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#just do it

I would humbly like to ask @616s to write all Iron Man comics from now on. I haven’t read a single Marvel Comic in my life but I know that he’ll do good.

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Okay first of all I still don’t consider myself that good at drawing, but I appreciate the compliment and it’s very nice that you like my work enough to seek advice from me. I’m a little emotional over it not gonna lie.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to give you. I can tell you that 4 months is not long at all, and it’s normal you’re not seeing as much progress as you’d want to yet. I never took up drawing “seriously” myself in the sense that I never sat down and thought “I’m gonna learn how to draw now”. I learned to draw by drawing, and I started, excluding my childhood doodles, about 10 years ago, though the pieces I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to show wouldn’t be older than 5, when I started to draw more seriously/regularly. Even now, a lot of the ones I put out on my blog make me cringe a bit haha (and there are many more that I don’t post), though there are more and more I genuinely appreciate and am proud of.

Tbh the thing that really helped me take off is copying stuff. I used to draw only from imagination, and while I miss being able to do that sometimes, there’s no doubt that having references made a huge difference. I don’t draw a realistic style and I didn’t learn anatomy or anything, nor do I copy images for the hell of it. But instead of pulling my hair trying to nail a pose I just spend a few minutes looking for pictures with what I have in mind on it and I go from there. I’ve come to enjoy that part - a little too much maybe haha.

I also did that thing where I drew every day for a year and that was also a big step forward, no matter how rushed the drawings were sometimes. The thing that shows me I’ve improved is not particularly that my pieces look better than they used to, but that they take me less time and effort and that I don’t fuck them up as much now. But also, you can’t aim too high at first. It’s frustrating because you have those images in your head and you can’t translate them on paper but that’s just life. You have to do with what skills you have at the moment, but you also shouldn’t give up on big ideas just because you don’t feel you can’t do them right. Try anyway. And try again later.

I don’t know if you’re learning properly, like techniques and all, and what you’re objectives are, so I can’t tell you much more. I can only encourage you to stick to it and realize that it’ll be some time until you produce something you’re proud of. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. I used to be very critical of my drawings and I couldn’t fathom how anyone could find them any good when there are so much better artists out there and when I could find so many flaws in them. But drawing anything at all is already a step not everyone can make. Sometimes I look at digital painting and colorful pieces and I’m like “I could never do that” and like. Yeah. I couldn’t. I can’t draw digitally and I don’t use much color, cause I prefer paper and black and white anyway and I don’t feel like learning those. And I’m not a professional and I’m not as committed to it as some of those artists are. So I can’t do that, and that’s fine. Maybe I’ll learn more, maybe I won’t. We’re never done.

Most importantly though, it’s just that drawing is supposed to be fun and nice, it’s supposed to feel good, especially if it’s a hobby and not you’re livelihood or something. I love to draw. When I’m in the mood I’ll spend hours on it, when I really want to represent that thing in my head or I just crave the act itself. Pen on paper. What a treat. So enjoy yourself. You can only get better.

“I don’t have much to give you “ she said six paragraphs ago… Well I’m done now ^^ Good luck!

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I remember the time when I go to school. There is a student who have a bag printed with a motto of “just do it”. I laugh and say, “what an immature motto”. My reason is that you’re just going to do things without a reason or plan? that’s a suicide. One day, my father takes me to a place with full of people. There is an excessively big roller coaster, my father asked me if I want to try but I refuse because I was too scared. Until now, I haven’t try to ride in a roller coaster and I was jealous of my friend if they were talking about roller coaster. I remember the motto “just do it” I mock. I really should just do ride that roller coaster.

I learned that its better to take risk that not trying. Because in the end you will just regret things because you let your fear gets you. Also, you will never know the result if you didn’t try.

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Brené Brown
I often remind myself of Voltaire’s famous phrase: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. ” The 20-minute walk I do is better than the 4 kilometers run that I don’t do. The imperfect book that is published is better than the perfect book that never leaves the computer. Dinner with Chinese food delivered at home is better than that elegant dinner that I can never do.
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If I somehow get into a situation where I and a clone are fighting and we get into the typical “I’m the real one, shoot them” “No I am, shoot them” I just want you to shut both of us point blank. Don’t even give us a chance to speak, I want you to show no hesitation.

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