving your mouth.
,,Fuuckk, that's right. Cum on my cock like the good little bitch you are," he groans, watching how you nuzzles your face further into his mattress and muffling your loud moans. He slides his hands across your sides, giving you a few affectionate strokes.
Tears prick in your eyes, your head comfortable laying on the sheets and your cheek pressed snugly on it. Your heart thunders inside your chest. Your whole body felt drained and tired but at the same time you never felt so much delight and euphoria fill your body, your toes curling at all the overwhelming feelings that flooded your body all at once.
,,Shit, your pussy is so tight baby. So greedy to milk everything out of me," Jungkook curses and one hand crashes against your ass, coaxing a whine out of you. ,,I'm gonna breed you - fuck, I'm gonna fill you up with my cum."
Jungkook opts for really hard thrusts now, your body jolting forwards as he does, but he instantly pulls your back by your hips, having a secure grip on holding your body firmly on your spot.
,,You're my dirty little bitch aren't you? Only mine - you're my bitch, right?"
,,Uh-huh, I'm yours - I'm your bitch," you retort with a tired voice, but his current state rubs off on you, slowly coaxing you out of your little bubble and shooting fire inside you again.
Your answer gets Jungkook more of. He ducks down again, one hand wrapping around your throat and squeezing his fingers around your sweaty skin. Jungkook is lost inside your body, absolutely lost in the way your fertile cunt was spasming around him and trying to milk him out.
,,Want me to breed you? Do you want me to fuck my pups into you?" he pants, his digits pushing further into you throat.
,,Please Jungkook, please fill me up," you beg, tilting your head so you're able to look at him. And fuck, you've never seen him that gorgeous before. His dampened curly hair hangs on his forehead, his whole body covered in a layer of sweat, some droplets streaming down his neck and his temple. Eyebrows scrunched together and his lips secured in his teeth, his jolts get sloppier the closer he gets to his climax.
,,I'm so fucking close," he mutters and draws closer to slightly bites down your shoulder.
,,Breed me, Jungkook. Breed me till I'm swollen with your pups inside me."
Your words spur him on, a deep animalistic growl leaving his mouth before you feel him painting your clenching walls white, shooting his cum so deep inside you that you feel it spurting past your cervix. Jungkook's cock twitches inside you a few times and he lets out a deep moan, continuing slow strokes till he completely stops.
Not soon after that the base of his cock starts swelling, stretching your even wider as his size grows bigger. A few more spurts of his cum squirts inside you. You whine at the new feeling, squirming beneath him.
,,Shh, it's fine, baby," he soothes you, slowly guiding both your bodies on your sides when his knot infatuated to its full size.
A few tears roll down your cheeks and Jungkook quickly swipes them away with his thumb, cupping your cheek and placing a soft smooch on your nose.
,,You did so well, baby," Jungkook whispers, combing his fingers through your hair. ,,So well." His gentle voice pacifies you, lulling your pain away.
,,I love you." Your sudden confession makes him stop with his comforting strokes on your hair. He's searching for something in your eyes - he doesn't know that exactly he is looking for, but just something that indicates that your just playing with him and not meaning the three little words that you just said. But Jungkook finds nothing in your eyes, except for the mesmerising sparkle and the usual fondness that Jungkook always notices when you look at him.
Of course nothing had changed from the look of your eyes - you're gaze looks the same as ever, you were always looking at him with full love expressed in your eyes, because you are in love with Jungkook for years now.
,,I love you," Jungkook retorts, his tone soft.
You flesh him your cutest smile ever, nose lightly crunching up.
,,Say it again," he says.
,,I love you."
You giggle. ,,I love you."
Jungkook pulls himself closer to you, pressing his forehead against yours.
,,Again," he mumbles against your lips.
,,I lov-" before you can finish he captures your lips into a kiss, moving his lips in languid fashions over yours. Your tummy tickles, shivers run down your spine, mind clouded with his loving touches and his sweet confession.
The realisation that you got laid by your best friend sinks in only now. Your childhood friend - your long-time crush fucked you and on top of that he reciprocates your feelings. What a life. Is this what the main characters in books and movies feel like?
You both were so caught up in kissing each other that you both didn't notice how his cock slipped out of you and how a tiny mess of cum is now sticking on his bed sheets. You want Jungkook again, the sudden confessions and the passionate kisses are making you thirsty for him.
,,Again" - you push your upper body up, grazing his abs seductively - ,,Please fuck me again," your beautiful voice whispers.
Jungkook is bemused for a second, taking into consideration how your body must feel utterly fatigued after what you both have done - especially after Jungkook's untamed animalistic behaviour - it is absurd how fast you want to go again. He thought you were done for the night, but it seems like you have other plans.
Despite is concern about the condition of your body, Jungkook would do anything to satisfy you wishes. (and maybe he wouldn't deny your wish because he feels his softened cock growing into a boner again...)
However, before he starts getting into action again, there's one thing Jungkook wants to tell you again.
,,I love you," he repeats, watching how your eyes sparkle in delight at his confession.
,,I love you too," you beam and peck him on the lips. ,,But please make me see stars again, wanna feel you again, want you to fill me up again," you beg and bite your lip. Your ovulation is making you feel so horny and now that you have a naked Jungkook beside you it's not really helping to curb your hormones.
And with your lust filled pleads, Jungkook towers over you again and you two have lots of fun for the rest of the night, the moon accompanying you two with its glimmer shining into Jungkook's bedroom, encasing his room in a comfortable light and creating a cosy environment that envelops the both of you.
You both go for a second round and then a third round - the moonlight shining into Jungkook's bedroom a constant companion as you do the dirtiest things - and perhaps even a fourth - no, that would be too much, even for Jungkook...But maybe you did?? No, no, not possible...Or..?
Well, only Jungkook and you know everything that happened on his bed, on top of his dishevelled bed sheets, his glooming bedroom which you filled with the pent up love that you finally get to express just how you both dreamed of after hiding your admiration for so long.
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delugguk · 24 days ago
[ 1 ] in the soop | JK
Tumblr media
welcome to domestic, soft boyfriend, mini or not so mini jungkook in the soop episodes! ft bam
ㅡsince my mind can't stop spinning with every episode + jungkook's finery,,, I decided to do this! I'll be updating this once in a while so don't be afraid to come and check from time to time ♡.
ㅡI'm not sure how many scenarios I'll write since it really depends, this doesn't have an specific end because I can still write in the future but n-e-ways!! hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think on my lovely ask~
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.4k
warnings: smut, curse words.
[more episodes]
Tumblr media
EPISODE 1. "If there's cameras does that mean we have to stop?"
Tumblr media
"jungkook, there's cameras."
"so? they'll cut the unnecessary footage, babe."
Jungkook sure was one without shame when it comes to things like this. It didn't mattered where you are, if people were looking or not, he didn't cared at all. it's like as if he wasn't aware about how big and known he was. you even wondered how did you both had made it this far without getting caught.
you are seating on his lap at the very corner of the bed. with a skirt on, his hands roamed teasingly through the fabric.
"even if they do, they'll see us doing this." clenching your legs, he was way too good at this.
"doesn't that excites you?" his hands approach the middle of your legs. fingers slowly dancing through your inner thigh muscles.
"jungkook!" your hand slaps his leg very lightly, "they can hear youu." you whine, quietly.
bursting into laugh, "I already took off my mic, honey."
"even so! these," you tilt your head to the side whispering, "these cameras can still hear."
jungkook giggles. you were really cuteㅡand hotㅡin his eyes. that's why you got him so fucked though. extremely in love and attracted to you.
with a quick motion, he man-handles your hips so you could feel how hard he was. you squirm at the feeling. he traces kisses along your neck right to your shoulders and back. hands roaming your body, your skirt all pulled up while his hands approached your alreadyㅡextremely wet underwear. he knew the power he had over you. and that always made you be so turned on for him.
"what if they see us?" a trail of kisses paint your ear,
"wouldn't you like them seeing how great my baby is for me?" his finger caresses your clit above the wet fabric.
"how you scream for me.." he paused. "while fucking yourself on my dick?"
your breathing became heavy and he could feel how aroused you were so there was no other answer, he was so fucking hot on purpose -as if he even had to try- you thought.
"..please." a moan scapes your lips.
"please what baby?"
"please fuck me. or elseㅡI'll do it myself."
"oh.. is that so?" he squeezes your hip as if he was encouraging you to.
you stand up to push his trousers away, revealing his black boxers. your almost naked ass rubbing against it. "fuck me now daddy."
"hm.. daddy?" he giggles. "that's new."
"stop teasing me, fuck." you say basically bouncing on his clothed dick now, to say you were becoming desperate was a understatement.
"shitㅡbaby you're so-"
in a quick and experienced manner you put his dick out, panties to the side and start fucking yourself on his dick.
"ohh- ffffuck.. s-slow down baby, fuck." he leans back on bed, closing his eyes trying not to cum right on the spot but damn. was it hard when, "you're so fucking horny, fuck. so wet"
he positions himself comfortably with his elbows supporting his upper body when you start bouncing on his cock moaning like crazy. he can't help but bite his lips at such sight, your ass wasn't in full display but he could still see little sneak peeks every now and then every time you went down on him harder or fast enough.
for a moment, he wondered how this position could be seem through the camera angles.. and to be honest that made him hornier.
"mhm, fuck. sso good." you blurb out in a rich, needy moan.
the erotic and feverish skin slapping sounds could be felt all over the room. you thought about hoseok for one second. thinking about if he could hear anything as a room neighbour.
ㅡthe moment jungkook started acting horny you knew you wouldn't be able to stop it. you've been waiting to have him the entire day. no jokes. It was just something about this place.. that made you want to get railed by him at any second. tremendously. It made you realize how seeing your boyfriend on his natural daily basis was such a turn on for you.
ㅡhissing like crazy, an open mouthed jungkook leans closer to you -just a tiny bit- in an attempt to grab your hips but failed leaning himself back once again crossing his hands beneath his head. he wanted to cum so bad but not yet. It was hard to ignore how warm and tight your pussy felt.
"babe.." he moans, "stop. doing that."
"mhm, doing what?" you sound breathless.
"you know whatㅡfuck" one hand comes to slap your ass, you clench your walls.
"fuck! that-" he groans breathlessly.
"oh you mean..." you clench your walls once again.
"I swear I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that."
you slow-down your movements but every time you went down on him you did it harder and deeper.
"what if.."
"fucking hell.." jungkook whispers to himself. "you're the devil, did you know that?"
you are now dragging yourself slowly back and forth, kinda teasing him.
"this only happens when my boyfriends hot as fuck." you smile to the wall hearing his breathing while doing circular motions on him.
"damn then you know what happens when I have the hottest and sexiest needy girlfriend right?" he just took this time to calm himself
-just a little- to be honest...
when you start bouncing a little bit lazier he gets up on his elbows and starts fucking you back, without touching you. arms resting on the bed, biceps flexing, hissing like crazy, just his hips deliciously moving. you're such a moaning mess and the only thing you could do is to take support from the wall.
"mhm.. who cries now hm?" he smirks leaning upfront placing a sensual kiss to your back.
"still y-you." you say and start bouncing back at him while he fucks you.
"fuck. fuck!" jungkook glances at your ass. you tucked the skirt edges up so he could have a full view of your ass bouncing on him. you're fucking yourself so hard on him.
"youre so fucking hot, sshit"
he keeps staring at the way your ass fucked his dick with such desire. he could swear you have the best ass he'd ever seen in his life.
"baby- I'm gonna c-cum"
"agh fuck yes, babe. come inside." you're so lost in pleasure, you wanted to feel it all.
but jungkook couldn't believe what he just heard.
"shit, baby don't play with meㅡare you sure?" was this a dream?
"ughm yesyess"
you clenched your walls while he fucked you faster. you tried your best to keep up with his rhythm, since you were reaching your orgasm too that just helped him reach his faster.
Tumblr media
"we were so caught up in the moment that you completely forgot about the cameras." jungkook laughs.
"what- I... didn't forget." you embarrassingly sayㅡmore to yourself than him. he could still catch what you say though.
"would you look at we have a new kink or-" he's playful.
"shup up! I don't want to hear it."
you're were so embarrased. you can't believe you just exposed yourself to whoever was going to edit the show later.
"babe it's cool, that turned me on too." he smirks, "apart from how fucking wet and needy you were.."
"hey!!" dramatically screaming, your palms hide your face.
"you're just giving them more content they shouldn't see or hear." you fake cry and he laughs.
"hey! at least bam didn't interrupted us."
"oh my godㅡbam!" you jump, surprised. "did he saw us? oh my god. no, no, no!"
jungkook laughs at your panicked reaction. "nope, he did not.. I told him to sleep earlier.."
"but we were being so loud." you whisper.
"correction, YOU was the only one being loud."
"oh shut up! I could hear you nice and clear mister wolf."
"mister wolf?"
"yeah, you were growling at some point. I even thought you shifted or some shit."
"what?" you both laugh. "you're crazier than I thought.."
"yeah and you love me that way."
"and I'll fuck the crazy shit out of that person too."
"we just fucked."
"so what? round two doesn't longer exist?"
"oh shut up." you punch his shoulder and go straight to the bathroom in which he follows.
"what.. am I wrong?" his strong warm arms wraps around you.. looking at the mirror, he had his shirt off this time.. taking a closer look at it.. mhm.. yeah. this was going to be a long, long night.
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bangtangalicious · a month ago
soaked n’ slippery (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x f.reader
genre: smut, pwp, oneshot, loss of innocence, childhood friends to lovers, fluff
summary: a horny jungkook finds it hard to focus when you decide to join him in the tub
wordcount: 2.4k
tw: explicit smut, super NEEDY!koo, you know how it is, cumming untouched, unprotected sex, koo is super whiny and horny, begging, pleading, neediness, attachment issues, slight manipulation, masturbation, breast play bc kook likes tiddiez, assume legal age, bathtub sex! slight obsessive themes (cute/immature way not creepy), stuttering, feverish behavior, innocent!koo & reader, inexperience
a/n: this is a drabble inspired by this request. its part of the touch me wherever au but can be read as a standalone! | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Y/n” Jungkook’s head flew back, hitting the edge of the tub as he hissed your name. Hand gliding up and down his cock, mind completely blank. Except for you. 
“It’s not FAIR” He yelled, tugging harshly at his length, wincing at the tight grip he was subjecting himself to. He didn’t want to jack off to you. He hated it. He wanted your hand on his cock. He wanted you to please him. It just didn’t hit the same, and if anything it just made him more frustrated. 
The way you’d look at him, eyes glinting with mischief whenever the two of you would mess around. He wanted to see those eyes. He wanted you. Now.
It wasn’t his fault he felt like this. As if you even left him with any options, what with the way you’d eagerly volunteer to sit on his lap so that your friends could have places to sit. Even then, the bumpy roads would have you bouncing your ass on his lap. He’d groan, burying his face into the side of your chest. Then you’d turn, smile at him and giggle. 
He’d drag you home, pull you into the bathroom. Skirt hitched high, panties cuffing your knees. He’d bend you over and slide his cock against you. A mumbling mess of words falling from his lips as he’d explain to you: 
“C-can’t...I c-can’t hold back. I need this”
He really couldn’t. Jungkook tried but he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. So instead, he’d rub them against your clit, feeling how drenched your little panties got whenever he did. 
Study sessions were spent humping one another like rabid animals in the corner of the library. Clothes on, voices hushed. He’d rut himself into your ass through his grey sweats, holding your breasts tight as he’d shush you, wiping his tears on the back of your shoulder. 
It was a pain like no other. His head pounding, body aching with the craving of you. You. You. You. You were all he could think of and it drove him insane. He just needed to touch you, to take in your scent like it was the only air he could breath. He wanted to hold you, to feel your skin hot against his own. His mind went haywire as he pumped harder. 
His grip tightened, tugging relentlessly at his length as he whined. He was so incredibly close. The end was in sight. The thought of you, oh your pretty lips and pretty eyes. 
"Oh Y/n...fuck...please Y/n please” He cried, eyes shutting as he felt tears building in them. He told himself it was because of the soap in his eyes but deep down he knew he just couldn’t bear the sensation of you. 
A soft tapping echoed through the room.
He clamped his hand over his mouth to muffle his moans. Cock throbbing in his palm under the warm water as he inhaled sharply. 
“Hey Kook...can I come in? The other bathrooms are taken" 
Shuddering, he gulped. The dryness in his throat, evident as he called back. 
“Um. Y-yeah” 
He slid his back against the porcelain edge of the tub, sinking as deep as he could, hoping to hide the guilt flushing his cheeks. He heard the door open and shut. Footsteps getting nearer and nearer and nearer until--
Jungkook jumped. Feeling your soft hand on his bare shoulder. Suddenly your face was right there. Right next to him. Biting down on his lip hard, he looked into your eyes. Mistake.
He came everywhere.
You smiled at him brightly, blinking innocence, not noticing the white liquid shooting up beneath the soapy suds. Jungkook’s face was aflame. He was terrified. Ashamed. 
Wordlessly you began to kick off your leggings. Jungkook’s eyes caught by the skin of your thighs, unable to look away from the way your bright blue panties snuggly hugged your figure. 
It looked so...warm. He wanted to sink his teeth into the flesh. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and never leave. You must smell so good, the thought alone making his heart race. 
“W-what are you doing?” His voice was breathless. Under the water his cock twitched, begging for any stimulation, the tender warmth of the water acting as a reluctant tease. The pressure, overwhelmingly unsatisfying. 
You giggled. 
And then your top hit the floor.
You stretched your arms above your head, breasts jumping up. Jungkook gazed at you. Your body seemed to beckon him. Tempt him. Touch me. 
His fingers curled in tight fists, when really they wanted to grab at your chest. To squeeze everything they could hold. He wanted to see your flesh bulge between his grip, wanted to touch you everywhere all at once. 
His hand steadily made its way back over his cock as you struggled to peel of your panties, bouncing on one leg and almost tripping over in the process. Bent suddenly, Jungkook could enjoy a clear view of your ass, wiggling in front of him as you finally kicked off the flimsy garment. 
Sliding up he extended his hand helping you step over the edge and into the tub. It was a tight fit, the tub clearly not meant for more than one person. Nevertheless, you sank into his essence, suds shaping over every nook and curve of your silhouette.
He stared at you. Watching, jaw clenched tight, face about to burst, as you played with the suds. Taking a handful and gathering them over the top of your chest. 
His lungs tightened. He couldn’t breathe. 
Frictionless, your legs glided over his thighs. Smooth to the touch, he ran his fingers around your hips cautiously.
“Come here...” Gripping your waist, he pulled you flush against his chest. Your body smacked into his with ease. “I like this” In small circles, he pushed the suds up your back, massaging the soap into your soft, oh so incredibly soft, warm skin. “I like when you’re close to me. You're so w-warm and you smell n-nice”
You arched into him, arms instinctively wrapping around his shoulders. You didn’t know his face was barely inches away from your chest. You didn’t know what to make of the hot prodding between your legs as you shifted your weight towards him. 
Jungkook felt like he could explode. Chest was rising and falling fast. Breath heavy with lust. The crook of your thigh catching his cock in a jerk of pleasure. It felt so good, being pressed up against you, but he needed something more. This? No. This wasn’t enough. 
Grabbing a handful of suds, he let them drip across your chest. You looked at him questioningly, but did nothing to stop him as his hands massaged the soap across your supple skin. 
Tugging and pushing at your chest with his large, hot hands. His fingers curved around them, squeezing them just barely. Then again and again, fingers flicking across your nipples. His face drew close. Sighing loudly he rest his cheek atop your racing heart. 
You liked it. You liked he feeling of his wet hair tickling the top of your chest. You shivered, his warm cheek traveling in small strokes, up and down your chest. 
He nodded his head, relishing your proximity, soaking in your heat. He rolled onto his forehead, nose pressing underneath your heavy breast. Now heaving with need. 
“You smell so g-good. Smell so good I can’t” His voice vibrated through your chest. “I love it. I love it Y/n I can’t stop thinking about it. You’re so pretty...body so soft just wanna t-touch you everywhere a-and kiss you everywhere and lick you and bite you and--” 
Your heart pounded, throbbing against every inch of your body. You were too preoccupied with the intoxication of his touch to notice his desperate grabs, kneading your ass. 
Slowly dragging your hips back. Just a tad. And then back up. Flush against him. Back and forth he pulled you, and unknowingly you began to widen your thighs. Just to feel him a little bit closer. “Yeah...yeah oh god, just like that. K-keep doing that, please come--come closer I--more” 
Your clit grazed against the thick skin of his cock. It was enormous, both in size and the way it pressed hard, provoking your hips. Making them stutter as you curled into him for more. Your arms around his neck, hand pulling his face into you--gasping. 
Jungkook began to grow impatient. You had pushed him right to the edge. He craved you, he needed to feel you, needed to be inside you. Eyes shot with lust, he didn’t know what he was doing, lip jutted and trembling.
Staring mindlessly at your breasts, he finally decided to take his tongue, one sharp flick had you clamping down.
“Jungkook” There was something in your voice. Something so wonderful that he loved to hear. A pained desire. A whimpering. The sounds leaving your lips only made him want you more.
His tongue swiped again, attacking your perky bud. You inhaled sharply, holding your breath as you looked down. Jungkook liked the way you reacted. So he did it again.
He sucked lightly, lips pressing against your nipple as he rolled the bud lightly between his teeth, tugging at it, coating it against his tongue, before letting you go with a smack of his lips.
“More” Sobbing, his hands pushed up your back, pulling you so close you were practically one. He shook his head, suffocating between your breasts before gasping for air. “I need more. I need, please, I can’t. I need it. It hurts so bad, oh fuck it hurts so bad I can’t do this...I w-want you...Y/n” 
Only you could make it stop. Only you could set him free.
Tears streamed down his face. Sniffling he reached between his legs, adjusting his cock so the tip nudged between your slick folds. The water made it easy, seamlessly he was able to sink into you. 
He pushed in a little, nails digging into your hips. He trembled, looking to make sure you were okay. Mouth wide open, eyes clenched shut. Burying your face into his neck, you held onto him tight as he went in a little further.
Your walls were tight. So incredibly tight. Jungkook groaned, what with the way your pussy clamped down on him, the sweet heat giving him surging pleasure as he pushed even deeper.
Just like that you were one. He was nestled inside you, panting heavily. Whines spilling from his parted lips. He latched onto you, rubbing suds all over your body, enjoying the way you twitched for him. Not able to get enough of you. 
And then his hips jerked up. Water spilled over the edges as he began to bounce you off of his hips, Splashing everywhere, you leaned forward onto his chest, whole body slick against him, effortlessly moving to the rhythm of his need.
“Ahhh. Right there! Right there y-yes pleas..ahhh feels so good Y/n I..I feel so good I literally feel so good don’t stop” He couldn’t keep quiet. Not when you fit him so perfectly. Not when your pussy gripped his veiny cock in a way that had him coming back for more. And more. 
“Don’t ever stop, please, please” He whined as though he were throwing a tantrum, completely and utterly taken by the sensation of you. Heat rose inside him, pulling you harder onto his cock so he could push further and further. The pressure feeling so good. The tightness. The wetness. And you. Pulsing over him. Wanting him just as bad. 
Meeting your eyes again, his gaze fluttered for a moment to your lips. They looked so delicious. 
So he kissed you. He kissed you softly, sighing into your mouth. Then harder, dragging his tongue over your lips before swallowing them into another kiss. He breathed you in. Heart trembling, body shaking as emotion made his brain circuit. 
You groaned into his mouth as he burst inside you, hot streams of cum filling you beneath the water. Simultaneously you surged, pleasure overtaking your every nerve. You trembled, twitching as he remained, balls deep inside, lips against yours, drinking in your every moan.
The two of you panted. Breath perfectly off beat. Your body limp against his own, sinking into half empty tub. Jungkook finally opened his eyes, seeing you, cutely buried into his chest. He stroked your shoulder fondly. Around you, the tiles were covered in water. The two of you had made an absolute mess.
He could feel you smile. See the shyness in your eyes when you looked up at him briefly before hiding your face away. He stopped you, hand cupping your cheek, pulling you up to him. 
“Can I kiss you one more time?” He whispered onto your lips. Nodding slightly, he wasted no time in slanting his mouth against yours. This time with less fire, instead, a softer, more tender touch. 
It felt just as good. If not better. Sighing he parted from you, unable to look away. “You’re just so pretty Y/’re the prettiest girl I know”
“Can we do it again?” You pushed your chest up, letting him feel you. He caught on, smirking slightly as his palms slid over your breasts again, loosely tossing them in his hands. 
“Always. I always want you okay? Always wanna touch you like this” Nose tracing down your neck, he began to litter kisses all across your shoulders. You purred, covering his hands with your own to squeeze you harder. 
You leaned down, kissing his forehead, his cheeks, his jaw, and were about to close in on his lips when suddenly--
Knock knock.
“Jungkook! Have you seen Y/n?” It was your father. Jungkook gulped, pulling your face into his neck to keep you quiet.
“O-oh, um, no! I was just finishing up in here. I-I can help you l-look for her, j-just give me a m-minute Uncle!”
“Alright. Thanks kid” He held his breath as the footsteps dissipated. Silently, Jungkook released his hold on you. 
Your eyes met briefly, worry-filled. Until the two of you burst into a fit of giggles, laughing heartily before your lips found one another again. 
a/n: thank you so much for reading! hope you enjoyed <3 
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drabbles: tickle me there | touch yourself here | wanna touch you
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Tumblr media
MEMBER(S) | Juyeon, Jungkook, Haechan, Seonghwa x Fem&Virgin!Reader
GENRE | Smut, highschool au (everyone is legal)
WARNINGS | your teacher kinda victim-blames you (dress code), edging… like a lot of edging, ice play, hand kinks mentioned, bondage, dacryphilia. 5some, thigh-riding, handjobs, fingering, oral (both m and f receiving), squirting, anal, quicky in the car, abrupt sir kink, me trying not to overuse pet names and not being sure if its working, a hint of sadism & masochism if u squint, lmk if I missed anything I’m half asleep
SUMMARY | When you heard the news about your school having new students, you didn’t think very much of it: people changed schools all the time. But you’re oblivious to their little plan, and by the time you realize it, it’s far too late. You’re already sucked in to a brand new world—and you think you like it.
NAMES USED | aira (anon), elizabeth @aaaaajonghooooo, francine (anon), ryu @saeromiz, arrie @starriearrie, melody @pjdream, angelina @nctloveclub, kyla @annyeongffs, nikola @nikkell, alessa (anon)
TAG LIST | @deobitiful @annyeongffs @idkman445 @jaylaxies @bubutaeyongie @rosasoundsgood @jenotation @earth-to-leiki @scxrlettkx @rindomo @givememunjang @nikkell @mooka3308 @roroswitherose @kthblackgf @imliterallyhighrn
WORD COUNT | 30.1k (listen… I did not intend for this to happen)
EXTRA | thank you to everyone who was patient with me and waited. I am so sorry I put you through this terrible long wait lol life is kicking my ass. it’s here now, finally! if I missed anyones name or forgot to tag anyone I’m so sorry, I will double check in the morning but rn I’m exhausted
Tumblr media
You had Good Girl Syndrome.
As the Principal’s daughter and apparently the teacher’s pet (some of your classmates' words, not your own), everyone expected a perfect princess of you. You had the top grades in all of your classes, some of the best behavior, and you were obedient. And it wasn’t like you’d ever majorly disobey your teacher or do something detention-worthy, but punishments didn’t exist for you. They would give you a simple slap on the wrist, and then it was done because you wouldn’t do it again.
Though recently, you had been feeling a little bad. Not in a behavioral sense - you’d never dare act up in class and that was probably the most out-of-character thing you could have done - but a little more…what was the word? Sinful? Dirty? Filthy?
And it was all because of the boys that now sat beside you in your mathematics class.
One, Lee Juyeon: a senior, one of the four new male transfer students, and the most flirty guy you knew. Which was outstanding, because you met him less than a week ago. And two, Jeon Jungkook: another senior, yet another one of the four new male transfer students, and he was probably the most straightforward guy you knew. Juyeon and Jungkook were just as different as they were similar. Both of their words skydived off of their tongues and crawled onto your skin, making you melt into a puddle of wetness, both knowing all the right words to say, the right time to say them, which made them impossible to win against. But while Juyeon was cunning and a charmer, Jungkook was more direct about his thoughts and less vague, never mincing his words.
Like now.
Your eyes trailed off your paper and onto your partners—well, the one on your right, Jeon Jungkook. You subconsciously watched his hands as he wrote down notes, not even acknowledging your own actions or the place your mind had roamed. You remembered your friends mentioning that big hands also meant big- Then you stopped yourself. Why were you thinking like that? And all over fingers? How did you even remember that when you were barely even tuned into the conversation because it was too sexual for you to relate to?
“Do you want to hold my hand?”
You blinked. “Huh?”
“You’ve been staring at my fingers for the past five minutes.” Jungkook said, suppressing a laugh to avoid drawing any suspicion from the teacher. “Or do you just have some kind of a hand kink?”
You sat speechless and tore your gaze away from him, refusing to look at him when your cheeks were burning. Your lips parted, but nothing came out from between. Did you have a hand kink? You had never explored that side of you before, so how were you supposed to know? It was kind of embarrassing, when you thought about it. How come you of all people didn’t know what you were into?
“No?” He cocked his head. “Or is it the latter? You can be honest with me, aren’t I always honest with you?”
He was. A little too honest.
“I-I don’t know.” You muttered, having no courage to speak any louder. Not that you should have, anyway. You didn’t want or need anyone else to hear you talk about things like this.
Jungkook could have laughed at that. “You don’t know?” He smiled. It was the only vague thing about him, because a smile could only say so much. A smile wasn’t always sincere. “But aren’t you the smartest girl in the class? Aren't you supposed to know everything? Don’t tell me you also don’t know what kinks you’re into.”
This was not appropriate. You were in the middle of math class talking about kinks. What would your dad or teachers have thought of this information? And more importantly, why was this all turning you on?
Too embarrassed to form a proper response, you shook you head. You really didn’t know.
“Well,” He tore a piece of paper from his notebook and folded it in half before picking up his pen to write again. You could clearly see his veins, and you guess this was the moment you realized that you did, in fact, have a hand kink. Once he was done, he handed you the paper discreetly. “Here’s my number. Give me a call if you ever want to find out, and we can have a little study session.” He smiled again. “That’s what good girls like you do, right?”
That was probably the least direct he had ever been in the three days that you’d known him.
This time, you picked up your head and attempted to look him in his eyes, looking away from the tease of tattoos that were visible at the bottom of his long sleeves. You looked up, seeing his coconut brown hair that fell in his face and his soft pink lips. Then in his twinkly, starry eyes. He looked so innocent, like you, but you knew it was a facade, if you could even call it that. It wasn’t like he ever tried to hide any of his filthy and sinful thoughts from you.
“Yes,” You mustered the ability to say. It made him grin proudly before returning to his notes.
And left you wondering what the heck you just signed yourself up for. You bit back a sigh. Why would your teacher sandwich you between two of the hottest guys in the school? Did she think you’d be able to handle them?
Soon afterwards, the bell rang, and most of the students wasted no time in leaving for their next class. Once you packed up, you began to walk away yourself, before the teacher called your name. You walked over to her desk anxiously, wondering if she knew what you were discussing only minutes ago.
“Yes, Mrs. Anderson?”
“I just wanted to tell you to make sure to wear a longer skirt next time.” She frowned, wrinkles showing on her face. “To minimize your distraction to the boys.”
Minimize your distraction to the boys? You didn’t even know there were boys looking at you, like that anyway. But if they couldn’t stop being perverts, that was nowhere near your fault.
“O-Oh.” You forced a smile and nodded. “Yes ma’am! Is there anything else?”
“Would you mind showing Juyeon over there to his class?” She said, pointing her arm in his direction. He sent you a small wave, and you mindlessly waved back. “It’s a big school, so as a new student, it makes sense that he forgot where it was. You understand, right?”
“Yes, ma’am.” You repeated. Mrs. Anderson wrote you a late pass, and then you and Juyeon walked over to the classroom door.
“Ladies first.” He grinned, opening the door widely for you.
Shyly, you murmured a thanks and the two of you walked through the doorway and into the busy halls, Juyeon trailing behind you like a shadow.
“So, whose class do you have?”
“Mr. Kallman.” He replied, smiling from ear-to-ear in a very suspicious manner. You couldn’t find any reason to doubt him, though. No one ever seemed to know where Mr. Kallman’s class was.
One firm nod was all it took to signal you understood and within a couple of minutes, you two had finally reached your destination. The walk was surprisingly more quiet than you had expected, but you assumed Juyeon was just running low on things to say, using all of his creativity on the first three days that he spent flirting with you instead of taking notes.
The bell had already rung, but the two of you had no concerns since Mrs. Anderson had given you passes. Juyeon stood before Mr. Kallman’s door, turning to you with one last curve of his lips.
“Thanks, Y/N!” He said, looking genuine, though you were still suspicious of his kindness and lack of flirty language. Maybe he had already found a new target.
Although you were skeptical, you smiled back. “You’re welcome, Juyeon.”
Just as you turned on the heel of your shoes, he called your name, causing you to spin back around and look at him curiously.
“Wear them shorter.”
You blinked, lost. “Huh?”
“Your skirts.” His pure smile curled into a smirk, the moment your guard was down. “Wear them shorter. You have nice legs.”
By the time you realized what he was saying, he had already disappeared into the classroom and the warmth of his hand lingered on your thigh, too fleeting of a feeling.
Boys like Jungkook and Juyeon were no good.
And that’s why they preyed on good girls like you.
Tumblr media
When you were younger, your mother always told you to stay away from boys like Jeon Jungkook and Lee Juyeon. She told you to focus on your studies because boys like them would only want you for your body. Of course, you followed her instructions, and up until now, found no difficulty in ignoring boys. But now you were wondering what was so bad about a body that it wasn’t considered a valid enough reason to desire someone?
Last night was the horniest you had ever felt before. You knew this because while you were no stranger to the feeling, you were also no more than an acquaintance, and no feeling had ever touched you this deeply before. For starters, the way you touched yourself was different: you had fingered yourself before, but this time, you had more direction. There was a specific picture in your mind, a specific person, even more particularly, specific people. Behind your shut eyes, your fingers were replaced with Jungkook’s longer ones and they slipped in and out of your wetness repeatedly. You imagined how much better it would feel if it were his fingers. Jungkook would know what he was doing, you inferred from the open way he spoke. He had even agreed to teach you, in a way you hadn’t yet fully understood, but you knew that if he could teach you then he had to have the experience you lacked.
You imagined the praise that would fall from between his mouth and land hot on your skin, making you burn inside endlessly. Good girl, he would say with a proud smile on his face, seeing how well you obeyed him, how well you took him.
That’s when you realized that maybe being a good girl wasn’t so bad after all.
And Juyeon had snook in your mind, too. You spent so long wondering if you should have listened to him or your teacher, and the moment you realized this was the moment you knew you were in trouble. Risking getting caught up in the dress code violation rules over a boy that was probably just flirting with you for the hell of it? Though, for a reason you couldn’t decipher, the risk seemed to make you want to do it even more, and that’s when you started considering everything. You had gotten away with the dress code before, like when you wore that spaghetti strap top. And if you really didn’t want to seem disobedient, you could always lie.
But lying? Over a boy? Your parents had raised you so much better than that, yet here you were.
Here you were, lying your pretty little ass off the next day, saying all your other school-appropriate clothes were in the laundry after your math teacher commented on your noticeably shorter skirt.
And you saw no punishment, even when your skirt was inches below what should have been allowed. As you walked victoriously back to your desk, you noticed Juyeon eyeing you down with that signature, pretty boy smirk of his. Your stomach started doing somersaults and you weren’t sure why. You weren’t sure why anything was happening, really.
You sat down and took out your materials for the class, not mentioning a word to either of the two boys beside you. Not like you needed to, anyway, because only seconds later, you felt the warmth of Juyeon’s palm on your thigh, massaging your skin gently, making you forget how to breathe. Your whole body stopped when you saw him lean over, his lips hovering only inches by your ear.
“Well, aren't you a good girl?” He whispered, chuckling. “Such a pretty,” his breath tickled your neck and his fingers inched up your skirt slowly, rubbing at your inner thigh. “Good girl.”
You’d think he had the blueprint to your body the way he effortlessly made you wet. Whether it was his words, his contact, or even both, hell, you could feel your panties starting to grow damp, and it was all his fucking fault. You weren’t even sure how you should have reacted, too stunned to think, which only made him laugh at you.
“Did I make you shy?” Juyeon quirked a brow. His hands still worked at your skin, each touch so deliberate, turning on all the horny switches in you that you didn’t even know existed. You sucked in a breath to hold back a moan, not wanting your classmates, teacher, or anyone beside you to hear such sinful things leave your mouth. He made it difficult, though. You had quickly learned that Juyeon was a very tactile person, and in many more ways than one, meaning he knew exactly when, where and how to touch you.
“Juyeon!” You whimpered in a half-whisper, half-yell.
“Yes, beautiful?” You refused to look at him, but you could hear the smirk in his voice. “My name sounds so pretty on your tongue.”
“Touch me more?” You begged. “Please?”
His fingers on your skin felt so much better than yours ever had, and all he was doing was rubbing your inner thigh. You wondered if he knew that he was the first person to touch you like this, the first person to touch you there. You didn’t even know why you liked the feeling so much, especially when you had never been so turned-on before. All you knew was that you just did, and you wanted more of it. Little did you know, he was aware of all of this. You were so nasty for someone so innocent. You knew so much yet so little at the same time, and lacked the experience to give you all the answers to your questions. Little did you know, there were four men holding the keys to the doors that unlocked everything. And all you had to do was walk through those mysterious doors with them.
Since you asked him so nicely, he was going to (actually, the real reason behind it was because he wanted to hear you say his name again, but he guessed manners were nice, too). But before he could respond, he was called into the front office via the intercom.
“Sorry.” He said, but he didn’t sound sorry. You felt cold as he tore his hands away from you and stood to push under his chair. “I’ll make it up to you next time, ‘kay?” He winked.
Next time. There was going to be a next time. That excited you in ways words could not express.
And then he was gone.
Hours had begun to feel like days after that. Time dragged on slowly, taking its precious, sweet time, and you swore an eternity passed by before it was finally time for lunch. The whole time you waited, you couldn’t take your mind off of the two boys that had been living rent-free there recently. Juyeon had gotten you all started up, and left without extinguishing your flames, but you knew who wouldn’t leave you high and dry.
As if your life depended on it, you searched your bag for a torn piece of notebook paper with several digits written across it. Jungkook’s number. He was the one who had offered to explore a brand new world with you, to take you on an adventure—the first of many.
As you drew your phone from your pockets, you began to contemplate if it was really worth it. Did you really want to do this? Or was your mind just playing tricks on you? You hardly even knew what you were getting yourself into, which was surprising, because Jungkook usually made things very clear. You guessed he was somehow going to help you find out what kinks you were into, but how? Wouldn’t he have to actually do things to you for you to know if you actually enjoyed it or not?
Oh. You realized that may have been the point. And it only made you even more curious.
Screw it, you thought, and dialed the digits. It rang once—nothing. Twice—nada. Three times, and anxiety began to catch up with you, until you heard the gentle sound of Jungkook’s voice in your ear.
He answered. He actually answered. Your thoughts began to scream at you and you realized that you hadn’t thought this far ahead. What were you supposed to say? Supposed to do? Did you just say hello back and assume he would work for you? He gave you his number for one specific reason, anyway.
“Hi,” you said back awkwardly. You mentally slapped yourself: what the hell were you doing?
