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꘎ ۫ . ᘊ 𝗆𝖾 𝖽𝖾𝗌𝖼𝗎𝗅𝗉𝖺 𝗉𝗈𝗋 𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝖿𝗂𝖼𝖺𝖽𝗈 𝗍𝗋𝗂𝗌𝗍𝖾 𝗏𝖾𝗇𝖽𝗈 𝗏𝗈𝖼𝖾̂ 𝖿𝖾𝗅𝗂𝗓 . . ❀ ¡
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soft4chenle · 2 days ago
Do You Love Me Baby
Pairing: Biker!Jungwon x reader
Genre: Oneshot
Warnings: cocky, seductive jungwon!!
Word count: 1119
Summary: Jungwon has always had your heart, though you're not quite sure if it's vise versa, he feels like your ride or die, a soulmate, if you will. One night, your feelings bloom for one another like it hasn't before, and Jungwon shows you just how he feels about your presence in his life.
Note: the song I Love You - Young Slo-be inspired me to write this, so go listen to it while reading!! Thank you <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I know you love me." Jungwon said with a not so modest smirk, planting his arm onto the brick wall next to your head.
"Yeah? What makes you think that?" You challenged him and looked at him with serene eyes, expression equally as playful.
"Hmm, let's start with the way you look at me. Like this is the last time we'll ever meet;" He stroked your cheek with his free hand, "Or the 'accidental' physical touches. You know I know it's on purpose, right?" Your cheeks flushed soft pink, he was playing with you and your heart. Oh to be his forever ride or die.
"And you still tell me you don't feel a thing, and think I'll believe you?" The red haired boy leaned dangerously close to your face, eyeing your lips.
"But, who am I to doubt you." He leaned away, shrugging like he didn't care. That's what he was so good at, that's what drove you crazy over him. He's constantly pulling you in closer and closer, and just when you think you have him, he slips through your fingers again. But this is how you two played the game, always, since the day you met.
As he stood in a safe distance from you, you immediately caught your breath again, the warmth of his body no longer tangible to your senses.
He looked like an edit to the club music playing in the background, the magenta lights making his silhouette look almost like a sculpture, like he was waiting on you and you alone.
"So, what will it be?" Jungwon put out his hand for you to get a hold of, and before he could pull it back, you grabbed it as he smirked at your keen behaviour.
"Good girl." And with that, you were dragged into the mindless crowd, all dancing and swaying their bodies against each other to the same beat.
With Jungwon, it always felt like time was frozen, like no one else mattered in the whole planet, universe even, it was only you and him, the two of you, for each other. You always got lost in forever with him, he was addicting like the strongest drug. He had such a magnetic presence.
You put your arms around his neck, his hands found your waist ever so softly, moving it around with his digits to the rythm of the song. You would give anything to stay like this till the end of time.
The red haired boy leaned his head into the crook of your neck, closing his eyes as he basked in the vague scent of your expensive cologne, the natural aroma of your hair, and every speck of you. His senses filled up with your presence, as if all of his pheromones reacted with yours. He never felt like this with anyone else before, none of his bike partners, none of his link ups, none of his random one night crushes ever made him feel just as electrified as you. It always came back to you.
Your bodies heated up simultaneously, like the both of you needed more. More of the never ending memories, more of the euphoric nights spent together, more of the innocent touches that sent shivers down your spine, more of each other.
You tilted his head up softly from its resting position, and looked into his eyes deeply. He stared back with lovestruck eyes, you could practically see the hearts flying around in his pupils. Your hands found his temple as you locked your fingers together, and with every second passing, you were one inch closer, feeling his soft breath on your lips. His own found yours, moving it softly against yours. His sweet lips felt like a trophy, a trophy that was finally yours, something you've always longed for.
He smiled attractively into the kiss, causing the butterflies in your stomach to awaken.
"Stop smiling, I can't kiss you properly." You mumbled against his lips with a faux annoyed tone, to which he giggled, his hands never leaving your waistline.
"My bad, mrs. Kiss expert." He joked, earning you to grimace at him madly.
"Wanna ride?" He asked alluringly, and of course, your answer was yes, as always, just like on every night you needed a lift, or just wanted to feel free together with Jungwon, riding in the bustling city, atop of the still waters of the tranquil river.
