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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Everyone liked my virtual Zoom background, so I decided to blend in a little more with my colleagues.

First photo edited for color/contrast and background, but otherwise it’s all makeup. I got a little more creative with the editing in the others, obviously haha.

Based on this tutorial by Shonagh Scott, @showmemakeup

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Dating Owen Grady would include:


Originally posted by xfilesbtvs

  • Listening to him talk about the raptors constantly
  • Spending most of your time in his bungalow or around the property because he hates going out when tourists are around
  • Him showing you the raptors training routine
  • Learning how to partially live off of the land
  • Lots of long late night talks near the lake at night
  • Hanging out with him and Barry a ton
  • Thinking he’s the most badass person on the island
  • Begging him to let you ride his motorcycle
  • Listening to his Navy stories
  • Him being a bit of a clueless romantic and trying to impress you but hilariously failing
  • Dragging him to Main Street when it’s busy on your day off and hearing him complain about the visitors but knowing he secretly loves doing this with you
  • A lot of low-key sexual jokes and dad jokes
  • Watching the raptor’s baby videos and being amazing together at how tiny they were
  • Him being clueless about social media and not understanding why you constantly post pictures to Instagram and being confused about you wanting him to get an account
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I’ve just realized something…

Since Mitchell Hope plays both Ben from Descendants and my oc; Holden Goldstein from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I figured there’s a crossover looking at me in the face. So here’s the idea…

Ben mysterious disappears after the fight with Audrey. Mal is nervous and scared, hoping that her boyfriend is okay as Ben’s disappearance takes a toll on everyone at Auradon. When is Ben is discovered to be in Los Angeles, the Vks race to rescue him and bring him home. But Ben is different. He’s better, stronger, smarter, more powerful and more terrifying. He’s not Ben. He’s something else…..

What do you think of the idea?

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