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#just for lolz
Ohohoho but a cutie who has a quirk like recovery girl where she gives a small smooch to the injury and it's all better? How would he Lov react and which members would take advantage of it??

Dabi and Shigaraki, fighting each other to try and be the first through the door.

Y/n, watching from her desk. “Do… do you two have boo boos you need kissed?”

Shiggy and Dabi, stare at each other, then y/n. In unison “I HAVE A BOO BOO!”

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i’m killing someone, hold please. (from Raven)

“Sure, but while you’re killing that one I have three more over here who are getting a little impatient.”  Allison snarked, dodging blows and then striking out with her daggers to try and keep them at bay.  She could hold off three on one, but it didn’t give her time to make any serious attacks of her own.

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