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#just something small off the top of my head
ggukkiereads · 5 months ago
Hi can you recommend some good yoongi college aus, I read a few but I want more 😭
🌷 ugh yes I love Yoongi college fics too! Just something about him that's so cool and hot.
Listing down fics off the top of my head without even consulting my handy-dandy sideblog as a reference. That’s how powerful the Yoongi x College AUs combination is 😂.
Please let me know if the links do not work. I drafted this using mobile app and the multiple app switching I've done could've messed up the links 😅
Tumblr media
College AUs | Yoongi
Miss Dial (ongoing) @versigny -  I LOVE THIS. My #holygrailfics (please read their fic Intoxicating just too cute 🥺)
A Scam Marriage @xotoosweet -  fluff, college au, grad school au
The Singularity Theory @dovechim (3/3 + drabble)
Tsundere @/dovechim
Mixtape @jungblue (one of my favorite writers so please check their other work!)
Makeshift Chemistry @/jungblue 
Fears and Dumplings (ongoing) @softyoongiionly
A Bit Much @ddaengtae
First Love (ongoing) @sunkissedjk (13/?)
Does this Make Sense @floralseokjin (11/11)
Into My Bones @inkofyoongi - #holygrailfics
You Among the Others (ongoing) @/inkofyoongi (11/?)
When Stars Align @itskimtaehyung
Heartstring Melodies @whitesparrows97 - I read this on AO3 though!
Mint Ocean @flowerwrites06 - author reposted their fics 🥰
Intimidation + Intensity @luxekook
An Out of Bounds Umbrella @bubmyg - basketball!au
That’s the Spirit @gukyi - halloween!au
Paying tribute to the first Yoongi fics I’ve read in 2018:
There’s a Fine Line Between Love and Hate @thebestofbtsscenarios
Hot Enough @soft-sarcasm ​
The Wildflower @kidguk
Act on It @joonie-beanie - vampire!au, barista​
Ocean Drive + Sequel @btssmutgalore ​
Rate Me @technicallymilkshakes - rated Yoongi a 6 out of 10 and he intends to prove OC wrong 😉​
I also remember Moan Wars (Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook) and Wrong by hoseokiehope but they deleted their tumblr. You can find their fics on AO3 
Tumblr media
Please note that the fics are NOT mine. Please show these authors love by reblogging their fics, giving them feedback, and engaging in any positive interaction you can think of! 🥰
Tumblr media
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teaboot · 2 years ago
"3. The time I was getting chased through the woods at night and I realized “wait it’s dark as fuck” so I just held still until the guy gave up and left." yo why were you getting chased through the woods at night in the first place my dude (love ur writing btw)
Thanks!! That means a lot to me. :)I actually wasn't planning on sharing the full story behind that, but in the spirit of... solidarity, I suppose? I think I'd be okay with telling a bit of it.So here's the thing. My stepdad never really wanted kids, I think, and when he married my mom, his plan was to sort of get me to keep quiet and stay out of the way as much as possible.Follow orders, keep clean, you know?Except, that made me... A pretty bitter and rebellious kid, you know? Not in a cool edgy way. Just in a retrospective, "my God just shut up, you were already in trouble and now you're making it worse" sort of way.On top of that, we lived in a small village in heavy woodland with miles between houses, so it was pretty isolating. Nowhere to go, right? I mostly just hung around outside, goofed off with the sheep, caught snakes.Anyhow, one day my stepdad comes home in a shitty mood. Nothing out of the ordinary. Says something along the lines of, "why aren't your chores done? You're taking too long," Ungrateful, touched in the head, blah blah blah. The typical spiel.I tell him, in a moment of outstanding level-headed diplomacy, that "shit, man, if you need them done that fast you're welcome to help out".Which, you know. Felt pretty damned worth it even after I got slapped.After a pretty ebarassing bit losing my shit, I tell him I still have to feed the dogs outside. He lets me out. I make a show of looking for the water bucket and then book it down the driveway.I hear him behind me about halfway to the tree line.I looked back once. Only once, because books and movies always say "don't look back", but they never say why. Turns out that your body goes where your eyes lead it, and looking back slows you down.I know the area better than he does, so I aim for the field, then cut off into the trees. I still don't know how long he followed me, because footsteps and heartbeats kind of got mixed up somewhere, but after a minute I just crouched down and held still until everything went quiet. I caught him following me a few times, but eventually he must have given up and gone back to the house.I found a place to lay low until my mom got home. We didn't talk about it. Life went on.Some stuff happened in between and after, but it gets mixed up in my head a bit so I suppose this is the simplest version.So, yeah. Lot of questions about that one. I'm happy to hear you like my stories :)
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peachesnscream · a year ago
The Promise 💍
A/N; ya girl was all up in her feelings again and had to write them out before she exploded :x
warnings: none, its pure fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you and Chris were laying in bed, ready to sleep, Chris' head resting comfortably on your chest with his whole body wrapped around as much of you as possible. all warm in between soft blankets and fresh sheets, u were damn near passed out when you felt him stir and then get out of bed.