“Y/N?” Jungkook asked, though his tone indicated he had already known the answer. He held back a laugh. Of course it was you, who else would call him speaking with such a little voice? “May I help you?”
Of course, he would betray you like this. Of course, he would make you say it. He liked when things were spoken loud and clear.
“I-I, um,” The shoelaces of your fast-beating heart were untied, causing you to stumble and trip over your words. “It’s about what you said yesterday. Remember? In Mrs. Anderson’s class?”
Jungkook did remember, and very well at that. His keen memory was in his blood. But he wanted to hear it from your own mouth without you speaking so vaguely, he wanted you to state boldly what you wanted from him. “Hm,” He hummed, smiling because he knew you couldn’t see (not like he wouldn’t have done so either way). “I said a lot of things yesterday. Can you be a little more specific?”
You took a deep breath. There was no way he was doing this to you. You muttered shyly, “You said you’d help me find out what kinks I’m into…”
“Sorry, what was that?”
Your felt blood rush to your cheeks. “You said you’d help me find out what kinks I’m into.” You repeated, louder, with more confidence, even though you felt like you’d die if he made you say anything else.
For a moment it was silent, but you could practically hear his smile through the phone. “Now was that so hard?” He laughed. “Meet me in the library. I’ll be at the back area hidden by the shelves.”
He gave you no time to respond before hanging up, but you were limited on time.
In a flash, you were down by the library. Upon your entry, the woman at the front desk greeted you hello, not even slightly suspicious of why you were there, and it wasn’t even because you were the principal’s daughter: when you and your friends weren’t having lunch together somewhere off-campus, you liked to spend time at the library, reading or studying. She even let you get away with eating in there because she knew you were responsible enough to tidy after yourself. Little did she know, as you made your way to the very back of the room, you weren’t there to read books—you were there for a completely different type of studying that was new to you.
Spotting Jungkook was easy. For one, the entire library was practically empty, and two, there was only a single table at this part of the room, but even if there were hundreds of people and a thousand different tables, Jungkook was still like the moon in the night sky with his unignorable presence.
“There you are!” Jungkook spoke cheerfully, gesturing with his arm for you to walk over to the table. You did as instructed, habitually tugging down the ends of your skirt. Even you weren’t used to them being so short, though the knowledge of who was watching you let you bask in attention. Once you sat down, you noticed him eying you with the cheekiest grin. “Are you ready?”
For some reason, the room felt hot, and it almost was as if moving the muscle of your tongue would be too much physical exertion. Almost as if you would break into sweat and lose your breath if you spoke. So you nodded your head up and down, even though you weren’t sure of the answer yourself. You didn’t even know how this would go, but you were painfully curious, wishing he’d allow you to skip over the speaking parts and dive right into whatever it was that he had planned for you both. You knew that that was an unrealistic thought, though. You kept reminding yourself he liked things vocal.
Maybe that was why you could hear the rhythm of your heartbeat, feel it panging against your chest and crawling up your throat like a spider. You were nervous, you knew it when you felt your stomach boiling, but that could have also been the excitement burning inside of you.
“I thought you would have known this by now.” His smile fell as he sighed. “Do I have to tell you to use your words like a kindergarten? Aren’t you one of the smartest girls in the school?”
You took a deep breath to calm your voice, afraid you’d stutter if you didn’t. “Yes.”
Jungkook clicked his tongue with disapproval. “Full sentences, precious. We learned that in first grade.”
“Yes, I’m ready.” You corrected yourself, swallowing your embarrassment. It was easier once his smile washed over his face again, making you feel all warm and tingly.
“Good girl. Now, we’ve got twenty-something minutes so let’s make it count, alright? I have a feeling-”
“Are you going to touch me?”
It was an accident. A loud, blurted-out accident committed in the form of words. It was also the most direct you had ever been without him having to pry it from your mouth. Your skin felt hot now and you covered your mouth with your hand.
Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, half-surprised and half-amused. He grinned with mirth, but shook his chocolate hair-covered head. “Not unless you want me to, precious. I was going to say I had a feeling that you were wondering that, and look at you, proving me right.” Your cheeks burned so hot that at this point, it was like forgetting you left the oven on. “Don’t be shy. I don’t have to touch you to help you explore yourself. Alright?”
You were going to nod, but the previous scenario replayed in your mind a couple of times and you decided that you’d rather save yourself the embarrassment. “Alright.”
“Good. Now, are there any kinks you already know you’re into?”
You thought about it hard, to the point where he could probably feel the gears turning in your brain. But other than the hand kink (which was far from the kind of kinks you were looking for), you didn’t know. It wasn’t like you needed experience to know this kind of stuff either, because you remembered when your friends Ryu and Arrie were discussing their dirtiest, kinkiest fantasies amongst each other while still being virgins, and all without you having anything to contribute yourself because you simply had never given it a thought. But then it hit you. You had given it a thought. While third-wheeling on their conversation, you heard one of them mention being handcuffed to a bedpost. For some reason, the thought was interesting to you, enough for you to day dream and imagine it was yourself being handcuffed to a bed, unclothed, waiting to be used by someone unspecified. But now the time had come where you could fill in the blanks, and you saw so many different faces. Too many different faces for this to be your sexual awakening.
“I’ll take that face you just made as a yes?” He said in a questioning tone, unsure what your expression meant exactly, but he had a good enough idea.
“I remembered something.” You muttered quietly, and before he could comment on how vague that sentence was, you started up again. “Bondage.”
“Bondage?” He repeated. He squinted: you did look like a bondage kind of girl. “You do know bondage can consist of several different kinds of restraints, right? Such as ropes, handcuffs, ties, etc. Does that not matter to you, or is there something you enjoy specifically?”
You wondered how he could say things like that so easily when you struggled to simply just say that you were ready. You guessed he was just used to it, that’s why he said things so openly and unashamed. But this was all new to you, foreign, and you still had so much that you wanted to learn. What was it like? Was it mind-blowing like how it was depicted in the media? You had heard of your own friends faking their orgasms to please a guy, but you didn’t think that it was their fault. It was the fault of those guys that the sex was underwhelming because they didn’t know how to satisfy a girl, only themselves.
Jungkook seemed to know a lot, though. Of course, he had never explicitly said that he had had sex before, but that was kind of a given. You wondered what the girls he was previously with felt with him, and it was too bad none of them (you assumed since he was a transfer) went here. Not that you would have asked them yourself, not only were you shy but it would have been weird for the principal’s daughter to go around asking strangers about their sex life, and what would you have done if they told Jungkook? You were just curious about how good he was, because if his touch struck you as hard as his words, you would implode.
“I mean, it was handcuffs, and ties once,” To be honest, you had rarely imagined it any other way. It was always handcuffs, with one instance of ties but you guessed you were open to other forms of bondage. “But I don’t think I’d mind anything else too much. Just...I’d prefer the handcuffs.”
“Well, look at you,” He was certainly looking at you, and you were being crushed underneath the heavy pressure of his gaze. “Talking about kinks in the back of the library when your friends are expecting you.” Your phone had gone off, but you silenced it, and he must have caught a glimpse of your notifications because your friends were wondering where you were. “Anyone could be listening in. What if the principal walked in? Or the desk lady?”
You knew it should have made you worried, but all the thought did was turn you on, just like it had the first time he said something along those lines. Was this another kink? Either way, you were aroused the moment you heard his honey-sweet voice when you called him, and in this moment, your studying could wait. You needed him, desperately.
“Jungkook…” You whined, and you shut your thighs together as if that would stop the feeling. You were in too deep now.
“Oh, don’t tell me that turns you on.” Jungkook scoffed. “You might have to add exhibitionism to your growing list of kinks.”
Jungkook made you feel a way you had never felt before. He made you feel bare and exposed even when you were fully-clothed. That was the strength of how he chose to deliver his words, and how your skin was so easily able to absorb them all. They made you small and as if he was a giant hovering above you, the distance so far yet everything was still communicated so well. His presence was authoritative, though not in an overbearing way, but in a way that you were at least aware of what your choices were, and you made them carefully.
“Jungkook, please.” This time, your words came out as a desperate-sounding plea. “I want you to touch me.”
You had nothing to hide. This was an open experience, and even if it wasn’t, he could still practically read you like an open book. Each syllable hit you right in your pussy, and you could barely think about anything else except for him. The feeling that made your blood pump and your pulse rush as you noticed the dark look tainting Jungkook’s two abysses of eyes couldn’t have been distinguished between anxiousness and thrill, almost like looking in the mirror, but you knew you liked it, whatever it was.
Jungkook tilted his head. “Touch you how?”
He was really doing this when you felt like you were about to burst from suddenly being filled with dirty thoughts and the images clogging the drain of your mind.
“Finger me,” The phrase felt foreign on your tongue, but that didn’t stop you. “Please?”
Jungkook looked around the corner, likely to check if anyone was listening in on your sexual conversation gone even more sexual, but at this point, you couldn’t have cared less. Your desperation won over your morals, moral roots implanted within you from your parents, and logically, if anyone saw you, they would have to be trying intentionally from the angle of which you were and how you were covered. But as you felt the warm sensation of his fingers brushing against your thigh, you forgot about everything and everyone that wasn’t him.
He made it so easy, especially when there was only one thing that you desired in that moment: the pleasure he could give you. His touch was deliberately slow, creeping up your thighs and pausing to rub circles around the skin. Then he moved his hand, repeating his actions on your panties, and you were certain he knew how wet you were, because his eyes glimmered with lust. There was no doubt in your mind that your panties were ruined, he had said and done too much for them not to be, but that didn’t matter because you wanted them off as soon as possible anyway.
Jungkook pulled your panties down your thighs slightly, careful not to do it too much in case of an emergency situation where you needed to pull them back up again. His fingers grazed your wetness and the low laugh that fell from between his lips sent a shiver down your spine. “I thought you were a good girl.” He sighed, though not in discontent. You let out a gasp as you felt his fingertips trail your slit. “But only naughty girls get this wet.”
You didn’t have it in you to speak, too busy chasing the feeling and so close to finally discovering the heaven you were seeking. But that was okay, because Jungkook would verbalize all of his dirty thoughts to you, and as a result, you would express yours in your failed attempts to hold back moans. Working with your shared time limit, he finally pushed his fingers in with zero required effort, achieving a moan-like gasp from you. It was the very first time someone other than yourself fingered you, and though he had barely done anything just yet, it was already better than anything you could do.
He started with one finger and didn’t move too quickly, understanding it was your first time and he wanted to make it memorable as much as he did enjoyable. “Is this alright?”
You nodded. “More.”
“What was that?” His voice was dripping with something cocky, and you could feel it dribbling onto your skin like drops of rain.
“I want more,” You said a little louder, longing for more of the feeling. “Please?”
“More?” He laughed. “Well, since you asked nicely.”
You felt the second finger slide in only a couple of moments later and the next few moments after that were even better. The only thing you could compare this experience to was those late nights when you were all alone in your bedroom, desperately trying to recreate the stories of bliss you had only heard of, as if pleasure was just a rumor. Minutes ago, this could have only been a dream, but Jungkook was showing you that it was more than a myth, that it was real and you could feel it all with him. You tried your hardest to hold back loud noises, but the way Jungkook reacted to hearing your sweet sounds, looking at you as if you just drained the ocean, it made you want to be so much louder, and you would have.
The moans you couldn’t control, slipping past your lips and flowing into the air around you, were already loud enough, but you couldn’t help it, because Jungkook knew exactly what to do: he angled his fingers perfectly, paying close attention to how you reacted when he did something. He studied you carefully, and for his first time with you, he made it feel so much better than you had ever done yourself. Did you really need to go to heaven when he was bringing heaven to you?
And then suddenly, his fingers hit you there, and it made a sharp moan of his name burst from your mouth. “Jungkook!”
Jungkook grunted in response. He was already hard and the way you said his name didn’t spoil that in the slightest. “Feel good?”
“God, yes. Please don’t stop.”
He laughed. What made you think he planned on stopping? He continued his movement, hitting that spot again, and again, and again, until you couldn’t form a single coherent sentence and could only chant his name. He knew you were approaching your orgasm when he felt your walls clenching around his fingers and you bucking against them. You were so close to cumming, and he was so close to winning, but that wasn’t the only thing that drove him to keep touching you. He thought you looked gorgeous like this, willing to risk so much just to have his fingers fill you up like this. He wanted to fuck you next, but he knew that he would have to wait a little longer.
There was an unexplainable feeling in your stomach, the closest thing you could describe it as was a big bubble, moments away from bursting. You felt so good, your thoughts were lost somewhere, and all you knew was that he couldn’t stop right now. You needed more, just a little more, just a little bit-
“I see you two are busy.”
The empty feeling after Jungkook pulled his fingers out of you occurred almost immediately, but the realization of why he did it only came seconds later. Your eyes grew round once you noticed the figure leaning on one of the bookshelf that shielded you from the sight of everyone else.
“The fuck are you doing Haechan?” Jungkook said. You could hear it in his voice how he wasn’t too happy about your ruined orgasm, either.
Haechan, Lee Haechan, was another boy amongst the four new transfer students. You took they were all friends, given you learned they had come from the same school and stuck together. You even were the one to give Haechan a tour on his first day, so him seeing you like this (well, it was a relief he couldn’t see anything below your stomach, but your facial expressions and noises were already enough to indicate what was going on) was a big change.
“Well, Ms. Bradford,” that was the lady who worked at the front desk in the library, “asked me if I wouldn’t mind checking up on our school’s princess Y/N because, and I quote, it sounded like she was hurt, but looking at it, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.”
A smug smile was painted on his face, while a burn crept onto the cheeks of yours. You didn’t know what to say, you couldn’t say anything, only tear your gaze away and struggle to make eye contact with anyone. Jungkook looked like there was something on the tip of his tongue, but the sound of the bell cutting through the room silenced him and you pulled your panties back up, standing to grab your backpack off of the back of the chair, all while feeling different eyes on you.
“You don’t speak?” Haechan quirked an eyebrow, not being phased by the sound of the bell. “After how loud you just were for him?”
You thought you would have been more ashamed about getting caught than anything, but the thought of being watched was only turning you back on, and that was where the shame came in.
“I have to get to class.” You stared at your feet, not having it in you to look him in his taunting eyes.
Haechan didn’t hold back his laugh. You were only seconds away from being late by now, and you certainly didn’t seem to care about time when you had Jungkook’s fingers in you. “So you do speak?”
“Drop it, Hyuck. Leave. You already checked up on her and she’s fine so go.” This was Jungkook’s voice, rougher than you had ever heard before, essentially because he had always spoke so gently. Peering up, you saw Haechan raise his arms defensely before turning around and walking away, but the fiery burn of his gaze lingered on your cold skin. Should you not have felt that spark? Even if it was a mere flicker, there one second and gone the next? Or were you just trying to convince yourself that it didn’t exist?
“Are you all right?” Jungkook’s voice asked, voice returning to that honey-sweet sound when he spoke with you and you saw your reflection swimming in his eyes when you looked at him.
You nodded. “I’m fine.”
He nodded back. “I’ll walk you to class then? We can always pick back up another time.” He winked.
That wink was a shot fired at your heart, confusing you of how you should feel. In the same day, within the same couple of hours, those sinful thoughts had crept onto you about three different people. Was it right? Being intimate with more than one person?
“Y-Yeah.” You muttered. “Let’s go.”
The walk to your class was silent but not in an awkward way. Jungkook slid his arm around your waist and the way you were entangled between your thoughts made the walk seem to last longer than it really had. You thought about the trouble that had been made of you ever since the transfers arrived. Were they any good for you? How come they were all it took to break down those walls of yours, and had done it so effortlessly at that?
“We’re here.” Jungkook said, his voice snatching you right out of your mind and back into reality. “See you later.”
“See you later.” You waved. Your lips curved into a smile just as you saw his did, and then he faded into the distance.
You took a deep breath to nerve yourself before you opened the door to the classroom. You were late, which was a first. You were taught to always arrive in a timely manner, so your teacher’s reaction to you of all people being late worried you. But you pushed your body through the doorway, deciding late was better than never showing up. You could probably make up some excuse.
“Miss Y/N? Why are you late?” Mr. Kwon asked, surprised to find you weren’t absent, though instead late.
“I- um,” Perhaps you should have come in a little more prepared than you did.
“She was helping one of the new kids find their way around, sir. I saw her on my way to class. You can’t punish her for having that kindness in her heart, can you? This school is really big and it’s not hard to get lost.” Said a voice from the back of the class. There sat Lee Haechan, your knight in ripped denim jeans and a leather jacket.
Mr. Kwon looked at you. “Is this true, miss Y/N?”
You blinked. But denying it would be stupid, so you nodded your head. “Yes, sir. I apologize for being late and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
“Alright, I’ll excuse it. Have a seat and take out your book.” Mr. Kwon said, and you did as instructed after walking over to your seat. A gaze pierced through your skin as you pulled your book from your bag, urging you to turn around. Once you did, your eyes met with those of Lee Haechan, who sat in the very back row, a teasing smile on his lips.
It was then you realized that you were in for one hell of a ride.
Tumblr media
The following night, you replayed that moment with Jungkook in the library over again and again, perpetually looped in your head like a circle. A pleasure like that was something new, something you wouldn’t be able to replicate on your own, no matter how hard you tried. That was why you found yourself upset that your bubble had been popped before it could burst on its own. Covering up your sloppy behavior was the very least could have done, and while you were ever so thankful he did, you were still determined to make him pay the price of his actions in a completely different way. You just didn’t know how yet.
So you went to someone who did.
“Are you calling me a slut?”
It was no secret that you were probably the last one to know how to approach sexual related things and topics. Hell, that was why you were even here, in the ladies bathroom before first period with one of your friend’s who was named Melody. She was more sexually knowledgeable than you, and you informed her that was why you came to her for advice, but apparently it came off wrong because you were struck with that question, and it was very far from what you were attempting to say.
Your eyes widened. “No, no! Of course not! I was just saying that you know more- why are you laughing?”
Melody sank her teeth into her bottom lip in her failed and half-assed attempt to stop laughing at your misery, but it took a lot more than that for her to finally quit. “Mel! This is serious!” You whined.
“Alright, you prude, I’ll help you!” She agreed, and you emit a breath, resisting the urge to deny being a prude. You were yet again on a time limit due to your school schedule. “So, what’s going on?”
You glanced around the bathroom: the door was shut and the stalls were all empty, so it was only the two of you in that small space. You took a deep breath, as if bracing yourself for the news of your own predicament. “Okay, so, I basically was doing something with this one guy but we got caught by this other guy - and no, before you ask, we were not having sex - and now I want the other guy's attention because he ruined everything for me.” Your words came slurred, yet even through her intense blinking you could tell Melody could highlight the most significant details.
“That was very, very vague, and you are so gonna have to tell me the full details later, but what I'm getting is that you're craving a guy's attention, huh?”
You nodded. It only hit you then that there was a less complicated way that you could have phrased your explanation, but it was far too late by now - Melody would learn everything sooner or later, even if she had to yank the words out your throat.
“Well, men are easy.” She laughed. “Can and will get turned on by anything. If you want a fuck, there's always the option of showing more skin. They've got magnets for eyes, automatically attracting to any bare skin they can see. Maybe slide in some contact, too. Not in a harassy kinda way, but if you're able, maybe brush your hand against his and play it off as an accident. No idea who you’re after specifically, but it’s worked for me on different guys, so.”
Her words ran laps in your mind all throughout the day until the single period you shared with Haechan, a boring history class. While your teacher was kind (to you at least), he was rather disinteresting in his manner of teaching and just generally not a fun guy. He made it difficult to not sink into slumber in the middle of class, and not solely even the middle of it. You've had to catch your head during the beginning and the end. You wished Haechan sat in front of you so that your eyes had something to snack on in the duration you were forced to sit cramped up by the window, your notebook lying on your desk and your hands flying about to write notes in pink ink. Yet again was his figured draped in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans, but he looked too good for complaints.
You sighed. Melody had a good plan, but you didn't know how you would apply it. You could only get away with breaking the dress code so many times and there was no way you would be able to get close enough to even tap Haechan on his leather-clad shoulder.
“We will be having a project.”
Your hands froze mid-way of you writing the letter T. A project? And you were beginning to think this class couldn't get any more terrible. You knew he wasn't intentionally trying to make you suffer, but he always paired you with people who didn't like to do the part in partner. When he began calling names (he always chose partners for everyone), you nerved yourself, preparing to be partnered with Kim Hongjoong or Jung Hoseok, the infamous class clown title earners, or Johnny Suh or Eric Sohn, who weren't troublemakers like the first pair, but they were careless and lazier than sloths.
“Francine and Elizabeth,” He called, “Y/N and Haechan.”
Y/N and...who? Haechan? Not Eric Sohn? Not Jung Hoseok? Lee Haechan?
You turned your head in his direction before you even processed your body's own actions. He was looking at you, a smug smile tugging at his lips, but a lightbulb went off in your head and your own face grew complacent within a matter of seconds.
Once Mr. Kwon gave you all the go-ahead to find your partners and discuss your plans for the project amongst one another, you were seated beside Haechan at lightning speed.
“Your place or mine, Princess?” Haechan winked, likely due to the dirty connotation of what he just said though you paid it no mind. There were a billion thoughts running rampant in your head and he was going to free them all sooner or later, either way. It wasn't even a question. Your house was no place for the kind of things you had in mind.
Ding-dong. That was the sound of Haechan's doorbell. Your finger was pressed to the button for a split second before you moved your hand to your side and sucked in a deep breath. Don't look so nervous, you reminded yourself. It didn't help though, because your nervousness was eating you from the inside out. He'll notice. The door swung open, and greeting you was not Haechan, but a middle-aged woman, likely his mother. You should have considered that a possibility: there was more than one car parked in the driveway, and you knew by the different styles that they couldn't have possibly all belonged to Haechan. Nonetheless, you wore a warm, wide smile on your face, the innocent one that always seemed to woo people.
Haechan's mother met your smile. “Good afternoon, dear. You must be Haechan's history partner?” she said, more like a question than a statement by her tone.
“Yes, ma'am. Is he home?”
It was a foolish question. His car, unique from the others it accompanied, was parked in the driveway. And you agreed on a specific time to meet, which she must have known at least slightly because how else would she have known that you were his history partner?
“He is. Upstairs, the second door on the left.”
You nodded in understanding, adjusting your backpack straps with a final smile. “Thank you, ma'am.”
“Please, dear,” She laughed. “Just call me Mrs. Lee.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Lee.” You corrected yourself.
“Of course. Have fun!”
Have fun. Working on a boring history project. You flashed her one final kind smile then followed the directions she had given you, walking upstairs and stopping at the second door on the left. You inhaled another sharp breath. Why was this so nerve-wracking? Was it because you were a woman with a plan or because you were in his house? Or both, even? Nothing had even had the chance to escalate yet, but you were imagining all the possibilities of things you could do since you were outside of school premises, in a room with a bed and no one watching (even though you already came to terms with the fact that you enjoy being watched to an extent). Anything could happen. And that made your exhilaration and nerves practically impossible to differentiate between. So you knocked, a light, harmless knock, though still loud enough to be heard through the silence in his room.
You were already holding your breath, but when the door opened was when you really felt as if you couldn't breathe: there Haechan stood, his hair a little messy though his forehead on display. His figure was clad in an unbuttoned shirt that partially exposed the upper area of his chest and his veiny arms, both of which your gaze grawled upon. You had never seen him like this before. Usually, all of his clothes veiled his body, but that wasn't the case now. He was exposed as you were, and that made the weird feeling in your stomach, the boiling bubble, come back.
As if he was stunned, he gawked back at you, equally in awe. A guy like Haechan would be determined to get into your pants either way, but you wanted him to get into your denim miniskirt. You shielded the rest of your skin with a matching jacket and if Melody's advice wasn't faulty, then your never-worn-before crop top would do the trick.
He broke the silence first, snapping out of whatever daze he was in. He leaned against his door, staring you in the eye this time. “Do you always dress this pretty outside of school, Princess?”
A burn stung your cheeks, but you held eye contact. “Most of my clothes are in the laundry.”
The sound of his laughter ringing throughout your ears left you confused, because you knew you hadn't said anything funny. Could he see through your lies?
“Did I say something funny?” You fixed the backpack straps on your shoulders.
“Yeah,” He laughed once more, “You did.” He poked his head out of the hallway, and while the coast was technically clear, he still signaled for you to come into his room with his fingers. The click of his door locking almost made you anxious, but the feeling was erased when the realization came that you were all alone and unwatched now. “Is that not the excuse you gave Mrs. Anderson because you wanted to please Juyeon?”
You were in the middle of taking off your backpack when he said it, and halted your actions when you processed his words. “ you know about that?”
The two of you only had one class period in common, which was history, not math. Sure, he had seen you in the skirt too (and a little bit too well at that), although that alone wasn't enough for him to know about what you and Juyeon had going on. It made you wonder if it turned him off to know that you were being intimate like that with so many guys at once. Would your indecisiveness ruin this for you?
“Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet.” His answer was vague as he spoke, simultaneously pulling the straps of your bag down your shoulders and sitting it in his electric-colored gaming chair. It didn't seem like he intended on answering you either, ignoring the confusion spelled out in bold on your face and he moved to sit back down on his bed. “Nevermind that, though. I'm more interested in how my princess dressed herself up all pretty and just for me. If my eyes could talk, they'd be saying thank you.” He winked.
You don't know what made you feel like you were melting into a puddle in the middle of the floor more, the wink or the ‘my princess.’ Either way, the rest of the discussion was long forgotten for now, and you were thinking about how his hands could talk, and so much louder than words at that. You could have  muttered you're welcome and shied away from the topic, convinced yourself that you came here for some stupid project, but it was impossible to ignore the way he made you feel.
“Actions speak louder than words.” You said, boldly.
Haechan arched his brow. “Is that so?”
You nodded.
He patted the spot next to him on his bed. “Then come and let me appreciate you, baby.”
A wave of relief washed over you once you were able to confirm that he desired you in the same way you desired him. Wasting no time, you moved to sit beside him. Excitement surfed on the waves of your veins, meanwhile you had fallen head-first into the sea. This was real, this was happening.
“Hmm,” He hummed, but the picture was already drawn in his eyes. “I know exactly what I'm going to do with you.”
As his hand ran up your thigh, you felt how hard your heart was beating in the pit of your stomach, so loud you wondered if he could hear it too. His warm touch sent a cool shiver down your spine, and all you could think about was how you'd finally get to learn what it was like. You weren't sure what he was thinking about exactly, but if you were on the same page, he was going to give you your first orgasm. “Wait,” He paused, and you furrowed your eyebrows. Had you not already waited enough? “If you want me to stop, say red, okay?” You nodded, not really thinking too hard about it. Your patience was running thin. “Good girl. Now lie down for me.”
Your back landed against his sheets, almost like falling down onto a cloud, and he was determined to show you a sneak-peak of heaven. Patiently, you waited for him to do something, anything. You were needy and desperate and he knew it just as well as you did, if not better, imagining ways to use it to his advantage. Your dreams finally came true the moment he pushed your skirt up and his hand cupped your heat, a teasing smile crawling onto his lips as his hands crept on the fabric. “Baby girl, you’re so wet. And I’ve barely even touched you yet.”
It was true that you were wet and it was all his fault, nobody but him could take the blame: you had kept yourself up last night with wild fantasies, things you hadn’t even known you were into, but were intrigued by nonetheless. You weren’t sure if you’d get the chance to test them all out, today anyway, but the thought alone turned you on and as the palm of his hand smoothed itself against your skin then curved to grab and tug down the band of your underwear, that was enough for you. You were sure he had already come to the correct conclusion that you came prepared, from your head down to your heels, but you didn’t know if he expected the cute, periwinkle lace panties that came as a set with a matching bra.
“So pretty,” he grinned. “And all for me.”
The compliment made you feel warm, but he was moving in an agonizingly slow pace and you weren’t sure how much more you could take before you lost your patience. “Haechan,” his name came out as a whine. “Do something.”
He cocked an eyebrow teasingly. “So needy you forgot your manners?”
Even now he could make time to tease you.
“Haechan,” you said again, whinier than before. “Please do something?”
It was the way you said his name, all whiny and desperate, that was the last straw of his own patience. In the blink of an eye, he was right between your parted thighs, in a daze as he gawked at your arousal. You wriggled self-consciously, suddenly hyper aware that your body was partially exposed to him and the thick air in his room, but the feeling of his finger gliding across your folds vacuumed you outside of your thoughts and forced you back into reality. The movement prompted an unexpecting gasp from you, and whiplash hit you the second you noticed him bring his finger to his mouth.
He smiled as you stared back at him with round eyes, but your words were ripped from you the second he licked a line at your pussy, driving another gasp from you. He started slowly, warming you up before he dived in completely. His tongue explored you, taking its time in feeling and searching you for all your sensitive areas and he paid close attention to how your body reacted, how you moved or squirmed; what made you make sounds and what didn’t; what made you seem to drip more and more; if that was even possible. His fingertips were gentle against your thighs as he caressed them softly, rubbing them in a pattern-ish motion, and you felt like you could combust. You had learned that your thigh was probably one of your biggest weaknesses, and that combined with the feeling of his mouth against your pussy was sending you into inexplicable pleasure.
Haechan was a fast learner, and once his movements began to progress and pick up in pace, you realized he was applying his knowledge. Your eyes squeezed shut as you felt his tongue soar across your folds: you were weak to his touch, the touch that threw your mind in a frenzy and your thoughts lost somewhere in the midst of the storm. As an inexperienced virgin, of course you had never felt anywhere near this good before, but you were blessed that your first experiences weren’t scaring you away from the idea of sex.
Haechan had a tongue like magic, the muscle somehow making any thought that wasn’t of him evaporate into thin air and turning something that wouldn’t have been able to compare even slightly if it was just you and either of your ten fingers into an ecstatic feeling. Something liberating, like you were floating above the clouds and didn’t want to come down. Just when you thought this couldn’t possibly get better, you felt his finger thrust into you and for a brief second, the licking turned to sucking. A loud moan passed your throat, tumbling into the air and being followed by more. He cocked a brow in amusement, but kept silent in determination to drive you wild.
The next time you said his name, it wasn’t in a whine. It was in a loud, satisfied moan, that made Haechan want to do nothing more but fuck you right then and there. If you acted like this from his mouth and a single finger, he knew you’d both have the time of your lives with his dick deep in you. But he composed himself, knowing the opportunity would present itself again, and besides, he didn’t want to tear you from the utter pleasure you were in just yet, not when you already looked and sounded so perfect just like this. Every now and then, you’d shut your eyes because a certain touch felt beyond good, and you’d buck your hips against his mouth, wanting to feel him to the greatest extent. Or you’d moan his name like how you just did, gripping his bed sheets as though you’d fall from heaven if you didn’t.
“Feel good, princess?” he asked, well aware that it felt more than good. Why else would you be acting like this, behaving as though he had plucked heaven from the sky, stuffed it into a suitcase and delivered it directly to you?
You felt so damn good, you couldn’t even form a coherent response, so you nodded your head and mewled his name once more. Your head was flat against one of his pillows, but if it wasn’t, it’d tilt back and loll. You felt that bubble boiling in the pit of your stomach again, steadily rising up and threatening to burst. If you were able to think straight, you would have thought about how close you were, how you were finally going to have your first orgasm and know what it was like. You would have thought about the utter silence in his house, aside from you and your moans, of course, and the sounds Haechan’s mouth made against you. When he started sucking at your clit was when you lost it, though. It felt overwhelmingly better than everything else, so much that you failed to keep your thighs together and he had to hold them in place with his elbows. It felt so good, until you couldn’t feel it anymore.
Haechan pulled his head back slowly, but his head snapped in the direction of the voice quickly. It hadn’t come from inside the room, not even from upstairs, but it was still urgent enough for him to halt his movements.
You felt lost, and a little confused as you sat up. Someone must have been toying with you, dangling your satisfaction in front of you just to snatch it away when you reached out to grab it. You were so close to knowing, so close to experiencing, so close to not being the token virgin of your friend group, not like that was your motive, though. It felt good, you liked it, so obviously you weren’t too happy about never being able to cum. It was just plain annoying now.
“That’s my mom,” he said with a slight smile (as if he was trying to hold it back), straightening his body into a stand. “She’s back.”
You blinked. “Your mom?”
You must have been eaten out stupid, because you hadn’t even realized she left, which sounded bad in retrospect, but you had completely forget she was even once there, or that you had walked into her. And you weren’t even sure if that made things better or worse.
“Yeah,” he looked like he was going to say something else, but she yelled again, this time something along the lines of helping her put the groceries up. “I’ve got to help her. We don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to, alright princess? I’ll be back.”
A firm nod of your head and then he was jogging downstairs, closing the door on his way out. You looked around the room emptily, then decided on checking your phone, and as if your mood couldn't have been tarnished any further, you saw a text from your brother. Sorry to interrupt your study sesh, but Mom wants you back home for dinner.
Dinner? An aggravated groan parted your lips. What could possibly be so important about dinner tonight that—Oh. Dinner with the pastor and his family was tonight. How could something like that even slip your mind?
Faster than a bolt of lightning, you rushed to a standing position and began to re-wear your underwear. How dumb of me, you thought, to forget such an important night. Meals with the pastor’s family weren’t uncommon: your family and his had established a great bond with one another because he was your dad’s best friend since elementary.
Once you gathered all of your belongings, you ran out of the door and downstairs. You felt Haechan’s gaze on you as you put back on your shoes, and remembered you had to announce why you were suddenly in a rush. “Sorry, Haechan, my mom wants me back home for dinner. See you at school! Bye, Mrs. Lee!”
You didn’t even capture their full responses, hearing the edge of a “see you later” and “bye, dear” before you were running through the doorway and to your car.
Before you even dared to step foot in your house, you made sure you looked presentable and not like you were doing some kind of walk of shame. A sigh of relief exited your lips once you concluded that your hair and makeup was fine, and while your outfit wasn’t necessarily a dinner-with-the-pastor’s-family outfit, you highly doubted they’d mind. You exhaled one final, deep breath before your hand turned the knob and pushed the door inward. Your eyes scanned the area: no one was in the room, but the faint sound of chatter was audible, indicating everyone was in the dining room.
Kicking off your shoes, you made a beeline for the stairs and barged into your bedroom, the door slamming shut from your rough force almost immediately afterwards, and your family could probably hear the thud of your bookbag thrown against the floor from downstairs. You couldn’t have cared less though, your underwear was ruined and you needed a fresh pair to make it through the night.
Once you felt refreshed, you were able to slip back on your Princess mask and balance the weight of your crown on your head. You walked into a familiar, homey setting, spotting everyone sitting in their usual seats; your parents and the pastor and his wife across from one another, your older brother and the pastor’s oldest son on one side, and his youngest on the other, waiting for you to take his side.
“Glad you could make it,” the pastor joked as you took your seat. “We were starting to get afraid that you’d bail on us.”
You fed into his joke with a forced laugh. “Sorry for keeping you all waiting, I got caught up with a project and it completely slipped my mind that this dinner was happening tonight.”
“Oh, right!” His wife cut in. “Aren’t you and Hwa going to the same school now? You’re in the same year, do you have any of the same classes?”
Hwa—Park Seonghwa—was the boy beside you, wearing his signature warm and friendly smile. You grew up with one another, so it was safe to say that you had been good friends since you were kids, and that was why you were surprised to see him tagging along with the other three new kids, the ones that had been giving you a difficult time ever since they arrived.
Seonghwa wasn’t like that though. All he had ever been was a pure angel to you.
You frowned. It was true that you went to the same school now, however you were devastated to know that you didn’t share any of the same periods. Sunday hardly made up for the lack of time you got to spend with him, but the two of you hung out occasionally. “No ma’am, our schedules are different. It would have been nice if we did, though.”
“Oh, what a shame.”
What a shame it was.
Sooner than later, dinner progressed and the table broke into discussion. Three different ones to be specific: one amongst the parents, your brother and Seonghwa’s brother, and you and Seonghwa.
“I heard you’ve been hanging out with my friends.” Seonghwa grinned, and you nearly choked on his decision of a conversation starter. Well, right after the usual ‘hey’ ‘how you doing.’
‘Hanging out’ was certainly one way to phrase what you were doing with his friends. You took into consideration what Haechan was talking about earlier, though his words were vague and you couldn’t piece them together. Somehow he knew what you did with Juyeon though, and if he knew, then possibly, all of them could have known. And if they knew about Juyeon, what about the others?
“Uh,” you swallowed hard. “Yeah, I guess.”
“They say you’re fun company,” his grin somehow grew wider, wilder, “Weren’t you doing a history project with Haechan? How did that go?”
Your ‘project’ with Haechan seeped into your memory and you imagined yourself back in the moment, his face between your spread legs and you moaning aloud his name. The burn of his fingers lingered against your skin and you savored every touch, every motion of his tongue, until you could almost feel him against you again. You could only hope Seonghwa didn’t take notice of the way you pressed your thighs together.
“It was alright. Projects aren’t really my thing, but he’s not actually all that bad to work with.” You replied, a little, white lie.
“Did you expect him to be a menace?”
“Honestly?” You laughed. “Yeah.”
At some point, you knew that you would have to actually put your feelings aside and work on the project because you couldn’t afford a grade lower than a ‘B.’ So yeah, you may not have known Haechan too well, but you had dealt with him enough to rightfully assume he’d be a handful. But that moment didn’t have to be now, and if you had to put up with his mouth, you wanted to do it the way you had only just a little while ago.
Seonghwa nodded in understanding. Anyone who knew Haechan knew that he could be a pain in the ass. “So I bet you’re still great at history?”
You almost laughed. One look at your grades would indicate you’re great at every subject. “I have no choice but to be.”
“I feel you,” and you knew he did. The reason you liked Seonghwa so much was probably because you found him so relatable. He was the pastor’s son, like how you were the principal’s daughter, meaning the two of you carried brick-loads of expectations on your shoulders. He was the person you could always be real with, but your sex life was different. You knew Seonghwa wasn’t a virgin and he knew you were, but neither of you had dug far into another’s sex life, rarely even mentioning the topic. Could you really open up to him about that? “But I’ve been struggling with history a little recently.”
“You’re failing?” Your eyes went wide. You could have almost laughed in incredulity. The Park Seonghwa failing history of all subjects?
The sound of his laughter rinsed through your ears as he shook his head, and you felt somewhat relieved to know he wasn’t going to be buried alive. “Oh please, never that. I’m not failing, just, barely passing. I got to get my grade up to at least a B plus.”
“Aw man. Well I’ve got notes that you could borrow if you need them.” You offered.
He quirked an eyebrow. “Shoot. I mean, you still do those decorative notes? Cause if so, hell yeah.”
You nodded your head with a giggle and rose to your feet. “Excuse us,” you said, voice drawing attention from the noisy table. “We’re going to my room. I have history notes to give him.”
And no one disapproved. Your mom muttered ‘have fun’ and their discussion carried on.
After you were in your room, you walked over to your desk to find your notes, which wasn’t going to be difficult because you kept everything orderly and organized. “Hey Hwa, I also know a good student website if you want it. Could you turn on my laptop for me?”
“Of course,” he replied, and reached for your laptop. Meanwhile, you opened your purple notebook, the history-dedicated one, and flipped through the pages to find the specific chapter he needed. You could vouch that it was definitely a tougher chapter and while your grade may not have suffered, it dropped slightly, however you knew that you would pull through in the end. You were confident that the same could be true for him with a bit of effort.
