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s e x t a l k
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : jungkook x reader x taehyung
g e n r e : friends w/benefits au
t a g s : roommates!tae and jk, hook-ups, reader’s hot girl summer is here, sneaky link(s), unprotected sex, creampies, oral sex (m & f receiving), fuckboys!tae and jk, dom/sub undertones, possessive!jk, threesomes, degradation, tiny amount of crack+fluff, simps!jk & th, double penetration (two dicks, one hole)
s u m m a r y : you’re seeing two hotties on the down low, getting your back blown out every other night by either one. that is until you find out they’re roommates..
w o r d c o u n t : 6.1 k
Tumblr media
It's officially summertime and you don't plan on doing much unless your friends decide otherwise. You spend your days going out with them to various places such as the beach, clubbing, and house parties of mutual friends alike. It's fun because you meet all sorts of new people and come out with more connections (like a new weed dealer etc).
It's during your nightly escapades that you meet Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. They're friends of your friend Hoseok and some acquaintances you have seen around campus. You already knew of them before because a friend of your friend talked about Jungkook's dick game and some other girl had exposed a sex tape of Taehyung giving her the best head of her damn life. To say you weren't a little curious about them would be a lie.
As much as your interest is piqued by them you don't make a move or show motivation to look for them. If life so happened to put them your way then so be it. You go on with your life like nothing and occasionally run into the two on separate occasions. Though you're only connected through Hoseok who's your bestfriend since eighth grade.
Hoseok takes you to a kickback a classmate of yours is throwing, the party's pretty chill and you wander around talking to everyone because somehow you know them. Hoseok's probably off getting his dick wet or something but you don't bring yourself to care because you're happy for the man. You choose to sit with a group of people well known for being potheads etc.
"y/nnnnnnnn!" Jackson throws his arm around your shoulder, "Been waiting for you to show out all night where the fuck you been?" He laughs, obviously a little cross faded.
You pat him with a grunt and sit back, "Hoseok wanted to eat before so we went for burgers." You mumble and reach for the joint he's holding in his hand. There's a few people you don't recognize and they're all girls sitting around with the likes of Jooheon and Bobby, even Taehyung's here but you brush his presence off.
To these (most likely freshmen) you're a surprise with how casual you are with them. In fact people knew you as a cool, well "chill" person. You had a reputation as a pothead and was well liked by most people you came across, and if you were feeling more scandalous they'd come to know the guys you hooked up with called you a throat goat. Other than that you were well off in school.
"Heard you was back for the summer," Bobby coughs as he hands his joint off to the person next to him, "where'd you go..?"
You take a long drag from the joint, relishing in the good quality as the smoke fills your lungs. "LA," you curtly reply, "shit's crazier over there." You mumble and let out the smoke after a few minutes.
The boys nod collectively, taking hits alongside you as they leave it at that and turn to give their company attention. You relax into the couch, listening to Jackson's wild rants and ideas about life. Your eyes flicker up occasionally and you see Taehyung staring at you and he pays no mind to the girl kissing up his neck.
You hold the joint in your mouth, sitting up and adjusting your jeans all the while keeping your eyes on him. He's hot and he knows what he's doing. You're unsure whether he's ever heard of you but you know you're a familiar face. Taehyung doesn't move at all and flickers his eyes from your face to your waist, tongue peeking out as he licks his upper lip.
His smug little face and playful smile makes you wanna be the one to sit in his lap, but you aren't no thief. He's a taken man for the night and if he wants you.. well he knows what to do.
You get tired of sitting around and pat Jackson to let him know you're leaving. A chorus of 'byes' echo, and you walk away from the circle with the joint tucked between your lips.
You get a few "hey y/n" as you pass by people dancing and drinking. You wave them off and head to a different area to get yourself a couple shots etc. You join a couple girls who offer some shots to you, and soon enough there's ass being thrown back at you and you're still clinging to the tiny burned out joint between your fingertips.
"Hold on," you mumble and make your way back into the kitchen for some water. A body slides up beside you and you see a familiar fluff of black hair, "Hey.." You mumble to Taehyung.
"Was wondering where you went, Jackson sent me with this for you, said something about it bein' for last week." Taehyung dropped a baggy of pre-rolls next to you on the counter, setting his arm down as he caged you between the fridge and him.
You nod slowly acknowledging the gift and continuing on with your search for some water. It comes as a surprise for you to be interacting with Taehyung. "Thought you were busy, need something?" You mumble out once you feel his chest brush against your back.
His cologne is strong but it suits him and you want to smell some more but in your weed fueled mind you find it weird. "Aren't you friends with Seok? How come he's never introduced us? I'm sure we'd make really good friends.." His voice goes a pitch lower towards the end, raspy from the joint he smoked earlier.
Shivers go down your spine and you lick your dry lips unconsciously. "I am and that makes you only Seok's friend. Not mine." You look up at him feeling nervous cause he's so handsome up close and you wonder how all those girls he fucked could maintain any eye contact at all.
Taehyung chuckles softly at your words, "You're so mean," he hummed, eyes half lidded and smile lazy, "you really don't wanna be my friend? Hm...?" He leaned closer with his face mere inches away from yours.
You stare back, a million of things running through your head all at once. Were his lips as soft as his face looked..? Was he a good kisser? Does he French kiss? You wondered all these things and without hesitating you brought him down for a kiss, smacking your lips against his with your arms around his neck. Damn did it feel good.
Taehyung responded almost immediately, hands going down to grip your waist as his thumbs dug into your hips. You tugged him closer to you with your movements a bit rushed and sloppy from the weed in your system. You're both making out furiously in the kitchen harshly breathing through your noses. He reaches down to cup your ass and give it a squeeze through your jeans, moaning into your mouth because of the fat spilling through his fingers.
He hoists you up onto the counter, pulling back to attack your neck with a flurry of kisses. You pant softly and bury your hands in his soft hair to ground yourself. He pulls you closer, dragging you to the edge of the counter and pressing his crotch against yours. You can feel the thick bulge hidden away in his pants, you whine quietly and reach down to stroke him through his jeans.
"Tae," you breathlessly mutter, "fuck me.."
Taehyung grunts softly and grinds his hips into small circles, "My car's parked out in the front, let's go?" He breathes out against your lips, hands already slipping into your jeans and cupping your soft ass cheeks in his hands, idly squeezing the bubbly flesh.
"No," you pull back and stare into his eyes, "right here. Right now." You purred licking his lip as you watched his face morph into one of surprise and shock. He looked like he didn't believe you, so you showed him exactly what he was asking for when he decided to mess with you.
The whole school that night watched in awe as Taehyung pounded you raw on that very counter in front of everyone. People knew you were bold bold and didn't give a shit about anyone's opinions but not Taehyung. He went home still in shock, refusing to even talk about it with Jungkook (who you learned very much later on was his roommate).
It's all his friends talk about and they even make fun of him for it. They say you slut Taehyung out in front of everyone, out freaking him in what he did best. Fucking. He didn't say anything to argue with them. It was true, and now that he had a taste of you he didn't want to stop.
Shit only gets better from there as you and Taehyung see each other more and more. He's obsessed with you at this rate, you ruined any form of sex he liked and all he could do was hope you were free and down to see each other. He was lucky because you were very much enthusiastic to indulge the man.
Something you loved about Taehyung was the way this man gave head, you could lay there for hours with his head between your thighs. It was an added bonus the things he could do with his tongue that had you creaming and shaking.
It feels like time slows down as the heavy pleasure weighs down on you. Your lips part in a silent 'o' as your shaky hands come down to grip his soft curly locks. He's got one hand gripping the back of your knee, lifting your leg up in the air while the other mindlessly floats in the air to get that angle. Your panties are strewn around your dangling ankle and you're wearing only one of Taehyung's old band t-shirts you found on his bed.
Taehyung makes a loud slurping noises and his saliva coats your plump and swollen clit. You push his side a little to the side and sigh loudly when a new wave of pleasure hits you. "There.." You mumble breathily, holding his head in place as your hips grind in slow small circles against his tongue.
He doubles his efforts and lets out a soft moan as the vibrations make your hips jump. He practically smothers his face in your cunt and moves his head side to side with his lips firmly attached to your clit. You let out a broken cry, back arching forward as you went stiff. You desperately pushed your hips up against his mouth and breathily whined because it felt soo good and he was hitting all the right spots.
Taehyung reached with his free hand to slide at least two fingers into the creamy mess as he pushed them in with a audible squelch. Your eyes flutter shut for a second, chest heaving as you throw your head back and stare up at the ceiling because Taehyung knocks the air out of you. He doesn't start the pace slow, no, he immediately plunges both fingers in and out of you at a fast pace. He's got them curled so he hits that special place inside of you.
You melt against the sheets and moan louder because he's sucking on your clit and pairing it with his perfectly timed strokes. You let go of his hair and grab on to the pillows with breathless moans and whines, "God Tae, fuck keep going," you moan and let your head roll back on to the pillow, "gonna cum.."
He can feel your pussy tightening around his fingers and he grins softly against your wet folds. He pulls back to watch your blissed out face as you squirm on the sheets below him. He doesn't stop jabbing his fingers upward, pace getting faster and faster until he sees the familiar quiver of your thighs. "Cum," he grins as he places a hand on your pelvis and holds you down, "get 'em nice and wet... Bet you won't even need lube cause you got a sloppy little cunt, 's drooling for me, beggin' for me to put my cock in and fuck you stupid."
You let out a long moan at his words and feel your clit throb as your orgasm slowly hits. You're left utterly breathless, heart beating a little too hard in your chest as you try and get his hand to stop. He fucks you through your orgasm and only slows down when he sees that the overstimulation is hitting. "Gonna take my cock like a good little slut?" He asks as he taps the tip against your drenched folds.
"Mmhm." You nod and open your shaky legs even further, "I don't want it slow Tae," you mumble softly though the way your eyes droop tell another story.
Taehyung laughs under his breath and hooks your legs around his hips, he leans over your body and pumps his cock through the mess you made. "Want it hard?" He croons softly, "And how's that? You can barely even stay awake."
You hummed, "Fuck me slow then, gonna relax." You softly say and bring your hand down and join his as you stroke his hard throbbing cock. You take his cock and position it at your messy pussy, biting back a moan as he slowly rolls his hips forward. "Fuck.." You sigh.
Taehyung's in bliss his lips fall open as he moans quietly, the sound that comes from your pussy has his mind reeling. He takes ahold of your hips and holds you nice and steady as he begins to roll his hips forward. You lick your dry lips and set your hands next to your head as you grip the pillow. Your pussy's a little sore from the rough fingering but this slow pace makes up for it.
He pants quietly as he quickens his pace but never fully presses into you. He doesn't quite pound you but the pace is fast enough that it leaves you out of breath. You reach down to gentle rub at your clit in slow small circles, eyes locked on Taehyung's as he fucks you. He's biting his lip, focusing on the way you rub yourself and the way his cock slides in and out.
There's a ring of white cream that comes when Taehyung pulls out, he slows down to watch the way your pussy creams some more. His breath stutters as he reaches down to smear around his cock before he pushes his hips to the hilt and stays there balls deep within you. You softly moan at the feeling of him being all the way inside of you, "Mmm-right there..." You lift your hips up to lazily rut against him, "Shit-"
Taehyung hisses softly, "Hold on baby," he pulls out swiftly and lays down next to you, patting your thigh as a signal, "get on baby, ride me like you mean it."
Your mouth waters at the sight of his cream coated cock, you want to lick it all up but you suppose maybe afterwards. "Lay all the way back," you mumble and throw your leg over his waist as you straddle him, "like that." You grab his cock once more and hover over it as you push down with a long quiet moan.
Taehyung's eyes fall shut and he rolls his head back as he squeezes your ass in appreciation. You bite your lip and pick yourself up only to drop down in his lap with a wet smack. He groans a little louder, clearly not expecting you to do that.
"Fuck..!" He gasps out.
You grin down at him and brace your hands on his chest as you begin to ride him like no tomorrow. You're bouncing in his lap with audible loud slaps as your ass connects with his pelvis. Your pussy's making a loud wet noise and the bed's creaking just a little from the force of your bounces. Taehyung's moaning louder, hands holding on to dear life as you ride the hell out of him.
Your head is thrown back, moans flowing freely and hips moving quickly. Your thighs ache but it isn't too bad because you like to ride and when you have control it's all over for your partner. You prop yourself up with your hands coming behind you to settle on his thighs as you lift your hips and slam down just as hard. You're building up a sweat and you're getting a little louder with your noises of pleasure.
"Fuck y/n," Taehyung pants, he hates and loves when you do this because the pleasure's so damn good but at the same time it always makes him cum faster. "Shit, shit, slow down," He cries out as he feels his cock throb pathetically and his lower stomach coils.
You moan loudly and swirl your hips in a slow circle, "Fuck no, gonna cum," you moan out.
He helplessly cries out as you resume your punishing pace. He grits his teeth and focuses on the wet slide and clapping noises the come from your filthy fucking. Taehyung lets out a long loud moan when he's hit with his orgasm, he feels boneless afterwards and has to slow you down cause the tug on his cock feels too much. You grind against him and reach down to rub you clit quickly to join him in his afterglow.
Moments later you're collapsing next to him on the bed with a breathless huff, "My fuckin' cunt feels numb and my thighs are shaking.."
Taehyung pants, looking at you like he's either in love or he's "mad". "You're insane, my fuckin' dick almost fell off cause you were going crazy." He said as he rolled back to stare up at the ceiling while he tried to catch his breath.
You smirk to yourself, "There's a lot of cum in me," you softly add. Taehyung's cock gives a weak twitch and it has you laughing because he's shameless.
Whenever Taehyung's busy you find yourself meeting with Jungkook instead. You had met the guy when Hoseok brought him along for bbq one night. He tried wooing you like he did to those helpless girls back on campus but you ran the game so shit like that didn't work. You took the chance to speak with him when Hoseok went to the bathroom as you looked at him dead on.
"I'm not looking for a relationship either and if I'm being honest I've been wanting to fuck you for a while now so why don't we just cut to the chase and you can give me your insta or whatever the fuck you feel comfortable with, yeah?" You try to give him a friendly smile but it's kinda dumb so you settle for your resting bitch face.
Jungkook's sitting there looking shocked as hell, "Oh." He didn't realize his intentions towards you were THAT obvious. He shrugs and drops his whole prince charming façade as he smirks playfully, "Well I mean I didn't know you get down like that," he calmly says, "but me and you? We're gonna get along justtttt fine." He grins.
And so you do...
Whenever you so happen to not be busy with Taehyung, Jungkook hits you up and you both meet at your place because he works nearby and usually he tends to ask you whenever he's getting off work. You think you're getting a reasonable and healthy amount of dick, probably why you're so stress free at school and seem in better moods. Hoseok makes fun of you for it too.
Jungkook excelled in all aspects of sex, you thought Taehyung was the only one? Boy were you proved wrong. Somehow, someway Jungkook pushed you to your limits and did things that brought out a whole new side of you. Taehyung made you wet, had you fucking creaming from a fingering session but Jungkook? Jungkook could do the same shit but had you squirting.
Now you aren't much of a squirter, you only come across that whenever you push yourself and keep going after your orgasms. Jungkook didn't even have to try, he'd have you squirting on the first try whether he was using his fingers, tongue, or cock. You almost said "I love you" from a particular fucking that had left you crying softly and shaking.
You compare the both of them. Taehyung's more of a "let me drag this out" type of pleasure as he teases and builds you up. Jungkook gets to it because "there's more where that came from" as he gives you orgasms back to back. Not to mention their heavenly cocks. Taehyung's a little above average, he's got a thick girth and veiny shaft. Jungkook's a little more longer than Taehyung, equally thick yet curved so he's hitting all those right spots.
You wonder which world did you save in your past life to get this lucky with the both of them?
Jungkook likes lingerie, not those over the top sets but maybe a matching set or a pair of raunchy lace panties or one pieces. You indulge him cause you're hot and you think you look fucking delicious in lingerie. What you buy certainly blows his mind.
You end up getting a black lace one piece, it hugs your curves in all the right places and the chest part is lace see-through. You adjust the straps on your shoulders and do a double take on your ass cause you can't stop staring at it. "Fuck it." You mumble and get your phone as you snap a series of pictures. You send them to Taehyung, Jungkook, your friend, and then your other friend cause you want the hype.
Jungkook had sent you a 'i'm here' text right when your picture sent. You grin because shit's about to hit the fan.
Jungkook ended up liking the lingerie too much cause he was overzealous to get his hands on you.
You end up getting fucked on your bed with your legs thrown over his shoulders. You got your tit hanging out of the lingerie as it jiggles in tandem with his thrusts. He had only yanked the piece to the side and stuck his cock in that way. You weren't complaining cause it had cost you a bit too much for you not to end up getting fucked in it.
"Jungkook...!" You huff out, somehow Jungkook always manages to get you to moan louder and step out of your little quiet zone. 
The rhythmic sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room as Jungkook slams his pelvis into yours and watches the way your ass jiggles back at him. He's got his dark eyes set on your bouncing jiggling tits, occasionally reaching up to flick his thumb over your pebbled nipple. You get goosebumps all over and release a soft moan at the tingling sensation that comes from your chest. 
"Gonna let me be the only one to have this pussy doll?" He groans and emphasizes his words with a harsh slap of his hips that jostles you, "Hm? Gonna stop being a slut and letting anyone have it? All they gotta do is mention their dicks and you'll be right there with your legs wide open isn't that right?" He coos and grabs on to your tit hard. 
You garble out a moan and arch your back, he's got your knees shaking weakly as you struggle to keep them from sliding off his shoulders. "Y..es.." You whimper, pussy fluttering like crazy from his little dirty talk. 
Jungkook grins, "Right," he mocks as his hips grind deep into yours, "Bet you don't even know what the hell I just told you. Too cock stupid to even understand huh baby?" He muses out as he lets your tit go in favor of slithering his hand up your throat and holding you in place. "Answer me doll." 
Your tongue peeks out and you slowly lick your lips watching as he goes feral from it, "Only yours," and right when you see his familiar cocky grin overcome his features you add a, "for today." He loses all cool and plows you. 
"Oh yeah baby?" Jungkook growls as he squeezes your throat tight and hammers into your soppy pussy. He's relentless and his stamina comes out into play as he takes you by surprise and slams into you harder and harder. To the point you're squirting bits of slick every few seconds and making a mess on your sheets below. 
Your body moves upwards with each thrust as he sends you to cloud nine. You're crying softly because it's overwhelming you, the pleasure comes in hot punishing spurts as it makes you squirm like crazy. "Shit...! Jungkook..!" You whisper out as your eyes squeeze shut, mouth falling open as moans flow freely. 
"Fucking slut." He growls as he keeps his eyes set on you, "Opening your legs and giving out what's mine. You may be letting others fuck ya baby but just remember," his voice drops an octave as he whispers in your ear, "who makes you squirt? Who makes you cry.." He whispers and lets his tongue run over your ear lobe. 
You come undone from just that, crying out loudly and going stiff when you squirt around the man and get the sheets below drenched. "Fuck! Fuck!" You cry out, head thrown back and body shuddering from his thrusts. 
Jungkook pants into your ear, shuddering from the way you clench tightly around his cock. He rolls his hips forward a few more times until he's coming inside and filling you with his thick gooey cum. It makes you quiver, hands weakly pushing at his hips as you're left unable to speak or do much. 
"Fuck baby," He sighs, content from the rough session of sex, "see you next week." He mumbles out giving your thigh a pat of appreciation. 
You hum, definitely looking forward to next time..
Now, how long did you really think you were going to keep fucking both of the homies without anyone of them finding out? You figured not long because Jungkook was slowly starting to hit you up whenever Taehyung did or whenever you were with one of them vice versa. Up until now they didn't know cause you always fucked Taehyung while Jungkook was out at work, and Jungkook always went over to your place. 
Things were working in harmony until one day when they weren't. 
You're getting your back blown out by Taehyung in his goddamn living room for fucks sake. Broad daylight and you're bent over the arm of the couch whining and panting as he sends you to another dimension. "Fuckkk." You drag out as he sets his hands on your lower back to make you arch even further. 
"Lift your leg a little," Taehyung grunts out as he slows down to a slow grind so that you had time to change your position without him jostling you.
You go to do as he says when you hear the front door opening, you look up lazily with your tongue poking out when suddenly a familiar black bucket hat walks into the room. Taehyung mumbles something about his roommate being early. Holy shit. You're frozen and in shock, how could you not have noticed? 
Taehyung always did describe his roommate to be like Jungkook at times and he even let a few details slip like "oh Kook's probably dropping by for something later" or "Kook's bringing pizza in case you wanna stay". Stupid, stupid. You mentally berate yourself for not piecing the evidence together. You have seen Jungkook's shoes in the front for fucks sake! 
Jungkook tosses his bucket hat to the side and sighs, tossing his keys into a bowl and running a hand through his hair. "Hey Tae." He goes to greet the other when his eyes suddenly land on your bent form, butt naked as the day you were born and hickeys covering your throat (proud work from Taehyung). 
Taehyung hums, "Hey Kook." He greets as if he isn't balls deep in you. 
Jungkook is quiet for a few more seconds before he puts two and two together and he lets out a breath of disbelief, "Hm.. I see what's going on here." He pushes his tongue against his cheek looking pissed off, "You know when I said you let just about anyone have it you sure know how to pick 'em don't you y/n?" He mocks as he steps forward. 
"What?" Taehyung mumbles as he pulls back just a little before it clicks in his head too, "She's fuckin' you too Kook?" He chuckles lazily, "Finally the girl who's got you by your balls has been revealed, Kook over here was going crazy over this little pussy of yours." He croons in your ear and gives your pussy a pat. 
"Oh yeah asshole? Well now I know the girl you fucking simp over and take photos of so you can hang them in your room." Jungkook sneers back as he folds his arms over his chest.
 You're mildly alarmed by Jungkook's words and look back at Taehyung with a unimpressed look, "Really dude? Couldn't have just asked? Just sayin'." You softly say, "Whatever grinds your gears." 
"I'm not a fucking pervert!" Taehyung groans, "Listen you just gonna stand there or you gonna let me go back to what I was doing?" He says to Jungkook in annoyance, "My dick's about to go soft with just the sight of you." 
"Fine, but I want in too." Jungkook grins as he takes his jacket off. 
He what now? 
Surely he isn't serious, at least you think he isn't..
 Then you find yourself in a predicament. You're in Taehyung's lap facing Jungkook as he's sliding his cock through the slippery mess of lube and slick. You're terrified out of your mind to even think of having them both in you at the same time. Taehyung's more relaxed, cock throbbing from inside you as he watches with hazy eyes as Jungkook works his own cock inside alongside his. 
"Holy shit," Jungkook grits his teeth as he digs his nails into your thighs, "still so fucking tight." He mutters and inches in to you slowly. 
You let out a low whine of fear but that's not the point, your cunt's tense and so are you. It feels like pressure and a small twinge of pain from your perineum stretching, like a small stinging/burning sensation. It's not uncomfortable and you can bear with it. It just feels like time is ticking by really slow for you. 
"Almost there," Jungkook says as he eases another inch or two into you. 
Taehyung kisses on your shoulder and neck to distract you from the pain as he reaches down between Jungkook and you to fondle your swollen clit. You softly moan, feeling more wetness get coaxed out of you, "Just move, can't bottom out with Tae inside." You murmur softly, "I'm good, promise." 
Jungkook shares a look with Taehyung and the two give in, "Tap my thigh if it's too much." Taehyung relents as he adjusts his grip on you, "Okay?" 
You nod in affirmation and a tiny gasp leaves you when Jungkook begins to thrust in to the best  of his abilities. Taehyung waits a little and then rolls his hips forwards to join Jungkook's. They create this rhythm, one goes in and the other is barely sliding back out though both cocks stretch you to your limits and your g-spot is being hit dead on by you don't know. 
"Oh god," you whimper and throw your head back on Taehyung's shoulder, "fuck meeee..!" You whined out as your thighs shook a little more than usual, "So fucking deep." You gasped. 
Jungkook grunted quietly as he focused on the tempo he and his friend had set. It felt heavenly, the tight fit around his cock sent tremors down his spine. He could feel the disgusting wet slide of his cock rubbing against Taehyung's shaft whenever he was pushing in and the latter was pulling back out. Taehyung was quietly panting against your shoulder as he holds you tight in his arms. 
You rock between the two of them, low whimpers and cries leaving your lips due to the burning pleasure you feel. Your toes curl and you lift your hips a little seeing stars bursting behind your eyelids, "Oh shit!" You cry, it had made both cocks stroke your sensitive walls and cause more pleasure for you. 
You can't escape them, if you move up you're basically pushing up into Jungkook and feeling Taehyung slide back out. It's equally mind blowing and you just don't want this to stop ever despite feeling full and stretched out. 
"Greedy little slut," Jungkook grunts out of nowhere, "couldn't just have one cock now could you? Had to go and find a way to satisfy this slutty pussy didn't you?" He pants softly as he leans down to suck hickeys on to your skin, "Maybe we shouldn't even let you cum, do you even deserve it after being a bad girl and fucking Taehyung behind my back?" 
Taehyung lets out a little grunt, "Pump and dump," He replies, "I mean how many times we make this greedy little slut cum Jungkook? I think it's only fair we get to cum this time don't you think baby?" He asks you with a soft moan in your ear. 
You tremble a little, panting as your pussy flutters around their cocks and tightens just a tiny bit because the telltale signs of your orgasm is building up. Jungkook slaps your cheek lightly, "Pay attention now baby, we asked you something." 
"Mmmmm.... told you, you weren't the only ones." You softly reply because you're out of it, close to coming and feeling like you'll pass out. 
They smirk at your little snarky reply, deciding to set a unforgiving pace as they rock into you harshly now. It jostles you and weak cries are leaving your mouth, you're so so close and you reach down to rub your clit in slow circles. Taehyung sees this and replaces your hand with his own, playing and slapping your swollen bud. 
"Tae..! Jungkook...!" You call out and without any warning you cum hard, shaking and gasping. 
Jungkook bites his lips and yanks his cock out, "Fuck get her over here, gonna put that mouth to good use." He pants as he holds his lubed up cock. 
Taehyung struggles to get you to bend over just a little in his lap as he pushes you towards Jungkook, "Open wide baby," he purrs softly, "give Kook a treat for treating you so nicely." 
Your lips part and you open your mouth to take in Jungkook's wet cock. It's drenched in the flavored lube and some tangy saltiness from his pre-cum and your slick. He tangles his hand in your hair and bobs your head at the pace he wants to go, sighing and moaning. "Fuckkkk, like that baby you're doing so fucking good for me." He smirks. 
Taehyung grips your hips, rocking you back and forth on his lap as he focuses on his own release. He pants and moans lowly, lips forming a small 'o' as he throws his head back with his eyes closed, "Shit she's so fucking wet Kook can barely fuckin' feel her." 
"Slut's all fucked out, prolly even gaping from two cocks being stuffed into her slutty pussy." Jungkook groans in return as his hips stutter, "Shit, shit, shit," He moans long and loud as he cums down your throat, making you gag and sputter around his cock. 
Taehyung's orgasm hits him cause the sounds of you slobbering all over Jungkook comes straight from a wet dream or something. He slumps into the couch with a low whine because his cock is twitching and spurt after spurt of cum fills you. "Shit that's so fucking sexy." 
"Did so good," Jungkook smirks as he pulls out of your mouth and watches you cough up a little cum and saliva, "so, so good.." He pats you. 
You're fucked out, everything in your body is screaming at you to go and lie down cause you were tired. You fought off a wave of sleepiness as your body slowly cooled down and your body just relaxed after the orgasm they both gave you. "Want a bath... and a nap." You softly say. 
Both men stare down at you with fondness in their eyes, "Yeah? You want some wings too?" Jungkook teases cause he knows you're very tired and probably talking out your ass. 
"Boneless please, ooh and some garlic bread and pizza please." You say looking up at him with a serious gaze, "Better be here when I get out of the shower... Tae give me your shirt-"
There was no way they could ever deny you, their favorite little cumdump <3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jiminrings · a day ago
four seven eight; intermission.
wordcount: 4k
glimpse: you don’t plan on coming home tonight.
alternatively, you and yoongi go out for drinks together.
[ part one + intermission + part two + intermission 02 + finale ]
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :) | series masterlist
You and Yoongi go way back.
The two of go way back to when you would occasionally see each other in acting workshops, a silent understanding between the two of you that you were both supported by parents that went through hoops to get you there. The two of you were similar, wearing white shirts that’s been scrubbed vigorously by your mothers along with the newest, trendiest shoes (they aren’t even broken in) in order for their children to fit in.
You didn’t know each other back then, but there was a mutual respect.
The two of you go way back when you were past the workshop days and into the harrowing realities of being fumbling extras who didn’t even get paid, all for the desperation to put atleast something in your resume. The two of you would find yourselves in the same sets sometimes, in the backrooms eating packed lunch in the fear that eating from the catering table where the actual actors eat would deduct money from your already miniscule paycheck.
The two of you weren’t close at all back then, but you knew each other’s names at the very least.
You go way back when you’re past awkward filler roles and into the laughable arena of applying to become a supporting cast member in the background. You had no choices for roles, or atleast didn’t have the liberty to do so because you were that desperate. It was a matter of perseverance over dignity, taking forgettable roles left and right and moving on to the next.
You and Yoongi go way back, but not a lot of people know.
You’re bound to see articles about it someday now, a complete video compilation of all the dramas the both of you appeared in together, be it a role that’s equally as forgettable or shitty.
There’s no doubt about the media traffic the two of you will accumulate once that happens, especially now when the two of you are in a club where phones weren’t required to have stickers on the cameras. 
“Wanna grab a drink?” he asked just an hour ago, making it his celebratory treat since the pilot episode officially premiers tomorrow; that was the first reason. The second, more pressing reason was because you seemed like you needed it. 
When your on-screen partner blanks out for a minute when the interviewer asks her if she has a partner in life, Yoongi’s first thought is to take said on-screen partner out for drinks as stress relief.
Unsurprisingly, this is the first time Yoongi’s ever experienced the exact scenario.
You can count on Yoongi to make the club seem like a relaxing place while you’re in his presence. It’s always just been the same about him even when the two of you were merely strangers; calm. Somehow the two of you are thinking of the same thing because the scene that unfolds now — the two of you out of work and hanging out together, just like old times.
Yoongi’s calm but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have a big mouth. He asks before he thinks this time, a question that undoubtedly crossed his mind even before tonight.
“Why did we even stop being friends?” he asks curiously. He was just like you in a sense, actively choosing to address whatever it is that bugs his mind.
The two of you are alike in that sense that you don’t find yourself being weirded out from the otherwise intimate question he just asked, giving him the first answer that appears in your head when you think of him and the past.
“You got too big for me.”
Yoongi, for a lack of better term, became an overnight success after he was announced to portray the younger version of a veteran actor in a periodical drama. It was sudden, you knew he didn’t expect it either back then because just the other day, the two of you talked about applying together to a completely different production. Yoongi had a role to appear alongside you, as the barista who luckily had seven lines of dialogue in a romcom whereas you had three. 
The barista gig was the biggest role he had yet, but the night that the periodical drama’s casting was announced, and Yoongi didn’t answer your calls and you didn’t see him the next day either for the shoot — you knew.
You knew that Yoongi made it big.
“Did I really?” he tilts his head, chewing on his bottom lip in thought. No, the overnight success he had wasn’t fifteen minutes of fame. It’s been years and he only gets bigger. But hearing what you thought of him, the claim that your friendship fell out because he got too big for you, Yoongi suddenly doesn’t feel so good.
You affirm and the two of you know that he didn’t really need much more confirmation. Yoongi’s expressive, you could see every emotion and realization that queues behind his eyes. He wasn���t predictable per se but he was readable; attainable if you will.
Yoongi’s curiosity is far from satiated because this time he scoots closer to you, shoulders bumping and head tilting to get the point across that he’s absolutely serious about what he was gonna ask next.
“Hey, I have another question,” he hums, stifling a chuckle when he runs the question through his head and realizes that he must be really nosey to ask you this directly. “You can just dodge this if you want to.”
You shrug emptily but there’s a mutual understanding that the two of you are alike, knowing from the get-go that you aren’t avoidant. 
“But what was that awhile ago?” Yoongi finally bursts at the seams because the question’s been bugging him for hours now, recalling the urge to ask you right then and there during the live interview because he was that curious. “You’re not really single, are you?”
The laugh that escapes you is needed. It’s sudden and short but it’s welcome. There’s nothing particularly funny about the question, it was just that from the entirety of the people you came across after the interview, from the executive producer, to Jimin and the staff members who knew of the truth, all the way down to your stylist Seokjin who’s your husband’s cousin — it’s Yoongi that asks about you the situation first.
“I’m married, unfortunately,” you snicker, shaking your head before taking a sip of your drink that you’ve neglected for far too long. You admit it, a little bitter knowing that the truth of it to Jungkook who’s the other half of the marriage, treats it as if it’s a hard pill to swallow.
If Yoongi’s surprised, he doesn’t let it show. You’re certain that he must have an inkling somehow because you weren’t hiding in the first placing, knowing that you’ve taken calls from Jungkook and told him I love you while he was getting prepped in the same dressing room.
“Ah, I was supposed to confess that I have a crush on you. Too bad.”
Yoongi doesn’t have to think if you’re surprised because you clearly let it show.
“Shut up,” you egg on, lightly slapping his arm while coming closer to interrogate him further. “Do you really?”
Yoongi isn’t drunk. He’s only had half of a drink and all he has is a sheen pink flush. The two of you came here together in his car and he sure as hell won’t let you drive his car back (no offense) especially because he was stingy with others driving it.
It’s a revelation that slips casually out of him, and Yoongi can’t tell why doesn’t feel nervous at all. Saying that he has a crush on you not a second after you told him you were married isn’t the brightest idea at all. He doesn’t even know what exactly compelled him to say it out loud because he thought he would only keep it to himself all this time.
But just like you, Yoongi isn’t avoidant.
“I had a crush on you when we were just extras back then but it passed,” he admits, crossing his arms while laughing. “Then we reconnected and yeah, I think I have a crush on you again.”
“Too bad that I’m married then,” you joke with your tongue on your cheek, scoffing playfully while looking down on your knees that are just right beside each other while there are no other people in the booth.
“Aw. Can’t you keep me on the side?” Yoongi returns the joke, making you laugh harder that it makes him turn even more sincere. “No but really, I don’t have a crush on you in that homewrecker way or something.”
Ruining your marriage is the last thing he’ll ever do. When he admitted his crush on you, he did it for the sake of just getting it out there, no other ill intention behind it.
“I just admire you, if that makes sense,” Yoongi says truthfully, and your knees tremble at the sincerity behind his words. He was just so expressive that you don’t have to work your mind over it, because if Yoongi told you now that he loves you, you would believe him. “I admire you in that co-worker with good work ethics, dream person type of way.”
You aren’t this silent. Normally you’d have a comeback ready but Yoongi was just so like you that seeing a mirror image of yourself say something beyond sincere renders you speechless, your voice later returning meek.
“Why would you admire me?”
Yoongi doesn’t know why you’d even ask but he indulges you, peering down when he gives you a small smile.
“Like you said, I got too big for you.” Read: When I got too big for you, I missed you through it all.
Yoongi doesn’t regret admitting his crush on you but what he does regret is the realization that comes along with it, making him scoff. His posture slips down from the booth, making his head eye-level to your neck.
You return the gesture, slipping down the tiniest bit so he could rest his head on your shoulder.
“Why didn’t I reconnect with you earlier? That’s stupid of me,” he scolds himself, sighing at what could’ve been the easiest fix to your friendship because of distance you had from his overnight success. He tries not to dwell on the lost time, instead going back to his previous point. “But do you get what I’m saying? I wish that when I got big years ago, you went big with me.”
“I wished I could take you with me.” 
“I wished you took me with you back then,” you admit sincerely. You weren’t really angry at Yoongi back then because you were happy for him — you knew that if anyone were to be an overnight success, Yoongi would be the one who’s able to sustain it.
You were upset, not angry. You felt that it was unfair, not because you weren’t just suddenly casted as a younger version of a veteran actress just like Yoongi, but because Yoongi suddenly forgot about you. Because he got too big for you and suddenly, you weren’t the friend he’s known for years. Overnight, you were forgotten as the friend who gave him numerous pep talks that one day, the two of you would make it big. He made it first, and didn’t spare a single text as to how you’ve been.
“I used to always bring up your name as my on-screen partner for whatever role I got,” Yoongi adds. This is the first time you’ve heard of it along with the other countless things he’s said tonight, sending you a sheepish smile. “This was the only time they heard me.”
You’re not mad. You’re secure to the point that you know you would’ve been casted still in In Terms of Eternity even if Yoongi didn’t boost your name. But god, your pride’s taken too many hits that you aren’t as safeguarded anymore so you ask, wanting to hear it from himself.
“If you didn’t recommend my name to Namjoon and the rest before I auditioned, would I still have been picked?”
“Of course you would.” 
Yoongi answers immediately and it’s almost as if he’s mad that you even doubted it, head rolling on your shoulder to feign flicking you on the forehead, making you dodge it nonetheless.
“Look at you. You thrive on your own,” he nudges you, no hesitation in his tone. “You’re only gonna get bigger from now, Y/N. Your only way is up.”
You might have took a while to make it big, but atleast you’re here now instead of later and that’s what matters.
“You’re gonna be bigger than me,” Yoongi says with conviction, the sudden tone of seriousness in his voice making you nervously chuckle.
“Can’t we just maintain whatever it is that we have now?” your lips quip, unsure if you even wanted to know the answer.
Most times, takes more from you than what it gives. You know it because your manager engrains it to your head to the point that you don’t associate yourself to controversy even if it would give you publicity. You practically became big overnight, no hesitation in saying that you’re scared you’ll fall just as quick.
“Was it scary back then?” your voice turns small, making Yoongi peek at you from having his cheek pressed to the fabric of your hoodie. “Was it scary making it big overnight?”
“It was,” he hums, almost wincing. “It still is.”
“What’s your husband’s name?” he suddenly asks, making you answer just as quickly because you thought he was changing the topic because he was getting uncomfortable.
Yoongi smiles, patting you on the knee. “Jungkook would be there for you when it starts getting scary.”
“I don’t think he would be there for me,” you admit in a scoff, the sudden downpour of what seems to be your insecurities making your head hang to look at your hands. “What would you feel if your husband can’t go to your huge drama’s presscon because he celebrated his anniversary with his ex?”
Yoongi winces now that he’s given the context, making him whistle before downing his shot.
You nod in understanding because hearing it doesn’t really sound as pretty, an uneasy chuckle leaving you as you open up further. “We’re kinda going through a rough patch right now.”
“Nah,” you reply. “Just a break from each other for a month. I’ll crash at a friend’s house tonight, wake up early tomorrow to get my stuff while Jungkook’s asleep, then drive to my old house and spend the rest of the month there.”
“So I can still be your side piece for a month?”
Yoongi’s funny.
Yoongi’s endearingly playful that it makes you laugh heartily, making you forget for a second that you thought you were just gonna come to the club with him to get some drinks and mope. “You’re annoying.”
He definitely doesn’t have the full picture yet but he’s starting to piece it together. Yoongi will only take what you give and not overreach for any more because he doesn’t want to intrude, yet the question leaves him once again before he gets to think.
“He loves you though, right?”
“I know he loves me,” you mean it. You know it. There’s guilt that sticks to your throat because you think you’re being irrational and selfish for what you’re about to say next, but you can’t swallow it; you need to spit it out to get rid of it. “I just want him to love me more than I love him.”
“I get that,” he nods, eyes slowly blinking. “Who doesn’t want to be loved more after all?”
“You,” you automatically snort, looking down at him on your shoulder. “Didn’t you just ask twice to be my side piece?”
This time it’s Yoongi who laughs harder, throwing his head back that it momentarily makes him lose the center of his gravity that you have to hoist him up by the arm.
The two of you were alike in that sense too, maybe. That once you were happy, you lose all perception of what’s around you.
What’s only thirty feet away from you is a struggling media entertainment intern that’s desperate for his news breakthrough, having half the mind to wander into a club to blow off some tension.
Thirty feet away from you is a desperate, struggling intern who has the newest version for a phone and has zoom on his camera. 
Thirty feet away from you, and perhaps either thirty minutes or thirty days away from you, is a snowball waiting to happen. But you don’t know, and neither does Yoongi.
“Hey Y/N?” Yoongi nudges you with a slightly voice that’s increasing in concern, slowly fixing his posture until he’s sat properly on the booth.
“What does Jungkook look like?”
“Big nose and big, big round eyes,” you describe, tilting your head at what other features make him distinct. “On the buffer side. Has a tattoo sleeve.”
“That checks out,” Yoongi nods at you robotically, humming with no tune to it. “Your husband’s here and I think he wants to kill me.”
The sentence alone makes you straighten your posture, whipping your eyes around to see correctly enough, Jungkook marching towards you. He looks broody, the way he walks to you determined not helping your inner thoughts either.
He gets to you even before you could exit to save yourself from the scene he’s unlikely to cause but you’re still willing to avoid, the voice getting caught in your throat when he wastes no greetings.
“You’re drunk. Let’s go home.”
“Yeah, she kinda went crazy on the gin,” Yoongi inserts himself to the conversation, nodding and saying the truth to ease the situation he’s just known of minutes ago.
Jungkook clenches his jaw, snapping before he belatedly gives Yoongi a pointed glare.
“Shut the fuck up. I wasn’t talking to you.”
Your friend’s fazed, the realization that he was rendered speechless from your husband’s bluntness making him resort to mumbling to himself. “And he’s the main piece.”
You can’t say your goodbyes properly to Yoongi because you try to match Jungkook’s pace, walking alongside him with an edge to your step. “Why are you here?” you ask bitterly. “Our break started today. You don’t have to pick me up. You didn’t even pick me up when we weren’t on a break.”
Jungkook’s beyond irritated with you but that doesn’t mean he won’t open the door for you, walking to the driver’s side before closing the door with enough force to rattle the car. He’s jealous and he’s just angry, breathing noticeably heavy when he returns your attitude.
“Why, did I ruin your fun with Yoongi?”
“You actually did, yeah.”
“Is he a newborn? Can’t support his head at all so he puts it on your shoulder?”
It’s perhaps a fault in your part that you let Yoongi rest his head on your shoulder but in your defense, you saw no malice in it because he’s just a friend. You don’t know if Jungkook sees it for the way that you do, but it’s clear you had no intention of pissing him off because in the first place, you didn’t even expect to see him picking you up at the club.
The two of you are angry and never did it mix correctly. Jungkook’s too jealous and way in over his head that he can’t even form words, and you’re too frustrated that you can’t form the right ones.
“I’m single,” you pipe in the temporary status gently to remind him because come to think of it, Jungkook found you because he chose to. You don’t even reckon telling him of your whereabouts since you weren’t exactly on speaking terms since this morning.
“I’m your husband.”
Jungkook says it with absoluteness, his eyes trained on the side of your face because you don’t even want to look at him.
“I’m not hearing you.”
His breath clearly hitches but you have no patience left in you to form guilt, all of you remaining of energy being dedicated to your change of plans. 
You figure that you must have left a couple of shirts and more in your old house that you moved out of after marrying Jungkook. If you go in there now, your month-long break could just finally start and no more of this — no more of Jungkook’s sudden appearances he didn’t even grant you when you needed him.
“Drop me off at my house.”
Jungkook was just about to start the car and go the route to your home with him. It’s muscle memory at this point to know the route but what you’re asking of him now is to take him to the route where he doesn’t belong — where only you’re alone, as if you didn’t have him.
“I’m not asking, Jungkook.”
There’s only so much prior guilt that Jungkook could take so without another word, he complies.
By the time you and Jungkook start the drive, there’s only silence.
No one follows you because the intern who used to stand thirty feet away from you when you were still in the booth, remains in his seat and reviews his footage of you and Yoongi.
The guy had stopped long ago when you left Yoongi because when the guy with the buff physique comes in, in a black bomber jacket no less, he doesn’t think twice of it and even hides his phone.
He wouldn’t think that the guy is anyone intimately related to you. To him, he was just one random guy that seemed to get into his shots — either he was your bodyguard or your manager.
Not your husband.
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aajjks · a day ago
The Conqueror (XV)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant Reader (FT Jaehyun from NCT and Cha Eunwoo From ASTRO.)
note. omg omg omg. NO WORDS. share your thoughts plz, ENJOY!
series masterlist
taglist: @mageprincess7 @starsggukk @sprinkleoftee @koremis @minshookie29 @sana-b @bangtannoonalvg @oonaaurora @jeonsweetpea @sugaslittlekookies @outro-kook @kthyg @lunaashes @debicaptain-saturn @laurynne5 @captainsjoongs @myblackconfessions @lanalanexpjm @namjooncrabs @shadowmoon21 @kookunot @natalie-rdr @angelicasdre @iwasfuckinginnocentonce @mermaidtea @foulnightharmony @ungodlyjoon @quechulitaaa @telepathytae @silversparkles11 @j3alous-ang3l @bunzom @1-in-abillion @breadgeniedope @jiminie-08 @artgukkx @lovesthetword @bunijmin @pinkcherrybombs @afangirllikeme-blog @twilight-love-nochu-main @wedarkacademia @hollxe1 @bighitfics @darkuni63 @golden-thv @investedreader @sweetempathprunetree @koocreampie (I can’t tag anymore people, it’s full 😭😭)
Tumblr media
The atmosphere only got darker and darker as jungkook sat on his jetblack horse, the horse’s steps were really fast as Jungkook guided it, the only sound present in the deep dark jungle was of the many horses’ steps. Jungkook's curly dark hair bounced as he passed all the foggy way of the jungle.
His jaw was clenched as his now tired eyes were focused on the rough road ahead, the cold breeze did nothing to distract the mad man’s mind as it was set on one thing.
You. Jungkook was restless, he was impatient and he was going crazy, his whole body was ready for any bloodshed necessary to have you back.
Jungkook was going to do absolutely anything to get you back, his eyebrows knitted together in jealousy. The anger he felt in his body was starting to direct towards you. How could you escape him, how could you even think that you could ever get rid of him. He felt like laughing, it was cute how Dongmin decided to betray him and help you escape.
But now, he was barely alive and was rotting in Jungkook’s many dungeons.
Jungkook had killed Dongmin’s spirit, by killing his sister sana.
He loved her so much, after all. Jungkook wanted to inflict the same pain he was almost forced to feel when you’d left him.
It was Jungkook’s law. An eye for an eye, and a heart for a heart.
“Your majesty? We are almost reaching Gagyeong.” One of the royal guards announced, as Jungkook’s heartbeat rose.
A smirk found its way onto the emperor’s face as he fastened his grip on the horse's reins. Jungkook was talented in many fields, but there were two specialties of his.
Sword Fighting and horse riding. Jungkook’s pace was so fast that it threatened the east flow of the wind, his whole body and mind were filled with determination.
But his heart was feeling hollow and void. Jungkook had never ever loved anyone until you came into his life.
He remembers every single detail about your first encounter with him so many years ago.
Your half covered face was engraved in his mind and heart. Just a glance was all it took for the young Jungkook to lose his heart.
To you.
“I know, be ready to attack anyone that dares to come my way… do not hesitate to shed blood.” Jungkook clenched his jaw, his grip was brutal on the reins of the horse.
“Anyone that dares to come my way shall die!” His voice boomed with anger. Jungkook was willing to do anything to get you back.
Absolutely anything.
Tumblr media
“Jaehyun! It’s only getting darker! We have to find samcheon… Can you hurry it up!?” You called out to the man as you picked up the arrow’s. Your anxiety was starting to make you frustrated. The pit in your stomach made you want to throw up.
Something so bad was really about to happen.
You were sure of it. “YOON-OH!?” You screamed his real name with annoyance lacing your tone.
“Y/N! I’m here!” You turned around to see him standing, a sword in his hands.
He passed you a smile, his beautiful dimples made your heart flutter, “I think we are ready to go.” You announced after an awkward silence. Jaehyun nodded as the both of you began to walk out of the house.
“Let’s find him together, yeah?”
Tumblr media
It had been hours. Your feet were threatening to give up as you followed Jaehyun walk, him and you had been looking for the old man since dawn.
But there was no sign of him, “Y-Y/N it’s only getting darker…. And we are out of gagyeong almost…” Jaehyun grabbed your arm, whispering to you. You turned to look at him. The look on his face made your heart break. “I think… that we should leave y/n.. there may be bandits… and it’s so dark.” He looked at you, you couldn’t make out the expression on his face but he sounded scared.
You felt shivers down your spine, the sound of the crickets and the wind made you feel uncomfortable.
That sick feeling wasn’t going away.
“Y-Yes I think we should leave…” The disappointment in your tone wasn’t missed by Jaehyun. He grabbed your hand, and held it tightly. The crunch of the leaves beneath your feet accompanied you both as you walked back. The rhythm of your steps followed you.
It was the only source of sound until you both looked back to hear the heavy sound of the horses.
“At this hour who could it be,” Jaehyun raised his eyebrows. “Hey… I think we should question them about whether they saw samcheon… maybe they could be regular travelers here….” Your eyes lit up as you spoke, halting your steps, Jaehyun looked at you, confused. “Ahhh I’m not sure- NO YOON-OH I HAVE A FEELING THAT WE SHOULD WAIT FOR THEM.” You cut Jaehyun off in a stern tone. He only shrugged and a small laugh left him.
God… you were so adorable, shit he was much in love with you.
You both decided to wait for the horse rider to arrive, the sound of them only got closer and closer. Y/N you are so stubborn I swear.” He pinched your cheeks, his gaze was looking at you so adoringly.
“Hush Jae.. I think they’re here.” You giggled. As the grown man poured.
The discussion between you two was interrupted as the traveler’s horses reached you two, you both watched ahead, the darkness was too much, the fogginess didn’t help either.
“We can’t even see..let me go and find some woods Y/N, I’ll be back.. please be here.” Jaehyun muttered quickly, your hand felt colder now as he left it.
to you as the horses stopped, right in front of you.
“A-Ah could you please help me?” You watched Jaehyun go, you walked ahead to the first horse. As you got closer, you could see that it was a jet black horse.
“Sir- BABY!!?!” The hairs on your body rose at that voice.
Shivers went down your spine, the voice made your mind freeze, your legs trembled. “Y/N BABY!” Your head spinned.
Your wide and now horrified eyes watched the man with a black cloak get off his horse.
No no NO NO NO!
“I-I finally found you, Y/N.” Jungkook’s face finally came into view. Unshed tears lingered around your eyelashes as you stood frozen,
he stalked closer to you.
Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed your waist as he pulled your body close to him.
“I found you!” He giggled. As he stared at your face, those tired bloodshot eyes…. That gaze was filled with craziness and obsession.
“I-I finally found you baby!” He shook with excitement as his grip on your waist only tightened abnormally again, his lips came crashing on yours.
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Red Light, Green Light
Tumblr media
pairing; CEO!jungkook x PA!reader
genre; mainly angst, smut, hints of fluff at the end, ceo au, personal assistant au
warnings; cursing, non explicit sexual activities, bdsm but not too graphic, mentions of blood, all is consensual (until it’s not), kinda like a 50 shades of gray moment tbh, reader is a sub so we getting a dom koo but he’s an asshole and reader just wants his love and attention (and so does koo but he has a roundabout way of showing it)
rating; 18+ minors dni
w/c; 10,923 this one is a doozy
a/n; taking a break from soulmate aus to whip this baby out of my drafts. was listening to “earned it” by The Weeknd and this scenario came into my head. it’s my first time writing anything pertaining to this topic, so be kind pls. like + reblog if you enjoyed. feedback is always appreciated <3
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You shouldn’t be here. It stood against every rational bone in your body. The same body that’s already had a taste of what’s to come, though this time it won’t be under the guise of a ‘work meeting’ in your boss’s office. No, for this special occasion, you were invited to his million dollar mansion. The Jeon Estate, where playboy and CEO ofJeon Enterprises – Jeon Jungkook, resided when he graced his workers with his presence since he took over the company from his father. Where he currently chose to specifically grace you with his presence, and more.
You honestly don’t even know how it started. One day you were a normal secretary who yeah, you’ll admit, you had a teensy crush on your boss. But you weren’t the only one. Men and women alike both shared interest in the handsome specimen of a man. His aura exuding attention and dominance whenever he walked into the room.
He was always dressed to the nines in a different custom designer suit whenever you saw him. Some of those even being dropped off for him, courtesy of yourself. Quickly and quietly you would step into his office, always getting his approval before even starting the trek to his floor. Cause yep, his office took up the entire top floor of the enlarged skyscraper that resided in Seoul, South Korea.
There was always an empty clothes rack that stood against the wall as soon as the elevator opened, where you would carefully place said suits, making sure they were evenly separated from each other. Already being yelled at for such a heinous act by his girlfriend when she witnessed the already plastic covered designer suits touching. You learned to never make that mistake again.
That was another fact that made it near impossible to get even on a friendly level with the CEO; his girlfriend. Sun-Yee was the epitome of perfection, but she had an ugly heart. Seriously, even Jungkook had his albeit rare, soft moments where he would give you a genuine thank you in gratitude for all your hard work. Those simple words igniting the fire in you to work harder to always stay in his line of sight amongst the thousands of other workers that resided on your floor.
So imagine, to your utmost surprise and delight, when his last personal assistant got fired for reasons unknown, and it was you he chose to be his new one. The power you felt when you walked into your enclosed office, rather than just another open cubicle, was indescribable. However, there was whispers that always floated around the office workers. Talks of what the young CEO liked to do as a hobby, both outside of work and during a certain mysterious block of hours that were always blacked out for him on a daily basis where he refused to take calls, clients, or meetings. Supposedly, he never left his office during those hours. And rather, there was always someone seen going in, to not come back out until the hours were over. That was all hearsay, a myth, an urban legend, until it happened to you.
One day, it was you he sent for to come into his office during those blacked out hours. And it was only then did you realize a whole different side to your boss. At first, he claimed it was just a chance to get to know his workers better, have a little ‘one on one’ time without the interruptions of the usual work day. And that’s exactly what happened the next two times he called you back in. You both got to know each other more personally, and it made you feel as if you finally made it to the friendship level in your work relationship. Dare you say, there was even moments of him flirting with you.
It was after the third meeting, did things take a sudden, sinful, turn. Not that you were complaining. Moreso, you were wantonly moaning. But only after agreeing to signing a very detailed contract. And that’s when you knew each other not just on a personal level, but an intimate one as well.
This went on for the better part of the year, him even taking you on a few out of office dates, and even though one of the many rules he had was never to catch feelings for him, you did, obviously. It didn’t help that on one of those public dates he decided to kiss you, which only fueled your innate feelings. You were only human after all. Feelings you always kept in and never showed except when your limbs were entangled and the tears of longing that ran down your face could be hid under the pretense of being euphorically overstimulated. If he ever got the sense you were falling for him, he never showed it.
When he broke up with his girlfriend, you had glutton laced hope that maybe he did it to be with you, exclusively. Except, the conversation of topic wasn’t ever brought up. And when your year mark hit, you didn’t even get one call or text from him. Sure, you didn’t technically have a label, but you thought you meant more to him than an essential booty call. You guessed wrong.
It wouldn’t be until three months later of you just doing your regular personal assistant duties at work, did you get summoned back to his office. With an exhausted sigh, you had no choice but to listen to your bosses orders and meet up with him. Not one to address the elephant in the room, you chose not to say anything of your previous sexual activities, and opted for the polite and professional ‘what can I do for you, sir’.
And thus, you were invited to join him for the evening at his 23.5 million dollar mansion, a fact you looked up due to pure curiosity and to busy yourself during the eerily silent car ride in the black, sleek, limo he sent for you to your house to be picked up. Requesting you dress in cocktail attire, you had to call up your best friend and raid her closet to wear something even close to what he had in mind. Cause other than the bleak, but comfortable, business attire you donned at work, all that was in your closet was casual and laidback clothing fitting for a single woman who was still paying off her student loan debt for the next 30 years. Basically, she was your lifesaver, and how it was possible for you to be wearing a black, body hugging, lace, bustier cocktail dress.
High, thick, concrete walls that connected to an equally as high and thick automatic gate is what greeted you upon the arrival to just the entrance to the mansion. The driver signaled to the security guard station that was located on the side of the gate in order to monitor who comes and goes in the mansion for Jungkook’s safety. The security then pressed the magic button that thrust the gates wide open with ease and the limo resumed on it’s course up the long, scenic driveway that lead to the main doors of the mansion.
Once the car pulls to a stop in front of the mansion, you could hear the driver get out of the car. Assuming he was about to open your car door, you waited. Seconds later, the door is pulled open, but it’s not by the limo driver, it’s by Jeon Jungkook himself. Your eyes widened considerably at his sudden appearance, looking as elegant as always. He held his hand out to you with a knowing smirk, ready to help you out of the limo. Stepping out carefully onto the black asphalt, you held his hand tightly as leverage before letting go to stand up straight in front of him.
His eyes are locked on yours. There is an eerie calm in his demeanor that makes your pulse quicken. The subtle grin on his lips tells you not to be fooled by the quiet. It’s the silence before the predator strikes his prey. You see him look you over carefully and hungrily as he takes a step closer. He opens his mouth to speak and his voice is low and gravelly.
“Well, don’t you look ravishing, love.”
Your cheeks feel warm and your heart skips a beat. You suddenly feel as if the air around you has become much warmer, even on the blistery cool night it was only a second before his use of both the compliment and the pet name that didn’t go unnoticed by you.
“Shall we?” He offered his arm to you like a true gentleman, but you knew otherwise. Still, you took the offered arm in kind with a polite smile as he guided you both up the stairs and through the large front doors that were currently being held open by staff help, you could only assume.
Upon entering the foyer of the mansion, he continued to lead you up another flight of stairs that led you to his private wing where he said you could moan and scream in privacy. A cheeky smile plastered on his face as he leaned in to whisper the lewd thought into your exposed ear from wearing your hair in an updo.
It was a couple of more minutes of walking through a maze of hallways before he stilled both your movements in front of a plain, black door. In fact, upon surveying your surroundings since stepping inside, you have yet to see another door like it. This must be the only one. A thought that made you tilt your head in wonder, but you didn’t voice it out loud. Least, not until you see the key he fishes out of his pocket for you to see.
“Is this your room?” You ask inquisitively, tight smile on your face. Your heart was dreading what your body anticipated.
Jungkook let’s out a small chuckle and grins widely. He walks slowly closer to you, his eyes roaming over your body unabashedly. It was in this moment, that you truly did feel like his prey.
“Like what you see, sir?” You smirked at him, using his preferred choice of naming that normally gets him frazzled.
When he gets close, he moves around to your side, as though getting a view of all your angles. You don’t see him, but you hear him let out a soft grunt of approval before he steps closer to you, now taking the position of being behind you.
You can feel him behind you, the electricity of the close proximity buzzing through your body and hitting you in waves. You hear him breathe you in deeply. Savoring your scent and letting it wash over him. The lightest groan could be heard falling from his lips as he exhaled, barely audible, but you caught it within the silence of the hallway.
“Yes.” The delayed reply came with a drawn out ‘s’ sound at the end.
All of a sudden he pressed his soft lips against your shoulder as his hands came to rest on the curve of your hips. His lips slowly hovered over your skin, trailing up to the base of your neck, where he chooses to plant his next kiss. You can feel the warmth of his breath on your skin and it sends a delightful chill through you.
Not another sound has been made as you then feel one of his hands reach around your front to your chest. He leaves another kiss on your neck. The hand that rose to your chest, now outlined the curve of your breast sensually on it’s way to trail up your collarbone. Reaching it’s end destination, large hand lightly curving around the side of your throat with ease, his lips place yet another kiss on your skin. The other hand that’s on your hip, grips your waist more tightly.
With another deep inhalation of your aroma, he squeezes your throat so lightly, you could barely feel it. Holding it for just a moment, he lets his hand fall from your neck and moves from his position behind you, effectively letting you free from his snake like grip that did nothing but entrance you into your submissive state.
Standing back in front of you, he gently places one hand on your cheek with a soft, sincere look on his face and a question on his lips.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes, sir.” You reply back instantly.
Jungkook holds your gaze for a moment and sucks his bottom lip between his teeth. He reaches down to unlock the door with one hand, the other grabbing your hand to lead you in once he pushes it open. Walking through the threshold, you were surrounded by an aura the room held within it’s closed doors. There was no doubt in your mind, this was his playroom.
You recall the stoplight system he uses. Green to keep going, yellow to slow down or be careful, and red for a full stop. You repeated the rules like a mantra in your head, not realizing that Jungkook has long since shut the door behind your bodies and was now trying to talk with you. Blinking yourself out of your stupor, did your ears seem to start working again as you shyly asked him to repeat himself one more time.
On the bed you can see three decorative boxes, clearly gifts for someone. He looks at you, smiling widely, and gestures towards the boxes.
“I told you that I wanted you to have something that could be your own in this space. In each box is something you might enjoy using during our time together.” He patiently reiterated for a second time.
“Oh! Really?” You asked unbelieving. Maybe he does this ritual for every girl he brings into his playroom, you rationalized in your head.
He opens the various boxes for you and invites you to take a look inside them. In the first box are red ropes. In the second box is a pair of black, leather cuffs bound together by a short chain. In the third box is a black, satin blindfold with ribbon accents around the edging.
“You choose whichever one you would like, and it’s yours.” He vowed to you solemnly.
Why did this oddly feel like leaving a toothbrush at your boyfriend’s house? The only difference being he isn’t your boyfriend, and his idea of a toothbrush is a sex toy of your choosing. Your mind reeled with unspoken questions while your heart started fluttering with the possibility of this endeavor meaning something more to him than just a booty call.
Is it possible that he was catching feelings too?
Leaning down to reach into the box, you chose to go for the black, satin blindfold. The simplicity and allure drawing itself to you. You couldn’t wait to experience what kind of pleasure this material would bring you. More specifically, what he would bring you wearing it.
Once again you got lost in your thoughts while holding the blindfold in the palm of your hand delicately. The fabric is luxurious and soft against your skin. During your inner lewd daydreams, Jungkook took it upon himself to walk into the connecting bathroom in the room to undress until he was in nothing but his underwear.
Minutes later he returns, thoroughly disrobed, and grins at your selection of choice.
“Have you made your decision, baby?”
His voice breaks you from your daydream, as you subtly nod your head at him in response, eyes showing no remorse as they trail over the beautiful, nearly nude, male in front of you. Now you suddenly felt overdressed.
Jungkook holds his hand out for you to give the blindfold to him. He looks you over with eager anticipation and gives you a wide smile.
“Ready to begin?” He asks in a sultry voice that has your toes curling in your heels.
“Yes, I’m ready.” You replied, not realizing your mistake. His eyes narrowed.
“Colors next time. Green. Yellow. Red.” He annunciated each color in a clear and concise voice so you understood. You nodded and this time you replied back correctly.
Jungkook smiles softly at you. He steps around behind you and covers your eyes with the blindfold, positioning it carefully before tying it tightly against your head. He lets his hands caress the sides of your neck for a moment, letting each hand run its own course along the tops of your shoulders and then moves around to stand back in front of your now sightless figure. You feel him take your hands in his.
Without any kind of warning, he immediately pulls you in so close you could feel the body head that radiates from him, as his lips meet yours in a kiss. The kisses are slow and sensual at first, but become more intense and needier with each touch of his traveling hands. You feel his hands find place on your hips as he carefully guides your body backwards still kissing you. Deprived of your sight, you relaxed your body to let him lead you without trouble.
Feeling your back touch a wall, you let out a soft grunt in the kiss. Jungkook uses the opportunity of the new position to press his body against yours. His kisses are deep and his tongue slithers into your mouth with expertise, mingling with yours. You let out a soft moan as you kiss him, the sound eliciting a response in him in a way of tilting his head to kiss you more deeply, his hands gripping onto you tightly to the point of slight pain, but still mostly pleasure.
