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#just wanted to vid this to show the parallels between both lol
winterevanesce · a year ago
» “When will the voices stop making trouble inside?”
! WARNING ! Contains explicit gore and flashing lights/quick cuts
「 Fanvid  // MultiFandom: Black Swan & Closet Monster (with additional clips from Locke & Key, American Crime Season 2) 」
☞ Download/Notes/Stream Links: AO3
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matan4il · 6 months ago
Hi Alice! I just read your meta about 4x09 and absolutely loved it! It's amazing how much the writers like to stress about the unity that is Buck and Eddie. While Buck is not a father it was great to see him integrated into the conversation about his niece's name. Also, add in that Chim rejected both of their ideas, which makes me very amused to imagine what that conversation was like and what names those two came up with. I really liked your meta and how you described the scenes so perfectly 💕
Hi darling! Awwww, I’m so glad you liked it! :D *hugs* And thank you so much for telling me you did, that makes me so happy! OMG, yes! The show is forever reminding us that Buck and Eddie just go together. And yep, you just know those morons came up with the most ridiculous names for the little baby. If Chim “let’s just pick a name out of a hat” Han rejects your name suggestion, you know you done fucked up. XD But I bet 64% of his annoyance (at least) was over how they wouldn’t stop heart-eyeing each other while they were supposed to think about the name choosing task. Poor Chim! Forever done with them. Thank you for making me smile so wide in more than one way with this ask, darling! xoxox
(more under the cut)
I saw someone say that maybe something will happen to chris in the season finale? Not that I want anything to happen to him BUT what if he’s with ana and/or it’s kinda her fault?? Maybe it can be parallelled to when buck ”lost” chris during the tsunami? Like eddie’s reaction to the whole thing could determine everything—like how trusts buck the most with his kid and if he’s really ready for another person to come along? It’s just a theory but I hope they in some way show the differences between ana and buck and what they mean to eddie. Sorry for ranting lol but i look forward to your metas💕💕
Well, if you think about it, we’ve already seen this play out to a degree in ep 312, when Ana’s the teacher in the schoolyard when Chris gets hurt in the skateboard incident. Eddie was furious and that whole ep was full of the contrast between Ana and Buck. Ana messes up with keeping Chris from getting hurt, where we know Buck managed to keep him alive during a freaking tsunami. Where Buck is hard on himself in ep 303 even though he did nothing wrong, Ana is defensive even though it was her job to keep Chris safe. Eddie tells her off, where he reassured Buck that there is no one he trusts more with Chris than Buck. And to top it all off, Ana's view of Chris seemed to be limiting and ableist (made worse by the fact that she was a teacher at a special needs school in that ep) while Buck had no doubts that Chris could do anything, just like that one-armed baseball player, and was willing to work hard to help make skating happen for Chris. I’m with you, I’d like them to re-visit this, but if they don’t? It’s probably ‘coz they think they’ve already shown how huge the differences between Buck and Ana are, and in how Eddie reacts to each of them in relation to keeping Chris safe. I hope this helped, lovely Nonnie! Thank you so much for the ask and for telling me that you’re enjoying my metas! xoxox
Too me it felt deliberate with Ryan saying one thing and Oliver saying another. I've seen people say those type of videos are scripted and I truly believe that. If they didnt want Ryan to say what he said they would have stopped him, if they didnt want Oliver to say what he said they would have stopped him so I really think that's how the people behind the video wanted it to be, kinda like messing with the fans and that not even being Ryan or Oliver's words about Buddie. All I know is both have said they're supportive of buddie and is up for whatever with Buddie and that people need to stop calling them (especially Ryanl homophobic when they say something the fans don't like, that's wrong.
Hi Nonnie! Oooh, interesting take on the Buddie “bromance” vid. You could very well be right, I don’t know if these things are scripted or not, but I def wouldn’t be surprised if they are. Even if it’s not scripted, they can always edit out anything that they don’t like. So yeah, this could very easily be a case of the social media team trying to compose something that they thought would appeal to everyone, both Buddie shippers and general audiences (Oli saying Buck would be lost without this relationship is no small thing, absolutely). I def agree with you that it matters a lot that both Ryan and Oli have said they’d be supportive of canon Buddie. And def, they (and every actor, just like every human) can be criticized for certain mistakes, but as far as I’ve seen, there’s no real indication that Ryan is homophobic. He’s played a gay role before, he’s expressed support for Buddie and I’ve never heard him actually saying anything homophobic. Thank you for this ask! xoxox
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The interesting thing about editing is that generally doing a good job results in your work being invisible to the average observer. It’s really counterintuitive that way. This is true for editing words for sure, as all your efforts can be attributed to the author (and within writing there’s different types of editing, but it’s true for all of them). But the way this really strikes me is with my video edits.
I’ve had a lot of people express shock at how much time I spend on my amvs because they look so simple. And I do actually take that as a compliment because it means everything just looks so smooth and effortless, and that’s the ultimate goal of editing. But it is kind of odd that your job is to be invisible. Obviously there’s different schools of thought on this, some people like making really flashy edits with obvious audio and visual effects that show off their skills. But I dunno, to me that feels distracting? I guess that’s because I’m attempting to tell stories with my vids and I don’t want the delivery to get in the way of the message. I don’t care if it looks cool, I care about it provoking an emotional response in the viewer.
