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  • “Justice League” written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON
  • “Justice League” art by ROBSON ROCHA and DANIEL HENRIQUES
  • “Justice League Dark” written by RAM V
  • “Justice League Dark” art by MARCIO TAKARA
  • cover by DAN MORA
  • card stock variant cover by KAEL NGU
  • ON SALE 1/12/21
  • $5.99 US | 48 PAGES | 1 of 2 | FC | DC
  • Witness the start of a new era for the Justice League starring Jonathan Kent as Superman, 
Yara Flor as Wonder Woman, Jo Mullein as Green Lantern, Andy Curry as Aquawoman, a new Flash from the Multiverse, and [REDACTED] as Batman! Together, they protect the future, yet apart, their identities are secret even from one another—but why? When their greatest adversaries wind up murdered in an abandoned Hall of Justice, all clues point to…the Justice League! The new team’s adventures begin here!
  • And in a new tale of the Justice League Dark, a witch hunt across the DC Universe begins as magic users are harvested and executed—and the team is on the run! Zatanna and Detective Chimp (now possessed by Etrigan) must round up new and old teammates, including John Constantine, Ragman, and Madame Xanadu. Their mission? To battle the power-mad Crow King, Merlin, before his plans for magical domination destroy the fabric of reality. But where is Dr. Fate? And what led the team to disband in the first place? Discover the truth here!
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Since Cass, Jason, Alfred, & Tim, etc. Weren’t there for justice league dark apokolips war, I imagine Bats locked them up in a bunker somewhere, because he knew that Darkside wouldn’t win if Cass, Tim and the whole bat-squadron were set loose. Hell, they’d probably defeat Darkside in time for Dinner & Cookies ;)

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So, problem. No writer really knows what personality to give Zatanna.

When she first appeared she and other superheroes didn’t have much difference between them. Their personality was basically “is a good guy” very cheery, punny, overdramatic. Basic stuff.

Over the years her character has not evolved much beyond that.

She finally gets some development during identity crisis. That is one of the first and biggest character arcs she gets. This introduces uncertainty and perhaps irresponsiblilty and over reliance on her powers.

This is further albeit expanded on in seven soldiers of victory which is perhaps one of her best arcs in my opinion. It portrays her confidence as directly tied to her powers and calls her a spellaholic. and infers that she dresses in fishnets to feel confident. That she likes it (stereotypical but nice nonetheless). It also was the first time she had an apprentice and made her out to be protective and caring of her ward.

The Zatanna solo series comes out by paul Dini. It portrays Zee still pretty generically but it gives her a more concrete goofball personality. It made her fun and somewhat of a geek. This is also added to in the Zatanna/Black Canary: Bloodspell book. Zatanna was now sorta silly in her down time but always had the ability to focus and be very determined while battling evil.

Justice league Dark comes along and tries (and I think fails) to give her a goth aesthetic. Several characters refer to her as a goth but it was honestly so far out of left field i still reel thinking about it. Her costume could maybe be described as goth? But also…. not really. She was also shown to be more like other members of JLD. Antisocial, disstant, and prefering to work solo which contradicted most of her comic book history. This was also the first time we’d seen her as a leader.

JLD and earlier 2000s comics also portray her as semi stuck up, and very scolding towards john in particular. The few instances where that isn’t the case is in the Books of Magic. There she is kind to John despite mistakes he makes.

JLD: Rebirth has sorta continued with it’s predecessor in making her prefer to work alone, antisocial, scolding towards John and semi stuck up. But this incarnation gives her more chance to open up, especially with Diana. I think JLD rebirth is one of her most fleshed out versions to date. I think it’s a tad out of character but I’m willing to look past that.

It’s funny to see her translate onto screen as well because we have a similar pattern of not much consistency with her characterization.

BTAS all the way to Young Justice makes her out to be flirty, bold, and a little adventurous. Justice League Action makes her a bit more serious while still having moments of seriousness. Smallville mskes her out to be stubborn, misguided, and borderline antagonistic if she doesn’t get her way. And DC Super Hero Girls is pretty unique in giving her a rich girl/vain/heiress type personality.

But the question remains, which personality fits her the best? And why is it so hard to pin one down for her?

Personally I’m a fan of the Goofball geek Zatanna, specifically from Bloodspell. I think we need more silly goofball gorl characters who are also powerful. Not every female superhero needs to be stand offish and aloof while being stoic and hot. I’m also very fond of rich girl Zatanna since it makes sense with her background and allows her to be a girly girl.

But I’m curious whay y’all think. How do you see Zatanna and what would you like to see and what have you hated?

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Zatanna Zatara


Originally posted by christopher-reeve


Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch)


Originally posted by marvelladiesdaily

(theme: Marvel vs. DC / battle of Marvel and DC’s most famous witch characters) 

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Ooo lawd. So I bought “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War” kind of on a whim. I’ve been meaning to watch it cuz I liked the first Justice League Dark film but….

Y'all I don’t think I’m ready for this. My delicate ass is SO sensitive to horror/tragedy and….that’s pretty much all this movie is.


Originally posted by learnforoneself

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