And so you followed your soulmate outside, grabbing the helmet you picked out with him from a store, and putting it on tightly. You sat comfortably behind him, adjusting in your seat, wrapping your arms around his waist firmly, to grant you safety.
"You ready?" He looked back at you, smiling as he anticipated the ride of your lives.
"Ready." You said back just as excited. The impact of the speed he set off at slightly startled you, your hands grabbing ahold of his shirt more tightly, your head resting on his back as you closed your eyes. He never went this fast before, it was sure an adventure, sort of like a roller coaster.
The adrenaline just kept building and building, and you remembered that one time when he told you that that was the exact reason he loved biking so much. It was something he could never stop doing. And you were someone he'd want to have doing it with him forever.
To him, it felt like you were the missing puzzle piece. You completed him in so many ways, and having you right behind him, enjoying it just as much as he was, made him have feelings he's never had before. Your arms around him never failed to send his heart into overdrive. The motorbike plus you equaled a double shot of adrenaline.
He decided to stop in the middle of the bridge he always liked staring off into the distance from, and you both pulled your helmets off for a breather.
You leaned against the motorcycle that was behind you, and soon after Jungwon decided to frame you against it, his hands resting on the bike, on both sides of your hip.
"You're mine forever now, you know." He tucked the loose strands of hair behind your ears.
"I've always been yours." You corrected him, as your feelings were always present for him only.
He smiled slightly, planting a kiss to the side of your lips, to which you were unable to contain your grin.
His lips found your jaw, then your cheeks, then your neck, and finally your lips, again.
You were free together now. It's only you, him, the night sky, and the thousands of city lights finding you two like the main characters on a theatre stage.
Tumblr media
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ni-kishimura · 23 hours ago
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○˚◯ 🃏. maturidade que não vinha,
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
˙⊹. pus sua felicidade a frente da minha
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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palajae · a day ago
no means no (unless it's you).
Tumblr media
PAIRING... yang jungwon x gn!reader | GENRE... boyfriend! jungwon, fluff, humor | WC... 0.3k | 'why can't he ever say no to you?'
Tumblr media
“i want this one!” you point as you look at jungwon excitedly, the hopeful expression on your face making it impossible for him to suppress a smile. 
he had a feeling it was a bad idea to come here, and right he was. he also expected the disappointed look currently on your face when he shakes his head. 
jungwon crosses his arms, trying his best (and failing) to be strict with you, “we can’t, y/n. remember when we said we only came to look?”
“yeah, but,” you glance at the ground while frowning and he sighs. 
“...just too cute,” you barely manage to mumble out. jungwon crosses his arms with a stern stare, “how would maeumi feel?” 
this time, you roll your eyes at him. 
“what nonsense are you talking about? you’re the cat person here.” 
jungwon lets out an exaggerated gasp and you hold back a laugh. “at least i’m not trying to ruin the perfect balance and harmony in our family by getting another dog!”
“it’s a stuffed plushie, for crying out loud.” 
he stands up straighter, “and?”
you muster your most pitiful look and clasp your hands together. almost immediately, jungwon attempts to avoid making eye contact. 
“please, jungwon? maeumi won’t even be able to see since it’ll be on my bed!”
first of all, why can’t he ever say no to you? and secondly, are you implying that maeumi's short?
the answer is- because it's you, and yes.
“okay, okay. fine.” he raises a finger threateningly, “but this is the first and last one.”
you walk out of the store happily, clutching onto your new dog plushie with one arm. jungwon takes your other free hand and interlaces his fingers in yours, and you smile before glancing at him curiously. 
“hey, jungwon?”
“yeah?” he hums absentmindedly. 
“did you mean it when you said our family?”
there’s a noticeable pause.
Tumblr media
a/n ▸ not @ jungwon having adorable maeumi and still choosing cats over dogs 😶 ??
