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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#just goofed around with this

can’t stop thinking abt the whatever-that-is at the start of the investigations sector in AWE. when you first see it, it’s just the trippy duplicating effect, and it does that nearly every other time, except when you first come back to that area later, and it does a bunch of strange flashing lights and materializes new furniture and makes a bunch of noise. it stops when you walk away and wont do it again till you make the whole sector reload. 

like. im probably overthinking it. im probably reading into it. but i feel like there’s something there, i just. do not know what it is. at some point an industrial light appears and slowly turns everything blue? idk if that has meaning. idk if the light patterns (it makes a couple of Xs or whatever that continue down the hall) mean anything, if the flashing pattern means anything (it affects ALL nearby lights), if im just goin full conspiracy mode, or what but like.

what is it. why is it. this game is making me lose my mind

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oh yeahyeahyeah ESPECIALLY The Protomen. if we’re just talking about Future Trunks himself then that particular sound and vibe The Protomen produce Definitely fits his time-traveling, no-time-or-chance-can-be-wasted self

i also wanna take a stand for Repo since it’s got an eerie enough vibe for me to give it a pass, particularly Legal Assassin. and while future trunks himself doesn’t make me feel wary his Reason For Existing does so that’s more points for it imo- at the very least Repo best represents the atmosphere of Future Trunks’ timelines

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Im doing my application for exchange for 2022 rn and here is my criteria: must have good food, must be in a big city (like a Real City… a metropolis.. not some backwater northern europe bullshit ive been working in downtown Vancouver for the past 3 months and this is barely a real city), and the school has to have a higher ranking than ubc bc im cant go on exchange just to go to a worse school than the one im already at

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#alex o'loughlin, #hawaii five 0, #watch! magazine 2017, #alex photoshoot, #handsome man, #Hawaii, #h50 edit, #Steve mcgarrett in the wild..Going camping w/ his blond boyfriend.He's armed w/ a knife and Danny w/ a camera, #(Well. Steve per se is the weapon there🤣.But he's a harmless gooey long as you don't try to hurt his loved ones...), #''Danny.if you stop to take pics all the wont appreciate all of this around us''Steve said gesturing to the vast plain field, #''Don't worry babe.i'm seeing the trees & the squirrels and stuff.It's just that /you/ are more beautiful and i can't help it'', #''/Squirrels/ ?''...''My point is Steven.I want memories w/ you''Danny started to get closer to him.his short legs cant match Steve's, #''And those memories here''.He lifted his cellphone.''I know i'm gonna remember and cherish forever.bc you and this place are amazing and--', #''You think Hawaii is amazing?'' Steve grinned .stopping to look Danny straight in the eyes.arms holding the straps of his backpack, #One maybe two yrs ago Danny would blush at that.but he can admit it now.'' goof. I love this place okay?It's where i met you...'', #Steve kept the smirk on his face.but now walking towards Danny.''No.don't try & make it a big deal Steven!''And /now/ he blushed..., #Grabbing hold of Danny's face.he kissed him.Somewhat slow but filled w/ love.''I love you Danny Williams''.He said.looking those blue eyes, #''I lov you too.Steve''.was his only reply.Both men just indulged themselves on staring at each others faces.Drowning in feelings, #That's when the first droplet of water hit Steve's nose.''I think we should go back''..''You think?'' the blond teased back.smiling, #They started running towards their camping may be starting to rain on them.but that didn't take the joy on their faces, #They were together and happy. And it was all that mattered, #headcanon tags, #mcdanno, #mine
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I was thinking out loud and how many people aside from the old Manburg crew know that Quackity and Schlatt our married? Like I know they all know in a meta sense but like, with in the story how many of the characters know there still technically married.

And wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious if everyone learned from just an off hand comment from Quackity like–

Quackity: Yeah its funny to think I’m still married to the fucker- I really gotta get on those divorce papers

Everyone who wasn’t apart of manburg frozen’

Wilbur: I’m sorry I thought I just had a stroke, your What! to Schlatt?

Quackity still mining: you know he’s my lawfully wedded husband? We got married a few months back.


Technoblade: Mazel-tov

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