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#just in case
agendratum · 2 days ago
i recently was going through deltarune’s faq on their website and found this
Tumblr media
and i think this is a very nice reminder, not just about deltarune
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nastyspells · a day ago
I know you're sore baby I know, but I'm sorry, you just look so fucking pretty when I spread you out, I just have to fuck you again, you can take it, I know you can, you're my little toy after all, aren't you?
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mossworm · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so how'd it go
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call-me-apple · 3 days ago
/dsmp /roleplay
Dream: “I don’t think that I’m a bad guy.” Sam: “How are you not the bad guy?” [...] Sam: “So what you did to Tommy: you were just a good guy doing a bad thing? Making a mistake?”
I find c!Sam's choice of wording here very odd. Sam knows what happened in Exile (at least whatever Dream told him, and he seems to have told him a lot) and who'd call abuse a "mistake"?
That's not how Dream himself views it. Dream recognizes that he harmed Tommy horribly but he believes that his goal justified it. It wasn't a "mistake" to him, it was a necessary evil.
Yet Sam asks Dream if Exile was a mistake. Is that how Sam justifies his own wrongs? He considers them merely "mistakes"? After all, according to his moral framework, he, as a good person, cannot do bad things because only bad people do them, so all his questionable actions are just "mistakes" to him and he ends up projecting that onto Dream in this conversation.
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ghostbuckley · a day ago
here's the thing...
just because buck and taylor are dating doesn't mean bucktaylor is endgame, especially when you consider buck's dating history.
in the pilot we see that buck tends to put himself out there and has a number of hookups, but in the very first one he tries to take that further by asking her out and gets shut down. so from the start he isn't just looking for sex, he just keeps ending up in bed with people who are. enter abby
right off the bat, abby is a break from the norm. she doesnt even want to meet him in person at first. they form a connection before they ever hook up (and one could argue phone sex is even a little more intimate in some ways because there's an added layer of vulnerability to it). she shows buck how far emotional investment can elevate a relationship. unfortunately, she can't invest nearly as much as buck can, and ends up leaving him high and dry when he's ready to take the next step with her.
lesson learned: he needs someone he can keep pace with. enter taylor (phase i)
at first taylor seems like a good, safe bet, but buck is once more seeking connection ("call me?") and taylor's career is taking off - which is just so sexy of her, i might add - and their false start leads them nowhere. but it does have the benefit of helping him put abby out of his mind. enter ali
i dont care what anyone says, ali and buck were cute together. the scene where they're touring the loft? adorable. ali helps buck move forward from abby in multiple ways, including getting him out of that goddamn apartment and into his own place. they operated well together, shared equal footing, had great chemisty; everything buck had with abby, but with someone in the same phase of their life.
by the end of season 3 we know that while buck may have moved forward from abby, he hasn't fully moved on. closure is a powerful, powerful thing. and man, can i just say im such a sucker for "right place wrong time" love stories? age gap aside, i was alright with buckabby until we learn she ghosted him in season 2.
in the end, while ali cares deeply for buck, knowing he's always in danger and seeing it for herself are just too much to stomach. lesson learned: he needs someone who will be able to handle the stress of dating a firefighter. enter taylor (phase ii)
disaster bis are back, baby! they start off as friends, but something is off from the beginning. buck jumps the gun, dropping hints that hes looking for more. taylor jumps the gun too, showing up to a double date thinking it's just a hookup. there is a significant lack of communication between them.
even before they get together we see that taylor often retreats into her own head when they're running on different wavelengths, leaving him behind instead of meeting him halfway. even dragging him along would be better; at least that would show she values his input.
we see this displayed most prominently in the treasure hunt; they have a couple moments where they're perfectly in sync (which visibly bothers eddie, and god i love that for me) and others where taylor hits the ground running and leaves buck standing in a cloud of dust.
we didnt get to see their honeymoon phase (tragic; i may not ship bucktaylor but i sure as hell like seeing hot people make out, bless you season 5 premiere) but if we extrapolate from monday's episode, buck is still resorting to using his body to get her attention - and even that fails sometimes.
