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youchangedme · 26 days ago
"im sorry* but im not racist because it wasn't my intention to be. also my friend** says i wasn't being racist so it's okay. please please forgive me i literally did nothing wrong ❤️"
* annoyed that i got called out
** follower whose identity i know nothing about and im desperately clinging onto to absolve myself of any wrongdoing
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jailerat · 10 months ago
So target is bumping up their salary to permanently be $15 per hour, which is great and good and I’m glad because I’m poor and would like to not rely on my mother for my entire life. But people keep expecting me to be more excited and like... honestly we should have been making that already, we should have been making more than that in my opinion. $15 is not a lot. And even if it’s not a super high position I can say for a fact that our effort and our time is definitely worth more than that, definitely worth more than the $13 we were previously making. There’s no such thing as unskilled work, and we’re worth AT LEAST $15 an hour. So no I’m not going to praise target for paying us something they already should have been paying us
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forever-rogue · 5 days ago
Hi hun! If your up to it would you be able to 12 & 55 with TWAS Bucky?
Tumblr media
Prompts | 
12.   “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
55.  “I’m pregnant.”
Pairing | Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings | language, possessive!Bucky, pregnant reader
Masterlists | Bucky, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“You gonna tell me why you’ve been giving me the silent treatment all night?” apparently midnight was your breaking point as you glared across the couch as the brooding idiot you called your boyfriend scoffed. He refused to glance in your direction, instead keeping his gaze trained on the movie that was playing, “James.”
“I haven’t been giving you the silent treatment,” he insisted as he chanced a quick glance at you. You rolled your eyes dramatically, making an indignant sound. 
“Bullshit,” you threw the blanket off your lap and stood up, walking over to him and blocking his view so he was forced to look at you, “ever since we went out to dinner you’ve been all but ignoring me and you’ve got this angry expression on your face. You’re doing the whole...what does Sam call it? The bionic staring machine thing. What crawled up your ass and died?”
“It’s nothing, just drop it.”
“If you’re going to act like a spoiled brat all night and not talk to me, me of all people, you can go ahead sleep out here,” throwing your hands up, you started to walk away, but you were quickly stopped by a sharp tug on your wrist, “Bucky!”
“That asshole waiter at the restaurant had his hands all over you,” he finally said through gritted teeth, a darkness clouding his normally cerulean eyes, “constantly had to lean in close and come back over.”
“The waiter….” your eyes narrowed as you tried to remember what had happened. And then - oh yes. The waiter that was eyeing you up and definitely invading your space as you tried to enjoy a quiet evening with your boyfriend, “oh. That’s what’s got your panties in a bunch? It was very obvious we were on a date, Bucky. Chill.”
“He touched you and fuckin’ flaunted it in front of my face.”
“Wait a minute...are you jealous?” a wicked little grin crossed your features as you realized you’d just gotten to the root of the problem. Bucky remained silent as he pulled you flush against him and crashed his lips against yours. The suddenness of it shocked you, but you easily melted into his touch and let him possess you, asserting his dominance and trying to get any trace of the waiter away from you. It was a bruising tangle of tongue and teeth that eventually left you breathless as you pulled and gave him a surprised little look.
“No one touches my girl,” he stated as he grabbed your face gently before swiping his thumb along your cheek, “especially when it’s clear you’re mine.”
“Bucky,” your mouth parted lightly as he traced along the curve of your bottom lip, “I’m pregnant. With your child. I think everyone already knows I’m yours.”
“You’re not showing yet,” his other hand dipped to your waist before gently resting on the slight swell of your belly.
“But soon I will be,” you whispered, “and they’ll know better than to come near me. I’m yours, baby. You know that - I’m your girl.”
This time it was your turn to catch him off guard as you pulled him to your lips and kissed him with a fervent hunger that had your hands roaming his body and fumbling for the hem of his shirt. He whispered a soft fuck in between kisses as he attempted to undress as you while you attempting to guide you towards the bedroom. His lips never left yours before he effortlessly scooped you in his arms and carried you the rest of the way.
“I’m going to make sure everyone knows you’re mine,” he all but ripped your shirt off as he gently set you down, “gonna mark you up for everyone to see. No one will come near you again.”
“Mark me,” you wrapped your legs around his waist as you pulled him down to your body, “let everyone know I’m yours and you’re mine.”
“Fuck honey,” he kissed down the column of your throat, stopping just above your breasts, “I love you.”
“I love you too, Buck.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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roastapple58 · 7 days ago
Locate 24 Hour Smoke Shops Nearby
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fa-headhoncho · 8 days ago
Fake Boyfriend: Part 3
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki x Reader
Prompt: The fake dating plan has some... complications.
Word Count: 1351
Reader: Female
Warning: Americanized. Leading up to drama, if I still to the plan lol. lmk if u want to be tagged
Part 1 Part 2
It was the weekend once again and the plan for the was to go to the mall with some of the class. You were very excited since it’s been a while since you left the campus other than the patrols during your internship. Getting up early, showering, and even putting on a cute outfit.
You bounce down the stairs, sending the girls a wave before making a b-line to the kitchen. Katsuki stands at the counter, preparing the plate of food he just cooked. The sound of someone rummaging through the cabinets near catches his attention.
He turns around and nearly drops the pan of eggs onto the floor. You were on your tippy-toes, trying to reach the top shelf… in a dress. He hasn’t seen you in a dress since your elementary school graduation and he was flustered. Yea, he sees you in a skirt every day in class but this was different. The way the garment hugged your curves and accentuated your--
“Can you help me, Suki?” Your sweet voice snaps him out of his daze. He nods, fearing his voice would reveal the effect you had on him. He quickly sets down the pan and makes his way over to you. “Can you grab the Sugar-O’s?”
“Tch.” He shakes his head at you, his mind finally piecing itself back together to scold you. “You are not eating Sugar-O’s for breakfast. You’re going to feel like shit all day if you eat a shitty meal.”
You immediately pout out your bottom lip causing him to let out a sigh. Years of friendship have taught you what you needed to do for the blonde to give you what you want. It was a true talent. “Please, Bubba?” You beg, putting the nail in the coffin.
“No.” He spits out in your face. You let out a scoff, shoulders dropping as he saunters back to the counter to continue his task.
“Well, what am I supposed to eat then?”
He just shakes his head, holding back a chuckle at your child-like actions. “Will you stop whining for ten seconds?” He grumbles out.
“I haven’t eaten since last night, Katsuki, I’m starv--” You cut yourself when he spins back around to look at you. A warmth starts from your toes and climbs up the rest of your body as you see the two plates of food in his hands. “You made me breakfast?”
He rolls his eyes, “No, I made too much food and I know your dumbass would want some.” He simply states but you know it’s a lie. He’s skilled enough in the culinary arts that he knew how much of each ingredient to put in to make the correct portion size for one plate. He specifically made enough to share with you and it made your heart skip a beat.
“Are you going to take it or stand there?” Katsuki gestures to his outstretched hand holding the food.
You give him a grateful smile as you grab it, daring to lean forward and press a quick kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, bubba.” You whisper in his ear before walking away.
Katsuki bites his lip, trying to push down the blush that was fighting to spread across his cheeks. He lifts his head and watches you join the girls at the table, a small feeling of disappointment washes over him since he wanted to enjoy breakfast with his girlfriend.
She’s not my girlfriend. He has to remind himself.
The girls and you chat about the day ahead while eating your breakfast. The group planned a day to the mall and were trying to narrow down which shops they wanted to stop by. Some of the boys were coming along as well but were still sleeping so they weren’t here to discuss.
“I hope Todoroki is going.” Momo absently says, eyes dazed as she drags a finger around the rim of her teacup.
“I’m not sure.” Orchaco looks over to Mina who shrugs in response. “Izuku said that some of the guys are coming and he didn’t mention him--” Momo’s shoulders drop but no one takes notice, “--Is Bakugo coming?”
All eyes turn to you as you happily munch at the delicious pancakes. You have to ask Katsuki for the recipe, they were the best thing you’ve eaten in months. The fork was still hanging out of your mouth when you notice that the girls’ attention was on you.
You quickly gulp down the bite and raise your eyebrows. “Sorry, what was the question?”
Mina lets out a chuckle, “Is Bakugo going to the mall with us?”
A small blush coats your cheeks and you duck your head away from them, hoping that they don’t see it. “Probably not, he’s not much of a social person.”
“Well, I’m sure he’ll come if you mention you’re going.” Mina counters, wiggling her eyebrows up and down. The girls let out various hums of agreements, some even giggling. “He’s seemed to enjoy movie night.”
Your blush spreads from your cheeks to your whole face at the memory. After you dozed off, you woke up the next morning with your head on Katsuki’s chest and him sprawled out under you on the couch.
“Who knew Bakugo had a soft side.” Hagakure coos out, her arms close together showing that she was clasping her invisible hands. “So, are you guys together?”
You don’t trust your voice so you nod. A few of the girls let out excited squeals and move to your side, spewing out questions at ten miles an hour. You hate this kind of attention, especially since it was all coming from a lie.
“I don’t know how it happened really… we kind of just started dating.” You say what comes to mind since you didn’t think about this part of the plan. “And, he’s always had a soft side with me. Nothing has changed between us… he’s still my best friend just with a different title.”
“That’s adorable.” Hagakure gleams. “I never really thought Bakugo would get a girlfriend.” She quietly admits leading some of the other girls to nod too.
You furrow your eyebrows at them, confused about why they say that. Yea, he’s never had any other girlfriend in the past but that is only because he never wanted one. You knew they meant no harm at the comment but there was a fit of slight anger lingering inside you at their words.
“There’s a lot more to Katsuki than just exploding fists. Under all that anger, there’s a soft little teddy bear.” You tell them with a dreamy expression on your face. “He’s just... “ You go to continue but stop yourself since you know Katsuki would kill you if you mentioned any of the vulnerable moments you’ve had with him. You didn’t want to break the trust you had built up with him over the years just to prove something.
You let out a sigh, eyes going back to the plate of food in front of you. “Bakugo has a very complicated personality and once you figure it out, it’s hard not to love him.” You meant it, growing up with him was easy but when you came back from school it was like you had to start over with him.
His aggressive personality developed into what it is now, a defensive wall to block anyone who would get in his way to becoming the number one hero. And you admired that, his passion and determination was beautiful. But once you broke down those walls, you saw the real Bakugo Katsuki. The one who reads romance novels before he goes to bed; the one who still slept with the same teddy bear from his childhood; and the one who is constantly reevaluating what he did so he could improve.
What you didn’t realize is that the said boy could hear the entire conversation from his spot in the kitchen. A small smirk on his face at your confession. A hopeful voice in the back of his head says to maybe make this dating scheme a reality.
fake bf: @yn-dreamlife @yaskna @bakugouswh0r3 @bkgkhaos @addictofsupernatural @littlemaladaptivedaydreamer @thoroughlycaffeinated @riot-race @missyredbean @speedmetalqueen @anime-weeb-bnha
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justalarryblog · 10 days ago
KID FICS - Single Parent Louis
Too Much To Bare by @soloistharold (18k) | Teen And Up Audiences
“From where Harry was sitting, Louis’ face looked more angular, more mature. He found himself studying Louis’ features, from the way his hair fell against his forehead, to the prominence of his cheekbones, to the dip of his cupid’s bow, and finally, to the subtle curve of his small lips.
He stared and stared and stared, noticing how his eyes crinkled every time he laughed at one of Chandler’s stupid jokes, watching the way his mouth moved when he smiled, feeling a slight yearning in his chest for more contact. He wanted to reach forward, maybe tuck a stray strand of hair behind his ear, press his lips against the warmth of Louis’ cheek… perhaps let them wander to the right a bit and capture Louis’ lips in a kiss.
He wondered what Louis would do if Harry kissed him. Would he get mad and push him away? Or would he welcome it? Maybe bring a hand up to cup Harry’s cheek and use the other to stroke his hair.”
