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#jungkook x reader smut
adonis-koo · a day ago
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Tumblr media
↳ Summary: In a desperate hope to stop war from breaking you are a serviced to wed the most vile man alive, the one who has committed atrocities and war crimes beyond comprehension, he who is responsible for the fall of many nations, the wicked prince who’s heart is made of stone. You are to marry a man who challenges every belief and moral you stand for, all while being faced in a foreign land with nobody but yourself too trust…But are you both truly that different? Or is hate not too far from love?
↳ Pairing: Jungkook/reader
↳ Genre: arranged marriage AU, enemies to lovers, it’s kind of a period AU??? Historical but also technically not? prince!AU, eventual smut
Word Count: 8.9k
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Note: concept, lovers quarrel except they don’t realize they’re lovers yet, mmm love me that shit, also did I ever mention this story was like a loose based snow white AU??? :\\
Tumblr media
Today was a big day.
Well, as big as they came when it was done it little step’s that you had been taking ever since your arrival to Penumbra. You would be attending a court meal today, breakfast to be precise and you wanted to attend partly because it was being held on the pavilion. 
It was sunning and warm outside and you had quickly found out that due to the cloudy gray days that ceased most of Penumbra’s weather, when a sunny day appeared, everyone took advantage it to it as best they could. 
The spirit of everyone always seems lifted on days such as these, yours included. 
The chiffon sleeves of your dress fluttered with the cool breeze of the day which you appreciated heavily compared to the regular days when you wore extra layers that always made you hot. 
“Wheein?” You inquired softly, the question having lingered in your mind for days now though you had never remembered it strongly enough to ask. 
“Yes m’lady?” Wheein looked back briefly as she had escorted you to the gardens. 
“Who is the one that handles my wardrobe? I’d love to thank them, their choices in dresses are very nice.” You asked with a slight tilt in your head. 
Wheein’s eyebrows shot up a little before she suddenly let out a giggle, covering her lips as you both arrived to the terris. The gesture made you frown a little self consciously, was there a seamstress that you should have already known or…?
“I apologize Princess, It’s just…” Wheein smiled amused, “I assumed you knew the Prince actually hand picked a lot of your wardrobe himself.” 
Your legs had stopped in their track as you looked up at Wheein in shock at her words. Jungkook had…! You immediately looked away from her as you mumbled an, “Oh…”
Your eyes had suddenly flickered to the giant pavilion which held a large banquet table under it’s roof. It was fairly early in the morning still and the table had not yet been filled- which was why you had decided to attend this morning knowing as early as it was, most would not attend until late morning. 
Not only this but you enjoy a more quiet setting in the morning. Your eyes found the figure you had been searching for, while most were still asleep you had come to find out that your husband was actually quite the early bird. At first you assumed it was only because he was duty bound with training the royal guard. 
But even on his off days, he always seemed to be awake before most of the world. Your lips quirked into a frown however at the sight of who he was joined beside. Seohyun was leaned against the table, a sly yet amused smile on her lips at something he said. It wasn’t hard to spot how endured she was by him, granted you didn’t quite see the appeal but…
You crossed your arms suddenly as you looked away, she couldn’t make it anymore obvious she was still interested in your husband…!
It wasn’t that you...that you cared...But…
Wheein had been apprehensive to say anything about whatever relations Jungkook held with Seohyun, as she had said it was something he needed to discuss with you himself when the time was right. 
All she said was that before the Rite of Peace was set in motion, Seohyun and Jungkook were originally going to wed. 
You couldn’t get it out of her head since she told you that two weeks ago. That was how much time had passed since the incident where you had slept in bed with Jungkook after the scare with Sir Claudin. 
Apparently word had gotten out to Seohyun and she had thrown a massive fit- you weren’t a witness to the event, but to the aftermath of the torn up hallway and two crying maids. It wasn’t a pretty sight. 
And more then anything you weren’t stupid, which was why you had interroigated Wheein in the first place of the two of them. And again, you didn’t care…! You didn’t! You just...had a hard time looking at any of their interactions the same way ever since. 
And it wasn’t as if Jungkook would hurt your feelings anymore now then he had back when you first got married, if he was unfaithful to you, there was nothing you could do to change that. After all, it was so obvious now who his affections lied with. 
A bitterness welled in your stomach as Wheein carefully watched you before her eyes flickered to Jungkook’s laid out figure in his seat, lazily swirling a goblet of water in hand while he spoke to Seohyun. 
“...Has anything happened...since that night?” Wheein finally asked quietly, her eyes tender as she curiously tilted her head. 
Realizing you must have stared for too long your eyes reluctantly met hers before you sighed while shaking your head, “No,” You spoke softly, “I’m fine,” You clarified a little louder before smiling a little, “Let’s get seated.” 
Wheein nodded her head a little with a tiny smile of understanding before she gestured you along under the terris to seat you for breakfast, “If you eat fast enough you’ll be finished before the rest of the court shows.” She whispered as she pushed in your chair. 
You let out a small laugh as you shook your head, allowing her to fill your plate with what she had been accustomed to your favorite things, pastries being one of them. While many Penumbrian cuisines were foreign to you, you certainly weren’t a picky eater and you were always curious to try new things. 
The sweeter breakfast options were beyond your favorite to eat though. You wiggled somewhat excitedly in your seat as you thanked Wheein before you began to break apart the blueberry scone. 
“So you’ve decided you're done being a goblin alone in your lonely dungeon?” The voice was duclet and smooth as Taehyung spoke, taking a seat in the chair beside you as you twisted to look at him with a raised brow. 
“Bedroom, first of all,” You corrected as your mouth threatened to curve into a smile, “And yes I’m...I suppose you could say I’m trying to tackle the fickle beast of the court.” 
“Fickle it is,” Taehyung nodded exasperatedly, “I commend that Princess, not even the bravest of us can deal with the court.” 
“Don’t bother the Princess first thing in the morning Taehyung!” Jimin nearly made you knock your goblet over in surprise as he popped out from behind your seat to sit on the other side of you, “She looks like the freshest bloomed flower on this fine day,” He batted flirtatious eyes at you. 
You had become quick to realize that Jimin was of a flirtatious nature and any of his words were never to be taken serious, that along with all the women he constantly would ask you for advice about which would end up leaving him within days. And when he wasn’t wooing women he was actual useful around the castle much to your surprise (though he’d whine if he ever heard you say it aloud).
Jimin was a specialized assassin soldier which at first you had assumed it just mean he killed targeted people, but apparently that wasn’t quite what it meant. He had explained it had more to with stealth infiltration. It varied in need, sometimes he’d wiggle his way into another country for information and to find out rumors and what he could about their infantry and numbers, other times it was sabotaging and intercepting the enemy. 
You were quite impressed to say the least. Above all else though, due to his position Jimin wasn’t around most days due to his work. 
“You scared me!” You smacked his arm as he whined out grabbing it as if it was tender, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” 
“I just arrived home and this is how my lovely Princess greets me!?” Jimin cried out as he grabbed your hand in plea. 
“I’m not your Princess, and stop grabbing my hand.” You complained as you snatched your hand away from him. 
Jimin’s playfulness was only riled further as his lips quirked into a smirk as he grabbed it again pulling you closer, “What can I say Princess? I’m warming up to you just as much as you’re warming up to me.” 
“You’re gonna make her go back inside again.” Taehyung spoke calmly as he sipped on his soup. 
“What can I say?” Jimin sighed as he released his hold on you, “I suppose I just have that affect on women.” Jimin turned to you with a wink, “Except they’re usually dragging me to their room with them.” 
Your lips twisted and you felt your face become hot as you sighed exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of your nose as you didn’t reply. If there was one culture shock you just hadn’t gotten over, it was the lack of proprietary when it came to anything taboo. It seemed nobody really cared for the construct of virginity and it didn’t ever carry an indignant punch it would in other countries whenever it would get brought up. 
Just like now. You couldn’t deny that it was strange, you had heard horrid things about Penumbra during your youth and especially when it was announced that you’d marry their Prince. All kinds of things had been rumored- things such as ritualistic orgies as one of them. 
It was ironically amusing to think about now given you lived here. Nothing of the sort went out. But it did concern you- just how twisted the truths of Penumbra seemed to tangle whenever rumors escaped the kingdom. 
Most of the heinous things you had heard were simply just that- a twisted truth taking way too far. Such as again, ritualistic orgies that was actually just Penumbra’s loose ideals when it came to anything sexual, no women was considered a harlot for not being a virgin. No man was made castrated for having a woman in his bed. 
You wouldn’t lie, these ways were often strange to you, and it felt taboo to speak of- even if it weren’t here, therefore you didn’t participate in the talk of it as everyone else did. Not that you had much of anything to talk about regarding intimacy. 
Taehyung’s amused snort brought you out of your thoughts as you both looked at him, “I’ve seen your future Jimin.” 
“Woah really!?” Jimin straightened up in his seat, “Am I with a delicate rose such as our Princess?” 
“All I saw was you wanking after you ran off yet another girl.” Taehyung began to chuckle at how sour Jimin’s face twisted as he scoffed. 
“Piss off.” Jimin muttered as he crossed his arms with a sulking expression, it wasn’t their words but their interaction that made you giggle a little as you shook your head while plopping a piece of scone into your mouth. 
Your eyes caught two figures ahead moving, the two men who just arrived, standing out in the pavilion as they made small talk before drawing their swords, tilting your head you peered a little upward to see what they were doing, watching as they tapped swords before metal clashed against metal. 
The one on the left seemed a bit slower in movement and had a hard time defending himself against the one on the right who was obviously more skilled. You observed curiously as you continued eating before Jimin hummed, a smirk tugging on his lips as he spoke up, “You seem curious about the entertainment.” 
You jumped a little, not realizing the two had been observing you while you were distracted, fumbling a little you shrugged meekily, “O-oh well...I mean, It is interesting…Jimin!” You whispered out at the sight of him standing up gleefully. 
“Hoseok! Why don’t you show our lovely princess a few moves!” You flailed, face suddenly feeling hot as Jimin’s loud voice, the whole table’s attention suddenly drawing to you as you shrunk in your seat.
Jimin stood up as he dragged you along with him, “Princess,” He grabbed your shoulders from behind, standing a little taller than you as he had that minx smile on his face, “Hoseok, my brother!” 
“We aren’t brothers.” 
Hoseok as he was introduced, whirled his sword, his smile was nearly bright as the sun but it was almost crooked as he peered down at you, suddenly feeling intimidated you looked down at your feet as he spoke, “It’s an honor to meet you Princess,” He bowed before looking up with that same expression as Jimin, “You’re curious about the way of the sword?” 
Jimin had stretched out as he walked into the pavilion ring, your eyes following him before flicking to Hoseok, feeling somewhat awkward as you were well aware you had more than a few eyes on you, “Well...I um...I just find it interesting to watch.” You offered a weak smile, hoping that didn’t sound offensive. 
Hoseok’s smile brightened as he raised a brow, holding out a hand to you as you cautiously took it, “I’m sure you’ve figured out Princess but swordplay is…” He hummed as he walked you to the far end of the pavilion, “-It’s like an art form to us Penumbrians. We speak through the blades, it’s how sword dancing was formed, and while it seems violent in nature, it’s not quite as it appears- we respect one another through metal and metal work. Sparring is honorable and good natured sport for us. Everyone who lives in Penumbra is familiar with how to hold a sword at the very least, it’s simply who we are as a people.” 
Hoseok had a way with words that made you feel somewhat curious and enraptured by his detail and explanation, you found yourself a little more drawn to him and not so intimidated as he smiled a little. 
Picking up a smaller sword from the barrel set off in the corner he gave it whirl as he held it front of him as if weighing the metal to handle before whirling it to point to the ground as he held it out to you making you jump, having been caught up in his words as a smirk tugged on his lips, “What about you Princess? I’ve always found myself curious about Eunoia’s ways, after all your people aided ours through the Dark Age. Do you have any traditions in your country?”
It was the first time you had ever been asked a question such as this, your expression perked immediately though you tried to not let yourself get too excited as you gave a meek smile, taking the sword from him.
The weight immediately made the muscles in your arm work as you replied, “We have a similar dance work in my country, it’s with ribbons and fabric fans though. It’s used to signify the freedom from our old oppressive descendants, when the Old Blood were cast off the throne and the Age of Celestia began, we used expression of dance during celebrations yearly.”
“Good!” Hoseok chirped, grabbing your free hand as he guided it to wrap around the hilt as he hummed, “Tradition is what binds us all together, it’s what gives us pride in our country and keeps up our morale. You understand this then, yes?” You nodded, “Then you understand why Penumbrians have a lot of pride? We have a very rich history and due to our enemies taking advantage of it and us in the past we keep among ourselves now. But I’d recommend going to the scholars library and reading up. It may help in your quest for integration.”
Hoseok gave you a wink as you suddenly felt flustered at how close his body was to yours, you had been so caught up in his words you didn’t even realize. He just had a way with speech, naturally charming, but it didn’t feel as sly and snake-like as Jimin’s. 
You stiffened at the deep cold voice, that was undoubtedly your husband’s, it sounded more rigid then you last heard it and just the single word alone made you lowered your sword, turning around to see Jungkook standing upright.
His expression didn’t look the least bit pleasant, for the longest time you had assumed his expression simply never changed, he always looked brooding and stoic. But at some point you realized you were terribly wrong, Jungkook was not an expressive man but he certainly didn’t have a steeled expression by any means. 
It was all subtle shifts, like now, his brows furrowed a little and his jaw clenched making him look just a little more stiff then normal. Shockingly enough Hoseok didn’t seem the least bit phased by the Prince, only smiling as he raised a brow, “Your Highness?” 
You glanced between the two males as you felt your throat become dry at Hoseok’s seemingly smug attitude, he may be charming but however he and Jimin were linked, it was obviously for a reason. 
Jungkook’s lips twitched a little as he stepped closer to you both as he lowered his voice, “You’re dismissed.” You felt a small chill in your spine as Hoseok suddenly smiled as if he was amused, shrugging as he held up his hands. 
“Of course Your Majesty.” Hoseok sent you one last wink as your gaze immediately dropped to the ground, why was Jungkook even interfering in this? Wasn’t he conversing with Seohyun? You felt a little awkward but not a second was wasted as soon as Hoseok resumed his spar with the…? Perhaps lower class swordsmen?
“You’ll need a tighter grip if you expect to not have the sword flying out of your hand upon contact with your opponent.” Jungkook’s voice was stern but not nearly as cold as before, your gaze flew to his as your brows rose. He stood tall and his face expectant as you shuffled a little, feeling a bit foolish, what were you even doing holding a sword? 
No princess should be holding such a weapon as this, “-Well? Don’t just stand there.” Jungkook tutted circling you like prey.
You felt even more self conscious then you did before as you sighed, your shoulder’s caving a little as you wilted while mumbling, “-I- I’ve never even held a weapon before, a princess shouldn’t-” 
“A Penumbrian Princess, would hold a sword with dignity,” Jungkook cut you off, his eyes narrowing a little as he curved a brow, a disciplined expression on his face as he continued, “You do know it’s expected of the crowned Prince and Princess to not only wield weapons, but to be the best at it. It was only a matter of time before some form of training would begin for you.” 
Your mouth was dry and you stared up at him in somewhat disbelief, “Form of training?” You raised a brow, “So what? You’re going to train me?” You felt apprehensive at the idea, two weeks wasn’t a long time to not talk to somebody but in this moment it felt as though you and Jungkook were oceans apart. 
“If you could be level headed and patient for once.” 
“Excuse me-” 
“Now lift your sword.” 
When did Jungkook ever willingly speak to you? Unless much like the past, it was to insult you? His change in attitude wasn’t as if he was being kind to you but this seemed a bit...out of character for him. But you supposed if this was his, odd way of trying to initiate a friendship with you, who were you to deny him? 
You didn’t have any expectation in him to befriend you at all, you both had left one another alone the last two weeks aside from seeing one another each night for dinner with his father. But even then words were never exchanged. 
Two weeks without a single word, and it seemed as if there was definitely a shift in his attitude. Perhaps what took you off guard was the sense of guard Jungkook still held up with you. He didn’t need to display it for you to sense it was still there. 
You stared at him for a long moment, not realizing how sulky your expression was and dare you say it might have even amused him though he would never let you see it. 
After a long moment you warily gripped against the hilt of the sword before raising the small sword up. 
Jungkook’s eyes were calculating as he scanned you up and down, in most cases you’d feel somewhat objectified but you had a feeling that wasn’t what he was looking at. 
He suddenly stepped in your personal space as you squeaked, jumping a little as his hands grabbed at your shoulders as he tutted, “You’re always so tense, you won’t get far in swinging if you can’t relax,” His voice was deeper then you remembered as he spoke, pressing your shoulders down as he pulled you forward, “And your weight is on your back foot, your opponent could knock you off balance easily. You need to distribute your weight on both feet evenly.”
Jungkook was already maneuvering you around much to your embarrassment, trying not to let yourself get flustered at his wandering hands, especially when it was so obvious his intentions were not what your mind kept trying to make them.
Jungkook stepped back as his eyes washed over you once more in inspection before he finally sighed as if he had come to a conclusion, “This sword is too heavy for you, you can hardly hold it up.” 
He suddenly snorted as if amused, “You never have held a weapon have you?” 
“If you’re just gonna make fun of me I’m going to ask Hoseok to help me.” You let out a whine,, letting your arms drop as the tip of the sword dug into the ground.
“Hoseok won’t be able to save your horrid form any better than I can princess.” Jungkook quirked a brow, “It’ll take a lot of basics just to even get you swinging huh.” He tucked his tongue into his cheek. 
“Relax,” Jungkook turned around as he waved his hand, unbeknownst to you his lips tugged into an brief amused smile before it disappeared as he faced you once more, “Quicksilver will help the problem immensely, it’s much lighter and better suited for smaller opponents. It can be used with an aggressive style which I think personally would suit you.” 
“Is that a backhanded compliment?” Your eyes cut a little into him. 
“Make of it what you want.” He shrugged innocently. 
Jungkook snatched the sword from you as he placed it back in the barrel, his hand floated above as if searching for something in particular, whatever it was Jungkook was searching he never found due to the growl that came from neither you nor him. 
“Wow. You must feel so proud of yourself Princess.” You turned to face the voice of Seohyun, a cold smile on her lips as she practically waltz up to you, her voice snide and full of sarcasm. 
Your arms immediately wrapped around yourself once more as you frowned, taking a big step back to put space between you and Seohyun.
She paused, pulling a sword from the barrel as she gave it a whirl, “Holding a sword must be quite difficult when all you’ve ever done was…” She paused for a second in thought before she gave a viscous smile, “...What was it again? Toss ribbons around?” She gave an animated pout as you felt your face become heated. 
Your jaw clenched and your posture straightened a little, you wouldn’t let yourself be made to feel embarrassed about your own sacred traditions which you held with your own pride, especially to someone such as her, “Eunoia has long since been a pacifistic,” You spoke soft but firm, “I’ve never had reason to hold a sword until now. And if it is a duty of the crowned Penumbrian Princess to wield one then…I would be honored to learn.” 
Seohyun stared at you for a long moment, and though her eyes didn’t change, it still felt like she was sending daggers at you as her lips finally twitched into a viscous smirk, “Well how kind of the bitch Princess to feel honored about such a task. You know what Princess?” She hummed before throwing the sword on the ground, you jumped away from it in surprise as you looked up at her in confusion as she spoke, “I think, we should get better acquainted Princess.” 
“That’s enough Seohyun.” 
Jungkook’s voice was chilled and low and- was he this close to you before? Words couldn’t form in your mouth as you squeaked at the arm that wrapped around your waist, your entire body stiffening at the warm grip that held you close and the sight of the deadly glare in his eyes as he pulled you close. 
Seohyun didn’t relent though, in fact, watching the whole sight only seemed to make her even angrier as her eyes glared at his hand- the one that was placed at your waist before she glared back up at him, “No! I have a birth right to challenge her as a Penumbrian citizen and of the royal court.” 
Challenge you? Was this a...a...sign that she wanted to duel you!? You felt a drop in your stomach as you swallowed, looking back down at the sword...You hadn’t even done anything to truly offend least you didn’t think you had…! True your interactions had been anything but kind, but it never seemed to bother her up until now. 
“Then it’s within my right to take her place.” Jungkook’s voice was low and growled, how Seohyun didn’t wilt beneath his cool glare was beyond you, but then again hers was in opposition, she was all fiery and brash compared to his deathly icy demeanor.
“Oh how convenient is that. Tell me Jungkook, when have you ever cared for this broad?” Her voice was low and whispered threateningly as she gave another wicked smile, “Wasn’t it not too long ago you told me it was cowardly to let someone stand in place for a dual?” 
Jungkook’s lips finally twitched into a smile but it looked anything but nice, “This has nothing to do with her or being cowardly. This has to do with you being a spoiled brat about not getting what you want,” He sneered as he snorted out, “Isn’t this what this is about? You throwing a tantrum over me? Spending time with my wife?” 
Jungkook’s nose twitched a little and his glare became chilled once more as he spoke, “More than anything I hate people who take advantage of those who cannot defend themselves. You’re taking advantage of someone who’s never held a sword in their life. That is cowardly to me.” 
Seohyun puffed up as she spat back, “This was never about you Prince. I think it’s time someone gave the Princess a warm welcome to Penumbra, I’ll give you a month to train her, and then?” She turned to you as she declared, “Then we go to the ring.” She shrugged as she turned around walking away. 
Not a soul spoke even after she had left the gardens, everyone’s eyes on you as you lowered your gaze, feeling embarrassed and not wanting to be under the spectacle any longer. Pulling away from Jungkook you covered your face as you hurriedly walked. Everyone at the table had smiles and you heard snickers as your vision began to blur.
Just when you thought things were going in your favor, you found yourself once again, back to square one. 
Tumblr media
Buried under the covers you sniffled, who knew how many hours you hid under the warmth of your bed, you didn’t care. You were still mourning the fact that you would have to duel with Seohyun and even with a month to train, there was no way you would be able to have a chance at winning against someone with a lifetime of experience. 
Upset began to bubble in you once more as you rolled over in your covers, you didn’t even know how duels work and what to make of it, other than the possibility of them allowing death and you dying. And even if they didn’t. 
Your eyes began to water, that probably wouldn’t stop her anyways. Fear had seized you at the idea as you curled into yourself, pulling the blanket over your chin. How were you even supposed to duel Seohyun when you couldn’t even hold a sword? You didn’t want to make a fool of yourself. But you didn’t want to be a coward either…
Back when you first married Jungkook, you had no idea Penumbra was uniquely its own culture with its own celebrations and traditions, it felt naive of you now to not even think nor prepare for as much. You had no idea the trials you would face before you had married him, let alone something of this nature...
The sound of a knock at your door drew you from your thoughts as you sniffled once more, shifting as you rolled to face away from the door, your silence caused the knock to sound louder as you sighed, yanking the covers above your chin as you shouted, “I don’t want to talk Wheein!” 
The noise quieted as you sighed, curling up as you closed your eyes before jumping at the sound of the door opening, your jaw clenched as you sat up, “Wheein! I told y-” Your lips fell open at the sight of your husband who leaned against the doorway, as if just waiting for your reaction. 
You were suddenly hyper aware of the tear streaks on your cheeks as you hurriedly went to rub them away, turning away from him in embarrassment as you mumbled, “You should’ve told me it was you.” 
You collapsed back against the bed as you heard a tongue clack, “Somehow, I doubt that would’ve changed your response.” You heard the door shut as you hmphed. Grabbing the blanket as you pulled it over your head, “You look like a child.” You heard a snort this time as the weight of the bed shifted a little. 
“Are you here to just make fun of me? Because if so I am really not in the mood to cry anymore today!” 
While on any other occasion you could do this, you weren’t feeling up to it today, not right now. Not after what had happened this morning. You heard a sigh, “While I know you enjoy tormenting yourself by making me out to be a devil I promise I’m not that heartless.” You still had reservations on that statement…”Thankfully unlike you I’m not petty,” Your lips parted as you pulled the blanket off your face to glare at him. Not petty!?
Not that petty? Had he just magically forgot all of the spiteful words he had spoken to you in the earlier month?
His back was facing you as he sat on the edge of the bed, but you could’ve sworn you saw a smile on his lips briefly, “I’m here to apologize.”
You frowned as your brows pressed together, a little wary of his words as you slowly sat up, Jungkook quickly spoke as he noticed your silence, “For Seohyun, of course.” You deflated a little as you rolled your eyes, “She’s always been hot headed, ever since we were children.” You could see a small smile on his lips as if he was reminiscing, “She gets jealous quite easily.” 
You slumped against the headboard, something bitter swelling in your chest at his smile while talking about her as you mumbled, “I noticed.” 
Why was he talking about her so…! So affectionately!? As if he...You ignored the swell in your chest at the realization he was obviously holding her in high regards, perhaps he even did plan on marrying her before you ever came into the picture. 
Jungkook paused for a second before shifting to look at you, his gaze more serious now- maybe he realized just who he was talking to, “Seohyun wouldn’t admit it if her life depended on it, but...Well it’s my fault she challenged you to begin with. After some contemplation I’ve decided to train you for this duel.” 
You looked away from him as you folded your hands, Jungkook was...going to train you? You had mulled over your options of hours now, much like he you supposed and you had come to the conclusion that you didn’t have much other options besides fighting her. 
But...your hesitancy wasn’t the fact that he wanted to train you but...Were you both really in a place to be able to tolerate seeing one another on a daily basis now…? It had been two weeks and...Had your words struck something in him that made him want to try? 
“We’ll meet every morning at dawn and train for an hour to two depending on my schedule for the week.” Jungkook’s voice was always rigid and formal when he spoke to you, much like right now and briefly you couldn’t help but wonder if he ever spoke differently to her. 
“I won’t sugar coat it for you princess. The way of the blade isn’t easy,” Jungkook’s eyes darkened a little, some of his own cold reservations of you clearly making it’s return, “You may be quick witted but you’ll have to make an effort for this to work.” 
Something bubbled inside you that wanted to spite him- it wasn’t the same as before though, you didn’t want to argue with him- but to spite him to prove you could do this, “Well it isn't me you’ll have to worry about. Are you sure you’ll be a dedicated teacher?” You raised a brow, a semi playful quip in your tone.
Jungkook’s chest suddenly puffed a little as his posture straightened as he spoke once more with a rigid tone, “I’ll have you know I train the royal guard myself.” 
You suddenly snorted at his stiff tone of voice, his expression faltered a little at the sound of your laugh. Covering your mouth you felt a little shy as you looked away from him, “It was a joke, Jungkook. I’ll try my best, but I am a beginner…” 
Jungkook’s lips parted multiple times and for the first time in the last two months of living in Penumbra, Jungkook seemed at a loss for words.
Clearing his throat he appeared a little embarrassed as he spoke, “Right, just show up outside the guards barracks tomorrow morning. We’ll begin at dawn.” You nodded as he got up and took his leave. 
Tumblr media
You groaned as you sighed, twisting in your bed sheets as Wheein forced you out of bed, it wasn’t that you weren’t used to getting up early but, it had been an admittedly long while since there was a need. You didn’t exactly hold a lot of responsibility in the court and no one ever offered the invitation and when you had first arrived you wanted nothing to do with the court. 
Thus leading to your more unproductive lifestyle.
Still though, just before dawn? Did the man not ever sleep? You groaned again as you rubbed your eyes once more. 
“Come on Princess!” Wheein was more excited than you for this as you yawned, wordlessly sitting up in bed as you rubbed your eyes, “You should be excited!” She bounced a little as she folded your outfit out, “Not just anyone trains with the crowned Prince.” She quirked a brow as she smiled knowingly. 
“I’m his wife,” You replied dryly, grabbing the goblet that had been set out for you last night as you took a drink of water, “I’d hope he’d be willing to teach me.” You felt like you should’ve stated this with a little more pride but, well you wouldn’t lie and say your ego wasn’t a tiny bit pricked by that damn smile on his lips at the thought of Seohyun.
You had laid awake in the long hours of the night wondering why it bothered you so much, it wasn’t as if you even liked this man as a friend let alone a lover...And yet…! It still annoyed you, what was so great about Seohyun? 
She was an ill tempered, foul mouthed…! Impulsive woman that purposely goaded you into digging your own grave! How could he possibly…! Like her!? They were so opposite of one another it could’ve caused you whiplash.
You could feel your lips twitch a little as you heard Wheein make a noise of objection, “If he truly didn’t like you he wouldn’t have offered m’lady!” She pouted as you pulled your legs out of the warm blankets, rubbing your chilled bare arms as you shivered at the cold nip of air, “And he wouldn’t have defended you yesterday morning either, should I remind you he even called you his wife.” 
You crossed your arms more objectively at her snort, “Because I am his wife.” 
Of course he called you his wife, you didn’t take an oath to the cold hearted prick for him to just namelessly call you ‘woman’ your whole life together, though you dare say he might’ve done so just to piss you off at one time during the first week of your marriage…
“You two are hopeless your Highness.” You glanced up at her in confusion before she shrugged, saying no more as she helped you get dressed. You weren’t allowed to eat until after training and truthfully, you felt a little uncomfortable in pants, you had never worn any before.
Were you even allowed as a princess? You wondered briefly, the long waistcoat made you feel a little more comfortable and you wouldn’t lie, it was a lot easier to move around in. Why weren’t women allowed to wear pants anyways? You wiggled a little as you huffed.
The light was still blue outside and the sun had yet to make its appearance as you yawned trying to withhold a groan as Wheein gave you a reassuring smile, “Good luck Princess! I’ll pick you up once your lesson is finished. I’ll be in the royal kitchen helping prep breakfast if you need me for anything!” 
You whined a little but said no more, carefully walking up to the barracks where Jungkook stood, a fire started as he tossed a piece of wood onto it, “You’re early.” You jumped at his voice, he wasn’t even looking at you! 
“Good. We have lots to cover today.” Standing up he brushed off his hands as he turned to face you, eyeing you up and down in inspection as you shifted in your spot trying to not feel intimidated. 
You were well aware that you were in fact, in his territory right now. Not just in his Kingdom, but in his natural environment with weaponry. Eunoia was by no means a stranger to war but...well your father and his forefathers were considerably soft men, your father especially so- he didn’t favor bloodshed and often tried to negotiate his way out of fighting and he was very talented at doing so, might you add. 
You yourself always had a distaste for fighting as well, having never favored a blade as you felt anything, with enough diligence and quick wit, could be solved with words. But it was clear to you now, standing in front of your husband, that you needed to change the way you both looked at and approached this subject if you were to ever form a friendship with the man you were bound to the rest of your life as well as be accepted into Penumbra. 
Jungkook lead you down the slanted hill and into the training pit before he paused, causing you to nearly run into him before stumbling to step back, he held up a hand when you tried to follow him only for you to pause once more in confusion as he went to a stranded barrel off to the side and pulling out two...wooden swords? 
“The weight of a real weapon can cause all kinds of problems with your form but you need to be holding on to something for this to work,” Jungkook explained as he noted your confusion as he handed you the wooden sword which, truthfully, was much to your preference. Briefly, you couldn’t help but wonder if you could just use a wooden sword during a duel....Like...Seohyun...She couldn’t actually kill you...right? Right!? Just the thought at you frozen in your tracks in horror. Oh god, she was definitely going to kill you!
“Y/n?” Jungkook’s confused voice made you jump, he was a few feet ahead of you as he held up his hands as if asking what you were doing, “Are you focused now princess?” He huffed as he crossed his arms making you glare, “I told you if this was going to work to put in the effort.” 
“I’m here at dawn, well before my wake up time, so I apologize if I'm zoning out a little...” You replied defensively, swinging your wooden sword as you muttered, “Imagining the way Seohyun is probably going to put my head on a pike by- By summertime no doubt,” You flailed your hand as you huffed as you sighed hopelessly, “At least put my body in the gardens-” 
“She isn’t going to kill you,” Jungkook replied pragmatically as he put a hand on his hip, “But her chance is pretty high right now if you keep whining and not paying attention.” You sulked as you walked closer to him in compliance, “Good, now stand with your legs apart.” He whacked his sword against your thigh making you jolt, looking at him in insult as he raised his brows while shaking his head, “Go on, part them to line up with your hips.” 
“My what?” Your brows shot up in confusion, part your legs to line up with your hips.
Jungkook took a large breath as he calmed himself before he spoke, “Yes, a hip lengths apart is what we call it, too wide or too narrow of stance will make it difficult to block attacks without getting knocked down. Step one leg out.” Jungkook tapped your left leg with his wooden sword. 
Taking a step out he nodded a little, “Good. Foot placement is essential here, equal weight needs to be distributed through either side of your body or else you can become off balance mid swing or when you're defending. Little more on this side.” 
You were shifting your weight around trying to decipher his words as he tapped on your left thigh, leaning a little more that way he gave an approving nod, “Now bring your sword up, there are two ways to hold a sword, single hand, or two handed. We’re working with a single hand grip; typically it’s easier to both deflect hits and land blows on an opponent.” 
“Then why do some people use two handed?” You furrowed your brows, if one was obviously better why would some use the lesser option?
Jungkook’s lips quirked a little as he replied, “Some use much bigger weapons than that which require more strength to wield. It comes with it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages. One handed can also use shields in their other hand but they're typically not used in duals.” 
You frowned as you tilted your head, Jungkook paused his words as he looked at you for a long moment before he sighed solemnly and gave a nod as if remembering you don’t quite know all the customs, “Right…” He sighed, “Duals are...They can be friendly, seen as a gesture of honor and sport, but they’re typically seen as a challenge, especially among the court, it can be seen as a public display of challenging an authority. Shields are permitted but can be seen as cowardly and a display of fear of their opponent.”
You frowned as you listened to him intently, “We’ll see how you progress over this next month and from there i’ll determine whether you’ll need a shield or not.” 
“You have a lot of faith in me if you even think not having a shield is an option?” You quirked a brow.
“Oh I don’t, I’m just a good teacher.” Jungkook shrugged as you scoffed. And maybe he didn’t realize how insulting that sounded, or maybe he was really just that smug. Regardless he turned around with a dumb innocent expression on his face as he raised his brows, as if not understanding why you were reacting the way you were. 
“What?” He asked in genuine confusion. 
Men are so stupid…
The thought kept popping up in your head as you sighed, rubbing your face as you shook your head, “Nothing...So in shields are seen as cowardly, then what…? Even if I win it still won’t be looked as such because I had one.” 
Jungkook shrugged, his expression thoughtful as he shrugged, “Perhaps? It’s tough to imagine, people are considerably understanding to those who aren’t familiar with the way of the blade, I’d like to think they’ll be forgiving of you if they see you- above all else you- with a shield. I think that at least, again you wouldn’t be stuck in this situation if it weren’t for me.” 
A frown twisted on your face as you spoke without even thinking, “Why do you keep saying that?” Jungkook said nothing as he stared at you, as if looking for more explanation as you continued, “That you’re to blame when you aren’t? I don’t…” Your lips quirked a little as you spoke, “I feel like I’m missing something here as to why she challenged me…”
“Don’t play dumb.” Your gaze shot to the cold tone in Jungkook’s voice, his expression unfriendly as he spoke, “You know why she did it.” 
Jungkook scoffed at your silence as you stood there somewhat dumbfound at his words, something about the way he looked a little defensive on her behalf making you feel all the more lost and confused at his words…
Jungkook said in the court, duals were taken as an act of challenging authority but, you didn’t have any of that. You were just a mock piece on the chess board for looks. You didn’t understand why she would even want to duel you in the first place when it was so obvious nobody even liked you as it was. If she wanted to make a real display then she would have actually just dualed Jungkook. 
Jungkook looked a little soured now, his once patient demeanor wearing thin as he tucked his tongue into his cheek as he scoffed, “You’re unbelievable, you know that?” He now seemed annoyed as you let out a breath of air, now exasperated as to why you were being looked at like this. 
“How!?” You replied defensively and frustration was already beginning to liter through your body, every time you thought you made progress with this man he…! “Jungkook, I don’t know anyone or anything about this country! How the hell am I supposed to know what I did to upset her?” You felt frustrated at his annoyance, you were trying your best and you felt it was unfair for him to hold you to such a high standard! 
Let alone like this, you were only trying to understand how everything worked and now he was acting as if you were playing some kind of sick game with him that you were not!
“How?” Jungkook raised his brows as he let out a hollow chuckle something twinged with venom in his tone, tucking his tongue back into his cheek as he inhaled sharply looking as if he was very heavily debating on what he wanted to say.
“Act pitiful and victimize yourself as you want, but don’t act like you can’t ask around. Seeing as you haven’t figured out yet let me say it simply- she was my original fiance. The one I proposed too. Have you stopped to think Y/n that maybe- her challenging you has to do with the fact that you’re the reason I’m not married to her.” 
You couldn’t even look at him anymore, your chest puffed and it felt hard to breathe at his words. Of course you suspected but…! You didn’t actually realize they had been a couple on their own accord before...Still, his words stung. Regardless of what you knew, you had assumed that this was something that would remain unspoken between you both. 
“That isn’t fair Jungkook…” You finally spoke, your voice weak as you shook your head in disbelief at his words, he said it as if he was angry at you, as if this was your fault and…
Suddenly everything made sense to you. Why he seemed so angry at you. He was upset with his own circumstances and up until this point he was unleashing it on you. You had made your own mistake and said your own hurtful words but more than anything you had never wanted this either! 
“But it’s the truth regardless.” Jungkook replied coldly, his eyes cutting into as if once again, you were his true enemy in the end, “Seohyun is going to make a grand show of you in the end, she wants to win to display that she was always the better choice for crowned Princess. That she was the better partner, could have been the better wife. Better at everything. Better than an outsider.” 
It hurt you more than you wanted to admit. So this was how he viewed you…? It was one thing back when you both had been at one another's throats, but now? He was going to say all of this to you now? 
“Then why even offer to train me!?” You cried out, hurt oozing from your voice as you spoke, “If she was the better, if- if she’s who you love, then why bother to help me out? Or is this a ploy of hers to sabotage me further? I don’t know what or who to believe anymore!” 
“Judge me all you like but don’t judge my honor,” Jungkook growled, “I offered to help because I actually pitied you for half a second. I may not like you but I will always help those who cannot help themselves.”  
You laughed.
You couldn’t do anything but laugh though your voice was far from humored as you shook your head in disbelief, “How insulting…” You spoke softly as your lips trembled, you couldn’t even hide the hurt on your face as you shook your head tenderly, “I’m sorry, okay?” Your voice softened a little as you glanced up to look at Jungkook, “I understand, I do. This? You? Never in my life would I have wanted to marry you. Call me a bitch serving the crown but there is one thing I understood the day I was told I was engaged to you. And it was that there are no happy endings in this world, Jungkook.” 
Your eyes watered in pain, the thought of your lovely country, the man you once loved, your family, all of things you loved so dearly that you had to leave behind for the sake of duty, “Nobody got what they wanted when we got married outside preventing a cataphoric war. I came to that acceptance the day I vowed to be your wife and I am sick and tired of being the target for your and every other godforsaken person's frustration!” 
Your teeth gritted in pain as you blinked back the tears, trying your best to not sniffle as you closed your eyes,  “I understand Seohyun’s pain just as I do yours, believe me I do. Nothing hurts more then being unable to be with the one you love,” Your heart ached at the memory of Seokjin, his playful jokes, his plush lips that always snuck a kiss when nobody was looking, closing your eyes once more you sighed as your head lowered, “But what’s the use in anger? All that did was hurt you and others. I can’t change her feelings for me and I can’t change your feelings for her, but the least you could do is understand that I am not your enemy Jungkook.” 
Your expression shifted to plead at the cold expression on his face as you spoke, “It was not me who broke you from your lover, this is an arranged marriage after all.” 
Something inside you felt so pricked and pained at the uttered words as your expression crumpled once more as you laughed a little brokenly, “I...I had actually hoped maybe, we could set aside our differences and at the very least be friends but…” 
You shook your head as a weak smile tugged on your lips wryly, “It’s clear you still have many feelings to sort out toward me, towards her, and perhaps the world. I’ll find another teacher meanwhile to help me with the duel but personally,” You finally met his cold gaze as you frowned, “I’d rather you just stay away from me until you’re ready to move forward. Thank you, for at least trying, but this isn’t going to work.” 
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soaked n’ slippery (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x f.reader
genre: smut, pwp, oneshot, loss of innocence, childhood friends to lovers, fluff
summary: a horny jungkook finds it hard to focus when you decide to join him in the tub
wordcount: 2.4k
tw: explicit smut, super NEEDY!koo, you know how it is, cumming untouched, unprotected sex, koo is super whiny and horny, begging, pleading, neediness, attachment issues, slight manipulation, masturbation, breast play bc kook likes tiddiez, assume legal age, bathtub sex! slight obsessive themes (cute/immature way not creepy), stuttering, feverish behavior, innocent!koo & reader, inexperience
a/n: this is a drabble inspired by this request. its part of the touch me wherever au but can be read as a standalone! | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Y/n” Jungkook’s head flew back, hitting the edge of the tub as he hissed your name. Hand gliding up and down his cock, mind completely blank. Except for you. 
“It’s not FAIR” He yelled, tugging harshly at his length, wincing at the tight grip he was subjecting himself to. He didn’t want to jack off to you. He hated it. He wanted your hand on his cock. He wanted you to please him. It just didn’t hit the same, and if anything it just made him more frustrated. 
The way you’d look at him, eyes glinting with mischief whenever the two of you would mess around. He wanted to see those eyes. He wanted you. Now.
It wasn’t his fault he felt like this. As if you even left him with any options, what with the way you’d eagerly volunteer to sit on his lap so that your friends could have places to sit. Even then, the bumpy roads would have you bouncing your ass on his lap. He’d groan, burying his face into the side of your chest. Then you’d turn, smile at him and giggle. 
He’d drag you home, pull you into the bathroom. Skirt hitched high, panties cuffing your knees. He’d bend you over and slide his cock against you. A mumbling mess of words falling from his lips as he’d explain to you: 
“C-can’t...I c-can’t hold back. I need this”
He really couldn’t. Jungkook tried but he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. So instead, he’d rub them against your clit, feeling how drenched your little panties got whenever he did. 
Study sessions were spent humping one another like rabid animals in the corner of the library. Clothes on, voices hushed. He’d rut himself into your ass through his grey sweats, holding your breasts tight as he’d shush you, wiping his tears on the back of your shoulder. 
It was a pain like no other. His head pounding, body aching with the craving of you. You. You. You. You were all he could think of and it drove him insane. He just needed to touch you, to take in your scent like it was the only air he could breath. He wanted to hold you, to feel your skin hot against his own. His mind went haywire as he pumped harder. 
His grip tightened, tugging relentlessly at his length as he whined. He was so incredibly close. The end was in sight. The thought of you, oh your pretty lips and pretty eyes. 
"Oh Y/n...fuck...please Y/n please” He cried, eyes shutting as he felt tears building in them. He told himself it was because of the soap in his eyes but deep down he knew he just couldn’t bear the sensation of you. 
A soft tapping echoed through the room.
He clamped his hand over his mouth to muffle his moans. Cock throbbing in his palm under the warm water as he inhaled sharply. 
“Hey Kook...can I come in? The other bathrooms are taken" 
Shuddering, he gulped. The dryness in his throat, evident as he called back. 
“Um. Y-yeah” 
He slid his back against the porcelain edge of the tub, sinking as deep as he could, hoping to hide the guilt flushing his cheeks. He heard the door open and shut. Footsteps getting nearer and nearer and nearer until--
Jungkook jumped. Feeling your soft hand on his bare shoulder. Suddenly your face was right there. Right next to him. Biting down on his lip hard, he looked into your eyes. Mistake.
He came everywhere.
You smiled at him brightly, blinking innocence, not noticing the white liquid shooting up beneath the soapy suds. Jungkook’s face was aflame. He was terrified. Ashamed. 
Wordlessly you began to kick off your leggings. Jungkook’s eyes caught by the skin of your thighs, unable to look away from the way your bright blue panties snuggly hugged your figure. 
It looked so...warm. He wanted to sink his teeth into the flesh. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and never leave. You must smell so good, the thought alone making his heart race. 
“W-what are you doing?” His voice was breathless. Under the water his cock twitched, begging for any stimulation, the tender warmth of the water acting as a reluctant tease. The pressure, overwhelmingly unsatisfying. 
You giggled. 
And then your top hit the floor.
You stretched your arms above your head, breasts jumping up. Jungkook gazed at you. Your body seemed to beckon him. Tempt him. Touch me. 
His fingers curled in tight fists, when really they wanted to grab at your chest. To squeeze everything they could hold. He wanted to see your flesh bulge between his grip, wanted to touch you everywhere all at once. 
His hand steadily made its way back over his cock as you struggled to peel of your panties, bouncing on one leg and almost tripping over in the process. Bent suddenly, Jungkook could enjoy a clear view of your ass, wiggling in front of him as you finally kicked off the flimsy garment. 
Sliding up he extended his hand helping you step over the edge and into the tub. It was a tight fit, the tub clearly not meant for more than one person. Nevertheless, you sank into his essence, suds shaping over every nook and curve of your silhouette.
He stared at you. Watching, jaw clenched tight, face about to burst, as you played with the suds. Taking a handful and gathering them over the top of your chest. 
His lungs tightened. He couldn’t breathe. 
Frictionless, your legs glided over his thighs. Smooth to the touch, he ran his fingers around your hips cautiously.
“Come here...” Gripping your waist, he pulled you flush against his chest. Your body smacked into his with ease. “I like this” In small circles, he pushed the suds up your back, massaging the soap into your soft, oh so incredibly soft, warm skin. “I like when you’re close to me. You're so w-warm and you smell n-nice”
You arched into him, arms instinctively wrapping around his shoulders. You didn’t know his face was barely inches away from your chest. You didn’t know what to make of the hot prodding between your legs as you shifted your weight towards him. 
Jungkook felt like he could explode. Chest was rising and falling fast. Breath heavy with lust. The crook of your thigh catching his cock in a jerk of pleasure. It felt so good, being pressed up against you, but he needed something more. This? No. This wasn’t enough. 
Grabbing a handful of suds, he let them drip across your chest. You looked at him questioningly, but did nothing to stop him as his hands massaged the soap across your supple skin. 
Tugging and pushing at your chest with his large, hot hands. His fingers curved around them, squeezing them just barely. Then again and again, fingers flicking across your nipples. His face drew close. Sighing loudly he rest his cheek atop your racing heart. 
You liked it. You liked he feeling of his wet hair tickling the top of your chest. You shivered, his warm cheek traveling in small strokes, up and down your chest. 
He nodded his head, relishing your proximity, soaking in your heat. He rolled onto his forehead, nose pressing underneath your heavy breast. Now heaving with need. 
“You smell so g-good. Smell so good I can’t” His voice vibrated through your chest. “I love it. I love it Y/n I can’t stop thinking about it. You’re so pretty...body so soft just wanna t-touch you everywhere a-and kiss you everywhere and lick you and bite you and--” 
Your heart pounded, throbbing against every inch of your body. You were too preoccupied with the intoxication of his touch to notice his desperate grabs, kneading your ass. 
Slowly dragging your hips back. Just a tad. And then back up. Flush against him. Back and forth he pulled you, and unknowingly you began to widen your thighs. Just to feel him a little bit closer. “Yeah...yeah oh god, just like that. K-keep doing that, please come--come closer I--more” 
Your clit grazed against the thick skin of his cock. It was enormous, both in size and the way it pressed hard, provoking your hips. Making them stutter as you curled into him for more. Your arms around his neck, hand pulling his face into you--gasping. 
Jungkook began to grow impatient. You had pushed him right to the edge. He craved you, he needed to feel you, needed to be inside you. Eyes shot with lust, he didn’t know what he was doing, lip jutted and trembling.
Staring mindlessly at your breasts, he finally decided to take his tongue, one sharp flick had you clamping down.
“Jungkook” There was something in your voice. Something so wonderful that he loved to hear. A pained desire. A whimpering. The sounds leaving your lips only made him want you more.
His tongue swiped again, attacking your perky bud. You inhaled sharply, holding your breath as you looked down. Jungkook liked the way you reacted. So he did it again.
He sucked lightly, lips pressing against your nipple as he rolled the bud lightly between his teeth, tugging at it, coating it against his tongue, before letting you go with a smack of his lips.
“More” Sobbing, his hands pushed up your back, pulling you so close you were practically one. He shook his head, suffocating between your breasts before gasping for air. “I need more. I need, please, I can’t. I need it. It hurts so bad, oh fuck it hurts so bad I can’t do this...I w-want you...Y/n” 
Only you could make it stop. Only you could set him free.
Tears streamed down his face. Sniffling he reached between his legs, adjusting his cock so the tip nudged between your slick folds. The water made it easy, seamlessly he was able to sink into you. 
He pushed in a little, nails digging into your hips. He trembled, looking to make sure you were okay. Mouth wide open, eyes clenched shut. Burying your face into his neck, you held onto him tight as he went in a little further.
Your walls were tight. So incredibly tight. Jungkook groaned, what with the way your pussy clamped down on him, the sweet heat giving him surging pleasure as he pushed even deeper.
Just like that you were one. He was nestled inside you, panting heavily. Whines spilling from his parted lips. He latched onto you, rubbing suds all over your body, enjoying the way you twitched for him. Not able to get enough of you. 
And then his hips jerked up. Water spilled over the edges as he began to bounce you off of his hips, Splashing everywhere, you leaned forward onto his chest, whole body slick against him, effortlessly moving to the rhythm of his need.
“Ahhh. Right there! Right there y-yes pleas..ahhh feels so good Y/n I..I feel so good I literally feel so good don’t stop” He couldn’t keep quiet. Not when you fit him so perfectly. Not when your pussy gripped his veiny cock in a way that had him coming back for more. And more. 
“Don’t ever stop, please, please” He whined as though he were throwing a tantrum, completely and utterly taken by the sensation of you. Heat rose inside him, pulling you harder onto his cock so he could push further and further. The pressure feeling so good. The tightness. The wetness. And you. Pulsing over him. Wanting him just as bad. 
Meeting your eyes again, his gaze fluttered for a moment to your lips. They looked so delicious. 
So he kissed you. He kissed you softly, sighing into your mouth. Then harder, dragging his tongue over your lips before swallowing them into another kiss. He breathed you in. Heart trembling, body shaking as emotion made his brain circuit. 
You groaned into his mouth as he burst inside you, hot streams of cum filling you beneath the water. Simultaneously you surged, pleasure overtaking your every nerve. You trembled, twitching as he remained, balls deep inside, lips against yours, drinking in your every moan.
The two of you panted. Breath perfectly off beat. Your body limp against his own, sinking into half empty tub. Jungkook finally opened his eyes, seeing you, cutely buried into his chest. He stroked your shoulder fondly. Around you, the tiles were covered in water. The two of you had made an absolute mess.
He could feel you smile. See the shyness in your eyes when you looked up at him briefly before hiding your face away. He stopped you, hand cupping your cheek, pulling you up to him. 
“Can I kiss you one more time?” He whispered onto your lips. Nodding slightly, he wasted no time in slanting his mouth against yours. This time with less fire, instead, a softer, more tender touch. 
It felt just as good. If not better. Sighing he parted from you, unable to look away. “You’re just so pretty Y/’re the prettiest girl I know”
“Can we do it again?” You pushed your chest up, letting him feel you. He caught on, smirking slightly as his palms slid over your breasts again, loosely tossing them in his hands. 
“Always. I always want you okay? Always wanna touch you like this” Nose tracing down your neck, he began to litter kisses all across your shoulders. You purred, covering his hands with your own to squeeze you harder. 
You leaned down, kissing his forehead, his cheeks, his jaw, and were about to close in on his lips when suddenly--
Knock knock.
“Jungkook! Have you seen Y/n?” It was your father. Jungkook gulped, pulling your face into his neck to keep you quiet.
“O-oh, um, no! I was just finishing up in here. I-I can help you l-look for her, j-just give me a m-minute Uncle!”
“Alright. Thanks kid” He held his breath as the footsteps dissipated. Silently, Jungkook released his hold on you. 
Your eyes met briefly, worry-filled. Until the two of you burst into a fit of giggles, laughing heartily before your lips found one another again. 
a/n: thank you so much for reading! hope you enjoyed <3 
read the original here! touch me wherever 
scenarios: when you get a crush | when he takes your virginity | if he got you pregnant | kink discovery: dacryphilia |
drabbles: tickle me there | touch yourself here | wanna touch you
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1kook · 2 months ago
tutus & tiaras
Tumblr media
summary your first pregnancy through the lens of your husband warnings smut in the forms of penetrative sex, sex while pregnant, unprotected sex, tit play, cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, sticking the tip in and jacking off/cockwarming?, creampies, nose kink (? like she grinds against his nose), infatuation with scent, frottage/grinding, lactation kink, titluvr jk [bass boosted] misc married ncouple <3, domesticity, jk pov, mood swings, pregnancy, GIRLDAD!JK, DILF!JK, pregnant!reader, jk’s kids are virgos its true rating m (18+) word count 10k
In a sort of roundabout way, Jungkook knows he always gets what he wants. 
Now, truth be told, Jungkook has a hard time asking other people for things, whether that be simply saying what he wants for his birthday or asking someone to pass the salt. He’s not shy, just… overly-conscious of his role in other people’s lives. He doesn’t want to bother anyone with his demands, so he prefers to do things on his own, settle things on his own. 
This way of living has worked out pretty well for him thus far, mostly because Jungkook’s lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love and understand him regardless of what he does or doesn’t say. The people around him can easily read him, which isn’t as negative a thing as Jungkook initially feared it to be. They know him, know what he wants and don’t mind giving it to him. 
Right now, what Jungkook really, really wants is to have kids. Three, to be exact. 
The maximum is two. 
“I am not getting pregnant more than two times,” you had scoffed one day, snuggled up beside him in bed. Lately, you’ve taken a genuine interest in this odd show about toddlers in the UK. It’s cute though, and Jungkook suspects it’s your attempt at familiarizing yourself with motherhood. “Do you know what can happen to my vagina? It can tear, Jungkook,” you added, not a trace of your usual playfulness to be seen, “down to my butthole.” 
At that point in time, the two of you only had a hunch that you were pregnant. You’d been going at it like rabbits, fucking on nearly every surface of your house, and Jungkook was, honestly, beginning to feel dried out. A few weeks prior, he had come not once, not twice, but six times in one day after you’d taken some sex enhancement pill that lasted nearly a full twelve hours. You were so horny, Jungkook was, for the first time, actually worried about how horny you were; while in the bathroom, Jungkook’s hand had brushed against you as he reached for his toothbrush and you had whimpered. He fucked you in the shower, on the dinner table, and even on the goddamn elliptical as the pill ran its course. All because you were dead-set on giving Jungkook a baby by the end of the year. Which was actually very unrealistic, because it was November, but Jungkook interpreted your claim as being one rooted in morale as opposed to logistics. 
Even though Jungkook really wants three kids — the thought of looking into his rear view mirror and seeing three tiny faces in the backseat, a mixture of his features and yours, makes him jittery with excitement — he’s completely okay with having two. It’s your body, and as much as Jungkook would love to see you swollen and pregnant for possibly all of eternity, a kid at your hip, one clinging to your pant leg, he doesn’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. He knows the idea of pregnancy scares you a little bit, that you’re nervous about losing your “hotness,” as you claimed. Which, you won’t, by the way. You’re already so hot and gorgeous, Jungkook’s actually afraid that being pregnant will make more men look your way. 
Two it is. Two pregnancies, two kids. 
But, as Jungkook mentioned previously, he always gets what he wants. 
A few weeks later, Doyeon ropes you into taking a pregnancy test. It’s the first time Jungkook has ever felt grateful for Kim Doyeon’s existence, even more so when the two of you come torpedoing into his home office with the stupidest, dopiest grins on your faces. 
“Twins?” you shriek, eyes bulging out of their sockets, your voice so loud it makes both Jungkook and the ultrasound technician flinch. The gel on your tummy glistens beneath the dim lighting of the room as you move to sit up, practically pressing your face to the screen. With your back turned to him, Jungkook isn’t exactly sure what expression you’re making, just that your hand clamps down on his wrist. Your grip is the only thing that keeps Jungkook from running down the hall and jumping with joy. The thrill shoots down his spine like a shot of adrenaline, makes it impossible to keep the stupid big smile off his face. 
You're having twins, Jungkook realizes. 
Which means: two kids for the price of one pregnancy. 
Which means: Jungkook still has another chance to knock you up for a total of three kids. 
Which is: just what he wanted. 
So now, you’re a little over three months in and Jungkook doesn’t think he’s ever been so excited. According to you, there hasn’t been any major changes to your body yet, but Jungkook swears you’re starting to show. 
Jungkook knows your body well — he’s spent the last four years memorizing every inch of you to the point he’s certain he can map out a constellation of all your scars and freckles — and lately, you’ve been so sensitive. You’re sleepier than usual, always seeking out the nearest soft surface for a quick nap. You cuddle up behind him at his desk, pressing yourself close as if trying to fuse the two of you together. Jungkook doesn’t mind; he loves being in your presence. Your ankles have started to swell a little bit in the mornings, though you refuse to admit it, so Jungkook’s made it part of his routine to massage them every night for you. 
Perhaps most notably, is your libido. You're sensitive. Today is no different. 
“Ah— no,” you shiver, voice a feathery whine that is nearly lost against the knuckle you bite down on. Jungkook’s certain he would have missed it had he not been pressed so closely, cock buried between your folds as he slowly rocks in and out. His lips trail kisses over your throat, sucking a mark against the skin until you’re hissing, knuckles white as you grip at the sheets. 
Jungkook lets one of his palms trail down over your chest, gently fondling. You’re like putty, the soft skin molding to the shape of his hand as he squeezes and touches, massaging until your knees tremble. “Ju— Kook,” you pant, hips bucking forward against him. You’re so cute, look like you’re about to cry, as you quiver beneath him. In a softer voice, teetering between a sniffle and a whine, you add, “play with me, please?” 
His cock twitches inside of you, and Jungkook has to quell his excitement before he does anything drastic. Burying his face at the crook of your neck, where your scent is most prominent, a mixture of perfume and lotion, faintly of sweat, Jungkook presses a kiss. “I will, sweetheart,” he assures you, letting his cock slip out from your comforting warmth. Upon exit, a long trail of wetness follows his head, creating a thin bridge between your clenching entrance and Jungkook’s engorged tip. He could go mad at the sight. His departure is met with a sweet moan from you, a sound subdued and mellow, very unlike your usual voice. 
Jungkook hushes your tiny whines with kisses down your chest, over the gentle slopes of your breasts. His tongue glides over the skin, collecting one perky nipple between his lips as he goes. You’re restless beneath him, legs falling against the mattress only to clamp around his waist instead, hands trailing up and over his shoulders then into his locks. He rolls the stiff nub between two teeth, his actions met with a drawn-out cry from you. His other hand occupies itself sliding down between your bodies, deft fingers slipping past your folds, trailing the wetness back up to your clit. “That’s,” you mumble, filling the bedroom with your gasps, eyes rolling into the back of your head as Jungkook lavishes you in kisses. “Feels nice,” you settle on, smoothing a hand over the nape of Jungkook’s neck. 
One particularly harsh suck results in the arching of your back, a fluttery moan escaping your lips. “Settle down,” he warns in a quiet voice, trailing kisses down between the valley of your breast, over your tummy — he swears you’re showing — and eventually between your legs. Pinning one knee down, Jungkook lets the other one stroke the inside of your thigh soothingly. 
He places a chaste kiss at the beginning of your slit, lips brushing against your clit. “Oh, don’t,” you whimper, robbing Jungkook of your expressions when you throw an arm over your eyes. “Not my— not my—“ As his breath fans over your wetness, Jungkook watches in fascination as your pussy quivers, folds puffy and slick. Your hands ghost over yourself, traversing the length of your body, from your hips to your chest, palming your breasts. 
“But you asked me to,” he muses, ducking down to mouth at your clit, letting his teeth graze the bud. Another sob escapes you, tugging at your nipples as Jungkook runs his tongue along your slit. “Wanted me to play with you, remember?” 
You nod, shudder, fidgeting back and forth as Jungkook envelopes your clit with his hot mouth, releasing it only after a mean tug. He nuzzles closer, accidentally letting the tip of his nose nudge against your clit until he’s drowning in your scent. It makes you mewl, pushing down against the curve and a little bit of the bridge of his nose. Jungkook entertains you for a second, mesmerized by the action, before eventually reinforcing the grip on your legs. He flicks his tongue over your clit, gets a little giddy and lets out an airy giggle against you. “Kook,” you whine, digging your hands into his scalp, feebly trying to draw him away. “Don’t be mean,” you whisper, beg. 
He can’t help it, he gets so high off your smell, your cum against his chin. “Sorry,” he says, but he doesn’t mean it, not when you’re so close to tears, thighs threatening to suffocate him down here. “Just so wet, baby,” he mumbles, returns to rolling your bud against his tongue. “Making a fucking mess down here.” When he glances up, all Jungkook can see are the two twin peaks on your chest, the trembling of your lower lip. He pulls away with a loud pop. 
Your hands are so little against your body, nothing like Jungkook’s enormous palms, and the difference in size makes his brain feel like mush. He thinks about how you’re only going to get bigger from here on out, swollen with the weight of not one, but two babies in your stomach, and Jungkook can barely keep his cool. His cock grinds down against the sheets and Jungkook almost nuts. Embarrassing. 
Eventually, he pushes himself away, nearly passes out from the hand you trail over his jawline. On his knees, Jungkook decides it’s okay to be greedy every once in a while, pushing closer until the tip of his cock kisses your entrance. So wet, he’s getting dizzy. “Your hand,” he demands, taking your trembling — tiny — hand in his and placing it against his cock. He doesn’t need to explain, you know him so well, fingers small and dainty as you line his cock up with your entrance. Know what he wants even if he doesn’t say it. Your tits are all swollen and slick from his kisses, commandeer his attention even when you grip the base of his cock. 
Slowly and with your help, Jungkook sinks back in. You’re even slicker than before, which is to be expected. Ensheathing him in a thin, wet layer of your cum and his saliva, Jungkook assumes his rightful place buried deep inside you. Your hand, after fulfilling its duty of lining him up, settles against his hip. The tightness is unreal, makes his head roll back as a silent moan escapes him. “You feel so good,” he mumbles, hair falling over his eyes, tickling his brows. 
“Fuck, baby,” you whimper, walls tightening around his cock, like a fucking vacuum seal, trying desperately to coax anything out of him. Given how hard and riled up he is, Jungkook doubts it’ll take much longer anyway. Drawing his hips back, Jungkook’s next slide into your hole is so squelchy and hot, it makes his jaw clench. “Ah— give it to me,” you beg. 
He focuses his strength in his thighs, rocking back and forth into your entrance with a pace that slowly picks up speed as he goes, bruising and loud. His hips slap against your skin, and Jungkook wonders how painful that must feel on your end. With each thrust, your tits bounce upwards and down, practically hypnotizing Jungkook along the way. 
Ducking down, he catches the erect bud of the nipple he’d neglected earlier in his mouth, grinding himself deeper into your entrance. You're moaning and shivering, carding your hands through his hair and down his back, branding him in bright red railroad tracks and half crescent moons. Adjusting his hold on you, Jungkook continues bucking forward, rutting into you like a mad dog in heat. He can’t get enough of you, of the deathly tight grip of your pussy and your obscene moans. Against his better judgement, he bites down against your breast, knows it’ll hurt tomorrow. He’ll feel bad about it tomorrow. Today, he wants to swallow you whole. 
A groan tears itself from his throat, scratchy and so unlike the syrupy whines leaving you. “You’re squeezing me so tight, pretty girl,” he mumbles, blinded by his own pleasure as he chases the feeling, sloppily circling his tongue around your nipple. Between the maddening snap of his hips and the lapping of his tongue, Jungkook wonders which sensation you focus on, because he can’t focus on either. He wants to feel it all, feel you all. Greedy, greedy, he wants more of it, all of it, until you can’t give anymore. 
“Mmh— hah,” you moan, weakly meeting his thrusts. “N- no more,” you slur, “I can’t.” You just need to come, and Jungkook just needs to make you come. He plunges himself in again and again, sears the feeling of his cock against your walls, every vein and every ridge, until the two of you are gasping, a mess of sweaty limbs as you grind desperately against one another. 
Your especially delicate body, the gentle protrusion of your tummy, it all becomes too much. Your tit between his lips, your pussy around his cock. Jungkook wants and he wants and he wants. 
Your climax is a silent one, your features scrunching up together cutely as euphoria rolls over you. Jungkook barely manages to catch the expression on time, pulling away from your chest to catch sight. Your lips are swollen, not from kissing, but from your own restlessness, tugged and bitten as Jungkook kissed along your body. You’re so beautiful, unshed tears clinging to your lashes, teasing Jungkook with an image he could’ve seen had he drawn you on only a little bit longer. 
Your thighs clamp shut around his waist, walls clenching around his cock, painfully tight. Jungkook hisses, releasing into your warmth, shivering as you milk him of his cum. 
Most days, you follow up these ventures with a round of rather fruitless conversation. You’re a talker, like the sound of your own voice, which is all fine with Jungkook because he likes the sound of your voice too. Lately, though, you’ve been a little different, a little clingy. Jungkook loves that too. 
“Don’t go,” you sniffle, looking up at him with big, sad eyes. He’d only been reaching for a towel to clean the two of you up. “Jungkook,” you beg, your voice wavering with the threat of tears, but not the good kind. These were the heartwrenching tears, the ones that made Jungkook want to swaddle you in a blanket and never let you go. You’re totally oblivious to the creampie between your legs, “come back.” 
And he does. 
Tumblr media
The walls have to be pink. 
If it were up to Jungkook, he thinks yellow is a pretty color for two twin girls. When he first pitched that idea to you three months ago, you’d been ecstatic at the thought, eagerly agreeing along to his suggestion as you raved about having a sunshine room for your sunshine girls. Jungkook had even gone to the paint store — alone, the smell was too much for you by then — and brought you back a variety of swatches, all of which you loved. So you decided on yellow. 
Yellow, as it turns out, is “the ugliest color I have ever fucking seen,” you sneer, arms propped over your big, pumpkin belly as you glare at the offending can of paint on the ground. Jungkook hadn't even started painting yet, had barely cracked the lid open, when you suddenly voiced your hatred for the color. 
You’re almost eight months in now. Jungkook doesn’t want to go as far as saying you’re difficult to handle but— yeah. “Baby,” he starts slowly, setting the paint roller down on the ground lest you think he’s threatening you or something. (It’s happened before.) “We agreed on yellow a while back,” he says, hands on your shoulders in case you suddenly pass out from being so overwhelmed. (Also happened before.) 
