#just me making more catboys
caemidraws · 2 months ago
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[studies 51/--]
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starsonmarsy · 17 days ago
just saying, i would look real good on my knees looking up at you with puppy dog eyes while i drool and beg for your cock
that might just be me though idk
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gutsbutt · 9 months ago
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SOMETIMES I [[ Make Funny Image ]] YET AM STILL [[ Abandoned For The Slime ]]
I’m suffering... Additions to these doodles are made by @obscorius
( Also if u could click the last one to see all the detail then that would make my day >:3c )
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crystalrose043 · a year ago
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I am riding this train of motivation and ideas
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polyamorouspunk · 4 months ago
Thank you
#I’m kind of feeling like I’m going through my breakup again#I think a big part of me hasn’t accepted it because nothing really changed between us#but now he’s saying he’s not comfortable acting the same way we always have even though he’s the one who didn’t change anything#like I still feel like I belong with him#I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him#and catboy just kind of feels like a temporary speed bump in that#but my ex is starting to make it clear to me that we aren’t going back to the way things were ever#it’s weird to be like I’m basically already in a new relationship and I just feel like I’m dealing with my breakup#and not in a polyam way#like for the past while it’s been my ex/fp who I go to when catboy hurts my feelings#but now he’s the one calling me up when I’m crying because my ex/fp hurt me and making me laugh#and honestly both of them have a lot going on and in a heartbeat I would have pushed aside catboy for my ex/fp#and I honestly was like I will never talk to him again if you get back with me#but now it’s like he’s the one I want to focus on and I feel like I need to push my ex/fp away because they’re a lot to deal with#like I need to focus on the person who (hopefully) wants to be with me because I’m getting something out of that at least#if my ex isn’t putting the same amount of effort into our ex relationship which is valid because it’s not one anymore#then I need to stop putting that amount of effort into it as well because it’s too draining to be there for both of them#and I hope I can focus on catboy more even if his stuff is a lot harder to deal with#but it should be over soon at least minus the scars that haven’t and won’t heal#I never really felt ‘broken up with’ but I need to accept that I have been#and being in a new relationship will help me with that so I want that#besides all the other reasons I want my catboy to be mine of course#and my ex/fp is going to start transitioning which should help me kind of detach the person they were to me before and who they will be#it’s hard#personal
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kalloway · a month ago
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(lore/blurb about him under the cut, if ur interested)
Suggestive joke & double entendre connoisseur, and the visitor to many a person’s bed, Faust is, perhaps, the friendliest and most personable person under the Professor’s employ. His entire character is generally summed up in two (three?) words -- sleazy cat-boy... but if you bother to get to know him on a personal level, you may realize that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
He has a relatively carefree personality, trying to simply enjoy life one day at a time and prioritize having a good time over any kind of stressful work. That’s not to say he doesn’t do his job well though - there’s a reason the Professor trusts him enough to work for him, after all.
Faust is a hybrid - His cat-like features are a result of artificial replacements... and fate simply not favouring anything ‘ordinary’. A mix-up in an order for artificial optics gave him cat-like eyes, and beyond that point he simply decided ‘why not have some fun with it?’, thus trading in his partially-deaf sense of (human) hearing for enhanced auditory replacements.
Despite his optimism and outward ‘charm’, Faust is also a very lucky example of what can happen if you are ill-fated enough to be a victim of organ harvesting. Without the intervention of the Professor and Dr. Bernhardt (mostly the latter), he wouldn’t have survived. Even then, being clinically dead for almost three minutes before being revived was enough to give him rather severe amnesia -- ‘Faust’ is not his birth name. He has very little memory about who he used to be... and likes keeping it that way.
Whoever he used to be, isn’t who he is now, and he isn’t about to waste a chance to enjoy this newfound life of his by making himself miserable looking into who he was and what he can’t go back to.