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heeseunq · 23 hours ago
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genezpen · a day ago
hey pretty !! just wondering if you could do a Enhypen reaction to their s/o having pretty hips?? i love your fluffy writing style and obv take your time luv
hello bub! omg thank you for liking my fluffy writing <33 and i really do apologize for making you wait for so long 😣 tomorrow's my graduation day so i have to write this fast in between my scheds, i hope you'll like this still ㅎㅅㅎ stay safe, cupcake ♡
(lmk if u want an emoji or sumn! i want to interacte w y'all more ^.^)
heeseung: i personally think that hee would be into romantic things such as slow dances and dinner date. as you were swaying your hips during one of those night, eye contact never broken, he'd slowly caress your side waist. the touch that could make the hair on your nape rose the moment his hands palmed your bare waist because of that seductive piece of clothing you had on. it'll gonna be his favourite part of your body aside from your lips ofc lol. "hmm. you smell so good tonight. i want to pinch you."
jay: this generous man would surely buy you things or clothes that would compliment your hips the most! like tight gowns in parties to show off to everyone that his lover has the prettiest hips you'll ever seen and that's only his to touch and hold. smirk at their way then glare hot asf. he wont ever let go of you for the rest of the night, honestly speaking. "guess what i bought you?" "i told you, you don't have to buy me these coz i can do it myself, love." "no, no, you know i love doing this just to see you in those fit."
jake: i mean, he LOVES everything about you. most probably take photos of you to save a lot of them, some will even be stolen coz u look perfect even so. him having a lover who has the prettiest hips is enough to make him want to see you every minutes. he'll take secret photos of you while you're putting sunblock lotion on the beach then zoom in to your perfect waist when he's working his ass off. jake adore it so much, he'll look at your images if he missed holding it. "why are you taking my picture without telling me? i look ugly here!" "no you're not!"
sunghoon: your gym partner for life! oh gosh, sunghoon will most definitely help you achieve those pretty hips you want, joyfully. since he likes exercising, he very much love it to spend more time with you doing what he likes. it's a win-win situation for him. everytime you took photos infront of the mirror to see the progress, he'll come close then hold you by the waist. pull you down on his lap even sometimes just to advice you on some things. "i can offer you a better exercise routine at home than your 'favourite' instructor can." "oh shut your jealous mind off, sunghoon!"
sunoo: a simp. sunoo would think of it 24/7 lol he would even try to measure it on his own mind. when you walk into a room with a skinny pants and a cropped top, he'll smirk attractively at your way signaling you to come to him so he can hold it. most of the time, especially when you're waiting for him to finish working, once you're alone together, sunoo will ask for you to raise your oversized shirt just to have a clearer view of them. if you told him to back off, he'll playfully trade to do the same coz this man knows he's got everything too. "why not? you've got everything so i don't understand why you're shy about it. if you want, i'll let you see mine first then-" "sunoo!"
jungwon: compliments, compliments and more compliments! he's your compliment machine oh my :( his natural rosy cheeks would became visible everytime he had a glance at your perfect waist. soft supressed smile he have on his lips whenever he caught you looking at yourself infront of the mirror. "you look so good, i don't think i can let everyone see you in that dress, honey." "then should we just... stay at home?"
ni-ki: ah this playful guy won't let you breathe literally! lol once, he walked in to you laying on the sofa wearing a fitted jeans after going out with your friends. he sat next to you then compliment how good you look in those jeans, but right after saying those words he'll tickle you nonstop until you fall on the ground crying as he laugh at your condition. "i can't help it, your pretty waist is telling me to do so." "ni-ki, stop!!"
i'm sorry, this is so lame :( i tried to make it as gn!reader as possible but i don't think i achieved it(?) and i have no time to edit this anymore. i apologize in advance 🙏🏻😖
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siimjaeyun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
synopsis: jake sim doesn't do relationships, and most certainly does jake sim not do l*ve, a word he's hated so much since the age of five. he's broken hearts, destroyed promises and ahh yes, taken more virginity cards that he can remember. and when you're next on his infamous sim-list, he might just need a little of bit help not falling in l*ve.
genre: playboy!jake x classpresident!reader, smau
(ft.vice presidsent!jay)
warnings: mentions alcohol, drugs, smoking and sex
one: man whore
two: im an empath
three: sim-tiddies
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hyunsuks-beanie · 19 hours ago
Being a Parent
Tumblr media
Pairing: Young dad! Sunghoon × implied! afab! reader
Genre: Loads of fluff (with just a very mild hint to some smut)
Content Warnings: Young parent! au; accidental pregnancy; eventual marriage; a teensy hint of smut (in italics if you wanna skip that) but nothing specified; contemporary dancer! Sunghoon
Word Count: 1.4k words 
Mellow speaks: The second I got this request, I knew I couldn't stop myself from writing it. So I hope you guys like it as much as I do!!