Luckily, today you surprise him with a milder approach. “Yellow is ugly,” you reiterate, big frown on your face. It’s very cute, but Jungkook has recently come to realize you’ve secretly been weaponizing said frown against him these past few months.  
“Yellow is my favorite color,” he counters, brows raised. 
You pause, brain stalling for a response. Jungkook can see the gears working, trying to find something to say that isn’t as mean. “Yellow,” you mumble, glaring at a spot over his shoulder. “…is too colorful.” It’s a fair argument, but the reason you initially liked yellow as a wall color was because it was too colorful. It’s full of contradictions Jungkook is too kind to point out. He settles on turning the conversation away. 
“How was brunch with Doyeon?” Easier topic. 
Your face scrunches up. “Terrible,” you deadpan. “She ordered chocolate cheesecake.” Jungkook loves chocolate cheesecake. “Who the fuck likes chocolate cheesecake?” 
Sensing your mood to be in quite a fragile state, Jungkook decides standing in your future kids’ room probably isn’t helping. Still by the shoulders, he gently coaxes you out, shutting the white door behind him until the two of you are standing in the hallway. “You must be tired,” he says, guiding you into your own bedroom. The dresser where the TV sits is accompanied by an unopened jar of cheese puffs, your favorite lately, and there’s about five different pairs of yoga pants on the floor in front of the closet. 
Finally, something you can agree on. “I am tired,” you whine, accepting Jungkook’s hand as he helps you into bed. You can’t lay on your stomach and squirming around is too much work, so you’ve pretty much been stuck sleeping on the very edge of your side of the bed for about a month now. He helps you on, fluffs your pillow for you and everything. Very whipped. 
Apparently still stuck on the conversation from before, you manage to bring it back around just as Jungkook begins massaging your calves. “Pink,” you say, hands on your belly. “It’s what all princesses want!” 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, digging his fingers into the tight muscles until you’re groaning from a mixture of pain and relief. “What if they don’t want to be princesses? They might want to be knights in shining armor,” Jungkook offers, eyes trained on your stomach. The other day, he’d caught the girls having a dance party inside you, nearly cried when they kicked beneath his hands. 
You scoff. “Knights or princesses, it has to be pink! I’ll bedazzle their swords or whatever,” you ramble on, so silly, so sweet. Jungkook knows you’re going to be a good mom. 
Regardless of whether they’ll be knights or princesses — they could be court jesters, for all he cares — Jungkook thinks pink would be a cute color, too. “Fine,” he agrees, eventually releasing your legs in favor of crawling up beside you. “I’ll return the yellow.” You let out a little excited sound, clapping your hands. “But only if I can put the sparkly canopy from Target above their beds.” 
“See,” you tease, craning your head to press a kiss to his cheek. “You want them to be princesses, too.” 
Jungkook wants his kids to be whatever they want to be. But he also wants to take advantage of their tiny age to dress them up in as many sparkly, glittery outfits as possible. In the future, they might realize they’re not a fan of all the tutus and tiaras, but at least it’ll make for good family photo albums. 
While he’s experiencing his first of many dad monologues, your palm grazes his front side, blindly feeling around for his crotch. “Hey,” he warns, catching your hand in his. You squeak, caught red-handed. 
As per your doctor’s advice, sex was okay. Thus far, you had experienced no complications in your pregnancy, so there wasn’t anything to worry about. You could participate in sex so long as the two of you were careful, didn’t go too hard or whatever. And you have, every now and again, but now that you’re nearing your final weeks of pregnancy, Jungkook is a little nervous to say the least. 
You frown, shaking his hand off with a bratty huff. “You never wanna touch me anymore,” you mumble. Some days, you complained about Jungkook being too close, too overbearing, to the point it almost hurt his feelings. Others, you couldn’t keep your hand out of his pants even if you tried. 
“I do, sweetheart,” he reassures you, rolling onto his tummy beside you. You're pouting now, plush lips pressed together as you regard him with feigned annoyance. “Just a little worried, ‘s all.” You lift your hand up to pinch his cheek, a mean act Jungkook willingly accepts. It’s followed by a gentle caress anyway, an open palm he nuzzles into, pressing a kiss against it. “I always wanna touch you,” he purrs.
It’s true. 
“Then touch me,” you mumble, slowly drawing your knees apart, slinking your hand in down to push away your bottoms. “Or I touch myself.” With your tummy so big and so round, it’s hard for you to completely reach around. Jungkook watches in amusement, before you agitated groans convince him to help you out. 
“Fine,” he relents, shuffling onto his knees, carefully maneuvering himself between your spread thighs. “Only a little.” He helps you wiggle off your bottoms, peeling your underwear from in between your folds and down your ankles. At the sight of your dripping core, Jungkook snorts. “Why are you so wet?” he teases, tossing your clothing somewhere behind him. “Weren’t you just raging about the color yellow?”
You grunt. “Shut up. You make me horny.” Flattering, so Jungkook takes it. He watches as you reposition your arm, wrapped around your belly as your fingers graze the front of your slit. It’s such an endearing effort, watching you trying to finger yourself, that Jungkook lets out a little aww sound. “Baby,” you whine, fussy, cute. “Help.”
“I got it,” Jungkook says, to the rescue. Capturing your hand in his, he helps you comfortably reach over your stomach, settles your fingers against your bud. From there, he skillfully drags some of your wetness along your slit, trailing your arousal up to your clit until the glossy fluid is lightly coating the bud. “There,” he announces, fingers joining yours in a gentle caress. 
A moan rolls off your tongue, eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you,” you whimper, knuckles knocking against his. Jungkook knows his perception of love is a little skewed when the sight of his and your fingers circling your clit makes his chest tighten. “You too.”
“Huh?” he mumbles, still a little distracted by your plush folds, clenching hole. He wants to kiss it so bad. When he’s down there, flicking his tongue over your clit and into your entrance, he can never catch sight of your face. Your tummy is just so big, blocks the view. Not that he minds, Jungkook loves your pregnant belly. 
“Touch,” you huff, hand paused. Your inaction is what snaps Jungkook out of his daze, gaze flickering up to catch yours. “Touch yourself, too.” 
He’d much rather watch you touch yourself, but Jungkook is a little bit of a pushover and very much in love. Also, his cock gets hard anytime he looks at you for too long, anyway. “Okay,” he agrees, hesitantly parting with your folds. Your fingers look so tiny against your clit, nothing like his. His fingers belong ther—
“Jungkook,” you whine again. Right. 
Pushing his sweats down his thighs, Jungkook releases his half-hard cock from its fabric confines, rather nonchalantly holding it in his hand. He’s much more preoccupied with your own slick folds, watching you routinely tighten and then loosen as your fingers dance along your clit. 
One nudge of your bent knee against his side spurs Jungkook into action. Reaching forward, he runs his fingers along your folds, reveling in the shiver that passes through your body as he collects a thin sheen of your pre-cum along his hand. It provides enough friction against his cock, his fingers glistening as he slowly begins to jerk himself off. 
Beneath him, you continue with your languid ministrations, eyes half-lidded as the pleasure builds within you. Your stomach is so big, smooth, makes it impossible for you to comfortably sit up. Jungkook quite likes the sight, feels his cock twitch as he drags his gaze over your body. The hand not on his cock smooths over the rounded skin. 
The softest sounds come filtering out of you, groans and moans that sound feathery and airy, like music to Jungkook’s ears. As much as he wants to kiss you right now, he’d rather die than muffle the melodious soundtrack you’ve decided to provide for your shared masturbation. Quelling his desire, he focuses his efforts on running his palm over the head of his cock. 
His fist continues to drag up and down his cock, trying to match the languid movement of your own hand against your bud. You’re moving so slowly, it pains Jungkook, actually. But he loves the intimacy, the shared trust between the two of you as you slowly but surely work towards your orgasms. 
He hasn’t been inside of you in a few weeks now — again, Jungkook’s a little anxious about the whole, penetrative ordeal — but the memory of the snug fit lingers in the recesses of his mind, choosing now to resurface. You always clamp down on him as he pushes in, when the mushroom tip of his cock shoves past your folds. He knows it’s the biggest stretch for you because it’s the tightness area for him. “Fuck,” he mumbles, glancing down at his own angry cock, your entrance only inches away. It’d be so easy to just slip right in. 
Like the devil on his shoulder, you’re always quick to voice his desires. “You know,” you croon, stilling your fingers. “You can just… go in. If you’d like.”
Cautious. Sneaky. You want him inside of you as bad as Jungkook does. Still. “I know,” he chuckles, vaguely aware of the sweat that clings to his hairline. He hopes his laughter hides the monstrous lust building in his chest, that the easy smile he flashes your way covers up the desperation behind his eyes. 
It doesn’t. “C’mon,” you tease, mindlessly rubbing at your pregnant belly, fingers nudging his. “You know you want to,” you sing, spreading yourself wider for him. “Just the tip.”
A shaky exhale escapes him. Just the tip sounds nice. “Are you sure?” he asks tentatively, placing a hand against your thigh, caressing the soft skin as his gaze glues itself to your gleaming lips. They're so puffy, would squeeze him just right. A little sound of agreement is your response, the fingers that had lingered over your clit resuming their ministrations. 
Just the tip, he repeats to himself, gently pulling apart your plush folds. You moan, a sound Jungkook’s heart latches onto and carefully files away with all your other little sounds. It’s followed by a gasp, another moan, a whispered call of his name. Together, it’s all the convincing Jungkook needs. 
Reaching for the base of his stiff cock, Jungkook teases himself with another swipe of his thumb over his head, catching on the slit where translucent pearls of pre-cum have begun to leak out. He trails it over his angry head, around the mushroom tip, even a little bit along his frenulum. That bit in particular makes Jungkook shudder, reluctantly removing his hand. He lines himself up with your entrance, your hand momentarily stretching down to brush the pads of your fingertips against him. 
They’re wet, sticky, dainty. Can barely reach, too. Jungkook doesn’t push you away, lets your curious fingers touch any part of him you can as he sinks the tip of his cock in. 
Just as he’d remembered, it’s tight. Tight enough to make Jungkook see stars. “Oh, shit,” he bites out, sweat collecting at his temples as he watches. Your folds envelope him, and it feels like he’s just come home. His warm welcome is punctuated with a high-pitched whimper from you, muffled against the palm you clamp over your mouth. “Let me hear you,” he murmurs, and it takes a lot of strength to look away from where your bodies are joined. “Your voice is so cute.”
Your reaction is unexpected, hips jolting following his statement. “No,” you whine, “I’m s- so annoying.” 
Jungkook nudges your static fingers, guides you along as if you’ve never touched your own pussy before. His cock head throbs inside of you, begging for some friction, some movement. But Jungkook is careful with you, settling in just past the tip. “Nah. Your voice makes me so hard, sweet girl,” he croons. “Could listen to you all day.
When he’s satisfied with the pace you’ve picked against your clit, Jungkook lets his attention return to his own rock hard member. Gripping the base, Jungkook steadies himself with a hand placed against the inside of your thigh. 
It takes everything in him to not buck forward, burying himself to the hilt, until your bodies are pressed together and he can’t tell where you end and he begins. “Ffffuck,” you shiver beneath him, not helping at all. He’s undergoing the greatest battle of self-discipline the world has ever seen. 
The only thing grounding Jungkook is the death grip he has around his cock, holding it with much the same tightness he uses when deadlifting at the gym. Needless to say, Jungkook is practically suffocating his cock. It’s the only thing that keeps him from a) fucking into you like a wild beast and b) nutting on the spot. 
It takes a moment, a long exhale, before he’s confident he won’t burst. Dragging his fist along his member, Jungkook finally lets the sensations wash over him. The jerk of his palm is shorter than usual, from his base to just beneath his head. If he’s not careful, he'll nudge against your tender folds, paste a thin layer of gloss against his knuckles. 
As he pumps himself, your mouth falls open. A whimper follows, head turning from side to side. Another sound, more like a hiccup, that goes straight to his cock. Buried deep inside you, he can feel another wave of arousal gush out of you, you're so wet. Slippery, your body teasing him with a squelching warmth he can’t enjoy to the fullest. 
Your chest rises and falls. Your breasts have been getting so big lately, swollen, heavy. The other day, Jungkook had casually nuzzled his face into them as you laid in bed, noticed immediately how inflated they were. Your nipples seem to always stand erect these days too, teasing him beneath your shirts. Now, he watches the plump mounds bob from side to side as your arm knocks against them. 
Without meaning to, Jungkook whines, squeezing his girthy cock on the next stroke. “Baby,” you shudder, and the affectionate name goes straight to his balls, has them squeezing as he traces his gaze over your body, back to your face. You’re biting down on your pointer finger, the hand not playing against your pussy. Jungkook grinds his teeth. He’s a little overwhelmed right now; between the teasing peek into your warmth with his cock and your fucking milk jugs, there’s at least five separate reasons Jungkook should come right now. 
Together, the two of you work towards your respective orgasms, taking in the visuals before you to make up for the deep-seated penetration you’re missing out on. You’ve always been appreciative of Jungkook’s body, a fact that has greatly helped his self-esteem, but today he feels like a piece of meat in front of you. Which should be degrading, to be looked at in such a way, but when it’s you, Jungkook loves it. He loves knowing his body alone can get you like this, your eyes searing a burning trail down his chest, to his dick, where your bodies connect. 
He jerks himself faster, filling the room with obscene sounds. Your pussy is so pretty, so soft and so plump. Jungkook belongs there, cock buried to the hilt, tongue lapping across your folds, however you want it. Today, he has to settle for this, your tight entrance clamping down around his swollen tip. Vaguely, he recalls the doctor’s words, the firm reassurance that it would be okay so long as he’s careful. 
And Jungkook is careful… most of the time. He presses his fingers against the underside of his cock, harshly exhales as he watches you writhe and shudder. Other times, Jungkook has this insatiable need to push you down and fuck you hard, fast, until you’re sobbing and begging for more. And that is dangerous. 
With that in mind, Jungkook manages to overcome the urge to thrust into you, an urge as old as time itself, and makes quick work of jacking himself off to completion. You whimper, at your own touch and the appearance of Jungkook before you, and your reactions spur him on. He tries his best to imitate the snug feeling of your walls with his hand, but he knows it’s not enough. Still, the memory is enough for Jungkook to power through, caressing your thigh. 
Uncoordinated fingers nudge against your clit, tiny peals of frustrated sobs catching in your throat. Jungkook loves the expression, the big tears that collect on your waterline. He knows he should help you out, but he’s a little bit of a sadist in times like this, loves watching you struggle. “You’ve got it,” he encourages quietly, hopes you don’t catch the teasing curl in his voice. 
You whimper. “Baby,” you blubber. Every graze of your fingers against your bud has you unconsciously tightening around the tip of his dick, a repetitive motion that traps the air in Jungkook’s lungs every single time. His hand traverses the length of his cock faster, slicker. He wants to come so bad, wants to thrust into you so bad. “Mmh— ah, fuck!” you squeak, hands trembling against your mound. 
Your pussy clenches down around him, painfully tight. It makes Jungkook dizzy, grasping for his cock as you finally climax. “Ju— Jungkook,” you sob, roughly yanking your hand away from your numb clit. Your legs jerk, knees coming up as you quiver through the intense pleasure. The pressure against his cock is what makes Jungkook succumb to his own orgasm, eyes rolling to the back of his head as a long, drawn-out groan leaves him. Without meaning to, his hips jerk forward just the slightest, drawing another teary sniffle from you. 
“Fuck,” he huffs, sweat dripping down the side of his face, curling over his jawline. His cum shoots into your pussy, and Jungkook can only hope it reaches the deepest crevices from this position. He isn’t sure if the white fluid that spills out around his cock is yours or his. “Shit,” Jungkook curses, finally drawing back with a grimace to examine the state of your pussy. Creamy, as expected, with the folds of your labia still so plush and slick. Jungkook wants to kiss you senseless down there, suck your clit into his mouth until you’re crying. 
He would, he almost does. “Kook?” you call out softly, feathery. Your eyes are barely open, breath coming out slow and deep. 
Jungkook discards any leftover arousal in favor of leaning over you instead, tracing a hand along the side of your face. “Right here,” he murmurs, reaching for the box of tissues on the bedside table to clean you up. “I’ve got you.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook's birthday present is one week late. 
Well, presents. 
The girls’ bedroom has finally taken shape, complete with a huge white crib on one side of the room, a changing station on the other. Pink walls, of course, with numerous castle-themed decorations artfully scattered about, a mixture between princess and knight; the mobile above the crib features a herd of elephants in tiaras, while a big, pink dragon sits inside the crib itself. You’re very committed to the aesthetic. 
Your water breaks in the backyard. Jungkook is mowing the lawn, doesn’t realize something’s happened over the roar of the lawnmower until he catches sight of your flailing arms trying to signal him over. The hospital bag has been sitting at the door for weeks now, gets flung into the backseat as Jungkook ushers you into the passenger seat, all sweaty and out of breath. 
Jungkook’s not squeamish. He loves a good slasher film, thinks the excessive blood really makes the movie, so he thinks he’ll fare fine in the delivery room. 
Wrong. There’s a huge difference between scripted movie murders and his wife pushing out two kids from an opening that is, as far as he knows, one inch wide. There’s screaming and cursing, the latter being aimed mostly at Jungkook for knocking you up in the first place, and of course, tears. And sweat. And a whole lot of other bodily fluids Jungkook doesn’t even know the name of. 
It’s worth it in the end, Jungkook thinks, staring at his two squishy babies and their worn-out mother. 
“Which one is she?” you ask, five weeks later, still unable to tell your own kids apart. Jungkook wants to give you the benefit of the doubt — they’re identical twins, after all — but as a devoted father he simply cannot. Mina and Aria are so different! The tip of Mina’s nose is rounder, and Aria’s ears protrude outwards a little more. They may look the same, but they act differently; Aria is an early bird, while Mina is a night owl; Aria keeps her eyes open while being fed, while Mina shuts hers. His girls are unique in their own ways, and it’s only his dummy wife who can’t see it. 
You’re holding Mina. Wrongly, might he add. “This is Mina,” he says, trying to casually take her out of your incorrect hold. He’s still not sure if they hear or see him, but Jungkook consoles himself with the fact that they recognize his embrace enough to cuddle into his arms every time he holds them. 
Now, you’re looking at your kid like you’re still uncertain about which one she is. Jungkook knows you love your babies. Motherhood is just a little awkward for you. You try your best and Jungkook finds your efforts endearing. Like now, with Mina cuddled into his arms, your hand gravitates for her tiny sock-clad foot, giving it a little squeeze that makes a familiar fondness blossom in Jungkook’s chest. 
The moment is ruined when Aria starts crying, signaling their afternoon feeding time. 
You sigh, reaching up to massage your breast. You’re supposed to be switching off, using every other side to lessen the ache or something. With twins, Jungkook senses that method kind of loses its effect, but you try anyway. Today, Aria goes first, carefully cradled into your arms as you settle into the rocking chair in their room. You pull your shirt up, hold your baby close, and watch as she begins suckling. “You’re staring again,” you murmur halfway through, and Jungkook feels his cheeks grow warm. 
“Sorry,” he chuckles, trying to cover up his embarrassment. He can’t help it— motherhood looks so good on you. The other day at the park, he’d caught a group of dorky teenage boys looking your way as you pushed the girls’ stroller down the path, no doubtedly calling you a milf. And then at a coffee shop, he’d glared at an older man who couldn’t stop ogling you over the lip of his mug. You’ve always been gorgeous, but becoming a mom has added a new edge to your aura, one that forces everyone to look your way.  
Mina stirs in his arms, begins huffing and puffing. “Set her down,” you tell him, immersing yourself in your new role. You can be a little silly when it comes to the girls sometimes, whine and complain about their stinky diapers until Jungkook comes to the rescue, but you’re serious when need be. “I’ve got them.”
Jungkook obliges, dreamily gazing at your figure in the rocking chair as he closes the door. The house is quiet after that, all three of his girls hidden away in one room. Jungkook knows he should utilize this time to get some work done, but his heart is too soft, too tender, to focus on anything really. 
He crawls into bed, staring at the ceiling as he wonders how this amazing life of his came to be. It starts with Namjoon, he supposes, his kind friend with an affinity of looking after others. He looked after Jungkook when he was a dweeby teen, and then you, in college. That’s where it begins.
(“Uh, I don’t know,” he mumbles, rubbing at the back of his neck. He didn’t have any plans this weekend, was probably just going to drop by his parents house. “A date?”
Over the line, Namjoon hums enthusiastically. “Yeah! She’s a nice girl. Very cool.”
Cool, Jungkook grimaces, something he admittedly was not. “Uh,” he drawls, lips pursed as he wracks his brain for any reason to say no. He comes up empty. Hesitantly, he mumbles out a quiet, “okay.”) 
It begins on a breezy night, you at his doorstep, Transformers on the TV. Your dress on the floor, Jungkook’s hands on your waist. Your mouths sealed together, tongues dancing in tandem. 
(Doyeon says it starts way before that.
“Listen,” she slurs, on what has to be her eighth shot that night. It’s fucking game night, not a rager, and here she is, wasted beyond belief. You’re in the kitchen, only four months in, baking cookies for the gang since you can’t have any alcohol. Jungkook’s left on Doyeon Duty. “You know each other,” she emphasizes, arm thrown around his shoulder like they’re best friends. 
Jungkook frowns. “Well, I would hope I know the mother of my kids,” he mutters, flashing Namjoon an unimpressed look over the Monopoly board. His friend is too busy teaching Jimin the rules of the game to save him. 
Doyeon shakes her head. “Before that, you dunce,” she hisses, teeth clenched. Jungkook’s afraid she’ll throw up. “Do the math, Jeon. One soul, two bodies. A second that stretches into eternity— it’s the red string, you idiot! Tied together over bridges and around trees. You and her, soul mates, ya hear me?” She’s jostling him now, probably giving him a concussion. “It’s fate! You know. Until you meet again and again and agai—“
This time, Namjoon does save him. “Babe,” he calls out, still trying to explain loans to Jimin. “You’re scaring him.”)
The door cracks open. You’re done feeding the girls, flashing him a tired smile as you slink over onto the mattress beside him. You’re still waddling like you’re pregnant, a funny quirk you haven’t been able to shake. Jungkook thinks it’s cute. “They’re sleeping now,” you mumble, sitting at his side. Your hand pushes his hair behind his ear, traces down his cheek, over his jaw. 
Puckering his lips, he manages to land a smooch against your palm, reveling in the bashful smile that crosses your features. “At the same time?” As much as he loves his new babies, their alternating sleep schedules have completely wrecked you and Jungkook these past few weeks. He can’t remember the last time the house had been this tranquil. Out of habit, his hand slinks around your waist, tugging you closer to his side. 
You nod, and Jungkook can feel himself melt deeper into the mattress, ready for a well-deserved nap. And he would, really, had his eyes not caught sight of a distinctively dark patch on your shirt. “Um,” he says, purposefully pointing his eyes at your chest. 
“Oh— shit!” you blurt, peeling the material away from your body with an irritated huff. “Not again.” 
Jungkook’s fatigue melts away as you get off the bed, replaced with a mixture of worry and intrigue as you strip yourself of your shirt, your flimsy bra following. “Do they hurt?” he muses, watching with the eyes of a predator as you reach for the tissues at your bedside, holding them against your tit. 
You shrug, eventually plopping back down on the edge of the bed again. “Sometimes,” you respond, peeling away your folded up tissue to check for any more leakage. “They just feel really heavy.” 
Jungkook nods along like he understands, watching with rapt attention as the pearly fluid continues to drip out of your nipple, over the curve of your breast and down your tummy. Experimentally, he reaches a finger out while you’re switching tissues, catches a droplet of milk on the very pad. The touch startles you, makes you whip around with wide eyes as Jungkook pops his digit into his mouth. 
It’s… sweet. Obviously different from the milk he’s used to drinking, but sweeter than most artificially made drinks. He presses his tongue against the palate of his mouth as he ponders on the taste; maybe like almond milk? “Jungkook,” you whine, obviously flustered by his actions. 
Jungkook levels you with a blank stare. “Can I have more?”
“Jungkook!” you exclaim, mortified. 
He quickly shuffles beside you, encouragingly guiding your hand away from your breast, all the while maintaining eye contact. “C’mon,” he purrs, knotting your fingers with his. “You used to mention this all the time.” You did, and for someone who used to leverage this against him every chance you got, you’re trembling like a leaf now. “Just a little bit, baby, please?” 
It takes Jungkook’s biggest puppy eyes and a playful tap against your nipple for you to give in. “Okay,” you mumble, and Jungkook could burst with excitement. 
He maneuvers the two of you onto the center of the bed, situating himself on his bum before gently helping you onto his lap. Your thighs spread over him, a little thicker and softer than before. The weight from your pregnancy still clings to your figure, makes you look all plump and squishy. Jungkook loves it. With his hands hooked beneath your thighs, Jungkook hails you closer. “Eep!” you squeak, balancing yourself with your hands on his shoulders. 
He places a kiss against the swell of your breast, trailing his lips down until his lower lip grazes against your stiffened nipple. The air audibly leaves your lungs, and Jungkook soothes a hand over your ass in an effort to ease your worries. His tongue scoops it up into his mouth, lips closing down around you. “Just—!” you gasp, tugging his hair back. “Gentle, Kook,” you tell him, “be gentle.” 
The first suckle is met with a gush of sweet milk against his tongue. It’s so sudden, Jungkook pulls back by mistake, letting it splatter over his chin. “Oh, wow,” he marvels, reaching up to grab your breast between his fingers. Testing the waters, another squeeze procurs the same results, a tiny splurt of milk against his lips. 
Your shallow breathing draws his attention back to you. You’re biting down on your lip, bruising the tender skin as you watch Jungkook navigate your leaking tits. They are heavy, just as you’d said, and a little hard to the touch. Just bursting with milk, he suspects, desperately needing to be relieved. The blood rushes to his cock. 
“They’re swollen,” he murmurs softly, kissing your chest. A tiny puff of air escapes you, the end laced with a whimper, as you nod. “You just need to be milked, don’t you, pretty baby?” Jungkook purrs, flicking his tongue over your bud, eyes rolling back at the sweet taste it picks up. 
He sucks on you tenderly, cautious of your fragile state. Your nipple is warm against his mouth, the liquid it releases just as hot. It’s a unique consistency, not too thick, not too watery. Jungkook’s not skilled in the art, accidentally letting the milk spill out from the corners of his mouth. His chin feels a little sticky, but not anything drastic. “Kook,” you whisper, voice hushed, wavering. Jungkook didn’t realize he’d shut his eyes. 
“Mmhm,” he hums back, tightening his arms around you, pulling you closer. You buck forward against him, punctuate the action with a whimper. Jungkook’s breathing hard through his nose, would feel self-conscious about the volume if he wasn’t so focused on your tits. 
It’s a strained cry that eventually draws him away, pulling off with a lewd, wet pop. Tracing his tongue along his lips, Jungkook savors the taste once more, eyes dark as he leans up to connect your mouths. Your tongues meet, and you grimace at the taste of your own breast milk. “It’s sweet,” Jungkook husks, pressing his forehead against yours. 
His cock is so hard, prodding against your thigh, and normally Jungkook would use an opportunity like this to rope you into some fast and bruising sex. But it’s too soon; your gynecologist had warned the two of you against partaking in any frisky business so soon after the birth. 
But Jungkook is nothing if not innovative. 
(And Jungkook always gets what he wants.)
Taking advantage of your pliant state, Jungkook wastes no time pushing you back down onto the mattress, crowding over your debauched form. Helping you out of your bottoms, Jungkook makes quick work of his own clothing. “Kook,” you mumble, hands trailing down his biceps, along his forearms. “The doctor said—“
“I know,” he cuts off, guiding your knees up to your chest. The pregnant belly he loved so much is gone now, and while it’s dearly missed, it kept him from doing a lot of things, like feeling your tits against his chest when you hugged. (Or when you fucked. Either or.) his engorged cock lands against the crook where your thigh meets your body, the soft crease holding it for only a second before Jungkook hastily guides himself away. 
He’s amazed to find you’re already so slick, folds sparkling with a thin gloss of pre-cum that he makes quick work distributing. Using the tip of his cock, he lets it nudge against your soaking entrance. “Jungkook,” you warn a second time. 
He hushes you with a kiss. “I know, baby, I know,” he repeats, coating his inflammed tip with your wetness before dragging it along the length of your folds. “Just… like this,” he exhales, finally grinding his length against your slit. 
“Oh,” you pant, trailing your hands up over your waist, around your chest. Your puffy folds mold to the shape of Jungkook’s cock, hugging him as he slowly begins to rock back and forth. Your leg moves to hook around his waist, urging him to move in closer, his cock kissing your clit. Hoisting your other leg up, Jungkook gathers you in his arms and slowly begins rutting against your folds. Each glide is slick and wet, painfully smooth, like velvet against Jungkook’s cock. 
He pushes himself into you, over and over again, making up for the lack of penetration with a rough grind of his hips, burying himself between your plush lips until you’re panting beneath him, meeting his hips with your own. 
With each prod of his tip against your button, you grow more and more restless, back arching as you hiss out in pleasure. It brings Jungkook’s attention back to your bosom, at the faint trickling of milk over the curve of your breast. Leaning over, he laps against your tit once more, desperate to obtain some more of your sweet milk. He syncs up the rolling of his hips with the suckles of his mouth, a duo that makes you whimper and writhe. 
“There we go,” Jungkook hums, mouth latched against your breast. Surprisingly, the milk comes out all too easily; with a few evenly spaced sucks, whatever mechanism releases your milk can be unlocked, sending spurts of milky goodness down his throat. You’re less shy this time, reaching down to cup your boob as Jungkook sucks away. He accidentally nips at the bud, makes you jerk away with a whine. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologizes, soothing his thumb over your nipple. “Gotta be careful, don’t I?” Thrusting forward, he hopes another caress against your clit is enough to distract you from his slip-up, moving on to mindlessly mouth at your breast instead. “Sheesh,” he breathes, huffs out a chuckle as he turns his attention to your more neglected breast. “Fuckin’ mommy milkers you’ve got.”
You groan in embarrassment, cutely rutting up against him as Jungkook obsesses over your boobs. “They’re not that big,” you defend weakly, hands carding over his hair, trailing over his shoulders. “Just… normal,” you decide with a resolute nod. “Normal mommy boobs.”
Jungkook snickers, lapping his tongue against your nipple. “Mommy boobs,” he repeats, feels a faint flush settle over his cheeks at your naive wording. Leaning up, he manages to place a kiss against your lower lip, nudging the tip of your nose with his. Your face is warm, warm enough to emanate the heat when Jungkook gets this close. You get so cute during sex. Jungkook has to be a little mean to balance you out. One pinch at your tit has it producing more milk, squirting out in a thin stream that hits Jungkook’s chest. He opens his mouth, lets it paint the back of his throat instead. 
He’s mindful of keeping you stimulated in multiple places, circling his hips against you until his cock is pushing your clit back and forth. You moan, gasping against the crown of his head as Jungkook burrows in closely against your chest, sucking and sucking until his mouth is full of your sweet milk. 
He wonders how long you can go on like this, spilling into his mouth, if there’s a limit to how much milk you can make in one sitting or if it just goes on until he decides he’s had enough. For his own greed, Jungkook really hopes it’s the former; he wants to taste more and more, swallowing it down until he’s bloated from how much he’s drunk. He knows it must hurt for you, that your tits must feel sore after a while. But he consoles himself with the fact that it also probably feels relieving, takes some of the weight off your chest. 
Another gulp, milk trailing down his chin. You groan. “Kook, slow down,” you beg, thighs trembling against him. “A- At least leave some for the girls.” 
He pulls off with a hoarse chuckle. “Fuck, right,” he says, shaking his head, pressing kisses along your swollen tits. Still so hard. Jungkook knows a little bit more will make you feel good. But he’s beginning to feel high on the sweetness anyway, an unexpected sugar rush that has him quietly acquiescing. Your tits still shine, saliva and milk, and Jungkook uses their glistening appearance as fuel for his pistoning hips. 
He’s careful — he’s always careful with you — as he drags his cock along your folds, always taking note of your facial expressions. You’re not supposed to be having sex, but Jungkook figures one orgasm won’t hurt. He’s missed you badly these past few months, missed the slick grip of your pussy around his cock. Soon, he’ll be able to shove himself into your depths once more, reclaim his throne between your satin walls. 
For now, he settles for this rushed, terribly-juvenile grinding against one another. Your walls part for his gliding cock, squelch obscenely as he moves. Your face is so pretty too, eyes screwed shut as he jostles you back and forth. And, of course, your tits bounce against your chest. 
It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Jungkook thinks you could’ve made it onto the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel had you been alive at the time of its inception, dancing along the heavens in all your glory. “Baby,” he chokes out, leaning in until your lips can meet his in a slow kiss. Your hands trail down his back, light as a feather, make every hair on his body stand at attention. 
This time, Jungkook is the one who cums first, loud. “Hah— fuck,” he cusses, burying his face against your neck, hot breath fanning against your sweat-damp skin. A series of moans follow, muffled by your skin against his, hips slowing to a jittery finish. His cum splatters against your clit and then over your stomach, white ribbons that remind him of the way your milk had trailed down your breast earlier. At the thought, his abdomen tightens up, cock pushing out one final rope of cum. 
A tear escapes the corner of one eye when you come, muscles and joints all locked up as a wave of pleasure blossoms over you. Jungkook holds you close; he couldn’t look away even if he tried. Your body goes limp, head rolling back against the sheets as Jungkook places chaste kisses along your shoulder. “Feeling okay?” he murmurs, massaging your hip with one hand. 
Your answer is a strained whimper, makes his cock twitch and everything.  “Need a nap,” you mumble, melting into the sheets. Jungkook kisses the corner of your mouth, ready to snuggle in with you. Before he can do that, there’s a cry from across the hall that makes the both of you sigh. 
Tumblr media
Aria is dead set on having a brother. “Dad,” she huffs, six years old, a diva to the core. “Hannah Montana has a brother, so we need one, too.” Her snarky attitude is a direct result of your genes and the fact you’ve introduced the two of them to the world of late 2000’s Disney Channel. 
As flawed as her thinking may be, Jungkook’s gotta agree with the kid. He also thinks the two of them need another sibling. 
You’re downstairs in the kitchen with Mina, baking some sweets, so Jungkook takes the time to sneakily meet with his first mate of the S.S We Need Another Kid cruise. “A brother?” he whispers conspiratorially, hunching down to her level. (Kids like looking you in the eye when they talk. It’s supposed to be comforting for them.) Aria nods, hands on her hips. She’s wearing this monstrosity of a sequined tutu that you picked up for her last week. Mina also got one, hers in blue, but she stuffed it into the depths of her toy box and has been pretending she’s lost it all week. Jungkook’s been sworn to secrecy. 
“Ya,” Aria says. She’s so tiny, barely reaches Jungkook’s waist. Still small enough for him to pick up and spin around, not that she lets him anymore. She’s an independent woman, his Aria, just like his mom. Doesn’t like to be babied anymore, but cries at the slightest scrape of her knees. Mina’s pretty much the same, albeit a little more logical. She likes nerdy things, loves building Lego sets with Jungkook, but hates when he pinches her cheeks. “We need one, ASAB.”
“ASAP,” he corrects, and then rubs his palm against his chin. “Gonna have to ask your mother about that.” At her frown, he makes sure to add, “I’ll ask too.” 
The thing is, Jungkook’s been asking for years. In bed, during car rides, even at the dentist. According to the terms of your initial agreement, you were still one pregnancy short! Which he brings up every chance he gets. But after the wild ride that was your first pregnancy — you know, the same one that gave Jungkook the awesome two-for-one deal — you’ve been a little hesitant. 
Which is totally understandable. After all, Jungkook wasn’t the one who had to carry around that big pumpkin belly, so he gets why you might not want to endure that again. 
Still. The girls have been asking. 
He brings it up that night. Attempt #2,000 probably. “Aria says you should get pregnant again.” No beating around the bush. 
You’re in bed, scrolling through your phone with a silly dragon sheet mask on your face. “Did she now,” you deadpan, flicking your gaze over to him. Jungkook loves you. You’re his sunshine, his supernova. His entire universe. But you can also be scary, like a blackhole. “Aria said she wanted me pregnant?” you repeat. He nods. “Not that she wanted a brother?”
Same difference. “Also that,” he nods, crawling up alongside you. He leans his head against your shoulder, blinks his eyes up at you in that way that makes you soften. You do, setting your phone aside to cup his cheek. “C’mon,” Jungkook mumbles softly, eyes fluttering shut as your fingers trace along his brow bone, against the piercing he got in solidarity of the twins’ recently pierced ears. “Don’t you want another one?”
You flick his forehead, and Jungkook opens his eyes back up to grin cheekily at you. “I do,” you sigh, shuffling down to lay completely beside him. On your side, face half smushed against the pillow, drowsiness clinging to your features. “But I barely get any action these days,” you frown, playful, mean, “I mean, i think my husband is in love with these two other girls.” 
He rolls himself over you, suffocating you with his weight. “Maybe those girls are nicer and cuter than you,” he plays along, leaning in, kisses you softly.
A scoff, a hand placed at the base of his throat that stops him from going any further. “Fine,” you huff as you squeeze. Jungkook’s breath catches in his throat. “But when it’s a boy and I love him more than you, it’s gonna be all. your. fault, Jungkook.”
Tumblr media
— Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr 
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kookiecrumb · 18 days ago
jjk|| Go Get 'Em!
Tumblr media
wc: 11.8K / oneshot
summary: You and your bestie get accepted into college together, but as your work load piles on, how will your relationship change?
tags: best friends to lovers, college au, footballplayer!jk (can you tell i like writing football players?), fem!biologystudent!y/n, angst, fluff, smut
warnings: mention of trouble eating, 18+ mature content, explicit language, angst, unprotected sex (please be safe and wear a condom), use of the word d*e, mention of alcohol consumption
a/n: This is for My-Linh, the most hardworking bio student I know. Love you. Also, I wrote most of this to "betty" by Taylor Swift. I have a whole playlist for this fic, actually...I'll post it but only if you ask. @koolvrr BETAED EXTENSIVELY by: @destructiveasparagus
The day you got your acceptance letter, Jungkook climbed through your window to celebrate with an order of wings and two liters of coke. He scans your letter with his own eyes, his fingers gripping it like a Golden Ticket. His mouth full of chicken, he hums in satisfaction.
"Yeah, if you got into LSU...I got a recruiter to impress," he crosses his arms. "Wow, y/n…Fuck you."
You take a sip of your pop, rolling your eyes. "I settled, to be honest! I could have gone T20 and really screwed you over…" you mumble. Jungkook smirks.
"You're too much of a baby to leave me behind." He throws himself on your bed, holding his head up with an arm.
"You're the one with the scholarship to play for Ohio State, refuse to go, and you're calling me the baby? That's rich." You cross your legs, ruffling his hair playfully.
"What kind of name is Buckeyes, anyways…" he mutters, tossing a bone into the take out bag at the foot of the bed. "Where is Dallas going?"
Dallas had been your boyfriend of eight months. It's the classic boy meets girl, and the both of you pair nicely at lunch. He's insanely smart and so pretty-- you couldn't be more in love, or so you thought.
Just a week ago, Dallas had sat you down and explained to you he'd been accepted into Vanderbilt, and that he wouldn't be taking any chances.
"While you're here though--" he wryly exclaims, "Why not stay together, just for the remainder of the semester?"
You shake your head. "If you didn't want a future with me, why did you even confess in the first place? I know we're just kids, Dal, but I wasn't looking for a boyfriend, I was looking for someone who'd stay by my side. I guess I wasn't clear enough." With a smile on your face, you walked away from him. It was time to step into your future. You were about to be a university student, an adult. You deserved an adult relationship.
Jungkook would flash a smile every time you pass each other at the lunch line, nodding at Dallas. It was a respectful kind of thing, but it felt weird to him now that you two weren't a thing. He avoided talking about it.
A face of revulsion paints Jungkook's face.
"Awh that's traaaaash…" He wipes his mouth. "I can't believe I share a locker room with such a jerk." Your phone dings and you double tap the screen quickly to catch it.
"I got an A on my bio exam!" you announce, taking another bite out of your hot chicken and dancing a little. "I love Ms. Silvermen so much…"
"You deserve it~!" he hisses. "Didn't you study for like 8 hours for that exam?" He grabs a book you have on your nightstand, opens it and places it over his eyes, pretending to sleep.
"Mhm, it was on mitosis and meiosis, Kookie-- The most important unit test of the whole semester!" You defend your actions to a snoozing Jungkook. You poke him.
"Stop…" he slurs. You sit back and pout. Maybe you should take this opportunity to study.You reach for your laptop across Jungkook's legs and open it to your unfinished assignment.
One finished assignment turns into fifteen done that week, turns into a month of completed work in rainy April, turns into blooming May and, finally, June.
You watched your caps shoot into the sky and fall down like stars. Heart full of pride, you strode across the stage, celebrating the growth you've accumulated over the course of twelve years. By your side was your best friend, drawing little smiley faces on your hand as you watched the rest of the ceremony attentively.
He stole half of your honor chords and snapped a selfie with you at the door of the school as you walked towards the car. Looking back at you, you looked like an angel. He couldn't have been more proud of you than on that day. You two had made it, together.
Whenever you felt down, like your work overwhelmed you, Jungkook was on the way to help you get through those flashcards. Those same flashcards now sat idly in one of your many drawers, waiting to be recycled.
Sorting through your belongings was no easy task. You had hoarded quite a bit since freshman year, but you had grown out of quite a bit.
You needed Jungkook's muscles to carry all of the donation boxes downstairs, at least that's what your mother insisted as the reason for inviting him over, although secretly she just wanted him to help out your Dad with one of his projects. He wouldn't stop bothering her about it. Ah, the benefits of having a muscle bunny best friend.
"What's up Mrs.Y/L/N," he yells and takes his shoes off at the door. His nose turns up at the scent of pie. "Is that apple pie?" He rubs his hands together as he walks into the kitchen.
Inside, you're holding a bowl in your hand, mixing the brownies with a wooden spoon. "How convenient! Here." You give him the bowl. "Mix that."
"Hello to you too, Y/N," he scoffs. You watch as Jungkook struggles to incorporate the cocoa powder into the mixture.
"Give me that back," you giggle. Jungkook hands it over, putting his hands on his hips. "Hello, Jungkook." Your eyes glance up to meet him. His knees grow weak at your teasing smile.
"Y/N hasn't started on her room yet, she wanted to wait until you came to sort things out," your mom hummed. "You know the drill, hm? Leave that door open, okay?" She turned slightly from where she was standing over the sink.
"Of course, Mrs.Y/L/N." His good boy act was one of the funniest things to watch. He acted all innocent, as if he wasn't a boneafide menace. Something about his duality you found incredibly hot. His kind eyes met yours. "We should get to work," he gestured towards the stairs. You complied.
"She still thinks we're gonna end up together, huh?" A subtle smile tugs at his lips as he climbs up the stairs. "Does that bother you at all?" he asks.
"Huh?" You thought about it. It did bother you; it bothered you because you hoped she was right. "Oh! No, it's fine."
The thought of ending up with anyone other than him made your stomach feel funny. Jungkook has had girlfriends before.
They'd show up to his games, sit with him during lunch with his crew, and hang out after school at the mall or wherever, but every time things started to get serious, Jungkook got cold feet.
Every crush he's had, you've known about. Despite being supportive of almost all of them, it would seem that Jungkook had the worst luck when it came to finding the kind of love he was looking for. That's only because you were right in front of him this whole time. If only he'd stop being such a doofus--
Jungkook is patiently awaiting a response to a question you did not hear, searching your eyes for any sign that you'd heard him. He rolls his eyes. "What do you want to go through first? I think we should start with the closet."
"Yeah, the closet would be a good idea.” You two head inside, leaving the door slightly ajar.
By nightfall, stacks of unwanted gadgets and gizmos lined the outside of your room. All that was left to do was carry them downstairs and drop them off.
"Can I borrow your Dad's truck?" he asks as he stumbles down the stairs by your side.
"You'll have to ask him," you pause, halfway down. "Can you sleep over today?"
"Isn't it the Fourth of July?" He wrinkles his eyebrows.
You nod. "We're having a bonfire tomorrow night. It's gonna be a lot of fun, we're making s'mores and everything."
It's already dark outside, and it would be such a bother to drive all the way home. Would it be that big of a deal if he slept over? He'd only have to pull out the bed from the couch, and you had spare sheets and pillows. Besides, that would mean he could drop off donations that morning with Dad.
"Okay but you," Jungkook pokes you lightly, "have to ask Mom."
"Ugh," you groan. "It'll be worth it."
Morning came, and you found Jungkook tangled in his sheets downstairs wearing nothing but his spiderman boxers and a t-shirt when you came downstairs for breakfast.
You hum quietly, amused. Endearing. "Jungkook." You push him gently. He continues snoring lightly, like a little angel. "Jungkook, c'mon. Breakfast!" You push a little rougher. Nothing.
That meant you had to wake him up the only surefire way you knew: food.
You rub your eyes lightly as you take the griddle down from the cabinet and plug it in. Pouring a bag of pancake mix into a bowl, you sigh softly. You locate the chocolate chips and sprinkle them in by heart, the only way to measure chocolate chips. Adding the milk, you mix it around until it's uniform and use a ladle to pour it on the hot surface.
Within five minutes, the boy pokes his head into the kitchen. He's now wearing pants. With his eyes wide and his hair a mess, he appears next to you with a pout on his lips. "Y/N, this one is mine," he whispers, pointing to the biggest one.
"No, it's mine." You wedge your spatula underneath the doughy disk and flip it over to reveal a golden brown surface.
"Who says? I'm older, so it's mine," he whines. You shake your head softly. "Let me flip it, let me flip it--" he insists, taking the spatula from your hand.
You let him take over, slightly annoyed as you put away the ingredients. "Why do you feel the need to do what I'm doing, always?"
Jungkook shrugs, sniffing. "I don't like to see you work too hard," he says. You worked too hard without having to carry his ass. It was only natural that he helped you out with things you were less keen on.
Every time Jungkook didn't understand a concept in math or in chemistry, you'd explain it and he'd get it. Things didn't always make sense to him, but you made it make sense. You were so special to him.
You hug his waist from behind as he works on the griddle. You tuck your head into his back, still a little groggy. "Dad's gonna be back in like ten minutes," you mumble.
"I asked him if I could borrow the truck and he said yes." Jungkook waddles over to the utensil drawer and gets out two forks. "Y/N--" he wiggles his hips in an attempt to shake you off. You don't let go.
"Hm," you grunt.
"I gotta get the syrup," he complains. You release him, allowing him to reach the third shelf and catch the maple syrup. "Can you get me two plates over there?" He nods towards the cabinets next to the fridge.
You get on your tiptoes to reach, trying not to make too much noise as you take them down. Jungkook slides four slices of pancakes onto your plate before making his plate. "I think...that Finn and Jake would approve," he smiles.
You hear your Dad pull up the driveway. "He's here with stuff for the bonfire. You can come and help us unload if you want," you offer as you hastily slide on your flip flops before heading out. Jungkook follows you to the front, having put everything away in the kitchen.
While Jungkook was out with your donations, you and your mom cleaned up the house and set everything up in the backyard. You carried all the chairs outside, set them up around the fire pit, set up the food table, and the projector for movie night. All you need to do now is wait for Jungkook and Dad to come back.
You take a chip from the chip bowl, and shove it in your mouth. What do they talk about without you? You hope your Dad wasn't being embarrassing.
The sun is just beginning to set, the golden sky transitioning into a rosy pink as the sun sinks below your field of vision.
The backdoor to the house swings open, and two familiar faces emerge from it. "We're back!" your Dad announces. Jungkook's carrying a bag in each hand, lightly jogging towards you. He's got your Dad's cap on backwards with his shirt unbuttoned all the way in his loose blue jeans.
"Hey!" He sets down the stuff on the snack table and grins at you. "They were appreciative of the donations, and told us to come back any time." He sits himself down on the lawn chair next to you and gets comfortable while your Dad lights the fire.
"Oh yeah, and what's that?" You nodded towards the bags Jungkook had placed on the table.
"I'll show you later," Jungkook says conspicuously. "Have you figured out the projector yet?" You hadn't, but of course Jungkook figured out how to fix it in like five seconds.
It was a classic horror film, in which a group of friends enter a haunted house and fight their way out.
As the movie progresses, slowly but surely, your body shifts closer to his until your hands collapse into one another's. Neither of you speak, terrified to look down.
A loud crack followed by a fizzing noise causes your hands to retract from one another. A flash of light in the sky appears, it's tail cutting through the darkness. It explodes into a gorgeous display of light. "Look, Jungkook! Fireworks…"
Jungkook swallows. "The recruiter liked me," he yells over the crackling of the fireworks.
"The one at Louisiana State?!" You sit up from your chair and look back at him.
Jungkook nods, a toothy grin spreading across his face. "We're going to college."
Right then, the biggest and brightest firework bursts and fills the sky with color. It would be another four years with the best friend you could ever ask for.
"Okay, so you're gonna turn left on Dalrymple Street from Highland…and then you find somewhere to park, then meet me at the Welcome Center." You swerve into the student parking lot, talking loudly into your phone. The traffic is a nightmare, and you're gripping the steering wheel a little too tight.
"I'm still on Highland, it doesn't look good," his muffled voice sounds from the speakers on your device. You sigh heavily, bonking your head on the wheel and causing it to go off. You snap your head up in surprise.
"Hahah..." Jungkook cackles. "You're not gonna survive. You're gonna somehow sabotage yourself in the first week and everyone's gonna wonder what happened to that girl who always raised her hand in class--" You hang up on him, passive aggressively.
Your phone vibrates on your thigh as you successfully park at a parking spot practically a mile from the welcome center. Good enough. You snatch your key and lanyard from the engine and step outside. Why did everything have to be so far?
Fifteen minutes later, Jungkook emerges from the crowd in front of the building, grabbing your wrist. You jump, startled at the sudden touch.
"Relax, fuck..." Jungkook's nose twitches. "So tense." He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a spiderman lanyard with an ID attached to it. "Look at the picture I chose," he proudly sneers, waving it in your face.
It's that photo he's been using for his profile picture on Instagram for 5 years. You said it made him look like a hotshot once and he hasn't changed it since. Truthfully, it's not a bad picture, but it doesn't represent the guy who's standing in front of you now. No, this couldn't be him.
"That's such an old photo, why didn't you just take a new one?" you bicker, running your fingertips across the imprint of his name and student number.
"I thought you liked that picture!" he whines, snatching it back. He stuffs it back in his pocket with his wallet. "We have so much to do...Let's head inside?"
You spend the rest of the day filling out paperwork next to one another, your legs crossed over in a chair facing him with a clipboard. You were only granted a map of campus after you completed the last page.
"Okay," you huff, unfolding the map. "I live…" you trace your finger along the paths on campus. "Here," you tap the freshman dorm building. Jungkook takes out his cell phone and snaps a picture of where you had marked it, along with your dorm room.
He zooms into the picture and gives you a nod. "I got it." He puts the phone back in his pocket.
"Great," you place the map neatly into your purse. "I need to pick up my textbooks and see which buildings my classes are in. I know you're hungry, so you should figure out lunch."
"Right, yeah…" Jungkook bites his lip. "I'll swing by after the party, okay?" He holds up the spare key he'd been given.
It was more of a leadership camp, if he was honest.
He would be introduced to the team captain, the coach, and his team members-- some of whom he'd had plastered as posters on his wall. If that wasn't awkward, he didn't know what awkward was. These men meant business, but it was Jungkook's type of business.
The freshmen were from all over the country, players whose pass yards exceeded those of professional players. Excitement and testosterone filled the air as the men opened up and vibed with one another about their experiences related to their sport and their passions.
When it came to Jungkook's time to share why he chose LSU, he bit his tongue. You were all that came to mind. His mouth ran dry, palms quaking from all the eyes on him.
"You know, uhm…" He gripped the leather football tightly, shaking his head. "Just liked the energy," he shrugged.
Assorted players nodded their heads as Jungkook passed the ball to his left so that the next person could speak.
Back at your dorm, you stab a piece of microwave ravioli in your pyjama pants in the dorm kitchen. A rerun of Friends is on, and it's interesting enough to keep you from changing the channel. Chandler is being a weirdo again, and Monica is having absolutely none of it.
You cover your mouth, giggling while you chew. Looking down, you double tap your phone to check if Jungkook has texted yet. He hasn't.
Finished with your dinner, you toss the plastic in the sink to wash and reuse later. You take a last swig of your water and set the mug down next to the container.
You hope Jungkook was having fun with his new teammates. He could use the team building. Humming, you open up to chapter one of your Biology textbook and cross your legs on the bed.
You're knocked out, gripping your phone with your mouth open in less than ten minutes. After confirming you were not, in fact, assigned a roommate, Jungkook used your spare key to barge in.
Upon discovering you drooling on your pillow with your limbs sticking out in every direction, a smile invades Jungkook's face. Looking around, he reaches for your study sharpie. He snaps the cap off.
Just as he's about to draw a note on your arm, you shift in your sleep, mumbling something along the lines of his name. He raises his eyebrows, stepping back. Should he respond?
"Junkook you doofus…" your eyebrows furrow, lips pouting slightly.
Rolling his eyes, he puts your marker back and walks off, closing the door behind him.
"...I'm right here," you sigh.
People don't believe Jungkook when he says he has lady problems.
He has no problem getting their attention and sparking their interest, not when he's a mega hot linebacker with a cute face.
No, the problem is keeping them around. The girls who drool over Jungkook also drool over his buddy, also drool over the student body president. It was chill for the first year of highschool, but got old real fast.
Jungkook has slept with half of the cheerleading team, pulled out his phone, and texted you about dinner plans after the game.
"Not dating." Jungkook would correct his team when they addressed you as his girl or when they tested him about not having any romantic feelings for you. The topic was as dry as the cafeteria chicken tenders by junior year.
It didn't bother him that much, especially when he always had you in his mind's eye. Anyone who threatened that had always failed, eventually. So what if he avoided truly exploring what he felt towards you. He sure as hell wasn't going to lose you.
Jungkook seesawed his ticonderoga pencil between his index and middle finger as he listened to his English lecture with a single earbud in.
"Ugh, I thought I was done with English when I chose to be a Bio major 🙄🙄🙄" pops up in the corner of his screen. Pencil eraser wedged between his teeth, he flashes a smile at your annoyance.
You take a sip of your morning brew and raise your eyebrows at him, sitting at least five rows in front of you. "Hm," you hum.
Moments later, your pocket buzzes. You whip out your phone and read Jungkook's message: "Shut up, you're good at English anyways."
You swipe your fingers over the keyboard, quickly replying, "Yeah, but do we really have to be here at 8 AM?" to which Jungkook responds by twisting himself around to face you and pouting.
"I hate how I have to carry another card around to eat in the dining hall," you complain to Jungkook as you walk side-by-side to your seats.
He plucks an apple from your tray and shrugs. "At least the food is kinda better," he says with his mouth full, like a child.
Jungkook's forearms hold his upper body as he leans against the table. On his knuckles, you're drawn to a doodle in black ink. It's a little heart, a little lopsided but that's ok. Following your gaze, Jungkook glances down at his hand. "Oh, that. What? You don't doodle on your hands?"
"I mean...yeah, I do. But you only ever draw hearts on your hands when you have a crush on someone." Your lips contort into an evil smirk. He thumbs over the blotch, rubbing it furiously in an attempt to get it off.
"Nuh-uh. I drew this cause I'm thinking of getting finger tats." Jungkook rolls his eyes, licking the inside of his cheek.
"If your mom heard what you just said, you'd be a dead man," you remind him. Mrs. Jeon was a sweet old Christian woman with a rather,, strict parenting philosophy. You'd give your month's allowance to witness the reaction to her son's full sleeve. Personally, however, the idea of Jungkook getting a tattoo entertained you a little too much.
"There's this guy-- Tony? He's got a full sleeve and I think it looks sick." He slouches back on the plastic cafeteria chair, comically small for his grown ass. "C'mon, Y/N...You've been so pent-up with your work lately. I've already caught wind of like five homecoming parties happening before next weekend and you haven't even heard of any of them." His face grows dire, a hint of worry in his eyes.
"It's not like I can come to any of them, I have so many assignments to do, it's not even funny…" You fork a piece of pasta and shove it in your mouth. "Besides, I hate the crowds. You know that."
"It must be so hard to be you, Y/N," Jungkook says, half-sarcastically.
"What's that supposed to mean?" You drop your fork and look up at him.
"I mean, you've got all these hard classes and stuff, and it would totally be the end of the world if you missed one night of studying and showed up at one of our rallies for once." He lets out a chuckle.
"You know how important grades are in the first semester…it determines my grade-point-average." You lower your voice.
"No, I don't know, Y/N," he says.
"What I don't get," he shakes his head. "What I don't get is why you can't miss out on one of your little study group meetings to come to our pep rally."
It was like a smack to the face. You raked your mind for a coherent response, but none came, only excuses.
"Right. I would have accepted that scholarship to Ohio if I knew you'd be this much of a hard ass." He picked up your finished tray, threw it away, and left the cafeteria.
Your gaze followed him out. You couldn't believe he was being this immature now that you're the one struggling with work. It almost felt justified, though. It was true that you haven't had the time to meet his new college buddies, but you didn't anticipate it being such a big deal to Jungkook.
I don't know.
It just felt like time was moving too fast. Mornings where you struggled to get out of bed led to late nights studying with a cup of tea and gentle music to keep you focused led to an uncharged phone and an uncharged social battery. Walking to your classes on campus, you scrolled past Jungkook's frequent posts promoting their fundraisers, get-togethers, and socials. Everything just felt so...distant. LSU had an image to uphold when it came to football. As his best friend, you should have been able to accept that and adjust, no-problem.
You don't recall when Jungkook stopped messaging you specifically about his parties, and then in general. All you know is that his presence became less and less needed.
You sit in front of a mirror, tugging at the skin on your temple, staring in horror at the ghost that you had become . You try a smile, which withers into a horrifying grimace. Tears form at the brim of your waterline, your face swelling in grief of your youth. You collapse into your own hands, an indulgent sob escaping your mouth. You only wanted to help others. You lived your life in the pursuit of helping people, so how did you always end up so alone?
Your cell phone vibrates.
Your hand reaches to silence it.
Your cell phone vibrates yet again.
You flip your phone's screen over and bury your head in your arms.
Your cell phone vibrates finally.
You lift your head from your shoulders.
The post was from the official private Instagram of the team. At first it appeared to be a normal picture of a casual hang-out session. It's a picture of the team sitting around a fire pit, marshmallow sticks and all, posing like they're having the time of their lives. You pick up your thumb to scroll, not thinking anything of it, when, in the corner of your eye, you spot Jungkook. Huh. Your thumb must have been covering him.
A big old smile paints his face. His legs are spread across the foldable chair and his hair now falls beside his face in loose waves. As your eyes travel to his right, a tall and beautiful young woman stands proudly with his arm around her waist.
A metallic taste fills your mouth. Everything feels like it's spinning, and your hands tremble as you use your thumbs to zoom in on the happy couple. Your heartbeat deafens you as you inhale deeply, the familiar taste of your tears spreading on your tastebuds.
You frantically close out of Instagram and open your messages to find a string of unread messages from Jungkook starting from late November to a week ago. The last message delivered read:
"Yeah, I got the answers from Hayley...thanks :)" delivered
You scrolled up.
"Do you think you could get me the notes from today's lecture?" delivered
"I'm gonna have to retake this class, I swear…" delivered
"Hey how've you been?" delivered
"Hey, what's up?" delivered
"Do you have any plans this weekend?" delivered
"You'll do great on the test. You're always studying so there's no way you'll bomb it." delivered
"Hey, are you ok?" delivered
"guess what, Y/N?" delivered
"I've been missing you lately, if you ever need me, I'm here…" delivered
You press and hold that message. Your emotions battle your own rationality over reaching for the call button. You instead find yourself getting into a staring contest with the photo posted of tonight.
Had he taken her home? What if she put her hands on him? What if he let her? What if they were tangled up in each other and he's grabbing her ass as she's wrapping her legs around his waist, and they're ripping the clothes off one another right this second?
In a tizzy of frustration, you smack your phone against the desk and throw yourself on the bed. Hot tears stain your bed sheets as you lay yourself down to sleep.
Jungkook's hands form fistfuls of the white duvet covering his lower body. Beside him is the sleeping girl, breathing slow breaths with her hair undone.
His tattooed hand reaches over to stroke her cheek with his thumb. His eyelashes bat softly, observing her. His chest tightens, and he retracts his hand away.
He sits up, putting a cup of water to his lips and swallowing. He sits up, eyes falling on his reflection across the room in the black void of the television screen. He runs one hand through his mane, watching as his own face contorts the longer he stares.
5 years ago
You carried your black debate pumps in your hand as you paced down the hall of your middle school. This was during a time when hurricanes would close down school for weeks at a time, and the last tournament of your 8th grade year had just concluded.
A banner reading "Class of ____" hung above the trophy display. You stopped to admire them.
Your mom wasn't going to pick you up until seven, and you had to keep yourself busy somehow.
"Ah, fuck!" *smack!*
You jerked your head around at the sudden yelp. You found a boy furiously rubbing the top of his head in pain on the ground. He looked...damp. "Did you hit your head?" You came over, the feet of your hosiery allowing you to glide.
"No, but now my ass hurts." He collapsed on the floor, laying there for a bit. He looked like he just ran through the school sprinklers. Chest rising and falling violently, a trouble-making smile tainted his face.
"What are you even doing, it's a Friday and you're not in the debate club." The boy turned his head to meet your eyes above his body.
"Tryouts were today, and I got in!" He hoisted himself up, leaning on his hands. Panting softly, he swallowed, but did not elaborate.
"C'mon, get up." You offered your hand to him. With a small grunt, he stood up. He wiped his nose with his sleeve and picked up his duffel bag. "What grade are you in?"
"I'm in 8th grade, but I just moved here so my schedule is all weird," he shrugged. "I know who you are, you're Y/N. You're that girl who won the science fair this year. I didn't go but my friend said you were cool."
Your project had been on cell structure. It wasn't anything overly fancy, but it was the first time you had felt like your work had a purpose.
Jungkook's eyes suddenly perked up in curiosity. "Hm?" You turned to where he was staring. "What is it?"
"No way, I like Adventure Time too!" he beamed, gesturing to your bag. "So you're like...Princess Bubblegum?" You hummed. The chime of your ringtone interrupted your conversation.
"That' mom. She's picking me up now." You bite your lip. "Do you need a ride?" Jungkook shook his head.
"I'll walk you to the front." He stepped forward, carrying your pumps down the hall with you while you're on the phone.
Side by side, you walked off to the front of the school while the rain poured and the thunder roared outside. "You know how Princess Rainicorn speaks Korean? Well, I'm Korean so I can tell you what she says…"
Your fingers meddle with the strings of your earbuds as you thoughtfully look out the library window. You can't bring yourself to focus.
Although crowded on weekdays, weekends at the library serve as a sanctuary for your thoughts and contemplations. The nostalgic feeling of childish wonder lingers in this place, even if the academic works and literature it holds are far beyond your personal lexicon.
You hold your knees to your chest, sitting on a lounge cushion chair. The song you were listening to cuts out suddenly. Your eyes dart to your screen. Your wifi has gone out. Wonderful.
Rolling your eyes, you reach your hand up to your ear to pluck out an earbud before a familiar laugh catches your attention. You retract your hand.
"Come on, will you stop being such a stick in the mud?" Jungkook grabs the girl's cardigan sleeve, tugging her back towards him. "It's literally just for the weekend," he stumbles forward.
"No, I have to study," the girl giggles. "Unlike some people, I have academic prospects to look out for." Although her body is jerking away from his hold, she can't seem to escape.
Out of the corner of his eye, Jungkook spots you, curled up in your own little world. His grip loosens on her. She carefully pulls her cardigan back from him, a mixture of puzzled and relieved on her face. She paces away quickly.
Jungkook is left in the middle of the adult fiction section, his eyes observing you pretending to be busy. He tugs on the strap of his backpack, allows himself one last look, and then leaves.
Slamming the library door, Jungkook flies down the stairs with his hands in his pockets, battling scrambled emotions and even more scrambled thoughts.
Guilt weighs heavy on your heart. You didn't even turn around to face him. Did that make you a bad person? Your counselor didn't think so.
"Friends will come and go, Y/N. You're doing so well, your focus is exactly where it should be right now. I'm proud of you for that." Ms. Bernstein's red-tainted lips curl into a smile. She reaches over her desk, a decorated pot of mints in her wrinkled hand. "Take one or two. I don't care."
You pluck a wrapped dinner mint from her stockpile and save it in your left pocket. "So there's no way I could drop that one class and take it next year?" you ask again. She shakes her head, eyes on her lap.
"I'm afraid not. You're on track."
If this was on track, you wonder what being off the rails was like. You walk out of the office, thanking the counselor on your way out. You pop the mint in your mouth and keep walking.
Jungkook takes off his shoes near the door of his dorm and opens his fridge, scanning it for anything and everything. Tapping his fingers rhythmically against the fridge door. He slaps turkey and cheese against the counter and goes scavenger hunting for the bread.
From the couch, Ron shouts "You should have some fruit with that!" Jungkook takes out two slices of bread and smothers them in a layer of mayonnaise. It takes him a second to realize Ron had said anything.
"Huh?" He slices the sandwich into triangles and takes an aggressive bite out of it.
"Coach says we need to eat more fruit," he says with a shrug. There are only apples in the fruit bowl.
"But there are only apples in the stupid fruit bowl," Jungkook complains.
"Yeah, eat an apple then." He sinks into the couch, crossing his arms. "Crybaby."
"No!" He puts away the mayo and sticks the butter knife into a random cup inside the sink and disappears into his room. Ron scoffs.
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know it was that time of the month," he grunts to himself, unpausing the game. "Sheesh."
Elsewhere, you're standing in front of the dairy section of the grocery store, judging whether or not you'd actually eat the yogurt you're about to grab. On the one hand, it's on sale. On the other hand, it might just sit on your shelf for the rest of the semester like your feelings for Jungkook.
The ambient music mocks you as you contemplate the kind of pain you caused yourself. Running errands is the only time you excuse yourself from studying. "That's not healthy…" you mumble as you place a single yogurt into your cart. Your body could only handle so much stress.
Shuffling your way to the register, you glance over your makeshift grocery list in your notes app and make sure everything is there. "Pfff...eggs, milk, snacks, water, spicy ramyeon…"
Jungkook hooked you up the first night you came over to watch him play Overwatch. He stood over the stove with wooden chopsticks and, as he cracked an egg directly into the noodles, stirred vigorously. "Y/N watch the magic happen," he'd say in his flannel pyjama bottoms and long sleeve undershirt. You peeked over his arm to learn from the master.