we havent seen them hit any bumps just yet, but i think bucktaylor will reach a crossroads sooner rather than later. there will come a time when buck needs her to be there for him emotionally, and taylor either won't be able to OR she'll try, and it won't be what buck needs.
the lesson he hasn't learned yet: relationships need equal footing.
relationships that dont work out are important. they teach you what kind of person is right for you, the kind of person you want by your side forever. bucktaylor needs to run its course, or she will just end up taking abby's place.
and the thing is....
buck already has someone in his life keeping pace with him. buck already has someone in his life who understands why he puts himself in danger. buck's already (almost perfectly) in sync with someone who has been his equal since the day they met - and even went far enough to make that somewhat legally binding.
you can have my back any day. you could have mine.
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Theory about Alphys’ Pizza Call
You know, with people theorizing that Spamton might be the caller in the ‘Wrong Number Phone call’, I had to think of another phone call in Undertale that I always found weird:
Alphys’ Pizza Call
Tumblr media
This phone call only occurs when you have a fun value of 46-50. 
It happens early on in the game, when Frisk is in Snowdin Forest. So, long before they meet Alphys. Which means that Alpyhs shouldn’t have Frisks phone number yet. So, technically, she shouldn’t be able to call them. 
And even if she somehow had their number, why would she call Frisk to order a pizza? As a prank? I honestly doubt that. We know, Alphys hates making phone calls and probably avoids making them when she can. Prank calling Frisk doesn’t seem like something she would enjoy doing. I think we all remember how nervous she was when she had to call Frisk in Hotland. She immediatly hung up the first time. So yeah, I don’t think that was a prank call. 
Okay, so maybe she really just wanted to order a pizza and called the wrong number on accident, right?
I mean, sure, that could be possible but there is something that bothers me about it.
The complete lack of pizza in Undertale.
Now, it’s been a while since I last played it but if I remember correctly, there is no mention of pizza anywhere, besides this phone call. No character ever mentions ordering or eating one. We never see a pizzeria, either. 
And if you take a look at Alphys’ desk in her lab, there are lots of empty bowls on it but not a single empty pizza carton. 
Tumblr media
Don’t you think, if she would order pizza every now and then, there would be at least one or two of the cartons still lying around?
The total absence of them seems strange. 
So yeah, to me, this whole phone call feels out of place. Why is Alphys trying to order a pizza when there are no signs that pizza even exists underground? 
Doesn’t really make sense, does it? 
What if it wasn’t Alphys in Undertale who made this phone call?
What if it came from Alphys in Deltarune?
We know for a fact that pizza exists there. 
Tumblr media
And Alphys in Deltarune is still her akward, anime loving self. Nervously calling the pizzeria, trying to paste them the toppings she wanted, before realizing she accidently sent them an ASCII art of an anime catgirl instead and then quickly hanging up, seems like something she would do. 
So, what if Alphys simply wanted to order a pizza but somehow her call ended up reaching Frisk in Undertale instead? 
Now, I know this is a reach and I don’t know how and why this would happen. Or if that would even be possible, but I mean, whoever wanted to talk to “G” also ended up calling Frisk somehow, right?
So, who knows what kind of weird stuff is going on there... 
Anyway, there is something else I wanted to talk about but this post is getting kinda long, so I’ll put it under a cut. 
(I’m really just rambling now, so skip this if you want.)
We know Alphys’ phone call isn’t the only one that can randomly happen. 
There is also Sans’ refrigerator call:
Tumblr media
This happens when your fun value is 40-45. 
So while thinking about Alphys’ phone call and that it might be coming from Deltarune, I considered the same for this one.
I mean, it happens at the same spot, at the same time as the one from Alphys.
And just like her, Sans shouldn’t have Frisks phone number yet. So how is he calling them?
Besides, the entire call itself is pretty odd. While it starts of like a regular prank call, it simply ends with Sans saying he will come over with some beers, if you chose ‘yes’ after he asked if your fridge is running. 
If you chose ‘no’, he tells you, he sends someone over to fix it and thanks you for letting him know, because “good communication is important”.
