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#just blacklist that tag lol
arodabi · 5 months ago
okay, i’m finally getting around to writing this, and uhh ill say its for aro week too. this is written as an aro person directed at alloromantic people. when i refer to writing, i’m kind of using it as a general term for creative works. Here’s me throwing my hat in on the question:
Can you ship aromantic characters?
and my answer is,,,,, actually a question. Why do you want to ship aromantic characters? 
I want alloros to realize that for a lot of aros, we do not get to see ourselves represented often. I can actually count on like one hand how many popular canon aro characters there are, and on the whole, none of their identities are respected. people constantly try to weasel their way out of actually writing aro characters, or they just ignore or deny their identity outright. fandom spaces (hell creative spaces in general) are at best not welcoming to aros, and at worst actively hostile towards us. So when the first question brought up when a character gets canonically confirmed as aro is “okay cool but can i ship them???” or “that’s nice but how can i still write about my fave ship that involves them??” i want to fucking scream. its a slap to the face and it shows that people really do not give a shit about aros. you say stuff like that and all i hear is “my fictional ship is so much more important than representing your marginalized minority identity” so instead of me just sitting here and saying “yes you can totally ship aro characters, as long as you’re respectful!!!” i’m saying “can you stop and think why you want to shove an aro character into a romantic relationship at the first chance you get?? maybe you have some arophobia you haven’t worked on?? maybe since we live in an amatonormative world, you’re letting that influence your views??” because that question being the first thing out of your mouth when you see a character you like confirmed as aro? that’s already disrespectful towards aros in my book.
So back to my question, Why do you want to ship aromantic characters? is it because you can’t write characters without them being in romantic relationships? or because you think a character without a romantic relationship is boring? Because if so, that’s a bad reason and it sounds like amatonormativity is rotting your brain. 
Is it because you just really like a ship with the aro character? Because you can write two characters with a strong relationship without writing them as a couple. A strong friendship can hold just as much power as a romantic relationship.
Is it because fuck aros, i will write what I wanna write and I don't wanna write this character with their canon identity? because then you’re just an arophobic asshole that needs to work on your shitty opinions. aro representation is just as important as any other lgbtqia+ representation.
Now if you’re reading this and thinking “well i heard aros can be in queerplatonic relationships!” I want you to think for a second. Are you writing a qpr or are you writing a romantic relationship with the serial numbers filed off? Have you talked to aro people or read stuff actually written by us? because, yes, some qprs can look a lot like a romantic relationship from the outside, but that’s just it, you’re looking at it from the outside. qprs are more than just “romantic relationship with extra steps”, and i think it’s really telling how many times i see alloromantic people saying they’re depicting an aro character in a qpr, not a romantic relationship, but then they never ever make any effort to distinguish the qpr from any other romantic relationship they write or draw. It just feels like qprs are getting used by alloros as a gatcha any time an aro person objects to how they depict (or don’t depict) aromanticism. if you want to write a character in a qpr then go for it! but you need to actually do research, talk to aros, get multiple opinions and not just take the first opinion that agrees with you and run with it.
“But what about headcanoning a character as arospec?” now i will say before i go into this, i am aro, not arospec, so if an arospec person wants to come in and correct me at any part here im happy to listen. but my problem when alloros bring up arospec identities is a very similar problem to how qprs are often depicted. I remember when Peridot Stevenuniverse got confirmed aro (she did, do not argue this with me) people were jumping over themselves to assure everyone that “a character getting confirmed as aro just means they are any arospec identity” which,, uhh,, not true? i mean if an arospec person wants to see a canon aro character as, say, aroflux, i’ve got no problem, aro and arospec people can do what they want really. but, i do have a problem with all the alloro fans who were spreading this. because, do you really see the character as demiromantic? or are you using that identity to deflect criticism from erasing aro identities? are you actually trying to write a good depiction of a demiro person? or are you just writing normal ship stuff and slapping a “uwu ive never felt romantic attraction until i met you! and now i will act exactly like any alloromantic person!” at the beginning? being in fandom spaces, i do see the occasional fic actually depicting an aspec identity (i say aspec her because aro is so rare that most of these examples i’ve seen have been acespec identities rather than arospec) but like 99% of the time, that’s written by someone who actually shares the identity. before you use our terms and identities to cover your ass when you erase us, consider not fucking doing that. consider listening to all aros and getting our thoughts and input. 