Tagging: @sweethyuka @yedammi @enhacolor @axartia @hyunsuksmygod
What would it feel like to be a father? That was something Sunghoon used to find himself wondering from a rather young age, taking pride in the way his little sister would always run up to him whenever she had any trouble, confident that her brother would be able to look out for her. Because looking out for kids was one thing Sunghoon was sure he could do pretty well, and if he could be a good elder brother to a girl who wasn't much younger than him, he definitely could be a good dad to his own child, right?
That's what he used to think anyway, until he entered his teens and that question, the one that his child-self believed would be the question he'd find the answer to as soon as he became an adult, took a backseat and let the pains of growing up take the spotlight. But then again, it wasn't like the thought had left his mind altogether, coming back to hit him with full force when you stepped into his life, like a ray of sunshine or a star shooting just for him. 
And with that thought came along a flurry of other thoughts, some of them sweet as a cherry and the others.....a different kind of sweet, but all of them about you. You, and the future he could have with you, about the family he could have with you, because even at the tender age of 17, he knew you were the one he was going to spend his life with. Call him a hormonal teen, if you will, but in all honesty, what he felt for you was was so much more than he could explain in words, a warm feeling blooming in his chest every time he looked at you.
"I just can't wait to start a life with you," was what he always used to tell you, the softest of smiles playing at his lips as you leaned in to kiss him. You were all he wanted in life, and the mere fact that you actually were on the same page as him, despite being so young, was enough to make him fall even more in love, if that was possible. But still, despite dreaming about having a family with you one day every living moment, nothing could have prepared him to take in those two red lines on the pregnancy kit you showed him, just a little over two years later.
And to think it wasn't only your first time, but his too, the pink fever of your birthday having had culminated in feverish hands exploring the other's body, wet kisses being pressed to your skin while your arms found themselves getting wrapped around your boyfriend's torso, welcoming a new dawn of your life, together with him. What your teensy tripsy selves didn't notice, however, was how you had forgotten to do something important before taking the leap.
The result? Your stomach growing barely months after you moved in with him, something that you had been looking forward to only a little too much. You had always wanted it, had always wanted to be able to call him your baby daddy. But never could you have thought that you'd get to do so this quickly. It was scary, to be honest, scarier than anything else you've ever had to face before. In that moment, your mind ran the gamut of what ifs, a fear gnawing at your heart over the prospect of you being left alone. 
But of course, your "I'm pregnant" was nothing less than music to your ears, his life-long dream coming true right before his eyes. Sure, he was scared too, more than he can tell you. But that doesn't mean he was going to leave you alone, not when you were going to give him his biggest joy ever. No, he was going to stay right by your side, holding your hand as you navigated through pregnancy and parenthood. 
And there for you he was, through your first ultrasound to the birth of your baby boy, with the promise of continuing to do so for the rest of your life. Being parents at this young an age sure was hard, with the both of you trying to juggle studies, work, and caring for the baby. Eyebags soon became prominent, and tiredness sometimes threatened to make you jittery, but the sound of the little one's laughter was enough to give you a boost of energy.
It was thanks to Sunghoon and your parents that you could actually make a living for the three of you, becoming able to work part-time for a couple hours after work. And your boyfriend was working just as hard, even going as far to cook you dinner occasionally when he came home earlier than you. It really was a sight to behold, and you just couldn't help leaning against the door frame, taking in the way he held your child in his arms, rocking him back and forth and singing to the him the lullaby that his mum used to sing for him. 
It wasn't easy though, becoming a parent at the prime of your age. More than once, it felt as if one of you would have to give up on your dream, and more than once, one of you was actually forced to bring it to a temporary halt, if not give up on it altogether. 
There were times when you took a backseat, opting to be a full-time parent for a few years as your child continued to grow up, watching his dad dance his way into people's hearts, his contemporary moves both beautiful and heartbreaking. But after every performance, Sunghoon found himself rushing to scoop his two favorite people into his arms, his smile betraying just how thankful he was for his partner and his son, tears of joy in his eyes as he felt two kisses being pressed to his cheeks. 
But don't get him wrong, because he wasn't one to let you win at the game of "Loving your partner," ready to put his career as a rising dancer on stake if it meant getting to see you nail that interview and winning that job title you had always wanted. He was your biggest cheerleader, an apron wrapped around his waist and a baby bobbing around in his arms as he cooked your lunch for you every day, never once missing his chance to kiss you good luck for the day.