“what’cha doin?” you mumble, sleep heavy in your voice
“ah- sorry babe... just had to find something real quick, ill be back in bed in a sec” he sounds nervous, it makes you worry. you think about telling him to leave it for tomorrow but knowing him, if hes up looking for it now then it cant wait.
“let me help” you say as you start getting up but before he even speaks you sense panic in his body language
“n-no! its ok! really! i just...” his voice trails off “i found it!” relief fills the air as he messes with something small and returns to bed. you think hes getting back into position but he climbs on top of you and straddles your waist, moonlight spilling in from the window allowing you to see a serious ‘we need to talk’ look on his face.
“whats up?” you ask, sitting up “something wrong?”
he shakes his head “no... i just” he pauses to think “i know my job isn't exactly...relationship we don’t really get to spend as much time together as i’d like us to” his voice gets a little shaky “but i... i really, really love you y/n... sometimes i think about spending the rest of my life...with you...” he trails off, searching your eyes for any sort of reaction, finding only a reflection of his own anxieties. he takes a deep breath and finishes “y/n, i want you to know how much i love you, how much i think about you, how much i wish i could spend every minute with you” he opens a clenched fist to reveal a ring, a circle with tiny gems glittering under the moon “if you’ll accept... i want to make a promise to you” he takes your left hand in his “a promise to always be by your side, even if i cant be there physically” his voice gets shaky again, your breathing replicates it “a promise to continue loving you no matter what, a promise to be the the very best boyfriend i possibly can, and when my contract hopefully be...the very best husband...” he almost mumbles that last bit but you heard it clear as day.
nearly at a loss for words you find yourself grasping for something to say “this all seems so... one sided? don’t you think?” you smile at his confused expression “i mean, why are you the only one who has to make these promises?” he mimics your smile as you then repeat his words back at him, a promise of protection, a promise of love, a promise of a future, and slip your finger into the ring “i love you, so fucking much, Chris” you say with watery eyes,
“i love you too y/n...” he says, already crying.
the two of you fall asleep in each others embrace, bathed in moonlight and with a new sense of love in the air.
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A Vader and Luke hurt/comfort for @kaelinaloveslomaris like forty years after I promised it! Thanks for being patient.
As Luke slowly drifted to consciousness, he notice three things. The first, he was cold and damp with a head that pounded like a Corellian shipyard. The second was the persistent sound of rain pattering on a tarp overhead. The third was the slow click hiss of a respirator very near his ear.
He forced his eyes open. Overhead hung a thick ceiling of branches with something black and opaque on top, sloughing off rain in long streams.
Click. Hiss.  
Luke tried to sit up only for stiff, deep pain to burn in his neck and shoulders and drop him back onto his back. Where was he?
“Lie still.”
Luke dragged a deep breath that hurt in his ribs. “Father?”
“I am here, my son.” Gentle.
Luke tilted his head towards the voice. Just inside the small shelter sat Vader, sans cape, his legs straight out in front of him in what looked like a very uncomfortable position. He didn’t realize the Sith lord could bend like that.
“Father.” His voice rasped out worse than Vader’s. The word was foreign in his mouth, clumsy, like a new language promising new worlds if he could only learn to shape his tongue to it. He’d spent so long without a father, without any hope of ever knowing anything about him. It still didn’t feel real, but somehow, lying in an unfamiliar rainforest with Vader across from him, the whole thing seemed much more prosaic. He swallowed. “What happened?”
“My soldiers took the base. Your rebel friends fled into the rainforest, but you attempted to lead me away.”
Oh. Right. He remembered Leia yelling at him as he sprinted into the trees. “How did I get… here.”
“You succumbed to a viral disease and were unable to purge yourself of it. Obi-wan’s teachings are grossly incomplete if he failed to teach you that.”
Oh. That explained why he felt like he’d been kicked by a bantha.
Something beeped inside Vader’s hulking suit, and red lights flashed on his chest panel. That couldn’t be good. He didn’t remember fighting his father in the dense rainforest, but just because Luke hadn’t gotten him didn’t mean one of the screaming panthers or poisonous plants hadn’t.
“Are…” Luke swallowed some of his hoarseness. “Are you injured?”
“No.” Heavy. Definite. The same determined way Vader spoke, walked, killed like everything was set and he was merely acting it out. Luke reached out with the Force, a little unfocused from his fever, but it was still with him enough to brush Vader’s presence. He was like a black hole, the Force bending around him, refracted and bent in a dark halo that was almost prismatic around him.
A terrifying sight on Bespin. Now… now Luke could sense that there wasn’t anything malevolent in Vader, at least not bent towards him. But he was in pain. It was there on the leading edge of his presence, unlocalized and embedded.
Luke wrinkled his forehead. “You’re in pain.”