Faust is technically an (JJBA) Android AU insert/redesign of the Cat-Man character from my JoJo reader-insert fanfic 'Midnight Meetings with a Manticore' over on AO3. He was intended to be one big shitpost... but then he actually ended up being the one character my friend and I are super invested in fhfgdj He's a hella self-indulgent (and fun) character though... truly me rejecting the concept of 'cringe', even if his design makes me super embarrassed to share LOL
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polarfarina · 3 months ago
I had to unfollow a bunch of Jerma accounts recently because I realized everybody has slowly gotten more comfortable just... making sexual posts about him, and that's not why I like his content
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rsmrymnt-tea · 5 months ago
Why did anyone have to “raise” Satan? I thought he was part of Lucifer before, he lived through Lucifer like a spectator, feeling Lucifer’s emotions, seeing through his eyes, but didn’t quite have his own body or personality. He grew a hatred for Lucifer after he manifested during the fall because he doesn’t want to be “Lucifer’s clone” or “Lucifer’s alter ego.” Satan just wants to be seen as his own person. That’s probably the main reason he hated Lucifer, because he used to be part of him and Satan just wants to break apart from that and be his own person.
Thats part of the problem though, he can’t. Before meeting MC he admitted that he was a manifestation of pure wrath. Beyond that, he was empty. He felt nothing but anger (which he learned to hide.) He felt inferior to Lucifer because he was incapable of feeling anything else. (After meeting MC he says they taught him to feel more than wrath, like love and such.)
After he manifested I believe that the brothers didn’t feel he needed to be raised, which is why he wasn’t ever properly taught emotions. The brothers were all probably still coping with Lillith and the fall, so I doubt they had much time to raise him anyway.
Satan figured the only way to differentiate himself with Lucifer is with knowledge from books because that’s all he had that Lucifer didn’t.
Sorry for the rant, just want to share my thoughts on Satan
Nah it's fair since I ended up going on a ranty discussion of my own with this (aka I once again talk about Satan a lot)
You kind of answered your own question as to why Satan needed to be 'raised.' He was a manifestation of pure wrath and nothing else when he was first created. What does pure wrath care about the rules of society? Of order? Or staying subservient to a ruler and keeping oneself in line for sake of reputation? Think of what pure wrath makes a human do and amplify that a hundred fold with the wrath of a fallen, betrayed angel, angered and outraged to the point of ejecting that wrath out of his body
(Also the fact that the brothers themselves said they helped raise him? Like I'm all for headcanons about Satan that make his existence ~angstier~ but if they literally just let him 'fend for himself' after his birth I doubt he'd even consider them brothers because anger makes you spiteful, it makes you hold grudges; now that I think about it, considering that Satan hates owing favors, him being one of the most responsible and reliable brothers probably began as him repaying them for teaching him shit back when he was just Wrath Incarnate and nothing more)
And yes, he was a part of Lucifer and saw the world through his eyes. But he barely remembers any of it, as per his own words. He couldn't even remember what the Celestial Realm looked like or what his brothers were like as angels. He couldn't even remember what Lucifer was like so it must've been like started from almost zero, except he's aware that it's not supposed to be zero. He's aware it's not supposed to be zero but that it should be, yet his head has him aching for memories that aren't his to be nostalgic about. He exists in his own body yet his own body was walking there in front of him. And he is so, so angry, so fucking angry, all he wants to do is kill maim destroy hurt torture lash out kill destroy--
Also just... much like how everyone else most likely needed to learn how to cope with their insatiable Sins, they likely had to help Satan figure out how to cope with his Sin... which was his entire existence at that point so unlike the rest of them who had vivid memory and clear experiences of being angels to pull from as basis for functioning, Satan kind of didn't thanks to the above?
Going off of everything I can recall from canon, his sense of inferiority doesn't just stem from feeling nothing but anger for all his existence until MC came along. It also stems from Lucifer making him feel that way. During his arc it's implied that he feels inferior because
- Despite having come from Lucifer, ranked eldest and most powerful among the 7 of them, he's only at 4th
- Lucifer tended to ignore and distrust him (valid considering Satan's hatred of him but)
- ^Above leads to a cycle of frustration because Satan's fucking itching for a chance to prove his value
- And consider what Grisella tells everyone on the train about her apprentice who killed her because she didn't give him a chance to be useful to him--Lucifer clearly takes that as a piece of indirect advice for how to treat Satan going forward. Which implies he's never even thought to acknowledge Satan and his competence in any way on his own volition until then
And re: MC teaching him how to love... Idk this one can be headcanon'd however you want but my understanding is that now that his isn't fully consumed by his hatred for Lucifer and his own hatred from himself has calmed down somewhat as he's learned to accept himself just a bit more, he has room to finally experience other emotions beyond anger and hatred? Because he definitely knows how to fake it and it's not like there isn't any love and care between his brothers (because romantic love is Not the only kind of love that we're giving importance to here) so I think all that was missing is his capacity to actually feel it himself?