"Sprinkle in some scallions...and…" He set his utensils down and leaned over the stove. "'re gonna--" Jungkook devilishly smirked, "you're gonna love this." It looked yummy, but knowing Jungkook he probably fucked with it somehow.
With caution, you huffed on the noodles and stuffed them into your mouth. Your tongue stung from the immediate contact with steaming hot food, but there's something else. A pleasant and addictive burn warmed the back of your throat. "Why is it spicy?" you inquired with your mouth full.
He slammed the packaging on the countertop. "Spicy Ramyeon," he gestured. "It's what I eat when I can't be bothered to actually have dinner. Don't tell Coach."
Having bought everything you need, you lock the door to your dorm, put away the groceries, and go take a shower before bed.
Jungkook couldn't count how many times he thought of just opening up his messenger app and messaging you one more time just in case. Not gonna lie--his pride was hurt, and his heart ached because of the fact you had left him.
There was a lot of shit he either had to learn to do himself or Google because you'd usually take care of it.
He struggles to keep track of his assignments these days. You two shared so many classes last year that you'd just worked on it together. Not only that, but he's blown his entire grocery budget for the month of November on a pair of shoes-- he's making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner.
He must've had a bitch on his dick for every day of the week; he must've had a new club to hit every week, but the nature of the young women who approached him was shallow, and they never stayed for breakfast.
And they were never you.
Recently, though, something really pissed him off. It happened in the beginning of his college algebra class.
Jungkook was minding his own business, getting his laptop out and opening up his notes like a normal person when a guy, like a foot taller than Jungkook, approached him. Jungkook shrunk in his seat. "Uh...can I help you?"
"Yo, you're the dude who's always hanging around y/n, right?" Jungkook opened his mouth to respond, but before he could, the dude interjected. "You're not her boyfriend, right?" I mean, he wasn't. That was a fact.
"No, why?" he challenged.
"I was wondering if you could introduce me to her. She's super hot, so…" he said. Jungkook's nostrils flared. Who the fuck did he think he was? If he wanted your number he should have gone and asked you himself. He must be a coward and therefore did not deserve your number.
"Nah…" he drawled, crossing his arms and leaning back on his chair.
'Wait, why? You're not together, right? I just want to get to know her," he explained. Jungkook squinted his eyes, leaning forward and folding his fingers together. A silent staring contest commenced between the two before the guy gave him a weird look and went away.
"That's right, fucker…” Jungkook sucked in a breath and got started on his work.
You stumble into your 8AM class with your tote bag. Jungkook's pretending not to look your way as you drag your feet up the stairs and plop down on a seat. Your heart clenches a little every time you see him in your peripheral vision. He's right there, so close yet so miserably far.
You get a light tap on the shoulder. "Hey. Hey! Can your friend be more of a prick?" the dude who approached Jungkook earlier sneered.
"What do you mean?" You twist your body around to meet his.
"Is he always that protective of you? People are gonna think you're together!" he exclaimed.
Your eyes traveled to where Jungkook was sitting, casually scrolling on his phone. What the hell did he think he was doing?
You turned back to the man. He wasn't bad looking. He wasn't good looking either, but one date wouldn't be the end of the world.
"We're actually not even friends." The words slip out of your mouth before you have any time to think. "I don't know why people think we're together."
Jungkook had watched you break up with your old highschool boyfriend over this sort of thing. You were ready to have an adult relationship and you weren't afraid to prove it to him. Besides, he didn't own you.
"In that case," his lips contort into a satisfied grin, "Coffee, next week before class?"
A deep and hollow feeling builds in your chest as you utter the words: "It's a date."
Once he's home, Jungkook throws his keys on the counter and pulls off his clothes before jumping in the shower. Class was hell. His fingers rigorously massage his scalp, the scent of granny smith apples filling the air. He hates fucking apples.
He wipes the suds from his face and sighs with his back against the tile. "What the fuck, Jungkook," he sighs."What the fuck…"
In the other room, Ron's playing video games. "That boy's gonna get hurt," he shakes his head, listening to his tantrum. "But that is none of my business," he tosses another cheese puff into his mouth.
After struggling to put on your nice pair of boots, you flashed a smile at the mirror before picking up your purse at the dining table and heading out.
You've only ever dressed up like this for job interviews. One of the best things about college so far, in your opinion, was being able to dress however you liked. For you, that meant putting on a camisole under a hoodie and sweatpants and walking into Physics with an iced coffee and a jaded look on your face.
What kind of guy found that attractive? This one, apparently.
He wore a collared dress shirt underneath a long sleeved cotton sweater with a silver watch and dark wash denim jeans. He wanted to make a statement. His confidence stood out to you, the way he prompted conversation effortlessly was nothing short of charming. You had a good time. Sure, you had a great time.
Fifteen minutes into the encounter, he's mentioning to you how well his brother's business venture in Toronto is doing, and you're nodding as if you actually care.
Out of the blue, a familiar voice, muffled by the glass catches your attention. You try to remain engaged in conversation, but to no avail. The next moment, the voice grows closer, becoming discernable to your ear.
In your peripheral vision, you see Jungkook holding a bouquet of red roses pointed downward toward the pavement. He's trailing behind a girl who's evidently pissed, her heels clicking loudly against the concrete as she distances herself from him.
"Laura, please," he begs, "Laura, I got you these…" He holds up the dozen he'd gotten at the grocery store that morning.
"Tony was right, you can't love anyone but that girl you're obsessed with. He told me everything, Jungkook." She faces him now, wind blowing harshly through her long blonde hair.
Jungkook shrinks, gripping the plastic tighter by the second.
"You're so protective of her, you're so obsessed with keeping her away from other guys? This is why you can't ever be intimate or romantic with people, your heart belongs to that girl who you always tell people is your best friend or whatever but in reality, Jeon Jungkook? You're a coward. A stinking coward, and a kid who hasn't grown up enough emotionally to deal with the fact you have feelings for her." She stands and searches for a reply in Jungkook's face.
When none comes, she walks away, slipping through Jungkook's fingertips. He's stuck in time.
By the time you've zoned back in on your date, he's already figured you weren't invested in any of what he had to say. "I'm sorry," he breathes. "I believe someone else has your attention. It's apparent that you're preoccupied with…" he gestures towards Jungkook, who is now sitting on the bench outside the coffee shop, hunched over.
"Ah, yeah. I'm so sorry." You push out your chair. "I wish we would have met under different circumstances, but I have something to take care of." He's more than understanding of your situation, but that doesn't curb your embarrassment.
"Jungkook," his name leaves your mouth. You stand before him, clutching your purse. He shakes his head dismissively. "Jungkook, what do you have to say for yourself?"
"You moved on, Y/N. You're an adult woman now who deserves a real relationship, that's what you told me. All I'm trying to do is move on, too." Jungkook sets down the flowers next to him.
"Your idea of moving on is going around campus, intimidating the fuck out of every cute guy into not dating me? That's funny. So you can date around campus and I can't?" It's starting to get exhausting. He's exhausting to talk to at this point.
He shrugs.
So desperately, you wanted to know what happened to the guy who helped you move out of your parents’, the guy who took you out for wings after acing a math exam, the guy who wasn't ashamed to have a girl best friend. This one felt so broken.
"What's wrong with you?" Your eyes swell with unshed tears.
Frightened, Jungkook turns his head up and lifts up from his seat. His hands dart to touch your face, his thumb resting on your cheeks. "No, Y/N don't cry," he mumbles.
"No, no, Y/N. Don't cry," he says, softer. You shove him off of you, refusing to look back as you walk off. He didn't get to comfort you, not after he's the one who caused you all this pain.
As winter break approaches, You finally have a little bit of wiggle room in your schedule to make plans with friends. Who knows, maybe you'll go get coffee with someone, although this scenario became increasingly unlikely. The idea of going on a date excited you, but men seemed to avoid you like the plague now that Jungkook practically announced to the entire campus that you were his little girlfriend.
You decided to consult Marlene. You'd paired up during labs a few times now. The bond you two developed over stressing about percent errors created chemistry between you.
"It's 'cause Jungkook told the entire football team to stay away from you," Marlene said bluntly. Marlene stirred her Earl Grey, nodding. "Yeah. That's what I heard from Ron." She took out the spoon she'd been stirring her tea with and pointed it at you.
You melted into your sofa. " Jeon Jungkook ruining my social life?" You groan. "I mean--"
"I mean, you kinda ghosted him." Marlene murmured, bringing the mug to her lips.
"I didn't ghost him--"
"You totally ghosted him, you totally did."
You cleared your throat. "It's just that he changed, you know? He's being such a dick." Marlene shrugged, placing her saucer down on the coffee table.
"I have the feeling that you two need to have a serious, adult conversation about the whole situation and leave everyone else out of it. It's getting messy, and that's never good." She was right. You just could not accept that truth at the time, because then you'd have to deal with the jarring reality that you had feelings for your best friend-- just as everyone expected.
Perhaps a part of you denied your own feelings in spite of those who had always suspected them.
If those feelings go unrequited, your entire relationship would fall out.
Then again, avoidance is just as detrimental to your friendship-- if you could even call it that at this point.
Even if men avoid you like the plague, at least you have made a couple friends through this whole fiasco. With the holidays right around the corner, you think it would be nice to get everyone a gift, so you go shopping. It's not like you have any money, but it was the thought that counted.
You're currently at the department store. You hold your breath as you go through the perfume section, eventually finding yourself in women's footwear. You glance down at your two year old converse. They're just fine for everyday use, but what if you were invited to a fancy holiday party? Did you know anyone who was likely to throw a fancy holiday party? No.
Bypassing the rest of the first floor, you step on the escalator leading upstairs towards accessories and lingerie. There were so many options. Like a valiant explorer, whacking wild leaves with a mighty machete, you pioneered the racks of lingerie sets for your size.
Jungkook had a habit of stealing panties at stores and putting them on his head. He pretended as if they're not there to try and make you laugh. You smile, reminded of the most innocent moments between the two of you.
The intricate lace between your fingers feels delicately beautiful. It was too sweet of a garment, like an indulgence. Your intuition got the best of you, and you added it to the pair of earrings you were getting for Marlene.
As you make your way towards the exit, you run into the men's formal wear section. The possibility of things going south between you and Jungkook was considerable, but the possibility of you getting a return on the gift was 100%.
Trying not to look too suspicious, you take a look at a myriad of dress shirts ranging from salmon to grape. He wears a medium, but you have to keep in mind that he's gotten a little more buff since football season started. Today, his dress shirts hugged his pecs and broad shoulders, barely held together by their buttons.
You're standing in the middle of the men's section, looking off into the distance. Jungkook is exactly parallel to you, on the other side of the store, watching you zone out about his pecs. He's got your gift in hand, but he freezes as soon as he realizes you're right there.
"Well, shit," he curses under his breath. Does he have enough time to awkwardly leave?
You return your eyes to the tag you're holding, then turn your head to the side to spot the subject of your horny daydream.
"Oh." Your eyes dart to his hands. He's holding the exact handbag you've had on your online shopping list for a literal decade.
Terrified, Jungkook's thoughts bounce around like ping pong balls inside the apparently empty cavity that is his head at the moment. "Uh," he scratches his head.
You sigh deeply, plucking a solid black linen dress shirt from the rack. "Don't follow me," you warn. You turn and walk towards the register.
You gently fold Jungkook's dress shirt, having already washed and ironed it. The fabric feels so nice. Something was poking out from the folds of it.
You tease out the pair of panties you brought home earlier from his gift. Your cheeks get hot. That would have been a very bad mistake, had you given it to him like that.
"Y/N, I didn't know you felt that way about me," he'd say, when you know that he totally did know. "You put this in here on purpose?" he'd ask, when he knew you totally did not. Truthfully, he'd think it an honest mistake, but Jeon Jungkook would die before passing up the opportunity to tease you.
You place your hands on the chest of the shirt, making believe that it was his breathing chest.
Jungkook had taken you to homecoming all four years of highschool. He'd hold your waist delicately as you rested your head on his shoulder and rocked you to the pulse of the music when the night was old. "Are you okay like this?" You heard his voice humming through his body with your ear against him. You nodded.
"You're my best friend," you said quietly. Jungkook glanced up at the mirror wall. He watched as you swayed against him, entranced by the romantic music.
"Wish we could be more," he said, out loud.
Jungkook knew you were too drunk on jungle juice to understand him. "Hm?" You lifted your head up from him. He put his hand on your head, pressing it back into his chest softly.
"Shh...we should go to the store," he corrected, rubbing your back. "Come on, let's go home," he sighed.
You pick up the flyer you had taken down for the football game on Friday. You promised yourself you'd take responsibility for your actions once you'd gone away to college. It was a promise. Tomorrow would be the day you confronted Jungkook.
Friday came around like any other day, with the exception of the anxiety that seeing his face again gave you. You had already emailed Coach to see if you could come in and help with setting things up for volunteer hours, so you were going to be in early.
After brushing your teeth, you rehearse what you'd say in the mirror. "No, I don't need to come clean about shit!" That was a little too sassy. "I don't need to come clean...about shit!" That one was weird. "Jungkook, I don't need to come clean about shit." Bingo. Rinsing your mouth, you put your toothbrush back and spit.
Jungkook peeled back the wrapper on his granola bar and bit off a chunk. He sat in the middle of the field, taking a break before warmups. Today's a home game against an undefeated team, and it'll be the last game before winter break.
Last year, you would have been texting him good luck texts from your bedroom in exchange for his game day selfies with the boys. Jungkook opens up his camera, lays down on the grass and takes a photo anyways with a small smile on his face. Instead of texting you, he posts it on his Instagram.
"Alright boys, I'm gonna need you to listen up. Tonight's all about executing those strategies we've been working on," Coach glances down at his clipboard. "Joseph, your passes have been getting stronger. Great job. Michael, watch your ankles. Did you get the support sleeve I told you to?" He looks up.
"Yes sir," Michael shouts from behind.
Coach hesitates, lowering his clipboard and looking out at his team. He settles on Jungkook. "Lil' Nochu. You're our equipment manager for the night. You'll be helping out our volunteers." Jungkook blindly complies.
From the bleachers, you watch as the boys go over the strategy for the night. Beside you are the cheerleaders who are naturally giving you the stink eye, but you're used to that.
You're innocently munching on a snack when Jungkook appears in your peripheral vision, apparently walking towards you. You quietly put your snack away and face him. "I'm here for volunteer hours, don't get confused."
"Yeah, I know. I'm the equipment manager. Let's be adults about this." Jungkook holds his football helmet under his armpit, clearly bothered.
"Like you've ever been an adult about anything. You still wear iron man socks to bed," you snicker, causing the cheerleaders to giggle.
"They keep my feet warm," he snaps with conviction. "Get up, let's go."
Watching the both of you make your way to the equipment room, Ron snaps his head back around and yells to the rest of the team, "Operation Get Em is a Go!" Instantly, the group of men huddle together and begin an intense discussion.
"We should make her the waterboy," One teammate suggests. "No, we should bench Jungkook the whole game and make him sit next to her," another offers.
"We need to lock them in that supply room." Coach points his big, fat finger at a room about 50 yards from where they were standing.
"But Coach, they're headed in there right now," Ron says, concerned.
Coach smiles."Kid, get ready for the rush of your life." His careful eye counts down the seconds until the two of you enter the enclosure.
Ron speeds past 10 yards, keeping his knees high. He dashes past 20, to the amazement of the linebackers who look on, diligently. He's gonna make it.
Jungkook is reaching for the Gatorade fountain when he hears a loud click. Alarmed, he darts towards the door and tugs hard on the handle. It's locked. "Open the door. Open the fucking door!" He bangs on it hard.
You know exactly what's happening. They've locked you in so that you'd have to sort everything out with this clown. What a lame gimmick. "Don't waste your energy, they won't let us out."
Jungkook's pants in an innocent panic. He's breathing quickly, his eyes filled with fear. He closes his mouth and takes in a big breath. He doesn't do well with closed spaces.
Your sneer transforms into a soft pout. "Hey, listen, it's gonna be okay, they're probably gonna let us out eventually…" You speak softly.
Jungkook leans his head back against the door and continues to breathe deeply. He pulls out the pendant his mom gave him on his 16th birthday and holds it in his palm and shudders. "Okay," he sighs.
"Do you want some goldfish?" You hand the baggie to him as a peace offering. He silently accepts it, crunching one of them in his mouth.
"They're good, right? I don't have time to make lunch anymore, so I have it between classes." You admit. Jungkook eyebrows knit together in worry.
"Meals are important, Y/N…" He trails, finally finding his words again.
"I know, I know they are…" You zip up your purse. "Time just keeps slipping away." A gentle smile defaults on your face as you keep your eyes fixated on his thumb rubbing his pendant.
"Did you think Laura was right about me?" Jungkook keeps his head forward while talking. "That I'm a coward, and that I'm obsessed with you?" He furrows his eyebrows.
"I think that you just missed the opportunity to tell me something, and by the time you realized it, I was gone, wasn't I?" You say, regretfully.
"What happened to us?" He lets go of his knees, flattening them across the tile. "It used to be so fun when you invited me over and Mom made dinner and we would watch the game together…What happened to that?" His bittersweet expression is nostalgic of the memories you shared prior to college.
"Turns out college is a little harder than I anticipated," you reply.
"So what's up with these guys you've been seeing?" Jungkook nods his head up.
"They're sweet."
"Yeah, I bet." He licks the inside of his cheek. "I bet."
The following moment of silence builds in a rather unprecedented way. The only sound is of your breathing and the faint noise of football practice happening outside.
"So why'd you tell them to stay away from me?" You manage, your heart in your throat.
Jungkook huffs, letting go of his necklace. Offended, he says: "Because, idiot, everyone knows you're mine, everyone but your dumbass understands that you're meant for me and you can't text me once?"
"I've loved you, I've loved you and I've never stopped since middle school and you think it's okay to just not...give a damn about me…shit hurts." He finishes.
"But that's not fair," you shake your head. "That's not fair at all. You don't get to tell me how I feel."
"Well, how do you feel, Y/N?" An epiphany of hope fills Jungkook's spirit. The following words would change your relationship permanently.
"I love you, too." As the words leave your mouth, a warmth illuminates your body. You're uplifted, still shaking from the sweetest of confessions.
He gets up from the ground and wraps his tattooed hand around your waist. The familiar gentleness of his touch comforts you to contrast the excitement that being in his arms brings you.
Your breathing bodies elope into one another, his forehead nuzzling yours as his fingers caress your back. Delicately, his lips plant a kiss upon you, his thumb rubbing your cheek softly.
His body is pressed against yours with your limbs tangled together in an intimate way, his musk flooding your senses.
"You smell good," you sigh, as Jungkook's mouth peppers kisses on your neck. You feel him smirk against your skin. "You…" you lose your train of thought.
Out of the blue, the door to the supply room flies open and there's Ron with a stupid look on his face. "Aw look at the love bugs~" he goads.
"Oh my GOD, RON!" Jungkook lifts himself from you. "I am going to whoop your ass so hard you're gonna be seeing little birdies above your head," he laughs. It feels so good to see him laugh like that again.
Jungkook stands at the door, offering you his hand. After carefully gather your things, you take it. "The game is starting," he says. "Come over later, okay? We still need to sort things out."
You nod timidly.
"Now remember, the only way to measure chocolate chips is with your heart," you say, pouring the dry ingredients into a bowl at his place.
"Got it," he says, grabbing the butter from the fridge to soften with his hands. He's already showered and put on more comfortable clothes. It's approximately midnight at Louisiana State's Baton Rouge campus.
You gently fold in the batter while Jungkook is on dish duty, the sound of clinking dishes behind you. You begin to hum a simple song.
"You never sing…" Jungkook laughs, delighted. He sets a plate down on the drying rack and swings over to what you're doing. "What're you singing, baby?"
What did he just call you?
"Baby?!" You put the spatula down on the counter and recline against his figure, your hands placed gingerly on his chest. Looking up at his lovely face, you swoon. "So now you're calling me baby, huh?"
"Hmm...yeah," he thrums, his nose nestling itself under your ear. With a careful tug, his form is flush against yours and you're melting at his touches on your skin. It's quiet and dim in the apartment, the only light seeping through the open living room window.
"You do know what this means, right? Mom was right," you mumble, faintly gasping as his mouth finds purchase in your neck. Jungkook's curiosity is peaked as his hands explore where his mouth can't reach.
"We don't have to leave the door open, Y/N." His eyes search your expression wildly. He finds deep arousal, a blushing lust painting your visage. From then on, his purpose was clear. He uses his arms to carry you towards the bed.
He's readjusting things and just looking at you, watching for places he could kiss and suck at because he's totally unfamiliar with touching you with the intention of fucking you, but there's nothing he wants more.
He leans back on the bed as you run your hands up his body, and he's hissing a little, a nervous smile on his face as they ride up his thighs, but once he gets semi-used to your intimate touch, he tugs your hands up towards his tenting length. It's warm, surprisingly.
"Fuck, now your hand is on my cock," he speaks as if he's in disbelief. You burn up.
The ecstasy of what you're about to do fills the both of you with a slightly dizzying feeling of pleasure.
His eyes are on your face even as your palm rubs his dick through his jeans and he's already so flush and shaky because he realizes your exact desire. He shudders.
You explore him in a burning curiosity, something mind numbing about having your best friend spread on your bed like this having admitted that for the entirety of four whole years, he's wanted to love you and make love to you--
He's scared he'll say the wrong thing, so he doesn't speak as he pulls your body on top of him and kisses you tenderly, pretending you're the most fragile thing in the world.
You're his baby...and to be his baby is to be in his arms, to be his baby is to bury yourself in his scent and lose yourself and you split your legs on either side of his length, and to be his baby is to watch as his speechless expression contorts into one of deep pleasure.
"That'," his thumb rolls over your clit, as your hand softly thumbs at the slit of his cock. you're smiling with your eyes shut, feeling the beat of both your hearts spiral.
You're devastatingly beautiful, so he wants all of you to feel good and he's very...very curious, curious enough to overcome the anxiety of firsts. His breath hitches.
Now your brain is going numb at the thought, you're grinding softly against one another until you position yourself against the tip of his head and buck up...and he hears the sound that escapes your lips. He tries to catch it in his mouth.
He gasps, your lips smacking in a tender kiss. "I had no idea you could sound like that, give me more…"
You put your fingers to his lips and he opens his mouth and releases them as his eyes, full of lust, meet yours...his breath shudders quietly and he knits his eyebrows, and you can't properly feel he's slipping into you until a dull, full feeling fills you and you roll into him.
He puts his forehead against yours, panting softly as his hands rest upon your backside."I've only wanted to be inside you, to feel how you were made just for this, just for me to love you…" Your hand closes around his heart, biting your lip as his cock finds your little bundle of nerves and kisses it with the tip. "I'm going to help you feel good, okay?"
You're weak. You're unbelievably weak as you submit yourself completely to the man spearing you. He's your complete strength, and all of you is now his. All you want is to feel his nirvana, you want to drown in it.
He's thrusting himself into you, gliding your hips against one another in heated ardor, you're consumed by the suffocating flames of a passion that's burned between the both of you for an eternity. He moves with grace as he grasps you just hard enough to keep plunging himself over and over into your cunt.
When his lips meet yours again you both fall apart. Your cunt is filled to the brim with his fucking cock. The overpowering scent of your bodies gushing against one another, the addictive feeling that the both of you chase in a frenzied fever, it consumes you. "So good, so good, so fucking good," He drones, snapping his pelvis fervently to meet your blooming cervix. "Ahh, fuck~ Jungkook, fuckk…" you reply, your hands on either side of his face.
His lips part and your entire body shakes from the sheer force of his stupefying pounding. You whine in desperation, infatuated with your best friend's sex. Nestling his head between your head and your shoulder, Jungkook marks you deliberately as he adopts a more lucrative rhythm.
"Shit," you hiss, your fingers weaving between his wavy strands. "Ahh~"
"Been wanting to make you feel this good, been wanting to be inside of you since the day I fucking saw you at prom." His hands cup your breasts, holding them as his fingers shape them carefully, drawing out a delicious, slurred moan from you. "Fucking angel."
Your body twitches wonderfully, your pussy stretched around him, squelching with a messy concoction of fluids. You tense, convulsing as your heart flutters wildly. He tugs your ear between his teeth encouragingly. You pant, gripping his back as he milks your orgasm, peppering a mess of kisses on your lips as his pace falters, a single hard thrust filling you with his cum.
"Oh my God," you breathe, your hands immediately intertwining with his. His chest rises and falls rapidly against the bed, his head is spinning beyond any comprehension of what just happened.
"I didn't know your tits looked like that," he pants. "I'm sorry if that's like... that's not what you say after having passionate sex. It's just, holy fuck, you're that pretty…"
You throw a pillow at him.
"Let me guess,"
"Doofus," you say in unison. He sticks his tongue out at you playfully.
It's gonna be a long ass semester.
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lavishedinjimin · 2 months ago
for kinky hours can i request a continuation of mean daddy jk when she teased too much expecting to get fucked in return and instead got absolutely nothing. jk comes back home when it’s well after dark to find his baby deep in subspace just crying n begging for him to fuck her right, she can’t even get the words out she’s crying and whining so much for him to make it better.
I believe that anon got the inspo from this drabble!
tags: dd/lg themes so daddy!jk, just him being mean and degrading, name-calling
As a person who's constantly looking for more, expecting more, he doesn't like to be disappointed.
There are moments where he's playful and can have fun with your ministrations and teasings, but sometimes there are days where he just doesn't want to deal with anyone's bullshit.
In his dominant perspective, he doesn't expect a lot from you – honestly speaking. He just wants you to be his good submissive, and that's all he can ask to be satisfied. Aiding to his needs and wants is the key to his heart.
But he's unpredictable. You wouldn't know if he's in the mood to play or not.
After you'd just been teasing him all day during his work vacation, wearing tiny little skirts with no underwear, grinding your ass against his crotch whenever he allows you to sit on his lap, or just whispering the name 'daddy' in a seductive manner in his ear, he has little to no patience left.
"All right, that's it—" Jungkook moves away from you on the bed and stands up. You raise your brows in anticipation. "I've had enough of you today."
He stands up and grabs his car keys and wallet from the side table.
"Where are you going?" you ask meekly, lips pouting as you feel your heart clench. This isn't what you were foreseeing!
"None of your business. Go and be a slut without me."
"But..." you breath heavily, crawling to him with a desperate effort to lure him back to you, "Daddy, don't go!"
Jungkook smirks, "Aw, my baby girl wanted to get fucked? That's not happening anytime soon." Your hands reach to grab his hips, but he quickly moves away with a confused expression. "God, what a cockslut you are. Always needy for daddy's dick, huh? Don't you have something else to do than wanting to get stuffed and railed?"
He ignores your sad little cries, making his way to the door, "Don't wait for me." Jungkook gives you one final harsh glare before leaving you alone.
This is torture.
Nothing can make you feel good. Not the toys, nor your fingers. All your pussy wants were his cock.
The sound of the door swinging open was music to your ears, and you instantly jump up from the bed to wrap your arms around Jungkook's waist. You look at him with tearful, wide eyes.
"Daddy," you whimper, hugging him tighter.
Jungkook sighs deeply, dropping his things on the desk before turning his attention back to you, "Have you been playing with yourself?" He looks at all the toys you've spread out on the bed, "What do you want with me? Haven't you already made yourself cum, whore?"
Jungkook laughs darkly as you nod your head 'no'.
"I'm not in the mood."
He anticipated that cry that left your lips. Truthfully, he was already hard just by the thought of you begging and needing for his cock, and that it's the only thing that can make you cum.
Jungkook gasps as you suddenly grope his cock through his pants, your cunt getting wetter when you feel his throb against your palm. Your little mewls were pushing him further to just tease the living fuck out of you until you beg even harder for him.
His eyes turn into little slits, slapping your hand away from his dick. "Don't you dare start touching me without permission," he growls, holding your chin up with his thumb and pointer finger, "I can smell your arousal from here. That flimsy little skirt barely doing anything to cover you up."
Jungkook sits down at the edge of the bed and manhandles you until you were laid across his lap. With an unstable breath, you beg and beg for him to touch you – finally having him at close proximity after hours of being denied by his touch.
"Baby girl," Jungkook pouts, obviously mocking you, "you want daddy so fucking bad, don't you? Isn't he so mean to leave you alone and so horny?" his hand crawls down to flip your skirt up, revealing your bare ass and pussy. His eyes darken once he saw your dripping pussy, soaking your folds and clit.
He doesn't feel bad at all.
"You want my dick?" he whispers deeply.
You wiggle your hips in need, your whimpers getting louder. You can't even muster a single word from how horny and desperate you are.
"Hmm, I thought so. A wretched whore like you can't go a day without daddy's big cock. That's just..." he traces his middle finger on your folds, driving you crazy, "too bad."
I am so wet glad you came up with this request..
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jjungkookislife · 7 months ago
Come Again (M)
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: bf!jungkook x gf!reader
↬ genre: established relationship au, smut 18+
↬ wc: 1.4k
↬ warnings: cursing, tattooed!koo, blue!koo, drummer!koo, fingering (f. receiving), lots and lots of hair pulling (oc loves his blue hair, okay), bruising, face sitting, oral sex (f. receiving), flashback in italics, jk reminds oc that she has a safe word tho it isn’t used, spanking (with his hand and ahem... the drum sticks), oc squirts (again)
↬ date: March 16, 2021
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stand it. Something about your boyfriend and his blue hair drove you absolutely wild. Jungkook didn’t get why, but he wasn’t going to knock it when you were dripping wet for him.
You lay on your shared bed, legs spread open. Jungkook held a thigh in each hand, licking his lips as he feasted on your dripping wet cunt.
Your loud cries of his name filled your home, writhing beneath him as his lips and tongue worked wonders on your clit. His fingers slowly teasing your entrance before he slid one in, followed by a second soon after.
Your hands searched for purchase, settling on his blue locks, loving the way they looked between your fingers. You easily decide blue is your new favorite color, although your boyfriend with blond hair was also a delectable sight.
“Hey,” Jungkook whines, his beautiful doe eyes (with hearts in his pupils) look up at you; his fingers still pumping into you, thumb grazing your clit. “Pay attention to me.”
With a shake of his hair, he releases your hold on him, his lips wrapping around your index and middle fingers.
“Jungkook,” you breathe, feeling his hot tongue wrap around your fingers, teeth gently scraping your fingertips before he releases them. He licks his lips, a small smirk tugging at his lips.
“Yes?” he asks as he settles between your thighs once again. He places featherlight kisses on each of your thighs, his wet fingers teasing your entrance. You writhe beneath him, arching your back as your hips rise from the bed. His large hand pushes them back down to the mattress.
“Stay,” he demands, eyes dark and hooded. You nod, your hand moving to settle on top of his. Your fingers trace the art on his skin. Your favorite is a small heart.
“I have an idea,” Jungkook states seconds before he’s climbing off you to lie beside you, pulling you on top of him. You straddle his hips, eyes wide as you look down at him. His hand moves from your hips, up to your breast, his thumb circling your pert nipple. You moan softly, gasping when his tattooed hand wraps around your throat, gently squeezing the sides.
“Baby?” Jungkook coos, eyes soft. You melt, “yes?”
“Sit on my face,” Jungkook grins devilishly. You bite your lip, contemplating it before Jungkook is gripping your hips and pulling you to his chest with ease.
“Kook!” you exclaim, face flushed and sweat beading on your brow. Jungkook places his hands on your thighs, stroking them before moving them to your ass.
“Just for a little bit,” he begs, lips in a pout. You can’t resist him, not when he pouts like that and when you’re dying to have his hair in your hands while you fuck his face.
Jungkook licks his lips, his hands pulling you forward until your thighs are on either side of his head. You look down at him, a coy smile on your lips.
“You look ravishing from this angle,” Jungkook states, winking before he’s gripping your thighs to lower you closer to his lips.
A loud moan escapes your lips, hands digging in his thick locks as pleasure overwhelms you. Your body is flushed with heat, head lolling back, eyes closed as you allow Jungkook’s tongue to work its magic over you. His hold on your thighs is delicious; bruising in the best possible way that sends electricity flowing through your veins.
Jungkook groans, tongue circling your clit as his hands knead your ass, guiding your movements. His nose brushes your clit, your hips bucking, grinding as wetness coats your thighs and his cheeks. You’re dripping; overheated as his tattooed hands clutch your hips. You ache to lace your fingers with his, ride his face into oblivion. Hell, at this point you wanted to make him cry.
You pull on those sinful cerulean locks. They taunt you as they lay across the white pillowcase beneath his head, aching to be tugged, pulled until pleasure stems from the pain.
“Do it,” Jungkook rasps, diving between your precious, delectable thighs. Your arousal coating his taste buds.
“Jungkook! Kook!” your sweet cries had Jungkook delving deeper, tongue coaxing your wetness into his mouth, lips saturated with your taste.
You moan, remembering the events that led to this...
Jungkook had been banging on his drums earlier in the evening, practicing a new song that he and his band are releasing as a single soon.  
“I love it!” you had gushed, clapping when he finished. He had you come over to sit on his lap, his drumsticks held in one hand, while the other wrapped around your hips. He handed you his sticks, allowing you to fool around with his drum set.
“I’d love to bend you over my set and drum on your ass,” he admitted, smirking.
“J-Jungkook,” you stuttered as you looked at him. “We can’t.”
“And why not?” he asked, a brow raised. His blue hair distracted you. You want to run your fingers through it, pull it to make him moan.
Jungkook shook his head, pulling you off his lap to bend you over his drums. He wasted no time in pulling your shorts down your thighs.
“Fuck,” he cursed, his hand roving over your ass. He’d love to bury his face in it, but for now, he’d settle for spanking it.
“Kook!” you gasp when his palm comes down on your ass repeatedly.
“You know your safe word,” he reminds you as he spanks you again and again. Your pussy grows wetter, your arousal coating your thighs as you arch your back, wiggling your hips to tempt him.
Jungkook fantasizes about fucking you over his drum set, filling you full of cum and watching you drip all over his drums, but he refrains. He’s too focused on the way your ass jiggles every time he smacks it. Your thong only in the way as he pulls it down your thighs, helping to hold you steady before you step out of it.
“So pretty,” he muses to himself, his large palm stroking your heated skin before he smacks it again, grinning.
“Jungkook!” you cry out.
“Yes, baby?”
“Please what?”
You moan, wanting more of your boyfriend as he grabs your ass, squeezing it. Jungkook grabs his drumsticks, tapping them on your ass. Your eyes widen at the sensation, moaning when he hits the tender skin.
Jungkook adds more pressure, licking his lips when you sigh heavenly. You melt under his ministrations, pussy soaked beyond belief.
Jungkook shakes his hair out of his eyes, kissing your spine before he’s taking your hand and leading you to the bedroom, a coy smile on his lips as he has you lie on the bed.
Tumblr media
“Oh, fuck!” you curse, eyes rolling to the back of your head. You grind down on your boyfriend, moaning when you hear him gasp.
Jungkook is in heaven, loving the way your hips grind down on him, pussy smothering him. He wants to drink every drop of you. He can recognize the signs of your impending orgasm, his tongue working wonders on your cunt as you fall apart on him. Your hand grips his hair harshly, tugging the blue locks.
His name tumbles from your lips in a heady cry. You fall apart above him, sobbing his name as you orgasm. Jungkook nearly drowns, swallowing what he can before you’re leaving his face to straddle his waist instead, body trembling like a leaf.  
Jungkook chuckles, face, neck, and chest soaked from your squirting orgasm.
“Oh, wow!” you gasp, hands cupping your cheeks. “I did it again?”
Jungkook grins brightly. “Yes! Fuck, how are you so fucking hot? I almost fucking drowned, baby. Your pussy is always so fucking wet and then you fucking squirt on my face. Dear fuck. I can’t even think right now. I wanna drown in your pussy again and again.”
“Jungkook!” You exclaim, embarrassed.
“No, for real. I’d gladly drown between your thighs. Can you do that again? Suffocate me with your thighs? Maybe cum on my drumsticks?”
“Jeon Jungkook!”
“I’m just saying!” Jungkook wiggles his eyebrows.
“Come on, love. Spread your thighs, I wanna see you do it again.”
You roll your eyes, spreading your legs once again as Jungkook slots himself between your legs. His lips and chest glisten from your cum, but you’re lost in his lust-filled eyes, hands reaching for his hair once again.
“Oh, Jungkook!” you moan, fingers threaded in that luscious blue hair that drives you wild, succumbing to the pleasure that his tongue provides.
Tumblr media
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© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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heartylunalys · 2 months ago
First everything
Tumblr media
Nerdy! Virgin!jungkook x black female!reader
Best friends to lover au
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut, fluff
Words: 3k
Warning: masturbation (m), oral (m,f), slight chocking, sub! Jungkook, virgin! Jungkook, reader have stretch marks because it’s so beautiful omg, jungkook cries of pleasure during sex, very vanilla
Notes: •This is my first English one shot and I’m so proud! English isn’t my first language so sorry for any mistakes
•I’m a simp for ftl au and jungkook wearing glasses so I had to do this story
•feedback is very appreciated!!
Tumblr media
You were jungkook first everything. First girl to talk to him, first friend, first best friend and finally first girl he fell in love with too. In fact, your best friend learned the pros and cons of love while being around you.
The sensation of euphoria and the butterflies made him want to always be around you, he couldn’t help the smile he let out every time he was going out with you, seeing the sun compliments your melanin made him feel all types of ways. On the other hand, the heartache he had every time you mentioned another boy or when he couldn’t kiss your full lips every time he needed to was unbearable.
Jungkook couldn’t resist anymore, he needed to taste your lips, he needed to taste you.
He couldn’t just satisfy himself with his hand while thinking of you anymore. He couldn’t just imagine your tight pussy around his cock. He couldn’t just imagine the taste of it on his tongue. He had to bury his fingers deep inside you, seeing your juice creaming his fingers, while your fucked face was begging him to let you cum for the third time.
Like every night, Jungkook was washing in shame his stomach and hand coated in his own cum after jerking off to the thought of you, he was completely going insane, craving your touch. While he was throwing the last tissue in his bin, your notification apparead on his phone, making his face redden in a lot more of shame, as if you were able to see what he just did. He finally opened your message, hoping that you weren’t behind his window the whole time, disgusted.
[19:32] y/n 🤍: Come over Wednesday, let’s study for the tes together hehe
[19:46] jungkook: who told you I needed you to study?🙄
It was a lie, of course he needed you, he needed to have you around him every time he could
[19:48] y/n 🤍: well, i need you to study so just stfu and come over Wednesday.
[19:49] jungkook: ok I will, now stop harassing me I’m gonna eat
[19:50] y/n 🤍: fuck you
He chuckled a little bit at your last text before calling Taehyung in a hurry, he decided he will make a move on you wednesday but how? He needed his fuck boy friend to help him with that.
Tumblr media
Hearing the knocks on his door jungkook practically ran to the door where his straight faced friend taehyung was waiting for him. The blonde man came into Jungkook's apartment and immediately decided to go to the kitchen to serve himself something to drink.
“I hope you have a good reason to call me on Saturday night. I have other things to do than chilling with you” he seemed annoyed, he probably already planned to spend his night between some girl thighs.
“Y/n invited me over Wednesday.”
“Yeah like always, that’s what best friends do if you didn’t already know, you’re like, always at her house so why are you acting like it’s a big deal?” He cocked his brow with curiosity.
Jungkook was now struggling to find his words without turning completely red. He repositioned his glasses timidly before speaking.
“I kinda wanna…kiss her, maybe more you know?” He was a red stuttering mess.
Taehyung couldn’t contains his laugh anymore,
“You want to fuck your best friend?” Jungkook gasped before nodding his head with shame.
“Who could imagine that the cute nerdy Jungkook will be ready one day?” The blonde boy mocked his friend before plopping himself on the couch and saying to his friend everything he needed to know about the subject.
After around 2 hours, the brunette learned everything he could, he had to stop himself from taking notes or he would never hear the end of it from his friend. Taehyung was now putting back his shoes and opening the door.
“Oh and,” he threw a condom at his friend, “please don’t forget that.” He was now gone and only his laugh could be heard in the corridor while a red flustered jungkook ran to his room to put the condom in his wallet.
Tumblr media
The sound of the ring at your door made you jump in impatience a little bit. You waited to see your sweet best friend for a long time but you or the boy always unfortunately had something to do. Opening your door, Jungkook couldn’t help but stare at your bare legs, only the very top of your thighs were covered by the, wait, HIS shirt. His eyes scanned your skin and paused at the stretch marks, he couldn’t help but gasp a little bit at the sight.
Thinking that this reaction was because of the fact that you stole his shirt you just laughed a little bit before letting him step in your apartment. But when you turned around, Jungkook saw the shirt struggling to cover your ass, the boy found himself feeling tight in his pants.
You, on the other hand, sat on the floor, all your lessons already waiting for you and Jungkook to start. He sat just in front of you and immediately lowered his gaze at the view of your perky nipples who could be seen through your shirt.
Seeing the red face of your best friend and the way he was moving around, fidgeting, you finally put your hand on his thigh, raising his chin with your fingers so he’ll look at you.
“Are you okay Jungkook? You seem, I don't know, stressed? Is it because of the finals” you asked sweetly, almost as if you didn’t want him to shy away from your gaze, and that’s exactly what you wanted in fact.
“I- y/n I have to tell you something.” His voice was just a little higher than a whisper and his eyes were looking at everything but your face.
“We’re best friends honey, you can tell me everything.” Your voice was so soft and your eyes so comforting for him.
Screw Taehyung's plan to show you a new side of him and wait until you are the one begging for him. Jungkook couldn’t wait, he needed to spill his feelings for you. After all you were his best friend, you two could manage to make this less awkward if you weren’t feeling the same way.
Behind his glasses you could see tears began to form in his eyes while he finally raised his face to look at you.
“I’m so sorry but I can’t help it, I’m always thinking about you. I’m so ashamed of myself to even think about you like this but everytime I see you I just wanna bury my face in your neck and hear you talk to me about your day. I want to be able to kiss your lips that I love so much every time I want. I want to touch you, love you and also make love to you so much, I’m completely in love with you, you make me feel so unique and important.” As he was struggling to find the rest of his words you gently took his face between your hands and put your soft lips on his. Jungkook couldn’t help but freeze at the contact of the lips he fantasized so much about. He finally began to move his lips in sync with yours, putting his hands shyly on your waist.
The kiss deepened, being totally filled with love and passion. Only the wet sounds of your tongue caressing each other could be heard. You wanted more of jungkook, you craved more so your hands took his ones and made them rise until they were cupping softly your breast. The two of you moaned sweetly as the contact and you finally decided to break the kiss. Jungkook opened his eyes slowly, they were already full of desire and lust but you could see nervousness in them too. Your cute best friend finally opened his mouth timidly.
“I’ve never done anything like that before.” His eyes paused on his hands on your tits and he thought he could cum in his pants at this exact moment.
“I know baby, and I would love to do it with you if you feel ready.” God, you’ll be the death of him, he was sure. He crashed his lips on yours. Jungkook was so horny for you. He couldn’t resist anymore and began to play with your tits, massaging them and drowning in the sounds you made every time the friction of his hand around your nipples was too much. Slipping his hands under your shirt he finally touched your bare skin with his hands, he could feel all the goosebumps coating your skin every time his soft and hot digit touched it. The boy made sure to take completely off your shirt (taking special care of not ruining your hair in the process) before leaving sweet open mouthed kisses on your beautiful skin. His teeth were grazing your neck with each kiss and you couldn’t help but moan gently and put your hand on the tent in your best friend pants. At this moment jungkook felt like he was finally in heaven, he was slowly trailing his kisses from your neck to your collar and rutting his hips to earn more friction from your hand that was gently palming his member.
He raised his gaze a little bit when he finally reached your breast, finally asking for consent. When you nodded your head at him, he wrapped his lips around your right nipple, licking, sucking and biting it gently while his hand was massaging and pinching your second breast. The moans you let out of your pretty lips and the hand you gently put on his head to caress his hair was driving jungkook insane. But, at the same time, Jungkook didn’t know what to do next. Should he let you take control of him? Should he ask you what to do? Seeing his hesitation and the tension in him you finally decided to take his face in your palms and make him look at you.
“We don’t have to do anything Jungkook you know?” Your sweet tone made him realize that, of course, he wanted that more than anything else.
“I don’t know what to do next…”
You gently smiled at him, taking off his glasses to put them on the table of your living room before sitting on his laps. The sensation of his clothed dick on your pussy made you shiver, giving you a new confidence. You gently took off his shirt and watched his body with admiration.
“You’re beautiful Jungkook” he scanned your eyes to see a sign that you were saying that out of pity but all he could see was the pure love and admiration you had for him. He couldn’t help but blush while your lips covered his skin with red marks.
“I’m yours y/n” he breathed, he was already completely fucked up. You smiled against his skin and got up to lead him to your bed. You gently laid him down and took off his sweatpant. You felt your heart skipping a beat at the view of his body below you, completely at your mercy, eyes begging you to ruin him. You slowly toyed the elastic band of his underwear.
“Can I ?”
He nodded his head frantically and you couldn’t help but chuckle at the view of your cute best friend. After what felt like an eternity for him, his cock was finally freed from his underwear and he didn’t even dare to look at your reaction. But the sensation of your hand on his red, leaking tip and the strangled moan you let out made him look at your lust tainted face.
“I wanna suck you so fucking bad” you were almost drooling at the sight of his dick, it made him jerk a little bit in your hand.
“Do it, please y/n” even himself didn’t recognize the low voice he had now.
You slowly lowered your head, and finally, you wrapped your glossy full lips on his hard tip. The saltiness of his precum was making you crazy. The feeling of your tongue dancing around his tip made him moan uncontrollably, grabbing the sheets as if his life depended on it. Jungkook was whining behind you when you took his full length in your soft mouth, you took care of looking him right in the eyes and he felt like he could cum just by looking at you. He couldn’t take it anymore so he just pushed you gently and sat on the bed.
You looked at him confused, his blushing face was lowered when he began to talk.
“I wanna taste your pretty pussy, can I?”
“Please” you responded, voice sounding like honey to his ears.
He quickly took off your panties, scanning your legs and stopping his gaze on your stretch marks. You were so perfect. He let his fingers trace each pattern on your skin, washing all the insecurities off your body. He was now in front of your pussy, struggling to even breathe from how much he desired you. He gently ran a finger on your wetness, blushing at the idea that he was the one making you this horny. Jungkook finally decided to insert a finger in you, seeing you shut your eyes in pleasure. He let his lips trail kisses on the skin of your thigh and your pussy lips. He hesitantly licked your clit, earning a sweet moan from you. Your hand found its way into jungkook wavy hair, pulling them slightly every time the feeling of his tongue against your clit was too much to handle. Moreover, Jungkook was rubbing himself against your bed, searching for some friction while his tongue and finger was making you dizzy. Only the soft sound of your muffled voice made him regain his consciousness.
“I can’t take it anymore Jungkook..I need your dick, please fill me.” Jungkook felt like he was going to explode at any minute now, your pleadings and sultry voice was already bringing him to the edge.
“Can you…can you be on top please? I don’t wanna mess things up..” he said to you shyly and you obeyed, wanting your baby to enjoy himself for his first time. You laid him on your bed, caressing his honey skin, counting and admiring each mole that decorated his body. You kissed each of them with love before directing your gaze to your best friend shutted eyes.
“Do you have a condom?” He nodded frantically his head, pointing his finger in the direction of his wallet. Once you unwrapped it you looked at Jungkook who’s eyes were glued to your chest.
“Can you put it on me ?” You let a little yes slip out your mouth and rolled the condom on his length. You finally sat on his lap and watched his body with all the love you had for him.
“Ready?” You asked softly and he was almost begging you to just sit on his dick and use him. And that’s what you did, you sat on his cock painfully slowly, the new sensation of the warmth of your folds and the wetness of you around his dick made him roll his eyes with pleasure. His hands found their ways to your ass, groping you, squeezing your flesh. When you finally began to bounce on his dick, jungkook couldn't retain his moans anymore, he chased your lips and you kissed him passionately, biting lightly on his lip. The sensation made his dick twitch in you. Your movements were too much for him, he was a moaning and panting mess, squeezing your ass and helping you fuck him while on the other hand he was thrusting deep inside you. Your sweet scent and your hands wandering all over his body was making him so happy. He felt his end approach when one of your hands wandered down your clit, massaging it to make you cum.
“Y/n I can’t..I need to cum, please let me cum” he begged, tears menacing to fall down his face because of all the pleasure and love he felt.
“Just a little more baby, you can do that for me right? You can hold your cum a little bit longer to let me cum with you?” Your eyes were semi-closed, moaning while you touched yourself roughly. Your movement became sloppy and fast. Jungkook's name fell repeatedly out of your mouth while tears were running down his face because of the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was feeling.
“You can let go baby, oh my god, please finish for me Jungkook” as soon as the words have left your mouth you can feel his dick twitching, letting his cum fill the condom. The moans leaving his lips were so fucking sexy and at the same time so innocent. Your pussy clenched around him during your climax and, without thinking much about it, you wrapped your hand around his throat, praising him for his behavior.
Tumblr media
Once the two of you regained your breath you gently plopped yourself next to him on the bed. The window of your room was letting the fresh air and the light of the sun kiss your skin, making Jungkook look at you with awe before you reminded him to take off the condom and throw it. Once everything was done he laid on your chest, listening to your heartbeat while you were massaging his scalp.
“I’m in love with you” he blurted suddenly, not even daring to look at your face. His tension finally went when he sensed the touch of your pretty lips on his scalp and your soft whisper.
“I’m in love with you too Jungkook.” Jungkook couldn’t express the warm feeling in his heart when he drifted to sleep in your arms, the sound of your calm breathing in his ear.
You really were Jungkook first everything, his first time and first girlfriend too now.
[18:39] Taehyung: Soooo did you fuck her with the advices I gave you?
Tumblr media
Notes: •I hope you liked this story!!
•I write for a lot of fandom (BTS, the100, Timothée chalamet, tears of Themis , Rodrick heffley…)
•I created this blog to permit to black girls to feel more comfortable with reading x reader, as a black person I saw how much we weren’t really represented in the fanfic community
Tumblr media
This is my work, please don’t repost it, translate it or take it without my permission.
Published the 16/08/2021
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delugguk · 2 months ago
hello~ thirsty ass fellows 😬 i really like dirty talking so! much! like imagine jk f*cking u with his fingers while he whispers in ur ear talking about filling u up with his c**k later, and probably his come... impreg kink maybe??? lol idk u want to make this a drabble but yea hehe
Hii sorry it's late asf 😭
two fingers already got you like a mess. What was making all of this hotter was the fact that he was fingering you with his tattoed hand... You hold onto his tattooed arm feeling how big and strong he has gotten.
"Look how wet you are" he says under his breath slapping your pussy making you jump "ugnh jungkook-"
"Yeah baby?"
"Please fuck me already, I need you" there was a desperate tone in your voice that he could not resist.
"Desperate for my cock huh?" he smirks. "You're taking my fingers so well.. and my little princess doesn't feel like its enough huh?" another light slap to your pussy, his head goes close to your neck leaving a wet kiss making a trace up to your ear.. he leaves a soft sensual whisper, "can't wait to feel my cock mmh?" His deep voice made your body shiver, he was so hot. His fingers went deeper adding a third this time, you leave a loud moan.
"fuck.. look at you so desperate mh?"
-while softly biting your ear..-
"imma need you to wait a little more princess, I promise to fill this little greedy pussy later.." His lips travel through your skin placing some delicious hot kisses..
"and maybe I'll cum inside too mh?"
at this point you're squirming under him, "yes baby, fuck"
"you'll like that huh?" a smirk draws his face. "to have our babies inside of you..." his fingers goes up and down your slit, teasing you.. so slowly. "My cock filling up your pretty pussy, saving my cum all up inside of you.. grow a little bump, carrying our kids.. fuck you'll look so hot pregnant"
You both never actually mentioned having kids but now that he was talking about it..
You feel so close to your high now, you start fucking yourself into his fingers.
"Yes, yes! Jungkook please fuck me" your plead turned him on so bad.
"Fuck- you are so greedy today, I could give up now and fuck you raw but the way you're dripping right now.. shit. I bet I could just slide right in"
You keep moving so he takes his fingers out and starts to tease and slap your clit all over again.
"Jungk-" you wanted him to fuck you NOW, it was getting frustrating his slaps making you go crazy. "Please!"
"I can feel your walls pulse through my fingers and they arent even in.. fuck. such a greedy pussy.."
"Please, please fuck me baby I want it"
"how bad do you want it?"
"so fucking bad please" you even closed your eyes with a pout, moving your hips up and down to find some sort of friction with his fingers, practically begging at this point.
"Fine baby.. just keep behaving like this and you'll get what you want.. just wait a bit more.. shit."
The moment he introduces his fingers back to your pussy you squeeze your walls tightening around it.. his last straw
"fuck, I told you to- don't miss beha- agh fuck it, you're getting it now"
finally what you deserved.
SORRY THE ENDING ITS SO BAD $*@&#& I didn't know how to end it! this is also my first time trying impreg kink?? 😳 idk if its good so I apologize .... let me know how was it , anyone that's reading this.. thank you !
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sugacoatinq · a month ago
Oh, to be intimate
Tumblr media
Pairing: jeongguk x reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Genre: smut, fuckbuddies au
Summary: There he is, the cockiest little shit fiddling your body like a string and there the both of you are, too many unspoken things left in the air. ---birthday drabble, 2021
Rating: Mature
Warnings: bareback sex, slight overstimulation, noona kink, praise kink, oral (f receiving), 87% chance that jimin might be listening
Author’s Note: guess who like... dipped for three months? and will dip again?
Tumblr media
Currently, you think refusing to come to Jeongguk’s room would have been the worst idea possible.
Your nerve endings tingle with pleasure as you writhe on the bed, hips gently bucking. A gorgeous face rises from between your legs, lips kinked to the side in a knowing smile. Your eyes trail with admiration from his deep, sparkling eyes to his strong jaw and chiseled biceps. You grasp at the satin sheets beneath you, a desperate attempt to anchor yourself as another wave of ecstasy breaks.
“Mmh, there please… right there!” A hand interwines with yours, holding you steady. He kisses his way up your chest, settling the length of his body against yours.
His feather light finger drags itself across your breast as his face hovers over yours. The smell of his musky cologne burns your nostrils and you almost feel drugged, drowning under his warmth. Everything right now was about him. Your senses were blocked by him. What you heard, saw, tasted, smelled or felt; it was all him.
He presses the firm bone of his finger knuckle to your clothed pussy, rubbing slowly with extreme expertise. He hits and and beckons your clit in a motion while watching you unwind yourself in front of him. “Right here? You feel it here, hm?”
He pins your wrist over your head and grins before trailing hot kisses down your neck and chest, his tongue teasing your nipples through your bra. “Pretty girl, answer me,” he clicks his tongue, “do you like it here? Or should I stop right now? Because you aren’t answering me properly…”
“Ok, fuck yes! There! Are you fucking happy?!”
“Wasn’t so hard now, was it? C’mere, don’t want my pretty girl to lose her voice…”
Your lips come together in a passionate kiss. Your body felt like it was lighted on fire, as his hands trail down to your hips. Suddenly, he flips you over so you’re straddling him, chest to chest; palpating hearts dancing with each other in instinctual cadence. You moan as your clothed nethers make contact with the undeniable evidence of his lust, and your hips rock slowly against his; almost in an elegant ball dance. “Mmh… Kook.”
Your eyes stayed closed but his grows wide open and he stares at you with shock. To what instinct you had called him by that, he didn’t know. But the nickname rings in his ear like a poisoned gas that doesn’t kill, but hurts instead. He is reminded to fall off his high horse. Even though, the tight constriction in his chest becomes the only living witness of his hope that your words held meaning. Even though it was just a name. Just a nickname in fact.
So intimate the two of you were; yet you felt none of it even though you’d argue you did. Sex is probably the most intimate of activities in the world but even that doesn’t hold a candle to what Jeongguk felt right now. The woman he loves on his lap, all pretty and his. Not his his, but still his nonetheless. He wonders if you felt it too; the love, the heart wrenching safety and warmth, the desire to make you feel like a queen.
His hands trace an electric path up your spine, then reaches for the clasp of your bra; after a long time of practice, opening them was a piece of cake. You gasp as your bra falls away and his lips graze the bare skin of your breast, his tongue flicking out to tease the peak. You fail to catch your breath as the sensation overwhelms you. He takes the nipple between his teeth; tongue working from the inside, rubbing hard and slowly on the centre. It burns from inside your skin, the feeling making your legs close in together and your lips quiver in excitement.
Gibberish, mumbly words fall out of your tongue; what you wanted to say you had no idea, what you were going to say you didn’t know. Noises, they were just noises. Noises of your pleased body giving Jeongguk’s cock the validation it needed to get so hard it strains his pants up.
You watched him trail kisses, licks and bites down your heaving chest, placing a tender kiss on the valley of your breasts and edging closer again to your nips. He looked at you in the eyes attentively, never looking away when he gave your nipple a sensual lick, lips twitching into a smirk at you throwing your head back before softly biting down and pulling on the bundle of nerves. “S-Shit…”
You squeaked as he presses his thumbs on the bone below your breast firmly while taking another nipple in his mouth and rolling them inside his teeth together. The buds rubbing on each other along with the added sensation from his teeth sends your body into wreckage and a delicious broken whine escapes your throat. You plead him not to bite down so hard, not because of the pain or uncomfortable-ness, but the raging pit inside your stomach and pussy that doesn’t appease to his grinding.
Your hands tangled into his black locks, tugging it while Jeongguk kept brutally torturing your poor nipples. Jeongguk hummed and groaned from your tugs, hands dipping down to trail on your hipbones.
After much destruction, he pushes himself away from your breasts; little girls bathed in wet saliva, red and blooming hard from the advances. His attention goes down to the hips he had held earlier, a good stairs down where you could see his bulge almost in good contact with your essence. He stares at it for a few moments, thumbs grazing over a few of the stretch marks that scarred on the panty line; and he dips down to leave a small kiss just under the navel. “Beautiful… perfect pretty girl.” You almost don’t hear him from how low the decibels of his voice went.
“Let me…?” you begin moving, the sight of his strained probably hurting cock inside covers looking appealing enough to gift a nice blowjob. He shakes his head, leaning down to pull your panties down and lick a testing stripe before smiling up at you, “Mm-mm. Today’s about you little lady.” Weird; if you didn’t know your circumstance, it would look like he was your lover.
You push the thoughts aside when your head throws back with a loud moan, caught off guard when Jeongguk dipped two finger past your wet folds, you mewling and clutching the sheets beside your head as his fingers thrusted into you in a slow, teasing pace. “Have been seeing you make a tent inside the café nearby to make your presentation. You’ve been losing sleep huh?”
You don’t know what noise you made; probably one out of surprise or astonishment. But whatever he heard, Jeongguk smiled at you, “Pretty girl will get a good grade. She deserves it.” You whimpered loudly as Jeongguk added another finger, now moving the two of them faster and rougher, the new squishy sound echoing embarrassingly in the quiet room.
What went through your head was however not the squelching noises of your pussy but how the words that left his mouth impacted in you. Jeongguk and you had only been acquainted with each other through sex. A night after a frat party when the two of you woke up from mutually a really good fuck fest after taste, you two agreed on calling up each other for getting rid of stress. You have never thought of it changing; the first thing Jeongguk had told you after you (nicely) suggested on going out for food was that he wasn’t looking for any sort of relationship with you.
Well, he didn’t exactly say that out loud but it was indirectly clear.
“I don’t do well with relationships, any kind. Have some friends and I don’t know where I stand with them. I am liking things the way it is.”
The two of you haven’t exactly bothered to learn each other’s names. Although, you are pretty sure he knows your name just like how you knew his. That’s how things were with you two. That’s how it was supposed to go, supposed to be.
“Want a response…” he fucking pouted, curling his fingers inside you, brushing against the spot that makes you see stars.
“F-Fuck!” Your body jerked suddenly, eyes clamming shut as well as your legs, capturing Jeongguk’s hand in place. Said man forcibly pushed your thighs apart, chuckling softly at your reddened face and glossy eyes, mouth hung open and panting like a dog in heat unable to control your moans. He kissed you, swallowing up your moans between the heated kiss as he fingered you roughly. “That’s it, baby… Jimin-ssi is outside for a smoke. Let him hear how good I’m fucking you? Hm?”
The tight knot in your stomach now grows unbearable and you thrash and squirm against Jeongguk’s hold. He felt your wall clench around his fingers, a good evidence of how close you were to release your cum all over his hands but before you could do so, he pulls away; and immediately a frustrated whine leaves your lips. He licks between his fingers, cleaning up whatever slick he had taken from your cunt and stares down at you while your lips quivered in want.  “Dick’s better, baby. I promise,” he drags you gently by your thighs.
“J-Jeongguk…” you gasped breathlessly, trailing your fingers down his toned chest, loving the feeling of his warm skin radiating on your fingers, him loving the feeling of your hands and how his name from your mouth made him feel the realistic version of ‘fuzzy butterflies in stomach’. “Y/n.”
He bent down for an open mouth kiss, your head tilting to deepen the kiss and arms instinctively wrapping around his neck to pull him closer. You felt him shift, most likely from pulling his pants off before you gasped, something hot and hard tapping on your inner thigh. Jeongguk slightly pulls your thighs apart, the tip of his cock hitting your entrance as he purposefully rubbed himself against your small bundle of nerves to tease you. You mewled, hand reaching out to tug the ends of his shirt.
“Kook… please. C-Can’t take it…”
Your begging earned you an amused chuckle from him. His hands were so warm as they clutched your thighs. The smoothness of his knuckles made you shiver each time he rubbed his hands up and down your thighs and you couldn’t help but whine as his cock swiped over your quivering pussy. Looking up, your eyes connected with Jeongguk’s; his doe eyes haughty as he stared up at you and you gasped when he began to pinch on your clit. Your thighs were shaking, your knuckles were white from holding the sheets too tightly and Jeongguk whined when you buckled against him.
Scrupulously, he pushes himself into you and a broken whine left your throat immediately. His cock filled you up beautifully, the tip hitting just right in the cervix and delicious stretch made you wish to stay in that position forever. Jeongguk groaned, keeping still for a moment to allow you to adjust to him, and when you softly rubbed yourself against him, he began to move. Your eyes squinted shut and you had folded yourself in an uncomfortable position. But you wouldn’t have it either way; this was the best way you could all of him inside you.
“N-Noona… ssho good, s-so pretty,” he drawled as he held on to your waist for dear life.
He slowed down to snap his hips against you harshly, his balls smacking against you loudly as he pumped his cock inside you. You moaned, not even paying attention to his words while he huffed loudly, his fingers digging deep into your hips. Your walls clenched around him so beautifully, making it harder for him to pull himself away to fuck into you again. He tried to pick up pace, sloppy in the beginning, but the more he riled you up, the more you came undone in front of him. Your orgasm hit you just as he hit hard into your cervix, cum splattered all over his lower abdomen and running down your own thighs.
You cried out his name, back arching and you came, hips bucking against him as he fucked you through your high. Jeongguk began to groan loudly, his head falling back and he hissed out. “Take mine too, n-noona…”
He came deep within you, filling you up with his warm batter as he rode his high and he collapsed onto you. The two of you were panting, and you groaned slightly as you let your legs relax. Running a hand through his hair, you mumbled tiredly.
“You still have to finish your assignment on your own.”
Jeongguk whimpered.
Tumblr media
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a-detraque-barista · 11 days ago
Do we get any hints or head canons for your werewolf Jungkook? No pressure, just expressing my excitement~ I love love love werewolf Jungkook.
Dw my love I’m also excited about the werewolf jungkook fic I’m working on for Halloween~
Omg okay get ready for this one
Nuzzles your cheek or neck when he wants attention
Will get more assertive if you keep ignoring him
Starts to nip or will straight up tackle you
He’s waited so long to find his mate and now he finally has you
Now he just needs your undivided attention
Is nervous to take you on a run with him on his back but he really wants to do it
Omg you guys can swim in the lake after a run
Blushy wolfman
Unabashedly stares
Good chance he bites you on the ass
Chomp chomp
Best cuddles in the world I promise you
Holds you to his chest all night and has his face in your hair or neck with a leg over your body
Can be scary when he wants to but is needy around you at all times
Would hate to scare you 🥺
Mauls people 🥰
Rut time
An absolutely b e a s t
Rips apart the sheets and mattress
Wont even let you leave his side
Feeds you in between fevers
Tries to make up for being so rough and harsh with gently touches
Once his fever comes back you’re not leaving the position he manhandles you in until the next break
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jessikahathaway · 4 months ago
Kill me Softly
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Romance, Vampire!AU, Smut
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, angst (sorryyy), threatening the life of a pregnant person, smut in the forms of: Oral (f receiving), dom!reader, sub!kook, unprotected sex (don't do as I write pls), creampie, edging, nipple play (phew), fucking in a forest (don't do that peeps), unexpected pregnancy, if I forgot something please let me know! (It does get intense so please be aware!)
Words: 26.1k (OOOF)
Summary: As a reclusive vampire, you haven’t seen one of your kind in centuries. Regardless, Jungkook is tasked with hunting you down and bringing you back to the King by whatever means necessary. Even if you’re shattered by the end of it.
*This is set in the universe of my 'I Belong to You' Taehyung X Reader story - although it was written a few years after so please forgive a couple discrepancies here and there. I did start writing this a few months ago so if it seems a little awkward that's why. It's mainly unedited because I didn't have timmmeee I sowwy! But please enjoy!*
It filled your nostrils and suffused your whole body as you ran through the forest after your next kill. A doe, already wounded, ran through the woods ahead. It made your blood sing with the fire of hunger. Her blood splattered on the ground and it made your mouth water at the thought of finally being able to eat after a week of starving.
You tried not to eat frequently in order to keep the forest in balance, but as you’ve gotten older it’s been harder to control. Especially around a human.
Gods, the smell of their blood absolutely sends you spiraling into a new world of hunger. But every time you’ve tried to feast on one since... since he passed, you can’t help but taste the blood taste of rotting flesh. It makes your stomach churn painfully just to think about it.
But now it was time to focus on the hunt, and the glory of victory that was just within your grasp. You would make her death quick and you also made sure she didn’t have any fawns that relied on her still. You knew what it was like to grow up without family, so you weren’t going to subject anyone to that pain. Animal or not.
Finally, her injured leg tripped over a log and she fell to the forest floor. She didn’t even try to get back up, accepting of her fate. She snorted and huffed as she looked at you, fear in her eyes. You shushed her and patted her back gently.