Harry has been in love with Louis for as long as hes can remember despite his many efforts to move on, until finally, in a last ditch attempt to put it all behind him, Harry pushes away everyone he loves.
The Healing Song by @2204 (111k) | Mature
Louis was carrying the large stuffed elephant like it was a baby, it’s trunk hanging over his shoulder and down his back and it’s front legs were resting around his neck, like it was hugging him. Said elephant was a present from Louis’ close friend Steve, who had thought Louis needed something to hug on bad days and had gifted him with a stuffed elephant the size of a one year old.
Steve had been right. Some days Louis did need something to hug, and this elephant was as good as anything.
Louis was having one of the rougher days. The harmonious state of the anxiety free life of a fearless Louis had ended the week after he met with Harry. It ended as abruptly as it had started. It was like pushing a button. Lights out. Almost as if the universe said “You’ve had your fun, crazy one, now go be sick” and slammed the door in his face.
Or where Louis is a single father of two, suffering from PTSD, and Harry is there providing soulmatey and loving support while he heals the wounds of past abuse.
Part 1 of The Healing Song
we can get there (we can do it if we try) by @zouisclimax (28k) | Explicit
He’s a bit shocked when he sees the person in front of him. Because, it’s a man? Which, yeah, he guesses that really isn’t that weird, but. Just, what? Of all the nannies Louis has ever met he has never once encountered a male. And really, of all the males he has encountered, he has never encountered one so pretty. Okay, there’s Zayn, but, he doesn’t count.
[or, the one where Louis’s a dad in desperate need for a new nanny. Harry’s perfect for the job]
we are honey and the bee by @soleilouis (41k) | Mature
It isn’t his fault though, it is entirely the fault of whichever gods thought it would be a good idea to taunt Louis by dangling a curly haired boy in front of him with a mouth that can’t possibly be as soft as it looks, a mouth that requires further inspection with Louis’ own mouth. Unfortunately, Louis absolutely cannot do that, because it would go against all rules and guidelines in the Golden Handbook of Nanny and Employee Etiquette that he’s pretty sure exists.
au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.
Only Look Ahead by @hostagesfic (72k) | Explicit
Louis never intended to fall in love with Harry: not five years into their time together in the band, not when they’re living on opposite continents, and especially not when he’s the new dad to a tiny human with way too much personality for anyone under nine pounds. Yet somehow Harry manages to worm his way into Louis’ life with every bit of weird affinity for Swedish homegoods and expensive baby clothes that you’d expect.
nothing else but us right here by @supernope (35k) | Mature
Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.
K-9’s and Blue Eyes by @LHStylinson (36k) | Mature
Harry runs the police station’s K-9 unit and Louis is a single father to a newborn and has a few things to figure out.
Or Harry and Louis with puppies and babies.
In Repair by @teaandtumblr (36k) | Mature
Louis didn’t handle his and Liam’s divorce - probably because he never saw it coming and because Liam somehow managed to find the love of his life at the same time.
Harry is a daycare worker who really just wants Louis and Liam to get their shit together.
i just know i have found the place my heart belongs by @scagnetism (32k) | Not Rated
“Gracie loves faeries, don’t you, little love?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s thoughts, and she spares a glance over her shoulder at her father, nodding quickly before looking back at the house and touching it with gentle fingers.
Harry looks up at him, and they share a small smile, Louis making him feel warm, warm, warm. “This is her house, and it’s my favorite thing in my shop,” Harry explains, and Louis crouches slightly so he can see it better.
“’S beautiful,” he murmurs, and Harry smiles appreciatively at him.
Harry looks at Gracie again, blonde hair falling into her face as she inspects the glittery house, and he instinctively tucks her hair back behind her ear. “I’ve never seen the faerie,” he says to her softly, “but sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I can feel her.” He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, just sitting like that for a few seconds for the effect. “That’s how I know she’s watching over me.”
Or, the one where Louis has a quiet little girl, Harry has a toy shop with a magic faerie house, and they were made to fall in love.
Flour and Chocolate by @teaandtumblr (145k) | Mature
It was nice, for a bakery he supposed.
Then he approached the display cabinet.
And the foreboding slammed into him. Because every product had letters next to it. Letters. GF, DF, V, O, VGN.
What. The. Fuck?
Lifting his eyes to the chalkboard menu spread across the back wall Louis felt physically ill. ‘Gluten-free’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, ‘dair-…’ Wait, what the fuck was a paleo? He had entered some hipster-trash establishment and it was more than time to get out.
Louis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the street.
Cheese Toasties by @elsi_bee (13k) | Explicit
Harry is back to managing nights at Sandy’s Diner, his home away from home. A new customer with two kids in tow makes his nights a bit more interesting.
or: I’m not super into the kid fic 1DHQ is currently trying to write. So here’s a better one. :)
Take My Heart by @justalarryblog​ (25K) | Explicit
“So, you’re telling me he’s divorced and has a kid?” Samuel asked, checking if he understood everything right.
“Yeah,” Harry nodded while chewing the last bite of his hamburger, “Ethan, he’s ten.” He discarded the wrapper and drank from his soda.
“And he’s single.” Samuel stated, remembering what his friend had told him the last time they ate together.
“Yep,” Harry agreed, popping the ‘p’, “And I have no clue how I’m gonna tell him I’m interested in him without sounding like a damn creep.”
“Well, that’s easy. Like, he knows you take rounds at the supermarket’s block, right? So you just have to go up to him one day and tell him.” Harry’s friend said, looking proud of himself as if he said the most brilliant thing in the universe.
“Sure thing, you dimwit! Of course I’m gonna stop the car on the sidewalk and say, ‘Hi Louis, I think you’re hot and I haven’t stopped thinking about you since that day at the hospital so I want to know if you want to go out with me.’” Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. “That’s really gonna work.”
Or Louis’s life is saved by the hot Officer Styles, a man who’s a very competent policeman but can’t help his clumsiness and blushing around him.
A Life That We Share (I Owe It All to You) by @Rearviewdreamer (50k) | Mature
When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.
Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up :)
Manhattan From The Sky by @sincewewereeighteen (47k) | Explicit
Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet.
The Healing Song by @2204 (111k) | Mature
Louis was carrying the large stuffed elephant like it was a baby, it’s trunk hanging over his shoulder and down his back and it’s front legs were resting around his neck, like it was hugging him. Said elephant was a present from Louis’ close friend Steve, who had thought Louis needed something to hug on bad days and had gifted him with a stuffed elephant the size of a one year old.
Steve had been right. Some days Louis did need something to hug, and this elephant was as good as anything.
Louis was having one of the rougher days. The harmonious state of the anxiety free life of a fearless Louis had ended the week after he met with Harry. It ended as abruptly as it had started. It was like pushing a button. Lights out. Almost as if the universe said “You’ve had your fun, crazy one, now go be sick” and slammed the door in his face.
Or where Louis is a single father of two, suffering from PTSD, and Harry is there providing soulmatey and loving support while he heals the wounds of past abuse.
Part 1 of The Healing Song
The Perfect Match. by @RoseLyn28 (536k) | Mature
Louis Tomlinson is a well respected Doctor whose life revolves around his work and his 8 year old daughter… until he meets Harry Styles, who becomes his daughter’s art teacher. Harry becomes a part of their lives, loving Louis’ little girl Emma like his own.
Just months after meeting Harry, Louis gets a phone call saying he is the perfect match for a bone marrow transplant for a leukemia patient; Harry is that patient.
“But for many recipients, a transplant is successful and their best or only option. Your gift gives them hope and a second chance at life.”
Baby Steal My Heart Away by @Snowy38 (61k) | Explicit
Louis headed into the hall, seeing the Moses basket right away.
Was that…
It was. It was a baby! A loudly crying, clearly unhappy-actually properly distressed baby. It was already red in the face and–
Why was there a baby?
He looked up and around, palm flattening to his forehead to push his scruffy hair away from his clammy skin, checking he wasn’t being punked.
✨You can also check My Fic Tags for more fics! ✨
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mysteriesmuse · 11 days ago
Hi Everyone! Okay, so this is a little different then what I normally do, but I am also fan of My Hero Academia and have been harboring this wonderful idea for an adventure in my head. I think a may do like a mini series or something? Just another something fun and sporadic as I go. Anyway, I can not stop thinking about the possiblity of the hard-headed character Bakugo being an exchange student to America. I mean technically he is head of the rooster in the 1-A class and it’s known that they take English classes, so why not?? I just think it’s an amazing idea! and as someone studying Japanese language/culture and someone that’s lived in Japan a little bit I think it’s a great idea to potentially practice some Japanese here and there in writing. Just hilarious and plantonic adventures! 😂 So yeah without further ado then!
The First Day: At the Airport. (Exchange Student Bakugo concept by me) _____________________ You’d arrived at the airport with the intent to come pick up the exchange student from Japan that’d be staying with your family. You’d gone to the airport expecting, and found one: Bakugo Katsuki, from UA. . .
Bakugo quiet literally sunk into the plush cotton passenger seat of your car with his size. His arms crossed over his chest as he gazed out the window. Every once in a while, when he felt parched you’d suppose, he’d grab his coffee and take a long sip.
Where the freshly stirred liquid would become way more pungent to your nose, the bitterness remaining on the rim making your mouth water unfavorably.
Then he’d continue to stare out amoungst the buildings and fields outside till the landscape faded down from glistening skyscrapers to being immersed in the mountains. This was your ride home.
After that turn off the highway onto the Blue Ridge Bakugo seemed to perk up. Reaching over to host the cup in his hand for minutes at a time to take frequent small sips, staring wondrously outside.
“Pretty,” you mummered tilting your head to get a look at him. Still looking with wide eyes.
The spring foliage was starting to emerge from the bare sticks. Little buds and tiny leaves of green dotted the air against the sky in the formation of mountains as you drove by. Drove by, within those mountains, on one. In one; in fact. And Bakugo seemed to take an immense liking to that.
He let out a simple grunt that sounded like hmm before fiddling over with the buttons on the side. Swiftly letting down the window about halfway, he immediately took a large breath in.
Totally different from Japan. It didn’t have all the smoke, just clean free air in your lungs.
“I like your mountains.”
He said matter of factly, “Me too.” You replied, “It’s nice.”
Bakugo turned his head to look at you nodding slowly before going back to gaze out his window. He could not have prepared himself for America to be this beautiful in its vastness.
Your eyes continued on the road. There it was, an overlook ahead sign. 5 miles. The corners of your mouth curved upwards.
“Would you like a picture? To take a photo.”
“Get out of car?” Bakugo asked.
“Yep. We have places here- to stop the car. To take pictures.”
He nodded hesitantly before saying, “Sure.”
“Alright. Can do,” you replied taking the turn over into a small parking lot. Another family of tourist taking photos and going “ooo~” at all the mountains.
You unbuckled with a click and Bakugo watched you exist the car before following suit and hopping down onto the cement.
“This is more for tourists,” you added watching Bakugo pull out his phone from his pants pocket and open the camera app, “But I think we all like it up here-“
The words you were saying were barely getting through to him. He had got to take the perfect shot of this. Man, if his dad were here he’d be having a hay day trying to get mom and him settled into the frame just right.
Hmm, not good enough.
Bakugo walked down a little ways from you on the sidewalk before he began squattting down again. His brows raising and becoming furrowed as he swiped away at the settings with his thumb. Very much in thought.
You couldn’t blame him, he’d gotten bit by the tourist bug.
He seemed satisfied walking over to you. Before he began pointing at himself and the view.
“Take a picture for me?”
“Sure,” you replied taking the phone from his hands as he went over the to grassy area posing with his hands shoved into his pockets.
“Alright, say cheese!”
Bakugo did not say cheese.
“You good, now?”
He nodded climbing back into your car, “Good. Thank you.”
As you started up the car back onto the main road to take your leave Bakugo looked from his phone to the view before muttering a, “Sugoi.” ‘Awesome.’
You continued driving on the Parkway windows down and a subtle breeze tossling your guys hair.
“They told me you like physical activity.”
“I do.”
“Well, up here in the mountains you can take hikes,” Bakugo tore his eyes off the window to watch you go on.
