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馃嵕+ You and @dicedumpling are in the closet together for however long the mun wishes. ^^


As the closet door slams, Joey leans in close to his husband (wary of any low-flying coat hangers or stray tennis rackets) and chuckles under his breath.

“You know, we gotta stop meeting like this.”

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I don’t talk a lot on social media these days. I think partially out of fear to be completely honest. I just want to thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for supporting my art (even if lately it’s been self indulgent).

I have a very small circle on Twitter, so I only have like one suggestion on there for this meme LOL

If you want, feel free to hit me with some character requests for me to sketch! I’m doing the first 6 and I have 1 already! (Please no oc’s!)

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Kaitlyn in red dead 2 (9/?)

Me: *running around camp* eXcUsE mE siR *runs up to Arthur and boops him* you have been booped

Arthur: *thoughts; wtf?*

Me: excuse me mister- *runs over to Seán and boop* thank you, moving on!

Seán: *blush* wut .///.

Me: hey hey! You *runs over to Marybeth*

Marybeth: huh what is it Kait- oh

Me: boop *le boops* :3 *runs off again*

Lenny: *chuckles* Kait are ya on another boop war?

Me: hm? Why yes >:3 *boops him and runs away again* xD

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okkk i got tagged by @annaw8799 to do this thing so thank you!!

instructions: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better!

name: finley

gender: female

star sign: pisces! ♓️

height: like 5’6?”?? i’m a tall boi 😌 (only i haven’t grown in over a year)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff!

favorite animal: there’s too manyyyy

average hours of sleep: well during the school year like 8 but now i try to sleep for at least 10 😂

current time: 10:10 am (nice)

dogs or cats: well i’m horribly allergic to both, but still love each of them!!! i do have a dog though. she’s a stupid idiot and her names pippi💕

blankets you sleep with: a comforter and a fucking HUGE fluffy blanket most of the time

dream job: *sweats in no life plans*

when i made this blog: honestly can’t remember.. maybe early 2019?

followers: around 30 lol we still small

why i got tumblr: idk just for fun?? i don’t remember

reasons behind url: uhm well it’s my middle name and i thought it sounded ~fancy~ so

ok so tags: @your-lover-crutchie @cutesiewoojin @blublublah @castledock @michaelinthetheater

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Some nice quarantine procrastination :) thank you @scuttlepantsworld for tagging me :)

how it works: choose between two words and make the chosen word bold,   pass this game on to those whose answers would tickle your fancy.   ancient or modern · bitter or sweet · chocolate or vanilla · coffee or tea · create or destroy · day or night · early bird or night owl · freckles or dimples · gold or silver · greek mythology or egyptian mythology · macarons or eclairs · hot or cold · thunder or lightning · typewritten or handwritten · secret garden or secret library · spicy or mild · dark magic or light magic · virtue or vice · ocean or desert · mermaids or sirens · known or unknown · rough or smooth · moon or stars · rain or snow

Sorry, there are some things I just can’t choose between no matter how hard I try. 

@carrieasagiri @super-mam-te-moc have fun :)

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Put a heart next to tv shows you’ve seen at least 10 episodes of

1. Grey’s Anatomy:

2. Stranger Things:

3. The Vampire Diaries: ❤️

4. The Walking Dead: 

5. Fear The Walking Dead:

6. Dexter:

7. American Horror Story:

8. Orange is the New Black:

9. A Million Little Things: 

10. This is Us: ❤️

11. The Simpsons:

12. New Amsterdam:

13. Manifest:

14. How To Get Away With Murder: ❤️

15. Breaking Bad:

16. Sons of Anarchy:

17. Scandal:

18. Riverdale: ❤️

19. The Good Doctor: 

20. House of Cards:

21. Once Upon a Time: ❤️

22. House:

23. True Detective:

24. Dr. Pimple Popper:

25. Power:

26. Empire:

27. One Tree Hill:

28. Supernatural: ❤️

29. Family Guy:

30. Santa Clarita Diet: ❤️

31. Shameless:

32. Pretty Little Liars:

33. Secret Life of an American Teenager:

34. Bones:

35. Criminal Minds  

36. The 100: ❤️

37. Chicago Fire:

38. Chicago Med:

39. The Resident:

40. Game of Thrones: ❤️

41. The Big Bang Theory:

42. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

43. Lost: ❤️

44. The Sopranos:

45. NCIS:

46. NCIS Los Angeles:

47. NCIS New Orleans:

48. Law & Order SVU: ❤️

49. Gossip Girl: ❤️

50. How I Met Your Mother:

51. Blue Bloods: 

52. Two Broke Girls: 

53. The Office: ❤️

54. Blacklist:

55. Full House:

56. Fuller House:

57. Downton Abbey:

58. Hawaii Five-O: ❤️

59. Big Mouth: ❤️

60. Last Man Standing: 

61. Six Feet Under:

62. Wentworth:

63. Friends: ❤️

64. That 70s Show:

65. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce:

