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#just having some chex thoughts.....
texas-hates-taxes-too · a month ago
Church and Tex's dynamic for me is like. Bisexual on and off again exes who somehow both hate each other and are also best friends
I love Them
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lindsayalice · 2 days ago
I know there are lots of grammatical errors, but I hope you’ll look past that and enjoy. Word count 8,278. Second person POV.
       You suddenly woke up, scared half to death because your cousin's dog started barking. He just started living there about a week ago because your parents recently got caught illegally trafficking marijuana. Your closest family members took you in, in this case it's your dad's sister. Now it's you, your brother, TJ, your cousin, Celeste, her brother, Mark, your Aunt, May, and your Uncle, Gill. That's how it's going to be until your parents get out of jail or you move out. The second one is more likely to happen since you're 16 in 5 months. You are supposed to go to Miami for your birthday, but that's not happening now. You realize you have just spent half an hour thinking about your situation, again. You get up, go to the bathroom and wet your face then pat it dry. Then the front door opens. You looked at your phone which says 1:13a.m. You slowly walk around the corner to see who it is. It’s just Celeste.
 “Hey girly,” She said, noticing you.
 “Oh hey, I was just going to the bathroom.” You said.
“Can't sleep again?” Celeste asked.
You shook your head no.
“I'm going to go back to sleep and close my eyes.” You told her.
 She smiled and nodded. You went back to your room and closed the door. Once you hit your bed you opened your phone and texted your friend, Brody, who you told your family and personal problems too. You both have some things in common like how you go through times of not wanting to eat or how you both are allergic to shrimp. You only met twice because your aunt throws parties and their neighbor is Brody's friends, every time you mean it was weird. you think it's because it is weird to be around someone who knows what you think about everything. 
Hey, you up? You texted him. Not even 2 minutes have gone by.
Can't sleep again?  He typed back.
No. You responded.
You know, texting me isn't going to help. He said.
Your right, I'm going back to bed now. You replied.
 Good just remember everything is going to be alright. Brody typed.
 Everything is going to be alright you said to yourself as you drifted off into a deep sleep.
 The next day when you woke up no one was home. Everyone was at work except TJ and Mark who were at the baseball field. You moseyed to the kitchen where you fixed yourself a bowl of Chex cereal. *Bing*. You picked up your phone. Brody  1 New Message. You opened your phone smiling.
Hey, Whatcha up to? It said.
Nothing just eating cereal. You replied.
Three dots appeared on the bottom left corner of your screen.
 Nice. That is what he typed.
Yeah, what are you doing?  You thought it was a good response.
 Same here.  He responded very quickly.
As you were reading his message the doorbell rang.
Someone's at the door. You told Brody
Don't let them kidnap you. He said.
You went to the door and opened it. It was Luke.
“Celeste told me you'd be home alone today and asked me to come over,” Luke told you.
 Before you could respond to Luke, your phone buzzed.
 Did you get kidnapped?  Brody asked.
 Nope, just Luke.  you said
Luke? He sent.
Yeah, apparently my cousin told him I'd be alone all day. You told him.
Ohh, have fun. He typed.
You shut off your phone and looked back up at Luke who smiled at you.
“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” You asked him.
“Sure, what cereal do you got?” he questioned.
“Chocolate Chex,” you said acknowledging your bowl.
“Cool!”  he answered.
 He went for the cabinet where the box was. Luke knew where everything was. His parents came to every party your aunt threw since they moved next door. After he got his food he sat next to you and you ate your food. You got done before him so you made yourself some Colombian coffee. While the machine was brewing you went to your room to get a hair tie so you could put your hair into a messy bun to match your sweatpants and sweatshirt look. I didn't really care how you looked in front of him. He had a crush on you, but you didn't feel the same.  you were just friends. As you came out of your room you went to your coffee and saw Luke rinsing out his bowl.
“Hey, I'm going down to the basement,”  You told him.The basement was where the Xbox and PS4 were.
“I'm bringing pretzels down, do you want anything else?” Luke asked.
“Grab me a water,” you shouted as you walked to the basement.
After two hours of playing video games Non-Stop, Luke stood up and started toward the stairs. 
“Where are you going?” you asked.
“I'm letting Brody in?”  he said. 
 You stopped yourself mid-yawn.
“Yeah, I asked you earlier?” Luke said with a mischievous undertone
“Dude, you know I don't pay attention to anyone when I'm playing.”  You told him followed by another yawn.
“Maybe you were too tired to care,” Luke said then raced up the stairs.
 You paid no attention to him until you heard him fall down the stairs. You bolted to him
“My Foot!” Luke screamed.
 You looked down at his leg and saw lots of blood and Brody standing at the top of the stairs. Immediately your fight-or-flight skills kicked in, you luckily went with the flight.
“Brody, come down here and make sure he doesn't fall asleep.” You sternly said.
 You went to where you were sitting, grabbed your phone, and called 911. They told you they would be there in 10 minutes. you took your water bottle and ran back to Luke and Brody.
“How are we holding up?” You asked Brody. 
 Brody leaned closer to you so they couldn't hear.
“Not so good, I think his bone came out of his foot,” Brody whispered.
“Fabulous.” You said sarcastically
“Hey Luke, you got to stay with us all right?” you said focused on the problem.
 You grabbed your water bottle and gave it to Brody with instructions.
“Make him drink the water and prop his head up.”
“What are you going to do?” Brody questioned.
“Try and help.” 
You grab the pillow from the couch
“Luke, listen to me okay? I'm going to countdown and when I'm done you're going to take a deep breath in,” You told him.
 He slightly nodded.
“All right, three, two, one.” At one, you took his ankle and lifted it onto the large pillow you got. Luke cried out in pain.
“It's okay, it's over, it's all right.” You said in a rather calm voice.
“What do we do now?” Brody asked you.
“ We wait.” You replied.
 You waited for what felt like hours, finally, you heard sirens.
“Hey, Luke, the help arrived,” You told him.
 You looked at him and his face was white and his eyes were struggling to keep open.
“Luke, you can't give up now, you're so close.” You insured him.
 You heard the door open forcefully.
“Down here!” you shouted.
 Two men and one woman came down the stairs. The two men picked up Luke and put him on a stretch. the woman with over to you and Brody.
“Hi, I'm Darla, are you going to ride in the ambulance?” She asked us.
“Yeah.” You answered.
You picked up your phone and went up the stairs after the men and Luke. You and Brody hop into the back of the ambulance. Your leg shook uncontrollably due to your anxiety, that you've had ever since you can remember. Now you hardly notice it anymore it's become a habit.
“You good?” Brody asked politely.
“Oh, um, yeah.” You said as your deep thoughts minimized.
 Before you could dive back into your sea of thought, you had arrived at the hospital. As soon as the driver shifted the gear to park you and the others got out and you're on your way in. The nurses carried Luke into the operating room. There, you were told to wait in the common room. Once you got there you pulled out your phone and dialed Luke's mom's number. As it rang your anxiety growing like a virus.
“Hello?” You heard from the other end.
“Oh, hi I'm just calling to let you know that Luke fell down the stairs and we are at the hospital.” You informed her. You waited for yelling but it never came.
“Oh okay, well I can't come until three since the snow,” she said very calmly.
“Oh, okay we will be here.” You were still shocked that she was so calm.
“Okay, bye, hon.” She said then hung up.
 Since you were done talking to Luke's mom you decided to call your Aunt May and tell her what happened. After you finish talking to her you sit down in the nearest chair. Brody came over with two to-go cups In each hand. He sat next to you and handed you one of the cups.
“Thanks,” you said.
“ Yeah, of course,” he replied followed by a smile with no teeth.
 You gave him a smirk then went to take a sip of your drink.
“I wouldn't do that, it's really hot!” Brody warned you but it was too late. You felt the boiling liquid hit your mouth. You swallowed harshly feeling the heat on your throat. Immediately you open your mouth and hope to cool it down. Brody's laughter filled the empty room. You loved his laugh and his perfect teeth, which were now visible. you couldn't help but laugh along with him. During your laughing session, a tall man in a white coat came walking towards you both.
“Hi, you must be here for Luke.” He said in a stern voice. United your head yes.
“All right, well I'm Doctor Jovi and I just wanted to tell you Luke's surgery went as planned. He’s sleeping right now but I will let you know when he wakes up.” Dr. Jovi informed us.
“Oh, okay thank you.” You said, disappointed, you couldn't see your friend yet. The doctor smiled at you and walked away. You yawned and covered your mouth. You created a train reaction to Brody who started to yawn.
“Mhm too bad we have to wait until he wakes up.” You told Brody.
“Yeah, They probably figured we aren't family. ” Brody said.
“Yeah, I guess.” He replied shrugging your shoulders.
“How long do you think he'll sleep?” Brody asked you.
“Probably a while.” You told him as you took your hair down. you slouched down in your chair and closed your eyes. You could hear Brody adjusting in his chair, you figured he was going to take a nap as well. You doze off faster than normal.
 You were woken up by someone clearing their throat. When you opened your eyes you saw that you had rested your head on Brody's shoulder and his head was on yours. Both of you had realized and sat up. The person clearing his throat was Doctor Jovi. 
“Luke's friends? he's awake now if you want to talk to him.” He said.
 You and Brody stood up from the chairs.
“If you'll follow me please.” The doctor said
You looked up at Brody for only a split second since he was looking at you. You both follow doctor Jovi to Luke's room. Luke was lying on the bed with some bandages around his foot. You sat on a chair on the right side of him as a doctor closed the door behind him. there was nothing but silence until Luke spoke.
“Hey the Doctor said I broke my ankle, but I can go back to school on Monday if I’m careful on the ice.”
“Yeah you better be careful or I’ll have to play mortal kombat by myself while you sit in a hospital bed, again.” You said sarcastically
“This isn't really what I had In mind for a Saturday,” Luke said.
“Me neither,” Brody stated.
“Yeah.” You added. More silence was then broken by Luke, again.
“I have to call my mom and tell her I'm here,” Luke said suddenly.
“I did that, earlier.” You told him
“Is she here? I can't go home until she gets here.” He said
“She said she was stuck at work, but she will be here soon since she gets out in 10 minutes.” You answered.
 Luke relaxed, but that only lasted for a couple of seconds.
“What about your parents, or well, your family,” Luke questioned.
“I called my aunt.” You Replied.  both you and Luke were looking at Brody for his answer.
“Oh, I, uh, texted my sister,” Brody said.
“Anyone hungry? They bring me food if I press this button.” Luke said.
“I'm not hungry.” You said
“Me either,” Brody told Luke.
 All three of you sat there until Luke's mom came into the room. She didn't look panicked at all.
“Come on Luke, grab your things. The doctor cleared you.” She said rushing him.
“Hi Luke's’ friends.”
“Hi,” you and Brody said.
Luke took the crutches off the wall and walked out.
“Bye Guys,” he said as He went.
 You and Brody headed back to the common area.
“Celeste is going to pick me up. Do you need a ride?” You ask Brody.
“Um, yeah if that's okay? My sister can’t come” Brody Responded in a lower voice.
“Yeah, of course.” You told him.
 You grab your phone and walk to the front of an old yellow Beetle with Park. You open the door to see a whole bunch of crap in the passenger seat and your cousin in the driver's side.
“Hey, Celeste it's okay if we drop off Brody, right?”  You asked
After blowing a bubble out of gum she said
“Sure, but you both have to squeeze in the back, and it's tight. Believe me, one time I even tried to h- “
“We'll manage.” You said cutting her off not wanting to know what she was going to say.
“All right” she mumbled.
 You pushed the chair forward and climbed in the back. Then Brody made it back, it was tight.
“Do you need my address?” Brody asked.
“No, I never forget a cute guy's address, especially when they're my little cousin's age,” she said with loads of sass. At that moment you felt embarrassed.
 The entire car ride was silent other than the music playing on the radio. You were looking out of the window why you totaled your fingers. After a while, you made it to Brody's house. As he got out he said thank you and walked up to his house.
“What was that all about?” Celeste asked.
“What?” You questioned.
“The silence the whole ride,” she told you.
“Nothing.” You said.
“Mhm.” Celeste it under her breath.
 When you got home Celeste went to her room where her boyfriend was probably waiting for her. You grabbed cleaning supplies and went down the stairs to the blood. You wanted to clean it up before anyone else got home. You scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed for what felt like hours. Finally, you couldn't see the blood anymore. You sprayed fragrance to cover up the smell. You wondered if it was this easy to cover up something worse. As soon as you put away the supplies Mark and TJ walked in.
“What's up, sis?” TJ asked you.  before you could inhale air to respond TJ turned his attention away from whatever you would have said.
“Whoa look at the time Mark it's 5 o’clock we played for 7 hours,” TJ said all excited
 5? Your aunt and uncle should be home.
“Hey, Mark where are your parents?” You asked before they could play video games.
“Oh yeah, they told me to tell you that they are having a date night and they will get home late.” He told you, then he walked to his room which he shared with TJ now. you decided to just go to sleep because you weren't hungry.
 As you laid in bed you thought of earlier when you fell asleep on Brody was it the start of something? No, you were just overthinking it, just like you do with everything else. It was nothing. Where was it? Maybe, no, your thoughts drifted you to sleep. 
Your eyes fluttered open, you checked your phone and it said 9:20 p.m. You grunted and laid back on your bed. You were bored and didn't need to go back to sleep. You had an idea. You got your jean jacket which didn't match your pajamas or a crop tank with a bow in the middle and grey Adidas sweatpants. You put your socks and sneakers on. Then under your bed, next to a box of clothes you haven't unlocked yet, was a skateboard. You pulled it out and came out of your room.
 On a small whiteboard on the fridge, you wrote you were picking something up from one of your friends. That was a lie. You grabbed two granola bars and put them in your pocket along with your phone. You got the small backpack and showed the blanket in it. You put the bag on and walked out the door. You saw a patch of grass without any snow across from Brody's house when you dropped him off. You skated toward his house. The wind in your hair felt nice. You felt alive and free. You had forgotten all about your troubles. You finally made it. You spread the blanket down on the ground and wide with your eyes fixed on the Stars. You love to do this. You love the night sky. It was peaceful. The moon was bright and shining on you.
You heard footsteps coming your way. You prop yourself up on your elbows to see who it was. The Moonlight hit him. It was Brody.
“Hey, I saw you on your skateboard. I didn't know you had one.” He said approaching you.
“Yeah it helps me to escape from-” You paused “ everything.” You finished.
“What are you doing out here?” he asked
“Looking at the stars.” You answered.
“Mind if I join you?”
“Sure,” he said calmly.
“You know I would run outside and stare at the stars when my parents would fight when I was younger.” He told you.
“Did they do that often?”
“Almost every night until my dad left.”
 Without turning your head away from the sky you found his hand and held it.
“I'm sorry.”
 Then there was nothing but silence. You both laid looking at the stars and holding hands. After a while, Brody adjusted and sat up.
“Want to go skateboarding? I can get mine.” He asked
“Sure, but what about your mom?” You said.
“She hasn't noticed so far, or she has and doesn't care,” Brody answered.
 He ran to his house and went in. You put the blanket in your backpack. After, you started to eat one of the granola bars. When Brody came back out he had his skateboard under his right arm.
“Any chance you got another one?” he said, acknowledging the granola bar in your mouth.
“Actually yeah it's in my pocket somewhere,” you assured him as you rummaged through your pockets.
“Here,” you said, handing him the bar. He thanked you as he peeled back the wrapping and took a bite.
“Which way do you want to go?” You asked him.
“Just follow me,” Brody said followed by a trick.
“Okay then, lead the way,” you responded.
 You skated own smooth, paved roads. You never felt more alive. You finished up your granola bar and put the trash in your pocket. You stopped in front of someone's house to smell their irises.
 “They smell wonderful!” You said excitedly.
“Yes, they do,” Brody responded.
“I should start heading back,” you informed him.
“I can ride along with you if you want,”  Brody said.
“That's okay, I know the way,” you told Brody.
“Oh, okay oh, well good night then.”
         You started in a different direction then, you look back just once to see him chuckle and his beautiful smile. When you got back your aunt and uncle were still not there. You walked in, erased your message of the whiteboard, and threw out your rapper. Once in your room, you took off your sneakers, socks, and jacket. Just as you laid down when you heard your phone buzzing. It was Luke.
 Where did you go?  I saw you come back just now. It said.
 Nowhere, just skated.  You wrote back. 
 Before he could text back, you put your blanket on top of you and slept.   
 On Sunday morning you were told you were going to visit your parents in jail. That day, you didn’t do or say anything. You told Brody and Luke about it and how nervous you were. You didn’t know what to say to them. What was even worse was that you’d have to leave early on your first day at your new school. Winter break had just ended so it was the perfect time to switch. You couldn't stay at your old school because the bus doesn't drive that far and nobody is available to drive you every day. 
Your alarm rang on Monday morning. You had been dreading it. You got up and got dressed, then started toward the kitchen to make breakfast for yourself. Once you got there you realized you weren’t hungry. You put your new books in your backpack and went out the door. You didn’t bother getting lunch since you could buy food at the school, but you were leaving at the end of lunch. You got to your bus stop where Luke and Brody were standing. Luke had told you before that he and Brody were always the first there since everyone came at the last minute. 
“Hey,” Luke said, turning to face you as you came from the house.
“Hey guys,” you said crabbily like.
“Why are you so grumpy?” Luke asked.
Brody looked up from his phone and slapped Luke's arm.
“Dude.” He vigorously whispered to Luke.
“Oh, right it's your first day,” Luke said.
 “Oh, and you've got that thing with your parents.” He added, sounding more disappointed.
“Yeah.” You responded.
“What time do you leave?” Brody asked.
“After lunch.” You told him.
“That means we still have science together, right?” Luke said.
“Right.” you responded.
“We are gonna have to do a project, I just know it!” Luke exclaimed.
“That’s cause she told us before the break.” Brody peacefully told him.
“Oh, well she only gives projects in groups so you can work with us” Luke commented.
“Sure.” You said,your head in a different place. 
People began to come and wait for the bus. The three of you were in front of everyone. People started asking you if the rumors were true if your parents were in jail. They asked about your old school and other things. If they didn't have school bags you could easily have mistaken them for the press.  Brody and Luke were kinda like your bodyguards, you stood in between them. After much time and questions, the bus finally arrived. Once you got on, the other students were pushing you from behind. You found yourself on the way back of the bus sitting with Brody who already had food out.  
“Want one?” He asked you, offering a granola bar.
“No thanks, I’m not hungry.” You told him.
“Are you sure?” He asked again.
“Yeah.” You assured him.
“Did you eat breakfast?” He questioned.
“No.” You said quietly.
“Dinner, last night?” He asked.
“No.” You told him politely.
“All right. Let me know if you need anything then.” He said.
You looked down at your book bag and took out the latest book you were reading. You opened the page to where your bookmark was. Brody had a look of surprise. You realized most people think you would be the type to read, skateboard, or play mortal kombat. 
Once you arrived at school everyone was staring at you, even some of the teachers. You found your locker rather quickly. You shoved the things you didn’t need into it. You walked to your first class, homeroom. There wasn’t much to do other than sit and keep to yourself since you didn’t know anyone. Brody and Luke were placed in different homerooms. So there you sat in the back left corner, reading your book.
“Hey, that’s the new girl.”  You heard someone say.
You still sat there, hanging your head. Then footsteps became louder.
You looked up from your desk and saw a girl who had also been sitting alone.
“Hi, I’m Clara Virens.” She said as she reached her hand out.
“Oh, Hi Clara nice to meet you, my name is-” before you could say another word Clara cut in.
“I know who you are. Everyone's buzzing about you,” she said rather cheerfully.
“Then I guess you know my ‘story’.” You told her sarcastically.
“Yeah, I just wanted to say sorry.” She told you, trying to not sound too chipper.
“Oh, um, thank you, Clara, that's very nice of you.” 
“Your name is also very pretty.” You continued.
“Oh thank you it means-”
“Bright headed in Latin.” You both said at the same time.
“Wow, you must be taking Latin this year then?” Clara asked.
“Yeah, I am. Sixth period.” You informed her.
“Really, me too!” She said in her normal high pitch that sounded light and airy.
“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow there.” You said as the bell rang.
“Tomorrow?” She asked you before you could stand up to go to the first period.
“Yeah, I,uh, I have to leave early today, but I’ll see you tomorrow Clara.” You said as you walked out the door.
You scurried out and went to Algebra 1. Your teacher didn’t look too amused to be there. He told you to sit anywhere and get your books out. You turned to the page he told you to, but after that, the rest of the class was a blur. You zoned out and thought about your parents, it was the only thing you could think about.
After another class of zoning out, was science. At least you knew what was ahead since Luke had told you at the bus stop. When you walked in, the seating chart was on the front board. You took your seat which was at the end of a row of three. You were on the outermost seat. In the middle of the three was a boy with flat, messy, brown hair with matching brown eyes. His face was slim as well as his nose. You looked up at the board to see his name next to yours. Jackson was written. Next to him was Alicia. She also had brown hair and eyes, but her hair was thick and curly. She was an African-American girl skinny as can be with a nice,  fancy dress and shoes.
“Hey.” She said to you and Jackson.
“Hi,” you said back.
“I’m Alicia, nice to meet you,” Alicia told you in a calming voice.
“I’m Nicola, Jackson Nicola.” He informed you with a bunch of confidence.
“Oh, no way, your Jackson Nicola?” Alicia said, surprised.
“The one and only,” he responded
“Who?” You asked.
“His dad is the founder of Victory, one of a kind shoes.” She replied to him.
“I’ve never heard of them.” You said.
Alicia let a small gasp slip.
“Really, what rock have you been living under-” she stopped to look up at the board to see your name. She mumbled it under her breath, with a concerned look.
“Oh.” She said after some time. This made Jackson look at the board and he had responded the same way as Alicia.
“Yeah, the one and only.” You told them.
Before Alicia or Jackson could get another word in the teacher began class, and sure enough, there was a project. A lot of students were complaining that they had to do a project the first day after the break. You didn’t mind since you could work with people you knew and it was on how the sun became to be. Which wasn’t so bad. Your dad is a scientist and taught you about the solar system and the things on earth as well as the things on other planets. Ugh, this made you think about your parents again. Alicia offered you to join her and her friend, but you politely declined and went over to your friends.
“Ugh, we have to create models on the sun's origin.” Luke complained
“It isn’t so bad, my um, dad-” You hesitated “Taught me it all, so we can skip the reading.”
“Super,” Luke said, impressed.
“My sister taught me some things too,” Brody said. 
“Great, this will be easy peasy.” Luke blurted filled with excitement. “Our teacher gets us to use her materials so as she puts it ‘we don’t have to drag our parents to the store’.”
“Oh alright.” You said while looking at people reading.
“What are we waiting for? Let's get our things.” Luke urgently said as he started to head over to the supplies.
“Wait, we should plan out what we are going to do first, right?” Brody suggested.
“Yeah, I agree with Brody.” You agreed.
“Fine,” Luke mumbled.
You all discussed the project for a little, then you got as many supplies as you each could carry. Your group was the first to get your things. 
“Wanna work on the project after school today?” Luke asked.
“Um, okay.” You said.
“Yeah,” Brody added, strangely looking at you, then he leaned over towards you.
“You sure?” He asked you.
“I’m sure.” You responded.
“Where at?” Asked Luke.
“We can do it at my house if you want.”  You offered. “Nobody will bug us.”
That’s the first time I’ve said my house. Then the bell rang.
“Alright, so, see you after school,” Luke said with his things in his hands, halfway out the door.
You gathered your things and headed out to your locker to put your things in your backpack. You put it on your back and headed to the cafeteria. When you got there you sat by yourself propping your head up on your hand, waiting to get called to go. Extremely lost in thought you didn't realize people had been talking to you.
“Um, ‘ello, girly with ter’ parents in jail.” someone hissed in a rude voice.
You looked over to who was talking to you. It was a chubby kid with curly hair in a jersey with a white undershirt, You couldn’t see the rest of him since he was short.
“Yeah, I’m talking to yea’, yea’ gonna eat anythin’?” He asked. “Yea’ lookin’ like a mouse, Lil’ pipsqueak ain’t eatin’ nothin’ ‘cause ‘er parents in jail, boo-hoo-hoo.”
