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#kabukicho sherlock

That was something. :D In a good way, of course. First of all, I didn’t expect that kind of plot twist with Mycroft (and I’m glad that Watson still calls him brother X)). The last rakugo and Moriarty’s letter were heartwarming. (TvT) Moriarty just needed a Watson in his life… And God damn, Watson almost kissed Sherlock! :“D

Anyway, I’m fully satisfied with the final and Sherlock’s phrase "Me and Watson will solve it in no time!” :‘3 This show was weird, but in a good way.

Спешл для українських, коментар від сестри: Я (не mrsheo, а сестра mrsheo) рада, що Карлайл врешті лишилася живою, а ще за арку Кьогуку. В аніме є свої проблематичні аспекти, але, на щастя, у другій частині вони особливо не випливали.

Ватсон - такий пиріжечок, що лише любити й плакати.

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John Watson in the last episode being like.

Can you blame him though? His dad was an asshole, his mum alcoholic, let’s not even talk about his teacher. He found himself targeted (TWICE or even more) un some case, shot in the knee, saw a friend commit suicide and now his potential boyfriend  best friend is out stabbing people.

Anyone would be tired at that point >X)

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Review time! (spoilers and CW: blood)

Firstly, WTF with Sherlock in this ep?! He totally lost it! 0_0


John’s backstory! John’s backstory! ♪ What a cinnamon roll (♥‿♥)


“You’re the one who destroyed our family”. Can we talk about how much toxic his father is? Cheating on his wife and then blaming his son for their divorce. Good content for future therapy there…


Give this man a hug!!!


All that technology for what…? A man you already know where he lives? Wtf guys… And also Mycroft seems very keen to put his own brother in jail, it’s a bit weird.


“It smells love triangle” THIS! THIS IS THE SHOW! XD


This flashback (♥‿♥)




Well shit.

Can we talk about Watson being so excited about teaming up again and then stumbling upon a murder? Seriously during all the ep I was prepared to scream “THE BOYS ARE BACK AGAIN” on tumblr and then we have this cliffhanger (・□・;)

I’m curious for what is going to happen next now

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So Kabukichou Sherlock writers really said fuck it Moriarty is psychoath all along but we make it a plot twist so original series viewers can come to like Moriarty at the end despite everything after all and Sherlock cannically stays sociopath too lmao (at least he is not on drugs here)

Guess we all know how this is gonna go down and I am not prepared


Oh ya have those of you who read/watched Naoki Urasawa works noticed how James is erasing everyone rn?? Like he is clearly hurting similarly to Johan Liebert from Monster so in this essay I’ll be comparing two…

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before I forget psa for people, who might want to watch Kabukichou Sherlock: there is some rather extreme transmisoginy mix in there in the conclusion of one important case. It’s really violent and disturbing.  

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