This tho:
He grew a hatred for Lucifer after he manifested during the fall because he doesn’t want to be “Lucifer’s clone” or “Lucifer’s alter ego.” Satan just wants to be seen as his own person. That’s probably the main reason he hated Lucifer, because he used to be part of him and Satan just wants to break apart from that and be his own person.
Honestly yeah agree but there's definitely more to it than just leaving it at that. Which like, headcanon, imagination, extrapolating from canon material can fill in because why is it so awful to him to be considered Lucifer's alter ego when some would consider it an honor/compliment? Why is it so so so painfully important to him that he be his own person? Why is it that despite all the grief that Lucifer's cause him, the person that he hates the most is himself? What pushed him to choose to stitch together a gentlemanly persona out of the countless books he's read? And considering that he's the only one of them who's never been an angel and the only one born purely from his sin, what motivates him to want to keep his anger at bay despite how he could probably indulge it in more than he does and get away with it?
There's probably more thought-provoking questions and points people can think of about Satan but this is all I have skdfhksj I've almost been awake for a full 24 hours
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ars0nism · a month ago
"i want more aroallo rep i want more aroallo rep" ok pick up ur pen loser. open that google doc. write the rep you want you have been writing for as long as you can remember existing
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rollforuhhhh · a year ago
please consider the possibilities of a half-tabaxi character. not necessarily half tabaxi half human either! there are many possibilities! a dwarven catgirl? an elven catboy? a half tabaxi half tiefling catperson from hell? the choice is yours!
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incorrect-heroes · 5 months ago
Manifesting an AU where Nathan asks for absolution for his violations of US and international law and Peter says, “It’s not my forgiveness to give”
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petekaos · a year ago
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catboy 🐱
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rintarhue · a year ago
im just scared... do i get kenma's characterization right or is it so diff from his actual personality shdhejenwndnndndndnanans IDK IM RLY SCARED THAT ITS LJKE... NOT GOOD 😭✋🏻 IDK ENDJENNDNRMRMDMFFMF please tell me ur insights on it !! T__T
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grandtheftpoptart · 8 months ago
oh no :( mother mother is now a TIKTOK BAND PLEASE GOD NO
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bredfaith · a year ago
koga headcanon dump (1/2): background. original character, existing within the time period of the third kazekage, still (somewhat) alive today.
born in wind country, just on the outskirts of the newly developed rōran, to a small clan of civilians that care little for and understand little of the shinobi world and its functions
polytheistic. his clan worshipped many gods, though their culture held two specific deities in high regard (not yet named, based on nefertum and maahes).
his clan has lion descent, with many of its members taking on either feline-like traits or characteristics. koga has the instincts of a cat, as well as the eyes and teeth of one. 
battle and war and violence weren’t necessarily important to his clan, but it was unavoidable with the rise of the shinobi world, and their power was nothing to scoff at. toying with the idea of glass-style, mayhaps a mix of wind and fire release, with a lil sand tossed in to create it? tbd. 
as a child, his grandmother would tell him stories of the deity that brought upon the first sunlight as well as the blue lotus, which had many medicinal and even cosmetic purposes, and were treated with just as much respect as the deities themselves. however, by the time he was hearing these stories, blue lotuses hadn’t bloomed for years. (still unsure of the reason, will come back to this).