“It’s okay, I’ll make it quick I promise,” you said. You cradled her head and twisted harshly, a distinctive snap going through the air. The deer fell limp, and you gorged yourself on her blood.
You must’ve looked a sight. Huddled over a deer carcass in the middle of the woods right after a vicious rain storm. Your body revelled in the feeling of her blood coursing through your dried veins for a moment. It made you feel alive, something you haven’t ever been.
You were what they called a ‘purebred’ vampire. Unlike most vampires, you weren’t turned, you were born a vampire. There are very few purebred vampires left in the world. The King of Vampires, King Taehyung, was one of them. But you weren’t interested in being a part of his Council. They were all full of themselves and their rare abilities, something you can only gain if you are turned by a purebred vampire. Or, if you’re born a vampire.
You had a rare ability as well. You were able to control all the elements at command. It was extremely rare for anyone to have an elemental power, and you had the power to control all four. It was paramount that you didn’t use them, however.
If the council caught wind of you near, they’d no doubt come looking. And they’d want to control you. You were as fickle as water, temperamental as fire, changing as the wind and stubborn as a rock. You demanded respect and you weren’t going to be used as a puppet for others enjoyment, you’d rather die.
Finishing off your meal you wiped your mouth clean, heading in the direction you came. Taking one last look at the deer, you decided to pay your respects. Lighting a cigarette and letting it burn and dropping it to the wet ground and stamping it out as your offering of tobacco. Giving a little nod you left, running towards your camp.
You skirted around the open fields, making sure to stick to the treeline without getting out in the sunlight. Purebred vampires don’t actually burn up in the sun, they just can’t use their abilities when in direct light. It makes fighting a lot more difficult. That’s why some vampires decided to train with swords or knives, perhaps bows as well. Regular vampires who were just turned by regular vampires also don’t burn up, they are just weakened and have to feed more often.
It’s difficult to curb all the rumors around vampires. The humans are fearful of their rulers and simply don’t want to be walking blood bags. So, they’ll say whatever they want to your face, but they’ll talk behind your back. Testy beings.
Making it back to camp you felt the strength from your meal beginning to wane. It was hard, only drinking from animals. But you couldn’t control your hunger at the best of times when an animal is around, imagine what you would do if there was a human. But you’d refuse to eat, you can’t, after you killed your lover...
You think back on him sometimes and wonder if there really was any saving someone that stupid. A human falling for a vampire is dangerous, and vice versa. Unless you plan to turn them at some point. Even then it can be dangerous. Vampires tend to drink so much that they can’t replenish what they took with their blood. Although, there is a ritual that has to be performed prior that most people forget about. You have to want it. Regular vampires tend to turn anyone who asks! And that’s why humans are so fleeting. Everyone is afraid to die, no one likes getting sick and then there’s the possibility of added abilities? What could be better?
Living with the ones you love. That’s what counts, and humans are fleeting creatures. They’re here then they’re gone. Living and dying like ants on the pavement. But you loved one. Foolishly, but it was a passion that hasn’t been matched. The feeling of being in his arms was so perfect, so right that you could fall asleep thinking of his embrace and all would be made right.
He asked, that idiot asked. He wanted to be with you forever, and you decided you could do it. Change him. Make his heart stop beating forever, because you were selfish. Because you didn’t want to be alone in this life. You wanted him, you wanted nothing more in this life. But, like your nature suggested, you’re a creature of greed. And as his ashen face looked up at your horrified expression, he smiled.
“I forgive you,” he whispered, before dying in your arms.
That bastard forgave you. But left you alone to deal with the feelings of guilt, the sleepless nights, nightmares that haunted your days. Because vampires do sleep, they just didn’t need to as often as humans.
It’s hard for you to accept the life of solitude, but it’s a necessary evil. You won’t allow anyone to get hurt because of you ever again. It sometimes seemed fruitless, because there were other vampires that would take your place to harm the living. But if you could be the one less, it was enough for you. And perhaps you could change some minds while you were at it.
You made a fire, boiling some water from the stream. Even though you knew nothing in there could kill you, it made you feel better. Pulling it off the fire you decided it was time for a wash. Your clothes were covered in blood and dirt from the hunt. And damn if you weren’t going to look presentable. Even if it was just for yourself.
Walking to the stream you began to strip down. An uneasy feeling came over you, but you shook it off quickly. So, you continued to undress. Slowly walking into the stream you felt the chill run through you. A human wouldn’t be able to handle this water, but it was just a little crisp for a vampire.
Dipping your head underwater, you waited.
Something was creeping around the tree line. You could feel it. If you gave them the assumption that you were just a naked girl, perhaps they wouldn’t try to trifle with you and they could leave and you could bathe. You peeked your head above the water and you peer around, your amber eyes locking onto something down the stream. It was a black wolf, drinking from the stream seamlessly.
But something felt off, like its eyes were...
Oh fuck.
You had to go and you had to go now.
But running out of the stream now would tip him off, but perhaps if you just went back under and began cleaning yourself you could-
The wolf dipped its paw into the water across the stream. Fear pierced your heart as you watched it slowly place its other front paw in the chilled water, like it wasn’t cold.
It was time to go.
You didn’t give a damn about tipping him off at this point, but maybe you could out-run him.
“Don’t think so sweetheart,” a chilling voice crept over your skin as you stood, naked as the day you were born, in the stream.
“Can’t this wait until after I’m dressed?” You made the move to cover yourself.
“Do you really want my answer?” he asked.
“Suppose I don’t,” you said, trying to think of a plan that would get you out of here fast enough.
“You know what happens next,” he said, readying the cuffs brushed with vervain.
Vervain is an herb used to weaken vampires. But it was less potent on purebreds, although you know those restraints could hold you.
Faster than a human could blink you froze the water around his legs. Running up onto shore you heard it shatter. And moments later, there he stood in front of you.
Damn, why did you do that?! Now he knows you can control at least one element!
“Ah, don’t be so frigid darling,” he teased.
“Just let me go,” you said, moving to walk around him when he gripped onto your upper arm.
“Don’t think so miss, I think a power like that needs to be investigated by the council,” he whispered.
Frowning you ripped out of his grasp.
“Don’t touch me,” you said, rubbing your arm.
“Fussy little thing huh?” he said, cracking his neck before coming towards you again.
“I mean it, I really don’t want to hurt you,” you said, backing away from him.
He laughed, heartily. You watched as he doubled over, making a fool of you.
You growled lowly before taking a slice at him with the water from the stream. He easily moved out of the way as if he were expecting you to put up a fight. Still covering yourself you slashed at him again, but he was agile, moving out of the way as if the water wasn’t an issue for him. You growled and moved the water to form a hardened ball of ice, throwing it at him. Yet it didn’t even phase him.
“Now darling, I think you need to rethink this whole deal. Don’t you know who I am?” he asked.
Scoffing, you rolled your eyes. The nerve on this guy.
“I know you work for the King, that’s all I know-all I care to know,” you remarked.
“Don’t be that way, my name is Jungkook. And you’re going to come with me,” he said, smiling brightly, like he’d already caught you.
“Sorry Jungkook, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” you said, sweeping him into the stream quickly with what water was available. He gasped as he was pulled in.
You turned to grab your clothes and booked it back towards your camp. All you needed was your money and you could run. Run as far as you could until they didn’t bother to look for you.
The sound of footsteps running after you echoed in your head as you tried to keep your pace faster. But he was much stronger than you. A vampire that feeds off humans would naturally be faster. But you couldn’t let that stop you.
Running into your camp you grabbed the satchel of coins quickly before booking it in a random direction. You just had to get somewhere he couldn’t find you. Carefully you found a hiding spot. Jungkook’s footsteps stopped, but that didn’t mean anything. He could be in the trees, he could be in that wolf form you saw earlier.
So you couldn’t let your guard down for a moment. Because that very well could be it.
Scanning the surroundings you found that he wasn’t on the ground at the very least.
Then a twig snapped from a tree about forty yards to your left. Your head shot in that direction, finding Jungkook had changed into some kind of monkey. So he wasn’t limited to one form. That made this a little more difficult.
Although, you did notice that his eyes remained a blood red. And they were locked with yours.
“Fuck,” you whispered, slamming your hand to your mouth the second you spoke. The damage had been done already; however, he’d seen you. Grabbing your coin purse you ran, as fast as you could.
But your speed hardly mattered as his hand encircled your arm. You jolted to a stop, grunting at the pain that shot through you. Jungkook chuckled and pulled you closer.
“Well sweetheart, that was quite the show. Never thought you’d try to drown me. Especially in running water. That made it harder. Quick thinking doll face. Since you know only purebred vampires can be in running water. Makes me wonder how you were able to be in there without any trouble,” he smiled.
You couldn’t help the little flutter that ran through you at the sight of it. Of course he’d be beautiful. He worked for the King. The King likes to surround himself with nice things. Cocky bastard.
“Let me go,” you demanded.
“As if, you’re coming with me,” he said, locking the vervain cuffs around your wrists. They burned as they settled against your skin.
“Ow, shit!” you hissed. Jungkook grabbed a hold of you and made sure your restraints were secure before taking your coin purse.
“Won’t be needing this where you’re going doll face,” he smirked, pocketing your hard earned money.
“You jerk! I earned that money, give it back!” you said, moving forward to kick him. But he grabbed your foot and twisted it, a sickening crack heard throughout the forest as your leg snapped in two. You screamed in agony, falling to the ground.
“Damn you, I was supposed to deliver you unharmed. You just have to make it difficult for me,” he sighed, coming closer to your writhing form.
“Fuck you,” you spat, using your good leg to kick away from him.
“Just hold still you little shit!” he growled, sitting himself on top of you. You felt the press of his weight in your secured hands that sat behind your back.
You also took notice at how his clothes clung to his body. Defined muscles greeted your eyes as you oogled him. Jungkook smirked and put his hands at your neck.
“Like what you see baby?”
You spat in his face, making him cringe.
“Alright. I’m done playing nice. You’re coming with me, whether you want to or not!”
With that, he hauled you up and over his shoulder. You screamed and flailed your good leg, the other one beginning to heal, but the recovery process was slowed by the vervain cuffs you were wearing. You squirmed and did everything in your power to be let go, but Jungkook held firm, not letting you go for a second.
Jungkook carried you to a horse, where you were thrown onto the front, and secured in place by the cuffs at your back. Jungkook’s hands came around you and secured the reins. And the two of you were off.
You felt a single tear fall down your face as you knew your freedom had slipped through your grasp.
Jungkook rode through the night, only stopping to give the horse water and food.
You didn’t know how far he rode to find you, you also wondered how he was able to find you when you hadn’t been in a village in over a month.
These thoughts plagued you as the pair of you continued to ride. Jungkook kept his head forward, never sparring you a glance as you made it through one village. The people in the town looked hungry and on the verge of collapse.
This is what the King has brought to people. Pain and suffering. Not joy and prosperity. What a joke.
“Whoa!” Jungkook said, slowing the horse to a stop.
“What are you doing?” you asked, watching as he approached a group of women.
“Getting a snack, of course,” he said, smiling at the women beautifully.
You watched in horror. The women all shied away, but didn’t run. That would be punishable by death. Jungkook brushed the hair out of a younger woman’s face, tucking it behind her ear. She shivered, you didn’t know with fear or with excitement. But you could tell, Jungkook was doing some kind of glamour on her. She relaxed into his touches and you saw him gently pull her from the group.
He took her around a corner and from there you couldn’t see but you could hear.
Her soft whimpers, Jungkook whispering filth into her ears.
You heard the rustling of fabric and you didn’t want to continue to listen. You knew what he was doing.
Her moans and Jungkook’s drinking made you want to throw up.
It seemed to last forever, but eventually the girl stumbled out and ran in the opposite direction of Jungkook. And the man of the hour sauntered up to the horse as if he didn’t just fuck a random village girl behind a bakery.
“Alright, we can go,” he said, climbing back onto the horse.
You winced as his hands crossed over your body.
“Something wrong?” he asked, looking at you.
“T-there’s blood on your hand,” you whispered, smelling the girl’s blood right in front of you.
“Appears there is, want some?” he offered it to you, holding his hand in front of your mouth.
“What’s wrong? Not your cup of tea? Want me to find a nice guy who will let you take a bite? I don’t need you starving to death before getting there,” Jungkook stated, moving to get off the horse once again. You wiggled in protest.
“No! I don’t want anything, I’m not hungry,” you said.
Didn’t need him knowing you drink from animals. Although, he’s bound to find out eventually.
“If you’re sure,” he said, licking the blood from his hand and wiping the rest off on his pants. You sighed in relief, before he took off yet again.
The ride was quiet as the two of you went through the night without as much as a word to one another. There was nothing that needed to be said in your mind. He was holding you against your will, and there was no way out of it. With the vervain limiting your abilities, you wouldn’t be able to heat the irons up enough to melt them.
A frown worked its way onto your face.
Jungkook’s strong stomach was against your back and you had to fight the urge to turn around and look up at his beautiful face... wait, stop. No.
You shook your head. You couldn’t think like that. Your lover would be horrified to know he died only for you to fall for another man! There’s no way you could think of Jungkook in any other manner than a nuisance.
“Something on your mind?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the road ahead.
“Like I’m telling you,” you scoffed.
“I know what you look like naked, do you think that whatever is troubling you is more intimate than that?” he asked.
“I’d rather strip naked in front of you than tell you my personal thoughts,” you said, snapping at him.
“Maybe I’ll take you up on that sometime,” he laughed.
You hated being under a watchful eye, you wanted to make him squirm and writhe like you were. It wasn’t fair he was the only one asking questions all the time. He had tried several times in the night to get you to tell him who your parents were. Like you were revealing that to him.
“And what about you?” you asked.
“What do you mean? You want to see me naked sometime? That can easily be arranged doll,” he whispered.
“Oh piss off,” you said, throwing your head back into his chest.
He huffed in annoyance and shoved your head forward with a flick of his wrist. You growled deep in your throat and turned to glare at him. He smiled his stupid perfect smile before focusing back on the road. God he was infuriating.
Jungkook stopped off for the night at an inn, getting the two of you a room.
When he unclipped your harness to the horse you decided you were too tired to run from him. It had been a few days since you slept last and you were ready for some rest. Jungkook helped you down, keeping your handcuffs on as the pair of you went up to your room for the night.
You were mad that it was a single room, but you’d put up with it for the time being. Using your abilities without sleeping afterwards really drains you.
When Jungkook opened the door you almost passed out. There was only one bed, and Jungkook was no doubt going to take it for himself. So you kicked off your boots, getting ready to get comfortable on the floor when you realized that you’d been in handcuffs for the better part of a whole day and you were aching.
“Jungkook?” you asked, turning to the man who was sitting on the bed, taking off his boots.
“What?” he asked, looking up.
“Can you take these off?” you asked. Gesturing to your handcuffs you smiled.
“Not happening,” he said, not even thinking about it.
“Please?” you asked, arms ready to fall off.
“Well, if I take those off you, how am I to know you won’t run away?” he asked.
“I promise I won’t run,” you said.
Jungkook laughed.
“As if I’m going to trust that, no way,” Jungkook answered. You frowned before sighing and turning to lay on the floor. You heard shuffling behind you and then you felt the cuffs full of vervain fall off. But before you could do anything about it you were hauled into the air. A small scream escaped you as you were thrown onto the bed.
“Jungkook!” you yelled, arms barely able to support you.
“The only way I’m keeping those cuffs off you is if you stay here in the bed where I can sense if you move,” he said.
“Nevermind, put the cuffs back on!” you said, scrambling off the bed.
Jungkook grabbed your sore wrists and pinned them to the bed, settling on top of your waist. You looked at him above you, staring at you with his beautiful crimson eyes. Your body lost its fight. The attractive man on top of you was too much. You flushed and looked away, staring at the lamp on the bedside table.
“Just sleep in the bed with me, it won’t kill you,” he said.
“I’d rather not, thanks,” you said back.
“Don’t be so dramatic, I won’t do anything either,” he said.
“I’d kill you before you even thought about it,” you growled.
“Too late for that doll face,” he smiled.
“You’re disgusting.”
Jungkook sighed before getting up and pulling you off the bed with him. Your leg was still healing a bit, so when he let go of you, your body began to crumple to the floor. Quicker than light Jungkook was there to catch you. His arms wrapped around your body, holding you up.
“Your leg still isn’t better? What’s wrong with you?” he asked.
“Um, no-nothing, I’m fine,” you said, trying to stand on your own.
“Easy, easy! Stop for a second!” he said, holding you against him tightly. “What’s really going on here? Why are you so weak?” he asked.
“I’m not weak!” you cried out, shoving him away with an impressive amount of strength. He coughed as the wall creaked against his weight. His eyebrow raised as he looked at you.
“What are you?” he asked.
“You already know, I’m one of you. A vampire,” you said.
“Yeah, smartass I know that. It’s just, I’ve never seen a vampire like you before. One that gets nervous at the sight of blood, you need it to survive. So why did you act like you did when I had that girl’s blood on me?”
“Because, it’s not human blood that I drink,” you answered.
Jungkook scoffed.
“There’s no way you could live on animal blood for very long. You’ll wither away,” he said.
“I’m going thirty years strong on it,” you said.
“More like thirty years meh on it,” he snarked.
“I have my reasons why I don’t drink from humans,” you said sharply.
“Why is that?” he asked, genuine curiosity leaking from his voice.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Jungkook sighed and brushed himself off, coming towards you. You backed up against the wall, shutting your eyes tightly. Waiting for something, anything. But nothing happened. You peeked your eyes open, seeing Jungkook looking at you with interest.
“You’re a purebred aren’t you, not just turned by a purebred. What’s your name?” he asked. Too tired to think before speaking.
“Y/N,” you said softly.
“That’s a nice name, I’ve never heard of you before,” he trailed off.
“I’m not surprised, but, why do you think you were set out to find me?” you asked.
His face turned dark.
“The King would tell me if I was sent to kill you. If I was, you’d be dead already,” he said.
“Aren’t you confident,” you yawned.
“Come to bed,” he encouraged, changing the subject.
“I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you,” you said, firmly.
“How about this,” he said. Suddenly, his body shifted and a small cat stood at your feet. The eyes were blood red, but the rest was like a normal cat.
“Fine, fine. I’m tired, let’s just go to sleep,” you agreed sourly.
Jungkook hopped up on the bed, choosing the bottom as the most comfortable for him. You laid down, curling up into a ball before the lights and sounds of the world faded away, and you were asleep.
You awoke to an unusual weight across your body. Peeking one eye open you saw Jungkook, draped across you like an eight day wash. You growled and shoved him off the bed, hard. A small ‘oof’ could be heard from the other side, and then the whining commenced.
“Why did you do that hyung?” Jungkook complained from the floor.
“Because your hyungs aren’t here and you have no right to be touching me,” you said in a stern voice. Standing up you walked over to the window and peered out into the town.
A small bakery wafted fresh pastries through the village. People were walking around in the market, purchasing goods and making small talk with the vendors. It seemed normal enough.
“Good to know you’re not a morning person,” he said, rubbing his stomach.
“Thought you were supposed to be a cat,” you said, keeping your eyes trained on the village below.
“You never asked how long I could stay like that,” he answered.
“Good to know you’re someone who withholds the truth if it benefits you,” you threw his words back at him.
“How am I supposed to give you the truth if you don’t ask for it?”
“Jungkook,” you started, “we need to come to some kind of agreement.”
“I concur,” he said.
“So listen to my terms,” you said.
“Now you’re making demands? Remember you’re the prisoner here,” he said.
“Jungkook,” you warned.
“Fine, fine, make all the demands you want. Doesn’t mean I’m going to listen,” he said back with a yawn.
“I want to be unchained,” you started.
“Hold on-”
“And I want a meal at least once a week, animal: preferably deer,” you said.
“I can’t just-”
“If we are to stay in any hotels or inns I get first pick of where to sleep,” you continued.
“Y/N,” Jungkook said firmly.
“Yes, I wasn’t finished,” you said as if it were trivial.
Suddenly you were pinned against the wall by your throat. Vampires didn’t need to breathe, but if you were decapitated and burned, then you have a slew of other problems to be dealing with.
“Listen, I’m in charge here, doll face. Don’t forget who tracked you down and brought you here. If you were the stronger one, then I would be dead. It’s ridiculous to make demands in a situation where the power is in someone else’s hands. Remember sweetheart, just who is holding the reins,” he warned, dropping your neck and letting you fall to the ground.
Just as you were about to throttle him within an inch of his life he walked out the door. You sighed and hauled yourself up from the floor. Your leg was still a little wobbly, but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Walking down the stairs you surveyed the Inn with your eyes. There were several people sitting at tables and eating, and Jungkook wasn’t among them. Maybe he went to get the horse ready.
You were about to brush your hair from your face when you realized... He had forgotten to chain you up. Either that or he trusted his abilities to track you down. While you didn’t blame him, you were still wondering how he was able to find you in those woods you were camping out in. Maybe one of the villagers from the town nearby sold you out, but you hadn’t been there very long and you didn’t spend enough coin to be noticeable.
Before you could think about it much longer, you decided to follow him. If at the very least out of boredom. And he was kind of fun to aggravate.
You made it outside and Jungkook was readying the horse. You walked over and looked at him, watching with muted interest. Jungkook was handsome, anyone with eyes could see that. But there was something about his beauty that made you want to get closer. To touch his skin and feel his hands on your body. It was a little frightening to think this way, but most vampires were beautiful once they were turned. All imperfections and aging stops to make them irresistible to the prey. Like a beautiful flower that traps the insects and kills them for their own gain. Nature created such vile beasts like vampires, it upset you to know that you were one of them sometimes.
“If you’re going to ogle me can we at least be in a private place before you decide to do so?” Jungkook asked as he finished securing the saddle to the horse.
“I’m just observing,” you said, a soft look of aggravation on your face.
“If you’re trying to find a weak spot darling, I hate to break it to you but I don’t have any,” he said, offering you his hands to get up on the horse. You humored him and let him help you up into the saddle without a fuss.
“I’ve already found several,” you said, smirking.
“Oh yeah? Like what?” he asked, jumping behind you and taking the reins.
“You really think I’m going to reveal what your weak spots are so you can hide them better from me? Fat chance, Jungkook,” you laughed.
“Can’t blame me for trying.”
He urged the horse forward and the two of you were heading out of the village.
The ride was long, and your butt was beginning to get sore at this rate. But you kept your mouth shut as he kept the horse going at a steady rate. You looked at the scenery around you and smiled softly. It was beautiful out here. So much greenery and no people, just the way you liked it. You saw deer running across the fields together, in a herd. It made you miss your family something terrible. It has been so long, that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be with people who make you happy. People who don’t want anything from you, power or money or status. Because your life wasn’t always one of solitude...
The two of you rode in silence, much like you had before stopping at the inn last night. Jungkook’s body against your back made you think of the first time you went riding with your father in the winter right after your 70th birthday. Vampire children matured much slower than normal kids, at the tender age of seventy you looked as though you were ten. So, to celebrate your father had bought a brand new snow white mare with grey speckling on her. She was the most beautiful thing you’d seen, at your age. And you found that riding her was like floating on air. She was secure, and gentle, but also firm in her strides as she moved, she had confidence that carried her. You’ll never forget that moment, as long as you live.
You hadn’t noticed, but you were leaning back into Jungkook, letting his front support you. He didn’t stop you, letting you remember in peace. He knew that look, reminiscing back on the past... He did it often. But he never let anyone see him doing so, it was a private moment for him and him alone...
Snapping out of your stupor you saw what appeared to be a burnt down village. But it was old, the dust had settled and nothing was smoldering. It was actually cold, like a scar on the landscape. Something that had been there for a long while.
Before you knew it, Jungkook stopped the horse.
“Why are we stopping? We’re in the middle of nowhere,” you said, watching as Jungkook tightened his grips on the reins.
“It didn’t used to be,” he whispered.
Getting off the horse he walked up to the corpse of the village. Confused, you followed.
“Jungkook!” you yelled as he walked with purpose towards the main square. There, in the center, was a beautiful fountain. It appeared to be made out of marble, or some kind of granite. For it to still be here was a testament to its craftsmanship. Jungkook was oddly silent as he walked around, looking in houses and stopping to peer around buildings.
“What are you doing?” you asked as you caught up to him.
“Shut up,” he warned, continuing to move down the line of what appeared to have been houses. You sighed and continued to follow him, watching as he seemed to bob and weave around with a sense of familiarity. You were curious if he knew the place. Perhaps he spent some time here in the past.
“Jungkook, where are you going?” you asked, trying to keep up with him.
“Here,” he whispered, looking at a particularly small house at the end of the row. He stopped and looked at the door, touching the doorknob with a delicacy that you hadn’t seen him exhibit in the week you’d known him. Slowly, as if he were taking off a bandaid, he opened the door. It creaked and moaned with age, protesting against being opened. But Jungkook pushed forward, looking around as if he knew the place.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, looking at him with moderate fear. He was scaring you, stopping here out of nowhere and suddenly finding a small hut towards the back of the area. You weren’t sure what he was doing, and it was frightening you.
“Oh Gods,” he whimpered, falling to his knees on the floor.
“Jungkook!” you yelped as he hit the floor with a thud.
“No!” he screamed, bashing his fist through the floor. You screamed at the shattering of the floorboards and watched as the man before you began to cry. You were stunned. The once cocky and annoying man was suddenly a mess on the floor of a random cottage. Looking around you saw nothing of importance, nothing that would signal anyone being there in quite some time. Jungkook’s crying turned into sobs as his face was pressed into the floor.
Your heart ached with the familiarity of it all. You knew this pain, you knew it all too well... He’d lost someone here. Slowly, as to not frighten or agitate him, you kneeled to the ground behind him. Softly, you called to him.
“Jungkook,” you said, placing your hands on his shoulders carefully.
Soon, he was in your arms.
“Mama, papa,” he whimpered, placing his head in your neck. You were stunned into silence. He was gripping at your hips with an agony that you knew. His parents must’ve died here. You weren’t sure what you should do. Did he want you to comfort him? Or was he just using this as a ploy to get you to let go of your defenses...
“Jungkook,” you started, moving to push him away from your body, when you remembered yourself in the same position. Centuries ago. Pleading for your parents and having no one to comfort you. I-It couldn’t hurt, could it? “Jungkook,” you whispered again, cradling his head in your hands, bringing him closer to your chest. Hot tears slid down your cleavage as he continued to cry. You knew his pain, you knew what he was going through. It was never easy, perhaps that’s why he was constantly distracting himself. Because this pain was always nagging at the bottom of his heart, ready to latch on the moment he wasn’t looking. Jungkook had weaknesses just like everyone else, and this just happened to be one of them.
“It’s my fault, I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your chest.
“Jungkook, it’s okay,” you said, brushing your fingers through his hair.
“Y/N,” he whimpered. You shushed him like a babe, keeping him close to your chest.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, combing through his hair again.
“I-I don’t know,” he said softly, so quiet that you had to strain to hear him with your impressive hearing.
“Jungkook, sometimes we need to re-live pain so we can get over it, or at least learn to cope with it better,” you encouraged, bringing his head up to yours.
“I-they, my family lived here in this village,” he started, wiping his tears with the back of his hands. You nodded, waiting for him to continue.
“I grew up here, I was human once,” he explained. “But that all changed when Taehyung found me. I had been attacked in the forest, it’s been so long that I don’t remember the attackers, but Taehyung has assured me they have been dealt with. They left me for dead after stealing all my money and valuables I had on me, which wasn’t much. My family was poor... But we were so happy,” he said, getting a dreamy look on his face that made your heart lurch painfully. You could tell he wasn’t lying, that look proved it. He was remembering them, and their memories he’s held in his heart for years.
“How long has it been since...” you trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence.
“Almost a century,” he whispered back.
“Oh Jungkook, for a vampire that’s-”
“Almost like it was yesterday...”
The two of you sat in silence for a while. Neither of you dared to speak. Jungkook still had tears falling from his face as he looked down at the floor.
“They were so disappointed in me,” he said with a soft tone.
“What do you mean?” you asked.
“My family, my parents,” he explained, “they were so disappointed that I had become a vampire. Not like I had much of a choice in the matter. Taehyung made the decision to save me when he found me in the woods. But you know, my family had always hated vampires, for as long as I can remember. My great grandfather fought against them when we first started to rise to power. But obviously, they lost. My mother cried when she saw my brown eyes had turned red like blood. She’d demanded I stop the joke, but I told her it wasn’t a joke. Taehyung told them what had happened, and you know what my mother said?”
You shook your head, already feeling dread welling up within you.
“She said I should’ve died in those woods that day,” he finished, looking down at his feet.
“Oh my Gods, Jungkook no,” you said, coming forward to wrap your arms around him. You couldn’t explain it, but you wanted to comfort him, no matter the cost it was to you. He accepted your advances and coiled his arms around your waist.
“I should’ve died out there Y/N,” he whispered.
“No Jungkook, just because you’re a vampire doesn’t mean suddenly you’re a different person. Just the chemical makeup of your body changed. I’m so sorry that happened to you,” you said, brushing his hair behind his ears.
“They died from old age in front of me years later. My mother first, then my father about two months after that,” he said, rubbing his face, eyes still wet with tears.
“That’s awful Jungkook, I’m so sorry,” you said, not being able to imagine your parents reacting that way. Although you two were in a different boat.
“Nothing that can be done about it now... The past is the past and they... they’re dead,” he said, standing up and wiping off his knees.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” you asked, standing as well and coming to his side.
“It doesn’t matter, I have a mission to complete. And that’s getting you back to the palace.”
Your heart stuttered for a moment, looking at him with his red eyes and weary expression.
“Maybe we should make camp here for the night,” you said, already heading towards the door.
“No, I can’t-I mean...” Jungkook faltered.
“Do you not want to stay here? I’ll understand. But it looks like a storm is rolling in and I’d rather be in a building or a tent than on that horse,” you explained.
Jungkook nodded.
“I’ll tie up the horse.”
A storm came rolling in about two hours later. Jungkook had put the horse in the old stable and tied it up for the night. The pair of you huddled in a house that was a little bigger than Jungkook’s old one, using the blankets for warmth. Fall was rolling in and these rain storms made it that much colder.
“Are you cold?” he asked, walking in from feeding the horse.
“I’m fine,” you said, bringing the blanket and tugging it around your body further.
“Sure, here,” he said, handing you another blanket that was undoubtedly his.
“I don’t need it, I’m fine,” you said through chattering teeth.
“I’ll start a fire,” he announced, moving towards the old fire pit with purpose.
“Jungkook honestly,” you admonished, pulling the second blanket around your legs.
“It’s fine, I’m a little cold too,” he said.
As he worked you couldn’t help but notice the way his body moved. Being a vampire meant you moved with grace and elegance, but he was on a whole different level. The way Jungkook’s muscles clenched and contracted made your mouth water. You wanted to reach out and run your hands down his back as he situated himself between your legs and-wait a second...
This isn’t right...
Jungkook is the man keeping you hostage, the one delivering you to your death no doubt...
But the way he clung to you in his old home and how he cried for the loss of his family. You related to his pain, you knew it all too well. But, that didn’t change the fact that he was holding you against your will, and was going to be the cause of your demise one day... One day soon...
Flames burst from the firepit and Jungkook stepped back a bit, looking down at his handiwork with a grin. You scooted forward, reaching for the heat with greedy fingers. Jungkook sat down next to you, closer than you originally thought he was. However you didn’t say anything, wondering if he needed the proximity to put himself at ease.
“It’s so peaceful here,” you whispered, resting your head on your arms.
“It really is,” he agreed, rubbing his hands together and putting them in front of the fire.
The two of you were silent yet again, listening to the sound of the crackling wood in the firepit. It was relaxing to say the least, especially since you didn’t have any restraints holding you back. Again, you wondered if you could take Jungkook in a fight. If he wasn’t expecting it, perhaps you could take him down before he even realized-
“Don’t even think about it,” he said softly, eyes never once leaving the flame.
“Think about what?” you said, feigning ignorance.
“Escaping, I’ve already been too nice. Don’t make me regret it,” he said, sounding almost sad.
“I wasn’t,” you defended, looking at him.
“You can lie all you want but your actions speak louder than your words,” he smiled.
It was beautiful, a brightness you hadn’t seen come from him in, well, ever. You hadn’t known him long, but you could tell this kind of sincerity was rare for him. Something he didn’t let people see very often. Part of being a purebred was the ability to sense things that others may not see. Little nuances that others can’t see, or just don’t bother to. And with Jungkook, he was so open to showing you everything, that you couldn’t help but notice.
This poor man, all he wanted was love and affection. But he’d gotten it from the wrong places. Serving the King brought him purpose, but it didn’t provide him everything he needed. The arms of swooning women that would give him attention for his looks and the power that he could provide, but nothing else... He was so utterly broken inside it made you want to weep for him. He’d lost everything, only to gain a fraction of it back... And he was still looking for somewhere to belong, somewhere to call home.
“Stop looking at me like that,” he said, putting up his shoulders.
“Looking at you like what?” you asked.
“Like you’re dissecting me, or imagining that you could, it’s creepy,” he said.
“Sorry,” you offered lamely. Jungkook just sighed and continued to warm himself by the fire. However, before long the curiosity got to be too much.
“Why does the King want you anyways?” he asked, looking you over.
“Did he not tell you why you were sent out to get me?”
“He said he wanted to speak with you,” he said.
You laughed lightly and his head turned to you.
“So that’s how he put it,” you reasoned in your head, nodding. “If he wanted to merely speak with me Jungkook, why were you given orders to bring me by force?”
Jungkook’s big eyes turned confused.
“What are you talking about? Y/N, why does the King want you?” he asked.
Sighing, you decided you would tell him. He told you his life story, might as well tell him yours.
“You’re right, about me being a purebred. I was born a vampire. But I wasn’t just any vampire, I was a Y/L/N.” Jungkook gasped, and looked at you with a ferocity you hadn’t seen from him in a long time.
“You were... you were a princess?” he asked.
“Yes, I was. Born to be the heir of the kingdom. But it never happened,” you said, looking down at your hands.
“Yes, because your family had to be stopped! You were murdering your own kind!” he said, standing up.
“No, Jungkook, we weren’t,” you said, keeping your eyes locked on the floor.
“What do you mean? You killed thousands of vampires!” he exclaimed.
Your head snapped up and looked at him, deathly still.
“Do you know of a disease called The Hunger?” you asked, looking at him with curiosity. He shifted on his feet and looked down.
“No, I’ve never heard of it,” he said.
“It was a terrible disease that went through and infected thousands upon thousands of vampires. They became so ravenous that feeding from humans was no longer enough, they resorted to cannibalism. Drinking from vampires, even eating their flesh... My father devoted himself to the task of stopping this disease. To the point where he contracted it himself... Although he never fell through to the temptation of drinking from another vampire. Until one night, he came home covered in blood and not remembering anything about the night or where he had been. My mother confirmed that he was covered in the blood of someone from the royal guard, whom they found later. The Hunger can modify and change your brain chemistry, so much so that you could be damaged from it forever. There is no cure, Jungkook. The only way to save people was to kill the infected,” you explained.
“But there’s got to be a cure,” he said, sitting down next to you.
“I’m afraid Jungkook, there isn’t,” you stated, “my mother spent her life looking. She was great at alchemy and things of the like. She was probably the most knowledgeable woman around. Father never treated her like she was some arm piece, she always had a purpose.. Father never restricted her knowledge and learning, they worked together in order to make sure the kingdom would flourish. That’s how my parents did things. They weren’t the cruel rulers they're known as, killing off thousands of their own people to prove a point that they were powerful... That wasn’t who they were,” you whispered.
Jungkook looked at you with serious eyes. Like he was searching for something.
“If you don’t believe me I won’t sit here and try to convince you. But I know what happened, I was there. I lived it, Jungkook. When were you born?”
“About a hundred and twenty two years ago,” he said softly.
“I’ve been around about four hundred years longer than you,” you said.
“That just means you’ve gotten better at lying,” he growled.
“I didn’t accuse you of lying when you were crying earlier,” you said.
“But I-I...” he trailed off.
“My family died because of Kim Taehyung,” you said. “He took the crown of my father’s decapitated head and called it mercy. He said that the people would no longer suffer, but look around you now! Jungkook, there's famine in the streets, vampires are preying off people like it's a sport... And the humans are beginning to fight back. I’ve seen and heard of vampire hunters in groups in the outskirts of the kingdom. But they haven’t been bold enough to attack... yet,” you said.
“How can I believe anything you say?” he asked, “Taehyung saved me!”
“I believed you,” you whispered.
“But, Y/N, it’s not that simple. If I believe what you’re telling me that means that one of my closest friends is... is...”
“I’m not saying I want the crown back, Jungkook. Diplomacy was never really my thing. My parents tried to raise me as a princess, but all they got was a little girl who’d rather go out and explore than sit in a castle all day and be waited on hand and foot. I was smuggled out of the palace before Taehyung could find me as well. My nanny at the time, she got me out, but she was human... I wound up killing her because I was still feeding off of animals and older adults at the time. I deeply regret it, deeply. She died for me, so that I could go on living. My parents died so that Taehyung wouldn’t look for me. Yet, here we are, centuries later and now he decides he wants to ‘speak’ with me? Great,” you whispered.
“Maybe he just wants you to swear loyalty to him! Maybe he just wants you to work for him like the rest of the Council members do. It’s not that bad of a gig, Y/N, believe me,” he said.
“He is the reason my family is gone. And now, he dares to find me and demand my loyalty? After centuries of us living apart? What spurred this on? Why now after all this time?”
Jungkook sat in puzzlement, looking into the fire for a moment.
“I’m sorry, about your parents,” he whispered.
“It’s been centuries, I hardly remember them anymore,” you said, a sound of pain escaping you.
“You hardly remember them?” he asks.
“I remember what they looked like and some memories with them, but other than that? I don’t remember the fine details of living with them. Like what my mother smelt like, the way she sounded when she laughed. Little things, they’re starting to fade away from me... And it breaks my heart everytime I forget...” you admitted.
“Y/N, that’s awful,” Jungkook agreed.
“It’s life, Jungkook. A life without them, means to forget them eventually. I know one day I won’t remember them at all... I dread that day,” you whispered.
“Just keep thinking of them everyday. Go down a list in your head of the things you remember,” he offered.
“I do that, and everyday the list gets shorter. Another tally mark on the wall of forgetting,” you said, a single tear trailing down your cheek. Jungkook quickly brushes it away with his thumb. You gave him a watery smile before more tears started falling from your eyes.
You remember your lover doing the same for you when you told him your story... How many years ago was that now?
“I’m so sorry you lost them, Y/N, I understand your pain... I’m sorry,” he said, bringing you into a hug. Slowly, you accepted his embrace. Leaning your head on his shoulder you let out a few more tears, not crying as hard as he had earlier in the day but it still felt nice to have someone hold you while you cried. To feel that emotion with someone else, something you’ve been craving for such a long time.
To feel someone’s hands on your body, lighting your nerve endings on fire as they trailed their fingertips across your naked body. God, the thought alone was making you hot.
Jungkook pulled away from you, brushing a tear from your eye and then he moved away, no doubt going to go rest for the night while the storm above passed over. But much like the storm, your body was in turmoil. You wanted to touch someone, just to feel someone else’s body against yours so badly. It was horrible to be lonely... Even if it was just for a little while, you wanted to forget...
Reaching up you grabbed his wrist, stopping his movement. Jungkook turned to look at you, curiosity written in his features. Just as he was about to ask what was wrong, you pulled him to your lips. Jungkook was stunned at first, not quite registering your mouth on his.
Just as you were about to pull back, Jungkook tangled his fingers in your hair. You felt a rush of heat course through your body that hasn’t been there in centuries. Jungkook cradled your head with such care it made your chest throb. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, kissing him with reckless abandon. Where was this coming from? This man was your captor! He was sending you back to the King!
But he was also a broken man... someone just like you.
“Y/N, what are we doing?” he asked, breathless from your kisses.
“I don’t know,” you whispered back, but it didn’t stop you from reconnecting your lips with his. Jungkook didn’t stop you either, kissing you with fervor. His hands stayed on your waist, not traveling across your body like you expected from him.
But you wanted his hands all over your body, it had been so long since anyone had touched you like this. And you missed the sensations that came from it, even if it was with the wrong person, at the wrong time, it didn’t matter. Because it all felt so right.
“You can touch me,” you said, placing his hand lower on your body at your hip.
“Y/N,” he breathed, locking his lips over yours again, kissing you so hard you were certain your lips would bruise if you were human. Jungkook was handling you with the utmost care, something that made your heart melt even more for the man in front of you.
His hands slowly trailed over your body, resting at the small of your back. Jungkook made your mind race with possibilities. Everything he could do to you, everything you could do to him. It made your stomach jump to your throat. He detached from your lips to kiss your neck, nipping playfully making you shudder.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, winding your fingers in his hair. Jungkook groaned as he licked at your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You opened your mouth and kissed him harder. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, but it had been years since someone had paid you any kind of attention, and it showed in your reactions. Every time Jungkook brushed a spot along your hip or nipped at your neck in the right spot it had you shivering with such desire it was almost smothering.
Placing your hand on his stomach you leaned in to kiss him again when he stopped you.
“Y/N, what do you want from me?” he asked, looking at you with kiss swollen lips and a few red marks on his neck from you.
“I-I... I don’t understand,” you whispered.
“I think we’re both pretty emotional right now, we shouldn’t do something you’ll regret later,” he said, as if it pained him.
“You’re right, Jungkook, I’m sorry,” you said, flushing red in embarrassment. But Jungkook was right in asking... What did you want from him?
It was all so messed up in your head. There was your heart that didn’t want to move on from your past, it was all too painful. But your mind was starting to wander. Were you using your ex-lovers death as an excuse to remain distant? Was he truly still the love of your life? Or was it time to move on and accept his death?
It was all so difficult to process.
But you couldn’t find yourself regretting your actions with Jungkook.
“Don’t be sorry, I’m not,” he said, a soft smile on his face.
“We should go to bed,” you stated, moving towards the opposing room. The thunder crashed loudly outside, and you found yourself jumping out of your skin. You heard Jungkook chuckle before, settling down into his sleeping pack. You frowned, but went on into the other room to set up your small blanket on the floor. Jungkook apparently was out cold, but you stayed up later, unable to get the feeling of his lips out of your mind...
You fell into a fitful sleep, letting the blackness consume you.
The next morning you woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside the hut. You got up and stretched, looking out the window. Jungkook must’ve let you sleep in this morning... That was oddly kind of him. You decided you didn’t want to question it, that’s when you smelt it.
But not human...
Jungkook, where was he?
You looked around. In the other rooms, throughout the village and he was nowhere to be found.
Going back to the hut you noticed the blood on the floor, and the trail led out the door. Picking up the scent you discovered that humans had in fact been here. But the blood on the floor belonged to a vampire, that much was certain. It even looked different from human blood. You smelt several people, around six or seven that had been here... But that didn’t answer your questions. Who knew where you and Jungkook were, and why did they only take him?
Just as you were about to follow the trail further, a thought sprung to your mind...
Why were you going to go after the man that kidnapped you? There was no reason you shouldn’t just high tail it out of here and start over somewhere else. It wasn’t too hard to do, and if you kept out of the villages all together you would be near impossible to track down. Your freedom... right there, ripe for the taking.
But, something stopped your feet from moving forward. If someone really had taken Jungkook, where did they take him? And most importantly, why? Then the thought came to your mind.
Vampire Hunters.
Those bastards must’ve been following you, and when they found Jungkook, a member of the Vampiric Council, they probably thought he was better prey. No doubt the story of his death would bring the other members of the Vampiric Council running. Or at least, his capture would. He was in danger. If they were able to subdue him, they were no doubt powerful.
But you wouldn’t let one of your kind suffer the fate they had in store for him. You’d seen too much death in your lifetime, and you’d be damned if you could save him from this fate.
Running towards the stable you grabbed the horse, you were going to need all your strength for dealing with these people. Vampire Hunters weren’t people to be trifled with. They hated your people with a passion that hasn’t been seen in centuries. Of course there has always been rebellion when it comes to the vampires ruling over the world. But they were on a different level, and if they had Jungkook then there could be serious trouble afoot.
“Go go,” you urged the horse, flicking the reins in your wrist before the animal took off. You followed the distinct smell that was Jungkook. Something that smelt like a smoldering hearth in the dead winter and cinnamon. It was spicy and warm, something you didn’t know you liked until now that it was your sole connection to the man.
You traveled following his trail for a long while, it felt like at least a few hours. However, vampires weren’t known for keeping time...
Jungkook’s trail was getting stronger the further you went, giving you hope. Then, you began to recognize your surroundings...
Oh no, they couldn’t have, surely not.
But the moment you saw the stables you knew where you were...
You were home.
Your former estate was massive, with huge gardens and extensive land that wraps around the mountain behind your home. The place was in disrepair, and it made your heart ache to see it in such a state. But it had been centuries since you’d stepped foot in this area of the country. You were curious as to how you didn’t realize you were this close, but that was a matter for a different time.
You rode up and the area around you was silent, apart from the subtle chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. But you could smell them everywhere. Their scent permeated your once pure home. It filled you with rage that people who knew nothing of your home and the way it was meant to be cared for were here. Using it as some camp as if it were anything less than a feat of architecture that your father worked years on to create. But they were not creatures of sophistication, like you. They were tired of being treated the way they were by an immature ruler, they wanted freedom, however they weren’t going to get it going about it this way. Stealing members of the Vampiric Council is suicide. But, no matter, you’d soon resolve their feeble thinking.
Jumping off the horse you brushed your hair over your shoulder and headed towards the door. The estate had a grand fountain that sat in front of two large staircases that curved around the front of the building in such an elegant way it made you nostalgic. Climbing the mossy steps you found yourself moving at the pace your parents had taught you long ago.
Step with elegance, pride and strength. For these are all things you possess in great quantities. Make everyone believe it.
You reached the front door and creaked it open, the firm wood holding strong underneath your palms. However, the hinges could use a touch up. Walking in you smelt the must of the years that had passed, but somehow... somehow the sweetness of your mother remained in these halls. The spice that was your father echoed in the space as well... Perhaps it had been shut up long enough that they could be remembered here somehow...
You had to focus, Jungkook was in here somewhere, you could smell him. But you couldn’t let the memories of your family distract you now. Jungkook was here and very much in need of your help. So you had to get out of your own head and find him...
You thought about it logically and the most fortifiable room would be the wine cellar, but the easiest vantage point was your mother’s old study at the very top of the stairs... But Jungkook’s smell was everywhere.
That’s when you saw it...
Blood smeared on the walls.
They had smeared his blood on the walls to keep his scent all around you so you could never track him down using your sense of smell alone... You’d have to walk it blind and hope you found him somehow...
Sighing, you walked towards the sitting room, a grandiose room that had floor to ceiling curtains made of the finest material money could buy. Now they sat, moth eaten and practically begging to be set aflame, but you still smiled as you walked through the gorgeous room. The pictures of your mother and father sat on the floor, worn and stained but still recognizable if you knew them. You reached out with a weak hand and placed it on their faces, tears threatening to pour down your cheeks. But you refused them, they didn’t have a place here anymore. This home should be full of nothing but love and laughter, like it used to be. Instead of all this pain.
A noise from upstairs made you freeze. It sounded like someone trying to speak, but it was muffled. Jungkook. Your heart jumped to your throat. Perhaps he was up there. It wouldn’t be good to get caught up there, but in the worst case scenario, you had the high ground. Walking up the center stairs you felt the air shift around you. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it didn’t feel good either. Like something was waiting just around the corner for you.
Turning you saw your old bedroom door was shut. Trusting your gut you went forward. Your hand was on the doorknob when the room shifted again. Like people were coming up behind you. Turning, you saw no one. But you knew the moment you opened this door, something was going to happen. Turning the stiff knob in your hand you opened the pure white door that once led to your childhood room.
There Jungkook was lying on the floor in front of you, covered in wounds and his hands were tied behind his back. You couldn’t label the emotions you felt in that moment. Looking at him, you kept your senses on high alert, ready to attack if need be.
“Jungkook,” you shook him.
“Jungkook, wake up,” you whispered, shaking him harder.
A small cough came from the man, enough to tell you he was there. Lifting him off the floor you brought him into a sitting position. Jungkook’s eyes flew open as he looked around and saw you.
“Y/N, w-what are you-”
“It doesn’t matter, we have to go,” you said, trying to urge him up.
“But Y/N, why did you come for me?” he asked, looking you in the eye.
“Jungkook, I don’t have time for this, we need to get you out of here before they-”
“Well, lookit what the cat dragged in huh,” a deep voice from the corner called.
You were surprised you hadn’t smelled him, although with Jungkook’s scent everywhere, it was hard to smell much else.
“Let him go,” you demanded.
“I don’t think you’re in any position to be making demands, little lady,” he warned, coming forward with a blade, pure silver no doubt. It wouldn’t kill you, but it would hurt like a bitch.
“You have no idea who I am,” you scoffed.
“Of course we do, former heir to the entire Kingdom. Heart of gold, won’t even feed off of humans. You see, we’ve been following you for a while. And we knew, after that kiss you shared with good ole Jungkook over here, you’d feel a responsibility to come and get him. A fight against you both would be difficult, so pull you apart and make for easier pickings for us,” he smirked.
“You don’t know what kind of trouble you’re in now,” you said, hands heating up with fire.
“I think you’ve underestimated us,” he smiles brightly.
“I know you’ve underestimated me,” you warned, throwing a whip of fire in his direction. He dodged it easily.
But that was just a warning shot.
This would be a battle of the mind, not of brawn.
Stepping to the side you threw a stream of fine pebbles out like bullets off the floor. One must have grazed him, cause you heard his breath intake spike for a moment. Either that, or you startled him. Then you smelt the blood. Better hit than you thought.
Jungkook was silent to your right, something you were appreciative of. You couldn’t get distracted right now. Too much at stake.
A knife came out of the dark, hitting the wood right beside your head. Another warning. Was Jungkook worth the trouble you were going to have to go through to get him out of this? You breathed deeply. Everyone was worth it. It didn’t matter their past, or their present, what mattered is you got them to their future.
Taking the knife from the wall, you marveled at it in your hand for a moment. “This is excellent craftsmanship. Where did you acquire such a knife?”
“Downstairs,” he answered smoothly.
“Of course it’s one of dad’s,” you said, throwing it square at his face. Hitting your mark dead on. He had no chance of winning the fight when he decided to do it in the dark. Your night vision was near perfect. If anything, you had more trouble seeing during the day.
Humans could see at night to an extent but not to the magnitude you could.
A small cough brought you out of your stupor.
“Jungkook!” you yelped, rushing over.
“I’m good, I’m fine,” he said. You examined him a little, noticing he was wearing vervain rope around his wrists. A part of you wanted to be smug and asked him how it felt to be captured, but the bigger part of you was more concerned about getting him out of here in one piece. He was hurt, pretty badly. You weren’t even sure he could walk. Vampires healed fast, but they needed blood to do so.
“Jungkook, where did they...?” you asked, looking for the wound that produced his blood that was all over the walls.
“My back,” he said, straining to stand up.
“Easy, I got you,” you said, helping him to his full height.
“Thanks Y/N, seriously. You didn’t have to come for me,” he said.
“I did, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I just left you for dead,” you answered.
“This isn’t over, they’re everywhere. Crawling around like insects ready to be squashed,” Jungkook hissed. You rolled your eyes and helped him get to the first landing before you heard scuffling behind you.
“Hold on,” you said, heading towards the sound.
Three more vampire hunters popped out, knives and other weapons at the ready. You hardened your stance and threw a punch, hitting the first one in the nose. Although this exposed your wrist for a slice from the second one. You hissed and pulled your hand back and looked at the wound. The blade was covered in vervain. It would slow your healing process. Thankfully the cut wasn’t deep.
Growling you brought your leg up and kicked the second one square in the chest, throwing him against the wall with a sharp crack. You glared at the third one, who came forward with another knife, although this one was larger. No doubt another from your father’s collection. Moving to the left you brought your arm to his throat, crushing his trachea beyond repair. You listened until his breathing stopped and you assessed the situation. Four down, several to go.
Up the stairs you heard a gasp. Turning quickly you saw Jungkook surrounded by four more vampire hunters. You huffed and ran up the stairs, tackling one to the ground before throwing a solid punch to the face. You punched again and heard his skull crack. Standing up you brought his body with you, shoving it at the man closest to the railing. They both went over, a sickening crunch being heard a second later.
“I’d hate to get my hands dirty any more, why don’t you just let us go?” you asked, tilting your head.
“We’d rather die than let vermin like you escape!”
“Well, unfortunately that wasn’t the right answer,” you mocked, picking up a dropped blade from the floor and throwing it square in one’s chest. He stumbled backwards, but he pulled the knife out with ease. Damn, he was wearing armor underneath his clothes. You should’ve known the extra bulk wasn’t muscle. But, you had other means of destroying them. Undoing your small pouch from your belt loop, water hit the floor.
“Think we’re afraid of a little water?” one asked, coming closer.
“You should be,” you warned, lifting your hand, causing the ice to freeze. With a flick of your wrist the icicles were flying through the air and landing their marks on each man’s throat. They both collapsed, hitting the floor with a dull thud.
Jungkook looked at you in amazement.
“Each element... You can control them,” he whispered.
“Yes, I can, but let’s not focus on that right now. Let’s get out of here,” you urged, coming forward to wrap your arm around his waist, when a sharp pain erupted through your lower calf.
“Y/N!” Jungkook yelled.
“Fuck!” you screamed. Your knee hit the floor hard, as you looked behind you to see an arrow sticking out of your leg.
One woman was at the base of the stairs, smirking at you.
Oh big mistake.
Reaching backwards you ripped the arrow out of your calf, feeling the blood run down. But you didn’t pay attention to that. Feeling the dirt with your hand you brought it into the shape of an arrowhead. As quick as an actual bow you fired, drilling the woman in the skull with it. She fell to the floor, blood splattering across the back wall behind her.
“Bitch,” you spat, moving into a crouch to examine your leg. It was already starting to heal. The dumbass didn’t put any vervain on it; you were in the clear.
“Y/N are you alright?” Jungkook’s concerned voice came from the landing.
“Yeah, I’m fine. On my way,” you said, coming back towards him.
He looked a little worse for wear. His wound still hadn’t healed, they must’ve used a vervain weapon on him. He was pale. More so than usual, and he looked tired. Your heart ached slightly at the sight of him, so beaten down. He was strong enough to beat this, you knew it.
“You okay?” he asked, moving his hand down to your bloody leg. You nodded, already feeling the skin stitching itself back together.
“Yes, she didn’t put any vervain on the arrow, so I should be healed in a few minutes,” you said with a soft smile. He nodded. You moved to help him stand, taking a majority of his weight on your side.
“How many more do you think there are?” he asked, moving with you at a slow pace.
“I don’t know, once we get out of the house I can hunt them down one by one,” you smirked, ready to unleash your full potential.
“I don’t know whether to be scared or turned on at that,” he said, as if he were truly confused.
“Jungkook!” you admonished, rolling your eyes.
“What! I’m serious, that was super sexy Y/N!” he complained.
“Shh,” you said, turning and sniffing in the direction of the hallways.
“There are more that way,” Jungkook confirmed, you nodded.
“I can sense them, but it’s hard. I can smell vervain, those bastards are pulling out all the stops. It’s affecting me,” you complained, helping him through another doorway.
“Me too, I feel even weaker,” he agreed.
“I know, I’m the one hauling your ass,” you said, finding the door that would lead you out to the old gardens. “If we go out here it’ll be harder for them to find us, but it’ll also be closer quarters. Less places to run or hide.”
Jungkook stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek while he weighed the options. You couldn’t help the little rush that went through you at his serious expression. He was truly something else. But your heart was still holding on to the past...
“Let’s go,” he said, pulling his feet underneath him and trying to take a step forward on his own.
“Careful!” You yelped, looking at his bloody back.
“I’ll be alright, just need to find one of them to drink from,” he growled.
“Okay,” you said, trying not to think about that.
Going down the steps you and Jungkook shuffled through the roses and the hydrangeas that had long been overgrown and unkempt.
You remember running around them as a child with your nursemaid and family members. The stone paths once shone with the love and care of the groundskeeper, now they were covered in dirt, mold and moss, making your heart ache.
The look of the garden now made you wince. Your mother would be horrified if she could see it now. Although, this wasn’t the time to be thinking in the past.
Jungkook’s hand was still locked in yours, unwavering and anchoring you to the present as the past whirled around you in a dizzying spiral. Practically dragging you, Jungkook found a gazebo that was towards the middle of the gardens. He pulled you behind it, settling his tender back against the lattice. Wincing, he bit his tongue to keep himself from crying out. You looked over at him in concern, when he put his hand up to give you pause.
“There are three of them close, but the scent of vervain is still strong, they must have it on their person,” he deduced.
“That means they have it on their weapons. Which makes this ten times harder than it needs to be,” you huffed, looking up at the sky.
“Hey, we got this,” he assured you, patting your cheek with affection. Jungkook could feel his stomach clench when you smiled at him.
He could never give you over to Taehyung now. Knowing what he does and feeling the way he feels... He could die for disobeying a direct order from the King... But, the way you looked at him, the way your eyes held the same pain as his. Although, they still held so much hope. Something Jungkook didn’t realize he’d been looking for until he found it in your glowing orbs. Taehyung would never find you if he had anything to say about it.
“What?” You asked, wondering why Jungkook had taken to staring at you for the past minute.
He shot you a winning grin before shaking his head. “It’s nothing, let’s do this.”
Hearing a rustle come from the bushes you brought the earth forward, gripping the individual's feet and pulling them through the hedges and into the light. Jungkook growled at the sight of the person and launched himself forward. You kept them stable as you turned your head, not wanting to see what he did.
You heard the tendons and muscle tearing as Jungkook ripped them apart as he fed. The smell of blood in the air was almost enough to choke on. But soon, you heard the crumpling of fabric and Jungkook footsteps walking toward you.
He wiped his mouth and looked at you. There was no fear in your eyes, just determination. He took your hand and started down the pathway further, ears listening to every twig snap and rustle of leaves. Jungkook turned a corner and there were two vampire hunters standing there, ready for you.
Your heart stopped in your chest when you saw that there was a girl, who couldn’t be older than thirteen standing before you with hatred in her big brown eyes. Jungkook went to move forward when you stopped him.
“She’s just a kid,” you said, not wanting to hurt her.
“She’ll kill you without even thinking about it, Y/N, I know it’s awful, but she likely doesn’t have a family. Most vampire hunters are orphaned. Due to vampires,” he said, swallowing the distaste.
“Come here, vampire bitch! I’ll kill you!” The girl yelled, pulling out a poisoned blade. One good strike with that could put you or Jungkook out of commission for a while. Jungkook tensed, waiting for you.
“You don’t have to do this,” you said, looking at her desperately.
“Yes I do,” she snarled before coming forward and trying to lodge her blade deep in your chest. Jungkook came forward and gripped her wrist, making the blade aim away from you. Jungkook huffed as he realized he wasn’t going to be strong enough to take them both. If you didn’t get your head in the game, it was over for the both of you...
“Y/N! We have to kill them!” He shouted, looking at you as your heart battled with your mind.
“I can’t kill her Jungkook, she's just doing what she thinks is right!” You cried.
The blade came at you again, you dodged it without much difficulty. But you could hear Jungkook, he was struggling to stay on his feet, even though he’d drained someone, the damage he sustained should’ve dropped him a while ago. You couldn’t waste too much more time. Jungkook tried taking the older gentleman, but it was a bad move. Jungkook took an elbow to the stomach and was shoved backwards. He fell and hit his back hard against the ground. Jungkook groaned in pain, not moving to get back up.
“Jungkook!” You yelped, moving to go help him. When a blade flew past your head. Turning slowly, you saw the girl glaring at you with unadulterated hatred. Jungkook was still on the ground, unmoving. He’d no doubt spent all of that energy he’d gotten from the person he drank from earlier. It was up to you now.
“Alright, I’m done playing games,” you said, glowering at the two of them.
“Finally a fight worthy of our time,” the older man said, coming forward.
“I want to kill her,” the little girl said, holding onto her blade with a ferocity not normally seen in younger kids.
Unless they had lost everything.
“You can strike the final blow, but I want some fun in the meantime,” he said, smiling.
You felt your skin crawl. This wasn’t the life for a younger kid. She deserved to be playing with her friends and being loved by her parents, not this. It was heartbreaking to see it play out this way, but right now... It was you against them. Vampires vs Humans.
And you weren’t going to lose.
Making a whip out of fire you looked at them harshly.
“You hurt my friend, then come to my house and dare to make a mockery of me. Mind you, I am the former Heir to this kingdom. Show some respect,” you smirked.
“Like we’d worship a whore like you,” the older man said, trying to strike a nerve.
“Ooh, so rude. But no matter, we’ll make quick work of this,” you confirmed, throwing the whip out and latching it to the other man’s arm. Pulling him forward you wrapped your arm around his throat and crushed his windpipe shortly thereafter. He gasped on the ground for a few moments before his eyes rolled back in his head and it went eerily silent.
“G-Grayson,” the younger girl said, looking at him with concern. She probably hadn’t seen many people die before. She may not have killed herself yet.
You could still save her.
“You don’t have to do this,” you reasoned.
“Y-You... You could’ve just snapped his neck, made it quick. But you made him suffocate. You really are monsters,” she said, shaking.
“We are, but you don’t have to become one yourself. This doesn’t have to be what you do, you can walk away,” you said.
“I can’t, your kind took everything from me. My mother, father and brother. I won’t rest until you’re exterminated. So we can rule ourselves in peace,” she snarled.
“Is that what you believe will happen? That the Vampiric Council won’t hunt you down and slaughter you. I know, I’ve been on the run for years from them. Trust me, I don’t like the current situation any more than you do. But I left my life behind because I had no choice. You have one, choose the road less traveled,” you encouraged.
Her stance wavered.
“They’ve raised me since I was eight. I owe them everything,” she said, soft.
“And they turned you into a killing machine,” you said. “There was only something in it for them. They robbed you of your childhood.”
With this phrase, her eyes changed. Flashing pure rage.
“You robbed me of my family, of my life. Any semblance of a childhood died when my family did. Don’t pretend that you’re trying to help me. We both know there’s only one of us walking away from this. And it’s going to be me,” she said, ice leaking into her tone.
“I’m sorry that your family is gone. Mine is too, taken from me from my own kind. If anyone can understand your hatred of vampires, it’s me. I’ve hated my kind for so long. Centuries, but it’s never gotten me anywhere. The only way to move forward is to accept your past and move towards your future. Your past is cemented, but your future is still being decided,” you pleaded.
But the hardened gaze she gave you, told you everything you needed to know.
She was beyond saving.
And you weren’t sure if you were gonna make it. You hadn’t fed in a long time, and there weren’t going to be animals around with enough blood to sustain yourself for a long time. And Jungkook needed you...
“I’m so sorry,” you whispered, looking down before pushing yourself forward, taking the earth under her feet to secure her in place. She struggled for a few seconds before a realization came over her face.
“You’re really gonna kill me,” she whispered.
“I’m afraid we’re past that point,” you said, gripping her head and yanking her neck to the side so her flesh was revealed. Swallowing thickly, you bite into her yielding flesh and let the crimson liquid pour into your mouth. She struggled for a little bit, before it was too much and she started to collapse. You held onto her and drained her to the last drop.
The head rush started first.
The overwhelming sense of strength and power that you felt made you almost want to scream. It was too much. Being a purebred living off of animal blood was a joke, and you knew it. But you had forgotten how much you’d lost in your decades of living the way you had. It was almost startling.
Your senses came rushing in like a herd of antelope. Your sight, your hearing and smell all heightened to their original state. That’s when you heard Jungkook huff from behind you.
Rushing over you kneeled next to him. He hadn’t moved since the older man, Grayson, knocked him to the ground. Your heart did a little flip in your chest when you looked at him. Pulling him into your lap you brushed the hair away from his face. A small cough came from his lips and his eyes fluttered open.
“Good morning,” you smirked.
“Y/N?” He asked, looking at you with moderate confusion.
“Yeah?” You said, giving him a soft smile.
“Your eyes,” he said, bringing a hand to your cheek.
“What about them?” You asked.
“They’re... red,” he whispered.
“They’re, oh... Yeah,” you coughed. A sound from beyond the trees made your skin jump. They couldn’t have... Did they release it for their own gain? Not even your father had been able to tame that beast. You weren’t out of the woods yet. Jungkook noticed your distress.
“Something wrong?” He asked.
He must not have heard it.
“There’s something big in those woods. You need to feed, we don’t have long before it starts after us too,” you urged, helping him stand.
“What’s in those woods?” He asked, following you.
“It doesn’t matter as long as we don’t run into it,” you said, keeping it vague.
“Y/N, what is it?” He asked, looking towards the tree line with worry creasing his features.
“It’s a mountain troll. Father had captured it, thinking he could tame the damn thing. But he wound up losing more than he gained from it. I don’t know how it survived after the estate went to ruin but, I know what it is. And I know what it could do,” you warned.
“Okay, then what do we do?” He asked, following as you started off deeper into the gardens.
“Get out of here as fast as possible, we don’t want to fight that stupid thing. And you need to feed again, your wound is taking a lot of the blood to heal. You won’t be able to hold your own in a fight like this,” you said, turning a corner.
That’s when you froze. Jungkook saw you stop and mirrored your actions. Eight people were coming up behind you, and fast. Grabbing Jungkook’s hand, you hauled him in front of you, urging him to run. Not thinking much more the pair of you had taken off towards the large fields next to the estate.
If you could just get out past the river, you would be home free.
But, things rarely happened the way you wanted them to in your life.
A sharp burn echoed across your shoulder, causing you to stutter in your stride and fall. Jungkook was hanging onto you so tight that he wound up tumbling to the ground with you. The pair of you rolled a few feet before you wound up underneath him. Jungkook looked at you in confusion. But looking down at you, he could see the pain etching across your face.
“What happened?”
“Get up, we’ve gotta move,” you said, trying to push him up when your shoulder twinged in pain again.
“Y/N,” he said, helping you stand up.
But it was too late, they had caught up.
“Well well well, what a prize. A member of the elite Vampiric Council and then the former Princess of our kingdom. What a treat for us,” a girl at the front said.
She must be their leader. The head of this branch of hunters. They all had a main person who they answered to, but no one had been able to track down and find the head of the vampire hunters in the years they’d been around. They tend to make themselves fairly scarce, knowing a full on fight with the proper forces wouldn’t end well for them.
But here, against two vampires.
It hardly seemed fair.
