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#junior year

Day I don’t even know what of isolation. I’m still in school but online, and I’m kept just as busy as I would have been on campus. All the assignments and exams that we had are still happening, just in an online format. I still have this early morning classes, too!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, especially @taylorswift and your family! 😘

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I went from planning on being at home for only 3 weeks to being told that classes will be online the rest of the semester. My athletic season and spring semester are gone and I will never get that time back. My teammates and friends are all back by our college while I am a couple hours away. I am so unbelievably heartbroken.

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The flutes went to practice in the auditorium and a tuba joined them, and a trombone player stood around and conducted them. I ‘forgot’ my flute(its sitting in my locker), but drum major who plays clarinet told me to go out here with them even though the band director isn’t here today, and we have a concert today.

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Since y’all liked the last one so much (once again, we’re 17-18 year old Brits, so LANGUAGE WARNING)

“Ohmigawd a fLuFfY fIsH

“Oh no! I’ve been swiping the wrong way this entire time! *pause* I’M NOT ON TINDER I SWEAR! I’M ON QUIZLET!”

“What’s wrong with your DNA, Charlotte?”

“…I don’t have a soul anymore.”

“But… he doesn’t look like a vegan???”

“Don’t believe a word I say until I google it.”

*One person starts singing “Harry Potter Puppet Pals; The Mysterious Ticking Noise”, entire class joins in* 



Originally posted by heyfey

A: “A nice child? They’re really rare!”

“When you’re so desperate for context for your coursework that you have to write about real cases of cannibalism…OH THE THINGS WE LEARN IN SIXTH FORM!”

“YOU. ARE. A. AUSTRALIAN. PIG!” (That’s just poor grammar)

“Words…From my brain…and onto the page.”

“Year 7 was peak! We had a funeral for a ruler” (she meant the piece of stationary, not y’know, a king)

“Yeah… that’ll do. That’s as many f***s as I’m willing to give”

“I want to be a panda-nanny. *pause* IT’S A REAL JOB

I DIDN’T EAT MY TWIN IN THE WOMB… I ate the other twin’s food so it didn’t have any.”

A: “You have a really posh name.”
B: “Well I’m not gonna deny it! BUT it’s not like I came out the womb saying ‘I HAVE A REQUEST!’”

“Jenny, are you like, a TikTok connoisseur?”

A: “I appreciate your existence.” 
B: “Now, THAT’S the type of thing I want to see in my Valentine’s card”


“THE BABY YODA SHREK” *Teacher walks in* 
Teacher: “What did you just call me?!”

“Because I’m oily, YOU POTATO!”

A: “I tried to wiggle my ears in my sleep and I just ended up farting.”
B: “You can’t wiggle your ears, you can’t roll your tongue, ARE YOU CAPABLE OF ANYTHING?!”
A: “…My body is completely inadequate :(”

“Hamlet’s a bit of a meme really”

A: “I’m having a depression session”
B: “Oh please, I have been 5x a week.”
C: “That’s not a session, that’s a lifestyle.”

“I’m still having a mental breakdown over the baby cows…”

“And that’s the message from ‘Paradise Lost’, don’t drink Cider kids!”

“Sorry, just had a meltdown as I found a spider in my bed”

“I defy all laws of physics, it’s damn possible ;)”

“Come on Jenny! Give me that muffin! I’m giving you my placenta pills for free, remember?”

“How to know which quotes are Charlotte’s? Are there any food or biological terms?” 

[Despite being a virgin] “And I’m still a prostitute apparently” 

*Yoda voice* “The bromance is STRONG with this one” 

“You can’t build a house by putting a roof on first” (…I mean, they’re not wrong?)

“I have a muffin though, so everything’s fine”

A: “I’m having to do so much adulting lately and I hate it :’(”
B: “Oh no! Adulting sucks, I’m trying to avoid it as much as I can”
A: “I failed my driving test XD
And tomorrow I have to go for an eye test ALONE 
Like an ADULT” 

“Just stop hiding in a f***ing cake”

A: “If it’s not too much trouble at all, I’ll be visiting your house uninvited soon”
B: “We’re moving in”
C: “We’re breaking in”
D: “…Guys you don’t need to break in, I’m perfectly capable of opening a door”

“If I have to go through it with my virtual Sheers, I will!”

A: “Because we’re iconic. Obviously. 
But let’s face it
When it comes to quotes we will never surpass Charlotte
We are merely her disciples
And she is our messiah”
B: “Ohmigawd… Charlotte IS the Pope!”

