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#just reg'lar old creepy stuff
staff · 3 days ago
tumblr tuesday: a haunting
The beauty of the left-behind, the wilting, the empty barn receding in the rear-view mirror—all these alone spaces and more can be found in the photographic works of @ishikorokoroishi:
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A catalog of ghost stories and alleged sightings, alongside spine-jangling accounts of encounters with those on the other side of the veil, make @thesehauntedhills exciting reading for the fearless among you.
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@bestthriftfinds​: In a super unexpected twist of fate, it turns out pancake bear actually owns you. Pancake bear owns everything you can see and touch. We don't make the rules. Pancake bear makes the rules here now, kid. ​
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Enjoyed this haunting? Want more? For a small token of your appreciation, @kayleerowena​ will haunt your house for you. If that’s your vibe.
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