You looked at each of them. They all hovered around the same height and build. They also were fairly young. They weren’t as young as the girl you’d met earlier, but they couldn’t be more than ten years older than her. Jungkook and you stared at the group, wondering what the hell you were going to do.
“You’re in trouble, your former highness,” she smirked.
“It’s nothing we can’t handle,” you said, keeping your face level.
“Bold statement, I expect a good fight. You have been trained in combat, it was expected when you were a child wasn’t it?” She asked.
She no doubt read your family's journals and papers that remained in the manor. So, her knowledge of your combat history and ability wasn’t that big of a shock. However, that did put you at a disadvantage. She could predict your moves before you made them, if she understood the fighting styles you used. They were older, so maybe she would struggle but, this wasn’t a good sign.
“It was, but, I’m no longer a child,” you said, taking a few steps forward when you felt the pull in your shoulder again. Reaching back you ripped a small dart from your flesh. Observing it, you sighed.
A vervain dart. Once injected, it could greatly decrease a vampire’s abilities. Hearing and taste would be dampened, reflexes and sight would be slowed, almost to that of a humans. But, that wasn’t for purebreds.
“This doesn’t have to be the way it is. We can stop, let us walk away,” you tried, even though it sounded ridiculous to your ears.
“Ever the diplomat. I guess old training dies hard, huh? Hilarious what we remember,” she sneered
“I’m giving you a chance, walk away,” you offered again. But the leader just chuckled, shaking her head.
“You can’t expect me to let you go, not after all of this. I’ve lost good people today, a good kid, thanks to you,” she pointed out.
“I gave her a chance,” you said. “Just like I’m giving you one now.”
“This is fucking ridiculous,” she growled. “Judy, Neil, take them out.”
Two people from the back came rushing forward. Jungkook tensed up, ready to fight, but you put your hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t, let me take this one,” you demanded.
“And let you have all the fun? How could I?” You gave him a sharp look, squaring your shoulders.
“Don’t slow me down then,” you smirked.
The woman came after Jungkook, while you curved off towards the man. You heard the sicken snap of bone behind you and the woman crying out in pain.
Jungkook would be fine.
Shaking your head you moved towards the man. He stood with a strong stance, moving with a grace that was odd of a human. However, he was older, probably the oldest in the group here so he’d have time to train enough to get that kind of skill in battle. You moved in counter, keeping your steps level and in time with his. He struck first, throwing a dagger past your head.
That was a warning.
Although, you saw him favor his other shoulder after the power exerted to throw the dagger had gone through. You tilted your head and saw he favored his entire left side. Some old injury that was no doubt aggravated. You were still heavily impressed that he wasn’t obvious about it. And the way he carried himself just proved he was disciplined.
Placing your hand in the dirt you ran a line right to his left foot, locking it in place and watching as he tensed up. He was scared. Rightfully so, you were about to kill him.
Taking your hand in the dirt you twisted it sharply, causing the block of soil around the man’s foot to yank his whole leg to the side quickly. A wet snap echoed throughout the clearing and you watched as the man fell to the ground crying out his agony. You stood up and dusted off your hand. Jungkook’s mouth was red, the body of the woman he fought on the ground behind him.
The head woman seemed frustrated.
“Jackson, Ruby and Garrett, go,” she demanded.
The three peeled out from the group huddle.
You knew what she was doing now however. She was wearing you down and showing the ones who remained in her group how you fought. That way when they came at you towards the end they’d know how to take you down with ease. Gritting your teeth you tried to hold back when the woman came at you, tried to keep your powers dialed down, but that’s when the ground beneath your feet began to shake.
“What’s going on? Y/N!?” Jungkook’s alarmed voice came through the clearing.
“Jungkook run!” You cried, taking off towards him.
That’s when through the trees a large creature emerged.
Your breath stopped short at the sight of it.
The mountain troll had grown. Your father had captured it when it was younger, and it must’ve been quite young because you had no idea the creature could grow to this size. How it survived still amazed you. It also terrified you.
Jungkook moved to bolt towards the treeline when the troll started for the group of vampire hunters. The head woman started screaming orders, telling her people to hustle and get to higher ground. But she was sorely mistaken if she thought her and her group were going to make it out of this alive. The only reason you and Jungkook had a chance was because of your inhuman speed.
“It's distracted! GO!” you screamed, pushing him forward. Jungkook could hardly stand at this rate, but you two managed to haul your asses towards the river. It was the boundary for the estate, and if the charm was still on the fucking troll, it couldn’t cross the body of water.
However, the vampire hunters didn’t know that.
They started heading back towards the estate, hoping to get some cover. But, it was far too late for them. You and Jungkook heard the sounds of them being ripped apart. The screams...
But you had to keep moving. Because the second they were all dead, that thing would come after you two.
Finally, you made it to the river. Jungkook pushed himself through the water and landed in a heap on the other side. You did the same, but your pants caught on the rocks below the surface.
The cracking of tree branches alerted you. The troll was done with his appetizer and was coming for the full course meal. You were still in the river, he would be able to reach in and pull you out. The damned thing could get in the river, but he couldn’t get on the bank. Panic gripped your chest as you tried to pull on the fabric desperately.
You’d already spent your energy on fighting the whole day away. You wouldn’t be able to call a pebble to fight for you now if you wanted to. Jungkook was breathing harshly on the bank, looking at the sky.
“Jungkook!” you screamed.
His head popped up as he looked at you in bewilderment.
“What? What’s wrong?” he asked, crawling closer.
“I can’t get out. I’m too weak, I’m stuck, pull me out!” you begged, reaching for him. Faster than you thought possible for him right now he was on his feet, wading back into the water and reaching for your hand.
“Don’t panic, I’ve got you,” he said, reaching into the water to untangle your pants.
“It’s not gonna work! Just pull!”
“If I pull you’ll just get more stuck!”
“Jungkook please hurry,” you begged.
“Easy, I’ve got you,” he whispered.
“If my hands weren’t shaking so bad I’d smack the shit out of you right now,” you growled.
“I can’t get you unstuck,” he breathed.
“Take your pants off!”
“Y/N, take your pants off so I can haul your ass out of this fucking river before we’re ripped to pieces. Hurry!” Jungkook cried.
Desperately you undid the strings and threw your pants down to your ankles. Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist and lifted you up, pulling you both through the water. With a heavy thud the pair of you landed in the wet dirt on the river bank, breaths stolen and minds racing.
Just as you managed to catch your breath you looked up to see the mountain troll, eyes glazed over and blood dripping from it’s overgrown teeth. You swallowed hard. You hoped to every living being out there that this damn thing wasn’t about to cross the river and eat you for dinner.
But, you watched as it reached for you across the bank. Your mind went blank as you saw it’s large hand reaching right for you and Jungkook. However, it howled in pain before it could reach all the way across. The bright blue glow of your father’s magic echoed around the river. You watched in amazement as the creature huffed in annoyance before heading back towards the estate.
Even centuries later...
Your father was still protecting you.
“Holy shit we’re alive!?” Jungkook cried from beside you. You turned to look at him and you nodded softly.
“Yeah, we’re alive,” you agreed. Jungkook whooped and hollered as he laid back down.
“Oh my fucking shit, I’ve never been that scared in my entire life,” he said, putting a hand over his face as he laughed.
You sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt of your very bare knees.
“Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice was a lot softer then. Like he was nervous.
“Yes?” you asked, looking at him. He slowly made his way to his feet, standing next to you.
“You saved my life,” he said, a gentle smile on his face.
“You saved mine too, I guess,” you said with a shrug. Slowly you held out your wrists. Jungkook looked down at you in confusion.
“What are you doing?” he asked, raising a brow.
“Letting you cuff me. You saved me, I’ll go quietly. I promise,” you said, shaking your wrists towards him. Jungkook made a disgusted sound at the back of his throat before throwing the vervain cuffs on the ground and walking closer to you.
“If you think I’m taking you to the King after all of that then you’re truly insane,” he said.
“But what’ll happen if you don’t bring me back? What happens to you?” you asked.
“That’s not for you to worry about,” he said with a grave sense of finality.
“What if they kill you-”
“They won’t kill me Y/N, I’m a member of the Council for fuckssake, the King will probably just make me do some extra heavy lifting. I’ll be fine. And so will you,” he said, a sad smile on his face.
“You’re letting me go?” you asked for confirmation.
“I don’t know how much longer I could’ve kept you to be honest. You’re pretty difficult to catch if you haven’t noticed,” he chuckled.
“So... This is it then?”
Jungkook nodded.
“Yeah, this is it. No more escapades and near death experiences, at least... I hope.”
“We’ll probably never see each other again,” you whispered.
“No, we probably won’t,” he agreed.
It was then you felt two soft lips kiss your forehead gently.
“Be safe, Y/N. You’ll still be on the run, but I can try to throw them off you for as long as I can,” he said, pulling away from you.
“Thank you,” you whispered.
“Don’t mention it. Like, seriously don’t mention it I’ll probably get in trouble if you do,” he laughed nervously.
“I won’t say a word, I promise,” you said, looking him straight in the eyes.
“I know,” he said, a soft smile gracing his saddened features.
“If you follow the trail west you’ll end up on an old trading route road. It’ll take you to the next city. I don’t know how traveled it is anymore, but you might have some luck finding a merchant who can take you,” you said, pointing in the direction.
“Thank you,” he said, turning to walk away, when your hand snapped out fast and grabbed his wrist. Jungkook looked back at you for a moment before you tugged him closer.
Sighing deeply you stared him in the eyes.
“If I don’t do this now, I know I’ll regret it,” you whispered, bringing your lips to his firmly. Jungkook reacted almost immediately, wrapping his hands around your waist. You pulled him even closer, folding yourself around him. You wanted to be closer, closer, closer still.
Jungkook didn’t seem to understand this as he pulled away.
“Y/N,” he breathed against your lips.
“What do you want from me?” he asked, echoing himself from last night.
Was it really just last night he’d cried into you and he’d kissed you with so much passion? Was it really that fast? But, after the entirety of events that had transpired between your two, you knew that there was more than just a cocky bastard inside of Jungkook.
There was a genuine person there. Someone you wanted to get to know, even if you couldn’t be with him forever.
This would be enough.
“You. I want this, right now. Just us two,” you said, pleading softly.
“If we do this-”
“I loved someone before you know...”
“Huh?” Jungkook quiets beside you.
“I loved a human man, I loved him so much that it hurt. And when I lost him I promised I’d never love again. I promised I’d never let another person touch me the way he did. When I kissed you last night it’s the first kiss I’ve had in about two hundred years. But I realized that, if I continue to keep myself from happiness, then I’ll never have it again, due to not wanting it taken away. But isn’t it better to know it again before you lose everything” you laughed lightly.
“Y/N, are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m sure. I want you. If this is the last time I get to see you then I want to make it worth it,” you smirked. Jungkook bit his lip, as if he were really trying to make the right decision.
“As long as you’re sure,” he said, moving to capture your lips again.
You sighed into the contact, letting his lips engulf your own. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you once more, cradling your body close to his as if you were porcelain, like you would break if he moved you too fast. You didn’t mind it, honestly. To be treated with such care made your heart swell in your chest. You wanted to treat him gently too, make him feel just as good if not better.
Jungkook began to kiss your neck and shoulders, pecking the supple skin there, leaving marks of his own on your body. You felt his nips and careful bites, they made you shudder as your hands roamed his skin. He’d been through a lot today, so had you.
“J-Jungkook, are you sure about this? Are you going to be okay?” you asked, lifting his head from your neck so he’d look in your eyes.
“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life,” he beamed. “I want to please you, I want to feel you. Can I? Don’t think I’ve forgotten my genius plan of getting you half naked.”
“Shut up, before I make you,” you growled, shoving his shoulder.
Jungkook swallowed hard, bringing you into his arms. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, looking at you with poorly hidden desire. “Making me so hard, fuck...”
Slowly you started pushing Jungkook back towards a tree. His back met the bark with a gentle thud before his eyes locked onto yours. You gave him a gentle smile before pushing his shirt up and running your hands across his stomach. Jungkook let out a shaky breath, looking down as your nails ran down his sensitive flesh.
“You’re so handsome Jungkook, big eyes and pouty lips. Want to kiss you senseless,” you smirked. You heard a strangled whine come from him.
“I want that. I want your mouth on me, everywhere,” he hissed when your fingers made contact with his nipples. “Fucking shit!”
“Ooh, you’re so responsive when I do that... Like when I touch your chest Jungkook? Want me to play with them?” you asked, thumbing the hardened nubs tortuously slow.
“Y-Yeah, so good baby,” he groaned, head falling back to hit the tree with a solid ‘thud’.
“Mmm, they got so hard,” you murmured, pulling his shirt up to reveal his chest to you fully.
“Please Y/N, please do something,” he begged, attempting to grind against you, earning himself a sharp tug on the nipple.
“Don’t be greedy, I’ll do what I want when I want to, understand?” you said, eyes turning dark.
“Yes... I-I understand,” he said, voice soft and pleading.
“What a good boy,” you praised, latching your soft mouth onto the skin of his chest. He sucked in a harsh breath at the contact, tightening his grip on your hips as he tried to keep himself under control. You could tell that he wasn’t used to being the one listening to commands during sex. He kept trying to jolt himself against you or get some kind of friction somewhere. But you didn’t want to be too mean to him, especially if this was the only time you’d get to do this.
Sadness filled your heart at the thought of only getting to do this the one time...
Jungkook’s whines pulled you from your stupor, making you look up at his pretty face, flushed as he bit down on his lip. With a dark grin you brought your other hand to his nipple, toying with it briefly before pinching it between your fingers. Jungkook cried out, hips bucking forward to search for you. You bit your lip, trying to keep the teasing smirk from your face.
Was this really the man that had teased and manhandled you?
You gave his chest one last teasing tug and trailed your hands lower until they were at the fasteners for his pants. Jungkook’s chest was heaving, looking up at the sky. Almost as if he were afraid to look down and see your beautiful crimson orbs looking back up at him.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, breath tickling his neck as you leaned forward. You saw him swallow hard before turning his chin down to look at you. A soft smile graced your features, you reached up and cradled his cheek gently. He leaned into your touch, cheek smushing slightly against your palm.
“Please,” he breathed, eyes closed like he was anticipating something.
“What do you want?” You asked, running your thumb across his puffy lower lip.
“I want to taste you,” he whimpered out, taking your thumb in his mouth and sucking on it longingly. You caught your reflexive moan in your throat. Jesus this man was going to be the death of you.
“Yeah? Get on your knees then,” you said. Jungkook practically fell to the ground before you. You chuckled, watching as he eagerly shuffled forward on his knees, collecting the dirt beneath him but you were both far from caring about appearances.
“Oh fuck, I can smell you from here,” he whined, wiggling while he knelt before you. Gently you pulled at the bands of your underwear, pushing and pulling it around. Jungkook was good, he didn’t move forward or make demands. He just watched, entranced as you teased him.
“Wanna taste? Huh? You’re like a good little puppy waiting for the treat, so cute. What a good puppy,” you said, reaching forward and grasping his hair in your hands, tugging on it to lift his chin so you could see his throat. “You want it?”
“Yesss,” he cried. “Want it so bad. I-I’ll be good for you, I promise. Just let me taste, I’ll make you cum I promise please.”
“Tell me what you’d do, if I let you have it,” you beamed, pulling the band of your underwear in such a way it made your mound more pronounced. Jungkook could see the stain of your wetness coming through the fabric.
“I-I’d start slow. I want to savor it, every last drop. Then I’d give that pretty clit some well deserved attention. Suck, lick and figure out how you like it. Tease your little hole with my tongue, b-but,” he swallows thick, like he’s trying to keep himself from drooling. “But I wouldn’t use my hands unless you said I could.”
You hummed at his obedience. “Mmm, good puppy. Such a good boy, you can come closer, give me a kiss,” you said, pulling him forward by his neck. Jungkook gave a soft cry before landing face first into your pussy. He inhaled deeply, before groaning in wanton desire. You felt his lips pucker up and give your soaked underwear a kiss.
“Mmm, please. Please say I can have it,” he begged, palming himself through his pants.
“Don’t touch yourself,” you growled. Jungkook froze in place but moved his hand away from his throbbing cock. “Good baby. How about you touch me instead,” you beamed. “Go ahead puppy, you can have it.” Slowly you pulled your underwear down, face leveling with his for a second. His eyes were glassy, and you were surprised he was already this desperate, but you were going to enjoy this either way.
“Thank you,” he gasped before attaching his mouth to your bare pussy. A shiver ran down his spine as he made fat licks up your slit, gathering all your slick on his tongue. Jungkook looked like he wanted to cry, but not in a bad way. Like, in a relieved way.
“Oh fuck, so good puppy. Keep going like that,” you encouraged, locking your fingers in his damp locks. You pushed him a little closer, forcing his mouth to connect with you fully. He grunted at the rough motion, but quickly preened at the feeling of your digits playing with his hair. He gripped your ass and encouraged you to move your hips against his face.
“Grind on me, please. I want to feel it,” he cried. You did as he asked, moving your hips across his beautiful face, watching as more and more of your liquid gathered on his lips and chin.
“Making me feel so good, puppy. Look at the mess you’re making. Eat nicely,” you tutted.
“But you taste so good,” he whimpered, moving his mouth against you more feverishly. You were breathing harder now. His tongue was running against your clit so directly it felt like your lower stomach was burning with pleasure.
“Fuck puppy, yes. Right there, just like that, so good baby. L-Lick it,” you moaned, head falling back slightly. But you didn’t want to take your eyes off of the gorgeous man pleasuring you. Jungkook was getting desperate it would seem, because the more you pulled on his hair, the tighter his hands gripped your ass.
“C-Can I put a finger in? Do you want me to?” he asked, licking his lips to sweep your flavor off of him and onto his greedy tongue.
“Just be gentle,” you warned, giving him a stern stare. Jungkook’s eyes became even more glossed over as he nodded slowly, acknowledging your order.
“Gonna make you cum so hard,” he almost growled into your cunt. But, just as you asked, he was gentle. Petting his fingers over your center carefully Jungkook seemed to be hyper focused on his goal. You sighed when he pushed his digit inside of you, making your aching pussy clench around the intruder.
“Ooh, puppy. So tight, so tight in my pussy huh?” you teased.
“Y-Yeah, you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, pumping his finger slowly, watching as your hungry core sucked him right back in desperately.
“Mmf! Fuck,” you snarled, pushing your hips down to get more of the delicious feeling of him filling you. If this is how you reacted to a finger, Jungkook couldn’t wait to see how you reacted to his cock stuffing you to the brim.
“Can you take another one?” he asked, eyes all big and sparkly as they gazed at you.
“Yes baby, put in another one,” you demanded. Jungkook quickly took his pointer and middle finger and put them in his mouth to get them wet before sinking them inside you. You gasped, the distinct pull in your stomach making you wince slightly but after a few seconds it was gone, making you worried for when he did finally get his dick inside you but, that wouldn’t be until later...
“H-Holy shit you’re so fucking hot, so wet-” he mewled before attaching his lips to your clit once more, sucking harshly. A sharp rush of pleasure swept over you, making your knees shake slightly. Jungkook pulled you closer, so that one of your legs was going behind his back and resting on his shoulder.
“Mmm what a good puppy, making sure I don’t fall over because you’re fingering my pussy so good. Shit baby, keep going. Don’t stop, I’m close,” you breathed, feeling your walls starting to clamp down on his long digits.
“Let me have it. Cum on my face, I want to taste it. I’ll clean you up so good, I promise,” he cried, tonguing your clit with an urgency that was throwing you into the arms of your orgasm harshly. You gripped his hair so tight you heard him hiss but you couldn’t focus on much else as your body jerked above his so violently he had to hang onto your hip to keep you from tipping over.
Jungkook held onto your thigh as he pumped his fingers languidly, nosing at your sensitive clit with hesitancy. He didn’t want to hurt you. But he also was sucking your cum off his lips with such an earnestness that your stomach clenched, making him look at you with wonder.
Apparently Jungkook made the right call by holding your thigh, because a few moments later your knees went wobbly. He smiled at you brightly, running his hand up to your hip and lower stomach. You smoothed your hand over his hair, watching as he leaned into your touch. A softness took over your features as you got on your knees with him, wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing his swollen lips to yours.
He curled his arms around your frame, hands settling on your waist. You kissed him like it was your only desire in this life, like if you broke apart for a second it would be too much to bear. He responded in kind, running his palms across your back and gripping your bare ass in his hands. You smiled against his mouth, giving a soft moan to egg him on. Jungkook connected your lips again, tracing his tongue along the seam of your mouth. You didn’t give him the access he asked for, making him whine against your lips and pull you further into his body.
However, this wasn’t enough. You wanted him closer, deeper and seeping into every ounce of you. It’s been so long since you’ve been touched like this, your chest was tight with emotion. You pulled back gently, watching as Jungkook tried to follow your lips. A soft giggle came from you as his bright eyes peaked open, looking at you with curiosity.
“Are you alright?” he breathed, slightly airy.
“I’m okay, just thinking,” you said, before tightening your grip on his and tipping backwards so you’d fall on your back. Jungkook gave a little cry, catching himself on his forearms so that he didn’t crush you when he hit the ground. You opened your thighs and let him settle between them. Jungkook readjusted himself so that you weren’t uncomfortable.
“Are you sure you want to do this here? I don’t want you getting hurt,” he fretted, pushing stray twigs and rocks away from you.
“I can’t feel any of it. All I can feel is you,” you said, brushing a strand of his longer hair behind his ear. His eyes glimmered then, and you felt the air leave your lungs. He was looking at you like you were precious, something to be adored. Overwhelmed you tried to swallow down your stinging tears. Jungkook seemed to notice your distress, because he was placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
“It’s okay, I’m right here,” he said.
“I know, I know you are. Because you’re my good puppy aren’t you? Want your treat? Come get it,” you said, spreading your lower lips with your fingers, flashing your soaked insides to him. Reaching down, Jungkook didn’t have the patience to take his pants all the way off, so he just pushed them to his mid thigh. His cock was just as pretty as the rest of him, flushed red tip that was leaking an absurd amount of pre-cum. You wet your lips with your tongue, longing to stuff his cock in your mouth. But, he was already lining himself up with your sopping core.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked, looking into your eyes.
“Yes, yes you can put it in Jungkook,” you said, using his name.
Jungkook nodded quickly before pushing in slowly. The stretch was hard, a strangled yelp left you as you tried to keep yourself from tensing up. Jungkook rubbed his thumbs into your hips, trying to ease the ache you were feeling. Carefully, Jungkook eased himself back out and pushed forward again, going a little deeper than before.
“S-Shit, you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, head slumping forward and resting on your chest. You smirked slightly, but ran your fingers through his hair gingerly. Jungkook kept giving little thrusts into your wet heat, gauging how much you could handle before finally you felt your hips connect and he was bottomed out inside of you.
“Oh fuck, puppy you’re so big,” you hiccuped. Jungkook wasn’t in a much better situation. His shoulders were tense and his head was hanging low. Placing your hand on his cheek, you made him look at you. His face was scrunched up and he looked like he could be in pain. But you knew it was probably just overwhelming for him. You had done quite a bit of teasing. However, that route wasn’t exactly over.
“Do you need a second?” he asked, suddenly serious.
“No, you can move. I want you to, fuck me hard,” you encouraged, running your hands down his stiff back and gripping his plump ass in your hands. Jungkook took your invitation and started moving inside of you at a swift pace. Nothing too fast, but enough to get your head feeling spinny. You gripped his ass tightly, keeping your moans quiet and soft. Jungkook, however, was extremely vocal.
“Fuck! So tight, so wet, holy shit,” he moaned, high pitched whimpers falling from his lips every time he surged forward into your soaking cunt.
“It’s all for you puppy,” you whispered. “So hard inside my tight little pussy. Oh! So good, fucking me so good.”
Jungkook gave a harsh thrust, one that moved you across the ground with the force behind it. A warped shriek came from your mouth, making you grab Jungkook’s ear and tug mercilessly. He gave a half garbled groan, before locking eyes with you.
“Ow! S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m so hard it hurts, I couldn't help myself when you feel so good,” he complained, reaching up to grab your wrist on the hand that was currently trying to remove his ear. You tugged again and felt a strong pulse in your core from Jungkook’s throbbing cock that was currently shoved inside of you.
“Ooh, does my puppy like a bit of pain with his pleasure? Want to play rough puppy?” you teased, letting his ear go while he continued to sink inside of you.
“Ssshit! Yes! I like it, I want more please!” he howled, hips stuttering in their rhythm slightly.
“More? Well, since you asked so nicely,” you said, reaching under his shirt and finding his sensitive nipples. You pinched one hard, causing him to sob out a moan. His hips got faster, almost plowing you into the dirt.
Jungkook’s eyes were on your face, watching as you felt the pleasure he was giving you. A devious grin took over your features.
“Wanna look puppy? Wanna see how my pussy is struggling to take your big dick? Look,” you said, pulling your lips apart. Jungkook’s eyes trailed down your body to look at your pussy swallowing his length with every push forward. He reached down and put his thumb right on your clit, swiveling his finger around the swollen bud, making you grip at his nipple harder than before. Jungkook keened into the air, wanting so desperately to keep watching the erotic scene before him but struggling to keep his eyes open.
“Holy fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so hard,” he whimpered helplessly.
“No you’re not,” you warned, wrapping your legs around his ass and keeping him in place. Jungkook looked at you with confusion as you shoved your thumb inside his soft mouth. He suckled at your digit, wanton moans escaping as you clenched your walls around his sensitive member.
“Please let me cum,” he groaned around your finger.
“No, keep fucking me. Don’t you dare cum,” you said, a harsh tone leaking into your voice. Jungkook nodded before picking his pace back up. Truth be told, you had a devious plan that involved him cumming without permission. So, you started clenching again. Jungkook cried out again, trying to slow his thrusts down.
“D-Don’t do that, I’ll cum if you do that please,” he blubbered, already looking rather distraught.
“Feels so good when I do this, puppy. You don’t want me to feel good? Are you being a selfish little brat, huh puppy?” you asked, pinching his nipple ruthlessly.
“Want you to feel good too, I-I’m not selfish,” he defended, eyes swimming with unshed tears.
“Then you’ll keep fucking me until I cum,” you said, shifting your hips down to take him deeper. Jungkook swallowed hard as he kept going, his breath was hitting your face in sharp pants. You knew this was a little mean, but the fucked out look on his face was too good to deny.
Jungkook’s thrusts stayed even, but he kept up his pace. His face was pinched together, and you knew it was from both the pleasure and the pain of not cumming. You knew he wanted it.
“You know puppy, since you’re a vampire like me... If you came inside, you could get me pregnant. Did you know that? Even if you were turned, you can get a princess like me pregnant. Watch me walk around swollen with your babies, huh? Want to see me like that puppy? All because you were a naughty boy who couldn’t hold his load,” you teased, clamping down once more.
“Ah! S-Stop talking like that, I’ll really cum,” he warned, keeping his pace going.
“I don’t want you to pull out until I cum, such a big dick in my pussy. Are you gonna cum puppy? Even though I told you no? Even though you could get me pregnant? What a naughty puppy, bad boy Jungkookie,” you growled.
You could feel him throbbing inside of you, and you knew all he needed was a little push to cum. So you doubled down, pulling his nipple painfully and tightening your kegel muscles so hard you felt a strain in your side.
“No!” he yelped. But it was too late, Jungkook stiffened up and you felt the scalding heat of his release filling you up inside. His release triggered another orgasm to wash over you, it wasn’t nearly as intense as the last one he gave you, but it still made your mind go foggy. Watching him you decided to coax him through his intense orgasm, trying to be merciful at least in this instance. Jungkook was trembling in your hold, tears falling down his cheeks as he gasped trying to calm himself down.
“Shhh, Jungkook it’s okay,” you breathed, cradling him to your body. You placed gentle kisses on his face and neck, anywhere you could reach to reassure him it was okay. He was alright.
Finally Jungkook seemed to calm down enough to where you could talk to him.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum without permission,” he said, teary eyes and flushed cheeks greeting you as you gazed at his face.
“Mm, it’s okay puppy. You did well, made me feel so good,” you said, giving him a tired smile. Jungkook hissed as he pulled himself out of your battered core. He watched in his lust addled mind as his cum started seeping out of you. He frowned as he started to push it back inside when you swatted his hand away in sensitivity.
He popped his fingers in his mouth, causing another shudder of desire to course through you before pulling his pants up and laying his head on your stomach. You slowly ran your fingers through his hair, in an action that almost seemed to be routine at this point with how frequently you’ve done it today.
It was silent for a little while before Jungkook spoke up.
“Never really been a sub before, how did I do?” he asked, rubbing his thumb into the soft skin of your hip.
“Perfect, Jungkook. Are you okay? I was a little mean,” you said, wiping at the drying tears on his cheeks.
“Are you kidding? I’ve never cum that hard in my life. For a second I thought I was gonna die, but this is nice,” he said, cuddling into your belly.
“You big baby,” you teased, resting your head back. You looked up at the sky, smiling in the blissful atmosphere that had surrounded the two of you.
When everything shattered.
“JUNGKOOK!” you heard a high pitched male voice call out.
Jungkook’s head lifted from your stomach, looking around in the section of forest the pair of you were in.
“Who is that?”
“J-Jimin?” he said it more like it was a question.
“You mean one of your council members?” you asked, panic rising in your voice.
“Shit,” he growled, wrapping one hand around your waist protectively.
“I’ve got to get out of here,” you whispered.
“If I can just talk to him maybe-”
“Jungkook? There you are,” a soft male voice entered your area. Jungkook visibly tensed up at the sound, licking his lips and closing his eyes.
“Yes, I’m here Jimin,” he answered.
“Who’s the lovely lady who looks thoroughly ravishing if I do say so myself,” he smirked, leaning forward.
This Jimin was rather beautiful in his own right. Silvery hair that was parted to show his forehead. A high collared shirt and waistcoat adorned his lithe yet toned body. He was shorter than Jungkook, but he seemed far more intimidating. You tried to shimmy behind Jungkook, to try and at least keep a shred of dignity to yourself.
“She’s just a villager Jimin, I-I was having some fun,” he winced, trying to keep up his crass exterior.
“I’m sure you two were, but I hate to tell you Jungkookie... She’s much more than your average villager. She’s the woman I’m to bring back to the capital and stand on trial in front of the King,” he explained, no sympathy in his tone.
“Y-You?” you squeaked, looking at Jungkook with confusion.
“Mhm, the King grew impatient with Jungkook’s absence and sent me to retrieve him and you if you were still in the premises,” Jimin stated.
“Does the King think so little of me that he had to send you to come collect me like a child?” he asked, frustration painting into his voice.
You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, trying to keep him level before he burst off the handle. Although, something told you this was their usual dynamic. Pushing and pulling, like brothers.
“It’s not about that Jungkook. Your power is good for tracking, mine is good for subduing. I’m here to bring her back, you were meant to find her. The King didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to jump to the conclusions you are right now. You are good at what you do, so let me take over from here,” Jimin said, reaching out to grab you when Jungkook slapped his hand away, grabbing you and pulling you to his chest forcefully.
“No, you won’t touch her,” he snarled.
Jimin saw the intensity on the younger males face and sighed.
“Listen, I have to go and get vervain cuffs from the horses. It should take me ten minutes. And you both better be here when I get back,” Jimin warned, no malice in his voice. He stalked off, and you looked at Jungkook with fear written all over your features.
“You gotta go,” he said, helping you to your feet. You felt the stickiness on your thighs and cringed.
“I-I know but, I’m... Um,” you whispered. Jungkook nodded and leaned forward, pressing his forehead to yours.
“I wish that we didn’t have to say goodbye here. But, unfortunately that’s the case. I want to tell you I’ll come for you one day, but... We both know that can’t happen. We-We can’t happen,” he breathed regretfully. You nodded, feeling a heat rush up your cheeks. And you realized you were crying.
“I understand. I knew that,” you whispered, tears collecting on your cheeks.
“Please don’t cry,” he begged, wiping your tears with his thumbs desperately.
“I won’t be crying forever, just let me feel sad right now,” you pleaded, leaning forward and kissing him softly. Jungkook reciprocated lazily, moving his mouth against yours so tentatively that you could barely feel the pressure.
“Okay,” he breathed, pulling away. “Go.”
You nodded, heading towards the woods when Jungkook grabbed your waist and wrapped his jacket around your waist. “Get some clothes as soon as you can, I don’t want you getting cold.”
“Jungkook,” you said, looking into his eyes.
“Don’t come looking for me. If they find you, I-I don’t know what they’ll do to you,” he said, swallowing hard.
“I won’t forget you,” you sighed, gripping his wrist tightly.
“You should.”
You were so fucked...
Well, you had gotten fucked and that’s how you landed in the situation you were in now...
The healer of the small village you had been hiding in for a few months confirmed it. Vampire pregnancies were a little longer than human ones, lasting around 14-15 months, so you were hardly showing at the mere 3 months you were.
What should you do? The village was already hesitant because you were a vampire. And now you were an unmarried pregnant vampire to top it all off. You couldn’t get rid of the child, that wasn’t an option in your mind. You were already so in love with the small being in your womb it was ridiculous.
But, a part of you had always wanted to be a mother...
To have a family of your own.
But what about Jungkook? Surely he’d want to know what was going on, didn’t he have the right to know? Even if it put you in danger?
You and your unborn child?
But, maybe there was a chance... A chance that the King would show you and Jungkook mercy. Even if you were the former heir to the kingdom... If there was a chance at a happy life, with you baby and Jungkook... Did you want that? Shouldn’t you try?
That’s how you wound up in the capital. The bustling city was so different from how you remember it centuries ago. Several new buildings, carriages and people moving around like fish in a pond. All working together but never touching. Never coinciding with one another. How strange to think that this could’ve been your life had you fought for your crown...
Shaking your head you started to walk, in search of the new palace.
Admittedly, it wasn’t too terribly hard to find.
Right in the center of the city it stood proud and tall, white and sandy marble sculpted together to make an ornate display of the architecture of the time. You watched as it was standing high above the city, causing a lump to swell in your throat.
How things had changed...
Approaching the palace was different than you had imagined. You had thought you could just go up and request a meeting with Jungkook. This theory had been proven wrong fairly quickly. The moment you got close to the gates, a guard looked at you like you were insane.
“Miss, please step away from the palace gates,” he commanded in a loud voice.
“I need to speak with, uh, Jeon Jungkook? I have something I need to tell him,” you swallowed hard, hand subconsciously going to your stomach.
The guard scoffed, rolling his eyes and straightening his back. “A man with such a high ranking on the council would not have any kind of talk to be had with you. Head home, you’re not welcome here,” he warned.
“But if I could just speak with him for a minute,” you started, trying to get them to understand it wouldn’t take long at all.
However, they weren’t having any of it.
“Miss, if you don’t leave the premises, I’m afraid I will have to remove you by force,” he said, hand resting on his sword. You sighed and nodded your head.
“I apologize for the disturbance, I’ll be on my way,” you said, turning your back. Not before you caught their feet in the solid stone underneath them and locked them in place.
“Hey!” they yelled in frustration as you walked past them and towards the palace.
“I’ll come and let you out when I’m done! It won’t be but a few minutes,” you said, making your way towards the entrance.
When you finally made it inside, you were astounded at the decor in the palace. It was all purple and silver, a gorgeous combination in your mind. But, now wasn’t the time to get hung up on interior design. You had a puppy to find.
You inhaled deeply, trying to find the scent that was inherently Jungkook.
However, just as you were turning the corner, you slammed head first into a firm chest. You fell backwards and landed on your ass, wincing as you tried to keep your head from going spinny. You looked up and almost screamed.
Was King Kim Taehyung, and he looked like he’d found the catch of the day.
“My my my, Miss Y/N, what a pleasure to find you in my palace... What can I do for you?” he asked, leaning forward with a devious smirk on his face.
“I-I need, um... I was just, um-”
“Guards! Gather the rest of the council members, we’re having an immediate trial,” Taehyung’s voice carried through the halls. Faster than you could think, arms were on you. You were hauled to your feet, and starting to be dragged down the hallway.
“No! Please, just listen it’s really important that I talk to-”
“Save your pleading for the jury.”
Kneeling on the floor in front of the King was moderately humiliating for former royalty. But, such was life at this point. A door at the end of the room opened and shut, causing you to lift your head and look as two more lithe frames made their way up to the chairs at the back of the room.
“Your Majesty,” one said.
“Namjoon,” Taehyung acknowledged.
“Majesty,” the other said, bowing slightly.
“Yoongi,” Taehyung nodded. “Take your seats, both of you.”
A few moments later, three more men entered the space, making your chest feel tighter.
“Ah, Hoseok, Jimin, Jin, good to see you all made it so timely,” Taehyung grinned, crossing his legs and leaning back in his throne.
“Yes your majesty, we heard it was of the utmost importance,” the one named Hoseok said.
“Where is Jungkook?” Taehyung asked, looking at the group and noticing the unknown man of the hour was missing.
“He’ll be here shortly, there was a bit of a commotion outside that he’s trying to quell. No doubt it’s due to this one's appearance,” Jin said, gesturing in your direction. The vervain cuffs made your wrists ache. But you tried to stay as still as possible, wriggling only made it hurt worse.
The anxiety was biting up your throat as the men towards the front started conversing as if you weren’t even there. Like this was an average Thursday afternoon to them. But the panic in your veins was heavy as you waited to hear the door open once more.
And you didn’t have to stew much longer, because soon the cursed entrance opened, bringing Jungkook into the light of the room. His hair was longer, and you noticed he looked more tired. But, you tried not to get worried.
However, the sheer panic written on his face when he saw you kneeling on the floor was hard to ignore. It was so hard not to burst into tears when you saw him again for the first time in months. If only you could’ve gotten him alone, but of course you had to run head first into the fucking King.
But, as calmly as he could he sat down.
Taehyung nodded and stood up.
“Gentleman, I have gathered the jury today to bring to trial the former heir to our kingdom. Miss Y/N Y/L/N. She is a traitor to our parliament and has been purposefully avoiding us for years. The last in a poisoned line if you will. Now, we can do one of two things. Execute her, and end the Y/L/N line for good. Or, we can let her go... And perhaps let the people rip her to shreds for us,” Taehyung smirked.
Jungkook looked about ready to jump out of his skin and pummel the King.
“Kill her,” Jin said, sighing and looking at his nails with disinterest. “Honestly I don’t know why you called us here for this.”
“Because she is still a citizen of this kingdom so she gets due trial,” Taehyung shrugged.
“Execution,” Yoongi said.
“Execute her,” Namjoon announced.
“W-Wait! Please, at least let me speak for a second!” you begged. Taehyung sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Fine fine, what do you want to say?” he asked, lifting his eyes to yours. A sharp and overwhelming sense of pain came over you causing you to fall to your side, hands cramping to the point you thought the vervain cuffs would break. Jungkook apparently couldn’t take it anymore. Watching as you sobbed in agony, he flew from his seat and tried to move you out of Taehyung’s line of sight. The male was frantic, trying to quiet your sobs while stifling his own.
“P-Please stop!” Jungkook yelled, looking at his King with sheer desperation on his face. Taehyung seemed to hear him, because the relief you felt was instant. Chest heaving you were staring at the ceiling, watching as it all started to spiral. Jungkook collapsed to his knees and tried to control himself, but the sight of you cuffed and struggling on the floor was too painful for him. Carefully, he pulled you into his arms, brushing the hair out of your face. Wearily, you rested your head on his shoulder.
“Have to tell you something,” you whispered, lifting your head to look at Jungkook with an unwavering expression.
“What? What is it Y/N?”
Slowly, you looked down to your stomach. “I-I’m pregnant,” you breathed. Jungkook’s eyes widened.
“You’re certain?” he asked, leveling his gaze to yours.
“Yes, it was confirmed,” you said, biting your lip.
“Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he whispered,
“Don’t be, I’m not,” you said, giving a gentle smile. You heard someone clearing their throats behind you. The man named Yoongi stood up, looking at the pair of you with muted interest.
“Jungkook? What is the meaning of this?” he asked.
“S-She, we... Uh. Well,” he said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.
“I believe I heard the word pregnant,” Hoseok said, a smirk crossing his features.
“I am,” you said, trying to straighten yourself up but that round of pain really took a lot out of you. Damned king.
“And you claim the father to be Jungkook here?” Namjoon asked, raising a brow at his younger subordinate.
“Yes,” you answered.
“Yoongi, give her the test please,” Taehyung ordered.
Slowly, Yoongi walked down the steps and towards you and Jungkook. Your chest tightened as you tried to calm yourself down. Jungkook gripped you tighter, pushing himself towards his friend with a fearful but intense look on his face.
“Easy Jungkook, you know the test only makes them tell the truth,” Yoongi said.
“I’ll be okay,” you whispered to him, trying to comfort him without being able to use your hands. “Give me whatever test you want.”
Yoongi nodded before blinking and you watched as his eyes turned a bright white color. “From this moment on, you will tell the truth, and nothing but the truth,” his deep voice commanded. Limply, you nodded.
“Are you pregnant?”
“Yes,” you answered. You were shocked at how fast the answer came from your mouth. It’s like you weren’t in control of your words.
“How far along are you?”
“Three months,” you answered again, almost in an almost monotone voice.
“Is the father of your child Jeon Jungkook of this vampiric council?” he asked, never breaking his stare with you.
“Yes, he is,” you said. Jungkook placed his chin on your head, hands visibly shaking against your body.
“King Taehyung, are there any other questions you’d like to ask,” Yoongi said, keeping his eyes boring into yours.
“Ask her if she intentionally had sex with Jungkook to get pregnant,” Taehyung said flippantly. You could tell Jungkook wanted to argue, but kept himself quiet.
“Did you intentionally have sex with Jungkook in order to procure a child?” Yoongi questioned.
“No, I didn’t,” you said.
“Alright Yoongi, I’ve heard enough,” Taehyung says, rubbing the bridge of his nose in apparent frustration. Yoongi blinked a few times before his eyes returned to their normal crimson and you slumped against Jungkook again, mind swirling.
“At your will, your majesty,” Yoongi said, walking back towards his chair.
“So, miss Y/N, you just so happened to come to the capital. After knowing there was a man hunt for you. After knowing that you are a known traitor to this kingdom. What do you expect me to do? Hmm? What would you do if you were in my position? Why don’t you let all those years of diplomatic training aid you in your answer,” Taehyung said, resting his hand on his palm.
“Your majesty, please, this isn’t fair,” Jungkook said, looking physically upset.
“Fair has nothing to do with this Jungkook. Don’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong,” Taehyung warned sharply.
“She’s the mother of my child and I don’t belong in this conversation?!” Jungkook screeched.
“Jungkook, you will not speak out of turn again. Remember, you have committed treason by fraternizing with a fugitive of the kingdom,” Taehyung growled. “Her head isn’t the only one in danger right now. You’ll do well to remember that.”
Jungkook swallowed hard, nodding. “Yes, your majesty.”
“I believe this situation has called for another word from the jury. Do we kill the traitor, or set her free?” Taehyung asked.
Namjoon spoke first.
“Since she is pregnant, I think we should let her go. We’ll make her swear fealty to the crown and send her on her merry way. She cannot have contact with Jungkook or any of us and we’ll act like she doesn’t exist,” Namjoon reasoned.
“I say kill her,” Yoongi declared. “Especially since she’s pregnant. A new line of heirs from the former princess of the kingdom? That certainly doesn’t bode well for us,” Yoongi said, shrugging.
“I agree with Yoongi,” Hoseok said, looking at you and Jungkook on the floor.
“I second Namjoon’s idea, we aren’t ruthless killers. The child hasn’t committed any crime,” Jimin said.
“But if word gets out that Jungkook was fraternizing with a fugitive, and she got pregnant as a result and we let it go? What would that say about us? And how we control the masses, the riots could be uncontainable and far more than one pregnant woman would die,” Jin said.
“Please,” Jungkook cried. “Please don’t do this. I’m begging. I’ll do whatever you want just don’t kill her! Have mercy.”
You could feel the tears soaking into his shirt from your face. You knew this was a risk when you came here, but you hoped that they were blood thirsty killers desperate for power. You prayed that wasn't who was running your kingdom now. Your fears seemed to be recognized, however. As Taehyung sighed and stood up.
“It’s three to three right now and I have the deciding vote,” Taehyung said. Slowly, the monstrous man walked down the stairs to look at you. Jungkook was hiding his face in your hair and trembling. You wanted to comfort him, tell him it would be okay. But, there was little comfort you could bring him now.
You were going to die.
“Miss Y/N, I hope you know that this isn’t personal. I’m merely trying to find a means to an end. I don’t wish for you to suffer, this won’t be an agonizing process, I promise,” Jungkook sobbed at his words.
“You’re truly heartless, you know nothing of family. Of love. If you did you couldn’t do this to someone else,” you growled.
“You’re wrong. My wife has given me a family, she has shown me love. I am fortunate to have a woman like her, but this is something higher than both of us I’m afraid. Now, the jury has voted. Guards, please take her to the yard and execute her-”
“Tae!” A loud cry came from the other side of the room, the door flung open and a beautiful woman appeared on the other side.
You saw the sheer joy on Taehyung’s face as he walked towards her. Lucky bastard.
“My darling!” he cried, wrapping her up in his arms and kissing her head.
“I’ve come home early,” she announces, smiling at the council who all appeared to be in a stunned silence.
“Yes, I am just finishing up here,” he said. Quickly Taehyung’s face changed. “Um, why don’t you head upstairs I’ll be with you and the children momentarily-”
“Tae, who is that? And why is Jungkook crying?!” her voice carried, sounding moderately concerned.
“N-No one my love, it’s just uh... Um, well,” he squeaked.
“Jungkookie, sweetheart, what's wrong?” the queen asked, coming over and kneeling beside the two of you.
“S-She’s pregnant with my child and-and his majesty just ordered her execution,” Jungkook whimpered, cradling your head.
“Oh... Did he...?” the queen growled low. Taehyung visibly paled across the room.
“Taehyung, darling? Is this true?” she asked, not turning towards her husband but moving to uncuff your hands from behind your back.
“S-She’s the former princess of the kingdom. She’s a Y/L/N,” he said.
“And?” she questioned, like that was a trivial matter in her mind. Finally, your hands were unbound and you brought them to the front, rubbing them in relief.
“My dear, I know how this must look-”
“If I remember correctly, the Y/L/N’s were all murdered. By you. When you took power. The daughter escaped and hasn’t been an issue in the centuries you’ve been ruling. Why is it suddenly a problem now?” the queen asked.
“My love, if word gets out about the old regime having a prolific heir, there could be riots! Uprising and upheaval in the people. We’ve spent so long trying to culminate a culture of peace, but old enemies die hard,” he said.
“Taehyung, is she here asking for the kingdom? Is she here because she wants to be the ruler?” she asked, standing up.
“I-I don’t believe so,” he said.
“Then why would she come here? Did you even ask?” she questioned him.
“I-I was going to but the trial-”
“Wasn’t a fair one if you didn’t even ask her what she wanted. Miss Y/N, what is it that you came here for? What purpose?” the queen asked.
“I-I just wanted to tell Jungkook I was pregnant. I wanted him to know in case... In case he wanted to-to be with me and help raise the child. I don’t want the kingdom, I don’t want to rule. I haven’t for a long while,” you said, looking to Jungkook who was still severely emotional.
“Y/N,” he croaked, resting his forehead on yours.
“So, you simply wanted to tell Jungkook about his child? I don’t remember that being a crime Taehyung,” she said, raising a brow in his direction.
“Love, this isn’t as black and white as it seems, there’s several years of tension and underlying problems here. It’s not so easily forgiven,” Taehyung said.
“It is. You’re deciding that the past can’t stay there. You are the one opening up wounds that have long scarred over and healed. It’s like cutting yourself all over again. There is no reason behind this, no purpose. And I won’t stand for it. The man I love, the father of our children, wouldn't do this. You wouldn’t do this,” the queen said, looking at him with unwavering strength. “Would you take fatherhood away from your friend so easily? After you know how much joy it has brought you? Our little Hana and Yeonjun?”
Taehyung was conflicted, it appeared.
“You know, your majesty. We could solve this problem,” Jin spoke up, like he’d been thinking for a few moments.
“How, Jin?” Taehyung asked, thoroughly reprimanded.
“Have them get married. Show that she’s a member of our council and that she is supportive of you. Have her publicly renounce the throne,” Jin suggested, shrugging in his chair. “No one dies and we get a former diplomat as an ally.”
“Now that you mention it, she must be incredible at strategy,” Yoongi muttered. “Especially if she evaded us for so long.”
“And Hana and Yeonjun could have a friend once their child is born!” the queen yelled, excited.
“S-So Jungkook and I could be married and-and we can keep the baby?” you questioned, voice small.
“Of course! That’s exactly what we’re suggesting!” the queen agrees, spinning around.
“I never said-”
“Kim Taehyung, you will agree to these terms,” the queen growled. “Or you will be executing me as well.” The king gawked at his wife.
“I-I will see to it the arrangements are made,” he breathed, swallowing down a visible lump in his throat.
Jungkook’s tears started coming all over again, but this time not out of fear or sadness, but sure elation.
“Oh Y/N,” he weeped, bringing you into his lap fully.
“Jungkook it’s okay, we’re okay,” you breathed, kissing him gently.
Jungkook boldly wrapped his arms around you and kissed you harder. A surprised squeal came from you, but you didn’t care. You clung to him, a life line you didn't know you needed until everything was almost taken from you.
“I-I’m so happy,” he breathed.
“Oh yeah, almost dying and a pregnancy announcement has made for a rather fun day,” you teased. He scoffed and kissed you again.
“I’m serious. I’m so happy I could burst right now,” he said, resting his head in the hollow of your throat.
“Well, you bursting is kinda what got us in this position,” you giggled. Jungkook gave you a pout that had you placing another soft kiss on his lips. “I’m happy too.”
While the fellow members of the council walked over to you and Jungkook, moving to help the pair of you get up and introduce themselves.
The queen walked over to her husband, not making eye contact.
“I’m disappointed in you,” she breathed.
“I’m the king, sometimes I have to make decisions I don’t like,” he said, looking at the floor.
“No, you’re still a man. You chose to make the wrong decision because it was easier. You’re better than that, Taehyung. At least, I thought you were.”
“So did I.”
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↳ Summary: In a desperate hope to stop war from breaking you are a serviced to wed the most vile man alive, the one who has committed atrocities and war crimes beyond comprehension, he who is responsible for the fall of many nations, the wicked prince who’s heart is made of stone. You are to marry a man who challenges every belief and moral you stand for, all while being faced in a foreign land with nobody but yourself too trust…But are you both truly that different? Or is hate not too far from love?
↳ Pairing: Jungkook/reader feat. Seokjin
↳ Genre: arranged marriage AU, enemies to lovers, it’s kind of a period AU??? Historical but also technically not? prince!AU, eventual smut
Word Count: 4k
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Note: I’ve sat on this story for like 8 months and I still feel bad for posting but bYe I’m a hoe for e2l and I sure hope y’all are too bc gOd daYum
Tumblr media
To be a princess, is that of obtaining and following duty whenever it calls. Whether you agree with it or not is of none concern to no one, even yourself to an extent. There were many times in your life when you could assume that, if you felt strong enough about a situation, eventually, your parents would sit you down and work something out that was, at the very least, comparable.
Those times were few and far in between as you often understood that you had to do things, even if you didn’t personally want to, from a young age that you could no longer remember. But still, to be told this. It was a laughable matter at the time, you were so shocked that you couldn’t even fully believe it, it was two years ago after all. But for the day to have finally come. 
For the little bubble you had sheltered yourself in, to pop.
It was laughable only at how pathetic you were, you had two years to prepare. And yet here you were, still in denial and even more bitter than before. You had cried, begged your parents for some other alternative, but low and behold, they could only look at you with pity in their eyes. After all, what good was a daughter outside of selling off in marriage?
“Mmm, is something wrong, my love?” Your heart beat had risen and your hands were a little too shaky, was it because you were naturally shy during such activities as these? Or was it the shame cast over you? This was the day you’d meet him, and you were currently in your room doing this. 
A hand tenderly stroked your face, cupping your cheek as he gently raised your chin to look at him, Seokjin’s face was soft as a finger traced your jawline, your lips had jutted a little and your expression strong in remorse, if you stared at him any longer the moment would be ruined by your tears, “I’m fine.” You mumbled, offering a weak smile that you were sure if Seokjin looked close enough he would be able to tell it was a lie for the sake of the moment. 
Your hands quickly got back to work to keep him from asking any questions, you didn’t want to talk about it. Nor did you want to be in this position either but when would be the next time you got to do this? If ever. 
Sexual favors were not something you were often inclined to do but Seokjin was an exception as he was your lover and originally, had things gone the way they should, you would be married off to Seokjin. But of course not, no, Penumbra had to frighten every nation in the world by threat of invasion. 
They had to be so cruel in their wars and battles, their soldiers and training, it was no match for anyone. No matter how many troops were sent, they were torn down one after the other by the highly skilled soldiers there. Penumbra was everyone’s worst nightmare, a nation so bitter and angry, they’d stop at nothing to seek vengeance on everyone who once destroyed their original nation of Seoul. 
They didn’t take mercy on children or women, they didn’t care about anything but their own. You wholeheartedly despised and stood against everything they were. And for your parents to look you in the eyes and say you’d have to marry their Prince. 
The Wicked Prince. 
You understood why they were choosing to do this. It wasn’t just for the sake of your nation, it was for the sake of the world. 
If there was to be less bloodshed in the future, less poverty, heartbreak, this needed to be done. Not that anyone believed you would make a difference, but that you were crowned Princess of Eunoia, who were a peaceful nation that had stayed neutral during the Great War and had access to the mining fields of Noxtria, the strongest metal that had been discovered thus far. 
Whatever Penumbra intended to do with it, you weren’t sure, but you didn’t like it. Not one bit. You understood, again and again, and yet you still couldn’t help but feel hurt at your parent's choice. Was their fear stronger than their love? All of these thoughts had swarmed your mind, even as your lover had such a strong release, his hands grabbing against your hair, your mouth gagging around his members. 
The only thing you tasted was bitterness despite his cum loaded into your mouth. The warmth nearly made your nose crinkled as you forcefully swallowed the warm load, not wanting to clean up any mess Seokjin was noted for always leaving. His head was leaned back and his eyes were closed as he let out a soft content sigh. 
His hands feathering your hair tenderly before he spoke, “Are you really okay?” You had pulled off his members nearly seconds after he came, wiping your mouth of the lewd sight of drool you looked away from him, your hands folded onto your lap, your lips tempted to part but what would you tell him? The truth? What good was crying going to do for you? 
More important things were going on, you were well aware the planet didn’t revolve around you and your feelings, children were being starved from sieges by Penumbra, innocent people had been slaughtered in battles, much destruction had been waging for the last five years. You couldn’t afford to not marry the prince, especially for a reason so fickle and childish as your own feelings. 
But you still couldn’t help but loathe him, loathe Penumbra and all of the loss and despair they had caused, you had seen it with your own eyes when you had toured with your parents to other countries to help out in the rubble they had left behind. You still refused to look at Seokjin as your lips twitched bitterly, “I have no choice but to be fine.” You muttered lowly, it was a small sacrifice to the rest of the world allowing you to be married off then thrown to the wolves.
Who knew what would happen to you after the wedding? Maybe they’d just throw you in a dungeon? Hire an inside assassin to conveniently kill you off, and what would anyone say about it? Nothing.
They’d say nothing. 
Seokjin’s eyes were filled with sadness as he tenderly cupped your cheeks, making you look at him as he spoke softly, “Your feelings do matter. You can lie to everyone else but please don’t lie to me…” Your vision of him was already blurred, a strain in your throat had formed and it almost physically hurt to even speak as you forced your eyes shut, warm tears trickling down your face much to your anger. 
“I said I’m fine dammit!” You snapped, pushing his hands away, you stood up from the painful position before hurriedly wiping your eyes, grief filled your heart as you turned away from Seokjin, trying your best to hide the pained expression you wore, how could you be okay? You were having to give up your nation, the love of your life, everything you once knew for something, for someone who would give less than a damn about you?
Your heart was shattered in many different ways, in betrayal of your parents for simply throwing you away the first chance they had, for the love you would lose because of this, for the hundreds of villagers tomorrow that would cheer in false happiness for you knowing full well what your days would possibly look like. 
You had to steady your breath as Seokjin grabbed your shoulders, “Y/n…” He ushered softly, you could hear that pleading tone in his voice as he spoke, “We could still make it work.” he whispered, his tone desperate. That was right, neither of you had ever talked about this, neither of you could ever fully talk about it without some form of desperation or loss. 
But you were past that point now, “No we can’t.” You scoffed, your eyes glaring at the floor as the tears of anger spilled down your face, “It would be best if you go.” You forced the words harshly out of your mouth as you wrapped your arms around yourself. 
“Go!” You snarled, whipping around, your eyes glaring him down but you could never hide the pain and remorse in your face from him, this hurt you far more than it would ever hurt him to do, “Just go! You’ll only make this more difficult for me to do in the end. And I have to do this, I don’t get a choice Seokjin! You understand? My feelings don’t matter! If I don’t do this, the whole world…! No nation stands a chance against them.” Your voice weakened to a whisper, warm wet tears dripping down your cheeks, “Nobody, not all of us combined. I must do this. As that’s what it is to be a princess. Now go, I...I have to prepare for the purification ritual.” You pressed a hand on your forehead, unable to even look at him. 
Jolting a little at the sound of the door slamming shut as you crumpled onto the bed, closing your eyes as you did your best to keep the harsh sobs quiet. You needed to mourn these wounds by yourself, any help from anyone here would only make it more painful because you knew the inevitable end of letting them go. 
This was what it meant, to be a princess. 
Tumblr media
You took a steady breath, the strong smell of salt wafting from the natural hot spring, your hair was currently being washed and you were curled up in the warm water, staring down at your knees before closing your eyes. The purification rite, wasn’t intended to mean you were dirty before, but it was an act that should you have any doubt, guilt or anything of this nature, to let it be dissolved in these pools before returning to the castle. 
This used to be your favorite place as a child, out here in the woodland where the grass pricked at your feet, leaves crinkled and your favorite, foxes would often come to visit wherever you played. Your connection to animals had always been more profound than to those of humans, wherever you were frustrated or cried, you enjoyed coming here to quiet your mind. 
You were supposed to let whatever angers or troubles you had be dissolved and yet you could only hold onto them even tighter, your jaw clenched harshly as you ignored the tugging and pulling on your hair, your body had already been scrubbed clean and your nails trimmed and so forth. 
This was what today had been full of, personal grooming for tomorrow, your wedding day. You had dreamed of that day for many years when you were younger, so how did you get to this point? You pondered this question briefly before you ultimately came to the conclusion it was simply bad luck and your lot in life. 
Penumbra had been difficult to persuade them into calling a truce which had taken over the last five years to accomplish, and out of all things, they had called for an arranged marriage to take place, thus tying them to another kingdom, while many nations were repulsed it was agreed upon that they would take their pick of whoever interested them. And thus Eunoia was chosen.
You hadn’t be let in on any of these debates but you had a few theories as to why your nation had been chosen, the first being Eunoia never participated in the Great War, many kingdoms some still standing, most which no longer existed had took a hand in annihilating the once great nation of Seoul. Eunoia, was in fact an asylum for those seeking shelter in the war, you nearly wanted to scoff at the idea of Eunoia unknowingly shielding what would once become the most terrifying nation on the planet. 
You slumped over, your maid having finished and quietly left you alone, perhaps knowing you would need it. That was the second reason, Penumbra and Eunoia had history together already, many who had survived the destruction of Seoul had fled to Eunoia for asylum and once gathering their strength after the Great War, they went to rebuild their nation. 
The third reason, was that it was also convenient that Eunoia had mining fields of Noxtria, the strongest metal thus discovered, and you knew this was an actual motive because it was brought up in the discussion of what terms Penumbra would have access too along with Eunoia. The trade being whatever share of the metal Penumbra used, they would offer their wears to Eunoia. 
Again this was what you had heard in a debrief meeting, you had not once sat in on an actual meeting, as women weren’t allowed inside the War Room at the time. Your father hadn’t even let you go to the capitol at the time, which you wouldn’t have wanted to begin with but...You inhaled sharply, at least you would’ve gotten to meet your future husband at the time, instead of the day before you’d both be wed. 
That was right of course...they would be here, sometime around the afternoon which was quickly approaching. You had met him once...briefly....Jeon Jungkook, you looked down at your hands as the name entered your mind. The Prince, however, didn’t have the reputation he had now and you both were children. 
At the time you didn’t understand the significance of what was going on and how shocking it was for the royal Jeon family to appear. Yule was always celebrated at Kimhae, hosted by Seokjin’s family and it was traditionally a time to set aside differences and make merry for Yule, nations would lay down weapons and the world would briefly become a peaceful day. You were only...what? Six at the time? The memory of him was a bit fuzzy, but you’d never forget his low lidded eyes, looking as if he was a cornered animal. Perhaps a bit shy? 
Someone in his family presumably had pushed him towards all the other children, yourself included, many had been pulled away by parents or other members of their court, you however…
Your lips twitched in anger, you smiled at him. Even gave a little wave in greeting before he had gone back to hiding behind his elders. 
You had greeted him, not realizing that he would one day become a cold blooded murderer. Even monsters were once children you supposed. And now you would be marrying him, you nearly laughed at the irony of it all. The world was truly too small for its own good. You stepped out of the hot spring, a cool breeze blowing past your naked skin as you grabbed the towel which had been neatly folded, wrapping it around you as the soft ground pressed against your feet. 
You closed your eyes briefly, letting the wind blow against you gently as the distant smell of blossoms met your nose, spring had just arrived last week and the festival of flowers had come to end two days ago and you had celebrated it as best you could despite the looming threat overhead that would only become greater in a short amount of time. Your mindset two days ago was simple, when would be the next time you could celebrate such an important festival? You doubt Penumbra would care anything about traditions such as yours, and who knew if you’d even be able to visit. 
Your vision threatened to blur as they fluttered back open, looking up at all the willow tree’s that surrounded the forest blowing in the wind. Apricot blossoms could be seen in the distance and fruit would soon be ready to harvest as you wrapped your arms around your towel, slowly walking around the large boulder to find your maids all whispering, at the sight of you they all quickly hushed before smiling those fake smiles. 
It was easier this way you supposed, easier to pretend that this was a happy day for you, you would meet your husband today and in two days time, you would be whisked away and never seen again, most would turn a blind eye to the reality and would continue to live in a false reality of assuming you had your happily ever after. 
A part of you wanted to curl up in bitterness despite knowing you couldn’t blame them, one person for the nations? It wasn’t even a question, of course everyone would choose it, still, betrayal ran strong in your veins. You had mixed feelings and didn’t know what you should hold inside and what to let run wild with hurt anymore. 
Nobody was at fault here, truthfully, this was just a misfortune you had run into. Letting your hair be combed and allowing your maids to dress you, you wordlessly let them do as they pleased, and unlike normal, not a soul dared to speak.
Tumblr media
You wouldn’t deny that you were nervous, who wouldn’t be? Despite everyone’s cheerful smiles, it wasn’t difficult to detect the lingering stiffness in the air, your dress had grazed the floor only a little as you held it just a tad so you wouldn’t fumble over the material. The courtroom was beautiful, covered in flowers and growing vines, pots and plants were scattered everywhere, and moss was growing along the rock beds where small fountains trickled soothingly. 
Your mother had a radiant smile on her face that unlike many other guests and court members, held no fear behind, standing up from her throne she met you halfway as she tenderly grabbed your shoulders, “You look beautiful,” Her eyes shone with pride as she looked you over once more with a nod of approval, “Are you ready?” 
You could only hope you would one day grow into the woman your mother was, she was calm and regal, not an ounce of fear in her eyes for what would be soon entering the castle, word had just been passed that the Jeon’s had been sighted in outskirts of the main border, “As I can.” You weakly smiled, not wanting to discuss your personal feelings as it had taken you the whole morning to get yourself under control.
Should you open your mouth now there was no telling what state you’d be in once the Jeon’s arrived. Your mother perhaps sensed this but didn’t push the subject, she only smiled tenderly, “Then let us go shall we?” The throne room would not be where you would meet your soon to be husband. 
But the War Room, following side by side with your mother you assumed it was only fitting given all circumstances, you were nervous for a multitude of reasons, the first being the fact that the Jeon’s had 500 men they were bringing along with them for reasons unbeknownst to you though you weren’t a fool, they were obviously here to protect them in case anyone were too either show up unannounced and harm them, or in case things ended horrendously here. 
You couldn’t let either of those things happen as you had heard all the brutal war stories of their country, you couldn’t let your people be hurt in the crossfire. It felt like a massive weight was on your shoulders making it more and more difficult to breathe with each passing second. 
You had stayed shoulder to shoulder with your mother as you watched a few knights quietly chat at the table, perhaps rebriefing over a few changes of plans in terms of rotation for nightly patrol. Things had tightened here security wise, but only by the slightest changes, your father had been very careful to make sure Eunoia was not considered threatening. 
The loud sound of the doors opening had jostled you out of your thoughts, your heart rate spiking significantly, you could feel your hands tremble ever so slightly at the three pairs of boots your eyes landed on, “We of course, have plenty of time to discuss these matters later, aside, I’m honored for you to meet my wife Esme and my lovely daughter Y/n.” Your fathers voice was relaxed as ever, a gentle tone as he spoke fondly of you both. 
You tried your best to not fidget as your mother spoke graciously, “We welcome you to our home Eunoia! I’m sure the travel was long and taxing on you both, I do hope you enjoy our home, we look forward to the severed bonds of the past being repaired.” 
It was silent for a moment before you felt a hand wrap around your wrist sternly making you wince a little as you looked up, a tense smile on your lips as you spoke, “It’s an honor to host for the royal family of Penumbra, I...look forward to our life together.” You had never felt your lips have such a volatile urge to twist into a scowl as your eyes met who you could only assume was your fiance. 
Jeon Jungkook, was anything but ugly, chestnut hair fell in front of his brows but looked a little ruffled as if he had been riding for a long duration, his jawline strong and sharp and those bright blue eyes nearly pierced through your soul, no amount of beauty could hide the coldness his eyes held though, the pure disinterest he held and you had no doubt he didn’t have trouble seeing the lie in your words. 
He truly was the Wicked Prince, after all. You hated it, you hated the way you could feel the arrogance air around him and the way his eyes cast over in superiority, sizing you up before obviously casting his judgement, out of pure expectation however he stepped forward to hold out his hand. Your eyes stared at it somewhat blankly for a brief second, this was not a silent invitation of treaty, you carefully held onto his hand, watching as he raised it to press a kiss on the back of your hands. 
