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Juni Taisen as Youtubers AU


-Haul Videos, critics expensive clothing and why it’s better or over priced. weirdly informative. 

-Self defense while looking like you’re not trying hard. Also surprisingly informative. Shows how to defend yourself while wearing clothing that isn’t ideal. 

Bonus: Special guest on her sister’s parkour videos


- Does those ‘Dad teaching you how to change a tire’ videos

- Easy cooking videos for single parents, how to shop on a budget. 

- Doesn’t have his daughter on very much for her protection, but talks about her using a cute nickname, and shows off any crafts she’s made him 

‘Today we’re going to make bacon and maple waffles, but first look at this macaroni art my sunshine made me’


- Bird videos. Proper care of pet bird and facts about other birds.

- Since she has a mental connection with birds she’d be able to get really close to dangerous or easily spooked birds. 

- Eventually gets hired by national geographic or something


- Cooking videos, mostly baking

- Does a lot of collab videos with Dotsuku 

- Breaks down complicated recipes and makes them in a way anyone can understand


- He doesn’t have a youtube so much as his grandson drags him on his

- ‘Gramps and I play Among us’ at one point Hitsuji is an imposter and has a small crisis because he doesn’t wanna kill his grandson. it’s really wholesome. 

- Gets his own channel at one point but usually to only play games his grandson shouldn’t. Any donations from streams he has goes into a college fund for his grandson


- Ships in a bottle, not very many followers but the ones he has he interacts with a lot. people start watching him just to listen to him talk

- Eventually does one or two work out videos


- Reptile care. Surprisingly informative. 

- No one knows how he gets his hands on some of the reptiles he does?? 

- Really wholesome about his reptiles but switches his personality when talking about people. 

- ‘This is a beautiful bearded dragon. She’s about two years old and is a great example of —- morph. Little do a lot of people know but they actually need a decently sized tank to be comfortable, and FUCK and those DUMBASSES as big brand stores who don’t know SHIT’ 


- Does one of those channels condemning big brand electronics and shows how to fix them yourself. 

- Does simple programing tutorials


- Those really unsettling videos that get uploaded sporadically

- Never the same location, always at night, he’s giggling in the background.

- Camera is unsteady

- Not sure if he’s hunting cryptids or IS a cryptid


- Does really fun bartending videos

- Subscribers vote on a bunch of random phrases and she has to make a drink to match the name they came up with

- Invites friends over to try it, and it’s surprisingly wholesome


- Talks about ancient weaponry  and how to use them



- Video games

- Plays demo’s and finds a lot of problems  for the creators to fix, usually leaves really nice reviews after he plays

- Subscribers vote for how long he stays awake while playing during live streams

- Collabs with sheep and his grandson a lot

- Terrible at any game that depends on dialogue choices.  

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(Finally! An Ask about Miraculous Juuni!)

Eiji actually started crushing on Kanade when he saw her during a judo tournament before they ended up at the same high school) and in the same class). He saw how skilled she was, how passionate she was about her chosen path, and how sweet/friendly she was to her teammates and opponents. Eiji also likes how spunky Kanae can be. 

But when Eiji is Ushii, he has to keep his feelings for Kanae under lock-&-key. However; Ushii does see Tora as a younger sister and cares for her as such when they’re heroes. He’s better with weapons than hand-to-hand.

Kanae, on the other hand, doesn’t care much for Kashii Eiji. To her, Eiji is just one of her classmates. But Kanae adores Ushii because he chooses to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do (and he might have also saved her during an Akuma battle). 

When Kanae is Tora, she tries to take the hero work seriously to impress Ushii, and while she’s disappointed that he sees her as a younger sister, she’s glad that she’s being acknowledged in a good way. She’s very good with the hand-to-hand combat stuff. 

(hope this answers your question feel free to ask if there’s something that you want to know (no real spoilers though))

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nezumi: tbh none of this would’ve happened if u stanned loona lol

ushii, pinned to the ground: what the fuck are you talking about

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Sleep Headcanons


- Light ass sleeper. It doesn’t take much to wake her up.

- Sleeps in a fancy nightgown, and has one of those ‘I don’t know what happened to my husband officer’ robes

- Has to sleep in complete darkness, with a window open. Has weapon close by.