And last here is “but what about romance positive aros?” now i think most of what i’ve said previously can be applied here. the only thing i wanna add is, i think its very interesting that almost every time i see non aros depict aros, they always write them as very into romance, very open to be in romantic relationships, and very quiet about their aro identity. despite the character in canon not showing any of these traits. romance positive aros are good and important, but not every aro is romance positive. there’s quite a few of us that are romance repulsed, and alloros only depicting aros as super romance positive no matter what is suspicious to say the least. if an aro character is shown to be open to participating in romantic activities in canon then of course write them that way. but if an aro character is shown to be uninterested in, or even actively against romantic activities then respect that too.
so, to wrap up my thoughts in this ramble: please ask yourself why you want to ship aro characters so bad, because if the only reason is that amatonormativity has brainwashed you into not being able to write, or draw, or do anything with a character without them being in a romantic relationship, then you uhhh need to work on that, that’s honestly a writing/creative flaw imo. if you like the relationship dynamic between an aro character and another character, consider making them friends. friendship is not less powerful than romantic relationships. nobody is ever too old for the power of friendship trope. If you’re erasing an aro character’s identity because fuck aros, then fuck off somewhere far away from me and work on your bullshit. qprs, arospec identities, and romance positive aros are all very real, very important parts of the aro community, but please talk to other aros about them and actually make an effort to understand how these things work, dont just assume. And also don’t use these things as a way to erase aro identities and cover your ass if get called out. its disrespectful towards all aros.
The most important thing to do before writing or creating work with aro characters is to talk to aros, and not just the aros that agree with you. look up what a qpr actually is, learn how aros experience their arospec identities, talk to aros with multiple outlooks on romance. and if you can’t bring yourself to reach out, at least read through our own writings, whether that’s fiction, or informational posts, fuck, look through our memes if u wanna. Just please actually make an effort.
So, Can you ship aro characters? its complicated. look at trends in your fandom, question why you want to, and do research. Be an aro ally, listen to us. That’s really the most important thing.
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feyrearcherons · a month ago
Why would SJM have written all that sexual tension between Elriel, the near kiss, Azriel being ready to beg on his knees to eat out Elain (lmao he's got it bad) if she wasn't planning to make anything happen between them?? Guys, Ms Sarah Janet wants Azriel to fuck. She wants Azriel smut. So much that she nearly included a threesome involving him in acosf that made no sense to the story and she took it out because she'd have to deal with the implications of it. She set up all the tension and conflict; Elain and Azriel are gonna get it on there is just no doubt about it, and with this new trilogy format of one couple per book, there would just never be enough time to switch love interest halfway through.
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alliummc · 4 months ago
george has so many things that remind him of dream... his coins, his youtooz, the elephant quartz, and he keeps it all on his desk, at his fingertips. he has his merch, that he calls “dream’s hoodie”, that we know he wears a lot and sprayed with cologne. dream lives thousands of miles apart and yet somehow all george is surrounded by screams dream
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headoverhiddles · a year ago
Portrait era, for the word: protective
Era: Portrait
Prompt: Protective
Words: 150
Tumblr media
"You show me where this prick is!"
Manson paces backstage. Daisy is launching into an extended guitar solo to make up for the fact that their frontman isn't onstage singing Dogma like he should be right now.
"No, just forget it. It was nothing!"
"For what he called you? I should crack the motherfucker's skull."
You tug at his pink feather boa. "Just get back onstage. You're being too protective!"
Not having it, walks you out into the crowd of the small Jacksonville club. He looks around, sees you staring at the asshole who harassed you.
