#just be you
Honestly. I love the phrase "fuck labels, just be yourself."
Cuz the label isn't what's important. Be yourself first. And the label will come naturally. You don't need to come up with a new word, or change a definition to fit how you feel. The label does not need to explain all your actions, it doesn't need to describe every little thing. Don't focus on the word. Be yourself first.
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littlemisspascal · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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euesworld · 10 months ago
"Give my soul the thunder of your passion and make me truly feel you, I want the uncensored version of you.."
Just be you.. that's what I want, be real with me - eUë
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primepalindrome · 9 days ago
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A little reminder
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chasingrainbowsforever · 12 months ago
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~ Purple and White ~
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only-tiktoks · a year ago
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marvel-m-lee · 5 months ago
Hiya! So I have a question: how do I shift, and what are the proper precautions I should take? How do I get back? How do I set a time? Like, I've seen things where people have shifted like, six months but it was only six minutes in the current reality? I want to try it, but it seems kinda scary and I'm afraid that I'm not gonna be able to get back or something, or I shift for too long and I forget what life is like in the current reality.
Sorry if this is super personal or weird or anything. It just seems super fascinating and I want to try it, and I feel like voices most of my questions would probably help my confusion. If you want to answer this in DMs or something then I would be fine with that! But if you don't want to answer this at all, that's perfectly fine too! I understand this was out of the blue, and from a person you don't know that well either.
Either way, I hope you have a wonderful day/night! <3
This was out of the blue bc I don't post like THAT much about shifting here, BUT, I'm so glad you asked! Recently I tried to give up with shifting but the universe had a hissy fit and stuff so I quickly came back PFFT- ANYWAY THIS IS GONNA BE LONG SO:
Anyway, hello! I'm so glad you asked!
I've been in the shifting community for around a year now (just over), And yes, it is scary at first, I feel like if people say it isn't, are the ones who sleep with one foot dangling off the bed for the monster to steal. No joke.
Personally I haven't shifted yet, BUT I've had some incredible experiences all the same.
(BTW I realised I didn't explain this until halfway through, a DR is a desired reality,its where you're shifting too. A OR is your original reality, and a CR is your current reality.)
First of all, what is shifting? Shifting for a fact has been practiced for hundreds of years, there are actually some offical documents from the Govt. On it but they were quickly taken away once people realised it was real. (Some people have them saved though so you can find them still!)
Shifting is mainly debated between the multiverse theory and a mental theory, personally, idgaf bc it's all real. It all feels real, like so very real. Like have you had them realistic dreams? Yeah, more realistic then them.
I recommend doing a lot of research on shifting before anything. It's very wide spread so take everything with a pinch of salt but the basics are:
Its real, it feels real, its safe, its fun.
How do you shift? Well this one's also a little touchy touchy as a LOT of mis information has gone around for it. Best advice? Intention. Honestly that's all you need. Just trust yourself, want it, and get it.
You can also use methods, you can find guided meditations online of these! Some may work, others may not, just keep trying.
Also, no, you don't need to lay on your back, you don't need to drink water or tidy your room or meditate every five minutes or whatever. It's a natural process, these things just help some individuals. Just be you though.
Don't push yourself. Please. Shifting is fun, you can can anything, anywhere. You're the canvas and the painter.
Try not to keep pushing yourself or doing things you're uncomfortable with. If you need a break, take it. Try not to over obsess it.
There aren't many precautions with shifting in particular, but around it, yes. Be careful with what you read online, even this, I bet I made some mistakes.
Now onto the fun stuff, the rest of your questions can be answered with the magical thing called a script.
So,hopefully many people on here know I'm lazy 😭😂 so I don't actually use scripts as much as other people, a lot of people love them and will spend HOURS decorating them and making them all fancy. Me personally, I usually add little bits into my writing on here, like with my y/n Marvel series, y/n has many things my dr self would, like her room design or powers.
Scripts are where you keep all your written out details. Like your name, birthday, personality. Like a little fact file for your DR.
You can write whatever here, so one you asked in particular was about time. You would write "time ratio" or something in your script and then a time ratio, a popular one is 1hr in your OR is a day/month in your DR.
