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#just watch it and go in with an open mind and you'll have fun okay thank you love you bye
eriace · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⌗ Characters┇ Mikey, Sanzu, Izana, Mitsuya, Hanma, Nahoya, Souya, Hakkai, Baji, & Chifuyu
Note: This is an idea just popped out of my mind all of a sudden. Hope you guys like it!
Tumblr media
━━ Manjiro Sano [ Mikey ]
Amusement Park Date
Mikey would really like this kind of date because of how childish he is.
You're basically stuck with him for at least five hours or more.
He really loves to watch the fireworks with you while riding the Ferris wheel.
" We won't go home, not until we finish riding all of the rides here! "
━━ Haruchiyo Akashi [ Sanzu ]
Walk Date
You two will just walk into the park or anywhere while holding hands.
Telling each other your own stories while laughing with each other.
Perhaps, he'll always have money in hand if an ice cream vendor showed up.
" Let's try this again...yes or yes? "
━━ Izana Kurokawa
Street Foods Date
It wasn't the best but for you it is.
These street foods are truly amazing, but it's more amazing if you are eating one with Izana.
You'll always see him smile ear to ear when eating one so you'll also smile because of how cute he is.
" Let's do this again. But next time it will be in the Philippines, okay? "
━━ Takashi Mitsuya
Dance Date Under The Moonlight
The dress you wore was made by your one and truly Mitsuya.
You really like this kind of date, especially under the moonlight.
Eyes to eyes, smiling ear to ear while swaying and dancing left to right. The music lingering in the air while the faint smell of the roses was around.
" Shall we take this dance, sweetheart? "
━━ Shuji Hanma
Haunted House Date
You really...really...really regretted going with him.
You didn't expect to have a haunted house date because you thought it will be a fancy one.
While inside the haunted house, Hanma will always scare the hell out of you.
But Hanma chose this kind of date because he wants you to cling to him.
" HAHAHAHAHAHA, you should have seen your face! "
━━ Nahoya Kawata [ Smiley ]
Movie Date
Mostly it will be full of comedy movies...
But that's alright because it was really funny.
And besides, you have Nahoya on your side.
Frequently it will have hugs, cuddles, and kisses.
" This is the best date ever. "
━━ Souya Kawata [ Angry]
Arcade Date
Trying every claw machine with Souya was really fun.
But there was this one stuff toy that you can't have.
So that's why Souya did to you but can't get it and began to be angry.
But one of the workers approached us but got scared when they saw Souya because he thought he was angry at him.
So that's why they just opened the claw machine and gave us the stuffed toys we want.
" That's cool! Did you saw me there? "
━━ Hakkai Shiba
Candle-Light Dinner Date
Hakkai being a timid guy likes this kind of date.
Looking into each other’s eyes in dim candlelight while smiling into each other.
You cook the food while Hakkai preparing the table.
" Next time...I'll cook, now we are even. "
━━ Baji Keisuke
Study Session Date
A study session, teaching Baji things he didn't know and teaching him to spell some words right.
Baji on the other hand was too lazy to listen.
He'll get a kiss for every right answer while a punch for every wrong answer.
" I received 1 kiss and 14 punches. Is this hell? "
━━ Chifuyu Matsuno
After-School Date
The after-school date is fun, after the tiring time that you spend in school will change into joy.
As if you'll forget all your lessons.
Chifuyu on the other hand was interlocking his hand on your hand before walking into the place you guys will be dating at.
Wearing the same uniforms and carrying your school bag around.
A classic date yet the lovely one.
" This is still the best date we ever had. "
Tumblr media
© eriace ;; don’t repost my works.
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lysung · 10 days ago
happy first times - bang chan
you and bang chan's daughter comes back home from school earlier than expected and started acting weird, as if she's hiding something.
A/N: hi hi! sorry for being so inactive, uni had me messed up the whole year :( anyways. it's been quite some time since i wrote and posted anything in here, and i haven't been practicing english often either, i'm not sure if i'm doing anything right in here but i hope it's understandable and enjoyable 😭 also, i'm not sure how things work where you live, but at the elementary school where i studied, if you weren't feeling well, felt lots of pain or anything like this, and no one were home to get you back home, someone specific would drop you home. i wrote this based on this vague memory. you can pretend this happens where you live too if it doesn't lol and a fun fact: i've been struggling trying to pay attention to stuff that i wondered if my mind was still working properly, and after watching a clip of chan talking about periods, i was more than sure it was working very well 🥴. took the chance to write this.
genre: fluff
cw: overflowing cuteness, bang chan being the best man ever you'll ba your eyes out because you still can't believe someone this precious exist.
reader's gender is neutral! your daughter can be biological or adopted if you want to, all up to you! feel comfortable <3
this wasn't proofread because it's literally 6am when i'm posting this and maybe i didn't sleep at all just to finish this, but i'll try to remember to do so later today! pls tell me if you find any mistake too <3
hope you guys enjoy it! requests are open ✨
today is a sunny, fresh and bright day. bang chan, your husband, is taking some time off after his promotions were finally over. although you still had to go to work, today's the day when you're supposed to leave earlier. today just couldn't feel any better than this.
while waiting for you, chan was watching tv until he hears a noise coming from the front door. immediately he thought you would be home, but got confused as he saw your daughter coming in by herself.
- baby? what are you doing here this early? you're supposed to be at-
- iknow, i know. one of my teachers had to leave earlier today and she left me here, because you just wouldn't pick up your phone... — she cut him off with a sad and tired gaze, and chan instantly regretted leaving his phone so far from him earlier.
- ohhhh, i'm sorry so sorry my angeeel — he hugged her while carressing her hair, and she just responded with a quiet yet lovely "it's okay, dad" — but are you okay? what happened that you had to come back home this early?
- i just... don't feel good, my stomach aches way too much... but you don't have to worry, they just- they told me to take some medicine and rest for today — she explained, her voice crackling a bit, as if she was looking for the right words and was about to cry.
chan noticed her unusual behaviour and expressions. at first, he didn't intend to tell her about it or get mad, and just decided to pay extra attention for the rest of the day. as she distanced herself from him, he notices something else - the vivid red stain on her pants, on the inner side of her legs.
reality never hit him this hard. both of you were aware she was growing up, that's just how tome works, but once again, time felt like flying. as if watching her taking her first steps, saying her first words, making her first dawings and friends... everything felt like it hadn't been this long. every moment felt like a blessing. everything gives you two a specific feeling that probably no one will ever be able to put in perfect words.
chan felt his eyes tearing up as so many memories flashed one after another, finding himself at loss of words from the insane mix of feelings.
she turned to him to ask for something, just to find him with his head down, coverig his own face with one hand, sobbing quietly. the feeling of rgret instantly filled her up, as she was still confused and scared, fearing bad things to happen. she was so afraid and ashamed that she could barely tell or show it to anyone at school. but she calms down as she hears his words noticeably filled with love:
- my baby... i love you so much. but do you know what's happening to you now? — chan got closer to his precious daughter to hold her face with his hands and stare deeply into her eyes.
- ah, n-no... it's nothing bad, right? everything is gonna be fine, right? — she asked, fear still clear on her eyes and voice.
- no, it's nothing bad. you're just growing up and this is completely normal for you. i'll grab you a cup of warm water, sit down and i'll tell you everything i know about it. but relax, you're fine, baby. — he calmed her down while trying to control his proud smile, and ended with a kiss on her forehead before leaving, taking a little longer as expected to get a bag of warm water as well.
sat down next to each other, she drank her water calmly as she listened to her dad. she always knew how understanding chan can be, but this sudden situation made every kind of thought come to her head to the point nothing from the outside world would get in or make sense to her. yet, each and every word that came out of him would tranquilize her more and more. he felt like heaven to her, and she couldn't feel any more safer and happier with her precious dad.
while she showered and changed, chan left to buy meds and chocolate, hoping it would make her feel at least a little bit better. he spent the next few hours taking care of her as much as possible - making hot chocolate for her, listening to everything she wanted to say, watching her favorite series with her, massaging her wherever it hurted, trying his best to make her feel as comfortable as possible.
- honey, i'm home! — you announced happily after a long and exausting day. work felt endless and you couldn't wait to eat a little bit and sleep a little more. you were about to say something more, until you found the loves of your life sleeping next to each other on your sofabed, a movie playing on the tv, mugs on the tables next to them - a cute, calm smile on your sleeping daughter's face.
you went to the kitchen to grab water and noticed a paper on the table, which said "don't be scared, she's growing up faster than we thought and had her period at school today. she's fine! sorry for not telling you earlier. love you!"
you watched them sleep a little bit more. it was the best view you could have - your incredible and beautiful family. the moment also made you tear up a little bit, but it didn't take long for you to hold it and lay with them. it was unfortunate that you couldn't take care of your daughter as well, but there was nothing to worry or feel upset about. you knew both you and your daughter would be safe and sound if you have bang chan - the best friend, husband, dad and person.
you two couldn't love him any more than this.
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planetsano · 6 months ago
a family-friendly sleepover.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS ☆ "can I request reki and his s/o having their first sleepover together :) nothin nsfw!! just fluff and the both of them being dorks"
WARNINGS ☆ gn!reader but reki's baby sisters dress you up in a princess outfit.
PAIRING ☆ reki kyan x gn!reader
A/N ☆ I made this into a bullet fic/headcanon sort of thing. I hope that's okay, it's just easier for me to convey ideas! ;(
Tumblr media
I don't think it would be planned! It would just sort of happen.
The relationship was still new-ish, with it only being official for a month and a few days, but the two of you were inseparable.
One night after a skate date, you two decided to spend a little more time together back at his house. It was supposed to be an hour and thirty minutes max.
But there you two were cuddling and all pouty because you had to leave.
"It's late. I should go." Your voice is muffled from your face being buried into Reki's neck. His arm was loosely wrapped around your waist, rubbing on your back while. Your hand was on the other side of his neck, snuggling into him closer.
It was silent for a bit, the both of you unmoving because you didn't want to separate—puppy love.
A few more minutes passed, and you sighed. Now you had to get up. You sat on your knees, and you looked at Reki with a pout.
"C'mon, walk me out." You hit his chest gently. He groans and sits up, looking at you in your eyes.
"Do you really have to leave?" Reki asks.
You thought about it. You didn't necessarily have to leave, but you were supposed to, right?
"I mean, no but-" You stated but he cut you off.
"You can stay the night," He pauses, realizing what he just said. He was ready, but that's a significant milestone in any relationship, and maybe you weren't there yet. "Only if you want!" He gave you a nervous chuckle.
"Baby, are you sure?” Your hands found the sides of his face. “Will your mom mind?” Your thumbs rubbed his cheeks.
"I’m sure! She won't mind. I'll tell her it'll be a family-friendly sleepover."
“A family-friendly sleepover, babe?” You giggle and peck his lips.
"Yeah, it sounds PG, Ya know?”
Reki's mom and his sisters were so excited to have you over. His mother showed you some of his baby photos, and his sisters pulled you into one of their rooms. The oldest wanting boy advice, and the younger sisters just wanted to play dress up.
While you were occupied with his family, he took the time to get you everything you needed for the night. A toothbrush, a face towel, and pajamas (which consisted of one of his oversized shirts and baggy pajama pants)
Honestly, he was nervous the whole time he was preparing everything :(
He just wants everything to go well even though it was a last-minute thing, and there wasn't much he could do to plan.
Reki makes his bed and straightens up his room a bit even though it was already clean. Are there enough pillows??? Would you need more blankets??? Shit, he had to grab some extra drinks just in case you get thirsty!! He's a little ✨ frantic ✨
He folds your PJs in a neat square on his bed and even goes the extra mile to light a couple of sweetly scented candles and get more pillows
When he's satisfied, he'll go to his sister's room and knock on the door. He pokes his head in to see you wearing a tiara and an exceptionally poorly fitted princess dress. It was obviously made for a child the way it wouldn't close around your frame. Reki thought you looked adorable, but it was Reki-(Name) time now.
"Can I have my (Name) back?" He asks with a pout. His sisters shout a playful "no!"
"No? Let's fight then!" Reki comes into the room entirely fists raised.
Cue a fun sibling fight for your attention and love—spoiler alert. Reki wins, but only because they went easy on him. It was getting late anyway.
He takes you back to his room after you politely return your costume to his little twin sisters, and pinky promise you'll play again soon.
You smile when you see all the little things he's done and put out for you. You notice it all, from the candles to the couple bottles of water and snack sitting on his desk.
You guys brush your teeth and wash your face together. It's very much that scene from Bring It On. Lots of flirting through the mirror and hip bumps trying to fight for more mirror space.
He only gets "slightly" shy when he realizes you have to change.
"Uh, I'll let you change in here.." He says before he takes pajamas of his own out of his drawer. "I'll be right back!" He says and exits his room.
A few minutes will pass, and he's all dressed for bed. He knocks gently on his door, waiting on your response.
"Come in!"
He slides his door open to find you sitting crisscross applesauce on his bed. You look so sweet in PJs and a small smile on your face while you make grabby hands at him.
"Cuddle time, baby!" You say cutely.
Excited puppy Reki activated.
Reki takes so many candid pictures and videos of you. He makes one of the photographs his phone's lock screen. It's not a candid, but you're posing with two peace signs held up and a cute smile.
You guys are definitely making tiktoks too. (he's a surprisingly good dancer??????)
Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus? He has it all on his laptop.
You guys get in a comfy cuddle position and watch movies and cartoons for a while. The Scooby-Doo live-action movie? Watched. A few episodes of Regular Show and Adventure Time? Watched.
He notices when you're quieter than usual—your cute little giggles at funny scenes dying down to soft hums.
"Sleepy?" He asks with a soft smile, and you nod your head in response. Your eyes were getting heavier and heavier by the second.
Reki closes his laptop and starts to get up.
"Hnng- Where you are goin'?" You whine and ball his shirt in your fists.
"I gotta blow out the candles and put this up. I'll be back in no time, lovebug." He kisses your forehead, and you let him go.
You watch him get up and put his laptop on his desk, plugging it up to its charger. Before he blows out the candles, he turns to look at you.
"You don't need a nightlight, right? Because I have one if you need it, babe! I'm not judging!" Reki says
"Reki, I don't need a nightlight. Thank you, though, baby." You giggle softly, then pat the warm spot his body left next to you. "Hurry."
He blows out the candles quickly before sliding into bed with you. His body was resting on top of yours while your fingers massaged his hair.
"Goodnight, (Name). I..." He pauses. "I'm happy you stayed." Nice save.
"Night, baby. I'm happy too.."
Reki wants to save the L word for another time.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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conniespringerblkwife · 6 months ago
Guess Who (Pt.1)
(Armin Arlert x Female Reader | NSFW)
Part 2, Final, Series List
A/N: I felt like I said this before Armin is my baby I SWEARRR...okayyy sooo I had to break up this story into two parts because I felt like it was getting too long, so part two will be posted a couple weeks later, depending on my schedule. 
Warnings: Mentions of bullying, drinking, Slight Smut: Masturbation, dry humping??
Summary: You develop a crush on Armin, who you used to tease, but you couldn’t help but have feelings for the boy you kissed in the closet. 
*2,220 words*
Songs I listened to while writing:
Telepatia by Kali Ulchis
Can I Get a Kiss by Tyler the Creator ft. Kali Ulchis
Tumblr media
You loved the way Armin would get flustered, when you teased him. His cheeks would turn red and his glasses would fall to the tip of his nose as he clutched his books. It was an amusing sight.
You didn't realize you were a developing a small crush on him until you saw Jean and his friends bothering him.You furrowed your eyebrows as you watched horse face pull at his hair and then knock his books down. "You're such a girl, Armpit." Him and his friends both pushed the blonde to floor and started to kick him 
"What are you doing?" You put your hands on your hips.
"Mind your business okay. This nerd said he wouldn't do our homework unless I paid him, so we're kicking some sense into him.” He then turned back around and continued assaulting the boy. 
"First off horse face, he doesn't need to do anything you say, how about you go back to your barn and eat some hay and bring your little foals with you."
"HORSE FACE??" Jean was going to respond, until we heard the sound of keys, which usually meant the principal was near. You stayed while Jean and them ran off.
Armin reached for his books and papers that have been ripped. You decided to help him and he mumbled, "Why did you help me?" His head was still down, afraid you might start to bully him. You rolled your eyes, "Can I get a thank you?"
"Thank you," he said softly and then looked up at you. You took note of his blue eyes and how they slightly shimmered with tears. He was so beautiful and something in your heart moved.
"No problem," You grabbed his hands lifting him up, "Let me know if something like that happens again. I'll take care of it." You winked and walked away.
Armin's legs were jello. He always thought you were beautiful, but seeing you up close and not making fun of him did something to his body.
As you walked away, you thought about what you did. You didn’t know what compelled you to do that, but you didn't regret it.
For the next few days your mind would wander off and think about the blonde boy. You thought about his bright blue eyes and how they stared deep into yours. His blonde hair that reached just below his chin made you think if it was soft to touch.
You didn't talk to him, but admired him from afar. You noticed he hanged out with a guy with dark brown hair that was kept in a bun and a girl with black hair and a pixy hair cut. Armin laughed when the girl with pixy hair cut slapped the back of the bun man’s head. You found yourself smiling as you stared at him, but then Armin caught you and you looked away quickly, your face heating up in embarrassment. You noticed they were walking closer to where you sat, but you kept your head down. "Armin, you should cut your hair, it's getting too long." you heard one of his friends say. "Really?" You heard him respond. You grumbled to yourself, you liked his long blonde hair. It made his features look soft and innocent.
"Yeah, you should. After school we should go to the shop."
"Umm...well...Okay." He hesitated. "Hey you guys go ahead...I have to do something really quick." You heard his friends leave and a few seconds later you felt a presence beside you. You turned your head and stared into his eyes. "Can I help with you something?" You said while crossing your legs.
He looked down at the ground and scratched the back of his neck. "Thank you for sticking up for me Y/N, but why did you do it?"
You rolled your eyes, "Would have it been better if horse face would've took advantage you?"
"Then don't worry about it handsome..So what if I helped you?" You grabbed your books and started to head to class.
"You’re usually mean to me. That’s why I was confused when you defended me. Why the change of heart?" You paused at his question and turned towards him.
“Because I like you Armin." You watched as his eyes widened and a blush slowly creep across his cheeks. "Wha-"
"Are you coming to Jean's party tonight?" Jean was throwing a costume party at his house. You don’t know why he wanted to throw a random costume party, but Probably for perverted reasons. They were usually lame, but if Armin agreed to go then maybe that would be something to look forward to.
"Um i don't know..." He said, while rubbing his neck. 
“You should come and bring your friends." You turned on your heels, "Oh and it's a costume party." You headed to class leaving the blushing blonde boy behind.
You weren’t in favor of Jean’s parties because most of the time it would be people drinking and the smell of body odor, but since there was a possibility of Armin going, you looked forward to the event.
 You decided to where an angel outfit. You wore a white skirt with a white tube top that had fur lining and spaghetti straps, and you paired the outfit with white heels. On top of your head you wore a halo and and attached to your back were angel wings, which could barely fit through the door.
You were greeted by Jean who was dressed as a cowboy. You rolled your eyes when he winked at you. "Hey y/n," he said as his eyes traveled from your chest to your legs.  "You look good."
"Thanks." You looked for a spot to get away from him.
"So you wanna..." He began to say, but then you interrupted him and said, "I'm kinda thirsty I’m going to the kitchen." You walked away from him as he stumbled over his words.
Your back was to the crowd as you drunk your soda. You were sad at the possibility of your crush not coming. You didn’t blame him though, for two years you would always bother Armin. What makes you think he would like you after you stood up for him just one time.
With your body still turned you heard someone come in. "Mikasa don't worry about us you're not our mom."
"Don't do anything reckless Eren." You didn't recognize the names, but their voices sounded familiar.
“Just chill alright? Me and Armin are old enough to handle ourselves." Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you heard him say the blonde boy's name.
"It's not Armin I'm worried about."  You could tell she had a crush on Eren, just from the tone of her voice and the dumb ass was too oblivious to notice.
"Anyway I'm gonna play pool with the other guys, wanna come Armin?"
"No, I'm okay.."
"Eren wait up!" You heard Mikasa yell after him, leaving you and Armin alone. Your back was still towards him so he couldn’t see your face. You were for some reason too nervous to turn and say something to him.
-"I shouldn't had came, I knew she wouldn't be here." You heard him say to himself. You were going to turn around until you heard someone yell, "WE'RE PLAYING GUESS WHO!!!"
