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❛ What if we rewrite the stars? ❜ (travmsoldat~)

“With our vows? I didn’t know you held that type of power. Have you been holding out on me?” Talking about the wedding was fun. Each second that passed meant they were just that much closer to making everything extra official. She didn’t worry about the scary parts that came with it; it was a little hard when you had such comfort in your choice. “Doesn’t everyone repeat the same vows and promises? What if we spice it up a little? We could write our own!”

The looks her give her then deflates her bubble some. It wasn’t that Phillip was a traditionalist himself, but they were getting married within his very traditionalist culture. Sometimes it felt like the wedding had very little to do with them and everything to do with Carolingian. If she had to admit it, it took the fun out from the whole thing. “Look, I’ll repeat whatever they want me to repeat. Just remember that whatever that is will dim in comparison to what I could have said.” ———– @travmsoldat x 

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watch harry walk the red carpet for the sole reason we think he won’t

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daylight at lover fest 🤝 long live at rep tour

she’ll be sitting at a piano in a beautiful dress, staring at the audience with love in her eyes. soft visuals behind her. she’ll finish singing and get up and disappear through the stage but the music romantically plays on, with her backup singers harmonizing, until it slowly fades out.

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