“Hey, back off, you big fat hippo.” You looked up to see who had defended you, it was Brody. He was sitting at the table across from the bully. There was oohing from students, then the speakers that ran throughout the school turned on. The principal called you to the office. Probably so you could visit your parents. As you got up, you grabbed your bag. You looked around, but your vision was blurry. Even through your unfocused vision, you could tell everyone was staring at you. You walked up the hall towards the front doors. The principal told you your Aunt was waiting outside for you. You barely understood him, even your hearing was blurred.
You couldn’t quite recall the car ride to the prison or if anyone spoke. You laid with your head pressed against the window. Your brother was sitting on his phone not paying attention either.
When you arrived everything was still hazed. You walked in and out as if so time passed. To see your parents again was mystifying. However time did pass and you were bluntly reminded when your phone buzzed in your pocket. You fished it out of your rather large jean pockets.It was Brody. He had arrived at your house earlier than expected. You told him the back door is unlocked and he could help himself to food.
The drive home was eerie. You could sense everyone was on edge, except your brother who was playing some ridiculous game on his phone. Once home you lagged behind everyone, overthinking. You’d completely forgot about Brody or Luke and even the project. You opened your bedroom door, shut it, and let yourself fall onto your bed. Having already thrown your backpack into a corner. Out of your peripheral vision you saw an outline of a person. You sat up and let out a short yelp only to realize it's just Brody.
“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” he said.
“No, i’m sorry I was being oblivious.” you replied as you rubbed your eyes in hopes of regaining some sense of reality.
Brody walked over and sat on the bed next to you. You adjusted to where you were facing him and one of your legs was folded towards you.
“I never got to thank you for standing up, no one's really done that for me.” As soon as you said it, you thought of how cheesy it was.
“What are friends for?” He replied. 
Now you just gazed into each other's eyes. Abruptly he started leaning closer towards you and you, him. Your mind was clear, as if it had stopped raining where you could see the cloudless blue sky that you’d think would never end. Then clouds started to form when you heard the twist of the doorknob. You both pulled away just before the door swayed open to reveal Luke.
“Am I interrupting something?” He questioned.
You gulped “no.”
“Mhm” Luke said, slightly shaking his head in unbelief.
“No, really there was something in her hair.” Brody defended.
“Yeah,” you replied.
Luke gave a stern look then laughed and said he was only kidding. You and Brody forced a chuckle.
You all went on making the project for science. When you couldn’t quite remember what your dad had taught you, since your head was filled with clouds, Brody stepped up while you and Luke trailed behind. You felt dizzy and zoned out a lot thinking about your parents. Having flashbacks on the day police picked you up from school. How it felt when you sat on the bench in the police station, crying and thinking how my parents could have done this to me and TJ. And how selfish it was of them.
A chill trickled down your spine, the origin was Brody’s warm hand on your back. After regaining your senses, you could hear him asking if you were okay. You heard your name faintly, like an echo of your name screamed at the opposite end of a tunnel. Your name is vanishing rapidly until you lost all consciousness.
You opened your eyes revealing your family and friends huddled around your bed.
 “What happened?” you asked, rubbing your head.
Brody was the first to speak up. “Well we were doing our project and when I looked over at you, you looked, um-”
“Like crap.” Luke cut in.
“Yeah, well not really, but then i asked if you were okay and then you passed out.” Brody finished.
Before you could say anything, your aunt May stepped in.
“Here, why don’t you eat something.” She said, offering a bowl of trail mix. You kindly accepted so you wouldn’t have to talk just yet. After you took first hand full of the mix you realized how hungry you were.
“Should we take you to the doctor?” Your aunt asked. You shook your head no and continued eating. “Alright, I have an important call I have to make for work. Let me know if you need anything, okay?”
“Okay,” you responded. Everyone started to walk out the room except Luke, Brody and Celeste.
Celeste came up to you.
“You good?” She asked. You shook your head yes and then she left as well.
“Phew, your lucky Brody caught you or else you would have fallen onto our science project.” Luke gushed. You're not sure if you started to blush so you looked down at the half emptied bowl of trail mix.
“Right, the project,” you mumbled, as you put your trail mix aside. “Let’s finish it.”
“Are you sure you’re up for it?” Brody asked.
“Yeah, let’s finish.” You reassured him.
You all went back to finishing the project for another hour. The longest part was assembling it. After you were done Celeste offered to take all you out to dinner. Nobody opposed this idea. Celeste took you up on your idea of taking your Aunts car instead. You had definitely been relieved when she agreed. In the car you all decided on the diner honey-lemon’s. Everyone had their own conversion going in the car. It was lively. When you walked in someone escorted you into a booth, Celeste and Luke were both on the outsides of you and Brody who were sitting vertical from each other. Once you had all got your food, Luke and Celeste got really deep into a conversation about some riddikulus movie sequel that they didn’t even notice when the cleaning lady fell over. Five minutes after that happened, while they were still talking, you hadn’t even touched your salad.
“Are you gonna eat?” Brody questioned.
“, I’m not sure.” You replied.
“You’ll be hungry later.” He told you.
“Yeah, I could just take it home though.”
“But, it won’t be as good then, since it had dressing on it.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You said, as you picked up your fork and dug in.
Since Luke and Celeste were in a whole other world, discussing, you and Brody talked for quite awhile about several topics like your family, his family, and your siblings. He said his sister has always been his best friend no matter how sad things got or how dumb his actions had been. She was his saver. You said your brother was just annoying, wanted nothing to do with you and definitely preferred Mark.
You all walked out of the diner laughing and having a great time. When you got back Luke walked back to his house and Brody got picked up by his sister. She came into the house to get him. She introduced herself, Julian was her name. You talked for a little until she said her and Brody had to go before their mom wondered where they were.
Well she was super kind.
You said to yourself as you walked to your room where to changed into your pajamas and went to sleep.
                                                        * * *
Spring was going very quickly, you were too preoccupied with school and friends to worry about your mom and dad. Summer was right around the corner and you could start to see all the people in pools. Over the past months you’ve become closer to Alicia and Jackson in your science class.
In fact, you and Jackson had started to date a week ago, he also asked you to the end of the year dance, which you accepted.
One day in May, only a couple weeks till reaching the end of the school year, you were holding up dresses, on a hanger, up to your chest when you heard the front door open.
“Hello?” You shouted into what you thought would be an empty house all day. Footsteps became clearer and closer. You began to walk towards the door when Brody turned into your doorway. “Oh, hey Brody.” You said. And sat on your bed, You looked up at him. His eyeline was red and puffy. “What’s wrong?” You asked and patted next where you were sitting, signaling to sit. He moseyed over to the bed and took a seat. Before you could say anything else you saw a tear run down his cheek. This led to more and more tears. He put his head in his hands and began to cry softly. “Brody?” You asked in a soft tone.
“She’s… g-gone.” he said, quivering.
“Julian, s-she got into an a-accident.” he cried bent over with his head in his hands.
“Oh my-  I’m sorry.” Were the last words said for a while. You laid your arm over his shoulder and nuzzled your head into his other shoulder, like a backwards hug. Brody softly cried into his hand for a while and you didn’t know what to say or do other than comfort. He stopped crying after a while and you picked your head up. He lifted his head out of his hands and looked at you. Now only a few tears rolled down his face.
“I-I should go.” He said at last.
“Are you sure? When Celeste gets home she can drive you.” You offered.
“I think i'll walk. Thank you, for everything.” He said getting quieter and he finished. He slowly walked out of the room while you sat on your bed. You heard the door open and close. You looked out the window and saw Brody walking down the street with his head down to the pavement. You sat on your bed a bit longer still processing what just went on.
                                                        * * *
Second to last say before the last day of school. You thought walking out of school, after school’s half-day tomorrow is the dance, I’m so excited. It’s been three weeks since Brody’s sister died, He’s started to feel better and started to eat normal again. When you got home that day you went to your room and tried your dress on again. It was a semi-puffy, medium length, light blue dress. You absolutely loved it. After you were done trying it on again you went to the kitchen to get a snack. You saw your Aunt in the kitchen.
“Oh hey, I don’t know if Mark told you, but you and your brother are going to visit your parents between school and the dance, since you only have a half-day.” She said very bubbly.
“Oh...okay.” You replied. You went back to your room and texted each of your friends separately.
Brody first, then Luke, Jackson and Alicia. Brody and Luke both sympathized, Jackson didn’t reply and Alicia said sorry and asked if you were still going to be dropped off at her house before the dance to get ready. In which you replied “Yes.”
You hardly slept, trying not to think about the last time you saw them in winter. You tried to forget you went, because they didn’t say very nice things and they blamed it on you and T.J. You wanted to forget it all. You finally dozed off around, who knows when.
You didn’t want to get out of your bed the next day, it felt so comforting. You dragged yourself out of bed and got ready for school. School was a drag, everyone of your class was watching some different movie. When the bell rang Brody caught up to you and wished you good luck with your parents.
The drive there was horrid, in suspense of what they might say to you. When you walked into the facility. Chills went down your back. Walking into the room where you were only a few seconds away from talking. TJ talked to your mom the last time it was your turn. This is why you were so anxious your mom tended to be more furious with you than anyone else. She thought you were nothing and she wasn’t afraid to remind you.That’s why you didn’t like to think of her often. You sat down, reached with your right for the communication phone and held it to your ear.
“Hey, scumbag always thought you were a lefty.” Your mom spoke first.
“ right.” You corrected her.
“Anything new?” She questioned, but she cut you off before you could say anything.
“I suppose not, since you ain’t good for anything, are you? You’ve always been nothing, good at nothing you’ve ever tried or hoped to try, ‘cause you're a louse, no-good girl who thinks she can do everything. But, let me tell you that you’ll never be good at whatever you might want to try. So before you make a fool out of yourself, don’t do it.” She cautioned.
With tears filling up your eyes, you didn’t know why she was mean, you asked her 
“If I don't try how will I get better?”
“You won’t. It’s that damn simple, you’ll never have a peak. You’ll always be that lousy excuse I get to call my nothing daughter.”
You ran out of there so fast, you burst through the doors to the outside and caught your breath.
How could she be so rude, I’ve done nothing to upset her. No, it’s just her, she’s infuriated that she got caught and she is in jail and who better to take it out on. You thought getting back into the car and riding home. Nobody asked what went on, on the way home. When you were walking to your room, when you got home, you looked down at the ground letting tears roll down your face. You kept your head down even when in your room. You shut your door and pressed your forehead against it.
“Um, hi.” Said a voice from behind you. You quickly turned around pressing your back against the wall. Luke was standing near your desk and Brody was sitting on your bed.
“Oh, hi.” You whispered still a little in shock.
“Are you alright?” Luke asked.
“Um, yeah. I’ve just been to see my mom and surprise, surprise she still doesn’t like me.” You said, as you started to curl your lip. A single tear ran down your face. Luke and Brody both stood up and gave you each a hug.
“Thanks, guys. Makes me feel a lot better.” You said.
“Well we don’t want to be late to the dance, so I’m gonna get going.” Brody told you. Luke agreed.
“See you there.” you shouted after them as they walked out.
You grabbed your dress and some necessities and asked Celeste to drive you to Alicia’s.
Once there you and Alicia got ready together and had lots of fun. When you both thought you looked good, Alicia’s sister drove you to the school. When you walked in there were lights changing colors, music, food, refreshments and dancing. You found Luke and Brody near the food.
“Have you guys seen Jackson yet?” You asked them.
“No, I don’t think he’s here yet.” Replied Luke looking around. “Oh there he is, walking in now.” 
“Great, bye, guys.” You said rushing over to him. “Hi, Jackson.” You greeted him.
“Hey.” He replied, He looked at you and Alicia. “You both look hot.”
“Hot?” You questioned, while simultaneously Alicia thanked him.
You and Jackson went towards the drinks, while Alicia went to find her date. Jackson did not want to dance with you when you asked. After a while of watching people dance you went to the bathroom, when you came back Jackson was nowhere to be seen. Then when you couldn’t find him, went over to Brody who was sitting on the bleachers.
“Have you seen Jackson?” You asked.
“Nope.” He responded.
“Where’s Luke?” 
“With some girl, somewhere, probably dancing.”
“Well, do you want to dance?”
You headed to the dance floor, when a slow song came on. How cliche you thought. You locked your hands around Brody's neck and had his hands on your waist. You were dancing with your eyes locked on his, slowly dancing around the floor. You only moved your eyes away when you saw Jackson. You watched him walk over to where Alicia was standing. He looked around and then started making out with Alicia.
“Oh my gosh!” You exclaimed.
“What?” Brody asked and then turned around to where you were staring.”Oh.”
Your eyes began to fill with tears, you felt like it was down-pouring in your head. While Brody was still turned towards them you started to sprint the other way, It was only till the door, you ran out of, opened Brody realized you had run off. You kept running and running every which way until you found a bench in one of the hall’s. In front of the school’s garden. You sat there for a while until you heard someone running down the hall’s. It was Brody, he came and sat next to you.
You looked up at him to meet his gaze “Why can’t I just have one good thing that doesn’t somehow blow up in my face. I mean my parents an-” You were cut off, Brody pushed back the hair in your face, leaned in and kissed you. One of those long kisses where it was soft and gentle. Your lips slowly separated again. You didn’t know what to say, but your eyes stayed in contact with his. Brody spoke.
“I’ve wanted to do that ever since I laid eyes on you. And you look absolutely stunning. Who cares about Jackson he-” You kissed him this time, but fiercer, more intense and way longer. Your hand on the back of his neck, his hand on your thigh. 
The rain had stopped in your head and yet again you could see the cloudless blue sky. However, you knew it's going to stay this way.
Hope you enjoyed!!!
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katsukis-sad-angel · 6 days ago
A little scenario that popped into my head :)
Tumblr media
Possible tw panic
Your period was generally kind to you.
Timing wise.
You'd wake up in the morning, get out of bed and KNOW it was time by the sticky feeling of movement inside of you. She never soiled your favorite white sheets oh no, she never started in the middle of the day when she knew you didn't have tampons with you, she was patient and you appreciated it.
The lack of laundry was perfectly fine with you.
Now, here you were laying in bed after school, and wishing, no begging for death as she angrily tears everything down and removes the nice little egg she prepared just for you with a vengeance the even your hot-headed boyfriend couldn't match.
You whimpered and rolled over again, squirming in agony. Trembling fingers increased the temperature on you heating pad and you wiped away the moisture collecting in your eyes.
The pain only increases and you whine, clenching your fists in the sheets you had meticulously piled on yourself. It was getting harder to breathe and the seconds ticked past.
You began to panic, hands desperately wiping at your eyes to dry your tears, and you rolled over once more.
Tumblr media
Katsuki entered his apartment like he usually did on this day of the week, one of the two days he got off early so he could spend some time with you.
He'd stopped at the store on the way home to grab some of your favorite snacks and set the bags on the table.
Usually when he came home on his early days you always catapulted yourself into his arms the moment he entered the kitchen, but today your pretty smile and warm hug was no where to be found.
Sighing, he took out his earbuds.
The second he did so, the sound of your desperate cries reached him and he immediately feared the worst.
He was at your shared bedroom door in moments and slammed it open. You screamed in terrified surprise and burrowed under the blankets to hide from the loud noise.
"Shit..." The blonde swore, realizing that, number one: the door handle caved the drywall in when he kicked the door open and number two: he had effectively scared the shit out of you.
Pursing his lips, he approached your little nest made from chex mix bags, blankets, and romance manga and began to whisper to you and rub your back.
"Heyy, hey it's okay princess. I didn't mean to scare you dummy, I heard you crying and thought someone was hurting you. Come out and let me see you."
Simply hearing his voice made everything better.
Pushing layer after layer of cotton and polyester off of yourself, you managed to stick your messy head through an opening and find his lovely ruby eyes.
Katsuki cupped your damp cheek with one hand and with the other he pushed more blankets off of you until he could pull you up into his arms.
You whined again, pawing at his T-shirt.
"Hurts," you whimper.
"How bad?" He responds, tone as soft and calm as possible.
"Really really bad a-and all of the ibuprofen is gone."
"I'm sorry." Katsuki thumbed away each tear that fell and kissed you tenderly, "I just bought more before I came home. You want some?"
"Do you want me to carry you to get it or would you rather wait right here?"
"Carry me?"
He gave you one of his rare smiles and hoisted you up so your legs could cross around his waist.
As he moved out of the bedroom and into the main area of the house, you found yourself staring up at him from your refuge on his sweet-smelling shoulder.
He was so pretty... you couldnt imagine how you looked right then after an entire day of crying and eating.
"I love you." You murmur, tracing the curve of his collarbone, eyes still trained on his perfect features.
He blinked, "I love you too princess." He replied before blowing a raspberry on your exposed neck.
You giggled, but groaned right after because it still hurt to laugh.
Katsuki set you on the chilly counter and gave you the little orange pill and a glass of water. You drank it gratefully and then he picked you up again and carried you back to your room.
Once you were laying in bed with him, your back to his built chest, his hands (with just the right amount of pressure and heat) rubbed your lower stomach while he placed little kisses on your neck and face to make you smile.
"Feeling better?"
You nod and lean into him a bit more, happy to have such luck in finding your special someone.
His voice was so soothing...
"Get some rest babygirl."
Tumblr media
Do I wish that was me right now? Um yeah. My bitch of a uterus is actually trying to kill me I swear.
Instead I'm at SCHOOL🤢
I hope you enjoyed❤ I wrote this on mobile so it's kinda trash
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strawwrites · 26 days ago
Bucky Barnes x Female!Addict!Reader: Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear [Ch. 5]
Tumblr media
Summary: [Name] has finally got her life on track. She’s been clean a year, has a full time job, and recently moved into an apartment that is actually fit to live in. To prove something to herself, she visits the Smithsonian exhibit on Captain America…only to run into someone a little familiar. Adopting a fellow addict is one thing. Accidentally adopting a recovering brainwashed Nazi super soldier is another. [Name]’s life is about to run off track worse than ever before, but there could be a reward at the end if she can just hang on for the bumpy ride.
Challenge:  “100 Drabbles Adventure” challenge by SubtleQuirk on Lunaescence Archives.
Ratings/Warnings: M (foul language, sexual references, references to previous drug addiction and continued struggles with drug addiction, torture, mind control, dehumanization, threatening behavior of a man towards a woman)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Tag List: @chipilerendi​
Chapter 5: Mystery
The alarm beside your bed went off at the blue-gray hour of 6:30. It was Saturday, but no sooner had the beeping began than did you slap the off button and sit up, yawning. Sleep's clammy fingers still dragged groggily through your mind as you stared around your tiny bedroom. Kat despaired of your inability to sleep in. You knew routine kept you in a better habit of not breaking said routine.
The red numbers on your clock’s face only increased by seven minutes by the time you had stood up, made your bed, and opened the blinds. You kept yourself occupied while doing these tasks by wondering what you were going to do that day. Your early morning sponsor meeting wouldn’t take until lunch. It was sure to be a tedious day of sitting around otherwise. Unlike Karen, you did not have to spend your days off reading student papers, and, unlike Georgianna and Kat, you never had to work weekends. Unfortunately, a lack of activity was something you active tried to avoid.
It was only when you made it to the bedroom door and found it locked that you remembered that your day was already a heck of lot messier than initially assumed–and you didn't even realize that straight away. The handle refused to move, you gasped, and then you recalled your guest of the night before.
You were not sure what you wanted more: To find him disappeared with or without half the contents of your living room, or to find him awake and ready to go to the hospital. Awake, you decided at last, as you steeled yourself to open the door to find out what lay beyond it. So long as he was communicative enough to let you know he wanted to go to the hospital, he needn’t say anything else. After that, you could draw to a close this short and meaningless relationship.
Lucky for you, you weren’t wearing anything too troublesome, unless this guy would go wild at the joke boxers Kat had got you for Christmas and a very old, worn gray t-shirt. You could have changed, of course, and showered before really checking up on him. The idea of making yourself that vulnerable if he could still be around wasn’t appealing in the slightest, though.
Don’t be silly. You’re already vulnerable, you thought, remembering how easily the man had kept you from walking off the night before. Not a very comforting memory. After you screwed up your courage, you finally unlocked your bedroom door to peek out into the living room.
Your living room sat entirely silent and entirely still. The light from the sun had yet to make much of a dent, considering your guest had turned the blinds down the night before. But he was there, still on the couch, still dead to the world. He had adjusted himself somewhat since you’d last seen him; he was no longer sitting with his head rolling backward, but stretched across the cushions on his back, one arm thrown over his face as though to keep away what very little light might have crept underneath his lids.
His body, you could tell as soon as you walked across the carpet to get a better look at him, was not the only thing he had moved. It was a subtle thing–perhaps subtler still, given your brief time in that apartment–but all your possessions had been moved as well. The pictures on the wall hung much straighter than before; the rugs had all been pulled tight; the heavy kitchen table had just barely missed the impressions it had already made on the floor.
He was looking for something. But what?
Quickly, you strode on your tiptoes about the main area of your apartment. Everything had been moved a little, but to what end you could not guess. He probably didn’t know to what end either, came another unhelpful thought.
 Another came soon after: Did this have something to do with the thing Georgianna had found while helping you pack up your old place? Some tiny electronic thing, dusty and dead looking, that none of the four of you could work out. It might have been left there by the old tenants, except for that it had been stuck quite stubbornly behind the joints of a closet door, and you’d had a collection of six by the time the day was over. You had thrown all those out, though. There weren't any left.
You shook your head wildly to get rid of that train of thought. Were you really going to jump aboard Kat and Karen's conspiracy theory bandwagon? Whatever those things had been, there weren’t any in your new place. There were no signs of them, crushed or otherwise, on the floor or in the garbage or by his things. Whatever your new friend had been looking for, he hadn’t found it.
To prevent yourself from obsessing over something you didn’t want to talk to your sponsor about in the slightest, you switched on the television. The channel was still set to some news station Kat had put on while helping you move in. It didn’t really occur to you to pay attention until after you’d poured some Chex cereal into a bowl, added milk, and plopped yourself down at your slightly off-center table.
“But where is Captain America?” demanded some well-dressed woman on the television. “If this is the sort of behavior we can expect from him, I wonder about the decision to defrost and return him to active duty to begin with.”
The man beside her rolled his eyes. “It’s not as though they gave him much of a choice in the matter.”
“He blew up three highly advanced security vehicles–and now he’s gone! Natasha Romanoff refuses to say where he disappeared to, and his apartment is empty. If that isn’t suspicious, I don’t know what is.”
“Last time I checked, he was at the hospital.”
“Then you haven’t checked in a while. Are you kidding me with this? You want to argue about this on air? Captain Steve Rogers is every bit as much of a danger to this country as HYDRA and their ghost assassin was. If the government isn’t trying to find both these men–”
“Because that’s a good use of taxpayer money, with everything else that’s gone to pot lately,” the man sneered.
You eyed the screen in wonder as you finished draining your bowl of milk. Captain Rogers was no longer in the country? Well, after that fiasco, you couldn’t exactly blame him. Maybe that was why he hadn’t bothered to visit in so long. Hopefully he would be all right.
The news continued on in this vein for the next thirty minutes. SHIELD’s dissolving, its headquarters being demolished, the helicarrier crashes, and the resulting trials that only one agent seemed inclined to attend had all been headline news ever since said events two weeks ago–which was part of what had spurred you on to your visit to the Smithsonian. You knew Captain Rogers wasn’t the kind of person the female correspondent was imagining, but a small part of you wanted reminding anyway.
Though you set the volume loud enough that you could hear the television in the kitchen, the man on the couch didn’t wake up. You waited until the very last minute to stand, put your spoon and bowl in the dishwasher, and pad back into the living room. 
He hadn’t so much as shifted his position. If you hadn’t been terrified of him, you might have tried to wake him. As it was? You’d just have to hope that, since he had clearly not found anything worth stealing during his night’s adventures, he would simply leave if he woke up before you got back from your meeting.
But what if he thought he couldn’t?
You rushed back into your room, threw on your clothes for the day, and ran back out with pen and paper in hand. For a moment, you sat flummoxed before him. How to start a note to someone who hadn’t bothered to introduce himself? Eventually you gave up on the salutation.