she believed that koga was born to serve this deity as a loyal subject, a reincarnation of the feline war god that followed said deity as a protector. koga has never been sure how true this is, but he’s always clung to her words and stories with reverence
his clan dies out/is taken out at some point because what’s a lil drama, right? he’s around ten when this happens, and ends up wandering the desert with the sole goal of finding a blue lotus and carrying out what he believes to be his spiritual duties. naturally, it would become difficult for a boy his age in harsh conditions, regardless of his animal instincts
found not too long after, small and starving, by some kind of organization, either against shinobi or against suna in particular, offering him shelter and sustenance in return for, well, his power. he would become a trained assassin and, for a stretch of time, push his goals to the back of his head to instead focus on surviving.
years later (unsure of his exact age, but likely after becoming an adult) he’s given a mission to kill kelela, rumored to be stepping in as the third kazekage, and koga, who has little care or regard for the politics of shinobi, goes easily to finish his job. except when he arrives, all he sees is a man surrounded by blooming blue lotuses. he falters, kelela invites him for tea, and koga’s world is effectively tipped on its axis.
he eventually becomes kelela’s bodyguard, fighting for him and his vision for the world, protecting him so he may see it through.
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polyamorouspunk · 2 months ago
Seeing people go through the EXACT same thing you’re going through and just crying because you have to believe that it gets better for people like you and them. You have to believe that it’s all going to work out for the best.
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catfate · 11 months ago
did you ever look at the game and wondered “do the other regions also have cool supernatural beings?” because if you just said yes then welcome aboard. i am a huge dumbass and i literally just decided “catboy based in fontaine but SAD” so if you’re interested in a sweet soul who wants to do no harm but is still influenced by an evil cat spirit he “fused” with can you LIKE or REBLOG so i can check you out ?      by the way :   this is a sideblog to @deathbled​ so i can only follow back from there !
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deepspaceclawstation · 10 months ago
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the-random-warrior · a year ago
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goldicthehedgefox · 11 months ago
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here's my updated to-train list, including Nightmare, who I got earlier today (she's adorable, aaaaaaaaaaaa-)
#arknights#goldic's operations#I say; at like 4am so it's technically yesterday but bleh#I. do not have a lot of single-target casters; what you see here is all the rest of the single-target casters I have#what level they are doesn't mean anything I just chucked a bunch into the first 5 and then went 'fuck it only a few' for the rest#CC number 4 has been helping a lot with materials for Mountain and stuff#I just need more oriron clusters for the big gel towers and then I can focus on getting two more beeg guard chips for dualchips#I like making the dualchips all at once for one operator so I can promote the ones I want to promote more easily#since my track record of 'saving stuff for later' is pretty all over the place#keeps me from wasting stored materials on operators I might not even use#what's the point in E2ing an operator that's kinda hot garbage besides 'you like them a lot?' flexing. the point is flexing#but also half of these operators are here because I see them a lot in Kyo's guides and finally decided 'fuck it; get in'#'get in the fucking van; you're going to the training fields'#unrelated sidenote but I headcanon my dokutah to be a catboy; the feline species if you will#and he's hella gay but he keeps getting all these women from Headhunting and he's just like: 'I just want Jaye'#'I just want. ANY of the operators on this list' and he pulls out my operator wishlist of SA Thorns Jaye Phantom etc.#and Kalt'its's like 'Tough. Deal with it' as dokutah starts silently crying about it#Broca and Executor are the Comfort Operators that he goes to for cuddles and they're always confused as to why#Executor just kinda rolls with it but Broca's like: 'hold on who said you could suddenly start hugging me-'#and Amiya's like: 'don't worry Dokutah; we'll recruit them eventually' but it doesn't help at all as he just crys harder#and then my bro's dokutah walks in like: 'that's rough buddy. anyway-'#cuz like my bro has SA and Blaze; I forgot if he had Thorns or not but the point is he's usually chillin' compared to me#cuz he usually has the operators I need but don't have#speaking of my bro; he's saving literally all of his originum for Dust (whenever she comes to the ENG version) and wants nobody else#and I'm just like: bruh you could get- and he's like: no bait. only Dust#OH AND LET'S NOT FORGET MOSTIMA- my dokutah always glares at Mostima because 'her second token could've been Thorns'#and literally nobody but the other dokutahs understand what he means by that and he refuses to explain it#so everyone just assumes he's crazy and hates Mostima for no reason lmaooooo#I should stop typing now there's way too many tags on this post-#goldic rambles
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