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bitchy old queen is a gender and thats proven because this bitch was on earth for five minutes and naturally became an old queen. nature finds its life. life finds a way. whatever Richard Dawkins said 

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TFW you really liked how the movies portrayed Alan and Ellie’s relationship and how they, realistically, grew apart due to the events of the first movie but remained good friends despite not working out as a couple. Ellie settled down and started a family, while Alan remained more of a lone wolf who prioritised his work, which suits their characters perfectly and made for a refreshing change, because - like in real life - not all relationships last forever but you can still love someone while not being in love with them anymore…

…but you also know that they’ll definitely do away with Ellie’s husband in Jurassic World Dominion and throw her and Alan back together, either because fans demand it or because they just need an unnecessary romantic subplot like every other action movie.

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I am still playing a lot of Jurassic World Evolution and my least favorite part is when the characters from the new movie pop up to lecture me.

Chris Pratt’s character sucks, what with his insistence that his bond with these wild apex predators he continues to interact with in unsafe ways for some reason is totally ok and special. Very Joe Exotic of him.

Basically he would have been a antagonist in the first movie considering his abysmal animal husbandry practices.

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Fiiiiiiiiiiinished!! (Nov 23, 2020)

I draped it over my dog to take a pic, lol. I *just* noticed on the left that there’s a couple of the Rex’s fingers peeking up from behind the title.

Now I just have to find a frame and decide if I want to attempt to mat it (probably no). Washing, stretching and ironing come first though. Stretching will be a first for me though. I’ve never done that. My grandma always did it for me, but she passed in April.

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welcome to

“movies abby likes to pretend never happened”

- Mission Impossible 2

as much as i love the Mission Impossibe franchise, i absolutely hate this movie, there is not one single good thing about it. Tom Cruise’s hair is an atrocity, the soundtrack prominently features the spanish guitar, and who decided that the motorcycle fight was a good idea?

- Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

i have no words to describe how deeply disappointed i was by this movie. they made the most iconic soft girl of the last decade basically a WIZARD NAZI??? it’s gross. i hate it.

- all four Jurassic Park sequels

Jurassic Park should have been a standalone movie. and i say this lovingly, as a self-diagnosed Jurassic Park super fan.

- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

i’ve never seen this movie, and i have way too much respect for Indiana Jones as a character, as well as the first three movies to ever want to do so.

- Spider-man 3

i- i dont feel like i have to explain this one

- Star Trek: Into Darkness

first off, let me say that Star Trek and Star Trek: Beyond are some of the best reboots i’ve ever seen, but Into Darkness??? They’d already established that they’re in an alternate timeline, they had every single obscure, one-off antagonist of the entire original series to fool around with. BUT WHO DO THEY PICK AS THEIR BIG BAD??? khan. freaking KHAN. the villain of one of the best science fiction movies ever made. it’s a cliche cop out.

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it’s been a WHILE, HUH

he’s just had….. the Worst Day

and, of course, law of averages, so have you, and it’s come at the end of a long week and you’re both just exhausted, emotional and physically

and when you get home, he’s already there which is a big surprise cos usually, Tim works really late, but he tells you he took the afternoon off and you ask him why and he gives you a weak smile and his voice cracks as he says, just wanted to be with you

so you have dinner pretty quick and you both take a shower so you’re all warm and comfy and relaxed and then you lead him to the bed and carefully climb into his lap

and Tim beams as he leans back against the headboard and wraps his arms around your middle cos somehow, you always know just what to do

and you wrap your arms around his neck and gently play with his hair, and you rest your chin on his soft shoulder and hear him make a happy little noise as he rests his chin on your shoulder

and you’re so close, you’re sure you can feel his heart pounding against your chest, and Tim presses his lips to your shoulder, humming softly cos it just feels so good to have this much physical contact with you after such a hard day

and you stay there for what feels like hours, just holding each other, and his hand might move up and down your back comfortingly, and you press a kiss or two to his shoulder, but other than that, you stay so still and just listen to each other breathe, your eyes closed, just melting into each other

and when you finally do move away, it’s not far at all, just far enough to meet his sweet gaze, and Tim gives you a little smile and it’s so small, you barely see it, but it’s real and it’s happy and it’s him

and you smile back and press a soft kiss to his forehead, feeling your heart brim over when you hear him hum happily, and you kiss both his cheeks too, and his chin, under his jaw, his neck

and you slowly start covering him in thousands of soft little kisses, trying to cover every inch of him in love, paying special attention to his scars, the one across his eyebrow, his jaw, his chest

and your fingers deftly follow the scars on his back, you don’t even have to look to know where they are, you know him by heart

and all the while, you’re whispering soft words to him, i love you so much, my sweet boy, love you so, so much, just wanna hold you, so good to me, love, i could stay like this forever, honey

and he gasps every time your lips touch his skin, and your soft words wash over him and he doesn’t even realised that he’s whimpering and murmuring back, love you too, love you so much, just wanna love you, ‘s all i want, you’re so beautiful, love, can’t believe you’re all mine

and soon enough, your kisses turn a bit more heated and your tongue darts out to brush his skin and your hands start to wander, and soon Tim’s panting and he ducks his head down to capture your lips and he whimpers as your lips move against his, so desperate and searching

and you barely notice his hands slipping under your thighs and lifting you up gently, and the next thing you know he’s whispering, ready? against your lips

and you nod furiously and you both moan as you slowly sink down on him, and he helps you move but it’s so slow and gentle and deep and loving, and your foreheads are pressed together the whole time, and he can’t seem to get enough of touching you, his hands are everywhere and every single time you sink down on him, he lets out a little moan

and it feels so good, you feel like you could melt like candle wax, and you keep murmuring softly to each other, i love you, i love you, i love you

and you both finish quietly, and he stays inside you as you both come down from your highs and he just loves being inside you, and Tim feels so connected to you and moving away from you just feels like the worst thing in the world right now so he carefully lays you down beside him, still inside you

and you just stay wrapped up in each other all night long, softly talking to each other and kissing and just reminding each other how much you love each other, while the world outside and your bad days seem to just slowly fade away

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