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I love Juno Steel with all my heart but at the same time I want to slap him across his face and tell him to stop being so damn tragic about his self-imposed loneliness

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Okay but jono steel but make it a sitcom where Juno the PI has his ghost brother helping solve crimes like in randall and hopkirk deceased just imagine Juno and ben working on a crime like…


(yes I’m aware no ones gonna know about this show but like if u wanna hear more about this I’d be more than happy to talk about this old sit com and how well it would fit with the Juno verse!!)

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as much as i miss juno’s monologues i love hearing eps from other people’s point of view cause you always hear juno’s voice in the background like “… are you even listening to me …?” and you realize they’ve been tuning him out for the past 20 minutes , which confirms that’s what everyone does around juno steel

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Me, before the shadows on the ship: how dare you speak to my son in that way

Me, the moment hallucination Peter starts yelling at her: I don’t like her but if you insult her again I’ll fucking decapitate you

Me, during her distrust monologue (I’ve also had hallucinations): if anyone insults this baby again I swear they’re gonna get it even you Junebug.

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The Penumbra Podcast 1.07+1.08: Juno Steel and The Day That Wouldn’t Die

The live notes are gonna be a bit shorter because I was on a walk while listening :)

Live notes:


Juno backstory time?!

Mick, Juno, Sasha -> friendgroup

Mick is kind of an idiot but straight up a mood

Man Juno has some trust issues…

Annie -> Sasha’s sister

uhhh… they all have some repressed trauma to deal with

Oohh that’s a good cliffhanger!


the sewers have been quite convenient so far!

Woah animals seem to have gone through quite a few steps of evolution

Who the fuck set up these sadistic and, apparently, very specific murder trials with custom monsters to boot?!?!?


Why is shit getting so serious so early in the show?!?!?

Is Annie really alive?? Hallucinations???

Ok yeah, didn’t think Sasha would really kill Juno


Why are all the podcasts I listen to so emotionally mature?!?!? Holy shit?!?! Am I really about to cry!?!??!

Also, wow Juno is really gonna have to go through some character growth and I’m excited!

How is Mick the reasonable one in this conversation?!?!!! Juno listen!!!


Ok so everyone seems to be super hurt and lived through a pretty fucked up childhood. And we haven’t even really gotten to any details regarding Juno’s brother but I can tell I’m gonna be a mess when we find out what happened.

Also, I really love Juno, Mick and Sasha and I hope we get to see more of them interact in the future even though, for now, they seem to not be on good terms. Especially Juno is gonna have to do some self-reflecting and maybe talk to someone about his feelings.

And how are podcasts in generall so much more emotionally mature than any other form of medium??? Like, I’ve only properly started listening to fiction/storytelling podcasts fairly recently and all of them have been so emotional and dramatic and showing real conflict while giving such good messages about healthy relationships??!?!? I’m not used to that and it hits so much more than some generic toxic relationship that is being romaticised by more mainstream stories!!!

Also, props to tpp so far regarding representation! It really shows how easy it is to include LGBT+ people, especially with Juno being non-binary which is unfortunately still a rarity (and I’m assuming even more main-cast members further down the line) and how that doesn’t always need to be a topic of conflict, at least so far! (Not that there is an issue with stories that deal with the struggles of LGBT+ people they have a merit in their own way but it’s nice to see some representation without it being made a big deal)

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