Due to the close proximity, you can feel how his heart is beating against your clothed breast. He angles his hips before pressing them towards you and you can feel exactly how much he’s enjoying the make out session so far, his length prominent behind the thin underwear he’s still wearing. He then abruptly breaks the kiss, which has your submissive side whining in disappointment.
His body heat fades from yours as he steps back and away from you, but you still stay leaning against the wall since he hasn’t told you to move. Still unable to see, you can hear him shuffling around within the room. Even with his absence, you can still smell the alluring musk of his cologne in the air and it’s dizzying.
A moment later, you hear the sound of his feet padding towards you, before he pivots at the last moment he would’ve made contact with your body, and places an unknown object onto the nightstand you know is located a few paces somewhere close to where you stood against the wall. Your body flinches at the sudden onslaught of his hands on your body once more, his lips coming in a barrage of lip bruising precision. His hands then begin the arduous process of removing your clothes while finding strategic ways to break the kiss as little as possible.
Soon, you feel nothing but air hit your body as you stand in nothing but the blindfold still tightly secured around your eyes, nothing but black filling your vision. He places a delicate kiss on your now bare shoulder with a tenderness that has you inwardly keening at his soft nature coming out for you only.
Then you feel something cold, an ice cube, you conclude. Your nipples instantly hardened at the abrupt coldness, goosebumps now littering your skin all over. He alternated between tantalizingly rubbing the ice cube on various parts of your body, to then take it away and replace the cold spot with soft, warm kisses. Between those kisses he asked a question.
“Green.” You breathlessly echoed.
Once you could only assume the ice cube fully melted from your body heat alone, did he calculatingly place one of his arms behind your knee and one behind your back to scoop you up into his arms in a bridal style hold. You let out a quiet gasp at the sudden action.
Gently he laid you down on the silk sheets of the bed and hovering over you with one arm supporting him, he reached over to the nightstand to grab another ice cube. Continuing the cold assault on your body, he kept switching in between rubbing the ice cube on multiple parts of your body and planting precise soft, warm, open mouthed kisses on the once cold areas. Your back arching underneath him due to his ministrations, little mewls could be heard falling from your lips.
He licks up the drops of water as they start trailing down your body. The ice play and Jungkook’s skilled tongue elicit moans of pleasure from you, particularly when he gives his full attention to more sensitive parts of your body. The longer you play, the more you feel as though Jungkook is on autopilot. Every touch is calculated and needy as he seeks refuge in your body. With each change of position and play his touch becomes more rough.
His body climbs further up yours as he effectively traps you underneath his body, leaning down to kiss you deeply. With one of his hands he pins your wrists above your head still kissing you. You feel him pull back slightly as you feel his teeth playfully bite into your bottom lip a little too hard, the unwarranted action causing you to gasp into the little space between your faces. He doesn’t let up, pinning your wrists harder into the bed with his grip tightening around them.
His lips leave kisses as they trail down your chin to the base of your neck, where his teeth decide to make another showing. The sharp pinch and suction on your skin is harder than you expected, and it hurts. Not wanting to ruin the mood, however, you kept your lips pursed tightly. Even though the word ‘yellow’ wanted to make it’s way out of your mouth in a small plea.
His pacing doesn’t change as he switches his assault on your body to one where his hands were continuously moving and grasping all parts of your body aggressively, the gentle side of him long gone. His mouth and tongue ravished your body, him wanting to get a taste of every inch of you. His whole demeanor screamed rough and possessive.
A slight whimper made it’s way up your throat and through your still pursed lips. Yet you steeled your resolve, selfishly hoping that any minute he would change back to the gentle Jungkook you once knew, and unfortunately and consequently, you were still in love with.
Seemingly out of nowhere, cause it was, to you, he uses his sheer upper body strength once he sits back up on his knees, to flip your body over, resulting in you now being face down in the pillows with your bare back and ass in plain view for him. You mistakenly thought he was doing this to give you a gentle, pleasurable, back massage. Once again, you were wrong.
He hungrily kisses, licks, sucks, and bites all over the newly exposed skin that has yet to feel his wrath. His hands roughly grasped your hips, your ass, everything. Mimicking his previous position, he once again grasps your wrists in his one large hand to press them down into the bed. Your head was now facing sideways, resting on the upper part of your arm in an attempt to get some air into your lungs, breaths coming out in sharp pants. With his tight grip on your wrists, he slid his chest down the length of your back until you could feel his breath fan over your bare ass cheek, his other arm stretched out over your legs to unknowingly keep your body in place, not at all prepared for the wave of pain you were about to feel. You even half expected him to ask you for what color you’re currently feeling before he makes his move. Nope. Not this time, apparently.
His teeth sunk harshly and without remorse into the flesh of your hip, the only surprise for you being his target which you thought was going to be your ass cheek. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It should be your new mantra in life.
A searing pain burns at your hip and there is no doubt in your mind that he’s drawn blood.
“What the actual fuck, Jungkook?”
Your high pitched scream and question cut through the now humid air that was caused by your heated bodies. Roughly tugging yourself out of his iron grip on your wrists, you tugged the blindfold up enough to see Jungkook. A look of murder was on your face from the painful action, your hip now throbbing from the male’s assault.
What you didn’t realize was that Jungkook was still stuck in his dominating persona, and you just broke a major rule by not using the stoplight code.
Jungkook doesn’t say a word to you as he releases you from his grip fully, face blank from emotion, as he lifts himself up off the bed to stand back on his feet. His figure striding over towards an array of toys that hung on the far wall in plain view with a newfound purpose. He just stands there for a second with his back towards you, pondering, when he slowly and delicately picks a riding crop up off one of the many shelves that were lined up in rows on the wall.
When he looks at you next, his gaze is cold. This isn’t the warm look your encounter started with, as the supposedly playful bites that were already painting bruises on your skin, stung painfully.
Something feels off. Something feels wrong.
Deciding that you were finally done, you carefully untie and remove his gift. The blindfold now free from it’s once tight grip around your head, and toss it in front of you on the bed. You shuffle yourself off the bed, being careful not to bump any of your now very prominent forming bruises that littered your body in a grotesque painting. Mustering up what dignity you had left, you stood at the side of the bed with a straight back and stared at Jungkook.
Jungkook now eyes the blindfold on the bed with a steely gaze, standing directly in front of the bed in a stiff manner, hand holding the riding crop in a death grip, his knuckles turning white. He saunters over to your now standing form to stand directly in front of you instead.
“I didn’t tell you to take it off, did I?” His voice pierced through the room in a tone void of emotion. You couldn’t believe those were the first words he was going to say to you after everything that just happened. Your hand twitched from its spot that hovered near your now aching hip.
It all happened so quick, it was like a blur, as if your mind already wanted to erase this whole scenario from your mind before it even began. With fast and precise movements, Jungkook grabs your wrist and turns you around to face the bed. He lets go of your wrist only to press it harshly against your lower back, the action resulting in you now being bent over for him, your upper body landing on the bed with your ass still up in the air. It was the perfect position for his next move. You should’ve expected it at this point, but naively, you didn’t. That was your mistake. Though, least you can say you tried.
“Jungkook, wait, don’t— STOP!”
With a sharp twist of his wrist, Jungkook makes a fatal hit on your bare ass. A loud ‘SMACK’ could be heard reverberate through the room from the contact of the riding crop hitting your skin. Your whole body being pushed forward from the sheer force of the hit. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice you finally said the correct code word. Or rather, you screamed it.
You’re in tears. Them falling immediately after the riding crop left your now red, sore, skin. Jungkook says nothing, but to your relief, he also doesn’t continue.
“This isn’t like you.” The words coming out of your mouth in a watery mess, your body now curled in on itself, your legs being pulled up on the bed fully, as you now took the fetal position. Suddenly, you felt overexposed.
As though being broken from a trance, your comment made his cold demeanor crack as his eyes widened. His breathing is hard and you can tell his adrenaline has been pumping. It wasn’t until you finally gained enough strength to pick your wrecked and sore body off the bed to gather your things and get dressed in record breaking time, did his facial expression change. You can physically see the array of emotion’s pass by on his face, it’s as if he doesn’t even fully understand what just transpired in his own body himself.
Gathering your courage, you decided that you would not let this situation break you. And instead, you were going to stand up for yourself for once. Feelings be damned. You didn’t want to be with someone in any way, shape, or form, if they could so willing do something like this to you without restraint.
“This wasn’t what we agreed to.” You started your little speech in a calm, cold manner. Jungkook was getting ready to open his mouth and spew some kind of bullshit for you to forgive him. You raised your hand up in front of his face to stop him. You were not going to let him have the chance.
“Green. Yellow. Or red. I don’t fucking care–“ you emphasized in a now loud tone.
“If I say stop, YOU STOP!” You yelled the last words in his face, eyes ablaze with a fury he’s never seen on you wear before. It makes him feel even worse than he already does.
Stepping back away from him, to give yourself some distance from the male before you do something you regret, you let out an exhausted and shaky sigh. Your own adrenaline starting to come down from the weight of the words that just came out of your mouth. Man, you just wanted a warm bath and to snuggle into your equally warm, safe, bed.
Jungkook seems conflicted and confused. But he respects your distance and doesn’t move an inch towards you. He quickly grabs his clothes from the bathroom, but instead of getting dressed in there, he opts to stand in the same position in front of you as before, not wanting you to leave without him knowing.
He dresses to the best of his ability while still standing up. His eyes meet yours for a brief moment, but he says nothing and looks away. ‘What a coward’, you thought inwardly in disgust. All he does is trek his way to the entrance of the room, where he opens it for you. Not wasting a second more, you hurriedly step through the threshold and make your way down the same path you took to get here, except now you were leaving. Jungkook surprisingly doesn’t go to follow you, as if his body is still in shock over it’s misuse of someone so precious to them, you.
You make your way down the main grand staircase that leads to the foyer and the two, large, grandiose doors that will be your escape from this mansion. The staff held them open for you patiently, as if Jungkook already told them you were leaving somehow. Sure enough, as soon as you stepped foot into the outside air, there was already the same black limo idly waiting for your arrival to drive you back home. The driver held the door open for you as you climbed into the backseat. Stealing a glance back towards the mansion as the car drove off, you looked through the back, tinted window. You saw Jungkook standing where the car was prior on the black asphalt. His chest heaving, mouth open, and a look of regret and sorrow was painted on his face, as if he made a last minute decision to chase after you. His attempt was futile. You were already gone. And you never looked back again.
A letter of resignation would be found on his office desk in the morning when he would sit down in his chair. Hands holding the paper so carefully, a look of heartbreak resting on his face at the name signed at the bottom.
Your name.
Slamming the paper down on the desk with both hands, he stood up in his chair, the force of him kicking it back with his foot hard enough to clatter on the floor behind him. His rage not yet satiated, he made a big swiping motion with his hands and arms as he made all his belongings on the clear, glass desk fly into the air before harshly landing in a pile of nonsense on the dark, marble flooring.
Still standing, his head was down, with his hair shielding his face. His knuckles clutched tightly on the glass desk turning white, his nails digging into the palms of his hands that was painful, but he didn’t care. It was nothing compared to the pain he brought you, albeit, it was never intended to get that far. He would forever regret the way he treated you, someone he very closely came to loving. But as always, he had to fuck up the one good thing in his life.
Tears splattered on the clear desk in a continuous pattern as his shoulders shook with the quiet sobs he held in so others couldn’t hear.
He couldn’t appear weak,
he was the CEO after all.
But that didn’t mean he wasn’t ready to fight for you with all he had.
Starting your new job at a different firm wasn’t easy. You were so used to the ways of your old place of work, your coworkers, your boss. It was difficult trying to find a new routine, but after a couple of months, you finally found one. You weren’t necessarily happy, but you were content. And that was better than nothing.
Jungkook hasn’t tried contacting you since you resigned. And as much as you wanted to completely cut him off from your life for good, you still found yourself looking at articles that pertained to the young, handsome, successful CEO. Though, there were some concerns about certain businesses he was in charge of that had to do with shareholders? You’re not entirely sure what it all means, not majoring in business yourself, but the fancy charts in the article that show drastic highs and lows must mean it’s not anything good.
And of course, you stalked his social media accounts. To your utmost surprise, there hasn’t been any racy pictures of him with other women since after you left. In fact, other than a few pictures of him with respectable business women where he kept a polite distance with a trained smile, there wasn’t any others. None. As if he took the time to delete each and every one from all his social media accounts. But why would he go through the hassle of something like that? To try and create a better image of himself for future investment opportunities? That had to be it, you thought rationally.
Cause surely, it wasn’t because of you.
You scoffed at the preposterous thought that wormed itself into your head. Wearing your comfy pajama set, you scooped another spoonful of ice cream that ended up in your mouth. Humming in content over the creamy goodness, you frowned upon realizing that was the last bite. Just as you were about to get up and throw the carton away, there was three, loud, consecutive knocks on your front door.
Stopping in your tracks, you stilled. Maybe they were knocking on the wrong door? After a few minutes of you still not answering the door, the persistent knocks continued for another three raps. Furrowing your eyebrows you decided to just open the door and steer them in the right direction.
What you didn’t expect, was for Jeon Jungkook of all people to be standing in a for once, casual outfit of choice, as if he was trying to blend in with the surrounding people. In fact, it seemed like his whole persona has changed. He has a new haircut and style, new piercings on his face that weren’t there before, and even some tattoos on his once bare skin. To say you were shocked, would be an understatement. You’ll admit, it just makes him even more irresistible. Much to your dismay.
“I believe I owe you an apology. May I come in, y/n?”
You stared at him like he had two heads. Was he serious?
“You’re serious? It’s been like, three months, Jungkook! Not that I was keeping count or anything–,” you started off strong, then gradually fell into your word vomit. His lip gave a subtle quirk, as he tried not to smile at your adorable rambling, lip piercing slightly moving with the sudden gesture.
“You’re right.” He began, making you cross your arms in pride that he agreed with you for once. “It’s been three months, one week, and four days. And yes, I was keeping track.” He stated the exact amount of time so casually, no hint of being embarrassed about it at all on his face. Your mouth dropped open as your eyes widened comically. He was serious. Oh, shit.
Okay. Okay. Okay. You repeated in your head as you cautiously opened the door wider and moving off to the side to give him room to walk inside your small, dingy, but comfortable home. You just hoped he wouldn’t rip you a new one at your choice of living. Or your interior design. The afterthought coming after you not so subtly shut the door quickly behind him, and raced by him into the living room to inspect what damage you’ve done this evening with your recent pity party of one. It looked decent, thankfully. And you mentally patted yourself on the back for that one.
Choosing to sit on the lazy boy recliner that could only fit one, you strategically created a good amount of distance between you two as he sat on the loveseat that was adjacent to you. Curling your legs underneath you, you tugged the throw blanket that was hanging off the back of the chair in pure decoration, and threw it over the lower half of your body. Tucking it up underneath your arms, you were sure the blanket was thoroughly secured and risked looking up into Jungkook’s face for the first time since you opened the door. Time to get this conversation over with.
“So,” you started, drawing out the ‘o’ sound, “–about that apology? You owe me a lot more than that.” As an afterthought, you added a sly, “I got home just fine, by the way.” A morose smile was on your face, a sure fire way of letting him know you were being sarcastic.
His face was still stoic, eyes just continuing to stare into your soul. If it wasn’t for you watching him so closely, you would’ve missed the slight twitch that occurred with his now pierced eyebrow. He forgot just how feisty you could be, a stark reminder that you were much different from his previous relationships.
One of the many reasons he did end up falling for you in the time you spent together, you being none the wiser. Not that he explicitly showed he was interested in you more than just what was written in the contract. His mind always won over his heart when it came to business. But now he saw things in a new light since you’ve been gone, he was a completely changed man, for the most part.
“That’s good to hear.” He gave you a small, genuine smile. When it came to your safety, it was always his top priority. It wasn’t something to joke about. He understood that much.
“I’m sorry our evening ended like it did.” The smile now wiped from his face completely, eyes full of sorrow, the events of that night swirling in his head like a reel of old film. It haunted him to this day, him still not fully knowing how he let himself go so carelessly. It’s like he completely blacked out after a certain extent of your activities, losing himself to his dominant side that he thought he had control over by now. He was wrong, it seems. “I shouldn’t have put you in that position. And I am very glad that you made it home safely, y/n.”
Your face started to turn into one of sympathy for the male, the feeling behind his words seeming real. Or, so you thought. Until he uttered the next words from his mouth that made your face contort into one of disbelief.
“I thought you understood what you were getting into though.”
You scoffed out loud at him.
“Seriously? You treated me like a one night stand you could hurt to make yourself feel better!” The words rushed out of your mouth in a clipped tone. Your body leaning forward from the weight of the words.
He held his hands up in defense, worried you might get up at any moment to pummel into him with your tiny, yet still equally as dangerous, fists of fury when you were upset enough. Another reason he fell for you, your strength and being able to stand up for yourself.
“That wasn’t my intention, I assure you…,” he trailed off, deep in thought, his gaze on you turning into one of resolve and clarity. “Maybe you still aren’t quite ready for this lifestyle. You should have said ‘red’ sooner.”
An unladylike snort made it’s way out of your nose from the surprising comment. This guy, you thought with a click of your tongue, shaking your head in mock sadness for the male in front of you. He still didn’t understand what an apology was, or what it meant for that matter. Clearly, he believes that he did nothing wrong that night. A heavy feeling settled itself into your stomach where butterflies used to once flutter for Jungkook. And now they were all dead.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” You threw up your hands in frustration, head thrown back into the chair as you stared up at the blank white ceiling before settling your sights back on the perfect example of what a privileged man looks like.
“Are you kidding me right now?!” Your voice cracked from the sudden high pitch in tone. “This isn’t something that I’ve,“ you pointed at yourself, emphasizing. “–done wrong, Jungkook!”
“I suppose that makes sense…,” he once again trailed off, unphased by your outburst and theatrics, shrugging his shoulders in a nonchalant way. It pissed you off to no end. How the hell did you waste a better part of over a year on this guy? You must’ve been blinded by love.
Your body shifted as if you were about to stand up, which you were, from the amount of rage you were currently experiencing with your whole body. The throw blanket being thrown off your lap haphazardly without a care. The subtle action making Jungkook instantly jump up from his position on the couch to now stand behind the couch he was sitting on prior, using it as a makeshift shield. He was smart, sometimes.
Assuming the position of defense, he once again held his hands up in front of him, fingers splayed out as extra protection, you could only guess, before wisely spewing the rest of his thoughts out loud that will hopefully ward you off and have you change your mind about attempting to murder him.
“Y/N, wait! Listen to me for just a moment!” He pleaded with you desperately. Now standing up yourself, you took one step towards him as he took one step back.
“You’re right.” He led with the phrase that made you stare at him questioningly. Your head tilted to the side as your arms crossed over your chest. Foot tapping impatiently on the ground, you gestured with one of your hands for him to continue. He had your attention. He better not waste it.
“I was in the wrong here. I should have checked in. Just because you didn’t use a safe word doesn’t mean that you were doing okay. It truly is on me. I have not been a good dom to you.” Your face lost it’s anger, now turning into one of astonishment as you focused on the words that fell from his mouth. “It’s inexcusable, and I would understand if you considered it unforgivable as well.” Your arms now unfolded to flop uselessly by your sides as you stood up straighter. “If you want to end it here and now, I wouldn’t blame you for it. Though, I guess you kind of did already..” his voice got smaller, the fact making his heart feel heavy. But despite his tone, he gained the courage to walk around the couch to stand in front of you a few feet away. His hands were fisted at his sides as he mustered up the strength to properly finish his speech. “But I will ask, selfishly, that you give me another chance.”
“We don’t even want the same things.” You fired out the fact with an exasperated tone. Your body sagged, suddenly feeling exhausted from this whole conversation.
“I understand that.” He stated, just as matter of fact. It made your eyebrows furrow in confusion. If he understood, why was he still so adamant to get back together with you?
“I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re all over the place! You told me before all this happened that you just might consider taking me out on dates, exclusively, with a title. That’s why I decided to meet you at your house that day, even though my mind was telling me otherwise. But then that date suddenly turned into another one of your sessions.” The passionate explanation was the last straw for your worn out body as you resolved to sitting back down in the comfort of the lazy chair, not being able to support the own weight of your body anymore. Your head fell into your hands as your palms rubbed into your eyes viciously, trying to cease the onslaught of tears that wanted to spill out.
Jungkook dropped to his knees in front of your sitting figure, not caring about how his knees might bruise from the sudden impact, his height now matching yours as he gently grabbed both of your hands to pull them away from your face. In response, you turned your head to the side to try and hide the fact that you couldn’t succeed in stopping the tears from coming out. It broke his heart, a lump of his own starting to form in the back of his throat that he cleared before continuing to speak, now in a soft, gentle, tone.
“I know, I’m so sorry, y/n.” He released his grip on your wrists one large hand, opting for holding both of yours in a firm, but gentle grip. The other rising to caress the side of your face that’s turned away from him, slowly moving your face forward towards him so he could look you in the eyes with what he says next. He wants you to know he means every word.
“I wish I could explain away my actions, but that would be disingenuous even if outside factors are affecting me.”
“You’re right about that.” You mumbled under your breath bitterly, now looking into his big, brown, doe eyes you love.
“Is there anything I can do to begin to fix us? I don’t want to lose you, as much as I deserve to.” His eyes glistened with a watery sheen to them. You clutched onto his hand with yours, the one that was still caressing your face with utmost care. Your heart was starting to resurface for the lonely male. But, you inwardly decided, this would be his one and only chance under one condition.
“Tell me what’s really going on, or I’m out. I mean it, Jungkook.” You squeezed the hand that was holding yours in emphasis.
Letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he waited for your next words, he nodded determinedly, albeit with a little hesitation. He’s never been one to express his emotions so vividly. The whole vulnerable side being new to him entirely. He never even got like this with his previous partners. His feelings having never run this deep for anyone before.
“When I first started talking to you, I found myself quickly enamored with you in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time. I found myself sharing details of my life I hadn’t spoken about in years. I was telling you about my dreams. You were in my dreams!” He rubbed the side of your face with his thumb, eyes wide with a small smile making an appearance on his face. “You made me feel so normal. Not once did you treat me differently for my money. It was like I could live this other life around you. It was–,” his voice quieted, his eyes searching yours for something unknown to you, but he let out a shaky exhale as he continued with his spiel, his voice now sounding breathless. “–intoxicating. It made me want to lavish you. I fell so fucking hard for you, y/n.”
His end confession didn’t go unnoticed from your ears, but you knew this wasn’t the time to expand on that subject quite yet. So, you asked a logical question back at him, even more confused with what he wanted than before he started talking.
“So, what happened?”
“I broke my own rules so quickly. I took you out on that date and kissed you in front of everyone. It was everything I swore I wouldn’t do again….but I loved it.” He chuckled to himself humorlessly. “And then I had to leave you. By the time the plane landed in Paris where my meeting was being held, the news of us had spread like wildfire. The mergers came out at the worst time. Speculation began that I was being a playboy, focusing less on business and more on pleasure. The stocks dropped. The shareholders panicked.” There was a slight pause in his rambling where you were able to chime in your thoughts.
“That doesn’t sound good.” You quietly spoke in between the negative space shared between your bodies.
“So, yes, I did have to handle my father’s estate while I was out of town. I also then worked around the clock to satisfy the shareholders and keep their confidence high in my abilities.”
“I can’t imagine having to deal with those at the same time.” You grimaced at the thought, knowing if you were in Jungkook’s shoes, they would definitely be a heavy pair to fill.
“It’s all settled for now. Not without several sleepless nights trying to figure it all out, of course.”
He waved his free hand into the air nonchalantly, his face sporting a small grin. His playful side making a rare appearance right in front of your eyes. The sight making those butterflies start kicking up in your stomach, before you harshly swallowed them down to nothing.
“What was so hard to sort out?” You inquired curiously, head tilting into his hand subconsciously.
“I couldn’t let you go.” He said casually. Not an ounce of him lying could be heard in his voice or in his facial expression.
You? So it was your fault? That made no sense.
“All of this,” you gestured wildly with your arms in the space around you, using the air as a metaphor for all the chaos in Jungkook’s world, “is over me?” Your eyebrows raised into your hairline in question.
“Does that really surprise you?” His eyebrows mimicked yours in response. “I’ve shared things with you that I wouldn’t dream of letting other people know about. Despite how hard I’ve worked to keep my walls up, you–,” he booped your nose softly with the tip of his finger, “–knock them down effortlessly.” He gave you a lopsided grin.
Damnit, those stupid butterflies were back with a vengeance.
“So, I made myself believe that if our only connection was the contract, I could balance everything again. I could have everything scheduled, and I could still see you.”
You leaned backwards into the chair, effectively breaking the contact with his hands and ran your hands through your hair as you exhaled a sigh. Splaying your hands on your stomach, your new position was one of exhaustion and laziness. You eyes him warily, eyes narrowed with more questions that needed answers.
He sat in front of you, patiently, but now he sat at your feet on the floor. His height not changing much from the new position. Must be nice, you thought enviously with your genetically short statured body. Your height was another factor that made Jungkook want to keep you all to himself. It made you more irresistible in his eyes.
“Why would this affect your businesses?”
Jungkook mindlessly poked his tongue out to play with his lip ring as he tilted his head to the side, inwardly debating on how to put his response into the correct words, an action that made you swallow your own saliva that seemed to build up quickly out of nowhere causing you to choke on your own spit for a second. The sound not going unnoticed by Jungkook as his sharp gaze zeroed in on you with a look of concern. You waved your hands at him in response in a silent ‘I’m good’, not wanting to explain what warranted the choking to occur. How embarrassing would that be? Your cheeks flushed at the would be explanation.
Deeming that you’re okay and not spontaneously dying in front of him, he wrapped his arms around his bent knees as his back now leaned against your mahogany coffee table. Playing with one of the various rings that adorned his hands, he attempted an explanation you could understand.
“The easiest way I can explain it is that rivals will look for anything that’s a perceived weakness to get rumors buzzing. A wonderful date was twisted into an accused source of distraction from cranking out shareholder profits. Which is exactly why I try to keep things in my life as private as possible.”
When you didn’t offer any comments, he did a lip trill with his lips before proceeding. His voice wavered with deep emotion playing across his face you couldn’t quite decipher.
“What I’m saying is I made a mistake, y/n. I thought I could arrange things like I used to. But I made a mistake.” He repeated the line with a sense of urgency, hoping you would pick up on it so you understood him. You did. “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met before.” He looked downcast, defeated, vulnerable. Nothing like the CEO persona you were used too, but maybe moreso it was a hint at the real Jungkook. Your Jungkook.
“Do you even know what you want?” You questioned in a tired tone. Feeling like you’ve more than beat that specific question dead. But so far, it seems to have been looked over by the male, like he was trying to avoid it, and you were done waiting.
“And I still don’t understand why the tabloids would be focused on me at all. I’m a nobody. A wallflower. A face in the crowd. A background character. A homebody. Whenever I take my shirt off I’m mostly worried last night’s snack is gonna fall out! Especially when we have spur of the moment sex!” You rambled theatrically, pointing at yourself and even going so far as to stand back up and shake out your current pajama top you were wearing that did, in fact, still have a few crumbs leftover in it’s creases from the snacks you were eating prior to his arrival. A fact, that made Jungkook chuckle with a wide, bunny toothed grin as he looked up and watched you from his sitting position on the floor. God, you were so fucking adorable. He couldn’t get enough of you.
Sporting a now cheeky grin, he pushed himself up off the floor with the help of the coffee table to once again tower over you with his height. Unexpectedly, he leaned down to kiss the top of your head warmly, making your cheeks flush once again with a pink hue.
“I’ve always appreciated your ability to plan ahead and provide refreshments at every occasion.” He playfully acted like he was lifting a crumb off your shoulder to put into his mouth, before making a chewing motion with his mouth and moaning loudly as if he enjoyed the invisible food in his mouth. The act making you roll your eyes and shove his chest playfully in reply.
“It’s a hidden talent of mine, what can I say?” You nonchalantly told him with a raise of your shoulders, your hands held out at your sides palm up, as if to say ‘so what’?
“Seriously though, there is far more to you than you realize. Trust me.” He now opted to pat your head fondly, voice exuding nothing but truth. “And I need to make sure I’m doing right by you. Anything short of that isn’t fair to you.”
Playing with your hands, your body slightly curling in on itself from the loving tone Jungkook just used towards you of all people, made your shy side come out, not expecting the wholesome statement from the once playboy CEO.
Mustering up your courage, you looked up at Jungkook who had a sincere, loving, expression on his face directed towards you. You expected your voice to come out at an average voice frequency, but instead it came out as an almost whisper, it didn’t help that your voice still cracked in a few places. Thankfully, Jungkook’s ears could easily pick up your voice in the quiet living room that was devoid of all noise besides the rhythmic ticking of the wall clock that hung on your wall.
“I appreciate the apology, Jungkook. Thank you, truly. And I understand you’re in a really stressful place, but you don’t get to take it out on me.” Your voice gained more confidence at the end, which you were grateful for, wanting to convey that you will never allow him to use you in the same way again.
“You’re absolutely right.”
“Jungkook, have you ever had to deal with anything like this before? With nosy reporters and media outlets prying into your private details?” You were genuinely curious, not ever having to deal with it yourself, personally. But unlike you, Jungkook made a name for himself, a well known one that would capture the attention of the world around him.
“I take it you don’t read tabloids?” He chuckled at you humorlessly.
Not wanting to confess to essentially stalking the young CEO through various news outlets and social media, you decided to tell a white lie.
“I tend to skim through the news for important bits and that’s about it.”
He made a face of mild amusement, not quite believing you, but choosing to anyways.
“That’s smart. To answer your question, yes, I’ve often had to deal with reporters being in the private details of my life. In fact,” he raised his pointer finger up into the air with emphasis, “–that’s how I found out a former partner of mine was breaking contract with me. And how I found out my father was trying to edge me out of one of my companies many years ago.”
Your jaw dropped from the sudden information, your head still wracking your brain around his words. You sputtered unladylike in response, an action that made him genuinely laugh at your antics. But one thing stuck out to you that you needed an answer to.
“Wait, so–,” you gave him a confused look, “are you saying that your girlfriend, Sun-Yee, was just another contract holder? That’s why you two were together?”
He made a ‘so, so’ sign with his hand, as he gave off a look of indifference on his face.
“Yes, and no. Yes, she was a contract holder, but no, she was never actually my girlfriend. She only ever called herself that to anyone who asked, and I didn’t have the energy or time to correct her words to every single person she told. In the end, I just ignored it, cause she knew where I stood on the matter.”
A look of awe was on your face, your mouth open in a wide ‘o’. She would be the kind of person to do that.
“She broke off the contract with you? Why?” You didn’t believe that it was her that actually did it, you kinda always thought it was him.
“Yes, she did. Not that I really cared. I was close to breaking it off myself from the way she always acted and treated everyone. Both professionally and personally. Like you.” He gave you a look of remorse. “I’m sorry for the way she treated you. It was rude and unfair on her part. It’s actually one of the many reasons I chose you as my personal assistant, other than realizing that you were more than capable for the position. It was also my silent way of apologizing to you for all the times I didn’t, but should’ve, stood up for you and everyone else that crossed her path. Never did I expect that you taking the position would lead me to loving you, but hey–,” he smiled lovingly at you with warm eyes, “I’ll take it.”
“You know you’re an idiot, right?” You stated rhetorically, reaching up to wrap your arms loosely around his neck, hands folding at the nape of his neck as your fingers mindlessly played with his baby hairs.
“But you’re my idiot.” You reiterated with confidence, now tapping the nape of his neck with your fingers, your silent way of telling him to ‘bring yourself down to my level you giraffe’.
He caught on to your tapping, and reacted instantly, his upper body immediately bending down to efficiently lock eyes with you, now being at your eye level. His hands caressed your sides lovingly, as he smoothly slid them underneath your pajama top with ease. His eyes that were once smiling now changing to one’s of regret, as his fingertips traced over a spot on your hip that was slightly raised. It was the spot where he bit you.
Shit. As soon as you felt his hand run back over the spot on your hip, the spot, you knew he would figure it out. Wanting to wipe the sad look off his face you uttered a few words with love and affirmation before he fell into a dark pit of despair.
“Don’t. I love you.”
Closing the gap between your bodies, your lips clashed against his both as a distraction from his self deprecating thoughts, and because you’ve been wanting to kiss him to see how it felt now that he had a lip piercing. It was everything you dreamed of, and more. It was such a minuscule thing, but it initiated a flame deep within your stomach that wouldn’t be satiated until you both collapsed onto the couch in an entanglement of limbs.
Which is exactly what was currently happening, the kiss having turned into a heated one quickly. Both of your bodies responding to each other with the same amount of desperation and need from being away from each other the last three months. Clothes were either shoved or ripped off, courtesy of Jungkook and R.I.P to your favorite pajama set, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care at this moment.
Now fully nude, Jungkook took a hovering position over you as he abruptly pulled away from the kiss, his knees parting your thighs as you could feel the tip of him languidly swipe over your aching folds. It made you exhale breathlessly and Jungkook groan with his eyes shut, willing himself to not continue until he got your full consent.
Opening his eyes, he looked down at you with a sincere look of worry, his pupils were still blown with a lust filled haze, but you could tell his sole focus was making sure you were okay with what was about to transpire.
Nodding your head, you leaned up to gently kiss him on the lips, a silent signal that he could continue. He whispered lovefelt words into your mouth before thrusting his hips forward into yours, the delicious contact making you whimper into his mouth as you finally felt whole again.
“I love you, y/n.”
Your heart swelled and your eyes rolled into the back of your head at the toe curling, unrelenting, pace of his hips slamming into yours, mouth open in a silent moan he made sure to swallow with his own mouth now back on yours. And you knew for sure, he meant it.
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aquagustd · 6 hours ago
the beach - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
[jungkook photo cred. sunflwerrmoon on twt]
↳ PART 07 of hell is empty ༄moodboard
life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
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Tumblr media
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | angst, fluff, smut, love triangle au
word count — 12.8K
play — the beach by the neighbourhood
warnings/tags — road trip/vacation, single parent!reader, ex-bf!jk, ceo!taehyung, dad!jk, pharmacy tech!reader, strong language, tae’s beard 😩 he’s also unshaven elsewhere, deceit & guilt, possessive-petty jk, choking (not the fun kind), some soft feels, cute junho just wants his parents together :(, roller skating, mentions of stalking, mentions of drowning, dad-son interactions, guys being dudes, sexting, masturbation (f & m), explicit smut — kissing, biting/scratching, dirty talk, spit kink, heavy petting, thigh riding, thigh kink, jk has a thing for oc’s mommy milkers
note: this is a bit unedited because i added some extra stuff at the last minute so pls bare with me for now !! the names of towns/cities are fictional !! this is a ~special episode~ of hie. idk why but it just is 👁 here’s oc’s fits !!
Tumblr media
“And you sit up front with me.”
You don’t even attempt to hide your grimace, helping Junho into the backseat of the car they had spent nearly half an hour picking out for this trip. He had insisted on the G-wagon and Jungkook had given into his son, obviously, despite loading the Range Rover with the luggage already. Even if you scolded Junho, you did enjoy watching Jungkook unpack and pack all over again. 
“I’m cool with sitting in the back with Junho,” you decide, not quite meeting his eye as you set your heel inside the car.
Jungkook unhooks the tote bag from around your shoulder, the slight brush of his fingers against your skin startling you. The piercing curled around his lip glints in the pale, morning sunlight, freshly styled hair combed back with his sunglasses sliding down the slope of his nose. Moving away from the car door and him, you avert your gaze to the bag now tossed over his shoulder and onto the passenger seat, eyebrows furrowed.
He smiles, eyes crinkling, “shotgun. Who’s gonna help with directions?”
You raise a brow, gesturing to the GPS planted right in the center of the dash for his convenience.
Chuckling, he shuffles around you to open the car door, doing an over-dramatic bow.
Biting back a smile, you hop into the car and click in the seatbelt, catching the victorious smirk he’s sporting as he rounds the front of the car to the driver’s side, a loud, satisfied sigh filling the stuffy air.
“Let’s get it.”
You spin around to peek at Junho who’s already on his iPad, buckled in and ready for the long ride. Once you turn around to face the front, you can’t help but feel a little awkward sitting next to Jungkook like this. When he’s so close, busy setting up the car, sunglasses now pushed up into his hair.
His head snaps in your direction and you look away, hearing him laugh a little too smugly.
“Junho!” He yells excitedly, whipping around to reach over and pinch Junho’s cheek, “ready for our road trip?”
Junho giggles, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen stretching his face, “YEAH!”
He looks adorable in the blue puffer jacket and orange T-shirt he had chosen this morning from the new set of clothing you bought especially for this trip. A break from matching his father who wears a darker blue jacket, noisy cargo pants and chunky boots. Jungkook catches your eyes mid-turn, his eyebrow jumping.
You scowl, not because you got a whiff of his banana milk breath but because of the shit-eating grin he’s sporting, “what?”
He shakes his head, and switches on the engine, smile still pasted on his face, “nothing.”
Huffing, you reach into your bag to pull out your phone, making sure to turn down your brightness before checking for any unread messages.
“So, where are we headed?”
Your eyes widen, “Labendeo? That’s nearly twelve hours away!”
“I know,” he snickers, greeting the guard stationed at the gate before driving onto the main road, “but we’re taking Junho to the beach.”
“Yeah, there are several beaches before we get to Labendeo beach! Do we really need to go that far?”
“Relax,” he groans, passing you a sideways glance, “we’re gonna make a few stops before we get there. We’ll spend one day in Deiji, two in Jangmi City and then Labendeo before we come back home. A round trip.”
“Can you manage to drive that long?”
His mouth quirks to the side, “why do you think I brought you along?”
Before you can protest that you did not expect a road trip, he holds up a hand, waving away your argument.
“I’m kidding,” he chuckles, finally pulling onto the highway, “Junho and I were talking the other night and he’s never been on a real holiday before. And I thought it might be a good idea if we make the best of this week.”
You hum, still a little annoyed because you wish he had told you earlier rather than the morning of the trip. Did you even pack what’s necessary for a road trip?
“We’ll stop to get some snacks in a bit,” he informs, tapping away on the GPS, “let me just figure this out.”
“Mamma,” Junho calls from the backseat, holding out his iPad, “there’s no WiFi.”
Jungkook nods in Junho’s direction, gesturing to his phone that’s kept under the center console, “link him up to my phone.”
Setting Junho’s iPad in your lap, you reach for Jungkook’s phone, pausing when you see a picture of Junho sitting on Sora’s lap at the familiar dining room table set as his lockscreen photo. A keypad pops up, asking for a password.
You thrust the phone in Jungkook’s direction, voice a little empty, “password.”
“It’s Junho’s birthday,” he says without hesitation, not looking away from the road, “0-6-0-5-1-6.”
Holding the phone up, your thumb hovers above the screen, hesitating…You have no idea why. But deep down, you do know why. How easily he gave you the password to his phone – could this one device hold the answer to all your questions? What questions exactly? The questions you had no idea existed until you spoke to Jimin.
His password is Junho’s birthday. You won’t forget because it’s your password too. Your password for almost every single thing that ever needed a password ever since he was born. It frightens you.
Knowing someone’s password, getting into their phone and everything it contains could hardly be called hacking. Monitoring from the inside, watching their every move digitally could be termed stalking. We live in a computerized world, and with one click of a button, you’re there – without having to be present.
“Got it?”
The phone nearly slips from your hand, muttering out a small ‘yes’ before quickly linking Junho’s iPad to his phone. There’s nothing you should be considered about on Junho’s iPad except games and his chats between you and him whenever he was away at Jungkook’s place. By now, you’re sure that Jungkook must’ve taken a peek whenever Junho had abandoned the device or fell asleep.
But once you’re done, you find your own phone and get to changing your passwords to something less…obvious.
Tumblr media
It’s past 2PM when you finally arrive in Deiji.
The realization that you had fallen asleep hits you when you wake up, the stale taste of gummy worms and Sprite settled on your tongue before you stretch your arms and look over the backseat. Junho is still asleep, curled in on himself with a bag of Cheetos threatening to fall off the edge of the seat.
Somehow, your seat is fully reclined, too comfortable to move an inch before you feel your phone sliding down your chest, reaching down to pick it up when another, tatted hand catches it and holds it up.
Jungkook’s seat is reclined too, level with yours, which means you slept facing him, his round eyes still alive and full of energy. As if he hadn’t slept.
Weakly, you take your phone from him, “we’re here?”
He nods, forearm tucked under his head, “yeah. We reached about an hour ago, but you were sleeping, and I didn’t wanna wake you.”
“I ended up sleeping too,” he chuckles, scratching his elbow.
For a second, you forgot where you were, lost in the small dots of light in his doe eyes before you jolt upright, struggling to find the lever to readjust your seat. You hear the soft clank of his own seat, heart thumping in your chest when you find his jacket draped over your legs.
He moves closer, following your line of sight, “you were cold…Let me help you.”
Going stock still, you find yourself holding your breath as his arm stretches over your figure, black shirt straining over his muscles.
Lungs burning for air, you still manage to look for each freckle on his face, the ones you remember, the way his lips crinkle as he concentrates, the small puffs under his eyes. But most importantly, that scent. His scent.
You can feel your cheeks heat up when he looks at you, only a few inches away and fuck—you did it. You looked at his lips again because how could you not? It’s right there! With his stupidly cute and pink cupid’s bow and oh god, he’s looking at your lips too.
Shrapnel. He’s on one side of the car and you on the other. Cheeks heating even more when you hear him clear his throat, fist held to his mouth as he looks out the window.
Gaining all the composure you can find in the midst of your racing mind, you turn to Junho, knowing that Jungkook shouldn’t be affecting you like this. It’s only the beginning of your trip and you’re already forgetting why you even agreed to it in the first place? Why your heart still aches each time you look at him? It’s as if you’re only on level one and you’ve already failed the mission.
“We’re in Deiji,” Jungkook informs, eyes on his phone screen, “let’s eat first then we’ll check in at the hotel, okay?”
“Deiji?” Junho beams, bouncing off his seat to grab his father’s shoulder, “you mean with the bumper cars and roller skating? With the beach?”
Jungkook chuckles, wiping the side of Junho’s mouth with his palm, “mhm. But we’re not going to this beach, the one in Labendeo is better.”
Junho’s attention is caught by the villa style house ahead, gathering his things quickly as he squeals with excitement.
You dip your head to get a good look at the house, wondering why Jungkook didn’t wake you up, but instead chose to sleep in the car parked in the driveway of the house you’d be staying at tonight.
“Dad, can we go inside now?!”
Jungkook unlocks the car doors, seatbelt slipping from his fingers before he gestures for you to roll up your window.
“Not now, Junho, mamma and I are hungry, and I’m sure you are too. The restaurant is only two minutes away from the house so we can take a cool walk before we get back.”
On your way out, two women in white and a man donning similar uniform ask for the car keys to take your luggage inside. They’re friendly with Jungkook, as if he’s been here multiple times before. It makes you wonder if he brought Sora here too before.
Deiji is a charming, picturesque city which is a hotspot for tourists who are just looking to unwind and take some time off with the family. The perfect place for a family vacation and you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your days here. You only visited once before, since accommodation is rather costly due to the scenery itself. And your parents could only afford to take you through its’ streets rather than actually stopping to buy the slushies sold on every corner.
The memory itself has a morose smile lifting your lips.
A manifestation of your memories – one scrawny teenager rolls a cart in front of the three of you as you mosey down the street, selling slushies and popsicles.
Junho squeezes your hand, a silent question on your lips. But before you can say ‘no, we’ll come back after lunch to get some,’ Jungkook is poking at his wallet, ready to buy the blue stick Junho picks out.
“Jungkook,” you sigh, throwing the teenager a cursory glance, “we’ll come back for some after lunch. Let’s get food first.”
Jungkook looks between you and Junho who sports a crestfallen look, tugging at the hem of his T-shirt.
“Let’s buy it now, he can have it after lunch.”
You barely manage a smile, hoping the teenager doesn’t take your words the wrong way but also hoping that Jungkook wouldn’t challenge your words, since you know better.
“It’ll get melted by the time he’s done with lunch,” you exhale a chuckle, patting Junho’s head, “we’ll come back after lunch, ‘mkay?”
Although a little reluctant, Junho nods, stepping away from the cart and waving at the boy. But Jungkook is the one who’s behaving like a six-year-old, stubborn and insistent.
“You sure, Junho?” He crouches in front of him, brushing away his fringe, “you can have some now and after.”
“Jungkook,” you grit, barely holding it together, “we’ll come back after, he already had chips in the car. He needs real food.”
The teenager rolls away, nodding toward you while you mirror his gesture in silent promise. If Jungkook’s phone wasn’t ringing, you know he would’ve started an unnecessary argument. He falls behind as you head toward the restaurant, Deiji Cuisine painted in bright yellow.
“Let’s wait for dad,” Junho suggests, pointing toward his father who seems to be in quite a serious conversation, the bridge of his nose caught between his fingers before he adjusts his sunglasses, shoulders tensing when he finds you looking at him.
He hangs up, tugging on the collar of his jacket as he shuffles past you through the glass doors, greeted by the waitress who ushers you to a table right at the back. It’s rowdy and boisterous, the clanking of utensils against plates, endless conversation and children’s laughter drowns out the waitress as she explains today’s special.
Junho didn’t fancy anything from the kid’s menu, so you had chosen a simple burger for him and one for you, since your appetite was spoiled with all the sour gummies you had eaten earlier. Jungkook orders, what you think is, all the meat dishes he found on the menu. But he does share, the lamb skewers were delicious and you find yourself wishing you had ordered that for yourself had you known how tender the meat would be.
Throughout your meal, your first meal together with Junho (a fact you wish your brain didn’t point out), Jungkook’s too occupied with his phone to engage in conversation. You’re glad, because he’d somehow find something to say that would piss you off or have you feeling uncomfortable, but you’re mostly curious. His phone rings and he doesn’t excuse himself, just whisper-shouts into the speaker while Junho goes on about his new friends at school and what he wants for his next birthday.
Jungkook looks up briefly from across the table, before his head lifts again, shoulders sagging once he notices Junho’s dejected expression. You weave an arm around his shoulders, tugging him into your chest.
“Dad’s busy with work.”
“No,” Jungkook quips, locking his phone and setting it on the table, “I’m done now. What’s up?”
Junho perks up, frown replaced with a smile in a millisecond, “for my next birthday, I want another car. Do you wanna know which one? A real car! Not a toy one! But I want toy ones too!”
Jungkook laughs, folding his arms on the table as he leans forward, “what car?”
This time, you’re the culprit, the sound of your ringtone interrupts their conversation. You don’t bother to check because you know who it is, excusing yourself after asking Jungkook for directions to the restrooms.
Grateful that the ladies’ room is empty, you tuck yourself into one of the stalls, ensuring not to touch the toilet with the noisome scent floating around.
“Someone’s getting way too many calls.”
Glancing around the cubicle cautiously, despite no one being around, you clutch the phone close to your ear.
“Did you find anything?”
Jimin sighs loudly, so loud you think you feel it through the speaker.
“I told you we cannot go forward if you don’t download the software onto his phone. Or laptop.”
You scratch the side of your head, nodding stupidly, “yeah, right. Well…I got the password to his phone.”
“Mhm. It was Junho’s birthday,” you chuckle dryly, “like every password of mine.”
Jimin snorts, “you just gave me access to not only Jungkook’s, but your phone too.”
“Well, I already changed all my passwords.”
“Smart woman.”
“Hm, so…you called?”
His voice sounds distant, yawning through his words, “yeah, just wanted to check up on things. Did you see my guys out by the villa?”
Your eyebrows crease with confusion, “…no. What guys?”
You hold up a hand, baffled, “wait, what do you mean your guys?”
“I’m back to work, keeping an eye on you,” he chuckles, “although I’d hardly call it work when I’m watching you.”
“But I thought I told you I don’t need anyone keeping an eye on us?”
“Taehyung insisted.”
You laugh to yourself, “of course.”
“Yeah, the guy walked in threatening me to stop whatever it is I’m doing, then offered me more for my services once he heard that you were getting into Jungkook’s car.”
“Hold on—” your eyes bug out off your head, mouth falling open “—what do you mean he heard me getting into Jungkook’s car?”
“He stopped by earlier this morning, at the time I was just setting everything up when you texted me saying that you were leaving. Offered me more to keep you safe. At a discounted price, of course, since we’re friends.”
You’re failing at absorbing all this information.
“I’m sorry I can’t tail you around this time, got other shit to do so—”
“So, Taehyung is okay with this. With me doing this…investigation.”
“Guess so, hey, ex is on his way out,” he rushes to say, shuffling on the other end of the line, “there’s not much I can do with his phone password, you need to download the software on his phone then I’ll be in. Get him drunk or something.”
With that, he cuts the call, leaving you with the information that Taehyung is fine with you asking Jimin for help, but he still didn’t answer your text from that night you spoke on the phone. After that call, you were left to think everything over for the hundredth time. Wondering if it’s a good idea to go on the trip with Jungkook when anything could happen. Wondering if you can really put your faith in Jimin and provide him with all the information he needs when his loyalty is skewed by money.
You’re comforted by the fact that he’s Taehyung’s friend – but Taehyung himself doesn’t trust him. And that’s where your overthinking begins.
Forgetting the whole dilemma with Jimin, it’s Taehyung that has a grey cloud floating over your head ever since that call. How things went from 0 to 100 from beginning to end and you only have one person to blame.
Hate budding once again despite how much you know your son loves him. If Junho knew…no, you wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t ruin their relationship out of selfishness.
You assume that Jungkook must’ve settled the bill because he and Junho are goofing around the staircase, blue popsicles in hand.
Tumblr media
Resurfacing hate and guilt sits like a weight in your chest, unable to force a smile onto your face because all you can think about is Taehyung and how things were ruined. Where you would’ve been if Jungkook didn’t show up and gatecrash…well…your life. Because things were okay, more than okay. Before you were forced to change Junho’s schools, nearly kidnapped, or worse, because you were too distracted, and you’re losing a man who you know is exactly what you want and need right now and in future.
You keep your distance from Jungkook, glaring at him from afar as you grip onto the railing, watching Jungkook toss Junho into the air as he skates across the shiny floors, bouncing to the pop music echoing in the clamorous space.
If it wasn’t for Junho, you would’ve never accepted Jungkook into your life again. Agreeing to this trip, was a terrible idea, because, in moments of weakness, you see bits of your past in his eyes, bits of him, the old him, the old you, and it only leads to your downfall because you can’t handle it.
“Need some help?”
Carefully, you tilt your body to the side to find a man wearing a black headband, light stubble dusting his chin, standing behind you, his arms outstretched.
He smiles, face lit by the neon lights overhead, “sorry, I’m Jinyoung. I kind of help the kids around here and I couldn’t help but notice that you were—” his round eyes dart to your shaky legs “—struggling.”
Even if you’re in a bitter mood, the idea makes you laugh. A guy who was supposed to be assisting the kids with their skates offered to help you – a grown woman. You can’t even deny that you’re struggling because your wobbly hands give you away.
“Was I that obvious?”
He touches his chin, rolling to your other side smoothly, “well, you haven’t moved from this spot for the past half an hour.”
You chuckle, “you were watching me for half an hour.”
He sucks in a breath through his teeth, shaking his head in defeated manner, “…yeah.”
Slyly, you let your gaze drift over his tall figure, freezing when you catch him do the same.
“To be honest, I was just worried you might hurt yourself,” he reasons, holding up his arms before spinning around twice, “so what do you say?”
Squinting at the hand he offers, you know you felt a little awkward standing to the side while Jungkook and Junho has all the fun, so you nod, fitting your hand in his before he carefully pulls tugs you off the railing.
“Here, put your hands up here,” he instructs, guiding you behind his figure with all the poise of a ballerina before you shakily rest your hands on his toned shoulders, squeezing when you nearly topple over.
“Sorry,” you mutter weakly, gaining your balance as he glides down the rink, still near the railings which you assume is for your own comfort. The other skaters dash past you, and you wish you were as skilled as them. Jungkook seems to have gotten lost in the crowd.
Jinyoung skids further away from the railing, having you squeal excitedly before you finally find his rhythm, giggling because his movements match the beat of the music.
“So, are you here alone?” He enquires, tilting his head slightly as he speaks.
“Nope, I’m here with my son and…his father.”
He nods, scanning the faces that pass, “where are they? Is your son as jumpy as you with the skates?”
You gasp, seeing him sport a fond smile when he twists sharply and takes your hands in his, steadying you when you begin to lose your balance once again. Your gaze is fixed on the ground, hoping you don’t embarrass yourself because this guy is quite attractive, and you don’t want to make yourself like an idiot.
“No, he’s actually pretty good,” you inform with a proud smile, fixated on the way his hands caress your own, “his dad is good too.”
“You’re a natural,” he compliments, eyes on your legs that are hidden under your lime green dress, “think you go by yourself, now? Move your feet like mine.”
“Errr—” you chuckle nervously, mirroring the swiping motion of his feet before he finally leaves one hand, then the other.
“There, you got it!”
“Yeah! Oh my God,” you giggle, grateful that he’s still around for you to grip onto in case you fall.
It’s like the wind in your hair during a car ride home from school. The excitement bubbling in your chest somehow takes you back to your childhood. Laughing giddily with the stranger next to you who seems all too proud. Shoes with wheels? Genius.
Junho grips onto your arm, luckily Jinyoung is there to grab your hand when your movements stall, still unsure how to idle with wheels on your feet.
“You’re doing it!” Junho jabbers, following your finger that points to Jinyoung.
“Yeah, he helped me!”
“Who’s this?”
Jungkook grasps Junho’s arm, lips pursed while his eyes don’t leave Jinyoung –  who’s oblivious. You’re all too aware, watching Jungkook’s jaw twitch, beads of light dancing on his stern face. You’re holding back a laugh.
“Thank you so much,” you gush, placing a hand on Jinyoung’s arm, “I had so much fun with you.”
“Me too! You should come again!”
Jungkook scoffs, “we’ll see about that. Leave you five minutes, should know you’ll find something you occupy yourself.”
Unbothered by his comment, you turn to Jinyoung, promising that you’ll definitely be stopping by again, when there’s such lovely service here.”
A loud thump sounds from behind you, nearly falling to your feet as you rush to Junho who’s clutching his knee and head, tears streaming down his face. Jungkook beats you there, pulling Jungkook onto his lap when he crouches in front of him.
“I fell,” Junho hiccups, “and hit my head there—” he points to the bar under the railing, still clutching his knee, sobbing into his father’s shoulder.
You reach over to stroke his head, cooing when his cries get louder. Examining the damage on his knee, you find a small bruise forming, before moving to his head and pushing up his fringe, seeing no visible bumps there.
“Hey, hey,” Jungkook hushes, taking Junho’s cheeks between his hands, “it’s alright, shush. I don’t know why the f—why there had to be another bar there. Terribly built.”
Jinyoung watches from a few feet away, face filled with concern. You shoot him an apologetic smile, certain that he heard Jungkook.
“No more roller skating, okay? We wont come here ever again.”
You roll your eyes, knowing that Jungkook’s words are spoken with more than one motive behind it. Junho’s sobs start again, eyes puffy as his small hands scrub at his cheeks.
It makes your heart hurt, “Smiley—”
“Hey, come on, you’re my strong boy, aren’t you?”
Jungkook wraps his arms around Junho, pulling him into his chest with his eyes shut while you watch the exchange with a stagnant heartbeat, his words like a dagger to your heart.
“My strong boy,” he repeats, kissing the side of Junho’s head, “let’s go home.”
He cradles Junho, hopping to his feet while you follow them to the exit, the dagger now set aflame.
Tumblr media
The villa is nice, cozy, homely – the change in routine is refreshing, but what’s spoiling your fun is Jungkook – and the opposing feelings slicing through your heart. His tenderness with Junho, how you watch them wrestle and fight playfully like two pandas. To see Junho bursting with elation in the company of his father, makes you sad as much as it makes you happy. You see the way he looks at Jungkook, the exact same way Jungkook looks at him. With so much love and care, but once Jungkook sets his eyes on you, it fades into something else.
You wonder if it’s the same way you look at him now.
“I’m gonna shower, you should too, stinker!”
“Hey! I already had a bath!” Junho whines, kneeling on the couch, “and I am not a stinker!”
“Oh yeah,” Jungkook crinkles his nose, jutting out his hip, “then what’s that smell.”
The smell hits you just as he exits the room, laughing maniacally as he disappears down the upstairs.
Junho pinches his nose, a loud ‘eww’ echoing in the room.
“I think dad farted!”
You groan, shoving your face in a pillow because why do you remember that smell too.
More maniacal laughter.
Once you think the smell fades, you usher Junho to the other bathroom, getting his bubble bath ready when your phone beeps, a reminder that you have a mission on your hands.
Peeking around the hallway wall, you hear the Jungkook’s shower running. It’s now or never.
Junho is busy singing while he plays with the bubbles, a habit he formed since he was three. You don’t know where he got it from, but you soon discovered that he sings whenever he’s alone, either finishing up his homework, or playing with his cars. You find it endearing.
“I’m gonna be right back, okay? No swimming!”
He giggles, “obviously.”
You pinch his cheek, a little too hard, hearing him squeal, “obviously? You’re turning into your dad!”
Snatching up your phone from the counter, you tiptoe to Jungkook’s room, pushing open the door with a light hand. You let him have the master bedroom, since Junho will sleep with him tonight. The bathroom is situated in the far left corner, quite a distance away from the nightstand where you find his phone.
Chewing on your lip, you enter the password as fast as you can, thumbs moving without much thought.
His homescreen photo is Bam and Junho, sitting by the pool. Junho looks so cute – you wish you could send it to yourself but no, you have something to do.
Glancing over your shoulder, you open up your message thread with Jimin, following the instructions he had sent you a few days ago on Jungkook’s phone. You’re not accustomed to all the icons and placement of the apps, so it takes you a while to find the browser app. It’s only when the phone slips out of your hand do you realize that you’re shaking.
You got this.
Holding both the phones up, you get to work, grinning to yourself when the software download begins. You know nothing about it – but Jimin said that it would be untraceable on his phone, working from the inside and getting whatever information he needs.
Your hand flies to your chest when you hear singing coming from the bathroom – Jungkook singing. In the sweetest, silvery voice you’ve ever heard. You stand there for you don’t know how long, nearly swaying with the soft timbre of his voice. He’s singing a love song, one you don’t recognise but the lyrics…
The sound of water gushing ceases, forcing you out of your daydreams to find that the download is not complete yet!
Your foot bounces impatiently, heart racing.
“Come on…come on.”
Locking his phone and setting it back on the nightstand, you whirl around – a squeak jumping from your lips when you find Jungkook with a towel hanging low around his waist, another pressed to his head.
Droplets of water cascade down his toned body, down…down collected in the plush towel. Tattoos wet, like a painting on his muscles. And you find yourself doing that thing again – finding the moles and dents in his body that you remember. Your eyebrows furrow when you spot something new, a bit of pale skin, paler than the rest and raised from his skin. On the left side of his stomach.
His free hand falls, blocking that part of his body before he takes a step forward. Wet hair paired with that smirk is not good for you…But you pull yourself together, one foot turned to the door.
“What are you doing here? Junho’s awake, it’s still too early.”
He takes a lock of hair between his fingers, lips glistening, “come back later hm?”
You shove him away with a hand on his chest, playing off the impact of his hot, hard flesh against your palm with a laugh.
“Stop it, idiot. I just came to check if you have enough pillows.”
“Oh,” he sniggers, the same old boyish smile returning, “I learned to sleep with one only. But if you’re really worried—” he looms closer, placing a hand on the doorframe above you “—you can be my pillow tonight.”
Don’t look at his abs. Don’t look at his abs.
Ah fuck.
There it is, tightly packed and damp. But that scar…
“Like what you see?”
You scoff, “no, but—”
“So you don’t?”
Sighing, your hand hovers mid-air, pausing right above the scar that looks a lot worse up close.
“What happened there?”
His smile falls, snapping away from you yet still holding eye contact. You don’t look away, determined to get an answer.
“You can take the master bedroom if you want,” he offers, clearly a deflection, “Junho and I can sleep in the other room.”
“It’s fine.”
The arm he wraps around your waist catches you off guard, your gasp sounding a little too telling.
“Or we can share a bed tonight.”
You step on his foot, a weak attempt to help you wiggle out of his grip before you dash away, cursing him on your way down the hall. He shouts to your retreating figure, smile clear in his words.
“You can never hurt me, ___. My pain tolerance is high!”
Once you make it back to your room, you have a dizzying smile on your face, chest heaving as you laugh to yourself.
He’s such an idiot.
Tumblr media
It’s nearly 6PM the next day when you arrive in Jangmi City.
Somehow, you slept in, missing the alarm you set, finding Jungkook and Junho sat in the lounge watching Top Gear. You’re not accustomed to waking up after 11 and you felt more tired than anything.
Deciding to spend the rest of the afternoon in Deiji, you spent a few hours shopping, mostly for Junho. And anything you picked out, Jungkook snatched it from your hands and insisted on paying. You refused his offer to pay for the pretty purse that caught your eye. Obviously, you didn’t forget his words when he first got back. As if you can’t afford the few luxuries you have and work hard for.
Patiently, you wait for Jimin’s call, any news from him. He said before that once the software is on Jungkook’s phone, he’d get to work.
You’re nervous. What if all your suspicions are proven true? What if Jungkook was behind that whole incident? What if there’s some terrible reason why he chose to come back now and he’s being so accepting of Junho after a great amount of time has passed?
A part of you doesn’t want to know and you’d like to believe that you’re feeling that way because of Junho. You’re a lot calmer today, falling into vacation mode, travelling with Jungkook not a burden, but an unspoken agreement. To have fun, enjoy it while it lasts and not ruin it for Junho.
“We’re here.”
Yawning, you sit upright, hand held over your mouth when you catch the words on the sign you pass on your way up to the parking lot.
‘Stigma Inn.’
Jungkook meets your eyes when you turn to him, unable to hide your surprise. He shoots you a knowing look, switching off the engine before stepping out of the car. You stare at him stupidly, a little distracted by how…good he looks in that black button up shirt and slacks. Not his usual attire.
“We’re staying here for the night?”
He nods, taking Junho’s hand in his as you walk to the entrance, pebbles crunching under your heels.
“Tonight and tomorrow night, heard it’s one of the best,” he shrugs, looking down at Junho with a grin, “and you deserve the best, hm?”
Junho nods shyly, doe eyes lit by the golden glow as you approach the shimmering glass doors. Jungkook hands his keys to the bell boy who rushes over, ready to cart your luggage. The décor and lighting takes you back to that night, the night you met Taehyung.
Your fingers tighten around your purse, head tipped up as you gaze at the chandelier, the exact same one you saw at the bar. Junho admires the place himself, small lips parted as he follows Jungkook further, stopping near the reception desk.
“I’ll get us checked in,” Jungkook informs, pointing to the velvety red couches behind you, “wait there.”
“It’s so cool, mamma!”
“I know,” you beam, running your fingers through his hair, “do you know who all this belongs to?”
“Dad!” He says without hesitation, fat cheeks puffed up.
“No,” you snort, whispering into his ear, “Tae.”
His eyes bulge out comically, “really?”
Before you can provide more information, Jungkook tips his head in the direction of the elevators.
“Right this way Mr. and Mrs. Jeon.”
The attendant behind him says wearing a perfunctory smile. You’re ready to protest, nailing Jungkook with a burning stare while he’s unfazed, stuffing his hands in his pockets with a smirk.
What if Taehyung finds out that you checked in, his hotel, under the name Mrs. Jeon?
God, you just got here and Jungkook is already getting on your nerves. But thankfully, he booked two rooms, penthouse suites for the two of you. Junho chooses to share a room with his dad, again and you’re left alone in a massive room with unlimited amenities. A jacuzzi to yourself.
