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#just NO eyes

amount of times my brain decided to test what no having eyes would be like in the past two hours: seven

conclusion: it’d be weird

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if i had the choice between having eyes and not having them i would get rid of them in heartbeat

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actually wandavision sucks im sticking to the comic vision where i don’t have to deal with constant hetero shit

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Oh yeah definitely and also going to the site cafeteria and seeing people throw away food absolutely hurts them even at times yelling at the person who threw it away. They are also so comfortable with eating food no matter where it has been, dropped food means nothing and they will just pick it up and eat it without a second thought and sometimes they see food in the trash that is still perfectly good and their coworkers have to stop them from basically dumpster diving on site whenever they see something that is still edible

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Hot take but Mr Blue eyes is sexy as fuck.

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aw anon 🥺 that’s okay! i cried merely explaining my love and appreciation for derek morgan to my friend in the car while getting pizza today. for context i was explaining season 11 events and i just lost it derek morgan deserves the entire world ugh

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so like. the meeting where hatter was supposedly writing down the code for the safe. we know that he didn’t actually do that and instead drew the picture of the stag, right?

did…did nobody in that meeting think it was weird that he didn’t just, y’know, scribble down the code? like he’s obviously not an artist, but i imagine it took more time than jotting down a few numbers real quick.

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