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I look calm and all but… Mess with me and i will use Zidian and break your legs.

Also. You can’t call me Cheng unless i allow you to. Is Wanyin for you.

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thank u lia!! 🤗🤗🤗

💖 - who was your very first bias?

jongho and seonghwa lomls

🎥 - favorite ateez mv?

answer it’s very movie-like!

🎶 - what’s your favorite title track ateez song?

it used to be answer for the longest time but now it’s inception 💕

ateez ask game
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group: txt

first mv: crown!!

era i discovered them: first era. was it the dream chapter??

era they were actually in when i discovered them: the first one only

how i found them: bighit’s second grp i had to check them out (everything related to bts i had to check out at that time 😔)

first bias(es): yeonjun 

current bias(es): yeonjun (i rarely change biases ahshsdg very loyal i am😌)

bias wrecker(s): soobin. mann his dimples i loVE and he is an adorable babie who deserves all the love so :((

fav song: nap of a star and cat & dog (sjhd dont judge. me and best friend just jam a lot to this song lmao)

fav mv: hmmm run away maybe?? thats the only one i vaguely remember sorry asajd

fav moment: all yeonjun’s tiktoks ksajdjha 

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omg you called me lov 😭💖💖


Fan or not

Of course!
How long I’ve been a fan

Approximately 5 months??? I think 
The first song I heard by them

Wonderland because a friend of mine told me it would be my style of music.
My favourite song as of now

Hmm, I don’t have 1 specific favourite song. However, I often listen to Wonderland, Inception, Aurora and Hala Hala
The first mv I saw

My favourite mv as of now

Answer and Say My Name!
Who my bias is

Hongjoong and Yeosang~


Fan or not

I am not a fan..
How long I’ve been a fan

The first song I heard by them

Can’t You See Me
My favourite song as of now

The first mv I saw

Can’t You See Me
My favourite mv as of now

I don’t have one, but Can’t You See Me mv is very interesting. It definitely left an impression on me
Who my bias is

I don’t have a bias. But this Soobin guy looks valid. I have seen him host music shows enough for me to like him.

Inbox me a K-Pop group and I’ll tell you.

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