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 <꽃미남 분식집>크림 떡볶이 쉐프 ✿ JUYEON
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The boyz as things my teachers have said:
Tumblr media
"don't listen to your friends too much, it can lead you to be thrown out of the house at 16 like me."
"Remember, the light at the end of a tunnel might be a train."
"You're not supposed to have sexual relations with your father."
"I'm not angry ... just disappointed ... AND ANGRY."
"journalists should be payed ... I don't know why."
"I don't want my liver un pierced, thank you very much for asking."
"Nokia 3310 was used as a hammer"
"What if someone decides they don’t want to live anymore and just jumps out the window, that would ruin the class."
"A LIVING goat in the BASEMENT"
"All ways are good except the bad ones."
"I fight dirty ... with knees."
"my favorite season is fall, because no one says anything if you're depressed."
*I asked if I could kill a classmate in english class* "yes, you may kill her if you use the right accent"
"There will be more oxygen in the classroom if you leave."
"Burning isn't too bad, I've been burning a few times."
"I'm coping anxiety with humor."
"bonus points if you can spell your name correctly."
"We're going to own the public health authorities!"
"[Our English teacher] is from Scotland! Are there mountains in sctoland?"
"And that's why I made an onlyfans!"
"if you write your essay about [our English teacher] I'll pay you."
"I'm feeling boycotted ... as usual."
"You don't even understand simple math, how can you be so dumb?"
"it doesn't matter how much you scream at your TV, you won't get any feedback. Unless it's a Samsung."
"My goal is that you'll finish this school half deaf or even fully deaf"
"put the phones in the microwave"
"You could almost believe I eat children ... which i don't if Im not getting fed."
"Radioactivity is overrated."
"if you fall and break both legs ... sucks to be you."
"I'm gonna beef like hell."
"If you don't have one, beat up a nature class student and steal their calculator."
"No one is going to stop me from eating little children. Nom nom."
"Can you stop breathing?"
"Math and happiness don't belong together."
"I've already broken one window in this classroom, I don't want to do it again."
"I wonder where that hand is going ;)"
"If I came in wearing a skirt you'd be like 'what the fuck'?"
"Nuclear war isn't dangerous. I saw it on Twitter."
This is mostly my society teacher trauma dumping and my mentor having a mental breakdown.
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JUYEON & YOUNGHOON for BAZAAR photographed by Kim Shin Ae
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀all mine credits if use ( ^_–) 〜
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ࣪ ⁺ . ƸӜƷ pinterest 𓇬 ₊
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dedicated to my star boy, choi chanhee ˚₊· ♡ ੭*࿐°
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happy juyeon day ! (220115)
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focus | lee juyeon.
Tumblr media
you think that having flirty, cocky juyeon as your lab partner is the worst thing that could happen. who would have thought it would turn out the way it did?
+ warnings // lots and lots of plot. fem!reader. some fluff at the end. slight corruption kink. reader has a thing for hands (because juyeon’s hands ASDFJAKJF). masturbation. virgin reader. fingering. oral (m & f receiving). eventual smut. unprotected sex. rough sex. filthy. dirty talk. swearing. juyeon’s hands aren’t the only part of him that’s huge. ;) + author notes //  hello! this is my first time publishing something on here, as well as my first time publishing a smut anywhere. i have never been all that confident when writing smut (i’m much more comfortable reading it) so i’m a tad nervous. i hope you all can enjoy this and if you do, feel free to leave positive feedback <3 it would be very much appreciated ;)
-------------------------------------- “...choi y/n and lee juyeon.” shit. as the teacher finishes reading off the pairings, you sneak a glance over at your new lab partner, seated across the room. he looks unbothered, his chin resting on his fist, which is propped up on the table. sigh. you didn’t not like juyeon, that wasn’t it at all. you just did not want to be lab partners with him. he was cocky, flirty, and could not focus for the life of him. you had worked with him the year prior for an english project, in which you ended up doing all the work. and it wasn’t that you found his flirtiness annoying, it was just that he somehow knew all the ways to make you absolutely weak.  the teacher instructs the class to move next to their partners and you let out a sigh. you never thought you would miss being partners with snobby kim yunhee, but here you were, already missing her loud chewing of her gum, and her unnecessary hair flips.
sighing yet again, you stand up slowly, gathering your things up, and starting the walk towards where juyeon was seated. 
he eyes you as you sit beside him, setting your books on the table with a soft thud. “hello, y/n,” he greets you, tone polite.
“hi,” you say back, voice smaller and weaker than you would have liked it to be. “are you ready to get started?”
juyeon shrugs his shoulders, his head now turned fully towards you. you broke eye contact as quickly as it started.  “um, okay,” you gulp, opening your text book to the page instructed. “we need to label the parts...” juyeon is quickly bored while you’re reading the instructions. instead, he changes his focus to your body language. the way you’re picking at your fingernails, your soft blue nail polish chipping off as you do. the way you were bouncing your left leg underneath the table. signs of being nervous.
“do i make you nervous, y/n?” he smirks, watching as your head lifts up towards him, eyes a bit wider than usual.
