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So, wifi was down during English class so I decided to do a mini art contest with my friend. Since my laptop background was the Tatsumi twins (from Juuni Taisen) we decided to draw them. We were supposed to do one each but my friend ended up drawing Takeyasu as well.


Here is his drawing (His Discord username is BlueDragon, and I wrote that bit on the bottom right to prove that I was there uwu)

Funny thing is, he has not yet seen the Anime

I didn’t get the chance to finish my drawing because I keep erasing stuff I messed up. Maybe one day I’ll finish mine but for now you get BlueDragon’s drawing.

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Lol, yup, they are still chaotic neutral twins!

But in Miraculous Juuni, they’re more trying to scam or con their fellow students out of money (not like they’ve succeeded recently) during lunch or events (mostly the latter). Tsujiie-sensei does keep a close eye on the twins because they can cause a bit of trouble. 

When when the duo are in their Hero Personas, they…. More or less make a game out of fighting the Akuma. Sometimes if they haven’t used their Special Abilities during the battle, they play with any children that are nearby. They’re surprisingly good with kids. 

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Oh hey, I’m relatively new to the Juuni Taisen fandom

I started watching it last week and finished it for the second time last night. (Date: Nov 29, 2020)

I hate how Tumblr doesn’t puts dates on their posts

Anyway, it’s good to see that there are still some active accounts for the fandom but there needs to be more!

Therefore, I’d like to help! I’m an author on Wattpad and Amino. I haven’t been active on my main account here on Tumblr but maybe this will change things.

So go ahead and tell me what you guys would like to see for Juuni Taisen!

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(Finally! An Ask about Miraculous Juuni!)

Eiji actually started crushing on Kanade when he saw her during a judo tournament before they ended up at the same high school) and in the same class). He saw how skilled she was, how passionate she was about her chosen path, and how sweet/friendly she was to her teammates and opponents. Eiji also likes how spunky Kanae can be. 

But when Eiji is Ushii, he has to keep his feelings for Kanae under lock-&-key. However; Ushii does see Tora as a younger sister and cares for her as such when they’re heroes. He’s better with weapons than hand-to-hand.

Kanae, on the other hand, doesn’t care much for Kashii Eiji. To her, Eiji is just one of her classmates. But Kanae adores Ushii because he chooses to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do (and he might have also saved her during an Akuma battle). 

When Kanae is Tora, she tries to take the hero work seriously to impress Ushii, and while she’s disappointed that he sees her as a younger sister, she’s glad that she’s being acknowledged in a good way. She’s very good with the hand-to-hand combat stuff. 

(hope this answers your question feel free to ask if there’s something that you want to know (no real spoilers though))

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nezumi: tbh none of this would’ve happened if u stanned loona lol

ushii, pinned to the ground: what the fuck are you talking about

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Oh to be called a term of endearment,,,

Pet names from the 12

  • Ox would call his lover dearest most often, love or sometimes my love, and in special moments, darling
  • I like to imagine Horse a lot more country than he is because I’m texan,,, HE SAYS DARLIN’ AND I WILL DIE ON THAT HILL
  • Sheep says hon, my old lady/man, and when he’s joking The Ol’ Ball and Chain™️
  • Chicken likes cutesy stuff like sweetie, sweetheart, muffin, chickadee, DUCKLING
  • Monkey canonically says baby, she would also use babe and probably sweetie
  • I think Dragon and Snake would pretty much use the same pet names like babe and doll, and they way overuse everything. Do they even know your name?
  • Boar would call you darling and lover primarily
  • Rat… probably calls you your name to be honest, and he gets flustered when you call him pet names
  • Oh Tiger says babe FOR SURE and also,,, KITTEN,,,
  • Rabbit is hard to place, I feel like he would copy what he hears other people say, but he would also call you the most random shit ever. Lmao catch this man calling you his spare rib
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YES!!! I’m excited

  • He tends to get so caught up in his thoughts that if you hold his hand he wont notice until you point it out. He may get flustered but will try and hide it. It doesn’t work. You totally notice. 
  • He watches you sleep. It’s not to be creepy, but just listening to you breathe and knowing you’re next to him helps him fall asleep. You’re safe, he’s safe, it’s just nice to…exist with someone he doesn’t have to worry about loosing. 
  • He takes good care of himself, but it takes time. Anyone with long hair knows it takes forever to wash, really hope you have two bathrooms! 
  • Long hair is heavy, if he’s exhausted after a long day give him a neck massage. He will melt in your hands
  • Spent all his time fighting, can’t cook. He eats out a lot. Don’t let him even use the microwave, he will leave tinfoil on the food when trying to microwave it. He can make ramen though, and he hopes that’s enough to make you happy. He tries. On the plus side, he knows your favorite food and the best delivery service for it. 
  • He doesn’t get jealous easy (he has a lot of faith and trust in you), but he will side eye anyone who hits on you. His presence usually scares them off. 
  • The rare times he does use pet names, they’re fairly traditional. “Dear” “Darling” and “Love”. 
  • He doesn’t know how to relax, so  days just sitting on the couch doing nothing are hard for him, but he can relax in the evenings. Once he does, his focus is on getting the most quality time he can with you. 
  • When you’re first dating, he wont automatically put his arm around you when you sit with him. He’s awkward and doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Pick his arm up and wrap it around your shoulders yourself. He’ll eventually relax and start doing it on his own.
  • If you kiss his cheek when he’s not expecting it his brain will break for a few moments, then he gets flustered. 

Hope you like these!

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fun fact apparently the appendix at the back of the book has the meaning of the kanji for the character’s names and ushii’s (失井) is like

失 (derived from the word ushinau) = To lose something or someone, to fail

井 = means water well, its derived from his last name (樫井)

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