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#just in case

please don’t assume i don’t ship xi/yao because i don’t think jiggy is good enough for l.xc or anything like that, i don’t ship xi/yao because i don’t care enough about or l.xc until nmj is in-between them, literally

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amihan and alistair have…not matching, but connected scars. alistair has one on his chest from when an ogre slammed into him and caused an injury that nearly killed him. 

amihan can count every scar she has from using blood magic. but the one that stands out the most is the one on her right arm just below the back of her hand. it’s the first time she’d ever used blood magic.

it was to save alistair’s life from the injury the ogre attack gave him

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tbh i’m not thrilled at the prospect of a conflict so soon into their marriage but that they’re addressing it and working through it is a good thing, because we’ve seen ian and mickey develop within their relationship for literally years and they have such a storied past that of course they’d want to try to get on the same page and work at it when they have problems, because in the end they want to be together. the whole of season 10 and the wedding proved that. they’re both such strong-willed people that i just instinctively know it’s not always gonna be sunshine and rainbows now that they’re married, but a relationship that isn’t as deep or meaningful as theirs wouldn’t stand a chance at even the first sign of true hardship (as we’ve seen with other relationships on this show lol). a relationship with zero bumps in the road is not only flimsy and unsustainable but totally unrealistic, and one of the things i’ve always loved about ian & mickey’s characterization is that they feel so real. and from the start they’ve shown that they don’t flinch away from real pain and conflict, but instead find ways to love each other and make the effort to be together in spite of it. 

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im too lazy to put this shit on a read more but since i love being a hater anyways im really not 100% into looking for easter eggs unless its relevant to whatever but i also dont want to state the obvious where you progress into a mental spiral or whatever. like mmmmmmmmmm im not sure how to go about things yet……………

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