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Justice League of America

Volume: 1 #42

Metamorpho Says NO

Writers: Gardner Fox

Pencils: Mike Sekowsky

Inks: Bernard Sachs

Covers: Mike Sekowsky, Murphy Anderson

Featuring: Atom (Ray Palmer), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Metamorpho (Rex Mason), Superman


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Total Justice - Hawkman (with massive grip talons).

I picked this up at 2nd and Charles a few months ago for only a couple of bucks and after that nostalgic feel hit, I knew I have to get the whole line eventually 🤘🏼

I remember reading a kids book back when I was young that was about this whole Total Justice thing. I think they get upgraded suits that maximize their powers to fight against Darkseid? Even Superman’s powers get upgraded which is interesting🤔 probably just an excuse to start this toy line which is fine with me 😅.

Not sure why Batman’s logo is seen above the Total Justice name on the cardback. Either he is the reason for the upgraded suits (probably likely) or Batman around this time was just a bigger draw for these other heroes who were probably more obscure at the time compared to Batman, Robin and Superman. But it’s probably the former for sure (since Batman has 2 figures with different costumes in this line).

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