You won’t complain.
The scent in the hotel room, you place it immediately and you’re impressed at how consistent the hotels are. Down to the scented candles set on the coffee table. It’s almost nostalgic, reminding you of the first night you spent with Taehyung, how he carried you to bliss, how he made you feel less alone that night.
There’s an indoor pool on your floor and once Junho gets news of that, you’re obligated to change into swimming gear at 7 in the evening. Not like you’ll actually swim. Sat at the lip of the pool with your legs swirling around the water, Taehyung on your mind.
You wonder what he’s doing. He said he hasn’t been at work for the past few days because he wasn’t feeling well. You hope he’s okay. If only he would reply to your text…
The indoor pool, you come to realize, is built to feel like an outdoor pool. Lights mimicking the stars, trees bent over the sides, ‘grass’ dotting the corners. The air around you is balmy, juxtaposing the cool water. It feels like a dream, opaline ripples in the water, Junho splashing around, competing with his father.
“I beat you!”
“No, you didn’t!”
“Yes, I touched the wall first!”
Junho turns to you, the corners of his mouth sagging.
“Jungkook,” you chide, planting your hands on either side of your thighs, hiking up your sarong, “he’s only six. How are you gonna compete with a six year old?”
Jungkook, ignoring your words, takes Junho in a bone-crushing hug, lifting him above the water before dropping him again and again. His giggles filling the capacious room while you’re rolling your eyes, fixing the strap on your pink bikini top.
Just as you check the time on your phone, Junho swims over to you, propping his cheek on your knee.
He nods, gesturing for you to pull him up out of the water with outstretched arms. You wrap a towel around his shivering frame, eyes falling on Jungkook who springs out of the water, his toned back rippling with the water before he jumps back in.
“Uh…Jungkook, we’re going to bed.”
“What? Already?”
“Yeah, Junho’s tired.”
Junho lifts his head from your shoulder, waving his dad goodnight, “sorry dad. Mamma will come back to play with you.”
Jungkook’s bunny smile appears, “she will?”
“Right, mamma?”
He grips your chin, peering into your eyes with his own reddened ones. You sigh deeply, nodding before you carry Junho back to the hotel rooms which is just around the corner, tucking him in and giving him a big smooch on his forehead. You assume he’s asleep, but he speaks as you’re closing the door, heart stirring with his words.
“Good night mamma, have fun.”
“Good night.”
Jungkook’s arms are stretched over the lip of the pool, his back facing you once again. You don’t know where that bottle of champagne came from, but there’s two flutes sitting on either side of it.
Inhaling a shaky breath, you announce your presence by clearing your throat, regretting it when he looks up at you, half his face illuminated with the dim blue lights. His gaze lingers on your chest as you return to your spot, a safe distance away from him. He throws his head back with laughter, tonguing at his lip piercing.
“Nothing.” He gets to cracking open the champagne, pouring you a glass before asking. “Here.”
You hold it up to your lips, shooting him an amused smile, “since when do you drink champagne?”
He ignores your question, just downs his glass and smacks his lips, grunting with the taste. Fresh and crisp, silky on your tongue. You take your time with it, knowing one glass is enough if you’re drinking with him.
Setting his elbows on the edge of the pool again, his chest puffs out, nipples visible under the water. Even from the side, he’s handsome, you can’t deny it. His tattoos are pretty, you realize, you want to take a closer look. His nose suits his face, there’s something different about him. Different from all those years ago. You remember him as a boy, now he’s a man. He carries himself life one.
You look away when he cards a hand through his wet hair, turning to you before averting his gaze just as fast.
“Why don’t you get in?”
“With you?” You chuckle dryly, “no thanks.”
He bares his teeth as he laughs, floating dangerously close to your legs.
“Come on—” he sets the empty glass next to yours, bouncing in the water “—it’s not that deep.”
“You’re taller than me,” you deadpan, seeing his shoulders drop with annoyance.
“Just come in, the water is nice.”
You level him with a disgusted stare, “are you forgetting what happened the last time you and I were near a body of water.”
His face screws up, as if he had forgotten. Or he’s pretending not to remember. But you remember, and you refuse to get in with him, you don’t even know why you’re here this late at night with him.
“You don’t know how to swim,” he begins, swimming closer, “let me teach you. The basics, do you know how to float?”
Coyly, you stare at your feet, “no.”
“That’s okay,” he soothes, chest brushing your knees, “let me teach you. No funny business.”
“No funny business? Jungkook, you tried to drown me.”
“No I didn’t,” he glowers, moving back an inch as if offended, “you fell in and—”
“You watched me, I saw you,” you take a breath, nearly choking on your words.
He sucks in his lower lip, looking to the left before holding up his hands dismissively. It’s obvious you killed the mood – your own and his. The pool feeling a tad bit colder. You look up at the ‘stars,’ untying your sarong and plopping into the water, holding onto the edge for support. Your teeth chatters first, then you’re engulfed in a relaxing sensation, tingling up your back and down to your legs.
You still keep a safe distance away from him, standing on your tippy toes as you hold on for dear life.
He doesn’t look at you, but you see his dimples appear briefly, arms floating in the water. You’re biting on your lower lip, smile threatening to take over your features.
Now would be a good time to talk about things.
He grins, “you go first.”
You clear your throat, fingers appearing from under the water, “so…you and Sora? How did you guys meet?”
“It’s a long story,” he replies curtly, pressing his palms to his cheeks.
“I saw her car before we left,” you prod, seeing his forehead crease.
“Yeah…but we’re kind of on a break.”
“A break?”
That’s not what he said the last time he mentioned Sora.
“The wedding is set for August this year.”
The words waft around like steam, settling on your skin, forming sweat behind your neck. There’s no emotion as he says it, fingers slotting into each other. You don’t want to look too into it, and you don’t know why you asked in the first place. To make conversation?
“Let me teach you,” he insists, swimming closer menacingly.
You hold up your index finger, “no, Jungkook. Stop.”
He cocks his head to the side, backing you away from the edge. You panic, legs kicking to find the surface that’s suddenly gone from below your feet. Arms flailing around, you shriek, reaching out for him desperately. With a laugh, he grips your hips, holding you up with one hand while the other tucks a wet strand of hair behind your ear.
“Relax, I got you.”
“I told you I don’t want to learn!” You curse, eyes bugging out of your head when you lose balance and fall forward, chest pressed to his.
Immediately, his eyes fall to your boobs that spill out of your pink bikini top, eyebrow jumping.
“Did those get bigger? Or am I seeing things?”
Seething, you cross your arms over your chest, before the same things happens and you’re pressed up against him even more than a few seconds ago, panting into his neck.
“Yeah, they definitely got bigger,” he whispers, thumbing at your lower back.
“You’re such an idiot,” you grit, ignoring the woodsy scent that’s intensified with his damp hair, “take me back.”
“Where’s the fun in that?”
You should feel violated with the way he’s handling you, hands pressing into your skin. But your heart is sending contradicting signals to your brain. And you’re feeling up his back, something tugging in your lower belly when he hooks your thighs around his waist.
“Just,” you mutter, heels digging into his back, “take me back please.”
The water seems to fight against your moving bodies as he helps you to the edge, hands not leaving your body. A thrill runs up the length of your spine when you find that his eyebrows are furrowed, eyes darkened as his gaze slides up and down your figure, pausing on your boobs. You decide to do the same, unabashedly eyeing his perky chest.
It seems like you give him the wrong idea, because now he’s pressing you against the cool wall, lips a breath away from your neck.
You’re straining your body, going rigid when you feel his lips brush the junction between your neck and chest. You might think your head is under water because it’s so hard to breathe, knees nearly buckling when he speaks.
“Do you know how sexy you are? Ever since I saw you, after I came back, I can’t take my eyes off you.”
There’s nothing you can hear except your own heartbeat and his slow but stuttered breaths, feel it against your skin, goosebumps raising on your arms. He catches your chin between his fingers, fixated on your lips.
Jungkook? Jungkook. Yes, this is Jungkook. What is he doing? What are you doing?
“What the fuck are you doing?”
His gaze changes, confusion painting his features. Something tells you to hook your legs around his waist again, tug him closer, tease him.
He moans, the sound urging you on.
There’s an obvious bulge in his shorts, digging into your thigh, it feeds your ego. And you tease him some more. Bringing your lips to his, feeling him pant into your mouth and now he’s gasping for air. His cock twitching, begging to be touched.
He says your name again and again, in a trance, dazed when your lips nearly brush his. You drink up the frenzied glaze to his eyes – because you haven’t seen in for a long, long time. And it reminds you that he can still be putty in your hands, despite the act he puts on. He chases your lips, hot breath kissing yours, and even if you’re wet, so wet, you jump up and out of the pool, using your hands as leverage before blowing him a kiss.
“What the fuck?”
“Careful, there must be cameras in here, Jungkook! Hope you can make it to your room!”
Laughing hysterically, you clutch your tummy, his horny, frustrated face etched in your mind. ‘Wow,’ you giggle to yourself, putting up your hair as you prepare for the bath. He’s so fucking stupid. He got so fucking hard seeing your boobs? Teenage Jungkook is still in there, for sure. Just not in the way you expected. You hope he isn’t too mad. What did he expect? You fuck in the pool? Jerk him off?
Luckily, you carried your toys with. Knowing you’d be satisfied for now.
Ready to find the purple vibrator in your carrier bag, you hear your phone beep, heart stuttering when you see a notification from Taehyung.
[21:53] Taehyung 💏: I miss you.
[21:53] Taehyung 💏: image.jpg
[21:54] Taehyung 💏: are you free? Can I call?
You squint at the screen, zooming into Taehyung’s face. He’s growing his facial hair, lying in bed, shirtless. Flopping down on the bed dreamily, you reply with a ‘yeah sure,’ but on the inside you’re arguing with yourself to say ‘fuck yes.’ His reply comes in the form of a video call, prompting you to sit up and adjust your appearance, combing away the few wet strands of hair.
“Hiii,” you say shyly, words dying on your tongue because fuck, you missed him.
“Hey,” he chuckles, voice thick with sleep and delicious. “How are you? How’s Smiley?”
“Good…good,” you smile, only because you’re unable to stop, blinking at his handsome face and the way his arm is tucked under his head, muscles bulging, “and you?”
“Good…you’re happy.”
“I am,” you reply diffidently, speaking into your shoulder, “happy to talk to you.”
“Yeah?” His eyebrow jumps, glancing to the side as he sucks a breath through his teeth, “how happy?”
“Mmm—” you tuck your fist under your chin, finding a more comfortable position on the bed “—very happy.”
He laughs, that deep, melodious laugh you missed hearing. Your chest swells, joining in his laughter.
“How’s your holiday going? Hey,” he brings the phone up close to his face, the space between his brows only visible, “what hotel are you staying at?”
“Oh,” you smirk, reaching for the notebook placed on the nightstand. The gold lettering on the front has him grinning. “Here. Ever heard of it?”
“Wow,” he snorts, twirling a strand of hair around his fingers, “who’s idea was it?”
“I, uh,” you snigger, recalling your surprise, “I had no idea we were gonna come here, Jungkook booked for us.”
“Oh,” he tsks, “well, he has good taste, I’ll give him that.”
“Yeah…So, how have you been? You’re sounding better than the last time we spoke.”
He speaks around a yawn, repositioning the phone above his face, “feeling a bit better, but I took these two weeks off. I have been working from home.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Yeah, I have a few meetings to attend out of town next week, so I’m just enjoying this break.”
“Oh, I see. You’re gonna be out of town next week?”
“Yeah, I’ll stay in one of our hotels,” he nods, looking up and to the side, unaware of the sombre expression you wear. You wanted to see him next week, by the time you get back from your holiday, he’ll be gone.
“So, what have you been up to? How’s the holiday going? I miss you.”
“I miss you too…I was hoping I’d see you soon, but I guess I won’t for a while.”
His nose crinkles, head tilting to the side, “I’ll see you once I get back, promise.”
You nod, hand pressed to your forehead as you sink down to your stomach, “I can’t wait.”
He narrows his eyes, gaze bouncing around the screen.
“What are you wearing?”
Propping the phone up against a pillow, you kneel on the bed, showcasing the baby pink set you’re wearing and black and white sarong you tied hurriedly when you left the pool earlier.
His mouth hangs open, cursing under his breath.
You return to your previous position, cheeks hurting, “what?”
“You mean to tell me you’re walking around like that? That fucker is lucky.”
Slapping a hand over your eyes with a coy giggle, you roll onto your side. He goes on, complimenting you till your stomach doesn’t stop flipping in on itself and when he pauses to admire you, his expressive eyes say it all. You missed the way he would look at you, how much praise they hold alone.
“There’s nothing stopping me from getting in my car and driving there right now.”
“Where are you?”
Shocked, you blink at him, “you’re not serious?!”
He smiles, “I’m kidding, but if you want me there, let me know.”
“We’re in Jangmi City.”
“Ah, that’s one of my favorite locations, we’re looking to extend the building.”
“It’s already so huge,” you titter. He shakes his head, explaining why it would be a good move for business here.
Comfortable silence settles between you, admiring each other’s faces as if he wasn’t so far away, but right next to you, physically. It feels that way.
“You’re growing your beard,” you point out, watching his rub his chin and mustache.
He brings the phone close to his mouth and chin, moving his head from side to side, “do you like it?”
“I love it, so sexy.”
He doesn’t move the phone away from his mouth, breaths audible, “you’d love it more when you feel it between your thighs.”
You gulp, nearly levitating with his words and the way your pussy clenches around nothing.
“Hm?” His eyebrow jumps with nonchalance, collarbones and chest visible to your greedy eyes.
You shift on the bed, clit throbbing in the flimsy material of your bikini panties.
He licks his lips, eyes half-lidded, “let me see you without the…skirt thing.”
Springing to action, you kneel on the bed, making a show of undoing the knot keeping it snug around your waist, slowly peeling away to reveal your damp panties. His bottom lip is caught between his teeth, groaning when you spread your legs a bit.
“Fuck…you…do you have any idea what you do to me? You’re all I can think about,” he shudders, fisting a handful of hair.
“You too,” you confess, throwing the sarong across the room.
“You wanna know what I think about the most?”
“What it would be like to feel you, really feel you.”
You grin salaciously, a vague idea of what he’s talking about, but you want to hear him say it.
“What do you mean? You felt me before?”
“Ah fuck,” he laughs, covering his eyes with his long fingers, hesitant with his next words, “you know what I mean.”
“Uh uh,” you smile, tongue poking into your cheek, enjoying watching him struggle.
“I wanna…fuck you. Really fuck you. Feel all of you when I fuck you.”
At this point, you can feel your slick pool in your panties, hands inching down your belly and back up, between your breasts.
“Mhm? How?”
“Uh, shit. Wanna fuck you without a—”
“I know,” you chuckle breathlessly, the idea thrilling to you as well. “Wanna take me raw?”
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
His lips twist, peering at the way you’re caressing your neck and chest.
“For? I wanna feel you too baby. Fuck, it sounds so hot.”
“Yeah? Shit, I’m so hard.”
Your core throbs, folds swelling in its confines as you hear his voice deepen with lust, eyes barely open as he shuffles down the bed, one hand disappearing from your view.
“Get naked for me,” he husks, groaning softly, “let me see you touch yourself.”
Falling onto your back, you set your phone in front of your face, clicking your tongue.
“I thought you wanted me to take care of you?”
His eyes sparkle, lopsided smile on his face, “how would you take care of me?”
“Let’s see,” you begin, kicking off your panties, “nice and slow, I’d take your cock in my hands, spit on it a bit, get you sloppy.”
“Uh, yeah,” he grunts, clearly stroking his cock. The picture you conjure in your mind has your fingers slithering between your folds, gasping with the first touch.
“You want my hands, or my mouth? I think you like my mouth better. Tease you with my tongue, up and down.”
His eyebrows are furrowed, lying motionless as he watches you with hooded eyes, “let me see you play with your pussy.”
Back on your knees, you place the phone high enough to give him the perfect view of you pussy and boobs, showing him how wet you are by spreading your lips apart. He hums, holding the phone to show you how hard he is, fucking into his head, dark tufts of hair collected there.
You’re salivating, dipping your fingers lower as you mewl, tossing your head back when you hear him groan.
“Fuck, miss that pussy. Make yourself cum baby. Wish I could come there, and have you ride my face till you’re gushing.”
“Taehyung,” you sigh, fingers dipping into your cunt to hear him tut.
“No fingers inside, play with your clit. I can see how swollen it is.”
Whining with how empty you feel, your orgasm approaches a lot faster with the lewd position you’re in, grinding on your hand frantically as you moan out his name, mouth hanging open.
“Shit, look at you. Wanna fuck that pretty cunt, get you nice and creamed up. Fuck you full of my cum till it’s leaking down those sexy thighs.”
“Fuuuuck, Tae. I’m cumming.”
You shudder, the coil winding tighter and tighter till it snaps, nail digging into your clit as you cum on your fingers, thighs burning. He praises you as you ride out the high, cunt pulsing into your hand while you want him paint his chest with his cum, cockhead jutting out of his fist as he curses out your name.
Your laugh catches his attention, “what?”
“Nothing, I was just…getting ready to use my vibrator tonight.”
“Aren’t you glad I called?” He smirks, wiping down his chest.
Tumblr media
You’re getting too accustomed to waking up late.
Spring in your step, you saunter to the pools, seeing Junho and Jungkook lay in one of the gigantic sunbeds. Jungkook texted you to say they’d meet you here. It took you a while to find the recreational area, but you did, after nearly fifteen minutes of searching. This place is bigger than you expected.
“Hi,” you smile, placing a kiss on Junho’s head.
Jungkook doesn’t look your way, his face screwed up in a permanent scowl as he feeds Junho chunks of watermelon, squinting in the sunlight.
It’s exciting to be around the other guests, adding to the jubilant atmosphere as they tan and swim and jest. Mostly young parents like yourself dotting the area. You pull out your sunscreen from the straw bag you carried, planting yourself on the edge of the sunbed before lathering your legs and arms.
“Mamma, come sit here.”
Junho scoots closer to his father, patting the space next to him. You slide in next to him, fitting your arm around his tiny shoulders. He has earphones in, watching YouTube videos with Jungkook. You don’t really know if Jungkook is watching, since he has sunglasses on, his chin tipped up.
“Smiley,” you pinch his shoulder. He presses pause on the video, tongue sticking out with his lisp.
“Why don’t you go play in the pool? Instead of sitting here, with your iPad.”
He pouts cutely, “it’s too hot, mamma. And I was playing in the pool all morning.”
Junho holds the iPad below his chin, nudging you with his shoulder, “let’s take a selfie! Dad! We’re taking a selfie.”
Jungkook pokes his head in one corner, while you do the same, peeking at him before putting on your biggest smile. The photo is cute, and you watch as Junho sets it as his wallpaper and everything.
“This is the best day ever!”
“Aw baby,” you coo, pulling him onto your lap and peppering his face with kisses, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he squeals, turning to Jungkook, “I love you dad!”
Jungkook ruffles Junho’s hair, rising to his feet to stand on the other side of the sunbed, “love you too.”
It can’t be because of last night that he’s behaving like an asshole. Not only to you, but to Junho. He’s suddenly so distant, standing to the stand and watching over the pool like some lifeguard. If Junho wasn’t here, you would’ve asked him what’s his problem. But this is Junho’s best day ever and you don’t want to ruin it.
So you lay down on the sunbed, unbuttoning your top a bit. Junho stays tucking into your side, asking you to play with his hair as he lays on your stomach while Jungkook continues to sulk for whatever reason – you’re too relaxed to care.
Tumblr media
The whole day was spent at the pools, lunch in a nearby restaurant and dinner in the hotel. Taehyung texted you earlier, to tell you that he misses you, of course, and he has a surprise for you and Junho once you get back. Even if you’re enjoying this holiday, now you’re just eager to go back home.
But Taehyung will be gone once you return.
Today went smoothly, too smoothly, and you should’ve known better. That there’ll always be some kind of issue. Especially if Jungkook is around and in a shitty mood.
“Can you cover up please?”
You cough, glaring at Jungkook, “excuse me?”
He gestures to your collar, “button up more.”
“If I button up any more, I would be choking.”
“Pull down your shirt.”
“It’s literally below my knee and I’m sitting,” you bark, anger bubbling over as he continues to judge you from across the table, “what the fuck is your problem?”
Junho jogs back to your table, a handful of gumballs set on the table, “I got seven! Can we go home now?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook bellows, banging his fist on the table before he turns on his heel and power walks to the car.
Junho jolts in fright, baffled by his father’s behaviour. You’re quick to cover it up, tell him that dad is having a bad day to which he understands. Although a little confused because it’s supposed to be the best day ever.
Exasperated, you tell Junho to wait in your hotel room as you tail Jungkook to his, grabbing his arm just as the door shuts behind him.
“What’s your problem? Why are you behaving like this in front of Junho?”
“I don’t have a problem,” he roars, pacing from one end of the room to the other, “and Junho didn’t hear me.”
“He did,” you affirm, hands on your hips, “and he’s wondering why his father is back to acting like a real asshole.”
He halts, head snapping in your direction with his nostrils flaring. You raise an eyebrow in question, waiting for his answer.
“You’re ruining it for him,” you scold, keeping your voice as calm as you possibly can with your anger, “what’s your issue?”
Take a few steps forward, he holds up a finger, “what’s my issue?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, arms falling to your sides with exhaustion, “you’ve been acting so weird today. And I have no idea how you must’ve been acting when I wasn’t around if Junho is so concerned. What’s your issue—”
There was wall behind you, you realize, pressed to it with his hands around your throat. Your head feels like it’s about to explode, hitting his wrists weakly while gasping for air, legs stretching as you try to get away from him. All you see is the malicious tint to his eyes, not what you remember, but so much worse.
Feeling lightheaded, a tear rolls down your cheek, disappointment piercing into your heart because you let your guard down too easily.
“You’re my fucking issue,” he grunts, squeezing tighter.
A puff of his name leaves your lips, sight turning spotty and black.
You don’t see the alarm on his face when he lets go because your eyes fall shut, sliding to the floor as you clutch your neck, unbidden tears dripping down your cheeks.
“Fuck, are you okay? Shit shit shit,” he curses, taking your face between his hands but you push him – hard. He topples over onto his back, laying there with his hands over his eyes.
“Don’t touch me,” you sob, air like ice as it fills your lungs, “don’t fucking touch me.”
Impaired legs carry you to the door, hand pressing down the handle before you hear him call your name. Nose and eyes a bright red.
“I’m sorry.”
You purse your lips to prevent it from quivering, but your eyes give you away, brimming with tears.
“I said I’m sorry.”
He presses the heels of his palms to his eyes, wiping his nose with his flannel sleeve. You’re rooted to the spot, heart splitting excruciatingly slow as he chants the words.
���You got me so fucked up,” he confesses, speaking with a nasally voice while you’re trying to find yours.
Your mind is blank. Stuck on rewind as he breaks down in front of you – pausing when? When you find the memories of him crying all those years ago. When you had nothing but each other. When he was your lifeline. The pained expression contorting his face has you inching forward, plucking at his sleeve.
“I’m so sorry. I…I saw those guys looking at you and they weren’t looking at you in a nice way. It was…disgusting. And fuck, I shouldn’t have told you those things. I should’ve approached them. Told them that it’s not fucking okay to stare at woman like that.”
“It’s not okay! They looked like they wanted to eat you. It’s fucking disgusting. Fuck—” He presses his forehead against the wall, clenching and unclenching his fists “—I wanna go back and fucking bash their heads together.”
He’s mad because there were men looking at you? You didn’t even notice. But he clearly did. That still doesn’t explain why he decided to hurt you like this. Your fingers graze your neck, unsure of what to say to him still.
And now, he’s banging his fists against the wall, harder each time, doing more damage to his knuckles than anything else. Involuntarily, you reach for his wrist, pulling it away and shaking your head.
His eyes hold so much sorrow, the corners of his mouth in deep frown.
“I’m sorry.”
You want to say it’s okay…but it’s not. It’s not healthy at all, and you’re afraid.
“You’re scaring me, Jungkook.”
“No, no,” he laments, hands lifting toward your face before he stops, “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”
“For everything.”
You swallow thickly, tears blurring your vision. “What?”
He rubs his nose furiously, inhaling a shaky breath as his gaze meanders from the window to the door behind you, lips pursed.
“I’m sorry…for everything,” he repeats, still not quite meeting your eyes.
A flash of grief passes over you, paralyzed as you hear him speak, you have to focus on your breathing to realize that you’re not dreaming. That Jungkook stands here, in front of you, after years of suffering, apologizing sincerely.
“Do you have any idea what it feels like to live with the guilt that you left behind your family? A family people yearn for. You want to do anything in your power to make it work. Anything at all. But I have no idea where to start. What can I do to make the best of this one last chance I have to make things right?”
You sniffle, waiting for him to finish.
“Fuck, I’m not good with words and even though I practiced this a million times I can’t remember anything because I know fucked up now,” he hisses, glancing at your neck. “You don’t have to accept my apology, and I understand if you want nothing to do with me. Like you said before. But you…”
“Me?” Your lips wobble, offering him a teary smile.
“I went through hell without you.”
He shuffles closer, moving your hair away from your face, fingers skimming down your cheek to have your eyes flutter. Your neck strains as you look up at him, leaning into his touch when he cradles your face in his hands daintily.
“I spent days wondering if you had forgotten about me. What you were doing…But I just…”
“Why did you leave?” You hiccup, placing your hands over his, “why?”
He rolls his jaw, gaze latched onto yours, “I had to.”
You punch his chest, “why? Why did you have to leave then? When I was so alone? When we were just getting better? Why?”
“I…can’t,” he shakes his head, forehead pressed to yours. He chuckles lowly, eyes slipped shut, “I knew I’d get to have you with me again.”
Sliding a hand around his neck, you lean up to slot your lips into his, like a surge of electricity running though your veins when he grabs your hips, pulling you to him as he deepens the kiss, licking into your mouth with urgency. Feverishly, you tilt your head to the side, sliding your fingers into his hair as he lifts you up and pins you against the wall.
Desire drowns out any rational thought at an alarming rate, body surrendering to his touch as he cups your breasts, tongue tangled with yours. The kiss is giddying, body alight with pleasure when he pulls away, mouthing down your neck while you swallow a lungful of air, a moan spilling from your lips when he nips at the skin under your ear.
“I hurt you,” he murmurs into your skin, tongue soothing the burn his teeth left before he moves to your lips, gasping into your mouth, “I keep hurting you.”
“Jungkook,” you whisper breathlessly, jutting your chest out.
He tugs at the collar of your shirt, causing a gasp to tumble from your lips as you hear the buttons fly across the room. The taste of his mouth is something you can’t get enough of, transported to a time of peace and carelessness. Young and reckless.
“Fuck, your tits,” he grunts, pulling down the black cups and getting his mouth one noisily, slurping and sucking at the pebbles bud before he sets his tongue flat against the sensitive skin, humming when you moan and twist at his hair.
The sensation of his lip piercing snagging on your nipple has you leaking and desperate. Bucking into him when he looks up from your chest, suckling on your nipples.
“Tell me what you want?”
You hum, lips pressing together when he bites your nipple, not too hard to be painful, but with enough pressure to have an all-consuming flame ignite in your lower belly.
“What do you want?”
“Touch me, Jungkook please.”
You fall forward when he presses his toned thigh to your clothed knee, grasping your chin harshly, forcing you to look at him.
“You know I heard you last night,” he pants, bouncing you on his thigh with sharp motions, “I still remember what you like. Open your mouth.”
Rolling your hips delightfully, you fail to hear his words, yelping when he pries your mouth open. Your stomach curls with excitement, tongue rolling out for him.
“Swallow it all.”
There’s a crazed look in his eyes as he gathers a ball of spit and lets it fall onto your tongue. You gasp when a string still connected to his splatters against your chin, mouth clamping shut.
“Swallow. Let’s see.”
Obediently, your jaw unhinges, falling into his fiery gaze as he continues to fuck you onto his thigh. Slick seeping through the material of your panties and his pants. His lips travel down your chest again, more aggressive with the way he sucks on your abused nipples.
“No one sounds like you, no one makes me feel the way you do. Fuck, see how pretty you look, fucking yourself on my thigh. Oh, yeah? That’s good isn’t it? Want it harder?”
“Fuck, yes, Jungkook. Yes! Harder.”
Your pussy clenches and weeps, begging to be filled while you’re grinding on his thing shamelessly as you chase your high, the scent of him enough to have you teeter off the edge, so close to your end with Jungkook’s nails piercing into your skin.
“Gonna cum? Yeah? No, you’re gonna cum on my cock.”
The clank of his belt sends a shiver up your spine, slowing down your movements then—”
“Mamma? Dad?”
Alarmed, you shove Jungkook away, holding the tattered material of your shirt together as Jungkook opens the door, welcoming Junho inside.
“Hey, Smiley.” Jungkook grins sheepishly, fixing his hair as he glances at you while you’re adjusting your bikini top.
“Did you guys make up?” Junho enquires, tapping his chin suspiciously.
“Uh…we did,” you smile, bending down to his level, “everything is good now.”
“Yeah.” Jungkook parrots, a content smile splitting his shiny face. He winks at you, reality hitting you like a tidal wave.
“Everything is good now.”
Tumblr media
It’s 11AM on the dot when you arrive in Labendeo.
The road Jungkook takes once you reach is unfamiliar and unpaved. You grip the seat as the tyres crunch along the path, unable to maintain your balance when he takes a windy road up a hill. Accidentally, you grip his thigh, cheeks heating when he smirks at you.
“That’s supposed to be my job.”
You chuckle, gaze drifting out the window as you keep your hands under your thighs.
It’s safe to say that after what happened last night – you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. You also have no idea what the fuck Jungkook is doing when he has a whole ass wedding in August. Him and Sora are taking a break? It’s all so confusing – and you need a break from this break.
And then there’s guilt. There’s always guilt.
Taehyung. You like him, a lot. And you’re more than willing to him a chance because you want to. You want him. He makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. Junho deserves stability, to be safe. There’s a 99.9% chance that with Jungkook, safety and stability is far from what he’ll get. Still, you can’t seem to narrow your feelings and perhaps once you’re back home, able to think critically – you’d see things in a clearer light.
“Where are we?” Junho asks from his place in the backseat. You’re ready to ask the same question because what lies ahead looks like a factory. Nerves bite at the back of your neck.
“Okay,” Jungkook says, bouncing off his seat, “this is why I brought you to Labendeo. Well, one of the reasons why, but that’s for later. Come on!”
He unclicks his seatbelt, hand kept on the door handle before you stop him with a hand on his shoulder, concerned because he brought you to this…factory that looks shady.
“Jungkook, I’m not sure about this. Where are we?”
He smiles, leaning forward to peck your cheek which leaves that spot burning.
“I understand, this is my factory! I wanted to show you guys the inside before we kick of business.”
You raise a brow, concern heightening because Junho listens attentively.
“What kind of factory?”
He huffs, looking between the two of you before he final turns fully, taking your hand in his.
“This used to be one of the biggest textile companies in the country. But, the owner failed to practice oversight of management which led to the business’ downfall. A year ago, a friend of mine contacted me and told me that there’s an opening, since he knew that I’ve been searching for something like this for ages.”
Junho slots himself between the two front seats, “and then?”
“And then,” Jungkook grins, “I met with the owner. He didn’t have the funds to formulate and follow through with a reconstruction program, liquidation was the only option. Until I showed up, gave him an offer and here we are! In about a month we kick off!”
“Wait, wait, wait,” you interrupt, “you…own a textile company?”
“I’ll explain everything later! Let’s just go inside.”
He’s so excited, you’re excited and Junho is the most excited. Maybe Jungkook wants to change his line of business? Find another way to navigate through life. Jitters run up your spine.
Just as you’re about to enter, the smell of fresh paint filling your nostrils, Jungkook’s phone rings.
“Hello? What,” he lets go of Junho’s hand, stepping away from you. His eyes narrow, worry flooding his features while you’re trying to hear what’s going on.
“Hacked?! Sweets, calm down. What do you mean hacked?”
Your blood runs cold, nails digging into your palms as he returns to you with sagging shoulders.
“I’m so sorry,” he exhaled a deep sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, “there’s an emergency back home.”
“Can we still go inside the factory?”
“Of course, Smiley. But I don’t think we’ll make it to the beach today, sorry.”
Cogs failing to turn in your head, you follow him inside almost robotically, knowing that you’re the cause as to why your trip must end early.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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jjkeverlast · a day ago
NEW GIRL | chapter seven (finale)
Tumblr media
-> genre roommates!au, roommates to lovers, romantic comedy
-> summary mi sun's words of advice help you realize a lot of things left unwanted...
-> word count 5.8k
-> warnings mild angst, smut (unprotected sex), oral (f. receiving), multiple orgasms, a lot of fluff you guys might die.... and jimin being his good ol' douchebag. (spoilers for the k-drama business proposal)
-> author's note! i normally don't write author's notes on my fics but seeing as this fic series is ending... i feel like i have to! ugh this has been such a journey and it's coming to an end! thank you to my readers for showing support and love, it's definitely pushed me to continue so it wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. i got really emotional writing this knowing it's the last time i'll be writing these crazy and yet fun characters. <3 hope you enjoy and i'll see you soon.
index | prev.
Tumblr media
Things did somewhat turn back to normal. There wasn’t any crazy awkward tension or any moment of weakness between the both of you. You were doing fine yet that kiss recurred once in a while when you were lost in thoughts. You’ll never forget it but you moved on pretty quickly from it. As for Jungkook he was doing better than he expected. He didn’t find himself constantly thinking of you or have the need to express his feelings to you. Maybe all that was needed was indeed that kiss for him to finally move on from you, once and for all. But the obvious reason for the both of you to feel this way was because you didn’t see each other often. You’d be at work throughout the day and come home late and Jungkook the opposite, him first working later in the evening and returning home at midnight. So, you were both busy, which helped the inconvenient situation between the both of you. 
Although things took a certain turn one night. You remember it as clear as a blue sky. You woke up in the middle of the night, not being able to find the right sleeping position, instead of you turning endlessly for hours with no hope of finding an actual good position, you went to the kitchen. The kitchen was empty and dark, the only light in the whole loft was from the moon reflecting upon the windows. It made the atmosphere calm and relaxing. You tried not to make a sound when you opened the refrigerator to look for a midnight snack, maybe that’s all you needed for your sleep to come back around. 
You turned, seeing Jungkook in his work attire. His hair was slightly parted and his cheeks red. 
‘’Hi.’’ You responded calmly, your eyes going back to the fridge, not finding anything interesting, you closed it, deciding on some tea. ‘’Want some tea?’’ You offered, reaching for the silver kettle and filling it up with water. 
‘’Actually, that would be nice, thank you.’’ 
You only delivered a small smile, him not really noticing it in the almost darkened kitchen. It was calm between you, which felt different but a good different. You didn’t say much, only keeping yourself leaned on the counter, patiently waiting for the water to finish boiling. 
‘’I feel like we haven’t seen each other as much.’’ Jungkook confessed. He was right. Distance had been a new thing between you these past few weeks and it felt awfully weird not seeing him constantly, but again, with everything going on, it was needed. 
‘’Yeah, we haven’t. How’ve you been?’’ 
‘’I’m okay, maybe a little stressed.’’ He was completely honest and it was new for once, being honest of how he feels; maybe not all of it but he was stressed. Jungkook had been stressed for a while. He wanted to tell you all about it but it felt like a setback if he did. 
‘’Wanna talk about it?’’ You proposed, not wanting to overstep; seeing you both hadn’t talked for a while. The kettle saved Jungkook from answering. You moved silently, fetching for two tea bags and preparing the tea for both of you. Jungkook watched you in admiration, the moonlight shone on your face a little and he caught a glimpse of your concentrated face. You had a habit; Jungkook quickly caught onto it, it was simple, your tongue poked slightly out of your mouth and your brows grew closer. It was the cutest thing. 
‘’Here.’’ You handed him the cup, your hands wrapped around your own mug, enjoying the warmth that seeped through your skin, making you relaxed. 
‘’Thank you.’’ 
Silence filled the room, the only sound filling it were the sips you and Jungkook took from your tea. You felt comfort in Jungkook’s presence, you didn’t feel the need to always say something to avoid awkwardness, although it had been like this for some time. Given you were confused after the sudden break up with Ryeon and the kiss you and Jungkook shared not long after. It meant nothing you kept convincing yourself. Although, something about sitting with Jungkook in the middle of the night, drinking nothing but tea, brought a comfort you’d never felt before and a part of you wanted to hold on to it for a long time. 
‘’I feel like I’m too gentle.’’ Jungkook started off, you didn’t wish to interrupt him, seeing he had a lot on his mind and now that he broke the silence, you’d want nothing more than to hear him out. 
‘’I just–  I’m too kind to my co-workers and it seems as if they forget I’m their boss. Maybe I’m overthinking it.’’ You could see how much it exhausted Jungkook, for him to just talk about it seemed to tire him out completely, though it was needed. 
‘’Jeon, you’re allowed to say when they do something wrong or if they’re being childish. That’s your job as much as theirs to listen to you. Don’t be afraid to be honest.’’ You gave him the best advice you could find, it didn’t seem easy to not only own a bar but also have so many working for you and helping you a long. The responsibility must be overwhelming at times. 
‘’You’re right, I’ll try tomorrow. Thank you Y/N.’’ He smiled softly, looking at you for a bit before taking another sip of his tea, probably contemplating your advice. 
‘’This feels nice.’’ You loudly admitted your thoughts which only caught Jungkook off guard; he’d never expect you to call his company ‘nice’. You sensed his silence, taking control of the conversation instead. ‘’You know, just no bickering, just a casual conversation. I like it.’’ You tried fighting back a smile, your body eagerly wanting to smile at the comfort of this interaction. Suddenly you felt all giddy inside and the feeling definitely scared you. You were realizing a bit but pushed the thoughts away; Jungkook is just a roommate, a friend. 
‘’Yeah, it actually feels nice. You look hotter when you’re quiet.’’ Jungkook spoke too soon, laughing it off and not dwelling too long on the sudden compliment he’d thrown at you. Your eyes just popped out, glad in that moment that you didn’t have any tea in your mouth because in no doubt it would be spilled out. 
‘’I’m kidding, you know that right?’’ He turns serious as if you really took his comment to heart – you really didn’t but it could’ve been nice in some way if he did mean it. Sure, Taehyung called you hot and Jimin once or twice but never Jungkook, maybe you just weren't ‘his type’ but why did he kiss you that night? Now you’re back to thinking about everything you thought you’ve put aside. 
‘’I know dummy.’’ You roll your eyes, growing annoyed by your thoughts although it could seem Jungkook’s words were the reason behind it. 
It didn’t take long for the both of you to say your goodnight’s and go to bed. The tea had definitely worked making the both of you comfortable and warm. That night you remember falling asleep with a smile on your face not wanting to fade away.
Tumblr media
Mi Sun was always the first to catch onto any sign of love, especially when it came to you. She remembers the moment you fell in love with Ji-hoon. Your eyes sparkled when he tied your shoelace right after stepping out from your favorite pasta making restaurant, the first night where Mi Sun met Ji-hoon. She liked him in the beginning but her instincts were never wrong and she knew he would hurt you. Mi Sun has always been overprotective – explains why you’ve never really dated anyone in a serious matter. Yes, Ryeon was somewhat serious but that didn’t take long for a breakup to happen between you. You might want to stay away from men who’ve already been married – advice to future self. 
So it was surprising when Mi Sun caught onto you and Jungkook. Not how Jungkook looked at you but the other way around. It was weird. She thought it was a kiss between you and that was it, you were really great at persuading so when you went to her apartment and quickly denied you weren’t falling for Jungkook? Mi Sun believed every single word. But now, seeing your eyes sparkle once again when Jungkook is casually pouring coffee in a mug, Mi Sun contemplates everything. You would, of course, deny it if she took you aside and told you that you’re probably in love with Jungkook and might’ve always been. You were scared, it was clear as a blue sky. Ji-hoon hurt you badly. Mi Sun knew deep down you didn’t want to experience this pain again, giving yourself completely to someone only for them to leave and hurt you in the end. Jungkook just seems genuine, asking Jimin who’s been best friends with him since college, is of course the right person to ask. Mi Sun wants to be clear on the situation before telling you about your obvious love for Jungkook. 
This explains why Mi Sun locked Jimin in his bedroom, him already in the process of taking his belt off, thinking of other reasons for her locking him in. 
‘’I’m not having sex with you.’’ Mi Sun clears out for Jimin who stops mid-track in taking his belt off. 
‘’I- I wasn’t thinking that.’’ Jimin responds with a puff, buckling his belt back on. 
‘’I have to ask you something. If you answer honestly, I’ll suck your dick.’’ It was the only way to convince Jimin into anything. Mi Sun learned that the hard way… literally. 
‘’Ask away.’’ Jimin doesn’t hesitate to sit down on his bed, manspreading for Mi Sun to try and distract her from her question, but she wasn’t that easy. That’s what Jimin found so mesmerizing about Mi Sun. Her capability to remain focus even though he’s teasing her. 
‘’Does Jungkook like Y/N?’’ That’s what Mi Sun mostly wanted to know, but also how he was in a relationship. She had to make sure her best friend deserved Jungkook and vice versa. 
‘’Yes.’’ Jimin answers with a shrug.
Jimin’s eyes grew wide and he knew he spoke too quickly, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the blowjob he’d be getting after this conversation, making him reply rapidly. 
‘’I mean… why do you wanna know?’’ Now Jimin was trying to save himself from a punch from Jungkook but Mi Sun caught onto it too fast for him to even deny it now. 
‘’No. You can’t outrun this.’’ Mi Sun pointed her finger at him, making him gulp out of nervousness. He definitely deserves a punch from Jungkook after this. 
‘’Please don’t tell anyone, Jungkook will punch the shit out of me if he knew you knew.’’ 
Mi Sun sighs, sitting now beside Jimin, ‘’I won’t. Do you think Jungkook deserves Y/N? Be honest.’’ 
‘’Fuck Jungkook is going to kill me.’’ Jimin tilts his head back, wondering how he went from excited of getting a blowjob to scared in a millisecond. He does in fact continue, as he’s already fucked up, ‘’he’s been in love with Y/N since she moved in. It was obvious since day one and now he’s trying to move on. But Jungkook is a good guy, I mean Noëlle broke up with him because she knew he was too good for her. So yes, Jungkook deserves Y/N. He would do anything to make her the happiest and care for her before himself.’’ Hearing Jimin talking so highly about Jungkook caused Mi Sun to smile. Jimin was honest. Mi Sun couldn’t help but think immediately that this was indeed what you deserved. Genuine love. The kind of love where you’re never in doubt of what that person feels. The kind of love where you can’t help but smile whenever you think of them. The kind of love where they’re the first person you think of when you hear a love song. That’s what you deserve as a person, and Mi Sun would do anything for it to happen. 
‘’You’re right. Thanks Jimin.’’ Jimin only nods back creating a silence in his bedroom, not another word being exchanged. 
‘’So… about that blowjob?’’ Jimin starts off and Mi Sun can’t help but hit his shoulder. Jimin can’t stop but to seem offended. 
‘’Only because you deserve it.’’ Mi Sun finally answers, dropping down on her knees in front of him. Jimin is already man-spreading and ready for her mouth.
‘’I don’t deserve you.’’ Jimin replies with a chuckle but it turns into a gasp as soon as her tongue hits the tip of his hardened cock. 
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, you were in the living room with Jungkook. The both of you were almost done with Business Proposal and so far the show was amazing. There were of course a few scenes that made things awkward, especially the love scenes. Jungkook’s ears and cheeks would instantly turn red and the sight made you flutter – for some weird reason. The both of you would completely ignore it and silence would grow between you, uncomfortable to be more precise. It was soothing that there weren’t any bickering fights between the both of you and Jungkook’s presence made you calm, a calm where you found yourself getting so relaxed you almost fall asleep when you’re around him. It’s not because he was boring, in fact quite the opposite but still for some weird reason you’d find yourself tired and happy around him. You were too caught in your thoughts that you hadn’t realized the scene happening in front of you and you turn to see Jungkook all excited and giddy. 
‘’Oh no! What did I miss?’’ You pout realizing there was a new scene on the screen. 
‘’He came back from New York!’’ Jungkook cheers and you can’t help but smile knowing Tae-ho came back for his Ha-ri. 
‘’Ugh, I want what they have.’’ You point to the screen, the last scene showing Tae-ho proposing to Ha-ri and her teasing him about saying yes. 
‘’I’m positive you’ll find that kind of love.’’ 
‘’Thank you Jeon.’’ 
As the credits roll, Mi Sun walks out of Jimin’s bedroom, her hair plainly screaming ‘I’ve just had sex for the past hour’. 
‘’Oh hey you two!’’ She greets the both of you, eyeing mostly you and not Jungkook. 
Jungkook gets easily distracted and catches onto the time on his phone. ‘’Fuck! I’m late for work.’’ And with that he rushes out the door like there’s no tomorrow, leaving you alone with Mi Sun. Mi Sun who’s looking at you as if she knows something you don’t.
‘’Okay, Y/N cut the crap.’’ 
‘’What do you mean?’’ Your brows grow closer, indicating your confusion towards Mi Sun’s words. 
‘’You’re in love.’’ She looks genuinely at you and you can’t help but laugh. As soon as a snicker left your mouth Mi Sun rolled her eyes, knowing you would deny.
‘’What drugs are you on?’’ 
‘’Y/N, I’m serious.’’ That changes the situation in an instant. Mi Sun saying she’s serious means serious business and that surely scares the shit out of you. 
‘’I’m– Mi Sun. Ryeon and I are done. There’s absolutely nothing remaining between us.’’ You clarify to Mi Sun because clearly she has her head in the gutter by thinking you’re in love with Ryeon. 
‘’There never was Y/N. It’s been Jungkook all along and you know it.’’ You froze at her words, not knowing how to take them in. Has it really been Jungkook all along? It- no it can’t be…
‘’Look, be in denial all you want but sooner or later you’ll see.’’ And with that she gets up ready to leave to her own place, leaving you alone with your thoughts. 
‘’Wait– how do I know if I’m in love?’’ The question came out dumb but you were genuinely curious as to how you know you’re in love with someone, there must be some signs of love?
‘’It’s different for everyone babe. Maybe listen to some love songs? Might wake something in your denial self.’’ One last smile is shown on Mi Sun’s face before she closes the front door and disappears from your sight. 
Love songs. Maybe that’s what you need, a push. So, you walked back to your bedroom, headphones on and put a random love songs playlist on shuffle. You decided to lay down and close your eyes, focusing on the lyrics. 
You Are in Love by Taylor Swift started playing and as soon as your eyes closed and Taylor started singing you saw him, Jeon Jungkook. You saw Jungkook with his bunny smile and his little nose scrunch he does when he’s happy. Your heart started beating rapidly and you continued seeing every moment you’ve spent with Jungkook. From the very first meeting to now. Your small bickering fights. Your eyes getting lost in his as if you’re the only people in the room. Fuck. It’s always been Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. You have to tell him. You can’t keep this hidden any longer. Therefore, you don’t waste another second already putting on your shoes and running towards Ego. You can’t help but pant and smile while running, thinking back to that one shared kiss between you and how much you melted in his arms and the way his arms held onto your frame, not wanting to let go. But when you step into Ego, your smile drops and your heart sinks. Your sight catches Jungkook rather rapidly but you wish you hadn’t. He’s standing with a girl whispering in his ear, gripping onto his arm and Jungkook is smiling. He’s smiling at whatever this girl is saying to him. You were too late. You’ve been blind and in denial for way too long and you get this in return, well, you deserved it. He doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t deserve a person realizing how they feel towards him too late. He deserves better. You take a deep breath and walk out of Ego, your heart sinking to your stomach and tears are starting to form onto your eyes. You quickly wipe them away but they keep reappearing, insisting on showing how hurt you feel. Fuck it. You let your tears fall freely as you walk slowly back to the loft. 
Just as you reach the main building you hear your name being called. It’s him. You don’t even have to turn to know it’s him, his voice is so easy to recognize. 
‘’Y/N?’’ He steps closer, you shift in your position letting your gaze fall onto the big transparent doors, not wanting to see his face. 
‘’Y/N.’’ He repeats, seeing as you’ve still not turned to see him. 
You only hum, quickly wiping your tears with the sleeve of your hoodie.   
‘’Why did you leave so quickly? Is everything okay?’’ He asks out of concern and your heart can’t help but beat rapidly knowing he noticed you. You were there for not even a second and he saw you. You can’t stand this. 
‘’Yeah, I’m okay.’’ You answer, back still turned to Jungkook. 
‘’Then turn around.’’
You prepare a fake smile onto your face, wanting nothing more than for Jungkook to believe that you’re okay, but in reality you’re the opposite of okay. You just realized how in love you are with him and he’s with someone else, or that’s what it seemed like. 
‘’See? I’m okay!’’ You smile too widely and you pray internally that your eyes have dried out. 
‘’You’ve been crying.’’ Jungkook steps closer, his fingertip pointing to your almost dried tears staining your cheek. 
‘’Don’t.’’ You remove his hand from your face, looking away and just wanting to hide under your covers and go back in time. 
‘’What’s going on? You were okay not even two hours ago!’’ He points out and you laugh uncontrollably at his ridiculous observation. 
‘’Just… go back to the bar.’’ And you step back, not being able to bare the small distance between you. 
‘’No. Tell me what made you cry.’’ 
You sigh, rolling your eyes at Jungkook being so determined. If you told him now what good would come out of it? He’s clearly seeing someone else and it would create unwanted awkward tension for as long as you both remain roommates. Although, looking at Jungkook, the Jungkook that ran towards you even though he’s supposed to be working right now instead – you can’t help but feel… guilty. He just wants to make sure you’re okay and you can’t seem to cooperate how he deserves it. 
‘’Jungkook it’s not worth knowing.’’ It’s better than to lie, because truth be told it’s hard and again not worth it. You don’t want to cause anything. It’s pointless. 
‘’I’m not leaving until you tell me.’’ 
‘’Please just go.’’ You beg, the tears running back to you, pushing to fall. 
‘’Just tell me!’’ Jungkook grew annoyed. You could simply just tell him yet you don’t. 
‘’Jungkook! Please!’’ Your tears fall, your vision becomes so blurry you just close them not being capable of seeing Jungkook. 
‘’This is why we always bicker! You never, ever cooperate! For once just fucking tell me Y/N!’’ 
‘’I’m in love with you!’’ You swallow your breath, looking down onto the pavement. 
It’s silent. Too silent. You fucked up. Oh fuck how could you mess it up this much? Of course he doesn’t feel the same way. He’ll never–
Your uncontrollable thinking got interrupted by Jungkook lifting your face with his hands in a hurry and his lips touching yours. You melted right away in his touch, not wanting to let go of him. His lips stay on yours, moving in sync with yours and both your breaths are swallowed by each other. Jungkook slowly stops, his forehead pushed against your own, his eyes still closed. 
‘’Say it again.’’ He whispers. 
‘’I’m in love with you Jeon.’’ 
He smiles, re-attaching his lips to yours not believing what you’ve just told him. He thinks this is some fucked up dream yet it’s not. He can hear, smell and see you. He sees you and you see him. 
‘’Again.’’ He wants to hear it again and again and again… he’ll never grow tired of hearing you confess. He’s waited too long for this. He’s been so patient and it was all worth it in the end. You feel the same way. His feelings are reciprocated by you. You, the person he’s found himself falling for since you stepped into the loft. 
You grin, repeating once again and Jungkook lifts you up, spinning you around while you both laugh in sync, being the happiest there is. 
‘’I can’t remember a day where I haven’t loved you.’’ The sentence gives you a warm feeling inside of you and you feel as if you’ll burst right here and now. 
‘’Jungkook.’’ You whisper, tracing your fingers on his face, admiring each feature. He leans his cheek into your palm and you melt at the sight.
‘’So what now?’’ You ask with a genuine huge smile on your face, not believing the feelings are mutual and that your hand is on his face, caressing him. 
‘’First, let me call one of my colleagues and tell them I’m not coming back.’’ He reaches for his phone and you stand patiently seeing Jungkook talk his way out of working, he is the boss after all but still – it’s hilarious. 
The phone call ends short and Jungkook is back to bringing his attention to you. His arms wrapping around your waist and smiling at you.  
‘’Now, I’m gonna show you just how much I’m in love with you.’’ 
‘’Oh is that so?’’ You smirk at him, knowing where he’s going with this and you want to, as much as he does. 
You both hastily run upstairs to the loft, being too eager for what’s about to happen. The loft's silence gets interrupted by your kissing in the entrance, walking backwards towards Jungkook’s room. 
As soon as the door shuts, Jungkook traces his hands onto your form, gripping onto the material wanting it off in an instant. Not believing he’s able to touch you, to love you.
One by one, you and Jungkook get undressed, yet still in underwear. Jungkook lays you slowly on his bed, him hovering over you. His cold chain hits your cleavage and you gasp from the contact. Jungkook’s smile never disappears, it stays on while he peppers you with small kisses on every inch of your body, making you relax in his embrace. When Jungkook reaches the waistband of your underwear, he turns upwards to meet your eyes. 
‘’Can I show you?’’ 
‘’Show me what?’’ 
‘’How I’m going to make you come all over my fingers?’’ You don’t hesitate, replying with a small nod. Jungkook smiles, pecking your lips before he goes back down. His fingers trace onto the fabric of your underwear and tugs onto the waistband, pulling them all the way down to your feet, throwing them across the room. 
Jungkook doesn’t touch you directly afterwards. Instead he finds himself admiring you. Every part of you. 
‘’You’re stunning.’’ He whispers slowly, his gaze catching onto every part of your body. Your cheeks heat up at his compliment, your whole self in awe over Jungkook wholeheartedly admiring you. His gaze doesn’t continue for so long and he finally touches you. His fingers carefully tracing your slit, it already being wet from all the beforehand make out sessions. Jungkook’s touch sends shivers through your body and you moan as you’re pleased with the movement of his fingers. He pushes them inside of you, a small hiss from you is heard but quickly exchanged by a moan, enjoying the stretch his fingers are giving you. Jungkook comes back down, your eyes meeting again and he can’t help but love seeing your expressions twitch over his fingers digging into your walls and you being so pleased by it. Your hands grab onto the roots of Jungkook’s hair, feeling yourself growing closer to an orgasm.
The pace of Jungkook’s fingers quicken and it makes your body jolt, holding tighter unto him while he kisses down your neck, inhaling your scent, mango. Everything feels so right. You laid out in front of him, moaning his name out of pleasure and giving yourself to him. 
As his two fingers are still curling inside of you, his thumb traces circles onto your clit, sending an unexpected rush through you, making you bite back a moan.
‘’I wanna hear you baby.’’ Jungkook speaks lowly to you, his eyes not leaving yours, wanting to catch every single reaction. 
‘’Fuck Jungkook–’’ You look down seeing the movement of his fingers inside of you and that sends you to the edge, making you release onto his fingers as he expected. 
Small pants escape your mouth as you’re still trying to overcome your orgasm from before, but Jungkook has other things in mind. His mouth is back on yours with his fingers still inside of you but not moving. The kiss is messy and needy and Jungkook pushes his own boxers down, desperately wanting to be inside of you and feel your warmth. His cock slaps freely onto your stomach and it makes you pull away. 
You want to make Jungkook feel good. You want to hear him moaning for you and praising you for touching him so well. ‘’My turn.’’ You gather spit in your palm, taking him in your hand and Jungkook’s brows grow closer, his forehead leaning onto yours and he moans from the feeling of your hand pumping him. ‘’You touch me so well baby.’’ He praises you and you pull him back to kiss, hand still pumping him. He can’t help but bite your lip when your fingers graze onto his tip, spreading his pre-cum. It almost makes him finish right here on your stomach and that makes him pull your hand away. ‘’Can’t finish now.’’ He quickly explains so you don’t get the wrong idea. You nod, spreading yourself more for him and Jungkook grunts at your movement. 
‘’Fuck, are you trying to kill me?’’ You only snicker at him. 
Jungkook moves aside, going through his drawer to find a condom. 
‘’Jungkook. Are you clean?’’ 
‘’I– of course I am.’’ 
‘’So come here. I’m on the pill.’’ You reassure him, roaming your hands onto his bare back. He turns back to you a bit concerned. ‘’Are you sure?’’ 
You nod with a smile, tracing your fingers against his bicep, admiring his tattoos. He mumbles a quick okay, going back to hovering over you and you assure him it’s okay, giving him small kisses on his red cheeks and swollen lips. 
The first thrust is slow, Jungkook doesn’t want to hurt you but he’s reassured when you moan in approval that it feels good. You both gasp in sync when Jungkook is fully nestled inside of you. 
‘’Shit– you feel so good.’’ Your compliment is followed by a whimper as Jungkook’s hips start moving. His mouth attacks your neck with kisses, some might even be hickies and you don’t care. He’s yours. He’ll remain yours. Your arms snake around Jungkook’s figure, holding him for comfort, never getting enough of his body against yours, how both of your skins grow hot together. 
Jungkook’s rhythm is affectionate, his cock deeply buried into your walls, his hips rocking back and forth. The room filled with the slapping of smacking flesh and the both of you cursing over how good it feels. 
Jungkook abruptly stops and you don’t even notice before he’s pulled completely out of you.
‘’Jeon, what are you–’’ 
Your words get swallowed by a gasp as Jungkook attaches his lips onto your cunt, running his tongue flat over your folds. Your hand grabs the ends of his hair, massaging him while subtly rocking your hips towards his face. He’s savoring every arousal of yours. Your eyes trace down towards him, seeing his eyes closed, humming onto your cunt enjoying every moment of eating you out. You think Jungkook will be eating you out until you come on his tongue but Jungkook surprises you by re-entering himself inside of you without a word or warning. 
‘’Fuck you taste amazing.’’ You try to thank him but you’re almost about to come and you find yourself slurring over your words. Your whole body is in ecstacy. Jungkook really knows how to please and you love it. 
Your legs start to shake and another orgasm is reaching once again. Jungkook notices the reaction from your legs and a smirk is seen on his lips. 
‘’You close baby?’’
‘’So– so close.’’ You close your eyes, letting your body completely relax and the orgasm reaches more towards you. Jungkook encourages you to finish, his thrusts quickening and you bite his shoulder, not wanting to wake up the others. 
‘’Come on baby, you can do this.’’ 
His words strike something in the pit of your stomach and you find yourself coming undone on his cock, still thrusting at a quick pace. As Jungkook’s fucks you through your second orgasm, you kiss him on his neck and further down to his pecs. Helping him reach his high as well. 
‘’You’re doing so well baby.’’ That has Jungkook nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, moaning against it. You praising him has him so close, so close to finishing. 
‘’Where can i come?’’ 
‘’Inside of me. Fill me up nicely.’’ You let out with small whimpers in between. 
‘’Fuuuck–’’ Jungkook picks up his pace, his lips kissing yours messily before he finally lets himself finish inside of you, his cum filling you up so good you can’t help but moan. He doesn’t remove himself as soon as he finishes, letting his cock soften while it’s inside of you. Your foreheads are both sweaty, rubbing against each other and with a sigh Jungkook pulls out of you.
‘’Let’s get you cleaned up.’’ He helps, lifting you up with him, your legs still a bit shaky from the overstimulation. Jungkook is only smiling in satisfaction while you’re struggling to stand up straight. ‘’Don’t smile!’’ 
‘’How can I not? I finally got to fuck you.’’ Even though you are still in overstimulation, Jungkook’s words send a rush straight down to your heat. 
‘’Shut up.’’ 
Tumblr media
You wake up to bickering from outside Jungkook’s room. It sounds like Taehyung and Jimin and you try to ignore it for now. Jungkook is laying beside you, small snores escaping his mouth. His hair is messy and cheeks flushed red. You can’t help but think back to when Jungkook fucked you yesterday and the warm bath you both shared afterwards. You gave Jungkook a small peck to his shoulder before lifting yourself up to go make some breakfast. Before your feet hit the ground, Jungkook grabs your wrist making you turn. 
‘’Where are you going?’’ He mumbles, his face half pressed onto the pillow and his eyes slowly opening. 
‘’I was going to make us breakfast.’’ And with that you try to get up once again but Jungkook pushes your wrist down. 
‘’Give me a kiss first.’’ 
‘’Jungkook.’’ He doesn’t take your answer for a no, so he pulls you so you land directly back on the bed. He nudges his nose against yours and with that you give him a small peck. 
‘’There. Now let me go.’’ He contemplates for a while, still holding you in his arms, loving every moment of this morning with you, beside him. He doesn’t want you to leave him, he’s too consumed by you, which explains this, ‘’I’ll come with.’’ 
You both walk out of Jungkook’s bedroom, all happy and giddy and it’s quick for Taehyung and Jimin to notice the sudden spark between you. You both ignore them, making coffee while Jungkook gives you a back hug and you lean against him. That becomes the last straw for your roommates and they both shout in sync, ‘’What the fuck?’’ 
You turn in confusion seeing Taehyung’s mouth wide open as well as Jimin’s. ‘’What?’’ 
‘’What kind of shit is this?’’ Jimin points between the both of you, making Jungkook smile at the obvious confusion there is in the kitchen, in the early morning. 
‘’Wait– don’t tell me.’’ Taehyung stops holding a finger up before Jungkook can speak. Taehyung studies both of your faces, noticing the messy hair, the fact you’re wearing Jungkook’s t-shirt and oh– 
‘’You fucked didn’t you?’’ Taehyung raises his brows and laughter erupts in the room, Jungkook subtly nodding and you not catching on. 
Taehyung shouts in victory and you’re surprised seeing he’s so invested in your relationship with Jungkook. 
‘’Give me my twenty dollars Jimin.’’ A smirk on Taehyung’s face and Jimin grunts in annoyance before pulling a twenty dollar bill from his wallet. 
‘’Oh– so you were betting all along?’’ You sounded offended when in reality you found it hilarious. 
‘’Shut up Miss Jeon.’’ Jimin bites back and Jungkook smiles at the given name Jimin picked out for you. 
‘’Can I ask you guys something?’’ Jimin asks before a silence can fill the kitchen. You both nod in unison, Jimin taking it as a sign to continue. ‘’So like… how good was it?’’ 
‘’Jimin! Ten dollars, jar now.’’ 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Lost Stars | JJK | Twenty Seven
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x f!reader
Summary: Jungkook was lost. He didn’t know who he was anymore, so he decided to leave and find himself. But he wasn’t expecting to find you along the way, an island girl who has no idea who he is. Jungkook has a secret. But so do you.
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, drama, strangers to lovers. 
Chapter warnings: Fluff and angst!! Just three more chapters to go, guys </3
WC: 5K
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Tumblr media
Bam loved whenever his uncles were around, and you quite enjoyed having a full house. So both of you were really happy when Jungkook invited his brothers to have family dinner at the new place for the first time. Seokjin was on the couch, playing video games on the TV and talking to himself like his own narrator. Your boyfriend was sharing the kitchen with Yoongi, his suyuk was almost ready to be served. Hoseok was walking around taking pictures of everybody with his polaroid camera, Jimin was serving drinks for everybody and Joon and Hun were in a corner talking amongst themselves, beers already on their hands. 
You had just fed Bam his dinner, hoping he would stop trying to steal pieces of food from the counter. So far he hasn't had any luck. 
“Jagi, come try this.” Jungkook called for you, a piece of pork held between chopsticks. 
He blew on the meat before feeding it to you and you quite literally moaned at the taste. 
“It’s so good.” You told him. 
“Yeah?” He grinned. 
You nodded, stealing another piece of the meat. Jungkook was really proud of himself every time he cooked something new and he was really good at it by now. But then of course, there weren’t many things the man wasn’t good at. 