There’s cereal in the cabinet next to the fridge, if you didn’t already know that. Lock the door behind you, please!
That was all you could do. As much as you hated the idea of leaving him unsupervised in your home, you hated the idea of asking your sponsor if you could put the meeting off more. Then you would have to explain why, and you already knew that you were absolutely not going to bring this little incident up if you could help it.
He started to snore just as you left the apartment.
As you had expected, your meeting lasted only an hour. Your intestines might have squirmed at your purposeful omission of what you’d left back at your home, but not enough to push you into admitting what you’d done. All your sponsor did was look through your diary cards, talk to you a little bit about how your job was going, and set up a time to meet the following week. Easy-peasy.
Not very many of the other residents of your apartment complex were up and about that early on a weekend morning, something for which you were very thankful upon your return. The few you ran into on your way back in all nodded and smiled as you passed. This was good. Perhaps they had not connected you with the ruckus from the night before. Unfortunately, once you got to your apartment, you realized that there might have been an entirely new ruckus to worry about.
You remembered leaving your television on when you left. You did not recall leaving it on so loud. The words being said were indiscernible through the door, but the noise was enough that you could hear the mumbling from several feet away. After a few seconds of fumbling with your keys, you finally found the right one and burst inside. Your only goal was to turn the TV off, but very soon that thought was driven out by another entirely: Your guest was gone.
The torn beige blanket sat in a mound at one end of the couch; the pillow looked a mess at the other. Nothing else looked as though it had been moved–especially the note. That remained exactly where you had left it, as though the man had not bothered reading it at all. Feeling somehow numb, you found the remote on the coffee table, and switched the television off.
That’s it, you thought. He left. 
That was what you had wanted, wasn’t it? So why did you feel so empty? Because, you decided, you really hadn’t wanted him to wander off on his own. What if he just ended up in the same state? You could not search all of Washington, D.C. to find him. It would be a long sleepless night of worry for you.
And then you heard it: A faint sort of rushing noise coming from down the hallway. You had lived by yourself for so long that it took you several seconds to figure out what the sound was. As you sneaked in that direction, you realized that it was coming from the bathroom. Someone was in the shower. The light was on. Was he in there? The only way to find out was to knock.
“Hello?” you called. 
No answer. While this was not exactly surprising, sudden thoughts rushed unbidden into your head. He had clearly been injured the night before. He could have bled out in your shower. How were you supposed to explain that to the police? 
Praying that you wouldn’t see anything you weren’t ready for, you twisted the handle. It swiveled easily in your palm. You were inside. Sitting there, fully clothed while the water poured over him, was your guest. For nearly an entire minute, you were too startled to speak.
Your first thought was of foolish fear: How long had he been in there? The mirror was entirely clear of fog; no condensation clung to the counter or the toilet seat or the towel rack. Had he used up all the hot water in the building? Was he trying to get you kicked out? When you got closer (drawn in once more by the concern that he might be having an episode), you saw that it was only the cold water knob that was on.
He was alert, at least. You could tell that much. His head moved along with his eyes as he watched you draw nearer. Looking at him now, you did not think that he looked at all as though he were in the throes of any drug. Why, then, was he in the shower like this? Could it be that there really was something wrong other than him taking something and being hurt?
“What are you doing?” you asked gently. 
This time, you didn’t expect an answer. Clearly now was a bad time to push. You watched him for half a minute, then you bent slightly toward him, straightened, and twisted the hot water knob on. 
“You’ll catch cold.”
Never in your entire life had you seen a man look more like a puppy left out in the rain. Had he not been entirely wet, you might have thought he was crying. He didn’t open his mouth, but the clarity in his gaze left you feeling more hopeful than you had in several hours.
“Fifteen minutes. I’ll go make you breakfast, okay?” You pointed at the clock above the toilet.
He didn’t reply, but you didn’t care. First to get some food in his stomach. Then you’d worry about what you were going to do with him.
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strugglinguist · a month ago
I thought I had more ziplocks than I do, so I’ll have to go get some but... I bought a bunch of healthier snack options to portion out and put in a “snack zone” for Z and me. I picked out some trail mix, Chex mix, white cheddar popcorn, and Honey Nut Cheerios. This way we can just grab a quick baggie with a serving size and not worry about it.
This worked well for me in the past because 1) it makes me more mindful in snacking (picking out ones that allow you to eat a lot for a portion, etc.) 2) it helps with my OCD (I have a compulsion to finish containers once they are opened so this is a neat trick to avoid bingeing) and 3) it’s fun! I’ll have to run out and grab some baggies tomorrow and get to measuring. I always love seeing the mountain of prepared snacks at the end ☺️
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Bad Timing (Levi x reader) Part 2
Tumblr media
Summary: How do you explain to your friends that you’re falling for your big brother’s best friend? 
word count: 6.3K 
You followed Levi down the stairs, keeping a bit of distance between you as to not invade his space and risk a sharp pinch or shove. Yeah no definitely not getting any closer, he'd demonstrated his distaste for your closeness early on in your relationship. Memories from when you were in 6th grade and Erwin and Levi were 8th graders flooded your mind. It had been the year that the pair became partners in crime, Erwin had Levi over frequently and you would often find yourself being chased around the house by the boys. One time in particular, your mother was out working and the boys were having a sleepover, not just the two of them but with two other friends of Erwin's as well,Nile and Mike were there as well. You remembered being in the kitchen when they emerged from the basement after a particularly long video game session, and asking them innocently if you could join. Erwin scoffed and told you to go back to your room or else. You responded with: "make me." and they did. Levi was closest and you recalled being dragged across the kitchen floor and up the stairs, giving you an awful carpet burn, and then being promptly tossed into your room. The boys laughed at the display as Mike slammed your door behind you and held the knob so you couldn't escape. You recalled the embarrassment burning on your cheeks as you inspected the rug burn on your side and back, and to your horror you realized that meant your shirt had ridden up and all those boys had seen your stomach. You shook your head at the memory, despite all the torment somehow you couldn't bring yourself to despise Levi, his presence was simultaneously unnerving and calming to a degree.
By the time you had pulled yourself out of your reverie you and Levi were already in the parking lot, you still remained a couple steps behind Levi who was focused on spinning his keys around his index finger.
"On a scale of one to ten how fucked up do you think shitty-glasses is going to get tonight?" Levi broke the silence, sparing you a glance over his shoulder. Slightly taken aback by his initiation of conversation you took a moment to collect your thoughts before responding.
"Hm, probably a solid six, she seemed pretty excited." you said thoughtfully as Levi unlocked his car and climbed into the front. A moment of hesitation passed over you before opening the back passenger side door, you had never ridden in a car alone with Levi before.
"What are you doing?" he asked, gripping the headrest of the passenger seat as he turned to look back at you.
"Oh, um I wasn't sure if you wanted me to.." you said awkwardly as you sat halfway in the car.
"Sit up front." he said, his grey eyes cold and unnerving as ever. You nodded quickly climbing into the front before he changed his mind. He turned his keys in the ignition and the car roared to life. You couldn't help but notice that his hand remained on the back of your headrest as he turned around to check behind the vehicle before backing out. You leaned back in the seat as you lifted your hips to get into your back pocket for your phone. Levi finally removed his hand to shift the gear into drive. You had to admit, he had nice hands, his fingernails were usually painted black, but sometimes he would switch up the color even if they would end up chipped in a couple days. He also always made sure to wear rings on at least one of his hands. You let your eyes wander up his right forearm which happened to have his one and only tattoo on it, a snake that wrapped around his forearm, head beginning at his wrist and ending at his elbow. 
Levi pretended not to notice the way your gaze lingered on his tattoo, he wondered if you liked tattoos, he knew you liked piercings, your ears were covered with them. He flexed his arm as he shifted his gear when he pulled out of the campus. His music as always was too loud to allow conversation so you just leaned back and closed your eyes. You were just starting to relax when your nose was assaulted by the strong odor of a fruity scent. Cracking an eye open you looked over to see the remains of Levi's smoke blow out his cracked window. Once again he held his juul out to you. You pursed your lips in thought, no you usually didn't vape, but this was one of the rare moments that Levi seemed to acknowledge your existence so you accepted. You inhaled the vapor with less of a struggle this time and managed to blow the smoke out of your own window. Levi didn't hold his hand out for his juul back so you awkwardly dangled the e cigarette over the cup holders with a loose grip.
"Just set it on my lap." Levi grunted as he focused on shifting gears again. You blinked, momentarily taken aback before you dropped the device onto his lap. He nodded his thanks, keeping his silver eyes on the road. Levi was driving a bit slower than he normally does, because of how dark the night had become, suddenly his phone rang without a second thought he answered the phone.
"Hello...Yeah, I can send you the location once I get there.... just bring the chasers.....yep." and with that he hung up, your curious (e/c) eyes watched him as he tightened his grip on the wheel. He hated how you stared,
"You've got a staring problem." he mumbled as he turned into your drive way. You huffed, crossing your arms across your chest as you leaned back, making a point to face the road.
"I do not...Who were you on the phone with?" you asked as he pulled into his usual space.
"Not that it's any of your business but...Petra." he said as he turned the keys, the car sputtered off, plunging your drive way into darkness.
"I think it becomes my business when you invite people over to my house." you replied cooly, gathering your purse and keys before climbing out into the dark. You walked briskly to the front door and quickly unlocked it, kicking off the vans and nudging them on the small rug that you'd had for years. Levi closed the door behind him before doing the same as you, pausing after he finished removing his shoes to watch you disappear around the corner into the kitchen. He frowned after you when he noticed your purse on the ground under neath the hooks where it usually hung. Sometimes you really were hopeless, he stooped down to rehang the bag. He heard you washing dishes and cupboards opening and closing. Finally you peeked your head around the corner to see if he was there.
"Well, are you going to come in?" you asked, eyebrows pinching as you watched him spare a quick glance over his shoulder.
"Sorry I was too busy cleaning up after you." he hissed as he padded into the kitchen and dropped onto a stool. You frowned at him as you wiped your hands on a hand towel, "I'm going to go change." you stated as you dropped the towel onto the counter carelessly. Levi wrinkled his nose in disgust at the sight of the dirty towel, he watched you stalk up the stairs, your phone in your face. Just as he sat down the door bell rang, with a small sigh he stood up and answered the door. Petra Ral stood on the other side, two grocery bags in her hands, being the gentleman he was Levi took one of the bags as she walked in.
"Oh thank you Levi!" she smiled up at him, being one of the few people shorter than he was. He grunted and led her into the kitchen where they began setting out the chasers. You tensed, pausing at the sound of Petra Ral and Levi exchanging pleasantries in your kitchen. It wasn't that you hated Petra, you just weren't in the same circle. She was nice enough, being only a year older than you, she was a junior this year, one of the most popular ones at that. The few interactions the both of you had shared were painfully awkward and clumsy to say the least. She often ended up at the same gatherings as you and often tried to talk to you. You finished pulling on the pair of fuzzy socks and gathered your courage. Walking slowly down the stairs you found Levi and Petra in the kitchen setting out solo cups and handles of liquor alongside the chasers. They hadn't seen you yet, too busy unpacking the goods to notice you at the bottom of the stairs. Just when you thought you'd escape unscathed, your phone rang as you stood at the top of the basement stairs. The feeling of two pairs of eyes burned a hole into your back as you answered.
"Erwin hey! Boy am I glad to hear from you! How was the game?" you asked, loud enough for the pair to hear as you turned around and made a beeline for the front door.
"Uhhhh, I can call back if you were waiting to hear from Erwin..." Jean said awkwardly.
"No no things are fine here!" you said loudly as you slammed the front door shut behind you.
"okay...." the poor boy said quietly.
"Hey sorry about that, Levi was in the kitchen and he's in a shitty mood, doesn't want me having people over or some bull shit." you said, popping a hip out to prop yourself against the side of the house.
"Uh, isn't the party at your house?" Jean asked.
"Yeah but Erwin is in charge and since Erwin isn't here my mom put Levi in charge so here we are." you sighed as you knocked your head back against the siding.
"Oh, you want to come around mine then? We could just drink some of my mom's wine and watch The Office or some shit." Jean purposed hopefully. You shook your head, even though he couldn't see it.
"Can't. I already told Mikasa, Armin, and Eren they could come over." you responded.
"Oh gottcha. Well what time should I come over then?" he asked eagerly.
"Now, please come over now before Levi and Petra start making out in my kitchen." you begged, a small chuckle escaping your lips. He laughed with you, a clear image of his smile in your mind at the sound of his hearty laugh.
"Okay I'll be there in 5." he said, and with that you hung up. You hurried back inside, the cold was beginning to seep into your bones. Levi and Petra remained in the kitchen, Petra was dumping a bag of chex mix into a large bowl as you entered the room. Levi was leaned against the counter, his hips facing Petra as they spoke about school.
"-Yeah I know! The SAT was a lot harder than I expected, I'm glad you helped me study for it!" she spoke in a sweet tone. Levi just grunted and turned to face you,
"Who was that?" he asked bluntly. You licked your lips and blinked rapidly.
"Wha-what do you mean? It was Erwin." you said, your brows pinching together as you squirmed under Levi's acidic gaze.
"Erwin my ass, he never calls you." he huffed, turning his attention back to Petra.
"He's my brother of course he calls me." you snapped, turning to get a cup out of the cupboard for some water.
"Yeah right." he said, unamused.
"Besides why do you want to know who's calling me?" you asked, a triumphant grin curling onto your lips. Petra raised a brow and looked between you and Levi. Honestly this was the first time she had seen you both interact and she was very confused what the dynamic was here.
"I don't." he huffed, his own face screwing up in annoyance as he watched a smug expression settle onto your features.
"Good, then keep your head out of my ass." you said as you walked back into the front of the house, just as Levi noticed a pair of headlights sweeping up the drive. His face fell further into a scowl at the sight of a second pair close behind the first. Before he could go ask you who was here the front door opened to reveal Jean. Peering around Jean, Levi could recognize the other trio of brats from earlier walking into the house. You welcomed them inside and after they had removed their shoes, ushered them through the front room, where they all stood in the kitchen as you scurried to collect the drinks and snacks they brought.
"So what movie?" you asked as Mikasa began working on opening the wine.
"I was thinking Halloween." Armin said, those bright baby blues sparkling even in the fluorescent lighting.
"Sounds good." you answered as you began pouring wine into red solo cups and handing them out. Levi watched with hard eyes as you finished off the bottle, handing the last cup to Jean.
"What are you drinking?" Jean asked as you tossed the bottle into the recycling.
"Oh I'm going to have a rum and coke." you said as you moved to open the handle of Captain Morgan . Jean nodded, pleased with your answer. As you busied yourself with mixing your drink you motioned for the bunch to retreat into the basement, to which they happily obliged. Once all the kids were out of ear shot Levi whirled on you.
"Too fucking many brat." he snarled, Petra winced and pretended to busy herself in the living room.
"My fucking house old man." you hissed back as you shoved past him with your drink. Levi's gaze burned holes into your back as you retreated to the basement and out of his sight. Once Petra was sure you were gone she returned to the kitchen.
"I mean as long as they stay in the basement I'm sure everything will be fine." she said soothingly, her hand daring to rest on his elbow. His gaze was fixed on the door to the stairs, the lights shut off and the sound of chatter floated up the stairs. He turned to face Petra now, having to slightly look down, not something he got to do often.
"You're right, let's finish getting ready." he said, trying his best to return the girl's soft gaze. Maybe if he played this right he could get laid. The thought crossed his mind as he watched Petra turn back to filling up snack bowls. Nah, not tonight, not when all those shits were in the house. He let his mind wander back to the crowd and remembered the sight of Mikasa, they didn't get along, not at all. In fact just the sight of her reminded him of what a solid uppercut she had. The memory of her fist connecting with his jaw as he tried to pull you away from those brats made his cheek pulse. He opened and closed his mouth subconsciously at the memory. Just as he was about to continue wiping down the counters, the front door opened and in came Nanaba and Hange. Longtime best friends, closely followed by Moblit, a junior who was starry-eyed for Hange despite her relationship with Erwin. Mike and Erwin would come together from the game, and hopefully that would be it. Just when Levi was about to warn Hange about all the brats in the basement, you came running up the stairs. Your phone was pressed to your ear as you made a dash for the front door. Levi barely heard your conversation but what he did hear was more than enough.
"-NO Erwin please God no, they're so mean, I swear to God if you bring those brutes here I'll..." you cut yourself off as you slammed the front door closed again.
"Woah, someone is on edge." Nanaba ribbed Hange as the pair came into the kitchen, again with Moblit close behind, just happy to be in Hange's presence. Hange was focused on the door with narrowed eyes, her glasses had been pushed back on top of her head. Petra was talking to Moblit, the pair being the same age seemed to get along quite well, Nanaba favored being by Hange, but unlike the redhead, her attention was fixed on the basement door. A loud thump from the basement made Levi's blood pressure spike.
"Who all is down there?" Nanaba asked, gesturing towards the basement as another yelp carried up the stairs closely followed by yet another thump.
"There's four people down there." Petra answered, a sweet smile glued onto her face.
"Not people, messy inconsiderate brats." Levi hissed as he moved to go give those idiots a stern talking to. Before he could make it very far Hange stuck an arm out and caught him, her head still turned to the front door where you stood with your back to the growing crowd, speaking in a hushed tone. He paused to take in the rigidness of your posture, your white knuckled grip on the phone was a bit concerning.
"I'll go see what's up." Hange said before dropping her arm and turning to approach you. The first attempt was futile, you waved her off and took a few steps away from her. But when Hange reached out and caught your shoulder, you turned and looked up at her with wide, almost angry eyes. He watched you hang up and then exchange a few hushed words with Hange. Your shoulder sagged and you nodded as Hange spoke. Probably yet another one of your tantrums, they had been happening more frequently in the past year or so. Erwin mentioned how you suddenly would lash out at him or other family members, although your mother seemed to be untouched as of the last time he had heard. Finally Levi watched you disappear down the stairs, Hange slid up alongside him as he allowed the chatter to fall into the back of his mind.
"Reiner is coming, along with Bertoldt." she spoke like the problem was obvious. But Levi had no clue why this was such a big issue. You had gotten along with the boys in the past, even having Reiner over a couple times. He would remember because he took it as an opportunity to embarrass you. He turned and furrowed his brows at the brunette. She sighed, rolling her eyes,
"Her ex boyfriend, and if Bertoldt is coming I'm almost certain Annie will be here too." Hange said, Levi blinked and held up his open palm to halt Hange's impeding rant.
"I'm sorry her what now?" he asked his eyes scanning Hange's face in search for any signs of bull shit.
"How did you not know?" she asked incredulously as she turned to face him full on. He mirrored her stance, their hips propped against the counter as they engaged in conversation. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, eyes dropping to the floor. Reiner Braun, a fucking air head football player, a meathead, a jock, an absolute asshole. Hange watched with raised brows as Levi stewed in this new information, she had known that deep down Levi cared about you in some degree. She also knew that you cared for Levi, even if all the boy did was torment you. The sound of the front door prevent Hange from speaking, the excitement of Erwin's arrival taking precedence. She peeked around the corner into the front room where the boys were kicking off shoes to add to the pile.
"You boys can put your stuff down stairs, to my understanding that's where all the other kids are." Erwin's voice sounded strained as he spoke to the younger boys. Eld, Gunther, Oluo, and Mike crowded into the kitchen, whooping and cheering. Erwin trailed in behind Bertoldt and Reiner who veered towards the basement, Levi's nose wrinkled when he watched Bertoldt duck his head as the pair descended into the basement. Moments later the noise levels skyrocketed in the basement. The kitchen quieted momentarily at the sound of yelling, finally after about two minutes of yelling Jean exploded out of the basement with his face completely red, you followed close on his heels. Both of you stopped dead in your tracks at the sight of all the older kids staring at you. Your own face flushed as you grabbed Jean's hand and tugged him towards the stairs that lead to the second floor, aka where your room was. Hange again discreetly grabbed Levi's wrist and sent him a pointed look.
"Don't, I'm sure Erwin will find time to fix this." Hange whispered, not doing much to calm Levi's fiery emotions. Erwin sighed loudly and dropped his plastic bag on the counter before quickly climbing the stairs. The chatter slowly resumed, especially once the kids from the basement emerged for more drinks. Reiner and Bertoldt were clearly being shunned, the only brat that was speaking to them was Armin, who still seemed hesitant. Finally Eld figured out the bluetooth speaker and connected to the device, filling the house with music and the din of friendly banter. But all Levi could think about was what was occurring upstairs. You had been up there with Erwin and Jean for about fifteen minutes. He would know, he'd been watching the green numbers on the microwave slowly change as Petra practically clung to his bicep. Finally Levi watched Jean creep down the stairs, his shoulders weren't nearly as taught as they had been when he went up stairs, Armin made a beeline to the boy and immediately the pair descended down stairs, Mikasa and Eren followed close behind, while Reiner and Bertoldt hung back dejectedly. As soon as the group was gone the front door opened, revealing a short blonde girl with cold blue eyes, a brunette with wide brown eyes and a lanky almost awkward stance, a large bag of food in her grasp. Behind the tall girl was a bald boy with a wide grin on his lips, his hazel eyes were busy taking in the scenery.
They blindly followed the blond in and began setting up the food. Levi narrowed his eyes at the kids as they made their way to Reiner and Bertoldt. The blond stayed with the pair while the other two quickly ducked into the basement. Way too fucking many kids were here right now. Definitely not one of the biggest parties that had been thrown here but definitely approaching Levi's comfort thresholds. He glanced at Hange to see her occupied with Oluo, who was making a stink about some science shit. Now was his chance, when Petra released her death grip on him he slid away, and ran up the stairs two at a time. He paused outside of your door, it was hard to hear what was going inside the room due to the loudness of the crowd downstairs. Finally he brought his fist up to the door and gently knocked. This was stupid, he should go back down stairs and let you sort yourself out.
"Come in." Erwin. Levi slowly opened the door, you were perched on your bed, eyes not leaving Erwin who couldn't look less bothered.
"Ah Levi thank God you're here, tell (Y/n) that she is being unreasonable." Erwin said, dropping his hand into his lap as he spun in your desk chair. Levi stood awkwardly, unsure of where to sit, the bed or that awful circle chair in the corner of your room? The appropriate choice would be the chair, but he chose the bed. He dropped onto the end of the bed without looking at you, he felt you shift as you turned to prop yourself up against the head board.
"No, Levi tell Erwin he's the unreasonable one." you hissed, your eyes still trained on your big brother. Levi sighed, a wave of relief crashed over him and he allowed his shoulders to sag a bit.
"Is that really what you two have been doing up here all this time?" he asked, a small chuckle escaping his lips. Erwin smiled at the way Levi relaxed, his arms sliding backwards to prop himself up as he stretched his torso out. You curled further in on yourself as you watched Levi take up most of the space on your bed.
"You're missing your party, in your house." Levi scoffed as he let his gaze flit between the two of you.
"So now it's my house?" you whispered, a small smile curving onto your lips as you glanced up at Levi. Erwin let out a booming laugh as he watched his best friend and his little sister finally get along. Erwin stood up and walked over to you, resting a hand heavily on your shoulder,
"Don't worry, I'm sure that since you and Jean are finally getting serious Reiner will respect your space. But if not...." he trailed off and squeezed your shoulder. Levi furrowed his brow at those words, 'since you and Jean are finally getting serious' very concerning.
"Hold up, Jean?" Levi sneered, his noes wrinkling in disgust. You mimicked his face, screwing your eyes shut and poking your tongue out.
"Yeah. And what about it?" you jeered playfully, honestly Levi was just relieved that you weren't a sobbing wreck. So he decided to let this one slide. He shook his head, dark locks falling in front of his smokey eyes. Erwin squeezed your shoulder again, "Let's just go back down stairs." he said, turning to leave. Levi slid off the bed, and followed Erwin out the door, pausing over the threshold to watch you slide off the bed. You brushed past him, careful not to touch him. Levi pulled your door closed and followed you down the stairs. When you emerged into the kitchen you were surprised to find it nearly empty. Hange was the only person that remained, a beer bottle hanging loosely from her fingers. Erwin pulled her into his side, his head tilting down to kiss the crown of her head. Hange leaned into his touch and your heart squeezed painfully in your chest. You could still feel Levi's presence behind you so you made a point of stepping away from the stairs in case you were in his way.