"Come on maybe you'll get lucky tonight" You heard one of the boys say.
"This is how we’re going to play." Jean stated. "Two lucky ones are going to be hand picked from this jar.” He he held up a clear jar and inside it of it were pieces of paper, you assumed had names on it. As he shook the object he said, “The first person to be pulled from the jar, will go inside the sound proof closet and wear a blindfold. Then the second person chosen would be the one to kiss the person with the blindfold on.” He then put the jar on the table. “The person with the blindfold has ten minutes to guess who the kisser is.” 
"Now who will be our chosen one." Jean said while he rambled his hand in the jar filled with everyone’s names. This was so stupid you thought. These types of games never went well you thought while you silently prayed to yourself.
 "Y/N!" you cursed under your breath as you heard your name being called. You rubbed your head as you were pushed up to the front.  You glared at Jean angrily. "Hey, don't be upset." and then he bend down to your height and whispered in your ear, "Hopefully it's me that gets to kiss you." You pushed him and grabbed the blindfold.
"Whatever horse face."
The closet was cramped and you couldn't hear anything from the outside. You knew someone would be coming in soon, so you put on the blindfold and pressed your back to the wall. You prayed silently to yourself that whoever kissing you wouldn't have chapped lips or even worse bad breath. You shuddered at the thought.
You then heard the door open and shut behind the person. Your hands fiddled at your lap as you waited for them to make their way towards you  and get this over with.
You could hear the person breathing and slowly walking towards you. You could tell they were nervous by their uneven breaths. They were now in front of you, but they didn't move. You  growing impatient, "Just kiss me so we can get this over with." They still didn't make a move, "Have you ever kissed someone before?"
They made a sound confirming they haven't and that’s when you knew it was a boy. You sighed, "Fine...this will be your lucky night." Your hands reached out to the boys shoulders and grabbed onto them, pulling him in close. You could feel warm breath feather your face, at least it didn't smell bad you thought. One of your hands slid to the back of his neck and the other to his face. It was warm and soft. "Now tilt your head to the left," you instructed him and you could feel his breath quicken. So did yours because you never kissed someone who hasn't had their first kiss before. A pride fluttered within you at the thought of being the one to take his first.
You moved in closer and placed your mouth on his. He flinched at first, but then relaxed as you continued pecking his lips. He eventually started moving his own lips, which was sloppy at first, but he eventually got better after awhile. His lips tasted like honey and you found yourself placing your tongue inside of his mouth, earning a groan from him as he slithered his hands around your waist.
You liked the way he held you so softly, but firm at the same time. Your hands slid to his hair and felt how the back of his hair was prickly, he must’ve had an undercut. It was a contrast to his soft locs at the top of his head as you slid your hands further up
As you continued to kiss him deeply, you felt something poke your thigh and you smirked. "We're just kissing." You said against his lips as you lifted your leg and rubbed his boner with it. He pulled away from your lips and rested his head against your forehead. You pulled him back to you and replaced your leg with your hand and palmed it tenderly.
"Please..." You heard him whispered softly. You smiled as you felt him lose control.
"Please what?"
"" He was then interrupted by the door slamming open and you felt him pull away from you.
"You guys went over ten minutes...were ya’ll fucking or sumn?" You still had your blindfold on, but you recognized the voice, it was Jean. You snatched your blindfold off to see who was the one you kissed, but you didn't see anyone.
"Jean, who was the guy?"
"Can’t tell you hun, you have to guess." You rolled your eyes and pushed him out the way. He couldn't had possibly gotten that far, you thought as you pushed yourself between crowds of people. Why were you looking for someone because of a silly game you thought. "Y/N, what the hell are you doing?" You said to yourself as you came to a stop.
After the party you couldn't stop thinking about the mystery guy in the closet. Somewhere inside you felt like you knew him, but you couldn’t pinpoint exactly who. 
That night Armin laid in bed covered in sweat and his blonde locks plastered to his forehead. He held his dick in his hand as he replayed the night’s events in his head. The way you kissed him passionately and how your slender hands ran through his hair. His dick twitched at the thought. He already cummed for  a third time already, but he couldn't help it.
He stroked his cock again and whispered your name. He remembered the way you palmed him through his jeans as he picked up the pace in his hand and when he felt the familiar knot he grabbed a few tissues from his nightstand and released on them. Sleep started to take over him and all he could think about was you. "Y/N." He said before falling asleep.
A/N: Part two would be posted in a couple weeks. 
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dangerousstrawberryshark · 3 months ago
I'm not Mad
A/n: Hello, My 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! I'm back after 5 days? Of being away. Also, I know this pic is from "Defending Jacob" but this was the best I could find. (Totally not because I'm lazy to find another one.)
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Boyfriend reader
Warnings: passionate smut?, no kinks, and fluff
Requested from @nighthunter241
They requested: Male reader is at work while his boyfriend Chris is at the infinity war premiere (their relationship is a secret, so he did not go). While at work he hears some of the other workers talking about how Chris accidentally announced him having a boyfriend. After some days have passed, Chris goes back home and talks to the male reader apologizing about how he exposed the relationship (thinking the male reader was angry with him) But the male reader is relieved that he does not have to be a secret anymore. They celebrate by having a dinner date which ends with the two having a steamy moment (smut).
M/n: Male name
Word count: 2534
If you like what I write, check out my Masterlist.
Hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it's bad! Sorry for any errors that are found.
You were currently at work just doing serving the masses. Everything was going amazing but early a Karen decided to make a fuss.
You were just minding your own business, helping some employees until out of the corner of your eyes. You see a woman, who looked like she was in her mid-30s, with blonde hair pushed to the side with some strands on the other side, and wearing sunglasses.
She was yelling and screaming at the poor woman. It looked like the young lady was going to start crying. She was causing a scene, everyone was just pretending like they weren't seeing or hearing anything. Only giving a few glances and some were recording.
"How about you go back to Mexico!" now that's where you cross the line. Well, you crossed the line a long time ago.
"Ma'am, that is highly offensive, and I suggest you leave immediately!" you butted in.
"NO! I won't leave until I have the manager!" She yelled at you, even though you told her to leave in a calm voice.
"I. Am. The. Manager!" You said in a slow tone. Your left eye was twitching and the smile you were giving was twitching. You were this close to losing it.
"Well, sir, this damn immigrant fucked up my food!" you just looked at her like "really?" She was mad over that?! "Okay, ma'am, you could've just ask instead of throwing an adult tantrum."
Her face looked like she was offended. Then she went back to yelling and screaming. "Listen here! I gonna have to ask you to leave or I'm calling the police."
She just screams and screams, annoying the over customers who have to sit through this whole problem. Then she yelled, "He hit me! Stop hitting me!" She said that while she reaching behind the counter to hit ME.
"Y'all are seeing this right? I'm not evening hitting you! My hands are right here!" You just lost but thankfully the police arrived and escorted her out.
"Finally that woman is gone."
(Don't be a Karen, if you don't know what a Karen is then look it up.)
Flashback over.
But other than that, your day was going amazing. Especially since your boyfriend, the famous, Chris Evans was coming back home after the Infinity War premiere. Yes, you were dating the one and one Chris Evans.
You were still at work on your break until you overhear one of your employees. "Really?" "Yeah, apparently Chris Evans has a boyfriend!" two girls were chatting and looking at the other's phone. "Lucky to whoever is dating him! He is literally daddy material."
"Yeah, but they must be cute together! I wonder who it could be?" the two girls began to squeal. They didn't know that their own boss was dating Chris.
Now, you didn't know that he leaked your guy's relationship but you're not mad at him. You're actually relieved and happy that it's not a secret anymore.
All you could do was wait for his return.
Time Skip (2 days)
Chris was driving his way to yours and his place. Yes, you and he live together. Many thoughts were running through his head. 'What if he leaves me? What if he's mad at me? Will he still be with me?'
Chris just couldn't stop thinking all about the negative thoughts. He knew you wanted to keep your guy's relationship a secret but he accidentally let it slip.
"So, Chris- do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or are you in a relationship?" someone asked.
Chris wasn't thinking properly and accidentally said, "Yes, I do have a boyfriend-" Chris stopped himself but it was too late. His eyes widen but tried to play it off.
Everyone was now talking. It was at that moment Chris knew, he fucked up.
Flashback over.
Chris finally arrived at yours and his place. He approached the door and took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell.
You were sitting on the couch just minding your business watching videos on YouTube until the doorbell rings.
'Chris is here!' you yelled in your mind excited to see your boyfriend. He finally arrived from the Infinity War Premiere.
Once you opened the door, you were immediately engulfed by two large hands and the sounds of Chris crying? He held you tight until he spoke.
"Please don't leave me M/n! I didn't mean to say that! I know you wanted to keep it a secret but- I just-..." Chris said crying his face off. You looked at him confused until you remembered what he meant.
"Please don't break up with me! I'll take you out to dinn-" You cut him off there.
"I'm not mad Chris. I'm actually glad that you told everyone." You said in a soft voice as you wrapped your arms around his neck calming him down a little.
"So, you're not mad?" you shake your head no. "Can I still take you out?" you rolled eyes and smiled, "Whatever makes you happy."
You and Chris just ended up cuddling on the couch for the next 4 hours. Chris was scheduling your guy's date at someplace. You hoped it wasn't any of those places cause their food is awful and tastes horrible.
You were cuddling into Chris's warm muscular arm as it was wrapped around your waist. "Hey, baby?" You hear him call out to you. "Yes?" You responded rubbing your head against his muscular arms. Chris smiled at you before speaking.
"Well... I found this place- and don't worry it ain't fancy- So, how about we go?" Chris said scratching the back of his head. You smiled at your nervous boyfriend. "Yes, you lughead."
"Alright, let's get ready." you nodded your head as you got up from your position to get ready. "Oh, and try to be cautious about the paparazzi. Everyone now knows about our relationship."
You nodded your head understanding what he meant. the Paparazzi can be a pain in the ass. bombarding celebrities with cameras and annoying the shit out of them.
After about 30 minutes you both were ready for dinner. Chris also had something else in store for you when got home.
Time skip (end of your dinner date)
Everything was going amazing besides the bombardment of the paparazzi, questioning us about our relationship.
Once we got home, Chris said he had one more thing to show you. You wondered what it could be.
"So babe, I know you're not mad about me telling everyone about our relationship but I want to give you the ultimate apology," Chris said while snaking his arm around you.
"Oh? And what's this ultimate apology?" You replied knowing what he meant.
(Disclaimer: I'm not good with writing passionate smut. Message me if this is good.)
"Oh, you'll see baby," Chris said before latching his lips against yours. You kissed him back while wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him closer.
You opened your mouth to allow him to have access to your wet cavern. Your tongues fought for dominance with Chris winning. He explored every nook and cranny of your mouth.
Chris pulled back."How about we take this to the room?" "Yes!" Chris smirked before gesturing for you to jump. "Jump baby."
You complied wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Chris grabbed your plump ass for more support. But also because he just wanted to touch it.
He carried you to the room still making out. Once there, he sat on the bed with it sinking under his weight. Chris began to move his hands up and down your sides as the kiss was getting more intense.
(Chris is sitting down, with you on his lap.)
You pulled back with a strand of saliva connecting your mouths. You both took deep breaths before you slowly began to undress Chris. Chris did the same.
"You're so hot." You said, kissing down his neck leaving love bites. Chris groaned as a response. You got up and removed pants and boxers hopped back onto Chris's lap.
Your hard cock slapped your stomach as you hopped back onto his lap. This time it was Chris's turn to leave marks on your smooth skin. "You're so soft..." Chris said with his face buried in your neck leaving his love bites on you.
You whine as Chris pulled back before latching his lips back onto you. You pushed him back onto the bed and began to lick his erected bubs.
You moved your hand across his chiseled abs and massage his left pec. You traced your tongue down to his abs, leaving behind a trail of slick down to his lower part.
You have gotten to one of the best parts of Chris's body. His crotch area. You removed Chris's pants to reveal a large bulge. You licked your lips as you removed his underwear.
Chris's cock slapped his stomach after you removed it. You held his 8-inch cock in your hand. You could feel the heat radiant from it and thick heavy meat.
You gave your lips one final lick before stuffing your mouth with his meaty cock. Chris lost his breath and threw his head back as you took him whole.
Chris liked your wet and warm mouth. He felt like he was going to cum right then and there but he held himself back. You lick his sides and swirling your tongue around his fat tip.
You could taste his delicious and creamy pre-cum. You could feel his cock pulse and twitch meaning that he was close.
"Now, Chris, don't cum now or that will ruin the fun! We haven't even gotten to the best part!" You exclaimed pulling away from his cock. Chris just chuckled, "Sorry, your mouth was just too good."
You smiled at Chris before laying down with your ass pointing towards him. Chris immediately got the gesture and approached you.
Chris wet three fingers with his saliva and traced them around your tight muscle ring. You whimpered as you felt one go in. The first finger was to find your sweet spot.
After moving it around for about a minute you felt shocked run through your veins. "That's where it is," Chris muttered to himself. Then you felt a second finger go in.
Chris was stretching you out properly cause he doesn't want to hurt you. Your small moans were muffled by the pillow you were holding tightly.
Chris noticed, "Am I hurting you? Do you want me to stop?" Chris asked. "N-no... I'm fine. Please... continue." Chris nodded his head before pulling his fingers out.
Chris then placed his cock on one of your cheeks. "Tell me if it hurts. Okay? I don't want to hurt you." You nodded your head in response. This was it, you finally losing your virginity.
You could feel the tip move past the ring as it pushed deeper then it stopped. "Is it you hurting?" You shake your head no. "N-no... it doesn't hurt. C-continue."
Chris nodded his head before pushing deeper into you. His cock was now fully into you, it was touching your sweet spot. Your cock was twitching at the pleasure even though he didn't start thrusting.
He let you adjust yourself to his large size. He's going to wait until your truly prepared. After about 5 minutes you felt ready.
"You... c-can start to move now." You said whimpering and whining a little. Chris nodded and began to thrust. He started off by giving small thrusts but he already was kissing your sweet spot making you moan.
Chris gave more small thrust, waiting for him to go faster. "P-please go faster..." You begged Chris wanting to feel him more. "Are you sure, I don't-"
"Stop it. I can take it... probably" You muttered the last part. Chris sighed and did what you want. His thrusts then began to go faster. His cock repeatedly began to hit your sweet spot.
Your plump ass was tightening around him as he pushed deeper into your warm love hole. "F-feels... so... g-good." You now know what it's like to have sex after your friends talked about how they had sex.
Your cock began to twitch wanting to release a hard load. You could feel Chris's cock pulse and twitch inside. "I'm... c-close." "Me too," Chris responded, throwing his head back as you tighten around him.
"Let's cum together." You nodded your head. Chris began to go faster, hitting your sweet spot over and over. And you began to tighten around him as his thrusts began to go faster.
The room was getting foggier. Sounds of skin slapping, moaning, and groaning were heard too. You and Chris reached the end.
"I'M CUMMING!" You both yelled at the same time. Your cock busted all over the sheets while you could feel Chris's hot cum fill you up. Painting your wet walls with his paint.
Chris pulled out to see some of his cum pouring out and your twitching and doing a grabbing motion. You never felt so empty before.
You two sat there regaining your breath. Chris laid down and soon you followed. You got up from your position and cuddled into Chris's strong arms.
You laid your head onto his pecs while his arm moved to enclose. It was comfortable laying on him. "I love you, Chris." You said kissing him forehead.
"I love you too, M/n. I'm glad you're not mad at me." Chris replied, planting a kiss on your forehead before falling asleep.
You both laid there snuggling into each other's hold.
ANNOUNCEMENT 1: Request is now opened and I will be changing the capacity of requests. 3 requests to 8 requests.
ANNOUNCEMENT 2: I would like to say, thank you! Thank you to all of you. I reached 200 followers, I thought I would never reach this. I guess this could be a 200 follower special?
A/n: Again thank you all. Bye my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓 see you next time
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 4 months ago
One more time
Summary: Alex regrets ever saying yes. All he wants is a second chance.
Trigger warning: Mentions of cheating, mentions of sex, swearing, angst
Author's note: my first piece off hiatus !! - you're a twitch streamer in this fic but it won't come up too much :) hope u like it <3
Tumblr media
Based on: Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
you sigh. your ex-boyfriend called again. you've been ignoring your phone for 5 minutes now. was he really this desperate?
you pick up your phone and slide the green button.
"what do you want, alex?"
"___, you picked up!"
he sounded extremely relieved, like he needs you to breathe.
"i did, now what do you want?"
alex sighed and leaned on a wall in his bedroom.
"can i come over? there's some stuff i still need to pick up."
you suck in a breath sharply. the air is thick and tense.
you clench the phone you were holding and bit your lip.
"i don't want to see you right now."
alex closed his eyes and pushed himself off the wall.
"i understand, you need time."
there was silence for a moment. neither of you wanted to say anything.
"if you want to come over that bad you can get your things tomorrow morning."
"sounds good. i'll be there around 11, okay?"
you ended the call.
alex let his arm drop beside him. his eyes were watering, but he wiped it away with the sleeve of his hoodie.
it's his fault, he knew. but why is he still so upset? he shouldn't feel like this - it's is his own doing, after all.
you open the door to your home. alex was standing on the porch with a few empty bags in hand. the morning sun blinded you slightly, making you squint at the man in front of you.
"hi ___."
"hello, alex. all your belongings are on the couch.
"great, thank you."
he looks over as he's folding a shirt.
"what are you looking at?"
you say without looking away from your laptop.
his face was getting red slightly from embarrassment.
"nothing, you seem busy."
alex directed his eyes back to the clothes in front of him.
"otherwise you would've said something about me."
alex snickered slightly, trying to lighten the mood.
you sigh, holding your face in one of your hands.
don't say it. ___, keep it in. there's no point in fighting him. ___-
"if i wanted to make a comment it'd be about the fact you can't keep your dick in your pants."
god damn it, why did you do that?
he fell quiet. you hated his guts, but even you felt kind of bad for being so blunt with it.
a part of you still loved him. his loud, yet charming laugh. his sweet kisses. his adorable clinginess. his blushing face when you teased him.
you shake your head, trying to physically get rid of your pity for him. he doesn't love you anymore. he shouldn't, and neither should you.
after filling the bags with alex's belongings he stood up and wiped his forehead. you waver from your work and look him up and down.
"you done?"
you asked him. he turned around and gave you a weak smile.
"yeah, i think so."
"good, you know the way out."
you turn back to your computer.
"___, wait. can i ask you something?"
you make eye contact with him, fully aware it makes him nervous.
"what do you want?"
alex took a quick breath.
"can we talk sometime?"
you look at him like he spoke an alien tongue.
"why the hell would i?"
"i want to talk about what happened between us. i hate that our relationship is so sour."
he set a step forward.
"i just want this to end peaceful - or at least neutral."
"why the fuck would i want to be peaceful with you of all people?"
"i hate ending things on the wrong foot, you know that."
alex stands his ground, making you livid.
"then we make up, and then what? you'll just break my heart again!"
you stand up, simultaneously pushing the chair away with your legs.
"then i can lay awake and think about why i even let you inside my house again in the first place?!"
if looks could kill, alex would be on the floor.
"fine. if you don't want to, then i guess everything will just stay the way it is."
alex turned around and grabbed his bags. there's no way he's getting through to you right now.
"oh, so now it's my fault?"
you slam your laptop and walk away from the table.
"well, i'm so sorry for being angry at you for cheating on me!"
you don't hold your anger in anymore, he crossed the line.
"i never said that, ___!"
alex yelled to match your energy.
you took a step back. the audacity to yell at you in your house.
"out. now."
alex grabbed the second bag of clothes and without a word walked to the front door.
"goodbye, ___."
alex pushes the door open and steps outside. you go after him but stop at the doorstep.
"fuck you!" you sob out. you grab the doorknob and slam the door shut.
your knees slowly got weaker and you sit against the front door, shutting your eyes.
it's been a month since you've seen alex. you've blocked him on everything since then.
you were doing a q&a on your twitch channel and everything was going well. chat was filled with questions and you answered the one's you could.
your thoughts were somewhere else, though.
you still miss him, you really did. alex used to watch your streams all the time. he sent you donations with cheesy pick-up lines, he called you during streams to make fun of you for dying in a game or just to chat while he's bored.
but that didn't happen anymore.
you realize you haven't said anything in a while and you apologize. your chat was spamming purple hearts and 'are you okay?'