"Hey, dipshit! Guess who?!" The guy sees you, sees your proximity to Manson (who currently looks like a deranged, half naked, sweat-soaked lunatic) and starts to freak out. Thankfully the mosh pit is a good cover for throwing punches. Twiggy looks out into the pit, sees the anarchy, and laughs his ass off.
Request a babble
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itsallavengers · 2 years ago
Tony stans have told people who don't like tony to kill themselves and you think you're the ones who get attacked for no reason? It's a fictional character. Get over yourself. Not everyone is going to like them. If you think it's stupid to have hate blogs then it's also stupid to have a blog dedicated to loving a character.
Everyone everywhere tells people to kill themselves over minor things pal, it’s called being an asshole, not a Tony Stan. I’ve had a Pepperony stan say they hoped I got r*ped bc I don’t like their ship. Does that mean that I’m going to, in return, create a pepperony hate blog, whine about how people don’t agree with my pepperony hate blog, and then get defensive and cite That One Asshole Anon as my reason for wanting to shit on thousands of people’s ship? No it fucking doesn’t. Cuz I’m not a fucking idiot, and I am capable of realising that it’s not the ship or character making people say those things, it’s the personality of the person behind that keyboard. Please get that into your head. 
Also, a blog dedicated to sharing positivity and ideas about their favourite characters to a community reeeeally is not equal to a blog dedicated to sharing hatred and bringing people down. Don’t like a character? Good for you. Fume about them to your friends. Create a group chat. A discord server, with a 24/7 activity so that you can get angry and worked up whenever you so want. But don’t bring it here. We don’t want you
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romansroys · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
we are On Brand 2nite 
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winged-cryptid · a day ago
just because I've seen a lot of hate towards endogenic systems in the past few days: endos are valid. we don't try to steal traumagenic resources or invalidate your experiences. we don't claim to be of the same origin, we don't claim to be better than you or something, we don't claim that we can relate to your struggles. we simply exist. so please, if you're anti endo... fuck off. block me, I don't care, I don't want you here.
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hearttoshu · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I may be a disappointment but Wen Junhui definitely is not  *:・゚✧
Yes I have used this filter multiple times AH... Tagged by @woocity @peachierrafor the bias selca tag but tbh I’ve done it quite a lot with Josh already XD so I just changed it to the bias wrecker selca tag lmao just to change up change up change up ;)) 
anyway apologies to your eyes and apologies to jun //sigh// 
to clarify this tag has now morphed to the bias wrecker selca tag (because I love causing chaos) :D so imma tag: @starry-sof @shuuvee @huihaos @wooziwish @wonboowoo @sooncoups @multyfan1458 @cheolsbae @cheolcolate @joshuahong @banana-gyugyu @seokyomie I tagged some new people >//< so please feel free to ignore this if you don’t wanna do it or feel uncomfortable ! anyway ‘tis all ^~^ Hope you all have a good day :))
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chrisfranklinchow · 3 years ago
the avs’ one second everyday video is the best hockey video i’ve ever watched. it was so inspiring to see their work ethic shine through, and it was littered with some a variety of iconic moments. every second conveyed so much emotion and i can see like their personalities so clearly. they just seem like honest boys who love hockey, what they do and their fans. i hope they take the time to rest and recuperate and be amazing when the new season rolls around!!
thank you for coming to my ted talk, can’t wait to absorb more avs content soon!
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emilykolburn · a month ago
So this is a little nosy, but i remembr you mentioning in tags or something awhile ago how you have gg tags blacklisted and i was just curious why?
Hey, anon!
I wouldn't say it's anything dramatic or whatever lol I just started blacklisting it when I wanted to take a break from the show and the fandom spaces. Like, I still wanted to watch it because I love it and have a ton of fun but that was it, y'know?
I follow a limited number of people (which has been the case for years for me, it's not just a gg thing) so any content I didn't want to see was minimal anyway but it just seemed good to also blacklist the show. (When it came to twitter I just checked it less because I find muting/blacklisting content on there isn't as good).