To be fair how much time I spend on them is probably amplified by the fact that I don’t have the most intuitive editing program (but hey, it’s free!) and also my perfectionism. But tbh, while watching the vids I didn’t spend quite as much time perfecting I always notice the little things like out of place movements that I should have cut by manipulating or freezing the shot. But yeah, most of the time I spend actively editing (as opposed to searching for and experimenting with shots for different segments of the songs) is doing subtle manips and cuts so the beats land right and so I can get in all the relevant information while still keeping the shot interesting. This is easier when you’re editing animated film because they often reuse frames or cycle them in predictable patterns, making it easier to cut out whole seconds of shots without any subtle jumps giving you away. Editing live-action footage is harder, which is part of why I haven’t published any fmvs yet lol.
So like for instance, in my latest vid I have a shot (highlighted in red below) of the scene where Shadow Weaver is trying to convince Adora to go to Mystacor. It lasts less than three seconds in the vid and if you look at the timeline you can see it’s actually three different segments of the same scene/shot that take place over the course of about ten seconds in the episode, but it runs smoothly as though it is one shot.
Tumblr media
Of course I did this cutting and splicing to fit the shot in the correct section of lyrics and to keep it from getting too long and boring, but also because I was cutting around specifically so we could see all the emotions play out on Catra’s face in the background, as the video is about her feelings about Shadow Weaver.
You can contrast that with the segment before, which is actually all one continuous shot (the challenge for that one was figuring out exactly how to time it to the music) and the segment after, which is also all one shot except for a fraction of a second freeze frame at the end (highlighted in orange) to make the shot the right length for that section of lyrics so the beats hit right.
There’s also a thematic connection and parallel there. The shot in red plays over the first half of the line “don’t ask for blood // if you don’t wanna get shot” and it’s Catra reacting to Shadow Weaver touching Adora. The next shot, played over the second half of the line, is of Catra reacting to Shadow Weaver touching her by first freezing up and then pushing her away violently. It’s basically about Shadow Weaver’s weaponization of touch as a tool for both manipulation and fear (and ulimately violence), and Catra finally snapping and pushing back.
So yeah, that’s really just one example of the kind of edits I do in my vids, and I do this kind of playing around with pretty much every shot, making sure the transitions within and between shots are seamless and not distracting and that all the beats (auditory and emotional alike) are landing in the right places.
Anyway this post doesn’t really have a point, it’s just me being self-indulgent and rambling about the creative process because I feel like a lot of people don’t understand the art of video editing and the kind of meticulousness it involves. I love that people think my edits are smooth but I would love for people to understand why they are smooth and how I achieve that. Editing film takes a lot of patience but it’s also a lot of fun, and I enjoy talking about it with other people who are into it, but it’s much more of a niche interest than writing or drawing. Anyway, I hope this gave you a little insight if you made it this far! It takes practice to recognize quality editing in any format but this gives you some idea of how it works in film, at least.
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andsmile · 8 months ago
I'm so sorry! I just realized you asked people to censor b*rchie and I didn't. Forget about my previous ask. I will send a new one this time with certain word being censored. Sorry for the spam 😅
I'm new to the Riverdale fandom, I finished watching season 4 a few days ago so I'm sorry if my ask sounds stupid or something but I tried to understand it and I just... can't? I mean, why are b*rchie fans so sure that their ship is not only an endgame but also one of the most epic slowburns there is? Like I've seen their tweets (one account with a lot of followers is especially... let's say out of control), posts on IG and how they spam writers and cast with their theories and expectations, and it's all so delusional and cringe. Believe me, I tried to understand their mindset but it just doesn't make any sense. I have nothing against B*rchie itself but this couple had no build up. I find it hard to believe they're even friends because they barely interact with each other and if they do it's always with their SO. I watched all Riverdale episodes and there's nothing that would imply that this couple is an "epic slowburn". If everything Archie seems like a childhood crush, someone Betty idealized when she was a kid and someone who she thought was flawless. Same for Archie. He literally said that Betty is a perfect girl, he said it in this song for her too. They both idealize each other because in reality they actually don't know each other anymore at all. But scratch that, there's not only no build up between them but also no chemistry, no scenes that would imply they're pinning after each other. It's clear as day that Riverdale writers pull out barchie only when there's a need for cheap drama but once they do, they don't do anything with it. Just like in season 2 and now too. It was supposed to keep people interesting but not because people want b*rchie but because cheating for some reason always brings more audience. People want cheap drama and Riverdale gave just that. Plus it's obvious they wanted to tear apart core 4 and they used the most typical way to do that. But okay what's done is done. What I don't get is how B*rchie fans can be so naive? I mean weren't they fooled once in season 2? So why are they saying with their whole chest that B*rchie is a slowburn? Were they always that way or did it start once that kiss in season 4 happened?
THE WAY I CACKLED when i got this message LOL you are new to this fandom and you walked in its craziest era. i don’t know if i feel happy or sorry for you, but WELCOME and congrats on being an intellectual, because everything you said is what we, from the bugvarchie fandom, see. but if you said what you said to a ba they’ll get a bunch of screencaps from every season making parallels and etc and say that you are the delusional one since you cannot *see* the *obvious* story that’s being told.
i don’t know exactly how to answer you. there’s a lot of layers (under the cut) from my analysis.
1) there are few accounts who are really, really loud and creative. they hype up their fans by creating endless content from the little they’ve got and hey, i get it, i’ve been vidding for nate and serena for a decade, and you can turn not much into a lot! anyway, this fan-content is beautiful, creative, and it gets the attention of the people who like the idea of them. large amounts of fan content sells a concept to a fandom, and the concept it sells for ba is that they are the epic slowburn endgame.
