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#jungkook series
kpopfanfictrash · a month ago
Love to Hate (Ch. 2)
Tumblr media
Author: kpopfanfictrash
Genre: Fuck Buddies / Enemies to Lovers
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Synopsis: Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.
Rating: 18+
Warnings: oral (female receiving), nipple play, dirty talk (discussion of voyeurism, kegel balls, restraints), fingering, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, rough sex, jungkook calls the reader princess, spanking, slight possessiveness, jungkook’s tattoo’s extend down his side (does this need a warning? methinks yes)
Word Count: 13,923
Tumblr media
“Shit, shit, shit,” you mutter, searching your desk for the back of one earring.
Your desk is your favorite thing about your office, since the view out the lone window faces an old clothing factory, and your chair is what polite company would call decrepit, gifted by a dentist downstairs who switched locations.
Located in a second-floor walk-up on the south side of the city, the location of Clean Ocean’s headquarters is it’s only positive feature. Centrally located in the city, your front door is a mere minute’s walk from the subway. Rent is expensive though, office space is cramped, and your eating space is shared with those horrible realtors next door.
Your desk though, is arranged exactly how you like it. Papers are neatly stacked and color-coded, brightly colored paper clips are arranged in ceramic mugs. In the corner sits a flip calendar of your dog, Dante, Hoseok bought for your birthday. It makes you smile whenever you see it, although your current expression is rather dire, given how late you are.
Beside your laptop, your phone beeps, alerting you to the fact that your Uber driver is nearly here. One of the small ironies of life – whenever you’re in a hurry, the wait time skyrockets and whenever you could use the extra minute, a car pulls up right away.
In your humble opinion, irony is overrated.
“Yes, I know,” you mutter, turning to give yourself a once-over in the window’s reflection. Returning to your desk, you locate the earring by your lamp. “A-ha!”
In the doorway of your office, Hoseok pauses. Glancing around and seeing no one, he arches a brow and enters.
“Talking to yourself?” he asks, setting down a stack of papers.
Giving him a terse smile, you save the last of your documents and slam your laptop shut. Standing up quickly, you pause at the rush of blood to your head.
“Whoa.” Blinking, you pause, then reach for your phone. “Okay, all clear. How do I look, Hobi?” you ask, checking your reflection again.
“Uh.” He looks you over. “Good.”
“Just good?” Wounded, you frown. “Hoseok, I can’t just look good on a date. I have to look mind-numbingly, achingly gorgeous. Like men spontaneously sprout nosebleeds when they pass me on the street.”
Hoseok adopts a pained expression. “Right, sure. It’s just kind of weird to say that to you in a work environment, you know? Especially since you’re my boss.”
“After all this time,” you say, slinging your purse over your shoulder. “I’m still ‘just a boss’ to you.”
When Hoseok rolls his eyes, you stifle a grin. 
Although Clean Ocean is a relatively small non-profit, employing just over fifty people, Hoseok has been at your side since day one. The first person you met at college orientation, he’s become your closest friend since. The title of assistant is one you and Hoseok constantly bicker over because he’s really more of your right-hand man, or even Ops Director, but he insists on the title out of sheer principle.
Also because apparently, Hoseok gets the best gossip this way. Regardless, he’s the one person on the planet who believes in Clean Ocean as much as you do. At work though, he insists upon setting boundaries. 
Boundaries you enjoy pushing from time to time.
“Alright,” you say, smoothing your dress again. “I’m off.”
The dress you chose is burgundy in color, a wrap-around fastened by four buttons at the front and a belt. Cut low, a deep v showcases your generously enhanced cleavage. It took time to change into after work, which is part of the reason you’re late. The other part is because you’re almost permanently late to every function.
“Late,” Hoseok observes, as though reading your mind. “Again.”
“I’m never late,” you say, striding for the door. “Everyone else is simply early.”
Your dramatics are lessened when you trip on the carpet, nearly face-planting into the hall. Righting yourself, you glance over your shoulder and find Hoseok trying hard not to laugh.
“Right.” He pushes tortoiseshell glasses up his nose. “I’ll just be going, then. To my house,” he adds. “Not to a restaurant where I’ll make awkward conversation with a stranger I’ll never see again.”
“You don’t know that,” you say, although there’s little conviction in the statement. “Tonight’s date could be... the One.”
“If by the one, you mean one of the many mediocre guys who try to get in your pants – then yes, I stand corrected. He could be the one.”
“That is not what I meant,” you say, shooing him into the hall. Turning off the light, you shut the door to your office and lock it. “Alright.” Taking a deep breath, you push down your nerves. “Now, seriously, Hoseok. How do I look?”
Pursing his lips, Hoseok looks you up and down.
Your date tonight is with Eric Main, a guy you met on Hinge who sounds perfect on paper. Ivy League education, currently working for TED Talks (yes, those TED Talks) and is, quote, unquote, looking for someone to love his golden retriever, Leslie, as much as he does.
Although you normally hate it when people give their pets human names, you’ve chosen to overlook it because Leslie is adorable. The photo Eric chose for his profile shows the two of them hiking, which is something you definitely don’t do with your dog, Dante, but you could if you wanted to. Probably.
You chose the name Dante for your dog because, frankly, he’s small and weird looking – like the spirit dog, Dante, in the movie, Coco. Unlike movie-Dante though, your Dante despises all exercise above a stroll through the park, so you’ve yet to try something as daring as hiking.
Feeling a pang of dog-missing-sickness, you open your phone to stare at your wallpaper. It’s a picture your neighbor, Jimin, took of you in the park. Dante nearly bowled you over when you called his name, and the photo captures the moment your feet left the ground. For such a small dog, he’s surprisingly strong.
“Do you think it’s cruel to leave Dante alone?” you blurt before Hoseok can answer your first question. “Maybe I should call Jimin, see if they need anything or –”
Placing his hand over yours, Hoseok halts your dialing. “Y/N,” he says, looking you in the eyes. “You look fucking amazing, and your weird dog will be fine for one night alone. Okay?”
“Okay,” you mumble, putting your phone away. “And Dante is not weird. He’s just... quirky.”
“He only lets you burn frosting-scented candles.”
“He’s developed a preference!”
“That’s arguably the worst scent, Y/N.”
You level a finger at Hoseok. “Stop insulting my dog. It’s no wonder Dante gives you side-eye. Oh, shit,” you blurt, realizing your Uber has arrived. “I have to run. Thanks, Hobi!” you call as you dash down the hallway. “See you Sunday for brunch?”
“Yeah,” he calls out. “Seokjin and I will meet you at eleven.”
You nod, waving as you descend the stairs and Hoseok disappears.
Kim Seokjin, aka your one and only friend from your former lifestyle. Hoseok, you met during college when he had no idea who you were, but Seokjin you’ve known since you two were in diapers. He’s seen you on middle school picture days, when your boyfriend broke your heart at junior prom, and when you in turn, egged his car the next Halloween.
Currently, Seokjin writes for Conde Nast, a high-end travel magazine. It means he travels a lot although recently, he’s been gunning for an editor role, which means he’s been more local. You’re not complaining, since you’ve missed your other best friend around.
Pushing open the lobby door, you spot your Uber idling by the curb. The driver looks annoyed, checking his phone and – wincing – you hasten to enter his car.
“Sorry,” you apologize, sliding into the backseat. “Greg?”
Greg huffs, but gives a nod. “Y/N?”
“Present! First and Kensington,” you say, confirming the address.
Greg grunts, pulling into traffic as you buckle your seatbelt. Top 40 pop music blares from the stereo, which seems at odds with your driver’s demeanor, so it’s probably for your benefit. If so, he’s spot on and, sitting back, you hum along to the new Ariana Grande song on the radio.
It's only a ten-minute drive to the restaurant and the time passes quickly, busy texting Jimin about Dante’s eating habits. Jimin also has a dog, although his dog, Peaches, is older and much calmer than Dante. You two have a pact where you dog-sit for the other when available, no questions asked. It’s worked out well so far, since Jimin has a steady girlfriend, and you’ve been trying to go out on more dates.
As though called into being from the ninth circle of hell, Jungkook’s face flashes, unbidden, through your mind.
Wincing, you shove the image aside and try to concentrate on the present. This car is nothing like Jungkook’s. His town car was all leather seats, muted music, and the faint smell of expensive cologne. Greg’s Uber has scratchy, cloth-covered seats and kind of smells like patchouli. 
And yet – somehow, your mind wanders to the events of that night. 
His voice in your ear, wondering what you wore beneath your dress. His hands on your waist, pulling you closer – along with the many other ways he touched you, safely ensconced in the privacy of his apartment.
Jungkook would like what you chose to wear tonight, you think. Specifically, the lingerie you have on underneath the dress.
Shutting your eyes, you take a deep, measured breath. When you finally exhale, some of the heat from your skin has faded. It’s been nearly a month since your hook-up with Jungkook and somehow, you’ve managed not to use his number since.
Not that it hasn’t been tempting. The day after, you opened your phone and hovered over the delete button before finally sighing and placing your phone aside. For some reason, you can’t bring yourself to cut the last tie between you. 
Probably because every date between him and now has been utterly awful.
Trying to cleanse Jungkook from your system, you’ve gone on four dates since then and each one has been awful. Well, one of them you liked enough to sleep with, and the sex between you was terrible. Eric marks date number five, and you seriously don’t know what you’ll do if it sucks.
Leaning your head to the seatrest, you inhale, only to choke on patchouli-scented air. The rest of the way you suffer in silence, taking shallow breaths and hoping the perfume you put on continues to hold. At the restaurant, you exit, thank Greg, and stand on the sidewalk for a moment to prepare.
Eric chose a nice, if somewhat busy restaurant on the southwest side. Not far from your work – and not far from the TED Talk building, too, you note as you walk. Entering the front door, you hover a moment before a man stands and waves from a table in the back.
Hurrying towards him, you feel hopeful butterflies take flight in your stomach. Eric is cute enough, you think as you draw closer. There was certainly no exaggeration of height from his photo, which was what you found out with date number two. Standing, Eric clasps your hand to brush a kiss to your cheek, which you find a bit strange but nice, accepting the gesture as he pulls out your chair.
After that, the date goes fully downhill.
Don’t get you wrong – Eric is nice. Incredibly nice, well-read, conscious of boundaries and in turn, you kind of want to scream into a pillow. He’s that kind of nice which weighs down every second, slowing time to a crawl, or maybe a trickle. When you arrived, the time was 8:00 PM and now, after what feels like an eternity, the time has only turned 8:45 PM.
If you thought Jungkook was a dating Filofax, Eric is the whole damn Encyclopedia – and fuck. Now you’re thinking of Jungkook again. 
Jungkook wasn’t nice, that much is certain. Well, okay. He wasn’t mean, but he was blunt and only said exactly what he was thinking. Which more often than not, happened to be truths you’d rather not face.
Fiddling with your napkin, you glance at your phone and wonder, not for the first time, what would happen if you called. Jungkook would be an asshole, no doubt, but maybe it’d be worth it for another night of mind-blowing sex.
It would certainly beat talking about your university’s football team and whether or not they were going to ‘go all the way’ this year.
“I’m sorry,” you say, interrupting Eric mid-sentence. “I actually don’t pay much attention to football.”
He blinks, sitting back as though surprised by the interruption. You can’t really blame him. So far, you’ve been mostly tuned out, nodding in the right places, and laughing occasionally whenever Eric attempts to make a joke.
From the outside looking in, you’d probably think you were interested. But – as you learned from your dinner with Jungkook – there’s little to be gained by pretending to be someone else. Better to be honest and genuinely search for something between you than listen to another second of ingenuine football talk.
“Oh, okay.” Nodding, Eric lifts a glass of – much cheaper – sparkling wine. “That’s cool, we don’t have to talk about sports.”
“Cool.” You give a relieved smile. “What do you do in your free time then?” 
Maybe Eric has an interesting hobby, or is a secret adrenaline junky. Anything to keep the conversation moving forward. A nagging voice in the back of your mind wonders if you’re the one with a problem. You’ve gone out on several dates with perfectly nice men and have been utterly bored by all of them.
All – except one, the same voice whispers and you block it out.
“Free time?” Eric looks perplexed by the concept. “I mean, I work a lot.”
“But outside of work,” you press, searching for something – anything – to make you stay through the entrée.
Ever since you turned twenty-five, you’ve made it a firm rule not to waste your time on dates. Usually, you get drinks and an appetizer first before ordering the main course. If you’re not feeling it by the end of the drink, you make an excuse to leave without wasting more time.
So far, it says a lot about tonight that the ceviche has been more exciting than Eric’s company.
Eric’s brows knit. “Well, I watch a lot of the TED talks my co-workers put together when I’m not working on mine. There was this fascinating one the other day about the different types of snails throughout Europe, and what this might say about farmers post-Christ.”
Draining the rest of your glass, you place this on the table and force a smile. And – that’s game. One drink and appetizer down, and you have no more inclination to undress Eric than the snails he just mentioned.
Honestly, the snail video sounds kind of interesting but relayed in Eric’s dry, nasal tone, anything would sound dull. Thinking about him in your bed, sweet-talking you with that voice makes you shudder so hard, you’re surprised he doesn’t notice.
That’s a no on sex, then. 
The realization makes your stomach sink, since you’re in desperate need of a good fuck. A fact which makes you resent Jungkook, honestly. Before him, you could go months, maybe a year with no sex and barely even notice. Now though, your skin feels too tight, an ever-present itch in your mind to feel that way again.
You already made the mistake of sleeping with one date even though the chemistry wasn’t there. Brian barely gave any foreplay before entering, and it took several thrusts before you self-lubricated enough to continue. There was obviously no orgasm, and the sensation barely felt pleasant, let alone something you’d want to repeat.
When your phone buzzes on the table, your stomach swoops, but it’s only Jimin. Still, your heart leaps when you unlock the screen to find a picture of Dante.
“Oh, look!” you blurt, flipping around your phone to show Eric. “My dog-sitter just sent this photo of my dog. Isn’t he precious?”
Dante lies on his back, paws in the air and ignoring whatever Jimin is trying to get him to do – probably put on his harness to go for a walk. Eric scans the phone once, then nods, unimpressed.
“He’s cute,” he comments.
Sensing something is off, your eyes narrow. “He’s cute, but…?”
Blinking, Eric seems surprised you’re pressing the issue. Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he glances around the restaurant.
“But, uh, I don’t really like small dogs. Sorry.”
Instantly, your hand tightens. Returning the phone to your chest, you lower it to the table and continue staring at Eric. Dante isn’t small, exactly, but he’s no Great Dane.
“Gotcha,” you say, fighting to keep your voice even.
“It’s just” – Eric shrugs, not seeming to notice your expression – “in my experience, small dogs tend to be kind of mean. Super shrill.”
“Dante isn’t shrill,” you say, automatic.
Eric blinks again, somewhat concerned.
“Anyways,” you say, forcing a smile. “How’s your drink?”
“Oh, good.” Eric looks down. “I’m actually not a huge fan of champagne, though. More of a pilsner guy, myself.”
At this, you physically stop your teeth from grinding together. Multiple responses flit through your mind – this isn’t champagne, pilsners taste like wet wheat, large dogs are stupid – but you manage to suppress them.
“Will you excuse me?” you say instead, daintily setting aside your napkin. “Women’s room.”
Eric nods when you leave, seemingly unconcerned, and you hurry in the direction of the bathroom stalls. Once you’re inside, you slam the door shut and sit on the toilet, burying your face in your hands.
You can’t keep doing this. 
Going on date after date, hoping for something which never seems to happen. When you were little, your mom told you frankly to lower your expectations. You were barely twelve when she explained how she married your father for money. That’s the most practical reason a woman can marry, she told you, zero doubt in her voice.
Always stubborn, you’d refused to believe her, but now you think your mother might have had a point. Not about marrying for money, but about marriage being a practical matter. Your entire life you’ve waited for a spark, a soulmate, your other half – and nothing. Nearly thirty years, and no one has even come close. Maybe it’s time for you to give up on the dream.
Lifting your head, you stand from the toilet, flush, and exit to wash your hands at the closest sink. Staring at yourself in the mirror, a practical chill slowly fills your chest.
If you can’t have a soulmate, at least you can have the spark. Just because you haven’t found the One doesn’t mean your sex life needs to suffer.
Exiting the bathroom, you stand in the hall for a moment before taking a deep breath and marching straight for your table. Eric looks up when you hover, frowning a little when you don’t take a seat.
“I’m going to go,” you say bluntly. “This has been nice, but I don’t think there’s anything more than friendship between us.”
He stares, perplexed. “I – huh?”
For someone who works at TED Talks, he’s kind of slow on the uptake. Tapping your toe on the floor, you cross both your arms.
“I think we should end the date now, but thank you for the drink. Here’s two twenties for my share, plus tip.”
His mouth opens and closes, like a fish. “I – uh, okay. I guess.”
Nodding, you turn on your heel and march out the restaurant doors. On the sidewalk you pause and then, making an abrupt decision, fish around in your purse for your phone.
Gritting your teeth, you jab Jungkook’s number before you have the chance to talk yourself out of it. His phone rings once in your ear, then twice and –
Hearing his voice, your body goes still. For the past month, you’ve wondered if you built things up between you. He couldn’t possibly be as sexy as you remember, but hearing him takes you back to that night, listening to him grunt your name as he –
“Y/N?” Jungkook must have glanced at his phone, because he switches smoothly from confused to bemused. “Is that you?”
Regaining your senses, you walk away from the restaurant doors.
“Yes, it’s me,” you say, glancing over your shoulder. “What’re you doing?”
Jungkook pauses, and you can hear dishes clinking in the background. Brow furrowed, you wonder where he is and what he’s doing. Somehow, you find it hard to imagine Jungkook cooking in that big, empty apartment.
“I’m on a date, actually,” he says casually. “What’re you up to?”
Startled, you come to a stop.
“A date?” you ask. “Why did you answer my call? Oh. I see.” Sweetly, you drop your voice. “Were you missing me that badly, Jeon?”
“Nope. Charity is just in the bathroom.”
“I – Charity?”
“My date for the evening.”
Biting your tongue, you stifle the urge to make a joke at her expense. Charity is probably a lovely girl who’s done nothing wrong. Probably.
“Y/N.” Jungkook’s voice lowers. “Why are you calling?”
Right. Setting your jaw, you pull your shoulders back. 
“Because,” you announce. “I’m currently on the most boring date in all existence. Needless to say, I will not be getting dicked down in my date’s bed tonight like I originally planned.”
Silence greets this and eventually, you hear a soft swear on the other end. Lips turning upwards, you listen as Jungkook attempts to pull himself together.
“That’s a shame,” he says at last, sounding too composed. “And how, exactly, do I fit into this equation?”
“You said to call if I ever wanted to fuck again.”
“That’s true, I did.”
“I’m not going to beg, Jungkook,” you say, examining your nails. “This is a limited time offer. I’m equally fine returning to my vibrator.”
Quietly, Jungkook growls. It’s a blatant lie, of course. Although your vibrator is tried-and-true, you would much rather have Jungkook giving you an orgasm than plastic.
“Mm,” he says carefully. “I’m on a date right now, though.”
“Oh, please,” you say with an eye roll. “If you were seriously interested in whoever you’re with –”
“If you were seriously interested in your date, you never would’ve picked up the phone when I called. Even if your date is in the bathroom.”
“Let’s say you’re right,” Jungkook says, switching tones. “What’s in it for me?”
“Was that not obvious?” you say sweetly. “Me, ass up in your bed, wearing the skimpy lingerie I planned on another guy tearing off with his teeth.”
“Fuck,” Jungkook mutters. “Yes. Okay. I’ll meet you at my apartment in twenty minutes. Text you the address.”
“Hang on, wait – my date is coming back from the bathroom.”
Baffled, you glance around. “Why would that –”
“Grandma?” Jungkook’s tone switches to alarm. “What happened? Are you okay?”
Stifling a laugh, you clasp a hand over your mouth.
It’s obnoxious, but you can’t say you haven’t done it before. Hoseok has called you many a time with a fake emergency when your date isn’t going well, and the guy you’re with doesn’t seem like he’ll accept the word no.
“Alright, stay there and don’t move,” Jungkook says sternly.
“I have to say, I don’t love that you’ve made me your grandmother in this scenario,” you comment.
“Need me to bring you anything?” he asks, fully committed to the bit.
“Do you mean like, snacks or condoms?”
Jungkook clucks his tongue. “Be careful,” he says, voice dropping. “If you keep going like that, you’ll be sore tomorrow.”
He says this in an entirely inappropriate tone for his grandmother, but it causes instant heat to spread through your body.
Before you can reply, he hangs up and you’re left listening to an empty call. Glancing around, you realize Eric must have left. You don’t see him through the restaurant’s windows, so you head towards the curb to wait for a cab.
It doesn’t take long for one to come and, hailing the driver, you feel your phone vibrate again. It’s Jungkook with his address, which you rattle off to the driver as you slide inside.
Leaning back, you glance out the window and watch the city pass by. Skyscrapers and office buildings flash into view, muted grey fronts broken by passing pedestrians. It doesn’t take long to reach Jungkook’s place and, exiting the cab, you crane your neck backwards to look at his penthouse. Hard to tell, but you don’t think you see any lights on.
Entering the lobby, you’re certain you’ll have to wait for Jungkook – only to stop short when you see him on the sofa.
Low, white chaises are situated before a sleek, gas fireplace opposite the entrance. Jungkook sits on the sofa nearest, facing you with one leg crossed over the other. Both his arms are relaxed over the seat back, watching you with a casual grin on his face.
Halting your steps, you look him up and down. “Hi, Jungkook.”
His grin widens. “Beat you.”
“Ugh.” Pulling your purse from your shoulder, your rifle around for your Chapstick. “Don’t make me regret calling you.”
In your peripheral, you see him stand, stretching both arms overhead as he walks your way. His cologne makes you feel slightly light-headed, but not in a bad way. Most cologne makes you want to cough, but his smells light and airy – cotton and lemon, maybe. Something citrus for sure.
Coming to a stop, Jungkook places both hands in his pockets to look down. Applying Chapstick, you glance up and watch his gaze focus on your mouth.
This gives you time to examine him, an act you deem both necessary and worthwhile. Jungkook is dressed more casually than on your date, which makes you oddly pleased. A mustard-colored blazer layered over a blue and white striped shirt, paired with tan slacks, and dark brown boots. His hair’s been styled to perfection, a slightly gelled piece flopping over his forehead.
When you’re done looking, you realize Jungkook has noticed.
Brow arched, he says, “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you don’t regret this.”
And just like that, all your bones turn to jelly. He sounds so certain, so wholly confident in the fact that you’ll have a good time – you can’t help but believe him.
“Fine,” you sigh, turning to walk towards the elevators. “Let’s go upstairs.”
Jungkook laughs, easily catching up. He walks casually beside you, hands still in his pockets.
“Aren’t I allowed to be a little smug?” he teases. “I thought you said you’d never call me again.”
Despite his tone, there’s curiosity to his gaze. His words hang between you, the end of his sentence obvious. And yet, here you are. Coming to his apartment after giving in to calling him.
“I know,” you exhale, pressing the elevator button. “Turns out, good sex is surprisingly hard to come by.”
“I haven’t found that to be true.”
“For women,” you clarify, turning to face him. “Good sex is surprisingly hard to come by for women.”
Jungkook considers, then nods as the doors slide open. “Fair enough,” he says, stepping inside. “Well, I’m happy to be of service. Speaking of.” His gaze trails your body, darkening slightly. “Who was the idiot who missed out on seeing you naked tonight?”
“Nuh-uh.” You shake your head. “No personal details. I think it’s best if we keep our lives as separate as possible.”
Somewhat amused, Jungkook presses the P button and swipes his black card as a key. Leaning against the mirror, he examines your expression once more.
“Oh?” he muses. “And what else have you decided?”
Straightening, you take a deep breath as you prepare your words. This is something you thought about on the way over. If you’re going to do this with him, you should probably control as many variables as possible. 
As someone from your former world, Jungkook will understand what might happen if word of this were to get out.
“Okay,” you say, using your sternest voice. “If we’re going to do this, I think there should be rules.”
Jungkook lifts a brow. “If we’re going to do what, though?”
“Don’t make me say it, Jeon.”
A smile breaks free. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.”
“Fine.” You roll your eyes. “If we’re going to be fuck buddies, we should set some ground rules. Number one, let’s not discuss our personal lives.”
“Hang on.” Holding up a hand, Jungkook’s eyes gleam. “Back up a step – are you saying you actually want to do this again? After tonight, I mean.”
You hesitate, hearing the note of challenge – or maybe it’s finality – in his voice. As unpolished as his execution is, Jungkook is forcing you to articulate exactly what you want, which you can appreciate.
Because he’s right, this arrangement has danger written all over it. Frankly, you’ve never considered a sexual relationship with someone from your former world, but that was before you had sex with Jungkook. Before you realized exactly what it meant to be sexually compatible with someone in the bedroom.
If only it weren’t with him, of all people.
“I don’t know,” you say finally. “Let’s just… set the rules and see what happens.”
Jungkook considers, and you wonder if he’ll call you out, but he doesn’t. “Alright,” he agrees, relaxing a little. “Agreed to rule number one.”
“Right, so –”
“I think it’ll be hard, though.”
You pause, brow furrowed. “What?”
“Not saying anything about our personal lives.” Delicately, his brows lift. “I mean, you already know I was on a date tonight. I already know you own a vibrator. That seems pretty personal.”
“You know what I mean,” you retort, your eyes narrowed. “As much as possible, we keep this about sex. Rule number two,” you say, barreling on. “Protection is a must. I’m on the pill, but we use condoms, too.”
“Makes sense.”
Uncertain, you blink, since that was remarkably easy. In your experience, men have never been more creative than while searching for an excuse not to wear a condom.
“Uh,” you say, regaining yourself. “Okay. We should also get tested. I went to my gyno two weeks ago, and I’m clean, but I’ll send you the results. When was your last check-up?”
“I get tested monthly.” 
Again, you find yourself surprised. “Oh. Okay. I mean, I should probably be appalled that that’s necessary but honestly, I’m just glad you’re a responsible fuckboy.”
Lifting one shoulder, Jungkook lets it fall. “It’s what anyone decent would do. I’ll email you my results once we get upstairs.”
“Alright, cool. Rule number three. This” – you gesture between you – “isn’t exclusive. We can still see other people.”
Jungkook’s gaze flickers. “Agreed.”
“Four. Either of us is free to break this off any time.”
“Mm.” He pauses. “And why would I want to end things?”
“I mean, pick a reason.” You wave a hand. “You get bored. I get bored. I find someone I want to date exclusively. You get an STD.”
His eyes narrow at the last one. “What if I find someone I want to date seriously?”
“You?” It’s a struggle not to laugh. “Jungkook, have you ever had a girlfriend?”
“Well, no. But I’ve always been of the belief it’s never too late to try.”
Deciding to ignore this, you continue on with the rules. There are only a few floors left before Jungkook’s apartment, and you want to make sure the details have been ironed out.
“And five,” you say, regaining control. “Under no circumstances are my parents to find out about this. If they do, I’m immediately invoking rule number four.”
Jungkook tilts his head. “You dislike me that much?”
He doesn’t sound hurt, exactly, but there’s an undercurrent to his words you can’t quite place. It makes you pause long enough to relent and exhale.
“No,” you admit. “It’s just… I’ve worked hard to keep my parents out of my love life. Aside from the occasional blind date, they’ve mostly given up on me dating someone from their circle. If they were to find out about you, though…”
Trailing off, you allow Jungkook to imagine. 
You’re sure it’s not a scenario Jungkook wants, either. Your parents are powerful, same as his father, and if they decided the two of you dating was good for their public image, well – it could prove difficult for either of you to say no.
Frowning a little, Jungkook finally nods. “Agreed.”
His elevator dings, sliding open to reveal his apartment. The décor is spotless, looking exactly as it did the last time you were here. Wandering in, you remove your shoes and glance around.
“Do you actually live here?” you wonder out loud.
Jungkook laughs, crossing the room to the kitchen. 
“Uh, yeah. Why do you ask?” he says, grabbing a bottle of wine from a bar cart. Rummaging around for a wine opener, he opens a drawer and looks up. “Do you want a glass?”
“Sure,” you say, crossing the room. Seating yourself on a bar stool, you swivel around. “Your place is just so… pristine,” you say, answering his first question. “It looks like a photograph from Good Housekeeping, or something.”
Wrenching upwards, Jungkook pulls the cork from the bottle to set aside. Turning around, he procures two glasses – the right shape for the wine he’s selected, you note – and begins to pour.
“Honestly, I’m not here that often,” Jungkook confesses, watching the wine level rise. “Usually, I’m at the office or with my friends. Or ‘fulfilling my society obligations,’” he adds, using one-handed air quotes. “This is really just the place where I sleep.”
Accepting the wine glass he gives, you take a thoughtful sip.
Although your apartment is smaller and boasts an impressive view of a solid brick wall, you pay the rent by yourself and have it furnished to your liking. It has character, as they say. Your sofa is ancient, bought from an estate sale up north; Hoseok helped you lug it up five flights of stairs, and the stain in the right corner is wine spilled by Seokjin.
Your place isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s real and it suits you. Glancing around, you can’t get any feel for the man who lives here. Or sleeps here, as Jungkook has said.
Keeping his gaze level, Jungkook drinks from his wine glass. Raising yours to your lips, you take a small sip and feel your eyes widen.
“This is really nice,” you say, glancing down in surprise.
Reaching for the bottle, you turn its label to face you. A Barbaresco wine from the Piedmont region of Italy – fancy, especially for a self-proclaimed bachelor.
“Yeah, well.” Jungkook’s cheeks redden as he drinks. “I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to wine.”
“Oh?” You glance at him with interest. “A budding sommelier?”
“An actual sommelier,” Jungkook corrects. “Took the courses after college but, well… you know.” Subtly, his expression shifts. “Haven’t had time for hobbies recently.”
Fingers playing with the stem of your glass, you wonder if you should offer Jungkook something in turn. A piece of information about yourself, since he just confessed to something he didn’t have to. 
Then, realizing this would be dangerously close to personal conversation, you straighten. Seeming to notice, Jungkook’s gaze turns heavy-lidded.
“So.” He pauses. “What did you want to do tonight, Y/N?”
Swiftly, his gaze sweeps your frame, heat lingering in each place he passes. Shakily, you take a final sip of your wine and place this on the counter.
“If I say, ‘have sex,’ would that be too on the nose?” 
Jungkook’s lips twitch. “There are a lot of different ways to have sex, though.”
“You mean like, positions?”
“That, too.” Jungkook pauses. “I was more thinking about things which turned you on last time. The idea of being tied up. You liked watching yourself in the window... we could do more things like that.”
The inside of your mouth has gone dry. “More things like…”
“Restraints. Voyeurism. Or maybe,” he adds with an appraising glance. “Something entirely different. Role play. Shower sex. Toys.”
Surprised, you glance around his apartment. “You have toys… here?”
Jungkook fights back a smile. “I mean, yeah. Why should women get to have all the fun?”
Heat licks the base of your spine, fingers digging into the counter before you. Truthfully, everything Jungkook just said made your insides tighten. You’re beginning to wonder if he could do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, and you would still be interested.
For tonight, though, there’s something that’s lingered in the back of your mind. Something Jungkook mentioned the first night and you haven’t been able to completely forget.
“There is… one thing,” you say, then pause. “What about... oral?”
Jungkook stills. “I thought you weren’t interested in that.”
“I wasn’t.” Uncertain, your voice drops. “But… well, there were a lot of things you did last time which…” You clear your throat. “I want to try this with you. Just once.”
