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Okay, so I know we’re all losing our collective minds over Camp Cretaceous’s E750. Not that I had one to begin with but I digress. 

Naturally, when there were questions to be asked, I felt like answering them instead of doing my homework. As usual, I teamed up with my good friend @baguette-whet​ to crack down and solve this mystery with intermittent shenanigans. 

So, it began with us looking at the image of the ice block and just spitballing until I drew a terrible outline, trying to prove to my yeasty friend that it was facing us a and roaring. To which they said it looked like the Indoraptor. For context, looks like this:


They said something about correct face shape and upon googling it, there were definitely more similarities. In the spirit of theorizing, I took this idea and ran with it, albeit a little poorly. I said it was possible as it took place before Fallen Kingdom and was possibly going to play into Dominion. This gave me an idea. It had been a while since I had watch FK so, of course, I went onto a wiki and investigated. For a while, we thought, “What if E750 was an Indorex prototype?”


Then Baguette made fun of all of Jurassic Park.


But briefly before that, I had been reading the wiki and noticed that the Indoraptor from FK WAS the prototype. So idea didn’t quite work. I sent Baguette the full wikie article, which, after reading, proceeding to bully Wu some more.


After all of that, I had another thought after looking at some images. E750 probably wasn’t an I-Rex or a failed one. Based on story, most likely not an Indoraptor either. So, what if it was something entirely new, which I know has been discussed before, but stay with me. 


These two dinosaurs are very different but they do share one visible quality, thought it’s less prominent on the I-Rex than the Indoraptor. Feathering. And what can we see through the ice in our good friend E750′s room?


Feathering. Or at least, that’s what it appears to be. So, what if Wu was making another Indominous? Not a raptor or a rex, but something else? It might fit as we see other files on Wu’s laptop next to E750, although labeled differently. They could either the previous Indominous files or previous attempts on this one. It was interesting, howwver, that if these files were all related, why weren’t they filed the same? What does the E in E750 stand for?
Baguette, once again, was smarter than me. For a second at least.


There were a few other ideas such as the remains of the I-Rex’s twin, seeing as E750 looked a little… wonky. I agreed, saying it was plausible as we never hear about the remains and that they could be being preserved to use for future projects. But seeing as the dinosaur is ALIVE? Probably not.

So, once again going off of Baguette’s idea of classification, I went to the magic land of Wikipedia and compiled this:


Didn’t look too much into some of them, but just some ideas. Until, Baguette hit us with the one true answer to this question.


To which I replied:


And Baguette ended the bit with:


In all seriousness, there are many possibilities to what E750 could be and these are just some ideas to get your brain turning!

not the horse one. please not the horse one-

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hi, sorry, im like looking at the jw stuff, adding to my @islanublar collection and like

y’all ever think about the fact that its so fucking expensive? 

Like you need 1) plane 2) stay on the island (you dont have another option) 3) buy all your food from the island 4) etc etc

Like ???

It’s a full monopoly. You *have* to stay on the island, live on the island, eat on the island—you cant stay elsewhere and drive there eachday like you could with disney world.

It’s a full monopoly and only rich people could go.

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Jurassic World Evolution 🦖 Épisode 035 🦕

Jurassic World Evolution 🦖 Épisode 035 🦕

Bonjour à tous! Voici la vision de mon Park Jurassic World ou je vais créez de nouvelles espèces de dinosaures par bio-ingénierie et bâtir des attractions, des enclos et des centres de recherche. Le scénario évolue différemment selon mes choix, et vais relever tous les défis qui me sont proposer et au final “la vie trouve son chemin”.

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The only Karens we knew. In real life anti-mask, QAnon believing, racist, homophobic, trump supporting Karens sucks.


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Jurassic World has flaws nobody seems to want to talk about.

Like, the older kid. We were introduced to his girlfriend at the start of the movie and from the get go you can see he doesn’t really care for her. And is heavily invested on cheating on her with all the girls he gives looks and his attitude. This is never addressed. We’re supposed to root for a guy willing to throw away his partners trust like a fucking loser. Not once is he called out for this and I guess we’re just supposed to be fine with it. And I’m not fine with it.

Second, the way Henry Wu gets demonised by Mr. Masrani for creating the Indominus Rex. He literally did his job as he was told to and Masrani was like “you made a monster how dare you!!!” When the man himself knows nothing about the intracesies of creating a stable hybrid animal from multiple different family trees of dinosaurs. This isn’t Scribblenauts you don’t write in a notepad and get a new creature. He did what he was told to and he got shafted when they weren’t happy with what they asked for. What was he expecting Barney the purple dinosaur?

Seriously nobody talks about this and it bothers me. Oh and the “you should hear you try to say it” comment like wtf Owen she pronounced it perfectly don’t act like a child.

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BEN: when i’m go back to the land. can i visit your home? 

KENJI: of course. you can sleep with me too maybe…you can take a bath with me too

KENJI and BEN : kiss*

pteranodons ATTACK *****

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I feel like CC might end with Season 3, and it would be okay…but also not…

I think it’s gonna be four seasons, but I feel like five or six would be best. Probably not seven. You can only go so far.

But there are multiple huge events that can take place in the future:

1. Flooding the lagoon. They’ve established that the lagoon is inland in this continuity, and one of the producers stated that the prologue of Fallen Kingdom takes place six months after the first movie…which is three to five months out from where the kids are now. You can easily flood the island in Season Three or Season Four to set up for that (sooner > later, I’d say).

2. When the FK program happens, maybe some mercs come inland, too, to try and acquire E750. Then you can have some more stuff with the campers. Or maybe the campers are gone. Who knows?

3. Six months after that, the island starts to burn. It doesn’t blow up for another two years, but even setting off the beginnings of the cataclysm could lead to tons of amazing action sequences and new dangers and missions.

Also you can, potentially, work the live show in at some point, if you want…look, new people stop by the island every three months, so your options for adventure aren’t exactly limited. Even if they start droppign shorter seasons that just focus on an incident…you can keep going.

Probably done by June 2022, though. 

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Straight up one of my fav things about Camp Cretaceous is that you don’t have to know anything about Jurassic Park outside of popculture osmosis

You can watch and enjoy the show even if you’ve never seen or read Jurassic Park before

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Y’all I just realized that we are now two seasons into Camp Cretaceous and we haven’t had a single inkling of a romantic subplot.

God, that feels like a breath of fresh air.

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The Wilds but Jurassic Park AU. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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“here come the rooster” 


I follow a figure photography account on instagram that had a photo of the Jurassic World Tarbosaurus figure, and captioned it with lyrics from Alice In Chains song “rooster”

So I got inspired and decided to draw an accurate Tarbosaurus (the feathers were just an artistic choice) with the colors of that Tarbo figure, and threw in the lyric quote too because I like Alice In Chains

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