Of course, it wasn't always sunny and cheery. There were days when you couldn't help but get into a fight, and days when you questioned what would've happened if it wasn't for your birthday all those years ago. But, in the end, every single time, you found yourself coming back to your son, and to Sunghoon. Because that was where your heart belonged, no matter the hardships. 
Marriage came along too, somewhere down the lane after having been pushed to the back for years altogether. But even if the labels the two of you used for each other changed, it wasn't like your relationship went through a major shift. It had always been the three of you, and the three of you were all you needed even after Sunghoon became your husband.  
Before you knew it, time had already come to see your little baby off to preschool, and that's what you find yourself doing right now. "You've grown so big," you say for what definitely feels like the hundredth time, sniffing your nose just a bit as you squeeze your son in a hug. He can only giggle while pulling away, a wide smile on his as his eyes flit over to his father, who sports an equally wide smile, kneeling down next to you. It's then that you notice how your two boys share the same smile, their eyes getting crinkled up and their cheeks getting puffed out as they stretch into a grin. 
And the realization gives you nothing but happiness, a joyful sigh slipping past your lips as you feel tears spill out. Sunghoon, though, is quick to catch on to your wavering composure, his hand swiftly getting wrapped around your own, helping you up as the two of you wave your son off, happy smiles adorning your faces watching him take his next steps in life. It's just the two of you then, your head on your husband's shoulder as you wait for the third one in your equation to come waddling back. 
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r-atatouille · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
. boy at the coffee shop 𓏲 ☕
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encorrectenha · 2 days ago
Heeseung: The clock is ticking! We don't have time for this asinine tomfoolery!
Jay: This unmitigated poppycock?
Jungwon: Extravagant hogwash!
Heeseung: Okay, stop.
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resomarsa8 · a day ago
When u kiss their cheeks (as bff)
Tumblr media
He didn't accept it at all when he was advising u like a father then u kissed his cheeks
He froze in place for a sec trying to realize what happened.
Then he stared into your eyes directly
flirt mood activate
Then he leaned closer to make u shy.
"I didn't know that you like my cheeks that much. I kinda like ur cheeks too" he said.
Now ... he is trying to give u a kiss on ur cheeks as u did.
He will run behind you till he gives you your kiss back.
u opened the door to meet ur bff Jay .
He threw himself on the couch beside u and u saw a bag in his hands.
It was a gift from your rich bff."here u r y/n ur fav bag" he said with a smirk.
U didnt believe it, so u jumped to him and kissed his cheeks excitedly while u wrapped your hands around his shoulder.
He was shocked and looked into your eyes directly "what did u just do y/n?" He said in shock.
U just looked at him shyly then nodded your head.
In one sec u found yourself pinned on the couch with a Smirk on his lips.
"y/n do u want me to teach u how to kiss?"
U were speechless so u pushed him away out of impressment.
But he didn't move and tried to kiss you on your lips. Saying "i want to teach u"
Having a clever and smart bff was smth on your side, u told him to help u with ur homework.
When u went, he started teaching u.
"I don't understand anything Jake".. U said.
He re-explained everything so u can do ur homework.
U can't stop admiring him because he is so handsome.
He asked if u r focused but u just smiled to him while saying "why r u so cute"
SHY Jake, no answer.
Then you kissed his cheeks while cupping his face in your hands.
Now Jake can't say anything except. "so u understood or .. do u want to do anything else" wink.
"Noooo" u said out of embarrassment.
He was so excited when u told him to accompany u in the party
So he dressed up and wore a suit to come with you.
When you first saw him u couldnt take your eyes off him
so he smiled gently and said while holding your hands to enter the party "I know I'm so handsome"
When u were there together having fun ... a girl came and asked u both if u are two together.
Sunghoon was about to deny but u held his hand saying "yes he is my bf".
Sunghoon was shocked but u looked at him winking and saying "right hoonie"
"then prove it" she said.
U jumped and kissed his cheeks cutely.
The girl giggled and you completed what you were doing.
Sunghoon is standing there trying to process what just happened
he is just WHIPPED.
U told him to come and have a sleepover party.
He was so excited so he bought a lot of things to have fun and visited you.
U were having fun together eating sweets while watching a movie.
"It's time to sleep" he said.
