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You are the ethereal light of the Evening Star. Though they say I should wish upon you for favor, I have no other desire than to watch you in the sky.

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You’re as precious and sweet as a doll, yet you are so far beyond the glass case you sit in. Your soul shines through the porcelain and I can almost hear you whisper my name.

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You are a fairy tale, one of justice, love, and everything beautiful in the world. I hope that I may learn all about you, page by page.

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I am so used to making fun of things so everyone laughs that even if someone is flirting with I am pretty sure i would realise it when its too late 🤣😂😅😫😭

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My hands are so cold, blue veins twisting like icy streams. My fingertips are dusted with a numbing crimson. Won’t you take my frozen flesh into your beautiful palms and keep me warm for a bit?

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I was walking slowly, steadily. Just following the arrows and doors that met my footsteps. My shoes made not a sound, hidden in the masses of people on their own paths.

I was just walking, until I tripped and fell for you.

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In the glint of the needle, I see your smile, the pinpricks against the fabric whispering your name. The golden, rainbow threads swirl around in a beautiful tapestry of your image, one that makes my bleeding fingers worth their pain.

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In the onyx fields of the sky, my brethren and I twinkle happily, little balls of light all over the universe. I look upon you with the deepest adoration, shining upon the earth with your crescent smile. In every painting and tapestry you shine as the moon, and I am a little star burning at your side.

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