"Gross." Levi clicked his tongue before sliding past you. A nervous chuckle escaped your lips as Levi stalked into the living room where the upperclassmen were setting up Cards Against Humanity.
"Hey." you whirled around, the sight of Jean's chest filled your vision.
"Hey." you breathed back, a relieved sigh escaped your lips as you let Jean grip your shoulders and steer you towards the basement.
"I'm sorry things started off rocky. It was all Eren's fault anyway." Jean said, his arm thrown casually over your shoulder as you paused at the top of the stairs.
"It's okay. In a way I liked watching Eren go bonkers on them." You said leaning into his warmth. He squeezed your shoulder and scoffed.
"Yeah he's a real hothead." Jean said, his eyes wandered over to Hange and Erwin, who quickly averted their eyes when he glanced their way.
"How about another drink?" Jean said, slipping away from you and walking back towards the kitchen. You nodded and followed him back into the quiet kitchen, where your brother and Hange were cleaning up some spillage. Jean grabbed a Smirnoff ice from the cooler on the ground and popped the cap off before passing it to you. You smiled and accepted the cold drink, the sweet alcohol slid easily down your throat, a warm feeling settling into your gut. And suddenly Jean looked like one of those ancient greek gods or some shit. Yes sadly you were a light weight, and normally you preferred to not drink at these functions. You liked watching your peers do stupid things while they were drunk, not the other way around.
The great thing about your house was the open floor plan. Levi purposefully sat on the side of your couch that faced the kitchen, he was aware of Petra's thigh pressing against his. And the stiff arm of the couch digging into his ribs as he tried to hide his deck of cards. His eyes narrowed at the sight of you cracking open yet another Smirnoff. He shifted as he watched Hange grab your cheeks and you laughed loudly, leaning into her grasp. Jean and Erwin were watching you both with amused expressions as Hange finally released your face and switched to squeezing your sides.
"Your turn Levi." Petra giggled, those sweet hazel eyes watching him expectantly. He forced himself to turn his attention back onto the game at hand, throwing a random card into the pile. Satisfied, Petra picked up the pile of cards and shuffled them, Levi was only half listening as she began reading the cards, causing the group to break out in boisterous laughter. But Levi's eyes had wandered back into the kitchen, now you were sat on the counter, gross. His eyes narrowed at the sight of Jean standing right next to you, his hand resting on your thigh as he and Hange engaged in playful banter. Erwin seemed unbothered, his pupils relaxed as he flicked his eyes between Hange and Jean as their volume increased.
"Noooo you're wrong for that!" Hange yelled, the game paused in favor of listening to the heated conversation.
"What noooo, it's perfectly logical to put peanut butter on a hamburger!" Jean matched Hange's energy, his hand squeezing your thigh tighter as he and Hange continued to bicker.
"Jean" you pawed at his jean jacket in hopes of getting his attention. You frowned as he continued to debate with Hange, this would go on forever. You looked to Erwin, who only half heartedly pulled Hange back.
"Hange why don't we go sit with our friends and let them go to theirs." Erwin said, Hange sighed and shot Jean a look that said: I'm not finished with you yet, and then set off into the living room. You hopped off the counter and tugged Jean out of the kitchen and down the stairs. Levi winced when Hange plopped down on the arm of the couch. He clutched his cards close to his chest as Hange draped an arm across the back of the couch and leaned back. Erwin was settling on the floor beneath the both of them. Hange gripped his wrist and tugged, Levi snarled and pulled his cards closer, "What the fuck? Mind your businesses shitty glasses." he knew that it was near impossible to restrain Hange when she was tipsy, let alone drunk. She was unusually strong.
"I don't wanna see your cards I wanna talk to you! In private" she hissed the last part. The group was too busy playing the game to notice their trivial spat.
"What? No." he snapped, still resisting the brunette as she got onto her feet and attempted to pull him onto his feet.
"It's important please Levi." she whimpered, almost pathetically. He spared a glance to Erwin who remained unconcerned, not even looking back as the young woman hauled him onto his feet. Petra yelped at the unexpected loss of Levi's support, she caught herself and looked up a momentary flash of annoyance crossing her open face.
"Sorry I'll return him short-hiccup-ly" Hange apologized, as she pulled Levi through the kitchen and into the front room. Levi finally managed to free his wrist from her iron grip and glared at Hange.
"Are you going to ask Petra out?" her question caught him off guard, his scowl dropping, his mouth opening to form a tiny 'o'.
"Again, what?" he hissed, Hange had a tendency to meddle with Levi's life. He should have known better, it had been too long between Hange's meddling.
"Are you-"
"No... I don't know." Levi threw his hands up in defeat. Hange's glasses caught the light, casting an eerie shadow across her face.
"I don't want to hear it." Levi sighed, holding a hand up to stop her rant before it began.
"Oh? Good because I wasn't going to tell you just yet." she giggled, slipping past him and skipping back into the living room and snatched his spot.
"Levi go make sure that their hands are above the blankets down there!" Erwin called, holding up his beer bottle. Levi grumbled to himself as he lumbered loudly down the stairs, and knocking loudly. A chorus of groans startled him and then the drone of the movie stopped abruptly.
"What?" your voice called into the silence. Levi pushed the door open and scowled at the sight. You had a nice basement, with a nice tv and a large L shaped leather couch. Said couch was crowded, starting on the end closest to him was innocent Armin, close by him was Eren, then Mikasa, (who were obviously holding hands). Followed by Reiner, Bertoldt, Annie, Connie, and Sasha, a bag of chips crunched loudly somewhere. Levi stalked so that he could stand in front of the tv and to his horror he saw you sliding off of Jean's lap and wedging yourself between him and Connie. As if he was stupid enough to miss this detail, "Keep it PG down here." he scolded, grey eyes locked on you as he spoke.
"Sorry dad." you slurred, holding your hands up as you leaned on Jean. Connie sniggered and ribbed you as he pushed you further onto Jean. Sasha giggled and chomped loudly on a potato chip. Levi glared at you as you held your hands up in mock innocence. He scoffed, casting one last glance at your legs, they were tangled with Jeans. As he turned to leave, out of the corner of his eye he saw Jean haul you onto his lap, your sweatshirt riding up. He turned around to see you leaning back into Jean and resting your head on his. The movie began to play again and the kids all settled back in to watch the movie. Levi's mood soured, his grey eyes narrowing as he stalked loudly back up the stairs. Fuck, for some reason seeing you all over horse face left a bad taste in his mouth. He hated the way his hands spread over the exposed skin of your stomach and how you basked in his doting. He dropped back onto the sofa with a huff, picking up his cards again, he grimaced when he realized that the cards were damp and sticky from sitting on the alcohol covered table top.
"Disgusting, who spilled?" he snapped, tossing the cards back onto the table. Gunther laughed and took a swig of his screwdriver.
"I think that one was Hange." he said, pointing a finger at Hange who was seated on Erwin's lap. Her brown eyes widened at the accusation.
"Was not! I think it was Eld!" she said nodding her head furiously. Eld said nothing in his defense, as he took a swig of his beer.
"No it was probably Nanaba with her butterfingers!" Mike said, ribbing Nanaba who was trying to take a sip of her drink, the sudden jarring motion sloshing the liquid all across her white shirt.
"Mike!" She yelped, standing up and pulling the wet fabric off her chest. Mike also stood up, holding his hands up in surrender.
"I didn't mean-"
"Ugh. Just help me clean it up please" she huffed, stalking out of the room and towards the bathroom. Mike paused for a moment, all the guys nodded and gestured wildly for him to follow.
"Now's your chance big man!" Hange whisper yelled across the room as she held up her cup in a cheers motion. Mike took big long strides after the young woman, his cheeks already blushing from the attention.
"Attaboy" Oluo jeered after him, all the other guys laughed and made comments on the odd pair.
"I hope they get together! Nanaba really liked Mike." Petra sighed as she shuffled her cards in her lap.
"Hm" Levi hummed in response as she settled back into his side.
"So, where those guys downstairs keeping it PG" she asked, mimicking Erwin's tone.
"No of course not, and I'm sure as hell they aren't now either." He sighed, leaning forward to grab his rum and coke. Petra nodded, Levi noticed how her face seemed a bit lax, her pupils dilated, and cheeks flushed. She was a bit tipsy, her hand landed on his thigh as she threw her head back when she laughed at something Gunther said. He tensed at her feather light touch, but didn't oppose the contact. Petra was nice, a good girl, she didn't party often and when she did she was usually the sober person present. Levi fished into his pocket and pulled out his vape, taking a hit and turning his head away from Petra's strawberry blond head, instead blowing the vapor into Hange's face. Her nostrils flared and her brown eyes grew so wide he thought they might pop out of her head.
"Now listen here short stack." Hange hiss as she turned to pull Levi into a choke hold. Predicable. Levi easily dodged her slow drunken attack, leaning both him and Petra out of Hange's grasp. Petra squealed when Levi threw his arm across her shoulders and ducked his head against her to avoid Hange. The brunette snorted when she saw Levi tighten his grip on the younger girl and lean further away from her, he was a crafty one, she'd give him that. Levi raised a thin brow in challenge and was satisfied when Hange opted to get up and stalk into the kitchen. Petra practically melted into his side as she sprawled out on the couch, swinging her legs up onto the sofa and leaning back into his side. He looked down at her upturned face and allowed his lips to curve up ever so slightly, a soft dopey grin on her face.Hm, this wasn't so bad he could get used to this.
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bloominct · 2 months ago
Jungwoo and Four Moments ♡
NCT Girl Subunit AU: NCT Bloom
NCT Bloom x NCT
Requests are open and feedback is always accepted!
A moment between Jungwoo and each member of NCT Bloom.
Tumblr media
[jungwoo i love you so so so much and i hope you have the best birthday ever !! thank you so much for always making me so happy <3 also this gif @#&(*^@%(]
~ ♡ ~
“Jungwoo, hold the pearls in your mouth.” Hallie called to her group mate as Doyoung laughed beside her. 
Jungwoo half looked over to the two other members. “I can't believe you're asking me to eat my necklace.”
“Not your whole necklace, just the pearl part.” Doyoung interjected. “We would never ask you to eat the string part.”
“How thoughtful.” Jungwoo fiddled with his necklace. “Always looking out for my best interests.”
“Look on the bright side Jungwoo, if it doesn't turn out good, it won't see the light of day.” Hallie began before Doyoung interrupted her.
“Thanks to SM.”
Hallie continued on. “And on the even brighter side, it wont turn out bad, you're the Kim Jungwoo.”
“Model extraordinaire.” Doyoung nodded along.
“I’ll think about it.” Jungwoo said before went to ignore his other members to shoot his pictures. 
“Chances he’ll do it?” Doyoung turned to Hallie.
“High enough for me not to need to convince you to do it too.” Hallie snickered. “So pretty high.”
“You couldn't convince me to do that.”
“Even if it made you look sexy?” Hallie played innocent. “Besides, you would have done it on your own accord, I wouldn't be needed.”
“I suppose.” Doyoung just barely said before the pair heard some “oohs” and “aahs” coming from the set.
“The pearls have made it to his mouth, I can just feel it.” Hallie didn't flinch.
“Why feel it when you can look at it?” Doyoung tapped Hallie’s shoulder and pointed. 
Hallie turned around and caught a glimpse of the necklace falling from Jungwoo’s lips. “Those are going to come out great!”
“I can't wait to tell people that was my idea.” Jungwoo called over his shoulder.
“Hey,” Hallie crossed her arms. “That's plagiarism.”
Jungwoo raised an eyebrow, “You and I have two very different definitions for plagiarism.”
~ ♡ ~
“Jungwoo, say hi.”
“See guys, he loves me.” Sakura quickly fixed her hair in the viewfinder window on the camera. She was about to film her 24 hour relay cam and Jungwoo happened to be in the same place as her.
“News to me.” Jungwoo didn't bother getting himself in frame. “What did you want to do?”
“I wanted to go to the practice rooms because I usually have practice around this time.” Sakura explained. “And I also think other members were there too, want to come with me?”
Jungwoo considered her offer for a moment. “Why not.”
“The 98 line, going on a field trip.” Sakura tried to do some cinematic shots by waving the camera in patterns but failed miserably.
“This must be a boring field trip, then.” Jungwoo sighed. “Going to sweaty practice rooms.”
“They’re only like that because there's 23 men in the rooms at any given time.” Sakura held the door open for Jungwoo as they began their journey to the practice space. 
“Disgusting, how do you live with us.” Jungwoo deliberately acted dramatic and pretended to half faint. “A whole 23 men… a punishment indeed.”
“Here's the secret guys,” Sakura spoke directly to the camera this time. “Get yourself a Hallie, Hallies are really good at keeping the rest of the guys occupied.”
“I could get past Hallie.” Jungwoo lightly scoffed. “No one can keep me occupied for that long.”
“We’re going to have to test that now, you realize that, right?” Sakura said. “And record proof.”
“You can't just believe me?” Jungwoo asked and waited for Sakura to shake her head. “You wouldn't believe me? Thats very, very said.”
“Says the man who literally stayed behind in practice with, like, seven others because you wanted to prove to Hallie that you guys would be great long distance jumpers, okay.” Sakura laughed. “So yeah, I guess I wouldn't believe you.”
“That was a one time event.” Jungwoo defended himself. “And it wasn't just Hallie, I just wanted to beat Doyoung.”
“And who pulled Doyoung into the situation?” Sakura asked and waited for Jungwoo to answer. All Jungwoo did was purse his lips and smile at the ceiling. “Yeah,” Sakura nodded, “that's what I thought.”
~ ♡ ~
“Why can't we just break in?” Jungwoo crossed his arms in exasperation. “Like we’re a part of the same group.”
“Do not, and I repeat, do not, break down WayV’s door.” Solji held her hand over the knob.
“I wasn't going to break the door.” Jungwoo said. “I just want to meet Bella.”
“Don't we all.” Solji became a little restless herself. 
Jungwoo sighed. “You’ve already met Bella though.”
“And she was so cute.” Solji’s voice raised an octave. “You're going to love her, she's the sweetest little thing ever.”
“I want to go in.” Jungwoo whined. 
“Let Lucas come get us, it isn't like we’re dying out here.”
“Speak for yourself.”
Solji flicked Jungwoo. “Dramatic much?” She turned to face the door again. “Besides, Bella will love you right away.”
“She better.” Jungwoo huffed for emphasis. “I'm standing in a lukewarm hallway for her.”
“How brave.” Solji said dryly before going silent for a moment. “Actually, where is Lucas? It's been like ten minutes.”
“Thats what Ive been saying.” Jungwoo pulled out his phone. “I'm calling Xuxi.”
“What are you going to say?” Solji raised an eyebrow. “Hi, open the door?”
“That's exactly what I'm going to say.” Jungwoo held the phone up to his ear and let it ring. “He isn't picking up.”
“He knows we’re here.” Solji joked. “Try again.”
“And look desperate?” Jungwoo was already calling Lucas again.
The door opened next to the two idols. “You do look desperate.” Lucas said, with Bella in his arms.
“Hi, Bella.” Solji didn't even say hi to Lucas as she wanted to pet Bella. “You look so pretty today.”
“Thank you.” Lucas answered.
Solji picked Bella up from Lucas’ arms. “I wasn't talking to you.”
“Because she was talking to me.” Jungwoo interjected. He moved over to Bella and let her sniff him before Solji handed Bella off to him.
“Wrong, I was talking to Bella.”
~ ♡ ~
“And so after that, Jungwoo told me that he could eat faster than me.” Lacie was explaining the reason why this Lacie Log was being filmed. “And I couldn’t just have him beat me without at least trying to beat him first.” Lacie motioned to Jungwoo and the camera panned to him. “So now we are going to have an eating competition. Jungwoo, would you like to explain how this will work?”
“Yes, I can explain my daily routine.” Jungwoo picked up from where Lacie left off. “There will be three rounds total, round one there is a small amount of food and in round three, there is a very large amount of food. Or so I've been told.”
“The rounds will also change the category of food. Round one if snacks, round two is breakfast, and round three are full course meals.” Lacie finalized the parameters. “Basically, we’re going to be eating a whole lot.”
“Which round are you most excited for?” Jungwoo asked to pass the time as the staff around the set began moving to get the food ready. 
“I’m interested in the snacks round.” Lacie sadi after thinking for a moment. “I feel like it’ll be my best round. You?”
“I like to go for the gold, so I’ll consider all three rounds mine for the win.” 
Lacie flickered her eyes to the camera. “If he could do real smack talk right now, he would.”
“She’s right.” Jungwoo joined in the banter. “But I’ll be nice and smack talk you later.”
“How considerate of you.” Lacie feigned thankfulness. “I’ll destroy you in round one, though.”
“Hmm? And why's that?” Jungwoo leaned back in his chair, obviously not affected by Lacie’s attempt to get back at him.
“These are snacks from my childhood.” Lacie explained and pointed to the carts that were wheeled in front of the two idols. “I have the advantage this round.”
“What do we have here?” Jungwoo immediately sat up and began looking through his choices.
“There's Goldfish, a personal favorite of mine, and other various chip-like snacks, some Chex-Mix too.” Lacie laid out the food in a nice line as she went through it. “Oh, you might have to bleep out some of the brand names, sorry editors.”
“Lacie, you're ruining the editors day.” Jungwoo joked. “Say sorry right now.”
“I did say sorry, you just didn't listen to me.” Lacie turned to the camera. “He never listens to me guys, it's tragic… devastating, really.”
“No, no, no, apologize again. With sincerity this time.”
“I did.” Lacie huffed but rolled her shoulders anyway. “To the editors on the NCT team, I apologize for having you take even more time out of your day to edit this video.”
“I want to do this video with Yuta now.”
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30olivia · 2 months ago
Day 7 - January 28th, 2021
GOODS/SERVICES: I used my Netflix account to watch the Great British Baking Show, Spotify to listen to music and Hulu to watch Love Island. I didn’t buy anything today, but I did take the campus connector multiple times! My parents actually sent me a package through the USPS today, which made quite the journey from Arizona.
DIGITAL MEDIA: Per usual, I consumed quite a bit of TV today. I watched two episodes of Love Island with my roommates and the Great British Baking Show season 8 finale. Peter won which was so exciting because I was rooting for him the whole season! I skipped social media again today. I followed along with Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day yoga series again, I’m now on day 27. I stayed up too late watching Love Island, so I had to do it pretty late which meant I lost my focus a little bit during the practice.
LEARNING: Thursdays are my busy day for school, because I have three classes. I started off at 8:30 with Color and Form. In class, I exposed my screen for the first time. At this point in the process, I was able to walk around and see the screens that my classmates were creating. It was so interesting and inspiring to see their work! In Text and Image, I presented my first drafts for the business card assignment and gave feedback to several of my classmates on theirs. I also got to interact with a bunch of different types of paper and discuss their pricing, durability and overall quality. Finally, I closed out the night with this class - Design and its Discontents. In class, the first group gave their presentation on their reading for this week which was interesting to watch. I was exposed to so much material today in all three of my classes that I was pretty exhausted at night.
FOOD: For breakfast, I woke up 15 minutes earlier and made eggs on toast. For lunch I was out and about, so I ate soup in an empty classroom in McNeal. When I got my parents’ package, I ate an unmentionable amount of homemade Chex mix. For dinner, I had soup, pickles, and mashed potatoes with brownies for dessert!
MISC: I noticed some knitted/crocheted items waiting at the bus stop with a message stating that they were not lost, but just waiting for someone who needed them. I thought this was such a kind idea. 
While writing this I listened to: Miguel’s album, “War & Leisure”
Here is the scarf waiting at the bus stop:
Tumblr media
Here is my first screen:
Tumblr media
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queenrileyrose · 2 months ago
Downward Nobility: So This is How I Die
Tumblr media
Series premise: 25 years from The Royal Heir, Cordonia is struggling; the expense of the Royal balls wiped out the country’s reserves. Bertrand finds a loophole that allows him to ascend the throne. Liam and Riley, along with their two adult children are forced to return to Walker Ranch, where Drake and Hana have made a home. Think Schitt’s Creek/Arrested Development vibes with the TRR/TRH gang. It is ridiculous and bless you for reading it.
Some canon. Barthelemy tried to take Eleanor and failed. Characters are exaggerated versions of canon characters, belonging to Pixelberry. Philip and Eleanor are OC.
I am participating in @wackydrabbles This week’s prompt is “It made me think of you.” It will be in bold.
Chapter Summary: Eleanor and Philip help Hana. Drake takes Liam driving. Riley and Liam grocery shop.
A/N: I haven’t updated this in over a month! Sorry.
Chapter warnings: suggestive language, cursing, drug reference, mention of violence, reference to character death.
Word Count: 1857
Music Inspo: Ultralight Beam—Local Natives
Eleanor and Philip trudged down the dirt path.
“My shoes will be ruined out here.” Eleanor whined.
“Aunt Hana has boots for you to borrow.” Philip’s voice dripped with sarcasm.
“What do you think the dating scene is like?” Eleanor wondered aloud. “I could get through this a lot easier if I had a hot man between my-“
“No!” Philip said. He paused, a thought occurring to him. “Wait, is this like one of those places where you have a lot of wives or husbands and everyone calls each other brother or sister?”
“Ew. I hope not.” Eleanor shuddered. “I cannot stay on this ranch all day. I need to go out.”
“You can’t drive.”
“What about Snuber?”
“I barely get a signal out here.” Philip touched his neck again, feeling his glands. “Maybe I’m allergic to like, hardship.”
“Ugh. Get over it already.” Eleanor frowned. She stopped in her tracks as a mouse scurried across the path in front of her. “Oh my fucking god, no!”
“What?” Philip jumped back.
“That was a mouse, Philip. It had a pink tail.” Ellie whined as she jumped up and down, waving her hands in small circles. “I will not die here.”
Philip and Eleanor ran the rest of the way to the main house.
Drake was in the passenger seat, waiting for Liam to start driving. He’d gone over the pedals and how to make the car go forward and how to reverse. Liam took diligent notes, using napkins from the glove box and a pen he kept in his pocket.
“I believe I am ready.” Liam nodded confidently, spreading the napkins on the dash.
“Finally.” Drake grumbled. “Okay, let’s go.”
Liam slowly put the SUV in gear and eased off th brake, tapping the gas softly. The car moved, Liam gripped the wheel in fear. He could do this. He’d been to Beaumont Bashes. The last one, Maxwell had thrown champagne bottles in the air and they’d shot them with antique guns. He cringed when he thought about what happened next. Glass falling from the sky hurts.
“You can go faster, Liam.” Drake urged gently. “The normal speed limit on the main road is 45.”
Liam glanced at the speedometer. He was going 10. He pressed his foot down a little harder, his heart leaping into his throat.
“Oh! This is exhilarating!” Liam bounced excitedly, making sure his hands were at the 10 and 2 position. “Can you turn the music on? I am pumped!”
“Li, you’re going 15 miles per hour. Let’s try 25.”
Drake turned the knob, a Spice Girls song blaring from the speakers.
“Oh, that’s Riley’s cd! We had Posh and Becks on our lists.” Liam winked at Drake. “They were marked off the same night.”
“I’m not even going to ask. When did you guys decide to stop being normal?”
“We are still normal.” Liam shot back. “You saw us last year.”
“For a few hours. You said you were busy with courtly matters.” Drake and Hana spent most of their visit with Olivia. She’d made them help clean all her weapons.
“Ah yes. Positively bedeviled with meetings.” Liam said over confidently. The truth was that he and Riley went to an auction of Catherine the Great’s furniture in England, Riley had won every item she bid on. They’d been deliriously happy and spent the rest of Drake and Hana’s visit making love in Riley’s red room.
Drake cocked an eyebrow. Bedeviled was Liam’s go to word when he lied. He probably didn’t want to know what they’d been doing.
Drake looked back to the dash as a cow came into view. How had Liam left the road so quickly? He looked at him. Liam was daydreaming, a faraway look on his face.
Drake grabbed the wheel and jerked it away from the cow. Liam snapped out of his daze.
“Stop the car.” Drake growled. “Lesson is over.”
