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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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you know i love shadestantine as uch as the next guy but i think we all know if it was like a real thing its the type of ship that woulda had 900 love me dead amvs in 2012

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i guess my unfortunate thing is i just dont like characters until they stop being associated w the batmanf franchise like… my jason phase in 2013 hit its true peak w RHATO like it was a bad comic but the basic concept of jason stealing dicks ex bestie/gf and going on murder adventures was like all i needed in the world. same goes w like harley as a solo character rather than a gotham villain yannow…… in an ideal world for me the batman franchise is only batman himself and everyone else is doing their own thing in a different story

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ive never given a shit or fuck about doctor fate outside of bullying jared fate before the last like 3 weeks but i love khalid and im going to marry kent

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this is a bitchy details thing but having kent wearing dr fates helmet on the cover feels wrong even tho i know he can appear w it even when its not in his possession but when he had that whole rant to diana abt how nabu forced him to kill his dad/manipulated everything that made him into the person he is now/wanting to break away from that and thats why khalid is the one willing to take the chance on nabu and wear the actual helmet. and why kent hasnt put it on or used its image since nabu took his body for a magic murder joyride

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The lucifer show is like: the homosexuals can have a little tom ellis titty(and not much else tbh) as a treat

v_v tragically while i am watching this show because i think tom ellis is stupid hot i do enjoy it. even though its bad. the highlight IS tom ellis’ bod though

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pretentious as hell but the reason ive never drawn enigma fanart is bc i think its a masterful work of art and the best comic ever written but i feel a bit weird viewing it from a fandom angle. partially also bc while i adored how michael and enigma were written the problematic™ aspects of the romance plot make it feel weird to put in the same vein as like me and my 90 batman ships. also the story is so perfectly contained in itself i would never want to know more from it. i will definitely do a tribute piece to it one day likely a painting or a large ink work

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