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#junior quartet

I caved. I drew more floofs. I’m stressed and they make me happy.

Anyway, here are the Junior Quartet being very chaotic on a night hunt. Ignore the bad dialogue. I am tired and words are hard.


Jin Ling: Russian Blue and Persian Cat Mix (I think golden Persian cats would just work well for the Jin Clan. Regal little shits.)

Lan Sizhui: Bombay Cat (WWX), Norwegian Forest Cat (LWJ) and Somali Cat (Wen Clan) Mix (Biologically speaking this is nonsense. I know that. But… He’s their son. Fight me.)

Lan Jingyi: Norwegian Forest Cat (This is just my default of the Lan clan now. I love this breed. )

Ouyang Zizhen: Burmese Cat (I did not do my boy proud here. There’s just nothing to go off of when it comes to his appearance. Every version is different. I need help.)

There we have it. It’s a bit messy, but I hope you all like it regardless. I’m going to go ignore my responsibilities and crochet an octopus now.

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Lan Jingyi: The moon sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

Jin Ling: So’s a Yuan but you haven’t told him that yet.

Lan Jingyi:

Lan Jingyi: You’re stupid.


Ouyang Zizhen, aggressively trying to get Jingyi & a Ling together, and Jin Ling, softly trying to get Sizhui & Jingyi together, and Sizhui shipping lingyizhen.

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Zizhen is the softest junior, 11 out of 10 soft, and here’s why:

  • Canon-wise, he doesn’t have a sad/tragic backstory. (Not that you can’t be soft w/ a sad backstory, but u get the point. Even if u consider his backstory to be sad he’s still soft)
  • the most emotionally mature of the juniors. The emotional support they do deserve, but also the one that they need.
  • Plants & flower crowns are his fav, pastels are his aesthetic. Subdued colors & pretty greens are his favs
  • Dandelions & lilies are his favorite flowers
  • I hc him as a pacifist, bc fighting & war is unnecessary death.
  • A little naive when it comes to certain things but also super observant and pretty damn smart.
  • Can accidentally manipulate ppl into trusting him by just being a innocent pure cinnamon roll, he’s so very easy to trust.
  • But if he wanted to he could be v. powerful in politics. Sorta like in a jyl way. Ppl underestimate him but he notices shit and refuses to let anything morally corrpt exist. V. strong morals.

Anyways ty for coming to my Ted Talk, stan oyzz or your kneecaps will perish.

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looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll: ouyang zizhen

looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: lan sizhui

looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: lan jingyi

looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: jin ling

cinnamon roll who could kill you: wen ning

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The Untamed / MDZS Characters as memes in my gallery part 2

Lan Sizhui, our precious radish

*pls pretend thats a sword*


Little dipshit, Lan Jingyi


Jin dramatic Ling


Ouyang who y'all always forget Zizhen


Sneaky ass bitch, Jin Guangyao


Our badass queen, Mian Mian


Hot bastard, Xue Yang


Shijie’s peacock, Jin Zixuan


Everyone’s dage, Nie Mingjue


Old man, Lan Qiren

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Let’s do summer!