“wha...what?” you stumble on your words, confused by his sudden question. “what do you mean?” oh you knew exactly what he meant. “bouncing your leg, picking at your nails,” he points out the things you didn’t even realize you were doing. “signs of nervousness.” you quickly still your leg movements and sit on your hands so you stop picking at your nails. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you counter, looking at juyeon with fake confidence,
“you never answered my question,” juyeon persists.  “no, juyeon, you do not make me nervous,” you smile at him after blatantly lying. “there, happy?” he looks at you skeptically for a few moments, eyebrow raised, before humming. “mm, let’s get to work, shall we?”
you nod quickly, eager to take the attention off yourself. “yes, now, as i was saying,” you hurriedly switch your attention back to the textbook and start reading.
once again, juyeon lost interest. it’s not that he didn’t like science (though he didn’t), it was you. there was something about you. you looked so precious and innocent.
and he loved it.
“so, which part do you want to do?” you turn your head towards him, snapping him out of his rather interesting thoughts.
“hm?” he blinks softly, visible confusion on his face.
you give him an annoyed expression. “you didn’t hear a word i said.”
juyeon shakes his head. “no, sorry,” he apologizes, flashing that beautiful grin of his, as he scoots his chair slightly closer to yours.
how could you ever stay annoyed with him?
you let out an exasperated sigh, all your frustrations towards juyeon slowly breaking away. “okay, listen this time,” you tell him. “now-”
“you’re cute, you know.” juyeon interrupts, leaving you speechless with an agape mouth.
“i- what?” you blink rapidly, feeling your cheeks heat up. you hope that juyeon doesn’t notice.
juyeon’s lips curl into a smirk at your response.“i said that you’re cute,” he repeats, his eyes flitting down to your rosy cheeks, his signature smirk widening. “especially when you’re all flustered, like you are right now.”
you let out a huff and turn back towards the front of the classroom, your eyes desperately looking above at the clock. there was still half an hour left of the period. there was no way you were going to make it out alive.
“cat got your tongue, y/n?” juyeon asks, and you can feel his gaze on you. 
it took every ounce of bravery inside you to meet his eyes. when you finally did, he moved his face ever so slightly towards yours. 
“i ask again,” his voice was just above a whisper. “do i make you nervous, y/n?”
determined to keep your cool, you shake your head back and forth, not breaking eye contact. 
juyeon hums and sighs. “oh, well,” he leans back in his seat. “guess i was wrong.” he shrugs a little and turns his attention to the front of the class as the teacher begins speaking again.
you let out a big sigh of relief. being partners with juyeon had to be the worst possible thing ever. and it wasn’t just that he was impossible to work with due to his lack of focus, but it was because of the embarrassingly large affect he had on you.
while your teacher is still rambling on, you study juyeon from the corner of your eyes. god, was he attractive. if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t think he was real. he was like a dream, honestly.
maybe it was his dreamy eyes that made your heart skip a few beats whenever he looked into yours. maybe it was his perfect lips that looked oh so kissable. maybe it was everything about his perfect face. 
maybe it wasn’t just his face that you were attracted to. maybe it was his large hands that you had moved your eyes to. his palms alone were about the size of your face. you couldn’t even imagine how good his hands must feel on-
“i think we should make a poster board,” juyeon says, snapping you out of your thoughts.
“huh?” you hate how stupid you sound and you mentally smack yourself.
“for the project,” juyeon explains. “were you not listening?” you catch his lips curling into that stupid smirk again.
“i...zoned out a bit, yeah,” you admit, offering an apologetic smile. “sorry.”
juyeon shakes his head. “not a problem,” he tells you. “let’s just get back to work.”
you nod quickly, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “yeah, let’s do that.”
juyeon wasn’t stupid. he knew that you were eyeing him up while the teacher was talking. he could feel your eyes on him throughout the whole thing. he was pleased that he could cause you to lose focus like you had been doing to him the whole lesson.
“since our element is carbon, we should explain what things carbon can be found in, where you can find it and where it originated, it’s number, mass, etc, etc,” you list, drawing a small diagram on your notebook of what you thought your poster board should look like. “how does that sound?”
“sounds great,” juyeon says, impressed that he was actually able to listen for once. “you really know your stuff, huh?”
you blush a little at his praise. “well, i like to think that,” you internally cringe at the giggle you let out. what were you, twelve?
“so, am i going over to your place after school so we can work on this?” he asks you, leaning over to you, his head still propped up on his arm.
you internally scream. lee juyeon. in your house. what was even happening? “uh, sure,” you nod cautiously. you rip a piece off your notebook page and scribble down your address. “here’s my address.” place the paper into his warm, much larger hand.
he smiles at tucks the paper into his pocket without even looking at it. “see you at around 3:30, then?”
“yeah, that’s fine, see you then,” you stand up just as the bell rings, gathering your things quickly. “bye, juyeon!” you wave to him before bolting out of that classroom before he can wave or say anything back.
the rest of the day is a blur. all you think about and look forward to is after school. 
so when the final bell rings, you manage to get to your locker, get your hoodie, and get outside the school in a record time of three minutes.
there was so much you to do before juyeon showed up. you’d have to change, tidy your room a bit (just in case he wanted to look around), and make sure your parents weren’t coming back from their business meeting in the next hours.
but somehow, after fluffing your pillows, making your bed, checking your parents’ business calendar, and changing into a comfy hoodie and some shorts, you’re still not prepared when there’s a loud knock at the door.
taking a long sip of your water, you set your glass on the counter and make your way towards the front door.
“hello, y/n,” juyeon greets you when you open the door.
you take a few moments to admire his outfit before letting him in. his black tee shirt was nicely tucked into his jeans that you wished weren’t so damn tight. his hair was parted, and styled the same as it was earlier. he looked unbelievable.
“...can i come in?” he asks you. little did you know, that was the second time he had asked.