You nodded and smiled at him
Then he suggested doing skin care together.
You started to do his skin care while he was super relaxed while u were massaging his face and closing his eyes.
U couldnt resist his fluffy cheeks so u kissed it.
He giggled out of embarrassment and his face reddened.
"why u did that y/n" he said
"Cuz ur cheek r cute" u said.
SHY sunoo
he will cuddle with u till u both sleep just because u kissed his cheeks.
U were outside with jungwon heading to an ice cream shop
"i want two" u said pouting
"no.. It is bad for ur health" jungwon said
After eating ice cream u pretended that u were going to the bathroom
But u went to buy ice cream
"u caught red handed" he said.
He started to tell u the same thing he is telling u every day.
U were admiring him while listening and Then u said "u r so handsome while advising me".
"You're not listening to me y/n" he said.
U smiled at him then kissed his cheeks quickly.
Now he dont know how to react.
He is super whipped for you.
"Don't do this the next time" he said out of embarrassment.
U nodded then laughed.
NIKI was talking with u After the school.
U are together walking back home.
"My friend got a kiss on his cheeks from his female bff while i didnt" he said out of the blue.
U looked at him "what do u mean nishimura riki haaa" u said sending him a wink.
"I don't know," he said.
"What about buying ice-cream to eat?" He said.
You agreed.
Now u r eating ice cream together "it's so sweet just like u" he said then winked.
U blushed hard from the flirt even if it was simple
Then u told him to come closer so u will tell him a secret
And when he did u you kissed his cheeks.
His eyes widened and his heart stopped beating.
Now he is jumping and screaming saying "i got a kiss from my female bff"
He is a mess.
He is going to tell this to everyone "u know me and y/n r together Now Cuz She kissed my cheeks"
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binsuns · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ manifesto : day 1 ] jungwon
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enhais · 13 hours ago
Heyy could I request a yandere vampire royalty Jungwon scenario where his s/o is a literal angel, like the one who lives in heaven, and is really easily manipulated? Thank you so much.
vampire, yandere!jungwon — beautiful angel
content: vampire, yandere!jungwon x angel, gn!reader, toxic behaviour (obvi)
word count: 725
a/n: as usual, this is only my opinion/vision of them as yanderes, nothing else!
Tumblr media
you didn’t know how you ended up in the vampire kingdom. one moment you were out testing your new wings and the second you woke up in a dark room that made your chest tighten. there was a faint smell of iron in the air and drops of rain were hitting the window gently. you couldn’t take in much of the interior before the door opened, revealing a young man dressed in all black.
he made his way to the edge of the bed and brushed some strands of hair out of your face. you tried to turn your head away from him but with no success as he was quick to grab your chin, “don’t.” he admired your face with loving eyes, there was not a hint of evil intentions hidden beneath them. your chin began to wobble at the thought of never seeing your family again, you didn’t want to stay here, you didn’t want to die… he let go of your chin and brushed away the silent tears on your cheeks with his thumb instead, “shh, i won’t harm you.” his voice was gentle, nothing like how his visuals prejudiced. “i want to go home.” you uttered shakily. no matter how much you tried to move you couldn’t get anywhere, it was as if there were invisible chains wired around your limbs. the man’s eyes turned from caring to guilty, disappointing even. he shook his head slowly, “you were banished from heaven… don’t you remember?” your heart sped up by hundreds and your vision immediately blurred, “oh, sweetheart.” you couldn’t breathe properly, what was he saying? he put his hand on your chest to relieve the tightness with his powers, “i won’t get into it, don’t worry, you’re with me now.”
you soon learned that his name was jungwon and that he was a very respected man in the kingdom. he did everything to make you comfortable, but he also had his bad moments where he would punish you for thinking about your past, telling you that “you should only live in the present. with me.” which was easier said than done. there was also the issue that you were the only one wearing all white, not even mentioning the fluffy wings on your back. somehow everyone knew that you belonged to jungwon and therefore didn’t dare talk to you, and some of them didn’t dare to look your way. due to this, you were usually sad which frustrated jungwon enormously.
