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Jfm (2/?) Second, Jzx had clearly showed he’s reluctant to marry her. Also consider Jgs reputation, and what he’s known for. Yes, we know that Jzx isn’t like that, but it’s the possibility that’s starting Jfm in the face. No father is going to want that for their daughter in an arranged marriage setting. Three, letting her keep the engagement means she’s not free to make other choices if she wants to. The engagement can be re established but keeping it means no choice for her (or Jzx)

Jfm (3/?) Also, if he keeps it and Jzx eventually breaks it off, that would be worse for Yanli. As there is already gossip about her, if the engagement is broken off by Jzx, it will make it harder for her to get newer alliances as people will say the Jiangs were desperate (it sucks but these things will hit women more, however this is for general arranged marriage settings, so I will admit it’s speculation based on Irl observations). Breaking the engagement keeps Jyl’s pride and dignity intact.

Jfm (4/4) she doesn’t need to be engaged to Jzx, she can have anyone she wants to. Setting all that aside, even from a modern perspective, keeping an one sided engagement when the other party is clearly uninterested just because your child wants it, is not parental care imo? Jzx is also a person, while we are angry on Jyl’s part, this allows both of them the freedom to pursue their own wants w/o obligation (even if that’s each other). Ending with reccing Nillegible’s fic for jyl pov on this!

Thank you for your added perspective, anon!

For western fans, it is easy to miss the significance of a character’s deed or decision, and the intricacies of an arranged marriage are likely to be missed/misinterpreted. If we analyse the novel solely through our own paradigms, we are very likely to miss the intent of the author who was writing with a different set of cultural knowledge for a setting that is very different from our own both spatially and temporally. We can certainly judge characters’ actions based on our own understanding of the world, on our own moral compass and all the ideologies that inform it, but it will not be a very productive exercise if we’re trying to get to the characterisation we have in the text.

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Title: As Always
Relationships: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Jīn Zǐxuān & Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén & Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī
Summary: Jin Zixuan finds Lan Wangji’s feelings for Wei Wuxian a little bit funny, (a hysterical type of funny because what does Lan Wangji even see in that imp?) but then he hears Wei Wuxian emphasizing the term ‘best friends’ and then he sees the frown Lan Wangji gives the other when he flirts with someone else and the entire thing starts feeling less like a joke and more like the start of a tragic love story. 

Part 5 of An Unlikely Friendship Series

Can be read at AO3

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hmmm i think at this point every ship here is just two (or more) characters who are probably not straight and have no major canon interaction and im here for it

if they did meet, it would be on official sect leader business (rest in pain & pieces, jgs) and nmj just sees this guy about same age as his brother and takes him under his wing

jzx is sorta awkward and v. confused but takes it in stride, and I think nmj would be like a mentor figure. idk about a romantic relationship, but nmj is a daddy either way.

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Unfortunately, I cannot subscribe to a narrative where Jin Zixuan, Jiang Yanli, or Wen Qing die because how else will Jin Zixuan turn Koi Tower into a sapphic paradise? 

Oh? You don’t understand the correlation? No problem, I’ll explain.

Jin Zixuan marries Wen Qing to save the Wen Remnants, because Wen Qing is Jiang Yanli’s long time lover and girlfriend. This means that Wen Qing and Jiang Yanli are kinda married by proxy.


Because Wen Qing and Jiang Yanli’s sapphic love is so powerful it causes JGS to perish in a horrible fire. No misogynists allowed. 

This means that MianMian returns to Koi Tower and becomes Jin Zixuan’s right hand woman. Jiang Yanli and Wen Qing think MianMian is super hot, smart, talented, and they vibe. They form a sapphic cohort.

Qin Su finds out she’s JGS’s daughter, everyone is super not shocked because JGS was a whore. Qin Su gets acknowledged by Jin Zixuan and she takes her rightful place in Koi Tower as Jin Zixuan’s left hand woman (where’s JGY? He’s in the Unclean Realm getting railed by NMJ, don’t bring him into this). 

Qin Su and MianMian totally have the hots for each other, though it might be weird to sleep with her half-brothers wives so they draw a line in the sand. 

Anyway, news spreads that Koi Tower is the cool new hip place to go if you’re a lesbian so women flock to Lanling in droves. Everyone has a good time. 

Jin Ling has two moms and lots of aunts. Eternal Peace and Prosperity. 

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Here’s the tea folks. 

XuanLiQing Agenda is in full affect. Jin Zixuan has two hands. That means he can service both of his wives at once. If this doesn’t appeal to you it’s probably because you don’t understand the inherent eroticism of getting a woman off, and honestly, that’s something you should work on.  

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from this :)

@lesbianjinzixuan @gayjiangcheng this is for u 😤🤲

the story I’m imagining here is that jin zixuan and jiang cheng are betrothed instead of zixuan and yanli (yanli is sect heir ofc, and jc and jzx are like 12 or 13 here), and honestly? they don’t really like each other 😔 but THEN jzx says something kinda mean and someone (probably mean cousin zixun) hits him in the face!! :O and yknow he’s a rich kid who’s never been hit in his life and he starts crying 🥺 and of course jc has to defend him!!! it doesn’t matter that he’s not happy to be engaged to the peacock, look at him he’s crying!! and then they’re alone and he’s still crying and what is jc gonna do?? he’s gotta make sure this idiot is okay!! and oh no he’s kind of nice when he’s not insulting jc..and oh no he’s kind of cute when he’s not so perfect and pretentious and he’s doing that little smile that’s the most sincere expression jc has ever seen on him and maybe…maybe jc doesn’t rlly mind being engaged to him… maybe… they should hug…… maybe…. jzx will kiss him on the cheek and then run away after… maybe..they’ll .. pet some dogs together…maybe in a few years at cloud recesses .. they’ll kiss 😳 on the lips 😳 ..and.. get married someday…… h,husbands,,, 😳🥺🤲😔😭💕

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