Your stomach churning mixed between sickness and anger as he spoke, “Jeon Jungkook, the pleasure is ours.” His voice was like soft velvet, deep but not too deep, just rough enough to sound manly, but not to a point of scary. Jungkook said no more, his words short and perhaps he felt he didn’t need to say much given the massive reputation he already had. You could see a ghost of annoyance passing his gaze however as your eyes continued to lock with his, refusing to look away. 
The gesture was sweet, this was true, but you just couldn’t get over that cold, haughty look in his eyes. 
Without so much as thinking, the moment his lips left your hand you pulled it away sharply, a smile on your face despite your eyes narrowing passively, “The feeling is mutual.” Your smile was no longer present on your face and you weren’t sure what it was, but his cool demeanor utterly infuriated you. Your eyes only glared into the back of his head as they had departed, obviously off to go discuss whatever it was they needed to which was clearly more important than getting to know you. You could only hope this was a bad dream. 
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bangtangalicious · 2 months ago
For touch me wherever pairing, something with somnophilia? Jk's parents finally agree for a sleepover at yn's and jk uses this opportunity to the fullest.
wanna touch you (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: pwp, smut, oneshot | loss-of-innocence!au naive!reader x naive!jungkook childhood-friends-to-lovers!au
summary: jungkook is horny but you wont wake up!
wordcount: 2.2k
tw: somnophilia. smut. NEEDY!jungkook. read that again. masturbation. feverish stuttering raging hormones. VERY horny!koo, did i mention he is needy. breast play. cockwarming. body worship kinda. innocence. unhealthy attachment. obsessive thoughts. unprotected sex, penetrative sex, crying. begging? sweating. jungkook pov. this is filth. unrealistic. assume 18+ but very sheltered
a/n: thank you lovely anon for the req <3 this is just a drabble from the touch me wherever au but can be read by a standalone. i hope you enjoy ;) unedited
Tumblr media
Cuddled up in the slick warmth of the summer night, Jungkook lay with his arms tight around you, fingers curling over the back of your shoulders as though you were his only hold on reality.
Well you were—as far as he was concerned. He always felt the safest around you. He couldn't handle himself when he couldn't sense you near. Hear your beautiful voice, see your lovely smile or most of all, feel your comforting warmth.
A heat wave had taken your town by storm. It was extremely hot, even with the static clicking of the fan above. That wasn’t about to stop him from being close to you. Jungkook always loved to cuddle with you. Frustratingly enough, he hadn't been able to find as many opportunities to do so anymore. Sleepovers together had become increasingly infrequent, much to the irritating interference of both of your strict families.
He didn't understand what the big deal was. Back in the day, the two of you practically lived together—growing up in your heavily protected bubble. Either he would end up at your house, or you in his, sharing the same bed, the same shower—there was nothing you didn't share.
Until one day it all stopped. No longer could he wake up with his face pressed against your neck. No longer could he watch as you let soap drizzle down your pretty body. Jungkook had to adamantly plead & beg his parents to allow him to spend the night with you. After months of harsh rejections, finally they agreed. 
Having you in his arms again was bliss. He had been craving you for so long. You were the culprit of his sleepless nights. The criminal robbing his sanity as he clutched the plush toy he stole from your room many years ago against his heart, crying into his pillows. Cock straining in his shorts.
Jungkook knew you like the back of his hand, the things you liked, the movies you watched, the thoughts in your head - he knew it all. The sound of your voice was music to his ears. After school you would always go to his house and tell him all about your day. Spilling each and every detail, babbling away as he would trace shapes into your thighs. Blinking up, listening intently, mouth nibbling on your tits.
Being away from you was by far the most painful experience he ever had to endure. You were dizzying relief. You were the weight of his world. Everywhere, every thought he had surrounded you—he wanted you. 
Oh he wanted you bad.
He couldn't even understand himself at times. Moments when he would see you at school, chatting to your other friends. He knew you weren’t doing anything wrong, but still he’d want to throw a fit. Or when you would tell him you didn't feel like coming over after school. That you were too tired. It would absolutely destroy him.
None of that mattered in moments like this. This made it all okay. Jungkook sighed, nuzzling the top of your head, breathing in your intoxicating scent. He attempted to doze off. 
But he couldn't. Something stirred within him, prompting him to buck his lips slightly, sealing himself onto you. Your brows furrowed, likely due to the heat radiating between you. Jungkook pinched your cheek, admiring your restful state. Lips parted, slight drool at the edge of your lips, eyes shut tight.
Jungkook knew he should let you sleep. You were exhausted after staying up night after night, studying to appease your parents. He would stay up alongside you, massaging you while you worked. Giving you kisses all over your neck and shoulders when he would get bored, until finally you would lose focus too. 
Then he’d pull you into his lap and slurp your tongue into his mouth. Bouncing you up and down, blouse popped open, fingers trailing your hot skin while you pleaded for more.
In between his legs, he began to see a bulge. Groaning, he pressed himself into the mattress, trying to suppress the growing heat within him.
"Y-Y/n" He mumbled, nudging you again. You hummed slightly, but to no avail. Jungkook felt like screaming. His head throbbed, all he wanted to do was yank off all your clothes and kiss you everywhere, rub his cock all over your supple, soft skin.
Trembling, he slid his hand down his boxers. His length hot in his hand as he pulled at it slowly, biting back the cries of pleasure. Looking at you, still fast asleep while his tongue grazed over his lips. 
"P-please Y/n..." He squirmed closer to you, his fist brushing against your core as he carefully continued to stroke himself. He allowed his face to near yours, lips barely touching as whines slipped through. "I need you. Please. I...wanna touch you"
His strokes quickened, mind stuck on the way your nightgown had ridden up your legs, scrunched at your stomach. How he could see your heaving breasts through the useless hold of the soft silky fabric. Your underwear, bright in color, fully on display. Jungkook smiled softly. You were so cute.
Sweat trickled down the side of his face. "Y/n" He urged in a final attempt "Y/n h-help me please. It hurts. It hurts so bad Y/n pleaseee" He cried, voice raising enough to cause you to stir.
His breath hitched, you weren't budging. Irritation seized him. He needed to touch you. Couldn’t you just wake up for him? You would always give him what he wanted, especially if it helped him with the pain. So why couldn't he have you? He wanted you now. Now.
Fuck it! Jungkook thought. The pressure possessing his every vein was too much to bear. He could combust any minute if he didn't take you. You were right there—right there next to him. How was he supposed to resist? 
Getting up, Jungkook carefully hovered over you, thighs caging your unsuspecting frame as he slid down his boxers, tugging relentlessly at his cock. Bottom lip jutted out as he whimpered.
"Y-you're so pretty. Want you n-now. Please Y/n. I can't take it!! I can't I can't I can't!" He exhaled, tears budding in his eyes. Lowering himself, he thrusts against you slowly. Bare cock pushing against the fabric of your panties, nestling as far as it could go as Jungkook groaned. "Wake up-p" He whined, shaking you slightly.
You simply wouldn't. Jungkook hissed. Were you doing this on purpose? How could you stay asleep, ignore him when he needed you so bad? His body was shivering, desperate for the comforting heat that he could only get buried deep into your cunt.
"Fuckkkk" He sobbed, pushing his hips forward slightly, lips forming a circle as a rush of pleasure struck him. His fingers hesitantly stroked against the edge of your face before his tongue swiped against your lips. The plump flesh, tantalizing. An addicting flavor that only left him wanting more.
His high pitched moans muffled as he reached down to peel away your panties. Taking his heavy cock back into his palm, he traced it along your folds, allowing the tip to press against your clit, exchanging heated warmth, soaring pleasure. Jungkook grinned as your body twitched. He sighed in relief. You wanted this.
Shamelessly, he slotted himself into your dry cunt. You were immensely tight. He pushed in slightly, wincing at your hold. 
"C-can you p-please open for me?" He whispered, pecking your cheek. "Y/n come on please" His hips pushed in a bit further. "OH fuck" Jungkook hiccuped, gripping your hips tightly.
"Little more please..." He urged you. Your pussy swallowed him tightly, walls clamping around him. You felt incredible to him. It would blow his mind every time. He loved whenever he could touch you like this. 
"C-come on. Y/n. More. Just a little bit more please come on let me in" Without meaning to, he yanked your thighs down, pulling you the rest of the way onto his cock. The sudden thrust caused him to scream, instantly muffling his face into your neck. Nails digging into your ass he bucked his hips unconsciously, shooting his cum into you as you groaned in your sleep.
"NO" He sobbed, thrusting rapidly—not wanting it to be over so soon. He leaked and leaked, filling you up as he pumped into you, chasing a fleeting high. "Not yet. Not yetttt. Please not yet, I need more Y/n"
Tears rolled down his face as he laid on top of you, holding you tight as he cried. "I love you. I love you I love you so so so much" He pecked your neck with every word, not wanting to move. Relishing the wetness of being inside you.
"Koo..." You hummed, tongue licking your lips and you frowned slightly "So hot in here"
Jungkook scented your neck, tasting your sweet pearly sweat. "M’sorry. One more okay. One more and I'll stop"
He knew you couldn't really hear him. "S'really hot in here..."
Giggling slightly he nodded "Mhm. It is hot isn't it?" He could feel his cock hardening again as his tongue trailed down your chest. Pulling down your straps, he pushed your breasts up, fitting one into your mouth while the other smushed against his cheek.
His teeth grazed the perky nub, sucking lightly at them "Taste so good Y/n" He mumbled, mouth full of you. Gnawing lightly, his other hand flicked at the free breast, thumbing in soft circles. 
"MmmmMMMM" Widening his mouth, he licked his lips, allowing them to swallow more of you in, tongue running rampant, suckling you for all you were worth. Cock still perfectly warm inside of you, he could feel it twitch as your wet walls pulsed around him.
Switching to the other breast, he huffed before diving in. Watching the way your face contorted, gasping slightly as he continued on. He began to roll his hips, allowing his cock to drag out lightly before pushing right back in.
"Kooooo" You were covered in a mix of his and your sweat. Hands combing through his hair, pushing his face into you. "Please"
"Yeah?" Jungkook perked up at your barely coherent words. His heart was hammering in his chest in excitement. "Yeah? You like it? Do you Y/n? Do you like when I do this?" He rolled his hips again, watching you eagerly. Speeding up, the ease of his thrusts aided by your sticky arousal.
"I r-really like this Y/n. I really like how you feel." Jungkook whispered. "Will you let me do this to you whenever I want to? You will right? You love me right? You won't let me hurt." He couldn't even comprehend his own words at this point, dizzy with the sound of you squelching pussy. "D-do you hear that Y/n? Fuck. Fuck. You're so g-good"
He knew he was reaching his edge, but he wanted to savor you longer. Instinct had him speeding up, fucking you senselessly fast as his tears trickled onto your face.
"So good. F-feel so fucking good. Oh god. OH god. W-wanna give it to you. W-wanna give you everything please" His eyes clenched shut, his voice booming. Planting his lips onto yours, he screamed into your mouth, flooding you with cum.
He fell limply, rolling over as he dumped his load, stroking your back while holding you steady on his cock. Breathing shakily, he pulled out, watching as streams of white trickled down both your legs. Chuckling, he wiped his sweat, reaching for the blanket to wipe you off too. Taking the opportunity to admire your peaceful state.
"You're so pretty" His eyes were wide, trembling still, glossy with tears. He sniffled as he kissed you again "S-so pretty my Y/n. P-please don't leave me. Don't ever leave me" He began to sob, and finally your eyes shot open. Brows furrowed as you felt strangely sore and sticky. Seeing Jungkook next to you unraveling in tears. “Please. Don’t ever go”
"What's wrong?" You exclaimed, tilting his face to yours. He shook his head, avoiding your eyes.
"Nothing I just..." He choked, as you brushed his tears away with your thumb "I miss this. I miss you."
You giggled "Jungkookie. How can you miss me when I'm right here?" Pulling him into a hug, you held him tight while his eyes fluttered shut.
Your heart ached. You hated it when Jungkook was sad or in any sort of pain. Thinking deeply, you slid your hand down, finding his bare cock. Rolling your palm over him, you knew he would feel better if you touched him there. Just how he liked.
Hopefully he won't mind you doing it while he’s asleep.
masterlist | touch me wherever
a/n: god what even was this. lmao. wow. hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! 
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1kook · 2 months ago
funimation & procreation
Tumblr media
part 11 of my n&c series <3
SUMMARY Never mind your upcoming wedding, this was perhaps the greatest moment of your life— the day Jungkook sought out an anime on his own.  WARNINGS kissing, smut in the forms of cunnilingus, cum eating, mentions of anal, doggy style, unprotected sex with the intention of pregnancy, spitting, hand holding<3 MISC the wedding night, Doyeon strikes again, jjk watches  jjk, oh no not twins RATING m (18+) WC 9.1k 
NOTES (!) sorry for any typos T_T Tumblr played me as I was editing so I may have missed a few rip lmk !!!
Tumblr media
As far as schemes go, your track record hasn’t been the best these past few years. You blame it on Jungkook and all the time you spend around him, his sweetness slowly but surely withering away the ice surrounding your heart, turning you into this big sappy fool who you would have laughed at if you ever saw in public. Long ago, you had been the evil mastermind behind many a plan, crafting various acts of revenge against your friends’ shitty ex-lovers, sneaky escapes out of favors, over-the-top plots sure to fool just about any and everyone on this planet. 
These days, the juvenile spark that often fueled your evilness has all but disappeared, replaced with this sticky sweet feeling in your chest; in other words, you were happy. So goddam happy that it was genuinely concerning, to say the least, worrisome that someone as conniving as you could achieve this state. You were employed, loved, and healthy, all attributes that admittedly did not make for a classic villain, facts that swiftly called for your retirement from the world of schemes. 
If you had to narrow down the exact moment when you first begin to lose your evil touch, well, it was roughly about three years ago. A chilly spring evening, a blind date, a glass of wine. It was all supposed to be so simple; you would show up, expose Jeon Jungkook as a playboy, and then throw a glass of wine over him. 
Somehow, you end up marrying the man instead. 
But despite how miserably your original plan failed, it somehow turns out to be your best one yet, leaving you with this hunky boyfriend fiancé in bed next to you. “Morning,” Jungkook mumbles, cheek squished against his pillow. “What’re you doing up so early?” 
As he speaks, the hand that had been safely tucked beneath his pillow slips out from underneath, reaching for your cheek instead. You’ve got your phone in front of you, notebook at your side, analyzing the heck out of a floral arrangement concept Namjoon had helped you come up with. “Thinking maybe we should just elope,” you sigh. “Wedding planning is hard.” 
Between stretches, he lets out this quiet groan, the usually sensual sound remixed with the icky popping of his joints. You wince at the noise and Jungkook laughs at your reaction. “We can elope,” he agrees, pushing himself up onto his elbows to watch you hastily scribble away, crossing out phone numbers and flower ideas as you go. “If that’s what you want.” 
It’s really not. With a frustrated sigh, you resign yourself to calling up more florists this morning, swiping through portfolios and reviews as Jungkook settles in beside you. It’s not like he hasn’t helped with the wedding— just last week he used his cute face to swindle a second dessert table out of the catering company —just that he knows you’re particular about certain things, need to have them a certain way in order to be pleased. And Jungkook lives to please you, so. 
When he sits up, comfortably propped up against the pillows, the sheets become useless, pooling at his waist and leaving you with an all access view to his delicious arms and chest. In the mornings, his skin is extra soft, extra warm, calls for you to crawl into his arms and hold him close. You're just about ready to roll over and ride him like a mechanical bull at the county fair, when you hear the all too familiar Funimation episode opening sequence. 
Immediately, your brows pinch together in confusion as you swivel your head around, just barely catching sight of the iconic purple backsplash of the streaming service. A pink-haired boy appears on screen, with a voice and demeanor you would have otherwise found endearing had you not been confused out of your mind. “What the hell,” you mutter, glancing back at Jungkook only to find his attention zeroed in on the television screen before him. In fact, he’s so focused on whatever the hell he’s watching that he doesn’t even look your way when you place a hand on his thigh, encroaching on a rather sensitive area. 
That’s when you really begin to worry. You see, for the past three years you’ve come to know and accept that Jeon Jungkook, star app developer and self-proclaimed film critique, didn’t really value any forms of animated media. From Saturday morning cartoons to Pixar’s latest hits, Jungkook did not care for it. He was a snob, if you will, believed that ‘real’ movies needed ‘real’ people to actually be worthwhile. 
Granted, he’s definitely eased up on this stance since having met you. You’re complete opposites in that aspect; while you adored the world of animation and digital art, Jungkook… not so much. But he watches it for you, sits down and pretends to be invested in it for you. Sure, his critique is sometimes ridiculous and frankly biased, but he knows how much you enjoy your toons and anime, so he tries his best to give them the same snobby judgement he would any ‘real’ movie. 
That being said, in all your years of dating, you don’t think you’ve ever seen Jungkook willingly watch an anime on his own. Slowly, you ask, “what are you watching?” 
His response is a shrug, and while he may turn his face your way, his eyes never leave the screen. “Just a show,” he says. 
But it is not just a show. 
No, “just a show” for Jungkook was How It’s Made. “Just a show” for Jungkook was Ancient Aliens. “Just a show” for Jungkook was Pawn Stars. 
This— this shonen anime with a cute pink-haired boy and weirdly hot white-haired man in matching uniforms, kicking random monsters asses while some funky music played in the background was not just a show. 
It was… the inception. Of what, exactly? A new era, you suppose. One where Jungkook accepted anime and cartoons as legit forms of art, genuinely evaluating them as seriously as he does all his other lame, indie movies. From now on, he’ll be the one recommending you anime he enjoyed. He’ll sit down and watch your favorite shows without needlessly complaining, just soaking up the gorgeous art and thoughtful plot. It all started here, now, with the big fat hickey on his neck and the TV remote laying on his tummy, sunshine pouring through the cracks of the blinds to color him in warm tones. 
Never mind your upcoming wedding, this was perhaps the greatest moment of your life— the day Jungkook sought out an anime on his own. 
But before you can let the raging waves of excitement take over, you had one more thing to acknowledge. You sit up, purposefully putting your face in between his and the television in a childish attempt to block the view. “Um, hello?” you scoff, and then have to channel all your strength into your neck muscles when Jungkook places a hand against your cheek and forcibly tries to push you away. “You’re watching an anime!” you exclaim, and eventually lose in that battle of strength. You flop back down onto the bed, make sure to send Jungkook the nastiest glare when you tack on, “without me.”
And you know Jungkook is serious about it when he actually pauses the show before talking to you. “You’ve been busy with the wedding,” he shrugs, placing his stupidly huge palm against the top of your head, as if some gentle pats will ease your betrayal-induced heartbreak. (They will, but that’s not the point.) “Did you want to watch?” 
You pout. “Maybe,” you mumble. Jungkook smiles, this soft smile that is so dopey and in love, it makes you melt. His lips are pink and soft and his breath probably still smells nasty as shit, but you want to kiss him badly. Being in love makes you do crazy things. You almost do, except that when you push yourself onto your elbows, ready to lean up and intercept his lips like some trained circus seal, the spiral of your wedding planning notebook digs into your forearm. 
Jungkook glances at the offending object too, releasing this tiny chuckle as he reaches for his own phone instead. “The flowers,” he says, successfully shutting down any hopes of stinky, morning breath kisses. “Let’s settle that first.”
And so, it is with a hefty sigh that you forgo any celebrations concerning Jungkook’s initiation into the anime world, turning your attention to floral arrangements and dinner entrées alike. 
Tumblr media
The night before the wedding is spent at a luxury spa downtown with the one and only Kim Doyeon. You had initially debated spending it at the local shopping center’s food court, rating strangers’ outfit choices on a scale of Would Wear to Burn It. But Jungkook had booked you for the spa, said something about how much you deserved it after all those months of intense wedding planning. 
(“I’m built different,” you had told Jungkook a few months ago, back when you had just started with the wedding preparations, scrolling through photos of the party hall you were dead set on booking. 
Lo and behold, you were not built different. And the hall was already booked for the day you needed it, as was pretty much every other hall for every weekend that summer. It takes about fifteen minutes of uncontrollable sobbing and Jungkook’s masseuse hands on Intensity Level 4 to calm you down enough to begin searching anew. “It’ll all be okay,” he chuckled, brushing the tears from your cheeks.) 
It’s your bachelorette party of sorts, though neither you nor Jungkook are particularly fond of that tradition. Jungkook had used his ‘bachelor party’ funds to purchase some huge camping tent that he and his friends spent the previous weekend in. 
Anyway, the spa is truly a sight to behold. The trickling indoor waterfall paired with the power of aromatherapy are truly working their magic on you, easing all the stress of the last few months out of your muscles. It’s perfect, save for the leggy brunette beside you. “Okay, have you ever considered pegging him?” Doyeon asks, her hand over yours. It’s baby soft, thanks to all the expensive treatments you’ve gotten done today. “That’s, like, a total girlboss move.”
You’d frown, but the two of you are currently donning matching mud masks that nearly make it impossible to even blink. “I’m already a girlboss,” you manage, plucking one of the cool cucumber slices off your eyes. “And I don’t think he’s even into that.”
You comb through the very extensive list of Jungkook’s Kinks stored in your brain. Butt stuff, butt stuff, you repeat, as if the chant will somehow will an answer into existence. Butt stuff, you focus, glaring at the ceiling. There was one accidental poke of your finger against his hole a few months back that resulted in a startled yelp from him, but other than that you don’t remember it ever being well-received on either his or your end. “Yeah,” you mumble, tapping your finger against the armrest of your plush seat. “He doesn’t like that.” 
Beside you, Doyeon scoffs, snatching her own cucumber slices off her eyes to level you with a look of pure disgust, looks like a swamp monster with all the mud on her face. “You two are so lame,” she huffs, interrupting the soothing waterfall sounds to loudly crunch on her cucumber slice. “You let him spit in your mouth, but he won’t let you stick it in his ass?” 
You’ve long since grown immune to the stares you get when around Doyeon. Slipping your remaining slice off your eyes, you follow suit, nibbling away at the fruit. “That’s different,” you defend, turning to face her fully. “And have you maybe considered that I don’t wanna stick it in his ass, you freak,” you add, vaguely aware of the employees and spa-goers around you. “Maybe he can stick it in my ass.”
She rolls her eyes, before quickly moving onto a new and even more stupid suggestion. “Okay, then how about cosplay. What’re you into, maids? slutty teachers? I have a sexy squirrel, if you want.”
And while you do want to dazzle Jungkook on your wedding night, you suspect a sexy squirrel costume won’t fly over well. You’re a little embarrassed to admit you genuinely entertained the idea for a second. Like you said, you were a little rusty when it came to scheming. 
Anyway, the spa night ends at that. As grateful as you are for the experience, all the stress that had evaporated from your body comes raining down again the second you get home, has you up late into the night as you go over the most minute details of your wedding. Were the flowers gonna look good against the table decorations you chose? Was the live music going to arrive on time? Did Jungkook remember to pull his lucky socks out of the dryer? This was undoubtedly your biggest scheme yet, one that wasn’t allowed to fail. Or rather, it was one you didn’t want to fail. 
After all Jungkook’s done for you these past three years, you think he deserves an amazing wedding. This side of you— the one that hatched elaborate plans for your own benefit —was what had brought the two of you together in the first place. It wasn’t your charming personality or your super soaker coochie that had told you to go on that blind date with him, but your slightly mean, scheming tendencies instead. It was only right that you use those same mastermind planning abilities to give him the most beautiful wedding in the world. 
In the end, all your worrying amounts to nothing. Just as Jungkook had said, everything really is okay. 
To say it’s perfect would be a bit of a stretch— you’ve long since given up the notion of perfection, found life was better when it was littered with imperfections. Your wedding is no different; Jungkook spills orange juice— with pulp, yuck —on his fancy shoes, Namjoon cries three times before the ceremony even begins, and Doyeon makes up this crazy story about some college party in a kitchen that neither you nor Jungkook believe. No one ever told you how much hugging and smiling you had to do at weddings. Your feet ache, the weather is sweltering, but Jungkook is at your side so everything is fine. 
And on top of that, Jungkook looks disgustingly handsome, has his hair parted and combed over in that one style that makes you crazy. His clothing fits him to a tee, the material stretching over his muscles with every gesture he makes. But perhaps he looks best when he mingles with the guests, let’s his troupe of aunts pinch and kiss his cheeks as they reminisce on times when he was only thiiis tall. 
It’s beautiful, if a little chaotic, but you love it nonetheless. After all the months you spent agonizing over flower selections and entrées, it’s rather surprising how quickly the long-awaited day comes to an end. Your first day into forever is spent kissing and dancing, surrounded by people you love as you open a new chapter of your life. 
And for every innocent, heart-thumping thought you have that day, a darker, hornier one follows. Come on— you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t constantly fantasizing about your man! 
By the time you get home, you’re hyper-aware of Jungkook. More specifically, you’re hyper-aware of Jungkook’s hands that had touched and squeezed you all night, trailed along your hips and waist as you danced. His wedding band is cool against your skin, sends a shiver when he comes up behind you and pushes your garments down your body. “Hi,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss against your shoulder. Your bedroom is shrouded in darkness, the only sound being the quiet ticking of a clock. “Did you have fun?” 
“Hi,” you respond, barely containing your smile when you whirl around, help him blindly undo the buttons on his own clothing as well. Jungkook’s breath is hot as it fans against you, smells faintly like alcohol. But he’s not drunk; between all the greeting and dancing, the two of you barely found time to eat, let alone drink. “I did,” you add, tentatively stepping closer to where you think his bed is. The comforter brushes against your thigh, reassuring you as you pull him down beside you. “Just a little tired now.”
Jungkook stretches beside you, and before you know it, the room is flooded with the soft glow of his bedside lamp on the lowest setting. Jungkook’s chest is lit by the golden shade, rising and falling gently with every breath he takes. You watch as he removes his contacts, deliciously muscular arms bulging as he haphazardly tosses them into the bin. “Tired?” Jungkook repeats and you nod, letting your eyes trail down his chest and over his abdomen. The elastic band of his boxers pinches into his skin, his nether regions subtly stirring as he settles beside you. 
Despite its relatively low volume, the hum of the television still startles you when he clicks it on. You narrow your eyes, tugging a pillow beneath your head as you watch him cruise through his streaming options. “Really,” you drawl, nudging his shin with your heel. 
Jungkook offers you this silly grin that has your heart doing somersaults. “Any requests?” he teases, pushing himself closer against your side. He’s so big and warm, like those huge teddy bears that go on sale around Valentine’s Day. You roll your eyes, accepting his request to cuddle without complaint. 
“Oh my,” you gasp playfully, cheek squished against his boob. “You’re letting me pick our first media as newlyweds?” And Jungkook laughs, leaning over to place a swift kiss against your lips that leaves your heart and brain all stupid for a second. “That one show,” you decide, reaching an arm over him to trail your fingers down the side of his face. It makes his nose scrunch up cutely, but you know he loves it. “The one you watched without me.”
He complies. You suppose it’s a true testament to your relationship, the fact Jungkook was down to watch some anime on your wedding night. 
But no matter how many weeks have passed since the first time you caught Jungkook watching anime, it’s still weird. Well not weird, but strange to watch him click onto your Funimation account— the only Funimation account logged onto his television because, again, Jungkook didn’t watch anime! —and then navigate to the keep watching tab. It’s a show called Jujutsu Kaisen, its series summary a tad too long for you to read in the half second you see it for before he clicks on to resume. 
The episode picks up halfway through, flinging you headfirst into a universe you don’t understand in the slightest. You try to keep up with the dialogue but there’s so many names and concepts being thrown around that you give up two minutes in. So much for getting to enjoy anime with Jungkook. 
Jungkook is into it, kinda. He’s as into it as he can be with you lying in your underwear beside him, freshly waxed and freshly married. While his eyes may linger on the television screen, his hand is rather mindlessly groping your ass. 
Unable to truly enjoy the anime before you and with your husband’s hand on your ass, you don’t even last five minutes. You shift closer, nonchalantly hooking a leg around his waist. Jungkook says nothing of it, simply accommodates himself to the decreased space between the two of you by hugging you tighter. You can barely contain a smile, pointer finger tracing circles around his nipple. 
At that, Jungkook does react. “I thought you were tired,” he comments, 
You scoff. “As if I would be tired on our wedding night,” you murmur, entertaining his chest for a few more seconds before you’re pushing yourself up onto your elbows. Jungkook’s eyes linger on the screen, slowly flicking over to you. They’re dark, a little tired. They flutter shut when you duck over him, lips brushing against his. “Tonight’s the night you fuck me stupid, stupid,” you inform him.  
Jungkook smirks, releasing a tiny puff of air against your mouth. “Shoulda said that from the beginning, stupid,” he mimics, but the word doesn’t carry the same snappiness as it does when you say it. Maybe it’s because Jungkook’s naturally got one of those sweet voices, is kind beyond belief, that it makes you giggle, makes him blush. You reward his attempt with a kiss, muffling your amusement against his soft lips. 
You tilt your head, hand reaching up to cup the side of his face. After the long day you had, kissing Jungkook feels like heaven. He’s so soft and warm beneath you, arms coming up to envelope you in them, pulling you down against his chest. Your mouths move in slow motion, molding against the motions of the other’s as you kiss. 
His lips chase after yours when you break away, eyes still closed. He’s so handsome. He’s yours. “Fuck me stupid,” you purr, pushing his hair away from his face. 
Jungkook’s eyes blink open, half-lidded as he watches you from below. “Of course,” he says, leaning up to kiss your lips once more before he abruptly rolls the two of you over. 
He forgets to pause his show— as he should —before he ducks down to shower you in kisses. They begin at your jaw, gradually sprinkled down your neck and over your chest. You’ve got a fancy bra on today, one of those elite ones that snaps together at the front right between your breasts. Jungkook’s lithe fingers guide the straps down your shoulders first, come around to undo the hook on the front quickly. The bra comes undone, your boobs released from their confines and into Jungkook’s palms instead. 
He massages one, choosing to trail open mouthed kisses along the other. Your hands crawl over his shoulders, into his scalp, until the strands of his dark hair are twirled around your fingers. “Mmh,” you sigh, body flinching when he eventually reaches your nipple. Jungkook sucks it between his lips, let’s his tongue coat it in saliva before rolling it carefully between his teeth. “Oh— baby.”
He doesn’t stop, doesn’t even look your way. He occupies himself with lavishing your nipple with licks and kisses, the motions producing a rather lewd sound as he works away. You pull at his hair, vision foggy as you gaze down at him. From this angle, all you can really see is the top of his head and his back, the tiniest glimpse of the tattoos that swirl over his shoulder. His hair picks up the light coming from the television, has blue highlights one moment and purple the next. Similarly, his back is painted in the same colors as well. 
When it becomes too much and you begin subtly bucking up against him, Jungkook switches over. He pulls away from your nipple with a pop, lips darkened, and offers you a devilish smirk before moving to capture your other nipple in the exact same trap. You melt all over again, eyes rolling backwards as he sucks your chest into perfect little peaks. And once he’s given your other breast the same treatment, he sits up with a satisfied look on his face. “All good?” he asks, soothingly rubbing a hand over your thigh. You nod, acutely aware of the stickiness of your folds against your panties. “Good girl,” Jungkook hums. He looks massive over you, the glow of the television behind him making him look like some badass protagonist rising from the ashes of his last defeat. Except for the fact Jungkook barely loses at anything and tonight was no different; he was about to fuck the hottest wife in the world (you), which you like to think is the ultimate win. 
As if he can sense your current bumbling thoughts, he pats your thigh. He packs a little force behind it, makes it feel more like a mild slap than a pat, really. “Eyes up here,” Jungkook teases, but there’s the hint of a command in his words.
Without meaning to, you find yourself slipping into submissiveness. “Yes, sir,” you exhale shakily, letting yourself drink in the sight. 
Before your eyes can catch sight of the tenting fabric of his boxers, Jungkook is leaning over you, pressing his clothed erection against you. A tiny gasp of surprise escapes you, and Jungkook takes advantage of the moment to slip his tongue past your lips. The wet muscle glides against yours, toys with you until you’re panting against him. Instinctively, your hands curl around his neck, fingers interlocking. 
His breath is hot and shallow, mingles with yours as you kiss. Faintly, you can hear the characters on the television chatting behind him, make note of a particularly handsome voice actor that you’ll have to investigate later. But then Jungkook is consuming your thoughts again when he nips at the tip of your tongue meanly. “Ow,” you frown, pulling away to present him with a pout. 
Jungkook’s face is soft but his eyes are dark, nudging his nose against yours until you get the hint and turn your face to the side. He kisses down your cheek, each smooch softer than the last, that when he gets to your throat, you’re not expecting the harsh bite he bestows upon the skin. “Ouch,” you hiss, smacking his shoulder in surprise. Jungkook accepts the blow, focuses on sucking against your skin until the spot is all tingly and warm, your heartbeat prominent beneath the bruise. “Jeez,” you say, but all traces of irritation fade away when he meets your gaze again. 
At this point in your relationship, he doesn’t even have to ask anymore. His eyes flicker down to your mouth, then back to your eyes. Twice he does this, and on the third time you part your lips. Your tongue presses against your bottom lip. Jungkook moves over you, lines himself up above you. Today it’s slow, not the usual straight shot he makes for the back of your throat; his lips pucker, pink and cute, and the saliva dribbles out slowly, one long chain that touches down against your tongue. He’s steady about it, doesn’t let it swing back and forth like the necklace he wears does. You shiver, eyes fluttering shut as you let Jungkook do his thing. 
Eventually, he cuts it short with a swipe of his tongue over his lips, immediately chasing his own spit down your mouth in another heated kiss. It’s not as slow or as graceful as the previous two. Your tongues clash, lips pressing hard against one another. You do your best to keep up with Jungkook’s pace, but he’s moving a little too fast today, making it wet and sloppy. “Sl- slow down,” you pant, but Jungkook pays you no mind. He keeps on kissing and biting and sucking. He nips at your bottom lip, tugs at it just the slightest as your hands roam over his shoulders and down his back. 
And as you said earlier, Jungkook is so big. His frame nearly engulfs your own beneath him, rippling shoulders holding himself above you, slim waist captured between your thighs. You love how big he is, how his entire body locks up when you dig your nails into his skin, brand him as your own. You paint his back in tiny red roads, from his scapula to just below his rib cage. You know Jungkook loves the feeling, the meaning, when he rolls his hips against yours. 
His cock is hard beneath his boxers, teases your folds through the fabric. You melt at the touch, trying to spread your legs even further apart. Jungkook can tell. He tries to push himself even closer, even deeper, until your bodies are practically lined up against one other. 
It’s not enough for him— hell, it’s not enough for you. Jungkook pulls away all too soon, and you wonder if your lips are as debauched as his. He pushes himself back onto his haunches, gazing down at you like you’re a work of art that he can’t wait to nail into the wall. Your heavy breathing is accompanied by the sounds of a fight sequence behind him. It’s so dorky, but it’s so on-brand for the two of you. 
Mind hazy and in love, your hand reaches out to caress his hip. “You’re so fucking hot,” you mumble, letting him guide you out of your panties. “Gonna suck your cock for the rest of my life.”
At your brazenness, a surprised snort escapes him. “Is that so,” he hums. 
You nod, looking at him with hearts in your eyes. “Uh huh,” you babble, cupping his face in your hands. “Gonna ride you like I’m a remora on a sea turtle.”
Jungkook barks out a laugh, the sound so bubbly and loud that it momentarily clears the horny haze in your mind. “Where did you learn that?” he asks, bestowing a sweet bunny kiss upon you that makes your stomach somersault, eyes fluttering shut as you bask in the emotions. 
You manage to steal a kiss, fingers slowly gliding down his strong arms, over his forearms. “That one documentary,” you shrug, “from last week. Before you folded me like a lawn chair.” 
Jungkook nods. “Ah, I remember,” he agrees, slowly moving down the bed, away from you. You let out a sad whine, flashing him the biggest puppy eyes the further he gets. “I’m right here, pretty girl,” he reassures you, eventually settling down with his face positioned between your thighs. 
Your hands make an exploratory trip south, pointer finger dipping between your folds. You're a little stunned to find out just how wet you are, swirling your finger against your nub if only to hear the tiny squelch of your wetness against it. Before you can yank your hand away, there’s a set of lips kissing at your knuckles, Jungkook’s dark eyes glancing up at you. “I’ve got it from here,” he croons, reaching his left hand over to entangle it with yours, setting your knotted hands just over your belly. Your rings glint beneath the faint glow of the television. You’re not even sure if this is the same episode anymore.
The first swipe of his tongue against your folds has your walls fluttering in response. “Ah,” you exhale, tightening your hand against his. Jungkook says nothing, choosing instead to run the tip of his tongue over your clit. He nudges the bud back and forth, teases it for a moment before settling his mouth over it. He sucks it between his plush lips, the action sending a wave of excitement down your spine, turning every nerve in your body on. A strained inhale passes through your clenched teeth, his name tumbling from your lips. 
Eager to outdo himself, Jungkook even throws in a little nibbling, gently rolling your clit between his teeth before eventually releasing it. It’s a powerful sequence, one he repeats a few more times until your legs are squirming and kicking around him, knees nearly knocking against his forehead from how hot it gets you. And just as you’re nearing your limit, twitching and whimpering beneath him, he pulls away. “Jungkook,” you groan, huffing for air as you level him with a glare. 
He smiles, presses a kiss against your thigh that nearly distracts you from your looming orgasm. Despite robbing you of said orgasm, it seems Jungkook is in tune with you tonight. Before you can begin begging for more, he ducks back down, this time prodding his tongue along the length of your wet folds. It’s warm, momentarily calming you down as he ventures further down. He circles your entrance with his tongue, the muscles tightening up in anticipation. The hand not holding yours comes trailing up the inside of your thigh, leaving behind a ticklish sensation that has you letting out an airy giggle. “Cute,” Jungkook comments, but the word is muffled against your velvety folds. 
All traces of laughter are wiped from your system when two, long fingers run along your folds, following the same path as his tongue had earlier, collecting your arousal before carefully pushing into your hole. “Oh— Fuck—“ you shudder, mouth dropping open at the intrusion as your body hurries to accommodate. 
“I’ve got you,” Jungkook soothes, kissing your clit. It’s meant to calm you down, but all it does is make you buck against him. And then, he feels the need to add, “relax for me, sweet girl.”
“No,” you shiver, legs jerking when he curls his fingers inwards. “Ju— I can’t.” 
His tongue swirls around your bud, pushing it to and fro as he sinks his fingers down until he’s knuckle deep. “See,” he says, giving an experimental scissor that has you seeing stars. “You’re so good for me,” he praises, and then hits the final nail into the coffin when he tugs your interlocked hands down, placing a kiss against your ring finger. You could sob. 
You nearly do when Jungkook begins pumping his fingers in and out, the movement so devastatingly slow at first. You try to meet him halfway, pushing down against his hand, but the sheets feel like water beneath your hands and feet, making it impossible to hold onto anything as Jungkook works his fingers in. They’re so long, so strong— he spends about five hours everyday typing away elaborate nerd coding, so it’s only natural that they are —as they feel against every inch of your walls. About twenty variations of his name come tumbling off your lips, desperate pleas and cries as he fucks you slowly. “More, more!” you beg, eyes screwed shut. 
Another kiss is placed against your clit in response. Jungkook hums and the vibrations run wild throughout your body. The orgasm from before looms over you like a wave, threatens to drown you in one go. His fingers curl in, pads brushing against something soft and sensitive within you. “Wait,” you moan, back arching. Jungkook doesn’t wait. 
Your entire body clamps up when you come. Any whimpered cries you may have wanted to release are reduced to soundless gasps, eyes rolled to the back of your head as Jungkook draws your orgasm out of you. It makes the following plunges of his fingers even more slippery, the sound reaching your ears only as you come down from your high, body going limp once more. “What the fuck,” you groan, placing your free hand against your rapidly falling and rising chest. 
Jungkook’s voice is laced with hints of pride when he speaks again. “Everything okay up there, pretty girl?” he teases, easing his fingers out of your cunt. Your walls clench involuntarily, try to keep them inside. Still too breathless to speak, you respond with a childish tap of your knee against his shoulder. The sap places a kiss against your kneecap, so goddamn romantic it nearly makes you barf. 
The scariest thing about Jungkook is the fact the dude doesn’t know how to chill. Approximately thirty seconds after making you come so hard you saw your dead childhood hamster, he immediately ducks back down to clean you up. With his tongue, of course. “Jung— kook!” you squeal, making a mad grab for his locks as he runs his tongue over your sensitive folds. He places his thumbs against your labia, gently pulls the puffy skin apart until he’s got an all access pass to your dripping hole. 
He’s downright nasty, not in a disgusting sense, but in an indecent sense that would make even the most experienced of incubi cringe. If given the chance, Jungkook would eat his own cum out of you— he doesn’t care if its his own cum is spilling out of your entrance, mixed with yours, he’ll lick it all up anyway. He’s always been into that, eating up your cum like its frosting on a cupcake. His eyes roll back as he cleans you up, muffled moans against your pussy. He’s an absolute semen demon, in short. The worst part is, you like watching him do it. Like the feeling of Jungkook’s tongue licking you clean, the sparkly white glisten of his lips and chin as he goes to town. It makes your entire body tingle, arousal slowly gearing up for another round. 
When he’s done, Jungkook looks even more satisfied than when he made you come. “Gross,” you mumble, but you’re a liar. Because when he shuffles closer again, lips brushing against yours, you’re all too ready to welcome his tongue in. Maybe you’re the gross one. 
Before you know it, Jungkook is settling over you once more. He’s heavy, all those muscles weighing down on you, but you love how it feels. How he squishes you and suffocates you beneath his bulky frame. Your legs wrap around his waist, pull his cock flush against your folds. His rock hard member finds itself nestled against your folds, the touch muffled by the boxers he’s still got on. “Why are you still clothed?” you huff, reaching a hand down to meanly snap his waistband against his skin. Jungkook doesn’t even flinch. 
He places a kiss beneath your ear, exhaling softly against your skin. “I have a request,” he says suddenly, shifting closer. 
That was new. 
You trail a hand down the knobs of his spine, which are especially prominent from the position he’s in now. “What is it?”
(You're hoping it’s not a sexy squirrel outfit.) 
For a moment, all you can hear is the rhythmic lull of the anime’s closing theme song, eyes curiously flickering over to the screen. Jungkook pushes himself onto his elbows, blocking the view. The room isn’t completely dark, but the placement of the lamp off to your side and the television behind him cast dramatic shadows over his figure. His voice is low when he speaks. “Don’t take your pill tomorrow,” he murmurs. 
You freeze, eyes widening just a tad bit. “What?” 
His tongue glides over his lips, prods at the very corner as he pushes on. You're dazed by sight. “Your birth control,” he explains. When he shifts again, the length of his cock drags along your folds. You wonder if the tip is leaking by now. The mere thought makes you quiver. “Don’t take it,” he repeats. “Let’s just… see what happens.” 
You know what he’s asking for, despite his somewhat vague wording, and you’re honestly surprised he didn’t open the night with this request to begin with. You’ve always been ready to give Jungkook whatever he wanted, willing to jump through hoops for your boyfriend husband. It just so happens that what he wants pleasantly overlaps with what you want. “… okay,” you mumble, trying to play it cool. Your heart is hammering away inside your chest. “Let’s see what happens.”
The solemn look on his face fades away. Jungkook grins, trailing a finger down the side of your face, over your bottom lip. He presses against the plush skin, watches with hooded eyes as you open your mouth for him. “Yeah?” he exhales, the harsh quality of his voice sending a tingle up your spine. 
You trail your own hands down his sides, thumbs catching on his waistband and tugging them down under his ass. His cock springs forward, heavy and hot when it presses against your thigh. “Yeah,” you agree, slowly guiding his member between your folds, legs spreading impossibly wider. And then, possessed by the daring spirit of youth and love, you flick your gaze back up to him. “Knock me up,” you purr. 
Your straightforwardness makes him smile, whatever nerves he had been feeling quickly evaporating. “I should probably turn the TV off, right?” he asks, all sweet and dorky. 
“Yes, Jungkook,” you tell him dryly, “I would appreciate it if we could make our first baby without that white-haired daddy on screen.”
With a peal of laughter, Jungkook reaches over you for the previously abandoned remote. “His name is Gojo,” he feels the need to correct before clicking the television off. “And he’s not a daddy.”
You roll your eyes, welcoming him back into your arms. “But you’re gonna be one,” you croon, slotting your mouth against his. A surprised squeak catches in Jungkook’s throat, a sound so cute and unexpected that your heart immediately records it and sends it into the archives. His hands come back full force, squeezing and grabbing every inch of you he can get. From your boobs to your hips to your ass, it’s like Jungkook’s trying to burn this memory of you into his brain as well. Not that you mind, always appreciative of a good grope or two if it’s coming from him. 
When you pull away from your steamy kiss, Jungkook’s cheeks are a lovely rosy color, lips a few shades darker. “How do you want me?” you ask, momentarily releasing him as he (finally) shimmies out of his underwear. “Doggy, cowgirl, missionary? What about wheelbarrow?”
Jungkook blinks. “What the fuck is a wheelbarrow?” 
You frown, surprised by his complete lack of knowledge. “Y’know, it’s when, like, you hold me like a wheel—“ Before you can finish your explanation, Jungkook is rolling you over, his hands gripping your waist as he hauls you onto your knees. “Alright,” you huff, lifting your head from its suffocated position against the sheets. “Doggy it is.” 
“Sorry,” Jungkook says behind you, his stupid fat cock just hanging against your thigh. He needs to get in you, like, yesterday. “I’m just— I’m a little excited.”
Your heart softens, all the horny momentarily put on pause as you throw him a glance over your shoulder. “Aw,” you coo, offering him an understanding smile. Your moment of softness lasts all of three seconds before your smile turns devilish, wiggling your ass out for him. “I’m gonna make you a daddy,” you announce. Jungkook grips his cock, prodding the tip against your entrance. You’re loosened up from before, but the massive size still makes you jump a little at first. Despite the angle, the blush on his cheeks is still so obvious. He’s so cute. You’re gonna give him a thousand babies if he asks. (Or hopefully just two.) 
Jungkook spares you a glance. There’s sweat clinging to his hairline, down between his manly bosom. You want to turn around and fondle his chest, lick his nipples like he did you. But you also want his cock to reach so deep inside of you, you can’t walk for days. You wanted him over you and under you, around you, holding you together—basically, you wanted Jungkook anyway you could have him. 
His hand glides over the curve of your ass, a silent warning before he finally lines himself up with your entrance. The stretch is even more blissful when he comes in from the back, prods against your walls in ways like never before. “Fuck,” you gasp, knuckles trembling from how tightly you fist the sheets. 
The tip of Jungkook’s cock is the biggest part, always making you squirm and moan as he pushes in. He’s extra huge today, you’re sure of it, because there’s no way you’ve ever been stretched this wide before. Even Jungkook is struggling today, breathing harshly behind you, nearly growling. The sound sends a fresh wave of arousal to your core, produces a lewd squelch as he sinks in further. By the time the tip is in, the rest of his cock awaiting its turn, you’re feeling dizzy. You try to call his name out, but your voice catches in your throat. 
The rest of his cock slides in easily enough, the remnants of your first orgasm guiding his pulsing dick through your folds. “How the fuck,” Jungkook groans, fingers digging into your hips, “are you still so tight.” 
You would shrug, but all your focus is channeled into your nether regions, body unconsciously clenching around Jungkook’s cock as he readjusts himself inside. “Baby,” you manage, voice practically a wheeze. Half of your face is shoved against the mattress, so you’re certain the sound comes out even quieter. 
Jungkook’s grip against your waist loosens, the skin soothed over with the careful rub of his thumbs. You’re practically dissolving into the touch, soft sighs and exhales against the sheets, sweat accumulating against your nape. “There we go,” Jungkook husks, giving an experimental roll of his hips. You whimper, jolting away. Jungkook doesn’t let you get too far, tugging you back against his cock with a hushed chuckle. “God,” he exhales, “your voice is so cute.”
“Shut up,” you moan, sending him a teary glare of your shoulder. Jungkook accepts it with a handsome smile that leaves your heart threatening to escape. “I hate you.”
He draws his cock out slowly, each minute ridge and vein along his length dragging against the tender skin of your entrance. You squeeze, gasping at the friction and the pleasure that it sends shooting up your spine. “Wouldn’t let me be this deep inside your pussy if you hated me, angel,” he teases, placing a lighthearted slap against your ass. “You love me, don’t you?”
Before you can answer, Jungkook thrusts back into your heat, steals the words right from your throat as he shoves you further into the mattress. Instead, a string of stuttered cries come out, his name sprinkled in. The tip of his cock kisses something inside of you, only for a moment, but it’s enough to make you hot and dizzy. “I- I do,” you eventually manage to bite out, lifting your head to gaze at his headboard instead, too overwhelmed to look at the man himself. 
Jungkook leans over to place a kiss against your spine, inadvertently pushing his cock deeper. A strained sob comes tumbling out, one that has Jungkook hiding his grin against your skin. It’s the last semblance of kindness he shows you, because when he pushes himself away, he’s turned into a new man. “Keep still for me,” he commands, shuffling closer until his pelvis is flush against your behind. 
His thrusts are all equally as fast, equally as deep. They keep a steady pace, never letting you recover from one before Jungkook delivers the next, and then the next. You're quivering against the sheets, unsure if you want to pull away from the intensity or meet him head on and exacerbate it. You settle for a mixture of the in-between, moans and whines muffled against the sheet you bite down on. 
He appreciates your effort all the same. “Shit,” Jungkook chokes out, breathless. He pauses his rapid thrusting to grind his hips against you, your walls twitching at the sensation of his cock inside of you. “Gonna look so cute carrying my baby,” he groans, tugging you closer when he feels you’re too far. 
“O- Our baby,” you make sure to correct. 
His cock glides out, and he punctuates his next statement with a brutal buck into you. “Our baby,” he agrees. Whatever else Jungkook may have wanted to say is put on pause as he delivers a particularly bruising round of thrusts, his skin loudly slapping against yours. You sob, shivering at the intensity he shows you. 
He moves fast when he’s on a mission, and tonight’s mission is getting you pregnant. He’s wanted it for months— hell, Jungkook has fantasized about this for years with you. So it’s no surprise how seriously he’s taking this, pushing your chest against the mattress, ass high in the air as he plunges his dick into your cunt. Each cycle makes your toes curl, head spin from how hard you squeeze your eyelids shut. 
Jungkook’s evenly paced fucking continues, cock gliding against your walls. You try to clench as much as you can, but at a certain point, everything goes numb. Not only were you still tender from your first orgasm, but your mind is all fuzzy from the fact you’re fucking with the intention of having kids. Your face feels hot, and you’re not sure if it’s from the pleasure building within you or the baby-making motive. 
His cock pushes against your soft spot, the sensation terribly amplified in this position, and your wandering mind snaps back into the present moment. “Kook,” you wail, trembling hands terrorizing the sheets beneath you. 
“Mm,” he hums, not once stopping the movement of his hips. “I’ve got you.” 
And he does, holding your waist when your body begins to give out, muscles sore and limp. One hand curls around you, finds itself flattened just above your mound, pinky finger teasing the beginning of your slit. “No,” you shudder, already so sensitive. Jungkook doesn’t prod any further, just let’s his hand rest there. He’s got more important duties right now, like fucking a baby into you. 
The arousal that had been slowly simmering within begins to boil over, vision going blurry as Jungkook continues to pound into you from behind. You have half a mind to alert him, know he sometimes liked it when you held off, but after the events of today, you can’t. You jerk forward, the muscles in your thighs twitching and trembling as the pleasure rolls over you. Your walls tighten, spasming around his cock, make Jungkook hiss. 
For a moment, your senses black out, making it impossible to see or hear as wave after wave of gratifying pleasure wash over you. Everything slowly leaks back into focus. The sound of Jungkook fucking into your creamy walls, the warm glow of the lamp, the weight of your wedding band against your finger. His name rolls off your tongue, soft, but you don’t think he hears it. 
“Fuck, fuck,” he groans, picking up the pace after having witnessed you cream his cock. 
You shift, pussy still pulsating with the aftershocks of your orgasm. “Sweetheart,” you mumble, huffing against the sheets. You spare him a watery glance over your shoulder, catching sight of his rippling muscles, his sweat-drenched body. “Jungkook,” you try again, and this time his gaze meets yours. His shapely brows are drawn together, jaw clenched. 
He’s tired, that much you can tell. Like you, Jungkook had been awake since the crack of dawn getting ready. And then he’d spent his entire day running around, greeting guests, entertaining you on the dance floor. He just wants to come now, wants to fill you up and call it a day. “Come whenever, sweetheart,” you tell him, and because you can’t exactly cup his face from this angle, you settle for reaching back and giving his hip a squeeze. 
Jungkook melts at the touch, releasing his hold on your waist to knot your hands together. “Trying,” he whimpers. Touched by the desperate gleam in his eyes, you muster what’s left of your strength and slowly push yourself up, back knocking against his chest. Immediately, Jungkook crowds close behind you, practically placing his entire weight on you. His chin finds itself tucked over your shoulder, hands slithering up your waist to cup your breasts. 
“Go ahead,” you mumble, meeting his hands with yours, encouraging him to squeeze your chest as he slowly, shallowly gives forth his last few strokes. He’s a whimpering, trembling mess, pent up as he chases his orgasm. “Good boy,” you purr, gently knocking your head against his. His dark hair tickles your cheek, his scent crowding your senses. “You’re doing amazing.” 
When he finally comes, he muffles his cries with a harsh bite against your shoulder, breath hot and heavy against your skin. “Oh fuck,” he gasps, his hips still bucking even after the fact. It takes a moment for Jungkook to regain his senses, pulling out with a sharp inhale. Your shared cum follows, drips down between your thighs and onto his sheets. 
Your eyes are ringing, the eyelids heavy with fatigue. Jungkook flops down beside you and you follow, butt naked and sweaty. His back rises and falls, skin smooth to the touch. Your palm runs down his spine, soothes over his muscles until he’s letting out a soft whine. “You okay?” he mumbles, cheek smushed against his pillow. 
Nodding, you try your best to maneuver the comforter out from beneath the two of you, sloppily tugging it up until at least your lower halves are modestly covered. “Are you okay?” you ask instead, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “I know this was, like, a Sims 4 aspiration for you.”
He snorts, soft and muffled. “What even is that,” he smiles, blinking open an eye to level you with an amused glance. Eventually, the energy comes seeping back into his bones, little by little, and he manages to prop his head up against his palm to properly look at you. “I think we’ll have to keep going,” Jungkook announces. 
“Fine by me,” you say. Something knocks against your temple, the television remote from before. Your husband reaches over without missing a beat, completely neglecting the fact you could’ve become concussed from the injury, flicking the TV on instead. The purple Funimation background is bright, offensive to the eyes. 
Still weird, you decide, silently cuddling closer as Jungkook resumes his anime. 
Tumblr media
“Advice on kids?” Namjoon asks, his voice staticky through the phone. Faintly, you can hear the clicking of his keyboard, the quiet gulp of him drinking his coffee. “I don’t have kids.”
You sigh, slumping back against the couch. Jungkook is in the bathroom, soaking in the hot bath you prepared for him as a gift for last night’s efforts. “I know you don’t have kids,” you tell him, pulling your feet up onto the cushions. “But you don’t know anyone who has kids? Friends? Girlfriends?”
Namjoon hums. “Well, Doyeon and I don’t have—“
“That’s enough,” you interrupt, “I think I would know if Doyeon had a kid, thank you very much.”
Namjoon, the baboon, has the audacity to chuckle. “Sorry,” he apologizes, but you doubt he’s all too sorry when he’s railing her every other weekend. “My friend Hobi has kids,” he offers, and you’re willing to set aside your beef with Namjoon in order to be helped. “Girls. Five, I think.”
“Five?!” you shriek, and then have to tell Jungkook you’re okay when he yells back in a worry. “Five?” you repeat, quietly this time, practically curled up against the couch. “How does— like they gave birth five times?” 
Namjoon makes a rather indiscriminate noise over the line, and vaguely, you realize you probably shouldn’t be asking a straight man about this kind of stuff. “Well, two of them are twins,” he responds. “But I doubt that’ll happen to you.” 
You huff, still in shock. “I better not have twins.”
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr
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kookiecrumb · 2 months ago
Cock warming jungkook, but you're tired and he wants to fuck you to sleep au!
(I am suuuuuch an somnophiliac...It IS dubcon though~ anon you have my taste), so this is pure filth.
It is 3 AM where I am, so I channeled the feels. If you see a mistake, no you don't. This is raw.
May I present:
Dick Put Her Ass to Sleep Now She Callin' Me NyQuil (a kookiecrumb)
warnings: dubcon, somnophilia, pwp (18+), unprotected sex (please be safe)
Your mind is hazy as you're engulfed by the scent of your boyfriend. He's citrus-ey, but the scent matures into a mellow undertone the more you take in. His body is far too warm for you to keep your eyes awake.
"H-haaahh..." He hisses as he sinks his length into your heated cunt. you sigh out a small moan. Your boyfriend has his hands scratching your back, and you're practically purring at how good it feels to have him inside of you like this, even as your mind drifts off to a dream-like consciousness. His voice is merely a hum to you as he thrusts up, groaning and staggardly breathing. You whine and hold on tighter to his wide chest, and your fingers wander to his face and jaw, where you press your thumb against his bottom lip.
"Koo~ sleepy..." You weakly notify him. His lips curve upwards against your thumb. He feels incredibly fulfilling, pressing at your walls in the familiar and blissful way, his dick snugly immersed in your sopping cunt. He can't stop kissing at your neck, addicted to your sweet scent as he meets your hips with each tantalizing pump. You hold on to him as he takes your ear between his teeth playfully. "...mmm...yeah," you breathe, your moans slurred.
Jungkook's mouth opens in an "ah" shape, his eyebrows furrowing as he indulges in you. He twitches, and you lean back to kiss him deeply. His mouth crashes with yours, your hands traveling to his nape and tugging him towards you. You feel everything vividly, even if your sight and hearing is hindered. Something in the pit of your stomach builds, your love-drunken heart pounds.
Your hands form fists full of his shirt as he pants, and he's huffing out cusses as he chases his orgasm. You adore being his, you adored having him inside of you like this and you needed his warmth, for him to fall apart and mesh in the most perfect way with your body as you rested against him. You tense and quiver, clenching hard as his length plunges in you, his fingers lazily twitching above your clit (it's too sensitive!). You're incredibly close, mesmerized by the way your boyfriend stretches you. Your orgasm surprises you.
"Jungkoo-- Jungkook!!" You exclaim, whining loudly. You clench intensely around him, glazing his girthy dick with your juices and setting of his chain reaction. His release is intense, he holds your hips as he finishes coating you with his cum. You kiss him again, his mouth an oasis for your tired body, as you mumble something, quietly. "So lucky I'm on the're so lucky."
"Nah...that's you" he insists, but you're already fast asleep in his arms. You made a mess on his thighs, but it's a cute mess so it's okay.
requests are OPEN and encouraged!
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lavishedinjimin · 4 months ago
jungkook is usually dom, but now he is sub for the first time and oc ties him up and plays with his tattoos, the rest is up to you 🙂
P.S: please imagine whiny jungkook for this one. pls
~ "Happy birthday," you smirk, crawling up to his bare, naked body seductively.
Jungkook peers his head to the side in confusion, "Birthday? You know it's not my birthday today."
"Yeah, buuuuut..." you snake your hands down from his chest, slowly and gently trailing your fingertips against his skin as it goes down south to the waistband of his boxers, "I'm going to make you feel so good that you'll think it's your birthday tonight."
"You're gonna treat me good?" he asks, biting his lip.
"Of course, baby. Let me show you."
You hear him struggle, pulling on the ropes that tied his wrists as soon as you attached your lips onto his sensitive neck. You straddle his crotch, grinding against his bulge teasingly to make him grow harder than he already is.
Jungkook moans softly, eyes closing as he focuses on nothing but your lips on his skin. "Ohh fuck," he mumbles, your tongue giving kitten licks on his lower ear. He feels a chill going through his body when you suck on his earlobe, playfully biting and grinding your teeth against his ear.
"Do you like that?" you whisper alluringly, and you chuckle when he spontaneously bucks his hips up to meet your core.
"Uh-huh," he whimpers, more high-pitched than usual.
Your hand travels back down, grabbing his erection. You sigh delightedly as you start rubbing him over his underwear, feeling the outline of his big, pulsating dick.
"Fuck, take it out," Jungkook groans.
"Mmm, you be patient, Kook," you giggle, "I'm in charge tonight. I'm doing whatever I want with you, and your job is to just..." you give his cock a firm squeeze, "take it."
Trailing kisses from his neck to his collarbones, you arrive at his arm tattoos. Playfully, you stick out your tongue and lick, giggling when Jungkook produces a doe-eyed look.
From Jungkook's point of view, you seem incredibly hot tracing his tats with your tongue. You go down, inch by inch pulling his boxers down, his cock instantly springing up to his abdomen.
"Mmm," you trace your fingers along his shaft, chewing at your bottom lip as you watch his cock throb. "So hard and oh," you grab his cock in your hands and use his precum as lube, "look, you're cock's drooling."
You couldn't help but chuckle at how he keeps tugging on the ropes above his head. Jungkook whines as you give him a handjob, licking the tip every now and then to get a taste of him.
You finally wrap your lips around him, your warm, wet mouth sucking his cock like a lollipop as you do your best to take him deep. You hum along his shaft, keeping your eyes directly at him, fondling with his balls simultaneously.
"Ahhh shit, that feels incredible," Jungkook cries, his forehead creasing, "Goddamnit, I wanna push your head down," he laughs gingerly.
Obliging with his needs, you force your head further down his cock, pushing past your gag reflex until you feel his head hit the back of your throat. Jungkook shivers, his hips bucking up in an attempt to fuck your throat.
"Deeper," he begs in a whiny tone, "deeper, Y/n. Choke on my dick, please, please, oohhhhh fuck y-yeah." He tilts his head back, revealing his damp neck covered in a layer of sweat. From how big his cock is, you couldn't fit it all in your mouth so you stroke the remaining inches with your hand.
Bobbing up and down concurrently with the strokes of your hand, you suck him off, eager to feel his seed shoot down your throat.
"Why do y-you give head better when I'm tied up?" he says in between throaty moans. "Maybe I'm—mmh fuck—maybe I'm better all tied up for you."
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kingsuckjin · 7 months ago
Golden- JJK
Tumblr media
💛 Pairing: (almost entirely)Jungkook x reader, (basically none)Seokjin x reader
💛 Rating: 18+
💛 Genre: friends to lovers but like fluffy but also like very sad.
💛 Summary: After see your boyfriend Jin cheating on you at a bar and realizing your shared friends have been working together to hide it from you, you storm off into the parking lot to cry. Jungkook sees you out there and tells you the truth about everything, or what he wants you to believe is the truth.
💛 Words: almost 16k
💛 Warnings: CHEATING!!! “only one-bed” cliché but I love it, drinking, oral sex(m&f), protected sex and unprotected sex, dirty talk, overestimation, vaginal fingering, love kink?, too much smut, uhhh Jungkook is a bit of a stalker.
💛 Note: listen, I just wanted an excuse to write a gratuitous amount of Jungkook fluff and smut and I also love hurting. I thought I should throw in, these two characters are not actually in love, there are reasons it moves so fast, but it's not love.
❤ also a very big thank you to @btsaudge​ who beta read this whole thing for me, she’s not only a god tier beta reader but a god tier writer too ❤
Tumblr media
“Where are you?” Jin was supposed to be home an hour ago. He had been doing this off and on for the past few months. You’d be lying if you hadn't wondered if things were beginning to fall apart later. You knew Jin would never do anything he wasn’t supposed to, especially not with the other guys there. You knew he was probably just having fun and part of you felt awful for wanting to keep tabs on him, you didn’t want to ruin his time by pestering him the whole time.
You paced as you waited for a reply but none came.
“Is Jin okay?” You sent to Namjoon now and he replied pretty quickly.
“Yeah, I’ve got an eye on him. We’re just over here at Gold’s bar telling old stories.” 
“Thank you.” You replied. You knew Jin could be a handful after having too many drinks but entrusted them with him.
You tried to sit back down and open your laptop up only to just blankly gaze at the screen. You were bored. Writer's block had hit you hard and you just didn’t feel like writing right now. You missed Jin tonight. You thought about the trip you had saved up for with the money from your last book. Sleepless hours were poured into making that book special all because you and Jin had shared a dream of vacationing in Hawaii together. All of your money went to it, every cent besides the shared rent, you wanted to surprise him and you just couldn’t find the right time to do it. He was a lawyer, not the best yet, so he had many sleepless hours too. You both deserved this trip.
You wondered for a moment if you dressed up and showed up if it would make him happy, especially if you finally told him about the trip tonight. You figured if you waited until he got home he would just pass right out and you wouldn’t get the chance. Again, you didn’t want to bother him with his friends, but then again he had spent many nights with them drinking and you were sure there were more to come, one night of you showing up couldn’t hurt.
You closed your laptop and went to your closet to find the black dress he loved so much on you, you only got it out for special occasions, and one of these days you planned on wearing it when he proposed. You knew him proposing was coming, he had been talking about it here and there lately “After we’re married…” or “when I make you my wife…” this was how life was supposed to go and you thought you couldn’t have picked a more relaxed person to share life with and you did your best to match his laid back attitude.
You got an Uber to Gold’s bar, it wasn’t a long ride, just long enough to make you further worry about ruining his time tonight. 
The first person you saw was Taehyung sitting at the bar with a pretty lady, obviously flirting like the ladies man he was. 
You tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned he seemed surprised to see you for a moment.
“Where’s Jin?” You asked over the music that was playing slightly too loud and it just wasn’t your taste in music anyway.
“I saw him over there.” He pointed to a corner of the building, and you saw him alright. You saw past the people and even passed the girl pressed into him, both leaned on the wall. 
“What are you doing here?” Came another voice.
You looked away from the scene and at Yoongi. Your eyes felt wide and your mouth fluttered open and closed. You didn’t know what to say or to think, or what was happening. Were you tired? Were you seeing things? Had your sweet and kind boyfriend just been making out with another woman with all of his and your friends here to witness it? You were confused? Did they all know something you didn’t?
You turned back around, afraid you would see the scene again, but you didn’t. There was no one against the wall. The place was dim, maybe you had just thought it was Jin.
“Want a drink?” Yoongi offered.
All you could do was just nod. 
Your eyes kept scanning the faces of people to find Jin, you were so lost and set on finding him that you were surprised to see the shot in front of your face Yoongi had gotten for you. You took it, you had no idea what it was even as it burned your throat.