“There are lots of hiking trails where I live. We can-“ you started pausing to turn your blinkers on and turn off the road here before going under a little bridge, “we can go find some to try.”
“I am very good,” he added. Thoughtfully gracing over your figure, perhaps you might not be the best hiking buddy. Maybe he should pick places with an easy and hard trial.
If he couldn’t do that he could always tell Kirishima some funny stories.
“I am sure you are,” you added with some breathy laughter, “but we are almost here.”
Bakugo watched as you pulled onto a gravel road. Still twisty. Like everything else here.
Once you stopped the car he hopped out and grabbed his bags. You decided to grab the empty drink cups as the door flung open to be bombarded with younger siblings.
“Wow! Hi! Konnichi-chiwa!” Your sibling sprang around the front porch.
You glanced, Bakugo seemed indifferent, but you knew your sibling were a annoying.
“N/N he looks scary...” your youngest sibling spoke revealing themselves to be hiding behind the door as you walked in.
Bakugo followed suit standing beside you in the entranceway as your other sister scrambled back further into the house shouting, “They’re back. They’re back!”
You crouched down to your other sibling. “They’re not really mean and scary. . .” You said sparing a glance as Bakugo watched you, “Remember he’s a hero student. So he’s training to be a superhero! He’s gotta look tuff to scare the bad guys away!”
At this her eyes perked up.
“Yeah! That totally makes sense!” She cheered.
“This way Mr. Superhero. This is your room, but it’s actually the guest room.” She giggled stating matter of factly.
Bakugo stayed behind a beat; turning to look you in the eyes. He looked thoughtful for just a moment before a soft but firm, “thank you,” came out.
You waved your palm non-chantly, “Of course, that was a little thing, but-“ you stated raising your eyebrows and leaning towards him, to emphasize your point, as you walked past, “you are very welcome.”
Bakugo made a ‘tch’ sound as he followed you into the room where he found everything was cleaned up for his stay. He could tell Aizawa at his first weekly check-up that they had picked a good family, or at least you.
But until then Bakugo took a long nap. Passing out from the evening straight into tomorrow afternoon.
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photiniainsummer · 14 days ago
A Little Audience Participation Can Tip the Scales (1/?): The Lede
Genre: GenFic - Action, Mystery, Humor
Rating: Teen and Up
Story Summary: There’s a strange group living at the old Markiplier Manor.
They’re the villains of their tales, they’re looking for information, and they need your help putting Mark’s scattered egos back together to get their lives back.
And stop Mark and the Entity breaking reality.
Small goals.
(Second Person POV, vaguely fem-coded Reader)
Chapter Summary: The one where your cheeky coworker convinces you to check out the old Markiplier Manor with him.
Word Count: 5372
Author's Note: Decided to cross-post from my Ao3! The next three chapters are already up, and I try to post every Tuesday. :3
Read on Ao3 here:
The Lede
You watch amusedly from your desk as Jonah, your coworker-slash-mentor and partner in crime, comes bustling through the door to the reporters’ bullpen. He’s late, as usual, his half-open messenger bag slung across his rumpled self. Scribbled-on papers and even his laptop haphazardly jut out from the bag as he struggles to balance a breakfast sandwich on his thermos. Sometimes, all he had to do was exist to make you nervous. He starts to make his way across to you and your neighboring desks but is intercepted by the resident office mom for what she calls a “good old fashioned talking-to.” She’s always trying to tenderly bully him into being a better example for the junior reporters like yourself, although you have to wonder why she keeps it up despite its clearly limited efficacy. It’s not even that Jonah’s particularly stubborn - he’s just one of those people who, no matter how early he leaves home or how hard he tries, something just so happens to make him late. You can see how it would seem intentional, but you know Jonah’s too honest and, frankly, not creative enough to come up with the plethora of scenarios that conspire against him. You’ve just learned to tell Jonah to show up at least half an hour before you actually want him to.
Eleanor, however, is committed to whipping Jonah into shape. In the midst of her chiding, Jonah catches your gaze and pulls an awful face, startling a laugh out of you. Eleanor, of course, seizes on this and switches to berating him about listening when spoken to as you try to pull your attention back to scanning the morning news. He really knows how to dig himself in deeper, you think, chewing your lip to keep from laughing at the memory of his terrible expression.
“Don’t even start,” Jonah grumbles when he finally extracts himself from Eleanor’s chastising, sliding into his desk across from you. “You heard it, she already ran the full gamut this morning.” You give him your best shocked look.
“Who, me? No idea what you’re talking about,” you reply coolly, punctuating your tease by exaggeratedly returning to your work and clattering at your keyboard. “I was just going to ask how your morning went.” Jonah groans, but his lips tug upward in his typical crooked smile. At least he’d managed to shave without cutting himself this morning, you note.
“Ugh. Just because you were born able to wake up five minutes before your alarm doesn’t mean the rest of us were. Besides, I was up listening to the scanner.” Now it’s your turn to groan.
“That thing again? It’s barely legal for you to have one here, even Walker said as much.” Your boss and head editor had given Jonah his patented disapproving brow-furrow and pressed-lip combo when it had come up in conversation, but he hadn’t explicitly told the crime reporter to get rid of it, either. Jonah argued it kept him ahead of the curve on his beat, but with as many connections as he had, you suspected he used it more for the thrill of it than bettering his job performance. “What was so interesting last night, anyway? Any high-speed chases?”
“Not in our limits, unfortunately.” Jonah chuckles at your unamused expression, popping the lid on his thermos. “Kidding, come on. No, it was quiet last night, except… well.” He pauses, something changing in his expression. It’s enough to pull your attention away from your inbox. Jonah’s a goofball, but he’s a damn good reporter with a mind like a whip. He has to be, to be head of the crime division. So you take it seriously when he casts his eyes around the office before leaning in conspiratorially. His voice is hushed as he murmurs to you. “Someone called in that they saw a suspicious person skulking around the old Markiplier Manor.”
You immediately lose interest. That was news to him? The Manor had been abandoned as long as you had been alive, long since off the market after being passed from renovator to developer for most of its nearing-hundred year existence. Even with calls for it to be turned into some kind of museum, it had never been able to shake its grisly past or tendency for the strange. You’d heard the stories of the few historic maintenance crews dealing with randomly exploding lightbulbs and eerie spectres, disembodied voices and footsteps - but that’s all they were, stories. Stories from a creepy, old, run-down house on the edge of town. It was a hotspot for teenagers wanting to prove their guts - hell, you had even gone with a couple of friends back in high school, although you had been busted by a roving patrol car. You sigh at the memory of just how badly your mom had berated you about breaking curfew and fix Jonah with a disappointed look. He was immature at the worst of times, but you thought he’d at least be able to tell a lead from normal shenanigans. “That was exciting enough to make you late for the third time this week? You’re supposed to be a senior reporter around here, you know.” Jonah huffs, leaning forward on his desk and closer to you. He seems intent, despite your skepticism.
“Well, if you’d let me finish explaining, then you might know why such an on-time and dedicated individual such as yours truly would have let the time slip away from him,” he replies, sarcasm curling his tone. A quip rises on your tongue that he was the one drawing it out so much, but Jonah has a certain glint in his eyes. Something had his attention. You finally turn from your computer monitor and to face him, only slightly exasperated.
“Okay, okay. Listening.”
The man grins slightly and shifts his weight further forward on his elbows, keeping his voice down as he continues. “All right, so, PD gets this call from a neighbor that they saw someone wandering around on the property, yeah? They send an officer to check it out - of course, nobody’s around by the time he shows up. But the weird thing is… they found all the lights on inside.”
You blink, sure you missed something. “Like. Shop lights, right? There’s some construction crew working on it, or… they called in an appraiser and they forgot to turn them off.” Jonah shakes his head.
“Nope. Light fixtures. Every single one with a bulb in was blazing. And no crews or anything, I called the agency that owns the place. The last pro they had in there was over four years ago. There’s a security guard that checks it out regularly, but the power’s been off for years.”
You furrow your brow and sit in thoughtful silence for a moment, hunched and staring at your desk as you puzzle over the details. Jonah watches you intently while you think, taking the chance to work on his massive thermos of coffee, so strong you could smell it across your desks. He’d done this since you’d joined the paper, assuming the role of your mentor, at least informally. He would offer you the details of a story or curious anecdote that he’d started with and watch your mind run. You had always appreciated the exercise - it kept you sharp in dealing with local politics and its various mealy-mouthed players - and he appreciated getting a second pair of eyes on the issue at hand. Sometimes you picked up on things he hadn’t, ran rabbits he might not have. Working the inside of your cheek between your teeth, you roll the details over in your mind, hunting for another explanation as Jonah hunted for the bottom of his thermos. Something didn’t sit right with you about the details, but what?
Suddenly, you land on it, sitting up suddenly and turning to Jonah, who lifts his eyebrows at you. “The neighbor that made the call, did they mention the lights, or just someone wandering around outside?” His face breaks into a pleased smile, eyes dancing with the curiosity of the problem before the two of you.
“Nice catch. They didn’t mention the lights at all, just the trespasser.”
“So the lights got turned on between the neighbor making the call and the officer showing up.” Jonah’s smile turns into a real grin, cheeks split with it.
“Exactly. But why?” The other reporter leans back in his chair with a sigh. “That’s what kept me up, and made me late. Again.” He sips his coffee idly. “And it’s why I’m going to check it out for myself tonight.”
“What?” Jonah jumps in his chair with the volume of your exclaimation, quickly shushing you as he looks around in a panic. He can’t be serious, you think, but lower your voice. What is he being so low-key about? “No, Jonah, you absolutely can not go poking around some abandoned house.” He settles somewhat, content that nobody cast a glance your way after your outburst. Most of your colleagues are already out on assignments, anyway, given the later hour. But he’s determined, unfazed by your forbiddance.
“And why not? I’m just following a lead.” You open your mouth to protest further, but he interrupts. “Oh, come on, you aren’t a little curious to see what’s going on? What’s the harm, the cops just checked it out, it’s totally safe.” That gleeful glint is back in his eyes. How it thrills and infuriates you in equal measure.
“Seriously? Someone could be squatting there, and the cops just didn’t find them. Someone tapping a neighbor’s powerline and clearly not in their right mind, if they’re turning every light on in the place. Besides, even if it is empty, they could have a patrol posted on it now.” Jonah’s excitement begins to fade in the face of your barrage of facts. “If that agency still owns it, then it’s private, posted property, and you’d be actively breaking the law.” He sucks his teeth and slumps back in his chair, somewhat defeated.
“You’re no fun. Where’s your reporter’s spirit, your drive!” You turn back to your computer, shaking your head as you try to refocus on catching up with your inbox.
“Getting arrested for trespassing and/or breaking and entering isn’t ‘reporter’s spirit,’ Jo. You’re not Nancy Drew, you can’t just start poking your nose around abandoned buildings. It’s not safe.”
Jonah pauses for a moment, then gets an annoyingly knowing grin on his face. He leans forward again, good humor returning. “Ohhhh, so you’re scared is what I’m hearing.”
You huff in exasperation. “Literally how is that the conclusion you’re drawing from what I just said? I told you--”
“You’re the one who said ‘safe’! That means you think it might be dangerous and you’re scared.”
“Yeah, for your job and general well-being. Seriously, Jonah, I’m not scared of some abandoned house. Just because a couple of people happened to get murdered there--”
“Ah ah ah, they only found one body. The Mayor and the District Attorney were missing, assumed dead. Same for the killer.”
“Okay, Mr. Nitpicky. You you that’s even less scary, right? But, regardless, none of that makes the place inherently dangerous or scary. Hospitals aren’t scary, at least not like that, and people die there all the time.”
Jonah doesn’t immediately reply, giving you the opportunity to hammer out a reply to a scheduling issue and push your lunch meeting with the Senator back an hour. How did her assistant manage to double book her? you wonder as your reply zooms off. When you get the chance to look back to your coworker, he has a wry, sneaky little smile on his face. “What?”
“Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” You shake your head. He really isn’t giving this up. “Fine, if you’re soooo not scared, then I dare you to come check it out with me tonight.”
“Absolutely not, did you forget about the illegal part? We aren’t kids, this isn’t just messing around after school. It could look bad for the paper, and you know Walker as well as I do - there’s no second chances.”
Jonah pauses. Mulling over your words, the threat of being fired. Then, “I’ll buy you dinner from that new Japanese place uptown.”
Visions of high-end sushi dance enticingly in your mind. Your stomach threatens to growl, with it being the end of the month and your bank account looking dismally light. Jonah always knows how to hook you, damn him. It doesn’t help that you knew from that look on his face that he knew you were already burning up inside with curiosity. The two of you were peas in a pod, and he had seen that since your first day at the paper. It was exactly why he’d gotten you set up as his desk neighbor, why he’d taken it upon himself to play mentor for you, probably why he was telling you any of this in the first place, despite how low-profile he clearly wanted to stay. You were going to be at that Manor tonight as soon as Jonah had heard the cop call in over the scanner. You sigh quietly through your nose, letting the decision sink in before you make it official.
“Fine. What time?” you ask, not looking away from your screen. Despite trying to ignore him, you could still see Jonah’s joyous fist-pump out of the corner of your eye.
What’s the harm in a little urban exploring, anyway? At least I’ll be there to keep Jonah from going too far with it, you muse to yourself, already planning your celebratory dinner.
What’s the worst that could happen?
Even after three years of working closely with Jonah Scott, you still managed to underestimate just how late he could be. You had agreed to meet at the foot of the Manor’s drive at Jonah-time 5:30, 6 sharp for normal people. However, it’s already pushing half-past with no apology text or update to speak of from the crime reporter. Wasn’t this his stupid plan? you mentally grumble, fruitlessly checking your phone again. At this point, your text conversation was fully one-sided, your messages over the last thirty-ish minutes taking up the entirety of your screen. With a defeated sigh, you flick the app shut and slide over to your ridesharing app. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to stick around, and with the sun setting quickly, like hell you’re going to willingly hang around the abandoned Manor longer than you have to.
As you scan available drivers, you consider just how to make Jonah pay for standing you up. You mentally upgrade your promised sushi meal straight into a sushi boat, and although you know you don’t have the heart to commit to such an egregious attack on his wallet, the thought brings a smile to your face. At the very least, you decide to charge him the cost of your rides to and from the massive property - the place is barely in the city limits, not to mention situated up a long road that only led into an almost equally long driveway. Your already light bank account was begging for mercy as you select a nearby driver. Of course it was surge pricing, to boot. The estimated ride cost is enough to make you pause and hope beyond hope that Jonah and his old jalopy were right around the corner. Maybe his phone had just died. Or maybe he was being a particularly safe driver and ignoring his texts. You decide to give it another couple of minutes, if just to make sure you had no other option but to pay through the nose for a ride home. With a sigh, you turn back towards the Manor itself, its exposed-rock exterior catching the burning sunset.
It doesn’t even look that creepy. Really, with the warmth of the setting sun, it almost looks inhabited, just in limbo between relying on daylight and its residents needing to turn the lights on for the evening. The grounds are well-maintained, too, likely thanks to a strict HOA. You figure that if neighbors are paying enough attention to report people wandering around the property despite how spaced out the houses are here, there’s likely a resident weed-measurer who complains as soon as the yard breaches an acceptable length.
That being said, the building itself barely looks like a home. Although you had brushed up on its appearance and floorplan online, images couldn’t prepare you for just how much it really looks like a castle. You knew its creator, Mark Iplier, had been a fabulously wealthy actor back in the day, building his first house to match, but good lord. There’s still such a thing as too much. It has turrets, for crying out loud. Not to mention Google Earth showed that the massive patio that wrapped around practically the entirety of the backside of the building was home to some kind of natural waterfall-looking pool and a life-sized chessboard. It had been impressive online, but in real life, the place is enormous to the point of ridiculousness.
I guess it matches its creator, then, you muse, considering what you had gleaned from a scan of a few biographical entries earlier in the day. He was a local legend, to be sure, but you had never learned more about him than surface stuff and the details of the murder case that had basically ended his career. Before all that, though, Mark had been the embodiment of every stereotype you could muster about early 20th century new-money creatives -- massive personalities with a penchant for equally massive parties. As beloved as he had been on stage and film, he’d been even more so in social circles, known for all-night ragers with massive multisection big bands, ample liquor even in the height of Prohibition, and occasionally the exotic animal or two. Famously, Mark had once arrived at a costume party on the back of an elephant, led by four retainers and dressed like a prince, swathed in silks.
In that context, the house seemed to make a bit more sense, although it had clearly seen better days. The paint on wrought-iron fence surrounding the grounds needs a fresh coat, peeled off in places; you can see a few shutters hanging lopsidedly from their hinges. It’s almost sad, the longer you look at it, especially knowing the revelry it had once hosted. Mark’s own life mirrored the place, as cliche as it was. After the incident, Mark never seemed able to recover. Even the few pictures you had found of him afterwards looked different - he seemed thinner, his eyes haunted, his smile forced. He’d appeared in a handful of films after the fact, but something had changed in him, and he ended up becoming somewhat of a recluse until his death. It was horribly tragic, really. Just trying to put yourself in his shoes had your throat tightening up a bit. Your childhood friend goes off the deep end and goes on a rampage out of nowhere with the rest of your closest friends as casualties - a freak incident right as you’re hitting your stride--
Suddenly, your phone breaks out into its ringtone, startling you out of your empathetic wallowing. You fumble the device in your hand just to keep a grip on it, cursing as you manage to maintain your hold. You check the screen - a local number, but you don’t recognize it. You answer anyway, crossing your fingers it’s not just a spoof call. “Hello?”
Jonah’s voice crackles through on the other end. “Kid! Hey, I’m so sorry-”
“You better have a damn good explanation lined up, Scott,” you snap, interrupting. “Where the hell are you?”
“God, I know, I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to get home for the last hour to call you. My car practically blew up in my face on my way home from work, and it must have been something electrical because my phone was connected and charging and got totally fried. It was kind of working for a second, but I just had to give up and come home in a taxi. I’m having to use an emergency landline, I can’t believe the damn thing even works.” The annoyance drains from your body, his tone so disappointed and clearly stressed that you can’t keep a hold on your frustration.
“Oh, Jo. I’m sorry. Are you okay, though? It didn’t shock you or anything, right?”
“No, thank god, no hospital bills on top of everything else. Look, I’m really sorry. Are you still out there?”
“Yeah, I was just about to get a ride home when you called.”
“Oh, awesome, so have you gone in?!” You scoff out of reflex, stunned at his emotional 180. If he was here, you’d give him a good pop on the head.
“What? No, Jonah, of course I didn’t go in! This was your plan, I was waiting on you to roll your goofy ass up this stupid hill. You’re lucky this place is out of the way, I bet the neighborhood association would have called the cops on me by now if the houses were any closer,” you grump down the line. Jonah’s laugh crackles on the other end.
“Lucky’s my middle name, especially today, right? Look, I know I already owe you big, but can’t you just slip in and take a look around? Like hell I’m gonna be able to afford getting a ride out there any time soon, and you’re already there… Just see if the door’s unlocked or something, look in some windows?” He’s really begging, now, and his tone melts your resolve. How does he do that every time? You sigh heavily, crossing your arms and peering up at the manor. Its large, dark windows stand out against the lighter stone as the sunlight truly begins to fade. They feel like eyes, looking down at you from the top of the hill. It sends a shiver up your spine.
“Jonah, you know I value you as a dear friend and colleague, but... Fine, look, this place is creepy, I admit it, I’m a chicken, I’m scared of the creepy murder house, can’t we just come back some other time when we’re a we and not just a me?” Although your rushed confession is half joking, it’s obvious Jonah isn’t fully engaged. He only gives a short laugh in response before you hear him shift the phone a bit, pausing. Thinking. It feels like an age before he speaks again, the crickets beginning their evening song in the interim.
Then, “Look, Vivian, I. I haven’t been straight-up with you. Yeah, the scanner was going off last night, but the truth is I’ve... been thinking about that place for months. Remember that puff piece about Mark, the retrospective Devontae put up a couple months ago?”
You shift your weight, turning away from the manor and its looming walls to focus on your friend’s voice. His tone had seriously shifted. This is Real Talk time. “Yeah, sure. The board killed it. It was weird, especially since it was his death-iversary, right? But… I dunno, Jo, that’s not enough to--”
“I talked with my friends at the Star, their board nixed a retrospective, too. So did the Inquirer, the Daily, and the Herald. Not to mention anything having to do with Mark for at least the last couple of years. I checked Walker’s record cabinet, too. Anything mentioning Mark, that night, his life after… hell, even the Manor, everything is heavily edited. Anything even adjacently referencing his existence is lucky if his name doesn’t get cut.”
You draw up short. A bit of concrete is loose underneath your feet, rocking slightly with you as you shift your weight from foot to foot. What is he getting at? “I mean. Yeah, okay, that’s pretty weird, but maybe… I dunno, maybe the board doesn’t want to bring up a dark moment like that, or more likely, they don’t wanna openly admit the town hasn’t been able to get their shit together about the Manor and make it into something other than an eyesore all this time later. You know at least half of them take board work as their victory lap after a glorious public service career,” you offer, laying it on thick. Jonah hums, considering it.
“Could be. But still, kind of a personal bent for an editorial board to take, no? Even for them. And it’s not just our board, it’s consistent across the papers.”
“But nothing that awful happened to warrant this. I mean, sure, his buddy killed a detective and presumably a couple of friends in his house, that’s sad, but… Mark wasn’t involved. He didn’t do anything, at least, nothing bad enough to make everyone decide it’d be better if he just didn’t exist.”
“Nothing that we know about,” he offers, quieter. Your blood chills.
“ think something else happened? Something worse?” Jonah is silent for a moment. His next words are careful.
“Maybe. I don’t know. But I think what happened at the Manor has more to do with Mark than he wanted people to think, more than reports let on. And that, whatever really happened, it’s something bad enough that even now, this long after everything and even him passing over two decades ago, someone’s keen to keep it covered up.”
You’re quiet, mind reeling. You were a local, you knew as well as anyone that all of this stuff is treated more like an urban legend than true local history. It’s almost larger than life, at this point; you had heard the story told and retold a thousand times over until the telling itself was smooth and simple. Mark, fresh off a successful play’s run, had invited over his old university buddies for a night of good old fashioned revelry and reconciliation after years of petty disagreements had crescendoed with his wife cheating on him with his oldest friend, the Colonel WIlliam J. Barnum. However, little was resolved, and adding alcohol to the mix turned out to be deadly. Tensions between the group came to a head the next day, and the Colonel snapped. His rampage ended in the death of the city’s leading detective and, presumably, two of the original group’s members, although their bodies were never found, seemingly dumped in the woods behind the Manor. The Colonel’s attempt to cover up his crime left the others a chance to escape and alert the police, but the killer, too, disappeared, and was never heard from again.
It feels like a well-worn path in your mind. Nobody ever questioned Mark’s innocence in everything - it was assumed. He had just been there, equally terrorized by the killer as the other victims. But exact details had never emerged to the public, and Mark had been reticent to ever speak of things. The missing guests, too, were just so easily presumed dead at the hands of their friend, their mysterious disappearances more like eerie window-dressing on a ghost story than a suspicious hole in an otherwise tightly-woven story.
Maybe not so tightly, since now that you can see the holes, it’s hard to ignore them.
The tender inside of your cheek aches from your teeth worrying it, bitten raw. You swallow your thoughts for a moment, trying to return to the conversation. Jonah’s been equally quiet, letting you puzzle. “...and you think the Manor has some clue to that? To what might have… really happened?”