"ah, sorry everyone, i'm still tired from yesterday. i think i'm going to end the stream for today, thank you all for coming!"
after saying goodbye you turn off your computer.
why are you still so obsessed over him?! he cheated on you! he even tried to cover it up with a bullshit story about "not being the first to kiss her," and "she forced me to," like someone would believe a lie like that.
yet, you still love him. something inside you wants to believe him, like he really was telling the truth.
the next morning you open twitter and scroll for a bit. you made a tweet earlier in which you stated you weren't going to stream today.
you looked at the trending topics and saw your name in bold letters. you clicked on it and read the first tweet that popped up.
'i really hope ___ is doing better, they looked so sad on stream :('
an image was attached to it - a screenshot from the stream you did yesterday where you were mindlessly staring at your computer screen.
you sighed. at least they're not thinking too deep about this.
you scroll further down, replying and liking a couple tweets saying you were alright, thanking them or cracking a joke. this should keep them off your back for a while.
after scrolling for a bit one tweet catches your eye. you clutch your phone as you read the comment.
'kinda obvious they miss quackity :/ it's a good cover-up story tho '
alex was staring at his ceiling. he'd seen the tweets about you - about him.
he hates this feeling. he hates the fact that he knows what you're thinking. he hates that he knows it's his fault. he didn't mean to. he didn't.
"come on, alex. you know you want it." the woman said.
"i told you, no! i have a partner!" alex pushed her away for the second time, trying to find a way past the girl and out of this small alleyway. he should've never gone to this stupid bar.
"tch, whatever. but know you'll regret rejecting someone like me!" the girl pushed him to the brick wall and fixed her dress as she walked away.
alex fixed himself for a minute and walked past the bar and into his car. he pulled out his phone and shot you a quick text.
'hey bb i'll be over in a few :)'
'don't come back.'
you responded almost immediately. alex froze as he looked at the screen.
'you know damn well why'
you sent him a photo of him next to the bar in the alley. the girl was all over him while her lips connected lustfully to his.
'it isn't what it looks like, i didn't start any of this!'
you don't respond. alex tries to send you another text when an error pops up.
'unable to send message. user has blocked you.'
you hover your hand over your phone's keyboard. you thought anbout alex's offer to talk, and decided that maybe it was a good idea after all. you couldn't get your mind off him, you thought that hopefully getting some closure could help.
but how were you going to ask him? 'hey, i know i blocked number like a month ago but can you to meet me at some random park? see you there!'
after typing and deleting multiple texts you eventually landed on a message.
'hey alex, i've been thinking about your offer to talk it out, and i wanted to ask if you're still up for it?'
you send it and immediately turn off your phone and place it on the coffeetable in front of you. you did it, finally. you fall back on your couch and pull your knees up to your face, waiting for a notification.
after a nailbiting five minutes a light emits from your phone. you pick it up and read the name calling you. 'alex'. you take a deep breath and answer the phone.
"hi alex."
"hey ___, it's been a while."
you sit up straight, preparing yourself for the conversation you're about to have.
'yeah, you can say that."
the atmosphere was a lot less tense than you expected. it was weirdly... comforting? you can hear alex's raspy voice through the phone. has he been crying?
"i saw your text, you wanted to meet?"
"yes, i did. i wanted to get some closure, at least."
alex chuckled, his laugh making you a little flustered. trying to brush it off, you laugh with him.
"what's so funny?" alex asked.
you rolled your eyes and smile.
"you, dumbass."
he gasps cartoonishly loud. his goofy personality is something you could never get enough of. maybe you were wrong after all.
"ok, but seriously, when do you want to meet?"
he gets back on topic. you snap out of your smile and remember why he called in the first place.
"right, right. i'm free this whole week, you can choose when."
after some planning and back and forth, you decide to meet at a small family-run café in the afternoon. coincidentally, it's the same place you two had your first date.
you settle down at a table on the terrace of the café, the sunday sun greeting you warmly. you were a little early, so you decided to think of some questions. it didn't take you long to come to a few, though. your main question was the photo. what was that all about?
as you were handed a menu you saw alex walking on the pavement fidgeting with his fingers.
"hey! sorry if i'm late, i took the bus instead of my car."
he took the seat parallel to yours and exhaled.
"oh no, you're right on time. i was just a little early."
the waitress gave alex a menu and disappeared into the establishment. you both decided to stay quiet before getting on topic. neither of you want to start the conversation.
after both ordering and having surface level conversation for a while silence fell. you both know why you're here, it feels off to talk like nothing ever happened.
you both start at the same time. alex awkwardly chuckles while covering his mouth.
"you first."
alex proposes. you nod and like magic lose the somewhat content mood you had prior. you steadily breathe in and pull out your phone.
"so, first things first; my main goal is to get closure and an explanation - there's no point in lying to me."
alex hums in agreement. you could tell he was nervous, you knew him better than anyone. you tap on your screen a few times until you reach the photo that was sent to you.
"now, i want a clear answer. what happened that night?"
you ask him firmly as you put your phone on the table to reveal the image.
"that's my ex-girlfriend."
alex said. you raise an eyebrow - his ex? you've heard some wild things about her and her antics, which is exactly why alex broke up with her in the first place.
"she said she wanted to ask me something in private. my dumbass said yes, because i can't pick up on context clues, apparently."
you cross your arms and lean back on the chair.
"you got that right."
alex looks up from the photo and makes eye contact with you.
"long story short, she pushed me to the wall and kissed me. i tried to push her off but she didn't let me go. after shoving her, like, twice she finally got the hint and left."
"so she set you up?"
"she hasn't changed a bit since all those years."
you say with a hint of condescension. his explanation made sense, and from what you heard he wasn't lying. your gut told you to believe him, yet your mind had an itching feeling that there was something else.
"are you sure that's all?"
alex flinched slightly.
"y-yes, ___. i don't know what else to tell you."
you mess with your hair a bit, clearly conflicted. there was nothing else, you knew that. but your brain wouldn't let it go. you decided it's better if you just sleep on it.
"alright, then.-"
you grab your bag and stand up.
"-i think we're done here."
alex stays seated and looks up at you.
"yeah, i think so."
you pick the phone up that's laying on the table. you pull out your wallet and put a $5 bill under your teacup.
"goodbye, alex."
alex stands up and grabs your wrist, the gesture scaring you little bit.
"are you still mad at me?"
those eyes. they're so pretty, almost sparlking. you snap out of it when he lets go, just realizing how weird it is to grab someone's arm out of nowhere.
"sorry, my bad. i wasn't thinking."
alex scratches the back of his neck.
"i'm still deciding if i can trust you, but i appreciate you showing up, at least."
"that's enough for me."
alex smile at you, not trying to pry.
"goodbye, ___."
"goodbye, alex."
you heard the chirping of the birds outside your window and groan. why is it already morning? you sit up and grab your phone from the nightstand next to your bed, the phone reading 11:23 - tuesday - xx-xx-xxxx.
you sigh and fall back onto your bed. you've been thinking about alex for a few days now, still not getting him out of your head.
after going downstairs and eating some toast you pull out your phone again, the clock now reading 12:44. you look through your contacts and eventually land on his name.
you hover your hand over the green pixels while sitting down at the dining table. you swallow audibly and click the call button.
it goes once.
it goes twice.
'Hey alex, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to meet up again?"
Tumblr media
ty for reading <3
taglist: @adoring-ghost @sakisaralazy @for-memories-sacrifice @ialexabsuniverse @shiyanchan @bioluminescentfrog @esylwen
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bangtanpromptsfics · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
dialogue prompt #6: “It's 3 o'clock in the morning”
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: established relationships, fluff
word count: 1,550
warnings: making out
summary: a 3am walk in the city with your boyfriend
a/n: got this inspiration from an instagram reel and I wanted to transfer that entire feel into this one shot. hope you guys enjoyy and please drop feedbacks it really boosts motivation!! p.s as soon as I completed this, butter official teaser was released SOOOO EXCITED!!!
Tumblr media
“It's 3 o'clock in the morning”, you take a breath in and resume kissing him, hands tangling in the locks at his nape.
“I know”, he rasps, pulling back to bring your foreheads together, taking a moment to immerse the image of your swollen lips and cold skin of your face “It'll be fun baby”.
You don't know who exactly started kissing. Jungkook came back from his night shift not long ago and he expected you to be asleep. But he was beyond happy to catch you peacefully listening to music and waiting for him, paying attention to arbitrary details of the city still alive below. What began as a welcome kiss soon turned into a brief makeout-session, the first press of his lips against yours truly reminding how much you missed Jungkook throughout the day.
And during small breaks of catching each other's breath, he suggested for a night walk, much like a date since he had been too busy this week.
“Okay”, you huff, still feeling your chest squeezing together to get the normal breathing rate. A smile tugs at his lips and with one final smooch he leaves you to change your clothes into something safe enough for walking through the cold night.
Maybe it's because you had been with Jungkook for so long that you basically adapted a lot of his fashion sense and little habits. When you step out of your small shared apartment, you both look like members of a punk band, all black and leather.
Jungkook smiles down at you, remembering how much you have changed, it felt like you grew bored of colors as well, much of your aesthetics going monochrome at this point. There was a time Jungkook even went worried about it, thinking you were somehow adjusting to him. But you reassured him that he was all the color in your life you needed.
Jungkook interlocks fingers with you, squeezing palms together as he leads the way down stairs.
“Where are we going exactly?”, you ask, an obvious curiosity he hasn't clarified yet.
“I don't know really. We'll figure that out”.
He always had a way with words which made you warm and curious at the same time. You just smile in return and wrap your hands around his leather clad arms and walk along.
You liked this. Dates with no particular destination to be in. Just strolling till your legs are tired, eating street food, getting coffee together or studying at the public library because your apartment is located at a not so silent heart of the city.
And you liked Jungkook very much too. It sometimes feels like lopsided that it demands to overflow from underneath your skin, and sometimes when you are making love to him or cuddling his head close to your chest, you believe he feels it too.
It hits you all of a sudden that you never shared those three words. Never ever uttered them in this two years of relationship and you question them now. Totally random of a realisation just like the day you woke up in a cold sweat accepting to self that you have to confess to Jungkook.
The first place you stop by is a heavily packed food truck selling korean food. It's a usually visited one so Jungkook ask for the customary meal, fire noodles. His favorite of street foods not because there wasn't anything better, he just adored your blush flushed face when you are done.
“Babe?”, he tears open the ketchup and squeezes the content with his chopsticks while watching you, “you good?”.
Apparently you had spaced out, still fueling on the thread of thoughts from earlier. You ground yourself to the present in a jolt, “I'm alright”. You give him a nervous smile.
Jungkook pulls his chair close to yours so that your arms and knees are touching, your skin growing hot despite not touching your noodles yet.
“What are you thinking about hm?”, he demands to know, but not intimidating you more than the point. He busies his hands mixing the ketchup into your noodles instead.
“I love you Jungkook”, you blurt, eyes planted on a random spot on the ground waiting for an outcome.
“And you realized that now baby?”, he chuckles, watching you all shy. He places his noodles from his lap to the table in front to fully face your direction.
“I love you too baby, so much. And I've said that so many times before, when you are sleeping, or when you were not listening. I think I was not as brave as you”, he confesses.
Your chest swells in warmth knowing he had always told you this. You peck his nose and dig into the food, finally able to feel the hunger settling down.
Content with the late night meal, you begin to stroll again after Jungkook laughs and cups your flushed red face. You always hated spicy food as a child but then this is another one of those quirks you caught up being Jungkook’s girlfriend.
“Where do you wanna go baby”, he asks, feeling lost of a trajectory for the date and now you are equally lost too, dwelled in the fact that he will lead the night.
“I don't know”, you state and at the sight of a specific place you continue, “wanna get some drinks?”.
Jungkook immediately giggles, “We both know you lose your mind over half a glass of rum love”.
You knit your brows together for a pout, “Well then you can carry me back home can't you? That would be romantic”, you press yourself to him for no apparent reason.
“Carry you all the way home?”, he muses, holding your whining head softly on his palms while pecking your forehead.
“C’mon Koo then why do you workout for three hours all day? Make some use of your muscle”
“Oh I make plenty use of these muscles and you know it”, he teases back and you smack his arms in response.
After a few very cliche comebacks you both agree to drink the night away. Good thing that Jungkook had a good tolerance to alcohol among you two. Carrying his drunk body single handedly for a smaller human like you would be a tedious task. The math was correct here, and so you start slurping your glass of whatever cheap whiskey they had.
You were enjoying all of this, truly to the core and to the point that you swore there is nothing better to life than this. But Jungkook always felt otherwise.
You see, you are not a rich couple. Just normal millenials who go to college supported with scholarships and debts to pay, several part time jobs and a very low key life where you prioritise your expenses and plan finance together. A couple who has not went on classy restaurant dates in glittery tight fitting dress, or even a sundress and expensive suits. He always wonders about the things that could make you happier and maybe one day he can afford that Italian restaurant you once said is really nice because your sister was proposed by her husband there. You'll look so beautiful in a dress and he can't wait to allure on that.
“Koo?”, you slur, already feeling consciousness leaving your body, “What are you thinking about now hmm?”
He smiles faintly at you swirling his drink and bringing it to his lips to think upon the answer a bit.
“Nothing babe. You look so beautiful right now”, he says.
And immediately you search for a reflecting surface to check yourself out, and that's because you're drunk. Your more sober self usually ends up processing a lot of butterflies at the pit of your tummy.
“I am!?”, you beam, finally able to see a very blurred something of your bummed out face with hair falling over and maybe there's even a little dried drool at the corner of your lips.
“Yeah”, he giggles, scooping you up in his arms for a tight hug, “Let's get home shall we?”
“Carry me pwese”
“C’mon love”, he helps you climb on his back for a piggyback ride, “I'll carry you”.
You tug your limbs a little tighter around Jungkook, he pats under your thigh to loosen up so he can walk. He listens to random mumbles you are whispering to him and he smiles occasionally, carefully paying attention to everything.
“I love you so much sometimes I don't know what to do with myself”, you say and Jungkook stops dead in his track to process the words a bit.
His skin turns red which you can't see and probably you wouldn't mutter such things on your sobering. And he is glad. Glad to know that you are content with what it is. His mind stirs around, his own set of booze blazing the thought further.
“Why did you stop Koo? You tired? Should I carry you?”
“You love me that much?”, he asks, completely dodging your questions.
“Yes. So much”, you kiss his cheeks, pressing down harder then usual to prove your point.
He is convinced you are the one who has a way with the words. You say things which brings him to his knees and you remain so oblivious to it.
“Let's get you home”, he states through a smile.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!! ♡♡
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narchoe · 12 days ago
Surprise | Jude Bellingham x Reader
Tumblr media
y/n smiled to herself as she watched her boyfriend's training clip as she stood on the tube, he looked to be having so much fun as he trained with the England squad and she was elated for him. Jude's progress as a player had been incomprehensible, admirable, and she adored him for his perseverance and determination, after all he'd been through.
Their relationship became difficult at times however, sometimes the distance became too much; y/n loved him however and she had never even thought of leaving him, but admittedly she had her days where she would see clips of him playing and falsified reports of him being seen out with certain people and she had her moments of doubt. Yet all it took was the sound of his voice to comfort her and assure her mind that everything was okay, that he loved her, that she didn't have to worry.
y/n got back to her apartment in the large modern block in West London, she walked in to see her best friend standing by a bedroom door smiling excitedly. "What's gotten into you?" y/n asked with confusion as she did so.
"You have a visitor," Lia said.
"What?" y/n replied as she set her bag down in the hall, Lia nodded towards the open-plan kitchen and living room, "on the balcony."
y/n just raised an eyebrow as she walked over, thinking it was probably her brother or her sister, but it was so much better than that. She laughed in surprise at the sight of him.
"Jude!" she exclaimed, rushing over to her boyfriend. He hugged her tightly as he laughed, "Oh my god, what are you doing here?"
"Next two days are optional training so I wanted to come and surprise you baby," he said, y/n bit her lip before he kissed her deeply, it had been over a month since he'd kissed her and it was the best feeling in the world.
"I can't believe you're here," she sighed in relief, her thumb tracing his cheek. "I've really missed you."
"I'm here," he murmured, "and I've got some news."
"What is it?" she asked, looking up at him.
"You'll have to wait till dinner, we're going out tonight." he winked, y/n smiled with a shake of her head before pressing her lips to his again.
Jude held her protectively as they walked through the busy restaurant; everyone knew who he was and y/n felt herself feeling uneasy at all the attention they were getting. He placed a kiss to her temple after she'd sat down, causing her to smile, before walking over to his own seat. The couple chatted away as they caught up thoroughly, Jude filling her in on how England training was going, how Borussia was, he became hesitant when he spoke about his club though. y/n made a mental note of it, wondering if she should've dug deeper into the topic.
However, Jude's apprehension left as soon as they were off the topic of the club, pushing y/n to fill him in more on her university and how she was feeling.
"What do you think about Wimbledon?" Jude asked
"It's pretty," y/n smiled, her hand placed on his. "Why?"
"No reason," Jude smirked.
y/n gave him a flat stare but he didn't give in and moved on with the conversation.
"Jude, when I asked you about BVB you changed, you sounded sad." y/n said as they walked hand-in-hand down the decorated street. Jude bit his lip, feeling y/n's gaze on him.
"I told you there was some news," he nodded, "It's good news, but it's difficult at the same time."
y/n furrowed her eyebrows in concern as she watched him muster up the strength to tell her.
"I'm being sold to Chelsea this September," he announced, y/n's mouth hung open as she listened to his words.
"Shut. Up." she replied.
"I'm being serious!" Jude laughed as he took y/n's other hand.
"You better be serious, I will kill you if you're having me on." y/n said, still with disbelief in her tone.
"I promise you baby. That's the reason I was asking about Wimbledon, because I'm gonna be living there, and also why I was off about Borussia." he informed her.
y/n gave him a sympathetic smile as she clutched his hands in, "Because it's going to be hard to make the move?"
"Yeah, even though I'm not from there it feels like home at that club, I can't explain it; all the guys have been like older brothers and have made sure that I'm okay. I'm leaving them all behind," he sighed.
y/n delicately placed her hand on his cheek and looked up at him, her eyes reassuring. "You're not leaving them behind Jude, you're taking steps in your career, it doesn't mean you appreciate them any less, the guys will always be your family, regardless of where you are in the world."
"You're right, i just can't help but feel it," he said, a look of guilt on his face. y/n drew her face to his before kissing him softly.
"It'll get easier with time, my love." She murmured.
"I know it will, especially now that I'll have you."
y/n smiled and kissed him again, feeling his hands around her waist and gripping them tightly. He melted into her, the feeling of knowing that y/n was only going to be a stones throw away again excited him, he knew she was the one for him, especially considering how loyal she had been, but now they were in the same place he could properly start building a life for them.
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books-and-catears · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Right everyone hold on to your feels, you will shortly be boarding Angst Express 101. Just look at this brilliant and angsty ask I'm speechless. Even the pairings you asked for are so unique and well thought this is a perfect angst concept. And I really hope I could do this justice. Thank you so much for this ask @saltypaperdestiny
So very sorry for the delay, this was the longest ask I've ever written and boy was I delighted. Though I have to admit I had to cry through some of them myself. This is PART 1. Rest of the brothers and the newly Dateables coming soon in part 2.
Who loved you first? Pt1
Tumblr media
Lucifer : Simeon
It was time, he decided. After months of being in your presence, his prideful heart had melted enough to recognise his feelings for you. You were the only he'd truly humble down for, because the affection and care you displayed was unparalled.
"MC please get dressed in something nice. I'm taking you to Ristorante Six as a thank you for helping me with Cerebus and the council paperwork" He says to you, barely containing the excitement. He couldn't wait to see the look on your face when he confessed and how you'd blush when you kissed your knuckles and your cheek and wait - What is Simeon doing in your room at this hour?
He didn't want to interrupt, surely it might be nothing to bother about. He patiently waited outside until he heard what Simeon said.
Simeon: MC... You look beautiful, what's the occasion?
MC: Aw thank you Simeon. You're always so kind. It's nothing much, Lucifer is taking me out as a thank you.
Simeon: Oh do you have to leave right away...?
MC: Oh no no. It's okay I have some more time.
Simeon: Well I originally came here to invite you to try Luke's latest attempt at some new recipes but now there's something else I feel like I must tell you. *Blushes* Something I've been holding back for too long.