Jungkook considers, fingers tapping the counter. You can’t help glancing at them, remembering what it felt like to have them inside you, which proves distracting enough that you nearly forget what you said.
“Alright.” Jungkook ceases his movement. “But we’ll go slow. If at any point you’re uncomfortable, you tell me, and we stop. Okay?”
Quickly, you nod and relief courses through you, followed by eager anticipation.
Receiving oral has always been a hang-up for you. It started with your high school boyfriend, Kevin Fink, who went down on you one summer in the back of his father’s Rolls Royce. Legs spread, you stared at the ceiling with your panties pushed to your ankles and skirt rolled around your waist.
Kevin prodded around for awhile before awkwardly licking someplace definitely not your clit. He kept going like that, making things wet and uncomfortable before lifting himself to declare the act a success. You stared at him in disbelief, then broke up a week later.
Your ex got revenge by telling everyone on the guy’s soccer team you smelled terrible down there. It wasn’t true – your gynecologist confirmed this when you went to her, panicked – but by then, it was too late. The damage to your reputation was done.
The next time you tried oral was with your boyfriend five years ago, a couple of months into your relationship. He begged you to let him try and one night, drunk off champagne, you gave in and agreed. It felt nice at first, but nothing more than that and eventually, he gave up, declaring something wrong with your body.
Ever since, you’ve left the topic alone. Apparently, it’s hard to make you come – this is something you’ve heard since you began having sex. Jungkook is the only person who’s ever made it seem easy. 
It’s why you find yourself wondering if with him, other things would be easy, too.
“Are you done with your wine?” Jungkook interrupts your thoughts.
“Oh. Yeah,” you say, pushing the glass aside. Hopping down from the bar stool, you glance around. “Where to now?”
Coming around the corner, Jungkook grabs your hand so smoothly, it must be practiced. You barely have time to react before he’s pulling you down the hall.
“Bedroom,” he says, speaking over his shoulder. “More room to be comfortable for your first time.”
“It’s not my first time with oral,” you say, bristling slightly. “Guys have eaten me out before, Jungkook.”
“Right.” He nods, pushing open the door. “But I haven’t.”
You should groan, but something about his delivery – a look, paired with a wink – leaves you smiling instead. His arrogance should be off-putting and it kind of is, but it also feels freeing, watching him display utter confidence in his own skin.
Entering his room, you feel transported to the last time. Floor to ceiling windows take up two walls, a gigantic King bed situated opposite the muted light. Feeling suddenly nervous, you come to a stop in the middle and release Jungkook’s hand.
Without meaning to, your gaze drifts to the bed, remembering the last time he fucked you. Muscles tense with anticipation, your eyes flutter shut when he steps behind you.
Ghost-like, the pads of his fingers brush down your bare arms.
“Just a reminder,” he murmurs, dropping a kiss to your neck. “That you’re free to leave any time.”
“Obviously.” Eyes still shut, you lean into his kisses. “That’s rule number four of the agreement.”
“Ah, yes.” Jungkook’s laugh brushes your throat. “Our agreement to be fuck buddies.” He pauses. “Is that what we are, princess?” Turning you around to face him, he waits for your eyes to open. “I thought you didn’t even like me, Y/N – and now we’re friends?”
“Well, saying fuck enemies just sounds stupid.”
A surprised laugh escapes him. “We’re enemies, then?”
“I… don’t know,” you admit, for some reason deciding to tell him the truth. “It’s definitely not… hate I feel when you touch me.”
His gaze darkens. Reaching out, Jungkook slips a hand around your waist to pull your chest against his. His other hand slips down your spine, cupping your ass to give a casual squeeze.
“No,” he murmurs, the word barely audible. “Definitely not hate.”
Pressed to his body, you can feel the throbbing bulge of his growing erection. Emboldened, you slip a hand between you to cup over his front. Jungkook lets you, his gaze lazy as you slowly explore. Hand trapped between you, it feels hot and elicit to palm him through his pants.
This continues for a while, until Jungkook lowers his head, growling, “Enough,” in your ear. He tugs the lobe with his teeth, pressing heat-laden kisses down the skin of your throat as you tip your head back.
Sucking in a breath, your arms rise to his biceps as Jungkook travels downwards. Stopping at the neckline of your dress, he looks up.
“I believe you said something about skimpy lingerie you planned for someone to tear off with his teeth?” he murmurs.
Without looking away, you lift your hands slowly to undo your belt. This drops to the floor and, once the four buttons are undone, Jungkook pushes your dress from your shoulders. 
When it falls, you’re left in only your underwear. Panties, sheer and glistening, and a delicate bustier made entirely of lace. Your nipples are visible through the fabric, making Jungkook exhale and shove a hand through his hair.
“Fuck,” he mutters, not looking away. “Yeah. This was a good decision.”
“What was?”
“Answering the phone,” he says simply. Catching you by the waist, Jungkook crushes you closer. “I want to make you come from playing with these,” he says bluntly, cupping a breast with one hand. “One day.”
Thumb brushing a turgid peak, he hardens one nipple and lowers his head to the other. Jungkook’s mouth closes over your bra, sucking and tearing a gasp from your throat. He keeps teasing you this way, yanking the other cup down to stroke your nipple with his thumb.
Each ministration leaves your core throbbing, hips canting against nothing as he plays with your breasts. You can feel your thighs growing slippery when finally, Jungkook lifts his head.
“Remove your lingerie with teeth, yes?” he asks, gaze glinting.
Nodding, you turn around as Jungkook steps behind you. Watching him in the window, you watch him lower his lips to your neck. Gently, his mouth trails your spine until reaching your bra. When he breaks the clasp, your back arches, and you stifle a gasp as your breasts are revealed.
Pulling you backwards, Jungkook touches his front to your spine. “Feel that?” he murmurs, hand slipping down your stomach. From behind, his erection presses into your ass. “Feel how hard you make me? How badly I want you?”
Somewhat dazed, you watch his hand cup your sex. Gently, his middle finger moves up and down over the silk of your panties.
“I like having you naked like this,” he admits on an exhale. “While I’m still fully clothed. Makes me so hard. What if I just pulled out my cock and entered this pretty pussy – you wouldn’t mind, would you, Y/N?”
“No,” you breathe, unable to look away.
His finger continues its rhythmic exploration, your chest rising and falling within the cage of his arms. His cock is rock-hard, pressed to your ass in a way that makes you squirm.
“I knew it.” There’s triumph in his voice when he cups your pussy and you can’t help it – you mewl, melting backwards against him. “We’ll have to do that,” Jungkook muses, sucking on your neck. “Sex in public. Do you like the opera, princess?”
“I – it’s fine,” you breathe, fighting to stay upright.
“I mean, who does?” he relents, pulling your panties aside to slip over your clit. “My family has a private box, though. It’d be easy to go. To have you wear a dress with no panties. No one would notice if you moved from your seat to mine. If you gripped my chair to lower yourself on my cock, fucking yourself to a couple of orgasms.”
You moan, head lolling against his shoulder as he touches you. As though sensing your peril, Jungkook pulls his finger back and readjusts your panties in place. Outraged, your gaze opens to stare at him in the window.
Jungkook chuckles. “I think you’re ready for me, princess.”
Somewhat dazed, you remember where this is headed. Jungkook giving you oral and, the moment you think this, your entire body tenses.
“Right,” you exhale.
Removing his blazer, Jungkook drapes this over a chair and begins to undo his shirt. Once this is undone, you take a step closer to examine.
“What do your tattoos mean?” you ask, curious.
Jungkook looks up. “Do they have to mean something?”
“No.” You shrug. “It’s just if they did, I’m interested in knowing.”
He pauses, looking at you for a moment with an unknown expression. When you say nothing else, Jungkook exhales and looks down.
“Some have meaning,” he admits, hands reaching for his belt. “Initials of my mom on my knuckles. Friends up my arm. My birth flower on my wrist, and a few other things.”
“That’s cool,” you say and surprisingly, you mean it.
This sets off warning bells in your mind, sensing the conversation is getting too personal.
“So, where do you want me?” you ask, changing the subject. “On the bed?”
Beside you, Jungkook’s belt hits the floor.
“Yep,” he says, undoing his zipper. “Sit on my bed, then scoot back.”
Forcibly ignoring the throb in your panties, you settle onto his bed and move back. Keeping your legs shut, you’re suddenly aware of how naked you are. Only your underwear remains between him and you.
Jungkook keeps his boxer-briefs on, looking like a fucking greek god in his Balenciagas. Standing above you, he surveys your naked body and in response, your nipples tighten. Unfair, that he can do that with barely any effort.
“Lay back on your elbows,” Jungkook suggests, lowering a knee to the mattress.
His black boxer-briefs cling obscenely to his hips, hugging his ass like they’re about to fall off. You watch taut muscles work when he kneels, only remembering what’s at hand when he looks down expectantly.
“Spread your legs,” Jungkook says, sounding hoarse. “I won’t touch you yet. Just want to see your pretty pussy, Y/N.”
Heat drenches your core as, slowly, you open your legs. Jungkook’s gaze darkens, near-black with hunger at the sight of your glistening cunt. Feeling somewhat emboldened, you reach down and pull your panties aside.
Jungkook moans, looking up. “You’re killing me,” he breathes. “Please – can I touch?”
You realize he’s hard when you glance below his waist. Jungkook wants you, you realize. He wants to do this with you, he wants to eat you out and make you come. Realizing this sends a rush of arousal through you.
“Yeah,” you whisper. “Touch me, Jungkook. Lick me.”
Muttering a swear, he drops to his forearms between your spread legs. Reaching out, he delicately takes your panties to cover your dripping arousal. You wonder why until he lowers his head – and deeply inhales.
Fascinated, you stare as Jungkook glances up.
“Fuck, you smell sweet,” he says, gaze brimming with hunger.
One hand on your knee, he kisses up your thigh. Turning his head, Jungkook’s lips ghost the outside of your panties. His breath teases the point where your body throbs, heat and desire mingling in a single location.
“Jungkook,” you whisper, thighs falling open. “Please.”
Lowering his head, Jungkook inhales again. His nose traces a line down your panties before he pushes the fabric aside to give a tentative lick. Stiffening slightly, you wait for a negative reaction, but Jungkook just growls and licks you again.
Tongue tracing your folds, he moves back and forth with slow, languid motions. It feels good – better than good, when he laps your arousal. Rising briefly, Jungkook closes his lips over your clit to give a slow, tender suck. In response, your body nearly arches clear off the bed.
“Oh – fuck,” you choke, your hands twisting in sheets.
“Did you like that?” he murmurs.
Slipping his finger lower, Jungkook traces over your opening. Swirling his tongue, he moves once, then twice over your swollen clit.
“Yes,” you moan, chasing the press of his mouth. “Right there.”
He does this again, sucking with unbridled enthusiasm while you writhe underneath him. Each time your thighs start to shake, he switches the rhythm and denies you an orgasm. Fresh arousal gushes from your cunt, soaking the bedsheets and his hand underneath you. He’s going to make you come, you realize – you can feel it, deep in your gut as he plays with your pussy in ways no one has before.
Now he’s just toying with you, showing you how fun this can be, how good it can feel and how he’s the only one who can give it to you. The fact isn’t lost on you as you thread your hands through his hair, thighs spread on the bed, undulating against his mouth.
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you moan, hips rising against him. “You’re – oh my god – yes.”
Pausing, he looks up with a wet-lipped smirk. “That’s it,” he breathes, slipping a finger inside you. Gasping at the intrusion, you clench when he curls the lone digit forward. “You’re doing so well, princess. So close to coming, aren’t you?”
“Y-yes,” you gasp as he fucks you with his finger.
“Good.” Bending, Jungkook sucks on your clit in slow, steady motions until your body is trembling. Breaking away at the last moment, he lifts his head. “Then, come.”
Your eyes widen and, enjoying your stunned silence, Jungkook returns to between your legs. Moving with newfound purpose, he adds a second finger and curls them both forward.
Keeping one hand on your hip, he continues eating you out until your whole body is taut. Panting his name, you grip his hair harder against the torturous onslaught of his mouth. Rolling your hips, a cry tears from your lips as the tension inside you snaps. Shuddering apart, your orgasm sweeps through you in bright, cresting waves.
Breathing hard, you come down from the high. Feeling molten, you wait a moment, then open your eyes.
Jungkook lingers between your thighs, skimming your folds with his fingers before he pulls back. Shifting his weight to one forearm, he keeps his gaze on you as he slips each finger – one by one – into his mouth to lick clean.
Your whole body clenches. “Shit,” you mutter.
The sight is so hot, your vision clouds for a moment, leaving you feeling as though your last orgasm never happened. Needing more – needing him – you abruptly sit up.
“Strip,” you say, slipping your panties off. “I want to see you naked.”
Jungkook obeys, eagerly reaching for the waistband of his boxers. Roughly, he shoves these down until a faint smattering of dark hair appears on his torso. You stare in fascination, not having had much time to look before.
While Jungkook’s arm is entirely covered, the ink on his right side is patchy. Swirls of dark ink and skin stretch from shoulder to pelvis, leaving a fair amount of canvas still to be covered. Without thinking, you reach out and trace a petal at his hip.
Jungkook stills, glancing at the sight of your hand on his waist. 
“Sorry,” you murmur, looking up. “Your tattoos are nice.”
His brow flicks upwards. “Nice?”
Slightly embarrassed, you draw back and Jungkook catches your hand. Slowly, he replaces his hand with yours on his boxers and waits. Holding your breath, you realize how close you two are as you pull his boxers down.
Gaze lowering, your lips inadvertently part when you see his cock. Secretly, you’d wondered if you overexaggerated it in your mind. Maybe you’d been so dazed by your orgasms, you hallucinated the size and width of Jungkook’s cock.
Faced with him again, you’re forced to admit Jungkook’s as pretty as you remember. His cock stands, thick and hard below his waist. A fat bead of cum lingers on the tip, inviting your mouth to wrap around him and suck.
“Damn,” you mutter.
Chuckling lowly, Jungkook takes your hand again to wrap around his cock. Hissing through your teeth, you leisurely stroke, then release his length.
“Boxers,” you demand. “Take them off all the way.”
He obeys again, pushing them down until they lie on the floor. Entirely naked, he waits, and you push him gently backwards. Surprised, Jungkook takes a seat before you on the bed.
“Where are your condoms?” you say, glancing around.
“Bedside table.” Jungkook’s brows draw together. “I can get one for you if –”
“No need.” Locating the table, you open the top drawer and pause. “Oh my god,” you breathe, eyes wide. “You have a sex drawer.”
Lowering himself to his elbows, Jungkook gives a lazy smile. “What of it, princess? Something catch your eye?”
Scanning the drawer’s contents, you’re not sure how to answer because truthfully, a lot of it seems interesting. Frowning slightly, you pluck two rounded balls on a string from the front.
“What are these?” you ask, weighing them in your palm.
Jungkook’s smile flashes in darkness.
“Kegel balls,” he answers.
Curious, you examine them closer. “What do they do?”
“Well.” Jungkook shifts his weight. “You put them inside you, holding them in place using only your… muscles.” His gaze flicks lower. “I’ve heard it’s fun for women to wear them in public.”
A shiver goes through you, imagining these inside you while out for the night. It would be fun to use them with Jungkook, but not right now. Replacing them carefully in the drawer, you grab a condom from the stack and turn away.
“Another time,” you say, enjoying the hunger which crosses his features.
Opening the condom, you throw the wrapper in the trash and look down. Jungkook remains seated, legs extended, his cock maddeningly hard. Swinging your leg across his thighs, you position yourself above him.
“Y/N.” Catching you by the waist, one of his hands slides gently upwards. “What are you doing?” he murmurs, cupping the back of your neck.
“I want to ride you.”
Unthinking, he wets his lips. “That’s… you don’t have to do that, Y/N.”
“Who said anything about have to?” Ignoring him, you reach down to roll the condom on. Stroking him gently, you slip the rubber down. “I want to.”
“You just came, though,” he counters. “Let me get you wet again.”
Startled, you let out a laugh. Jungkook frowns in confusion until you grab his hand to place it between your legs. Slipping both your fingers and his through the slick of your folds, you watch his expression change.
“Check for yourself,” you murmur, wondering when you became so bold.
With past boyfriends, you’ve been enthusiastic, but never this forward. Then again, past boyfriends never encouraged this type of behavior in you. With your last partner, the kinkiest things got was the time you hopped in on his morning shower. Not that you haven’t had good sex, because you have, but something about your time with Jungkook feels different.
Maybe it’s because of the way you started, but you feel completely comfortable telling him what turns you on. This is just about sex, so you might as well get what you want. Besides, you highly doubt there’s anything you could say he hasn’t heard before.
Hand curling around your waist, Jungkook pulls you closer to slip his finger backwards. Feeling how wet you are, his eyes darken, and he traces a slow circle around your throbbing cunt. Gently, he pushes inside you, then back out.
“Alright,” he agrees, never looking away. “You’re ready.”
“Keep going,” you whimper.
Jaw tense, Jungkook’s grip on you tightens as he moves his finger inside you; rougher, this time. Groaning his name, your eyes flutter shut, and you arch your chest forward. Accepting the invitation, Jungkook closes his lips over a nipple as his finger pumps in and out.
When you can’t take any more, you tug once on his hair “Alright,” you breathe, trying to steady yourself. “Okay.”
Lifting his head, Jungkook nods and leans back. Steadying yourself with his shoulder, you reach down to position his cock at your entrance. Sliding over him a few times, you get the tip of him wet – until Jungkook reaches down, pausing your hand.
“Hang on,” he says, reaching to open his drawer.
You frown, unsure what he wants until he pulls out a bottle of lube. Squirting this in one palm, Jungkook coats the outside of the condom and motions you forward.
“There,” he breathes, cock grazing your pussy.
Holding your breath, you sink down just enough to take the tip inside. The lube makes it so easy, his cock stretching your entrance as though it were nothing. Jungkook inhales, his grip tightening on your waist.
“What’s wrong?” you murmur, immediately stopping. A tortured look passes over his face and in response to this, you smile. “Miss my pussy that much, Jeon?”
Glancing upwards, he pauses and then his gaze heats. “You know I did,” Jungkook breathes. Grasping the back of your neck, he tilts your head back to lick, slowly up the curve of your throat. “Told you I’d fuck my hand in the shower and think about you.”
“I – I thought you were kidding,” you pant, trying to regain control.
Unwittingly, you sink down another inch. Jungkook groans, shifting his hips to slide in a little more. Teeth gritted, you pull off him entirely and Jungkook’s eyes widen.
“W-what’s wrong?” he pants in concern. “Why did you –”
When you drop, sheathing his whole cock inside you, his words flicker and die. 
A garbled noise escapes him as his cock goes from nothing to being surrounded by your hot, wet pussy. You can’t help but groan because, although you knew what to expect, the stretch is almost too much.
His cock practically splits you in two; a deep, throbbing ache which accompanies his presence. The pleasure borders on pain, rippling through your body and driving you closer. Jungkook’s hand slips down your back, cupping your ass to pull your hips forward.
You whimper when he gets even deeper, your legs eagerly spread over the expanse of his thighs. Despite your eagerness, you find you weren’t prepared. Going from nothing to something is one thing; going from nothing to Jungkook, who fills you in a way that makes you feel empty because you know he’ll eventually have to pull out again, is quite another.
Shifting again, his cock presses to your g-spot and you let out a whimper.
“Shhh.” Cupping the back of your neck with one hand, Jungkook slowly cants his hips upwards. His cock thrusts in deeper to hit a tender spot. “That’s it, Y/N. Just relax and feel me.”
He does this again, working himself deeper as you sink against his chest. You inhale, legs spread as he fucks you from below. It feels so, so good, but that’s not what you’re here for.
“My turn,” you whisper, changing the motion by rolling your hips.
Jungkook stills when you lift yourself upright and place your hands behind you. Holding onto his knees, you lift your body slowly to sink down on his cock. Rolling your hips again, you relish his intake of breath and repeat the action – once more, setting a steady motion as you fuck yourself with his cock.
Not looking away, you circle your hips to get his cock even deeper. Jungkook stares, his gaze roaming your bare chest and spread pussy before him. Reaching out, he thumbs over your swollen clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through you.
“Oh,” you moan, head tipped backwards. “Yes – yes, right there, Jungkook.”
Your orgasm is building, begging you blindly to come again on his cock. Increasing your tempo, you fuck yourself harder, rougher against him. Chest bouncing, you slam your hips down to his. Still, it’s not enough and you make a noise of frustration.
“Jungkook,” you whine, eyes opening. “I need more.”
“More?” Suddenly, he sits upright. “I can do more, princess.”
Grasping your hips, Jungkook lifts you off his cock. You moan, protesting the loss of him but Jungkook merely chuckles, turning you around to face the windows.
“Knees together,” he instructs, holding you upright. One of his hands presses gently on your lower back. “Now, bend forward on the mattress.”
Breathing fast, you adopt the kneeling position he desires. Jungkook’s palm hovers at your neck, slipping slowly down your spine to end at your pussy. Briefly, he teases in a circle before pushing a finger inside your cunt.
“Oh,” you exhale, feeling how tight the fit is.
With your legs pressed together and bent forward, your folds touch in a way that feels wonderfully obscene. Arousal leaks from your entrance, smearing your thighs with evidence of your state. When he pulls your hips upwards to hover in mid-air, you’re certain Jungkook can see how wet he’s made you.
“God, you’re amazing,” he groans.
His fingers start to play with your weeping cunt, slipping inside you, then back out in leisurely strokes. Breasts aching against your thighs, you can feel your arousal settle deep in your gut. Two of Jungkook’s fingers slide in, curling upwards – and then he replaces them both with the tip of his cock.
Teasing you a bit more, Jungkook slips up and down before slowly pushing in. Eagerly, your pussy accepts the welcome intrusion.
“Oh my god,” you groan, cheek pressed to the mattress.
Lazily, he pulls his cock out, then pushes back in. Jungkook does this again and again, until you think you might come from orgasm denial alone. Everything feels oversensitive, forcing your clit to throb each time he ignores it.
“Jungkook, please,” you moan.
“What was that?” A sharp smack on your ass follows. “Begging? What for, baby?”
Too needy to care about how desperate you seem, you try and push your hips back. Jungkook soothes the aching point, then smacks your ass again.
“Fuck,” you whimper. Although you buck your hips backwards, Jungkook holds you in place. “Please, Jungkook.”
“Please what, baby? Use your words.”
There’s smug triumph to his voice, but you find you don’t care.
“Fuck me,” you gasp, barely sounding like yourself. “Fuck me so hard, Jungkook, I can’t walk tomorrow.”
“That so?” he muses.
Pulling out to the tip – he roughly slams his cock in. You cry out, thrust forward as satisfaction rolls through you. Jungkook begins hammering your insides, each hard, fast plunge of his cock stroking something deeper.
“Yes. Yes! Yes!” you gasp, thrusting your hips backwards to meet his pace.
“This hard enough for you, princess?”
Panting slightly, Jungkook’s hand finds your throat. Just enough for you to know who he is and what he’s capable of doing. When you glance upwards and see your reflection in the window opposite, you nearly cum on the spot.
Chest lifted, your breasts bounce with each thrust of his cock. Jaw clenched, Jungkook is completely in control while fucking you from behind. Although your lower half mostly covers his – damn, what a view. You aren’t normally the type who enjoys seeing themselves naked, but you can’t deny there’s something hot about this.
Knelt with both knees tucked beneath you, ass in the air, Jungkook hammers into you with barely restrained need. 
Still, you wonder if he can go harder. Get deeper.
“Is that it?” you moan, your insides rippling with pleasure. Another few strokes and you’ll come. “You can go harder if you want,” you pant. “I can take it. I want you to use me, Jungkook. Make a mess of my pussy.”
He hisses a noise through his teeth which sounds like your name. Somehow, Jungkook goes even harder, and you’re left kneeling, merciless against the sudden onslaught of pleasure. Jungkook fucks you without restraint, balls slapping your clit with each stroke. The tightening sensation inside you gets stronger – and on a particularly deep stroke, you shudder apart.
“Fuck!” you cry out, back arching when you come.
Shuddering waves wreck your body, your walls squeezing around Jungkook – who keeps fucking you through it. Not changing his rhythm, his hips slam, hard and fast, into the meat of your ass. Barely have you finished your second orgasm when a third one is dawning. This one feels more powerful, more dangerous and Jungkook angles suddenly upwards to hit your elusive g-spot.
Gasping, your fists clench in the sheets as he pounds this spot inside you. He might end you, you think, nearly broken with pleasure. You’ve never felt so full in your life, the heavy weight of his cock relentlessly filling you.
Lifting your hips higher, Jungkook gets even deeper, grinding his hips against yours. “This one,” he says, rough in your ear. “After this orgasm, Y/N, this pussy is mine,” he growls. “Understand?”
“Yes!” you cry out, gripping the sheets even harder as he fucks you senseless.
“Tell me,” he demands.
Body trembling, you gasp, “Yours, Jungkook! It’s all yours!”
When you come, dissolving into dark, senseless waves, Jungkook is right behind you. He shudders into the condom, rope after rope of hot cum spurting out. You feel him completely fill you and briefly, you wish there weren’t a condom in place. It would be so hot to have him play with his mess right after fucking you.
The fantasy lingers for a moment before, inhaling slowly, you open your eyes. Gently, Jungkook pulls out, removing his condom and tossing this in the garbage. After another long breath, you managed to lift yourself into a seated position.
“Fuck,” you say with a half-sigh, half-laugh. “That was really good.”
Hiding a smile, Jungkook ruffles his hair. “You were great, too, Y/N. Tightest pussy ever. So wet, I almost came so fast,” he says in a robotic tone that makes your smile disappear.
It’s nearly word for word what you instructed him to say last time and – grabbing a pillow – you lob this in his direction. Laughing at your expression, Jungkook ducks this easily.
“You ass,” you snort, throwing a second pillow he dodges as well. “Maybe next time you’ll think up some compliments on your own.”
“Maybe,” he agrees, smile widening as he stands.
Walking to the window, the muscles in his back flex and dip as he goes. You try not to stare at his ass, but it’s hard with those powerful quad muscles rippling beneath him. Coming to a stop at the window, Jungkook surveys the skyline.
“You should really shut those,” you say, swinging your legs over the side of the bed.
“Shut what?”
“The curtains.”
Jungkook remains standing, displaying his body in the full-frontal nude. “Why?”
Glancing down, you find your underwear lying on the floor. Picking it up, you grimace. “Because. Why do you want your neighbors knowing your business?”
Looking over his shoulder, Jungkook shrugs. “Who’s going to see?” When he gestures at the empty skyline, you’re forced to admit he has a point. “Also, I pay a ridiculous amount of money for this view. I’m going to look at it.”
“You pay?”
“In a manner of speaking,” Jungkook mutters, returning to the horizon.
You pause, wondering what he means by this remark, but decide against prying further. You two have your deal, after all – no personal talk. Grabbing your dress from the floor, you pause at his bathroom to look over your shoulder.
“Jungkook…” You hesitates.
He turns around. “Yeah?”
“Could I…” Again, you pause, unsure if you’re overstepping. “Could I borrow a shirt and some sweats?”
Jungkook goes still, his expression unreadable.
“Just to go home in,” you clarify before he can answer. “It’s just, uh… uncomfortable to put all this back on.”
Glancing at your dress, understanding dawns on his face and he nods. “Yeah, of course,” Jungkook says, immediately crossing the room. Rummaging around in his dresser, he pulls out some clothes. “Here you go.”
Reaching out, you accept the grey sweats and white t-shirt he hands you. “Thanks,” you say quickly, disappearing into the bathroom.
Once inside, you shut the door fast to lean against it. Last time you were here, you were so focused on leaving, you didn’t stop to appreciate the luxury around you. Jungkook’s bathroom is larger than your entire bedroom at home.
Taking a careful step forward, you notice one of those rain showers which spray water from every direction. Beyond this, a sunken tub lowers before another row of floor-to-ceiling windows. This high up, Jungkook has no neighbors, but you still don’t think you’d enjoy bathing there.
Entering the toilet, you set your clothes on the floor and do your business. Once dressed, you exit and glance at yourself in the mirror. Somewhat surprisingly, you find you look better; more relaxed than before. Apparently, this is what great sex can do for a person.
After washing your hands, you open the door and find a mostly clothed Jungkook. Stifling your disappointment at the sight of him in a t-shirt, you exit the bathroom with your clothes balled up in your fist.
Grabbing your purse, you turn to find Jungkook holding out a pair of slides. 
“They’re Velcro,” he says, undoing the strap to show. “They’ll fit your feet better. I figured you wouldn’t want to go home in sweats and heels.”
Glancing down at his clothes on your body, you realize he’s right and look up. It’s surprising the thought occurred to him first.
“Thanks,” you say, accepting the sandals. “I’ll wash all your stuff and return it, don’t worry.”
“I wasn’t worried.” A brow lifts. “But now I kind of am.”
Rolling your eyes, you walk past him. The hall from his bedroom to the kitchen feels almost familiar, smelling of cleaning product, and beneath that, the faintest hint of cologne. In the kitchen, you pause to look at his windows again – it’s a shame Jungkook isn’t around to see this view more often – and your stomach releases an embarrassing gurgle.
“Was that your stomach?”
Nearly groaning out loud, you realize Jungkook has followed you here.
“Uh, yeah.” You turn slowly to face him. “I didn’t really eat dinner at the restaurant. I’ll just grab something on my way home.”
Shrugging, Jungkook walks past you and into the kitchen. “You can just have something here, if you want.”
“Here?” You glance at him, surprised.
“Sure, why not?”
He comes to a stop at his fridge, pulling open the handles of a giant, silver appliance. Once the doors are open, you peer inside and feel your lips twitch.
“Oh, wow.” Scanning the mostly barren shelves, you lift a brow. “So… you’re offering me a protein shake or banana milk?”
“No. I’m offering a protein shake and banana milk.”
Stifling a laugh, you watch him shut the door.
Somewhat sheepish, Jungkook turns to face you. “Okay, so apparently I’m not a great cook,” he admits.
“Cook?” you say, hiding a grin. “Jeon, you don’t even have bread. Or mac and cheese. Things any drunk college student would know how to make.”
At this, his face brightens. “Wait – I think I have pop-tarts!” Turning around, he opens the nearest cabinet and slowly deflates. “Never mind. Ate them all. Uh, we could order a pizza?”
When he looks your way, you hesitate and know you should probably say no. That would be the most prudent course of action since it would solidify your rule of keeping personal lives separate. Except – you’re really fucking hungry.
“Alright, fine,” you say, seating yourself on his bar stool. “Pizza sounds good.”
It’s not like either of you are in danger of wanting something more, you tell yourself. Jungkook doesn’t date, you don’t want to date him – none of that has changed, so there’s no harm in hanging out.
Opening his phone, Jungkook’s brows knit together. He leans one hip to the counter, sweats hanging from his frame with a casual grace. It’s kind of annoying how good he looks, even while performing mundane tasks like ordering pizza.
“There’s this place I went to with Taehyung,” Jungkook mutters, stopping the screen with his thumb. “It was pretty good, and I think they deliver. What do you want?”
“Ugh,” you say, tucking your feet underneath you. “I hate that question. I’ll eat pretty much anything.”
“Anything?” Jungkook glances up. “Even… anchovy and cream cheese?”
Lips parting, you stare at him, appalled. “Are you kidding? Is that really an option?”
Flipping his phone around, Jungkook lets you read the screen with barely repressed glee.
“I thought you said this place was good, Jeon.” Grimacing, you sit back. “Or is this one of those weird, rich people things? The Taehyung you mentioned is Kim Taehyung, right?”