Just as you turned to speak, the sound of low groans filled your ears, and your eyes went wide. You ran a quick elimination process in your head: it definitely wasn’t you, and it sure as hell couldn’t have been Seonghwa since his voice was no where near the same, but that could have only meant…that could have only meant that…
“Blow and handjobs? Oh, you’re dirty,” Seonghwa concluded, exiting out of the browser and placing your laptop on your nightstand.
You wanted to speak, but your words were blocked because your heart was in your throat. You wanted to move, but it was as though you were paralyzed, your feet rooted to the carpet floor. If you could, you would have dug a grave in the middle of it and buried yourself with the intent of never coming back up again, but all of it felt impossible.
“Who was it?” He asked, not appearing even half as distraught as you were right then. He was his usual, chill and composed self, watching you barely manage to hold yourself together.
You blinked anxiously. “Huh?”
“Who made you feel it first?” You could have pretended the question wasn’t clear, though you understood everything he was implying. Who made you feel it, it as in the fire between your legs. He didn’t know why he even asked: it was probably Juyeon. It was always Juyeon, and that was the cause of the boy’s inflated ego.
You gulped. Hard. You too already knew the answer, but communicating it, right here, like this, was so much more difficult.
“Come on, I’m not judging you,” he grinned, patting his thigh. Your feet carried you instead of you carrying them, and that was how you found yourself on his lap, his arm wrapped around your bare waist while his other rested on your thigh. “Was it Jungkook? Did his hands make you feel something?”You thought back to the first time Jungkook’s hands caught your attention. He was writing and your eyes roamed from your own paper to his, getting lost somewhere on his veins, or the silver rings that you swore he wore just to drive you insane.
“Or maybe… Juyeon with his flirting?”
God, Juyeon’s words always made you melt. Everyday, you crumbled to things you figured he said just to pry a reaction out of you, and not because he had really meant them. Still, that didn’t stop you from caving into your desires, letting him touch you in ways no one ever had before. You were honestly beginning to miss the way he felt.
“I doubt it was Haechan, but I know the pet names he uses makes girls go crazy,” Seonghwa said, and as one of the girls in question, you could confirm he was driving you wild. “Which one does he use on you?”
“… Princess.” You muttered, still in disbelief that this conversation was happening, and with Seonghwa of all people.
“Princess?” He repeated, wearing a smile. “It suits you. Now, are you going to tell me who it was?”
You took a deep breath, yet again weighing out the pros and cons of your little confession. You had done this so many times though, that the scale was broken and all you could do was say fuck it, and take the risk, even if it cost you.
Seonghwa furrowed his eyebrows. You couldn’t see it in his face, but you heard it in his tone that he was genuinely caught off-guard. “Me?”
If it were anyone else, it would have probably been a billion times easier to say. But it was him, and you vividly remembered how it happened, the moment imprinted in the dark part of your mind. “Yeah,” you admitted, shifting nervously. “You.”
“Shit, stay still,” he grunted, the palms of his hands landing against your hips to restrict you from moving. “When?”
“Some time  in church. I can’t remember when exactly, but it was like… some months ago.” He quirked his eyebrow when you mentioned church, but didn’t interrupt your story. “You… looked really good. I mean, you always look good, you know, with your hair, suit and tie, and your smile, but… I don’t know. That day woke something up in me.”
He wore his sleek, black hair and he looked so good in that suit and tie that you wanted nothing more than to take it off of him. Your mind went everywhere that day, imagining him tying you up with his tie, touching and feeling you and all you could do was let him. Not like that would have been an issue.
“Yeah? And in church, too?”
At this point, you knew that something about your sexual awakening being in church was fascinating to him, but you couldn’t fathom what it was specifically. You muttered ‘Yeah’, and grabbed one of his hands from your hip, slowly placing it back down against your thigh. When you thought about it like that, it made you feel so dirty. Wet, fantasizing about sex in church? It wasn’t like you didn’t try to shoo away the thoughts that you were having, but it was useless, you couldn’t help it. “Why?”
“Cause,” you hear Seonghwa laugh, like the answer was obvious. “Everyone thinks you’re an angel, but I’ve always known you’re not. You’re a needy girl that won’t be satisfied until you get dick in you.”
You almost moaned from his words, taken by surprise because he had never said anything like that towards you before, but enjoying it nonetheless. Of course, you’d imagined it, but you never genuinely thought that it would be Seonghwa saying dirty things in your ear, let alone reciprocating any of the sexual desire you had for him. But now you were in his lap, soaking through your panties yet again, and you could feel something hard poking your ass.
“You liked that, huh?” He snickered. You couldn’t speak, only give a small nod of your head, silently urging him to escalate things. “I know you did. Can I touch you, Angel?” Angel, when he knew you weren’t one. The complete opposite, if you were being one-hundred. Still, you caved in, nodding your head once more.
With one hand, he rubbed your thigh, and grabbed your hand with his other, groaning a little as he placed it on his crotch. “Angel, look what you did. I can’t go back downstairs like this.”
The sight made your cheeks burn. That was why he wanted you to stop moving in his lap. He was hard now, there was the bulge in his pants to prove it. When it was so obvious, like a bright-yellow, shining sun obvious, there was definitely no way that he could have gone downstairs again without taking care of himself first.
“Sorry, Hwa,” you mumbled, diverting his gaze.
“Yeah?” He tilted his head.
You nodded. It definitely wasn’t your intention, but you couldn’t lie: you were intrigued, and wondered what direction things were going to head now.
“Wanna know how you can make it up to me?”
You were growing even wetter at the thought. You weren’t sure what Seonghwa had in mind when he said that, though the endless amount of possibilities dampened your panties even further, and it was safe to say that you had ruined another pair.
You nodded again, this time a little bit more forcefully, and he laughed at your eagerness. “Sit here,” he patted a spot on your bed, “I want to see your face.” You followed his instructions, sitting comfortably on your bed sheets. The warmth of his lap was gone, though you knew that you’d have something else to think about in a matter of moments if you were timely enough.
“Are you still a virgin? Aside from like, foreplay and stuff?” He asked.
You nodded.
“Have you ever given a blowjob or handjob?”
You shook your head.
Seonghwa stared at you in wonder, eyeing you down as though he was about to eat you and his gaze alone devoured you whole. You could tell he was thinking about something, it was painted dry all over his face, but you could only hope he’d communicate his thoughts with you. Every single last one of them, no matter how dark and dirty they were.
“I’m gonna teach you.” he decided once he finally regained the ability to speak, something dark swimming in his eyes that made you feel weak and dizzy.
“Teach me?” You repeated. “Now?”
Seonghwa shrugged. “Why wait? We know their routine, so it’s not like they’ll catch us. Those four talk for hours and our brothers play video games downstairs after dinner. Unless you don’t want to do this. I can always just jerk off in the bathroom, you know, it’s really not an issue.”
That wasn’t what you wanted, though. You wanted to touch him, to get to know him in a way you hadn’t explored yet, and from the specific kind of porn in your browser, it was obvious that you were curious about the topic. So why not kill two birds with one stone? He gets off, and you get the experience you’ve been longing for.
“No!” You protested a little too fast, in a tone a little too high and enthusiastic. “Teach me, Hwa. Please? I wanna know how to make you feel good.”
Seonghwa grunted, like he was getting even harder with every word that tumbled past your pair of lips. “You’re my kryptonite, you know that? Yeah, I’ll teach you alright. Hands-on.”
He tugged at the waistband of his sweats and for a moment you could only see the imprint of his dick against his boxers until he freed it and it sprung against his stomach. You already knew that he was hard, but you didn’t know he was this big. You ran a curious hand over his dick, feeling the warmth and the veins and hearing a groan part his lips before you realized what you were doing.
Wide-eyed, you retrieved your hand. “Did I hurt you?”
“No Angel, not at all. It felt good.” Seonghwa laughed. “Just, when you use your hand, just move it up and down like you saw that girl do in the video. Okay?”
You nodded. You hesitated a little, but brought your hand back to his dick and wrapped it around the base like you saw in the video, though cautious to not grip too tightly in fear you’d hurt him. When you started moving, you did it slowly, sliding your hand up and down his length. A couple of moans tumbled past his lips and he bucked himself into your hand, eager to feel you the best he could. As you watched, you were fascinated. Porn had made it seem intriguing as well, but it was nothing compared to the real life, up-close experience you were having at the moment. It was nothing compared to being able to feel the precum dampening his cock, being able to hear his sweet voice as he moaned, being able to see his face twist with pleasure as you pumped his dick.
“Does it feel good, Hwa?”
“It feels amazing, Angel,” he murmured, eyes squeezed closed. “Shit, just like that.”
That was obvious. From the way he was behaving, there was no way it hadn’t felt amazing. Though for some reason, you wanted to hear it from him, watch how every syllable fell from his pretty lips as his voice told you how great he was feeling. You wondered if he was so much like you that sometimes when he was too caught up in the pleasure he wouldn’t even be able to say anything, but his moans spoke volumes.
You followed his instructions, continuing your actions just as you were. Your inquisitive hand had trailed underneath his shirt and up his skin until you could feel his nipple and run your finger over the area. Not too harshly, but a gentle touch, just to experiment with his reaction. When you saw him crane his neck back and moan a whisper of your name, you knew your test was successful, and a grin crawled on your face as you felt yourself soaking. You repeated these movements over and over - one hand over his chest and the other around his dick - paying close attention to how his body responded to your touch, watching how he was like putty in your hands, weak to everything you did. How he’d mutter praise that stirred something in you, that made you feel weak yourself, that made you want him more and more as each second passed.
“Fuck, fuck. Stop.” Seonghwa said, and you did, pulling your hands away from him. Your eyes are widened and confused, wondering why he had wanted you to stop.
“Did I do something wrong?” You asked, worried.
“No, but if you kept going, I would have came,” Seonghwa smiled. “And if I do that, I wanna do it in your mouth.”
“O-oh.” His answer caught you a little off-guard, but nonetheless, you understood his implication. “So, um, do I just…”
“Just put the tip in your mouth and suck, my love. Try not to use your teeth, too.”
Sending him a nod, you did as told and wrapped your mouth around the tip of his dick, the movement provoking a gasp from between his lips. You began moving when he gave you the go-ahead, sucking him in your mouth and almost out then in again, and you kept doing this for a while before you attempted taking any more of him into your mouth. He’s more reactive than he was when you were giving him a handjob, though tried to keep in mind that you two weren’t exactly alone. Anyone could have been walking down the hallways, and if he was loud enough, anyone could have heard him even from all the way downstairs.
Your mouth slid down his dick by another couple of inches and you wrapped your hand back around the base, following the tips you had learned from a couple of porn videos, especially the one he had caught the evidence of you watching earlier. His face gave that he had enjoyed it too, motivating you to continue, right now you were being driven by two main things that had somewhat overlapped one another: his pleasure and your pussy.
“I’ve wanted this for… so long, Angel, you don’t even know.” Seonghwa admitted, unable to speak too much all at one time because of how good of a job you were doing. You looked up at him curiously, wondering how long specifically. Had he wanted you as bad as you wanted him, for as long as you had done for him? “So long, baby. Years.” That meant he had wanted you longer than you wanted him. “And I finally got it. Who would’ve thought you of all people would be sucking me off right now? And doing a damn good job at it at that.”
Seonghwa laughed at how you whimpered around his dick, like you were getting off to his words. “You know how many times I’ve gotten off to the thought of you? Imagining you wrapping your pretty lips around my dick like you are now, or fucking you in these short skirts you like to wear. Shit, I bet you’re so wet right now, I wouldn’t even have to prepare you first. Can I see how wet you are, Angel?”
You nodded before you even realized that you were and Seonghwa wasted no time in reaching out his hand to feel you. You shuddered at the feeling of his hand cupping between your thighs, and you always knew that you were wet but him touching you like that brought your full attention to it. There was practically an ache now, and as you sounded around his length, he knew you needed attention too.
“Wet is an understatement.” he chuckled. “Don’t worry, my love. I’ll take care of you soon.”
Right now you needed to focus on getting him to cum. It would be the first time you saw anything like it in real life, and not in a bunch of pixels on your laptop. More time passed, his dick still pressed against the back of his mouth, and you could tell he was close to cumming. He had grabbed at your hair, forcing your mouth on him a little harder than he intended, and it became a little more difficult for you to continue without choking.
“Fuck, you feel, you feel so fucking good,” he said, and next thing you knew, you were gagging on him. Seonghwa moaned at the feeling, but nonetheless remembered to check up on you. “Too rough?”
You shook your head and slipped him back into your mouth.
He smiled. “Good-” another groan interrupted his words, “-girl.”
Seonghwa looked so beautiful like this, like he was sculpted by God himself. His eyes were closed shut each time he moaned, his lips parting away from one another, and he looked so blissed-out. The sounds he was making turned you on so badly that it was ridiculous how wet you were, and you couldn’t even attempt to deny the fact. All it took was running as little as a single finger by your thigh and anyone could tell that you were drenched through the fabric of your panties. There was a reason you were looking up blowjobs and handjobs in the first place. With the way your life was going as of the past week, it made sense that you had been fantasizing a lot more nowadays, and those two things were sometimes incorporated in your imagination. But then you realized how much the thought turned you on, and you needed a visual demonstration. And while you never knew or could have even guessed that the visual demonstration in question would have been anything like this, it was better this way.
“Baby, I’m gonna cum. You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to, alright?” Seonghwa announced, and you gave your best of a nod, but you didn’t have any intention of stopping and he could tell.
He wasn’t joking when he said he was about to cum. Seonghwa began fucking into your mouth, moans and curses of your name falling from his lips. He was loud, but you knew he couldn’t control himself, he was simply just following his dick. He let out one last breathless moan, your name specifically, before his dick twitched and you felt something warm painting the inside of your mouth. You swallowed as much of his cum as you could, the rest of it dripping onto your bedsheets and you knew that you would need to do a lot of washing later on.
Once he got over the bliss of his orgasm, he stared at you in awe. He thought you looked so hot trying to swallow all his cum, taking more than you could handle in your mouth just to please him. Some of it dribbled down your chin, and you looked up at him with your innocent, wide eyes.
“Can I take a picture?” Seonghwa asked, not really thinking when he did but also not regretting asking once he acknowledged his question.
“Huh?” You blinked, even though you understood what he was saying perfectly.
“Can I take a picture?” he reiterated, in the exact same tone he used before. He said it like it was the most normal, usual thing in the world. “You don’t have to say yes. But you look so fucking hot right now and I don’t want my only memories of this to be in my head.”
You thought about it for a second. And then you realized it couldn’t have gone too bad. You knew and trusted Seonghwa, it wasn’t like he would send pictures of you, especially explicit pictures, to anyone or post them without your consent. So you murmured ‘yeah’ faintly, almost as if you were still processing his question.
Seonghwa pulled up his jeans and boxers then grabbed his phone and opened the camera. He didn’t spend long on taking the picture since he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, and then he reached for the Kleenex tissue on your nightstand, wiping your face clean.
“Your turn now. Come sit on my thigh.” he said, tapping his thigh.
In your desperation to feel something after what felt like an eternity of patiently waiting, you had jumped up before you knew that you did, as though your body had a mind of its own. Looking up at Seonghwa, you still couldn’t read the thoughts running wild in his mind, but you trusted him to give you the satisfaction you were longing for.
“Have you ever rode someone’s thigh?”
You shook your head. Up until today, you had never even sat on someone’s lap in a sexual context before, let alone ridden someone’s thigh.
“Guess there’s a first time for everything.” he grinned wildly, giving you another one of those fascinated gazes he had been giving you several times throughout the evening. You didn’t know why he looked at you like that, but you liked it.
You felt your cheeks go hot. “You want me to… Ride your thigh?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry, Angel, I’ll help you throughout. I promise it’ll feel good. Have you ever ridden your pillow?” you nodded. “Then do it just like that. Close your eyes and imagine you’re riding me.”
There wasn’t any reason not to believe him, not one that you could find anyway, so you followed his instructions and slowly began to move on his thigh. You gripped on his shoulders, sturdying yourself on them. The initial awkwardness of never having done anything like this before began to wear off quickly, despite the weight of his gaze on you. Once you closed your eyes, imagining the feeling of his cock buried deep inside of you, stretching you out beyond belief, it didn’t bother you as much.
Seonghwa was pretty big when you saw him; you wondered if you would even be able to take him all. You could imagine him guiding you, starting off slow and gentle, doing everything in his power to make it the uttermost pleasurable experience for you. He would press feather-light kisses to your collarbone and suck on your skin, and as badly as he wouldn’t have wanted to, avoid your neck to stir away from causing suspension. You wouldn’t be surprised if he marked you somewhere else though, somewhere only revealing clothing could display.
A moan sounded from your mouth and you fell crashing back into reality, remembering you were on Seonghwa’s thigh. Not that you had doubted him, though without using his mouth, his hands, or even his dick, you wondered how good grinding against his thigh would possibly feel; and now you were finding out just how good.
You saw the smirk crawling onto his lips. “How’s it feel?”
“Good,” you breathed.
Seonghwa laughed, appearing as if he was refraining from saying something along the lines of ‘told you so.’ “You look so pretty like this, baby. Getting yourself off on my thigh. You’re doing so well.”
Both of you had known that you were far from an angel, though in his eyes, you looked just like one, and fuck, you felt like you were in heaven. Seonghwa never failed to remind you, either, and his praise combined with the friction felt like utter bliss between your thighs. His hands curved around your waist, one resting there and the other groping your ass, feeding your notion that if you were to actually ride him, his actions wouldn’t be too different: he’d have his hands on your waist, even your ass if he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He would ramble about how pretty you looked, how well you were taking him, how long he had been waiting for this very moment. You were growing breathless at the thought. If this was heaven, then you never wanted to come back down to earth.
Like how yours did him, Seonghwa’s hands also found their way underneath your shirt, though for a fairly different reason. As if he had done the task a billion times before, he unclipped your bra and dropped it somewhere on your bed, and while he went for your chest, you felt the warmth of his tongue circling your nipples.
“S-seonghwa,” you moaned, and he grunted into your chest before sliding off momentarily. “Baby, if you keep saying my name like that, I’m gonna get hard again. And I’m barely even resisting fucking you right now.”
But you didn’t want him to resist. You wanted him to be selfish - to give in, to cave into his desires - because you knew he wanted to. Though you also knew the risks that would accompany your lust, and while you found yourself to be quite the exhibitionist, this wasn’t the way you wanted to be caught. So you chewed on your bottom lip, hopeful that it would keep you from moaning his name again, and even louder the second time. You fought against the sounds that were desperate to leave your mouth, to break free into the atmosphere, but the way his tongue felt against your hard nipples was impossible to ignore. The muscle was warm, wet, and the motion it went in won over you easily, small gasps of his name tumbling out in ‘Hwa’s.
“Fuck, do you even need to wear this?” he asked, tugging on the waistband of your panties.
“What about your pants? Won’t they get ruined?” you questioned back, worried about getting caught even if it wasn’t red-handed.
“Look down, my love. I doubt that it would make much of a difference.”
You looked down, and while it wasn’t extremely obvious, you could still see the damp patches in his thankfully black pants. You felt your cheeks burning again, and didn’t know where to shift your gaze. If you looked up, you had to look Seonghwa in his eye, but if you kept looking down, then you would have to stare directly at the wet patches on his pants. “Hey,”he tapped your chin, and without thinking you looked up at him. He slipped his thumb on your bottom lip, caressing the part you were biting gently. “You don’t have to be shy, okay? No one will find out. I’ll make sure of it, Angel.”
You nodded. “Okay, Hwa.”
“Good.” he smiled. “Now, may I take these off?”
You gave him the go-ahead, and he was taking your panties off seconds later, with the help of your mutual effort and eagerness. You both resumed your actions immediately after, your movement against his thigh and his tongue venturing across your bare chest, but this time you could feel Seonghwa’s hands roaming your body. They were big and warm and touching you in all the right places, and needless to say, you didn’t want him to stop.
Not very long after, that weird, bubble-like feeling had settled in your gut again. Your grasp on his shoulders tightened, and everything had suddenly felt more intense than it did a few seconds ago. Perhaps it was because you had already been so worked-up from solely watching how Seonghwa reacted to your touch, even with minimal contact from him to you in the process. Or maybe it was all the fantasizing you had done about riding him. If you were in the right mind to even consider something like this at the moment, you would have made more sense of the latter, since Seonghwa did add that to his instructions, but you were too focused on the pleasure building up inside of you, on how you were on the verge of losing your absolute mind.
Seonghwa seemed to notice you were approaching your orgasm, even if the fact hadn’t completely registered within you yet. Your nails were digging into his shoulder, and he slid his mouth off of your breast, letting his fingers do the work in substitute. “Are you gonna cum? Let go for me, Angel.”
Letting go was easy. For the first time, you felt that bubble inside of you burst, and it was more intense than you had prepared yourself for. Your head lolled backwards, and a way-too-loud moan was torn from between your lips, but you weren’t thinking about anything else other than how liberating this was. Your thighs began to tremble, your eyes squeezed shut, and internally, you felt like an earthquake. Seonghwa gripped your waist tightly, muttering something about how breath-taking you looked and how he wanted to fuck you right now. His words certainly didn’t calm the feeling, but helped you ride through your orgasm until it was over and you felt almost too weak to sit up straight on your own.
Immediately, Seonghwa laid you down, allowing you to catch your breath. You were still in a different state, buzzed-out almost. You felt light, like you were floating, and while you didn’t know if that was normal or if you were just on the verge of insanity, it was a good feeling.
Seonghwa called your name. “Are you okay?”
You nodded, a smile working onto your lips. “I’m amazing. Thank you.”
“Thank me? Thank you.” Seonghwa laughed, and you couldn’t help but laugh too. “We should head back downstairs before our family gets suspicious. You sure you alright? You don’t need anything?”
“I’m fine, Hwa. Don’t worry.” You reassured him, nudging him gently.
“Alright. I’m going to the bathroom, but I’ll meet you downstairs, alright?” You nodded in response, and he left to the bathroom, shutting the bedroom door behind him. You got up to look for your underwear, but when yoy don’t find them anywhere on the sheets or on your squeaky-clean floor, you’re puzzled. You didn’t even remember who had them last between you and Seonghwa, and all you knew was that you were too caught up in the pleasure to really tell where they had gone, but you swore they were on the sheets somewhere.
You sighed and walked towards your drawer. This was the second pair of panties you had gone through in a single day.
Tumblr media
“Shouldn’t you be with Haechan?”
After a couple of days of being on the receiving end of only mildly-flirtatious behavior from Juyeon, you were beginning to worry that he had moved onto his next plaything, that the ‘next time’ he had spoken on would never come into existence. Maybe it was selfish of you to expect him to crawl back to you, especially when you had been around all three of his buddies during the meantime, but you missed him and the feeling of his hands that had lingered on your skin for far too long. Days too long.
You certainly didn’t expect for him to show up like this, though. The classroom was void-empty when you walked inside, crashing your books against your desk. Since there was a huge test coming up, you decided you wanted to ditch your friends and get some studying in, which is why you went to your mathematics teacher’s peaceful classroom all alone. All alone until he barged in, that was, looking all pretty in his semi-unbuttoned uniform. His eyes were warm as they stared into your startled ones and he cast you a gentle smile, like he hadn’t just given you the scare of your life.
You didn’t even know how he found you; you thought the only person who knew about the not-so-secret place you went to to be alone was the person who gave you permission to be there in the first place. And while Juyeon wasn’t the trouble-maker type (the complete opposite, a sweetheart on the highway to becoming just as much of a teacher’s pet as you were, and without having to be the principal’s child), you doubted your teacher would be fond of you letting other students inside of her classroom without her notice.
Not that you let him in. And not that you would kick him out either. You would be sure to tell your teacher he volunteered his own presence, despite you apparently telling him to leave, though.
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied skeptically. You had a billion questions about how and why he was there with you instead of with his buddies, though answered his own anyways. “But if you’re talking about the project, then no. We meet in the afternoon since lunchtime isn’t ideal.”
Juyeon knew that. He just wanted to make a little joke and as expected, you didn’t go along with it.
“Oh, I’m sure it isn’t,” he laughed. You understood the implication, but didn’t pry for your own peace. Everyone really did know.
You tried to focus on the sheets of paper in front of you the very best that you could, until you just couldn’t at all. Your books were suddenly flying out of your field of vision and when your eyes went to follow their journey, you saw Juyeon stretching the book far above your head, much beyond your reach. Despite that knowledge, you still tried to grab it, lips curling into a frown when you realized it was impossible.
“Juyeon!” You whined.
“Don’t you get tired of this, baby?”
Ignoring the flutter in your heart at the name, you still outstretched your hand in your desperate attempt to get your book back. “Tired of what?”
“Of studying. And reading. And being a nerd. I get you’re the principal’s daughter and all, but do you ever just relax?” Juyeon said, remaining perfectly still, because no matter what you did, his hand was still far above your entire body. “You deserve a break. Won’t you let me give you one?”
Your hand soon fell in and you nearly froze, remembering just how weak Juyeon had the ability to make you feel. His words carried so much weight, you were fighting the urge to allow yourself to look down at his revealed chest, and the cherry on top? His signature smirk peeled up the corners of his lips, and that was the moment you realized Lee Juyeon was irresistible.
“How?” You prodded. Although Juyeon had finally put the book back down now, you were no longer focused on the item as you felt the warmth of his hands crawling against the barest of skin that he could find. Statue-still, you froze, allowing time for your body to process his motions. “There’s a party this Friday night,” he said, somehow engrossed in touching you while also not sounding like he didn’t care about the party. “And I want you to be my plus one. I plan on getting you alone. I mean, I still owe you after Tuesday, don’t I?”
You couldn’t deny that it was true. He had left you hanging after mysteriously being called to the front office, which initiated the series of you being undeservingly edged (though a chapter a certain someone had thankfully closed). Getting you alone could have led to so many more possible outcomes than being in a full-to-the-brim classroom could anyways, and you wanted him a lot more than you were leading on in the moment. You could only respond in a nod, feeling as though someone had snatched the words right out of your mouth, and you couldn’t breathe. His hand fell to your thighs, a place he must have loved, and you sucked in a breath.
“Where’s your phone?”
You gestured to your bag, and Juyeon went to grab the device. He asked you to unlock it, and you froze once he told you that you should make the password something related to him. Before you could register his actions, he was typing.
“Text me your address,” he smiled, handing you back your phone. “I’d tell you to dress pretty, but you’re beautiful in anything you wear.”
Trying your hardest to ignore the burn in your cheeks (your body always betrayed you in moments like these), you nodded once more as you retrieved your phone. You were already imagining Friday night in your head, and you desperately wished for the clock to tick even just a little bit faster.
“See you tomorrow!” Juyeon announced with a wave, and you waved back, muttering back the same phrase, still stunned.
Lee Juyeon was no good, but what did that make you for wanting him?
Tumblr media
To your lack of surprise, Juyeon’s flirty schemes win you over.
You had spent the rest of Thursday with an ache between your thighs, longing for Friday to approach faster than it was, engulfing you with the warm comfort that he was finally going to make the wait seem worthwhile. Now though, you were a nervous wreck. Somehow battling the almost compulsive urge to chew on your nails, trying to ignore the unsettling feeling lurking in the pit of your stomach, spacing out a couple of times too many during class. And the trigger was his absence.
Unfortunately, you didn’t see him in class. Or in lunch. Or in the hallways, waving at you because he knew how the simple waiver of his hand made your heart race.
You looked at your iMessages, internally debating on whether or not you should’ve texted him; the only time you had texted another between today and Thursday was to make sure you both had the right number and for you to send him your address. What if he didn’t want you to text him? Or worse, what if he planned on standing you up? Then you realized how ridiculous that sounded and you were likely just overthinking. What if he was just busy? There were hours left until it was time for the party.
After school, there were a lot of things you did in an effort to kill time. Despite contrary belief, you do acknowledge the value of a break, and weekends were typically your two-day resting periods. However it’s no surprise that with so much coursing through the stream of your mind, you couldn’t relax.
Initially, you tried going on a walk with your brother, though much to your chagrin he declined your offer so that he could continue to play League (you think that’s what it’s called?) with his buddies. So instead you cooked yourself a meal, and probably for the better. You’d never been to these kinds of parties, but if it was anything like the stereotypical high school ones, some kind of alcoholic plus punch concoction would not satisfy your growing hunger.
Then your phone rang. A couple hours later technically, when you got absorbed in some god-awful-though-entertaining Netflix show. You leaped up, expecting to see Juyeon’s caller ID but instead being met with one of your friend’s names. Not completely disappointing though, you needed to get him off of your mind until you could get him on you.
“Hey, Y/n!” It’s your friend, Angelina. You met her through Seonghwa, and she’s been dearest to you ever since. “A little birdie told me you’re going to the party tonight. If it wasn’t for the fact that the little birdie in question doesn’t tell lies, I would have never even believed it. Can you feel my surprise? I’m actually still in shock. Disbelief.”
You quirked an eyebrow, though you could tell immediately who the ‘little birdie’ was. “It was Hwa, wasn’t it?”
“Bingo! Why didn’t you tell me you’re going to your first real adult party? What are you wearing? Are you taking somebody? Is somebody taking you? I want to see the final product before they do!”
Angelina is also a bit of a talker. Okay, screw that, she’s a lot of a talker. You didn’t mind though, because she’s not the talk-your-ears-off type, though easy to engage in conversation with.
“Whoa, one question at a time, please,” you giggled. “Sorry I didn’t tell you, it was kind of sudden for me too. But yeah, Juyeon is taking me. You might know him, you went to the same school before he transferred here.”
Angelina gasped. A loud, genuinely astounded-sounding gasp. “Might know him? Juyeon? As in Lee Juyeon? The hot Juyeon? Oh, why doesn’t this surprise me.”
“Yeah, that Juye-” you paused, taking a moment to register her words. “Wait, why doesn’t it surprise you?”
“Because- Wait. Oh my god. Yo… just know you are in for it tonight. And I mean in for it. This will possibly be the best night of your life.”
“Angie, what are you talking abou-”
“Well, would you at the time? Gotta blast, and so do you! Wouldn’t want to keep your Prince Charming waiting, now would you?” She smiled so hard you could almost hear it through the phone. “See ya!”
You were left there to blink once the phone call disconnected. Then you realized you had forty-five minutes remaining until Juyeon got here and should’ve probably started getting ready. You put on the peach, satin dress you decided to wear after a grueling task of going through your unworn clothes and being astonished by the amount of things you owned that probably would have never seen the light of day if you never met those four. Did your hair, a dash of make-up, and in thirty-something minutes you had been transformed into a brand new person.
Utilizing the rest of your time, you grabbed your phone off of the charger, some lip gloss, and plopped them both into your purse. You checked the time, one more minute until- Ding dong.
You peered through the window blinds and saw a park, other than your own and your brother’s, parked outside. Juyeon was here. Quickly, you plucked your purse off of your bed and burst into the hallway, seeing your brother finally leaving his bedroom after several hours.
“Tae, I got it. It’s for me.” You said, too in a rush to question how he even heard the doorbell over video game sound effects and his own aggressive screaming, which seemed to have caught him by a load of surprise. “Where are you going dressed like that? I know you’re not going out.”
“Yes, I am going out. Unlike you, who stays confined to your bedroom all day screaming over fictional characters.” You rolled your eyes. “Goodbye.”
Taehyung gasped dramatically, feigning offense. “Excuse you, I go to college! And work!” You were already completely down the stairs by the time he churned that all out. “And bring back my sister!”
Taking a deep breath helped you relax for a maximum of two seconds before you could feel the anxiousness prickling your skin again. Your tentative hand fluttered only centimeters above the door knob, but it felt as though it was yards away. Suddenly, you could feel cool air making your skin tingle, and you would have grabbed a jacket but the sight before you had temporarily stunned you.
Lee Juyeon was an infamous thief. He came to your house, your front door-step with nothing to shield his identity from the world, and unashamedly stole your ability to breathe with his breath-taking appearance. And if being so breath-taking was a crime, you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to tell the world about how much of a charmer he was, how he used his beauty to trap himself in. How once you were stuck with this young man, it was irreversible.
“Hey,” you managed to get out, somehow not recoiling in embarrassment at the fact that he had seen you checking him out.
Juyeon smiled. “Hey. You, you look beautiful, beautiful.”
And there he goes. He was finer than wine. Hair combed, clothes fresh, and he smelled amazing. Like his usual scent, because the guy always smelled fucking great, but stronger in a way that wasn’t overwhelming to your senses.
You smiled back shyly, “Thank you. You’re very handsome.”
He shot you another wide grin as he accepted your compliment then guided you to his car. Being the pure gentleman he was, Juyeon opened and closed the door for you. You were used to the action by now (he always opens the door for you, even at school), though nonetheless, it warmed your heart.
Then you were on the road.
“Yes, beautiful?” Despite appearing a billion times more concentrated on driving (which you weren’t mad about, you admired that he was an attentive driver), Juyeon would never miss the chance to call you something along the lines of beautiful.
You gazed at him, “Why weren’t you at school today?”
“Why,” the smirk crawled onto his lips as his hand did your thigh, “you miss me?”
There was the option of lying, but who would you be trying to convince? Come on, saying you didn’t would have been a bold-faced lie. Between the both of you, it was a well-known fact that you always missed him. That was why you had asked, that was why you were here in the first place, that was why you going to this party as his plus one. That was why his hand was inching up your dress and you were doing absolutely nothing about it.
“A lot,” you replied honestly. “Did you miss me?”
“You know it, babe. I also missed touching you, I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday.” Juyeon spoke in a manner akin to glass; see-through and shameless, prickling you with the sharp edges of his words with no regrets. He cupped between your thighs, and it was then you decided that you were tired of waiting. He had missed touching you, you had missed the feeling of him touching you. He had been thinking about you since yesterday, and you had been thinking about him since way before then. What were either of you waiting for?
“Juyeon?” You called out once more.
“Yeah, babe?”
You made a last-minute decision, ultimately deciding whatever happened next would be worth the sacrifice. “I want you.”
At that, Juyeon smirked.
“Where? Here?” He cupped you again, and you emit a small, unexpecting moan. It was safe to say that that was where you wanted him and he knew it well, without having to take his eyes off of the road. He could see you nodding through the rear-view mirror, though. “How much?”
You whined impatiently, “Juyeon, I need you. Can you please pull over and fuck me.”
In a matter of moments, Juyeon had driven and parked the car in an area more secluded than the bustling road. He figured you both could spare time since the party didn’t start until eight and he knew this was going to happen. Plus, even if you couldn’t then he’d make time. Although it may not have seemed true, Juyeon was starving for you—he was bear-hungry, despite how well he had hidden it with those seemingly careless touches, somehow making it appear as though you were the only one desperate. You both made a beeline for the backseat and the next few seconds occured mindlessly, spur-of-the-moment actions, though you were far from regretful. Juyeon pinned you down, and you gasped unexpectingly as he allowed his hands to roam your body freely. One stroking you through the fabric of your underwear, and the other diving into your dress, gently massaging your chest. Oddly, having Juyeon on top of you didn’t feel real. After all the time you had spent fantasizing about moments like this, your mind just couldn’t process that it all was no longer figments of your imagination.
This was real life, though. Juyeon was touching you, and it wasn’t so innocent anymore. Not his hands brushing over your bare skin quote-unquote ‘accidentally’, or even playfully squeezing your thigh. Bold, loud and clear, this was him declaring that he wanted you equally as bad as you wanted him. However, wanting Juyeon was an understatement. Your whole body ached for him, yearned for him, and as his hand slipped between your folds, you knew that he could feel it. Your mouth parted widely, a moan of his name slipping past and those two syllables hit him square in the dick.
Right then and there, Juyeon decided he was going to give you an orgasm you’d never forget. Two, actually, but who was counting?
And he did exactly that, discarding your panties eagerly to begin his mission. Almost instinctively did your legs spread on their own free will, making Juyeon snicker but you were practically deaf to any external noise. His lips pressed gentle kisses from your upper thigh down to between them, and you realized his touch was, albeit eager, caring. You mewled once he made a tentative lick at your folds, in desperate need of more.
Soon enough, he was giving you everything you wanted and more. The muscle of his tongue worked wonders against your folds, sending waves right through your body that came back out in moans. If you had to describe the feeling, you’d say it was warm, wet, and brought you earth-shattering pleasure. Juyeon left no part of your body unoccupied, either. If his hands could touch it, then they were there. One of his hands cupped your breast while the other played with your clit, making you feel as busy and full as the bustling road you were just on. A highway to heaven, you could call it.
Usually, Juyeon was the louder of you two. He did all the talking and you did all the reacting. Now though, you were the one doing both. “Juyeon,” you cried out, all your mouth could churn out. You made an effort to squeeze your thighs shut though he worked against it, parting them again and holding them in place. If this was the edge, you were hanging by a thread thinner than a stick.
Your orgasm hit you like a twenty-thousand pound truck, and no matter how quiet you may have tried to be, you couldn’t prevent the burst of his name from between your lips. Your thighs quaked and your face scrunched in pleasure and it was like you were shocked by lightning with how electric the sensation was. Your chest hiked up and down as you tried to collect your breath, though once you caught a glimpse of Juyeon, you were mortified and felt as though there was no air.
You just squirted.
“Hey, hey. Baby, relax.” Juyeon laughed, wiping his face. You had no idea where the napkin came from, though you were too mortified to pay attention to anything, even his pretty hands. “I didn’t expect it, but it was still hot.”
You felt your whole body untense at that, and you admitted he was right. He had looked hot with his face painted wet, lips dripping, and his eyes boring into your skin. He thought it was hot for the opposite reason, though. You looked beautiful, crying his name ecstatically and inhaling and exhaling deep breaths as you came hard.
“So,” Juyeon broke the silence. “you good?”
You nodded, feeling collected again. You weren’t sure how long that would last, though. “Yeah.”
“Can I fuck you now?”
You nodded again, “Ye– Wait, we don’t have a—”
“Condom?” He smiled, waving the item in the air. You blinked a couple of times, wondering where the hell he kept all of these things, but you cared more about getting his dick inside you to ask.
“Okay. Now you can fuck me.”
Juyeon shimmied out of his pants and boxers, not allowing a second of time to go to waste. His erection stood tall as he rolled on the condom, and he pressed the tip near the entrance of your pussy, but stopped himself in his tracks abruptly. “Tell me if you want to stop, ‘kay?”
You hummed and then Juyeon was thrusting himself inside of you, stretching you out. You moaned as he slid inside you: the process was swift and easy considering you had already came once from the tremendous orgasm he had given you only moments before, and now he was finally filling you up with his dick. Allowing you adjustment, his first few thrusts were slow, but he knew when he first slid in that he wouldn’t be able to resist you and it wasn’t long before he had found his own pace.
“Fuck, you’re so… tight.” His face scrunched up in pleasure. You had never seen him so near speechless before. “Gonna fuck you so good, baby.”
Mark his words. Your dress had rose up meaning Juyeon had a magnificent view of you, and that only relieved him that he was fucking you more. You felt purely amazing, walls clenching around his dick as he slammed his hips into yours for the first time, and summarizing the feeling would be saying you felt full. His dick fit perfectly inside you, slipping in and out with ease, giving you a mutually blissful experience. His fingers still played with your nipples as he brought you into a brand new world, definitely worth all the waiting you had done.
Your moans blended with one another in a perfected harmony, sounding so blissful above the noise of skin-slapping clouding the area. Juyeon muttered something about how he should have fucked you sooner, and inwardly, you agreed, wondering why he kept the two of you away from this. You almost didn’t even want to go to the party anymore, thinking, knowing you could have more fun in a bedroom somewhere. What mattered now though was that he was as deep in you as deep got, expressing no intent on pulling away from you. He let you pull him closer, wrapping your legs around him and grabbing the thick lumps of hair on his head. You wanted to feel every single inch of him as he did you.