2) a lot of their fans don’t watch the show but watch compilations of ba scenes instead -- which, fair enough, i have done that with half-s3 when i was busy with work. but not bothering to watch the whole show, not paying attention to all the ramifications of bughead and varchie and to the individual arcs of the characters. they think they’re watching a show that’s character-driven, where every single action will have a consequence for the character and change their course, when riverdale is the most plot oriented teen drama that ever was. anyway, that could be a factor: they don’t know what’s going on.
3) there’s a huge misconception of what the characters in the ship are and what they want them to be so they fit this narrative. archie will ‘fix’ betty’s darkness; betty will ‘save’ archie with her love, etc. that’s not stated by canon in any means...
4) ...but again, the big ‘rulers’ of their fandom make it happen. it’s admirable how they sell their headcanons as truth. you came into the fandom in a funny time, because it’s the “b*rchie disinformation campaign” era (click to be mindblown lol), where there are actually fake spoilers and fake interviews floating around and that some of their fanbase believe in immediately, since it validates the narrative they believe in. not sure who’s behind it - could be from any fandom, really - but it’s funny how it all circles back to the ~slowburn endgame~ narrative. anyway, they do that a lot! they make gifsets saying that archie was jealous in moments he wasn’t, they make gifsets saying betty was in love with him when she wasn’t, just the other day there was a video circling around on twitter where they had edited out archie saying ‘i love you too’ to veronica in front of pop’s so it looked like he didn’t say anything, just left, and a lot of people were retweeting it saying that varchie was dead because they didn’t watch the actual scene, there are some reviewers around who support or are literally completley absorbed by the narrative...
5) but it wasn’t so bad! it got worse when ted sullivan, one of the producers and writers, came into the picture in s4 while ras was away dealing with all his other shows. he had the terrible habit of interacting with the fans way too much and the cheating storyline (for drama, as you said, but as ted himself said multiple times) got so much backlash that he got defensive since it was his idea, and started validating/interacting with bas and shunning bugheads. then, the bas got very confident in their tale, since ted was being so open. this gave them a ‘canon validation’ that got out of control with the pandemic and here we are nowadays.
6) one thing is certain though: they are very dedicated and i think we all should learn from them a little bit and not care so much about canon!
but we’ll see what happens! i have been around tv shows for a long time and i know when ships are written to end up together and when they aren’t (listen, i have a lifetime of non-endgame ships, I KNOW how it feels). of course, some show runners can do a 180º in the very final episode, like happened with ‘how i met your mother’ and etc. sometimes actors leave the show and it changes narratives. but it’s very rare. 
your reading on riverdale was excellent and i hope to see you around again! 🥰️🥰️🥰️
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stray-tori · 7 months ago
TPN S02E07 Initial Thoughts (anime-only)
[ Reaction Vid with friends ]
I knew about two things in this episode, but that aside, all new stuff for me! I don’t know if it’s because it’s anime-original but quite frankly I don’t want to know. Somehow I’ve convinced myself I won’t care if I know things, but seeing it all unfold is still different - I still WISH i was more blind, obviously, but yeah. I just wish they had more runtime still to cover the final stretch because I do really want to relish this far longer, especially now that I only know like 2 things, one of which likely won’t be relevant in the anime-route.
BUT OH WELL, enough meta emotions. Onto the mess that is my thoughts in my tiny brain trying to comprehend all those factors and making sense of everything.
. Norman’s plan
I find it interesting that Mujika and Sonju are the thing that bothers Norman specifically. Ray asks “so they kept the power for themselves” in regards to the nobles, which to me means they have it (they did eat them). So aren’t they a risk too? Since Norman worries about Mujika using it to give the degenerated demons their bodies back -- though the nobles might not do that since it’d make the folk emancipated. But like, if you have no folk left, there’s nothing to control either...
So my guess why Mujika/Sonju are a bigger risk are:
they’re more unpredictable and might be quicker to counter-act his efforts with their ability
Norman knows WHERE the nobles are and (I’m guessing) has a plan to deal with them - he DOESN’T know where Mujika is so she’s riskier since she’s evading his view of the chessboard quite literally.
I do think I shouldn’t have to read between the lines like that - what’s Norman’s plan with the nobles? Does the drug really not work on them? If so, how will they get rid of them? To be fair, he seems very certain that eliminating Mujika and Sonju won’t be a big problem; so it’s likely that he’d proceed the same way with the nobles (probably lambda squad) - but I would have liked if that very valid concern had come up in the discussion of the plan.
His “safer” plan literally
doesn’t affect the nobles (who might be a small group but still); which goes unaddressed by him. I don’t think he’s not aware of it, since later in the discussion, the thing that bothers him about Emma saying to just get rid of the nobles and the farm humans ISN’T to get rid of them, what he considers implausible is using the noble’s blood / ONLY killing THEM and not all the demons. At least in my opinion.
human enemies (though they might get caught up in the wild demon chaos I guess)
the world will literally be riddled with wild demons for a good while. How is that any safer? I guess he’ll bring everyone to his hideout that was referenced (where he hides all the kids he broke out) and that will be protected from wild demons either by infrastructure or the humans inside -- I guess viewed from that perspective, it does sound like a pretty “safe” plan if it’s just enough of a “fortress” sort of deal.