MC: *joking* Oh what have you been hiding from me, angel? Speak I beseech you!
Simeon: *laughing and then going solemn* MC... *Takes your hands in his* I love you. I love you with all my heart.
MC: You But I'm not nearly-
Simeon: You're the most beautiful soul I've ever met. You radiate kindness and forgiveness and everything pure, overcoming the seven biggest evils you reside with. How can I not love you? Tell me, MC, will you accept me as yours?
Lucifer had a half a mind to storm in and laugh in Simeon's face. What a failure this attempt was going to be. His pride grew inside him as he stifled a laugh. MC was his and only his and now he would take pleasure in watching Simeon learn that. Surely MC was going to turn him down nicely but still. He creeped closer to the door, looking through the open crack.
MC: *in tears* Oh Simeon, I love you too! I never thought an angel could ever love me back!
Simeon: *kisses her knuckles* So... It's a yes?!
MC: Yes yes yes! Oh of course it's a yes! *Hugs him tight* My guardian angel who protects me in the dark, oh how I love you.
Simeon: *laughing as he picks you up and spins you around* Oh how happy you've made me MC! I'm the happiest being alive!
MC: *kissing his cheek* So am I, Simeon. I love you with all my heart.
It took Lucifer all his strength to not collapse or go into a violent frenzy. He balled up his fists so tight, the gloves started tearing at the seams. He watched you smiling so gleefully in his arms, looking so radiant. When Simeon dipped his head down to kiss you, the moonlight poured in through the window as if blessing your union.
It was supposed to be him. If only he made it to your room sooner, it could have been him. Embracing all your beauty, being the cause of the shining smile. IT COULD HAVE BEEN HIM.
At his best
"Are you really that happy with him?" he asks you later that night. The blush on your cheeks and that cheeky smile says it all.
"Congratulations MC." You look so joyous even at the thought of Simeon, how could he ruin that?
His temper is worse, more unforgiving towards all his brothers. He has to bear with your absence in the house all day. The fact that he knows you're at Purgatory hall, sipping tea and arm in arm with him pains him to think.
You bring Simeon along to the council to help him too. He outright denies and asks both of you to leave.
He only ever feels calm to see you alone, but that is even rarer with his brothers around to hog his remaining time.
Eventually makes his peace with it, maybe you're better off with someone as pure as yourself than a demon like him.
At his worst
His wrath is back. It's almost bad enough to birth another Satan. His sense of entitlement is through the roof.
He snaps three weeks later when Simeon and you tell everyone about it and decide that you'll be moving to Purgatory hall soon. Everyone claps and rejoices while Lucifer, drunk off Demonus, crashes the fun.
"Simeon, you dirty cheat, pretending to be all pure with your white wings and devious smile. How dare you?!" He says in calm and deadly rage.
"Lucifer... what's wrong-" You approach him to ask. He looks at you and you see the little tears in the corners.
Lucifer was louder now, hysterically angry, throwing his glass on the floor. "AND I KNOW THEY WOULD HAVE PICKED ME IF I GOT TO THEM FIRST! I LOVED THEM TOO DAMNIT." Simeon stood in front of you to protect you from Lucifer's rage. You hid your face in your hands, breaking down in sobs. What is happening? Where did you go wrong?
"Look at them, Lucifer. Look. At. What. You've. Done. And don't tell you've forgotten how many times you've threatened their lives before." Simeon said, holding you tight as you cried into his chest. "How dare you still feel like you deserve them?"
Lucifer sees you broken down, clutching onto Simeon for dear life, crying. You were smiling just a minute ago what has he done? Simeon blocked off his view with his pearly white wings. A reminder of what Lucifer used to be and cannot be again.
Mammon: Asmodeus
You were his human. And he was your first demon. No one was more territorial about you than him. So he finally made up his mind to seal the deal. No more lying about his feelings. He was going to claim you, once and for all. He imagined you smiling and running your hands through his hair and kissing him returning his feelings.
"MC! I brought the movie of the day!" He barged into your room excited, but you were nowhere to be found. Where could you have gone? It was your movie night with him. You were supposed to be waiting for him inside. He asked his brothers and they said you were with Asmo. He stomped his way up to Asmo's room and called out your name. No response. Not till he peeked inside the dark washroom. You were holding Asmo who looked very unstable and weak, sitting at the side of the bath.
MC: Asmo why don't you listen to me when I tell you not to drink so much!?
Asmo: I'm sorry MC *hic* I needed it today...
MC: Why? What's so scary that you don't have the confidence to do sober?
Asmo: MC do you think I look beautiful?
MC: Of course Asmo, you always do.
Asmo: Even with my runny make up, red nose and swollen eyes and this horrible complexion?
MC: *grabs his face* You're always beautiful to me MC.
Asmo: I...I stopped sleeping around MC. I couldn't do it anymore. *tearing up* Because to them, I'm only beautiful with a perfect covered up face.
MC: Asmo...they're blind and shallow demons who don't know anything! I know you, and I know how much more beautiful you are inside out. Don't listen to them.
Asmo feeling insecure about his appearance? What a big fat lie. Is this his new ploy to get to you? How irritating. It's not going to work, Mammon knows you're smarter than that. The Avatar of Lust can manipulate in many ways. Surely his human was smart enough to see through that!
Asmo: MC, I knew you were the one only who truly loved me. And today, I found the one I love too. Much more than I love myself. So I needed a drink to tell you this.
MC: Asmo...
Asmo: *holding your face gently* MC you saw past this pretty face. You saw the things I do more than what I am. Or what I pretend to be. I know it's hard to believe coming from the Avatar of Lust... But MC, I truly really love you. *looks down and sobs* But you probably can't believe me right?
MC: Asmo. Look at me. *You run your fingers through his hair and he looks up with teary eyes* I believe you. And I've loved you too. You're the only one who never hurt me. The one who willingly made a pact with me. You've been so sweet to me since I came. How could I love anyone else?
Asmo: MC I want you all to myself. Will you be mine? Only mine? I swear I'll keep you happy always!
MC: Of course Asmo. I'll all yours. I'm your little human. *giggling and kissing his head*
Asmo: *grabs and kisses you* MC, if you want, I can be your actual first tonight.
Mammon fell to his knees. He wanted to barge in and scream. He wanted to wrestle Asmo to the ground. He wanted to break his face for saying the words that were special to him and you. But your response had him paralysed. You...accepted him. You agreed to be his.
Silent tears streamed down his face as he watched you embracing Asmo, peppering kisses all over his face, running your hands through his hair, laughing and frolicking in the water with him. The colored moonlight through the stained glass danced on their skin like a scene from his favourite movie.
At his best
He cries to himself for days. Spends as much time outside as he can.
Maybe he is an idiot for thinking he had a chance with him. How could he compete with Asmo's charms.
Maybe it hurt more because Asmo didn't even have to use his charms.
Only ever tries to talk to you if he's sure your alone. One time he barged into your room and caught you and Asmo tangled up together and it broke him all over again.
He watched as you twirled around in a new outfit Asmo bought. He scoffs. He could have bought it for you too.
You both look so cheerful and in love, he decides to accept it. For the sake of his little brother and the human he loves.
At his worst
Breaks down and lets his emotions out in the worst way possible. Too desperate to win you back somehow.
Asmo and you were just telling Solomon and Simeon about your relationship when Mammon barged in through the doors of Purgatory halls.
"MC look! Look what I got you!" He came in all ragged. He knelt down and pulled out a ring. "Take me instead! I was your first wasn't I MC? Don't let him take my place please!"
"Mammon no... No please don't be this way...I'm sorry..." You kneel down next to him as he screams and sobs like a child. You feel guilty. You caused this. You lead him on. You fight your own tears as you keep apologising.
Asmo yanks you up and wraps his arms around you, staring down angrily at Mammon. "Mammon, leave."
Mammon lunged at Asmo. "I was going to tell them. That night was our movie night. You stole that night from me. YOU STOLE MY CHANCE AND MY MC!"
Asmo mocked at him with a sardonic laugh. "You still assume MC is yours without even telling them. You kept lying about your feelings and hurting them in the process. And yet, when they finally look happy, you come and make them cry. You are a scumbag Mammon."
Mammon looked at your tear stained face, nestled inside Asmo's arms and wings. He really felt like nothing but a scumbag.
Leviathan : Belphegor
Levi fell in love with you since your first act of kindness. As a shut-in whose only conversations were with his own eccentric and dismissive brothers, you were an angel who had brought him the gift of true companionship. Honestly he was okay being your best friend, until the day he started craving more. So he decided it was time to tell you.
'MC come to my room! I have a new game to show you!' It was a virtual dating game where he was going to confess digitally. You always loved his creative ways of doing simple stuff after all. He decided to play your favourite game while waiting for you. He even left the door ajar. Now he wished he didn't.
Belphie: MC do you have a minute?
MC: Yeah I was just heading to Levi's room what's up?
Belphie: I think I fallen in love with you, MC.
MC: .... Huh?
Levi almost burst out laughing hearing Belphie's confession. What kind of a bland confession is that? How can someone say that so easily? No that was definitely a joke on MC or something. Surely MC wouldn't take this seriously.
Belphie: I had a dream just now. About you.
MC: Uh huh?
Belphie: In that dream, we were up in the sky, among the stars. And you looked so pretty glittering along with them all. So I kissed you impulsively. And you kissed me back.
MC: ...that's a sweet dream. *blushes*
Belphie: *takes your hand* I woke up and my first thougt was I wish that was real. And then I realised it can be.
MC: ...
Belphie: I want to be able to kiss you always. I want to be able to take you far away. I want all your time. I love you MC. Be mine.
MC: Belphie I-
Belphie: I know, how can you possibly love your own murderer...? *Sighs* I cannot undo what I did. I'm sorry MC. I can only swear that I won't ever let that happen again.
MC: *smiles and cups his face* You were locked away for 3 millenia I can imagine your endless anger and grief for your sister. I forgave you long ago.
Belphie: So does that mean you'll accept me?
MC: You're already mine, silly. And now I'm yours. You're the only one I can relax with in the whole realm.
Belphie: MC... Come here. *holds you close and kisses you*
Levi's game screen displayed the message "GAME OVER: You lose". Levi couldn't see it clearly. His vision was blurred by the tears brimming on his eyes. You and Belphie looked to distant shadows on the moon.
He blamed himself for even thinking he had a chance with you. But maybe just...maybe if he had gotten there before? He stared at the screen and then at his spare console that he had declared yours. He picked up it, and locked it inside. Probably won't be needing it anytime soon.
At his best
He barely comes out of his room anymore. He tries to return your smile at breakfast but then returns hurriedly, leaving Beel to finish most of his food.
"Are you sure you want to play games? Wouldn't you rather go up to the attic" He mutters under his breath sometimes and then says it's nothing when you ask him.
Pains him when he sees you curled with Belphie in random places, dozing off. Might cover you with a blanket. Just you though.
Spites Belphie. A lot of people have said they look and act alike. But somehow you like sleeping more than anime and gaming?
Just accepts it as his fate. Atleast he's still your best friend, right?
At his worst
He's called the Avatar of Envy for a reason. He can barely hold it in seeing the both of you together constantly.
Belphie you and Beel were having a jolly time watching a movie and eating snacks while Belphie slept curled up in your lap. Levi happened to walk in while you were rubbing Belphie's head soothingly.
For some reason, Levi couldn't hold it in anymore. "UGH YOU FUCKING NORMIES!" he screamed out of frustration.
Belphie woke up drowsily when you stopped at stared at Levi holding back tears in the doorway. "Levi..what's wrong.." you call out to him.
He barges in and pushes Belphie off you and grabs your hands, tears falling and him screaming. "Why do you care, MC?! I'm a just disgusting shut in otaku right?! But guess what even as that I do more than just sleep and drool all fucking day! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ATLEAST IM NOT THE ONE WHO KILLED YOU! So why him? WHY NOT ME MC?!"
"" You plead with him to calm down, tearing up yourself. You should have known. You should have known this would happen.
Belphie violently pushed Levi off you and grabbed him by the collar. "You were the first one to attack MC in this house. And I'm sure you would have killed them if not for Lucifer. So stop pretending you're better than me, you ridiculous creep. A shut in like you is worthless. The only thing you're good at is making MC distressed."
Levi looked at you trying to pull Belphie back, tears streaming down your face and hung his head low. It was simply an Otome game and MC didn't choose him.
Satan: Solomon
Satan took his time to fall. With late night studying session, every cat cafe date, every trip to the museum - he fell more and more each time. To the point where he wanted to spend every waking moment with you. And he was ready to tell you.
For a whole week, he kept writing and scrapping the perfect love letter for you. Then he realised you were someone who preferred simple honesty. "MC please wait for me in the library I'll be there shortly." He'd said before he dashed out to bring a boquet of your favourite flowers and a book which reminded him of you. He'd almost made it to the library, he saw you waiting inside for him eagerly. That was until someone flew in through the window.
Solomon? What's he doing at this hour? Satan peeked in through the half open library door. He wanted to be alone with you so he'd wait till Solomon was gone. He shouldn't have waited.
MC: Solomon! You scared me silly!
Solomon: *laughing* Your face just now adorable! Like a scared kitten!
MC: You wooshed in through the window!
Solomon: Okay okay my bad. Now what are you doing in the library so late at night. I went to your room and couldn't find you.
MC: Oh Satan called me out here. Told me to wait for him. Maybe there's a new book he wants to read.
Solomon: Do you guys do that often? Reading books this late?
MC: Haha yeah usually we just read in my room or his at night, in case we fall asleep.
Solomon: *sigh* So unfair.
MC: What's unfair?
Solomon: You and I are the only humans here. Why did they put us in different houses? Shouldn't we... be together more often?
MC: Well logically yes we should. Just classes and magic lessons aren't enough! You should live here too!
Solomon: I doubt Lucifer would be okay with that. But well.. here's the real reason I'm here now. *brings out a little basket*
MC: That's...that's a kitten! Hi baby! What's her name!?
Solomon: MC.
MC: Yeah what?
Solomon: No I named the kitten MC. This way I get to call your name as much as I want haha. The silly things us humans do for love, huh?
Satan had a sick feeling in his stomach. Watching you and him sitting in the moonlight, surrounded by books, cuddling a kitten and confessing...that should be him. Him not Solomon. He didn't like where this was heading. But just like you can't help but stare at disaster - he couldn't look away. What was MC going to say...?
MC: Solomon... *blushes*
Solomon: Does my affection scare you? *reaches for your hand*
MC: Of course not...I.. *gets closer and intertwining your fingers together*
Solomon: Is this your way of showing-
MC: *blushes* Yes. I love you too.
Solomon: I believe I've lived for a 1000 years just to hear those words. *kisses you against the bookshelves*
MC: I believe you've gotten 1000 years worth of romantic lines stored away in that head of yours. *Laughs and kisses him back*
Solomon: Let's take this to the moon shall we?
Satan watched as he took you and kitten in his arms and flew out the window. Satan rushed in not wanting to lose sight of you, dropping the flowers and books. Balling his fists, he choked on his angry tears as he watched you both laughing and kissing against the bright light of the moon. He felt like his own happy ending was stolen from him.
When you disappeared from view, he let out a blood curdling scream, pulling at his own hair and knocking over the bookshelf against which Solomon kissed you. The wrath inside him made him thrashing around in pain, burning him inside out. The flowers he dropped, lay there next to his sobbing body, wilting in his pain.
At his best
He manages to put on his best fake smile and go about his day. Tries hard to hide his annoyance if you bring him up.
But you seem so happy and you often invite him to new cat cafes and shelters. So despite Solomon's presence, he feels calm because of you and the cats.
Is secretly happy you get to spend more time with him than Solomon. Takes advantage of that and hogs you all to himself while in the house
While he can't hold or kiss you the way the Solomon does, you're here next to him, reading his recommended books. That's enough to soothe his yearning heart.
At his worst
The war for love is on. He doesn't care if Solomon already won. He will still declare his love no matter what.
It started out as subtle, he did what he knew Solomon couldn't. Cooking MC's favourite dishes whenever it was his turn to cook.
Tries to subtly reinforce his intelligence over Solomon when you're around. What's 1000 years of knowledge worth, Satan has been there since the first millenia ever
But the day Solomon and you announced you'll be moving to Purgatory Hall, he charged at him, his demon form angry and glowing. "How dare you think you can take them away from us? You think you can win against us... against me? You may have taken my chance with them but I won't let you take them away! They belong here with me!"
You inched closer to Satan's form. You'd never seem him this angry. "Satan please calm down-" Satan wasn't listening. He let out a feral growl and attacked Solomon.
Solomon held MC by his side and made a protection shield Satan couldn't get through. You started crying, watching his wrath take over, he must be in so much pain.
Solomon felt you curl up against him in fear and guilt. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed Satan by the scruff of his neck, like you'd do with a misbehaving cat.
"You say you want to protect them and yet look what you did instead." Solomon said. Satan looked helplessly at you, crying with your face buried in your hands. Glancing at his horns in the mirror, he called out to you sadly, "MC..."
Solomon creeped closer and said in a deadly low voice. "You love fairy tales right Satan? Well in the story of Beauty and the Beast, they could only be together because the beast was actually a human." And Satan was far from being a human.
Asmo : Mammon
It happened the day Asmo looked into the mirror and felt something missing. Suddenly his own reflection wasn't enough anymore. He pondered what it was when you happened to walk into his room and hug him from behind. And then he found the missing piece. You. He simply had to make sure you would become a part of him now.
Now contrary to popular belief, he did get nervous while thinking of proposing. This man is all about lust and a little kid when it comes to love. It's a whole new emotion and he's unsure how to deal with it. With some advice from Satan's romance books he lights your room up with candles, groomed himself perfectly, waiting for you to return to your room. Only you don't come. "What's taking MC so long?!"
He headed out and found you in Mammon's room instead. Asmo saw in the reflection off the mirror, Mammon's shirt off and him lying on his front as you poured ointment over his scars.
Mammon: Oi MC please don't be so upset...
MC: You didn't deserve this. You didn't. I did.
Mammon: MC, not again.
MC: You took my punishment. You took the blame for the broken vase for my sake.
Mammon: I didn't want ya getting hurt ya stupid human!
MC: Don't be calling me stupid and then go off doing stupid stuff yourself! *cries*
Mammon: don't cry. Please I'm sorry.
MC: Don't apologize for this! Mammon you're too kind... You keep taking blame for others, and the others just UGH.
Mammon: I've gotten used to Lucifer's punishments, MC! I'm more used to it than my brothers so I can take it!
MC: .... You're such a sweet big brother. You can't stop protecting the people you love, can you?
Mammon: *turns around to lie on his back* Now you get why I need to protect ya, don't ya?
Asmo's eyes flew open as did yours. Mammon just confessed to you. Albeit indirectly, but really did. But he felt pity for his older brother. Sure he was caring and sweet sometimes, but mostly he was a thief and a scumbag who constantly gets into trouble. He didn't stand a chance against Asmo's charms.
MC: Mammon... You silly demon. I love you too. *Lays their head on his chest*
Mammon: *blushes and coughs* Of course ya love the Great Mammon, human!
MC: *smiles against his skin* Swear to me, you won't ever do that again else I will fight Lucifer myself!
Mammon: *smiles* He's attacked ya thrice and yer face still loses its colour whenver he's around and yet yer thinking of fighting him for my sake, MC?
Mammon: But I don't want that. Ya did too much for all of us when ya sacrificed your life to bring Belphie back. I should know, I held ya in my arms. *Tears up* Ya know ye were smiling still?? So calm and undisturbed as if ya didn't care what happens to ya now that all the brothers are together?
MC: You caught me...
Mammon: And I never want to catch ya like that again, get that human!? I will be a good protector as I was meant to be.
MC: Mammon... you're far too kind to be a demon. *Kisses him and gets on top of him*
Mammon: *grips their arms and holds them close* Stay with me tonight.
Asmo watched as you nodded and took off your top and lay down over him again, your skins in gentle and intimate contact and you both wrap your arms around and you presses kisses onto each other. The moonlight danced on your entangled bodies.
He stared and stared, his insides burning with an alien feeling. He hadn't known envy till you came along. His signature move would be to call both of you out and suggest a threesome, but what you both seemed to have was impenetrable. And in the mirror where he saw your reflections, he couldn't see himself.
At his best
This demon had never known love. He might have if Mammon hadn't decides to confess that very night.
But who cares? What's done is done. It's time to root for the both of you. He still has his followers to turn to.