Juyeon’s lips parted in a moan and his head lolled backwards and you swore you could have come right then. The car felt hot, your skin felt hot, Juyeon looked hot, and as long as you had him, you were safe to melt into him, your bodies molding together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Together, you spelled out a beautiful picture, where everything just fit so nice and snug, as if destined to be this way. You yank on his hair as Juyeon striked your g-spot, making you cry out his name. “What, you like that?” He asked, repeating the action. Your physical reaction was a better response than a verbal one, tugging his locks once more and clenching around him. He grunted at the feeling; this was how you knew you both weren’t going to last very much longer. Not if he kept fucking you like that, so fucking good, and not if you kept clenching around his dick.
“Does that feel good, babe?” Juyeon asked you breathlessly. You nodded lazily in response, too deeply immersed in the feeling to do otherwise. “No one else could fuck you this good, right? Only me?”
A particular thrust made you cry out his name again before you get the opportunity to respond, giving him his answer clear as day. Your insides had turned to mush by now and you felt so close again, chasing your sweet release, craving it more than anything else right now. Your mind blurred out everything as you were built up and crashed down, deafening the sound of a final moan and Juyeon’s honey-sweet groans. His hips stuttered to a stop, and you felt time practically freeze as you came. Your whole world shook with you included.
Juyeon pulled out and it was silent for a moment, though not awkward. You two collected your breath and let what just happened register within you. First of all, you had just had sex in a car. In public. And lost your virginity. And it was fucking great.
“Do you feel okay?” Juyeon asked once his breath was tame.
Pfft—okay? Only okay? After he just made you cum twice and it was incredible enough to leave you nearly goddamn speechless? “I feel great.”
“Anything hurts?” He’s still persistent on making sure you’re alright. “Your head, your legs, your-”
“Juyeon,” you said, and he paused mid-question, gazing at you attentively. “I’m fine. Better than fine, actually, by a landslide. So don’t worry.”
Juyeon smirked and then his lips parted to say something, but you beat him to it.
“If you’re going to say something cocky, please refrain.”
“But you love when I get cocky. Don’t you, baby?”
You scoffed. “Who said that?”
“You,” he gestured his body towards yours. “You may not say it, but your body tells me loud and clear, my love.”
Your face flushed, and you decided to ignore the words that had just come out of his mouth. “Anyway,” you found your panties and put them back on. “So, we have a party to go to, right?”
Ah, right, the party. The biggest event of them all.
“Sure do, babe.” Juyeon smiled. “And I can’t wait.”
Although math may have been his all-time favorite subject, somewhere in the term ‘plus one’ seemed to be something Seonghwa did not understand.
He had four girls on his arm when you saw him, two on his left and the other two on his right. They’re pretty things, drop-dead gorgeous in outfits that outlined their bodies flawlessly. Though you had no idea who any of them were, judging from the way Juyeon was gawking in surprise, you had a feeling that he might.
“Is everything okay?” You asked, eyeing him with genuine concern.
Juyeon nodded, though it didn’t feel reassuring. “Yeah, peachy. Do you see the guys?”
“You mean minus Hwa?” he nodded, and your eyes scanned the room momentarily before they somehow spotted Jungkook and Haechan amongst the sea of red cups. “Yeah, there.” You pointed.
He gestured for you to follow him and you both make a beeline for the duo, who were chatting with another near the stairs. Your stomach churned when you stepped in front of them; you could handle being in their individual presence, though you realized that you had never been with this many of them in one frame. All you needed was Seonghwa to seal the deal, and then you would be standing before four guys that had seen parts of you most of the world hadn’t and never would.
“Did you know?”
Juyeon interrupted their conversation, and Jungkook and Haechan looked back and forth between each other and him. “Know what?”
“About Seonghwa, Aira, Nik, Alessa and Kyla.” He said, and spectating, you expected it to all come together like puzzle pieces, however neither of them seemed to have any idea what he was talking about, staring at him dumbly. It was almost amusing, especially since neither of them acknowledged you.
Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed, completely lost and confused. “What about them?”
Yeah, what about them? You asked inwardly, not because you knew, cared, or understood the situation, but because you were on season eight of everyone’s business, and as long as they didn’t acknowledge you, it felt as though you were watching reality TV.
“I saw them when we came in.” Juyeon gestured to the area you had just come from with his shoulders. “He’s got all four of them on his arm like charm bracelets.”
You had zero clue what in the hell they were talking about, but honestly, you felt for Seonghwa. Four was the lucky number.
Haechan gawked. “All four?”
Juyeon nodded.
“And you’re sure it’s them?” Jungkook asked for Haechan who stood still in shock. “Aira, Kyla, Nikola and Alessa? Not just look-alikes, right?”
“Yes, Jungkook, I’ve fucked all four of them at least once—I know what they look like.” Juyeon rolled his eyes and you sipped your metaphoric tea. If they were his ex-flings, then the commotion made sense.
“Having a family reunion without me?”
The sudden fourth voice stilled them all, and it was like slow-motion how their bodies turned to look in the direction of the sound. Seonghwa stood there, no girls on his arm this time and you wonder where they all went. There was no way he had just abandoned them, was there?
“Hey, Y/n, you look lovely.” Seonghwa greeted you. You smiled, making him your new favorite again since he actually acknowledged and complimented you. “Hey, Hwa. Likewise.”
“So,” Seonghwa broke in a grin, wrapping his arms around the shoulders of Juyeon and Haechan. “care to enlighten me on the conversation?”
Neither of them seemed willing to enlighten him, caught off-guard and still appearing shocked. You held back a sigh, deciding you’d do them all a favor. Spending time with Seonghwa was fun anyways so it wasn’t like you minded at all.
“Seonghwaaa,” you called, making yourself seem as disinterested in the conversation as possible. “They’re just talking about boring stuff. Come entertain me.” you giggled, and with that started your journey to the drink table. As expected, he followed you, not before muttering something you were too far away to hear to the guys, though.
“Thirsty?” Seonghwa grinned widely.
“Yeah,” you replied, scanning over your drink options reluctantly. “Are all these alcoholic?”
“Hongjoong and Hoseok managed the drinks, so yeah, probably.” he laughed. You quickly moved your hand back down to your side: you wouldn’t trust those two with a rock, let alone something you were going to consume. “Whatever you do, don’t get drunk.”
“Yes, sir. Didn’t plan on it.” you murmured.
For a split second, Seonghwa’s eyes went wide though you couldn’t really tell why, and he had returned to normal in a matter of seconds.
“Good,” Seonghwa wrapped his hand around your waist. “because you look good enough to eat and I hate having to resist you.”
Your face flushed, but before you had the chance to reply, you heard someone call your name.
“Y/n! Hwa!”
You blinked, then turned in the direction of the noise to see Angelina. She looked gorgeous, her dress the same shade of her favorite color and matching her make-up. You hadn’t expected to see her here, though you should have realized she was coming. She knew about the party and what time it was happening.
“Angie!” You wrapped her in a hug. “Did you and Juyeon do the do?” she whispered, wiggling her eyebrows.
Your eyes widened. “Be quiet!”
“I am being quiet! I’m literally whispering!”
That was no whisper.
“I mean, shut up. But if you really need to know, then yes. And before you ask, he’s amazing.”
“Oh my god, you’re getting out of your little shell. I could cry.” she faked a sniffle.
“I feel like I’m interrupting something.”
The both of you froze, and separated seconds later. Angelina greeted Seonghwa and he dapped her up, postponing the Juyeon talk as conversation broke out between you three. Somehow, Seonghwa found himself beside you again, rubbing circles against your back. It wasn’t unusual - he had a habit of doing that to you - but for some reason, you couldn’t concentrate. Seonghwa was the opposite, seeming completely and entirely engrossed in the conversation occurring. He was grinning and laughing and unfazed. So you needed to faze him.
And luck was on your side. Haechan walked by, and you immediately called him over.
“Yes, Princess?”
“Could you go get me a popsicle, please?” You asked him sweetly, looking at him with innocence shimmering in your eyes.
Expectantly, he agreed.
“Thank you.” You kissed his cheek, and for a second he was stunned, stammering ‘you’re welcome’ and went to go get you your popsicle, returning only moments later.
You sucked the ice-cold treat into your mouth, and the conversation carried on smoothly until one of Angelina’s friends came over to speak with her. You didn’t stop though, ignoring the urge to look at Seonghwa because you could feel his eyes boring deeply into your flesh.
“You got us all wrapped around your finger, huh?” he said, and only then did you look at him.
You hummed around the frozen treat, your muffled version of a ‘huh?’
Seonghwa bit his lip. “Don’t do that.”
The popsicle slipped out of your mouth with a popping sound, and you feigned innocence, looking at him with such purity in your face. He knew better than that now, though. “Do what?”
“Play innocent—act like you don’t know what you’re doing or what effect it has.” His hand halted its movements on your back, only to pick up where it left off on your thighs. You mimicked his action of biting his lip, though that was because you were trying not to make any noise. The crowd was a particularly loud scene, but your friend was only inches away from you.
“I think you’re just dirty-minded, Hwa,” you tried to tease, but your breath had gotten stuck somewhere in your throat.
“Yeah? You saying that if I touched you right now you wouldn’t be wet?” You nodded. You were in front of a bunch of people, it wasn’t like he would check. “C’mon Angel, between you and I, we both know you’re nowhere near as innocent as everyone thinks you are.”
You were dead wrong. Where anyone could see, Seonghwa’s hand slithered up your dress and you put the popsicle back in your mouth so that you wouldn’t audibly moan. You shuddered and it definitely wasn’t because of the damn popsicle: you could feel his fingers through the fabric of your panties, and his low laugh made you weak. Seonghwa leaned in your ear, voice a whisper, “Liar. Only bad girls lie, and you know what bad girls get?” he tore his hand away. “Punishments.”
You had not meant to turn Seonghwa on this much.
‘Turning him on’ was already an understatement, you think you accidentally awoke the demons in him because all the resistance talk he liked to give you was gone, out the window, and you thought you were dealing with a different person for a moment. Seeing you in your dress was already knocking the wind out of him, but then you called him sir and seductively sucked a popsicle right in front of his face, and that was definitely his breaking point.
“You gonna steal those, too?”
That night, you didn’t realize instantly. In fact, you went hours thinking you had genuinely lost your underwear even though they were lying on your sheets moments before. You even considered them growing legs and escaping before you considered that he had stolen them, but once you realized where they’d gone, you were quite impressed. Livid (those were a personal favorite!), though impressed. Something about the way Seonghwa smiled made you want to forgive him though—even while he was lying through his teeth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now be quiet.” He shoved the fabric in your mouth before you could sound a response and you guessed he hadn’t planned on stealing them (not now anyway. He was probably saving them for later, you wouldn’t put it past him).
With your mouth stuffed with your panties, everything you said now came muffled. Seonghwa laughed as he reached for the cup of ice resting on the nightstand, and you quickly remembered the punishment he had spoken of. You were confused when he grabbed the ice from the kitchen on your way upstairs, though asked no questions. Now though, you were wondering if you should have.
“I’m gonna have so much fun with you,” he murmured, more to himself than towards you.
Seonghwa saw your naked, doll-like body as a toy to be played with, therefore meaning he was going to do exactly that. Instead of bending and twisting you however, he pinned you down against the sheets and picked up one of the ice cubes from the cup. You shivered, feeling the chilly contact of ice as it smoothed over your bare, sensitive nipple. In contrast to the cube, your body was warm and heated, so the cool sensation gliding over your skin felt pleasurable in a way you hadn’t expected it to. You liked it, despite the frosty feeling. Cold, melted water trickled down the skin of your breast, resulting in you crying out through the cloth about how cool it was. That didn’t deter Seonghwa though, only making him more determined if anything. He looked fascinated, watching how you gasped and squirmed underneath his literally ice-cold touch. There was zero warning as he ran an experimental trail over your clit, and your reactions grew more extreme. Your thighs squeezed shut, and a muffled mewl of his name parted your two lips wide.
Seonghwa mentioned that the panties in your mouth were because you were very loud more than it was because seeing you in such a way turned him on. While it did turn him on, hearing you moan his name turned him on more than anything else. You tried negotiating, promising that you could be quiet, but you had already done enough lying for the night.
Deciding it had been neglected, Seonghwa grabbed another ice cube and pressed it against your other nipple. Your breath got trapped somewhere in your throat and you felt as though you were being frozen into an ice statue, piece by piece. You squirmed and whimpered each time, but each time again he would be unfazed, simply moving you back into his desired position and looking at you with something dark glistening in his brown eyes.
You had never seen him like this before, so overcome by lust that he didn’t even seem like the same person anymore. This was out-of-character, so much that he hadn’t even acted like this the other night with you. Then again, he had mentioned several times that he was struggling to hold himself back, so perhaps this was the side of him he was trying to resist revealing towards you. Nonetheless, you were enjoying him regardless, him exposing his bare self to you, how he was and what he liked and what you never imagined you’d be into as well, yet here you were, soaking every piece of him up like a sponge.
“You’re perfect, Angel,” he praised absentmindedly, dragging the ice against your skin.
“Sir—” you tried to say, and it wasn’t entirely useless because he understood you enough to hum in response.
“Almost done, I promise,” his thumb smoothed over your bottom lip and you quivered at the feeling. “Just a little bit longer, yeah?”
Somehow, you found the ability to nod your head, though you were so overwhelmed that tears began to fall from your eyes. “Good girl,” Seonghwa whispered in your ear, making you weak to your damn knees. You wondered why he didn’t wipe away your tears like he usually would’ve, and if only you realized how this all was just getting him off. He tried his hardest not to show it, but innocent things like you sucking a popsicle or fantasizing about him in church of all places; odder things like stuffing your mouth with your underwear, making you cry from dragging ice across sensitive parts of your body; it all drove him mad and made him want to do nothing more than fuck you until it physically hurt to continue.
‘A little bit longer’ was defined by ‘until the ice cube melted and you were shivering and blinking back tears and your body was cold and wet in more ways than one.’ Like ocean waves on a beach shore, relief washed over you the moment Seonghwa’s warm mouth attacked your delicate skin, kissing gently at your thighs, to your stomach, to your collarbone, until he was at your neck and fighting the urge to mark you up and down. For now, he smiled at the array of hickeys he had left on your breast, how they had gone from bright-red to a deep purple, and that was when something in him snapped.
“Fuck, I got to get in you. Right now.” Seonghwa hissed. If you could tell him to do less talking and more moving, you surely would have.
After disposing of what was left of the ice cube, he slipped on a condom he had pulled from the drawer and without further warning, he was sliding his length inside of you. A half-ecstasic, half-shocked combination of a gasp and sigh sounded from between your lips as you felt his cool hands grip your waist suddenly, and you reached for the gentle smoothness of the sheets. There was a subtle taste of reluctance in his actions in the beginning, though once he caught a glimpse of this version of you, attempting a beg for him to move through your stuffed mouth and your pussy leaking with arousal, he couldn’t stop himself.
Seonghwa had faltered briefly, though it was over sooner than it had begun. An instant noise of bliss fell from his mouth and plopped down onto your dampened skin in disbelief that you felt so magical, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he had been chasing for years now. Now that he had you right where he wanted you, he could easily say that the other side was much more beautiful than the side he came from. This was something he had imagined to solely exist in his dreams.
“Fuck,” he exhaled in content, “you’ve been keeping this away from me?”
More than either of you would have thought, you enjoyed this raw side of him. Where he was whole and complete and let you slip through his cracks, blossoming something new. You thought back to when he admitted that he had wanted you like this for years now, shutting your eyes for a brief moment as your mind formed the picture of him stroking himself to you. He mentioned wanting to fuck you in the miniskirts you’ve always liked to wear, and if you had known that they had this effect on him, you would have worn them more often. Hell, if either of you had known that you were both this dirty, things would have been different a long time ago.
Deep as deep got, you could feel Seonghwa. He buried his length inside you, making you feel utterly completed. You let the sting of the ice fade gradually, letting him make your skin feel simultaneously hot and cold in a different way. His touch sent shivers down your spine but made you feel warm all over at the same time. Hwa found your g-spot soon, and seconds later you were moaning endlessly into the fabric, digging your nails into his back. He audibly hissed, though if he was negatively affected by the action he was doing a damn good job at hiding it.
Your head snapped in the direction of the door, but Seonghwa was unfazed, keeping his rhythm and never once faltering. Anyone who was searching for you would simply just have to wait until he was done with you, and he was pretty sure the wait wouldn’t be too much now: with how warm, wet and tight you felt around his dick, he was going to last much longer.
Seonghwa pulled your panties out of your mouth, and your eyes widened as the sound of your breathing and unrestrainable moans occupied the room. “You wanna cum?”
“Yes, sir,” you breathed out in a voice an octave above a whisper. You’d be damned if he thought you didn’t.
“Then be nice and quiet for me,” he grinned, “unless you want Angelina to know how you’re my Angel.”
You shook your head and sank your teeth into your bottom lip, though you doubted you’d be able to successfully follow his instructions. You were already struggling with small moans now and he was hitting the right place, so nice and deep and filling and absolutely perfect—plus, you’re louder than an airplane’s engine when taking off when you’re approaching your orgasm.
You tried, you really did. There was your bloody lip to prove it, but he wasn’t making it any easier while you were getting closer and closer to the edge, and it just slipped out. You moaned his name incredibly loud that it felt like it bounced off the walls and struck you right in the face. Seonghwa didn’t pull any ice from the cup though (it was probably melted by now anyway). He didn’t pull away at all, didn’t show any intentions of stopping. You weren’t sure what you expected him to do, but it wasn’t any of that. Instead he grunted, and drove his hips into yours quicker.
Seonghwa groaned. “I’m gonna be lenient. So either cum now or you don’t cum at all.”
Like magic, it all came pouring down. You subconsciously tugged on his hair as you came and his face scrunched in a combination of pain and pleasure, his thrusts sloppy, your legs shaky, both of you losing what little composure you had left. It felt like a spell was cast upon you the moment you heard him moan your name: you were dazed and the orgasm hit you a billion times harder.
Seonghwa came crashing down beside you afterwards, arm slouching around your waist. He smiled at you shyly, and you couldn’t believe he had it in him after what he’d just done.
“Sorry if I was too rough,” he rubbed his neck.
You laughed, breathlessly. “You… I can handle your roughness. Surprisingly, you’re never too much for me.”
His eyes widened dramatically, “Are you flirting with me?”
Playfully, you pushed him. “No! ‘m just saying. I was kind of nervous about the whole ice thing, but I liked it and that caught me by surprise.”
Seonghwa nodded, wearing his usually playful grin now. “That’s good. I’ve always wanted to do that to you, but I was worried it’d scare you away,” he laughed. You wondered what all he had been fantasizing about, meanwhile he was thinking about how you had only gotten a small taste of what he was really like. “But we’re also not done yet.”
You quirked an eyebrow. “We’re not?”
“Nah. You’ve got a long night ahead of you, Angel. Now come on and get redressed.”
Speaking of which, Angelina, wherever she was now, had said that you were in for a treat tonight too, but that was because of Juyeon. Plus, Seonghwa said ‘we’, talking about you and him. But why would you go into an entirely different place just for a second round? The night was young and you didn’t know what to expect from it.
If you had a dollar for each time you had stood anxiously before a door in the past week, in wonder of what was being concealed behind the wood, you’d be rich on a yacht somewhere with your family and a couple of friends, though still somehow probably wrapped in this dilemma. Okay, maybe rich was a stretch—you’d have three dollars—but this had still happened three times too many.
Sometimes, Seonghwa was unfathomable. He did things and you never initially understood why, but he’d always show you and then it’d make sense. So you never questioned him. But right now you were drowning yourself with an overwhelming amount of questions, and since you were already at your destination, you only had time for a single question.
“What are we doing?”
Seonghwa cast a simple gaze, not saying too much or too little. “You’ll see.”
Vague. And so was his grin.
He pushed the door open, dragging you inside behind him. The room had a bed, but it was no bedroom—it was likely 3 times larger than the one you were previously in, able to contain a couch, the three men that sat on the couch and several tables all without feeling too crowded. Wait, three men? Sitting on the couch? Your eyes gave them a once-over, and you realized they were all staring at you in anticipation. You also realized the setting held a deep contrast to the rest of the house, as though they were having their own, separate party.
And somehow, you ended up in the eye of it all.
“Surprise?” Seonghwa said in a tone that sounded more questioning than it did enthusiastic. Ruling out the possibilities - especially the one that this was some surprise birthday party because that day was nowhere near - it was safe to say you were completely surprised. You had been in the presence of all four men, hell only around an hour ago, but this was different now. You were all alone, they were practically devouring you with their eyes this time around, and as Seonghwa brought you towards them, you felt cornered, hunted. Like prey and they were your predators.
“What’s going on?” Your voice was small as you asked, genuinely and utterly confused.
Haechan laughed, “She’s the most oblivious of them all, guys.”
I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. His words rang in your head like a bell until realization dawned upon you.
Your eyes widened, and you searched far and wide for the right words, but they didn’t come. “You—knew? I mean, I knew you all knew, but you…”
“Precious, we knew before you did.” Jungkook’s laughter rang throughout your ears, the sweet noise bringing you some peace. He tapped his lap, “come sit.”
There was no thinking required as you obeyed, you just did as told. Jungkook slid his fingers into yours, resulting in you looking down at his larger, jewel-embellished hand, and being embarrassingly turned on by the size difference. You wanted to hear their explanation though, and shuffled to find comfort in the new position.
“Hey,” Jungkook grabbed your hips, holding you in place. “Unless you want me to skip this part and go straight to fucking you, stay still.”
“She likes doing that.” Seonghwa commented, recalling you doing the same thing in his lap just the other night. “Oblivious little thing.”
Juyeon scoffed. “Oblivious is right. Baby, do you know why we brought you here?” You thought about it briefly, and there was only one answer that made sense. The same reason either of them had ever brought you anywhere private, closed-off from the rest of the world. “Because you want me?” You whispered. Silence consumed the room whole, so you knew that they had all heard you.
Satisfied enough, he nodded. “That’s true. But do you know why we want you? Over anyone else?”
Shaking your head no, you began to wonder why yourself. Of all the people they could choose to target they had chosen you, and you didn’t understand what was so special when they were attractive enough to pull any almost girl they wanted. There were several gorgeous girls in the school, but you were the lucky number one. So then, why you?
“Because I bet you felt like the goodest girl in the world before you met us, huh? Then you met us and we didn’t even do much but uncover some dirty little secrets of yours. We made you want to do some things you never thought of doing, didn’t we?”
You soaked up each word, because they were true. You never thought about taking advantage of being the principal’s daughter to break rules, never thought about being ate out or having ice rolled across the most sensitive areas of your skin until you were numb. You never looked at someone’s hands and thought about them fingering you with their rings on, or ever wished someone would just take you in the classroom while no one was watching. Not until they came into your life and changed it for good.
“You know what we call this game?” Jungkook asked, holding your hand in his again. His breath tickled your neck as he whispered in your ear, “Corruption. And you know how you win?”
Tentatively, you shook your head. “How?”
He smiled. “By being the first one to make you cum. So tell us all, precious, who was it?”
Your eyes scanned the room, and you took in everyone’s appearance in a new way. Haechan looked defeated, already knowing he had lost; Jungkook seemed as though he knew but didn’t really care; Seonghwa didn’t seem like he cared either, staring at Juyeon in amusement; and Juyeon was smiling from ear-to-ear with pride.
You pointed with your free hand, “Hwa.”
Juyeon’s smile fell. Haechan and Jungkook looked surprised. The moment you saw Seonghwa grin though, was the moment you realized something. They may have known who you were with and what you did with them, but not if they successfully made you cum. That kept the game tense up until now.
“What?” Juyeon broke the silence. He looked the most shocked, staring back and forth between you two in incredulity.
“You heard the woman, it was me.” Seonghwa laughed, leaning off of the table. “Anyway, now that this part is over, can we get to the main dish? I know I just had her but I’m still starving. Unless you need a moment to, you know, let your ego recover.”
Juyeon shook his head, “When did this happen?”
“The night before you invited her.” Seonghwa shrugged then looked at you. “I think we should postpone the interrogation if Y/n wants to do this.”
Before you could even ask, Jungkook had beat everyone to another question. “Y/n, you up for a fivesome?”
The question took you by surprise, though you expected less from Jungkook.
“Shit, you didn’t have to dump it on her like that.” Haechan laughed at your stunned expression.
The four of their heads turned to look at you and aside from the surprised faces, no one reacted immediately. You swallowed, feeling slightly uneasy from the undivided attention combined with the almost utter silence, but it was all short-lived.
“Say less,” Jungkook said, hoisting you up abruptly into his arms. You gasped at the feeling of being lifted in the air though it was over before it started once he laid you down. His lips dragged against your skin lightly and gentle, as though you’d break if he was any rougher with you. You saw the others circling you both, watching you like Jungkook was demonstrating something and they were learners. You knew that that couldn’t have been too true though, they were all unflawed as far as could tell from your experiences with them. Hell, their experiences were ever-so greater than Jungkook’s but that was because they got your clothes off.
“Shouldn’t we do the system? Get some order around here?” Juyeon suggested. His eagerness was evidently soaking him like sweet.
“Sure,” Jungkook grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him instead of Juyeon. His lips found yours, enveloping them in a brief kiss, “I’ll do the honor of going first, Haechan can go second, you go third and then Seonghwa.” He replied between kisses, and the thought of being shared by them had you right back where you started, horny with no explanation why except for them, and you guessed that that was all you really needed. “Now, you take this off for me, okay, Precious?” This, meaning your dress. “Because if I do it, I’ll be tearing it off of you.”
A nod of your head sealed the deal and the dress came off as easily as it could tear. He still kissed you, but went for your chest now, throwing off your bra in a matter of moments. You sucked in a breath as his mouth latched onto your nipple, the feeling catching you off-guard and forcing a sharp cry of his name from between your lips.
Haechan muttered something about preparing you for him—Jungkook—and you didn’t really acknowledge the meaning of his words until you felt your panties being yanked down your thighs and his tongue lick an experimental, languid line at your folds, like he was testing the waters. You were wholly exposed now, the air pricking your skin though it was alright because you had felt things cooler. He had only gone at you once, but you had memorized this routine. Haechan started off slow, torturing you with the unhasty pace of his tongue until the muscle began to move expertedly in skilled motions. The present was no exception, and his hands parted your legs for access.
The pace was torturous. You bucked yourself in his mouth but to no avail; he held your hips in place, and you especially weren’t going to close your thighs now. The only relief you were getting was from Jungkook savoring the taste of your nipples in his mouth and while the feeling was enjoyable, you were greedy for more.
“Haechan,” you cried out, “faster!”
Haechan pulled back entirely and you whined. “What’s the magic word, Princess?”
“Please?” You whispered, sounding so small and desperate and doing that thing with your eyes that made them weak that you only recently even discovered you did. “Please go faster?”
Third time really was a charm, because Haechan gave in and started eating you out for real this time. He did it like he had to, like he needed to rather than because he wanted to, and you were making all kinds of euphoric reactions. Moans were one, reaching out for something to grab was another, and your back was arching and you were squirming around. It must’ve been a sight for sore eyes because it provoked a sound from Seonghwa, and only then did you remember that he and Juyeon were still standing there, observingly.
Things only got better from there, which was, simultaneously, shocking and unshocking. Shocking, because there were only so many words in existence that you could use to accurately describe what you were feeling, and you were beginning to run out, moaning out incoherent sentences. Though also unshocking, because you already knew that he was a professional and an expert at this point. The feeling of his tongue penetrating your entrance was so fucking—you couldn’t put it into details if there was dictionary in front of you—inexplicable, your vision was already being clouded white.
Juyeon and Seonghwa came into your vision, flashing you playful looks. You couldn’t even ask them what they were doing, moans slipping from your mouth each time it parted. Thankfully they seemed willing to initiate, and you wondered what words would fall from either of their lips.
“Seonghwa tells me you’re a natural at blowjobs and handjobs,” Juyeon began, eyes raking over your body and absorbing all your reactions. “Wanna put those pretty lips of yours to good use for me, baby?”
You nodded. Moments later, Juyeon had forced his dick inside your mouth and your hand was wrapped around Seonghwa’s yet again. You attempted to focus on making them feel good too, but there was already so much going on, and it was especially impossible to concentrate when Haechan was eating you out so good you were sure you’d forget your own name if no one gave up the pet names. It didn’t seem that you were doing a bad job though: Juyeon was tilting his head back and Seonghwa was groaning like he typically did, a noise you were familiar with by now but would never grow too used to.
You had to admit, the sight was beautiful and what you could hear was just as equally alluring. The pair looked breathtakingly, both their lips parting into moans as their heads lolled back, and the sweet sound of your name sounding from their mouths went straight through your ear and marinated in your brain. You could hear how badly they wanted you, shit, you could feel it too. Hollowing your cheeks, you tried to take Juyeon as deeply as you could, and you remembered all the things Seonghwa liked when you first got him off like this.
“God, you feel so good, babe. Seonghwa’s right, you’re a pro.” Juyeon moaned, and the sound was so, so nice? There you were, running out of words again. That you swore you could have come right then, and even if you didn’t, you were damn close.
“Damn right she is,” Seonghwa was in no different condition, appearing to be on the brink of an orgasm himself. “Such a good girl, aren’t you, angel? doing it just how I taught you.”
Good girl. You moaned just a little louder then, and there was no way Seonghwa hadn’t known what effect those two syllables had on you, he was smirking a little too hard.
Juyeon had seemed to enjoy the way you moaned around him, sounding even louder than you whenever you did. It only helped that Haechan was doing a marvelous job, using his fingers now if his tongue and mouth weren’t already pushing you towards the edge. Haechan might have been a fucking tease, but god, he could put his mouth to use, and it was over once he found your clit.
Your orgasm was approaching. You could feel the knot forming in your stomach and even from the outside, it was obvious: your thighs were trembling and your moans may have been muffled from Juyeon’s dick, but that only meant he could feel how close you were getting. Only the other night did you have your first orgasm, but now you were about to be on your third one of the evening.
Until, routinely, Haechan pulled away. You whimpered in dissatisfaction, now convinced that he simply just had a thing for edging you because this was like the third time now. He only slipped through your fingertips with a sly smile though, liking how he could give you the world and then take it away from you a little too much.
“Kook, you better hurry up and get over here before I take your turn,” Haechan said, licking his lips. “Which I’ll do gladly. She looks delicious.”
Despite being the one to take you over to the bed in the first place, Jungkook was probably the most patient of the four. Somehow he had kept himself entertained with your breast and now-swollen lips all this while. Jungkook shot him a glare and freed your breast from his mouth. With the effort of him and Seonghwa, they were marked all over, some recent marks red and the older a purplish shade. He had also stirred away from your neck, aware that you’d likely be doomed if your family saw.
Speaking of Seonghwa, you were taken by a load of surprise when you felt something warm dripping over your skin, and you heard the melodious sound of his voice crying out your name. You had been absentmindedly still giving him a handjob, too caught up in your own pleasure to realize. Juyeon’s orgasm occurred little afterwards, and by then your body was painted in their cum.
“Look at you, beautiful,” Juyeon cooed, wallowing in the sight. “Covered in cum like a little slut.”
“Yeah, you’d look even better riding me,” Jungkook added as he reached for a condom, smiling broadly. He may have been the most patient, but that didn’t mean his wasn’t also running thin.
Jungkook moved but not in the way that Haechan had told him to, he stripped himself and stayed on the side of the bed he was already on and pulled you towards him. He tugged his shirt off and wiped your stomach clean before grabbing you. You were in his lap now, his hands positioning you in place.
“You ready?” He whispered in your ear, and the sound had you dripping and nodding desperately in response.
His name rolled off your tongue the second you sank down on him and he moaned loudly as he felt your walls clench around him upon entrance. Jungkook was definitely on the bigger side of things, so his size took some time to get used to. Once you did relax though, you were almost effortlessly bouncing on his dick like there was no tomorrow.
Jungkook’s hands found your ass and his rings dragged a cold sensation across your skin. The size of his hand was absolutely nothing new to you either, but the way he was able to cup your ass cheeks made you feel so small even when you were the one on top of him. What you didn’t expect, however, was for him to be this vocal. Obviously, he was outspoken, but he was also loud. Not that you were complaining, he sounded gorgeous and had a voice the equivalent of silk.
“Jungkook, you hogger,” Haechan groaned, discontent at how Jungkook was making zero effort to share you. No one could blame him though, one amazing body was difficult to share amongst four and he’d feel selfish too if he was in you.
Jungkook moaned as he spoke, “Whatever. Go get the mirror while you wait.”
Haechan grumbled audibly though he didn’t argue, bringing the mirror across the room as told and knowing exactly how Jungkook wanted the item positioned. You didn’t pay any attention to the mirror, let alone what they were saying until Jungkook leaned into your ear.
“Look at you, precious,” he murmured softly.
You blinked, lost. “Huh?”
“In the mirror,” he gestured to the tall glass with his shoulder, and you lifted your gaze, seeing an identical image of you. “Look at how pretty you are like this, taking me so well.”
Jungkook was a man with a lot of love in his heart so he always praised you, and each time his words made your heart want to flutter out your chest. You weren’t sure what made you more shy though, the conpliments or the fact that you could see yourself perfectly in the reflection, but it all made your heart swell and you fell deeper in love with this.
“She does look amazing like this,” Seonghwa agreed, and your cheeks burned every time you remembered all four of them were there, watching you, but no one seemed bothered or to care. “I’m sure she feels even better.”
“She does,” Jungkook exhaled in bliss, “so warm and tight. And wet, I thought I would drown.”
If Jungkook could sense how aroused their words were making you feel, he didn’t say anything, but there wasn’t really a need to. You were visibly falling apart on his dick and even a blind man could tell. Moans of his name slipped from your mouth as you continued to watch how you fucked yourself on him, your walls pulsing around him and resulting in him calling out your name ecstatically. The two of you fucked like this for a while, you moving up and down on his dick in a repetitive motion. Using his shoulders, you pushed your hands against the surface of the blades to anchor yourself. Eventually though, your legs and thighs began to feel tired and weak, and you tried to force yourself to continue but it only prompted a trail of tears from your eyes.
“Jung—Jungkook,” you whimpered, your thighs shaking as you attempted to holster yourself up. He hummed in response, lifting his gaze. “I can’t move anymore. It hurts.”
“Yeah? You need me to fuck you?” He asked, wiping at your tears with his thumb.
“Yes, please,” you sniffled. “I need you to fuck me.”
At that, Jungkook smiled. He then grabbed the pair of handcuffs off the nightstand that you hadn’t even known were there and fastened them around your wrists before he lied you down without a second thought and spread your thighs apart gently before he began slamming his hips into yours at his own rhythm. You remembered the conversation you had in the library, when he asked you about your kinks you responded with bondage, specifying the handcuffs, and the sound of them tightening around your wrists made your stomach boil in excitement.
“So pretty when she cries,” you saw how Haechan’s eyes flared with lust and amusement.
Jungkook grabbed your chin with his thumb and index finger, forcing you to look him into his eyes then at your own reflection in the mirror. “Eyes on the mirror, sweetheart. I want you to watch.”
As you watched him fuck you, you realized this was exactly what Angelina meant by you being ‘in for it’ tonight. Those girls on Seonghwa’s arm must’ve been in your position in the past, and if they went to their old school, that explained how she knew everything before you did. That explained every word of the conversation you had on the phone, and she was probably somewhere thinking you were having the best dick of your life right now. If she was, then she wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t surprised because Juyeon went after girls like you—they all did. The innocent type that they could teach and the blank canvases they could paint before anyone else got the chance to lift a brush. The ones that knew so much yet so little, the curious ones that were eager to adventure. She wasn’t surprised because you just so happened to be right up their alley.
Haechan approached you, the sight of you making him lose his patience. The order was fair, but even being second, the line was too long. “Wanna repay the favor, Princess?”
“You didn’t even let me cum.” You replied bitterly.
The first time Haechan edged you, it was when Jungkook was fingering you, being the first time anyone had ever touched you there. It would have also been the first time you came, but then he skulked around the corner and gave you the scare of your life, also ruining your chance of orgasming. The second time, of course, was when he was eating you out in his bedroom. To be fair, he might’ve let you cum if his mother never arrived and if you two would’ve ended up resuming, but the last time was on purpose. The last time was today, only moments ago, and it was a cruel action.
“Never said I was going to make you cum. I said I was going to prepare you, and I did that, didn’t I?” He smiled tactfully, well aware that it was impossible to argue against. “Trust me, baby, it’ll all feel worth it once I get inside you.”
So you ended up sucking him off, and he became the third person to experience how naturally skillful you were with your mouth. Some porn videos and one furtherly-realistic training session with Seonghwa had gone a long way because now you had Haechan’s sweet noises filling up the air and you honestly didn’t think you’d ever heard him moan before. If you had, then you definitely didn’t recall, but he was planting the sound into your memory.
Eventually you, Haechan and Jungkook all came, the latter spilling into the condom, Haechan gawking at how gorgeous you tried to take all his cum in your mouth (feat. Seonghwa subtly bragging about seeing it first by making his own comment), and you savoring the earth-shattering pleasure.
Now that it was his turn, Haechan forced Jungkook out of the way, repositioning you over the bed before he slid his length inside, and he was unsurprisingly correct: it all did feel worth it once he got inside you. You had had dick in your pussy at least four different times tonight alone now, but the feeling of them dragging against your walls had yet to bore you, even while you were starting to feel sore. As if you hadn’t already been stuffed, Juyeon came over anticipating his turn, a bottle in his hand.
“What’s that?” You asked curiously.
“What’s it for?”
Juyeon smirked. “You’ll see.”
And boy, did you see. ‘Cause he sure did show you, in fact, he did more than show you, he had taught you hands-on. You felt entirely full, Haechan’s cock deep in your pussy and Juyeon’s deep in your ass. The few times you had thought about anal, you imagine how uncomfortable it’d probably be, but Juyeon proved to you that if done properly, it could be magical. Something else accompanied Juyeon’s presence though, and that was his need to touch you. His hands may not have been in anything particularly, but still roaming your body, you felt as though you could explode. If as little as another finger came your way, you were likely going to burst.
So of course, Seonghwa followed with his dick, claiming you had an occupied mouth and that that was enough for him. You took him too, Juyeon and Haechan’s sharp thrusts giving you less work to do and producing more moans from the male. He talked about you, but he sounded like an angel, like a gift from god himself, crafted by his bare hands. And having three things in your three holes, it was overwhelming in a positive manner.
Like dominos, you all came one after another. Your body was purely exhausted, and you collapsed against the duvet. Their bodys fell like yours, and the sound of skin-slapping, moans, and other sinful noises soon molded into heavy breathing as you reached out blindly for your breath. Somehow you felt like you had a billion thoughts but not many at the same time, in a daze, something trance-like, temporarily stunned by the pleasure as to be broken by how much you had taken.
When you snapped out of it, Seonghwa was taking you out of the cuffs, concern thick in his voice. You blinked, confused. “Huh?”
“You spaced out,” he said. “Are you okay?”
You may have been acting like you hit your head too hard or something, but you were definitely okay, more than. You felt amazing, inside-out, thoroughly and utterly, and you probably just had been fucked stupid, that was all there was too it.
“Perfect.” You smiled. “Don’t worry.”
“I want to keep you,” Juyeon commented out of nowhere, and you stared at him in evident confusion.
“Keep me?” You repeated.