“Charlotte’s our Pope and we are devote quote-nuns”

“[Charlotte] blesses us daily with her iconic quotes that are stringed together from nowhere. The Quotebook shall be our Bible”

“I love this society that we’re building; Kayleigh as World President, Charlotte as the Pope. I want this to be our future, not crippling from old age on a burning rock as we sip outraged tea from our plastic care homes below sea level…
*not outraged
Although if this is our future the tea WILL be spilt in outrage”

“Ahhhhhh well I hope we find a way to save these conversations so we can look back with nostalgia as we watch distant slips of plastic float past from our window…

Can’t wait” (Little just she know about the Quotebook)

A: “So if Kayleigh’s running the world as President and Charlotte’s busy being the Pope, and we’re in care homes, wtf is Issy up to?!”
B: “Best selling author who has donated her life savings to set up the only cat sanctuary on planet Earth, keeping alive the last driving cats underwater and saving the species from extinction
I mean I would love to see cats drive
Maybe that’ll happen in the 2060s?”

“Just imagining that I faint again and the ambulance guys go through my phone contacts and are like ‘She knows the Pope and the World President?!’”

“Oh my god! I love Mr X so much! So much I’d invite him to my wedding!”

“I mean…They’re lovely, but they’re ~VERY~ Shropshire”

“Me-time over He-time, am I right?”

*Whilst handing out more sheets of paper* [Scottish accent] “WAHHH!! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the American rainforest crying.”

“Because when life gives you burgers; you eat them.

“Oh don’t pretend you don’t have bumhole hairs Charlotte”

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02.29.2020 course selection

i’m currently a sophomore in high school, and our junior year course selection was about two and a half weeks ago. we were given the date a couple weeks before, so i pretty much obsessed over getting my schedule Just Right for the next couple of years.
i felt like i should log it somewhere other than a light blue index card sitting on my desk.

i requested:

  • ap us history
  • ap physics i
  • ap psychology
  • ap statistics
  • ap language and composition
  • honors pre-calculus
  • spanish IV
  • teacher assistant
  • mythology

that’s seven 10 credit classes (5 ap 1 honors) and two 5 credit classes.

i’m also trying to plan out my senior year courses. i have most of it figured out, but a couple things will depend on my junior year performance.

current plan is: 

  • ap government
  • ap biology

  • ap physics ii

  • ap calculus bc

  • ap literature

  • ap spanish

  • criminalistics
  • economics

  • walking pe

that’s another seven 10 credit classes (6 ap) and two 5 credit classes. i might swap out ap physics ii for something else if i hate ap physics i. i also might decide to take ap economics, and bump walking pe out of my schedule, i haven’t decided yet.

one of the main reasons i’m taking so many ap classes is that i’m trying to shoot for valedictorian for the class of 2022 at my high school. if i get any b’s in any classes my junior year, i might drop a few ap’s my senior year, since i’ll be pretty much completely out of the running anyway.

hopefully, i’ll have more course decisions figured out by mid-february next year!


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| 2/26/2020 | Been trying to stay on this grind lately, hasn’t really been working out since I’ve been so tired (started a new med so that should help) but it’s whatever, I’m happy I’ve just been turning in my assignments. Today was a pretty wild day and the rest of the week is gonna be even more hectic. I had:

-musical practice (playing percussion in the pit ye ye)

-Mexican War map to do

-studying for a pre-calc test tomorrow (haven’t done too hot on the last few so we shall see how that goes)

-a psych appointment

-getting a head start on my unit 4 terms and chapter 13/14 review for APUSH

-trying to start my environmental science reading questions (and failing oops)

My brain is fried and I still have an APUSH test on Friday and musical practice the rest of the week and most likely something for stats, pray for me 🙏

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HAPPY 35TH BIRTDHAY EUNHYUK OPPA !! We hope that you’re spending an amazing day ! Please stay healthy. ELF love and support you a lot ! 생일 축하해요 은혁 오빠 💙🎉🎂🎊🎁😘

JOYEUX 35EME ANNIVERSAIRE EUNHYUK OPPA !! Nous espérons que tu passes une incroyable journée ! Reste en bonne santé s’il te plaît. Les ELF t’aiment et te soutiennent beaucoup ! 생일 축하해요 은혁 오빠 💙🎉🎂🎊🎁😘

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I-I’m speechless. I don’t know how to explain what Fantasy High means to me. I was 16 when it first premiered and my freshman year of high school was still very fresh in my mind. Just to see these players so perfectly understand and validate my experience was so amazing. To watch a story that at it’s core is about making mistakes and love and friendship and family and growing up while living it was the most exhilarating experience in the world. To see PC’s that were like me, who were just so unapologetically diverse, for one of the first times brought me to tears then and it still does now. To be a part of such a kind, accepting and dare I say awesome community has made every day so much better. It’s been scary. It’s been tragic. It’s been so exciting and fun. Sophomore Year’s over for the Bad Kids and for all of us but it’s been such an adventure. Hoot Growl. Spring Break, I believe in you.

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i cant wait to move into my own apartment with my platonic roommate my dad doesnt approve of bc hes a dude and have a cat and get a fuckton of tattoos and dye my hair weird colors and just like live my life not in fucking quarantine with my parents

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