Jungkook nods and dimly, you recall the two of them being friends. Ironically, there are several wealthy Kim families within your circle.
There’s Seokjin, whose family has their hands in just about every banking institution of national value. Taehyung’s family is what you would call new money. If this were the Great Gatsby, he’d be in West Egg and Seokjin would be in East. A bio-tech heir from the west coast, Taehyung may not be as scandalous as Jungkook, but he still makes enough headlines for you to take notice.
“Yeah, that’s the right Taehyung,” Jungkook confirms. “And I only offered that pizza because you said anything. Don’t worry, they have normal pizza, too. Me, I’m a solid cheese type of guy… maybe pepperoni, if you’re feeling wild.”
“Oo, pepperoni.” Your stomach gurgles again. “Let’s do that.”
“Sold.” Jungkook clicks a few more times, then looks up. “Okay, we’re good.”
“Awesome.” Relaxing on his barstool, you swivel to face his apartment. “So. What do you normally do for fun?”
“For fun?”
When you glance sideways, you find Jungkook’s brow furrowed. For a moment, your stomach sinks and you wonder if you’ll get a similar response to Eric. Nothing except work, party, sleep, and repeat. The thought is oddly disappointing, for reasons you can’t begin to fathom.
Jungkook makes a humming noise in his throat. “I like lots of things, I guess. Gaming with my friends… travel… movies…” Trailing off, he shrugs.
“What was the last movie you watched?”
“Ever After.” His lips quirk, unapologetic. “It’s romantic.”
An emotion flutters to life that takes a moment to squash. He’s a player, you remind yourself. Jungkook probably watches romcoms to take notes on what to say to get women into bed. 
Something about this statement rings untrue in your mind, but you push on regardless.
“And travel?” you add, arching a brow. “What’s your favorite place you’ve been to so far?”
“Hm. I don’t know, I’ve been to a lot of places that I–”
“Not the yacht in the Mediterranean?”
At this, Jungkook pauses and glances at you with surprise – surprise, which slowly shifts into something different. “Y/N.” Voice lowering, he leans forward. “Have you been reading up on me?”
Panic coursing through your veins, you feel your face heat. 
You aren’t sure why you said what you did, but something about the moment made you want to create distance. It’s easier to stay separate when you know who he is. When he’s only Jungkook, seducer of hotel heiresses on fancy yachts in exotic places.
Having casual sex with someone from your parents’ world is one thing – you have zero desire to date another rich, spoiled heir. Having casual sex with a closeted sommelier who watches Ever After for fun, though… well, that might be different.
“I mean, your life is hardly a secret, Jeon,” you manage to say.
“Maybe not, but yours is.” He lifts a brow. “Can I just say that rule number one doesn’t seem fair when you can easily search my whole life on the internet.”
“And you can’t mine?” 
“I mean, I can look up your family, sure,” Jungkook says with a frown. “But when it comes to you being half-naked on a yacht – nothing.”
“That’s because I’ve never been half-naked on a yacht, Jungkook.”
“Really?” He pauses, considering. “We should fix that.”
“Okay, now we’re getting off topic.” Shaking your head, you attempt to reroute to the point. “I’m just saying, it’s a small wonder you enjoy traveling when you’re sunning yourself on a speedboat.”
Jungkook pauses. “Would it be better for my image if I said I backpacked an entire year after college? Carried around nothing but my phone, some spare clothes, and a duct tape wallet. Nearly got robbed a few times, but it was worth it.”
You stare at him for a moment, trying to ascertain whether or not he’s serious.
“No way,” you say, stifling a laugh. “There’s no way your parents would’ve let you go on a backpacking trip. You’re the ‘Jeon family heir!’” you say, adding quotes.
His expression sobers. “It was my mom who suggested it, actually,” Jungkook admits. “She thought… well, she thought I could do with a bit of reality.”
He falls silent for a moment, and you have no response. 
It occurs to you then that you could look it up. You could easily verify his post-college exploits against the Jeon Wikipedia entry but for whatever reason, you don’t. Call it misguided, but somehow, you trust him – and even if you didn’t, the look on Jungkook’s face now is enough to make you believe what he says.
“That’s nice,” you say softly, and he looks at you in surprise.
“What’s… nice?”
Aimless, you shrug and look down. “Nice that you had someone who cared enough about you to suggest it.”
Jungkook doesn’t speak and after a while, you feel compelled to look up. He’s staring at you, expression startlingly open, and you get the oddest sensation this is his first time fully seeing you. For that matter, it might be your first time seeing him.
Before either of you can respond, his phone rings on the counter. Blinking, Jungkook reaches out to press answer.
“Hello?” he asks, placing this to his ear.
Releasing a soft breath, you swivel around to glance at his living room. Facing away, your head spins a little and you aren’t entirely sure why. In the background, Jungkook continues to speak on the phone.
“Yeah, I ordered that,” he confirms to the caller. “You can send them on up.”
Hanging up the phone, he glances carefully at you, and you wonder if Jungkook is feeling the same sense of vertigo.
“That was the pizza?” you ask, hopping down from the stool.
Jungkook confirms with a nod.
“Cool,” you say, inching around his sofa. “Where do you normally eat? Dining room or kitchen?”
“Well…” Jungkook hesitates, looking sheepish.
“What is it?”
“I… was kind of planning on watching the new Ted Lasso episode.” Awkward, he rubs the back of his neck. “We don’t have to, but if you want…?”
Startled, you blink. Ted Lasso is one of your favorite shows, but you hadn’t pegged Jungkook as a watcher. You suppose his love of Ever After should have clued you in on the potential.
“It’s okay,” Jungkook says quickly when you don’t respond. “I can watch it later. Let’s –”
“No,” you interrupt, clearing your throat. “No, let’s do it. My Apple TV just expired, so this is perfect. I can only stay for one episode, though,” you say, seating yourself on his couch. “My friend is watching my dog, but I need to be home by midnight to take Dante out.”
“Dante.” Jungkook pauses. “Like, the writer?”
“No, like the weird dog from Coco.”
Unexpectedly, his face splits in a grin. “I love that movie.”
“Right?” you gush, not having expected to find kinship in something so strange. “One of the best movies Disney has made, bar none.”
“Agreed,” Jungkook says as he walks towards the door.
The elevator dings, opening to reveal the pizza delivery guy, and you wait while Jungkook exchanges greetings for food.
Placing his Velcro slides on the floor – you’ve been holding them since his bedroom – you carefully tuck both legs under yourself. Glancing across the room, you watch Jungkook make a joke as the pizza guy laughs.
You don’t know why you’re here. 
Well, you know why you’re here. You were the one who called him and took him up on his offer of sex a second time. What you don’t know is why you’re still here.
The pizza guy exits, Jungkook turns around and re-enters the kitchen. Returning to the TV, you pick up the remote and flick through Apple TV to locate Ted Lasso. It feels too intimate to watch Jungkook get plates, preparing slices of pizza for you to put in your mouth. If you don’t see it, if you pretend everything between you is casual, then it will be – right?
Ignoring this question, you sink deeper into the sofa as Jungkook returns. When you accept your plate, you can’t help but laugh because Jungkook’s dishes are what can only be described as wedding china.
“These are your plates?” you ask, speaking around a mouthful of warm, gooey cheese from the slice you inhale.
“I told you I’m not here often,” he insists, collapsing beside you. Close enough to feel his body heat, but not close enough to touch. “Honestly, this is one of my first times using them.”
“What do you do for breakfast, then?”
He shrugs, avoiding your gaze. “I mean, you saw the protein shakes.”
For some reason, this image strikes you as sad. The thought of Jungkook rising, grabbing a protein shake and leaving, only to return late at night and collapse on his bed. Eat, sleep, repeat. You pause, unsure how to respond and in your silence, Jungkook picks up the remote.
“Hope they have Roy as a commentator again this episode,” he says, pointing the controller at the screen and you immediately exhale.
Sinking into the sofa, you watch as the opening credits to Ted Lasso play. After several moments, you sneak a sideways glance and find Jungkook facing forward.
Several unnamed emotions dart through your chest, one after the other. Silently, you crush each one and, when you return to the screen, you repeat your rules in your head.
Eventually though, the episode drowns them all out.
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed :) I do not have a tag list, so please do not ask to be added or ask about updates. My writing progress can be found on my updates schedule, linked in both my header and FAQ!
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amourtae · 24 days ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk. masterlist
Tumblr media
wanderlust; a strong desire to travel
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little prince, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ wordcount: short drabbles - length will vary
↠ warnings: swearing & explicit sexual content. specific warnings will be given with each drabble.
↠ a/n: REPOST. hello loves <3 here is the masterlist for my first mini series! it was initially posted on my old account @hantaev & i will be reposting & continuing this series on my new blog. i hope you enjoy this series & if you would like to be added to the taglist then please do let me know by sending me an ask or commenting under this post ☺️! i will also be taking requests for it & so if you have anything you’d like me to incorporate then please do say so! happy reading <3
↠ credits: banner by the lovely @vantecaffe 💛
Tumblr media
day 1: in which jungkook rails you against the shower wall. [2.5K]
Tumblr media
day 2: in which jungkook eats you out at the pool. [3K]
Tumblr media
day 3: in which you ride jungkook whilst watching the sunset.
Tumblr media
day 4: in which you and jungkook spend a day in one another’s arms.
Tumblr media
day 5: in which you decide there’s no better way to wake jungkook up other than morning sex.
Tumblr media
day 6: in which you and jungkook decide to make the most of your last day, provoking him to share a thought he’s been hiding from you for a while.
Tumblr media
day 7: in which you and jungkook fly back home to your lovely son and you give him the surprise he’s been dearly waiting for.
Tumblr media
taglist is open! if you’d like to be added to it, please let me know 🥰 this is my new account, just incase anyone gets confused seeing this! an explanation can be found here as to why i deactivated & made a new one 💛
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Irresistible⤞ pt. 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤞ Pairing: Hybrid Maknae line x reader ⤞ Genre: Hybrid!au, Smut, 18+ M, 3k words ⤞ Summary: You weren’t supposed to be theirs, and they weren’t supposed to find you so irresistible. ⤞ Warnings: mentions of heat, mentions of blood, mentions of abuse, future smut ⤞ A/N: This fic will contain future smut and is 18+ M. Thank you once again to my wifey @outromoni​ for her ridiculous talent. All credit goes to her for the banner. 
Tumblr media
The words spoken by the employee at the center fell deaf on Jungkook’s small, but cute bunny ears. The rules were simple; no one could own a human without going through the proper procedures. The problem was, the moment Jungkook set his eyes on you, he knew he had to have you. For weeks he visited the center, always seeking you out in hopes that you weren’t gone. He must’ve walked by your display window a thousand times. Each and every encounter, although only through glass, was unforgettable. Sometimes he’d simply watch you sit in a corner looking forlorn and quiet, and other times, he would see you attempt to interact with the other humans inside of the shared enclosure. But what really killed him, was when you looked right into his soul, your pretty eyes begging to be set free. He couldn’t just leave you there to rot.
Instead of doing what he knew was right, he ignored the voices in his head telling him to rethink what he was about to do. Stealing you wasn’t exactly his first choice, but there was no way the center would let him adopt you. He was still in university and unable to care for another being, not to mention there was also the problem of his hyungs. The application process was ridiculous, and he was much too impatient to wait, a problem his hyungs have been working hard to correct.
And on this particular day, after he loitered about the center for longer than was acceptable, Jungkook decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He fell to temptation knowing his actions were illegal, but the possibility of losing you to some other owner was too devastating to ignore. And so late into the evening, when the sun was already set, Jungkook took matters into his own hands.
He wasn’t looking forward to the confrontation he would soon have to face. It was bad enough he was dangerously on the brink of setting off his heat, probably due to the adrenaline rush he was feeling, but having to explain to his hyungs what he had done was going to be difficult. The entire drive home he chewed on his bottom lip with his protruding bunny teeth, the very same he often used to cutely manipulate his hyungs with. He knew without a doubt that they wouldn’t be happy with what he’d done.
Although he felt incredibly stressed, the moment he arrived at his apartment, the familiar scent filled his nose and his nerves calmed. He all but kicked down the door upon entering, desperate to find someone that would ease the guilt coursing through his veins. He was on edge and his hybrid senses were on high alert. What he needed now was a more composed hybrid to advise him, and he knew just who to talk to.
The smell in the kitchen immediately drew in his senses, so he made his way in nervously. The dim light in the room caused his doe eyes to grow larger, the pupils dilating to twice the normal size. His unusual behavior immediately caught the attention of Jimin who was busy making dinner.
“What’s got you all excited, bun?”
Bun. Jungkook’s ears wiggled at the endearment. The way Jimin said it always triggered his endorphins. There was just something soothing and charming about the sweet hybrid who was currently making his favorite meal. The problem, however, wasn't Jimin, but Tae. Jungkook knew he could get away with anything if he just cranked up his cuteness, but after almost seven years of living with both of them, he knew it would take a little more to soften the tiger hybrid; speaking of which...
“Where’s Tae?” Unable to keep his body from shaking, Jungkook sat at the table and wiggled his feet back and forth trying to contain his emotions. Breaking this news wasn’t going to be easy, and although Jimin was much easier to manipulate, what he had done was unacceptable.
“He’ll be here soon. Now, tell me, what’s going on? Your eyes are so large I can see the stars in them, and not to mention, you’re giving off a new scent. Did you see a girl you like, Kook-ah?” he teased.
Jimin already knew something was up. It was adorable to see the bunny hybrid look so small. Although Jungkook was big and strong, with his twenty-fourth birthday on the horizon, he was still a baby in his eyes. If this behavior was over a girl, Jimin would certainly be intrigued.
“W-what...what no, I just… I need to tell you both something.”
A tiny sneeze from the living room causes Jimin to pause. “What was that?” He glances at Jungkook with an arched brow and then at the entryway leading into the other room. “Did you bring a guest, Koo?”
Jimin stands, and Jungkook panics, running to block the path that leads to the sin he’s committed. “It’s nothing. You’re hearing things. I really need to talk to you and Ta--”
“Um, who the hell are you?”
The sound of Taehyung’s voice is ill-timed and Jungkook feels like everything that could go wrong is. He turns to race towards the living room hoping nothing terrible has happened. Sometimes Tae could be a little rough and he didn’t always take kindly to strangers.
The moment Jungkook reaches you, he sees Tae at the other end of the room with a full on scowl. “It’s nothing! I-- I found her...and,” Jungkook stammers as he attempts to hide you behind his larger frame. He reaches his arms back trying to protect you, and he finds it hard to explain what he’s done. Even though he went over his speech many times before arriving, all of it goes out the window as soon as he finds himself standing in front of the two most important people in his life.
“Koo. What is this? Where did you find it? You know humans are a big responsibility. When you agreed to stay with us, you agreed to follow our rules,” Jimin gently reminds him.
Upon hearing his hyung’s soft voice, Jungkook’s nose twitches and his pretty dark eyes begin to water. He didn’t want to cry, but he tended to be very soft-hearted, and it felt like he was being judged for something they didn’t understand.
Just seeing the bunny’s face breaks Jimin’s heart, and he looks towards Tae for an answer, but the tiger simply puts his hands up in defeat. “Don’t look at me Jimin. You were the one that wanted him to stay with us. I told you bunnies are a handful.”
Jimin’s cat ears twitch and he sways his tail about until it’s curled around Taehyung’s waist. “I know, but look at how cute he is. Not to mention, you’ve stopped being such a grump since he arrived. We’re finally a family. Don’t be such a hard-ass. Let him explain himself.”
They both turn back to Jungkook, Tae’s foot tapping on the wooden floor setting the bunny’s nerves on edge. Although they were clearly upset, they truly were the only family he had. They took him in when he was just a runaway teen who was done with all the abuse he’d endured from his adoptive family. For some reason there was still prejudice between breeds and Jungkook ended up in a home that wasn’t accepting. For a few nights he found himself sleeping in the streets, wondering about his future, until he ran into Jimin. It didn’t take long before Jungkook was swept up into a clean home, shown the shower and offered delicious food. Ever since then they’d taken care of him.
And it was because of his experience that he had to make them understand why he’d taken you. You were alone. He knew that feeling oh so well, not to mention, something about you made his body feel things he’d never felt before. He was pulled towards you, like a magnet, and it made him feel dizzy.
“Guys… I mean...Hyungs. You have to understand, she was in the center all alone. Look at her. She’s dirty and unkempt. It’s obvious she wasn’t being treated well. It’ll only be for a short time. I promise. You won’t even know she’s here.”
Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked to Tae whose jaw was clenched. They stare in silence at the younger male who’s all flustered. “Jungkook. How did you get her? It’s not easy to get a human just like that.”
Jungkook knows what Jimin is asking, but if he admits the truth, they might make him return you. “I just got her, okay?! Why can’t you just understand that she needs a home?!”
Noticing Jungkook’s bunny teeth protruding defensively, Taehyung lifts his hands up in surrender. “Okay, Kook-ah, just calm down. She can stay for a short while, but after that she needs to go. I have a feeling she isn’t supposed to be here.”
Jungkook visibly calms down and Jimin smiles at him before turning his attention to you. He can see that you’re shivering, the thin material the center provided you doing nothing to keep your weak human flesh warm. “Hello, um… what’s her name, Koo?”
Jungkook freezes and attempts to recall the name he saw on the glass of your cage. “Her name is… ugh…” He turns around and begs with his eyes hoping that you’ll help him out, but then he sees the collar around your neck. Turning the tag, he tests the name on his lips.
“Her name is, ___.”
He hears you stifle a noise the moment his fingers brush against your neckline, but then he sees the marks and scratches along your skin. At first he was worried that he did something to hurt you, but the sheer cloth you’re wearing suddenly distracts him and your pretty nipples brush against his forearm when he shifts. That was all it took for his brain to become hazy. Suddenly he doesn’t feel like himself and for some reason his own hyungs feel like a threat. A strange desire to protect you overcomes him and he snarls when he feels Jimin approaching.
“Okay, nice to meet you, ___. Why don’t you come with me and I can show you to th--”
“NO! She...I mean...I can show her...let me. I...” Jungkook shakes his head, the heat flowing through his body making him feel like he could tear apart anyone that came too close.
Jimin pauses with a concerned look on his face and looks to Tae for help.
The tiger hybrid drops his voice to a lower register, one he knows Jungkook cannot ignore. “Kook. Calm down. Nobody is going to hurt her. Besides, I need to talk to you.”
Without even letting Jungkook agree, Taehyung wraps a large hand behind the irritated hybrid’s neck and tugs him to the kitchen. Jimin moves forward once the menacing bunny is gone and takes you by the hand toward the bathroom.
“What the fuck was that?” Tae’s voice reverberates in his chest, the frustration of a long day and his friend’s chaotic behavior setting off his temper. He would always control his inner tiger making sure his voice didn’t frighten the sweet bunny boy before him, but right now he didn’t like what he saw.
“I-I don’t know… it’s just so weird. When I first saw her it was like I was being pulled to her and just the thought of either of you touching her has me…”
Jungkook’s foot begins tapping aggressively against the tiled floor and Tae’s eyes flicker to it. Making sure his instincts were correct, he gets closer to the younger and takes a deep breath.
“Just as I thought. You’re in pre-heat, bun.”
The accusation makes Jungkook jump back and hug himself as if that would shield others from smelling the truth. “I am not!” He manages to snarl as best as he can, but his efforts at attempting to look big and threatening make Taehyung smile.
“If you say so, Koo, but I have a very good sense of smell, and no matter how much you try to hide it, it’s very obvious from the outside too. Did you really think you could try and puff up like that against Jimin in front of me? Heat or not, you need to calm down and tell me everything because something has your bunny tail in a twist.”
Even though they have never disrespected one another or crossed lines, their animal instincts always took over, and Jungkook found himself surrendering quickly. They sat at the table and the bunny spilled everything. The entire time Tae listened quietly, occasionally smirking at the cute expressions Jungkook displayed whenever he got super riled up.
When everything had been explained, Jungkook sat back waiting for the worst possible thing to happen. He knew Tae was not very fond of humans to begin with, and the fact that stealing one could put their entire family at risk was also not a good thing.
“I’ll have to talk with Jimin about this. The human can stay in your room for now.”
Jungkook looked shocked at what the other suggested. Surely he didn’t think it was a good idea to put a human in a room with a hybrid. Although Jungkook liked you, he wasn’t sure what you were capable of. He took you in hopes that his hyungs would have a better solution for your imprisonment, but this...
“Don’t look at me with those big eyes. You got into this mess and now you have to be responsible for it until we can figure something out. I don’t trust that thing, and leaving it in another room would keep me awake, so… this is all on you, bun.”
“Sorry, no buts.”
With a final word, Taehyung walked out of the room to seek out Jimin. Ever since they took in Jungkook, it’s been a never ending adventure, but this was beyond his imagination. The truth of the matter was that the law could get involved and there were severe penalties for illegal human ownership. With a heavy sigh, he ran a hand over his face and smiled once he saw Jimin standing in the hall just outside of the bathroom.
“This is quite the mess, huh?”
“You’re telling me. That cute little human has been splashing in the water for over ten minutes. It’s like they don’t bathe them or something. When I brought her some clean clothes she almost cried. I don’t know what they do to them in those facilities but I can see why Jungkook wanted to help her.”
“Don’t take his side, Jimin. Jungkook should know better. He’s a grown man. This is just too much, and then…”
“Then what?”
“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but, I’m pretty sure he’s in pre-heat.”
“I knew it!” Jimin’s eyes slitted as he contemplated all the events. There was only one possible explanation for Jungkook’s behavior, and his heat was certainly it. “When he walked in I could smell something was different. Do you think this female set him off? What does it mean?”
“I don’t know what any of this could mean. Hybrids should only want another of the same species, but of course our Koo had to be different.”
“That’s not true, Tae. Remember, we are also part human. Just because we became the dominating race doesn’t mean we don’t have some connection to humans. We have their DNA. It’s possible to still have the urge to mate with--”
“Don’t! I don’t even want to imagine it. Humans are disgusting. They did this to us and now their own species is in danger of extinction because their genetics were weaker. Mating with them is not exactly something I want to think about.”
Jimin giggled as he watched the tiger walk off grumbling. As tough as he tried to be, Jimin knew better. They’d been friends since high school, and not once had the big, bad tiger ever done anything to harm anyone. “All growl and no bite,” Jimin mumbled amused.
A sudden scream on the other side of the bathroom door had Jimin rushing inside. Upon entering he finds you flat on your back. He guesses you must’ve been trying to get out but slipped due to the water you were splashing around earlier. He quickly covers his eyes and attempts to hand you a towel, but all he can hear is your infectious laughter filling the room. The whole situation is ridiculous, and suddenly Jimin starts laughing along with you. When he finally manages to find your hand, you tug at the towel and he doesn't expect it. His arms come away from his eyes as he struggles to catch himself, but it’s too late. He lands on top of you and worst of all, Jungkook just so happens to be walking by at this exact moment.
“Jungkook… it’s not what it looks like I--”
“Get off of her!” Jungkook’s rage overtakes him, and he can’t help but grab Jimin’s arm and tug him away, his sharp nails accidentally cutting into Jimin’s skin. The cat hybrid whimpers, but Jungkook ignores everything around him. His eyes connect with yours and he quickly lifts your partially covered body into his arms. Rushing out of the bathroom and straight into his room, he locks the door behind him.
The entire thing happened so fast, but the cuts on Jimin’s arm were a clear reminder that it did indeed happen. The sting brings a hiss to his lips and within seconds Taehyung arrives. “What the fuck happend in here?” The smell of blood reaches his nose and he immediately goes into predator mode. “Who’s bleeding,” he growls.
“It’s okay. It’s just me, Tae. Please calm down.”
“What the fuck do you mean calm down? Something hap--”
As Jimin gets up Tae notices the blood trickling down his arm and immediately grabs at his elbow tugging him closer, his tongue licking at the wound angrily.
“I’m going to kick that bunny’s ass.” He manages to grit between licks.
“You stop that right now. He’s simply acting on instinct.”
“The fuck he is, I’m going to--”
“Don’t you dare!” Jimin grabs the back of his friend’s shirt and pulls him back. Using his most calm and sultry voice, he plays at Tae's weakness for felines and lulls him back.
“You’re going to let Kookie figure this out on his own. You weren’t here to see what he saw, and if it were you, you would have had the same reaction. Now put those big claws away and let’s go have dinner.”
Hesitantly Tae does as he’s told. Jimin always had a way of working his magic to quell Tae’s anger. Even though Jimin won this round, when Jungkook made an appearance again, they were going to have a serious talk.
PT. 2
Tumblr media
| All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland: Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
Make sure to leave feedback :-)
Tumblr media
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banqtanreads · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
june reads | navi
Tumblr media
SERIES | ongoing - ✐ complete - ✓
Tumblr media
➵ rough edges by @kjhmyg (fluff, smut) ✐
college!au, badboy!jk
↪︎ this is my favourite series! it’s still ongoing and i’ve already re-read it so many times because it’s just THAT GOOD!
➵ cherry pickers by @kimnjss (fluff, smut, angst) ✓
college!au, gamer!jk, fuckboy!jk, socialmedia!au
↪︎ this is so great, a whole mix of emotions, the entire package!
➵ incoming: elite chatboy by @kookingtae (smut) ✐sexworker!jk, text!au
↪︎ this is so steamyyyy! so glad i found this - love it!
➵ netflix and chill by @1kook (fluff, angst, smut) ✐
app developer!jk
↪︎ could go on forever about this - *chefs kiss*
➵ chess of ice by @jimlingss (fluff, angst) ✓
↪︎ this whole series is the epitome of perfection
➵ sleepyhead by @jkstompers (fluff!! smut) pt.2 pt.3 ✓
seatmate!jk, college!au, classmates to lovers :’))
↪︎ the pining! urgh this is all i want in life
➵ ego killer by @zibermuda (smut, fluff, angst) ✓
fuckboy!jk, nerdy!oc
↪︎ this is so cute, i loveee these two. the talent - it’s too mUCH
➵ bad influence by @noteguk (smut, fluff, angst) ✐
badboy!jk, goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, idiots to lovers, mutual pining
↪︎ cannot explain how amazing this is, it’s crazy
➵ zoom call by @1kook (fluff) ✐
slice of life, college!au, quarantine fic
↪︎ i’m a SIMP for these two, urgh i love it.
➵ cream & sugar by @gukslut (smut, fluff, humor) ✓
escort!au, barista!au, enemies to lovers, asshole!jk
↪︎ this was so endearing :((( rereading!!
➵ all over you by @zibermuda (smut, fluff, angst) ✓
nerd!jk, fuckgirl!reader, enemies to lovers
↪︎ lost count of how many times i’ve read this, i love it more and more :’)
➵ blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash (smut, fluff, angst) ✓
↪︎ the first mafia au i ever read on here and i’ll never forget how amazing it is!! insane
➵ first love, last love by @floralseokjin (fluff, smut) ✐
established relationship!au, domestic
↪︎ i revisit this so often, it’s so endearing and refreshing to read - so sweetly written :’))
➵ breathe by @bloomsuga (fluff can smut, angst) ✓
fuckboy!jk, student!reader, social media!au
↪︎ this is a huge fave of mine!! i love this so so much! the way shae puts everything together is always so perfect! <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ smitten by @megahwn (fluff, smut)
arranged marriage!au, strangers to lovers
↪︎ so so lovely to read! seeing them fall in love and gROW urgh this is so beautifully written :’)
➵ can’t be without you by @ahundredtimesover (fluff, angst, smut)
underground fighter!jk, best friends to lovers au
↪︎ this is incredible!! packed full with so much emotion, it’s so well written! really love this.
➵ oops by @honeyj00ns (fluff, smut)
college!au, strangers to lovers au
↪︎ the instant attraction whew, sooo great!
➵ piece of you by @dntaewithluv (smut, fluff, crack)
pizza delivery boy!jk, strangers to lovers au
↪︎ amazing! love love love this :’))
➵ busted in busan by @hansolmates (fluff, angst)
christmas!au, romcom!au, slice of life, strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers
↪︎ this is one of my favourites!
➵ most valuable by @jiminrings (fluff, angst)
coach!jk, player!yn
↪︎ read this multiple times, will never get old! and the drabbles?! loveeee
➵ synchronicity by @sehunpeachy (fluff, angst, smut)
twoshot, neighbour!jk, strangers to lovers
↪︎ my heart is fuLL. soo sweet and insanely well written!
➵ here comes the bride, all dressed in pride by @hansolmates ( fluff, crack)
fake dating!au
↪︎ no words to describe how incredible this is. forever a favourite of mine!
➵ when you’re project partners by @jungshookz (fluff!!)
university!au, shy!jk, classmate!jk, drabble
↪︎ this. is. love.
➵ the art of the rom-com by @gukyi (fluff, comedy, angst)
film major!jk, film major!reader, rom-com fic, college!au, enemies to lovers
↪︎ w o w
➵ concrete king by @bratkook (fluff, smut)
skaterboy!jk, summer romance, blonde!jk
↪︎ the best EVER.
➵ deep six by @bratkook (smut, fluff)
gang member!jk
↪︎ read this soo many times, i love it that much!!
➵ i don’t mind by @bratkook (smut, fluff, angst)
↪︎ this was the first fic i read by jlin and i’ve been obsessed with her writing ever since - insane!
➵ felicity by @mercurygguk (smut, fluff)
waiter!au, ceo!au, strangers to lovers
↪︎ in awe at how this amazing this is, wow!
➵ mind in the gutter by @kpopfanfictrash (smut, fluff)
bowling!au, workplace!au, rom-com, humor
↪︎ read this several times, the most wholesome!!
➵ the quest to bedding the lead singer of frontman by @kpopfanfictrash (smut)
punk!jk, slightly dom!jk
↪︎ this is so so great! the chemistry and attraction!
➵ safe and sound by @mercurygguk (fluff)
↪︎ the sweetest!!
➵ safety net by @pradaksj (fluff, angst, smut)
enemies to friends, friends to lovers, pining, boxer!jk
↪︎ so so in love with this :(
➵ see you around by @ddaengtae (fluff, smut)
college!au, strangers (idiots) to lovers, fitness instructor!jk
↪︎ literal butterflies :’)) the cutest
➵ fairy of shampoo by @ironicarmy (fluff, smut)
slice of life, established relationship!au
↪︎ this is loveee. so well written!
➵ heavy lifting by @snackhobi (fluff, humor)
supermarket!au, workplace!au
↪︎ the funniest most wholesome fic ever. so fun to read - forever obsessed!
➵ too close by @cutechim (angst)
expecting parents!au, rival gang!au, boxer!jungkook, husband!jk
↪︎ the tension! wahhh this is so painfully bittersweet - love it!
➵ shield by @rmverse (fluff, romance, smut)
security guard!jk, bartender!reader
↪︎ the way this rendered me speechless. complete masterpiece. defo an ultimate fave!!
➵ neighbours by @btssmutgalore (smut)
↪︎ the. cutest. ever. i re-read this so often :’)
➵ the art of war more by @kpopfanfictrash (smut, fluff)
enemies to lovers, college!au
↪︎ i can always imagine shanna’s work as a movie, the way she writes is so beautiful. it’s beyond me how someone can write so well ahh i love this!!
➵ desperate housewife by @kimnjss (fluff, smut)
husband!jk, housewife!reader, established relationship!au
↪︎ the loveeee i have for this :’)
➵ lemon sherbet by @extravaguk (fluff, smut, angst)
summer!au, ex-high school classmates!au, frenemies to lovers, tattoo artist!jk, popular!reader
↪︎ AN ULTIMATE FAVOURITE!! this. is. everything.