His plan IS however more “concrete”. Going to the human world is risky because
the gatekeeper, whatever he is. But like, can he just leave the guardian be all the way underground? is that how it works? Won’t he have to get rid of him eventually?
they could be followed there. they could destroy the gate, however that would doom everyone still over there and who knows if the demons could just break the separation in rage.
they could be unwelcome by the humans on the other side. Either because they somehow profit off of the demon world’s human farms or because the humans over there fear the end of the promise and therefore scramble to send them back. idk if they could take an army of children but it’d be a risk for sure, especially if it implies that they would be constantly chased no matter where they go. A life on the run seems unfavorable (but I’d find that super interesting tbh, arc in the human world??).
andit isn’t going to GF (since he agreed to Emma going back for the others in ep6) that concerns him (imo) but actually just the gatekeeper and the risk of the human world that they don’t know about. Norman does know the effect his drug has on demons, because he’s SEEN it. Eliminating the demons is the more concrete option because if there's no demons, there's no-one to restart the cycle or to follow them or to do whatever. Even if nobody needs humans, that's no gurantee nobody will start farming humans again (see the high class, after all).
So I do think he makes sense there, but I also think it’s a bit of stubbornness and pride too.
there's too many factors and my brian is small.
. the dil-emma
Those slight confusions aside, it’s a good dilemma and I relish in it. Nobody could blame them if they did it, but Emma does have a point - do the lower ranks of society hold the blame for what the rich do? - in fact the nobles take all the quality food, leaving their other demons to starve and deform in the lower ranks, even though they don't need it. Did the two demons molded by the system they live in, who just wanted to save literal kids, deserve to die...? The class/capitalism allegory basically writes itself-
Emma is going hard on the parallels and emphasizing with them being living creatures just like them -- and I agree, honestly. Would it be fair to eradicate all of humanity just because the high class / corporations are damning the planet? (some would say yes but YKNOW)
I think Emma has a lot less footing right now -- the upper ranks have all the power, who says it’ll work this time even if they try to turn every demon? Who says they won’t be like the nobles or literally Sonju, one of their “friends” However, I don’t think Emma is being stupid - her concerns are valid. She’s not just doing it for Sonju and Mujika. Though, I still think it’d be interesting if Emma had to change her ideology, not method, this time but... I’m curious how it’ll go.
Tbh I think what it's gonna go for is the middle ground: escape to human world and hope that Sonju and Mujika will help the lower ranks of society and hopefully not be killed. But then again, Sonju wants to eat humans so rip
If they want to ensure some more power to Sonju and Mujika, then 1) flee to human world and kill nobles and farm administration in the process (likely included in part since the gate is in GF) and 2) then hope that demons will just accept their new found peace of not having to chase after humans and just chill in their world.
They probably also can't take every human, so there's always the risk of the cycle just starting anew (especially since as Norman said, some humans also act in self-interest. I'm curious what exactly that self-interest is, aside from getting to live peacefully potentially but even that sounds kind of like a not that epic thing in demon society. unless there's a small village for humans they've deemed worthy and are just throwing there, like what they promised Isabella - or it's just going to the human world I guess WHO KNOWS). and while I did touch upon a sort of "grey" ending for TPN where our group is safe but who knows about the rest, I am actually really curious if that's what they're going for or not. It feels like no matter what I consider something doesn't work out or doesn't feel right.
. the gates (and the human world)
I wish we would have known about gates existing prior to this episode. We never found out WHAT is at the location (just have Exposition James mention it). I understand why the pen only showed one - it’s implied the humans had a base there and of course you’d want to send escapees there and not into a farm’s gate but I think there should have still been a side note in the pen that it’s a gate?? Like clearly the farm already knows about gates if their farm is directly above it, right?? so why try to keep it secret pff-
is the implication that the highest humans are actually from the human side or how can I imagine that?? Is it actually not that rare for some humans to exist on both sides if they’re just high rank enough. A gate has no point if nobody can pass - but I guess maybe it’s just under the farm to protect it? Since you already have all those systems for the farm’s kids, why not double-utilize it as a safeguard.
why are there gates to begin with. I wonder if it's science or if that was a backdoor to the deal - but why would you even need that? I guess for human materials.
But it can’t be that nobody can cross, because I’m assuming the tech/food comes from the human world since we haven’t seen non-human farms that would provide for the farms. And if nobody can cross, deliveries will be hard...? So I’M CONFUSED.
. Nor “I just did a few tests” man
Norman just loves them so much and he's running out of time >:”0 of course he'd want to go with the plan he's been cooking up. if he's not there he can't save them!
And he’s always been like that, too, as the episode very very clearly points out several times haha. He tricked them in s1 too. He might be more drastic in his methods, but he also admitted to originally only planning to escape with the two of them and he also admitted he suspected Ray first and he thought about cutting Ray off at first before he talked to Emma -- so even the more cold side isn’t all that surprising. He might also be dissociating a bit, tbh. 
But it’s also so tragic,,, He thinks he can’t give them the future Emma wanted without a sacrifice. The problem just is that it was a forced sacrifice because Norman lied to them and said he'd work with them to ensure he escapes too but then didn't. He gave up and forced his defeat on the others, because he thought that it was the safer option than taking more risks (which is happening now too lol).
I also wonder if aside from just... trying to save them until he can’t anymore, a part of his motivation in pushing them away (”isn’t it tough?” - “no”) is that he won’t burden them with his turmoil. He’s their savior right? He can’t falter. If he does, Emma and Ray will just become more stubborn about stopping him. It’ll make it harder for them. Maybe it’s better if they dislike him than worrying. Maybe it’d also make Emma hate herself less if he plays the bad guy...
those are my thoughts, anyway.