“Looking for Jin huh?” Yoongi asked and sat down at one of the stools at the bar before patting the seat next to him.
“Well he’ll find us, I think he’s around here with Namjoon somewhere, might’ve gone to throw up.” 
“Yeah.” You replied but still felt nervous. Another shot was brought to both you and Yoongi.
“Was-was he pretty drunk when you saw him last?” You asked.
“He always gets pretty plastered, you know that.” 
“Sweetie!!!!” It was his voice.
You turned in the stool to see a smiling Jin coming in your direction, arms stretched wide. “What are you doing here?” He seemed happy and pretty drunk and he leaned over, wrapped his arms around you, and placed his cheek on your head. 
You felt relieved he wasn’t upset you were there.
“I’ve missed you all night.” He kissed the top of your head.
“God, you’re loud when you’re drunk,” Yoongi muttered to him.
When he released your smile that had grown from his embrace and hug faltered.
There was red lipstick on his neck.
“Jin what happened?” You asked, your hands had become sweaty as the scene you had witnessed earlier flashed through your mind.
“What do you mean?” He still wore a big smile.
“Jin, you have lipstick-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence. You turned to Yoongi just to make sure you weren’t going crazy and he had turned back away to face the bar.
You could feel your pulse thud hard as your brain further tried to rationalize it but to no avail. He must’ve caught on because he wiped at the place on his neck where your gaze was fixed. Your eyes flickered back to his nervous-looking brown eyes that were always so full of joy and laughter, the ones that always felt like home to you. Everything about this situation felt so wrong like a nightmare, you felt sick. This couldn’t be your Jin, it wasn’t your Jin, it was some strange cold stranger pretending to be him, but the more you looked at him the more you realized you were wrong. You felt tears well in your eyes and knew your strong front was beginning to dissolve and break apart like paper in water. 
That was it.
You took off for the door, you looked back and saw Jin trying to stumble after you, but Taehyung had stopped him.
You were left in tears in the parking lot, you felt your phone go off in your hand but your brain was in too much of an anger and hurt haze to care. You were looking for a place to break down, anywhere, but you sure as hell weren’t planning on going back in there. Your whole relationship with Jin was flashing through your mind and it felt like your heart had been burned, burned with the image of him and someone else the way her lipstick has been burned onto his neck.
You began to sob as you walked around parked cars. You were caring less and less who saw you break down. You felt so alone and exposed especially when a man sitting on the hood of his car began to stare.
“Y/n?” The voice questioned. Through your tear-blurred vision, you could see the screen of his phone light up his shocked-looking face.
“How’d you get here so fast? I just-“ he stood from his seat on his car hood.
“Seokjin cheated on me.” You sobbed in the ugliest crying voice you had ever heard come from yourself.
Your fists grabbed the material of his jacket and you hurried your face in its collar.
His hands went to the middle of your back and hugged you silently for a moment. It just felt so good to have someone comfort you when everyone else seemed not to care or ignore you altogether. Even if it was awkward Jungkook.
You recalled the time where he once showed up at your University and just wanted to hang out for seemingly no reason. The whole two hours he was with you, he stayed silent. You thought he had wanted to visit you because you were friends but it left you wondering if he was ju9st trying to kill time or something. You also remember Jin not being too happy about it when you told him, maybe Jin wasn't too understanding back then.
“He was kissing someone else and I-I-“ you trailed off into a series of gaspy hiccups.
“I know.” He sighed.
“What?” You took a step back but still didn’t release him.
“Your phone. Check your phone.” He instructed.
You unlocked it to see a lengthy text from him. It was hard to read it and stay focused, you were shivering out of school or the chill in the air from this dress. You skimmed it but you shook worse the more you stood there. Attached were two pictures of Jin and the woman kissing in the same way and position that you had seen them.
You looked up at Jungkook with tears streaming down your cheeks, your lip quivered, your body shivered and he looked down at you with sorrow knitted into his furrowed brows.
“I’m sorry. They had always told me not to say anything, that it wasn’t my business, that I’d make you both unhappy if I-“ 
Your teeth were still chattering as you looked up at him.
He took his coat off silently before draping it around your shoulders. You fed your arms through the armholes that were way too big on you.
“Come on, let’s get you… let’s get you warm.” He went around to the passenger’s side and opened his car door. You didn’t resist, at least you could break down somewhere private.
You held your head in your hands as you sobbed over the sound of the engine and heat warming the car. He sat there quietly, not saying anything at all, but you didn’t blame him for it, he had always been awkward with people, especially you, but at least he seemed to care more than anyone else tonight.
You cried until only your hiccups remained. Your head rested against the headrest as you looked out the windshield at the night sky, it was starless.
“You- you uh wouldn’t want to go home would you.” It was a statement, he knew you wouldn’t. “Is there- somewhere I can take you? You could come with me… if you want.” 
“I don’t know, I don’t know if I want to be anywhere, but I can’t go home.” You stated knowing you weren’t making complete sense.
“We don’t have to go to my house just yet, we can do anything you want… but I do understand if you want to be somewhere where you can just be sad.”
“I don’t want to be sad.” You sniffled once more and wiped at your face “I don’t want to be anywhere sad. I wanted to have fun…”
“I know somewhere we can have fun.” 
Before you could answer he was pulling out of the parking lot.
It was quiet for a while as you just looked out the window.
“I know what it’s like you know.”
You turned to look at his face as he drove, lights every so often passing over his face.
“You’ve been cheated on too.” It wasn’t a question so much as a sad statement that came from your mouth. 
“That’s what made me want you to know so badly. It tore my heart out and sometimes I wish …I never would’ve found out, it hurt. I know it hurts.”
“I’m so sorry Jungkook.” You whispered. Sometimes he was weird, but you knew he had always had a good heart. 
“Sometimes things like that just happen, it doesn’t make it hurt less, but it does help to know you’re not alone… that and getting shit-faced.” He joked making you let out an amused puff of breath as you felt yourself smile just a little.
“Are we going somewhere with alcohol?” You asked.
“Of course. It’s on the house tonight.”
“You’re a good one Jungkook.” You replied.
Tumblr media
You looked up at the big neon bowling ball and pins at the top of the building as you sat in the parked car.
“Bowling?” You asked and looked down at your dress. He was such a weird person.
“Just trust me.” 
So you did trust him, after all, it was better than being at home alone or worse, at home with Jin.
When you walked into the bowling alley it was dark, but there were laser lights and strobes and glowing lights and music played loudly but not as near as deafening as it did at the bar. It seemed like you were the only two here, besides one older guy playing alone at the very end lane.
You took a seat at a table at the opposite end and simply just waited, but the more you were alone with your thoughts the more what happened played through your mind. 
How long had Jin been cheating on you? Had he knowingly been cheating on you while talking about you being his wife someday?
You felt tears sting your eyes again, it was harder to hold them back this time.
Jungkook came back with an entire pitcher of beer and a plastic cup he sat on the table before he looked at you.
You tried to shield your crying eyes. You felt stupid crying at a bowling alley you weren’t even bowling at.
You heard the sounds of him pouring beer into the cup and you heard the cup scoot across the table.
You put your hand down, picked up the cup, and downed it.
“I know it’s hard not to think about, and I know it hurts. You shouldn’t be so embarrassed about crying.” Somehow he was able to read you “we’re pretty much the only ones here.” 
“I know, it just feels so strange crying in such an open place. I’m glad I’m here though.” 
He looked to be thinking about your words for a moment before ducking down in the seat and disappearing under the table.
“Come here,” he asked from under the table as you poured more beer in the plastic cup.
You followed him down under the table miraculously without spilling your drink.
He gave you the biggest, sweetest toothy smile and you couldn’t help but return it. You felt like a child playing hide and seek. 
He began to sing along to September by Earth Wind and Fire that played throughout the bowling alley, even physically reenacting the words just to make you laugh. Behind him, past the table were the prettiest lights. You felt so comfortable, warm, and safe in his yellow jacket.
“Are you okay?” He asked with slight concern.
“Yeah.” You snapped out of it and took another drink of your drink before offering him some.
“No, I have to drive. I got it for you, it’s all yours.” He declined.
“Thank you, for all of this.” You told him “it has made me feel better, I owe you so much.” 
“Don’t mention it.” He shrugged and you couldn’t help but notice just how sturdy his shoulders looked, and his thick tattooed upper arms.
His eyes were just as big and sparkling as when you had met him in high school. You tried to think back on the exact point you met him but you couldn’t remember.
“Jungkook, when did we meet, do you remember?” You asked him curiously.
“Mhm. I remember.” He gave you a nod. “We were all at Seokjin’s and we were setting up monopoly but had to wait because he was waiting on someone else. When you walked in the door I…”
“You just stared at me the whole time, I felt so unwelcome.” You laughed as you remembered.
You looked over at him to see him looking down and playing with one of the chunky rings on his fingers with a shy smile, his shaggy dark waves threatening to obstruct your view of his sheepishness. He was no longer that quiet and shy bowl-cut boy, well, in a sense was, but not to you anymore. He had tattoos all over him and long hair, his ears had a few rings in each. You wondered how someone so sweet could look like that. He was a paradox all on his own and you simply just never understood it, maybe that’s why you had felt like he was a little weird.
“The funny thing was, I had never seen you at school before that, but I saw you everywhere after.”
“I remember the same thing happening.” You replied as your mind went to seeing him in the halls and recalling the little waves he would give you. It made you smile recalling him then and looking at him now.
“You’ve always been so good, Kook.”
His reply was a shy scoffing noise before thanking you.
You noticed the cup you held was empty and looked down at it.
“Want me to get you more up top?” He pointed up and you nodded. He took your cup and told you to stay put as if you might be planning on crawling away. You felt safe here under this table with him, it was like your feelings couldn’t find you as long as you hid under here with him.
He bumped his head on the way back down making you burst out into laughter.
“You think that’s funny you sadist?” He joked as he smiled big and you continued to laugh at him “is that what it takes to make you laugh?” He teased as he handed you your refilled drink. “You know what would be hilarious? Me walking out here and getting hit by a car. You would be in tears with laughter.”
You still laughed but shook your head.
“You know what I think?” He lifted a brow at you “I think you’re drunk.” He accused you.
“No, definitely not. No way.” You denied but both of you knew it was a joke. Everything seemed to lag just a bit and you felt so silly. Your confidence was through the roof and every time you looked at him your heart raced. 
“I think you’re drunk.” You accused him back.
“Me? How? I haven’t drank anything all night.” His warm smile never ended and you swore he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“I think you’re so drunk that you think I’m drunk.” 
“No no.” You continued with your play fight. “If I was drunk could I do this?” You simply just took another drink of beer.
“Yes?” He chuckled. His laugh alone was enough to make your stomach feel like it was jumping into your throat.
You don’t know what got into you, you don’t know why you did it, but you reached forward and placed your hand on his knee.
There was silence for a moment as he looked down at it. He picked it up and he didn’t quite hold it but took it in a weird handshake way and let your conjoined hands be somewhere in the space between you.
He looked at you and smiled.
“I’m cutting you off. No more drinks for you.” You couldn’t tell if he was joking, or he was hinting for you to stop, your drunk brain had no idea. Instead of trying to figure out if he was rejecting you, you turned his hand over in yours and looked at his hand tattoos and rings, running your hand over each one. You had once heard his tattoos were for his family, but you didn’t know. You let go of his hand and held his arm as you examined those too, some had words you’re drunk brain couldn’t comprehend the meaning of.
“What’s after this?” He asked as he let you look over his skin.
You thought about it.
“I don’t want to go home.” You knew that much. “And I have no friends except…” actually you didn’t have friends anymore.
“My house it is then.” 
“I don’t have to if- I wouldn’t want to…”
“It’s alright, I don’t mind. I just want to know you’re safe and not in pain… unless you’d feel too uncomfortable.”
“I trust you.” You locked eyes with him. It was the truth, Jungkook had never hurt anyone ever that you can recall. He hadn’t even been mad at any of the others, even when he should’ve been sometimes. If you were bothering him he never would’ve said it, and knowing that made you feel worse, it made you feel like you were.
“I don’t think you’ve ever been to my house, but I have to warn you, it isn’t the best, I’m just a currently jobless IT guy. Kinda lost my job last week.”
“I’m so sorry Kook. I don’t mind, at least it’s not with Jin.” You finished off what was in your cup, he hadn’t been too serious about cutting you off the drinks.
“I’ll be back.” He let you know before crawling out from under the table.
You went to get out from under the table and the moment you stood all the drinks hit you, you held onto the table for stability as you sat back down at your seat. The pitcher of beer was gone so you had either finished it or he had taken it. Your brain was no longer thinking about Jin thankfully, but unfortunately, it was stuck on Jungkook and the way he looked at you and how his hand had felt in yours. Your breath felt shaky about going home with him, not because you were unsure, but because to you that had to mean something. You tried to separate yourself from your drunk mind and realized you didn’t want to push his boundaries when he was being so kind. You were drunk and he wasn’t and you knew he had morals that you just didn’t right now. You shouldn’t hit on him again, but then again he let you hold his hand, didn’t he? Did he? Would you even call that hand-holding? He hadn’t pulled away but that didn’t mean he wasn’t trying to be nice and that didn’t mean he was uncomfortable. You felt bad about doing it, but the drunk and hurt part of you wanted something, some kind of closeness with anyone so the hurt could be replaced just for now. It was all wrong of you.
Your brain spun as you looked off into nothing at all of the dancing colorful lights of the bowling alley. Maybe Jungkook wanted to take advantage of you, maybe he saw this as an opportunity, and as wrong as that sounded you would’ve been okay with that. Your mind stuck to that idea like a fly stuck in honey.
“Ready?” He asked as he held out his hand for you to help you out of the seat.
You stumbled a bit as you took your first few steps but he grabbed you around the waist.
“Careful.” He said so gently and so patiently but it did nothing to ease your turbulent thoughts and feelings. As he held your body like this, it made you want to hold him back, but you fought the urge. He was just helping you get to the car so you didn’t fall flat on your ass.
He buckled you in murmuring a quiet apology for seemingly no reason.
His car smelled of him. It was funny how you never noticed before he had his own scent, it was a bit like cinnamon or some kind of spice and fresh laundry. It hung all around you, on his coat, the fabric of his car, and even on your hands from touching his. 
You looked at him as he drove, the whole time, and if he noticed he hadn’t said a word about it. You felt fully wrapped in him and yet you ached for more, more than just this casual friendliness.
“Do you promise to tell me if I bother you… in any way at all.” Your mouth blurted out.
“I promise.” You watched him smile at your odd request. “You never have bothered me yet.”
The reassurance was what you needed for your mind to feel content for now.
The silence was comforting after all the music and crying and drinking and all the things you had seen tonight. You almost fell asleep, almost.
The keys jingling and a car door closing woke you up. You looked around to see apartment buildings just as Jungkook opened your side car door. You unbuckled yourself.
“Do you need me to carry-“ 
You got to your feet on your own but grabbed for his arm.
“Wait.” He announced before getting to his knees in the parking lot.
He took your leg in his hand and took off one of your heels before taking the other off. He then put an arm under your leg and one on your back before you were horizontal in his arms.
“There are steps up here. I didn’t want you falling in those shoes.” He commented as he carried you and your shoes. You wrapped your arms around his neck so he might have an easier time.
“Would you laugh if I fell down the stairs?” 
“Only for a second.” He teased
“You sadist.” You snorted.
The way his body and muscles felt against you as he packed you up the stairs to his apartment door made you more lightheaded than all the alcohol you had tonight.
He put you down to unlock his door but his hands went back into you to help you walk through it.
He flipped on the lights to reveal his apartment.
His living room area consisted of a mattress on the floor with dark blue sheets and a blanket, it faced a big TV on a stand with game systems and even a computer tower.
The headboard of his bed was the bar that separated the tiny kitchen from the living area.
To the far side were two doors, you assumed one was a bathroom and another door that looked like it slid open could be a closet.
“Quaint, right?” He asked.
“It’s very you.” You said as you breathed the scent of him hanging all around you.
“I was thinking you could have the bed and I could sleep on the floor.” He commented.
“Haven’t you been sleeping on the floor anyway?” You joked. “It’s a big bed, but it also could be a couch. So I could have the couch and you could have the bed. I don’t see any other way around this.”
“You’re okay with us both sharing…?” He asked as if you hadn’t already been thinking about it before you found out the only place to sit or lay in here was his bed.
“Do you mind?” You asked.
“Uh uh.” He shook his head and took off across the room. You wobbled on over to his bed and had a seat. You watched as he slid the closet door open.
He threw a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt behind him onto the bed before pulling out more clothes he kept in his arms.
“The bathroom is-“ 
You cut him off by pointing to the only other room in the apartment. You picked up the clothes and he asked if you needed help getting in there but you shook your head.
You had to hold onto the sink as you dressed in the foreign fabric of his clothing, but even though it felt odd, you still felt comfortable. You did your best to drunkenly wash your face before coming back out. The room was dim, and the Netflix home page was the only light. He was in the tiny open kitchen half of the room in grey sweatpants and a black shirt setting a glass of water onto the island.
“Drink.” He pointed and you did as he asked but could only stomach half the glass. You were sure to thank him for his kind gift of water before you went over to his bed on the floor and got in.
“Here.” He placed a remote on your torso before crawling into the bed himself.
But you didn’t want to watch anything at all. Being next to him was enough entertainment for you.
You looked over at him, hands comfortably resting behind his head, waiting for you to pick something. 
You passed the remote back to him by placing it on his stomach and found his open side too inviting for you not to want with all of your heart.
You rolled onto your side and scooted closer and closer until you put your head on the place between his armpit and shoulder. He didn’t stop you from laying on his chest. He turned the tv off making the room go dark before he let his arm fall around you and cradle you.
You laid in silence a moment.
“Tomorrow is going to be better.” He whispered but you were already drifting from the closeness and peace you felt for now. You took a deep breath in and held his scent in your nose for a moment so it would permanently brand into your brain.
“You smell so good.” You muttered already half asleep.
You heard yet another amused scoff come from him and felt the little laugh on his chest under your head.
“Go to bed.” He joked.
And you did, as you listened to his rhythmic heartbeat, beat after steady beat, unfailing and never letting you down. There was always another right after the last.
Tumblr media
The quiet click of a door woke you. You could see sunlight flooding through your closed eyelids, you could feel the warmth in the bed and on your skin. As you laid there you could hear other little sounds, straining to be quiet but failing.
Your eyes opened and you were disoriented for a moment.
You sat up but realized the noises were coming from behind.
“Jungkook?” You sleepily let out as you winced at the bright light coming through the sheer curtains from behind the tv.
“I’m sorry if I woke you up.” You heard his apologetic voice. 
“No, it was just time to get up.” You grunted as you gave a stretch hard enough your bones cracked.
“Want some cereal?” 
You both casually sat in the bed eating. He had given you a massive bowl of cereal you felt obligated to finish. He was fully dressed while you sat there still in his pajamas.
“You want to stay again today?” He asked bluntly as his eyes focused on whatever anime he had turned on.
“I couldn’t Jungkook, you’ve been so kind and I just-“
“I don’t mind.” He shrugged and crunched up another bite.
“Why?” You decided to ask but he shrugged again.
“Having someone here is kind of fun. It’s like a sleepover I guess.” 
He was so childish in the oddest ways, it was kind of charming. You began to remember all of your thoughts from last night and thanked yourself for not trying too hard to make him uncomfortable. He pushed back his hair with his hands before taking another bite of the colorful cereal. He had the heart and empathy of an angel, even with the tattoos on his hands that he ate his kids’ cereal with.
“Then what are we doing today Kook?” You asked.
“You need clothes. Also, do you know how to skateboard?”
You felt those two things in the same breath were a bit odd but that was just him.
Before long, you found yourself in a cheap store grabbing whatever would fit you and you could wear in public and not feel too bad about it.
“Why’d you ask if I could skateboard?” You asked as he pulled out of the store parking lot. You had already gotten dressed in the bathroom and were ready for whatever weird thing he wanted to do.
“Do you?” 
“No.” You shook your head.
“Wanna learn?”
“I’m going to teach you how Yoongi taught me when I was sixteen.”
“How did he teach you?” 
“He taught me not to be scared.” Was his only reply, and you accepted it. You liked the element of surprise he added to everyday life, you liked how he didn’t take a lot too seriously. You admired that. Your life with Jin had always been work amongst jokes now and then but it hadn’t felt fun, even when you were both young. You felt like you could probably learn a lot from Jungkook.
“Let’s get some food first. It’s almost dinner time, are you hungry? You kept a while and all you’ve eaten today was cereal.” 
You paid for lunch. You got some fries you picked at between watching the wind blow through his hair as you ate outside at a little burger place. He stuffed his mouth full with every bite. A mess of tomatoes and condiments would drop from the burger and onto the wrapper in his lap.
“What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?” You asked him.
“Hmmm.” He thought with a mouthful. “Maybe live in a better house.” 
“That’s it?” You couldn’t help but laugh at the simplicity of what he desired.
“Yeah.” He smiled and wiped his mouth. “You?” 
“I wanted to live or at least visit somewhere warm. I was supposed to go on a trip to Hawaii with Jin, it was a surprise… I wanted to live there one day but he has to work here.” you felt yourself falling back into the heartbreak.
“You don’t need him to go to Hawaii. You could move there now if you wanted and no one could hold you back.” 
“Yeah.” You agreed but it sounded sad.
“You afraid of being alone?” He asked a question that hit you too hard. 
All of your adult life and even your teenage years all you knew was Seokjin, you had always had someone there, your parents or Jin, you had never really had to be alone or think of a future with only yourself until now.
“No.” You lied. There was a strange quiet.
“I’m sorry if that-“
“You should come with me to Hawaii.” You blurted out fully interrupting him.
“Do you want that?” He questioned as if you hadn’t thought it through, and you hadn’t but that didn’t mean you didn’t mean it.
“Yes. Do you?” You were so afraid of him saying no and you didn’t quite know why.
“It’s not like I don’t have anything I can just put on hold for… however long. It’ll be fun. I’d like that.” 
The conversation felt like something more to you somehow, like some secret agreement was just made.
“We should do this before it gets dark.” He commented “ready?” 
Your fries were cold and you had been just waiting on him to finish eating.
Tumblr media
You took at the top of the street on a hill with him after walking a block from where he had parked and dragged a skateboard out of the backseat.
“This is where Yoongi taught me to skateboard, he pushed me down here.” He pointed to the steep road that luckily wasn’t too busy.
“And you’re going to push me down it? I’d kill you.” You crossed your arms disapprovingly.
“No, see, you’re going to push yourself down it. If you sit on the skateboard it will be easier and you probably won’t fall, it will be fun.”
“Your idea of fun gets crazier and crazier.” You pointed out.
“Sit, I’ll stay behind you.” 
“No, because it’s going to pick up speed faster than you can run as I’m going down the hill.” Your brain had already torn the scenario apart and your chances of getting hurt were probably around one hundred percent. Even though you knew that you sat down on the skateboard.
“Okay, now just look down, get a feel for it, take it in.” He instructed as you looked down at the steeply sloping road below.
“Jungkook this is dangerous.” You commented.
He stood behind you and wrapped his arms around you in kind of a hug.
“You’re okay, nothing bad is going to happen to you, alright? I’m right here.” He whispered and you nodded. “Close your eyes, keep them closed.” 
You did as he asked you could feel him wheeling you closer and closer. Put your feet down to stop you from going just yet. I’m going to let go, you’re going to count to ten and without opening your eyes, you’re going to push yourself. Stay as still as you can even if you’re scared. Only open them when I have you.”
Your breath shook, but you gave him confirmation.
“Count.” He said as he released you.
You slowly counted, the nerves in your stomach growing the higher each number got. You gripped the bottom of the board with both hands and when you got to ten you used your legs to push off before tucking them back onto the board.
You let out a scream as you felt the speed at which you were falling, you could feel tears in your squeezed closed eyes.
He caught you by the arm. It was all over before it had even started.
You were breathing heavily and clung to his jacket.
“You’re safe, you’re okay.” He assured you and helped you to your feet.
You were at the bottom of the hill and your heart was racing with your eyes still watering. 
“Are you crying?” He grinned.
“JUNGKOOK I COULD’VE DIED!” You slapped at his arm but he dodged it only making him laugh more at your annoyance.
“Look! You did that by yourself!” He commented with proudness.
“I could’ve died.” You repeated.
“But you didn’t.” He still wore a grin.
The sunset filtering through his dark hair, his laughter, and him trying to escape you chasing him by walking backward felt oddly beautiful. His skin looked a shade of golden like this.
You pulled on his jacket to pull him in, you thought about kissing him, everything in you told you to preserve this moment. Would he let you? Would he let you at least hold his hand again?  but instead, you wrapped your arms around him.
“Today is better, thank you.” You squeezed him. Your arms stayed around him for as long as his stay on your back. It was a while that you both just stood there hugging in the street like dumbasses.
“What do you want to do now?” He asked as he released you “you’ve put up with me all day so it’s your turn to pick.”
“Honestly,” you both began the trek back to his car. “I just want another drink.”
“Understandable. Let’s stay home and drink tonight, it will be easier.” He suggested.
“I would rather.” You agreed you interlocked your arm in his as you walked, and again he let you. You wondered for a moment why he was letting you be this close to him and touch him so much, but he never initiated it. You decided thinking about any of that was not for the best and you let it go.
You stopped at a liquor store and got more vodka and snacks than either of you would ever need for one night.
Before you started drinking you both took a turn having a shower and he started some laundry. Everything was so casual with the both of you, eating chips on the bed while he beat your ass at a fighting game three times in a row, he did let you win three times after that to make up for it. The loser had to take a shot and now you each had three.
“Last one. You’re going to win and I’m going to switch games.” You announced as you picked your character. 
“You don’t know if I’m going to win.” You could hear the smile in his voice. You knew it was either he won or he let you win, and he let you win yet again.
“Don’t be such a hero.” You laughed as he had to gulp down the fourth drink of vodka. His nose wrinkled at the taste.
“Let’s just play something both of us have an equal shot at winning. Since you’re good at video games it can’t be that.” You decided. You thought about what you could do that didn’t require much skill if any. You scooted closer to him on the mattress on the floor so you could face him, knee to knee.
“Got it. Hold up five fingers.” You told him and did the same.
“I know this game.” He said holding up five tattooed fingers.
“Good, loser takes three shots.” You made up the rules and he nodded in agreement. You scooted in closer and he faced you. You were going into dangerous territory with this and you knew it, but let it go under the guise of: this is just for fun.
“Put a finger down if you’ve ever gotten black out drunk.” You said and he put a finger down and you didn’t.
“Put a finger down if you’ve thrown up in public.” He said and neither of you put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if you’ve ever… eaten something off of someone’s body.” You watched as his finger stayed up but you put yours down.
“Are you trying to lose?” He laughed
“We’re even.” You pointed out.
“Not for long. Put a finger down if you’ve ever had public sex.”
You put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if… you’ve ever… let someone win in a game.” You laughed as you brought up earlier and he put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if… you’re y/n.” He grinned.
“You know what? Just give me the damn three shots, I forfeit.” You sighed knowing that it was time to play dirty in every sense of the word.
“I’ll take three with you.” He decided. Of course he would, he was the kindest man ever. You could’ve already guessed he would say that before he even did.
You took them together and only let yourself grimace after the last one.
“Again, I’ll start this time.” He announced, screwing the cap on the vodka. You could hear him slur his speech just a little.
You both held up five fingers once again.
“Put down a finger if you’ve ever had a pregnancy scare.”
Neither of you put down a finger, but the questions were beginning to get a bit more heavy. He seemed to have the same idea as you.
“You’ve ever had someone cum inside of you or came inside of someone without a condom.” You were stepping up your questions now but neither of you were putting fingers down.
“If anyone has ever gone down on you for more than thirty minutes.” He asked but again you both still had five fingers. “Wow, that really sucks for us.” He muttered.
“If you’ve ever had a thing for someone in your friends circle.” You announced. Slowly but surely you both put down a finger. Your drunk beau was ignoring the little voice in your head screaming at you to stop. Jungkook was your friend, a friend who might even have the same feelings as you did right now.
“If you’ve ever thought about kissing someone in your friend circle.” He asked and put a finger down and so did you. You felt like you were both edging towards the inevitable and dangerous with questions like this, but you couldn’t shut your mouth.
“If you’ve ever thought about fucking them.” Your own question made you swallow as you both put a third finger.
“If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to be in a relationship with them.” He asked quietly. Your fourth fingers went down together.
There was only one left and it was your turn. You both knew now you were talking about each other, but it was hard to believe. You were scared it wasn’t you, maybe he was into guys too. You just had to ask, you had to.
Your eyes locked. You felt nervous. He looked nervous as he bit at his lip between those two front teeth you were becoming so fond of seeing when he smiled.
“Put a finger down if…” it was hard to speak, you had to swallow down the knot of nerves in your throat and take a deep breath before continuing “if the person we’re talking about is each other.”
His pointer finger curled down and so did yours.
 “For how long?” You asked.
“From the start.” He admitted. “But you’ve never felt that way.”
“I do now.” You leaned in. At least now you were sure how he felt, or at least you thought.
He stopped you by placing a hand on your arm.
“I don’t want it to be like this.” His voice was so quiet it was barely above a whisper.
You sat back and waited for him to explain.
“I don’t want it to be… I don’t want to be a rebound. I think friendship comes before feelings anyway and that’s why I did this. I don’t want to kiss you while we’re drunk, I don’t want you to regret anything.” 
“Oh.” You let out. 
“I can’t do this when you’re drunk and sad and trying to fill a void, that wouldn’t be okay of me to do. I want… I want more than that and you just got out of a relationship… or maybe you didn’t yet… but I can wait until it’s all over, I feel like that’s the right thing to do here.”
You sat there a moment as his drunk words registered in your brain. For just a second you wished you weren’t drunk so you could try to tell him how you were feeling but decided to give it your best shot anyway.
“I like you. I’m sorry I was so blinded by Jin all these years that I couldn’t see you liked me because if I hadn’t been maybe we both could’ve been better off. Maybe I could’ve had more days like this with you, hundreds more where we just do crazy things, where we could just sleep on a mattress on the floor and still feel happy and content with life. Jungkook if I would’ve known you felt this way and I would’ve known how life could be, at any point, then I’d probably be the one cheating. I want you. I want you and it’s not just because I’m afraid to be alone, you make me do things I never would’ve done. And your heart, your heart is made of pure gold. I want us both to just forget everything before now, everything we’ve been through, not because it hurts but because it just feels like it should’ve been us all along. And if you only knew how many times I’ve had to stop myself from kissing or touching you today when I was perfectly sober and perfectly happy…”
“I want that. I’ve wanted that.” He seemed like he was talking to himself more than you.
He was now the one leaning forward and your face got stuck in his pull.
Your lips met very gently and your eyes drifted closed so you could lose yourself in it.
His tongue wasn’t at all rough or demanding with yours, but it was needy.
You climbed into his lap and not a minute passed between that time and the time he was helping you fall backward, settling himself between your legs so effortlessly.
Your hands ran under his shirt slowly, creeping up until his shirt bunched prompting him to sit up and take it off.
You could feel him hard between your legs but there was so much fabric separating the both of you that it became frustrating to buck into him.
“I can’t fuck you.” He decided to your dismay. “But I just want to feel you.” 
You let him slide your shirt off so your bare chests were pressed together as mouths continued to move together in new ways every second, patternless unlike his heartbeat but exciting like the things he made you do.
He yanked the blankets up around you both and let himself grind into you slowly as you whimpered for more.
Your mouth went to his neck, sucking at his skin passionately and listening to the beautiful moans he made for you. You could’ve done this to him all night, just taste his skin and let his spit intermix with yours, but he decided to bite off even more.
His head sunk and he took a nipple in his mouth. The feeling went right to your throbbing and needy clit.
“Oh god fuck me.” You breathed “please just let me closer. I need more.” 
He pinched at your nipple softly between his teeth and you gripped his shoulder.
“I’m so wet, I don’t think one ever wanted anything mo-“
His mouth left your breast and yanked his pajama pants off of you and took off the ones he was wearing as you finished kicking off yours.
You were both down to your underwear now though you wished it was less.
While you weren’t going to force him to do anything he didn’t want to, it sure seemed like he wanted to do this.
You felt him reach into his underwear and adjust himself before rutting into you again with a groan.
Your hands freely moved across his skin, feeling goosebumps that had risen under your touch.
You knew that you were so wet at this point that it had to leak through the fabric of both yours and his underwear, you knew he felt it.
“Is there anything I’m allowed to do? Kook, you’re killing me.” You whined.
“I don’t have condoms.” He commented.
“I get a birth control shot but I understand if you don’t want to…” you trailed off.
“I don’t know what I want to do… I- but I think I have an idea. Let’s take the last of it off.” 
He seemed nervous as you both kicked off your remaining two pieces, and then you were bare for each other.
“You’re not a virgin right?” You asked from the way he was acting so nervously. 
“Oh. No, no. I- Uh I just feel like it’s wrong still... like I’m not supposed to. This can’t be happening.” He reached down between the both of you again.
“Nothing has to happen-“ 
“I’m so hard.” It was a whisper of a breathless whine that interrupted you. His knuckles brushed your folds and you realized he had his cock in his hand, pumping it slowly.
“Why the fuck are you so unbelievably hot?” Tumbled from your mind and fell from your mouth.
“You need to be seeing things from my view right now.” He looked over what parts of your body he could “dear god.” 
He finally released his cock and let it fall between your folds. He gave a thrust and felt the weight of his cock slide against your clit because of the wetness.
You didn’t expect him to shove his fingers into you, but that alone was enough to nearly make you cum from all the teasing he had put you through.
He pulled them out and held his sticky thoroughly coated fingers in the air.
“Oh my god.” He whispered quickly and shakily. 
You had never, ever been this wet in your life. You could hear the sound as he spread your juices and his pre-cum over his cock and brought it back to place it between your folds.
He came back down and every time he thrust how his slick cock rubbed your clit over and over.
Moans and whines escaped both of you but it just wasn’t enough for you to imagine him plowing into you, you needed to feel it.
“Oh god, I bet you would feel so fucking good inside of me. I’d cum for you so fast.”
You had earned a soft groan from him, he was losing it.
“I want to fuck you so badly. I want to cum all inside of you. Neither of us had ever done that before, can I?”
You felt him shift the head of his dick to your entrance.
“I will beg you, please do it.” you closed your eyes in a prayer that he actually would.
“Fuck.” he let out as he slipped into you, you took every last inch of him. 
He was already sweating and grunting before he had started thrusting, but after he started jackhammering into you, there was a new look and feel about him. His damp strands hung loosely, his nose crinkled as he hit his lip with the force he was putting into each thrust.
“I’m going to cum.” you announced not even a minute in.
He grabbed one of your legs, threw it over his shoulder, and was pushing hard. Your body bounced at the force, your head bumped the kitchen Island that was his headboard until he dragged your body animalistically lower on the bed.
“I wanna- I wanna hear you.” he panted. 
“Don’t stop- that- keep doing that,” you instructed. He was short on breath and a sweaty mess.
“Go on, I've got you. I've got you,” he assured you, keeping the pace of his hips the same.
Your orgasm crashed into you all at once like a semi-truck through a small building.
You felt like you had just gone down that hill again. Your heart was racing and you knew he was too.
You pulled him into your lips messily as your brain melted into a blissful spice and laundry scented puddle.
He mounded loudly against your lips as his body moved against yours.
“Coming.” He whispered his next few breaths were sharp, pumping into you a few more solid times, you could feel his cum spill into you as his sweaty forehead pressed into yours.
When his hips stilled, there was only the sound of rough breaths, he kept his eyes closed for a moment and swallowed hard.
“How-how was that?” He propped himself above you on shaky arms. In the dark you could see the beads of sweat that pulled on his face and neck, his chest rose and fell and still made no move to pull out of you.
“I-“ you tried to find even a single word for the experience you had just had. “I didn’t know it could be like that.”
He let out a strong huff of a laugh and grinned down at you with the biggest and sweetest eyes that looked to search your face.
“That was something.” He agreed but looked like he had something on his mind. 
He gave you a soft kiss on your lips before he finally pulled out and laid beside you, only to have the embarrassing feeling of his cum leaking from you and down your butt crack.
You jumped up, only making matters worse, cupping your crotch as you took off to the bathroom faster than he could ask any sort of questions.
As you cleaned yourself up you couldn’t believe everything that had happened between you two. you didn’t for a second regret it, the opposite.
As you walked out of the bathroom he was standing on the floor by the bed with only his pajama pants on, holding a bag of chips. He turned to you and laughed.
“We just had sex with the Mortal Kombat music.”
You stood there naked and you couldn’t help but laugh back.
That tender time you had just had together had just been spent jarring fight music and you didn’t even realize. That’s what he did to you. When you were with him the entire world and all of your problems fell away.
You put back on your pajamas, still laughing to yourself as you heard the music still play.
“Now every time I hear it I’ll think of you.” 
“Please don’t associate us having sex with that” you laid back down and he got into the bed with you. 
He fed you a chip and you thought that was pretty cute so you took him by the shirt and pulled him into your lips.
He pulled away for a moment.
“Round two, fight!” 
You laughed so hard at the stupid Mortal Kombat joke that you snorted and he found that pretty amusing. A tickle fight broke out and of course, he got you pinned and of course, you couldn’t help but kiss him again.
A knock at the door interrupted you both making him stiffen and both of your heads turn in the direction of the door.
“What do I do?” You mouthed to him he climbed off of you and sat up.
“Who is it?” He called out.
“Jimin.” The answer came from the other side of the door.
You grimaced at each other and decided to jump up and go hide in his closet. You tucked yourself in between his few shirts and hanging pants and closed the door.
You could hear Jungkook walk to the door and open it. There were now two sets of footprints inside the apartment.
“You weren’t answering any texts and I got worried about you.” You heard Jimin's voice clearly.
“Been busy.” You think Jungkook muttered.
“Looks like it,” Jimin replied with obvious sarcasm. You wondered if it was all the snacks and alcohol on the floor, the video games left on, or the marks that decorated Jungkook’s neck that made him say that.
“You hear about what happened with Jin and y/n the other night at the bar?” Jimin asked and waited a moment “I guess he cheated on her, you were right this whole time about it.”
“It sucks she had to go through all of that. How’s she holding up?” Jungkook was playing dumb.
“I don't know, I haven't talked to her. It's Jin’s business, not mine.” 
That hurt you. You had always thought of you and Jimin as pretty close friends.
“Plus I heard she disappeared anyway. Jin is speculating she took off to Hawaii on her own. Namjoon told me he told the police everything this morning wanting to file a missing person report. He thought it was suspicious she just left all of her stuff, but the police said she hadn’t been gone long enough and they had an argument and probably just wanted to be away from him.”
“Do you think she’s okay?” Jungkook seemed genuinely concerned even though you were right in his closet.
“I don’t know. Yoongi was a little worried she got kidnapped at the bar after she stormed out. I don’t think anyone is looking for her though, I think she just wanted to get away. Also, you kind of disappeared that night at the bar too, didn’t you?” 
Oh shit. Was Jimin putting it all together? 
“I took someone to my place and she stayed a few nights. I don’t think I was there when all of this went down.” Jungkook’s alibi seemed solid, you hadn’t even seen him in the bar when you had gotten there.
“Well, I just wanted to stop by and check in on you.” 
“Thank you.” Jungkook’s reply sounded sincere.
“You should probably clean up a little, maybe get a real bed, it just looks kind of… sad.”
Jimin didn’t sound concerned, he sounded almost mean about it to you.
“Noted. Will do. Thanks for stopping by man.” Jungkook continued to be kind to him until he left.
You stepped out of the closet dumbfounded as Jungkook said nothing about the way Jimin had treated him or nearly accused him. He just got back into bed seemingly unphased. You followed after and just laid there for a moment thinking about times when they had all been mean to him at least once.
“Please don’t let them do that to you.” You asked.
“Hm? Oh. Yeah. That’s just what it’s like being the youngest. I’m used to them looking down on me.” 
“it doesn’t have to be that way.” 
“Why not?” He seemed genuinely interested in what you were saying because he rolled onto his side to face you.
You rolled onto yours to face him in the dark. Hair was in his face but he was looking at you with those big brown eyes.
“It can be you and me against the world if you wanted. If one of our skateboards went flying down a hill, we would be there to catch the other before they got hurt. Do you want to do that with me?” You couldn’t believe you had the guts to ask that but what you couldn’t believe even more was his reply.
“I want to do that with you. Let’s do that. I haven’t let you fall and get hurt yet, have I?” He grinned.
Little did he know that you already had fallen.
You brought your hand up to his face before scooting closer and placing your forehead against his
“Promise me you won’t let me fall.” You whispered.
“I promise.” His answer was instantaneous.
“Then I won’t let you either. Well just protect each other.” 
“Deal.” He replied before connecting your lips. 
As you kissed him you wondered if he felt the same about you as you did him already. He had to know that you were so scared, so terrified of being hurt again and that’s why you wanted to make this deal.
His hand slid down your body and back up causing your shirt to bunch. His warm hand made its way back down your skin again and just as it snaked into the band of his pajama pants you were wearing, a loud hum startled you both.
You were confused for a moment as the room grew slightly brighter.
Your phone was ringing on the wood floor.
You sat up, squinting your eyes as you picked up the phone and looked at the screen that was far too bright.
“Jin.” Your voice wasn’t at all cheerful.
“Are you going to answ-“ Jungkook’s sentence was cut off by the sound of you turning off your phone and putting it back down. 
“I can’t, I just… I don’t want to talk to him right now, I don’t want to feel that right now again… if ever. I saw what I saw and there’s no way he can convince me that I didn't see it or that you didn't too, we have photos. I'm not sure that I really ever want to talk to him again. I feel so… differently about him now and I don’t think there's any repairing that.”
He sat up, picked up his phone from his side, and turned it off too before you both laid back down.
“Good night kook.” You announced with Jin’s call not leaving you feeling right but not wanting to think about it right now.
“Night.” He replied as he pulled you against his body.
Although you tried to refuse your brain the opportunity of letting the thought of Jin right now entirely wreck your time with Jungkook, it was hard. You thought of all the restless nights when you stayed up working as an excuse to wait for Jin to get home from going out or working late. There were rarely nights like this where you could curl up against him, looking back on it there were no nights that you felt as cared about as you did now. A thought stuck to you, one you decided to think more on the next day. Did this all happen for a reason? For both of you? Would all of the suffering you’ve both been through in your relationships be worth it now?.
Tumblr media
You felt something soft and warm on your head. A kiss.
“Morning.” you felt a delicate breath of his whisper on your face.
“Morning.” You muttered. Your eyes stayed closed as you reached out for him and pulled him into you. He let out a quiet laugh as he let you drag him onto you as if he were your teddy bear.
“I’ve been awake a while, I went to the store in my pajamas and I thought you’d be awake by the time I got back.”
“But I wasn’t so you woke me up instead?” 
You felt his hands run up your sides and lift your shirt until the hem and bunched fabric sat under your breasts.
“I missed you.” 
“You missed me?” you couldn't help but smile before it was quickly wiped away by him crawling back a little and kissing the skin above your belly button.
“Mmm.” he hummed an answer before kissing just a bit lower.
“Remember the thing that we both never had?” you looked down to see his big brown eyes look up at you through a mess of dark hair.
It took you a moment with your still sleep fogged brain to realize what he was talking about.
“Hey Siri, set a timer for thirty minutes,”
The robotic voice replied it’s confirmation on his phone, but he was already yanking down your pants and you were lifting your butt so he could get them off.
He gently pushed your legs apart and laid on his stomach between them, starting to run very agonizingly slow kisses up your thigh. With every small warm kiss that felt just too close or every warm breath you felt of his, a tingle of anticipation went through your body. 
“I just keep thinking,” he placed another kiss on your thigh so close you felt his cheek brush against where you needed his mouth the most before he teasingly moved into the other leg “about how I have you right here” another slow kiss “after wanting you for so, so long.” 
His words hit you hard and you knew they were making you wetter. You had never been dirty talked so sweetly before, hell, it wasn’t even dirty yet here you were soaking wet and more than ready for whatever he wanted to do to you just minutes after waking up.
“God only knows” his lips touched your slit now and it was almost too much to bear “how many times I've imagined this.” his tongue dipped into your folds and licked from bottom to top, you moaned a little too loudly and jerked slightly as his wet muscle touched your clit.
You were so ready but his lips went back to your thigh. You said nothing as he repeated this pattern once and then twice, you began to more than look forward to when his tongue would meet your clit again, after the third time you swore you could cum on the next one, he was driving you insane with his teasing pattern, you felt like he was never going to let you have what you wanted.
“Jungkook please!” you nearly yelled as he once again went back to your thigh to start over. He froze, looked up at you through all of that hair with raised eyebrows, and gave you a smile of amusement.
“If you don't stop and just get on with it already then you'll see what I do to you.” you threatened.
“Maybe I'd like to find out.” he retorted.
“Get on with it!” you wailed loudly as you gave him a half pleading glare.
“Make. Me.” he looked you dead in the eyes as he spoke. It was enough to send a feeling that felt like electricity trickling through you. You started to get up to take control but he pulled your hips flat back to the bed with a delighted smile.
“Seriously?” you laughed.
“What are you gonna do?” 
You were growing more sexually frustrated with him by the second.
“Just wait.” you threatened again.
He bent his head down and kissed the folds over your clit. You took the opportunity to place your hand on his head and not let him up.
You felt him give a little laugh before he finally went to work licking and sucking at your bundle of nerves as your fingers twisted in his hair. A few moments later you felt his fingers slip into your wet cunt and press upwards, giving you everything you wanted all at once.
It hit you all at once, your orgasm shot through you. You muttered his name as you gripped his hair tighter and felt him moan into you making the pleasure feel that much better. Even though you had already cum, it was clear he wasn’t about to stop, his fingers and mouth were working you so passionately and quickly. You were so sensitive your legs twitched every time his mouth did something too rough with you, but it just felt so good. 
You looked down at him between your legs as you felt yourself building up again and watched his eyes shut and his head moving between your legs. You don’t know how or why you found it as hot as you did, but it was enough to make you cum again just as the timer on his phone went off.
“Fuck fuck fuck” you breathed as a blissful feeling washed over you like an oven wave
He looked up at you and as soon as he was sure you were done, he stopped. He went to wipe his mouth on the back of his arm when you demanded he take his pants off.
He looked at you with raised eyebrows and a little surprise.
“Tell it to set a timer for thirty minutes.” 
“I-oh-okay. You don’t need to do that if you-“
“Do it.” You demanded once more as you took off your shirt.
“Hey Siri, set a timer for thirty minutes.” He said as he shed himself of his pajamas and sat up.
A thought had crossed your mind to tease him as he had you, but you couldn’t do that. You loved the look of it thick and veiny, the head of it already leaking from everything he had just done to you. You wanted the feeling of it filling your mouth and throat, you wanted to please him.
You watched as his already hard cock stood tall waiting for you to touch it, and you wasted no time doing so. You leaned down only playing with the head in your mouth with your tongue at first, getting a feel for the satisfaction of him inside of your mouth. He gasped when you took him all abruptly into the back of your throat. You decided immediately that you wanted to hear more of that sound so you let your head bob before your hand joined in at his shaft to help. You didn’t start slow whatsoever. You were set on making him cum faster and harder than he ever had before, throwing out the idea of time altogether. 
He sat back on his hands to hold himself up but those began to shake too the faster you went. Spit ran down onto his balls and you thought about playing with them but you felt like that might tip him over the edge. 
He was full of open-mouth moans, ones you wouldn’t mind hearing the rest of your life to the body and cock and personality of a man you wouldn’t mind having the rest of your life.
Just as you thought about it you shut the thought down and concentrated on making him feel better.
“God, you’re so beautiful.” You made out from his moans.
You kept going and felt his hips thrust up into your face in tandem with your movements. He was close, unbelievably, but for some reason, he was hanging on. Only a moment later you found out why.
“Fuck me. I bought condoms this morning, fuck me. Please I’m begging you.”
You pulled your mouth off of his cock with a lewd noise and looked at him but he was already standing up, dick as hard as a statue to crinkle a plastic bag on the island beside you both. 
“I’m deathly scared of having children when living in a place so small and with no job…”
“Thank you.” You didn't know what else to say as you watched him rip off a packet, come back to his knees, and roll the condom onto himself. 
“But then again if I did… wouldn’t that just fuck with Jin knowing I got you pregnant?” He lifted a brow.
Something about that turned you into a complete animal. You kept onto his lap and clung to him. Your lips smashed into his as you reached between the both of you and guided his dick into your hole. 
He felt just as good and filling inside of your pussy as he did your mouth. No one has ever filled you up this well, no one had ever wanted you so much.
He thrust upwards with you on his lap. You were practically a rag doll under the grip he had on your hips.
You began to rock your hips to the steady and slow way his hands commanded them.
“Ahh god.” He moaned as he let his head fall onto your shoulder and you wrapped your arms wrap around his shoulders so that your bodies pressed together.
“I love you.” He placed a kiss on your shoulder blade and whispered into your sweat sticky skin.
Your heart stopped but your hips didn’t.
He said it. It had taken him only three days. You recalled it had taken Seokjin six months and fifteen days exactly to say what Jungkook had in only three. The both of you had figured it out in only three days.
“I love you too.” You raced to say. 
His lips caught yours as he pressed you down onto his cock hard and rolled his hips under you with a grunt.
“These have been the best days of my life with you and I want to keep it that way. I want them all to be the best.” He was out of breath, his eyes were closed and his forehead rested against yours.
“Please.” You begged for the same. “Let’s move away and just be together.”
He let out a small laugh before he smiled.
“Is this gross? This is so weird, it’s only been three days.”
“I’ve never been happier.” You stated a fact. You had thought about it and thought about it non-stop. It wasn’t just attraction, lust, or infatuation you felt for him, this ran deep, deep into his personality, deep into the way he thought and did things. Far deeper than his cock that was buried inside of you right now.
“I bet I could make you happier.” He tried to hide a prideful smile.
“Oh yeah? How so?” You couldn’t help but smile back.
“I could make you cum again.”
Before you could answer he was giving you a quick kiss before practically tossing you off of him with a grin.
He grabbed your hips and flipped you over so that you were on all fours. The tingle that you got down your spine from this gesture was unbelievable.
“Hurry up and fuck me.” You demanded but he shushed you as you felt him press into your cunt.
He had only been not inside of you for a moment but your body had missed the feeling.
You gasped as you felt his grips tighten on your hips and pull your body backward onto him. He went full speed, full force slamming into you. His balls slapped against you. You were already so sensitive, so sore and tired, but you continued to want more.
“Has Jin ever fucked you like this?” 
You had never heard his voice so rough, so teasing, so devilish. You were about to lose it.
“No.” You whined.
“Who does this pussy belong to? Who’s the only person to ever cum inside of you?”
Your arms were shaking, struggling to hold yourself up. Your mouth was slightly open and your brain was so lost that you struggled for even the most simple reply.
“You.” Managed to move from your brain to your lips.
You felt his hand reach around to your clit and begin to rub fast and hard circles. It didn’t take long after that for your brain to shut down, to make way for the orgasm that blew through you like a car explosion. Your arms gave out and your face ended up on the mattress while your ass stayed in the air for him. You felt like you had melted as his dirty talk became mutters and moans. You felt his cock get harder inside of you and spill warm liquid into the condom. 
“I’ve-“ he panted from behind you with his hips now still “I’ve never had sex that good- besides- besides yesterday.”
You’d agree, but you were still a puddle with your cheek pressed into the sheets until you let yourself plop on your side after he pulled out. You felt so high. You laid there for a moment as he took off to the bathroom. He was in there a while, so you decided to get dressed in your clean clothes that he had washed last night that resided in his closet.
You were in disbelief, your hands were shaking as you pulled on the clothes.
Did he mean it?
It had only been three days since he held you in that parking lot as you cried. You remembered the hurt you felt when Jin had seen Jin cheat on you. It was the kind of hurt that left a scar on your soul. You were afraid.
Jungkook was so beautiful and so kind and you had fallen hard, too hard. You didn’t even know anything about his family or where he grew up or if he had ever had any pets or his favorite color.
Your mind was spinning, you were freaking out.
You slipped your shoes by the door on and began unlocking it.
“What are you doing?” 
His voice stopped you for a moment.
You thought about lying. You couldn’t lie, but you sure as hell couldn’t face him.
“I-I think I should go.” You stammered.
“Can we talk? Was it something I said?” 
You could hear his footsteps slowly come closer as if he was trying to approach a scared baby deer to keep it from darting away, and that’s exactly what you felt you were.
“What was it I said? The Jin stuff or the I love you?” 
You could tell his brain was doing whatever it could to piece together why you were leaving.
Just hearing him say the words again shredded you apart.
You felt your eyes welling up.
“Hey, hey look at me, please.” His voice was gentle and now coming from behind you. You couldn’t ignore him, not when he sounded so sweet. You faced him and his eyes scanned over the tears slipping down your cheeks.
“If you didn’t mean it that’s okay, you don’t have to right now. I won’t say it again if-“
“I did mean it.” Your lip quivered “I’m just so scared.”
You watched as his eyebrows furrowed at your words while waiting for you to explain.
“I was just hurt and…”
“If you don’t want to do this-I-I knew going into this that you were hurt, and trying to heal and a relationship might be too much for you while… it was selfish of me to-”
you cut him off by shaking your head.
“no.” you sniffled “I want you, I'm just afraid of being hurt. If I was hurt this badly by Jin, I can't even imagine how badly you could hurt me.” 
His big eyes stared with crinkled brows at you for a moment until he wrapped his arms around you.
“I swear I will never ever hurt you. I will never do what he did to you. Never.” 
Your teary cheek pressed into his neck as you breathed in his calming scent. “I'm so scared of being hurt too, I know how you're feeling. I thought you would end up going back to him and I would lose you. So many things that could make you not want me and so many ways this could go wrong keep running through my head. Please remember what you said, we're here now for each other, it's us against the world. Please please please don't leave me.”
You felt his cheek rest on the top of your head.
“I won't. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm so sorry.” you sniffled with guilt and let your arms snake around his torso.
His form was becoming so familiar to you now, his scent already smelled of home, perhaps it did from the moment you had first let him hold you. Perhaps you were all his from that very moment in the parking lot, perhaps you both belonged to each other all along and just didn't know.
“I love you,” you spoke the words first this time, you felt no fear about it.
“I love you too, so much.” his hands slowly rubbed your back as you felt him kiss the top of your head.
You closed your eyes and took it all in, just you and him. You wished at that moment that you could go back and do it over. You would've picked him over anything else, and you knew you'd be so happy if you would've.
“Thank you for not letting me go.” you pulled back and looked into his eyes. “I could've really messed up just now.” 
He gave you a heartfelt smile.
“I hope you would've come back, I’d miss you a lot until you did. We're supposed to be together, you know.” he raised an eyebrow at you.
“Oh yeah?” you couldn't help the smile that spread on your face.
“Mhmm. I have proof.” he lifted a hand and held it up fingers spread. “Give me your hand”
You thread your fingers through his and he let your held hands fall at your sides.
“Now close your eyes.”
You did just as he instructed and felt his forehead rest against his.
You had just had sex but any time you were this close to him made your heart pound so hard. It was as if he had unintentionally trained your body to do this for him.
“Do you feel it?” he whispered “Do you feel that feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that you'll never love this hard again?”
You had. You had and that's what has scared you so much.
“I do,” you whispered back.
“And can you see it? I can. I can see us moving together to the place you've always dreamed of. You'll get mad at me for being so messy but I’ll just admire you even if you're yelling at me.” 
You felt another small smile on your face as you imagined his words.
“I'll still love you even if I'm upset at you for being messy.” you let out a small breath of laughter.
“I know you will. We'll love each other no matter what because we'll be good to each other, we'll always be there to catch each other. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Please believe me. I'm yours.”
You felt him kiss your cheek softly and you have him a nod.
Your soul felt so at ease. He had calmed your pain once again.
“If you're losing your mind in here we could just go for a walk you know.” he chuckled.
“Let's do that.” you agreed to it, knowing that he was about to take you out on another adventure.
Tumblr media
You laid in his lap and looked up at his jawline. He was playing a video game, but it was fine with you as long as you got this view. He would occasionally run his fingers through your hair or readjust the flower in it that he had picked and stuck in it during your walk earlier.
Sunset was pouring through the sheer curtains making his skin look so golden. You loved the way he looked at this hour, his appearance matched his heart. You felt so warm and loved even when he wasn’t directly giving you his attention. Jungkook’s cup was always overflowing for you when you were used to only a cup half full. You, yourself, had always offered a full cup, but you never got the love you had given back.
“Do you think we’ve earned each other?” you asked as you looked up feeling the urge to kiss every piece of his jaw.
He paused his game and looked down at you.
“I do. I think we're very deserving of one another… Well, I have thought you were always too good for me, but we're both deserving of the love for each other.”
“You thought I was too good for you?” you broke out into laughter. 
“Don't laugh, I still think that.” he was serious.
“Nooooo no no no.” you shook your head. “Why would you think that?”
He shrugged.
“Well don't think that.” you sat up.
“Sometimes it's hard not to, look at me, I'm jobless right now and you're self-made. I live in a gutter with a mattress on the floor and you-”
You shut him up by pressing your lips to his and bringing your hand up to his cheek.
“I don't care about any of that,” you told him.
“I'm going to make sure we live a good life.” 
“I'm pretty happy with you fucking me on this mattress on the floor and we can live the rest of our lives this way, I don't care.” you had to drive the point home for him. Having a good life for you wasn't about what he had to offer, but the beautiful way he lived it, you didn't want that to change.
He crashed his lips into yours now and sent you backward. Your tongues met and lashed together and suddenly your hands were all over each other.
“I love you,” he mumbled into your lips as you tried to peel his shirt off.
“I love you too,” you replied as his hands pushed up your t-shirt and bra.
His lips went right for your nipples and the feel of his tongue and teeth mixing on the nerves made you arch your back into his mouth. You were once again getting high on him.
“I want you to fuck me and cum inside of me.” your mouth spouted off.
He moaned against your breast and you swear you felt his body shiver.
His mouth popped off of your nipple leaving it cold and wet.
“Fucking marry me,” he demanded before his mouth went to the other one.
At that moment you would. You wanted that, it sounded beautiful to you.
“Please. Let's do it. You want kids?” 
“Mhmm,” he replied as his teeth tugged at your perfect bud. 
“Fuck let's have kids.” 
He sat up between your legs and began undoing his belt.
You knew there was no way right now, you were on birth control but something about saying it all and imagining the perfect life was really doing it for you right now.
He tugged his pants off only leaving him I'm his underwear before undoing yours and pulling everything down just enough to get his hand in.
His fingers ran over your already slick folds.
“I'm going to do this to you every damn day of my life.”
A knocking made you both freeze.
“Don’t answer it,” you whispered, pulling him into you so you can connect lips again. 
For a moment you both did ignore the knocking until it turned to banging.
“Open the fucking door Jungkook!”
It was Jin. You had never heard him so angry.
“Shit fuck no.” you whispered as you both jumped up and pulled at your clothes so they seemed normal “he knows. How does he fucking know?” you whisper yelled in panic.
“He might not. It's okay, it's going to be okay.” 
“Maybe you should call the police.” you tried to get Jungkook to hear you over the pounding at the door.
“I'll step outside and talk to him. It will be okay.” even looking as scared as he did he was still trying to make you feel okay.
You slipped back into the closet but this time you left the door slightly open and peered through the crack.
You watched as Jungkook answered the door, went to step outside but Jin pushed him back.
“Where the fuck is she?” it hadn't taken long for Jin’s eyes to examine the room.
“Who?” Jungkook was once again playing stupid.
“What the fuck is all of this?” Jin nearly yelled, pointing to the condom wrapper still on the floor and the places on Jungkook’s neck. “I know for a fact your girlfriend flew home just last week.” 
“I don't have a girlfriend anymore, Jin.” you could hear the agitation in Jungkook’s words through his clenched jaw.
“Then explain.”
“I don’t have to.” 
“No? Well, I talked to her and she said she hasn’t heard from you in three days, just like the rest of us have both with y/n and you.”
Your heart felt like it had dropped into your stomach as you now stood there frozen.
“I saw you taking photos, you didn't even try to help get the girl off of me, you just took photos. I know you sent them to her. I know what you've been telling all of the others. I know this was a setup. I know you've always been jealous of me.”
“Jin, do you know how insane you sound right now? You need to-”
“YOU KNOW I’D NEVER CHEAT ON HER, I NEVER HAVE!” Jin yelled, “So why were you taking photos?”
“Jin, I saw you kissing the other girl.” Jungkook’s voice stayed calm.
“I didn't want it, she had me pinned, Namjoon had to come to help me. Everyone has told me you've been telling them this isn't the first time I’ve supposedly done this either, explain that!”
“Look Jin, you're the cheater here! Don't come to my house and start accusing me of shit!” Jungkook finally snapped.
“YOU’RE AN INSANE MONSTER, JUNGKOOK! WHERE IS SHE?” Jin screamed as loudly as he could.
You noted how easily lying came to Jungkook.
“You know! You know because you set this up, you're a fucking stalker and I've always done my best to protect her from you. You gonna tell her how I caught you following her to her classes in college when you didn't even go there? Or how Hobi found a picture you somehow had of her in your room at your parent’s house? Where is she so I can tell her, I will tell her everything.” Jin was seething in anger with his fists tightly gripped into fists at his side.
You still didn't step out of the closet.
“Fine! Fucking fine! You want me to tell you that I fucked her? I fucked her multiple times! I came inside of her, she told me she loved me. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
“You're sick.” Jin growled. 
“At least I'm not a cheater.” Jungkook struck right back with his words.
“You ARE! And you're a fucking obsessed freak. I swear if you ever talk to me or any of our friends again I'll kill you!” tears ran down his cheeks.
“You're the one that's fucking insane, Jin.”
Upon hearing Jungkook’s words, Jin dove at him but only managed to push him back a little.
Seokjin was sobbing, he gave up and took off out the door.
As Jungkook closed and locked the front door things were silent.
You still stood in the closet and now felt warm liquid blurring your vision and spilling from your eyes. Your body was shaking.
He opened the closet, taking you by the arm and gently pulling you out.
You covered your mouth to try to keep the break down in.
“I can explain.” 
He didn't deny it, not any of it.
“What's true? You said you wouldn't hurt me so just tell me.” you forced even your shaking voice out.
“Listen, I've never- I haven't felt the way I feel about you with anyone before, and I…”
“Oh my God.” you said as your knees now shook “It’s all true, isn't it? Oh my fucking God.” 
“I-” he went to speak but your body had gone into fight or flight and you walked past him. Your body was trying to protect you by gathering your things, but it felt too late for it to kick in.
“I love you, I always have. I can text her right now and dump her.” he was following you around.
His voice felt so distorted as you felt so out of your own body.
“You haven't yet?!” you snapped at him. “At the very least you could have already done that. If you actually did love me you wouldn't have done all of this! What the fuck is up with the talking anyway?!”
“Please don't leave me, please, I'm begging you. I meant everything I said.” he began to cry now too.
“I didn't!” you were hurting and you wanted him to hurt worse. “I was only fucking you to make myself feel better about Jin! You set this up! You ruined my relationship and hurt me! You're a fucking freak! I never want to see you again!” 
You marched to the door, very aware he had crumpled onto the floor in hard sobs behind you.
You walked, you simply just walked in the chilly night, still crying, your things under your arm. The worst part is that you did love him, you had meant everything you said to him too, but he had planned all of this. You no longer thought of him as golden, but fools gold.
You had no idea how long you had been walking, but you decided to sit down on the side of a curb.
Your hands shakily turned on your phone and texts and missed calls flooded through but you ignored them.
The first thing you did was block everyone's number. You were done, it was over, you never wanted to do any of this ever again.
The next thing you did was book a one-way plane ticket to Hawaii. 
You deserved to be happy, even if, for the first time, it was only you. Your cup had always been full of loving others, but never did you think until now that that cup could be full for only you. You wouldn't ever let anyone take from your cup ever again. What filled your cup was genuine, it was gold while all the rest held only water. 
“Tomorrow is going to be better.” you told yourself.
You weren't happy now, but you knew you would be. You could take yourself on adventures every day, you could put flowers in your own hair, and if you fell down a hill at full speed, you could catch yourself. You promised that you'd never let yourself fall ever again.
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tanniefm · 8 months ago
nasty | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
summary - you're needy at a party and no one can help you except your boyfriend jungkook.
pairing - jungkook x reader
genre - established relationship
word count - 2.4k
song inspo - nasty by ariana grande
warnings - unprotected sex (BOOO), dirty talk, daddy kink, brief breeding kink, slight voyeurism (you essentially ride his thigh in front of everyone), explicit language, praise kink, subspace, drug and alcohol use (weed), brief mention of vmin, i guess kook also falls into domspace too i mean y'all are high so
a/n - i'm sorry this took so long school's been kicking my ass bruh. this is also very unedited since i originally wrote this while horny like a month ago kanjwbw. anyways yeah enjoy! ps. i am very bad at endings and summaries sigh
“But I need to so badly! Just please make me cum, Kook!”
“What did I say? Not ‘til later. At this rate I might not let you cum at all.” his words brought utter terror to your face. What did he mean not letting you cum at all? You've been so good all day! Just like he told you! This party fucking sucks anyway. As much as you love your friends coming over, there’s only so much you can handle before you start getting annoyed by their presence. Jungkook has been teasing you all day but the very peak of it was when he ate you out earlier like it was his last meal and at the very last second, decided to cease all contact from you and smile cockily. Asshole.
It doesn’t help that you've both been drinking and smoking a bit, so your horniness has only worsened since then. This mixed haze of being tipsy and high at the same time is just making you needier by the second. You’ve been clinging onto him and following him around your shared apartment the whole night while he laughed and chatted with your friends.
“You good, ____?” Jimin laughs. He out of everyone should know exactly how you feel, given him and Tae are constantly going at it, just like you and your beloved boyfriend.
You smile sarcastically, “Nah I’m perfectly fine, Minnie! Why do you ask?” you know exactly why he’s asking. You’re not really the best at hiding your emotions and your face says it all that you’d rather have everyone disappear immediately so you can fuck the shit out of the man you’re glaring at. He’s currently taking a few hits out of Hoseok’s “party bong” as he likes to call it. It looks very used and burnt out, you don’t know why he just won’t get a new one since you’re sure that’s some kind of safety hazard but whatever.
“No reason, just that you look like you wanna eat Jungkookie alive is all.” he smirks. You roll your eyes playfully and take another sip from whatever mixed drink Jungkook made you.