"Mammon finally confessed huh?" He asked jokingly. Until he saw you blush and nod.
"You both must have fun together huh?" He says with a dry laugh.
Your hugs and headpats still keep him going. He takes you buy new dresses knowing it's to impress Mammon instead.
Tries so hard to conceal his tears and tantrums around you. He doesn't want to lose the small part of you that he had left.
At his worst
He cannot stay home. The sight of you both together makes him irritated and stressed both very bad for his skin.
He drinks and parties uncontrollably, bringing home demons and succubi that always seem to resemble you.
One night, Lucifer had enough and caught him by the collar, forbidding him to go to his room. Asmo giggled until Mammon and you showed up.
He swiftly escaped Lucifer's grasp and lunged at you, holding your face between his trembling hands. You look at him closely, his make up was messier than usual, the cresent underneath his eyes was darker than usual.
"MC...look at me. Look at only me. Just for a little while." Asmo said and his eyes glowed. He'd turned on his charm on full force as he leaned into you for a kiss.
Mammon pushed him back and stood before you protectively. Asmo fell back, laughing like a maniac. "Stupid Mammon they are with you out of pity! How long do you think you can make them stay with that stupid brain and sub par beauty?"
You teared up and screamed, "Asmo stop saying things like that! You dont even know anything about him!" Mammon hugged you tight, trying to calm you down.
And then in a lowly growl he said, "Asmo don't let me see ya laying a finger on MC again. Ya would see how people really see ya if you learnt to look away from your own reflection!"
But Asmo did. He did look away from his reflection. He looked at you. Only you didn't look back at him.
Keep reading Pt. 2
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ange1s · 4 months ago
cherry emoji - mark lee
synopsis: in which mark asks to see your boobs, and the idea you had of your relationship is thrown up in the air.
wc: 3.6k
genre: this is so fluffy it hurts, some angst but nothing crazy
tw: suggestive themes (boobs), swearing
playlist: pluto projector by rex orange county, ivy by frank ocean, tapestry by bruno major
a/n: guess whos back ,, back again ,,, ange1s back ,,, tell a friend,,,, also this is unedited so i'm sorry if theres a mistake :')
my anon asks are open !! feel free to ask me anything or request something <3
Tumblr media
“i have a weird question.” mark says timidly. you’re sat on the floor, your back against his bed playing a rhythm game on your phone. he is sat at his desk, parallel to his bed, but with the rolling chair swivelled around to face you straight ahead. you don’t look up.
“hmm.” you hum, focused on the game.
mark swallows. “can i see your boobs?”
you drop your phone into your lap, forgetting about the game. you look up at him, straight into his eyes, and you giggle.
“wait, what?”
mark avoids your eyes almost fearfully, as if you were a detective questioning him for a crime. “can i see your boobs?” softer, this time.
you let out a shallow laugh. “don’t you watch porn? there are boobs there.”
mark blushes. “no! i mean, yes i do, but not real boobs.”
you cross your arms under your boobs on purpose, just to push them up a little higher to drive him nuts. mark sits back in his chair in frustration.
“so you think women aren’t real? that all boobs in porn are fake? jeez mark i thought you cared about women-“
“no! that’s not what i meant!” he says, exasperated. he continues to avoid eye contact with you. “of course i don’t think-“
you laugh again, keeling over. “relax mark, i know you don’t think all women are plastic.”
“look, there’s nothing wrong with being plastic, women can do whatever they-“ mark speaks quickly and nervously as if he were on trial.
“shut up minhyung,” you cut him off with a softer, more serious tone. “why do you want to see my boobs? you’re famous and cute. you could instantly find boobs wherever you go.”
he chuckles. “the word boob is so funny.”
“not the point, minhyung!”
he leans back over, the embarrassment slowly washing away. “stop calling me minhyung!”
“never, minhyung!” you retort without even thinking. you stand up to sit on his bed, now at eye level with him. “now, explain.”
“i… i dunno. i’ve just never seen boobs before. like, in person.”
you look directly at him, brain not even thinking anymore. words just fly out of your mouth with ease. “were you breastfed?”
“y/n!” he exclaims out of frustration. the embarrassment fizzles back in. he throws his head to the back of his chair and covers his eyes with his palm dramatically. he runs his hand down his face, tugging on the soft skin as it travels down. as his hand makes it back down to his lap, you giggle a little louder. “my mom’s boobs don’t fucking count. god, you made me think of my mom’s boobs. what the fuck?”
“sorry,” you manage in between giggles. “sorry, this is so funny.”
“this is impossible. i knew i shouldn’t have asked you.” mark pulls himself out of the chair and heads for the door, but you’re just as fast as him.
“now wait…” you grab his wrist to keep him from leaving. a wave of guilt washes over you. “i was just kidding.”
“were you? you didn’t sound like you were.” he says, his face still turned away from yours.
he sounds strangely hurt. “mark, are you okay?”
mark turns to face you and he looks defeated. he slumps down on the floor next to you, his knees up near his chest and his head in his hands.
“they were making fun of me.”
“my friends! they were making fun of me. god, i sound like such an idiot now, whining about my friends like this, oh my god. i sound like a child.”
you rest your elbow on his shoulder giving your hand access to run through his soft, black hair. “you don’t sound like a child. you’re allowed to get upset.”
you take note at how the air shifted in the room. how quickly you focused and listened. you’re only like this around mark. with him, conversations can shift in an instant to anything. you understand each other on a deep, personal level. it’s something you don’t think you’ll ever have with another person for your entire life. maybe your soulmate. honestly? you can only dream to have this sort of connection with your soulmate, a connection so alive and so full of trust. is it even possible to have this with someone else? the fact that mark can make you think about how much he trusts you during a conversation about boobs is something only mark can make you feel. no one else. just him.
has it always been just him?
“it’s so stupid though. one minute lucas is bugging me about the fact that i’m a virgin and i’ve never seen boobs before and the next minute i’m on the floor of my bedroom with you, still not having seen any boobs mind you, nearly crying. damn. this is the lowest point i will ever reach.”
you push his hands away from his face and place your hands on his cheeks instead. “mark, please don’t cry. i hate it when you cry.”
the last time you saw mark cry was a month ago after watching a disney movie. seeing him cry just makes you cry, and since you were already crying, you just cried harder. seeing you cry makes him cry too, so he cried harder as well. the two of you just cried together until your heads hurt, to which you both took tylenols and tried to dance it off.
“i’m pathetic. insecure and pathetic.”
this is when you realize that there is more depth to his feelings than you thought.
“look, mark, i’ll show you my boobs. i trust you. i’m honestly surprised you haven’t seen them accidentally yet since i’ve known you for so long.” you chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. didn‘t work. “but i get the feeling that there’s more to this then just boobs.”
mark never really vented to you like this before. despite how close you are, he still kept things from you growing up, as a teenage boy does. you never took offense to this, as you kept plenty from him too. he never quite talked about his insecurities, his fears. he didn’t want to burden you with them. mark, so sweet and thoughtful. maybe too much for his own good. he needs to learn to share things.
he's starting to, though.
it takes him a while to speak, avoiding your eyes entirely. he speaks lowly, as if he was scared to tell the world what he was about to say.
“it’s just… everything about this sucks. everything. i’m kinda scared to tell you things, which can make us drift apart because we lose trust. then again, if i do tell you things, i’m scared it’ll freak you out and i’ll lose you. those are both bad endings. then, i’m scared to put myself out into the world. like, lucas is telling me to just find someone. go out, ask for a number, have a good time, live like someone in their 20s should be living. i can’t really do it though. every time i try, i choke. lucas once tried to set me up, you remember that, right?”
“yeah, that was the girl who stood you up.”
“yeah. it’s awful. every time i try it fails. i’ve been trying to get to the bottom of why it fails every single time but i just couldn’t. but then, i realized.” he shifts and faces you causing your hands to fall off his face and into your lap. “when i came home after being stood up, i wasn’t sad. i forgot the moment i left the restaurant. i texted lucas that the date didn’t happen and just shut my phone off and went to your place. i wasn’t sad because i knew i had you. i knew that you were going to make me feel better and that made it all go away.” he pauses. “you know? sometimes i get worried that i put too much on you. you’re my happiness, my relaxation, my joy. i worry sometimes that you’ll suffocate because i take so much from being with you. i keep this in the back of my head all the time because i just don’t want you to go. ever.”
holy shit.
“let me finish. i talked about this with lucas, and he told me that i can let myself be selfish sometimes. he said that i can want this that… that i can want you. i can think about you and how you make me happy and i can want that happiness yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and the day after. shit, i care about you more than anything. my heart swells and my stomach gets all these annoying little butterflies when i think of you. it’s fucking crazy. and now, today, here i am. you know, lucas, jaemin and i were talking about girls and boobs and fuck i don’t know, jaemin said that i just had to get that intimacy with someone. and it just fucking clicked. the only person i want to be intimate with is you and i’m thinking now that maybe i was stupid for asking to see your boobs. which is so stupid, i could’ve just asked to kiss you or share a bed with you or i don’t know. i’m really sorry if that was gross of me. i just wasn’t thinking. it’s so damn hard to think straight when it comes to you. i just really want to be closer to you, however that might be.”
your heart races at a speed that doctors would deem impossible. you don’t know what to think or where to look. you feel like you’re going to explode. though, if you explode, he’ll probably explode too. that wouldn’t be good.
mark looks down. he fills with regret. he doesn’t think he should've said that. maybe you'll hate him now. maybe you’ve never felt this way about him before.
you inhale slowly, trying to convince your lungs that breathing is normal and not something that can just stop when hearing speeches like this.
what is the proper thing to say? mark i love you? but do you love him? everything is so confusing right now. of course you love him, but you never considered love in this way. can i kiss you? too forward? but he wants intimacy, and you want it too. i feel the same way? boring. you can do better. mark, and his way with words. so beautiful. how do you compete? mark, you’re beautiful. mark is so beautiful. you try so hard to compose the words. maybe too hard. maybe it’s okay to go with option 3.
now, they just flow out. “mark… i think i feel the same way you do. i don’t know it’s just- i’ve always felt some sort of way toward you. something is so special about you. i spent years trying to decipher it, thinking it was just something platonic or brotherly or i dunno. i just never considered… this. i don’t even know what to call this. but it feels right. you’ve always felt right.”
he has. and he always will. he looks at you so lovingly, his enamoured gaze stuck on you. you can’t look up at him, but he watches you.
you continue. “fuck, i don’t know what to say. i’m so… god.” you run your fingers through your hair, as if to comb your brain in search for the right words. “i think you’re so beautiful. everything about you. and i’m so fucking grateful to have someone as amazing as you in my life. i don’t know what i did to deserve someone like you, and i feel like i really don’t deserve you. but it feels right. to be with you. to be alone with you. it’s just right.”
you let a little tear trickle down your cheek. you know if you look up at him, you’ll probably cry harder. you know this well, yet you look up.
“i don’t know what i did to deserve you either.” mark sighs. it’s his turn to wipe your tears now.
“so… what is this? what… are we?” you ask, melting into his hand, which somehow feels softer on your face.
“i don’t know. we can be whatever you want us to be.”
you playfully punch his shoulder, his hands sliding off your cheeks. “come on, you know i hate it when you say that.”
he gets defensive. “and you know i hate it when you hit me! you have a strong hand, yanno? shit!”
you laugh at him, clearing the last unwanted tear off your cheek with the pad of your thumb. “what can i say? gained strength from all those pillow fights over the years.”
“yeah, pillow fights i won.”
“shut up! you know i won the one at jeno’s party!”
mark laughs aloud. your favourite sound. “yeah, because everyone was drunk and you were still on your second drink. it was a very unevenly matched fight!”
“i still won!” you cross your arms and sit up straight as if you assert dominance over the conversation. who are you kidding? it’s all a joke anyways.
you crack after a moment and both of you erupt in a fit of giggles. his head falls into the crook of your neck, and it feels right. it’s almost as if your skin buzzed. you don’t know why, he’s done this many times before. but now, it’s different. the air has shifted again, so quickly. only with mark.
when he comes off of your neck, you stand up. you walk up to the door of his room, and lock it.
“y/n, what-“
you sit on his bed. “can’t have someone walk in while you’re ogling at my boobs, right? i know you and you’d never be able to live that down.”
mark is quick to stand up in defence. “what? no, we don’t have to do that anymore. i said my piece and im over the boob thing and-“
“shut up mark. you know you want to. and i kinda wanna show you too.”
he sits down on the bed across from you without another word but before either of you can move, he speaks again. “wait, kinda? please don’t feel obligated. only do this if you’re-“
“minhyung, please! i want to, ok? i really appreciate how you’re taking care of me but it’s fine. i trust you, and you trust me, right?”
he swallows hard. “right.”
“okay, perfect.” you pull your shirt off over your head, leaving you in your bra. if this was with any other boy, you’d be self conscious about literally everything: the bra you chose, the shape of your body, the hair in the places you let grow out. with mark, none of it matters now. he’s seen you in bathing suits before, this isn’t much different. and knowing how much he cares for you anyways, you know his head is clouded with praise and nothing less. his brain is working so fast right now, he probably won’t even register any imperfections.
“can i take your bra off?” mark sputters out as if he were holding onto the words for hours. “or wait, fuck-“
“yes, you can.”
he is almost shocked at your answer, and it shows. mark’s hands move slowly, his skin slightly cold as he grazes your skin. he leans in unbelievably close to wrap his arms around you to reach your back. he feels your breath on his chin, and your beautiful eyes look so sweet as you look up at him. when he finds the clasp, he kisses your nose as he pulls away, your bra coming back with him. you straighten your arms so the straps fall right off, showing your boobs.
mark is shocked. flabbergasted, even. his jaw almost drops in a shameless, teenaged boy way.
“dang. they’re so cute.”
you scoff. “cute? first boobs of your life and all you have to say is cute?”
“well what else can i say? i am not very well versed in the vast vocabulary that exists to describe your boobs.” he chuckles. “jeez, why is the word boob so fucking funny?”
you can’t help but smile timidly alongside him. that is what mark does, he makes you feel safe no matter what the situation. mark is always worried about you, worried if you are feeling comfortable and if you are okay with what is going on. he never wants things to be tense when you are around, because he hates to see you upset.
right now, you are the opposite of upset.
“y/n,” he brings your attention back to him. you hum in response. “can i touch?”
you freeze for a moment, and nod timidly. mark scoots a little bit closer, and reaches out with his right hand to gently cup your left breast. his hand is warm, and your skin needs a second to adjust to his temperature. he squeezes the flesh in the absolute slightest way, and quickly brings his hand back. he laughs almost exasperated.
“oh my god, it’s squishy? boobs are squishy?! why did that never register in my head?” he laughs loudly, as if he had just discovered something monumental.
“you’re just finding out now? oh my god mark, that’s common knowledge!”
mark looks down, his cheeks red from laughing. “dang, i’m so touch starved that i never knew until now that boobs are squishy. insanity.”
“the more you bring it up, the sadder it gets.” you reply.
he looks up at you with scrunched eyebrows. “don’t be mean. can i touch again?”
“yes, you can.”
mark cups your left boob with his right hand again, this time running his thumb softly over the supple skin. he doesn’t know what his limits are yet. can he go further? can he touch other parts of your boobs? can he touch other parts of your body? he is scared of going too fast and scaring you. mark is doing his very best today to be as careful as possible, as this is probably, remarkably, the best day of his life so far.
he pushes his index finger into your boob gently to poke it, and you laugh softly. at this point, you are just looking down at mark’s hand on your body. honestly, the fact that he isn’t doing anything is almost relaxing.
you look at how slowly his finger moves, like your skin is made up of the most delicate material in the world. he holds you with such care, such control. it is a feeling you want to feel again, and again, and again.
mark inhales slowly. he wants to go further. he wants more. he doesn’t know how you feel yet, but he will wait for you every step of the way.
but just as he opens his mouth, he hears a thud on his door. “mark hyung, we’re home! is y/n here? come eat with us!”
you both jump, as jaemin’s loud voice destroys the entire atmosphere. mark turns a cute shade of pink almost immediately, and takes his hand off of your skin. you are surprised at first, but lose all tension as you watch mark’s reaction. the poor boy is so embarrassed, but even more upset at how shortly your time was cut off. you laugh as he grabs your bra and tries to put it back on you. unfortunately, he cannot figure out how to close the back shut.
“i’m here! we’ll be there in a sec.” you shout, sparing mark from saying something stupid. you clip your bra straps together, and pull your shirt back on.
mark looks upset. “i’m so sorry they cut us off. they were supposed to be out all day, fuck. i’m sorry-”
“mark, baby, it’s okay. you didn’t know. besides, this isn’t ending here.”
mark looks up at you. “baby?”
“oh gosh, i don’t know where that came from. i’m sorry.”
“no no, its cute. i like it. baby. it just…”
“makes sense?”
he nods. “yeah. this makes sense. it really does.”
mark’s heart pounds in his chest as he takes your hands in his. today, they feel softer, warmer. he inhales sharply once again, hoping this time jaemin doesn’t break his door down, or something of the sort.
his thumb does the thing again, rubbing your skin gently. “y/n, i don’t want to be friends anymore. i think we are more than friends.”
you smile. “i do too. this makes sense.”
mark feels like he is going to explode. that would be bad though, because if he exploded, you would too. that wouldn’t be good for anyone.
“so i guess you’re my girlfriend now.”
you giggle softly. “that sounds so much better than best friend.”
“dang, it kinda does, doesn’t it?”
you let go of his hands and climb off his bed. he follows instantly after you do. right before you go to unlock the door, mark takes your hand once again, and turns you to face him.
you heart races as you lock eyes with him. you cannot believe everything that happened today. how your best friend, who you’d known for your whole life, confessed everything he felt for you, and poked your boobs mere minutes after. and that’s okay, because that’s mark. your mark.
“do we have to go down? i really want to see your boobs again.”
you lean over and place a kiss on his cheek, which causes him to lose his train of thought completely. “you’ll see them again soon, i promise. but if we don’t go down, jaemin will come upstairs and try opening your door. you know him, he’ll freak out when he sees that it’s locked. we’d get found out before we even have a chance to start.”
mark sighs. “fine. no more boobs today. guess i’ll just have to suffer without your boobs in my hands. shit, how am i going to survive?”
you unlock the door, and twist the handle. “well baby, i guess you’ll have to figure it out.”
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modx-afterdark · 26 days ago
Ok hear me out: Simpbur rutting against your thigh in his sleep, so you decide to wake him up by pulling his hair and have a little fun with it, only letting him use your thigh to get off, keeping your hands in his hair and letting his grab at whatever you’ll let him. Just needy sleepy simpbur
All Bursona's hump in their sleep, so sayeth the fandom!
Nights with your partner are either filled with touch and longing or they are much like tonight, where the two of you headed to bed earlier than expected, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped up in each other's arms and slowly drifting off. Only tonight you were woken by some noise that was just loud enough for you but not for the lanky man clinging to you.
Yet one benefit of waking when you did is feeling how Simpbur is slowly rocking against you, one of his legs slotted between your own, his hips moving just barely against your thigh. Small sighs and moans fall from his lips as he doses, clearly lost in a very good dream as you watch him, drifting your hands up his chest letting one stay cupped to his jaw as the other slowly tangles in his hair.
Gently pulling in time with his rocking motions till the soft noises become louder and sleepy brown eyes open, blinking slowly up at you as you pull just slightly harder on his hair.
"Shhh shhh, it's okay. You were just so precious, humping against my thigh, so needy for me even when you sleep. But that's okay, you can keep going, keep using my thigh to get off..."
Letting him paw at you, hands messy and slow when he grabs for you, mind still half asleep and wanting to return to the pleasant fog it had been lost to, but the other half that you had brought to the front was eager to keep moving. Rutting his cock against your thigh, letting out louder noises as the feeling of his boxers mixed with the give of your skin works him closer and closer to the end that had been building while he slept.
"That's it. Just like that, so handsome... Even like this, half asleep and so desperate to get off you'll use only my thigh and still make such sweet noises for me."