Riley woke with a start. She took in the room she was in. She touched the couch fabric experimentally. It crinkled. Ew.
She swung her legs around. Liam had taken her shoes off. At least she had her king.
She decided to walk to Hana’s house. She wouldn’t call it Drake’s. He was obviously there under duress.
Riley stepped out as Liam flew at Drake. They fell to the ground, wrestling.
“Oh my god!” Riley looked around for things to throw at them and only saw dirt. She only liked wrestling if it was over her, and she didn’t know if it was. She’d been napping.
Liam had Drake in a chokehold, as Drake flailed around.
“Take it back!” Liam thundered.
“Fine!” Drake said, a little winded. “Ned Stark didn’t deserve to die.”
Liam released him and sat back. He felt a stare and whirled to see his wife. “I am sorry, love. He took Ned Stark’s name in vain.”
Riley shrugged. “I like Dany.” She turned to Drake. “I was going to head to the house.”
“Do you want to go on a grocery run? See life outside the ranch?” Drake asked as he slung an arm around her shoulder.
“I would absolutely love it.” Riley clapped.
“Let’s go get a list from Banana, then-“
“I will accompany you, my queen.” Liam cut in.
Riley smiled at him. “Sounds like a date.”
Drake scowled. “I have a cow to tend to anyway.”
He shot Liam a look of disdain as Liam pretended not to hear him, stretching his arms over his head.
Drake steered Riley toward the main house, Liam trailing behind them.
“So this is how I die.”
Riley stared at the large brick building with Bostco emblazoned on the front. People bustled in and out, pushing large carts stacked impossibly high with boxes.
Liam looped her arm through his, giving her hand a reassuring pat. “No, love. Drake and Hana are entrusting us to bring home the groceries for the family. We can do this.”
“Hana would buy in bulk.” Riley said as a man carrying a 5 pound block of cream cheese passed her.
Liam patted her hand again and led her inside.
Riley gingerly pulled a cart away from the line inside the door. She spied the cart wipes and tore off a handful, rubbing the whole cart down to the amusement of the worker inside the door.
Liam nodded approvingly. “Good job, my love.” He eyed the cart. “Shall we push together?”
Riley nodded, standing on one side of the cart, Liam taking his place beside her. They pushed their way to the entrance, a large man blocking them.
“Bostco card?” He asked in a deep voice that sent a thrill through Riley.
She fished in her bejeweled clutch, the crystals sparkling in the light. She found the card and produced it.
“Here you are.” She glanced at his name tag. “Robert.” She batted her lashes as he handed it back. Liam grumbled beside her.
Robert glanced at Riley’s floor length silver gown, her black fur wrap and full face of makeup. Her companion was in a black suit with a black tie. He had no idea why they were here, but he suspected they didn’t know either.
“Welcome to Bostco.” He intoned, handing the card back.
Riley took the card back, her fingers purposely brushing his. “Thank you, Robert.”
Liam steered the cart away. “Do you have the list?”
Riley nodded, pulling a piece of paper out of her clutch as she slid the card back in.
“The first thing is” Riley squinted “something called refried beans.”
Liam knit his brow. “Are they fried twice? How do you fry a bean?”
Riley looked at the aisle descriptions hanging from the ceiling. “What are paper products?”
Liam thought for a moment. “Stationary?”
They wandered down an aisle that boasted of chips and crackers.
“What is chicken in a biskit?” Liam turned to a Riley.
“How do I know?” Riley peered at the box.
“You grocery shopped once upon a time.”
“I did, didn’t I?” Riley struggled to remember. She’d bought mostly macaroni and cheese those days. Sometimes salsa and tortilla chips.
“They spelled biskit incorrectly. Is American education so terrible?” Liam peered at something called combos. “Do I want pizza in a pretzel?”
“Ew, no.” Riley stoped in front of Chex mix. “This is dog food. Why are they selling it in the snack aisle?”
Liam was wandering to the next aisle. Soup and pasta. He liked pasta.
Riley caught up to him. “We must stick together.”
Liam nodded as he pulled down a container of grated Parmesan cheese. “This can’t be good. Parmesan is not dusty.”
Riley shuddered.
Liam moved onto marinara. “Why is it Newman’s marinara? It is for sale, is it not? It cannot be his.”
Hana was teaching Eleanor and Philip to wash dishes. She was trying to be patient, but she couldn’t tell if they were purposely not trying or were just that incapable of doing simple tasks. At this rate, she was going to have to teach them to tie their own shoelaces.
“Why won’t it be clean?” Philip whined.
Hana walked back over to him, stifling a sigh. “The sponge, Philip. You can’t clean it with plain water and your hand.”
“The soap makes my hands feel weird.” Eleanor griped. “Like they’re rejecting manual labor.”
Hana rubbed her forehead. “I’ll finish the dishes later. Let’s move onto something else.”
“Does Uncle Drake need help?” Eleanor asked hopefully. He always had a flask on him.
“No.” Hana said firmly. Drake was calming the cow Liam almost hit. “Let’s try dusting.”
“You have coke here?” Eleanor said excitedly. That would definitely get her through cleaning.
“Of course we do.” Hana furrowed her brow. “I’ll go get the duster.”
Eleanor clapped her hands. Her good mood sank as Hana handed her a pink feather duster and instructed her to start with the ceiling fan.
“Perhaps we can visit Leo.” Riley suggested as she placed a tin of caviar on the conveyor belt. “He isn’t far.”
“Are you sure you want to go to a prison, love?” Liam asked skeptically.
Leo was serving an 8 year sentence for pushing Katie off a cruise ship in a fit of rage. It had been their anniversary, and she kept talking about her siblings. Leo snapped. Liam paid for the best lawyer money could buy, who managed to sway the jury. Leo only had a few years left in his sentence.
“Of course, he’s family.” Riley purred. She secretly wanted to see how ripped he was. She heard people did that in prison.
Liam nodded. “I shall make the arrangements, my love.” He handed her a large lollipop shaped like a rose.
“Oh, Liam. That’s so sweet.” Riley exclaimed.
“It made me think of you.” Liam wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, nuzzling her ear. “My beautiful flower.”
Riley turned and caught his lips in a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, the cashier cleared her throat. The former king and queen took no notice of her, they’d tuned out people trying to interrupt their kisses years ago.
Tumblr media
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nocturnal-milk-dud · 2 months ago
Someone to Take Care of You
I have a Ray Merrimen fic I should finish and a Carrillo fic I want to write but apparently Frankie Morales owns my ass. I don’t understand it either
Pairing: Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales x Reader
Summary: You (Reader) have a cold and Frankie comes over to take care of you
Rating: PG for language
Warnings/notes: the fluffiest shit ever; like this is the cutest shit I think i’ve ever done; i feel like i wrote this really fast and messed up something and missed it, so critiques are welcome
Word count: 1420
Tag list: (once again tagging y’all cause you’ve enjoyed and/or responded to the others. if you don’t want to be tagged in the future ((assuming there’s more)), let me know) @dodgerandevans @reading-rosa​ @pascaliprincess @souls-rain @heythere-mel @bi-son-writes @slugbuggie
Tumblr media
Crumpled tissues littered the floor and you were burrowed under a mound of blankets on the couch, staring blankly at the TV. You couldn’t breathe through your nose and the skin under and around your nostrils was red and irritated. You groped around aimlessly on the floor for the box of tissues and another cough drop as the burning started to creep back into your throat. Your phone went off as you blew your nose, wincing at the sensation.
“I thought this shit was supposed to be softer,” you grumbled, flinging the tissue on the floor. You looked at your phone and saw a text from Frankie. 
Where are you?
“Where am I?” It dawned on you then: Benny’s fight. You had been planning on meeting the guys there, then heading out for drinks afterward. “So much for that.” You texted back that you were sick, saying you’d see them another night. 
Do you need anything? You smiled at your phone, thinking of all the things that would make you feel better at that moment. At the top of your list was someone to hold you, but you weren’t about to tell Frankie that. Jokingly, you told him you needed brownies, and set your phone on the table, nestling back under the blankets. You smiled to yourself as you closed your eyes, feeling grateful to have someone in your life like Frankie. You two had known each other for a long time and he was always someone you could rely on if you ever really needed anything. It was a good feeling when so many of the friendships in your life felt awkward and impersonal. 
You must have slept, but for how long you had no idea, because you woke up to a knocking at your door. 
“No,” you mumbled, turning away and pulling your blankets up over your head. Your phone rang and you whined, flailing around for it, wanting more than anything for it to stop. Why was it so loud? Why was it on? Why was anyone calling you? You glanced at the screen through narrowed eyelids.
“Fish?” you answered, your voice a nasally rasp. Why on earth was he calling? 
“Open the door, I have brownies.” You whipped your head around to look at the door, then looked around your mess of a living space. You stumbled to your feet and tried to scoop up the pile of tissues on the floor, but the wave of pain that hit your forehead when you leaned over was too much.
“You’re supposed to be at Benny’s fight and then getting drinks with the guys,” you said, making your way to the door. You wrenched it open to find Frankie standing there, bags of groceries in his hand. Clearly he’d felt you needed more than brownies.
“There’ll be other fights,” he said, a small smile on his face. He hung up his phone and you did the same, stepping aside to let him in. You turned, watching him as he headed for the kitchen and you looked around your living room, taking in the mess you’d made.
“If I’d known you were coming I’d have cleaned up,” you said, feeling embarrassed. You thought then about how you looked too: hair falling out of a sloppy bun, the red skin around your nose, and you sniffed your hoodie before you remembered that you couldn’t smell. You didn’t want Frankie seeing you like this. You didn’t want anybody seeing you like this. 
“You’re sick, it’s no big deal,” Frankie said. You walked into the kitchen, standing there like a little kid as you watched him empty the contents of the bags on the counter. There was a package of brownies, as promised, but there was also cold medication, more tissues, more cough drops, soup, orange juice, tea, and honey. The slightest of smiles crossed your face as you looked at everything. 
“How are you feeling?” Frankie asked. Before you could respond, he reached out and put his hand to your forehead and cheek, feeling for a temperature, and your eyes went wide for a moment at the unexpected touch. 
“Crummy,” you said, once you remembered he’d asked you a question. “No fever, just a sore throat and my nose hates me.” Frankie held up a bottle of lotion. 
“This should help with the irritation,” he said, gesturing around his own nose. “And there’s some nasal spray.” 
“Thanks, Frankie,” you said, smiling softly at him. 
“Have you eaten anything?” he asked, taking his jacket off and placing it on the back of a kitchen chair. You thought about the handful of Chex cereal you didn’t taste earlier, followed by the water that seemed to somehow only burn your throat more. 
“Yes,” you said slowly, “but I don’t think it counts.” Your eyes found the package of brownies and you reached out for them.
“Nope,” Frankie said, placing a hand on the box. “No brownies yet.” 
“Fish,” you whined, your lips falling into a pout. “I’m sick, remember?” 
“Yeah, and you need real food first. Go sit down and I’ll make you some soup.” Your shoulders slumped and you looked from him to the brownies and back again, the pout staying on your face. Try as he might, he couldn’t keep a straight face.
“Vamos,” Frankie said, laughing. You did as he said, walking back into the living room and curling up on the couch. You had the TV on, but you turned the volume down when you realized Frankie was humming while he worked. It was a light, soft sound and you closed your eyes, feeling more comfortable than you had all day. 
“Hey, sleepyhead,” Frankie said, setting a bowl of chicken noodle soup on the coffee table in front of you. You hadn’t been sleeping, but you had drifted off someplace, and you opened your eyes to see him cleaning the tissues off the floor. You had melted into the couch while he was in the kitchen, but now you tossed the blankets aside and got to your feet.
“No, no, Frankie, please, I’ll clean those up.” It was one thing for him to bring you groceries and make you food, but you hated the idea of him cleaning up after you. You always tried to keep a clean home, especially when you knew people were coming over; you couldn’t stand the idea of someone thinking even for a moment that you were a slob.
“It’s not a big deal, eat.” You ignored him and crouched down to clean up the tissues yourself, but you should have known that was a bad idea. The headrush came back, and you closed your eyes, placing a hand on Frankie’s shoulder to steady yourself. His hand came up under your elbow.
“You okay?” Frankie asked, and you took a deep breath, nodding slowly. 
“I think so,” you said. 
“Hey.” You opened your eyes to find him looking at you very intently. “I’m here to take care of you. I know what being sick is like, I know how gross it can be. I know you’re not at your best and neither is your place, and that’s okay. Let me help.” You looked down at the floor, feeling like you were ready to cry, not because you were upset, but because Frankie’s kindness overwhelmed you. God, you really needed to sleep. 
“Thank you,” you said. Frankie helped you straighten up and get back over to the couch. You snuggled back into your spot and carefully ate the soup while he cleaned up in the living room and in the kitchen. When he came back he was carrying the brownies and you grinned as he set them on the coffee table. 
“Just so we’re clear, brownies aren’t a good food to eat when you’re sick. Nothing with a lot of sugar is, but I feel like you’ll kill me if I don’t let you have them, so…” Frankie trailed off, making you laugh, but your face fell when you realized he had his jacket in his hand, that he was heading out. You thought about the list of things you needed, what was at the top, as you watched him walk towards the door, and your heart stuttered in your chest.
“Hey, Fish,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper, making him turn. “There’s one more thing I need, if you wouldn’t mind.” 
You fell asleep that night in Frankie’s arms, your head on his chest, thinking that there were some upsides to being sick.
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yeojaa · 3 months ago
come over, pt. i
Tumblr media
pairing.  jjk x f!reader.  rating.  explicit.  tags.  this is pwp.  smut in the forms of:  kissing, oral (m/f), fingering, deepthroating, hickeys, protected sex.  use of the pet name shy girl.  wc. 6.2k.  beta reader.  @hobi-gif and @snackhobi aka the loves of my tiny life.  author note.  this is an adaption of an rp with my beloved @velvetwicebang​.  while the writing is all my own, i owe so much to loma for inspiring me and being such a wonderful partner. 💛 if you enjoy this, feedback goes a long way.  tysm for reading!  (and yes, there will be a second part.)
Tumblr media
You’ve been friends for thirteen months, classmates for another three before that.  You’ve worked on countless projects together, watched him fall off a roof, and have had to bail him out of campus security’s grubby little hands. Your friendship is easy, based on mutual suffering in Professor Kim’s class and long study dates spent in the library.  He smuggled you chocolates in his pockets and you brought iced coffee to the 8 a.m. lecture you shared.
You’re not sure why you’re riddled with uncertainty now then, every nerve ending shot, lit up bright like the still-up mini Christmas tree sitting in the corner of your dorm room.  (You know you should take it down but it’s so cute, slouched ever with a tiny gold star-shaped bell hanging from the end.).  
Spending time with Jungkook was normal - a part of your weekly routine - but then again, you hadn’t somehow developed a weird little crush on him until recently.  
(If you think hard, you could probably pinpoint it to a night a few weeks ago when he looked particularly good, fluffy powder puff of hair stripped of shadow and gleaming gold beneath the warm lecture lights.  You’d never had a thing for blonds but he made it look good - surprising you when he’d dropped into his seat beside you and winked in response to your surprise.) 
(It’s something you can't tear your thoughts from now, that infuriatingly charming smile burnt into your retinas.  It sits at the forefront of your mind, stealing your attention from the movie that's playing on the television hung across from your bed.  One of those blockbuster flicks, because who didn’t love gratuitous action and lens flares?)
A hand reaches for the chip bowl propped between you - homemade chex mix, because you’ve been obsessed with the recipe since discovering it a few weeks ago - and you flinch away when it brushes the hand that's already in there.
"Sorry!"  You squeak before coughing, a quick-witted (but not altogether believable) attempt at hiding the sudden heat that flares across your cheeks.  The same hand disappears between your knees, fingers curling into the soft throw laid over your legs.  You tell yourself to relax at least three times before speaking, peeking at your companion from beneath a fringe of sleep-tousled strands.  “Stop stealing all my chips.” 
The boy beside you only grins, tosses that lazy smile in your direction before turning his attention back to the explosion on the screen, entire expression lit up by the fireworks that explode in flashes of colour.
You think you’ve gotten away with it - that he hasn’t noticed - and then he’s speaking again, pointedly staring forward, seemingly unbothered.  (You know better though.  Jungkook’s infuriating like that, picking up on all the little things despite the fact that he’s a dumb boy, too good at reading between the lines when he barely studies.)
“You’re blushing.”
The callout is, well, uncalled for. 
You choose to ignore him at first, opting to shove two chocolates past your lips.  They’re unbearably sweet, minty and cold - your favourite - and the richness spills across your tongue, eliciting a soft hum as your teeth buzz from the sugar.  (Note to self:  thank Jungkook for the chocolate later.)
“You’re blushing,”  you retort once you’ve swallowed, cheeks puffed out and a dent gathering between your brows.  “I’m just—“  Hand waves wildly - nearly hits him in the face with how wobbly it is - and you pretend-glare at him, faux affront laid in spades.  “—hot.”
It comes snappier than you mean it to, spoken in something close to a pout.  You aren’t actually.  The campus is notorious for having garbage heating, floorboards more akin to packed snow in the dead of winter.  It’s just annoying.  You refuse to be another one of those girls.
(Not that there’s anything wrong with said girls.  It’s more an issue with Jungkook, stupidly handsome and charming and far too popular for his own good.  People already told you all about Jungkook’s escapades - even though you often heard them from him firsthand and in gruelling detail.  One of the downsides to being friends with someone who, for all intents and purposes, carried the title of campus heartthrob.) 
“Pay attention to the movie.”  The same hand reaches for the mix again, careful to avoid brushing his this time.  You think you’ve succeeded, snatching up a piece of pretzel, morsel halfway to your mouth when it drops to your lap.
The same lap that suddenly has a hand on it, palm warm over your knee.  
If you’d thought your nerve endings were shot, now you knew they were.  Every inch of skin was on fire - heat shooting up your spine and over your neck the moment his hand comes in contact with bare skin.  Damn your need for comfort, damn your choice to wear shorts, damn his freaking hot tattooed hands—
You almost yell at him.  The sound’s on the tip of your tongue when you bite down, stare trained wholly on the movie and the blood that splatters across the screen..
Really, you shouldn't be surprised.  You’ve known Jungkook for nearly two years - okay, not quite.  You’ve heard all the rumours about him, the whispered words that sound something like playboy and flirt and be careful.  You know and yet you’ve found yourself in this situation, desperately trying to figure out what the hell is going through his mind as you stare straight ahead, refusing to move a muscle.  
His profile is picture perfect from your periphery;  he's focused too, acting like he's done nothing wrong.  Sly as a fox, as always.
“Still blushing,”  he repeats conversationally, as if he’s commenting on the colour of the sky or how cold it is in your room.  Not as if he’s got a hand where it shouldn’t be, ink spilling over his skin in pretty patterns, burning the shape of it where he touches.
"I didn't blush.”  It’s a retort made for only argument’s sake and even then, without weight.  Feather soft and feeble in an attempt to keep your voice level.  It's hard when you’re burning up, a livewire settled where you feel him.  "I'm not blushing."
It's a lie - you can feel the flush, embarrassment flooding from your cheeks all the way down over your chest.  It’s an inferno beneath your skin, lava coursing through your veins.  
It spreads further and further, blooms somewhere new when his hand drifts lower, tracking across the soft inner of your thigh.  Doesn’t cease even when his hand does, palm firm over your leg, the ghost of a touch passing so close to your core you can’t help but jolt.  It’s as if he’s rearranged your pieces, mixed them all up.  A brush of his finger over your clothed entrance feels like it hits you right in the chest, snaps your heart to attention.  It roars to life, thundering madly, pulse erratic when he repeats the gesture, with that much more pressure.
You’re dripping, you realise to your horror, cotton of your thong sticking to your skin, grey of your shorts made darker by the arousal that spills over the one not-so-innocent digit. 
A part of you wants to run from the room.  Nearly do, heart hammering in your chest when Jungkook's face is suddenly too close, the warmth of his breath stifling against your neck.  It feels good, anticipation and desire fizzing in your stomach like fountain pop.  (The movie theatre kind, that’s somehow flat and too bubbly all at once.)
"Kook."  You mean to say it reproachfully, with a hand pushing his wrist away.  Instead it comes out like a whisper, a soft sigh of his name that sounds almost needy, laced with worry and anticipation that makes you want to tear your own hair out.  Fingers remain locked around bone, other hand digging into the blanket and the linen beneath it, searching desperately for some form of composure beneath the material.  
For the first time, you hazard a glance - know it’ll be bad for your own well-being - dropping your stare to where his hand rests.  (You have to admit - you like the sight of those tattoos, a stark contrast to the unblemished softness.)
Like it almost as much as his kisses, the first of which lands exactly where you want it most.  Delicate, polite, right on the junction of your jaw.  A sigh escapes before you can help it.  "Shy girl,”  he coos, teasing in a way that makes your heart skip a beat. 
“I’m not shy,”  you huff - try to, anyway, around the kaleidoscope of butterflies that are threatening to choke you.  "We're watching a movie."  You’re trying to redirect his attention, even as you’re desperate for it, even as you think you’d give your whole heart for it. 
You’re this close to combusting, eyes widening the moment he extracts his hand and tucks it back into the bowl of chips.  A part of you wants to yell at him - for starting this in the first place but mainly for leaving you high and dry, turned on and soaking through your underwear. 
(It’s not fair, but then again, you’d never expected them to be.  You’ve seen the rules Jungkook plays by - namely those of his own creation.  Term paper due the next morning?  He’d somehow pull it out of his ass that night.  Break something at a house party?  He’d be let off with a smile and a wave, those doe eyes of his utterly lethal when paired with his pout.)
“Watch the movie then.”  He sounds almost bored, utterly unbothered as he seamlessly slips back into the proper role of friend, classmate, study partner.
"Let's."  Without tossing another glance in his direction, you stare straight ahead, own hand delving for snacks.  So what if you very purposely brush your fingers against the pieces he's just touched, popping the pieces into your mouth before slotting your thumb against your tongue, cheeks hollowing around to suck the last bits of salt and butter off.
Despite your nerves - you’re hoping he's watching - you readjust, bringing knees up, crossing legs until one is resting atop his own thick thigh.  The full of your bottom lip disappears between your teeth, worried to within an inch of its life as you shift beside him, seemingly manoeuvring your shorts into their rightful position.
(You’re not.  They’re hitched higher than they were, barely worthy of the title of shorts, more akin to a belt.  So revealing it’s almost uncomfortable, wet of your arousal sticking them to your skin.)
(Two could play this game.)
(Maybe him better than you, but still.)
You know what you’re doing and yet you’re somehow surprised when he’s suddenly disappeared from your side and situated himself in front of you, eating up too much of the space on your small double bed.  “What’re you—“  The question disappears in the same moment he does, unable to track his movements when Jungkook slips forward, pressing his mouth over yours.
You’ve kissed a lot of people.  (Okay, not a lot, but enough.)  You were a senior in college, where kissing was like talking and fucking happened more often than dating.
You’ve never kissed Jungkook before.  
Why hadn’t you?
His lips are terribly soft, pink and pouted, slanting across yours as if he’s trying to devour you.  There’s no semblance of delicacy, nothing gentle and sweet like those brushes against your neck.  They’re forceful, demanding payment in full when his tongue glides over the seam, seeking entrance despite the fact that you think he might’ve slipped in anyway.
There’s not a single wall he couldn’t break down, not a lock he couldn’t pick.  Not with how he moves, purposeful and reassured, tongue sliding over yours, sucking it into his mouth as if it’s something he does every day.  (Which it very well could be - just not with you.)
“Shy girl,”  he repeats with a mouth filled with affection, praise that pours over you honey sweet and sticky.  “You don’t have to pretend with me.”
The thing is, you’re not pretending.  You’re half-afraid this entire moment is going to explode into a thousand pieces, a dream shattered by reality.  You hope it doesn’t.  Couldn’t bear it when he feels so nice, hand spanning your waist, tucked beneath the safety of your shirt and the fleece blanket between you.  
“I’m not.”  
“Oh?”  There’s something in his eyes, something that coils heat in the pit of your stomach.  You swear you can see the devil sitting on his shoulder, gleeful little smile rearranging his features.  “Do I make you nervous, ____?”