- Naturally a heavy sleeper

- Has a hard time falling sleep

- Probably used to sleep without pj’s, but wears bottoms now that he has his daughter. His pajama’s have cartoon characters (a gift from his little girl)

- Bought a bigger bead so if she has nightmares, she can sleep without kicking him out of bed. She lays just the right way to take the most space 


- Sleeps in a tank top and comfy pants

- Doesn’t sleep very easy, and will fall asleep random places

- Has her bed against the most walls possible, has birds outside just in case. 


- Sleeps in tank top and shorts

 - Sleeps in a ball

- Falls asleep easily, but has nightmares


- Sleeps well

- Snores like a TRUCK

- Grandkids refuse to sleep in the room next to him, it shakes the walls.


- Tank top long pants. They’re custom made since he’s pretty large

- Has to have a ton of blankets

- Has a weighted blanket for his anxiety

- Sleeps pretty soundly, snores loud


- Sleeps nude

- If he’s sleeping next to someone he’ll wear SOMETHING



- Doesn’t sleep easily, has episodes of insomnia

- Wakes up easily

- When he does sleep, he will still wake up at least once a night and get a snack

- Sleeps in his computer chair by accident a lot. RIP his back and neck



- He has to sleep with all of them in bed with him, and will rescue them if they fall off the bed in the middle of the night

- Wears one of those really cute pajama sets, somehow found one that’s to big on him and so the sleeves go a smidge past his fingertips

- Has his friends posted outside so he can sleep


- Insomnia, nightmares

- At her worst point she would drink until she passes out, it’s the only way she can sleep (but she still has nightmares)

- Sleeps in a tank top and sweatpants, but usually falls asleep in whatever she’s wearing

- Has a body pillow she clings to


- Doesn’t sleep easily

- The bags under his eyes are Gucci - Help him

- Sleeps in expensive pajama set, perfectly fitted


- We know this boi king of sleep

- Sleeps in random places in the most awkward place. 

- Once slept with his eyes open, freaked out his classmates

- Sleeps a lot, but it’s never restful. Wakes up pretty easily. 

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Cooking headcanons


- Can’t cook, but wont admit it. She can kill a grown man without a weapon, but growing up well off and focusing on killing left her little time for hobbies, let alone cooking

- Baffled by most things. She can boil water though.

- Wil totally buy food and try and pass it as her own



- Was never really into cooking, but once he got his daughter this dude went all out

- Basically the way of the house husband level of skill. 

- He can’t bake very well though. He can make cookies but that’s it. 


- Can cook basic things, but don’t expect a five star meal

- When she does cook and makes something she actually likes, she’s super proud of herself. 


- Baking goddess. Cooking goddess. Is there nothing this girl can’t do in the kitchen?

- Will give lessons, and is super patient 

- Every meal makes you feel like you’re home


- Not a great cook, but does hardy home cooked meal. They’re not amazing, but they’re the kind of thing you’d talk about whenever you talk about your childhood. 

- Feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket.

- Cooks cost effective meals. Something out of nothing kinda deal. 


- Can’t cook that well, but tries. Does basic stuff, always improves every time he tries it. 

- Tries his best damn it

- Actually better at baking. He’s detailed oriented. 


- Don’t let him near the kitchen, I beg you

- Burns everything, has set multiple kitchen fires

- Banned from kitchen

- Has take out numbers memorized 


- Lives on take out.

- Disconnected the oven after the fifth fire Takeyasu set

- Can maybe make ramen, or one of those microwave meals

- Likes to sack, he never really eats meals?


- Salads. He can make salads. 

- Really wants to make cute cookies shaped like animals, but has no one to help him (someone do this with him, help this bean)

- Doesn’t cook a lot, burns things when he does, but it’s always somehow raw in the middle


- Decent cook, but doesn’t like to when she can avoid it

- Take out please!

- Who needs food when you drink the way she does?

- lots of snacks


- I don’t wanna say he’s as bad as Takeyasu…but-

- At least he hasn’t set the WHOLE kitchen on fire? 

- Burned through a pot boiling water

- Can make ramen. That’s it. It’s why he’s always eating out alone. 

- Salads are safe


- Can cook, is actually pretty good at it (cheats with 100 paths to make sure he doesn’t forget something)

- Doesn’t like cooking, to much effort. Will only do it on special occasions

- Can’t bake. Uses those cookie dough tubes. However, he has made cute chocolates before for a person he liked, never gave them to them so they ended up in the trash. 