“oh, yes, sorry,” you apologize and pull the door open, allowing him in. “come in, please.”
he smiles and walks past you, entering your home. he eyes the cozy color scheme, the various paintings above the furniture, and the antique lamp that sat atop a table. he found it all very interesting.
“so, do you want to get started?” you ask, nervously playing with the strings of your hoodie.
“i want to look around for a bit, if that’s fine with you,” juyeon turns around to look at you, eyeing you a bit more subtly than you did to him.
you’re thankful that you cleaned your room. “yes, of course,” you nod. “let me show you around.”
juyeon smiles as you lead him into the small kitchen area. “do you want anything to eat or drink?”
he shakes his head. “no, thank you,” he declines with a warm smile towards you.
you were surprised by how much of a gentleman he was being. you nod in understanding and lead him into the dining room. “this is the dining room, where i eat dinner,” you explain, face palming at your own stupidity. that was common sense, you dumbass. 
juyeon smiles and laughs a little. your heart flutters at the sound of his laugh, realizing just how beautiful of a sound it was.
you then lead him down the small hallway past your parents room and the bathroom, and finally to your bedroom.
“this is my room,” you explain, your voice a little shaky. lee juyeon is in your bedroom.
intrigued, juyeon looks around the room. he’d be lying if he said that this wasn’t the room he was looking forward to the most. something about seeing the soft pink and white colors of your bedroom, the small selection of stuffed animals arranged on the floor near your closet. it looked so pretty, just like you.
so pretty, and so innocent.
“so, that’s it!” you clap your hands together. “shall we start on the project now?”
“sure,” juyeon smiles at you, making your heart flutter. you were sure that he knew what he was doing. “lead the way, babe.”
your eyes widen and you turn around, quickly leading juyeon back into the living room, blushing furiously.
he had just called you ‘babe’. you were sure that you had died right there in that moment. it sounded so lovely coming from his lips. better yet, he was saying it to you. 
“s-so, i found this poster board in the storage closet,” you explain, gulping a bit as you pick up the board to show juyeon. “do you think it’s good enough?”
he smiles, not necessarily at your poster board selection, but at your clearly flustered state. “it’s great,” he gives a thumbs up. your heart does a flip at the sight of his large fist. oh the things you wished he would do to you.
“okay, let’s get to work, then,” you sit down on the carpet, annoyed at yourself for your flustered state being much too obvious.
juyeon thought it was cute, how flustered you were. he had always thought it was cute, since the first time you had worked together. he had wanted to spend more time with you, but your schedules never lined up, and your were in very different social groups. it would never work out.
“let me tell you something, y/n,” juyeon speaks, unintentionally cutting you off. “i could tell you were a bit-” he pauses, searching for the words. “-reluctant to work with me,”
“what makes you think that?” you rub your arm nervously. now look what you did, you probably hurt his feelings!
“you don’t have the best experience of being partners with me,” he says, tucking one leg up to his chest. “i wouldn’t focus for the life of me. and i still haven’t been very good at focusing.”
you shrug and smile softly. “it’s not your fault if you struggle with focusing, juyeon.”
he sighs and nods. “i’m sorry, though,” he apologizes. “you deserve someone who matches the level you’re at academically.”
“don’t call yourself, dumb.”
“i didn’t,” juyeon furrows his brows. “i just meant that you’re better at focusing than i am.”
now you really felt like a bitch. “oh,” you mentally slap yourself fifty times. “i didn’t mean it like that, i’m so sorry, juyeon, please, i don’t-”
“it’s fine, y/n,” juyeon shakes his head, laughing a little. “i know what you meant.”
“but, still-” you begin to persist. 
“y/n.” juyeon says sternly. you shut up immediately, looking down at the floor.
you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t like when juyeon used that tone. you secretly wished he’d use it again.
“it’s fine, okay?” he says, and you could tell he meant it. “don’t worry about it.”
little did you know, there was more that juyeon wanted to tell you, but he decided against it.
the two of you spend the next three hours working on and finishing your project. it was actually fun, working with juyeon. turns out, you actually had some things in common. like the fact that you both like hello kitty and fashion, and that you both hate algebra.
“how does it look?” you ask, holding up the finished poster next to you.
juyeon nods in approval. “i think it turned out nicely,” he smiles at you. “good job, babe.” he winks at you, making your insides do cartwheels.
“would you stop calling me that?” you groan. “it’s cringey.”
“what’s cringey, calling you babe?” he tilts his head in a dog-like way.
he taps his chin in thought for a few moments. “if i didn’t know any better,” he starts, and you already feel yourself panicking. what does he know, your thoughts are filled with fear. 
“i’d think you have a little crush on me, y/n,” he continues, smirking that devilish smirk that you’ve grown to have a love-hate relationship with. “is that right?”
is that right? is that right? of course it was right. you were shit at hiding how terribly flustered juyeon could make you, and he of course caught on quickly. 
panicking, you shake your head quickly. “nope,” you reply.
“ah, really?” juyeon raises his eyebrows in mock surprise. “so if i called you cute right now, you wouldn’t blush?”
“i don’t get called cute often, i’d blush if anyone called me that.” you tell him. the first part is true, but the latter is false. if anyone else called you cute, you probably wouldn’t bat an eye. but when juyeon did it...that was another story.