“...that’s my working theory. Mark left the place so quickly after everything, it’s still full of his stuff. He didn’t want anything to do with it, wanted to start fresh. Technically, the local historical society owns it all, now, but you know what their funding is like, so it’s all just sitting around. I figure, in his rush, he left something behind that can give us an idea of what we’re missing. Besides, reports of weird stuff happening there has been on an uptick.” You suck your teeth, feeling some of the edge of the conspiracy theory-laiden tension fade.
“Massive media blackout, I can run with. But, what, you think there are ghosts that have something to do with it?”
Jonah groans. “I never said ghosts, specifically, but… come on, kid, you have to admit it’s weird.”
“It’s practically a hundred-year old house, of course it’s weird - the wires are probably all way out of code and nobody’s been in the place in ages.”
“Okay, okay, maybe it’s a stretch,” he admits, retreating from the point. “I’m just looking for patterns. We don’t have a lot to go on, in terms of hard information. Which is why getting in there is so important.” He’s turning toward pleading again. “Please, kid, it’d mean the damn world to me if you’d just take a look around. I’ve got no idea when I’ll be able to get out there myself. I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.” You know he wouldn’t, he’s always been considerate of your time and comfort. Really, Jonah is one of the best friends you’ve had, coworker element aside. It makes it horribly hard to say no to him. Which is why whatever reservations you’re still holding on to cave in the face of his honesty.
“...okay. I’ll go poke around. But you seriously, seriously owe me for this one.” You can practically hear Jonah smile on the other end.
“Seriously, I do. Thank you, kid, honestly.” He sounds relieved, taking a steadying breath. Was he really so worried you’d say no? “And take pictures if you see anything!” he quickly adds.
“Only if you call the cops if I don’t call you back in an hour. If there’s someone in there, Jonah, I--”
“Hey, hey, I promise. I’ll stay right by the phone. Cross my heart.”
You sigh quietly to yourself. “All right, I’ll talk to you later.”
“Bye, kid, and seriously. Thank you.” He sounds painfully sincere. You can’t summon up the spite to gripe at him anymore, so you let yourself be equally honest.
“I’ve got you, Jo. You know that.”
“Yeah. I know. Okay, I’m gonna let you go. Just be careful.”
“I will be.”
Then the line goes dead and your phone beeps dully before returning to your ridesharing app. You stare at it for a second, before you swipe up and close the app completely. No way you were going to chicken out now. Apart from Jonah’s confession, your mind was on fire. Sure, you could go home and just apologize to Jonah, but you know you’d be awake all night, tossing and trying to turn over the truth thanks to your limited information but unlimited curiosity. It wasn’t just his skepticism polluting your mind, either, there was definitely something missing from the narrative. Almost like the incident was too well-put-together, the reports from back then too careful with their words, what they didn’t say. Real crimes were messy because people were messy - their memories faulty, their behavior unpredictable and sloppy, even more so when under duress. But everything about the case and its retelling was clean. Neat.
It might as well have been wrapped up with a bow.
With nothing else between you and the Manor besides the peeling gate, you turn back to face its imposing exterior. Although the house had glowed softly in the setting sun, the rock reflecting the light so warmly, it had faded to a soft gray in the twilight. The windows are obviously dark and empty, now, their size exaggerated by the deepening of shadows as the sun slipped behind the horizon. You stare up at them, watching them back through the locked front gate from your tottering bit of pavement. You take another breath in, out. Then you square your shoulders and step up to the gate.
“It’s just a creepy old house,” you mutter, worming yourself between the wide bars. “Nobody inside, just a weird… big house. ” Nonetheless, a shiver goes down your spine when you’re through and the lawn stretches out before you and up to the front door. You crane your neck towards the nearest neighbor, but their windows were dark, too.
So why does it feel like someone’s watching you?
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thewitchoftherock · 15 days ago
Please Enjoy this one shot about one of my Synths, 01Q10.
Every Synth was created to serve King Decon. 01Q10 wanted to serve King Decon to the best of their ability, which was the only proper path for a synth! They were certain, however, that there had to be something wrong with them.
How else could they work so hard and still fail?
During Physical training, which took up a whole third of their day, 01Q10 proved themself to be mediocre at best. They weren’t the worst synth in the training room, but they weren’t far off. The next part of the day was devoted to mental training.
How 01Q10 struggled during mental training. How they hated it. Every day they worked hard, strained their minds and gave themself a headache just trying to do half as well as the other synths. Every day, they failed. Every day, they were the worst performers. They looked around the training room at the other synths at their desks, who were working their way through their own puzzles. This work was supposed to be improving their minds and developing their problem-solving skills. This was supposed to be hard, but 01Q10 knew that they could grow because of it!
Why did they feel like they weren’t getting better? Had they done something wrong? King Decon did not create His synths to be stupid; had something happened to 01Q10’s mind? King Decon gave them everything they needed to thrive as His tools; failure was only a result of laziness in the body and mind.
01Q10 sighed as they looked at the puzzle before them. After trying and failing more than a dozen times they did what they always did when they got stuck. They stopped and waited, watching the surrounding synths to see what they were doing. Normally they could find someone else who had the same puzzle, and they could watch how they went through it.
This time, they couldn’t. Everyone else was too far ahead of them. They had lingered too long on this puzzle.
“Is there a problem, 01Q10?”
They froze as the sound of an Overseer rang through the room. Several synths turned to glance at them, and 01Q10 could feel their ears warm.
“No, Overseer.” 01Q10 said, refusing to turn around and look as they approached them from behind. They didn’t look up as the Overseer stopped at the side of their desk and looked over their puzzle. 01Q10 knew they were looking at the little timer that showed how long they had been working on this puzzle. They also knew that they had spent their entire period of mental training on this one puzzle.
Shameful for a synth; they should do better. They knew that.
The Overseer gave a derisive click of their tongue. 01Q10 glanced up then, and could see the disappointment in their ears. They stared at their desk as the Overseer walked away. Everyone around them went back to their own puzzles, ignoring the struggling synth.
It wasn’t fair. They tried their best, and they just couldn’t keep up with the others! It was like everyone else was just running along and 01Q10 was scrambling up a cliff and just holding on so they didn’t fall.
Their ears twitched down as they felt the tears sting at their eyes. They just wanted to be a good synth. They wanted to serve King Decon, but it was more than that. At worst, if they were too stupid for genuine work then they’d be assigned to maintenance here in the training center. If they were too stupid even for that, then they’d be reprocessed. Even being reprocessed was a way even the most useless synth could serve King Decon; the reuse of otherwise wasted organs could support a synth who was better, stronger, smarter.
01Q10 didn’t want to be reprocessed. They didn’t want to work in maintenance. They didn’t want to just serve King Decon. They wanted to be important.
A hand tapped at their arm. They jumped, unused to being touched at all. They forgot about the tears in their ears as they looked at the synth next to them.
Mostly, all the synths looked alike; none of them had any hair, their nose flattened out into a curved snout, their little darker blue upper lips seeming to point up to the center of their snout. They all had wings draped over their shoulders at most times. They all had big, black eyes and long ears, which outside of the general shape had a variety of slight differences that set them apart from one another.
This one was different, though. Their eyes seemed bigger than the others - or maybe that was because while everyone else seemed to go around with their eyes half closed - 01Q10 included- this one had their eyes opened wide. Their ears were also far rounder than 01Q10 was used to seeing.
It was a split second where they made eye contact, yet to 01Q10 it felt like days had passed as they swam in the darkness of that other synth’s eyes. They suddenly remembered the tears burning in their eyes. Ears burning with shame, they looked away and wiped their tears of frustration with their sleeve.
“Hey.” they whispered low enough that 10Q10 was certain that despite a synth’s excellent hearing, nobody else could hear, “I’m awful at this too.” They gave 10Q10 a quick smile and turned back to their own puzzle, leaving 01Q10 confused.
Nobody spoke to them. Nobody bothered to speak to them save for the Overseers when they got orders, and the officers who had taken them out of the tank only a few cycles ago.
Why did this one talk to them? Why had they been so kind to a such a failure? Why couldn’t they stop thinking about their deep eyes and their soft, curved ears?
Mealtime came after mental training. Hundreds of synths sat down and ate in the large, cavernous cafeteria every mealtime. There was no talking, normally. They sat, they ate in silence, and then they left. In this time, 01Q10 normally just ate as quickly as they could so that they could get away from the sound of chewing from those around them. They found the sound disconcerting.
They didn’t notice that the synth from earlier sat next to them until they spoke.
“Hi.” they said, smiling, “You are the one from earlier, right? From our mental training?”
01Q10 nearly let the little piece of cubed food fall from their mouth as they turned to see the synth with the soft round ears and the big eyes looking at them, a smile on their face and their ears up with happiness.
“Yes?” they said, confused. “Can I help you?”
“No. I just hoped I could sit with you.” they said. They smiled and picked at their food.
“Why?” 01Q10 asked before they could really consider it. They didn’t mind if this synth wanted to sit with them, but that just wasn’t something that Synths did! You simply sat where you sat; there was no point in waiting for a specific seat so that you could socialize. Even now, just because they were talking quietly, were other synths looking at them oddly.
The other synth tilted their head at 01Q10, who couldn’t help but notice how the overhead lights seemed to filter through the thinnest parts of their curved ears.
“I just wanted to sit with you.” they said. They had such a pleasant voice, and their speech held a cadence that no other synth seemed to have. Still, as pleasant as it was to listen to them, others were still staring. “I don’t mind if you wish to sit next to me.” 01Q10 said, keeping their voice as neutral as possible; just like the Officers and Overseers, “But please stop speaking.”
Their ears fell, a look of sadness flickered over their face, but lasted only a moment. They nodded and looked to their food.
“... What is your call number?” 01Q10 whispered as quietly as they could; they realized they had not seen the number on the front of their uniform yet.
“70H67.” They whispered back, “But I prefer DH.”
DH. DH? Why DH? They had call numbers. so why create something confusing to like ‘DH’ to replace it? Did they think there was something wrong with King Decon’s method of organizing them?
This 70H67 - this DH- was strange. They were dangerous. 01Q10 could feel it. This was the type of Synth that got corrected early on and ended up working in maintenance for the rest of their life. 01Q10 didn’t want to work in maintenance. They wanted to be better than that. As much as they wanted to be around DH, to hear them talk and to watch their soft, rounded ears move, they knew that if they wanted to serve King Decon, if they wanted to be important, they’d have to avoid them.
“Please don’t call me that.”
“Sorry.” DH’s ears flicked down, “01Q10, do you ever try to remember what happened in the tanks?”
01Q10 looked around suddenly, almost hurting their neck to make sure that nobody else was around. They were alone in the hallway, at least for the moment; at least as far as 01Q10 could see, anyway.
“I do not.” they said, “And you shouldn’t either.”
“But I do, though.” DH muttered.
Not for the first time, 01Q10 thought they had to put some space between themself and DH. There was something different about this one, and not in a good way. Some synths were different in ways that allowed them to solve puzzles faster, or fly better. Some could perform better in physical training. DH was just strange and underachieved as much as 01Q10 did. As much as they wanted to work hard and be important, there was a vague feeling of relief because if they ended up working in maintenance, then at least DH would likely be with them. At least they’d be able to listen to DH every day. At least they’d be able to see them. Maybe they’d work together. Maybe they’d be maintenance partners! Did maintenance synths have partners? 01Q10 didn’t know, but they hoped so. They’d have a lifetime of working and talking with DH, and enjoying their little touches here and there; a tap on the shoulder, a hand on the arm. It was a sad comfort at first, but over time it seemed more and more like a hope.
A terrible hope. They had to remind themself that they wanted better than that. They wanted to be important and serve King Decon.
As they walked towards the dormitories, they saw another synth turn the corner. The call number on their tag read 55H75, and 01Q10 recognized them immediately; they had seen them in their mental training class and appreciated how methodically they went over their puzzles; how they seemed to have a system to help them figure it out.
“You go on to the dormitories.” 01Q10 said to DH, “I wish to speak to this synth.”
55H75 stopped as they heard what 01Q10 said and looked over 01Q10 with an icy indifference - like they were looking over a piece of machinery.