➵ won’t you be my neighbour by @btsarmy9593 (implied smut, fluff)
neighbour!jk, guitarist!jk, bartender!reader
↪︎ the attraction wheww this was so good! the ending was so so sweet too urgh i love this
➵ tangsuyuk love by @full-of-jams (fluff, smut)
college!au, friends to lovers
↪︎ this had me all over the place! my cheeks hurt from how much this had me smiling urgh - soo good!!
➵ with love, from J by @spicykoreantatertots (fluff!!!)
college!au, roommates to lovers
↪︎ this is so pretty to read! endearing asf, jungkook is so soft for oc - i love love it :’))
➵ cabin fever by @jeongi (fluff, smut, mild angst)
ex-friends to lovers
↪︎ the talent! this is so great
➵ chocolate milk by @kookiesjoonies (fluff)
established relationship!au, drabble
↪︎ stopp! this is so so cute :’)
➵ indulgence by @ppersonna (fluff, smut)
established relationship!au
↪︎ beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! so domestic and fluffy and hot! loved it
➵ late skate by @jiminrings (fluff)
skater!jk, love at first sight :)
↪︎ how could something be so SWEET
➵ the philosophy of good luck by @kidguk (fluff, smut)
tattoo artist!jk, law student!reader, roomate!au, strangers to lovers
soo happy i found this! so well written ahh i’m obsessed :’))
➵ sneaking around by @solarwonux (fluff, smut)
noo because this is so sweet!! i loveee it
Tumblr media
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lunarimagines · 8 days ago
The Devil Wears Designer Suits [1]
Tumblr media
Summary: So what if you had a one-night stand at a bar with the hottest man you’d ever seen in your life. It’s not as if you had any right to like him. Hell, you probably wouldn’t even see him again. Except you do see him again. And suddenly you’re under him in more ways than one. 
Warnings: language, sexual themes
A/N: Hey all! finally got some inspiration so I am back with a new Jungkook series (CEO!Jungkook time babeyyyyy). It’s going to be much shorter than my last Jungkook series, but I hope you all enjoy it! Also, I have not forgotten about my other series or the requests in my inbox, I’ve just been in such a writing slump that I hated everything I wrote and didn’t want y’all to see it. Anyways, enjoy!
Buy me a kofi! 
Tumblr media
His fingertips dug into the skin of your hips as he pinned you against the wall. One of his legs roughly pushed between yours, giving you friction where you needed it most. You were embarrassingly wet, buzzed from one too many shots, and all you wanted was to have the man in front of you bend your body over the table in his private lounge as he fucked you from behind. The mental image made you groan and grind down on his thigh, relishing in the friction the muscles gave to your throbbing clit. In response, the man only flexed his thigh, sending a jolt up your clit and forcing you to slump forward and grab onto his suit jacket for any sort of purchase. 
He laughed, low and deep, in your ear as he ground against you in return. He was hard. Achingly hard. 
“Let’s go upstairs. I want to be the only one who can see you get fucked, got it?”
You whined in response, your legs shaking as you continued to grind down on his thigh. One of his hands came up to grip your chin lightly, the rough calluses on his fingers grazing your skin. He leaned close to you, so close you thought he would finally kiss you, but instead he only whispered against your ear: “Use your words, baby.”
“Yes. Let’s go upstairs. Please.”
The man drew back, smirking at you with his perfectly plump, unreachable lips. 
“Good girl.”
He drew away and you instinctively leaned forward to keep the pressure of his body against yours. This only made him let out a puff of air, amused at how needy you were acting. His hand encircled your wrist and you had the thought of him pinning you down, maybe even handcuffing you, as he pounded into your mercilessly. The thought alone made you take the lead, turning to pull the man up the stairs behind you. He didn’t say anything, only grabbing a handful of your ass as he followed you up. 
He let you lead him down the hall until he reached his room, shoving the door open and pushing you inside. The room smelled faintly of smoke and sandalwood. The tables were clean, as if nobody had even been inside the room. But you knew better. You’d been watching this man from the bar the entire night, watching as he allowed his friends to smoke and drink, himself only sipping on a whiskey, neat. 
Closing the curtains with a snap, the room was plunged into a soft darkness, the glow from an old fashioned lamp lighting up the area. The room was also no longer visible from the bar area. He was keeping his word of being the only one to watch you get fucked. 
“What do you want from me, baby?” he questioned, his voice low and almost sultry. 
“I want you to take me from behind,” you replied steadily, finally catching his eyes. They were deep brown, but held a glint to them. They seemed to change shades after you spoke, darkening as he looked you up and down. 
He bit his bottom lip as he walked toward you, releasing it as he bent down to kiss your neck lightly. His lips travelled down to your collarbones, kissing once over the fabric of your clothes before he pulled the item to the side to kiss your skin. Your head fell to the side, hand coming up to thread through his impossibly soft hair. It smelled, amusingly, like baby soap. 
His teeth suddenly sank into your skin, causing you to hiss as he smoothed the spot over with his tongue, the heat and wetness cooling the area and making you sigh. His lips travelled back up your neck, finally resting just behind your ear to suck harshly and leave another mark, this one darker and larger. His hands moved to cup your ass, massaging it before he slid one hand around to the front of your dress, slipping the fabric up your thighs and rubbing your clit over your panties. He pressed down slightly, finger dipping past your panties to shallowly enter your pussy. 
“God, you’re so fucking wet. Did I do that?” 
Before you could answer, huff out an “of course,” he pulled your panties down around your thighs and pushed two fingers into you, curling them up slightly. His fingers were so long and reached a spot you never seemed to be able to reach on your own. You gripped the back of his jacket for support, hips rocking forward to push his fingers impossibly deeper inside of you. 
His lips went back to your neck, sucking along the side of it as he pumped his fingers in and out of you, adding a third and curling it up. You were a moaning mess, somewhat embarrassing considering no man had ever made you like this before, one of your hands coming down to rest on his wrist. You weren’t sure if you were encouraging him to go faster or to slow down, but he took it as the former, pumping his fingers faster inside of you and enjoying the way your front pressed against him. 
You felt your own arousal coating his hand and running slightly down his wrist from where you were still grasping him. The feeling of just his fingers inside of you made stars appear in your vision. Each time he thrust into you, his fingers brushed the spot that had your legs clenching together, your stomach growing hotter, and your clit throbbing. 
“Please,” you begged, pulling back from him slightly. Your breathing was ragged, his fingers still pumping in and out of you. 
“What do you want, baby? You have to use your words.” You were pleased to hear that his own breathing was uneven, his voice straining slightly.
“Fuck me, please.”
There it was again, the perfect smirk on his perfect face. You admired his lips, wanting nothing more than to surge forward and kiss him. Somehow, though, you knew better than to do that. An unspoken secret between the two of you had insisted that you would not kiss one another, not get attached that way. 
His fingers withdrew from your heat, his hand coming up to let you suck your juices off of them. The size of his fingers in your mouth, the pressure of them against your tongue, made your knees almost buckle. 
Slipping his fingers from your mouth, he made a quick jerking motion that ended with you bent over the slick black table in front of you. Your hard nipples pressed against the cool glass from behind your dress, causing you to whine slightly at the sudden sensation. You had never considered temperature play before, but maybe this was a sign to explore that…
You felt your dress ride up past your ass, rough fingers slide your panties down your legs. You waited eagerly, pushing your hips back to hint that you needed friction. Any friction. Please. Instead you got a quick slap on the ass, the sound resonating loudly alongside the deep bass from the club penetrating the room. You were sure it would leave a mark based on the sharp stinging sensation. 
“Patience, baby. I’m not going to fuck you if you rush me.”
You groaned, pressing your cheek into the table as you looked back at him. He was unbuckling his belt so slowly he surely set a Guinness world record. You rolled your eyes, and his gaze caught yours. His gaze somehow, was darker. Maybe you were making a deal with the Devil. 
He sucked in his cheeks and cocked an eyebrow at you.
“Guess I won’t give you what you want tonight-”
Before he could even finish you were cutting him off, begging him like your life depended it on. Your life might not have depended on it but your aching core did. 
“No, please! Fuck me. Make me pay. I want to feel you inside of me.”
The begging appeared to work, the signature smirk appearing back on his lips. Finally, he undid his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, sliding a condom from the front pocket as he did so. He pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees, his cock on full display. The sight made you clench your thighs together. He was big. Not just long but also thick. If you thought his fingers were good, his dick was a million times better. 
He rolled the condom up his length and finally stepped forward, harshly grabbing your hip with one hand and his dick in the other. He teased your entrance, sliding his hard dick between your folds and barely dipping the head into where you wanted it most.
Without warning, he suddenly pushed into you, making you surge forward and whine. He filled you up perfectly, and you swore you could feel him bulging from your lower abdomen against the table. Instinctively, you rocked your hips back, letting out another somewhat embarrassing moan as how good his length felt sliding against your walls. Clenching around him, you were pleased to hear his breath catch.
“Fuck, do that again,” he commanded, so you did, clenching hard and slightly rocking your hips back. He let out a choked moan before adjusting his grip on your waist and sliding out so far the head caught on the rim of your pussy. The sudden loss of contact was unpleasant.
He thrust back into you suddenly before finding a steady, hard rhythm to fuck you to. Your hands were working to find purchase, but nowhere was right. Your hands just kept slipping off the table. The man fixed that problem for you, grabbing your wrists with one of his large hands and holding them behind your back. You arched your back in response, lifting slightly off the table and finding an even better angle for the man to thrust into you from. The pace was relentless, and the sound of skin slapping together was lewd and erotic. 
You clenched your walls around him again, hoping to hear him moan. What you got instead was him leaning over, his dick pushing impossibly further inside of you, his front pressed against your back as he let out ragged breaths in your ear.
“How badly do you want to cum, baby? Hmm?”
“I want to cum so badly. Don’t stop,” you gasped between breaths. His hand holding your wrists had let go of them and travelled further down to your clit to rub in soft, slow circles. It had your thighs clenching together. 
No man had ever stimulated you so much, had never made you feel so full and satisfied despite not having climaxed yet. Suddenly he had become the only man you wanted to fuck for the rest of your life. You wanted him to fill you up like this, make your heart beat like this, make your thighs tremble like this. 
With shock, you realized that you were not the first to finish. A warmth filled your pussy, and the man let out a strained groan as his hips stuttered and slowed down slightly. The sensation made the warmth in your stomach and clit grow, and you rocked your hips down against his hand stimulating your clit desperately to find your release. He let you rock, shocked that he had cum first. No woman had ever made him cum first. 
Though overstimulated, he thrust into you one time, two times, three more times before you were finally releasing, the heat and energy expelling from your body and making your legs and abs weak. You almost slumped against the table, but the man grabbed you around your stomach, holding you up as he slowly pulled out of you. The sudden loss of contact was uncomfortable and it made you wince, but it was soon made better by the feeling of your panties sliding up and your dress sliding down. Once fully dressed, the man pulled you down on his lap, his fingers stroking your arms lightly as you let yourself lean against his chest. 
You hadn’t really had time to consider just how muscular and broad his chest truly was until that moment, the feeling of his abs and pecs - of his six pack abs and rock hard pecs to get really specific here - able to be felt even through his shirt. 
You furrowed your brows as a thought entered your mind. Craning your head up to look at the man, you asked, “Hey… what’s your name?”
The man laughed, bright and loud, his nose and eyes crinkling as he leaned his head back. It was the happiest laugh you had ever heard. You wanted to hear it again, over and over again. God, he was stunning in every single way.
“You really don’t know who I am?”
His answer threw you off. Should you know who he was? Maybe he was a celebrity, he sure had the looks for it. Still… you knew all of the hot celebrities and you were positive you had never seen this man before.
“No…” you answered slowly. “Should I?”
The man looked down at you, incredulous. His mouth ticked up at the sides into a soft smile, his eyebrows drawn together.
“Then why were you staring at me all night with those ‘fuck me’ eyes?”
Now it was your turn to laugh. Clearly this man was not used to not being recognized. Also... did you really have whatever the hell ‘fuck me’ eyes were? Was it time to make an appointment with the eye doctor? 
Instead you asked, “Quick question: do you own a mirror?”
The man cocked an eyebrow at you, his nose wrinkling as he worked through your question. 
“Yes… why?”
“Then I suggest you spend more time looking in that mirror and seeing just how fucking hot you are,” you replied, turning back to lean the back of your head against his chest. The low rumble of laughter that followed made your entire body vibrate from both the sound and from the joy of hearing his laugh. 
“Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he replied with a breathy laugh.
It was shocking how the demanding man who wanted you to beg and fucked you hard on a glass table with hundreds of people below you could turn and hold you so gently, laugh so beautifully, and be so kind. You laid in his arms for what felt like an hour, sobering up enough and getting enough feeling back in your legs to gently stand up. 
“It was nice to meet you, Jungkook.”
You didn’t know what you wanted. His number? What would you even really talk about? No, this was a bittersweet ending.
“Nice to meet you, too, Y/N,” he replied softly. He leaned against the couch, watching as you smoothed your hair and slowly exited the room, his eyes never leaving your figure. Once you were gone, he sighed and rested an arm across his face, covering his eyes. Maybe he should have asked for your number. You, someone who didn’t know who he was, was not using him for clout or money, who gave him some of the best sex of his life. He scoffed. 
You didn’t even stay to drink until closing time like you usually did with your friends. Shooting them a quick text message, you left the club, waving down a taxi to take you back to your small apartment. It was Friday, and on Monday you were starting a new job. It was the perfect distraction from Jungkook. 
Arriving at your apartment, you paid the fare and took the daunting trip up the three flights of stairs. Upon entering your apartment, you kicked off your shoes, rubbing your calves which had begun to cramp from the stupid height of your new heels. 
Sighing, you flopped onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. You would go shopping Saturday for some professional office looks, then you would prepare your notes and orientation papers Sunday, then you would go to your new job on Monday. 
The only problem was you could not stop thinking about Jungkook the entire weekend. He occupied your thoughts at the most inconvenient of times. Once, when you were trying on a skirt, you imagined how it would look pushed up to your stomach. Another time, you were reading through your orientation papers and wondered what it would be like to see Jungkook in glasses. The whole weekend sucked major ass. 
By the time you walked into work on Monday, you were frazzled, having completed very little of what you wanted to do. It was stupid to be so distracted by a man; but this wasn’t an ordinary man. 
“Y/N!” someone called. Turning, you saw the person who had given you the introductory tour and orientation guide.
“Jin! I’m so glad to see you. I’m actually really nervous for today,” you explained as Jin stopped in front of you with a big smile on his face. His smile drooped slightly before he planted it right back on his face. He radiated campus tour guide vibes. All he needed were some comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle.
“Not to make you more nervous, but the CEO is coming in today. We have to line up by our desks and greet him when he does. He likes to see all of the employees when he comes in. It’s a little nerve wracking but it goes by quickly.”
Of course. Of course this was happening. Why the hell wouldn’t it be? You felt your face pale slightly at his words, but Jin only wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into the elevator and up to your workspace, conveniently located right across from his. 
“Just stand here,” he directed, “and say ‘Good morning, sir’ when the CEO walks by, okay?”
You nodded glumly, feeling like you might actually throw up. 
The excited chatter around you stopped, and your first glimpse of the CEO was his freshly polished shoe, his slick black suit, his modestly patterned tie, his pronounced jawline, his…
Holy shit. This was some cruel trick the universe was playing on you right now. 
“Good morning, sir,” the others echoed around you, the words barely coming out of your mouth as you stared at Jungkook striding down the hallway toward you. You couldn’t even divert your gaze, your mouth parted slightly as you stared at his figure, remembering how he felt against you, how he felt inside of you. 
Did you really need to work? Unfortunately, yes.
Jungkook’s eyes caught yours, and his eyebrows furrowed and unfurrowed quickly as he worked to mask his surprise. He shocked everyone as he stopped in front of you, causing whispers and confusion to erupt around you.
“Your name tag should be on at all times, Miss..” 
Yeah, he was no actor. The way he pretended not to know you, all the while fighting down a grin. 
“Y/N,” you supplied, your unease turning into annoyance. So he wasn’t kind. He was an asshole. 
“Miss Y/N,” he competed. “Do you want to be let go on your first day?”
You stared back into his eyes, emotionless. This was a huge letdown, but you weren’t going to take it without fighting back a little. 
“No, sir. I will put it on right now so that everyone has the pleasure of seeing my name and my photo at all times. Thank you for reminding me, sir.”
Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up, his smirk dropping suddenly. He simply stared at you, his face blank. Beside you, Jin choked on his own spit at your comment, his continued coughing finally drawing Jungkook away from you. 
“Good. As it should be.”
With that, he continued down the hallway and disappeared from sight. The muffled “Good morning, sir” greeting could still be heard as he disappeared into his office around the corner. 
“You are either brave or stupid,” Jin finally said after gulping down water. “Probably the latter.”
You sighed, turning to sit at your desk. “Definitely the latter.”
As if your comment was being confirmed, a stack of paperwork was dropped onto your desk only minutes later by a man named Park Jimin according to his nametag. The stack of paper was at least a foot tall. 
“The CEO wishes for this to be completed before you leave this evening. It is very important,” he explained, his eyes showing nothing but pity for you.
You could only nod as your eyes scanned the hundreds of documents in the pile. There was no way you’d be able to make it home tonight at all. 
You caught Jin’s eyes across the desk, shaking your head as you immediately got to work. You didn’t even take a lunch break that day, instead opting for more iced coffee to keep your brain moving. The files were so dense with both words and numbers they were making your vision blur. Popping a few painkillers, you went back to working through the stack, only halfway finished by the time the regular workday ended. Slumping forward, you rested your head on your desk as you willed your vision to stop swimming. You needed to focus. You really did. But those thoughts didn’t stop you from falling asleep suddenly, your body and mind tired from the day. Your cheek was pressed against your desk, your mouth parted slightly. Thankfully you weren’t drooling. 
The sudden smack of more paperwork landing on your desk startled you, making your knees slam into your desk as you stood up, turning to see who had scared you into waking up. You made eye contact with none other than Jungkook himself, his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. 
“You sure you didn’t know me?” he finally asked after what felt like a million years.
You shook your head. “I didn’t. Otherwise I would not have even looked at you at the bar.”
Jungkook cocked his head to the side, looking you up and down, his eyes landing on the partially faded hickey he’d left just behind your ear, the very bottom of the bruising visible to only those who even knew it was there. 
“Oh? And why is that?” he questioned, his eyes darting up to meet yours.
You looked at him dully, your mouth parted slightly at how ridiculous the entire situation was. 
“I don’t like people who are little dicks,” you replied, blandly. 
Jungkook snorted. “Would you like me to be a big dick?”
You rolled your eyes at his comment. “If you put some of your big ego into your dick maybe you could actually make me finish first.”
Low blow. Jungkook’s features darkened, his mouth hardening into a straight line. His gaze was unhappy as he stared at you before grabbing your hand roughly and pulling you behind to his office, your feet sliding on the waxed tile flooring. Without ceremony, he slammed the door behind him, pressing a button to close the shades to give you some privacy. This man must have been obsessed with having sex behind closed blinds.
He shoved you in front of him, walking toward you and forcing you back until your ass hit his desk. He reached around you and shoved his nameplate off his desk to clear room to lift you up harshly by the hips and set you down on the newly cleared surface. You glanced at his nameplate. Jeon Jungkook. 
“I know I can make you finish in less than five minutes. Set your watch, baby.”
You were compelled to do what he said. You weren’t sure if it was because of the way he had slowly sunk to his knees as he said it, pushing your professional skirt up to your stomach almost like you’d imagined it in the dressing room, or if it was the way you were already wet for this man and holding back from grinding down on his desk. Either way, you set your watch for five minutes, locking eyes with Jungkook as your pressed start. 
His mouth was hot and wet over your panties, and you let out a shaky breath, leaning back against the desk with your hands. Your hips rocked forward, the tip of Jungkook's nose brushing your clit ever so teasingly. You remembered how good this man made you feel by just playing with your clit alone. Suddenly, you weren’t sure you’d last longer than five minutes at all.
Jungkook tugged the top of your underwear down, lifting up your hip with one hand to slide your panties down enough to have full, unrestrained access to your pussy. He blew lightly on your heat, the cold shock ripping a moan from your throat as one hand came up to thread through Jungkook’s thick, silky hair. His tongue teased your clit, flicking up lightly. He then sucked harshly, the wet sound seemingly echoing around his office. You felt him hum into you, the vibrations make you grind down harder against his face. 
He never stopped, his tongue working and his jaw beginning to ache as he swirled his tongue across your heat, toyed with your clit, and, unbeknownst to you, spelled your name. His breathing was heavy but significantly overshadowed by your own ragged breaths. The heat from his mouth, the way he hummed, the wetness, the flicks of his tongue followed by the sucking of his lips all had the same sensation of warmth growing in the pit of your stomach, your walls clenching in anticipation of your release. 
Without warning, Jungkook pumped two fingers into your already throbbing pussy. The feeling of his thick fingers filling you combined with his mouth sucking roughly on your clit made you a moaning mess, the hand gripping his hair tightening as you ground down against his face roughly. God, he felt so good, like he knew exactly what he was doing. 
You snuck a glance at your watch and realized Jungkook still had a whole two minutes left to make you finish. You already felt yourself teetering on the edge, unwilling to finish but also desperate for release. You couldn’t let him win, you couldn’t.
Then he curled his fingers ever so perfectly, hitting the spot inside of you that had your back arching your back and you pushing your hips down so hard you worried about breaking the poor man’s fingers. 
You lost with a minute and a half to go. Your climax had you seeing stars, chanting Jungkook’s name, gripping his hair so tight you felt him growl against your heat. 
He let you ride out your high, gripping his hair tightly and grinding against his mouth until finally you slumped back against the desk. You barely felt the butterfly kiss he left on the inside of your thigh before he stood up, the gesture so tender it made your chest swell. 
Jungkook helped you slide your panties up and skirt down, adjusting the waist slightly to hide any sign of what you both had just done. You couldn’t quite look him in the eyes, your eyes instead focusing on his hands. You wanted to reach out and grab them, kiss them gently.
Jesus, what had come over you? Why were you acting like you were in L-word with this man? 
You pushed his chest lightly to get him to step back so you could step around him. 
“Where are you going?” he questioned, leaning back against his desk as he watched you stride to the door. 
“Home. I’m tired.”
He cocked an eyebrow at you and snorted. Crossing his arms, he tilted his head to the side, making his hair - which was now disheveled - fall into his face. Shit, he was hot.
“Hmmm. I’m just shocked because if I recall you still have work to do.”
You could only blink at him, your mouth parting in shock, and you let out a scoff.
“Fuck you.”
With that, you turned and exited his office, huffing back to your desk to finish the mountain of paperwork still piled up there. You wanted to either cry, scream, or go to bed. Maybe all three in that order. Instead, you sifted through the pile to find where you left off. 
It was past one in the morning when you fell asleep, your head resting on your folded arms. You were woken up by the 5 a.m. cleaning crew, who shook your shoulder gently and informed you of the time. You thanked them.
And then you noticed something.
The pile of paperwork on your desk had been cleared away. All that was left was a yellow sticky note with neat handwriting on it. Picking it up lightly you let out a puff of air as you read what it said. 
Sorry for making your day hell. That was a little dick move. Come in by 10 a.m. and bring fifteen iced coffees for me. That way you have an excuse for being late. 
See you tomorrow at 10 a.m. sharp. Get some rest, Y/N.
            -Sexiest man in the world who does in fact own a mirror
p.s. I finished up the paperwork for you. The stuff you had already done looked good, too. 
You ran your hand through your hair, placing the note carefully in your bag before standing up to go home, shower, take a power nap, and be back in the office by 8 a.m. As kind as Jungkook’s offer was, you felt like you would let the other people around you down if you strolled in at 10 a.m. 
Jungkook was a difficult man. But you were determined to figure him out. 
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taesinferno · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a series of drabbles surrounding dilf! jungkook
# grocery store
# stairs sex
# smile
# recital
# jealous
# spoiled
# parent-teacher conference
# conception
# vacation
Tumblr media
> want more dilf content? click here!
| main m.list |
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc.
Tumblr media
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heyitsmehaneul · 19 days ago
Under The Bridge
Our Future
The Bases
Blue Spring
Young Alpha
Please Love Me
Cozy Thief
Heart Of The Storm
Stay In Your Lane
May 31
Rocket To The Moon
The Rabbit On The Moon
The Tutor
In Between
Tequila Mockingbird
Oh Brother
A Home Found In You
Happy Birthday Baby
Cherry Bomb
Historic Moments
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minyfic · 12 days ago
lisp - JJK
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↣ who knew that your hybrid best friend would turn out to be such a clingy, over-protective lover?
Tumblr media
pairing — snake hybrid!jungkook x reader
genre/rating — R | smut, fluff, angst, bff2l
warnings/tags — strong language, new relationship au, childhood friends au, snake hybrid!JK, dentist!JK, mentions of blood and violence, possessive JK, explicit smut (see individual parts for warnings)
Tumblr media
⚘ oneshots
part Ꭵ - 9K
✧ from day one, he has the irrational urge to protect you, even from himself.
part ᎥᎥ - 8K
✧ he has you, but things have gotten worse when it comes to his instincts.
part ᎥᎥᎥ
✧ he’s not the type to pay much attention to his own pain, but when it comes to yours, he would do anything to stop your tears, even if it means putting his pride aside.
Tumblr media
⚘ drabbles
✧ none yet!
Tumblr media
⚘ more about snakoo
𓆙 what snake breed is he?
𓆙 does he have scales? & his hands?
𓆙 does he shed?
𓆙 what does his saliva do? & an aphrodisiac?!
𓆙 what does snakoo’s apartment look like?
𓆙 what does his clinic look like?
𓆙 why do we call him snakoo?
𓆙 can snakoo have kids with Y/N?
𓆙 how exactly are his cawks X2 situated?
#fic: lisp
talk to my characters tag > #ttmc:lisp
Tumblr media
please do not copy/repost/translate.
© minyfic 2021
Tumblr media
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Love to Hate (Ch. 1)
Tumblr media
Author: kpopfanfictrash
Creative Contributor:@baebae-goodnight​ I mean, look at this moodboard. LOOK AT IT.
Genre: Fuck Buddies / Enemies to Lovers
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Synopsis: Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.
Rating: 18+
Warnings: semi-public nudity, slight voyeurism, dirty talk (mention of a threesome, mention of restraints), nipple play, fingering, spanking, oral (male), face-fucking, multiple orgasms, slight possessiveness, jungkook calls y/n sweetheart and princess; seokjin is not in the fic (yet), I’m sorry about that
Word Count: 13,103
Tumblr media
You were six years old when you learned your world wasn’t the same as it was for other people.
It’s possible this fact occurred to you before then, but you didn’t put things into context until your sixth birthday. That was the night – one of the many – your parents had a function to attend, leaving you alone to be baby-sat by your mother’s sister, Ailene.
Ailene could, at best, be described as a socialite. At worst, she could be described as a mild alcoholic with zero tolerance for anyone but herself. She shouldn’t have been left alone with a cactus, let alone a human child, but your parents’ baby-sitter had cancelled at the last minute and they were, quote, unquote, desperate.
Later in life, you’d think this word had been thrown around loosely, and you’d be right.
‘Desperate’ to your parents meant not attending the social function of the week and missing out on urgent gossip, like Mr. Blanchard’s affair with a nineteen-year-old dog walker. ‘Desperate’ was not – although maybe it should’ve been – the prospect of a six-year-old daughter being left alone on her birthday with an alcoholic flake to take care of her.
Honestly, you weren’t sure your parents even remembered the day. You only knew yourself because your nanny, who had dropped you off mid-day at Ailene’s, made a comment to the doorman about you being a year older.
So, there you were, knees curled into your chest as you sat on Ailene’s leather sofa and listened to her gripe via phone to her friends. There was a ‘rager’ being thrown at a club uptown, different from the venue of your parents’ classy fundraiser. An old episode of Boy Meets World played on TV in the background, one of your favorite shows to watch on your own.
You liked watching it because Cory’s world was just so different than yours. You found them utterly fascinating. Their house seemed small, about the same size as your mother’s suite in the vacation house at Lake Tahoe. Cory didn’t seem to notice though, which you found profoundly strange. In your life, everyone seemed to notice square footage. His parents rarely raised their voices, never threw any dishes, and Cory’s mom even cooked – by herself, on the stove.
Cory’s family had a neighbor, Mr. Feeny, who was the principal at their school. None of your parents’ friends could be called teacher or professor. They all had titles like CEO, president, or director of global something-or-other.
While you watched, you heard Ailene’s voice raise another decibel. Ears perked, you glanced up and saw her pacing.
“Are you serious?” Ailene wailed, glancing out the window. “Angel is where? With Sara? Oh my god – no. I need to get down there. ASAP. My sister will just have to understand.”
You remember the sinking feeling in your gut, staring at your aunt in her towering Louboutin heels and a tiny, Chanel dress. Not bothering to lower herself to your level, she smacked gum as she chewed, leveling her finger at you on the couch.
“I’m going to be gone for like, an hour,” she said. “You be a good girl and don’t move until I come home, okay? Okay.”
Without waiting for an answer, she disappeared out the door in a cloud of perfume. You stared after her for a very long time, unsure what to do. Dimly, you recalled your nanny saying to call the police if something bad ever happened, but that was supposed to be if strangers talked to you, or you got in taken in some way. Not if you were stuck in your aunt’s house alone.
Lower lip trembling, you returned your attention to the TV, which had started a new episode – and that’s when it hit you. Cory’s family wasn’t the same as yours – they were better. His parents never forgot he existed. They helped with his homework and got mad when he didn’t tell them things, like where he was or when he’d be home. Growing up, your mother frequently rubbed her temples whenever you asked for advice, citing some vague excuse about an oncoming migraine.
Left alone, forbidden from moving, you started to cry. And eventually, you peed on Ailene’s couch, not having gone to the bathroom since your nanny dropped you off.
Unsurprisingly, Ailene didn’t return that night and when your parents arrived at some point after midnight, there was much shouting in your general vicinity. (“You peed on that couch? Ailene is never going to baby-sit for us again!”) Then, your parents hurried you into their waiting town car, where you promptly fell asleep on the fine, leather seats.
Although the day was overall, terrible, you did take away several key lessons:
Your family was different. Most parents didn’t have ‘functions’ to attend, nor did they own million-dollar penthouses, hire chefs to make dinner, or have hired drivers,
Your parents couldn’t be relied upon. Your interests would always come second to theirs and thus, they couldn’t be trusted. And–
Trying to gain your parents’ approval by playing by their rules would never work in your favor.
Up until that day, you’d tried hard to be the perfect daughter. Going to Ailene’s house even though it smelled funny – a sharp tang you’d later come to know as spilled alcohol. Sitting quietly on her sofa, watching TV even when you had to use the bathroom. Waiting for your parents to remember you existed, rather than making your moments your own.
From that night on though, you stopped trying to please them. Your teenage years, and into your early adulthood, were what your parents called ‘trying.’ You saw them as liberating, resulting in you leaving their world and everything in it behind.
Fast-forward to today, where you’re frustrated with yourself for having forgotten your second commandment when it comes to your parents: they can’t be trusted.
Seated across the table from a mind-numbingly boring date, you drum your fingers on the cloth as you look away. It was your mother’s begging in the end which got you to agree, paired with a healthy dash of sneak-attack timing.