“Not like a pet,” Juyeon laughed. “Usually when we do this, we don’t keep them around much longer. Well, I thought we didn’t, but then Seonghwa proved me wrong tonight.” The man in question snickered, though didn’t say anything. “It’s not a rule or anything though, we just typically avoid it. But since you’re our last, I want to keep you around. If that’s okay with you, I mean.”
Your smile grew wider. “I’d like that.”
“Shit, me too,” Jungkook joined in the conversation. “I’m not even done with you. I know you’re into more than we got the chance of covering, and I’d like to figure it out with you plus apply it alone. Without having to share you without anyone else.”
“Same. So can you all go to sleep so Y/N and I can both have some alone time?”
The other three boys stared at Haechan like he just said two plus two equals twenty-two, and you laughed, thinking to yourself how this is something you could get used to. It might have taken some time, but you could definitely do it and they would make it so easy for you. You wanted them, too.
“Jeez, don’t look at me like that. It was just a suggestion.” He muttered.
“What we can do,” Seonghwa grinned, wrapping his arm around you. “Is go again.”
“I dibs first!”
“Haechan, you’re a grown man talking about dibs.” Juyeon shook his head. “Anyway, I dibs second.”
“I think I should go first.”
“No, you didn’t dibs.”
“That’s for kids.”
“No, Trix are for kids.”
Haechan had a pillow thrown at him.
Yeah. You couldn’t believe these were the same people that just fucked you, but you could get used to it. You could let them in, let them spice up your life. You could let them use you for their games as much as they wished even if they were giving this one up, but you were through with round one, and you were more than ready for the next. Now that they had, in their terms, corrupted you, you wanted nothing more and nothing less than them. You’d break some rules and you’d lie and hide and sneak around if it meant that you could be theirs from now on.
Their angel, their precious, their princess, and their good girl.
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amourtae · 2 months ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk. masterlist
Tumblr media
wanderlust; a strong desire to travel
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little prince, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ wordcount: short drabbles - length will vary
↠ warnings: swearing & explicit sexual content. specific warnings will be given with each drabble.
↠ a/n: REPOST. hello loves <3 here is the masterlist for my first mini series! it was initially posted on my old account @hantaev & i will be reposting & continuing this series on my new blog. i hope you enjoy this series & if you would like to be added to the taglist then please do let me know by sending me an ask or commenting under this post ☺️! i will also be taking requests for it & so if you have anything you’d like me to incorporate then please do say so! happy reading <3
↠ credits: banner by the lovely @vantecaffe 💛
Tumblr media
day 1: in which jungkook rails you against the shower wall. [2.5K]
Tumblr media
day 2: in which jungkook eats you out at the pool. [3K]
Tumblr media
day 3: in which you ride jungkook whilst watching the sunset.
Tumblr media
day 4: in which you and jungkook spend a day in one another’s arms.
Tumblr media
day 5: in which you decide there’s no better way to wake jungkook up other than morning sex.
Tumblr media
day 6: in which you and jungkook decide to make the most of your last day, provoking him to share a thought he’s been hiding from you for a while.
Tumblr media
day 7: in which you and jungkook fly back home to your lovely son and you give him the surprise he’s been dearly waiting for.
Tumblr media
taglist is open! if you’d like to be added to it, please let me know 🥰
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polarity | 02 yandere!jungkook au
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere!jungkook x reader {f}
genre: yandere
warnings: 18+ , toxic relationships, unhealthy and obsessive behavior, smut, mentions of mental health, manipulation, blackmail, cheating,
word count: 13.2k
summary: Your best friend’s new boyfriend becomes infatuated with you...
Parts: 01 l 02 | 03
tag list:  @min-nicoleee  @moekoi02  @mawwnsterr @1-in-abillion , @envyvyvy  @brutallysour00 @mwitsmejk  @e-uph0r1a  @lolalee24 , @sunshyngal  @kyuinfpt​
A/N; This chapter was foul in so many ways. Anyways, thank you guys so much  all the support and comments on the first part! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to any of them (this is a side blog i made impulsively to post that fic and i didn’t think it would get as much attention as it did ) so yeah i’m sorry i cant directly reply to comments. i’m not sure if i’m making a final part yet, im kinda debating if i should end it like this but you guys let me know your thoughts?? hope you enjoy:) also I apologize if anything looks funky, my computer is acting up 😍
The situation unwrapping in front of you felt like a fever dream. You could feel tightness in your chest at the sight of your friend’s eyes on you. You were sure she couldn’t have been thinking something inappropriate, I mean truthfully it would be insanely out of character for you to begin with. However, you almost considered telling her everything right in that moment, pleading her for forgiveness and to get you away from the psychopath that sat next to you. But Jungkook’s warning rang inside your head, serving as an ugly reminder of the consequences of what your impulsive actions would bring. The worst part was how much you believed him, your mind racing with possibilities on just how wrong things could go.
You couldn’t help but think this was entirely your fault. If your feelings for Eunji hadn’t been so obvious then maybe you would have never been in this situation. You couldn’t begin to explain exactly how observant Jungkook was to have noticed the way you acted around her immediately, it was almost humiliating how easily he had wrapped you around his finger. Another part of you wondered if Eunji truly didn’t realize how you felt about her or if she had simply ignored it. The latter was mortifying to even think about, you couldn’t handle that embarrassment.
“Jungkook gave me a ride.” You didn’t realize you had been holding your breath, your voice trembling. You knew it didn’t sound convincing at all, your face probably giving away the distressed state you were in. A small part of almost hoped your friend didn’t believe you.
“I saw her walking home from the cafe, she looked upset so I offered to give her a ride.” Jungkook interjected, his voice holding the same concern it did when he had asked you if you were okay moments ago. It deeply concerned you how someone could put on a different facade so easily.
A look of understanding crossed Eunji’s face quickly followed by pity. 
Right, she probably already suspected how the job interview had went. If only she knew that was the least of your worries now.
“That was sweet of you, babe.” She said, eyes focusing back on you as she gave you a small smile. “ You’re soaking, Y/n. We should go inside and get you out of those clothes.”
It was then you had barely noticed Eunji’s attire. She wore a dark colored dress that hugged her figure nicely, her perfectly styled hair and makeup made her look even more stunning than usual. It was clear he was picking her up for a date, a thought that once would of made you envy Eunji’s lover but now you only feared for her instead. It looks like you had been right all along, your friend did have shit taste in men. 
You nodded, eager to get away from the man next to you. You still felt like you were about to pass out and your legs didn’t feel like they were attached to your body anymore. 
“I hope you feel better, Y/n.” Jungkook stated softly but you didn’t even dare look his way. You were sure you would break down if you did, his mere presence made you feel suffocated. The image of the charming guy willing to help you was long gone. 
“Thanks.” You replied, quickly unbuckling your seatbelt and just about stumbling out of the car. You barely noticed it had stopped raining. The sky was still filled with dark clouds, the chilly air hitting your face and making you shiver even more in your damp clothes.
“Babe I’m sorry , Y/n gets a little worked up in public.” Your friend explained as you stepped behind her. She had her body leaned inside his car, back facing you but you didn’t need to know the look she was giving him. The scene reminding you of what a parent would sound like when their child embarrassed them. You felt a ting of betrayal at the realization your friend had probably vented to Jungkook about your issues numerous of times before.
“Don’t worry, she shouldn’t feel bad about it.” You heard Jungkook say in response, he sounded so genuine and understanding that you really wondered if what he saying was something he believed or just a part of his twisted act.
“Make sure she gets out of those clothes before she gets sick.” He added in a more worried tone as he caught your gaze once again, sending you a tight lipped warm smile. 
What an actor, if you weren’t so petrified at the moment you would of complimented his skills. 
“It’s okay, I can change myself. You go on.” You persisted, knowing you were trying your hardest not to shed tears. That would soon change once you got to the safety of your room, you needed to get away from her before your emotions got the best of you. 
“Are you sure? Let me walk you to the door at least.”Eunji said as she studied your face, her hand coming to squeeze your shoulder. You shook your head despite her sweet action, you really didn’t deserve her.  “No really,  I don’t want to make you late for your date.” You assured, already starting to take a step back. “ I’m fine.” 
Eunji stll looked hesitant but she nodded. 
” Alright, text me later. Love you.” 
You had been avoiding Eunji as much as you possibly could. It had been a week since the car incident, the horrible memory haunting you every moment of the day. Some days you wondered if you had just imagined it all, it didn’t even sound real in your head. There was many times you had come close to telling your friend everything and praying she would believe you but the crippling fear stopped you everytime.
 Besides, you felt as if you it would even more unbelievable now that so many days had passed, why would you randomly admit that to Eunji? She would question why you wouldn’t have said anything right away. It sounded like an obvious lie. It sounded exactly like what Jungkook had threatened you with. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you knew how cornered you were. You had dug yourself into an even bigger hole by remianing silent this whole time.
 Most of your days now consisted of being tucked away in the small library a few streets down from your apartment building. You avoided spending much time in the apartment, fearing you would run into Jungkook knowing how much he came over to visit your friend. You had also avoided hanging out with her anywhere, giving her the excuse that you were studying hard for your upcoming exams. Of course she didn’t question you much, you were the type to indulge in studies a lot of the time and she knew you didn’t like going out much. That much had been easy but still, you felt as you were completely separating yourself from her life and you were lying if you said it didn’t hurt you. 
Some part of you was convinced that if you managed to disconnect yourself from her life as much as possible, Jungkook’s sick fascination with you would disappear. You figured it must be some type of kink he had, perhaps he just enjoyed being a cheater and having another girl on the side, even if that girl was his girlfriend’s best friend.
Of course you had also just considered contacting the police but what type of evidence did you even have? Jungkook was wealthy, it would be idiotic to even think you could go up against him in a courtroom. And what did you even have to defend yourself with? Your word? It meant nothing. The thought of having to go through with a police report alone made you panic. You didn't even want to imagine the look on Eunji’s face if she found out you wanted to press charges against her beloved boyfriend. After saying all those nice things about him just a week ago? She would think you were bat shit crazy. 
You couldn’t say you would even blame her, you weren't even sure you would believe yourself if you were in her shoes either. The thought Eunji turning against you was something you couldn’t seem to accept.
  Losing her wasn’t an option.
“Miss?” You looked up from your textbook . The voice came from a guy standing next to you, you had made sure to find the most reclusive spot in the library which hadn’t been that hard to begin with, the place was pretty small and fairly empty most of the time.
“Sorry, we’re closing soon.” He gave you a regretful smile, it sat pleasantly on his handsome face. Your face heat up in embarrassment.
“Right, sorry I lost track of time.” You began to gather your things in a swift manner, shoving everything inside your bag as you took a quick look at your phone. It was indeed getting late, you wondered how long you had been in here just staring blankly at a textbook , knowing damn well you hadn’t studied one bit.
“You’ve come here a lot this week, haven’t you?” The boy asked curiously and you noticed the name tag on his shirt. Hoseok.
“Yeah, just studying for some exams.” A lot was probably an understatement, you’ve practically lived inside this place for days now. It’s no wonder the workers had taken notice already considering there was hardly anyone else here.
“You must be a diligent student then.” He grinned, flashing his perfect teeth. You might have taken some interest in the attractive boy in front of you if your mind wasn’t so preoccupied with horrifying thoughts that seemed to eat at you every second of the day. 
“I guess you can say that.” You gave him a nervous smile and stood up, scrunching your hands up into a fist. Another nervous habit you couldn’t seem to break. You wondered if Eunji was back home yet. She had mentioned she was making dinner tonight and wanted you to join her, a thought that would have once been more than appealing you but now just made you sick to your stomach. The guilt and fear of it all didn’t let you relax around her.
“Well, I’ll look forward to seeing a pretty girl everyday now. Have a nice day.” The boy, Hoseok, commented. The grin still on his face before he walked off and you were left at awe at his words. You were unable to hide the smile that formed on your lips but you quickly shook it off and headed out the door. The sun was starting to disappear but at least it wasn’t raining today.
The walk was short for the most part but you had tried your best to walk as slowly as possible in order to buy some time, letting your eyes get distracted at all the shops you passed by. But at last, it was time to go home and you silently prayed you could get just a bit of good sleep tonight. You were convinced you were starting to look like a walking corpse, the bags under your eyes still visible after coating them was some concealer this morning.
 Before you knew it , you were inside the apartment elevators and you pressed your floor number, eyes scanning over the screen that displayed the increasing numbers. The doors finally opened and you rushed down the long dimly lit hallway, stopping right in front of your door.
As you slid the door open, you instantly saw Eunji sitting behind the kitchen counter, she turned head at you and gave you a bright small.
“Y/n! Come join us! “ Us? You knitted your eyebrows at her words and felt your stomach drop as you stepped closer, Jungkook’s figure coming into view. He was stood right across from your friend at the other side of the counter. He wore a simple black button shirt, sleeves rolled up once again to his elbows as they usually were, his black jeans completing his all dark attire. It displayed his large built more. He looked more his age today, and like the son of a wealthy business owner. It somehow made him look even more intimidating. 
“Jungkook made dinner, you came just in time. It’s delicious.” Eunji bragged as the strong scent of chicken hit your nostrils, you had been hungry just a few seconds ago but now your appetite was nowhere to be found. Jungkook’s eyes fell on you , taking in your whole figure that still stood by the door.
This is exactly what you had been dreading. You officially had the worst luck, if maybe you had managed to stay longer anywhere else then maybe he would of left before you arrived. You knew you were being ridiculous. You should of known this going to happen sooner or later, although it had happened a lot sooner than you expected. It was stupid of you to think you could avoid him forever, they were a couple after all and you knew how fond of him Eunji was, clingy even. For gods sake, she thought you were fond of him as well. Words couldn’t describe how much you regretted ever approving of him and even telling her that you liked him.
“Y/n?” Eunji asked with a chuckle, staring at your unmoving stance. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at you before he pushed a plate of food at the end of the counter.
“I made you a plate, come sit.” He stated, his tone light as if finding your stiff state humorous. But you knew better.
“I-I’m not really hungry, I just ate.” You blurted out, giving them both a sheepish smile and patted your stomach in an attempt to look more convincing. You watched Jungkook’s stare turn unwelcoming in a matter of seconds, his eyes picking you apart. It was obvious in that moment that he knew you had been trying to actively avoid him all week.
“Really? You told me you hadn’t ate when I texted you.” Your friend asked, frowning a bit. 
You wanted to bash your head against a wall. 
You had told her that earlier while you were still at the library when she was  checking up to see if you still wanted to eat dinner with her.
“Yeah but I got something on the way, you know how stressed I’ve been with school.” You reasoned, heart beating faster by the second. You really needed to go to your room.
“Yes but can’t you join us for just a little?” Eunji asked, glancing back at her boyfriend. “ I mean it’s a bit rude not to , Jungkook made an extra plate just for you.”
“I agree, it’s quite rude not accept my offer.” Jungkook said in a  playfully upset tone as he pouted. The sight would have been cute and amusing if you didn’t know the true character hidden underneath.
You were trapped. 
“Okay.” You sighed, completely defeated. You supposed it was better that your friend was here, knowing Jungkook couldn’t do much with her present. You slowly walked forward and took a seat next to Eunji, staring down at the plate of chicken and rice, with some type of pasta on the side. It indeed did look appetizing and you forced yourself to temporarily ignore the situation around you as you picked up your fork in hesitation.
“It looks good.” You complimented, voice so low that you wondered if either of them had heard you but Jungkook’s heavy stare and smile that came afterwards was enough confirmation that he did. He almost looked normal again, the sweet boyish smile back on his face and eyes twinkling at you.
“Right? I didn’t know you were such a good cook, babe.” Eunji expressed. “ My cooking looks even more embarrassing now.”
Jungkook smirked in response but he looked distracted, his attention had shifted to you entirely and he started to look fairly bored at what your friend was rambling about. You yourself had blocked most of it out but due to a completely different reason. You ate in silence, hating how good the food actually was. It was probably the first decent meal you have had in a while, you didn’t have much of an appetite lately.
“So, how’s studying been going?” Eunji asked as you swallowed the last bit of your food.
“Pretty good.” 
“You look tired, what exams are you studying for?” Jungkook chimed in and you met his scrutinizing stare once again. You were starting to think he could see right through every one of your lies.
“Psychology, and for an English course too.” You lied, adding a bit more volume to your voice. You hoped it didn’t leave any more room for questioning. 
Jungkook stared at you, seeming to contemplate your answer before nodding.
“Y/n is a bit of nerd. Although, lately she’s been focused on her studies more than usual.” Eunji commented, raising a an eyebrow at you in suspicion. “Maybe the library isn’t where you run off to all day? Meeting with someone perhaps?”
“No, none of that.” You forced a laugh, trying to sound as casual as ever.
“Of course not, it would take a miracle for you to actually get with someone.” 
It was the same playful banter you had shared with her as always but you noticed the how Jungkook narrowed his eyes slightly at your friend’s last comment, shoulders slightly tensing up. You awkwardly shifted your gaze back down to your plate.  
The tension was so thick in the air you could feel it.
Did Eunji feel it too? You hoped she did but you knew your friend wasn’t the best at noticing social cues. You wished for once that she would be as observant as her insane boyfriend, maybe then she would have noticed how uncomfortable you were. 
“Well if you guys will excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom real quick.” Your friend announced hopping off her seat and leaning over to give a quick kiss to her boyfriend and you turned away, not even thinking you could stand the sight of them displaying any kind of affection anymore. 
Your heart sunk at the sight of her disappearing down the hallway and you almost called out to her to come back. This night truly couldn’t be worse.
“What kind of ice cream flavor do you want, baby?” Jungkook asked casually once Eunji was completely gone. You watched as he lazily opened the freezer, eyes trailing over the tattoos covering his built arms. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.
“Don’t call me that.” You snapped in a low whisper, turning your head towards the small hallway. 
“She can’t hear us.” He assured taking out the two tubs of ice cream and setting them on the counter, effortlessly opening the lids.
“I don’t care.” You said and you watched his head tilt as he stopped his movement. He sighed and let the spoon fall from his hand, you flinched as  stepped closer, leaning his upper body over the counter. A loud gasp left your lips as he grasped your chin, his grip wasn’t painful but the sudden action made you nearly stumble off your seat.
“Don’t be like that, you won’t like what I’ll do if you keep that attitude up.” He whispered, his thumb brushing over your lips. “You’ve already upset me with how much you’ve been avoiding me.”
You swallowed, your breathing starting to quicken. You were still hoping he hadn’t taken notice in that and simply did think you were doing some intense studying.
“What?” He asked, eyes taking in your reaction as he tilted your chin up even more, forcing your eyes to meet his.
“Did you really think I believed that studying lie?” He asked, a smile slowly forming on his lips. “Cute.”
You struggled against his grip, tears already starting to form. You hated how sensitive you were , the anxiety building up in your stomach wasn’t helping either.
“What do you want from me?” You demanded. He almost looked offended that you had even asked that, eyebrows knitting together.
“What do you mean?” He asked, his tone genuinely coated in confusion.
“I want you of course. Why would you even ask that, Y/n?” He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. It sent chills down your spine, if anything that had left you even more confused. You let out a choked sob that you had been holding in for days now, the reality of your situation was sinking in.
“Shh, don’t cry baby.” Jungkook hushed you, quickly wiping away the tears that fell down your face. “Everything is fine.”
Everything was far from fine but you forced yourself to stop in fear of Eunji hearing you, quickly wiping off your tears. You took a deep breath, hoping it would calm your heartbeat that felt as if it was about to jump out of your chest. You felt hot and sweaty, it was getting hard to normalize your breathing.
“Calm down, you’re getting worked up.” Jungkook pulled away, reaching over  for a glass of water that sat on the counter and swiftly bringing it over to you as he made his way next to you. He guided the cup to your lips as took you took hurried sips. You felt his hand brush over your hair, in what you assumed was an attempt to comfort you but all you felt was fear.
“Y/n, you have to calm down. “ He whispered, breath hot against your ear as his hand continued to caress your hair but you heard the slight warning in his tone. He didn’t want you making a sudden scene.
What the hell was taking Eunji so long in that bathroom?
“Where’s your phone?” He asked, eyes traveling down to where your bag sat beside you.
“Why?” It was stupid of you to even ask, clearly knowing why he wanted it. He raised an eyebrow and wordlessly reached over to get your bag, you watched in silence as he dug through it, instantly finding it and taking the device out from the front pocket.
You wanted to protest but you shut your mouth, eyes following as he typed away, you made a mental note to actually lock your phone next time as you dumbly realized you didn’t have a passcode set up. Once he was done, he set your phone back down in front of you and walked back around counter, returning back to scooping up the ice cream.
“Now, what flavor did you want?” He asked again. He looked so sweet, sounded so domestic.
He truly was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
“Strawberry.” You mumbled, staring down at your hands. You heard him shuffling , scooping out the ice cream and setting it into a bowl. In that same moment, you heard Eunji emerge from the bathroom, her footsteps getting louder as she walked down the hallway.
“Oh! Ice cream!” She beamed, eyes lighting up at the sight of Jungkook making the dessert. You wanted to scream at her for help, so oblivious to who she had invited into her life, into our home. But as always you kept silent, flashing her a smile as she sat back next to you.
Jungkook continued to torment you throughout the weeks, harassing you through texts messages and demanding you communicated with him. It felt as if you were in an actual horror film at this point. You felt paranoid every time you stepped out of your apartment, expecting him to just pop out of any corner. You knew he was keeping tabs on you, his stalking was a constant reminder of how much control he had over you. You couldn't even deny it anymore, he slowly had become your shadow and you were growing afraid of how far he was willing to take this little sick game of his. You thought that somehow this could be some type of mind game he was purposely torturing you with to fulfill some kind of revenge. But you couldn’t figure out his motive, why would he dislike you that much? You had barely known him. You kept your mind on that theory in order to distract it from the exact opposite thought that lingered your head. Because if it wasn't a revenge plot, it was certainly the opposite and you weren't sure which was more terrifying. 
To make things worse, in the midst of all this your friend only seemed to grow more obssesed with Jungkook by the day. She would talk about him at every chance she could with you, about how amazing and perfect he was. How she had never met someone like him before. 
The other night she had even confessed to you that she might be in love with him.
In any other case, this news would of absoulately broken you. The insane amount of jealousy would have ate you up because despite your friend having had plenty of past relationships, you knew she had never actually came close to falling deeply in love. It caused that ugly emotion to settle within you once again, that Jungkook of all people would be the one to ivoke those emotions in her.
Life was indeed cruel.
But your own selfish jealousy didn’t even matter at this point, the deep concern over her own well being was what worried you most. You couldn’t let Eunji fall in love with that psychopath.
You soon realized how hard it would be to get yourself out of this situation. You had successfully refused to face time or call Jungkook, claiming that Eunji would hear you from her room. It was in fact very possible, you knew how nosy your friend could be and you more than anyone knew how thin these walls were with the visits Jungkook made to her room. You couldn't risk it, what excuse would you give? There was no reason why you should be talking to Jungkook on the phone or why he had your number to begin with. Any other times, you had simply used the excuse that you were in class and couldn't pick up his calls. However, escaping Jungkook wouldn’t be that easy, it was clear to you he was growing tired of all it. 
His passive aggressive texts were enough of a warning. 
From Jungkook: I’m a patient man, baby. But don’t test your luck too much.
You stared down at the text, not even wanting to find out what he meant by that.  Instead of replying, you shoved your phone back into your bag and focused your attention back to the textbook in front of you. You shut your eyes briefly, letting out a long sigh in frustration. If you thought you were drained before, it was nothing compared to now. You felt like you were starting to lose some of your sanity.
Why couldn’t he just leave you alone?
“You don’t look so good.” You blinked up at the familiar voice, the same cute library guy stood in front of you. Hoseok. A curious expression on his face as he raised an eyebrow at you.
Considering you didn’t even bother to hide your eye bags anymore, you could confirm you indeed didn’t look so hot these days. 
“Uh, yeah just tired.” You smiled, pointing towards your textbook.
“Still studying for those exams?”
“Not really but I need something to distract myself with.” You admitted, biting the side of your lip. You didn’t even know why you had said that, it wasn’t like you were going to tell him why you were so stressed. “ Yeah you know, it’s just my best friend’s crazy boyfriend who’s obssessed with me won’t stop harrassing me all day. Same old same old.”
“What’s got you so worked up?” He asks with a chuckle and turns to take a seat in front of you. The books in his hands that you assumed he was on the way to arrange somehwere in the library were long forgotten as he placed them on the table beside you.
“You know, just life.” You lied with a shrug, well it wasn’t exactly a lie. Your life was pretty shit at the moment.
“Right,” Hoseok grinned but before continuing. “Well, instead of distracting yourself with such boring stuff, why don’t we grab coffee sometime?”
Was he asking you out? You instantly felt your cheeks warm up. Life was truly playing a sick game with you. The first time someone manages to show interest in you after a while, it has to be when you’re dealing with such an insane situation. 
“Coffee?” You repeated as he nodded slowly, staring expectantly. 
“I think-”
You stilled as you heard the voice behind you that had cut you off. That voice.
It couldn’t be.
You slowly turned your head and let out a curse. Jungkook was making his way towards you, his expression disclosed no emotion at first but as soon as he approached you, a sickeningly sweet smile took over his lips. 
“Baby, you didn’t answer my last text. Are you ready to go?” He asked casually as he stared down at you, you felt his hand brush the back of your shoulder as he gave it a light squeeze. From an outside view, this looked like a normal couple interaction and your eyes shifted over to Hoseok’s more than confused look. His questioning gaze shifted from you to the man behind you.
What the hell was he doing here? And how did he even find out where you were in the first place?
“You have a boyfriend?” Hoseok asked, sounding dissapointed but also slightly offended. He was probably wondering why you didn’t mention him last time you were here when he flirted with you. You knew how it made you look and you felt a small wave of embrassment wash over you. 
“Sorry, who are you?” Jungkook demanded, his tone flat. He was glaring daggers at the guy and Hoseok immediately took his warning and lifted himself off his seat.
“Sorry man, didn’t know she was taken.” Hoseok lifted both his hands up in defense and swiftly picked up the books that he had left on the table before turning on his heel.
“Wait-” You started but Hoseok was long gone, he had practically speed walked away from you two and turned a corner, getting lost down the many book aisles. 
“If you’re done mingling with library boy, we better get going.” Jungkook stated, clear annoyance coating his tone. You stared back up at him in disbelief, not knowing what could of possessed him to pull that scene.
“What are you doing here?” You hissed, flinching back away from him and causing him to drop the hand on your shoulder.
“Picking you up, we are going to my place.” He replied, not seeming phased by your hostile reaction to him. “I’m cooking you a special dinner.”
The way he could act so nonchalantly about this was astonishing to you. He was treating your relationship as if it was the most normal thing in the world and as if he wasn’t quite literally cheating on your best friend.
“I can’t go today, I have class in a couple minutes.” You reasoned with a softer tone, hoping he would take the bait and leave. It was naive to assume  that because he instantly let out a low chuckle and rolled his eyes.
“Baby, I know your schedule. Why would you even bother lying to me?” You gritted your teeth at his words. It had been dumb of you but you had to give it a shot at least.
“Let’s go.” He helped you pick up your textbook and took your bag as you stood up. The action was so gentleman like that you again conlcuded he would of been the ideal boyfriend in another lifetime. Preferably one where he wasn’t absolutely demented. 
You followed silently behind him as he opened the door of the library, motioning you to go first. You didn’t even bother giving him a glance as you walked outside, the sun was about to set and it coated the sky in beautiful orange hues. You caught sight of the familiar black vehicle parked right in front of you. Jungkook’s shoulder brushed yours as he made his way over to it, opening up the passenger door and raising an eyebrow your way. Your legs wobbled as you hopped inside, the flashbacks of that day already starting to flood back into your mind. You didn’t want to be in this car with him again but luck was not on your side today. It hadn’t been since you met him.
Before you could prostest otherwise, Jungkook leans over and clicks in your seatbelt for you.You tried not to jump when the door closed beside you and your eyes were glued on him as he strided over to the other side of the car and got in. You decide to ignore him the entire drive, turning your head completely towards the window.  His presence unsettled you more each time you saw him. If Jungkook was upset by this, he didn’t showcase it. The drive was a good 40 minutes long and that wasn’t exactly shocking considering the fact that you knew he lived a good amount of distance from your apartment building. 
The area you were in now was admittedly much nicer than your own and you forced yourself to not gawk at the luxurious buildings and cars that surrounded you. Jungkook drives into an underground parking lot and before you know it, you’re walking into a brightly lit elevator that takes you about 12 floors up. The long luminous hallway made you feel nauseus and lightheaded all at the same time.
Jungkook opens the door for you and you force yourself to hold in a gasp at the sight in front of you. This apartment, or more like penthouse was another irritating reminder of Jungkook’s wealth. The dark lacquired marble floors and painted black walls seemed to mock you. The ceiling was accented with silver light fittings that displayed a gorgeous chandelier upon entrance. 
When Eunji mentioned Jungkook was rich, you didn’t imagine he was this loaded.
“It was my mom’s idea, I’m not a big fan of chandeliers. Too flashy.” Jungkook commented when he caught sight of you staring up at it. He locks the door behind you before setting your bag on a wall mounted coat rack next to him. 
He leads you down the hallway that reveals his equally extravagent kitchen with more black and white details accompanied with rows of dark wooden cupboards. Your casual clothing and worn out converse looked pathetic against this scenery. 
“Why are you doing this?” You felt like you had asked this question a hundred times now, not only to him but to yourself.
Jungkook turns over to you, looking mildly suprised you had finally decided to utter a word to him. ”I thought I was clear the first time.”
“I just don’t get it, why would you even pick me over her?” You wondered genuinely. He had everything with her.
Jungkook would admit your lack of self-esteem was a great advantage for him but he still found it a great shame that you didn’t think highly of yourself. It almost made him angry that you couldn’t see what he saw in you. Sure, your friend was attractive and fun and she had been a nice fuck but there was something about you that entranced him. Perhaps it was the lack of self awarement you had , how you truly didn’t notice the impact you had on people. Your secluded nature only left him wanting for more, you had an aura that was completely desirable to him. Your uninterested behavior and nervous glances that refused to meet his only seem to fuel him more.
He found it all so endearing in a way and he wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. After all, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But Jungkook knew you weren’t just temporary fun or a simple play thing he would soon want to get rid of. No. He was utterly obssesed with you, he didn’t even want to think of you ever slipping away from him. In his head, he had found his ideal lover, and like any other raised rich boy, he didn’t plan on ever letting his favorite prized possession go. You were his to keep and flaunt, his to take care of and love.
“Why do you find it so hard that someone would prefer you over her?” Jungkook asked, a curious look glinted in his dark eyes.
You fell silent at that.
“Is it because of your little crush on her that you haven’t gotten over?” He questioned again, this time sounding bored almost. He walked over to his stove, already starting to prepare dinner as you stood stifly near the kitchen island.
“It’s not just a crush.” You argued, I love her. Jungkook glanced back at you, a dark look coming over his face.
“For your sake, I hope it is.” His voice was deeper now. “I’d hate to see you so heartbroken over someone who doesn’t even deserve it.”
You knitted your eyebrows at his words.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you realize the way she treats you? She doesn't care for you as much as you think she does.” Jungkook added carefully as if he was the one who was afraid to upset you now. His words struck you and you felt your heart grow heavy. What was he even talking about? Of course she cared about you. You had been through so much together, made so many memories. 
This had to be part of his sick game and you wouldn’t let him get to you.
“She does care about me.” You stated firmly, not being able to hide the sudden anger that took over you in that moment. You watched Jungkook take in your reaction, a sour expression forming on his face as soon as the words left your mouth. His whole demeanor stiffened.
“Maybe, ” He tilited his head to the side as if considering your words before he continued. “ But she sees you as a burden. She’s told me about how much she wishes you were just normal and didn’t let your anxiety disorder rule over your life.”
His full attention seemed to be focused on the  vegetables he was chopping up on a cutting board but he sneaked a quick glance your way.
 “About how inconvenient it is to be friends with someone who can’t do simple things and let loose, someone who’s always so afraid and nervous.” 
His words felt like a stab right in the chest. You shook your head slowly, not wanting to believe him for a second.You knew Eunji , she would never say those things about you. He was just trying to pin you against your best friend. That has to be it , you couldn't be so naive to fall for his lies.
 “You're lying.” You accused, eyes watering as you tried to swallow down the lump that formed in your throat. You hated how easily he got you, the power he possessed to make you feel so helpless. You watched his face twist with concern when he caught sight of your teary expression and he rushed over to you, pulling you towards him. 
“Baby come on, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” His regretful tone made you actually believe him for once, his hands coming to push your head against his chest. He held you tightly as you sobbed, at this point you weren't sure if you just crying over what he had told you or because of the whole situation in general. 
His comfort was the last thing you wanted but in that moment you didn't care that it was him, you pushed your face further against and gripped his shirt. This is exactly what he had wanted, you thought. To have you this vulnerable for him, you hated yourself even more for giving in. 
“I’m just telling you the truth,” He muffled into your hair. “Cant you see I’m the one that actually cares for you? You don’t need a friend like her.” 
What he said only brought more tears and he hushed you, leaving a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
“Shh, it’s okay.” You felt that lightheaded feeling return but this time it lingered and completely took over you, your vision went blurry and the last thing you heard before you fell into complete darkness was Jungkook calling out your name repeatdly in a panicked tone.
Your eyes squinted as you stared up at a beaming bright light. It made you groan but it slowly diminished and your eyes soon adjusted to your surroundings again, the blurry effect lasted for a few seconds making you feel disoriented. When your vision finally cleared, your eyes focused on a tall figure standing a few feet away and your brain quickly registered who it was.
“Good, you’re awake.” You heard Jungkook say as you heard the sound of faint rustling and plates clicking against each other. You slowly lifted yourself up, barely noticing you had been lying down on a beige leather couch. 
“Dinner is ready.” He announced as you saw him walk over with a tray full of food. The smell of condiments hit your nostrils and you now were fully seated up on the couch. A pounding headache greeted with your new found position.
“What happened?” You mumbled as he sat the tray on your lap. The food on the plate looked incredibly delicious and your mouth practically watered. The only thing in your stomach was a bannana you had ate in a hurry on your way out this morning. 
“You fainted, it must be because you’re not eating enough.” Jungkook scolded, handing you over a pair of chopsticks. 
Yeah, because of you, you thought bitterly.
“What time is it? I told Eunji I would be home early today.” You brought the food up to your mouth, pausing for a second to inspect it as if you would even be able to tell if he had added something to it to begin with. Jungkook noticed your hestation and sighed.
“It’s not poisoned, Y/n.” He sounded greatly insulted that the thought had even crossed your mind. You didn’t know why, it was as if he hadn’t noticed he possessed all the traits of a literal serial killer.
You chewed slowly on your food as you watched Jungkook lay the top of his hand against your forehead, seemingly trying to tell if you had a fever. Once he was satisfied that that wasn’t the case, he dissapeared down the hallway and you quickly took the time to hurriedly shove the food into your mouth. You wanted to leave as soon as possible. The conversation you had before passing out still lingered in your head and you wished it had all been nothing but a nightmare.
“I texted Eunji that your visiting your aunt for dinner.” Jungkook stated as he walked back into the living room and your eyes widened.
“How do you know I have an aunt that lives in town?” 
“Well I didn’t until now, thank you for telling me that baby.” He grinned as he typed away on your phone and you inwardly cursed. This little fucker.
“Jungkook,” You started slowly, trying your best to keep your voice steady and calm. “This game of yours needs to stop.”
Jungkook lifted up his head at your words , pausing for a second before finishing whatever he was typing on your phone and letting it fall on the couch beside him.
“What game?” He asked and you didn’t hear any mocking in his tone. He had to be messing with you , right?
“This.” You explained, waving your hands around you. “Is this some sort of weird kink?”
Jungkook’s perplexed expression seemed to deepen and you grew more nervous by the second.
“Baby, this isn’t a game or a kink.” Jungkook replied, practically scoffing towards the end of his sentence. You stared blankly at him, not believing him. 
Well, more like you didn’t want to believe him.
There had to be a way out of this.
“I-I don’t want to do this anymore,” Your voice cracked, you were pleading him at this point. Your eyes begging for him to listen and find some sort of empathy for you and your state. He couldn’t actually think you could keep doing this for much longer, did he? You tried to convince yourself this was just another asshole who found pleasure in having some scandelous affair.
“I can’t do this to my best friend, please.” Your hands gripped the edges of the metal tray he had given you and shakily put it aside from you, Jungkook’s eyes followed your every move intently. Like a predator watching his prey make a poor attempt at an escape.
“Please, I won’t say a thing about us to her. She wont know anything but you have to leave me alone.” You rambled on, your mind frantically searching for every reasonable thought imaginable to grasp on. “I can’t keep doing this to her, i-it’s insane. We can’t keep doing this to her, it’s wrong.”
Jungkook was silent for an uncomfrotably long amount of time. Just watching you, his expression stoic. Not revealing any bit of emotion or even a hint of what he might be thinking.
“Baby,” He drawled out mockingly. “ Did you really think that would change my mind?”
“I thought you had realized by now that I dont want your friend, I want you.”
His words brought even more frustration. You felt like tugging your hair out and screaming “but why!”. It felt like a broken record at this point, you couldn’t believe you had gotten yourself into this situation. You were sick of feeling so helpless.
“I can just report you to the police, you know?” You were running your mouth now, no thoughts went into what you were saying next. You were too angry to even think clearly. “This is harrassment and stalking. A crime! You could go to prison for this! “
Jungkook looked amused by your words, as if he was biting back a laugh.
“So why dont you?”
“What?” Was he serious?
“Go on, go file a report against me.” Jungkook shrugged, raising one singular eyebrow at you. He was daring you to do it.“ You would need some credible evidence on your side. I wouldn’t reccomend the texts between us, you seem rather too compliant in them.”
His tone was daunting, as if he was actually giving you legal advice on the matter.
“But if you’re really going to, just make sure to let me know beforehand so I can notify my mother.” 
It took you a second to understand what he was implying.
“Your mom is an attorney?” You asked in defeated whisper. He looked completely estatic at your reaction and his next words held nothing but menance in them.
“The best in the city, some would even say in the country.” He confirmed as he nodded in feigned innocence. 
You were utterly fucked.
The way his demanor had completely shifted to the same condescending man he had been in the car that day was completely terrifying to you. He knew the power play you two had, he knew your position in society was no match for his. The worst part is that he was right in thinking that way, you were nothing compared to him in the grand scheme of things. Money and status was what determined how much power you possessed and you had neither. You were naive but not that naive. You knew that even if you did try to fight and file a report against him, he would still come out unaffected. 
Isn’t that the way things always went? The wealthy always had connections, they always had a loop hole to get them out of even the worst of crimes. They were untouchable. 
And Jungkook had no problem reminding you of your place.
You knew you needed to act quickly.
After that what happened with Jungkook, you were convinced you couldn’t get out this situation in the normal and rational way. If Jungkook refused to leave you alone and keep your best friend around in order to control you then you had to figure out some way for Eunji tol eave him. The thought itself sounded ridiculous but what else could you do? You were running out of options.
A part of you considered you should just admit you had been hooking up with her boyfriend and throw yourself completely under the bus. But you couldn’t bring yourself to ever admit to that sort of lie. The thought of having to sacrfrice your own friendship for Jungkook to leave both of you alone was infuriating to you. 
This was your childhood best friend, the love of your life.
All those memories of you together, all your time shared together and your unbreakable bond would be thrown to shit in a matter of minutes. You would lose her forever. You knew Eunji would never forgive such a thing, who would? If that was your plan, you might as well prepare your suitcase and a final goodbye. You knew she would kick you out and never want to see your face again.