“I am fine.” A click of the breathing apparatus.
“It hurts, doesn’t it? The suit?”
“It is necessary.”
Luke glanced past Vader at the rain sloughing off the shelter in wavering sheets. If the rebel droids mopping and moaning about the base about their rusting circuity and creaking joints were any indication, Vader’s mechanics couldn’t be doing too well with all the moisture.
Luke blinked. He didn’t even know how much of his father could rust. A memory of Ben’s voice came to him: “More machine than man.”
Another breath. Hiss.
The silence was reaching awkward lengths. He had to say something, anything.
“You’re not going to rust are you?”
“Not likely.”
Luke laughed but ended up hacking, rolling half onto his shoulder in an effort to breath.
Concern rolling off of him, Vader reached out a hand, and he laid it on Luke’s forehead, cold, heavier than expected. Once the coughing subsided, Luke lay flat on his back and turned his head back to his watcher. “Come with me, Father. Leave the Empire.”
As always, Vader’s mask was unreadable, but he tilted his head in such a way that Luke thought he looked… sad. Regretful maybe. He pulled his hand away. “Your intent is noble but flawed. It would be wiser to join me. To allow me to complete your training and overthrow the emperor together, as father and son.”
Luke sighed and stretched his neck, only to shiver and draw his arms closer to his sides. It hurt too much to lift them and curl into a ball against the damp cold, so he clenched his fists. Everything seemed cold compared to Tatooine, but even after living through a night on Hoth, the rainforest seemed disproportionately miserable. Maybe it was the fever talking.
Vader leaned forward again. “Are you well, my son?”
“A little cold.”
“Hmm. Unfortunately, my cloak is already part of the shelter.”
Luke looked up, and sure enough, there was the ominous black cloak spread over the branches like a tarp.
“Too wet for a fire?”
Vader gave the barest of nods. Through his chattering teeth, Luke asked. “Could… could you maybe sit closer?”
The mountain of a Sith Lord paused at that suggestion, even more than at Luke’s call to the light. “I do not… know how much warmth I can provide.”
Luke’s mouth tugged higher at the corners. “That’s okay. Better than nothing I guess.”
Some maneuvering, groaning, and frantic beeping later, the two rearranged themselves under the shelter with Vader sitting back against the tree trunk and Luke tucked under one of his massive arms like a baby convor. He curled inward and rested his head against the padded suit on his father’s ribs. Vader was right; he wasn’t much warmer than where Luke had been lying, but his presence in the Force expanded as if to envelope the smaller man and hide him away.
Despite his best efforts to stay awake, Luke nodded closer and closer to sleep, and he couldn’t keep his eyes open. All the shifting around had left him exhausted, and his eyes dropped shut despite his efforts to stay awake. “You know, my friends will be looking for me.”
“Rest, my son. The galaxy will be here when you wake.”
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offical-dystopiantale · a year ago
Tumblr media
*Chapter 2: Talk to me..*
Ink: Age 16
Error: Age 17
Part 1
Ink sighed, leaning back against the large oak tree behind him. Error, who sat beside him, looked up from his own math textbook, adjusting his red framed glasses. “You good?”
“My brain hurts.”
Error hummed, closing his book and tossing it aside. “We don’t have brains.”
Ink groaned and rolled his eyes, earning a snort from his friend. “Since when have you cared if something was accurate or not?”
“Since just now.” The taller skeleton took off his glasses, placing them into their special case. “The sun’s gonna go down soon. We should probably head back.”
The two boys were about half an hour out of town, at a small hill with a tree at the top; they found out about the place when they were younger, when Winter had taken them out for a picnic. Once they had gotten their driver's license, it became one of their regular hangout spots; along with Ink’s room.
… Speaking of which, it suddenly occurred to Ink that he’d never actually been in Error’s room. Or his house in general.
“Hey, earth-to-shorty.” Error gave him a gentle push, Ink blew a raspberry.
“Don’t call me that, you jerk.”
Error snorted again, leaning over to rest his arms on his knees. He gave Ink a wink, making the smaller skeleton’s ‘stomach’ do a flip, and his cheeks to flush. “It’s not my fault you’re only 4 feet tall”
Ink sank into his turtleneck sweater, efficiently hiding his ever growing blush. “I’m 4’11, not 4 feet.”
Error scooted closer to him, poking his cheek. “Aw, come on. Don’t be mad, I was only teasing you.”
That’s the problem, you idiot…
Ink had known for a while now that he had feelings for his taller friend. When they first started grade nine he started noticing he enjoyed being with Error more than just a friend would, and he’d get moments where he just wanted to hug him, or cuddle him and fall asleep curled up to his chest, or hold hands as they walked together.
Or kiss him.
He really, really wanted to kiss him.
Shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts, he pushed Error’s hand away and stuck his tongue out. “Not all of us were blessed with incredible height”
.”Awe, you think I’m incredible?” Error wiggled his eyebrows as Ink’s blush darkened.