  • Jingyi mopes the whole time about how hot it is the whole time. Sizhui does not know what weather is and it doesn’t hurt him. A Ling is slowly dying from the heat.
  • Zizhen is somehow not tired and tells the others to stop moping because he wants to go out and do something!
  • They probably argue about it for a while before Sizhui tells them to shut up and put the names in a hat.
  • Someone (cough it was zizhen cough) suggested they go to the zoo bc he wants to see animals
  • Ljy is down, jl groans and has to be dragged there, and lsz is the one who gets lunch and water and sunscreen, a yi! it’s good for you!
  • Zizhen is sparkly eyed and super excited the whole time. #OuyangZizhenAppreciationSquad
  • They’re all whipped for him.
  • The second they arrive, jingyi points at a peacock and points at jin ling. “I’ve connected the dots.”
  • “You didn’t connect SHIT.”
  • Zizhen coos over every animal in the zoo, bc he LOVES animals.
  • They split up midway because Sizhui wants to stay at the bunny exhibit for a good half hour. Jin Ling stays with him, not bc he likes the bunnies (tho they are cute), but because he is staring holes at the groundhogs the next exhibit over.
  • Jingyi and Zizhen run around the whole zoo in about an hour.
  • Zizhen’s favorite was the turtle exhibit, and Jingyi almost died when they saw a kangaroo.
  • They did have a meet point planned, but ljy and oyzz may or may not have gotten distracted by the mini-aquarium and forgot to shown up.
  • Meanwhile Jin Ling and Sizhui are frantically searching for the other two in the indoor bird area.
  • JL is convinced that they accidentally joined a cult again and Sizhui is worried because they probably forgot to reapply sunscreen!! Plus, Jingyi never stays off his phone for more than an hour!!
  • Dw, they’re just trying to pet the alligators!
  • They finally find each other again in the reptile section, and Sizhui lightly scolds Zizhen and Jingyi while a Ling smiles at their pain.
  • The last places that they haven’t been to are the area for cats and the giraffes. Zizhen laughs at Jingyi’s shortness for five minutes straight.
  • A Ling doesn’t like big cats (like tigers, lions) for some reason. The Lans once again wonder if he’s secretly a furry while Zizhen coos at the tiger cubs.
  • The Aftermath: Sizhui is once again emotionally drained, Jingyi is tired out by the zoo, and flops into bed as soon as they get home, Jin Ling goes back to internally gay monologuing and questioning his life choices, while Zizhen posts all the shitty photos he took of them onto Instagram.

yes this was kinda a crack post what else do you expect of me it’s 1 AM

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Ahh the timing of this ask is perfect cause I was writing a Truth or Dare fic with them (still a w.i.p., but it’s gonna be a part of the Social Media au) and it’ll be posted eventually. btw I’m still accepting ideas for it cause I’m not completely sure where the story is going. This is placed in a different au (modern-day hs).

Sorry it took so long to answer!! ;-;

  • it starts in lunch one day (they’re all juniors in hs, pretend jl skipped a year or smth bc we are ignoring the one year age gap) and ends with them doing some possibly illegal stuff. stay safe kids.
  • ljy is bored, as he usually is, so he starts a game of t&d with oyzz.
  • oyzz goes first, and ljy picks truth bc it’s the middle of lunch. let him eat in peace. 
  • “hmm… would you marry someone you didn’t love if they were super rich?” ljy says no bc he has standards.
  • and he doesn’t need to be a gold digger! he has a Ling right there—
  • ljy dares him to tell jl & lsz that he has a bf.
  • oyzz is a terrible liar. no one believes him.
  • jl looks at him in confusion and lsz is not sure whether it’s true or not, but congratulates him and ljy on finally getting together.
  • (lsz got that tactic from lxc.)
  • oyzz ends up a blushing sputtering mess and ljy laughs in “i platonically make out with my friends”, like the oblivious, beautiful, idiot he is. oyzz changes the topic by asking jl truth or dare.
  • jl, as a prideful bb, says dare. oyzz makes him eat two spoonfuls of ketchup, which he hates.
  • lsz says truth, and is asked how he feels about being named “to long for”. he feels attacked and offended, but answers something along the lines of “uh huh. that happened.”
  • they all have to go to class or something, but ljy continues it when they meet after school to do hw, like ppl apparently do.
  • Ofc, homework gets thrown out of the window almost immediately and literally. It was a dare, so jl yeeted his math out the window.
  • Terrible decision, really.
  • (Can you tell I have no idea what to write? I have no idea what to write. I suck at truth or dare.)
  • Then, Jin Ling makes Jingyi yell something at the esteemed Hanguang-Jun
  • Ljy, being ljy, goes up to Lwj, and in true vine fashion:
  • “i’M gAy—”
  • Zizhen has it on camera and bursts out laughing, you can see JL dying of laughter, and Sizhui is all smiles until his dad looks straight at him and all serious-like, says, “I approve.”
  • Sizhui and Jingyi are quiet while Zizhen and Jin Ling die harder.
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Half-Baked Quest

