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march twenty-fifth: I have an interview at harvard tomorrow to be a full-time researcher for a very very prominent former presidential advisor. the job is really competitive, so I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get it. it’s an honor to even make it to the interview stage!

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hi everyone. I took a bit of a break from social media in midst of all this craziness. a lot has happened. my university moved my last semester of law school online, our formal dance was cancelled, and my commencement was cancelled/indefinitely postponed. I was supposed to see my partner for the first time in four months tomorrow, but now I’m not sure when we’ll see each other again. I spent the last month doing yoga every day, but my studio temporarily closed. the only thing that makes these losses a little less terrible is that these decisions were all made for the greater good.

however, I also want to take some time to reflect on ways that I can be more productive and healthy during this strange time. I plan on:

- learning to cook elaborate meals

- reading for fun

- continuing my yoga practice remotely

- learn how to bake bread

- fun DIY projects

- take time to clean and organize my apartment

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wow! I absolutely cannot believe that what began as a little side project to motivate myself has grown so much. thank you.

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Hi! I'm creating a studyblr and was wondering if you could recommend some accounts for me?

i get this ask probably twice a day so i’m finally going to answer one lmao

here are some of my favorites in no particular order (and definitely not a definitive list!!) most of them are people i’ve been following for 2 years or more! :-)

@lawyerd, @legally-tired, @doyouevenclerk, @juristudy, @stevenstudies, @compscigirl, @stuhde, @stillstudies, @thegrangersapprentice,  @notesworthtea, @studyquill, @educatier, @athenastudying, @universi-tea, @dungeonstudy, @studyingmalfoy, @einstetic

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here’s an idea that is about to take off for this blog. 

I study in coffeeshops a lot. I love them, almost as much as the library. there are some very good coffeeshops. there are some very bad coffeeshops. there are some very good coffeeshops that are very bad for studying. right now, I’m based in upstate new york, but travel often and spent some time living in hungary. I’m not sure of the order I’ll do this, or if there will be any order, but I’m going to start posting coffeeshop reviews pretty regularly! this is mostly to help me remember what I liked and didn’t like about places, but this will also ideally help other studyblrs in the area looking for new study spaces! I’m excited about this, and you should be too!

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I have a really long semester coming up between law school applications, my thesis, normal school work, and my three jobs… Here’s a list of my goals to accomplish by the time finals end:

  1. kick the LSAT’s butt (ideal score: 163 and up!)
  2. finish all law school applications and essays
  3. apply to scholarships
  4. do well in my classes
  5. calm down & be happy
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