“Screw you!”
The ebony skeleton erupted into laughter, rocking backward. “You’re like an angry kitten, oh my god!”
Ink huffed, throwing a pencil at his friend, and gathered up the rest of his stuff into his bag. “Oh, whatever. Let’s head back, you big Glitch.”
Error gave a weak chuckle at his nickname, standing up to follow Ink to their car - since the two of them were almost always together, they decided they would buy the car together, and take turns driving.
“Do you want to hang out at my place for a bit? I think my mom was planning on baking cookies today.”
“Oh hell yeah, her baking is the fucking best.”
Ink slid into the car’s passenger seat, laughing and rolling his eyes. “Didn’t you say you were going to work on not swearing so much?
Error started the engine, and it made a whirring noise as it came to life. “I lied. I’m here for a fun time, not a long time, so I’ll say whatever shit I want to.” Ink giggled quietly, but there was a part of that sentence that made a lump form in his throat.
The ebony skeleton switched on the radio, an upbeat song suddenly filling the silence. Ink felt his worries wash away; things were good, they only had one more year of high school after this, and nothing bad was really happening in the world.
And he had Error.
The small monster felt himself relax, singing loudly and happily to the songs on the radio.n Eventually he got his friend to sing as well which only made his cheeks bloom with colour once again.
Error grabbed another one of the still warm cookies off the plate in the middle on Ink’s bed, listening to the smaller monster ramble from the other end of the bed.. He always enjoyed being with Ink in his room; obviously not only because he was with his friend, but because the room was so colourful, cozy, and so very ‘Ink”.
The walls were painted baby blue with a soft gray carpet covering the floor. Above his plush bed - that was easily big enough for the both of them to sit (or lay) on at the same time - was Ink’s rainbow flag. In grade ten, during their school’s pride day, all the students were encouraged to wear rainbow items, or anything that supported the LGBTQ+ community. Ink managed to get Error to wear two buttons- one with the pan flag, and the other one with a rainbow - since he didn’t own any pride items himself, and the smaller skeleton has decided to tie his flag around his neck and wear it like a cape all day.
The poor monster had been bullied ruthlessly by a lot of their classmates because of it, and it came to the point that Error debated beating the shit out of them. He didn’t though, per Ink’s requests.
Now the flag stayed in his home, behind closed doors.
It pissed Error off to no end. He could still remember the way Ink’s eyes had drained of their sparkle when the flag idea backfired.
At least Winter was accepting of her son.
Unlike some people Error knew...
He shook his head, slipping back to the moment at hand.
Next to Ink’s bed was a side table with a glass of water and a lamp sitting on it. Next to the lamp was a framed photo of Error and Ink taken when the where 10 and 11, during their first summer as friends. Error remembered once asking his shorter friend why he decided to frame that photo, and not one that was more recent. The white skeleton had smiled and explained that that photo was extra special because it was taken so soon after they met; and that it meant a lot to Ink that they became friends.
Error didn’t know why someone like Ink cared about him, but he was thankful nonetheless.
The ebony skeleton snapped his eyes away from the picture and focused back on his friend, his cheeks turning blue. He’d completely zoned out, and had no idea what Ink had been saying.
The monster giggled, cheeks coming to life with a dusting of colour. “You got kinda distracted there, you ok?”
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Uh, sorry, can you repeat what you were saying?”
Ink giggled again, making Error blush harder: it was such a soft sound… it made him want to hold the smaller monster close to him, to find other ways to make him make that sound.
… wait.
What the hell has gotten into me?!
It wasn’t necessarily the first time he had thought something like that, and it always made him do a double take on himself.
He wondered what it meant.
“ I was talking about how I get my braces off in a few months!” He smiled widely, showing off the brackets and wires that covered the surface of his teeth.
Error hummed, then said, “I still don’t understand why you wanted to get those in the first place. The teeth gap was cute.”
Ink’s eyes widened, his blush darkening immensely. He covered his face, grumbling. “No it wasn’t… it gave me a lisp when I started getting older, especially if i was talking fast. Besides, Bylk and his friends said-”
“You shouldn’t listen to what those assholes say.”
“COme on, Error, they’re not that bad anymore…”
Oh, sure. They weren’t ‘that bad’ because Bylk was absolutely terrified of Error, all because he beat his ass back in fifth grade. Truth be told, Bylk was also only 5’6, while Error was a towering 6’0. Not that he was complaining about it, he liked that Ink wasn’t getting harassed as much anymore, but the griffin’s little gang still took jabs at the small skeleton when he was alone (since Error and him only had two classes together this year).
At least they knew better than to actually lay a finger on the skeleton now.
“Whatever, they’re assholes.”
Ink huffed, leaning back against his pillows. “It’s getting late.” He said after a few minutes.
Error groaned, turning to his phone. Sure enough, it was almost 10:30.
“Guess I should head home then.”
