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#just wanna be alone
d3v1l-dyk3 · 25 minutes ago
Think that its going to be one of the most stressful weeks of my life
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yanara126 · 3 hours ago
More ideas for Garen fics because this is where life brought me I guess.
'The crown prince's sister has taken a liking to Garen Crownguard. No one is happy about this.
Alright, Jarvan finds it hilarious, Lux is elated at suddenly having a little sister, and general Tianna thinks it's good teaching moment, but Garen himself is getting frustrated. How is he supposed to do his duty and protect the kingdom with an overly curious nine year old constantly on his tail?'
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houston-asstros · 5 hours ago
All I need is Penny, chip, and used napkin from spongebob to not be lonely but I guess my mom don't understand that
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binch-i-might-be · 16 hours ago
I think the reason Bastard Man Musical Alexander Hamilton resonates with me so much is because he has a goal and the drive to achieve it
I'm literally just a little creature.... no goals. no motivation. no drive. the only thing I desire.... to vibe
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vissla · 19 hours ago
idk if theres a way you can block a word just from a specific account bc if there is you should probably do that with me and wicked bc i am holding in a rant bc this man wont fucking leave me alone abt wicked leave me alone!!!!!!! i am not interested in arguing with you!!!!!! let me hate wicked in peace and stop badgering me!!!!!! i am not “missing out on a wonderful piece of art” you annoying little vermin stop spamming my replies
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khrayszie-ghurl-08 · 2 days ago
That feeling when you wanna breakdown and cry but can’t coz you’re still at work. And all you can do is smile and pretend to be ok so no one will know or notice that you’re sad and broken inside. I’m trying so hard to hold it back. 😫
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sienna-simmer · 2 days ago
hey y’all...let’s talk abt some things...
just wanted to let you know that im turning off asks for a while. i’ve realized that its becoming a point of anxiety for me that i do not want to have. and while i appreciate the kind messages i get sometimes, some of them are really invasive and recently ppl have been antagonizing me on anon about my gender identity and my race. i don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but let me make this clear, YET again: im a black queer nb femme. if you have questions abt my identity, think about why you need me to justify my existence for you. also, i think we need to discuss the ideas of being nice vs kind. i think it is nice to impart positive messages onto ppl, but if everyone is getting the same thing, it can come off as ingenuine, even if it comes from a good place. i love the idea of building community, but pls take the chance to get to know and appreciate me for me, not just my sims or what you see. my dms are open for anyone who wants to chat w me and i’ll share my discord w certain folks but i think we can all take a moment to think abt what community really means. 
that’s my thoughts on this sunday morning, pls take this as a reminder that u can set boundaries whenever u need them and it’s okay to prioritize your feelings.
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halfwanderings · 2 days ago
When you had all these plans to spend as much time as possible in your apartment’s pool and then the pool monitor tells you out of nowhere that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about you and now you can never go back to the pool
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