Yoongi finished the plating of the suyuk with some myeongi namul and pa kimchi, placing it on the dinner table and calling everybody to come eat. Seokjin had just yelled out his victory when the doorbell rang. You slipped from your boyfriend’s embrace and alarmed gaze. 
At the CCTV screen you could recognize who it was, so you opened the front gate and waited for Taehyung to cross the front yard and make it into the house. But he wasn’t alone this time, the fluffiest little dog you had ever seen was in his arms. 
“Is this Tannie?” You squealed, squeezing the pup’s little face. He barked at you, but you didn’t mind. 
“Yeah, I thought he could meet Bamie.” Tae said, giving a little kiss to his dog’s head. 
The big dog was already running over, curious about the sound of another dog in his territory. Taehyung put Yeontan on the floor, watching carefully as the two dogs greeted each other with sniffs and licks. Bam was a lot bigger, but Tannie had a lot of attitude. In a couple minutes you could see who would be the boss of who. 
“Come on in, the entry was just served.” You told him. 
Taehyung was a little awkward, you noticed, but walked into the kitchen and went to greet his friends. You stayed behind watching your boyfriend closely. As soon as Jungkook saw his friend, his smile dropped and he looked for you. 
“I’m sorry, jagi, I don’t know who invited him.” He told you quietly. 
“That’s okay, baby, I did.”  
Jungkook was confused, unsure as to why you would have invited over someone who only brought you pain, someone who was never even a little nice to you. But he didn’t know you had talked and were trying to patch things up. 
“I can’t just forget what he did to you.” He said, and you didn’t expect him to let it go just like that either. 
“You don’t have to, I can respect your decision.” You assured him, squeezing his hand to let him know it was okay. “But it’s not mine.” 
Holding Jungkook’s hand, you brought him back into the dining area next to the kitchen, where all of his brothers were eating the plate he and Yoongi had cooked. Your boyfriend slotted himself between Jimin and Hoseok, where it was furthest away from Taehyung. You did the opposite, going to stand between Hun and the newcomer. 
It was so noisy amongst all of them, even as they ate, that you didn’t have a lot of trouble masking your words: 
“Hun-ie, we have a mission.” You told the man, peaking his interest. “We need to find someone for Tae.”
Taehyung’s head whipped in your direction, his cheeks tinted red as he gave you the shyest little smile. 
“Really?” Hun asked you, lowering his voice even more when turning to the boy: “I always thought you and Jimin-ssi had a thing going on the low.”
“I think I’ll stay away from dating a friend, for now.” He laughed, giving you a sorrowful knowing look. 
“Actually, Joonie and I have a friend we think would be a good match.” Hun continued, as the three of you ate some of the pork and sides. “She’s a museum guide we met in Texas when we were on our road trip, but she’s coming to stay for a while next year.” He explained, tapping his boyfriend on the arm. “Didn’t we think Maddie and Tae would hit it off?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah! We did think that.” Namjoon nodded, confirming what his boyfriend was saying. “Isn’t she coming here to study?”
You left the three men to talk about Taehyung’s possible future fling after you noticed how Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off you. You knew that, in order for them to be civil and hopefully get back to where they were in their friendship, you’d have to show him you and Tae were okay. However, you didn’t want to push him too hard either. 
“I hope you wrote down this recipe.” You told him as you joined him, hugging his middle. “Haru is definitely going to want it.” 
The night moved on nicely after that. The boys ate until they were full, Bam and Yeontan became best friends. Your boyfriend’s suyuk was so delicious he had to cook some more. After dinner, they all went to play volleyball in the yard, leaving you and Hoseok to clean up the kitchen. 
Every now and then you would hear a yell and that’s when you knew a team had scored. Bam and Tan were locked inside the house with you, both of them would get excited about the ball being kicked and would always get in the way. 
“It’s nice to see you and Tae being friendly.” Hoseok commented next to you as he washed the dishes and passed them to you to dry. 
“I was always friendly to him.” 
“Well, it’s nice to see Tae being friendly to you.” He corrected himself, knowing you were right. “He knows you are the one who got him the record player, by the way.” 
“Did you tell him?”
Hoseok shook his head. “Next time you want to pretend you’re me, don’t sign it with ‘Hobi hyung’, I’d use ‘jwehope’.”
Tumblr media
“Goodnight, Bamie!” You gave the puppy a kiss on the top of the head. “Go to your house. House.”
You repeated his keyword and the dog ran in circles and into his big crate. You left it open as always, but closed the little gate that stopped him from roaming the house unattended during the night. He had everything he needed in his room, water, toys, a puppy pad, and he had already been fed tonight. Like a baby, he was ready to go to bed and sleep. 
From the hallway, you heard the noise of falling water stop, knowing Jungkook was done with his shower. You sat on the foot of the bed, waiting for him to join you in your shared bedroom. 
You had seen Jungkook naked countless times, but his body never ceased to amaze you. He left the bathroom with a towel wrapped low on his hips, water droplets still running down his chest, wet messy hair pushed back and off his face.
“Jagi, did you see the pajamas I left here?” His words brought you out of your staring.
“Uh, yeah, I put them away.” You told him, picking up a folded pile of clothes and giving it to him. “Wear this instead.”
Jungkook was definitely intrigued, but still did as you asked. He dropped the towel as if it was nothing and you had to avert your gaze. If you stared at his lower bits, looked at how long and thick his dick was even while soft, you would drop to your knees in a second. 
He put on the pajama pants first, no underwear, you noted, and then the long sleeve button shirt. He looked at himself in the big mirror at the corner of your room and you went to join him, ridding yourself from the robe you had been wearing. 
“You’re so cute.” Jungkook smiled, looking at the two of you in matching black and white pajamas. “You got us couple clothes?”
“Don’t pretend you’re not dying for this.” You rolled your eyes at his teasing, already regretting the cheesy present. “I know you’re a sucker for romantic acts.”
“I’m an even bigger sucker for you.”
Jungkook hugged you, arms going underneath your butt so he could lift you off the floor. You squealed, holding onto his shoulders, legs wrapping around his hips. He was smiling up at you, so beautiful, filled with tenderness. It was the easiest thing to get lost in his eyes and forgetting how to breathe. 
So you kissed him. Gentle lips pressing onto his pouty ones. It was effortless, but loving, innocent. He walked to the bed with you still in his hold, throwing you onto the mattress just to hear your melodic giggles. 
“Do you want to watch a movie?” You asked him, scooting back to the pillows on your side of the bed. “We’re almost done with the MCU by now.”
You were quite proud of that, making it through the list of his favorite superhero movies. You knew who Spiderman and Iron Man and Thanos were now. But Jungkook shook his head, coming to lay next to you on the bed. You knew your boyfriend, could read his big doe eyes, so you noticed he wanted to tell you something but didn’t know how. 
“We’re starting to plan a new tour.” He finally said, hand holding yours to play with your fingers. 
“That’s cool.” You smiled at him, knowing how much he loved being on stage. “When does it start?”
“April or May, it’s not set in stone just yet.”
“Good, so we still have some time together before you leave.” You pulled his hand to you so you could kiss it. Heart already heavy with the thought of him not being around so much. 
Jungkook was busy, you learned that when you found out he was an idol. Even more once his break was over and he had to leave early in the morning and only made it back to the dorm late at night. You had been living in that house for only a week now and he had to stay at the dorm twice already, because of the group’s tight schedule. But you still saw him everyday, still sneaked into HYBE to steal a few minutes during his breaks. Once he left the country for months on end, you wouldn’t have that anymore. 
“We’ll have even more time together if you come with me.” Jungkook muttered as an afterthought. “I know what you’re gonna say, but hear me out, okay?”
Jungkook sat back onto the headboard, pulling you onto his lap. You sat over his legs, staring at his handsome face that tried to hide a mischievous smile. 
“Yes, if you come you’ll have more exposure, sure. But we won’t stay more than three days in one place. You can have your own bodyguard, like Hun hyung does when he comes on tour with Namjoon hyung. We can pretend you’re one of the staff too!” He listed his ideas, telling you his foolproof plan. “Remember the pictures you had on your wall? The printed out pictures of the cities you wanted to visit? I could take you to all of those.”  
Jungkook looked so hopeful and happy you didn’t have the heart to tell him all of the holes in his plan. Because even if you’d be perfectly safe, your picture could still leak, you could still be recognized, and then your parents would pay the price for it. So you couldn’t go with him, no matter how much you wanted to. 
But it didn’t hurt to dream about it. 
“That would be nice.” You told him. 
“Right?” He smiled, front teeth showing and everything. “I could kiss you at the top of the Eiffel tower."
"Can you even go to the top of the Eiffel tower?" You crossed your arms to your chest.
"Yeah!" He sat up, arms going around your waist to pull you down to him. "I could also kiss you in front of the Big Ben. And at the top of the Empire State Building."
"So basically you just want to kiss me everywhere." You giggled, pushing his chest so you could look at his face. "How about you kiss me at the top of our bed?" 
Jungkook laughed, but that was an invitation he couldn't deny. So his hand rested on the back of your neck, face lifting to find yours halfway. He kissed your lips, tongue wasting no time in slipping inside your mouth to chase yours. 
He knew you had only half agreed to his plan in order to not disappoint him, could see the inner turmoil in your eyes. But he wouldn't give up on you. He would never give up on his wish of taking you to see the world, and he was working to make that happen.
His hands fell to your waist as you nibbled on his bottom lip. 
"You know what I would really like right now?" Jungkook whimpered against your lips.
"Hm?" Your mouth went to his neck, peppering kisses all over his throat. 
"Your hot chocolate." He said, a little breathy because of your kisses. You chuckled. 
"Do you want me to make it for you?" 
Your question wasn't even finished and he was already getting up and pulling you downstairs to the kitchen with him. You had to be quiet in order to not wake up Bam, so you held back your laughter at how cute he looked all excited for your hot chocolate. 
Well, it was Aunt Jiyong's hot chocolate recipe, but details like that didn't always matter when Jungkook looked at you as if you were responsible for all of the stars in the sky.
Jungkook gathered all of the ingredients you were going to need while you picked two mugs and a pan.
As you waited for the milk to heat up, Jungkook was standing behind you, nose on your hair, as you swayed from one side to the other. 
"Dance with me."
“There’s no music.” You faced up to look at him, his lips slipped to your ear.
“I’ll sing to you.” He whispered. 
So you said yes. Because Jungkook was the kind of guy that liked to dance in the kitchen in the late hours of the night even with no music playing. And you were the kind of girl that would do anything to make him happy. 
Maybe you couldn’t go out and see the world, but that was okay. You had a whole universe right here. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook hadn’t been home in a couple of days and you missed him. The boys were away filming a new music video for their comeback next year, which meant they had to be in another town. And it was work, so you couldn’t just go with them, you weren’t that attached to the hip with Jungkook. Plus, you had Bam to take care of now and the pup was distracting enough.
You had a beautiful kitchen in the new house, one you felt a lot more comfortable using than the one at the dorm. And you were craving brownies, so you decided to spend the afternoon baking one of Haru’s recipes. If only you hadn’t used up the last of the eggs while making an omelet for lunch. 
“I could just walk to the market, couldn’t I?” You asked Bam, who stared at you. “What do you think?”
The lazy puppy laid down again, completely ignoring you. He definitely wouldn’t miss you if you left him for a few minutes. The market was a ten minute walk, you could go, grab some eggs and come back home before he even noticed you were gone. 
So you picked up some bills from your purse, put on Jungkook’s coat instead of yours -you missed him too much, so you had been wearing his clothes- and went on your way to find the last ingredients to bake your dessert. Easy peasy. 
Well, it would have been easy if you had remembered to bring an umbrella. The weather in Seoul was so damn unpredictable that, as soon as you paid for the eggs and got ready to leave, it started pouring down. The rain was so heavy you’d catch a cold if you went home like this. 
Lucky for you, the old lady that owned the market pulled up a chair for you to sit with her and wait for it to pass. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook hated lying to you, but he was doing it with good intentions, he told himself. Him and the boys had been away to shoot for a music video, but that was done in a day. So as his members stayed at the town they were at for a couple more days to rest and enjoy their days off, Jungkook left with the pretense of missing you. 
That part wasn’t a lie, he did miss you like crazy. But he was needed somewhere else. 
He stayed away for another day and a half, answering your texts as though he was still with the boys, hoping none of them were texting you too. If you found out he wasn’t where he told you he was, he’d be in trouble. He’d break your trust, and even if he wasn’t doing anything bad, he couldn’t tell you what he was up to. At least not yet.
So when he finally parked the car in the garage of the home he shared with you, Jungkook was filled with anxiety. Half of it was because he knew he was hiding something and he had lied to you. The other half of his anxiety was caused by the fact you hadn’t answered his last texts that were sent an hour ago. Rationally, he knew you could be sleeping. It was raining, so he knew how much you liked to nap during cozy weather.
But his anxious brain was clouding any logical explanation he was trying to come up with. It was even worse when he made it inside the house and Bam ran to him alone. 
“Hi, Bamie!” Jungkook dropped his weekender bag on the floor to greet the happy dog. “Jagi?”
He called for you, but didn’t hear any answers in return, no small steps rushing to greet him after days of being apart. Jungkook looked for you in the living room and kitchen area, noticing how the television was still on. In the kitchen island, he saw what looked to be ingredients for baking a recipe, half measured cups of flour and cut up chocolate pieces. 
He tried again, yelling for you at the bottom of the stairs. Jungkook’s anxiety only grew when he noticed your purse and coat were still by the entrance of the house, so you wouldn’t have left without them. Bam followed him upstairs as he looked for you in the bedrooms and bathroom, but there were no traces of you anywhere. 
Jungkook was really getting desperate now, a million and one bad scenarios running through his troubled mind. What if you had been found while he was away? What if you had an accident? He tried calling your phone, but it’s ringing under your pillow let him know you didn’t take it with you wherever you went. 
This was bad, this was really bad. 
His breathing was erratic as he searched for another contact on his phone. He knew that if you left the house willingly you would have taken your phone and your purse, and you would have taken your coat!
“You left not even two hours ago, Jeongguk, I don’t have any more updates for you yet-” He could hear the annoyance in Jiyong's voice, but he didn’t care.
“She’s not here!” Jungkook shrieked over the phone. 
“Calm down, boy, what do you mean she’s not there?” The woman’s voice was calm and collected, his total opposite. “Did you look everywhere?”
“Yes! She’s not in the house! And her phone, bag, coat, wallet, everything is here!” Jungkook was ready to have a full blown panic attack when he heard the front door unlock. 
Your hair and clothes were a bit wet when you finally made it back into your home. You would have waited for the rain to pass a little more, but you didn’t want to leave Bam completely alone for another hour. Plus, you really craved those brownies now. And maybe a nap. 
Walking inside the house you almost tripped on a bag that was thrown right in the middle of the floor. That was Jungkook’s bag and you knew it wasn’t there when you left. Was he back already?! The thought of your boyfriend being home excited you, so you rushed to the kitchen to -carefully- drop the eggs on the counter and go find him. 
But he found you first. 
“Nevermind, she’s here.” He spoke to the phone that was pressed to his ear, ending the call and throwing it carelessly onto the couch not too far from him. 
“Hi, baby!” You smiled, but his expression didn’t mirror yours. 
“Where were you?” Jungkook asked, a little more harsh than you were expecting. 
“I just went to get some eggs for the-” 
“And you didn’t think of bringing your phone? Or letting me know you were going out?!” 
“I wasn’t aware I needed your permission to leave the house.” 
You didn’t like the way he was speaking to you right now, his snappy attitude was unfounded and, honestly, a little bit unreasonable. 
“I wasn’t aware you were so irresponsible!” He scolded, a disapproving frown tainting his otherwise pretty face. 
“How am I irresponsible?” You laughed, utterly humorless. Hands on your hips, you weren’t backing down. 
“I was worried!” Jungkook argued. “I get home after days and you’re not here-” 
“I just went to the little market down the street!” You exclaimed, taking a couple steps back when he advanced one. 
Jungkook paused when you got away from him, heart squeezing in his chest. But he was so anxious and so angry, even if it wasn’t aimed at you, he couldn’t stop his mouth. 
“Do you have any idea what it feels like to worry if you're gonna come back every time you leave?” He wasn’t screaming, Jungkook would never scream at you, but his words still caused a coldness in your stomach.  
You felt cornered, like the walls were closing in on you. You didn’t feel physically stuck, the house was open and spacious. But the way Jungkook was treating you right now made you feel so small you could barely breathe. This fight was so stupid, so damn silly. Over eggs?! 
“You’re my responsibility!” 
“I didn’t ask to be!” You had never asked to be a burden for him, never asked him to protect you.
“Too bad! You still became it the moment you accepted to come to Seoul with me!” 
Jungkook was scared and it clouded his judgment. He was finally feeling the pressure, finally understanding the weight that came with protecting you. 
“Fine, then I’ll just leave! I’m sorry to be such a burden for you!” Tears were stinging your eyes, his words were unexpected and hurtful. But maybe they held some truth. Maybe he was tired of worrying about you.  
You stomped out of the living room, pulling your arm away when he tried to stop you. 
“Don’t touch me!” 
“Where are you gonna go?!” He quipped. 
“Away from you.” 
You darted up the stairs, almost tripping on your own feet. Jungkook was behind you, following closely, so you rushed inside the bedroom and locked the door. Hands running through your hair as tears streamed down your face. He was right, where would you go? Your aunt barely answered your texts, you had no idea where she lived. You couldn’t go back to the dorm, you didn’t want to depend on Jungkook or his friends. You felt stuck again, like you were back at the beach, not having anywhere else to turn to. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook was pacing the hallway outside your bedroom. You had been locked in for the past hour and a half and he could hear your broken sobs. The adrenaline and fear had subsided by now, he knew he had been unfair, projecting his fear and stress onto you, when you didn’t deserve it. He had taken out his frustrations on you and now you were crying alone and he didn’t know what to do. 
Both of you had said things you didn’t mean, words that spilled out in the heat of the moment. Of course he didn’t feel like you were a burden to him, Jungkook knew what he was getting himself into when he asked you to come to Seoul. But he was so frustrated with himself for wanting to do more for you, wanting to finally free you, and he wasn’t making a lot of progress. 
For the past couple of days, Jungkook had stayed with Jiyong and her team at the new headquarters, helping them with whatever they needed. Whether it was money, contacts, whatever he could do to help them communicate with the team inside your country. Granted, he was just a young man who didn’t know much about politics, but he was still important. He had been appointed a presidential envoy along with his members, his name carried some power. He had contacts that could help Jiyong get closer to the president. And he stood by what he had told Bang PD-nim, he wasn’t interested in saving the world, in ending the korean north-south war. But he wanted to save you. And he was prepared to give his last cent if it meant you could be free. Truly free.  
While staying there, Jungkook had heard so many stories, had seen so many things that could happen to you if you were taken, that he was terrified. So when he walked into his house and saw all of the signs that you could have been taken against your will, he started panicking. And while finding out you were actually safe, he was very relieved, but couldn’t control the way he reacted. 
And now he had hurt you. 
You could hear sniffing under the door, knowing Bam was outside, which also meant Jungkook was outside. You were sitting on the floor, by your bed, hugging your knees to your chest as you cried. Was that even your bed anymore? Was that even your room? Did you have a safe space anymore? 
“Stardust?” Jungkook’s meek and sorrowful voice made you cry even harder. “Please, jagi… Can you open the door?” 
“I don’t want to fight anymore.” You told him through a sob. 
“I know, I’m sorry. Please, let me in.” He was careful, whispering against the wood. 
You left the floor and unlocked the door, but didn’t open it. You returned to the bed, sitting at the end of the mattress, hugging yourself. 
Jungkook opened the door slowly, finding no resistance. His eyes were a little red, showing you he must have been crying too. 
Jungkook hated to see you looking so small like you were right now, and he hated himself for being the one to cause the tears in your eyes. He had so much he wanted to tell you. He got to his knees in front of you, head coming to rest atop your thigh. Jungkook was prepared for your rejection, for you to tell him you’d had enough. But it was your soft touch on his hair that made him start crying again.
“Don’t leave.” He choked out, arms going around your calves to hug your legs against his chest. 
“I don’t want to weigh you down.” Your bottom lip was trembling, a couple tears stuck to your long eyelashes that he loved so much. 
“You don’t, I promise you don’t.” Jungkook squeezed you harder against him, tears wetting your leg. “I didn’t mean any of that, I was just scared.” 
“I’m scared, Koo.” You admitted. “I’m always scared. I’m always looking over my shoulder even if all I’m doing is walking to the market down the street. I’m terrified if anyone looks at me too long.” Your voice was weak, hands trembling as you tried to caress his soft hair gently. “But I can’t live like that anymore. I can’t be stuck inside this home. I can’t depend on you so much.”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” 
Jungkook got really scared as you pushed him slightly away from your legs so you could get up. This was it, he thought, you were leaving. But you sat next to him on the floor instead. 
“I’m sorry I scared you.” Your small hand touched the side of his face, wiping his tears away. “I should have remembered my phone, I just really didn’t think I’d take more than ten minutes.” 
Jungkook shook his head, you weren’t the one that needed to apologize. “I shouldn’t have freaked out. And I shouldn’t have talked to you like that.” 
You were quiet because you knew he was right. You were wrong in forgetting your phone, something could have happened to you, you might have needed help, you could have gotten lost. And Jungkook didn’t have any right to talk to you the way he did, or throw his frustrations on you like that. Neither of you were in the right here. 
The man pulled you gently onto his lap and you let him, you always let him. The two of you had more you wanted to say, but for now that was enough. For now you could understand how sorry Jungkook was and how he didn’t mean his words, by the way he held you against his chest like you were his lifeline. And Jungkook understood that you weren’t planning on leaving him with the way you kissed his cheek and gave him the smallest smile. 
“I love you, stardust.” He told you, kissing your tears that still stubbornly fell. “You are so strong, so brave. You teach me so much.”
“Don’t get all sappy on me now.” You groaned, letting out the shyest giggle. 
But that’s how you knew you’d both be alright. 
Tumblr media
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— here with you | jjk
jungkook is there for you during your heartbreak as a result of a decision you made
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader
⟶ rating: pg
⟶ genre + warnings: drabble | angst, fluff, established relationship, feelings of abandonment, oc’s father sucks, jungkook is a dream 😭, crying, childhood feelings mentioned, a text message
⟶ word count: 1.1k | unedited, sorry
⟶ author’s note: i’ve been going through things, and i needed a way to deal with it, so i grabbed my phone and wrote this in my notes. the text message is real btw.
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Jungkook lies in bed behind you and pulls you flush against him. He’s very sweet with his kisses on your shoulder. “I’m so sorry you’re sad, baby. I wish I could take it all away.”
You slowly turn in his arms to look at him. Seeing the worry and affection he has for you in his eyes makes your bottom lip tremble, and he immediately coos with an apology.
“I didn’t mean to make you sadder. You’re already sad enough,” Jungkook caresses your cheek.
“I—It’s not that,” you sniffle. “It’s just that I feel so safe with you. It doesn’t matter what I’m going through; I know you’ll be there.”
“I will. Always,” Jungkook promises.
You let out a long sigh, and Jungkook places a finger under your chin. Your eyes glance at him again as a tear runs sideways across your cheek and over the bridge of your nose. You know you can tell him anything too.
“There are many things that I can brush up under the rug and never think about them again. I’ll go on about my day as if nothing. But when it comes to my father, he just has a way of ruining my day, and I—” you don’t mean to let out a sob, but one escapes anyway.
It takes everything in Jungkook not to pull you into a hug and tell you not to think of that man ever again. It’s his natural reaction to seeing you hurting. Instead, he gives you time to get your thoughts together because he knows how hard it is for you sometimes to voice your feelings. He wants to listen to you and help you figure things out.
“I can’t believe he’s angry because I didn’t answer one text he sent while I was sleeping. The way he can just switch on me like that,” you shake your head, thinking back to the message you woke up to this morning.
[Dad] Wow. I can't believe you don't even answer back, but you know what? That's fine. This will be the last time I'll text you.
Jungkook’s warm hand is splayed on your back underneath your shirt, rubbing small circles as he continues to listen to you. You take in a big breath and sigh before continuing.
“I’ve been angry with him for so long, and still, I pushed it aside because I wanted him in my life somehow. He left me, Jungkook. Not the other way around. I was six, and he just moved away to another state forgetting about me and my little brother. He never tried to see us again but somehow expected me, the child, to keep in contact with him. And then he dares to play the victim when I treat him the same way he’s treated me my whole life.
I’m tired. All he’s brought me is uncertainty and stress. I feel abandoned all over again when he behaves that way. I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I—” you sob into Jungkook's chest, and he hugs you tightly. You can’t see him, but he’s crying too. He cries for the little girl inside you that only wants to be respected and genuinely loved by her dad. He cries for the woman who still wants those things but has figured out that it will never change and finally comes to terms with it.
“Do you know what hurts me the most?” You ask, voice husky from crying.
“Hmm?” Jungkook hums, lips brushing a delicate kiss onto your forehead.
“That he’s never made any moves to try and meet his only grandchild,” you say. Your voice is more stable. You don’t think you have any tears left in you. “And to be honest, I think I prefer it because I don’t want her to get used to someone who would abandon her. I don’t want that for her. Thanks to you, she’ll never know what that feels like because you’re such a good dad to her, baby.”
You notice the tears when you look up at Jungkook, but he’s also smiling. His cute nose is red and sniffling, and it makes you smile. You reach to wipe his tears away, and then you kiss him on his lips, nose, and forehead. You feel such adoration for this man—this man who has given you everything that was once missing from your life. With him, everything is better. With Jungkook, there is patience, safety, understanding, and above all, there is genuine love.
“You’re my heart and soul,” he says. It still makes you want to melt into a puddle when he tells you things like that. At the beginning of your relationship, years ago, it took you a while to accept that the things he said to you were genuine—that he actually meant them. For so many years, loving words from other people weren’t genuine and came with expectations. Jungkook never expected anything from you, only for you to give him a chance to show you how much he loved you.
“You’re mine too,” you say. You both stay like that, lying on your sides, just staring at each other in comfortable silence for a little while.
You both listen to your daughter’s laughter coming from her room across the hall. She’s on the phone with her friend while playing Minecraft on the computer. You know you won’t be able to protect her from every heartbreak, but you feel grateful that at least her childhood is a happy one full of people who love her dearly and wouldn’t be able to live without her. You couldn’t have asked for better people in her life, and you hope and pray it’ll always be that way for her. It’s what all parents want for their children: happiness, safety, certainty, and love.
“I know it hurt you a great deal to cut your father off for good from your life today, but I want you to know that when you remember what happened today and it hurts again, I want you to find me and hug me. I’ll know, and I’ll hug you back just as tightly. I love you so much, my love.”
“I love you too, Jungkook.” He knows you’re exhausted from all the emotions you let out today, but he’s so proud of you. “So much,” you sigh into his neck.
Jungkook softly chuckles when he feels your breath even out, letting him know you’ve fallen asleep. He wipes another tear from the corner of your eye and then places a kiss on your cheek. It rouses you a little, and you instantly wrap an arm around his waist as you feel for his warm chest to lay your head on. He can’t help the tightness in his chest from all the love and affection you bring out from him. He loves you something fierce.
He says, “I promise to protect you and our little girl,” as he watches you sleep. “Sleep, baby. I’ll always be here with you. I’m never going anywhere.”
Tumblr media
copyright © 7deadlysinsfics | no copying, reposting, translating, or modifying my works
Tumblr media
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strawbearytae · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
18. next year📎
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a/n: thanks for reading! please remember to hit that rblg button as a pat on the head for me for a good job (•ᴗ•◍)!
synopsis: flirting with your crush of 3 years wasn’t something you thought of when first getting twitter, a nasty breakup wasn’t what you expected either… but why is it that after 3 years and loads of droning on self-improvement and trying to become “that” girl, your gym buddy reminds you of the one person you wanted to forget?
@epiph4ny @90s-belladonna @bubblytaetae @somelazysundays @flowerprincejin @silscintilla @hangsang-jh @vivisimpact @l7bangtan @bluxjun @mwitsmejk @vwinterr-bearr @xx-sikki-nixx-xx @haitani-22 @wrmnssoul @rjsmochii @halesandy @vicki1031 @peachyjk97 @therapysides @rinkud @pb-n-juju @teti-menchon0604 @jay-fireheart @bjoriis @fancycollectormoon @yoonabeo @dahliasbouqet @kimxhanbin131 @memerswrites @sadgenderfluidmaniac @jikooksgirl19 @yoongishawtyyy @jinsearth @nininek12 @lunaoceanchild @sweetcaptainkook @madaboutjeon @pamzn @onemanbandarmi @arepabella @kaichi-sucks
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Ok my request is from one ask 👀👀
Sweet Blood 🩸 where MC is on her period with the boys👀👀👀 funny+fluffy+🥵🔥
Do your magic woman ✨✨✨
u’re da best! Tysm
Sweet Blood - Inhale
Tumblr media
Poly!Demon!TaeKook x OccultStudent!Reader
Word Count: 1.1k
Genre: Poly AU, Demon AU, College AU, fluffy with some humor, Suggestive 👀
Warnings: Thirsty content, no actual sex. Dirty talk; TaeKook are filthy. Talk of blood/periods.
Summary: Never had you thought your period of all things would attract the attention of demons, and yet…
Notes: They’re filthy and soft and I love them. Thank you for requesting lovely ❤️
Sweet Blood Masterlist here!
Tags: @parkdatjimin @jookiemonie @pamzn @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @sevenpersona If you wanna be added, all I ask is that you interact ❤️
“Are you okay?!” Jungkook is in front of you in an instant, looking surprisingly frazzled so early in the morning, eating. I thing more than some sweats. You pause, the spoon you’re holding hanging in the air as you stare at him.
“Yes? I’m literally sitting here eating cereal. I’m fine.” Fine except for the fact you feel like shit and it’s eight in the morning. It really can’t be helped though, the life of a college student is essentially a living nightmare. It doesn’t help that you have two addition nightmares living with you.
“I smell blood, you’re obviously bleeding from somewhere!” Bleeding? Blinking up at him, you go to respond before realizing what he’s smelling. Your period started last night, and apparently he can smell the blood leaking out of you. How embarrassing. Tae wanders in as you gape, eyebrows furrowed as he sets his sights on you, not wearing anymore than Jungkook is.
“Dove, are you alright? I can smell blood…” Clenching your legs together, you know that there’s not much you can do at this point. They’ve smelled the blood and aren’t likely to let it go because why would they? They’re like sharks in open water, pesky sexy annoying demons.
“I-um, yeah it’s fine. Don’t worry about it guys.” Ignoring them, you spoon the last few bites of cereal into your mouth as they stare on, unwilling to take your answer. They move in closer, because of course the would, and Taehyung places a gentle hand on your shoulder while Jungkook sits on the table next to you, face surprisingly gentle.
“Why would we not worry about it? If you’re injured we can help heal you, just show me where and I’ll take care of it.” Flashes of Jungkook licking over the wound to heal you from summoning Taehyung runs through your mind rapidly, the thought of him licking between your thighs to do the same soon following. Somehow your body manages to heat up even more as you scream internally at yourself to shut up.
“It’s not like that Jungkook…” Raising your eyebrows, you gesture to your lower tummy, praying that he gets the hint. His eyes remain confused while understanding washes over Taehyung’s face, a slow smirk creeping up the corners of his lips. Oh no.
“Kookie, our sweet little dove is on her period, not injured. I don’t believe there’s anything you can do to stop that.” At least one of them finally caught on. Letting out a sigh, you nod, mumbling about how it’s not a big deal as Jungkook smiles cheekily, and you just know Tae is doing the same.
“Maybe not, but I can help take your cramps away baby. I’ve heard orgasms do wonders.” Sputtering, you look to Taehyung to help but he just shrugs his shoulders, clearly not on your side and ready to tease. Horny bastards. Jungkook leans down, face to face with you as he brings a hand up to hold your chin between his fingers, head cocked and eyes dark. Why does he have to be so handsome…?
“Hm? I could stretch you out real nice with my fingers sweet thing, have you seeing stars. I bet it would help.” A clench of your tummy, a clench of your thighs, and the imagery runs wild. At least you can blame all the horny thoughts you’re getting on the hormones raging through your body and not on how badly you actually want them. You can’t do much more than fluster, eyes fluttering as Jungkook strokes his thumb over your cheek.
They both inhale deeply, and with how satisfied they look, it’s likely now they’re smelling more than just blood. The good side of your brain tells you to keep your thoughts clenched, and yet, you let them fall open slightly. Just enough to drive both men a little more wild. Tae hums, clearly satisfied with how pliant you’re being.
“I could always help too beautiful. Play with your little clit till you cum all over Jungkookies cock like a good girl. You want that?” Taehyung’s leaned in from beside you, cool breath drifting across your ear like a wave as you nod just barely. The whiney moan that escapes you really can’t be helped, especially at the sight of Jungkook’s eyes going completely black.
Taehyung gets closer, lips brushing against the side of your neck while Jungkook does the same, leaving a kiss against your jaw. Another whine escapes you, hands clenching against hot and cold skin alike, not sure whether to pull them closer or push them away. They’re so hot and fuck you want them so bad but… They’re demons...
“As lovely as that sounds, I have a class to go attend!” It’s not a lie, not really. Standing up quickly, you push the chair out and the demons away, going to grab the empty bowl as a wave of dizziness takes over you. Before you can even begin to stumble, both men have hands and arms wrapped around you, holding you firmly in place. Taehyung looks at you seriously, eyes softening as he analyses your face.
“I think what our dove might need instead is some bed rest, passionate lovemaking will have to wait. Would you like to stay home today ____? I’m sure your professor will understand.” Hesitantly, you nod. It still blows your mind how they can go from sex crazed to almost nurturing in the snap of a finger, and it blows your mind even more how endearing you find it. Jungkook’s voice comes out raspy yet affectionate as he places his hand on your forehead.
“He’ll have to understand because we’re not letting you leave the house; I’ll email him for you. You have a little fever, so how about we cuddle and watch a movie instead.” With that, Jungkook picks you up bridal style and starts to head toward you room, Taehyung ahead of him to open the door. What lovely horny gentleman they are. The pale demon pulls back your covers and allows Jungkook to set you on the bad, both fucking you in
“The offer still stands for us to fuck you later though baby; just say the words.” A loud scoff echoes through the room ad you role your eyes, Jungkook giggling to himself as Taehyung shakes his head. Snuggling into the bed, you reach out for the two of them.
“I’m your dreams. Now come cuddle.”
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taegularities · 18 days ago
not my fault | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: After sparking a sinful conversation on a dating app, you vow to yourself that you won’t give in to more the notorious college fuckboy Jeon Jungkook might have to offer. That is, until he rings your doorbell just one night later – and it’s truly not your fault that he’s so damn hard to resist.
➵ pairing: Jungkook x female reader ➵ rating: 18+ ➵ genre: classmates to lovers, college!au; fluff, smut ➵ warnings: sexual tension, flirting/teasing/provoking, banter, a dating app :’), she has a crush on him but won’t admit it, grumpy roommate joon, crack dialogue, fuckboy!jk who wears glasses in class, idk that much about pharmacy i apologise; explicit sexual content: sexting, he makes her horny in public, petnames !!, fingering, edging, oral (f. & m. rec.), dom and big cawk jk wbk, he’s SO cocky, spanks (ass & clit ones), some choking, praising, messy but protected sex, she swallows his load <3, jk rlly loves her ass <3 ➵ word count: 12.6k ➵ a/n: been itching to write a lighthearted college au for so long and here we gooo !! @missgeniality​​​​​​​ thank you for enduring me and making this better and for not k*lling me yet, love thou, kitty <33 enjoy y’all – feedback is always appreciated !! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What’s with the constant yelling on this goddamn campus?”
Namjoon is not a friend of noise and crowds – as a self-declared claustrophobic, the cheers around him sound eerie and mind-numbing, and for once, you can’t blame him. Because every usually silent corner of your university is exploding, and you’re sure a few windows are already cracking at the shrill blow of the constant screams.
“What’s with you?” you ask back, nudging his elbow playfully as you clutch the strap of your bag tighter.
You want to make him laugh, but your friend is as gloomy as ever, not quite ready – or awake – to give into your jokes just yet. You figure he might be once he gets ready for bed.
“Those cheerleaders,” he points to the group of girls, and you think his voice, calm and low on other days, is close to breaking. It’s hilarious – it reminds you of his adolescent days. “They sound like this creepy sorority video on YouTube. Make it stop.”
You shudder, because you know exactly what he’s talking about. If he hadn’t shown it to you on a dark, quiet Halloween night right after watching Sinister and It, it might not be engraved in your mind like some daunting, unsolved supernatural mystery.
Pouting, you stare to the ground, tucking back your hair. “We should’ve watched Buzzfeed Unsolved instead.”
The campus has been extra noisy these days – because not only is the semester coming to its end, but your nerves have been buzzing due to the approaching exam season, too. On top of that, the college is finally bidding farewell to its local sweethearts as if a group of renowned scientists is letting go of its strongest pioneer.
You guess Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok were somewhat trailblazing after all – athletic, attractive, top of their classes and the talk of the school for literal years.
But with them leaving, the attention is shifting; and with the already continuous excitement, there’s one other hot topic left – a thriving fuckboy who shares quite a few classes with you and will still be here next semester. Very likely to corrupt innocent girls’ minds; to charm someone new at the very next frat party he might crash.
And he’ll do it next semester, too. And the one after.
A piece of advice – pharmacy really isn’t the major for you if you opt to finish in the required or recommended time. Seems like Jeon Jungkook’s existence will still roam the campus like a plague, make you roll your eyes back into your head for a while longer.
You don’t care about such things, you always say. You’d much rather focus on your education.
Right when your thoughts begin drifting off, a girl walks past Namjoon and screams into the warm summer air, and her voice still rings in your ears when you hear him complain, “Jeez, what the actual fuck.”
“A few more steps and we’re off campus grounds.”
“A few more steps and we’ll enter an apartment with my books scattered around.”
You shrug and sigh, admonishing him, “Hey, I told you to start with your shit on time.”
Namjoon stares at you as if he’s attempting to annihilate you with his gaze, shooting invisible lasers at you before he mocks, “If I had a hot girl I’m crushing on cheering for me in class, I’d be just as motivated as you are.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you state, your demeanour calm and clueless, your shoulders shrugging so often they might get stuck in place.
“I’m talking about the grand nerd slash fuckboy extraordinaire who–”
“He’s really not that great.”
“He’s fucking top of his year… will get awards and honours. It’s the college equivalent of a valedictorian.”
Your steps slow down, and you slide your hands into the pockets of your jumpsuit, squinting at the polished car that reflects the sun as you breathe, “Speaking of the devil.”
In a far corner, you watch Jungkook stand near the road with the door of his vehicle open, presumably letting out the hot suffocating air that has collected inside. He’s talking to some girl who’s pushing herself uncomfortably close to him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Because in the next moment, he’s smirking back, tilting his head before she gets into the passenger’s seat.
“What you staring at?” Namjoon questions before he follows your gaze, coming to a halt when you do.
“Missing dick.”
He laughs and shakes his head, kicking the grass underneath his feet before he utters, “Here we go again.”
“What?” Jungkook’s car drives into the sunset, very 90s movie style, the delicate, grinning heroine next to him laughing, and you turn to Namjoon to stare at him. “Do you know how long I’ve been under this dry spell? I–” you wave your hand in dramatic motions, cocking an eyebrow, “I feel my virginity growing back.”
“You know what I’m gonna suggest.”
“Kim Namjoon.”
“Listen,” he exclaims, a full-lipped mouth falling open, “dating apps exist for a reason. If you won’t do it, I will.”
“I…” Perplexed, you wait, closing your eyes for an exhausted moment before you sigh and nod. “Sure.”
But in all honesty – perhaps you’d rather embrace your regrowing virginity instead of giving in to the last resort that are dating apps.
Tumblr media
The nightly wildlife chirps even in this part of the city – you for one are happy to be connected to nature somehow, even if it means to open your window to mosquitos every other night.
You think the clock might strike eleven soon, but you don’t give it much of a thought as you stroll along the streets, your mind still fogged from grinding for your exams. The summer breeze feels nice – clears your head a bit.
Thumbs hooked in the pockets of your shorts, you take a deep breath, peeking at the stars for a brief moment before you hear the sound of music crawl closer. You think you recognise the song as an early Lindsey Stirling track. You’re sure the neighbourhood appreciates being woken up by the rhythmic melody of dubstep and violins.
A car pulls up next to you and comes to a stop, and the driver turns the music down before leaning in and revealing himself as the popular wonderkid par excellence.
“What are you doing out here so late and alone, love?”
The nickname makes your insides palpitate, and you think his voice elicits goosebumps where it shouldn’t. You attempt your best to keep your cool, brushing your tresses out of your face before you question back, “What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, live nearby?”
“And you’re alone, too?” you add, your eyes darting to the backseat and back to him. “Didn’t you pick someone up just this afternoon?”
He flashes a poised smirk at you, his eyes crinkled and full of mischief as he chants, “Oh, you noticed that?”
You shrug your shoulders, balancing your weight from one leg to the other when he asks, “Done with homework and studying?”
“Yes, boss,” you answer, stepping closer to the edge of the pavement, “internalised every bit of information related to quality control and whatnot.”
“Want me to give you a lift?”
“I literally live in that block over there, Jungkook,” you clarify, pointing to the complex three streets away, and the movement of his head follows your finger.
But he doesn’t cave in just yet, calloused fingertips tapping at the steering wheel as he suggests, “Let me drive you around a bit then.”
“What if you kidnap me?”
“Well, first of all, you’ve known me for years, and second, you’re not a kid anymore. It’d just be napping, and you’d be crazy not to want that.”
You wish you didn’t laugh at his lame joke. Now, you suddenly don’t understand how his other chicks fall for his humour this fast, because he’s obviously out of juice, and won’t be able to swoon you.
…Into falling for him.
But luring you into his car? Sure.
“Fine,” you say, puffing out a breath before you get in.
He glances at the street, checking for intruding traffic before he drives off and you ask, “What are you doing so late?”
“Just went for a drive. It’s a pleasant night.”
You press onto the button next to you to let the window shift down further, basking in the gust of the gentle night. You can taste the summer from where you sit, delicate and flowery, and you let a soft smile play around your lips before you inquire, “Why don’t you go for a walk instead? To save Mother Earth and prevent global warming and stuff.”
“I do usually go for walks,” Jungkook defends, swaying slightly to the song that you recognise yet again. “Just missed her.”
“Mirage. My car.”
Of course he’d name his car.
You sigh. Maybe you’re overgeneralising; putting him in a drawer filled with files of every playful fuckboy and frat boy in existence. But Jungkook does seem nice – he’s always been nice. And he’s not a frat boy either.
You sit up in your seat, smiling at him before you point at the radio and tell him, “I didn’t know you were a Swiftie.”
“Oh, I am!” he notes, singing along a few words of 22 before he adds, “I actually have the tape version of Red! It’s somewhere… in the cracks of the backseats, though, lemme…”
“Oh, you really don’t need to–”
But before you can argue some more, he’s pulled into a parking lot swiftly and stepped out of his car. He re-emerges in the backseat of Mirage, sifts through the slits with a grimace that suggests he’s touched something he didn’t want to, and then cheers, “Found it!”
With a sigh, you grab the vintage cassette and follow his instructions as to what to press or not, and when one of Taylor’s songs chimes, you leave the car, stretching your muscles and then opening the door to the backseat.
You make yourself comfortable next to him, immediately bobbing your head in unison with his and the song’s rhythm before you realise how close you two are. In hindsight, you don’t understand why you came to sit here at all – he would’ve come back to the driver’s seat anyway.
The whole encounter doesn’t make much sense, but you guess it’s too late to overthink now – so you begin a conversation about your favourite songs on the album instead, and you act as if you don’t realise that he’s side-eyeing you. Squinting in amusement.
And before you can blink twice, he’s shifted closer with a hand on your thigh, giggling. You let him obliviously, licking your lips, and when both of you go quiet and let silence between you settle, you swallow thickly – there’s a clump in your throat and it’s not dissolving.
Out of nowhere, he looks down at your grey clothing, the series of happenings lacking logic once more as he comments, “Nice shorts.”
You steady your breathing with anticipation jabbing your overworking mind, telling yourself that it’s okay, that there’s no need to be nervous. And so, you wet your lips, telling him, “Glad you like them.”
“I do like quite a few things about you…”
“Oh? What’s that?”
Jungkook hums in thought, and for a moment, you’re certain he just said it to charm you. After all, he doesn’t know you all that well. He knows you’re quiet in uni. Knows you share classes with him. He knows you stuff your mouth with desserts any chance you get, because he caught you a few times and possib–
“The colour of your hair,” he finally lists, and you listen attentively, “your skin. I do like your pretty little mind, too. Got a lot in there, gotta admit.”
“The genius himself is praising a peasant like me?”
He chuckles, obviously taken aback by your choice of words. But then he catches himself, his tongue darting out to the corner of his lips before he confesses, “The genius himself has never seen a peasant this sexy, though.”
Did he really…
And is his–
Yes – his hand is definitely shifting up, your skin shivering; and he’s moving closer, his lips parted – and suddenly, the colour of your shorts has changed and your hair is in a ponytail when you were sure you were wearing it down before, and…
You awake with a smack of your lips, blinking as you adjust to the darkness. Damn vivid dreaming. Damn Jungkook humming Taylor Swift songs in classes often enough for you to remember his taste in music.
You’re sure he would’ve taken you right there, but not before pushing you to oversensitivity and tears, nibbling at your shoulders while you squirmed in his grip.
No. That must be your interpreting imagination talking.
It was a dream? A long ass, detailed, elaborated one, too? His lame humour was your own?
How pathetic. When you said you needed to get laid, you really did mean it.
But instead of letting his undoubtedly monstrous, skilled cock fuck you to insanity, even if just in a dream, you find yourself between the dull walls of your room, wrapped in a cold blanket of pitch darkness.
Your blinds are shut and no beam of the streetlamps comes seeping in as you clutch your phone tight with only its light illuminating your face… and the ache between your legs is palpable. Like dream-Jungkook metaphorically blue-balled you and left you to starve.
What if you called Jimin again? It was nice with him, wasn’t it? But no – he has a girlfriend now. And the college jock Baekhyun? Would he be up to go on another date after you ditched him last time? Probably not.
Okay, and what if…
Is there really no other option left?
You reckon not.
You open your phone again and slide to the app you dreaded, one that Namjoon has been suggesting for months on end now. You won’t let the truth sidle to him – the one about you having downloaded the app ages ago, but dipping right after configuring your profile and finding no one remarkable or interesting on there.
You think their bios are crucial in what your choice settles on, but the lack of personality and terrifyingly sassy profile pictures left you shuddering and grimacing. You decided this wasn’t for you.
Now, no offence to anyone indulging in the pleasures of dating apps, but especially after tinder swindlers and alarming news, you weren’t always all that fond of the opportunities such a phenomenon brings.
But now, you do cave in, revisiting your account in a haste as you half sit up, pulling up the pillow and leaning against the creaking headboard.
For a while, you keep swiping – the most obscure descriptions catch your eye, much as expected. Just for a second, you feel your pussy clench in ache enough to swipe right to absolute idiots.
Let's match and maybe I'll send you a nude on Snapchat?
got money n time so why don't we share some of it?
"Oh my fucking god," you exclaim in exasperation.
You're speechless. Other than those attempting to catch fish with flirts they most likely found on the internet, there are people who have stated nothing but their height on their profiles. Or a phrase in a different language, or, wow, "Hey there. I am using WhatsApp" on a dating app?
And then… the biggest miracle in the history of miracles happens. Crop circles and sightings of UFOs are nothing compared to it.
Because it's him. 
A mirror selfie stares back at you, his hand half buried in his pocket – but you can still see the veins popping. His hair is a mess, but he’s still so undeniably attractive; and to your misery, even his bio is harmless and basic, no nauseating cockiness.
He’s not only chasing and haunting your dreams, but appearing on this app, too. You don't consider the fact that it gives you optimal matches in your near proximity – no, for you, this is a sign of doom, of certain and ulterior conspiracy.
You take a deep breath and curl your fingers into a tight fist, and with closed eyes and a clenched jaw, you do something utterly reckless and stupid. You might regret it later… or maybe it won't affect your life at all.
But when you swipe right, you bite your tongue, and when you release your breath and open your eyes again, you're ready to watch a new name and face pop up when suddenly…
It's a match!
You clap your hand over your mouth, the sheer volume of your voice so unexpected that you almost feel your bed rattle. A myriad of jumbled thoughts jostle for attention, and your eyes flick from one spot of your phone to the other.
Letting the device fall, you cross your legs, cracking your fingers as you try to make sense of what the hell just happened. But once the truth finally creeps in, you pull your phone closer again, holding it with your fingertips as though you just fished it out of your toilet.
You open the chat of the dating app and stare at it for a full minute, your thumbs drawing circles in the air as you bite into your lip. You’re not certain what to do with the situation – not sure what you’re doing at all; not quite able to foresee how he’ll react.
But then you collect air in your cheeks and let it out in a puff, opting for courage before typing a simple, tiny “hi?”. And then, you lock the device immediately as if Jungkook could catch you staring if you touched it any longer.
You wait ten minutes. Twenty. And when nothing comes after thirty two petrifying minutes, you place your phone on your bedside table, tugging the thinnest blanket you own over your head as if the summer isn’t in full bloom outside.
And at some point tonight, you doze off eventually.
Tumblr media
It’s not until the alarm clock blares and shakes you awake that memories of last night come crashing back. You think you might’ve had two damned vivid dreams, surely hoping that you didn’t truly experience the quiet, brief horror movie with you as its main cast.
But when you unlock your phone, your hope evaporates and consorts with your soul somewhere in hell, and your body falls limp against the headboard when you see… a response.
You feel the weight of his sarcasm crushing you already when you click on the chat. With a singular glance, you understand that Jungkook likes to shorten his words. Might use emojis sparsely? Definitely has the first letter of his sentences capitalised, though.
Jungkook: Hi…? R u not sure about ur greeting or
You’re not sure about anything – if you only knew, prodigy Jeon.
You: good morning.
His response comes almost immediately; as if he was waiting for you, eyes fixated on the chat, bored enough to converse with you rather than doing… whatever a Jeon Jungkook usually does.
Jungkook: Morning. U were awake late, huh?
You: couldn’t sleep. had a nightmare.
And it consisted of nothing less but his presence. His moles and soft, fluffy hair are still engraved in your mind that you somehow managed to memorise in the years you’ve known him. You wonder if he ever noticed you staring at the dark dot under his lip. Or his nose. Or at the veins of his arms… the thighs, oh god, the thighs–
The nightmare drenched your panties and shook your body until your guts were where your heart belongs.
Jungkook: Ohhhh wanna talk about it?
You gulp.
You: I’d rather not
The situation is almost comical. If you weren’t shaking in your non-existent boots, you might have laughed. But instead, you type away, cannot believe that you’re truly here, about to flirt with Jungkook like it’s a casual Thursday morning. But how could you not… he’s clearly waiting for you to bite, because…
Jungkook: Sure. So… weekend. What are u doing 2day?
He really does abbreviate the simplest words.
You: nothing. studying. you?
Jungkook: Not much either. Talking to u hopefully?
Sly, Jeon… very sly.
You: don’t you have stuff to do?
Jungkook: Yeah but… matching with a pretty girl is more fun
Is that a conversation he has every other day? Is this his tactic, his method to sing people to his form like a siren just to swallow them whole afterwards? Most importantly – if all of this is a possibility, why does your face still warm like an oven at his words?
Confidence – it’s easier through text. So you give it a shot; even if it boosts his ego – it does the same to you.
You: Jeon Jungkook thinks I’m pretty?
Jungkook: Jeon Jungkook thinks a lot of things about you
Did he not say something similar in your dream? There must be courses on witchcraft you could attend if you wanted to…
You hate him – but not really.
You: what does he think?
Jungkook: Well… he thinks you should text him in your DMS, bcos u have his number
Jungkook: Nd he thinks you should go out with him nd grab some lunch this noon
Just when the opportunity slithers close enough for you to graze it, something in you deflates. Like a red siren blaring warningly, reminding you that, despite your undeniable attraction to him, you don’t necessarily know if you want to involve yourself with him.
You matched with him. You texted him. You’re flirting – but what’s this uneasy feeling still? Perhaps you just realised that if you give in now, you’ll have to deal with his stolen glances and potential rumours until you graduate.
But somewhere inside, you do wish to be more to him than just a possible hook-up.
You: I… don’t think so
Jungkook: Woah. My heart just broke like never before
You contemplate what to answer, digging deep into your thoughts to find a part that’s not overthinking and/or flooded with a hundred different personas of you. They all want something else – can’t you dip your toes in calm, still water instead of this hurricane twirling in your brain?
When you don’t answer, Jungkook double texts; two simple words but somehow still dripping in a timid tone.
Jungkook: Why not?
You: you… I don’t think you matched with me to get LUNCH
Jungkook: Ah. Why did you swipe right on me then?
Even if his intentions were beyond fucking, genuinely attempting to take you out on a harmless, joyful date, you don’t think yours were – initially at least. And the way you know him – or as much as you do know him – you’re sure he’d jump onto this train, if you wanted to.
But something’s still holding you back… something that didn’t last night. So you answer–
You: guess I was curious to see what might happen
You: but you’re known for sleeping around. and I don’t wanna be a dick-wetter when you’ve so many people to do so… even tho you do seem nice
Jungkook: Cute. Also weird. Could’ve sworn you like me
Your heart thumps a little faster against your ribcage, and despite every word you’ve already exchanged, his newest confession turns you upside down. You’re not sure what your emotions consist of – and you wonder whether it’d be worse to have him think you like him or to actually like him.
Raising your eyebrows at the device, you admire his confidence, and despite the fright his message brought, it makes you smile a bit. It’s a rare trait – refreshing to see.
You: how would you know?
Jungkook: U swiped right, woman. Can u rlly say that u’ve never thought about me naked before?
You chuckle, an airy, goofy laugh filling the room as you pull your legs closer and tilt your head. He’s brave – you want to be, too.
You: and if I did?
Nothing comes back.
You wait for a moment. Perhaps he’s gotten up to fetch himself a drink or take a shower… it might be anything.
But then, this anything turns out to be something incredibly more intense – because suddenly, your phone is vibrating, and you almost screech, blinking at it as you ponder what to do.
You let it ring for a while, nervous to pick up – and when you think the last rings are chiming, you clear your throat and exhale, emptying your head of the thick mist before you press the green button.
You don’t get to say anything at all, because he’s already chuckling, his voice sweet and mellow before he questions, “You sure you don’t wanna grab… lunch?”
The pause sends your mind into another overthinking episode, but you brush your worries aside, suggesting instead, “Why don’t we talk about pharmacy instead? Happy drugs and blissful painkillers.”
Your mouth falls open half in amusement, half in surprise, the shit eating grin growing wider when you argue defiantly, “I’m not a coward!”
“Prove it then.”
Oh… his voice fell lower; you imagine a hooded gaze, a smirk scurrying over his lips – it’s an image too dangerous for your brain. If he doesn’t stop putting it there, you might drive over, and then no one will be responsible for your misdeeds but you.
The higher deities are toying with your patience.
“I don’t need to,” you tell him, shrugging one shoulder, though he can’t see anyway. “Nice trick, though.”
“Okay, but hear me out,” he immediately says, the sounds of him shifting crackling through the speaker. Jungkook is losing his chill and you’re loving it, “What if I swiped right, because you’ve been catching my eye since we first met?”
You want to call bullshit – his voice sounds genuine and devoid of mockery and games, but you still squint your eyes, asking, “Really?”
“Yeah, you’re just. Too intimidating to ask out.”
“I’m… intimidating?”
You’re scared of bugs. You dislike heights. You once screamed when Namjoon walked out of his room casually, his cheek covered in strawberry jam, because he’s too clumsy to eat properly, cleanly. He needed multiple tries and exclamations of defence to convince you that it wasn’t blood.
You can’t possibly seem intimidating to him.
“This is absolutely weird,” you admit, and when your eyes dry, you realise that you must not have blinked in minutes. The dust floating around you must be getting worried.
“I like weird.”
“You… what do you want, Jeon?”
“I…” Jungkook begins, but then silences, humming and clicking his tongue. And then, he speaks up again, suddenly shy and uncertain as he says, “If I told you what I want, you might cut the call.”
“Now I wanna know more, though.”
He sighs, and you think you can hear an odd sound accompanying his occurring hums, as if he’s tapping against a wooden object. His voice is gravelly and quieter when he speaks again, and you press your phone further against your ear.
“Alright. Sure. Nothing to lose, I guess.”
He lets you wait again. He knows how to build tension – knows how to turn you into an impatient puddle of molten composure.
“I can be sweet or,” he says, and you lean forward, “or talk you to filth. What do you want?”
To filth?
You shiver.
Albeit intrigued, you wonder – if he tried to be sweet, would he be telling you the truth? Or just try to swoon you? You don’t want to be a pawn in his game – don’t want this crush or whatever to advance. He’s a charismatic, compulsive charmer, right? What if he wraps you around his tattooed finger just for you to wonder if he meant any of it?
So you say politely, “Second option, please.”
He breathes out. He sounds a little disappointed.
“Alright. Remember when you wore that floral dress last summer and our professor told you to adhere to the dress code we don’t even have?”
“Yup. How could I forget?”
“Well. I was this close,” you imagine him bringing his forefinger and thumb close, turning his big doe eyes into slits, “to telling her off. Her Victorian morals don’t have a place in this century. Wanted to tell her that she can’t let out her lack of confidence on you. Because,” he pauses; then says, “you can do whatever the heck you wanna do.”
This isn’t filth.
Rather, elaborated, detailed sweetness – you didn’t expect this level of observation and depth, didn’t know a simple dress and brief conversation last summer affected him enough to remember his thoughts for this long. You’re glad he can’t see, but you’re pouting, and you’re sure your eyes are glittering, the stars in your pupils flickering.
And as sweet as he can be, his sexiness never falters. Because.
“You looked so fucking hot.”
He says it hushed – almost whispers it, and you feel your sanity dematerialise and your insides burn. The little spark evolves and turns your guts and lungs to ember, and your cheeks flame up like you’ve been stuck head-first into a blazing sauna.
“...Go on,” you plead, and you nearly hear the smile in his words when he obliges.
“Been wanting to… to touch you since that day. Slide my hands across your body and pull you closer by…” He laughs, smacking his lips, hesitating before he mumbles as if he’s saying something blasphemous. “By your tits.”
Hell. What the hell.
“And goddamn, your ass, I… want it close enough to me that our bodies meld, and okay, yeah, that– that sounded weird, but–” You hear him gulp, and you swallow at the same time. “I imagined ripping that dress off of you like, not even kidding, a few dozen times? And… are you still there?”
“Too much?”
“Nah. It’s fine.”
“Is all that weird?”
“Maybe a little,” you breathe, but you must admit that you have been in the same position with him before. Imagined how it’d be if you were one of the girls he fucks. “But… guess we’re both weird.”
“Shit, you can’t say that…” Silence descends for a moment when he understands the meaning behind your words, and he clears his throat before he continues, “And right now… shit, just the thought of you sitting on your bed or couch, possibly in shorts or a nightgown drives me fucki–”
You feel your heart lurch into your throat and then fall, scrambling your insides before you confess, “I’m… in my panties. Just a shirt… and panties.”
“Oh fuck.” He waits. “Okay. Can I–”
But you never get to hear what he wants to ask, because from behind your closed door, Namjoon knocks suddenly and rapidly, startling you on the spot. You catch your phone mid-fall, breathing heavily, shaking your head when your roommate yells, “It’s your turn to make breakfast, byotch!”
You shake your head, hurrying to whisper your goodbyes to Jungkook who you briefly catch complaining, “Seriously?” – but you tell him you’re sorry, that you’ll see him tomorrow morning, because you’re class-free today.
Namjoon, however, does need to rush to uni, and you promised to make him something today before he left for his linguistics course at noon.
You spend the day munching on leftover breakfast, studying as much as your mushy thinking organ allows. But your thoughts drift back to the monstrum repeatedly that doesn’t call you back or text you again for the remainder of the day and night.
Tumblr media
When you enter the lab the next day, Jungkook is already there, staring at your form entering through his glasses as he manspreads on his seat. You try not to look down, but avert your gaze instead, sitting down in a far corner of the room despite the fact that you’ve sat next to him more often than you can count.
From your peripheral sight, you catch that he’s still staring at you, but you try to focus on your unkempt and idle professor as you slip your arms into your lab coat. Seems like your teacher’s in a bad mood, because he wipes his tired eyes, waving you off nonchalantly before he mutters, “Produce an ointment. Any kind you want. You can work alone or as a duo.”
You learned to make ointments years ago. But okay – at least an easy task that doesn’t require the brainpower you don’t have today.
You decide to work alone – but as it seems, Jungkook has different plans.
From afar, you overhear him decline a girl or two and a boy who offer to get into a group with him; but he utters some convincing excuses and walks over to you instead. You feel him step closer, and your chest tightens.
Your body isn’t a blooming forest – the butterflies need to get the hell out of there.
“How are you?” he asks once you acknowledge him with a nod, putting on his lab coat and gloves before he grabs some ingredients from your hand, dividing the work.
“Good. How are you?”
You looked so fucking hot.
His words repeat in your mind like a broken record – by now, you’ve memorised the tone he whispered them in, the rise and fall of his voice, the casual confidence he put into it.
Shit. You should’ve worn that dress today.
“I’m okay,” he answers, dabbing at his forehead that shines in the slightest sheen of sweat that the summer causes, “was wondering what ointment you’re making.”
You mumble something so quietly that he doesn’t grasp it, and he leans in with furrowed eyebrows, asking again. Raising your voice, you control the volume of your sentence, telling him, “Burns. Against burns.”
His lips form an O before he licks them, tsk-ing and smirking as he states dramatically, “Apply it to my heart then.”
“Was wondering where you went yesterday.”
Oh. You didn’t think he’d care this much – makes you want to care even more.
He interrupts you, waving calmly and reassuringly as he says, “I can totally let it go if you want me to, though. It’s cool, I promise!”
“No, I–” Okay. Stop stuttering. One more stutter and you’d slap yourself in front of him. “I made breakfast for my roommate.”
Jungkook nods as though he knew, his conversing tone jovial and cheerful as he asks, “Your roommate? Namjoon, was it?”
Jungkook measures the powder used for the ointment, gazing at it carefully and focused. A crease carved between his eyebrows, he looks incredibly sexy, staring over the edge of his glasses, the tip of his tongue peeking out. The coat hugs his body perfectly, and his muscles flex each time he angles his arms.
It’s almost too much.
And then, he leans back, exhaling before he notes, “Damn. If you were my girlfriend, I’d make you breakfast every day.”
“I’m not his girlfriend,” you defend immediately – why, you can’t quite say, “but you knew that.”
“No harm in making sure…”
When his skin brushes yours, you think he’s doing it on purpose. You draw a sharp breath, so sure that he’s decoded your tense and freezing stance – but if he did, he doesn’t say anything. Acts like he’s concentrating on the task on hand while his shoulder keeps bumping against yours lightly.
And soon, he’s looking at you, his hand on the white table, fingers drumming against the handle of the water tap, and starts, “Hey, do you…” He nibbles his lower lip, dimples appearing on his cheeks as deep as your embarrassing nervousness. But he’s being shy. He’s being shy? Again? “Are you doing anything today? After class?”
“Oh,” you voice, not quite expecting his question, though a part of you hoped he’d ask something like this, “why?”
“There’s a place I wanted to show you. A castle kinda thing, and there are super many cherry blossom trees? I thought you might like it there, ‘cause,” he stops for a fleeting second, his tongue dashing along his lower lip, “I remember you once told me it’s your favourite flower.”