“Alright...” DH said, their ears drooping down, “I’ll meet you there.”
DH walked off, giving a quick nod to 55H75 as they passed. The other synth made no sign of acknowledgement to the other.
“What do you want.” 55H75 said, their voice horribly deadpan compared to DH’s melodic tone, “If you wish to make small talk to me as you do the other one, I have no interest.”
“No.” 01Q10 said, trying to keep their ears still and their voice calm, “I admire how you work through your puzzles. I was hoping you’d show me how. I struggle with our mental training.”
“I have noticed.” 55H75 said. “And I have heard that in physical training, you’re mediocre.”
Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t help the way their ears pinned back in anger, how they burned with shame. “I do my best.” they said, “I only want to serve King Decon.”
“That is good, at least.” 55H75 said, “But I won’t help you.”
“Why not?” they took a step forward, feeling their wings puff up around them. Why wouldn’t this synth help them? “We all want to work for King Decon, yes? Helping one another is a part of that, is it not?”
“It is.” 55H75 said, “But I worry that spending my time on you would amount to wasted resources.”
Waste. A synth shouldn’t be wasteful! A synth was never wasteful! Was 55H75 implying that their very training was wasteful? It made 01Q10 shake with rage. “Why do you think such a thing!” They said, “I work hard! I -”
“You work hard, I acknowledge that.” 55H75 said, “But it amounts to very little when one looks at your performance. Worse than that, you associate with that one.”
“... That one?”
“70H67. They are dangerous. In the first cycle, two of those who spent time with them were sent for correction. Most others have been wise enough to avoid them since.” They walked past 01Q10, not bothering to bow their head, “Corrected or no, you will still be useful to King Decon; despite the negative effects that correction has on cognition, you might still have a use in maintenance. Regardless, that means that giving you my help would be a waste.”
They passed by them, continuing down the hall. 01Q10 turned, their ears pinning back, their lip curing up to reveal their pointed fangs as their wings puffed up around them, “I will not be corrected!” they snapped. They would not be corrected, no. They wanted to serve King Decon. Every synth had a use, but they wanted to be more useful than a maintenance synth.
They wanted to be important.
55H75 stopped and turned around. “That one is strange. Broken.” they said, “And you seem to enjoy their company. You seem to enjoy their eccentricities; how they like to touch. How they talk. I watch. I see.” They tilted their head at 01Q10, “It makes me think you are broken as well. Broken synths are corrected, or repurposed. It is nothing personal; it is just how it is.”
01Q10 didn’t see DH in the dormitories after that. They went straight to their sleeping pod, the tiny little container that they slept and studied in.
They didn’t want to see DH. Was 55H75 right? Would DH get corrected? Would they themself get corrected if they weren’t very careful? Would they get corrected for spending time with DH?
They didn’t want to get corrected.
They wanted to be important.
They wanted to spend time with DH.
They didn’t want to be corrected.
“What did I do?” DH asked the next day. 01Q10 hated it. They hated how sad DH sounded, and how confused they were. They had hoped that this would be a quick conversation as they walked from the cafeteria to the training room, but it seemed like it would take longer than they hoped.
“You… You talk too much.” 01Q10 said, “You touch too much. 55H75 said that you might be corrected. That I might be corrected! That I might be seen as broken as well.”
DH fell silent, their beautiful ears drooping down. “... Do you think I’m broken?”
“You…” They didn’t want to say that DH was broken. They didn’t think that DH was broken. “You are strange.” 01Q10 said, “And… and I want to work hard. I want to serve King Decon! I Want to be important-”
“You are!” DH said as they took a step towards 01Q10. They reached out to put a hand on their arm - an almost casual gesture by now- but 01Q10 pulled away. DH’s hand hung in the hair before they withdrew their arm and wrapped their wings tightly around themself.
“I need to improve.” 01Q10 said, “I need to get better. I cannot do that if you’re always… Always touching me and talking to me.”
They wanted to take it all back. DH’s ears drooped down so low, and they couldn’t ignore how their eyes watered.
“If I am silent.” DH said softly, “If I don’t speak as much, and if I don’t touch you, will you let me be around you?”
They were almost at the training room. They caught sight of a few synths already heading in, one of which was 55H75. The other synth looked at 01Q10, then at DH, then with their normal cold indifference they headed into the training room.
“I do not care what you do.” 01Q10 said, their voice becoming cold and deadpan as well, “It matters not to me.”
The training room was a large, empty room with a screen on one end. As they entered the room, they put on wristbands and ankle bands which would seem to increase in weight for certain exercises.
They took their places, a synth to each of the mats on the floor. The screen turned on, and the instructions began; stretch this, rotate that. Lift the arms. Spread the wings.
It continued on and on. DH was next to 01Q10, working silently as 01Q10 struggled. That was one thing they had noticed about DH: they were strong and seemed to be more aware of their body that 01Q10 was. They were more coordinated.
They were better.
Was this a synth that was strange or broken? Was this the synth that was going to get corrected? As they moved to pose on one leg with their arms spread out, they caught sight of 55H75, and remembered what they had said.
If DH was broken and strange, yet they were better than 01Q10 was… what did that make 01Q10? Were they strange as well? Was their best value to come if they were corrected?
Were they worthless to King Decon?
They stumbled as they thought that, fell forward, and collapsed to the ground. They didn’t hurt themself, but still they felt the tears burn at the corners of their eyes. It wasn’t fair! None of this was fair! They tried so hard, and they knew that they could be better! They knew they could improve! They knew they could do well and serve King Decon.
They wanted to be important!
“Are you ok?” It was DH, forgetting their promise to be quiet. They reached out and took 01Q10 by the arm. As they did so, 01Q10 saw 55H75 glance over at them.
That same deadpan look; dismissive. As though they were looking at nothing.
01Q10 was not nothing! They were not useless!
“Here, let me help y-“
“Do not touch me!” 01Q10 suddenly screamed as they pushed DH away. Their voice had so much anger in it that they scared themself. They were so startled that at first, they didn’t notice that they had knocked DH down. They noticed 55H75’s eyes still on them.
They needed 55H75 to teach them how to do the puzzles. They needed to get better. All they wanted to do was to serve King Decon.
They wanted to be important.
They stumbled to their knees, feeling the blood pounding in their head; A mixture of shame, frustration, and fear as they watched DH look at them with those big eyes, those rounded ears that were down so low now.
“Do not touch me.” 01Q10 said, making their voice as icy as possible. They were not broken, and they would prove it! “Do not come near me. I will teach you if I must.” They raised up their arm, preparing to strike the other with the added force of the weighted wristband.
They didn’t want to. They shouldn’t hit another Synth. Still, if this would get DH away from them.
They hesitated for just a moment, their hand hanging in the air. Did they want DH away from them? King Decon, or DH. What did they want more?
Before they could decide, another synth was standing between them and DH. 01Q10 didn’t really know this synth, but they knew of them. They had 09T07 on their tag. They like to talk, like DH. However, they were also skilled in flight, and did well in physical training.
“I do not see how this helps.” 09T07 said, “You should not attack King Decon’s property.”
Who was this synth? Who were they to tell them how to act? They were no better than 01Q10 was! Did they think for a moment that they were?
“That one is broken.” They snapped, “They talk of foolish, needless things. They keep loitering around me for no reason. They keep touching me- grabbing my arm to gain my attention, I tell them to stop. They pick lint off my uniform, I tell them to stop. Now, I fall down and they rush to grab me and pull me up. They do not listen. I will teach them to listen.”
“You will do no such thing.’
“And who are you to tell me what I will and will not do?”
“I am simply one who has learned their place.” 09T07 said, “And I know that we are not to attack one another. Injury would hinder development, and create problems for King Decon.”
Who was this synth? Why did they care what happened to DH? Had they been friends with DH before? DH had never mentioned them! Why did 01Q10 care if they had or not?
The door to the training room opened. 09T07 helped DH up, and without another word to 01Q10, they took DH away. The other synths around them settled down and get back to their training. They had stopped and had watched to see if there would actually be violence among synths. Now that nothing would happen, they went back to their training.
01Q10 watched DH, hoping that they would look back at them.
They wanted to be important.
They wanted to be important to DH.
DH never looked back.
If you want to learn more about 01Q10, please check out Synth at
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session 19
Session 19 Sunday, April 25, 2021 7:47 PM
- I'm cold :[ the window is open - Last week on dnd: we went to a place mirt tipped us abt; activity around stone in castle ward o Explored a bunch of rooms and snuck around o Got to arena w prisoners made to fight, came across vats filled w dead beholders o Cel theo and adam discover the kitchenso Asyna and aerana went upstairs hearing commotion not knowing from where - Adam was instructed to head down the hallway to the left and go upstairs, pass through the meeting room and go through first door to right o Currently on lower level, heading towards noisy area - Adam kachunk kachunk kachunks up the stairs o Cel is slightly concerned abt adam's trolley driving ability, theo is holding onto the trolley for dear life bc adam cannot push this cart - Confronted w wall of noise, music o Passes through open door and sees two mess tables, full of diverse set of ppl generally looking shabby/down on their luck o They look mean and shifty but they're having a good time rn o Someone in corner sees adam with the cart ■ "looks at you and says" *dom waves, not saying a word* ■ Adam goes toward person and sees staircase ■ It is a human w a shaved head and an eye tattoo on the back of his head like the motifs in the dungeon ■ "when's my order coming sir" □ "sorry sir we're a little backlogged rn and I'm not your waiter if u tell me who ur waiter is I can find them n give u an update" □ Man sighs n grumbles bc they're v hungry ◆ Adam offers one appetizer to them; one big whole crab ◆ The ppl lean back and look at adam ◆ "just don't tell the chef," adam says, then trolleys away, full steam ahead - Confronted w sheer staircase, no ramp o Adam is gonna try to pull it up, strength check ■ Rolls a 7 ■ Halflings must make stealth check □ Pass without a trace thing is still active ◆ Theo rolls 21 ◆ Cel rolls 34 o Adam can get them up a couple of steps, but after a bit of trying some of the ppl at the party r just . Looking at adam■ "is there a . Strong dude . Just sitting down anywhere"□ "that dude and a couple of the guys" the crab ppl□ They stand up and start heading over to adam◆ "hello friends ! Did you like the crab?"◊ Human guy, half-orc woman, two dwarves w pleated beards► Human : " you want a . Hand ?"- Adam says he's feeding royaltyo The four of them get around the cart and hoist it up the stairs
o Cel's internal screaming gets loudero "I'd just like to thank you guys so much for helping me out"■ Adam winks at one of the dwarves, but why?- Top of the stairs, 150 feet hallway that starts to curve towards endo In front and to right, set of double doors followed by another doorwayo Also a set of double doors to far left and one perpendicular from thato Tl;dr: Facing three doors and one at the end of the hallo Adam is going to follow the directions, sees a passageway as he walkso Lots of ornate carving in the door, door carved to look like a piece of funguso Adam rolls perception, 6■ Doesn't see any other door but hears talking behind this one■ Hears ppl clapping and cheering; otherwise just hears deep booming voice that's difficult to make out- Adam bends down to cart and pokes head insideo "so we're here" adamo "thank god" theoo Left are snails, whole turkey, blueberry pie on carto Plan is to go inside, give them food, grab lord silgaro Cel asks if adam wants fake lord silgar now or later■ Adam puts fake lord silgar on head and pulls chef's hat over■ Except nvm■ He can't do that so uses empty crab dish instead□ Remembers where he puts it to avoid giving fake lord silgar out- Adam opens door and starts wheeling cart ino Theo n cel holding hands- Meanwhile !!- Asyna and aerana just finished going up spiraling staircase stealthilyo Poke heads around corner, notice passageway moving forward {straight) and one offshoot to right, further down there are two more branching pathso Aerana rolls 19 perception■ Can hear some ppl chatting■ Aerana can understand undercommon□ Ppl arguing, that there's no ghost "you're a moron if you think you saw a ghost" "no I'm not gonna check"□ They sound wet, dom says, and lillian and marguerite stare me down :{■ One thinks they saw the ghost, hear them to our righto Naya turns in circles then walks into wall■ Goes behind■ 17 investigation check□ No buttons on wall□ Nothing on the floor□ Nothing on the ceiling, no eye things; down 50ish feet can see an ornately carved door, looks drow-related w spider motifso Not sure if guards would see us if we went down hallway■ We poke our heads in and go OOP did u see the ghost in undercommon■ See big chamber■ Three doorways in diff sections of the room, in between two of the doors, a wider portcullis that's been lowered■ A bunch of fish looking bipedal creatures w spears digging into food, they're called kuo-toa■ One of them turns around and stands up, eating tough cured meat■ "do you know where it went ? I'm scared"□ Deception, 7