Did he?  Of course he did.  Had, even before you’d known him.
(You’d grown comfortable, though.  Found a way to separate the popular heartthrob from your friend.)
But you’ve lost your marbles, gone certifiably insane when you make a noise that sounds nothing like you.  Because you’re once again far too interested in the way Jungkook’s touching you, manhandling you as if you’re some sort of puppet.  It really shouldn’t turn you on so much, slick coating your bare thighs when he guides you onto your back, pushes you back against your too many pillows.
He’s your friend and he’s told you all about the way he fucks girls until they can’t walk.  
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want the same treatment, though. 
The moment Jungkook’s mouth finds your skin - sensitive and soft and so close to your soaked core - you keen, hands immediately flying into his silky head of hair.  It threads between your fingers like fine silk, filaments of gold overlaid in colour by the movie that still plays.  
“Oh my god,”  you gasp, entire body arching off the back of the bed in an effort to bring some form of  relief.  You can’t help the heat that burns your cheeks or how you sound, begging and pleading as you tug gently at his blond roots.  “Don’t tease me.”
You’re not asking very nicely but you figure Jungkook will give in.  It’s his fault, after all.  
His fault - which you don’t mind when he hooks fabric aside and drags his tongue across your slit, the flat of his tongue arching your back from the bed.  Can’t mind when he does it again, rounded nose bumping against your clit.  You’re trying to stay just a little bit decent, moans soft and caught between your teeth.  You’re practically biting a hole through your lip in an effort to stay quiet, hands curled into fists.  Gold spills between them and you imagine it hurts but he doesn’t stop, only works harder to drive you crazy.
Of course he’s good at this.  Too good, if you’re being honest.
You’re dripping, legs trembling in his firm, unyielding grip.  There's molten heat building in your stomach, creeping up your spine, and with each pass of his tongue over your sensitive core, it only expands.  You want more - need it - and almost beg when he catches your clit between his teeth.  A breathy baby spills out on accident when your eyes meet, gaze half-lidded.
It’s bad for your health, how good he looks right now, chin slick, lips rubied and pretty like jewels.  “Shy girl sounds so pretty.”
There's something about his praise that completely ruins you, the words dragging a delighted, sexpot moan off your tongue.  You want him to tell you how pretty you are now and later, over and over.  
You want to be his pretty girl. 
"I want you.  I need more,"  you whine, hips rutting desperately, slick messy across your thighs and shining across Jungkook's mouth.  He smiles then - brighter than the sun, utterly radiant, so devastatingly handsome you swear your brain short circuits - and then he’s doing exactly as you’ve asked. 
He eats you out like it’s an art form, flicking his tongue over your clit with practiced precision, sucking the pearl between his lips.  When he grazes his teeth over it - just the lightest pressure - you jolt, the feeling of a finger sliding into you stealing the breath from your lungs.
He’s always had nice hands, big broad palms and long fingers.  They reach places you could never hope to, stretching you deliciously when he sinks another in alongside the first, exploring you with ease.  The sting is slight, the fullness overriding any pain, further dulled by the suction of his mouth on your clit.  
He even hums when he finds the spot he’s been looking for, hooking his fingers against it and pressing.  (You swear you see stars;  you know you feel him smile, lips spread like butter over your skin when you sob.)
You can’t help yourself, writhing and moaning, trying to ride his face with a desperation that has your chest heaving.  It feels so good to have him between your legs.  You almost miss the appearance of his other hand - in view for but a moment before it disappears past the waistband of his sweats.  Dark as they are, pitch black like most of his clothing, it’s impossible to miss the way he touches himself.  It has you even needier, pussy clenching at the thought of him fisting his own hard cock.
“Do you want a hand?”  You ask as if you’re doing him a favour and not salivating at the prospect, eyes wide, blinking down at him from behind thick lashes.  
“Fuck.”  He’s sin incarnate, undeniable when he sheds his sweats, kicks them off with just one hand, other still slotted snug against your pussy.  He never ceases his movements, fucking you on his fingers even as he sits upright, leaned back on his calves.  “You want a taste?  Shy girl wants a big fat cock in her mouth?”  
There's something about hearing him so turned on, the expletive shooting a dizzying bolt of desire straight between yours legs.  You’ve seen Jungkook worked up - he was awfully competitive, after all, dominating most intramural sports, breaking PR records in the gym - but it's something else completely when he's making you drip cum all over his hand.
Jungkook's cock is pretty, flushed and glossy from the pre-cum he spreads with his thumb, massaging over the tip like it owes him something.  
You want to taste it.
A contented hum rolls off your tongue at his question, though you don’t give him the satisfaction of an answer.  His ego's big enough without it and you’re much more interested in stroking something else.  Still, you lean into his palm, nuzzling your cheek against the warmth of it when he threads his hand through your hair, gathering it in his fist.
Then without looking away, your mouth falls open, tongue peeking past your lips to lick a fat stripe up the length of his cock, from base to tip.  It's hot and heavy on your tongue, the salty taste of his pre-cum better than candy.  You hum again, swirling your tongue around the head, and keep your gaze locked with Jungkook's, almost smirking when you drag your tongue over his fingers, gently grazing the edge of your teeth against the pad of his thumb. 
“Please.”  You’re usually far more reserved, not the kind to ask for more until you’re three months into dating and certain of where you stand.  You simply can’t help yourself now, the feeling of your own wetness painting your skin, making you clench around nothing.  "I need it."
The groan that comes sounds more like Christmas, a gift given by Santa Claus himself.  It filters into your ears and has you grinning up at him, not even bothering to hide the pride that flutters your lashes and has you pursing your lips around the head of his cock.  
When he speaks again, it’s dangerously quiet, low in his throat, laced with whatever same emotion that seems to shackle your limbs.  “Open up, ____,”  he instructs, though he offers little time to adjust, guiding his cock forward, stuffing your mouth full.  “Show me how bad.”
You don’t mind.  If you were to speak, it’d practically be a prayer, tongue tracing the veins that run the length.  A chorus of yes please more when he takes just as much as he gives.  You love the power that comes with Jungkook speaking so filthily, drunk on it when he continues, spewing filth in time with each rock of his hips.
Lips seal around the swollen head each time he withdraws, cheeks hollowing around the tip.  Tongue passes over his fingers again before your hand rises, fingers curling around his wrist to pull his own away.  (You probably shouldn't - it's too romantic - but thread your fingers through his in the same instant you sink down upon his cock, taking him halfway before pulling off with a pop!)
"Do you think you'll last long enough to fuck me?"  You’re pushing his buttons on purpose, just like he had yours during the movie. 
Something close to a snarl comes, a growl that reverberates out of that big cavernous chest of his, and he grips your hair tighter, tries to hold you still as he grins down at you.  The expression is so at odds with the warmth in his eyes, the boyish tilt of his head.
You repeat the motion again and again, taking him a little bit deeper until the head brushes the back of your throat, reflexively swallowing around the intrusion.  He's still so long and thick you haven’t even taken him all, drooling around his length, breathing through your nose and pushing past the desire to gag.  Then you relax your jaw just a little more, humming when your nose brushes the neatly groomed patch of hair at his base.
Your free hand slinks across his thigh, nails digging into the meat, delighted by the flex of muscle and sinew beneath your hand.  He's so hard, both on your tongue and beneath your touch.  It prompts you to shift forward just a bit more - you can feel the slick on your thighs, dripping down onto the sheets with each movement - and trace across his thigh to gently palm his balls.
If you could speak, you’d probably ask for more.  For Jungkook to use and abuse your throat as much as he wants.  As it stands, you can only moan around him, spit and his pre-cum smeared over your lips.
“Look at you.”  He’s talking to himself, lost in his own world as he fucks into your mouth, soothes the pad of his thumb over your cheek.  You adore the way he sounds now, dazed and a little messed up.  “Look so pretty with my cock in your mouth, ____.”
You can’t do much more than look up at him, batting your lashes when he compliments you, dragging your tongue everywhere you can reach as the head of his cock batters the back of your throat.  It's not an easy feat, drool all the way down your chin, trailing down your neck and staining the silk of your camisole.
At some point, you’ll need to pull off - get a proper breath of air - but not now.  Instead, you swallow around him, savouring the feeling of him filling your mouth, and squeeze gently at his balls.  When you wink up at him, it's half-hearted and with moisture in your eyes, lining lashes in the form of little gemstones.
You do it again and again, moaning lewdly around his cock before it gets too much, pulling off of him with a gasping breath and tears down your cheeks.  “Is it my turn yet?”  You’re only half-joking, made needier by the soreness in your throat, the same you want to feel so desperately between your legs.  Pressing a sweet, chaste peck to his head, tongue dipping into his slit to gather the pre-cum that leaks out, you offer the sweetest smile you can, saccharine sweet and soft.  
“Your turn?”  The way Jungkook snorts is derisive, playful.  It pulls straight off his tongue - which finds yours, swapping spit as he guides you back to the bed.  Teeth collide, lips grown swollen by the intensity of your kiss, and you startle when he nips hard at the bottom petal.  “I thought you were shy.”
“I am,”  you retort, returning the gesture, biting into the curve of his jaw with surprising repose.  Colour blooms beneath the edge of enamel, a smattering of colour that makes you smile, eager to leave more.
Which you would do, if Jungkook weren’t stripping before you, peeling his shirt from his front, tugging it over his head in that weirdly hot way that somehow all boys did.  It reveals skin in a single fluid pull, clothing discarded to the side before he levels you with a smile of his own, one that stirs to life the dimple in his cheek, eyes squinting with the intensity of his delight.  He looks deceptively sweet this way, nothing like the demon who’d just stuffed his cock down your throat.
You’re not sure which version of him you like best.
Seeing him now, dressed in nothing but that absurd, devilishly handsome grin of his, you’re not prepared.  You’re unsure where to look, gaze bouncing between the tattoos that crawl up his arms and span over his left pec, down the neatly defined ridges of his abs, and all the way back to his swollen, shiny cock.
“You’re drooling.”  Of course it’s something he’d say - because he always knows what to say, plucking perfect words from thin air.  The casual banter calms the rattle in your chest and refocuses it on his face that’s too close, looming over yours as his hands make quick work of your clothes, shedding the fabric from your form with deft, measured movements.
You’re ready to say something teasing - anything to distract from the fact that you’re still ogling him - when he catches you in another kiss, softer this time, infinitely sweeter.  Suddenly, you’re shy - which really makes no sense, given what’s transpired.
"Don't make fun of me,"  you mumble, as bashful as you were during the movie, embarrassment burning across your cheeks.  Arms rise to cover what little of your chest you can, folding around his broad palms that encompass them whole, tweaking at the straining buds.
“I’m not,”  Jungkook reassures against your lips, face dropping into the crook of your neck.  He nuzzles against you, sucking affection into the column of your throat, shamelessly laying a wreath of lust into the delicate skin.  You wonder whether he can hear the stutter of your pulse, the reaction his next words elicit.  “You’re pretty when you do it.”
You can’t quite pull your eyes away from his face, shrouded in lemon tart, so good-looking it’s unfair; his broad back and the muscle that threads it, undulating with each movement;  or the way his thighs flex between your spread knees.  You’re dragged through heaven and hell by the brush of his lips, each glide overstimulating your senses to the point of no return.  You’re still burning up, all the foreplay leaving your legs like jelly, cunt dripping with need.  "I bet you say that to all the girls."
Probably not the best thing to say with the position you’re in but the reality of the situation is hitting you and you’re feeling a little vulnerable.  Want an answer that’ll soften the sharp edges of his teeth, the intoxicating glint in his stare.
“No, just you.”  Whether it’s true or not, you can’t say for certain.  You hope it is - wish upon a star for it, laying all your hopes and dreams into the constellations in his eyes.  They’re lovely, winking down at you from the darkest depths, guiding you home.  
You don’t mean to scoff - really, you don’t.  It comes of its own accord, spilling forth like a glass too full.
“You don’t believe me?”  He sounds almost offended, the picture of innocence when he reaches down, hand scrambling about for pooled black fabric.  Comes back up with a packet between his index and middle finger, held aloft like a prize.  
How can you when he’s ready to devour you whole, primed to feast as he rolls the condom over his length, stroking himself once, twice, gaze never wavering from where it rests between your legs.
“Always prepared.”  It’s scathing but somehow tender, too mesmerised by the way he fucks into his loose fist.  You’d say more - maybe make a flippant comment about his reputation - but can’t find the words when he’s teasing you, swollen head tapping teasingly over your core.  It feels like too much, leaves you breathless when he hikes your legs up and nearly folds you in half. 
When he presses into you, the sound you make is sinful, a moan you can’t help.  Jungkook’s so fucking big you’re sure you’re about to split in half, pussy clenching tight around the sudden intrusion.  “Oh my god,”  you whine, hands coiling into his hair, trying desperately to relax, the sting of the stretch battling the pressure that builds as he sinks further in.  “You’re so big.  I c-can’t—”  You’re starting to babble nonsense and he hasn’t even begun moving yet, lips hot over the sweat-slick column of his throat when he bows, burning his presence into the grace of your neck.  A hickey of your own creation blooms right where your mouth is, right over his shoulder.  The salt of his skin distracts you, makes it easier to accommodate the fullness.  “You feel so good, Kook.”  You rock experimentally beneath him, clenching tight as if to draw him deeper.  “Please, move,”  you beg, aiming to form another bruise beneath his skin.
The first thrust chases all the breath from your lungs, a gasp ricocheting off your tongue and into the minimal space between you.  He's absurdly big, stretching you out so well that every stroke feels like heaven.  When he pushes back in, snaps his hips in that easy, effortless motion of his, you’re making the most obscene noises, words lost to his hair as he lavishes your tits with attention.
B-big! is all you manage to squeak out.  It sounds like that, anyway.  With how he's filling you, it's hard to speak coherently;  you can practically feel him in your throat.  (Or maybe that's just from choking on him earlier.  You’re not really sure.)
Hands find their way around his neck, over his shoulders, periwinkle-painted nails leaving light etchings in their wake.  They bloom colour over his back - not too hard, careful still, motor skills barely functioning - before you tangle your fingers in his hair, holding him recklessly close as the pressure builds and builds, flooding your abdomen in heat. 
There’s slick all across your thighs.  You can hear the wet sounds each time Jungkook slips almost all the way out and then rocks back in.  It's terribly messy and so hot but you’re greedy, drunk off the feeling of having this Adonis break you in half.  "Harder, p-please."  Eyes wide, you tug gently at the soft strands at the nape of his neck, meeting his with a flutter of your lashes.  "Please?"
He acquiesces without hesitation, fucks you harder, deeper, like an animal in a rut.  Grinds against you with each thrust, pushing you to your limits.  Even has the audacity to push further, until the strain in your hips conflicts with the pleasure skipping up your spine, melting you into a boneless mass.
You’ve never felt like this, stretched out and used.  You’re used to gentle lovers, sweet - if not boring - lovemaking.  The way Jungkook's pounding into you is unheard of and you’re loving it, his name whimpered on a feedback loop.  A steady Kook, Kook, Kook that twinkles in your ears, inarticulate and pleading as you rock shamelessly against him.
“You like that, ____?”  It’s a question for his own ego, something he knows but asks anyway.  (It’d be impossible not to know the answer when your cunt’s sucking him in, coating his cock in a pretty sheen.)
You’re nodding dumbly, breathless, eager to meet him each time he snaps forward.  (It’s not easy like this, practically prone beneath him, twisted into a pretzel.)  "Like it so m-much.  Feels so good.”  You can’t stop smoothing open mouthed kisses over his fluffy hair, basking in the sunshine that radiates off him. 
There's an ache starting between your legs, pussy swollen around his thick length.  You’re grateful for your natural flexibility, the hot yoga sessions you’d entertained on-and-off for years.  You’re sure you’d feel it in your legs too, knees pushed all the way up by your ears, if not for that.  
But still, you’re defenceless, made to experience each and every thing he has to offer:  every vein and ridge, the head of his cock reaching so deep it's almost too much.  With each stroke, Jungkook’s brushing against the sensitive spot that has pleasure skyrocketing, blossoming like a rose garden in spring.  "R-right there,"  you manage, rolling your hips purposefully, nearly crying each time he brushes against your g-spot.
“Right there?”  He parrots it back, infuriating and adorable, the teasing tenor dripping over you like raindrops.  They settle beneath your skin, sinking into your bones as he rears back just enough, enough to steal a kiss that’s far more tongue than it needs to be.  
It’s almost as if he’s trying to drown you, sink you beneath high tide.  
Spit descends down your chin, trails over your neck and it’s a little gross but you don’t care.  The attention he’s giving is shameless, passed over your cheeks, your throat, your breasts.  He gives and gives, both with his lips and the praise that comes unfettered.  “Perfect,”  he hums, sucking your nipple into his mouth, worrying the bud until it’s straining and puffy, too sensitive when he kisses you again and your own thigh brushes against it.  You whimper at the feeling, pulling softly at his hair, unsure whether you want less or need more.  “So sensitive.  Such a shy girl.  Such a pretty girl.”
Every word of praise has you beaming, nearly purring with delight despite the pain that comes when he puts you through the same once more, laving over the other bud with abandon.  He's sweat-slick, beads of it running down his neck, over the mosaic of bruises you’ve left behind.  It's almost embarrassing how dark his throat is coloured, a dozen reminders left all over his skin.
(You wonder how long they’ll last, how many days will pass as the colour shifts, changing like autumn leaves.  Whether they’ll still be there at your next lecture, if he’ll wear them with pride or cover up beneath one of his big baggy sweaters.)
(You hope it’s the latter.)
(Maybe he’ll let you give him more.)
(Maybe he—)
There’s a change of pace and you’re crying out, hiccupping with each thrust, the head of his cock finding your g-spot with unbearable, unrelenting precision.  Clawing at his arms, long nails digging into the firm muscle of his biceps, something between a sob and a plea rolls off your tongue, over and over.  "So big.  It's too m-much.”  And yet you don’t want him to stop, punch drunk from the way he reaches deep and pulls you tighter against him, hips risen off the bed. 
You’re begging again, eyes rolled so far back in your head you can hardly focus, the coil in your stomach pulled so tight you know it's about to snap.  When Jungkook laughs - a sweet giggle that proves his duality - you clench almost painfully, tears finally spilling over. 
One last brush against your most sensitive spot, one last thrust of that monster cock, and you’re peaking, coming so intensely you feel as if you’re soaring. Everything's suddenly so much more wet, release soaking into the linens beneath you, coating your thighs and his legs and dripping between you.
You’ve never come like this before, without some sort of direct stimulation on your clit.  It’s pleasurable in a different way, severing all your sensibilities, explosive in its magnitude.  It tingles beneath your skin, flooding all your senses. 
"Kook—please—come for me.”  You’re rocking up, forward - trying to, at least, folded as you are - singing his name, pleading for him to fuck his cum into you (momentarily ignorant to the fact that you’ve been responsible, a thin wall of latex separating you from your fucked out fantasy).  
Despite the sensitivity, you’re clenching around him, eager to bring him to his own high.  You want to feel him come apart above you, eroded into a mess like you are.
He’s just as pretty reaching his peak as he is at any other time, handsome face screwed up as if he’s reached nirvana, bliss slacking his features the longer he rides it out, bucking into you as he fills the condom and still doesn’t stop.  It’s almost unbearable, oversensitivity spilling into pleasure until he leisurely grinds to a halt, stops the inconsistent pressure against your bundle of nerves, the assault on your fluttering walls.
When he collapses against you, whole face squished between the valley of your breasts, you can’t help but laugh, the sound breathless and endeared.  “Are you okay?”  You don’t mind where he is, weight comforting, skin sticky on yours.  He’s unbelievably warm - a blanket fresh from the wash and yet so much better, lulling you into a sense of security.
“Better than okay,”  he murmurs against your chest, smothering open-mouthed kisses over skin, snickering when you jolt at the feel of his teeth over your nipple one last time.  “You’re welcome.”  It’s an indulgent, facetious expression of gratitude, one that you haven’t asked for.  You laugh all the same, ducking your head into the crown of spun gold atop his head.  
“You too.”
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365-money-diary · 3 months ago
Days 1-7
Tumblr media
DAY ONE [JAN 1 2021]
8:00 AM - I’m back! It’s been a few years since I’ve done this and I thought it would be cool to try again. There are a lot of differences with COVID in my life – I mostly don’t leave the house and we [K and I - same boyfriend] are waiting for the vaccine before integrating back. 
10:00 AM - Grab a handful of chex mix, make a chemex, and zone out on the couch for a bit. It’s been a really slow week all around, but good. I’ve gotten a lot of cleaning stuff done and I’m hoping to wrap up my to-do list this weekend.
11:45 AM - Clean the kitchen and shoot black bean burgers for my recipe blog. I started this sometime in 2018 but really picked things up in 2019 and even more so with being home in 2020. I have a goal to turn this into a lucrative side gig by the time I have kids which won’t be for a few more years. 
2:30 PM - Burgs turn out great and photograph well too. K and I eat them with a side of chips and salsa and a seltzer.
4:30 PM - K, KP (dog), and I take a 1-mile walk. I do a Pure Barre livestream after. I’m doing the platinum challenge this year (15 classes x 12 months), so my first class of 180 is done! Hah. Decide I want to buy some stickers for the chart I made to track my classes so I buy a pack on Amazon. $7.44
6:30 PM - Make cauliflower rice for dinner with tofu. Put Mamafuku crunchy chili sauce on it that friends gifted us for Christamas. 
10:30 - Get a nasty text from my mom about refinancing my house. I want to put K on the title, but it turns out I will get taxed a gift since we are not married (yet!). Kind of annoying, but K and I decide to just wait until that happens. Also my parents suck with anything non-traditional and it is becoming a huge problem in our relationship.
9:30 AM - Make a chemex. Feeling a little off from last night and the way my mom seems to think she can step all over me. Watch Youtube [Dessert Person] and start to edit photos from yesterday.
12:00 PM - Make soyrizo tofu (for me) / egg (for K) scramble tacos for brunch. 
1:00 PM - Can’t decide on which color background is better for these burgers and after polling my friends one of them suggests and A/B test. The nerd in me is so down and I build the campaign in Facebook. Open a seltzer. $10
3:30 PM - Ride the Peloton for 10 minutes (Trying to integrate this more into my workouts - I love it, but I love barre more!) and then do a barre stream. I email the studio about the new warmup since I seem to have hurt my lower back from yesterday’s workout. 
5:00 PM - K is tired of finding my hair literally everywhere so we decide it’s time to cut it - I haven’t had a cut since December 2019. He chops off a good 6-8 inches. It looks ok! 
6:30 PM - Heat up leftover lasagna rolls and air fry some green beans for dinner. Eat a piece of peppermint bark while everything heats.
9:30 AM - Make a chemex. Feeling a little off from last night and the way my mom seems to think she can step all over me. Watch Youtube [Dessert Person] and start to edit photos from yesterday.
12:00 PM - Make soyrizo tofu (for me) / egg (for K) scramble tacos for brunch. 
1:00 PM - Can’t decide on which color background is better for these burgers and after polling my friends one of them suggests and A/B test. The nerd in me is so down and I build the campaign in Facebook. Open a seltzer. $10
3:30 PM - Ride the Peloton for 10 minutes (Trying to integrate this more into my workouts - I love it, but I love barre more!) and then do a barre stream. I email the studio about the new warmup since I seem to have hurt my lower back from yesterday’s workout. 
5:00 PM - K is tired of finding my hair literally everywhere so we decide it’s time to cut it - I haven’t had a cut since December 2019. He chops off a good 6-8 inches. It looks ok! 
6:30 PM - Heat up leftover lasagna rolls and air fry some green beans for dinner. Eat a piece of peppermint bark while everything heats.
8:00 PM - Pour myself a glass of rosé and rummage for snacks - eat a small handful of chex mix and some gf pretzel sticks. 
9:00 PM - Looks like yellow is winning the A/B test by about 2%! I build out the rest of the assets for the post so it’s ready to go first thing tomorrow.
9:30 AM - Chemex and a handful of chex mix. Turn on Raptors / Pelicans game from yesterday. Wrap up my black bean burger post and get it up into the interspace.
1:00 PM - Wow that took 100 years. I’m really trying to amp up my posting signal, and what normally takes 30 minutes took an hour. Blah. Need to get away from screens.