Raising your glass of Moët to your lips, you take another sip. Keeping your parents in your life has been more a practical matter, than anything else. As soon as you turned twenty-two and gained control of your trust fund, you began the long journey to turning your dreams into reality – namely, creating Clean Ocean, a private operating foundation dedicated to fighting climate change and pollution.
Obviously, your parents don’t approve of this venture. As heads of the largest shipping corporation in the world, they’re one of the main contributing factors to the pollution you battle. Still, their contacts in government have proven invaluable, so you’ve become somewhat dependent on keeping in touch.
A fact you severely regret whenever your mom decides to call in favors, like she has with you tonight – going on a blind date with the nephew of her socialite ‘sister,’ a Mrs. Jeanette Mason. Early yesterday, your mother called you in hysterics. You’d been in the middle of a crisis at work, which meant you only half-listened as your mother poured out her worries.
Hysterical phone calls from your mother came once a week, usually about whatever scandal your younger brother, Jason, had gotten himself into, but this one happened to be about you. This time, your mom was upset because next year, you’re turning thirty and apparently, this means your eggs are about to expire. (“Do you know how long it took your father and I to have Jason after you? Do you, Y/N?”)
Your assistant interrupted at exactly the wrong moment, which meant you accidentally said ‘yes’ to your mother instead of to Hoseok. A yes which resulted in your attendance on a date with notorious billionaire playboy, Jeon-fucking-Jungkook.
Taking another sip of champagne, you glance around the main dining room of Chez Moi, Chez Toi and wonder at what point it’s considered acceptable to leave. If you smile and nod long enough, possibly you can get away with disappearing before dessert.
“What about you?” Jungkook’s voice cuts into your thoughts. “Any upcoming vacation plans?”
Stifling a grimace, you set down your glass. Arranging your napkin in your lap – black, like your dress – you reluctantly meet his gaze.
Annoyingly, Jeon Jungkook is handsome – if you like coiffed, overly polished men who’ve never done a day’s worth of work in their life. Which you don’t, but even you have to admit the guy is good-looking. Typically, your type is quasi-starving artist, of which Jeon Jungkook is definitively not. His father, Jeon Jaesung, owns one of the wealthiest oil corporations in the world – Jeon Energy Corporation.
With a jaw that could cut glass though, dark hair, and an intense, piercing gaze, it’s a small wonder women line up to be seen on his arm. Unfortunately, Jungkook’s storied dating life hasn’t translated to scintillating dinner conversation.
Honestly, you’re not surprised. If you’ve learned one thing from growing up amongst the rich and famous, it’s that when you have enough money, you can pay people to think for you. 
There’s no need to have an interesting personality when you own a black card with no spending limit.
“No,” you respond, fingers sliding over the stem of your glass. “No vacations planned.”
Jungkook’s gaze flickers as he nods, glancing down at his menu. Doing the same, you wonder again at what point you can leave. The food here does look good, if somewhat overpriced and containing far too much foie gras on the menu.
Beneath the table, you hear your stomach growl and wince. Hopefully Jungkook didn’t hear and if he did, hopefully he’s polite enough not to mention it. Work was busy again today, and you forgot to eat lunch. Judging by the fanciness of this restaurant, its portions are sure to be tiny. Mentally, you decide to stop by Popeye’s on your way home tonight.
Clearing his throat, Jungkook brings your gaze to him. Whatever he was about to say is interrupted by your waiter’s arrival.
“Have you both had a chance to peruse the menu?” he asks, both hands folded before him.
Glancing at Jungkook, you nod. “Yes, I’m ready.”
“Same here,” he says, settling back in his seat. “I’ll have the steak au poivre. And you, Y/N?”
Handing your menu over, you say, “Coq au Vin for me. Thank you.”
“And another two glasses of Moët.” Meeting your gaze, Jungkook lifts a brow and you’re somewhat unnerved by the challenge within. “Is that alright, Y/N?”
You nod, a bit thrown. Once the waiter is gone, you continue to fiddle with the stem of your glass. A single orchid and candle rest on white linen between you, partitioning the table between your side and his.
God, you hope you don’t have to stay for dessert.
“So. Y/N.” Jungkook tilts his head. “What line of work are you in?”
Exhaling once, you lift the glass to your lips. Honestly, it’s as though Jungkook swallowed a Filofax on casual dating. If he asks you how many siblings you have, you suppose you win first date bingo.
“Oh, you know,” you say, smiling blandly. “My parents are in the shipping industry. Lots of international work, travel –”
“So, you work for your parents?”
Surprised by the interruption, you find your words trailing off. Jungkook seems amused by your reaction, a smirk on his lips where there previously was none.
In response, your gaze narrows.
“No,” you admit.
His smile broadens. “Why would you tell me what your parents do, and not you?”
Annoyed by his arrogance, your frustration only grows. His words strike a nerve, and you can’t tell whether Jungkook did it on purpose. You didn’t want to be on this date in the first place, and you really don’t want to debate politics with yet another rich boy.
“Honestly?” Dropping all pretense, you set your Moët on the table. “Because I’m on this date as a favor to my parents and have absolutely no desire to see you after tonight. The less you know about me, the better.”
Briefly, his gaze widens, generating a doe-eyed effect.
“Oh, don’t act all hurt.” Stifling an eye roll, you sit back in your seat. The night is already ruined, so you might as well go all in. “I know exactly who you are, Jeon Jungkook. Playing dumb is beneath you.”
For a moment, Jungkook looks surprised – and then grins, tilting his head.
“I’m not hurt.” His expression shifts, turning curious. “Although I am interested. What, exactly, have you heard about me, Y/N?”
He adds a caress to your name, almost by accident, and a small thread of heat curls in your gut.
What you’ve heard about Jungkook is that he's a massive flirt. He runs in an exclusive circle of the uber-elite; always partying, always a different girl every night and – up until recently – he’s never held a real job.
Most of the headlines involving Jungkook are either about his father’s oil company – yet another spill off the coast of Madagascar! – or Jungkook’s playboy image. He remained separate from the family business until recently when his mother died. Rumor has it, after her death, Jungkook was pressured into joining the company.
Although he might now work for a living, Jungkook is still just another spoiled heir. His photograph graces the society pages nearly as often as your parents, although his face is typically accompanied by one scandal or another:
Jeon Jungkook Rumored to Date Esteemed Hollywood Director’s Ex-Wife
Two Days After Breaking Up with Fiancé, Hotel Heiress Spotted on Yacht in the Mediterranean with Jeon Jungkook
Courtside Drama! Lakers Point Guard and Jeon Jungkook Spotted Arguing Over Rumored Affair with His Girlfriend
Nothing you heard ever piqued your interest to know more, but the same can’t be said about others. Jungkook is rich, handsome, and poised to inherit a multi-billion-dollar empire. This spells e l i g i b l e to a certain class of social climbers. Not even the most lurid rumors have stopped them from lining up to ride his dick.
Delicate, you clear your throat. “I’ve… heard you date around. And,” you add, resolve growing, “I’m not interested in dating you.”
Jungkook’s lips tug upwards, revealing a tiny mole beneath his bottom lip.
You find it excessively annoying he has a beauty mark in such a kissable place. Beneath the table, you uncross and cross your legs and hope he doesn’t notice.
Briefly, Jungkook’s gaze lowers to the deep cut of your dress and inwardly, you curse past you for this decision. You wondered before leaving if the dress sent the wrong message but decided a potential lecture from your mother re: proper date attire would be far worse than potentially leading Jungkook on.
The fabric is velvet, with a deep neckline barely clinging to your shoulders. A singular diamond hangs from a chain around your neck, accentuating your cleavage in a way you’ve been told is mouth-watering. Add to the ensemble sky-high YSL sandals, and you’re practically guaranteed sex on the first date.
Truthfully, the amount of designer apparel on your body is misleading. You maintain a small section within your closet for ‘outfits my parents wouldn’t complain if I were photographed in’ and the rest contains sensible outfits purchased on a sensible salary.
With what seems like great difficulty, Jungkook drags his attention up to your face. Your frown deepens.
“You’re not interested in dating me?” Unconcerned, Jungkook takes a sip of his drink. “Then, why did you agree to come out tonight?”
“Like I said,” you repeat, withholding an eye roll. “I’m here as a favor to my mother. Why are you here, anyways?” you ask, changing the subject. It’s been bothering you since you heard the name Jeon. “I don’t exactly fit your typical profile of dates.”
Jungkook tilts his head. “How so?”
“Well, for one, I’m nearly thirty.”
He looks at you blankly. “And?”
“And… the women you usually date are closer to twenty.”
“Untrue. I’m incredibly open-minded, Y/N.”
“I’m two years older than you are, Jeon.”
He fights back a smile. “In my experience, women who’ve had more time to… live is never a bad thing.”
Feeling your cheeks heat, you look quickly away. “And then there’s that,” you state. Lifting your drink, you take another gulp. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but your dates usually end in sex.”
When you look back, you see something languid has entered his gaze.
“And?” he asks softly.
“And” – somewhat flustered, you attempt to pull yourself together – “I just told you I’m not interested in having sex.”
“Actually.” Jungkook holds up a finger. “That’s not what you said.”
Uncertain, you frown. “I – what?”
Leaning forward, Jungkook’s right hand brushes yours. You glance down in surprise, fully unprepared for how your body responds. Breath catching, a flurry of sparks ignite in your stomach.
In the corner of one eye, you see a flash go off and, remembering who you are and who you’re with, you quickly pull back.
Jungkook doesn’t move. “What you said,” he murmurs. “Was you’re not interested in dating me. And that you had no interest in seeing me after tonight. Nothing,” he pauses, gaze lingering, “about not wanting to have sex.”
At this, your mouth dries, and you can only stare.
He’s right. Somehow, you neglected to state you weren’t interested in sleeping with him, an egregious oversight – except. Tilting your head, you consider the concept. Jungkook is hot, there’s no denying that. 
Possibly, you would be attracted to him if it weren’t for who he is.
Jungkook doesn’t blink. “Are you saying you’re not interested in having sex with me?”
Before you can answer, you’re thankfully interrupted by the waiter’s arrival. A fresh glass of Moët replaces the one in your hand, and you take a careful sip to gather your thoughts.
Leaning back in his chair, Jungkook looks at you, satisfied, and you feel the irrational urge to wipe the smirk from his face. He’s just so smug, sipping his champagne, certain you want him. 
Lifting your chin, you lean forward and watch Jungkook’s gaze again drop to the neckline of your dress.
“Objectively, yes,” you say sweetly. “I’m attracted to you. I’m sure the sex would be great – or at least, it would be adequate. In my experience, male self-confidence is rarely correlated with an orgasm. But” – Here, you hold up a finger – “I’d sooner drink battery acid than date anyone my mother set me up with.”
Jungkook nearly snorts his champagne.
“Okay, wow,” he chokes, setting down the flute. “First off, there’s that word date again. Second – only adequate?” Somehow, he manages to look offended. “On behalf of hot men everywhere, I take that personally.”
Now, you do roll your eyes. “Are you serious?”
“Occasionally.” Jungkook pauses. “Usually on accident.”
“You didn’t answer my question, though,” you say, continuing as though he hasn’t spoken. “Why did you agree to come here tonight?”
Without looking away, Jungkook drums his fingertips on the table. You feel oddly on display but don’t seem to mind. His gaze on yours is heavy-lidded, making you imagine what he’d look like in other positions.
No, no, no – you are not going to imagine what Jungkook looks like naked. Stubbornly, you shake the scorching image from mind.
“Do you seriously think I don’t know who you are, Y/N?” Shaking his head, Jungkook seems disappointed. “Your parents own the largest shipping corporation in the world. You’ve been estranged from them for years, and have a younger brother named Jason. Currently, you run a philanthropic organization. Thing is, though,” he says, lifting a brow. “Where’d you get the money to start it?”
Again, your eyes narrow because again, he’s not wrong.
It was your trust fund, given to you by your parents, which kick-started your philanthropic efforts. Since then, sweat and hard work have built your organization into what it is today, but you are aware of the hypocrisy at play. Although you hate your parents’ world – and Jungkook’s world by default – it was their money which funded your initial actions.
Annoyed by this observation, you stare at him from across the table. Jungkook might think he knows everything about you, but all he understands are a few facts on paper.
“My organization came from my trust fund,” you say bluntly. “Having built it from scratch, I know exactly how it began. What have you ever done that didn't include your family name, Jeon?”
A muscle in his jaw ticks. “I know what my reputation is, Y/N,” Jungkook says lowly. “And I know you think you know what my reputation is. But did you ever stop to think maybe not everyone is as forthcoming as you are?”
Blinking, you can only stare. “What?”
“Nothing.” His face wipes itself clean. “So. Back to sex.”
“Hang on,” you say, shaking your head from the whiplash. “You still haven’t answered my question.”
“Which was?”
You look at him flatly. “Don’t make me ask again.”
Jungkook’s gaze darkens, and in response, something heavy settles deep in your gut. Pressing your thighs together, you inhale on reflex. Noticing your reaction, Jungkook smiles.
Before you can respond though, he swirls his glass. “If I tell you the truth,” he muses. “Will you answer a question of mine in return?”
His tone should be a warning, but you find yourself interested despite this. Or maybe because of this. It’s hard to tell when it comes to Jungkook; things which annoy you are equal parts intriguing. 
Maybe that’s why you say what you do next.
“Fine,” you declare, lifting your glass. “I’ll answer a question.”
“I agreed to come on this date because my aunt asked me to,” Jungkook says. “After my mom died, she’s the only person in my family I’m close to. I planned on waiting the obligatory ninety minutes, then leaving before dessert.” He pauses, gaze dropping again. “Until you walked in, that is. That’s a damn good dress if you didn’t already know.”
Startled, you blink. That wasn’t what you were expecting him to say.
“Ninety minutes,” you mutter. “I knew there was a rule.”
The corner of Jungkook’s mouth lifts. “Now, your turn.”
You’re starting to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. You didn’t think you’d have a good time on this date and mostly, you aren’t, but you can’t deny a small part of yourself is enjoying this. Enjoying him, despite your best efforts.
“What do you want to know?” you find yourself saying.
Jungkook considers. “My question is – are you really not interested in me?”
He seems genuinely invested in your answer, which gives you pause. The somewhat snarky response you had to say dries in your throat and instead, you exhale.
Jungkook blinks. “What?”
“Any question.” You try to hide your smile. “You could’ve asked me for my credit card number, but instead you’re asking me about sex.”
“Just answer the question,” Jungkook says without looking away.
Your stomach knots, the slightest of thrills accompanying his level gaze. Fine; you’ll admit it to yourself, if no one else. Jungkook is hot. Like – devastatingly, mind-blowingly, the surface of the sun kind of hot. It’s no wonder women line up for his dick.
Which they do, you remind yourself. If you slept with Jungkook, you’d be just another notch in his bedpost. Shaking yourself slightly, you sit up a bit straighter. You’re not quite sure when you went from never wanting to see him again to wondering if you had sex.
If you did sleep with him though, there’d be zero strings attached. It’s been such a long time since you had really good sex. With work being so crazy lately, you’ve barely had the opportunity to date, let alone find a new fuck buddy.
Tilting your head, you consider Jungkook once more.
“Truthfully?” you hear yourself saying.
Slowly, he nods.
Carefully reaching out, you graze the sleeve of his suit with one finger. Jungkook’s gaze follows the motion, darkening at the sight of your hand on his arm.
“I’m not interested in dating you,” you murmur. After a pause, your gaze flicks to his. “I left this world as soon as I could, and I have no intention of returning.”
His dark eyes gleam. “But?”
“But.” Again, you hesitate. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in… other things.”
“Like what.” Jungkook’s words are barely audible.
Slowly, you shake your head. “That wasn’t part of your question.”
“Indulge me.”
Heat swirls in the pit of your stomach, and you wonder what the hell is happening. You have no idea why you’re so turned on by this man, but the fact remains that you are. Something about all this is working – a fact you don’t want to examine too closely.
Jungkook’s bluntness is refreshing, as is the matter-of-fact view he has of you both. Assuming he’s been telling the truth, that is.
Considering this, you tilt your head. “Show me a photo of you and your aunt.”
Jungkook blinks. “This is a weird kind of foreplay, Y/N.”
“Just do it.”
Obligingly, he pulls out his phone to swipe through his albums. Locating a photo, he turns this back around. An image of Jungkook fills the screen, arm in arm with an older woman at a rich-people function. Jungkook actually looks happy, beaming at the tiny woman beside him.
Something twinges in your chest, although you choose to ignore it.
“Alright,” you say and sit back.
Arching a brow, Jungkook stows his phone away. “Going to tell me what that was about?”
“I haven’t decided.”
The waiter chooses this moment to appear again, setting your meals before you. The food looks amazing and, gurgling out loud, your stomach seems to agree. Jungkook looks your way sharply, and you pray he didn’t hear – a prayer which falls on deaf ears once the waiter disappears.
“When did you last eat?” Jungkook asks, his gaze critical.
Suppressing a scoff, you pick up your fork. “Please. Let’s not do that, Jeon.”
“Do what?”
Cutting into his steak, Jungkook siphons off a piece to place in his mouth. You become the tiniest bit distracted by the way his jaw chews and swallows.
“This weird, overprotective boyfriend thing,” you say, snapping free of the trance. “That thing where you monitor my meals and scold me for not eating enough. I know my own body, thanks.”
Admittedly, you should have eaten lunch, but Jungkook doesn’t need to know that. Rather than be embarrassed by your comment though, Jungkook nearly chokes at your words.
“Wow.” He pounds himself on the chest. “I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being too boyfriend before. This must be a first.”
“Oh, please.” You stifle your eye roll. “You might not have been a boyfriend before, but you have the whole ‘boyfriend thing’ down.”
“What do you mean ‘boyfriend thing?’”
“It’s” – Loosely, you gesture at his body – “all of this. The suit, the tie, the perfectly mussed hair. It’s the way you order nice champagne and wait ninety minutes before ditching your date. You like to give the appearance of a boyfriend without actually having to be one.”
Across the table, Jungkook has gone still.
“Because your whole world is about appearances,” you continue, unsure where this is coming from but unable to stop. “It doesn’t matter if you actually date someone, so long as people think that you are. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as no one complains. I don’t actually think you’re capable of giving a single person your undivided attention.”
“You have my undivided attention right now,” he says lowly.
“For now,” you concede, picking up your fork. “Anyways, back to your original question – what I’m interested in from you.”
“I’m listening.”
Glancing over your shoulder, you ensure no one is close enough to overhear. In your world, you can never tell which passerby is waiting to sell a quote to the lifestyle section.
“I believe we’re in a unique situation,” you say, turning back around.
“We are?”
You nod. “You’re only interested in sex from your dates, and I’m not interested in anything but sex from you.”
He pauses. “Why do you assume I only want sex from my dates?”
“Am I wrong?”
“Well, no.” Jungkook fights a smile. “It’s just you don’t seem to have a very high opinion of me.”
“Now who’s the one twisting words?” Your brows lift. “I said you don’t want to date people, not that I think you’re a bad person. I just think… we’re very different people who want very different things.”
“You keep saying that.” Jungkook leans forward, his meal forgotten. “And I just don’t believe you, Y/N. We were both born into the same lifestyle, we’re both currently wearing designer clothes. The only difference is that I’m honest about what I am and you’re not.”
Although your mouth opens and closes, no words seem to come out. Finally, you recover enough to say, “Honest? The only honest thing you’ve said to me tonight is you have an aunt that you love.”
“Don’t forget the part about me being good in bed,” he offers. “That was also true.”
“So, what I’m saying is I have no interest in being your girlfriend,” you reiterate, sensing this is getting off track. “And you have no interest in being my boyfriend. Judging by the way you keep staring at my tits, though, I’d say you’re attracted to me. Is that true?”
Jungkook’s gaze heats. “Yes.”
Ignoring the way your pulse pounds, you barrel onward. “Good.” Sitting back, you reach for your champagne. “Which is why I think we should have sex.”
Rather than sputter, or spit out his champagne, Jungkook is merely silent, then looks down at his plate. Cutting another piece of his steak, Jungkook thinks, and you continue to wait. Finally, he stops and sets down his fork.
“You’d have sex with someone you don’t even like?” he asks – bluntly, not maliciously.
You shrug. “Why not?”
Honestly – before tonight, you would’ve said no. You would’ve said such a concept was unthinkable, but you can’t deny that right now, your attraction to Jungkook has nothing to do with the future. Maybe that’s part of the reason why you’re intrigued.
In the back of your mind, your mother’s hysterics about your eggs getting fertilized and settling down are ever-present. Nothing would be quite the middle finger to that conversation than having no-strings-attached sex with the Jeon family playboy.
“Look,” you sigh, sensing his reticence. Who knew Jeon Jungkook had such a moral streak? “It’s been a long time for me, okay? Work has been hell, so I’ve had no time to date. My last relationship ended over a year ago and that asshole couldn’t tell a clit from a urethra. You have a reputation of being good in bed and – at the very least – you’re not bad to look at.”
Jungkook’s brows lift higher. “So, you just want an orgasm?”
“Amongst other things,” you say.
Without seeming to realize, Jungkook runs his tongue over the back of his teeth. Your response to this is instant, and heated. Eyelids growing slightly heavy, Jungkook spreads his thighs on top of his chair.
“What other things?” he asks, voice dropping.
Heart beating quickly, you glance at his mouth. “I… most guys are too gentle,” you murmur. “If we’re only going to do this once, I want it to be good.”
His smile turns brutal. “You want it rough, princess? I can do that. Anything else?”
“No oral,” you say quickly.
“For you or for me?” He frowns. “No judgement either way, I just want to know.”
“For me. I don’t… like it.”
Thoughtful, Jungkook tilts his head. “You don’t like being eaten out?”
The way he says it makes you wonder if by him, you would. But most of the guys who’ve tried were only a disappointment and some were downright painful. A lot of huffs and awkward prodding and the demand for head in return.
“It always… sounds nice,” you allow. “But then, I just kind of lie there while the guys move around.”
Jungkook’s expression darkens. “Sounds as though those men were the problem, not you. But alright, no oral – for now,” he amends.
“There’s only going to be a now, Jungkook.”
“Right.” His smile widens. “Better make tonight count, then.”
Something about his tone and his cockiness have you reaching for your glass of Moët, finishing it off. Lowering the flute to the table, you catch his eye just as your tongue darts out to catch the last drop.
His expression intensifies. “You’re not what I expected, Y/N.”
Caught off guard, your gaze widens. “How so?”
“Tonight has got to be a first for me.”
“… being propositioned for sex at the dinner table?”
“No.” Jungkook grins. “That happens surprisingly often. No – I’ve never been propositioned by someone who didn’t like me. Someone I’m not even sure I like back. Just one night, no strings attached. It’s… interesting.”
“You’re making this sound completely ridiculous.”
“Oh, it is.” Jungkook lifts a brow – a signature move, you’re beginning to realize. “But I’m into it. Okay, should we go?” he asks, draining his glass.
Your eyes widen when he stands, glancing at your half-eaten chicken. Jungkook holds out a hand, waiting for you to take it.
Not accepting the gesture, you look up. “I haven’t finished my meal.”
“Okay.” Jungkook sits down again. “I thought I wasn’t supposed to care about what you ate, though? You’ve got to make up your mind,” he says, shaking his head. “Should I care about your well-being, or should I act like a dick?”
Eyes narrowed, you push your chair back to stand.
“Let’s go,” you announce, picking up your purse.
Striding towards the exit, you let your hips sway, knowing he’s watching. When you hear a soft groan, you smile. Jungkook catches up to you quickly, placing a hand on your lower back to lean in.
“Teasing?” he murmurs, lips brushing your ear.
A shiver travels the length of your spine.
“That’s the general idea, Jeon.”
He makes a soft noise of assent, and you become acutely aware of heads turning in your direction. It seems you leaving with the Jeon family playboy is a source of immediate gossip.
“Is there another way out,” you ask beneath your breath.
Glancing around, Jungkook seems to understand your concern. Nodding once, he guides you away from the restaurant’s main entrance. The doors swing shut as you enter the kitchen and Jungkook pulls you from the path of a passing server.
“Hey, Yoongi,” he calls to a man in a tall hat.
The guy – dark-haired and good looking – merely grunts and nods his hello. His eyes flick with interest to you, although he looks away quickly to resume stirring his soup.
“You know the head chef?” you ask as you reach the exit.
Jungkook nods, pushing open the door. “Yeah. That’s Yoongi, we went to college together. Here we go,” he says, entering an alley where a black town car is idling. “For an easy, low-profile exit.”
Stifling an eye roll, you slide into the backseat and cross your legs. It takes Jungkook a moment to enter, sitting opposite you in the back and buckling his seatbelt.
“Home,” he says to the driver, who nods and rolls up the partition.
The car rumbles to life, the only sounds in the backseat those of the muffled city nightlife. Staring out the window, you watch the car merge onto the main avenue.
This is so unlike you.
You’ve never done anything like this before. Well, you’ve gone home with strangers before. When you were in college, you had plenty of one-night stands, but you’re not in college right now and it’s been a long time since you had casual sex. Not to mention the fact that currently, you’re completely sober. There’s nothing to distract you from overthinking.
Focused on the road, you nearly jump from your skin when Jungkook touches your arm. Glancing sideways, you meet Jungkook’s gaze.
“You know,” he says softly. “Nothing needs to happen between us tonight. You can go home any time you want. My driver can take you – we could even go now. No hard feelings at all.”
Oddly enough, his words cause some of the tension to melt from your limbs. Heat of a different kind replaces its presence as you turn on the backseat.
“I know,” you murmur, staring at him again. Jungkook is ridiculously pretty. “You have a cute mole – here,” you say, reaching to brush a finger beneath his lower lip. “Did you know that?”
Jungkook just stares, his lips slightly parted.
Before you can pull away, he turns his head, and you feel the hot fleck of tongue against the pad of your finger. Heat pounds through your veins, turning your limbs to mush. Gaze lifting, Jungkook closes his lips around your finger to suck.
“Oh,” you whisper, staring in fascination.
The turgid heat of his mouth has your entire body tightening. Normally the guys you date are more cerebral than this. They woo you with flowers and poetry, not sex and heated glances. Seated beside Jungkook in the leather backseat of his car, you feel entirely out of your element – and you find that you like it.
Reaching out, Jungkook grabs your waist to pull you closer. You end up pressed to his side, able to feel the lean muscle beneath his suit.
“Mm.” His gaze drops to your chest. “You keep inferring that I’m sex-crazed, but you’re the one who showed up to our date wearing that.”
“Do you like it?” you ask, a bit breathless.
Jungkook’s gaze lifts to yours. “Let’s play a different game,” he says suddenly.
“What kind of a game?”
Slowly, his hand skims your lower back until he lands on your waist. Tugging you closer, Jungkook brushes your ear with his lips.
“A game where I guess what you have on underneath that dress,” he murmurs. “And if I’m right, you show me. If I’m wrong, you take something off me, instead.”
Unable to help it, your eyes widen.
“Holy fuck.”
Catching your earlobe with his teeth, Jungkook lightly bites down. “Is that a yes?”
“Yes,” you breathe, unable to think.
Sitting back, Jungkook keeps one hand on your waist. His thumb brushes higher, over your hip and he starts to descend.
“Nuh-uh.” Easily, you catch his hand with yours. “No cheating.”
His eyes glint, and he smiles. “Alright, fine. I’ll start. I don’t think you’re wearing a bra, sweetheart. Tell me I’m wrong.”
Your heart starts to pound because he’s correct. It’s impossible to wear a bra with this dress. Currently, your breasts are being held up by flimsy, sewn-in cups, and sheer force of will.
Sensing victory, Jungkook’s smile widens. “I win,” he murmurs, touching your chin with his thumb.
Lifting your face to his, Jungkook’s mouth slants over yours. The kiss ends before you can react, but it leaves your lips tingling. Dazed and slightly winded, you meet his eyes.
Without another word, you lift your arms to cross over your chest. Grasping the sleeves on both sides, you slowly tug down. Gradually, the shape of your breasts are revealed – more and more, until your nipples pop out.
Exhaling roughly, Jungkook shifts beside you on the seat. Glancing down, you realize his pants are uncomfortably tight and it’s all because of you.
“Can I?” he asks, gaze flicking upwards.
You nod, and he moves with barely restrained control. Cupping your breast with one hand, his thumb strokes its nipple to a tender peak. Lowering his head to the other, Jungkook flicks with his tongue against the waiting nub.
Pulling backwards, he sucks, dragging your nipple with teeth until releasing with a pop.
“Fuck,” you whimper, and he cups your chest with both hands.
Roughly, he traces circles around your nipples with his thumbs. When you start shifting your hips, desperate for friction, he flicks your nipple with his finger and makes you gasp. Reluctantly, Jungkook pulls back at the sound.
“Don’t want the game to end too fast,” he explains.
Based on his appearance though, it seems Jungkook is far from unaffected. His hair, previously styled, has fallen over his forehead. Cheeks red, lips parted, he can’t seem to stop staring at your chest.
“Well, then?” you say. “What else are you guessing?”
Slowly, his gaze moves from your breasts to your legs. “I’m torn.” Jungkook’s grip on your waist tightens. “Between hoping you have a wet scrap of lace covering your pretty pussy, and the fucking wet dream of you being totally bare.”
Without meaning to, your lips part. His words have you soaked. You don’t even need him to check to confirm, although you want to. God, do you want him to.
“Guess,” you whisper.
Jungkook’s gaze darkens, seeing how turned on you are. “I wonder if you’re just dirty enough to leave the house without any panties.”
“I am,” you murmur, slipping a hand between your legs. “But not tonight,” you admit, freezing your fingers in place. “I have on a thong.”
When your hand retreats from your center, Jungkook whines and he truly sounds hurt.
“Your turn.” Quickly, you scan his frame. “I want you to remove… your shirt.”
For a moment, Jungkook stares, then he chuckles.
“Should’ve known you’d find a loophole,” he mutters, twisting around to pull his arms through his sleeves. His jacket falls to the ground as he turns back around to unbutton his shirt.
You can only stare as – inch by glorious inch – bare skin is revealed. Mouth-watering muscles and smooth, golden skin with dusky brown nipples you feel the need to lick. As he strips, you notice Jungkook’s entire right arm is covered in ink, which you find unexpected. Frowning, you attempt to see more, but Jungkook is already pulling back on his jacket.
He keeps this and the loosened tie in place, offering only glimpses of his taut abs and pecs. Leaning back on the seat, he stares at your breasts again.
“God, your tits,” he murmurs appreciatively. “Can I just…?”
When you nod, he immediately bends to take one in his mouth. Moaning out loud, you thread your hands through his hair without thinking. Jungkook nods and, reaching up, encourages you to pull the strands harder. His mouth teases languid rolls from your hips, grinding against nothing in the backseat of his car.
Reaching lower, Jungkook’s hand flattens on your thigh to keep you in place. Flicking your nipple with his tongue, he looks up and the sight is so sinful, so decadent, you feel your entire body quiver. Sensing the change, Jungkook pulls back, and you fight to catch your breath.
“Already, sweetheart?” he murmurs with pride. “Bet I could make you come just from sucking on your pretty nipples, huh? Has that happened before?”
Unable to look away, you shake your head.
He smiles. “So, it’d be just for me, then?”
Before you can appropriately answer this question, the car comes to a stop. Jungkook exhales, forcing his eyes to shut and when he opens them again, he seems more in control.
“Do you still want to come in?” he asks quietly.
For a moment, you can only stare in disbelief. “I – uh, yeah. Yes.”
Helping you pull your dress up, Jungkook’s thumbs linger on the curves of your breasts. Once you’ve been concealed, he pushes open the door and steps out, sans shirt.
You fight back a laugh as he pulls you with. “Jungkook,” you say as he shuts the door. “What about your clothes?”