You’re baffled beyond imagination – not even your former boyfriends ever remembered, always bringing you a bouquet on Valentine’s day and your birthday, because they ”didn’t really know which one you like most.”
Is Jungkook this observant or is he just the genius you already see him as?
“You still remember that?” you ask, your eyes wide, your lip jutting out.
“Of course. Yeah. They’re my favourite, too.”
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Neruda’s quote has never rung this true – whatever emotions the pink petals inspire in you, they border on cheesy, sappy romance. If Jungkook is anyhow on the same wavelength as you, you might liquefy.
God, you want to say yes. If only to find a pretty tree and make out with him under it. No, scratch that. Just to be in his presence and see what he’s like when he’s not chasing girls. Or complimenting your ass.
“I’d love to, but… I can’t,” you tell him, and his face falls a little, sweet and tender; not the kind of fall that indicates a decreasing ego, but the type that resembles genuine chagrin. “I have to attend this study group with Yeosoo, and… it’s the last session before one of the exams, so…”
“Ah, it’s cool. Don’t sweat it. I just thought I might try.”
“All good, cutie,” he says with a wink, returning to your task while your fingers fiddle with the rest of the ingredients, brushing the bottle of oil. “I’ll just keep admiring you from afar in the meantime.”
Within a moment, his eyes blow wide, his features flinching, and he grabs your hand tight when you take one wrong step. He pulls you closer until your palm is gripping his firm bicep – that you’re sure he flexes when you touch it – and almost falling into him.
You realise too late that he’s saved you from dripping oils that you somehow managed to spill, but his breath against your scalp and his chest against yours create a ferocious and frantic chaos behind your ribs.
In the silence of the moment, you see your classmates watching you, but Jungkook snatches all your remaining attention, his nimble fingers sliding along your waist and settling there to straighten your posture.
With your breath stuck in your throat and blue fire burning behind your cheeks, you apologise bashfully, breathing out the muddled up ball of air. You sit back again, frantically starting to clean up the mess, and the teacher strolls to you lazily just in time. He comes to a halt at the other side of your table; and when he leans in to inspect your progress, you wince.
Your professor doesn’t notice, but you’re perishing inside – the hand on your thigh belonging to a certain someone who’s started explaining how your ointment is doing shakes the last crumbs of sleep away.
He’s the downfall of you. You’ll be writing your will tonight.
A muffled question registers in your brain, and you don’t decipher it as a worried, “Are you okay?” from your professor until Jungkook nudges your arm and tells you the man is speaking to you.
Jungkook draws an endless circle on your skin; then proceeds to touch your knee – and the blood in your face is downright smouldering. You side-eye him for a moment, acting oblivious; attempting your best to answer your teacher’s question appropriately.
But the impish touch of your classmate’s treacherous fingers, sneaking up your leg and to the fabric of your shorts leaves you stuttering over simple words. He’s evidently trying to get back to you for vanishing so abruptly yesterday – who knew Jungkook’s way of punishing someone was this blatant?
You don’t push his hand away, because you don’t want it gone – in fact, you want this lesson to end and pull him into a spare, empty storage room. Want him to fuck you raw until the bottled ingredients clatter to the ground.
But then, he retracts his hand when your professor nods and walks on, and when you breathe a vexed, “Asshole”, he pats your shoulder playfully, his idiotic, silly smirk returning as he says, “Pity that you’re busy this afternoon.”
Tumblr media
He put an extra cautious emphasis on afternoon, stressing the word like he was using it for the first time.
When the doorbell rings near 10 pm, you let your novel fall, crawling off the sofa that you pulled out to a bed and rushing to the wooden entrance. You didn’t expect Namjoon to return home this fast – something must have happened on his little trip.
You ready yourself to mock the life out of him, eager to meet his wasted eyes and listen to his drunk rambling about the night he just experienced. But when you unlock the door and rip it open with your lips curled upwards, you find leaning against the frame… someone entirely else.
Instinctively, your hand descends to the hem of your shirt, covering at least a mere inch of your bare thighs as you stare into Jungkook’s amused face. He cocks an eyebrow at you, and your heart leaps; you act as if you don’t notice that he’s checking you out from head to toe.
You know he lives nearby – but you’re still surprised that he remembered where you live, too.
“What are you doing here?” you question, lowering your voice, focusing intently on keeping your voice steady. For now, you might want to stay very still – you know you’ll stammer if you don’t.
“I wanted to come by and say hi.”
“Are you… are you drunk?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, leaning in closer as he regards you with a firm gaze and asks, “Do I look drunk to you?”
He makes sure to speak close to your face, and when you take in the scent of his minty breath, devoid of any hint of inebriation, you let your jaw fall shut. You were close to the climax of your book – in fact, you had planned to finish it to start the movie adaptation of it this Friday night.
You were entirely prepared for it: your hair arranged in a messy, cosy bun, your favourite long shirt draped over your body – or at least your torso – with the taste of your favourite ice cream flavour still lingering on your tongue.
You didn’t expect an interruption in the form of… him. But the way he stands there, confident but quiet, smiling at you in a way that should be illegalised and written into every book of law…
What was your novel about again?
“May I come in?” Jungkook asks, peering past you, and you blink once – twice.
Manners have always been your strongest trait, but it seems that Jungkook has turned your brain upside down and replaced coherent thoughts with ones of a clapping monkey toy. You gulp, and then step aside, apologising under your breath.
“No need to be sorry,” he says as he looks around, hands in the pockets of his joggers – oh god, he’s wearing joggers – and his voice low.
There’s a kind of groan in his words, one that usually accompanies his conversational tone; he must not realise what effect it has on people. Or maybe he does. You wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
“Why’re you really here?” you ask again, attempting to sound as polite as possible and not as though you’re scheming to throw him out again. Anytime soon.
“I was thinking of you.”
How is this so easy for him?
He’s leaning down to inspect a vase of yours, for crying out loud – how can he say such things so casually and expect from you to remain relaxed and collected with a steady heartbeat and a mind that doesn’t go into a frenzy and–
“Really?” you question, feigning calmness, hiding that the lower part of your body has entirely different plans.
You step further into the room and watch him scour his pockets as if they’re miles deep, and when he plummets onto your couch/make-shift bed, he’s holding a small plastic canister in his palm. He stretches his arm towards you and you take the object with questions etched between your eyebrows.
Turning the lid, you ask, “What’s that?”
“Open it.” And when you do and understand, recognising the smell and quality, up to par, he smiles, nodding as if to confirm your thoughts and says, “Ointment against burns. In case there’s ever a cooking accident or something!”
Flashing a smile back, you close the canister again, wrapping both your palms around it before you nod and say, “Thank you.”
“No worries.” Jungkook shoots a look at the discarded book, and then back to you, taking in the quietude of the apartment before he wonders, “Where’s Namjoon?”
“Joon’s out with Hobi and some other friends. They went bowling or something.”
“And you didn’t go with?”
You shrug, taking a seat on the other side of the couch, almost as if you’re dodging his emanating aura by putting a distance between you. God knows what you might do if Jeon Jungkook got too close. And after this morning’s events, you’re more nervous than ever before.
“Nah,” you respond, drawing patterns on your couch before flattening a hand over its material, “I’m bad at bowling.”
“That just means you haven’t been often enough.”
“No. Believe me, even Namjoon can confirm that I’m bad at it.”
“I’ll take you there sometime,” he promises, shifting until his body hits the back of the sofa, legs crossed over each other, “I refuse to believe you’re bad with balls.” Your lips part. You silence, looking at him in disbelief – and then, he laughs and adds, “That was a bad one.”
Both your laughter erupts in unison, and his eyes crinkle again when he chuckles, and his tattooed hands are adorned by veins, and his sounds are so soft and sickening and… this is becoming a problem.
As the last bits of your giggles subside, you scratch your jaw, mumbling, “When it comes to that, Namjoon won’t ever make fun of me.”
“That wasn’t nothing.”
Your cheeks warm when you remember your early days as Namjoon’s roommate, and when a toe-curling memory returns in bits and pieces, a faded grey and dull, you grimace. Licking your lips, you look at Jungkook, attempting to sound casual when you admit, “Just. Well, freshman year, uh. Let’s just say Joon knows I’m… good with balls.”
You gulp the moment you utter the last syllable, and something resembling bafflement flashes across his features. He raises his eyebrows in disbelief, one corner of his lips twitching before his voice, dropping deeper, confesses, “I’d love to be him.”
His eyes are flaming, you think – a hint of possessiveness is dripping from them, and you feel your thoughts somersault as you dare to ask, “Why? You get something all the time.”
“If I was so pumped about just something, I wouldn’t be here.”
You wait.
He makes you restless. Your inner little self is chewing off its nails in your brain, eagerly awaiting his next steps, wondering what’s going through his head. As each second passes, his gaze cracks your mind a little more, and whenever he speaks, you feel pieces of yourself split in half.
You think perhaps he can see the hot air, steaming and cloudy, evaporate right over your head.
In reality, however, his thoughts are at an entirely different place.
Because his gaze is scanning your taut but simultaneously somehow confident demeanour. Brittle in some sense that you sit so far away, uncertain what to do with him or yourself. But your arms are folded beneath your breasts, pushing your tits up as if on purpose, and… he thinks he recognises that you’re not wearing a bra.
Don’t stare like that, he tells himself, but…
Bare legs built to seduce him… ending in the alluring curve of your ass. Your tell-tale shifting on the couch – the one he has experienced so many times with other girls before, a sign for silent yearning. And you’re avoiding his eyes, hands clasped between your thighs, as if to let your body whisper to him what you want him to do without saying a word.
Jungkook’s joggers and heart tighten when he speaks again – and your own heart revolts.
“Can you come closer?”
Your body tenses and your limbs become weightless – but somehow, you still manage to oblige, albeit several seconds later. You want to hum and ask what he wants; there must be some semblance of your irritation and sass left.
Jungkook pushes himself off the back of the couch as you draw closer, leaning into you as soon as you plant yourself next to him. You’re so close that his thigh could be touching yours if he killed the distance a little more.
But instead, he opts for something far more fatal: he lifts his hand, looking at you with a smile, and wipes a stray hair strand off your face. His touch is warm on your skin, his fingers soft and pleasant.
You realise he’s staring at the goosebumps on your neck and legs when his smile widens, and he doesn’t give you a moment to settle nor to think when he asks, “Would you wanna go look at cherry blossoms sometime?” His thumb strokes your jaw, and your heart jumps when he adds, “With me.”
You shut your open mouth, nibbling at your lower lip as his eyes follow your action before they dart back to your stare; and you question back, “You really want that?”
“I really want that.” He’s whispering, his pupils flitting to and fro, and you think that even his brain malfunctions for a moment when he finds nothing better to state than, “I think they’re pretty.”
And he thinks they’d look better with you underneath them. Perhaps you’d also realise that he’s not all that bad. Speaking of which.
“I promise I don’t ask this every girl,” he tells you, easing the dozen questions marked between your eyebrows and in your orbs, “I hardly ever go on dates at all, so…” His fingers wander to your chin, then trail along your jaw again, settling under your ear. “So I’d love it if you said yes.”
You’ll pass out. Right here, right now, on the spot, and you hope he catches your form, hope that he knows he’s the cause of your system error.
Is he really–
Damn it, you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t give in. Not to him. But it’s not your fault that he knows his way around words this well, that he can wrap you around his finger like it’s as easy to him as breathing.
Good for him. Because your lungs have apparently forgotten how to operate.
Dizzy and delirious, you manage to speak up, even if your answer contains nothing more but a measly, meek, “Okay.”
“Yeah…” He moves close enough for your breath to hitch, his own grazing your face before he freezes the blood in your veins. “May I – can I kiss you?” Searching your eyes for defiance without meeting any, he states, “Really kinda wanna kiss you.”
Deep inhales. Deeper exhales. No butterflies flutter in your stomach – a whole jungle roars.
And then, with his hand on your face, he leans in, planting his lower lip between your parted ones. His thumb brushes against the apple of your cheek, and he angles his head slightly before his mouth starts to move.
His hand travels down to the small of your back, pulling you closer, and his lips part yours further when his tongue darts out to glide along the seam of your mouth. You hiss, and he swallows the sound immediately, endlessly more eager when your tongue meets his halfway.
A soft moan collides with your own, and before you know it, he’s shifted you half onto his lap. You move keenly, resting your ass on his thigh, and draping an arm around his neck to pull him closer.
Your breathing accelerates when he places his hand on your left inner thigh, prying your legs open, never leaving the heat of your lips. But when you back away, whimpering just a little, you catch his hooded stare for merely a moment before he’s turning you in his grip.
“Fuck, that was…” he whispers, pressing your back against his chest as your legs fall apart and next to each of his reflexively, “the best kiss I ever had.”
His palm touches your knee and then moves up to the hem of your shorts again, his fingers tugging at the knotted strings as you joke, “You’re lying.”
“Believe me… I don’t lie about such things,” he assures, still pulling at the strings, “so hot, and we’ve barely done anything yet…”
He opens the knot and roams your stomach, his mouth caressing your neck as he calls your name and mutters, “May I?” Digits sneak underneath your shorts and touch your pelvis, and an arm wraps around your torso as he adds, “Can I touch you, pretty?”
“I… I’d be mad if you didn’t.”
Jungkook’s chuckle reverberates in your head before his face nuzzles the crook of your neck. Once you grant him permission with another moan, his hands hurry to pull down your shorts and panties in the gentlest way – and when you find yourself bare on his lap, you shut your eyes tightly.
From his point of view, he can’t even admire your pussy properly – but having you spread in his grip, your chest heaving, drives him insane within a moment.
He draws lines on your tummy and your waist, drawing closer to where your cunt aches for him, and when two pads of his fingers press against your clit, you dig your nails into the material of the couch.
“Easy, sweetheart,” he coos, starting to move his fingers in circling motions.
His free hand grabs your jaw and moves your head to the side, allowing him to explore more of your neck and your shoulder. You’re not certain what it is about the movements of his tongue, but his touch lights up one spot after the other. You might be glowing at the end of the night; a burning torch in the dark once the sun has set.
His cock, filling with blood and eagerness, presses against your ass when you squirm in his hold, and he flattens his fingers over your clit before he rubs them along your pussy. He spreads your folds apart, teasing your entrance with the tip of his fingers as he says, “Talk to me.”
But you don’t; you keep wiggling, lifting your shirt, baring your tits – not covered by a bra as deduced. And as he stares, his eyes nearly fall out of their sockets, and the moment you pinch your nipple between your fingers, he plunges his between your aching walls.
“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook mumbles, furrowing his eyebrows when you throw back your head and arch your back. You look divine like this, and he can barely even see your face. “Talk to me, I said.”
“Not… enough.”
“What isn’t?”
He digs his digits in up to their knuckles, impressed by your dripping arousal, and brings his other hand to where he massaged your clit earlier.
“Need your dick… please.”
“Shit, you’re begging already, I–” He shakes his head, kisses a trail up your face, halts at your temple. “All in due time, okay? Lemme just…”
His fingers work skilled and agonisingly around your heat, alternating between slow and fast – and right when the coil in your stomach threatens to dissolve, his hands retract. You let out a breath you were – apparently – holding, and your palms shoot down to your pussy to keep the lack of touch minimal.
“I was gonna–” you exclaim, whining, trying to complete the job he didn’t to not let your approaching high disperse.
But then he grabs your wrist and pulls your arm aside, leaving your pussy begging and screaming as he says, “I know. Not yet.”
With your orgasm fading, you curse under your breath, wrestling out of his grip before he lets you go voluntarily. He brings his inked fingers to your mouth, breaking through the seam of your lips before you register his silent command and start sucking.
You twirl your tongue, collecting saliva, drenching his digits as he praises, “Jesus… you really know how to use this big mouth of yours, huh?”
A combination of hums and moans leaves your throat, sucking for a moment longer before he pulls out again, throwing a cocky “thank you” your way before he’s spreading your spit between your nether lips again.
He remains there for just a moment this time, and then stops, telling you, “You’ve no idea how bad I wanna taste you.”
As if he wasn’t fingerfucking you stupid, your thoughts derail and a power outage shuts your brain. The image of Jungkook eating you out… holding you down…
Where are you? What time is it? What’s your name?
“Got a condom for me, baby?”
Your inner self keysmashes, and your mind goes bbbrrrzzz for a moment before you gather your thoughts, embarrassed and dizzy, and tell him, “My room,” you point at your door behind the couch, “bedside table… second drawer…”
Jungkook plants a tender kiss at the corner of your lips, and then pushes you onto the couch gently. He stands with a giant, fat bulge stretching his joggers, and you ogle at it for a second, half naked, before he brushes a hand through his hair and says, “Take off your clothes. I want you fully naked and on your knees once I’m back.”
Amidst the hazy atmosphere, you somehow find the courage to roll your eyes, and he laughs sweetly, indulging in your cuteness before he walks away. You hurry to drag the shirt over your head, shifting to bend over the arm of the couch as you wait; and before you can do anything more, he’s back, impatient and hurried.
He throws the package next to you, ridding his body of his shirt and his joggers smoothly. You crane your neck to look at him, and lower your torso, lifting your ass until you hear him hiss and remark, “Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Pressing your ass into my face, brat.”
“I’m doing no such thing. Just did what you told m–”
A harmless but firm slap rings in your ears, eliciting a gasp out of you as his knees hit the couch. He crawls closer before he pulls his underwear down; and by all deities above, if you’d known what was coming at you, you would’ve started all of this so much sooner.
Because you can’t stop staring. Standing erect and rock hard, his leaking cock inches closer, its sheer length and thickness so overwhelming that you almost turn around and ready yourself to drool around it.
But Jungkook grabs a handful of your ass again, slamming a palm against your flesh before he warns, “Behave, will you? You wanna be able to walk tomorrow, don’t you?”
“I…” you begin, your eyes rolling back when he spits into his hand again and palms your cunt. He shoves his fingers into you once more, curling them for a moment before he pulls out and you continue, “I don’t wanna be able to walk tomorrow.”
“Want you to… fuck my brains out,” you admit, pressing your cheek against the sofa arm before you add politely, “please.”
“I… I won’t be able to hold back, if you keep saying that.” A sound of foil ripping echoes through the room; for a moment, it’s silent, but then, he moves closer, the head of his cock prodding your entrance. “I might just wreck your shit.”
You move your ass towards him some more, provoking, “Do to me whatever you wanna, Kook.”
Damn it.
His nickname falling out of your mouth is so ridiculously cute; but the rest of your sentence is coated with coarse vulgarity. 
“Fuck, that filthy mouth of yours… it’s gonna kill me,” Jungkook whispers, holding your hips in place when your movements don’t stop, “stay still for me, baby.”
But you don’t need to stop your hips from provoking him further, because when the tip of his cock pushes in, your body becomes light as a feather, trembling, voiding, as though he punctured the tyre that your torso is. The more he buries of himself, the more you think there can’t be more to fill you up.
Jungkook, however, keeps going, and when he finally stops, he dares to say, “Gonna take it easy, okay?”
And he does – begins with a soft groan that vibrates through the sound waves of the air, his hands still on your waist as he moves in and out slowly. Breathing heavier, you clutch the couch, broken moans falling off your tongue as he fucks you with half his cock still out.
“How’s it feel?” he asks, snapping you out of your daze.
Trapped in a cubicle of carnal lust and yearning, you swallow, muttering, “Good… you can,” you press your lips together when he plunges in again, mewling, “you can go faster.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes… please.”
On second thought, Jungkook wonders if his question was required at all – because you’re sucking him in anyway, a waterfall making a mess of his length, as if the walls of your pussy are dragging him in incessantly.
So he obliges, and his motions change, moving faster and just a little harder. More of his cock disappears into your cunt. His eyes jump to the way your ass adjusts to his ministrations, pressing against his hips; and he squeezes it once, groaning in exasperation before he says, “I’m usually proud of my stamina.”
You let out a shaky exhale, attempting to look at him, and voice, “Huh?”
“Just dunno how long I’ll be,” a sharp thrust and your body reels forward, “able to hold back today… with you.”
He clouds your senses without mercy, and human language becomes a mirage that dissipates whenever you think you’ve found words to utter again. You think you wouldn’t mind being fucked by him for the rest of your life; you wouldn’t even be opposed if he decided to break you in half, if it meant you get to experience one more pounding session with Jeon Jungkook.
He’s still not balls deep inside you until he stops abruptly, taking a second to admire your form; but that second stretches too long for your liking. Keeping your balance by holding onto the couch tighter, you push your ass back, not stopping until you feel skin against yours.
You’re amazed just how easily he slides in; how easily your pussy swallows him, eager to feel every inch of him. And once you start fucking yourself on him harsher and with more force, Jungkook exclaims, “Oh my fucking god.” Waits a little, brushes his damp hair back, blinking before he carries on, “Aren’t we cock hungry?”
“Y-your cock… yes…” You hate stroking his ego, but you can’t detect a single lie in your words. And so, you add, “Feels so good, Jungkook.”
Clenching your jaw, you open your eyes, the door of Namjoon’s room in front of you blurry when you feel tears of pleasure build along your waterline. You whine and cry out, taking him all in. His cock pierces through you with tantalising rubs, and you think that if you’re not careful, you might feel him in your guts all too soon.
“You look good enough to eat, y’know?” Jungkook praises as he watches you engulf his cock whole, hard, fast.
You blend out the sounds coming out of you, ones you’re sure you’ve never heard before, and tell him, “Thanks. I’d love to– to see you too, though.”
Your attempt at leaving him motionless and speechless comes to end when he wraps his palms around your shoulders, hot skin colliding before he slams into you out of nowhere. Once and twice, meeting your actions; and then, he stops as fast as he began, suddenly pulling out and leaving you empty and pulsating.
Another – harsher – slap lands on your ass, and you’re close to buckling and turning around before he pushes your rear up with his hands, leaning down and attaching his lips to your pussy.
His tongue moves in figure eights, the wet muscle, soothing and soft compared to his solid dick, lapping up your juices, gathering extra spit on its surface until the saliva is dripping onto your sofa. He wraps his mouth around your clit, sucking gently and with just the right amount of force.
The groans vibrate through your body, and he whispers unintelligible words that you can’t quite make sense of. You know he’s tilting his head when he pushes your ass cheeks apart some more and digs in further, tasting you thoroughly. He hums deep into your pussy, and only emerges with a smack when your eyes have already rolled back into your head.
“As much as I like your taste,” he then murmurs. You continue to keen and moan, pressing your cheek against the couch, overwhelmed from the sensation; and when he plummets against the back of the sofa, he orders, “Ride me, doll.”
“You know…” you start, meeting his hungry eyes as your quivering limbs carry you closer to him, “on any other day, I’d laugh if you called me that.”
Jungkook laughs before he traps his lip between his teeth, observing your every movement; breathes out deeply when you straddle him. As you plant your hands on his chest, his fingers bring his cock back to your entrance, and he questions quietly, “And today?”
“Today… you could recite the entire periodic table and I’d find you,” you lower yourself onto him, closing your eyes with your tits trapped between your arms, “so fucking sexy.”
“Perhaps… later then, huh? Let’s see which element we make it to.”
Number 8.
You need oxygen – he’s too smug; too much. You might lose your mind, if you don’t focus.
And so, you smile down onto him, and the lewd mess that you’re living through suddenly becomes a dream to him – admittedly, one that he imagined differently. Not this sudden. Not this good.
He bottoms out each time you fall back onto him, your hips drawing patterns of eight, feet digging into the couch. Your tits bounce with each descend of your body, and you rub your clit against his pelvis any chance you get.
Blissful and lost, your fingers skid along his abs, grazing the ridges, and then come back to his firm chest, sweaty under your touch as you admit, “You’re crazy hot.”
Jungkook’s eyes shimmer at the sudden compliment; he presses into your thighs harder, earning a fierce scraping of your nails against his skin. He’s sure you’re leaving scratch marks – he reckons he’ll probably die when he finds them light red and faded the next day once he glances into the mirror.
With you on top, he shifts a little, gathering his energy in his muscles once more before he places a hand at the nape of your neck and pulls you down to him in a swift motion. His parted lips crash against yours, all teeth and tongue; but the kiss is less a kiss and more a battle for dominance.
Your moans gain on volume when he begins jackhammering into you, arms pressing you down until you’re flush against him. Nearly screaming into his ear, you wrap your fingers in his hair, registering every sweep of his teeth and tongue along your neck as you shriek, “Oh my god, just like that, ple–”
“Such a good girl, being vocal like that… taking me like that,” he drawls, fucking into you powerfully, “my good girl, aren’t you?”
An ocean of rippling desire courses through you like ecstasy, and you scold yourself internally for swallowing the drug that Jungkook is this fast. But who are you to deny that you’ve finally found answers to your hitherto barred questions? Once wondering what exactly makes him so charismatic, so flamingly intriguing… now you know.
Still processing his praises, he pulls your drowning mess out of your vertigo. And then, he flips you over effortlessly, still balls deep inside you as he comes to hover above you. He leans down and catches your nipple between his teeth, alternating between nibbling and crude sucking as his hand fondles with your other breast.
Wet hair falls like a dark curtain around his face, and your nerves go haywire when he pushes into you deep. Pinned against and fucked into the cushions, his mouth on your tits sends a current through your body. Once he emerges, he seeks your gaze, fingers on your jaw as he asks, “How do you feel?”
“I… so much better than… I imagined.”
A question mark forms in his eyes, but he smirks vainly, bringing his face to yours until his breath is smogging your mind once again. But then, you revoke your statement, claiming, “It’s nothing.”
He stares at you quietly before he chuckles, still not convinced, and smacks your tit. His hand settles around your neck slowly, carefully as he commands, “Spill.”
You nearly choke on your saliva when he presses into your neck gently, lifting your head. Capitulating, you wail before you confess, “Had a dream… the night we– we matched.”
“Yeah?” Jungkook whispers, his tongue gliding along your lips. “Elaborate.”
“I– wanted you to fuck me so fucking bad, but… you ass never did.”
“Dream Jungkook is a damn jerk then. I would never,” his pounding slows down, his legs tired, and he waits a moment before he continues, “I thought about it, too. Don’t know why but…”
Another pause, significantly longer this time.
“Always kinda thought of kissing you in the rain and stuff…”
He murmurs it like he’s embarrassed of the revelation; provides one hard thrust as if to veil his softness behind his devilish actions. But you laugh lightly, still not used to his inked hand around your throat as you tease, “How sappy.”
“I can be, okay?” he argues, his free palm raising your leg up his torso. You hum and call his name as he speaks, faintly hearing, “As in… wanna tell you how gorgeous you look with my fingers around your neck. Like… like a pretty necklace.”
“Romance isn’t dead, huh?”
“Well,” he answers, chuckling before his palm vanishes, holding your hips instead, “I don’t think about kissing in the rain with just anyone.”
“And now…” you breathe, your arms snaking around his neck, “can you kiss me now, too?”
It takes a mere smile and a closing of distance to give in to you, the kiss soft yet messy somehow. Barely any time passes before you’re rubbing your clit and creaming his cock, the orgasm so intense and mind-numbing that your entire body shakes.
Your legs grow weak, your soul ascending – it takes you a moment to open your eyes and look at him again, but when you do, he’s staring at you in admiration. Like he’s seeing you for the first time. And then, he says, “You’re… the fucking hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
And coming from Jeon Jungkook, this must be the compliment of the century.
Not soon after, his movements become sloppy and unsteady too, and when his voice falls a few octaves, you know what’s happening before he says it, “Gonna come, I–”
He pulls out, ripping the condom off; but before he can jerk himself off, you sit up straight, surprising him pleasantly when you grab his cock and take him into your mouth as much your throat allows. His shaft hits the back and triggers your gag reflex almost immediately, but you don’t falter as you begin to bop your head back and forth.
Your tongue swirls around the smooth skin – and with him already on the edge, it takes barely a minute before his cock twitches and he calls your name. His body shivers, his hand in your hair; one more suck and… you close your eyes.
Breathing through the nose, you swallow every rope of cum he spills inside you, his hips stuttering as much as his voice – and then, he’s done, his chin resting against his chest. Sinking back into the couch, he pulls you with him, chuckling a little as he says, “Now that was. Really unexpected.”
“In a good way, I hope.”
“Are you kidding? In the best way.”
You fall onto his torso softly, placing your hands under your cheek as you look up at him and catch your breath. The room is sex-scented and hot, but the heat doesn’t compare to when Jungkook meets your gaze gently.
He smiles at you, wiggling his eyebrows as if to ask how it’s going; and you laugh, telling him, “That was crazy. Pinch me, so I know it happened.”
You think he’ll oblige, if only to tease you – but instead, he pulls you closer, pecking your lips once as he confirms, “It happened.” He bites into his lower lip, watching your eyelashes fall timidly before he adds, “I… listen, I know what you think of me. And you might be right about most things, but…”
No matter how much confidence he exudes on any other day, he seems to stumble over his words a lot when he’s around you. You wonder what it is today that has him struggling this way.
“But that was a great deal to me,” he continues, gulping, “and I’d like to do it again. Not just fucking you, but like… spending time with you. A genuine date.”
“I believe you,” you finally muster to admit. After the gazes he threw at you, the touches you shared and the words you exchanged… there must be some truth. You reckon he wouldn’t bother to say those things if he was just toying with you. “Where’s that cherry blossom park then?”
“I’ll take you there!” Jungkook chimes optimistically, his arms around you squeezing your body once.
You’re laughing about god knows what and talking about the most obscure topics, bare, sweat-soaked and slightly shuddering. And then, out of the blue, he clicks his tongue, shaking his head as he remarks, “Can’t believe you dreamed of me.”
With heated cheeks, you pout, hiding your face a little before you take it a step further and say, “I also imagined you taking off your glasses and kissing me…”
“In uh… class.”
“Woah. That’s not even dreaming anymore.”
“It hasn’t happened that often!” you defend, slapping his firm bicep playfully while joining his delighted, amused snicker.
He pushes you to your back, pinning your wrists to the couch to stop your gentle attacks. His nose brushes yours, his lips a hair’s breadth away as he whispers, “Really not?”
“No.” He cocks an eyebrow, and you shrug. “No! I didn’t!”
“If you say so.”
And then, he’s leaning in more, kissing you gingerly; and when he pulls back, you smile, your eyes falling to the mole on his neck as you say, “By the way. Can I ask you something?”
“Would you ever name your car – and if yes, then what?”
Tumblr media
When Monday morning rolls around, you show up in class wearing the dress from last summer. It’s cute and cosy, hugging you at just the right places. He’s right – you should’ve flaunted it and yourself more.
And apparently, he loves it just as much as before, because he grins when you walk in and occupy a free seat two rows behind him. He turns and looks over his shoulder, smiling at you with a slight nod that you return in kind.
His eyes look soft and sweet; his stance relaxed and comfortable – and before he turns back, he takes off his glasses, licks his lips and winks. Shamelessly, intriguingly.
You make a mental note to ask him where the dress looks better; on your body – or on his floor.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : jungkook x reader
g e n r e : fuckboy-friends w/benefits au.
t a g s : possessive behavior, jealous sex, toxic jk!, reader’s a freak, college setting, car sex, exhibitionism, mentioned recording, creampies, y’all low key not good for each other, sneaky link!jk, degradation, dirty talk, reader’s on her hot girl shit, slight cum play
s u m m a r y : you’re both exclusive only to each other. jungkook fucks the way he acts—crazy, hard. too bad you’re only here for the ride..
w o r d c o u n t : 2 k
Tumblr media
It’s another Netflix and chill situation, you're not so sure why you keep coming around. Not because you felt some way or anything, it was just that you had class early in the morning. You couldn't afford to go sleep deprived, more than you were anyways.
"Ride it good baby," Jungkook licked his lips, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed harshly, "just like that." He purred softly.
He used his hands to guide your movements making you bounce at a slow and steady pace. Quiet moans and sighs escaped your lips, your mouth watering from the feeling his thick cock sliding against that special spot inside of you. At this rate you could cum from this slow pace, his cock was more than enough to get you there.
"Shit," you quietly moaned, "right there." Your head fell back, lips forming an 'o' as his cock hit your spot just right.
Jungkook leaned forward to suck at your nipples, his tongue slowly swirled around the tip of your perky nub. He grunted softly, hands tightening around you as he slowly bucked his hips upwards. You cradled his head closer to your chest, fingers threading through his hair and combing it.
"Mmm, gonna cum Kook. More," you began to grind on him slowly, mouth falling open as shuddery breaths escaped you.
Jungkook's eyes opened as he stared up at you. His lips remained wrapped around your nipple suckling gently as he continued to rock upwards. You slid your hand down to cradle his face, holding him while you picked up the pace. Your moans were getting a tad bit louder, hips pressing down to keep his thick cock inside of you.
"Shit, shit," you whispered, eyes closing and lips falling open to let out a series of staccato moans, "right there, right there," you whined loudly.
You moved at a quick pace, hips grinding back and forth with your pussy growing wetter. Jungkook fell back on the bed, eyebrows scrunched as his moans flowed freely. "Oh fuck y/n," he threw his head back gripping your hips to steady you, "cum for me."
Jungkook slapped your ass harshly, groping the jiggly flesh in his large palms. Your back arched, body going taut as your pussy throbbed around his cock. You set your hands on his chest and kept riding to get Jungkook to his orgasm. You hiss at the overstimulation, switching your grinding to light bouncing.
"Shit baby," he moaned, hips bucking upwards as he chased his own high.
His hips slapped against yours, grip never faltering on you. You whine from the intense pleasure, pussy weakly throbbing around his cock. Jungkook let out a long groan, head falling back on the pillow. His cum filled your sopping pussy, cock twitching weakly from within you. "Shit," Jungkook exhaled as he pat your ass gently and laid there enjoying the waves of pleasure.
"Jungkook," you whined quietly, "at least give me some napkins to clean the mess you made." You huffed, raising your hips to slip his soft cock out of you. A string of creamy cum dripping out, "Ugh so fucking gross," you muttered.
He looked proud of himself, a smug smile on his face as he folded his arms behind his head, "You weren't complaining when it happened so why now? Prissy little thing you are." He chuckled with his eyes closed.
Seeing how relaxed and unbothered he was made your blood boil, remembering why you didn't see anything in him past his fat cock. He was a grade 'a' asshole that didn't care for anyone that wasn't him.
"Towel," you demanded and shakily wobbled over to his bathroom.
Jungkook's lips curled into a faint smirk, tongue poking at the inside of his cheek, "Yes ma'am." He watched in pride at your ragged appearance, shaky legs and tangly hair.
"Jungkook," you groaned, "you're so fucking crazy what is wrong with you? Like are you actually mental? What are you doing here?" You folded your arms across your chest, giving him a defiant look.
Tonight was supposed to be a date night. You swore up and down you had been so secretive about photography major Kim Taehyung asking you out on a date. So who snitched? How the fuck did Jungkook come to know about your little tryst?
"Who said I'm here for you?" Jungkook rolled his eyes and tongued his cheek, "Baby you might have the best pussy on earth but that doesn't mean you get to have a little ego with me now. You aren't the only one I fuck,"
You scoff in amusement, "Yeah, because all of a sudden you eat pasta and ask girls out to dinner." You weren't buying his shit, "But keep believing that."
Jungkook leaned against the wall in amusement, eyes raking down your form slowly, "You got me there sweetheart. Listen I thought there was a connection between us? I mean I blow your back out, I don't take too kindly to others having what's mine." He huskily murmured.
Your eyes widened a little at his crude language, "Connection? Cut the bullshit out there isn't anything between us. I go to you when I need dick and that's all. Don't start getting too egotistical hun, you're just a member on the team." You gave him a cute shoulder shrug, "Now, I have a date to go on don't ruin it or else Jungkook. I swear to god I'll never forgive you." You glare walking over to the doors.
Jungkook reached over to grip your wrist tightly and tug you back against him. "You're cute when you get all mad. Cuter to think that I'd let you go on this silly little date with Taehyung. Sure baby I'll let you mess around with him and have your fun but to actually entertain the idea of going out with him? Can't have my baby flaking on me for another man." He laughed, leading you away from the restaurant to his infamous Mercedes.
"Ugh! Jungkook! No, let me go. Fucking hell I can't believe you, you're being such a cunt! You can go out and fuck whoever the fuck you want but the moment I wanna have my own fun it's a crime?!" You struggled against the older, stubbornly gripping the street pole to stop him from taking you. "I can't believe this shit."
"The mouth you got on you, I'm half considering putting it to good use. Not like you're of any use anyways, just my dumb little slut who wants to be stuffed full of cock." Jungkook crooned, opening the car door and cornering you against the vehicle.
You stared defiantly up at him refusing to get in and give in. You felt half-bad for Taehyung, poor guy didn't know what he had gotten himself into. If Jungkook wanted to he'd walk your ass right into that restaurant with an arm around your waist and take you out for dinner himself. Right in front of Taehyung's face too. You were just lucky.
Jungkook didn't force you in, he had the patience of a monk so he could play this game with you for hours. After five minutes of standing around in the breeze you huffed softly giving in. "I hate you."
"Love you too baby," Jungkook cooed as he closed the door for you and went to get in. "Now don't give me that pout, I'll take you out myself yeah? Won't let that pretty look go to waste." He winked, turning the car on as he set his hand on your thigh.
You slumped in the seat, looking out the window in disappointment because he once again intervened with your personal life. And you just let him. Again. You knew this wasn't exactly healthy because you only brought the worst out of each other. Yet you two always came back, starting the vicious cycle up.
On your way to a different restaurant you quickly texted Taehyung, inviting him to your place later on as a sorry for flaking on the date. He accepted to your surprise, and with that you set your phone aside with a long sigh, looking over at Jungkook, "I really do hate you.."
"I know."
It was no surprise you ended up being shoved into the backseat with Jungkook plowing into you from behind. Soft moans were punched out of you, sweaty palms trying to hold your body up as he rocked you. "Fuck.." You whispered out, eyes closing and lips parting as you slowly slumped down on the seat.
Jungkook licked his lips, eyes raking down your spine as he watched the way your ass rippled against his pelvis. "I wonder what Taehyung would think of you now," he breathed out, "do you think he knows you're a cock-hungry slut? What would he say if he found out you ditched him to get fucked in a parking lot like some dirty slut?" He smacked his hands against your ass, relishing in the way your cheeks jiggled.
You yelped, head hanging in shame from his words. You weren't even going to deny this, because this was all very true. His thrusts picked up the pace, slamming into you harshly as his cock rubbed against you in all the right ways. You swore you saw stars, pleasure running through your veins as your pussy slicked up his cock.
In your pleasure filled haze, you noticed a flash over your body. This fucker was recording! You weren't prissy about it because you got off to these little videos much later on, but you assumed he was only doing this out of jealousy. Shivers went down your spine at the thought of Jungkook using these and showing them to any guy whoever grew interested.
If only Taehyung could see you now..
The slide was slippery, making this squelching noise resonate through the car. Creamy slick dribbled down the sides of his shaft, dripping down on to his leather seats. Jungkook moaned at the sight of creamy slick sticking to his cock as the slide got messier and messier. He reached between your legs to stroke your clit in slow circles.
"Jungkook!" You whimpered out, head thrown back as moans tumbled from your lips. "There! P-Please, oh god," you whined.
He moved his fingers down to where you were connected, collecting some of your wetness and forcing the soaked digits into your mouth. Your moans were garbled, drool seeping out the corner of your mouth. "That's it baby, my dumb little cocksleeve. You hear that?" He purred, slowly rotating his hips so that you could hear the filthy sounds your pussy made. "Remember this next time you even think of fucking anyone else baby. You're mine and mine only."
Your eyes rolled back when he slammed hard into you. His pace was unforgiving, rocking you back and forth in the seat as his skin slapped against yours almost violently. You let his soaked fingers slip from your mouth, loud moans and cries escaping. "Yes, yes, yes!" You reached behind to grip his forearm tightly, digging your fingernails into his skin.
Jungkook grunted at the slight pain he felt in his arm but it didn't deter him. He set his free hand on the glass window, leaning over your quivering form. His hips slammed into you at a fast pace, balls slapping against you and causing a pleasurable sting against you. "Fuck baby, if only they could see you the way I do. Don't–mmm fuck–blame 'em for trying to get with you.." He panted, sweat building up on his brow.
"J-Jungkook," you could feel the telltale signs of your orgasm building, "c-cum, gonna cum."
Your mind was turned to mush by now, you couldn't properly form any words. All you could think about was the delicious slide of his thick cock going in and out of wet pussy. Your moans grew louder and more high pitched, the intense coiling in your tummy threatening to come undone.
"Cum," Jungkook breathed out, "cum for me." He growled reaching down between your legs to pinch your swollen bud.
Tremors went down your spine, thighs shaking and pussy gushing as you came hard. Short little "ah ah ah's" left your lips, body tiredly slumping down on the seat. Jungkook let your swollen bud go, thrusts short but deep as he ground into you.
"Good girl, such a good girl," Jungkook purred out, slowing down as his hands gripped your hips tightly. His cock throbbed inside of you, familiar warmth filling you up reminding you just how filthy you were.
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hobipost · 27 days ago
need to know
Tumblr media
— explicit drabble; jungkook x f. reader; someone call the horny patrol 🚔 i randomly remembered this jungkook existed and almost A YEAR LATER he still has me in a chokehold...
Tumblr media
You won't lie, you always wondered what Jungkook would be like if he was rougher in bed. He's much more into vanilla sex, and you have absolutely no complaints about it. Zero. Sex with him is always good, and you love the slow, steamy kinda thing.
You don't know what came over to him, you're sure you never let it out of your mouth. Jungkook simply came home after a concert, and with no further explanation dragged you to his room and proceeded to make almost every single little dirty desire you've been having the past weeks come true.
It started with his fingers. The tattooed ones. Two plugged into you with so much ease it felt like he used a whole bottle of lube. Well, he actually used it later to eat you out. It tastes like grapes and is one of his greatest purchases. Jungkook is used to fingering and eating you out, but this time... The way he didn't take his fingers away even if you were scooping up in bed, or how he spitted on your pussy like it wasn't wet enough — it's simply not a Jungkook thing. Then, after you cummed so hard you felt your throat starting to get sore from the screeches of pleasure, he took you from behind, edging you to the point of tears, marking your skin, tattooing it as his. Your hair was a mess in his large, rough hands, and every time he increased the pressure, your pussy spasmed around him.
Truly, he stopped sometimes to ask if it was okay. "I can take it. Fuck that pussy open," was your response. And so he did.
Burning like fire and tingling everywhere — if you have to describe what you're feeling for hours now, this would be the perfect description. Your poor knees and thighs are already sore from riding this man for god knows how long, but you can't stop. Every time you go up leaving only his tip inside, you can't resist coming back down until you feel him in your gut. Fuck. Is this why people are obsessed with rough sex? You can understand why.
"Kook," you whine, voice so thin and small you sound like a helpless woman. "I c-can't..."
Jungkook only forces his digits on your jaw. "You can and you will. Don't you dare stop now that you're almost there."
You take his words and use the back of the couch as leverage, knuckles white from the pressure of your fingers, but you don't stop. Slower, on a sensual and rough grinding, but you keep going. He's right anyway. Your trembling legs are trying desperately to close around his thick thighs to no avail. Jungkook, however, looks peaceful like he's just lounging on a random episode of In The Soop. That fucker. Meanwhile, you're fighting for your life against his dick. How can he last so long?! You lost count of the times you came and you're so sore you can imagine all the struggle to walk for the next days, and he just cummed once.
"Baby. Oh my god." Almost yanking the couch's back cushions, your whole body trembles in the arrival of your nth orgasm. The first reaction you have is trying to raise from his dick and press your clit to intensify the sensation. To breath some air for god's sake. But Jungkook has different ideas, simply holding your hip and forcing you back down on his cock, unmoving, making you soundly choke like it's on your mouth. With your clit now pressing against his hip, you have nowhere to put your hands, and they glide against his body with ease in search of some consolation because this is wrecking you. Your poor body is curling like a ball in his arms, brain shutting down like an overloaded windows 97.
Sweat is everywhere, you look like you both just came out of a boiling shower. Jungkook is gorgeous, a living sculpture crafted by gods — but now, fuck... His eyebrows, big nose, jawline, neck, chest, hips, thighs... No part of him isn't stimulating you in some kind of way right now.
"Stay still."
"Jungkook..." A pleading for mercy.
"Stay. Still. I wanna feel you clench around me. Fuck. How can you get so tight?"
You don't know how long it takes for your high sensation to subside, but when it does, you're hyper-aware of his thick cock still buried inside of you. Breathing like you've been underwater all this time, you whine weakly when he moves to trace his nose through the length of your sweaty neck, dick moving slightly.
Jungkook suddenly manhandles you to lay on the couch, and your legs try desperately to close because you know what that means. You're still sensitive and puffy. You can hear your poor pussy screaming at you Woman Give Me A Break For God's Sake. But Jungkook buries himself even deeper, making you choke a moan again.
"B-baby! What happened to you?! Oh my god!"
"Don't you like it?"
You take in his figure above you, glistening, hard, smelling like sex, and like Jungkook (you can't explain it but it's your favorite smell). His tattoos look like contemporary paintings, and you want to kiss them. Want him to take you from behind while choking you with that tattooed hand. Want to suck that goddamn silver ring on his lip.
"I fucking do."
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jjkthclub · 2 months ago
Mr. Right (Swipe)
Pairing: Jungkook / You Genre: one shot, fratboy!au, drummer!au, enemies to lovers!au Rating: M Warnings: slow burn, library sex, oral (f. and m. receiving), fingering, rough sex, unprotected sex Word count: 30.1k Summary: Jeon Jungkook is well aware that he’s the bane of your existence. He just loves to push your buttons and lives to see you all riled up. So, what happens then when he catches you swiping left on his Tinder profile during class?
Tumblr media
Jungkook is late to his class. He’s not just late, he is terribly late. Running on two and a half hours of sleep and caffeine, he quickly dashes through the campus grounds to get to the building.
A few minutes later when he arrives, he quickly makes a decision to enter through the top part of the auditorium.
Once seated on one of the seats in the last row, he rummages through his backpack and puffs out a tired sigh. Great. He managed to shove in his water bottle, his drum sticks, a packet of chips and a protein bar this morning but not his notebook.
He then turns to the person on his right, surprise settling on him when he sees that his seatmate is none other than his favorite person to annoy.
Nudging your arm, he whispers, “Hey, princess. Can I have some paper please?”
Your eyes are fully glued on your notebook while you write and when you feel someone’s elbow, you avert your gaze from your paper.
Jungkook sends a boyish smile, the same one he sported when you first met him.
The first time you and him interacted was when he took the vacant seat next to you. You sat in the third row that time, not wanting to look overzealous by sitting at the very front.
You watched him from your peripheral vision as he set his iced coffee on the desk before you focused on listening to your professor. As you jotted key points away, he softly tapped your arm.
“Hey, can I have a piece of paper?”
Your eyes darted from your notebook to his round ones. He had that youthful smile on his face that could charm anyone in the room, reminding you of the first time you laid your eyes on him.
It was the second day of freshman year when you caught a glimpse of Jungkook for the first time.
He had red highlights on the tips of his hair and during that time, everyone in your class started gasping when he entered the room with his guy friends. They shamelessly ogled and started to chatter with one another, his name dropping from their lips.
You turned to the girl beside you and asked curiously, “Who is that?”
“That’s Jungkook. He’s like the biggest player in campus,” she said, practically snarling under her breath.
You tore your gaze away from him as soon as he and his friends managed to get seated towards the left side of the lecture hall.
Word on the street was that Jungkook is the classic fuckboy who would date different girls every few weeks. They said that he was an asshole and a walking red flag who would play with their feelings and lead them on, making all these empty promises only to dip in the end.
You can see why every girl looks like they’re practically ready to kiss the ground he walks on and why he’s venerated as though he’s some sort of a deity. He’s obviously an attractive man, his piercings, tattoos, outfits and his cocky grin all adding to his charm and charisma.
And so the moment he occupied the empty seat beside you and talked to you for the first time to ask for a paper and pen, you decided that you’d write him off and that you’d never waste your time on him.
You were determined to never let him—or anyone—distract you. Not that you were looking for anything or hoping to get into a relationship. Back then, as a freshman, you just wanted to get settled in and focus on doing well with your studies.
You flipped a page of your notebook to tear a piece off.
He nodded at you appreciatively while you returned your attention to the front.
“You also got a spare pen I can borrow?” he asked after a moment.
You frowned slightly. “How can you even come to class without a pen and paper?”
“Well, I woke up five minutes ago and I had to run to get here which means that I—”
With his quick manner of speaking and the voice of your professor clashing, you grabbed a pen from your case.
“Here,” you said, placing it on his palm.
“Thanks,” Jungkook whispered.
Twenty minutes later, your professor finally announced a fifteen-minute break before resuming with the second half of the lecture.
“So,” Jungkook began. “Economics. Fun, am I right?”
You faced him with a straight expression. “Very.”
He flashed you a grin. “I’m Jungkook.”
“I’m not interested,” you quipped.
He raised a brow, playing off your response coolly. “Interested in what? Can’t I just introduce myself to a classmate?”
You cocked your head slightly. “Of course, you can.”
You were pretty sure that that was the moment he decided that you were his new target and that you were the one he’d want to bother until he graduates.
He simpered as he perched his elbow on the wooden desk and rested the side of his head on his palm. He kept his stare on you.
There’s something about you that drew him and piqued his interest. It’s most likely your indifference and your cold shoulder towards him.
Unlike other girls, you actually seem repulsed by the attention he’s giving you. And he cannot for the life of him fathom why he enjoys your distaste for him.
He observed you while you concentrated on organizing what you’ve written, drawing your mind maps out neatly.
You looked at him from the corner of your eye for a split second before returning to your notebook. He looked cute. You can give him that. But then, you reminded yourself of who he is, how he is and what people have said about him.
You’re not one to believe hearsay about other people but with the way he strutted around campus, it was hard not to dismiss those rumors.
As he watched you, he thought that you’re the serious type, placing importance on your studies, which of course is a remarkable thing but you didn’t strike him as someone who played very often.
Having gotten this judgement, he clearly has his work cut out for him and if he wants you to look at him and see that he’s worth your time, then he has to put in the effort. It’s a challenge he wants to take.
As a matter of fact, he did take it because after that first meeting, Jungkook always feels challenged whenever he talks to you. And he loves it because he never knows what to expect from you.
Over the next few weeks after that first meeting in freshman year, his attempts at frivolity grew into full-blown teasing.
He bickered with you, flirted with you and riled you up while you flustered him, excited him and opposed him. You find him a pain in the ass and he likes being that pain in your ass. That’s your relationship in a nutshell.
Presently, as you give a piece of paper to him, you can’t help but think how time whizzed by quickly.
It’s crazy how one moment, you were all a bunch of newbies, navigating through college life and now, you are almost there at the finish line. There’s one year left before you and Jungkook graduate and enter the next chapters of your lives.
As the lecture goes on, Jungkook’s concentration begins to wade. Exhaustion is catching up to him, making him too tired to take in the information being taught.
Instead of continuing to take down notes, he starts to doodle on his paper. He scribbles randomly on the page, mentally reliving the party he attended last night.
Ten minutes before the lecture ends, he finally sets his pen down. He shifts on his seat and glances over at you.
You’re not writing. You’re just looking at the front, your chin perched on your palm, looking bored. He wonders what’s on your mind.
After a moment, you’re bringing out your phone from your pocket and you’re lowering your gaze as you open it under the desk.
Jungkook can perfectly see your screen from his seat and astonishment dawns on him when he sees you using Tinder.
As you start to view the profiles that pop out on your screen, you think about your conversation with your friends last night.
It was pizza and movie night at one of your friends’ dorms and the topic of dating came up. Most of your friends have significant others and they asked you when you’ll get back to the dating scene.
You could only shrug as a response, not really sure what to say. It’s not like you could just offer a specific date to them.
Now that you muse about it, it has been some time since you last dated. You’ve fully moved on from your last flame and you have enjoyed focusing on yourself during the end of sophomore year until the beginning of junior year.
So now, maybe you do need to open yourself up again into something new and welcome a new chapter, a new person.
Your friends talking about Tinder last night intrigued you as you listened to the conversation. They even advised you to try it after you revealed that you really haven’t gone on it properly and tried talking to people there.
You were initially sceptical of it because you know that it’s mostly for fun hookups. But then again, maybe fun is exactly what you need because let’s be honest, serious relationships in Tinder are rare to find. It’s rare but it isn’t impossible.
When your friend said last night that maybe Mr. Perfect is just one swipe away, you almost snorted out a laugh. She believes in someone who’s non-existent way too much. But that’s just how she is and you love her for sticking with her beliefs and ideals and for being true to herself.
Last night in bed, all you did was build your profile, selecting all your best photos and thinking of a good bio to write.
Now, five minutes before this class ends, you muster the courage to finally start using it. You’ll try and see how it goes. There’s no harm to it anyways. And you’ve got nothing to lose.
Jungkook observes you carefully as you inconspicuously use the app under the desk.
So far, none of the profiles have tickled your fancy. Even after spending some time to read and browse photos, you’d still swipe left. He can’t say that he’s surprised with your judgements.
This is pointless, you think. There is literally no one here.
You go to a big, public university and yet none of the guys here or in the area have caught your attention and made you swipe right.
Admittedly, some of the ones that you swiped left on have been on the grounds of physicality. But most of them you turned down because of the questionable things that they would write on their short bios.
When a familiar face appears on your screen, you double blink.
It’s Jungkook.
Few seconds later, he’s gasping as he witnesses your thumb mercilessly swipe left on his profile.
Startled, you whip your head, instinctively pressing the lock button on your phone.
“I am so offended right now,” he mutters under his breath, appalled.
He effortlessly snatches your phone from your hold.
“Hey!” you yelp, regretting it immediately after a few people in your area sent you reproachful looks. “Give me that.”
“I can’t believe you swiped left on me, princess,” he says, clutching his chest as he feigns an agonized expression. “Am I not right swipe material?”
Your eyes widen, embarrassment bleeding in your cheeks, your neck and earlobes. “You saw that?”
“Hard not to watch when you were like this,” he replies, proceeding to exaggeratedly mimic your previous position of you using your phone under the desk, swiping off all the profiles that would pop out.
“Have I ever told you that I hate you?”
“Eighteen times,” he drawls, a mischievous smile creeping up on his lips. “Seven yesterday, ten on Monday and one today. And pretty much a thousand times for the last three years.”
You groan at the insufferable guy. “I really hate you.”
“There’s a thin line between love and hate. Maybe you’re confusing your emotions.”
You scoff. “I wouldn’t bet on it.”
“I would.”
“Oh, just give me my damn phone,” you growl.
He shakes his head. “Not until you tell me why you swiped left on me. You didn’t even read my bio. You just swiped left. That’s like a smack in the face.”
“Is it really that deep?” you ask, shoving your notebook and folder in your bag when the class is dismissed.
“Yeah,” he argues, packing his stuff simultaneously as you both prepare to leave your seats. “I almost cried.”
“You’re so dramatic,” you mumble under your breath before standing up and falling in stride with him as you make your way down to the main door of the lecture hall. “It’s not even that deep.”
“It actually is.”
You scoff. “You know you would’ve done the same if you saw my profile.”
“Uh, no,” Jungkook retorts. “I would’ve swiped right at you.”
“Believe it or not, princess, I quite fancy you from time to time when you’re not glaring at me,” he says, swirling his tongue on the inside of his cheek.
There’s no way that that’s true. You think he’s just spewing absolute bullshit and toying with you, like he always does.
Once you’re both out the door, your hand tries to reach for your phone again but he’s too swift.
“Seriously, Jeon. Give me back my phone,” you whine. “I’m gonna be late to my next class.”
“You haven’t given me a reason yet.”
“Fine. You’re not my type. And I don’t go for frat boys. There. Happy?”
No. Not happy. He is the opposite of happy.
He’s not your type? Okay, first of all, ouch. And second of all, he’s been called a lot of things by girls before but never once did a girl tell him that he’s not their type.
If anything, he would be everyone’s ideal type. So to hear that from you is really flustering. That was a hard blow coming from you.
“Huh. It appears that our problem here is much worse than I thought.”
Your brows furrow. “What are you talking about?”
“I’ll tell you what,” he says in a heartbeat. “Why don’t you try me?”
“Let me take you out on a date,” he offers. “Give me a chance even if I’m not your type.”
Stunned, you blink at him as you try to process what he just said.
“You’re asking me to go out with you. On a date.”
“You’re not serious.”
“I am,” he retorts dryly. “I’m dead serious.”
Mouth going agape, you wheeze a soft exhale. “Yeah. That’s not happening. Not in a million years.”
“Even if we matched, you still wouldn’t go out on a date with me?”
Your face winces. “No. Why would I? I don’t even like you.”
His mouth parts, offended.
Most girls would proclaim how much they like him and would whisper strings of praises and affirmations in his ear. But then again, you’re not most girls.
You’re the only person who’s real with him, the one who doesn’t pretend to be someone else or keep up with appearances.
You’re the only person who never backs down to every comment that he makes. You’re the one who always has a witty comeback for him and the one who can keep up with his antics.
You’re the one who makes him smile and laugh and you’re the fun part of his life even if you’re not necessarily close friends.
“Okay, but isn’t that the whole point of going on a date? So you can get to know a person better and see if you like them and if you both click together?”
Blinking at him, you quip, “So are you saying that after one date, I’ll just suddenly have feelings for you?”
“Who said anything about one date?” he counters with a cocky grin.
“Nope. I’m not doing it.”
“Okay. How about this? If I can’t make you like me before the semester ends, then I promise to leave you alone. I won’t annoy you anymore.”
You shake your head. “What part of no do you not understand, Jeon?”
“Oh, come on, princess. We have eight weeks left,” he coos, looking at you with those doe eyes of his.
Your face twists at the thought of going on dates with your enemy.
“I still have your phone, by the way,” he adds, swinging your device in the air.
“Why do you even want to get to know me?”
“Did you not hear what I said earlier? I said I fancy you.”
You give him an unimpressed look. “I’m sure you’ve said that to lots of girls before.”
“Well, yes, but I mean it this time. I’m serious. I wanna show you what you’re gonna get if you swiped right on me and then we matched. Trust me, you’ll regret swiping left on me.”
You snort derisively. “And trust me, in eight weeks, I still won’t have feelings for you. Nothing will change between us.”
He has a smug smile, satisfied at himself for saying that because he knows that you love to be challenged. This will be fun because you’re not the only one who likes a challenge.
“Is that a yes, then?”
You heave a thick sigh. “You know what? Fine. I’ll go on dates with you.”
You’re going to prove him wrong and show him that all you’ll have after eight weeks are feelings of annoyance and distaste and not romantic feelings.
He exhales out a triumphant ‘yes’ as he fumbles with your phone, quickly keying in his number before sending a text to himself.
When you have your phone back, you stare at your screen. Of course, Jungkook would put the eggplant emoji next to his name.
When you’re both outside the building, you start to diverge in different directions.
He looks over his shoulder and waves at you.
On your way to the library, your friend Ten suddenly approaches you.
“Was that Jungkook with you?” he asks as though he’s ready for some juicy gossip.
Ten has been your friend ever since freshman year. He’s a Chemistry major who always tells you about how he hopes to find a cure for cancer one day.
You and him met at the nursing home that you volunteer for and since then, you’ve been close like siblings.
You look at him, his hair buried under a beanie and his ears cutely sticking out. “Yep.”
He slides his dark round specs up. “What was that all about?”
“He caught me swiping left on him in class. And now he’s asking me to go out on dates with him to try and win my heart.”
Ten laughs. “You swiped left on him?”
You nod, bringing out your student card from your pocket and scanning it at the entrance.
“That’s gotta be a huge blow to his ego,” he says behind you. “So are you actually going out on dates with him?”
You hum in confirmation.
“It’s not like I’ll actually fall in love with him,” you tell him resolutely. “You know I don’t go for frat boys.”
“If you say so.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” you ask, arching a brow up.
His shoulders shrug. “I’m just saying, you and Jungkook have been rivals since forever. I’ve seen the way you act around him. You always say that you hate him but maybe you just don’t want to admit the fact that deep down, you have a crush on him.”
“Me? Having a crush on Jungkook? I can barely stand the guy. And I’m pretty sure that the feeling is mutual too.”
“Uh-huh,” he says, sceptical.
You’re unsure as to why Ten thinks that you and Jungkook secretly have a crush on one another and are showing it through bickering when it’s clear that there is nothing that lies beneath your hatred and disgust.
It’s the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard today. That, and Jungkook telling you that he fancies you. It makes you want to laugh, if you’re being honest.
“Ooh, I got a text from Luis,” Ten broadcasts chirpily.
He grins while reading his phone and typing on his keyboard. Knowing him, he’s about to spend the next fifteen minutes texting his boyfriend.
You shake your head and start to make your way to an empty table, dumping your bag down and bringing your books out.
As you write down your notes, you tune out your surroundings and decide that you’re not going to let thoughts of Jungkook infiltrate your head.
Tumblr media
The next day, the thorn in your side approaches you as you make your way to class.
“Morning, princess,” he greets, his voice scratchier than normal.
You turn to look at him. “How come you’re early?”
“That’s because I didn’t sleep,” he reveals.
“We played for an event last night,” he says, fixing the front part of his hair.
To be fair, most students wouldn’t even bother going to class the next day if they went out the night before and got home at five in the morning. They’d just choose to take the day off and sleep.
But as much as Jungkook likes to play, he also wants to get good grades, which is why he decided to just stay awake so he can attend class.
“Here, let me help you with that,” he says, taking the two thick purple binders from your hold. “Fucking hell. Do you carry these in your bag every day?”
“It’s almost midterms. I need to study.”
With a pout, he remarks, “This is definitely not good for your back. Speaking of back, are you at least getting your back blown on the regular?”
“I am not talking to you about my sex life,” you hiss lowly.
He bares his teeth. If he could raise his arms up in surrender, he would.
“Jeez. You don’t need to. Based on your attitude, I already have my answer.”
Ugh. You have never wanted to choke a guy so bad.
“You’re such a little shit,” you snarl.
Turning on the first left and heading inside the lecture theater, you take a seat in the fourth row. Jungkook follows, placing your binders on the desk and his bag on the floor once he’s seated beside you.
“So, for our first date—”
“Are you actually serious about that?” you ask abruptly before bringing your notebook out.
“Did I look like I was joking?” he counters, lifting a brow up. “And besides, you agreed to it. No takebacks. Anyways, what’re you doing on Saturday?”
His lips twitch up for a smile. “Okay. Great. I’ll pick you up at three.”
“Where exactly are we going?”
He snickers. “You just like knowing everything, don’t you, princess?”
“Of course. You should know that by now.”
The corner of his lips lifts upwards. “If I tell you, then it’ll take away the element of surprise.”
“I hate surprises.”
He snorts, humorless. “You hate everything.”
“Including you.”
“Please. In eight weeks, you won’t be able to stop thinking about me.”
You scowl. “Don’t flatter yourself, Jeon.”
He shrugs, a self-assured smile spreading his pierced lips. “In fact, I probably only need three dates for you to fall for me and my charms.”
You scoff and roll your eyes.
Your professor finally speaks, the different conversations in the room immediately dying down. She announces the final project this semester, earning a groan from the class.
The project is a group one and is worth sixty percent of your final grade. Every pair has to choose a topic and it’s up to them to read and research. And in eight weeks, you all have to present in class.
Jungkook shifts comfortably in his seat, stretching his long legs out from under the desk. He counts down the minutes until he can flirt with you again.
Meanwhile, you’re taking notes of everything that your professor says about the project. You raise your head when she goes through the checklist and announces the pairs. She calls your name.
Please don’t let it be Jungkook. Please don’t let it be Jungkook.
“And Jungkook.”
As if your week couldn’t get any worse, fate or your professor by the looks of it decides to have you and him as project partners.
“Oh, for the love of God,” you mutter under your breath.
With a Cheshire cat smile, Jungkook nudges your arm with his elbow. “I’m looking forward to working with you, princess.”
