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100 Days of Productivity

Day 1 (May/30/2020)

Took some notes in preparation for my physics final & my 2nd rough draft of my Latin final.  I haven’t done anything in a bit so it feels nice to be getting closer to the end of junior year :)

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Howdy y’all,

So, during this time of social distancing and quarantine, I have been bored and restless. I have decided to put an end to that, I am challenging myself to complete 100 days of productivity. During this time, I will be doing at least one thing productive every day for the next 100 days, this starts today (Thursday, May 7th, 2020). Having the motivation to do things sometimes will be hard for me to do, so even just getting out of bed and going for a run or reading a book counts. I will be updating y’all every day until this is finished. I hope that y’all enjoy!

Logan Ezekiel 

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Hey there Anon! I was just thinking about this situation earlier today, so I’m glad you reached out. First and foremost, know that the colleges you’re applying to do not exist in a bubble outside of this crisis. They’re shut down too. Their professors understand – viscerally – that the global circumstances pose an unprecedented challenge for formal education at all levels, since they themselves have been scrambling to figure out what comes next.

While some communities are harder hit than others, every student applying to college next year will have had to adapt to these circumstances. Your fear of falling behind makes a ton of sense emotionally, but given that we’re all in this together, “behind” doesn’t really make sense anymore.

That said, what can you do to keep your applications strong? In your position, I’d try the following:

  • For Bio:
  • Focus on learning higher-level material within biology. Hone in on what excites you about the field, and then rabbithole on specifics. Demonstrating initiative in learning as well as mastery of material beyond what was required of you in school is probably the best thing you can do. Also…
  • Find a way to showcase what you’ve learned. Start a blog, make a series of short instructional videos, whatever. This isn’t crucial, but if you’re bored at home you might as well!
  • Reach out to professors working on topics that interest you. Some of them may have work you could perform remotely in place of a proper internship, and regardless, you’d potentially get to build connections with relevant figures. However, don’t get discouraged if you don’t find such an opportunity; professors are people too, and we’re all kind of a mess.
  • For General Application Success:
  • Keep. Yourself. Healthy. Let yourself sleep enough, eat well, and try not to let college app stress build itself a fortress on top of pandemic stress mountain. 
  • If you feel so inclined, start thinking about your application essays now. Brainstorm topics that you know you could write a lot about, develop a clear picture of why you’re applying for the programs that you’ve chosen, etc etc. This will make actually responding to prompts infinitely easier; most of the work that I’ve done over the past seven years (yikes I’m old) helping students with essays has centered around honing the narrative, which should really happen before you write anything at all. 
  • Think about your choice of extracurriculars before shit hit the fan. Why did you join clubs X Y and Z? What about them interested you? I’d be willing to bet real human money that you can engage with those interests outside of formal, in-person meetings. Can’t go to robotics club? Start a design challenge with your friends to solve X problem and compare notes in a week. Can’t go to band practice? Have everyone record a video of their part of a piece and splice them together to make a virtual ensemble. Etc.

I’m happy to talk about any of this/anything else at length if you have specific questions/concerns/would generally benefit from having a Voice Of Reason to communicate with throughout this process. It’s a weird time, so I’m making myself a lot more available than usual. You can email me at for a quicker response time, and I’ll be checking in here periodically as well. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 

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Day I don’t even know what of isolation. I’m still in school but online, and I’m kept just as busy as I would have been on campus. All the assignments and exams that we had are still happening, just in an online format. I still have this early morning classes, too!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, especially @taylorswift and your family! 😘

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I went from planning on being at home for only 3 weeks to being told that classes will be online the rest of the semester. My athletic season and spring semester are gone and I will never get that time back. My teammates and friends are all back by our college while I am a couple hours away. I am so unbelievably heartbroken.

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02.29.2020 course selection

i’m currently a sophomore in high school, and our junior year course selection was about two and a half weeks ago. we were given the date a couple weeks before, so i pretty much obsessed over getting my schedule Just Right for the next couple of years.
i felt like i should log it somewhere other than a light blue index card sitting on my desk.

i requested:

  • ap us history
  • ap physics i
  • ap psychology
  • ap statistics
  • ap language and composition
  • honors pre-calculus
  • spanish IV
  • teacher assistant
  • mythology

that’s seven 10 credit classes (5 ap 1 honors) and two 5 credit classes.

i’m also trying to plan out my senior year courses. i have most of it figured out, but a couple things will depend on my junior year performance.

current plan is: 

  • ap government
  • ap biology

  • ap physics ii

  • ap calculus bc

  • ap literature

  • ap spanish

  • criminalistics
  • economics

  • walking pe

that’s another seven 10 credit classes (6 ap) and two 5 credit classes. i might swap out ap physics ii for something else if i hate ap physics i. i also might decide to take ap economics, and bump walking pe out of my schedule, i haven’t decided yet.

one of the main reasons i’m taking so many ap classes is that i’m trying to shoot for valedictorian for the class of 2022 at my high school. if i get any b’s in any classes my junior year, i might drop a few ap’s my senior year, since i’ll be pretty much completely out of the running anyway.

hopefully, i’ll have more course decisions figured out by mid-february next year!


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when are elfs going to stop infantilizing donghae??? you can’t go to youtube comments without seeing “oh he’s a baby!!”, “baby hae”, “cute baby”, etc.
on his recent youtube video where he goes and sees kids for childrens day, people were commenting “it’s cute to see a baby with a child” and “he’s just a kid too!” it’s weird!! he’s 33 years old. stop treating a grown man like he’s a child.

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