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- Slays in heels, is that even a question? This woman could win a fist fight in three inch stilettos and look graceful doing it. 

- She probably was one of those unfortunate little girls that always had shoes that she could never scuff, and had a small heel to begin with. You know, the plastic kind that make you wanna die after 20 minutes as a kid

- Owns an ungodly amount of high heels. She does have some flats to rotate out for at home use, so she doesn’t shorten her achilles tendon from wearing high heels so much

- Will never admit her favorite shoes are actually a pair of Birkenstocks she keeps hidden in her room 


- Is the kinda guy who says it’s “probably not that hard to walk in them”, then falls immediately (his pride is hurt, please don’t laugh at him (but do it anyway))

- Can only do his normal boots. Anything else and it’s over. RIP

- Immediately had more respect for people who wear high heels after trying them himself

- Thinks they’re stupid, whoever invented them should be punched.

- Has a small fear his daughter will someday want a pair and hurt herself. Only buys her comfortable shoes because of this


- Wears them when she has to, not her favorite thing. 

- Does really well in them, but probably couldn’t do cartwheels

- Flat and comfortable shoes are better

- Probably secretly complains about them after wearing them for to long


- Please don’t make her wear them. Please. She begs you

-Only can wear small heels for a short amount of time, has maybe ONE pair of wedges


- Will not wear them on anything other than flat even surfaces. No she will not go on the cobblestone. Barefoot it is.


- Surprisingly okay in heels

- In his younger day he could probably stomach them, but as an odler man his friggin’ KNEES

- Loves sensible heels on women on special occasions

- The good gentleman who will never judge someone who would rather have flats at a fancy place instead of heels

- Pisses him off when you wear heels at weird times. 10/10 judging both Toshiko and Usagi for their choice in footwear while fighting


- Let’s be real, this gentle giant would fall just trying to stand. 

- Might be okay in a wedge, but he already drank his respect juice and doesn’t need to be subjected to heels to admire everyone and anyone who wears them

- If he had to for some weird reason, band aids. Lots of band aids. He would fall and hurt all over himself

- He’s the kind of guy that if he’s dating someone that wears them, he’d always have flats in his car/on his person just in case.


- Bro this dude is short and will hide it hell or high water ( 164 cm, about 5′ 3″)

- In canon he wears boots with a heel. Please don’t point it out, he’s sensitive and will set you on fire

- Probably found a pair as a kid and wore them to be taller than his brother, it lasted for five seconds before his brother decided to fly in the air, the jerk. 

- While he wears them on a regular basis, probably couldn’t do stilettos or a heel that’s really narrow. He’d roll his ankle. 


- Also smol bean

- Not as reactionary about his height, but also wears boots to try and hide it a little. 

- He can fly bro, at any point he can MAKE himself higher than you. Fight him. 

- Would probably be okay wearing a narrow heel, but would fall on uneven surfaces



- Never has bothered him to wear them, or at least he doesn’t let on to it. Catch him at the gym working out in them. Not only is her fitter than you, but he’s better coordinated

- Could walk a wire in the shoes, let’s be honest. He’s got skills

- Could walk in the most ridiculous shoes possible. 


- Does really well in heels

- Also more comfortable in a thick heel. She’s good, but not red bottom shoe good

- Also likes that it makes her taller. She’s about 5′. Let her have this. Please. 

- Comfort is a priority. She’d honestly ditch them if they hurt to bad. 


- You’d think he’s be amazing but he’s more…okay ish?

- He can do it, but he’s gonna have blisters

- Don’t make him walk on the cobblestone. He can do it but he may stumble. Let him hold your arm. 

- But damn do his legs look good. May wear them for a short time, just to prove he can


- Already has a slight heel in canon

- Surprisingly good at this??? How???

-Hates it, burning passion hates it, but can do it.

-No one knows how but he’s a natural?

