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Confit Duck, or Confit de Canard, a classic of Southwestern France cuisine, is maybe the epitome of comfort food. Flavourful duck meat slowly simmered in duck or goose fat in the oven for a few hours, what could be more indulgent? It has often been the birthday meal of choice of my Dad -who was born in December and is really fond of it! We’d buy the characteristic large, tall cans with the precious confit kept in white fat. I had no idea it was rather simple to prepare, you just need a bit of time! So, when these whole duck legs were half-priced at the store, I knew I had to endeavour it! Now, I know what we shall make next time we celebrate Dad’s birthday together! In the meantime, it makes a delicious Sunday Lunch, even more so with a side of French rugby -whether Top 14 matches or Les Bleus Six Nations games!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • ½ teaspoon Graines à Roussir
  • 3 juniper berries
  • ¼ teaspoon fleur de sel or sea salt flakes
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon dried thyme
  • ¼ teaspoon dried rosemary
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 (350-gram/12.35-ounce) duck legs
  • 370 grams/13 ounces Goose Fat

The day before, toast Graines à Roussir in a small pan over a medium flame, until fragrant. Remove from the heat and spoon into a mortar. Add juniper berries, fleur de sel, black pepper, dried thyme and rosemary, and crush with the pestle, grinding until well-mixed. Peel garlic clove and add to the mortar. Crush into the spices and herbs until you have a sort of paste.

Pat duck legs dry with paper towels and thoroughly massage aromatic rub all over them, insisting on the flesh. Place duck legs into a dish, cover with cling film, and store in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, preheat oven to 150°C/300°F.

Melt Goose Fat in a large Dutch oven, over a low flame. Once melted remove from the heat; let stand, 5 minutes. 

Retrieve marinated duck legs from the refrigerator. Gently pat dry with paper towels to remove moisture but not the rub. Then, plunge duck legs into Goose Fat so that they are submerged. Cover with the lid, and place in the middle of the oven. Cook, at 150°C/300°F, about two and a half hours; the flesh must practically fall off the bones.*

To serve, heat a large heavy-bottom skillet over medium-high heat. Carefully remove confit duck legs from the Dutch oven, and place skin-side down onto the hot skillet. Cook, a couple of minutes.

Serve Confit Duck hot, with a Gratin Dauphinois. It pairs particularly well with a good Sauternes (served chilled).

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Me as I grind juniper berries in my mortar & pestle for new moon bath salts: wow, this gives new meaning to the term “bathtub gin”.

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Continuing my exploration of evergreen magic, I’m thinking about heading out into the forest to collect more to make an evergreen oil - I’m thinking about using a combination of white pine and red spruce needles (because I know a good source for both) plus juniper berries since I have so many.  

Probs gonna use the end result in candle making and to try my hands at a salve.

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Juniper in Afternoon Sunlight. Many thanks to all of you who follow my site. © riverwindphotography, January 2021

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An array of Utah Juniper berries, with and without their husks, decorate the sandy ground in a high desert canyon. Looks like some rabbits have been here as well. © riverwindphotography

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Watching the sun set through juniper on a cold November afternoon: © riverwindphotography, November 2020

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Originally posted by littlemisslemonbits

Is everyone ready? October 5th is almost here~

Remember you can check the prompts and guidelines for the ship week in our blog! Have fun creating.

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If you have ANY thought of Pyrrha not jumping Juane the moment she found out what hung between his legs, you obviously don’t know anything about the redheaded prodigy of JNPR. The moment she had witnessed what Jaune packed, she ‘convinced’ Nora to take Ren to Vale and leave them alone for the night.

That night, the Four-Time Champion conquered another indomitable opponent: Jaune Arc’s Dick. She had to work it in, but once she managed to get it inside her virgin hole, she worked it and made it submit like any other combat opponent…although that didn’t last too long when Jaune took over, flipping the redhead into a mating press and fucking her senseless.

Next was Nora, who honestly was curious over what made Pyrrha bedridden after they returned, and when she took his cock the easiest, despite being the smallest of the trio, leaping onto his lap and sheathing herself easily, riding Jaune hard and fast, cumming hard and fast on top of him multiple times until he filled her with his seed, making her a cum drunk mess.

