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#junior trio

and do the twist

by sanxiu

G, <1k, adorable juniors, bless ‘em

Summary:  “So,” says Ouyang Zizhen, around a mouthful of kumquat, “I think I’ve got it.”

They’ve been trapped in this cave with nothing to do but bicker and stare forlornly at some dumb wall with confusing diagrams on it for the better part of two hours, now, so Lan Jingyi sure hopes he’s got it.

My comments:  Wait. This story is even funnier if you don’t read the title or the tags and just dive right in, with no idea what’s going on.

Adorable Juniors shenanigans brighten my day.

adorable juniors, humor, magic cave, SPOILERS:  game invention, twister

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I caved. I drew more floofs. I’m stressed and they make me happy.

Anyway, here are the Junior Quartet being very chaotic on a night hunt. Ignore the bad dialogue. I am tired and words are hard.


Jin Ling: Russian Blue and Persian Cat Mix (I think golden Persian cats would just work well for the Jin Clan. Regal little shits.)

Lan Sizhui: Bombay Cat (WWX), Norwegian Forest Cat (LWJ) and Somali Cat (Wen Clan) Mix (Biologically speaking this is nonsense. I know that. But… He’s their son. Fight me.)

Lan Jingyi: Norwegian Forest Cat (This is just my default of the Lan clan now. I love this breed. )

Ouyang Zizhen: Burmese Cat (I did not do my boy proud here. There’s just nothing to go off of when it comes to his appearance. Every version is different. I need help.)

There we have it. It’s a bit messy, but I hope you all like it regardless. I’m going to go ignore my responsibilities and crochet an octopus now.

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