-Will still get blisters though, and complain the whole time 

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Oh to be called a term of endearment,,,

Pet names from the 12

  • Ox would call his lover dearest most often, love or sometimes my love, and in special moments, darling
  • I like to imagine Horse a lot more country than he is because I’m texan,,, HE SAYS DARLIN’ AND I WILL DIE ON THAT HILL
  • Sheep says hon, my old lady/man, and when he’s joking The Ol’ Ball and Chain™️
  • Chicken likes cutesy stuff like sweetie, sweetheart, muffin, chickadee, DUCKLING
  • Monkey canonically says baby, she would also use babe and probably sweetie
  • I think Dragon and Snake would pretty much use the same pet names like babe and doll, and they way overuse everything. Do they even know your name?
  • Boar would call you darling and lover primarily
  • Rat… probably calls you your name to be honest, and he gets flustered when you call him pet names
  • Oh Tiger says babe FOR SURE and also,,, KITTEN,,,
  • Rabbit is hard to place, I feel like he would copy what he hears other people say, but he would also call you the most random shit ever. Lmao catch this man calling you his spare rib
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YES!!! I’m excited

  • He tends to get so caught up in his thoughts that if you hold his hand he wont notice until you point it out. He may get flustered but will try and hide it. It doesn’t work. You totally notice. 
  • He watches you sleep. It’s not to be creepy, but just listening to you breathe and knowing you’re next to him helps him fall asleep. You’re safe, he’s safe, it’s just nice to…exist with someone he doesn’t have to worry about loosing. 
  • He takes good care of himself, but it takes time. Anyone with long hair knows it takes forever to wash, really hope you have two bathrooms! 
  • Long hair is heavy, if he’s exhausted after a long day give him a neck massage. He will melt in your hands
  • Spent all his time fighting, can’t cook. He eats out a lot. Don’t let him even use the microwave, he will leave tinfoil on the food when trying to microwave it. He can make ramen though, and he hopes that’s enough to make you happy. He tries. On the plus side, he knows your favorite food and the best delivery service for it. 
  • He doesn’t get jealous easy (he has a lot of faith and trust in you), but he will side eye anyone who hits on you. His presence usually scares them off. 
  • The rare times he does use pet names, they’re fairly traditional. “Dear” “Darling” and “Love”. 
  • He doesn’t know how to relax, so  days just sitting on the couch doing nothing are hard for him, but he can relax in the evenings. Once he does, his focus is on getting the most quality time he can with you. 
  • When you’re first dating, he wont automatically put his arm around you when you sit with him. He’s awkward and doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Pick his arm up and wrap it around your shoulders yourself. He’ll eventually relax and start doing it on his own.
  • If you kiss his cheek when he’s not expecting it his brain will break for a few moments, then he gets flustered. 

Hope you like these!

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fun fact apparently the appendix at the back of the book has the meaning of the kanji for the character’s names and ushii’s (失井) is like

失 (derived from the word ushinau) = To lose something or someone, to fail

井 = means water well, its derived from his last name (樫井)

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  • Niwatori is sort of a chameleon, she does and becomes whoever she has to so she really doesn’t have a real sense of who she is…which is why I think she’d REALLY get along with Nezumi. He’s kind of in the perfect place to recognize that aspect of her personality, since he’s in an environment where no one his age is probably that comfortable with themselves as people
  • That being said, Nezumi does seem like he knows who he is and what he’s capable of, for the most part. Of all the members of the Zodiac, manipulating a place next to Niwatori seems like it may be difficult, if he was the one who approached her. If she approached him, she’d probably just sees him as disposable. 
  • Niwatori I think would actually let Nezumi take the lead in the partnership, and try to puppeteer him silent I think he’d know but go along with it. It’d be a constant battle of the minds with these two
  • Once Niwatori opens up about her wish, I think maybe they’d contect more. Nezumi would maybe be factual and tell her that no one is really that confident, and anyone who is is an idiot. Perhaps he’d use Boar as an example (if she was still one of the first to die and he knew about it). Maybe she should start doing things for herself instead of just acting like a mindless robot. 
  • I think he’d talk about his classmates, and how he hates them and the way they think. 
  • I think they’d make a good time, but it’d be all strategy and limited physical fighting. Super brain nerd squad, since neither is very physically adept compared to some of the other contestants. 
  • I think Niwatori would die first of the two. If she opened up enough to tell him her wish I think that would make her feel vulnerable, and cause her to protect him despite her better judgement. 
  • I think he died shortly after her, but she wasn’t alive to see it. 
  • I imagine that they died either to Rabbit, or Horse. 

These are just my personal opinions! I’d love to hear yours.

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