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kirinpl · 4 months ago
Crosshair x Fem!Jedi!Reader p.2
Previous part Next
Warnings: injures, blood, extreme mutual pining, Cross wants constant attention, we like him soft, slight sexual tension, FLUFF. I'm really trying not pack here this amount of fluff but it's impossible. Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Meditating always was for you form of relaxing. Not only because you were close to the Force, but places, where you did this, were usually quiet and close to the nature. You liked doing it away from people. They were scaring wild animals, which often approached you curiously. You emanated calmness, so they didn't have reason to feel frightened. Unfortunately, for the last hour, even the smallest butterfly hasn't sat on your nose. Everything because someone decided It'll be fun to sit by your side and start cleaning his rifle. Of course, he had practice, so he did this quickly and started poking your cheek with toothpick, so you'd stop waving rocks in front of his face and give him attention. As part of stopping him, without looking you grabbed wood between your teeth and spit it on the ground. After few seconds, annoying feeling came back.
"Where do you get all these toothpick?"
"Classified information. Stop what you're doing and I'll tell you."
"Not happening. I need to clear my mind."
"Am I that distracting?" You didn't see Crosshair face, but you were sure he was grinning.
"Not for the reason what you think. Although you're very good looking and smell nice, I'd prefer not being interrupted."
"Oh, so I smell nice."
"Good to know that you acknowledge only one part of the sentence. Maybe in time you'll be able to look at the whole thing."
You heard a snort. You knew he won't be offended. It was little game between you. After his drunk incident, your relationship changed and you didn't know if it was good change. You have become closer to each other more than Jedi should. On the other hand, you made sure It didn't get too far.  You liked him and he felt the same about you, even If he denied It at first. Decision about spending more time with him wasn't very responsible, but you were tired keeping distance and you ended up going practically everywhere together. The others didn't seem to mind, they were glad that Toothpick was in better mood. Only sometimes they tossed in some suggestive comment, but It was bearable. They were brothers after all, teasing each other was in their blood."If you like how I smell, imagine how I taste." You felt shiver down your spine. Yeah, lately your conversations have turned out to be slightly more intimate. You couldn't deny you'd love to grab him by his armor, pull him down and kiss those sweet lips... That's why you were trying to clean your mind. Duty comes first, then pleasures. Maybe you could try after the war... If he'd still like that. You had the feeling, that the end of the war is fast approaching.
"Crosshair, maybe instead having unholy thoughts, you'd try meditation? It's not that boring as you think." You opened your eyes and turned your head towards him. He was sitting close to you, watching your face with caution. Was he watching you like this whole time?
"Maybe." He said without being convinced.
"Stay still then." You got up and stood behind him. You slapped him on the back to make him straighten and put your hands on his shoulders. "Put your hands on your knees, good, and now close your eyes."
"As the lady wishes." He said ironically. "And don't talk." If he could, he would have rolled his eyes. If he could, he would have rolled his eyes. You just smirked and closed your eyes too. If that was going to work, you had to help him. "Imagine that you are all alone.""It's hard when you're stick to me like this" You playfully slap his shoulder and went back to talking. "Like I was saying, you're here alone. You don't have to feel judged about your feelings, let them out. Focus about those good, on those that make you happy." You leaned over him and moved closer to his ear. "Let them fill your body."Crosshair felt like all doubts flee from his body. He felt relaxed. There was only him, your calming presence and gentle wind that caressed his skin. He drifted between good memories and didn't know, he let you inside again. This time you didn't watch them, you were just pushing away memories that might have hurt him. You wanted to calm him, not opposite.  Next time, when Crosshair opened his eyes, you were resting your chin over his shoulder. You seemed suspiciously pleased with yourself, so he checked the time. He spent twenty minutes motionless. He thought It was two minutes at most! "Good?" He nodded, unable to say anything else. "If you would ever want to do something like that again, Im close. But now we should go back, new orders are to come soon." You helped him up and returned to Havoc Marauder *** Yeah, orders like orders, It's a shame that they didn't tell you, that in extreme situation there will be not backup. Actually, you and the boys were help.  You were sent to help 104th Battalion under command of General Plo Koon on planet Ithor. You were supposed to take the capital.The separatist theoretically shouldn't be prepared for attack, but the number of droids was greater than you had anticipated. Things could have turned out differently, but Plo was brilliant strategist. Thanks to him, the losses remained small, and the capital was captured.
"Y/N, are you okay?" Wrecker asked as soon as he noticed you. You got a little carried away in the process and you cleaned one corridor by yourself.
"Yes, like always without bruise. What about you?" You smiled and Hunter coughed ostentatiously. He nodded at the Crosshair boarding the ship. You immediately understood what he meant. Only he would not admit being hurt, and Hunter must have smelled blood. Time to take care of your sniper.
"Echo, could you give me the first aid kit?" *** You didn't bother yourself with knocking at his bunk. You came in at the perfect time, because the man was trying to bend his arms in such a way as to reach the wound on his back. If you weren't worried, it would have looked comical.
"What are you doing here?" He asked harshly, apparently upset by your lack of manners. You walked over and sit down next to him. Your worried gaze stopped him from snarking mean comment.
"It doesn't look good, I should get Tech." You put your hand over the wound and Cross hissed.
"Don't... Don't get Tech. Don't want them to see me like that."  "But...! Okay, I'll try to patch you." He gave permission by nodding his head and you took out the jar of bacta. You took a substantial amount and covered the wound with it. He said something in Mandalorian under his breath and clenched his hands. "Sorry, one more moment." You glued a special dressing to the wound and packed the rest of the things into the first aid kit. Then you handed him his black t-shirt, but he threw it away and lay down on his stomach, exhausted by the events from a dozen or so minutes ago.
"I'll get the painkillers."
"No." He grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him. Even though he was the skinniest of the five, you were still surprised by his strength. You lay stiffly beside him and looked at him questioningly.  "You're my painkiller." You suppressed a snort inside you.
"That was the worst thing you could say now." "Did It worked?" You looked up at the ceiling and blushed. He still had grip on your arm and without clothes on you could feel how warm is he. The fact that he watched you closely didn't help either.
"Mhm, but not for long. It would be nice to wash." "Later, I want to sleep before the Kaller".
"Okay" you said and you turned on your side, facing him. You put your hand on his head and started to caressing his temples. He closed his eyes and moved closer, so his face was in your chest. You were cuddled together for a moment until you heard the sound of air being drawn in.
"You need a wash." You glared at him, to which he only smiled back.
"You destroyed the moment!"
"I'll live with It." He tangled his legs with yours and, If it's possible, snuggled even closer. You had theorie, that clones are touched starved. Crosshair was walking proof that it was so. It was first time, and you secretly hoped that not the last, when you were so close. You were happy that he trusted you enough to feel asleep in your arms. You were exhausted too, so when Hunter went to check on you and his brother, he found a cute sight.
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gorehsk · a year ago
Yandere!bts — praise
Warnings ☒ Yandere themes, smut, dacryphilia, pet play, dubcon, consensual noncon, cum play, dollification, dumbification, faux sympathy, phygephilia, ddlg
Link to my m.list
Tumblr media
"Oh, sweetheart," Seokjin murmurs, keeping a hand steady on the small of your back to keep you docile underneath him. Your body collapsed beneath him in a disheveled heap as the insufferable appetite of your lover abused your dwindling remains. Every thrust had made your shoulders wrack with the onslaught of sobs that stained your pillow.
You feel Seokjin pulse inside you as the warmth bursts inside your gut. That’s when his personality flips. He can be so rough with you one second and then retreat back into the man you fell in love with in no time.
Seokjin's hand pats down your hair, lips pressing to your heated skin as you try to come down from your orgasm. Your mouth agape continues drooling pathetically onto the pillow your cheek rests on, unable to phantom the little death he inflicted on you. All the while, your heat is still harshly clenching around him as his words drone out any other sound.
“Did Daddy make you feel all warm inside," Seokjin asks, the proud grin on his face could be heard through his tone. You mewl your response, unsteady hand reaching back blindly to find the one brushing through your hair. He fucked you so roughly yet actively made sure you felt adored and cherished afterward.
"You made Daddy feel so good, princess," Seokjin's hand slips through your fingers, brushing his lips against the backs of your knuckles, "it's okay. Daddy's going to keep you safe"
"You're so fucking good," Yoongi groans, feeling the warm suction of your mouth sucking him in as your mouth moves off his shaft. Tongue swirling around the tip of his cock, you swear you see his eyes rolling back as you give him your all. "No one gives head like you," he swears, hands trying to find purchase at the arms of the chair to prevent himself from yanking your hair like a catfight.
Yoongi has busted his ass for too long to get his hands on you. He's tried every way possible to get closer to you, working up to this moment in his mind for so long and building it into something unrealistic. This was better than anything he fantasized about when jerking off.
"I love you so fucking much," Yoongi grunts, chest starting to heave as he nears his high. It feels so much better like this when he has officially made you his with a diamond ring on your finger to prove it. You're the fucking prude that made him wait for it, but it's so good that he would wait all over again to feel your throat constricting around his dick.
You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel the warm spurts of cum onto your face. Yoongi grunts out curses above you, managing to squeeze in a 'good fucking girl' in between his near incoherent mutters. That's when you feel it run down your chin, neck, and stains your wedding dress.
Mechanical whirring and clicking noise sounded out from the black rectangle, resting heavily in Hoseok's hand. The frame of the image capturing the way your body moves from the force of his cock drilling inside you. Your body travels it's way up the bed with every needlessly unmerciful blow to your pelvis, but the frame doesn't show the way your hands push against the headboard to prevent you from banging your head.
"You like that, huh," Hoseok questions, tone as condescending as usual. All you do is mewl out your response, a cry that doesn't take much longer for Hoseok to mock with faux praise. "Oh, darling," he says, "you deserve this. You deserve to feel so good that you're fucking braindead."
Hoseok's voice alone fucks you up in ways that no other man has. It's gruff yet at the same time fails to convey anything besides mockery, and in times like this, it's gravelly calmness only submerges you further into the pleasure stimulated by his touch. His voice makes sure that all your senses are drowning from his intent.
You watch as Hoseok leans in closer, moving the camera to capture both of your faces as his big hand holds your jaw open. His pointer finger presses down on your tongue as he spits down your throat. "Swallow it," he orders, palm pressing under your chin to hold your mouth shut, "that's my girl."
To Namjoon, there's nothing more pleasing than watching his angel obeying his orders. No matter what the command may be, it gives him a boost of authority and control. Namjoon has always had a strict set of rules in place for you. From the beginning of your relationship, you had caught on to his unaddressed discipline and reward system. As your relationship progressed, the discipline and reward system shifted into straight out law and order. You indulged in this discipline and reward system quite often, seeking out different ways to do good that would grant you the opportunity for praise.
Your hands cup his cheeks, keeping Namjoon steady as you place frenzied and despairing kisses all over his face when he comes home from work. The eagerness you show to please him is on the verge of annoying, but the tender brush of his lips along your neck calms you. A soft chuckle strays from his lips, lulling you into his arms.
"My girl missed me, huh," Namjoon muses, letting you wrap your legs around his waist as he walks with you to sit in his chair. Eyes brightening from the most simplistic form of possession he used, you couldn't help giggling proudly at your title. "You're so patient. It must be so hard to wait for Daddy all day," Namjoon murmurs, brushing your hair over your shoulders, "well, now that I'm home, Daddy can show you how much he missed you."
Your hips jolted and squirmed as you attempted to sit still on the hardwood floor until you heard the clicking of Jimin's tongue and snap of his fingers to signal you to come closer. Hands and knees moving you across the room, the pathetic quivering of your lower body never stops. The light buzz of the vibrator stuffed inside you fills the room with a faint hum. A high-pitched mewl escapes your lips now and then, but that's part of the fun in Jimin's eyes.
Jimin watches from his chair as you kneel in front of him. He had lost focus of the work on his desk and needed a break, so what better thing to entertain him than his dumb puppy?
"Good pup," Jimin comments, fingertips brushing up just under your chin to watch you curl into the touch. You love it when he talks to you this way when he is so kind and in a good mood. It makes your belly flip, but you can't enjoy his pleasantries at the moment. The heat that continuously ruptures inside your gut is far too distracting.
"Wanna treat," your master asks, to which you furiously nod your head, tongue out like a dog in a car on a sunny day. Your shallow, quick panting fills the room, adding a little woof at the end. In each expression of your limited vocabulary, Jimin finds a different sentiment you try to convey. It makes him grin as he gives the order, "rollover."
You obey, following through with every demeaning command Jimin gives to you. He pats your head. "Look at my good girl," he praises, lowering his head to meet your eyes as you pawed at his shoes. His hands fall to rest on his belt buckle.
"Let me give you that treat."
Despite the praises that spill from Taehyung’s lips, the frilly, pink dress he forced you in, only makes the situation degrading. The seed of embarrassment he plants inside you blooms upon your cheeks in an efflorescence Azalea hue. White ribbon cascades around your face like a waterfall from the pretty bow he tied in your hair. He manipulates your body into different positions as he forces you into the lolita dress while you obey the command to stay perfectly frozen.
The only movement you make is blinking when your eyes begin to water. Every demand Taehyung makes after that provokes your temper; but, how do you have the right to be frustrated when you have already committed? You have already given yourself up to him, surrendered into submission long ago.
"My dumb doll can't even speak," Taehyung mumbles, speaking more to himself rather than you. A faint, whimsical grin dances across his lips as he places you up like a display on the other side of a glass container. It's not like you can hear if you're a toy anyway. Being light to hold in one's hand is the only comparison you possessed to a doll, shrunken down from lack of food Taehyung was failing to provide.
Taehyung holds you in his hands as if you're the most delicate thing in the world. One wrong move and you'll shatter to pieces. “My obedient babydoll.”
Gut-wrenching, heart pumping, cold air bit into your lungs as you thrust your heavy legs forward. You were desperate for a break, eyes closing as you ran blindly through the empty alleyways in hopes that it could somehow give you the same energy that sleep would provide you. On the other hand, Jungkook was warming up. The thuds of your footfalls coming closer with each bound forwards. A rush of pure, mind-numbing adrenaline pumped through his veins with the liveliness of the chase.
Jungkook's strong arms caught you by your waist, tackling you to the dirty cement. It was laughable how easily he caught up to you, considering he had given you a headstart. You were beginning to regret agreeing to this obscene form of roleplay when you felt a warmth trickling down your brow.
"You were doing so well, angel," Jungkook heaves, the weight of his chest resting on your back, "I bet if we keep this up, you may be able to outrun me for a bit longer."
Relief flooded through you, while your sore limbs were rewarded a momentary pause from pushing themselves to the limit. Feeling Jungkook's big hand pressed into the small of your back to push himself up, you knew your body was going to submit to a different form of exertion. You hear the sound of his belt.
"Too bad you have to pay for your faults," Jungkook says, low and unhurried, "remember, angel, you agreed to this."
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lullabaesstuff · 2 months ago
Hi would you mind doing a piece with the promos Misc 16 and fluff 8 with Thomas from the maze runner pretty please? Thanks!!
Thank u for requesting!
Thomas, were’s my kiddo? [Thomas]
Thomas x Fem! reader
#8 “I think you might be my soulmate.”
From the fluff and misc prompt list here!
Word count: idk, sorry lol
warings: none
Tumblr media
"Are you sure you can handle this? I mean, this will be the first time you'll be taking care of our little one without me."
"Are you kidding? This will be a piece of cake" Thomas told you as he placed his four year old son on his lap. The little boy laughed when his daddy kissed his cheek. You smiled
"It will be several hours, Thomas. You know Alby doesn't take meetings lightly."
"Will you calm down? It's going to be fine. For once in your life trust my judgment."
You sighed because you knew Thomas was right, you should trust him a little more and his ability to spend time with his son without either of them getting hurt. You smiled then left a kiss on both boys' cheeks.
"Okay, you two can have fun while I'm gone" They both cheered "Just make sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth and don't ever let him out of your sight, got it?"
Thomas rolled his eyes.
"We'll be fine, stop worrying."
"Great, then" You said goodbye watching as Thomas began to play with his little boy in his arms.
After two hours, the door to the meeting room opened with a bang revealing a sweaty Thomas. You frowned as you approached him.
"Tom, what are you doing here? And where is our son?"
"Uh... is he not here?" You looked at him sternly. Thomas raised his arms before you claimed "We're playing hide and seek! Yes, that's right. We're playing, so now it's my turn to find him, did you know our little guy is very good at hiding? I think he got it from you!".
"Thomas..." You warned him. He smiled nervously
"Yes, I think you guys are lot alike. You're both adorable, funny and very naughty. I think you might be my soul mate, ya know"
"Thomas" you repeated looking at him with annoyance. He was babbling things trying to evade the subject so you would forget why he was there. You grabbed him by the wrist squeezing him hard "I'm not going to repeat it again, so be honest where is my son?"
Thomas shrugged his shoulders, defeated
"Fine! I lost him!"
"It wasn't my fault! I don't know how it happened, I just left him for a moment near the box playing with his wooden strollers while I got a juice box from the kitchen!"
"I warned you not to leave him alone!" you yelled hitting his chest.
"YOU SAID TO BE HONEST STOP HITTING ME! and it was only a couple of minutes!"
You left the room a nervous wreck because even though you shouted your son's name three times he didn't answer. Alby organized the search in no time and that's how you and Thomas found yourselves walking all over the glade arguing.
Time passed as your concern grew. Alby had already sent the runners out to take a look at the main corridors of the maze but they still didn't have much luck. Thomas let out a sigh before taking your hands and continuing to search for his little boy.
Something seemed to come to Thomas' mind all of a sudden.
"The chocolate cave!"
"He's in there!"
Without another word, Thomas ran out into the kitchen where no one had taken the time to look. Inside the huge drawer where Frypan kept the chocolate for his special cakes was your son, covered from head to toe in chocolate and with his belly swollen from eating so much candy. You let out a sigh of relief.
The little boy's eyes lit up after seeing his father. He threw himself into his arms, staining Thomas's shirt with the candy.
"God, baby, you had us worried sick."
"You found me!" your son laughed. Thomas nodded, embarrassed
"No matter where you are, your dad is always going to find you" You both stroked his hair making him laugh. Thomas kissed his forehead "Holy shit, you almost made me pee my pants!"
"Mommy! Daddy's saying bad words!"
"Yeah, I heard that" That was the moment Thomas knew he had screwed up. Your look made him shrug his shoulders even with his son in his arms "Daddy will be grounded for quite a while, and so are you!"
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violetrainbow412-blog · 4 months ago
Baby [S. B.]
Sirius Black x reader
Word counts: 1.3k
Warnings: I’m from Mexico so sorry for any misspelling or grammar. If you have any advice tells me!
N/A: In my english class we saw the first aid vocabulary and I couldn't help but practice those words haha
I’ll post more Sirius stuff, in case you want to follow me :)
Tumblr media
You tried to open your door, with a little headache. Your work at the hospital was tired and that particular day emergencies had been very crowded, so all you wanted was a hot bath in your husband's company.
"Princess! You're here" Sirius said, sitting on the floor of your home. His shirt was a little stained and his long hair was messy. “Look who came, Harry” murmured, taking his small waist and lifting him off the floor. The boy laughed and made his caregiver smile.
"Did we have to take care of the baby today?" you asked affectionately, leaving your backpack on the couch. Then you headed to the man to sit next to him and he came up close enough to steal a chaste kiss.
"James and Lily had an emergency, don't you mind?”
"Not at all, I like to look you like daddy," you admitted to being funny. Sirius put on a flirtatious smile.
"Daddy? Are you sure it was the best choice of words?” he asked playful, approaching you again and this time kissing you properly. You had to confess that spending time with him made you feel a lot less stressed after your job and the one kissing you like that was a double prize.
He let little Harry go for a moment and took the opportunity to sneak his hands up to your cheeks with the intention of deepening the kiss. You sighed on his lips shortly before holding his wrists with your hands and getting closer in his direction.
"You look tired. Are you all right?” he murmured barely, his eyes closed and his forehead resting on yours. You stroked his hand and smiled slightly.
"Everything's fine. It's just that; tiredness" you responded by shrugging. Sirius pulled away to look you in the eye.
"Do you want to order something for dinner? We can call that Chinese food you love so much, I invite" he tried to cheer you up. Sirius had always been such a sweet boy to you and you feared that once you were married that charm would end, but it was actually quite the opposite. He kept kissing and pampering you, especially when you got a job so absorbing that it took away your couple's time.
"No, I think I just want to take a bath and sleep. Tomorrow I have overtime and I want to rest" you murmured followed by a yawn.
"Do you want me to take Harry to his parents? You know, to avoid inconvenience. "
"No, it's okay, love. I just wanted to take the bath with you, but I guess you have to take care of Harry" you murmured innocently. Sirius frowned and gasped indignantly, putting a hand on his chest.