“hm, okay,” juyeon nods, and for a second, you think you’ve fooled him. “well, if it helps, i do think you’re quite cute, you know.”
shit. you feel not just your cheeks heat up, but your entire face. “juyeon,” you whine in protest.
now it’s juyeon’s turn to panic. hearing you whine his name like that - even though you hadn’t meant it in that way at all - had his thoughts racing profusely. 
it didn’t help when you shifted your weight from one leg to the other, allowing him to get what he thought he was an undesired peek at your upper thigh. he was wrong. it was very desired. and so were you at that exact moment.
juyeon clears his throat, remembering his current goal. “look at that, you’re all flustered again,” he hums, admiring your strawberry colored cheeks. “isn’t that right, babe?”
damn it. double kill. you bite your lip hard as you stare a hole into your carpet. you thought you felt a small trickle of blood on the skin of your lips from how hard your teeth were digging into them.  “hey, don’t bite your lips like that,” juyeon tells you, one, because he didn’t want you to make sores on them, and two, because it was also one of the things that drove him crazy. “if you bite them off, how is a pretty girl like you supposed to get kisses, hm?”
you gulp as juyeon lifts your chin up with one finger. you felt his eyes looking into yours, but you keep your gaze on the floor. “i’ve never been kissed before,” you mumble, lowkey ashamed to admit something like that to him. “and i doubt i will be anytime soon, so don’t worry about it-”
before you can ramble on any longer, you’re cut off by the heavenly, unreal feeling of juyeon’s lips on yours. with your heartbeat quickening and your once fiddling hands coming to a panicked halt on your thighs, you quickly melt into the feeling.
juyeon was kissing you. for a moment, you felt like you had ascended. his lips were so soft against your chapped and bloody ones. you cautiously began to move your lips against his, following the movements of his and what you had seen in movies.
after what you wished was an eternity, juyeon slowly pulls his lips from yours, licking your blood off of his own lips with a small smirk. and you found that so unbelievably hot.
“w-what was- what did you- huh?” you blink several times, still trying to process everything, ignoring your unnatural heartbeat and the swirling in your stomach. 
“now you’ve been kissed,” juyeon says. the way he said it casually, like it was nothing. you wanted to slap him for being so insanely cool. “you’re welcome.” he winks again, and then you wanted to slap yourself for being so easily affected. 
juyeon pats your cheek softly before rising to feet. “i should get going, it’s almost dinner time,” he smiles at you one last time before heading towards the front door. “see you tomorrow, y/n.” he greets farewell, and then he’s gone. 
you’re left seated on the carpet, eyes wide, lips slightly parted. you weren’t even upset that juyeon had just left. you were honestly a bit pleased that he did, because if he hadn’t, you weren’t sure how much longer you’d be able to control yourself. 
you check the time on your phone, and notice the oddly different lockscreen photo. did you change it recently? you didn’t think so. last time you checked, it was still that cute photo of you and your friend from your last time at the beach.
then it dawned on you. this wasn’t your phone. it was juyeon’s.
taking a deep breath, you get ready to knock on the vaguely familiar door of juyeon’s shared apartment. luckily you still had the slip of paper he had written his address on from when you worked on your english project at his place last year. 
you started having second thoughts. you could just give him his phone back tomorrow. but he’ll probably be wanting it during the hours between now and tomorrow morning. 
taking yet anothe deep breath, you knock on the door, ready to be face to face with juyeon yet again.
much to your luck, juyeon doesn’t answer the door at all. instead, you’re face to face to with a curly haired boy that you recognized as one of juyeon’s friends. he was a few years younger than you.
“hello, is juyeon home?” you ask the boy. “i’m y/n, his lab partner. he left his phone at my place.”
the boy nods. “yeah, he’s in his room,” he opens the door all the way, allowing you in. “last room on the left.” 
you thank the boy and begin walking towards the room you were informed was juyeon’s.
the door to his room is closed. you raise your fist to knock before you stop yourself, hearing faint sounds from behind the door. curious, you press an ear to the door, and immediately wish you hadn’t.
the sounds you were hearing were moans. and they had to be the most sexy, beautiful sounding moans you had ever heard. they had to be from juyeon. it was his room after all.
you couldn’t even imagine what he was doing in there. was he with someone else? was he by himself? you really wished it was the latter. 
you knew that you shouldn’t, but your curiousity and feelings were taking over your conscience. you slowly twisted the knob to juyeon’s room. thankfully it wasn’t locked. 
as you push the door open, open enough for you to peek in, your eyes nearly bug out of your head. 
there he was. lee juyeon, on his bed, head back against his pillows, hand wrapped around his hard cock, soft moans leaving his perfect lips. it was very much a sight for sore eyes.
you knew that you should, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away. you watched as juyeon stroked his hard length at a fast pace. a little bit of drool fell from your lips when he let out a heavenly moan.
juyeon’s eyes were screwed shut as beads of sweat fell from his forehead. his lips were slightly parted, letting out the hottest sounds.
“fuck,” juyeon breathes out, his voice raspy. he bucks his hips up into his fist hard, the sight causing you to let out a small whimper.
he must’ve been going at it for a while before you got there, since he was close to his release. you could tell from the way his movements were staggered and his breaths were short and hurried.
the sight of juyeon releasing would be one always burned into your memory. the way his head flew back into the pillow and the way his mouth hung open, a sigh of pure pleasure falling from it. if you could, you would’ve recorded it so you could watch it on loop for the rest of time.
then you remembered: you came here to return juyeon’s phone to him. you couldn’t just barge in now and give it to him, no no. not after seeing all that you saw. 
so, you decide to wait a little, occasionally peeking in at juyeon, seeing him rising off the bed with a sigh. even while looking a mess, he was still ethereal. 
he had put his length back into his pants, thankfully, so you didn’t have to gawk at it anymore than you already had. and you thought his hands were large.
as juyeon starts walking towards the door, you take a few steps back.