You drop your head down the table, grunting miserably. “Fuck’s sake.”
He laughs, finding this too enjoyable. “You should consider it as a privilege that you’re partnered with me.”
“Privilege?” you scoff. “Don’t you mean punishment?”
He gasps, clutching his chest dramatically.
“Savage,” he exclaims under his breath.
After the project talk, the lecture finally commences and time moves agonizingly slow.
When your professor finally dismisses the class ninety minutes later, you swiftly shove your stuff in your bag, determined to get out of this room as soon as possible.
On your trail is Jungkook who catches up quickly and walks beside you.
“So, partner. What’s the plan for this project?”
“Don’t worry, I got this,” you tell him. “You don’t have to do anything.”
“What? No way. I’m not letting you do everything by yourself. It’s called a group project for a reason.”
“Okay. Then help me take out books from the library so we can do research,” you answer, fishing for your student card in your pocket. “We have to make sure that we come up with good points and some data to back it up. That should at least get us an A.”
“Right,” he nods as he scans his card before heading into the building. “Points and data. Got it.”
As soon as you step inside, you’re welcomed with the coldest breeze that wafts from the several aircons around.
“Jesus, it’s cold in here.”
You look at Jungkook who also felt the nipping gust. He zips up his Beta Tau Sigma hoodie and lowers the sleeve down, concealing his fists as he shivers.
“Guess someone turned the aircon a little bit too high,” he remarks.
Going to the nearest vacant computer, you sit down and get to work, searching for books about economics.
Jungkook takes the seat beside you, spinning round in his chair. For someone who didn’t get any sleep, he’s pretty energetic and lively. He’s probably high on caffeine again.
“You know, I can think of other ways for us to get warm,” he says with a frisky smile, sliding his chair closer.
Whipping your head to face him, you scowl. “Does everything have to be sexual with you?”
“I was thinking about us getting coffee, princess. You’re the one with the dirty mind,” he replies before he makes a loud sniffing sound.
“Please. We both know you weren’t thinking of getting coffee,” you say before staring at the monitor.
You bring out your sticky notes from your bag and tear a piece, copying down the Dewey numbers of the books.
“Then what am I thinking of?”
You glance at him, irked. “You were thinking of sex, you idiot.”
A smirk crosses your partner’s face. “Oh, yeah. I love it when you talk dirty to me.”
“Ugh. You’re disgusting. I really can’t stand you.”
“Well, you better sit down then,” he says, sticking his tongue out and wagging it at you.
“I already am,” you retort, shoving the sticky note on his chest. “Now get these books and I’ll wait for you at the checkout counter.”
“Yes, boss.”
You can only roll your eyes and sigh as you watch him walk towards the stairs like one of those toy soldiers from The Nutcracker.
Man, it is going to be such a long day.
Tumblr media
For your first date, he takes you to the nature reserve just in the outskirts of the city.
You would’ve expected a movie or dinner date. To be honest, even before this, he didn’t strike you as a person who goes on dates. With his status at campus, you would think that he’s someone who just plays around with girls in the bedroom.
“Why here?” you ask as you start walking the path, curiosity washing you.
He shrugs, relaxed. “I like nature. I like being in the forest. And… I don’t know, I feel like there’s something so romantic about taking a walk with someone. You can talk to them and just enjoy their company.”
You look at him, surprised to see this side of him. There’s something so gentle and bashful about him in the way he offers his reason.
Your eyes then pan down on his white denim jacket. It looks good on him. Colors suit him.
“You’re not wearing black today.”
“Thought I’d try something new for a change,” he remarks, smiling at you.
Come to think of it, you’re also trying something new here. You’re literally spending time with the person who irks you most of the time. Maybe this semester is all about change.
On the way to the lake, you walk past different people. There was a biker who smiled at the two of you. There was an elderly couple who was taking the same path as you, with you and Jungkook letting them go first. There was also a dog running around the field.
When it approached you, Jungkook had the biggest smile and he made the most adorable sound when he giggled.
He knelt down and gently stroked the Golden Retriever who was looking up at him.
You tended to the dog as well, feeling titillated when it responded to your command and put its paw up.
He watched you, grinning, before he peppered the dog with belly rubs.
Behind him, his owners start to get close. They’re a couple who you reckon are in their mid-forties.
They sociably greet the two of you, telling you the dog’s name.
Jungkook brims with enthusiasm as he listens and chats to the lovely couple, proclaiming his love for dogs.
“I didn’t know you’re such a big dog lover,” you say to Jungkook once you’ve said your goodbyes to the couple as they continue their afternoon walk with their energetic pet.
“Yeah. I love them. Back home, I have a dog. His name’s Bam. He’s a Doberman.”
You watch him speak animatedly about this, his eyes scintillating. It’s quite endearing, really.
“And… you would’ve known this if you viewed my photos on Tinder,” he adds.
You purse your lips, sending a guilty smile his way. “Right. Of course you’ll put your dog there.”
“That’s like one of the things that girls find attractive in guys whenever they’re on dating sites. Here. Let me show you photos of Bam.”
Opening his gallery on his phone, he shows you strings of images of a muscular and built Doberman as his finger swipes to the left.
You let out a gasp, expecting that he would have a puppy back home.
“Oh my God, that is one huge dog,” you remark, leaning forwards to zoom your gaze on the photo of Bam.
“My Dobie is actually still young,” Jungkook reveals.
“You mean to say he’s not yet a fully grown adult?”
“Yup. He’s still a baby. He’s like a giant baby dinosaur.”
There’s one photo of Jungkook and his dog that particularly made you coo, your heart melting immediately. It’s a shot where he and his dog are on a bus and the latter is staring at the former while he eats his food.
“He’s so adorable,” you tell him.
Jungkook swipes his hair back and grins cockily. “I know.”
“I was referring to Bam, you goof.”
Jungkook scrunches his nose as he chuckles.
Okay, maybe Bam’s owner is adorable too.
“My cousin took that photo of us when we were on a family trip,” he reveals.
You ask him if he has any siblings and the conversation would go on naturally.
From the things he’d tell you and the way he talks about his parents, you learn how family-oriented he is.
He gets to know you better and you get to know him beyond the basic facts. Because if there’s one thing about Jungkook, it’s that he has a tendency to talk a lot whenever you’re in class together.
You would sit there, casually minding your own business and Jungkook, being the unhinged boy that he is, would always be the one to start the conversation and talk to you about parties that he would attend, the events that he and his band would play for, the clubs he’d go to.
Through classes was also how Jungkook knew that you’re not the type to go out frequently.
It’s why he always teases you. He would remark how uptight you are and how he can help you take off that stick up your ass. And when you’d reply with a grimace, he’d laugh. Then you would smack his arm and he’d giggle louder.
“I honestly think that dorms should allow pets,” you opined as you both walk near the lake.
“It’d literally make everything better. Pets can reduce stress and students are always stressed,” he remarks, putting back his phone in his pocket.
“They’re like our emotional support.”
“They are.”
He looks ahead at the serene lake, spring bringing a fresher air and a lighter breeze everywhere, coloring the surroundings with its blooming promises. “So, do you have an emotional support animal?”
“I have a hamster back home. She’s called Nugget.”
“Nugget!” Jungkook exclaims. “Great name.”
You fight off a smile before panning your gaze down on the grass.
Silence embraces the two of you as you reach the dock.
You sit down on the edge of the platform and place your bag down.
Beside you, Jungkook’s eyes are closed as he tilts his head back and breathes in the fresh air, the calming sound of waves serenading his ears.
Compared to before, the silence is somehow much more comfortable now. It isn’t awkward as you expected it to be.
He brings his phone out and decides to capture the beginning of the sun’s descent. With the blue sky starting to fill with an orange hue, he thumbs on his screen and takes several photos.
Trying out for different picturesque sceneries, he moves and decides to film other parts of the reserve—from the lake, the trees, down to the people strolling in leisure.
Still not satisfied from getting that one perfect shot, he sits up and takes a few steps back.
He stays behind and smiles when you’re in the frame. You’re busy looking ahead, too hypnotized by the deepening sunset to even notice Jungkook who’s in his photographer mode.
He presses the button and takes the photo, thinking that he’s got it. It’s the perfect candid.
Walking over and sitting beside you again, he proudly shows you his shot and your eyes slightly widen, lips parting in awe.
“It looks like a painting,” you say, fingers zooming in on the sky. “That’s so pretty.”
While you admire the image, his eyes are locked on you. His gaze slowly roams around on the side of your face, a smile threatening to melt into his lips as he looks at your features up close.
“It is,” he murmurs as though he’s in a trance.
“Huh?” He shakes his head, setting his phone down on the ground. “Nothing.”
A few seconds of peace graces the air as you both watch the sun slowly disappear from the horizon, leaving a splash of orange and yellow in the sky.
“I’ve been thinking,” Jungkook speaks, finally filling the peaceful air.
“Don’t lie,” you counter, flashing a teasing smile.
He glares at you, frowning at your shit-giving reflex.
You don’t give him an inch and that’s what he likes about you.
“Are you gonna continue the rest of your sentence?”
“Butterflies taste with their feet,” Jungkook declares.
You almost snort out a laugh but you purse your lips together and compose yourself. “What?”
“Oh, come on. You know you wanna laugh,” he says, egging you on.
You tighten your lips harder, shaking your head.
“I’ve made you smile and laugh a couple of times before,” he points out.
“Yes. You’re right. I do smile. I smile whenever you leave,” you toss as a comeback.
“All I’m hearing is that you love watching me whenever I leave,” he says with a mischievous smirk splashed across his lips. “I wouldn’t blame you because I’d watch myself too. I mean, have you seen my ass?”
“What ass?”
His mouth gapes, a gasp drawing out from his throat.
“Sick burn,” he says, pleased.
Your lips stretch upwards for a triumphant smile, giving him a shrug.
“I’ll have you know that I actually got cake,” he boasts, nodding downwards.
Again, you’re rolling your eyes in response, shaking your head to control and stifle a laugh.
“You know, turtles can breathe through their buttholes,” he blurts out.
This time, your snort becomes a full-on laugh as you try to process what just came out of his mouth.
He scrunches his nose and starts to giggle, joining you in your mirth. His bunny teeth are on full display as he watches you laughing with a carefree disposition.
Seeing you laugh is the most beautiful sight Jungkook has ever seen. And hearing your giggles is the most endearing sound he’s ever heard.
Hell, he’s willing to make a fool of himself if it means that he gets to see you smiling and laughing.
Looking at him makes you wonder why you two keep on fighting so much every time you’re together.
Why does he always have to annoy you and wind you up when you could just have conversations like this one, where you could just laugh and say random stuff to each other? Jeon Jungkook is actually funny and nice, a good listener and a good conversationalist.
You’re beginning to really think that maybe going on this date and actually having a proper conversation with him isn’t a bad idea.
For once, it’s refreshing to not squabble with him. But if you’re being honest, even your banters are quite entertaining. Not that you’d ever admit it to him.
When you meet each other’s eyes again, you burst out laughing.
He chuckles brightly, his eyes crinkling. “See? I knew you’d laugh eventually.”
Your bottom lip is caught between your teeth as you shake your head and playfully push his arm. “Shut up.”
It proves to be too strong though because the next thing you know, there’s a plopping sound and Jungkook exclaims, falling into the lake.
You gasp, eyes widening as you stand up. “Jungkook! Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Here. Grab my hand.”
Floating on water, Jungkook clings onto your hand.
When you’re about to pull him up, he drags you into the water with a powerful tug.
A loud squeal croaks out of your mouth before every consequent word becomes muffled and all you can see is darkness.
Quickly, you rise up, panting.
In front of you, he’s flashing his charming smile before he laughs loudly. That pesky and cheeky bastard.
You flail your arms about, trying to stay afloat, your expression lacing with worry and trepidation every time your head is out of the water.
You gauge your surroundings before facing him. “I can’t swim.”
Jungkook’s lips drop in an instant and he swims closer to you, his arms about to hold you around the waist when you feel your lips twitch upwards.
Your hands come up, splashing him.
“Gotcha,” you say, laughing as he backs away after being splashed in the face.
He scrunches his nose, frowning in annoyance.
“Oh. Okay. Alright. Is that how you wanna play?” he taunts with a raised brow before returning the favor, splattering you with a big wave.
You retaliate back and it goes on like that for a few moments, the two of you giggling endlessly, enjoying the refreshing water.
Jungkook begins to swim towards the middle part of the lake, switching from freestyling to back stroking.
“What are you doing?” you ask, slowly paddling.
He looks back at you, grinning. “Being fearless.”
Both in the middle, you watch him lean his head back, just floating on water. His eyes are closed, wallowing in the feeling of being in nature.
A small smile forms on your lips as you think about this date.
If you could describe it in a word, it’d be spontaneous. You never thought that you’d end up swimming with him at the reserve’s lake.
This is nothing like all the first dates you’ve had. You never expected that you’d actually enjoy Jeon Jungkook’s company.
It’s unpredictable and new. And oddly enough, you like it.
Sometimes, it’s nice to deviate from rules and not have to follow expectations. It feels invigorating.  
When Jungkook sits up and looks at you while you’re in deep thought, his eyes are the first to smile before his lips.
He moves closer and you blink, anchoring yourself back to reality. The reality being that he’s now a lot closer.
You take a swallow, your eyes staring at his lips.
He’s also flitting his gaze between your irises and lips. He’s breathing evenly, contemplating of closing the small space between your faces.
You, on the other, grit your teeth.
What are you doing staring at his lips? You can’t possibly be thinking about kissing him. It’s Jungkook we’re talking about. He’s bad for you.
When he slowly inches forward, you distance yourself from him, clearing your throat awkwardly.
“Uh, we should go. I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to swim here.”
A rosy-cheeked Jungkook nods, eyes averting yours.
As he walks with you back to his car, he looks at you and hopes that in the future you would be fearless too.
Tumblr media
On a cloudy Monday afternoon, you wait outside the library for Jungkook.
You booked a study room for an hour so you could actually plan and brainstorm about your project.
After a few minutes, he comes running from the right side. He pants, placing his hands on his knees.
“Sorry I’m late,” he apologizes.
“What took you so long?”
“Band practice.”
You lead him upstairs to the study room.
When he enters after you, he sets his bag on the conference table. He sits near the door and stretches his arms out, followed by his neck.
You’re two seats away from him. Your notebook and your pencil case are already out and open.
Jungkook slips his feet off his shoes and folds his legs on the chair.
Your eyes catch a glance of his socks. “Are those toe socks?”
“Yeah. Why?”
You snort out a laugh, tightening your lips together and placing a hand over your mouth.
“Laugh all you want, princess, but they’re actually comfy and they protect my toes,” he declares sassily.
Laughing, you shake your head. “You’re such a dork.”
“A cute one,” he corrects.
You harrumph before starting to flip the pages of your book. “Jury’s still out on that one.”
Jungkook takes off his socks, his bare feet now on the chair.
You take a peek at him, deciding to mess with him a bit. “You have smelly feet.”
“Rude,” he snorts, stretching his leg near your nose.
When you swat his foot away and his toes wiggle in front of you, he resorts into giggling rambunctiously.
“See? They don’t smell.”
“You’re disgusting,” you tell him, sneering.
He retracts and plants his butt on his seat, sitting properly this time.
“Told you they don’t smell,” he says, adamant.
This is actually something that he’s proud of, thank you very much. Hygiene is important to him and he makes sure that every part of his body is clean and smells nice.
“If anyone has smelly feet, it’s Taehyung.”
You lift a brow up at him and he shrugs unapologetically.
When you find the page that you think has good and insightful data, you slide it over, shifting to the seat next to him.
“Anyways, so I was reading this book last night and it had a lot of topics—”
“What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” Jungkook asks out of the blue.
“Your favorite ice cream flavor,” he presses.
You stray your eyes away from his, going back to the page in front of you. “Cookies and cream.”
He smiles satisfyingly. “Opinion on mint choco.”
“Hate it.”
“Favorite candy?”
You’re definitely getting further away from your objectives today the more you entertain him and the more you let him distract you.
“Gummy bears,” you answer impatiently. “Can we talk about our project now?”
Apparently, he didn’t hear what you just said. He’s too interested in getting to know you.
“Your favorite color.”
“Don’t have one.”
“Sure you do. Okay, uh, what about your favorite color when you’re with me?”
“Red,” you supply. “Like anger, war and rage.”
He smirks cunningly. “Or love, passion and sex.”
Your brows crease and you look at him pointedly. “Can you just concentrate on our project?”
“I’d rather concentrate on you, princess,” he flirts.
“I’m serious, Jungkook,” you reply, unamused. “I can’t get a grade lower than A.”
Exasperatedly, he sighs and gives in.
“So I was thinking, we could do international politics and discuss the global economy,” you suggest.
He hums, resting his chin on his palm. “I feel like a lot of our coursemates are gonna do politics.”
“Monetary economics?”
He contemplates, lips curled out in a pout for a moment before he replies. “We should pick a topic that we’re both good at.”
“Well, what branch of economics are you interested in, then?”
“Environmental,” he reveals. “I got a high mark when we had a quiz about that topic.”
You scan the book’s table of contents before flipping to the environmental economics chapter.
“Okay,” you nod, glossing over the topic. “We can do this one.”
He beams and for the rest of the hour, he throws in his ideas and takes notes from the books, discussing with you and debating with you without bringing up irrelevant topics or weaving in his witty remarks.
Overall, the session ended up being productive for the two of you.
When you’re both outside the library, you tell him that you’ll e-mail Professor Choi to notify her about your chosen topic.
He bobs his head and after a beat’s pause, he ventures, “So, for our next date…”
“What do you have in mind?”
“Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema?” he queries, curious.
“Me neither so I was thinking that it might be cool to go to one,” he says, placing his hands in the middle pocket of his hoodie.
“Okay. Sure.”
He grins. “Great. I’ll see you later then, princess.”
Tumblr media
The second date comes next weekend.
During the car ride, Jungkook told you that the university’s film society organized a movie night at the local park.
When you both arrive, you see a number of different colored bean bags scattered around the open ground. The huge projector is placed in the middle.
At the moment, they’re playing music videos on the screen while waiting for people to arrive.
“Let’s go say hi to Hoseok,” Jungkook says.
You go near the front where the organizers have their own table.
Jungkook introduces you to one of his frat brothers, Hoseok, a red-haired guy with a blinding smile and high cheekbones.
“Hi, Y/N,” he greets, waving at you. “I’ve heard so much about you.”
You stare at Jungkook who’s smoothing the back of his head, looking boyish.
Hoseok adds, “You know, Jungkook talks about you all the time. Like all—”
Jungkook interjects, playfully smacking the red-haired guy’s chest.
You raise an inquisitive brow at him.
His chuckle sounds unnatural for some reason. “I talk about how annoying and uptight you are and how you’re such a know it all.”
You deadpan, “Ha-ha. Very funny.”
Jungkook’s lips edge upwards into a puckish smile, sticking his tongue out.
Hoseok flits his stare between you two before he introduces you to the girl with him.
You display an affable smile, making small talk before you and Jungkook walk over to the side to grab some free popcorn.
“Hoseok seems super cool,” you remark.
With his hands in his pockets, he nods. “He is. He’s very cool. And he’s so funny as well.”
“His girlfriend’s nice too. She’s really pretty.”
After getting a small bag, you make your way to the empty giant bean bags.
“Well, technically, they’re not a couple,” Jungkook reveals.
Your brows rumple in surprise. “Oh, really? I thought they were.”
There was something about the way they looked at each other and the way they bantered playfully. Their chemistry was so palpable that one would think they’ve been together for a while now.
“They have a no-strings attached relationship and Hoseok really likes her but he’s in denial about it because he says you’re not supposed to have feelings for your fuck buddy. They’re just idiots in love, to be honest,” Jungkook reveals casually, flopping down on the soft and squashy seat before taking a piece of popcorn.
You follow suit, dropping on the bright pink one next to him, making yourself cozy.
You and him picked a good spot, exactly in the middle.
When the film starts, there is a slight chill to the air but it’s a refreshing kind of breeze now that spring is about to dwindle down.
Occasionally during the movie, Jungkook takes a glance at you, feeling his lips shape up into a smile. Your eyes are radiant with heartfelt emotions when the two protagonists kiss in the rain.
Wiping your cheeks, you aside, “Ugh. That scene always makes me cry.”
He learns how fond you become during that scene. He learns about the first time you watched The Notebook and how it made you fantasize about kissing your future person in the rain because you think that it’d be so romantic.
“Who knew you’d be such a hopeless romantic?” he asks, handing his handkerchief to you.
Tapping the corner of your eye to clear up the remaining damp spot, you answer, “Yeah. I have a romantic bone in my body. Unlike you.”
“Uh, for your information, I have one too. Why do you think I chose this movie if I didn’t have any ounce of romance in me?”
You blink at him, bemused. “Wait. You chose this movie?”
“Yeah. I begged Hoseok to play this movie tonight. It was either this or The Breakfast Club.”
There he goes again, leaving you dumbfounded with all the surprises that’s up in his sleeve.
This guy is startlingly unpredictable and the more you get to know him and his layers, the more you realize how different he is.
He lies back on the bean bag, his head gazing up at the stars while you watch the movie come to an end.
He raises his arms, his head resting on his palms.
“If you could wish on a star right now, what would you wish for?” he asks, wistful.
You turn to face him, following the trajectory of his eyes as you observe the starry night sky. “For time to slow down. You?”
Jungkook breathes softly as he takes in the snapshot of the night sky, his eyes glimmering in wonder and fascination.
When he locks his captivating irises on yours, he says, “For you to see me.”
“What do you mean?”
He opens his mouth, about to utter something but he hesitates.
Eventually, he sports a tiny smile and shakes his head. “Nothing.”
The journey back is silent.
Jungkook drives smoothly on the freeway while your head is turned away, your eyes glued on the tall buildings that you would pass by.
When a splash of colorful and glistening lights comes into focus, your eyes widen.
You straighten up, your voice turning excited like a kid. “Look, it’s the carnival.”
“Wanna go?”
“Hell yeah,” you say eagerly, making him grin as he makes a turn to enter the fair.
The place is heaving with people even if it’s almost ten in the evening.
You and Jungkook stroll around leisurely, taking everything in.
When he stops by the area where there’s a shooting game, he turns to you with a challenging smirk. “Do you wanna play, princess? If you win, then I’ll literally do anything you ask me. You name it.”
“Call,” you chirp, confident. “Get ready to be my servant, Jeon.”
“I’d like to see you try and defeat me,” he taunts, tongue swirling cockily on the corner of his lips.
He gestures for you to shoot first.
You raise your weapon and close one eye, aiming at your target. In this case, the rubber duck.
Holding your breath, your finger pulls the trigger.
“Nice shot,” Jungkook comments with an impressed grin after seeing you hit it precisely.
You dust your shoulder, setting your gun down as you let him veer into the middle for his turn.
He lifts his weapon, checks his posture and eyes the target scrupulously. He quickly and unhesitatingly takes his aim, the loud crack of his gunshot making the duck tumble backwards.
You huff an exhale, mentally uplifting for yourself.
It’s fine, it’s just one-all, you tell yourself as you reach for the rifle.
Jungkook is flustered after you’ve hit three targets in a row. He’s now beginning to feel the pressure. His competitive side is starting to show but then again, so is yours.
When it’s your turn again after he misses his target, he decides he needs a new tactic.
“Try to lift the gun higher,” he says, sliding closer beside you until he settles behind you.
His hands are on your elbows and your pulse quickens when you can feel his breath on the side of your face and his fingertips brushing on your skin.
Letting him raise your arms and adjust your aim, you will yourself to fixate your attention on nothing but the yellow object.
When you take your shot, you miss, your bullet grazing the side of the target instead.
“You distracted me,” you accuse, irritated.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he denies, shrugging his shoulders.
Okay, two can play at this game.
You stand behind him, resting your chin on his shoulder, breathing slowly. Leaning closer, you can see the way his hands shake slightly as he tries to look ahead at the target.
“Good luck, Jeon. I hope you score a point,” you whisper, the words falling breathily from your lips before you give his shoulder a pat.
Jungkook gulps, his jaw taut. He grits his teeth, takes the shot and misses it, making you smile in triumph.
He looks at you with a straight face, his tactic coming to bite him back in the ass.
Touché, Y/N. Touché.
At your last shot, you regain your momentum, scoring a point.
Jungkook misses his, eventually losing the game. He groans while you grin, cheering joyously as you indulge in the sweet taste of victory.
“Sorry,” you tell him. “It was a close game though.”
You both head off, deciding to explore the fair more.
You’re holding the prize that you won, a medium-sized teddy bear wearing a red bow tie.
Jungkook crinkles his nose, feeling annoyed and regretful because he wanted to win that for you.
“You’re like a pro at that game,” he remarks.
When you both find an empty bench to sit on so you can eat your churros, you admit, “It’s from years of playing Overwatch.”
He turns his whole body to face you, his pupils enlarging. “Whoa. Hold on. You play Overwatch?”
“I didn’t know you were a gamer,” he says, but it comes out as more of a question.
A smile crosses your lips as you shrug. “Well, you never asked.”
He releases a sigh, his expression mesmerized as he looks at you. He nods upwards. “You’re my kind of girl, Y/N.”
You fight off a smile, shaking your head.
He tears a bit of churro for himself.
“How’d you get into gaming, then?” he asks, fully interested.
“Through my brothers. I’m the only girl so I would always beg them to let me join whenever they’re playing computer games,” you confess before munching a piece of the sickeningly sweet churro. “Your turn. Tell me something about your childhood.”
He hums musingly. “I remember pretending to be sick just so I wouldn’t have to go to school.”
You grin. “Been there.”
“Really? I thought you’d be the type to never miss a class.”
You look at him with an unamused expression, a crooked smile threatening to melt into your lips. “I’m not a goody two shoes, Jeon.”
He giggles softly, shifting closer to you. “Oh, there’s also one time that I snuck into my parents’ room to steal some money in my mom’s bag just so I can go to the internet café in our neighborhood.”
You nod in agreement, imagining a younger version of Jungkook sneaking around. He must have been the most adorable troublemaker back then.
“I probably would’ve done that too,” you muse.
Your eyes land on the teddy bear sitting on your side. “What do you think I should name this bear? And don’t say Jungkook.”
Damn. He was about to say his name.
He roams his eyes to his surroundings, searching for ideas and inspirations before he fixates on the food in his hand.
“Well, you could name him churro.”
“Churro?” you repeat, followed by a chortle. “Okay, Churro it is.”
He grins, flicking his gaze between you and the teddy bear before eventually dropping his eyes on you.
His belly flutters, butterflies flurrying and spinning round like one of the rides.
You whip your head to the right to look at the owner of the familiar voice who just called you.
“Y/N, oh my God,” Eunwoo says with a surprised face as he walks over. “It is you. Fancy seeing you here.”
When he’s in front of you, you stand up, straight-faced. You certainly didn’t expect to see him here.
“Eunwoo, what are you doing here?”
“I came here with my girlfriend,” he says, pointing at the girl near the carousel entrance.
Her long hair is curled perfectly and her legs are long and sculpted. Wearing a pleated white skirt, she looks like she could be on the cheerleading squad, which she probably is.
On one hand, she’s holding a cotton candy while her phone is on the other. The device is raised and you can tell she’s taking photos of herself.
“Hey, listen,” Eunwoo starts, turning back to you. “I know we haven’t seen each other in a while but I hope we’re still cool after everything that happened. I hope there’s still no hard feelings.”
Jungkook stands up and clears his throat when you just stare and blink up at your ex, thinking if he’s being serious right now.
“Uh, Eunwoo, this is…” you start, looking at Jungkook before trailing off.
How exactly are you going to introduce him? You’re not necessarily friends. Although, after these past few days, you could be considered as friends now.
You could say you’re coursemates and testy rivals who happens to be going out on dates. But it’s just so he can prove something to you after you swiped left on him and you can disprove his supposition.
Whatever. It’s complicated. Maybe you should just say that he’s a friend.
“I’m her boyfriend,” Jungkook announces unhesitatingly.
Blinking, you smile narrowly. “Um… yeah. This is Jungkook. My boyfriend.”
Jungkook extends his palm out and Eunwoo shakes it briefly before turning his gaze to you.
Your ex has a questioning look on his face.
His brow arches as though he’s asking, “Really, Y/N? This guy?”
You return with a confident and sassy expression of your own to him.
The look in your eyes answers him with, “Yes. This guy. You have a problem with that?”
He crosses his arms and Jungkook looks at you with a honeyed smile.
“Well, we should start heading back. Babe, you ready to go?” he asks, his fingers intertwining with yours and the term of endearment making your heart lurch.
You nod and let him lead.
He looks back and shouts, “Nice meeting you, Hyunwoo.”
“It’s Eunwoo,” he cries from behind.
You purse your lips together, smiling foolishly as you and Jungkook head out hand in hand.
On the drive back, you take a glance at him who’s driving downtown with one hand on the steering wheel.
He doesn’t press you with questions. Instead, he just stays silent. He knows that you’ll speak when you’re ready.
And even if you don’t want to tell the story about you and that guy who, in his opinion, wears too much gel, he’ll be okay with it because it’s your decision. He respects it. More importantly, he respects you.
When the car stops at the red light, you finally speak. “Hey, thanks for the save back there.”
He meets your stare. “No problem.”
You evade his eyes, turning to look down for a brief moment.
“That was my ex,” you reveal. “He’s the reason why I took a break from dating and why I swore that I’d never go for frat boys again.”
“What happened?”
Exhaling a sigh, you tilt your head back on your seat. “During sophomore year, he told me he loved me and then broke up with me through text. And you know what the worst part of that was? He only wrote eight words. Eight fucking words!”
“What a dick.”
He glances at you, eyes ladled with sincerity. “You deserve so much better than him.”
Your lips twist up for a tiny smile as you stay quiet for the rest of the journey. There’s a fuzzy feeling in your stomach that you can’t seem to ignore. Or maybe you just don’t want to ignore it.
When you’re both in front of the building of your dorm, the air is somewhat silent.
You stare up at him. All throughout the night, he’d been wearing his yellow tinted glasses. Not many people can pull off a vibrant and flashy accessory. But with Jungkook, it seems like he can wear anything and make it fashionable.
“Uh…” you start, licking your lips. “So, thanks for tonight. I had fun with you.”
“What? Can you repeat that last part? I didn’t hear you,” he says teasingly, putting a hand over his ear.
You laugh, bumping his arm jokingly. “Oh, get out of here.”
Jungkook giggles, climbing down the steps.
“Bye, princess,” he bids, his hand gesturing a small salute before turning around.
He twists round instantly, his hands inside the pockets of his jeans.
You take a few steps and encase your arms around his body for an embrace.
His breath is caught in his throat before it escapes in a stuttered rhythm. When he reciprocates the gesture, his palm rubs on the back of your head while his other hand gives a light squeeze to your lower back.
With you in his arms for a good six seconds, he just wants to protect you, to take care of you and to make sure nothing bad ever happens to you. He never wants to let you go.
He hopes that this moment makes you feel somehow comforted and warm, makes you feel at least something positive for him. Because if you ask him, this hug from you is everything.
He never thought that your hugs would be nice and calming, heartwarming and uplifting.
“Thanks,” you tell him, your words muffled against his shirt.
As soon as you pull back, you give him one last smile.
He’s barely blinking, a tinge of vermillion gracing his pores.
You turn around first and go inside.
Once you get to your room, you dive straight to your bed, staring at the ceiling with a childish grin on your face.
It’s alarming how your heart is still hammering wildly even when you’re all alone now.
You raise the precious teddy bear upwards, looking at its eyes and realizing how round and sparkly they are, reminding you of one particular person. You emit a thick sigh.
This is just great, you think. Now everything reminds you of Jungkook.
Groaning, you pull the stuffed toy into your arms, hugging it tightly until you feel your tired lids shut close, sleep washing over you in no time.
Tumblr media
On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, you decide to sit outside to study.
In the midst of you writing down notes, Ten sits down across you on the wooden bench table.
Today, he’s wearing a floral shirt paired with a thin cardigan. His fashion sense is always so enviable and you appreciate him for always giving you the best fashion advice whenever you’re stuck with your outfits.
“So,” he begins. “How was your date with Jungkook last weekend? Do you feel anything for him yet?”
Ten has a dubious expression. “You sure?”
“So if you don’t feel anything for him, why were you staring at him yesterday during lunch?”
“I wasn’t staring at him,” you refute, defensive.
“Right,” he drawls. “You weren’t staring at him. You were just ogling.”
You flash him your unamused poker face.
“Oh, by the way, I can’t model with you on Friday,” your platinum-haired friend announces, dropping it on you like a bomb.
You frown. “Why not?”
“Luis and I are going to his parents’ lake house.”
You use the puppy dog eyes on him in the hopes of changing his mind.
Ten makes an apologetic expression, pouting his lips and taking your hands to squeeze them. “I’m sorry, boo, but this is a special date. It’s our anniversary.”
You sigh. “No, it’s fine. It’s just that the ladies are going to be crushed.”
“You can just get someone else to do it with you,” he suggests, lifting his specs up.
“Like who?”
He shrugs, crossing his arms. “I don’t know. Maybe Jungkook.”
“Hell—” you sputter instinctively before you retract. “Wait. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Ten, you’re a genius.”
He smiles. “I know. Anyways, I gotta go.”
You realize that you do as well but before you pack your stuff up and leave, you bring out your phone and send a text to Jungkook.
Tumblr media
The next day when he comes to class early, he asks you about it first thing.
“What’s this modelling thing about?”
I need you to model with me on Friday, was what you texted him the day before and all he replied was three question marks. You never replied back and he spent all night tossing and turning on his bed, wondering what you meant.
“It’s modelling for a nursing home painting class on Friday,” you explain. “I was supposed to model with my friend but he has plans with his boyfriend.”
Stunned, Jungkook blinks up at you. “Uh… yeah, I don’t know about that. I don’t even know how to model.”
You’re surprised to see him reacting like this. Isn’t Jungkook a rockstar and a popular guy in campus?
If anything, modelling should be a cakewalk for him because he’s the type to be concerned with looks and appearances.
Besides, isn’t he the guy who once said to you that he can do anything and is willing to try anything?
And isn’t he the same guy who proposed during the shooting game in the carnival that the loser would do anything the winner wants them to do?
“We literally just have to stand there and pose while they paint us,” you explain. “You promised you’d do anything I want.”
Jungkook concedes, thinking that you’re right. He did come up with the terms during your game back at the carnival.
“Fair enough. Okay, yeah, I’ll do it.”
You smile. “Good.”
He brings his notebook and pen out from his bag and places them on his desk. “Hey, how’s Churro, by the way?”
Your eyes never straying away from the lecture slide, you answer quietly, “Oh, y’know, chilling on my bed and living his best life because I get to cuddle him every night.”
That Justin Bieber song plays in his head as if on cue. If this was a movie, that song would be playing in the background right now.
Churro is a lucky bear. The bastard really gets to cuddle with you every night. God, he can’t believe he’s really going through it because of a goddamn stuffed toy.
“You can cuddle me too, princess,” he starts, flirty. “You know I’m always down for that and for other things like Netflix and… chill.”
Whipping your head to face him, he winks at you.
Your brows slightly crease, smacking his inked bicep.
“I’m kidding. Jeez,” he says before he bursts out laughing while rubbing his arm.  
Professor Choi lifts a brow up. “Mr. Jeon. You got something to share with the class?”
He forces a smile. “No, ma’am.”
He turns and glares at you.
With pursed lips, you meet his stare and stick your tongue out, feeling victorious.
Tumblr media
“Remind me again why I agreed to do this?” Jungkook asks with knitted brows as he looks at the costumes in his arms.
“Because I won the game,” you answer wryly.
A few minutes earlier, you just entered the nursing home. Jungkook had the opportunity to get to know you better. To see this side of you. And he feels glad that you let him see a piece of you and your world.
He felt his heartstrings being tugged lightly and positively as he saw you interact with the people in the home.
He never knew that you volunteered here and now, he felt even more invested and in awe by you as you unveiled another layer of you, telling him all about your time here and how the ladies have been so lovely.
After you entered the home, you led him to the room where the class was going to be held and you introduced him to Mrs. Kang, Mrs. Yoon, Mrs. Son and the others.
Mrs. Yoon tapped your shoulder. “Your boyfriend is a stunner.”
Jungkook is indeed a stunner. The problem is that he knows it too. He knows the power he has and the chaos he can cause just by beaming a smile.
“Oh, uh, we’re not together, Mrs. Yoon,” you confessed.
“That’s a shame,” she said. “You two look great together.”
Mrs. Kang, who was sitting on her chair, waved for Jungkook to come over. “Let me look at you.”
The dark-haired man knelt down and she eyed him.
“You have beautiful eyes,” she observed.
Jungkook offered a modest smile in return and Mrs. Kang placed her hand on his cheek. “My husband had dark and round eyes too. You look a little like him. Come closer.”
When Jungkook obeyed, Mrs. Kang breathed softly and reached out to touch his face, tracing it with her fingers.
He stayed still, letting her reminisce and travel back to the time where she felt blissful. He let her pretend even for a moment that she was touching her late husband’s face instead of his.
When Mrs. Kang fluttered her eyes open, she managed a weak ‘thank you.’
Her eyes began to water and Jungkook bobbed his head for a nod, sending a warm smile.
He placed his hand over hers, understanding the small gift that he just gave her, before he stood up and returned to you.
Witnessing the whole scene, you were in awe.
Maybe Jungkook’s not really that insensitive jerk who only thinks of himself. Or that reckless, irresponsible, self-obsessed person. Maybe he really isn’t the tough guy that they all painted him to be.
In here, he’s kind-hearted and compassionate, warmth and gentleness emanating from him, all those iron walls practically non-existent. He’s sincere and authentic.
When the art teacher called you over, you grabbed Jungkook’s sleeve and made your way to him quickly.
“Hi, Pierre. This is Jungkook and he’s going to be modelling with me today,” you introduced, smiling up at him.
The tall guy wearing a black turtleneck and a beige beret flitted his gaze at the two of you before flashing a narrow smile.
“I need you to wear these,” he said, bringing out some costumes from the box beside him.
You both took the clothes and Jungkook leaned in to your ear. “You never said anything about costumes.”
“I didn’t?” you asked, smiling slyly.
“Sorry. We’re wearing costumes while modelling.”
“The toilets are outside,” Pierre said, pointing in the direction. “You can change in there.”
The bathrooms are adjacent to each other and Jungkook goes to the left.
He takes his shirt off and slips the white shirt on, buttoning it from the down up. He sheds his jeans off next and quickly slips the high-waisted, tight trousers on, tucking in the shirt under.
He glances up, momentarily examining what he looks like in the mirror. When he stares at the boots given to him, he groans as he slips them on his feet.
He is seriously questioning his life choices right now. Why did he have to come up with that rule during your game at the carnival?
He slips out of the bathroom and leans back against the wall, waiting for you.
“I look stupid,” he announces, looking down on his attire again.
“Mine is worse,” you yell back from behind your door.
“I’m wearing rider boots,” he says, face cringing.
You don’t answer, too occupied in figuring out the knots in your gown.
He crosses his arms, his foot tapping the floor. “Come on, princess. Let’s have a look at you.”
Holding up your gown up so you don’t step on it, you carefully walk out of the room.
“I literally can’t breathe in this thing,” you say, frowning while looking down on your gown.
He falls silent and dazed as he keeps his eyes pressed on you and your plunging neckline.
“I’m not complaining,” he responds, wiggling his brows playfully. “I like my view from here.”
You look up. Jungkook is wearing a white cotton shirt, a black tail coat and high-waisted trousers, looking like an elegant royal in the Victorian era.
You lift his chin up, keeping his stare upwards. “My eyes are up here, Jeon.”
“Sorry, princess. You just look so hot.”
You roll your eyes, ignoring his comment and the way his tongue swirls round on his bottom lip that always seems so delectable.
“Come on,” you mutter, quickly dragging him back to the classroom.
When you’re both in the room, Pierre starts to direct and give his instructions, clapping his hands twice as if he’s saying to you that art waits for no one.
“You two. Stand here,” he says, stepping on the platform stage.
Jungkook takes your hand and assists you, letting you step up before him.
“Y/N, grab his shoulders. Jungkook, hold her around the waist and slightly dip her.”
You do as you’re told, your stiff hands resting on his broad shoulders.
He wraps his arm around your waist, his palm settling on your back as he gently dips you back.
“Like this?” he asks, looking at Pierre.
“Yes. That’s great,” the teacher praises. “Y/N, you have to look at Jungkook as if you’re in love. And Jungkook, look down at Y/N as if she’s the princess that you’ve been waiting for your entire life.”
Swallowing sharply, you keep your eyes on his and he meets your gaze. Your pulse starts to race and you can feel your skin turning feverish.
“Magnifique!” Pierre exclaims, finally displaying a toothy smile. “Hold it like that for the next half an hour.”
He then starts teaching the class about forms and movements while you and Jungkook are holding each other on stage.
You don’t even hear the talking around you because you’re so lost in his round eyes.
Eventually, you find yourself even more relaxed, all the nerves melting away whenever his lips and his brows lift upwards at you, a silent gesture of encouragement.
“Hey, thanks for doing this,” you speak softly. “I appreciate it.”
“And I appreciate you in that gown.”
“Jungkook, can you lower Y/N even more?” Pierre asks from across the room.
He nods.
“Good. Now look at each other as if you’re about to kiss,” Pierre says.
“Don’t drop me,” you tell Jungkook with worried eyes.
When he leans closer while you’re in a full dip, your breath is caught in your chest.
You want to take a gulp but it feels like there’s a tennis ball in your throat. Your breaths are warm on each other’s skin, passing back and forth.
He is inches away and his eyes wander slowly like he’s engraving every detail of your face in his head.
He observes the way your beautiful lashes touch your skin and he feels his heart leap, wanting to kiss every part of your face, taking his time before he reaches your lips.
With adoring eyes, Jungkook smiles. “Trust me.”
For the first time, you do.
Tumblr media
Wednesday is your favorite day of the week because you don’t have to start college early.
Your first class of the day begins in the afternoon and while you make your way to the building, you spot Jungkook sitting outside with Taehyung and Jimin, having their lunch.
Ambling to where they are, you crouch down beside him.
“Hey, cutie,” Jungkook greets, grinning as he lowers his Chinese takeaway container. “What’s up?”
Taehyung and Jimin says hello cheerfully, waving at you.
You greet them back, flashing a smile.
“Hey, how come you’re nice to them?” Jungkook pouts.
“Because they’re nice to me,” you reason.
“Did you manage to come up with some points for our presentation?” you ask, deciding to not beat around the bush.
“Uh… yeah. About that,” he says, ruffling the back his head. “I forgot.”
Your brow perks up as you stare at him scoldingly, waiting for an explanation.
“I was busy last night studying for a test. It’s for my other module.”
Taking your notebook out, you hand it to him. “Here. That’s an outline of what we’re going to do.”
Accepting it from you and flipping over the pages to skim read, his eyes slightly widen in surprise after seeing your plan, neatly written and organized, color-coded, highlighted and everything.
“So… you’ve done all of it.”
“Yep. You’ll stand and smile and you’ll read your bit.”
“But I told you I wanna contribute with my own research,” he insists before taking another bite of his chicken.
“Are you gonna do it this time?”
“Yes. I promise.”
You sigh. “Fine. You can give that back to me when you’re done.”
“Okay, bossy.”
Preparing to stand up and head to your class, he adds immediately, “Oh, by the way, there’s a party at our frat house this Friday. You should come.”
You stare at him in surprise. “You… want me to come to your party.”
He nods coolly, chewing his food, his cheeks puffing out.
“I’ll think about it.”
You start walking away and from behind, you hear Jungkook’s soft and high-pitched voice.
“See you Friday, princess!”
Tumblr media
The week whirls by quickly and the next thing you know, you’re getting ready to go to a frat party.
You don’t know if this is a good idea but as Jungkook once told you, it wouldn’t kill you to loosen up a bit. You told him it would.
In front of Beta Tau Sigma’s door, you take a deep breath, mentally counting to three before you step inside.
Red cups being raised and tossed around everywhere along with confetti welcomes you. Upbeat music blasts through the speakers. Sweaty bodies are dancing with one another and people are chanting at the far end as they play drinking games.
You scan the sea of people, looking for Jungkook.
“There she is! There’s the overachiever that we know and love,” he shouts in the middle of a crowd.
Speaking of the devil.
As he glides through the crowd and gets closer, you are floored by how handsome he looks in just a simple white tee, his flannel tied to his waist.
Inappropriate thoughts begin to flood your conscious as you think about how he probably has an eight-pack underneath that shirt and how you want to run your hands over them.
Fuck, why are you thinking about things that you have no business in thinking about?
“I knew you couldn’t resist me,” he says when he’s in front of you.
Rolling your eyes, you turn around. “Alright, I’m out.”
He catches your hand, turning you back around. “Wait. I’m just joking. I’m actually glad you made it.”
You don’t miss the way his eyes glosses over you, the way his lips drop and the way his eyeballs look like they’re about to pop out. You can’t blame him since you did pick a flattering outfit tonight.
“Okay. Now get me drunk.”
He laughs. “Do you even drink?”
You narrow your eyes on him. “Of course, I drink. Duh. I’m not the Virgin Mary.”
The name has him chuckling and you’re sure he’s thinking of that specific memory where he dubbed you as the Virgin Mary.
“What have you got?” you ask, eyes roaming around the kitchen counter where all kinds of booze and different flavored juices are placed.
He takes a plastic red cup from the stack. “You want vodka and coke?”
Grabbing it from him the moment he finished pouring the drinks and ice, he watches you down half of it, amusement lacing his eyes.
Your throat feels aflame at the strong liquid going down on you but you couldn’t care less. That was the kick you definitely needed.
“Weekly quizzes have been stressing me out lately. I need this,” you tell him before taking another sip.
“I know you didn’t just talk about college work during a party,” Jungkook says dryly, pouring himself some beer.
You shrug. “Can’t help it.”
He sighs, exasperated. “I invited you here to let loose, not think about academic responsibilities. Now, I’m gonna go and leave you for a bit, princess.”
He holds your elbows as he stares at you with encouraging eyes. “Have fun and enjoy yourself, yeah?”
God, it’s so hard to leave you when all he wants to do is to look at you and be by your side. He doesn’t really want to stop staring at you, especially when you’re wearing that outfit.
You bob your head. “Okay.”
He’s right. This is what you’re here for tonight. You’re here to have fun, socialize, drink and dance.
You watch him walk away and disappear into the crowd.
Pouring yourself with the drinks of your choice as the minutes swish by, you allow yourself to finally have a good time.
In one corner of the room, you’ve joined people in cheering for a guy named Jin who’s doing a keg stand.
When a pop tune comes on, you found yourself jumping with the crowd, half-screaming and half-singing the lyrics.
It’s fun to let loose like this, to forget about your responsibilities for a moment.
It made you realize how you always let the work aspect take over and how you truly do take your studies seriously. Maybe even too seriously. That’s just how it is because people have high expectations from you so you constantly have to do well.
Somehow, you find yourself in the gaming area.
Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung welcomed you warmly when you came to join their pool game.
Meanwhile, Jungkook is sitting on the couch in the lounge with Jimin and Hoseok.
From his view, he can perfectly capture your bright smile, your infectious laugh and your energy.
Jimin decides to make a comment after observing his best friend’s obvious ogling. “You know, I haven’t seen you like this in so long.”
“She really makes you happy, doesn’t she?” Hoseok asks, his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.
Jungkook can only bite his lower lip in response to the red-haired man, a blush blooming on the apple of his cheeks.
He then takes a sip of his drink, trying to conceal his giddy grin.
“You literally have heart eyes for her. It’s so obvious,” Jimin says, taking a swig of his beer afterwards.
“Shut up, Park.”
“Talk about whipped,” Hoseok adds with a chuckle, finding entertainment in getting to tease the younger one.
With the older guys tittering on his sides, Jungkook can only focus on the way his heartbeat starts to thump louder within his chest as he watches you from afar, having fun and living in the moment, delighting in the present, cheering along with his friends and bonding with them.
“What are you waiting for, then? Go to her, lover boy,” Jimin implores.
It’s been quite some time since you and him interacted and Jungkook wants to have his moment with you now. Especially when an idea strikes through his head.
He stands up and starts to make his way through the crowd.
“Hey, princess,” Jungkook says once he’s beside you.
Whipping your head to face him, you smile, echoing a ‘hey.’
“Having fun?”
“Yeah. I’m having so much fun here.”
He’s beyond thrilled to hear that from you. It’s good to see you letting loose and getting to play.
You’re always about the work, not allowing yourself to have fun and live your life. There’s too much work in your life and not enough play. And Jungkook wants you to see that it’s okay to have both.
He’s a firm believer of balance. He plays as hard as he works.
“I see you’ve met the guys.”
“Yo, JK!” Taehyung calls from across the table, releasing his lollipop with a juicy pop. “Looks like you have a new competition in pool.”
Namjoon agrees. “Seriously. You should see Y/N play. She’s a fucking pro.”
Holding your cue stick, you stare at Jungkook, quirking a brow up as a sign of challenge. “What do you say, Jeon? Wanna play?”
“Maybe next time,” he says, linking his fingers with yours as you set your cue stick away. “Come on.”
“Where are we going?” you ask as you slither past the pack of drunk college students, embracing his hand tighter.
“Somewhere private.”
He takes you to the patio where it’s surprisingly empty.
You would’ve expected to see at least one or two students getting high in here but apparently, the party inside is just too good.
“Your back garden?” you voice out, the grin on your face irrepressible.
Your eyes swallow in the entirety of the garden before they gaze up at the stars.
Your face is painted with confusion and curiosity when you look back at him. “Why?”
“So we can be alone,” he says. “I don’t really feel like sharing you tonight.”
Your heart skips a beat.
The truth is, while you were having fun on your own, from time to time, your eyes would wander around the room, searching for a certain boy with dark hair and doe eyes. You wished earlier that he was with you while everyone jumped, danced and cheered.
But now that he’s here with you, you don’t want him to go again. You really don’t feel like sharing him either.
Okay, what the hell was in that punch that made you think of these things? Was it rum? Whiskey?
Jungkook steps ahead to the middle while you stay in your spot, feeling a certain warmth surging to your face.
He extends his palm out, flashing you that charming smile of his. “Dance with me?”
“No. In Mars.”
Your eyes roll to the back of your head.
He chuckles softly. “Come on.”
Taking his hand, you both stand in the middle ground.
He captures your hands and he gently places them on his shoulders before he wraps his arms around your lower back, the upturn of his brows encouraging you to slowly sway with him.
“So…” you start, perking a brow up. “What is this? Is this our third date?”
“I suppose it is, yeah.”
“Slow dancing in your back garden, under the moonlight while there’s a frat party going on inside,” you recite.
“Quite romantic, don’t you think?” he probes with a grin and your heart jolts dangerously.
While you both move to a silent beat, you could hear his amused chuckle, his hand on your back sending warmth to every part of your skin.
A grin cracks its way on your lips before you comfortably rest your chin on his shoulder and shut your eyes, allowing yourself to bask in this magical moment.
It’s not your typical fancy dinner date with candles on the table but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
The night sky is clear, painted with stars that glimmers down on the two of you.
Around you are an array of small daisies sprouting from the grass and a warm tone of light that comes from the house.
When you face him again, he has his eyes pressed on you, drinking you all in.
Your eyes alone could make him intoxicated and addicted.
“W-why are you looking at me like that?” you ask, feeling suddenly conscious and shy from his penetrative gaze.
“Because you’re beautiful.”
Goddamn it, Jungkook cusses in his head.
Of all the witty remarks or speeches that he rehearsed, ‘you’re beautiful’ is the one that comes out of his mouth. What a way to pass up an opportunity, Jeon.
But then again, there is no lie in what he just said.
The truth is, you really are stunning. You’ve always been beautiful to him.
You, on the other, blink up at him in surprise.
You could hardly believe what you’re hearing. Jeon Jungkook, who you’re pretty sure comes in to school every day with a mission to rile you up and get under your skin, thinks you’re beautiful?
You’re now wondering what the hell was in his punch.
Your lips purse together, your gaze dropping on the floor. You feel awkward, not knowing how to react properly. Damn him. Why couldn’t he have just made a sarcastic comment? It’d be easier to fire back and start a rally.
You shake your head. “You’re just drunk.”
“Nope.” His finger gently lifts your chin upwards. “You’re really beautiful.”
You could feel heat magnifying the more you slow dance with him and the more his face closes in with yours.
He regards you with careful and gentle eyes, fingers coming up to sweep your hair to the side.
Your expression gradually turns sour, your gaze averting his. You suddenly seem uneasy.
“Princess, what is it?” he asks, worry coating his pupils.
You chew on your lip, eyes raking everywhere before landing on his.
You’re hesitating but eventually, you speak. “This is so embarrassing but… I need the bathroom.”
“Are you gonna throw up?”
“No,” you frown. “I need to pee. I think I drank too much punch.”
Jungkook immediately heeds your distress, telling you where the bathroom is.
You run back to the house as though you’re in an Olympic race.
He waits outside the bathroom while you do your business, making sure to tell people that’s it’s occupied.
He gives you a few minutes more before knocking on the door. “Princess? You okay in there?”
After finally washing your hands and drying them, you look at yourself in the mirror for a second.
“Can I come in?” he asks, his fingers tentatively embracing the door knob.
You make your way to the door and open it.
Jungkook enters and leans his back against it, hands going in his pockets. He nibbles on his lower lip, causing his piercing to move about and his small dimple to appear.
“Do you feel better now?”
“Much better.”
Jungkook grins impishly. “Now, where were we?”
You take that one small step to close the space between you, encasing your arms around his neck as he immediately reciprocates, his hands settling on your waist.
“I believe we were in the middle of dancing,” you reply, flitting your gaze between his eyes and lips.
He notices your wandering eyes, his fingers coming up to gently push some strands of your hair away from the side of your face.
For a few seconds, you and Jungkook share a moment, your stares going back and forth on each other’s lips and eyes.
You stare at him, licking your lips. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really wanna kiss you.”
It’s probably the alcohol talking. But there’s a high chance that it’s not.
“Why don’t you?” he says, posing a challenging brow up.
His fingers find the hem of your shirt, slightly lifting it up.
The tips of his fingers graze on your bare skin, your face heating up, his touch warm enough to leave goosebumps in its wake.
“I’m actually considering it,” you reply, letting out a frustrated sigh. “God, what was in that punch?”
“Do it, princess. I dare you.”
It’s so easy to do it, to just lean forward and seal your lips with his, to finally know what it feels like to kiss him.
God knows you just want those lips on yours and those hands all over you. But at the last second, your conscious reminds you of what people have said about him, about his reputation when it comes to girls.
“And join the list of girls who have kissed Jeon Jungkook at a party? No, thanks. I’d rather keep my heart safe.”
“It’s not a long list,” he says.
“And you expect me to believe that?”
Jungkook’s hold on you gradually drops and you blink in confusion, retreating back at the sudden change in his expression.
He runs his hand through his hair as he looks to the side and pieces the puzzles together, finally realizing everything.
When he meets your stare, his eyes are bitter as he answers you with a burning question of his own. “Do you think that I’m just some fuckboy who plays with girls’ hearts and breaks them?”
Frustration seeps out from his voice and his exhalations, leaving you stunned. “Well, you’re a member of BTS so yeah. Pretty much.”
“So you just assume that I fuck around with girls,” he says, coming out as a statement rather than a question. “Is that how you think of me?”
“I…” you pause, your brows furrowing. “Why are you mad at me?”
He huffs sharply. “Because you’re still thinking about what other people are saying about me even when we’re going on dates, when I’m showing you the real me. Look, Y/N. I really like you. I think there could be something special between us and I think that this could go somewhere but if you won’t let me like you and you won’t give me a chance and you’re just gonna believe everything that you hear, then I guess there’s no point to all of this.”
“Forget it.”
And with that, he turns around and walks out of the bathroom, leaving you all alone, his words ringing in your ears.
You place your hands on the sink counter, bending your head down and mentally cursing as silence envelopes you, the words that he left you becoming cold and nipping as it tortures your conscious and imprints on your skin.
When you finally shake yourself out of your musings, you respond to the incessant knocks and calls coming from outside.
You open the door, letting Taehyung and his girl take over the bathroom.
When you start to make your way downstairs, your steps are heavy. All of the noise that surrounds you, the people, the alcohol and the music—all of it seems pointless and lifeless now.
Everything had lost its fun and you feel defeated, exhausted. With Jungkook nowhere in sight, you figure it’s just best to head home.
Reaching the front door, you’re greeted by Hoseok who’s sitting on the steps of the front porch while vaping.
He turns his head and sends a genial smile at you, his sharp cheekbones raising upwards. “Hey, Y/N.”
“You going home?” he asks, standing up.
“Jungkook asked me to walk you home,” Hoseok reveals.
Your brows soften at the revelation but you insist that he doesn’t have to do that because you’ll be fine.
“Please. I can’t just let you walk alone during this time of night. And besides, I promised him.”
Eventually, you concede and begin leading the way as he matches with your pace. “Thanks, Hoseok.”
“Please. Just call me Hobi from now on,” he says.
“Yeah. We’re friends now, aren’t we?”
You nod. “Hey, uh, tell Jungkook thanks for me too.”
The red-haired guy nods, ever so bright and warm when it came to his smiles.
“Where is he anyway?” you ask curiously.
He puffs out a smoke before answering. “He’s in his room. Don’t worry about him, he’s okay. He’s just lying down on his bed and y’know, moping about a girl he really likes. Poor guy. He’s down bad for this girl.”
He glances at you with a teasing smile. “Think you might know her.”
You smile sparsely before casting your eyes on the ground. “I suppose I don’t.”
After a beat’s silence, he expresses his thoughts, his tone more solemn. “You know, Jungkook may act all tough and strong but he’s just someone who’s been hurt several times in the past. He keeps a wall up that’s why it’s hard to get to know him at first.”
The thought of him being in pain and broken, of him being this delicate thing and yet crushed to pieces creates an uncomfortable, heavy feeling in your throat.
Hoseok observes you before looking ahead, staring at the quiet neighborhood. “A word of unsolicited advice?”
You breathe a glum sigh out. “Sure.”
“Take it easy with him, yeah?” he says just as you arrive at the building of your dorm.
Stopping in front of the main entrance, you offer a nod to him. “Night, Hobi.”
He gives the top of your head a gentle pat. “Night, kid.”
Tumblr media
The following week, Jungkook doesn’t sit next to you in class. He doesn’t talk to you either. He avoids you like the plague.
On Thursday, as soon as the class is dismissed, you follow him as he walks out of the room.
“Jungkook,” you call behind him but he just keeps on walking straight ahead. “Are you really not gonna talk to me?”
When he doesn’t answer, you stand in front of him, blocking his way. “What about our project? We still have to do it.”
“You can write it up and I’ll present the whole thing. You’re better at writing anyway,” he says, expression icy.
He pushes past you and finally exits the building without looking back.
After that, you decide to spend your vacant hours in the library.
Finding an empty desk and chair in the second floor, you dump your books out, your movements tinged with frustration.
You’re beside the window and you can perfectly see the campus below, students flurrying about in different directions.
There’s no use in you trying to study because you can’t focus. You’re heavily distracted by thoughts of Jungkook. Thoughts of last night.
He was right. You are still stuck on what you think you know about him.
Even on the first date, you were still cautious with him. You thought that you knew him and you already got him all figured out down to a T but you realize that you don’t.
There are still so many things that you don’t know about him and you wouldn’t have known it if it weren’t for the dates. That’s why he proposed that offer. He wanted you to know him. To see through him and see beyond his exterior.
You know exactly what you have to do now.
Hurriedly packing up your stuff, you make your way down the first floor, making a quick stop at the café.
Standing once again in front of the BTS frat house, you take a deep breath and nod to yourself before knocking on the door.
You’re welcomed by Yoongi who gives you a lazy smile. His hair is a bed-ruffled mess and he looks like he just woke up from a catnap.
“Oh, hey, Y/N.”
“Hi,” you greet, offering the tangerine-haired boy a close-lipped smile.
“What’s up?” he asks, crossing his arms.
“Um… is Jungkook here?”
“Do you know where he is?”
“He’s at the rehearsal room back at the campus,” he informs.
“Oh, okay. Thanks, Yoongi,” you say gratefully.
He nods coolly. “No problem.”
You make your way back to the campus, passing through the science department to get to the building where the school of music is situated.
After a few minutes of walking through the hallways, climbing up stairs and following the signposts, you finally arrive at the rehearsal room.
Peeking through the little glass on the door, you could just make out Jungkook’s figure inside as he sits in front of the piano.
Cautiously, you open the door and step in quietly.
“Hi,” you utter timidly.
Jungkook hears the creak of the door and turns around from his seat. He has a hard straight line on his lips.
“What are you doing here?”
“I came here to say I’m sorry. You were right. I judged you based on rumors and that was a shitty thing to do.”
“Yeah, it is,” he mumbles.
“But now, I don’t really give a fuck about what people say or think.” You take a breath. “Will you give me another chance?”
“Why should I?” he asks, unmoved.
“Because,” you drawl out, your lips stretching to a smile, hoping to lighten the mood, “I brought cookies and cupcakes?”
Taking out the box from your bag, you hold it out in front of him.
He folds his arms, still silent. God knows it took everything in him to not cave in to your irresistible and melting smile and your soft eyes that could seriously screw with a guy’s head.
“And because I really like spending time with you and getting to know you,” you confess.
His brows and features start to soften as he blinks slowly. “You mean that?”
A smile finally cracks its way to his lips and his gentle and soft gaze on you is enough to make you feel like your heart feels like it’s soaring.
You take a seat beside him and open the box of pastries in your hand. “I wasn’t sure if you like cookies or cupcakes so I just got both.”
“I like both,” he says before getting a strawberry cupcake.
You get yourself a piece of cookie and he gently pushes a strand of your hair away from your face, tucking them back to your ear so you could eat properly, making your belly flutter, the butterflies increasing tenfold.
The next thing you know, Jungkook is showing you his piano skills, playing a song beautifully and you watch him with mesmerized eyes as he starts singing.
His voice is like a smooth instrument that slips into your ear like honey. It’s clear, tender, raw and unapologetic, never losing that youthful air. It reminds you of a bashful teenager in the way it’s light and easy.
He asks you if you know how to play to which you could only respond with a shake of your head. Although, you did show him that you can play the basic Do-Re-Mi notes and he found it really cute.
If someone told you a few months ago that you’d be going on dates with Jeon Jungkook, you honestly would’ve laughed at their face.
But here you are, hanging out with him in the rehearsal room, playing around with different instruments while eating snacks and sharing stories.
Here you are, having your fourth date with him.
He suddenly stands up and grabs his backpack from the cream sofa, taking out his black bomber jacket before going to the middle space to lay it down on the rattan carpet.
He sits down and crosses his legs before he taps his side, a silent invitation for you to come.
You continue on eating cookies side by side while he reveals funny episodes that have happened in this room whenever he rehearses with the guys.
Stories are shared, glances are given and memories are made with every grin and giggle, with every brush of fingertips.
With him feeling so comfortable around you now, he decides that he wants to share another piece of him to you.
He brings out his earphones and lets you listen to one of the songs he wrote and recorded on his phone.
He tightens his lips together and stares at you, looking for any semblance of a positive reaction after you finished listening to a song called Still With You.
“Jungkook, this is really good. Like, insanely good,” you breathe after a few moments, dazed, mesmerized at him and his talent, his passion and the way he seems to pour his whole heart and soul to singing.
You repeat your words to him when you’re more grounded and filled with coherent thoughts and able to articulate them, emphasizing to him how beautiful the song and is and how incredible and sentimental his vocals are.
Hell, he’s even better than most of the artists that you hear on the radio.
He grins, his belly fluttering in gentle purrs. “Thanks.”
Taking a piece of chocolate cookie from the box, he chomps satisfyingly.