"Are you serious, woman? You can't make a choice between my godfather's responsibilities and my responsibilities as a husband!” he groaned, making you let go of a giggle.
"Tomorrow will be. I thank Merlin that we haven't decided to have children or now if we really would not have a second off" you said. When you took his hand Sirius took the opportunity to kiss the back of it.
"If we can have a dozen?" he asked, referring to babies.
"Are you crazy?! How do you want to take care of twelve babies? Or worse, how are you going to cover their expenses?”
"Hmm, then we can start with six and think better about others" he mused, making you laugh even more.
"Sirius!” you replicated. He watched you with that cute expression you loved and left a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"One?” he asked short, wiping his head with those puppy eyes with what always convinced you. You exhaled while a smile took over your face.
"One sounds better than twelve" you replied, Sirius celebrated without saying anything and when you were about to say something else, you both heard a loud scream.
You looked scared and quickly got up from the floor to run in the direction of the screams. In the middle of your room was Harry, with his head dripping with blood and tears soaking his cheeks.
"Oh, for God's sake" Sirius said pale from head to toe. In one move he swelled in front of the boy and took him in his arms, trying to see what had happened to him. It was his forehead where that river of blood came from. "Oh, Harry, forgive me...” he began to say, almost with tears in his eyes. You didn't waste time and ran for the first aid kit they had in the kitchen, which was complete because you were very used to accidents with Sirius (and because you were a doctor, obviously). When you came back your husband was already trying to slow down the blood flow, but he looked genuinely worried. "We have to get him to the hospital" he said desperately and in a broken voice.
"Hey, I need you to calm down, okay?” you asked him, taking him from both biceps. Sirius nodded as he sobbed. "We don't need two crying babies, do we?" you tried to joke, but he didn't laugh. You approached Harry and asked Sirius to remove the piece of toilet paper he kept pressed on his forehead, he obeyed. Then it was just a matter of cleaning the wound and crushing gauze against his wound, fixed with a Band-Aid. When you finally calmed the baby, you took him in his arms and as you turned you looked at Sirius with watery eyes and a red nose. You couldn't help but smile. "Honey, are you alright?
"I thought it was worse! Okay?” he claimed. You took place by his side in bed and he fled to your gaze. “He was bleeding a lot and I... I got scared, okay?” he said again. When he was nervous he kept repeating the words a lot and that had always been most tender to you.
"I'm not blaming you, and I'm not scolding you.”
"You called me a crying baby.”
"Well, at least I told you baby, didn't I?” you laugh. Sirius snorted and crossed his arms with an angry pout. “You still want those twelve kids to take care of? We can start making them as soon as possible...”
"No!” he refused, causing you to laugh again. “We'll adopt a dog, they're less disastrous" he said seriously, and that only increased your fun.
"You'd fight to see who pees on the carpet" you exclaimed with laughter, and Sirius looked at you completely outraged for the second time in the night. You continued to laugh and then he smiled too.
"He's asleep" he observed. He was right, Harry had finally fallen asleep.
"Perhaps all he needed to calm his energies was a blow to the head”
"Shut up! I still don't know how I'll explain it to Lily" he murmured grudgingly, with the concern stamped on his face.
"It isn't that bad, the worst thing that can happen to him is that he has a nice scar on his forehead" you said simple, but Sirius frown even more.
"But I had taken such good care of him! I tried all day to make nothing happen to him" I have murmured ruefully. You pitied him and got closer in his direction from him.
"Accidents happen, Sirius. They'll understand, don't worry" you said to reassure him. Your man nodded in no spirits, and you approached him to kiss him on the lips. "Harry's already asleep, and I think now you need a warm bath to relax, don't you think?” you asked short, with a kind smile.
Sirius imitated you and looked at the little one in your arms.
"When we were arguing that I stopped watching him and he ended up in a river of blood, so I don't think it's a good idea to leave him alone" he exclaimed determinedly. You nodded with a smile and moved Harry around so you could head to the bathroom, not without first kissing your husband again.
"When we have kids, you'll be a great dad.”
"The child in my arms opened his head!” he laugh, but you denied.
"Still, you will be. I'm sure" you admitted, caressing his hair gently. "I love you."
Sirius smiled.
"I love you more.”
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hqcult · 4 months ago
SWITCHING POSITIONS ## akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
doms and subs are overrated. it's hella fun being a switch and keiji couldn't agree more.
. tw smut, switch! akaashi, switch! reader, some baby girl and baby boy calling, mommy kink, sir kink, drunk sex, unprotected sex (dont try this at home), oral (m receiving), creampies, slight degradation . wc 3.8k
Tumblr media
the night is young. as young a night gets for two college students after finals week. while countless people from different frat houses have already invited you to come to their year-end parties, you never really enjoy that scene. it's too much of an effort to dress and doll yourself up when, after such a stressful week, you just want to wind down and get drunk here in your dorm with your best friend. 
plus, keiji tells way more compelling stories than boys you've encountered at parties and that's saying something, considering you had been drunk as a skunk but didn't find them funny at all. 
yeah. offense.
right from the get-go, you figure he's never one for small talk but there's a fondness in his eyes when he talks about his days as a volleyball player. he becomes more loose-lipped, sharing to you memories of his teammates and games. you really didn't care whatever topic he chose to talk about, you just know you'll listen to him anyway. it's great listening to him talk with that comforting voice of his. 
"you know," you lean your head back against the couch, cozying up in your hoodie. "maybe you should start a part-time job as a youtuber. you can be one of those people who do asmr videos or something." you chuckle, finding the random thought amusing. 
"but i'm already on a full-ride. i don't think i need to get a part-time job," he lies comfy on your couch. one arm hanging, hands over the can of beer. 
you sighed staring up at the ceiling. "lucky. it's hard maintaining grades when your professors are a bunch of snobby assholes who don't care about their students."
his knee nudges the back of your head lightly. "don't say that," he scolds. "that's bad. they're still your teachers."
always so polite.
just as you reach forward for another slice of pizza, akaashi speaks again, eyeing you thoughtfully. "well… maybe i can start an asmr channel and we can split the money i earn."
you laugh, torso turning around to face him. you bring the beer can up to offer a toast. 
"see, this is why i love you, keiji."
after clicking his can with yours, you turn around to have a bite of your pizza — completely missing the red flush on his cheeks, thrown off-guard by the strong proclamation you just made, albeit he knows you probably meant it in a platonic way. he didn't know what to say next so he took another swig of his drink. 
he doesn't know. really. what triggered him to look at you as something way more than a normal friend would. for someone so self-aware as him it's frustrating not knowing how and when his feelings for you even changed. because the only time he realized he was knee deep into liking you was when he was also at the brink of losing you. 
which reminds him… 
"what happened to that guy you were texting two weeks ago?" he asks. 
"ah, him? he's too… what's the word, assertive? intrusive? i don't know — it's like he wants to monopolize my time. like he wants my whole world to revolve around him and it's… kinda creepy actually."
akaashi scoffs, sitting up to get a slice of pizza. "you guys were only talking for two weeks."
"i know! that's what i'm saying!" you say, hands wildly gesturing to and fro. he's afraid you might spill the beer. "like — dude. maybe it's either he needs to chill the fuck out or i'm just not into doms. or maybe he's a walking red flag."
he hums thoughtfully, slumping next to you on the floor before dusting his hands off from pizza crumbs. "he's a red flag. obviously."
"okay but random thought: doms are overrated," you reach forward to open another can of beer, thinking out loud. "subs too. i feel like it's kinda tiring being a top as much as it is being a bottom. being a switch, on the other hand, is like getting the best of both worlds and who wouldn't like that? it's some good hannah montana shit."
now akaashi keiji can't help but laugh at that. "are you drunk? how did our conversation end up this way even."
you bump his shoulder, laughing with him before drinking your beer. "oh, come on. humor me a little, keiji. think about it. i'm right. aren't i?"
"and how do you know?" he turns his head towards you. "have you been a top? or bottom —"
"i have," the smile you gave him sent butterflies to his stomach. "both. back in my all-girls high school. being a bottom's not too bad but… eh, still. i'd rather just be a switch. it's exhausting to top all the time."
"don't i know it," akaashi mutters under his breath. flashbacks of all those awkward and embarrassing endeavors filling his mind. "guys are always expected to top. it's like a stereotype. can't i just sit back sometimes and follow orders, too?" 
he feels the heat crawling up his neck and it makes him shrug off his jacket, leaving him with the plain white shirt underneath. 
"i can give you orders."
akaashi almost chokes on his beer. 
"you literally just said it's exhausting to top."
you shrugged. "yeah, but — i mean, it is! it is but… you know."
he can see exactly how embarrassment is taking over your features and he wants to stop and move on from the conversation. he wants to. he should. but there's an inkling feeling inside him that doesn't because he wants to see how this unfolds. his heart is beating erratically and he can't take his eyes off you since that little comment you made. 
"i'm sorry," you chuckle, a dismissive tone in your voice. "nevermind. anyway…"
akaashi shouldn't entertain his thoughts. 
it's improper. you're his best friend. literally one of the few people who he's managed to befriend in college. he can't lose you. he can't risk being awkward with you. his not-so-platonic feelings for you should never get in the way of that. never. plus, you're both intoxicated right now and you were probably just kidding around. akaashi isn't that kind of guy. he respects you. he should dismiss the conversation but —
"then give me orders."
you froze. eyes widening as you stare at the forgotten netflix movie playing on your laptop, unable to look at the man sitting next to you. afraid of the weight of his stare. you didn't know why you blurted out whatever you did a few seconds ago but you never thought he'd entertain it. not that you mind, anyway. this is your best friend we're talking about. well-mannered akaashi keiji with the ocean eyes hiding behind those cute square glasses. 
the akaashi keiji you've been crushing hard on since you saw him at the freshman orientation two years ago. 
"would you… spread your legs for me?"
light rustling can be heard as the microfibers of his socks drag against the carpeted floor. just as you reach forward to push back the coffee table, akaashi beats you to it and does it for you. making sure to push it far so you won't accidentally hit your back on the edges. 
with one smooth swing of your leg, you're sitting snug on his lap. the rough fabric of his jeans grazing your thighs as your hands tremble whilst dragging down the planes of his torso. 
akaashi grabs your hands, stopping you. 
"you look hesitant. you don't need to do this if you don't want to." his tone is low, understanding as always. 
you look at him straight in the eye. leaning forward until your lips are all but grazing each other as you spoke. "i want to. i want you."
you dive down to start peppering kisses down his neck and you hear him let out a shaky sigh. you lick a stripe up the side of his neck before kissing the shell of his ear. "go on, keiji. you can touch me. don't you want to touch mommy?" 
you feel him shudder, his dexterous fingers mapping random lines underneath your hoodie, slowly raking higher and higher until he's saying "mommy, please take it off" in low hushed tones. the blush in his cheeks prominent as he can't seem to stare at you in the eye. so cute. so submissive. so stupid thinking you'll let him undress you so easily.
"did i say you can take it off?" you hiss, reaching down to cup him from over his jeans and shoving his hands off you. "don't tell me baby boy is being bad, are you being bad? i thought my baby keiji's a good boy for his mommy." 
"but… but i am a good —"
akaashi hisses, knees jolting when he feels you tracing circles on the insides of his thighs with the tip of your nails. for someone who just claimed they didn't like topping, you're doing an impeccable job at it and he doesn't know whether or not he loves it or hates it. when your sneaky little hands unbutton his jeans and teasingly pulls the zipper down, okay, no, he definitely loves it. the determined look in your eyes as you pin your gaze on his features, watching like a hawk at every furrow of his brow, of every sharp intake of breath, every time he throws his head back. 
"if you're such a good boy why don't you strip for mommy, hm? won't my baby boy give me a show?" he can't take his eyes off you as you smile, sultry, leaning over to lick at his bottom lip as your ass slowly grinds against his jeans. how merciless you are, when you gave him a peck and pulled away. "go on. strip and sit on the couch."
blindly reaching around the coffee table, you grabbed whatever beer you can hold before raising it up to your lips and staring at him over the rim of the can as he throws his shirt off. you suck in a breath when his abdominals come into view. his torso lean and smooth, siding a little more on the petite size with a tiny waist. and you shamelessly check him out even more when he leans over and hooks his thumbs under his jeans, pushing it down. 
you didn't speak until you saw the black waistband of his boxers.
"those, too."
he pauses, looking a little lost. "i'm sorry, what —"
"everything, baby boy. i want everything off… including those boxers. wanna see your dick throbbing. bet baby boy's already hard because mommy kissed his neck and gave him hickies, isn't he? bet you'll love it if mommy licks you all over, or when mommy rides her baby boy's cute thighs. would my baby keiji like that? would you? does my baby boy deserve it?"
damn were you good at this. the more you spoke the more it's making him ache and he wastes no time in shoving everything down. true to your words he was throbbing. the mushroom tip oozing precum and his dick standing tall. maybe it's the alcohol in his system or maybe it's the desire for you that he had kept locked away for so long, but akaashi can't bring it in himself to feel embarrassed. not when you're looking at him like you want to devour him whole. 
the same bright eyes of his adventurous best friend who's stuck by his side since being wide-eyed first years in this huge university — he'll probably never see you in that same halo ever again, already tainted by the image of you now. 
he sees you swallow, eyes never straying away from his girth and akaashi feels a little proud to have you looking star-struck. when you rise from your seat, his muscles tense in anticipation, staring at your hand as it slowly reaches forward — only to pause mid-air. 
akaashi looks up at you questionably and he sees the unspoken question in your eyes, asking for his consent. and your baby boy's answer was instantaneous.
 "please, mommy. touch me?"
the smile on your face was cocky. definitely cocky as your hand wraps around his girth, the other wrapping around his throat as you coo. "aw, how can i resist when you're asking so nicely? why don't you sit on the couch and i'll grant whatever my baby boy wants, hm?"
he mewls, leaning back on the couch and eyes you with lust. "like this, mommy?" he mutters, desperate. he even tilts his hips up a little to offer you a better view as you hum in approval, straddling his hips as you stroked his cock. 
"such a good boy for mommy, aren't you? how pretty." 
he hisses when he catches sight of you kneeling before him in between his legs, looking at him with the most captivating sultry gaze he's ever seen. "mommy's gonna give you a 'lil prep, yeah? so it won't hurt when i ride your dick, baby boy." 
"yes, momm — ugh." 
akaashi throws his head back when you finally wrap your lips around him. the image of your hollowed cheeks forever ingrained in his mind. his eyes fly close, focusing his attention on your swift tongue as it lies flat against the underside of his cock, taking him eagerly from the base to the tip. your tongue swirls around the head, sneakily poking around the hole where precum oozes out. 
"mommy," he whines when your tongue travels back to his girth, tracing one of the prominent veins in his dick before your hand comes up to play with his balls. "mommy — shit. so good… feels so good…"
it urges you on, hands retracting to wrap around whatever your mouth couldn't cover. his back is arching and you suck him with fervor, eager to push him to the edge, to make him believe you're going to lick and play and suckle until he's creaming around your mouth — only to pull away at the last minute. 
"no!" he moans, looking down at you desperately as you rise from your seat. "i was-i was gonna cum!"
you dismiss him easily with a wave of the hand, too busy shuffling out your clothes. maybe if you had the energy, you would've punished him a few rough spanks but you were far gone already. thoughts of that dick splitting you in half as you ride him consuming your mind like a plague.
akaashi groans when you hop onto the sofa and crash your lips on his. you never would've imagined kissing him this way. sloppy and wet and painfully induced with lust. the stretch is amazing, there was the lightest stinging sensation but was overridden by pleasure. he groans, pulling you close and peppering your shoulders with kisses. 
you grabbed his shoulders and started bouncing on his lap in a slow, stimulating manner that made you feel every vein and curve of his cock as it deliciously drags against your walls. you hear him wine. you hear him talk about how it hurts and how he can't take it anymore. how he needs his mommy to move faster. faster, mommy. please fuck me faster. but you ignored him, so caught up in domspace to see the growing irritation in your baby boy's eyes. to see the sudden shift from clinging onto you so desperately to gripping possessively against the soft flesh of your sides.
the air was knocked out of your lungs when he slams you down on the sofa.
"you dare ignore me?" his face is passive, eyes cold and steely as he pinned you with a dark stare. "time's up. i think you got a tad bit carried away there, don't you agree?" 
"want me to show you how it's done?" you shiver in excitement when he takes your wrists in one hand. his thighs flex as he gets on his knees before hooking your legs over his shoulder, thrusting his dick deeper into you. akaashi bends forward, a hand firmly gripping your face. "i want you to address me as 'sir' and nothing else, do i make myself clear?"
his low assertive tone so painfully attractive you clenched around him as he drills into you with vigor. akaashi chuckles, the low rumbles of his chest stimulating your perked nubs as it grazed against him with every thrust. "yeah, you like that? like it when i speak to you like this? ah, fuck you're so tight. you're pussy's practically choking my dick — look, fucking look, baby girl."
your head grazes his as you both watch his member disappear inside you, getting off at the lewd sight of the glistening sheen of your essence wrapped around his cock and the loud squelching noise it makes when he rams it into you again. you whimper, pulling akaashi down for a kiss as your ankles hook around his back, pulling him deeper as his pace quickens and his balls slap against your skin.
"see that? your pussy keeps sucking me back in. bet you're desperate for my cock, aren't you?" you never thought akaashi to be the type who's into talking dirty, you thought he was the gentle, vanilla type. but alcohol always brings around quite interesting things about a person after getting drunk. 
you cling onto him for dear life as his hand reaches down to draw figure eights against your puffy clit, eliciting the most feral of moans from you that could rival that of pornstars. "sir," you shudder. "please, sir. please."
"please what?" he grabs your lower back, pulling your torso up to hit an angle that makes you see stars. 
"please, let me cum! please."
akaashi clicks his tongue before raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "you didn't listen to me when i was the one begging, why should i listen to you?"
your hands wrap around his neck, sobbing against the crook of his neck by the sheer pleasure you felt. he can't understand your mindless babbling. all inside keiji's mind is the feel of your perked nipples grazing his chest and your plush walls wrapping around him so prettily. he never did it raw, having you as his first time doing it without a condom pushed him way over the edge than he wants to admit. 
"be-because — ah — i didn't —"
akaashi hauls you up into a sitting position, arms wrapped around you securely as you straddle him. he yanks you away from his neck, a tight grip wrapped around your throat as he stares straight into your eyes as he fucks up into you, feeling his balls slap against your skin. "what? cock's that good you can't even speak?"
he feels your hips stutter as you sob, tiny hands wrapped around his wrists. you didn't even try bouncing and meeting his thrusts anymore. "sir, please! s'too much! wanna cum —"
"then fucking work for it," he stils his hips. "fuck me back, baby girl. come on. you said you wanted to ride me, didn't you? bet this is what you've been thinking about for the whole night. that's the only thing my baby girl's capable of right? thinking 'bout my cock and nothing else? such a dumb little baby."
your legs quivered and shook as you obliged and pulled yourself half way up, before meeting him halfway and impaling yourself back down his cock. the first time you did it had both of you whining, akaashi quickly threading his hands through your hair to yank your face towards him. he wants to imprint this memory into his mind. to be able to merely shut his eyes and be transported back to the night you both were intoxicated and you let him use your cunt like a fleshlight. 
all sense of manners were thrown out the window as his ocean eyes memorized the way your eyes rolled back when he hits a sweet spot, the way your nose scrunches when the pleasure becomes overwhelming, the way the drool shamelessly trickles down the side of your lips as your tongue sticks out and he so badly wanted to spit but he didn't in fear of making you uncomfortable. everything. he wants to memorize everything. 
"just a little more, pretty girl. you can do it. together, okay? cum before me and you'll fucking regret it."
he grabs you closer, burying your face in his neck and planting his feet firm on the ground as he pistons his cock into you. it's not the heat of your body, or your pretty cries, or the lewd sound of skin slapping that made him cum. no. it was your sheer desperation and vulnerability as you bit his shoulders and yelled at the top of your lungs. 
he pulled out at record speed and had made a mess on his torso but he was hardly able to register any of these. so fucked out and sated and content to have you sitting on his lap as he stares at your plain ceiling. he doesn't even realize you've dropped down to your knees and started lapping up the essence splayed on his torso until he felt the hot muscle of your tongue. "(y/n) —"
"what happened to baby girl?" you tease, a playful smile on your lips as you meet his eyes. "you were so into it, 'kaashi. you should've seen your face — well, i was… kinda into it too, anyway."
it took akaashi around three seconds for everything to finally sink in, to fully sober up and let the gears work in his head. the realization of what had gone down on your sofa, of the things he told you, brings about an embarrassment greater than anything he's ever felt in his entire life. suddenly, he's shoving you away from him and draping the discarded blanket around your naked form whilst politely looking away. then he quickly covers his soft dick with one of your throw pillows.