At first (after 2x13-3x02, somewhere around there), I'd only blacklist for the day or two post-episode to avoid the influx of discussions and metas/analysis as well as any negativity, all of which are fine and the former two I'm sometimes very happy to see, but occasionally, it's just A Lot so I simply blacklisted some things (because everyone I follow tags to some degree!) and went about my day :)
Now though I tend to keep the show blacklisted and whenever I make an edit, I unblacklist it (so I can check my edit shows up in tags) and I spend some time checking out people's edits and whatnot before I add it to the list again. Occasionally, if I'm feeling like it, I'll simply just hit that "view post" button when a post crosses my dash :) Also during hiatus time if things are on the quiet side, I unblacklist everything (and maybe, once the show ends I'll leave off my blacklist for good? I'm not sure though).
I don't know, I've always kind of been on the outskirts of the fandom — by choice! I've definitely spoken to people who are all lovely and wonderful and everyone has been nothing but kind to me and welcoming! — so I've never really been thrust that deep into Good Girls on tumblr, especially not since around mid-late s2, but some distance from the fanon space on here just seemed like a good idea when all I wanted to do was, at the very least, enjoy the show.
Also, I want to say, blacklisting the show (through various general tags) was the easiest route to take because while the people I follow do tag, they haven't always used specific tags for certain things so a lot of content I didn't want to see made it through (which is why I make sure to spend time checking out edits whenever I unblacklist).
I realise this was a long reply to simply say "after a certain point I needed more distance and just wanted to watch the show and enjoy it" but hopefully, it makes sense?
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cola-losers · a month ago
Give an explanation on why no discourse, go on I'll wait
Okay so I've had this in my inbox festering for like ~3 weeks give or take idk because I didn't know whether or not to answer it and then shit happened and I forgot. Anyways pick one I don't care
I don't wanna
Too lazy for all that research
My doctor says I need to lower my stress rate to help my condition via "removing unnecessary stress" and I'm sure fandom discourse counts
I'm getting married next year bro I gotta plan my wedding and shit
This is a reblog blog mate there's literal blogs dedicated to this stuff go look for them
I'm an eddsworld blog on tumblr my opinion shouldn't matter to you so much omfg
While having Opinions™ I prefer to keep to myself since I'm kinda shy in sharing stuff I like so imagine how I am with things I dislike
I have adult problems offline why would I make my simple little corner of the internet into a place with more problems
I have never cared for ""celebrities"" anyways so why would I care about some middle aged men on Twitter. I don't even have a Twitter 😔
(few more in the tags because sadly they aren't funny)
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bonnini · 18 days ago
ANYWAY if you’re a character in the Hyperversum trilogy and your name is “Guillaume” you have to accept that your main purpose in the saga is to deal with an endless stream of stressful bullshit and have your patience tested on a daily basis here’s proof lol:
1. My beloved, my precious Guillaume de Ponthieu, the ultimate meticulous planner, trying to keep his life free from nonsense and utterly failing at it because of external factors. The name of all these external factors is of course IAN MAAYRKAS like... Guillaume's baby brother cannot be trusted to stay put for five seconds without having someone attempt to assassinate, kidnap (hi Geoffrey lol) or maim him jdjdjddjdjsjsjk and the one who Ian always ends up involving in this nonsense is Guillaume who literally has not been able to catch a break since the day he first met him? He just spends his days either worried sick about his younger brother or running around + using his resources in order to fix the dangerous shit Ian always ends up tangled in. Ian and Guillaume’s relationship is literally just:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guillaume loves Ian SO SO MUCH (we'll discuss this in a different post tho) but man being the oldest Ponthieu brother sure is tiring :'')