“Mm… yeah, I guess so. Oh! That reminds me. I’m not going to be at school tomorrow morning!”
“What? Why not?”
“Another doctor appointment.” Ink rolled his eyes, sighing heavily. For as long as Error knew him, Ink had always have to miss at least a day of school every two months for a ‘doctor’s’ appointment. From what the small skeleton had explained, all they did was take a look at his soul, make sure his magic levels were good and somehow they checked to make sure he was feeling things normally.
… Error didn’t really understand it.
“Do they bother you?”
“Eh, not really. They used to make me kinda uncomfortable but, you know. I’ve had so many, they’re normal now.” He let out a small laugh. “That being said, they are pretty annoying.”
The ebony skeleton couldn’t help but wonder what that must be like for Ink; what goes through his head when he really thinks about it.
“I...should be going” Error stood up, grabbing his school bag off the floor.
Ink waved. “See ya, Error!” He called after him as he waved and left the room.
He gave a short goodbye to Ink’s mother - who was sitting at the kitchen table, reading through some papers - and thanked her for the cookies before exiting out into the chilly night air. A wave a dread hit him as he stood at his front door.
Sucking in a breath, he unlocked the door, and pushed it open; praying his father was passed out.
Light from the TV in the living room eerily illuminated the dining room and front entrance. The stairs in front of Error looked like a tunnel, leading into a dark abyss. The seventeen-year-old pulled off his shoes and silently leaned into the living room. His father, Cyber Sona, sat spralled out on the reclining chair, empty beer cans and bottles littering the tables and some floor space around him: some were old, and others were new.
Error’s nose scrunched up in disgust and he quickly left the room; trying to be as quiet as possible as he went upstairs to his room, careful not to wake up his dad. Closing the door, Error sighed, sinking down onto his bed and dropping his bag carelessly onto the floor.
His room wasn’t anything like Ink’s; while his friend’s room was colourful and full of life, his was dark and gray. His bed was pressed against the wall next to the window and pointed towards Ink’s room - there had been many nights where they’d both sit by their windows, talking to each other through their phones. On the wall adjacent to his bed, he had a wooden desk covered in grade school assignments and writing utensils with his laptop sitting on top of it all. He also had a closet for clothes and such, but that was about it.
The house was deathly quiet, aside from the mindless chatter of the TV and occasional snore from the sleeping monster downstairs. Rolling over on his bed, the skeleton plucked his earphones off the cluttered side table next to his bed and plugged them into his phone.
He pressed play on a playlist, setting his phone down beside him, and stared up at the ceiling.
A recognizable numbness washed over him as the music made the house disappear around him, leaving only him...all alone. The feeling usually came when he got home from Ink’s, though sometimes it wasn’t so bad. Some days it was worse. Sometimes it lasted for days at a time, and he could barely bring himself to drag his ass out of bed.
Most days the numbness evolved into a deep and desperate sadness.
He rolled onto his side, pulling his comforter up and over top of him and burrowing his face into the pillow and blankets. He knew that sleep wouldn’t come to him, not yet at least, but the warmth gave him at least a little comfort; like a leash, keeping him tied to the real world and protecting him from falling into his thoughts completely.
Things always got worse when that happens.
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ao3commentoftheday · 2 years ago
When people don't comment on my fanfics I wonder if maybe it's because I haven't been commenting on theirs. I'm really bad at commenting myself. My reading time is often broken up into small chunks where I can find the time and I'll bookmark something to go back to later on, but then I forget. When I do leave comments, though, it has no bearing on whether the author has commented on mine or interacted with me in any way. Are y'all out there really being that petty? Or am I just being paranoid?
There are dozens of reasons why people don’t comment on fics. Seriously, I came up with that list off the top of my head and I could probably add ten more without trying all that hard. You’ve listed a bunch in this ask, yourself. 
Commenting on other author’s fics isn’t a guarantee that they’ll read or comment on yours, but it does increase the likelihood that they’ll recognize your name when they’re scrolling through the fandom tag. 
Fanfiction is not a barter system. It’s not an exchange of “I wrote a fic that you read so you have to comment in return as payment” or “I commented on your fic now you comment on mine.” I know that a lot of writers wish it worked like that, but it doesn’t. And I personally really don’t think it should.
-Mod Pi
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arlertbabe · 8 days ago
ship your mooties ❤️‍🔥
i ship them all w/ me 😌
here’s some of my mooties bc I can’t remember all of them off the top of my head
@honeybunny-sawamura Jade & Daichi 4ever, i won’t take criticism, they’re married in my mind.
@ohno-otome Andy, my cinnamon apple, I ship you with Mirio & Terushima, just something about them with you makes my heart happy and you deserve them both.
@erispancakes & mineta, both small menaces, thats all.
@megumisbimbo & mineta, small menaces again, no this isn’t because bella & eri don’t like reiner or enji.