it was almost midnight when you heard a knock coming from the door. you were laying on your bed, reading a book you’d borrowed from the royal library, immediately sitting up straight when jungwon came in. “hello.” your soft voice always caused his dead heart to skip a beat, “my beautiful angel, you should be sleeping.” his hand went up to caress your cheek as he hovered above you. “i’m not tired yet… and, i-“ your eyes traveled around the room, too shy to look at him in the eyes, “i missed you.” as everyone else ignored you, the only one you had left was jungwon. you became reliant on him in a way. he was the one providing food, water, love… your confession made him drop his hand from your face, causing you to furrow your brows with worry, “i’m sorry, i-“ he was quick to kiss your forehead, “no, don’t. i missed you too.” a slight blush covered your cheeks and your lips turned upwards into a small smile. “now, will you tell me what you’re reading, hm? enlighten me, please.”
you told him about the story, cuddling up against his chest as he combed his fingers through your hair. “oh, really? the princess found a potential lover, you say?” you giggled, feeling a little embarrassed, “yes, but i don’t know what happens next.” you looked up at him in search of a response, “i think she’ll marry him and that they’ll live happily ever after, don’t you?” his eyes met yours before you buried your face into his chest, “you’re too cute.”
the love you felt from jungwon was more than enough to make you stay. as every day passed, you forgot more and more about your past and were instead engulfed in the feeling of looking forward to a future with him. and he loved every second.
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A Little Thing Called First Love | Volume 66.5: Quarter Moon! Epilogue Pt.2 Not going anywhere
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I love you Sunoo.”
“I love you more.”
Quarter Moon! Chapter 66 pt. 2: Not going Anywhere
Written By: Kim Gaeul
Illustrated by: Naoi Rei
Winners of the Strawberry Moon Seventeenth Anniversary Contest! Physical prints of Quarter Moon will be available on the strawberry moon website starting tomorrow.
A/N: And there it is the end of Quarter Moon! Although it is saddening that our journey with Quarter Moon has ended we are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our phases in this contest.
It’s still crazy to think that it’s over. Months of careful drafting and scripting suddenly coming to an end. I am extremely grateful for everything we have received with Quarter Moon. Our lovely phases, our friends, Mooners, our manager Yeonjun, our sponsors, my little but not so little Hyunseo and overall J.H we are so thankful to you all for the support. And to my Kim Rei thank you for helping me in bringing this idea to life. I couldn’t have done it without you. We hope that you continue to support us on this new journey. We love you all so much. - Sincerely Gaeul
Honestly I can’t believe it’s over. After months of meetings and drawing nonstop we have finally come to the conclusion. I’m a little heartbroken that I have to say goodbye to Quarter Moon but I am forever grateful for the love I have received because of it. To our phases, my wonderful friends, our sponsors, my darling manager Yeonjun, my bratty but sincere brother Riki, and my inspiration J.H thank you sincerely for everything you have done. I am honored to share this win with my best friend Gaeul, as she has trusted me with drawing her vision. Thank you all so much, and I hope you can support us on our new journeys. -With Love, Rei
And a special thank you to our dearest friend Y/n for convincing us to pursue this contest. We love you so much. ❤️
The End
Tumblr media
Previous • Bonus! Plot Summary • Next>
❥ Summary: Y/n is absolutely head over heels for Kim Sunoo. After all, he is her favorite character from her favorite comic, Strawberry Moon. But what happens when at the start of her Junior year of Highschool she’s paired with a boy that not only shares the same face as her lovely Sunoo, but also the same name?
A/n: Ahhh finally we have reached the epilogue of Quarter Moon. As I mentioned before I have created a post that will serve as a summary for both the Strawberry Moon and Quarter Moon plots if anyone is interested. Of course it is not necessary to read but it will fill in any blanks that you might have surrounding the storyline.
Taglist (closed): @missmadwoman @smolberry-ren @staysstrays @hiqhkey @acciomylove @sbnchaos @chirokookie @c9tnoos @myluckycat @bxbychxrryme @linoragi @mochisnlix @sunnyhyuck1e @lilacsxjoon @rinnqx @rionah @nishmrriki @blaaiissee @sunoosbestie @sh1mzu @aerinnies @lovnayeon @kyoyangwon @jwsflower @hiforfun @lil-iva @gyuville @caty-catts @cowstiddymilk @axolotlboo @solxrssun
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Manifesto: Day 1 Preview
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I would connect ENGENEs and ENHYPEN to the behind-the-scenes
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my secret garden ( ʚɞ ) chapter 11 : not so secret hangouts
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. . NOTES⌇sorry it’s been like ages!!! life caught up with me and i had some writers block for a while :/// but i’m back!! i hope you like this chap, it’s kinda a filler ngl. but soon the drama will unfold and you’ll have to pick sides on who to like more!!