2. Guillaume de Sancerre LIKE why is it that in the Hyperversum literary universe counts named "Guillaume" always end up having a younger brother who is the cause of all their anxiety attacks lmao??? Like imagine being Etienne de Sancerre's older brother for a second: this man is physically incapable of sitting still for more than 4.5 seconds, never shuts up, says what he thinks with absolutely no filter in any situation, used to sneak out of his castle as a teen, thinks a fight is the best way to tackle any problem, has no regard for etiquette, cannot be trusted to avoid opening his mouth to make stupid and rushed remarks even in front of the king of France DOES ANYONE REMEMBER about that time Etienne spent the entire Ian+Lavaur versus Gant audience in Séour practically vibrating on his chair right next to Philippe Auguste looking like this:
Tumblr media
waiting for the right moment to voice his support for Ian and THE SECOND he tried to open his mouth the king immediately cut him off with a deadpan "monsieur de Sancerre you will not be allowed to speak unless you have some actual proof against Gant, if you just want to talk about how your friend must be right because you love him and believe him then please shut up" hdshsjsjsjdndndbdbdndnd my man Philippe just KNEW Etienne was about to say something ridiculous right there in front of everyone JUST IMAGINE Guillaume's reaction if he had been there lol??? Please tell me you remember about how hard Guillaume was facepalming the first time Etienne ever spoke to Ian, that scene is just Etienne being his fratboy self without a care in the world and Guillaume, angry crying and screaming inside, doing his best to prevent him from being inappropriate with Ian and the other nobles?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in this house we love and appreciate Guillaume the Sancerre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that man is basically a saint.
3. William Long Sword!!! Count of Salisbury!!!!! He's Guillaume number three and he shares so many traits with Guillaume the Ponthieu??? Middle aged man: check. Experienced warrior: check. Very powerful, very close to the king: check (ok Guillaume is actually super loyal to his king but you get the idea). Skilled politician: check. Very used to having the upper hand during the unfolding of any political confrontation: check. Had his life turned upside down by Ian in the span of a few minutes: CHECK. USED TO LIVE A BULLSHIT-FREE LIFE BEFORE MEETING IAN AND DANIEL:CHECK.
Salisbury literally has not known peace since the day he first met Ian and Daniel, and the few days he had to spend in Dunchester waiting for news from Ian and trying to keep Daniel from getting himself hanged were the most stressful of his entire life? this man had at least four consecutive heart attacks during Daniel's honestly hysterical conversation with King John bdbdbssjsjkf
Salisbury: ok sir Freeland all you have to do is stand behind me and be silent I will handle this please just stay put. please
Daniel: ok
Also Daniel fifteen seconds later @ king John, who is currently busy having the time of his life sending people to the gallows: hi :)
Tumblr media
In conclusion: 
Tumblr media
All Hyperversum Guillaumes are valid and I love every single one of them 
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viralvoid · 10 days ago
Srs why r y’all so pressed abt this theory. It doesn’t lessen the character at all, it doesn’t make him “less than” or “not real” and it’s not... an excuse? For anything??? The whole point of that one episode with sentibug was saying how they could have their own life to live, and how they’re almost the exact same as every other living, breathing being (iirc) I don’t want the theory to be true either bc i think that would be too much for this kinda show to handle, but I like it. I always like the trope of “character thats nonhuman becomes ‘human’ and loses the restraints previously put on themselves because they weren’t ‘normal’”, smth along the lines of that. It would just add to his need for freedom and self-identity, and make it all the more meaningful breaking from his abusive father’s + the amok’s control ((we don’t know everything about the miraculouses... either that or he just keeps the amok with him like his ring. Idc bc it’s just a fun. theory :).)) like there doesn’t have to be a huge analysis and a big proven YES or NO. It’s just ,, something different. And fun. To think about. If you don’t like it, do not interact w it lol. Coming back here after 3ish years I forgot how salty you guys became after chameleon. Like that was a whole major shift in the fandom and yall take shit too seriously
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bisexualer · 5 hours ago
ok i think im mostly better im not gonna post the vent all im gonna say is i really really fucking hatw tourettes rage attacks theyre so fucking distressing and make me scared of myself and now im gonna have intrusive thoughts of hurting people for days ^_^ hehe so fun
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