Your feelings for her being so one sided all these years had been enough pain for you to deal with, you had already lost her in that sense, you couldn’t lose her all together.
No, that wasn’t an option.
There had to be another way.
Eunji was your best friend, you know that meant something to her. It must of meant as much to her as it did for you, if you confessed that you absoultely hated Jungkook and didn’t seem him as good fit for her, she would had to believe you. 
She had to, wasn’t it a sort of girl code to always believe your best friend over a dude? I mean it had never come to that before considering you didn’t involve yourself much in her past relationships. You had expressed dislikement towards a lot of them, most of them, but it was never anything severe for her to take it so seriously and break up on the spot with them. Plus, you were a firm believer in people needing to learn on their own when it came to bad relationships.
Not to mention, none of her past partners had been completely obssessed with you. This was a one of a kind case and you knew she wouldn’t be expecting this behavior from you. it was out of character for you to ever suggest or demand for her to break up with her partners. You had been careful of that before for the same reason of not wanting her to suspect you had feelings for her and were acting out of pure jealousy.
None of that mattered now, you thought.
You would have to become the overprotective and overbearing friend that she would have to believe.
You heard the front door click open and held your breath, watching as your best friend strided in with her usual cup of coffee in one hand and her school bag in the other. She seemed startled when she noticed you, taking a small step back.
“Oh, you’re home.” Eunji exclaimed with a smile, taking a glance at her phone. “Shouldn’t you still be in class?”
“Ended early.” You replied simply and she nodded, throwing her bag on the couch. 
“Eunji, I need to talk to you.” You blurtd out, instantly feeling your heart start to race. “It’s about Jungkook.”
There was no point in stalling, if you gave it more time you know would chicken out and not say anything. Eunji looked up at you with a questioning gaze as she slowly closed the space between you two. 
“What’s wrong?” She asked, knitting her eyebrows. She held the plastic cup of coffee tightly in her hands as she waited for you to speak and you could only imagine what was going through her head. She was probably expecting you to tell her he was cheating on her with some other girl and although the thought of feeding her that crap was tempting, you knew that was a quick way for Jungkook to completely expose the two of you.
“I,” You began, eyes shifting towards anywhere but her face.” I think you should break up with Jungkook.”
Eunji stared at you, her pretty features scrunched up in confusion. She let out a giggle but it quickly died on her lips when she noticed you weren’t joking.
“What?” She demanded in an incredulous tone. Her eyebrows furrowed as she shook her head.
“Why would you say that? Are you feeling okay?” She asked before you could say something else. She took a step back as if to examine your state.
“Eunji, I’m fine.” You waved off, wanting her to stay focused on the topic.” I just don’t think Jungkook is who he claims to be.”
“What do you mean?” Eunji questioned, waiting for you to elaborate.
“I-I just think he isn’t the right person for you,” You concluded, making sure you sounded as sincere as you possibly could. You didn’t know how you were going to make this believable but you needed to. 
“I don’t like him, he gives me weird vibes.”
Eunji still held that same puzzled look on her face.
“Y/n, what the hell are you talking about? Just a month ago, you told me he was the first guy you ever approved of being with me. You said he sounded perfect for me.” Your friend argued and you cringed because she was right. You knew how contradicting you were being, it sounded suspiscous and you didn’t know what you could say that would convince her otherwise.
“I know what I said,” You tried to reason.” But I take it back, after getting to know him more, he just seems off.”
“Getting to know him more?” Eunji repetead in a patronizing tone and she shook her head in disbelief. “You barely spend any time with him at all, last time he came for dinner, you couldn’t wait to go running back into your room.”
You felt yourself shrink more and more at her words. If only she knew.
“Exactly!” You argued back, no longer caring about sounding reasonable. “ I don’t want to spend time with him because I don’t like him! Something is off about him.”
“Alright,” She nodded, coming back to step closer to you until you were eye to eye with each other. “Then tell me what is ‘off’ about him?”
“I-I don’t know, he just doesn’t seem genuine. I think he’s playing with you.” 
Eunji stepped back once the words left your mouth. She stared silently at you, her eyes were becoming glossy and you knew your words had made some sort of impact but you feared it wasn’t the one you were hoping for. She scoffed and let her head fall, her gaze now on the floor.
“Are you jealous?” 
Your entire body froze.
“What?” This couldn’t be happening.
“ I mean, I get it.” She shrugged dismissively. “ I get that you never had an actual relationsip and I know it’s hard for you to form relationships with people but it doesn’t have to be this way.”
You replayed her words in your head about ten times and still couldn’t believe she had said that. You shook your head at her.
“What? No! This is not me being jealous of your relationship.” You denied. God damn it. How did it even get to this point? Suddenly you were reminded of Jungkook’s words that day in the car.
“An attempt to sabotage her relationship because she can’t fulfill her own love?” 
“Are you sure? Because I’m not mad if that’s the case. I told you I can help you find someone, you can even go back to therapy.” Her words stung more than you were willing to admit. Did your friend really think so low of you that you would try to sabatoge her relationship because of your own selfish reasons and your mental health?
You didn’’t know what to think at this point.
“Eunji, I know you think you’re trying to help but this is not the case.” Your tone was firm, and you tried your best not to lash out at her at this moment.
“I’m coming to you as a friend and as a friend, I think Jungkook is bad for you.” 
“A friend?” Eunji questioned. “A friend wouldn’t tell me to break up with my boyfriend and give no explanation as to why.” 
“I gave you an explanation!”
“Having a bad vibe? Really? Are we in high school?” Your friend mocked as she glared at you. 
“Please, I care about you and you need to trust me.” It was your final attempt , you knew you had to say the right thing if you had any chance of still convincing her. “You need to believe me, I’m your best friend and you have barely known this guy for a few months.”
“Trust you on what? A bad vibe?”
“Why won’t you believe me?” You knew it was a mistake to get emotional but you couldn’t help it. You were exhausted, you needed her to believe you. It was the only way out of this without you getting hurt. 
Without her getting hurt.
“I’m your best friend, not him. How could your four month relationship with him mean more than ours? We’ve known each other practically our whole lives.” You knew how hurt you sounded and you could only hope it would persuade her to consider your words but the more you stared at your friend, the more disconnected she had seem to become. 
“Y/n, chill out you’re starting to sound like a jealous girlfriend or something.” Eunji muttered and the look she was giving you was enough to shut you down completely. 
She was looking at like you had officially lost your mind. She sighed and walked back over to the couch to grab her bag before making her way to the door.
“I’m going out, we can talk again when you cut this bullshit out.” 
The loud bang of the door shutting was enough for you to fully break down. You fell to the cold wooden floor, bringing your knees up to your chest as you tried your best to breath through your uncontrollable sobs. You gripped your hair, letting out a load yell of frustration. 
“ Would she believe that her best friend has been secretly in love with her for years and is trying to sabotage all her relationships just so she can have her to herself?”
It was sickening. The way Jungkook had been right about your friend doubting you. It was all sickening. You hated him, despised him for being right. 
How could of he had been right? You felt the biggest sense of dissapointment wash over you, but it was quickly repaced with utter rage. 
It was the worst feeling of betrayal you had ever experienced.
You took a deep breath as you wiped away your tears, shakily lifting yourself off the floor. You couldn’t be this weak. 
You were sick of feeling like a victim and being treated like one.
You pulled out your phone, quickly scrolling through your contacts until you found who you were looking for. 
To Jungkook: We need to talk.
Perhaps your friend had been right, maybe you had officially lost your mind. You would admit the idea was insane but you were desperate. You had contemplated it over the past night, coming up with every reasonable conluscion possible. In your two years of studying Psychology, you had come across topics that were similar to what you thought you were experiencing now. Intrigue and captivation, the state of someone being so attracted to somebody and lust driven that it forms into a obsession. Obviously, this behavior wasn’t normal but what you did know was that Jungkook didn’t know you enough to be obssessed with your character. Intrigued? Maybe. Fascinated? Likely but not obssessed. No, his obsession had to be linked to a more shallow part of yourself. 
Your appearance. 
Any other time, this thought would of been laughable to you and it still kinda was. You didn’t consider yourself ugly or severly unattractive but you didn’t think you were anything special either. However, beauty was indeed in the eye of the beholder and you knew this, you had studied this behavior and the ins and outs of attraction. You knew Jungkook had to have found your appearance attractive to some extent, he had admitted it. And now, you knew had become obssessed with you the moment you met him in that cafe, you knew it. You had brushed it off but now that you looked back at it and replayed the memory countless times in your head, you were sure it had begun there. That must of meant he had to have formed this weird fixation on you with a superficial lense on.
While Jungkook was far from your average normal guy, he was still a guy. Meaning his obssession had a lot to do with lust. It was normal for a guy his age to be lust driven, obviously not to the extent you were coming up with but Jungkook wasn’t exactly normal. His upbringing must have had a lot do with it, he was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country, of course he had an ego and expected everyone to bow down at his feet. He wasn’t used to not getting what he desired right at that moment. 
And what if that was all it was?
What if Jungkook’s interest in you was simply a temporary temper tantrum over not getting to play with his favorie toy. The thought disgusted you but it made sense, you clearly had no interest in him and had never shown him the slightest bit of attention. What if he just thought of this as some sort of game of cat and mouse? What if the only thing he wanted was to sleep with you and then drop you immediately after that? After getting what he wanted, there was no reason to keep you around, the chase would come to an end.
The more you thought it over, the more it made sense. Jungkook had issues, that was clear as day but why would he become utterly obssessed with a average college girl who didn’t have much, if anything, to offer him at all? He was the son of a CEO. It just didn’t make sense. This ‘obssession’ of his could only run so deep. You knew Jungkook wouldn’t have given you a second glance if you had met him in any other circumstance. 
The forbidden and tabboo aspect of you being his girlfriend’s best friend had to be the main motive for his behavior.
Even if he himself wouldn’t admit it. He wasn’t exactly the most self aware person.
The sound of the door swinging open in front of you almost had you flying backwards against the wall. To say you were nervous was a beyond understatement.
“Baby come in.” Jungkook looked more than pleased with your arrival, his round eyes lighting up. After sending him that text, he had practically begged you to come over and despite him insisting on picking you up, you had managed to dodge that bullet by claiming Eunji was still home.
“What did you need to talk about?” You heard him ask behind you as you walked inside, you knew you were going to regret doing this but it was the only way.
Instead of answering him, you turned around and didn’t think twice before closing the space between you two and connecting your lips to his. Your hand gripped the back of his neck, pulling him closer towards you. Jungkook was caught off guard to say the least but it didn’t take him long to recover, his hands quickly made their way around your waist and he gripped you closer to him. You felt your breasts brush tightly against his chest as he continued to deepen your kiss, you felt so out of place that you practically let him do whatever he wanted.
The kiss wasn’t anything like the last one you had shared, it was practically child’s play in comparison. The passion Jungkook possessed had every part of your body on fire, it was a feeling you were so unfamiliar with and you hated how you had to experience it with him of all people.
You forced yourself to get rid of all of your repulsive thoughts of him, you had to play your part. The physical aspect couldn’t be hard, Jungkook was conventionally a very attractive guy but still, you couldn’t deny the great shame that filled you at every passing second.
This was Eunji’s boyfriend.
Yes and she didn’t believe a word you said, you reminded yourself in order to keep your head out of your guilty thoughts. You couldn’t let your better judgment ruin this.
Jungkook’s mouth continued to work against your own, his kisses becoming desperate and you only encouraged him as you ran your fingers through his dark locks. He groaned against you before breaking your lips apart for a mere a second to give you a questioning gaze.
You knew what he was asking, he didn’t know what had caused this sudden change in behavior in you but you had a feeling it wouldn’t matter either way.
“I want you,” You whispered, never believing you would ever say those words to anyone other than the girl who had just stormed off with your broken heart in her hands a few hours ago.
You didn’t know how you were going to pull this off if you were being honest with yourself, you had little to no experience in the bedroom and you knew Jungkook was about to realize that. It’s not that you should care what he would think but you still couldn’t help the insecure feeling at the thought of any sort of judgement being shown to you. The last thing you wanted was to lay there bare with practically a stranger but you knew you needed to do this despite it being the most out of character thing you would ever be doing in your life.
“Are you sure?” Jungkook panted against you. A part of you was surprised Jungkook had asked you that, you would have assumed he was beyond having basic morals but it seemed like he still had a few left.
You nodded eagerly and a sultry smirk took over his handsome face in return and you just about yelped when he practically dragged you down his long hallway and into another enormous room. You could only assume this was his bedroom, there was a few picture frames of a very familiar looking young boy that resembled him on the walls. A graduation picture also stood on his nightstand.
Your eyes explored the walls of his room as you felt his lips suck on the side of your neck, you let out an involuntary moan when you felt the tips of his teeth graze your skin. His room seem to fit the rest of the theme of his house, equally dark with some band posters covering the wall in front of his bed frame.
You felt your back hit the silky sheets of his bed and his hands instantly worked on unbuttoning his pants. You gulped as you studied his hurried movements, your eyes practically bulging out your skull when you caught sight of him.
He was huge.
He sighed quietly into the air, his hardness sprinting up against his stomach at the action.
“What’s wrong, baby? You look like you’ve never seen a cock before in your life.” Jungkook chuckled when he caught a look of what you assumed was a mortifying expression on your face.
You hadn’t up close before.
You felt Jungkook’s hands grip the side of your thighs, raising your skirt up further. His mouth continued to leave kisses on your lips, cheeks and neck. His hands came to lift up the ends of your shirt and you let him pull the the piece of clothing over your head. You instinctively came to cover your chest, feeling beyond uncomfortable with the exposure.
“Baby, it’s okay.” Jungkook whispered to you, his eyes holding nothing but adoration as he slowly pried your hands away from your chest. His eyes filled with desire as he took in the sight of your little piece of clothing that was left covering your breasts.
“You’re absolutely beautiful.” The way he had said it made you truly believe his words. His finger tips played with the top of the straps before they completely traveled behind you and unclipped the bra in one quick motion.
You let out a small gasp at it falling off your chest. Jungkook looked practically in a trance as he brought his lips down to your breasts, taking your nipple into his mouth and sucking. Your toes curled at the action, your body was betraying you in every sense of the word. You had never felt this type of pleasure before in your life.
“Jungkook..” You pant, your head was complete mush as he continued to violate your breasts, his wet mouth sucking on one while his other hand worked to knead the other.
You felt Jungkook’s hand travel further down your body until he reached the top of your skirt and he tugged harshly, easily slipping it off. You could feel your heart beat so rapidly against your chest, every doubt was returning to you in that moment. Were you really about to do this?
Jungkook seemed to notice your distracted state because you felt him grip your chin, forcing you to look up at him.
“What’s wrong?” His dark eyes studied you, searching for the cause of your unfocused behavior.
“N-nothing , I’ve just never done this before.” Solid save. Your hands practically trembled against his bare chest as you admitted it to him and you saw his eyes widen for a split second before a new domineering emotion coated them.
“Nobody has ever made you cum before?” Jungkook voice dripped in pure lust as a smirk formed on his lips, eyes trailing down your every curve. Then intensity of his stare had you a new feeling settling in your stomach, it felt like you were drenching down there.
It should have repulsed you but you couldn’t even bring yourself to feel guilty at this moment, you were too overstimulated to think straight.
“Nobody has ever fucked you before, baby?” Jungkook’s tone was a mixture of teasing and serious, his face came down to yours as his lips brushed the side of your ear. You felt the heat of his body heavy on you.
“So pure and untouched, and all mine “ He whispered roughly into your ear before playfully biting the top of it and you let out a gasp at his action. You didn’t know how to feel about his comment but your mind didn’t even get to fully process what he was saying because you soon felt his hands on the top of your last piece of clothing, you stared down as he pulled them down your legs. Not missing the chance to leave kisses on your inner thighs.
“I have to open you up,” He explains, his digits prodding at your entrance.
You nod in antcipation and watch as he slowly slides them. Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth falls open, he keeps them pressed, knuckle deep inside of you. You hear him hiss as he moves his fingers which causes you to whimper even more in return.
“You’re so tight,” He says breathlessly and your hips roll against his hand. He drags his fingers in and out, curling them in ways that causes your wetness to pool. Your body burns with want, craving a release and already tasting it. Jungkook brushes his mouth against your already swollen lips as he slides in another finger, the feeling causes you to moan and squirm underneath him.
Jungkook continues to brush his lips down your neck, trailing down to your collarbone and once again taking your soft nub around his tongue. The mixture of sensations races your climax and you try your best to swallow down your moans. Your hands are shaking again as you curl them against his biceps.
“I’m gonna cum.” You cry and Jungkook hums against you, pressing his hand flat against the top of your pubic bone and curling his fingers up.  Your back arches at the overwhelming sensation and Jungkook knows he has found that spot.
“Come on baby.” He groans in low rasp, urging your release and you gasp out, hands scratching against the sheets as your eyes roll back. He drags his fingers out, a trail of wetness dripping onto the sheets as he does. You can’t help but stare as you watch him duck down, his tongue capturing your cum as he laps at your sensitive flesh. He cleans you up and his moans against you alone nearly send you over the edge again.
You try to control your breathing as you watch him pull away, grabbing a condom out from his drawer that’s beside the bed. He tears the packet open, and you watch as he rolls the silky latex onto his hard length. His dark eyes are back on you instantly as he presses his body against yours again.
“Look at me,” Jungkook orders before you see his eyes soften for a moment at your skittish gaze . “Please,” He adds.
His thumb comes up to brush your cheek, and you feel your stomach dip at the unexpected tender action. He gives you a small smile before you feel the head of his cock along your clit and you gasp, your gaze leaving his momentarily to glance down. His jaw is clenched as he slowly begins to push into you, and he pauses slightly whenever you make any sort of high-pitched noise. He seems cautious of your sensitivity but you urge him on, he swallows as he presses fully into you.
The action causes a burning sensation but you force yourself not to react, Jungkook watches your expression intently as he thrusts his hips forwards, causing you to let out a whine.
“It’s okay,” He assures you with a firm kiss to your cheek, your skin feels sticky. You are sure you can feel his pulse as his hips start to move against you and your hands grip his arms tightly. He grinds his hips more roughly this time and your mouth falls open letting out a silent breath.
“Fuck,” He pants as he starts rolling his hips and creating a faster rhythm, you cry out again as the feeling of his cock pressed deep within you starts to feel so good that your vision begins to feel hazy. His focused gaze on you only adds to your pleasure.
“You’re such a good girl for me.” He rasps as he drops his head to the crook of your neck, letting out a moan. His hips move constantly against yours, the top of your head hitting his bed frame repeatedly.
“Jungkook!” You cry out as you feel his thumb press into your clit, your body instantly jerks and tenses at the sensation and your head falls back, scrunching your eyes close in pleasure.
“Cum for me baby.” He grits his teeth as your thighs shake around his hips and cum hard, he calms your quick breaths as he takes your mouth into his and he releases right after you with strained moans.
“I love you.” You ignore his words but your eyes are not able to away from his invasive stare.  He was looking at you with such sincerity and raw emotion, it almost frightened you. Still, you made sure to not even show the slightest bit of a response to them.
Jungkook looked unreal in that moment, his dark locks were coated in slight sweat and some strands managed to stick to his face. His lips were swollen and his skin looked vibrant, it shocked you how insanely good someone could look during this. 
You felt yourself throb around him, your legs still feeling as if they are trembling and you feel him slowly pull out of you. He kisses you again, swallowing every last whine and wimper that leaves your lips. You lay there in complete bliss and it takes you a good while to come back to your senses and realize what exactly you have done.
You turn your body, feeling Jungkook shift beside you and tug you to his side. You press your thighs together, still feeling the wetness in between them. A sickening reminder of your complete disloyalty. The guilt comes quick and it stays with you, not letting your mind be at peace even for a moment.
This has to work.
Now that Jungkook had gotten what he wanted, he has to leave you alone. He had to forget about you, for the sake of your and his own relationship, you hoped this is the last you will be seeing of him. Your eyes stare blankly at the ceiling of his bedroom as comfortable silence settles between you two and soon you hear his steady soft breaths on your shoulder, you glance over to him and see his eyelids closed shut.
He looked so peaceful sleeping, so innocent. If only that was the case, you wished for it to be the case so badly. His arm was still wrapped tightly against your waist and you figured you would be stuck like this for who knows how much longer, you turn your head and let your eyes travel around his room again. This time taking your time to take every detail in.
Your squint your eyes as you notice something on the right corner of his ceiling, a small, insignificant red light flashing. You knit your eyebrows together and lift your head up a bit more, attempting to take a better look at it.
Your heart sinks as you realize what you’re staring at.
The small camera was pointed directly towards his bed, the angle captured both your figures perfectly. The dark device was placed in a spot where it blended in with the equally dark painted walls.
It was hard to notice it all unless you were paying extra attention and that’s when it hit you.
You had severely underestimated how far and deeply Jungkook had planned all of this.
You had underestimated his intentions, the lengths he would go. Despite your efforts to psychoanalyze him, you had let your own bias opinions overlap with the reality of the situation.
The camera had been recording everything.
The sound of your phone notification going off made you wince, you glared down at your bag that was on the floor at the side of the bed. You carefully reached down to it and picked up your phone, your finger opening up the new text message.
From Eunji: Hey, I’m sorry about everything I said. I think you might be right about Jungkook. Can we talk?
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jjkthclub · 3 months ago
The Maid of Honor Misadventures
Pairing: Jungkook / You Genre: one shot, one night stand!au, wedding!au Rating: M Warnings: fingering, oral (f. receiving), nipple play, unprotected sex, breathplay, finger sucking, thigh riding, face sitting, multiple orgasms Word count: 16.5k Summary: After meeting a handsome guy at a bar, you two hit it off quickly and have a one-night stand. After that, you expected to never see him again—well, that was until two days later and your best friend introduces you to someone at dinner.
Tumblr media
Marriage is a huge commitment. It’s an important decision that requires a lot of thinking. Deciding to get married means that you will have to permanently stick with your answer. It means that you have thought of everything that would follow afterwards and that you’re ready to begin a new chapter of your book with the one who makes you feel like you can conquer anything because they are not above you or below you—they are beside you.
You’ve always thought of marriage as a scary thing, something that’s out of your reach. While you are not getting any younger, you feel like you’re still not ready for such a big leap. But then again, is anyone ever ready for it?
Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked. Let’s focus on the reason as to why you’re here at a bar. You’re here tonight because your best friend called. You’re here to listen as she opens up about what happened with her and her fiancé, Jimin.
“And then we had this argument. I said something about his parents not liking me because I’m not the one they wanted him to marry in the first place and he said that it’s not true. He said that he wouldn’t even care if he gets stripped off from the inheritance because all he wants is to get married to me. And then it just went on and on until he said that if I think we’re doing this more for our parents than for us, then we should just call the wedding off.”
Blinking, you observe how Yuna’s eyebrows crease as she recounts bits of it, obvious that this fight affected her, pinched bits of her heart that’s filled with excitement over her upcoming wedding—well, what was supposed to be her upcoming big day.
“I just wanted everyone to get along,” she sighs, shaking her head. “I don’t know, I think this has something to do with my guilt because Jimin defied his parents the moment he started dating me. And because I’ll never pass his parents’ standards.”
“Look,” you start. “Your parents aren’t the ones that’s going to get married here—it’s you and Jimin. And to be honest, if they both love you, then they’re going to have to accept the fact that you love each other and that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.”
She listens and ingests your words, eventually nodding. “You’re right,” she says, wiping the corner of her wet eyes. “And Jimin is right. I shouldn’t have stressed about our parents too much and let it get into my head.”
“Let me ask you a question. Do you love Jimin?”
“Of course.”
“Do you still want to marry him?”
She smiles. “I do.”
“There you go. That’s your answer,” you tell her, snapping your fingers before taking a swig of your wine.
Yuna smiles narrowly in relief and nods with more confidence. She brings out her phone and scrolls for a few moments before her gasp startles you. She huffs, a frown taking over her features. “Great. So he went to his parents’ party.”
You wrinkle your brows. “And that’s bad because?”
“Y/N, this is the party that he didn’t want to attend because he knows that his parents would try to match him up again.”
“What? Okay, you are overthinking this way too much. That doesn’t mean he’s—” you argue, wanting to implore her to just call Jimin, wanting to proclaim that just because he went there doesn’t mean he would actually entertain it because for God’s sake, he’s engaged to the love of his life.
Yuna cuts you off when she pushes herself off from her seat. Out of the blue, she removes her engagement ring and places it on the counter. She’s grabbing her small purse, telling you that she has to go. Handing her the keys to your apartment, you ensure her that she can spend the night, telling her that you’ll catch up with her later because you want to stay here for a bit.
Now alone in this open bar, with nothing but a glass of wine in your hand, you begin to muse about Yuna and her problem.
She’s one of the most important people in your life and you’ve seen how happy she became when she started dating Jimin. They had only been dating for over ten months when she said yes to him. You thought of it as fast but she told you that she was sure of him so you trusted her and respected that. That’s really their story to tell, not yours. And to be honest, if you think about it, the number of couples who’ve been married for over thirty years but dated for only a few months is now growing. So really, it just depends on the couple and what works for them.
There’s five days left before the wedding and unfortunately, this hurdle presented itself. It doesn’t have to end easily like this. What, so they’re just choosing not to jump past this obstacle and let it trample over them? No, they can’t just toss it all out of the window like that.
You drop your gaze on the ring resting on the counter, fingers immediately holding onto it. Eyes ghosting on the delicate item, you slip it on your own finger slowly. At the moment, you’re not sure if it suits you though. It feels—
You’re suddenly startled when a couple starts making out lewdly. The girl is suddenly being slammed on the chair beside you while her boyfriend’s hand skims on the back of her thigh. He lifts her leg up, exposing her underwear. Hopping off your seat, you choose to go further down the end. For a few minutes, you sit by yourself, drinking more wine and just staring at Yuna’s ring.
Eventually, someone occupies the seat to your right. The guy lifts his finger up for a drink, dropping a couple of bills on the counter.
“I can’t believe we’re getting a live show here.”
You look at the owner of the voice who just made an accurate remark. When you take a quick scale at him, you see that his jaw is defined, his skin honey and his features chiselled and manly. Wearing a striped shirt underneath a dark blue blazer, he couples it with ripped denim jeans that hugs the definition of his thighs.
Emphatically, you are agreeing with a soft laugh. “Right?”
The stranger smiles lightly as he flits his eyes on his drink handed to him by the broad-shouldered bartender and then at you for the first time. Feeling your cheeks heat up at the painfully attractive sight, you decide to take a peek of the obscene couple to the left to see if they’re still there. Unfortunately, they still are. Torridly kissing and grinding passionately into one another.
You turn back to him and offer a suggestion. “Do you wanna go and sit somewhere else?”
The guy nods and you both make your way to a quieter, more private area in the bar, sitting in one of the empty booths. Once you’re both comfortable in your seats, he clears his throat and decides to finally start a conversation. “So. What are you drinking to?”
It’s a good question. In an attempt to mull over everything that happened tonight, you find that you’re overwhelmed with a lot of different things, mind muddled. In the end, you just say the first thing that comes to mind. “To love.”
He arches his right eyebrow up, intrigued. It’s then that you start to notice how he has piercings on his brow, along with both of his ears.
“I’m about to save the day and make two people see how much they love each other,” is what you add. This is it. This will be your mission. You’ll save the couple and make the wedding happen—simple as that.
The dark-haired man blinks before he offers his honest comment. “That’s quite… heavy. And a lot of responsibility.”
A smile crossing your features, you shrug. “Well, with great power comes with great responsibility.”
Amused, he quirks a brow up and he gnaws on his bottom lip as though to stop a smirk. “Are you trying to tell me that you’re secretly a superhero?”
“And if I am?”
“Ah, see, you shouldn’t say that. That’s dangerous because you don’t know who you’re talking to. You don’t know if they could be a fellow superhero or a villain,” he explains, playing along.
You take a sip of your wine as if to give you a push to say your next words because his stare on you alone is weakening your resolve. If you are a hero then it’s safe to say that his eyes are your kryptonite. “Sounds like something a villain would say.”
The guy laughs. “Touché.”
You join him, chanting your cheers as you raise your glasses up and bump them together. When the hilarity ebbs down, you waste no time to deflect the question back. “What about you? What are you drinking to?”
“To taking control.”
You cock your head sideways, surprised at his revelation. It’s interesting to hear this because from the get go he looked like someone whose middle name is control. From the way he is dressed and the way he carries himself with poise, he seemed like the type to lead, the type to give out orders.
“From now on, I’m taking control of my own life and I’m going to do what makes me happy,” he states resolutely, smiling in a way that emanates warmth.
“Good for you,” you tell him before doing another round of cheers and chugging the remainder of your drinks.
He scoots closer to your side, pinky finger bumping yours faintly. It’s the tiniest bit of flesh-to-flesh contact and yet the spark that shot through your nerves and the tingles that went down to your spine was palpable and unfathomably exhilarating because this might just be the most interesting and gripping conversation you’ve had with a stranger.
Just as you’re about to bask in the moment you two are having, he—much to your surprise—stops. The second his eyes discover the piece of round jewellery on your fourth finger, he hesitates. Slowly, his palm slides away silently to retract as he clamps his lips together as though he pieced something together in his head.
Wide-eyed as you caught the exact scene, you chuckle to paint some casual nonchalance and to lighten the sudden starkness of the situation. “Oh, this,” you acknowledge, closing your fist and raising it up to your chest, your other hand caressing the ring. “It’s not mine. Seriously. I’m not engaged or married or anything.”
“I wouldn’t care if you are anyways.”
Stunned, is the only word to describe you. With lips parted, the rhythm of your blinking is stuttered upon his revelation.
He cracks after a few seconds, exhaling with a soft smile. “Relax, I’m just kidding. I’m not that kind of guy.” He tilts his head as he glosses over you. “I find it somewhat hard to believe, though.”
“You find what hard to believe?”
“That you’re single.”
A scoff escapes your nose.
“Seriously, have you seen you?” he says, expressions dripping with confidence. “You’re hot. How are you still not taken?”
“You’re one smooth talker, aren’t you?”
“Did it do anything for you?” He rests his chin on his palm as he keeps his gaze fixated on you like a magnet, eager to hear your comebacks.
Sucking your breath in, you make sure to keep that eye contact intense and strong between you. Right now, his stare is boring holes through your skull. They are fierce, fast, impatient and sexy. Meant for a quiet, intimate space. Meant for the bedroom.
When you lean closer, you let him know that your eyes are equally harboring the same lusty feelings. You hum and lower your voice, almost whispering it to his face, letting your hot breath fan the tip of his nose. “Maybe you should try harder and not use flattery.”
His self-control is impeccably sturdy, his stare on your eyes and lips unbreakable and determined as though he’s up to do anything you want, up for any challenge and offer you give him. “Well. Then you’ll be glad to know that my mouth can do a lot more things other than come up with smooth talk. You up for it?”
Controlling your breathing, you flash a frisky smile. “Depends on what those things are.”
“I’m sorry, I just realized that I don’t even know your name.” He shakes his head once you’re face to face, feeling ridiculous at his first, obvious mistake. “What’s your name?”
“Do you have to know my name?” you challenge.
“It’s not imperative but for my own selfish reasons, then yes.”
There’s a teasing lilt to your hum.
Arching a brow up, he asks, “What are you thinking?”
“No names for tonight,” is your proposition, punching out the words breathily. Let’s be real—you’re horny and he’s hot. You’d be damned if you said that you didn’t want to get laid with him tonight.
His tongue swirls on his bottom lip before biting it down, a small dimple appearing on his cheek. “Okay. How about aliases?”
“Just like superheroes?”
He grins. “Just like superheroes.”
“Would Supergirl be too cliché?”
“She your favorite?”
“Wanda,” you reveal.
“Nice. I’m actually excited to watch the show when it comes out,” he says, his smile reaching his eyes first.
“You could be Scarlet then.”
“And you’re Vision?”
“Nah. Just call me JK,” he offers.
You repeat the two letters, nodding.
“Your place or mine?”
“Yours,” you say, bringing your phone out, keying a quick message to Yuna before slipping the ring off your finger and placing it inside your pocket.
JK holds his palm out. “Shall we?”
“Yeah. Let’s get the hell out of here.”
Tumblr media
Pressed up against his bedroom door, he crushes his lips on yours, tongues melting into each other and teeth tugging on lips. The make-out session has you intoxicated, heating up your skin and putting your senses into overdrive. Fingers threading through his locks, he nips on the skin just below your jawline, tumbling out a gasp from your lips, his tongue doing the work to smooth the area before he finds a sensitive spot on the side of your neck, leaving it with an open-mouthed kiss before releasing it with a juicy pop.
When he yanks up your shirt, he takes a sharp inhale. “You’re so fucking hot,” he rasps, taking off his blazer jacket, hurling it to the side.
You hold the hem of his shirt and pull it up, greeted by his fit and broad figure and the artwork that decorates his right sleeve in turn. Gawking at his body, you run the tips of your fingers through his abs and pecs before tracing the outline of his lips. “You’re really hot, too,” you tell him, the hotness of your breath bathing his skin.
The pad of your finger runs lazy circles on his swollen bottom lip and you make sure to look right into his eyes with a lusty smirk before you cup his face, pulling him in again for another needy kiss, your tongues swirling with each other, sending a direct shot of arousal down to your core.
Your fingers rake through his locks while your lips pepper his shoulder blade and neck with your ravenous kisses. It doesn’t take long before your hands are on his body, his hips, stomach and v-line, stroking every edge and area. When you end up cupping the dent in his pants, a satisfied groan emits his throat. On your palm, he feels huge and hard and you release a whiny moan while his chest heaves.
His fingers find the button of your jeans and you pull back to assist him, quickly shimmying down until you’re left in your underwear. Keeping his eyes on yours, his hand starts to slide down, groping your heat over the soaked fabric. Your head automatically rears back, sighing at his touch. His smirk widens as his fingers slip underneath your underwear. He motions up and down on your sticky folds, flicking your clit before he takes his hand out and slides the fabric of your panties to the side.
Finally, his index finger thrusts into you slowly and deeply like he has all the time in the world. Emitting dulcet sighs, you shift your hips forwards to meet his thrust, desperate to feel his fingers. He curls his digit inside, hitting your walls while you pant. Taking your lips again, he adds another finger, pushing into you until you’re bucking your hips and moaning against his mouth.
He keeps this up, fingers curving, repeatedly thrusting in a pace that has your thigh muscles tightening and your feet tiptoeing before he slows down and eventually withdraws so he can suck on them, watching you watch him taste every bit of your essence. The action is so erotic and sensual that you lunge forward to share your breaths with him again while tasting yourself on his tongue.
Chests flushed together, he hoists you up, hooking your legs around his waist as he carries you to the bed, never disconnecting his lips on yours. You’re dropped on the mattress softly and you scoot upwards immediately, head lying on the pillow as you begin to unclasp your bra while he works on pulling your panties down your legs.
“Fuck. Look at you,” he growls. “So fucking pretty.” Climbing up to open your mouth, his hands busy themselves in squeezing the flesh of your nipples. The kiss you share is sultrier and filthier, dominated by your tongues, teeth and saliva.
He makes his way down to your breasts, his hot mouth enveloping your nipple while his hand massages the other breast, fingers toying on the bud. He sucks and licks until it’s nice and perky, switching to the other and giving it the same treatment. Pleasured sighs leak out your lips, eyes rolling at the back of your head, your fingers lacing on his hair.
He sits up, standing on the edge of the bed to pull his pants and underwear down. His huge and thick cock stands erect and he wraps a hand around it to give it a few pumps. His thumb gives his head the occasional flick to spread his pre-cum before hovering on top of you again to take on your breasts. He makes sure to look up at you every time, watching how beautiful you look when you’re purring your moans, the sight getting him harder as he pictures how you’d look and sound like when you’re so fucked out.
His solid hands grab your thighs, spreading them wide as he finally snakes down to your core, all full of your slick. You breathe raggedly, watching him in anticipation as he inches forward, tongue slurping up a bold stripe of your folds before it lays flat on your pussy.
He laps on your clit and your gasps are broken, begging him to not stop as you lay a hand on your breast, giving it a squeeze while grinding your core on his mouth. His own groans vibrate on your skin as he eats you out and buries his tongue inside your cunt, consistently switching with taking it whole and licking on your swollen clit.
“You taste really good,” he says, tongue running over his wet lips. As much as he’d like to see you fall apart on his mouth, right now, all he wants is to be inside you. He needs to feel your warm and wet pussy around him, wants to see you come around his cock while he’s deep inside you.
Whining at the loss, he snatches your legs, folding them in half. Kneeling with his back straight up, he lines the head in your entrance, moving it against your slit, coating himself with your arousal. You release a drawled moan and his eyes darkens before pushing into you.
The stretch is delicious, with him easily gliding in from how wet you are. A gasp escapes your chest and he’s only halfway in. Relaxing your walls to adjust to him, he sinks further until he bottoms out a few moments later, your pussy wrapped around his cock.
Releasing a joint pleasurable groan, he starts with slow, consistent thrusts, holding your knees to keep your legs up in that position. He’s testing the waters with his pace. It feels good and you appreciate it and him for being a gentleman but right now you need him to move. You need him to fuck you hard, fast and senseless. You want to be left mind-blown so you tell him that he doesn’t need to be gentle with you.
With your words, the glint in his eyes shifts and he begins to move, rocking into you rapidly. He grunts lowly at your tightness while burying his cock deeper, assaulting your walls. The sound of skin slapping skin has you screaming and he buckles his hips, keeping a steady and fast rhythm in fucking you.
He moans unabashedly, voice gruff as he gets entranced from his own pleasure, relishing in the way your pussy keeps on swallowing him in with every push as though it’s made for his cock only. He cups and squeezes your bouncing tits as he smacks himself into you. His palm skims through your stomach, making its way up as his finger runs over your swollen lips before sliding in your mouth. You suck it just like how you’d take him on your mouth, keeping your eyes on him and his lips curve up, savoring the sight.
You watch as his hips slows down into gentle thrusts before he slips out of you and grips his glistening cock to run the head through your slit, nudging and circling on your clit before he’s inside you again. He presses his chest against yours and brushes his lips on yours, swallowing all your moans. Your pussy clamps down on him with every drag against your walls and you hold his arms that are flexed, your pants increasing in volume as you chant a plethora of ‘yes’, ‘fuck’, and ‘oh my God.’
His body hovering on top of you again, he maintains eye contact, lips parted as he breathes in jagged patterns. You’re then grabbing his wrist, placing his hand on your neck. He takes a hefty inhale, pupils dilating and gaze shifting. “You like that? Hm?”
Wordlessly, you nod, licking your lips as his slender fingers start to put pressure on your throat. “Tell me if it’s too much, okay?”
Again, you offer a nod and a hum that borders on a moan. The force on your throat isn’t too hard but it’s firm and secure enough to steal your breath away and have your pussy clenching on him. The sudden delve at breathplay spurs him on to speed it up more than ever, a satisfied smile gracing his lips.
The headboard slams the walls and the bed creaks as the obscene echoes of your bodies merging fills the room. Your pants are caught in your throat and your mouth is kept open as you feel the coiling sensation in your stomach tightening. He drops his fingers from the base of your neck and cups your breast, clutching and pinching your pebbled bud with his thumb and forefinger before he kneads on your clit.
Keen whimpers and expletives flare out of your chest as the pad of his thumb rubs on your nub harshly. “You gonna come, baby?” he asks, his jackhammer thrusts quickening in pace. He can feel your walls contract against his cock as he holds up your legs and places them over his shoulders.
