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#just for lolz

So I just put on a charcole face mask and….let me tell you I look like the fucking moon emoji 😭


I mean…i do be looking kinda cute tho , teehee 😩✌🏼

Anywho I just hope this face mask doesn’t rip my two hairy eyebrows from my face cuz… were going have a problem. 😐

F in the chat for my eyebrows 👁👄👁

Update: ahAha my eyebrows were a whole CHAMPION 😎 anywaysssss my face got red and somewhat Ichy but oof 😔 I’m not upset tho cuz if I have a tantrum on how ugly And tomato like I look cuz of this face mask then I’ll ruin the mood for making chocolate chip cookies later so 😎✌🏼 I’m Gucci ahaAha

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My kiddos have been out of school since March and it was announced this week that they won’t be going back this school year. We’re adjusting pretty well to the whole home school thing, though I don’t know if the principal here is going to work out. *eyes my oldest dog* she’s very passionate about education but keeps getting distracted by birds. 🐕 🐦

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