□ Short thingy but has a long whip in his hand□ Stares us down "you two aren't authorized to be here"□ "but she's a chef, so" asyna "we're lost"□ Asyna asks what they're up to◆ One of the fishy guys says he saw the ghost go a certain way, pointed towards a hallway leading off to the right in the room□ The main guy staring at us cracks his whip and says "we're busy"■ We back out and head into area we were first in- We go back to kitchen to grab food, off in distance we here loud banging crash from behind us- Adam wheels out the carto The floor drops bc there are stairs; a dozen or so cheering warriors in a wide chambero Make acrobatics checks■ "stairs have been the ultimate enemy in this session" jacob, 2021■ 16 for theo, 7 for celo Adam pushes cart out, and as it leans down, it's a little too heavy and turns to sideo Platters clatter open, except for the one containing the fish {stays upside down)■ Two dishes splatter onto floor, along with a halfling■ Theo stays inside the cart■ Cel tumbles outo Everyone looking at them■ "did anyone order a halfling and blueberry pie?"- Adam must make performance checko 14o Everyone in the room draws their weapono Floating creature descends and hisses, drow gathering energyo Sylvia has an idea■ Adam is telling everyone to calm down bc he has a pieo Cel stands up, hand on dust of disappearance subtlyo But they hear low rumbling sound- Adam yells "WAIT ! I know this looks bad ! But there is a much more pressing manner" as he pulls out the fish foodo Grumbling turning into laughter■ Really creepy uncomfy laughtero "halfling pie" ahahahahao Adam starts laughingo Cel halfheartedly laughso Can't see anything but can hearo Looking at ceiling just see large circle bowl attached to ceiling- Adam "I have been informed - praise xanathar by the way - I've been informed by ot to feed lord silgar his daily sustenance and if I don't get this to him soon things aren't going to b looking too hot for the xanathar guild"o Everyone kinda chuckling to themselves■ Cel makes 21, adam makes 13 or smth for insight check; theo rolls 3o The ppl don't think the joke is funny but they're laughing anywayso Voice echoes "v mysterious . ot went missing"■ "well he hasn't been to work in awhile" adam says□ Adam makes persuasion check□ Adam rolls nat 1◆ Hears deep imposing resonance◆ "deliver your food and then be gone from this ?? Space -- if you should trifle, then perhaps we shall enjoy the new employee with the pie"□ Adam tells cel to wait here and cel Is like :I◆ Adam casts message and tells cel that if things go south to find aerana and
asyna◆ Adam takes theo with him□ Cel messages back for adam to keep an eye on the plushie◆ Cel standing by door, adam wheeling cart with one hand, sets pie on table by buff guys and keeps going◆ Cel looking around room and doesn't see anything that doesn't look humanoid, sees two other doors not including one she came from- Human woman tells cel that she better leaveo "I think you should leave before he changes his mind"o Cel tries the door she came in from, it's unlockedo Adam is going for door closest to him firsto Cel leaves room going back way she came■ Right as she goes to leave, booming voice says "wait. You there . Halfling . Tell us a story . And you tiefling fellow . If you encounter ot, give him my best wishes . And then come back . say . Which door is ot behind, my friend?"■ Jacob: "I'm gonna roll a d2"□ "is this a test ?? I still just started this job" adamo Cel tries to leave, makes acrobatics check 18■ Human woman rolls nat 20 and cel cannot leaveo Jacob rolls 24 to ask for a hint■ "it is not the door on your left !!"■ Adam insight checks, 15; voice is odd and adam can't tell what's going on■ Adam says he loves the voice and opens the door right next to him■ Cold rush fills adam's body, just fear□ "give my regards to ot! You passed :)"■ Adam feels push and door shuts behind him, without theo■ Adam has darkvision, sees gigantic 20x20 fish bowl with aquatic plants and gravel inside and a miniature castle + sizable treasure chest at bottom of bowl■ Inside is a familiar looking dwarf with a strange helmet on□ Turns around and yells◆ "OT"◆ Adam goes over and puts two hands on his shoulders◆ Ot is holding smaller fishbowl with a goldfish◆ "I need that goldfish"- Back to asyna and aeranao We go get food from the kitchen, two souffleso We hear more argument back at stairs, sounds like ringleader from before in undercommon saying "well no sir according to my observation did not see any ghost . Well I should hope not but we can investigate for you if you desire"o We walk down left hallway, see tall pillars■ Passageway to left back in direction we came□ Door, passageway, passageway that goes sort of back way we cameo We keep going down passageway■ 17 perception check at ornate door■ We can hear cel talking and occasionally a deep booming interjecting voice■ We listen by other door, can hear fish people talking through there■ 18 perception down other passageway, looking down catches glimpse of a halfling being dragged off□ Halfling doesn't look like someone we recognize- 28 stealth check to pull open door a little bito See big group of ppl, knocked over cart that looks like one adam was pushing, cel- Back to cel, cel telling a storyo "have you ever heard the story of the yawning portal"
o "no . I've heard it's a terrible place"o "yeah it's an awful place with mystery that I want to explore"o Cel relays things durnan has told about typ, rolls performanceo 11 performance check■ Is talking for awhileo Aerana and asyna can hear clearly- Theo still inside fallen carto Is close to door adam went througho Everyone is watching celo Door adam went through is probably unlocked■ Stealth check, 17 w pass without a trace- Theo makes it through unscathedo Sees ot and adam chatting- Back to adamo "OT I need that fish"o adam slaps himo Adam makes strength check of 5o Theo has sneak attack and is gonna bonk ot on the head■ 13 to hit, stun attack and ot drops bowl□ Adam makes dex check, 14, catches bowl□ Looks like the fish adam saw in that painting but also looks p mundaneo Theo has other fish, other fish kinda looks like lord silgaro Adam gets lord silgar and puts him underneath chef's hato Fake fish named filgar■ See passageway leading out and sloping up {like a ramp) + locked double door against wallo Ot says "we spoke of the stone"■ Ot begging for fish, adam says give stone ot says I don't know where stone is■ Adam rolls 18 for insight, but ot blocking big bowl■ No fish in the bowl just a rocky sandy bottom, faux treasure chest, faux castle- Adam walks up to bowl, tips it overo Adam mage hands down into fish bowl, opens chest, sees oval, uses mage hand to grab rocko Ot starts crying bc he doesn't want to fail at his jobo Adam gives him filgar and brings ot close■ "you saw nothing"- Adam puts rock in pocketo Jk adam hands stone to theo and tells her to get out, adam is gonna go get celo Adam tells theo to meet at kitcheno Jk we'll meet outside the guildo Theo just needs to book it- Adam and theo high five, adam walks back out and claps "he ate"o "very good" booming voice sayso Says they're gonna finish eating the halfling but adam offers his entertainment skills■ Cel dips out, sees asyna and aerana and we hand her the souffles■ Keep door pried open- Theo follows passageway as far out as she can go- Adam starts storyo "there once was a young man in a fallen city . This city had many factions . This young boy was the leader of the smallest . His faction was growing smaller and weaker until one day he made a deal with a devil . Devil asks for an heir, man agrees, came at cost of best friend, but man receives great power and influence in city; one morning realizes consequences and at his doorstep were two baby twin tieflingso One crying one laughing
o Man takes it upon self to raise tieflings in secret, can't kill tieflings bc agreement- Theo running down hallway, sees heavily armed fish folk and head to double doors, walk through; four of us now togethero As adam giving speech, is casually inching towards door he came from, preparing darknesso Voice is just listening to storyo "Man raises two tieflings in secret, one void of powers other great sorcerer; tutor hired to teach lesser tiefling . Tutor was kind and only friend of younger tiefling and realized younger tiefling needed to escape; when younger tiefling turned 17, led tiefling out of city; older tiefling told father of plano Adam's voice cracks :{o "tutor was killed but the younger one got away"o "you know the younger one should've been stronger" voice sayso Adam's voice cracks, stops movements■ Looks at tentacle monster, cross and a little angry, hands shaking behind backo Is close to door
• We ALL run■ "and with that story that has ended with no happy ending, I will bid you adieu" calls darkness, YEETS away■ Adam running
- Naya pokes head out of wall, we run and cel recasts pass without a traceo 13 celo 20 aeranao 19 adamo 11 theoo 10 asyna- Running down hallway back towards kitchenso Behind can hear someone shouting "there you are" from behind us■ Adam casts hypnotic pattern on stairs for next minute■ Aerana launches bow, 6 damage on the jailer dwarf who was immediately chasing us
□- We keep runningDwarf is incapacitated and stands still on stairs
o Following pathway we came through
o Dex saves bc adam's pyrotechnics doesn't work
■ Aerana rolls nat 1
■ Adam nat 20
■ Theo 23
■ Cel 19???
■ Asyna 12
□ Everyone takes 5 damage, except aerana who takes 10
- Adam casts healing words to take aerana to 6 hp
o Adam casts hellish rebuke, 20 fire damage
o Aerana hits 15 damage and yeets out of room
o Asyna rolls 6 dex save, as running out asyna feels incredible slowness; can make door but still slow
■ Halved speed
- We round corner and go up the stairs
o "rat might actually work because rat is rat"
- Aerana turns into squirrel, speed returns
- We get to sewer we entered from and for the moment it looks as we've escaped
o We have lord silgar and the stone
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the-witty-pen-name · 22 days ago
94! I love hearing people’s favorite song lyrics! 🥺❤️
Oooo I love this!!
Tbh they are kind of all sad lately but that’s okay!! Just in my feels lol also it is going to be all Taylor Swift 😅 I’ve been a huge fan for years and honestly with school and the just overall stress and dealing with anxiety I’ve been listening to folklore and evermore more than anything else tbh lol they are such comfort albums for me
“I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere. Fell behind all my classmates and I ended up here.” -This is me trying by Taylor Swift
Peace by Taylor Swift. I literally can’t pin point a favorite line. It’s the whole song honestly. It hits me right in the gut.
“I want you to know. I'm a mirrorball. I can change everything about me to fit in.” -Mirrorball by Taylor Swift
“Past me, I wanna tell you not to get lost in these petty things. Your nemeses, Will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing And he's passing by Rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky And he feels like home. If the shoe fits, walk in it everywhere you go.” -Lo mg Story Short Taylor Swift
Thank you so much for asking!! I wish I had a little more variety (I feel like my answer is boring lol) but that’s what I’m listening to a lot right now haha
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tendertenebrosity · 27 days ago
Part 4 of my new TJ and Danny arc! Previously: 1, 2, 3. Masterpost here. TJ and Danny are my OC’s, the Pathverse belongs to @wildfaewhump!
The road was so long. Endless. When TJ looked ahead, it went on and on, shimmering in the heat, until it disappeared around a curve and a stand of trees. When he looked back, the metal barrier that marked where Danny and his car were had already gone from view.
TJ had never seen so much road, so much grass, so much sky. Was this what the world was, he wondered? Buildings like little huddled islands full of people, and between them just… huge empty stretches of road and sky that went on forever? No wonder you needed a car to get around in it.
Mostly from secondhand, incidental memories, TJ had formed the impression that ‘outside’ and ‘grass’ and ‘sky’ were supposed to be nice things. Other people liked them. But it was all too big, and too bright, and too hot, so that he felt even dizzier and sicker than he had in the car. And his feet started hurting almost immediately, thin bright lines of pain where the shoe rubbed against his ankle and his toes.