@lunarhalcyxn may & kita forever, pls invite me to your and shinsuke’s rustic farmhouse wedding, thank you 💕
@kalesugar & osamoo <3 pls atsumu & I will be at your wedding.
@introloves jax & bokuto forever <3 the way she writes for bo has me on the floor every time & I’m convinced they would live happily ever after
@kiyoo-omi & Kiyoomi, listen Dina’s taste in anime men is *chefs kiss* but have you see her wedding art with omi? They’re meant for each other 💕
@thecaptainschai & Eren 🥰 Bailey I just think you both would be so good together, pls make eren give you a back rub, you deserve it.
@nanengko & nanami 💕 reina deserves a stable man that worships the ground she walks in and I firmly believe that it’s nanami.
@onwiings & Levi, I won’t take criticism on this either. They’re married in my mind. 😌
@bokuroskitten & Kuroo, you would both be really cute 🥺
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Summer of Kaboomball
Warnings: Platonic, humour
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful day in the Golden Apple Archipelago, not a single cloud in the sky and the sun was warm but not scorching. The sound of the waves rolling onto the shore was relaxing; much so that I was on the verge of falling asleep in the wooden lounge chair on the beach.
I gave a deep, relaxed sigh and opened my eyes. “This is nice. I’m glad we did this.”
Zhongli, who was occupying the lounger on the other side of the small table lifted his sunglasses until they were resting on the top of his head. “Yes, I think we all were due for a change of pace.”
I nodded in agreement and closed my eyes again. “No commissions, no bounties, no farming… just us and the ocean.” Realizing something, I sat up and pulled my own pair of sunglasses off. “Why is it so quiet?”
Truly, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. We were far from Mondstadt and Liyue and there wasn’t an enemy in sight on the island Alice set up for Klee a while back. The remainder of my team members were probably taking it easy, but still, silence from the others was unsettling - or in Kaeya and Childe’s case, terrifying. I haven’t seen the harbinger since he presented Zhongli with his vacation outfit.
The ex-archon was dressed in a typical but questionable outfit. He was dressed in a button down yellow shirt with pineapple designs all over it, a pair of sandy brown shorts and sandals. I was also dressed a little differently then usual, exchanging my casual clothes for a sea green tank top and black shorts.
I peered around one side of the chair, looking around for any sign of the missing team members. “Zhongli, have you- AHH!”
Without warning, I was lifted off the lounger and thrown over a broad shoulder. Familiar laughter filled my ears as I was carried away. “Whatcha snoozing over there for? The water’s great!”
I started pounding my fists against the ginger’s back. “Tartaglia, don’t you dare!”
“Ohhh, full name, huh? I’m about to get in big trouble for this one.”
I was dumped into the cold water in the blink of an eye. I surfaced and brushed wet hair out of my face, unable to see but could hear Childe’s laughter clear as day. When I was finally able to see I glared at him. Childe ditched his Fatui uniform for a tight fitted T-shirt with black and blue horizontal stripes and a pair of dark grey swim trunks.
I huffed. “You are such a-”
Something in the water suddenly grabbed my calf. I screamed threw myself forward into Childe’s arms, hooking my legs around his waist so I was out of the water, which ended about half-way up his thighs.
“Kill it!” I exclaimed, hiding my face in his shoulder. “Just this once you have my permission to kill something!”
“Hey now, that’s a bit cruel.” A familiar, silky voice came from behind me.
My eyes snapped open and I turned my head, spotting Kaeya standing where I had just been grabbed. His long hair was soaked and sticking to the bare skin of his upper body. He too was wearing swim trunks, though his were navy blue with a lighter blue palm tree on one side. A necklace with a shark tooth hung around his neck and of course, his eyepatch was right where it always was. His arms were crossed, a loose bracelet hanging from one wrist. The smirk on his lips was one I wanted to slap off his face.
With my heart still racing, I unhooked my legs and let myself drop back into the ocean. “You both suck, you know that?”
Childe chuckled and pulled me into a loose headlock, lightly rubbing his knuckles across the top of my head. “Come on, Karebear, it’s all fun and games.”
“It’s fun and games until I knock out the both of you!”
Suddenly, I was pulled free. I didn’t recognize the hand that held my arm, but looking up, I spotted familiar red hair tied up into a high ponytail. Diluc’s coat was missing, leaving him in his white shirt with rolled up sleeves. His gloves were missing too and his black pants were rolled up to avoid getting them wet. Tension quickly flooded the space around us, and although it made me uncomfortable, I couldn’t help but stay silent as I watched our newest teammate glare at the others.
Kaeya’s chuckle broke the tension. “Now, now, there’s no need for that face. You don’t seriously think we would put our lovely team leader in jeopardy, do you?”
“Yes, I do.” Diluc replied, giving Childe a harsher look before turning to me. “You should come take a look at this.”
Confused and concerned, I followed Diluc out of the water. He lead me to the other side of the beach where a large, toy-looking structure stood. Across from it was a line drawn in the sand, almost like someone had created a court.