. . SYNOPSIS⌇you’ve only seen jungwon from afar, being worlds apart there was no need for a popular and non-popular to interact. when you’re assigned as desk mates for the year what will happen? will you find solace in one another or just tear each other down?
. . TAGLIST⌇[status open!] @beo3gyu @hiqhkey @love-4-keum @rrvvby @mellifluousvn @lil-iva @myjellyboo @lovnayeon @butterflyy-ningg @mqndnolia @pr0dbeomgyu @soobins-gf @viagumi @i-yeseo
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a little more warmth
Tumblr media
✧ sunghoon x mommy!reader
✧ cw : mentions of food, slight angst, baby talk, little space (lmk if i missed any!!)
(not spell checked btw so lmk if smth doesn’t look right 😭)
Tumblr media
As you walked through the door of your apartment, you saw sunghoon sitting on the floor slouched over watching tv, you thought nothing of it since it’s friday night and he probably needed a break, not noticing the fact that he was little at the moment.
He didn’t greet you as he usually did so you passed it off as him being too tired and focused on his show to pay attention.
Recently, your boss’s assistant had quit so you’d been working extra hard trying to fill in their spot, while doing so you hadn’t notice you’ve been neglecting sunghoon for the past few weeks and barely paying attention to the fact that he hasn’t slipped in a while.
After taking a shower and getting the kitchen cleaned up, you decided to cook something up quickly for the both of you to eat since he was probably hungry as well.
Watching you cook, sunghoon picked up on the fact that you were cooking one of his least favorite foods when he’s little, spaghetti. When you called him to the to the table to eat, you almost didn’t notice how he dragged himself to the table.
Seeing how sunghoon didn’t eat a single bite while you were almost finished you felt something was wrong, since he usually always eats his food.
“Is everything okay hoon?” You asked, concerned.
“Everything’s f-fine” He uttered with a little quiver in his speech, still not picking up any food.
You sensed how he was feeling uneasy and on the verge of tears so you decided to sit next to him and hold his hands comfortingly.
“Hoonie, I want you to tell me what’s wrong.”
And that’s when he broke down into tears. He already felt upset, but your stern voice just pushed him to the edge.
“M-missed mommy!” He cried, sobbing into your arms.
Hugging him back, you realized he had slipped and you hadn’t been taking care of him at all these days.
After a few minutes, the sobbing died down but he was still whimpering in your arms. You decided to ask him what’s wrong.
“Can you tell mommy how you’re feeling, my love?”
“M-mommy been busy, she no make time for hoonie n-no more.” , He explained to you.
“A-and, mommy knows hoonie doesn’t like p-pasketti.”
You found his little grammar mistake a bit endearing, but more so feeling guilty for neglecting him lately.
“Mommy is so so sorry hoonie, I never meant to ignore you baby I promise. How about I make it up to you hm?”
He thought about it for a bit, then questioned “With what mama?”
You picked him up and sat him down on the kitchen counter and made his favorite breakfast sandwich, despite it being 10 p.m. He always loved the way you put extra details in making the bacon and eggs a smiley face.
As he sat on your lap, finishing his sandwich, you couldn’t help but lovingly admire his little face while eating.
“All done mama!”
Putting the dishes away and taking him to brush his teeth you apologized to your baby boy once more,
“Mama is so very sorry for ignoring her baby, she was too caught up with work but mama promises she will never leave her little hoonie alone again.” You told him, still feeling a bit guilty.
“ ‘S okay mommy, hoonie forgive you. He said while giving you a big kiss on the cheek.
“I love you so much sweetheart.” Kissing his fluffy cheeks and ruffling his hair.
“I love you more mama!” Snuggling deeper into your warm hold.
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사라진 너, 사-사라진, 희미한 유령처럼 사-사라진
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Tumblr media
synopsis: jake sim doesn't do relationships, and most certainly does jake sim not do l*ve, a word he's hated so much since the age of five. he's broken hearts, destroyed promises and ahh yes, taken more virginity cards that he can remember. and when you're next on his infamous sim-list, he might just need a little of bit help not falling in l*ve.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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