Jungkook merely shrugs, leading you down another row of cars. His driver seems to have disappeared, and you wonder if the events of tonight are merely par for the course.
“Nothing my staff hasn’t seen before.” Stepping into an elevator, Jungkook pulls you with and presses P. “You, though,” he says as he turns. “I’d rather they didn’t see your pretty little cunt.”
Your entire body clenches as words fail you, leaving you riding the rest of the way up in silence. When the doors ding and slide open, you find yourself facing the penthouse. Of freaking course – Jungkook would have the entire floor to himself.
Stepping into the foyer, you take in the view. Exposed brick faces you, a black staircase winding upwards to connect the second floor. Overhead hangs a crystal chandelier, and the entire room has been decorated in rich shade of blacks and rust.
“Wow,” you exhale.
Coming to a stop, Jungkook follows your gaze as though this is the first time.
“Oh, come on,” you say, crossing your arms. “You know this place is impressive, Jungkook. I bet women take one look at that chandelier and immediately drop their panties.”
“Not true.” Turning to face you, amusement is clear on his features. “Usually, I guess right in the car.”
Smiling fading, you realize of course, this is only another one of his games. Dutifully, you remind yourself this is only sex, which is something Jungkook has a lot of. It’s part of the reason you wanted to come here in the first place. Setting your purse down on the counter, you glance around the room.
“Speaking of.” Taking a step closer, Jungkook’s hands find your waist as he pulls you against him. “Where were we?”
“You were incorrectly guessing what I have on under my clothes,” you remind him. “And surprise – you’ve guessed them all.”
He considers. “How about a new game, then?”
“Mhm.” He meets your gaze. “You tell me where you want me to fuck you – and it can’t be the bed.”
“Why not?” you ask, breathless.
Lifting a finger, Jungkook traces a smooth line down your throat. “Because,” he says lowly. “We’re going to end up in my bedroom, so I want you to pick where we start.”
Each word from his lips has heat coiling in your core. By this point, your panties are little more than a scrap of debauched fabric; something he’ll find out soon enough if he keeps this up.
“The coffee table,” you say, glancing sideways. “It’d be nice to get fucked watching the skyline.”
Chuckling lightly, Jungkook takes hold of your wrist. “Alright,” he says, turning around. “We’ll see if you can think about the skyline when my fingers are inside you.”
Hurrying to keep up with his stride, you watch his impressive torso move with every step. You wish he’d take off the jacket so you can see the tattoos again. He has some on his right hand, you notice, unsure how you missed this at dinner.
As though reading your mind, Jungkook comes to a stop in the center of the room to remove his jacket. The necktie soon follows, thrown over the arm of his sofa. Ink ripples across skin, moving in time with his right hand and bicep.
“Stay standing,” he demands, then drops to his knees.
Your entire body tenses when he grips the hem of your dress. Jungkook slowly pushes upwards, pressing a kiss to each bit of skin he exposes. When he reaches your core, he looks up.
“Spread your legs further,” he states, and you comply. Reaching up, Jungkook replaces your hands on the hem of your dress. “Lift,” he says sternly and again, you obey.
Although you can’t see what he sees, you can imagine. The soaked folds of your pussy, lace twisted from the way you were squirming in his backseat. Arousal slowly trickling down the backs of your thighs, revealing how ready you are for his touch.
“Fuck,” Jungkook breathes, sounding hoarse. “You’re unreal, sweetheart.”
Grasping your thighs, he bends closer, and you tense. Noticing this reaction, he relaxes his grip immediately. True to his word, Jungkook doesn’t try to lick you. Instead, his thumb brushes your folds to push them apart. He trails his index finger backwards, lightly tracing over your center before he pulls back.
“This has to go,” Jungkook says, gripping the sides of your thong to pull to the ground.
You gasp, swaying a little when you lift first one foot, then the other. Standing up, Jungkook helps you balance as you focus on him. Without looking away, he slips a hand between your thighs and – slowly, oh so slowly – sinks a single finger into your waiting pussy.
Unbidden, your lips part and a moan escapes. You’re certain you look like a wreck, especially when Jungkook begins moving, his finger fucking you slowly.
“Oh,” you breathe, clutching his bare biceps. “Jungkook.”
Smirking a little, he angles deeper. “Like this, princess?”
Each thrust of his finger brushes his thumb against your swollen clit, making your eyes flutter shut. Abruptly, Jungkook pulls out.
“Dress. Off – now,” he demands, yanking down the zipper.
You’re so focused on the way your pussy clenches, missing his finger, you barely even notice the fact that you’re naked. Or that Jungkook turns you around, planting your palms square on the coffee table. You do notice once your ass is in the air, casually being caressed by Jungkook’s large palm.
He left your heels on, you notice. The necklace stays on as well, dangling from your bare throat and between your breasts. Facing the window, you can see your reflection mirrored back. Smirking a little, Jungkook slips a tattooed hand around your throat.
He doesn’t apply pressure, simply rests his digits against delicate skin. “You like that?” he murmurs, brushing a kiss to your shoulder.
Instead of responding, you shiver.
“You like watching yourself get fucked? So do I, pretty girl,” he confesses. “No one can see us up here, but it’s a pity – isn’t it? You probably want people to know that you fucked me.”
A growl leaves your lips, and he quietly laughs. Watching you in the mirror, Jungkook’s hand slowly travels the curve of your spine.
“I’ll admit,” he says quietly. “I like knowing every noise you make is because you’re genuinely turned on. That every moan from your lips has been earned. I know you wouldn’t fake it for me – would you, princess?”
Shaking your head, you watch your ass quiver in tandem. Jungkook’s hand comes down with a smack, and you hang your head, breath quickening.
“Ah.” Spreading your pussy, his fingers play with your opening. “That got you wet, huh? You like being spanked, sweetheart?”
“Yes, what?” he asks, goading.
Head snapping up, you glare at his reflection. “If you think I’m going to call you sir,” you bite out. “You have another think coming.”
His smirk broadens. “We’ll see about that.”
Without any warning, two of his fingers plunge inside. Back arching, you cry out, barely able to handle the pleasurable assault. One hand on your hip, Jungkook holds you in place while his fingers pound your pussy. He keeps them straight, thick and warm as they ease open your walls.
“You’re so fucking tight,” Jungkook pants, his grip on your waist tightening. “God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”
“Then do it,” you gasp, spreading your legs. “Fuck me now, Jungkook.”
“I can’t,” he groans, sounding tortured. Again, his hand comes down to slap your ass. “I can’t and I want to so bad, baby. But you’re too tight. It’s been too damn long since someone fucked this pussy like they should, so I gotta stretch you out before you take my cock.”
“I can take it,” you whimper. “I can take whatever you give me, Jungkook.”
When he adds a third finger, a garbled noise leaves your lips.
“See?” Jungkook pants, leaning over your body. Twisting his fingers in and out, he drags pleasure from you in waves. “You can barely take three of my fingers. There’s no way you’d be able to take my whole cock.”
“Give it to me, and I’ll show you.”
“Later,” he promises.
Releasing your waist, he slips his arm around your front. Pulling you upright, Jungkook holds you in place and starts rubbing your clit. Meanwhile, his fingers continue pounding you from below. Lifting your leg wider, he holds you open before the window so you can see the view. Your entire body shudders faced with your open pussy, his fingers moving inside you, his body against yours and his lips on your neck.
Overcome with sensation, you shudder apart in a senseless wave of pleasure. Ripple after ripple drags through you, until there’s nothing but your breath and his body, holding you up.
Easing his hand from your cunt, Jungkook keeps you on your feet as he turns you to face him. Feeling limp in the best kind of way, you dazedly meet his gaze.
Searching your expression, Jungkook looks amused. “I think… that might be enough for tonight.”
“Nuh-uh.” Inhaling briefly, you shake your head. “Not until you come, too.”
“You can barely stand, princess.”
“I don’t need to stand,” you say sweetly.
Jungkook’s gaze darkens at the meaning. Glancing over his shoulder, you search for a bedroom.
“God, how big is this place?” you wonder out loud.
“Unlike some,” Jungkook says, lips quirked. “I have no qualms admitting what my parents’ money bought.”
Ignoring this, you take a step backwards to slip off your heels. Without them, you’re several inches shorter than you previously thought. Tilting your head back, you manage to meet Jungkook’s gaze.
“Where’s your bedroom?” you ask again, stubborn. “I want to suck your dick.”
An amused light enters his gaze. “As tempting as that sounds, I –”
Turning around on your heel, you begin to walk away. The spiral black staircase seems as good a place as any to start. Halfway there though, Jungkook catches up to you and grabs your wrist.
“Fine,” he exhales, pulling you to him. Immediately, you cease moving and lean against his chest. “My bedroom is down that hall to the right.” He nods in this direction. “Guest rooms are upstairs.”
“Rooms, as in plural?”
Sliding a hand under your chin, he turns you to face him. “I thought you didn’t want to talk about my money?”
A slight twinge of regret enters your stomach. So far, Jungkook has been more than charitable with his actions. Nothing but consent and appreciation, which is more than you can say for most men in your circle.
Then again, consent has to be the absolute lowest bar for men to pass.
“Alright, fine.” Tugging out of his grasp, you turn away.
You stride in the direction he mentioned, making it all of three steps before Jungkook catches up to sweep you off your feet. You squeal when your back hits his chest, Jungkook’s strong arms firmly wrapping around you.
“Jungkook,” you gasp, hitting his shoulder. “Put me down.”
“Nope,” he returns, hiding a smile as pushes open a door.
Lights are turned on by the motion, twin lamps by the bed casting golden pools on the floor. When you see the size of his bed, your jaw sags a little. The frame is absolutely enormous – you wonder if there’s a size bigger than King. You, he, and another person could sleep on it comfortably. Squirming slightly at the thought, you wonder if that’s something Jungkook has done before.
His arms tighten around you. “What’re you thinking?” Jungkook asks in your ear.
Caught off guard by the question, you find yourself answering honestly.
“Wondering if you’ve had a threesome there,” you say.
Jungkook pauses, then chuckles. “You… are definitely not what I expected,” he admits, walking towards the bed. Coming to a stop at one side, he looks down.
“Is that a bad thing?” you ask, then change your mind. “Wait – have you?”
His dark gaze meets yours. “A few.”
“Oh,” you exhale. “Lucky.”
Jungkook’s brows shoot straight upwards. “I don’t know,” he says, lowering your feet to the floor. “I’m feeling pretty darn lucky right now.”
You can’t help but groan. “Corny, Jeon.”
“Guilty,” he says with a winning smile.
Reaching out, he grasps your hands in his to place on his belt. Without looking away, he helps you undo the buckle. Once the belt is tugged free, Jungkook leisurely drops this off to the side. Somewhat disappointed, you glance at it on the floor.
Jungkook gently chuckles. “What’s this?” Using his thumb, he brings your gaze to his. “You want me to use it on you? Tie you up with restraints? Spank you like that?”
Instant heat floods your veins, and you nod.
His ever-present grin becomes sensual. “Maybe another time, princess.”
“Stop calling me that,” you huff. “And there’s not going to be another time.”
Maddeningly, he lifts a brow. “We’ll see.”
“We won’t,” you counter, dropping to the floor. Reaching up, you tug on his zipper. “Now, take out your dick so I can suck you dry.”
“I love it when you romance me,” Jungkook says drily, but his hands obey.
“You say that like this has happened before, and – oh my god,” you blurt, staring at him in dismay.
With his pants and boxers pushed down, Jungkook’s cock is freed from its confines. Springing upwards, the length gently bobs as his hand wraps around it. Thick and vascular, you stare at the viscous bead of cum which glistens at the tip. Slowly, not looking away, Jungkook strokes himself once.
You’re going to die, you think, staring at his dick in his hand. You’re going to choke, or die impaled on his cock, but however you go, it’s going to be glorious. Did you already have an orgasm? Your body can’t seem to remember, overcome with the sudden need to have him inside you. To feel him filling you, taking you, with carnal pleasure.
“Fuck,” you mutter, shifting closer on the floor. Wrapping both hands around his thighs, you lift yourself from the ground. “You’re so… fucking pretty.”
When you glance up, Jungkook seems flustered and it’s such an unexpected look on him, you nearly laugh. Said laughter dies quickly when you glance again at his cock and find he’s hardened even further.
“So, you like praise?” you murmur, not giving him a chance to answer. Grasping his base with one hand, you slowly lick up the shaft.
Jungkook moans, low and soft.
Wrapping your lips around the head, you slowly slide down. His frenulum gets teased by your tongue, easing back up him and off with a pop. Jungkook watches this through lidded eyes, as you tilt back your head.
“How do you like it?” you ask him. “Slow and teasing? Or fast and messy?”
His lips part on the latter and you stifle a smile. How utterly predictable. Trying not to roll your eyes, you lean in and grip his quads again.
“Tap me when you’re about to come, alright?” you say, then deep-throat him.
Swearing violently, Jungkook’s hips jolt when you take him in. Pulling away, you breathe through your nose as you flick your tongue. Holding onto both thighs, you move yourself forward to start a clean rhythm. Keeping your mouth as wet as possible, you ignore the spit dribbling down your chin to land on your chest.
Legs spread beneath you, you roll your hips and nudge your clit against his fancy carpet. Eyes watering, you glance up to meet his gaze. Reaching downward, Jungkook almost tenderly grasps the back of your neck.
Knowing what he wants, you nod and sit back. Releasing his cock, you pause long enough to say, “Jungkook, fuck my mouth,” and open wide.
His pupils are so dilated, his gaze has become nearly black. Roughly, he guides the tip of his cock to rest on your tongue. Pushing past your lips, he thrusts forward – and gives in entirely. Before long, his hips are pumping eagerly into your mouth. Eyes watering even more, you’re sure your mascara is smearing – and then Jungkook pulls out.
“Not like this,” he near-growls, grasping you by the waist to lift you on your feet.
Stepping out of his pants, you catch a briefest glimpse of Jungkook naked before you collapse on the bed. Landing on your ass, the momentum makes your tits bounce. Jungkook quickly follows, one of his knees nudging your legs further apart.
“Spread,” he commands.
Reaching between your thighs, he slips in one finger, then two to feel how ready you are.
“Oh, fuck,” you groan, lying flat on the bed. Arching your back, you chase his hand’s rhythm. “Jungkook – more.”
“Yeah?” Withdrawing abruptly, he briefly disappears. You hear a drawer open and close, followed by the sound of a condom packet tearing. Jungkook reappears with this in one hand, rolling it onto his cock. “What do you want from me, princess?”
Staring at his hand wrapped around his cock, you reach up to cover his with your own. You’re barely able to get your fingers around and in response to this, Jungkook groans.
“I want you,” you say, guiding him to your dripping entrance. “Inside. Want you to fuck me hard, Jungkook. Give me the best damn orgasm of my life – if you can,” you add, watching challenge ignite in his gaze.
His nostrils flare. “If I can,” Jungkook repeats. Replacing your hand with his, he slides his cock up and down. “Why don’t you just lie there and take it, like a good girl?”
Slowly, he pushes the tip inside and your breath catches, feeling how much he can stretch you. Jungkook pauses, considering before he reaches down.
“W-what are you doing?” you pant when his hand grasps your ankle.
Gently, he lifts first one leg, then the other to rest on his shoulders. Pushing his cock in a bit further, you finally feel his full girth.
“Oh my god,” you breathe, staring hard at the place where your bodies meet.
Maddeningly, he reaches to tease over your swollen clit. Rubbing in slow, wet circles, he pushes in a bit more. Inch by inch, Jungkook fills you, until your thoughts are consumed by his cock inside you. Somewhat dazed, you finally understand why women throw themselves at his feet. You’ve never felt this full in your lifetime and you highly doubt you ever will again.
“There,” Jungkook grunts, thrusting the final inch.
“Oh,” you whimper, thighs quivering against his chest.
Gaze sparking, he glances down. “Already?” he murmurs, removing his hand from your clit. Trailing his fingers lower, he collects some of your slick. “About to come from just my dick inside you?”
“Shut up and fuck me,” you grind out.
“Whatever you want.”
Slowly, he pulls out until just his tip is left. When Jungkook slams back in, thrusting hard, your eyes roll back a little. He doesn’t stop, setting a tempo that has you seeing stars. Not letting up, he forces you to take his cock as Jungkook hammers your g-spot. How he manages to do this so fast and so hard, you have no idea.
“Oh my god,” you choke, hands fisting in sheets.
You whimper and, grasping your ankles, Jungkook lifts these from his shoulders. You moan when your hips are raised, dragging your ass to his front for him to really pound into you.
“Fuck,” you gasp. “Jungkook.”
“That’s it, baby,” he grunts, locking eyes. “Just let go – I’ve got you.”
Your thoughts move in frantic patterns – no way, wait, maybe, yes, yes, yes! With both thighs pressed together, draped over his shoulder, you hold on for dear life as he relentlessly fills you in the way you crave.
Nearly sobbing with relief, your orgasm hits you hard and fast. Wave after wave of punishing pleasure drags you under and Jungkook keeps going, continuing to fuck you throughout. When you’re finally spent, he pulls out, flips you over and pulls your ass up in the air.
“Jungkook, what’re you – urgh,” you hiss, as he sheaths himself inside you.
Pussy still spasming from your last orgasm, you shudder when Jungkook somehow gets even deeper. Each stroke of his cock leaves you at his mercy, pounding a spot deep inside you which refuses to be sated. Barely have you finished your second orgasm when a third one is dawning.
“Oh my god,” you gasp, your hands fisting in the sheets. “Jungkook – yes – yes – yes!”
Smacking you on the ass, Jungkook sends white-holt pleasure jolting through you. He does this again and again, pressing you down into the mattress and making you take it.
“Is this what you like, princess?” he pants, sounding barely in control. “Want it hard and rough?”
“Yes,” you moan, nearly broken with pleasure. “Oh my god, yes.”
“Mm – not good enough,” he declares. Reaching down, he slips an arm beneath your chest and pulls you upright. Keeping you on your knees, he continues to fuck you from behind. “Want you to remember this,” he pants in your ear. “Remember who fucked you so good, you couldn’t remember your own name.”
Each word from his lips brings you closer to the edge, Jungkook’s arm like a vice keeping you trapped to his chest. His other hand slips between your legs, seeking your slippery clit. You feel exposed, open, and thoroughly his as he plays with your body.
“Say it,” he grunts, somehow fucking you harder. “Say my name.”
“Jungkook,” you gasp, beyond the point of caring. Your entire body tightens, letting him know you’re about to come. “Jungkook – Jungkook!”
Your orgasm hits you so hard, you see black for a second. Trembling in his arms, you barely hang on as wave after wave of pleasure consumes you. Through the haze, you hear Jungkook gasp your name when he comes, filling the condom inside you. Breathing heavily, you gradually come to your senses with his arms wrapped around you.
For a moment, there’s only silence and the sound of your breathing. Slowly, Jungkook pulls out and you hear him tie the condom before tossing it in the garbage. Utterly exhausted, you collapse on the mattress and look up.
Well, fuck.
Jungkook stands next to the bed looking equally gorgeous post-sex as during. It’s truly mind-boggling for one person to be so good looking and have such a terrible personality.
Glancing up, Jungkook catches you staring and drops a wink.
“See something you like?” he asks.
“Ugh.” Shaking yourself free, you roll your eyes as you stand. “You know I enjoyed it, you ass. Don’t make me say it out loud.”
“But I want to hear it,” he goads, smile widening.
“Fine.” One hand on the doorknob, you pause at his bathroom. “You’re a fantastic fuck, Jeon. Honestly, I get it. No wonder women are lining up for your bed.”
Jungkook pauses, then frowns, and you disappear into the bathroom. When you emerge minutes later, he’s waiting outside wearing only his boxers.
“What did you mean by ‘you get it now?’” he asks, using air quotes.
Blinking, you glance at the floor and remember your clothes are still out in the hall. Stifling a groan, you begin retracing your steps.
Following close behind, Jungkook doesn’t let up. “What do you get?” he continues, sounding truly curious.
Surprised by his interest, you glance over your shoulder. You hadn’t thought Jungkook would be interested in your opinion. Surely by now, he knows he’s good in bed.
“Uh…” Bending at the waist, you grab your panties to slide them on – ugh, damp. “You’re really good at sex, Jungkook. I’d say that was obvious from the multiple orgasms I had.”
Something uncertain crosses his features before Jungkook smooths it out. Running a hand through his hair, he leaves the strands looking adorably ruffled. Again, his tattoos catch your attention, and you fight the sudden urge to ask him what they mean. Learning more about Jungkook would be something a date does, and you aren’t dating him – this has been pre-established.
Gazing wistfully once at his abs, you imprint the visual to memory and turn away. Lifting your dress from the floor, you pull this overhead. Once finished, you glance up to find Jungkook before you, holding a glass of water.
“Oh.” Startled, you blink. “Thanks, I guess,” you say before tentatively accepting.
“Drink,” Jungkook commands.
Eyes narrowed, you take a large gulp – and immediately, your ire disappears. Jungkook was right, you were feeling dehydrated. Silence falls while you drink, and Jungkook crosses the kitchen.
Eventually, you finish the glass and set this on the counter. “How about – ‘you’re great, too, Y/N,’” you joke, lifting a brow. “’Tightest pussy ever. So wet, I almost came so fast.’ Oh my gosh – wow.” One hand on your chest, you mock-bat your eyelashes. “That’s so sweet of you to say. Thanks, Jungkook.”
Once again, his cheeks flame, and you fight the urge to laugh.
Jungkook is cute when he’s flustered, but you refuse to let yourself think this for too long. It’s no use humanizing someone like him. Jungkook is just going to forget you by the time you reach the lobby.
Looking around for your heels, you find them kicked aside – your necklace, you realize, never came off at all.
“I thought that was obvious.” Somewhat strangled, Jungkook continues to follow you around his apartment. “You’re… that was… fucking hell, Y/N.”
Using the couch for balance, you slide on a heel. “That almost sounded genuine,” you observe with a grin. “Good job, Jungkook.”
His gaze narrows. A lone muscle ticks in his jaw, his expression distractingly hot in a way you kind of enjoy.
Slowly, Jungkook tilts his head. “What do you want me to say?” he murmurs. “Want me to tell you your pussy’s ruined me for all others? That I’ll think about you tomorrow when I fuck my hand in the shower? That work will be hard because every time I think about you, ass-up on my bed, my dick will get hard?” Leaning closer, he searches your expression. “Is that what you want to hear, princess?”
Staring at him, you exhale, certain the dampness in your panties is no longer solely from earlier. Somewhat dazed, you watch Jungkook take another slow sip from his glass.
The arrogance in this gesture breaks whatever spell his words held.
“Wouldn’t believe you even if you did,” you say, scooping up your purse from the counter. “Alright, I think that’s all. I have to go get tested.”
Immediately, Jungkook’s smile disappears. “You seriously think I’d have sex with you if I had an STD, Y/N? I get tested monthly.”
Shaking your head, you turn towards the door. “Forgive me for not taking your word on that,” you laugh. “So, can I call a cab from the front desk, or…?”
“No need.” Picking his phone up from the counter, Jungkook quickly types. “My driver can meet you in the lobby. But – hang on.” Hesitant, Jungkook seems to process this and looks up. “You don’t… want to stay the night?”
When he says this, you nearly laugh out loud, so absurd is the thought. The idea of you having a romantic sleepover with Jeon Jungkook is beyond ludicrous.
Then you realize Jungkook is being serious, and all traces of laughter die in your throat.
“Uh – no.” Staring at him, you blink. “Do you want me to stay? Sorry, but I just assumed you were the type to make excuses about having an early morning meeting. Or who lets girls stay over to be nice and spends the entire night clinging to a pillow on his side of the bed, so as to not invite cuddling.”
Briefly, his eyes widen. “I don’t – that’s not… I don’t do that.”
Unable to help it, you smile. “Yeah, okay, Jeon. Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me. I’m just going to head home and sleep in my own bed. Really well, though,” you add. “Because you dicked me down so good.”
Jungkook hesitates, almost uncertain and you nearly have pity. He doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who breaks routine. But seriously, all you want right now is to shower and fall asleep under your own covers.
Oddly serious, Jungkook considers you again. “So… you really just wanted one night of sex with me,” he says at last.
“Um, yeah.” You give him a look. “Or did you think women weren’t into that kind of thing?”
Sexist, really. Men always assume women are less sexual than themselves because they don’t want to have sex with them that often. Whenever you hear a guy say this out loud, it’s hard not to laugh because they’re basically admitting women have poor sex drive around them. 
Embarrassing, truly.
You hadn’t thought Jungkook would think this, though. Given his skills earlier in the bedroom, you imagine girls are routinely begging for more.
The ghost of a smile crosses his lips. “Yeah, that’s not it. It’s just that usually… I don’t know. Usually, women want more than sex with me.”
A pang of sympathy goes through you – because you do understand, truly.
On some level, rich people problems are just that – rich people problems. The problems don’t begin to compare with things like not having enough to eat, healthcare or access to education. On the other hand, wealth tends to bring its own set of issues. Dysfunctional families abound, it seems once money crosses a certain income threshold.
And you can never be quite sure if people like you for you, or for what you can do for them.
Before you can respond to this though, Jungkook seems to shake the thought off. Taking a step forward, he drains the rest of his water to place on the counter. Stopping before you, he holds out a hand.
You glance at this, then back up. “Do you want a low-five, or something?”
“Your phone,” Jungkook says, patient.
Slowly, you fish the device from your bag to hand over. “What are you doing?” you ask, curious.
Ignoring you, Jungkook doesn’t look up as he types something in.
“Giving you my number,” he says.
At this, your brows shoot straight upwards. “Wait – what? Whose number did I have before?”
Because you texted someone earlier to set up tonight. Someone who confirmed both the time and the place of your date at the restaurant.
Slightly sheepish, Jungkook hands back your phone. “That was my assistant. Just a precaution. There have been… incidents,” he says carefully. “Some women have gotten the wrong idea about what we were and wouldn’t leave me alone.”
A chill goes down your spine at the words. Having been on the receiving end of such attention – although that was years ago – you can’t say you envy him. Although, you allow, given Jungkook’s reputation, you doubt he’s entirely innocent in such matters.
“Thanks,” you say as you accept your phone. “And why are you giving me your real number, Jungkook?”
“To call me,” he states. “The next time you need someone to fuck you.”
It’s a testament to how good he was that hearing him say this makes your pussy clench. Shit – you need to ignore this exchange. Leaving an open door between you is a recipe for disaster. Tonight was supposed to be a one-time thing, and you can’t let yourself forget this.
Slipping your phone in your bag, you straighten. “Thanks. I probably won’t call, but you never know.”
Jungkook just smirks. “We’ll see.”
Shaking your head, you turn around to call the elevator. While you wait for its arrival, you glance over your shoulder. Jungkook still hasn’t put back on a shirt, and he’s watching you with an expression you’d catalogue as unreadable.
He has a lot of these expressions, you realize. It makes you wonder, since once upon a time, you were like him. Before you left this world and struck out on your own, you were constantly masking who you were and what you wanted.
This thought reminds you of something Jungkook said at the dinner table about not everyone being as open as you are.
Before you can travel further down this road though, you stop yourself. Likely, you’re reading into something that isn’t there. Jungkook said so himself – he’s open about who and what he is. If there was more to his actions, he’d tell you and he hasn’t.
“Just sex, right?” you ask again to confirm.
Jungkook pauses, but before he can respond, the elevator opens. His easy smile returns, slipping into place as Jungkook reaches past.
“Of course,” he says as you enter. “What else?”
You pause as you turn, and Jungkook steps out. The doors begin to slide shut, and you scramble to think of something else to say.
“Thanks for letting me use your driver,” you call, and the doors close between you.
Hanging your head, you slowly shut your eyes. Thanks for letting me use your driver. You can almost hear Jungkook’s laughter all the way to the lobby.
When you reach the floor labeled L, the doors ping open. Jungkook’s building is as fancy as you feared, with white, marble floors and overflowing flower vases. Your heels click as you walk, approaching the front desk and spotting Jungkook’s driver seated on a chaise.
“Hi.” Feeling awkward, you wave a hand. “Jungkook texted you about driving me home?”
“Ah, yes.” The man jumps up and smiles. “Right this way, Miss.”
You follow him out, entering the car and settling into the backseat. Before you pull from the drive, you can’t help but glance at the building above. Obviously, you can’t see Jungkook’s penthouse from here, but you wonder if he’s watching you.
Getting a grip on yourself, you banish such thoughts. Leaning your head to the seat rest, the car rumbles to life and you slowly exhale.
You’re a liar, you realize on the way home. Before leaving, you told Jungkook you’d sleep well and now, you’re wondering if you’ll even sleep at all.
His number is burning a hole in your pocket, taunting you with its presence and already, you’re wondering when you’ll give in and call.
Not tonight, at least, you think as you close your eyes.
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed :) I do not have a tag list, so please do not ask to be added or ask about updates. My writing progress can be found on my updates schedule, linked in both my header and FAQ! 
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© kpopfanfictrash, 2021. Do not copy or repost without permission.
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amourtae · 17 days ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk. - day 1
Tumblr media
wanderlust; a strong desire to travel
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little man, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ wordcount: 2.5K
↠ warnings: swearing, 2021 muster jungkook (it’s a warning okay🥲), unprotected sex, shower sex, he hits it from the back xx, dom!jk, sub!reader, jungkook rips off readers dress, allusions to strength kink, slight man-handling, he restrains her for literally a second, mentions of female oral, making out, hickies, bites her neck, kisses everywhere, think she squirts, she calls him daddy once, mentions of a pregnancy test, possessive jungkook, lots of dirty talk, breast play, groping, hair pulling, calls her a good girl once, big cock!jk cos duh, he spanks her once & i think that’s everything… it’s just pure filth ,’ what have i done 🤡
↠ a/n: REPOST from @hantaev. hello loves <3 here is day 1 of the Wanderlust With You series! i hope you all enjoy! the taglist is still open! if you’d like to added then just drop me an ask :)  comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated <3 happy reading!
↠ credits: beta-read by the lovely @xiaokoo​ <3 thank you always for your help angel 💛 and also @taegularities​ <3 mother rid who i don’t deserve 🥺💛 @chateautae​💛 thank you wifey for having the final read and giving me advice on how to make it a lot better, ily always 💛 thank you @kookiestarlight​ & @opaljm​ who had a general read and gave me encouraging feedback ☺️! the gorgeous banner was made by the sweetest and kindest @vantecaffe​ 💛 please send lots of love to them all :) 
↠ each day can be read as a standalone.
↠ song: swim - chase atlantic
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Why is this pathetic excuse of a dress still on?” Jungkook grunts, walking you backwards into the running shower as he rips open your short, floral-printed summer dress.
You gasp upon hearing the buttons clank against the floor, making more of a mess than what Jungkook has already made in the bathroom. He smirks seeing the pieces scattered everywhere, knowing his strength is a deadly turn on for you.
His hand tightly grips your jaw in place, noses touching as his hot, minty breath fans your face. His mouth captures yours in a fast, rhythmic movement as he undoes your red lace bra he chose himself earlier today.
 All you had done was walk into the bathroom to hand him a fresh towel and now?
Now, you are watching your husband hiss in delight as he feels the warm water run over his sore muscles. Jungkook throws his head back, groaning as he presses your naked self closer to his toned body.
He turns back to stare down at you, sending a wink your way before he dips his head into the junction of your head and shoulder, pressing slow and sensual kisses up your skin. You moan whilst craning your neck, craving more of his sinful mouth as his veiny hands wrap around you. 