Personally I shift at night, so I don't have a time ratio, I would shift at night and when I wanted to come home I would wake up before school or just normally. (If I wanna skip school or smth though I would normally put the hr here is a day there pfft)
You can also script scene scenarios in your DR! For example in my Marvel DR, I wake up in the hospital bed at the Compound, then Bruce finds me and we watch the sunrise- almost exactly as my sunrise series. Another mini scene I have is that Peter P. Wade, Eddie and I all have a movie day and do face masks- it's so awesome PFFT-
Scripts as a whole are mainly made for you you just remember what you want, keep it fresh in your mind, but you don't need one. Like me, I just write tiny fics for myself or act out them, I keep everything in my mind and day dream a lot bc it's how I work, I just find it easier. I know loads on all of it though bc I did get obsessed at one point PFFT
Oh I almost forgot: you also ask about how to get back. Same as getting there: intention! So many people write a safe word or action in their script, this particular thing will take them back straight away. Thus can be any word or action but hopefully you choose one you don't say a lot because you could send yourself home on accident pfft-
Mainly intention though, so you go home when you want, just as you shofy when you want.
If you're a worry pot like I am about time, you can also have something that's tell your OR time, for me it's this little book ehich has everything, my scripted scenarios, mini random stuff I scripted, safe word, safe action, time, the whole lot. Its magic too so I'm not entirely sure how it works but it'll tell me whatever I want to, whenever i need. You can also scripted in the lifa app which does this exact thing but it's an app on your phone.
This is me changing the topic. Okay so basics
Shifting is waking up somewhere else, or moving your concious or whatever. You can see your cc, live your dream life.
Shifting is safe.- there are some more warnings after this though.
Scripts! Just writing down your thoughts for your dr, relationships, time ratios, scenes, anything
One thing I will say, is Lucid dreaming. Shifting and Lucid dreaming are similar, but they're not the same. Even so, I would say to learn Lucid dreaming because its really cool either way. Personally when I have Lucid dreams they're some of my best memories or worst, which I love a lot because I'm so fascinated by dreams and such.
Anyway, more precautions.
Before I continue, trigger warning until the next ⚠️ emoji because the next part mentions many triggering topics but it's incredible serious.
Shifting feels real. This is something I know for a fact and still haven't wrapped my mind around entirely. But u scream this: it feels real. So don't do things you wouldn't normally ig? So if you kill someone, you kill someone, if you get raped, you will get raped. It isn't a dream, you will get traumatised. So please don't script these things, and if you do, understand that it will traumatise you and script a therapist.
You can script you don't bring these trauma's back, but I don't know how true that fact is due to it being trauma and something that went around a while ago.
Now this is very controversial, so I'm I'm going to say it once. Script and do what you want with shifting, but know what your doing.
If you believe in the multiverse theory, and say you shift to a reality where you're a murderer. Yes whether you shift there or not, it happened, but you made the choice to shift there and do it.
With shifting, I would also advice getting a DR where you have a therapist or get physio help. I have one, I'm glad I do. It's free and useful.
Okay it's ended, but honestly above is really serious and important.
Anyway, Shifting is fun, it's a way to experience everything you've ever wanted to. You can be famous, see all your comfort characters, live on TV shows, fly, watch the sunset in another country, travel the world, love, smile, get help, do anything you've ever wanted. But remember it's real, you feel everything you do, you will remember it. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows here, nor will it be there, that's how it's real.
Anyway, if you have anymore questions my DM's and inbox are always open!
I love talking about shifting and its not something too personal to myself, my family all know I do it and i think the mind is so incredible so I will study it a lot.
Anyway, yeah, Its gonna be scary at first, it's new, it's incredible, but you'll get used to it, it's like going on holiday i guess. And yiu don't have to miss life here either.
Once again, take everything i said with a grain of salt, every shifting experience is different. Everyone's different. Do research and I'm always here to answer more questions! <333
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perfectly-imperfect19 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
One of those days I just want to feel a little prettty!
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aster0 · 11 months ago
indecisiveness in education
you're interested in a bunch different fields that have no relation to each other? THAT'S AMAZING.
learn about all of them.
seeing others online and devoted to their 1 field of choice is admirable, but it can also be discouraging.
the desire to learn and explore multiple fields is not weakness. it can be a strength.
with the promise of being able to dedicate time to all of your interests and passions, life can be so much better.
sure, maybe prioritizing or organizing your interests is easier said than done for you. but you don't have to "go, go, go" all the time. take a rest when you need to.
learning does not have to be done on full power all the time. learning whenever you can handle it IS enough.
leave no passion untried or ignored.
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soulmusicsongs · 7 months ago
Just Be You - The Chapparrals (Shake Your Head, 1978)
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bibambs · a month ago
So tired of catfishes bruh 😒😩
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littlemisspascal · a year ago
Tumblr media
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euesworld · 7 months ago
"You are beautiful, so be you tiful.. be sexy, be fun, be amazing.. be you.. be too full of beauty!"