Ren was the last, Nora having practically dragged the svelte member of the team into it, and she definitely had the hardest time of it. There was a lot of wincing, shifting, and even whimpering as she slowly worked it down, the unbearably tight clamshell of her pussy unwilling to yield. In the end, it took Nora grabbing her hips and shoving her down onto Jaune’s lap, making her come instantly, her eyes roll up and pass out, falling flat against her blonde lover’s chest.

She awoke still attached to Jaune, who slowly made love to her, only picking up speed when she finally got used to his length and his girth stretching her wide.

After that, Jaune was never alone in his bed, his three female teammates curled around him, and taking turns fucking him, both for stress relief, and for pure enjoyment.

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It’s been a while, huh? Anyone started working on their content yet? 

We already have the prompts and guidelines up on this blog, remember to check them out! Fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, edits, headcanon posts,… any form of fanwork is welcome!

And don’t forget to tag your JNPR Berries Week content with #jnprberriesweek and @ this blog so we don’t miss it.

October 5-11 is the date!!


If you can, please go to our prompts post and give it a reblog to spread the word. That way more people can enjoy and participate.

See you then.

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Here’s the prompt list for JNPR Berries Week 2020! Taking place from October 5 to October 11.

Day 1 - Domestic or First date
Day 2 - Sick/Injured or Baking
Day 3 - Semblance Swap or Rebirth
Day 4 - Hurt-Comfort or Fluff
Day 5 - Cuddle Pile or Movie Night
Day 6 - Alternative Universe (Modern, pokemon, coffeeshop, supernatural creatures, any kind of AU your heart desires!)
Day 7 - Free Day (Have another idea that wasn’t included in the prompts of the previous days? This is your day!)

Most days have two options so you can pick a different prompt if one just doesn’t get the creative juices flowing.

Don’t forget to tag your post with #jnprberriesweek and/or @ this blog so that we don’t miss any of your beautiful submissions.

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Juniper (Juniperus)

Hardiness Zones: 4- 9

Mature Height: 20- 40 meters, or shrub/ bush size.

Watering: Mist the tree regularly because juniper roots don’t like soil wetness.

Soil: Well draining soil.

Sun: Place in full sunlight, not indoors. protect if temperatures are below 14*F (-10*C)

Berries: In 2- 3 years berries can be harvested in fall.

Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer every week or organic fertilizer pellets.

Pruning: Late winter or early spring

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This is Witcher!Jaskier, during the 20 Year Undoing. If you’re not sure who Juniper is, please check out @wingedquill‘s amazing story on ao3 here, and while you’re there be sure to check out the rest of their works!

I took some creative liberties with his jacket, and I’m not sure how well it worked out but I spent too long on it to change it now so here it is.

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Jaune and Pyrrha: *heavily make out on Pyrrha’s bed*

Nora: *tries to pretend she’s listening to her music, but watching intently*

Ren: *working at his desk, but eyes constantly shift over*

Jaune: *hands running over Pyrrha’s back, untucking her shirt*

Pyrrha: *moaning into Jaune’s mouth*

Jaune: *pulls away for a moment*

Pyrrha: I believe you will find me QUITE accomodating, right Nora?

Nora: *looks about nervously*

Pyrrha: We know you are listening. We know you are watching.

Jaune: You don’t have to hide it.

Nora: *quietly pulls her headphones down*

Nora: What about Ren?

Jaune: He doesn’t have to hide it, either.

Ren: *turns to face them, watching*

Jaune: *resumes his makeout session with Pyrrha*

Jaune: *starts to undo Pyrrha’s shirt*

Jaune: *reaches into the open shirt to unhook Pyrrha’s bra*

Pyrrha: *nervously reaches her hands to Jaune’s shirt*

Jaune: *clutches his shirt for a moment*

Pyrrha: *starts to unbutton Jaune’s shirt*

Jaune: *untuck’s his open shirt and tosses it across the room*

Nora: *breathing headily*

Ren: *picks up Jaune’s shirt and holds it for a moment before briefly smelling it*

Jaune: *unzip’s Pyrrha’s skirt and slids it down her luxurious legs before pulling it off*

Jaune: *stands up, grabs Pyrrha’s hands, and puts them on his belt*

Pyrrha: *nervously undoes his belt, undoes his pants, and pulls them down*

Jaune: *steps out of his pants*

Jaune: *grabs Pyrrhas head and brings it within inches of his groin*

Pyrrha: *smells deeply*

Jaune: *looks at Nora and then Ren*

Jaune: Feel free to join us.