“oh, there you are,” you smile at him, like you hadn’t just seen him in the hottest possible form.
his eyes widen a little at the sight of you. “y/n, hi,” he greets. “how long have you been here?” he asks. you almost smirk at the tinge of worry in his voice.
“oh, i just got here,” you lie. you dig in your hold up his phone for him. “you left your phone at my place.”
“shit, really?” he laughs and takes his phone from your much smaller hands. “i didn’t even realize. thanks, y/n.” you shrug. “no problem,” you offer a smile at him. “what are friends for?”
a smirk curls onto juyeon’s lips. “so, we’re friends, hm?”
“u-uh,” you stutter. you realize that you and juyeon hadn’t exactly put a label on your relationship, whatever it was. “i mean, i guess?”
he nods, leaning against the doorframe. “i see,” he hums to himself before looking back at you. “wanna chill for a bit?” “um, here?” you ask, looking around the small hallway. 
“no, in my room, duh,” juyeon crosses his arms over his chest. “i realize that we don’t know all that much about each other.” 
i know a little too much about you, actually, you want to tell him. “okay, sure,” you nod and grin softly. 
juyeon beams and your heart does somersaults. the smallest things about him made your insides act up. “come on in,” he holds his door open and you hesitantly enter. 
it felt a little awkward, being in the room that you had previously seen something out of a porno. but juyeon didn’t have to know that little detail.
“you can sit down, you know,” juyeon speaks, staring at you, who’s standing awkwardly in the center of the room. you notice that he had closed the door, making your heart start acting up again.
“oh, right,” you shuffle awkwardly to seat yourself on juyeon’s bed, which was rather comfy. you almost fell into it. “very comfy.”
he smiles and chuckles. “it is, isn’t it?” he hums, taking your place, standing in the middle of the room. his eyes were glued to you.
you feel yourself blush under his gaze. it was insane, the affect he had on you. even while doing the simplest things, such as simply staring at you.
“i hope you enjoyed the show,” juyeon says suddenly.
“show?” you tilt your head. “what show?” 
“don’t play coy, y/n,” juyeon says. his voice had the same stern tone from earlier. “i saw you.”
you feel your heartbeat quicken. what did he mean ‘i saw you’? “saw me...?”
“you didn’t just get here, y/n,” juyeon steps closer to you. “you were before i found you. you saw me while i was jerking off.”
you feel a knot form in your throat. “look, i can explain-” you begin, before juyeon presses a long finger to your lips. 
“don’t explain a thing, babe,” he tells you, his voice a few octaves deeper. “i know exactly what you were doing.”
you’re shut up by juyeon’s lips once again, although this time, the kiss isn’t soft at all like the one prior. this kiss had more passion, more hunger. juyeon was hungry. 
he hovers over you, your back lowering against the bed, your lips staying connected. you didn’t even care about explaining yourself to juyeon anymore. the second his lips were on yours, all your worries gradually fell away.
your face heats up as he enters his tongue into your mouth, earning a small whine from you.
your arms come to a rest around his shoulders, a move you only know from movies. you honestly didn’t know what to do in this situation, since you had never experienced it before.
when juyeon finally pulls his heavenly lips from yours, you look up at him with big eyes. you hoped your need wasn’t too obvious in them.
your hopes were not answered. juyeon smirks at you. “you’re so needy for me, aren’t you, baby?”
you couldn’t deny any longer. you nod in defeat, looking down, avoiding eye contact with juyeon, who was still hovering over you, large hands resting on your thighs.
“mm, so i’ve been right all along?” he tilts his head in mock confusion.
“yes, juyeon,” you reply in small voice. you really wished that he would take his hands off your thighs before he realized the seeping wetness through your shorts.
he steps back and hums, tapping his chin. “hm, what to do with you?” he thinks, eyes finally landing on the unnaturally darker fabric of your shorts in between your thighs. much to your dismay, that cocky smirk returns once more.
“j-juyeon, please,” you let out a small whine, feeling no shame with your need anymore. “t-touch me...”
“touch you, hm?” he hovers over you again, his lips daringly close to yours. “touch you where? here?” he presses a hand to your heat, making you gasp.
you nod furiously. “yes, yes, there,” you look down as he slowly begins pulling your shorts off of you.
you couldn’t believe this was happening. it was crazy enough that you were in juyeon’s bedroom, and now he was touching you?
“oh, you’re soaked,” juyeon says, his words coming out almost moan-like. you could tell that he was as needy as you were, maybe even more so. he slides a finger down your folds, making you squirm at the touch.
“you want my fingers in you, y/n?” juyeon looks at you with a teasing gleam in his eyes.
“y-yes, juyeon.”
and with that, he plunges one finger into your soaked heat, making you grab his wrist with a gasp.
“just let me know if it’s ever too much, okay?” he tells you, voice softer than before. it made your heart flutter that he could still be so caring during a time like this.
once you nod, juyeon starts to move his finger, pulling it in and out at a slow pace. soft whines leave your lips at the feeling, and a louder gasp leaves your lips when you feel a second finger enter you.
juyeon doesn’t take his eyes off of your face, loving your expressions. he admires the way your mouth hangs open, and they way you furrow your brows from the pleasure. he listens to the sounds you make, every one making him spiral.