You nod as he shoves into you relentlessly. “Fuck,” you whimper helplessly, swivelling your hips, your climax threatening to wash over you soon. “I’m so close—mmmh my God—fuck—” you croak out sinfully.
“That’s it—nngh—fuck. Come for me, baby,” he coaxes, the pitch of his moan heightening as he pants hard.
One hard thrust and you’re falling over the edge, pussy clenching tight on his cock. His biceps and his stomach tauten as he keeps on fucking you, the sparks of his climax travelling fast to his tip. It doesn’t take long before a guttural sound is pulled out from his throat and his hips stutter, blowing his load and coating your walls with his warm seed.
You come three more times after the first round. With you on all fours, him holding your hips with a bruising grip as he hits you from behind. With you riding him while he’s sat down on the edge of his bed, watching you get yourself off from his full-length mirror. Your nails would dig on his shoulders while he’d suck on your nipples intently and mark your skin possessively, feeling satisfied at his handiwork. And finally, with you sitting on his face. Your hands would hold the headboard to steady yourself while his tongue dips in your pussy, eating you fervently.
Flopped down on the bed together, you’re both a fucked out mess, panting like dogs in the summer, lightheaded and smelling like sex. Staring at the ceiling, you feel like you’re still in a trance, encircled by that post-coital elation. He’s the first to stand up, bringing you some tissues so you can clean the insides of your thighs.
Now, you’ve had your fair share of bad hook-ups where the guy would come too early or where the oral is subpar, leaving you dissatisfied by the end of the night. But this one in particular—you can definitely say that this was a good fuck.
“Well,” you speak for the first time. “That was fun.” Collecting your panties on the floor, you slip it on and gather your discarded clothes lying on the floor haphazardly.
“You’re leaving?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“It’s two in the morning,” JK returns matter-of-factly. His brows rumple together and if you didn’t know any better, you’d almost say that it’s out of worry and concern. “I can’t just let you out there on your own. It’s too dangerous.” Awkwardly, he clears his throat when he’s met with silence. “I’m just… you know, thinking about your safety,” he attempts to redeem himself.
God. How can someone be so irresistibly adorable? Is this the same guy who just fucked your brains out and who said the lewdest things while he was balls deep inside you?
“Are you asking me to stay?”
He gnaws on his bottom lip and offers a smile. “More like hoping.”
Just by the look on JK’s eyes, already, you could feel yourself spiralling and slipping the more you think about it, the more you consider his request. If you live in an alternate universe where you’re a superhero, it’s safe to say that you’d be royally screwed. Because you’re showing weakness, you’re being so vulnerable, crumbling apart with just one look.
A couple of hours with him should be fine. You suppose breaking one rule won’t hurt. “Okay,” you yield. “I’ll stay.”
He goes to his dresser to open one drawer, pulling a cotton shirt in white. Offering the article of clothing to you, you thank him meekly, swathing your body in it until it falls just above your knees. It’s baggy and soft, the scent of fabric conditioner reeling on your senses.
“There’s extra towels in the bathroom,” he gestures.
The first thing you notice are the boxes lying around just beside the bathtub. Half open boxes filled with essential toiletries. The citrus fragrance that surrounds the room catches your attention next and automatically, your eyes search for the source, finding his diffuser just below the window.
When you examine yourself in front of the mirror, you take a deep breath. It’s just for this night. You could just wake up early tomorrow, collect your things and leave without looking back. After giving your face a quick wash, you search for the towels to dry you up, finding them perfectly folded in one of his drawers, arranged by their colors.
When you come out, he’s already dressed in a grey shirt and dark pajamas, sitting up on his side of the bed, scrolling through his phone. He notices you and stares, ruffling the back of his head with a demure smile. “Sorry about the boxes.”
“That’s okay. Don’t worry about it,” you reply encouragingly, walking to the other side to slip under the covers, allowing yourself to feel cozy and warm. “Did you just move in?”
“Yep,” he says, popping the ‘P’. He wraps his arm around your hips gently and you can feel his soft breathing on the side of your neck. He’s definitely trying to cuddle you.
It’s odd though how you don’t do anything to break the closeness because you’re reciprocating it by settling on the wide expanse of his chest as the tip of his fingers trace circles on your arm in a soothing manner. Perhaps the reason is because you find that it feels comforting—calming, even.
Completely enveloped and secured in his warmth, he checks with you, “Nice?”
In your vocabulary, this is dangerous territory because it feels too intimate. “Yeah. Nice,” is what you say anyway. “Hey, are you sure it’s okay for me to sleep here?”
You hear him giggle, his fingers playing with your hair as he looks at your questioning eyes. “Of course.”
It’s just for this night, reminds your conscious. And since this is only for tonight, you might as well allow yourself to be encased in another person’s secure and comforting embrace. You might as well flout another rule since you already broke one when you decided to stay.
“You know, sometimes a simple hug could just be what a person needs the most,” you murmur while you’re in your half-asleep half-awake state. What prompted you to say this, you’re unsure. Perhaps it’s the way he’s got his arm encased around you, and the way you feel safe in someone else’s warmth.
“It’s a simple yet powerful gesture.”
“Exactly,” you return, feeling your lips twitch for a smile. “Even if the hugger doesn’t say anything and just hugs you, I think that’s already so powerful. Because, you know, you never really know what a person is going through.”
He lets himself listen to you as you impart your sentiments and once again, he can’t help but be enthralled and pulled in by how you articulate your perspective and how you make him see it. “Very true,” he agrees.
A few seconds of silence lingers as you’re unsure what to say next. You then catch a glimpse of his inked right arm, a sleeve full of intricate and beautiful art, with words, flowers and symbols reaching his shoulder blade. “Cool tattoos, by the way.”
“Thanks,” JK says, grinning foolishly. "Hey, you know, I gotta tell you that this—” he begins, turning to you, only to see you fast asleep, knocked out like a baby, snoring softly. He laughs mutedly. “—is the best one-night stand I’ve ever had.”
Tumblr media
The sunlight seeping through the gap of the curtain tickles your conscious, rousing you from the depths of your slumber. Eyes still closed, your hand fishes out for your phone buried somewhere underneath the pillow, gripping it hard as you squint to check for the time once it’s lit up—8:15 am.
“Shit,” you hiss quietly.
Beside you, JK is heavily asleep, left cheek squished on the pillow, long eyelashes sprawled out on his honey skin, his lips rolling out loud exhalations that cracks into snores. This would be the last glance of him that you’d take because before you know it, you’re panic gathering all your clothes on the floor, hurriedly and quietly dressing yourself up, tiptoeing out of his apartment after. You really shouldn’t have stayed the night—it’s not you to do that.
There’s a large part of you that wants to stay longer with him in that bed and a sense of sadness brewing in your belly you the closer you get to your destination and you’re uncertain as to why. Shaking your head, you shrug the feeling as just the effects of the wine you’ve been drinking last night and you let reality ground your thoughts from being in the clouds and pull you back.
Let’s check the facts again. You don’t date. You don’t do relationships—they’re messy and complicated, much like love itself. Soon enough, you will forget about him and you will go on with your life.
Once you arrive back at your place, Yuna is sat on your couch. She asks you what happened last night and just like that, you plop yourself down beside her, explaining the reason why you didn’t come home.
“Oh, by the way, where’s my engagement ring?” she asks when all of the chatting and gossiping about your tryst had culminated.
You fish for it in your pocket and hand it back.
“Thanks,” she says, though you notice that it’s not with a happy or relieved tone. It’s a weak one, the expression on her face crestfallen. Your gut tells you that something is wrong. And usually, your gut feelings are correct.
“What? Okay, listen to me. Last night, you told me that you love Jimin and that you still want to marry him. You can’t just let a small hiccup ruin everything,” you tell her after she revealed that when he gets here, she’s going to return the ring to him.
Before she can reply, the doorbell is ringing. You instantly saunter towards the door to open it. “Hey, Jimin,” you greet with a narrow smile.
“Hey, Y/N.” He nods weakly at you before you let him enter your apartment.
With a careful tone, you decide to breach the silent and awkward air as the couple just stares at each other, waiting for one another to speak. “Um… can I talk to you both for a sec?”
Leading him to your living room, you gesture for him to sit beside Yuna. Standing in front of them like you’re about to give an important presentation, you begin, clasping your palms together. “Look, you guys. This is your wedding. Are you really gonna let a single conflict stop you from getting married?”
Yuna’s eyes relaxes as she turns to Jimin and he smiles softly.
“You’re about to spend the rest of your lives with one another,” you resume with conviction, eyes flicking at the two of them. “Isn’t that the most important thing?”
After your speech, Jimin nods vehemently, turning to Yuna and winding his fingers with hers as he realizes that everything you said was correct. “Y/N’s right.”
She places her free hand on top of Jimin’s, nodding. “And you were right too, Jimin. The fight that we had was stupid because at the end of the day, I still really want to get married to you.”
“Me, too. There’s nothing more I want than to spend the rest of my life with you. Don’t forget that we’re doing this for us. We’re not doing this for them.” Jimin gently pushes a strand of hair to the back of Yuna’s ear. “So what if our parents can’t get along? They’re not the one who’s going to get married to you. It’s me.”
Yuna cups his cheek, her eyes laced with adoration and gratefulness. “I love you so much.”
He presses his forehead against hers with eyes fluttered shut. “I love you, too.” After a few seconds, he opens his eyes again and pulls back slightly. “I’m sorry I overreacted and said that we should call the wedding off.”
“I’m sorry too for reacting the way I did. I’m sorry for stressing about our parents,” Yuna returns with her apology.
He smiles. “So we’re okay, yeah?”
“Yeah. We’re okay,” Yuna nods before she dives in to kiss Jimin.
Clearing your throat and feigning a cough, you ask with an oncoming smile at the edges of your mouth, “Ahem. So… is the wedding back on, guys?”
Jimin turns to face you, cheeks blooming as he realizes he got carried away from kissing his fiancée. He nods animatedly. “The wedding’s officially back on.”
Your whole face lights up like a Christmas tree and the betrothed couple are all smiles and giggles when they stare at each other, hand in hand. Yuna begins to ask curiously, changing the subject. “Oh, wait. How was the party last night, babe?”
“I left early and went back home to sleep,” Jimin reveals. “It didn’t feel right without you there.”
She mirrors his pout, saying guiltily, “See, now, I feel bad. I wish I just went home to you last night.”
Jimin rubs the pad of his thumb on the back of her palm as a way to console her. “That’s okay, babe. We both needed to cool down.”
The next minutes are spent with the three of you laughing together, chit chatting about the wedding preparations over coffee that you brewed for them. And when they said their goodbyes and left, leaving you all alone in your apartment, did it finally sink in on you—there’s going to be a wedding in four days.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook should be over that one-night stand already. He should be moving forwards with his life and starting to concentrate on other things like the big event that’s happening in three days. Yet here he is, moving backwards, desperately longing to return to the night he met you.
Now that he thinks about it, if he could have a superpower, he would choose teleportation. He’d bring himself back to that time where he first talked to you so he could bring up any topic that comes to mind and hear your interesting thoughts about it, so he could freely say something stupid or nonsensical and see the sight of your laughter. He’d bring himself to wherever you are now, ask for your real name and your number, text you and give you a call so he can take you out for dinner or to a movie, whatever you want.
That night with you was certainly something else—it was fun, wild, spontaneous and not to mention, hot. He just keeps on replaying that night over and over that when he jerks off, it’s you that’s on his fucking mind.
All he holds in his heart are the words you said and murmured, the details of your smile, your voice and laugh, your honeyed moans and gasps, your pretty face, a piece of your personality. And even if these are the only things that you left in your trail, he’ll make sure to keep it safe.
“Fuck this,” he huffs out in frustration, rising up from the hotel bed that he’s currently in. He feels like he’s going to lose it if he continues to think about you even more so he decides to head downstairs to the gym to blow off some steam.
Tumblr media
You had completely forgotten about the dinner until Yuna reminded you this afternoon—it’s the one with her, Jimin and their best man. You’ve never actually met him before, or any of the groom’s friends and family. You never really had the chance since these couple of months have been so busy that it felt like a whirlwind.
While walking with her to the elevator since you’re going to the hotel’s restaurant together, you decide to ask about lunch yesterday. Her eyes curve up with her lips as she drops the news that it turned out to be great—their parents have started to bond with each other.
She tells you that initially, there were still some awkwardness, some clash of opinions from Jimin’s father and her father but then in the middle of them having the hors d'oeuvres, Mr. Park had mentioned something about poker and it sparked an interesting conversation that led to them making plans. Meanwhile, over steak and wine, the mothers have agreed to go shopping with Yuna when she asked them for advice on what to take for the honeymoon.
When you arrive at the entrance of the restaurant, she scans the inside as she searches for them. “Oh, there they are,” Yuna announces when she spots Jimin and his best man. She points at the middle and you follow the trajectory of her finger.
Calling for their attention, she waves at them when they turn around. The moment your eyes land on the tall, dark-haired guy beside Jimin as you walk towards them, your breath hitches, pupils dilating as though they’ve seen a ghost.
Oh my fucking God. You’ve always thought that the world is small but is it really that small? Your one-night stand and Jimin’s best man—they’re one person. JK is literally Jungkook.
While Yuna and Jimin are busy greeting each other through hugs and kisses, you stare at him who’s dumbfounded and shell-shocked, his reaction written all over his face. Wearing a white shirt underneath a blue denim jacket with a silver watch on his wrist, he looks insanely handsome and neat. Your cheeks feel dangerously warm, reminiscent of the first time you saw him.
“Y/N, I’d like you to meet Jungkook,” Yuna introduces sprightly. “Jungkook, Y/N.”
He barely blinks as he stares at you, face suddenly turning pale. It seems as though he’s having a difficult time restraining his expressions and maintaining composure as he pictures the night you spent together, bodies buried into one another.
Releasing your tightened lips, you shoot Jungkook a smile, extending a hand out. “Hi.”
“Hi,” he greets with a soft register, almost trembling before he clears his throat and gains confidence, shaking your hand with a firm grip. “Nice to meet you, Y/N.”
He went along with your playing dumb act. Good, because you’re not about to reveal to Yuna and Jimin that you’ve already met. Not tonight. And certainly not two days before their wedding.
“We’ve actually wanted to do this for a long time,” Yuna starts just as you’re all snatching up the menu in front of you.
Jimin agrees. “We thought it’d be nice if the best man and the maid of honor could get to know each other before the wedding.”
Yuna says regretfully, “I just wish we could’ve done this sooner instead of two days before the wedding.”
“But we’ve just been so busy,” Jimin continues his fiancée’s sentence. She nods in agreement, pouting apologetically.
You decide to speak first and reassure them, smiling narrowly. “That’s okay, guys. It’s no big deal.”
“What matters is that we’re all here now,” Jungkook adds right away with a huge grin. He arches a brow and glances at you with a single bob of his head before looking at the couple. “Right?”
Yuna and Jimin nods agreeingly and you feign a smile before grabbing your glass of water, your throat suddenly drying up. The conversation between the four of you falls easily during dinner, with all of you occasionally clanking your glasses of champagne.
Over food, you and Jungkook learn more about each other, about the memories you both had with the couple during college. You and him talked as though this is the first time and on the topic of university, you learned that Jungkook’s major was finance. He studied abroad and decided to stay and live in London after graduation. You point out that finance had been your original choice before you settled for film studies. Back then, you chose passion over practicality, much to your mother’s dismay.
He tells you that film studies had actually been his first choice. It was the exact opposite for him—practicality over passion. All because it’s what his parents wanted of him, it’s good for taking over their businesses. When you suggested that he could still do it, he returned with a smile, said that he actually does have plans in the future to go back to studying his passion.
Yuna’s stare flits between Jungkook and you before she eyes Jimin whose lips have curved into a smirk, his brows dancing up mischievously when he meets her stare. It’s as though the gears in their heads have turned and seeds have been planted in their minds.
When you’re all patiently waiting for the third course, Yuna leans in to whisper by your side. “Can you come with me to the ladies’ room please?” Her eyes press their stare on you, widening as she tries to send a girl code to you indirectly and immediately mouthing an imperative ‘now’. When she stands up, you take it as a signal to follow her to the restroom, walking briskly to catch up.
“What are you doing?” Yuna asks once you’ve shut the door close behind you.
“Uh, hello? Jungkook’s flirting with you,” she says instantly in a heartbeat.
“What? No, he’s not.”
“Yes, he is,” she counters, her mouth opening with a grin, eyes laced with bewilderment upon seeing your flustered demeanor. “And you’re totally smitten.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Yes, you are,” she quips, continuing the rally.
“Oh my God, I’m—I’m not smitten,” you insist, voice lower than usual.
“Why don’t you ask him out?” Yuna suggests frankly.
“You know I’m not into this whole dating thing.”
“That’s what you always say,” she sighs, exasperated.
“Because it’s true.”
Yes, you haven’t gotten him out of your mind ever since that night. And yes, you haven’t been able to stop thinking about the way he kissed you, wrapped you around his embrace, laughed with you and smiled at you through the small conversations in between. But that doesn’t mean anything—it’s probably just one of those caught-up-in-the-moment feelings. It doesn’t mean anything. Right?
Tumblr media
It’s been hours after that dinner and you’re now tossing and turning around your hotel bed, feeling restless. There’s too much on your mind that sleep is way too far from your reach. When you grab your phone from the nightstand, it lights up and reads 1:00 am on the dot.
Feeling like you need fresh air, you push the covers away and slip your shoes on, heading out of your room in your pajamas to visit the rooftop of the hotel, where you know a piece of tranquillity can be achieved.
Finding yourself sitting on the outdoor metal bench, you let your mind relax, letting the stillness of the night embrace you. You try to focus on the little things, on your surroundings. The night sky is clear, speckled with the constellation that shines brightly above. There are a few days left before winter is over, the breeze of the wind starting to turn warm as it kisses your skin. It prickles still, containing the remnants of the past, but it’s bearable.
“Can’t sleep?”
The familiar softness of a voice tickles your reverie. When you return your stare down to Earth, Jungkook stands on the side, the bomber jacket covering his upper body zipped, hands in the pockets of his black joggers. His hair is windswept, some sticking out to the sides, while his fringe is parted, revealing his forehead.
Returning with a nod, he wastes no time to take a seat beside you.
“Me, too,” he admits, prolonging his stare at you. When you meet his eyes, an inexplicable tingling warmth once again dawns inside you, settling into your skin.
Biting on the inside of your lip, you ask consciously, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
Jungkook, embarrassed with his cheeks now tinted with a rosy hue, smooths the back of his head and strays his eyes away from you, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I just… I still can’t believe it’s you. I thought I’d never see you again.”
“Honestly? Me, too,” you admit, the edges of your lips twitching for a faint smile.
There’s a hefty air of silence that engulfs you two and he decides to glue his gaze up to the sky while you turn to observe the side of his face. It’s odd how earlier you were trying to entertain yourself, finding which star is the brightest from your observance of the night sky. Disregarding moons and celestial bodies, you were scanning and sweeping the entirety of the universe in your field of vision, seeking for which star has the brightest light, only to find it futile because you couldn’t. It seems that your answer is here.
There’s something about the roundness and expressiveness of Jungkook’s eyes that fascinates you. They twinkle whenever he blinks, as though fairies surround him every second and they sprinkle golden dust on his irises. It’s beautiful, the way he gazes at the universe and ruminates on his own thoughts, surrounded by quietness. The sight from your position is calming and peaceful.
Facing forward, you speak again, eyes pointed on the city skyline, on the buildings across the horizon. “Who would’ve thought that our lives would somehow be connected?”
“Just goes to show how small the world really is,” he answers with a relaxed register, looking at you.
He suddenly moves about when he notices you shivering, quickly unzipping his jacket. He transfers his body heat that resided on the inside of the outerwear to you when he gently placed it over your shoulders. “Here.”
Your eyes immediately land on him when you feel the weight on you, uncrossing your arms as you cling on to the collars of his jacket. A thin smile of gratitude is what you send his way before you’re doing what your instinct orders you to do. Scooting closer towards him, you hold up the jacket and nestle it over your backs, hoping it would be enough to cover the two of you.
By giving you his jacket, you knew that he had good intentions and wanted you to feel warm against the sudden harshness of the wind. But it occurred to you that Jungkook would be cold in the aftermath and cold is not a feeling that you want him to feel tonight.
Sharing his jacket was the only solution you could think of and he didn’t complain nor insisted that you have it. Instead, you both settle on being a lot closer to one another, the side of your thighs touching, shoulders nudging, arms side by side like pillars.
Jungkook’s hand wraps around your waist to bring you closer to him, warm on your skin as he protects you and guards you from the nipping breeze. If there’s one thing that you noticed, it’s that his palm never lowers down; it stays still on its spot, his grip secure but gentle.
The combination of your warmth has built a strong enough fire as though you both are camping, watching a bonfire. The blaze of the flame is more than enough to feel rested and comfortable, away from all the cold.
“Don’t you find it fascinating? It’s like fate or something. Some sort of sign from the universe. Do you believe in those kinds of things?” you ask intriguingly, to him and to the vast space.
He lets the seconds whirl by before he responds, a sense of bitterness edging in his voice. “Not really.”
“How come?”
Jungkook sighs deeply, stares back at your penetrative eyes. “Well, because I feel like what brought us together during that night wasn’t fate. It was ourselves.”
“Actually, I think it was that couple who brought us together,” is what you point out as an attempt to be light and funny. This earns you a light chuckle.
“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not disregarding fate or its existence. I just think that I sat next to you that night because I wanted to.” He shakes his head. “Sorry for being negative.”
“No, don’t be,” you reassure him. “You’re entitled to your own opinions.”
“It’s just,” he says, hesitating. At his next intake of breath, he gets the courage to be honest, to open his heart and uncover the burden that had weighed him down in the past. “All my life I felt like I never had a choice. My parents had already mapped out my whole life. They were the ones who decided which school I should go, what course I should take, what my career should be, who should I marry and what age I’d get married. And it was just so fucking tiring to feel so controlled all the time like a puppet.”
“Is that why you were drinking that night?”
From the outlook, one would think that Jungkook is someone who has control on his life and his decisions. But it isn’t the case. With his upbringing and the traditions instilled on him, control is something he had to master, something he had to channel outwardly for his parents’ satisfaction.
He does know how to take control but for the wrong reasons—it’s for the reasons he doesn’t want. He controls the things that his folks expect him to manage. Jungkook does know how to do it but it’s also for front. Because deep down, he is anything but in control. Deep down, he’s someone who has never been able to take the steering wheel and drive his own life. Deep down, it’s what he wants.
He doesn’t want anyone to drive his life for him. He wants to do it himself. And during the night he met you, that was the first step of taking control, of stepping on the gas and going on the route where there would be a lot of right and wrong turns. He doesn’t want to know where he’s going. For the first time in his life, he wants to be spontaneous. Wants to live. Wants to prioritize his own happiness for the sake of his well-being.
“Yeah. I was at Jimin’s parents’ party during that night and all I kept on thinking was how he defied his parents for his own happiness. His courage inspired me that time. Then I got into an argument with my parents because they kept on trying to set me up there so I just told them how I felt and left the party.”
He remembers the occurrence of events that night and it makes him grit his teeth, darting his eyes down to the floor. “At first, I thought that I made a stupid decision but I realized that I did the right thing because I don’t regret it. I chose myself for the first time in my life and it didn’t feel daunting. It felt liberating.”
He looks at you, realizing that he was looking for a cathartic release during that night and somehow, what he found was comfort. He found so much more when he met you. You started out as a stranger to him but you’re much more than that to him now.
“You know, out of us two, you’re the real superhero,” you offer candidly. Your eyes are filled with more admiration and respect for him and all that lives and breathes in you at this moment is hope. Hope that he’s in the direction he wants, hope that he’s happy and that there’s less agony in his mind, heart, body and soul.
Jungkook’s smile never leaves his lips even as he furrows his eyebrows and questions, “Wait, let me get this straight. Jimin and Yuna—they were your mission all along?”
“Yep,” you nod before explaining the context of that night, telling him that the couple encountered a small glitch that made them temporarily call off the wedding.
“Do you realize that there’s a wedding in two days because of you?”
“Well, it’s really because of them and their love for each other,” you counter.
“You should give yourself some credit.”
When you smile at him, he mirrors it. And for a while, you just sit together closely. For a while, you bask in each other’s presence, feeling comforted by the silence and by the thoughts you’d say out loud. And with every grin or laugh that you get to see on his face in between, you’d feel your heart hammer frantically within your chest, alarming you greatly.
Tumblr media
Tomorrow is the wedding. There’s officially less than twenty-four hours left before you have to wake up, get ready to be glammed up, smile for photographs, support the bride with everything, lift the long trail of her veil up whenever she goes, straighten it as she poses for her bridal portraits and be a point of contact to every guest. Less than twenty-four hours left before you go do your maid of honor duties and make sure everything falls smoothly into place. You’ll have to keep the spirits high tomorrow, especially the bride’s because you know that there would be an abundant of nerves and emotions.
The trepidation from imagining how the ceremony would go sizzles inside you. In your mind, there is the inevitable list of things that could go wrong. And although you don’t want to think about it, it still crosses your conscious from time to time. It’s better to think like this because then you could also ponder about your immediate and sensible solutions when faced with those problems.
Lying on your hotel bed, you try to distract your thoughts by watching a movie. When your phone vibrates, you pick it up and read the message from Yuna, asking if you want to go downstairs for a drink.
Tumblr media
“Oh, look. There’s Jimin and Jungkook,” Yuna turns to you with a foxy grin splayed on her lips as you walk further towards the open bar of the restaurant.
Surprise bleeds on your face when you see them sitting on one of the stools. Jimin’s face lights up as he sees the two of you approaching them.
“Hi, beautiful,” the blonde man greets his fiancée, placing a smooch on her cheek before turning to greet you affably.
Yuna flits her gaze between the two men. “What are you guys doing here?”
“We just decided to have some drinks before going to the mini golf room,” Jimin responds casually, peering over Jungkook who just nods. When he meets Yuna’s eyes, he gasps loudly and dramatically. “Oh, no.”
Jungkook’s brows crease. “What’s wrong?”
Jimin sets his glass down and touches Yuna’s forearm. “Sweetie, we forgot that thing that we have to do tonight.”
Her mouth goes agape. “Oh my goodness—yes!”
“What thing?” you ask, folding your arms and perking a brow up.
“We said we were gonna meet Hoseok tonight to talk about the wedding and make sure everything’s okay for tomorrow.”
“Oh, really?” you ask, drawling out the word as you catch on quickly.
“Yes,” they punctuate synchronously, acting as though you haven’t already figured out what they’re trying to pull.
Yuna clasps her hands together, smiling widely at you and Jungkook like there’s a lightbulb above her head. “Wait a minute, why don’t you guys do something together?”
“What a great idea,” Jimin adds, tone and expression obviously rehearsed.
Well, would you look at that. Turns out, you’re not spending this evening with Yuna at all. Those two really wanted to play matchmaker the moment they saw you two talking during that dinner. Especially Yuna. You just knew from the spark in her eyes and from the conversation she had with you that night. God, if only they knew the truth about you and Jungkook. Actually, if they did know, they’d probably be so chuffed about it and continue to match you up.
“I guess this was their plan all along, huh?” you turn to Jungkook after the wily couple bid their goodbyes and left.
Jungkook chuckles, bobbing his head. He offers to buy you a drink and you’re not entirely sure how much time passes because of all the laughter, stories, facts and opinions you’ve both shared with each other once the conversation sparked off.
You talked about the Wandavision episodes that you’ve seen so far, drifting off to the broad cinematic universe of Marvel after. Over cocktails, you and Jungkook discuss who is the most powerful Avenger, to which you fervidly and resolutely answered Scarlet Witch, while he says it’s Thor, contending that he’s a deity.
“Did you not see how she literally made Thanos call for back up during that scene in Endgame?” you maintain your stance passionately.
“Okay, fine,” Jungkook concedes. “But I still think that out of the original Avengers, Thor is the strongest.”
“Oh, there’s no doubt about that,” you nod and wave your hand away, agreeing like it’s a universal fact. “Okay, uh… what about Captain Marvel? Do you think she’s stronger than Thor?”
“Definitely. She could kick his ass easily.”
A bright smile graces your lips at the way he endearingly articulates his words and at the way his eyes excitedly shine. Time seems to cease around you, along with the movements of your surroundings the more you keep on talking to Jungkook like this, the more you get to know him and his personality.
He looks at you with a nervous expression after you both come down from the high of laughter and giggles. He settles his glass down on the counter as though he just drank his courage and clears his throat. “Listen, um… there’s actually something that I’ve been wanting to ask you.”
The beats of your heart sounding like the ticking of a clock, you anticipate with bated breath.
With his round eyes staring at you with sincerity, he bares his feelings and goes for it. “I really like you so… do you maybe wanna go out with me sometime? For like a proper date, I mean.”
It’s then that you decide to stop the ticking, to shut all of the alarms going off in your head. “Don’t,” you say, the word coming out as a mere whisper as your lips tremble. None of this should’ve even happened. It’s not for you. You can’t. You don’t have it in you to go through it.
Pushing yourself off your seat, you’re shaking your head, saying, “I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t,” in one succession. You run away to rush back to your room, vision bleary from the dampness and hands shuddering from the onslaught of feelings in your chest.
Tumblr media
The bride sits in front of the dresser, lips parted as she bites her fingernails in apprehension. You’re kneeling next to her, trying to calm her nerves, explaining that wedding jitters are common and it’s all just because of the build-up and the anticipation, emphasizing to her that her love for Jimin should prevail against the nerves. You offer support by doing breathing techniques with her, letting her look in front of the mirror as you inhale and exhale together.
She plasters a smile and lets out a huge breath before she starts to babble frantically like a woodpecker. “What if I’m not ready? Am I ready? Do you think I’m ready?”
Over and over, you tell her to take deep breaths with you before you provide your replies, assuring her that she’s more than ready for this. “And also, don’t forget that after the wedding, there’s going to be a honeymoon in Paris,” you remind.
Yuna takes a couple of sharp exhalations as though to exorcise the nerves and jitters brewing inside her intensely. With a new, confident disposition, she is bobbing her head eagerly, holding both of your hands, saying “I think I’m ready” to you but more to herself.
“Fuck yeah. Let’s do this wedding!”
Tumblr media
As you watch your best friend walk down the aisle, an overwhelming bundle of feelings shoots through your veins, making you tear up. She is dazzling with the love that breathes and beats insides her. And when you turn to glance at Jimin, he is smiling even when his emotions streams down his cheeks.
“When I was a little girl, I’ve always wondered if I would ever find my Prince Charming just like in the fairytales,” Yuna commences her proclamation of vows. “And then one night at a work party, I lost a game of pool. As a result, I had to ask the first guy I saw to dance with me. I’ll forever be glad that I lost that game because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met you. Jimin, with you, I didn’t just find my prince. I also found my soulmate, my sun, my moon, my angel, my heaven, my earth and my person. I found everything that I’d ever been looking for my whole life.”
“It still feels surreal that I’m right here in front of you saying my vows. It still feels just like yesterday, we were on our first date. As a matter of fact, our first date is something that I will never forget. We were sat outside a café and I was so nervous that I accidentally slammed my ice cream on my nose instead of aiming it on my mouth. But then you took me by surprise when you deliberately smudged your chocolate ice cream on your nose just to make me feel less embarrassed, just to make me feel better. When we laughed for five minutes straight, that’s the moment I said to myself that I wouldn’t mind laughing with this guy for the rest of my life. I want to be silly and weird with him for the rest of my days.”
“Jimin, you are the guy who approaches every cat and dog roaming around in the streets, who laughs so hard to the point where you fall off your chair, who would pout adorably for the rest of the day whenever you lose at games but above it all, you are the guy that I would choose to spend my forever with in every lifetime and in every timeline.”
She attempts to keep her voice steady, but with her tears, it proved impossible not to falter at the preceding words. “I want you to know that if we fight, then we’ll work it out. If there are obstacles on the way, then we’ll jump over it together, we’ll go into battle together. We’ll conquer every trial and we’ll make it work.” She nods and repeats the last few words. “We’ll make it work.”
Her vision watery, she sniffs and breathes through her mouth. It took everything not to rub her eyes and screw her eye make-up. After looking up, she eventually blinked it away and then faced her groom with a grin as she concluded her heartfelt vows.
“Park Jimin, I love you and I promise you that from this day forward, you will never walk alone.”
When you glance to your left and right, everyone is either snuffling or wiping away the corner of their eyes with handkerchiefs and tissues, much like you are. Yuna had let you read the first draft of her vows before and hearing the final, full-length version now is just heart-melting and moving. You have a feeling that Jimin’s would also turn you into an emotional wreck.
He takes a deep breath and begins. “All my life, I was brought up to think that I’m meant to be all sorts of things. They would say, ‘Jimin, you’re going to be CEO,’ ‘Jimin, you’ll take over the family business,’ ‘Jimin, you’re going to marry someone from this family or that family’—it’s all I ever heard. And then one night, I met this incredible and beautiful woman who asked me to dance. We danced and talked for hours until we were the only ones left in the bar and they had to kick us out because it was like four in the morning.”
“Yuna, after going on dates with you and having the opportunity to get to know you and your beautiful soul, I knew you were the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew you were the one because I didn’t care about what’s meant for me anymore. All I know is that I’m meant to be here. I’m meant to love you, to take care of you, to protect you and to grow old with you. And as I stand in front of you today, I promise that I will always let you have the last piece of mochi. I promise I won’t run away whenever you ask me to clean Yoongi’s litter box. I promise I’ll always be weird and goofy with you and most importantly, I promise that I will love you until my last breath—until the very end.”
Chewing on his bottom lip, Jimin bends his head down as the thick droplets of tears leaks out from his eyes. When he looks up again, Yuna’s hand is there, caressing his cheek and wiping them away for him. He takes another sharp intake of breath, exhaling with a smile.
“My love, I am yours today, tomorrow, forever and always.”
Tumblr media
Tapping the mic twice in front of you that’s perched into the stand, you display your best smile to the audience, hiding the nerves that dares to creep outwards from underneath.
“Hi, everyone,” you begin. “Let me start by talking about rainbows. A rainbow occurs naturally when the Earth is in perfect harmony. There’s a specific combination and balance between sunshine and rain that creates a prism of colors perfectly painted in a semicircle across the sky for everyone to enjoy. It’s not easy to find one but I’d like to think that Yuna and Jimin’s love is like a rainbow. I think that their love brightens and lights up their lives and has a lasting impression on those who witness it. They truly are great individuals. But together, they are unstoppable. Together, they are complete. Yuna and Jimin, you two are exactly where you should be—in each other’s arms.”
“Now a toast,” you propose, raising the glass in your hand. “To love!”
Tumblr media
From the way Jungkook stands in front of the mic, there are no hints of nervousness and edge crossing his face. If there are, then it’s safe to say that he masks it really well. He carries himself confidently, milking all the spotlight that illuminates down on him.
“Good evening, everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves tonight,” he greets. “For those of you who don’t know, I’m Jungkook. I’m the best man.” He shoots a glance to the couple’s table. “Yuna, you look stunning tonight and I think we can all agree that Jimin won the lottery.”
Giggles erupt at his upbeat tone and Jimin raises his hand and covers his mouth as he throws his head back and laughs, eyes disappearing in his delight. Jungkook pauses for a second, trying to rack his brain for words. Blinking, he slightly shakes his head to swipe some of his fringe away from covering his eyes.
“To be completely honest, when I was thinking about what to say for my speech, I considered sharing funny anecdotes but then I realized that not only would it be embarrassing for Jimin, it’d be for me, too. So instead, I’m going to focus on the smart moves he’s made. Firstly, he chose me as his best man,” he rests his tatted hand on his chest for emphasis. He then glances at Jimin, pointing his finger and winking playfully at his friend. “That’s very clever of him. He has great taste.”
“Next are his friendships, his relationships and rapport with people, his closeness with his family and his dedication to his career—all of which are very smart moves because it shows who he is as a person. But the smartest thing he’s done is grabbing that chance to tell the woman who makes his heart happy how he feels.” He drops his eyes on you briefly with a wistful smile before he stares into the sea of people once more. “The smartest thing that Jimin has ever done is marrying the love of his life.”
The crowd echoes an ‘aww’ as the bride and groom whip their heads to look at one another with radiant smiles before diving for a quick kiss.
“Jimin and Yuna, as you start your new life together, I want you to share your hopes, dreams and fears with one another. Be interested in each other’s personal ambitions and goals. Be weird and goofy together. Be respectful, forgiving and supportive of each other. But most of all, I want you both to be happy and healthy.”
Lifting up the glass on his right hand, he salutes with a gleeful smile, even though this time, it’s one that doesn’t reach his eyes. “With that said, let’s all raise our glasses to the newlyweds!”
Tumblr media
As soon as the hosts announced that it was time for people to gather round on the center to dance, the guests immediately stood up in no time. Families of both the bride and groom began to partner up, friends and other guests making their way to waltz exuberantly, rushing to join the newlyweds now after they just had done their astonishing first couple dance to Thinking Out Loud.
When most have converged on the dance floor, it has become apparent that you were one of the ones left sitting around your table. Wonderful Tonight begins to play in the background, slowing the atmosphere and romancing the air. People have begun to sway with each other, incandescent lights dazzling around them to make the moment magical and fairy-tale like.
Jungkook comes by your side, holding out his palm. “Dance with me?”
Your eyes stare at his hand, uncertainty melting in your features. When you meet his pleading eyes, you nod and let him lead you to the front, merging in with the people and finding a spot for the both of you.
Tentatively, he advances forward, eyeing you as his hands hover on your back, not touching your flesh. He takes a deep breath and releases it out to the air before his palms rest on your lower spine, your own arms encasing around his neck. You and Jungkook begin to swing gently, hips swaying side by side. His eyes are on you at all times and you haven’t had the chance to look at him, eluding them in fear of melting completely.
“Jungkook,” you manage when you’ve mustered the courage to speak, your voice still weak. The dampness in your eyes starts to irritate you as you watch him tape up a fake smile on his exterior, your heart crumbling apart.
This is not how you want to see him, especially when it’s such a jolly occasion. He should be enjoying himself, rejoicing in delight. But he’s not. His eyes are duller in its twinkle, his smiles are reserved and deflated, his movements quieter and less spirited.
He shakes his head lightly as he shushes you softly, attempting to uplift you. “We don’t have to talk about that,” he says, swallowing hardly before he speaks again. “Let’s just dance for now.”
Tumblr media
“You—what?” is Yuna’s reaction after you revealed to her everything that had happened with Jungkook.
You had been unusually silent when you came in to Yuna and Jimin’s house. Even when she was handing you the spare keys and guiding you to where Yoongi’s food bowls are—you’ve been asked to officially cat-sit for a few days while the newlyweds are carousing in the city of love—you were quiet. And Yuna, being your friend, voiced straight away that something was wrong.
“And then when he told you that he liked you, you walked away?” she repeats your words back when you’ve finished telling your story.
Again, you nod, sighing as you shake your head and shut your eyes, overwhelmed with emotions that are synonymous to regret.
“You should talk to him,” she advises calmly after a few moments of observance.
“What would I even say?”
“Y/N, I think you know exactly what you want to say to him.”
In perfect timing, Yoongi elegantly prances around and Yuna takes the opportunity to pick him up, carrying him sideways like a baby, patting and stroking him gently while he purrs contently.
“Do you have anything to add, you little cutie?” she asks, flicking her gaze on him and then at you.
Your eyes are pressed on the calico cat, who responds with a soft meow. In human language, that would be translated as, “Go after him, you fucking idiot!”
Tumblr media
“Hey,” you say, keeping your face straight and your teeth gritted to prevent you from letting your feelings seep out from your eyes.