Nora: *quickly strips to her underwear*

Ren: *carefully strips to his underwear, folding his clothes as he did*

Ren: *sits on his bed to watch the show*

Jaune: *joins Pyrrha back in bed*

Jaune and Pyrrha: *runs their arms over each’s bodies, seeming to enjoy every inch*

Jaune: *notices movement out of the corner of his eyes, seeing Nora masturbating through her panties*

Jaune: *looks back to Pyrrha*

Jaune: *grab’s Pyrrha hand and places it on his crotch*

Pyrrha: *runs her hand over his growing member*

Jaune: *starts nibbling at her nipples*

Nora (moaning): Oh, Leader.

Jaune: *head quickly snaps over to Nora*

Pyrrha: *head much more slowly turns towards her*

Jaune: Oh, Leader?

Nora: *stops to see Jaune staring at her*

Jaune: I didn’t say stop.

Nora: *continues mastubating through her panties*

Pyrrha: But I think he would like you to elaborate.

Nora (while masturbating): When we said we would do anything for you?..

Pyrrha: She looks eager, doesn’t she?

Jaune: *looks at Ren, also masturbating through his underwear*

Jaune: And Ren feels the same way?

Ren: *silently nods*

Jaune: Too bad for Ren I like girls. If only he was more girly.

Nora: *stands up*

Nora: You just focus on Pyrrha. I’ll see what I can do with Ren.

Ren: *let’s Nora take his hand and pull him to his feet*

Jaune: *goes back to worshipping Pyrrha’s body*

* * *

Nora: Okay, you can look!

Jaune: *looks over to see Ren’s hair in pigtails, wearing what he presummed was Pyrrha’s lingerie*

Jaune: *looks at Ren’s face, seeing it made up; he had always been a bit feminine, something Jaune would never bring up, as he was too good of a friend and ally, but the make up only enhanced it. Ren looked positively feminine*

Jaune: Are you both sure about this?

Nora: You know it, Leader.

Ren: *nods*

Ren (feminized voice): Leader.

Jaune: *waves the two towards him*

Ren and Nora: *slowly walk towards him*

Jaune: *points to the ground*

Ren and Nora: *kneel on the ground*

Jaune: *pulls the both of their heads to a inch from his crotch*

Ren and Nora: *deeply inhale*

* * *

Jaune: Let’s shower and meet back here. We need to talk about our relationship.

* * *

Jaune: *wearing a towel, opens the door to JNPR’s room, walking inside and closing it behind him*

NPR: *sitting on their own beds, wearing only towels*

Jaune: Get dressed. Though, I don’t think we need to be shy about it.

* * *

Jaune: *dressed in his school uniform, standing*

NPR: *in their school uniforms, sitting on their own beds*

Jaune: *breathes deep*

Jaune: Okay, first of all, I want to make sure everyone is happy with this.

Nora: *eagerly sticks up her hand*

Jaune: Nora?

Nora: I’m saying yes.

Pyrrha and Ren: *arms quickly raise*

Jaune: *breathes deep*

Jaune: Good. Everyone wants to continue.

NPR: *raise their hands once again*

Jaune: Okay, in public, I’m Pyrrha’s girlfriend, and Ren and Nora and together. The rest of us are just teammates.

Nora: *raises her hand*

Jaune: Nora?

Nora: Does this mean we have to stop calling you Leader, and doing everything you tell us.

Jaune: Good question, and no. We can act the same in public as we always have. In private is where I’ll be more demanding…

Nora: *raises her hand*

Jaune: Nora?

Nora: Can we wake you up with a blowjob.

Jaune: In fairness to Ren, so long as you are wearing makeup.

Nora (hand back in the air): Like, my regular makeup?, or do we have to start going all out.

Jaune: Nora and Pyrrha’s regular makeup is actually perfect.

Pyrrha: *blushes*

Nora: Thank you.