“m-more, juyeon,” you breathe out, voice shaky. “p-please...”
juyeon complies and adds a third finger, stretching you even more. you let out a moan at this, your head falling back a little. soft whines of his name leave your lips as you feel a tingly feeling in your lower regions.
“you’re close, baby,” juyeon whispers. you don’t have time to ask how he knows, because he starts to curl his fingers inside you, making you let out a moan that was louder than you wanted it to be.
you bite your lip, trying to control your noises, but to no avail. juyeon’s fingers were sending you over the moon. “j-juyeon, i-i can’t-” you stutter from the overflowing pleasure. “gonna-” you’re cut off by your orgasm arriving, your juices spilling onto juyeon’s fingers.
“good girl,” he praises you while pulling his fingers from your folds with a small squelch sound. your eyes widen as he takes his own fingers into his mouth, sucking your juices off. the sight alone almost made you cum again. juyeon studies your current state. your bare lower half, the small beads of sweat above your brow, the way you let out deep pants as you calm down from your release. “j-juyeon,” you make grabby hands for him, and he complies, walking closer to you. “l-let me...”
“hm?” juyeon raises a brow at you, acting like he didn’t know what you wanted, when he knew exactly what it was.
“w-wanna suck your cock...” you finally get out, blushing at your own vulgar words.
“is that so?” juyeon smirks as his hands fall to his jeans zipper. he frees his length and you feel your breath hitch in your throat.
you really should have considered juyeon’s size before offering to suck him off.
“i-i don’t think it’ll fit,” you gulp, your eyes not leaving the sight in front of you.
juyeon smirks a little at your comment. “mm, really?” he leans down and grips your chin gently. “we’ll make sure it fits, then.” he pats your cheek gently before standing up straight again.
you nod nervously and slowly grab juyeon’s length, starting to stroke it slowly after spitting on it. you want to look up and see his reactions, but you were just too enthralled in his body that your eyes refused to comply to your wishes.
“take it in your mouth now,” juyeon instructs, watching as you begin to open your mouth. “slowly.”
you listen to his instructions and wet your lips with your tongue as you touch the tip of his cock to your lips. you slowly enter him inch by inch into your mouth, gagging a little when he hits the back of your throat.
“shit,” juyeon groans, looking down at you. he loved the sight of your face filled with his cock and he wished he could see that view forever. “just like that,” he groans out as you begin to move your lips on his shaft. this was your first blowjob. today had just been a day of firsts. first kiss, first time being fingered, and now, first time giving a blowjob. you wondered what else could possibly happen.
as juyeon lets out small groans of pleasure, you decide to swirl your tongue around his length, seeing how the difference in feeling would cause him to react.
“oh, fuck, y/n,” he pants out, his large hand finding your hair and pulling it into a ponytail. “you’re so good at this.” you moan a bit as his praise, sending vibrations through his shaft.
you start to suck faster, juyeon’s tip abusing your throat, but you didn’t care at all. you were pleased that you could get such sounds from juyeon. his deep groans were music to your ears.
“f-fuck, i’m close,” he breathes out, his grip on your hair loosening as he pulls his hand from your head. “gonna cum down your throat, babe.”
you nod the best you can around his length, eagerly waiting to taste juyeon’s cum. you start to suck harder, causing his head to fall back.
“fuck, baby,” juyeon groans as he releases down your throat. you have no choice but to swallow his cum.
you pull off of his length with a small ‘pop’ and look up at him with big doe eyes.
“and i’m supposed to believe that was your first time giving a blowjob?” he peers down at you with a smirk. “that was absolutely amazing, y/n.”
“thank you,” you blush, looking away. you felt awkward now, because if you looked up at all, you’d just be met with juyeon’s cock.
“lay back, babe,” juyeon instructs you.
you look up at him in confusion. “huh? why?” you question.
“i’m gonna repay the favor,” he tells you, and suddenly you’re sorry you asked.
you immediately feel your insides tingle at the thought of juyeon eating you out. you squirm around a bit as you slowly lower your back to the bed, laying back as juyeon instructed.
“you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he smirks as he lowers himself to kneel in front of your folds, his head moving dangerously close to your soaked heat.
“yes, juyeon,” you nod your head in a small nod, gulping as you feel his hot breath on your sensitive area.
much like everything else that had happened that day, you had never been eaten out before. you were of course a bit nervous, but it was juyeon, so you had to trust him.
he licks a stripe up your folds, making you shiver at the feeling of his tongue. 
slowly, he enters his tongue into you, making you gasp from the odd sensation. “o-oh, wow,” you breathe out, surprised at how good it felt.
juyeon’s large hands grip onto your thighs, and that alone made you weak.
you tangle your fingers in juyeon’s soft hair as his tongue swims around your aching heat. “m-more, please...” you whine softly.
and just like that, juyeon is eating you out like a man starved. his tongue laps at your heat while his lips suck on your clit, causing you to let a very loud moan out of your lips.
“o-oh my god, juyeon,” you head lolls back against the bed, your fists gripping the sheets. you can’t stop moaning as juyeon works his magic.
you didn’t even notice when you came, until he pulled away, looking at you with cum around his mouth. you felt weak. you felt even weaker when he licked your cum from his lips, smirking at you.
“you’re so fucking hot, you know that?” he chuckles as he pulls his pants all the way off, followed by his shirt. 
you’re in awe of his body. you went from not wanting to stare, to not wanting to ever look away. “y-you should be telling that to yourself...” you mumble, pupils dilated as he hovers over you once again, tugging on the hem of your hoodie, aka, the only bit of clothing you had on. once you nod at him, telling him he can take it off, he does so.