“Hey,” Jungkook echoes. He’s stiff in his movements as he lets you slip inside his apartment. His eyes are tired, bloodshot as though he hasn’t been letting sleep get to him.
You’re not quite sure where to begin but all you know is that this is the right thing to do. You have to tell him everything that you have been feeling for him because if you don’t, it’s going to keep you up at night, it’s going to eat you away, it’s going to make you hate yourself because you didn’t take the chance. If you don’t, you’ll regret everything.
When he speaks first, you feel your heart drop. “Listen, um… I want to apologize. I shouldn’t have said what I said that night.” He takes a sharp gulp, eyes darting down to the floor before looking at you. “Can we just forget about it?”
Your heart aches as you listen to his words. Jungkook is apologizing when he shouldn’t have to. He shouldn’t apologize because there was nothing wrong about what he did. If you like someone, then you should tell that to them, right? Life is short. Sometimes, you’ve got to be forward or else you’ll just regret it. Better to do something than to not do it at all.
He was right to choose himself that night and listen to what his heart said. There’s nothing wrong in letting yourself want, in letting yourself fall, in opening yourself to another person. And yet during that night, you did the complete opposite. You didn’t face your feelings head on. Instead, you stepped backwards from it. You had convinced yourself that selfishness was wrong, that liking him was synonymous to danger.
The only vernacular you had gotten accustomed to when it came to falling was being vulnerable and open. So when Jungkook bared and offered you his heart and his feelings, when he showed his transparency, you let your fear colonize every part of you. It alarmed you how easily he had disarmed your walls so you decided to shut it all out.
There were a lot of things you said to yourself during the night you met Jungkook. All those rules you established to your one-night stand and how you don’t do this and that. But really, you couldn’t deny the truth that burned inside you.
It made you realize that certain people come into someone’s life to make them realize that it’s okay to acknowledge their feelings, that it’s okay to lower their walls down and set back those rules, shove those fears away so they can open themselves up again and see the beauty of dating, of getting to know a person and falling for them. It just so happened that the person who came into your life to make you believe again was Jungkook.
You’re throwing all those rules away because you’re now listening to your heart. You’re now taking a path that you know you won’t regret being on. You’re now admitting your truth to him because this is what people do when they like each other.
“Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” you tell him, taking a deep breath afterwards. “I was a coward that night because I ran away when the truth is… I really like you, too.”
He blinks. “You… you like me?”
“I do. I think you’re great. You’re sweet and charming and funny and… you’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Really, I should be the one saying sorry to you because I walked out that night instead of confronting my own feelings for you. I didn’t grab my chance when I should’ve. I got scared and thought that running away and shutting my feelings out was the answer.”
Looking at him, you continue, eyes starting to sting. “You know, after spending time with you, I realized that maybe there was a reason why fate or whatever it is in the universe that brought us back again. It’s because you’re meant to be in my life. You’re meant to stay. And… I do want you to stay.”
Jungkook steps forward and catches your hands, embracing his fingers with yours. His eyes ghosts on your every feature, drinking you in before he gently presses his forehead with yours. “You mean that?”
“Yes,” you say and nod confidently.
“Good.” He runs the tip of his nose against yours languidly. “Because I want you in my life, too. I want you to stay for a long time.”
Your palm holds his cheek, pad of your thumb smoothing the skin just beneath his eye and he captures it to kiss the inside of your hand. Your pulse quickens, heart thumping in your chest, reaching to the tips of your toes.
“So then… can I be your girlfriend?” you ask bashfully.
Jungkook captures your lips in a heartbeat, pressure soft and gentle, making you smile against the kiss. He mirrors your expression as he deepens it, your belly being tickled by all the flutters, the pitter patters of your heart spelling out his name clearly and enormously—in all caps and in bold letters.
“Yes,” is what falls out from his lips when you both pull away and you succumb to your mirth, eyes twinkling with excitement and hope—for this, for him, for the future.
Tumblr media
To say that Jungkook is happy would certainly be an understatement. He’s over the moon—even more than that. Why shouldn’t he be? He’s finally at that point in his life where he’s doing what he wants and what makes him feel good. He is the director and the main actor of his life and that’s how it should be. He’s never been happier and he has you to thank, along with his friends and parents. Yes, you read that right. His parents.
Before you confessed your feelings for him that day, Jungkook’s parents had visited him in his apartment. They apologized, acknowledged that it was wrong of them to be hard on him and choose his decisions for him. His mother realized that her son is his own person who is capable of making his own choices. They tried so hard to prepare him for when he takes over the businesses that they didn’t even consider his feelings, his father had admitted this to him.
When they said their apologies and asked for forgiveness, his tears started to trickle down. Jungkook himself apologized for how he acted during the night he walked out from the party. But his mother shook her head and convinced him that they should be the one saying sorry. Immediately, she closed the distance to embrace her son. Your words about the power of hugs resonated in Jungkook’s head and it’s then that he embraced her tighter.
After a moment, his dad stepped forward and placed his palm on his shoulder, his mouth lifting for a smile as he told him that they are going to support him with whatever he wants to do in his life. The most important thing for them is to see him living his best life, with a healthy mind and body. They won’t stand in his way and that they’ll make it up to him, his mother promised. Jungkook once again pulled his parents for an embrace and professed his gratitude and love.
So now, his heart is overjoyed. He feels like he has everything in the world. And, he does. He has you.
Tumblr media
Out of all the weddings that you’ve attended, this one would definitely be in your top five.
There are three reasons for this, the first being that the venue the couple chose is intimate and private. Jungkook had told you that Taehyung’s always been the kind of guy who’s not big on grandiosity, preferring quiet, lowkey events more so having to witness him and his bride tie the knot in their own backyard with their close friends and family around them had truly been special, moving and heart-warming.
While everyone is now partying and drinking for the reception, Jungkook went to excuse himself to go to the bathroom. On your table, you continue to laugh and talk with Jimin, Yuna, their other friends and of course, the newlyweds. Taehyung, as always, is loud and witty, his beautiful bride lovely to talk to. All of you end up cackling together as you feel comfortable around one another.
When they said their goodbyes to wander off to the next table and accommodate their guests, Jimin proposed that you all go and ‘light the dance floor up like a dynamite’—his words, not yours.
As the whole gang begins to shuffle to the center, Jungkook, in perfect timing, appears back at your side. “Dance with me?” he asks with his palm open out for you.
You don’t even have to think or hesitate because your hand is already clasping against his, fingers embracing his as a smile makes its way on your lips, excitement swirling round your belly. This, you think, is your favorite sight ever—Jungkook, with his golden grin, his bright eyes and his positive energy radiating off of him.
Fairy lights all lined up are glimmering above you, tulip petals are scattered on the grass, lanterns are lit up in every corner and different genres of music are playing in the background which takes you to the second reason as to why this wedding is in your top five. From the details down to the atmosphere, it’s all stunning, encapsulating the vibes of a classic romantic film. You can see how the personalities of the bride and groom comes through with this.
When you’ve settled on a spot in the middle, he places his hands on your hips while yours are perched on his shoulders. When you both start to sway slowly to Can’t Help Falling In Love, you flick your gaze between his eyes and lips. “So. Taehyung’s been telling me stories about you in high school.”
Jungkook groans, pressing his eyes shut. “Oh, God—which one?”
“Is it… the musical incident?” he asks cautiously, chewing on his bottom lip.
When you confirm it, a tinge of vermillion saturates his cheeks and ears. “Fuck, I’m gonna beat Tae’s ass.”
You laugh brightly.
“God,” he drawls out, brows knitted together and nose scrunched up. “This is so embarrassing.”
“It’s okay, babe. I still love you,” you tell him before giving the tip of his nose a peck.
“Really?” he asks with an adorable, innocent pout.
You nod resolutely. “In fact, I love you so much that I’m planning to buy some diapers for your Christmas present this year.”
With an unamused expression, you burst out into laughter even more. Arching his pierced brow up, he taunts, “Oh, so you find that funny, huh? How about if I do…” His fingers instantly slither to your sides, using his weapon against you. “…this!”
Instinctively, you’re flailing about, hysterically laughing and squealing when he starts tickling you, the tingling sensation surging through your nerves. Though you want to escape, your boyfriend is far too strong for you so all you could do is concede and wave your flag of defeat.
“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop, I’ll stop,” you say in one succession, holding onto his arms.
He eventually ceases his teasing, smiling triumphantly before you’re back to dancing joyfully. He raises your hand up and twirls you before scooping in to catch you, his palm on the small of your back. Hypnotized and entranced by your dashing partner, you feel like you’re the only ones here in this room, all the spotlights on you two.
Perhaps this is really how people feel when they find the person that they’re certain of. Everything blurs and life goes on around you but you two are the only ones that is constant, the ones that are clear in your line of sight.
“Maybe I should ask Yuna too for some of your secrets,” Jungkook says puckishly.
“I already told you all of my secrets,” you rebut, sticking your tongue out.
“Hm. I doubt it. I’m sure she has some of your embarrassing secrets.”
Gasping, you glare at him threateningly. “You wouldn’t.”
He snickers craftily. “Oh, I would.”
“Jungkook!” you exclaim, smacking his arm and he laughs heartily, swaying with you for a bit before he draws another shriek from your throat when he dips you back and bends forward to kiss you. When he lifts you back up, you give his arms a squeeze, the people’s roaring, whistling and clapping making you feel shy.
Oh, and last but not the least, the reason as to why this wedding is considered a favorite is because you caught the bridal bouquet.
(Jungkook had the garter.)
Tumblr media
Jungkook whips his head and sees you coming out of the bedroom, hair damp from having just showered. When he sees you wearing his shirt and shorts, a smile splits on his face. You barely wear your own clothes but who is he to complain when you look so fanciable in them?
“Hey, baby?” he calls.
Your head springs up, eyes straying away from your phone to look at your boyfriend who’s snuggled up on the couch. “Hm?”
“You wanna watch a movie?”
“Sure,” you chirp coolly with a smile, making a quick beeline to the kitchen to grab a tub of ice cream from the freezer before landing beside him, his arm all wrapped around you while you bring your feet up on the couch and fold your legs so you could feel more cozy.
He lifts the remote and clicks the play button, the black screen on the TV finally fading, replaced by the Marvel Studios opening scene. Knowing him, he probably chose one of the Iron Man or Captain America films.
Eating your ice cream contently—making sure to also feed him some—you fixate your full attention on the screen when it starts showing a footage of someone’s feet walking on grass. The camera is zoomed in on the shoes and you could see that the person is wearing chunky Fila trainers. Exactly like Jungkook’s. How interesting and cool is this that the actor is wearing the exact same pair as your boyfriend’s.
Indiscernible murmurs are overshadowed by the howling of the wind in the video. The camera then pans to the scenery—a beautiful, glistening lake on the horizon with the sky above clear and blue. Okay, this definitely isn’t Iron Man or Captain America.
“What are we watching?” you ask, setting the tub down on the coffee table.
Jungkook doesn’t give you an answer. He doesn’t really need to because the next thing you’re seeing tells you what you need to know. You’re watching you. It’s you, walking along the park while Jungkook’s hand is holding yours, his free hand holding the camera that’s recording.
This was over a year ago when you both went to the local park. You rented bikes to cycle for hours, hiked and explored the woods together before you ended the productive and fun nature day out by having coffee and sandwiches at the park’s café. The next second in the video is him calling your name. You turn around, eyes dropping on the camera before you’re giving him a smile.
The following scenes that pass by are in flashes, just like in those film viewers where you press a button and different images flickers. There are pictures and clips of you and Jungkook. Funny ones, cute ones (like that selfie of you two with Yuna and Jimin’s baby girl when you were babysitting) and even weird, random ones (like that photo of your boyfriend biting your toes).
There’s also a montage of all the food you’ve eaten and drank, all the places you’ve visited, all the holidays and special events you’ve celebrated with each other. All of these images and clips documenting the whole course of your relationship, showing the growth and the evolution, making you realize how much you’ve both blossomed. Several haircuts and colors, several seasons and holidays later and here you both are, stronger than ever, completely in love and committed with each other.
Around you, time stands still. And as you’re watching this with your mouth agog, the only thing you can feel is your heart racing in your chest, so profound that your trembling hands start to round your lips, covering it from dropping further.
Your eyes are starting to moisten at your romantic moments together, at the simple outtakes of Jungkook kissing the back of your hand during drives, of him turning around, looking at you with doe eyes and flashing a smile whenever you call him ‘lover’, at your candid moments together like when you two are just sitting on your couch, laughing maniacally or screaming feverishly while playing Jenga or Call of Duty and at your comical moments together where he catches your priceless reactions on camera.
And when the video of you and Jungkook slow dancing in the kitchen during the first night that you moved in with him appears on screen, your tears begin to heavily trickle down your cheeks. The background music he selected to overlay for that clip doesn’t help either because it just made you weep even more—Perfect. It’s not Ed Sheeran singing though. It’s Jungkook.
In that video, you’re still pulling some books out from boxes. He then came to embrace you from behind, started to trail languid kisses on your shoulder blades before you turned to face him. He held your hands and said that you two should take a break from unpacking for a bit.
You could see in the clip the way you grinned at him when he lifted your hand and twirled you round, with his shirt as your dress, before you started to sway with each other. You could see the way he wrinkled his nose adorably and giggled before he dove in for a kiss while you were dancing with no music on.
You could see the way you both stared at one another, admiring your features, both your irises whispering and saying with every blink that you’ll always have each other’s backs, you’ll always protect each other and you’ll always cherish moments like these with one another. Most of all, you could see how he’s wonderfully in love with you like the way you are with him.
The film ends and fades into nothing and you look at him with parted lips, your fingers shaking and your capability to form words all gone because Jungkook is holding an open tiny black box with a ring inside, radiantly glimmering.
“Surprise,” he says, voice breathy and soft.
Oh my God, is the only thing that’s going through your head.
“Y/N,” he begins after exhaling a sharp breath. “You might not have been in my past just like how I wasn’t in yours but that doesn’t matter because we’re in each other’s presents now and I can’t thank you enough for all the happiness and love that you have given, taught and showed me throughout the course of our relationship. You’re beautiful and kind and funny and smart. You’re just the best person I know and to me, you’re the one so… Y/N L/N, will you let me be your future?”
Excitedly, you tell him yes, nodding a million times. You cup his cheeks for a kiss, your hearts at the apex of heaven before they burst into fireworks, creating solar flares and birthing new stars in the sky. You proclaim that you love him so much after you both pull away from the kiss.
He slips the ring on your finger where it would find its permanent home. It’s a piece of his promise and a piece of yours too that creates one whole commitment from the both of you, a commitment that would be for life.
He wipes your tears with the pads of his thumb and you do the same to him. Pressing his forehead against yours, you both savor this moment—this exact moment of stillness where both of your hearts and souls have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.
“I love you three thousand,” Jungkook professes and you both chuckle gleefully.
Still stunned and unable to get over the fact that you were completely oblivious, you think damn, Jeon Jungkook sure as hell knows how to catch a woman off guard. He sure as hell knows how to prepare the most unexpected and romantic proposal and then make a woman’s heart jump out of her chest and skyrocket to outer space, shouting ‘hell yeah’ as it orbits the moon, the planets and all the galaxies.
What you thought would be just a simple movie night consisting of cuddles and kisses turned into something more. It turned out to be one of the most important days of your life where you’re expected to make a decision.
And after seeing him bring out that black box and asking you that important question, it dawns on you that it is also the simplest and easiest decision you’ve had to make in your whole life. It’s because he’s the one.
Tumblr media
Tonight, you are not the maid of honor. You’re not the one who lifted the bride’s long trail and assisted her, who waited for the bouquet to be thrown, who proposed a toast during the reception. Instead, you were the one that people watched, the one who married your true love, your last love and your constant love. You were the radiant bride who said ‘I do’ to the man who constantly brings your heart into a state of happiness and contentment.
As you stand beside Jungkook, preparing to enter the venue of the reception, you look at him and can’t help but beam excitedly at the fact that you’re officially married and the fact that today marks the first day of the rest of your lives. Yes, marriage is a huge commitment and you’ve always thought of it as something terrifying but you realized that as long as you’re with the right person, it doesn’t matter because you’re ready to face the crazy, the uncertain, the daunting, the emotional, the difficult and easy days with him.
Inside the venue, the host with blue hair and deep dimples commences his introduction. “Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you—Mr. and Mrs. Jeon Jungkook!”
You hold out your hand in front of your partner for life. “Ready, babe?”
Jungkook nods with a big, toothy grin, linking his fingers with yours. “Let’s get this bread!”
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jungkxook · 10 months ago
—hot boy bummer. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: fuckboy!jungkook / friends with benefits / friends to lovers + smut  
⟶ words: 14,633
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: when jungkook offers you a proposition of just sex, no strings attached, how can you possibly say no? after all, what are best friends for?
⟶ warnings: kind of a crack fic, sprinkle of angst, way too casual conversations mid-sex, jealous jungkook, slight himbo jungkook tbh (he’s kind of a sweet loveable idiot), he also has a big dick oops, man bun and blonde jungkook to feed my fantasies!, multiple smut scenes!!!, missionary, dry humping, oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, slight degradation (mostly jungkook hating himself), brief name calling, light choking, sort of praise kink
⟶ note: this was inspired by a number of things but mainly do me by kim petras being on jungkook’s spotify playlist, this tiktok sound, and this tumblr post lol also big thank you to @bratkook​ and @onherwings​ for letting me ramble on about this fic and reigniting my inspo for it 💛
( p.s. i tried to proofread this but if y’all see any typos no u didn’t, thank u <3 )
Tumblr media
Being friends with Jungkook meant a myriad of things but mainly that there were hardly ever any boundaries that stood between you and him.
Having known him for most of your life, it was just a quintessential part of yours and his relationship with one another. From high school parties where you drunkenly spewed on his shoes and in his dad’s car after he tried lugging you home (and taking the fall all himself for your sake) to letting him lose his virginity in your bed to some girl you didn’t know because your parents were out of town and his would crucify him on the spot if they had found out; or him discovering your stash of vibrators in your dorm one day, or seeing each other naked more often than was probably necessary, there was nothing that either of you could do that would phase the other at this point even when it maybe, probably, definitely should.
College, and Jungkook’s sudden six pack of hard rock abs, only seemed to amplify the chaos of your friendship. If you’re being honest, the abs are sort of a plus ━ but they brought an air of fuckboy to him that is undeniably there even if he tries to deny it sometimes. You suppose it isn’t all his fault. Jungkook has always been bold and brash, attractively charming. Considering he’s seemingly made it his mission to sleep with every girl on campus before he graduates (undisclosed, if you’re being honest, because he’s never outwardly admitted it but you have a hunch), his confidence somehow hasn’t failed him yet.
But then there’s one night in which you think to yourself briefly: this surely must draw some sort of line.
“What if we, like, had sex?”
Jungkook says this a little too casually from beside you. He’s sat on the couch in his dorm, scrolling aimlessly on his phone, and you’re sprawled out on the remaining space, feet kicked up in his lap. You’re positive he’s drunk but, then again, so are you. The remnant shot glasses of soju you had both started the night with (though you think Jungkook’s had half the bottle himself), and your second glass of wine, are all evidence of that. You’re so absorbed by some anime Jungkook had been watching upon your arrival and refused to change that you almost don’t hear what he says. Almost. You do, however, nearly choke on the gummy bear you’ve just tossed into your mouth.
After a sudden hysterical fit of coughs, you manage to sputter, “Excuse me?”
“Like, hypothetically speaking.” He hardly budges when you turn to gawk at him, as if he’s asking you something as casual as what to eat for dinner or if you could pass him the T.V. remote. “Except, not really hypothetically.”
“You’re joking, right?” You scoff.
Jungkook blinks. “No. Why would I be joking?”
You blink. The longer you stare at him, the quicker you’re able to discern that there’s some sort of earnesty in his words and it slightly concerns you. Suddenly, you’re warm in the face. To distract from that painfully obvious fact, an incredulous laugh bubbles at your lips and you kick one of your feet at his thighs. “Very funny, Koo. Can we change the show now if you’re not even watching it?”
“I’m not joking, Y/N.” The severity in his tone makes you sit up at once. When you turn to look at him, he flashes you a taunting smirk, though the devious sparkle in his eyes lets you know this seems to be anything but a joke to him. “I’m sure you’ve thought of me naked before.”
“You’re such a fucking idiot━” Okay, so maybe you have thought of him naked before but how is it your fault when you literally have seen him naked before, and he’s so unabashed around you? “Should I bring you to a hospital to get your head checked, or━?”
“Just hear me out━” Now, he pushes himself to the edge of the sofa. “Why are you here right now?”
“In life? Because I honestly have no clue━”
“No, I meant here. Getting drunk in my apartment on a Friday night instead of getting railed.”
“Okay, I didn’t ask to get called out like that,” You grumble stiffly. “And because you’re my best friend, and I like spending time with you.” It’s not entirely a lie, because you would much rather spend time with Jungkook than anyone else. But when you feel his eyes boring into you in a look of scrutiny, your lips form into a pout which you try to hide by puckering them. “Also because boys are stupid and Hoseok’s blind date stood me up. Again.”
The events from hours earlier resurface in your memory, in which you had spent all evening making yourself look pretty for a boy you had only talked to through text that your roommate had introduced you to, only to arrive to the restaurant you were supposed to be meeting at and waiting there for half an hour by yourself before the boy had sent you a message saying something along the lines of “something came up, hope we can reschedule,” filing it under one of the lamest excuses you’ve ever heard because it hardly even borders on a valid excuse. It’s what had ultimately made you storm into Jungkook’s apartment an hour ago, exclaiming aloud as a greeting with a simple yet scarily cheerful I hate men! because Jungkook knows all about your plights with finding a significant other (or even just someone decent enough to open your legs to), usually lamenting men’s inability to have any emotions. Even the ones who you think are respectable enough, who say they’re fine not having sex on the first date, usually tend to flee right after you finally let them in because sex, as you come to find, seems to be all that men care about.
Admittedly, Jungkook is not any different.
“But it’s not like you’re any better.”
This seems to personally offend Jungkook. He looks at you cynically. “Me?”
“Tell me why you’re here with me on a Friday night when you’re literally one of the hottest guys on campus,” You point out. “You can get any girl, and yet you somehow manage to ruin it every single time. Like with Eunha.”
Jungkook winces. The poor Eunha in question is a pretty girl from your chem class, whomst Jungkook had somehow managed to charm. From what you know, they had hooked up a handful of times before that fateful night in which Jungkook had abruptly broken things off with her. If you’re being honest, he’s not a total monster. The only thing that seems to scare him away is when a girl asks to cuddle him in the morning or talks about the prospective future together. He doesn’t want to hurt them, he told you once before, and finds it much easier to nip any potential relationship in the bud before it can get too far, too out of control.
“We literally only slept together three times anyway and we never went out,” Jungkook points out. “What’s the big deal?”
A roll of your eyes doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. “Yeah, it’s not her fault you’re scared of commitment.”
“Nu’uh,” The boy sulks. “I’m only scared of realistic things, like microwaves.”
A snort bubbles at your lips, and it’s frustrating how adorable he finds the simple action. Rather than entertain the thought of his irrational fear of kitchen appliances (because you’ve heard it all before, and you still can’t find where he was incited with the terror of an exploding microwave), you sit up.
“Jungkook, I don’t even like you like that.”
“I don’t like you like that either. That’s why it’s so perfect!” Jungkook says brightly. “Look, we know each other better than anyone else ever could. We’re already comfortable with each other. We don’t have to go through all that boring small talk. All I’m saying is we could give it a try. No relationship, no emotions, just sex.”
You consider the thought for a moment, weigh the pros and cons in your head.
The cons? He’s your best friend.
The pros? He’s your best friend, and he’s hot.
Truthfully, your slightly buzzed mind can find very little to dissuade you away from the inviting proposition and maybe that’s why you begin to entertain the idea. And, sure, you had just complained profusely about how men sometimes only used you for sex, but it’s not like you don’t have needs too. You just don’t have the gusto in you anymore to spend days on a boy who will only just leave you the moment you let him have sex with you. At least with Jungkook, he’s already offering you a blatant deal of sex only and you know you won’t have to worry about him breaking your heart; and he doesn’t have to worry about the dreaded dreamy post-sex cuddle talk of a future family and babies and a white picket-fence home. It’s a win-win for the both of you, really. Or maybe you’re just telling yourself that.
“How would we even start?” You ask finally. “I mean… Do you even find me attractive enough in that way?”
“Yeah.” Jungkook hardly bats a lash. He meets your stare, licks slowly at his lower lip. When he sees the cross look of disbelief scrunching at your face, he hastens to respond. “I’m not blind. You’re fucking drop dead gorgeous, Y/N.”
“But physically attractive? I’m no hot girl Eunha.”
“If I wanted Eunha, I’d be between her legs right now. Y/N, of course I think you’re attractive.” A gentle sliver of a smile dances upon his lips. He leans his head on the back of the couch, eyes fluttering over your appearance shortly. “I’ve always liked your lips, and your eyes. Think they’re beautiful.”
Suddenly, you’re flustered again. The room feels as if it’s getting increasingly warmer, yet you seem to want to bask in the feeling and attention a little longer. “That’s too sentimental.”
“It’s true though.”
“Well, you’re lucky I’ve always had a thing for idiots,” You jest playfully. “Jerks, too. Playboys who are too hot for their own good.”
“Ah, and I love it when you talk dirty to me.” A cheeky grin tugs at his lips as he clutches at his heart over his chest. “It’s a good thing I like it a little too much, knowing you’ll always keep me in check.”
But then the mirth seems to fade from your mind long enough for you to hum aloud pensively, “And I’ve always liked your eyes. I’ve never seen such big eyes before. Sometimes, if I look long enough, it’s like I can see the stars in them.”
As you’re speaking about them, his irises glisten magnificently. He bites at his lip now, as if to hide the way his soft smile turns sheepish. “I like your bum.”
“Really? I always worry it’s too flat.”
“Are you kidding? Your ass is a fucking god-send. It’s hard not to stare when you wear leggings sometimes,” Jungkook admits, earning a small giggle from you. “And I like your boobs. I’ve always wondered…” He trails off abruptly, shaking his head. He shoots you an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I’ll stop. I’m being an idiot, aren’t I?”
“Well, maybe I don’t want you to stop.”
Silence saturates the room now, settling comfortably between the two of you. He wonders what you’re thinking, and you wonder if he can hear your heart hammering against your chest. Perhaps on any other day when you were of sound mind, you could find a plethora of reasons as to why sleeping with your best friend was a terrible idea. But being that you were slightly tipsy, and Jungkook isn’t far off, you can find not one fault, except for maybe how tragically hot Jungkook looks sitting across from you and how he’s never been yours, at least in that way. Would it be so wrong to try just once?
You shift then, pushing yourself to your knees if only so you can worm your way towards him before swinging one leg over his. You settle back on his lap, hands gripping his shoulders. He can feel your core press against the inside of his thigh, just where his dick is nestled and he has to bite back a moan. His eyes are wider than usual, as if believing the moment to be surreal, though something sultry threatens to darken them.
The excitement crackles through your veins like electricity. You’ve never been in such a compromising position with Jungkook before, and you wonder if it should be concerning just how much you’re enjoying it. It almost feels as if time slows down, every second dragging on, yet he can’t look away. His hands come to tug at your hoodie (that he’s almost positive was his once upon a time before you nicked it from his closet) and you meet him part way, replacing his efforts as you pull it up and off your body. Then, you’re sitting back on his lap in your full nude glory, chest bare and right in his face. He eyes the swell of your breasts, the perk of your nipples. Of course you’re not wearing anything beneath your hoodie ━ and, god, he loves it.
“Touch me?”
Your voice comes to him in an almost dream. You reach for his hand then, your palm soft around his knuckles and the tattoos that ink his skin. It’s the same hand of which he wears the other half to your pair of friendship bracelets in one of his favourite colours of red, decorated with little pink hearts. It came in a matching set of two (yours in your own favourite colour, currently on the wrist of the hand you’re using to guide Jungkook’s), cute little macrame braid ones with hearts woven into the design that you had pointed out one day while you were both at the mall and he had bought without any hesitation mostly as a joke but resulted in both of you wearing them on a daily basis.
Now, all he can do is continue watching you with bated breath as you guide his hand right where you both want him. He comes to cup the underside of one of your breasts, your hand over his pressing his fingers tighter together until you can feel some sort of pleasant pressure. And, just like that, something feral and needy seems to snap within him. His hand slithers from your grasp if only so he can flick his thumb across your nipple, mesmerized by the softness of it. He’s only ever seen you naked once before and it was fleeting. You were both drunk, skinny dipping in a lake with a handful of other friends, but it had been too dark to notice much else. But now? Now, he can see all of you and the sight strikes a chord right down to his dick.
“You’re fucking beautiful,” Jungkook groans.
“Koo.” The cute little nickname you had given him sounds dirty now as it slips from your lips in a moan. “Too sentimental.”
But Jungkook isn’t listening because you really, really, really are so beautiful. He bows his head to your chest, catching one of your nipples in his mouth. He murmurs something against your chest that sounds akin to, “We can take things slow.”
“Slow…” Your head is spinning, but it’s a delightful sensation. Something hard pokes against your ass now, and the adrenaline only seems to build within you. It’s odd how everything feels so foreign ━ exploring his body and these newfound feelings like the uncharted territory it is ━ yet secure and safe at the same time. As if you know what to do next, where to touch next, how to move, your bodies almost fitting together like pieces to a puzzle. “Y-Yeah, I like that. Can I move?”
“Fuck, yes, please,” he growls. He’s much too busy nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin on your chest, teeth tugging at your nipple.
You hurry to obey, giving a small experimental swivel of your hips that almost immediately has the both of your inhaling a sharp breath of air. His dick strains against his sweatpants, the material doing very little in protecting him against you. Your core throbs as you rub yourself on him.
“Like this?” You rasp.
“Yeah, just like that.” Jungkook’s head rolls back onto the couch, his eyes squeezing shut and his blonde hair spilling into his eyes. He clenches his jaw, the nerves fluttering in the corner, as pure euphoria riddles his features. You don’t think you’ve ever seen anything so sexy. “Fuck, we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Yeah,” You agree, breathless. “Do you wanna stop?”
“No. Do you?”
“Thank god.” The sigh of relief that emits from Jungkook startles even him but, in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t register how any of this could be a mistake. “Ah, shit━ Faster━”
“Mmm, Koo━” You whimper as you quicken your pace, the vulgar harbored thought of his dick in you thrilling you to no end.
“Fuuck, I’ve never heard you sound like this before. So needy, so desperate,” Jungkook grunts, his fingers digging into your hips. And it’s all because of him, the way you’re feeling. He’s never wanted to hurry to please you faster, itching to tear you apart if he’ll get to hear those noises from you again and again. “I━”
He’s gonna cum, and he’s not even in your pussy. What’s gotten into him?  
He presses you a little harsher against his dick, sitting up straighter so that his chest is pressed flush against yours. He leans forward, lips chasing after yours, before you pull back just enough sluggishly to press your finger to his mouth.
“Uh uh. No kissing,” You rasp.
The words process in Jungkook’s head, but the weight of them don’t seem to linger in his daze. He’s far too overwhelmed by you and the way you’re making him feel to even begin to try to decipher why you avoid his mouth and so, for now, he doesn’t care. Instead, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, nose nuzzling against your throat. You clutch at his hair, tugging at the roots tight enough for him to moan.
“Nnngh, Jungkook━” You whine. “I’m gonna━ Oh, fuck, Koo━”
And then you’re unravelling, right in his very arms. He holds you close as you tremble and shake, rutting your hips sloppily against his to ride out your high, and Jungkook thinks he can definitely get used to this. The familiar burn forms in his stomach and, without even thinking of it, he comes in the confinements of his pants.
But in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t notice quite a lot of things. Neither do you.
So, maybe you could both find a hundred and one reasons why having sex with your best friend would surely cross some lines, but the thing with you and Jungkook (and what would eventually blossom into a hubristic relationship of sorts) is that it wasn’t just sex. You would always be comfortable around him, as he would be with you. And nothing could ever possibly get weird between the two of you ━ not when you had both made a promise to each other that it wouldn’t get in the way of your friendship.
Because ━ while, yeah, he’s hot and suffers from fuckboy tendencies from time-to-time and, aside from random late night hookups ━ he was still the same boy that would drag you out at three in the morning to drive to the next city over for a bowl of ramen, who would marathon shows as long as One Piece or Game of Thrones with you, watching as much as you can in one all-nighter; who would come to your dorm, no matter the time of day, the moment you said you were sick or suffering from cramps, piled high with your favourite snacks; who shared a repertoire of silly inside jokes with you that never made any sense to anyone but the both of you; who insisted you both wear friendship bracelets even in college. He would always be an angel to you, treat you well, because you meant that much to him.
A small thought in the back of Jungkook’s head wonders, above all else, if you were anyone different, would he have even bothered suggesting such a ludicrous idea, drunk or not?
Because he’s positive no one else could make him cum in his pants like a horny prepubescent teen ━ no one except for you.
Tumblr media
“If we’re really gonna do this, we need to set some ground rules.”
Admittedly, neither you nor Jungkook knew what would happen after Jungkook’s proposition to you. Maybe you were expecting the two of you to pretend as if nothing had ever happened, or laugh it off as something so inconsequential that neither of you should bother worrying about it. Instead, the very next day, you find that you’re back in Jungkook’s dorm. Only this time, you’re in his bed, and he spent the past half hour sufficiently eating you out.
Now, you’ve had an epiphany in the form of Jungkook’s dick, and that is that it’s big.
You’ve seen it before on occasion ━ like when he streaked nude across campus as a dare or when he needed to use your shower because his apartment was under maintenance and he walked out on you in the living room ━ but this is clearly a very different circumstance. All red, swollen, angry tip wet and glistening with precum. You had to brace yourself as he pushed himself into you, cautiously and slowly, enjoying the way you stretch to fit around him. If you had a drunken excuse the night before for loving the thought of getting off with Jungkook, then you surely don’t have one now. It’s a shameless guilty pleasure, you think, that he’s at least indulging in.
“Rules,” Jungkook scoffs now. “You’re such a nerd. Fuck, you feel so fucking good━ You doing okay?”
More than. Your head lolls back against his pillow, eyes nearly rolling to the back of your head. “Mhm.”
“Want a minute?”
Jungkook pauses without any hesitation, gnawing on his lower lip as your walls clench around him so tightly he feels he might fall apart then and there. His hands are on your hips, thumbs rubbing comforting circles against your burning skin. A few deep breaths later and you’re probing Jungkook to move again. His hips rut into yours at a leisure pace, and he marvels for a moment at the way his dick disappears into your pussy, slick and wet with your own arousal. The thought of being in you ━ of finally feeling your walls wrapped around him, all wet and snug ━ is enough to make him bust then and there, but he refrains miraculously.
“Holy fuck,” You groan. “Why are you so big━”
Your voice cuts off into a delightful whimper, walls aching around him. Jungkook snorts, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck. “Nothing sexier than hearing you stroke my ego.”
“Don’t let it get to your already big head,” You retort sluggishly.
“Big head!” he grumbles against your throat, lips brushing faintly against your skin and sending shivers down your spine. “Insult me some more. You know how it gets me going.”
“Oh my god, shut up. Where were we?”
“Right,” You breathe in a sharp inhale of air as he grinds against your hips. “And rule number one is no kissing. That’s way too intimate.”
Jungkook quirks a brow. “How is kissing more intimate than having my dick in you?”
“It just is.” You refuse to tell him the truth. You poke your fingers at his sides, causing him to jerk against you. “Don’t question it.”
“Fine. Then no sentimental shit in general, like cuddling or pet names,” Jungkook retorts. “And no public displays of affection.”
“Okay,” You nod. “Fuck, Jungkook━”
“God, I love hearing you moan my name,” Jungkook grunts. He watches with fascination the way your face reacts at his every movement. “Too much?”
“No. Kinda hot,” You admit. An abrupt thought pops into your head that has you murmuring hazily, “Oh, and you can’t have sex with me to your sex playlist.”
Jungkook looks appalled. The sex playlist in question is one you’ve heard briefly before, if only because you’ve walked in on Jungkook and his flavour of the month a handful of times one too many times.
“So you’re telling me you don’t want to have the best orgasm of your life to The Weeknd or the Neighbourhood? WAP?” Jungkook asks, wriggling his brows suggestively. “Alanis Morissette?” You have less than half a second to register the 90s pop singer as out of place before Jungkook breaks out into song with a brief rendition of Head over Feet. “You’re my best friend, best friend with benefits━!”
Part of you knows he’s joking, but there’s still a small sliver of you that makes you gawk at him dubiously before dissolving into a fit of unabashed laughter. It rumbles against his chest, vibrates his dick in you. “You’re not serious, are you? That’s not actually in your sex playlist, is it?”
He flashes you a shit-eating grin. “Guess you’ll never know now.”
Another roll of your eyes makes him snicker. He’s gotten used to your snide remarks, but he’ll gladly keep suffering under them if he gets to wipe that taunting smirk off your face each time with the way his dick makes you feel. You cling a little tighter to his shoulders and muse aloud, “So that’s it then?”
“Yeah━” Jungkook knows you’re referring to the rules and your plan, although it’s getting harder to focus on talking as he continues to grind against you. “And nothing has to change between us, even if we stop. We’re still just two best friends.”
“Who have sex from time to time.”
He can’t help himself. He tries again. “Who might kiss.”
“Nope.” You’re smiling even despite the way you shoot him an aggravated stare first.
“We might?”
“No, we definitely won’t.”
Worth a shot, he thinks to himself. At least you really do always keep him in check.
After all, what are best friends for?
Tumblr media
So, maybe a part of you thought the shift in your relationship with Jungkook wouldn’t last very long. A week at most, and maybe Hoseok would find you another pointless let down of a blind date to go on and Jungkook would get horny for some other girl ━ but it’s certainly been more than a week now, and you’ve had sex with him more than two times.
A third, and a fourth, if you’re being blatantly honest, and maybe a few more times after that but you don’t really remember what count you’re both on now which should probably be concerning. Days elapse into days, which turn to weeks, then months. Morning, afternoon, and night.
It’s not as if you hadn’t already spent almost every waking moment with Jungkook but now you had a reason to be at his apartment at any and all hours of the day and not solely for movie watching marathons. You’re positive he’s still having his occasional random flings, though you’re fortunate his commitment issues at least force him to go to their homes rather than his for the most part, so you never really have to witness half-naked girls stumbling out of his apartment just as you’re wandering in. He says it has something to do with how his bedroom is his sacred space, though you think it’s more like he wouldn’t want his hook ups discovering his Overwatch figurines or something (because, before Jungkook’s proposition, you’ve walked in on him once and a girl when they were entangled on the couch in his living room).
But you’ve noticed lately you’re getting too comfortable with your arrangement with Jungkook; too comfortable knowing he’ll be there at the end of a long day to greet you, to please you until you’re crying out his name. Sometimes he tells you about the girls he’s texting, or shows you a picture from a hot girl’s Instagram whose D.M.s he’s just slid into. And sometimes you’re left wondering how often he comes straight to you after hooking up with a random girl.
It shouldn’t matter to you, and you swear that it doesn’t.
Maybe you’re just overthinking things. Hoseok certainly seems to think so, but his judgement wasn’t much to go by.
Because, lately, Hoseok has been encouraging you more and more to give Yukhei (the blind date Hoseok had initially set you up with when you found yourself at Jungkook’s) another chance for two reasons: 1) “Yukhei’s a nice boy,” he had cheerfully reminded you, “he’