“He’s getting on my nerves.” you quip back. Jimin’s eyes crinkle as he laughs heartily. It seems like everyone finds your situation amusing but you. All you want is to have a proper orgasm! Is that so wrong! It feels like he’s punishing you and you haven’t even done anything! You go to sit on the couch with him, directly on his lap, while he watches Seokjin and Taehyung yell over Mario Kart. He automatically wraps his hands around your waist and smiles lazily.
“Heyy pretty girl.” he says gruffly. His voice always gets raspy when he smokes and your pussy throbs at his (and your) favorite pet name.
“Kookie,” you whine. “Please can we wrap this up and do something alone. Need you.” you start pouting in hopes he’ll finally cave. He chuckles and brushes a piece of hair from your face.
He leans in closely to whisper, “After they're done with this game, I promise I’ll take care of you, ok baby?” you look at him skeptically and hold up your pinky to ensure he means what he says. He giggles at your cuteness and wraps his long pinky around yours, kissing it to seal the deal. Your face immediately lights up at the prospect that you’ll finally get some dick. The more you think about it, the wetter you get. Maybe he’ll bring out the toys this time and use those on you. Maybe he’ll overstimulate you until you beg him to stop. Maybe he’ll let you take control since he’s been messing with you all evening anyway. The possibilities are endless and they cause you to squirm around on his lap. You quickly realize that your leggings are pretty thin however as you suddenly pause when you feel that your boyfriend is hard as a rock. Little did you know that he’s been suffering just as much as you have, he just likes to play with you a little to see how needy you could get. He can feel you throbbing through your leggings and it’s been driving him fucking crazy. He can’t wait for the guys to leave so he can fuck you in every room of this house.
He grips your hips tightly and gives you a warning look of “do that again and see what happens” you whimper and tuck your face in his neck. He smells so good. You can faintly smell the weed you two have been smoking but you can still smell his soft detergent and calming lavender he loves so much. You know his nose is sensitive so he only uses a small amount of cologne and it encapsulates him so perfectly. He pulls you closer and starts bouncing his knee slightly. Fuck. Now his thigh is consistently hitting your clit and your mind is getting fuzzier. The haze from earlier coupled with the fact that Jungkook is bouncing you like a baby is starting to make you whimper and moan a little louder than you’d like to. You know he’s fucking with you again. He loves seeing you like this. He leans down and reminds you Tae and Jin are almost done with their game and then you can moan and whine all you want. You nod hastily while you suck a mark into his neck to keep quiet. His knee keeps the same casual pace, as if your clit isn’t the main focal point of each bounce. He kisses the top of your head and laughs along at whatever the boys are arguing about as to not raise any suspicion. Although you’re pretty sure everyone can tell exactly what’s going on. The fact that everyone can clearly see you getting bounced on your boyfriend's lap is only getting you closer and closer. You bet you could cum like this.
“Ha ha! Fuck you, hyung! I told you I’d win!” Taehyung shouts jovially.
“Yeah whatever, brat! I’m definitely winning next time.” they both get up and stretch before informing both of you that they think they’ll call it a night. The rest of the boys agree and gather their stuff to head out. You hate to say it, but you couldn’t be happier that everyone’s finally leaving. Jungkook lifts you off his lap gently and to your horror, you can already see a damp spot forming on his sweats. He smirks and winks at you while he kindly escorts everyone out. Once the last person is gone and the door is closed and locked, he turns around and tells you to come here. You scamper over to him in a haste and attach your lips to his in an instant. He laughs at your neediness and backs you slowly to the couch. He sits down and puts you in his lap again while you both make out as if you’ve been deprived of each other. He grips your hips and grinds you against his erection that’s been straining against his pants for the better part of half an hour.
“My poor baby, was I too mean today?” he asks as he kisses down your neck and jaw.
“Mhm, I’ve been a good girl all day just like you said and you don’t even care.” you whine. He lifts his head and cups your face.
“Of course I care, baby. I’m so proud of you for being so good today. You want daddy to take care of you now, don’t you?” he says gently. It looks like you’re not the only one that fell into a bit of a headspace. You’re very aware that when Jungkook starts referring to himself as daddy that he’s already taken a dominant position. Meaning he’ll take very little shit from you. Not that you felt like being bratty today anyway. Good girls get rewarded and that’s exactly what you intend to receive. You nod and grind against him faster in hopes he’ll get the hint that you want him now. As always, he quickly understands and starts ridding himself of his shirt as you take off yours. Seeing all of his tattoos always does things to you. Especially the small bouquet of black roses he got for you. You still can’t believe he would get something so permanent on his body just for you but he was adamant that you were the love of his life. The memory made you emotional as you started to tear up slightly. You’re going to have to ask Hoseok what the hell was in that strain to make you so sensitive to literally everything. Jungkook stops unclipping your bra as soon as he sees your eyes well up.
His hands are right back to their position on your face. “Woah, what happened love? Are you ok?” you wipe your eyes and giggle bashfully and explain why you got so worked up. He smiled and kissed you softly.
“You know I love you, right? You’re so fucking cute. I love you so much.” he says as he leans his forehead on yours. Weed makes both of you so sappy. You can’t even find it in yourself to care as you bring him into another kiss. He continues to take off your bra and starts kneading your breasts in his hands. The action makes you whine and pull away from him.
“Daddy, I wanna cum now. Please?”
He chuckles and lifts you off of him to strip your leggings. His fingers trace over the damp spot of your panties and he pulls them back to see how wet they’ve gotten.
“My little girl completely soaked through these. Needy baby. If you wanted it so bad why couldn’t you just do it yourself, huh?”
“B-because I wanted to be good. M’ a good girl right?” his words confused you. Why would you take care of yourself when he does it so much better. Plus, wouldn’t he just punish you anyway?
“I know baby, you are a good girl. Besides, those tiny little fingers would just frustrate you wouldn't they? You need daddy to cum ‘cause my dumb babygirl can’t do anything by herself, can she?” his words make your lip tremble as you nod dumbly. He’s right! You couldn’t possibly do something like that by yourself. Only he can make you feel like this.
He smiles as you agree with no hesitation and pecks all around your face. This is your favorite place to be in. In his arms waiting for his instruction. Taking the lead is fun every once and awhile but being stupid and pliant is far more your speed. He makes you feel safe and adored. He makes you feel good.
His fingers swirl around your covered clit as you moan into his mouth. Your little noises and the feeling of his fingers getting slicker is making him painfully hard and he, too is getting impatient. He wiggles his hips and slides his sweats down to reveal to you that he’s been walking around with no underwear on. He’s been completely hard with no barrier other than his sweats. You feel like you could bust right then and there. As soon as you see his cock, you lick your hand and start stroking it slowly. Jungkook hisses and throws his head back.
“Little girl...don’t play with me right now…” you heed his warning and scramble to take off your panties so you can get him inside you as fast as possible. This is what you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll be damned if you fuck it up now. He steadies you as you prepare to sink down on him and he kisses you gently. The way he’s filling you is intoxicating.
“Fuck, this little cunt was made for me wasn’t it? My baby’s so perfect for me.” his words make you tremble. You both moan breathily once he’s bottomed out inside you. You grind back and forth slowly as you try to adjust to his length. Jungkook however, is just as impatient as you are. He halts your movements to grip your hips and lift you almost completely off of him and slam you back down. You gasp as he sets a pace for you quickly. Your walls clench as he groans out praises of how good you feel and how much he loves being with you like this. In his lap, bouncing on top of him, whining into his neck. He couldn't think of a better place to be. His hands slide down to your ass and grips it as he bounces you even faster. You moan loudly and bite on his shoulder in fear of getting another noise complaint from the neighbors.
“D-Daddy? M’ close. So so so so so close daddy please fuck!” your words are slurred since you literally cannot think properly. He laughs breathily. “I know baby, you feel so good. Fuck I wanna pump you full of my cum. Wanna get you pregnant.” his words only make you moan louder.
“Oh you like that? You like when I talk about filling your cute tummy with my cum? You want my babies, little girl? Hm?” your head bobs up and down as you nod. “Yeah- mm yeah want it so bad daddy please cum in me. I wanna have your babies please Kookie please. Wanna cum wanna cum wanna cum!” you whine. Seeing how absolutely wrecked you are is only getting Jungkook closer and closer. You look completely and utterly fucked out. If his baby wants his cum that's exactly what she'll get.
“Shh precious I’m almost there. Daddy's got you I promise. Rub your pretty clit for me, I wanna see my baby cum ok?” you immediately obey and spit on your fingers before shoving your hand between you two. You rub your swollen clit with quick flicks to get you to cum faster. You just wanna make Jungkook happy. You wanna be his good girl.
It didn't take long for your hand coupled with his cock pounding into your g-spot to get you to cum hard on him. Your limbs spasm and your vision goes white while you distantly hear Jungkook's moaned praises. He cums in you not long after with a whine and keeps thrusting a few times so you can milk him for all he's worth. You both pant heavily as his arms wrap around you tightly, wanting to be as close as possible. He pecks your head repeatedly and buries his face in your hair.
“I love you ____.” he sighs. You giggle and sleepily look up at him. “I love you more.”
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ningningnim · a year ago
~𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐛 (𝐌.)
Tumblr media
-𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐛 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐛𝐲 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐢𝐜𝐦𝐢𝐧
-𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐛 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐗 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
-𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝐄2𝐋, 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭, 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤
-𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 5.1𝐊
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐁𝐢𝐠 𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐟. 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦. 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠), 𝐯𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱 (𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐝𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬), 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐞, 𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐬𝐦𝐬, 𝐝𝐨𝐦!𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤, 𝐬𝐮𝐛!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤, 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐜𝐮𝐦 𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠.
Tumblr media
He was untouchable, unattainable, unattached, he simply floated above it all. Everyone knew his name, he was the type of guy people parted in the hallways for, the type of guy girls chased after, the type that guys would be jealous of. Jeon Jungkook knew he was a heartthrob, he had everyone wrapped around his little finger and he knew it.
It was your second year in college, Jungkook was at his peak popularity and you were, well, decidedly not. The halls were crowded, glances were exchanged and all seemed well until he came. The chatter died down into whispers and the crowd of teenagers parted, a usual hallway had become a runway for the college heartthrob and everyone watched as he made his way through. His long, wavy hair was hardly kept out of his face by a pair of overpriced sunglasses placed atop his head as he paraded the hall. He sent multiple winks in various directions as he passed, and just as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone.
This wasn’t the first time you had witnessed the effects of the boy, it sometimes felt like you could never get away from him, you’d hear of him through hushed whispers and lovesick giggles. You were surprised the freshmen girls hadn’t made a shrine of him yet. You had tried to ignore him, but it had proved too difficult, so instead you feigned ignorance and tried not to look too interested.
The first run in you had with him was a gloomy Monday in your art history lecture. You were minding your own business as you tapped away at your laptop until you felt a slight tap on your shoulder, you figure it’s just another student trying to make their way through the lecture hall desks so you ignore it. A few seconds later and another light tap was placed on your shoulder, so you abandon your essay in favour of turning around to deal with the nuisance that was disturbing you from your very important albeit very late essay. Lucky for you, sat behind you was the one and only Jeon Jeongguk with his hair tied back in a messy bun and his leather jacket that accentuated his muscular chest perfectly, you were trying so damn hard not to stare but the smirk that adorned his stupidly good looking face had quickly told you that you hadn’t been so lowkey about the staring.
“Can I help you?” You muttered as your cheeks took on a rosy hue from his intense stare, “do you have a spare pen? I seem to have misplaced mine” he said in a tone way too beguiling for the request he had just made. You knew it was just an attempt for you to notice him, it’s not like he even needed to try for that but he never particularly claimed to be the brightest, so you rolled your eyes and grabbed a pen from your desk and swiftly placed it onto his.
You tried to turn away as quickly as possible in order to avoid his examining gaze but just before you could turn his lips quirked into a smile as he let out a “Thank you, sweetheart”. You had never felt your heart beat as fast as it did once you’d registered the pet name tacked onto the end of his phrase, your cheeks rapidly turning an angry red as you’d buried your face in your arms to avoid further embarrassment, and that was the end of your first interaction.
The second time you saw him was two weeks later, you had thankfully blocked out most thoughts about the boy and the sheer redness of your cheeks the first time you had spoken. After cleaning up your supplies after a very intensive art class, you hadn’t realised how much effort doing a still life drawing of an avocado required, an hour of shading and erasing was more than enough to get you ready to burn your pencils and give up but going to lunch was going to have to suffice instead.
What you hadn’t anticipated was bumping into the one person you were hoping to avoid. You were standing in the lunch line, mindlessly scrolling through your socials when you felt a breath on the back of your neck and the faint whisper of a “hey sweetheart”, you swiftly turned around as the encounter had startled you. He towered over you as he stared into your eyes with a mischievous glint, you were stuck for words as your mind went blank, you were already tired of the power he held over you and you had only spoken to him once before.
“Look I don’t know what you want from me but I’m not interested” you didn’t know where the sudden confidence had come from, but you just hoped you’d gotten your point across.
“Woah, chill. I don’t want anything, just you know, human interaction? Trust me, darling, if I wanted to get in your pants, I would’ve done it by now” he spoke confidently as he kept his cool gaze trained on you. “
As if I’m that easy” you’d stated with a roll of your eyes as you focused your gaze on your badly painted nails
“I wouldn’t be so sure baby, I’m quite the charmer when I want to be”
“hmm I’m sure, anyways if you aren’t here to get in my pants. Why are you here?” You questioned with a poke to his chest.
“Oh wouldn’t you like to know” he announced with a smirk as he backed away. With one last final wink, he was gone.
For the next few days, you continued to see him around. In the hallways, he'd wink as he passed, in every lecture you had together he did everything he could to capture your attention and it was driving you crazy. All you could see when you closed your eyes was his dumb smirk and long curly hair that you wanted to run your fingers through, wait no, his stupid hair that totally wasn't a turn on for you... Anyways the point was that you were seeing him everywhere.
Monday had finally rolled around again and there wasn’t one part of you that wanted to attend your lectures that day. Your dorm room was so cosy and your bed was so warm and taking a day off sounded too good ignore, so you pulled your duvet over your head and closed your eyes as you waited for sleep to come. That was until a series of loud bangs shook you're from your calm atmosphere, “Y/N GET YOUR ASS UP, YOU ARE NOT MISSING ANYMORE LECTURES”. Minsu, your roommate. She just had to disturb you with her enthusiasm for college attendance, and there was no use ignoring Minsu cause you know how it had ended last time. A shiver went down your spine as you remembered the time she fireman lifted you out of your bed and into the bathroom and guarded the door until she heard the shower start to run. Considering she was only a few inches taller than you, she was a hell of a lot more feisty. So in fear of Minsu’s wrath and your rapidly decreasing college attendance you made your way to the bathroom and began your morning routine.
You were halfway through doing your eyeliner when you realised just exactly what you had to deal with that day. Art history. With Jungkook. Sat behind you. It was hard to focus on making two perfectly equal wings on your eyes when you were crapping yourself thinking about the lecture you would be attending in a few hours.
An hour later and you’re sat in your seat in Art history, class has nearly begun and Jungkook hadn’t turned up. You take out your stupidly heavy textbooks and place them on your desk along with your pencil case, actually feeling like you could get some work done today without the irritatingly attractive guy sat behind you. But since the universe just loved you, Jungkook did show, and he’d apparently made it his task that day to annoy you to no end.
Throwing pencils at the back of your head, poking you, clicking his pen, if you can name it Jungkook had probably used it to get your attention while simultaneously killing a few of your brain cells with that persistence of his. It's towards the end of the lesson he whispers his trademark 'hey sweetheart' and you're just about to gouge your eyes out with a spoon when you hear it. You swiftly turn around and hiss something akin to "What the hell do you want, Jeon" though Jungkook couldn't really tell as he was distracted by the pure look of disgust etched onto the usually soft lines of your face.
"I was just wondering if you were coming to Hyunwoo's party on Friday? " He asked, no sarcasm evident in that irritatingly beautiful voice of his.
“If you’re gonna be there, definitely not” you grumble, turning away from the long haired heathen, rolling your eyes as you do so. The truth was that you’d actually already agreed to attending when jin had pestered you the day before, but you’d never tell Jungkook cause you wouldn’t want him to have the satisfaction of thinking you’d actually do anything for him.
You don’t hear anything for the rest of the lecture from Jungkook and it feels eerily quiet without all of his pestering, you’d gotten used to the way he’d pester, it had become monotonous in your routine. It’s not like you secretly liked the attention or anything, right?
The rest of the days running up the Hyunwoos party go extremely quickly, the days go by in a blur of highlighted pass papers and an alarming amount of coffee. You try to get out of attending, making any and every excuse you could make at a moments notice, but Jin wasn’t letting you out of it this time.
“Jinnnnnnn, do I have to go?” You whine at him through the phone, his shirtless body half on the screen from your FaceTime call.
“Yes you do have to go, I’m not taking no as an answer. Be ready at 9 or I’m not buying you coffee for a month” he threatens before buttoning you.
You’d met Jin in freshman year, you’d asked him for instructions on how to get to your class, completely unknowing of how to navigate your new surroundings, he’d been nice enough to show you exactly where you needed to go, cracking some jokes are entertaining on your short walk to your classroom.
It only took you about five minutes for you to realise you both really enjoyed each other’s witty humour and likemindedness, so you’d swapped numbers and the rest had been history. Even though Jin was in senior year now and he was one of the most popular guys on campus.
You smile thinking back on the memories, the clock ticking closer to nine pm, so you make the executive decision to at least put some form of effort into getting yourself ready. Not really being the dressy type you opt for a dark grey denim skirt with a black distressed tee, by the size of it it’s probably Jins, but he definitely wouldn’t be getting it back. You don’t particularly do anything else different from your usual routine, in the end it was only a frat party you’d probably regret attending anyways.
You finish lacing up your shoes as Jin beeps outside, his truck having a surprisingly high pitched sounding beep considering the size of it. Stepping out of your house, Jin yells a “get in loser, we’re going shopping” your way, the subtle roll in your eyes present as you make your way to the passenger side.
“Must you embarrass me and yourself every time you come to my neighbourhood?” You question playfully, raising an eyebrow at jin as you slide into the passenger seat.
“Of course I do, I have to keep up appearances, baby” he winks, you don’t know how you haven’t lost your eyes from how much you roll them around him.
It’s only a short drive to the party, the few minutes in the car spent jamming to whatever music Jin decided to put on. His music taste both entertaining and ever-changing.
Hyunwoo’s house is everything you’d expect it to be, floor to ceiling windows, grand double staircases, too many rooms for one floor and vases and ornaments that probably cost more than your college tuition.
You spot Hobi as soon as you arrive, his black hair swept to the side matching the dark t-shirt reading obey in multicoloured lettering. You had definitely been attracted to him at first, his heart shaped smile and hooked nose immediately catching your attention, it hadn’t taken long for you to realise that you worked way better as just friends.
He calls you over with his signature dazzling smile, the chain on his neck catching the lights. “Hey Hobi” you say, trying not to focus on how good he looks.
“Hey Y/N, how about I get you a drink, yeah?” Not giving you time to respond before he leaves in pursuit of finding you a drink that isn’t spiked or dangerously strong.
He returns with a lilac drink in a plastic cup and a small grey haired man trailing behind him. “Here’s your drink and Y/N this is Yoongi, Min Yoongi. Third year music major and just about the most introverted person you will ever meet” he says, a smirk on his face at the dig he makes.
“Introverted huh? Then what’s he doing hanging around with you, sunshine boy” you fire back, a small smile making its way onto Yoongi’s face at your remark. Before Hobi can say anything Yoongi buts in with a quiet “I like this one” feeling a gleam of pride at the older man’s approval.
The conversation goes back and forth for a while, Yoongi becoming quite the comedian when he wasn’t sipping on some whiskey that he’d brought so he wouldn’t have to drink the the cheap beer that most college students had brought along.
You’re laughing at a joke Hobi cracked when you first see him saunter through the door, his usually tied back hair wild and curly, accentuating the dark of his irises. You think you may have stared too long, his eyes catching yours, a cocky smirk coming to rest on his face. You roll your eyes in response and focus back on the men in front of you.
“I think I’m gonna get another drink” you whisper, eager to clear your mind of the boy, even if it’s just for a few seconds. You stumble away from the small group, weaving yourself through wasted teens and couples who are way too handsy.
The kitchen is fairly empty when you get there, the marble floors slippery under your feet. Pouring yourself a gin you try your best to rid Jungkook from your thoughts, his eyes seeming to stay stuck at the forefront of your mind. Just when you think you’ve done it, you sense a presence looming behind you.
Turning around you spot no other but the man you’d been trying to forget. He was head to toe in black, nothing different from his usual fashion, only this time he’d swapped out cargo pants for a pair of skin tight ripped jeans, his strong thighs capturing your attention. You guess you’d never taken the time to really look at him, to notice the way his nails were covered in chipped black nail polish, or the tattoo that peaked over the neckline of his shirt.
“See something you like?, doll” he says seductively, his voice deeper and more gravelly than usual.
You cast your eyes downward, avoiding his intense gaze “no, just taking trying to process your extremely irritating presence is all” you say shakily, trying your best not to come across as flustered.
He begins to walk around you in a slow circle, stopping right behind you and whispering in your ear “it’s alright to stare you know, I like it when you focus on me” he rasps quietly, his voice making the hair on the back of your neck stand up, a chill making its way down your spine.
You stand shocked, no words on the tip of your tongue to reply with, but he doesn’t give you a chance anyway.
“You know Y/N, you intrigue me. You’re the only girl who isn’t desperate for my attention, I suppose I like your defiance” he mumbles into your ear as he starts to circle you again.
He was somewhat right, you weren’t desperate for Jeon Jungkook but that didn’t mean he wasn’t attractive or that he doesn’t make you nervous when he talks to you in that sensual tone of his.
“Why is it, y/n, that you don’t want my attention? Are you shy, baby? Is that it? A questioning hum pinned onto the end of his sentence.
“B-baby? You stammer out, the nickname catching you off guard, your cheeks heating up.
“Yes. Baby, a pretty name for a little submissive girl, tell me y/n are you submissive or are you naughty?” The question and meaning behind them only adding to the redness in your cheeks. The situation clearly a predator/prey like one.
You wanted to say that he didn’t effect you, that you didn’t want to get down on your knees for him and please him but it simply wasn’t true, your next words solidifying the fact.
“I’m a good girl, I promise” you whimper out, his mouth dangerously close to your own.
“Well then, would you like to come and show me how well you can behave?” He says, before leaning down and sealing his lips with your own in a heated kiss, he tastes sweet like the drink he’d been sipping on, his tongue sliding against yours as his hands were all over your body.
How you get up the stairs is a blur, the way there a clash of lips and daring hands. You make your way into a room, pushing with your back against the door as you continue your passionate exchange. A breathy whine leaves your lips as he presses you against the bedroom wall and moves his attention down to your neck. Sucking and biting he leaves a constellation of red and purple bruises, creating a galaxy of his own on your body.
“J-Jungkook.. need you, please” you whine out, the pleasure of him licking and biting at your collarbones unlike anything you’d ever felt.
he detaches from you with a pop, his lips swollen from your earlier make-out session.
“Use your words, princess. Tell me exactly what you want” he whispers,
“Want you in my mouth, let me suck you off” you say, pushing him away and sinking to you knees. The bulge of his hard length straining against his black jeans.
“Take me out babygirl” his voice breathy as you pull down the shiny zipper concealing what you wanted most.
You can’t say you’d hadn’t ever fantasised about Jungkook’s dick, even though he was a cocky bitch at times, you weren’t as immune to his charms as you thought you were, too many nights spent with your fingers deep inside you and a vibrator pushed against your clit while images of the man currently before you flashed behind your eyelids.
You push your small hand under the elastic waistband of his underwear, desperate to feel him under your fingertips. The first thing you notice when you wrap your fingers around him is that they don’t reach each other, his shaft girthy and pulsing slightly in your palm.
You pull his semi-hard cock out of his deliciously tight jeans, a gasp escaping you when you see his exposed length. He was long and thick, with veins running along the smooth surface and a mushroom like pink tip dripping with precum, you’d never seen a dick so perfect. A cocky smirk makes its way onto his face at your surprise and fascination.
“Don’t keep me waiting baby, it won’t end well if you do” his gravely voice making you Jump into action. You place one of your hands around the base, squeezing and moving up and down lightly while you take his cockhead into your warm mouth, the salty taste of precum covering your taste buds. Small growls leave his lips as you continue to suckle on the tip. Another glare has you moving both hands to his thighs and taking him further into your mouth, bobbing your head in a sultry rhythm.
All of a sudden his hands come to your hair, moving it into a makeshift ponytail before pushing you further down onto his dick, a small gargling noise coming from you as you take more of him into your mouth. He leisurely pulls you on and off his cock, using your for his own pleasure before moving your head further down to ensure you take all of his length into your hot cavern.
“Such a good baby, taking my dick in her throat like a perfect little cocksleave” he moans, his head resting against the wall, eyes fluttering shut from the way your throat constricts around his bulbous head. He thrusts in and out of your throat a few more times, your gagging and swallowing adding to his arousal, before he pulls you off his dick.
“Did so well for me, your throat was so tight, you looked so pretty gagging on my cock” he whispers, dropping your gathered hair and watching is cascade around your shoulders in soft waves, the lighting of the dim room adding the soft sparkle in your eyes.
He helps you to your feet, quickly picking you up and throwing you onto the cream coloured bedspread. He crawls between your legs, securing your arms above your head, bringing his head down to your neck where he begins his decent. He moves down your body painfully slow, teasingly licking and sucking at your smooth skin, leaving marks on previously untouched territory.
It’s when his lips skim the hem of your skirt you can’t help but hold your breath. He pushes up the article to your hips, revealing your black lace panties, drenched with your apparent arousal.
“Kitten, you’re so wet. Is this all for me? Did you soak your pretty panties while sucking me off? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to clean you up” he says, using a tone that is both humiliating but sexy.
He places a tentative lick to you clothed core, you’re juices soaking through enough for him to taste you with just one lick. A needy whine leaves your lips at the feel of his rough tongue on your covered slit. The feeling just barely enough to make you feel good, but just enough that it makes you even more desperate.
He pulls your panties down your thighs, arching your back off the bed to aid him in getting rid of the ruined garment, the tepid air hitting your pussy as the messy fabric is pulled away from your core, sticky strings of your arousal clinging to it. Now with nothing to soak into, you begin dripping down your ass and onto the bed, a small puddle forming right underneath you.
Jungkook blows lightly onto your pussy, a chuckle escaping him when a needy whine rips through you, arching your back, chasing after his touch. The first lick to your clit has you moaning out, his tongue swiping directly over the swollen bud.
“Jungkook, p-please. Don’t tease” you whisper, your voice slightly weak from your previous dalliance. He delivers a small swat to your thigh as a warning before he runs his tongue through your wet folds, collecting your sweet essence. He moves up to your clit, circling around it with his tongue while his index finger toys with you untouched entrance before plunging two fingers in unexpectedly.
His tongue on your clit and his thick tattooed fingers filling you up has you writhing off the bed, your hips moving in circles in an attempt to double the pleasure, his other hand quickly coming down on your hip stopping you from moving.
He moves his fingers inside you in a ‘come hither motion’ the tips brushing against your g-spot, making your orgasm draw closer. Your moans coming out in high pitched whimpers and breathy whines.
“G-gonna cum. Please let me c-cum” you stutter out, hardly able to pronounce your words with the onslaught of pleasure being delivered to your body.
“Cum for me then baby, show me how much of a good girl you can be” he says placing his mouth back on your clit once again, his mouth and fingers never relenting in their harsh pace.
You lock up as your orgasm hits, your vision going white as he brings you over the edge. You tighten around his fingers, your inner walls trying to push them out. He helps you ride out your orgasm, your cum coating his hand and face while his messy hair brushes against your inner thighs.
He pulls off your clit with a pop, retreating his fingers shortly after, he lifts up his hand, your cum shining slightly in the light. He crawls over once again, pushing his fingers to you lips with a quiet “suck, babygirl” his eyes now a shade darker than before.
You keep eye contact with him as you take his cum covered fingers into your mouth, repeating what you’d done to his cock on his fingers. His cock twitches as he watches you take his fingers, the visual igniting something deep with in his core.
“Well you’ve definitely proven that your little mouth can do more than just backchat” he remarks, moving off of you before pulling your body further down the mattress and onto the edge of the bed.
“Ok here’s what’s gonna happen kitten, You’re gonna take my cock and you’re gonna moan for me. Want everyone to know who’s treating you this well. Do you understand?” His voice domineering and gravely, more so than usual.
You only reply with a soft whimper, your hips canting up towards him in an effort to get things started. He takes himself back out of his boxers, his dick springing up, spreading precum all over his tanned abs.
He lines his cock up to your slick entrance, lifting your legs over his shoulders so you can feel every inch. He begins pushing in, your entrance tight around the large tip, it pops in with some resistance before he begins pushing in further, his dick touching places you didn’t know existed. Your pussy stretches to accommodate him, his tip resting just behind your cervix when he bottoms out. Your slick hole gripping him tightly as he moves slightly.
“S-so big, love your cock” you pant out. Jungkook was bigger than every guy you’d ever been with, maybe he had a reason to be cocky all along if this is what he’d been hiding in his cargo pants.
“Baby, am I ok to move? Am I hurting you?” He whispers, wanting to be sure you’re ok before he loses him self in the feel of your clenching walls.
“Yes, yes. Please move, please use me!! Wanna be your little cocksleave” you let out, the slight curve of his dick pressing against that spot inside of you that drives you wild.
You confirmation is more than enough to know what you want, he grunts as he pulls out so only the tip remains before he slams back into you repeatedly, holding onto your calves as he continually thrusts in and out of your battered pussy, a loud squelch resonating in the room.
Jungkook thinks you look so beautiful the way you’re lied under him, eyes rolling back as you scream his name while he pounds you into the mattress, your small hands fisting the sheets in an attempt to anchor yourself something. You also think Jungkook looks particularly good, his shirt half buttoned and hanging off his shoulders, his hair pushed out of his eyes, jaw clenched as he drills into you, grunting when you clench around his rock hard member.
He brings a hand down to your clit, rubbing messy circles, the pressure making you scream out even more, the party downstairs definitely knowing who’s making you moan out. If it’s even possible, he begins pounding into you even harder.
“C’mon baby, come for me. Show them all who you belong to, I’m the only one who can make you feel this way” his thrusts becoming less precise, his end drawing ever so near.
“Jungkook, so good, so big” you babble out, your orgasm washing over you as you cream his cock. Your sudden tightness bringing on his own end, his hot cum painting your insides white, squirting against your sensitive walls.
You whine at the loss when he pulls out, his dick covered in a mixture of both your cum. He tucks himself back into his pants before wandering off to find some sort of cloth to clean you up with. A few seconds later he returns with a soft smile and a wipe in hand. He squats down, now eye level with your abused hole, his cum leaking out, oh how he wanted to catch it on camera.
He gently wipes you down, his soft humming a contrast to the loudness of the chatter downstairs. After he’s done he pulls down your skirt, making sure it’s not twisted.
He extends a hand to help you of the bed, your legs still slightly wobbly after your two orgasms. When you feel a breeze on your bare pussy you know somethings missing. “Jungkook, where is my underwear?” You question, looking around the room to try and spot the pesky underwear.
“Oh baby, these are mine now” he comments, soft smile completely replaced with his usual cocky one, his left hand placing your panties into his back pocket.
“Come on you can’t be serious right now?! How do you know that someone won’t try anything when I go back downstairs?” You shout, emphasising your point with way to many dramatic hand gestures.
“You better listen real good, don’t you dare question me, I can easily put you back in your place now and no one will even have the chance to try anything, because you’ll be staying by my side” he winks, grabbing your hand before leading you through the door and back down to the party.
It was going the been one hell of a college semester with him around..
Tumblr media
-𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐛𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
-𝐃𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐥𝐫 𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐚𝐬 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤
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canesshi · 5 months ago
the bounty | western au
Tumblr media
pairing: outlaw!Jungkook x bountyhunter!reader (f)
genre: angst, smut, enemies to ???
plot: There's a fivethousand dollar bounty on Jeon Jungkook's head and you are after it. A few unplanned events lead to the two of you trapped in a canyon and you learn that maybe, after all, he isn't as bad as he seems.
warnings: swearing, guns, blood, fighting, alcohol, SMUT, unprotected sex (because this is fiction! be safe irl), grinding, passionate sex, handjob, creampie, mentioned sexism, lmk if there is more
Tumblr media
Standing in front of the wooden board, you ripped the piece of paper off the rusty nail that had been used to attach it to the wood. 'Wanted - dead or alive' it said in red stamped letters, the text framing the sketch of Jeon Jungkook's face.
"You finally wanna try again?"
Your gaze shot up to Jin, the sheriff, who leaned against the wooden wall of his sheriff's office. The golden star on his chest was as shiny as it could be; he cleaned it regularly, it was never dirty.
"They put a new price on his head, after all. Might as well try again. Fivethousand dollars are enough to retire.", you chuckled and looked back to the paper in your hands.
Jeon Jungkook.
The name was not unfamiliar. His face was plastered on every wall even in small towns, the law desperate to finally catch him. He was one of America's most wanted outlaws and since he had left his former gang he raged through the country like a hurricane; stealing, drinking, fighting, shooting, cheating, murdering, robbing. He had steadily increased the price on his head with every crime he commited and every bounty hunter had at one point been after him. The money was promising and experienced bounty hunters tended to underestimate his skills because of his age. He was fairly young for being such a successful outlaw, all on his own. Along with a few other criminals he was considered a 'legendary bounty'. Bounty hunters who could turn in such a bounty were well respected and feared amongst their peers, and the reward money was a nice addition. But Jeon Jungkook outsmarted and outshot all of them. Most of the hunters were dead or had given up.
You were after him once, too. It was when he was still with his old gang. They had been in a gang fight with another gang and were vunerable, the timing was perfect. But as you almost had him, he slipped through your fingers, jumping off the bridge and landing in the shallow waters. You had thought he had died but never found his corpse, only to read in a newspaper a few days later that he and his gang had robbed a stagecoach near a big city. Since then, his bounty had more than tripled. And if you were being honest, you were quite impressed. But now that you had had time to prepare and train, you were convinced you had a chance at catching him. Maybe you were being too optimistic and too full of yourself, but how would you ever find out if you didn't try?
"Are you sure it's a good idea? He does not hesitate to kill bounty hunters and he surely learned a few new things too. That kid is too skilled for his own good.", Jin wore a worried expression. The two of you had become something similar to friends over the past months since you usually collected the bounties in this tiny town because there was less competition this far away from the big city. "At least catch all the easier targets first so you are not leaving us behind with a bunch of criminals roaming the streets."
"Jin, you're the sheriff. You can handle an outlaw or two."
"But you do it so well. Also, who would we spend the tax money on? If there was no bounty money to pay, we would surely be rich in a few months, we can't have that!", he joked, fake worry in his voice. Then, he got serious again, stepping closer to you, taking the poster from your hands and inspecting it. "Be careful. I mean it. He is dangerous and I would feel lonely here without you bringing trouble into this small town."
"I'll be back, don't worry.", you nodded at him, smiling reassuringly but he didn't seem convinced.
"When will you leave? Where is he right now?"
"I'll pack my things and be off. There has been news he was sighted near Blackwater last. I'll be starting my search there.", you untied your horse from the post, stuffing the poster Jin had given you back into your bag. You mounted the animal, tipped your hat to Jin who smiled at you worriedly but nodded back and urged the animal under you forwards.
Tumblr media
The ride to Blackwater had taken one and a half days. You had made camp outside of Armadillo to rest before you began your hunt. You needed all the energy you could possibly get, so a good night's rest was indispencable.
You woke up early, the sun had barely risen above the horizon. The weak sun warmed your chilled skin as you kicked dirt into the still glowing embers of your dying campfire. The air was fresh and you felt confident; you'd find him today and he wouldn't glide through your fingers again.
Spurring your horse on, you watched as the city in the distance grew closer with each stride your horse took. You slowed the animal down once you reached the cobbled street, looking into the dark alleyways, suspicious looking individuals meeting your gaze and snarling. They recognized bounty hunters when they saw them. But you were not here because of them. No, you were after someone way more valuable.
Stopping next to the sheriffs office, you tied your horse to the post outside and stepped into the office, your spurs clinking with every step. You halted in front of the main desk, the sheriff and his deputy looking you up and down.
"I'm after Jeon Jungkook.", you said, slapping his bounty poster onto the table. "I was told he was seen here recently, any idea where he was headed?"
The sheriff and deputy sent each other a look before the older gentleman breathed in deeply. "It is true. He was here recently, caused a bar fight and left once everyone was fighting, then, robbed the general store while everyone was occupied. Shot a few fellars on his way out of town." The sheriff took the paper, looked at Jungkook's picture before scoffing and letting the piece of paper fall back onto the table. "No offence, but you won't be able to turn him in. The best bounty hunters have been after him and ended up dying or giving up. I don't mean any harm when I say this but... maybe you bit off more than you can chew. He's not your everyday thief." You wanted to scoff and list all the outlaws you had turned in before but you knew better than to let yourself be agigated by his words.
"Whether or not I can handle him is my business. You want him caught or not? I just need all the information you got, the rest is not your problem.", you said calmy, one hand resting on your hip.
The sheriff hesitated for a bit before opening one of the drawers in the desk and pulling out a map. He flattened it out on the table and turned it so you could see well.
"We think he headed south into the canyons to lay low for a while. There have been no reports of him in other cities so he probably is still there. He might not be alone, we don't know for sure. Riding out there is a ticket straight to hell, ma'am."
You didn't wait for him to finish. You just tipped your head as a way of thanking him before turning your back and exiting the building. Not a minute longer was wasted in the town. You urged your horse to a gallop down the dusty road.
Tumblr media
It was noon when you reached the canyons. The sun was beating down onto you and you were thankful for your hat that was providing enough shadow for your face to be safe from the scorching sunlight.
You stopped your horse on a ledge that hung over the valley of the canyons. Then in the distance you spotted a trail of smoke rising into the sky. A camp.
You shouldered your rifle before urging your horse on. The walls of the canyon were so high they were intimidating. The trails you rode through were narrow and once or twice your stirrup scraped against the dusty orange stone. You couldn't see much of the sky, so you weren't sure if you were even riding in the right direction.
You were as quiet as you possibly could, but each little clinking or thudding echoed through the canyon. You decided that it was best to leave your horse behind and continue on foot. It was quieter and you could escape more easily if you had to.
You dismounted on a wider spot, the stone walls further away from you and making you feel less claustophobic. You grabbed a few more bullets from your saddlebag along with your bag in case you needed water or were injured.
Patting your horse's neck one last time and hoping you would be able to return to it, you continued through the canyon, your steps still echoing but a lot quieter than your horse's hooves had been.
When you smelled burnt wood you stuck close to the stone walls, making sure to peek before charging the open area. You peeked into the camp but there was no sign of a human being. You carefully walked into the camp, watching as the fire was still burning. Someone had been here not too long ago. You looked around and noticed bags and a bedroll on the ground. Someone had definitely been here shortly before you, and they would probably be returning soon. You kneeled down to open one of the bags when suddenly a gunshot rang through the canyon, the bullet missing you by an inch.
You immediately sprung into action, ducking behind a wooden crate and firing a few shots into the direction the bullet had come from. It had been a revolver bullet so the attacker was close to you, had probably sneaked up behind you.
It was silent for a while before a bullet hit the crate, sending splinters flying. Shit, you needed a safer cover. But there was nothing here. The attacker was just waiting for you to move, you knew it. You needed a plan.
You pulled your waterskin from your bag and opened it up. If you could throw it into the fire, there would be enough steam for you to move to a safer position, right? You peeked around the crate and immideately a bullet hit the edge of the crate, close to your face.
Shit, if you moved your arm from the cover they would probably shoot it clean off. You were trapped and if your attacker decided he had waited long enough, he could just start blasting the crate to kill you. You looked through your bag only finding a few things that didn't help you out now. Unless...
You fished for the red neckerchief and threw it next to the crate, careful to not reveal your hands or arms. Instantly a few shots were fired, hitting the neckerchief until it was in shreds. That's when you heard the familiar click of a gun being reloaded. You didn't waste a second and threw the waterskin into the flames, successfully creating thick puffs of steam that blocked your attacker's view.
You quickly moved into a crevice in the stonewall, barely wide enough to fit your body but at least safer than the wooden crate. Bullets were fired at you, but you had been faster, and they had no clear view. Once the steam disappeared, you watched carefully. The attacker didn't know where you were, and you watched as the broad figure move from behind the canyon wall to a boulder a little closer to you. You acted instantly, shooting a few bullets with your revolver, even though your heart skipped a beat. You had only seen him shortly but you knew his figure.
You had found him. Jeon Jungkook.
You heard a low hiss so you must've gotten him somewhere. You wanted to squeal in victory when he propped himself up on the boulder and fired a few rounds of bullets. The stone wall held off each bullet but little pieces of stone splintered off the surface and created thick dust which stung in your eyes. But instead of cowering away you took the rifle from your back, aimed at the figures head and placed your hand on the trigger. He wasn't careful enough. You could kill him right then and there, but your ego got the better of you. If you'd bring him in alive, he would be worth a lot more and you wanted to see the look of defeat on his face when you bound his wrists and turned him into the sheriff's office as they placed him behind bars.
So instead of his head you aimed at his gun and pulled the trigger, successfully blasting it out of his hand. He ducked as soon as the shot was fired but he wasn't fast enough. It was silent after that, no shots from him as you waited for his next move.
"That's it. You've got me."
You perked up at his smooth voice. He sounded like he was amused.
"You can kill me.", he said, slowly raising from behind the boulder. His hands were in the air to show you he was unarmed.
"But you'd miss out on a lot of money. They want to see me hang, they'd pay a lot to see that. If I'm dead though... there won't be much of a hanging going on. They will be disappointed. Less money."
"You think I'm stupid enough to fall for your trap, Jeon?", you hissed, rifle trained on his head, ready to shoot if you needed to. You moved away from your cover slowly, showing him you had the upper hand now.
"Well, seeing how you only shot my gun and not my head, I assume you are either a terrible, terrible shot or you are after a great deal of money.", he wore a smug smile on his face but you didn't miss the droplets of sweat dripping down the side of his forehead. That's when you saw the trail of blood on his side. That's where you had gotten him earlier, you thought to yourself.
"But since I know you can shoot well, I know it's the latter. Last time we met, you almost had me, and now you finally finished what you started."
You felt uneasy. He remembered you? How in the hell, would he remember you when he had to deal with countless of bounty hunters almost every day? What made you special enough for him to remember?
Maybe this was a trick, you thought. He was riling you up on purpose.
You had only been distracted for half a second when suddenly you were hit in the head by a hard item. You stumbled back, the rifle falling from your hands as you clutches your now bleeding forehead.
That fucker had thrown his gun!
He charged at you while you were occupied and pressed you to the ground beneath him. He pulled a knife out of his boot and moved to plunge it into your chest but you kneed him into his back, making him topple over you so you could roll out beneath him, an elbow to his back. He grunted as he spun around, slicing the knife through the air, missing your arm by an inch.
"You have gotten better.", he snickered through gritted teeth.
"So have you.", you answered, grabbing a hand full of dust and throwing it into his face. He clawed at his eyes as you finally distanced yourself from him again. You grabbed your revolver from your gunbelt and pointed it at him, ready to shoot when he suddenly pulled on the neckerchief you were standing on, making you topple over as your feet lost their footing. Before he could reach you though, you were back on your feet, your gun nowhere to be found. Shit.
A cut into your arm made you cry out sharply. The cut wasn't too deep but it began bleeding quickly. "You son of a bitch!"
You grabbed his wrist before he could bring down the blade again. Your nails dug into his dirtied skin, making him grit his teeth. He was stronger than you, but you took advantage of the situation when you kneed him into the stomach. He huffed loudly and the knife fell from his hand. You caught it and chucked it far away. "You have a lot of nerves coming here!", he sneered and grabbed your neck, pushing you down. You moved your head quickly, biting down on his bleeding hand, tasting the iron on your tongue.
That's when you decided to take off. If you made it to your horse in time, you could get another gun or flee. But you were so disoriented, you didn't know which way you had come from. Jungkook recovered behind you, so you decided to just run, no matter what direction.
You ran as fast as you could but your could hear his fast footsteps behind you, catching up with you.
You scrambled up a canyon wall that had been carved into a stair-like formation by the waters a few million years ago. Jungkook followed you without a problem. His stamina was way better than yours.
Once you were on top of the stone platform and you could overlook the maze like crevices, Jungkook caught up to you.
The two of you were standing in front of each other. Chests heaving.
"This ends here. One of us is going to die. And if I think about it, It might as well be you."
He lurched forward grabbing your body and pressing you into the ground. He raised a fist, wanting to knock you out but you moved your head to the side, his fist meeting the stone beneath you. You tried pushing him off of you and ended up changing positions with him, straddling him, before he tried pushing you down again.
But as he grabbed your hips, pushing you off of his stomach, your back didn't meet the hard ground. It was met with breezy nothingness as your body slipped off the edge. His body was inevitable pulled down with yours, your hands clamped down on his shirt. Your mouth was open in a scream as you fell but no noises came out.
It felt like you were falling for hours, hands still clinging onto Jungkook's larger frame.
Hitting the ground was painless and everything went black not even a second later.
Tumblr media
Your eyes peeled open slowly. There was dust, dried blood, sweat and tears. You could barely see.
Your nose was running and you didn't kow if it was tears or blood.
How in god's name were you alive? Were you even alive?
You carefully moved your arms under you, pushing yourself up from the ground. Your head was throbbing painfully and little stones dug into your palms as you looked around.
Jungkook's body laid a few feet away, head slumped against his chest as he sat up against the canyon wall. He had probably woken up and moved to sit up against it before falling unconscious again.
You groaned as you pushed yourself to your feet, moving over to his body. You gently pushed against his legs with your boot, trying to wake him... or check if he was still alive. He looked horrible. Clothes ragged and dusty all over. His once jet black hair was matted and coated with brownish dust. You probably didn't look any better.
You kicked him again, a little harsher this time and a low groan escaped his throat as he lifted his head slightly. He struggled to open his eyes, the sun blinding him as he looked up at you.
"I was hoping you had died.", he rasped.
"Well, it seems like we're both still alive."
"Not for much longer.", he scoffed bitterly. That's when you took in your surroundings for the first time. The two of you were trapped inside a crevice in the canyon, barely wide enough for a whole body to lay flat, it was a few metres long in length. The more devastating part was that there was no exit or way up. The two of you were trapped down here. "Shit.", you murmored.
"If you still want to kill me, do it now. At least I won't have to starve to death.", he said, gasping as he sat up straighter against the stone wall.
"No-... There has to be a way out. We could-... climb up?"
"And how are you going to do that? The stone is too smooth, there are no ledges to grip onto. And even if you did make it up a few metres, if you fell, you'd only injure yourself more."
"Oh, so you just want to give up and die?", you scoffed.
"Unless you have a realistic escape plan, then yes, that's the only thing left for us to do."
You felt your head throb again painfully. You should have listened to Jin. This had been a dumb idea. Anyone smarter than you would've just given up after escaping with your life last time but no- you just had to try it again. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
"Ah- fuck-" Your gaze dropped to Jungkook whose face was scrunched up in pain as he moved slightly. A hand was pressed to his side where you had shot him earlier. You didn't know how bad the wound was but it couldn't have been too deep considering he was still alive and not bleeding out. "I can't believe you really got me. I was slacking."
How he felt the need to talk to you was beyond you. You were his enemy but still - he was talking to you like you were an old aquaintance. You wanted to feel hatred towards him but it seemed like every bit of anger had left you. There was no point in fighting anyway - you'd both die down here.
"Let me see.", you forced out, kneeling down next to the man and trying to move his hand away from the injury. He didn't stop you but he seemed taken aback, eyes glued to yours as you pulled the button up shirt from his pants, careful to not irritate the wound too much. Once you had clear view of the gash, you inspected it. The bullet had only grazed him but it still left a decent gash on his side, skin ripped with ragged edges. It would take some time to heal and would probably leave a nasty scar, but what did it matter anyway? Neither of you would be alive then. How much you wished for one of those new devices you had read about in the newspaper - a telephone? Was that what they were called?
You went to grab something from your bag but it was no longer laying against you hip. Had it ripped off while fighting Jungkook? You looked around and saw the brown bag lying a few metres away. Thank god! Your bag was your ticket for living at least a few days longer. Dried meat and a small emergency flask of water could grant you enough time to think about all the times you had fucked up in your life or what desicions led you to be trapped here. Great.
You stood up to grab it and Jungkook followed your figure with curious eyes. He looked younger now that you really took him in. A boyish gleam in his eyes, though matted because of the circumstances. He was definitely not ugly either. If he had chosen a different life, you might have even bedded him.
What nonsense. You couldn't change a thing about the past and that was that. Thinking of all the possibilities if things had been different was wasted time.
You returned to Jungkooks side, fishing for a herb from the inside of your bag. You stuck it in your mouth, chewing it up into a paste before spitting it onto your fingers. "I know I'll die anyway but I'd appreciate it if you didn't give me an infection."
You just rolled your eyes as you applied the paste to the wound making him hiss slightly. You needed something to bandage the wound with but your neckerchief had been left behind at Jungkook's camp and was ripped apart anyway. You noticed that he was wearing one around his neck and went to untie it, hands combing through his slightly long black hair to get the knot loose. You didn't realize how close you were to him until you felt his warm breath on your own face. His eyes were locked to yours as he searched for something in them. Your brows furrowed and you quickly pulled back, unfolding the neckerchief and roling it into a bandage to tie around his waist. The fabric was barely long enough to actually be tied together but you managed, even though you must have hurt hime quite a bit in the process.
"Didn't take you to be such a whiny boy.", you said jokingly.
He didn't answer, only inspecting the bandage around his middle. You opened up the waterskin and poured it over his face earning a displeased grunt from Jungkook. You wiped the dirt, grime and blood from his face with your hands. "I could have done that myself, you know?" You poured a little water into your hands, cleaning your own face, being careful to only use as little water as possible.
"Why are you bandaging me up? Afraid you'll go to hell if you don't start doing nice things now?", he asked after some time, hairs falling into his eyes as he rested his head against the stone wall behind him. You had decided to sit opposite of him, sitting cross legged.
The truth was, you didn't even know the answer to his question. Why did you treat his wound? It was pointless anyway.
"Well, I guess in the face of death, people start to act strangely.", you answered, head turned away from him. Jungkook chuckled and licked his dry lips, throat feeling uncomfortably dry too.
"A shame that it has to end like this.", he then said,"I was wishing to escape you one more time. Bruising your ego a bit, you know?" He was laughing to himself, swallowing the bit of saliva his body could muster up.
"It looked more like you were trying to get me to meet my maker.", you answered, looking over to him, your lips curved slightly upwards now.
"You were better than I anticipated and I was taken aback. Didn't want to die, to be honest. You left me no choice."
You scoffed, the smile now wiped off your face. "Yeah right. You had the choice to not be a fucking outlaw in the first place!"
"Did I really?", he spat sourly.
You went silent then, watching as his brows furrowed.
"I had noone when I was younger. Should I have moped around the streets looking through the trashcans for food like the other street kids?" You knew who Jungkook was talking about. Homeless children were no rare scene, especially in big cities like Saint Denise. There was no furture for them outside of crime and gangs.
"When Namjoon found me, I was at the brink of starvation. He took me in and taught me everything I know about guns, horses and money. I truly did not have a choice if I wanted to survive."
He swallowed thickly before continuing.
"Besides, Namjoon always taught me how fucked up this so called society is. We just wanted to be free, to not be bound by laws and power-hungry people. Can you really blame us for that? Politicians and lawmen are not any different from us outlaws, they just have a badge that excuses every crime they commit against minorities."
"That's no excuse for the things you did. I am not here to try to make you regret your past but killing innocent folk is not any better than they are."
"We never intended to kill innocent people. I won't lie and say I have never killed anyone innocent but that was never our goal. We were just after the rich and powerful men. It doesn't matter now anyway. I left the gang a long while ago."
You didn't say anything after that, head resting back against the warm stone and watching as the sky slowly turned different shades of orange, red and pink.
You rumaged through your bag before feeling the cool glass against your fingers and pulling the whiskey bottle out. Jungkook looked amused as you took a big swig, handing it to him afterwards. He took the bottle gratefully and took a few big swigs, face scrunching up in distaste but continuing to down the liquid. When the bottle left his lips they were coated in the smooth liquid, glistening in the golden sunlight. He looked pretty. And that wasn't the booze talking... not yet at least.
"What about you? You had to listen to me whining about my shitty childhood, and now I'll listen to your tragic story."
"What makes you think I had a tragic childhood?", you teased, taking the whiskey from him and nipping at the bottle.
"Oh, please!", he huffed, "You are a bounty hunter and you want to tell me that you had a nice childhood? I have heard way better lies than that." You laughed at that, passing the bottle back to him.
"Well, my story is not as dark and dramatic as yours. I just wanted to catch bad guys and get decent money for it. They don't allow women to join the lawmen and even if they did, I guess we have one thing in common; I don't want to have anything to do with those people. I know their system is corrupt, only made to fit rich white men."
Jungkook seemed surprised. You were on different sides, you were supposed to represent the law and everything Jungkook hated but you were agreeing with him? He barely knew anyone that wasn't an outlaw or a beggar that thought like this.
He clutched the bottle tighter and nipped at it again, letting the liquid burn his throat. Maybe, just maybe, if things were different, if you two were to get out of here, you could start again? Get to know each other as people and not as enemies. It was foolish to think of anything in the future, seeing how you were doomed down here, but he wanted to know you. You were pretty, he wasn't blind. If the circumstances had been different he would have loved to bed you.
He shook his head, squeezing one hand into his pocket and pulling out a tiny photograph. You scooted closer until you were sitting next to him, taking the whiskey bottle that was almost empty now. It hadn't been full before, but still.
"This was the gang.", Jungkook explained, passing the photo to you. You looked at the faces, all smiling at the camera. You spotted Jungkook in the middle next to a tall man who had proudly swung an arm over his shoulder. If you didn't know any better you would have assumed that this was just a group of friends getting their picture taken. "That's namjoon, right?", you said and pointed to the tall male. Jungkook nodded, smiling widely. "And that's Jimin, Taehyung, Yoongi, Hoseok and Soekjin." You laughed as you spotted Jin, a wide smile on his lips as he stood on the other side of Jungkook.
Wait a damn minute... wait. a. minute.
"Jin??", you gasped and Jungkook looked at you questioningly. "How is Jin in this picture? He- He's a good friend of mine and he's also a sheriff!"
"Oh, so that's where he went.", Jungkook mumbled to himself but you heard him loud and clear. You waited for him to explain.
"Jin was part of our gang but he mostly just tried to get the law off our back. He taught me a lot about who I am. Unfortunately, he left the gang one year before I did. Said he couldn't identify himself with the gang anymore... with what we had become. It's true, we were more ghosts than people by the end. I'm no saint - I know that - but I guess I never truly knew how much of a lowlife I was until Jin left. He was partly the reason I left a year later. How is he doing? How do you know him?"
"Well, I'd say he's pretty well. He is the sheriff after all, that gets you some decent money. I turned a lot of the targets in that he hung up on the bounty wall. We started chatting and then went out drinking sometimes."
"Oh, so you two are-...?", Jungkook gestured with his hands, trying to bring across his point without actually saying anything, hoping you got what he was trying to ask.
"No! God, no!", you laughed and Jungkook perked up at the pleasant sound. "Just friends. Collegues of sorts. But now it makes a lot of sense why he was trying to convince me to not go after you. He also took down your poster a few times. He always said it was because you were too damgerous and he wanted to protect reckless bounty hunters." You laughed. Imagining Jin in a gang of outlaws, hah! You would have to squeeze some details out of him!
Your face fell instantly. You couldn't. Because you wouldn't see him again. Maybe, just maybe Jin would come to look for you in a few days and find your rotting corpse in this hell hole. You chuckled bitterly to yourself.
"How much is it now?", Jungkook asked.
You took the bounty poster out of the bag and handed it to him. It was a little ragged now but still readable.
"Wow that's a new record. At least they didn't fuck up my face again with an ugly sketch." You smiled again as you watched him read his poster. "I'm sorry that you won't be getting the money now. But at least you managed to eliminate another bad guy. You'll surely be a hero then, right? People only idolize the dead. Like painters, you know? Maybe they'll write a campfire song about the bounty huntress that killed an outlaw by starving both herself and him to death in a canyon." You laughed and slapped his stomach lightly, already having forgotten about his wound. He hissed and moved away from the touch and you panicked. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, I forgot!"
"It's fine.", he spoke through gritted teeth.
"Wait let me see if I disturbed the wound."
You pulled up his shirt, only now noticing the hard muscles that adorned his abdomen. You tried to lift the bandage but the shirt kept falling over your hands. "Take this shit, it's annoying!", you said impatiently. Instead of just holding the shirt up though, he pulled it off over his head, exposing his upper body. You didn't mean to stare but his body was carved by the gods themselves. You tore your gaze away from him and back to the wound. It seemed to be okay, no fresh blood or other substances leaking from it. "Okay, I think everything is fine."
"So you had me remove my shirt for your own entertainment, or-..."
You felt your cheeks getting warm as he teased you, holding your gaze.
"You-! You were the one to remove it! I told you to hold it up!"
"Well you did seem to enjoy it though."
You grabbed the shirt that was laying in his lap and threw it into his face, earning a low chuckle. He grabbed your arm and pulled you next to him again, taking the whiskey and downing the rest of it before turning his head to you. You looked up at his eyes, your own eyes flickering to his lips every so often. They looked plush and pink now, so kissable. Maybe it was the alcohol clouding your senses.
You went to turn away but Jungkook took your chin carefully, angling your face up so you had to look at him before placing his lips on yours in a sweet kiss.
You were surprised, shocked even, but you didn't pull away. His kiss was intoxicating and he tasted to good even though there was a hint of whiskey still on his lips.
He pulled back a few seconds later, looking for something in your eyes. "If your bounty hunter friends saw you right now what would they say?", he teased, voice barely a whisper.
"I think they would grant me one last nice thing before I die.", you whispered back, leaning back into Jungkook and capturing his lips in a more heated kiss. His tongue slid against your mouth and you opened it instantly, letting his greedy tongue explore your wet mouth. You moaned as Jungkook grabbed your hips, pulling you into his lap so he didn't have to crane his neck to the side. You fit into his lap like you belonged there, like you were meant to sit there at all times.
What on earth were you doing?
But did it matter? If you were to die soon, you'd at least be able to boast to the demons of hell that you had fucked Jeon Jungkook.
You ground yourself into his lap and he moaned, almost desperately, as your crotch prerssed against his growing hardness. You felt blood rush to your middle, throbbing in need, at the feeling of his hardening member. He pawed at your shirt, pulling it from your pants and pulling it off your body swiftly. His lips found your neck and colarbones in an instant and didn't miss the opportunity to mark you. He was sucking and biting your skin as you threw your head back, hands tangled into the long curly strands in the back of his head. You kept grinding into his crotch, wanting to hear him moan and hiss.
"Fuck-... If you keep going at it like that, I'll cum in my pants."
"We better get them off then.", you answered, feeling for the buttons and popping them open one after the other. You palmed his hardness through his pants before trying to slide them down further, which wasn't possible due to him sitting on the ground. Instead, Jungkook grabbed his shirt that was by his side, threw it on the ground behind you and gently lowered your back onto it, making sure to not hurt you. Once he was towering over you, you slid his pants down further along with his underwear, grabbing the throbbing and hot member. The skin was silky smooth and precum was already leaking from the red tip. You spat into your hand to make the glide easier and started stroking him. Jungkook dropped his head to your shoulder, groaning as you jerked him off with your soft hands. It had been some time since Jungkook had actually been with someone, so he was trying his hardest to not cum right then and there.
He occupied himself with releasing your breasts from your breastband, simply ripping it open, not patient enough to unravel it slowly. His mouth found your breasts as he kissed them all over, tongue flicking the hardened nubs. You felt yourself getting wetter and wetter as he kissed and licked your body. God, he probably didn't even know what he was doing to you. Oblivious to the mess that coated the inside of your underwear.
You let go of his hardness as he kissed lower and lower, reaching your pants and unbottoning them slowly. He kissed each newly revealed part of skin before pulling off your boots and then the rest of your pants along with your underwear.
"Fuck. I have barely started and you are already soaking wet.", he groaned, lips exploring your hips and thighs. He was growing impatient, you could sense the urgeness in his kisses and touches.
His hands glided up your body again, reaching your breasts and squeezing them gently. He places open mouthed kisses against your mouth, licking into it hungrily. His wet, hot length was pressed against you as he settled in between your legs. "Fuck, you are so pretty, wanted to fuck you since last time you tried to catch me." You groaned at his confession. So he truly did remember you from last time you were trying to kill him.
"Wondered what you'd look like beneath me instead of behind a gun. Screaming my name in esctasy and not anger."
He kissed you gently before grabbing his length and running the silky head through your wet folds, passing by your clit and making you clench around nothingness. "Wanna make you cum. Cry out my name and cling to my body."
You moaned at his dirty words, feeling his head press into your entrance. "You want it?", he asked, kissing your lips and biting the lower one. "Fuck yes, Jungkook. Fuck me, please!"
He didn't waste any longer and burried himself into you deeply. Both of you groaned as he pushed into you until you couldn't take more of him. He was balls deep in you, your walls pulsing around him as he moved slightly. He gave you time to adjust to his size before starting a rythm that felt right for him. You locked your legs behind his hips, pushing him deeper into you with weath thrust. He was setting your body on fire, his length hitting all the right spots inside you.
You moaned and pulled his face into the crook of your neck, holding him so close you didn't know where his body ended and yours began. You could feel tiny stones digging into your back through the shirt he had laid down but you couldn't care less. He was panting next to your ear, skin burning up against you as he fastened his rythm. "Oh fuck- fuck. You feel so good around me. Such a tight little cunt-" You couldn't even respond because you were lost in the feeling of him pushing against your cervix with every thrust. It made you feel so full of him.
He hoisted his body onto his forearm, muscles flexing and giving you a nice view. He took two fingers and brought them to your mouth, making you suck on them. When he was satisfied with your work, he pulled them out, snaking the two digits between your bodies and finally findiny your clit. Your mouth fell open in a silent moan when he drew circles onto the sensitive nub. You clenched around him tightly and he grunted in response. With his fingers working away at your clit, you were barreling towards your orgasm. You wanted to tell him how good he made you feel, how the drag of his cock set your walls on fire and how you were close, so fucking close. But instead only breathy moans left your throat, gripping at his body tightly, as if you were afraid to slip over the edge because you knew it would be overwhelming.
"You- shit, you keep getting tighter. I'm not gonna last long with this tight cunt.", he announced, his rhythm faltering.
"Jungkook- fuck, I'm gonna-", you were silenced as you tipped over the edge, the pleasure almost too much for you to handle. You clenched hard around him, making it almost impossible for Jungkook to keep fucking into you. But he only needed two more thrusts before he was following you into his own high. A throaty groan left him, as he pressed himself into you as far as he could, pulling out only a bit before slamming back in, his release filling you up.
The both of you slowly calmed down, panting heavily against each other's mouths. He kissed you passionatley, moving to your jawline and down your throat. When he pulled back and looked at you, you gently moved the dark strands of sweaty hair out of his face. His eyes were locked with yours and you couldn't help but feel the warmth in your stomach as he looked down at you so lovingly. He proceeded to pull out, his release leaking out of you.
You helped each other dress. No word was spoken, but it wasn't awkward. Both of you still feeling the afterglow of an amazing orgasm.
That's when you head the sounds of hooves on hard stone. Jungkook quickly pulled your body to his, shielding you from the figure that leaned over the edge and peered down at the two of you.
"What in the world-... at least you're alive, I guess."
Tumblr media
Jin had managed to pull Jungkook and you out with the lasso he had brought. The rough rope left slight burns on your skin but you figured it was better than starving to death down there.
While you were reliefed to see your friend, you were also confused as to how he had found you or why he was here in the first place.
"I wanted to help you catch he criminal!", Jin quickly said, grabbing onto Jungkook as if he hadn't casually been standing next to him the entire time. It made sense though. Jin didn't know that you knew of his history with the young outlaw.
"Jin drop the act. I wanna know why exactly you never told me that you were in a gang?!", you said, drinking from Jin's water bottle greedily. He choked on nothing and quickly turned to Jungkook who sheepishly grinned back at him. His ears turned six shades redder as he scratched the back of his neck nervously. "I- I thought it wouldn't bee such a good idea to tell a bounty hunter I was part of Jeon's gang. Who knows what you'd have done to me!", he joked. You scoffed.
"But seriously Hyung, what were you doing out here?", Jungkook piped up.
"Well both of my friends were gonna rip each other apart, couldn't let that happen right?", he laughed before suddenly frowning deeply. "Wait a minute... Wait a goddamn minute! Why the hell aren't the two of you ripping each other apart?"
"Believe me, we were, before we fell down into the ravine."
Jin eyed you suspiciously as he took note of your develished states... from all the fighting, of course!
He didn't question it any further.
The three of you proceed to get your horse that you had left behind as it was currently grazing peacefully. You were sat behind the saddle because Jungkook insisted on taking the reigns. Your arms were holding onto his tiny waist, feeling his muscles through his shirt. He was going to be the death of you. You were careful not to touch his injury, though it could not have been hurting too bad considering how he had fucked you earlier.
Jin had suggested bringing Jungkook to town and treating his wounds before he got going again. You had insited that you should get the fivethousand dollar since you technically were about to turn Jungkook in. Jin had protested to say the least.
As you were halfway there, Jungkook stopped the horse suddenly, making Jin, who had been riding ahead, stop as well and looking over his shoulder questioningly. If you had been able to see Jungkook's face you might have been able to predict his next move but since you couldn't you were more than surprised when he suddenly pushed you off the horse.
"Jungkook what the hell-", you said as you landed in the dirt, shoulder aching slightly.
"Sorry, I think it is better this way.", he grinned. "Also, where would be the fun in just staying? You'll seek me out again. My bounty will keep increasing for sure." A smirk was plastered on his lips as he urged the horse forward. "Until we meet again. I'm looking forward to it."
And with that he was gone. His figure disappearing into the darkness of the night. You couldn't even be mad at him. He had managed to escape from you in the end after all. You smiled to yourself, turning to Jin whose eyebrows were raised in surprise as he watched Jungkook disappear. Maybe he was right, it was better this way, he would have been recognized in town and all hell would've broken loose. Also, this way it would be way more fun.
You chuckled to yourself before you made a devastating realization.
"That fucker just took off with MY horse!"
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