He trudged on anyway, eyes planted on the ground a foot or two ahead of his next step. There had to be people out here somewhere, and TJ was going to find them, and then they’d find Danny and take them both back home and everything would be OK.
Except it isn’t going to be, though, a thought pressed insistently at the back of his mind. Is it? Danny did something wrong. Danny took you away from the Agency on purpose.
Danny’s going to be in trouble when he gets back, and probably so are you.
TJ paused for a moment, hopped and skipped and tried to run a finger around the inside of his shoe to ease the bit where it pressed against his skin. But that isn’t fair, he protested. TJ hadn’t done anything bad. He’d done what Danny said. He’d always done what Danny said. Now the rules had changed and he was bad for letting Danny take him?
He shaded his eyes, looked up. The road was stubbornly unchanged, the end of it seemingly as far away as it had ever been.
He went on, limping, trying unsuccessfully to find a gait that didn’t hurt too much. And even though it was hard, even though this environment was nothing like the cool grey calm of his cubby, he thought.
Good Paths didn’t cause trouble. Good Paths did whatever the Agency said, whatever their handlers said. Up until now… for as far back as TJ could remember, that had always been the same rule. His handler had just been an extension of the Agency as a whole – oh, they’d been people still, TJ knew that. They’d complained about their bosses, and their jobs, and maybe they didn’t do everything perfectly. The Agency loomed over all of their heads, a huge amorphous structure that towered up into invisibility from TJ’s perspective. But they were still part of it.
TJ had always been obedient to the Agency, and to his handlers. Finding out that actually maybe those weren’t, or didn’t have to be, the same thing was… disconcerting.
I’m loyal, and, and obedient. I’ve always been a good Path.
But… who to? How could you know what was right, if handlers were just people who might tell you right or wrong things?
Equally disconcerting was the idea that Agencies could potentially just… ‘go under’. That was how Danny had put it. TJ knew what a business was, had read memories underpinned by and distorted around people’s ‘businesses’ going bad and falling apart. But – those were things that people made, mundane things, the world would keep on going if they fell apart. The Agency was too big and important and special to do that!
Wasn’t it?
What was TJ going to do, if being obedient to the Agency and obedient to Danny were suddenly completely different things?
This morning had put holes in the world, great cracks that let solid ground drain away. No matter how patiently and carefully he turned these thoughts over in his mind, he couldn’t put the pieces back together in a way that made sense and closed the hole.
TJ looked up, blinked at the horizon, and found that the stand of trees was actually nearer. It was, wasn’t it? It wasn’t just TJ getting dizzy and confused and forgetting what it had looked like before? He felt queasy, like he wanted to leave the road and be sick behind some of the grass, but he hadn’t eaten breakfast so it wasn’t as though there was anything to actually come up.
He swallowed hard, tried to forget about his feet and the headache that was pulsing behind his eyes, and kept going.
Julie thinks that I did this. She thinks I made Danny take me away, somehow. He hadn’t, of course, but TJ supposed it had been so out of character for Danny she thought somebody had to have made him. Danny had lied, or forgotten, when he said that TJ had never touched him… TJ hoped that wasn’t going to cause problems. He worried at his lip, shading his eyes with his hands.
It doesn’t really matter. Even if we’re going to be in trouble, Danny might be dying and he needs someone to get him out of that car. I need to get him out of that car. There’s nobody here but me to do it. And that was wrong and bad, but things were already bad. So it could be bad in a way that didn’t mean Danny died trapped in that car.
The bright yellow/green/blue of the world was starting to swim, to fuzz into greyness with sickening rainbow edges. But when TJ stopped to catch his breath and looked up…
Hidden behind the stand of trees and only now coming into view, there were buildings.
The building was marked out with tall, brightly coloured signs. There were cars dotted around it. And the distant, moving shapes of people. TJ covered his eyes with his hands, guiltily. But surely he couldn’t do any harm from this far away, right?
They were closer than TJ had dared hope… but he still had to walk to them. He set his teeth in his bottom lip, adjusted his blindfold over his forehead so it could be tugged down at a moment’s notice, and limped forwards, towards the bright signs.
Violet checked her phone for the time, then shoved it into the pockets of her jacket along with her hands. Still fifteen minutes before she was due to be picked up; she had time to go into one of the fast-food places at the service station and get a shake or something.
She left her bike chained into the rack, helmet dangling from the handlebars, and made her way past the cares and fuel pumps. She gave someone a nod and a forced smile as they paused to let her cross in front of their car.
She was almost through the automatic doors when she heard the panicked yell behind her.
“Jesus Christ! Get the fuck away from me!”
She tried not to flinch, tried to make it look natural as she spun away from the doors and started walking in the other direction, as if she’d just remembered that she wanted to go that way. Hands buried as fists in her pockets, she scanned the bleak concrete expanse of the car park.
There. A hunched figure, dressed head to toe in pale blue, like a uniform, and the man in jeans backing away from him in horror.
She heard the person in blue say something pleading, but it was drowned out as the man backed away again, a paper fast-food bag dropping to the ground and splitting.  
“What the fuck is this? Get away - ”
The person in blue turned their head, distressed, and Violet saw the blindfold across their eyes; but to be honest, she hadn’t needed to. Her feet had already changed direction again, almost without her volition. She yanked her phone out as she walked, hissing curses until somebody picked up.
“Glen,” she hissed into the phone, without waiting for him to respond. “Get to the meet up point now. There’s a kid in a blindfold wandering around alone, I’m going in, see you soon.”
“Wh- Violet, don’t - ”
“Oh, no!” Violet called out, stuffing the phone into her pocket.  “I am so sorry!” She plastered on her best look of friendly chagrin, pushed her sleeves up over her elbows, and strode towards the angry stranger and the Agency Path.
Glen better get here soon.
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mostly-marvel-musings · 28 days ago
Please could I ask for three and four from the smutty prompts list. I think you know who imma ask for.. Tony fricken stark,
Right here
Tumblr media
A/N: Well thank you for requesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve written Tony smut.
Smut Prompts - Against a wall & trying out a new toy.
Not my gif! Credits to the owner.
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: 18+ Smut, unprotected sex,, some fluff.
Word count: 1168
Requests & Challenges
Tony Stark Taglist - @raspberrymama @ladyeliot @boop-le-snoot @make-a-memory-drink-it-up @loveisallyouneed1125 @ownsmyheart @anthonyjanthony666 @downeyreads @the-secret-thief @getlostsquidward @ickleronniekinsemotionalrange @elemephstudies @mycosmicparadise @feetoffthetablee
Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @little-baby-vixen @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @disappointmentofthefam @pandaxnienke @tom-hlover @just-the-hiddles @fyreball66 @asmigurub @avantgardium-leviosa @imerdwarf @gladiosamicitias @fanofalltheficsx @ladyburberry 
Tags are open folks! Send me an ask or DM if you wish to be in any of these lists ;))
There weren’t many occasions where you felt a hundred percent confident, even sexy with your choice of outfit but, tonight you did.
You had the most flattering dress on tonight, one that highlighted your best features and accentuated your curves, not to mention it revealed just the right amount of skin. Actually it was more than what you’d normally wear but you were feeling good and decided to go ahead before you could change your mind.
Tony clicked the bathroom door shut behind him entering the bedroom before he stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes landed on you.
“Excuse me who gave you permission to look hotter than me?”
You chuckled, meeting his gaze in the mirror as he slowly made his way over to you, wasting no time in pushing your hair away to one side to reveal the very very backless dress.
“Looks good huh?”
You turned to face the man who shamelessly dropped his eyes over your ample breasts that were highlighted by the sequined dress.
“It’s so good I might just call Pepper and make her cancel the charity event.”
“But then I won’t get to flaunt this.”
With a pout you grazed your fingers up the sleeves of his suit before pretending to adjust his tie. All while you tried not to let him have his way with you right over the dressing table, Tony’s hands wandered to trace the skin not covered by the dress.
He skimmed his hand inside the thigh high slit of the fabric, cursing when he found you weren’t wearing any underwear.
“Oh what do we have here?”
“Just didn’t feel like it.” You murmured, linking your arms behind his neck, inhaling sharply when his fingers brushed over your clit.
“I have something you can feel instead.”
For a second your mind went to the obvious, but Tony walked over to the nightstand and began rummaging through some stuff before finding what he was looking for.
“Part your legs hon.”
“What is that?”
“You’ll know soon enough.”
He shrugged, making you hold the fabric aside as he palmed at your core, placing a small metallic object over your bundle of nerves - what you could only imagine was made from his nano-tech. It sat perfectly against your skin, a little cold at first but you quickly acclimated to it and it fit like a glove, of course he’d made sure of that. 
Adjusting your dress back to how it was, you squirmed a little while walking towards the mirror for a final check.
“You’ll get used to it.”
“Is this what you work on when you’re not saving the world?”
He smacked your butt lightly before sticking out his elbow for you to take. You made your way down the stairs to where the party was, every brush, every little movement of your legs making it harder and harder to focus on the event. 
It took two excruciatingly long hours for you to turn into a total mess and finally drag the genius away from a possibly important conversation upstairs. 
The device had tortured you to your limit. You knew very well what you were getting into, letting Tony tease you with that thing all evening while he went about greeting dignitaries & other guests. 
You were brought so close to climax multiple times, only to have it snatched away right when you were about to cum. 
This went on and on until you were sweating despite the air conditioned space, impatience to the point where you almost took matters into your own hands under the table before Steve Rogers decided to make small talk, thereby ruining your plans. 
Tony chuckled against your lips as you attacked him, hands roaming frantically to get him out of his suit and you out of the dress. 
“Whoa easy there sweetheart, this is an expensive suit.” 
“I don’t fucking care.” You threw the jacket off somewhere without looking before nearly ripping the buttons off of the undershirt and placing fervent kisses along his chest. 
“Right here.” 
Tony’s eyes visibly darkened as you growled the words. He brought you up to face level before slanting his mouth over yours, wasting no time in plunging his tongue in to explore. 
Walking you back until you were met with a solid wall, he pushed your dress up till your waist, exposing your dripping core to him as he got on his knees. 
Removing the device he stared at your glistening pussy, every erratic heartbeat making your clit throb. 
“Oh my poor girl.. you want me to take care of you?” 
“I want you inside me. Now.” 
“I love how desperate you are. Think we should do this often honey.”
Roughly you pulled him up by his hair, undoing his fly and freeing him of his boxers. 
A few pumps and you were lining his erection against your opening before Tony grabbed your hands and caged them above your head, holding it in his grip.
You were sensitive enough to know your climax would come soon and both of you were worked up enough to not waste any time in foreplay. 
He hooked your leg up around his middle and drove home with a groan, your inner walls immediately feeling the relief they had ached for all night. Sucking on the skin at your shoulder and neck junction, Tony began thrusting into you at a destructive pace. 
“Hold on hon. Can you do that for me?” 
Your head was spinning to the point where you were sure you were going to black out any time, hence all you could manage was a nod. 
The coil in your belly was begging to snap, thankfully Tony wasn’t far along. His groans were muffled by your hair as his hips lost rhythm and you felt spurts of cum paint your walls before you reached your peak. An explicit moan escaping your lips as your orgasm finally hit you like a train.
Figurative fireworks dancing before your closed eyelids as your body twitched, knees giving out immediately only to be held upright by Tony. 
The mess you’d made trickled down your thighs as you both fought to get your breathing back to normal, the room filled with pants & distant music floating up from lower floors. 
Utterly spent, you held onto him for dear life as he carried you back in your bedroom, chuckling when you laid your head down on his shoulder. 
“So you liked the new toy huh?” Tony whispered after laying you down on the bed, placing soft kisses on your face as you refused to open your eyes. 
“Would you try it again after I make a few...upgrades?” 
You nodded smiling lazily, opening your eyes to find Tony’s brown ones dancing with all the love he had for you. 
Tumblr media
A cold shower? Yep.
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