This is a pretty strange conversation to have with Frisk, honestly. 
Frisk obviously doesn’t have a place of their own Sans could possibly come over to. They also don’t have a fridge that could be fixed. Sans doesn’t even know them, and Frisk is a kid, I don’t think Sans would bring them beer...
Really, this whole phone call makes even less sense than the one from Alphys. 
I would dismiss this as a simple prank call (even though Sans shouldn’t have Frisks number) but the fact that this can also happen during a ‘No Mercy’ run is weird. Sans is rather suspicious of Frisk there and doesn’t really seem to be in the mood for jokes and pranks. A prank call doesn’t really fit in there.
So yeah, maybe this phone call is coming from Sans in Deltarune as well and wasn’t meant for Frisk, either. 
Though, there isn’t anything to prove it.
When I saw that phone call for the first time, I thought he was talking to a friend of his. But considering he mentions in Deltarune that he and his brother just moved there and don’t really know anyone yet, I don’t think that fits. Plus, the whole “I send someone to fix your fridge” thing doesn’t sound like something you would tell a friend, does it? 
I mean, it’s not impossible but... yeah, i don’t know...
After reading over it again, though, it actually sounded to me as if he just wanted to drop those beers off at someone’s place. Not like he planned on staying over to hang out. So, with him running a grocery store in Deltarune, I wondered if this call was supposed to be for a customer. 
Someone wants some beers but can’t pick them up themselves for some reason, Sans offers to drop them off later at this persons place and quickly calls in to let them know before he’s coming over. 
But again, this still doesn’t explain why he would send someone over to fix the fridge, if it was broken. So, I don’t think this is it, either. 
I could ramble on about this for a while, but honestly, this isn’t going anywhere. This whole thing seems pretty far fetched already, anyway. 
In short, this phone call is just really odd in general, so who knows what’s the deal with it. Maybe Sans wanted to prank call someone in Deltarune and he somehow called Frisk instead lol   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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x-supernova · a day ago
idk how to really introduce this so, this is basically an analysis of how i see the parallels between off, undertale, and deltatune; contains spoilers for all three
I think the key to all of them is shaming you the player for killing characters, but the difference is how much of a choice you have/how easy or hard it is to do
off takes advantage of the style of game but doesn’t give you a choice at all, it’s either kill all the npcs or don’t play the game; however it’s probably the least bad because you still have the out of ‘the batter never told me this was their goal, I didn’t know I was killing the specters’
undertale also takes advantage of the format but gives you a choice to do the right thing, if you do accidentally kill an npc in the beginning you can still reset and try again; and if you choose to commit genocide that’s all on you and, iirc, chara directly shames you for that choice (even if it is just saying your choices helped them)
deltarune at first seems to be the opposite of off (you know, by being a normal rpg that doesnt guilt you for killing/make killing count), it doesn’t give you a choice but it forces you on a pacifist run instead, until snowgraves/pipis/weird
snowgraves gives you so many outs, at almost every turn the game practically begs you to turn back and just play the game normally and the run is so easy to fuck up, and not only that, after a while it starts showing it’s not Kris making these monstrous decisions. it’s you. and as a reward for your extra efforts to be awful, it let’s you be awful. really awful. manipulate your character’s friend into murder awful. it makes you feel awful for your choice, watching Noelle break down like this, and the worst part is knowing it gave you a choice, a really easy one, and you still chose to do this
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poniessaygayrights · 14 hours ago
the results are in... the movie was fine imo some parts were a little cringe to watch through but it’s very sweet and i love izzy and zipp very much
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ftmk · 2 days ago
Kinda wanna try cockwarming while I’m taking a nap 🤔🤔
Either I fall asleep with a cock in me or someone eases their cock in me after finding me asleep.
YEAH this. oh my god. just the little bit of somno in there ? incredible. i want to fall asleep with someone/thing in me ugh I WANT IT !!!
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chatalat-prompt-center · 22 hours ago
You have surprisingly vivid and narrativly understandable dreams. You just thought you were a lucid dreamer. But when you wake up with something from your last dream....You're not so sure anymore.
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