“shit,” now it’s juyeon’s tur to admire your body. he steps back once more to get the whole view. he hadn’t even fucked you, and yet you already looked so ruined. 
“you’ve never done this before, right?” he asks you, hovering over you again, looking down at your big needy eyes.
“no,” you shake your head, looking around juyeon at the door. “what if one of your friends walks in? the door isn’t locked.”
“they know not to come in when my door is closed,” juyeon answers. “don’t worry.”
you smile a bit and nod, relieved that you wouldn’t have to be humiliated.
“i’ll start off slow and gentle, okay?” juyeon informs. he leans down to plant a small peck on your nose. “i don’t want to hurt you.”
you can’t help but blush and nod. “okay, thank you-” you begin to thank him, but your words are cut off by a moan as juyeon enters his length into you, his thickness stretching your walls to perfection.
you let out rushed breaths as juyeon stops his movements, looking at you with patient eyes. “tell me when you’ve adjusted,” he whispers to you in a soft tone. “so i know when it’s okay to move.”
you nod after a few seconds, eager to feel juyeon’s length abusing your hole. “you can move, please, move.”
you didn’t have to tell him twice. juyeon starts to move his hips into yours at a slow, but still very effective pace, since he didn’t even have to go that deep to hit your spot.
sweet moans leave your lips as juyeon grunts from the pleasure. “you’re so fucking tight,” he groans, his fingers leaving marks on your hips from how tight his grip was.
with every second, juyeon was breaking you apart more and more. and he wasn’t even going that hard on you. yet. “s-so big...” you whine hopelessly as juyeon’s size tears at your insides. you couldn’t help but ask for more.
“j-juyeon, c-can you go faster?” you ask between moans, looking up at him.
“are you sure?” he looks down at you. “i tend to get carried away.”
“please, juyeon,” you whine in frustration. “fuck me hard, please.”
you don’t need to say anymore. within a second, juyeon is pounding into you, making you scream from the pleasure. “oh, fuck!” you yell out, immediately covering your mouth, ashamed at how loud you were. you hoped that nobody else heard you.
juyeon rips your hand off of your mouth. “i want to hear your sounds, baby,” he says as his hips collide with yours harder every thrust.
you whine and bite your lip, your eyelids fluttering. you had never experienced so much pleasure before. you let out strings of moans, all of juyeon’s name, your hands coming to rest on his back and shoulders.
he looks down at you with a smirk. “look at you, just coming undone for me,” of course he had to be a talker. juyeon groans as you dig your fingernails into the skin of his back, dragging them down his flesh.
“juyeon,” you whine his name as he starts thrusting even deeper into you. endless moans leave your lips as juyeon takes you to heaven.
“you like being ruined like this, don’t you?” he asks you, a bit of a growl to his tone. he looks down to admire your body. he swore that he could see every ounce of innocence leaving your body. 
and he loved it. “y-yes, juyeon,” you moan loudly, your legs coming to wrap around his waist, pushing him deeper. “i love-i love it,” you take your arms off of his shoulders and instead return to gripping the sheets.
he groans at your praise, moving his hands off of your hips and onto your arms, pinning them above your head. the very action made you moan. “only i can fuck you like this,” he growls at you. “only i can make you feel this good.”
you nod enthusiastically. “yes, yes,” you mewl in pleasure. “only you, juyeon,”
pleased with your response, juyeon delivers harsher thrusts to your core, letting out groans and moans of his own. you just felt too good around him.
you felt that tingly feeling in your stomach again, signalling that you were about to cum. “j-juyeon, i-i’m-” you can’t finish your sentence, due to the fact that juyeon is fucking your brains out.
“i know, me too,” he groans, unpinning your arms and sliding his hand down to play with your clit while he fucks you. “cum for me, y/n, cum all over my cock.”
you can’t hold it in any longer and release with a loud moan, your eyes rolling back into your head momentarily. you feel juyeon’s rhythm start to get sloppy, showing that he is very close to his release.
juyeon thrusts a few more time, soft groans leaving his lips, before he pulls out, releasing all over your stomach with a satisfied sigh. 
as you both come down from your highs, juyeon lays beside you on his bed, looking over at you. “you’re amazing, y/n.” he says, making you instantly blush.
“thank you,” you smile sheepishly. “you are too.”
he leans in to kiss your cheek softly, his soft lips making you melt once more.
“i hope i made your first time memorable enough,” he says, playing with your hair that was fanned out around your head. “and i also hope i wasn’t too hard on you.”
“you were great, juyeon,” you tell him. “and don’t worry, i’m fine.”
he smiles and nods. “okay, that’s great.”
the two of you lay in silence for a while, just savoring the moment, before a question pops into your brain.
“wait, but if you saw me watching you,” you turn to face him with confused eyes. “why didn’t you stop?”
juyeon smirks. “i wanted you to see,” he hums, tracing patterns on your hip with his fingers. “i didn’t know why exactly you were here, but i figured, why not make the most of it.”
you blush softly at juyeon’s shamelessness. “you’re such a tease, you know that?”
“that’s the plan, princess,” juyeon winks at you, making your heart act up again. “that was always the plan.”
now you tilt your head. “always?” you question. “what you do mean ‘always’?”
he takes a deep breath before looking at you again. “y/n, i’m sorry for not being the best partner to work with. not today, and not last year. i never had trouble focusing with any other partners, and i had no idea why until it dawned on me after i left your place.”