You are amazing, never think any less - eUë
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guccixcucci · 7 months ago
See Chloe’s hallowe’en costumes are what I mean when I say she has natural sex appeal and she doesn’t have to force it
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the-ablest-navigators · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“A bunch of glads,
certainly highly emblematic of creation,
remote from frills of working blossom with hope of fruit:
slow, durable, placid,
generous, sure of kingly dreams.”
— Excerpt “Gladioli
By Gottfried Benn, translated by Michael Hofmann
Glads in my kitchen
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imforeverjustyours · 12 months ago
I’m a lot.
I am.
I know I am.
I’ve always known I am.
I get over-the-top excited about mundane things. I get overly-emotional too.
I have ten thousand ideas flowing rapidly through my brain at any one point in time.
I think fast. I speak fast. I type even faster.
I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m in the house or sitting alone in my car.
I send ten text messages in a row. And, oh yes, you’d better believe they are full of exclamation points and emojis. I plan road trips at the drop of a hat. I work really hard to make everything magical.
I apologize all the time.
I talk way too much.
I am lot for many and not enough for some.
I build businesses and then after those I build new businesses.
I see clothes that I absolutely HAVE to have. I think every movie I’ve ever watched is the “best ever.” I like every song that comes on the radio, and I rave about them, and I research the lyrics and try to figure out the deeper-meaning. I cry about situations, and then turn around with my next breath and flip the switch and find the ever-elusive silver lining.
I’m a lot.
I’m passionate.
I rarely walk.
If I’m going somewhere, I run. (Metaphorically-speaking, of course. If I’m literally running, you better too. Something is chasing us.)
When I’m chill, I’m chill.
But when I’m not—watch out.
I don’t tiptoe. I jump in without looking back. And I splash water everywhere. I have energy, and I like for energy to be given back to me.
I used to hate this about myself. Everything I just mentioned made me blame myself, and question myself, and want to be by myself, and also somehow, made me want to be with everyone all the time.
I used to think being too much was my worst quality. I thought it was the reason I was misunderstood and lonely. I thought it was my greatest setback.
And so I quieted myself up.
I played small.
I bottled my excitement.
I convinced myself to become less.
I give hard. I forgive hard. I work hard. I laugh hard. I cry hard. I mess up hard, but then I get back up and I keep on moving forward.
I dream hard. I believe hard.
I live fierce. And I love free.
There is nothing wrong with that.
There is nothing wrong with meeting someone and instantly clicking with them. There is nothing wrong with telling people how much you love them. There is nothing wrong with laughing and crying and feeling other people’s pain.
If your’e an “a lot” person like I am. If you bounce around from place to place. If it takes awhile for you to settle down, and you lie in bed at night wondering what in the world is wrong with you, and oh-my-gosh why did you say “you too” when the waiter told you to enjoy your meal. That’s such an odd thing to say.
It’s okay.
You’re okay.
It’s going to be okay.
Stop beating yourself up. Stop with the constant worrying that people won’t like you, and start liking yourself.
Cause, yeah, you’re a lot.
You’re a lot of love.
You’re a lot of joy.
You’re a lot of beautiful.
You’re a lot of real.
You’re a lot of passionate.
You’re a lot of empathetic.
You’re a lot of what makes a good friend.
And you’re also a lot of what this world needs. Don’t hide. Don’t shy away. Don’t back down. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t shrug off your gifts.
Don’t change. Ever.
But do breathe, and do at least try to be more on time.
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dallas73026 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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pedromiamor · a year ago
dear women,
having body hair is completely valid
having body hair is okay
having body hair is your choice
having body hair is attractive
having body hair is normal
please spread body hair positivity!! i’m so sick of people thinking women can only be attractive when they shave their body hair. you should see the curls on my armpit hair i adore them
on the contrary,
shaving is completely valid
shaving is okay
shaving is your choice
shaving is attractive
shaving is normal
body hair or no body hair i still love all of you equally and the way you look is your choice ♥️
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unefemmequipense · a year ago
Tumblr media
‘You’ll be sad for a while and then you’ll stop giving a fuck and it’ll be the best feeling ever.’
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6lackfiction · 10 months ago
Downton Abbey is amazing! How far into are you?
I’ve binged till almost the 3rd season. Who knew old yt people would be this entertaining.
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