Jungkook unhurriedly drags his tongue up your pulse point, spontaneously biting down as you reel. He continues pressing gentle kisses until he reaches your ear. 
“My baby’s enjoying this, isn’t she?” he whispers with his mellifluous voice, knowing how sensitive it makes you. It sends a shiver down your spine, eyes shutting tightly which only spurs Jungkook on further.
You purr when he takes your earlobe between his plush lips, suckling the soft flesh in his hot mouth. He doesn’t miss the chance to breathe into your ear again, knowing it’ll only arouse you further. 
Jungkook grabs your ass, pulling you closer. His semi-hard cock rubs against your stomach, eliciting heat to run through your core. You reach for his hair, pulling at it as you yearn for more. He groans, backing away from your neck, hovering his lips against yours. He pecks you twice before taking both of your hands and pinning them against the steamy shower wall.
You glance up to your restrained hands, pouting at not being able to touch Jungkook. He notices your pursed lips, smiling to himself at your cuteness before letting them go and cascading his own down your body to your backside.
“Can we fuck?” he asks you shamelessly as he kneads your ass with his rough hands.
Jungkook had booked tickets for the two of you to escape from your usual hectic lifestyle. You had only been here for four hours and already, most of your time was spent by Jungkook railing you against and on every possible surface.
You are more than sure that you will be leaving this place with a positive pregnancy test, fearing for how the rest of the week will go on.
“You know it’s never a no from me, baby,” you tip-toe, whispering into his ear. You run your fingers up and down his biceps with a knowing smirk.
“God, I missed this,” he rasps in his husky voice before reaching down to kiss you intensely. Jungkook touches you all over as he grinds his built, wet body against yours in the most seductive way. The scorch water cascades down his body making him look hotter than usual.
“You literally just ate me out in the kitchen,” you snort whilst pulling away from him. Jungkook isn’t pleased with your comment and he shows this by diving for your neck and biting, making you moan indulgently in his hold. Your knees buckle, but his strong grip on your hips stops you from slipping. 
“Fuck, babe,” you groan out as the sting spreads. You dig your nails into his toned arms, letting him know how good you feel. Jungkook removes his mouth from your pulse point, instead pressing soft kisses against your jawline, contradicting his previous ministrations.
“You always taste so good,” he hoarsely whispers, “I’ll never get enough of you,” he adds before he joins your lips again. Jungkook mouths at you sensually, kissing you with an insatiable force that leaves you breathless when you pull away.
You throw your head back, arching into him. Jungkook knows you need more and smirks at you falling into your usual state of submission around him. 
“Wan’ more,” you whine. Jungkook reaches forward and presses kisses against the column of your throat. You drag your nails down his chest, evoking a playful growl from your husband. 
“More?” Jungkook teases you. You quickly nod, moaning his name, hoping it would provoke him to provide you with the relief you desperately need.
Jungkook brings his tattooed hand to cup your breast in his palm, eliciting another needy moan from you. He hisses pleasurably at your lewd sigh as you twitch in his hold.
“All mine to play with, huh?” he whispers in his low-pitched voice as he fondles your breast, dipping his head down to them to press open-mouthed kisses. Jungkook decorates your skin with dark, flourishing hickies and you can only hope that they fade before you have to return home to your responsibilities. Showing up at your in-laws house with marks of their son's ardent love would not be ideal at all.
You feel Jungkook lightly smirk against you when  you let out a sultry sound. 
“My sensitive princess,” he says as his breath tickles your ear, leaving you to feel more aroused and dizzy. You physically feel your pussy gush as your body buzzes due to the unmitigated affect your husband has on you.
“Kook, please,” you whine loudly, needing to feel him inside you before you combust untouched. You crave for this man as if you haven’t just been having sex from the moment he carried you inside your villa.
“Wanna turn around so I can fuck my princess how she deserves to be fucked?” he sighs out against your lips before joining them together for the umpteenth time that day.
You move your hands to cup Jungkook’s cheeks whilst you gaze at him with imploring eyes, showing him immediately that you’re extremely needy.
“You’re so fucking hot, babe,” he exhales wistfully, smothering his lips with yours again for an all too chaste kiss. Jungkook tilts his head further to nibble on your plush lower lip, his skillful tongue
“Want you in me, baby,” you prompt him urgently, “wan’ your big cock.”
Jungkook is quick to comply, hastily tightening his grip on your waist, “Go on then baby, turn around for me.”
He doesn’t need to tell you twice, shifting so your face presses to the fogged wall of the shower. You glance over your shoulder fleetingly, admiring your husband’s personable build.
His perfectly sculpted body that glistens underneath the water, jet black hair cut sexily short, beautifully tattooed arm and damn eyebrow piercing he got recently has you feeling giddy all over again, the same intoxicating effect from your college days together.
Jungkook sweeps his wet hair back and you moan again, the heat of the shower water making him more delectable than before. The most erotic thoughts flood your mind and you grow more impatient, anticipating his next move.
He catches you staring at him and a mirthy smile graces his face as he grabs hold of his length, pumping himself a few times. His tip painfully glints a burning red and it leaves a heavy ache in your core, making you press your legs together to provide yourself with temporary relief.
Jungkook catches you off-guard, grabbing hold of your hips and yanking you back so your ass presses against him. You jump at his sudden attack, peeking behind only to see him wear a shit-eating grin on his face. 
He drags the palm of his large hand down your smooth back, relishing in your silky smooth skin. “So fucking sexy,” he mutters, “and all mine.”
Reaching for your ass, he slaps it playfully, “Gonna make you feel so good, baby.”
“Kook, please,” you groan out of frustration. He softly apologises before rubbing his hard-on against your ass, stepping closer to press the length of his girthy cock against your soaked folds. The sensation is strong enough to bring you back to reality. 
Your husband is going to fuck you and fuck you good.
Your legs part on their own as you arch your back, offering your ass to your husband shamelessly. Jungkook curses at the salacious scene before him, pressing his cock further into you and somehow growing harder.
“Fucking incredible,” he rasps with his mellow voice, “ready?”
“Jus’ fuck me, Kook. You’ve got me all soaked.”
“Fuck, so hot,” Jungkook groans as he rubs the tip of his hard cock up and down your dripping pussy. He reaches your hole, teasing it as you moan for him to give you more.
“Gonna stretch you out so good, baby,” he mumbles more to himself, goading you with a gentle pressure that’s enough to rile you up.
“Quickly,” you urge him once again by arching more and wiggling your ass against him, tired of his unnecessary teasing.
Your husband finally decides to push against you, sliding his cock past your folds, burying himself deep within you. The two of you groan at the lewd feeling.
Jungkook lets out a guttural moan as he watches the view of him entering your tight pussy. He hears you let out the most sinful sounds as you bask in the feeling of him filling you up whole.
“Fuck, the way you moan my name,” he breathes out as he buries himself to the hilt, hips rolling into you with the deepest of strokes.
 Jungkook fits into you snuggly, grinding in you with small and precise thrusts. His fingers dig into your hips, his eyes fixated on the soft and plump swell of your ass. 
He groans satisfyingly, watching his cock slip in and out of you easily, hard thighs rubbing against the back of yours in the most euphoric way.
“J-Jungkook, fuck, always so big.” You whimper, your entire body craving more of him.
“But my good girl takes it so well, doesn’t she?” he praises you, shutting his eyes underneath the hot, steamy water. Jungkook gasps, dipping his head into your shoulder and letting it rest there as he begins to smack his hips into yours relentlessly. He feels your walls flutter and tries hard to contain his load and not shoot it inside you just yet.
“Moree..” you plead, body shaking with utmost pleasure.
Jungkook complies, going deeper as he hits the best spots inside you. You press your temple against the tiled wall as he fucks you with languid, steady strokes. You feel his cock throb inside you, moaning his name again.
“Harder..” you mewl, compelling him to growl as he provides you with forceful thrusts, letting out the most animalistic of growls when he hears you cry out in delight. His tattooed arm reaches forward, veiny hand gripping your breast, pinching your hardened nipple as he presses sloppy kisses just behind your ear.
“Gonna fuck you so hard while we’re here,” Jungkook pants, thrusting with more fidelity as your walls pulse around him, “you won’t be able to fucking walk,” he swears breathlessly. He knows you are getting close and snakes his other hand down to your clit, rubbing vigorously as he drives you closer towards the edge, eliciting the most whiny moans out from you.
“Mmm, Koo’ you feel so, so good,” you cry out as he rams his cock further into your wet mess, groaning at the sensation. His delicious abuse on your engorged clit makes you hiss out in pleasure.
“Your wet pussy feels so good, baby,” Jungkook moans out as he continues his onslaught, pulling you back onto him.
“Holy shit, Jungkook,” you whine, knees buckling at the savouring drag of his appetising length.
“Right there, baby?”
“Oh God, yea..” you moan, nodding your head incessantly.
You mewl again, arousal spilling out of you, but Jungkook fucks it right back in. He pinches your nipple again whilst simultaneously teasing your clit. Jungkook sucks a hickey on your shoulder blade, cum aching his heavy balls as he pumps into your soaked walls. 
You throw your head back onto his shoulder, stretching your hand to tug at the short tendrils of his hair. Jungkook knows exactly what you mean without you having said any words.
“Wann’ see you, baby,” you whimper, “need to feel you more..”
Jungkook groans at your neediness, pulling out of you fairly quickly, both of you wincing at the loss of warmth. He wastes no time in turning you around and lifting you up, deeply penetrating you again as he continues with the same, brisk pace as before. You wrap your arms around his neck, drawing him closer to you so your foreheads touch. 
“All mine,” he growls, “only mine.”
“Only yours, baby,” you purr, “all yours to fuck.”
Jungkook moans deeper as you begin to grind against him, clinging onto him firmly as you attempt to alleviate the burning pressure that shoots through your core. He knows you’re closer than ever, hearing your moans turn into gasps.
“Fill me up first, babe,” you manage to whimper out of yourself. You crave to feel full of his cum, squeezing against him to urge him more.
“Ah shit!” he grunts, orgasm hitting him as his hot cum shoots inside you, painting your insides white, shoving his face in your shoulder.
Jungkook sneaks his arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him as he repeatedly pecks your pulse point. He is mindful of your sensitivity, allowing you to relax before he picks up his pace again.
“Wanna ruin you, my love.”
You’re at a loss of words, the only thing on your mind being that you’re once again being fucked full of Jungkook’s cum. He reaches down to place more hickies on your neck as his eyes remain glued to where you both connect. He watches your stomach clench and relax with pleasure, throbbing hard he fears he might shoot his second load into you before you can have your first release.
You sob and wail, clutching onto him further. Jungkook snakes his hand back down to your clit, rubbing against it as he tries to urge you to squirt around his cock. 
“Close?” he asks you as he grunts, rubbing your clit harder and faster. You inform him yes through quick nods, eyebrows furrowing as the pleasure overtakes you completely.
“Come all over me, angel. All over my cock,” he demands with a growl against your open mouth, rutting against you in a frantic manner.
You clench down on him as you release with a mix of your husband’s names and curse words. You ride out your climax with him and he puts less pressure on your clit as he watches you in your throes of pleasure. His confidence shoots up, smirking at the way you scream his name over and over whilst squirting out both his and your mess.
“Fuck, that was incredible.” You’re breathless as you carefully slip out of his hold, leaning against his broad chest for support. 
Jungkook pulls you into him, pressing soft kisses against the crown of your head as he praises you for how good you were for him. Your chest swells with pride, feeling shy as you curve further into his warm body.
He reaches to turn the shower off, dipping his head down to litter soft kisses over the hickies he made. You pull him back to face you with his hair and he nuzzles his nose into your cheek.
You feel him still slightly hard against your stomach and chuckle to yourself.
“Wanna fuck me again, daddy?” you ask him with suggestive eyes, “Bedroom though, I can’t stand here any longer.”
Jungkook gulps, nodding his head fervently.
“Fuck, you’re in for it, Mrs. Jeon,” is all that leaves his mouth. He flashes you his signature smirk before abruptly lifting you and taking you towards your shared bedroom, whispering all he’s going to do to you.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
↠ taglist: @lovelyloverlia @wearenot7withu @laurynne5 @queenmasterxx @bambuzlee @yourwonderbelle @softiegukk @troxqueen31 @littlewolfieposts​ @awinkies @sintaethick @grandqueen1533 @kooafraid @mwitsmejk​ @jeonxmia @darkestdark07 @whywontyousetfree @acciocriativity@multiasf​ @diorggukie @taebabie11 @svftbaby @gukkiebug @rjsmochii @agustdakasuga @vaekth @bloopkook @ssyubb @boopytae @oddlymnsmh​ @favouritesblog @vantecaffe​ @vantezza @illicitmuse​ @kookiestarlight @hamatataunicorn 
Tumblr media
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noteguk · 9 months ago
bad influence: collection
Status: ongoing
All stories are written out of chronological order. Please do not copy, repost or translate any of my works. I only post here on tumblr. 
The drabbles are part of the main storyline!
↳ more lore about the bad influence couple can be found under the “bad influence” tag! 
↳  spotify playlist // all texts // chronological order // bi extras
Tumblr media
— summary; in which you know Jungkook is a bad influence on you, but you can’t avoid falling for him every time.
— contents and warnings; pwp, badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, car sex, dirty talk, fingering, hair pulling, breast play, jk has a big dick and an attitude, unprotected sex (condoms are your friends), jk being kind of a douche, use of the word “slut”, cum eating, creampie, cockwarming, possessiveness, he slaps her ass like once, enemies to fuckbuddies pretty much
— words; 4.5k
→ drabble one: first meeting 
→  drabble two: mid-sex arguments 
— summary; in which staying late to volunteer at a self-help meeting was the best decision you made in a while. 
— contents and warnings; the endless adventures of badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, public sex (in a church…), dirty talk, fingering, degradation (name calling) but also praise, unprotected sex, clothed sex, creampie, cum play, there is a window and also reflections, rough sex, cockwarming, jk being a lil shit because that’s his main personality trait, jk smokes (only mentioned), enemies to fuckbuddies: dawn of the first day 
— words; 8.2k
→ drabble three: hickeys 
→ drabble four: calming you down
→ drabble five: jungkook’s bday bj
→ drabble six: be quiet
— summary; in which you have to deal with some strange emotions for the first time.
— contents and warnings; smut, angst, fluff, the endless adventures of badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers ;), mutual pining, huge trigger warning for feelings (I know, gross), jk smokes, jealousy, a bit of possessiveness, the oc is Confused and Angry over nothing, Jisoo would trade jk’s soul for one corn chip, the oc gets shamefully drunk, vague mention of drugs (no use), mean arguments :((, the smut warnings include: dirty talk, unprotected sex (don’t be dumb), oral sex (female receiving), grinding, fingering, cockwarming, edging, multiple orgasms, begging, overstimulation, praise, dom!jk x sub!oc, breast play, creampie, orgasm control/denial  
— words; 19,6k (don’t mention it)
— summary; in which Jungkook finally learns how to behave. Kind of.
— contents and warnings; pwp, smut, badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers, brattysub!kook x dom!reader, actually more of a switch!kook/switch!reader, the oc is kind of a demon with teasing because payback is a bitch, bondage, edging, dirty talk, begging, oral (m receiving), female masturbation, cockwarming, unprotected sex (don’t be dumb), creampie, stuffing, Taehyung makes a cameo, terrible use of the two wolves meme I’m so sorry
— words; 7,2k
→ drabble seven: nerves 
→ drabble eight: night drive
→ drabble nine: pregnancy scare 
→ drabble ten: slow 
— summary; in which your little secret starts to get out of hand.
— contents and warnings; smut, sprinkles of fluff and angst, mutual pining, the endless adventures of badboy!jk x goodgirl!reader, enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers, smoking, mentions of alcohol, mention of vomit, jk and Jisoo are mortal enemies, Taehyung gets his eureka moment, and for the smut warnings: dirty talk, spit kink, dom!jk x sub!reader, breast play, rough sex, mild possessiveness, grinding, so much kissing, oral (fem receiving), cum eating, spanking, manhandling, bondage (using a belt… anyways so-), unprotected sex (don’t be dumb!!! this is fiction), very vague corruption kink, creampie, cockwarming (no one is surprised), praise, degradation makes a comeback (+ use of the word “slut”), the long awaited return of jk being mean, orgasm control/denial, oc kinda cries out of frustration but she’s having a good time, they are in love but are too dumb to realize
— words; 16,7k
→ drabble eleven: home
→  drabble twelve: sexting 
→ drabble thirteen: almost
→ drabble fourteen: sidetracked 
— summary; in which the two of you finally make it official.
— contents and warnings; gross fluff, a bit of angst, smut, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, honestly emotionally constipated idiots to lovers, so much mutual pining, cinematic parallels, cute dates, a spark of jealousy/possiveness (mostly playful), the return of car sex, dirty talk, breast play, dom!jk x sub!reader, fingering, spitting, oral (female receiving), cum eating, semi-clothed sex, unprotected sex (don’t be dumb!!), a fuckton of praise kink bc jk is going through it, another glimpse into the demon that lives inside the oc lol, begging, mentions of marking (hickeys), creampie, cockwarming (you already know), jk is whipped and he’s not even hiding it anymore, it’s official ladies!!!
— words; 18,4k
→ drabble fifteen: tribulation
→ drabble sixteen: too much, too little 
→ drabble seventeen: payback 
→ drabble eighteen: hold your breath
→ drabble nineteen: [redacted]
→ drabble twenty: feels like summer
— summary; in which you two can’t run from your problems any longer.
— contents and warnings; smut, fluff, a disgusting amount of angst, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, (not so) secret relationship, arguments, smoking, they take a break, everyone is sad, jisoo feels betrayed, more cinematic parallels to the previous parts, FINALLY the L word, two smut scenes!, dirty talk, breast play, so much kissing, soft sex, oral (m receiving), deepthroating, fingering, pet names, praise kink, 1 single spank, unprotected sex (don’t.), creampie, sentimental cockwarming lol, one (1) mention of “daddy” but more mockingly than as the actual kink, anyways this goes downhill really fast but it has a happy ending so hang on!!
— words; 23,7k
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 25 days ago
Irresistible⤞ pt. 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤞ Pairing: Hybrid Maknae line x reader ⤞ Genre: Hybrid!au, Smut, 18+ M, 3.4k words ⤞ Summary: You weren’t supposed to be theirs, and they weren’t supposed to find you so irresistible. ⤞ Warnings: 18+M, possessiveness, sexual tension, allusions to sex slavery/abuse, mentions of heat, mentions of blood, mentions of human adoptions/ownership, mentions of abuse, masturbation, mentions of running away, future smut ⤞ A/N: Thank you once again to my wifey @outromoni​ for her ridiculous talent. All credit goes to her for the banner.
pt. 1 - pt.2 
Tumblr media
As soon as the door was locked, and his breathing calmed, Jungkook turned back toward you. You sat on the bed, towel partially covering you, yet you looked like you weren’t fazed by that fact. It was like being naked was something you were used to, and Jungkook recalled the many times he had accidentally stared a little too long at you while you were in the enclosure-- when your legs were open slightly, and your breasts clearly visible underneath the paper thin material they made you wear. He knew they did it so that those interested in adopting you could see you were healthy and untainted, but for him… it did something else entirely.
“Are you okay?” He only managed to whisper this, too afraid that if he spoke any louder his voice would crack. Even away from his brothers, being locked in this room wasn’t making things better. As he stepped closer, he felt the heat of his body increase, the proximity between you filling his nose with your scent to a point where he was losing his mind. Was Taehyung correct? Was he truly in heat? That would be the only rational explanation for everything he had done. He wasn’t usually so irresponsible, but it was like he couldn’t control his impulse this time.
He waited for your reply, but you remained silent. “I’m sorry I got upset. I won’t hurt you. You know this, right? Remember? I was the one that saved you?”
Jungkook wasn’t sure why he was even talking to you. It’s not like you would respond. Even though he managed to communicate his plan to help you escape, you had only ever reacted by doing, not speaking. And in the car, while Jungkook drove like a paranoid criminal constantly looking in his rearview mirror, you never even made a sound. He was still amazed that you even left with him. You were very skittish the entire time, and Jungkook tried his best to come off non-threatening. His only guess was that you wanted to get out so badly you were willing to go along with it.
It had all been done hastily and barely thought out. Taking keys from one of the guards while they were distracted was probably his best trick ever. They didn’t seem very smart to begin with. And hiding in the bathroom until the center doors were closed to the public was not the best idea, yet he stood there waiting anyway, already set on his mission. There was probably some silent alarm that got set off the minute they opened the doors, but the speed with which they got into his car and out of the area was pretty incredible. And now here you were, in his bed…
Not wanting to push you, Jungkook simply turned to his dresser and pulled out one of his larger t-shirts, placing it on the bed near you. He didn’t trust himself to get any closer.
“Put this on. I’m sure you’re hungry. I’ll go get you some food. And whatever you do, please don’t leave this room.”
It was clear to Jungkook that you were afraid of him. You were probably afraid of all of them. Leaving the room, Jungkook locked the door from the outside and slid his key deep in his pocket. He didn’t know whether you would try to escape, but he couldn’t take the chance. It was his fault you were out of the safety of your previous shelter. He would need to take responsibility for you, but right now he had to face his hyungs.
When he arrived at the kitchen, Jimin and Taehyung were already sitting eating, their serious faces causing Jungkook to swallow hard. Now that you were far away from him, his original nervous nature returned and he felt small and anxious.
“I—I did— what I mean to say is…”
“Sit down, Kookie.” Tae’s voice wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t soft either. Jungkook was in trouble. Without another word, he did as he was told. With his head bowed and hands in his lap, he waited for the lecture he knew he would get— but it never came. Jimin got up and served the antsy hybrid a plate, setting it in front of him with a smile, but the room’s silence made Jungkook fidget uncontrollably. He began to eat, but his leg continued to shake until Jimin placed a hand on it.
“You’re going to drill a whole in our floor if you continue with this nervous tick, Koo.”
Just the sound of Jimin’s voice brought a river of tears to Jungkook’s eyes and he quickly turned to hug Jimin, his body shaking from the cries that wracked his body. It was the first time he’d ever hurt his hyung and he was beside himself about it. The smell of blood was still in the air and all he could do was spill his tears onto Jimin’s shoulder.
“I’mmmm so SORRY, Minnie! I didn’t m-mmmean to hurt you. I would nnnever hurt you!”
Jimin’s eyes began to water and he looked at Tae who was sitting staring at the both of them with eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed. Jimin chuckled lightly and then began rubbing Jungkook’s back.
“I know you didn’t mean it, bun, but something is going on. You’d better learn how to control yourself or Tae here will pounce on you like the ferocious little lion he is.”
“I’m not little.”
“Whatever you say, Tae Tae.”
After about ten minutes Jungkook started to calm and Tae’s exterior began to soften. It was certainly new to see their young and cute bunny hybrid acting like a mean monster, but they knew all too well the effects of having a heat. When Jungkook gathered himself, Tae began speaking. They talked for a little while and managed to remind Jungkook about what he needed to do and what to expect. The older brothers didn’t really know why this particular human had set him off, but they also didn’t want to manifest their suspicions.
“Well, now that everything is settled, why don’t you go get ____ and we can get her some fo--”
“No! I thank you. I’ll bring her food. I think she is a little nervous still and needs some time. I’ll take care of everything, hyungs. I swear. This is my fault. I promise to sort everything out. You won’t even notice she’s here. I’ll figure out a way to get her to a safe place. She won’t be here for long. I promise.”
“Of course you will, bun.”
Jimin winked and Jungkook’s mood lightened. He immediately got up and began preparing everything you would need to eat with. The guys sat back watching, amused yet intrigued. Jungkook had always been independent, but it was cute to see him caring for someone else. As soon as he left the room, Tae released a heavy sigh.
“I don’t know, Jimin. It’s obvious this human has him wrapped around her finger and it’s only been one day. I don’t want to admit anything, but…”
“You think she’s his mate?”
“What? I’m just saying what you won’t. Also, I don’t know if you can feel it but… when I fell on top of her I…”
Taehyung whipped his head so fast it made his eyes lose focus for a second. “What?”
“Well, I don’t know. It’s like she has this pull. If Jungkook hadn’t walked in…”
Now that the words hung heavy in the air, Taehyung felt his pants get a little tighter. “That’s ridiculous, Jimin. She’s a human and it’s unnatural. We can’t all feel a desire for her. It’s not right. It’s just…”
“We? Did you just say we?”
Taehyung bit his lip and then turned away. He wasn’t going to admit anything and he certainly wasn’t going to confer with Jimin’s speculation. “Stop this! I’m going to bed.”
With that, the conversation came to an end, but Jimin most certainly was not going to let it slide. He watched as his friend stomped off, a tiny huff escaping the tiger, sealing his suspicions and confirming his own feelings. “What a mess you’ve gotten us into, Bun.”
Jungkook returned to the room, food, snacks and utensils in hand. You weren’t sure how he managed to even unlock the door to get in, but the determined look on his face was adorable.
“Here you go.”
Jungkook set everything on his dresser, once again making sure not to get too close, but his attempts were in vain. As soon as he entered the room his senses went haywire. Tae must’ve been crazy to suggest keeping you in his own room, but what was Jungkook to do now? If he let you out, he’d be upset knowing you were around the others, but if he kept you in, he’d go mad. This really was such a lose-lose situation.
“Thank you.”
At first Jungkook thought he hallucinated your words, but when he saw you stand to reach for the items and smile, he was sure he hadn’t. “You’re welcome.”
He watched you grab the plate and begin shoving the food in your mouth as if this was the first time you’ve ever had a proper meal. He enjoyed the moaning sounds you made in response to the flavors hitting your tastes buds, and the mess you were making all over your face had him smiling. There was this duality about you, and Jungkook was absolutely smitten. When you finished the food, you began licking the plate desperately, the lewd sounds escaping you causing Jungkook to cross his legs unconsciously.
“Okay, I think we’re done here. Let me have the plate, ___.”
You hesitantly release it and Jungkook barely holds back a chuckle. “I don’t know if you know this but… you can’t eat the plate. It’s made out of glass and--”
“I know what it’s made out of.”
Your sharp retort silences Jungkook. Now that you had spoken a complete sentence, his curiosity took hold and he had to hear more.
“Yes. How silly of me. Did you like the food?”
“I did. Why am I here?”
Finally, after this entire time, you spoke. Instead of it making Jungkook happy, he felt judged. Didn’t you already know his intentions?
“Because, I saw you in the center… I watched you for a long time and…”
“...And now you want to fuck me, right? You stole me because you couldn’t control your “hybrid instincts” and now you get to own your own personal sex slave.”
“Wha-... no! That’s not it at all. I wanted to help you because I saw how unhappy you were. No one should be locked up… human or otherwise.”
“Oh. Well, I wasn’t the only one. There are tons of humans.”
“I know there are, but I can’t rescue all of them. Why would you think that’s what I want to do with you? Can’t you see I’m just trying to help you?”
The tension in the room was unsettling. You weren’t sure if he was telling the truth, but the compassionate way he spoke had you reconsidering. It wasn’t unusual for humans to be stolen and trafficked, but for some reason, this bunny seemed genuine. At a loss for words, you turned away and started building a nest to sleep on the floor.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m making my bed.”
“You don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore. You can take my bed for now. I’ll sleep in my sleeping bag.”
You tilted your head at his offer unsure if he was playing games. You were about to refuse, but he was already up and adjusting the bedsheets for you. He moved about quickly leaving no room for you to speak and then he pulled the sleeping bag out of his closet and began setting it on the floor. Perhaps this was some sort of game, one that would get you in trouble for letting your owner sleep on the floor instead of sacrificing yourself as all humans were trained to do.
Not wanting to chance it, you tried to settle into the sleeping bag instead. Jungkook, who was currently looking for a change of clothes, heard the rustling and immediately rushed towards you.
“What are you doing? I already told you you’re sleeping on the bed.”
“I know what you said, master, but I would prefer to sleep here.”
“Ma-- what did you just call me? I am no one’s master! Are you even listening to me?”
He continued talking, but you pretended not to hear, already tucked in and zipped up before he could finish. You knew you’d upset him and you prayed he wouldn’t drag you out of the bag by your hair. You did deserve to be punished after all. But when the lights turned off, and the soft sounds of him settling on his bed filled your ears, you released a tiny sigh of relief and closed your eyes. Even though you were on the floor, the comfort of the cloth cocoon lulled you to sleep in minutes.
The morning came all too quickly, the sounds of whispered voices outside of the room waking you. Rising, you cleaned up the sleeping bag and headed to the door. Opening it, you found Taehyung and Jungkook. They looked a little stressed as if they’d been having an argument, but when they saw your face, they quickly adjusted their expressions.
“Good morning, ____. Jimin made us breakfast. Why don’t you go find him? Jungkook and I will be there shortly.”
You nodded and walked off, curious about their conversation. You didn’t bother to look back since you were probably already in trouble for the previous night’s behavior.
As soon as you were out of their line of sight, the conversation continued. "Hyung, she wanted to sleep on the floor. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I can’t just abandon her. She is obviously used to being abused and that’s just not something I can live with. You do understand, don’t you, hyung?”
Jungkook’s pupils turned into saucers and his cute ears twitched as he waited for a reply. Taehyung was used to this manipulation, and he was usually stronger, but for some reason he wasn’t this morning. The thick hair on his neck stood on end and his tiger ears swiveled away from the younger hybrid’s griping.
“Look. We’ll wait and see for now, but don’t get too used to her. She will be leaving.”
“Yes, hyung.”
With a final stern look and pointed finger in Jungkook’s direction, Tae turned towards the kitchen with the bunny not far behind. When they arrived they saw Jimin hovering over you, smiling and filling your plate with all the delicious food he made.
“Thank you so much, Jimin. This looks so delicious.”
Jungkook clenched his fists. Your praises for his hyung didn’t sit well. After all he had done for you, the most you spoke to him were words of spite, yet here you were loving Jimin. He all but pushed his hyungs out of the way so he could sit right next to you, feeling a little triumphant when they backed off.
Tae and Jimin gave each other a look and stifled their own comments as they settled down to eat.
The morning went by quickly, the older brothers heading off to work leaving Jungkook to complete his online studies. He found it was easier to learn this way since he was constantly distracted by his surroundings. His current problem, however, was the huge distraction in his bedroom. Curious about what you might be up to, he stepped away from his laptop and knocked on his door several times waiting for you to answer him, but nothing came.
Jungkook opened the door after several minutes, and when he stepped in, he found your head hovering just above the window as you were already making your escape using the sheets from his bed.
“____!” Jungkook ran to the window and caught your arm before you could lower yourself further. Where the hell did you even think you were going when they lived in a city building seven floors up? He pulled you hard, his hybrid strength greater than yours, and you yelped when you crashed against his chest.
“Are you trying to get yourself killed? It’s dangerous out there! I can’t believe you would do something like this…”
His brute strength made you recall events of your past you never wanted to experience again, so you reacted in the only way you knew how.
“I’m sorry.”
“You’re what?”
“I said, I’m sorry.”
You leaned in and brushed your lips against his with a sigh as your apology slipped past your lips. “I’m so so soooo sorry. Please forgive me.” Pressing in tight, you rubbed your chest against his own, breathing him in and using all the sexual energy you had in order to calm his anger. You remembered what it was like to get beaten for disobedience, and using your body to calm a hybrid was almost always successful.
Noticing your boldness was working, you leaned in completely and kissed him. The soft moan he let out made it clear he wanted you, so you attempted a little more. When you tried to slip in your tongue, Jungkook pulled back and gasped.
“Wha-- what are you...why are you kissing me?”