“what did you realize?” you interrupt, eager to hear his answer.
“i realized that you are the reason i can’t focus,” juyeon explains. “it’s you and your cute little habits, like the way you rub your temple when something’s troubling you, and the way you play with your hair.” he stares at you longingly for a few seconds, and you’ve nothing to say, so he speaks again.
“i like you, y/n. a lot.”
you felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. you wanted to reply but you simply couldn’t find enough words, so what you did say came out a little funny.
“i...you...like...lot...um, yeah.” you mumble, fiddling with your fingers.
“huh?” juyeon cocks a brow at you.
“s-sorry,” you clear your throat. “i meant to say: i like you a lot, too.”
juyeon beams, seemingly shocked by your answer. “really? you do?”
you nod, smiling back at him. “very much so.”
“wow, okay,” he laughs softly to himself, giddy with excitement before looking back at you with big round eyes. “there’s something i’d like to ask you now.”
“go ahead, juyeon,” you nod, urging him to continue.
“choi y/n, would you like to be my girlfriend?” his facial expression shows that he already knows your answer. cocky bastard.
you nod furiously, your neck nearly snapping in half. “yes, yes, of course!” you throw your arms around juyeon’s neck, as he smiles and leans into you for a soft kiss. 
after the kiss comes to an end, you and juyeon both look at each other. “so, now what?” you ask, looking at him hopefully.
he shrugs and sighs. “i mean, you could stay for a while, if you want,” he tells you. “there’s a pretty big chance everyone heard everything, though.”
you smack yourself in the face, mad at yourself for being so loud. “shit, you’re right.” you groan.
“we could always just...” juyeon leans in again to plant a soft kiss on your temple, then one right next to your ear. “...stay here for a bit longer. i don’t think i’m done admiring my beautiful girlfriend yet.”
“oh, shut it,” you smack his arm, already feeling your face get hot. 
you had a feeling that you would in fact stay in his room for a while, and you weren’t even mad.
because now, juyeon was your focus.
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❛ ⩩ making out with tbz !
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warning : suggestive content !
Tumblr media
✿ — sangyeon. his intentions are usually innocent enough, cupping your cheeks and giving you a sweet peck randomly. he lets you further the kiss, tilting your head to deepen it and sliding your arms around his neck. he strokes your hair slowly while kissing you, lips moving at a slow pace; he likes taking his time with making out.
✿ — jacob. sweet, innocent kisses. he would cup your cheek so gently and lean in, placing a tender peck on your lips, pulling back and smiling at you lovingly. you would be the one to kiss him again, and again, and again until you're pulling away breathlessly, beaming at each other.
✿ — younghoon. his first few small kisses serve to test the waters, but they soon become deeper. pecks turn into tongue, and he loves pulling away when it starts to get very heated to see the look in your eye, then crashing his lips back onto yours. you run your hands through his hair a lot, tugging on it occasionally.
✿ — hyunjae. definitely the type to give you a few, teasing pecks everywhere except your mouth, just so he can see you pout until he gives you what he wants. he'd let his hands linger over where you wanted him to touch you while making out, and wouldn't do anything until you take them in your own hands and place them where you want.
✿ — juyeon. 8/10 times, a simple kiss will turn into an entire heated make-out. he would most likely pull you on top of him because he likes being able to feel you on him. keeps one hand on the back of your head, the other hand resting on your waist, squeezing occasionally and whispering little praises in between.
✿ — kevin. lazy make-outs with kevin are a must. you could just be lying in bed together, watching a movie when kevin starts littering kisses all over your cheek/neck. soon, the movie is forgotten as all your attention is focused on kevin's lips, hand on his cheek, kissing him deeply yet slowly.
✿ — chanhee. making out with him is very playful. one of his main aims when making out with you, is getting a reaction out of you. he'll do things on purpose, just to hear a pretty sound come from you. for example, if you're making out with him, he would pull back in the middle just to hear you whine and try and reconnect your lips.
✿ — changmin. make-outs with him are usually easy-going and soft. they spring out of nowhere, one of you initiating it with a brief peck which soon becomes longer and more purposeful, changmin's arms wrapped around you tightly, hugging you into him as you kiss him deeply.
✿ — haknyeon. loves when he can kiss you against a wall, leaning down and pecking your lips sweetly before your wrap your arms around his waist and pull him closer, biting down on his bottom lip. always pulls away to gently brush some hair off your face with a loving look in his eye.
✿ — sunwoo. he loves messy kissing. runs his hands all over you, from your thighs to up and down your back. 90% of your kisses with sunwoo involve tongue, he loves swiping your bottom lip with his. he likes to control the direction of the kiss, sometimes even taking your hands and placing them around his neck, or just pulling you onto his lap.
✿ — eric. loves kissing your neck while making out. his lips would trail from yours down to your jaw, then to your neck, tongue peeking out to lick at the skin teasingly, sometimes nipping at it. soft whispers of "you're so pretty" in between kisses, small sighs when you suck hickeys onto his skin. he always giggles and buries his face in your neck afterwards.
Tumblr media
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what a feeling to be right here.
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knowing bros. ep.317 ◇ juyeon 😻
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like or reblog if u save !
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𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝖽𝖾𝗃𝖺 𝗏𝗎 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUYEON! January 15th, 1998
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980115 ♡ HAPPY JUYEON DAY #내_인생의_주연_생일축하해 #HAPPYJUYEONDAY
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