. Some drug thoughts
it has to be applicable large scale
I assume the lances in the demon’s body are just there to immobilize it, and not to inject. there are those bulging parts around the entry points, but we did see that also happening when Ray shot the demon eye, so I’m assuming it’s simply their reaction to bodily harm/wounds.
plus, if they have to throw 50 spears into every demon to get the drug to work that's one hell of an inefficient plan
Based on how a lot of the demon dynamics work over food, I’m assuming it’d be something like mixing it into their drinking water, but that might leave some out of they notice. (do they even drink water?)
maybe it’s also just it getting into bodily contact. that would be convenient.
also why would you want a demon in your basement that just seems risky pff
. other random things I liked
the Gilda and Emma headbump was so cute sdfudhdsjsd
Lani and Thoma mentioning the migrating birds during their tower watch and that then later coming back when the kids think about where they could be was nice!
I think her involving everyone again is a nice nod to the season's theme, including the whole putting “faith” in them. Norman doesn’t trust them with his plan. I think the bigger problem isn’t that he won’t trust Emma’s plan, because he’s not wrong to object to it, but he should still rely on his family and let them help with the plan instead of deciding it all himself. He doesn't have to literally sacrifice himself for it, again. There is the "don't burden everything by yourself" message of the season, with Emma inviting Gilda and Ray prompting Don to come with them too (probably because they realized it’d be weird to rant about Norman doing everything alone and then doing the same pff-). I think that's what they're going for, that when they work together, he won't have to suffer so much. Even if the plan doesn't change much, he should still rely on them. it is however true that they don't have that much to offer in terms of a long-term solution right now, so that's unfortunate. But we'll see what finding Mujika will bring :3
The gate being in GF ties up the story really well for this weird 2 seasons abridged. i can kinda see what they're going for with the middle arcs missing, which definitely hurts overall but I think it makes the whole thing a little more streamlined in terms of themes and coming back to what s1 was about, quite literally. they just stumbled in the execution (hard, sometimes)
The seizures :((( they’re all so broken, they need HUGS
that "what makes you so nervous?" remark from Ray and also the squad being like "we don't have long left" as the lead up to Norman’s seizure was. so good.
Norman’s seizure scene. The far shot, the blood, the “sorry” I’M EMO-
Norman’s soft “be careful” to Emma and Ray, showing that softer side again :<
Also Ray's reaction to "the gate is in gf" is just a mood haha
THE SHIPMENT PARALLELS! the sounds, grabbing his hand this time when he had to take hers during his shipment AHHH-
. other random things I didn’t like
why is Norman not taking the GF kids to his location I am confusion. MAYBE the room they're in (the building just looks like that room and the basement stuff but idk) wouldn't be big enough to comfortably live there or maybe he's too absorbed and doesn't want his siblings to find out about their seizures (which would be more likely to happen if they lived around him) and his brutal experiments (they do always somehow find every little thing in a place haha), but I feel like taking them there would still be better overall. He literally has no way of knowing if something does happen to them. I guess it could be argued he trusts them enough to be able to handle it, but if he's doing it all for them (and probably some trauma to be honest), he definitely should be more concerned and have brought them or at least let one of the lambda kids stay with them.
My friends and I literally everytime they left for food, we already were like "great, leave the kids alone". I feel like in that case it's going a bit for the whole "putting trust in each other" angle but I still feel it's kind of questionable to leave them on their own too.
Overall, I think things add up but I think that’s bc I’m a) very forgiving and b) often just slap a somewhat likely/good-will explanation on things and accept that for now. It’s good for my enjoyment but it might make me seem delusional but I DO THINK that i shouldn’t have to read between the lines this much for the non-mystery elements.
the deal makes no sense from Emma’s POV, what’s her goal? Hoping Mujika’s intel and knowledge about demon society will be of help and convince Norman not to do it? but she already made it a condition to not annihilate the demons if she brings them, so I guess she just wants to give her plan a chance - but I’m not sure what she thinks Norman would see in that plan. I guess he wants to kill them because they’re unpredictable, but if he was to hold his word, their unpredictable nature wouldn’t matter since he can’t annihilate the demons anymore anyway based on his agreement (which he intends to break of course but LIKE FROM EMMA’S PERSPECTIVE. BABY WHAT YOU DOING).
So yeah... I’m definitely enjoying the ride. I can see its faults, i’m not delusional, but the base elements are interesting to think about and coming up with some explanations that make sense is also fun - though I wish there was a bit more canon ground / “connecting the dots” experience to it.
I hope I can continue to have fun with the show until it ends, at the very least. Content is content, I’m to tpn-brain-rotted pfff-
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jackles-coded · 9 months ago
You really know how to build a case and I love the citations! You know looking back on it all together. I felt Jon has the physical desire intimacy with Dany but the emotional desire intimacy with Sansa. One of my issues with JonXDany was the lack of any emotional foundation or connection. He was always so closed off. With Sansa we had the framing you showed, maybe latent attraction/chemistry (?), and all this unjustified vulnerable desperation on Jon's part for Sansa's approval & reassurance.
I am so sorry for the size of that response lol but I’m glad you liked it. :) I agree, he definitely had more intimacy and emotional vulnerability with Sansa. Like you said, he was looking for her approval & reassurance consistently.
Yes, I definitely agree! I still think that was done purposely but I’m not sure if we’ll ever find out the truth regarding that scenario. The more and more I think about it, I wonder if they cut off Jon’s POV/thoughts when it came to Dany in order to hide the big reveal of her going dark rather than any pol!Jon. I mean, there’s still evidence there for that theory and it would make the most sense considering his character, but I wonder if they thought instead “oh this is how we’ll keep things under wraps and subvert those expectations” -- I just hope we get answers someday on the Jon Snow front. The poor man had his character butchered for it so he deserves some sort of explanation or validation. 