2:00 PM - Eat leftover black bean burgs for lunch with chips & salsa with a Polar seltzer. Set chairs up in the backyard. NY Friend is in town and he and Q are stopping by. Q paid me back the last of the ~$2k he owed me sometime last summer. We’ve remained very close and I don’t feel like our friendship has been affected by this transaction in a negative way!
5:15 PM - NYF & Q head out. Jump on a zoom with K’s family for a bit and then hop over to another one with some of my girlfriends. Pour a glass of rosé. 
8:00 PM - Watch the last two minutes of the Suns game (they lost). Need to eat. Heat up a Big Sur Breakfast Burrito for dinner with tortilla chips and truffle hot sauce. Check analytics on black bean burg it’s doing REALLY well. Yay!
9:30 PM - Make brine for ham seitan and check my fantasy teams (I’m in two NBA leagues). Both are on track to win this week!
7:00 AM - Pure Barre weekly charge. $15
8:30 AM - Cue that They Might Be Giants Song, I Don’t Want to Go to Work. Pull on a pair of fitted sweats with an Everlane tee. Make a chemex and seitan ham dough. Open my computer and discover that Slack is down. Do some misc reddit things before returning to emails.
9:30 AM - KP barfs on the carpet. Gross. K helps me clean it up. Wash hands and toss seitan ham in the oven.
10:00 AM - Eat siggi’s plant-based yogurt for breakfast. This is by far the best vegan yogurt out there. 10/10 - vanilla is the best.
11:45 AM - My seitan exploded. Damn. It’ll still taste good but I hate when that happens! Eat a piece of rye toast.
12:45 PM - Eat a leftover lasagna rollup for lunch along with the last of the chex mix. Open a Polar seltzer.
4:30 PM - Here’s the part where you stop reading already because of generational wealth - Dad calls and says there was enough money in the family trust this year for every grandchild to get $5k and that he transferred the money into my account. This was a total surprise - we thought last year was supposed to be it. Always eternally grateful for all of the gifts my grandparents have given me over the years and 2021 is no exception. Check my account and see my stimulus also hit today. What a day to be alive. 
5:30 PM - Do a Pure Barre live stream, take a birdbath, and get ready for the grocery order. We order Instacart every 2.5 weeks and it’s always a production to wash and put everything away. In this order, we get frozen burritos, tofu, tortilla chips, riced broccoli, real cheese, vegan cheese, frozen corn, plant-based yogurt, cloves, low carb tortillas, bread, onions, scallions, bell peppers sauerkraut, pickles, relish, vegan butter, sprouts, bananas, basil, green beans, vegetable bouillon, chickpeas, oranges, romaine, grapes, clementines, black beans, vegan mayo, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, cauliflower, garlic, lemon, celery, cucumbers, limes, jalapenos, apples, horseradish, leeks, cilantro, marinara sauce, dark chocolate, frozen peas, olives, BBQ sauce, salsa, pepperoncinis, mustard, lasagna noodles, & lemon juice. $324.11
8:15 PM - Finish up seitan ham and roast potatoes to go with veggie sandwiches. We eat these at the start of every grocery run and they have Dave’s Killer Bread, Vegenaise, vegan cheese, seitan ham, cucumber, onions, red bell pepper, sprouts, romaine, and red wine vinegar. So delicious. Pour a rosé after dinner.
8:15 AM - Lay in bed thinking about the generosity of my grandparents. Decide to put $3k of the money into my investment account, $1k into HYSA, and put the last $1k off to the side for wardrobe improvements – I lost some weight last year and NONE of my clothes fit. I have 4 dresses that are work-appropriate and the rest - I gifted to friends and others in need. For the most part, I’m waiting until COVID winds down and I have to be in public again before buying much just in case my size changes again. 
9:00 AM - Chemex, banana and a clementine for breakfast. KP seems to be feeling better today. 
12:30 PM - Make K and I salads for lunch with romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, chickpeas, red onion, and cashew ranch. Open a Polar seltzer.
2:00 PM - Yard guy texts me and says he never got December’s payment. He says it’s totally chill but it’s absolutely not because he did a crap ton of work on our side yard. Pay him plus an extra $20 immediately and schedule something for the weekend so he can get the rest of the leaves out front. $180
3:00 PM - Last night I found the DDR subreddit and honestly couldn’t be more happy. I LOVED the game and still have my gear from middle school. I drop in the shed to find my mat and dust it off to use for later. Also eat a handful of gf pretzels. Venmo my old coworker for a joint bday present for another old coworker. $25.30
4:00 PM - Work is finally slow so I change into my exercise clothes early and do pure barre livestream. I make it through the entire workout uninterrupted and try DDR for the first time in a hot minute.
5:45 PM - That was SO fun. I played for 30 minutes. Did mostly songs on standard but had way better stamina than other times I’ve tried to pick it back up again when I’ve been extremely out of shape and couldn’t really keep up + light songs are boring so this was just a treat.
7:30 PM - Make leftover bean, rice and cheeze burritos for dinner with chips and homemade chile de arbol salsa. Drink a glass of wine after.
8:50 AM - I slept through my alarm? Or turned it off. Weird. My butt is so sore today from yesterday’s workout. Make a chemex. Eat a banana.
10:00 AM - Have a call with a mortgage loan officer and give him the official green light to proceed with refinancing my house. Interest rates are so good right now. Shortening my loan by 4 years and mortgage will only go up by $20! Give the guy my card number to pay for the appraisal and credit check. Goodbye stimulus. $658.66
12:30 PM - K turns on the news to watch the Trumpers protest. I make a salad for myself for lunch and toss one for him in the fridge. Attend virtual therapy. Got some good things to think about and am energized after. Therapist doesn’t take insurance so this is OOP. $90
2:15 PM - Tune into the news. What a giant cluster. I don’t have much to add to the conversation. I’m disgusted but not surprised. Eat 2 clementines and a handful of gf pretzels.
5:30 PM - Do a barre livestream. Start to catch myself feeling a little wonky halfway through and make a nuun. Perk up after 5 minutes and finish strong.
7:00 PM - Make veggie sandwiches for dinner with miso butter broccoli. Watch the news for a while, finish a book about abusive partners (I grew up with a lot of abuse and still deal with it from family members who suck), pour a glass of rosé and eat a couple chocolate squares and a few sweedish fish.
12:30 AM - Fall asleep on the couch. At some point I wake up and sleepily eat a few mini pretzels on my way to the bedroom.
DAY SIX TOTAL - $748.66
8:50 AM - Sleep in again but this time on purpose. Make a chemex and eat a banana and two clementines for breakfast. Make an effort to drink water too.
10:00 AM - My back has been feeling really bumpy lately and I think I need to get that layer of bacteria off since my regular cleanser isn’t cutting it. Buy a bar of zinc soap from Amazon. $14.04
1:30 PM - Eat K’s salad from yesterday so it doesn’t go bad with a Polar seltzer. 
4:00 PM - Work has been wild today. Lots of calls. Good progress, but not so much for a major report I have due soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to finalize it tomorrow so it’s off my desk. Eat some grapes. 
5:30 PM - Ride the Peloton for 10 minutes and do a barre live stream. 
7:00 PM - Rinse off, do the dishes, roast potatoes in the oven, make the last of the black bean burgers for dinner. Spend the rest of the evening working on the header and footer templates for this project, reading Remain in Love, and watching NBA.
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thedappleddragon · 3 months ago
today was kinda cool and wired. I woke up to a phone call from my mom asking me to come to her room and she told me she bought a bunch of furniture for my bedroom online. at first I was almost angry and upset? because its MY room and she could have at least asked me about it before imposing all these sudden changes to it. I go to my room and hang out in my bed as a nice comfy constant and thats a lot of change, plus SO MUCH EFFORT to get everything out of my room to make room for new stuff and putting all hat in. she bought a dresser, a tall set of drawers, a mirror, and a 3 piece headboard thing as a set. and I had conflicting feelings for a little bit but laid back down in bed for a minute and felt better about it. im genuinely exited to finally have nice furniture and a dresser with functional drawers, and maybe this is the deep clean and reorganizing my room needs. so both drove to pick up a haul van that she rented and drove for a while in comfortable relative silence except for the squeaky-ass back door to the truck and when we got into the little dumpster town the guy lived in we struggled to find a bank for way too long so she sent me into a gas station with an atm. then we struggled to find a restaurant to split a 20 in so I went into a dollar general for the first time. ive only ever been in dollar trees and maybe a couple family dollars during a vacation to Florida so it was VERY different than what I was expecting. I was like “wow how do they have all this shit for a dollar” until I looked around a bit more and saw that most of it was more than that. but anyway I picked up some gummy bears and Chex mix and we were off to the dude’s house. ive had a little experience with moving furniture in and out of a haul truck now since my mom went on a furniture buying spree a few months ago and I had to help with most all of the deliveries so it wasn't too hard. on the drive home my band friend group chat devolved into madness and I fuckin loved it :) we’re all going to hell after this awetrsdtyfuyguhjnk. then my sister and I unloaded all the stuff and set it wherever it would fit until I eventually start preparing all my shit to be moved out of my room. it stresses me out a bit thinking about how goddamn big a task thats gonna be holt shit. I have so much stuff everywhere in my room idk how im gonna maneuver it all. idk maybe ill get some boxes. meanwhile while we were moving stuff my mom picked up groceries and got covid tested (she works at a nursing home so she gets tested like every day, but she’s been negative every time) and I rode with her in the van to return it to the uhaul place. we stopped to get food and my mom complained about getting an impossible burger instead of a normal one. then my sister and I hung out for a bit until I went to my room and just chilled. I watched youtube and played Stardew valley ( I donated 3 new fish to the museum and I have to wait until next season to finish the fish tank on my active file, and I think im pretty close to finishing the community center. I REALLY  need to get my hands on some irridium tho because I want to expand my farm but I run out of time and energy In the day. I just want to build a coffee plant empire, is that too much to ask???) and now im listening to asmr way to loud just thinking wayyy too much about stuff I dont really wanna think about, but not in a painful way, I guess more just intrusive stupid thoughts? idk I dont wanna talk about it. oh also I was singing the same few lines of a sea shanty thats been popping up on my tiktok fyp for the past few days and today all of that effort trying to hit the low notes caught up to me and my thoat hurt when I talked too much. but I went to make myself a pbj and I thought my voice sounded a little deeper and different??? I wanna keep singing low notes to try and get my voice deeper just for funsies or just expand my singing range because its in a kinda wierd middle ground between ranges. part of me wants to play webkinz again, but a lot of the times I try and pick it up again I try to play every day and that just makes it feel like a chore. and the app wasn't working properly or at all when I last tried, so ill probably just so it another day.
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redhairedwolfwitch · 3 months ago
Quality Female Time - Chicago Fire - Sylvie Brett x Fem!Reader
“Let’s make this women only carpool a regular thing, Cruz and Otis have the worse taste in music.” Sylvie stated before taking a bite of her glazed doughnut.
“We should do a roadtrip, look, don’t get me wrong, I love my truck boys but what I need these days is quality female time, y’know-” Stella rambled, taking a bite of her doughnut as you nudged Brett from where you sat in the backseat behind her, gesturing to where Foster was making out with someone.
“Speaking of quality female time!” Stella exclaimed as Brett whacked her gently as you laughed, nudging Brett slightly as she leaned back to wink at you.
“Good morning!” Foster hummed as she got in the car, leaving you to smirk as you bit into your doughnut.
“Look’s like you had a good night, too!” Stella remarked before eating some more glazed doughnut.
“It was a fun night.” Foster smiled, resting her head on her fist as she glanced at you eating your doughnut.
“Well, let’s keep the party going!” Stella replied, throwing Foster the doughnut packet.
“Oooh! Yes!”
“We don’t have to be at work for another 4 minutes!” Stella chuckled as she checked the time.
“Truck 81, Ambulance 61, vehicular accident.”
A man being crushed by his motorbike wasn’t something you were used to since the bike must have weighed 500 pounds according to Casey.
The man mistook Casey for someone else called Chris before he lost consciousness.
“I may be an old man, but you’re barely a man at all. You’re an infant.” Mouch snapped at Otis before walking off.
“Wow, somebody’s got thin skin-”
You cut Otis off by hurrying after Mouch, Brett and Foster watching you as Brett stepped forwards to follow after you.
“Hey, carpool women, minus one, where’d Y/n go? I need some help?” Stella asked, leaving Brett to wince.
“You just missed some real drama between Mouch and Otis, Y/n went after Mouch.” Brett explained, leaving Stella to nod.
“Well, I have a problem that needs attention right away-” Stella stated, dragging Brett and Foster off to where ambulance 61 was parked.
“We can fix this ourselves, rope Y/n in as back-up.” Foster stated before Brett spotted him.
“Uh, Foster, your doctor friend is here.”
You were sat with Ritter, watching for Mouch to appear.
“Uh, chief, is there any holes you need to fill on 1st or 3rd shift-”
Ritter exchanged looks with you as realisation of what Otis had done began to set in.
“What do we do?” You whispered to Ritter who just had a sad look on his face at the thought of Mouch changing shifts.
You were walking to Truck 81 when Brett grabbed you, leaving you to almost slip before Brett wrapped an arm around your waist, leaving Foster to raise her eyebrow slightly.
“Oh good grief.” You mumbled, spotting what Stella was doing with the plunger to the dent on the ambulance.
“Maybe we should blame it on them?” Stella suggested, leaving you to frown.
“Okay, fine, we’ll fix it next shift.” Stella changed her tune quickly, noticing Brett still had her arm around your waist.
You were leaving shift when Ritter texted you about Mouch and Otis.
“What’s up?” Brett enquired, leaving you to just show her the text before humming.
“See you at Molly’s.”
It was next shift that Ritter dragged you into action to talk to Mouch as he was making breakfast.
“We missed you at Molly’s last night.” Ritter began, gaining an answer about Trudy’s poker night.
“Hey, Ritter, there’s a lot of history between Otis and me you don’t know about, there’s even some you won’t be aware of, Y/n. He’s been jabbing his ‘you’re old’ knife at me for a long time. So, ‘til I get an apology, there won’t be any smoothing.” Mouch stated, leaving you to just gesture at Ritter to deal with Otis.
“Are you going to help-” 
“I haven’t had breakfast yet.” You used that excuse as you grabbed a bowl of cereal and hurried out to find Brett.
“All I can tell you is, if my dad knew how many dents I put in his pick-up when I was a teenager, I’d still be grounded.” Brett exclaimed, jumping before she realised it was you behind her eating cereal.
“How’d your date go with Shaw?” Stella asked as you blanked out their conversation to eat your cereal.
“I never understood the one night stand thing, if you had fun, why not go out with them again?” Brett asked, trying to avoid making eye contact with you and your bowl of cereal.
“Maybe the dent’s too deep-” You managed to run to the kitchen to ditch the bowl as the alarms began to go off for a call.
“Ambulance 61, Truck 81, Squad 3-”
“Kidd, S/n, with me!” Casey announced as you went to deal with a child stuck in a Ziegler.
What’s a Ziegler you ask?
A modern abstract art sculpture.
“How’d he manage to get his head in there?” Severide asked as you, Stella and Casey assessed the bottom of the sculpture.
“It’s crazy, it slipped right though but now he can’t get it out!” The child’s friend exclaimed before Foster asked her to give them some space.
“Wait, wait, wait, wait, it’s not welded at the base, maybe we can just detach it from here?” Casey pointed out.
You ended up holding the back board to hold up the child’s feet before bringing him down onto a stretcher.
You nodded slightly to Brett as she and Foster took Aidan to the hospital on a stretcher, his friend coming with him.
“Hey, Truck, Squad, everyone out, time to get dirty.” Severide ordered as you all got out of the rig to go through some trash bags for a GoPro.
Let’s just say you enjoyed a soapy shower after that.
After the GoPro was found and you’d showered, you were watching Stella attach a vacuum head to the dent in Ambo 61, laughing as it removed the dent.
“Wassup ladies?”
“Just vacumming out the ambo, y’know, a women’s work is never done.” Stella fibbed as you made eye contact with Brett, her cheeks tinted pink as she did whilst you felt your ears burning.
“You guys better be at Chicago Trivia Night at Molly’s, Herrmann is serious about this-” Stella stated, gesturing to Brett and Foster whilst you just chuckled.
“Don’t think you’re getting out of this either!” Brett stated, linking arms with you to drag you over into the conversation.
“Alright, alright. But I don’t know much Chicago Trivia.” You replied, leaving Brett to just smile as you whispered something to her about your favourite person living in Chicago. Her.
“Dude, the dent from when you bumped into the traffic light is gone.”
All four of you stopped at that, turning around to watch the two paramedics from the next shift looking at the ambo.
“Uhh... I am so, so sorry.” Stella apologised as the three of you stared at her.
“Look at what he is willing to do to himself, just to get you two on the same page!” Herrmann exclaimed, gesturing to the bold choice in jumper that Ritter was wearing.
“Thank god he picked that one.” you mumbled into your drink, gaining the girls’ attention.
“Why? What was the other option?” Stella asked as you drank your drink.
“Much worse.” 
“He looks like a crafts project from third grade.” Mouch burst out, chuckling at Otis’ addition.
“Oh great, I owe Ritter Chex Mix.” You realised, leaving the others to raise eyebrows as you googled what shops were open at that time of evening.
You were on your phone when Dr Shaw walked over.
You saw the look on both Emily’s face and Dr Shaw’s as he whispered something in her ear then walked away.
“What was that about?” Stella prompted as Foster glanced at you.
“I’m not sure.”
“Yeah, Ritter’s going to have to wait on his Chex Mix, I’m not going outside and walking into that creep.” You mumbled to Brett who just nodded, her eyes on Foster as the three of you spotted the unnerved look in her eyes.
“Uh, the blue car that’s riding our tail to skip traffic, he’s looking jumpy, I think he’s going to cause an accident-” You were cut off as you heard a smashing noise behind you.
“Fuck.” You mumbled as Herrmann just stared at you before you all got out to access the accident.
“Y/n, Ritter, focus the fog line on me, if it lights, blast me right in the chops.” Herrmann instructed, leaving you and Ritter to watch as Herrmann got the boy out.
Without Truck or Squad, Engine only had manual tools to get the teenager from the wreck.
“HERRMANN!” Ritter yelled as the car lit up, Herrmann barely jumping out of the window as Ritter blasted it with the fog line.
“C’mon, even Y/n is taking part in the polar plunge.” Brett tried but Foster glared.
“Y/n is a furnace, she’ll have bare arms yet still somehow be warm to the touch.” Foster retorted before heading out to her car to find her charger.
“What’s going on?” Brett asked as she noticed you standing next to Stella with a mouthful of sandwich.
“They’re prepping for the polar plunge.” You explained before Otis began to talk about his cousin being a professional ice swimmer and Stella and Cruz tried to push Otis into the ice bath.
“C’mon, Y/n, have a go!” Cruz shouted, leaving you to grimace before stepping forwards for a moment.
“Just take a cold shower instead.” You retorted, leaving Stella to chuckle as she pulled you forwards towards the pool.
It was next shift when Herrmann’s wife Cindy turned up.
“The boy he pulled out of that car crash, he’s still in intensive care.” Mouch explained as you sat watching the conversation before the alarms began to go off for Truck 81 and Ambulance 61.
It was Brett’s text that sent you into action, rallying everyone to get to Lakeshore Memorial Hospital to defend Brett and Foster.
“You see, when you come after one of my paramedics, you come after all of us.” Boden growled, you were standing behind Brett and Foster with Stella next to you as Squad, Engine and Truck all gathered as well.
“I know you can defend yourself, Emily, but i’m just letting everybody know that harrassment of any paramedic will not be tolerated, not now, not ever. So, you were saying...” Boden stated, leaving Dr Shaw to shake his head as he walked back into the hospital, going around the nurses who were glaring at him.
You grinned as Brett and Foster hugged, heading back to the Engine rig.
The day of the polar plunge had you shivering next to Brett who just exclaimed that ‘we were all nuts and asking how long we had to go in for’ which had Casey mention ‘as long as you can handle it’
“Let’s show those lightweights over at the 21st District what we can do!” Boden announced, leaving you to shed your coat to reveal your colourful scuba suit.
You smiled as Foster turned up, leaving Stella, Foster and Brett hugging at the startline as you ran into the water.
“How long have you and Y/n been a thing then?” Foster enquired as she noticed you were already in the water.
Brett’s yell at the cold increased as she realised she’d been figured out, hearing you squeal as Stella splashed you to get you to swim over.
“So, you two have been having some quality female time, huh?” 
Stella yelled as you and Brett both splashed her for that comment.
Tumblr media
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livingforjaniel · 3 months ago
i’ve thought about the timeline way too much and I can’t figure it out either. like you said there were bf tweets, the dont wait reaction vid, the chex mix video, the kiss when daniel left for (montana? I don’t remember) all after march. and it doesn’t matter but i’m nosy and wanna know. i’ve concluded that they said they broke up but since they were still living together they didn’t stop doing couple things... they like weaned off of it. bc it didn’t seem like daniel officially moved out until after the video went up and even the breakup video they were leaning into each other and comforting each other. like I get that it was a very mutual decision and they’re still friends but i’ve never seen exs act the way they acted in the breakup vid esp while talking about the breakup. we should make a timeline, work together and figure it out
also just something I noticed why does daniel have joeys horse hooves and why did he take them to wherever he is rn? why did they keep those in the first place 😭
them slowly weining off of being together is the only thing that makes sense to me. like i mean yeah we were in a drought but like we still got some content nothing that made me question if they were still together or not. it confuses me so much. i guess living together would force you to live like that and on good terms & stuff but like the birthday vlog?? that “goodbye” kiss?? (could have been their last kiss if it was filmed after they filmed the breakup vid) i think this is part of the reason the breakup took such a toll on me bc there was nothing signaling something was wrong or coming. it was out of nowhere. especially since we had JUST gotten that goodbye clip. (also i found my sc from last year & was speculating a janiel engagement for 2020. that didn’t age well😳)
also that’s a good ass question about the hooves but also i wouldn’t put it past daniel
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colorfulflxwers · 3 months ago
What about some headcanons for a (platonic) movie date between Kate and Ocean? The girls need some time together to just... exist and be happy-
I thought I did this ndndndsnsn I probably started on it and exited without saving or something -
Horror movies are definitely a no when it comes to movie nights with Ocean. That includes Coraline-
That movie traumatized her as a kid (not that she wasn't already traumatized, but we're not talking about that right now-).
I feel like they'd end up watching a kids movie like The Lorax, or maybe a cheesy romance movie that they'd show on a channel like Hallmark -
Ocean's chill with watching anything anyone else wants to watch as long as it's not a horror movie, or Coraline-
They'd be vibing throughout the whole movie-
Ocean's pretty jumpy though, so even though they aren't watching a horror movie, I wouldn't be surprised if there's still scenes where she flinches-
" ? You okay?"
"Y-Yeah, the loud music just startled me a bit-"
As far as snacks go, they'd probably do the microwavable popcorn, or a bag of Chex Mix-
Blanket burritos-
I'm sure they'd lock the door so that no one barges in randomly because certain people like to do that-
Plus, they just want to have a little girl time- Leave em alone -
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onewfantaesy · 4 months ago
Found Father AU
“Jinki!” Taemin whines, dragging his feet into the cereal aisle. “Can I at least get Chocolate Chex?”
“Get the family size box,” Jinki tells him, pushing the cart along. “And stop whining, we’re almost done.”
“Jinki,” Taemin continues to whine, grabbing his cereal and shuffling along.
“Excuse me,” the older lady in the aisle says, waving in Taemin’s direction. “Is that man your father?”
“Yes?” Taemin mumbles, holding the cereal to his chest.
The woman scoffs then, and Taemin frowns at her.
“Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to be calling him by his name?” she snaps at Taemin.
Now it’s Taemin’s turn to scoff, and he glares at the lady a moment before smirking.
“Jinki!” he whines louder. “An old lady’s being creepy to me!”
And he scurries to grab onto Jinki’s arm and tug on it.
“What?” Jinki squeaks, turning around. He’d been too busy looking at the different oatmeal flavor options to hear what the lady had said. “What happened? Are you okay?”