Ren: *raises his hand*

Jaune: You… don’t need to keep raising your hands.

Ren: In that case, what level of makeup should I use?

Jaune: In private, and we’ll have to try a few things.

Ren: How often will I be required to wear female clothing?

Jaune: When we have sex.

Ren: Then I will need help picking out appropriate attire.

Jaune: Girls?

Pyrrha: *smiles and giggles*

Nora: Of course, Leader.

Pyrrha: We would love to help him

Ren: Will I need to… attempt… to acquire female school uniforms?..

Jaune: Maybe for play in our room, but we’re keeping it in our room.

Ren: *goes to say something, but stops himself*

Ren: *contented look*

Nora: *raises her hand*

Jaune: *sighs*

Jaune: Nora?

Nora: Can Ren still fuck me?

Jaune: Unless I want to. You two do make a cute couple.

Pyrrha (smiling): Which you have no problem… making… your… bitch…

Nora: She actually said it! Doing awesome, Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: Thank you.

Jaune: Their eager moans as I shove my…

*knock on the door*

Jaune: Uh, yeah?

Yang: You guys busy in there? We were all going to the movies.

Jaune: We’ll be out in a few minutes!

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Jaune and Pyrrha: *walk into JNPR’s room, closing the door behind them and then standing in front of the door*

Nora: Hey, Leader! Hey, Pyrrha!

Jaune: I was taught that turnabout is fair play. So, it’s your turn.

Nora: Our turn?

Pyrrha: We’re doing for you, what you did for us.

Nora: Ah-ha! That only worked because you ordered Pyrrha to.

Jaune: Nora.

Nora: Leader?

Jaune: Ren.

Ren: Leader?

Jaune: Confess to each other.

Ren and Nora: *look into each other’s eyes*

Ren: Who should go first?

Jaune: Nora.

Nora: Okay, like, I mean… you saved me, twice. Once from the bullies… once from the Grimm…

Ren: Nora…

Nora: Nuh-uh. Jaune told me to go first.

Ren: *nods his head*

Nora: You were the first, and until I met Jaune and Pyrrha, only good thing to happen in my life. You saved my life, and taught me how to fight against the Grimm. I don’t want to ever be without you…

Nora: *wipes tears from her eyes*

Ren: You are the woman I most adore in the world, and if we had a place to settle down to… I would want to marry you…

Pyrrha: *slowly inches towards the two*

Ren: Is she?..

Pyrrha (with a bright smile): Turnabout is fair play.

Pyrrha: *gently pushes the two together*

Nora: We don’t get an order from leader?

Jaune: …

Jaune: Kiss.

Ren and Nora: *pull each other in and kiss passionately*

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Ren and Nora: *walk into JNPR’s room, closing the door behind them and then standing in front of the door*

Ren: We would like to talk to you.

Jaune: What’s up?

Ren: We would like Pyrrha to talk to you.

Pyrrha: How have you?..

Nora: Spill it!

Pyrrha (nervously): Whatever are you talking about?

Ren: You know quite well what we are talking about.

Jaune: Well, I don’t, so, could someone fill me in?

Nora: *glares at Pyrrha*

Pyrrha: *drops her head*

Jaune: Is this really necessary?

Nora: Oh, if you knew what was going on, you wouldn’t be saying that.

Pyrrha: I am quite content…

Nora: Yeah, but we aren’t. Do it, and either it works, or you can finally move on.

Ren (neutrally): The suspense is killing us.

Jaune: So, Pyrrha, what’s up?

Pyrrha: *looks about nervously*

Jaune: What do you have to be nervous about?

Nora: *sighs*

Ren: Perhaps a different tactic is necessary. Leader?

Jaune: Yeah?

Ren: Why don’t you order Pyrrha to tell you?

Nora: Tell her to spill it.

Jaune: Spill it.

Pyrrha: If I… must…

Jaune: You must…

Pyrrha: *breathes in deeply before looking him in the eyes*

Pyrrha: The truth is, Leader, I love you

Jaune: You, wha?..

Pyrrha: *drops her head*

Pyrrha: *looks back up at him*

Pyrrha: Every day I thank the Brothers that I am able to spend my life with you. Every moment I am with you fills my heart with joy.