I think you’re right, that was one of the most frustrating things when watching Jon and Dany together and I think that’s why a lot of people thought the two actors had a lack of chemistry. I think it would have been even more of a tragic romance not just for Dany’s side but also Jon’s, especially if there had been some sort of emotional foundation or connection. But I don’t know if they just screwed up on that, were more concerned with covering/keeping hidden the dark arc turn, or needed for it to be something that would easily collapse under the weight of all that was going on in season 8 and for Dany to be completely isolated and alone in order to make that dark turn. 
It’s funny, this is sort of related to Jon and Dany but I was rewatching that vid I linked you on an earlier response for “Queen Of the Ashes” and it sort of occurred to me again “how did people miss that Dany was going to do dark? how did they miss this neon bright paint on the wall spelling it all out?” I know the show didn’t handle it properly but like we talked about, it was all right there. Then it hit me, “wait a minute, how did people miss the parallels between her and the Night King?” (maybe I look too deeply, it’s possible *looks at my last 200 page paper replies & eyes widen*) Like (no huge list this time I promise lol):
7x07, the Night King uses Viserion and dragonfire to break down the Wall so his army can get through to the other side, while Tormund and the others were standing sentry and then are overwhelmed/killed (x); Dany does the same thing with Drogon and dragonfire to the entrance to King’s Landing in 8x05 so her army and Jon’s army can get through to the other side, while the Golden Company stand sentry and then are killed (x)
the fact that they both died by daggers to the heart by a Stark (and not just any Starks, Arya & Jon, the girl who is most like Lyanna Stark and Lyanna’s son who share a close bond, the sister who Jon told to “stick them with the pointy end”) (x) (x)
the visual imagery of the Targaryen crest with the Night King imagery, either in body parts (someone sure got a gold star that day for Arts and Crafts), bodies in the snow, or in the Forest (x) (x)
the fact that neither Dany nor the NK can be burned by fire though GRRM confirmed Targaryens, as a rule, are not fireproof (x) (x)
Dany being born during “one of the worst storms in living memory” thus giving her the name Stormborn; Jon saying re: the NK “he doesn’t bring the storm, he is the storm” & sure enough we see him do just that in 8x03 
the NK can resurrect the dead to be soldiers for him; Dany enthralls practically everyone she meets before season 8 happens, those she couldn’t end up on the wrong side of the dragon or were not important to the main story
the NK kills Viserion with a spear of ice in 7x06 & we know the dragons are “fire made flesh” -- this isn’t an exact correlation for Dany & the NK but the whole ice vs fire theme in general 
the NK has (I know he’s not in the books but the WW have them) bright blue eyes & Dany (in the books) has violet eyes (which as we know is blue and red mixing somewhere there, red for fire, red for Targaryen) that tend to get slightly brighter when she gets angry (I know the violet eyes are a Targaryen characteristic, but she and Viserys were the last Targaryen-looking Targaryens and as we know, he dies, so I’m counting it in this column lol)
the NK was going to kill everyone (threatening the world) & make the world in his image: White Walkers; Dany was going to conquer everyone (threatening the world) & make the world into her new world (”bend the knee or refuse and die”, “we can’t make a new world with men loyal to the old one we have” & her speech in 8x06)
the fact that Ice (Jon Snow) had to take out Fire (Dany) & Valyrian Steel (Dany having the blood of Old Valyria and again, fire) had to take out Ice (NK) 
I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it but damn it’s like a fascinating bread crumb trail to follow, so how could people not think that Targbowl was going to happen? (though not in the way they expected since you know, the show had to “subvert” those expectations, it gets funnier for me every time I say it, sorry I’m a dork) How could they believe that a full Targaryen restoration was going to happen with a Jonerys wedding/endgame? I’m not snarking on them but I mean it literally, how did they miss things like this when it’s right there in not only the narrative but the dialogue:
Tormund’s cheering of Jon in 8x04 at the feast: “Like a madman or a king!” which has Jon looking to Dany worriedly but that one line is the same as the whole “every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin” line with Varys’ whole “I’m not sure how her coin has landed, but I’m quite certain about yours” line (though to be fair, I don’t think Dany was mad in the way that narrative was portrayed in the end with Benioff’s whole “she’s still a Targaryen” -- she didn’t snap, she made a decision, different from the Mad King who “laughed as people died” & had definitely snapped -- which is why I prefer calling her Dark!Dany instead of the Mad Queen & I absolutely enjoy that twist/villainous part of her arc - even though what she did was absolutely horrible and inexcusable, the fact that she chose to do it mixed with her whole story line, I don’t know but for me that just gives it a bit of extra oomph for me)
But I digress (I tend to do that a lot, have you noticed? sorry about that!), back to Jonerys and the intimacy & emotional foundation - I think the biggest change that could have helped that ship sail, pardon the pun, is the 7x07 boat sex moment. Rather than show just the shot of them closing the door with Bran’s voiceover and then going straight to them doing the horizontal mambo, they never once showed us the first kiss they shared that would lead to that point, something that is important for romantic pairings, especially for the “epic romance” part of it. (unless them not showing it was intentional) A good contrast is the lead up to the love scene Grey Worm and Missandei have in 7x02. Not only have they been building up that romance steadily but they give them this romantic moment, confirming this is indeed a romantic-coded pairing and it’s romance aspects. 