“Sorry if I didn’t prepare anything for this date,” he apologizes when his mouth is empty and you couldn’t help but fixate your stare at the crumb on the corner of his lips, just near his lip ring.
“Don’t be. This is perfect to me,” you assure.
Your thumb comes up to gently wipe the crumb on his lips and he swears his breath might have hitched at that moment.
He keeps his eyes on you as your finger grazes his cheek slowly, your gaze taking in each and every detail of his beautiful face.
The tiny scar on his left cheek catches your attention and your brows slightly knit together.
“How’d you get the scar?”
“When I was a kid, I had a bad fall from going on the trampoline,” he says. “I remember I would always wake up early and go on it for hours.”
Your lips stretch widely as you listen to him recount his childhood.
“Were you full of energy?” you ask curiously.
“Very. My mom wanted me to channel that energy into something so she signed me up for music lessons. It’s how I got into drums.”
He then captures your hand that’s on his cheek and places it on his chest. His heart is racing, just like yours. “You feel that?”
Your eyes are on his hand over yours, his thumb softly rubbing on your skin.
Looking up at him, you nod.
He slowly leans in, about to close the gap and kiss you when the door suddenly opens, making you and Jungkook jump back.
You look at the two guys who barged in. They seem like freshmen.
“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry,” the long-haired guy wearing a beanie says awkwardly, his hands diving in the pockets of his jeans. “We didn’t think anyone was here.”
The guy beside him smacks his arm. “Dude, I told you to knock first.”
Jungkook rubs the back of his head as he calmly reassures the two boys.
They exit the room hurriedly after uttering their apologies again.
When they’re gone, you both take it as a sign to finally start packing up. He tells you that his time must be up now since he only booked the rehearsal room for an hour.
As you stroll through the building and make your way out of the campus grounds, he holds your hand, making your heart lurch.
You don’t give a damn even if most eyes were on the two of you.
Reaching the entrance to your dorm, he shoves his hands in his pockets.
Neither of you say anything, all too consumed by your giddy smiles and the flittering sensations in your bellies.
“I had a great time,” you finally speak, not letting the silence stretch for too long.
“Me, too. Thanks for keeping me company back there,” he says. “Great drumming skills, by the way.”
“Shut up,” you grumble, jestingly slapping his chest, making him chortle.
“So uh…” he says, rubbing the back of his neck. “I should go. I’ll see you on Monday, yeah?”
You barely register his words because your eyes drop on his lips, gaze zeroing on it. His luscious lips make you wonder about how it’d feel like on yours.
“What?” you ask, shaking your head to wake yourself up from your daydreaming.
“You kinda zoned out for a moment. Are you okay?”
“What were you thinking?”
You lick your lips and take a swallow. “I was thinking about how I wanna kiss you.”
This makes him smile.
He steps closer and your heart starts to race up. His finger gently lifts your chin up.
“Honestly? Me too,” he says, lips inches away from yours. “I always think about kissing you, princess.”
You hold the back of his neck and lean in to close the gap.
He presses his lips on yours softly and you melt into him as you both part your lips slowly.
You tilt your head and give him access to taste you.
His fingers are on your hair and he pulls you closer to him, your chests flushed together as he slides his tongue into your mouth.
You wish time would never start again and that you could just kiss nonstop because his lips and his taste are too addictive.
It’s so addictive that even as you’re in your room now, you could still taste him whenever you moisten your lips. His presence still lingers in your lips, in your mind, in your body, and you don’t want it to go away.
You smile like an absolute fool in front of your bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth and doing your usual night-time routine.
Dressing yourself in your silk pajamas, you finally plop down on your seat and open your laptop on the desk.
The words in the document file start to turn bleary as you find yourself in reverie again, slipping back to that time when you kissed Jungkook. You touch your lips as though it’s the button that functions as a replay.
In the midst of typing on your keyboard once you’ve mentally willed yourself to concentrate and do a bit of work before bed, you hear a random tap on your window.
You pay it no mind at first, thinking it’s nothing. But when it turns louder, you whip your head and see Jungkook outside.
You stand up, immediately tending to your window. “Oh my God, what are you doing? You can’t come in here.”
“You think I don’t know that?” he asks, winded from climbing.
His hair is now parted, a few beads of sweat forming on his hairline.
“You’re insane.”
“Yep. Can you let me in, please? I’m risking my life here for you.”
“Right. Sorry,” you say, fully swinging the window open so he can step inside.
Thankfully, your room is on the second floor so it isn’t that high. But still, what he did is dangerous, especially when he’s unequipped.
Dropping his feet on the floor safely, he stands to his full height in front of you.
He fishes for something in the pocket of his jeans.
“I forgot to give you this,” he admits, handing you the ticket for their frat’s fundraiser event on Saturday.
You flit your gaze between the ticket on your palm and his eyes before eventually settling on him. “So you decided to climb up my window and sneak into my dorm.”
“Yep. Okay, before I go, can I have a goodnight kiss?” He turns his head sideways, tapping his cheek.
You roll your eyes, smiling deliriously as you grab his collars and tug him close to you, placing your lips on his lips instead.
Kissing him feels too right.
With another kiss or two, he finally pulls away.
“Sweet dreams, princess,” he bids before he starts to climb back down.
You go to bed that night with the lightest heart and the hugest smile.
Tumblr media
The next day, you spend most of the afternoon in the library.
You tried to focus on doing work and planning for projects but on more than one occasion, you find yourself blanking out as you think about Jungkook.
Your friends were sitting across you and they would cough and click their pens just to try and get your attention back, urging you to study. It was clear though that there was no hope for you.
When your phone buzzes in your pocket, you’re quick to bring it out—probably too quick and too eager—and you hear your friends snickering before going back to studying diligently.
JK 🍆 [4:23 pm]: wyd ;)
Y/N [4:24 pm]: studying
JK 🍆 [4:25 pm]: *pretends to be shocked*
Y/N [4:25 pm]: 🙄
JK 🍆 [4:26 pm]: library?
Y/N [4:26 pm]: yup
I miss you, Jungkook sends.
You clamp down on your bottom lip as you resist a wide smile.
You could simply text I miss you too but where’s the fun in that? It won’t hurt to play hard to get today.
You saw me yesterday, you text back.
JK 🍆 [4:40 pm]: i haven’t seen you today so that’s why i miss you
JK 🍆 [4:40 pm]: come outside
Y/N [4:42 pm]: why?
JK 🍆 [4:43 pm]: because i’m outside. and i forgot my student card lol
Your surprise melts into excitement in no time as you slip out from your seat and scan your card before heading outside the building.
Jungkook is just by the entrance with a coffee holder in one hand.
“Hi, cupcake,” he greets joyfully.
“I have a name, you know,” you reply, arcing a brow up.
“I know, but where’s the fun in that?”
You roll your eyes, biting your lip but you eventually let him see the goofy smile that he gave you.
He lifts the tray up, two cups of coffee perched on the slots. “I brought coffee.”
Your smile is appreciative and you hold his hand, sneaking him inside the library. “Come on.”
Settling down beside you, Jungkook watches you concentrate on reading a page, jotting down notes at the same time.
He sips his coffee quietly, his eyes transfixed on the side of your face.
“So are you just gonna sit there and watch me study?” you question without looking at him, tucking a strand of hair to the back of your ear.
“Pretty much,” he confirms coolly.
You finally meet his stare, eyeing him narrowly. “Jungkook.”
“You’re distracting me,” you hiss under your breath.
“I’m not doing anything.”
Your gaze is reprimanding and he exasperatedly releases a sigh that borders on a groan, taking out his book and papers from his backpack, setting it down on the table. “There. Happy?”
“I will be when you actually open your book and start studying.”
He grabs the thick book and opens it, lifting it up to face level as he leans closer to your ear. “Maybe you can give me some private lessons.”
Swallowing, you steel yourself, closing your thighs together, an action that goes by unnoticed with him.
You hold his cheek and lean closer until your lips are inches away from his. Your smile is teasing and so is your warm breath against his mouth.
He’s ready to close the gap, to kiss you and drop everything.
You stop just before your lips could brush his.
“Nice try, pretty boy,” you whisper before pulling away completely.
A self-satisfied smirk crosses your lips.
He leans closer. “Pretty boy? So you think I’m pretty?”
He swirls his tongue on the inside of his cheek. “Well, I do have that kind of effect on the ladies.”
“Alright, don’t push it.”
Ten coughs and looks at you both.
“Hey, lovebirds. We’re trying to study here,” he says, placing a finger over his lips.
You purse your lips together and return to your schoolwork, Jungkook following suit after he raises a brow at Ten.
Your friend points at the ‘keep quiet’ sign, making Jungkook sigh in defeat.
After forty-five minutes, your project partner turns to you and places his pen down.
“Hey, it’s good to take breaks during study sessions, you know.”
You look up from your notebook and check the time on your phone, realizing that he’s right. It’s been a while since you put your head down and studied intensely. It would be good for your mind to take a rest after retaining and processing a lot of information.
“Fine. We can take a break,” you say, closing your notes as you fully turn your body to face him. “So, now that you have my full and undivided attention, what do you wanna do? You wanna go and get foo—”
“Do you wanna make out?”
“What?” you whisper-ask.
“Do you wanna make out?”
Dumbfounded, you stare at him as his bottom lip is trapped between his teeth, the tip of his tongue swirling on it. And the memory of you kissing him last night comes creeping in again vividly and you realize how badly you crave him and his lips.
There’s nothing more you want right now than to have his lips on yours again and chase that feeling again of being in his arms.
Decided, you take his hand and head out of the building.
Mere seconds later, his lips are locked on yours.
You’re propped against the wall, his arm wrapped around your back while your fingers are tangled through his locks. And once again, you feel electrified and alive, a familiar warmth stirring in your belly as you slide your velvet tongue against his mouth.
Jungkook’s hand finds your thigh and slightly lifts it up and you find yourself arching your back, sighing against the kiss.
“I like kissing you way too much. God, why do I like kissing you?” you murmur.
He pulls back slightly with his hair tousled. “Dunno. Keep on kissing me ‘til you figure it out,” he says before crushing his lips on yours again.
This time, it’s hotter, needier, heavier. It’s like the two of you are about to burst.
He presses his emerging bulge against your center and arousal shoots to the apex of your thighs, making you want so much more.
“Fuck,” you hiss. “I want you.”
Pulling back, he asks, “Are you sure?”
“Let’s go to my place,” he says, his chest heaving with anticipation.
Both of you hastily grab your things back inside the library and you thank your friends for watching over your stuff before skedaddling off to his place.
Thank God the frat house is close.
With all of his other brothers in campus, you and Jungkook have the house all to yourself.
Going up the stairs, he confesses, “Oh, by the way, I don’t own a pillow.”
“What? What do you mean you don’t own a pillow?”
He opens the door of his room, letting you enter first.
“I use a rolled towel,” he says as your eyes land first on the said towel on his bed.
You turn back to face him. “Why don’t you have a pillow?”
He walks over to his gaming chair and sets his bag down.
“I keep on forgetting to buy one. But if you ask me, the towel’s quite comfy,” he reasons with a shrug.
You laugh, following him and setting your stuff down before you’re in front of him again. You place your palms on his chest.
“You, Jeon Jungkook, are one of a kind,” you tell him with a wide grin before leaning in to press your lips on his.
Immediately, he responds, his moves bolder and hotter as he darts his tongue inside your mouth, slowly gliding with yours as though it’s a dance.
His hands are on your lower back as he walks you backwards until you’re both in front of his bed.
You pull back briefly to add, “And a really good kisser.”
“I know.”
You merge your lips with him again for a quick kiss.
Jungkook murmurs while tracing kisses on the side of your jaw, “You know what else I’m good at?”
He looks at you, his fingers grazing on the skin under your shirt, tip of his fingernail swirling on your belly button. “My stroke game.”
You raise your brow up. “Yeah?”
You push him on the bed and crawl toward him when he’s scooted near the headboard.
“I’ll be the judge of that,” you tell him, settling yourself between his legs.
Kissing him again, Jungkook releases a groan as he tugs on your bottom lip.
When you break away and look at him with your face hovering above his, he grins.
“Oh, baby, you’re in for a ride,” he says, swirling his tongue on his lips.
Both smiling in excitement and anticipation, you scramble hastily to take your shirt off while he sits up and unzips his hoodie and yanks his shirt overhead, revealing his hard-rock abs and the entirety of his tattoo sleeve.
He unbuckles his belt, throws it to the side before deciding to take out his phone from his back pocket, setting it on the side.
With you just wearing your bra, you hop onto him to straddle him again.
You press your lips on his, your chests flushed together. His palm is warm against the side of your neck and you tilt your head, deepening the kiss.
Jungkook moans, turning putty against your touches and your kisses on his jaw and his neck.
He likes to dominate but with you on top touching his body, hell, he’d let you do just about anything to him.
He’s usually the one in control, not breaking easily but it’s clear that the minute he saw you, he was already in trouble because you have too much power over him.
He hasn’t felt like this since his ex-girlfriend. With you, he’s weak, vulnerable, unguarded. And he’s fine with it—he’s not scared of these emotions. In fact, he’s welcoming them because it’s you.
Near his collarbones, you leave an open-mouthed kiss, sucking on it until a mark forms.
Releasing it with a wet pop, you smirk and he releases a throaty groan. He can’t imagine a sexier image or a sexier girl than the one sitting atop of him right now.
Continuing your exploration, your wet tongue grazes his nipple slowly and he sucks in a breath.
There’s something so erotic yet so intimate in the way you trail your lips on the wide expanse of his pecs and the way you lick his nipples.
He’s like a piece of white canvas and he’d want nothing more than for you to fill him with colors of you, splash him with everything that makes up you.
Before, he was a canvas painted in just plain black because of the wall that he had to put up. But with you, he was willing to start over again and open himself again to the prospect of a relationship.
Oh my God. He’s in love with you. It’s as simple as that. His emotions are always at an all-time high whenever he’s with you or thinking about you because he is in love with you.
All this time, he’s head over heels out of his fucking mind for you. Everything is so clear to him now. This realization is truly hitting differently.
You gaze up at him. “Is that okay?”
“Yeah,” he croaks and you tend to the other side of his chest, evoking a moan out of him as he focuses on you and this special moment.
Your mouth on his nipple is making him even harder—if that’s even possible since he’s hard as a rock right now.
“That feels so damn good, baby.”
No girl has ever done that to him before and he’s sure as hell that he won’t let any other girl do that. He’ll never sleep with anybody else that’s not you.
You really are the one he wants and he needs to make sure that you feel and know it. He wants to return the favor and make you feel good.
As you move against his clothed erection, his hands wander around your back, reaching for the hook of your bra.
When he unclips it, you sit up for a moment, your eyes never leaving his as you slide the straps down.
Jungkook has waited for this moment for a long time. The mental image of you finally bare, moaning his name in pleasure and coming because of him has always been at the forefront of his fantasies and it’s finally happening.
He wants it to be perfect. He wants you to feel amazing—the kind that would make you forget everything else and would only make you think about him—and he wants to worship every part of you in every way that he can.
His grip is on your waist, palms skimming up and down your body. His large and solid hands slide up and he cups your tits, his thumbs rolling on your hardened buds. A low groan automatically rolls off his lips just from touching you and squeezing your breasts.
You’re breathing heavily as you swipe your hair to the side, exposing your neck and it’s one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen.
He’s so turned on right now that his hard-on is becoming too painful.
“You’re perfect,” he says breathlessly.
You give a lazy smile, cradling his face before melding your mouth with his.
Your hips grind gently against him and when he meets your rhythm, it sends a shot of arousal right to your center.
You’re past the point of being just enemies or snarky rivals. This is past the point of friendship.
You’re certain with what you’re feeling for Jungkook.
You’ve never wanted anyone as much as you want him and right now, as you make out with him and indulge yourself in the way he caresses every edge of your body and the way he squeezes your ass and the way he lets you know that he wants you as much, you’re more than sure that you want to feel all of him.
You want this. You want him.
When he’s about ready to flip the position and have you beneath him, his phone that’s lying beside his head buzzes and lights up, capturing your attention ever so briefly. But that brief moment is enough for you to see an image that makes your heart drop.
Your heart is beating fast and your mind is racing with a million thoughts per second as you try to comprehend what you just saw.
Jungkook has a photo of him and a girl as his lockscreen.
In the photo, they’re all loved up. He’s kissing her on the lips.
Instantly, you stray away from him, pulling back.
“Why do you have a photo of you kissing another girl as your lockscreen?” you ask, holding yourself above him, your palms on his shoulders.
Is she his ex-girlfriend? If she is, then he’s still hung up on her. What does that make of you? A rebound?
If she isn’t an ex, then the other explanation would be that she’s his current girlfriend.
Him still not being over his ex and resorting to his fuckboy ways would be understandable. It doesn’t make you feel better but you could understand it. But Jungkook cheating? That’s inexcusable and intolerable.
The silence he’s giving you is unbearable. It’s suffocating you so you remove yourself off of him and you get out of his bed.
He sits up and finally speaks. “Wait. Babe, calm down.”
“How the fuck am I supposed to calm down?” you yell, seething with anger. “And don’t call me babe.”
If you’re horny then, well, you certainly aren’t horny now. Any sensual and amorous mood you have dissipated completely.
“I know you’re upset,” he says, attempting to placate the situation.
You grab your bra and put it on before sliding your shirt down your body. “Yeah, I am. I really am.”
To think that you were actually falling for him and that you were willing to give your body to him and yet all this time, he’s been playing with you and your feelings is so fucked up.
You move quickly and put on your shoes before gathering your stuff in haste.
Jungkook’s brows furrow with worry. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing?” you quip, brusque. “I’m leaving. I can’t do this.”
He stands up and scrambles to catch you, zipping his pants up.
“Y/N, please,” he calls while you make your way down the staircase. “Wait. Let me explain.”
Without looking back, you just continue on climbing down until you reach the front door.
He manages to catch your elbow, making you turn to face him. “Let me explain. It’s not—”
“I don’t wanna fucking hear it. I hate you.”
“No, you don’t.”
You wriggle your arm out of his touch, shaking your head as your eyes start to sting. “Just leave me alone.”
As soon as you’re out of the frat villa, your vision becomes bleary with your tears.
You wipe your eyes away, trying to strengthen yourself. Eventually, it all becomes tiring and you allow yourself to let it all out, your emotions trickling down your cheeks.
So it turns out that this is all a part of his sick game, his scheme. You’re just a conquest to him and perhaps the dates had just been a distraction.
He was starting to show you a different side of him and you had fallen for him. You were ready to give him everything and make yourself vulnerable only for him to drop you and hurt you like that.
You feel like your heart has submerged, past the point of being retrievable beneath the ocean. You’ve spent the past few months getting close to him and look what happened. He played with your heart and now, you’ve become that mistrusting person again.
You played with fire and you got burned.
When you arrive at your dorm, you lock yourself in your room, deciding to shut the whole world out.
After taking a long, hot shower with good music in the background, you put on your soft pajamas and open Netflix on your laptop.
Your phone consistently buzzes with Jungkook’s messages, begging you to talk to him.
You read them but you choose to ignore them despite the fact that his last text is about him deciding to wait in front of the building of your dorm all night if that’s what it takes for you to talk to him.
If there’s one thing about Jungkook, it’s that he doesn’t listen. Even if he knows that you’re mad and you don’t want to see him, he still went after you.
At first, he thought of climbing up your window and sneaking in but your curtain was closed so he abandoned the idea and just decided to wait outside your building.
Sitting on the threshold outside your building, he waits. He waits for hours but it’s pretty clear that you’re never going to come out even if he stays here all night.
When he makes his last attempt to call, all he receives is a not reachable message. And only then does he stand up and leave.
Tumblr media
You mostly spend the next few days studying.
In the library, Jimin suddenly pulls the vacant seat beside you and sets his guitar case down carefully before sitting down.
“I heard about what happened with you and Jungkook.”
Your brows are furrowed as you quickly return your gaze on your paper. “That’s over now. Whatever it was.”
Whatever ship that was, it sank before it can even fully sail.
“Did you even give him a chance to explain his side?”
Facing him, you demur, “He literally has a photo of him kissing a girl as his lockscreen. What is there to explain?”
The butter-haired guy asks again, “Did you let him talk or not?”
He folds his arms. “So you don’t know that that photo is a reminder for him.”
“A reminder?”
He nods.
You blink, confused. “What do you mean?”
“I shouldn’t be the one telling you about it,” he says, grabbing his guitar case and standing up. “You can ask him yourself tomorrow.”
You blink up at him, brows stitched together, expression questionary.
Jimin nods. “At the concert.”
Tumblr media
To say that Jungkook is on edge and nervous is an understatement.
Sitting on a foldable chair backstage, his elbows rest on his thighs as he links his fingers together. He stares at the floor, his foot tapping the ground ceaselessly.
There are a lot of emotions flowing through him right now. He’s mentally here but he’s also somewhere else. He’s simultaneously thinking about the performance tonight and also pondering about you.
“You sure you’re okay to go through tonight?” voices Hoseok from across him as he leans on a stack of flight cases, breaking the thick, silent air around the room.
“Yeah, man,” Taehyung adds. “Are you sure ‘cause we could just—”
“I said I’m fine,” Jungkook insists, terse. “I can do it. I promise I won’t fuck up just like what happened in rehearsals.”
“Hey, Jungkook,” Jimin calls almost immediately. “There’s someone here to see you.”
Jungkook looks up and sees you by the doorway. Instantly, he rises to his feet.
“Hi,” is what departs from his lips.
“Hi,” you echo softly.
“We’ll let the two of you talk,” Jimin says.
As the other guys leave the two of you alone, Jungkook steps closer, keeping a safe distance.
“You came,” he utters, heart thumping loudly. He gnaws on his bottom lip, his eyes peering to the side.
You nod faintly, unsure what to say.
“I’m guessing you’re here to ask me why I have that photo,” he speaks again.
Clutching on your bag tightly, you take a swallow. “I came here to listen to what you have to say.”
Jungkook doesn’t blame you for walking away that day and reacting the way you did. You had every right to be mad at him. He should’ve told you a lot sooner.
He bobs his head and exhales a soft breath before confessing. “I put that photo of me and my ex as a reminder to not give my heart away so easily.”
He nods again, the pain from remembering stuck in his pupils. “It’s true. It was a reminder that if I let my walls down, I could end up and be that guy again—the guy who was thrown away like some unwanted puppy.”
He takes a hefty sigh. “My ex cheated on me. I was serious about her but she never really loved me. The breakup messed me up so I decided to put that as my lockscreen as a reminder. But then, you came into my life and we went on dates and I enjoyed every second of it. I realized that you make me want to try again, Y/N.”
His ex-girlfriend made him think that dating sucks and it can get you fucked up which was why he was closed off to the idea of it—but that was until you.
You made him think that maybe he can have another shot at being happy. That maybe his future when it comes to dating won’t be bad just because his past had been horrible.
For the first time, what’s in the past is really in the past. It won’t move to the present and it won’t repeat itself.
He doesn’t need to keep on looking back at it or even think about it to remind himself of how love and dating failed him.
Setting that picture as his wallpaper was a decision he made not because he still loves her, but because he needed something to remind himself.
He needed a lesson and that photo was it. Every time he looks at it, he’ll know not to trust so easily. He’ll learn how to be careful and cautious when it comes to dating and relationships in general. It’s how he protected himself from getting hurt again.
Whenever he’s with you, whenever he sits beside you and talks to you in class, he’s showing himself to you. He’s showing how it’s lowered every time he’s with you.
You could feel chunks rising up your throat as you realize that you have been the one that’s closed off.
You’re the one that’s been guarded all because of those presumptions that you had and your own experience in the past when the truth is, you were open for someone. But you didn’t want to be open for Jungkook, you didn’t want to give yourself and him a chance because you convinced yourself from the very first date that he’s bad for you. That someone like him would just end up breaking your heart.
“I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you,” you tell him after a moment. “And for walking off.”
He blinks and shakes his head. “That doesn’t matter now. I just wanna know if you feel the same way for me because I really do like you. I’m just… you drive me so fucking crazy, Y/N. Whenever I’m with you, I can’t think straight. And um, what I’m trying to say is—oh God, what am I saying? Basically, I think you’re amazing and you’re also the smartest person I’ve ever met. You’re my dream girl. My dream everything.”
You hold his arms. “Jungkook.”
He blinks, calming himself down after letting all of that in one go. “Yeah?”
Your heart is pulsing quickly from that speech he gave. Smiling with moistened eyes, you confess softly as your hands drop down to hold his. “I feel the same way. I want us to do this. I want to try.”
“Really? So you’ll be my girlfriend?”
You’re done being afraid of taking risks so you answer with a confident yes.
“A thousand times yes,” you add joyfully.
Jungkook’s smile forms into a fully-fledged grin.
He’s more than ready to take the jump for you and there’s nothing more he wants than this. Doing this with you. Going through everything with you by his side, holding his hand and having his back. Belonging to you.
He steps closer and cups your face, his thumb gently rubbing your cheek before pressing his forehead against yours.
He savors the moment for a few seconds, convincing himself that this is all real and that he’s finally getting his happiness and his happy ending because he deserves this. He is worthy to be loved and he is good enough.  
When he kisses you, you wish time would never start again.
You wrap your arms around his neck while his palms rest on your lower back, his lips moving against yours like in a dance.
Whatever noise is blasting through the speakers and from your surroundings, all of it have been blacked out. The only thing you could hear is the beating of your own heart. It’s a metronome that’s going in a slow rhythm, speeding up the more you feel his lips and his tongue on your mouth.
Your moment is cut short when Jungkook suddenly gets called by one of his members, telling him that they’re on standby.
You wish that there could be a shooting star right now so you could wish for time to stop and you could just stay here and savor this moment with him.
His hands holding yours, he shouts back and tells him that he’ll be there in a sec.
Turning to you, he pouts and groans. He knows he has to go but he doesn’t want to stop kissing you, doesn’t want to be away from you.
You bob your head for a nod, mutely telling him to go.
“Enjoy the show, yeah?” he asks, cupping your face before stealing one last kiss.
And another.
And another.
You giggle, lovestruck. “Oh my God, Jungkook, go!”
After the last peck, he finally dashes off, sliding his shades down his head.
On your way out of the backstage, Namjoon calls your name.
You turn around, seeing him and Yoongi.
“Come with us,” the tall man says, waving his hand.
Your brows furrow in curiosity. “Where?”
Namjoon has his signature dimpled smile. “Why to the VIP area, of course.”
You follow them, going down the side and slithering through the awaiting crowd. They let you climb up the stairs first.
Namjoon gestures with his hand. “After you, your highness.”
At the first-floor balcony, you can perfectly see the stage where the band will perform.
When the light starts to dim, the crowd starts to roar.
Jin comes running in and starts to hype up the audience.
With his excellent speaking skills, he makes sure to thank everyone for coming and supporting their fundraiser.
Namjoon, Yoongi and you scream along with the people below, excitement and anticipation bubbling up in your bellies.
A few minutes later, Jin finally introduces the band. “Make some noise for The Red Bullet!”
Everyone goes wild when Taehyung, Jimin, Hoseok and Jungkook appears on stage.
Your eyes automatically zoom in on Jungkook who takes his place behind the drums.
Taehyung grabs his electric guitar on stage and wears the strap before flashing his alluring and bewitching smile to the crowd.
He holds the mic. “How we feeling tonight? Are we feeling good?”
The crowd cheers fervently.
Satisfied, Taehyung looks over to the other guys and gives them a nod. “Alright, this first song that we’re performing is a song written by our very own drummer, Jungkook.”
He looks back at him and steps to the side slightly, giving the younger one his spotlight.
Jungkook, perched on his stool, grabs his mic from its stand and the noise from the audience heightens before he even starts to speak.
God, he definitely belongs on that stage. He looks absolutely captivating with his purple tinted glasses and his slicked back hair. He has that quintessential rockstar look, with his all-black attire, his piercings and tattoos, his confidence and energy.
“Hi, guys. I’m Jungkook.”
The cheers from the crowd intensifies when he flashes his billion-dollar grin.
From your view, he glows and you can’t stop yourself from smiling, your heart swelling with so many emotions.
“Um, so this song that we’re about to play is a very special song to me,” he resumes when the noise starts to ebb. “You see, I wrote this while thinking of the girl that I love. As a matter of fact, that girl is here.”
He roams his eyes on the crowd for a second before squinting and lifting his gaze upwards to the balcony area, his smile widening when he spots you.
“There she is! There! Yes! Her!” he exclaims, pointing at your direction. “That’s my girl Y/N and I love her so much.”
The crowd applauses and yells their cheers, making your skin feel like it’s on fire. An incandescent light then begins to shine above the balcony.
Your fingers are over your ears as you feel all their eyes on you. “Oh my God. What is he doing?”
On your right and left side, Namjoon and Yoongi are also enthusiastically chirking up along with the crowd.
The former teases you with his bubbly voice while the latter has his gummy smile on display, clapping and nodding proudly and approvingly.
“Jungkook’s done being a hoe. Good for you, bro!” Yoongi screeches and everyone chuckles.
You probably look like an idiot with the way you can’t control your smile. Your cheeks are hot, your heart is thumping loudly and shyness is taking over you the more you feel Jungkook’s loving eyes on you.
When he settles his mic back on the stand and picks his sticks up, frontman Taehyung swoops in again.
With his deep and husky voice, he says, “Alright, this is called Euphoria.”
“Let’s get it!” Namjoon shouts, his hands on the metal railing in the balcony.
Jimin starts to play the guitar.
At first, it’s soft, with Taehyung’s vocals being flawless from the very first five seconds. It then gradually builds, with the tempo during the chorus picking up and you witness Jungkook being in his element. He sings along with Taehyung too, his smooth voice capturing everyone’s hearts.
He smiles and glances up at you whenever he harmonizes with Taehyung during the part where it goes ‘You are the cause of my euphoria.’
And every single time, you could feel your heart skipping a beat.
As soon as they finished, they receive the loudest cheers.
The three of you in the balcony are screaming your hearts out too. You’ve jumped, danced and headbanged to every song that they would play.
After they’ve performed their set, they received the most energetic and enthusiastic cheers ever. The whole venue buzzed and the energy had been so electric and spectacularly wild.
You’d be surprised if your voice is still intact tomorrow from all the screaming that you did tonight.
You were definitely in a state of elation. No. In a state of euphoria.
The moment Jungkook is off stage, he rushes to see you. He doesn’t have any plans on staying or joining the afterparty.
Gliding his way through the crowd as they gather and mingle, he pauses, only to find that you too are intent on finding him.
Meeting in the middle, he takes your hand and leads you outside where it’s quieter.
Your hands wrapped around his neck and his enveloped around your waist, you grin up at him, leaning in for a kiss.
His warm hand cups your cheek as he tilts his head and opens your mouth, deepening the kiss.
Melting into his touch and taste and to all the intense emotions that you feel for him, you press yourself closer, your fingers smoothing the top of his hair and flattening it as you lose yourself in his kiss.
When you both pull back, you’re breathless, completely enamored by each other.
“You were amazing,” you tell him, cupping his warm cheek.
Jungkook smiles lopsidedly. Your opinion is the only thing he cares about and so to hear this from you makes his heart hop.
“Let’s get out of here,” he says, taking your hand.
“Where are we gonna go?”
He smiles, sliding his aviator shades up to rest on his hair. “You’ll see.”
Hand in hand, you trek down the campus grounds, passing by all the main departments before reaching the north side of the university.
You’re at the entrance now, the tall black gates just a few feet away. He leads you to the side where the huge lawn is.
Capturing both of your hands, Jungkook looks at you deeply before he presses his forehead against yours.
Why he took you here, you have no clue. But nonetheless, you close your eyes, breathing him in, your heart wanting to vacate the cages of your chest and jump into his palms.
His thumb strokes the skin beneath your eye. “You said you’ve always wanted a kiss in the rain.”
Okay, you definitely didn’t expect him to say this.
You open your eyes again, your brows stitching. “But it’s not raining.”
“I know.” He chuckles softly, pulling away and taking a few steps back. “That’s why we have these things called sprinklers.”
There goes Jungkook again, never failing to surprise you.
He goes to the corner and squats down, twisting the sprinklers. Water jets out, splattering all over the lawn.
Instinctively, you let out a squeal from the cold water hitting your skin. But it also quickly melts into laughter and smiles when you welcome it with open arms.
You both run around the lawn, carefree as you bask in the makeshift rain.
You extend your hand out for him and he takes it wholeheartedly, twirling you round before pulling you closer to him.
When his eyes are fixed on you, it’s as though he is looking at the whole world, at the universe and the stars. And you think to yourself that no one has ever made you feel like this before.
Yeah, you’re definitely sure about him. This is the most certain that you have ever felt in your whole life.
In the time that you’ve spent getting to know him, you’ve seen how he’s someone who wears his heart on his sleeve.
He never goes below a hundred whenever he’s doing something—he’s focused and gives it his all. He pours all of himself to the people he loves. To him, it’s all or nothing.
He’s someone who deserves only the best things and you never want him to feel like he’s not deserving of that, or that he’s not worthy of being loved.
He once showed you how to be fearless. How to live your life in your own pace, your own terms. Trying out new things, different things.
In order to love someone completely and entirely, you have to shed all your doubts and be unafraid of what’s to come.
And now, this is you being brave. This is you being ready to stick with him. You being ready to stay with him and make him happy.
“Hey, Jungkook?”
“Yes, baby?” he asks, his palm rubbing your back while your hands are on his shoulders.
“You said you loved me earlier.”
He licks his lips, blinking fast. “Yeah, I… uh… well, it’s how I feel about you and I just wanted you to know that. But you don’t have to say it back if you’re not—”
You hold the sides of his face and kiss him.
When you pull back, you have the brightest, surest smile.
“I love you, too.”
You step back a bit and place your hands on the corners of your mouth.
You scream into the heavens, “I’m in love with Jeon Jungkook! Most of the time, he’s a pain in the ass but he’s my pain in the ass!”
He laughs heartily, his heart bursting like multi-colored fireworks at your romantic gesture.
As he keeps his eyes on you, he thinks that you are, without a doubt, the girl of his dreams and the princess that he has been waiting for his whole life.
Tumblr media
Sitting down on the fifth row at the lecture theater and waiting for your professor to finish setting up, you bring out your phone and keep yourself occupied for a few minutes, scrolling through and re-reading your conversations with your boyfriend, Jungkook.
Looking back at it in hindsight, it’s been a crazy ride. There you were at the beginning of Spring semester searching for a guy who is hopefully swipe-right material and who can match with your type.
You had these preconceptions before, these rules about what you’re looking for in a guy. Turns out you don’t need them.
There are no such things as rules when it comes to attraction because you’ll feel it within yourself when the right one comes in your life. You’ll feel it the more you spend time with them and get to know them.
And sometimes, they’re nothing like you expected them to be. They won’t fit the image you had in mind. Sometimes, they would be the complete opposite from you.
And that’s okay because that’s how you get to learn about one another. You get used to them and you get to accept them and the fact that you’re both different people. You don’t have to try and change because you both love each other for who you are.
Life is certainly full of surprises, isn’t it? It just so happened that yours came in the form of a six-foot-tall guy who reads his Marvel comics every day even though he finished all of them, who runs thirty miles in his spare time just for fun, who has a lot to say about pulped orange juice and who spits out random facts that he accumulated from watching TED talks.
There is no such thing as Mr. Perfect. But maybe there is a Mr. Right. A Mr. Right Person In The Right Time. The right person during that moment in time where you feel like nothing else matters but him and where he’s the only thing that’s right and constant.
On the way to class, Jungkook quickly checks his phone for the time.
It lights up, his lockscreen putting a smile on his face. It’s you and him, grinning widely with the sunset as your backdrop.
Proposing the dates with you had been one of those moments where he had to quickly think on his feet. It was one of those spurs of the moments and yet it became one of his best decisions.
And, if you think about it, this all began because of Tinder. So, really, he has that app to thank for.
He gazes over the time, realizing that he only has two minutes left. Hurriedly, he goes to the classroom, a few people entering with him.
He occupies the space beside you, his sweet smile greeting you.
The class begins and he brings out his notebook and pen. He looks at the front and listens to the professor as she reminds the students who still haven’t done their project to do it before the end of this week.
Thank goodness you both don’t have to worry about that now.
A few days after the concert, you and Jungkook did your presentation in class and aced it. All the work and the planning and the time spent doing research, it all paid off.
In the midst of taking notes, you grab your water bottle on the desk, taking a drink.
Jungkook takes a glance at you before flipping a page of his notebook. He jots something before sliding it over for you to see.
You look so pretty today.
I’m literally sleep deprived, you write on the space below.
It’s true. You haven’t gotten much sleep this week because of finals. You’re living like a zombie these days. You probably look like one too. You resemble that losing the will to live meme.
Jungkook scribbles back, occasionally glancing at the front so he looks like he’s listening.
And you still look so pretty.
Your brows furrow, looking down at your perpetually haggard self. You’re wearing his hoodie and a pair of your old leggings.
This does it for you? Hoodie and leggings? you reply, casting your stare at the front afterwards.
His lips twitch upwards as he writes his response.
When you look down again, your heart backflips.
You do it for me is written below, followed by a smiley face.
Walking through the corridor once class is finished, you turn to your boyfriend. “Jungkook?”
His thumb rubs the back of your palm while his fingers are twined with yours. “Yes, baby?”
“Do you really think I’m pretty even though I look like a mess?”
“You don’t look like a mess.”
You pout. “You’re just saying that.”
He stops walking and faces you. “No. I’m serious. You look absolutely fine. If you think that you look like a mess, then you’re a prettiest one that I’ve ever seen.”
This earns him a smile from you and he swipes your hair gently.
Ugh. Him and his way with words. It always ends up with you swooning for him. You’re so whipped for him, it’s disgusting.
“You’ll always be beautiful to me, princess,” he says. “And whenever you’re feeling like you’re not, that’s fine because it’s why I’m here. I’ll be the best hypeman slash boyfriend for you. Like that Will Smith meme.”
You do the pose from that meme of Will Smith on the red carpet.
Immediately, you burst out in laughter when you see Jungkook doing it at the exact same time as you. He chuckles too after seeing you, loving how his humor is in sync with yours.
The number of times that you both found yourselves being in sync, doing and saying things at the same time, knowing what the other is about to say is honestly so fascinating.
It’s weirdly scary and ridiculously funny how your braincells are practically on the same wavelength nowadays.
You go for a quick peck on his lips, smiling. “I love you.”
“Love you too, baby.”
“Let’s skip lunch,” you announce, fingers threading softly on his hair.
His brows crease, bottom lip protruding for a small pout. “What? But we don’t wanna be hungry before our next cla—oh. Oh.”
“My dorm or yours?”
“Actually, I have a better idea.”
He lets you take his hand and lead him out of the building.
You enter the library, going up the third floor.
As soon as you arrive at that particular floor, the gears in his mind turns.
He bites his lip, fighting off his toothy grin as you drag him past the rows of empty aisles packed with volumes about medieval literature.
It’s pretty well-known in the whole campus that no one ever goes in this section. And if they do, it’s only to fuck.
At the very back, he takes lead and spins you round in his arms. His back against the shelf, he holds you close. With wide eyes, he opens his mouth, about to say something when you cut him off, placing a finger over his lips.
“Before you say anything, no, I am not fucking in the library,” you proclaim, adamant.
“Of course, you’re not,” he retorts when you pull your finger away.
Your lips suddenly curl up into a smirk, your eyelids fluttering slowly at him.
Your fingertips trace lines on his chest and you lean forward to whisper sultrily in his ear. “But… I’ll let you eat me out here.”
His pupils are lustful and wide the moment you uttered the words. “Are you serious?”
He barely blinks. “You really want me to?”
You nod, biting your lower lip mischievously. “Yeah. I really want you to.”
“Fuck yeah.”
Jungkook just loves to eat you out. It’s so satisfying to see you come undone with his mouth as well as his cock. He could just suck you every hour of the day.
Before you and him had each other, you kept on sucking each other’s souls out and God, if it isn’t the best head that he’s ever gotten in his whole life.
Gripping your hips tighter, he pushes you back, hoisting you to the slanted ladder attached to the bookcase.
You hold onto the rails and take a sharp swallow.
He props your legs around his waist and leans forward, lips pressing on yours, melting your nerves. When he moves to place butterfly kisses on your jawline, his hands rake up your skirt.
“If we get caught…” you trail off, eyes panning to your left and right.
You don’t know what you would do if someone suddenly passes by and sees you perched on a ladder with a boy’s head between your thighs.
Jungkook nips on the skin below your neck before soothing it with his tongue. He faces you with a smirk. “Better stay quiet then.”
You decide to play with him. “That won’t be hard to do, babe.”
This is a challenge. This is a fucking challenge that he’s hearing. And there’s nothing more he loves than being challenged.
He spreads your legs open, his eyes glistening darkly. “Oh, princess, you’re about to eat your words.”
When your skirt is all bunched up and your panties are out for him to see, he bends down and presses an open-mouthed kiss on your center.
You suck in a breath loudly and he shoots you a look.
Biting your lower lip, his finger glides your panties to the side, revealing your wet cunt to him. His hot tongue licks a trail up and you let out an involuntary moan.
God. He hasn’t even had a proper go at it and you’re already losing. You’re already on the verge of becoming a moaning mess.
Jungkook is about to wreck you so hard. You’ll never know what’s going to hit you.
You’re excited and nervous at the same time because you can’t believe you’re actually doing this. The last time you and him did it in an open space was in a cinema’s parking lot. It was late at night and you were both in his car. That was such an unbelievably hot night.
Jungkook stands up again and crushes his lips on yours. It’s languid but it’s enough to have you moaning needily against his mouth.
You can feel him smiling as he moves his tongue with yours and when he breaks away, he grips your panties and pulls it down. He crumples the article of clothing in his fist and crams them in your mouth.
He puts a finger over his lips and shushes you. “You don’t wanna get caught now, do you?”
With your panties in your mouth, you shake your head.
Crouching back down, he starts to trail his tongue up in your entrance before sucking on your clit. Your thighs start to clench, your teeth biting down on your panties when his tongue flattens on your nub.
He quickly glances up at you and you just know that there’s a devilish smirk painted on his face right now. You don’t even have to look at him to know that he’s feeling triumphant.
Jungkook enters a finger and slowly curls it inside your pussy. You breathe in sharply and shut your eyes close as your boyfriend’s face disappears again as he eats you out.
Your cunt is gushing with your arousal and he makes sure to slurp your wetness, lapping at your folds.
You grip on the railings tightly as your walls begin to clench. You can’t find it in you to stay still and he holds your thighs as he keeps on rolling his tongue on your clit. You look down on him, his head between your thighs as he devours you like this is his favorite meal.
You glance to the side for a brief second, seeing how empty the area is. The fact that someone could just walk in and see the two of you is nerve-wracking. But you’re not gonna lie, there’s also a fluttering sensation brewing inside of you when you think about it.
At first, you were nervous about this but now, you’re enjoying everything that he’s giving you.
When Jungkook enters a second finger and thrusts into your hole relentlessly while he licks up your arousal around your folds, you think that you’re about to lose it entirely.
He’s so deep inside you as he pumps his fingers at a much faster pace. Now you’re thankful that he shoved your underwear in your mouth because you really would be screaming by now. You’d be screaming his name like it’s the only word you know.
Tilting your head back with eyes closed, Jungkook pulls his fingers out and makes a V shape, opening your folds wide as he sinks his skilful tongue inside and sucks the soul out of you. His spit is on your cunt and he grows harder at the sounds you’re making right now.
God. Ever since you’ve been intimate with Jungkook, you have never felt like this. You’ve always found that he makes sure to go above and beyond when it comes to pleasuring his partner.
He makes a growling sound when he sees you become wetter, when he feels you becoming warmer. You’re clenching your thighs hard and you know you’re about to fall apart soon.
His tongue rolls around your clit, sucking on it while he inserts a third finger in your cunt.
All you could think of right now is fuck, you are about to come. It’s all swear words in your mind right now. Swear words and Jungkook.
He looks up at you, his other hand squeezing your thigh. “Are you close, baby?”
You bite on your panties hard as you nod. If you could speak right now, you’d tell him to not stop because you’re so close to being tipped over the edge.
“Good,” he says, placing an open-mouthed kiss on your thigh before rubbing his thumb on your clit.
His tongue laps on your pussy again as your core tightens and you moan against the material in your mouth.
He smirks as he hears the muffled groans as all the tension inside you is released. It’s a high that you never want to come down from.
Shaking, you come undone and Jungkook groans animalistically. He’s so aroused in seeing you break, in seeing his handiwork. He’s so turned on right now and all the blood is going straight to his cock.
“That’s my good girl,” he praises as he watches you ride your orgasm, his hand smoothing the skin on your trembling thigh.
When you open your eyes again, you feel sensitive, lightheaded and boneless after that experience.
You can’t think straight right now as you stare at Jungkook. It’s the best orgasm of your life and the hottest sexual experience of your life. But then again, you always think like this every time Jungkook takes you with his mouth or his cock.
Whenever you’re intimate with him, it’s always going to be the hottest sexual experience of your life. It’s always going to be one hell of an orgasm whenever you’re with him.
Let’s be honest. The guy’s stroke game is insane. He’s an absolute beast when it comes to bed. And just thinking about it makes your core throb again.
He finally pulls away from your pussy and helps you come down from the ladder until your feet are fully planted on the floor.
He takes a step back and leans against the shelf with crossed arms. With a lopsided smile, he raises his brow as he licks his slick fingers clean.
You take your panties out from your mouth and let out an exhale.
“Oh my God,” you say like you’re under a spell. “That was… wow.”
He smiles and before he can speak, you catch him off guard when you make a sudden move by kissing him. It’s a messy and open-mouthed kiss like you’re on a mission. Honestly, you are ready to be on your knees right here, right now.
Your hands travel down from his pecs to the buttons of his pants.
“Whoa. Slow down, baby,” Jungkook says, catching your hands.
“I want you,” you tell him, eyes glazed with lust and need.
“This was about you,” he rebuffs.
“Now it can be about you. I wanna make you feel good too, babe.”
Jungkook caresses your cheek with his thumb before holding your hand. “Let’s go to my place then.”
He leads you out of the aisle and you both run back to the frat house in no time. His other fist is balled up as it grips your panties.
After shutting his door and locking the room, Jungkook swoops in and wraps his arms around your back, merging his mouth with yours.
You arch your back for him as your fingers wind through the back of his head, tiptoeing to kiss him hotly and erotically. Your hand slides down on his chest as your tongues clash into each other.
You tug on his shirt as you walk back and lie down on his bed. He breaks away from the kiss for a second to watch you crawl upwards as he takes his shirt off.
He hovers above you as you feel the bed dip when he comes in. His fingers find the hem of your shirt and you sit up and raise your arms, helping him get rid of your clothing.
Cupping his face, you dive for a quick kiss before you hold his shoulders and push him down on the bed. You start to unbutton his jeans and slide it down, seeing the dent beneath his boxers.
He draws a sharp breath as he runs his fingers through his hair and places his pillow near the headboard so he can rest on it.
You smirk at him. “Bet you’re glad you have a pillow now, huh?”
He bites down on his lip as he sends a grin on your way.
“I know,” he says and you chuckle together.
You remember how he told you one day in class that the reason why he was late was because he lost track of time while he was sat in Starbucks. He had been browsing for pillows to buy during that time and when he revealed that to you, your eyes widened.
“You did? I’m so proud of you,” you told him then.
He smiled excitedly before he brought his books out.
From having no pillows and having only a rolled towel on his bed, he now has four pillows and a dog plushie he got from IKEA.
You take his boxers off and touch his huge thighs, your palms skimming on the expanse of his abs because you know he loves it when you touch his body.
The first time you had him, you were surprised by how big he is. You were sure that he wouldn’t even fit inside you and that he’d actually break you in half. But the more time you spend getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, the more time you memorize each other’s bodies, the more you get used to one another.
You palm his cock, your thumb smearing his pre-cum around the head before slowly moving in an up-down motion.
Jungkook’s head lolls back when you open your mouth and take him in.
Bobbing your head down, you suck on his cock. You switch between sucking and giving his cock kitten licks while looking at him.
He’s receptive with your every move, his eyes wide with lust and his moans vocal and loud. He groans in pleasure when you go deeper, his head hitting your throat.
He loves how you’re so good with your mouth. You always give him the best head and honestly, he thinks he’s the luckiest guy alive to have you as his girlfriend.
“Fuck,” he hisses under his breath when you lick and suck his cock, your saliva all over him.
There’s nothing sexier than seeing you take all of him in your mouth.
He doesn’t even know how one person can have so much power over him but then again, he’s not surprised. You’ll always have that effect on him.
You’ll always give him these intense feelings that he has never experienced before. You’ll always be the person he’ll surrender himself to, the one he’ll submit to.
You cup his balls and he thinks that if you keep this up, he’ll bust his load.
“Babe, that’s enough,” he says and you rise up and look at him. “I don’t wanna come just yet.”
You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and he sits up and switches the position when you lie back down.
He reaches for the clasp of your bra and unclips it, throwing it to the side. Next is your skirt, which is easy to pull down. Your folds are glistening, still wet from your little tryst in the library.
Now bare in front of him, Jungkook starts to pepper you with kisses. He crashes his lips with yours, languid and relaxed like he has all the time in the world.
You moan against his mouth, teeth tugging on his lower lip before he encloses his mouth in your hardened nipple.
Flicking his tongue and sucking on the bud, you arch your back in response, sighing in pleasure.
“So perfect,” he remarks sweetly.
You wrap your legs around his waist, feeling his hard cock rub against your folds. Your core throbs with need and desire for him as he preps you even though you know that you’re wet enough.
He goes to your other nipple, his hand kneading on your tits. He presses a kiss down your navel until he reaches your entrance and swipes his tongue up your folds.
You moan and shake uncontrollably at the sensation and he sits up straight, pumping his cock a few times.
It’s only after a few months into the relationship where you told Jungkook that you’d be okay with him not using a condom. You wanted the two of you to get tested first and be absolutely sure. Even though you were already on the pill before you even started dating, you still wanted to use protection when you both had sex for the first time.
You whimper his name needily, clutching on the sheets of his mattress.
He smirks and angles himself in your pussy and you open your legs wider to entice him. “Ready?”
You offer a nod, looking into his eyes.
“Fuck me,” you taunt, your tongue running along your teeth.
He leans forward to kiss you and relax you even further while he goes for the first thrust inside you. Your nails dig on his back as you both release a moan.
You exhale softly as you accommodate every inch of him. When you feel adjusted to him, he pushes forward until he bottoms out.
He grunts gutturally, loving the feeling of being inside you. He leaves wet kisses on your jaw and your collarbone as he moves slowly.
This is something that you’ve always loved about him. He takes his time and takes it slow with you. He doesn’t rush it whenever you’re having sex.
It’s only when you demand for him to go fast does he go faster.
He holds you and thrusts into you in a much quicker pace, hitting your sweet spots. You’re moaning his name shamelessly, the sinful sounds of skin slapping skin filling the entire room.
Jungkook’s fringe falls over his forehead as he buries himself deeper into your cunt. He holds your thigh and you keep your legs locked around his waist for a better angle. He groans breathily against the skin of your shoulder.
“Harder,” you croak out against his ear as you meet his sharp thrusts and leave scratches on his back.
His voice is husky and gruff when he answers you. “You want rough, huh, baby?”
“Yes. Fuck me.”
Jungkook’s eyes are blazing with desire and he pulls out from you. He flips you over so you’re on your stomach.
You’re on all fours for him as he holds your waist, aligning himself in your entrance. He easily glides in, his cock all covered with your slick.
He fucks you faster and harder this time and you bury your face in his pillow, your teeth biting down on the cover to keep you from screaming.
He feels so good inside you. So deep and so good that you feel like you’re going to lose your mind.
His groans are throaty and hoarse as he slams himself into you. His palms squeeze your ass as he thrusts deeper. You’re so warm and wet, your pussy tight and greedy for his cock every time he almost pulls out.
“Oh my God,” you moan while he flicks his fingers on your nipples.
The bed is moving, the headboard hitting the wall. You’re screaming his name, your walls tightening on his cock.
The coiling in your stomach is intense and tight. You know you’re not going to last with how good and how hard Jungkook is fucking you.
You chew on your lip hard as your cheek is pressed on the sheet.
“God, you feel so good, baby,” he says, grabbing a handful of your hair as he thrusts deeper.
He isn’t sure he’s going to last either with the way you take him in and the way he moves smoothly.
“I’m so close,” you cry out, shutting your eyes as you feel your climax. “Fuck—”
His hand finds your clit. He harshly thumbs on it in circles. “Baby, come for me. Give it to me.”
One harsh stroke and one flick of your clit becomes your undoing.
You let go, crying out your moans as he cups your breasts, fingers rolling on your nipple.
Your orgasm has you shuddering and breathing heavily and Jungkook lets out a groan as he feels your walls pulsating around him and sees you creaming around him.
He lets you ride your high out while he leans forward to trail butterfly kisses on your back and your nape, swiping your hair before grabbing it and pulling it back slightly.
With a few more rough and deep pumps, he comes inside you. His moans are shaky and you smile against the pillow as you feel him emptying his seed inside you. Your cunt milks him for every last drop as he goes for a few sloppy thrusts before he pulls out from your swollen folds.
You plop back down and roll over, lying on your back, completely and utterly spent.
He drops beside you and gives you a quick peck on your cheek, a dazed smile gracing his lips. “You okay, baby?”
You face him, your lips twisting up. “Yeah. I’m good.”
He smiles boyishly before pressing a soft, chaste kiss on your lips and your cheek.
You both catch your breath for a minute, holding each other in silence, tangled in the sheets.
Jungkook grabs the box of tissues, handing it to you so you can wipe the mess dripping down between your thighs. He lets you wear one of his white shirts as he puts on his grey Carhartt shirt.
Huddled together in bed, you both reel in from the afterglow, talking to each other and giggling together.
You then decide to grab your phone from your bag as Jungkook rests his eyes for a bit.
When you lie back down beside him, he opens one of his eyes and takes a peek at what you’re doing on your screen.
“You’re finally deleting your Tinder?” he asks, his lips twitching upwards for a smile as he raises his hands and places them on the back of his head while he leans against the headboard.
“Yep. I’ve no use for it anymore. I literally haven’t opened it ever since you asked me to go out on a date with you,” you tell him, nimble fingers pressing buttons on the app.
“I deleted mine ages ago,” Jungkook reveals, sliding his nose on your shoulder in a slow and gentle rhythm.
You face him, curious. “When?”
He lifts his gaze up and smiles at you. “The moment you said yes.”
Tumblr media
It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re studying in bed.
When your phone buzzes beside you, you take a pause, dropping your pen.
JK ♡ [3:30 pm]: 
Tumblr media
You chew on your Snickers bar, smiling to yourself as you try to come up with a humorous response to this image he sent.
That was you when you saw me swipe left on your profile, you type back.
JK ♡ [3:32 pm]: YO THAT WAS ME FR
JK ♡ [3:32 pm]: 💀💀
When you’re about to type a reply, you get a text from your boyfriend’s frat brother.
Taehyung [3:34 pm]: hey bestie
Clicking on his message and opening the conversation, you key in your answer quickly.
Y/N [3:35 pm]: what’s up?
Taehyung [3:37 pm]: i just woke up. can u tell your boyfriend to cook me food plz? he won’t move 😭
Taehyung [3:40 pm]: this is him texting you btw
Taehyung [3:40 pm]: 
Tumblr media
Taehyung [3:40 pm]: he’s like that whenever he’s texting you
Gnawing down on your lip, you grin hugely like an idiot as you stare at the photo.
Babe, please go and cook your bro some food, you write to your boyfriend after switching back to your conversation. I need to go back to studying. I’ll text you later. And maybe you can come over and spend the night?
Jungkook, on the other hand, is quick to spring up from his seat after reading your messages, strolling over to the kitchen, whistling ecstatically as he prepares food.
You continue studying for twenty more minutes and when you reach the end of a chapter, you check your phone, grabbing it from your nightstand.
Thanks bestie 👍🏻, Taehyung wrote.
You then check your beloved’s message next.
JK ♡ [3:44 pm]: 🍆💦😘
Your lips automatically edge upwards, already thinking about tonight with your Mr. Right.
Your Mr. Right (Swipe).
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rendaze · 5 months ago
one morning stand (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ featuring . . . dom nerd!jungkook x gn!reader
+ summary . . . in which you and jungkook have one night stands with roommates and happen to be sneaking out at the same time.
+ genre . . . smut, fluff
+ wordcount . . . 7.9k
+ warnings . . . don't be fooled by the first half being fluff lmao; rough sex, a lot of dirty talk (jk will not shut up), heavy degradation (use of ‘slut’, 'whore', etc.), consensual slut-shaming (reader is into it), exhibitionism, cumplay, cum swallowing, unprotected sex, breeding kink, reader gets tied up at one point
Tumblr media
Most mornings arrived like a lover’s gentle touch, beguiling the horizon’s rays to surface with a golden grace; yours, however, often arrived with an acute headache, nausea, and the race to gather your clothes and dip before your one-night stand roused from snore-filled slumber. Though short was the list of things worse than hangovers, the dreaded walk of shame was often far more perilous with its intricacies and social hazards.
Between tossed beer cans and workout gear was a Chewbacca-themed alarm clock ticking away the minutes until it would wake its owner with a recorded growl. You, still in disbelief you had slept with a man with Star Wars paraphernalia, quickened your pace.
Some would call you tactless, but you were simply realistic. What else could come out of meaningless breakfast offers and forced conversations if not minutes wasted on both ends?
By the time you had wiped your face clean and thrown the prior night’s clothes over your head, the sun had arced through the sky with an obstination better suited for the winter months. For it was not the light that had awoken you, but the quiet rumble of steps falling down staircases as those who lived in the party house began their morning clean-up.
This, you’d argue, was the worst part of falling asleep after a hook-up: avoiding the ‘walk of shame’.
And it appeared as if you weren’t the only one facing this conundrum.
You opened the door to see a figure lurked near the hallway’s end, fluffy hair peeking at the crowded living room. The young man stuck close to the wall as if he were one with it, desperate to remain hidden. His coffee-colored eyes scanned the scene as if envisioning a multitude of escape routes and calculating their likelihood of success. His frown said that he wasn’t too pleased with the conclusion.
The sigh was a familiar one – one that had been directed towards you one too many times.
His shoulders jumped as if he were the hare to your fox, fight or flight senses kicking in at your abrupt arrival.
Jeon Jungkook. Captain of the debate team, frequent charity donor, homework answer sharer, your seatmate, and the last person you’d ever expect to encounter on a Sunday morning.
His neck, besmeared with an array of violent hickeys, whipped towards your standing figure. He shushed you with a finger to his pink lips – an image you’d seen whenever you would bother him with useless remarks in the middle of a lecture.
You crept beside him, crouched to copy his pose. Though you nodded, your mind meandered yonder. The Jeon Jungkook you knew from History and the Jeon Jungkook who wore beer-stained Hawaiian polos appeared as two separate entities. One you were familiar with, the other you were unsure of.
He fixed his hands through his hair and buttoned his shirt higher, clearing his throat with a demure smile better suited for school hallways than sticky trash-covered floors. “Hey, you,” his voice cracked, causing the ‘you’ to sound like two words smashed together.
“What are you doing here?”
“What do you mean?” His brows raised as if the answer hadn’t been right in front you – which it had been, in the form of violet blotches and scratch marks across his sun-blessed skin.
“Did you trip down the stairs and pass out?” You half-joked. It was arduous to imagine how the teacher’s pet who did algebra for fun could find himself in the same spot you were in. ‘It’s relaxing!’ He’d argue, before timing himself on his Samsung’s stopwatch and beginning another worksheet while waiting for the professor. You were more inclined to believe the scratch marks had come from some cat Jungkook had pet-sat than someone he had fucked a room across yours.
His doe eyes grew, as if both offended and bewildered. “Do you seriously not-” The approaching sound of steps slashed his sentence short.
They must’ve been done cleaning the living room – which meant they were heading straight towards you.
Jungkook had always been quick to raise his hand during lectures. It was as if he was in constant competition with himself, as no one else bothered. And his answers were always right.
You weren’t sure if this one was; not when he nearly dislocated your shoulder dragging you up to a stand, and especially not when he shoved the pair of you into the nearest room.
With the precision of a bomb defuser, he closed the oak door as silently as his sweaty palms could.
“Jungkook, what-”
He pressed the rough pad of his fingertip to your lips.
Imprisoned within the cage of your ribs, a nestled heart thud.
This was the closest you’d ever been to him.
In the dim room, light fragments leaked from the doorframe’s gaps and highlighted his face in soft shades. You thought about sunlight: how it travelled at a nearly instantaneous speed, how distant it journeyed if only to linger on him, and how, in its earliest hours, it turned Jungkook’s brown eyes into honey.
This close, you felt more than heard the pace of his breathing; the warm air caressed your forehead as he leant past you to make sure the door was shut.
The silence allowed you to observe the room you had been pulled into, though you found it to be less of a room than you’d given it credit for. While the floor and lower shelves were crammed with an assortment of shoeboxes and house slippers, the upper half was littered with winter coats and gear. In the limited space, you could hardly exhale without your chest touching his.
It was a closet. Jungkook, in his panic, had trapped you both in a closet.
Beyond the door was the loud banter and cacophony of people as they cleaned up the prior night’s apocalyptic aftermath. Crushed plastic cups. Mops against floors. Changed bed sheets.
The two of you waited. A minute passed. Then, another. And another. They continued to clean the area outside where you hid, each too-close step causing him to flinch.
Whether it be his proximity or your ennui, you could no longer take it.
“Okay, you might have a problem with being seen but I don’t.” Your movement stirred a response from his then rigid frame. He had to maintain his golden boy reputation, after all. You, contrarily, had no notoriety of which you were caged by. The general population didn’t care about you the way they did Jungkook. The simple miracle of him attending a party would already be made a spectacle by Monday.
He reached for your wrist as you clutched the doorknob. His pout (which was horrendously endearing) compelled you to pause. “Please.” He kept your gaze, as if it were an insurmountable fact that one didn’t go against his wishes when faced with such a guise. You loathed how he was right.
“Fine, at least entertain me,” you whispered. Already, he looked as if he regretted not letting you go. “I’ve never seen you at a party before. Didn’t think you were the type to hook-up.”
You’d expected him to flush at your confrontational assumption, rather than the raised brow and head tilt you were met with. “And why’s that?”
“Because you’re so… you.” At his look did you shrug, rattled mind settling for the first adjective it thought of. “You’re cute.”
“What? It’s a compliment.” You pat his head.
“What am I? A dog?” He huffed, blown air inflating his cheeks. He swatted your hands away and crossed his arms. You didn’t think it was a good time to point out how, in that moment, he very much looked like the kicked puppy he tried not to be. “You know, I’m not as innocent as you think I am.”
“Evidently not,” you said. “Or you wouldn’t be here, stuck in a closet with me, sneaking out after a one night stand.”
“Who said anything about a one night stand?”
Your brow raised. “You have a partner?”
The dark did little to conceal the crimson burn of his cheeks and ears. “No, but I’m just saying. I hypothetically could have one. You don’t know me.”
“We’ve been seatmates for five months, Jungkook.”
“And not once have we actually talked.”
“Unless I’ve been talking to your secret twin, I don’t know what to tell you.”
“You complaining about our prof everytime she gives out an assignment isn’t a conversation.”
“Only because you’re a teacher’s pet.” You huffed. While he might not have appreciated your circadian quips, you didn’t think it was the worst seatmate bonding time. “Which brings me to my next question: why’d you go last night?”
“I can’t go to parties like a regular college student just because I’m me?”
You sent him a pointed look because, yes, you didn’t think he went to parties like a regular college student. While you might not have known what he got up to during his free time (seeing as he didn’t have social media), you were certain that none of it involved vomiting in his grandmother's antique vase after declining a three-way with his dealer and her boyfriend – something that has totally never happened to you.