“Because you want me to.”
“I...what?” Jungkook felt ashamed, quickly pulling away and standing. What kind of life had you led to think that seducing someone was even an option? “I don’t want you to do any of that. I simply wanted to help you. Why are you making this so hard?”
Shutting the window, Jungkook walked out of the room defeated. If you wanted to leave, who was he to stop you? He was no better than the countless hybrids that bought and sold humans like cattle, using them for god knows what. No, he wouldn’t do that, no matter what he was feeling physically. And feeling he was. His body was ten times hotter than it had been before he entered the room and his erection was starting to get painful. Since you arrived there was nothing to settle it. He tried to ignore it for as long as he could, but it was almost impossible. And now that you kissed him the air felt heavy and breathing was difficult. His balls ached and he felt like he could pass out at any moment.
Needing some relief, he ran to the bathroom and tugged his pants to his thighs. If the door was locked, he didn’t care. It was wrong, he knew it was wrong, but all he could think of was releasing the pent up frustration that’s been plaguing him for days. Grabbing a hold of himself, he whimpered quietly and began to stroke himself. He turned on the faucet as high as it would go in order to conceal the noises he was making and continued jerking his hard length. He struggled to find relief, the thought of you being so close yet unattainable making his pain even worse.
His body was drenched, the film of sweat so dense it began rolling off his skin like tiny drops of rain. “Fuck.” he complained, his tip swollen and senstive beyond belief. And then, when he thought he would die, your tiny voice called him through the bathroom door and he came immediately at the sound.
“Jungkook? Are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.”
Was he okay? That was a joke. At the moment he was cumming the hardest he ever had, and it took everything within him not to cry out your name. His seed spilled over into the sink and his legs trembled, but he rode the high, pulling at his cock until the last bit of his soul left him. He heard you knock again forcing him to clear his throat and attempt a response. “Yah..I..mmkay..”
After that he heard nothing, and now relieved, he collapsed over the counter heaving and exhausted. He knew this was the last thing he should’ve done after you almost escaped, but he hadn’t expected you to assault him with the weight of your body. Finally calm, he cleaned the area, throwing some water over his face as well. “I don’t know what I’m going to do… I can’t let her go…”
His hyung had made it very clear that you couldn’t stay, but there was no way in hell Jungkook would let anyone else have you. He needed a plan.  
Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 4 months ago
♡my favourite fics 5.0 ♡
hi everyone here's this weeks list with some more of my absolute favourites, from now on I'll be doing individual lists for each member so I'm still deciding whether to post monthly lists of what I have been reading or just continue with the favourites lists... Yoongi and Taehyung's lists are almost complete so I will post them in the week along with Jungkook and Jins. Majority of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed. Please go and show these authors love and support they are truly amazing and deserve it ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics as well I would love to hear from you so share some of your favourites too especially if it's angst I'm a sucker for angst :)
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
Tumblr media
Undo by @moonnightyoongi f s a (cheating au)
clandestine by @junghelioseok f s (best friends brother au)
lucid dream by @growlingyu a (break up au infidelity)
the turing test by @fortunexkookie f s a (android au)
they don’t love you like i love you by @yeojaa f a (exes)
The dating plan by @jjkthclub f s a (enemies to lovers au)
prove a point by @mercurygguk f (Dad jk established relationship au)
play date by @mercurygguk (dad jk)
purple hair dye by @mercurygguk s (established relationship au) ↬jk with purple on the set of buttter need I say more people!!)
black dye by @mercurygguk s (established relationship au)
Meet me by the crashing waves by @sftcloudkook f a (summer love au)
heartbreak veterans by @hueseok f a (strangers to lovers au)
lost stars by @hueseok f a (roommate au enemies to lovers au)
I'm yours by @hueseok (arranged marriage au)
crush on you by @high-on-food f s a (best-friends to lovers au)
kiss it better by @jincherie s (college/uni au cheerleader!jk pining)
after midnight by @gyukult f s a (fuck boy jk friends with benefits au)
unlike me by @777guks f s (friends to lovers au)
way down in bed stuy by @minstrivia s a (infidelity jk's the oc's sisters boyfriend)
dont go by @jkstompers f a (roommate au)
lovefool by @citrustan f s a
even a forest fire dies out by @9uk s a (ex-boyfriend jk)
instant gratification by @dovechim s (fuck boy jk)
proposals by @pjxmin f s a (friends to lovers)
after hours by @ggukcangetit s
apartment 224 by @sugasbabiie f s (neighbour au)
all I've got by @btsjeonjazz f s a (bad boy jk)
roses, poetry and jeon by @seraphimguks f a (enemies to lovers au)
love talk by @blue-sidez f s (boyfriend jk)
rented hearts by @army-author f (rent-a-girlfriend au)
beg by @jinfizz f s a (friends to lovers au)
Lock and key by @farfromsugafanfic f a (best friends to lovers)
(not) just friends by @taecalikook f s (friends to lovers au fuck boy jk)
forget him by @yoonpobs a (unrequited love au)
little black book: your kindred spirit by @bluewhale52 s
just one kiss by @bangtsblossom f s
lose somebody by @kooala s a (exes to lovers au)
raindrops by @jiminiethot f s a (exes au) ft. Seokjin
stolen dances by @taeyohonic f s a (ceojk best friend jk my best friend’s wedding meets 27 dresses)
to all the men i've fucked before by @hisunshiine f s a
heavy metal by @hisunshiine s (fuck buddies)
(he)art thief by @latetaektalk f a
Umbrella by @skitsoulmaty f a (strangers to lovers au)
all that glitters by @minyfic f s a (unrequited love au college au)
Knuckles by @minyfic
Tumblr media
carnival rides by @geniuslab f s (summer carnival au)
endgame by @jjkthclub s (best friends to lovers au)
last christmas by @xjoonchildx s (exes to lovers au)
perfect by @btssmutgalore f s a (roommate au friends to lovers au)
mine for today by @httpjeon s (fake dating au)
want sum f*ck? by @borathae s (fuck boy jin college au)
Aperitivo by @bangtanbetchfics f s (chef jin chef jk) ft. Jungkook 🤭
A lovely little mess by @justimajin f s a (friends to lovers au) ft. Jungkook
home run @jinned f a ft. Jungkook
needy by @blue-sidez s (boyfriend au)
the courtship chronicles by @gukyi f a (friends to lovers au fake dating au)
start a new by @gukyi f a (exes au)
fire and desire by @joonbird s with some drama (fuck boy jin)
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koorosie · 27 days ago
Favourite Jungkook Fic Pt. 2
Tumblr media
My previous Fic Rec list: One Shot Series
None of the fics in the list is mine. These belong to some amazing, creative and wonderful writers. Go check them out and read their other fics. Also like, reblog and/or comment there 😊
Mango Series by @whatifyoulivelikethat || Angst, Fluff, Smut (Kind of Bad Boy Jungkook but not that much. OC has a abusive past)
Wishing For You Pt.2 by @kookiestarlight || Angst, Fluff, Smut (Husband Jungkook. Ahh this one is soooo good. I love it too much. Jungkook is a sweetheart. He is like the ideal husband here. This Jungkook can rival with all the bad boy Jungkook out there. He is just perfect)
Read the Drabble too My Lucky Stars
My Beauty My Blood by @7cypher || Angst, Fluff Slight Smut (Mafia boss Jungkook. But not the ruthless type of mafia. It mainly focuses on the emotional side, the love for friends and family)
The Warmth You Bring by @moonchild-mp3 || Fluffy Fluff (Dad Jungkook. Gamer/Streamer Jungkook)
Amour by @taesthetes || Fluff, Angst (Fantasy, Supernatural au. Angel Jungkook. Devil OC)
Caught by @parkdatjimin || Fluff so much Fluff (Roommate au. Jungkook and OC both are awkward and they are hiding their feelings. It's really cute)
Spidey Spidey by @kookings || Fluff, Humor (Jungkook Neighbor au. It's really funny. There's a ferocious spider in OC's room 😂)
Ghost in My Bed by @yeojaa || Angst, Smut yet (Jungkook ex lovers au. Infidelity au. Rockstar Jungkook) <Ongoing>
In the Frosty Air by @gukyi || Angst, Fluff (Roommate au. Christmas au)
Snaps by @cryxstal-moon || Fluff, Slight Angst (Photographer Jungkook. Secretary OC)
Azaleas by @randombtsprincessa || Fluff, Smut (Lawyer OC. Lawyer Jungkook. So much professionalism)
A Fallen Bookmark on a Thursday Afternoon
by @cutaepatootie || Angst, Fluff, Smut (Nurse OC. Ahh this one is really sad 😢)
Feeling by @sometimeinjoon || Fluff, Smut (Devil Jungkook)
What Money Can Buy by @jeonstudios || Angst, Fluff, Slight Smut (Sugar baby au. CEO reader. Jungkook as sugar baby. This story is totally different from all the sugar baby troops)
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banqtanreads · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
september reads | navi
Tumblr media
SERIES | ongoing - ✐ complete - ✓
Tumblr media
➵ mind of mine by @yslkook (fluff, smut, angst) ✓
friends to lovers, badboy!jk, tattoo artist!jk
summary: you, a data scientist, have always found comfort in numbers and analysis. and there’s jungkook, a tattoo artist who has always been in your orbit, just on the edge. for years. attraction has swirled between you both from the beginning, but neither of you seem to do anything about it. until now.
❥ my review
➵ lowkey by @xpeachesncream (fluff, angst, smut)✓
college!au, fake dating!au, friends to lovers, nerd!jk
summary: in order to pass organic chemistry and pay off your car damaged from an accident, all you have to do is held the nerd, jeon jungkook, with a few things: pretend to be his girlfriend and teach him the ways of dating.
❥ my review
➵ from home by @gyukult (fluff, angst, smut) ✓
rich kid!jk, fake dating!au
summary: jungkook is the youngest of five boys, the last in line to truly inherit any of his parents’ money. what if his mum suddenly cuts him off due to his current poor behaviour and hues forced to learn how it feels like to be part of the working class?
❥ my review
➵ after midnight by gyukult (angst, smut, fluff) ✓
friends with benefits, fuckboy!jk
summary: he only likes seeing you after midnight
➵ liquid courage by @xpeachesncream (smut, fluff) ✓
collection of oneshots, strangers to lovers, businessman!jk
summary: meetings with jeon jungkook consist if a little liquid courage to help you step out of your comfort zone.
➵ inevitable by @ahundredtimesover (angst, fluff, smut) ✓
exes!au, parents!au, baseball player!jk
summary: you convinced jungkook to break up years ago so he could pursue his lifelong baseball dream. now he’s back home, staring at you and the little boy next to you who looks unmistakably like him.
❥ my review
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ oreo’s… and electroshock couples therapy by @ladyartemesia (fluff, comedy, suspense)
enemies/rivals to lovers, fake dating, detective!au
summary: you and infuriating precinct playboy jeon jungkook go undercover to lure out a killer targeting engaged couples. literally nothing goes according to plan…
❥ my review
➵ switch it up! by @bratkook (fluff, smut)
bass player!jk, friends to lovers
summary: you would have never expected your shy, innocent art partner to be the man on stage covered in tattoos.
❥ my review
➵ (road) tripping for you by @latetaektalk (fluff, light angst)
road trip!au, strangers to lovers, summer!au
summary: it was just supposed to be a roadtrip; your best friend, her boyfriend, his best friend, and you. but it gets a little more complicated (and a whole lot more awkward) when your best friend and her boyfriend have to drop out and you’re left to go on the trip with none other than jeon jungkook, a complete stranger. well, a complete stranger except for the fact that you hooked up two years ago.
❥ my review
➵ boyfriend material by @ladyartemesia (fluff, comedy, smut)
friends to lovers, slice of life!au
summary: you meet jungkook through mutual friends and your love story begins.
➵ spidey-spidey by @kookings (humor, fluff, light smut)
neighbour!jk, college!au, friends to lovers
summary: your neighbour slash crush jeon jungkook is exceptional at exterminating bugs from your apartment and also kissing you.
➵ set on you by @bymoonchild (fluff, smut)
volleyball!au, setter!jk, college!au
summary: sports has never been your think, so when you find yourself in a sports hall that reeks of perspiration and cologne and in front of a group of volleyball players whom you’re supposed to be managing (heck, you can’t even manage your own life), you know that you’re in Deep Shit.
➵ sharp cookie by @minyfic (angst, smut, fluff)
exes!au, ceo!jk, fuckboy!jk
summary: what your ex-boyfriend, aka new boss, asks for a chance, you struggle to believe him when he says that he has changed his womanizing ways.
➵ heart taping by minyfic (fluff, light angst)
soccer player!jk, enemies to lovers, high school!au
summary: the problematic goalie of the soccer team just needed some TLC.
➵ hold your breath by minyfic (smut, fluff)
new relationship!au
summary: you and jungkook have a very heated make out session.
➵ try hard by @hobibliophile (fluff, smut)
rugby player!jk, college!au
summary: yoongi ask you to help him photograph the university rugby team and you’re reluctant until you see jeon jungkook in uniform. Damn.
➵ the whole of your heart by @lcksndkys (smut, fluff, v light angst)
summary: save a drum, bang a drummer.
➵ what is love? by @someonewhowannadielol (smut, fluff, angst)
badboy!jk, boyfriend!jk
summary: jungkook has a degrading kink. y/n does not seem to like it. also, jk is bad at this entire love thing but totally whipped for the girl of his dreams.
➵ stay quiet by @hobidreams (smut, fluff)
boyfriend!jk, college!au
summary: you think the library is only a place for studying. jungkook convinces you otherwise.
Tumblr media
so much love and respect to these amazing writers!! <3
Tumblr media
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yoonpobs · 5 months ago
bad boy good thing | jjk
Tumblr media
summary a series of drabbles where you're confused and jungkook's confusing
status completed
latest update here | 8 sept 2021
Tumblr media
⇾ i. (m)
⇾ ii. (m)
⇾ iii.
⇾ iv.
⇾ v.
⇾ vi. (m)
⇾ vii.
⇾ viii.
⇾ ix.
⇾ x.
⇾ xi.
⇾ xii.
⇾ xiii.
⇾ xiv.
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Tumblr media
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lavienjin · 2 months ago
love ain't a business (m.list) | jjk
Tumblr media
synopsis: You've resigned yourself in all manners of love after a messy breakup with your most recent ex. Amidst your sadness, your best friend offers you a loveless marriage contract solely in exchange for your presence in the many galas he has to attend as second-in-line to the Jeon Corp. It's a win-win situation for you both; Jaehyun no longer has to fight off random mothers that try to set him up with their very eligible daughters and you can live in peace with his fortune at your disposal.
Everything was perfect and you even managed to fool his closest relatives into believing that you're disgustingly in love with one another... all except for one.
Jeon Jungkook, the eldest of the two and direct heir to the family company, has returned from overseeing the newest branch in Japan to ruin your arrangement. His one resort? Blackmail. Now, not only do you have to convince him that your relationship is real, you have to stop him from spilling the shameful secret that will ruin your plan: that you and Jungkook had a previous arrangement that not even Jaehyun is aware of.
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre/rating/au: 18+ | best friend's brother, enemies to lovers, (past) friends with benefits, fake dating au | smut, fluff, angst here and there
overall themes: slow burn • eventual smut, but there will be smut scenes in the form of flashbacks • lingering/unrequited feelings • eventual mutual pining • family drama
warnings will be written for each individual chapter. anything marked with ❀ contains nsfw!
cross-posted to: ao3 | wattpad
m.list | updates
Tumblr media
「chapter index」
⤷ prologue
⤷ 01 - returning home ❀
⤷ 02 - taming fires
⤷ 03 - shared space ❀
⤷ 04 - exes and no's
⤷ 05 - admissions of guilt
⤷ 06 - nothing but the truth ❀
⤷ 07 - date night
⤷ 08 - wedding day ❀
⤷ epilogue ❀
Tumblr media
all works are © lavienjin
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kpopfanfictrash · a month ago
Love to Hate (Master List)
Tumblr media
Author: kpopfanfictrash
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Rating: 18+
Genre: Enemies to Lovers, Fuck Buddies!AU
Status: Ongoing
Description: Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.
[ Cross-Posted to Wattpad ]
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Author’s Note: There is no taglist for this series. Please do not ask to be added, or inquire about updates. My writing progress is updated daily in my Updates Schedule, located in my header and FAQ. Thank you!
© kpopfanfictrash, 2021. Do not copy or repost without permission.
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amourtae · 11 days ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk. - day 2
Tumblr media
wanderlust; a strong desire to travel
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little man, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ wordcount: 3K
↠ warnings: swearing, mentions of alcohol, mentions of sex, lots of making out, female oral sex, face riding, mentions of hickies, allusions made to male oral sex, they’re both disgustingly in love with one another, soft dad!jungkook makes an appearance & that’s pretty much it :)
↠ a/n: hello loves <3 i’m back with day 2. i hope you enjoy some dad!kook as well as the smut :) the banner was made by the lovely @vantecaffe​​ 💛 and this was beta-read by the wifey @chateautae​​ , thank you my loves 💛 please do let me know your thoughts! feedback is always appreciated & happy reading 💛
↠ can be read as a standalone.
Tumblr media
day 2
— in which jungkook eats you out at the pool.
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Tumblr media
A beam of light to the soul, blooming in emotional warmth.
That was how you felt right now.
You blissfully lie in the hammock by the pool, embracing the serene quietness that’s befallen around you. 
You watch the palm trees sway in the warm, but fresh breeze. The sky blazes a bright blue and the sun is a celebration of bright, yellow and freedom. The flowers planted don their verdant hues, making your current view all the more appeasing. 
Jungkook finally decided to give you a break from the sexual beast that had awakened within him on this trip.
Every room and every surface was now imprinted with the memory of you two having sex in or against it. Which honestly wouldn’t have been a problem if you were looking back at a week-long holiday.
But you weren’t.
You were only 24 hours into your getaway and Jungkook had successfully railed you more in one day than he had done in the previous month.
You had laughed about it to him last night.  The two of you had lounged on your roof with a glass of your favourite red wine and his response simply made you scoff.
“Jagi, I’m making up for our lost time!” he argued, blaming your precious son, Jaehyun for the lack of sex in his life.
Speaking of your son, you hear Jungkook trying to get his attention through the screen.
“Jaehyunie, baby! Look at appa. Look at me,” he softly shouts, obviously failing to gain your son's attention. You smile to yourself gingerly, shaking your head at your husband’s childish behaviour.
“Shall I show you the pool, baby?” Jungkook coos at Jaehyun whilst walking towards you. You chuckle at him trying to communicate with your 1 year old, the effort certainly needing to be applauded.
“Yeah, because he’s going to reply to that, right?” You snicker whilst signalling to have the phone so you can speak to your baby. Jungkook rolls his eyes at your sarcasm, passing you the phone.
He walks towards the pool, removing his t-shirt and you’re left with the view of his meticulously carved body giving you flashbacks of the night before. Scratch marks are evident on his back and the image of Jungkook ramming his hips into you harshly clouds your mind.
“M-mama,” Jaehyun splatters out, distracting you from your erotic thoughts by flapping his hands excitedly when he sees you come into sight. Jungkook is quick to whip his head in your direction, gaping at how easily you make your son smile.
“That little brat,” he huffs before diving into the pool. You watch your husband swim around whilst you entertain Jaehyun. Your mother in law tells you how well behaved Jaehyun has been, gloating about how he doesn’t need you or Jungkook anymore. 
You feel glad to hear that your little prince has been coping well without you. You were missing him dearly, and so to see him smile brightly at you was definitely a nerve calmer.
Saying goodbye to your son so he can go eat, you walk towards the pool and take a seat at the edge of it. Sunlight plays upon the surface of the water as if sweetly inviting play. But you refrain from going in, not feeling energised enough to swim.
Jungkook notices your presence and swims towards you whilst splashing harder with each stroke.
“Jungkook! Stop!” you chastise whilst giggling, not wanting to get wet. From the water at least.
 He stops before you, standing on his two feet, panting harshly.
“Grandad,” you tease him and he stares at you with furrowed eyebrows, clearly unimpressed with your terrible attempt to annoy him.
“I’m sad.”
“And why’s that, Mr. Jeon?” you question him whilst running your hand through his wind-tousled curls and holding back a smile. 
“How do you do it?” he questions you whilst sporting a pout similar to your sons.
“Do what, babe?”
“Make him smile so quickly!” he moves his hands to rest at your smooth thighs, trailing them up and down before continuing.
“He likes me better, Jeon. Face it,” you tell him and Jungkook scoffs at your audacity, before pulling you closer to the edge. Your hands come to rest at his broad shoulders and for the umpteenth time of that morning, you  admire your husband’s personable appearance.
Jungkook notices you doing so and uses the opportunity to relish in the view before him. You’re dressed in a simple outfit.
Nothing but a t-shirt.
His t-shirt.
He ponders about how lucky he is to have you. Despite the two of you having your many ups and downs, you stayed by Jungkook’s side like no other and that was something he was always going to be eternally grateful for.
He loved everything about you. From your curves of softness to the tenderness of your expressions, you were utterly breathtaking. Easy to talk to and fun to be around even after all these years.
You were robust and real.
You were the belle of his life.
You were his. 
Your eyes were definitely  his favourite feature of yours. Something about them gently whispered safety and solace. The spark that shone from them was winsome, a spark that always told him you were ready for an adventure. In your eyes was the warmth of an everlasting hearth, hues of comforting childhood memories, a heaven he was glad to be a part of.
Next, it had to be your soul. Your soul which loved so deeply and cared so much for others. You radiated elegance and beauty from within and that was something Jungkook always commended. 
“And I wouldn’t blame him,” Jungkook whispers as he snaps out of his daze, smiling at you with his signature bunny smile.
His smile had to be the prettiest one you’ve seen, for it extended to his eyes and deep into his soul. You’re always thankful for Jungkook’s genes being strongly evident in your son. The both of them being sole reasons for your contentment, their grins the only gold in your world.
Jungkook was the type of handsome that got into your bones. You stare into his eyes and from them comes an intensity, an honesty, a gentleness. Everything he is and everything about him comes from deep within. The way his lips moved whilst you kissed, the way his hands followed the curves of your body, Jungkook really was charming in every aspect.
“I love you, you know,” you mumble before joining your lips with his. Your mouths mould together with stunning perfection. You explore the taste of him all while inhaling his soft scent. Feeling the strength of his arms around you, Jungkook pulls you closer and you entangle your nimble fingers in his luscious locks.
Your tongues clash for the briefest of moments before he pulls back to return your confession, a timid “I love you more,” leaves his lips before he’s ravishing your mouth again. You both have each other memorised. His lips are soft and full against yours, urging you to take the plushy flesh between your teeth.
His kisses are always steeped in a passion that ignites every time the two of you are together. You feel his pure and vulnerable self. You feel at home.
Jungkook swallows more of your mouth and your breath hitches once his hands find their way inside your shirt, trailing up your bare back. Your tongues fight for dominance whilst his hands move to lift off his t-shirt you're wearing, exposing you to him. 
He groans when you wrap your legs around his thin waist, kissing you with a higher intensity. He moves his palm to engulf your cheek, wanting you closer to him as he continues to mouth at you with an intoxicating force.
Jungkook pulls away softly, panting whilst smiling at you. “You’re so fucking hot,” he sighs out, admiring your naked form. You internally enthuse at his adoration for you which he never fails to show.
He moves forward and licks a long stripe down your neck, fingertips whisked away in your hair. Holding the back of your head gently, Jungkook places soft kisses over the deep purple stains of worship decorating your skin. You hug him to your chest, sighing out in pleasure at each move he makes.
Your naked breasts rest against his bare, soaked chest and you move forward, pathetically grinding against his abs. He traces his finger from your jaw down to your breasts, his lips swiftly following.
“Jaehyun’s so lucky,” Jungkook whines out against your breast, breathing harshly against your already hardened nipples. 
“What the hell, Jungkook!” your tone imitating his, “why are you mentioning our son just before you’re about to-”
“About to what?” Jungkook interrupts you and you feel him smirk devilishly against your breast.
“Ugh, just do something already,” you rut against him and with that, Jungkook takes a hardened peak into his hot mouth. Arching into him, you massage his scalp and moan pleasurably as he prods at your nipple with his scandalous tongue. He fondles your other breast, kneading it which has you sighing out in bliss.
“Oh fuck, I love your tongue,” you whine gratifyingly whilst he continues his soft assault on your breast, sucking and tugging at your nipples lewdly. Your fingers inch further into his hair when you feel him jut his tongue out, licking around the soft area. 
Jungkook moves to place kisses between the valley of your breasts, making his way further down your sexy body, still fondling your breasts delightly. You arch further into him, half-lidded gaze peering down at him, massaging his scalp whilst he perfectly nips at your smooth skin, ascending you to cloud nine.
Sighing out in sheer ecstasy, you tug Jungkook closer to you. His hand canvases down your body, cupping your soaked sex in his palm.
You let out a scandalised gasp, gut filling with heat. 
“Always so fucking wet, princess,” Jungkook groans as he glides his two fingers through your tight cunt. You brace yourself on his broad shoulders, breathing heavily and Jungkook revels in each sultry sound that leaves your pretty mouth.
“J-just for you,” you manage to whimper out as his fingers skim around your battered mound. Jungkook begins to push your legs apart and releases a satisfied hum when he sees how soaked your cunt is for him.
Jungkook pulls back, winking at you before moving forward to kiss down your body. To where you need him most. His lips adorn every inch of your body and your core ignites when you feel him reach closer to your already naked sex.
You knew there was no point in wearing panties around Jungkook, he would end up ripping them right off you anyway.
He moves his head in front of your cunt, breathing against it deeply, knowing the sensation of his hot breath would spur you on further.
And it certainly does.
You jerk rapidly as Jungkook places a kiss to your clit and your insides constrict, anticipating his next ministration.
“Can I eat you out here?,” Jungkook huskily asks. He knows how tired you must be, so he ensures he’s safe to go ahead. Your chest swells with butterflies, in awe of how caring your husband is.
You move forward and cup his cheek, urging him to look towards you. You smile at him brightly, nodding your head and place a quick peck against his swollen lips. 
Jungkook is quick to get back in position, paying attention to your leaking cunt again. He lifts your legs over his shoulders, letting them rest there daintily. You lean back, palms planted on the ground beneath you as you savour the view before you.
Your sexy husband stands in your pool with his exposed, tanned and Apollo-sculpted  body ready to devour you whole. Jungkook breathes against your folds and you quiver with arousal. His hands massage the inside of your thighs, calming your anticipation. 
“My wife’s so pretty,” he whispers before moving to press a gentle kiss on your clit. You shudder at the sensitivity, bucking your hips into his face, yearning for more.
You run your fingers through his dark tresses, tightening your grip on his scalp. “Jungkook, pleasee,” you whine, arching into him more in the hopes that he’ll provide you with some form of relief.
“Patience baby,” Jungkook murmurs before jutting out the tip of his tongue and lightly tracing your nether lips. You squirm, moaning his name shamelessly and uttering soft pleas as you mentally pine for more contact from his skillful tongue. Jungkook feels more turned on as he hears you become more needy despite him not having done very much.
“I’ve got you, princess,” he growls before licking a long stripe from your entrance to your clit. He latches onto your quivering cunt, making out with it and sucking on your labia. Jungkook buries himself further as he gathers your slickness on his tongue. You mewl at the euphoric sensation his tongue supplies and he provides you with no mercy as he eats you up with his masterful tongue. 
Bucking your hips closer to his face, you wordlessly beg for more and Jungkook abides almost immediately, lapping at your folds like a starved man. He flattens his tongue against your cunt, generously sucking on the pulsing bud. Jungkook groans at the sweet flavour of your juices that has you reeling for more.
He repeatedly licks up your slit shamelessly, tongue delving into you deeper and deeper as he cranes his own neck with no care in the world. He basks in the mess between your legs, chest swelling with pride as he realises it’s all for him. Only him.
“Fuck,” he moans into your cunt, “your pussy always tastes so good. Fucking missed this,” he says as if he hadn’t woken you up by eating you out this morning.
His large, tattooed hands fail to stay still. They move from holding your thighs apart to having a tight grip on your ass, pulling you further into him.
“L-love seeing your face between my thighs,” you manage to voice weakly.
“I know you do,” Jungkook replies whilst bringing his thumb to rub against your aching clit. You rut your hips in his face, head falling back as the pleasure washes over you.
“Jungkoook, fuckk.”
He buries himself closer into your pulsing folds, nose burrowed deep within. Your hips develop a mind of their own and you begin to grind against his face, practically riding it. Jungkook hums satisfyingly as he moves his hands to rest on your ass again. He probes you forward and rocks your hips back and forth against his face making you grab a fistful of his hair, earning a slight hiss from him.
His hooded eyes meet your own and you send a lazy smirk his way as you rut your hips against his face. Your wetness from riding his nose, chin and tongue glistens on his skin which somehow turns you on more.
“Ahh shit,” you cry out, internally thanking the Heavens above that your villa is located in a secluded area. Whilst you continue to ride his face, Jungkook licks up and around your folds ravenously and his fingers bore into the meat of your ass.
He angles himself better and secures his lips down around your mound, dragging his tongue around until he latches onto your sensitive clit again. You moan lewdly and lurch when you feel Jungkook press his devious tongue against your throbbing bud.
“I’m gonna come!” You cry out, riding his face at a faster pace and your grip on his hair becoming tighter. Jungkook suckles your clit, tongue running through your folds, providing you with eons of paradisiacal pleasure. He shoves his face deeper into your cunt, violently capturing it with his plush, swollen lips and his grasp on you becomes harder.
You feel him smirk against you before he brings those bunny teeth of his and bites down on your clit. Your body jolts at the impact, but still manages to send hot, orgasmic spikes of arousal through your veins.
“Oh fuck,” you sharply moan, the need to come undone too prominent now. 
“Come for me, angel,” he coos at you, hands moving to soothe your lower back. His dulcet voice does it for you and you feel your orgasm wash over you vigorously. Your hips grind against your husband's stupidly handsome face and he laps at your palpitating pussy.
Your mind spins and stomach bubbles as you come down from your high. Jungkook continues his assault, lapping at thecum that stains your cunt before he pulls away. You meet his desperate eyes, shimmering lips and a scandalous grin as he pants harshly. 
You beckon him to you eagerly, hands growing taxed as you reach for his sweaty neck and pull him in for an all too chaste kiss. Smothering your mouth with his, you groan as you taste your essence on his enticing lips. 
You devour his mouth, nibbling at his plump lower lip.
“God, you’re so fucking perfect.” 
You chuckle at him simping over you once again, tugging him closer. Your legs immediately wrap around his waist and continue to mouth at him languidly, tongues tangling together.
Jungkook smiles against you, gushing at your sudden boldness. He runs his hand up and down the expanse of your back, gleefully continuing to make out with you.
He pops off your mouth for air and you’re met with messy hair, ardent eyes and a flushed face. You peer down and notice his hard on, smirking at it. You eye him like a meal before abruptly rising to your feet. 
Jungkook stares at you confused, following your actions and coming out of the pool. He gazes down to his clothed, hardened cock, turning to look back at you with a quirked brow.
“My turn?” he asks whilst sporting a mirthy smirk, tone condescending. 
“Your turn indeed, Mr.Jeon,” you pronounce playfully before walking towards the inside of your villa, hips swaying from side to side in order to tempt him more.
Jungkook throws his head back chuckling. He licks his lips as ideas of how to spend the rest of today fill his mind.
Walking behind you heartily, Jungkook runs his tongue against the inside of his cheek as he mentally prepares himself to have his life sucked out of him.
Tumblr media
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