“Woah. What the heck is this thing?” I asked, keeping a distance from it.
“I haven’t the slightest clue.” Diluc replied. “I came across it just now.”
The others, who had been trailing behind, caught up just then.
“This is an interesting structure indeed.” Zhongli said, putting a hand on his chin as he observed it.
I looked up at him. “Do you recognize it, Zhongli?”
He shook his head. “I don’t.”
Kaeya cut in. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but this structure wasn’t here the first time we visited with Klee, Jean and the others.”
I thought back to the day we first discovered this little paradise Alice created. “No, you’re right. It wasn’t, and what’s with the easel?”
Childe walked up beside me to stare at the painting. “Looks like whoever was here painted that thing.”
My brows furrowed together. “The only person who knows about this place with a passion for painting is Albedo.”
Kaeya chuckled. “So Albedo left us a little gift, did he?”
“I didn’t tell him we were coming. Did you?”
“I might have mentioned something along the lines of taking a vacation.”
Diluc huffed and crossed his arms. “Stop being cryptic. What is it for?”
Kaeya shrugged. “My knowledge stops here. You’re just as in the dark about this contraption as I am.”
Glancing around the area, I noticed two large, flower like boards buried in the sand on the court. Tilting my head, I dug one up and brushed the excess sand off. The board started to emit a faint glow, and an odd, whooshing sound reached my ears.
Looking up, I spotted a golden ball hurling towards me. Acting fast I deflected it with the board, sending it flying back towards the structure. It crashed into it, and a the glowing white bar on its head depleted a little.
“Oh!” I exclaimed, turning towards the guys. “It’s a game!”
“A game?” Zhongli asked, a hint of confusion lacing his voice.
Diluc carefully grabbed my wrist and pulled me off the court. “We don’t know that for sure. This ‘game’ could quickly turn into an attack.”
The second my foot stepped over the court line, the board in my hands lost its light. The structure seemed to shut down, its eyes losing their glow and the white bar on its head disappeared.
“Interesting.” Kaeya said. “The second you step outside the line, it stops.”
Childe shrugged and stepped onto the court, picking up the other board. “So if it gets too crazy, we leave. Who’s up for a game of Kaboomball?”
I snorted. “Kaboomball? What are you gonna name that thing? ‘Dodo Fortress?” The corner of my lips curled up. “Diluc, can you say ‘Dodo King’ one more time?”
The red-head shot me a disapproving look.
I laughed and held the board out to a snickering Kaeya. “Alright, go test this thing out and see if it’s safe before I play.”
“Oh? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were using me as your guinea pig.” He remarked.
Plastering an innocent look on my face, I clapped my hands behind my back. “It’s just because I trust you.”
Still smirking, Kaeya took his place on the field. The Dodo Fortress came to life again, shooting a peach coloured ball from its mouth. Childe parried it back with ease, and just like the first time, the white bar depleted when the ball hit the fortress. Kaeya and Childe worked together as well as they did on the battlefield, and when the bar depleted entirely, the fortress shut down.
“I think that means we won.” Kaeya said, stepping off the court and handing me the board. “It’s your turn. Try not to get hit while you’re out there.”
I rolled my eyes and turned to Zhongli. “Team up with me?”
The man’s lips curled up as he nodded. “It would be my pleasure.”
He accepted the board from Childe and joined me on the court. I rolled my shoulders and prepared myself for the game to start, but what I wasn’t expecting was another gold ball to go flying straight at me. In a moment of panic I ducked, leaving poor Zhongli to deflect the ball behind me. Making some sort of strangled growl, I jumped to my feet and glared the fortress down, more determined then ever to bring it down. It took Zhongli and I a little longer then Kaeya and Childe did, but eventually we managed to win.
“That was good!” I said, giving my partner a high-five. “Hey, Diluc! You wanna try?”
Diluc crossed his arms. “I’m not interested, thanks.”
Shrugging my shoulders, I turned to Childe. “You and me?”
He grinned. “Hell yeah! Although, we’ve both had a practice round. What do you say we up the difficulty?”
Raising a brow, I watched the harbinger as he approached the Dodo Fortress, walking around the structure while he examined it.
A bad feeling settled in my gut. “Childe, maybe we shouldn’t-”
My warning came too late, for he had already touched something on the back of the fortress. The structure roared as it came to life, it’s eyes angry as steam rose from beneath it. The Dodo Fortress fired mud and frost balls one after another in rapid succession, the balls flying in every possible direction.
“Stabilize!” Zhongli’s voice came from behind me, followed by a jade shield.
Ball after ball pelted the shield as Zhongli quickly pulled me off the court. Once the playing field was empty, the fortress shut down.
“Is everyone okay?” I asked, glancing at the others.
Zhongli, who was also protected by the shield, appeared to be just fine. Kaeya and Diluc, however, were splattered with mud and frost. Diluc was visibly pissed and Kaeya, who didn’t look much happier, was rubbing his jaw.