66. Heartland:

67. All-American:

68. Greek:

69. Yellowstone:

70. Better Call Saul:

71. You: ❤️

72. Rescue Me:

73. Scrubs:

74. Community: ❤️

75. Letterkenny:

76. Kitchen nightmares: ❤️

77. The Masked singer:

78. Robot Chicken:

79. Vikings:

80. Mind Hunters:

81. New Girl:

82. The Good Place: ❤️

83. Black Mirror: ❤️

83. Lucifer: ❤️

84. Peaky Blinders: ❤️

85. iZombie:

86. Parks and Rec: ❤️

87. Brooklyn 99: ❤️

88. Handmaid’s Tale:

89. Modern Family:

90. Smallville:

91. Seinfeld: 

92. Gilmore Girls: ❤️

93. Charmed:

94. Private Practice:

95. Lost Girl:

96. True Blood:

97. Roswell:

98. Haven:

99. Mad Men: ❤️

100. Arrow:

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Listen I know a lot of y’all followed me bc I was a rp blog. Tbh, that rp started off good and then there were… problems I’d prefer not to discuss. Then after the first set of problems there were a different set of problems. The group has grown and shrunk and struggled and now were relatively small. But where we are now is something I can be proud of and happy with.

So that being said, if you’re still interested in Soft Gay Dad Remy Sanders content, head on over to @remy-dad-sanders

If you’re interested in his children I made up, the twins, head over to @morally-grey-nightmare and @alexandria-sanders Grey is in charge of Nightmares and Alex is in charge of Dreams.

If you’re interested in very canon divergent characters, head on over to @jessamine-dormir to learn about my chaos girl and her family that now lives in the Mindscape, or @tilan-apson to learn about my non-binary demigod oc who doesn’t trust anyone and is stuck in the Mindscape.

The other accounts involved in this rp setup are as follows, @spooky-masky , @its-martin-now , @wrathful-vengance ,@lehrer-o-leannain (also note @lehrer-o-leannain-info ), @a-soft-bunny , @a-thicc-moth , and @slightly-malformed-reflection

It’s a fun story and we’ve got a lot of little things planned! Feel free to interact with the characters through anonymous asks!

(If you would like to be a mean anon it would be preferred that you consult with the mun of the account about what your thoughts are beforehand unless there has been an ooc request for a specific brand of mean. Please stay aware of boundaries and note when ooc posts are made requesting the anons be sent. I only preface it like this bc there’s been issues in the past. Thank you!)

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tagged by the beautiful @no-starless-sky!! <3 

Rules: answer 17 questions and then tag 17 people who you want to know better.

Nickname: Jess or Bean

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′1

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Last thing I googled: Jenny of Oldstones lyrics 

Song stuck in my head: Bees by The Ballroom Thieves 

Following and followers: currently following and being followed by people that like the witcher haha

Amount of sleep I get: varies from 5-10 hours lol sleep schedule who?

Lucky number(s): no lucky numbers but I like 3, 7 and 9

Dream job: I’d love to own a bakery/bookshop/dispensary all in one type thing 

Wearing: jeggings and an olive green t-shirt 

Favorite songs:

  • Peregrine - The Ballroom Thieves
  • Babel - Mumford & Sons
  • The Only Living Thing - Adam French 
  • Belong - X Ambassadors 
  • Storms - The Ballroom Thieves 

Instrument(s): I’ve been thinking about learning the guitar; basically my whole family on my mom’s side plays it so why not, right?

Random fact: i’ve never broken a bone 

Favorite author(s): TJ Klune, Sarah J Maas, Christopher Paolini and Laini Taylor 

Favorite animal noise(s): thunderstorms and cat purrs <3 

Aesthetic: rosemary and mint potted plants by the window, knitted yellow cardigan and strong but sweet coffee, crystals lining windowsills and jasmine incense, rabbit slippers and nearly threadbare woven blankets.  

I am… breaking the rules bc ya girl doesn’t regularly talk to 17 people :”)

tagging @xdandelionxbloomx, @mystic-majestic, @gravitational813 because they’re wonderful and I adore them! Anyone else who wants to do this, go for it and tag me so I can drop you a like. 

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Tag Game

Rules: find a song for each letter of your URL!!!

Tagged by the lovely @nakey-cats-take-bathsss

Thank you so much 🌺😘! I love music, it gives me life!


November Rain - Guns n’ Roses

Aces High - Iron Maiden

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Always Somewhere - Scorpions

School - Supertramp

Strange Love - Depeche Mode

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

Alive - Pearl Jam

Runaway - Bon Jovi

That was so much fun!!!!

Tagging / saying hi 🤗 / sending love🥰:

@geekyogicheese @iishallbelieve @pendragaryen @wolfheartgirl @lee-em-dee @ktanansi @clarkeindra @jemleofan @locareader @lucythedetective @oaktavia @bloodysteel @dauntlessdivergentz @deliciouswordvomit @lightcomingthroughthedarkness @justwalkedaway @johnmurphysass @daenerystormboern @stydialarke @excuseyouclarke @bookwormforalways @tryingforalways and @anyone else who wants to do this, please consider yourselves tagged!

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