Instead, for Jon and Dany, they give us the kiss in 8x01 besides the waterfall because at that moment it’s a romantic setting and that was one thing Jon shared with her about himself. But at that point it was too little, too late. Which is a shame because Kit and Emilia really did have chemistry and it could have been much more tragic, much more emotional, much more heartbreaking, and Dany might have gotten the sympathetic light Emilia had been hoping to have included in her dark ending. (I just realized I may have a few masochistic tendencies when it comes to this stuff) But this only is more proof in the pudding that all of it was simply too rushed. Maybe had we had more episodes, more seasons, hell more time, this may have gone down differently, or at least not felt like a huge fire of a finale, no pun intended.
I think, if I had to guess, Sansa first started having feelings for Jon in season 7 but didn’t realize it until before he came back to Winterfell. I think Littlefinger was very on point when he said to her “I’ve heard gossip that the Dragon Queen is quite beautiful.” “What does that have to do with anything?” “Jon is young and unmarried. Daenerys is young and unmarried.” “You think he wants to marry her?” “An alliance makes sense. Together, they’d be difficult to defeat” & this is right after Jon has bent the knee and given the North away (x) -- he was looking for a way to drive a wedge between her and Jon, to shake her loyalty to him, especially after what he saw in 7x02. You see Sansa wondering what he’s getting at, her face when he says “He was named the King in the North. He can be unnamed.” Not only is she sussing him out, but she’s thinking about it, everything he’s just said. (not that I think she ever thought of doing that to Jon) And even though Sansa outwits Littlefinger in the end, the little seed had been planted, he got through in this last scene. I think this moment sets up for what goes on in season 8 with Sansa’s jealousy when it comes to the love triangle. That whole dialogue is very telling, he knows (or suspects at the very least) that Sansa has feelings for Jon even if she doesn’t yet realize it herself, and he’s exploiting it to get what he wants: the IT & Sansa/the North. So I would agree with you saying it’s a latent development for Sansa.
Jon, we never find out how he feels except in the 8x06 script, but it doesn’t say that he doesn’t love her or can’t reciprocate or has never realized her feelings before then (I think he did, that little smile he has from 8x01 when he and Sansa are arguing and she says “No, she’s much prettier”). So, I’m not 100% sure on that end but I definitely have some questions for Mr. Harington and his acting choices. ;-)
Thank you so much for the ask again, my friend. I have loved diving back into this part of GoT with gusto. It certainly has gotten that part of my brain dusted and off of the shelf again. So thank you. <3 
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finally. i decided to do this. anyways hello there, i am jake and today i want to talk about something; you see, if you are in the tf2 fandom, you probably know about heavymedic. Wherther you are a hardcore gamer who resents f2p’s or a person that never played the game but has trillions of notes on their art- you know heavymedic exists and most of all you probably ship it.
And I find that weird. In the few fandoms in my life I have been in I had never seen a single ship be so widely if not shipped, then accepted. Sure, maybe everyone in the GF fandom knows what Billdip is - for better or for worse. Sure, maybe the HS fandom is 70% shipping.
But I have never ever seen such a phenomenon in a prominent multiplayer game fandom. A fandom, sadly, oftentimes filled with toxicity. Overwatch is very similar here - yet ships are either a hot topic of discussion or straight up ignored. But TF2? In here for whatever reason we ship these two mercenaries. And in this essay I will try and find a reason or two why is that.
Apologies for any mistakes or incoherency. English is not my first language, I need to ramble, and my vocabulary is all over the place.
Content warning: mentions of homophobia, blood, death, mentions of WLW fetishization, nsfw mention. Also MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE TF2 COMICS.
Part 1: Canonical Evidence and Interactions
Let’s be honest: I could ramble about this one for days on end. But I’ll try and keep it short.
First and foremost we have the official videos. And of course the first thing that comes to mind is Meet the Medic.
Tumblr media
At the very start of the part where Medic himself appears, we see him telling a joke about a particularly gruesome situation to Heavy.
He laughs along with him, visibly enjoying his company. He even smiles as he waits for another joke. Heavy only shows genuine fear a lot later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And of course this damn scene always cracks me up. Medic slightly pinches Heavy’s cheek and strokes his lip gently (the other part is almost not noticeable unless you play the video at slow speed).
Of course we all know about the Hand Hold that happens somewhere halfway in the vid. I don’t think I have to explain the gayness in that. The fact their hands stay interlocked even after Medic helps Heavy up. The deep breath Medic takes because even he cannot handle the emotions. That few seconds is unresolved sexual tension manifest.
Overall the short shows a strong feeling of trust between these two. Medic confides in Heavy and reverse. Yeah he puts a baboon heart into his friend’s chest cavity but the fact (as proven at the end of the video) that Heavy was the first one to have an Ubercharge implanted into him shows that Medic at the very least considers him a lab rat.
I treat End of the Line as non-canonical, as do many others, and as such won’t discuss it here. But it will forever crack me up that Valve endorsed such levels of homoerotic subtext.
These two have some short moments in other videos, like for example in Invasion Heavy helps Medic up (CINEMATIC PARALLELS) but it’s nothing major so I guess I’ll skip forward.
Second is their interactions ingame. You might call me a weirdo for trying to find stuff in there but holy shit I have things to say and I’m going to say them.
Tumblr media
You thought I was going to fanboy over the “i love this doktor” voiceline huh? Well not really. I wish these two had unique lines if they assist one another.
Heavy is literally listed on the official wiki as the “ideal medic buddy” and multiple pages on that exact wiki say some pretty interesting things.
Tumblr media
I have to say something about the Gentleman’s Ushanka and/or Pocket Medic. They are both community cosmetics - but the fact they both got accepted by Valve says a lot. Above is text snipped from the actual wiki.