by Jump_Pilot

T, 19k, zhuiyi, wangxian

Summary:  In a universe where Jin Guangyao never joined the Jin sect, Wei Wuxian was never ambushed and the siege at the burial mounds never happened. Instead Wei Wuxian and the Wen remnants agreed to stay in the burial mounds in exchange for being left alone.

15 years later Wen Sizhui does not remember life before the burial mounds. In his curiosity he wanders down to watch the cultivators patrol and stumbles his way into a quest to reunite Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian.
Featuring four lost juniors and their distraught parents.

My comments:  Heh, this is a romp.

Excerpt:  “You mean you ran away from home to go to a place you had never been, and you didn’t bring a map?” Lan Jingyi asked incredulously.

“No. Why would I need a map? I can just ask for directions if I need them.” Jing Ling replied haughtily squaring his shoulders and lifting his chin.

“Well I don’t see anyone to ask directions from, do you?” Ouyang Zizhen replied crossing his arms and glaring right back.

“Enough,” Wen Yuan interjected “We have to pick a road, there’s no use arguing with each other.”

“So which way do we go then.” Jin Ling asked as they all turned to look at Wen Yuan. Wen Yuan stared back at them for a second before he realized they wanted him to pick.

“The left one,” he said as confidently as he could. “It seems to be going more straight than the one to the right.”

“Left it is.” Ouyang Zizhen said starting off again, the other two following right behind him. Wen Yuan brought up the rear confused as to why they had turned to him for guidance when he was clearly the least qualified of the four. He had never gone farther than Yiling City, how was he supposed to know the way to Lanling.

canon divergence, fix-it of sorts, everybody lives, humor, hijinks & senanigans, adorable juniors, burial grounds, a bunch of idiots, fluff, a Junior Adventure, crushes, friendship, wen sizhui, family feels, @physicistot1868

(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

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Jin Ling: Holy Dianxia, this dog is so cute!!!

JingYi: You said cute, I say absolute demon.

Jin Ling: Hey! Things can be cute and absolute demons. Just take you for example.

JingYi, smirking: Young Mister, you think I’m cute?

Jin Ling, blushing: What? No.

SiZhui: Can we get back to the part when A-Ling called A-Yi a demon.

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I have been scammed bc tumblr didn’t give me a notif for this ask and I just saw it rn. But I absolutely LOVE this idea even though it’s very illegal, 0/10 would advise unless you’re related to wwx, in which case go ahead & make him proud.

Wwx has basically uncled all the juniors (except his son, ofc) so they obviously have to follow in his footsteps, but with preferably less porn & alcohol, bc that will not end well in any scenario.

Honestly? I think they could get away with it. And you can’t tell me that lsz didn’t have a rebellious phase (broken a dozen or so rules and somehow didn’t get in trouble bc everyone sees him as the perfect lan disciple, so obviously it couldn’t be him! right? wrong.)

However, we love some good shenanigans, so obviously stuff goes wrong. and by stuff, i mean lxc (not in seclusion for plot convenience) happens to be wandering around, breaking the 9 to 5 sleep rule, but screw rules he’s the sect leader!

anyways, lxc is out questioning his life choices, as you do when wandering around a how-to stabby stabby demonic zombies school at midnight, when he notices a couple junior-sized figure running across the roofs. ofc, he, being lxc, goes to investigate and the juniors, being the juniors, scram.

it’s more accurate to say that ljy and lsz looked at each other and had a brain cell moment, and then proceeded to push jl off the roof. they someone don’t alert everyone at the cloud recesses to their awakefullness, and ljy gently and lovingly tells oyzz to get tf out bc he and lsz got this handled.

