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Okay, so I’m really bad at anything music related. Absolutely TERRIBLE, and I have no idea what the genres even are. My artistic brain extends to writing and that’s it (for comparison, my favourite classes are compsci and math). That said, I decided to compromise and attempt to use a song from one of my playlists to describe them, so I hope that that helps.

Also, side note: some of these are more the vibes of the song, some of them are the lyrics and some of them I just knew the second I saw them.

A: Overwhelmed by Royal & the Serpent

C: Heather by Conan Gray 

K: New Americana by Halsey

M: Play with Fire by Sam Tinnesz

Thanks for the ask!

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It’s so hard to get out of my head sometimes that I often forget you’re on the outside looking in. I still struggle to let you in when I’m feeling anything but happy. I get distant, I try to process on my own even though it hurts me and will hurt us.

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could really go for a forehead kiss and a side of being held right about now

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Y’all never ask me questions about sex smh, I am a heckin FIEND now and none of y’all have even asKED😂

Today at work I got a new bubbler and it is GORGEOUS, and I got a new lighter that matches!! They’re covered in Keith Haring artwork and I love them so much,

I also got a bunch of (weed) samples for so cheap and it was beautiful🙏🏻

K and I exchanged promise rings today and mine is amazing, it’s a lil snail🥺🐌

I’m in love with existing and I am so happy

Sleep time!! After much much consumption of weed🙏🏻🌱

B is going to the beach tomorrow and he’s gonna get me some cool rocks!! I’m so heckin excited, I gently suggested he bring a ziploc😂😂

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oh and unrelated but i love how he ran to write south asian characters after people criticized him for literally every other ethnicity

love also how he couldn’t even commit to a south asian first name, and hid it in the last name instead. guess we already know how this is gonna go 😍

also there was harry potter mentioned in the official synopsis lmfao

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adhd bitches be hunting and gathering …

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no i’m still laughing at that post actually 😭😭😭 bc idk why but i thought he meant nemo from like FINDING NEMO DJSLSGSLSHSOSHK and idk why i thought it was an INTERVIEW not a sneak peek

50 yo rick in a kiddie pool w his floatie apparatus just popping his head out of the pool like a fucking CREEP, kinning NEMO THE CLOWNFISH-

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my tc: *talks about themselves for once*

me: how could ANYONE be MORE PERFECT, they are the most TALENTED, WISE AND INTELLIGENT person on this world, i cannot COMPREHEND how someone could be so EXTRAORDINARY and FASCINATING-

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