Ren: We can confirm that last part. When you are away… she loses… her lustre…

Pyrrha: *nervously looks at him and then nervously looks away*

Nora: So, Leader, what do you have to say to that?

Jaune: I have absolutely no idea.

Pyrrha: *nervously looks down*

Jaune: I had no idea it was even possible. There are far better men then…

Pyrrha: No! I’m sorry, but no, there isn’t. I have never met a man who makes me feel like I do with you.

Jaune: There is no girl like you, either. And I don’t just mean in the invincible way… I often remember that there’s maybe a handful of people in the world who know the real Pyrrha Nikos, and I thank the Brothers that I am one of them.

Ren: We do… as well…

Nora: JNPR is rockin’! But enough fun talk.

Nora: *walks up and grabs both of them by the back of their heads, pushing them together*

Jaune and Pyrrha: *passionately kiss*

Nora: *steps back*

Nora: We are not going to stop at 90%.

Jaune: *starts taking off his blazer*

Ren: I think he might have believed you.

Nora: *stares*

Jaune: *starts to undo Pyrrha’s blazer*

Ren: Should we?.. give them privacy.

Nora: If they don’t mind, I don’t mind.

Pyrrha: *starts pulling off Jaune’s tie*

Jaune: *pulls at Pyrrha’s string tie and undoes it*

Ren: This is getting… intense…

Nora: *intently staring*

Nora: I’ll say.

* * *

Pyrrha: *panting on her bed as the two finally pull apart*

Jaune: I never thought you felt that way.

Pyrrha: I’m sorry.

Jaune: You are absolutely incredible.

Pyrrha: In-credible? I think of the two of us, you are the one that is hard to believe.

Ren: He does have a tendancy… to just act…

Nora: But it always works!

Ren: Indeed.

Jaune: Why didn’t you say anything?

Pyrrha: I’m sorry…

Jaune: *grabs Pyrrha hand*

Jaune: You don’t need to apologize, I’m just a little surprised you felt that way.

Pyrrha: Oh, come on, we all adore you.

Ren: She speaks the truth.

Jaune: I have noticed you guys always call me Leader.

Ren: It is entirely out of respect.

Nora: We would do anything for you.

Ren: You give us direction we’ve never had in our lives…

Nora: Until we met you two, we were just trying to survive…

Ren: Struggling, traveling… moving somewhere without knowing why we did. You… are… our centre…

Nora: We never have to worry about what we are going to do… we just have to do it!

Ren: Indeed.

Pyrrha: Can I speak for a moment?

Jaune: Of course.

Pyrrha: Fighting was always something I was good at… but… not having a reason to fight. I fought because… I was good at it… and everyone else just pushed me into it.

Jaune: You shouldn’t have to fight if you don’t want to.

Pyrrha: *shakes her head*

Pyrrha: You give me a reason to fight. You make me WANT to fight. If it’s protecting the people… or just having a food fight with RWBY… which I have to say, I have not had that much fun in YEARS.

Nora: It was EPIC!

Jaune and Pyrrha: *warmly look at Nora*

Nora: Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin your moment.

Jaune and Pyrrha: *look each other in the eyes*

Jaune and Pyrrha: *tackle Nora*

Jaune and Pyrrha: *kiss Nora on the cheak*

Nora: Hehe.

Ren: Heh.

Jaune: You all mean as much to me… as I… apparently… mean to you.

Nora: In that case, can I have a hug?

Jaune: *pulls Nora off her bed into a hug*

Jaune: *kisses Nora on the top of her head*

Nora: *giggles*

Nora: I bet you don’t know what just happened…

Jaune: What?

Nora: I don’t know if I should tell you…

Jaune: *hugs Nora, picking her up off the ground*

Jaune: *glares into her eyes*

Nora: *louder giggling*

Nora: Alright, alright, I’ll tell.

Pyrrha: Please do tell.

Jaune: *puts Nora down*

Nora: You were kind of… poking me…

Jaune: With what, a pen?

Nora: *blushes and shakes her head*

Jaune: *looks down at his raging erection*

Jaune: *blushes and turns around*

Nora: Psh. It’s fine, it just caught me off guard.

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