“Whoops.” Childe laughed awkwardly as he approached us. “I guess that one was for ultra hard mode.”
The jade shield crumbled just then. Feeling my eye twitch, I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. “Diluc, give me your claymore.”
The harbinger’s face paled. “Come on, Kare, it wasn’t-”
The handle of Kaeya’s sword was suddenly placed in the palm of my hand. “This will be much lighter for you.”
“Thanks.” I said, giving Kaeya a grateful nod before taking off after Childe, who was already running down the beach. “Get back here, you coward!”
Zhongli, who was left with the others by the fortress, gave a sigh. “I suppose I should step in before things go too far.”
He followed after the rambunctious pair, moving no faster then a walk.
Diluc looked at Kaeya with narrowed eyes. “Why do you encourage her?”
The Cryo user chuckled and tried to wring the mud out of his hair. “She won’t actually hurt him, and besides, she’s adorable when she tries to be threatening.”
Diluc grumbled and followed after Zhongli. Someone had to make sure Kare didn’t hurt herself with that sword.
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atlas-of-a-human-soul · a month ago
What are some of the things you think we didn't get in Draw your swords?
I don't remember them off the top of my head, but as I'm editing the fic for Wattpad I just finished this part where he describes her scent for the first time and he says it isn't like a perfume, rather like her natural scent and she says something similar about his clean and woodsy scent. I was alluding to them being soulmates because there are some claims that people who smell nice to each other naturally are highly compatible concerning their immune systems or something along that.
What I do know I left as a small clue I didn't want to elaborate on (as Y/N never knew this either) is that Aleksander was the young man who helped her mother cross the Fold when she was running from the Emperor. It was from before he became a general. Her mother didn't forget him and that's why she trusted him with Y/N and told Zlatan they should arrange a marriage (using false reasons to convince her husband).
Edit: She often wore a blue kefta in the first 4-5 parts which is made for Etherealki aka for the Order of Summoners. That was a small clue on her being the Sun Summoner.
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ruminationsofaraven · a month ago
Hi, akka!
K,L for the fandom ask meme?
Thank you 💝
Hiya girlie! 💕 Thanks for stopping by.
K - Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms.
Okay, so, off the top of my head I'll pick @mel-is-so-awkward. This small but powerful V.S (Vijay Sethupathi) fandom has very few people in it and this person was super kind to take in my requests and listen to my rants about the characters this man has played.
She even went to the lengths of gif-ing some important scenes. Just for me. Not many people have the time and energy to do that.
Thanks for this babe. ❤
Tumblr media
L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)
I would have to pick Daniel Hardman from Suits.
Tumblr media
He is that perfect villain you hate so goddamn much and the minute he enters the screen he lights a fire under our favorite characters' asses. Despite getting beaten down repeatedly by Jessica and Harvey, he still tries to weasel his way back into the firm. And that is so exciting to watch.
There's equal parts giddiness and hatred when he's around and I love that feeling. He keeps me at the edge of my seat with his shenanigans. And that's the beauty of his character. Although you hate his guts, you can't help but admire his tenacity.
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valley-of-the-lost · 17 days ago
of all of the barbie cinematic universe
This is just off the top of my head so this likely isn't everything and ugly is subjective and all that
1. In Barbie as Rapunzel her dad's crown looks so bad 😭 it looks like cardboard someone covered in gold foil and stuck fake jewels on. Its a really small thing but once I noticed it I couldn't UNSEE it.
2. This isn't really something I find ugly per se and its likely more of a budget thing, but I do not fuck with Blair and her friends all being dressed in the same dress just in a different shade. The dress itself I'm kinda ehhh about, don't hate it but its not my favorite, but the fact that EVERYONE has it on really makes me go smh a little.
3. Now the Secret Door dress is one I ACTUALLY don't like. It looks like someone took random flower decorations and just. Threw them all over the skirt, making it look too busy. I'm also not a fan of how the top looks like a stretchy summer dress its weird or the shade of pink they chose for the main color, it feels too harsh. I don't know how to explain it.
4. All of the Barbie Diaries lmao but I still can't bring myself to hate it. Its animation is so bad it loops right back around to being funny. *zooms in on mouth* "C A N I C O U N T O N Y O U ? ?"
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boredindminor · 9 days ago
Fanfic Requests!
I’ve been trying to write specific prompts lately and I decided to start taking fanfic requests for headcanons, oneshots and imagines. Could do multiple chapters(think 2-3) if needed.
Just hmu in my asks or pm’s!
💕Fandoms I’m writing for:
The Phantom of the opera
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Death Note
Any character/pairing/trope/prompt! I’m not really good at writing nsfw but I can try and I’m not against anything suggestive or slight nsfw.
⚠️Things I will NOT write:
Animal abuse
Children involved in any nsfw
Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but please remember there’s a small but existing chance I will not write something if I don’t feel comfortable to, but that will depend on each case.
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