"oh, my god. i'm so sorry. this is a mistake — shit — i'm sorry! you see, i've liked you ever since and not as a friend and i swear i'm not the type to just —"
"keiji" you snap him out of it. "i like you too, okay? now don't go around saying it's a mistake or i'm going to throw you off the roof. do you want me to throw you off the roof? right. i don't think so. now, come on! get your sexy ass dressed, we're going somewhere."
"where... are we going?"
"i'm craving ice cream. so for our first date, buying ice cream at 2am!"
Tumblr media
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uncouth-the-fifth · a month ago
Okay I am a Damian fan, but Jon is just too soft not to fall for.Just something about him is soo.............idk attractive?
Like he's innocent and oblivious to so many things it would automatically make the other person a dom no matter who they are. Like tying a silk blindfold on his eyes when he knows he can look through them, or cuffing his hands when he can snap them off like a pocky stick.
So you decide to tease him by tying him up in shibari ropes and making him watch finger yourself WHILE stroking his cock. But here's the catch. YOU get to pleasure and get off by yourself watching him desperately trying to beg you to fuck him BUT HE doesn't get to have an orgasm and gets edged for Rao knows how long.
When he decides he finally has had enough, he will snap his ropes open pounce on you and start pounding into you like he's been sexually starved for decades. He gets to have his fun, you get fucked dumb because you kept getting yourself off before he went on this rampage and he starts growling into your ear "I can be a dom too you know" or "You kept me from cumming for three hours straight while you had your fun. Wanna cum so bad huh? Then you'll go it all night."
Safe to say you liked this side of him much better😉
Jon gives off major brat vibes to me, but with how powerful he is, a part of him has to enjoy not holding all the cards for once. his soft puppyness 🥺 ily king. also since he's superman in the comics rn I kept that in mind <3
here's your smutty drabble cutie >:)
Jon was so aroused, he swore he was sweating.
Kryptonians didn't sweat, but the patch of ice on the back of his neck, the slickness between his bound wrists and the rope - he felt like he was dripping. He was almost short for breath watching you writhe on top of him. In desperate, crazed circles you touched yourself through your underwear, squeezing Jon's naked sides with your knees each time. He could feel the tempo of it as you moaned and rolled your hips into your fingers, but definitely not in the way he craved to feel it.
You were saddled nicely in his naked lap, hovering over his cock. The bed dipped with your dual weight, blankets twisted and folded from Jon's squirming, and two pillows were shoved behind the headboard to soften it's racket. Your knots kept him right where you wanted him. They pressed into Jon's dewy abs and his round pecs, which he could tell was just as sexy to you as it was to him - your eyes clawed up his naked, pliant form as you fucked yourself, face steaming with bliss.
Jon mewled, trying to twist his hips against where you had them trapped. His pink, lip-gloss stained cock bobbed at each pass, aching for friction. "P-please, please, Y/N - I'm so close , j-just use your hand, oh please!"
"Hmm..." You brought your slick palm around his shaft, testing his weight in your warm hand. The other dove into your sopping panties. Your juices mixed between your fingers, and mixed further when you pumped him bottom to top, dribbling pre-cum down your knuckles. Jon shuddered like he'd just gulped down his first piece of food in weeks. "I don't know, boy scout. You haven't been a good boy... only good boys get to cum."
He threw his head back against the pillows, trembelling all over. The rope bulged against his muscles, threatening to split. Jon clamped down on his tongue and breathed, knowing how many orgasms he'd lose if he dared to use his strength. "B-but I have! Please, please Y/N, I'll be such a good boy—"
You stroked him in slow circles, choking another gasp from Jon's wet lips, and leaned over him a like a predator towering above her catch. "I told you not to use your powers, baby. But you've been watching me through that blindfold this whole time, haven't you?"
Jon shook his head until his bangs flew around his face, but it was a blatant lie. Your little moans, your mewls, the sizzling of your fingers inside your tender cunt... It was too tempting to ignore.
"Liar," you purred, sharp grin grazing Jon's ear. His cock couldn't help but twitch. Jon's jaw was cupped in one hand and he was kissed, passionately, with plenty of tongue. "You'll get this pussy when you earn it, Super-Blow. Next time you disobey me, it's thirty minutes. This time, I'll be nice and leave you for fifteen."
Jon whined, but it was too late. You released his cock with a sloppy kiss and began to slip off the bed, away from where Jon - without his x-ray vision - couldn't feel you. His cock throbbed at just one little kiss. Blood pounded through his ears and under his cheeks, and soon, that cozy knot in his loins would be dissolved. It was the fifth time you'd edged him. It would be the last.
There was a harsh ripping sound. Then, Jon threw you face first into the bed and hiked up your back end like you weighed nothing to him, which you did, and plucked off your underwear in one tear. It happened so fast that you didn't even have time to squeal. When his superspeed caught up to you, you were on your back and spread open for him. Jon's massive cock laid on your belly, and a whole megawatt of electricity shot down your spine when you realized his tip almost touched your belly button. He could easily tear you in two.
"I'll fuck you when I want to." Jon husked. His grin was vicious, and turned up at the corners almost impishly. He pressed his fingertips into the soft flesh of your waist like he was reminding you what he could do to you. What he wanted to do to you.
The soft, soaked tip of his cock stroked your sensitive folds and pressed in, pressed in, until your breath catches in your throat and your knees lock. He's not even an inch in yet, and already you've hit the widest part of him. You trusted him not to lose control. But nothing flooded your pussy like the instant where his strength was a little too crushing, or when his cock felt a little too big. Your hands jump to hold his, wanting him closer, deeper. Jon audibly swallows.
When your gaze clouds over (with lust), Jon draws back into his normal self. His smile turns nervous and soft. "...Oh. Too much?"
You wet your lips, hissing at the throb of his dick. There's still so much to go. "Not enough. Not nearly enough. Fuck, Jon, put it in me..."
Jon does.
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saidrolav · 4 months ago
We know.
Sam Wilson x gn!reader
(bit of Steve Rogers x gn!reader (platonic))
Summary: You're in a secret relationship with Sam and things go out of control when Bucky and Steve find out about it.
Warnings: none! purely fluff! :))
A/n: Hiii everyone! I'm participating at the writing challenge of @sweeterthanthis with my babe Sam, been dying to write for him lately!! Congratulations on your 6K followers!!! Hope you enjoy! #quotemeonit6kchallenge
Prompts: “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” - Friends
Tumblr media
not my gif!
Bucky threw his bag across his appartment that he shared with Steve and made this one jump when he heard the door slam. The blonde frowned and looked at Bucky with concern but before he could say something the brunette spoke first.
"You'll never guess who i saw at the coffee shop." A wide smile took place on Bucky's face which made Steve smile too.
"I don't know, who-" "I SAW Y/N !" Steve frowned with confusion but Bucky once again said something before he could answer. "That's the thing! They told us they were going to the library." "Hum, yeah, but they could've stopped by the coffee shop you know.."
Bucky jumped next to Steve on the couch where he was sitting and his smile was growing wider and wider as much as Stevie was talking. "They weren't alone !" "What ?" "They were with Sam !" Steve's eyes widened before smiling too, realization starting to hit him and Buck only got more excited at the reaction of his friend.
"You think they're dating ?" "Definitly." The brunette looked absolutely confident about what he was saying. "They saw you ?" "No." "How do you know ?" "I know when i'm being watched-Okay anyway, it's the perfect time for pranks !" Buck always liked to make fun of Sam and if Steve could be a part of a prank, he will.
Steve got up from the couch and started walking, with his head in his hands, searching ideas of pranks to do on you and Sam. Pranks sounded appealing, he didn't thought of a second choice, why would he ? Suddenly something popped in his head and he turned around to face Buck with a huge grin plastered on his features.
"So, they don't know that we know ?"
You and Sam weren't dating for so long, maybe 2 or 3 months but it was love at first sight. When Steve had introduced the two of you Sam was speechless by your beauty and it was the first time he didn't know what to say to a charming person to make them blush. Steve and Bucky didn't noticed the chemistry between the two of you but both, you and Sam knew there was something going on inside your stomachs when you were close, and it was intoxicating.
When you were around each other your whole skin felt like burning and your mouth was going dry. Him, he was lost in his thoughts while looking at you and was somehow shy to say dumb things, he didn't wanted to look like an idiot in front of you. His heart was shattering everytime you would laugh and even more if he was the reason of your laugh, he felt like you weren't thinking he was stupid and, it was a relief for him.
So, as soon as the two of you started dating the first thing you started to do was hiding your relationship to everyone. You didn't want anyone to interfere with your relation because it was just, too perfect. You were scared that any little thing would break everything and it was way too soon to tell everyone that the both of you were dating.
The lies started soon towards your two bestfriends Bucky and Steve, and today was like any other day. You said to them that you were going to the library only to met Sam at the coffeeshop and as always he would take your breath away. Even if you were dating for 2 months he was always stunning to you, he greeted you with a hug and a huge smile which you fastly returned.
Your date was going abdolutely perfect like you had imagined. You and Sam talked about everything and he was really funny, as always, he was making you laugh like no-one ever did. It was amazing. After a good thirty minutes and a cup of coffee you frowned a bit when you saw Steve's number appearing on your phone. You apologized to Sam quickly before answering, taking a last sip of your cup.
"Hey y/n! Are you busy right now ?" You frowned even more and gave a quick glance at Sam before answering quickly.
"No, no i'm not, why ?" You waited slowly for the blonde answer while biting your lip, afraid something happened to him.
"Oh cool! Huh," you heard him clear his throat trough the phone, "I was thinking maybe we could go on a date somewhere.. Just the two of us." Your eyes widened suddenly and Sam choked on his coffee. Wow. You clearly weren't expecting that, like, at all, especially in front of Sam. Steve was asking you on a date ? He was like a brother to you, like Bucky, and all of this seemed so weird to you.
"Hum.. Steve i like you a lot but, not in that way, you know.." Your eyes were scanning Sam's face for help but he clearly was under the shock himself and you could see a bit of jealousy in his features.
"Oh! Huh, that's okay, see ya!" Before you could say something else he had already hang up, leaving you alone with Sam and the silence between the two of you. After a couple of minutes in a huge akward silence, Sam talked.
"They know." You furrowed your eyebrows and tilted your head on the side, waiting for him to explain what he meant. "I mean, they know about us! And they're messing with us. Bucky or Steve must have seen us together. Steve wouldn't do that to you, i mean, i hope." A bright smile took place on his lips and soon on yours too, it all made sense.
"So, now that they know we can tell them about us!" You took his hands with excitation but he cocked an eyebrow at you while a mischievous smirk replaced the smile on his lips. "But, they don't know that we know that they know." You frowned even more and at this point your head started to hurt of too much thinking but after you had figured it out, it was your turn to cock an eyebrow at Sam.
"What do you offer ?"
"The messers become the messees !"
On the other side of town, Bucky and Steve were way too happy about their joke that they had ordered pizzas to their victory.
Little did they know that on your side, you and Sam were preparing your revenge. Soon, the laughs of the super soldiers were cut by a phone that was ringing and Steve realized it was his. He took it in his hand and cocked an eyebrow, showing the screen to Bucky and he read quickly your name on it.
Steve answered to your call while frowning. "Y/N is everything okay ?" He took a slice of pizza and shoved it in his mouth fastly.
"Yeah Steve! I kinda changed my mind, i'm fine with going on a date with you!" Steve's eyes widened and he opened his mouth but no sound came out and he went back to reality when Bucky slapped his arm. "O-Oh really ?" "Yeah! I'll pick you up at the appartment in ten minutes be ready!"
Bucky eyes widened and got up from the couch suddenly making movements to tell Steve to stay at the appartment so he could hear how the fake date would go. "Yeah huh, actually, don't pick me up, let's just stay at my place!" He cringed at himself for saying this to you because he clearly had only platonic feelings around you. "Fine! See ya later!" He said a quick goodbye and got up from the couch too looking at Bucky with horror.
"I can't believe Y/N would do that to Sam!" Bucky frowned and Steve too, realization hitting them. "Okay, they know. They're pranking us too. They're not backing down! What do we do ? You're gonna have a date! But... They don’t know that we know they know we know." Bucky cringed too and run his fingers trough his hair while searching for an option. "I don't have time Buck they're coming here in like, 10 minutes!" "Okay i'll be in the bathroom, get ready, if it's getting out of control come to see me." Steve nodded quickly, hating the idea of having to fake a date with you when he clearly didn't want too. In what did he had gotten into ?
You couldn't believe what you were doing, you were on your way to have a date with your bestfriend and your boyfriend was going to listen to the two of you at the door. In what world were you living in ? You were stressed as ever and squeezing Sam's hand harder than you ever did. He was whispering you calming words while playing with your hair all the way to the super soldiers's appartment. When you got here he gave you a quick kiss that gave you butterflies and made your cheeks turn a deep shade of red.
"Hey, i'll be there okay, you're gonna do great, show these grandpas who is the boss." He chuckled and you joined in before knocking to the door, Sam hiding in the staircase quickly after you did so.
The door opened and you were met by the tall blonde you always knew and the weirdness was soon here. You wondered for a brief moment where Bucky was but the silence was soon your main priority. Steve took your coat in full silence and you couldn't imagine how much Sam was going to make fun of you after this fake date. Long minutes passed by and you only made small talk with Steve you guys ate pizzas in silence and everything that was going on was way too weird. How you ended up in this situation ? You had to do something, the silence filling the room was too much, it was overwhelming!
You took a deep breathe and putted down your drink and looked Steve in the eyes. "Steve, the silence is too much. I know you know i date Sam. I don't know how but i know you do so please. Can we just stop that and have a real conversation ? The date, the pranks and all it's all just too strange to me." You chuckled and he let out a loud sigh of satisfaction while a smile took place on his features.
"Oh my god! Thank you, it was Bucky's idea and it felt terrible doing that to you." He rubbed your back while giving you a gentle smirk.
"It felt terrible for me too, i mean for Sam, i've never felt so much love for someone and i was scared of everything that could've happened if i told you and Bucky and... i love him. I couldn't ever do that to him, he's my whole world." You returned his smile and you heard a door opening. You turned your gaze towards the sound and saw Sam standing in the entrance with the biggest grin on his face that you ever seen, you thought on the moment he could cry. He ran towards you and squeezed you harder than ever while you laughed like crazy, Steve joining your laugh fastly.
"I love you so much too! You don't know how good it feels to hear it from the person i love the most in the world and that is even here in my dreams." He winked at you before the two of you laughed. "I mean: I love you cutie." He took your chin between his thumb and index and kissed you like his life depended on it. You slowly closed your eyes and so did he. Butterflies errupted in both of your stomach and your lungs were out of air, you were reciprocally taking both of your breaths away. He putted his arms around your hips and you putted yours on his neck. You could feel him grin in the kiss and you guys kept kissing even when you heard another door opening.
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When Two Coffee Addicts Unite
Part 1
@maribatmarch-2k21 Day 8: Texting
Ao3 *** Part 2
Okay so this can either be a continuation of Internet Friends or the beginning of something new. But if you want to read this as a continuation of Internet friends then you should know:
The police department is almost as bad as Damocles when dealing with powerful figures. They take the video and audio footage and simply put it in the file. Because at the time Lila still had most or in fact all of the class under her thumb, they all supported Lila’s claim that it was an accident. Lila claims that a sudden dizzy spell struck her, and she fell forwards towards Marinette. And as Mari was already on the edge of the balcony it was an accident. The fact that the file sat in the police department until well after any claim could be valid it wasn’t looked into more. Mari, her friends, and Tim did have backups of the footage, complete records for every interaction with the police, and recorded calls and interactions when dealing with the police. But as they didn’t want to involve the embassy as this would become an international affair they didn’t bother with the case.
That said the police don’t bother with the Miracle Court to avoid work. However, with the Mayor, Medical responders, and the Fire Department all aid the heroes, the police only do the bare minimum.
Marinette’s class has begun to watch Lila, but they didn’t look into her lies because except for this incident it’s just she said she said with occasional ‘injuries’ on Lila. Most of them are wary of Lila but they aren’t converted to Marinette’s side, but there is an increased tolerance between them.
Marinette had just sat back at her seat after eating lunch, while the classroom was still empty. There was still half an hour left. Alix, Kim, Nino, Sabrina, and Max walked in as she sat down.
"Marinette you got the time?" Alix called out. They were on somewhat okay terms since Lila’s claims were a total 180 from the Marinette that they have known for forever.
"30 minutes left." she announced looking of her phone and in turn her missed messages.
       What's wrong.
       I have back to back meetings starting in 3 hrs. until 5.
       Let me guess haven't slept.
       Help me please
       How many reports can you send me?
       Quite a few
       Send me what you can.
       Review the rest.
       Take a nap!
       And I'll be a little voice during your meeting.
       Thanks, I owe you Bean.
I'II hold you to that.
       Just make sure you wake up.
       I make no promises.
       On second thought I don't want to find out how you are mad
She made it through the 15 minutes of class because Lila was akumatized. Lila had burst into the class followed by Alya, Nino, and Adrien. She claimed Mari cornered her in the bathroom and beat her a few minutes ago, showing everyone the 'bruises' on her arms. Chloe handed something to Sabrina who walked up to Lila.
"Oh, you poor thing," Sabrina consoled, Lila only whimpered. "Here this has a salve that helps bruises." She gently took Lila's wrist and wiped a 'bruise' which disappeared instantly.
"That's amazing what is it called?" Alya commented. "I should get some for Nora."
"Make-up remover." Sabrina and Chloe spoke together.
"Besides." Alix butt in. "Marinette's been here the past half hour and hasn't left."
"What?! How do you know?" Lila cried.
"Cause we've been here the whole time with her." Sabrina commented.
Marinette for her part didn't know or hear the conversation around her.
"Marinette. Marinette. Earth to Marinette," Kim shouted.
"Present!" She jolted practically standing. "Wait," she looked around, "class hasn't started."
"What are you hyper fixated on?" Adrien asked innocently.
"Just some reports, don't think you'd like them too much Kit-Kat."
"Fair," he shrugged sitting next to her. "So how were you in two places at once?"
"I can't," her head tilted to the side confusion clear on her face.
"So, if Mari hasn't left, can't be in two places at once, and your 'bruises' came off with make-up remover. How do you explain that Lila?" Adrien around, the class slowly draining their conclusions. However, Marinette spoke up. "She lied, obviously..." she stated having gone back to the reports.
"Um you said that out loud, Cake Pop, and loud at that."
"Huh?" sure enough when she looked around some were shock still, others typed furiously into their phones.
That was when Mrs. Bustier walked in, fifteen minutes late to the class. Which was also when the bandy contained restraint ended. Lila was akumatized, school let out, and the rest of her night went smoothly.
Tim woke up, and with her help survived his meetings. Some while on patrol she would constantly mute and unmute herself. Luckily, it wasn't more than twice, and they didn't run into anyone. Chat didn’t ask questions, figured it out since she was pouring over Wayne documents earlier. Tim would call her back after the private meetings and ended around 10.
At around 11 Tim text her back.
      Thanks Bug you saved me today.
      No problem Draco
      You owe me though.
      I remember.
      Go to bed it's like midnight over there!
      Yeah Yeah
      Congratulations 2x!
      Please explain.
      Timothy Drake-Wayne answer me.
      Dragon please
      Ugh fine I'll sleep.
Which is what she did when he wouldn’t answer her.
She woke up the next morning to two emails from W. E.. The first was for a collaboration between W.E. and MDC for a show featuring Wayne Tech accessories and their new climate fabrics. She immediately responded and accepted. The second was that her class was one of two to be accepted as transfer students to Gotham Academy and intern slots at WE, she forwarded that to her teacher and the school.
      You Gremlin
      Like I said congrats
      Oh, I need you to give me three names.
      What for?
Her mind was racing at the possibilities.
      You'll find out.
      What’s the other school?
      Some Prep school in the UK.
      Give me a Sec.
She opened another contact and typed.
      Hey, did you get a spot in the Wayne/GA internship?
      Tell the others we are hitting Gotham with style.
      Very well.
Mari then sent three names to him and smiled. This was going to be fun.
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