“What?” he whined.
“Who’s the lucky person that managed to drag the golden boy away from his studies?” If you were sure of anything, it was this: infatuation led people to the most unexpected of places. For what other reason would you stay entrapped in a closet with a man in a Hawaiian polo?
His hair, as wavy as a stygian sea, bounced as he shook his head.
“If you don’t tell me, I might accidentally start speaking too loudly,” you teased, voice rising in volume.
Panicked, he placed his palm over your lips. “Keep your voice to a whisper.” He sighed, relenting. “I… I came last night because I wanted to see you.”
You blinked.
“To see me?”
His bunny teeth gnawed his lip. “I’ve always thought you were kinda cool.” His hands rose to cover his overheated ears. “C’mon, you definitely know I like you. I always act like such an idiot around you.”
You didn’t know. How could you have possibly known when he never spared you a second glance?
Reading your disbelief, he continued. “You don’t remember the notepad incident?”
The cogs in your brain turned until a memory snapped to the surface; one of him leaving his desk unattended during lecture, and you ruffling through his post-it notes out of boredom (because for reasons unknown to you, he had dozens in numerous colors). What you weren’t expecting to find were short letters—if they could even be called that—written in the backs of them. They talked about infatuation and the art of unrequited passion, thoughts you’d never associated Jungkook to having. So engrossed in their messages, you hadn’t realized when he had come back. “Who’s this about?” you had asked him as he swiped his stationary back from you, face flushed.
“You said it was poetry.”
He groaned. “What about all the times I let you copy off my homework?”
“I thought you were just being nice!”
Jungkook pouted, his foot softly stomping in frustration at your idiocy. “I’m not that nice.”
“Then why didn’t you approach me?” You hadn’t seen him the entire night.
He took a step back. “You were… busy.”
“Oh.” Your stomach dropped. “Jungkook, I-”
“No, no,” he panicked. “You don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t owe me anything. Seriously.”
“But I still feel bad.”
“Well, don’t, it’s not like I didn’t… yeah.”
“Well, the past is the past.” You forced him to meet your eyes with a tug of his chin. “We can always make up for lost time.”
His adam’s apple bobbed. “What?”
Your hands trailed his arms, surprised at the hard muscle. He shivered as you blew on his ear. “I’ve always thought you were cute, too.”
“Wait, really?”
“Yes, really,” you giggled. “You don’t think I have good taste?”
“If you did, I would’ve fucked you last night.”
You liked this bolder Jungkook. The one who met your gaze rather than shied from it.
“Well, if you had approached me, maybe you would have.” Your hands trailed his chest. “But we can always do it now.”
“What? Now? There are people outside.” His words supposed one thing but the hands resting on your hips said another.
“Should’ve thought of that before you dragged me in here.”
He curled inwards. “Sorry about that, by the way. I panicked.”
“Yeah, I could tell.” You pressed against his chest. The rise of his heartbeat drummed against your skin. “But if you hadn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”
The back of your hand grazed his crotch.
The teasing motion awoke in him something you had yet to see. His eyes darkened as he took a step closer to you, hands spread against the door behind you. He trapped you between his arms, his breath cascading across your skin. So slowly did he lean in that your wrist’s pulse began to tick like clockwork, as if it too were counting the seconds until he closed the gap.
When he did, you were knocked breathless.
His kiss was rough, not at all like the way he pressed against you. It was soft and passionate. Strange yet comfortable. Everything and nothing like you’d expected from this Jungkook.
Your hands ran through his hair, tangled in its softness. He tasted like mouthwash and smelled like baby power. He was the definition of intoxication, and you were content to be engulfed in his waters.
Pushing his hair from his eyes, he used his other hand to drag you closer to the center of his storm, the music of lips against lips a resounding orchestra. His giggles as you touched his neck were just as melodious as he wrapped his arms around your waist as if the closet were a ballroom and you were its guests.
There was no need for violas or harps, not when he pressed against you in harmonic promises. Soft groans fell from his lips faster than wisps of smoke dissipating after a lit candle had been extinguished. More than the fear of getting caught, you thought of the pressure of his hand on your back and his nose touching yours. You’d lost count of the times you had stepped on Jungkook's feet in the dark but his smile never dulled. He was the sun to whom you’d risk lighting yourself ablaze for even just a moment of his warmth.
In the eye of the storm, you were but a bird, flailing about until you could take off with outstretched wings and storm-swept feathers. You had taken care of a bird just like that in your adolescence, young and injured. You nursed it to health until its wings could carry its weight across the ether canvas. The next day, you’d seen a pack of hunting dogs and feathers across the field. You never took care of another wounded bird again.
You wondered if that were you, rising only to fall. It’d been years, yet the memory lingered. Would he only stay for as long as you were risen or would he be the genesis of your undoing?
Jungkook was infamous for all the wrong things yet loved for all the right ones. He was smart, diligent, outgoing – but he was also awkward, arrogant, and obsessive, only caring about his grades even if it meant putting his peers down and eating alone at breaks. He did internships and extracurriculars all day and studied until the break of dawn, but with every second that his rare attention was spent on you, your delusions that he was telling the truth about liking you grew bigger and bigger.
You were aware of all of this and still you fell into the depths of his being so completely that to let go of him would be to drown and never resurface. You didn’t believe that it was his intention to be so beguiling, but it didn’t stop him from entrapping you in the net that you had crafted yourself.
He liked you. Three words, he had said. Three beautiful words. When he looked at you like you were the answer to every question he had been asking the universe all his life, how were you supposed to want to let go? He said it once more against your lips. Then twice. Then thrice, until you no longer cared if you’d wake up the next day and find that only feathers remained. And so, you said those three words back, even if it would be the cause of your ruin.
You had no want for his reaction to your scarce genuinity. So when he inched away to confirm that he hadn’t misheard you, you pressed against him harder. “Did you-”
“Shut up,” you were quick to reply.
His tongue slipped between your lips. He sucked on the muscle as his once shy hands roamed behind you, squeezing your ass. Motivated by your soft groans, he ground his crotch against your front.
“I want you to fuck me,” you panted into his open mouth.
For a second, he stilled, as if shocked by the bluntness in which your words pierced him.
“You want that?” he tested the waters, resuming your kiss.
But you were impatient. “Please, Jungkook.”
“You really want our first time to be in a closet where anyone could hear us?”
“Yes,” you said. You wanted it. Needed it. “You could fuck me anywhere, I just need your cock in me now.”
“Fuck, that’s so hot,” he groaned, unable to stop the jerking of his hips against you.
You smirked against his lips. “Really? Never thought my innocent little seatmate would be into this sort of thing.”
His eyes narrowed. “You really want me to prove it to you, huh?”
You played along. “I really don’t know what you mean.”
“You want me to treat you like the slut you are?” he teased. You shook, putty under his words. “You’re really sure?”
The dark rings in his eyes softened as he waited for your consent. His hands caressed the outside of your arms with a gentleness so sudden it gave you whiplash. Not that you needed his forbearance.
“Please, Jungkook, I want it.”
The heat between you returned at your panted answer. “You like being called what you are, huh?” The tone of his whisper made his voice that much more provocative.
“If I’m a slut, then what are you?” You eyed the marks on his neck with a grin.
He laughed as he dragged against your clothed core. His lips hovered over your own, smirking as you chased it when he pulled away. “You talk too much.” He tapped two fingers against your bottom lip. “Real sluts know what to do when I do this, don’t they?”
He pressed you harder against the door with his hips as you began to suck on his fingers. You had half a mind to tease him as he had teased you, but you had never been a patient person. Your tongue slobbered all over his digits as spit fell down your chin and onto your chest. You sucked and sucked; it rolled in your mouth the way you wanted to do to the cock rubbed against you. You humped him like a bitch in heat as his fingers reached as deep as they could in your mouth, trying to locate the spot that would make you gag.
He smirked at the sound when he found it. “Can’t even take my fingers? How is my cock ever going to fuck your warm throat?” His unoccupied hand applied pressure around your neck. You gasped at the new feeling and the delicious lightheadedness that came with it.
“Filthy slut, fucking some guy you barely know when you know I like you?” He grabbed you by the chin, forcing you to keep eye contact with him. “Had to watch you act like a dumb whore just for some cock when you could’ve had mine so easily, baby. I had to fuck some random chick because of how hard your little outfit made me.” He grabbed your hand and placed it over his clothed crotch. “You feel how hard I am? This is all for you.” He sighed. “Whoring yourself out for some other guy and not even offering me your services? I’m disappointed in you.”
The prior night had been a drunken blur, and you could barely recall how you grinded against the stranger you’d spent the evening with. Apparently, he had seen it all; how that other man had almost fucked you in the middle of the dance floor, lips pressed against your neck, fingers pinching your nipples through your top.
Jungkook grabbed your face. He squished your cheeks together until your mouth opened. His tongue swirled in his mouth to collect his spit. “Say ‘ah’,” he cooed, before dripping his saliva down your throat. He used his thumb to push back the bits of it that leaked from the corner of your lips. “Swallow.”
Your body burned as you swallowed both your pride and his fluids. He pried open your mouth after he watched your throat bob to ensure you had swallowed every last drop. “Messy slut,” he degraded.
His lips collided with yours once more. A nasty, wet kiss, that left your toes curling and lower stomach fluttering. He sucked on the skin all around your face, dragging his tongue back and forth as if claiming ownership over you in the messiest way possible. He suctioned his way to your collarbone, only stopping to help you out of your top.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned. “I’ve jerked off to you so many times – even when I was fucking someone else last night, I thought of you. Do you know how difficult it was not to moan your name? I can’t believe I finally get to taste you.”
“But I wanna taste you first.” You pushed him away to unbutton his shirt.
His defined abs were a surprise in itself, but they weren’t what caused you to gasp.
“Okay, I know now that you’re not my innocent little classmate, but I didn’t expect this.”
‘This’ being the two metal rods pierced through his nipples.
He snorted at your genuine reaction. “Yeah, yeah, geek in the streets, freak in the sheets,” he said. “Now, suck.”
You didn’t need his command to lower your head and place his pierced nipple between your lips. You lapped at the left peak, the cool metal resting on your tongue.
He only bothered to unbutton and lift his pants low enough to free his cock. It bounced against his stomach, rockhard and covered with pre-cum.
Jungkook was huge. And he knew it.
“You’re…” There were millions of words in the dictionary, yet none could describe how wanton he left you feeling. His hands gripped the base and tapped it against his stomach. A droplet of cum leaked down the side, and it took all your mental strength not to drop to your knees right then. “Can I please suck your cock?”
He pet your head. “You’re only an obedient puppy when you want something, hm? Bet you say that to all the other guys you whore yourself out to.”
He pushed on you until you fell to your knees. You kept your gaze on how he licked his lips and looked down on you, though it was difficult when his large cock swang near you like a meal to the starved. He slapped his dick around your cheeks and forehead, his pre-cum rubbing across your closed eyelids to your chin. He avoided your lips.
You thought yourself akin to Tantalus, a man cursed by Zeus to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches; when he’d go to drink, the water would recede, and when he went to eat, the branch moved out of reach.
“How badly do you want my cock in your dumb whore mouth?”
“More than anything.” Your hands tightened around his thighs. He still wore all his clothes, and the image was as teasing as the cock he continued to slap you with. “Only need you.”
“Oh, I know that, baby,” he said. “The question is whether you’re a good enough whore to deserve it.”
“Please let this whore suck your large cock,” you begged, taking a page from his book and staring up at him with puppy-dog eyes, mewling against his leg. “I’m just a dumb bimbo willing to do anything for cock.”
He, finally, tapped his length against your lips. You waited for his command before you licked the head, scared he’d retreat if you didn’t obey him.
“Open,” he said. A word you’d never been happier to hear.
Prepared now for his length, you held in your need to gag as you slid him down. His brow raised, impressed. “You must’ve taken a lot of cock down this throat, you’re too good at this.”
Deeper and deeper, he went. You winked when your lips met the base of it.
“You’re too fucking good, bet you have a line of guys dreaming about your pretty lips wrapped around them.” His hand pushed and pulled you harder, treating you as nothing more than a toy thats only purpose was to suck cock. “Do you know how my friends talk about you? They think you’re so pretty, baby. I can’t even blame them for talking about how much they wanna fuck you. Turn you into their cockslut. They’re so jealous that I get to see your cute face everyday. Of course, it’s not only your face that I look at.”
With the way your arousal increased with his every thrust, it was as if your mouth was connected to your hole.
The room filled with his heavy breathing. He bit his fist to keep quiet, conscious of the noise that continued to permeate the hallway a door away. You whined when he threw his head back, no longer able to watch how his skin pinked and his pupils widened at your ministrations.
Jungkook was ethereal, using your face as a glorified hole for his pleasure.
“Doesn’t take much to turn you into a cockslut, does it?” He pulled you to your feet, ignoring your complaints of wanting him back in your mouth. “You’re so easy that it’s almost boring.”
Every word out of his mouth made your core clench.
He turned you to face the wall and pulled your bottoms off to have access to your hole. You jumped when he lightly spanked your center.
When he noticed the ceiling hook directly above you, he grinned. “Lift your arms, slut.”
Your back to him, you couldn’t see how he grabbed one of your clothes and used it to tie your wrists to the hook. He adjusted it until he deemed you comfortable enough.
He pinched your ass, spreading your cheeks to reveal your winking hole. “Such a slutty fucking hole, all for me, isn’t that right?”
“Yes,” you said. “All for you, only you.”
“You probably don’t even need to be prepped, huh? Sluts are always ready.”
Still, he sat down on his calves and began to trace you with the rough pads of his fingers. His other hand held onto your hips as you began to buck around, the touch so teasing that it left you desperate for more.
You were no stranger to sex and the pleasure that came with it, yet Jungkook’s touch felt so different from all the others you’ve been with. Even your own hands, hands that knew your body better than anyone else, paled in comparison to his teasing movements. He would give you just enough of what you needed before retreating, leaving your body in a constant tug and pull of ecstasy and wanting.
And then his lips. Plush and soft. He kissed around you before diving in, his tongue making a home for itself in you. The muscle wiggled around to touch your tight walls.
“I knew it,” he groaned, losing himself in you. “You taste so fucking good.”
Wads of his spit were shoved into you with his fingers. He would gather his saliva and finger it as deep as he could, repeating the process until you were overflowing. It wasn’t even that he was prepping you, you realized, he just loved turning you into a messy slut covered in him.
He spat onto your ass once more, massaging it into your skin.
“I’d ask if you were ready for my cock, but I know you are,” he said, pressing his chest onto your back and rubbing his length down your crack.
“I need it.” You rubbed your ass against his crotch, enticing him to fuck you full.
So, he did.
“It slid right in,” he moaned. “Do I have to thank whoever fucked you last night for loosening you up for me?”
You wanted to watch him, but the knots above you were too tight to turn. All you could do was hang pliant, nothing but a body to be used for Jungkook. After all his teasing, he didn’t wait for you to adjust to his ginormous length before bottoming out. His pace was rapid as he jackhammered into you.
Your mouth hung open, brain emptied in pleasure.
“I’m gonna need you to be quiet, baby,” he whispered in your ear. “Wanna be a good slut for me and keep that whore mouth shut, hm?”
You’d been left drunk by his words alone, the consonants and vowels swirled in your mind until all you could think of was the shaft that dragged against your insides. Back and forth. Back and forth.
“Nothing but a dumb little fuckhole for me to breed, isn’t that right?”
It became more difficult with every thrust to hold back your moans without hands to bite on.
“You like that?” He delivered a harsh thrust into you. “Want to be nothing but a cumdump? Gonna make you take all my cum, have it dripping down your thighs as you walk home, forced to think of me fucking you every step of the way there.”
“Fuck,” you hiss. “Feels so good.”
“Did I say you could speak?”
You whined when his cock slipped out, fearful that he might leave you unfinished. Instead, he rustled through your fallen clothes on the floor. When he stood, you had a suspicion of what came next.
He shoved the wad of lace into your parted lips.
“Snap your fingers twice if you want out, okay?”
He slid his cock back into you, moving at a slower pace this time. He would pull out until only his head remained, before violently shoving back in until his balls pounded onto your ass.
“I think I like you better like this,” he smirked as he tugged your chin to face him. He angled your face side-to-side, as one would inspect goods in a market. After a moment, he nodded in approval. You could imagine what he saw: a slut with snot dripping from their nose, tears raining from their eyes, and new marks littering their neck replacing the ones before it. “You know what I’d do if you were mine?” He sniffed your neck, hot breath tickling your skin.
Your head shook.
“I’d fuck your pretty ass until it’s dripping with my cum. Would plug you up and have you walk around and attend class, feeling all of my seed in your belly with every little movement you make. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything without my help, hm, baby? I’d turn you into a dumb little bimbo who needs me for even the littlest tasks.” Your eyes rolled at the purr of his tone as he whispered every single thing he’d do to you against the lobe of your ear. “Good sluts take whatever I give them.”
“I need that so bad,” your voice came out muffled from beneath the fabric. You wanted to tug your wrists from where he’d tied them above you and feel his skin beneath your palms.
He caressed your nape with a condescending laugh. “I know you do. I’d train you to be the perfect cumdump. My cumdump. Would have you wearing the shortest clothes and bend you over every surface so that everyone passing by could see your messy hole. And you’d love it, wouldn’t you? Would love everyone watching you, knowing that I’m the only one allowed to touch you… until I ask my friends to play with you, of course. I’m not that selfish.” You tightened around him. “Oh, you’d love to be passed around and gang-banged. You’d be so filled up with cum that your stomach would bloat.”
Clearly, he had an exhibitionist streak (among a plethora of other kinks). Something you should’ve guessed by how quickly his pants tented when you suggested fucking in a closet. Evidently, you had the same streak, if your clenched slit had anything to say for it.
“You’re so fucking tight. I never wanna leave this hole.”
You were thankful he had stuffed your ruined panties in your mouth lest he heard your mindless babbles as you neared your climax.
His hips began to thrust even faster than you would’ve thought possible. Your heart spiked as each motion made noise loud enough for the outside to hear – but you could no longer care, lost in the sensations of his hard cock belitting you into nothing more than a hole to fuck.
“You take my cock so easily. Didn’t even need much prep. You’re just a common whore, aren’t you?”
You feverishly nodded.
He reached around you to remove the wad of cotton from your mouth. “Where do you want my cum?” he groaned, the words rushing from his lips as he chased his climax.
“In me,” you cried into your shoulder, barely conscious enough to not want to get caught. “I need you to fill me with your seed.”
“Fuck,” he moaned. “You’re so hot, you know that? Could fuck you for the rest of my life.”
In and out. In and out. His hips moved so swiftly that you could no longer think, sufficiently dick-drunk. He no longer cared about pacing, simply using you as a doll to get off.
“I want you to cum with me,” he said. His dominant demeanor faded as he desperately clung onto every inch of your skin, hand roaming your sides as he chased his end. His fingers began tugging at your nipples roughly, urging you to reach the finale with him. His words were breathlessly rushed as if they fell from his lips without thought: “Need you to cum, need to feel you cum around me. Shit. You look so pretty fucked out. Such a good slut for me. You’re doing so good, baby.”
Your orgasm crashed against you like a tidal wave, unexpected and violent. Your body thrashed against your binds, hips jerking back and forth as pleasure overtook you - possessed you, almost. Your hole pulsed against his cock, tightening around the length as fluids overflowed.
He jerked into you once more, his cum painting your insides. Soft expletives fell from his lips between praises as he gently rocked his hips into you to ensure his cum wouldn’t spill.
The sensation of his cock slipping out of you felt like heaven and sin.
You hadn’t orgasmed so destructively in… you couldn’t remember having ever experienced anything that came close to that. You weren’t certain if it was because of the risk of getting caught or because Jungkook was that good. Perhaps, it was a mix of both.
You shook at the binds above you, tired from your orgasm.
He wasn’t quite finished, however.
You waited, confused, until you felt his tongue lap your hole, sucking his cum out of you. Sensitive, your feet kicked at him to stop, but he was relentless in his mission to fill his mouth with his own seed.
Your stomach curled at the mischievous glint in his eyes as he stood. He pried your mouth open with his fingers before depositing all of his saliva-mixed cum onto your tongue. “Don’t swallow yet, baby.”
He leaned on your body with a softness that matched his gaze, his hand resting on your hip, his chest on your back. His fingers played with the fluids in your mouth, swirling it with your spit until it combined into a mess that ran down your chin (which he licked up and spat back in). Content, he finally commanded you to swallow.
The thick concoction ran down your throat slowly, becoming a part of you. You groaned at the heady sensation alongside Jungkook’s pliant kisses around your nape.
He gently untied your wrists from the hook, rubbing the skin from any soreness. When he was done, he rocked your tired body back-and-forth to soothe you. You crumpled onto his figure as if your bones had disintegrated to dust.
“We… We really just did that.” Jungkook had finally come back to himself, doe eyes widened as if he had broken from a spell. “Are you alright?”
You laughed breathlessly. “Yeah, you?”
He nodded, scratching at his nape.
The next few minutes consisted of an awkward dance, the pair of you picking up your clothes, constantly stumbling against each other in the process. Each time, Jungkook would avert his gaze to the ceiling or the floor – whatever he could do to give you privacy in the confined quarters of a storage closet. The silence was so thick that to distort it with words felt unnatural. He only spoke to tell you that the hallway was quiet, no longer occupied by the residents of the house, and that you were both free to leave unnoticed.
Even the goodbye was stilted, as if you had been possessed by beings other than yourselves during the incident and were now left to deal with the consequences.
Under the morning light outside, Jungkook flushed as red as a polluted sunset. He gingerly waved from where he stood, making sure that you got into your Uber safely (only after nagging the driver to escort you with utmost caution). Your lips parted, but the words wouldn’t surface. Instead, you settled for a wave back.
A smile cracked on his lips as he watched your car hug the corner of the street and disappear from view.
The next time you saw Jungkook was during a lecture. His glasses were back on his face, sweater vest tucked into his trousers. He looked nothing like the man who had fucked you dumb the weekend before, back to being the epitome of what you’d expect every nerd who took college too seriously to look like.
You took your usual seat beside him, unsure if bringing it up casually would make him uncomfortable. Already, his cheeks and ears were red, and you could almost feel the heat radiating off of them.
You exchanged shy greetings before returning to your individual tasks: him, pretending to rewrite notes (when really he was doodling on the corners of his notebook), and you, pretending to send a text (when really you were swiping your homescreen back and forth).
He shot you furtive glances when he thought you weren’t looking. His fingers drummed against the table and his knee shook as if he was working up the courage to say anything. Gone was the boy who had had all the words ready in the palm of his hand that morning.
“Hey,” you smiled. “Did you start on the final project already?”
His head whipped towards you, wide eyes and parted lips telling you he hadn’t expected you to make the first move, perhaps content to fester in the ruined classmate relationship after your somewhat strained goodbye post-rendezvous. How does one act after confessing your feelings and subsequently fucking in a closet? You knew how to react to hook-ups, and you knew how to react to confessions, but both? At the same time? Your head spun.
“I- That-” He struggled to gather his words as each consonant slipped through his fingers like fine sand. He, a past valedictorian, had been left dumb. “I did,” he croaked out. “You?”
“Of course, you did.” You laughed, the sound more metallic than you’d intended. “I’m gonna start next week.”
“Cool,” Jungkook replied.
The silence thickened the air between you like smog. The minute stretched on for forever, the pair of you waiting for the other to break the silence first in an unannounced game of chicken.
“I just-” “I don’t-”
Your voices overlapped each other, causing you to exchange awkward grins.
Jungkook cleared his throat. “Can I start?”
You told him to go ahead.
“I just wanted you to know that I meant what I said about liking you.” He rubbed his nape. “I didn’t mean for what happened to happen, but I don’t regret it.”
His gaze burned into your own as if he were searching for any clues as to what you felt. It was terrifying, the sincerity in which it pierced you. But you had no want to run from it. Not anymore.
“I don’t regret it, either,” you said. “Plus, that might’ve been one of the hottest hook-ups I’ve ever had.”
He blushed. “And about the ‘me liking you’ part?”
You dragged your chair closer to his. “After the way you treated me, how could I not?”
It took him a moment to compose himself, back ramrod straight as goosebumps ran down his arms at the turn he hadn’t expected the conversation to take. He anxiously glanced at the row behind where you two sat, teeth biting into his bottom lip in a way you found infatuating. You were thankful to every god out there that he had been caught in traffic that first day and forced to sit in the back row beside you. Jungkook, who had been nothing more than a cute, grade-conscious stranger at the time.
The minute it took for him to steel his nerves was worth it, you found out.
Just in time, the professor walked through the door and began taking attendance. You were so focused on waiting that you jumped when Jungkook’s hand began trailing up and down your thigh.
Your eyes widened.
“Did you really like it?” he whispered.
“Like what?”
“The way I treated you.”
There were thousands of ways you could’ve affirmed his statement, but you settled for a nod.
His hand moved up your inner thigh, nearing your crotch. The upward jerk of your hips caused a satisfied smirk to settle on his lips. “If you want to continue being my good pet, then don’t make a sound.”
So enthralled were you in his touch that you hadn’t realized that your professor had called you. Twice.
“Present,” you yelled, embarrassed by the startled shakiness in your tone.
“Good pet,” he praised, rubbing harder through your clothes. “You want more?”
Jungkook licked his fingers with a nymph gaze. With his free hand, he unbuttoned your pants.
Paranoid, you glanced around the lecture hall.
“Don’t kid yourself,” his low tone caused goosebumps to run across your arms. “I know a common whore like you wants to be stared at while being used.”
His hand dipped into your underwear, moving directly to your hole. He rubbed the area around it before inserting a finger into you, deliciously wiggling it around. His spit allowed it to smoothly enter you with a soft ‘squish’.
In front, the lesson had begun. Not that you could pay attention. Your focus zeroed in on the intoxicating slowness in which Jungkook made a toy out of you, hand moving back and forth.
“Can someone please read the first section on page 130?”
You froze as your professor began glancing up and down the rows in search of a prospect, disappointed at the disinterested gazes of her students. This would be the time that, like clockwork, Jungkook’s arm would raise. And yet it stayed, connected to you below the table.
A historical moment: Jungkook not volunteering.
Instead, he did something entirely different.
You gasped when he grabbed your arm and made you raise your hand.
“Great,” the professor acknowledged you, gesturing you to begin.
You quickly flipped through the pages, hands shaking when you realized that Jungkook wouldn’t stop. If anything he began to finger you faster, hitting the area that caused spots to cloud your vision.
Your voice shook as you read out the passage. Scattered letters chased each other on the page; your eyes raced to keep up with them. Had the words always been so small?
Jungkook had fingered you dumb enough to forget how to read.
“Though scholars believed that–” He pushed his fingers directly against your most sensitive spot. “–That, um, though they believed that–”
You accidentally made eye contact with a few of your classmates, their impatience with your slow pace making it hard for you to wring the words into sentences. Your voice came out breathy yet stilted, guttural stops after every few words.
When you finished the section, you leaned against the back of your chair in relief as the class resumed. Jungkook, however, was a stranger to giving you breaks, simply speeding his ministrations.
The feeling in the pit of your stomach heightened the faster he went. Your eyes bounced around the nearby rows to check if anyone noticed the slight creaking sound that came from this new speed, but were reassured to find that everyone was busy analyzing a chart on the projector.
When you turned to face him, you were pleased to find that half of his notes were in scribbles. You’d be quite offended if your tightness around his fingers weren’t at least a bit of a distraction to the star pupil. You had half a mind to joke about fucking one of your classmates to borrow their notes to lend to him just so that he’d jealousy-fuck you the moment class dismissed. You were just about to when you felt it – that tell-tale tightening.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, your legs beginning to shake. “I’m coming.”
His lips brushed against the lobe of your ear. “Cum for me then, slut.”
You breathed so heavily from holding back your moans that you became lightheaded, lost in the euphoria of your danger-filled release. The world was but a blur as you crumpled into your seat exhausted. You hadn’t even realized how Jungkook’s fingers slipped out of you, nor how he buttoned you up and kissed your forehead.
Above, the bell ringing signalled the end of the class, alongside the routine sounds of chairs scraping against hardwood floors and stationary being stuffed into totes and backpacks.
The two of you were left alone in the classroom, eyes finding one another in the solitude.
You grinned, still in a daze. “There isn’t a CCTV in here, right?”
He moved you onto the desk, hands gripping your hips. “Even if there was, would you care?”
And the answer was ‘no’, you didn’t. As long as you were wrapped in your seatmate’s warmth and greeted with his shy yet teasing smiles, you wouldn’t have cared where he touched you. What could’ve been a one morning stand began a series of trysts both public and private, and you both wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Tumblr media
thank u for reading!! <3 if u liked it let me know ! : ✉
Tumblr media
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aquagustd · 4 months ago
whipped - JJK
Tumblr media
↣ another day, another trend that you’re forced to participate in with your boyfriend. It was his idea but he somehow gets sidetracked, with his head between your thighs.
Tumblr media
pairing — tiktoker!jungkook x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, crack, pwp
word count — 5K
warnings/tags — college au, sorta established relationship, strong language, barista!reader, thigh kink (ofc), kinda famous jk, explicit smut — big dick jk, manhandling, exhibitionism, dirty talk, biting/scratching, hickeys, fingering, oral (f & m), hair pulling, clit biting, degradation, spanking, pussy slapping, squirting, deep throating, cum eating, choking, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, doggy style, unprotected sex, cum on chest?, aftercare
a/n — if you don’t watch tiktoks, that’s fine, he kinda explains it in the fic. I couldn’t get tiktoker!jk out of my head.
Rubbing at the itch on your forehead, you’re scrubbing down the counter with tired arms, switching from one to the other while your co-worker sits at one of the tables, giggling at her phone screen now and again. If it was any other day, you would ask her to help but you’re not in the mood for another argument. Today had been one of those days, the kind that made you regret ever begging for a job here at the café. You were forced to deal with two elderly woman who chewed your ear off about not having oat milk. Despite you telling them – multiple times – that you don’t handle inventory.
Then you messed up two orders, which was entirely your fault. But you know that it could’ve been avoided if Mina got off her phone for a minute and remembered that she had a job to do instead of taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi here.
“You’re so lucky,” she whines, face lit by her red screen.
Rinsing out the cloth, you untie your apron, finally, then set it in the drawer. You would ask her what she’s talking about if you haven’t heard complain about it a million times.
“He’s like…perfect,” she sighs dreamily, the same song replaying in the background as she drools at the screen, “how does it feel to have a famous tiktoker, who’s not only hot, but rich too, as your boyfriend?”
You didn’t think she was expecting an answer until she slots herself in front of you, eyebrow lifted in question.
“Did you know that he just hit ten million followers?”
You sigh, throwing on your jacket before fitting the grey beanie over your head, looking around her to find your scarf.
“I know.”
“How does it feel to have the JK as your boyfriend?”
Shrugging, you brush past her and switch off the lights, grabbing the keys from the counter. This is what you have to deal with every evening after work. Once she mistook your anger for insecurity, so you decided not to entertain her.
“Have you seen the girls in his comments? Don’t you ever feel even a bit intimidated?”
You shrug again, much more tense this time, “I don’t. To me, he’s just Jungkook.”
She chuckles, manicured nails tapping at her screen, “I find that hard to believe.”
“Well,” you begin, gritting your teeth, “I don’t care if you believe that or not. Here.”
Clumsily, the ring of keys slip through her fingers when you toss them in her direction, she scrambles to pick it up from the tile.
“See you on Monday.”
Hearing her curse under her breath, you laugh to yourself as you step out into the cold, shoulders hiking up when a particularly frosty breeze hits the back of your neck, through the thick material of your scarf. Perhaps you are nettled by the fact that Mina nags you about the same thing all the time. What does she want from you? To admit that deep down, you’re really insecure and threatened by Jungkook and his fans? Most of the time, you don’t keep track of what he posts. Except when he asks if you could make a video with him.
And he doesn’t mind. He knows that you’re a busy woman and have other things to see to before spending hours on an app you don’t understand. But you try to understand, for his sake.
Like the calm before the storm, you drag your weight up the quiescent stairway, knowing that it won’t be long before your dorm would be vibrating for the start of the weekend. You come to an abrupt stop at the end, seeing a black, hunched figure sitting against your room door. Heartbeat accelerating at your boyfriend’s bunny smile.
“Hey,” you grin, falling into his embrace when he rises to his feet. You giggle when he lifts your beanie a bit to kiss your forehead, hands clasped behind your back.
“Hi, I brought the noms.”
You inhale deeply, pulling away to see the brown bag in his hand, “what is it? Thank you, baby.”
He follows you into your room, shutting the door behind you while you set down the bag and unroll your scarf, scratching at the little dents it made in your skin after you wrapped it a bit too tight.
“I was feeling for curry, so I got that for us,” he replies, coming up behind you to prop his chin on your head, “but we can order something else if you like.”
Lifting the small container from the bag, you moan when the steam wafts over your face, jowls tingling when the spicy fragrance hits you.
“No, it’s just what I needed.”
He chuckles, helping you offload the rest of the containers.
You lick the side of your thumb, shrugging off your jacket before you get any gravy stains on the white collar.
“I’m gonna shower first,” you inform, peeling off your socks, “I feel gross.”
He nods, already digging into the rice, “okay, it’ll be warm by the time you get back.”
You hold your index finger up threateningly, “hey! Don’t start without me!”
He pokes his tongue into his cheek, closes the container slowly then flops down on your bed with a sigh. One of your plushies bounce onto his chest.
“I was just tasting.”
You share a look when your stomach growls, crying for food.
“Better make it snappy.”
Tumblr media
By the time you’re done eating, you’re too full to move an inch, sprawled across the bed with Jungkook’s head in your lap. He’s scrolling through Tiktok while you’re attempting to round up your paper. But it’s proving to be a difficult task with your energy running low and his lack of earphones. You’d just have to complete it sometime this weekend.
When he hears your laptop close, he turns his head to the side, doe eyes gleaming.
“You’re done?”
You shake your head, “I’ll just finish it tomorrow.”
With a pat to his hand, you help him under the blanket with you, cozying up to him with a blissful sigh. But he continues to fidget, and you feel your heart speed up with lack of sleep, the beginning of a headache stirring. Did you fall off to sleep that quick?
“What’s wrong?”
He tugs you closer to him, nose nudging yours when he sets his head on your pillow.
“Did I wake you?”
“I don’t know,” you laugh, rubbing at your eyes, “was I asleep?”
Goosebumps trail the line his index finger draws on the side of your face, creeping down over your back when you breathe in his heady scent.
“I think so,” he whispers. You lean forward to slot your lips over his, hiking one leg over his waist when his palms slide under your t-shirt.
“Missed you,” he mumbles against your lips, “are you tired?”
You smirk, “why?”
His gaze flits somewhere behind you, then to your chest as he props himself up on his elbow. You mirror his action, swiping across his chin with your thumb.
“If you’re not tired…there’s something I wanted to do.”
“Well, I’m not tired anymore. What is it?”
He rubs the back of his neck, not quite meeting your gaze, “it’s for a tiktok.”
You open your mouth to protest but he cuts you off, grabbing at your hands.
“We don’t even have to do much! Just sit here on the bed and cuddle. That’s all. It’s like seven seconds too!”
“It won’t take long. Please,” he continues to beg while you snigger at the way he’s behaving, “you know how much I like having videos of you on my page.”
You fiddle with the aglets on his hoodie, “I know, I just…don’t feel like…I spent the whole afternoon working on my paper. And then work was shit.”
He coos when you pout, bringing you into his arms.
You melt into his embrace, burying your nose in his hoodie to inhale his comforting scent, “can’t we just cuddle?”
Shivering slightly when his fingers run under the band of your panties, you tip your head up to look at him, chin pressed into his toned chest.
He sucks his lower lip into his mouth, little beauty spot under his lip disappearing briefly.
“Of course we can,” he smiles, lips grazing your nose, “after we’re done making this tiktok. It involves cuddling.”
You blink, mildly confused. “Fine.” As if you could say no to that face.
Goofy grin reappearing, he grips your head in both his hands and smashes his lips to yours. Before you can even attempt to kiss him back, he pulls away. Grabbing his phone and scooting up on your bed.
“Okay, you’re supposed to sit here,” he points at the pillow, fluffing the frills a bit then fits his hand in yours, directing you to sit against the headboard, “and…wait—”
You follow his gaze to your black Nirvana t-shirt, “what? God, Jungkook. I am not changing—”
“No, no,” he interrupts, lifting the hem of your shirt which has your cheeks heating just a bit, “you’re not wearing any pants under.”
Narrowing your eyes in his direction, you smack his hand away, “should I…put on pants?”
He looks to be contemplating for a while before he nods, “yeah.”
Sighing deeply, you walk the short space to your chest of drawers. By now, you should be accustomed to Jungkook and his weird requests. But this isn’t even the worst one. At least you don’t have to leave your dorm room this time.
“Yeah,” he whispers behind you, chest hitting your shoulder as he reaches over to pull out your black gym shorts, “these ones.”
You cock an eyebrow, “are you sure?”
He examines the clothing, smiling stupidly to himself, “these are the ones. Put them on.”
Yanking the flimsy material from his hands, you sit at the edge of the bed as you pull the shorts up your legs. He stands at your side like a puppy holding his leash, waiting for you to take him out on a walk.
Even if you are a teensy bit annoyed, you really can’t be mad at him for too long. With his big, doe eyes, messy hair and puffed-up cheeks. For him, you try to keep up with the latest trends on Tiktok but you don’t have enough time. Even if you say that you’ll spend some time on that confusing app before bed, you’re exhausted by the time you’re home from work and end up visiting his page only, then falling off to sleep.
You know that he has quite a large following, girls thirst over him in the comments, even if he posts a video of his right hand alone. But at the end of the day, he’s your man and you’re in some – most – of his videos.
Bending over to pick up a ball of socks that had fallen out of your drawer, you yelp when he smacks your ass cheek. Spinning around to glare at him.
“Couldn’t help myself,” he smirks, black eyes flashing, “I love it when you wear that. But then again, your ass looks good in everything you wear.”
You clear your throat, glancing at the bed behind you, “let’s get this over with.”
He nods, unlocking his phone as he sits in front of you on the bed, “the Wi-Fi here sucks.”
You chuckle, running your fingers through his silky hair as you peek over his shoulder.
“So, what am I supposed to do?”
“Well,” he begins without lifting his head, “I already filmed the first part this morning and then it’s gonna transition to me and you sitting here.”
You nod, “okay, and do I have to like…say anything?”
“Yeah,” he says softly, “I’m gonna be sitting like this…but between your legs. I’m just waiting for the audio to load.”
Yanking his head back with your grip on his hair, your eyebrows pinch together, “didn’t we already make a Tiktok like that?”
He wiggles out of your grip, nudging your thighs apart for him to get more comfortable, “yeah, but this is a different one.”
He holds the phone up to your face, “this is the first clip.”
‘Wake up in the morning brush my teeth before I see my queen—’
It’s a video of him, you can tell that he just woke up by his tangled hair and half-lidded eyes, holding his toothbrush before it pans to the side and cuts off.
“And that’s where we come in. I’m supposed to say this bit—"
‘Wow. Who are you?’
He points to you, “and then you say—”
‘Bitch I’m two-phone Baby Keem.’
Your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline, “that’s the song?”
He nods eagerly, “mhm. See. It’s just a short video.”
You stare at each other for a while. He’s waiting patiently for your answer before you nod and move up on the bed, smiling to yourself at how excited he is when he slides down and sits between your legs. Resting his head just below your crotch, he holds his phone up while you prop your thighs over his shoulders, fitting your fingers in his hair once again.
You’re familiar with this position, so he didn’t need much direction but it’s not like you could pretend as if his whole head is not…there. In that region…The region he claims to love so much.
He reaches up to knead your thigh, the other hand occupied by his phone, “it’s taking so long to load again.”
“It’s—” The words die on your tongue when he tilts his head to mouth at your inner thigh, tattooed fingers running over the delicate skin slowly “—it’s okay.”
Suddenly, you’re feeling all the pressure of his head between your legs, even more when he lifts his head up to look at you menacingly.
“I know you like it when we sit like this.”
Maybe. But you prefer other positions.
You try to hide how his fingers pinching at the meat of your thigh isn’t affecting you. Hoping you aren’t soaking through your panties and shorts because it feels as though the apex of your thighs has gone numb but too sensitive at the same time. Air a little warmer despite the window being left open a crack.
“Did it load yet?”
Shivering when he starts to nip and tug at the skin, your fingers twist in his hair.
“Did what load?”
You crane your neck to look into his phone, masking your arousal with anger, “idiot. The audio?!”
He flings his phone to the side which misses the edge of the mattress and clatters to the floor. You’re about to yell at him when he spins around and begins to kiss the junction between your leg and thigh through the fabric of your gym shorts. Your hands fall to your sides, mouth hanging open.
“What are you doing?”
He hooks your legs over his shoulders once again, adjusting his position on the bed to lie flat on his stomach, “what does it look like I’m doing?”
“What ab—” your eyes scrunch shut when he drags his nail down the centre of your folds, finding the outline of your puffy clit with ease.
“Fuck that. You smell so fucking good.”
Of course. He was that close. Obviously, he’d smell you. And it’d be easier for him to recognize your scent after he spent hours trying to suffocate himself between your legs. You should’ve known this would happen. Are you angry? No.
“Jungkook…wait, did you lock the door?”
He doesn’t respond, just lifts an eyebrow when he tugs on the band of your shorts. You raise your hips as he pulls the material over the globes of your ass, flinging it in across the bed to find his phone lying somewhere there. Abandoned.
Lip caught between your teeth, your fingers curl around the blanket when he lifts the band of your panties and it tugs on your folds, sticking to your pussy which clenches around nothing. One thing you always seem to forget about Jungkook, is that he starts off slow, takes his time at first before he loses his patience. By the time he’s done with teasing you, your mind becomes fogged with nothing but lust.
He mouths around your pussy, licking and sucking everywhere except where you need him the most. And he continues to grab at your panties, pulling it up, as high as it can go as you squirm with the friction that’s not enough. Grinding into the flimsy fabric while he paints your thighs with his teeth.
You hips fall to the bed pathetically when he clicks his tongue, spreading your thighs further apart for his greedy stare. He taps your clit once and you jolt, a whimper spilling from your lips while you feel your juices seep through your panties.
Feeling his hot breath penetrate the sodden material of your underwear, your hips jerk up reflexively when he taps your clit again. Harder this time.
“Touch me. Please. Want your mouth, your fingers. Anything.”
He chuckles darkly, “why?”
You groan, “why? Fuck Jungkook. Because—”
A gasp gets caught in your throat when he tears at your panties and pinches your clit. Caught between his fingers lightly, but the sensation has more arousal dripping down your folds, slipping between your ass cheeks.
“Watch your mouth.”
He draws his hand back and slaps your clit, dragging his thumb along your slick folds.
“S-sorry,” you choke, tugging on the sheets so as to not grind into his hand that’s running down your pussy deliciously, gathering your slick on his hands before coming up to rub tight circles on your clit.
“Such a slut,” he says clearly, voice calm as if the hand on your cunt doesn’t belong to him, “you seem to forget your place.”
Your nails pierce into your palms as he drags two fingers up and down your inner folds, moaning at how good it feels when he presses down harder, nearing your pulsating hole.
“Take off your shirt,” he orders, lips grazing your clit, “let me see those pretty tits.”
Swallowing thickly, your breath stalls in your chest when he sinks two fingers into your heat at once, tongue curling around your clit while you’re trying to remove your t-shirt from around your head. You collapse onto the bed, resisting the urge to play with your nipples with his vigilant eyes on you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.
“Jungkook, yes…”
He swirls his tongue around your clit, fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt until he finds your sweet spot, hooking his fingers against it when you cry out his name.
The loud squelching of his fingers pushing into your pussy is embarrassingly loud, slick dripping down his hand while he continues to roll his tongue against your clit. His hot breath, paired with the skilled movements of his fingers and tongue sends a spark up the length of your spine. You feel the knot build in your abdomen, back arching off the bed when he picks up the pace, reaching up with one hand to push you back down.
You’re buzzing with desire, thrashing under him as you hear him slurp up your juices sloppily, grinding his fingers into you with vigor. Pressing into that spot until you feel yourself reach the edge.
“I’m gonna fu—”
All you hear is the sound of the door handle clicking before you sit up on your elbows to see Hana and her group of friends standing at the doorway.
“Oh fuck.”
They stand motionless, and you’re trying to yank Jungkook away, shame washing over you as he continues to lap at your pussy, watching them from his periphery. You can hear them whisper, and you’re wondering why the fuck they aren’t going anywhere until you grab your penguin plushie and throw it in their direction.
Still gawking at your boyfriend between your legs, they make their way out and until the door clicks shut do you fix Jungkook with a shocked stare.
“Why didn’t you stop— Shit!”
He flicks his tongue over your clit at breakneck speed, adding a third finger to the mix as he sinks in and out, matching the pace of his tongue to have your thighs shaking around his face.
“I know you liked it,” he growls, the sound reverberating through your core, “I felt you clenching around my fingers when they came in. Such a fucking slut.”
He wiggles his hand, crooking his fingers against your walls, spurred on by his filthy words. The knot builds again, eyes watering while you jerk your hips up. Grabbing at the sheets, you spill onto his hand, screaming out his name as he continues to stretch you out. Heat washing over your body. He licks at your folds noisily.
“That’s it. Let them hear you. Let them know who’s making you feel this good.”
He suctions around your hole, drinking up every last drop while you twitch, still coming down from your high. You watch through blurry vision as he hops off the bed, the front of his hoodie drenched with your cum. You would’ve been embarrassed, if it wasn’t a regular thing with him.
Milky skin exposed, he balls up his clothes and sets it down on your desk, tugging at your hand to signal for you to sit at the edge of the bed. You feel desire recollect in your abdomen as you see him take off his watch. The sound of his rings hitting your nightstand is something you love hearing, knowing what’s about to happen next. You’re already salivating, core throbbing all over again when you see him roll his palm over his girthy length.
Delicately, he pulls your hair over your shoulder as you lie down at the edge, parting your lips immediately when he lines his cock up with your mouth.
You stick out your tongue, tasting the precum smeared across the tip before he nudges it against the corner of your mouth. Hissing when the wet muscle rubs against his frenulum.
“Look at you,” he grits, thrusting into your mouth experimentally before pulling out and gripping the base, other hand fitted tightly around your throat, “worried that your friends might see you but you’re still letting me fuck your throat. Knowing they can walk in again.”
You mewl, eyes flying shut when he pushes his hips forward, balls slapping into your face as the tip hits the back of your throat, causing you to grab his thighs with the burn. He draws his hips back, giving you some time to breathe before you open your mouth again and take him further, relaxing your throat as he grabs your hands in one of his. Holding it to the side.
“Fuck, just like that.”
Lips sealed tightly around his cock, your tongue presses into the veins on the side, eyes prickling with tears when he takes control and rocks against your face, throwing his head back while his fingers press into the sides of your throat. Your spit dribbles down your lips, hitting the rug beside his toes which curl with pleasure.
“Such a pretty little slut, letting me use her mouth however I like,” he grunts, gaining momentum as he presses down on your sternum, thumbing at your nipple before hunching over your form.
You can feel the sweat collecting at the back of your neck, jaw beginning to ache when he holds his cockhead deep inside your throat, tears slipping down the side of your face. Whining around his length, your eyes fly open when his calloused fingers slide below your navel, stopping over your clit. Thighs trembling as he spreads your folds, pressing his index and ring finger into your heat while he grinds the heel of his palm into your clit.
“C’mon,” he growls, voice strained as you feel his balls clench against your nose, “give me another.”
You plant your feet on the bed, taking mangled breaths through your nose while he stretches you open on his fingers once again, still sensitive from your first high, you squirm and moan with his cock lodged in your throat. Burning when you feel your second high splatter against your thigh, messing your sheets once again.
His heavy cock hits your cheek when he pulls out of your strained mouth, dragging you by your ankle to pull you further down on the bed. The only thing you see before he spins you around and raises your back to an arch, positioning your ass against his cock, is the sweat glittering on his skin, hair dripping as it lays flat against his head.
You’re still buzzing from your first high, holding yourself up on tired limbs as he spreads you open with the tip of his cock, sighing out your name before you feel his hand meet your ass. Hands giving up while your cheek presses into the blanket, drool slipping out when his cock rubs against your folds.
“Good girl,” he pants, and you can tell by his prolonged thrusts that he’s trying to drag out the sensation. Feeling each vein press into your walls once he sinks into your cunt.
You’re babbling, hair sticking to your shoulders with how much you’re sweating, mouth hanging open as he splits you open on his cock. He twists you around harshly, pressing your knees into your chest as you both watch how his cock disappears into your creamy cunt, air creeping out of your lungs.
He directs your attention to his face with a hand around your throat, taking your bottom lip between his teeth.
“Such a greedy little cunt,” he grunts, eyes not leaving yours, “still want more? Want me to fill you up with my cum? Hm?”
You nod, rubbing your lips together to prevent yourself from screeching, eyes rolling to the back of your head when his big cock goes deeper and deeper with each ruthless thrust.
If you weren’t so fucked out, you would notice that he’s quiet once he’s close to the edge, eyebrows knitted together as he concentrates, rolling off the last bit of energy as he chases his high. He whimpers when your walls close around him, hissing when your nails draw lines down his back.
“Fucking hell,” he groans, cock twitching inside you as his thrusts become shallow. His eyes lock with yours, wet hair brushing your forehead before he kneels on the bed and sets down your legs, index finger flicking at your clit twice before your mind goes blank for the third time tonight.
“I’m cumming, fuck—“
He thrusts into his fist, directing the hot spurts of cum onto your chest with a drawn-out groan of your name. You gasp when some hits your chin, dripping down your sides filthily.
You’re lax in his arms, reaching up half-heartedly to help him clean you up and change the beddings. Sitting at your desk, you watch as he struggles to fit on the sheet. You would’ve helped but he insisted that he could do it himself. Smiling tiredly, you thank him as he tucks you in, leaving the blanket folded over so he can join you in bed.
“Are you feeling cold? Do you want me to close the window?”
Humming, you roll over onto your side under the blanket, unable to fight the exhaustion any longer, especially when the fresh sheets feel so good against your skin. Behind closed lids, you sense the change in lighting after he settles in behind you, pecking the skin of your shoulder. You’re about to fall off to sleep when you realize that your roommate and her friends saw you butt-naked with your boyfriend’s mouth on your—
“Jungkook,” you call, nudging him with your shoulder, “are you awake?”
“Yeah, what?” He croaks. You melt after hearing his whiny, sleepy voice, turning around in his hold to poke his cheek.
“Hana and her friends saw us.”
His mouth quirks to the side, eyes remaining closed, “so?”
“So? Are you kidding? I was naked and you were…I’m pretty sure they’re all fans of yours!” You whisper-shout, smacking his arm lightly when he pinches your ass.
He speaks around a yawn, cuddling you closer to his chest, “so what if they’re my fans?”
You blink, “I don’t know…What if they tell everyone and you lose followers…or something like that?”
His eyes crack open, face going blank for a split before his eyebrow jumps.
“Everyone knows I have a girlfriend. Why would I lose followers if everyone knows that my girlfriend and I fuck? Which they probably already know.”
Your cheeks heat at his crude words.
“Besides, I could have one billion followers but only one would matter to me,” he says nonchalantly, shutting his eyes as if dismissing the conversation.
Pulling away to get a better look at him, you slide a hand over his tattoos, stopping at his shoulder.
“Oh yeah? Who would that be?”
His arms encircle your waist, sharing body heat as your form melds to his. Heart fluttering in your chest at his boyish grin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
as your lack of sexual experience starts to gnaw at you at 20, you ask jeon jungkook, your enemy slash friend slash bodyguard, to teach you explore your sexuality.
PAIRING jungkook x (female) reader
GENRE smut, crack (?), r18+
WARNINGS/MISC allusion to oc having shitty friends, virgin!reader, kinda spoiled brat!!reader lol, childhood friend-ish!jk, college!au, explicit sexual content specifically: oral sex (male receiving). awkward first times
NOTES is this still considered a drabble 🤔 anywho. excuse any grammar and spelling errors i did not edit this nor i think i will tbh ASGDKFBFFKC this is just a super random idea i had like last week and only got the time to finish it today sauuurrr. scream at me in my inbox if you liked this ☝🏼 also tell me if you want to see more of this couple cos i think i have a vision for them hmmm. enjoy reading bffs mwahh
Tumblr media
You could never count in your hands the times people told you how unpredictable you are. Sometimes, you take the comment lightly when it's said in an amused tone, but oftentimes, the intention is to scold you – and the words are usually delivered by your always disappointed father.
Honestly, you couldn't fault him. You do things without deliberate thoughts, because you know you can get away with just about anything. As much as your father never gets tired of reprimanding you for questionable things you do, he's also a sucker for his one and only persistent child.
So you don't really think about anything much. Because you don't need to.
Now, you are unpredictable. People are right, you can admit that yourself. The claim makes itself true when one second, you do something good – like being responsible with your father's credit card and not stressing out your two bodyguards – then do something extremely bonkers like booking a flight to the Bahamas back in your 18th birthday to impress your new friends (so they wouldn't drop you – but you'll never let anyone hear that part of the story) the next second.
Anyway, those girls did drop you. And as a result, your father got mad at you for being "so reckless". You were grounded for about two months.
You are so unpredictable that one moment, you tell yourself that you would never fuck Jungkook – your childhood friend – when Jimin teased you about him then asking him to fuck you the next.
Jungkook had been so shocked. So dramatic, he even dropped his coffee from his sad Starbacks breakfast meal.
"I asked, if you could teach me how to do sex." You emphasized the words by prolonging each syllable, scooting closer to him so the people around wouldn't hear you.
Jungkook gawked at you. "Do what?"
"Jungkook, do you have ear problems? Do you not clean these bad boys?" You took his earlobes in between your fingers and grabbed them lightly, causing him to hiss and swat at your arms.
You pout.
He said your name in a stern voice. "Be serious," Jungkook added, making your frown deepen. He always takes things too seriously, you thought. "What did you say again? And explain it to me this time."
You rolled your eyes as you hissed under your breath, "So demanding," That earned you a glare. Plopping your back to the bench, you cross your arms and start to speak. "Well, I've just been doing some thinking –"
You had squinted your eyes at him, hitting his bicep at his seemingly malicious tone.
But anyway, you managed to get back to your train of thought and continued.
"I'm 20 and still haven't had sex yet. My friends don't tell it to my face, but I think they make fun of me for it. Also, I accidentally watched porn the other day. And… I like this guy…" You tried to think of what to say next, cocking your head, even though you knew you were definitely just starting to ramble. "And well. Lately I've been very curious how sex would feel like. I don't have a boyfriend but... I heard from the girls you're good at it." Once you finish your incoherent speech, you finally meet Jungkook's gaze. "So, can you teach me?"
"Those… were definitely words." Were the only thing that came out of Jungkook's mouth that morning.
He didn't agree to your request, obviously.
The truth is, you've been wanting to have sex ever since senior year of high school because that was seemingly the only thing your classmates would gossip about. But you've never had a boyfriend. Your father was way too privy about your personal life and you never really liked anyone to the point that you wanted to get naked in front of them.
You've held it in in highschool but these days… your curiosity is slowly eating at you. You don't have a boyfriend still, which automatically makes you have no one to do the deed with. And you don't really go to parties or to the bars or clubs. You also don't know if you're capable at flirting because you've never flirted with anybody – sole reason being: you've never really been genuinely interested in anyone.
Bottom line is, you want to have sex now but you don't want to do it with just any random person.
So you opted for Jungkook.
He's two years older than you, in his last year of college, but you've known each other ever since grade school. You both lived in the same neighborhood since you were children and your dad is really close with his parents and vice versa because they're business partners.
You aren't exactly "best friends", but you have a long history together and you guess, that is enough reason to be really close with each other – but not exactly in a good or a "friendly" way.
Your relationship is kind of identifiable, quite honestly. You have a love-hate relationship with the guy. Jungkook is like your bodyguard, he looks out for you, probably because your dad asks him so. He can not do it, though, and your dad was just joking that one Christmas party at your house when he told him that! But Jungkook does guard you, anyway. One thing he does is tell on your dad and that's what irritates you about him. But at the same time, years of being together made you develop this certain trust in him. Because he's familiar. He's someone you think will never hurt you.
So it makes perfect sense to you that he be the first ever person you'd do sexual activity with. The thought is not as terrifying as the thought of it happening with other people.
For days, none of you brought up what happened that dreadful Monday morning, and you pondered on it and realized how stupid that was. Really, you were just about to be embarrassed with what you did until Jungkook texted you three days ago.
annoying guy don't answer [12:07am]: let's do it
you [12:25am]: huh?
annoying guy don't answer [12:26am]: u took so long to reply i almost reconsidered
annoying guy don't answer [12:26am]: but anyway. what you told me. 2 weeks ago. at the uni's park.
It takes him another minute to tell you clearly what he's getting at.
annoying guy don't answer [12:27am]: i'll do it. I'll teach u stuff or whatever
And that was how you ended up in Jungkook's room, now kneeling before him with a pillow between your knees and the floorboard (because you whined that the carpet hurt) while he's seated on the edge of his bed, his dick out.
It was so quiet the moment he took off his shorts and boxers. You've never been the type to run out of words, but boy, were you too stunned to speak.
But you couldn't really blame yourself for your own reaction. It's only recently that you've seen a dick, and that was from the porn clip on twitter you accidentally saw from two weeks ago. You thought that the guy's penis from that video was already big… but Jungkook's is way bigger. Apparently.
You don't know if this is average size, you have no idea. Should you look it up? It's so… long, Jungkook's dick. There are protruding veins across the length of it, and the tip looks like a mushroom – which you found kind of silly, but you scold yourself for even thinking that because you're supposed to be serious. But it's really red. His dick is a bit fat too, and most of all, hard. It looks so hard that it stands stiff on his abdomen.
Overall, though, you can't help but think that it looks odd.
The thought is washed away, however, when Jungkook calls your name. You can hear a slight whiny tone in his voice so you look up, seeing a pained expression on his face. You don't know why.
"Don't… just look at it." He says, the red tips of his ears not lost on you. Is he embarrassed?
"Oh, I'm sorry," You apologize, keeping in mind not to stare next time. What you got from it is that: men apparently do not like it when you stare at their penis. Noted. "Uhm… I was just taken aback."
"It looks a bit weird."
You panic when you see an offended expression flash on Jungkook's face, quickly scrambling for words to revive yourself.
"No! I didn't mean that in a bad way!"
Jungkook scoffed. "Then what did you mean by that?"
"Uh – I just meant, uhm, it's my first time seeing a penis in real life, okay? Of course I'm gonna get a little weirded out? I'm not talking bad about your penis." You say as you realized he must've thought that you were trying to insult him – which was not any of your intention. All of this is just genuinely new to you so he's getting your live and raw reaction.
"Stop calling it a penis," Jungkook groans.
You raised a brow. "What should I call it, then? Jabba the Hutt?"
A comical gasp leaves his mouth. "You're starting to seriously offend me."
You jut your bottom lip out.
"I'm sorry–"
"Stop apologizing," Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Can we just start getting onto this thing?"
At the mention, you kneeled upright once again and planted your palms on his thighs. You've always noticed but now you really appreciate how they are so huge and muscular.
You take a deep breath. Ducking down further to Jungkook's crotch, you try to remember the Reddit post you've read fifteen minutes before you came over to his apartment. It was a quick read that you decided to do at the last minute because you thought that even though Jungkook agreed to teach you, you still need to do your part.
Tease him. That is apparently the first thing you need to do. The post told you to caress his thighs and – wait, what was it again? Your mind goes through a lot of things said in the mentioned Reddit post, jumping from one point to another, and you end up with a huge metaphorical block in your head. The words get blurred and your thoughts get tangled, and suddenly, you feel nervous as you stare at Jungkook's dick.
You hear him clear his throat, causing a pang of panic in you.
So you think, fuck it. You're here to learn, right? Surely, Jungkook wouldn't judge you if you're shit at this. Besides, no one's great at their first times, right?
You throw the lingering anxiety away and inhale subtly to gain some sort of courage.
Leaning down, you press your palms on his wide thighs once again, starting to kiss up the skin of the inner parts of one of them. It prompts Jungkook to jolt slightly, but it was barely noticeable, and you take it as a normal reaction, so you continue.
"T-that's really good."
"What is?" You ask meekly, eyelashes fluttering as you stare up at him to anticipate his answer. You always liked getting praises. Also, you need to take notes – at least only in your head. You're sure you'll remember them.
You find it weird when he avoids your gaze, but you shrug it off, listening when he says, "That's good you're doing that, kissing my thighs I mean." He clears his throat. "It's a good start. Gets your partner worked up."
Mentally writing that down in your head, you nod. You look at his crotch again, where his cock is still red and standing tall. Slowly, you wrap your fingers around the length of it, earning a sharp hiss from the man above you.
"Are you getting worked up?" You try to say, even though you're a little disturbed at how… firm his penis is in your head. You guess it makes sense, it looks hard so of course it feels hard. Above that, though, it feels warm, a contrast to your usually cold hands. You hope that wasn't the reason why Jungkook just let out that sound.
"I–yeah," He grunts. "You should… if you feel comfortable you should try to move your hand."
You hum. You adjust your fingers around the shaft of his cock. They don't exactly fit his circumference but you think you can manage, so you begin to slowly work your wrist up and down.
"Is this okay?" You whisper, looking up at him for an answer, only to meet his hooded gaze.
"F-fuck, yeah," He inhales a sharp breath. "S-some… it depends on the situation, but you can go faster than that."
You try to do it, and as Jungkook groans above you, you see the tip of his cock starting to ooze with something wet. You don't know what it is, but you think it's a good sign, especially when Jungkook seems to enjoy this whole thing.
As seconds pass by, you try to find a rhythm that makes him let out these certain sounds – sounds that weirdly make you hot, too. And as you do so, you find that he's only getting harder in your hold. You're curious as to why that is, but you don't want to ask him, afraid you'd ruin the moment, so you keep in mind to Google about it later when you get to your place.
"Shit. You're doing so well," Jungkook hisses as you press your thumb to the tip of his cock. You think you read that from the Reddit post. "And this is really embarrassing but I might not last if you keep doing that."
"What do you mean?"
"It means I'm going to cum anytime soon."
"Oh," you nod in understanding. "But, uh, I haven't even put it in my mouth yet?"
A chuckle leaves his mouth, you get a bit scared at how attractive that sounded to you.
"Yeah, but what you're doing right now, it's called a handjob–"
"'Cause I'm using my hand?" You butt in, feeling enlightened.
Jungkook lets out an amused scoff. "Basically. So men get off by just this if they're really aroused."
"So you're really aroused right now?"
He stares at you for a moment, scoffs and then shakes his head, but there's a small smile on his face as he says, "Yes."
"So–" you cut yourself off, not knowing how to transition to the thing you're planning to do. You think it would be quite silly to ask, but then you remember that you're literally here to learn. Jungkook told you he's willing to do it. "Do I just? Put it in?" You ask, clueless and meek, referring to Jungkook's dick in your hand.
He nods, face flushed. "Yes. Sure."
You just nod as you stroke his cock again, which had gotten wet overtime, but not wet enough in your own opinion. As you look at it again, you get a little apprehensive, wondering how it could fit in your mouth. You don't think your mouth is that flexible.
Jungkook must've noticed the way you're hesitating as he says, "We can do this next time. Or not. Just do it if you're really comfortable."
So you look up at him to give him an assuring grin. "It's fine. Just don't judge me if I do a really bad job at this, okay? It's my first time." You say, with a hint of playful tone in your words, but deep, deep down, you're a nervous wreck.
Jungkook chuckles in response, and