He wraps a protective arm around Taemin’s shoulders and looks at the woman in question.
“You have a terribly rude son,” she snaps. “You don’t think it’s inappropriate for him to be calling you by your name?”
Jinki laughs a bit then, but then he glances down at Taemin and sees the sad little frown on his face and the way he’s glaring at his shoes, and he feels an incredible surge of protective anger.
“I think you’re the one being rude, actually,” Jinki says. “I think you really should mind your own business. So why don’t you leave me and my son alone so we can finish our grocery shopping?”
Jinki squeezes Taemin’s shoulder and turns him around so they can go into the freezer section, and he says loudly enough for the nosey woman behind them to hear, “How does ice cream sound? A big carton of it. And we’ll need whipped cream too, of course.”
Taemin smiles a bit, and he finally puts his cereal into the cart, but Jinki notices that he stays much closer to him than he had before.
“Don’t let anyone get to you about calling me by my name,” Jinki says softly once they’re in the car. “You can call me whatever you’re comfortable with. So long as you’re happy, that’s all I care about.”
“It’s just,” Taemin stutters a bit, staring out the window, “calling you dad is weird. And I’m not gonna call you father or some shit.”
“That’s fine,” Jinki laughs, trying to get Taemin to feel better. “Like I said, all that matters is that you’re happy. I don’t care what other people think.”
“What if other people think we’re dating,” Taemin challenges. “Even you thought I was in college when you first saw me.”
“Ew, don’t be gross,” Jinki scoffs. “I would simply correct them. Because that’s gross.”
Taemin laughs a little, like he usually does when he says something to purposely make Jinki uncomfortable. It’s strangely comforting for Jinki to hear.
“If anything, you’re closer to being a funny little brother.”
Taemin just smirks at him in return and leans over the console to make faces at Jinki.
“I am funny, aren’t I?” Taemin says in a snotty tone.
Jinki just ruffles Taemin’s hair in response.
When they get home, they’re quick to put the groceries away so they can sit on the couch and eat chocolate chip ice cream straight from the carton. Jinki even pours whipped cream straight into Taemin’s mouth, all while they watch some funny show on TV.
“You’re the coolest dad in the world,” Taemin says through a mouthful of whipped cream.
“I know I am,” Jinki says, then holds the nozzle over his own mouth.
Taemin laughs loudly and almost falls off the couch when Jinki’s grip slacks on the whipped cream and he ends up getting it in his hair. Jinki just laughs and dollops whipped cream on top of Taemin’s head in retaliation.
The couch and floor are covered in ice cream drops and whipped cream by the time they’re done, and Jinki just sends Taemin off to shower and get ready for bed while he cleans up the mess.
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infiniteoddball · 4 months ago
A/N: This is a series I originally started on A03. Originally this was going to be just three chapters, but then it turned into more. I dunno how many chapters it’s going to be, but this story took on a life of its own.
This builds a little slowly, but I hope you enjoy it! For future reference, there is going to smut, as well as trigger warnings of rape & language & hate. However, it opens with pure fluff! Enjoy this Calhola!
Tag: @vivis-ghost-wife @storiesofsvu @angelicdestieldemon
Rings & Rage
—Chapter 1: The Proposal —
Rita woke up slowly, stretching, smiling to herself as she listened to Fin’s deep, even breathing. She turned to face him, wondering how all of this happened. She had never told him, but she loved how peaceful he looked in his sleep. She was also jealous of the way that he could be so deeply asleep.
She kissed his shoulder before slipping out of bed. She grabbed his shirt from the floor before, heading to the bathroom. She went through her morning routine, massaging her lotion into her skin before brushing her teeth. Followed by flossing. She opted out of makeup, considering it was a rare Sunday they would get to share together. She stared at herself in the mirror, smiling because she felt slightly tired. It was for a good reason.
Rita tiptoed back into the bedroom, making sure not to wake Fin as she slid back into bed. She smiled as Fin grabbed her around the waist, pulling her close. He kissed where her shoulder and neck met.
“Good morning sergeant,” She murmured before turning to face him, “I didn’t wake you. Did I?”
“No,” He answered in a raspy voice, eyes still closed.
Rita felt goosebumps raise on her arms as she turned to face him. She loved how sexy his voice was first thing in the morning, “Good,” She murmured as she buried her face in his shoulder.
Fin gently nibbled her earlobe, smiling at her soft sigh before kissing along her jawline, before Rita put a finger to his lips, “I am not kissing your morning breath.” She murmured. Rita kissed his forehead, before slipping out of bed, “I am going to make us coffee.”
Rita chuckled at his groan before walking into her closet and pulled on a pair of her favorite pajama shorts. She tied the strings into a bow before finally heading to make coffee. The need for it was real.
Being domestic was not something that she ever saw herself as. She had numerous relationships. None of which she could ever picture herself in this sort of situation. She took a deep, breath as the smell of coffee started to fill her kitchen.
Rita pulled open the fridge door, cursing herself for not grocery shopping. She looked at the various half full to go boxes. She scanned the fridge again, hoping that something would miraculously pop up. She sighed in defeat before grabbing the carton of milk, grateful to find that it was still good with a sniff.
“I really need to start scheduling a time to grocery shop,” She mumbled under her breath.
She pulled down two bowls and mugs, setting them at the island before turning to grab down some cereal options as she heard Fin coming, “Hey babe, I got some cereal. I know it’s not ideal, but the other option we have old to food. We can go grocery shopping later. How does that sound? We can stop at Forlini’s for lunch.”
“Sounds good to me baby. Rita?”
“Cheerios or chex?” Rita turned, dropping both boxes as cereal as shock filled her body, “What are doing?!”
Rita saw the ring and felt as though this was a dream. She looked at Fin, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Rita bit her lip. For the first time Rita could remember, she couldn’t find the right words.
Fin smiled, as the ring caught the light. Sure, he wasn’t on his knee, but the velvet box felt heavier than a barbell, “I think you know what I am doing baby,” he said softly.
Rita looked away from the box, at him, “Odafin,” She breathed.
“The last thing I ever thought I would want in my life is to get married, and then one day I-I noticed you. When I realized that I love you, I knew I wanted to marry you. Rita Calhoun, marry me?”
Rita felt her tears prick her eyes as he spoke, “Odafin...I-I...”
“I know you weren’t expecting this baby. But what-“
Fin’s sentence was cut short as Rita kissed him, “Yes!” She murmured against his lips, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” She pulled back to looked at him, “yes.”
Fin smiled as he slid the ring on her finger, “Looks like we have a mess to clean up counselor.” He smirked.
Rita pressed her hips to his as she leaned back to look at him, “Fin, I love you,” she murmured. In a span of ten minutes, he had turned a normal day into an extraordinary day, “When did you...?”
He smiled, “I got the idea in my head. I know this means we are going to have a wedding, but I think it will be fun.”
“Odafin, I don’t want to think about that right now. I am hungry and our food is on the floor,” She grinned as she tilted her head, “Plus, we should go have a celebratory brunch.”
Fin dipped his head, nibbling her earlobe, “what if we celebrated now?” He murmured.
“Mmm...that is very tempting,” She sighed, leaning into him, “But I am starving. What about as...dessert?” She smiled up at Fin, she glanced at her hand with the ring on it.
“That sounds promising,” He murmured.
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remember-to-be-gentle · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This one may be long...
Subject: BNHA, Dabi aka Touya Todoroki + Enji Todorki, Fuyumi Todoroki, Natuso Todoroki, and a little Shouto if you squint
Title: House Party Bully 3 (NSFW, fem reader)
Trigger Warning: Non con, pregnancy, bisexual, lactation, obsession, possessive behavior, bullying, stalking, blackmail, crying
Still shaking from Enji's "inspection," Touya whisked you out of the house and pushed you into his car. You could barely process what was happening when he tore off away from the house. The overpowering smell of weed grounded you, forcing you into reality. The very same reality where you'd just been split open by your bully's father's cock because you were pregnant. You glanced over at Touya who was staring straight ahead at the road, the car going a little too fast and his his knuckles white from their grip on the steering wheel.
Just what had Enji said to force Touya into inviting you over? Granted a man like Enji must have kept his family on a tight leash, a leash tight enough to keep a record of how much weed Touya smoked and when.
The silence in the car was broken when Touya said, "Do you think he hurt the baby?" His voice was tight as his grip on the steering wheel.
Of all the things to focus on with what just happened in his house and his priority wasn't even you. You snorted and turned away from him. Of course he only cared about the unborn fetus inside you. To him and his family you were simply a liability for their reputation and a walking womb that needed to be fed. "Fuck off. I want to go home."
He grunted.
With a new wave of fear slowly coiling in your stomach, you realized Touya was in fact taking you home. He knew where you lived. He'd known where you lived all along. How many opportunities had he had to make your life hell outside of school? How many times had he driven here and parked where he could watch you as he struggled with the desire to burst your tiny bubble of peace?
He parked in front of your house and waited for you to exit the car before he made for your front door. He let himself inside with a snide, "You really gotta learn to lock the door."
Slowly, you followed, legs still shaking as you made your way inside. "How long have you known where I live?"
Touya was in your kitchen, helping himself to the Chex Mix you kept on the counter. "It wasn't hard. Just did some reverse image searching and compared them to Google Maps. Plus you didn't hide your location on SnapChat. By the way, don't accept friend requests from strangers or people who're friends with people who hate you."
Hot anger sizzled on your skin. "I didn't ask how," you said from the door way, "I asked when."
That got him stop. "Does it matter? You've always been mine." He shoved a handful of pretzels into his mouth. "You're mine to fuck with when I please." He swallowed. "Or fuck when I please."
"I don't belong to you," you snarled. How dare he. He'd done enough damage to your life: destroying your reputation at school, invading the only peace you had, raping you at his party and then knocking you up before he let his dad have a turn. Fuck him. You didn't belong to anyone and especially not him.
Touya laughed. A genuine, deep, terrible laugh. He made his way across the room, heavy shoes creating a steady beat of thunder as he towered over you. A slender finger poked into your stomach, right where Enji had pointed before, the nail sharp as it pressed into your skin. "We may not have had anything physical keeping us together before," he spat, "but now we do. With my kid growing in your belly, no one can deny you're mine. Not when he's growing. Not when he's teething on your tits. And especially when he introduces himself with my name."
You pushed him away. "Get away from me. Get out of my apartment."
Touya stared at you for a moment, then walked back into the kitchen and scribbled his number on your calendar. "Call me when you want your car back. Or when you miss me. Whichever comes first." And with that, he bumped his shoulder into you and got back into his car. That sinking feeling of fear returned as you realized your car was still at his house and you'd have to deal with his family alone.
The next morning you dressed for school. It had been a long, tiring debate the night before if you should even go back. So much had happened in just a few weeks and you'd done your best to keep your head down and listen to the lectures, but now you were pregnant and without your car. You could always call Touya and have him bring it, but then you'd give in to what he wanted: you forced to rely on him, tying yourself further to his whims - marking you as his.
Instead you'd opted to summon an Uber, go to your classes and get home with no time in between to so much as look at the library. You steeled yourself and stepped outside only to see the car that almost hit you outside the Todoroki mansion sitting idly with the engine running.
Enji sat behind the wheel, cartoonishly large in comparison to the vehicle. When he saw you, he leaned over and opened the door. "Get in, I'm driving you to school."
And just how would that look with you showing up to school with your bully's father and the most feared professor on campus? Rumors would already be spreading about your absence and odd behavior. The moment someone guessed you were pregnant, and you started to show, any hope for a normal college life would be over with no hope of recovery. "No. Thanks."
You turned and pulled your phone out for the Uber, but then Enji said, "Your scholarship relies on you being a model student, doesn't it?"
You froze.
"An academic advisor isn't going to be too keen on letting you keep that money when you've been knocked up by a campus lowlife, even if his father is a respected member of the faculty." He patted the passenger seat. "And while I can't fix the fact that you're losing that scholarship, I can pay your tuition and medical bills. Delivering and raising a baby isn't cheap. So get in the car before you walk away with nothing."
He was right. Of course he was fucking right. This was Enji Todoroki, the man who has his entire family turning a blind eye to his debaucherous acts. He wasn't going to let you go even if you died, not when his grandkid was growing inside you. With as much of your dignity you could gather, you climbed into the car and let Enji drive you to campus.
"After your last class," he said, "come to my office. You have an appointment." When you didn't respond he added, "For the baby." He had said he'd be footing the medical bills. Did that mean Enji was going to be there for everything? The pap smear, birth, and recovery? You shivered. Touya knew his father was going to be overprotective and manipulative. He knew his overbearing nature would have you crawling back to him, back to an overbearing man you were at least familiar with.
When Enji parked at the school, you hopped out and started walking toward your first class. “Thanks for the ride.” You tried to put as much distance between you and him as possible, but Enji was large and fast. He caught up to you easily, keeping silent stride and never leaving your side. That remained true for the rest of the day. Between classes you caught his eye, and when he didn’t have a class to teach, he followed you or worked on his computer outside your classroom, just within eyesight.
Rumors were already beginning to start, you could feel it, people glancing at you and Enji. They probably thought you were either sleeping with him or you’d grievenced him in some way. Hopefully they’d assume the latter. You'd rather people think you'd gotten caught for cheating than you tried to sleep your way to better grades.
This behavior continued for days. A week almost passed before you realized you hadn’t seen Touya. No bullying, only stares from your classmates and teachers, which was almost worse. You knew what to expect from Touya, you could blow him off and tell him to fuck off, and if he got too into it, sometimes your classmates would tell him to fuck off, too. But now you didn’t know what they were thinking, how they were judging you. You were alone except for Enji’s heavy gaze and now really did consider that you may be missing him.
After your last class, you knew better than to fight Enji on him taking you home, your car was still at his house after all, and he was stronger and faster. You climbed into his car and stared at the window, waiting to see the neighboring apartments and familiar street signs. They never came. Instead you recognized another set of houses, the same ones you’d parked in front of the night of the party. “Wait,” you said, “this isn’t the way to my apartment.”
“No, its not.” Enji agreed. “Its not proper for the future mother of my son’s child to be living alone in a run down apartment. You’ll be living, or at least spending most of your time, with us from now on.” Before you could protest, he tapped a heavy finger on a piece of paper that sat on the dashboard. You picked it up and nearly cried. It was a copy of your lease with an approved early termination of contract. “Don’t worry about moving your things,” he said, “The boys and I will handle it.”
A tear slid down your cheek. They’d taken your life from you.
You jumped when you felt a finger run across your cheek, wiping away the tear. “If you don’t want to share a room with Touya, that’s fine. There’s plenty of rooms in the house.”
As your stomach grew, so did Enji's overprotectiveness and Touya's absence. He hadn't even updated his insta since the party. You almost admitted you missed him. You could brush off Touya's rude remarks about how fat you were getting. You couldn't brush off Enji's furnace of a hand as it felt up your swelling stomach. With your insta DMs taunting you with that swollen blue send button. All it would take for help was to press it. But pressing it would mean admitting that you needed him. It was almost tempting. Almost.
Enji did make you move into the mansion, which you thought meant spending every waking moment with Touya, but he was rarely there. Even when he was, he would only play Mario-kart with his friends or ignore you completely. Despite his possessive behavior, he was sticking to his guns about making you call him first.
Your room was thankfully away from Touya's, sandwiched between his younger siblings, Fuyumi and Natsuo. They were all incredibly kind, volunteering to bring you food and anything else you need. They even helped you start to put your things away as it was becoming harder to move with your growing stomach. Although you couldn't help noticing they seemed to eye you up when your back was turned.
And then Rei and Enji announced they'd be going out of town for the weekend. You thought this would be a relief, not having to deal with Enji's overprotectiveness for three days and Touya still being mostly MIA, but you quickly understood that no one in this house could be trusted.
"Is there anything we can get you?" Fuyumi asked, seated at your desk with Natsuo leaning beside her.
At this point, you were about four months into your pregnancy. Your stomach wasn't enormous, but it was getting hard to move around. Fuyumi volunteered to buy you maternity clothing and Natsuo often brought you food, which was usually fast food, but still appreciated. You'd grown comfortable with asking these two for things you needed. "I'm okay," you said, "I just need to get some pads. Hopefully I can get them from the store tomorrow." Your car was still here, after all, and despite being in the mansion, you hadn't managed to find your keys. Touya or Enji had to have them.
Natsuo twitched. "Pads?" Having not know him for that long, you weren't sure what that meant quite yet. You'd seen it only s few times when your pregnancy was mentioned.
Regardless, you blushed. Speaking about the changes your body was going through with your future, unwanted, in-laws wasn't a comfortable topic of conversation. "I don't have a proper bra to absorb all the milk," you confessed.
Fuyumi seemed like she was trying not to look at you. "You're lactating?" Or rather, you realized, she was trying not to look at your chest.
Hesitantly you answered, "Yeah."
Silence in the room settled heavy as a boulder. Natsuo's adam's apple bobbed. "H-how much?" His voice was tight.
You did not like this line of questioning. "Does it matter?"
Fuyumi glanced at Natsuo who nodded. Together, they moved at once, flanking your sides with the efficacy of lions. "Don't scream," Fuyumi said and then she yanked your shirt up. Just as you'd said, the front of your bra was dark with milk.
Natsuo was fast to pull a tit free, groaning at the sight of your puffy and swollen areolas. He ran the cold pad of his thumb over your nipple, making you squirm. "Fuck," he groaned, "I've waited too long for this."
Fuyumi did the same, her fingers just as cold. "You think you have? I'm older than you, remember?"
"What are you doing?!" You demanded. You tried to get away but they easily pinned you against your new bed, your back to the mattress and tits up for their viewing pleasure. The swollen part of your stomach didn't help either.
Slowly, Fuyumi explained, "Mom always let us have some of her milk when she was lactating but had to stop awhile ago because of some medication." She pinched you nipple and watched you bite down the moan that threatened to escape. Your breasts felt swollen all the time now that you were making milk. It both hurt and felt far too good to massage them yourself, milk often squirting out if you pressed too hard. With both of them hanging over you like, you knew the milk would flow easily and that would only encourage them more.
Natsuo picked up where his sister left off, "So we've been waiting for someone to give us a new supply. And you're it." He gave a tentative lick to your nipple, watching the skin stretch and swell until it stood erect and ready to suck. "I'll have to thank Touya for bringing you to us."
With that, both Fuyumi and Natsuo latched onto your nipples. Their hot mouths were voracious, starved. Fuyumi lapped and suckled while Natsuo used his teeth and pulled.
Your body reacted naturally as if they were the child still growing inside you. You could feel your teats leaking, all too happy to give up what they'd produced for hungry mouths. Gasps left your throat between the begging for them to stop and pleasure. Your core was becoming hot, liquid, as if it were melting.
You tried to push them off, but the siblings held firm, suckling back and forth until you were dizzy.
Natsuo suddenly pulled off, gasping for air as clear fluid dripped down his chin. "Fuck, I can't take this anymore." He got off the bed and spread your legs, roughly shoving your skirt up and pulling your panties aside to feel the slick that had gathered. He whistled, low and impressed. “Dad said you’d be easy, but I didn’t think you’d get so wet from us just sucking on your tits.”
“Don’t,” you begged, trying to push him and Fuyumi off you, but Natsuo was just like his big brother: stronger than you and bigger than you. He pulled his cock free and slid it inside you. He wasn’t as big as Touya or his father, but he was long and pushed in and in and in until you thought your swollen womb had been pushed into your lungs. “Shit,” he groaned, “you’re fucking tight. How did either of them even fit in here?” 
Fuyumi didn’t speculate, continuing to suckle on your breast, occasionally using her hand to stimulate the milk glands. 
Natsuo didn’t wait for you to adjust, sliding himself in and out at a steady pace that had you whimpering. In this sad, pathetic moment, you could admit it. You could admit that you missed Touya and wished he was here to protect you from his feral siblings as they had their way with you. Your phone was just on the nightstand, too, if you could roll over, you’d be able to call him. You needed him. The thought tasted like bile and booze.
Tears welled up in your eyes, but Natuso didn’t seem to notice or care, groaning at the sloppy sounds your cunt made as he fucked you. Fuyumi did notice and pulled off your teat. “Hey,” she said, “you’re okay.” She kissed your cheek, but kept one hand on your breast. “There’s no need to cry, we’re just trying to get to know you before the baby comes.” A kiss along your jaw, another one lower, where she sucked and bit at the skin. All you could think was Touya wouldn’t be happy if that bruised. 
And then the door opened. 
Hope exploded in your gut like an unwanted orgasm, every muscle in your body tensing, ready to explode off the bed and into your savior’s arms. For the first time in your life you hoped it was Touya coming, hoped it would be the shaggy mess of dyed-black hair and those cruel cerulean eyes that would demand to know what’s happening before he pulled you away to his room. You could handle his mocking but not his siblings. You wanted it to be Touya so much it hurt. 
And it wasn’t. 
The youngest Todoroki poked his head in, heterochromic eyes blinking slowly at the sight in front of him. His pale skin turned red, anger coloring his features as his eyebrows narrowed. For a moment you thought he’d defend you, but you knew better, you knew these siblings were fucked up and selfish. With Natuso buried deep inside you and Fuyumi still trying to get milk from your breast, you weren’t surprised at all when Shouto said, “You guys got started without me?”
Fuyumi and Natsuo scrambled to come up with an excuse, both their movements stopping as their attention shifted to focus on their little brother. The shot you needed. You ignored Natuso’s cock inside you and made for your phone, swiping it off the nightstand and quickly hitting the contact for A MAN WHO SHOULD NOT BE CALLED. 
“Shit.” Both Fuyumi and Natuso swore. 
They both tried to wrestle your phone away, but it was too late. Less than two rings and Touya’s voice flooded the room, “What’s going on?”
You were so relieved you almost started sobbing. “Help me!” 
Fuyumi managed to grab your phone. Her face broke into an uneasy smile, fear making her pale into a sickly green “Everything’s fine, Touya-nii! We’re just playing a game and she’s a sore loser, right Natsu?”
“Right,” Natuso’s voice was shaking, “right, Fuyu.” 
Heavy silence filled the room. They’d been exposed for their actual intentions. “I’m on my way. And I better not see any of you near her again.” Touya’s voice was a growl, deep, barely holding back his rage. 
Shouto blinked, his color returning to normal. “You guys drank all the milk, didn’t you?” 
Both Natsuo and Fuyumi looked horrified. Their little brother's own selfishness played against them.
Fuyumi and Natsuo scrambled out of the room, dragging Shouto with them.
You laid on the bed, a soreness washing over your body. Your violated cunt, your swollen breasts, your skin where Fuyumi kissed, and goosebumps from the cold. You didn’t have the energy to fix your clothes or even look at Touya when he entered the room. You didn’t look at him, but you could feel his heat and his anger. He didn’t say anything, though. He just fixed your clothes and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you to your feet before he brought you to his room. 
The familiar smells of body odor, weed, and Touya enveloped you and you understood that no matter how much you didn’t want this, this was your safe space now.  
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thesevenumbrellas · 4 months ago
Tips for anxiety
Because I’ve been struggling recently so I thought I’d make a little list of what’s been helping.
Repetitive or organization video games. I turn off the volume and put on soft music as a play. I reccomend games similar to Overcooked, Wilmot’s Warehouse, or Diner Dash (I know! Throwback.)
I’ve been told that sim games such truck simulator and such are good too, but they don’t provide enough of a distraction for me.
On your phone try Good Suduko, Nonogram, or matching games. Puzzle games are a great distraction for me.
If you’re having trouble sleeping, make your room as cold as possible and then wear a soft sweatshirt to bed. If I pile blankets and pull the hood up I fall asleep much quicker even if I’m feeling anxious.
If you’re having trouble with nausea, I like to keep a hot cup of tea nearby. Either black tea with milk, or black tea with honey. Decaf! Also a mix of lemon tea and mint tea with some honey is amazing, if you want an extra treat.
Dry cereal or crackers are also good for nausea or just to snack on. (Honey Chex are amazing you guys try a box.)
During panic attacks (or just in general) if you need grounding noises try the white noise genre on Spotify. The sleeping one works best for me.
Everything’s gonna be okay 💕 it’s a hard time rn and you’re doing your best.
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