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Some of you haven’t listened to the Justice League Unlimited theme song in a long time and it shows

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i love how whenever something bad happens to any character I love I go into mommy mode.


“Oh Brucie Baby are you okay?”


“Jay Jay? 🥺 Are you good? Do you need huggies?”



“HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT HAPPENEDDDDD WHAT DID YOU DO?! DO YOU NEED A HUG WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! It’s because of Carol isn’t it? Fuck her 😤 You a bad bitch always been a bad bitch”


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I don’t want to be too mean about Zack Snyder because I know he’s had a rough time in terms of his personal life. But with $70 million in reshoots. No, this is not a director’s cut. You are flat out remaking the film.

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Fun Fact. Do you know all the feelings you have towards a fictonal character is real. So when you’re crying yourself to sleep at night because your favorite character went through a lot of pain and suffering or because they DIED it’s legit feelings since your brain can’t tell the difference between the fictonal characters and real characters.

When you fall in love with a character it’s legit falling in love with a person.

So that means I’m in love with Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne. Which is great… but it’s not because DC pratically ignores Green Lantern AND Batman just has way too much emotional baggage for even ME to handle

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Justice League Snyder Cut Has Reshoots on the Way with Superman, Batman …

Welcome to Mirror Domains Movie News, Zack Snyder is going back for reshoots for his upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut slated to come out 2021. It has been widely reported up till now that the Snyder Cut of Justice League would just be assembled from existing footage and maybe a few new sound bites, but today we learn that actual new footage will be shot. So how is this going to work? Here in this video I take a look at the headlines and learn about how this is going to work. I am still hyped for this to come out and am super glad to hear that Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck are returning to fix this movie up! #JusticeLeague #ZackSnyder #SnyderCut

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Comments: I hope there is a new chapter soon for this one, I rather enjoy DP X DC fics and this one is pretty good.

Title: Heir of Eternity

Author: Pandemi

Fandom(s): Danny Phantom and Justice League

Synopsis: Superman was heading to the Watchtower’s mess hall when they got the alert. A massive burst of temporal energy was just detected in the arctic, close to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. That instantly put him on edge; if a villain found out the location of his Fortress, even if they couldn’t get inside, it would cause all sorts of problems.

The League decided to send Superman and Wonder Woman to investigate.

Word Count: 19,418

Rating: T

Status: Incomplete

Location: AO3 and Fanfiction

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Oooh a little angst!


  • How do you want to go about this?”
  • Diana is often said to be the heart of the League and that’s a title that is well-earned. When the team mourns her sorrow is felt by everyone. When happy she can brighten the entire room. But it also means when it comes to the people she loves, Diana knows their hearts better than anyone. And she knows she can’t stop them from doing this. 
  • Since she can’t stop them, she stands by them through it instead. Having a second person there, almost a neutral third party in this to observe helps take the edge off the situation. S/o knows they have the Amazon’s backing no matter what they pick, but one thing in particular is clear. She may be a hero. She may be a demi-goddess. But Diana is first and foremost a warrior. And while the League abhors bloodshed, she has seen it, lived it more than anyone to know that some scum do not deserve to walk free. Whatever her s/o decides upon, she will back them up. Through death and mercy. 


  • Bruce has a complicated stance on this. He’s been in the same spot they’ve been and has done similar actions against the killer who ruined his life so he can empathize. The issue of ethics in this is what they plan to do to the killer. Are they going to kill them? Or imprison them?
  • Once they make it clear they’re not going to kill the killer (because otherwise Batman is going to do everything in his power to get in their way) he steps out of the way but keeps an eye on them. He’s been there. Felt those emotions. Wished to be furious and violent and make the killer feel the pain he felt. So he of all people knows that this is something that s/o has to do alone. 
    • That doesn’t stop him from following though. Ever vigilant Batman watches from a distance. He knows they need this moment. But he also knows what comes after it. And if he can be there to help them through that pain, nothing is going to stop him from doing so. 


  • Diana stands beside. Bruce empathizes and comforts. Clark upholds morals. Even in this. 
  • When s/o tells him, he is the one to question them deeply on this. What is the right path on this? Are they certain of this? How does more death potentially do right in the long run? He gets to a degree where they’re coming from on this. How many times has he come close to murdering Lex? How many times has he wanted Brainiac to feel everything slip away, take away his dreams like he did Krypton’s? But there’s the part of him that tells him that this is wrong. This isn’t right. 
  • The only way this is moving forward is if a) s/o swears to not kill them and b) Clark can go with them. He trusts his s/o, but it’s because he trusts his s/o that he knows he needs to be there. The fall out from this is going to hurt them. They need someone to hold them steady when things get difficult. And to the Man of Steel, that was a weight he was willing to bear. 
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