Last but not least: The Comics. Darned comics. The pair of mercenaries has basically no interaction - unless you count issue 6.
Heavy getting absolutely PISSED when Medic is killed by Ch*avy. Their reunion. Medic referring to Heavy by “my friend” in a totally straight way. Kind of sad Valve wasted an opportunity for them to hug. Maybe they knew their comic artist ships them and wanted to avoid having to answer the Question™.
Part 2: Dynamics
This part’s a bit trickier, mostly due to the reason that I’m new to this whole dynamic analysis thing. Yeah I’m good at spotting canonical evidence but very specific shipping dynamics often escape my gaze.
The most obvious one is Big Guy, Little Guy. Quoting the TVTROPES page:
[…] This trope describes a pair of guys who always fight together, are best friends forever, and quite often have a very obvious hierarchy: The little guy is often in charge […] The little guy is usually listed first, since he’s the leader, and they are always listed together, as if they are one entity. In fact, some episodes may center on the fact that they can’t live without each other. […] If this is a case of Brains and Brawn, the Big Guy is usually the Brawn, and the Little Guy the Brains. It’s almost never the other way around, but in some cases the Big Guy can be rather smart too. […]
A sub-type of this, a common favorite here on Tumblr is known as “small chaotic big calm” and hoo boy if that isn’t these two. I don’t really have much to say here - again I am not an expert.
Part 3: Fandom Impact
So you don’t think Red Oktoberfest (as Heavymedic is sometimes called) is super popular on anywhere else than Tumblr? Wrong.
It’s hard to find TF2 fics on Archive of Our Own not tagged with Heavy/Medic. Of course most of them only contain hints to their relationship but go in the main tf2 tag and I can guarantee you, you’ll gonna see “implied heavy/medic” all the time.
But these two go further than AO3 or Tumblr or Instagram or whatever. They are recognized even within the wider circle of the fanbase. Take this SFM, for example. (I am using the Saxxy Awards version of Secret Lives here mostly due to the fact that the Heavymedic moment is much gayer. In the normal version, the dialogue isn’t changed, but they simply hold hands.)
And the best part? The comments are extremely positive. You’d expect hoards upon hoards of homophobes screeching but no, the comments are supportive. Even on places such as Reddit or Youtube, comments like “yeah they’re gay and in love” do not get downvoted/disliked to hell; in fact the opposite.
Part 4: Canon Status
Let’s be real. Most ships are shipped because people want to explore the dynamics in fanfic, fanart or something else. But Heavymedic is shipped because… well, I have no idea.
Actually, I kind of do - but only theories. You see, while the canonical evidence is here, the creators have never said anything about them. No confirmation, no disproval, no hinting, nothing.
But the ship is so prominent! There has to be something causing this!- you say. And to that I present you 2 theories on why Heavy/Medic is so popular.
Theory number 1 states that we simply all choose to interpret their interactions as homoerotic. And this is very easy to disprove - there’s simply no way we just collectively agreed on these matters out of nothing. There has to be something bigger.
And theory 2 states that, well, our interpretation is the desired interpretation. But this is even more ridiculous than theory 1 for a number of reasons. If they are in fact gay, why hasn’t Valve made them canon yet?
A Theoretical Scenario
I am going to ramble big time on this one, so buckle up lads. I’ll discuss a theoretical scenario in which, well, if that was not obvious, Valve confirms Heavymedic as canon. Maybe then we will see why they will probably never do so.
TF2 is considered by typical capital G, alt-right Gamers as a “non-political” game. This means no women (in the game itself, at least, and if even, sexy women only), no queer folk and no minorities (for some reason they accept Demoman but throw a fit if someone draws any other merc as not being pearl white). Team Fortress 2 was around before Gamergate and other things like Gamers Rise Up. It’s a classic and Valve is regarded as the good guy to Epic Game’s bad guy. If Valve did anything to confirm doubts, wherther it be clearing up popular fanon or confirming ships, these people would throw hands. (Although they seemed to ignore when one of the writers confirmed Miss Pauling is a lesbian. Huh.) Even those that don’t play TF2 would come to the aid of their bros.
Let me illustrate with two very similar examples. In both cases these confirmations were the first made by the company as a whole, both are fairly recent and both confirm a character as gay.
First we have the confirmation of Tracer from Overwatch as a lesbian. It was done in one of OVW’s comics. Tracer is the FACE of Overwatch as a whole and while most of the fanbase accepted it (thankfully the Gamers are reluctant to infest ow), some people threw what I can only describe as a hissy fit. At least her girlfriend’s a background character.
Tumblr media
Second is Neeko from League of Legends. Unlike Tracer she was added a while before it was confirmed she was gay. LOL is much more toxic and filled with Gamers than OW and holy shit people smeared LOL so much.
Of course these are not accurate to Heavy/Medic. In both of the cases I listed it was girls being wlw and we all know how much cisgender heterosexual gamers LOVE yuri porn. Apparently only girls can be gay because they can jack off to it - if it’s two guys then it’s disgusting. Nevertheless I think these are good approximations - in every case the company gets “shat on” on social media and other sites. With the community that Valve has, I think even if they wanted them to be gay, they would never ever confirm it.
I’m sorry for that ending. I had to theorize a bit. Regardless I’d love if you shared this on other sites, reblogged or whatever - I wasted at least 1 and a half hours of my life on it. Feel free to cite this as a source if someone asks you why you ship the big heavy weapons expert and the feral battle medic.
Tumblr media
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