lsz and ljy do one of their completely platonic hand holds and almost kiss & pretend to be surprised when lxc interrupts. 

that’s right, it’s fake dating to save your friends from having to copy the lan rules 20 times over!!

lsz and ljy play on lxc’s zhuiyi agenda to get away scot-free. 

they regroup with the others after a little, and jl glares at them while oyzz happily greeted them. then, they get tf outta there.

idk the point of breaking out if they have to be back by 5 the next morning, and breaking out itself & going to the closest city would take abt an hour, but let them be :))

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1) it is totally alright don’t even worry abt it i loved it, and i would love to see u adding to some of my posts, as long as it’s okay if i add to some of urs bc i love ur hcs

2) thank you for asking cause i’ve been dying to talk abt this one for a minute—

  • jc, while skeptical at first, is so proud of his son nephew
  • ling had approached him when they (the quartet) were in the stage of “oh shit, wait we’re actually doing this, okay” to ask for advice
  • aka ling burst into jc’s office, shoved all his notes into his dad’s jiujiu’s hands nd started explaining everything (rambling is a better word for it)
  • “what the fuck, a-ling?”
  • “i don’t know, it’s just kinda, happening?”
  • a heavy sigh, “okay, so here’s what you guys are missing—“
  • and he, being the head of Yunmeng Jiang Corp., gives him the rundown on how to own and operate a business and how difficult it rlly is
  • he’s basically the reality check for the rest of the quartet who don’t know shit abt business nd helps coach them through the process
  • (they all start calling him uncle during this, but they’ll never call him that to his face)
  • every step of the way, ling always double checked with jc just to be safe jiujiu, i can’t fuck this up!!!
  • (jc loves that jl is asking him for advice on this, that he can still rely on him that jl isn’t gonna push him away now that he’s an adult)
  • so when jc actually walks into the cafe opening day, the pride radiating from him is insurmountable as the quartet greet him at the counter

this got long, so more under the cut

Keep reading

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Oooh I’ve been waiting for this—

since most of what i usually do is pre-slash stuff, let’s do romantic, fluffy domestic hcs!

  • since sizhui & jingyi are always the first ones up (though they are slowly forcing oyzz and jl to wake up earlier), lsz makes breakfast while ljy stays in bed poking jl into consiousness.
  • i hc that oyzz has insomnia, so his bfs will routinely stay up with him as long on they can (screw lan sleep schedules!!). he has good days and bad days, and no in between. 
  • sometimes they take shifts if one of them has to get up early the next day. ex: if lsz has class monday morning & ljy needs rest for an audition monday afternoon, jl will stay up with oyzz that night/morning.
  • shit this was supposed to be fluffy.
  • jl hoards everyone’s clothing. every sweatshirt in the apartment is somewhere in his room. sizhui thinks it’s cute. 
  • zizhen watches this one tv show about chinese hopping vampires (the other kind, the ones that hop around like zombies) and laughs his ass off everytime. he can’t stand scary stuff though! 
  • jingyi’s more into jackie chan stuff (city hunter is the only one i’ve watched, when i was like a toddler, but… ye) and american vamps, like twilight. zizhen will never forgive him for that.
  • surprisingly, lsz is more likely to start pda than jl. bc jl, like his father, is a shy bastard.
  • the most jl will do is hand-holding in public. he’s not used to affection or pda, but he’s getting there. 
  • fairy has her own little area in the living room, in a corner across from oyzz’s mini-indoor garden.
  • every morning, jl will get up, go pet fairy first thing in the morning, brush his teeth, etc. etc. and then drink his tea. it’s only after tea that he’s willing to interact w/ his bfs at all.
  • jl drinks tea only bc his uncle got him into it, and bc ppl keep giving tea to lsz even though sizhui fucking hates tea. and coffee. idk why i just thought that would be hilarious. 

idk how to do fluff, please someone add on with actual flof stuff.

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